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The Bullet Journal Companion is your guide to the analog system that's taking the world by storm. Designed to work in parallel with your paper notebook, the BuJoCo will help those new to the system get started and serve as a handy addition for the pros.


• The Log - Capture Tasks, Events, and Notes.
• Library - Tag and search all your notebooks.
• Guide - Learn the how to Bullet Journal®.
• Reflection tracker - Help form the powerful habit of review.
• Articles - Get inspired by the global community.
• Monthly prompts - Make sure you're prepared each month.
• Community driven development - we build what you want.
• Designed by Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal® system.


This app is NOT designed to replace your notebook. It is a companion FOR your notebook.

Bullet Journal Companion App Description & Overview

The applications Bullet Journal Companion was published in the category Productivity on 2017-02-24 and was developed by Lightcage LLC. The file size is 63.25 MB. The current version is 1.4.1 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

Fixed the bug preventing articles from being downloaded.

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Bullet Journal Companion Reviews


Slow loading, no iPad support, no rotation support for landscape  shawnhank  1 star

New to BuJo, and new to this app. Read the reviews and it’s a mixed bag because most reviews are one liners or rants against the guy who created this system vs the developers who make this app. Yes there is a difference. When learning a new system, it would be nice if that system actually considered how users work to input data. The lack of iPad support (side by side, landscape, Apple Pencil support etc, make this really hard to use. It’s 2019 guys, please update this app so it has a chance to be as life changing as the system/practice it supposed to support/enhance.


Nice, but the long loading Animation every time!...  スッライ  3 star

Whenever you want to log with this app away from your bullet journal, you'll have to wait for all the categories to slowly fade in from top to bottom which might be pretty but is hardly productive and efficient; for some reason the log is the last category instead of the first! So, you'll be waiting the longest if you want to do any logging! This... is very poor design, and makes the app cumbersome and frustrating to use even as just a 'companion'. Other than that, it's okay. It's pretty, minimalistic, smooth, and does what it's advertised to do. Is it worth the price tag though?.... It might be for you, but I'd warn you to investigate this app's flaws first before taking the plunge if you don't want to be immediately disappointed what feels like... a free very basic app designed to get you to buy official bullet journals (that's all the store category is for...).


Simple, elegant  NoxPlague  5 star

This app is a nice companion to your physical Bullet Journal practice. It is not a replacement or digital bullet journaling. I like the quick access to blog posts, the log, and the reminders. I would like to suggest making log easier to access, for some reason having it at the bottom of the list always takes me a while to find it. I think keeping the app clean, simple, and focused on supporting the physical bullet practice is the right direction.


No Refunds  MichaelJeffords  1 star

This app is absolutely pathetic. Ryder Carroll wants to take your money. I purchased this app on accident and tried to get refund, but couldn’t because they don’t offer the option. I would strongly advise against trusting Ryder, or any of his companies.


Waste of Money  ThaRoqitz  1 star

The hype I read about this app encouraged me to purchase it, which was mistake on my part. Lack of flexibility, customization, and ability to keep entries for more than 48 hours is ineffective. Don’t. Do. It.


Perfect, if you understand the philosophy  GoldfishBowl  5 star

If you’ve read the book or you understand the Bullet Journal philosophy, then you’ll love this app. If you expect it to manage your tasks, then you don’t even understand BuJo.

Elvira Hedwig

So convenient!  Elvira Hedwig  5 star

I love my paper bullet journal so much, it has changed my life. I need only 2 digital accessories to make it work: my iOS calendar, where I jot down future tasks that have to happen on a specific day (and which I then migrate to my daily log in my bullet journal when that day arrives), and this app! I mostly use this app to capture thoughts and tasks when it’s not convenient to write in my bullet journal. Of course I then transfer these thoughts and tasks to my bullet journal later that night or the following morning. Perfection.


Reminders only  AndrewB748  1 star

Deletes anything journaled after 48 hours

Sir Chazzington the Fly

Builds good habits  Sir Chazzington the Fly  3 star

This app is not and *can not* be a replacement for journaling- and I love that. The 48 hour timer is a great way to force me to build a better habit and make my paper journal the primary one. It’s simple, effective, and is a good companion for when I need to jot something down. Updated: There appears to be a critical bug that is related to the main site bulletjournal.com timing out. The app won’t load fully unless the phone is in airplane mode, leading me to believe some remote resource is timing out. If you're having a similar issue, try airplane mode!


Library bug  Labknit  4 star

I’m very excited about the new book, journaling & companion app. However, I tried to add a journal to my library & they’re no future years!


Handy and bullet points  Voni86  4 star

I like it because you can jot down reminders to put in your bullet journal especially when you can’t carry your paper version with you. People who don’t like it, it’s probably because they expect it to do the same as the paper and pen version. It is just a quick note to yourself to put into your journal when you have access to it.


I have no idea why this exists  matthewsinclair  1 star

I love the (analog) Bullet Journal process, and use it every day with a pen and paper, but this is really pointless. To be honest, I don’t really know what I expected, but a wrapper around some instructional content was not it. Save your money and spend it on buying a real life Bullet Journal.


awesom  [email protected]  5 star



Love it but  kt_eleanor  3 star

Love the ap and BUJO but it's very expensive for minimal services. Honestly I could have just kept using Evernote for free


Not needed  Schmango1  2 star

I love bullett journaling so much, its changed my life! However, im not sure what I expected with the app... i guess i way for my journal and phone to speak... but i get a reminder system... i couldve set my calendar alarm and saved $4!


Love this.  ::$k3373r::  5 star

This App is great! Love its upgrades.


Love it!  LUCYMJ34  5 star

The app is a great companion to my Bullet Journal. It allows me to brainstorm on the go without having to take out a pen. I especially appreciate the scheduled reminders that pop up on my phone. It's helping me become more organized!


Needs Art Applications, Bland App  Love4each1  2 star

I was hoping for this application to have more. I mean for a fleeting thought... I could write that down quicker than I can type it in. Time limit on storage Makes me uneasy about keeping anything on this app. I appreciate the motivational additions, but truly feel this application offers nothing more than a tutorial.


Companion...  WirePalladin  4 star

To assist in making the best use of my analog bullet journal. I just wish it were a little more flexible for input... what and when I need to utilize it. Eventually would love to digitize my entire Bujo, not just the index. 🙂


Unexpectedly Useful  TerriPhD  5 star

I've just started using the Bullet Journal and both get this app as a way to learn how to use it but I am pleasantly surprised with how useful it is for journaling. It is chock full of great information plus handy tools to make quick notes on my iPhone to later write in my journal. This is not a replacement for the journal, rather it accompanies and compliments the Bullet Journal. Well worth the money


Very helpful  kay135  5 star

Very informative and fun to use. A helpful guide to bullet journaling. And a great way to record notes


Good but the reflection quotes...  Tinababe  3 star

Definitely room for improvement, primarily with the reflection. I've read the same quotes a ridiculous amount of times. Seriously, there are 1000's of quotes to reflect on out there. Can't imagine it being that difficult to add more. Aside from that, it's a great app for references on improving on my bujo and temporarily storing items when on the go. But PLEASE add more quotes! I appreciate the daily reminders to stop & reflect but find myself rolling my eyes when the same quotes pop up time & time again.


Good assistant  htaylor3197  3 star

This app is a good assistant for bullet Journaling. However I wish there were more ways to digitally log the pages of the journal. Maybe add a way to highlight and sort important information on pages and create some sort of glossary. There are the tags but it doesn't work very efficiently.


A lovely add-on  Bunderbunder  4 star

Like many, I didn't think I needed this app, but bought it for the sake of showing Ryder some appreciation. That said, it turns out that this app directly solves the two key challenges I encountered when I started with BuJo, and had managed to earn a position in one of the precious spots on my home screen. As others have pointed out, this app doesn't do a whole lot, and it doesn't _really_ do anything you can't cobble together from built-in iOS apps. But it brings everything together into a format that is much more effortless. It never aspires to be anything more than an app that will help improve your practice of bullet journaling, and that clear focus is a big factor in why it works so well. That said, I give it four instead of five stars for some bugs in the Articles section: I get no audio when watching videos, and sometimes articles don't load (or take a long enough time that ai give up). Also, I'd like to see a badge to help remind me to reflect in addition to the message in the Notification Center.


Handy!  SwftLC  5 star

I've been using BuJo for about a year. I occasionally have to reference older notebooks. This app created an easy way with pictures of past indexes. The 48 hour delete window and reflection reminder are a great help to keeping my BuJo up to date.


The perfect companion to your bullet journal  Twofish2  5 star

Really clever and thoughtful support. Best productivity tool I've used. Take that GTD and TMI.


Bad value for money  SenanM  1 star

While I'm a fan of the bullet journal model this app merely contains information already available on the bullet journal website repackaged in an iOS app. I expected something extra considering the app is not free.

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