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What is bullet journal companion app? The Bullet Journal® Companion 2.0 is designed from the ground up to help you get the most out of your BuJo® practice and your notebook. Version two is packed with the most requested features by the community.


• The Log - Quickly capture Tasks, Events, and Notes when away from your notebook.
• Library - Backup and Tag and search all your notebooks.
• Guide - Learn the how to Bullet Journal®.
• Reflection - Help form the powerful habit of reflection.
• Articles - Get inspired by the global community.
• Monthly prompts - Make sure you're prepared each month.
• Designed by Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal® system.

NEW in version 2.0:

• Take pictures of all your pages.
• Back up your Bullet Journals to your Files app.
• Restore old notebooks on new devices.
• View reflections from months past.
• Redesigned reminders notifications.
• Log items expire after 72 hours.
• New views to organize your entire library of Bullet Journals.
• Now faster and more responsive.
• Numerous optimizations and bug fixes.


This app is NOT designed to replace your notebook. It is a companion FOR your notebook.

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Bullet Journal Companion Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bullet Journal Companion Version 2.1.111 June 2021

* Fixed errors when restoring archives from cloud storage.

Bullet Journal Companion Comments & Reviews 2022

- Fantastic tool and companion. Needs work!

I can almost give this app five stars. What’s good? The log is a superb way to capture QuickThoughts when my BulletJournal is not at hand. I didn’t think I’d like the library feature, but I love it. Now, what about the improvements? My suggested improvements are mainly user experience and interface related. The app needs a Global home button to quickly get back home or select different functions when you’re in another function. I need to be able to jump from a specific day in the library to the log but as the app is currently I have to back out at least three screens before I’m at the menu and can go to the log. My next major piece of feedback is that the swiping behavior for task, note, and events has erratic behavior doesn’t clearly specify if some thing is migrated to my BulletJournal or completed. Furthermore, after swiping to the right to migrate or complete it doesn’t show that action being taken. Rather, I have to exit to the main menu go back into the log to confirm that my right swipes for my grated were successful. There’s a whole slew of other small UX annoyances which I’m sure you guys as the developers are aware of. These all become quite apparent after trying to use the app for a day or so. I’m looking forward to an update that addresses these issues. Thank you!

- Just what I needed

The only feature I make use of in this app is the log, but it’s worth the price of admission. I needed a place to Willy capture what’s in my head when my journal isn’t around. There are plenty of all that do capture, but this app does it best for bullet journals. Each log entry is either a task, idea, or event, there’s easy status notation to mark entries as Migrated when I transfer them to my journal, and the best feature is that the entries disappear after 72 hours, which nudges me get them on my journal AND keeps the app uncluttered My only wish for future updates would be a 3D Touch feature that allows users to start any if the three log entry types right from the iOS Home Screen rather than requiring users to first open the app, choose log, and choose an entry type. Eliminate that pain point and it’d be a perfect app.

- I like it but...

I use my Bullet Journal religiously and love it. Now that I've used several I want to start the library. But the pre-loaded page number templates don't work for me. My favorite journal to use is the Leuchturm 1917 which has 249 pages PLUS unnumbered contents pages up front. So either I choose one of the pre-loaded journal formats which both have a smaller number of pages (and so I can't add my final pages) or I choose the open-ended one that has no capacity to load contents pages before page 1. This seems like a really significant oversight since the hallmark of the Bullet Journal method is the index! I will wait in the hopes this will get fixed! Also, some of the volume information can't be edited, so when I made a mistake in numbering the volumes I had to throw out the whole volume instead of being able to re-number it.

- An important part of my day but could be even better

I love having this app, mainly as the missing link when I’m away from my physical journal. The reminds you reflect are nice as well. The majority of my use of the app is jotting down tasks and notes so I don’t forget them before I’m back with my journal. With that in mind, there are a few key improvements that could be made: 1. Give the option to disable animations. Sometimes waiting for the main screen to load in is maddening when I’m trying to ensure something is preserved before I forget it. 2. Light / Dark mode options. There seems to be no way to change the dark background, meaning that the app is difficult to use in bright sunlight. 3. Allow nesting when using the log.

- Nice, but the long loading Animation every time!...

Whenever you want to log with this app away from your bullet journal, you'll have to wait for all the categories to slowly fade in from top to bottom which might be pretty but is hardly productive and efficient; for some reason the log is the last category instead of the first! So, you'll be waiting the longest if you want to do any logging! This... is very poor design, and makes the app cumbersome and frustrating to use even as just a 'companion'. Other than that, it's okay. It's pretty, minimalistic, smooth, and does what it's advertised to do. Is it worth the price tag though?.... It might be for you, but I'd warn you to investigate this app's flaws first before taking the plunge if you don't want to be immediately disappointed what feels like... a free very basic app designed to get you to buy official bullet journals (that's all the store category is for...).

- Meh - Needs more for a paid app

I’d prefer the option to turn off the 48 hour time limit on what I’ve logged. What would work better for me is a prompted reminder at 48 hours to log in my bullet journal. Being able to index my bullet journals is inter, but not useful enough for me. I might find it more interesting if I could take notes on that particular journal, what worked for me during that time period, and some major events or experiences. Like a summary of that time period in my life. Being able to customize the look/colors would be nice, because I’m more likely to open an app more often if it’s visually appealing to me. Even have a few skin options would be good enough. The log function should be the primary option either at the top, or in the form of a + symbol at an easy to access spot like many other apps use. I do appreciate that i can access the logging feature via a widget, but it should be easier to do when in the app. Also, the ability to add custom bullet symbols would be a great feature to add. I’d feel like i got my money’s worth even with just that. All in all I wouldn’t say I regret my purchase, but I do wish it was more personalizable if I’m going to spend money on an app. Otherwise I can just use the native Reminders app with more robust features.


I have no idea how such a simple app is so pleasant to use...but it is. The background photos are just beautiful, and the articles are laid out in such an aesthetically pleasing way that I love browsing through them throughout the day, instead of defaulting to browsing social media. No visual clutter. The log is great for when things pop into my head when I'm lying in bed or not in a place where I can easily write them in my bullet journal. (They disappear after 48 hours so that they don't cause clutter like every other note taking or reminders app does. The reflection part is there to remind you to check in and update your journal.) I'm not one to spend money on apps but for some reason, this was an easy choice.👍🏼

- Perfect companion... just one thing

I just got into bullet journaling. Reading the Method book. Love the v2 app. The only issue is that the app appears to be tailored for notebooks that have the odd page numbers on the left and evens on the right. My notebook, the very popular Leuchtturm1917, is the opposite. Therefore, the notebooks in the Library need an extra option for page number orientation. Without it, I don’t get to see facing pages together when browsing the notebooks. Another less important feature would to be able to configure the number of index pages in a notebook. The app has 4. My Leuchtturm1917 only has two. So I see two blank index pages in the app that I can remove. No biggie, but a nice to have.

- Good companion app and storage solution

This is a good companion application, which I mainly use for scanning pages of my journal. The way you can see a photo of the front of your journal and the pages in a two-page spread is really nice. What is also nice is that the user can include two pieces of metadata with each journal page: the date and a tag called “Collection”. This is what makes the journal searchable. The main suggestion I would like to put forth is that it be possible to add as many additional user-created tags per page as needed for easy reference of past events. Only being able to have a single “collection” as a search tool is more limiting than I would like.

- Love it!

I really like the option to record items that I need to add to my journal when I don’t have my journal with me (or in the middle of the night when I don’t want to turn on the light). But I’d like it better if I could use Siri to add “tasks”, “notes”, or “events” to the app without having to open the phone. If it is possible now, I don’t know how. Also, it’d be nice to have a setting that is something like “Log opens immediately”. I’m always wanting the log and not the menu items when I’m in a hurry. When I want the other items, I’m usually not in a rush and wouldn’t mind hitting a menu button to get to them.

- PSA!! The widget makes a good app GREAT!

I use this mainly for logging, and I liked the app before, but recently I added the app’s widget to my “Today” screen and now I LOVE IT. I just swipe right from the Home Screen and there’s a little widget where I can start logging a task, note, or event with ONE TAP. This is the most frictionless way to rapid log that I’ve found in several years of BuJo-ing. Love it. I review/transfer the contents of the app log as part of my daily reflections. I also appreciate the articles and how-to’s. I haven’t used the other app features but just for the logging alone, it’s worth it!

- Could use more freedom

Some of the structural features are frustrating. For example, some notebooks have odd numbers on the right hand side of the page, so if you are using a different notebook all of your numbers are off. One thing that I find extremely difficult is that you can not have volumes saved from the same month. I just ended one journal mid May, but in order to start using my new journal I had to change the dates so that it seemed like my old journal ended in April so that would allow me to log mg current journal in May- since it won’t allow to volumes to be in the same month and it just asks for month not date. Hopefully this app can update to allow more flexibility.

- Like it a lot

I have enjoyed my Bullet Journaling practice as it has helped me get important tasks done and helped me to focus my energy and time. The companion app is great for logging tasks and events when I don’t have my journal with me and the library section allows me to refer to previous books when I want to find something I’ve done in the past. Could all of it be done with apps on my phone? Sure, but the point is to get away from some of the digital craziness and write things down by hand. The app is a good backup when I haven’t got my journal with me and I use it every day.

- Overall Great, a few Minor Drawbacks

Overall I really like the app. It’s simple, easy to use, and works well. The new version has some clutch features like backups and a sample BuJo. I’ve had some problems with the app crashing, overheating my phone, and generally being slow or unresponsive. It seems to want an internet connection, so if I hit my data cap, and get throttled, trying to load the app off Wifi is painful. Disabling cell data for the app seems to be a workaround. Not really sure why it needs connectivity to simply open.

- Love this app, but have one idea!

This is a GREAT companion app for your BUJO. I love the log that disappears after 48 hours, it really encourages you to check it daily to ensure you’re using your journal. I have one thing I’d like to change: I’d love if the daily reflections were user-generated tick marks. By that I mean: sometimes I’ll check my BUJO, but I will forget to open the app. If I do this is looks like I didn’t actually check my journal, when really I just didn’t check the app. Other than that this is super useful! I do wish we could have some more articles with photo inspiration as well.

- Great app, new version got very glitchy

UPDATE March 2020: Is anyone ever going to fix this app?! Flip through the comments and you can see how everyone is complaining about the same things. Especially the glitches, such as the log now giving credit on entirely wrong days. I just tried to log my evening of 19 March and got a slash for AM 20 March. ———————————————————— I love the app and the purpose behind it. The library feature is a good way to help with sorting old journals to go find old logs, notes and projects. The quick log feature is great when you’re not right next to your journal. It would be nice if the app didn’t skip the reflection quote because you have log items. The addition of pictures for all pages at first might seem excessive, but I’d used as a way to capture big stuff, becomes much less overwhelming. My big complaint right now is the reflection feature seems to be glitching out. It’s not capturing two reflections a day (case and point, I just got credit for my AM 15JAN reflection and it’s still 14JAN), and will remind me of evening reflections at noon, morning reflections at night, or just get stuck on a screen telling me to backup my files.

- Journal Library is Almost There

The thing the app has going for it is that you can take pictures of pages and it will automatically allow you to put them into collections and numbers them appropriately. However it doesn’t really do some major things it should; - increase contrast to make it an actual scan, their sample even has a fake scan. - tag, title, or description a page to make the content searchable, I mean why not use the advantages of an app? - The backup it makes is a .bjarchive, not very useful if this app never gets updated again, for me I’d rather have a backup system that allows me to actually keep my files. This file format locks it to this app. If the app dies, all my files do too. Interface is a bit odd and clunky with slow animations. Changed review to 2 stars because the main function of journal backup doesn’t work. Once you create a collection you can’t create more collections Function broken; Cannot add photos later to the existing single collection because plus button doesn’t work. Furthermore you cannot add a single page to more than one collection.

- New to Bujo

I got this app to learn more about bullet journaling and I decided if I was going to learn the system I would get the app and the Bullet Journal from the store. I will post again later after I am more experienced. I have tried normal journaling but never stuck to it and before I retired I always used the Franklin system. I started using a blank book a few months back but found myself wondering if the Bullet Journal will be more interesting and fun. So far Ryder's system is working for me and helps me remember things as I get older. Don't laugh you will be there someday.

- Sound FX’s unnecessary & annoying

Can’t recommend this app. For 2.99 you get an annoying sound FX with every entry unless you mute your phone as there are no settings. You also can log your journals in the library by entering the dates covered and pics of the index pgs but nothing is searchable unless you add tags. You would need to have a whole lot of journals to make this even remotely useful. The final feature is a spot to make notations in case you forget your journal but anything you enter on this page disappears after 48 hrs. So my advice is save your 2.99 and just make a note on your phone, send yourself an email or text or make an entry on your calendar. All of those apps are much more useful and bonus they are free unlike this app which is a complete and total waste of money.

- So convenient!

I love my paper bullet journal so much, it has changed my life. I need only 2 digital accessories to make it work: my iOS calendar, where I jot down future tasks that have to happen on a specific day (and which I then migrate to my daily log in my bullet journal when that day arrives), and this app! I mostly use this app to capture thoughts and tasks when it’s not convenient to write in my bullet journal. Of course I then transfer these thoughts and tasks to my bullet journal later that night or the following morning. Perfection.

- Disappointed About 48 Hour Rule

If it were mentioned in the description that logged items would disappear after 48 hours, I would not have downloaded the app. I was hoping to use the event log for events that go past my future log. The one thing that caused me to struggle with bullet journaling is the inability to put log events or tasks that occur far past the next six months (the length of my future log). I was excited when I saw the app mentioned on the How to ADHD channel, but immediately disappointed when I realized my items were only temporary.

- Recent Update is Complicated

I don’t need to take photos of my BUJO pages. I prefer the original app. It was simple and easy to use in the same way the BUJO analog system is. I really appreciated the accountability of the calendar marking off the times I did a reflection. I don’t see that here in the latest iteration. I may have to delete the app and go back to using the notes app to capture thoughts and ideas on the fly. Updated review: calendar has been restored but it has glitches. For today, 1/7 in the evening, it’s showing a completed morning reflection on 1/8. Please test the changes before implementing!! 21 Oct 2020: Finally, after ten months the date and time issue with the Reflection is fixed. Still can’t give it 5 stars as it is more complicated than it needs to be. New bells and whistles don’t equate to better.

- Reflection not working

I have the same issue as another reviewer: the evening reflection logs in the following morning and the morning for the evening. Annoying! Otherwise, i really like how the app supports the BUJO. Update: I’m so sad about this app. I got it just before the update and loved the reflection logs. Last update made it unusable for that. Seems like the developers should have corrected right away since it used to work great.

- I love this app!

I love this app! I’m fairly new to BUJO but it is a match made in heaven for me! Because I try to keep my phone with me & this app enables me to make a quick note about something I don’t want to forget. At the end of the day I can thoughtfully transfer that list into my journal. Maybe the novelty hasn’t warn off for me, but an added benefit is that I don’t get distracted by how cool & fun my journal is. 😂 It has been an effective additional tool to help me control my life rather than it running me.

- Huge BuJo Fan

I just started using the app. I logged my first journal into the library and see great potential for the library as a way to track collections over the long term. I’m feeling frustrated that I can’t have the same collections migrate to the next journal! I would love to see the evolution of collections over time over multiple journals. Ideally I would be able to see pages from multiple journals under one collection. BuJo powers that be please make it so! 🙏

- Great app, learn the system first

This app is a great complement to the Bullet Journal Method. If you’re looking for an organizational app without knowing the Bullet Journal Method, then this app is not for you. If you’re looking for an organizational method, then try out The Bullet Journal Method. It’s easy to learn, very customizable, takes minimal effort and time. I know that sounds too good to be true, but I’m not being paid to say this, I’m just a guy who’s entire family and job is benefiting from my Bullet Journal practice.

- Simple, elegant

This app is a nice companion to your physical Bullet Journal practice. It is not a replacement or digital bullet journaling. I like the quick access to blog posts, the log, and the reminders. I would like to suggest making log easier to access, for some reason having it at the bottom of the list always takes me a while to find it. I think keeping the app clean, simple, and focused on supporting the physical bullet practice is the right direction.

- Updated app rocks my socks

Ability to keep log of whatever page I want helps me highlight key pages while leaving most dailies unlogged - don’t have to shuffle through the mundane to spot the gems. A quick snapshot of the page places it in the log with page number. I still use reflections for great quotes and like seeing the marks add up each day on the log screen. Thanks, Ryder Carrol for improving my ADHD life through the Bullet Journal Method.

- I love it!

I love that we can log now on the app so I don’t have to worry about carrying my BUJO everywhere with me! The only thing that could make it better for me personally is if the app, or specifically the log function, were watch compatible. I work at a plant and can’t really stop to jot things down on my phone but I can use voice to text to keep notes if the app were to allow it!

- Companion

I just started Bullet Journaling, and wish I had discovered it years ago! I don't use the library feature yet, so I'm sure this app will help out a lot more in the future, but right now having the ability to quickly log something in my phone when I don't have my journal onhand is very helpful. I especially appreciate that 3d touch allows me to add something straight from the homepage.

- The perfect bridge between a handwritten tool and a smartphone

I love the mindfulness and time management of my handwritten bullet journal. It has transformed my life. But I ALWAYS have my phone in me. This app, which only stores what you type in it for 48 hours allows me to make a note of a task or idea the instant it occurs before I can forget it BUT also ensures that these captured insights end up in the bujo where they can be organized and implemented.

- I wish the library was more customizable

I love the app, and how it has all you need to know about bullet journaling in one place but I catalog my books differently from how it’s set up. I want to be able to change the name of the volume and add more pictures to the index since mine are more than 4 pages. Also having a place to keep long term collections on your phone would be great so that you can reference what you’ve written in other books that you don’t have on you at the moment.

- Good companion

I like to add things to the log when I’m not near the journal—like when I’m walking the dog and random thoughts appear. I wish log was at the top, or bold- just called out a little more. I’m new, so the references are helpful. I would like it if the icon on the phone would show there are pending log statements that will be deleted that day, as the 48 hour mark draws near. Extra reminders are always helpful. Worth the money for me.

- No regrets!

I usually refrain from investing in paid apps but I purchased this one and I have no regrets. I love the simple design. The Log feature is the one I constantly use and I like the fact that I can get reminders for Reflection time. I thought it would be nice to have the Nesting feature for entries in the log but maybe it’s for the good cause that would only make the app complicated.

- Average

I dislike that there are no settings for this app. I would like the option to shut off the sounds, change the log to put newer logs at the bottom instead of the top, and change the background photo. I would give this four stars if this app was free but it was not and I feel that if I am paying for an app then it should be great. This is just a quick guide to the bullet journal articles and a link to buy more bullet journals. Please make this more functional.

- Loved it and then...

They removed two important features that I used: tags and overlapping months. I journal a lot and tags were essential for me to find things easily and quickly. Now that it’s gone, I have to go into each journal to look at the index. It takes a lot of time. Also, you can’t have two journals that start and end on the same month. So if I start a journal on July 15th, I have to end the previous journal in June. Why did you make these changes?

- Needs Siri

Unless I’m missing something there doesn’t seem to be Siri access within the app. I want to use a Shortcut to be able to access my notes quickly but I don’t see anywhere where that is possible with this app. I love the bullet journal app and process so I would live a quicker way to make a note.

- Very limited

I was disappointed in this app. It offers very little. I was hoping something that would allow you to scan all your pages and offer tagging or text recognition. It only lets you scan your index pages and cannot recognize text. At the least this app should be offered as a freebie to promote sals of their notebooks. The best companion to the notebooks is Evernote. You can scan all pages and recognize text in them.

- Great, but…

I love the idea of saving my volumes digitally, and found that capturing the pages is quick and easy. However, I don’t see a way to rename collections or delete pages. I also had a few pages end up saved to the wrong collection. Not sure if it was my mistake or the app’s mistake. I’d like to be able to delete pages or better yet, move pages to another collection.

- Simple and I Love the “Self-Cleaning” Aspect

Simple to use and I love that it deletes posts after a couple days. It keeps you accountable to use it for what it’s created for and if you don’t move a note over, it’s gone. So if it’s truly important to you, you’ll make the time to log it permanently in your journal.

- This could be the one!

I’ve used many organizing apps, concepts, methods, and processes but never discovered one that best fits how I work and think. . . until now. I’ve only been at it a week, but already fell comfortable and confident that my search for the Holy Grail has finally been successful. Thank you.

- Really upset you can’t use two journals with the same date.

This app has entirely denied me being able to post two journals onto it. I have a large pre written out yearly planner and a field notes to write in. But thanks to the weird mandatory date adding, it’s impossible for me to figure out how to add a second journal since it won’t even let me past the date page or give me any additional info. So I’ve deleted my journal and reuploaded all the pics several times now and am just giving up.

- What a waste!

If you’re the kind of person who, like me, wants to use bullet journaling to keep yourself focused on priorities, this app just wastes your time. The only tool it really contains is a notes-like feature that lets you record things you think of on the fly that you want to add to your analog bullet journal - but, unlike the Notes app that Apple bundles with the iPhone and iPad, the Bullet Journal Companion’s list entries disappear after 48 hours! Heaven forbid you’re away from your paper journal for more than two days. What a waste of $2.99. I’ll just use Apple’s Notes.

- Very useful

The current (and much improved version) is a joy to use. The setup guides and articles are helpful to the new user (you basically get to carry the BuJo blog on your smartphone) but the Log section is a really great way to make a note of something to migrate into your actual analog Bullet Journal.

- Beautiful, but integration needs updating

I really love this app. The one problem is that some of the articles aren’t integrated well into the app. Pictures don’t show and spacing is messed up. I hope that they’ll fix in an upcoming update. Great buy and it really helps me when I’m away from my BuJo!!

- Loved it till it updates

I loved this app and the support it provided to my BUJO until the update this week. I LOST all my reflection logs and it was all of a sudden out of sync so reminders were set for odd times of the day. Not a seamless update and I was so upset about losing my logs I haven’t been able to explore the new options! For a program that encourages you to track goals, and then to delete goal tracking... doesn’t make sense. How can I get the last 6 months back?

- Still No Good

There’s been a couple updates with new features added, yet there’s still the same ol’ pestering bugs. Reflections is still off (completing an AM one will complete the night one, completing the night one will slash the next day’s AM) I’ve since turned reflections off. No need to use if it doesn’t work properly. I’ve also noticed that some notes randomly duplicate themselves. Looks totally fine when you type it in but when reopening the app you’ll see it. With the BUJO 2 recently being released, I hope Ryder can invest in the development and fixing of the app. I’m on the brink of deleting it. It used to be a good app when it first release. Now with the extra bells and whistles, it’s faltered. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. If not, I’ll just use my note app. 🥲

- needs more customizability

there are small things that make this app hard for me to use regularly that i feel like would be really simple to fix. and i think a lot of it for me is wanting the app experience to feel more similar to the actual bullet journal. the fact that the log puts newer entries at the top of the page really throws me off, since i can't do that in my actual bullet journal. i wish there could be a toggle option for whether new entries are above or below the old ones. i also wish completed tasks didn't automatically grey out when marked as complete. also, right now if you decide to change a post from a task to note to event or whatever, it takes you back to the home screen, which is a really busy page and makes it harder for me to want to automatically come to the app when i would otherwise write it in my journal. when i'm having a brain blast and am trying to plan something out, all of the page switching really interrupts my train of thought.

- Rigid

This app is super rigid. You can’t make spreads and then give them upcoming or future dates. It forces you to either pick today or wait to take a snap of your spread, which doesn’t work for me. I can’t even add my new bullet journal to the app yet because they overlap in August. Also, the rest of the app is basically useless. I would not have paid for this had I not worked in multiple locations during the pandemic.

- Unnecessary

There are other apps, *FREE* apps that do more than this app. This app is a superfluous addition to one’s productivity. You do not need it. As I already use DayOne, Evernote and Google Calendar, so my digital journaling and tasks are fully covered, tagged, archived, and easily searched. Alarms and reminders are fully covered, *AND* cross platform friendly (smartphone —> tablet —> pc). I happily paid so I could try this app, evaluate it, and give credit where it’s due, but honestly, the Bujo app is unnecessary. Save your money.

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- Very useful

I’m a newbie to The Bullet Journal Method: one month in. It’s certainly working for me. I purchased the Companion app and realised immediately how it would work for me because I don’t carry my journal with me when I’m out and about. The temporary log section is perfect for me to make a quick note when I have ideas and remembered tasks. And the way it only holds the notes temporarily, highlights the need to transfer the notes to your journal before they disappear (so clever). Today I viewed the related tutorial videos and gleaned some more helpful ideas about how to catalogue my journal indexes which will be necessary after several years of journaling. Well done Ryder Carroll, thank you for such helpful and well designed innovation. I’m a fan!

- Handy and bullet points

I like it because you can jot down reminders to put in your bullet journal especially when you can’t carry your paper version with you. People who don’t like it, it’s probably because they expect it to do the same as the paper and pen version. It is just a quick note to yourself to put into your journal when you have access to it.

- awesom


- Not the best

I thought it was going to be great . Untill I realised it was just an photo storage app. I want to be able to actually type into the pages, it would be great if you could. Otherwise I could have taken photos of my journal and stored them in any photo app 🤷🏻‍♀️

- I have no idea why this exists

I love the (analog) Bullet Journal process, and use it every day with a pen and paper, but this is really pointless. To be honest, I don’t really know what I expected, but a wrapper around some instructional content was not it. Save your money and spend it on buying a real life Bullet Journal.

- Not worth it.

The app should be free. It doesn't offer any new information that you can't find online. Not worth $4.99

- Lost log data from new update

May not be worth the bother to be honest

- Love it but

Love the ap and BUJO but it's very expensive for minimal services. Honestly I could have just kept using Evernote for free

- Not needed

I love bullett journaling so much, its changed my life! However, im not sure what I expected with the app... i guess i way for my journal and phone to speak... but i get a reminder system... i couldve set my calendar alarm and saved $4!

- Disappointed

I love Ryder Carrollton Bullet Journal - fabulous system - but this app is disappointing. The information you receive is also on his YouTube channel and blog and in more detail in his book AND the one page you get to record notes only lasts for 72 hours! So I am still looking for a system like Ryders I can use in my mobile ‘sigh’

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- An excellent app with an annoying bug

This is an awesome app as a companion for bullet journal. I struggled a lot with actually using my bullet journal everyday and this app has helped a lot. I do find it frustrating that it will almost always put my evening reflection one day ahead and then not save my photo so I have to go back and add it in again. There is also an “FAQ” section but no really support or trouble shooting about the app in that section. It seems to be generic BuJo stuff.

- It's ok

Nothing super special you can't already get on the website for free. Maybe as I use it more it will help/inspire.

- Not useful

Hard to navigate. Does not offer a refund.

- Most useless

I did postpone my feedback many times, but finally do this now. As for me, this program absolutely useless, with terrible ui/ux design. And if first is my fault - I should not buy it, than second is real problem. Unfortunately, bunch of positive feedback here and few positive review in another places pushed me to buy it. Its a very hard to see the general logic of using and real profit of using as well. Do my daily routine in Microsoft onenote and scheduling in Microsoft Todo.

- Nice app- worth getting

This is a good support app for bullet journal users. Wish I could view the calendar check in before I do a reflection to see if it’s accurate though. Sometimes it logs to the following day for no apparent reason.

- Nice concept could be faster

The selling point of this app is that you can use it to rapidly log bullet journal items when you are away from your journal. The unique constraint that the app introduces is that your entries expire after 48 hours. You are intended to migrate them to your paper journal. This is a really nice concept, and eliminates the propensity to endlessly add clutter to digital tools, which is probably why you started using the bullet journal in the first place. Where it falls flat is not living up to the BuJo concept of rapid logging. The app should immediately present you with a space to add a bullet, but instead makes you sit through an 3-4 second animation before you get the Log menu option. This can be somewhat mitigated with the today widget, but it would be better if the app focused on this core capability. Beyond that it would also be nice to have Siri shortcuts so that billets can be quickly added by voice so one can clear their head and get back to the task at hand.

- I like the backup feature!

Last year with my Bullet Journal in the dead of winter with the outside bar in front of my apartment I decided to rip out a couple journal entries, feelings of remorse for someone I held deer inside. I regret it, ripping out the entries. I will always write, I will always write with conviction with a hopeful air of authority. With Love.

- Used to do the job: now it’s glitchy

Before the latest update, I personally used the library to keep pics of indexes of all my past notebooks. The AM and PM reminders worked great and I simply used to check off « yes, I’ve done my reflection » and I could keep a close eye on my consistency. I also used the log and kept up with transferring whatever was on the phone app into the paper journal (before the 72h expiration, as suggested). I simple LOVED the previous version. The latest update added a few extra features , such as storing pics of any/all pages of a notebook. Sounded great in theory. Since that update I’ve been experiencing the following issues (none of them happened before): -App quits unexpectedly (from any screen) -Notifications cards from lock screen links to the wrong page in app when tapping. -WORST glitch: the daily AM and PM reminders do not work well. For instance, completing my PM réflection the evening of Feb 10, the app considers the AM reflection completed ... for the next day Feb 11. Also completing a morning reflection on the app sets the same day’s PM reflection as complete. Like there’s a chronological issue. I use the latest iPhone, purchased only 3 months ago and I have all the latest updates installed in the system. No funny business. All in all, I wish there was a way to go back to the previous version of this app ... before troubles started. It used to be a daily productivity app (I’m a BuJo maniac), but now it’s more a hindrance than anything.

- Frustrated

The update has caused me so much frustration. It’s a great idea to capture your pages and back up your journal - if it worked properly! My reflections are always recorded ahead - for example, my morning reflection is recorded as the evening and the evening is recorded as the next morning. The most frustrating part is the fact that I have tried to contact the company in 3 different ways (3 emails, Facebook Messenger and a post on their Facebook page which was declined as a post) and I’ve been ignored. I am deleting this app today.

- Great app

Very useful on the go, where I’m not always in a position where I can pull out my bujo and my pen to write down things that have crossed my mind!

- Glitching

Keeps glitching back to new quotes. Is no longer working properly.

- Works good.

Good reminder to pay attention to your BuJo for those of us just getting in the habit of using one. Need to add some more "reflections" as if you are consistent with it they start to repeat.

- Eh

Despite the polish on this app, it doesn’t have any reflection prompts to help new comers to bullet journalling reflect. That and it was implied. Very disappointed with this purchase.

- Good App on its way to being great.

I've been using the app for a while now. Although I only use it on occasion the latest enhancements are moves in the right direction and giving me reasons to use it more often.

- No different from website

Only exception seems to be some inspirational quotes but I didn't need to pay $4 for that. Honestly, I wish I hadn't spent the money - definitely not worth it.

- Everything is Directly From Website

Everything on this app links back to the website except for the Guide & Reflection Menu's. Reflection is only a reminder to check your BuJo journal! So disappointing. I subscribe to the newsletter which has talked but the APP coming soon. I was hoping to enhance my BuJo with the APP but instead I feel as a newsletter subscriber I was duped.

- Not sure it's a must

But it's informative and getting better.

- Clunky interface, annoying sounds

Annoying clicking on every navigation in the interface. Missing a detailed written description of the system, relying on videos which are just linked from YouTube.

- Not much here

Not sure how this is a companion to the journal. Wish I hadn't purchased it. Haven't used it at all. 😕

- Jumping jacks

I know the app is new but you really need to fix the jumping from one quote to the next. Often I don't even get the chance to read a quote before it disappears. Right now the log doesn't work, it just skips back to the quote page. I do like the reminders to reflect but the app as a whole needs a glitch overhaul.

- Glitchy, expensive reminder

Quotes in the reflection section jump from one to the next and get stuck in a glitchy loop. Look and feel are nice. Like the help section, references, blog... overall it's ok but feels like something is missing. $3.99 seems like a lot for the functionality it offers. Kind of a glorified reminder to reflect twice a day.

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Bullet Journal Companion 2.1.1 Screenshots & Images

Bullet Journal Companion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bullet Journal Companion iphone images
Bullet Journal Companion iphone images
Bullet Journal Companion iphone images
Bullet Journal Companion iphone images
Bullet Journal Companion iphone images
Bullet Journal Companion iphone images
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Bullet Journal Companion (Version 2.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Bullet Journal Companion was published in the category Productivity on 2017-02-24 and was developed by Lightcage LLC [Developer ID: 1201419240]. This application file size is 68.34 MB. Bullet Journal Companion - Productivity app posted on 2021-06-11 current version is 2.1.1 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bulletjournal.bujo