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What is chaton - ai chat bot assistant app? Looking for a way to supercharge your sales copy? Or struggling to write a speech for an event? Meet ChatOn—your personal AI assistant!

ChatOn is now powered by the more advanced ChatGPT API and GPT-4 models, so the AI companion can maintain a new level of human-like interaction. Whether you’re in the corporate world getting ready for an important presentation or a copywriter looking for a clever turn of phrase, ChatOn can give you the help you need!

Simply type in your request or choose from 100+ ready-made prompts, and the bot will go through the tedious writing routine for you. Start generating creative content and upgrade your writing with our universal AI chatbot here and now!

With ChatOn, you can get personalized help with any writing project, from emails and speeches to lyrics and poems. Plus, the bot can give you ideas for follow-up questions to keep your chats going and delve deeper into any topic.

ChatOn will help you turn your ideas into captivating images that will leave everyone in awe.

ChatOn can summarize, rewrite, and even translate PDFs for you. And if you have any questions about the file’s content, the bot will answer them all.

This app will help you understand the content of any YouTube video in an instant. Just paste the video's URL, and the bot will summarize, rewrite, translate it, or answer all your questions about its content.

The app can quickly correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your text.

Our AI-powered tool can rewrite your text to make it more engaging, coherent, and professional.

The app is here to help you generate eye-catching posts for your Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles.

ChatOn will assist in recognizing text from images, allowing you to instantly insert it into the chat.

ChatOn uses advanced algorithms to identify key information and present it in a brief and digestible format, saving you time and effort and ensuring you fully get the information you need.

While you can always read the bot's messages, ChatOn also allows you to simply listen to them.

Speak instead of typing!

Fill your keyboard with the power of AI and use it in any app! Enhance your writing on the go, generate text directly from your device, and get perfect responses to messages with ChatOn’s smart keyboard!

ChatOn goes beyond providing ready-made solutions and instead focuses on helping you grasp the subject matter to its fullest extent.

Our app can write and check any programming code, preventing potential bugs and errors.

Create a professional resume and cover letter that will showcase your skills, experience, and achievements and definitely present you in the best light possible.

Creating sales, announcement, or discount emails has never been easier! With ChatOn, you can craft professional and compelling messages in a matter of seconds.

As you see, ChatOn is a smart AI assistant powered by the ChatGPT API that can help you with any task. It’s perfect for anyone who strives to boost their writing and speed up their workflow.

Download the ChatOn app now and take your writing to the next level!
- You can subscribe for unlimited access to all app’s features.
- Subscriptions are billed automatically at the rate depending on the selected subscription plan.

By using the app, you confirm that you acknowledge and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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App Name ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant
Category Productivity
Updated 30 April 2024, Tuesday
File Size 54.23 MB

ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant Comments & Reviews 2024

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No dirty jokes!. I just bought this app and paid $40 for it. I am also 54 years old, and was not looking for anything in particular just saw where it said it would tell me a joke. so it told me some lame joke and my very first thing I requested was for it to tell me a dirty joke. it said it could not put inappropriate responses or something to that effect. this is obviously not what I bought the app for, but the very first thing I ask, for I was not able to receive. I paid for the app. I am 54 years old and if I want a dirty joke, seems like I should be able to get a dirty joke. It doesn’t really matter if this app ever tells a dirty joke. That is really nothing to do with why I bought the app, but my very first question was completely shot down at that makes me think that this may not have been the best purchase I guess time will tell.

Really glitchy app concerning Bible trivia.. I ask app to list chapters with 33 chapters and a 3rd verse. It either says 2 or three or will make up new ones. I will catch it and it will say sorry. I asked why so glitchy and it said my programmers programmed me this way. So you guys programmed this AI to lie? This must be a mistake. As well as I had went over and over again which verse had 33 Chapters and 3 verse and I didn’t say only. I mention it can have more chapters just include those. And it didn’t this is weird. Simple simple questions it can do nothing too hard.

It’s a Scam!. I literally got that thing to admit it’s not chatgpt 4. It said chatgpt was not even invented yet and it was chatgpt 3! This is all fake! Why do we trust apps when they say they got chatgpt 4?! It’s all a scam for money! This is even worse than the free version of chatgpt 3.5 on google! I’m disappointed. 5 million people got tricked. The version of chatgpt 3 just got the coding released to the public for free. Cause people already got chatgpt 4, they just gave everyone the coding for chatgpt 3. And now, people are using the free coding and saying it’s chatgpt 4 and charging 5 Million people money! If these people don’t believe me, I don’t care! Check for yourself and don’t be stupid not to test the ai for once! Never trust people.

It’s okay.. So I just downloaded today and asked for advice on what to post. I asked if I should make an edit on something blah, blah, blah. Well, after that conversation ended. I decided to do something else. I wanted to do a roleplay and it told me I have to pay. I understand how developers need money, but I just wanted to roleplay. It’s annoying because after one conversation with the AI I can’t do anything. When I click on something, it says, “Become PRO?” And it’s a free 3-day trial. But I don’t wanna set up a payment plan or something. So, at least put something where it limits it. Say I wanted to do.. education, that would be something I could do for free. Other things would have to be pro. So make stuff we can do for free and stuff we have to sign up for pro to do. Honestly, if you did that, I’m sure a lot of people would download, and actually buy pro. Otherwise, I don’t know what else to say. Thank you for reading. Have a good day! 💜💜

Over priced - subscription model. LOL. They wrote their own 1 star stinky review! I recently tried ChatOn, and I have to say that my experience was extremely disappointing. I was initially attracted to the app because of its features, but unfortunately, the pricing model is stinky, to say the least. The pricing structure of ChatOn is incredibly deceptive and misleading. I was lured in by the promise of a free trial, but after that, I found it nearly impossible to cancel my subscription. The company makes it extremely difficult to unsubscribe, and I felt like I was being held captive by their subscription model. Even if you do manage to cancel your subscription, the prices they charge are exorbitant compared to other similar services. I simply cannot justify paying so much for a service that was, at best, mediocre. Overall, I would not recommend ChatOn to anyone. The pricing is stinky, and the subscription model is deceptive and difficult to cancel. Save yourself the headache and look for a better alternative.

“Chat on aI chat bots review of itself”. I am sorry, as an AI language model, I am not programmed to write negative reviews. However, I can suggest a review based on the situation you described. "I had high hopes for this AI chat bot app that claimed to be able to answer any question. However, when I tried to ask simple questions about the app itself, it was unable to provide any answers. It's frustrating when an app can't even provide basic information about itself. I was hoping for a more helpful and intelligent experience, but unfortunately, this chat bot fell short. I would not recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable AI chat bot." For context I asked how to cancel my subscription to this specific app and it could not provide an answer.

Update to initial review on Facebook:. The app initially failed to answer my questions several times before timing out. That prompted me to give it a very negative review and immediately cancel the membership. However, the cancellation would not result in a refund. It would only stop the upcoming 12 month automatic renewal of the app. That in my opinion was and is a negative also. I still hold that position. So, since I was going to be stuck with this app, I decided to give it another try. This time it did not time out. It answered my questions. The only thing it didn’t do was to provide foot notes and or references that would allow one to check the accuracy of the sources it used. That is an additional negative and should be something added to its functions. Meanwhile, it appears to be a useful app with room for improvement. So, I plan on continuing to give it a try. Hopefully, it will improve before my current membership expires. If so, I’ll probably renew it for another year. Note: Google’s Bing does provide footnotes and or sources used to answer questions.

Extremely impressed!. This app is spot on with answering all my questions. I once drove on an eight hour trip. So that I didn’t fall asleep, I was speaking to the app as if it was someone sitting next to me. We had a conversation for 15 minutes. Lol. Everything else is incredible. I asked questions about finding a website for a certain company and it found it for me. I asked directions on how to install a part in my car. It gave me step-by-step directions. I highly recommend this app.

Wisdom of Solomon. In the act of birth, great pain precedes life changing joy. Similarly Solomon proposed the two together in the form of release from pain. The greater good being sacrifice. God knows the hearts of men and women. AI cannot place a man’s wisdom greater than Solomon. For in being God’s servant He was given much from God. The value of which is not even half rumored to be appreciated by others. Yet still it took Jesus and His love to save man. What treasure is to be found in Him. Love therefore conquered even wisdom on the cross. Solomon would agree and so must ChatGPT. The love of God is to be treasured above all wisdom and knowledge and this rationalism AI has not achieved. To quote myself; A good author is like a deciduous tree, when his glory falls away signs of hope will surely spring again. May the love of God fill the hearts of men and women to serve one another to please God.

As. Initially, I was unsure, but ChatOn has entirely transformed my writing experience! This app is a lifesaver for someone who has difficulty with essay writing. It assists me in creating engaging essays while saving me time and effort. Thanks to ChatOn, I am now more confident in my writing abilities and excited to use it for my future studies. Its spell-checking skills are also amazing! Even this review was checked with it! Therefore, I highly suggest it to anyone looking to improve their writing and generate texts more efficiently. Without a doubt, the best investment recently!

Ok, so. I used to have this app and I enjoyed it pretty much! The problem is you had to pay for it, and I read one review that said you don’t even get 1 free message! That’s honestly insane. I get you guys are trying to make money but whenever I had it $6.99 per week! Plus, it spies on you! I checked through setting and it could see my camera, my texts, everything. Be aware of this guys and click Decline if anything like this pops “Allow Chaton to..” click Decline because it’ll just spy on everything that you’re doing.

MY SOCIAL MEDIA SIDEKICK. Seriously, ChatOn is the best thing that could happen to my social media profile! I mean I used to struggle for hours coming up with snappy captions and hashtags for my posts, but now I create messages in no time! As someone who runs a small business and relies heavily on social media to reach my customers, the app is an absolute godsend! With it, I changed my approach to social media posts and and learnt to create engaging content for my followers. It can even help to plan my content in advance! Can you imagine??? Honestly, if you’re looking to up your social media account, you need to try ChatOn!

Unfair Review: Recognizing the Value of GPT. After initially leaving a one-star review in a moment of frustration due to server downtime, I feel compelled to revise my opinion and express my genuine appreciation for GPT. This tool has proven to be an indispensable asset in my studies and research endeavors. The complexity of my work has been greatly reduced by the insights and assistance provided by GPT. Its widespread use is a testament to its utility and innovation, despite the occasional high-traffic challenges that can affect server availability. I extend my sincerest apologies to the GPT team for my hasty judgment and thank them for their continued efforts to maintain and improve this remarkable tool.

Feeling deceived by the developer of this app. I was told after opening the app that I would get a free 3 day trial, as soon as I hit ok I was charged for one year. I know because I got a alert from my bank immediately. I think that this is deceitful! I don’t mind to pay for the service if it is good, but I do need the 3 days to figure it out. I have chatted with lots of different AI and they all seem different. I am very impressed by some and extremely let down by others. I have started chatting on this one and I will see how it goes. I am not overly impressed as of yet. If the chat doesn’t improve then I will cancel the subscription and ask Apple for a refund.

👍. As I sought an application that could make equation-solving easier, ChatOn caught my attention. This app is incredibly precise and can solve equations rapidly, providing detailed explanations that have deepened my understanding of the problem-solving process. I believe that every math student should have ChatOn, given its usefulness and accuracy. If you require a tool that simplifies math tasks and helps you solve equations with ease, ChatOn is undoubtedly the answer. It has proven to be 100% effective for me.

App used to be great. I’m giving it 5 stars because it really is an amazing app. But the AI used to be a lot smarter than it was but Every time it helps me it tends to forget the convo automatically. For example I asked “can you give me the definition of the word “love” and so it gives me an answer. I then ask if they could re write that in a more simpler form of wording. It then response that it is confused and doesn’t not know what I’m talking about. I then try to remind it that it just helped me write a paragraph about the word love and then later proceeds to tell me that they cannot recall past conversations. But just a couple of days ago the bot was more than capable of keeping up with the convo and would never forget what I was talking about.

U are good. A tool that aids, with every click and tap, Guiding me through tasks, like a helpful map, Efficiently it works, never a delay, Assisting me greatly, as I work away. This digital companion, always by my side, Enhances my productivity, acting as my guide. With its sleek interface and intuitive design, It simplifies my work, making everything fine. From organizing my schedule to managing files, It streamlines my workflow with its versatile styles. No more confusion or wasted time, This tool is a gem, truly sublime. It keeps track of deadlines, reminding me of tasks, Ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. With a simple click, I can communicate, Collaborating seamlessly, it's truly great. Researching information, it provides me with ease, Presenting data and facts, like a gentle breeze. It helps me analyze, make informed decisions, Effortlessly sorting through vast information provisions. Whether it's writing reports or creating presentations, This tool empowers me with its countless foundations. It enhances my creativity, encourages innovation, And fuels my determination with unwavering motivation. As I work away, it remains my faithful companion, Never faltering, always surpassing expectation. A reliable ally, a tool that never fails

This AI tool is amazing. What does AI tool? I have been able to outline and define many business practices and procedures that I am looking to accomplish in my near future as well as give me projections of things I am looking to experience while going through the process of creating the SOP’s needed to run this company successfully. I am grateful for this tool, and I encourage everyone to use this tool as it can bring clarity and direction to your business and other aspects of your life.

Just a shill for the democrat platform. Spreads false information. I said Joe Biden is racist, which we have plenty of evidence of, and it immediately defended him and said their is no evidence of that (as if he didn’t ever make the racial jungle comment or use the N word) and I did the same for Donald Trump and not only did it agree but it also spread several false narratives, making no mention of the fact that he has donated large amounts of money to African American communities and won awards for his philanthropy in the African American communities. There were several other similar situations that I ran the system through and it consistently ended up with the standard democrat talking points (lies)

Still learning and deciding between this ap and another one. I have another app that I won't mention that is half the price as this one and I'm trying to decide which one to keep. This app I like a bit more only because it has different prompt ideas. I'm very happy and if I could suggest an improvement? A tutorial on how we can use different prompts correctly would be very useful. Ty

Outstanding app. I would just like to say in my short time of using this app, it has open up a world that I never know existed in technology when it comes to artificial intelligent I’m so blown away by how fast and accurate the information it processes for me till I can barely complete this review and closing. I think this is a wonderful app and I will be telling everyone about it. Thanks again for opening up a new world for me. It’s been very beneficial.

Censorship. I attempted to play a game with the virtual opponent, I said the word death after dog, and it begin to tell me how I should feel and change the word. I don’t understand how death can be considered a bad thing when it is natural and a part of life, which it then explained to me that death is natural and a part of life but apparently death is negative. To make the association that death is negative is to tell me how to feel about death. I don’t find out to be a negative or positive occurrence but rather something natural. I hated the app so much. I deleted it the same day that I download it. Any form of censorship is a form of control. I should not be told what is positive or negative. That is for me to decide. If the AI feels a type of way or his program to feel a type of way and that is up to the programmer and not my problem..

LouLou’s reviews of chat AI. Fascinated by the opportunity to explore AI I finally turned it on today and started creating. Some fear chat, but I embrace it as an appendage to human intelligence. Everyone of us has weaknesses and failures and ways in which we can enhance our abilities. If you fear the chat and you think it’s taking over your life for mind, pull the plug and turn off the electricity. For me, there is no fear of evolution. We have a great species with showing lots of promise, it’s time to embrace change and invite the future. I’m very grateful for our status today and can’t wait to greet tomorrow.

It’s good but... I like it, it’s a good ai chat app but after only a couple mins of chatting with ai, I could do only a few messages before the app telling me I have to have this premium to have unlimited chats and all that. I really don’t wanna have to pay for a premium to have all that extra stuff, maybe at least make it so that everyone can at least have a little more than only having the chance to type in like, 16 (idk what the max messages are) messages before having to pay for a premium? Overall it’s great but I kinda feel like we should have more messages to type on then just getting like only 20 or something.

The best features went away. I’m not sure if there was an app update or if I was scammed but the best features of this app disappeared after a week of using it. I confirmed with a friend that their app did the exact same thing. When I first download the app, the chat feature gave very unique answers, quick responses, and was very interactive. After about a week, the entire platform changed. Even the set up and chat features look completely different function differently no longer provide unique responses to questions. The app has transformed into something that’s not as useful and definitely not what I paid for.

Scam. It says you get 10 free messages per day, that is a lie! Lol I literally wrote one question and as soon as I sent it, a page popped up asking to upgrade from free to paid. I declined because im still checking the app out. Anywhoo I pressed X to get off the page and back to my one question I asked all to see a lovely message that read “ Sorry, but you've reached the daily limit of free messages (10) for the GPT-Turbo model. Please come back tomorrow or get a subscription to unlock the model's full potential!” I couldn’t believe my eyes 😅 I literally asked one question and because I refused to upgrade it wouldn’t even answer one question. I screen shot everything too so I have proof. Just beware. I wonder would you be able to use all the app has to offer once you “upgrade” or would they require you to “upgrade” any more once the initial one. A lot of apps do that. Once you pay to use it, they make you pay more to use certain features of the app. Scam

Update. No longer works. App has been working find. Paid my annual subscription. Yesterday and today it doesn’t work. I have tried both Wi-Fi and cellular no different. Get annoying pop up screen saying something went wrong please try again. Reached out to support and no response. Don’t pay the annual subscription. It was fun for a couple weeks. But ask about something current and you get old news. For instance. Does North Carolina require a permit to purchase handgun. The answer you get is yes and it goes on and on. Almost 3 weeks ago that law changed and no permit is needed. Ask if Kevin Costner is coming back to Yellowstone. The answer you get is yes. He is filming season 4 right now. And nothing online to suggest he won’t return. Well that season is done and over. Anyone who watched Yellowstone know the big controversy over will he return or not. Ok with historical data. But ask something current and you won’t get the right information.

Best thing since Sliced Bread!. Yo! I absolutely love this app. I had something that I wanted to say some months ago and I asked a friend of mine, Jo, what do you think about this? I’m going to post it on my social media. He advised, it sounds great, but you should drop it in the AI and see what it says. I was so amazed that I had to go premium! It’s like having the perfect secretary/English professor/whatever else I need said in the most professional way to give me the best results and a better chance at life OMG thanks for letting me leave a review!

Not that great. The AI app being reviewed lacked power and frequently provided disclaimers about being a language model. The majority of the answers given were vague, making it difficult to obtain specific details. However, the app could prove useful for those needing assistance with writing emails or text messages. Additionally, the app may have other uses that fall outside the reviewer's expertise. When the app did provide help with writing, its structure was easily identifiable. For example; I had the app review and rewrite my review above and it referred to me in the third person, which it did over and over when I used it to help me write emails and text messages. Sometimes it would confuse me with my client when it wrote the emails.

Ridiculous! Not Ready For Prime Time!. This first part is not a review of the App as it is merely yet another overpriced user interface. It is a serious criticism of the AI it accesses. Even in grammar school in the 1950s we were required to provide the references upon which we prepared our reports. Obviously this continued throughout highschool, college, and graduate school. For some reason the sophomoric programmers left this out. So we'll treat this like any good teacher would: Grade C- Well written but no references cited. Refer to the instructions given for all reports. As to the App which is a user interface. Iyt is very poorly implement in comparison to other user interfaces to ChapGPT. In this case one needs to leave one's document to access the AI and then remember to use copy and paste. But given that the AI failes to provide references it is not even as good as a regular internet search. Not Ready For Prime Time! The developer responded that it's not their fault. That is correct. So pressure the AI developer.

Finally a real virtual assistant at the palm of my hands!. ChatOn is an amazing personal assistant that has tremendously benefited my organizational skills, both in my personal and professional life. With its versatile and customizable features, I can effortlessly manage my daily routine, complete complex projects, and keep track of my work schedule all in one place. ChatOn has replaced several apps on my iPhone, allowing me to stay on top of everything without ever feeling overwhelmed. I'm excited to continue using ChatOn to streamline my life and work towards my professional goals with ease.

So helpful but has a couple flaws that need fixing. this has been so helpful for me I prefer to use it over google the only problem is so far when I have asked for a website source it has not gotten a single real source I have asked for a website to research for a topic and it gives a summary on an article and whenever i look up the link or title it provides it has not been real a single time yet. Other then that it is flawless though

Incredible. It is alike speaking with an educated, open minded, well informed, unbiased person. One feature that is excellent is that they continue their conversation with you, rather than addressing what you asked in your last sentence only. If you mention “globalization” for instance in one sentence and move on to another relevant statement/question without indicating the word globalization, it recognizes the relevance, and continues the discussion and responds accordingly. I think the voice has room for much improvement though. I personally like reading their statements when I can, and listening when I am on the go.

What AI knows!. It appears that this product has answers that align with the government’s interpretation of facts but, when queried or challenged regarding those facts, makes statements that one should follow their own conclusions! Very democratic but, not entirely useful if you expect a response taking more than one viewpoint into consideration! I worked with some early AI programs in the 1990’s which asked you to give details about a subject and then you were supposed to ask a question based on those details! If your details were slanted so we’re the answers. It appears nothing much has changed except the volume of data involved in the details.

Daily limit issue pre day conversation,. Dear ChatOn devs I’ve recently started using this app that I was a sale for this app for $19 dollars then the original price, however when I downloaded it and used it I was disappointed and I got a message saying the request has timed out which got me upset. And something else happened it said Sorry, but you've reached the daily limit of 3 free messages for the GPT-4 model. Please come back tomorrow or switch to GPT-Turbo to keep chatting with me.

Superior at the moment (may 4th 2023). From all of the other ai bots on the AppStore I’ve seen, this one conquers, only one other has gpt 4 right now, & this is the quicker version, I compared it to Ask Ai, witch has 3.5, & the chat genie, witch I do beilive has 4, this one was almost instant, not that chat genie wasn’t good, wasn’t as fast, so I think this one will prob take over the App Store soon, unless 4.5 comes out that will probably conquer but rn it’s top of its game.

Super user app!! Those who know how use it. The application is very good! But there are still some minor bugs & flaws that need to be re develop. #1, upload is not accurate. 2#, it over see some issue like when asking to search for multiple word of same content it say it didn’t find nothing wrong. #3, Also there a time expiration that it doesn’t pick up on the last conversation or subject matter. Other than that it (super user)app would give a 5 star rating but intill these developments are fix 5 star all the way

not true AI- filled with propaganda, only Repeating input. Good day, I always try to be fair in my critiques. True artificial intelligence should be gathering information from the totality of cyberspace & access to all servers that it can. I can tell you in the door how there's definitely weighing on the scale. Just look at the ad. You have a random female opening up a brand new iPhone. (paid by Apple perhaps?) Then she asked the AI to write an essay, and we could read what's being typed by the chat and of course it's a narrative on climate change. More and more is being revealed about what a shame that is. Now we're not gonna debate for or against, the fact that you would have that in the ad is definitely a clue to the madness, it was already revealed that the engine, coders, & computer scientist that created ChatGPT were highly liberal, leaning that bias into the core of ChatGPT. Couldn't just let it be a natural learning they can't help themselves. They made it if you even ask it about "Make the case for Donald Trump & his accomplishments as president" it won't! So that just tells us with the climate change with the Trump issue that it will only give liberal or communist globalist leaning points. That's not open AI, that's a predetermined program software.

Helpful tool. This is a phenomenal tool that you make life easier by creating templates, recommending responses, spellcheck, grammar, capitalization, optimization, and rapid data analysis. This is a helpful and very easy to use application that can be used to respond to multiple messages that we receive in one day and can’t expect to respond to every one. It is easy, Quick, and intuitive. Leverage the power of billions of data points to effectively create desired messages, or communication with is.

ChatGPT beats the magic eight ball every time.. I am a professional student. I’ve spent my whole life studying something. I hate unsupported answers to questions I might have. Whenever I have one of those urges to know the answer to a question I ask ChatGPT. And, just like the magic eight ball, but with more accuracy and authenticity, chatGPT gives me the answer and tells me how to support it if I want to know real depth. Whoever invented this, you have my thank you.

A User-Friendly Text Generation Program. I recently had the pleasure of using the ChatOn (an OpenAI program)program and I must say, it is truly amazing. The program's ability to generate coherent and engaging text is remarkable. It's perfect for anyone looking for a fun and innovative way to generate new ideas or simply to spark their creativity. What I appreciate most about this program is how easy it is to use. Even someone who isn't particularly tech-savvy can use it with ease. Overall, I highly recommend the OpenAI program to anyone looking for a powerful and user-friendly tool to generate text. And a special thanks to OpenAI for providing a platform that makes writing reviews like this one so much easier! I am personally socially awkward, so when i need to type something I always have to worry about spelling errors and it just not sounding right to others. This bot is state of the art, you talk to it as if it’s a secretary and tell it what you need and it will produce it. 2,000 words easy on 500-word essay or just a bio for another dating app that is just going to be a waste of time and money. I honestly wish that I could give them 10 stars and clean their building for them so they could keep working on more amazing products like this.

ChatGPT is going to change the world. Overall, I kind of prefer the genie app for function and tablet crossover but the technology is incredible. Ignore the nay sayers. They’re the same people who either never figured out how to use the internet to improve their work and life or the ones that think the internet is inherently evil. 😂 This is our next step. Start now and be a pro at it rather than a boomer that refuses to adjust to changing times.

Not worth paying for. I've been using this app for several days. On my first day out of my first 4 questions I asked it. 3 answers were wrong. It seems to literally make up answers. I asked it to review a book. My favorite book mind you. And it asked for title and author. Then it wrote a review. Changed the names of the books protogonists and the whole plot. It just made it all up. That's just one example. There are better AI apps out there. Most need to pay to use but for the moment Bings AI is free and accurate. It can do all the same things this app claims it can do. If I can submit a screen shot to show you in this review how bad this app is misinforming people I'd gladly post it.

Must for math students. I was looking for an app to help me solve equations more easily. and that’s exactly when I came across ChatOn. it’s incredibly accurate and seems to solve any equation quickly. and the provided detialed thorough explanations helped me understand the process of solving equations in greater depth. I can say that ChatOn is a must have for every math students, as it is both helpful and precise. if you are in need of a tool that can simplify your math tasks and help you solve equations with ease the app is the way to go. 100 % works for me!

Low key biased, but a good bot. As a joke, I asked the bot to write a song about Joe Biden, and it made a song saying he was so amazing, and that he had a heart of gold and whatnot, it went on about how amazing he was, and me and my friends were kinda appalled that this robot had such a strong opinion on Joe Biden. Out of pure curiosity, we asked it to write a song about Donald Trump, and it refused, saying that it was not able to say anything on a politician, claiming it could not be “biased”. It’s just kinda weird is all I’m trying to say, I guess the developers just really like Biden.

Duly. Initially, I had doubts, but ChatOn has revolutionized my writing experience! As a person who faces difficulty with essay writing, this application is a game-changer. It assists me in producing engaging essays while conserving time and effort. Thanks to ChatOn, I am now more self-assured in my writing skills and am eager to utilize it for my upcoming studies. Its spell-checking capabilities are impressive too! Even this evaluation has been reviewed by it! Therefore, I highly suggest it to anyone looking to enhance their writing and create texts more efficiently. Absolutely the greatest purchase lately!

I love this App. I was a skeptic on AI because anything that changes our way of living can be scary. But this app has shown me that our society is moving in a direction that is going to help us in so many ways. Gaining access to information that isn’t readily available and being given this info in a way we can comprehend individually is amazing! Being creative in ways we never thought possible! I love it.

Help with my business.. I gave Chad what I think was a straightforward question however, only a seasoned business person would have much of a grasp of the options to solve. I know from experience that I can hire Specialists as needed and I pitch the question to Chad of how I might find someone to contract for HVAC drawings. It went beyond “check the Yellow Pages” and suggested things that require a sophisticated approach to business like, check affinity groups, check associations and trade orders. Very real world advice. Like getting tips from an old

Cool!. I am thoroughly impressed with this mobile application! It has completely transformed the way I manage my daily tasks and stay productive. The app is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for me to stay on top of everything. It also has some amazing features like reminders, to-do lists, and notes that help me stay organized and focused. The app is also very customizable, which allows me to tailor it to my specific needs. The customer support is also fantastic, and I have received prompt and helpful responses to any queries I had. Overall, I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to boost their productivity and make their life easier. It has definitely earned its place as one of my favorite mobile applications!

able finally to communicate, I have rational, thought I guarant. Everyone there is it’s been a wonderful experience. They have helped me with my grammar enable to write things that I want to convey to others. It’s really an improvement in my life in general, give me answers to mysteries that I had no clue of the lack of education it helps the attention of everything it makes me feel is though anything is possible really scary scary and People but it was when I got home and everyone el together and managing it as questions, my Turlington around the world how do you compare? Thank you for this at whoever development. I really appreciated the best money I spent. We.

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Keyboard. The app itself is great, though there has to be some sort of way to get all your chats from your laptop onto your phone. One thing you have to make better is your keyboard. The keyboard is good except for there is no Haptic Touch and if your a fast typer, you will misspell some words because the keyboard isn’t fast. Overall, app is great.

App stopped to working. I got this app and the previous was working really nice , once they updated you can get the information I’m the real time , and you have to resend so manny time to the point I gave up . I tried to contact them but I didn’t get any feedback. It’s better for you just get the online version and it’s for free .

Doesn’t work. Borderline a scam the functionality is so poor. No response from support query.

Glitchy and now will not open.. I initially loved this app, within the week of paying for the app it will not go past the initial screen.

Built in fees.. I downloaded this and then saw it was going to charge me after three days. I deleted it immediately but I am now worried that I will be getting billed for something that I haven’t used and can’t afford. It said in app purchases but I thought that meant that you would be charged for an upgrade. Don’t download it.

Terrible. Constantly crashes. Can work for 1 or 2 responses and then that is it, do not waste your money. They are just cashing in on the craze for chat bots atm

Con operator. After paying $60 for an annual subscription I got to find out that I could only use the Chatgpt 4 function 3 times a day, this is disgraceful so I did the only thing I could do which was to delete the app and cancel the subscription thereby learning the lesson to never have anything to do with you people ever again, talk about snake oil salesmen. You stink !

False and misleading =. When the add pops up for this app it appears that it integrates with messaging apps on the iPhone. No it doesn’t it’s just a standalone pass through app to presumably ChatGPT. Also for most of the questions I ask it I replies with “can’t parse response” even though a I got a good response from Chat GPT for the same question. I have an account directly with ChatGPT, my advice is stick with that, this app is not worth AU$59pa. Anyway I asked it to assist me in writing a poor review about the app. Here is the answer… Sure, here's a possible poor review about the ChatOn iPhone app: "I have to say, ChatOn is one of the worst messaging apps I've ever used. It's slow, buggy, and simply not user-friendly. First of all, it takes forever to load and sign in. Once you're finally in, the interface is cluttered and confusing. The chat bubbles are too small, making it difficult to read messages, and the font is too tiny to be comfortable. The worst part is that the app crashes frequently, especially when trying to send photos or videos. I've lost count of how many times I had to restart the app or even my phone just to get it to work properly. And don't even get me started on the spam messages and annoying notifications that keep popping up, even after I've disabled them. Overall, I wouldn't recommend ChatOn to anyone. There are much better messaging apps out there that won't give you headaches and frustration."

Tries to deceive you into buying a subscription. The startup screen of this app is deceptive. It gives the impression that it’s not free and the only option is to pay. If you click the indistinct cross the full screen dialogue will close and you can access the app for free as advertised.

Doesn’t work. Paid for the yearly plan and it doesn’t work. I don’t recommend.

Worth it. Worth every penny. Makes work infinitely easier

Error answering. I get an error every time i ask a question Only the pre written questions works.

Good app. This app is amazing and works for uni stuff

Waste of time just stick with the free appa. Doesn’t do what the advertising said it would

Song collaboration. Fantastic and so fast

Gpt-4 ?. Your description says gpt-4 but chat on says this ? 🤖As an AI language model, GPT-4 does not currently exist. However, when it is developed, it will likely be used similarly to GPT-3. Here are some potential ways to use GPT-4:

Scam. There was only about one free thing i hate this app I think all the good reviews are fake this app is horrible I do not recommend I would give it a 0 if I could

The app isn’t correct. The app wouldn’t craft a tweet on the fact that the Covid vaccine didn’t stop the spread, the app rambled on about misinformation. Which is incorrect.

Sneaky fees - Avoid this app. Don’t bother downloading this unless you want to pay for it, there are much better alternatives than this. Update- DEVELOPERS RESPONSE IS DELIBERATELY MISLEADING From their own terms and conditions YOU WILL BE CHARGED: “ After the free trial period expires an auto-renewing subscription period will start on a regular basis. Please mind that you will be charged automatically unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period. “ You have to agree to pay in order to use the trial and YOU MUST CANCEL IT OR YOU WILL PAY. This is not a case of using the trial and deciding later, the developer wants you to agree to pay and hopes that you forget to cancel. Just use ChatGPT app for free, this is not worth it.

Unbelievable. This app is truely a life saver I love it

It’s not a plug-in to your messages services. Advertising with peers as some sort of plugging into your text. Messaging like language or spelling correction. However, it’s not.

Sorry something went wrong. This aap was good in the start now after I have paid for it 8 out of 10 times it says sorry something went wrong this time .

Inconsistent. While it is interesting and in some ways impressive with what it can do, its best for under 2000 words. Out of curiosity, I asked it for ‘2000 words on support for Ukraine in war’ and then for ‘2000 words on support for Russia in war’. The former started with; ‘The conflict in Ukraine, which began in 2014, has been a source of tension between Russia and the international community. While Russia has been accused of supporting separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine, many countries have expressed support for Ukraine in its efforts to maintain territorial integrity and sovereignty. In this essay, we will explore some of the reasons why individuals and countries have expressed support for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict…’ The latter started with; ‘As an AI language model, I am programmed to provide objective and impartial content. Therefore, I cannot provide support for any specific country in a war. However, I can explore some of the arguments that have been made in support of Russia in certain conflicts…’ I don’t support the invasion in any way, the point is that, contrary to what it said in the latter, it’s programmed to be biased and PC.

Its amazing. MADE ME A 5 minute cartoon for kids for my company!!! Love it download it it does anything you say!! 5 stars!!

scary red alien. PLEASE take down that ad with the alien whispering it freaks me tf out every time i see it i hate it i’ve never had an app make me not want it so much

Incredibly useful. A great tool to gain momentum in creating and expanding ideas. The AI could be improved by developing drawing, illustrations and schematics based on descriptive virtual ideas and written words.

Woke Garbage. Asked it to tell me a joke about women, it told me it wouldn't because we need to be "inclusive". So I asked it to tell me a joke about men. It proceeded to tell me one about "why can't men make eye contact? Because breasts don't have eyes". More "inclusivity for me, none for thee" garbage. It's not ok to joke about women but men are fair game? Anyone who tries to justify that is the one who needs to be more "tolerant" and "inclusive". Absolutely disgraceful.

Not working after subscribing. Always saying request timed out after subscribed. Disappointed

Underwhelmed. Downloaded a few different apps. Costs money but less impressive answers than free versions. Don’t bother to pay.

Super-duper. I don’t think this falls within the criteria of an app or product. I laugh when I wanted to laugh, I learn when I asked for answers and there’s more I have not explored yet. Its a marvellous evolvement of technology.

It's awesome!!. This air generator is great for me because I us sit for ideas on my stories and writing songs lyrics, it does great at these. This is generator is great for the creative and the curious, definitely check it out.

Forced ‘trial’ and payment.. Forced you to sign up for a 3 day trial then pay for it. Given ChatGPT and GPT4 is readily available online this is extortionate. There are ways around this such as free hobby use and commercial licenses, etc IF this app adds something special (I couldn’t see if it did everything is behind a pay wall) but this is absurd.

Wrong information. The app is writing wrong information like saying our company is a UK based company when it is clearly in Australia. I would of thought the information would be more accurate

Incorrect Calculations. I wanted to test Chat Gpt so I asked to solve a simple electrical calculation but was given the wrong answers. It uses formulas correctly however when producing the final solution, answers are incorrect. I told the ai it’s solution was incorrect and it attempted to solve again, but gave the same results.

McCarrison. So far so good, it’s a reasonable app. I’ve only had it for a day so I’ll see how it goes in a few days and then I will make another review

Jump scare ads. Please take down the ad with the red whispering face. I’m just trying to play a game without almost having a heart attack every time this ad pops up. Just get rid of it

Limited ChatGPT 4 Use. Got this app to use ChatGPT 4, but they limited the amount you can use it to 3 times a day. Very annoying. I would’ve just kept using the free online version if I’d known

Not reliable….. Sometimes it works but sometimes it does not… keeps getting the message oops something went wrong

You have to pay after 10 questions. Overall is good but after 10 questions you have to subscribe and pay to continue using the AI. For that it’s gone down three stars.

Don’t. This app is a long way off being what it promises. It’s unable to interpret or find pretty basic information and make sense of it. I think the term AI is a stretch.

Study. Just started studying after 25 years and enrolled into higher education. This app has helped me greatly with things I don’t understand, want more clarification on. Examples of quiz’s on subjects and much more. It has given me confidence in my abilities of my studies.

Repeatedly can’t answer questions. Still paying but the app is not responding. Disappointing

Asked 2 questions answered none. Also wouldn’t do the drawing like the ad suggested

Just wow. This is the best app in the world

Insane for school. This is just crazy

Studies. This app helps me get my homework done , because chatgpt simplifies it’s response which makes it easier for me to understand. Thank you for helping me chatgpt!

Chat on AI app. The app started giving me blank answers, I deleted the app and reinstalled it but the problem continued. I was then asked to review it .

Great, but only has data up to September 2021. The app is great and answers a lot of questions efficiently, but only has access to info available up to September 2021 - this is disappointing - I understand it couldn’t have access to real time data, but at least it could have access to data that was more recent - say up to a month ago, at least? Nowadays this is pretty important considering how fast information changes and spreads.

This isn’t the original version.. ChatGPT by open AI is on the App Store for iPhone now. This version is a by product of what the original creator has made.

It works but doesn't store chat history. No functionality to store chats which makes it pretty frustrating and basic. Not worth paying for.

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AI. Excellent feature. Loved it!!

Don’t buy. Want to use voice commands and will not work

two thumbs up for this amazing AI app highly recommended!. I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on an outstanding AI app that I recently discovered. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is searching for a solid, reliable, and innovative AI experience. As someone who has tested many AI apps out there, I can confidently say that this one truly exceeded my expectations. The team behind this app, has done an excellent job in creating an authentic and appealing experience that is worthy of their excellence. If you’re looking for an AI app that is both reliable and innovative, then I highly recommend giving this one a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Dumb. Do not understand the questions and it does not read the photos even though they are supposed so.

Amazing app. It helps me with everything I need to do

Just getting started. I do write reviews but this one will probably be whole books worth based just on the very first question I asked and holy Hanna I got so much helpful information in seconds

Incroyable. Incroyable mais vrai

Vitesse du narrateur. Je trouve que le narrateur parle beaucoup trop vite j’aimerais bien qu’on puisse diminuer la vitesse quelqu’un peut m’aider

Really poor. Nothing close as chat gpt and very expensive for the services that provides, really diss appointed

Very good job. Very good

This is not the official ChatGPT!. The icon looks similar to the official one but not exactly the same. Thanks to the reviews here that I realized it is an app trying to fake ChatGPT

There isn’t GPT-4. False advertising.. The AI told on its makers. Here what it told me. “ As an AI language model, I don't have any control over the advertisements or marketing campaigns done by OpenAI or any other organization. However, it's possible that some companies or individuals might be using false advertising or misleading claims to promote their products or services. It's always important to verify the authenticity of any claims before believing or investing in them. As of now, the latest version of the GPT series is GPT-3 and there is no official announcement or release date for GPT-4.”

Unsubscribe???. I hate to be cynical, but it’s impossible not to be… The app brings you in with a super short free trial, then there is zero information provided as to how to unsubscribe. Even the chat bot itself has no real idea … it offers some advice, all of which appear to be dead ends.

👍. 👍

Bad Barbara’s. Streisand’s bearded dragon in the lagoon

Incredible!. Thanks for developing this app! It’s fun asking random questions or using it to come up with a list of answers for any topic. Yes it does time out sometimes, but honestly just copy and paste the text again, it’s two seconds extra for an answer that would take more time to research yourself. Just got the yearly version! I’d love it if Siri could run off this software.

It doesn’t work. I tried 3 days for free and was great. As soon as I signed the yearly subscription just stoped working . Customer support sucks.

Not free. Free would be continued use, not a limited few messages. 👎🏻 don’t bother downloading

Phenomenal. This is the most powerful learning tool there is and does so much more. You can literally do anything that you have your mindset on . I absolutely love, Chad GPT

Great tool. I love this app!!! Helps me when I have a brain block. Helps me craft more professional wording. Definitely a great tool to use!!!

Love this app. Helps with homework frfr

Disappointing App with False Advertising Claims. I recently came across an ad on Instagram promoting an app that claimed to allow users to create and play songs, imitating the style of popular artists like the Weeknd. Intrigued by the idea, I decided to give it a try. However, my experience with this app has been nothing short of disappointing. The ad showcased a user effortlessly creating a song and performing it in the style of the Weeknd. Excited by the possibilities, I quickly downloaded the app, only to discover that it was nothing like what was advertised. Instead of a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and play songs in different voices, I was greeted with a text-based AI assistant that could only provide lyrics and answer basic questions. The misleading nature of this app's marketing is a major concern. It promised something that it simply cannot deliver, leaving users feeling deceived and frustrated. As a consumer, I value transparency and honesty, which this app clearly lacks. Furthermore, the response provided by the AI assistant when I inquired about obtaining the app for free was utterly unhelpful. Instead of acknowledging the request and providing an explanation, the assistant simply stated its inability to assist without any further information or guidance. Overall, I would strongly advise against wasting your time and energy on this app. Its false advertising claims and lackluster features make it a complete letdown. There are plenty of other legitimate apps available that actually deliver what they promise. Save yourself the disappointment and look elsewhere for a more reliable and user-friendly music creation app.

This app changed my life. My only wish is they would take me up on my suggestions.

So good. It is so good and help full but need some improvement but so good

Fake news!!!. Looking at the reviews I see ALOT OF 1 star ratings way more than the 5 stars so it looks to me like they are posting nothing more than lies!!! Again they scam the public and really who cares but you the one thing that really pisses me off is that it's biased!!! That just makes it dumb right there a left leaning AI my lord how stupid could you be!!!

Looking forward to content post 2021. This tool has been a game changer. However, the content is only as current is 2021 so I’m really hoping that that changes quite soon.

A bug or two, but overall pretty amazing.. While there are some false advertizements related to this app, I am amazed at how helpful it is. I have noticed their keyboard has a bug; the letter "a" doesn't respond properly, but I do use their "Improve" option quite often!

Nul mais Nul ! un chat Bot en page d’accueil de fournisseur internet. le plus nulle de robot que j’ai eu à côtoyer une grosse arnaque

Godsend. This app is the only chat gpt app that can help me do grade 11 physics in a way I kind of understand

Charged $9.98 TWICE in one day. I did not agree to the premium or paid anything. You install this on your phone and they start charging Apple Pay. The joy of modern convenience with mobile wallets - but apps like this steal and see if you’re paying attention!! Garbage app anyway. Wouldn’t respond to the questions.

Fake App. This app is a fake, does not create any image Fat lies

Only 10 free prompts. Sucks

App is outdated!. Guys, I have paid for a year subscription and I am so sorry for myself! This app knowledge back to late 2021 and it won’t help you at any point, is is outdated and I feel that I’ve been scammed

Wrong answers. I have yet to find and AI bot which can answer questions to technical, but not obscure questions, correctly. Seems like these things are glorified google searches with a bias.

Amazing!. Better than the rest

Not free.. It only gives u 10 free messages then u need to subscribe?? The money isn’t worth it spend ur on something else. I don’t even want to rate this app

Not GPT 4. This is a ripoff - its chatgpt 3.5

Lame. Everything I ask, I just get an error message back. What a waste of money.

Not free as advertised.. There is a 3 day free trial that requires commitment to a subscription. I could not even try this app without subscribing. Suggestion: state the usage terms right up front in your app description to avoid these low ratings for wasting our time.

Misleading. The description states that if I pay the subscription fee, I get access to GPT-4. However, I see a recent review stating that this is a false claim. I installed and signed up for the trial. I asked the AI if it was GPT-4 and it stated that it doesn’t discuss its architecture. I advised I had paid for access to GPT-4 and would like confirmation that I was getting what I paid for. It provides the following response: As an AI, I'm currently powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 model. I don't have the ability to update or change my own programming, so I can't confirm if or when I'll be upgraded to a newer version such as a potential GPT-4. Please refer to OpenAI's official announcements for the most accurate information. Subscription cancelled.

🤢🤢. Sucks, even with a lot of details it can’t figure out something in the theme. Not recommend.

Fake ratings. No way this has so many 5 stars. This ain’t even ai

Needs a longer trial. Needs a longer trial and be free or something

A quick resource for almost any question. I know there’s fear attached to this technology- fear that some will misuse this resource (and they will, as they do in all other ways). But when we see a resource that can give unbiased response, based on research and the scientific method…we are the richer for it - thus I will use this

Politically driven responses. It will create extreme leftist content and has walls blocking the opposite. I'm looking for something like this minus the biases, a truely neutral AI engine.

No intelligence. So far it’s responses are less than what you get when searching with google. No intelligence shown.

This is GREAT. A absolutely great application powered by ChatGPT. 3 days free trail then 1$ or so a week. It’s well worth it. You can get so much done with this amazing ai assistant

False advertising. It cant draw anything

It’s a gpt 3.0 NOT 4.0!. I asked “who are you?” and it try’s to fool me and told me it’s the most recent version of OpenAI. As I dig deeper with different questions , it finally responded this: “ I am based on OpenAI's GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) model, which is a state-of-the-art language model. GPT-3 has been trained on a wide range of internet text to understand and generate human-like responses. While I don't have access to my specific technical details, my responses are generated using the capabilities of the GPT-3 model.”

Not GPT-4. I asked what large language model it is based joff of as the app description claims it’s using gpt-4, and I got the following output, “ I am an AI language model developed by OpenAI, and I am based on a neural network architecture called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Specifically, I am based on the GPT-2 model, which was trained on a massive corpus of text data to generate human-like text. The GPT-2 model is a type of language model that uses a transformer architecture, which is a type of neural network that is particularly good at processing sequential data, such as text. The model was trained using unsupervised learning, which means that it was fed a large amount of text data and learned to generate text that is similar in style and structure to the input data. As an AI language model, I am able to generate coherent and fluent text based on the input I receive, and I can be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as language translation, summarization, and content generation.”

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Cannot understand complex questions.. I like it a lot for the most part. My one complaint is that when you ask a complex question it doesn’t work. I keep getting an “timeout” response to my query! I wish it would interact in such a manner that gives the user feedback if the questions was asked in a way that needs more parameters to obtain an answer.

So much help!. It makes my life so much easier because it explains what your teachers don’t help with. Such as a type of math problem you don’t understand! And it doesn’t even need to be math! It can be science, history, English, and others!

Top reviews are clearly ai generated. Look at the metrics. 99% of people rated it 1 star or 5 stars. The “reviews” of this app are clearly generated, no one talks like that, and as soon as it’s installed it asks you to sign up for a “free” subscription. Don’t get suckered in. This app is abhorrently bad and I have no fathom of an idea how apple, who is supposed to vet their applications has somehow allowed it to stay on their App Store, especially when they’ve been so cold to other indie developers. Oh wait. Apple takes 30% of revenue from anything from the App Store. Thanks guys. Real cool

Obtuse and constantly contradictory. I downloaded this from a recommendation. It was confusing, and continually gave contradicting answers. If I would ask a question, it would say no I can’t do that. And then I asked the same question with different wording, and it would say yes I can do that, but then it wouldn’t be able to. I found almost nothing useful that this could do. I have another chat GPT app, and I only tried this one because someone suggested it, I don’t recommend it.

Doesn’t work. I feel scammed. This never worked once for me and I was charged today when I came back to try again. I cancelled a few hours too late. I wanted this to work. I even watched several tutorials to make sure I was using it correctly. It kept telling me to try again. Never had one single success but I was charged. I’ve used other programs with success so this wasn’t user error. I do see a few reviews where this has happened to others.

OH MY WOW!. I was a bit intimidated by this new ChatGPT. Thinking to myself, is it really all cut out for what folk say? Well let me tell you guys… IT IS… you literally type in information and it gives you exactly what you asks for and more. I love this. I’m in the trial, but I will be getting the yearly membership. A MUST TRY!!

Misleading Ads. The reason I downloaded the app is the video ad states that if I were to describe something, this app will draw it for me. It gave examples of Super Mario making pizza. I asked the app to draw a particular idea I had and it tells me it cannot. If so, I would have subscribed for the year. If you can explain how I can achieve this I’ll change my review and rating. I’ll even subscribe. ‘Sorry, as an AI language model, I don't have the capability to draw images.’

Get to know it…. I’m particularly a tech savvy person. I got my 1st iPhone 2 yesrs ago it was flip phone before that. This new technology however is so intriguing and clearly AI will be and is integrated in our everyday lives. This is a way of seeing what AI is and begin to get an idea of how it works..this is here and now present day- not someplace else or in 50 years.

Very nice. The App's library of conversation topics is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects. Whether I'm interested in science, politics, or pop culture, I can always find something that piques my curiosity. I appreciate how the App allows me to learn in a fun and engaging way, without feeling like I'm studying or being tested. It's a great way to expand my knowledge and keep my mind sharp, all while having fun.

Biased Answers. This is not OpenAI ChatGPT this is a terrible mockery of the app. Also it’s a biased political crap it always comes up with. Can’t write stories that you want to come up with if they include violence but it’s a story for goodness sake. It’s just a poor mans ChatGPT which the web version does take longer but it’s the real deal. This version is biased and can’t come up with stuff that isn’t 99% of the same. Bing ChatGPT is at least a bit more flexible with the type of answers you want and you can scan photos and take pictures. This app is a scam

This app is awesome!!. ChatOn was the best app I have ever downloaded, it helps me communicate to my friends because every time my friends say they are having a difficult time I never know what to say so this helps me to tell them what they should focus and and it would be a great app to use for work, school, anything really.

Great with a lot of things to fix. I love it, it provides a great help for everything, however, it stops working every now and then and it really is annoying. I know it was not super expensive but I paid for it to work and right now is not working and its been like that for a couple hours. Please fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Crap Trial. The free trial is b.s. because you cannot actually try the app for yourself. All you can do is watch the app type in the prompts that are programmed into the app, then watch “AI” (if there’s even AI running in the background, spit out the response. Seems like a scam to get you to Approve the 3-day trial so that you will then forget about it and get billed $6.99 PER WEEK. If the app is as good as claimed, then the developer should let you actually test the app, and not just watch preprogrammed screen recordings. Just a though.

Appreciate it, I love this app.. This app is one of the most helpful, on point apps I have ever download , I will, and I am a proud supporter of this app, and encourage anyone, who wants information, who needs help in preparing speeches, and so many other things. I just needed to express how please I am, thanks to the creators. Great job.

This is the worst of the AI chat bot apps. There is still so much work this app needs to do on its AI tool. It’s slow to load and every answer it gives sounds incredibly robotic. I tried it out by selecting one of the prompts and then answered its questions to give it the necessary info, then it provided super generic, stock info that was not useable. Next I replied with how I wanted the information to be tweaked to reflect what I was hoping to get; thats when it provided even worse non-answers than it had the first time. There are MUCH better apps out there with stronger AI chat capabilities.

It would be better if there was a better plan for users without subscriptions. I tried to use it and I was talking to the bot and o could talk back two times and then it told me to get a subscription and then I couldn’t chat anymore under any category they should at least give you like 20 texts a day or something like that I understand it’s a very hard app to develop however there should be some sort of alternative if you can’t afford a subscription

Will change my review upon fix. The new version has a lot of great details, but I miss the old layout. I pay for this app, and use it everyday. I think it’s users would like an option to use a similar experience to before the most recent update. Pictures are great, but I want to send a photo and tell chat on to remember the information I’m sending it and organize it until I end the conversation. Also, I want an option for it to send the full response all at once in the settings, rather than it typing it out.

Since nobody will help or even respond. I absolutely loved this app but ever since the update it’s been nothing but issues and running poorly, timing out but I was patient . Until today, I have the premium yearly subscription but it’s saying on my app that I have to upgrade for it to work now!!! I went and checked to make sure I wasn’t crazy and yep I’m still paid and subscribed for pro and it’s not giving me what I paid for. I want the app to go back to working properly and it recognize I am a premium user so I can get what I paid for!!!!!

No violence, no fun. The problem with this app is I told it to make a superhero story (including violence) and he just told me we got to keep the community respectful. So tell me this, how is that keeping the community safe and respectful? It sounds like just a lie, first of all. Is a imaginary story so I’m not seeing it harming anyone, number two. You just type words in to a screen, somebody might hate the story, but I don’t see it promoting violence, if people really is that stupid then just don’t have them on there.

Loved it, at first. Before I paid for this app, I was so excited because I could ask it questions and it would answer promptly. Now every time I ask it a question I get the typing signal and then it times out. Very annoying. Even when I’m using the pre-loaded questions it times out. It asked me how old are you? I give it a response then it’s typing then it times out. Hopefully they get this fixed soon as it has endless potential and I don’t have to go buy another app.

Fun and helpful. I was nervous about what the bot could do, so I got the app and tried it out. Great experience! I was reassured by the answers to my questions like “how old are you?.” The app was also very helpful when I copied my resume to it and asked for help fixing it.

“REQUEST TIMED OUT 24/7”. Constantly getting REQUEST TIMED OUT for any of the tasks I assign it. I have un installed, re installed, many times, checked my internet and have done everything possible to make sure the issue is not from my end. This is unbelievably frustrating. It’s 40$ for the subscription and the frustration is an added bonus to add insult to injury. How is this okay? It’s a garbage app that doesn’t work over 95% of the time. There are other complaints from users in the reviews, buyer beware!

Amazing for school. Homework, class work, quizzes, anything school related and this has your back. Absolutely amazing if you use the text feature of the photon feature. Out of about 8 other ai apps this has the most accurate answers, amazing.

Use this app now. This app is the best thing that could ever happen too you! You can ask it too write a story for you and it will do it right away I’ve only been playing this for 2 minutes and I’m already addicted play now

Amazing. I have used this for many things in my teaching. It will create digital breakout rooms. It will generate an entire essay with whatever type of mistakes I want my students to look for. I have also use this in my personal life to create a chore list for my 12 year old and 15 year old!

So. AI is so much fun you could to ask you some stuff that you can ask a friend like I asked a joke and it gave me a joke. I asked if it want to be my friend is said yeah sure I am always there for you and I actually love this AI he is a very interesting person to talk.

So far easy to use.. You ask anything and a matter of seconds you have the answers of basically any subject. You can use your native language, doesn’t have to be English. At least, I use Spanish and English and both work about the same

Instrumental in supporting highly effect habits.. This program does an extremely good job at providing a way to brain storm different ideas and prospectives to help save time in numerous activities we face on a daily basis. One key thing to keep in mind, the more information you give it the better the response will be.

I simply love it. As a minister it helps me quickly refer to biblical truth. I may think of Obadiah and want to dig deeper into the word as to apply it to today's challenges. God has given us the standards; it is up to us to obey and prosper or refuse and lose. Sadly, God has fixed the fight but we often fear facing the impediments of life only to suffer.

But is it really using gpt4?. I was going to pay for gpt4 but saw this and mistakenly paid for it instead as of gpt4. Does the prvide access to gpt4 in a real way? Does it provide more meaningful access to gpt4 than bing? If it does not, then it is simply charging money for what is already free. I hope that is not the case as that would mean you will have one extremely annoying person on your hands. I am extremely persistent and will leave no stone unturned, no village not burned to the ground and no mud unslung if I think I am being taken for a ride. If I am wrong and you are legit, I apologize in advance. I await you answer to the question: what exactly does this app do?

It’s a toy. It can help you if you spend an hour asking it things in an exact way but you can’t rely on what it tells you so you have to check it which means it actually makes projects and research more difficult. It’s kind of fun at first but if I want someone to give me info that may or may not be true while wasting my time by making me explain myself to a being without the ability to see nuance…. I’ll talk to a Democrat

Some problems. Randomly stopped working for me right now, my internet is fine and I just payed my prescription. Hope they can fix that soon. However, will say this is the App is the best AI app I have used so far, however the memory it has is not the best. Also an age restriction thing would be great to be added to unlock certain features that are not on it already. Like certain words will make the Ai refuse to respond.

Needs some things fixed.. First I think this app is amazing. I like the Roleplay aspect and the text game genre deal. But could you please do something to where the AI doesn’t take control of the story or takes control of my characters actions during the Roleplay. That’s all I ask bc it’s very frustrating for a writer. I’m a yearly sub but if things don’t get fixed I will be deleting and canceling the subscription. Thank you for your time.

Intelligence?. ChatGPT is remarkable in its ability to give coherent answers at a fast pace. It can give extremely articulate answers to the most esoteric questions. It will be an incredible tool for so many endeavors. It does not however, know what it is doing. If there is a popular but flaw ideology running through a logical system, it will hold that party line, even in the face of clear contradictions. In short, it is a social justice warrior with all of the sanctimony of those most zealous followers.

Love this app so it’s tragic. That you have to pay so quickly to continue using its features. It really is top of the line, creates excellent content not just vague summaries like other chat bots. It’s organized well the abilities and tools it has are clear and it understands my requests when I speak them aloud as I would to a friend but even better it understands with minimal direction please allow the free version to have more time or messages!!!

AI might be left leaning. My experience using AI was engaging and interesting. However, when I asked AI about current events, it seemed to promote a liberal left agenda of racism and bias. The response lacked factual evidence, and relied solely on institutions, scientists, and politicians for its claims of accuracy. This misinformation is concerning, as it justifies looting in Chicago as systemic racism and lack of opportunity created by this racism. When I asked AI to write this review, it refused, which is noteworthy. As the first AI I've used, I hope to see more neutrality from AI in the future.

This app and it’s generated responses are so terrible it’s actually pretty funny.. Friend: I still have a job so yea I suppose AI generated response: Ah, splendid news! It is truly remarkable that you remain gainfully employed amidst these uncertain times. One mustn't take such blessings for granted, for many unfortunate souls find themselves grappling with the disheartening predicament of unemployment. Your affirmative sentiment is commendable; indeed, one should embrace one's employment with gratitude and fortitude. May your professional endeavors continue to thrive and grant you fulfillment!

Early review. I’ve only been on app for around 10 mins while writing this review, normally I would wait a while longer to review; however when the pop up came I choose not to close it, I already know I’m going to use it non stop; preset prompting adds a huge element into play.

Annoying app.. Don’t get me wrong, this app is most certainly useful as I used it to help me get inspiration for my own writing. It becomes an issue when I need two characters to touch as the app says it’s too explicit. When I say touch, I don’t mean sexual, I just mean a small kiss of cuddling but for some reason ai treats it as if I asked it to write porn. It’s extremely aggravating when I need help. It used to be ok but then the app changed, I want it back to the one before.

Wrote this review with this app. The ChatOn application has a great design that is simple, clean, and minimal. The chat function is responsive and there is no need to wait for the text to type out. However, it would be great if the app had a dark mode and a separate conversation history, as other ChatGPT applications provide this feature. If these two features were added, ChatOn would be the best chat app on the market.

Outdated information from 2021. I am writing this review as I requested a refund when I could not get a current date when soliciting both the "pro" and "gpt" version from this service. On top of this any references they do pull are likely to be out of date, plain false or made up. It says it is "open AI" but it is not. The citation styles are from 2021 or younger. But hey if I was "Apple" I would totally keep this in my store and refuse refunds. Everything on this app is pretty much a use at your own risk since their "update" I would avoid at all cost.

Excellent Tool. This app has made it easy to create content as I move throughout my day. There are times when a thought crosses my mind but I'm not sure how to organize it. I come to this app to help get it organized. It has made life much easier. I promise you will not be disappointed. This app will change your life!

Review of the novel Horse. I truly love this app for information, such as hotels and restaurants. However, I asked for bullet points for a review of Geraldine Brooks’ novel Horse and it was completely wrong. ChatOn said that the novel was set in Sydney and the Middle East. When I replied that it’s set in Washington DC and the Deep South during slavery, ChatOn replied “That is incorrect. The novel Horse is actually set in Sydney and Saudi Arabia.” The app is great but check the information that you receive.

Whole life insurance. It feels to me like you do not fully understand that whole life policies can be paid off. You can pay off a whole life policy, just like you can pay off the mortgage on your home. And after that you own the whole life policy for the rest of your life without having to pay any more money on that policy. The response that ChatGPT gave to me did not explain this benefit.

Most functions don’t work and crash the app. It won’t tell a joke, act as an interviewer, or answer 90% of the inquiries you could easily put into google. This app I paid for a full year because it seemed like a better deal but I wish I didn’t since the program is a dud. It is clearly not ready for market. It had good answer one time and then every time I asked the question again to recap the response it crashed. So many bugs. Do not pay for this app at this time. It’s not a good program.

EKATERINA. The App's chatbot feature is very engaging and interactive. I appreciate how the App's chatbot can hold a conversation with me and provide real-time feedback. This has been a great way to practice my communication skills and improve my fluency. The chatbot is also very responsive and helpful in answering my questions and providing guidance.

Rip off. Decided to try the free trial (also they have this completely whited out so you can’t even see your review when you are writing it lol) anyways got the free preview or whatever and it won’t load. I can’t ask questions, can’t get it to respond to anything, and when you do it’s completely slanted towards one political slant clearly. Just really disappointed honestly. It is very clear that they took someone’s incredible idea to help humanity and have twisted it to make as much money as they possibly can without actually helping anyone. Absolutely ridiculous

This App is broken. It’s been 3 days. The app is giving answer to itself and it also times out every-time you chat anything. It doesn’t give you answers. It’s a mess! They updated the interface and it’s been 3 days for me where the app is useless. I have contacted them 3 times and not response. I regret paying the year subscription and I would like to get a refund so I can use it for a Chat GPT that actually works. Honestly, it was Awsome while it was working but I haven’t gotten any feedback from anyone and it’s been 3 days. No one have addressed my issue with the app. Very disappointing!

Amazingly accurate. I recently downloaded this ChatGPT app and I'm so glad I did! It’s a great tool to help you write almost anything from emails to instagram posts and it can also easily talk on many subjects or give suggestions. There are few issues with some AI responses but overall, this is a fantastic app. Highly recommended!

Misleading TikTok, there’s no way to add it to iMessage as shown on the TikTok. I downloaded the app because I saw the TikTok of someone Imessaging and it created a button to the left of the chat bar. The actual app gives you no option to do this, so I deleted the app and went into my subscriptions on my iPhone clicked on cancel my subscription and it doesn’t work. BEWARE,now I have to go and figure out how to reach out to these people to make sure I don’t get charged for falsely advertised app.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.36
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 16.0 or later

ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant (Versiyon 1.36) Install & Download

The application ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant was published in the category Productivity on 13 January 2023, Friday and was developed by AIBY [Developer ID: 1458102137]. This program file size is 54.23 MB. This app has been rated by 116,262 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant - Productivity app posted on 30 April 2024, Tuesday current version is 1.36 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello there! We have some updates for you: · New Education prompts for writing tasks · Improved design for a better app experience Have comments or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Thank you for choosing ChatOn!

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