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Simple. Reliable. Secure. — WhatsApp from Facebook

WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for iPhone and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.


• NO FEES: WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family, so you don't have to pay for every message or call.* There are no subscription fees to use WhatsApp.

• MULTIMEDIA: Send and receive photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.

• FREE CALLS: Call your friends and family for free with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in another country.* WhatsApp calls use your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes. (Note: Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. Also, you can't access 911 and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp).

• GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chats with your contacts so you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family.

• WHATSAPP WEB: You can also send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer's browser.

• NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: There's no extra charge to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends around the world and avoid international SMS charges.*

• SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PINS: Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN? WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS, and integrates seamlessly with your phone's existing address book.

• ALWAYS LOGGED IN: With WhatsApp, you're always logged in so you don't miss messages. No more confusion about whether you're logged in or logged out.

• QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts who have WhatsApp so there's no need to add hard-to-remember usernames.

• OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your recent messages until the next time you use the app.

• AND MUCH MORE: Share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and more!

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

or follow us on twitter:


Note: WhatsApp is a telephony app, so iPod and iPad are not supported devices.

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WhatsApp Messenger Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Dark mode is available for users on iOS 13. To get started, open Settings app > Display & Brightness > select "Dark". * New search options allow you to filter by author and content type - so you can easily find that photo from mom.

WhatsApp Messenger Comments & Reviews

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- Dark mode

The dark mode interface is not at all an eye relaxer. Too and horrible choice of green shade, the dark shades don’t compliment each other.

- Colored chats or themes please?

With all the updates and how long this app has been out... when are we going to get the option to customize chat colors???

- Great, but...

This is totally great. I love it. I can go international and still keep my number while having a whole different sim. It allows me to keep in contact with my family and friends especially off island to the mainland. To imagine after all these years phone carriers still charge to contact loved ones international, but WhatsApp is great. I mean there are other apps but this by far is the best. The only reason why I have given it 3 stars is because on Android we are allowed to change and custom notification sounds. I swear I am tired of having the same sound as everyone in my home because we’re all iPhone users. I have custom sounds on my phone but WhatsApp won’t allow me to use it. Why?

- اشکال در ارسال عکس و فیلم

سلام خسته نباشید زمانی که عکس یا فیلم از گالری انتخاب میکنم و گزینه واتساپ رو میزنم به مشکل میخورم و کلا هنگ میکنه و باید از گالری خارج بشم میخواستم ببینم علتش چیه

- WhatsApp

Excelente aplicación para mantener comunicación con mis estudiantes en estos momentos que enfrentamos el Covid-19.

- الواتس نعمة يفتقد الناس حسن التعامل معها

مرحبًا عزيزي الواتس

- 07801280610


- WhatsApp

Been using this app for years .. it’s ok. please update it with where are we don’t have to edit our profile pics smaller - we can use any pic without having it to be cut off. Um add on more features where we can play music and our contacts can see what we’re listening to. There should also be a choice where we don’t have to add everyone to our WhatsApp contacts. I would also like to turn off my video calls sometimes . please update

- Can’t transfer chats from my old phone

WhatsApp needs to make their own backup solution so you can switch OSs without losing everything

- What’s is a magnificently wonderful tool of communication

Drastically, was on my last battery bars!!! Had to make an important phone call to capture the moment,touchdown

- iPad version

Where’s the iPad version. It’s crazy I have too open Safari and bring my phone to scan a code, when you have a native client for iOS.

- Background backup doesn't work

Background backup doesn't work

- Good day.

So glad to have this service. I’m in the US speaking to my friend in London

- Hectic Media deletion

It has been an hectic job to delete recent media for each and every contact. Give the option to select and delete media in Data and Storage instead of deleted all the photos or videos at once as there will be some important ones which should not be deleted.

- Earphones doesn’t work properly

I don’t know what’s the issue... whenever a call comes while my earphones are plugged in, I can’t hear the caller’s voice through my earphones. Instead the sound comes through phone’s loud speaker .. fix this issue

- Call ending

I pretty much like this app. A major issue I have is that whenever I am in a call and I want to watch a video, it ends my call. Also, if I want to play a game while on a call, it ends the call. Please fix this.

- Espero que ajeitaram o problema

Obrigado vocês

- Bad connection

Some messages are not delivered nor can I send or receive calls

- WhatsApp review

Perfect and durable app

- Stickers

Mejoren la sección de stickers, que se pueda buscar mediante emojis, que al agregar un paquete de stickers se guarde uno solo y no mil.

- 3D Touch

No puedo usar la función 3D Touch en la sección de estados, reparen esto por favor!!!

- I wish I can give zero stars.

Weird men from both in and out of the country keep calling me from both whatsapp and outside of the app on my phone. There is no way that i can change the settings to make my number available to only my contacts and i’m not going to lie it’s kinda scary/creepy. I contacted Whatsapp about the problem but if not i will be deleting both my account and the app.

- My opinion

It’s not that I don’t like the app I love it but the dark mode isn’t for me I prefer that you can be able to change to both modes on iPhone

- Problems on iOS 13.4

I have been having problems on iOS 13.4 where the messages won’t load or deliver unless I open the app and wait a few minutes, and I can’t view images because it constantly says couldn’t download image for every photo I have on the app.

- Communication during time of isolation

God Bless this app that gives me and my family the ability to communicate during this time of isolation. Our messages never lag, and being able to video chat with multiple family members has been so wonderful. Thank you.

- Ringing beep

Please remove that continuous annoying beep when you call someone. It blows your head off, especially with earphones. At least make it like traditional beep ringing.

- Love it but...

Would love it even more if there was the ability to mark someone’s post with a ♥️

- Wonderful!

Very nice tool for personal and business purposes!

- Appreciate

Thank so much for all services🙏🏿💙

- Live video

Create and instance whereby we can make live video on whatsapp

- If i could give it 0 stars i would

Can’t even touch the app without the guaranteed crash as soon as i type i even deleted and downloaded it again to see if it was a simple bug but with a fully updated iphone xs max I can’t even diagnose the problem myself can we get some help here? I have to use this app for work.

- Falla

La aplicación se cierra sola a veces, colgando llamadas o cerrando chats

- I’m mad

Your lucky I gave you 3 stars! This thing keeps kicking me out and not even letting me type anything! I will change my rate to five stars when this is fixed. Thank you! (Sorry if I was rude I’m just mad sorry) 😡😡😡🙂🙂🙂🥺🥺🥺

- Backup

Backup Capability is Awful!

- Complain

Why is my WhatsApp writing this all the time and what can I do about it “Waiting for this message. This may take a while. Learn more” I need a fast reply please

- Amazing app

great for family and friends

- Status

Need status time (1 minuets). :)

- I need help

I backed-up my WhatsApp both chats and media Then I changed my phone, then restore it Only my chats restored my media did not And there are some important stuff there Please help me🙁

- Great app! Love it!

Please understand if you have a different opinion, I’m not against you. Honestly, this app is so worth it! I love how you can “post” things on your status for your friends who have WhatsApp can see! It’s kinda like Snapchat, especially if you have a lot of friends that have WhatsApp. One thing I would recommend is to add filters, then it would be way more fun! Texting overall makes it so much easier, for me and my family. My grandma finds it difficult to text on regular Apple messages, so when I downloaded WhatsApp, she would always send me voice texts, which are so easy to use! Love the little stickers you can send! This app was deserved to be created. I love it!

- Great until dark mode forced on us

This is a great app, especially for group chat. However, now they have forced dark mode on us instead of allowing us to choose whether to use it, like most apps do. Some people don’t want dark mode for all apps and developers need to accommodate this. If they put in the option to turn dark mode off, I’ll change to 5 stars. Although now that it’s owned by Facebook they probably don’t care what their users want, as demonstrated in their original apps.

- The Best for years

Nothing to say just love whatsapp

- Problem with voice messages

Every time I start recording a voice message but have to delete it before sending, I need to close and open the app to be able to record or type a new message.

- Dark Mode

I use WhatsApp everyday and was really excited about Dark Mode, but I am not a big fan about how the dark green of the bubbles look, would love to have more options of colours, new wallpapers, new sounds for the notifications. I was waiting sooo much more. 😕

- Some slight issues

I get static when I’m on calls and idk why calls end so easily on this like if i try to watch something the call’s gone, could you please fix that thank you

- Great


- Almost Perfect

Having the choice to not to show myself online when I’m using the app or it’s in the background would make this the perfect app on heart. It’s a privacy setting that I find very important...

- Perdí chats en la actualización

Hoy actualice la app y no funcionaba. Así que desinstale y volví a instalar perdiendo los chats que tenía archivados con mi padre que falleció hace poco tiempo. Así que muy mala experiencia

- Issue with video calls

Can not hear the whatsapp video call ringtone when I receive a video call from others

- 3D Touch

Hello, install the update and so far so good, everything is fine, everything works smoothly and i like the new font, but now the 3D Touch does not work in the states section and i used that function a lot, please can you return it to activate. Thanks you. Greetings!

- Amazing


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- Great app

Very helpful at work and with friends!

- Videos call disconnect when switching apps

I use WhatsApp a lot and have no issues with texting and audio calling features. However with video chats, I start loosing video and/or app disconnects and ends video call as soon as I switch to another app or play some other video.

- Dark Mode

Can you add an option to choose between dark and light mode from the app itself, not the phone settings 🙄Dark mode on whatsapp doesn’t look good.

- iPad version

This app is really lacking an iPad version that could work independently from the iPhone.

- dark mode settings

Please add the ability to change dark mode settings for just your app.

- Just did latest update and it won’t open

I just finished updating it and now it won’t open. They update is screwy, don’t do it!! I hope they can fix it soon!

- Importance of WhatsApp

One of the most important backbones of today’s communication without which one’s life is incomplete.

- Clean

new update is great! so much cleaner!

- Free

It’s free

- John

Please also add the option to eliminate the theme of automatic night theme in the new update

- iPhone 11 Pro no notifications on Whatsapp on iOS 13.4

After the latest updated every time I’m not using the Whatsapp for the long period of time I don’t get notifications til I open the app then notify I’d been missed so much messages... I’d check all the setting and it’s all fine. Thinking some sort of bugs??

- My WhatsApp account was recently hacked

I was hacked and the hacker was in my account creating havoc. So I sent various emails to the support contact and all I got were automated emails with copy-pasted information that was not useful to me signed by actual names of people (David, Tom) who said they could help me if I needed anything further. So I replied indicating I urgently needed to speak to a person, a representative, or a technician, as long as it was a human being I could discuss my emergency... I sent more than 7-8 emails throughout the course of 4-5 days. I NEVER, EVER GOT AN ASWER !! Awful service... is there really anyone there!!???

- Cannot pin more than 3 conversations?!

Why can’t I pin more than 3 conversions? Please just remove the limit of conversations to be pinned to the top. It’s very inconvenient.

- This app works during COVID-19

When, for some reason my sister’s phone was no longer text or email functional, WhatsApp still was! It provides effective communication during the crisis we find ourselves in during this global pandemic. Be well, stay safe and please physical distance from each other. 🥴

- Dark theme looks awful

Could you please let us choose if we want the dark theme on whatsapp or not?..... I like to use the dark theme on my phone but not for whatsapp... looks really awful and inconvenience for the chat balloons and the blue checks... please please return it to the previous version please

- Whatsapp

Très bonne application ❤️ mais si whatsapp pouvais mettre des vidéos en directe cela devrait être hyper cool😫❤️

- The Worst Application Ever!!!

The worst application ever!!! Not secure at all!!! Tons of bugs!!!!! The voice service is one of the worst ever!!! And many many many more... I wish I was able to give the application even none star!!! No kidding!!!

- Backup

The app works fine but there is always a problem when it comes to backup. The app never completes the backup process and I always face a problem with it.

- Arshan


- Horrible

No me deja hablar con Mi PRIMA

- Group administrator

When can an administrator for a group will have the opportunity to delete information posted by a member/members on a platform??? This will control some miss information that are been shared.

- Crash

App keeps crashing when I go to status update

- Larry

Easy to use

- it’s great


- It’s 2020, give us an iPad app please

The web app is not good enough.

- 3D Touch

We would love to have 3D Touch back on status ( Story) section Thank you

- Dark mode

J'aime mes message et mon cell en mode dark mais pas mes conversation whatsapp il n'y as pas moyen d'avoir l'option dans l'application ?

- New update

So I like everything, but the new update. I have the dark mode on my phone, and the colour scheme is fine. But on the WhatsApp the colour scheme is so off, that I turned my iOS back to light. There really should be an option to pick dark mode or light on WhatsApp itself. Thanks

- Recommendation on dark mode

I highly and truly recommend you give us an option to turn dark mode off. It’s unpleasant and I’m not tryna turn off dark mode in my settings in order to receive some proper light on what’s app. Thank u for ur time and consideration.

- Calls keep dropping or disconnecting

Every since about a week ago, calls keep dropping or disconnecting. Doesn't matter if you're on wifi or network.

- Remerciement

Je remercie tout le staff pour leur effort Bonne journée

- More than one account same number

Wish I could have one number with different accounts. My kids like the app but only one person can use it.

- Stuck

My whatsapp stuck after sharing picture with other app

- Sorting videos

It would be great to be able to sort videos based on size

- Dark Mode for IOS

Should have an in app settings for the Dark Mode where you can change it manually!

- dislike how we can’t change the chat bubble colour

Really diggin the new update with dark mode. But I just wish we could also customize the chat bubble colours to match. Right now ... it’s a gross green colour :/

- Dark mode is sexy

Love the dark mode on WhatsApp which is looking sexier than normal mode!

- Thank you

I find this app out of this world, finally touched base with my pen pal for fifty years from Germany with a video call and easy texting with photos on a regular basis!!! Thank you so much!!!

- Chat bubbles!

Since updating to run dark mode I can’t stand the colour of the chat bubbles. Please add option to change chat bubble colour. Since dark mode is not app specific I cannot revert back to the way my whatsapp was before

- Amazing update version

Awesome combination of green and black on chat screen. Moreover, account privacy is really appreciated.

- Yes, that dark-mode

Thank you very very much!!! Now my eyes will no longer get light-bombed.

- Group limit 256

Whatsapp is excellent, except that the group limit is capped at 256! They need to increase the limit. 4 stars.

- Can not deactivate

No option for deactivating without deleting

- Dark mode Sucks

How can I turn the dark mode off only in Whats app ? I am using IPhone X. It really sucks.

- Dark Mode - what a joke

Whatsapp finally released dark mode - frankly, it’s the ugliest update I have seen. Period. What’s more frustrating is the inability to switch this off within the app. You’re forced to turn off dark mode for the entire phone! That’s impractical. Why not give the user the choice? I know, it’s just an app, but when one uses it frequently especially particularly for work, the last thing I want to stare at is something ugly. Other apps offer the user a choice. What a disappointing update.

- User interphase 🤢🤢

The new update made the layout so UGLYY it’s literally disgusting the messages are dark green and black can y’all change it back to how it was

- Fabiola

Vous êtes formidables ❤️

- The best Apps in the world

The best

- Very useful

Good app, but I honestly think that we should be able to go live for our contacts. Most of us been sharing long stories, and it could be minimized if we could go live.

- Did anyone read the terms of use?!

Apple's "FaceTime" uses email address to communicate users. Microsoft's "Skype" user name or email address (user's choice). Facebook's SPYWARE "Whatsapp" requires: - always correct phone number - access to all your contacts - unrestricted right to share your information worldwide - you MUST drop your right to sue them Haha! First of all, someone will tell me: Why do I need an online communicator, if it requires a phone number to work? (and not just any, but a cellphone) If you care about your privacy, don't install this app, but choose one of the listed by me at the top of this review. If you cannot afford phone calls, change the carrier or... choose one of the apps listed by me at the top of this review. No phone required. Mark ::: Whatsapp... Who's asking? :::

- Why is it not working in my iPhone 6s?

Please someone reply

- How to make a call you can’t put numbers in

When I get the telephone number where do I put the telephone number to call it there’s no place to do it can you explain yourself pleaseI can’t do it and I love you gonna be upset so where do you do it to put numbers in the coreroom is if you got them sort it out mate I can’t get it right it isn’t all that and

- Edit option

Plz bring in Edit option for sent messages...this will be a very useful thing

- Please allow sticker removal

This is a good app. I have used it for years. Recently though, the stickers are driving me crazy. Please give us an option to remove all of them, or switch them off, or something that makes it impossible to send them. I type fast. It’s never been an issue but now I find I end up sending a random rainbow Unicorn sticker and it’s really inconvenient and inappropriate at times. I can delete them if it’s not a real-time conversation but then people often want to know what I deleted. This should be a feature that can be disabled but, failing that, we should be able to delete all sticker packs. Please.

- Detest it!

The app has kept crashing whenever opening it on my iPhone 11 even after having the iOS updated to 13.4. Neither restarting the iPhone or re-installing the app didn’t help out. It is just a pain in the neck!!!


WhatsApp decides it likes to crash. If you keep opening it a few times, during which it usually crashes back to the home screen almost immediately, you can get it stable again for a while, but if you switch to another app and come back, the instability is back, too. The only way to fix this is to restart your phone, which is annoying. The fact WhatsApp comes from Facebook, you’d think software quality would be top notch, but because WhatsApp works for a while and then exhibits the crashing that I’ve seen people online complain about for years, this is the worst and most unreliable app I’ve used. Thank goodness I can use WhatsApp on my Mac or iPad, because the phone version exhibits instability that must be a focus for the developers to fix urgently! Please fix ASAP, I’m not the only person experiencing this as can be ascertained by a simple google search. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max so am on the latest hardware and iOS 13.4.

- Really bad predictive text

Frustrating experience

- It works well

Can there please be a like function for messages in group chats? So everyone doesn’t have to reply to acknowledge that they have seen the message. Otherwise it’s a great app for group chats.


I just downloaded and started using this app. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I couldn’t fault this app. A big thank you to the developers of such a fantastic app.... ✅✅✅

- FaceID circus

Whatever you do, DON’T ACTIVATE Face ID. Once you deactivate it WhatsApp plays up big time. Keeps asking for your Face ID, which it then rejects. Major flaw

- Calls

Very good app but i think u should defiantly chnage the amount of people on call to as much as u want

- The dark mode is so bad

I use dark mode in my IPhone but I want to use light mode on WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t let you change it unless you change your phones settings. Oh god please let me change it I don’t want to vomit every time I have to text a friend.

- Add capacity to have more people on group calls (inc video)

A great app, which with the Covid-19 situation could greatly decrease social isolation by allowing us to stay connected. Please,please Whatsapp increase the current call/video call function to increase so more group calls can happen, keeping people connected.

- Five stars

1: for being there 2: for being perfect 3: for being a perfect channel to connect 4: for keeping me in contact with everything 5: for being consistent Thank you

- Good App, no complaints

It’s great. Don’t do international roaming so it’s cost saving as I visit relatives overseas and also when I call home. The video and audio is always good. Very pleased with WhatsApp. Thanks.

- Don’t force themes guys

Why black theme why white theme just make it as choice let the user choose don’t force it , I am dev too lol I have only this app as social networking app in my phone.

- Keeps closing down

For no reason and even when I re loaded the app, it still happens. Love it usually, hate this new problem.


I can chat to all my friends without worrying if they have an apple device! Great!

- The green in dark mode

I like dark mode on social media apps but the colours chosen look so bad, why would you use dark green?

- Dark mode needs to be an option

Need an option to turn off dark mode rather than just being a system default!

- Muhammad Abbas

It’s very nice app for chatting and video call I love this

- What apps works very well

What apps does everything I want it to do very well.

- Mute keywords option

Hello Team, Can you please introduce “Mute Keyword” option in WhatsApp too similar to twitter? So that we can avoid all the unsolicited information we would receive through many means of contacts and groups we are part of !! Hopefully, you bring out this feature asap and help users in avoiding irrelevant messages :)

- Backup

I did my chat backup and then i reset my phone. After restore i lost my data

- Great for remaining connected!

WhatsApp has been amazing in remaining connected with Family and Friends locally and internationally. No complaints, other than wish there was the option to have more than 3 pinned chats.

- Where is dark mode?

Followed the directions but don’t see the option available in settings

- Dark mode colours are bad

The green colour in the new dark mode is bad and looks ugly. As a suggestion, could you make it so you can customise the chat box colours, not just the background. Otherwise, this app is great for messaging and making group chats!

- Love the new dark mode!

The app itself also performs well, has great quality calls, includes a great feature set and more. My favourite messaging app for sure.

- Dark Mode

Hey, This new DARK MODE on whatsapp is a big No no. Please undo it ASAP. Thank u

- Option bar is not showing

Hi I hope you are good after new update my bottom option bar is missing its not showing anything kindly resolve this issue asap

- Dark mode still not working properly

Although listed as available in the latest update, it doesn’t activate even if system-wide the phone is set to Dark Mode. Most apps switched to dark mode months ago, such a long wait and can’t even do it right... disappointing! Specially considering the app has the backing and the funds of a massive company behind.

- Dark Mode

Please allow option to turn off dark mode for just the app itself. not inherit based on the overall phone display settings

- Where is Balance Mode?

Can’t continue to use Light Mode theme in WhatsApp when using Dark Mode on iOS.

- Dark mode colour is a horrible dark green

Why choose that colour? At least give us an option of changing it

- Apple Watch app

When will you have an Apple Watch version of WhatsApp? I’d like to be able to use on my cellular enabled watch.

- Dark Mode on iOS!

Regardless of any clunkiness, Dark Mode has finally arrived so that’s 5 stars from me. An iPad version that’s sync’d across devices would be grand. Right now it’s a pain if I found something interesting on my iPad, then had to find my phone for WhatsApp.

- Dark Mode Feature

It's good finally Dark Mode has been implemented into Whatsapp on IOS but it should be a feature within the app not based if you have Dark Mode selected in phone settings. I don't like Dark Mode for all my apps

- 3D Touch

Hey whatsapp whatsup with the 3D Touch it ain’t active no more ??

- Dark mode

This new update looks dirty and old.

- Pretty indispensable, almost amazing but falls short

Lately sending videos only 3 seconds plays. annoying bug...

- App keeps crashing

When it works it works well. But crashes and will not allow to responds and shuts down

- Voice notes lag

Al my voice notes are lagging as they literally pause themselves a second after I hit play

- Great

I think this is a beautiful app! It’s secure and it has everything :) Good job with this one

- Unable to make video calls

Hi , I m not sure if it’s same with all , since yesterday unable to make video calls and getting as call failed when ever we do video call .

- performance issue

when i start whatsapp it is close immedately

- Whats app getting hang in iphone

My Whats app is lacking too much from last 3 months , when i changed my phone from xsmax to 11 pro max

- My review that make you feel at ease

What’s up that is exactly right just like saying the words to someone next to you. I t make being far from the loved ones seam so close, I know I you probably thinking there are other apps that do just that and by all means I totally agree. But to me it’s special obviously we are not all the same. Every body has different needs and priorities, yes true but the way you can mix and match it adapts to many different apps combining your personal touch with the compatibility of pairing with other apps as if you were just using what’s up on its own. Thanks for letting me express my opinion cheers Angelo Rendina

- Choose who can see us online

Only if this app could come up with a feature where we can show online to ONLY those whom we want, it would this app 5/5

- Whatsapp update

Hi whatsapp team . Can you please update a feature in send image mode in whatsapp chat. Just update it as a snaps, Thankyou.

- Dark mode

All perfect with the app. Can we get dark mode on WhatsApp? Really hoping to see dark mode.

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- Great but...

We need this app for the i watch pleasssseeeeeeee 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😭😭😭😭

- I don’t like the new upgrade😡

I was using Whatsapp and he said he needed the update and it was updated. Now I can't use the App it won't let me in and I already restarted my phone and nothing. Really I need a solution for that.

- The dark mode for iPhone is HORRIBLE

The chat boxes color palette in the dark mode is horrible and does not fit with almost any wallpaper unless it is a light one or white. solid. Use a more friendly color palette like IG is using.

- Complaining

Please can you guys restrict posting of explicit stuffs like Instagram.. Also can you guys improve in video call quality.. Also I don’t really like to view status maybe you guys can get a switch for status. Thanks

- ios 12 users🥺

please we need dark mode too do something ☹️

- No response to emails

Its been at least 7 days i've been trying to send emails to support no response till now any help to fix my whatsapp

- Please, introduce the dark mode in iOS 12.4.5!!!

Hello team of WhatsApp, I’m just a person who has an iPhone 6 Plus, but I see that doesn’t have the dark mode, and I really need it for my eyes. PLEASE PUT IT FOR THOSE WHO HAS IOS 12!!

- Mi Whatsapp

Me parece seguro y m gustaría q fuera un poco más divertido 😘😘

- Front camera doesn’t work with incoming video calls

I can make video calls and it works perfectly fine but now for the past few days the front camera doesn’t work with incoming calls

- Problem downloading

I cannot download! It keeps making the circles but nothing happens

- Need to make “Online” as optional

User being displayed as “Online” should be made optional. Its should be updatable in Privacy Settings.

- Love the app

I enjoy the app and everything that comes with it. I would like to see a Live option come with it soon

- Saving data and calls

1/ When i get messages on other devices it’s not showing on all devices 2/calls on Qatar not good

- وسائط الواتساب

صور حالات الواتساب غير واضحة ..

- I have been using WhatsApp in my iPhone 7plus but can’t open WhatsApp for last two days

Please help

- Call cuts

I am using iOS and every time I’m on a call and I open a video it automatically disconnects the call

- Dark mode

Dark mode WhatsApp needed

- Why pop up removed from status?????

It’s very good that adding night mode in the app but why pop up removed from status , that was a useful.......



- Me gustaría


- I’m Haik’USA Facebook login account

I’m Haik’USA Facebook login account account app

- Annoying Badge notifications disappear

Great app and love the features BUT please fix the badge notification disappearing every time I open the app !!🙄🙄🙄 Just because we open the app doesn’t mean we’ve read each separate conversation from every person we’re been texting. Fix this issue or let us choose under Notification Settings!! It’s REALLY ANNOYING.

- Me encanta esta app


- Ideas

You guys need to bring WhatsApp live please and thank you

- Clever design

Brilliant deign, when lightning headphone plugged ringtone goes to ear phone and voice call goes to speaker, I love it keep it up.

- Le mejor

Esta actualización me encanto es lo máximo gracias

- Crashing

I love the app and I use it all the time but it keeps crashing

- Great social app!

I love everything about WhatsApp thus far but I think the next update should be to go live and video call participants should go up to about 6; I have a large family 😊.

- App keeps crashing

Hello, dear developers I had to wipe clean my iPhone and after re downloading the app it keeps crashing. After I put my phone number in. App crashed I can’t open it. Help please.

- Good but...

WhatsApp is a great app that let me communicate with most of my family because my family prefers this app over normal messages. The only problem is that i dont have lots of storage and it would be nice if you could fix it to where i can still be able to talk to my family and friends without forcing me to update it


Love you

- Need Apple Watch support

I can reply to messages on my watch but can’t send a new message using just Apple Watch. Can WhatsApp have as seamless integration with Apple Watch as much as iMessage.

- 😡😡😡

Please reconsider the update, it is heavy and slow

- Crashes

The app workshas been crashing since iOS 13.4. Pathetic Facebook nonsense

- Perennial dark mode???

I hate that it follows my phone’s dark mode, it’s ugly and I wanna be able to change it. Fix it.

- Muy enojadaaaa

Se me está frisando la aplicación y sobre todo no puedo nisiquiera responder un mensaje porque cuando entro al chat se me frisa y tengo que salir de la app🙄

- Latest update crashes on opening.

Generally a great app but the April 21, 2020, update doesn’t manage to launch. When it works it’s great for video calls messaging, sending photos with ease and good ol’ international calls without the charges that cellular and fixed line carriers get.

- Need “Mute till I change it back” option.

Need “Mute till I change it back” option. After one year all 100s numbers are disturbing again!!

- Importante para o mundo ! O mais popular.

Sempre útil para quem saber usar com sabedoria

- asestó?


- Whores man

Why won’t you learn

- One in one out

It is vital to get additional goodness to functionality of this app and not remove some for others. You guys added dark mode to this update and removed 3D-Touch from statuses, now one can not take a furtive perk on statuses; when you try nothing happens. Please revisit this update since there may be other removed goodness all in the name of dark mode. This doesn’t mean Whatsapp has not been progressive but you can do better.

- Chat

Needs hide chat

- Before perfect but now not good

I've been disappointed with Whatsapp since today because it was a high volume movie and it was great, but before that it was great.

- Horrible new look

Were the designers colorblind or just not caring? The new colors are awful. They are brutish and cold. How do I change it? The functionality seems fine but the new look is incredibly unappealing. Revolting, almost.

- Hay problema

En estos momentos tengo problemas cuando entro a la aplicación.

- Amazing

I am a kid and I don’t have minutes on my phone and I Reyes text now, text free, everything but nothing worked out well but this does. I love the feature where u can send story’s to ur family and friends

- Group messaging

Please let us choose if I want in a group! It’s embarrassing that I have to leave a group and people think I don’t like them, I just want to choose if I want to be part of a group or not, I just hate this system!

- Best app ever

Best app ever

- Bests

Is the best app

- Crashing

I love using WhatsApp but there are moments when my app just crashes all day.

- Excellent


- Mostly great

Except that automatic chat backup doesn’t work, despite sufficient iCloud storage. Has been broken for months and just annoying me now seeing how other apps like Viber have no issue with auto backup.

- Keep in touch

Good app

- Contactd

I don’t like the idea that anyone who has my number can auto ve me on whatsapp... I prefer the earlier version which allows u to add someone from my contact list ... give users that option and I wld be more than happy to chg my rating to 5/5

- Make it so you can delete messages after an hour

I hate not being able to “delete for everyone” after a time limit. Get rid of the limit, please

- Error with answering calls.

There’s a problem with answering calls. At times only the phone rings but shows no option to accept or decline the call.

- Freezing bug

The App freezes suddenly after forwarding a msg and that’s happened after the new update

- Drawbacks

I am more than satisfied with the services provided by what’s app but the only down side is that I cannot transfer my chat data from my google devise to iPhone, please let me know if there is a solution for that

- Great!

This is a great App. I can txt my boyfriend while he’s over seas 😊♥️

- Good

Nice app helps communicate with people who are in other places of the world and other branded devices

- Best for communication

When it comes to business I use WhatsApp for its group chats . It’s efficient

- Delete for everyone

We should be able to “delete a message for everyone”at anytime not just after a few minutes. Please work on this. I could send a message now and then realize after say 3 hours and say omg I need to delete that and it shows me “delete for me” we need to be able to “delete for everyone” at any point please

- Pathetic customer service team and no resolution for bugs in the app

I have tried to seek clarification regarding dark mode for iPhone. I already have a dark mode enabled on my phone but still couldn’t get it activated in my WhatsApp account. I should ideally be able to do via chats and themes and select dark mode but it doesn’t work. I have also shared a snapshot for this and the customer service just gave a standard response and haven’t responded thereafter. Full marks on lack of customer service and this app is now starting to show issues such as being slow to log chats and showing connecting for years before it finally loads the chats.

- Good except splash screen

I really don’t like the splash screen or the time it takes to load. I know it’s WhatsApp, I clicked the damn icon to open it, you don’t need to show me a screen with the logo again, just go straight to my messages. Very frustrating.

- 1/10

1/10 cause i filed a complaint and never got a response

- Amazing Dark Mode

They just adder dark mode feature and I think it’s the best thing ever!!

- Awful update

You can’t change your wallpaper background anymore and now I have to start at a ugly green bubble with white text with no way to change it

- Excellent

Awesome app

- Major Bugs

Keeps force closing on Apple devices and is very glitchy , the menu section appears when in a chat and freezes unto the screen, it’s not adjusted for iOS devices

- App keep closing

The app keep closing every time I open it and I have to restart the device again and again. I have this issue for few months now, I updated the last version and the issue still not fixed.

- Dark Mode

Can you make dark mode optional. I don’t like it - at all! Thank you!!

- Fix this issue

With the last update it has become the worst experience of all time i am not able to share videos on it

- What’s app

This is the best app, for texting if you do texting it’s even better than message!

- Review it sucks and can’t down load it or get on it

I can’t get on site or do anything

- iOS Dark Mode - Finally!

Took your team long enough to get this happening about time!!

- Love it! ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve been using whatsapp for years. It’s great. However, it’s 2020, I think we should be able to go “Live” on whatsapp by now. It would be more entertaining

- Version 2.20.30

No problems other than the new update looks absolutely disgusting on iPhone with dark mode enabled. Please give users the option to change the colour of the message bubbles.

- Bad.

The new update sucks because if you use your phone on dark mode all the time, automatically WhatsApp will also be that way. Please make an option section for that in the app.

- Status of contacts

I am not able to view the status of my contacts even though I’m able to chat and call them why is that...can you help me out here ?

- Happy

Not bad could have more choose for appearances. Better calls.

- Freezing

The application is freezing every day.

- Quitaron la mejor funcionalidad de la vida

Añadir el tema obscuro fue algo que ahora es tendencia. Sin embargo retirar el 3D Touch para los dispositivos soportados fue lo peor. Cuando regrese esa funcionalidad daré 5 estrellas.


Please add Apple Watch native support. I feel this feature (and request) is being ignored...

- Was good, until the update for dark mode. Do not update if you use dark mode!

Don’t update if you can. Dark mode on the new version results in unreadable message replies, as WhatsApp has left the text as white on a white bubble. DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU USE DARK MODE!

- Remarque

Je viens d’installer le nouveau mis à jour de mon WhatsApp mais là ça decone et j’ignore la raison je trouve que c’est bizarre vue que c’est la première fois que ça m’étais arrivé donc je trouve ça absurde mais essayez de le vérifier si possibles par ce que je n’arrive même pas a voir mes messages ni pour réponde

- Buggy

Since last update, the app is buggy and lags. I wish we could customize the bubble colours. Not crazy about these new ones for dark mode.

- dark version

the new whatsapp in the dark version is absolutely a splendid idea. in the main screen with all the chats it look really good. but then when you open a single chat it’s horrible, i think that if the messages i send would be blue or of another color it would look much better. i really don’t like that green and other people told me the same.

- iPad Version

Please make an iPad version. It’s a little inconvenient to only have it on the iPhone and laptop. Otherwise, this app is fast and smooth. I love that it connects to your phone number. The emojis are cute, it saves photos, and has a chat search function. Has pretty much every other messaging app beat since its functions are so neatly there.

- Yes dark mode finally !!!!

Thank you very much for adding dark mode. I have very sensitive eyes and the dark mode really helps!!! Six stars from me🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Dark mode has flaws

I can’t see the text on the chats at all since the font colour has changed to white (since I have it in dark mode) but the message bubbles are still light green and it hurts my eyes trying to see what the messages say. Now I’ll have to go to light mode on my phone as well in order to even read messages on the app. Someone needs to correct this.

- Bad dark theme

Wow, the dark theme is just garbage, please do us a favor and fire whoever did it, it looks like a negative color of the original one, colors are just awful, still trying to push the greenish accents everywhere, want a hint, look how telegram did it, you can even customize the colors ffs!

- Dark mode thanksssdd

Need dark mode plzzz

- Having issues

Whatsapp has always been fine for me but now its lagging and keeps saying its “connecting”. None of my other apps have that issue

- New dark mode is annoying.

Although many users likedthis mode ,but still there are a few like me who want to stick to the old mode.please give a option to switch around these two modes in a new update. Thank you.

- Dark mode

Dark mode’s colour output is not so good. Normal mode was better but after update if i need to use light mode then i have to use light mode for my phone. It sucks.

- Bug in the newest update (as of March 5, 2020)

The keyboard has gone haywire since I updated. It types the wrong letters and autocorrects. This does not occur in any other apps or phone usage.

- Poor message delivery

Why is it taking more then 10 minutes for messages to be delivered? I used to get two check marks seconds after sending a message. Now that second check mark is constantly taking much much longer to show up. Conversations that should be two minutes long are taking 20 minutes to finish. I am not texting again more then I have in many years.

- Annoyed

I put in my number a million times and I’m not being sent any codes or getting any calls to get a verification number so I can go through with the app.

- It’s just popular. That’s all.

Better messengers out there. For one, it takes half the space in backups on iOS. I am almost certain it duplicates backups. Other than that. Does it’s job. Dark mode would be nice. Owned by the curse of society: Facebook. UPDATED RATING: released dark mode. I guess they do try to improve a bit. Just deal with the issue of taking so much storage on iCloud and on device. Chat text backups shouldn’t take 8GB. Do that and it will earn you a rating of 4 stars. Separate from Facebook and 5 star all the way.

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- OI

PEOPLE THAT HATE ARE LIARS This is a great app with groups and phone just in case luv it!!!! And always will!!!

- more people in a call

It is a really good app, but when you have a group of more than 4 friends and you want to talk to all of them, it is a struggle. You should be able to have as many people in a call as you want. But apart from that it is a great app.

- Bad update!

Hi, love the app for texting my friends and calling and posting on my status. It’s just that ever since the new update has come out the dark theme is on my WhatsApp! No I did not select it on it was automatic. I struggle to see with this mode and do not recommend for people with bad eye sight (like me). So this is a message to many people “Be aware this mode is very hard to see in!” ~ L

- New update is horrible and ugly

Why would you change this it looks absolutely awful stop trying to make it Facebook messenger

- Great but should not be limited to send to only 5 people at one time

Great but should not be limited to send to only 5 people at one time

- Great the best

Please make this available for iPad so I can message my Nan during these strange times. Be the best thing if you could for millions of old people without phones that use tablets.

- Latest version issues

Crashes when searching for a contact or trying to add a new one... iPhone X

- What’s app problem

It keeps on taking me of WhatsApp I need help to get it working I’ve had to delete WhatsApp because it comes of Nice Regards b

- Poor customer service

My WhatsApp account was hacked. Despite contacting WhatsApp support a few times my questions were never answered and instead I just received what appeared to be generic replies without any option to speak to someone on the phone. Really disappointing customer service.

- Great

Brilliant 10/10

- Excellent apart from the spell checker

The spell checker correction box is too small and similar to backgtound

- Please add simple emojis like Facebook Messenger

Could we please have the emojis, love, laugh etc like Facebook Messenger has? It will make it easier to respond to eg. a video with a simple emoji at the end instead of multiple messages. Thank you very much.

- Why would my keystrokes be slow?

Keystrokes extremely slow when using whatsapp. Come out of it and keystrokes are fine no lag no nothing. This platform is obviously a security risk as it’s owned by Facebook and we know they like to snoop. Just because it’s end to end encrypted doesent mean it’s safe. I’d throw caution to this app.

- Last update has stopped it working

Until yesterday I’d have given it 5 stars but did the update and now when I go to open it closes in a couple of seconds. 😡

- Amazing piece of gift to world

What a wonderful gift to society.An easy tool to contact friends and loved ones.👍🏻

- Amazing and unbeatable App

WhatsApp truly connects the world. The idea is splendid.

- The best👌👍


- Fine until the other day...

So I’ve had nothing wrong with WhatsApp until the other day where I can’t access any photos or contacts even after doing everything I could like reading articles to watching sketchy guys on YouTube run through it and nothing works please help if you have had the same problem

- Crashing since last update!

Keeps crashing lately! I’m seriously considering deleting it, because it’s really annoying having to restart the app every single time I’m replying to texts or posting status updates. The screen freezes and all I can do is force quit and open again.

- Great for chronavirus

I can talk to mah freinds

- Terrible suppourt

Terrible support people my account got banned for no reason and when I asked them to unban they said I had violated the terms of service (which I hadn’t)

- Constantly freezes and lost all back up

Have redownloaded it several times and still the app will freeze mid sentence, and it will refuse to back up, I have no other isssue with any other app accept this one

- why

for the love of god let us toggle dark mode within the app please

- Very bad update!! The black theme keeps crashing

It keeps crashing every time I open it!! Uninstalled and reinstalled still crashes, can’t even log in. What has happened?

- Latest version closes as soon as you open it

Title says it all. Can’t send or read messages.

- Video could advocate more users at a time

The WhatsApp video conference is a very good feature but it’s a shame that only four of you can be a part of it at a time.

- Dark mode

What a great free app but the new dark mode does not suit WhatsApp and doesn’t look good in my opinion But otherwise an amazing app!!👍

- Getting more useful and better!

Ive been thinking about a feature, when someone from the contact list posting something on Staus, you will recive a notification. (Plus.. When someones gonna be online. And you can set up manually, which contact you wanna recive from!) This feature will be great! Pls guys, do this for us. It would be very useful! And what about a new look aswell? 🤔 -The dark mode is incredible! Long waited feature! 🙏🏻 -Needed some bug fixing..

- Great but one worrying thing

I got this WhatsApp message from various people and I’m not sure if it’s true Been sent this This is from our IT guy: If you know anyone using WhatsApp you might pass on this. An IT colleague has advised that a video comes out tomorrow from WhatsApp called martinelli do not open it , it hacks your phone and nothing will fix it. Spread the word. If you receive a message to update the Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold, do not click !!!!! Please inform all contacts from your list not to open a video called the "Dance of the Pope". It is a virus that formats your mobile. Beware it is very dangerous. They announced it today on BBC radio. Fwd this msg to as many as you can!

- It hacked me


- Review

I think that this app is absolutely amazing but the status are should be able to film longer than 30 seconds.

- Very good but....

This is a very good app I use this a lot But, I’m sending texts to people and it’s not being delivered I have full bars of WIFI and 3 bars for connecting but it’s not working but overall I love this app.


It is great and video calling hardly lags for me. I highly recommend this app.

- 😫

After reinstall the WhatsApp, I’m not able to see my old chat medias. It says I need more spaces but I literally have 150GB free spaces.i try to get WhatsApp sport but they didn’t fix the problem .After I read the reviews I understand this is very common issue not about me .

- Worked easily

Worked and connected easily to my colleague. Sound and picture acceptable. Will use again

- Buggy

When in dark mode and wanting to share a pic/vid/location you can't see the text on the buttons

- Very good

Never takes data

- Covid 19

Would be extra cool if Whatsapp allowed more than 4 callers on a video call during this Corona pandemic especially. I’d love to video call with more than just 3 of my friends at a time, especially at a time like this where social distancing is a must. Gave you 1 star so that my review gets read, happy to remove after a response

- Good


- James

Brilliant service never fails and in these times of corona virus essential for all to keep up high spirits and keep in touch 🙌🙌🙌

- H

Very slow

- This app is amazing

This app is so good I have about 11 contacts on there and I love it sorry I am in a rush so this review will only be quick 😍

- Crashing all the time

Love the app but now it keeps crashing so frustrating

- Broken

I cannot do anything it's so bad

- Will not work

When I click onto the app, it goes back to my home screen.

- Very good


- Your nan

This ap is sick and you can go and die in a hole gay

- 999+

Can anyone at WhatsApp HQ tell me the reasoning behind this please? Is it too much to know the specific number of messages I have from a certain group?

- Problem!!

It’s great! When i have my phone landscape and click on a notification to take me to the app I turn my phone portrait and it freezes and I have to turn my phone off and then when I go back on the page isn’t open. Hope you can try fix this!

- It’s ok

What’s app is a great messaging and calling platform but often kicks me out or lags and now it’s currently buzzing and implying that someone is calling me but no answer button comes up therefor leaving me having to reset my phone continuously and this happens about 2/3 time’s a day

- What’s app

This app has changed my life. With it I lost 75kgs and have gone from broke to making $100,000 a year. I have also grown all my hair back and I’m now dating a bikini model. Thanks WhatsApp

- Option to delete for both parties within 24hrs +

In this day and age there are so many blackmailing scams, please introduce the option to remove messages for both devices with no time limit. Keep the data on your servers or whatever, but people can use messages for extortion with very little consequence. Please introduce this option.

- interaction

The app is good overall just some improvements could be stickers as well as changing the background in separate conversations. Viber is doing a lot better in privatizing conversations where you can put passwords on private conversations as well as unlock it and hide it.

- App crashing iPhone 11

App is crashing on iPhone 11

- Unread Messages

Great app, my only wish is that there would be a function that puts unread messages on the top of the list!!

- Negrito con salud

This app is a pretty cool and useable. Good job

- Dark mode

When is ready dark mode??

- Good messenger but needs a few tweaks

Photo and video quality could be increased. Badly needs a dark mode support.

- Recent Problems

As of several weeks ago I've not been able to receive calls or notifications like I used to. Very disappointing.

- 😡

Hi WhatsApp. With the new update I can’t even open the app. Can you fix it please. I’ve been using it for many years and it is the first time this issue happens.

- Shutting down

It keeps on exiting by itself

- WhatsApp ...

... it’s just works ... first time ... every time 👍

- Make a Apple Watch app

Love WhatsApp, could only make it better if it were available on Apple Watch.

- Good. Only one or two problems

It’s good but it if you change to a new phone expect to lose all you’re messages. And don’t expect to call them for help

- Dp quality is STILL terrible

When you add a profile pic on WhatsApp the photo quality automatically just decreases by a 100!!! Im surprised this still isn't fixed guys? Like cmon mate its 2020 already

- Request to fix issue

I am receving calls from all the numbers except my mom number i m unable to fix it. I tried to delete and reinstall the whatsup but nuthing fixed.

- What’s up not working in iphone 11 pro max

Just updated What’s up. But automatically, apps close within second. What’s wrong with new version? In iphone 11 pro max mobile.

- It’s not working since last update

Since last update my whastapp is not connecting even after delete the app.

- Too much buggy

When I placed a call to other person it would be going a double call and cannot cancel the call...which is so annoying please fix this sooner!!!

- To hide other ppl status

Great app. Would be better if I could switch off my contacts status. It’s annoying when there’s new status from someone and have that notification on the corner. I believe I’m not the only one who gives a s... about whatever they’re doing. Thanks

- Not working with CarOlay

As as 8/2/20 your app is not working properly with Apple CarPlay as it will not send a verbal message.

- Pretty good!

Whatsapp is a pretty good texting and calling app, what it lacks is additional features, I don’t see myself using this instead of good old text messages or iMessage, don’t get me wrong, I use WhatsApp often with my friends, but I don’t see much of a difference between WhatsApp and messages. I do recommend it though.

- WhatsApp

This app is amazing because you can connect with family and friends over seas so that they don’t have to some times pay for text messages

- Accessible

Me and my friend use to be not able to talk cause he had a Samsung and I had an apple but with what’s it’s so much better

- Not good

I just don’t like the app you can only search friends and no one else

- This version is not working

This update version is not working in my phone .. what i need to do to open my whats app account ???

- Wish there is a sticker pack upload option

Good communication app. But the sticker pack downloads don’t really get updated. Also there is no way to upload your own sticker packs.

- Very good app

Recommend it

- Communication par excellence

A great and efficient way to communicate with others all over the world. Text, calls & multi-media. I couldn’t imagine living without it.

- Please add feature , thanks

Hello WhatsApp Teams, Thanks for updates, new features, fixes If possible, Please can you add “dark mode color” option for background , cause it’s awesomes feature added to your other apps also in 4+ versions before unread messages showed number not viewed, such as 1000+ , in new version stops at 999 ^ letting you know in case big issue Thanks WhatsApp Teams

- Awesome Messaging App!

Love this app and use it all the time....would be good to add a feature where people can search for you by username rather than giving them your phone number like in Telegram Messenger. Also a Dark Mode option would be good to.

- User friendly

It's great

- It never loads!!!!

I can’t even believe this rating is working when I can’t access WhatsApp. It’s just spinning “loading” everything else on my phone works.

- Wow - Still no dark mode

Just amazing

- Last seen

Although last seen set as nobody,but you’re still Shown online to others when status is online

- Stefan


- Love WhatsApp Marie

Love WhatsApp never fails Lovey ugly sine

- Dark mode ever?

A great app, but it loses two-stars from me due to the lack of dark mode. Honestly, how long does it take?!

- Not so good anymore.

It was working fine before but now it’s not working upto the mark ..Now it’s shutting off ‘low data usage’ mode automatically no matter how many I turned it on ..it’s using hell lot data for Calls..I tired to mail them they said they can’t help ..It’s going pathetic!

- Terrible Customer Service

Without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy.

- Excellent

Great video call and chat ability.

- Used to work, but now miss a lot of calls

Whatsapp has been fantastic for years, but recently calls are not ringing, and you only receive a missed call banner. There are numerous forums about the same issue, but no support. Very frustrating.

- Great

It’s rly good and it doesn’t use data which I love

- Edit messages

Can you please make a feature to edit messages once you’ve sent them. Viber has it and it’s great

- What’s app keeps crashing

What’s app keeps crash on iPhone 8 ios13

- Unexpectedly quits and can’t restore chat history

Unexpectedly quits and asks me to recover chat history. Keeps failing and returns to home screen. Still doesn’t work after multiple attempts restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling (I’m using iOS 13.3 on a brand new iPhone 11 with plenty storage space)


Cant open the whatsapp because it ask to recover chat history and when I try tp recover it always occurred error! Fix this, I had important chats inside

- Update

The app does not open after update

- Urgebt

Good app but I was hacked recently and I like to know how secure is this Apps

- Glitching

Apps been pretty awesome up until recently! Keeps crashing and chat history has to be recovered when I open the app. Nowadays it does not even recover the history and tells me to reinstall the app. I’ve got a new iPhone with plenty of storage and still it keeps happening!

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WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.31 Screenshots & Images

WhatsApp Messenger iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WhatsApp Messenger iphone images
WhatsApp Messenger iphone images
WhatsApp Messenger iphone images
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WhatsApp Messenger Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
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WhatsApp Messenger (Version 2.20.31) Install & Download

The applications WhatsApp Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-05-04 and was developed by WhatsApp Inc. [Developer ID: 310634000]. This application file size is 123.64 MB. WhatsApp Messenger - Social Networking posted on 2020-03-09 current version is 2.20.31 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

WhatsApp Messenger Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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