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What is whatsapp messenger app? WhatsApp from Meta is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees*.

Private messaging across the world

Your personal messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

Simple and secure connections, right away

All you need is your phone number, no user names or logins. You can quickly view your contacts who are on WhatsApp and start messaging.

High quality voice and video calls

Make secure video and voice calls with up to 8 people for free*. Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections.

Group chats to keep you in contact

Stay in touch with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats let you share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop.

Stay connected in real time

Share your location with only those in your individual or group chat, and stop sharing at any time. Or record a voice message to connect quickly.

Share daily moments through Status

Status allows you to share text, photos, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can choose to share status posts with all your contacts or just selected ones.

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.


If you have any feedback or questions, please go to WhatsApp > Settings > Help > Contact Us

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App Name WhatsApp Messenger
Category Social Networking
Updated 29 September 2023, Friday
File Size 189.92 MB

WhatsApp Messenger Comments & Reviews 2023

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Broadcasting Should Be Made Easy. #1. Bring back the hidden archived chats ! It’s for personal security and privacy ! Staying hidden was waaay better, please bring it back and just find another way of notifying the user if there’s a new message from the hidden archive. If it’s not by default at least it should be put in settings where you could activate & personalize user experience. #2. Selecting a list from your contacts to broadcast a message to is not an easy task especially for those of us who have lots of contacts list. I think we’ll be way better off if we had the option to “auto / multi” select all (256) contacts at once, rather manually doing it, It gets really boring at times. Also increase the total number of contacts who can receive a broadcast message at a time. (256) ain’t enough. Thanks

Splitting long videos for WhatsApp status. Hi WhatsApp… it’s your boy here. Yeah just wanted to say the app is great, really. Being from Jamaica, WhatsApp is pretty dominant, a great and easy way to connect with people you love. I have no issues using WhatsApp normally, but 2 years ago I discovered I had to manually split long videos myself in order to upload them to my status, I did do it for a time, then I stopped. It’s now 2022 and I still have to manually split long videos if I want to upload the whole thing to my status. I sure do hope the reason you haven’t added a feature to automatically split long videos into segments for WhatsApp status, isn’t because the world will explode if you do. If that’s not the case, then that’s all I’d like to see. Boy would it save me some time. Great app btw, definitely won’t stop using it unless you do something horrible…. Like kill a child

Bugs. Update November 2022: Latest update introduced more bugs. Now screen moves up and bottom half turn black and you can’t use the app properly. Every time this requires user to completely close app and re-open it again. Please fix these bugs and do more testing before you release updates. At least you fixed the more annoying bugs mentioned below. Thanks for that. Dear Developers, this last update totally screwed up the app. - I’m getting blank screens where you can see the text box while typing. - The list of chats keeps moving down before you can select on it (so you enter the wrong chat) or - when stationary it always selects the chat below the one you select. So you have to select another chat to get into the one you want. Seriously? Revert to a previous safe build and do more testing before you push new updates out, it’s becoming annoying enough to make me want to report these bugs in a review. Happy to submit screen shots or video with version/phone info if needed (latest updated iOS and WhatsApp updated). Other then that my only other WhatsApp suggestions is -to allow users to edit or delete their messages (outside of disappearing messages) - to allow chat backup to other drives or apps or make it easier to use

Add dark mode in app. Everything is cool, however it would be lovely if WhatsApp had a setting within the app where you have the option to have everything in dark mode. I have an iPhone and in order to have the dark theme on WhatsApp you have to change your overall, general settings for the entire phone meaning every application would then have a dark theme. I don’t necessarily want my entire phone to be on a dark mode; I only want certain apps to have a dark theme (WhatsApp is one of those apps that I want to be in dark mode). So again, WhatsApp should have a setting that makes it possible to switch between light and dark mode, exclusively within the app so users have the choice of having WhatsApp in dark mode without having to have other apps or their entire phone in dark mode.. Thank you!

Requested access to photos. I had a pop up from WhatsApp requesting access to all photos. I can't even remember the last time I used the app (it has been over a year) and at the time the pop up was displayed I was browsing in Safari. Since I didn't expect the pop up I mindlessly clicked Allow and then immediately went into settings to revoke all photos access. WhatsApp should not be requesting access to all photos out of the blue. I'm giving 4 stars because the app worked fine as far as I remember. I wanted to report the issue to WhatsApp but have not found a way to do that so am attempting to let somebody know by writing a review. I'll probably delete the app now though to avoid future occurrences. It makes me suspicious of what it could possibly be doing in the background without my knowledge because I didn't do anything that should result in WhatsApp wanting access to my photos.

WhatsApp- A Great End to End Encryption Platform. I am particularly fascinated with WhatsApp because of its versatility and agility as far as social media platforms are concerned. It takes customer privacy and security into great context and go out of their way to protect that customer information from 3rd parties and hackers. I have never heard of a hack or security breach into WhatsApp security systems. Overall the App has been great and has eased the way the world has connected via talking and sharing digital and graphical data. The only downside to WhatsApp is that when you lose your device or are out of storage and uninstall the app, you typically lose all your previous chats and data. I would have been great if WhatsApp had an option for optional storage space for sale, for folk to backup their communication and social media data. Thank you

Last update has issues. I've been a long-time user of WhatsApp, but the latest update has caused some major issues for me. Specifically, I'm not able to see all the status updates on the app anymore. I've noticed that some of my contacts have posted new status updates, but they're not showing up on my app. This has been really frustrating for me, as I like to keep up with what my friends and family are up to. This issue has affected my experience with the app quite a bit. I've found myself checking the app less frequently because I don't trust that I'm seeing all the updates. It's also been difficult to keep up with certain events and updates from my contacts, which has been a source of stress. I would suggest that WhatsApp work on fixing this issue in the next update. It would be great if they could make it easier for users to view all status updates, so we can stay up-to-date on what our contacts are sharing. Overall, I'm disappointed with this latest update and hope that improvements can be made soon.

They Now Banned Phone Numbers Everyday. Before, they don’t banned your phone number until maybe so much people report your phone numbers maybe when you are broadcasting fake things or maybe scammers that are sending spam messages or fake messages to scam people, but right now, since this new person took over WhatsApp, they will just seat down, and you will be logged out of WhatsApp, you will see a display messages telling you you have been logged out because someone has logged into your device in another place. They will now display (Verify, or Cancel ). When you verify, you see a message telling you , you your phone number has been banned from using WhatsApp. This is so bad , it’s not nice at all. You can’t just seat down and begging to banned people’s phone numbers for no reason. Same thing they do to you ok facebook, your facebook will not do anything bad , you will see that , your facebook account has been suspended. Not nice at all. It’s annoying. Please , Mark Zuckerberg, stop this.

Camera takes fuzzy photos every time. WhatsApp in general is fine. But every photo I take in the app is fuzzy; and more zoomed in than my normal photos app. It’s like they are putting camera in video mode and taking a screenshot. I guess this is part of their cross platform library but still, I wish it would let the camera app use more native and high quality functionality. Additionally, it’s wayyy too easy to send things to the wrong person. You can’t remove people from “recently contacted” or “frequently contacted” prompts around iOS for sharing. I’m terrified I will send my girlfriends brother something immodest because his name shows above hers even though our chat volumes are way different. WhatsApp is a globally loved tool but has some pretty strange UX issues given its financial backer and experienced staff. I will continue to use it as most of the world doesn’t have iMessage; but if they did; I don’t think I’d miss the WhatsApp app that much.

Ripped Off Again On This App. This is the second time being ripped off from this app. And nobody does anything about it. The last one just happened 45 minutes ago when I sent the person $45 that I had in that account. The person lied and gave me the wrong address to pick the product up and so I got scammed out of $45 from this person . I have all her messages and it will show what I’m talking about. The person uses one name on your site in another name on a different site and two different phone numbers. I will include a picture of her phone number and her name. But if you look into this and see in my account and the money I sent her it’s a totally different name . Unfortunately on this review it will not let me post a photo or screenshot.

My WhatsApp issues.. I’ve got a lot of problems with my WhatsApp app. First of all why every time i add stories then when I went back and deleted em other people still can see em? Today’s been 3 years since I started using WhatsApp but it still the same why i have to update my WhatsApp app every once in a while? And the main thing I noticed is even when I blocked someone i can read their stories and the can read mine as well sometimes i got very upset and one thing i also noticed is when I’m talking to someone on WhatsApp my background always looks black or blank and it won’t let me do nothing. Please guys do something with this app that will makes everyone happy. I use WhatsApp more than any other apps out here please fix these issues for me. Thank you 🙏🏾

Incredible. I really love this app. It's incredible how you can talk with anyone around the world without paying actual money. There’s nothing wrong happening with my version, the camera works well and shoots good photos. There are some things that would make this app the best messaging app. The first one is that when you mute a group chat there should be an option that allows you to mute it forever, same goes with the real-time location. When you create a group, others shouldn’t have the option to kick you from the group, and there should be an option to make someone not be an admin without having to kick the person and adding them again. Also, I really want the GIFs to have their own spot so you don’t need to go to Photos and Videos and then click GIFs. Also, make a DRAWING option. Well, that’s all. Thanks for this amazing app.

Won’t restore my data. I had an issue with receiving notifications from this app for about two months. I did everything: turning off and on the notifications from the app and my phone, shutting off my phone, resetting it, updating my phone and the app many times. Then I decided to just delete the app and reinstall. It did the trick. However now, I can’t back up my media on the app because of storage space. I’ve deleted over 2k of photos and videos from my gallery, deleted more than half my apps on my phone, and cleared/deleted multiple chats on iMessage and WhatsApp. I finally reached to the point where I was able to backup my stuff. It worked for a while, but then the app shut down. Once I opened it again, it told me I had to clear 5.34GB again. After deleting all those things, I’m required to delete more. My phone capacity is 128GB and my phone only holds 83GB. I don’t understand where the issue is and why this is happening. No, I did not contact WhatsApp support. I’ve contacted them with my other issue and I didn’t not receive much help. This won’t be any different. It’s frustrating. This issue doesn’t seem to happen to anyone else I know, just with me.

TAG FEATURE SHOULD BE ADDED WHEN UPLOADING ON STATUS.. I’ll suggest that contact should be able to tag people on their status , because sometimes people upload your pictures and you don’t end up seeing it within 24hrs when it disappears ... but if a tag feature is added , I can easily upload a picture and tag whosoever is in it and even though he doesn’t end up viewing all his contact status he will definitely see mine and I get a “thank you” This happens mostly on birthdays when a lot of people upload a picture of you and you can’t view all contact status to know who and who uploaded your picture so you can thank them... but with this tag feature ... contacts can tag who is in his/her story and the person get to see it ... Thank you

Just a minor issue that’s really problematic. Sometimes my messages can’t go through on time and it’s takes forever for them to receive it. When I text my friends who own Samsung devices, the message won’t go through even though they’re still online. It usually takes about 3 to 2 minutes for the other person to read my message(s). What really bugs me is that once it shows *last seen today at (time)* the message that I’ve sent is delivered, and it’s would show the double check mark. So the person who I sent a message to would only get it if they exit out the app. Plus, no matter how much messages you send to that person, they will never receive it until they exit out of WhatsApp. Please fix this issue🙏🏼. It makes it really hard to communicate, even when it’s an emergency.

Plenty of room for improvement. As an avid user of social internet media , I found WhatsApp is lacking in many convenient features offered in other apps. I use Facebook when I want to express some thoughts, events etc. But FB Messenger is not efficient in quick text, so I still resort to 20 years old practice in text msg like in Nokia phones. WhatsApp is subservient to the features offered by WeChat. Understood that WeChat is by Tencent in China, nevertheless the features are amazing. The Moment posting functions are like Facebook post. The conversation wether individual or in chat groups are more user friendly than WhatsApp. It allows recalling a wrong message sent in mistake. Attaching files and emojis are awesome. My only complain is that once viewed in one device the message cannot be reviewed in an other, which FB allows all history conversation once logged in. I lived in America over 47 years. I highly recommend friends to use WeChat for daily contacts over other apps.

Still not syncing contacts since iOS update months ago. When IOS updated several months ago, one of the features that was affected on WhatsApp was the option to sync contacts. I called Apple then and they informed me that each app provider must update their security profiles to be compatible with the new IOS. There have been 2 updates of IOS since then and still, WhatsApp hasn’t got with the program. Utility of WhatsApp has gone down as I have to research each contact to try to even place a call to them. Numbers that are in my phone book don’t register so it’s difficult to know which contact is which without that extra step in research. Furthermore, I can’t save new numbers directly from WhatsApp to my phone. This is quite frustrating. I have never left a review on this app before and decided that 5-6 months of this is enough. Can you please update your app to resolve this issue with iPhone!

Stickers, media, links, doc & roll adjustments. I’ve been using the WhatsApp since a long time ago, I still believe that the are a lots of things need more improvements, when you chat you can’t go back to the point you need, you should scroll and sometimes it crash & all your efforts will fade away, this should have an option that makes go back to the event you want or by choosing a photo from your media or a scroll option on your chat page. After saving you personal stickers from other apps on you favorites you cannot save them in categories that you want or create, this also needs some modifications so you can save them in your own categories that make you act faster & easier. Hope we can see these options when the updates come Regards to the team & their efforts.

Worst App ever. I contacted customer service multiple times that my account was hacked and was given generic answers. The hackers changed my email and phone number on file I contacted WhatsApp support and they did nothing and gave generic info I then reported them to Better Business Bureau about my hacked account and Better Business Bureau said WhatsApp never got back to them. I contacted support and emailed them still no response. My account has been hacked now since January it’s now March and I still can’t get into my account. Thank you WhatsApp for allowing people to ruin my good name and impersonate me on your app . Thank you for the horrible customer service you guys really now how to show support to people who choose to use you . I will never use you all again. You lost me forever with this . I’m gonna see who else I can report my case to maybe the Attorneys General office can get something done since you all didn’t respond to Better Business Bureau and yea I got the case number and proof you guys didn’t reply shameful. I hope you sleep good knowing people are being scammed and hacked using this app and when people come to you all you never do anything but hey maybe that’s why you have a low rating for this app

Banning Of Numbers. I was using WhatsApp alright until i woke up one morning to meet the message that my number has been banned from using WhatsApp. I haven’t downloaded any third party apps and my account is free of scam or any form of spam. No one has reported my account either and all of a sudden my number has been banned. I requested a review but was told there is nothing they can do about it and they had no reason to give to me as well for banning my number from WhatsApp. The only option i have now is to sign up with a new number and this apparently that means i’ll loose my previous texts and chats with friends from my contact and this is really bad!! I tried signing up again with the same number and I was told to wait for 12 hours to be able to verify my number with the one time password (OTP). Even after waiting all that while, I still couldn’t get my account unbanned and I’ve sent various emails to the support team but still no positive feedback. Where is the Credibility??

Whatsapp is always improving and getting better. Whatsapp is a great tools for friends, family and businesses. The continuous improvement of the apps is great too as well. So many new features added and so on. Nevertheless there are other great things that are being taken a way from the apps that need to be reconsidered for great and greater experiences. Not sure if it’s a bug that would be fixed or deliberately done. Few things I noticed are; 1) The inability to fast forward or rewind voice messages. This is very handy function as sometimes we just need to quickly get a point from a voice message we have previously listens to and so on. 2) When viewing status that has audio we have the ability to increase the audio by using our phone volume keys and able to set it to the desire volume. But now it’s volume is static once you push the button at the start of the status it added audio that can neither been increased nor decreased. Please try to look into this as it’s embarrassing having your phone on highest volume in public places and be unable to adjust it. Am using an iPhone 8 Plus incase these issues are only on certain devices. Thanks

Best App Ever!. There is not enough text space to write down everything I love about this app, nor do I have the time to write it all down!! Suffice it to say, I wish I could get everyone in my contact list to use this. For work, we have a record of all of our conversations, which in my line of business, this has been a really good thing for us. Also, you can see when the person read the message. Being able to back up conversations to the Cloud has also been useful. One of the things I’m most impressed by the Developors of this app is that they are constantly updating the app with new capabilities. Like I said, there are several things I could continue to write about how much I love this app. Suffice it to say, it’s one of the best Apps in my phone and I’m a hard critic when I comes App reviews.

THESE BUGS ARE ANNOYING!. Firstly I’d like to commend u guys for creating such a fantastic updated version by including voice notes recording to WhatsApp status, to be honest it’s so good. But it’s got few bugs and you’ve got to fix them; 1) once I go offline and I get back online I won’t see any status that was posted while I wasn’t online and it’s heartbreaking especially for business owners like us, we post goods available for sale and most of our customers are unable to see them and patronize us because they were not online the moment we updated our status. 2) As a business owner I have lots of contacts of customers but due to the traffick on the app my WhatsApp hangs really bad I find it difficult to post on my status and if atall I try to it take up to 1hr before my post finally get uploaded. Pls this is really frustrating pls fix it before I start considering abandoning WhatsApp for another social media app that doesn’t glitch. Thank you.

WhatsApp Changed for the Better!!. I have used WhatsApp for about a year now, and I love it!!!!WhatsApp is an overall Great and Safe social Media!!! It allows me to be able to communicate with friends and family around the world! WhatsApp is a great way to message and talk to your friends and and family virtually! It has satisfied me 100%! I extremely suggest it. One feature that I’m in love with is, the status feature, it allows you to post videos,gifs,pictures about you and what your doing today, and plus to keep it safe, only your contacts or the people you chose can view it!! WhatsApp is amazing! My friends and I enjoy it very much!! It keeps me in touch with everyone! 😊! I 100% recommend anyone to use WhatsApp, it’s completely safe and free!! 🤩🤩 Sincerely, Kira Robinson

Never seen a more garbage communication app. Just to clarify I have been using WhatsApp for several years, if I had to guess it would be over 4 years, I have plenty of friends that use it and swear by it but I cannot fathom how frustrating it is to use sometimes. I came on here to express one thing and one thing only. Many of my colleagues use this app to video chat and to send text. I have added many contacts using WhatsApp however when I try to send a message or call these new contacts i am left with only inviting them to use the app, rendering the app completely useless at times. Allow me to specify my problem. Say for example I added a new phone number in my contacts list. I close the app to then open WhatsApp, I try to search for the new contact. I find the name, but when I try to send a message the only choice I have is to invite. This is mostly frustrating when I first add someone but I have contacts from a year ago that still need an invitation when they so clearly use the app on a daily basis. As long as this problem persists I don’t see myself using the app long term, if it wasn’t for this issue I would be ecstatic about the development. For now I’m disappointed and at a loss of words for how I would feel going forward.

Bad chat backup system. I’ve been using WhatsApp for a number of years now, lately I’ve been having a lot of issues with chat backups, I have them set to backup weekly, but I find myself having to go back in and press the backup now button because it tells me that a connection error occurred and it couldn’t do the backup, now I’ve lost everything, all my chats, pictures, everything all because the stupid backup wouldn’t load fully, it got stuck at around 36mb out of 900, now I know it’s a lot of data but I haven’t had a problem before with large amounts of data backups, I gave it about two or three days to sort itself out, well it didn’t, I had to erase and redownload the app and when I signed back it, it said that I didn’t have any backups, and now I’ve lost everything I had, I am very upset and will consider a different app if this isn’t fixed

**UNSAFE DO NOT USE**. My account and multiple people I work with all had our accounts hacked on the same day. WhatsApp claims that when you verify your phone number, any accounts still logged in on other devices will automatically log off, and they will have to verify your phone number. This is not true, for the people that hacked our workplace was still able to use our numbers and impersonate us. We have screenshots and a record of the times on Reddit. Not only did they take over our phone numbers, but they also changed the six-digit security pin and the emails associated with our accounts. Customer support does not exist. There is nobody to talk to. You can send an email, but you’ll get an automated reply. They said that you could wait seven days to log into your account without a six-digit pin and delete your account that way. So while you wait the seven days, they have full access to your account and number. WhatsApp is only end-to-end encrypted, meaning all messages are stored on the device that initially sent the message. Everything else can easily be exploited to gain access to your account. This severe security flaw has been used repeatedly with the addition of zero customer support.

I can't send picture from iPhone X. iPhone ex I can't send a picture I can't change anything in the picture I can't write anything in the picture because the frame is a large then I can get the frames bigger the frames of the pictures bigger then the screen please fix this problem because I can't send picture from iPhone X ⬆️ Now it's fixed this is update for this I have other problem sometimes everything applaud when I'm inside the app and I can't make everything move until I push volume up volume down and power to shut down the iPhone this is coming between every week every two weeks inside the app everything is freezing Hello, WhatsApp does not work with me now and I cannot move anything inside it as long as I am connected to the internet, whether through Wi-Fi or through 4G and it does not move until I close WhatsApp, then close all communications and activate flight mode, then enter, do not move inside the application and do not send to anyone

Complaining. PLEASE READ I NEED TO KNOW IF THOS IS JUST ON MY PHONE..... So I really love the app, there’s nothing really wrong with it except that, well, idk if it’s just a bug in my phone or if it was the recent update... but when I enter the app it takes a looong time to actually be able to enter the app. Let me explain... when I enter the it’s just few miliseconds till the app randomly kicks me out, and the worst part is that it’s not only once, at least TEN TIMES till I can actually use this app. Sometimes I even have to turn off my phone just to send a message. Since I’m from another country I don’t use the message app, so WhatsApp is the only way to fast communicate with someone. Some people I know also have the same problem so I don’t think it’s just my phone. Please let me know if this is a bug on my phone or it was a problem with the update.

WhatsApp freezing on iPhone X. recently I've been having some trouble with it on my iPhone X. It freezes once I open it and no matter how long I wait for, it doesn't unfreeze. Force quitting the app, restarting my phone of powering the phone off then putting it back on after some time doesn't help. sometimes have a few seconds after relaunching it to move around before it freezes again and that It helped me resolve it the first time it happened by deleting over 40 GB of media from chats. Now it's started freezing on launch again and I can't even successfully delete any media from my WhatsApp to try to fix it. have a lit of free space on my phone by the way, so I'm not sure what the cause is. It happens so suddenly. One moment I'm using it, the next moment, it won't work no matter what. still see the notifications from messages coming in, but can't do anything about them.

Garbage. Why online option has to be for nobody. Whats the point of having this whatsapp if we cant see is the person online or not! There’s shouldn’t be no option for to choose for NOBODY either everyone or for only contacts. If we use this app for to our friends family then it should be look active not dead whatsapp being ghost n chat calls with ppl. There shouldn’t be option where you can turn if read receipts there shouldn’t be option where can turn of online status for nobody either by everyone or by contact as of choice. Please fix this issue ASAP. Im getting irritated by this every update all ridiculous kee copying other social media just nonsense keep it like normal whatsapp how it used to be why so much stupid changes. Cants get calls or doesn’t appear in the notifications bar only i see when open the whatsapp app thats when i see i missedd someones calls just garbage this app became. Please bring back the old version we dont need any special update or feature just keep it like normal please thank you

They don’t value YOUR privacy.. Whatsapp new private policy is basically sharing all your info to facebook, it wouldn’t be shocking that they were doing it all along without telling us. Money hungry corporations want to sell our information and not value our privacy. That’s why Telegram and Signal has received record numbers of new daily users, we’re all witnessing the death of Whatsapp and the birth of a new messaging app that actually values our privacy. Since Facebook has bought Whatsapp, Whatsapp has been a app of full controversy but also a app that is lagging behind new innovation, WiFi Calls are laggy even though your WIFI is strong, and fiber internet. Even though your on a 5G+ Coverage and Whatsapp WiFi calling still lags and disconnects. Whatsapp needs new updates and new innovation and improve their service and most importantly improve their “encrypted” connection and if they care, our privacy. They won’t do any of it, just move to Telegram or Signal, and these apps are GREAT.

Very very good. I never ever write reviews because who has time for them. But I've started to use WhatsApp a few months ago to talk to family and friends in a different country and it's amazing. In fact almost all of my friends (high school) and cousins and older family members use WhatsApp to talk to one another. It's free and there is no dumb "well the app is free but you have to pay for extra stuff" it's COMPLETELY FREE. I'm able to see when the text delivered, when the other person saw it and if it's a voice message then when they listened to it. You can also replay voice messages. You can also do stories on it like snapchat which is kinda cool. Over all it's really great, it doesn't have glitches and it isn't slow. I 100% would recommend

Customer support is NON EXISTENT!. Edit: was asked to contact their development support!! Guess what?? I got the same automated nonsense replies!!! ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATED!!! I have been using WhatsApp for years to be honest but recently my back up feature just stopped working it would be stuck at “preparing” for hours and even a WHOLE DAY!! I am running latest iOS version; the app is up to date; I have tons of free GB in my iCloud+ , my iCloud Drive is on (tried the part about turning off and turning on again) but STILL no back up !! Even tried deleting the whole WhatsApp out of my frustration and isolation and then starting new from scratch ! STILL did not work ! Lost all my conversations and STILL no back up is working !! Through all these steps contacted support and all I get are simple two cents replies : “we will check with concerned technicians” / “send screen shots” / “we will get back to you” etc etc Not much help there ! At ALL!! Been weeks Still nothing ! Really disappointed !

Love Everything except.... WhatsApp is an amazing chatting app that conveniently connects you to a broad chat base of your family & loved ones, friends and acquaintances alike at a quick setup without having to generate unique ways to connect with each other. It has a plethora of other cool features like ability to make voice and video calls etc. and now even make payments to each other for a dinner you shared but did not pay for... BUT all this power without the possibility to lock the app or have a password access is a waste of opportunity to complete the offering by WhatsApp. I really feel THEY ARE RATHER LATE. PASSWORD PROTECT OPTION at starting the app window IS MISSING AND should have been there like yesterday ... it’s a simple feature addition but gives many people the safety they want to protect their communication and today communication is everything!

Not opening a chat. So me and my friend were talking and I put too much emojis I didn’t even get to send I kept copying and pasting u until it makes a long paragraph because I wanted to try something but it just lagged and then I left WhatsApp and went back onto it and clicked on the friend I was texting but it didn’t open. Every time I click onto our chat, it doesn’t open it just lags on her name then I need to get off WhatsApp and on again I also turned off my phone and opened it again and still the same problem. I could open other peoples chat but not me and hers. It does let me go onto her contact info when I long click on her name but when I tried to get back onto our chat it wouldn’t work I even tried to do the chat search and it wouldn’t work. What would only work is the media,links and docs and the starred messages so please try to help me out with getting back onto our chat.❤️

Privacy concern. WhatsApp is one of the best messengers, the fastest and most efficient, but I have a problem. I can not stop showing a call made through the application in the search history (spotligth) of the iphone. it doesn't matter from where you delete the call, not even deleting the contact at all from the iPhone, It always appears the last time you called that contact in the spotlight search if you call it with WhatsApp. This phenomenon does not happen with the native application of iPhone calls, deleting them from the history deletes them from everywhere and there is no trace of it in the spotlight search. This little detail does not happen with WhatsApp. I have had personal problems because of it, I hope you know what Iam talking about and solve this. Regards.

Too easy to call people by accident. The app is really great and connects me with my contacts all over the world. It makes it easy to stay in touch. You can text and even call for free. Doesn’t get any better than that! The only thing I would change is how easy it is to call people by accident. It happens all the time. I wish they would hide that button behind the profile page. This is mostly a texting app, do we really need that button on the first page?Even on an iPhone you have to first click the i button from the message page to call someone. It’s smart. Another issue is that the app distorts the quality of pics and videos after they are sent. I often receive videos with delayed sound and fuzzy images. I have to ask my contacts to send me those through other apps so I can actually get the proper sound. Please fix and it will be the most perfect app!

Definitely set 2FA !!. Love WhatsApp. Use it more than any other app. 100x better than SMS! However, it recently was hacked. And the person that did it, tried to scam my friends, family and business associates out of money by saying he was me and needed to borrow money. This was the moment I realized whatsapp support was zero help. I sent them messages and they replied with copied text from their FAQ. It was ridiculous. They did help one bit as it almost felt like they were supporting my hacker. Make sure you set your 2FA. And if you get hacked, delete whatsapp and change the SIM card in your phone. Then you have to wait 7-days for the email authentication to reset. My hacker kept resetting it so it actually took a lot longer. C’mon whatsapp! Figure out how to shut these guys down. Use the power of Facebook and figure it out!

Group management a painful flaw. Whatsapp is a wonderful app that I have used on a daily basis for years. but it has one abysmal defect. For years it has been difficult, if not impossible to easily list the groups that you are a member of. As a result, duplicate groups get made because people forget that a similar group had already been created in the past, and there is no easy way to quickly list and edit the groups you are member off. There are hacks you can find on the internet to get around this problem, but for heavy users like me who belong to dozens of groups, this is a source of endless frustration. This last version finally offers a partial workaround, that is that in the new communities section you can pretend to create a new community and see in the process a list of the groups to which you have admin privileges. But this is just another work around, and it does not show you the groups that you are only a member of. For such a mature program to lack such a basic feature passes understanding. If this was 1.0 version of the software I’d give it 4 stars. But for a program that’s been on the market for years, this omission is inexcusable, especially considering that competing platforms allow you to manage groups with ease.

From Bad to Worse. What was once a wonderful secure platform is fast becoming a laughingstock ever since it was touched by Facebook. So thoroughly disappointed. Relatives abroad had told me that Facebook is phasing out WhatsApp but demands that we give them all our contact details; I’m not for that. Apparently, In the UK, WhatsApp was given customers until the first week of February before they close an account if the customer refused to except terms to the detriment of customer privacy. Now there is a delay to this change? It’s still going to happen so why the delay? Could it be that this delay is to collect our information anyway without a permission, anyway? I have now started looking for a replacement to WhatsApp. I am sorry to be parting company with you but it isn’t the secure independent platform it once was and the quality has progressively deteriorated. To be honest, if I could opt for zero stars that would be the level at this point. I’ve been trying to speak to others over the platform but I’ve spent more time trying to reconnect or redial and it’s just not worth it. Another competitor bows out.

I have a huge problem with this app. Ok whatsapp why are so you put exit when you have no space literally what if yo have no service I literally had no service and then your like oh no space exit what if someone has a problem and needs my help then I fixed that problem and deleted photos but then I noticed when I clicked on camera or mic it says to go to setting to enable it and I never unable it and then it takes me to the setting where it says WhatsApp and it says nothing to enable a camera I search it up and it says to go to some photo thing so I can turn it on WhatsApp the photos and mic and it shows nothing all it shows is apps that have requested to access to you will appear hear please fix this I did nothing to WhatsApp I like it but this is frustrating

Bluetooth/Airpod mic update suggestion. I would like to humbly suggest an update in the name of users who use Bluetooth AirPods. The microphones on these devices are terrible for recording voice memos. People never understand what I say. It would be good if it were like Instagram. On Instagram, when you record a voice message it utilizes the iPhone mic instead of the AirPod mic even when using the AirPods. When I am having a conversation with someone via voice memos on WhatsApp, I have to turn off Bluetooth, then record my voice memo. After I’m done recording I have to turn Bluetooth back on. It goes on and off indefinitely until I am done with my conversation. So with that it would be awesome if we had the option to turn off the Bluetooth/AirPod mic only in a setting or just update it to be like Instagram where it records on the iPhones mic and only plays back on the AirPods. Thank you so much!!

Best app ever but.... I use it 24/7, it is amazing, works pretty well. I only have one request, please let us be able to disable the camera sound from settings. Just like you can disable the sound it makes when it takes a picture in apps like Snapchat. The only way of getting rid of the noice made by the camera is by turning your ringer off. I use the camera a lot so after a while the sound becomes annoying, leaving me no other choice but to turn my ringer off. Problem is I need the ringer on and it has already happened to me that I miss several important calls or can’t locate my phone when calling because I forget to turn it back on. It would be lifesaving if you could do that please, I don’t think it’s something complicated. It’s a rather simple request. Other from that, great app

Traveling Abroad. Our 17 yr old daughter is in Costa Rica right now, traveling w/a group of other high schoolers for a 10 day trip & ‘Whats App’ has kept us in contact(w/Wi Fi of course)so we don’t have to pay outrageous phone fees. The first night we had a little problem trying to talk on a call; kept cutting us off + there was a delay. So then we tried a video call but we only got to ‘see’ her for a few min before the video went black(we could still talk, but apparently the Wi Fi was weak). •WE JUST got off of a phone call w/her and for the most part there was no problems, but towards the end our call(about 12min), it was breaking up. I would refer the APP to anyone who’s planning on traveling(especially w/kids or teens) so your phone bill doesn’t get jacked up!

Needs 1 change. I love this app, but 1 thing I wish they would change is their notification system/inability to get calls when I’m on another cal. Sometimes I’ll be on a phone call from my actual phone, and then when I get off the phone an hour later, and if someone from WhatsApp is trying to call me, it’ll say “Missed Video call from____”. To me, it’s annoying how if I’m automatically on a phone call, the WhatsApp video call won’t go through period. WhatsApp should let the video call go through, so even while I’m on my phone during another phone call, and I see someone calling me, I can answer the other. Sometimes it’s important and I need to answer because it’s family from another country, but I never can because WhatsApp automatically tells them I’m on another call, but doesn’t notify me. Fix it. Please. It works with audio calls, why not do this for video calls too?

Awesome!!!. I’m overwhelmed to be able to connect to the people that mean the most to me. I had a big lost with 5 family members 2 friends and my dog. Was so lost and alone. A wonderful young man and his brother that worked with my brother in law stopped by to check on me. Then found out my husband passed too. They came to see if I was ok. Well they jumped in and did so much for me. They went to Mexico for their mother’s birthday. They invited me but I wasn’t well enough. So we can communicate and I get checked up on. They have become my family. They would be here ASAP if I needed them. Thank god we are able to keep in touch. I can’t wait to see them as well as keep in touch with their family. I’d be lost without them. I’m grateful to be able to have your service. Thank You, Paulette

Anytime Anywhere App - WhatsApp changed the way we communicate.. WhatsApp will go in history as an App which change the way across the globe how we communicate. Just downloaded as a chat app to connect local friends planning weekend meetup. Now No international calling cards, all my family and friends, I call them via audio and video calls via WhatsApp. For Work, Professional Network, Professional Network, for connecting with people of same geographical area, same interest I manage more than 1500 different WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp you are amazing. I am still waiting for the feature when Admin can delete messages posted by spammers in groups and remove and delete a spammer from all groups with single click. Wrote to WhatsApp Team few times and still waiting for that Admin Privilege. Thanks WhatsApp, you have become “Anytime Anywhere App” for billions including me.

reaction emotes on notifications. I've been using WhatsApp for a while now and I love the app. However, there's one feature that I think would greatly improve the user experience, and that is the ability to add reaction emotes on notifications. With this feature, users would be able to quickly react to messages without having to open the app, making it easier to manage conversations while driving or in other scenarios where opening the app is not feasible. I believe this would be a valuable addition to the app and would greatly improve the overall user experience. Thank you for considering my feedback. I look forward to seeing this feature added in the future.

Disappointed. I do not like the fact that u guys can just band people for no reason and my WhatsApp I had before was just close friends and family my number was band for a large amount of reports and my personal people will come to me if there’s an issue they won’t report me I am a mom of 3 and I have a clean record very civilized and family oriented I am disappointed in the way I was dealt with and it’s unfair for a person with good morals values and standards have to deal with the fact WhatsApp also messages me saying my number was reported but can’t show no evidence of this so call crime I did when in fact it’s a crime to block someone number and never investigate saying they have to protect the persons who reported me and can’t show me where I went wrong on WhatsApp so my number was deactivated because of something I have no proof of doing I am an honest lady not fake and not spamming on WhatsApp very unprofessional

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What’s app - My Favourite Technology for Communication!. WhatsApp is one tool that I’ve been using for the past many years to communicate and keep in touch with my family,relatives and friends especially with my children who live outside our country. I appreciate all the hard work and efforts to add new features and make it more user friendly. I’m very grateful for keeping it as a free app. Wishing you the very best! May you make many, many more happy in this hitec world!

Watsapp bugs and issues!!!. One of the most buggy apps of all time! The quality of video/audio call is not very good and sometimes disconnects randomly! I cancelled a call becouse I was busy, when I tryed to return that call, the app told me you can’t place a call while you’re already on one! What I don’t understand is how one of the world’s richest men aka zuckerberg cant pay some of the best developers to fix his apps! Being a developer myself, I highly recommend using Telegram over this! It’s way faster, has more features like saving the data you need, high quality audio/video calls, no limit on data transfer and on top of it, an open-source app!

Keeps CRASHING. WhatsApp decides it likes to crash. If you keep opening it a few times, during which it usually crashes back to the home screen almost immediately, you can get it stable again for a while, but if you switch to another app and come back, the instability is back, too. The only way to fix this is to restart your phone, which is annoying. The fact WhatsApp comes from Facebook, you’d think software quality would be top notch, but because WhatsApp works for a while and then exhibits the crashing that I’ve seen people online complain about for years, this is the worst and most unreliable app I’ve used. Thank goodness I can use WhatsApp on my Mac or iPad, because the phone version exhibits instability that must be a focus for the developers to fix urgently! Please fix ASAP, I’m not the only person experiencing this as can be ascertained by a simple google search. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max so am on the latest hardware and iOS 13.4.

Great for overseas however..... This app is brilliant for overseas travelling and holidays, or just to message friends and family in other countries, as it doesn't need the use of mobile data, only wifi. This could be even better if it didn't need wifi because you could use it out and about. And with a multiple photo selection because one at a time is very hard for large amounts. Overall it is great. I am using it to message family while I am away in another country. I have wifi and it uses no mobile data unless you choose :))

Unable to open app through notifications center in iPhone14pro max. For some reason, I am not able to open the app from notification center in my iPhone14 pro max (software iOS 16.1). For instance, when a notification arrives in your phone, you can simply touch it and it opens up the respective app. But this isn’t working for Whatsapp (only). I am not sure whether that’s a software issue in my phone or if it’s a Whatsapp related issue or if it’s happening in every 14 pro max device! It’s pretty annoying. Would be glad if whatsapp rolls out an update or bug fix or something.

The new update isn’t that good. It’s a handy app to have but I have a complaint about the newest update. The darker and rounder text bubble is jarring and it makes the text feel really odd and muddy. The call group chat is also very annoying cause I don’t want to bug people in the group who don’t want to be called, and choosing who to call is better, and the extra steps to do a group call now is very annoying. other than those, I have no other complaints

Vert. 6 Aug 2018. Love the app, but have found that Siri does not work with this app. When asking Siri to send a message to a contact using WhatsApp the reply is always the same “ mmmm couldn’t find Pat or John or whoever in your WhatsApp contacts” It doesn’t matter which contact name I choose it’s always the same reply. I have checked all my settings, given WhatsApp access to my contacts but still Siri, comes back with the same response. I thought at first it might be my phone (iPhone 6) but after trying it on my friends phone (iPhone 6) same thing Siri could not send a message or ring a contact using WhatsApp on her phone. On her phone the response was the same. I have tried different ways of asking Siri the question. 1. Using WhatsApp ring Pat. 2. Ring John using WhatsApp 3. Dial John using WhatsApp 4. Using WhatsApp dial Steve 5. Using WhatsApp call Steve. 6. Call Home using WhatsApp But I get the same answer “Sorry WhatsApp couldn’t find John in your contacts who would you like to call?” 😪 Regards: Trev

Excellent app but.... Secure, calls, video calls, txt and group txt. Excellent for international use as only a WiFi connection is required. My only complaint is call and video calls connect too quickly. If you accidentally tap on someone’s name there is no time to disconnect the call and they will receive a missed call. It would be better it was like the iPhones where connection took place after a second or so to give you time to disconnect.

Unread messages within chats. This app is good and all the improvements have made it better over the years. Can you make a provision for keeping unread messages within chats unread? Currently what happens is that if I open a chat all the messages become read yet sometimes I may want to read upto a certain point and continue from there later. This kind of feature is available in Telegram. Best regards

Great but needs more flexibility. Could you please add more mute settings?? A 24 hour and a 48 hour option would be amazing - 8 hrs to a week is a bit too far of a jump, and not really practical. For example, 48 hours would allow me to mute my work conversation on my days off, allowing me to separate more for my mental health. Right now, my options are mute for a week and risk forgetting to unmute it in time for my next shift, or having to repeatedly mute for 8 hours over my days off if I want some separation, becoming more stressed every time I do - it’s one extreme or the other. Please, some more options would be wonderful. Thank you.

Auto Chat Backup Not Working. 1. Chat backup used to happen daily when plugged in and connected to wifi. Since the last major release, this has stopped working. Only manual updates work. 2. Add more notification management Please add a way to suppress/silent subsequent messages from the same person/group within a short period. People tend to send messages as they type these days, rather than write a massive paragraph and send at the end. Would be good to have the option to only push notify once every 30 seconds perhaps from the same sender.

Great app but international?. I have done a bit of research on whether whatsapp is free internationally. I am still too unsure that i won’t be charged, and i find the app’s description to be very inconclusive. It says INTERNATIONAL CALLS AND TEXTING FREE but it has the * symbol. Then you scroll down and it says *Data charges may apply. What the hell does that even mean? I’m tired of searching for the true answer and I don’t want to take the chance and lose money. There is no conclusive answer anywhere. I would like to be able to move past instagram dms and talk to my friend internationally using my mobile data, because using my mobile data to go on instagram takes up a lot more data than going on whatsapp. Please can you give me a straight answer?? I would really like to contact my friend more often. Thank you very much, Isabeau (note: this app has been very good for all my other friends who live in australia and my city, especially contacting those who have androids, or just catching up with old school friends in a group chat. I love using whatsapp I would just like to know about the international thing.)

Badges… fix your app, Meta!!!!. Unread messages badges still disappear if you open the app and then close the app before you open the message within the app. Even worse, if you are chatting to someone and you receive a message in another chat but close the app before you read it, there are never any badges on the app on the home screen! And before I have a Karen telling me to check my notification settings, it has nothing to do with that. The badges work, they just disappear before the messages are being read. This is a known software fault in WhatsApp. It’s been broken for years and there are thousands of people reporting the same issue. I remain unsatisfied by the this app and Meta.

Data sharing with face book without the option to turn off. Not secure. So your sending my data to Facebook and I can’t turn it off? Really? If you were honest about your data gouging you wouldn’t have to spend so much on PR damage control. If I’m wrong please advise how I can “opt out” of you stealing and selling my personal information and also please advise how I can get you to delete the data that your sharing? I’d say thank you but this is just another vile privacy violation. Stop selling my personal information and give me the option to stop “sharing” fun fact when someone is sharing personal information without knowledge or consent of the “customer” it’s actually stealing.

Great but room for improvement. I use Whatsapp all the time to communicate with family and friends around the world. It’s incredibly convenient and simple and for the most part, has been an absolute pleasure to use. With the latest IOS 11 update however, I’ve noticed the app has become a lot more laggy - particularly when I’m typing a message and I switch to and from the emoji keyboard. The app will often freeze for 15-20 seconds as soon as I have switched from one or the other which I am finding terribly annoying. I would also love if we were able to use Whatsapp on a computer without it needing to be synced to your phone in order to function. Other messaging apps (iMessage, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Kakaotalk) allow this - what’s up, Whatsapp? Otherwise a great app. A couple of minor improvements could be made but it is useful nonetheless. Probably my most-used app!

Thank the Nerds!!. Finally an app that does exactly as it says. Its got very good support. Picture is usually very clear and if your network is good then the app performs brilliantly. Its sound is crystal clear. Its only drawback is it doesnt have pictures to choose from in app so your constantly having to go to your own saved stuff, or use gif apps. All in all well worth downloading now, what are you waiting for you already have the written invitation. Its the only communications app you will ever need.

Save your excuses. You have some nerve saying people have a lot of confusion about the new privacy policy. No one is confused. We are downright outrageous. So much for promising to keep WhatsApp walled off from rest of Facebook. They made it seem like nothing’s changing now only because data sharing with Facebook had already begun in the policy update in 2016, only then there wasn’t a momentum for switching away from big tech. No point in sticking with you when Signal keeps messages encrypted PLUS no metadata logs, let alone sharing. There’s still a massive user base now on WhatsApp but won’t be long, at least not for privacy conscious users. After all the same founder of WhatsApp made Signal too. Facebook ruins everything it touches. Learn the lessons

Piece of advice. In your next update, you should include a search option in the community section. People would be able to search for communities around them with also already having the option to create one. For example : The search could be like ( football community, basketball, hiking, camping, beach, cruising community) and so on.. This would help people find communities where they feel like they belong.

Love it but please add this feature. I really love this app to the extent that I can’t imagine living without it because it’s where I can contact all my friends and relatives who use it very easily! Thank you very much However I’m frustrated that I can’t send videos of large sizes. It’s really frustrating to like a video and benefit from it and then you can’t share it with your lived ones just because of the size limit. So if you could fix that that would be VERY appreciated :)! Thanks again for the lovely app!

Amazing app, but could use some work.. I think whatsapp is great but I’m the camera they could add some filters. Not too many, just stuff like black and white (mono). As well as this they could add a like button on the Status section. So even if you don’t want to comment, you can still like it. This is so the person knows that you liked the image or whatever. Because when you see the views on your status you don’t know if people actually liked it or not. But over all it is a great app. Especially because you can see if someone has read your message or not.

Need to be add very important feature. Hii, WhatsApp i want to suggest that please add a new feature to check a particular date chat in this feature we can check any information from our chat which i had before a month. In the absence of this feature sometimes we want a information which we have shared via chat with someone or we want it immediately but it takes too much time to find. So, it will be easy to find if just open a particular chat and search a particular date and get all within a min. I am looking forward for this update. Thanks

Great but…. Read the review. Ok a few things. I love this app it’s amazing for me to text my family and friends. However when I don’t have much storage left it shuts me out of the whole app. The other day I was in a sticky situation and needed to message a friend on WhatsApp who I can’t message on normal message apps. But I didn’t have much storage and it had locked me from the whole app so I couldn’t message her until I deleted so many photos. Another feature which would be a great add on to the app would be timed texts. If you don’t know what I mean by that I mean messages that you can choose when you want to send them by putting them ons timer and they send at that later time. Thank you.

Fantastic and would recommend!. Wow! I was honestly very surprised when I got this app that it was going to be this useful and fantastic! I would never not recommend this app to all of you! This app is great for these times especially because you can still talk to friends and family! CoronaVirus is terrible so talking to your friends on This is great! Would recommend to everyone! I would say 7+ for this app! If your parents are worried about this app for you then show them this comment! This app is great for all ages! Recommend by...

Excellent app for communication. All the features are perfect. One kind request. We need an option where it will enable the admin in a whatsapp group to block a particular troubling contact number. Incident: few teachers have created a group to share the educational details the link was shared publicly. One unknown person joins using that link and keeps on sharing bad irritating information and links. But no one is able to block that contact including the admin. If there is a option to sort this it will be great. Thanks ☺️☺️☺️

It needs to have iPad cross platform. I love this app, I didn’t use it a while ago but I really think it’s great. I recommended it to a friend and she got it to and also like it. But I only have one problem it doesn’t allow iPads to get the app. Now I have a phone but at the moment I want to be able to use my iPad which for starters has a much bigger screen and allows for more movement. Even when u tried to use an airdrop to try to get it on my iPad it didn’t work. I think getting it on iPad would be great and then my other friends can also get it cause most of them use iPads

Encryption - end to end. WhatsApp provides great platform for communication for individuals and groups - most users I know believe it is vaulted both ways ie end to end but this is not the case - my understanding that encryption can be lifted in Australia to various authorities on ‘ national security ‘ interests under issuance of a warrant - the trouble is warrants so issued - it is my belief - are handed out like lollipops - without due diligence and consideration for the principles of a Parliamentary Democracy, Rule of Law and Privacy and the consequences when interested authorities abuse the powers so invested in them !

Great app!. I think the app is great, but when I look at the messages it has grey and blue ticks, 2 grey ticks means that it has been delivered and 2 blue ticks means that it has been read. The only thing I think they should improve the app is to make as many blue ticks there is as people. Eg. if I have a group chat of 8 but only 5 people have read my text then it should have 5 blue ticks, but if all of the people in my group chat have read it they should make it one tick but another colour like red or something so I know that everyone has read it. But other then that I think this app is Awesome

Great for home and International. Works off your phones data plan if you don’t hook to wifi. Data rates will apply as per your phone plan so if you use up your data you will be be charged. When you go international always make sure there is available free wifi and hook to it prior to using Whatsapp, that way you won’t use up your data plan (which happens really quick when outside your own country) and there won’t be any charges. It’s the only app I use when I travel.

Worst Support of any application. I have emailed to support that in iphone i am getting two different ringtone like for voice call and for video call i am getting two different ringtone and there is no option to change them because video call tone is so scary which i never set and I can’t change it even though i change my ringtone in settings but still it is not changing. When I emailed the support they told me to change message tone 😤 they didn’t even listen to my problem even i have emailed them back and they told we already have gave you solution please refer to it. How come this big messengers company lack in support for user Very disappointed 😔

Problems with iphone12. I’ve just updated from my iPhone 6 to an iPhone 12. I never had any problems phoning friends overseas on the iPhone 6 but having tried to phone someone in another country this weekend,I could not get through and I don’t know what it said because a message appeared very briefly on the screen before I could even take a screenshot. How can I address this to allow me to communicate with my overseas friends and family with WhatsApp? Normally, I would give this a very high rating but from going to something simple on my older iPhone to now an issue, has just been very frustrating. I have tried to address the problem but it has been very time-consuming and unsuccessful.

WhatsApp review. To WhatsApp, I love the app and it's a great way to communicate and talk to friends. I can message my friends and family with this app. I think there are a couple of improvements but none that I can think of!! It would be AWESOME if you could message without wifi but I know that will never happen sadly.😭 If you do end up making it able to use WhatsApp without wifi I'll always use WhatsApp because not everyone has data. Thanks

Additional feature?. Hi developers! WhatsApp is super useful, it’s my go-to messaging platform. I use it almost daily, and have rarely ever had problems with it. Clean, simple, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing interface, WhatsApp is great in a lot of ways. One of my issues with WhatsApp, however great it may be, is that the features regarding image sending and editing is extremely simple. I understand that you don’t want to make it too complicated, it is a messaging platform and not an art platform after all. However, I’ve noticed that when trying to mark up images and draw on them I’ll often have a particular colour that I used that I want to reuse, but there is no tool to grab a colour and use it again, and this has been quite frustrating. I’m not saying that you should incorporate extravagant colour pickers or a way to save old colours, that’s unnecessary. I just think it would be extremely beneficial to include a button (perhaps an eye dropper) below the colours that you can use to pick colours from an image or previous lines to match. I’d really appreciate your consideration, as I think it would be very useful. :) Thanks

BIGGG ISSUE. First of all, the whastapp customer support is close to NONE. Horrible customer service. The BIG ISSUE is that there is no number/account safety. You can loose your number so quickly, i change my simcard because im in an area that i need another simcard and in the time of 3hours i lost my 4 years account with all my clients loosing a lot of money. When i try to comunicate this with support was imposible. They didn’t even gave me the chance to set an automatic message to my chats or contacts that i was changing number, i didn't even want to change number! Just the sim card for signal. I changed simcards 3 times since i had that account. Now is lost there is a teenager girl on my profile picture talking with my former contacts. If there is any other company there that lunch something similar to whatsapp there and some of my friends are using it, i will switch in a heartbeat.

Update has caused a horrible experience. I am always using whatsapp for chats and calls on a daily basis. The new update has caused a lot of issues. 1. Calls sometimes get cut off for absolutely no reason. 2. Pictures will not show up properly if you send them at the same time as you are on a video call with someone 3. The type box will sometimes disappear and you have to scroll down for it to reappear. 4. The screen will disappear just like when you are on a call and it goes black when your ear is on the screen but it happens in all instances as long as the app is open. I could just have the app open and hover my hand over the speaker area and the screen goes black which is kind of annoying really when im not actually talking to someone. A few other minor things too but they are the main ones. I love Whatsapp and like I said, I use it several several times a day so I would appreciate if you could update it again with those issues fixed. Thanks

Great app. I’ve been using WhatsApp for about a year now and I absolutely love it. It’s great with you’re overseas because I went to the US last year and it was great to text me friends from the other side of the world. I love the multiple FaceTime feature and the status one. I really hope you could make the background options better but I don’t mind as I use my own. I love WhatsApp and before I used Viber which was similar but WhatsApp honestly is better!

Great app. Needs more archiving options.. I love this app to keep in contact with overseas friend and family. It would be great to be able to permanently archive an active group chat. Turning off notifications and muting the chat helps as long as you’re not actually using the app. However if you’re using it the number of messages still appears next to the chat and the chat always stays at the top of your list. The only other way to not see the chat is to leave the group which can be awkward. Please make this a feature in the next version. And also a way to organise chats under different categories/tabs would be awesome.

Whatsapp update experience. When you alert your customers that there is a new version, and the current version is about to expire, and you provide a hyperlink for the customer to press thinking that it will take them to the AppStore to update said version, please ensure that link actually works in redirecting customers to the AppStore to update the app. Instead, all it did was exit the app and customers then needed to open AppStore and search for the app… Really frustrating and not helpful. Please improve the experience for the next one.

When used for good and not evil is a great communication tool. The old saying ‘it takes two to tango’ sums up my stance regarding using this app.. although it may be used slightly out of context, my experience has highlighted that the messaging/responses/and sometimes forwarded conversations or even altered images really can’t beat a face to face conversation (IRL or video chat if you must). Dealing with another 3 or 4 understudy’s in the wings, idling the shadows (like a peeping Tom, Mark or {insert name here} highlights both the good and bad points of some of the security features in place within Whatsapp. Suppose that’s what I signed up somehow in the fine print of terms and conditions. 🤫🤓🤪

Enable Poll Function and Deletable Unread Message. Thank you WhatsApp! It has been such a great tool for communication so far, I thought that it would be great if a poll function can also be integrated in the group chat — especially useful when trying to organise event etc so people can quickly choose the dates etc... or the going or not going rsvp function like we have in Facebook messenger? Also is it possible to have unread messages to be deletable forever for all recipients? It seems that it is currently only deletable within certain minutes after its being sent?

Needs an Apple Watch app!. Calls through WhatsApp do not work on Apple Watch. I cannot tell who is calling me which forces me to take my phone out of my pocket to see who is calling. When my phone is on silent this can be rather annoying as I may miss the call entirely. Even Facebook Messenger has the same problem even though it has an Apple Watch app! This could probably be solved by sending a simple notification to the Notification centre when phone calls are being received. If possible, a Garmin-watch-like system would be nice with options to decline or answer calls. I’m not sure if that’s possible with Apple’s SDK but I’d at least like to see simple notifications.

Another way to steal the information. I was in remote area and was off from Facebook and what’s app for 15 days as soon as return from trip I called my wife and talked about a Red Camera hire , I never search about renting this item on internet just had a phone discussion on whatsapp , as soon as i hung up and opens Facebook after 15 days I start getting sponsored post about renting Red camera in my local area , I was shocked. Then I made another call on whatsapp to my friend and talked about completely different item , and guess what got the same items advertisements on fb. So they are legally or illegally hearing your so called encrypted conversations and selling your data. Bunch of thugs

Standard helpful feature missing - please consider implementing. Whatsapp is my go to for communicating with friends & family around the world. The most & only annoying thing is that once you open the app the unopened messages notification badge disappears so it is easy to miss unread messages (whether unopened or marked unread). All other apps keep the notification minus those messages you have dismissed. I would love for this to be improved by the development team as it decidedly makes the app less user friendly & less helpful.

Spam has become a big problem. I’ve used WhatsApp for years and it has helped me to keep in touch with friends and family across the globe. But over the last 6 months I’ve received various spam messages from unknown numbers. The messages are in perfect English and the profile photo is always a young Asian woman. Most people I know in Australia (partner, family & friends) are experiencing the same thing. It’s getting out of hand. My partner and I just received an identical message, only the number was different, both profiles included a photo of a young (different) Asian woman. If WhatsApp doesn’t do something to stop this I won’t continue to use what was once an almost perfect app/experience.

Big bugs. Yooo….Whats happening with WhatsApp on iPhone…Specifically when you end the voice call but it still stay on top of the screen, even though you cant make a call until you close WhatsApp and turn it on..Sometime when your using fb and WhatsApp noti come and you open it…... You know what there in between my chats???????????????? Nothing bcz i cant see anything the screen is whole black…..Then turn WhatsApp off ::::On again……Even when sometime it ask you 2SVCode when you swap from another to WhatsApp the keyboard never appears……..If it was bug in my phone then it would be with other apps too… but this time its just WhatsApp…

Great app! Available on more devices please?. WhatsApp is honestly one of my favorite ways to text my friends and there’s very few bugs. It’s a great quality app and I’ve had it for about 3 months now and I haven’t had any problems that weren’t fixed by an update. The only downside is that I recently broke my phone and can’t see the screen at all but I don’t have the money for a new phone just yet, it would honestly be great if it was possible to have WhatsApp expand to iPad and iPod just to make it easier for people that can’t get it because they don’t have a phone or their phones are currently broken. Please expand this to more devices. Thx

Great but.... Great app but I hate how when I go into the app because someone has messaged me - wether I click on the message or not it would the little 1 that says I have 1 new message disappears. If I forget to open the message - because the one disappears I forget and don’t open the message. I had a message from 3 months ago. I opened the app to do something g unrelated to the message. But because I OPENED the app NOT the message itself- the little notification disappeared. I didn’t remember till recently that I had this message. Please fix this-

Latest update malfunction. Hi First of all, would like to say great app, brings the family and friends closer. I am really enjoying this app and thankful for that. But after latest update, my app won’t show any notifications and I won’t know any messages or call until I open the app. I tried changing the notifications settings and reverting back to default, yet there is no change. If you could please find me a solution, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks.

Add a ‘like’ button, give option of prioritising some notifications over others. It would be really great if you could use an emoji /thumbs up etc symbol to agree to someone. Instead, if you’re in a big group, you get every tiny boring notification just because someone needed to show they agreed with something, when you could have had just something like a ‘like’ button. The consonant notifications in group chats are very annoying. I know you can mute, but you never know if something is important or not until you’ve read it. If you made a like button and then an option to mute notifications for reactions (likes, dislikes etc), it would make this app a lot better, thank you.

Change the default setting of automatically downloading all images into your photo album for on iOS. This feature has been one of the most annoying aspects of WhatsApp. Everytime you download WhatsApp on your device, you are always subject to the default settings when saving your data on your device One of this features is how by default WhatsApp will download any image or video shared in any conversation which you are apart of into your camera roll photo album. This results in images and video which I do not possess appearing into your camera roll. The reason why I don’t like this is because you are not in control of what people share and it doesn’t mean you want their content saved in your camera roll. It’s particularly annoying with GIFs or Memes which are not actually funny and rather offensive. I would like Facebook INC to change this feature to do not download all images and video from conversation as the default preference.

Can you please explain. When we have to update whatsapp how come we go on the App Store and it says this app does not updating I don’t know if this is only my phone or this happens to some one else but could you please fix this and also when our phone is ringing why do we have to open whatsapp to answer a call why can’t we just answer the call outside of whatsapp Overall your app is amazing but if you could fix these things then I would be very grateful

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Where’s dark mode?. It works fine. But where’s dark mode? Surely it can’t take this long to implement it? The app sticks out like a sore thumb.

Privacy Policy. It’s not new for any social media app for Data collection but, whatsapp should have give a option to opt that it didn’t.

New privacy agreement. Please comment on new privacy regulation. Why so much sharing of information feel like our messages, data, all the information is not safe on whats ap.

Overreaching privacy policy. Asks for far to much personal information.

Complaint about the new privacy policy. The new privacy policy requires every user to share their data with Facebook and they don’t have an option to opt-out! We have the right to decide what data we want to share and what we don’t! I know WhatsApp is a very widely used application but what Facebook is doing is not right!

Worst app, and data stealer. I’m a what’s app user since 2012. I’m uninstalling now bcz they trying steal my data and share with Facebook. Don’t install this app.

What's Up with WhatsApp?. Current version is crashing to Home screen repeatedly.

Invasive much?!. I don’t even use Facebook and don’t want them to have any of my info....ever!

Recently very buggy. This app has disconnected my account more than 10 times in the last 2 days. Very inconvenient and I can't seem to figure out why it's doing so. My chat background images have also been reset so I'm guessing it was from a recent update but I didn't get any notifications.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thanks WhatsApp team.....

Oct 30th still waiting for dark mode. Where is dark mode? Why is it not compatible with ios native dark mode and why does the app not have an in app dark mode toggle? Did Whatsapp miss the global memo?

Facebook: It’s not my job to make your business model work. Simple: my data is mine. You forcibly make me disclose it to serve your business model? I’m not a vehicle to make you more money. Everyone - use “signal” if you want an iMessage alternative.

Privacy thieves. With this new and stupid decision to crap on our privacy. Goodbye WhatsApp and goodbye Facebook altogether

New update Terms and Privacy Policy. I uninstalled the app. I don’t want to share anything from WhatsApp to Facebook.

Dark mode on ios 13. Apple has introduced dark mode in iOS 13. Pls implement dark mode functionality in WhatsApp too that can get controlled by the OS level feature.

Cut Ties With Oppressors. Switching to better alternatives like Signal. Whatsapp and it’s connection to Facebook’s deal with Jio in India supports those that oppress of minorities - this is not something I can support.

Pure crap’ fact that we have to deal with fb as well. I’m annoyed that WhatsApp data is being shared on Facebook, some of us like privacy what kind of nonsense is that.

Recommendation. One annoying thing with whatsapp is the absence of control over accepting a group invitation. Anyone can create a group and add you , giving you no choice to accept or decline . Additionally, the option to block a group just like u block a single user should be available.

Not secure. It is not secure

WhatsApp. I love WhatsApp so much I would recommend it to everyone I give it 5 star rating for chatting app’s

Emojis. I think this app is WONDERFUL! But there is some emojis missing, for exemple the GIRAFFE emoji! Some people like me, love giraffes! So please, can you make an emoji giraffe?

Great policy. With the addition of their updated policy where they sell all user info to their daddy Zucky, Whatsapp/Facebook are now the worst app an individual can have. Absolutely disgraceful

The same stupid thing of every month. Lots of updates every week for nothing, this is the same app since beginning. Don’t update it anymore if you do not have absolutely nothing to update.

Security Updated???. Your most recent update, which was supposed include the security update following the NSO group spyware and rolled out Monday May 13/19, makes no mention of it. I am aware Facebook (who owns Whatsapp) has made a server-side change to address this significant security breach however I would like to be informed/assured that the latest Whatsapp update rolled out does in fact address this serious issue.

Dual account support for iPhone XS/ xs max. Please bring in options to run two accounts on 1 phone as the phone is dual sim itself

Could not pass initial setup. Cannot send SMS to my phone. This really deserves O stars

Unsafe. Facebook introduces a new mandatory update to give away even more data of yourself that they can sell. Disgusting.

Worst privacy policy. I don’t want you to share my data with any other app, I am going to uninstall your app!

I have request. I love WhatsApp It is wonderful but i want to brink dark mode in the new version of whatsapp Please bring dark mode in new version Thank you

Facebook data grab. On the 8th of Jan 2021 Facebook changed the terms of service for existing users with a popup that went no way to describing the massive data grab (Facebook now have access to your contacts, numbers etc) that users were promised wouldn’t happen when they acquired the app.

Compromising personal data.. Compromising personal data without consent.

Terrible abuse of power. You should be ashamed

Go to hell :). Thanks to the new privacy policy, we are done with the most boring messengers app in the world!

Needs dark mode. This app seriously needs the option for dark mode. How does it not already. Please update this app to have it. It took apple a long time to finally develop a dark mode option yet it’s taking even longer for this app. It’s almost 2020, get with the times.

No support for dark theme. Support iOS 13 dark theme.

Delete it NOW!. Whatsapp is selling your data and using your private chats and photos for god knows what delete it and move to signal NOW

Missed Call. New updated.. I cannot receive missed call notification...

Privacy concerns. Unfortunately, cannot continue given the new privacy terms coming into effect on Feb 8th.

No more privacy. Great and amazing experience until the new privacy policy comes in effect which gonna snatch privacy Starting switching to other app

Recommendation. Bring the dark mode in whatsapp too....!!!!!!

Morally bankrupt. Facebook's privacy policy is incrementally getting worse and eroding user trust. I don't wany personal messaging to be used for Facebook's advertising or their shady agenda of political manipulation.

Harvest personal data. The latest update will harvest all your personal data to facebook

No Privacy. After I had to accept them getting my contact info, locations and all that stuff I deleted it. I’m not on any social media platform except for Signal now. At least Signal stays encrypted and doesn’t want my info.

Facebook Is Spying on You. WhatsApp is no longer viable for privacy purposes. They’re going to start collecting your metadata as of Feb 2021.

Now shares data with Facebook. The new policy change has user data shared with Facebook. I suppose it was inevitable, but a hard pass for me. Uninstalled.

DARK MODE PLEASE IOS 13. Please can we get a dark mode for iOS 13 ASAP

Facebook ruined it. Was great, but sharing data with Facebook is a no from me.

Absolutely deplorable terms of service. Monolithic companies like this must be shut down. No reason for a user to trust them anymore.

Serious Privacy Concerns. WhatsApp is a great app for keeping in touch with family and friends. It's also great when you want to veg out and watch inane videos. All good. Auction: if you work with vulnerable people or sensitive information, you really need to pay attention to the data WhatsApp collects, uploads to their servers, or shares. Also, using WhatsApp means using Facebook as well. Be guided. Inform yourself. Read the terms of service. It is unbelievable that they can do some of what they do on an Apple device.

Zero stars. Zero stars for forcing us to share data with Facebook. Switching to Signal after 10+ years with WhatsApp. What a shame!

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Looooooooooooove it!!!!. I absolutely love WhatsApp. I’ve been using it for a little bit over 2 years but have known about it for a little longer than that. I first started using it when me and my brother travelled over sees for the first time and wanted to keep in contact with our family back home everyday so they would know we were ok. I immediately fell in love. I love the fact that you can text, call(both voice calls and video chats) and send pictures for free (regardless of where you are in the world), which saves you a lot of money. One of the things I like the most is that you can send a lot of pictures at a time, whereas you have a limit with regular text messages. I will definitely be using WhatsApp for a LONG time😊

Not working since last update. My app is not working since the last time I updated it, it keeps saying that it needs to recover de chats but when it gets to 10% says it failed, I hit try again and it happens all the times I try. But sometimes when I open the app, it opens all my chats normal, I can even text some people, but then a few moments after it happens all over again and stay stucked at the recover data page. I use whatsapp to work, I have all my chats and people I need to talk to over there, I can’t erase the app and download it back cause if I do it, I will lose everyting, but at the same time it doesn’t work, I need help from the support to help me fix it please!

iPhone X individual wallpaper still doesn’t work. I have the latest version of WhatsApp on my iPhone X with the latest iOS 15 as of writing this review. Since the individual chat wallpaper feature was introduced back around December 2020, it has yet to be available on my iPhone X, despite it working properly on my old iPhone 6. I contacted customer support regarding the issue multiple times but they send me unrelated emails referring to internet connection issues and other random stuff before finally replying many emails later, that this will be fixed in a future update; a few months later, the feature is still missing. Very disappointed. Other than this issue, the sticker packs are nice when texting and the app overall is quick and responsive. 3/5

Review. I hope the developers see this review and like it. I’ve always love WhatsApp. The app is really convenient and it has slog of options to personalize each message thread and profile. What I believe is missing is more control of who can video or voice call a person. There should be an option to block random phone calls. Maybe have an option to set a time frame of when and when not receive video or voice calls. Maybe also add an option of “never” or only allow calls from saved contacts. Lastly, I think that if you have contacts, the contact phone that is set for that person should instead of a profile photo. Not a lot of users puts a profile picture.

No IPad Version Forcing Me Out. I love whatsapp, I use it to connect with all my friends and family around the world. But, as the owner of a design company, the app has hit a brick wall on what I thought was our forever stroll into the sunset. Im currently digging around to figure out which app to switch to because whatsapp is not at all compatible with my iPad. As a design company, the iPad is the ultimate tool for design communication. For my international team we use WhatsApp to communicate, but it doesn’t work for iPad. I know there’s a clunky third party web version, but Im looking for something smooth and easy. I know these reviews fall on deaf ears, but in general it seems a little absurd for the biggest messaging app in the world to not have an iPad version. This affects me daily and it’s pushing me away from this app. Looks like it’s gonna be slack or signal for us moving forward…

Love WhatsApp!!!. This is the most user friendly texting App! It is so easy to send messages, videos, phone calls, voice messages, use voice to send texts and stay in touch with other individuals and groups with chats and broadcast lists. It’s SOO versatile. This is the main way of communicating for most countries outside the US. We lived in Ireland and Panamá for the last 13 years and all those people and the surrounding countries use it. It’s so wonderful. We hope the US will catch on soon!! We use it for our families, friends, and prayer support groups. The school use it with official and unofficial class chats, staff chats and important school info, including emergency schools messages are sent there as well, because everyone has it! I love the search features to find important info and the ability to star favorite texts and photos that I don’t want erased. The ability to slide a message or photo over and make a comment on it is brilliant. Copy, pasting and forwarding is so easy too. As I try to communicate on messages and Facebook, I get frustrated with it’s limitations. I so prefer WhatsApp! Thank you, WhatsApp, for doing a great job!

Review of WhatsApp:. I have hugely depended upon WhatsApp during the last five years for regular and semi regular communication with my aging English relatives all of whom but one have now passed away. In the last few times I’ve tried to contact her through WhatsApp, I have received a rather cryptic notice that my account was on the verge of being closed down. I’m afraid that I will not be able to get a copy of a list of my contacts once my account gets closed down—and I want to know the reason why it is looming on the foreground and can I do anything to prevent it from happening? My cousin doesn’t have long to live—and this has been our only way to communicate.

Please adjust the chat pattern. In as much as WhatsApp is a great app and I enjoy it please I will that you adjust the chat pattern and I will explain why. Each time I get about 80 messages and I choose to reply in descendant order (from button to the top) I got to realize that after sending a message WhatsApp brings me back to the top which I have to take some time to scroll back down to where I started from instead of just clicking on the next message after the one I replied honestly it’s stressful doing that when you have loads of messages and you want to reply first to the people who sent earlier. Secondly please try as much as possible to include PIN MESSAGES. It helps alot for groups as a good reminder to some relevant Announcement. Also the like button or comment button will be highly appreciated for groups. I HOPE YOU GET TO READ MY MESSAGE AND ADD SOME IMPROVEMENTS WITHOUT FINDING MY WORDS OFFENSIVE. Thank you WhatsApp and I appreciate your app.

Pretty good, but there are some things that bother me.. I really like that this app allows me to speak to anyone that is available on here without having to worry about paying some huge fee if it is someone overseas. However, there are a few issues I have with this: 1. I am not sure if this is just my connection, but whenever I am in a video or voice call, I often find that it keeps disconnecting me from the call and a lot of times, I cannot hear the other person. 2. The thing that really bothers me when it comes to calling others on here is that if the connection gets screwed up, I will constantly hear this loud beeping sound, which gets very annoying after a while. What I personally suggest would be to have it where it doesn't beep so loud. Some could say that I am just sensitive to that, but I find that even if the volume is very low, the beeping can be quite loud, while I can barely hear the one I am talking to on the line. Again the constant disconnecting could be because we are in 2 different countries or it could be my internet speed. The thing that I would really like to see change is definitely removing that assinying beeping sound!

App not allowing chats with new numbers. I have not given Whats App permission to access to my contacts. Thus the process of initiating a new chat involves typing out the telephone number of the messaging partner. However, recently, no new chats can be initiated as What’s App keeps giving an error message, after entering the messaging partners number, “number is not on what’s app”- when it clearly IS registered. Tried this on more than one device where I‘m using what’s app (and no contact access granted). I cannot help wondering if this is some sly manner to force users who haven’t granted the app access to contacts, to force them to do so? As I have no plans to grant the App access, if it’s not resolved I’ll be uninstalling the app. Signal is a superior product I’ve been using (from the days of Text Secure!) in any case, just the user base of WA is larger- for the moment anyway. WA- it would be advisable to address this matter, your privacy issues are hard to bat away but this is a total deal breaker.

Common sense?. So I recently received a phone from a friend of mine and bought a SIM card from Walmart on prepaid to activate it on AT&T network. When I did I began receiving text messages about the previous number owner so I called and changed my number. Afterwards I had two asian customer service representatives call me, and when I explained the circumstances of what happened in my life over the last year, they hung up on me. Today I went to create a Facebook account with my new number and it is linked to my new number but wouldn’t you thinkAn app that’s based for secure communications, would also be kind of working with a cell phone company to be notified when a number of changes from one person to another to help Prevent identity theft?!? I’ve had nothing but problems with Meta and also Facebook for years misusing my personal information… Literally it helped people like Bryan Kohberger stalk me… where is your sense of accountability?

They don’t value YOUR privacy.. Whatsapp new private policy is basically sharing all your info to facebook, it wouldn’t be shocking that they were doing it all along without telling us. Money hungry corporations want to sell our information and not value our privacy. That’s why Telegram and Signal has received record numbers of new daily users, we’re all witnessing the death of Whatsapp and the birth of a new messaging app that actually values our privacy. Since Facebook has bought Whatsapp, Whatsapp has been a app of full controversy but also a app that is lagging behind new innovation, WiFi Calls are laggy even though your WIFI is strong, and fiber internet. Even though your on a 5G+ Coverage and Whatsapp WiFi calling still lags and disconnects. Whatsapp needs new updates and new innovation and improve their service and most importantly improve their “encrypted” connection and if they care, our privacy. They won’t do any of it, just move to Telegram or Signal, and these apps are GREAT.

Unexpectedly Easy, Love the Encrytion. My title pretty much says it all. I hold out on downloading this for a long time because I had for some reason imagined it would be really complicated. It simply could not have been easier to figure out. There is nothing to figure out. It is simple and intuitive. And I am thrilled with the announcement that all messages are now encrypted. And free international calling? I had no idea that was a feature. I wish I had known this when I travel to Europe it would have a lemonade it the whole saga of getting international Sim card and figuring out how to connect etcetera. Also, now I will never again have to glitchy Skype with my cousins in Colombia! Highly recommend this app. I guess I did have more to say than the title.

Lost everything after restore. I had to restore my iPhone for unrelated issues to wattsapp. When I restored with the Apple support on the line at the time everything looked OK then when I try to get back to WhatsApp I reloaded the chat that was being saved monthly and it went back to a chat three months ago so I’ve lost a lot of important stuff that was happening recently the chats groups that I was connected to have now disappeared and I have to try and figure out how to get back to them . the system complains about connectivity so I don’t know if it’s a connectivity issue and I have no information from the support what good is a vital form of communication when I can’t get it up and running I feel right now I’m letting people down in some of my groups where I was an important member I’m rather disappointed

Mixed feelings. WhatsApp is incredibly user-friendly, and I appreciate it as such. I wish I could give full 5 stars, but due to the nature of the lack of account recovery options available when the worst happens, I can’t. I’ve lost two accounts entirely now because there’s been no way to recover the SIM card or phone number to transfer data, even after a back up. You would think that such a necessary messaging app would at the very least add a back up email recovery option or SOMETHING. I’d really like to avoid setting up a brand new account every time I’m forced to change my phone number for reasons outside of my control. Aside from this sub-par service, everything else works smoothly so far (transitioning to iPhone). Until this is addressed, I can’t give a full 5 stars.

It’s an awesome app but....... I love the app okay. I use this app to meet new people all over the world but one thing that i hate well make it two. One of them is the quality of the pictures and videos you post on your story. I upload and share high quality videos and pictures but when you post them to the app it makes everything low quality. It’s so annoying and second is the video duration. 30 seconds it’s too short. I want to oust some fun and funny videos but in order to do that i have to cut it in to pieces which is annoying. WhatApp should make a video last at least 3 minutes. Please read this team WhatsApp I enjoy your app but these two things need to be fixed. Thanks

No Free Samsung to iPhone switch. I wish WhatsApp would actually verify your number and log you back onto your account instead of making a whole new account once you install the app. Exactly how you would do when using the app on a laptop, computer or tablet, just do the same for another phone. The backup didn’t help at all since Samsung is Google Drive and iPhone is iCloud. I’m using my own phone number for WhatsApp so I don’t see why nothing got transferred except for some groups and even then no messages came with those groups either. Really upsetting and I don’t want to pay programs to transfer my WhatsApp data. The app should be more stable than that. This app has nothing to do with the fact that Samsung and Apple don’t want to work together to make transitions easier.

Great App!. My brother is doing an internship abroad and it would cost an arm and a leg to communicate with international data with where he is. This app makes it so much easier for me to communicate with him! The app does an excellent job providing text, call, and video call options. I mostly use the texting, and it’s awesome because it’s encrypted between you and the other person so no third-parties can have access to it. Another note is that my dad doesn’t have any social media and this app has made it so he can talk to my brother without having to use someone else’s social media or using my mom’s, mine, or my little brother’s phone to contact him. All around great app, and I haven’t had any issues with it.

One start so it can be read. Not sure if this is a problem of iPhone or WhatsApp but there’s an issue that is so annoying. When reading iPhone notifications if you found a WhatsApp notification it doesn’t show if it was a call or a message (if you have show preview disabled). If you click the notification and it was call, then a callback is immediately placed and you don’t want to do that. There should be a way to show you on the iPhone notification if that WhatsApp notification was a call or a message. Hope somebody can pay attention to this. Thanks Update. Apparently after the latest update the problem is not present.

Very very good. I never ever write reviews because who has time for them. But I've started to use WhatsApp a few months ago to talk to family and friends in a different country and it's amazing. In fact almost all of my friends (high school) and cousins and older family members use WhatsApp to talk to one another. It's free and there is no dumb "well the app is free but you have to pay for extra stuff" it's COMPLETELY FREE. I'm able to see when the text delivered, when the other person saw it and if it's a voice message then when they listened to it. You can also replay voice messages. You can also do stories on it like snapchat which is kinda cool. Over all it's really great, it doesn't have glitches and it isn't slow. I 100% would recommend

Update. I have been using WhatsApp for few years now ! Love it ! Yet I have a major issue with this STATUS thing there are some statuses that I’m not interested at all in seeing ( irrelevant , boring etc ) but the friends posting them I actually like them and there is not a tool to be able to remove the status and not being able to see it at all ! Now you can mute them but does not block their statuses at all you keep seeing the freaking status even being mute ! Can you developers make an update where the statuses can be block for certain people without having to block completely the person from WhatsApp please? That would be awesome ! Since muting the status does nothing you still be able to see the status !

It’s a good app but here is how it can be IMPROVED. WhatsApp is a great way for me to keep in touch with my family and friends from around the world. For me, WhatsApp is the go-to app to text my cousins and uncle and aunt in India. The only thing WhatsApp lacks is a WhatsApp iPad app. Other apps like GroupMe have an iPad app. I want to see a WhatsApp iPad app soon. I know that the iPad doesn’t have specific features required for the iPad but there should be a way to have WhatsApp on iPad. I have tried to email the support team about this issue but I got no response! If a WhatsApp iPad app is out of the question, at least optimize WhatsApp for iPad! If there is no WhatsApp iPad app, I may have to delete my account. I would have given it five stars but insisted I have the app a four star rating because of a lack of an iPad app for WhatsApp.

My first time using your Application.. Of course my daughter had to put the application on my iPhone she’s 22yrs. I’m BC ( before Christ )for technology, just not my thing. So my phone rang with the strange ringtone and I push the button and there appears my son, Who I haven’t seen for a year because he’s deployed in Europe in the Army. We had a lot of catching up to do with his career and what I was doing because I’m retired, While we were talking it was just amazing to me to think that he’s halfway around the planet and I’m talking to him live on my iPhone, which was just freaking bloody unbelievable. So I guess technology does have its place, thank you guys for being out there and connecting families all over the world. Sincerely Michael C Lock Retired MPD #3020,Idaho.

Why we can't actually mute a contact?. The only way to silent a contact video call is put the phone into silent mode!!! Why we must silent the phone for just one app? It rings even when we turn on do not disturb!!! Apple says this is a third party app problem and they can't do anything, so I'm asking you! Please fix it! My phone keeps ringing and the problem is WhatsApp. I can't silent this app calls and the only solution is put the phone in silent mode!!! I don't want to miss calls that are made out of WhatsApp, on the other hand, this app won't be silented in any other circumstances. Even after I mute a contact, there is still ringtone when that contact calls and my phone is not in silent mode !!!!

Status Quality. The status feature of WhatsApp is a nightmare - from ruining the quality of pictures to messing up the audio of videos regardless of how long the clip is (30 seconds or less) it is just terrible. It would be great if you could add an audio to your status update - I have and seen other people too create an Instagram story to screen record then upload on WhatsApp. Everything else about the app is fine but this feature is what sets WhatsApp apart from other platforms. I can text, FaceTime or actually call my friends and family on any other app but since I travel a lot, a majority use WhatsApp more than Instagram and Facebook so I can keep them updated and entertained on my status. Since I can share my Instagram stories on Facebook, and so on, it would be nice if I could share it directly to my WhatsApp or create it on my WhatsApp entirely.

Status features up dates. I would love to see WhatsApp up status features options , Now once you and another person have each other number saved we can view each other status which is nice but I think it would be a good idea to have a open status where people can view your updates without having your phone number . Keep the old status option but also add a new option where people can follow you like instagram . ( Overall WhatsApp is great ,it allows billions of people to communicate with their family far in different countries by video or voice without paying for unnecessary long distance phone plan and phone card ) WhatsApp is the best but there’s room to improve

Text font options and dark mode and other fixes. Great app, been using it over the generations from the s40s. But it would be nice to be able to text permanently in italics or bold ; please give us the ability to have that preference as the italics or bold options are more visually appealing for some of us , also please give us a dark mode; the all white is great but it’s messing the eye up low light conditions, it’d be a big upgrade to get a dark mode. Also video quality on WhatsApp statuses are a mess especially when you have poor internet some low data mode option should be able to load snaps seamlessly at a particular speed. Thanks and I’d be hoping to find some of the fixes in the next update. 😝

Not sure what life was like before it. What’s App has been much more useful and valuable than I would have ever imagined, both personally (friends, family) and professionally (working groups, community groups). I’m still baffled why it’s used by so relatively few people in the United States, but in every other country in the world, it’s the #1 App For example, in Costa Rica, 94% of all smart phone users have and use What’s App. I have made the bold argument that if I had to choose between only having email or only having What’s App, I would choose What’s App. One suggestion/improvement that is so very needed. I want to be able to send What’s App in the middle of the night when an idea hits me or I want to remind an employee or group about something important say at 2:21 am, however then I feel bad that I am pinging people’s phones on their nightstands in the middle of the night. From midnight to 6:00 am, I wish I could What’s App and then have it ask me to “deliver now” or deliver say at 7:00 am. I still get done what I have to, but my employees, colleagues or group members don’t feel the middle of the night intrusion

Sticker management. I tried sending an email to your support but it says invalid address so I’m posting it here. Not a complaint but a suggestion. It’s really a suggestion I hope you implement. I have stickers that I can’t download packs for one reason or another so they are all saved in my favorites. I would like to be able to have folders inside my favorite so I can organize them the way I like. (Ie: laughing stickers, baby stickers, hearts, islamic greetings, funny, etc.) I have over 500 stickers in my favorite and I’d like to be able to access them in a speedier way please. So like click favorites then inside favorites have folder options that I can drop stickers I want or click on a sticker and have an option to “move to this folder” kind of a thing. ☺️

Horrible design flaw. WhatsApp has a ridiculous design flaw that needs to be changed immediately. The "Autodownload photos/videos" feature on the iPhone has a severely annoying feature in group chats. While I want things downloaded, I DO NOT WANT THEM ADDED TO MY PHOTO LIBRARY. The reason why is that I was in a large public group, and a spammer joined an started posting porn. This was auto-downloaded, added to my photo library, and then auto-transferred to another photo library. As a result, a spammer ended up adding a bunch of porn to my photo library, which was then uploaded to a second backup, and almost ended up with it uploaded to social media. I had to spend hours clearing multiple libraries of this crap, and I still cannot be 100% sure I got everything. To be clear, I want to be able to see images that the group posts, and I want to be able to download and add them AT WILL. But the automatic addition to my photo library is an insanely stupid feature I never would want.

Starting to hate this. Hey whatsapp it is very important that you guys check out what is going on with this app because recently I’ve been having trouble getting notifications on WhatsApp even calls I can’t even get them when they call me I am getting very tired and I want this issue resolved I just want to let you guys know that when my phone turns off or when the light goes off on the screen and if someone tries to text me or call me does my phone does not ring and I do not receive a notification..... so when I turn on my phone with the home button I really can see the notifications pop up one by one each phone call that I missed pops up as well so what is going on can you please fix this issue please thank you.

I wish it had more personalization... WhatsApp has everything from funny stickers, to keeping updated with status, and been able to chat with your friends, and family. The only thing that it’s missing is more personalization, and better video and photo quality. The only reason why I started using telegram was because of this 2 things, and let me tell you how amazing it was when I got there and my videos and pictures looked amazing when somebody sended them to me. The other thing is the personalization telegram has so many personalization features starting with been able to change chat color, and Ui color, and changing the app icon, and chat background. So please WhatsApp add personalization, and better quality for both photos and videos. We all would be very happy!!

Great Avenue for Communicating. Due to relocation outside of the US, this app has been my “go to” and main source of communicating with family and friends. I have tried other apps similar such as Skype, however his app by far is the best in regards to quality and reliability. I rarely have issues with calls and video chats dropping and the messaging is superb. The picture quality while using video is very clear and although my family and I are thousands of miles away, with the use of this app we are still able to feel a sense of home. If you’re considering this app, I say give it a try, just make sure the ppl who you are trying to stay in contact with have the app as well and you’re good to go!

Bad chat backup system. I’ve been using WhatsApp for a number of years now, lately I’ve been having a lot of issues with chat backups, I have them set to backup weekly, but I find myself having to go back in and press the backup now button because it tells me that a connection error occurred and it couldn’t do the backup, now I’ve lost everything, all my chats, pictures, everything all because the stupid backup wouldn’t load fully, it got stuck at around 36mb out of 900, now I know it’s a lot of data but I haven’t had a problem before with large amounts of data backups, I gave it about two or three days to sort itself out, well it didn’t, I had to erase and redownload the app and when I signed back it, it said that I didn’t have any backups, and now I’ve lost everything I had, I am very upset and will consider a different app if this isn’t fixed

I keep getting kicked out.. I didn’t doTouch the stars above so if says if it says five that was already there.I love the service up until now I’m not sure what’s going on. What time I click on WhatsApp it just disappears. I came to the App Store to see if I need an update but it just says open and when I click on it is gone!Poof!. I wonder if I was being canceled like Facebook,Twitter and other social media companies cancel people who disagree with. Their view point. It happened for a while until one time I was able to get on there and write a message to let a family know what was going on and then it happened again.I surely hope that what’s up I have not joined the other social media companies who are the side to control free speech.

OOPS! Sorry. I was scrolling down the pages in the app and my finger accidentally landed on the stars button for rating What’sApp as I scrolled the page. There’s no way to undo. I rthink I saw one star flash, but it shows three stars, which is at least better, but not enough for What’sApp which does sooo much. Imagine an app that performs so many tasks, avoids so many charges. is not laborious to use, AND is FREE!!! I’ve had other opportunities to rate and have given it 4 stars. That’s the most stars I give unless the app solves an intractable problem, is the only one, or first/best one to do so, and is perfect. Don’t want to dilute the 5 to preserve its value. When I’ve used more of What’sApp I may rate it a 5. It’s close. So if you’re wondering who is the dummy who rated What’sApp an odd 3, it’s me. Sorry.

WhatsApps 1 problem. WhatsApp is a really awesome and fun app my best friend made me download and I had known about WhatsApp for a while before I got it but for some reason I didn’t really get the point. But now I’m so happy I got WhatsApp! I can send video messages and cute stickers to my bffs and to anyone anywhere around the world for FREE! And it doesn’t need as much as reception. Another thing I enjoy about WhatsApp is that I can finally do group face times!!! And since I have an iPhone 6 it doesn’t work on FaceTime, by that I mean whenever I try group face time it never shows any faces so I need WhatsApp. And with all that being said I can probably say this, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE A GROUP CHAT!!! It’s super annoying because I try making group chats and it disappears!!! SO VERY ANNOYING! But that’s the only complaint I have so ya!

Traveling Abroad. Our 17 yr old daughter is in Costa Rica right now, traveling w/a group of other high schoolers for a 10 day trip & ‘Whats App’ has kept us in contact(w/Wi Fi of course)so we don’t have to pay outrageous phone fees. The first night we had a little problem trying to talk on a call; kept cutting us off + there was a delay. So then we tried a video call but we only got to ‘see’ her for a few min before the video went black(we could still talk, but apparently the Wi Fi was weak). •WE JUST got off of a phone call w/her and for the most part there was no problems, but towards the end our call(about 12min), it was breaking up. I would refer the APP to anyone who’s planning on traveling(especially w/kids or teens) so your phone bill doesn’t get jacked up!

Scammers on WhatsApp. Yes it’s a good app I like the app very easy to use the only bad part for blind people it is hard to navigate voiceover on iPhones yes but it’s a good app very fun to use and everything like that but the only problem is you have to slide through all the apps or messages that you have the chats but basically once you get through that and you find the chat you want or you swipe down to the notification and you were see the notification from the person you want physically have them send you the message first then you go to the notification and you by law you have it from there and then you can get it fixed and going from there it’s a good app I’ll give it five stars actually give a nine stars or 12 stars or 15 it’s just a good app and you know it’s seen every day

emanuel. yes, i get to connect with my ex boufridbd who is struggling with alcohol, still. he was in a coma after i had left germany to be back and united with my children here in NY. i thank god that he helped me through my hard times living without my children. i thank god that he gave him a second chance in life. He lives with his mother now in the same building. they owe 2 houses . the other house where his brother stayed and his son came to visit from poland every month. his brother was a drug abuser also, abused by their father for 14 years. he died. i pray for his( rip) tonight before i go to sleep… that he will stay strong by his mothers side and may he and her be blessed through your holy spirit. in your name and our father and the holy spirit. amen 🙏🏼

Great reliable, secure app! Only ONE gripe.... I absolutely love just about everything about your ‎WhatsApp app… And I use it all the time to communicate with my two world traveler daughters (and my son) who are literally spread out around the world. I only have one single gripe with ‎WhatsApp, and it is the ONLY reason that I am rating it four stars instead of five. I do not understand why, (with all of the resources available to the developers of an app like this that is so popular), you do NOT have an iPad version of this app available! Everyone in our family who has an iPhone also has an iPad (and there are many), to allow them to see and manage all of our photos and videos in the larger display format. I do not believe that we are particularly unique out there… Please, get the Apple SDK for iPad, and do the work for Pete’s sake!

Great, but missing one key component. I have been using WhatsApp for years and have never had any issues with it. I’ve really enjoyed the single chat and group chat options, and I appreciate that you can stop a message midway and start listening again where you left off rather than having to always start from the beginning. HOWEVER, I recently purchased an Apple Watch Series 3, and was highly disappointed when I learned that I cannot receive or reply to my WhatsApp messages through it. I use WhatsApp more than any other messaging service, so the fact that they don’t provide an app for the Apple Watch is highly disappointing. I really hope this is something they will reconsider and make changes to quickly. The world is quickly advancing in technology and will only keep moving forward - WhatsApp needs to keep up!

Watsapp incoming voice calls/ video calls not ringing. To be more specific. Currently using iPhone XS (iOS 16.5.1) latest. WhatsApp also the latest version. From past 3 weeks having i am experiencing this: Outgoing calls a working fine and able to send/receive text but If someone call me on watsapp, it won’t notify/ ring. And when the person who is calling hangs up it goes straight to missed call. Watsapp incoming call only ring when either its minimize or open. And yes. I’ve tried everything such as: Reinstall the watsapp Reset the network settings on iPhone Background refresh is ON iPhone is not on DND and not on silent. Notifications are ON Reset Notifications settings on Watsapp Did try watsapp support. Nothing new that i didn’t know abt. Hopefully it gets fixed.

Ripped Off Again On This App. This is the second time being ripped off from this app. And nobody does anything about it. The last one just happened 45 minutes ago when I sent the person $45 that I had in that account. The person lied and gave me the wrong address to pick the product up and so I got scammed out of $45 from this person . I have all her messages and it will show what I’m talking about. The person uses one name on your site in another name on a different site and two different phone numbers. I will include a picture of her phone number and her name. But if you look into this and see in my account and the money I sent her it’s a totally different name . Unfortunately on this review it will not let me post a photo or screenshot.

What’s app. So this app is great I love it! But the only catch is my dad, he won’t let me do anything and if I have something he doesn’t like he will yell at me and sometimes hit me to, for example: I’m not aloud to have friends he hasn’t met and I’m not aloud to talk to the ones he met outside of school, he constantly goes through my contacts and yells at me for the littlest things he treats my all the guys in our family better than the girls, he also controls my mom but she can’t really do anything about it. I don’t know what to do, I know this isn’t relevant to the app but I just want to tell someone, I don’t know what to do about it does anyone have advice? Also this has been going on for years and it’s only getting worse.

Massive improvements, faster development to WhatsApp!. WhatsApp is on a roll! After years of slow development and lack of features, it has improved considerably the last year: Disappearing Messages (7 Days) View Once (disappearing) Archive (to mute groups from disturbing you) Media Upload Quality (option for HD) And more features are incoming: Link Devices, Voice Message improvements and so forth. However, a few more features could improve the app considerably: a /Poll feature for groups so members or work groups can vote. Folders on top of the screen (to differentiate groups or classify them). /Pin more than 3 chats. A new UI to freshen up the app. Otherwise, WhatsApp seems to be on the right track!

Add dark mode in app. Everything is cool, however it would be lovely if WhatsApp had a setting within the app where you have the option to have everything in dark mode. I have an iPhone and in order to have the dark theme on WhatsApp you have to change your overall, general settings for the entire phone meaning every application would then have a dark theme. I don’t necessarily want my entire phone to be on a dark mode; I only want certain apps to have a dark theme (WhatsApp is one of those apps that I want to be in dark mode). So again, WhatsApp should have a setting that makes it possible to switch between light and dark mode, exclusively within the app so users have the choice of having WhatsApp in dark mode without having to have other apps or their entire phone in dark mode.. Thank you!

Great app!. Hello I would recommend this app because it works perfectly. It’s easy to add your contacts. I have been using this for a while now mostly to communicate with relatives but from time to time some close friends. And it’s amazing! Ok so this is for the developer so I have a recommendation could you add a feature on the calls like when your calling somebody could there be a button to where you can share your screen? It would be quite helpful for many people, so it can be very beneficial. Ok, anyways if your thinking of getting this app I totally recommend it. Have a good day! Oh one more thing for the developer this app takes a lot of storage is it possible if you could minimize that? Ok thanks bye!

Notification Preview Update. Hello, I’ve been using WhatsApp for years and it’s great as we all know it, but just today I don’t like the way a message notification appears since I turned off my ‘show preview’. It will usually show the contact name who sent me a message without knowing what he or she sent to me about, but right now I’m having an issue where the notification only shows ‘message’ and it doesn’t tell who sent me a message and of course I don’t know what’s in the message since I turned off the preview from my settings, but I really don’t like what’s going on, if this is an update, please I’m really hoping WhatsApp could do something to make it like what was it before, thank you, I would really appreciate if anything is done.

Love it but add filters. I love this app. Everyone in my family uses it and it’s a great way to connect with people all around the world. I love status updates too. The only suggestion I would make is I think WhatsApp should also add filters for the photo button along with lenses a lot like Snapchat. I think that would be rlly cool and I’d be looking forward to seeing how that would look like. Ok so I changed this recently. WhatsApp was working just fine until now. Whenever I open WhatsApp, and I’ve tried restarting my phone multiple times, it crashes and the volume button shows up and starts to flash and do really wierd stuff and it blocks my sight and won’t turn off. But whenever I go back to close the app suddenly my screen is working all fine. So obviously it’s a problem with WhatsApp and I’m really unhappy right now so pls change it I really don’t want to stop using it. As soon as u fix this I will make it 5 stars again

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 23.19.86
Play Store net.whatsapp.WhatsApp
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application WhatsApp Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 04 May 2009, Monday and was developed by WhatsApp Inc. [Developer ID: 310634000]. This program file size is 189.92 MB. This app has been rated by 12,489,479 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. WhatsApp Messenger - Social Networking app posted on 29 September 2023, Friday current version is 23.19.86 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: net.whatsapp.WhatsApp. Languages supported by the app:

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WhatsApp Messenger App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• You can now send higher resolution images in chat. To get started, tap the ‘HD’ button when previewing media before sending. • Screen sharing is now supported in video calls. Start a video call and tap on the new “screen share” button to get started. These features will roll out over the coming weeks. Thanks for using WhatsApp!

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