WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business [Business] App Description & Overview

A simple tool for businesses to talk to their customers. — WhatsApp Business from Facebook

WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business.

If you have separate business and personal phone numbers, you can have both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger installed on the same phone, and register them with different numbers.

In addition to the features available in WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business includes:

• BUSINESS PROFILE: Create a profile for your business to help your customers find valuable information — like your website, location, or contact information.

• BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS: Be more responsive to your customers by using Away messages to indicate that you're away.

• LANDLINE/FIXED NUMBER SUPPORT: You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number and your customers can message you on that number. During verification, select the “Call me” option to receive the code over a phone call.

• RUN BOTH WHATSAPP MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP BUSINESS: You can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone, but each app must have its own unique phone number.

• WHATSAPP WEB: You can more efficiently respond to your customers right from your computer's browser.

WhatsApp Business is built on top of WhatsApp Messenger and includes all the features that you rely on, such as the ability to send multimedia, free calls*, free international messaging*, group chat, offline messages, and much more.

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.*


We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at smb-iphone@support.whatsapp.com

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WhatsApp Business Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Create, share, and print QR codes to enable customers to launch a conversation with you. Go to Business Tools > Short Link > QR Code to access your QR code. * Share your catalog and item links on any digital platform to enable customers to discover your products and services. Go to Business Tools > Catalog to learn more.

WhatsApp Business Comments & Reviews

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- Application wouldn’t open after updating to the new version

I updated this application and it wouldn’t open again, this is my business WhatsApp. Now I am frustrated because I have lots of business associates sending me messages there.

- Re: WhatsApp Messaging

Hello, I am also enjoying WhatsApp Business I just don’t know what to do on it & do you even know people use the app WhatsApp! if so, then let’s me know who uses it because I use it sometimes & do you know what WhatsApp is. I’m trying to realize it’s a messaging app I believe to say & I would love to know what WhatsApp Business is for. Have a great day

- Faulty

I keep downloading and it's not coming at all

- Top What’s soo Business

Very nice I hope you keep make more improvement

- Problem

Hi I’ve just updated my app but it won’t load but before that i could use it properly Why did it happen and how should i fix it ???

- Security

Adding a security (pin code) etc feature wouldn’t be bad update

- best


- Cleaning business.

Absolutely good, I love it , let everyone know about my business.and I let people know about it.

- Verified Account and APN

We loved WhatsApp but I have filled up form to get APN many times, never get response from WhatsApp team. I tried to be verified business account but how is it possible? Really want to grow up. Please help me 🙏🙏

- Business app keeps freezing

I’ve had issues with the app anytime I try to post on my status.. the app froze and it took a while to reconnect, this shouldn’t happen on an iPhone X

- This version is crashing

I can’t restore without crashing after a few min (New iPhone up to date)

- You’re mad my WhatsApp is not working at all. I don’t know why you’re just mad !!!


- Apple Store Accra

This app is really legit but the away message should always be sent whenever someone text no matter what In my conclusion,please add that feature

- Perfect

It perfect for use more than an ever app

- WhatsApp crashes

This App seem not to be able to handle too many contacts and high rate of activities. It keeps crazy when so many messages are coming in at the same time. FIX THE BUG



- I want it to last me to my taste

I love it

- WA Business

WA good safe sight to move around 24/7..

- Excelente Herramienta

Tengo un pequeño restaurant en República Dominicana y es una herramienta que se utiliza para que los clientes puedan visualizar promociones menús responder a los mensajes cuando uno no está atento al teléfono y además este mantiene unas plataformas fácil de utilizar hola Recomendarla ampliamente para cualquier negocio grande o pequeño tener contacto con clientes y empleados

- Whatsapp and Whatsapp business

Whatsapp and whatsapp business freezes and crashes too much for some reasons I don’t seem to understand and it’s very disturbing and inconvenient.. please fix this maybe it has its contact limit or something or y’all will make the status viewing web based

- حذف پيام

سلام و وقت بخير ممنون ميشم يه كاري كنين براي حذف اين پيامها يعني چي آخه مينويسه پيام حذف شد!

- Great Service


- Passcode

Please make a passcode for enter

- Actualización

Actualice mi app y no me permite abrir mi app, cómo podrían solucionar ello

- SarwatHadad


- Hacked

Someone has hacked my WhatsApp and turned my account into a “business account”. In my attempt to recover my account, I received a message saying I need to wait 7 days to potentially reset. Severely dissatisfied.

- Excelente App.

Maravillosa aplicación para negocios. He disfrutado mucho trabajar en ella. Solo le falta que puedas escoger el tipo de moneda, por ejemplo en Venezuela la moneda oficial en Bolívares (Bs.), pero quiero vender en Dólares ($) y de momento no me deja cambiarlo.

- Registration

I can’t get pass registering a number keep saying WhatsApp business not available or network is bad have tried the best network but still nothing please fix and I’ll give five stars

- Pretty cool app

Especially like how I can bounce back between orhers

- Malfunction

I love the app but am having a problem with my number , whenever I post things on my status the app mostly malfunctions so for 24hours sometimes am unable to respond to messages ..I switched from messenger to WhatsApp business hoping it would fix the problem but still nothing..I used Watsapp messenger with another number but I am not experiencing that problem only on my actual number , what would be the problem and how could I fix it ?

- Mirami


- 🏅🏅🌹


- Have been banned with no reason

We use this number for our medical office, and we only have greeting message and an informative text when people write for the first time. I have not been able to use this anymore and I do not get an answer as to why we have been banned either??? If anyone can help please do!!

- Me encanta!!

Me parece una buena herramienta de trabajo!!

- So far very good

I’s a great advance to use labels, whatsupp is turning to be the nowadays mail, every day we recieve tons of messages and it’s difficult to keep track of every entry. Labels are a winner. The rest it’s feel mostly like the Old whatsupp

- Perfect


- Can’t update. It Keeps loading and load

I want to update my WhatsApp. I clicked on it, it keeps loading for four days nw it hasn’t updated

- Wano

Jazakalahu khayran

- I love this app you can us it without having a business

hola so bueno tú me podrías mandar la tarea y entonces yo te mando la tarea de lengua

- Great app

Best app to use for business communications. Please add Dark mode for iOS 12.x.x We love this app

- Great Ap

Has helped my business a lot! Thank You, Philip M. Perez

- Good app but...

Great app. It was a good thing the created the one for business. Just missing auto response. It would good having automatic response base on the selection people make like messager. I hope to see that in the future.

- Ringing problem

I want to silent my whatsapp ringer n want to on my mobile ringtone but it does not work, not in whatsapp or business whatsapp, you must fix this and if we can personalize, it would be great

- Nice app

Good work

- WhatsApp is the best

WhatsApp is my best communicate chat, all my clients message me here it’s so comfortable!!!!

- Connection could be bad


- Great App

It so nice to be second WhatsApp App. Especially when you have many special friends ( you know what I mean 😉). This App makes you prevent buy second device. For WhatsApp.

- Hi


- This is great!!

This makes me absolutely happy just seeing a business app where people can text you and are actually interested in the things you sell.

- Delivery failure!

About every 10 texts 1 text never delivered And when i am in a group my friends are talking about a text that i never seen Or i send a text to my friend and never delivered so i should resend it!

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- Best

Best business tool ever and it’s free

- Jen

Since we cannot have WhatsApp chat running AND WhatsApp business, You need to include some kind of option to be able to select certain people in contact, that you already chat with, and block what they can see of your info. Eg personal contacts that you don’t want knowing anything about your business. Have a personal profile and a business profile and select who can see what about you. Please consider this!!!

- Can’t open the app after update

Everything was fine until i have notification to update,after updating i can’t open the app even try so many time,restart my phone so many time still didnt work,forcing me to uninstall the whatsapp and lost all my data,i really dissapointed with this things!!

- Always problem

Alwayssss and alwaysss problem

- Mrs aa


- New version

Since I’ve updated the app (last week), I cannot open the app.

- Thank you

I was struggle to change Whatsapp Messenger to Whatsapp Business and now the transfer made it very easy witout loosing any data and I would like to thank you for that support

- Lovely

Very simple can’t wait for customers to pay on whatsapp

- Owner

Thank You to Whatapp staff and mangers for 500 % service from Well Done Cleaning Services

- Why not creat a account


- Rev...


- Very pleased;

WAWhatsApp is a excellent and growing service provider for me and my contacts globally . Thank you , Peter Nesveda.

- Amazing App

The app is very awesome and amazing. It let you have two different whatsapp accounts on iPhone.

- Very good


- Logo

Whatsapp Becomes ??? So W or B ?

- Mum


- Got hacked,not secure

My account got hacked and I didn’t noticed for 12 months.really disappointed

- Suggestion

I think it’s need to fix scheduling time for the weekend separately Not only by a date Thank you for your update Many thank

- ممتاز


- الرباط


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- Some special her

There is no special or different for content with costumer or to updates them.

- Doze mix

Mixtape 2KABÈS

- Hr Renovation Ottawa


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- Unread messages feature

For whatsapp Buisness there needs to be an option to show just unread, or bring all unread messages to the top of the chats. It’s time consuming to be scrolling through looking for messages. Due to covid we have such a back log of messages and I definitely feel more than ever this feature is needed! Thank yiu Whatsapp!

- Effective

WhatsApp for business is brilliant as it allows you to keep business separate as opposed to conducting business on WhatsApp messenger. It’s adds flexibility and more communication methods so customers can reach you. Keep the price as it is 😉

- Muito bom

Muito bom

- Really great

But it doesn’t notify receipt of messages

- Shital Bhatt

Superb I love it 😘😘😘😘

- Catalogue

Options to format entries in the catalogue would be useful. For example using bullets, bold or italics

- Very good app

It includes very nice tools and has everything you need for a business! Get it!

- Unable to switch security features off...

When installing this app be careful; As a business we turned FaceID on, but there is no way to switch this off in its entirety; Going into the iphones settings, go to the Whatsapp right icon, it lets you appear to turn FaceID off, however when going back in to use this app FaceID appears disabled but it then asks for your iPhone pin, because FaceID is used to access this app? Weird.

- I love it

I have many ideas First, if you can make the business Whatsapp have many sections (or folder page) that's we can division our customers The second can another person use the same Whatsapp not just the admin

- My WhatsApp business account is not opening since yesterday.

What’s goin on. My WhatsApp business is frozen and not papering

- Ex


- Update not working on my 11 pro max

The latest update of today is not opening on my iphone its opening then crash closes

- Switching between them

I think this is a really good app but there is one thing. I think you should be able to have one account on business for just your business and another on Original WhatsApp just for family and friends. This would be good as I keep loosing track of which messages are from my family and friends and which aren’t. Please make this happen

- I don’t write reviews very often!

If you are in Business you should NOT rely on this App for communications. WhatsApp Business has just “Banned” me from using the the App and sent a standard message saying to contact Customer Support. All with zero notice. Of course there is no customer service and no support answering the 6 emails I have sent. Absolutely useless! I am CEO We for a small/medium multinational company and operate across two countries in two languages. This App was proving very useful until this weeks ban. A customer has just contacted me via a colleague asking if I am still “active” he’d wanted about progressing a contract! WhatApp - get it together for Business users and stop playing. You could be good but this is useless.

- New update put my WhatsApp on stagnation mode

I kept receiving message to inform that if I did not update my WhatsApp it would stop working... so I did ... and it stopped working !!!!

- Privacy

My small suggestion is watsap should find a solution for adding a person to any of the group. Presently any one can make a group and simply adding any of the person without his permission. In some circumstances the person like me to forcefully adding to the unwanted groups. This issue should be fixed. It’s my own opinion. Otherwise excellent worth full app.

- Not nice

You can’t get a notification

- Good but...

Please add the CHANGE NUMBER feature on WhatsApp Business for iOS!

- Thanks for this Business version

Thanks for this Business version, it’s finally given me an edge where to plan, how/where my future business will start

- Busines What’s app

Since I started using this app I am a happy user and can reach out to many customers. It is a user friendly and easy to set up. It is fast and simply fantastic to use. I love it and recommend this app to any small or big businesses. Thank you From Traveller in Kalahari

- Wish they had 0 stars for review

I’ve been banned 5 times in a row. All I did each time was set it up and sent a test message saying “hello” to my personal number. Immediate ban. Contact customer service who must be a bit as tells me the I must have violated service policy. Yeah like “hello” or messaging my other number does this ? Wtf. Stupid. It’s not fit for purpose for me. I hope you have better luck

- Lacking important functionality

I thought this review was going to save me from weekend messages from clients with the auto reply. Unfortunately the auto reply doesn’t work with group chats at all, so if the client adds a partner or other third person, which is often, the auto reply doesn’t work. It would also be great if the auto reply looked different to a normal message. I had to add the text “Auto reply:” to the start of my message to try to make it look like I wasn’t just replying and being rude! If these were fixed I would increase me review score as otherwise it’s a really good idea.

- Only when unlocked??

After today’s update I figured out that on the iphone whatsapp disconnects when the screen turns off (cell phone locked). Either whatsapp web or normal whatsapp are not functional when the ipjone is locked. Only works unlocked. Unbelievable! Solve this!!!

- Great

It’s perfect for business and design for emailing

- Nota 10

Hiper produtivo!


Please if you are using WhatsApp business be aware that they banned numbers for absolutely no reason. Went I. My phone one day to find my number is banned. I did not violate their policy. Sent multiple emails just to be ignored. Lost ALL messages and work from contacts that was not saved. WhatsApp business have literally lost me work. Absolute morons !!!

- WA Business

Keeps freezing

- WhatsApp

I just don’t trust WhatsApp. Neither am I interested in constantly being pestered.

- İşletmeler için zararlı bir uygulama

Whatsapp tüm hareketleri elinde tutuyor. Ve kullanıcılara işletmenin gerçek bir işletme olmadığına yönelik otomatik mesaj atıyor. Bu durum işletmeleri zor duruma sokuyor. Çoğu kez ticareti bozuyor. Ayrıca hesabınızı 3-5 kişi şikayet ederse, hemen kullanımı yasaklıyor. Bu durum işletmeye zarar veriyor. Profesyonel şirketlerin kullanmasını tavsiye etmem.

- ثورة في عالم البشريه

الصراحه هالبرنامج يعتبر من اهم برامج في القرن الحديث

- Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing on recent o update Can this be fixed without deleting the app as I don’t want to loose my conversation

- Number verification gone wrong

Been asked to verify my number. After I did, the app crashed. I redownloaded again keep crashing. Try to log from another phone, it’s says my number is banned !!!

- Muhammed

Fantastic life saving everyday use product

- It’s not working properly

It’s not working properly crashed when sending images from photo folder. Freezing loads and not sure if i should go back to standard whatapp

- Best Media tool

Efficient, dependable and effective

- Boom!!!

Love it, amazing app! Every business person should have this

- Backup

When its do back up always gives error on wifi needed when connect wifi its stuck

- Keeps crashing on latest iOS

WhatsApp keeps crashing on latest iOS despite plenty of free space. New installation has not resolved the issue. There seems to be no online solution despite many reports on support groups of the same issue.

- So far so good

So far so good I would recommend it

- Not working

New update not working 😡😡😡

- Just what I needed!

I’m using dual sim iPhone and I needed WhatsApp for my business number so I could stay in contact with customers and send them media. I was using a copy of WhatsApp but it wasn’t very stable. When I saw this I thought it was another copy. I couldn’t believe it was a legit version of WhatsApp for me to run my second number on, but it is. It’s perfect!

- No bugs

Always no worries

- Complaint

Can’t easily download sent items

- Connectivity Problem

This update is having problems with connectivity,check and see the problem is rectified,it’s a nice app and we look forward for an update resolving that connectivity problem



- Sign in from more than 1 phone

Great, the only features the app lacks is signing in from different devices (for whatsapp business only) because whatsapp web is not portable Since many companies has more than 1 whatsapp operator



- Brilliant idea.

I’m glad to be part of it, just brilliant!

- Facebook update

The Facebook advert before loading every time is very slow and frustrating

- Perfect

So far so good I am enjoying the app , thank you !

- Data consumption

Pls does the gb WhatsApp, Consume a lot of data?

- WhatsApp business is hanging

I cant upload and it also hanging on mi iPhone 7

- Am not happy with this business WhatsApp

The app is giving me issue always hanging I don’t understand why

- Best

Very good What’sApp ❤️❤️❤️

- Banned

I was banned unexpectedly please why was i banned

- Lags a lot

The app lags and hangs a lot, especially when I upload a new status update or delete a few status updates. Sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes before it unfreezes, I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app twice for this reason.

- Horrible experience

This is the worst version of whatsapp it keeps hanging and freezing I can't do any thing on it you guys should work on that in your next update

- Banned

I was banned from using WhatsApp business for no reason.

- Problem

This WhatsApp is always hanging, what is all this na

- What should be added

Please can we have the feature that enables us to log in and out of WhatsApp as a whole. Thanks

- Number bound

Why is my mobile number bound from using business WhatsApp??

- It’s frustrating 😩😩😭

Just got my iOS and I installed WhatsApp. First of all it worked fine but with time it started closing unexpectedly and I can’t read my messages I don’t know where the problem is coming from. And my iOS is not up to a month. Pls I need feedback from the developers. It is really frustrating 😭😭😩😢😢

- Crashing

I love WhatsApp business but I think it’s not really strong for iOS users with a lot of contacts, mine keeps hanging and it annoys me. I can’t do without it coz it’s really helpful so please improve on it

- WhatsApp pay

Hurry with the WhatsApp pay for Nigerian users❤️

- My Whatsapp hangs for no reason very annoying

I have to delete and download again

- Number was Banned

Pls My number was Banned I do not know why this is so

- Review

The app is always crashing and hanging on my iPhone 6s upgraded iOS 13 device. I need a solution urgently.

- Good


- Update

After I updated this App it stopped working Still trying to open till now and it refuse to open it annoying

- WhatsApp Close right back up after update

Good evening developers, the app requested for an update yesterday which I updated but immediately after the update, the app doesn’t open, it closes immediately after the WhatsApp logo appears... please do something

- Bug fix

WhatsApp freezes and then restarts

- My WhatsApp business is misbehaving

My business WhatsApp hangs all the time I have to delete it and redownload it again

- Love it ❤️

The Number-One App I Use Daily For My Business Works✊, Really Cool & Comfortable👍

- The App keeps hanging

On iPhone 8 the apps keep hanging after a week of using it or so

- Recommendation for next upgrade/update

This app is very much part of my everyday life but I feel there should be an upgrade in which one could record just voice like the regular voice note messages but then it should be on status I mean a status update with voice(just sound) Then the videos could have options of muting the sound

- Unresponsive

I just migrated to business and it worked perfectly for about 2 weeks with a few unresponsive episodes, but has gone totally unresponsive since Monday. It hangs when u try to open the app and returns to the home screen. When it everyday opens, it hangs on the first page till to closes and goes back to my home screen. I have updated the app and restarted my iPhone 7s repeated with no luck, what's going on? This is making me lose a lot of business. I might have to revert to the normal whatsapp and trash this one.

- Crashing issues

My appp is not responding for more than 3. Hours now

- Why can’t I use a different number?

I can’t use a different number for whatsapp for business. It just keeps switching whatsapp messenger’s number to the number I used for business🤦‍♀️please help

- Good app..but let’s be able to listen to voice notes before sending

Hi Mark, firstly this app is superb and has made a lot of things easy..yo guys deserve the 5 star rating.My only but is that...well it’s more of suggestion but i feel one should be able to listen to voice notes before sending it to recipient that’s all but all in all very good app kudos.

- I just updated my WhatsApp and it refused to open

I just updated my WhatsApp and it refused to open

- Unable to verify my number

Tried to verify my number,but it’s difficult for m e

- WhatsApp business

I love the WhatsApp businesses But it’s has been hanging on my phone Until I uninstall and reinstall It’s will start working 😫😫

- Add translation for Whatsapp groups

Please try and include translation because some Whatsapp groups are multinationals and translation is a problem. I think this should be a top priority.

- Freezes

I’d like to know why this app is always freezing on iPhones 😭😭 I have uninstalled Nd installed more than 10 time within a period of 3/4days I use an iPhone 11 and space is not even the problem Had the same issue with my 7+ too... what exactly is the qualm?

- Unable to Open

Please I just updated my app now and it refuse to open after been updated.

- Dark mode

Very good app but how can I activate dark to dark mode

- Traffic problem

Please what’s app business is good but it starts misbehaving when you have about 2thousands views on status please fix it

- I can’t log in

I can’t seem to enter the app, it keeps crashing Have tried business WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp

- app

if i say this app is worthless then am a fool 😅 sorry

- This upgrade is so not ok

Message preview shows messages as incoming video calls. How? How is a message an incoming video call? I wish I didn’t upgrade

- Hanging

My WhatsApp is hanging

- WhatsApp crashing

Good day, I Have been trying to go online on WhatsApp but it has been hanging since yesterday, I have also tried posting on WhatsApp but it isn’t going I have uninstalled and installed my WhatsApp, I have also restarted my phone but all still the same Pls what can I do

- WhatsApp business error

My iPhone was malfunctioning so I had to uninstall all my apps,, I re installed this WhatsApp business,, it was downloaded successfully buh I can’t access it

- Status

I can’t seem to share to my WhatsApp business status It’s unavailable Why

- Trouble Opening the App

I just updated to the new version and I can’t seem to open it, each time I clicked on it to open it bounces back . Pls what can I do ?

- Crash

My WhatsApp is crashing,since I switched over to iOS,I can’t update my status without it crashing.i litterally have to re-install WhatsApp every time I post,damn,this is hell,memory space is free,there’s enough space,yet this glitches keep coming up

- Hanging problem on my iphone

Your app too they hang.

- Awesome Help at Zit.ng

WhatsApp for Business is a game changer for our business. We can now show our products via catalogue function, tell our customers about our geographic offerings for Lagos deliveries and sell more household electronics on www.zit.ng Thanks to this amazing app!

- I can’t register into WhatsApp

I am unable to sign into this it’s saying WhatsApp is temporary down


WhatsApp Bussines is amazing with its features but it has very terrible a glitch... often times, it stop allow you send responses to customers while you receive messages but can’t reply, your clients feels you are a snub, often you can’t post any status but you can view others, this can happen over 24hours and you are stuck and can’t do nothing... it’s a server issue and Whatapp should look into it... very frustrating!

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WhatsApp Business 2.20.81 Screenshots & Images

WhatsApp Business iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WhatsApp Business iphone images
WhatsApp Business iphone images
WhatsApp Business iphone images
WhatsApp Business Business application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
WhatsApp Business Business application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
WhatsApp Business Business application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

WhatsApp Business (Version 2.20.81) Install & Download

The applications WhatsApp Business was published in the category Business on 2019-04-05 and was developed by WhatsApp Inc. [Developer ID: 310634000]. This application file size is 132.13 MB. WhatsApp Business - Business posted on 2020-08-05 current version is 2.20.81 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

WhatsApp Business Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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