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What is whatsapp business app? A simple tool for businesses to talk to their customers. — WhatsApp Business from Meta

WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business.

If you have separate business and personal phone numbers, you can have both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger installed on the same phone, and register them with different numbers.

In addition to the features available in WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business includes:

• BUSINESS PROFILE: Create a profile for your business to help your customers find valuable information — like your website, location, or contact information.

• BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS: Be more responsive to your customers by using Away messages to indicate that you're away.

• LANDLINE/FIXED NUMBER SUPPORT: You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number and your customers can message you on that number. During verification, select the “Call me” option to receive the code over a phone call.

• RUN BOTH WHATSAPP MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP BUSINESS: You can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone, but each app must have its own unique phone number.

• WHATSAPP WEB: You can more efficiently respond to your customers right from your computer's browser.

WhatsApp Business is built on top of WhatsApp Messenger and includes all the features that you rely on, such as the ability to send multimedia, free calls*, free international messaging*, group chat, offline messages, and much more.

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.*


We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at smb-iphone@support.whatsapp.com

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How to contact WhatsApp Business (WhatsApp Inc.)?
Find this site the customer service details of WhatsApp Business. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1386412985/whatsapp-business/contact

WhatsApp Business Customer Service, Editor Notes:

WhatsApp Business Version 22.23.7616 November 2022

Bug fixes..

WhatsApp Business Comments & Reviews 2022

- WhatsApp business Hangs 😭😭😭

First and foremost ; I’d like to say a huge and fantastic thank you for creating such a resourceful app, it’s the best thing for businesses out there at the moment . Sincerely it’s so good. But it’s got a few bugs that we’ve got to fix up. Anytime I send a status update or delete one ; my WhatsApp goes out of service , it just hangs and you can’t click anything at all. Nothings gonna work for about 5 minutes and it’s frustrating . The same thing happens when I put my data connection on and opens the app: it just goes out of function for a while. Yesterday i was receiving status updates from other contact but I was unable to upload mine, I mean the whole day 😭😭😭, people sent me text (chats) but my response refuses to send out . I thought it was going to last a few hours and itd be back up but no, it started aabout 4:30pm yesterday sept 14 and till this moment it’s still like that ; I mean today is 10:05 sept 15 😭😭😭. Had to delete and now downloading all over , chats lost cos if I recover chats I might face the same predicament 😭😭😭 please help us fix this. Nonetheless, you’ve got a great app here. Kudos

- iPad Compatibility

I sincerely love WhatsApp Business because with this app I could assigned a telephone number to my business and separate my personal number from it. It’s so genuinely designed for businesses with all the features you can apply it on your account; like: arrange chats, assign labels for easy follow ups, quick replies, have available business hours for your possible clientele! It’s amazing! I would love it even more, if WhatsApp Inc., could have WhatsApp Business compatible with iPad, because a great volume of businesses have an iPad for their daily business operation's. It could work with WiFi Only iPad’s and also with the iPad’s that work with cellular connection. It would be a tremendous great opportunity to continue with the growth of WABusiness downloads with a next update making it available and compatible for iPad.

- Nice! But Could Be Better…

Whatsapp business is a great app to have a more effective and efficient interaction with a potential client, and even though it gets the job done…it could be better. Here are a few ideas: -Search bar for the catalog (from both ends; client and business owner). This would help do business on this app in so many ways, and truly make life easier for not just the client, but also the business to have quick access to everything already registered. -Tags for products. Something similar to the tags for contacts; a few optional tags that would help not only with the 1st idea, but also could be useful to sort the catalog (similar to the contacts feature). -Option for client to see ALL catalogs at a quick glance (similar to the already existing feature for the business side). It would also be immensely useful for the client to be able to get a quick idea what type of products are being sold by the business and could really help accelerate the interaction process. -AND lastly… The ability to share individual products from the catalog page. (As a client and business owner). This would make it to where potential clients and even the owner could share a specific product with someone and or in groups or etc. Maybe even something similar to the feature of the cart and the ability to share in other chats. Other than that, the app is great. 4/5… for now…

- Should add a “share with everyone” in status

Okay so I love announcing new upcoming stuff on my business account in status, but I don’t always want to save so many numbers in order for them to see my status. Plus, when I get a new customer, they can see it directly without us having to add them to our contacts. Of course, it would be nice to have the buttons available when posting. For example, I wanna share something with my contact list? Have a button available for “share with: only contacts” “share with: everyone” Or even “share with: close friends” would be a super rad feature.

- Please Fix Auto Voice Record Repeat and Status Updates Auto recall

I’m enjoying WhatsApp and it’s really helping my God’s given Ministry (JESUS ENDTIME FIRE MINISTRY OF GOD) a lot. I recommend WhatsApp for all Glorious God’s created social Animals all over the world. Thank you WhatsApp. However, There are just two very serious issues I will like to recommend for the next version upgrade. They are: 1). Fix Auto Repeat Voice Record: There are very important and extremely precious voice records that requires to be automatically repeated without having to keep pressing the play button each time. Please kindly Fix this in the next version upgrade. I strongly believe it can be fixed. 2). Fix Auto Recall Previous status updates: There are very important status updates that needs to be repeated or recalled. I want to believe it’s possible to fix the auto recall according to their time and dates. Please kindly consider these two issues for the next version updates. I wish for WhatsApp to Live Forever in JESUS NAME.

- The app hangs😞😭

WhatsApp business is really a great app, I find most features favorable and easy, but the issue is when I post pictures or videos on status the app starts to hang 🥲 I updated my WhatsApp business few days ago but today I didn’t even post I only deleted my posts which refuses to send on my status then my WhatsApp begins to hang, messages come in, status are updated but my reply refuses to send and this is soooo annoying, I had to delete it because I was frustrated just downloading another WhatsApp which means I’ll have to start all over again, please fix this bug or whatever this spirit of hanging is, Thank you soo much🙏

- Wallpaper

Please I Will Be Very Happy If You Can Add Beautiful And Lovely Background On WhatsApp Also Just As You Did On Facebook And Instagram I Really Love The lately Background You Added On Facebook Messenger Is Dupe You Can Also Add To WhatsApp Also We Have Used This Ones On The WhatsApp For A Very Long Time Now Add Some To WhatsApp Also. Please I Really Like That Last Background You Added On Facebook And Also Instagram I Need It Also In WhatsApp Please🙏🏽And You Have Even Added More Wallpapers On Facebook And Instagram Why Can’t You Add Some On WhatsApp

- Fixing the bugs!!!!

I really would have rated this the best business tool but I have to be honest, there are some irritating bugs that has been there for way too long. 1. WhatsApp hangs when I switch on my data. My WhatsApp literally hangs on everytime my data is on and I’d have to switch off my data to be able to reply to texts 2. When it’s not hanging because of my data connection being on, it’s hanging because I just uploaded a status. Every single status update sends my WhatsApp on some 5-minutes-out-of-commission journey. Please look into these A great app over all

- A big problem

Hello you’re giving us though time with the new updates or something some months back I can’t search people on my WhatsApp update yesterday someone told me to update the WhatsApp that I’ll be able to search now I can but I can’t post picture to my WhatsApp status a lot of people are experience this pls find something to do about it we ain’t enjoying the app for the past few months pls find something to do about within a day pls. Thanks

- Malfunction

I love the app but am having a problem with my number , whenever I post things on my status the app mostly malfunctions so for 24hours sometimes am unable to respond to messages ..I switched from messenger to WhatsApp business hoping it would fix the problem but still nothing..I used Watsapp messenger with another number but I am not experiencing that problem only on my actual number , what would be the problem and how could I fix it ?

- Need to fix one thing

Hi, when you reply to old chats you scroll down and reply and after you come back at the top chats and then you have to find again old chats . Plz fixit . I need again n again come back up and wcrool down to reply old chats and follow up. 2 : Plz add more colors label. And if label can be in smaal fonts and less space occupy under name that would be good . Cuze if you are putting alot of labels because thwir fonts size is big and bold colors it’s too much mess. Thankuou

- Great but better with categories

Hi, l am enjoying so much this app and it is great for business, only thing l see you don’t have an option to organize your products by category, so if you have 100 type of the same product, customers must look one by one. And also you should be allow to send pictures o messages to one group of customers for example de one inside your categories and only the ones inside the category that you select. Everything else is perfect and great!

- About whatsapp that I experienced just the night ago

So yesterday night im sick of being on the online world so I want to let go of them but I couldnt find any way to push everyone from me so i tried to delete whatsapp but then I want to redownload it cuz my mom and I lives in a two far different places and I need to call her to see her face but then again my whatsapp is still on loading mode from yesterday to today


This app is very helpful if you own a business. Quick replies will reduce the time you spend texting customers by a huge amount. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP: Since last update away messages are being sent at all times including business hours. I have gone through all the settings multiple times, I am 100% sure my business hours are set correctly and I selected the option to only send the message outside of business hours. I had to turn off away messages since it’s sending it to all my customers at all times. Previously I wasn’t having this problem. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP!!

- Almost good

Problem is business people are never going to use their personal private phone numbers, they might use a different service. It’s either Google or any other service to create a separate line without buying another phone or adding another line to their current service. when I first downloaded this app, I had no problem using my business number before now for some reason you have made it impossible. so, unfortunately, I will not be using your service and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

- The Organic Business Tool

I find WhatsApp Business the greatest organic business tool, where one can build their business through contacts in their network, sharing tons of content which would otherwise need to be promoted in Facebook or Instagram for reach via broadcast lists and status with far better reach. Only bug witnessed is within the synch of Facebook profile towards business hours, which fails and I have to set manually to have the away message corresponding.

- Excellent improvement ‼️

This is so much helpful for me, being a small entrepreneur(Tourguide)… Many features I get to know are by accident…. and they are really helpful (such as; getting in touch with potencial clients, save previous client their info to use as reference later…etc.) but all this is you have, but very time consuming to discover.. is there maybe 🤔 a tutorial that I don’t know about to make my live much easier???

- Millions of dollars idea!

WhatsApp I demand that y’all pay me for this idea because I know it would make y’all billions. So here it is “WhatsApp can text my number to receive codes , right? Ok why can’t you make an up whereby whenever a user is offline and he/she should be able to receive offline text messages about missed calls and or texts. Simple” I expect a positive feedback from you if y’all have integrity!

- Broadcast list and unread option.

Broadcast list function needs improvement. More often than not messaged won’t get delivered to all recipients. Which defeats the purpose of a broadcast message. Please fix Algo. We urgently need an “unread” filter. Very often you answer messages based on priority and then you scroll down to find the ones you still need to reply to but get lost/mixed with the read ones. Please add an option to only view the unread messages at a glance. Thank you!

- WhatsApp is the best thing to Modernize Society

WhatsApp challenges how we perform today as multi tasking is a New and outstanding way to create solid work ethics. Maintaining content, context and control of our lack thereof in mediating for our universal language to communicate our ideas without interruption. The told ideas of how this App delivers is outstandingly the most noteworthy piece of Art. It is a good place for a beautiful day to experience the best outcome for life’s journey.

- Malfunctioning

I would have give Whatsapp business 5 star but I won’t be able to do that cause of the challenges I’ve been facing while using the app. Ever since the last time I updated my Whatsapp business app, it have been malfunctioning ie I find it difficult to update my status and whenever I try updating my status, I stopped receiving messages and my messages don’t deliver. 3 days ago I tried backing up my chart and uninstalled my Whatsapp business, then I reinstalled and recovered my charts but so far I’ve seen no improvement nor changes, it won’t just stop malfunctioning and it’s affecting me seriously. Please help find solution to this

- WhatsApp for business

This app has given my business so many benefits in direct communication with our customers. I’ve found the ability to conduct a wide variety of activities to assist our clients extremely helpful when the clients need instant support. I would recommend to any business owner this app as a great tool that will only enhance their professional attributes in the eyes of their customers.

- Robot automátic messages

The app is so useful for me, but something needs to be fixed, like those robot who send messages automatic to the groups, plus after I block and report the number they still sending .. included pornography m, my groups alway I need to leave close. Like this my clientes can’t send messages to the group and I lost sales because of this. Hope you guys can find it.

- Looks like a good app except...

Had it set up for my small business but ended up deleting it from Facebook. It shows my cell number instead of... Use WhatsApp to connect to “business name here”. Makes sense to have this option since they’re connecting to it from my Facebook business page. We have a standard landline for our business but wanted to try out messaging for new contacts or people finding us on social media. If I wanted them to know my cell I’d just post it on social media so either way whats the point of this app? Thought it was an mediator to use for business with oversharing personal info.

- In pain

I am an online vendor,using this WhatsApp business whenever I upload a picture or a write up on my status my WhatsApp automatically starts hanging Nd sometimes automatically go to homepage.....making it look like I am snubbing my customer..dear creator please do something....,,I am gradually losing out on my sales Nd losing customers as whole....really frustrated ATM Secondly I cnt hear people when on vc

- Can’t access my WhatsApp business freely

Tbh I really don’t know what to call it but it seems I keep experiencing same problem over and over again. My WhatsApp business is will all of a sudden stop working. It won’t scroll,won’t access messages nor allow the auto reply go through. Deleted it many times and same thing keeps occurring.😔

- Tagging Contacts on Status

Honestly it would be really great if when I post something on my status and I can tag using the @ symbol to tag a contact and they’ll be notified to come see it so long we both have our contact saved. I mean like you do on Facebook or Instagram. If that could be added to WhatsApp business it would be so much fun. I love the app anyways

- Big Bad Bugs

I'm sure that most of you seen this that a message you sent among yours is not delivered to your contact while before and after one's are delivered!!! it's a bug and you have to resend your message to fix it and from the time that Telegram facing Blocking issues by governments, WhatsApp becoming worse and worse... Another main problem is that's WhatsApp has no online backup mechanism so in compare with Telegram that everything stores in cloud exactly at the same time they being sent, you have to wait for every day backup of WhatsApp or push the button your self!!! so just shame!

- Great idea but...

It’s a very good idea for people who have two phones! However, for people like me who only have one phone and doesn’t want customers to text you to your personal profile this app is not the solution. There could be an option for a business account where you can select your customers from your contacts that way they can only communicate through the business account and you can have more privacy in your personal account

- Adding contact from a group chat should be made easy

Adding features like click to add all contact in a group chat then after adding click to message all newly added contacts in other for them to add you back would save us a lot of stress of having to add contact one after the other and message them to add us back too

- Status Issues

This is a good WhatsApp to use but recently I’ve been facing an issue which is whenever I send a status my WhatsApp hangs and it’ll take some minutes before it goes back to normal. And I can’t zoom anything on my status again unlike before where I could zoom any pics or videos on statuses. This is so frustrating and I think something should be done about that please. Thanks

- Status doesn’t upload when you many contacts

I would be very happy if status can be uploaded even if you have 1,000 plus contacts About 6 friends of mine be complaining about same issue posting stuff on their status since they have plenty contacts they can’t upload status. Issue in Ghana

- Can’t have personal & business separated?

I like the idea of having a business WhatsApp, but it keeps forcing me to use either the original or the business version and renaming my profile. I want to be able to have a social profile for my friends and my business profile for everyone else. Having my friends see me by my business name is silly and they’ll likely have a hard time finding me in searches etc. If FB updates it so I can have both I’ll consider changing the rating and giving a full review.

- My recommanded

Hi I use the wa business for more option I think that we need more option to handle our works such as a control the online status for emergency session time becaus when i waiting for message from my team in wa business all the people see that I’m online and they tell “let’s talk to him because he is online...!!!🙄” but in real I’m in serious session and just waiting for one doc from my team...

- Voice record

It would be a very great idea if you can add a notification when someone is listening to your voice note, like for example when someone is recording a voice note it says recording audio, and now when someone is listening to the voice note, let it say listening to audio

- Sabah’s design et interiors

I m a sole proprietorship concern n a single business women multi tasking with setting up of a business a manufacturing and marketing n sales as well as merchant for my products I m my own manager/ Accountant / tax consultants/ buyer n purchaser as well. I have researched quoted picked manufactured n marketed exported n seemed marketing for my entire business setup I have been my own sales executive n marketior All in one

- Bugs after last update

After the last update me and my colleagues have not being able to use the app like we used too Now when you look for conversations by name we are unable to press on it to forward or reply on it this is slowing production in our company. Please fix ASAP

- recurring problem

I use my business WhatsApp very often and I save many phone numbers a day, but there comes a time when someone writes to me, I click on save contact, I save it, their name appears for a second and then disappears, I go to my contact list phone and I have the contact saved but not in WhatsApp I try many times but I can never save it I have to do several power shocks to the phone so that sometimes it is saved, why?

- I wasn’t able to upload either Text, Pictures or Video on my Status

Hi Good day, please I need you guys to fix this issue wrong with my Business WhatsApp, have been trying to upload Pictures, Text and video on my status but none is going through, I complained about this some days ago and you guys haven’t find something to do about it, I’d to delete my Business WhatsApp app and download it back, hoping that would fix the issue but still the same thing, I just need you guys to take an immediate effect on this issue… this is so painful🤦🏽‍♂️😢

- Fox whatsapp hanging

Great app but it's got a few bugs that we've got to fix up. Anytime I send a status update or delete one ; my WhatsApp goes out of service, it just hangs and you can't click anything at all. Nothings gonna work for about 5 minutes and it's frustrating . The same thing happens when I put my data connection on and opens the app: it just goes out of function for a while. Kindly fix this thank you

- Need to be able to view client requests on different devices

Hello, Thanks for making a business app! It would be great to be able to view all the client requests from different devices. With each device it doesn’t show status of conversations from other devices. Can you make it so that I can continue the conversation from whatever device I am on?

- Critical Bug

There is a big issue with Whatsapp business that sometimes a message not deliver properly and remain one check and not delivered. Previous messages and next messages has been delivered but some message remain one checked and not delivered. That makes too many problems since most of the time you will not notice that there is a undelivered message in the middle. I really do appreciate it if Whatsapp team consider this bug and solve this issue. Thank you in advance.

- Not encouraging

This is the worst of it all My phone been hanging all day long Unable to access or send anything it keeps crashing my phone and it’s overheating already due to that Don’t update if you’re using old version It’s more worst. I do much hate the experience lost customers already and a lotta money cuz of this and it’s not the first time neither second time, wouldn’t be able to update status when you have too much contacts Hope something could done bout it

- Cant upload screenshots or forwarded messages on my status

I noticed I can no longer upload forwarded messages or picture or videos to my status and neither can I upload screenshots on my whats app status. If this is the latest upgrade it’s very poor from you guys. You need to fix it asap

- Number with another owner

I can’t believe when I request a number in WhatsApp Business already have another owner in the same phone number, now I have the issue receiving it several calls and texts from Africa! I will try to blocking everyone but it’s impossible the people still show up.. I think WhatsApp isn’t safe to obtain a number. I can’t imagine another person request the same number and push me away and my client can’t reach me, also I contact costumers service and is just a robotic voice give you some options and never resolved the problem. This is a huge problem!

- Images

The auto save to camera roll groups all the saved photos with my regular WhatsApp photos making this app completely useless. I want to be able to completely separate my WhatsApp and WhatsApp business accounts which means the business account needs a completely separate folder for photos. Especially when business photos are being used to ensure I don’t get scammed. Looks like I’ll be using a different chat app and just keep regular WhatsApp for personal use which is a shame because the last thing I wanted was to make my employees download another app to their phones.

- Whatsapp super app

Today’s coronavirus is reasonably growing my fears on the future of tech. Once my messenger app started dropping, I had to expect for some proper fixture until I DISCOVERED BUSINESS WhatsApp that gave me stability (plus free choices for what I got used to in the past). It stimulated me to stay with the innovation that’s loyal to my overall preferences but also new to the phones security.

- Network issues

I can’t even use my WhatsApp any longer I’m having lot of network issues imagine for the past 4hours my WhatsApp business have be writing loading and waiting for network plz you guy should work on this And it do hang some time Plz 😒😒😒😒 I Couldn’t have even rate you guys at all

- Unnecessary Hanging of incoming messages or keyboard typing

What’s wrong with WhatsApp with the unnecessary hanging it does whenever one deletes or post on his status,does it really matter???,please it’s really frustrating and annoying and also a sudden hold of incoming messages or to reply messages unless you delete and reinstall it back again which makes me lose a lot of files and important chats on my WhatsApp Please kindly do something about it because it’s always becoming a pain to me,please find a solution to it as fast as you can…Thank you ahead

- Number is banned without any reason

It is really sad and frustrating that WhatsApp businesses banned my phone number for unknown reasons since yesterday all my costumers keep on disturbing me for the delay of there order since yesterday, I don’t have any of there address in my phone. Writing mails seems of no use as it took almost 21 hours now and nothing has been done to it, no reply , no sign of getting it solve. I have done nothing wrong and I haven’t got any reason from the team regarding this issue. You can’t just ban people from using WhatsApp!!

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- Great Service

Ease of use is very important to me and this delivers. I have not many issues with noise disturbance or problems hearing my clients, but my clients especially in the UK complAin they cannot hear me. Overall I like the app - more security so absolutely no 3 ex party can listen in would be an advantage -

- Horrendous Facebook at it's best again

I created 3 ads today. 1 advert and 2 boosted posts. All with the intention to send people to my website to buy tickets to my event THIS WEEKEND. But no, unfortunate for me, Facebook wants people to use their new asset: whats app business. So instead of the call to action button of what I chose: "book now" with a link to my website, they just got right and change it to the "whats app messenger" button dont they? $150 ON 3 SEPERATE ADS, each one deleted as I didn't even connect up to whats app business!! Thanks for turning me around and fornicating me with no lubrication facebook. And thanks for the taking my money and giving me an ad with a dead link for my customers. You guys are amazing. ESPECIALLY FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND DIRECT HELP YOU OFFER FOR PAYING CUSTOMERS :)

- Jen

Since we cannot have WhatsApp chat running AND WhatsApp business, You need to include some kind of option to be able to select certain people in contact, that you already chat with, and block what they can see of your info. Eg personal contacts that you don’t want knowing anything about your business. Have a personal profile and a business profile and select who can see what about you. Please consider this!!!

- Voice messages not working

As of yesterday I am unable to hear any of my voice messages. Could this pls be fixed. Thanks.

- Suspension of account

For last 2 days I cannot access to my account. It is showing that I have violated the regulations related medical and health care related products. But it is not showing me that how long the ban will be. Or what should I do to correct my mistakes. I have contacted the support team via email but no luck. I cannot even switch back to my personal account. Please fix this bug and give me proper solution. Thanks

- Chat

I think this current version of whatsapp have a bug..the chat seems to have a problem tried to scroll up and down to delete the chat ended have to restart the apps again..very frustrating

- I have problems with this app

I downloaded the WhatsApp business app , but on my Facebook business page appears like scams, every time I open my page this business WhatsApp bottom appears like suggestions, for me to download again, then appear every 5 minutes… this was my experience, I have to delete it because it became a bit annoying for me …

- Update this issue

Please update - To print directly from printer in whatsapp web rather then to download in our pc any document or photo

- Great Tool

If you use WA in your business or don’t want to add your phone number to say your FB page then it’s worth the change it has Great features

- Sending and receiving msgs

Sometimes when is send a msg in middle of chatting, the msg has one check ✔️. And i should copy that msg again. It happens the opposite way for receiving msgs. I couldn’t receive some of them. What should i do?

- Best business chat app to date

I've used them all; Zalo, Google, Apple, Messenger, Wickr, Line, Wechat, Wix, Microsoft, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr and hands down the best app for B2B and B2C. Too bad Vietnam doesn't have many users.

- Thank you

I was struggle to change Whatsapp Messenger to Whatsapp Business and now the transfer made it very easy witout loosing any data and I would like to thank you for that support

- 10/10

As per with the standard whatss app service only more professional looking. Can’t recommend enough xx

- Suggestion

I think it’s need to fix scheduling time for the weekend separately Not only by a date Thank you for your update Many thank

- Whats app Not working for video

Am Try to send video on whats app After updating my iphone but its not working when i try to send video

- Great service

Thanks for take care all of the customer

- Can’t open the app after update

Everything was fine until i have notification to update,after updating i can’t open the app even try so many time,restart my phone so many time still didnt work,forcing me to uninstall the whatsapp and lost all my data,i really dissapointed with this things!!

- Does not working

Hi there I’m using business whatssapp from last 2 years, but from yesterday it doesn’t work even not opening i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but same thing. What should i do?

- Lovely

Very simple can’t wait for customers to pay on whatsapp

- Very good

This App is very user friendly, highly recommended.

- Professional App

I really like this app, very happy to use this Business WhatsApp

- Neat and Easy

I like the option is set up auto responses

- Amazing App

The app is very awesome and amazing. It let you have two different whatsapp accounts on iPhone.

- Owner

Thank You to Whatapp staff and mangers for 500 % service from Well Done Cleaning Services

- Delete messages

Please let us delete messages at anytime😭

- Userozzie

Hi team, earlier it was fine but I am unable to view or change my display pic, please fix this bug ASAP

- Your message is deleted!

Seriously? Why Whatsapp keep telling that we deleted a message? What are these updates for? Please adequately update this app and add more features. Best wishes.

- Version bug

Current version is not opening in Iphone 13 pro its having a bug after the current version update

- Whatsapp business cannot open

Whatsapp business cannot open as in App Store it saying open but while clicking it many time no resoinse Waste of time and useless app

- Banned with no reason

I have been banned from using it with no response from WhatsApp business. Lack of support ! Not reliable ! Unfortunately while it work it was amazing and since emailing support no response at all

- How do i change the profile photo?

The latest update has removed the option to change the profile photo ... does anyone know how to change the photo?

- Unable to open

With recent update I am unable to open my WhatsApp business…it just doesn’t open at all. Please fix it asap

- It’s so powerful

It’s just so beautiful and powerful

- Very pleased;

WAWhatsApp is a excellent and growing service provider for me and my contacts globally . Thank you , Peter Nesveda.

- Facing WhatsApp status problem

When i send WhatsApp status.. that time my whatsapp is fully slow.. couldn’t send the whatsapp status

- Stopped working

After downloading wa business am create an account after while explore that application work stopped

- Getting stuck every day

Get stuck all the time when I forward heavy files to my clients or send corrupted files while forwarding

- Very good

What can I say good very good

- Whatsapp Business not working

The app is not opening after the update on iphone please check

- Very poor update

After last update app is constantly crashing which is very poor.

- iOS 14.2 video not playing

After updating to iOS 14.2 all WhatsApp video has stopped playing. Don't know if Apple broke it or you guys need to update, but please fix it. Apple feedback as usual never listens.

- Takes over phone

It runs everything to it without choice

- Profile picture can’t change

In this update profile picture can’t be changed

- Crashes when updating status

My WhatsApp business keeps crashing on updating the status

- Application Crash

Since I updated the app, it doesn’t open at all. Crashing issues!!

- Complaints

Videos doesn’t play on my latest version of IOS also the caller names are always wrong. No more Quilty work like used to be

- New version

Since I’ve updated the app (last week), I cannot open the app.

- Help

Can’t change my whatsapp profile photo after last update

- Can’t open the app.

I have reinstalled it still not opening.

- App crashes

On iPhone 13 pro max the app quits on its own. Cant even open the app anymore

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- I like the WB App

It’s great!!

- We are business here

More pin chats please!

- Whats app 4 outta 5 stars heres my gripe

it’s a good overall tool but I have a client issue affecting my business no date. when I use WhatsApp for texting purposes there is no date put beside the text which means if I have to go back to find information that I have texted i m outta luck. finding the date would be much easier to locate previous texts from clients. why do you not add a date iMessage does?


if you have whatsapp people could hack you easily and sent to you viruses but people can’t hack you or send you viruses with this application nothing bad could happen

- Kelly_junky

Whatsapp business a pris trop de temp pour mise à jour sur mon portable


This is excellent App and tool to keep in touch with my overseas clients “BRILLIANT”

- App is crashing on iPhone 13 Pro Max

App is crashing on iPhone 13 Pro Max after updating on 28 June 2022

- Not liking new update -

Can’t click on the call or the name of ther person calling if you are scrolling through a chat . You have to scroll up all the wah - very irritating

- Irreplaceable

Yea it’s that.

- I prefer BBM

I prefer BBM way better and more features

- Error

I have an error notification coming up once i open the WhatsApp business “this feature isn’t available yet “ . It is annoying

- Not working

Video and voice messages aren’t downloading 🙄

- Shortcut please to open WhatsApp

Shortcut please to open WhatsApp Business

- Pet grooming

I am a pet groomer and instagram told me to down load this app for my business. Except there is no dog grooming or pet grooming category. So I choose pet supplies. When I try to finish the set up process it says my category isn’t support. Horrible app. What a waste of time and space on my phone.

- Crash

The app crashed when I tried to open a pic. Steps for reproducing the issue 1. Click on the notification with the screen locked 2. The system launches the app 3. Once open, the application crashes iPhone 11; running 15.6.1

- Not working

Whatsapp Business crashed on 24-25 of OCT 2022. Status update not working. Can't send messages to other contacts. Is this Professional?

- Chkkaf Mohssin


- Question

How to activate ( who can see when I’m online) in whatsapp business likes the new update in whatsapp

- Good service

Very good service

- A.J.

Très utilse et organiser pour un entrepreneur

- The WhatsApp Side of Your Industry

Your industry needs in one place. Relate online shops through Meta platforms such as Instagram and Facebook's Marketplace.

- Db

Works well, I’d like to see the app have a translation option available.

- Acting’s against Human Rights

All Iranian Numbers have been blocked. If you log in with another country’s numbers inside Iran you can use it as usual. And it’s absolutely discriminating!!!

- Great

Excellent service

- Problem

I have problem in video call please check my Whatsapp😕

- Not happy

Not working well

- Big updates needed

All voice messages don’t load 90% of the time even with high speed internet

- 💐💐💐💐💐💐


- Best Version for businesses

Amazing App

- A forward momentum

Finally able to hook into Whatsapp for business! I'm excited to see where this will lead. I'm sure Whatsapp innovative pursuits will align with my business perfectly and I haven't even had the chance to explore it yet! Thanks Whatsapp for showing up when I least expected it. Here a to our continued success through the wonderful world of virtual life as we know it. 😉

- iPhone compality

Doesn’t work on iPhone 12 mini

- Licensed Paralegal & Notary Public

Never knew we would love the business version this much until we switched. Clear conversations, immediate, automatic responses and an area to highlight our services. Extremely thankful.⚖️

- WhatsApp Business issue fixed

Now it’s working thanks for another update!!

- Keeps crashing after previous update

Since the last update, the app crashes at the setup. Please fix.

- App crashing

Now these days app not working it’s been 3days. After new update this app seems not to in action. Kindly look into this matter at your earliest convenience

- WhatsApp Business not working

WhatsApp business stoped working Since I updated in the App Store.. any suggestions how to get it back??

- App Crashing

App Crashing Within 3Secs When Opening The App

- App crashing

App crashing after recent updates

- Whatsapp business crashed

It’s getting crashed and not working since the last update (29/6/2022), PLESER advise.

- It is crashing!

I am unable to open whats app business. It is continuously crashing! Please fix the problem asap

- App is not operating after recent update

App is not even opening after the latest update. Please fix it asap

- Whatsapp Business not working

In iphone 13pro Max This App is not Working

- App keeps crashing and doesn’t open at all.

App keeps crashing and doesn’t open at all after the update. Been happening since yesterday.

- WB not opening on iPhone

After updating it’s been 2days WB not opening on iPhone. What’s wrong , waiting!!!!!

- Good


- Beware

META will not stop asking for permission to scamper my contact list, my photos… anything they can to harvest my data

- Constant delays

I love the app I think it’s great for connecting, sharing and keeping communication throughout the office. But lately I’ve been having serious delays with status posts and sending messages which now takes 5 Minutes to populate or go through which is detrimental to our business. Also, after the status is posted, the app freezes 5-10 minutes. 5 stars for the app. 1 star for its recent performance.

- Unable to transfer

I have a WhatsApp account and tried to transfer to WhatsApp Business but the app says I am unable due to storage. It is an iPhone 12 with 60 GB if FREE storage room. Frustrating when you’re trying to get something going. Help would be lovely, thanks.

- Super duper awesome

Great interface & easily coexists with the regular WA on a dual-sim phone. Enjoying it a lot :)

- Bugs

Ever since facebook took over bug reports are not resolved or respond on.

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WhatsApp Business 22.23.76 Screenshots & Images

WhatsApp Business iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WhatsApp Business iphone images
WhatsApp Business iphone images
WhatsApp Business iphone images
WhatsApp Business Business application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

WhatsApp Business (Version 22.23.76) Install & Download

The applications WhatsApp Business was published in the category Business on 2019-04-05 and was developed by WhatsApp Inc. [Developer ID: 310634000]. This application file size is 157.54 MB. WhatsApp Business - Business app posted on 2022-11-16 current version is 22.23.76 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.whatsapp.WhatsAppSMB