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Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store App Description & Overview

What is shopify - your ecommerce store app? Start your ecommerce business and manage it from anywhere, with no coding or design skills needed.

Run your ecommerce business from your mobile device. Process orders, manage products, track sales, run marketing campaigns, and more.

• Upload product photos
• Set product and pricing details
• Add products to collections
• Scan barcodes to adjust inventory

• Fulfill, refund, or archive orders
• Buy and print shipping labels
• See your conversion details

• See live sales and visitor traffic
• Get new order notifications
• Communicate with staff

• Reach customers online, in-store, and more
• Sell on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger
• Sync inventory and orders across each channel
• Manage multiple store locations

• Set up Google Smart Shopping campaigns
• Create Facebook and Instagram ads on the go
• Track results and optimize the next campaign

• View and manage your customer segments
• Add and edit customer details
• Contact your customers
• Add timeline comments to customer orders

• Access your Shopify apps for easy use
• Browse our catalog of free themes
• Change your online store’s appearance

Whether you want to run a last-minute promotion, launch a new product, or create a special discount, you can do it all on our ecommerce platform. You have the power to make edits to your ecommerce store theme, like adding announcement banners, posting blog posts, and more, all from your smartphone.

Review from eCommerce News HQ
“Taking the top eCommerce platform and translating it into a mobile experience can be challenging, but it seems as if Shopify has nailed this attempt. The dynamic between the “normal” web-based version of Shopify, and the mobile app, is amazing, with little to no changes (Except the size being scaled down of course.)“

Review from David B via
“Shopify [..] allows me to do important things for my store from anywhere. That is because it gives me advantages in managing the store from a mobile device.”

Shopify’s ecommerce app can keep your business moving quickly. In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, that speed can be the difference between a sale for you or for your competitor.

Shopify has everything you need to start selling online, for any ecommerce business. Start your business today on the one platform with the ecommerce and point of sale features to start, run, and grow your business.

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App Name Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store
Category Business
Updated 12 February 2024, Monday
File Size 210.15 MB

Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great Online Store Option for Small Business. I am a low tech person working on an online Floristry Store. Shopify has made this as easy as possible and my website looks great! While there is a learning curve to it the tech support is great! I used the 3 day free trial and then 3 months for $1 a month promo. Within one month I had my store up and running and am getting compliments on it. I made my first sale and am thrilled with the ability to take credit card payments and track my taxes. Highly recommend Shopify!

No bulk shipping label feature. They removed the feature to order multiple shipping labels for multiple orders at the same time through the app, meaning if you’re trying to use the app to fulfill orders you have to do them one at a time. This is extremely cumbersome when you have many orders as buying each label takes like 5 screens and 20 screen taps. I asked Shopify support about this and they were very unsympathetic basically saying I should stop using this app and go log on with a browser on laptop instead. Very rude and unprofessional, this experience on top of all the other Shopify shortcomings like how they force us to spend a lot of money on apps to implement very basic e-commerce functionality is making me look for alternative platforms so I don’t have to deal with their incompetence.

You will get robbed. Ive had shopify for over two years now. They act as a middle man for ever transaction but whenever a problem pops ups. They just lay back and do nothing about it. People just do chargebacks on a daily basis and you lose money and merchandise because they will always tell you they can’t do anything about it. Really disgusted with this. They’re fraud prevention system is very very poor. Be warned if you are going to use Shopify get ready to be robbed on a monthly or even daily basis. They give you 0 time to dispute the chargeback and submit proof of you actually fulfilling the orden. They just charge you plus what the “customer” paid plus a fee and when you call Shopify they say that nothing can be done but “wait” 75 days or more.

Customer Service is Trash. If I can give this company zero stars I would. I’ve tried to ask for help in retrieving my store that seem like as though it was deleted. The trial hasn’t even ended yet and I already have build my store website and was set to go. I tried to pay for the monthly subscription and boom and the site got shut down and I couldn’t enter my Shopify account anymore!!! I’ve tried to look up their customer service number and they don’t have one. Shopify have some weird email/text messages system to “seemingly” help their customers and owners. Well I’ve tried to ask for help regarding my problem and someone under the name of Viral B said he will refer someone to me in that the span of an hour of texting trying to verify my indentity🙄. Not to mention I was waiting for about 20 mins to reach someone from Shopify customer service! That was a waste of my time. Viral B stated it would take up to 72 hours for someone from The Risk Operational team to reach out to me... welp it’s been over a week and a half and no one has reach out to me. Well when I returned a email asking for someone to reach out to me... well u guess it, no one replied to me. All I can say is if you trying to build ur business and just now what can happen. Shopify customer Service is absolutely trash 🗑!

Beware!. I have been using Shopify for a few years and out of nowhere they locked my account and would not give me access unless I signed a legal form saying I have the right to resell branded products. The thing is I don’t sell branded products. I recommend products and forward people to other websites where they can purchase the products if they choose to. It’s called affiliate marketing. Good luck trying to explain that to someone at Shopify. You can understand my frustration in putting in years of work and they lock my account for 1 or 2 so called branded products? Ok maybe they don’t want me to use their platform. But can I at least have access to my account so I can move my data onto another e-commerce site? Nope! It’s the equivalent of paying rent for a store and the landlord locks you out of the store and doesn’t let you get your products out! Beware!

Great, but would be better with a couple additions.. I love using the Shopify app for my shop, but I think it could be even better with the addition of two features. First, I’d love to be able to add variant photos from my phone. I sometimes add variants to a product while I’m mobile, and while I can add product photos, I can’t assign specific photos to its corresponding variant. The addition of this capability would make a world of difference for me. Also, I often invoice customers from my phone. Sometimes, I need to waive the shipping fee, but I can’t do that through the app. This additional capability would be a huge time saver for me as well. Thank you!

First Time Small Business Owner, Love the App. I’m 7 months in to owning and running a small business online. I went with Shopify after researching pros and cons of its competitors, including Etsy. Never regretted my decision, business is doing great. There is a learning curve, I needed to pace myself and prioritize with what I could learn and implement. The app itself has been like a business coach to me, recommending new features or pointing out data for me to focus on that helps improve my business, for my business and my customers. I’m looking forward to learning, selling and doing more with Shopify as my sales platform.

Data won’t refresh. There’s a little t to like about this app but it’s all overshadowed for me by the fact that it’s near impossible to get it to display up-to-the minute information. Isn’t the whole point of having an app like this on your phone so that you can get a quick snapshot of where things stand at the moment? It exacerbated my frustration that the app appears to have a pull down to refresh function that goes through the motions but then just goes on displaying old data. And then randomly - maybe after you’ve been looking at the screen for 6 minutes- boom, you current information just pops in there unceremoniously. It’s a weird miss for an app that otherwise was clearly very thoughtfully developed.

Awful update (love shopify) but the last update is bad. As said in title, I love shopify and have used it for years but this last update to the app is absolutely awful, when you click a product you have to actually click back arrow to go back to the main page instead of just being able to click the tag at the bottom to go back. Not only that but having to click the three dots “…” in the bottom right to go to option and scroll down to find your place is a pain. Wish they would switch it back as now it’s frustrating and annoying to use the app on my phone which I do daily. Not sure who thought these changes were a good idea 👎🏻

It’s great!!. I started out on Etsy, I really took a leap of faith in getting Shopify but it has been doing really well for me!! I use the $29 a month option & I use my Facebook VIP group to refer everyone to the website to make their orders. They are every happy with shopping on it! I keep my Etsy as it still gets a lot of traffic, but when someone messages me on Etsy I refer them to our VIP group & website and that has helped me to grow a lot more!! I do hope to see improvements made where we don’t have to use as many apps for certain tasks. But other than that it has been great and really helped my business grow! If you don’t want a huge bill though, use the pirate ship app within the Shopify App Store and you will be charged immediately for your labels instead of it piling onto your Shopify bill! I learned that the hard way! Haha! I tried to use other platforms but found Shopify to be the most user friendly & professional looking. Take the plunge! As long as you’re working at it, you to can succeed! Thank you Shopify!

New to Shopify So Far I. I kept putting off owning my own business since 2007. I am ashamed to confess that. I have not launched yet I had to delay launching 2x’s because I had some issues, but now things are looking up! I am so excited about exploring all possible marketing options. There are plans to integrate another store and this is still not the original store i was supposed to open in ‘07. Shopify provides a lot of support, but you still have to do it yourself or pay professionals. I am finding the app for IOS is a little different to navigate. I don’t thing going back and forth to my product source will be a problem. Shrugs. I will come back with an update after I am good and settled.

It’s a great way to start for a beginner.. I find that using Shopify makes it easier to manage multiple parts of your business compacted within one app, however I do feel that there are some areas that need to be a bit more accessible for example; online store management: creating and editing webpage content within your store— the options are very general and limited. To my knowledge —I’ve searched everywhere I possibly could— but you aren’t able to create form fields (for the customers to interact/input information into) and the mobile page content editing section is glitchy. Overall, everything else is very generous with business setup. I would recommend it to my peers and/or anyone else.

Young Entrepreneur ‼️. This is a great app for people of all ages. Shopify has helped me grow my business as a young entrepreneur. My business is almost at 3,690$+ from selling my items for just 4$ and people spend their time buying from my business thank you so much for the people who ordered from my shop. (For all my young entrepreneurs I am only 12 years old making hundreds every-other week so don’t be afraid to start , it’s hard at first but once you keep trying you can make great sales so please try if you trying to make money I suggest using this app with the help of your parents or guardian. )Thanks for all the support !

Used to be great!. I have been on Shopify since around 2011 - super early! In the beginning their customer service was great. They seemed to focus on adding things on the backend (not the app) that were helpful - now they focus entirely on making new versions of a spinning planet earth every few months. The past 4-6 months the app has become really flaky and always displays incorrect order numbers on my icon and also sends push notifications for orders that have never occurred. I keep updating hoping these glitches will pass but nothing has changed yet. Also can you please bring back the old dashboard???? Why take away all the helpful information on my home page?

This is what I received when they blocked my store without my permission. This email is to inform you that after reviewing your information and website we believe your business presents a level of risk that we will be unable to support with Shopify. I know this is not ideal, however we won't be able to help with your business. At this time since Shopify has been deemed not a good fit for your business you will need to research other e-commerce platforms to find one that will be suitable. Regrettably we are not able to make recommendations to merchants. Please note that for security and privacy reasons we are unable to divulge the results of our reviews and investigations. Once an account has been declined the decision is final. Thank you and I wish you all the best with your business going forward! Kind regards,

Nothing but great!. I have been using the Shopify app since the beginning, and it is constantly being updated with new improvements. For me, it provides an excellent user experience and interface design (regardless of your mobile platform). Printing (labels) after a recent iOS update now works perfectly! It’s so efficient and convenient to be able to run a business and make modifications to your site, or upload a new product image to your store, all from your mobile device. Shopify is a conscientious company and I support everything they stand for. I don’t understand the negative reviews. Try running a business without this app (or their platform) and you’ll really see what you’re missing.

Great for small business owners. If your looking to start your own businesses. Shopify should be one of your first stops, they offer so much and make it extremely easy to use their platform. With their own App Store there are endless ways to drive traffic and help manage the online store. They also have many tools to make sales in person with no website if needed for pop up shops pick up orders etc. they offer so many plugins to banks like Novo, QuickBooks, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The community is the main reason I choose to go with Shopify over square space. Yes they have a nice layout but they don’t offer as much to help your small business grow

Get out Shopify No !!!!!. I have an shopify account and spend some money to make the store etc. last week change my phone for new one, and forget the email password, so Apple ask for 1 week to recover, okay, so I lose the access to Shopify account and when I try to do simple recover with the Shopify support and have 6 days already and nobody could retrieve my access to the account, be careful because the support of Shopify is very weak, if you lose the email for any problem they don’t know how to verify an account owner, I ask to the support Las time if we born with email or what ? They have 1.000 of ways to verify, driver’s license, passport, phone number, address verification, and many ways, but they only know how if you have email !!!!!!! So in the same way if somebody have your email access the Shopify support will give all information about you. Security is not the strong of Shopify, definitely will creat my stores on Wordpress. Get out of Shopify before you Hacked !!

Great site. I've been using Shopify for my online store for several months now, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the platform. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for someone like me who is not a tech expert. The ability to customize my store to fit my brand has been a huge advantage, and the selection of apps and themes available has allowed me to create a professional-looking site that customers love. One of the things I appreciate most about Shopify is the level of support provided. Whenever I've had a question or concern, their customer service team has been incredibly responsive and helpful, even going above and beyond to help me troubleshoot issues. In terms of functionality, Shopify has everything I need to run my online store, from order management and shipping to payment processing and analytics. The ability to sync with other apps and services has also been a game-changer, allowing me to streamline my operations and save time. Overall, I highly recommend Shopify to anyone looking to start or grow their online business. It's a reliable, feature-rich platform that delivers on its promises and has helped me achieve success in a competitive marketplace.

It’s not the app, it’s Shopify.. Use this service at your own risk. I’ve been running a website through Shopify for over a year now, and out of nowhere they froze my money and are refusing to give it back. It’s been a month to the day, they owe me over $3,000, and there’s no sign of the money being moved despite the fact that they said they removed any and all holds from my account days ago. Additionally, new users should be very aware of what they’re selling through Shopify. It’s incredibly easy to accidentally stock an item that doesn’t seem like it could possibly be legally copyrighted, and then have Shopify break your door down for it. They do not like to tell you their rules outright, they like to let you drown a bit before telling you that if you mess up again they’ll shove your head back underwater. Additionally, it would appear that the majority of the recent reviews left on here were left by their admins in an attempt to make themselves look better. A bunch of the reviews are almost identical, apart from the fact that they all have crazy names.

Why you no savey save my changes?!!. Reasonably accessible app, granted. The actual use of the app is not, at all, time saving, reliable, or consistently operable. If I work for 1 hour in Shopify app I will restart at least 50 times. Ya, that’s once every other minute. All I am trying to do is crop out portion of pictures, taken within app, that are undesirable. I get all the way to clicking done, and then the altered photo returns to the original. Usually closing the app and restarting works for 1 maybe 2 products before it needs to be restarted. Sometimes this issue happens on a product and no matter what you do it will never save your alterations. Even if you close app, restart, delete pics, save, close app, reopen take a brand new pic, still will not save my alterations. I thought updating would help, but there are way more problems now. Will report on that stuff when I collect the experiences to report on. Update: this update is trash like the last couple. Spend the money for good coders!!! It’s worth it!

No Longer Easy To Use. Why did you change this app to make it less user friendly? Editing product quantities requires more steps, looking for product by my item number auto corrects and brings up other useless things and I have to carefully find the product I’m looking for in a mix of non related items. Changing quantities after finding my item takes several more steps when not too long ago I could do it quickly and easily. Plus I also see the error message “check your internet connection” when the connection is fine. Why make something worse when it didn’t need fixing? Please go back to an earlier version and bring back the user friendly app it used to be.

Good and organized but... Hey Shopify, I just want to say I have tested out the app a few times, it was great! But also a little bit confusing... but I have a problem with the age range. So, I look up the name of this app which is Shopify. And I look it up and it says it’s for 4+ which is available for minors. But when I look up the REAL age range, it says it’s for 18 yrs or OLDER. CAN YOU MAKE THE AGE RANGE FOR MINORS??? Please!! There are kids trying to start a business and they can’t because they have to do extra bs just to get everything started! It’s crazy! The world needs to hear this because I am 13 yrs old and if anyone agrees with me and even YOU Shopify, then please make the age range for 12+ that would be nice THANK YOU!!!

Saving me from Etsy. I was so afraid to go out on my own but Shopify gave me a place to have full control of my brand, content and profit. As a vintage dealer or any one of a kind seller it felt like Etsy is stacked against you. I don’t have items that are wildly popular and sell over and over which is a big part of how items rank in Etsy search. This year I will sell more on my own site using my own advertising techniques than I will on Etsy. It is not always easy but I have never once had a problem that Shopify support didn’t help me figure out almost immediately. Independence and control feel good!

Refuses to fix bugs. Shopify is a fine website host but they refuse to fix the random ONGOING glitches and bugs in the apps. After you edit a product and hit save, it saves the updated product… BUT when you go to click away on another product an error message pops up saying something along the lines of “you have unsaved edits for this product” and option to keep editing or discard. I have found that if you click the save button once, it will actually save the info, but you have to fully close the app and reopen every single time you want to edit product information OR click discard instead of closing the app, and take the chance of your edits saving or not saving… I have found the best way to update product info is to just update, click save, and close/reopen the app… which is obviously less than ideal or efficient whatsoever. I’m a small business I don’t have time so deal with this every single time I want to have a shop update. The glitches are pushing me to find another website provider. FIX THE BUGS!!

Take your business elsewhere.. I love the platform. I just dislike their customer service & everything that comes with it. There really isn’t a sense of urgency to help you get your issues fixed. Considering that those issues are 9/10 times an issue with Shopify itself. For new business owners do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache. I’m going to finish out my trial period and keep you updated. It shouldn’t be difficult to get the help you need. Plus they don’t have a phone number you can actually call either. I’ve asked to set up a phone call and was told that’s not an option as many of their customers get their issues fixed through chat. It’s a lie. I’ve had an ongoing issue for about 4 days now. I just don’t think it should be difficult to access your own money. PLEASE PLEASE save yourselves the time too.

Missing color differentiation for selected order in Orders to Fulfill List. I don’t know where I could leave this feedback so I’m writing a review. It’s been a few weeks since we lost this feature. When you click Orders tab on the navigation at the bottom of the app, you are able to see the latest orders to fulfill. You can select any one of them and it shows the selection on the left column by coloring it grey. When you pull up the entire list of Orders to Fulfill and select an order, the color grey no longer shows. It’s a small feature but makes all the different when you’re trying to quickly pick items per order and move on to the next. Please bring it back. Thank you. I use this app daily; it’s an absolute must-have. Love this app otherwise.

they’re screwing with me. I’ve had my business with shopify for a little over a year now. Added products & all. Received an email about a trademark & branding issues & was forced to take the items down including CUSTOM SHOES!!! which is ridiculous!! You can’t call them via phone only email & even then they don’t respond in a timely manner. I just started making sales & now they’re screwing with me by making me take down my best sellers that made me money & not really helping. They even have my payouts on hold which means i can’t fulfill customers orders & i don’t want to lock the store because then customers will think they’re being scammed by the website not being up after taking their money!! Shopify needs to contact me ASAP to at least help resolve the issue. I don’t understand why they don’t have representatives to speak to just emails that take FOREVER TO GET A RESPONSE TO!

Extortionist. Don't. Just run. The app never works. It has issues with literally EVERY integration. It freezes, pulls my cost prices to the Collection pages instead of selling prices, drops apps like Facebook repeatedly. And then when I asked for a refund for the month that my shop has been improperly working because you should not be paying for a product that does not work, they threaten to close my store. They hold your store hostage, don't fix ANY of their multitude of bugs and glitches, all the while trying to ring you into working for them for free to try to solve their software problems. Don’t even get me started on the faux phone app that offers no means of fulfilling your orders. It’s a joke or the cruelest order. This is a scam of the worst kind preying on small businesses. They should be in jail. Just wait. A class action law suit is bound to happen.

Most of the 5 star reviews in the last year are clearly fake. Can’t search products then open them to edit. No option to view product page if you searched for it. Searching for an order then opening it takes some weird hold and click. Shopify as a whole has just been making it more and more expensive to use in the 4 years I’ve used it. Little by little the fees have increased. It’s setup to restrict back end design to force you to buy recurring charging apps or hire a Shopify consultant. Shipping options are also very restrictive to keep you on their plan. There’s a lot of ways it’s set up to keep you reliant on paying for everything through them. If I started over I would have paid a developer to help set up Wordpress

Came over from Volusion. I can't even express how I love Shopify! I had volusion since 2015 and they are the worst! So outdated, buggy, horrible customer service, html all screwed up! For instance you try to change a font and the size would change, or vice versa. Google hated it! Never could get my volusion website to abide by the Google seo. So I moved over to shopify in August 2021 and have never been happier! I like how I can install apps that make my website better. They offer capital which is nice! Their customer service is 👍 great! And I could go on. Shopify is the way of the future and to sell online! Thank you

🫡. I have been using Shopify for my business for quite some time now and I am consistently impressed with the platform's capabilities. The Shopify team is incredibly helpful and always goes above and beyond to assist me with any questions or issues that arise. Their customer service is top-notch and I am confident that I can rely on them to help me navigate any challenges that come my way. One of the things I love most about Shopify is its ease of use. Even as someone who is not particularly tech-savvy, I have been able to set up and maintain my online store with minimal hassle. The platform offers a wide range of features that have allowed me to grow my business and reach a wider audience. Thanks to Shopify, I have been able to turn my entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. Overall, I highly recommend Shopify to any business owner looking to establish an online presence. The platform has allowed me to focus on what I do best - running my business - while Shopify takes care of the rest. I am truly grateful for the support and opportunities that Shopify has provided me and I look forward to continuing to grow my business with them in the future.

Worst customers service I’ve ever dealt with in my career. Shopify puts a theme on there site for $180. I spend 2 weeks working on my site the price for the theme goes to $310. I spoke to the developer and shopify about the issue. The developer said its all on shopify that they didn’t give there customers price protection. This all on shopify. I guess they have so many customers that they don’t care about there new ones. I run a car dealership for the last 12 years I have been doing it for 25 years. I have never given a customer a price then take it away from them. This is a very unprofessional company no one knows anything takes a week for them to get back to you. They only thing good about shopify are there apps for products if you want to buy retail and sell for over retail.

BEWARE ‼️‼️. I have used Shopify for well over a year now, and thought it was amazing. Unfortunately, I bought trademarked logos from another small shop in the beginning stages of opening. Rookie mistake. Immediately after receiving the email, I removed those products from my store completely and filled out the required form. They have $300 worth of my hard earned money on hold, none of which I profited off those items as they were archived, and the legal team has given me no responses to emails. I’ve reached out to Shopify support daily and all they can tell me is to sit and wait. This is completely unprofessional and untrustworthy. How can they be okay with withholding hundreds of dollars worth of someone else’s money, with no communication, and no answers from the support team but to “sit and trust it will be resolved”. I work hard to cultivate a healthy and trustworthy relationship with my customers, when I brought up the EXTREMELY inconvenience of this hold on my money, their response was: this does not stop your customers from checking out. My response? I wouldn’t have let them check out if I had known I wasn’t going to be able to fill their custom orders in a timely manner. I am a stay at home mom and my business is my second baby. These funds support my store & help my family when we are tight on money. They do not care about you or the work you put in. They see you as a number & that’s about it. Absolutely disgusted, take your business else where.

Good app. I love the app as a whole, but changing inventory details is ridiculously, unnecessarily long. There was an update recently that allowed us to simply select “+” to add units to the inventory, and I was so grateful because the initial process was already a little long. But now it is just ridiculous. Most of my business’ products have multiple variants, and you already have to edit the variant’s individual inventory quantities, now you have to select 3 or 4 different options, just to add or remove a unit. For each variant!! That’s so excessive and completely unnecessary, especially since there was already a perfect update not long ago. Everything else works fine but inventory is changes frequently and this makes the overall process entirely too long

Love Shopify However..... I truly do mean it when I say I love Shopify! It’s easy to use and it takes a lot of time to get used to but it gets easier through time. The only problem that I have is that Shopify does not allow you to set up multiple stores in one account. This is a problem because people sell item(s) depending on their niche. Which means you can’t sell different products from the same store. You can set up multiple stores through different accounts however it is very messy and if you are not organized it can be a hassle setting up a new account and buying monthly subscriptions as well. I know this will allow them to get more revenue but if they allow customers to set up multiple stores in one account they’ll triple their revenue from those same customers as well. Shopify please listen to your customers! We want the feature to be able to set up multiple stores in one account!

Great so far always room for improvement 😄. Overall I am really enjoying the Shopify app. I finally got the hang of it, I think there’s always room for improvement. I love how easy it is and accessible on my app. One of the things I’d love to see improve is the picture of product uploads. Every time I add a picture it’s one product and done. I have to exit the app and restart it so that I can go back in and upload my next product. Also on my laptop It takes multiply times for it to update a product. For example I’ll go in to edit stock , sizes, descriptions etc .. hit save and then it says it saved but go back and have to do it again.

New “live view” is not helpful. This has been a great app for getting tons of dynamic data about my shop. The “live view” was always interesting to see exactly where my visitors were located at any given time. I say “was” because a few weeks ago someone decided to replace the flat world map with a 3D globe. (Thus the app goes from 5 to 3 stars)To see where visitors are, I have to swipe/spin the globe... up...down...right...left and hunt for the visitors. I imagine some designer thought it would be so cool to have an artsy “NASA-based” globe element on the screen that store owners could interact with. It’s not cool. It’s annoying and useless. Please bring back the simple flat world map, that allows users to easily see the location of every visitor- with no gimmicks, just solid UI and UX. Thanks.

Love the concept...PLS fix the bugs!. Love this app and am a HUGE Shopify fan. You guys are crushing it. I have to admit, I am super annoyed with the bugs when creating blog posts and new pages on my app. They do not adjust for your mobile screen, so the text runs off the page (and out of view). This makes it nearly impossible to make edits to text that expands beyond the view. Please make this responsive on mobile devices so we can work on the go! ALSO check into the weird little bugs of not being able to hyperlink on mobile...every other try. I highly recommend going through as a consumer and creating a complex new page on your mobile device. Then create a blog post. Add images, try using the normal functions, like bold/italics/underline (which is super annoying because you have to click them twice) and adding photos and bullet points. You guys are amazing overall! I’m a huge fan of the product. Just really need these fixed (it’s been like this for years) because we are all super busy and need efficiency in our work! Thanks guys!

Can’t log in!!. I’ve had an issue with the app before where it wouldn’t let me log into one of my stores, due to the “log in” button being completely grayed out and inaccessible. Support told me to force close the app and it would work, which I did plenty of times, but I’m assuming this particular time they did a reset on their end. Fast forward weeks later and I’m still having the same issue! I don’t understand why the app randomly signs me out of my store & when I go to sign in, it won’t allow you to. I’ve force closed the app so many times, even uninstalled and reinstalled, and I still cannot log in to none of my stores due to the buttons being grey and inaccessible. Please fix this issue, it makes using the app pointless, and it is an big inconvenience as well!

Worst APP ever !! LINKS - CHAT (support) HA!. I thought I’d give them a try and open the store. I am a small small online seller, but no messed up from the beginning wooden properly connect to the Instagram or Facebook. Trying to connect PayPal it obligingly created a second account for me so now I have two of the names that I wanted floating around in space I tried to delete one and it created a third account for me when I tried to go back in and just rectify and delete the one account it’s a total mess I’ve wasted a day and a half of my time *just trying to connect* just trying to make a sale* just trying to work with the worst app ever!! When I tried to connect with their chat it said chat was open and left me there. Somebody named Kevin came on and said hi and I never heard from him again. Oh and please developers please don’t try to get back with that “smooshie” - sorry you had a problem - YOUR APP has a problem.

The perfect eComm platform. I wish I could explain how amazing Shopify has been for our business in a way that wouldn’t make it sound like a fake review. There is NO better platform for someone to build their store, and we know because we tried variations of several others before we moved over. There is definitely a learning curve because it does more than other online storefronts can do, but it is more than worth it. The integrations with other apps and tech are endless. Keep making it happen Shopify! We will be putting our trust in you to help keep our business growing with your awesome innovation. 💗

NEGATIVE STARS. I always recommend this platform to everyone in the retail business around me and have had 2 stores. This time I started a new store and as my trial was about to expire and I was ready to launch my website I added my business payment information, 2 seconds later my shop was closed and I was unable to log in. Confused and nervous that my websites launch date was in 2 days I waited 2 hours to chat with a Shopify rep. Only for them to tell me they will not be allowing me to use their platform because I am “high risk”. They also stated they will not be telling me the reason they are denying me. Angry and confused I googled around to see this has happened to MANY people. Most of which were successful sites with 1,000 of revenue on hold when Shopify came and closed there shop with no warning. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM. THEY WILL SHUT YOU DOWN WITHOUT WARNING FOR HAVING A COMPLETELY LEGAL CLOTHING BRAND.

Shopify is great however. Shopify is great. It’s a one stop shop with tons of third party apps that work with it as you grow or to help fit your site to your business. But with every great thing there is always some downfalls. My biggest issue is Shopify locks you into their payment provider or merchant. Shopify payments is ran by stripe, they will not negotiate rates and will charge a percentage fee if you do not use shop pay as your main merchant. This could affect some businesses, depending on what type of business you are, or what you sell. My next issue has to do with third party apps, as they don’t always sync 100% of the time. This can cause order issues and intern loose customers. As well as the more apps you add the slower your site becomes. This also goes for if you want to ever develop an app. My last biggest issue is the reliability. as by using Shopify, you are relying that Shopify will keep your store up and live at all times. However Shopify is not perfect and I would say at least once a month if not more we experience some glitch or downtime on the site. Conclusion, Shopify is great with some kinks that still need to be worked out. Intern it’s probably one of the easiest website / e-commerce building tool out there with compatibility to almost any style of business. However, like any big corporation, they try to lock you in and this can course some issues as you grow:)

Great app but. The app is great, you can do pretty much everything you can do on a computer with it. However, I absolutely hate the new world view of visitors. First off the tiny little dots are so hard to see, you have to rotate the earth around instead of just seeing a clean full view map. Secondly, something happened recently where I can’t even see the world view anymore. Instead of the globe it’s just black so I can’t see where anyone is visiting from. I’ve deleted the app and re down loaded it and updated it multiple times, but nothing has fixed it. It’s very frustrating because I loved that feature prior to the change.

Love using this platform!. Easy to use with so many additional apps, features and not to mention resources to help you start and scale your really can't go wrong. The choice is simple so in case you were on the fence take it from a real person who has had some failures and success with e-commerce and I would hands down not go through any of those experiences using another platform. Shopify is hands down the most user friendly, technical say and easily accessible platform to choose. FYI, I never leave comments but I had to with these guys, thanks!

Horrible!!. It took years to build my platform and customer base that I wanted then shopify decided that I was not verified and cut me off during the holiday season. I had verified everything I needed to and gave them all the information needed but they say its not enough. If having an LLC and a Business bank account, 2 forms of identification and everything else connected to my store is not being enough I am not sure what is. Just horrible. Yes its user friendly and easy to build but they just took hundreds and thousands of dollars for membership but when I actually started going they stopped it with no reason. I will be closing all my Shopify stores and taking my business to new platforms. I will be advising everyone to do the same. Very unhelpful team aswell!

So many glitches in the last year. I’ve been on Shopify since January 2021. I can tell you that my experience has been great up until the last year, but now I just run into bug after bug after bug after bug. I rely on the app to know how many orders are sitting in my inbox. And within the last two weeks I’ve updated the app several times, and the glitch of it showing orders from the day before unfulfilled still hasn’t been fixed. every time I update it appears it would be fixed, but it never is. and it seems as though every time I call customer service I’m the only one with the issue (like they don’t know how to troubleshoot it). And I really don’t think that’s the case because later on I will receive an email regarding an issue. It’s just very obvious something changed. Go back to the way it was and I won’t switch platforms.:)

Constant inventory issues. I have caught Shopify messing up inventory time and time again and now I have to triple check to make sure it’s correct. I would save a new products inventory with size variants and when I go back later to add the UPC’s the inventory will be different than what I added. I have a large store that is not only in-store and online so this is constantly costing us online sales. Having to refund items that we don’t have anymore, and checking people out at the register to notice it says we have 0 in stock so it was out of stock on the website the whole time. I get there are human errors, stealing, etc., but I caught it in the act and Shopify is costing us business. It’s unbelievable how many different glitches I’m running into but this is by far the worst one.

Edit. Stole my money!. Shopify stole $1300 from me and refuses to give it back. Had a basic plan and wanted to see what the next plan up would be so I could do wholesale. I signed up and canceled the same day due to the astronomical price difference and my transaction was "converted" to credit. For three years they changed my bank rather than use the "credit" I have. I no longer use this app as it has become useless to actual small business owners...and have been fighting to get my money back. They have told me the since it has been "converted" to credit there is NO WAY to possibly convert it back. I have been fighting this for months now. Dev response will tell me to go to their chat line and take care of it there but the "customer support" keep telling me there is nothing they can do.

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Easiest way to get into e-commerce!!!. So this app a has made my venture into the world of ecommerce so easy and there has been a lot of help and support along the way. I love how Shopify has so many interactions built in to assist with setup! From really setting up payment providers and starting to help build mailing lists and marketing from within the Shopify store. But then the access to an endless amount of apps that assist with the day to day running off the store like promote, SEO, inventory, Upsell, etc... Thinking of e-commerce? Then go no further, get Shopify today!!!

Keeps screwing up my order list. Used to be amazing now every week my order list gets screwed up and my orders are in the wrong days it’s extremely frustrating especially when you have a turnaround time and tech support keeps saying they’ll get back to me on the issue then ghost me quicker than a 21 year old on tinder

The most user friendly app there is. Normally mobile apps have limited functions and tell you to sign into your computer. Not this app, it has all the same functionality and then some. If you run an online business without this app, your missing it now!

Returning customer. After moving from Shopify due to some integration conflicts I quickly realised that the competition was no match. I have gladly returned to Shopify and will not be leaving again.

Don’t waste your money with Shopify. I have spent months to setup store on Shopify still store not look like what i want there are lots of paid features which you have to buy to run your store i paid $29 usd every month since year even no sale after that Shopify encourage me to buy paid plugins. this is totally rubbish platform I changed my store to woocommerce for free now i just pay $1 a month for hosting only you also can choose thousands of free themes in woo-commerce

Blacklist central!. (I was using Shopify for 2 months, pulling in 17k per month.) Out of nowhere I get a cease and desist from another store that claimed I was “too similar” I changed the entire store with theme and all (the applicants store looked nothing alike). Then I begin to run my website again when one morning Shopify claims that my website has been closed and my account suspended. I took action and tried to fight back as there seemed to be no issue on my end. Now all my devices and my name are blacklisted as each time I put my card details in I am immediately banned. Shopify can you please tell me why I am banned from using the platform? I complied and still lost my account + thousand of dollars.

My iPhone 14 pro won’t focus on QR codes. I love the shopify app but since upgrading my iPhone to the new 14 Pro I can’t photograph the QR codes of my parcels to send out for customers to track. This is a known issue with other apps as well. Can we please get an update to fix. Thanks.

VERY POOR BACK UP SERVICE!!!. Shopify shut down our online our store and webpage for no reason. We have been a loyal customer for a long time. Waiting for over two days to get our store back online. It has cost us 1000s of dollars in lost sales. Online customer support can’t help. No phone contact , but they are happy to have a phone interview to discuss their new products…. For a company of this size having such poor support is completely unacceptable.

Fantastic. If you are considering opening an online store, look no further than shopify. This is a one stop shop for the whole box and dice. Everything is taken care of and you will be in control of your store from day one. No need to continuously ask for “expert help”. Everything from banking and reports is easy to access. Don’t ponder just use shopify. I did after much research and am now a very happy store owner after 2 years. I run my store with the help of shopify to help people have a great sleep naturally.

Wow finally a platform that works for me not me working for the platform. I have used Magento for years and had to pay for a it guy and my own server with little / no auto reports and suggestions Well done Shopify 10/10👍

Great app to set and manage a online store. We have been using it for our business for nearly a year now and it’s fantastic. The ability to integrate other apps such as shipping and built in marketing including Google makes it easy to manage everything in one place. I would give it five stars if it offered auspost integration as well as Sendle.

Great product. Makes editing and updating your own website easy, even if your knowledge is limited!

Great e-commerce app!. The Shopify app is really exceptional. It provides all the features and functionality that I need to run my online store efficiently. I love the home section especially as it provides useful insights that show me how my store performs, which products are most viewed , which my high value customers are and so much more. I’m really happy that I’m with Shopify and can only recommend it

Best shop app. Love the Shopify app. It has everything you need in one place. Push notifications let you know what is happening in the shop when you are on the go. Recommend this app to anyone.

Amazing! Nothing less of just perfect. Shopify is so simple and worth every penny, I would recommend it for anyone starting a website and wants to learn how to build a platform!!

Good app, doesn’t take long to learn. The Shopify App is pretty good. I have been using it to set up a new online dropshipping store. The built in apps like Oberlo work better on the website than the app, but the interface is still pretty good. My only wish would be for more bulk editing options, but it’s possible I haven’t found existing features yet.

Feedback. Please add the ability to select a shipping profile when creating the item listing. Thank you.

Great but please fix this latest update. Overall we love shopify and the app has been great. I love the support too. However, there is a problem with the latest update on the app where sales from "today" are landing under the heading "yesterday". When I talked to support about this they assured me it was normal behaviour, but it wasn't happening before the update and it makes no sense why the developer would do that. I think it's an oversight so I encourage you to please fix this.

Awesome. I’m almost completely happy with Shopify, and the app provides a very comprehensive equivalent to the desktop experience. Not all the features are available on my iPhone, but it’s just awesome. I would like to be able to send messages to customers within the order section, but otherwise I’m happy.

Great, but needs passcode lock!. I can't believe how good this app is, and how easy it is to run most aspects of my store from my phone! A glaring omission is an important security feature: there seems to be no way to set up passcode protection on the app. Someone could do a lot of damage to my bottom line either intentionally or unintentionally, simply by having access to my phone. 5 stars when this issue is fixed.

Improving every day, a must have. The recommendation algorithms need some more tweaking, I often see the certain articles or stats repeated but overall it's very handy. I check mine several times a day. Would like to fix theme errors or edit photos from iPad. Then it would be perfect

Good so far. So far, only been using for a few weeks, it seems pretty good. I’d like to be able to delete images though, if I accidentally upload the wrong photo I need to go out of the app to delete it off the product. That’s my only issue though

Does almost everything. It’s incredible the team were able to make the app do as much as it can do. Almost as good as web, only better - that you can edit on the go! Love Shopify, and rain on Cha-Chings!

Slow and Buggy. The app is awful. It works to an extent, but every time I open it I have to refresh the page and it can take 20+ minutes to actually refresh (if it works). I end up having to close and open the app several times. When I have to upload multiple products at once, it freaks out and stops uploading photos and I have to close and open the app until it lets me add the same photos again and they will upload instantly. Definitely not an issue with internet as I’ve had issues no matter what. It works but there are many issues and the biggest issue is how slow it is

No support. I’ve been trying to resolve what should be a simple issue for nearly four weeks. No-one will fix it. In the meantime, I’ve built a backup website with another eCommerce platform, made sales and we’ve received our first payout. Update: didn’t hear back from Shopify with any useful information, just stalling & platitudes, so we’ve written off their non-payment as a bad debt, which is just as well as they closed my support request & kept the payout. The developer response below is just more of the same lack of assistance. I’ve never heard back from anyone with my “escalated” case.

Won’t even open. Wanted to set up a small business. After hearing how useful Shopify is, I thought I would give it a go. The app loaded once to make an account then crashed. After this it doesn’t even load. Just crashes. Restarting and even reinstalling the app doesn’t work. Very disheartening, doesn’t give me much confidence to set up a business on Shopify if the app won’t even load ! I am on the latest IOS 14.3 perhaps this update is the issue.

Wouldn’t use any other platform. As a small brand with small budgets on the cheapest Shopify plan which means having access to better customer analytics, shopping behaviours ect would be so much beneficial starting out. Making your plans more established as you grow as a business but being their to help push them into the bigger plans would be more amazing.

Latest update is buggy af. I’ve been using Shopify for years and found the app easy to use over the years however this latest update has made it almost impossible to make what were once (and should always be) extremely simple changes to products. I am having to click on an area up to ten (10) times before it opens to allow me to make a change. Even after I make a change to a product I’ll sometimes be unable to save the change as the ‘Save’ button is not highlighted and therefore not able to be clicked. “Support” is a joke - there is none. If you are considering a move to Shopify be prepared to pay through the nose to developers for add-on apps that do things that Shopify should provide to it’s customers for free.

eCommerce made easy. Overall, this app is fantastic. I use my computer to do most of the shopkeeping but this app helps me update and check what’s happening when out and about. Its easy to use too :) App devs : There is a gremlin in the current version. When on the home screen, it won’t scroll up, it freezes and crashes the app. Restarting the app works ok as long as I don’t use the home page. If I don’t touch the home page and go straight to orders or products, then its fine - until back on the home page where it freezes! Annoying! Other than this, everything works beautifully :)

May be soon!!. trying my heart out how to make money in dropshipping. no luck yet but wont give up. this is a good platform if you know how to score the audience. hopefully i will make it 😊

Everything just works. Often the hardest thing for a company to do is meet expectations (let alone exceed). Shopify does it amazingly well, which is exactly what you want when you’re running your business through the site. The tools work, everything feels stable and secure, and I have enough functionality to run my store. The app feels as useful as the desktop site, and I’d say I use the app 75% of the time to run the business. If you’re comparing/trialling a bunch of different platforms for your online store (which I did at the start), make sure Shopify is in the mix. Integrations extend the bare-bones experience into a highly customised one. Five stars. Easy.

Great and easy. I’ve had no issues with this app. It’s user friendly and has all the features/details I require whilst away from my laptop

A bit hard. Found it to hard to set up shop web page, wouldn’t change themes,keep staying on debut so tried on my Mac book thinking it would be better, even worse. Idea is good, would be easier if showed preview of page and could change and word things on that instead of having to go back to edit and wonder what a footer and all the other parts are

Don’t waste another day !. We were using Magento. It was old , clunky and very limiting. We took the big jump over to Shopify and I’m angry with myself for not doing it sooner. Shopify is very flexible. They have amazing support and even a monkey who knows nothing about building a website could use it. The apps are easy to instal and the reporting and analytics are easy to read and give you great feedback on how your site is doing compared to other sites. Shopify shows us where in the world people are looking at our website , we never knew we had such a large audience on the US , hence we are looking to expand there . If you want growth then Shopify will get you there . Oh and did I mention how low cost their monthly base rates are. Get serious , get Shopify !

An App that works even better than the main site!. All too often the Ap has limitations or is full of quirks. But the Shopify App is flawless. I use it all the time, even to update my photos, prices, slideshows. My customers mostly view on their phones so I find using the App on my phone often gives me a more authentic customer experience. 5 Stars.

The latest update is a complete disaster. After using Shopify for over two years and loving it, the latest update is clunky to use. It has made it less user friendly when you want to take off an item once you sell it in a retail setting. It also is harder to use from a mobile to see what sizes are left of an item and I am finding when I’m in a product certain areas won’t open like inventory. I use shopify everyday and this is a big letdown. It needs to be fixed and fast

Forrest Golf. Shopify has been a simple way to build our website and build our online business. Their customer service is very helpful. The tutorials and videos are an excellent way to learn how to build a website and SEO.

Keep making app worse. In the last few updates you have removed the option to check available stock with the committed feature and now removed the option to change collections via mobile app. Why do you keep making the app less functional for us users?

Happy customer. Thanks Shopify for all the added extra information you provide to your retailers. I love reading all about the updates and how to best manage my store. As a small business, I need all the help I can get with running a smooth, attractive, easy to operate business platform that is also attractive for my customers.

❤️❤️❤️. Love this app. At first i thought it was hard to use but after a few nights of playing around with the app its becoming easier to use

Absolutely Brilliant!. I have been using this for 6 months and it’s upper easy, comprehensive and the pop up learning guides constantly helps improve our sites results. Shopify rules!

Essential. I’m constantly using the app many times a day when I’m away from my laptop. Checking orders, correcting inventory values after manual sales or adjusting product headings and descriptions etc. My only issue is that the very useful information statistics it gives change to different ones. An option to view all or customize which ones to see would be helpful. Otherwise it’s a great app.

E commerce made easy. This app helps to keep me up to date and make changes to my store on the go, we use the web version every day but the mobile app is so well thought out and functional 💕

Linkpop section still not 'in-app'.. As reported here for the previous version (unchanged in this version, sadly), the Linkpop section is still not self contained. It takes the user out of the app. Please fix that. Ironically, the Linkpop promo card on the title screen DOES keep the user within the Shopify app (If anything, one might expect these disparate behaviours to be the other way 'round)! For the next update, please ensure that the user - who is already logged in with their Shopify account - can adjust Linkpop (already logged in) inside this app in the 'Linkpop' sales channel section, just like the 'Shop' sales channel section and the 'online store' sales channel section. Thanks, team. Excellent app otherwise. 4+ Stars! PS: To Apple: Why do my reviews NEVER show up on this Apple app store? Even the allegedly 'most recent' reviews are days, weeks or MONTHS older than mine!

Loving this app more as time goes by.. Yes there may not be all the functions as the web though this app has been a great on the go tool for me while I’m juggling many various products. Would highly recommend!

$120 in three days???. Got charged $60 on Friday and another payment was just asked to be payed today (Sunday) $120 in less than three days?? And now I am unable to cancel my subscription due to an outstanding invoice. Have also not used the account in over 6 months.

Great mobile app to keep up to date and also manage your accounts on the go!. Great functionality, has all you need for mobile access for your stores, updates and the ability to fulfill orders and manage your store on the go! We use this app 75% of the time to manage our stores!

Everything I wanted for my eShop. Works a treat, never down, everything is easy to use and if you don’t know how to do something they have tones of information to help you with your problem. Love the apps as well they are an awesome feature.

So easy to use!. I love this platform and the functionality of the app. As a small business owner, everything can be so hectic. Having an easy platform to sell from makes life much simpler!

An ok app. It’s not bad, but not great (e.g. would love to be able to organise and re-sort variants via the app). Comparatively, mobile web experience is great. Would love to see that kind of functionality in the app as I’m finding myself spending more and more time just using mobile web as the app doesn’t really offer much value currently.

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I want to change my business category but I don’t know how . Plz help me. Plz

Nov 2023. Latest update cause few issues in the app 1. Abandoned check out not allowed to see the details of the potential order 2. Payout information not available Please fix asap.

Beware of spam. Overall good app except as soon as I signed up I get tonnes of spam emails. Why Shopify?

Very bad company. No wonder why you losing too many customers with your horrible service

Shopify app epic fail. My site is live but every time I load the app on my phone it says no internet connection.

Ease of use is a huge gain for my business.. I love how easy it is to focus on my business now that I don't have the stress of managing web updates! Running my hosted WordPress was a lot of hassle and I always worried that I would forget to update and the site wouldn't work properly.

I lost every thing. M’y dad payed for the plan and it was great but then my didn’t find my stores I don’t know what to do help plsssss

Ewwwwww. Get Ecwid it’s better

Simply the best!. My company has thrived using Shopify’s simple and amazing platform. 5-stars is not enough to rate Shopify. A bit pricy but 100% worth it.

Upload mobile videos from smartphone. Can there be a feature where we can upload videos from smartphones devices without the embedded url instead

Pretty neat. I just created my own Shopify store after ordering something from another store. It made me want to try dropshipping. That’s cool

Annoyed. The app has gone from a simple way to run my business from my phone to a more complicated and frustrating process why fix what’s not broken your just making things unnecessarily over complicated to stay hip and with it. Stop it.

Be carefully if u want 2 or more stores. Shopify will make sure you cant have multiple stores you will have to have pay different bill subscriptions.. for example if you have a baby themed store, a sports one, a girls one you will have to pay 3x the amount because you cant have unique urls for each store.

Great app amazing capabilities. This app is a must have for an online retailer. It does everything you need - work class company

Too glitchy. Can’t edit your page because it’s too slow and glitchy , not very practical.

???. How do we access other people store?

Love it. One of the best app I have ever used. I love the new design.

HEIC Photos no longer supported?. Why? I use shopify, create products, and take & upload photos mainly on my iPhone. This is a huge pain to ease of use. Will you support the HEIC format again?

Great App. I love that I can be away from my computer and still operate my business seamlessly using the app. Thank you Shopify.

Great but slow and unsettling glitches. fast customer service. The app and site is crazy slow, dial up slow and just gets worse . This is not a platform for orders over 20 lines, it grinds after that. Lots of unexplained glitches. Customers cannot pay invoices even though the card was authorized. Have to reissue the invoice. But the main issue is it’s sooooo slow

Stay login. Please stop logging out users, always need to login every time

Latest update is brutal bad. First off I’ve used Shopify now for 4 years solid with over 3000 sku numbers and over 1.5 million in sales. We almost exclusively use the Shopify app and we are about to jump ship over to square after this last update. They had a good thing with the layout and was quite user friendly but this last update is glitchy not letting me view my sku numbers for reordering and won’t let me share a product when clicking on the share icon. These little changes has complicated the work flow and forced me to sit at the computer. Not ok.

New update. Hi could you please go back to normal, this is most misleading The other set up was much better, it was easy to read and told us all the info we needed at a glance this is impossible I don’t care it was done for Black Friday, please review and install the old way. Thanks DTSM Driving School Inc

App notification delay. Please fix. Your latest update cause the app notification delay on my iPhone 12 Promax iOS 17 Will rate 5 stars if it’s fixed

This is a scam. I got Shopify and they scammed me. I clicked on a plan that said $7 a year and it made me pay $94 from the start. This app is a joke I don’t recommend using it or purchasing it unless you want to get scammed by the losers who made the app. I would like a refund from my money that you scammed from me

Great app. Easy to use and looking forward to get big on it.

Update sucks. I used to be able to add inventory and new products seamlessly now it’s very difficult and adding barcodes will not work at all. Very frustrating to have to search for a product instead of just scanning it.

10/10. 🚀

Horrible after update!. I’ve use Shopify for many years and this latest update is the worst! Adding inventory from an iPad used to be so simple, but now it’s so complicated. You can’t see variant info at a glance, you can’t make changes easily. Different pages for different variant info. Everything is now an edit. It’s crazy. Plus, I can’t add more than one new product without having to click into another product before I can move ahead to the next new entry. When you hit the + to add, it just stays on the same screen. I have to turn my IPad from horizontal to vertical every time I update in order for the page to refresh or I can only see half of the new entry. The changes are terrible. Why fix what wasn’t broken? A simple, user friendly app has now become a major pain! If this continues, we will consider changing to another platform. Sorry Shopify, this isn’t good enough. Instead of getting better with updates, you just keep making things worse.

User friendly. Nice to have everything I need in one place

Garbage. Too many issues, especially with payment processing.

It’s nice. It’s amazing and easy to use u just have to save before exiting I wish that it would save automatically so you wouldn’t have to panic about loosing your work.

Hate one thing about the update. Why do the items now save as automatically active??? It should default to draft

They’ve completely changed. Shopify used to be amazing with customer service but now it’s absolutely terrible! Long slow chat.

Shopify. I really like to use this program, it works well with social media and other sales platforms. Also works well with design tools😃 lots of fun!

Pretty Brutal. Nothing works. So glitchy. Any help from customer service also glitches. They will make it impossible to delete your account & data after your trial. That plus their app, website, and customer service chats / emails not working properly.. pretty much means you won’t get it deleted.

SCAMMED ME. I opted for a 3 month 1 dollar subscription and I canceled it after 3 months. They are saying there was some sort of a glitch and my account never got canceled. I noticed this 4 months later when they were charging me 50 dollars a month!! I lost 200 dollars for a website I never used!!!!

My shop at my fingertips. I love the Shopify App for day to day management of my sales, shipping (even bulk shipping now) and inventory mgmt. Its very slick and makes managing my platform a breeze!

SCAM. This app supports companies that are scams!! You order from SHOPIFY thinking it’s a legit store and then you get scammed! This is SHOPIFYs fault for not double checking the companies they keep

Easy to use. Easy to use.

Convenient and organized!. Shopify has changed so much for our business! So easy to track orders and keep things organized. Love it so far!

Customer Service SUCKS. I love my site. It took me forever to build, and the fact that I WAS able to build it WITHOUT a scrap of knowledge was incredible. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of the Callback service which you recently canceled. The callback service is QUINTESSENTIAL. I don’t want to hear about the chat service offered, or community, or email- those are not valid options for some clients. If you don’t value your clients enough to talk to them, you might as well just dismiss them. We are in a world where people need to be treated with respect- ppl are disabled, ppl suffer from sensory overload, ppl have to work through nuances. There are REASONS to have customer service representatives who will literally talk to you. I built, run and work on my website all by myself, I need to be able to fall back on that stability from time to time. It’s SO SO SO upsetting that you took that away from us, your paying customers. I actually cried when it happened. The hours, days and weeks I put into all this work and I can’t communicate and receive the help I need on MY terms is an egregious way to treat your clients. I’m looking for new e-commerce hosting platforms. It’s work I have to do. Again. Some more.

Great app. iOS widget idea. Great app but only use it for monitoring sales of all of our stores. Since we have four store it would be great if the widget used the base currency and sales for all store in the widget or allowed tracking of up to three stores (only three widgets allowed anyhow).

PLEASE FIX THIS ONE THING. When adding a product to my store, I am unable to select multiple photos to add to the product at a time. To those people who regularly add new products and like to include many different photos to show all the different product options like colours and styles: be warned, you will spend more of your time in this app manually selecting and adding one photo at a time to one product at a time than anything else. To those whose selection rarely changes: you’ll still spend more of your time adding photos in this tedious manor than anything else you do during your initial set up.

Worst dropshipping platform ever !!!. I create my website and costumise it and did sales and payed publicity . Shopify let me accept a sale from somebody and i sent him marchandisy that i paid . Then they blocked my account because the told me im a fraudster !!! And i can go look for another platform . I swear god i lost my money ans my time and be treated as fraudster . Its a serious matter . You cant do money in shopify , when you start doing some $ they block your account and take your money !!!

Notifications not working. Still troubling that notifications are slow or not working.

Abysmal service.. When I joined shopify, I somehow managed to sign up twice under the same email with their confusing system. I was charged for 18 months for an account I NEVER signed into or used. This should be illegal. Shopify support refunded me for 3 months and refused to refund me for the whole amount. They wouldn’t pass me to a supervisor and claimed there’s no method to speak to a human. Only chat. Abysmal service. Do not recommend.

Trust me keep a way. Unfortunately, one of the worst support totally unprofessional and in trained. What a waist of good potential

Easy to use. Love the app & the pos app too. They are so user friendly. As a 58 lady without much tech knowledge, the apps help me have confidence in handling deals. Highly recommend!

Best. Best for business

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Suggestions. - It would help if shipping fee was automatically processed & taken out of every order payment at the time the order was placed, instead of waiting & having one large shipping fee. - also with the capital as well , instead of using the money that may or may not be in my account, take the percentage from the order automatically. And whatever is left is my payout.

worst app ever made, you will be scammed. i bought/ordered a tee shirt for my cousin the day of thanksgiving as a Christmas gift, and as so i also bought a extra 5 day shipping so it would deliver in time. however its almost been two months and it still says “order placed” I then tried contacting the company for a return and the company is non responsive. I then talked to the Shopify support and they told me they couldn't do anything cause they don't have info on company's outside their app, even thought i literally bought it on the app itself. Do yourself a favor and prevent yourself from getting scammed of your money too and delete this app or not getting it in the first place.

CHOPIFY: goes out of business 🤞🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼. It has been 10 days since Chopify has denied me access to my store without a single word from the company as to why. Do not start your store with Shopify. They are censoring products of free speech. It’s a Canadian company, not an American so their “freedoms” are no longer equal to that of Americas. I haven’t even opened my store and they’re shutting it down already. Customer service is non existent. No live chat, no phone number to call. Issues can only be resolved by email and then you have to wait to hear back from anyone, if they respond at all. They should rebrand themselves s as Chop-ify cuz they’ll cut out your business without any consideration for a reason why. Shameful. Disgusting.

S. I've been using the Shopify app for a few months now and I'm blown away by how easy it is to use. The app has all the features I need to manage my online store, from adding new products to processing orders. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, which has made managing my store a breeze. I also appreciate the excellent customer support I've received from the Shopify team. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to start or grow their online business.

Very slick. I’ve had a Shopify site for almost two years. I admit to not putting much time or effort into it up until COVID-19. I have a handmade business and lost all my wholesale orders overnight. I am spending a lot of time on Shopify and am happy to say that I’ve made many sales this month that will help pay for my livelihood. Once you get the hang of it, listing items becomes very fast. The checkout process is easy and offers my customers a choice between various shipping companies or local pickup. It’s worth the $29 a month for me.

Recent updates made photo upload a nightmare. I run my business on my iPhone. This app is useable but there are several areas needing improvement. To change inventory, sku or the barcode on a variant, you have to go through multiple screens. There is no way to bulk edit on this app. No way to reorder variants. Editing these product fields on the app is a slow process and unnecessarily so. The recent version made photo uploads an arduous process. First you have the pre-select photos from your camera roll. Then (if you are lucky and the app didn’t freeze), you have to re-select the photos from the pre-selected group before you can upload to your item. And then the updated photos do not refresh unless I close and reopen the app. Are you kidding me? Shopify development team, here are some constructive suggestions to improve this app: — add bulk edit function — display variant name, price, inventory quantity, sku, barcode on the SAME screen to allow for quicker editing (instead of nesting these items within multiple screens) — make photo uploads a 1 step process instead of a 2 step process

So far so good. Running an e-commerce business has been a learning curve to say the least. Once you figure out all the functions though. You can easily navigate the site. So many different customizations can seem overwhelming but the app has mostly every access you would on a desktop. Which is genuinely the best feature when you’re trying to edit your site on the run! I’ve only been using Shopify for 3 months but it’s been the easiest site I’ve ever learned to navigate by far!

Review. I like the interaction with the app so I can know how to win my store on a daily with my orders as well as my visitors as well as keeping out what products are selling frequently on my store I must say my stores been doing pretty decent since I launched in January but what happened to the feature when you know you have an order used to ding to notify me but it no longer does thatTo notify me when I have an order I automatically have to go to my email now to know if a order is coming or to check the shop at to see if I have a order.

I recommend it to new business owners. I love shopify!! Every chance I have to recommend the site I do it. I’m the least techy person you will find out there, but I find shopify very easy to use and navigate. Whenever I see friends opening up their stores or selling items online(social media) I recommend they open a site with shopify. It just so easy to use that I’m confident that anyone that uses the app will love it and will be able to figure it out.

Live view is awful. Why was the switch made? Refresh, refresh, refresh... I have a visitor? Where? Let me spin the globe... wait... too far, I’m in Asia. Let me spin back to the US... wait... not I’m in France. Ok now I’m reset to the US... is that a small pale blue dot I see? Where? Can’t see it. Refresh. Oh there it is. I think. Is it blinking? Let me refresh again. There is it. Ok how many times did they click? What? No numbers associated with the click analytic. Thanks for making live view completely worthless and difficult to navigate. So bad. I know change is good but if it wasn’t broke to begin with... why “fix” it?

Direct support. The fact that Shopify no longer has a direct customer service feature is very disheartening. Is so hard and confusing to reach someone to talk about a PAID platform you use for your business. They started with available phone communications, cut that out, then chat feature for support, now it seems they’ve cut that out. Honestly I’m not sure how to contact and reach someone for my particular issue anymore. Direct communication with the platform support was the reason I switched from my last platform to this one so this was a huge benefit that is now longer.

Awful do not use. Being new to e-commerce, I spent dozens of hours learning and launching my store. No easy task. I made a few sales then a couple of potential fraud sales came through. I didn’t receive a penny from them and Shopify completely shut down my payment system rendering my store useless. They told me to go find someone else for payment processing and accused me of fraud. I’m beyond livid of the accusation of something that never even happened. I emailed their support “Geoff” who only doubled down on the accusations. So many hours wasted. I suggest going with Etsy or anyone else to save yourself and your business from being ruined down the line.

The EASIEST way to get your business online.. I had my first sale within three weeks of downloading the free trial. And that’s because I had literally ZERO experience in sales or business... Shopify makes it super easy to sell your product worldwide. Making the website wasn’t too difficult either. I wish there were more marketing strategies highlighted in, or through, the app. It would make it easier for the super newbies. But all the info is out there online for how to sell on through Shopify. All in all I am VERY happy with Shopify!

DO NOT USE IF STARTING A SMOKE SHOP. THERE is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE HELP EVER. You will waste your time emailinv and clicking licks only to waste your time and solve zero problems. I have made zero sales because paypal rejected my products( pipes and bongs) and all other shopify payments have been on hold the entire time (8months ) I have owned this app. PayPal sets the user agreements and due to weed not being legal in every place paypal is used my buisness was rejected. I called and checked with customer support that the shopify reement doesnt list anywhere that pipes and bobgs etc. cannot be sold. Multiple cumstomer service people confirmed there wasnt an error on their side. However I have payed $180 at least and MADE ZERO MONEY. Sales cant even go past payement because of paypal and shopify payments issues. DO NOT RECOMMEND

Love Shopify but.... I absolutely adore Shopify but am confused why live view had ever been touched, as it was the best part of Shopify. Since it’s been updated, I had the gray globe for a bit but for at least 4 months now, all I have had was a black globe. Literally pitch black. Please explain why this is necessary as I can not see anything on the globe at all, can we pleaseeeeee go back to the standard live view, it was beyond perfect, and I absolutely believe that Shopify users would be beyond grateful for the change back

Bad support. Do yourself a favor and find a better platform. I was on Shopify for about 8 years, and it was okay although their support network is very hard to deal with. I wanted more options on my website that Shopify couldn’t do, so I shopped around. I’m now much happier with BogCommerce, whose support teams are attentive and responsive. They even implemented some feature suggestions I had. Now that I don’t have a Shopify account anymore, they keep emailing me to ask for tax documents... there is literally no way to contact anyone at Shopify if you don’t have an account, over the years they have made it increasingly more difficult to get in touch with anyone there. Skip all of my headaches and take a look at BigCommerce instead.

Every New Update Makes The App Worse. Updates to Shopify often just kill great features for no reason at all. I finally updated to a working version, but like a fool I accidentally updated again recently and this new version is barely usable at all. The new widgets are really bad and do not work most of the time, please go back to the original widgets. The app constantly logs me out throughout the day again, a previous update fixed this issue, but now the issue it back. Now to top is all off, it won’t even let me log into my account anymore. The login button is just grayed out. Man, I wish I can downgrade the version, they shouldn’t make customers scared to update to the latest version. Please just go back to an older version, it was working perfectly.

Love this app. I have been using shopify for the last 7 years. The tech help from the 800 number is truly a life saver! They are all super nice, incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.... they sometimes give me extra advice on things I didn’t even know to ask. I also love the fact that my point of sale app deletes my product inventory from my website when I am selling directly to clients at a retail venue. That way I don’t have someone buying off the internet something I just sold at a show.

Best Mobile App I have ever used!. I work in software and run an e-commerce store on the side. Shopify is my primary software I use and the Mobile App is the best mobile experience of the web app I have ever used. It is intuitive and clean, it gives you just enough control to do what you need to without being over bloated and trying to afford you every option that’s on the web app. I could write several pages here, but I’ll refrain. Again, this is the best app I have ever used for work that does just what I need it to do and does so intuitively and well.

Excellent app - able to run business on-the-go!. I would have never imagined being able to do mostly all the essential tasks that allow me to run my business from the convenience of my phone. But with this app I can. It’s very easy to quickly make edits to your store, review analytics, and fulfill orders, particularly with Oberlo. If you are also dropshipping products from AliExpress, then I feel more comfortable by fulfilling those orders from my laptop instead. I would highly recommend Shopify to anyone.

Useless. My experience with Shopify so far has been absolutely horrible. Everything is so well organized and would be perfect for anyone running an e-commerce business if it wasn’t for their garbage marketing functions. This glitch keeps on happening where I’m able to run ads through Facebook, and then when I go back to make another ad it says I don’t have a business manager, yea ok??? I then add my business manager, this is where the glitch comes in, when I try to connect my Ad account I small window opens which asks me to connect my ad account, you see where this is going? It just takes me on a complete loop over and over and over again. This is absolutely ridiculous. Garbage app, garbage excuse of an e-commerce solution.

A few essential features still missing. Overall, I love using Shopify for my business. Two essential features that are missing for merchants are 1) the ability to merge customers who have accidentally created multiple accounts for themselves and 2) the ability to save the filter or method one uses to sort product searches (for example by “high inventory” or by “created (newest first)”. The search always defaults back to “product title a-z”. These small changes would be helpful. Thank you.

Must have for Shopify users.. The Shopify App is the is an absolute must have for anyone running a website on Shopify. Due to my busy schedule, outside of my business, I don’t have access to my computer, but because of the Shopify App, I’m still able to communicate with Customers, stay current on orders/inventory, and plan my time in my shop. Long story short, once you build your online store you can do everything to maintain your business from the Shopify App. 100% must have.

Great when it works but things can get ugly. This platform is great when it works however when it comes to running your business, anything which makes as much money as shopify does off of their accounts should have some level of support. Today a MASSIVE glitch in my inventory cost me thousands of dollars to which customer service basically said “frustrating on your end…. Want to hear about some apps that can save you time?” They refused to allow me to contact anyone I could actually speak with and get any form of confidence that this wouldn’t occur again. The lack of actual support I have received as a large e-commerce account is abhorrent. I will be switching ASAP

Amazing for Small Business. I am so thankful for the Shopify app! The Shopify platform in general is super user friendly for someone like me that doesn’t have web design, marketing or tech skills naturally. I like that I can still edit, add/remove things in my shop from the app. I can see insights on my shoppers preferences to products. The app also manages your orders and payments, it’s almost too easy! The Shopify app makes it convenient to run your business from anywhere and I’m so glad I started using it.

Appreciated. I started lauching my beauty products business, wanted to create my website , i’ve been reading a lot of reviews , compares of different company reviews . And one of my friend said :” definitely Shopify “ . Duhh …… it’s the best. Shopify was very details , easy to use , they have tutorials videos , keep track on everything about your website . And they keep offering more features !! How awesome? Shopify helped my business grows a lot . Sending my appreciation to the team 🤝

Worse and worse. Honestly I don’t know who’s in charge but Shopify keeps getting worse and worse. Why do they insist on messing up things that worked fine before? The latest updates are so bad for usability it’s not even funny. Can barely see anything because they took all the colors away from buttons and things. All of this aside from the fact that they keep squeezing small businesses for more money and fewer benefits to us. Whenever I have a problem, support is fairly useless and just tries to upsell me to a higher plan, instead of actually answering or helping me.

Increasible. Shopify is amazing. They have an incredible platform and in the past few years they have done such a good job with this app. You can really do so much with your shop when not in front of the computer. It’s great being able to access all of my sales data whenever I need it I love seeing sales come through immediately. The new purple layout is beautiful, and the app is so easy to use and find everything that you need. This is one the apps that I use every single day and very very happy with it. Thanks shop a phi, keep up the great work!!

TERRIBLE CHAT SUPPORT. I had set my store up just fine. I had gotten products thru AliExpress and used Oberlo to copy them onto my online store. It was going great until SHOPIFY’s Business Manager wouldn’t give me access to my Facebook page and wouldn’t let me connect my Facebook Channel. After about a week and a half of being sent back and forth between Facebook and Shopify I had no real help or any solution. The Live Support on Shopify had employees with very poor English trying to help me every time. On top of the language barrier, it seemed as if I knew more about Shopify in my 10 hours of having it than any of the Chat Support that I tried getting help from. Again, terrible customer service and I do not recommend.

A great app, good job taking the iPad seriously. I’m an ecommerce marketer who uses an iPad Pro almost exclusively, and so many SaaS’s either don’t make an iPad app, or make a poor one with virtually no feature parity. The Shopify app is, in a lot of ways, more efficient to use than a desktop or browser! I only dinged it a star because SEO options for products and collections don’t seem to be a thing in the app, which means not full feature parity, but it’s so close that I really appreciate it. Thanks guys for taking the iPad Pro seriously, something that’s going to continue to distinguish SaaS’s in the near future as iPads replace clunky laptops.

I canceled why are you STILL CHARGING ME!. I canceled my subscription with Shopify and within minutes my account was activated again on its own. I received an email about my cancellation then minutes later I received an email thanking me for returning I don’t understand that. So I did it again. I canceled in December even went and got a new bank card and account number AND SOME HOW SOME WAY I’m still getting charged 3 different transactions 2 of them for $5 and some change and one for $30 and some change! No I’m having to put a claim and dispute the charges. I will never again use Shopify nor recommend Shopify. Their thieves. Shopify os simply STEALING FROM ME. I’m tired of it. I don’t use it and I deleted the account plus the app. And still how are the taking money.

Love it. Seeing notifications emails on how to grow your business and more truly is helpful I get to see where most of my audience ones from and it helps me with my targeting content and more. If you haven’t invested your business to Shopify what are you waiting for? Did I tell you that when you need help you can actually speak to a live representative and they will not only assist but guide you for future reference in case it happens again. And they will still be there if it happens again and you need their help

Do not even download. I would give this a zero star if I can. Customer service is no help. I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription but it won’t let me. At one point it keeps saying I’m typing the wrong password when in fact, I used the same password to login just so I could deactivate it but to no avail it’s not letting me. I have been trying for months to cancel, they’ve been GETTING MY MONEY BUT THERE IS NO WAY OUT! I’m not the only one with this problem, and best believe I won’t even get my money back for all those months I’ve been trying to cancel. To this day I have not been able to cancel, there’s not even a chance of pausing the bill! IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

Good but could use some improvements. I’m happy with it for everything I’m able to do with it for my shop , but there are some things that I must log in on safari to do than using the app. Editing any text or adding text the response is slow and lagging and causes me to have to wait and then re edit things. It should show the type as fast as I can write it. One major thing would be the ability to select multiple products to select the dropdown to make them available at the set time for my shop updates. If I’m missing something for this I would love to know how to do so. Thank you!

Love the NEW design and features. The jerk that wrote the nasty review before me is very frustrated with sales and is taking it out own the purple themed app. I quite enjoy the app and love the cash register sound when I make a sale. I would ask for something in the next update, which I just learned will only be a week away according to the idiot who left that very unhelpful review. I’d like to see my sales with a custom timeframe. Or just add year or lifetime. The week and month statistic are good but would like to see total sales for this year and previous years.

Love but could be better. I love my website through Shopify! It is so easy to use and there are tutorial videos practically everywhere to help make your website better. Loading products is easy. Shipping is a breeze and the App Store in Shopify is awesome. You can add a lot of free apps to enhance your website. The only downfall I have with Shopify is I liked the live view better before they changed it. Like most website owners, I like to keep my live view up to see where my traffic is coming from. But since they changed it, it doesn’t show the locations like it use to. It’s so small, you can barely see it.

Please read this!!!!!. Shopify has been charging me money for almost a year now and I have no way of canceling my subscription. They have no customer service for sellers using there platform!!!! None!!!!! There was one number I got ahold of and it only told me that the number was no longer active and that all help would come from the Shopify help center which you can only utilize if you are a Shopify subscriber. My issue was that I was locked out of my account and so there is no way to get in and cancel my subscription because I never even receive the password reset emails that they were supposed to send. To make matters worse, they charged me 4 separate times this month on one store because I only ever set up one store.

Overall very useful. This app is super helpful. I run a Shopify store that does $7M in annual revenue and I appreciate the features and improvements. Some of the reports are less helpful. For example, the report about blog posts that convert to sales is useless. It says the same two posts have 2 and 1 conversions which we know not to be true. The report about revenue from email campaigns is, for some reason equally useless. Those reports aside this is one of the best ecommerce analytics and reporting apps. Would like to see them fix those reports and improve on the attribution reporting. Great app.

Love Shopify !. This is my first business/ e store and Shopify is deff the easiest way to go. They track your sales, website views, time spent, words searched, basically everything to make it easier to understand what you are missing or need to fix in order to be shopped. They give you suggestions and there are tons of blogs on there with advice on how to be a better store (always room for improvement). Shipping labels are purchased within the app and all round it is just so easy to use.

Fantastic!. So, if your business is always on the go, and consistently updating inventory, prices, or just a simple daily sale. The app I suggest to any business owner. You can view mostly everyone from this app to a log online. I’m on this app between 40 times a day. One thing I suggest for this app, is you can view abandoned checkouts. Otherwise, you can track customers packages, email customers, add discounts. Disable discounts, and importantly log in to view all your reports!

Always updating and Easy to use.. Love love love how Shopify is always updating and giving tips to help grow my business. This platform is one of the easiest to use. From the laptop to using the mobile app. Super easy with no restrictions. I only wish they make it to where there is 2 admins with the same feature. If you have a partner only 1 is allowed full access and the other owner which control payments for apps and such. If they change this feature to 2 admins that would be so amazing.

Newb that’s optimistic. I’m really new to the world of online commerce. However , I’ve been an artist for a lifetime and my real passion is to provide those who like what I create , with the things I have available at a reasonable cost. The reward is the ability to create and provide. The money is only needed to keep the whole thing going. That’s where I am with it. Shopify has allowed me to expand the capabilities I have and I’m happy to be learning the ropes. I have the utmost confidence that this will be an ongoing success.

Very Useful. I enjoy the app for the most part. Very helpful to keep up with sales, metrics and even the badges for cross promoting suggestions, what percentage your store is placed, abandoned carts, etc are all helpful. I do wish there was not times where the app said “connection lost” or have trouble loading. This has only started happening recently and I’m not sure if it’s the growth my company has experienced or if Shopify itself is just having that issue. Either way, nothing is perfect and I am overall pleased with the app.

So Amazing!. Before using Shopify my business was run on WordPress! For about a year I felt stuck because I didn’t understand the coding or what to do to get my website more appealing I also as a new business owner couldn’t afford to pay over $500 for someone to design it. The company that I chose to do business with this far as my products storage place had an opportunity to where I can switch over to Shopify and let’s just say it has been great every sense my business is growing thank you so much Shopify

Love this app!. We have been using Shopify for one year and the technology and service is absolutely amazing! The app helps us keep track of inventory and sales when we’re not at our office and we can directly talk to customers in realtime on our website without having to wait on emails. We can print postage from our phones and have it sitting on the printer when we return. Too many good things to list with the app and Shopify, but to sum it up, even for someone who’s not tech savvy such as me, Shopify and the Shopify app make me look like a pro!

Great App. This app is great. It really hits what you need in a mobile app to run your store. You can even access your store’s apps as well. The only thing I’ve found it can’t do, which I need to do for our business setup and is the only reason for 4 stars, is It doesn’t allow you to print the order from the app. You can print the shipping label and the packing slip, but not the order form with the sales and shipping prices listed. You actually have to log onto the desktop for that sheet, which defeats the purpose of this app for me.

New GUI = SUCCESS. Much better. Thanks for the new version. Not sure why there are so many sour grapes the latest addition of being able to edit inventory is immensely helpful and shows that Shopify listens. I have to wonder if the boo hoo hooers even used it before they rated it. For me it now bumps up from 3 to 5 stars. One future nice thing to see would be the ability to add and delete your promo codes. Or maybe also be able to connect to your printer to print the invoices. Great work however. Thanks Shopify!

Just a really solid app. Shopify does a lot of things right, but one of my favorites is this app. I have experience with other e-commerce platforms as well, and none of their apps even come close to the depth and breadth of features available on this app—all paired with a wonderfully easy to use interface. Sure, it’s not 100% perfect and there are some things you’ll always want to do on an actual computer (like designing your site), but for day-to-day management of your store (which is what you want an app like this for), this app can’t be beat!

Recent update removed functionality. When opening a order, you can no longer swipe left or right to move to the next or previous order. This functionality was removed (or stopped working) in the latest app. Very annoying as it means you have to go back to the order list each time to access the next order. UPDATE: Another bug, we just noticed that the app is showing orders marked as “yesterday” when they actually were ordered today. The app is contradicting the Shopify website view of the orders, so this looks like a time/date/timezone but in the app. Very confusing.

Overall Okay. I was extremely happy with Shopify up until today. I received an email that stated I must remove all CBD or hemp derived products from my shop. Shopify does not support the sale of these products. I was just approved for a large contract for a wide range of pet and human CBD products and now I am being forced to find a new payment processor. Being a little more upfront and clear about the products I can and can’t sell using the Shopify payment gateway would have been nice. Now I have to find a new payment processor after my shop has already launched and the contract secured. Not happy about it.

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Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store 9.147.0 Apps Screenshots & Images

Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 9.147.0
Play Store com.jadedpixel.shopify
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store (Versiyon 9.147.0) Install & Download

The application Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store was published in the category Business on 12 May 2010, Wednesday and was developed by Shopify Inc. [Developer ID: 371294475]. This program file size is 210.15 MB. This app has been rated by 15,472 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store - Business app posted on 12 February 2024, Monday current version is 9.147.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.jadedpixel.shopify. Languages supported by the app:

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Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Bug fix: Tagging someone in an order timeline comment now sends a notification.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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