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75 Hard [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

75 HARD is how you win the war with yourself. Are you stuck in life? You feel like no matter what you do, your career, fitness, and relationships just aren’t where you thought they would be? Feel like you are not reaching your full potential? This program is for you.

Maybe you’ve tried the fad diets, read the latest trendy self help book, or forked over your hard-earned cash for seminars and courses that promised to teach you the magical secret to success. Yet even after all this, you still fail to make any real progress. Why?

Here’s the real secret. YOU are the key. If you haven’t developed the traits of mental toughness needed for success in any area of your life, all these other things will get you nowhere. What are these traits?

Self Belief.
Self Worth
The unbreakable will to WIN.

Over the course of 75 days, this program will start you down the path to becoming a person who is capable of achieving your goals by developing these winning character traits.

Is it complicated? No. Is it easy? Definitely not. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Will it change your life forever? Without a doubt.

Are you ready to win the war within yourself?

This program requires Zero Compromises. Zero Substitutions.

With the 75 Hard app, you can:

- Track your daily progress
- Set custom reminders for your daily tasks
- Take and review your daily progress pics
- Share your progress to your Instagram Story
- Save journal notes on every day

Already started the 75 Hard Program? No problem! We’ve made it easy for you to pick up at your current progress point.

We’re working to continuously update the app with new features and updates to provide the best experience for you as you make progress.

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75 Hard Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New in this version: - Now when your current day is marked complete it will show as completed on the progress screen so you can view and share your current day's pic - Minor enhancements & experience improvements

75 Hard Comments & Reviews

- 7 Days In - Going Strong - Zero Compromise

Love the accountability this app provides. Super simplistic concept but with seamless integration into camera and reminders app makes it easy to stay on track. I was late crossing off my tasks after a busy day and I even liked the added touch of Andy standing there asking if you “really” competed the job. I could hear him saying it, nice touch ha. My one observation is how valuable a tool this would also be for the power list. My recommendation would be to add the ability to unlock the power list after a certain milestone in 75 hard is hit or add it as an in app purchase. I am still doing my best at using a power list in addition to my 75 hard tasks. I understand the importance of the simplicity of this app and the discipline it promotes, however, I believe the power list could be added in the same vein. I would limit the number of items on the list to 5 and allow for each item to be customized with reminders, adding photos, and other relevant 3rd party app integration.

- Buggy and loading issues

$5 is too much for an app that has so many issues. If this app worked even half the time, I would give it 5 stars but it has so many bugs and loading issues. I wish the developers had applied the 75 hard mentality when it came to this app, but as is, it’s super limited and lacks a lot of useful functions, and also has bugs and loading issues. For instance I can’t even log into the app unless im connected to Wifi. Anytime I attempt to login on LTE it just spins and never loads which is annoying because im on the go a lot and not always near a WiFi hotspot. The journal has a character limit and doesn’t allow a lot of perspective to be jotted down. We store pics in the app for what purpose? Where do they go? Yes there’s an option to store them to the camera roll but how do we view them in the app? Seems redundant and I would love to see them in the app instead of mixed in my camera roll with my thousands of other pics and memes. The 75 hard program itself is amazing and transforming lives and I was motivated by it’s no nonsense, be the best version of yourself, so to see them release an app that’s not top notch is kind of disappointing against the brand. Save yourself the $5 and just keep notes in your phone or buy one of the downloadable printable trackers that you can find online.

- Exactly what you need to succeed

This is the perfect app to go along with the program, it gives you reminders (without coddling you) for all the steps, a place to add your pictures and a place to add notes. If you forget to track something there is a prompt to check in versus just an automatic fail. And if you started the program without the app, you can start on whatever day you were on when you got the app. I think the app works great and I haven’t had any technical issues as I have seen on some of the other reviews, but my suggestion would be reach out and don’t leave a bad review. That’s just dumb. Some of the other reviews were feisty about not having enough reminders....umm this is a mental toughness challenge, how coddled do you need to be?! And lastly, I find it comical that people are complaining about paying $5 as they are writing a review in the Apple store, meaning they are on an iPhone 🤔🙄🤣 If you haven’t gathered my thoughts...the app does exactly what it should and what says it will, you have to put in the work. 👊

- Great app outside of the missed a day glitch

I love this app!!! It really helps me to stay on track and not forget to do something. When I first downloaded the app, I set my bedtime as 9:30 (goal) but reality is some days you stay up to get it done. When I went to log my second workout, it gave me the “oops, you messed up” page. I clicked through to say that I had actually completed it, but it continued to pop up. There was one day that it didn’t pop up. Then I finished my day by 4pm- it automatically pushed me to the next day, but by the end of the night it counted that as a missed next day even though that day had not begun. Hopefully it’s just a glitch that you can get corrected. Honestly, I still love it even though I have to click through the angry face every time I log in. Just some feedback so hopefully you all can correct that on future updates.

- Future improvements

I love this app and what it’s about. I love taking notes and the daily pictures and the accountability factor. I’m still new to this so I’m not even a full week in yet. My one issue is I failed on day 4 and I typed start over to start at day 1. But now I can not see any of my previous notes or pictures and I don’t like that. I write a lot of things down in the notes and for them to just disappear because I start over is not okay. What’s the point of the notes feature if they are going to just get deleted? Maybe in the next upgrade in the previous slide the old notes and photos can be there? Or create another slide next to previous labeled failed attempts with all the old details and notes. If there is a way to view the old notes and photos please let me know! I will still be using this app because I still love it! Just wanted to put a few possible fixes out there! Thanks!

- Awesome app tracker for 75 hard

Awesome app to track your progress for 75 day hard challenge. Knew about the challenge back when it was first created. Glad that there’s an app before I started this challenge in 2021, 2 days in. Only recommendation for the app is, for us to add in more pictures for our progress pics and to input in more notes. Maybe have a section for our small notes so when we click on the photo that will appear and another section too see more if we added more notes into it. Also would be cool to have a time lapse vid in the end with our progress pics. Other than that can’t wait to see my results after 75 days. Also for those that’s complaining about the price, I say it’s really not bad cause it keeps us accountable for this journey and it’s not like it’s $10-20. Good luck everybody that’s doing this challenge! Rather have this app then be checking things off on paper.

- Accountability right where you need it.

The system is great. I love the simplicity of it. It’s a great tool if you are trying to learn or keep yourself accountable. No fluffy non sense. Best of all if you are someone just turning your life around and are needing to learn accountability and to push yourself mentally this is definitely a good place to start. Very easy $5 investment into yourself. If you are just stumbling across Andy, he puts out awesome content. Not only should you step up and change your life (because your the only one who can do that) but I would also recommend listening to his Podcast. Personally we are part of the 1stPhorm family and everything Andy and his teams put out is gold in my opinion. Raw and life changing if applied. Thanks Andy and teams! For all the hard work y’all do.

- Almost perfect

No fuss, no muss tracker that definitely helps to keep you accountable during the 75hard program. The two things I wish to see in a future update: 1) the ability to see all the progress photos in a slideshow/ability to compare current day picture with day one. 2) it’s great you can start the app at your current day if you’re not starting from day one, but it doesn’t allow you to go to the already completed days to add your photos you’ve already taken. I downloaded the app and I’m on day 10. It let me start my journey with the app on day 10, but I can’t go back to day 1 and add my beginning photo. Also, I’m not sure if I’m missing the way to do this in the app somehow, but this is my second attempt at 75hard. Is there a way to put in my first attempt into the “previous” tab?

- Fine. But maybe not $5 fine?

The app works great! It is very easy to use. The only thing I’m wary of is the price of the app. There isn’t really enough to the app to warrant charging $5 in my personal opinion. (I am glad that there are no ads though!) If you don’t want to spend the $5 just yet, I would suggest using the already installed Reminders app on your iPhone. The only real difference between this app and Reminders is that it will restart you on day 1 if you don’t finish all the tasks before your day end and it has you take a progress picture with one of the tasks. I will still be using the app since I have purchased. I really see no issues with it and it is slightly more convenient, just maybe not $5 convenient. But! I would pay $2-3 for convenience and no ads!

- Read before you buy!!!

Like a many other low ratings have mentioned, this app is very simplistic and not worth 5 dollars when you can use a simple task app. That’s all this is. You could even spend less on another habit tracking app and use it after you complete 75hard if you really want something dedicated. Beyond that, a few things that I think really need to be fixed: 1. No option to set a reminder to mark tasks “complete.” This is not a front and center app for me so sometimes, especially later in the program when doing the daily tasks were like clockwork, I would forget to log in and mark everything off. It only gives you a reminder at 11pm. I’m working out twice a day, I am in bed WELL before that. There should be options to set reminders especially on an app this overpriced!! And I wouldn’t have had as much of an issue with this if not for... 2. If you don’t complete your tasks, you get the most condescending “did you really complete it or are you a little b” screen. It’s a little excessively passive aggressive and instead of being motivating is irritating and makes me less likely to even recommend this program. 3. The app generally doesn’t work that well beyond being a task list. You can’t see dates associated with anything, and taking your required daily progress picture takes like 500 clicks to upload. It’s an expensive app. Do better.

- Keeping your self accountable!

I love this app! The accountability it keeps you under is exactly what you need for 75Hard. Just writing it down and getting a calendar isn’t in my opinion helping you make your daily goals. Having this app checks everything off for you and not knowing if you missed a goal this is what the app is for! I will say do NOT start 75Hard until you have gotten his BOOK!!! I repeat read the BOOK first. It tells you key points in 75Hard that you will miss just doing it without reading it first. He doesn’t specify every little thing in app or just reading about it before you do decide to start. The book goes into detail about each and every goal for the day that you need to be successful in 75Hard.

- Good app even better program

The app has been a very useful and convenient tool for tracking my progress. This is my first time doing 75 HARD so I want to make sure I document and keep everything organized to track my progress. This app does meet all of my needs for organization and provides for great reminders throughout the day to keep me focused. The only issue I have experienced is; I will check off all my tasks once I finish them, receive the screenshot that shows I completed the day and if I want to post it and once I receive that completed day screenshot I’ll close the app. When I open the app the next day I’ll receive the “you didn’t check off all the tasks for yesterday” pop up. It’s not a big deal but it does get frustrating because I know I’m completing the work and doing the tasks 100%. This issue occurs whenever I close out the app. Meaning, I double click my home button (I have the iPhone 7) and I swipe up on the app to close it out. When I open the app again that message saying I didn’t complete the previous day will appear. I hope my review was clear enough to understand and constructive enough to be useful for the continued advancement of the app!

- This is a great challenge/experience

This program is great! I’m only on day 7 but, I can already see how everyday you complete is another day that you’ve won. That by itself is a huge motivator to keep completing each day! I’m finding myself pushing myself harder in these tasks as well. One of my exercises I do daily is taking a walk around our subdivision and every day I try to go further in 45 minutes. I also enjoy reading just 10-20 pages a day. I read while I’m eating my breakfast so then I get a chance to think about what I’ve read and it’s only a few pages so it’s much easier to absorb the info and apply it to my life. I don’t know what the next 68 days hold but I’m really enjoying this process!

- Great program! Perfect app!

I first heard of this challenge after my second pregnancy and some pretty significant health issues that occurred after I had the baby. I had a in home nurse and was hooked up to a machine for “wound care” I was down on myself and needed a change! After doing 75 hard the first time my mind saw things differently. I am in control of my happiness and only I can make my goals a reality! This program has taught me how to find the gaps in my day and put that time to better use! I am starting 75 hard again since it has been a few months since I finished but I plan to do this and follow up with the next phase also! I’m so glad this app is around too! It is so easy to use and I love the reminders!

- Update user date time frame

This app is great so far but takes a while to load! It’s frustrating because I’m trying to log all my things for the day and it just keeps saying loading user data! Please fix that! That’s the only thing I dislike because my last reminder is at 10:30 pm I’m literally dead beat tired, the next morning I’m logging it in there and it’s like are you sure you didn’t quit! No I didn’t! I wanted to but didn’t. Couldn’t log in but it’s just discouraging not to get your items out even though you did finish for the day. Please update.

- Life changed

I did not pass the challenge (I didn’t give up, I just messed up....fell asleep with 8 ounces of water left to drink on day 43) but today would have been day 75. I have lost 26 LBS and I quit smoking because of this program. I used to hate exercise but now I love it. I used to eat like a fool, now my food is fuel. I used to smoke cigarettes like an idiot but now I don’t. I used to complain more but now I complain less. I used to not have quality energy for my kids but that has changed and now I am a more healthy and energetic dad. I view problems in a different way now. I am more aware of myself, my flaws and I now have more desire to continually improve. I NEEDED this. Take this ride.

- Worth testing, ladies be cautious

The daily selfie, if taken within the app has the potential to be stolen, so do be cautious with that. Don't upload anything that you wouldn't share with the public just in case. Everything else of the app is pretty cool. The cost is really just a way to thank the developer for the inspiration to challenge yourself. The accountability is pretty nice, and the calendar is also good. Much rather use a digital one vs making my own 👌 thanks for the motivation to better myself. They are all things i know i should do, just never really had a tracker to reliably mark down my progress.

- Would hate to try 75 Hard without this

on day 30; love this app; helps me stay focused and is very encouraging; for example, i was in a weaker state today with my diet... wanted a cheat meal so badly..... i read my 10 pages and drank my water and got to check those off... doing that in this app reminded me i am making progress; micro-goals; (would not be the same with an excel file/ print out) on this note, i really like that the view is one day at a time.... just need to focus on the next check (and not 75 days of checks) second to last, love the space for comments. add weight/ date/ thoughts/ bible verses/etc. helps with the journey lastly, i cannot remember if i have ever felt this much joy and peace (at least not for 10 years), especially during the outside workouts. only on day 30, so not even half way done, but I thank the Lord for the strength to complete this program and I thank AndyF and team for creating and marketing this program/ lifestyle/ challenge.

- Great app! Great program!

75 hard is amazing and this app just makes it easier to keep track of everything...almost missed my progress picture yesterday but the app reminded me right before bed, I live that feature. It would be awesome if with the next update you could add photos from previous days (I was at day 31 when you came out with the app). Also would be awesome to have a slideshow, like 1 second pre day to scroll through all the days then at the end have a split screen of day 1 and day 75. But I live the app, love the program. Thanks Andy and team!

- Passive Aggressive when starting over

Having completed the 75hard once and wanting to start again for 75 days it is extremely disrespectful and disappointing everyday to have prompts pop up and say I didn’t check boxes and I failed. I didn’t and just wanted to start over. Accountability is one thing but I already did the 75 once so don’t really need a reminder or accountability for wanting to start over at Day 1 once I completed the 75hard. Maybe consider changing the prompts and the passive aggressiveness for future updates because I have no problem deleting the app and just making a paper copy. Really people shouldn’t spend 5 bucks on an app that you don’t need and all the info is available online too. Just make your own journal and forgot this app.

- Changed my life!

The 75hard program is the best thing I have done for my self. It wasn’t easy at all., but I’m proud I finished it. Doing workouts when I was sore and doing cardio in the rain showed me that I can accomplish more with my life. The hardest part about this program for me was taking the progress pic every day. I had to start over multiple times for this, and it taught me to become more disciplined and to be more aware of the little details. If you aren’t where you want to be in life, this program will help change that.

- LOST ALL MY PROGRESS PICS-do not purchase!!!!

What a rip off!! I would have given this app negative stars if I could. I have tried everything and cannot figure out a way to go back and get all the progress pictures I took in the app?? I can’t believe this!!! Both my husband and I finished the challenge and all we got was barely a congrats and a sales pitch for a new challenge? Then all of our hard work was just thrown out. I really thought there would be something super cool at the end and never imagined that all the progress pics would just disappear-super super disappointing!!! I love the challenge and we had amazing results but I would not use this app to track my progress again, especially for the price? Losing my pics was the highest price I could pay :(

- Great App but it keeps losing track

Over all I think this is a great app to track your progress. I was happy to know when I started I had a way to track instead of screenshots of the paper calendar. My only complaint is that it’s always refreshing. If I close out of the app and open it back up it says I haven’t completed any of my task from the previous day. At first I thought this was a fluke but it’s done it to me several times already. It highly annoying and frustrating especially considering I paid $4.99 for the app. Perhaps it might be something to look into.

- Great Transformational Tool

I remember when Andy first announced the 75 Hard program, it seemed straightforward but difficult. This app brings the ideals of 75 Hard into app format so it’s easier to check off items on your to-do list as you complete them, and sends reminders. The only thing I would suggest is to make it compatible with the Apple Watch; it has the perfect user interface to be applied to Apple Watch, and Apple Watch users who work out could also access the 75 Hard app right after an indoor or outdoor activity.

- Works flawlessly

Honestly I would have forgotten a task here and there if it weren’t for this app. It’s been a life saver. No glitches or anything like that. For the price though, it has so much more potential. I would love an FAQ section that’s easily accessible. Also, it would be awesome to have a support forum through the app (maybe to premium subscribers) to talk to others going through the same journey. I’m trying to stay off social media during this time of mental/physical growth. So... it would be nice to have another platform specific to these goals. Over all the app is great.

- Keeps me accountable and motivated

I do realize that its basically just a to do list that you can scratch off each task - but for some reason, being able to scratch off that task each day makes me feel accomplished and proud of myself for sticking to something. Its easy and super simple - keeps you accountable for the challenge but also reminds you before the end of the day in case you didn't log something. This challenge has so far changed my view on my self and what it means for "self care"

- Good, but needs some work

I love that there’s an app for tracking progress in 75 Hard and phases 1-3. You can set reminders throughout the day, and it’s a useful tool to help you stay accountable and on track. That said, there is an annoying bug in the app. Sometimes I will try to take my progress picture and the camera won’t load, my camera roll won’t load, or they will only work after I reboot the app several times. I thought upgrading my phone would take care of it, but this continues to happen on my new phone. Frustrating, especially for a $5 app. Fix this, and this app is easily worth 5 stars.

- 75Hard= priceless

This review could get really lengthy when talking about the amount of lives I have personally seen this program touch. By no means is this program easy but by far the best form of personal progression you can get. There is no one to hold your hand, only you and your integrity seeking one goal, to better every part of your life. The entire program is tough, but insanely rewarding when completed. 10/10 would recommend to get uncomfortable and push yourself through the 75 Hard program.

- 2nd Time Around with 75 Hard - Live the App

This is my 2nd time doing the 75 Hard Program, I need to get back on it again, especially now. The app has been helpful. I was using paper before, nothing wrong with that, how the functionally the app gives you to log and record your journey is much more enjoyable. The only suggestion that I have would be to increase the amount of characters in the note section. Solid and helpful app, and a most have if you’re doing the program. Thank you team!

- Love this app in conjunction with the 1st phorm app

Before starting 75Hard I was using the 1st phorm my transPHORMation app to track my workouts and food intake. I never thought to track water. A day into 75 hard I realized I was previously only getting 20-30 oz of water a day! I love that the program helps me remember to drink water (tracking it in the 1st phorm app), put my photos in the 1st phorm app, and tediously track my diet and workouts. I’m less than a week in and have already had a personal accomplishment. I’m excited for what’s to come!

- App $4.99–not having to start over PRICELESS

I’m on my 2nd round of 75hard. Last year I completed it and used a spreadsheet to track tasks. This yr I’m on day 30 and the spreadsheet is back on the bathroom mirror but with this app it won’t be necessary anymore. App covers checking off each task, let’s you set reminders, AND has a place for notes or thoughts on any given day. Can’t forget what you track! Almost guarantees not having to start over. If your prefer digital over paper this is the app for you.

- Great App Even Better Program

The #75Hard app is a useful tool in helping to complete the program. I’m 47 days in and have already learned so much. Time management, self confidence, discipline, consistency and much more. The program is genius. Most days, I find it rather easy to complete all the tasks, as I’ve been into fitness and self improvement for years. I read about it and assumed I would have no problem. While most days are easy, I’m learning so much about myself on the days that aren’t.

- Super helpful if you’re forgetful!!

The worst feeling ever is restarting 75 hard because you forgot something simple like the progress photo. With this app it makes it nearly impossible to forget that because you have to add the photo through the app before moving on to the next day! You can also set reminders for each task to make sure you complete each one! When it comes to being successful, this will be an awesome tool to help me out with actually finishing 75 hard!

- 75 Hard App

Fantastic App!!! Definitely helping me stay on track and focused with the program . There have been a few times where I almost forgot to read or take my progress picture and the app alarms went off to remind me I still need to get them done . A great tool to make sure you get everything done every single day so you don’t have to start the program over from day 1! The app keeps me motivated and shows the progress I am making .

- Perfect way to keep track!

This is my first time doing 75 hard, and I failed on day 1 because I forgot to take my progress picture. I am currently on day 30 and this app has been so convenient. It feels awesome checking off what you need to accomplish one by one on the list and celebrate those small victories. Sure it’s $5, but come on, that’s the price of your daily Starbucks. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to make this awesome journey just a little easier.

- Love this app/Possible little bug.

I really love this App. It’s been keeping me motivated and helps break up the same old same old. But the first day I used it I didn’t mark off my 10 pages read and it asked if I needed to start over or keep going, I clicked keep going and it started me to the next day. Which is great!!! But now every time I open the app it asks me the same thing every time. Not a big deal but a little annoying! But I do love this app and I’m glad I got it!!

- Limited featured

I think that the app is too basic for the needs of people trying to complete this challenge. It is a functional app, but I think it would benefit from being able to sync data from Apple watches or other fitness apps and find them all in one place. Other trainers that have at programs such as fit by Katie, really do a great job of providing more support for they are participants. In fact, for particular challenges you are able to get one on one check-in’s each week with a personal trainer who is well informed about particular challenges.

- Fantastic App!

I had been looking for something to keep track of all my tasks. I enjoy the visual pleasure of actually checking things off just like my power list. I love that it keeps your photos in the app and the day check off sheet that you can share to IG story. I’m on day 5 and haven’t had any issues with the app. Just some curious questions, what If someone is (my significant other) is on day 5 with me but wants to get the app now. Is there anyway to say he’s already on day 5? I started the app on my day 1 so I’m not sure if there was a way to start on another day. Also after you finish 75 hard is there a Phase 1-3 within the app or future developments for that? In all great job on the app! Even if it was $20 I would have purchased it! If Andy’s name is on it I know it’s going to be nothing but the best.

- Makes it easy to track, 1 annoying glitch

I had it set up for my days to end at 10pm, but one day I didn’t check off my activities until after 10. As a result, I got the picture of Andy mean-mugging me asking if I really finished that day or not. The glitch has been that now (5 days since) EVERY time I open the app, I still got Andy staring me down asking if I really completed the day. Please fix the glitch, I promise Andy, I completed that day and am not cheating haha

- Glitchy and Buggy

The app seemed to work well for the first week or so, but then I started experiencing issues with the app loading/hanging where I couldn’t log my progress and for the past 4-5 days I get an error message when trying to complete my day or upload my photo saying I’m not connected to the internet, which is not the case and the only remedy appears to be waiting and trying again later. The developers really need to work out the kinks with their infrastructure that are causing these issues, especially when this is a paid app. Steer clear until these issues are resolved.

- Great app!

Loving the app so far and being able to track my progress through 75 Hard. I am having one issue, however... every time I open the app it says I didn’t complete the previous day, even though everything was checked off. I can say I completed yesterday and when I go to open it again later I’ll get the same message. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem?

- Better than my written out checklists

Update: Developer contacted me within 24 hours and the solution worked. Has been working fine ever since. Thanks ——- This app has been stuck on day 4 even though I’m on day 6. It refreshes and keeps going back to a list that is completely checked off. Please update or refund our money. This isn’t really convenient for an app that’s supposed to offer convenient tracking

- Game Changer!!!

I have completed 75 Hard previously and wish I would of had this app to help me along the way! I am going to do the program again soon and cannot wait to utilize this app! The daily reminders and checklist are crucial! By having this app there is almost no way for me to miss my tasks! The 75 Hard app is going to make this life changing program even better! Pumped to utilize the app and see others success from it!


This app is the perfect tool to go with the mental challenge. It keeps you organized and helps you visualize the daily task at hand. But it does have a few bugs that keep my review to 3 stars. First negative, there’s no guidance as to how to access progress pictures you took in the app outside of the app. Does 75 hard keep them? How can I transfer those to my pictures app? Second negative (and the most significant), there are MULTIPLE times a day I try to access the app but as I open the app, it’s just a black page with a red circle loading on the top right corner. You can’t touch anything or access anything. I try closing the app and closing it. Nothing. Lock my phone, open it, nothing. Even restarted my phone... nothing. It works when it wants, usually a few times per day. FIX THIS SIGNIFICANT BUG. $5 is not much but it’s something. I expect a working product. Thanks!

- Absolutely buy this.

I’ve started and restarted 75 hard twice over the last 2 months to a couple of silly mistakes. But the only thing I’ve struggled with was keeping track of my days. This app makes this part of the challenge effortless. When life can already be chaotic and busy, I’ll take all the help I can get. Andy has been a huge motivator through this and also with his podcast. RealAF. It’s worth the $5

- Great job!!

75 hard is a life changing program. There is no doubt about that!! I have seen friends try and fail by forgetting the easiest tasks such as progress pictures. This app makes everything so much easier to track so that way you can crush this program and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! For anyone thinking of trying this program this app will without a doubt help you and is well worth it!

- Eh

This not a critic of the 75 Hard program but simply the functionality and benefit of the app vs just setting my own reminders. I could get a journal to-do app have let features. I got all the things checked off my list but it was late at night (still before midnight) and I didn’t make the notes of the day I wanted to make; now it won’t let me go back to that day and add them. It’s 5$ for nothing more than a tally, check box, and reminder. All things I could do with my notes app on my phone for free.

- Nothing special

I’m on day 44 of this challenge. I decided to pay the $5 for the app since the challenge was free. I’m disappointed in this app and don’t think it’s worth it. I had alerts created for free on the “Reminders App” on my phone prior to this App, and that’s all this app does. I despise that you can’t input for a previous day, like my first 40+ days or yesterdays info; and don’t come after me and tell me to be more disciplined and do it at the end of the day. It’s an app to check the list and I’m not going to be anchored to my phone AND this challenge. I’ve removed the app and prefer my Reminders List, personally.

- Overpriced

Look, I get you’re trying to monetize a program you give away for free, but $5.00 for what is effectively a set of reminders and little else is pretty steep. This would be 5 stars at $0.99, but for $4.99, you got give me something to warrant that value. I know y’all are working on future updates and maybe that will make it worth it, but for what the app offers now, it’s about $4.00 too much. What is offered in the app is useful and does make tracking more convenient. Keep it up and you’ll justify that price point!

- If you give less than 5 stars - you don’t get it.

Andy Frisella, thank you for saying what needed to be said and creating a program that needed it be created. Either you can do this, 100%, or you can’t. It’s that simple. You don’t even need this app, but because of the progress I made and the skills I learned, I owe the measly $4.99 as payment for the lessons learned. I will continue to use this app and live #75Hard every year. In Andy We Trust.

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- Custom Tasks

Would be nice to be able to customise what tasks you’ve chosen for the 75 days. I have made a few slight adjustments but can’t make the change on the app

- Day 72 out of 75

My sister first did the 75 hard in the beginning of 2020. She lost 13 kg, her weight loss was not the main thing that changed. It was how she viewed herself. She became more confident and subsequently so many other areas of her life have improved. She mentioned - we should do this with our patients (as I am a NeuroStructural Chiropractor on the Gold Coast in Australia). I was hesitant, I then listened to Andy’s 75 Hard podcast, and I was all for it. I had hoped that we would be able to have about 15 patients join this mental toughness challenge. I thought that would be awesome. Turns out we got 53+ people intrigued to start. We will finish the challenge with about half of the starting number. It will be my sisters 2nd completion and a group of us will be beginning round 3 in September 2020. The stories coming out from each participant is amazing. Especially when couples are doing this together 🙌. And this challenge was very hard however it has improved my resolve, my drive and my fitness in lots of ways that I am super grateful and appreciative of Andy and everyone who supports him. I look forward to reading the book. And I am also working my way through the previous MFCEO podcasts as well. Thanks for all that you do Andy especially in this 2020 and beyond. Dr Mark Revolution Chiropractic

- This is brain-diarrhea

Why do I give this five stars? Because this guy is a next level douche bag. Why is he a next level douche bag? Because he’s an entrepreneur, which is basically a present-day term for con-artist. He tells people he owns this or that business, but doesn’t back it up, which is a red flag. He has no qualification (let alone certification) worth mentioning to be profligating to others about changing their lives. Just because one can, does not mean one should. If you’re still of the mindset that a one-size-fits-all program will work for you, then by all means purchase this app. It’s $8 AUD. You get what you pay for. If you want to interact with the type of business who will spam you after you unsubscribe from their communication buy all of his products. Read the reviews on his book. I bought it because I’m an idiot who wasn’t aware of a better use for $8 at the time. I still can’t think of what $8 could buy other than a pack of pens...or candy.

- Disappointed

I’ve completed the 75 Hard earlier this year and am doing another round now, thought I’d treat myself to the app to assist with tracking. I’m shocked at the lack of content for the price! Do not waste your money, basically a list you check off which you can do with a notepad and pen more effectively. Extremely disappointed at blatant rip off.

- Pricey

Think $8 is a little pricey for a app that doesn’t do much. Good app but wouldn’t recommend paying $8 for it.

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- Technical Support

This app is easy and simple to use, quick little daily checklist. However, I’m getting a connection error for some reason and it won’t allow me to login. Is there someone who can help me resolve this problem?

- Way Over priced: Update

Considering Andy Frisella gives away all the 75 Hard program details this app is far too basic for the dollar value attached. Very disappointed. Audio of pre video clip did not work and can’t go back once into app to see again. So missed any insight he provided on the video that I missed. Hopefully there will be some upgrades very soon to improve value, currently I would recommend saving your money. Skip the app you can make your own version for free on just about any platform. Also disappointed that I couldn’t add my progress picture in for the days I had completed. Should have option to be able to upload data when starting partially into program. The OCD in me now doesn’t want to use the app because it doesn’t have all my data. Could have just stayed with what I created on my own in Notes on my iPhone. Update: customer service is great. Representative got back to me right away. New updates coming. I will continue to use it and look forward to increased functionality.

- Can’t log on

I just downloaded the app yesterday. I tried to logged on today getting a blank white screen

- Nothing loading

Amazing app, until your at day 10 and it stops working, and says uploading, you restart everything and realise its actually the app.

- Great challenge, terrible app

I’ve been enjoying the challenge so far but the app is terrible, especially considering the amount of free tracking apps out there. There are no added benefits, ideas, helpful hints or tips, work outs, etc. No water tracking feature, book tracking etc. Just a video at the onset and then check marks indicating you completed a day. The only interactive feature of the app is when it asks if you failed, if you didn’t click all the boxes that day. I’ve been tracking elsewhere as there are better apps for tracking things throughout the day/weeks. Challenge is definitely worth the hype, but get a different app.

- thanks Andy

best app, you should get it now, today’s the best day to get started

- It’s Ok

While I enjoyed the program I’m not really sure what I paid for. You can track everything on your own and not have to pay for this app. I thought there might be more to it once you start but you just check off the tasks that’s it. Disappointed

- Great Simple Tracker for #75Hard

My only issue is with the saved photos and the tinted filter it puts on them which makes it hard to see changes clearly. I wish the photos were saved either brighter or in their original form.

- Very disappointed

This app is very disappointing. It actually does nothing, no interactive reminders, does not alert you to what you need to do to complete the day. Easier to print the chart off the computer. Felt like I absolutely wasted my money. Would not recommend

- Great App!

One thing I can think of is if it was able to keep track of every 16 oz bottles as you drink them, I still use another app to track this. Other than that everything is great! The progress picture and being able to post to IG is excellent! Thanks Andy!

- Not worth the price.

It’s 7$ to have one screen of tasks, I don’t think it’s worth it. I do enjoy it however, it’s nice to tick each task off. But the app itself is not worth the money, the notes at the bottom, often don’t save. So I’ll be putting my notes in, and then when I go back later to put some other notes in, they are gone and I have to start all over or just forget them.

- Cheryl

I really like the App because it helps me be accountable. For example, If I have forgotten to read my book it warned me that I need to get my goals accomplished. Thanks Andy! 75 Hard is a great program for my mind and body!

- 💪🏼

I have been doing 75HARD and using this app for just under 2 weeks now. Already, it has helped me grow and improve mentally and physically. It is an easy, user-friendly app. Simple and quick. I love it! Thanks Andy!

- It doesn’t work. It won’t take the photo and then tells me that I failed that day.

Doesn’t work and truly doesn’t offer much.

- It’s just a checklist.

I wish there was an option to upload more than one photo. When you think about it, this app is basically just a checklist - you can really create one yourself. For a paid app, it’s definitely not providing very much function.

- Phase 3

Amazing tool to help you stay on track with all the tasks ! I wish this app was available when I completed 75 hard . Using it during phase 3 and the reminders are so helpful . Love the feature of taking the pic directly off the list . Also the notes section is helpful to write out my 8 critical tasks , track the stranger I meet and my Rak . Once I’m done the day it saves directly onto my photo which is great at creating momentum ! Amazing tool highly recommend it! So worth the few dollars to keep you focused on wining your day !

- Love it!

I love the app so much! Helps me stay accountable. Only issue would be the time zones don’t match mine so it ends the day before midnight. I may have just not figured it out yet!

- How do I get access to my progress photos !?

It’s a great app for checking everything off. However, all my uploaded pictures are lost in cyber space ?! How do I access them?

- Motivating

A motivating and well structured challenge. App keeps telling me that I haven’t checked everything off when I have. It’s a super simple app and shouldn’t have any bugs really.

- Great Program....Mediocre App

The app is pretty basic and kind of a rip off, only positive being that I don’t have to track it on paper. But really it’s just a repetitive checklist and place to store notes. Really unhappy that I can’t edit/change photos once they are taken or put info in for previous days. I had to “restart” my app at day 7 and now it just has blanks for the first 6 days (and says I failed on day 7?) Be nice if I could put my pics back on the app. Honestly, if you need an app to keep yourself on track, then I would suggest because the program is so worth doing, life changing really. But if not, you can just print the checklist from an online template or use a notebook.

- 5 out of 5.

One word. Amazing. Everything you need to crush the day in one place.

- Great app

It does exactly what you need it to do to follow the 75 hard program.

- Simple, useful and a good tool!

Nice to have everything in one place. I’m on my second full round of 75 Hard. I keep track on my phone - sometimes I forget what day I’m on or if I’ve taken my photo and have to search my phone etc. I set up visual reminders for all the tasks and I have used a sheet to keep track of the days. However I’d much prefer to just have all of this in one place which is what this app does. It’s a little expensive for a simple app, but everything I’ve received from Andy has always been free and far more valuable than most things out there. So I’m happy to support and pay for it.

- Great tool to help stay on track

75 hard has been extremely beneficial to my continuing improvement and this app gives me a single place, on my phone to keep me on track and even remind me to do the little things: take a picture! $6.99 is a small price to pay for a lifetime app. This isn’t a one and done it’s a lifestyle and I may not need to use the app forever but so long as it helps me to stay the course I’m happy to pay for it. Thanks Andy 💪🏻

- I like it

Basic app but does what you need to follow the rules.

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alvaro pancisi

@markjohnsonbrow Down to 10 men after 20 mins, only Derby would hold out for another 75 minutes and then, just when you think they've won a hard-earned point, pick up your hope and smash it against the rocks of a last minute defeat. I love football. A tough season for us both so far.


Almost didn't get this done with Christmas, 75 Hard, and 60 hour work weeks in the mix, but where there's a will there's a way. 250 postcards headed to Georgia today to remind progressives to vote in the runoffs. 🌊 # #postcardstoswingstates #postcardstovoters #turngeorgiablue


Leslie West, hard-rock guitarist, dies at 75 - The Washington Post

Wile E Coyote

@MaccadoodleYid Hard to be talented when the other team have the ball for 75% of the game.

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> it's okay to not be okay (2020) : 7,75/10 . psychological, romance . top tiers acting . talks about mental health issues . unpopular opinion : i didn't really enjoy the FL . the actress was amazing but i find the character hard to love . brotherly love too <3

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I started the #75 hard today. Just completed my first work out and I already need a nap.😂I feel like I am going to be peeing and napping a bunch!

Claire Wilson

@RehillsJesmond You’re very welcome. Retail sector workers have worked so hard this year. You all deserve a long rest.☺️


@ImpeachmentHour @run4urmny Couple years ago while driving home from Texas to Michigan I was outside Indianapolis In in the fast lane doing about 75, coughed so hard I passed out, regained consciousness just as I had went into a ditch. all I could do is hit the gas to come back out of it! God was with me!

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75' Ritchie sees yellow for a hard tackle. 2-4

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@vinkne @kaushikcbasu Punjab's 85% and Haryana's 75% yield ( selected crops ) is sold in mandis on MSP . Farmers have worked hard to create a thriving mandi system which enables fair price discovery . That's why they are protesting .


@realDonaldTrump There hasn't been proof. Stop sending him your hard earned money to fight voter fraud. 75% of it isn't going for that. Read the terms of agreement. It's a con.


@AHR3th The 75% could apply even to a Quranist who don’t follow any secondary sources. It’s hard to separate the desire of some to counter Islam from the desire to counter evils caused by some or many Muslims.

The Darkness🦇

@Krueger1428E @madaboutHolly @CineStarFilms @AlissaLaylax @alpha_maz @kinky_horror @Lee_JM75 @streetXXtrash @FrankKane11 @michxmua @LauraSensFan @JulietteMcQueen @The_Bandit1980 @1carolinagirl @Bambie222222 @ConnieJoJo2 @DarkHorrorWorks @Halloween_75 @Dee_Wallace Apollo creed does take some hard punches doesn't he.

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75 Hard iphone images
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The applications 75 Hard was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2020-06-19 and was developed by 44SEVEN MEDIA, LLC [Developer ID: 1502228407]. This application file size is 41.46 MB. 75 Hard - Health & Fitness app posted on 2021-01-27 current version is 1.15 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.44sevenmedia.75hard