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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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The applications Snapchat was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-07-13 and was developed by Snap, Inc.. The file size is 285.47 MB. The current version is and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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* Press and hold on the camera screen to Shazam a song — and now, listen with one tap.

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Lol 😂  MeGgY_gIrL  3 star

I like how over 1 million people have snap chat. But it only has two stars. Like we must not hate it as much as we think. Keep doing you snap chat!

Shirley N.

camera zoom in  Shirley N.  2 star

can you guys fix your camera with the iphone xs max? it’s been weeks with tons of complaints & suggestions to optimize to fit the screen. it’s getting aggravating & you keep saying you’re going to fix it & then you don’t. do better.

Fabiana Salas

Filter  Fabiana Salas  3 star

Where is the filter of flowers??? 🙍🏼‍♀️😭


Lag  Faithhlol  3 star

Snapchat is good except my camera keeps lagging even when i’m not recording/taking a picture please fix! Also I have an iphone not android.


Zoom  VLogsWithLouis  2 star

They app is great update is okay I have no complaints when it comes to the changes but where I do have issues is that after getting my new iPhone X’s max the camera is way to zoomed in no matter how far I stretch my arm it’s just way to much their has to be a quick fix for this


fave app  BTRlover456  5 star

i love it. best app. i spend hours on it. so fun


Suddenly risqué and filled with memes  Ashleynweimar  1 star

My snap stories have been filled with popular, unnecessary stories of the same crap and I’m sick of seeing it. I don’t know how this new snap algorithm is working with “celebrities” but it has become not only a meme hub but a place where “famous” girls wearing next to nothing on their stories are being shown for everyone to see. I think this is really unsettling in particular when I think about my younger cousins being on Snapchat and having to see stuff like this that is totally inappropriate. The girls do not look old enough to be posting stories like this either. All around this is upsetting and I think Snapchat needs to change back to when only news and SUBSCRIBED stories would show up on the feed.

Abby Peralta


ive patiently been waiting for an update for my phone but still nothing. I dont like how zoomed in and cheap my photos look. Cmcon snapchat pay attention to what the users are saying!


At this point I use Snapchat to get filters for IG.  TiredOfLyft  1 star

Updates happen. I understand that. But this update is terrible. I’m not able to find people’s snaps other than the celebrities I follow. I went from getting hundreds of views to getting 40.... it’s honestly so frustrating because I loved Snapchat but now it seems like you guys are too worried about promoting certain brands or celebrities instead of focusing on the consumer! So disappointed.


iPhone XS  fignewtonsrgood  1 star

I was a daily Snapchat user until I upgraded from a 7 plus to an XS. On the XS, the Snapchat camera quality is TERRIBLE!!! It is so zoomed in and blotchy!!! Please update the app!


Story problems  f*ckinghelpme  1 star

It won’t show me or let me delete something very embarrassing off my story that was meant for my vlog


Biggest load of Crap !!!  Debudge  1 star

Why oh why did they ever go near this app? It’s absolutely Shite!!! Nothing but adverts or celebs pouting on it. Who cares. Bring it back to basics for god sake. They way it used to be


Glitch  Slurpjuicy  4 star

so i have people in my bf list and they don’t have any of the bf emojis sometimes it says they haven’t added me back yet but then other ppl who are not in my friend list have the emoji beside them please fix this i tried blocking the person and re adding them and everything


Frustrating  ckf03  1 star

Loved this app but recently it is not letting me send snaps , it just brings me back to home screen . This has been happening it load of my friends so it’s not the phone it’s very frustrating , especially when trying to send streaks as they will not send. please fix it. The app is unusable at the moment !

Help Me Pleaseeeeeee

Snapchat is glitching out for me!  Help Me Pleaseeeeeee  5 star

Snapchat is idealy a great app,honestly its absolutely brilliant,all girls and boyd have it my age and younger,it has come so so far! People find it difficult to get used to certain updates but it turns out alright at the end :) However very recently for about a week,I’ve been having major difficulty with the app.It has been closing down on me out of nowhere,or glitching out.It has really frustrated me because every time I’m texting someone,I have to text them all over again the same thing because the app glitches out on me,is there anything you could do to help that out? Perhaps maybe a bug fix update? I don’t know anything really! It is still happening on me which is annoying and yes I have tried re-downloading and deleting the app several times and downloading it back again and yet it still keeps happening,thank you very much Snapchat for your brilliant work and app,yours - Sophie


Ugh  Laoisexxx  3 star

My best friend emojis aren’t working none of them are. All it’s showing is the streak symbol can you fix this please?


Very Impressed!  jxnuhudnuenxuenw  5 star

Very impressed!


Freezes every 5 or 6 snaps for 15 seconds or that  Ev46627  5 star

Hi lately ye made a change or something not this big update everyones on about but the app is freezing every 5 or 6 snaps for 15 seconds or that and then going back to normal, it’s getting a bit tedious and annoying and would be delighted if it were fixed love the app!


IPhone X’s max problems...  Ddftyftyhftyufdg  1 star

So it’s really zoomed in and then you also cant even go into scissors without it closeing the app so this means you cant put a time in your snaps or any cut outs

Alishaaaaaaa xoxoxoxoxox

How do I add people to my private story with this new update please fix this  Alishaaaaaaa xoxoxoxoxox  1 star

Please fix this

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