Snapchat [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Snapchat is the most fun way to share the moment!

•Snapchat opens right to the camera, so you can send a Snap in seconds! Just take a photo or video, add a caption, and send it to your best friends and family. Express yourself with Filters, Lenses, Bitmojis, and all kinds of fun effects.
• Capturing and sending photos and videos is easy! Tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video.
• New selfie Lenses and Filters are added every day. Change the way you look, dance with your 3D Bitmoji, and even play games with your face!
• Create your own Filters to add to photos and videos — or try out Lenses made by our community!

• Stay in touch with friends and groups with live messaging and Group Stories.
• Video Chat with up to 16 friends at once. You can even use Filters and Lenses!
• Express yourself with Friendmojis — exclusive Bitmojis made just for you and a friend.

• Follow friends and watch their Stories to see their day unfold.
• Keep up to date with exclusive Stories from top publishers and creators.
• Watch breaking news, original Shows, and community Stories — made just for your phone.

• See where your friends are hanging out, if they’ve shared their location with you.
• Share your location with your best friends, or go off the grid with Ghost Mode.
• Watch live Stories from the community nearby, or across the world!

• Look back on Snaps you’ve saved with free cloud storage.
• Edit and send old moments to friends, or save them to your Camera Roll.
• Create Stories from your favorite memories to share with friends and family.

• Every friendship has its own special profile to see the moments you’ve saved together.
• Discover new things you have in common with Charms. See how long you’ve been friends, your astrological compatibility, and more!
• Friendship Profiles are just between you and a friend, so you can bond over what makes your friendship special.

Happy Snapping!

• • •

Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages by taking a screenshot, using a camera, or otherwise. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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Snapchat Comments & Reviews

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- Change it back

I hate the newest update you need to change it back to the old one. It’s not good and it makes me not want to use Snapchat anymore.

- “should add”

add a “send streaks to the ones selected” button and to be able to change username would be great

- Username

I really like this app, but I made my account about 5 years ago and made my username something I’m not very proud about ( I spelt my name wrong) and I would very much like to change it.

- The new update kinda sucks

You can not get swipe to enter a chat which is Inconvenient cuz u can’t avoid op ing snaps anymore

- lots of stuff

i love the app, only i keep getting kicked off, and i can't use filters. i updated it yesterday! if you could fix that it would be great. also a remove from best friends list would be awesome thanks!

- Remove the bad update plz

We all hate the update so can u like remove it :)

- Send and don’t recieve

I send snaps and the people i send them to willl get them hours later or not at all. It onlu happens to a select few. Please look into.

- Snaps to wrong person

I think there is still a bug affecting sending snaps on the app. There has been multiple times I have clicked one person and their name is the one there on the screen while I take the snap. However, when I hit send the one the snap was sent to is not the person I clicked on. One of the people the snap decided to go to instead was a person I hadn’t talked to in a few weeks so they were very low on my snap list so it was not me hitting the wrong person without realizing it

- It's Okay

It's a. Very goo app but it's very slow like when I'm texting in a group I have to wait so long till my message comes up that's all you have to fix it just slow

- New snap update

I hate it so much delete it right now it looks like a Samsung. I have been deleting snap everyday just to get the old snap back cause I hate it that much. I searched up how to get ride of the new update and nothing has helped me. I am so close to just deleting the whole thing. I have been writing reviews like everyday please just delete it and keep it to the old one the only thing I would change is the usernames cause everyone hates there’s. Please just change it please.

- Poor front camera quality

For the iPhone 11 Pro, the front camera is blurry and high resolution. Hate it

- Username issue

Please let us change our usernames🥺

- Fix this bug

Great app but bug keeps happening at least twice a day where it will be a black screen and white bar at top, and the only way to fix it is to delete the app and re download it. It’s getting annoying

- please read

please let us be able to change our usernames you should also be able to do an all streaks button



- Great app

I am officially addicted

- New update is horrible

The new update is horrible. Can we go back to the last one ?!

- Bug

Great app, but recently I’ve been unable to use it, when I open the app it just goes to a black screen with a white bar at the top. I have to reinstall it every time this happens for it to work again. I have an iPhone 6 and have been using this app for three years, this is the first I’ve had this issue.

- Uggggg

The age is not Old enough for me I am so sad about that😭😭😭😭😭😭(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

- The brand new update sucks!!!

The brand new 2020 update , I’m not really enjoying at all it takes away some of my screen with the bar cause I have an iPhone 11 and the bar I just honestly dislike so much that it has came to the point where I don’t even want to use Snapchat so could you please put it back to the way it was before this brand new update please or I don’t know if I can use Snapchat cause it’s that annoying !!!!!!!!! This need to be the first thing you fix like ASAP it is making a whole bunch of people upset just like I am why does snap have to change it all that time , this has been the worst update and if you don’t fix it I will not be able to adapt to it so I will delete it and I rlly don’t want to so plz fix it Ik not the only who feels this way 😳🤦‍♀️

- Can’t open since new update

App will not open

- Glitch/bug that’s been around for a while

You CANNOT change the volume while you’re viewing a video snap/watching a snap story or even viewing snap discover videos

- Why?

I love this app it’s a great way to talk to your friends and I love all the things you can do.Im always watching phoney texts! But the reason only three stars is cus I HATE the new update! PLEASE DELETE AND THATS COMING FROM LIKE EVERY ONE I NOW AND MORE!!! Before that it was totally five stars ⭐️

- Update

The new Snapchat update is horrible is there a way to go back to the old one ?


I actually really like this app but this really pisses me off. I created my account a loooong time ago and my username is really embarrassing but I can’t change it because you guys won’t let meeee PLEASE SNAPCHAT IM BEGGING YOU PLEASE LET US CHANGE USERNAMES ITS NOT HELPING ANYONE thank you

- Add a no swear policy

I dont like the swearing

- Hi

It won’t let me get the update

- lolz😂

let me change my username please and thanks😚also pls add a streaks button i’m tired of tapping on everyone’s name

- user

let me change my user name

- Good ig

Pls make a send to all streaks. Or a option where you can pick who to send streaks to then click one button and send to all of the people we want to send it to. Also a remove from bsf list option

- Lists

Should have a way to make a list and when you press on that certain list it sends something to all those people, would be very helpful with streaks!

- Update

the new update sucksssssss

- :)

I love the app but you guy have to add better hairstyles and please add jewellery to the bitmoji‘s too.

- 💗

so like, for the drawing tool, my friends can get clear colours, but i can’t ? idk if it’s like, the phone or smth but like, ??? yeahs idk. lmao so like, maybe make that an option for everyone ? idk.

- New update sucks

The latest update version is bad 👎🏽


The new screen sucks with the 5 tabs go back to the old version before this update. I can no longer swipe into the chats without opening a snap it’s stupid and confusing. CHANGE IT BACK

- UnknxwnTheReaper


- Blah

There should be a unhackable and no fake accounts system

- Doesn’t work well for New iphone 11

Snapchat doesn’t work well with new iPhone11 Pro Max it looks blurry and low quality because Snapchat isn’t optimized for new iOS software. This shouldn’t be an issue for such a big company. I’ve read many complaints about this issue. I won’t be using this app anymore!

- a

the new update is trash. you can’t slide to open a chat or snap bc it goes to the snap map. change it back

- Please read this

Hello Snapchat This app been such a great app for me it’s fun and everything but I would really love the app even more if I am able to change my username again because maybe some people out there don’t like their username anymore or they want to match username with their bff or something but I would really love and appreciate it if u do add it so many ppl can change their username and I can too.(P.S please work on it and I hope u guys have a great day thank you again)

- new update

the new update is horrible. you cant choose which snaps to view from a person so you have to watch them all. please change this back to how it was. youre being too extra. stop trying to constantly change things, its so fkn annoying bring the old snapchat back. all you get are complaints so actually listen before you go changing the whole app again. holy

- Lagginess

hate how glitchy it gets and the lagginess

- ideas

they need a part down the middle // short hair style

- Ew

The new update is literally revolting please stop changing stuff 🤢

- Fix it

My Snapchat keeps just going to a black screen with a grey bar over the top,and it won’t go back to normal until I delete the app then re download it

- new update

i got this weird update with a bar at the bottom of my screen and i can’t slide over on chats. can you guys update it back please 🙏🏼

- Not working

My Snapchat isn’t working. I loved snapchat but my app won’t turn on. I have tried everything. Won’t work

- Discover

Can you guys please make it so that I can choose to see “discovers” which is where I can subscribe to people and things. I really hate this feature as I have no use for it, I really hate this on my Snapchat and think it should be a choice to see in general or not.

- Crash

App keeps crashing when I send a photo, fix asapppp

- Locking for no reason

My Snapchat account was locked for no reason, I tried unlocking it and it is successful but when I try to log back into my account it locks me straight out again, this has really annoyed me and I emailed Snapchat about my problem and they were no help

- Update

my friends have all been able to update into a really cool new Snapchat but I CANNOT it’s so annoying every time I update it still looks the same and I have updated it so many times and it’s SOSOSOSOSOSOSSOSOSOSO annoying so please fix this.

- App crashes

The app won’t open it crashes straight a away my mum has restricted my phone so I can’t delete apps so idk whAt to do. It started off as not showing me peoples stories, then snaps I opened hours ago kept open ring but didn’t show as replay I re opened a a snap like 5 times. No it won’t open at all

- New update

Hi can u please bring back the multi snap button and get rid of the bar at the bottom. I’m the only one in my friend group that has that bar and it is getting very annoying to use as it takes ages to load

- Fix this issue PLEASE

a bug where a deleted conversation notification stays on the chat screen! please fix so annoying please

- My eyes only

Hello Snapchat. I’ve been really dissapointed at the fact I can’t put videos longer then 10 seconds on my eyes only. That needs to change please please please. 30 seconds is good too.

- Great but one thing.

Really good app but I feel like it would be so much better if you could change accounts without logging out. Apart from that it is a great app.

- I LOVE the app but there is an issue I want them to fix...

So every 2-4 days when I go on Snapchat the screen goes black and a white rectangle appears at the top of the screen the only way I can fix it is by deleting Snapchat and re-downloading it it would be really helpful if you could fix this because it is quite annoying

- New for you page?

Why would u update this the new one is an absolute nuisance - I hate it so much. And I’m sure I speak for many people when I say plz just change it back to before with the multiple ‘channels’ rather than scrolling down each one it suxks

- Help.

I’m on Snapchat, then it just deletes itself? I forgot the password because I had the account for such a long time! And I met Avani and she added me! And all those people, GONE! I can’t even recover the password. They should be able to change passwords the same way ROBLOX does. It’s a really good app but I can’t get back in and it makes me very sad. Not to mention it DELETED itself! Like, why? Please fix this.

- The new update

It is confusing to navigate and I would like the old update to be on my phone.

- omg

I’ve been trying to update my iPhone 7 to the newest update but it won’t work!!!! It’s so annoying


Filled with bugs and glitches now, and can’t update it download on my phone anymore Fix the bugs !!!!!!!

- Notifications

I keep getting notifications saying that this person and that person are on Snapchat but I don’t even know who these people are, they aren’t in my friends list and I’ve never even heard of them before. Why does this keep happening?

- My list

Does anyone know becuase apartments it’s not in any of the setting, how do I make a list becuase is aw things called my list and I can’t make one so does anyone know to make make on?

- Dark mode

Make a dark mode on snapppppp

- .

It won’t let me install the dumb app because it is asking for my bank card? And then saying the payment is being rejected which is ridiculous


I screen shot a snapchat but it says that I have screenshot someone’s chat when I havnt It’s causing a lot of problems so fix it ASAP!!!

- Didn’t feel safe on the app

I didn’t like how people could record a video you post or screenshot a photo. It just felt like a privacy breach. More needs to be done to stop this from happening such as blocking apps from doing these type of things. I didn’t feel safe on this app due to finding out that these sort of things can happen. Please read articles online before downloading this app about its flaws

- Changing user names

Let the next update be allowing us to change our user names

- deletes chats

ever since I reactivated my snapchat account, nobody is able to view my story and every time someone snap chats me their conversation thread disappears from the chat section. Please help!!

- Updates

I hate the new update I wish there was a way to swap between which one!

- notification glitch

I keep receiving notifications that someone has sent me a snap but once I open the app it isn’t there until that same person sends another snap


I’ve used Snapchat for a long time now and looking back the old look was a lot better. This new update genuinely makes me want to get rid of the app because of how annoying it is. Please change back to the previous version as it was a lot better and less annoying.

- Hate the update

The recent update is horrible

- Issues

Can’t access the app

- Please fix

My snaps don’t send and some don’t load till days after the person has sent them please fix

- Snapchat

The app will not open for me, it’s appearing as a white grid app and won’t let me delete it, open it, or even try to redownload it

- New update

After I updated it, I cannot send snap chats anymore.

- Snap

Bring back the old menu for snap this one is trash

- A few bugs

The app is great to chat with friends, but sometimes my screen zooms out and it’s really tiny, sometimes I can’t even see half the screen! (Half the screen is just black)

- Multi-snap!!

Pleaseee bring back multisnap in the next update! it’s so fun to be able to take a bunch of photos at once!

- Snap

Hi this is a very good app thanks bye have a good day

- new update please change

I DON’T like the new update because I can’t half swipe anymore and I also don’t like the new update because everything is just scrunched up together and doesn’t look decent. can you guys please change it back to normal please I’m sorry but I don’t like the new update

- F*ck boy problems

Petition to make Snapchat let you send snaps but instead as a chat to multiple people at once

- Stop with the layout changes!!

Please stop making pointless changes to the layout of the app. According to other reviews I am clearly not the only one annoyed by this. Keep the previous layout, it was fine as it was and stop moving everything around. It’s confusing and completely unnecessary. Would be appreciated, Thanks.


I had an account for almost 6 years and all of a sudden I was locked out of it. I reported it and they said nothing could be done and I was given no reason why. I made another account a couple months ago to replace my other account I got locked out of and I got locked out AGAIN this afternoon. It is beyond annoying and unless they fix this problem, DO NOT GET SNAPCHAT and I will be reporting them for this issue to see if they’ll actually do something about it.

- mank

bruh the new update with the maps on the side is DISGUSTING. how do you expect me to half swipe all the messages i don’t want to open if it goes straight to maps. don’t think you thought this through lol. please fix it before i cry


the new update is legit that trash, you can’t half swipe across, it looks like a fricken samsung phone like it’s just not it and snap needs to change it back immediately

- Hi

Fix Snapchat it playing up n it really annoying I hate the new update change itttttt

- The update is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

This update needs to go I hate it so much it just needs to go bring back old Snapchat u idiots

- 0 stars the new update is trash

the new update is terrible and making me and all of my friend’s hate snapchat so we are now all using instagram more!!! change the update back to the last one it’s so bad now!

- Pls increase it

I love snapchat although my only problem with it is that I can’t pin more than three conversations at a time, can u please increase the amount because it’s really inconvenient :)

- Remove the boxed lines

Bruh updates are good and all but the design of having a box like look is just not very eye appealing

- the new update

please just put snapchat back to the last update. this new one is so annoying because i’m used to being able to swipe into a chat. now i try and swipe and end up annoyed because i’m randomly in maps.

- New Update

I have an unpopular opinion on the new update. I actually love it ☺️ I think you should really keep this format and update, it makes life easier 🙂

- Very amazing

Great app!!! But i don’t want this update, can you please update to the one where u can send all streaks together as one and remove people from bsf lists. :(

- Randomly going black

Great app to keep in touch with you friends and to mess around with filters but a down side that I’ve been dealing with lately is when I go onto the app sometimes it’s just a black screen and it would let me do anything. The only way to get rid of it is to delete the app and re-download it.

- i hate the new update

snapchat was my most used app until i opened my app this morning and i noticed it has a black bar at the bottom of the screen as well as many other unnessary changes. please stop updating the at and changing the format also no one else has this weird update snapchat please fix it

- update is trash

this new update 29/05/2020 is so bad. hate how you can’t swipe to enter chats. instead when you swipe, it takes you to the map. so stupid.

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I think Snapchat is a great app but there needs to be a better way to change everyone’s names at once. There also need to be a remove from best friends list button and a send to all streaks button.PLEASE ADD A WAY TO CHANGE YOUR USERNAME!!! Some of us made or accounts when we were like 9 so please let us change our usernamesss!!!!

- idk

Let us change our usernames!!!

- needs improvement

As soon as i try to take a picture it goes off of the app. this happens every time.

- let us change our usernames

you’ve gotten millions of complaints to be able to change usernames yet never done it, that’s insane smh 🤦‍♀️

- Send to all steaks- button

I rlly think that u should add a “send to all streaks” button because that would be a life changer!!!!

- Can’t use it

the application has not opened since the last update. I press the icon and it only loads, freezes and returns to the home screen of the phone.

- Fix it

Ever since the update my snapchat has been so glitchy.

- Don’t work

When I open it, my screen is completely black with a small white bar along the top and that is it. I cannot use the app and I’m not going to delete it as I don’t know if it will fix the problem, so it’s just a waste of time. Please look into a fix. (I’m using iPhone 6, if that may have something to do with it)

- Awful update

I can’t swipe over to chat like I used to which is a very important feature. Please bring it back.

- Hate the new update!

This new update sucks!

- IphoneXR

Pls make this app’s camera compatible with the Iphone XR PLS PLS PLS - Carl fazeli

- Newest update

How do I delete an update

- maybe you can use this

You should show if some is online or offline right beside there name

- Pretty good

Great app but maybe it would be nice if we could change our usernames and maybe even a dark mode option :)

- Good but Annoying

Please stop changing the design! The design before was comfortable and I liked how you could slide between things. I hate the buttons at the bottom! Other than that though the app is great as I love how safe it is. I agree with others saying you need to add a remove from bsfs list and send to streaks button

- Smh

Snapchat is good but I hate how I don’t even text people and they in my best friend list. For me it keeps crashing, won’t let me on the app,etc.


I don’t enjoy the new update at all.

- update

Bring back the previous update. Current update is TRASH!!!!!!

- Update

Very bad update I like the old Snapchat

- Everyone button

Hey Snapchat please make a everyone button to send streaks to everyone on your snap so I don’t haft to click every person to send them to

- hacked

i can’t get in you must have got hacked


im not gonna use snapchat unless you change it back, you can’t even half swipe into a chat to leave someone on delivered like ew change it back or imma delete the app

- The new update

Please get rid of the new update with the bar thing at the bottom it frustrates me

- Update

The new update is really bad I don’t like it you guys should really think about what you are doing to the app before you update anything. Also the snap map was better before then now, you can’t even set your location status it won’t even say where you are. Snapchat was better before.

- Dark mode

Add a dark mode bruh literally every other app has it tf also that new update where it puts the snap map on the left so we can’t peek at chats anymore is annoying


the new update is so annoying change it backkk

- new update

this new update is absolute doodoo. why can’t i swipe from side to side??? i have to click to see messages and click to open stories page? dumb. step it up snap. xoxo thanks

- Terrible Costomer service

Terrible Costomer service and they don’t fix your bugs in the app.

- New Update

i liked this app before the update because it was easy. but i don't like the new update with the black bar at the bottom. i dont like it because if i want to go into a chat and not open the snap or to peak into a chat because i dont know what to say yet then when i slide it takes me to the map.. i dont like that! at less make it that you have to press the map icon to go there. i dont even like the map its creepy.

- why

why do other peoples snapchats update and mine doesn’t

- stop updating it

the new update sucks you took away half sliding it’s horrible #bringbackthehalfslide

- Always Crashing

This new update is really 🤮. Always crash and always Glitch

- list

my friend has the “list” on snap but i updated it and i can’t get the “list” because then i have to go through and snap everyone

- Review

They need a remove from best friend list and a send to all streak button that’s the only thing I have to say otherwise Snapchat is a great place to talk to your friends

- Pls read pls

I luv it but one day I couldn’t go back in the app...? Pls help me

- Get the old Snapchat back

I dislike the snap map on the new update. Instead of sliding into conversations you are unable to and I am constantly sliding into snap maps and it is very irritating.

- Crashing

I will go to send a snap and it will crash on me, or opening some snaps it will crash, what’s going on?

- The update is awful

The update is awful it looks so bad and they need to change it back

- Always Glitches

I hate the new update. All I does is glitch and half the time doesn’t send my snaps. One Star

- bugs

i do not like the updated i just got for ios and they way the bottom of the screen is changed for snap and it’s really messed up please fix back asap please snapchat

- Update is trash

Loved the app but the new update makes me want to jump off a bridge

- New update is trash

The new update is sooo inconvenient. I tried to see a chat someone texted me, but with this update I keep swiping to maps. Like why would you do that??!


I love the app but my name is not spelled right in my user make it so we can change it pls

- snapchat

love snapchat, but you guys should really add the option of having a dark mode/theme. every other app on my phone has it, it would be really great to go on snapchat at night and not go blind from the white backgrounds.

- My Snapchat app is glitching out

I go to use it and it keeps asking me for camera usage I turn it on and it won’t work plz fix

- Account kept on blocking

I recently joined snapchat and my account kept on blocking even though I don’t spam or used a third-party app, plugin or tweak and I even verified my email address and my phone number.😐


i’m sorry but the new update is trash. pls change it back.

- Snapchat girl

Love the game omg the best of all times intel it took hours and hours for it to load like what since iam very patient I actually wanted and then it said Snapchat won’t load please exit and enter again so I did then it said sorry Snapchat isn’t ur type what the heck now I hate this app iam giving zero stars

- No

I really dont like the new update in date of 29 may 2020

- update = no!

Bring back the old snap or im deleting it it sucks!!! Nobody likes it. Listen to ur feedback omg.

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- Quality

Can get those bum picks Yano

- Famous people stories doesn’t show up!

Please fix this problem Thank you.


Continuously making unnecessary updates that ruin the app. I usually send photos and videos to my friends when I don’t have wifi when I’m out, then I wait to have WiFi and then It sends when it gets signal, but no. This new update stops that. FOR WHAT REASON?! Fix this. And why add unnecessary grey lines between each person on the app, why what reason? Stop fiddling with the app unless you are going to make a cool nice addition to the app. Please look into this snapchat

- This new update is terrible

Been using snapchat for years and this new update makes it look somehow years older and it seems to run a lot less smoother, I love snapchat so I do hope they change the layout again !

- Black screen issue please fix

All good until a week a ago when all of a every time I open the app it just takes me to a black screen with a white bar on top. Tried reinstalling same issue present

- Help

Good app but an annoying thing about it is whenever I seem to update this app the layout of my friends, subscriptions and recommend always change about. This doesn’t seem to happen to anybody else that I’ve asked. Can someone pls help fix this issue because at the current moment all my subscriptions stories are hidden My username is h_ldnx2 if anyone know how to fix this let me know thanks

- Blank screen, why?

I’ve stood by Snapchat since the start, even when all my friends & family left, I stayed & made them come back, I can’t survive without snapchat, it’s like my daily source for news, social & most importantly: keeping in touch with my loved ones on a daily basis as we use it as as our main source for messaging & video each other. My only gripe is: every other update released causes me major issues, either I can’t view or post stories, stories vanish completely, address book disappears etc, the past 3days (since your last update release) I can’t even access the app, it goes to a total blank screen with a grey bar across the top, I can’t access ANY function within the app, it’s just locked on that screen for the past 3days & it’s driving me crazy. Yeah googled it & have seems lots of other users complaining of the same issue. What can I do? Please help me

- Subscriptions

The new update has unsubscribed me from all of my subscriptions and everytime I try to subscribe back it unsubscribes me again. Fix this because now I’m out of the loop with everything. Username- leyahpottorff

- snapchat’s new update

can you please allow us to half swipe again and remove this ugly samsung like update thank you.

- Snapchat

I hate this new update please change it back I feel weird and uncomfortable using this app and this new update makes me want to delete it.Please fix this!!!!

- Great but....

I’ve used snapchat for quite a long time but recently my snapchats been playing up and crashing and they have done practically nothing to help me out. Other than that it is a good app to use.

- Subscribe

My subscribe but is not showing

- :(

I lost my account and can’t get it back for snapchat it’s kaity_foxy miss my girlfriend

- Subscriptions!

None of my subscriptions are showing up when i swipe onto the discover page! This problem only occurred after i recently updated the app. Fix it!

- LGBTQIA+ Stories on Discovery

Did you know that you can’t use “Hide from Discovery” on anything to do with pride? The option still shows up but the stories will still appear no matter what. This is ridiculous. I will not conform to public standards.

- Gone downhill

Since the start of the year it’s just been getting worse. Constant adverts, conversations disappearing and now all of my subscriptions have gone from the main page and I have to search them up if I want to watch a story. Keeps crashing

- Hate it

Absolutely insufferable and boring, it brings nothing new and is just an all designed to take up storage the only good use is to create thumbnails nothing more

- The format

I hate how the format looks with that black thing at the bottom of the screen plus you took away my half swipe I don’t like how it looks and I beg you change it back to how it looks quickly please and thank you Ik not enjoying it at all makes it look ugly and plus one upgrade should be chasing your username

- Request

I love Snapchat it’s a great app I like to text my friends on it but I think In the bitmoji customisation u show add more hair will fringes that are long if u do this it would be greatly appreciated

- Broken

I’ve always loved snapchat but for the past 4 months or so mine has been playing up and I’ve reported a bug on my account many times. Videos and messages disappear, messages are only received when another one is sent etc

- new update

it keeps on crashing every time i open the app and deletes my snaps???? like it doesn’t send it then when i press retry, it completely gets rid of it??? tf

- Help

For some reason I can’t see the people I subscribe to snaps 🤷🏾‍♂️

- Big problem

The app runs fine but as soon as I go to the camera it’s all black and when I take a snap the screen freezes. I reload the app and I can’t press any buttons or view my own story but all I can do is open messages and view other peoples story. This needs to be fixed ASAP I’ve had to redownload the app countless times for it to work.

- Snapchat

This app is just amazing I’m in quarantine but u can call ur mates and freinds n that and take funny cute snaps and u do anything on it and it’s super duper easy to find ur freind type there name or user and done but I recommend all of u people to danload If haven’t I love it and u got the snap creator as freinds so say how do I call to them and they will reply straight away no problem 🤠😯

- Stuck on black screen

Stuck on black screen can’t do anything

- Do not update !

The new update is so wack. It makes my chats disappear and clear by themselves so I have to manually search names to see what they sent and Snapchat won’t even do nothing about it. do not update !!

- updates poor.

whenever it has a new update it stops me accessing any new snaps that are sent to me and refuses to let me view any of my friends stories.

- Minor fixes

I like the app but can u stop deleting my messages

- Update

New update is terrible


Since updating the app my stories won’t post properly... won’t let me view the things that do get posted.

- jobby

apps pure jobby jobby and mare jobby recommend

- It won’t let me on!

It keeps saying that I need to access camera but it won’t let me it just takes me to settings and then nothing works

- X

This app is usually good but I’ve been locked out for absolutely no reason and I really hope I don’t loose everything because I can’t get into it at all!!!

- it won’t let me update

basically my friend got this new update and mine hasn’t updated

- Update snapchat

When I click on to my story it then becomes a black screen and comes off and glitches it’s been happening constantly

- Hate it

Hate it so laggy fix it

- Photos

When I go to take a photo it keeps crashing

- Alright

This app is one of my favourite apps. It has good filters and I love the snap map. But there are 2 bad things:1. I wanna change my username but we cannot. 2. When you message, if the other person saves the chat, it saves for u too which can be annoying. Overall is app is good I recommend it, but I would love for those things to be fixed, thanks

- Stupid updates

Always ruining snapchat from these stupid updates. Just bring old Snapchat back

- Red snap

I love snapchat but one thing I would love to be changed is that you would be able to see a red snap that you sent to someone cause you might forget please change.

- Bugging

My Snapchat account that I had for 4 years got locked for some unknown reason and they won’t try help or do anything

- I love it but

One of my favourite apps which I rlly love but I keep getting inappropriate ads

- Half swipe

snapchat has the bug of half swiping which is fully recommended to get fixed as it is frustrating and annoying

- priv story

why won’t it let me change my private story name

- not working

I can’t open snaps or view story’s and snapmaps doesn’t load.

- username :/

can snapchat please make it possible to be able to just change the username once. like please. i’m begging!

- Snapchat isn’t worth it unless you have half swipe

Bring half swipe back new update is awful!!!!

- Black screen

If you leave a snap unopened for a few hours all you get is blank screen with no option to reply, pls fix

- Snapchat

Mine has stopped working

- Get rid of the new update

please Snapchat please get rid of the new update I don’t like it matter of fact I hate it I’m just not getting used to using it and I’ve had the update for 4 days now please for tomorrow remove the update back to the old one just before April please snapchat I will delete your app and never get it back please get rid😭

- Help

I’m having issues chatting or posting on the app. It just stopped all of a sudden. I have. Updated the app, still no positive response

- Dark mode !!!

Can you guys please gives dark mode !!!!

- Can’t accept friends and add friends

I can’t accept friend request and add friends pls wats wrong ??

- The Snapchat is not opening in my iphone7+ why Pls’s??

The Snapchat is not opening in my iphone7+ why Pls’s??

- Emergency!!!

Snapchat needs profile pictures, cuz your bitmoji got me think y’all cute!🤨

- Idea for Snapchat

I think the Bitmoji should have a Chat bubble not thought bubble when texting. making it more interesting. And also we could have Bitmoji emojis in the Option panel their like emojis but of our bitmoji, no caption just as the imprint Emojis on our phones are. Thank You.

- Blank screen

My Snapchat keeps going blank anytime I open the app I’ve deleted and reinstalled it,yet it’s still showing a blank screen 🤦‍♀️💔 How can I fix the problem please?


I was asked to update my Snapchat last week which i did and now I’m unable to access it.. I click on it and once i try to make use of the filters it goes blank. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

- Snapchat is good

I like Snapchat location I like how Snapchat works But its a little hard in some ways to understand

- Addition of Dark mode feature

Dear Snapchat folks, honestly addition of dark-mode is really essential at this time and age 😂 as many social media outlets are adopting the feature, Snapchat also needs to have it in order to keep up with the the competition or even beat the competition. Also some people have eye strains when viewing some shii at night on the app, the addition of dark mode will reduce the eye strains caused by the app at night. Also a lot of people find the dark mode aesthetically more pleasing, do add it Thank you

- Change

I think it’s high time y’all let us have an option to change our usernames.

- Username change

Make it possible for us to change our usernames. Thank you

- Snapchat filter

I can’t access my snap filters anymore, it’s working like a normal camera, what’s going on?

- Privates

I can’t send stuff to my private

- Authomaic back up !!!!!!!!

Backing up pictures one by one is stressful please

- Can’t open

I cant open my Snapchat,it’s always coming up with connection error message

- Why don’t I have some filters???

There’s about three filters I watch on snaps and see on my friend’s phones that I don’t have on mine. Why?!? My app is always updated and I’ve tried scanning to get those filters yet nothing. What’s going on???

- Usernames

Please can you make an update that will allow us change our usernames?

- Friends

I can’t add friends on my Snapchat . I have just 1600 friends and anytime I wanna add they always say I have too many friends . I have tried contacting but I can’t find any mail or contact number. Please assist me

- Custom story

Bring back the "who can add" and "who can view" feature back. Hate it when everybody that views it can post there

- Delaying messages

I hate the way snapchat delays my messages when sent and also when receiving. Everybody is complaining the same issue. Please fix it.

- Mediocre image Quality

When I use Snapchat on my iPhone X the picture are very ugly the quality is very poor why is it like this. You people should do something about this issue. It makes me not wanna to use the app anymore because the picture are not up my phone camera .

- Messages

You guys updates are really messing up the app. I hardly get message notifications and it’s really bad. Please do something about it and work on the updates properly

- The App Its Really Nice

Yes, I enjoy every moment using Snapchat, but the problem about it at times is the Snap icon that will just disappear suddenly and won’t show back for a day or 2days at times, guess am the only one facing this, and more so, am unable to LOG IN to my account recent even after pressing on the FORGOT PASSWORD, still not responding even till now, pls @ Snap, Inc to look to that for me... Thanks

- Snapchat not working on cellular data

I’m unable to use my Snapchat app on cellular data. I have tried an tried and I’m about to lose my streaks, please help

- Complaints

I don’t like the fact that I keep re downloading d filters every time I want to use it Fix that problem And stop the everyday updating of the app

- Foolish people

Y’all killed my 175 days streak with someone😐

- Very good app

We need an update that has the night mode please ☺️

- Glitching issue and freezing and all lagging issue

After updating my iOS to iOS 13 my snapchat doesnt work well it always freezes while am making a video and it glitches and lags when zooming in it’s so frustrating am using the current version of snapchat and am still having the problem

- Opinion

We really like everything about but we seriously need a dark mode, some of us have eye problems.

- New update is really horrible

Please can we go back to the older version of Snapchat the new version is really bad and horrible I want the old Snapchat

- Username Update!!

Please I like this app but there should be a way to change usernames come on Snapchat

- Filter

Always changing ur favourite filter 😏😏😏

- Review

Most people would actually want to change their usernames because most of us put them while we were younger ,we are all grown up and feel these usernames actually make us cringe it’s important if you could make an update where by we are able to change our usernames at least once ,other than that Snapchat is a great app it’s got all I need to do most incorporated into one app which is amazing.

- The last filters sucks!!

This latest filters is very annoying,You guys removed the best filters and stock em back with jokes🙄Am honestly looking forward to new filters if possible bring back the old ones🙄

- Dark mode

Establish dark mode the get the complete stars

- My sound is currently blocked

I have trued everything to make it work and is currently off and my microphone is allowed too, i unstall and reinstall again, same issues, pls what can i do

- Complain!

My Snapchat app is having some problems And we need dark mode on Snapchat!

- Fix the problem

So my snapchat logged out by itself and when I tried to log back in it kept telling me connection problem please fix this


Snapchat in Nigeria is always having issues as of now I can’t log in because this app is having faults And my wifi is working well please you guys should fix up

- Snapchat

Please we need a dark mode for Snapchat too

- Ads!!!

There are too many ads now, it’s getting annoying

- Usernames issue

Please allow us to be able to change our usernames

- Snapchat complain!

My Snapchat doesn’t work with my mobile data only with WiFi! Which is so inconvenient for me, why?

- Horrible updates

Please give us the *pros and *cons before making us update our apps. I loved sc before you band me from private screenshots, i would’ve deleted the app long Ago but in this case it’s a no choice decision 💆🏽‍♀️🙄

- Microphone issue

If i film with the normal camera app, everything is fine and the audio is good. However if I film through snapchat, the volume is extremely low, and there is audible white noise that covers the entire audio, almost as if I’m holding over the microphone and muffling it. No clue why this is, but I assume its software related since my microphone works fine outside the app

- Welp

I reinstalled my app and when I tried to login,it requested I switch on my data to use it I’ve been doing that but it keeps on going to the off icon

- Not showing

I updated yesterday and since then no filter is showing I don’t understand what’s going on

- The ability to change usernames

We need to be able to change our usernames. That’s an update you should consider.

- Name

Anytime someone changes their name for some reason my phone never changes it, I have a name that was changed 4 years ago and it’s still here. Fix it please

Anyway, I’m going to Washington, DC to protest so if you guys wanna see what it’s like there my Snapchat is briamonette ❤️

@K24ksa1: لكل #هاوي #تصويري_سناب #سناب #اعلامي هذه فلاتر #سناب #السعودية_24 #هدية لك استخدمها وارسل لنا نشارك بها مع نشر سنابك مع فلات…

@alicein2chains: if the plugs on snapchat can post about blm, why can’t u

@jawharalnadim: مسابقتنا عبارة عن ؛ 1 / متابعة سناب المحل ✔️ 1 / متابعة الحساب على تويتر ✔️ 2 / عمل رتويت لهذه التغريدة ✔️ السحب راح ي…

@C0000020: ♦️هدية 2 جوااااال📱📱 لعدد 2 فائزين😍 • رتويت وتابع الحساب👈@north_ini • تابع السناب👈 • أرسل صورة اضافة ال…

@ALMRISEUL: بعد ان فشلوا في التحدي الأول هذا هو التحدي الثاني لإعلام الهلال بأكمله و باقي الحديث في حسابي بالسناب شات #ارقام_الجابر_في…

or when that one lexie redding bitch made a snapchat about gay people & n*ggers infront of a confederate flag & the…

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Snapchat iphone images
Snapchat iphone images
Snapchat iphone images
Snapchat iphone images
Snapchat iphone images
Snapchat iphone images
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The applications Snapchat was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-07-13 and was developed by Snap, Inc. [Developer ID: 446889612]. This application file size is 189.94 MB. Snapchat - Photo & Video posted on 2020-05-29 current version is and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Snapchat Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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