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The applications Snapchat was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-07-13 and was developed by Snap, Inc.. The file size is 214.07 MB. The current version is and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements!

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Melody 💋

😻😻😻😻  Melody 💋  5 star



bring back old snapchat  HalaAlosais97  5 star

I hated the last update! bring back the old snapchat please!!!!


It’s even worse.  MAHINATAYXO  1 star

The update didn’t help at all. And why come every time I finish watching a video it freezes and has glitch? On ALL of the videos I watch? This is ridiculous.


Weird bug.  anteikuwaiter  4 star

Anyone else have that weird bug where some clips in your memories won’t play. Essentially it plays like the first two seconds of the video then it freezes. Please fix this, it’s really annoying because I can’t even send them or save them to my phone when they are bugged out like that.


Not great  ChelseaaJ  2 star

When I try to save my pictures, a wheel pops up and is “saving” and then the app freezes and I have to shut it down. Glitchy and feels like it can’t handle simple tasks.


Choose Best Friends  Fracasfudgenuts  1 star

The best friends feature is annoying cause it changes so much and so randomly. Just let users choose their best friends, and put their stories first.


The videos are poor quality once posted  😎✌  3 star

I wish the videos look as good as they do when you record but once you post them they don’t post so clear. Eh.


Kicking me out  whitleythegoat  2 star

I’ve had snap for a while and it’s great. Lately it’s been kicking me out like every day and I have to keep deleting and downloading it back again:(


Friend emojis not correct  Covet_player36784  2 star

The friend emojis don’t sync up to where the friend is. So there could be an emoji by someone’s name that says they’re on my best friends list when they aren’t. It’s inconvenient because I don’t know if the top best friend is mutual or not. I could be trying to send someone a snap and it will say they’re on my best friend’s list when I haven’t talked to them for months


I DON’T WANT 8 Besties  Kay.Coole  1 star

please make the besties back to three for us loners and it’ll be a 5 star review

Rachel (R2)

Zooming for iPads  Rachel (R2)  4 star

In videos you can zoom in no problem. But snapchat isn't made for iPad so when I try zoom in on a video it doesn't work. Please make an update so I can zoom in and out for iPads. Because in videos I like to zoom on peoples faces 😂 thanks Snapchat!


Absolutely Terrible  Nickyhaworth  1 star

the new update is so woeful i have no idea what is going on - chronologically was the best and easiest to understnad but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the new version. Change it back immediately!


worst update  zozogreer  1 star

new update makes snapchat so bad CHANGE IT PLZ we don’t need friend list, stories and received snaps on the same page Laterz


Rating  Nikitabdf  3 star

It is really creepy that random people can see where you are and what you are doing!!!!


SAY NO TO NEW UPDATE!  Tilly.x  2 star

I hate the new update, there's too much going on, it's too confusing. You’ve made it so its way harder to view everyone’s stories. Everything just looks cluttered and all over the place on the one page. It gives me anxiety and major ocd issues to see everything mixed up and not in order. this has completely ruined Snapchat, not impressed at all


iPhone X screen  Hxydenxo  5 star

Need an update for the iPhone X - when I open snapchats there’s black rectangles at the top & bottom. Would like the photos to take up the whole screen :p


Crashes  Aussierey  4 star

Love Snapchat! But update the app always freezes AND I lose the videos I’ve taken FIXX ITTT


So amazing  $CooP$21savage  5 star

The best app I've ever used

jolly jolly jess ;)

CHRISTMAS  jolly jolly jess ;)  5 star



Put it back  Jadekkkkk  1 star

the update is horrible it doesn’t make sense put it back to how it was!!

Jerardo M

Great app, but somethings missing  Jerardo M  5 star

This app needs a streak button. Like, a button you can tap on to send a snap to your streaks so that way you don’t have to use up your time tapping on all the people you have streaks with or trying to start a streak with. Other than that, this app is amazing!!


Problems rn  foggydoggylover123409865  4 star

I love Snapchat. But right now it isn’t working! It won’t let me download it and I’ve checked my storage many times IDK WHAT TO DO!!!!!


Best app ever  phgvvffhnnbvggjfufhdy  5 star

Best app ever

Faith Marie Jamison

issues with sound and video  Faith Marie Jamison  3 star

so i have an iphone 7. when i use snapchat everyday i usually take videos. well ever since i updated snapchat that sound in the videos have just stopped working. even on other phones, along with while i’m trying to take a video it freezes and i have to log completely out and log back in before it will let me take a video..? can this be fixed?😕😪😔


Can’t send messages on WiFi  Zackyson4  2 star

I have to shut of the data in order for messages to go through.


I love this app but this annoying bug is ruining it  Lany9024  3 star

I really love this app but, it’s really annoying when I’m listening to music on Spotify or watching a movie on Netflix and I get a notification from Snapchat it would pause whatever I’m playing and I play it again and it would pause it again, this happens every 10 minutes or so. I’m surprised that this hadn’t been fixed yet, I would love it if you guys were to fix this.

roaa alaoudah

Please  roaa alaoudah  2 star

I want old snap chat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Great app  Khal_s8rr  5 star

Snapchat is a great app but snapplus or any hacked snap is effecting the other users . Add me if u want Khaled-s8r Thanx ❤️


New update is trash  rdabroski  1 star

Why feel the need to change the layout. Everything is a jumbled mess now with no clear distinction between who I actually care to follow and “Popular” snaps. I don’t care at all about the Kardashian’s and now they are being forced into my feed! CANT WAIT UNTIL INSTAGRAM CRUSHES THIS SNAP.


I HATE NEW UPDATE  sweetlysung  4 star

it’s confusing! they’ve changed everything and I hate it. It’s absolutely different and i may delete it!!!!

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