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Snapchat [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

What is snapchat app? Snapchat is a fast and fun way to share the moment with your friends and family

• Snapchat opens right to the Camera — just tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video.
• Express yourself with Lenses, Filters, Bitmoji and more!
• Try out new Lenses daily created by the Snapchat community!

• Stay in touch with friends through live messaging, or share your day with Group Stories.
• Video Chat with up to 16 friends at once — you can even use Lenses and Filters when chatting!
• Express yourself with Friendmojis — exclusive Bitmoji made just for you and a friend.

• Watch friends' Stories to see their day unfold.
• See Stories from the Snapchat community that are based on your interests.
• Discover breaking news and exclusive Original Shows.

• Spotlight showcases the best of Snapchat!
• Submit your own Snaps or sit back, relax, and watch.
• Pick your favorites and share them with friends.

• Share your location with your best friends or go off the grid with Ghost Mode.
• See what your friends are up to on your most personal map when they share their location with you.
• Explore live Stories from the community nearby or across the world!

• Save unlimited photos and videos of all your favorite moments.
• Edit and send old moments to friends or save them to your Camera Roll.
• Create Stories from your favorite Memories to share with friends and family.

• Every friendship has its own special profile to see the moments you’ve saved together.
• Discover new things you have in common with Charms — see how long you’ve been friends, your astrological compatibility, your Bitmoji fashion sense, and more!
• Friendship Profiles are just between you and a friend, so you can bond over what makes your friendship special.

Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages by taking a screenshot, using a camera, or otherwise. Be mindful of what you Snap!

For a full description of our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Center.

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Snapchat Comments & Reviews 2022


This app is so cool it lets you send pictures to friends and family and you can show people around the glop about you adventures and stuff and you can post on a story that is where everyone that you are friends with can see it and you can make it a private story then you can choose who you want to see your videos and you can save pictures and videos and you can change your Bitmoji a Bitmoji is a avatar where you can make it have different hairs and clothes and makeup and (etc) you can even rename people like how ever you won’t you can add music to your videos and pictures they have cool filters and if you don’t like the other filters you can search what kind of filter you want and you can even make a group chat on it with different people that you are friends with and you can name the group chat and the other people in the group chat can change it to you will get a notification that who ever the person is change the group name super cool that is it I RECOMMEND THIS APP🤩🤩🤩

- A sad disappointing turn for the worst.

I have been using Snapchat for the better half of a decade and it has become the most obnoxious and atrocious app I’ve ever used. The garbage that they consistently bombard you with is absurd and rude to say the least. If I wanted to scoop my brain out like it was ice cream and plop it into a garbage can I might be able to experience a similar sensation by simply using the snap chat app. None of the filters are fun, cool l, or original at this point. let’s not even get started with how disturbingly creepy snap map is. Snap map feature is extremely irresponsible on Snapchat’s behalf. There is virtually no reason why anybody should be using this app whatsoever. Oh yeah I’m afraid I might get kidnapped for saying this but they actually record and sell all of your data. there are probably AI persona’s and robots of YOU out there, not to mention entire profiles with limitless accounts of every thing you were doing on your phone while this app was on in the background. If you sent illicit pictures, they have been captured. If you speak, your conversations have been documented. Besides all the identity profiling, the app in general is just absolute trash. The definition of fake news and complete mind numbing none sense guaranteed to confuse your current version of realty with false information. The original concept with the app was brilliant. Now it’s just a tool for mind control and keeping strict SUPERVISION on the 99%

- Pros and cons

Are use Snapchat more than any other app however I am a teenager for parents considering downloading there are a lot of pluses you can talk to your friend safely you can send cool pictures it’s a fun app however anyone can add your kids they can innocently add them your location can be seen if turned on some of the videos on Snapchat are very inappropriate and you have access to a lot of things I would say the age limit does not matter it’s the kid a 12-year-old kid that’s mature and knows not to do dumb things can for sure have this app but a nine-year-old who doesn’t know what turn location on to everyone or post publicly so that any person on the world can see you they should not have this app you should monitor your kids on Snapchat because it is a very fun and helpful app especially for teenagers but for some kids I would say it’s very inappropriate and not the best app to download stay safe!!

- Horrible

My boyfriend sister and i have all experienced the same thing in a short amount of time as well as one of the other reviews! I was logged into my account and i was sending snaps to my buddies, ( not to mention it was streaks up to 956 streaks, and with 45 people) and right after i sent them i was knocked out of the app, i figured it was due to my boyfriend logging into my account but no. i was logged out and permanently locked out of my account with no warning or temporary lock. i quickly text my boyfriend through imessage and realize the same thing just happened to him. i tried and tried and tried to make a new account but nothing worked. however my boyfriend was able to make a new account. i am very upset because i just lost all streaks and to make things worse i cannot log on and retrieve my memories. but if you make it quick, you might possibly be able to log onto your account after 24hrs of being locked out. we also contacted the snapchat support team and nothing works, we got an automated email back or nothing at all. if i ever get back into my account then i will retrieve my memories and then right after i am just going to delete the app entirely, ITS A MESS!

- Snapchat😂😟

i like snapchat alot and how i can communicate with my family and friends, its super cool how you can snap back and forth plus doing streaks. Something also i really like about snap is posting on your stories so you can snap about yourself and making new friends and what you do in your daily life. There are a couple things that i dont like about snapchat is how there are these predators on there looking for children to do nudes and bad things on the internet and i like how you can report the photos and chats its just i really want the kids and teens on snap to be careful and talk to the people you know cause some people arent what you think. There is another thing i wanted to mention that i dont like is when you want to post a vid in your story but the time limit is only 1 minute. I think the limit should be around 3-5 minutes because some people like to post tiktoks on their story and tiktoks can be longer than a minute sometimes so its very tricky to add something like that. For whoever is watching this. BE CAREFULL!!🥰🫵

- Calling

Snapchat is really nice to use when it comes to knowing when people read and don’t read your messages and when you get a notification when someone is typing or sent something. It’s really fun to watch all of the stories and everything. One thing I don’t like is when the snap calls give out so much, that’s really annoying along with the ads but that’s for a different time. Me and my boyfriend are going long distance soon and we are trying to get used to sleeping on call and calling more in general but we can’t do that very well when the calls keep giving out and it’s truly annoying, our internet is fine and it goes for hours but sometimes during the day it gives out but it’s mainly at night, it’ll just keep giving out and it’s super irritating.

- Been a member of this app since it started

I have always been apart of snapchat since they started and by far it has come a long way, only thing I wish they could do is when they show you memories from a year ago on this day. Now I save so many snaps to the point where I’m running out of space and sometimes I see memories I want deleted like videos I didn’t mean to save but there’s no way to delete your memories it says it will take it away from the story but keep in my memories when you delete like snapchat do you think I want to scroll and try and figure out when I recorded this video just to delete it. I would have so much more storage cleared if I could just delete videos permanently from the memories section. I don’t understand why that’s not an option especially for people who are social media influencers like I have way to many videos saved to try and scroll through it just to delete the memory.

- Hmm.

I’ve been using Snapchat since the beginning and have loved how easy it has made for me to communicate with friends & family in a much easier hassle free way! That I have loved! However a little over a week ago I went to get on Snapchat as normal and was signed out, upon attempting to log back in I was given a message saying my account has been permanently banned.. like really!!! I figured it was just something with the app itself but nope still won’t do a dang thing. I proceeded to search for hours on how to contact Snapchat but to my avail a company as large as this one does have have good solid communication centers to deal with issues when they arise for its users, and that saddens me. What saddens me more is I reached out over twitter and absolutely nothing, I had photos saved to my memories from family & friends that have passed or I no longer have contact with. And as of today as still currently locked out of my account with absolutely no idea why. Sad sad sad!

- Support System Needs a Fix!

My account was permanently locked, meaning I cannot log back into that account or make any new accounts. Due to this problem whenever I email the Support Team I never get an email back about what can be done (such as allowing me to make a different account). Every email I have sent about my concerns was immediately followed up with an automated email about how I cannot get my account back although that’s not what I was emailing about in the first place. With college coming around the corner I will suffer immensely due to the fact that Snapchat is the main form of communication on any college campus. I hope that Team Snapchat sees this and follows up with an email and an expiration for why my account was permanently locked without a warning or a temporary lock first. I am now stuck with no Snapchat and no chance to get a new Snapchat. I’m very disappointed in how the support system is set up, it needs a change. I have sent 20+ emails with concerns about what to do and what happened with no response other than the confirmation email.

- Surprising right?

It’s Snapchat, what’s not to like. You send pictures or receive pictures from whoever you want. It’s free. It’s got it’s own Snapchat version of TikTok. You can see peoples stories. You can even text!!!! Although beware… a lot of predators lurk in the deep dark caves of unexplored quickadds. Other than that I would say it’s all around great. Well, one more issue I face is not being able to pin anyone now unless I pay for premium. Snapchat needs to stay simple and easy. That’s why we liked it to begin with. I understand you need micro transactions but you could make them another way ex: certain clothing for bitmoji costs money, making certain filters cost money etc. but you don’t gotta make the pin cost hella money. All in all I’m still satisfied with the app, and have minimal complaints

- Snapchat addiction!

I absolutely love Snapchat. It is an addiction. I use the app every single day several times throughout the day. It’s pretty much how I send my messages except for they’re funny and entertaining. I also tend to use Snapchat and record myself and make silly videos so when I am sad and upset I just go back and watch my videos. I laugh uncontrollable and I end up making myself happy again. Or at least content. They took my most favorite character away. But other than that I have streaks that last over a year. would have a couple more at a couple years but Snapchat didn’t think we snapped in time so I lost my streaks had to start over.😳😖😩😭 but I definitely give this app a five star plus.. Thanks Snapchat 💜😎

- 2 Star

I give this app a two star because they need to have a age verification of some sort before signing up it would also be helpful to see others ages. To many kids under 16 This app is used by lots of crooks and it shouldn’t! I like Snapchat but it seems to be going down hill. To many adds! Between story viewing! Also I would really like if this app didn’t show in chat that you “Screen recorded chat” or “took a screenshot” it’s none of there business and why should it? If your going to be hiding something or doing inappropriate stuff don’t type it all all. If the viewer doesn’t see it neither does the texted then both people won’t worry about anything and there will be no dispute. Also they should make a similar feature like onlyfans where if you were to take a picture/ScreenShot of a story private or not then it would black out the image so no one can view it accept the actual devise it’s on. That’s all other then that great app👍🏻

- Good App, Bad Customer Service

I use this app a lot and enjoy saving things because they don’t save to my camera roll. The fact that there’s no way to get those back after your account has been deleted/ you’ve been locked out (or maybe due to a failed two-factor authentication or smth) is extremely frustrating. I've lost over six years of memories, not to mention messages and other important contacts. I like that it's safe but I hope there can be more help for the users in the future, when they lose access to this stuff. I've lost memories of people who have passed, that I'll never get back, and it just hurts my brain to know they're floating around but I can't get to them simply because I am locked out. Wish there was better customer service to get that back, as it might not sound so serious to the workers but these memories really are priceless and as someone with memory issues, this is extremely frustrating.

- Really thought this was Snapchat not “Bitmochat

I’m sure there are people out there that knows when Snapchat originally come up your profile what actual 3 snap photos photos… I feel like one should have a choice to have a pic or Bitmoji Of course I’ve been sending suggestion for awhile and no one ever responded nor asked for my opinion but seriously I’ve been wanting my user name to be my name and well since y’all allow people to change it and not lose it yeah that’s not going to be a problem … my name wasn’t avail or shall I say taken so you think it’s going be avail after y’all allow people to change their user name … I’d like a real pic instead of cartoon character … but of course only updates y’all do is “bug” fixes anyways you can improve Snapchat by actually responding back to people … really after all this is a snap/ messaging/ app … I hate being ignored and y’all do really well not listening or responding back


so like i woke up one morning and was gonna see who texted me right.. and thennnn i was logged out, i was like ohhh thats kinda weird maybe it just glitched out. nahhh bruh yall PERMANENTLY LOCKED MY ACCOUNT. bro you dont even know how mad i was but it was 7am so i was like i hope this is a bad dream, and i went back to sleep. i woke up and noooo it wasnt i was frfr locked out and i was like aint no way boi so i went on my backup account that i made THE LAST TIME YALL TRIED LOCKING ME OUT, and just guess what happened. YOU GUYS LOCKED ME OUT,honestly i cant believe you guys. i have been using that app sense like 2017 and i have so many memories and messages on there that i NEED. and ok so is thats not bad enough, i was like ugh ok ill make ANOTHER ACCOUNT. nope, as soon as i made it, yall locked me out. WHAT DID I DO TO U BROO? WHAT DID I DO? NOTHING… anyways im listening to facebook drama. but ALSO it let me log in sometimes or wtv… thats alr ig BUT THEN AS SOON AS I LEAVE THE APP OR TURN OFF MY PHONE, IT LOCKS IT AGAIN. like bro i spent two second being happy and here yall go again w ur bs😒

- Love the communication, hate the bias.

Snapchat is a great app that allows you to connect with your friends and people you don’t even know. It allows you to get to know people better, share memories, and organize new ones. The thing I hate, absolutely despise about Snapchat is that the discover page is littered with clickbait and bias. Many posts have fake titles that either lead you to a post talking about someone or something that doesn’t even show in the story. Not to mention the political bias that is shown in many stories on the discover page. I’m not normally a political person and understand and relate to both sides views, but I see a lot of stories focused on these matters that isn’t helping anyone understand and only filling minds with biased information/blow out of proportion information. Regardless I love the app it’s just some of the content inside is annoying enough to not click on the app for the rest of the day.

- Updates

Honestly I’ve been using Snapchat for so long. I’ve never really thought about how awesome the app really is until today it asked me to leave a review. Normally when an app asks me to leave a review I get unhappy because it’s interrupting whatever I’m doing, but today when it happened I actually sat and thought to myself “I should do it.” Through the years and the updates and even previous Snapchat accounts I’ve never had, Snapchat has never let me down. most of my best memories were captured through Snapchat and then posted to other social media‘s. Even looking back today I have more significant moments in my life saved in my Snapchat memories than I do in my actual camera roll. 10/10 app🏆🎉

- sky_gentry2021

I am using Snapchat right well I am starting to get annoyed with every new phone number I get I cannot verify it with the stinking app every time I try to add the phone number says cannot be verified due to suspicious activity I have never done anything suspicious with this phone number I have right now and it will not let me put it so I have to use my grandmothers phone number to use my Snapchat account and it’s not fair that I can never ever put my phone number in this account of mine so I would love first Snapchat to fix that up and let me put my phone number for the first time in my account and let me change my email from that old email to the new one because that’s not my email anymore that is on that account because I got logged out of that account so I could never find it again so please let me change the phone number and email on that account thank you. bye Snapchat🥲

- Pointless Updates

First of all, I don’t like that the app wants to store data about my face, hands, voice, etc… for “camera improvement with filters”. That’s completely unnecessary, especially since I use generic filters that just change the warmth (color) of the Snapchat. I also don’t like the 3D bitmoji. I want the last version back. The 3D looks goofy to me, but the updated bitmoji (not original, those look goofy as well), we’re great & I can only use them on the Bitmoji app now & you see them when you edit bitmoji on Snapchat. I just don’t like it and there’s not an option to change it - I feel like that should be an option for users. Haven’t looked into the Snapchat+ but that just sounds silly to me. The way everything is going sounds like downhill and I think the only reason I have kept Snapchat is for the Memories.

- Love the app not a fan of the changes

I love how Snapchat gave us the ability to change our usernames considering I made mine a very stupid one and it was time to change. I am not a fan of the fact that there is Snapchat+ that you have to pay for. I think that all the things that come with it are a little pointless, I understand that people who decide to pay for it are people who care, but it just seems strange. I don’t understand why being able to pin a number one best friend can be a thing. I’d you don’t snap them then they should not be your best friend. I do like that now the entire app had changed its immediate conversation deletes into them all lasting 24 hours, very helpful. I am also love that I get a months recap of the last month, and when I get flashbacks.

- The new

The only word we will be talking is is it a lot more fun than it is to you I think it was just because you had a little time in my mind so you could just put it in my head to my face I just got to work it just got to go to my car to do a e a few years later this season is over a week ago I believe it is going to happen again soon as you guys go to school or to do a good thing to do it all in one place or even though it has to go through a great life in a way it is a wonderful experience to do it is to a real estate agent in my office in Washington this is what it is I just got to go to a wedding in my family room I love it I just wish I e a bunch too much to go

- Would give zero stars if i could..

I’ve had 2 snapchat’s now and just because I want to add more than 20 plus people at once ur going to lock and ban my account? that’s just messed up. you have no idea as to why people add that many people at once or anything. before assuming we all just do it to scam others or send sexual content, maybe look into it first and don’t ignore us when we try to mark a bug fix and no one gets back to us in the 30 days it says u will. this is the second time i have been either locked, banned, or aren’t allowed to add anymore friends on snap for zero reason. i’m innocent here and this is ridiculous. i get messages everyday about scammers trying to hack into my cashapp but that’s okay right? doesn’t make sense young men!! please fix this problem because it seems like i’m not the only one having it and ur app is gonna go downhill soon if u don’t. thanks but i’m dissatisfied and i used to rave abt this app.

- Discover page is horrible

I see a lot of reviews about the ads in Discover videos, which are certainly awful. But, the ads are not half as awful as the videos themselves. Snapchat came around when I was in middle school I believe, and I cannot imagine middle schoolers going through the Discover page these days. Most of the videos are sexual, I scrolled through just now and there were three articles with “pornstar” in the caption. The rest depict people who have made horrible life choices, like tattooing their eyeballs, or getting piercings in every part of their face, and tell the reader that that is a perfectly acceptable way to live. Not if you want a job it’s not. Maybe everyone who uses Snapchat these days is an adult with a fully formed brain, and will not be influenced negatively by these things, but I doubt it. Maybe have some news stories instead idk.

- Love it until now.

I love this app but what so ever the app today has been acting up, every time i try to look at my friends stories it kicks me out and i've tried shutting my phone off completely and have updated the Snap chat app. idk how to fix this and i'm so beyond mad because i wanna see what going on in their stories but i can't seem to fix the problem so ima leave my snap alone for a bit and see if it will work in a couple of hours? hopefully it starts to work again. it made mad but i think it's doing me good by not being on snapchat all day lol. and just let's get started on the other problems. i want where you can unlink ur bitmoji and still have those bitmoji stickers and where they let us pick the unlinked bitmoji color, maybe i'm just complaining but i want more stuff added lol.

- Snap support is lacking

I loved this app for storing pictures or taking pictures and videos and it was easy and convenient someone hacked me and posted a chocolate bar with a picture of a mushroom on it and next thing you know it won’t let me log in saying my account has been permanently locked all the photos of loved ones passed pets graduation all my little phases old friends memories of everything sentimental to me form the past 6 years down the drain I’ve tried emailing the support to get my account back and haven’t heard anything I was sobbing over this app because of all my photos gone also just hits streak of 1000 and I’m gonna lose it so Ik sounds dumb but I’m very hurt and Snapchat did me so dirty for this I’ve see. People post way worst things on Snapchat then someone hacking me with a chocolate bar this is bogus and sad please Snapchat help me get my account back pleassse

- A slightly social messaging app.

This app shines in its messaging features. So often it is hard to convey tone or subtext over text, but Snapchat makes it seamless to put your text over a picture of your face, or record a clip or voice message. Feels like a really rich messaging app, with a hint of social media via the “stories” feature. Which can be used a lot or totally ignored. My one gripe is there’s a few snags around how it interfaces with the photo library, but 🤷‍♂️. Also worth knowing is this app doesn’t always do a great job explaining itself, so might need to Google how to use some features or ask a friend. But once you know how, it’s a very smooth experience

- Snap

It is such a good app I love it and it’s super easy to chat with your friends and family .This app is amazing and I would recommend getting snapchat, because it is super fun. You can snap your best friends who moved away or are in another country. You can get to know people at your school. You can FaceTime people if one of your friends doesn’t have iPhone but you do. You can post story’s create Bitmojis. You can talk to your crush or boyfriend if you don’t have there number and get to know them better. There are so many reasons why Snapchat is so good but that’s just a few. So lastly, if you don’t have Snapchat now you should get it. It is a 10/10 app. Bye

- 3D selfie issue

I really think it’s cool that Snapchat is implementing more ways to be creative with bitmojis, however most can agree especially in bitstrip style the 3D style looks very strange and takes the hat off your bitmoji. I also don’t have any selfie options so in my 2D selfie I’m just sitting there smiling. I made this account before the 3D update because I wanted a refreshed account with only people I actually talk to and the most frustrating thing to see, of all things is this. It’s not really that important, it’s just one of those things that’s small but just big enough to be super annoying. Maybe make 3D selfie options for other avatar styles and make 3D selfies in general optional. We still see the 2D selfie when we’re texting each other and we can’t customize that anymore?

- Censoring Content

Snapchat works when it wants to work. Right now as we speak it’s not showing me my text while writing this review. I have the screenshot to prove it. Thank God for the person whom created the predictive text right above your keyboard 😮‍💨🫠. Either way when it’s not censoring your review it’s not posting your content to your storyline. You will get 100 notifications a day if you do not turn the notifications off. Doesn’t matter on the content or your internet connection it fails on 5G & Wi-Fi. No other social media app does this to this extent so be weary when you are using Snapchat. They can make all the updates that they want but if their team isn’t up to the task of eliminating the bugs & glitches as well as the failed commands of their app: it really doesn’t matter who you are you’re not important & they clearly don’t want you to have a memorable experience using their app.

- Let’s be honest

Sure they’re definitely some features and other things that we would like to see added to the app, however, let’s be honest. This is the number one way of getting out the short messages. This is way more entertaining then text messages, and if you use it on the daily, there’s no way you can rate it less than five stars because it simply works. It is something that was created to help benefit your every day life and stay in contact and connected with people you may otherwise lose contact or connect with on the daily.

- Updates have destroyed this app.

This used to be a very good app. Snapchat has updated and has been messing up for a few days now. At first it wouldn’t allow you to add back the people that added you. That was fixed. Next you couldn’t send snaps or messages or even post on your story. I’ve had snap since 2017 never had a issue with it. Today I get on and I’ve been permanently locked out. I was not going against community guideline or doing anything inappropriate. I was given no reason as to why my account has been permanently locked. I sent a email and received one back stating “Unfortunately, sometime legitimate accounts get locked by mistake”. Seriously?! I’ve lost all my pictures and most were very important to me. Pets that have passed away and I’ve lost all pictures and videos of them.

- Get rid of the 3D Bitmoji selfies PLEASE

In the over 10 years that I’ve had apple products I’ve never once written a review, but I think it’s time. the 3D selfies should’ve been introduced as an OPTION. When you go to change your selfie, it says “OPTIONS for 3D selfies coming soon” but I don’t have the option to change it back to normal. I absolutely loathe the 3D bitmojis, they’re ugly, and I much prefer the 2D ones that no one has had any issue with for years. Just please give us an option to change it back. I respect some people may enjoy them, but they’re genuinely the most ugly designs I’ve ever seen, and they should be not advertised as an option if they’re forced on every user, and we aren’t able to change back.

- They Scammed me out of $58,000

Snapchat is not an app anyone should download. As a content creator, I find it quite scary that nobody is aware that one of the largest social media platforms scams minors. When i was 17, I was one of the first people to receive payment from spotlight, a newer feature which at the time paid creators “over a million dollars a day.” I personally know about 30 people that have gotten paid from spotlight. However, for some reason they refuse to respond to me as to why they won’t send me my money that i earned through their platform. If you ever have a problem I hate to break it to you, but snapchat will never physically help you. The only help you will receive from Snapchat is an automated response. I’ve been trying to get my money for over a year and a half and have yet to find out why my money isn’t being sent to me!

- Awesome! 💙❤️💜

I really love this app. It’s my favorite! You can take lovely pictures with the kind of filters that you love! ❤️ You can text you’re friends, send stickers you've made, you can even send tiny pictures of you’re bitmoji and other bitmoji pictures with you’re friend’s bitmoji + yours! They’re so cute! You can also send audio messages! 💙 You can also FaceTime, or just a normal audio call 📞💙 You can use all of you’re favorite filters in a call as well! I could go on and on about this app but I don’t have that long to live! 😍 Please, check out Snapchat just by clicking “Download” 💙💜❤️😍

- Snap

Snapchat is honestly such a great app to get closer with friends and family! It makes such a great difference because instead of FaceTiming them or sending them pictures you can snap them instead to make more of a recent photo to send. I’m obsessed with snap and you can also scroll through videos like TikTok if you go to the play button which is super cool and super easy! Hope you download Snapchat for a better experience with friends and family! Also the filters you get on snap are amazing! Super cute and stylish and match almost any outfit you put together!

- Eddy4shoT’s Snapchat Review

Hi Snapchat a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, You honestly get 4.7 stars lately with the lag in memories and constant repetition, I’ll check again if it’s from my end but I’ve been using Snapchat for over 5 years and it’s my go to app for instantly posting your daily activities, I find myself scrolling through the semi intuitive timeline daily, mostly smiling sometimes cringing but all in all glad to have Snapchat as a different kind of social media, one imo based in snapping a photo or video and sending it in a chat, Ahhhh I see what you did there Snapchat!

- Bring Back the OG Bitmojis

My favorite thing about Snapchat was the Bitmoji characters being 2D and really cute so people could know that that’s me. I felt that my character was so accurate to my appearance but ever since they’ve been updated I don’t feel like that’s what I look like and I don’t even want the Bitmoji anymore. I used to have my Bitmoji selfie be the “sick” selfie where your character turns a shade of green but now that it’s updated the green is gone and that was my favorite selfie to put for my Bitmoji. I’m really sad about this update and wish the original Bitmoji design could come back, it would make me feel a lot happier using the app knowing it’s customized exactly how I feel my appearance and mood is. Other than that I love Snapchat and all it’s features, it’s a great app.

- Not good support and difficult

I recently got logged off my account and I forgot I needed to put my new phone number and email in. I tried to find other alternatives but none would work so I finally got ahold of support after hours of looking for ways to email or text or even call someone. When I emailed I gave a very descriptive and throe story on what happened and the “employee” which is just a bot just told me they couldn’t help and gave directions on how to change my password with the phone number and email which wasn’t on my account I told them I could give them an id or the phone number what was on there but they just ignored me. I had really important people and memories on there.


i used snapchat for 3 years every single day. i used it to take all my pictures and store my memories, it was my main form of communication too. i wake up yesterday and go to check it and realized y’all PERMANENTLY LOCKED MY ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON!! 3+ years of memories GONE. not to mention i can’t tell the people that i don’t have a number for that my account got LOCKED. i tried emailing snapchat support but all i got was an automated email back saying since my account is locked they won’t be able to help me AT ALL. this is unfair. i never got a warning or even a temporary lock. i don’t even KNOW WHY i got locked out, and i don’t think i will know because snapchat won’t email me back. i hope y’all do better, seriously. because if you keep locking innocent people out of their accounts, nobody is going to want to use the app anymore.

- I can’t access my bitmoji character

Hello! Idk if this is only me but I can’t change my bitmoji clothes. It keeps saying something is wrong and to try again later. Even though I’ve tried many times I still can’t get into it. My Wi-Fi is fine and I’ve even tried using my data but it still didn’t work. So I assume it has something to do with the app but idk. So can you please help me find a solution? Please. And that’s the only thing I have a problem with right now the rest of the app is fine. I’ve been trying for three days now and I’ve decided to finally make a review for help. Ok thank you for reading have a wonderful day!!

- Pretty good

So to start, I enjoy Snapchat a lot. Since I'm not allowed to have most social media, my parents allow this one since you basically just talk to friends. It's a great app, simple to use and it makes sense. Although one thing I feel should be added is the ability to reopen your own snaps. Because I have a habit of easily forgetting things, including what I said in my last snap. So if my friend asks me about it or says something, I'll be confused about what they're talking about. I just think it'll be convenient to reopen your own snaps sent to friends.

- i like snapchat, just want more actual friends on the app

girls like snapchat so i like snapchat (im a guy by the way) i find it fun to upload pics on there, choose which ones you can favor, save whatever is sent to you in chat threads, use all the crazy and trippy filters SC has to offer etc. i like how you have the availability to type in any word when you look for certain filters. yes some of them are tacky but then again some of them are wicked in a good way. it does get annoying all the random friend requests i get but that can easily be ignored

- 10/10 Recommend

love snapchat. #1 reason why I love snapchat is because of the memories feature. this feature allows me to see what I did 2 years ago on this day or 3 years ago and so on. I think it’s such a cool feature and very entertaining. I also love that everything has a 24hr limit. stories can be uploaded for those to see within the 24hr limit and then they’re gone. I like how it’s quick and people can see what you’re doing at that moment. great way to feel connected to those who aren’t close.

- To many adds

I absolutely loved this app I use it almost as much as I use texting and I use it more than Facebook messenger or TikTok. Are used to use it to keep up with news until the ads got so frequent that most the time the ads are actually longer than the videos I’m trying to watch. there are way too many ads if I wanted to watch infomercials I would flick on the TV. additionally I’m tired of seeing people I may know because back in middle school I got their phone number and have not deleted it out of my contacts yet. I would not mind paying for Snapchat if that means I saw absolutely no ads as well as seeing only people that I frequently communicate with. I would love to give it five stars but until you fix your app problem it’s going to remain in one star.

- ugly update

I love talking on snapchat. I love posting on my story. However, today I made the terrible, life changing, and irreversible mistake of getting the new update. Before my snapchat looked perfect fine. My bitmoji was still 2D and all of the friend emojis were in the right place. Now my bitmoji is 3D and the chats just don’t look right anymore. I absolutely despise the new look. I hate how freaky my bitmoji looked with her head sticking out and staring at me from the corner of my screen. I hate clicking on my friends profile and having their little character stare into my soul with its head bugging out of my screen. It’s freaky. I don’t like it. My chats look so bad. I miss the old layout.

- My favorite social media outlet

I love Snapchat. It’s my favorite social media outlet. I love making stories throughout the day for my friends to see. I love all the crazy filters. Hands down, Snapchat definitely has the best filters out of any of the apps. Instagram ain’t got nothin on Snapchat when it comes to filters. I use a different filter every snap I make. They are so fun and so plentiful. You’ll never run out of filters! I love that you can save the filters to use them again later. Just save them to your favorites!

- Stay safe!

I like the app and would suggest it to many people! The problem is anyone can add you and then if your not careful they can get your location! So what I’m trying to say is stay safe and be careful when you use it! But that’s my one pet peeve well other that some notifications don’t show witch is mildly annoying but if you can get over that it is a good app! I would suggest to be in 6th and up to use it and to add only your friends at first then when you get more into the app you could try adding strangers but I personally wouldn’t till I was way older like 20-21 is like hay I’ll add a stranger.

- Great Platform!

Snapchat is a wonderful way to keep up with your friends and family through a social media platform on the daily. Sending meaning memorable, goofy, and sometimes emotional photos has never become more easy then with Snap! I would recommend it to just about everyone because it’s not very addictive like other social platforms, and it even can create a very nice environment for people to embrace. The only thing I dislike about the application is the bugs it sometimes obtains as well as the filters which can create some self-esteem issue for certain people.

- They keep changing their designs

Snapchat keeps changing how the screen layout is, sometimes without even doing an update and you wake up to see things changing, one second your required to swipe up to move from one story to another, and one second changes to swipes left and right. Now with the new design, the bottom part of the snap covers the snap your seeing , because the image or the video doesn’t fit, so most of the snap is hidden behind the typing section. And now for no reason you see reactions on snaps your watching “ as quick response “. Come on stop with these ridiculous useless stuff your doing snap. Keep it simple. Everything and every app that was perfect, gets ruined with dumb things like this.

- Videos sending/posting error

I've sent probably over 100 reports over the past few weeks about my videos not sending or posting. Sone videos make it through in chats if i send a pic after, but my stories hardly EVER post. I want to share my memories with all of my friends but can't because of that. I've cleared my cache, restarted my phone, uninstalled the app, made sure to update the app and my phone, but the problem persists. I've had snapchat since 2014 & had no problems with videos up until a few weeks ago. Idk what to do to fix it. I'd appreciate some pointers that would work. Thank you

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- I can’t start my day without Snapping!

In everyday, Snapchat shows that it’s the best social media program. When I start using Snapchat, my life has gotten better. I can contact my beloved ones and friends easily. Snaptchat is my favourite one for several reasons. SNAPCHAT IS SECURED First, We trust Snapchat for protecting our privacy. We can send our daily life’s activities in public and in private without feeling that our privacy would be violated. SNAPCHAT IS THE IDEAL CHOICE FOR KEEPING IN TOUCH Second, Snapchat is the ideal choice for contacting friends and make new friends. You can send pictures and videos; you can make a free calls either with video or without it. When you text someone by Snapchat, you don’t need to make sure that your messages deleted because there is a choice of immediate disappearing. SNAPCHAT’S MOOD IS FUNNY AND EASYGOING Third, unlike other applications, when you text someone by Snapchat you feel that you don’t need to be formal because it gives an expression that all the contacts that added by Your account in Snapchat are close friends. Finally, I’d like to thank Snapchat company for making our life comfortable. * You can use my review publicly. ** Shall you have any requirements or further review, please contact me by my Snapchat 😃 Your sincerely, Sami

- Fabulous app!

Snapchat is a great app that allows you to interact with anybody that you add. It gives you a discovery option allowing you to watch videos made by others, a chat option allowing you to talk to anyone or message anyone, a story option to watch other peoples stories and Snapchat channels. Lastly it has a photo option to take photos and send them to people or add to stories or simply to just save it. The app also has wonderful bitmojis which are characters you can dress up and fix at any time. It also gives you a snap score. A snap score is the amount of times you have snapped someone (or taken a photo and sent it to somebody) and it increases by each photo you send to each individual person or group.

- Love it highly recommend

Snapchat is the app I use the most, I love it and I spend time talking to my friends on here even in groups! It’s free and easy to use and it’s my main social life outside of real life. I love the filters there so cute and you can send messages, snaps and even play games to compete with your friends! There getting better at privacy and safety and send emails whenever your account is logged into outside your usual area so you can make sure you stay safe on the app. You can also make a bitmoji to resemble yourself which is lots of fun. Highly recommend this app!

- bad and good review

So over the past few years of having Snapchat it’s been absolutely great no issues no problems nothing but the past few days there has been an issue every time I try to scroll through multiple stories it kicks me out the app so I have to go into one straight a time and it’s really annoying and when it kicks me out it’s glitch is my phone a lot and I would like you guys are five out of 5 but I don’t think I’m going to this time because it’s literally glitching my phone but on good terms I love how the app is so useful handy also if you could try and get to me somehow and tell me how I can fix a problem please do but I’ve already tried to update it and there’s no update yet so I’m not sure what to do my account is lilly_lovell23 Thanks 😊

- Just a suggestion 🤩

I love the app and all of it’s features/ ways to talk to people but is it possible if you could maybe make so that you can put your account on more than one device? Because if you try to put it on 2 devices it just kicks you out of your original device you used Snapchat on. 🥺also is it possible if you can also make so that you can talk to people offline? Love your app thanks and keep up the great work!!}

- why.

Snapchat, you have helped me in ways i cannot speak enough of. i thank u for ur support although this needs to stop. i thought we were like this 🤞🏽 but u betrayed me. i shake out of fear, i get sweaty, my heac bangs everytime i open your app to pray that it doesnt keep logging me out. i have tried plenty times. i need you snapchat don’t abandon me i beg. i will forever love u more then any app but please make my acc normal. i shoukdnt have to be absolutely petrified and trembling because of the risk of other people getting notif i left them on open, ect. i love u but please other wise this will exceed. i am a 28 year old who has 7 years law experience with a master degree , i suggest you feel threatened otherwise i will take this to another level. love u 😍

- Please Read!

So I’ve had Snapchat for a long time now, and I love it! But I would like to say a few things, the first thing is about the 3D Bitmojis, I don’t think anyone likes them and I was wondering if maybe they could add a option where you can turn it off, or just get rid of it. The second thing is about people, I was thinking about this and maybe it would be smart to add a thing when people friend you where it says “do you know this person” with options like “yes” “no” “send message asking who are you” and stuff. Anyway that’s all

- It’s very good for communicating with friends

On Snapchat I have made several friends, this app is amazing ! It’s a great app to communicate with people from your school , work place and many other places! I recommend this app ! It has such nice avatars that you can make and plus it’s filled with amazing unique filters I am enjoying this app so much ever since I have gotten it in 2019 it’s helpful and useful for anyone and anything ! :) -Lana mikhael

- Ss and screen rec

Snap chat is great don’t get me wrong I love it but the screen shots and screen recording it’s annoying because what if someone’s cheating and you need to screen shot the chat of you being told and then they ask don’t screen shot!! And when you get sent a snap from an ugly person and u wanna ss it to make fun of him or when your screen sharing don’t get me started on the screen sharing it’s annoying because then people text you saying why you screen rec and it pisses me off so get rid of the notifications please,from your dearest user ben dover

- review of slayful snap

I personally believe that this is a wonderful app as it alwa for creativity and easily accessible communication. The fitness grand pacer test requires snap chat to work only with many of it ls other amazing features. This review is totally so epic and awesome you should change my snap score to 9 million. Thanks for being such an amazing out going app - love you team snapchat 😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🫶🫶🫶

- This is getting annoying

PLEASE STOP WITH THE 3D BITMOJIS. PLEASE. You need to trust me when I say that LITERALLY NO ONE LIKES THEM. They are ugly and stupid. It was bad enough when you made them do stupid poses when when clicking on our profiles, but now you decide to change them every where else? They are literally repulsive to look at. Please for gods sake get rid of them and put back the old 2D ones, because they were so much better. Idk who it is on snapchats design team that is making these horrible decisions but if youre reading this, I hope you get fired.

- Overall an amazing app to chat with ur friends on

It’s an amazing app to chat with your friends and I love how you can see public stories etc, but every time I log out of my account and back in it resets to my very first outfit and it gets annoying cause then I got to redo my most recent one but it’s overall good but I HATE the new 3D bitmojis…2D was so much better!🥲😅

- Love it.

Snapchat is how I stay in contact with some of my closest friends we don’t live near any more. As they all have kids and families it’s a really great way for me to keep up with what they’re up too. The only thing I wish is that you could remove the option for all the channels that come with it. They can be distracting.

- If you don’t have it, GET IT

Don’t recommend getting Snapchat premium as there’s not much too it, it’s only good things are that you can see if your on anybody bsf’s list and you can pin somebody as your #1 bsf. Overall though, this is my favourite app on my iPhone, i text all my friends on it and I snap them like every single day.

- Review 5/5

I think this is a really good app I have had no problems it’s a really fun and original way to communicate and it’s super fun you can add friends design your Bitmoji try funny filters do send-its add to your story and watch funny things on the social media page you might learn some from it too don’t be scared download it ;)

- Snap

Love the app but one thing. I feel like I’ve been saying this to a lot of apps (not just u) and basically I dislike how when u export things it automatically creates a folder and ads it to it. Please stop this and just allow it to be saved to recent. Thank you and please take this into consideration.

- I love snap but there’s just one problem

I’m sorry but that update just no just noooo it makes your own profile look so ugly and ur best friends list people look like they have massive heads I’m sorry but get rid of it it’s so bad everyone i know hates that update other than that snapchats the best

- Terrible support

So Snapchat loves to permanently lock peoples accounts if their software and algorithm think you have broken their terms of service. I just had my 4 year old account locked permanently and they won’t even tell me why it was. When emailing the support, it takes them a minimum of 9 hours to reply and their replies leave you more confused than anything. I’ve lost all of my memories, friends on Snapchat and also family members which I only had contact with on Snapchat. Good job Snapchat!

- Somethings wrong

Snapchat has permanently locked my phone from making or having a Snapchat account even though I haven’t done anything wrong. Whenever I make new accounts on new phones it gets deleted because I have a lot of friend requests and I try to accept them all but apparently it’s spamming. I’m very frustrated with these new updates how everything you do (even snapping a lot of people at once) gets you band it’s so unnecessary

- Amazing app

I mostly use this app for talking with my friends, and it is the most easiest app to use for messaging people. One thing I would like to improve is the bitmojis, they look really bad now that they’re 3D. But other than that, great app and I use this app almost every day

- Stop the greed.

I love Snapchat and everything but it’s honestly pathetic now. A Snapchat premium subscription? What have we come to? Why do you make it available for people to pay a bit of money just to stalk where people have been and who they look at. It’s honestly criminal, and you are allowing it to happen just for a bit more cash. Please eliminate past 24 hour tracking and remove Snapchat premium and all will be good.

- Great way to keep friends and family up to date

Great way to keep friends and family up to date so your loved ones that moss you can just check on you so easily and without really interrupting you at work.

- Snapchat is awesome

Snapchat is a fun way to communicate with friends. Although being a social media platform you can change the settings so you can only be contacted by friends and not by random people. I have had Snapchat for 2 years and it’s never been glitchy. So download Snapchat today!

- Snap review

It’s really foot but the new 3d bitmojis don’t look as good as the 2d ones and on the snap map feature when your in a car you should be able to pick what type and colour car your are in.

- It’s great but one problem…

Okay so this is a great app, but one time I went to the app it, it just logged out. When I didn’t log out, then I tried to log back in. I knew my password but I couldn’t log in, it said ‘wrong password’. It also changed and I didn’t update the app. Please if you guys can read this and fix this, I think this might be a bug.

- Amazing 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍Snapchat is so amazing i can text my friends and call them and it’s super simple to work the app and there is also some very fun games to play with your friends when your on call of texting each other 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

- One problem

It’s a great app to use but there’s a problem. When I used it I somehow got kicked out and now it’s asking me to enable the camera and photo but when I go in settings the camera and photo option is not there. Please help me with this situation I even installed and reinstalled it

- You need This app!!!

I love Snapchat. I can talk to friends by sending messages or photos or even videos and it doesn’t take long at all to send through. I rate it a 5/5. I definitely recommend for everyone in age as it is litterly a life saver. 👍🏼🤣

- Ashley Marie

Snap is Awesome just don’t get to creepy with snap maps and how far we are to one another stalkers exist! Stay true to yourself Snapchat don’t change and update because you think you need to we all love it as it is.

- Men in the bed

I’m gay so I love this app all the men I can add and talk to is amazing. It’s really fun making new connections with other people and being able to see there face through snaps are great. If your are trying to make new friends are meat your future partner 😉

- snap chat problem

So it’s a great app but just before it kicked me out and now is asking me for access for camera and microphone and when I go into settings, nothing is there. please fix this issue

- Snapchat

Snapchat is a great way to chat with ur friends and send funny pictures to eachother, you can make group chat make new friends and share stories. I would definitely recommend this app.

- Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best messaging apps to exist! No this is not a stretch! You can stay up to date with your friends by snapping them, make new friends and so much more! I love this app and 10/10 recommend! From Lachie

- Kaitlin

Absolutely love this app I suggest everybody should get it because the filters the security you can have so many friends and you can make new friends from across the world so I suggest everybody should try this app

- Snap

Snapchat is an amazing app to catch up with your friends and family with the option to call or message with a variety of photo filters


This is a great app!!! This app can be used for contacting ur friends family and also can share ur location with other family or friends!!! U can add settings or privacy settings so u feel safe!! Overall this is an amazing app! GET IT NOW

- Snapchat is so cool

Snapchat is the best to use when ur communicating with people, it’s easier, fun and u can even play games with people. Although the new 3D update is kinda bad but everything on Snapchat is amazing 😆

- Group chat

I think when people add u to group chats they need your permission before they do it because you just get added to random group chats and it’s kinda annoying sometimes that’s what I think should change on Snapchat

- Amazing!

Snapchat has been a huge help for me to be closer with people. Also, it’s very safe, u get notified every time someone does something in your profile. Like, if someone screenshotted ur profile, or mentioned you in their story. It’s the starting step to get social media. GO GET IT BRO

- Snapchat

Snapchat is a really fun app we’re you get to add all your friends and just be happy and you all so can add your birthday and lots of people put it on their story in my honest opinion Snapchat is a five star app.

- Best App for communication!

Snapchat is the best app for communicating with friends and family. So many functions you’ll be able to stay up to date with everyone in a snap.

- Farhan Thakraa

In Last 5 Years alot of things happen but Snapchat was one of the most interesting happening in my life and i’m totally loving it ,Too much transparency and now the Snapchat+ feature is amazing too.

- “Hide and seek”

You hide people I have added and they don’t show up on my recent feed and because of how many people I’ve had added I don’t know who still has me added and sometimes I forget about my friends because they aren’t there and they get mad at me please fix this

- Incredible app

It’s amazing I’ve had it for about four years and nothing is ever gone wrong and it’s also a great way to communicate with friends and family.

- Amazing app!

This app is extremely useful to explore new stuff, communicate with family, friends and capture personal moments in your lifetime. This app is convenient as you can call and send fun photos of your adventures to your friends or family!

- Snapchat positives

Never any issue with lag,message always comes though straight away and I love how you can see when people are typing!

- Love it!

Great social media platform to engage with your family and friends on. Espically adore the ability to post pictures on your story, keep secrets in your my eyes only and save/delete snaps and chats. Only down side is that I spend to much time on this app!

- Snapchat

Snapchat is a good app for talking to you friends and family on. You have all these good filters in the camera section and very cool features. Join Snapchat

- New feature.

Can you create a feature where you can record your reaction to your friends videos. I’ll take 2% of the credits. Thanks

- hiii

Snapchat is a really good app for teens and even adults. It’s good for group chats and messaging friends, i was hesitant to download but i’m glad i did. I use it all the time and would recommend! 5 stars

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- I really dislike the 3d bitmojis

the full body one for your profile was fine. But now for everything? Next thing you know they’re going to take over the stickers


dear snapchat, the new update with the way the bitmojis look like on our profile selfies is appalling. please undo it because my bitmoji selfie looked so cute but now it looks like a baboon that got hit by 16 busses. thank you

- embarrassing

i love snap but the update is rlly wack i cant see my bsf list the bitmojis r 3D and ugly and i hate it a lot plus i wanna change my name but i gotta wait another year ??????


I can speak for majority of people on snap that we dont like it and want the 2d back... or have an option to have what you want. Cause alotta people including myself dislike it strongy. Other than that great app :)

- New Snapchat+

I don’t exactly know how our phones work but I do understand that they are basically a tracking device and collect information on our lives. As a normal person I don’t have the time of day to read through all the pages of terms and conditions of every app. This causes me to simply just agree and move on with my life. As a avid Snapchat user who uses it purely for communication, I can’t quite see how the Snapchat+ will make the experience any better. Especially with the new features for ghost trail, story replay and others that give information on people without them sharing it to you. If feels awfully invasive and manipulative towards the idea of it being normal to know everything and anything about everyone. Sure, you can just turn on ghost mode and move on. But as a communication app, why should someone have the capability of stalking someone’s every move. I’m no phycologist but this doesn’t seem like its good for our minds. Feels more like another money grab and phycological game to make people feel like they have more control over there lives.

- Perma locked for no reason.

I was permanently locked out of my account for no reason. I have contacted support, and still have not been given a definitive answer as to why. I never had a problem with Snapchat up until now and I just want to fixed. Before I get an auto response on this- I do not have any third party apps, plug-ins or “tweaks” as Snapchat support calls it. I have never had any third party apps, plug-ins or tweaks.

- This app is ok

It would be 100 percent better if it had an add to best friend list and remove from best friends list and send to all for streaks but its an amazing apo other wise but the snapchat premium scares me a little bit

- Outfit change

Hello, I’ve been trying to change my Bitmoji outfit but it keeps saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later!” But my wifi is working and I’m still not sure why it’s not letting me change my outfit.

- Can’t log in

Your stupid app is useless for Logging me off the app. Rip my memories🤚🏼

- Changes plz

I like the app, but like we need a change username option, it’s annoying how u can only change it once every year, and change how everything that we do In a chat for example take a screenshot, the person ur chatting with can see it plz change that.

- 3D bitmojis

I live Snapchat but the 3D bitmojis are so ugly

- Poo

The new update makes the bitmojis so ugly I want to kms


YOU GUYS BANNED ME FROM WHAT? Being hacked? Lol you guys are outrageous. Banning me for something I didn’t post?! Come on! It’s a app! It’s not that serious!! @joenunya give it back please!!!!

- Please get rid of the new update

Dear Snapchat We would appreciate it if you got rid of the 3D selfie please we beg of you🫵😭

- Baffling, nonsensical, unintuitive, maddening to use.

1, you can’t keep a history of text messages. Stupid if you need to keep track of logistics over social arrangements with others. 2, no obvious way to upload pictures taken with your camera from iOS camera roll. Sometimes one wants to take a nice scenery pic and crop it a little or correct the exposure but no, it’s a camera app where you can’t upload your own pictures. Absurd. 3. The content, is head shakingly low brow, lowest common denominator click bait trash. It’s all celebs, disturbing images, frivolous nonsense with very little to any serious cultural or artful or ‘nice’ content with any deep educational value. Shallow, vapid nonsense. Our children are doomed. 4. One gets randomly added by women all over the US and Canada. Some who then insult you and then disappear. Look, im always open to network with more women with an option for relationships but SC *needs a sex/location/age filter*! 5. Any pics one does upload, (say a pic of oneself) disappears after 24hrs! As a comms application, Snapchat is not fit for purpose, and only appeals to and encourages the basest most shallow instincts in people.

- Trash

Snapchat is really an app that isn’t worth it, u can talk to ur friends on other apps like messenger, also the 3D profile is horrible please get it fixed humanity needs it, snapchat ur making things worse for ur self, this is for ur benefit.

- Change it back please

The bitmojis were so cute until there turned to 3d look like we’ve all been run over by a bus 15 times pls change it back

- New update

Get rid of the 3D bitmojis, dear lord they are awful the 2D made everyone happy

- Too many ads

Ads infested garbage

- get rid of the 3d selfie

the 3d bitmoji selfie is SO ugly please get rid of it and let us go back to the 2d bitmoji stuff

- New adds

Whenever i accept a new person it still shows someone has added me then when i check it shows them but already added

- Good but

You have to be careful with other random people

- Great app

Gives me a reason to talk to ppl😍

- Snapchat permanently locked my account for no absolute reason.


- Daddy chill


- username lyricoatesss

i think snapchat is great because you can text and communicate with your friends and family when your not with them, i personally use it alott but you should downpour and give it a try and also sna

- Streak option needs to improve

If someone forgot to send streak in 24 hrs but the person is sending it after 24 hrs then it should be count as streak bcz sometimes it is no Internet everywhere.

- The best ❤️

I love it

- mon avis sur snapchat

Pour commencer, j’ai mis 3 étoiles cependant j’aurais mis plus 3 et demi mais cette fonction n’est pas disponible alors j'ai mis 3 voila merci d’avoir porté attention a mes trois petites étoiles:)

- awesome app but

there can be a few bugs that can be a piss off if im gonna be honest

- Snapchat

I just love snapchat its a really cool app i love How you can just use lens and everything its a very cool app

- Love it

This app is so fun I can chat with my friends. Watch videos from my favourite creators and so much more. Thanks so much for making it

- Camera settings

Please make an option in settings, where the camera can be disabled and the app can still be used. I’ve accidentally posted to story by accident numerous times and it’s a pain

- Why I love Snapchat

Snapchat is awesome for a number of reason but let me tell u one of my personal favourite things about Snapchat that I can communicate with my friends that are far away

- Yes

It’s so good it’s a texting app u can also have filters and videos it’s all of that in 1 app 5 stars would be 6

- Adds I don’t like

I dont like adds

- Some problems

The problem is that it tells is u screenshoted

- Get the App!

Snapchat is amazing, if you dont have snapchat you probably have messanger kids or smth like that. Snapchat is good for meeting online friends and adding them. You have story’s ( Basically posts ) that ppl can see OR not see ( private story ) The point is Snapchat is amazingg! I love it so much! ( Oh yeah you can also delete messages )

- awesome!!

i love snapchat i think its the best!

- Best app ever❤️‍🔥

I really love this app because you can have fun talking to your friends and also snap them❤️ that was my opinion on snap I hope you like it too!

- Love this app!!!

You can connect with friends and family, make new friends. Start streaks, have conversations, save chats and photos. Use filters and create videos. The app is a fun way to get to know people and to have a good time.

- snap

story feature is broken only shows fat people smoking weed

- I love Snapchat so much 👻💕💓✨

I love Snapchat so much 👻👻💓💕✨

- The app is awesome but need better but mojo tennis

In the tennis game there is no shot where we can lob or slice or hit a ball long and please add doubles to it

- My review

Snapchat is my life Snapchat is amazing no cap

- It’s good

I like Snapchat a lot it’s probably the best one so far

- Review about snapchat

Snapchat is a great app to connect to people.. you can know your friends activity by sending a streak with picture of anything.. haha

- Title


- Why snap is the goat


- It the best Think I ever log onto.

The best thing ever log into

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Stacy Elise Sullivan

I think this should be the spirit generally: “We’re supposed to educate people,” she wrote in a Snapchat post, “not ruin their lives all because you want to feel a sense of empowerment.”


@18MonthsUpdates Snapchat filter?

Ethan = mc² ⌬ 🇺🇸

@williamlegate They know you when you screenshot? I thought only Snapchat notified people 🤔

i am top👅🔥

Only bottom gay come to video chat 👅 Bottom gay ass horny chubby fat emo femboy twink nasty dirty socks poop hairy soft cum pussy block Snapchat video chat dick bottom cam ass cum sex gay porn movie fucking asin bottom asin gay dick hole nasty

jake ♡

@habibainnit why does this have 400 likes all u did is go on snapchat 🙄🙄


@snapchat Should allow people a one time user name change. Snapchat has been around for so long many people have older user names but don’t want to lose all their memories making a new snap. Plenty of other apps such as Twitter, fb, etc allow you to a username change.


me: has a nice phone with good camera also, me: takes selfie with shitty snapchat quality

La Pulga

Stonebwoy doing yes sir master to Davido on Snapchat 😭


OK I will after my nap 😐 5lena nshoof🤔 btw we used to talk on snapchat 🤘 — bsmellah meen


Snapchat’s a year ago today can go


Snapchat really use to be it. I miss using it lol


@JasonLelele Is it after the Snapchat?


who the hell switched the position of my tiktok and snapchat sa phone?


Snapchat just reminded me about this boy, bye while I go cry and delete them

Kunle B.

snapchat can do all these ori she ri she updates but still won’t allow me to update my username? wot di fok

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