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The applications Snapchat was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-07-13 and was developed by Snap, Inc.. The file size is 275.12 MB. The current version is and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Hi yes  belatedfarewell  2 star

Can we please have a quality update now? This is getting kind of pathetic


Loveeee  Charb:)  5 star

I’ve been using Snapchat for the past 3 years and have loved it. I’ve met so many new people on it and I keep contact with all my friends on it. I don’t even text them anymore, I just snap them😂. It’s the only app I will take selfies off of because of all the face filters and also I can store all of my pictures in my memories instead of saving them to my camera role which makes me use up less storage. I can also save all of my ugly photos that me and my friends send to eachother to my eyes only instead of having the pictures of me with like 10 Chins out in the open😂. Just a great app overall



I know for a fact im putting in the right information but it won’t let me login why is that??? If you could fix this matter it would be much appreciated

Q . Q

Not sending  Q . Q  2 star

I keep sending snaps to my friend but when I go back to check it’ll say I never replied. It’s getting kinda annoying and I hope y’all fix this

Amyah J. B.

What’s the problem  Amyah J. B.  3 star

I love snapchat and Snapchat is great but my snap always crashes! I can be writing long paragraphs for friends birthday and as soon as I hit send it crashes and I hate it!! And sometimes it won’t even let me open the app because it will crash again. I’m so tired of this, it happens everyday. I’ve also heard my friends say the same thing and people just have problems with their Snapchat. I would like if something could happen so I can actually use the app and not get frustrated with it! I would love to enjoy Snapchat the way it is suppose to be... please help!

K8 is flustered

It's just fine  K8 is flustered  3 star

It's fine, it could be better. Filters are cool. The ads aggravate me.

Veshal Konnar

GLITCHES!!  Veshal Konnar  4 star

I cant snap for more than 5 mins before my snap glitches. This is a problem that must be fixed!!!

Deidra Davis

Deidra Davis  Deidra Davis  1 star

The app is so slow. And I usually use it all the time. I’m considering deleting it!


Broken on iPhone X  b1tw1seDem1se  1 star

The latest update has put the app in an unusable state on iPhone X. When I try to take a snap, the app crashes immediately.


Change user once a year at least  janicejaisoeo  1 star

You should let us change our username at least ONCE a year , I would be better , not much I can ask for , my username is cringy 🤦🏻‍♀️


Can’t hear audio  simoneeey01  3 star

I can’t hear audio unless it’s through headphones which is super annoying, even from redownloading it as well

Moshi Craze!

Bug  Moshi Craze!  3 star

Can someone fix the sticker feature? You used to be able to hold a sticker and it would automatically come forward, in front of other stickers on ur snap. Even if the sticker u wanted at the front was the first one u put on ur snap. Now you have to choose stickers in the order you want them from back to front which is really annoying. Please fix this and bring it back to what it was. Thanks


No internet connection  Noahpace_  1 star

My Snapchat keeps telling me I’m not connected to internet when I clearly am while trying to view a story. It consistently mucks up and it’s so annoying. I have to delete the app numerous times or log out. Not happy Jan


COMPLAINT  Baddhabbits  3 star

Lately my Snapchat has been playing up a lot. I lost all my streaks and my friends whom I had streaks with said we hadn’t lost it even though I had a timer and they disappeared. All my ‘best friends’ on the best friends list didn’t have any emojis on them and most time my photos don’t have captions.


Destroyed  jacko569  1 star

This update has ruined everything easy about Snapchat!!!


Sync Facebook friends  Turk23456  1 star

Can you make an option where we can sync our Facebook friends to our Snapchat it will make adding friends easier 🤨


I’m so sad  Ianxxta  1 star

Snapchat was always my go to app. Ever since you kept updating it and coming out with new versions I lost interest. It’s not the same anymore.

Subzero 007

Dame Edna filter  Subzero 007  1 star

Can you put the dame Edna filter back on because it keeps on disappearing


Can’t report anything  Aloha,doemwkdjw  1 star

Why can’t I report anything anymore


Snapchat  alyort_dancer  5 star

This app is actually the best app ever


My opinion  mendes2028  3 star

Honestly I use an iPhone6 and my phone is very slow on Snapchat. I can’t load filters even on internet connection!! It’s frustrating , like the internet is working perfectly fine but then I can’t view stories or even save my streaks properly. That needs to be fixed


Closing of app  Azeezab  1 star

The app keeps closing in its own when I open it. Don't know what's going on.


Login and filter issues  thelonebloomer  1 star

I have to use internet connection to load my filters literally every second! It’s so annoying! My Snapchat logged out a week ago and I haven’t been able to log back in since. It keeps saying to check my internet connection. Honestly, I’m done!


I’m upset!  Leoyinda  1 star

I have lost a whole lot of streaks but I constantly sent them snaps twice a day and they did the same but the timer wouldn’t just LEAVE! So after a while the streak would leave even though we both snapped each other. Can someone help me because my longest streak is about to end!!!


Can’t login  mobyrankin  1 star

I can’t login ever since


Sucks  bxbdbdnssgdgd  1 star

I just got a new 6s plus and I can’t login to

Tai Tai❤️

Confused  Tai Tai❤️  2 star

I use an IPod and anytime I open memories I literally can’t fine any of the pictures I took this month and some I took last month


Suggestion  Miz_amazing_1234  5 star

I love snapchat but could u guys add we can take pics without having to hold d phone.


Bad snap  snrsoftware  1 star

I can’t see my snap my phone would just go out of snap chat to main menu


Cool but there’s problem  ebunbamise  4 star

I dnt really understand why this have to appen on the new upgrade,after snapping will lik to put one of the three filters but now the first one seems not to be there why... pls try and fix it


Story section is back but 1 tiny thing missing  dangitgirl  4 star

I’m so happy you put the story back to the swipe right and this has been really helpful to stay in contact with friends. However sometimes when my friends have Bitmojis I prefer to use the stickers when chatting but every now and then they disappear. Which is a bit of a disappointment. I’d also like to be able to press and hold the stickers on my video even if it’s more than 10 seconds long!👌🏻 (I’m creative like that)

Isabel O'R

Great for sending nudes  Isabel O'R  5 star

A good app to send and receive nudes. This is what it was created for so don’t hate on it

saoirse d

best friend list  saoirse d  2 star

i know that this is obvi not a big deal or anything but what’s the point in having a “best friend list” if it’s not even accurate like? there is a person on the top of my best friend list who i haven’t txted in like a week at the top where another friend i txt every single day is like forth. it’s not a big deal i guess it’s just annoying

Faye keane

Inappropriate and disturbing  Faye keane  2 star

Snapchat is a bit inappropriate on the discovery bit there is very disturbing things it’s not good for young kids and also it shouldn’t show your location because someone could rob you or do anything so please change that bit it’s really bad and inappropriate But everything else is GREAT 👍

Crazzy super and fun

Snapchat is broken  Crazzy super and fun  1 star

Snapchat is broken and it’s annoying me so much It would wanna get fixed very soon Please and thank


App is down  Shanno85  4 star

Won’t refresh so I keep thinking it’s my internet but every app works fine, none of my Snapchats will load and I can’t see stories or anything else because of this.


PLEASE HELP  christy_b  4 star

Whenever I try to send something it doesn't work and it says "could not refresh feed" and when i try to look at people's story's it says "Check ur internet connection" but my wifi is fine and it's working and I don't how how to fix please?

Sean and eimear

Disgrace  Sean and eimear  1 star

Snapchat isn’t working this needs to be fixed !!


My Snapchat is not working!  Lol🐨🐨  1 star

It keeps coming up on my snapchat that I have “no internet connection” but all my other apps are working! Spoke to a few people and there’s is the same. When will it be fixed like?

Billy nabob

Straight to the point!  Billy nabob  1 star

Load of S**T


Revoyez votre app  altesse241  1 star

Les premières versions étaient déjà parfaites et je pense que c’est ce qui vous a mis tellement en confiance que vous voulez rajoutez tout et n’importe quoi dans le but de transformer votre app en un tout mais vous finirez par perdre tous vos utilisateurs(regardez votre quote) qui se dirigent maintenant vers WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. A bon entendeur, salut 👌🏽.


It keeps crashing  Ishaaqadam9  3 star

I hve an iphone 6 and when i use my snapchat it keeps freezing and after that happens my whole screen goes blank and it exits the app


Badddddd  Kylie2020292929292  2 star

When i downloaded it, the effects did not wanna open, i wait a week and still did not open


What is the purpose of Snapchat?  sirhellno  1 star

The user interface seems to prioritize keeping you on rather than connecting you with friends. It’s not flooded with a whole bunch of thing nobody wants to see to get to the actual friends we want to see.


Please change the dog Snapchat filter back to normal !  Andrea270103  2 star

The dog filter was one of the very few that made your skin look a bit more natural. Please bring it back even if you have two dog filters one with the make up and one without I however personally prefer the one without!! So please bring it back!!!!! Other snap chat users will agree as many of my friends do!!!!!! So if you do doubt me then send out a survey allowing people to tell you their thoughts of the Snapchat filters as well as your updates which are quite “different”.


You shat on the new dog filter  Frostmineing221  1 star

Bring back the old one!!!


Saving whole Snapchat articles  user1705  1 star

Please brink back the setting to save a whole Snapchat article in the discover channels


Face filters  kirstengoss  3 star

Firstly, please bring back some ugly face filters, I’m so tired of them all being so pretty pretty. Just some basic ones that change the way your face looks. They don’t add any weird smoothing of your skin or any strange hats or colored filters- they are just simple things that make your eyes smaller and mouthe bigger or something like that. Secondly bring back old Snapchat format plllleeease ily guys Bye and please bring some ugly filters in


More inclusivity  Reviwer1999  1 star

Can we please get more body types

Yolo Dana

From Best to Worst App!  Yolo Dana  1 star

The new update has made this app hit rock bottom! None of understood the old snapchat but we got used to the app, this one is even harder! We want the old less hard snapchat back! Please!


Not happy  Evadivalish  3 star

I have updated to the latest version and can’t find some of my filters. I don’t know what’s wrong. Kindly fix this

prince kwabi

snap problem  prince kwabi  1 star

After my last update on snapchat I can' add any new snapchatters again.


can't load after updating  @veryspecial_cognac  1 star

takes too long to load...makes it get boring 😏

Emmanuel Nathaniel

Location filters  Emmanuel Nathaniel  2 star

Dear Snapchat I cannot access my location filters. Anytime I take a picture in a particular location and surf the filters, I see nothing. Kindly check this out for me.


Can’t log into my account  KwekuApea  1 star

I keep trying to log into my account (for over a month now) but every time I try the system says “check network settings and try again. I even tried resetting my password which was successful and tried login in again but I still get the same message. When I log in to the Snapchat in my safari browser it’s successful however. What’s wrong with the app on my phone?

Mandy Carlton

Hey Snapchat  Mandy Carlton  3 star

Is very boring after your several updates😌


Don’t like the new filters  Riyaat  2 star

dear snap, i would love for you people to bring back the old filters

thepissed guy

Clearing of chat  thepissed guy  5 star

I don’t understand why you can’t clear chat. If you clear them, it will show up again. WHY!!!!!!


Sound does not work  kingshjdcn  1 star

Sound does not work


Hello Good day  👑hamydoll💋  5 star

I hardly get the lovely filters

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