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The applications Snapchat was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-07-13 and was developed by Snap, Inc.. The file size is 253.21 MB. The current version is and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Great app  Shortstuff54  4 star

Snapchat is fun and easy way to talk to your friends! You have the option to snapchat individual people or groups, or you can share a snap with all of your friends at once. I’m glad that Snapchat finally put the stories back on the right side but I would like them to fix the chats. You used to be able to slide to the right on the chats but now you can’t and that is very annoying because it allowed me to see the chats without opening it. I really liked this feature and hope it can be fixed. Also I have always wanted the ability to change my username which I can’t do with Snapchat. I hope eventually they can fix that.


Repeating story  Abdallah.toto  1 star

Every time I open Snapchat all the stories get reapted


Friends updates not showing  Sladetrack  1 star

What happened to snap chat? My friends list doesn’t update when someone posts a new story of posts anything? I have to manually punch in names to see if they posted anything!! No one can possibly even sit and do this. This app really went downhill. Very sad!!


Bugging  studentco  1 star

The Snapchat app ends itself after a picture is taken

hayhaygymnast is v mad

Awful  hayhaygymnast is v mad  1 star

This is the literal worst app ever. Honestly DO NOT GET IT. The point is so dumb. Like unless your tryna get some action or keep in touch with long distant friends, I HIGHLY recommend not getting it! It’s a waste of time. The amount of glitches this app has gives me anxiety! Like I can’t even tell you how many times it says I lost a 800 day streak and then the next day it appears as 801. Not only does it mess up streaks, it also doesn’t send your snaps, leaving all your friends to think that you hate them. To make matters even worse, it makes it seem like your friends left you on open. Beyond becoming depressed from that situation, it makes you feel empty inside. There is a void in your heart when someone leaves you on open. Spare your feelings and time and go get Instagram. It’s honestly soooo much better and much more “bang for your buck” even though they are both free. I HIGHLY UNSUGGEST GETTING SNAP!

noone needs a nickname

Step it up  noone needs a nickname  3 star

For some reason the clear conversations feature isn’t working, when you clear them and close the app they’re back when you open it. I like the app but gotta get that fixed lol


Bugs  EatingApple8  1 star

The entire app is now garbage due to constant glitching


Plz remove the discover  Lamis26  1 star



Clearing conversations  topangia  5 star

When I try and delete some of my conversations I have the delete but when I exit the app an go back in it there they are again I’ve done this 5 times or more it bothering me so much please help!


You guys..  Caseseyo  2 star realize the newest updates are crap right? I hate the interface I loved sc before I used to use it to keep up with ppl who I wouldn't text but the new update makes me not want to even open the app. Edit: 5/24 still garbage lol


Nice try  Loganisthebest  1 star

Good job fixing the stories, but now I can’t clear my conversations so fix it so I can please

soon to be messengers ex

Best friends on Snapchat  soon to be messengers ex  1 star

I had the 💕 best friend emoji with someone until today when it all got turned around for some reason. Now we don’t have that and we have a 💛 emoji only. So annoyed and want this fixed please.


Ugh  FRINNY!😜  1 star

The new update honnneyyy noooooo I recon just start over and make a new one like it


Clearing conversations  breep02  2 star

Everyone time I clear a conversation, if I leave the app then go back into Snapchat it enters back onto my screen and this needs to be in the next bug fix update if it’s happening to others. Plus really don’t like the new update.


Bad updates - broken Snapchat  falci2468  1 star

Snapchat keep updating with updates just as worst as the last!! All my streaks constantly have timers or disappear on my app just to come back the next morning only to stuff up again later, just today my best friends list and many others went back to front (number 1 bestfriend being last and last best friend being number 1) which also caused me to loose my two month best friend love heart!! Seriously Snapchat get your act together

Ellzy Bellzy

Bring back old update  Ellzy Bellzy  1 star

It is a disappointment that the new updates are hard and for dumber people they might have to ask how to use it because I know I found it hard to get use to and also that there are too many buttons that you have to click


Suggestions  opparnate  4 star

Snapchat is good I use it a lot, but I do a lot of streaks with people that go to my school but I don’t want them in by best friends list, so it would be nice if you could edit your best friends list



Ever since I have been using snapchat it has been gliching it’s has been going in then out I am upset that I can’t see my memories anymore I had great photos with my family and since then it says the new update fixes it but I have reading reviews and it says it just get wose so snapchat plz fix it and do something


Best friends list  Createanickname101011  1 star

My best friends list has been turned upside down ever since it updated, so my top best friends are now on the bottom and the bottom are now on the top it’s so annoying please fix it

By maddison on 11/February


i’m so annoyed right now!! one minute my bestfriend list was normal and the next everyone is now back to front so who was first is now last and who was second is now second last and so on.. snapchat better fix this because i’m so mad


“So and So is typing...” why do I need to know that?  PenerW.  1 star

One star because Snapchat notifies me anytime someone is typing and I can’t change that setting.


hollie williams  hollllliiiiie  1 star

stop switching the app up every two days just keep it the same!!!!!!! btw u should change it back to the old sc thanks

Gaby Mendez

BATTERY  Gaby Mendez  1 star

Ever since the new biggest update my phone battery has been going down even with such little use on Snapchat, not even 2 minutes and I’m already down almost 10 Percent...... please fix battery


Update  Wrabbz  3 star


ryan eells

1 star isn’t low enough!  ryan eells  1 star

This app is far and away the absolute worst app I’ve used. The support team is about as awful as they come, and even worse the constant updates seem to make the app worse and worse. Also, the glitches seem like they double in the amounts everyday. When the app messed up and removed a best friend from my list only for it to go back minutes later, they refused to give the heart back, even though it was clearly their fault. You’re better off chewing glass than downloading this piece of garbage.


Update  ForeverwantingtheOGsnapback  1 star

Snapchat, your ratings dropped so much from that stupid update. Stop what you are doing. Admit your faults. We all hate it. I bet you guys hate it. I bet the person reading this hates it!! For gods sake, we don't care about discover page. We didn't ask for this. Put stories back where they belong. Just because you can, does not mean you should


I hate this  Outjfsgcfhdjnfhfhcbgrjfo  1 star

This is terrible now. I am deleting and only using Instagram and twitter now


Used to be better  Jp11001  5 star

I used to love the app. Now after all these updates everyone has hated, it’s just gone bad. All kinds of bugs. My emojis mess up. My streaks end and come back. My memories don’t load. Snaps sometimes won’t send or load with full service 👎🏼

Mattheezy J

Worst update ever  Mattheezy J  1 star

I don’t know why every time y’all have an update y’all always take out the stories section off so I don’t even know how to watch other people’s story :(


Glitchy beyond belief  snapchatmoregaythanurmom  1 star

Snapchat, STOP TRYING TO UPDATE YOURSELF!! We liked you the old way. We want our best friends list flipped right side up and our best friend hearts back again. We don’t need to see everyone’s bitmoji. Snapchat used to be my favorite thing, but y’all have ruined it. So, Snapchat, if you could so kindly just leave your originally good product alone? Thanks.


I can’t login my account!!!  Ace_Aj099  2 star

It just keeps loading and loading and then says can’t connect to the internet


Nazzy  nazzy20  1 star

Why can’t I receive a verification code to my number that i registered with, i just changed my phone and I deleted the app several times but still the same issue, i had to even reset my phone but still no changes. Please what’s the problem


Stupid App  CARTERGANGS  1 star

Shitty app has refused to load part of my memories, even with a series of series of super fast 4G networks i used on it still nothing, tried reinstalling it but nothing.


I can’t login with iPhone 7plus  Tasiry  1 star

I can’t login to my account for 3 months.


Filters  Tifemini  1 star

Just got an iPhone and my flower and some nice filters are not found


Having problems with my memories section  Ope_dolls  2 star

Anytime am in memories section,To save or view my pictures or videos I found it difficult because it will cancel and go back to home automatically...pls I need some help


My phone goes off  AmeyNu_Ne  1 star

Whenever I launch the app my phone goes off irrespective of the battery percentage I’ve 😒


Dead app  Idontcarewhat  1 star

Snapchat used to be so cool now it’s just dead. Bring the old Snapchat back


Complain  Cicianu  1 star

Am using iphone6plus I can’t load my flitters without internet pls kindly fix that for me it annoying other smaller phones flitters loads without internet


Update problem  ahmad_sparkle  4 star

I can’t download or update my Snapchat and I have been facing problem with my filters


Audio  mikecollins🎮👍🏾  2 star

For some reason my Snapchat audio isn’t working, it works for every app except for Snapchat please fix it cause I can’t record anything on it


Breaking down  kellyjellywelly  1 star

It’s keeps crashing on my iPhone. I always have to delete and repurchase again. I’m getting disappointed of the lack of power this app has.

jelly howell-ledger

Please listen to us  jelly howell-ledger  1 star

Please this update is horrible it was perfect the way it was. Plus please let us change our usernames!


crashing  afterharry  1 star

app keeps crashing when i take videos???? it freezes n then crashes wtf fix this


Why?  #happy  1 star

What have ye done!!! Absolutely awful update recently


Very nice!  XxEmmaLovesAnimalsxX  5 star

Hello.I found snapchat very good for me, It allows you to contact friends, Ring friends; and send friends in a virtual message. Only problem was there was a lot of people I don't know adding me and there should be a Verification, to let people know the danger of adding strangers online. And there should be a Parental control to see what your kids ( loads of kids across the world are on this app) are doing and who they add as a friend. This would be amazing for Snapchat to have a saftey add on it every 30 minutes. Also it should have a timer for parents to set how long kids can be on this app and let's say they had a child's lock on it; they should have a password to open the settings. Thank you for reading. Please do respect my opinion, Have a good day!


Remove chat button  kyle_rayner  3 star

Please remove the enormous chat prompt from every snap opened. It’s unnecessary. Also stories are bugged, clicking on a persons story opens a different persons story


My snapchat is bugging out fix that  gino.irl1  1 star

I can’t see my friend text when they sent something


Fix the fucking thing  ajahaah  1 star

Why does it keep closing


Dpmo  imsick&tiyad  1 star

Im tiyad of this stupid damn app crashing and clicking things i didnt even click, snapchat people you berra fix up cause im going balistic


Worst app  sinaso.magidiwana  1 star

I hate Snapchat😡


Snapchat is crashing  lucacorreia  5 star

It won’t let me go in I can’t save my streaks it’s being a butch fix it


The new update  heyijustcametoreview  1 star

The Snapchat video calling is absolutely awesome but its lagging and has bad connection and glitches plz fix


Is this even the real Snapchat?  mztea371  1 star

I was accused of using a third party app after downloading this. I’m so confused, is this the official Snapchat app or not because my account was blocked because of it.


Streaks lost  snapperxd  1 star

Hi i have been snapping on time and i lost my streaks of 100 with my snappers for no reason. Snapchat is going down now. Please assist me by recovering my streaks back


Horrible update  ?.unhappy!!!!  1 star

Thinking of deleting the app after the nee updates.

Sober Toby

New Update  Sober Toby  1 star

I absolutely hate the new update. Snapchat used to be my favourite app and now it's slow to use which makes it super annoying. Change it back.


New update is horrible  stellaboo_xoxo  1 star

Please can I get the old Snapchat back please this one is really making me delete Snapchat :/ it use to be my favorite app now I hate it


Battery on fire!  Maankint  1 star

Wow! I just opened the app for the first time in a while and my phone got so hot I had to put it down immediately. Obviously no good for the battery!


Snapchat  aaliah2903  4 star

I love Snapchat there’s just one thing. It would be nice if you can add a timer so like a 3,5 and 10 second timer to take pictures😊


Hello Good day  👑hamydoll💋  5 star

I hardly get the lovely filters


Music audible  Kbani17  3 star

I can’t get the song I’m listening to to come in story please fix this It doesn’t stop playing but it doesn’t record it either

Afia Ghana

Sucks  Afia Ghana  1 star

We still want the old snapchat back😤😤 the new one sucks .......

ferrari fatb0y

Terrible  ferrari fatb0y  1 star

The new snapchat is terrible and very slow its keeps on restarting its better do something about it


Filter issue  2reeski  2 star

My snapchat cannot show me filters for my lication or other daily filters. What might be the problem??

ft kuta

New design or format is terrible  ft kuta  2 star

The new design is very terrible pls change back to the old one which is easy to use. U see whtever u lookin for . Tnx


Thrash!!  3399nw  1 star

All your new updates are thrash!!

Jaymz Kharter

Ongoing Press  Jaymz Kharter  2 star

First I Could Lock The Ongoing Press but Now Its Gone. Please Bring It Back

Mustapha Naimah

We want d old version like dat  Mustapha Naimah  2 star

This new update is not nice kraaa,I like d old version pls.abd the pink filter,pls make it a permanent one like d dog one


Some filters missing  Godpleasemakeaway1  2 star

Some filters are no more. A filter like the flower and the dog

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