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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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The applications Snapchat was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-07-13 and was developed by Snap, Inc.. The file size is 204.88 MB. The current version is and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Tap the new brush inside the Scissors tool to change the color of your hair, shirt, or any other object!
* Record up to six Snaps in a row! Just keep holding your finger on the capture button.

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♥️snapchat ♥️  Shamose_25  5 star

Snapchat is the best app ever , you can text to people , and send pics , and also my favorite part is story i love to download things to story they stay there for 24 hours


The update didn't effect  Meenoo_1020  4 star

I updated it but I cannot record up to 6 snaps! Still 1 snap only! Why? it seems that there is an error?


It's pretty good  Keat217  4 star

I have had this app since the beginning back when you could only send ten second pictures back and forth. I loved this app since then but the news stories I find rather pointless. If you could set it to where you see stuff you'd actually be interested in, I'm all for it. But currently I don't see a point to look through them and I'm consistently wishing they'd be more of use.

Queen Sai👑😈💦

Why won't my update work  Queen Sai👑😈💦  3 star

I uninstalled sc & when I installed it back & updated it the 6 snap thing won't work🤷🏾‍♀️

Olive egg

Fantastic!!  Olive egg  4 star

Snapchat has been improving the app so quickly and efficiently lately it's impressive. I love all the new things! I can finally take longer snaps when recording a longer video but it still has the "10 second" old Snapchat feel. The new brush color changer is an absolute blessing. I love it so much! I just wish there was a way to either zoom in on the picture to cover smaller, specific areas you're coloring. Perhaps have glitter pens in the future as well? Besides that the face capture technology for the filters has gotten much better and it's great. My main complaint is the storage. It takes up a lot of space even after I clear the cache. If you could work on that it'd be amazing.


Okay  Adarneamat92  5 star

We should have an option on who can and cannot view our snaps. Just a button we could press where we pick every one that can view "except" ....


The new update  Bbaabbyy.j  1 star

This new update is very stupid


Map is Unnecessary  C_Leigh23  2 star

Get rid of the map. Absolutely no need for it. Also just downright creepy.


Advice 🙂  Bethany'hay  5 star

On your story when you put a website see who opens it to go to the website .


😡😡Over hyped cant change profile name 😡😡  -Panzer-  1 star

Can you guys just make it right for once i changed my profile name and now all that shows up is my user name its annoying and all the sudden people im talking to just "go dead" like i look at their profile and all i see is their username and i press add and nothing happens DID THEY BLOCK ME ??! Or something CAN U MAYBE TELL ME SNAPCHAT ' HEY THIS PERSON JUST BLOCKED YOU instead of leaving me confused and and i still dont know what's really happening DONT SUPPORT THIS APP the only 1 reason i own it is because every ine els does 😒

Nabil jack

Storage?????  Nabil jack  1 star

Fcck you snapchat, you need storage to look at snap!!??? What kind of shhtt is that? I cant even post because you need storage, its not like im saving shhtt


Snapmap needs a bug fix  Treverd  4 star

I love this app. I use it daily. When the snapmap feature came out, I was excited. This feature worked for about 3 weeks, and then broke. Every time I try to open snapmap, snapchat instantly crashes. Please fix this.



Snapchat, Can u please add back the face-swap filter You guys are known for it and I'm curious as to why u got rid of it but anyways just add it back ALSO-- my phone shows less number of snaps than what I actually have so fix AND-- if I don't open my snaps throughout the day it will automatically open them with me seeing what it was and this is still happening THANKS PLEASE

person with snapchat

New update doesn't open app  person with snapchat  1 star

The new update won't let me open the app on iOS...


Fix it up  Powderplay82  1 star

I just got the update yesterday. It was working. My Snapchat then froze up. I deleted the app and re downloaded it restarted my phone and the update hasn't been working since? Please fix this. Next day, still isn't working.


DON'T DOWNLOAD!!  K-Town69  1 star



Group chat colors  SnapchatCopycat  1 star

The colors of the group chat got changed from the update. The colors never changed before, and we've been using the same chat for months and have gotten used to the same colors. Either let us pick colors instead of randomizing them, or revert back to the colors used before the update.


Update and update  Meljem  1 star

This app need update every time 😏

Captain ace

Really good  Captain ace  5 star

Really good app and everything is supper cool including the record up to SIX snaps


It doesn't work  Bagonlover80  1 star

I had it for a while and my passwords not working and I changed it 3 times and put in the new password but it's not working

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