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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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The applications Snapchat was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-07-13 and was developed by Snap, Inc.. The file size is 275.60 MB. The current version is and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Nahomy Ramos

Why?!?  Nahomy Ramos  3 star

The update it had these 2 to 3 days I liked it I checked just a few minutes ago and it was gone, if others were complaining I’m sorry if y’all didn’t like it but I loved it I loved how you could see what the emojis meant, just if you could bring it back...I liked it a lot!!


Why Snapchat? Please Fix This !  -.-Anonymous-.-  1 star

I logged out from snap I had 150 notifications and when I logged back in I had 80 notifications, this is so annoying I’ve Ben trying to get a lot of notifications and I was really happy I got 150 and in that same day I had to log off and when I went back on mostly all my notifications were gone.


night mode  😙😗😗😗😚😔24789  4 star

I like this app, but I’d like it a whole lot more if you could add a night mode option button in settings. I personally like setting all the apps i can go night mode so my eyes down feel like they’re burning when I open the app. Thanks


Great app  licyyyyyy  5 star

Get it now


camera needs fixing  tmillies  3 star

so i was looking things up and it’s not just me and i just got a new phone (iPhone XR) and the regular camera is great, but the Snapchat camera is super zoomed in and pixelated and needs some fixing please but other than that it’s great!


Disappointed  Eubanksl  1 star

Making my phone act weird.


Snapchat  blazythebandit  1 star

I like Snapchat but I really don’t like the ads promoting gays and the hate on Donald trump .. I really think they need to work on that because not everyone thinks that way


Microphone  ECP603  1 star

My microphone does now work anymore. It works on every other app and on my camera but with snapchat it does not, muffled or static noice when recording video


Suggestion  Omarw12  5 star

You guys should add a livestream feature

Alyssaa Bentz

I didn’t get the new fonts  Alyssaa Bentz  2 star

Even though I got the new update on Snapchat, I did not get the new fonts. All of my friends have the new fonts but I did not for some reason. Snapchat, please fix this


delete group chats  Siiiiiiaaaaannnnnnneeeeyyy  3 star

I made a group chat on accident and couldn’t delete it and most people are still on it. There should be a feature to delete group chats.


Wrong things happen  Prankstarimmy  1 star

I’ve tried everything to try to get snapchat to give me the new update I searched it up and it told me to delete the app then reinstall so I did that and it still didn’t work and if I try to talk to certain people it glitches out on me and won’t load anything and chats won’t come up


Camera quality xs  Camouflarge  1 star

Why is the camera soooo zoomed in on the x/Xs it doesn’t make sense and there is sooo much noise when you take the picture I don’t even use it to take photos anymore PLEASE FIX THIS OR TELL ME THAT AN UODST IS COMING SOON


new update  Carolpotter0007  3 star

the new update doesn’t send me notifications when I receive new snaps even tho my notification settings are all fine. other than that everything alright

April K (Biggest Fan)

my snaps keep deleting  April K (Biggest Fan)  1 star

I had 199 unopened snaps that I was going to open but they all got deleted and when I log out of my account they all get deleted when I need to open them I am extremely disappointed and I would like this to be fixed


HAIRCUTS!!!!!  Corz05  4 star

Do u reckon you can add a MIDDLE PART haircut to all of the different Bitmojis because I want to use it but the one in the fat Bitmoji head is to big like the head but if u add that exact haircut into all the 3 Bitmojis you could be that would be great so just add that In at a new update. It’s the best cut but add it to all 3 Bitmojis.



It is really fun because u get to take photos with ur friends and connect with them in a more fun, creative and open way u can be u the good one

Jessica Mendes 💕

aight  Jessica Mendes 💕  3 star

good app but some stuff isn’t sending, eg. when i send streaks i have to send them three or four times. also for example my friend sends me something a funny video of themselves & i want to screenrecord, sometimes its hard to because the “replay” feature runs out so quickly.


iphone XR quality  ellalovesloling  1 star

i love this app, but the quality for my new iphone XR is horrible, and it makes me regret purchasing a new phone. please fix this soon!

Lego awsomes

Usernames  Lego awsomes  1 star

Let us change our cringy usernames we made when we were eleven

Nashaat Farea

Snapchat  Nashaat Farea  1 star

My snapchat hasn’t update 😪😪😭😭😭


Update problems  ALIYAHMY  2 star

I updated the app multiple times and I still haven’t got the new fonts. I still have the old ones and I updated my phone. What’s going on??? How do I get the new fonts ? 🧐


No update  DaKoTaRhInEhArT  1 star

I’ve checked the App Store for a week trying to update my snap noticing my friend already had hers updates is it beaus dot my phone model? I have an iPhone 6.

Papi sjslmx

The new one is wack  Papi sjslmx  1 star

You guys should bring the old snap


ADDS NEED TO STOP  Mckenzieccarson  4 star

I couldn’t even read one of those news stories because inappropriate adds were popping up...inappropriate!!!


updates  taitaiseeee  4 star

snapchat’s updates are getting good and bad, i think that they should just make a part for streaks. and where you can choose whos on your best friend lists


Update  nathyonnet  5 star

Love the update


Old snap back  imsickoffthis  1 star

I’m not sure what happened but I’m now seeing the old snap(black) profile back. This is the second time this has happened. Just when I got use to the new one boom the black profile comes back. I’m sick of all the issues


What Happened to my streaks  /)w(\  1 star

You broke all of them you fiends. Give them back.


Please do  DerekRocksV44  2 star

Snap is good but it keeps glitch out,also can we be able to choose our #1 bestfriend or the whole list?


iPhone XR quality  Aoifs132  1 star

Snapchat still doesn’t support IPhone X/XS/XR cameras!!!! I hate using Snapchat now


My map is broken and the new update is not great  DogLover446  1 star

My Snapchat map doesn’t show what location I’m at and it doesn’t show any buildings and the new update isn’t my favorite


Bad camera quality  Wakley-Erin  2 star

Bad camera quality on IPHONE XR can u please fix it pure fuzzy


Change it back  anon.544  1 star

New update is horrible and too confusing it was perfectly fine the way it was

bfhbff. mig

Stop pointless updates  bfhbff. mig  1 star

Stop making crap updates Snapchat was perfectly fine until you started making stupid updates like why the hell would u change the flash and selfie button a ducking disgrace


iPhone XR  chezbx  3 star

Front facing camera is blurry and super zoomed on iPhone XR please update thanks


Filter  😎😜😃😉😄😁😇🎮  2 star

Why did you get rid of the filter that put like a tan/glow on ur face and kinda hid ur acne it’s been there for ages and now all of a sudden gone strange should bring it back🤔💭


Notifications  ho'c  1 star

Notifications keep turning off for no reason!!!


Fix the camera issue outraged consumer  katiefitz1111  1 star

Snapchat has a lot of issues the main issue for me is that the camera quality is extremely fuzzy and awful. it is very zoomed into my face and overall unflattering and unacceptable . I have checked and using my camera the quality is far better a nowhere near as zoomed. I have a new apple phone with a good camera and am absolutely outraged at this monstrosity. This app involves using the camera quite often but due to the bad quality and zoomed lense I am in able to. I find the very unacceptable and I am outraged. I will not be changing my review until this issue has been resolved and quite frankly if I could I would give this app 0 stars as I do not think it’s worth the one I gave it at this current moment in time. Please fix the app the I will enjoy the app again. 😩

babes 😘😘

Update  babes 😘😘  1 star

Snapchat said it updated but it didn’t

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