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AN OSCAR WORTHY APP - 8mm was used by director Malik Bendjelloul in his Oscar-winning film "Searching for Sugar Man"!

The original retro film camera used by millions of users.

8mm Vintage Camera captures the beauty and magic of old school vintage movies right through your viewfinder. Dust and scratches, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, even frame shakes, all can be instantly added with a single tap of the finger.

• Total live view of the effects. What you see in the viewfinder is what you get.
• Support up to 4K HD recording with real time video effects.

• 8 Lenses: Super 8, 16mm, Clear, Flickering Frame, Spotlight, Light Leak, Color Fringing and Classic.
• 13 Retro & Aged Films: 1920, Noir, 60s, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena, Pela, Indigo, Tuscan, Two-Color, 2-Strip and 3-X.
• Jitter Button to imitate frame shakes of real 8mm projectors.
• Sound Switch to add projector sound for extra authenticity or mute the video for a silent movie effect.

• Apply and adjust effects while playing a video from Photo library.

• Choose from 5 unique themes with matching titles, transitions & music. Free themes: Minimalism, Elegant. In-App Purchase themes: Silent Film, Countdown, Light Leak.
• Add soundtrack from iTunes library.

8mm Vintage Camera App Description & Overview

The applications 8mm Vintage Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-12-23 and was developed by NEXVIO INC.. The file size is 28.78 MB. The current version is 3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• 8mm Vintage Camera is now an universal app that supports both iPhone and iPad
• Supports video zoom
• A new 16mm style frame
• A new film: 3-X inspired by retro black and white reversal film

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8mm Vintage Camera Reviews

sad boy 2001

for CREATORS  sad boy 2001  3 star

this is such a good app but y’all need to update this shet! It really needs repairs.


Love the filters  rellz79  3 star

I have the app a 3 star rating. I absolutely love the filters. Wish there were more and also the ability to apply these filters to photos that I’ve already taken. That would be awesome!


love but...  dianablisss  4 star

this is a really cool app but recently there’s been a downloading problem. the video won’t play after being saved.


Keeps crashing  time2008  3 star

I do love the way the app makes my videos look, but it crashes when I try to upload videos from my library. It works fine for taking new videos inside the app, but videos that I already have in my photo/video library aren’t able to be uploaded- it crashes every time.


Shuts down  colo5V  2 star

Every time I try to upload a video into the app the app shuts down. Major glitch.

El Chupacabruh

Crashes  El Chupacabruh  1 star

Literally crashes every time I open it 🙄


Not happy  Wssshhuuuusaa  2 star

I really like this app however after installing the app it crashes every time I try to import a video after I relaunched it , powered my phone off and reinstall it. It’s annoying because I paid for this app that constantly crashes !!!!


Love this app  hdiebz)373  5 star

The only thing that would make it better would be if while you record the old school sound of the camera could be overlaid in the background.


Love it BUT... .  planeKrazy  1 star

I love the app, well, I thought I did. I just recorded a friend playing live at a venue and wanted to record an ‘old school’ version of him playing.. had no idea the default has no sounds being recorded?? Why on earth would anyone EVER make that the default option?? Now I have a great recording ...with no sound.. Not happy... :-(

***the Dude***

Disappointed  ***the Dude***  1 star

Purchased this app, today. Like many others, I’m unable to upload videos as the app crashes each time. Buy this at your own peril. I hope they decide to fix this.


Not what it used to be. Help!  bonnyflame  2 star

This used to be so great (fun filters, great effects) but now it crashes any time I try to upload a video to process in a filter (instead of recording directly through the app). Please review and rectify this issue - I miss using this app!


Love the app can be improved for recent iPhone  enzyme69  3 star

I love 8mm since it was released for iPhone 5S back then. It gives a retre old school film camera I never have. The app seems to crash everytime I imported own videos in iOS 12.2.

Lit 😊

AMAZING  Lit 😊  5 star

Such a great app!

Marcus Mansion

Good but frame rate too “modern”  Marcus Mansion  4 star

I like this app. I want to change frame rate to 18FPS but it’s not possible


Take a snap?  Milly_C  4 star

Great app but I would love to be able to take a single photo rather than videos.

Jesse Fantastique

Great app  Jesse Fantastique  4 star



Love it  1958drummer  5 star

this is the best app i have ever used in video thanks for making it \


Amazing  Squidlydid80  5 star

This is so cool. I can't help but use Fortunate son in all my clips, it just fits so well. Great work people.


AWESUM!!!  Rishabhshuklaji  5 star

Wonderful app with great filters! Lets go Time-travel!!


Ouch  Kalikratis  4 star

Ouch the new icon!


No stars  Patty010860  1 star

If I could get away with big fat zero stars I would. Trying to get in touch with the developer is a joke. All I want to know is why the [email protected]&k won't the app let me open anything from my photo or video library without crashing!

WeHo Shopper

This always makes me smile!  WeHo Shopper  5 star

This takes me back to the good ol' days when you never you knew whether or not your negatives were going to come out. The interface is really easy to use and never comes up short.


Still good, after all these years.  ding777  5 star

This app has been around for years, I remember it being one of the first old-school analog-look video apps available. Nowadays they seem to be a dime a dozen, but this app has stuck around and is still good. It’s simple and relatively intuitive. Spend a few minutes with it and you’ll have it figured out. Nothing too gimmicky or trendy about it, and the analog looks are very authentic. And unlike so many older apps where the developers eventually got disillusioned or bored or both and walked away, these developers have actually stayed on top of this app, so it still works without a hitch on my iPhone 8.


Loved app until...  ad420710  1 star

I loved this app and used it constantly.. When I upgraded my phone and tried to use again it no longer allows me to bring in video from my gallery


Cannot import videos  snipeyhead  1 star

The app immediately crashes when I try to import videos from my camera roll :( I’ve used earlier versions of this app and it worked great, so I’m really hoping they fix this soon.

Mia Star❤️

cute film ..very glitchy  Mia Star❤️  2 star

I love the film look & the filters are super cute on my videos, however the entire time I was using the app it would glitch and take me out of the app. I made sure all my apps were closed & my battery was fully charged ...still glitchy


can’t upload videos like description said smh  Jmc9779  2 star

the filters and stuff are really cool and there’s a lot of different options and they look legit, but tbh the whole reason I got the app was so I could upload my existing videos on my phone into the app and uou can’t even do that like the description said it could lol. whenever I try the app freezes and closes itself so it doesn’t even work I’m sad I want my $2 back :(


New zoom feature  Wiamsheikh  5 star

When I first got the app I always thought it could use a zoom feature and am so happy it was added! Really makes it better


Still has flaws  jfndjsijxndnsjthoene  3 star

I really like the vintage effects this app gives but it’s been stated before that videos get cropped since you can’t rotate the orientation. It’s really annoying because I’ve tried to go around it by rotating my videos but it still comes out sideways in the app. And it keeps on crashing after I upload two videos. I really like the idea and quality but there are some imperfections


It’s SO good but just one thing  Anty1312%  4 star

Can you add an option to increase or decease the amount of film grain?


Needs 18fps  Roguey93  4 star

Pretty good. Like the variety of film and lens effects. Needs an option to shoot 18fps though to really sell the look. If it had that, 5 stars.

Ice core scientist

Greatest iphone movie app ever  Ice core scientist  5 star

This is as good as it gets

Super Alex dempsey

8mm vintage camera  Super Alex dempsey  5 star

Brilliant app I use it to put My animations in black and white But not as good as animation Studio but still good


Excellent app.  fitzwilliam2  5 star

I've shot on 8 mm and 16 mm and this is a lot easier and less expensive and still very effective.

No nickname dude

Mind blowing.  No nickname dude  5 star

I use Sony Vegas Pro (worth hundreds of euro) and I'm trying to add vintage effects to a video I'm working on right now, but it can't get anywhere near this app. Excellent job buy the developers.


8mm  Lakeglen  5 star

Love it, offers me loads of new ideas for my movie making.


Amazing but please add camera  LOVAC 13  4 star

The camera is great but I would like it if it could take pictures. Please update and when you do I will give the fifth star.


Wow  Elvisoc  5 star

Great camera works very well giving a retro feel to my clips 5*****


Very cool  Domestox  5 star

Shoots authentic looking 8mm footage as you record! It's 8mm so it's not widescreen, just so you know.


Good but  J.B.Goode  2 star

Yeah Tis very vintage.. But the sound is out of sync..which I find quite annoying because it bothers people I show vids to.... It's very obvious and hard to get away from... The sound is out if sync.... Maybe that's vintage .. I don't think so... I can't use it cause if this.... What's the point.... Eight weeks later, no update, so , I'm using an app called videofix , that gives cool effects , and preserves the audio, think I'll stick with that one.

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