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Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

What is dazz cam - vintage camera app? Dazz camera, your pocket photographer.
No need for post-editing, the most realistic film photography or video is instantly presented with a single click.

The Dazz camera is inspired by the retro film camera of the 80s. Based on the film proofs, we 100% restore the color, texture and noise of the film. There will also be interesting light leakage effects.

The Dazz camera will launch new cameras from time to time, let’s look forward to it .

Other function items
- Take two photos to superimpose the double exposure effect.
- Timed self-timer function.
- With a flash in the dark, you can take a more film texture.
- camera assistant grid.
- Fisheye lens.
- Flash Colors.
- Exposure adjustment.
- Photo with square frame, convenient to share to Instagram

When you share photos on social networks, you can use the #dazzcam tag. Our editor will occasionally select wonderful photos to join our collection!

For any questions, please send an email to dazz.camera@gmail.com

Dazz Pro Subscription

- Join Dazz Pro to access all cameras and accessories.
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- Your account will be charged for renewal, in accordance with your plan, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
- You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID account settings any time after purchase.

Terms of Use:

Privacy policy:

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How to contact Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera (haiyan wang)?
Find this site the customer service details of Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1422471180/dazz-cam-vintage-camera/contact

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera Version 2.618 January 2023

- Updated the focal length control for all cameras - Optimized 135SR - Other bugs fix and improvements.

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera Version 2.5.718 November 2022

- Home screen widget and lock screen widget - Update the Original camera to capture Raw and ProRaw images - Other bug fixes and improvements.

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera Comments & Reviews 2023

- Fantastic app, but

I know there are efforts with this app to try and match the original cameras, but it would be nice to be able to do some tweaking before a picture/video is taken. For example, the VHS camera is no match for the app already at the top of charts; reason being it looks too clean, not just the images themselves, but the timestamp is by no means authentic-looking (especially compared to other said app). Otherwise all the cameras look amazing, videos too. This is already the best vintage camera package, qualms aside. If they continue to improve, there will be no beating it. One nitpick: the app icon could look more professional and less like it was made in five minutes.

- Almost perfect

I love this app. Like, LOVE. It took me forever to find an app that was really awesome and emulating film but Dazz Cam made the wait worth it! There are so many different camera options to play with and it’s extremely easy to use. But. The reason I knocked a star off my rating is because when you save an image, it doesn’t keep the image date and time taken data. It uses the date and time that you applied the filter to the image. This has kept me from editing as many pictures as I want to since I use a photo book app and like to have the date take on the page. I can’t do that when I’ve edited an image with Dazz Cam since it overwrites the date/time data. This is SO disappointing that I honestly may knock another star off the rating. Please allow images to be saved with the original date and time taken data not over written.

- literally one of my favorite apps for to add things realistic to my videos but…

Hi! I really enjoy this app and definitely look forward to using when it comes to my videos in where I like to make the them realistic enough, but I wish you guys don’t have to make the size of the video smaller when you have to play the video. Sometimes when hit the filter in order to make the video it makes it the Instagram size compared to TikTok and long vertical way size. I mostly use this app for my videos and like for it to be posted that size compared to having to make the video smaller and cropping it out later. Other than that I really enjoy this app and love how it has the different compared to apps where they only have vhs.

- A delight to use with a variety of filter options.

I have received a ton of compliments on my photos thanks to Dazz. I especially have a blast using it while going to live shows, especially with the “double exposure” feature/photo layering capability. I usually am not one to pay for additional in-app purchases, but I happily paid for the additional cameras and lens options. If you like HUJI as much as I did, get this app. My only complaint is the timestamp placement. I post a lot of my Dazz photos on Instagram, and the timestamp is cut off, while it was perfectly placed in HUJI app pictures. But that is the only very superficial complaint I have with this app. Otherwise, it is a gem.

- alright

it's a good app and everyone has been using it and it makes our pictures look cool but i just don't like that people with iphones lower than the 11 can use their from camera and it just kinda ruins it for us. ANYONE should be able to use it while it's fully functioning. on top of that.. i noticed that one of the filters/camera type only takes pictures from my recent album. i don't like that. i tried to take pictures and see if i could use photos from my camera roll since my front camera didn't work with this app. But it didn't work at all. Those photos aren't showing up in my albums. The albums aren't even showing up. Please fix this. Complications like these make your app annoying and then no one is gonna wanna use it.

- Pretty cool

Honestly I’m writing this solely for the purpose of requesting a video option that looks something close to S Classic cause I think that would be really nice for so many variations of footage. I’m not sure how easy it’d be though or if it’d be worth it to go out of the way to do. Other than that the options given are great and the “premium” version is definitely worth it. Plus the new additions every so often is nice and refreshing. Edit: hopefully you see this. What I mean is, S Classic is an option on your app for photos only. If there was a way you could add a video option so it can look like the S Classic filter you have, it’d be really cool.

- Love it to the moon and back

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVVEEE this app!! I was thinking of buying a polaroid package for 200, this juts saved my bank account! WAY BETTER TOO! The only thing that would be nice if there was an option to like see the date the picture was taken or maybe ever write something on it to enhance the experience and make a better use of the pictures, you know. Just incase you don’t want to import all the pictures to you camera but would love to go back to the app and go down memory lane. Other than that, I will ALWAYS resort to this app and will RANT about it to friends and family!! LOVE!! IT!!

- Love love love

I literally hate the basic camera on my phone i only ever use that when i need to take clear unfiltered pictures of stuff (notes, drawings ect) but when it comes to fun pictures dazz is my favorite. I got the premium so i can use all the cameras i want. It can be a little overwhelming trying to pick a camera to use because they all have their purpose. I wish I could hand sort how they appear on the bar, its easier for me to remember what camera does what if it stay in the same spot on the order but the feature that allows me to hide the cams i dont use is great.

- Works perfect on iPhone 13 Pro Max

I bought it last night and recorded a few clips with both the 8mm and 16mm cameras, both worked really good. I like how you can change the color temp of the footage, and can lock focus/exposure by pressing the screen with a finger till it locks. I also tested out converting a previously shot 5 minute short with the 16mm settings. It was an older cellphone video but that actually helped sell the look. The app had it converted and saved pretty quick. I am very impressed with this app and will be shooting something with it soon. Keep up the great work!

- yoooo i love this app:)

i have been trying to find a free, simple, easy to use app that does exactly every thing Dazz does. i swear..i was trying to find an app where it has the 3d picture effect, but you had to pay for them or it had a watermark. I was so happy when i discovered the 3d feature. And its aesthetically pleasing😭pictures, videos, whatever you do on it, it will always turn out great. Not to mention, there are extra features you have to pay for, but im extremely content with all that it has already! thanks so much:))

- Good but needs work

Needs more controls and when you shoot what you see should look like the final product. For instance while recording I can se some of the VHS effect but when played back then I can see film artifact that is not present while recording. I want the time stamp but not the whole time. Give an option to have it turn off after. A set amount of time. I like the plethora of settings and film options and what I really like is I can buy the app forever and not pay a ridiculous monthly fee. I guess maybe that’s why this app is not as versatile so maybe my idea of not paying a monthly fee is a me problem….

- Portrait mode 16:9

I think the app is awesome! Everything it has to offer is great, but although all the video options are true to life it would be nice if you could film stuff in portrait mode with the time stamps being properly up right rather than stuck sideways in landscape. I have another app called rare vision that allows the option for portrait mode and landscape. This app is obviously better but it has the advantage to film in both landscape and portrait and the time stamps will rotate along with it optionally. I’ve filmed stuff in portrait on some of the clips here and everything remains in landscape. I think it would be super beneficial

- Bad UI, confusing layout, how can I even use this

The interface is bad. As in REALLY BAD. if you want to edit a photo, you have to select a camera and it’s options, then open a photo, where it then converts to the camera style. But if you want to change it, you have to change settings, and reopen a photo. The whole process is clunky and intuitive. A better design would be: let user open a photo. Display it on screen. Let them select the camera type and settings. Have photo update as they choose each. Then let them save. Why can you let us open a photo and select/make changes by previewing the diff camera types until we find something we like? The filters are great, but this is the most frustrating and clunky app I’ve ever used.

- Please make an updated version

(It won’t let me contact you directly so I’m just gonna piggyback off of your response to my last review, gave 5 stars so it didn’t affect the app rating) That allows us to preview effects on pictures before hand? I would gladly pay for a newer updated version that doesn’t lock us into the current UI. I can totally appreciate that old school mentality of waiting to find out what the effect is, I started on film so I get it, but I just spent the weekend at Disneyland with a broken hand and I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to use this app. It’s 2021, functionality is just as important as the retro appeal. I’m not saying disregard this app but for those of us who want to us it with a more modern UI we would absolutely love that. I think you have an untapped user base just sitting there. Just my thoughts, for whatever they are worth.

- Love the vintage look

I paid the one time fee for all the filter options. I love how it makes my pictures feel like they’re something from a 90’s indie film. Great quality and choices available. If I could make one suggestion, you can’t look at the image you are editing while you are choosing a filter which is kind of frustrating. I have to choose a camera filter, upload a photo to each filter, and see which filter I like best and then delete the others. It would be nice to see each camera filter on the image you are viewing at once so you can pick one easily without the hassle. Other than that, I LOVE this app!!

- Nice....

This is actually one of the first camera app I’ve downloaded in such a long time. I’m not very into taking pictures. Not so much because I don’t want to remember the moment but because I hate to go into it and try to edit using all the complicated tools in other apps. This one you just choose the camera and then the lens and pose and take!! The pictures hardly need any edits and I just love all the cameras!! I had to subscribe to it for a year! Not because it made me but because I wanted to!! Thanks for making me love taking pictures again!!!


I’m really enjoying the app and all the different type of camera styled filters and lenses that are available! My only suggestion would be to add a way to preview how the final pic will look in the end. With so many options it’s hard to choose which one to pick! For example: give a general idea of what the picture will look like with the type of camera selected and the different lenses with a stock photo. I find myself selecting camera + lens combos and uploading the same pic multiple times to compare which combination I like best. It’s a bit time consuming with the huge selection available.

- Great app

I really love the app but i think it could still be improved, if there was an option to write a description or a story about the photo being taken that would be great , like not ON the photo but just to write a story about the photo and what is happening in it i think that would be a really good way to remember memories of the photo instead of forgetting it after some time , also if there could be an edit option after the photo has been taken that would be cool , in case the photo is under exposed or over exposed , other than that i think the app is absolutely fantastic 👌

- In love but

I continue to love this app but I really wanna see more cameras and video cameras also on polaroid film cameras would be cool to be able to see like “ dirt “ or “ pen marks “ to make it look kinda oldish or yk a little less basic like let us change the boarders of the polaroids with like pen marks sharpie tape and marks dirt make it look a little oldish something like that and more cameras, also when importing video or photos would love the option to add flash as well ! / other effects etc but other than that keep up the amazing work!

- Love this app!!

UPDATE: they added the features that I and other users recommended! Five stars:) I just got this app and having really enjoying using it. I just wish that it allowed importing of photos from your library and adding the effect to it. Also like someone else mentioned, it would be nice if there was an option to save the original with no filter. Other than those two things it’s an amazing app and I can’t wait to keep playing around with it!

- Nice, not enough features for $10

I think the developers did a wonderful job of mimicking the quality of cameras which they provide within the app, however I bought the full version and I was a little disappointed. I was hoping there would be more frame options (such as just a simple black frame, which is almost the same as the 8mm film except the 8mm has a giant square in the top of it, which bugs me a little). I like how the frames move just a small bit and are a part of the noise/grainy effect, but I regret spending a whole $10 dollars on the app. I’m hoping it’ll be worth it as they add more things when they update in the future.

- :(

This is app is great and has a lot of cool features, recently a lot of people have been posting pictures using the D3D camera. But me and many others with iphone 8 plus and lower phones can’t use it with our front camera which makes taking the pictures difficult because if you are able to use the back camera,you can’t see what your are doing if you are taking the picture yourself. it was be really great if you could make the D3D camera functional with the front camera on lower iphones such as the 8 and 7

- Collage effect

I really like this app but when I went to make a collage I changed one of the pictures so it didn't cut off anybody's face, but then I go to my camera roll and it had still cut off the face and didn't add in the edit that I had made. I wanted to see if I could go back and change it so you can clearly see everyone but it would let me and I didn't want to have to redo the entire thing. If your able find a way to fix that it would be greatly appreciated app.

- I take back my old review

This is now my go to app for the disposable camera look it’s seriously the best. I took a bit for to me to get used it. It was more of a love hate relationship. The first time I got it I didn’t really take that great of photos why idk I’m a photographer I should’ve known better. I have now rave about this app to my friends and they have all downloaded it. This is seriously one of the best apps out there that has gotten as close as possible to the disposable film effect.


it’s great really, personally I think the free version is great for its cost and the effects are amazing! I love the authenticity, but one thing for me is that even though there’s a square border it still crops square photos into portraits, which takes chunks out of photos, I wish there could be options to change that and keep the picture square, so then there wouldn’t be any weird cropping issues, with a “square photo mode” it would be easier to see the whole picture without the white border covering the rest of the photo.

- Amazing Camera App

I love this app the only thing I would like to see is a change with how the time stamp is displayed when taking a video. Sometimes I forget which way to hold my phone when taking a video in landscape so when I go back and watch the video the timestamp is upside down so maybe having an indicator or something to help prevent mistakes like these from happening would be nice but besides that I think this is a fantastic app.

- four stars only because i haven’t had it long enough to decide

By far, I have enjoyed the app but seeing as I’ve only used it in one setting by far, I’m not comfortable giving it 5 stars right now. When I use it more and maybe decide if in-app purchases are going to be worth it (right now, I’m lending toward buying them when I get the chance since the previews look so cool). But I love the options and the basic cameras/filters and I hope to continue to enjoy it for a long time and be able to give it 5 stars!

- Great App Overall Couple Issues With Video Mouth Syncing

Been trying out everything on the app and it’s AWESOME. Some of the best filters out there and very close to replicating the cameras provided. Only issue I have been having is audio losing sync when recording with the DCR video filter. Don’t think the issue applies to the other filters, but please fix this audio syncing issue with recordings. Sometimes it syncs perfectly a lot of times it loses sync though.

- Camera

I love this app however I’ve been having trouble taking selfies with the D3D camera. It works for the back camera but not for the front. I have and iphone 8. For my friends taking pictures from the front camera seems to be working just fine. Maybe if you could fix this or let me know why this is happening. (P.S it is not my phone itselfs fault. i’ve tried to fix it thinking it was my phone but unfortunately it is the app. i’ve tried to update it but currently there are no updates) please help me fix this problem. Love love love the app. great job:)

- Great! But a small problem

I love this app! It’s nice for pictures and I love the D3D! But the problem is, I don’t know if it’s my phone or the app. But I have an IPhone 8plus and my front facing camera won’t work with the D3D. If I take a picture facing my face. It won’t save the picture, but when I face it to a different area, like my pillow, or a mirror, it ends up working just fine. Please respond because I would like to know the problem. Thank you 😊

- Quality

So yes it’s a good app but my opinion is the audio for the videos pick up everything when I say everything I mean it which is kind of annoying cuz it’s really loud and it ruins the video with over powering noice the cameras on the app are good to a point they can have better quality and be better in general I wish if I payed 10$ I would have different filters and more lens but anyways they get a 3 out of 5 for now

- Great. However...

Bottom line, this app is on its way to being the best. User friendly, easy, clean design and touch responsive. The app design is fun, not tacky, but actually cool. However, I’d like to see more developments to the video features. I think there should be more customization with filters, colors, LUTs, film layouts and film template overlays. I think if the design team could do that, I think this app would be top notch. Don’t slow down, keep pumping out functions and designs for this app. You got this!

- Awesome features, But one issue

I love this app so much. Heck, I don't even need to worry about carrying my film camera and worrying about my film running out. The grainy effects and vintage filters are cool af. My only problem is that the app doesn't allow me to import photos w/ the D3D filter. I have an iPhone 11 so everything is up-to-date, but I really hope this issue can be fixed because the app is awesome and will keep using it!!

- This is great if you can’t afford personal camera

I use this app when I don’t have my camera on me, I even use it to add to photos and videos I’ve taken on my camera. And yes you do have to pay for some of the features, but it’s a lot cheaper than Adobe programs and it’s assessable from your phone! I would definitely recommend this to someone just starting out in photography.

- Love love love it. One gripe though.

Hi dazz team, I just want to say I’ve been LOVINNN your app love how clean it is, the different camera and filter options, etc. If i may, I do hope one day y’all can put an option for even higher quality exports like in the stock camera app on iPhone. I sometimes see pixelation when I barely zoom in the picture. Other than that you guys are amazing! Keep doing what your doing!

- Idk why?

So I Saw this app On tik tok and I thought it looked pretty cool cuz you could do this effect with the D3D cámara but i don’t know why it won’t allow me to take picture with the front camera, I’m only allowed with the back side camera. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and my sister has an 11 and for her it works but me it doesn’t. I don’t understand that I was getting so mad yesterday because of that. Pleased reply I really was hoping to use this app often. That kinda ruined it for me. Pluses fix or you gonna be losing people.

- Finally what I’ve been looking for!

I’ve been looking for a long time for an app that would create the film look for my video clips! And this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It creates a really nice look without it feeling like it was generated through an app. It would be amazing too if there was an option for a filter that looked like a modern film scan (example see Vogue’s 2019 Met Gala “trailers”)

- Loved the app before they updated

The itself is amazing! I love using each camera effect. I especially loved using the Polaroid camera! It use to give you an option whether you could have the picture come out with the Polaroid border or just make the picture Polaroid without the border. Since they updated, they have removed that option so now every time I use the Polaroid effect I have to crop out the borders. I found the removal of that option to be very unnecessary and very irritating.

- EXACTLY what i was looking for!

I’ve been looking for a a way to make iphone photos look like real film, and this app fits the bill perfectly. of the many film camera apps i’ve tried, this is the only one that actually looks real and has high quality results!! I’m so happy with it! worth the $12 to unlock all the cameras.

- This app keeps freezing

Every single time I download the app, it works for a very short time, then I have to delete it, redownload it just for it to work again. It’s so frustrating. I’ve also already updated it and it still does the same thing. Deleting for the last time.

- Absolutely Great

I’be been obsessed with this app ever since I downloaded it! I love the close to accurate vintage feel of all the filters. The variety of options is great. As someone who is really into the vintage photography style but didn’t have the money to buy a camera and get photos developed, this is absolutely perfect! 💜

- Just wow

This app was exactly what i was looking for! Not only do you have options but they also don’t pressure you into buying anything! The developers and creators of this app are incredible. I don’t normally write reviews but when you don’t ask for money it makes me want to give to help out. Everyone should help out if they can. Keep up the amazing app guys 🤙🏼

- d3d is only available for iPhone 7 or up :(

This app is becoming very popular for its D3D feature on tik tok so I decided to download it but couldn’t find the D3D feature. I look back at the videos and the comments are saying how you can only use it if you have an iPhone 7 or newer because of the portrait effect. Message to the creators of this app: love the other features! But was wondering if you could maybe consider making D3D available for everyone :)

- Excellent tool for any Mobile device

I have created many artistic and creative videos with this app. Mostly all of my album covers, artwork, and photography are done using this app. I don’t even have the paid extension, and it’s usefulness is still great. Excellent subtlety in the filters. Highly recommend.

- Incredible Vintage Camera App

This is an absolutely incredible and well done app. I use the 8mm and 16mm video the most because of its realistic grain and jittery effects. My only request that would make it incredible is perhaps an option to have no black frame like the other ones, just full screen. Otherwise perfect app! ❤️

- Love this app but....

I bought the subscription last year, and now a year later I didn’t realize the subscription ran out, I tried to renew it and the app is now trying to take the $5 as well as an additional $12. The app won’t allow me to do anything now. I use the app for projects and I’m on a deadline so it’s sad that now the app isn’t allowing me to progress.

- Amazing app!

Great app but just wanted to leave a comment here about the recent update to the Original camera: the update now doesn’t allow importing non-RAW photos, so it would be great if you could turn on or off the RAW and RAW Pro for importing. I used to use the Original camera just to import photos I’d already taken and then add a white canvas to make the photos square.

- Needs a little work

This app is really great and the most used for the 3D effect but I believe you could get a wider range of people using the app if you make a way to do 3D photos with portrait mode on your phone inside of the app so that people who don’t have phones that support it still get involved. I’m not saying it will be as good as with portrait mode but maybe a select option for the background.

- 3D3

I love this app and all its features. It’s great. You guys are doing an awesome job with this app. One thing I’d love though is if I could use 3D3 with pictures I’ve ss or with my Live Photos. I tried multiple times and I wasn’t able to edit them. I also for some reason couldn’t edit a couple pictures of mine. So it disappoints me a little because I paid for the full version. I’d also like to see more filters :)

- 8mm update great!

Your new 8mm update is awesome! I love all the options for emulating different super 8 camera frames. Also, the shutter speed seems accurate, as does the frame jitter, and grain. I hope you can add more filters soon. To me, this looks even more realistic than 8mm Vintage camera app that I’ve loved and used or years. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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- Wish I could rate higher!

So this is my first app review ever, for any app. I almost don’t want to give it a high review because then more people will find this app and I want to keep it my own secret! I’m just using the free version at the moment and it is INCREDIBLE. Being an influencer, I have a ridiculous repertoire of editing apps but this is incredible and will really make your photos and stories stand out. The 3D camera effect is something everyone will be envious and curious of too!

- Favourite app

I think my screen time is going higher due to this app. I think that this app is the best photo editor because you don’t get ads nor you don’t have to pay to have unlimited photos edited. I love it without i don’t know what i would have done… I think it’s so worthy to pay minimum money for upgraded editing options. It is genuinely my favourite app of all times thank you very much !!! 🍄🍄🍄

- AWESOME APP but needs fixing

I love this app I started using it today and I already fell in love with it, but something needs to be fixed, when I try to use D3D filter (I have an iPhone 6) it doesn’t work and it says only works on a device that supports landscape or something like that so I decided to download this app on my iPad but nothing changed, I don’t know if it only dose that on the style of iPhone I have but I feel like it needs to be fixed but other then that one problem this app is great and you will instantly fall in love with it.

- Love it!

Been wanting a good vintage camera app that provides a more authentic emulation if using different analogue cameras but aren’t so cluttered with over the top-editing. I would, however, love to be able to have my pics taken on the Instax cameras without the border, as I just love the look and feel of the photos and don’t necessarily want to upload tho photos with the borders on them. Maybe have an option? Keen for more cameras to be added, but a great start!! Thanks dudes!

- Amazing! D3D Camera Missing

Hello! I absolutely adore your app, it’s so easy to use and the results are always amazing. It’s my favourite camera app because the filters and colours are just right. However I seem to be missing the D3D camera update, I received the announcement/notification thing when I opened the app but I couldn’t find it? I have updated and re downloaded but it’s still not there. Is there any way to fix this? :)

- No D3D camera option

Hi I downloaded this app to use the d3d camera option because I’ve seen you can take some cool photos with it! However when I downloaded it the camera option was not there for me? I asked my friend if he bought the pro version for it and he said it’s just there! Is there a certain iPhone you have to have for this option? Because I have an iPhone 8. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling to see if it was a bug but it’s still not there

- Awsome app

I love how realistic the film looks and the double exposure feature is really cool The only thing I’d say that would make this app better is if the video filters had larger grain to create a more authentic super 8 and 16mm Also, Telescopic zoom feature would be sick

- Has become my everyday camera

I love the instant film simulation and it has become my everyday camera. Is it possible to ask for a feature enhancement? I love the “Inst C” camera except for the blurring/unsharpen effect that is added by default. Could you please provide an option to disable blurring. Please? Please? Please? Thanks.

- it’s amazing!! but the d3d camera doesn’t work...

i’m very confused why the d3d filter doesn’t work! the option is there, but whenever i select it and take a front camera photo, it doesn’t save to the photo gallery. please tell me why this is happening! i have an iPhone X so it should work; i’m very confused!

- Confusing interface

It’s really confusing figuring out how to use the app (eg filter a photo already taken) and for some reason none of the filters show a preview when taking a photo, you have to take the photo to actually see how the filter looks, instead of it showing on the screen prior to taking the photo

- The app is not working

Is it me or has the app completely stopped working? Since I’ve updated the app it won’t open or load every time I try to open it. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

- Niceeee

Good to have it but just a heads-up, it will be perfect if there’s the choice for the original camera (i.e. the one that comes with the cell phone’s own camera), so that I can match it with whatever the accessories i want cuz sometimes i think i just love the way it is with the accessory flash c. Btw thanks for providing such a good app :)

- Highly recommend

Amazing app was shown by a friend sadly restricted and can’t buy the pro version please fix in love with this app and would love to be able to use the full extent and save the photos!


Amazing app, this is my first ever review on a app, cause just how good it is. I ended up buying the Pro version in the first 10 minutes of playing with the app. Such a good idea to let you see what you can get with the Pro version. PLEASE KEEP ADDING MORE CAMERA TYPES!!!

- The Best

Absolutely love this app, so easy to use with quality filters would rate it higher if i could.

- I need help with the d3d

This app is great but when I try to choose a picture to use only recent pictures and selfies come up

- I love it but it won’t work

I am trying to get the 3d3 camera to work and when I select it it says it’s because I don’t have a 2/3 cameras but I have an iPhone 8 Plus. If you know how I can fix this please help Thank you

- My review

The app deleted on the phone which I had payed the subscription for the year and unable to reload without paying again. I'm unable to access any film photos I had on the app. However the app itself I do highly rate.

- Amazing app

Dazz Cam is easily the best vintage camera style app I’ve used, and I’ve tried many!! I bought the premium version today and it’s very fairly priced. Love it!

- I can’t access all of my photos for D3D cam!!!

Hiiii! I love this app and 100% recommend it to all those who wish for a vintage, unique, and original camera app. However, the main effect is really like to access only allows me to access the 300 photos of 20,000 photos I have... Did I do something wrong? I’ve installed and uninstalled the app twice... please tell me what to do!!!

- Best film camera app

This is the best film camera on Apple store. There’re so many options for free version. Also more to explore on the Pro one. Love it!

- portrait

i’m on my phone and i just downloaded it and i’m trying d3d but it says it’s only available with devices that support portrait mode. How do i fix this

- D3D missing

I love this app only I can’t seem to find the D3D filter and this is upsetting what can I do? How can I fix this?

- Not able to access photos

It’s a very pretty app, but for some reason when i want to view all my photos in my camera roll, it only shows my videos

- It’s ok

Everyone downloaded this app for d3d and its only available for 7plus 8plus and over it’s not available on 8 or sever many you can update it to work on all phones and all other apps like this you either pay for or is just bad.

- Can we please

Can we please have full resolution support for iPhone 14 pro - I’d love to be able to use the full functionality of the 40mp camera cheers :)

- Can’t figure out or doesn’t have?

It allows me to import photos but it appears I can’t apply a camera type filter? How confusing and annoying

- I love it

I absolutely love this app, so simple to use!! Edits photos amazingly!! 100% recommend💕💕

- Amazing

Such a good app , so hard to find good camera apps like this . Keep adding new effects ! ❤️

- D3D missing

This is a great app! But for some reason I don’t have the D3D camera. My device is fairly new (iPad 7th gen) so that shouldn’t be the problem. Thanks 😄

- not sure

i previously paid for $20 for premium but when I came on back to the app, i could not access it. i pressed restore purchases but it return back to the normal and free version! i want my premium back :(((

- Great ! But D3D is missing

The app is absolutely amazing but it seems to be missing the D3D cam . I’ve updated and re-download it but I can’t find it

- Ahh this app is amazing

Hey!! I love this app so much but I can’t find the d3d camera and I really want to use it. I got the notification but it wasn’t there

- Amazing App

By far the best editing app I’ve used that meets all my requirements 😍💯

- Sensational

I rarely leave reviews on apps but I had to for Dazz cam! W app 🔥

- Importing photos

Great app and great effects, just wish I was able to import my own photos into the app.

- need help

When I press D3D and choose the exposure light it doesn’t save to the app if I face it to take a selfie of me but if I flip the camera the other way it saves.

- It’s okay but...

It’s a great app and takes really cool photos but I don’t understand why I can’t take photos with my front camera with the D3D filter mode? It works on the back camera but not the front??

- Worth the price of admission

Killer filters

- Can’t purchase cameras

I love the cameras the free ones work really well but when I go to purchase the rest it says “cannot connect to iTunes Store “

- Paid and no upgrade

great bells and whistles and decided to pay for those features and I received a recipet in my email and money was deducted from my account but the the features still weren’t available to me 😕

- Love it

I love this app and the cameras and filters available, it’s a shame I’m too broke to get the premium version 😂


this is the first film app that actually makes authentic looking film photos i love ittttt

- Love this app!

This app is awesome but would be beneficial if you could just buy the one camera for the D funS.

- Upload

it hasn’t uploaded all my camera roll but other than that it is a very good app!

- Help me use D3D camera

Am I the only one who can’t use the camera D3D, because I tried finding it and I did but can’t use it? I have an apple and I don’t k is why I can’t use it.

- Graces Review

It is such a good app! Highly recommend 🌟

- 😬😬😬

For some reason one of the filters (the one that moves from side to side) doesn’t work on my iPhone 6 can someone please tell my why?...

- love this app!!

i’ve been looking for an app that replicates a film camera but none of them were decent except this one. in love with this app definitely recommend!

- it’s great but-

okay i really like this app but the d3d filter doesn’t allow me to import a picture making me frustrated and confused. it’s a great app but it would be better than great with a new fix~

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- Please don’t share this app

This app is insanely good please don’t share it with anyone we need to keep this as a secret 😈🤩

- I recommend u this but it’s too much

Bruh why do we have to pay for everything 💀this is very racist of you 🙅🏼🧢

- from tiktaktittylak (tiktok 😗)

i wish d3d would work on my phone, that’s the only reason why i give it. 4/5. i don’t have an x so if it would be possible to change that would be convenient

- !!!

can you please make the d3d camera available on 6s that would really help thank you

- Help

I can’t do the 3D thing


Surprised not a lot of people know about this. This is my go to film camera app! So goood esp if you get the pro version! I downloaded mine almost a year ago and it’s my go-to since then! 🙌🏼

- 3d camera

i have an iphone 7 and am not able to do the d3d camera, if you could allow phones below iphone 8’s be able to use it too that would be cool !!

- smh

won’t let me use my photos to add a filter on


Blown away fr, even with the stuff that’s free this app still has so many cool free things to use, if you’re into old film cameras of the Y2K look with photos this app can save ya big bucks without buying the actual camera !!

- Not bad

Can you export photos / videos from this app to instagram??

- best vintage filters

literally lloks like any polaroid u want. i love it

- so many options:o

so many options to try even if u just have the free version. you get to set the probability of your light leak so rather than it feeling like a filter you slapped on there’s a real sense of rarity (or not if you set it to 100%) when you get a light leak on your photo!!


This is the only film app I actually don’t mind paying yearly for;) so I definitely recommend

- Very good

Best vintage photo app!! Polar frame is super realistic. Hopefully there are more patterns. Totally willing to pay for more. And one small suggest, if the filler and frame are separated, so user can easy to mix and match. And if user upload the photo, the photo cannot be edit which I feels a bit disappointed. More freedom to edit will be perfect!!! Still love this app:)

- Confusing

This app is really confusing. Not sure how it’s got such high rating when its very difficult to use. You can’t actually see how the features look on the image you’re editing or if you’re even clicking on the right thing. I understand there are premium features but there isn’t a walk through or even see what’s being applied. Maybe add a watermark ontop of your previews so people can evaluate if they want to spend $$ on the features.

- Not user friendly

Not user friendly, and difficult to edit

- I love but...

I love the disposable look this app gives my pictures! Better than other apps for sure! But for some reason the feature to edit old photos from my camera roll is really shotty? It only works sometimes and only when I try to import 1 photo at a time? Previously I could import up to 9 and it was a great feature. If this can be fixed then it’s a 5/5 for me! But without it, it really impacts how often I would use the app.

- So much fun!

Would it be possible to show an example of the type of photo that the camera produces instead of just the icon of the camera? This might make selecting which to use faster. Also would it be possible to save or “favourite” combinations of cameras + filters/lenses? That would be awesome!

- Helppp

I wanted to desactive the paying version but when i clicked on the place about that it as been renew without any confirmation or anything for a years.... can i get a refund ?

- Best app ever for vintage photos


- Photos won’t load

Super slow app, photos won’t load! Needs an update for sure

- Very bad

This app sucks

- Lack of innovation

The new cameras are just not up to par and don’t look as unique as some of the previous ones. There’s no innovation and the cameras don’t always reflect a film look. Maybe coming with a disposable camera filter would be helpful

- iPhone 6 needs the 3D camera

Can we get the 3D camera on iPhone 6 to the top this way a lot more ppl would download this app and use it.

- Excellent Photo App for Film Simulations

Highly recommended!

- love this app

I love this app and it’s worth the price. Would really love a camera for photos with the same effect as the 8mm. Other than that it’s perfect.

- Great!

Many choices, beautiful pictures, I love it!

- Restore purchases doesn’t even work

bought all the cameras and lens (Dazzpro) for 24$ a month ago. Somehow today when I tried to use the other cameras. It told me to upgrade to dazz pro... BUT I ALREADY HAVE IT! I didnt change my phone or appstore account so it cant be that. Yesterday my app was working perfeclty please fix your problem

- Sigh

I’ve been using this app for a year now and I’ve loved it. But today when I tried to open the app it just kept crashing. I couldn’t even open the app... Disappointed. Please fix this soon as I still haven’t photos in it.

- Decent App But Not The Best

I really like the D3D affect but there’s a problem with the others. When I try to use the video recorders it just shows a black screen and doesn’t record it. I’ve tried resetting my phone and the app but nothing I’ve tried worked, and it still shows a black screen with the logo on it. If possible please tell me how I could fix the problem. I’d appreciate it very much. Thank you and have a nice day, may god bless you.

- Love this camera

I don’t even get why are people so mad at this app because D3D camera isn’t available on their phone. It’s even not the fault of this company (?) or app (?) . Just because their phone is too old for this camera, even mine lol. But I love this app thanks

- perfect for aesthetics

my friends always say the way i dress gives them a retro vibe,so this app is PERFECT-

- Photos

I can’t access my camera roll?

- Review your app

I can’t import or use my own photos for D3D. I have an Iphone xr

- Really good!

It’s really good and looks like an actual disposable camera like what I was looking for but I wish they would add sound effects to make it more realistic like on kd pro app but this app actually have way better quality pictures than any other app I’ve used so far!

- Can I get this on my other photos to

The bsb on not portdrids

- Won’t even let me access my photos

Even when I grant the app access to my photos it won’t allow me to import them. I’ve checked my settings & app settings and it says it’s working but in reality it’s not. Disappointing.

- 🤩🤩

It’s sooo cute it’s not hard to understand and the pictures are perfect for instagram or an aesthetic photo I recommend

- Sucks

I have an iPhone 8 and it doesn’t let or use the d3d either. The whole reason I downloaded the app.

- bruh

Bruh pls make the 3d3 usable for non portrait phones

- Video doesn’t work

I would like to know why the video cameras aren’t working after I just spend $14 on the app

- cant use on iphone 8 :(

i really like this app but i can’t use it on my iphone 8. i have to use my friend’s phone who has a plus. it’d be great if you could make it work on all phone types, not just the plus’s and X

- Make it usable for iPhones below 8

Can you make it usable for iPhone 7’s But overall when I used my friends xr phone it was so good

- it’s awesome

it’s pre amazing it’s just i wish i could flip the camera to take pictures and i wish thé app could do the effects on pictures you alr took but other than that it’s a great apps

- greatt

i didnt had to pay for the 3D cam thing but could you make it useable for the front camera?🥺 selfies would be better with dazzcam

- bruh

Y’all should make the 3D cam available on other phones😒😒


je ne comprend pas pourquoi je n’es pas l’appareil D3D et sa m’énerve car j’en est besoin pour un projet photo. Vous- pourriez tu réglez ceci?

- Too confusing!

It’s very confusing. And you can only take pictures, and not edit them.

- D3D

I have an iPhone 7 but I really wanted to use the D3D filter but it says it can’t work on my phone. Can you guys add it so order phones can use that feature too?? Thanks

- suggesting an improvement !

this app is wonderful! i bought the yearly subscription and i love it. however, i took off one star for a reason. it would be a lot nicer to actually *see* the photo or video you’re taking with the effect rather than the effect being added after the shot is taken! please consider this option :) thank you

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Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera 2.6 Screenshots & Images

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images
Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera iphone images

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera (Version 2.6) Install & Download

The applications Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2018-08-17 and was developed by haiyan wang [Developer ID: 1422471179]. This application file size is 96.8 MB. Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera - Photo & Video app posted on 2023-01-18 current version is 2.6 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: dazz.camera.vintagecamera