TV Cast Pro for Fire TV App Reviews


TV Cast Pro for Fire TV App Description & Overview

What is tv cast pro for fire tv app? Watch webvideos, online movies, live tv streams and your personal photos, videos & music on your Amazon Fire TV. Enjoy the show on your big screen.

With Video & TV Cast you can browse through the web and stream any video you want on your Amazon Fire TV (movies, tv shows, sports, music and more). Just navigate to your favorite website and send the embedded video with a single tap to your Amazon Fire TV. The discovered video will be shown below the browser. A tap on the video link will send it to your Amazon Fire TV immediately. Streaming personal media from your device is also supported.

>>> Important Notes

* The app only works with a Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

* iTunes movies, Flash video and DRM protected videos like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Xfinity, HBO now are not supported!

* The app streams only the video part of a website and not the whole website content (No screen or tab mirroring!).

* Sometimes it is necessary to play the video on your iPad or iPhone first before it gets discovered by the app for streaming. It may also be neccessary to start casting multiple times until it works with specific videos.

* If a video is not working at all, please check the FAQ on the app startpage. If that does not help you, please drop us an email before leaving a negative comment on the App Store. We will try to add support for that website as soon as possible.


* Remote Playbar: A remote control that allows you to fast forward or rewind videos while browsing. It syncs across all your iPads & iPhones that are connected to the same Fire TV. So your video can be controlled by different users in the same room.

* Personal Media: Cast unlimited personal photos, videos and music directly from your device or from cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox.

* Ad-Blocker + No Sponsoring Ads: The Pro app version has no ads and the Ad-Blocker blocks ads & popups on most websites that you visit. You can update, enable/disable ad-blocking at any time in the settings.

* Bookmarks: Save unlimited website bookmarks. Synchronize and transfer them between different TV Cast apps and iOS devices by using backup and restore via iCloud.

* Desktop Mode: Change the browser user-agent and cloak your iPhone/iPad as a desktop PC to load the desktop website instead of a mobile website. Please note that this will NOT enable video casting on websites that serve Flash videos in desktop mode.

* Change Homepage: Set your personal homepage in the settings.


Countless websites have been reported to us and we already support more than 90% of all videos on the internet. But still we know that things can get even better. Your feedback and priorities will drive our work ahead, and you’ll see new features and more supported websites in our next app updates.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Amazon or any other trademark mentioned here. This app was not created or endorsed by Amazon.

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App Name TV Cast Pro for Fire TV
Category Photo & Video
Updated 13 February 2024, Tuesday
File Size 44.19 MB

TV Cast Pro for Fire TV Comments & Reviews 2024

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Works good for utube kind of stuff. Works great for a web url you can route through this app and cast. Seems like it was meant for utube type of video content to cast, hard for “live TV” streams, but seems to work as advertised.

Took awhile But now it works great!. It took me quite a while to figure out how to use the app. It was hit or miss sometimes For me to get it to work. However, once I realize the actual steps needed it works great! I really do like the app and I would’ve gave it five stars except that the instructions are not meant for those of us who are older and not so tech savvy.

Poorly designed with low functionality. To play any personal or web browsing media it requires the option “Optimize for casting.” It sat for over 15 minutes trying to optimize a video to play. Happened with any video I picked longer than 90 seconds. While optimizing it continued to bombard me with ads on the tv screen even though I had purchased the premium edition. Waste of money and time with developers that cannot do simple screen sharing.

Very nice. We enjoy putting our videos on the big screen to watch our memories

Misleading. This app is disappointing. This is my first time writing a review and I was thrown off that you have to pay an additional $3.99 to mirror screen after purchasing said app in the first place for $6.99. Dear developers, I would greatly appreciate it if you would refund my money as I wouldn’t have purchased only to find out that you need to purchase additional features to use this app. Thank you.

Worked for literally 7 seconds. I wanted to watch a lecture on my tv and got it running for literally 7 seconds and then it said the video was unsupported (but it had been playing fine??) and disconnected. Now it won’t connect whatsoever. I’ve tried resetting everything, going to a different WiFi, and nothing. Don’t waste your money on this app. Should have gotten a chrome cast.

Great idea. This has the potential of being a great app and 5 star worthy but there are just a lot of bugs that can be pretty frustrating when trying to connect the video on phone to tv smoothly.

Worthless. If I could this app negative stars, I would. It wouldn’t recognize my FireTV cube which is connected to LAN and has WiFi turned on even after going through the trouble shooting guide. I’m not going to slow my connection by using WiFi only. Also, don’t try their “Latest App” either. I made the mistake of buying that one too and it doesn’t work either. Boooooo!

Doesn’t work most of the time. Connects to the fire tv once every 100 times. At first i thought was my internet but casting to chromecast or lg tv works fine. Repenting why i wasted my 10$ purchasing this.

Nice. I’m completely satisfied after trying this for the first time. This app works great!! I’m completely satisfied after trying this for the first time. This a

Very useless. Very useless this app said it would cast from in iPhone to an fire tv so I thought okay it will do what I need it to. However as soon as I got it and tried to do what I was going to do low and behold it doesn’t do what I want it to do. If you want to mirror you have to buy a whole other app. Why would I have blight this app if I knew I needed the other app. This really feels like a bait and switch to me

THEY ROBBED ME!!!. THEY ROBBED ME! I had $50 on my cash app before I made the purchase and after I made what was supposed to be a $6.99 purchase, I had $12 left on my cash app. I’m not sure it is that they get away with this but I think that it SHOULD’NT BE ALLOWED. This is the reason I don’t link my bank/credit cards to my Cashapp. I’m highly confused how it is okay to rob people for there hard earned money but I really hope this app gets reported & ultimately taken down. Sincerely, Unsatisfied customer

Exactly what I was looking for. Just got the fire stick, and was worried about switching back and forth with our chromecast- we were already using the chromecast version of this app, so glad there is one for the fire tv too!

Love this but please update the playback bar. I love this app and purchased it and the one for chrome cast. My only gripe right now is that the playback bar was reduced so it’s very short and difficult to maneuver. Please bring back the full width playback bar!

Waste of money. This app steals your money. It makes you pay for multiple levels of service and then freezes about every 2min so i kept having to restart the app and finally gave up. Tried Screen mirroring (which has to be added separately)an app and froze every time so we couldn’t play Pictionary Air.

Not quite a bargain after all!!. Bought the app so I could try out because you can’t do so for free only to find it mirroring is extra

Premium way worth it. I bought the ultimate package and it just works - their ad-supported free version is basically unusable.

App doesn’t connect to Fire TV. This app never connects to my Fire TV. The free app used to connect sometimes after starting both the Fire TV and my iPhone. I purchased the pro app thinking it would connect better than the free app but it has never worked. I would give this 0 stars if possible because it is just a ripoff to get your money. The company has no support behind their app. To try to chat with them, you have to go to facebook messenger. I wouldn’t buy the app or deal with this company again.

Pro TV Cast for Fire TV. I already had the free app, but chose to purchase this because it said no ads. Not true. Just as bad as the free one with ads stopping getting connected. And sometimes it won’t connect saying content not supported. Total waste.

I want my money back. Terrible app does not work. Instructions don’t make sense. I wanted to cast a video in a work out app from my phone to the tv but after spending about 30 minutes trying to figure it out I give up . Worst 6.99 I spent on an app because I can’t even use it for what I want it for. Guess I gotta watch the video on my phone 😔

Crap. Doesn’t work. Don’t buy!! Doesn’t actually connect to your fire stick in a way you can mirror. It never connects to the Firestick or TV consistently. 1/50 times and it prompted me to purchase a better version which I tried. The one time it connected it randomly dropped. I feel like this product is a total scam and you should be refunded people their money.

Family pictures with love from mom and grandma. Hope I hope this will be a very very very happy occasion for my family and my friends my granddaughter is my grandson my great great granddaughter and my great great granddaughter that’s coming that they will have something to look at ideas thank you so much for this review of having this pre-put on my TV God bless

Sometimes…. Wonderful! When it works!. Temperamental. When it plays nice, it’s truly special. Spectacular even.

Picture is Stretched. When I first started using this app it was a game changer. At some point though, when I started streaming movies, the picture started to be stretched vertically so that it does not fit in the screen. I’ve tried so many different ways to fix this and I can’t figure out why it is different. Some kind of setting update? Please help, I want to love this app!

Waste of Money. I made the mistake of downloading this app in the hopes of casting my phone to a fire stick. After spending $7 on the “pro” version I discovered I had to pay an additional $5 more to actually cast my phone. Upon buying the add on, the quality was absolute garbage and only a down res version of my screen played through the tv, the sound was coming from my phone. I’m deleting this app and hoping for a refund. Buyer beware. Save your money and get a Roku box/tv or a chromecast.

Terrible app. I wanted to watch videos on my phone on my tv; it worked only for one video and for the others the app froze and would not establish any connection with the TV. Terrible product ; not user friendly ; waste my money. Now I would like to delete all the data I provided to the app but there is no information on how to do so. Any help?

Not a bad product, but…. Tends to run great 90% of the time, but it’s frustrating when I go to use other apps while this one is running and it stops working. It’s an all or nothing app. You either are using this or not.

Not enough explanation. We downloaded this and paid for this app but we do not understand how to use it. The movie we wanted to watch keeps freezing and we aren’t sure if we missed steps. Were we supposed to download the movie or just play the movie? Either way, it’s not happening. A tutorial would be nice. Also, I used my phone for the app and .....can I take my phone and leave the room?

worked. This app worked for me when using with fire tv. If I want to watch video from the website on the tv, it gives me an ability to do so with the sound and high defination picture. There is no latency. I wishe I could cast the whole screen instead of just the video.

Not happy. I downloaded and paid for this app to connect to the Firestick. I have spent hours trying to get it to work. After following every suggestion from the troubleshooting page, I finally realized this is $ wasted. Hope you can make this more compatible with the devices you say it can connect to in the future.

The only app I found that actually works!. This, the one you get for sure, easy to install simple to use, that’s the bottom line !

No support. I purchased this app. I cannot get a response from support. There is a large orange square on the picture that says I need to upgrade. When I click it - an error message comes up. I cannot see the whole screen because of this. I can tried to chat and email. They objet give a covid response and never get back to me for help.

Works now and then. I have excellent internet connections in my home but this app seems to be a problem. Even though I purchased the premium subscription it doesn’t seem to matter. Constant freezing up. I don’t have this experience with any other app. Definitely needs work and upgrades

Problems connecting with this version. It is almost impossible to get a connection with this version, I have tried getting closer to my modem, on and off again, everything that he suggested, and I only got one connection out of all of that. Very disappointed wish I could get my money back. Can I?

Always consistent apps from these developers. I own the Samsung and Chromecast versions of this app already and loved them, and this FireTV is just as good as the others. Also, I’m suspicious of some of the more recent negative reviews. Some are likely user error, but it almost looks like a brigade job. Most of the usernames looks fake and the reviews are oddly similar. Anyway, try the free version yourself and you will find it’s worth it to support these developers.

4th app I tried. Only one that worked!. Had to re-do it over and over but finally got to connect to the correct Fire Tv, out of 3! I’m sure it was something I did wrong. So now I’ve gotten it to work once, hope it works a 2nd time.

Waste of money.. I downloaded the free version to cast to my fire stick and was directed to this app. I downloaded this app only to find I could only try to cast web videos and not other apps. I was directed to another app to cast apps which I purchased only to find that it doesn’t work either. Wasted money on two apps and never got what I paid for. Please don’t waste your money too.

Use to work well, but not now. I think it might be due to Fire TV Stick update, but I’m not sure. This app use to work well for me, but now when I send the stream to the Fire TV Stick it doesn’t play live but at the very beginning of the broadcast. This wouldn’t be a big deal except the fast forward button on the Fire TV Stick remote only jumps ahead 10 seconds and you can’t just hold it to zoom through fast. It requires repeatedly pressing the button. Any chance this not live issue could be fixed?

Great when it works. Many a times it's unable to stream to the fire stick. Restarting via the settings instead of turning off and on seems to fix it

Not working / Can’t connect to Fire Stick. Greetings! App stopped working about two months ago, can’t connect to Fire Stick. Answer by developer via email is useless. Worked great for some time but, now is worthless. Stay away until fixed.!!!!!!!!

Something has happened.. I have loved this tv and video casting for years - I have used it for LG and ROKU. But it has stopped working for my news programs!!!! What happened?

Amazing app. I’m sure those 1-2-3 reviews here is because they don’t know how to use the app. This app is incredible, yes there are a few things here and there that could improve but out of the 100 apps I have tried, this is hands down the best.

Painful to connect and painfully slow and jumpy when it does. I was suckered into buying TV cast for $6.99 but then I realized when I didn’t stole that that I still needed to pay another $3.99 to install screen mirroring! This was so difficult to set up that my children entirely finished their dinner before we even got to start watching it and I eventually gave up and went in the living room to use the Apple TV instead. Later in the evening refusing to waste my $11 I persevered until eventually after rebooting my phone and uninstalling another app was able to get it to screen mirror but it was so slow and jumpy I mean two frames per second and the sound also not transferred to the screen that this is really a complete rip off.

Watch out for this app. When I first got the app, I had troubles but they all worked out. Then after a bit I was forced to click “No, please try again” twice for each video to load from sites, and now every video I play either buffers or just goes black and stops. I’ve tried watching the same videos on my PS5, iPhone, and PC, and PS4, they all worked but once I came back to the casting app. It didn’t work. Many times the app won’t load the player at the bottom and cause it to be moving on it’s own and or not closing until you close the app and lose the page you’re on. I’m not sure if IOS 15 caused a streaming error but this app has been giving me problems since I bought it, and now they’re getting bigger

Gets the job done!. Interface could be easier to navigate but it does what it needs to do and that matters the most to me.

Do Not Buy. It is far from user friendly. The main way it wants you to bring video to the app is through the internal web browser. Awful. (Edit: The internal web browser feels like the AOL OnLine free CD from the 90s) Getting pictures from the app to the screen is super easy. Who cares, that’s easy from free apps. The videos in your phone’s albums do not appear as available from camera roll. So, I saved the video I was trying to cast as a file. It appeared in the app but was not selectable. Bottom line, videos in camera roll should be easy cast. Do not buy this, it feels like an app from 2010. Inexcusable for $7.

Hard to cast from personal media.. Poor control over personal media. Glitchy. Needs to be restarted often. This app really doesn’t play well with others. That said, it does cast some. Just spent more time rebooting and clearing cache than using the app for intended purpose. It’s like they made it just for a one-off impulse buy for iPhone users who will never use it again due the wasted time.

Biggest Issue With Cast. I thought this would let me cast my apps to my fire stick tv and I cant, but I can go online. That's nice and I think it's cool the app helps with that but I am disappointed since some streaming services make you redirect to the app so I can't use it for what I wanted. I wish I hadn't spent money on the app but I guess it's my fault for not understanding what the app was about.

Inconsistent/ Read Reviews before you buy!!. There’s a 50/50 chance this app will actually work. I paid $6.99 for a 50/50 chance of this app actually working. Another thing: READ REVIEWS BEFORE YOU BUY. Notice how many reviews have 3 or less stars, and how many times the developer response comes up offering help or refunds. It’s a red flag. Before you buy this try the free version (multiple times id suggest) and see if it actually works. The $6.99 one doesn’t work any better, so don’t spend ur money on it. Before developers release paid versions of apps they should have troubleshooted enough times so that the app is at least consistent, and they don’t have to constantly blame its issues on the user’s phone or tv, because obviously this app is the common denominator

Good but one catch. I've enjoyed using the free version of this app. But I wanted to upgrade to get all the features. The ultimate bundle for Black Friday was the best deal ever. Only catch is you can stream live sports to the fire tv "content unavailable on this device" error shows. Overall really glad I upgraded. UPDATE KEEPS CRASHING WITH IOS 11 NEEDS BUG FIX

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Does not work. Does not work

Unable to stream foxtel go. I can’t watch foxtel go via the app.

Miss leading. Waste of money. After purchasing the cheaper version and it suggesting that I needed the this app instead to do what I was trying to do I purchase it only to discover that it does not actually do what it says it does. Very disappointed

Doesn’t mirror screen. Seems to allow sharing of media from iPad but doesn’t mirror iPad screen to firestick. Didn’t get a chance to try before payment. Disappointed.

Useless. The whole fireTv is a money grab useless with apple products. You need this app then another and still nothing Save your money

Kayo. whenever i press from live regarding a kayo video it always starts it from the start on the tv. Can i fix this

SCAM! Do not buy!. If you purchase the app for $10 it then makes you pay another $12 to buy and add-on to actually stream. Total waste of money!

Kayo. Don’t bother if you want to watch Kayo Sports

Doesn’t work. Wast of money

Can’t believe I paid for this and it doesn’t work at all. This is horrible doesn’t work at all

Terrible. Can’t stream binge. No clear instructions on any of this.

Barely works. Would not recommend. Only works for certain things and it’s not user friendly. You’re better off getting a chrome caster tbh

Doesn’t work. Terrible

Tv cast review. Paid 10$ for an app that wont connect to my firetv app sharing the same hotspot

Doesn’t work. I just installed this and it doesn’t work, it wont connect to my Fire stick. What a waste of time and money

It’s gonna end in tears.... don’t. 3 years in and still have never been able to get any of these apps to work. One odd-on charge after the next and I’m finally deleting the entire batch and the extortion icons that have become my folder of shame.

Don’t waste your money. Could not watch any of my tv shows from my iPhone to my fire stick tv. What a waste of money. Even though the app is called video & TV Cast you can only cast from the browser you cannot cast from any of my tv apps such as Binge, Paramount & Foxtel Go which are all apps you can’t use on the Fire TV. Big money scammer

Absolute waste of money & time. You buy it, try set it up and look into trouble shooting and find that the stupid app doesn’t even work!

Doesn’t work. So expensive and doesn’t even work.

Scam don’t pay. This is totally scam they take your money and u can’t use the app you download for….

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Waste of money. Tried to cast Netflix to tv. After 2 hours I quit. Far too complicated

Ari. I paid for screen mirror. Now the app is asking 6.99 again. What’s wrong?

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!. This does not do screencasting. Downloaded and paid $9 and literally nothing on the app is useful. It’s just links to other apps that are also a cost. Screen casting is an additional $9. This was such a waste of money.

Unable to cast. App will not allow you to cast off your phone without additional app

Does not work do not purchase. Title says it all. Going to ask for a refund ASAP

Worst ever. What a waste of money.. What a joke. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Impossible setup. Difficult/impossible to setup between an iPhone and fire tv

Doesn’t work well. Tons of lag. I’d like a refund

Sucks doesn’t work !. Sucks do not buy!!! Garbage!

This is not what I expected for $10. Plays some videos, doesn’t play others. An extra $6 to screen mirror

Fraud App. Cost $9.99, and have never been able to cast correctly. Upon purchasing the app, you then need to upgrade in order to screen mirror. To pay $9.99 to cast only local files and go through the apps browser link is extremely outdated. Brutal app, want my money back.

Don’t even try streaming personal files. The programs works fine for streaming internet to my FireTV, but it is a steaming pile of trash for trying to view personal media. At first it was just highly stuttered and janky playback. Now videos only playback sound to a black stream.

It’s what I need. Very good app!

App Doesn’t Work. This app doesn’t work. I should have read the reviews before downloading. Trying to get a refund but can’t get in touch with developer. Majorly frustrating.

Sexy special women. Beautiful sexy women with a special delicious treat to enjoy playing with

Doesn’t work. I paid $10 to not be able to stream anything off of my phone and when I try screen mirroring it’s an additional five dollar charge. This seems like a waste of my money and I would like my money back.

Waste of money. Can’t stream Crave or web channel won’t load

Scam. Doesn’t work and super expensive. Will keep charging you.

Does not work. Please do not download it does not work at all.

Terrible app. It never connect to the firstick ! I have to reboot everything 2 or 3 time to connect and then if I want to change what I’m going to cast I go through the whole process again! Awful software , it finds the fire stick is rejoining but never does

Waste of money. Paid $9.99 for an app to cast from my phone to my TV … and when I go to do that it tells me I need to pay ANOTHER $9.99 for an add-on to allow it. Are you serious!? I want my money back.

Doesn’t do what it says. Don’t buy this! It doesn’t actually let you mirror to the TV

😠. This is a scam, you took 10$ and your still asking me for 7$ to use the miroir !

Garbage. Doesn’t work very complicated trash waste of time and money

Ripoff. There’s better apps that do the same thing for free. This app charges you $10 to download and then another $5 to actually access screen sharing features

Sounds doesn’t cast and it auto connects to wrong tv. This was a terrible purchase. It doesn’t work the app auto connect to the wrong TV in the house and when you do finally get it to connect the sound doesn’t play.

Horrible app. Don’t waste your money. This app is a joke. They charged me $10 and I assumed I would be able to cast streaming video from my phone to my Amazon Fire TV. No dice. I need to pay another $5 for a plug-in that allows for screen sharing. Misleading app. It’s also slow and buggy. Do not pay money for this. I wish I could get a refund, but will settle for writing this bad review in hopes that others do not make the same mistake.

Did not work!@. I tried all available instructions and was unable to get this app to work. Refund please!!

Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work at all and some of the features send you on an endless loop with broken links. I ended up buying the whole bundle packaged with other apps hoping that was the solution, but now I can’t even figure out how to get a refund. Throw 15$ down a kitchen sink waste disposal thing instead of buying these apps, you’ll get a lot more of your money’s worth.

Not flexible. Trying to cast from streaming devices on phone and it doesn’t work. Waste of money

Used to work. It used to work fine with my fire tv, but not anymore. My fire stick and iphone are on the same wifi, but the app says “No Fire TV Discovered”. Please fix the issue and update the app. Thanks.

Waste of money. I downloaded this app to run apps from my phone to the Fire tv only to realize I had to pay more money to do that. I want my money back.

Horrible experience. I can’t seem to use the one website I need to cast , waste of time and money

Does not work. This app is useless and does not work at all I paid 9.99 for nothing and want my money back

Crappy - won’t work with LG TV. This app is a rip off. It doesn’t work at all. Your Home Screen on the app wants you to pay more money for different functions. Would not recommend to anyone.

Sucks. But you know that

Can not really stream off your phone don’t get it. It was a lie it doesn’t work how you’d think I want my money back

Video and tv cast. App is terrible. Don’t waste your money.

Doesn’t work. Trying to use the TSN app through this app and it doesn’t work.

Does not work. Crap interface.. Do not waste your money. Simply does not work.

Worst app ever. Does not work with pivo and all videos stall. Useless app.

Not working at all. I downloaded the app but it’s not syncing with my fire tv. Waste of money.

Poor playback quality. Bought this app to playback my personal videos from my iPhone on a FireTv. Had to upgrade to pro Version. However , even so, the videos were distorted to the point, it was not worth the effort.

I can’t cast. I have a fire stick and a fire tv and none of them worked. I’m trying to cast the playoff from my cellphone to the tv’s and nothing is working… I just lost 10$

Ça ne fonctionne pas. Ça ne fonctionne pas avec mon (Fire cube)..

Need to buy add on to stream app content. Not cool

Do not purchase. This app is broken. Should not be released. Stealing peoples money for this garbage.

Nag screens painful. Please make this auto connect and cast. No nag screens! Make it seamless

Mauvais bad bad bad. Non juste en anglais marche meme pas tres decu d’avoir payer dans le vide

Doesn’t work. Won’t connect to tv at all, waste of money

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terrible. I downloaded this as a replacement for airplay/cast that would cast a movie to the tv. not at all how it worked. just mirrors your phone screen and the only sound plays through the phone and movies do not even stream on the tv. just the phone. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND SPEND MONEY ON THIS

Horrible and deceptive. It does not screen mirror apps. It does not screen mirror anything on my 2 month old iPhone and gen4 fire stick. No way to get a refund. You have to PAY Before you find out it doesn’t work. Absolutely furious. It only plays it’s how to video.

This DOES not do live cast!!!. I downloaded and PAID for the upgrade so I could live cast my church services. It will not do that. It will only cast recorded videos

Waste. I just wasted $7. It’s frozen on my tv screen and I cannot even connect. On the iPhone it just leads to more charges. I just wanted to be able to have Apple Fitness on my tv so I can workout but this is not happening. I am very disappointed. What a scam - is there a way to get a refund?

Bad experience. disappointing experience , after buying it I found out that I can’t do screen mirroring and I’d have to buy the screen mirroring app. Separately, NOT only that but also when u want to play video through personal media it say that I don’t have videos or music , it works for Pictures only It’s a waste of money !!

Misleading!!!!. This app would not connect at all, even after I went through all the troubleshooting. They should at least let people confirm connection before stealing their money. I want a refund!

Streaming tap fit. Super easy to install

Worst piece of garbage ever. This app needs to connect to our FireTV stick before it can cast the program. We bought it specifically to cast the Philadelphia Orchestra’s performances. It rarely can find our FireTV to cast to it. We have a fast, up to date Verizon FioS wifi router. Everything else works great except for this crappy software. Don’t buy it! Run away.

Slow start. Haven’t gotten it to work yet. Maybe I’ll review it once it starts working It’s not doing what I need. Whether that’s my fault or the fault of the app I can’t say. Either way I’m deleting it and requesting a refund.

Misleading description. Bought this to be able to screen share. Not user friendly, and you have to pay another fee to access this feature.

Quirky. Confusing to use. Not able to connect to FireStick as advertised. Was able to connect through Chromecast device using alternate version of app. Value of the app questionable.

Total waste. Keeps saying can’t connect to my fire stick. Reinstall and refresh/start over and the. Still getting the same error. I’m pretty tech savvy and this is just a total waste of your time and money.

Please fix the connection issues.. This app decides when it wants to connect to my tv and when it doesn’t. Extremely annoying considering I paid for this.

Great to Discover!. I’m looking forward to using this!!

Never works on my FireTV. Bought all the apps. Never works on my Fire Tv at home, dissapointing

Horrible. I got this app because, apparently, you cannot screen mirror an iPhone with a fire stick. I thought the app and once logged in, found out it is an additional charge to cast with your phone. The app is called “Video & Cast for Fire TV” What the heck…..

Works when it wants to. I paid for the Pro and I still have to restart my devices constantly because it won’t connect a lot of time wasted.

Fully functional design but difficult to navigate the app. If the app worked more seamlessly it would get 5⭐️

Always disconnecting. Although I love this app it is always losing connection with my fire stick and I have to power it off. Very frustrating don’t waste your money

Works great. The best app no problems mirroring everything you name it

Can’t get it to connect to Fire Stick. All I can get is offers to sell more apps

TV CAST PRO. paid for this app, and there are links to use, but wanting me to pay for another app just to use link, why is link there on a paid app, and trying to get me to buy another app for what looked or appeared to be a feature but wasnt!!! so stupid!!! rating one star for this alone!!!

Very non intuitive. I have had this app for less than 5 minutes and already I feel cheated. Different prices on different apps, not everything unlocks by paying… it’s not easy to figure out at all. Don’t waste your money

It doesn’t stream correctly. I am so mad I spent money on this. Trying to watch a collegiate game and it is two periods behind what is steaming on the phone it is connected to. I try to re start and re set and it goes back to 1/2 time. The game only has about 10 minutes left. Worst buy to date!

Do not buy. I noticed after purchasing that others had the same issue. I tried all of the resolutions your company recommended and nothing worked. I would like my money back.

Waste of my money. I can kiss these few bucks goodbye. Purchasing an app and trying to get a refund isn’t worth the effort and they know it. Maybe so should sell an app and just depend on others like myself not to pursue the refund . Unless you know someone personally who is satisfied, I would suggest not purchasing it.

scam. bought this so i could mirror videos from my iphone 8 into fire tv stick, when i finally got it connected i would cast a video from my “personal media” and every picture and video had the same link which was like a 5 second demo video Every time

Don’t waste your money. If I could give zero stars I would. Bought this specifically to watch a live show with friends and after an hour and a half of trying to get this app to work we ended up having to watch it on an iPad. Find a different app. This won’t ain’t it.

Great app.. It’s probably the best streaming/mirroring app out there for the Fire TV. Has its bugs, but so do them all. 5 stars.

Wish There Was. Refund Option. We always take a gamble when downloading an app. The disappointment is when you’ve purchased the app and it doesn’t work and or you need to purchase additional app or upgrade in order to perform the task the app was supposed to perform. This was a big bummer.

Auto connects to wrong device. I want my money back! This did not work and would not connect to my fire stick. It keeps connecting to all the other devices in the house but not the one I wanted. I even turned off the auto connect and still did it. Talk about aggravating everyone in my house.

TERRIBLE. This app is complete CRAP! Seriously. Downloaded the app and paid for it for the app NOT to work !!!!! okay, so I tried to re download the app for them to make me pay for it again!!! Okay I paid for it AGAIN and the app STILL HASNT WORKED! What a load of crap and a waste of $13

I’m too stoopid. I’m simply too stupid to make this work for me. And after fudging around for an hour it looks like I have to purchase an add-on for another $4. Not doing it. Waste of time and money. App support just tells me “Sorry. We are trying.” Total waste of my pension money.

Doesn’t work. I spent 6.99 on this app for it to let me select pictures to cast to my Tv, and then it does nothing and gives you zero direction on how to work the app. It’s a joke and I lost out on $6.99 over a made up app that doesn’t work.

Enjoying it!. This app works great with the Firestick, had a couple of glitches, but now that I’m using my iPad Pro, I’ve had no problems!

Total SCAM - does not work - protect your credit cards. This is the most extreme example of vaporware I've ever even heard of. The base app does not cast, they want you to buy a separate app. That doesn't work. Then suddenly a flurry of fraudulent activity on my Apple accounts. Avoid this illegal scam like the plague!

First impression. Not the easiest app to use or figure out at first. The connection lags and cuts out frequently. When it’s streaming correctly it’s great but that’s maybe 50% of the time.

Love it. When ever I watch my stuff I can now broadcast it and I recommend it 100%

Absolute Necessity. These apps are a must have. So far every video I’ve played has worked without so much as a flicker. Nice job!

Can not use. I bought this app as it came up on my fire stick when trying to watch Facebook live. However it doesn’t sync with my phone unless I have fire T device and I only have the fire stick. Waste of $7

This app does not work! Refund please!. Please refund my purchase. This app does not work. I found another way to cast to my fire stick and did not have to pay for an app using this other method. Please refund my purchase of the Video & TV Cast Pro for $6.99! Thank you.

Does not work also need to download 3 other apps. It does not work like it says it should you also need to download three other apps to kind of make it work but then it is so slow that it doesn’t work anyway.

It’s great, BUT...!. It’s great when it’s working. But it drops the cast A LOT. Still, it’s free and you can watch most of your fave news channels, live. You just have to be patient and be ready to relaunch and reconnect 3-4 times per hour.

Totally disappointed a waste of $6.99. You have to pay for app and then pay for the ability to screen mirror after paying for the app. Total scam and a cash cow for developers. Do not recommend it at all.

App does not always connect to your tv. This app has so many issues that it’s annoying. It has only connected to my tv about 4 times since I’ve had it and I’ve had it for a few months now. Definitely not worth the headache

Scam.... You think you’re able to cast your screen, but no, you have to pay another $1.99 for a different app to do that. And then if you read the reviews on that app, it becomes clear that audio is not supported. So you end up paying $9 for two apps, none of which stream audio when sharing your screen.

It does what it says.. If it’s a public video link you can basically redirect your firetv to it. However it’s not like a true mirror cast that can mimic your phone screen like iPhone -> Apple TV

No sound. For my fire TV, this app only plays a few seconds of each video, then kicks you out if the video. Never any sound either. I’ll be seeking a refund

Many video formats unsupported. This includes video files in your camera roll. They play fine locally but video is black when sent to the fire stick. Works fine on the Roku version, not sure what the problem is

Connection issues. Every time there is a connection issue, too long to reset everything, still doesn’t work over half the time

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TV Cast Pro for Fire TV 3.9 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the TV Cast Pro for Fire TV app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting and other users?

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TV Cast Pro for Fire TV 3.9 Apps Screenshots & Images

TV Cast Pro for Fire TV iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.9
Play Store de.2kit.cast-browser-firetv-pro
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

TV Cast Pro for Fire TV (Versiyon 3.9) Install & Download

The application TV Cast Pro for Fire TV was published in the category Photo & Video on 17 June 2016, Friday and was developed by Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This program file size is 44.19 MB. This app has been rated by 6,744 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. TV Cast Pro for Fire TV - Photo & Video app posted on 13 February 2024, Tuesday current version is 3.9 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.cast-browser-firetv-pro. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting Developer
TV Cast Pro for Fire TV App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

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Find on this site the customer service details of TV Cast Pro for Fire TV. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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