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TV Cast for LG webOS App Description & Overview

What is tv cast for lg webos app? Watch any web-video, online movie, livestream or live tv show on your LG Smart TV with webOS and NetCast. Enjoy the show on your big screen with the no#1 web video streamer.

With Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV you can browse the web and stream any web video, online movie, livestream or live tv show you want on your LG Smart TV. Mp4, m3u8, hls livestreams and also video-over-https are supported.

There is no time limit at all! You can watch videos of 2 minutes or 2 hours or even more. Just open Video & TV Cast, navigate to a website, wait for link detection and send the video with a single tap to your LG Smart TV. The discovered link will be shown below the browser. A tap on the link will start the show. You don't need to install a big media server like Plex or any other third party software.

>>> Important Notes

* To enable video casting please open the LG App Store (LG Smart World / LG Content Store) on your TV, search for 'TV Cast' and install the companion app.

* Please enter the ip-address of your iPhone/iPad by using the number pad and up/down/left/right keys on your TV Remote or scroll wheel on your Magic Remote. Just enter the numbers, no need to press the enter key.

* iTunes movies, Flash video and DRM protected videos like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Xfinity, HBO now are not supported!

* Please test your favorite videos with the free edition before upgrading!

* Please use the hardware remote of your LG for controlling the TV app and video playback.

* The app streams only the video part of a website and not the whole website content (No screen or tab mirroring!).

* Sometimes it is necessary to play the video on your iPad or iPhone first before it gets discovered by the app for streaming. It may also be neccessary to start casting multiple times until it works with specific videos.

* If a specific video is not working, please check the FAQ on the app startpage. If that does not help you, please drop us an email before leaving a negative comment on the App Store. We will try to add support for that website as soon as possible.

>>> UPGRADE FEATURES (available as in-app purchases)

* Premium Edition: Unlocks all of the features listed here. Also future features are included, so you do not have to pay for them when they are released in an updated app version.

* Remote Playbar: Use the Playbar for advanced video control while browsing, including video scrubbing, forward, rewind, play, pause, stop. The playbar works on all LG Smart TVs.

* Local Videos: Cast your camera roll videos from an iPhone or iPad. Supports mp4, m4v and mov videos that were saved to the camera roll via Apples SD-Card/USB Adapter, iTunes Desktop Software or third party apps.

* Ad-Blocker: Blocks ads & popups on most websites and removes the sponsoring ads from the app. You can update and enable/disable ad-blocking at any time in the settings.

* Bookmarks: Save unlimited website bookmarks. Synchronize and transfer them between different TV Cast apps and iOS devices by using backup and restore via iCloud.

* Desktop Mode: Change the browser user-agent and cloak your iPhone/iPad as a desktop PC to load the desktop website instead of a mobile website. Please note that this will NOT enable video casting on websites that serve Flash videos in desktop mode.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with LG Electronics or any other trademark mentioned here.

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App Name TV Cast for LG webOS
Category Photo & Video
Updated 24 February 2023, Friday
File Size 35.18 MB

TV Cast for LG webOS Comments & Reviews 2023

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Disaster. I downloaded this app for free. After casting once, it stopped functioning the way it was. I decided to get the premium thinking that this might help improve the service but I was wrong!!! I just wasted $6.99 for this crap. Videos takes forever to load and it keeps in buffering... while when trying to load the videos on my phone (without casting it on my tv) they were working perfectly fine!

Works perfectly when you learn how to use it. This app is great but it’s not self explanatory. The negative reviews are from users that likely did not get it to work to its full potential (the casting is not just limited to the web browser within the app, you can cast any sort of streaming app to the TV). I wanted to provide advice for how I was able to use it. To cast an app (ie HBO, Netflix, etc.): - connect phone to TV using the IP address instructions - exit this app and go to the app you want to watch a show on - launch video within that app - click on the casting symbol (usually in the top right corner when the video is launched) - click view Airplay devices, and select your TV from the list The video should launch on your TV, and you should be free to use your phone for other things. Hopefully this is helpful, don’t give up on the app too early! As long as you don’t mind an ad or two before your video connects, the free version works just fine.

Screen mirroring should be free and included with your tv since you payed for it.. The screen mirror feature is something that should be included with your tv for free. After all, you pay for a smart tv for these features. This app only lets you play videos from web browser links (but once you play it you have to buy the play bar so you can't rewind or anything like that, you also can't change the volume.) For the screen mirror you have to pay 4.00 more dollars. I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated by the fact that I can't use my tv for what I bought it for.

Works great with MotoGP. Only gripe I have is the directional pad on the remote changes the IP address fields both during video playback and setup for the LG TV WebOS app. This causes you to reconfigure after video playback. A minor annoyance. It would be great if the dpad would rewind and fast forward during playback. So this isn’t the correct forum to complain, but the LG App Store doesn’t allow reviews. And the app developer didn’t ask for reviews to improve the app.

Nested in-app and terrible security. First, after the $9 you get 8 more “pro version” ones each cost additional. Never enable WiFi on a smartTV and LG in particular, it has telemetry that reports everything and so does this. What location you watch what show and access to discover and identify other things? So while apple is pretty good about things I do this stuff all day and since 30y ago so I can sniff Bluetooth and inspect what it sends to who just fine. It’s too much and I’ll call them out on it later because I care about your privacy even if you don’t care

Yay! You saved me!. Thank you for this app! For someone tech in-Savvy, this was the easiest solution for playing a business related video from a website right to my new smart tv! For a moment I though the TV may be smarter than me, but not anymore!

Just uninstalled it. This app works but not very well. It’s riddled with ads and slow. When the video finally does show up on screen it’s cloudy and hard to make out. It’s like this app literally took your small video and expanded it keeping the terrible quality on a large screen. I’ve heard the paid version isn’t much better either. This app needs extreme improvement before I’ll even bother giving it a second shot. It’s easier to just use your phone or even the TV itself, since both are fully capable of using browsers and watching videos. The connection is a hassle and I don’t recommend it.

Great once you figure it out. This app works really smoothly once you figure out the setup and all the steps needed to cast. I bought the premium version because I know this will be my go-to casting app. Worth the price to avoid the ads and set your browser homepage.

Works great on a tv to old to accept updates. My tv was top of the line 5 years ago. Has features that are still not in some TVs now. All the apps started to fail due to no more updates. This app makes it work better than it has in years. I bought the premium which is well worth it.

Works almost perfectly. This works well. Once in a while it doesn’t work but I use it A LOT. We don’t have Netflix but we have a streaming service with Netflix originals. We cast the website using the web browser tool. 👍👍

Bad. Too complicated and busy and hard to get it to work. Chromecast and Apple TV both do this same stuff 100 percent easier. I guess because this is a 3rd party app there are limitations. But after spending good money on their tv, you’d think LG themselves could provide a free app that worked more seamlessly. I started to use this app tonight to stream a concert from a website to my OLED. Gave up finally and just connected to the Apple TV instead and it was working in 2 seconds on the OLED.

Just wish I found this app 3 months ago. Very easy to install and the upgrade for popup blocker is worth it! Some things stream better on my iPhone than my laptop but was having trouble streaming with iPhone 6+. It was later I learned that iPhones only stream to appletv products easily. This app closes that gap and now can stream anything on my LGTV!

Can't use my mobile while streaming !. I like this app but the problem is that doesn't work in the background you have to keep the app always open and once you go out the streaming disconnected automatically !

Doesn’t work at all. I tried this on my new LG TV and 3 different apple devices. I followed all the instructions and on the surface it seems like it’s going to work... but then nothing ever plays for more than half a second. It is in a constant state of buffering. I read the help and made sure my WiFi was on the preferred channels. That didn’t help. I have a mesh network with an extremely strong signal, so i know my WiFi isn’t an issue. I was really hoping this would work. But it’s a waste of time.

App works fine. The app works well and the ads you have to watch are short if you don’t get premium. I’m still trying to figure out why I need an app to cast from my iPad and iPhone. Vizio links up without one - this is something for LG to consider!

once in a while it works. The number of annoying things about this app is too high to cover them all. You have to use the browser within the app to get to your video. If you have a long URL that you can’t copy (eg, in subscription sites) you have to retype into the app’s browser. It will not work with live streams. The popup that asks you to choose video quality makes the video stop playing, which prevents the app from connecting. Then another popup appears immediately (before you can get the video restarted) asking if it’s working, which again overrides video controls. The “Is it working” popup tells you to wait at least 30 sec before hitting retry; why not wait the 30 seconds before popping up?? If you chose the “free” version, ads will pop up that REQUIRE you to sign up with credit card for something before you can close them. I went for the premium version and the best I can say is that I got it to work once. Spend your money on a TV streaming device that allows you to mirror your small screen instead.

Awesome. I would only recommend changing the color of the “Tap here to cast video” at the bottom whenever a new video link is discovered. I keep replaying the same video thinking it was a new video that was casted. Just a simple feature to make it a little more simple to use. Still awesome!

So glad I found this!!!. It’s so simple to use, NO ADS during the show (there may be only 1 or two before an episode starts) and great picture quality with a full screen option! And you can still use other apps on your phone while it still plays on screen! I’ll definitely be using this app as my sole screen mirroring app! 😁

Too difficult, too many ads, have to pay for features. Title pretty much sums it up. They claim to have an ad blocker but you have to pay $7 for premium to turn it on. As it is there’s way too many ads. It will work to stream a video from phone to smart tv, but it’s just too time consuming to consistently do so. Want to fast forward or rewind? Well there’s a playbar that may allow you to do that but you have to pay for that feature too. If the app was better designed I’d gladly pay $7, but having to type in different IP addresses every time you open/close app is just idiotic. I would give app 3 stars based on it doing what it claims, but ads and inconvenience drop it 1 star. Do better!

Worst excuse for a piece of software. I’d give less than one star, but..., not available. A 1,000th of a star would be TOO much. Every time I try this app before watching a program it jumps to selling stuf (actually another 4 letter word with the same first letter). It just recycles ad after ad after ad and never launches program. THEN - if it does “start to cast” the TV then infinitely buffers. Oh is it the TV ? Right - you work with LG to lock up the service, so it is expected that this is a tech integration that should would - no? I get it it’s free and they want to make money. However, the people behind this app should be embarrassed to tell anyone what they do. I bet you only hire the dumb bunny engineers. Or, you are - like - fake? How could one trust buying the paid version, when the trial just so completely lame!

This app doesn’t work. You must pay for everything. Downloaded the app and paired it via the IP address they provided and then I get to a screen where it immediately offers me packages. I skip that and then try to cast something and another screen comes up telling me about packages. You basically can’t do anything with this app unless you buy some kind of package. Although they’re relatively cheap it’s not a free app at all and doesn’t nothing without you spending money.

Complete utter garbage. First itunes says download in box so free right wrong they charge me almost 11$ for down loading then after down load it tells me to configure ip address so i type in now it says connected but each time i try to start a video it says not connected and ask me to buy add blocker as well complete scam thanks for the rip off appreciate it itunes and lg as well oh yeah got to work it crazy i cant believe i just spent 10$ bucks for this wont even go to full screen give me money back please ill delete np

Worked to a degree. I was able to connect fine, and get a video to start to load on my TV but, the video never fully loaded and never played I left it go for over an hour loading for it to never work. All the while the app loaded about 10 ads one of which had no way of exiting it so I had to close the app and redo everything, I’m fine with ads the developers gotta make money but only if the app actually works, deleting now!

It works, but on just.. Update, I can't believe how low you can go but LG found a way. This updated version bypasses me ad block and managed to download a ad payload that bricked my iPad. What a greedy stupid ad on to a troubled app. I spend a fortune for a TV installed a app for my personal device I paid for and now I get forced ads I don't want and need. I can't tell what's worst, the ads pop up on the iPad or the insanity of the TV app that fights you at every turn. When you select casting, it will throw up updates or pictures on how to do it. Just about anything other than what you wanted to do. Then asking you press OK. There isn't an OK on the remote. Brilliant. Then after dealing with the poor TV app, this app asks you every time, mind you, if the app worked. Really? Every time? Just not very well put together. But it does have more ads. Yea, more ads.

When it’s good.... When it’s good, it’s good! But boy has it been troublesome lately. It starts, buffers, plays, rinse and repeat and a 22 minute episode becomes 30-40’minutes - not efficient. Also too it stops playing suddenly around the same mark no matter what for certain episodes. Not sure why channel apps in this day and age do not yet have tv cast [TBS does] capability —- sad and frustrating. Note to developers: make the ads pop up elsewhere on screen instead of on the video.

Thank you. This app is the only one that actually works on a LG TV this is like my 4th time looking for one and this app was the first one to BE THE BEST! I give this a 3 stars because I kinda want like apps that you have installed in your device already so you can click on there not search on web but it’s still good anyways I get to watch PBS KIDS Wild Kratts on my TV Again it was not working before on my LG TV in the web. And if that was fix I would give 4 stars. Last ONE is for 5 STARS: I want this app to work on every TV not just LG TV. God bless you. <3

Works with VRV. I was sad VRV didn’t have any type of smart TV app but this actually worked to stream episodes of Bravest Warriors for me using the mobile website. So far I haven’t had any issues with lag either so color me impressed.

Almost Perfect App!. This app does a five star job casting videos to your compatible smart TV. I am downgrading it to four stars because of two deficiencies. It requires you to manually enter your iPhone or iPad IP address every time you use a different device. It's a small but annoying deficiency. The TV app needs to be updated to remember several device IP's, and scan for the active device on launch. It also doesn't display stills from the device photo library, a major omission.

Question. I’ve used this in the past, and it works fine. But I have a question: There’s a website that I’d like to stream (crunchyroll), but on a tablet, it requires you to get the app. Is there a way to force the desktop website? I also don’t really want to buy the screen mirroring right now.

Best app. I don’t know why this only has star rating of 3.3?! Y’all have to give this guys some excellent credit for connecting wirelessly. I love this app and I use it 24/7 cuz my kids love watching movie so it makes it super easy for me. And on top of that, I can play her movie and still watch my own movie or just simply using other apps. This app is certainly a life saver, and if I could rate this a 10 I would do so. Thank you for making an awesome app that does what it’s supposed to do.

Difficult to navigate. Wish I could rate it -10, because the app is worthless. It is definitely not user friendly. I’ve dealt with Chromecast which is much more intuitive, and this app doesn’t come close. add insult to injury, before you can even get it work, to cast to the tv, it asks you to upgrade for $9.99! 😳That is almost laughable because the free crap doesn’t even work! Developers, go back to the drawing table and earn your salaries, ‘cause you have a boatload of work to do!

Difficult and expensive. I have to use arrows to enter an IP address and then still can’t mirror without paying? Garbage, get a real TV like a Vizio that is so much easier to use... And now support lies. On my Vizio I just type a 4 digit number on my phone’s keypad... (way easier than arrows to type an IP address) and I can do EVERYTHING this app offers and more for free. Complete integration, no charges no ads, no headaches. And the Visio was cheaper. And the Visio has gained features over time... all free. LG CAN provide a full feature app without ads for free and develop new features for it... they choose not to because they don’t care about customers as much as they care about $$$.

Everything works - It’s “ok” for an app. All the features do work. Sometimes the instructions aren’t 100% clear but after some trial and error it’s easy to understand the app. It does feel pretty dated though and I feel that’s where its not quite as user friendly as it could be. Unfortunately it’s pretty much the only option out there on the App Store. Shame LG doesn’t make an up to date app with all the same abilities. LG does make an app but it’s also not very user friendly, a little dated and lacks some of the key capabilities this app has.

Works perfectly fine. I’m using this to stream all my favorite anime shows straight from the Funimation website and works perfectly fine.I’ve quickly learned that you don’t have to pause from the casting app, you can do it from the remote! I just wish I was able to cast a playlist w/o having to re cast/re connect to play another episode.

Wonderful!. No bugs or buffering and fantastic resolution. I was starting to lose hope as I could not find anything that worked with my iPhone and my lg tv. Streamsmart is a low res, laggy mess. This is amazing! Thank you!!!

Good for the price. I'm sure the paid version of this app is even better than the free. It may be something I do decide to purchase in the near future. I would say 5 stars would require an update as a new user so that I may gain more experience in the app and the possible paid version as well before offering up a 5 star review. But as of now there is not much to complain about and so 4 stars and a possible update for 5 after I purchase the full app and test its perks. Thanks!

AWESOME!!. Works like a charm! Just bought a new LG TV and had no problem connecting and casting between this app and the TV. All it takes is installing this app on my iPhone and the TV Cast app on my TV, and snap, I’m casting like a pro! Wish all apps worked as easily as this one and did everything they claimed they could do, like this one!

Works fine for me. I read a great deal of the reviews and almost didn’t give this a chance based on what they said. So far it has worked great for me! I am watching 30-45 minute yoga videos and I have experienced zero problems as it stands. The picture quality is great, the ads don’t seem to be a huge bother and it’s a pretty easy to navigate app. I’m not sure what is happening to all the other users but I haven’t experienced any of the problems they have listed. I would at least give it a chance, worst case scenario it doesn’t work and you move on. Best case, it works fine:)

Suggestions. So, this app is the best amongst the other ones that need money to work or don’t work at all. Everything is great but could you make it run more smoother and faster connection speed. That would make this app the very best. Thanks,

Easy Cast to LGTV. easy setup. works with any website and videos you can load in Safari browser. you will need to make in app purchase to control playback position, e.g., forward, rewind, jump to different parts of the video.

Does the job. It’s not particularly easy to start with the wall of text when you open the app, but once you get through that, set up is simple enough. And although it works I do have to re-try casting at least twice with each video to get it to initially start. Plus if the show has a commercial break I have to recast after each one. It’s just frustrating when you’re trying to do something around the house to keep having to come back and restart. But you get what you pay for. This does the job and in the end, that’s the most important thing....

5- Star Soon. A little more testing, I will buy the full version to make it a 5. Better than pay cable, as you can watch any and around the world. Update: very much improved! From 4 to 5 stars! Because of continuous updates of my own smart tv and this app, they became friends and gave me a great source of entertainment! Now how do I get its premium?

Not completely worthless, but also not great. Pretty limited capabilities unless you’re willing to pay to do the functions you might expect it to “come with”, and the things it *can* do typically come with ads. Example: Can you stream/broadcast a video from your phone’s camera roll? Yes, *but* only the last three videos you’ve taken - otherwise you have to pay. There are so many “yes, but...” situations that, for me, it’s not really worth having.

Don’t tell us not to write bad reviews. That’s what it says, when you’re done trying to troubleshoot why this app won’t work. And we will still come here and write them. Because your app should be user-friendly if you want good reviews. I’ve spent hours on the phone with the cable company, doing the work a tech should do- resetting the modem, renaming the network, etc. I shouldn’t have to do that for an app. If my device and my “smart” TV are on the same WiFi network, then the screen sharing should just. Work. One star, LG! 🤷‍♀️

Takes a bit to learn but operates well. So there’s some learning to be done when you start this process especially with tuning the IP and searching for your website but nothing overall crazy to be honest and once everything is set up, it runs well, overall pretty good.

Worked at first. But then the app began making it difficult for me to even make it to the page I was attempting to mirror from. Pop ups taking me to pages I didn’t ask it to and what’s worse!? If I actually make it to the player, it either won’t play or plays for a little while and then it abruptly stops! And they want you to pay for it!??? Lmmfao that will NEVER happen playboy. Why would I ever pay for something that barely works for free!? What sense does that make? You haven’t given me a single reason to be confident enough in your little app to spend a dime.

Does the Job!. This app works well. Nothing to fear in downloading it and using. The user interface is cumbersome, particularly on the TV. But once you figure it out, it's super simple. I'm writing this review to make two suggestions: 1) add a history cache so you can easily find old links 2) the TV portion should be able to display timecode for videos.

Don’t waste your money buying pro. I wanted to test the app out but found it oddly difficult to navigate. Don’t waste your money buying the pro app it’s just as terrible. I can’t get anything to stream to my tv except videos I have in my camera roll which is pretty much useless. I’ll be requesting a refund since this app promises so much and delivers so little. I can’t cast from browser like it shows. I managed to get ads playing while my phone is trying to cast a movie.

Amazing. This app is amazing I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and most of you are too stupid to understand that even if you are on the same Wi-Fi network you still have to change your TV IP through the TV Cast (LG) app to match your smart phone

Very cool & fun to use. I’ve installed the app about a month ago and I use it almost daily ever since, watch online tv shows or movies. You can fast forward & backward, play on full screen, pause. You have control over it all. Recommended if you don’t have an alternative.

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No good for sharing videos from phone. I was hoping to watch videos I recorded on my phone on the tv but it only works with short 30 second videos. Mine are all 5-50 minutes and they just get stuck in a never ending loop of optimising.

Doesn’t work good. The app doesn’t work as expected. Waste spending $11 on it. There is only limited functionality in it. There is no cast option available. It asks to purchase another app. That’s very bad.l especially when already paid for full version.

Great. Great app! I can connect my phone to my TV and do my workouts at home. I have no t me to go gym with a newborn.

This is useless. Who the hell watches anything through URL’s in 2020?!? There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to cast from other streaming apps onto the TV other than pure greed from LG. It feels great spending thousands on a TV and hundreds in streaming services a year yet I cannot view them at all except on my phone. I have no idea why this is a paid app other than them trying to fleece you for their own incompetence. This is the most anti consumer product I’ve seen in a very long time. What a toxic concept. I’ve never written a review on anything before but I must warn people of this cancer. Wish I could give it 0 stars.

Clunky. This app is clunky slow. To invest money in it would be a waste. You pretty much have to delete reinstall app every time you want to cast.

Poor Quality. I’m disappointed in the quality of picture with the cast in full screen.

Ad caster!. Wanted to use this to cast a streaming app, but all I could cast were ads. The app is so focused on delivering advertisements it seems unable to deliver content. I am not interested in paying for an ad blocker and/or going premium if I can’t even get the free version working. It’s not worth the risk. An hour of my life I will never get back.

Works well. Works well. Many available upgrades to buy if you choose to.

Appalling. Really unfriendly to use, very cumbersome and enormously clunky. This is my first ever review after several years of using apps. I felt compelled to advise anyone trying the app that it really is not user trouble, it really is that bad! I had to give it one star to pay this review - it wouldn’t get one otherwise.

Very happy Chappy. Very nice app. Easy to use and with a good internet connection it is pretty quick.

Hopeless compared to Chrimecast. I’ve used a Google Chrimecast2 device connected to HDMI port on a dumb $200 TV for two years. Then I upgraded to 75-inch LG UHD smart TV that cost 16x more. But ‘casting’ from iPhone to LG is infinitely more difficult than Chromecast. This LG app requires DNS numbers to be punched in, etc... though same number is required to be entered by all users worldwide! So why not default that value into app. With 35 years IT experience, I can attest no Dev Mgr ever asked a user what they disliked about LG approach compared to Google. User interface to set-up deserves a ‘Fail’ mark.

When you have the screen mirroring app it is okay. I got the screen mirroring app and now it is not so bad I still hate the Quality because for some reason it is not adjusted for TV if you are going to get this get the screen Mirroring app as well

Problem with new update. trouble sharing screen on tv with new updates as old version was the best and never ever had any problems with old version

Useless. Not user friendly at all. Difficult to set up. Crashes. Freezes. Hopeless. Waste of time downloading, setting up an account, inputting all my info then troubleshooting for an hour to get absolutely nowhere

Rip off. Does nothing it says it does and everytime it fails it tries to sell you something else to fix it

Can’t believe I paid for this. Video voice but no picture the only thing it does well is cast from the web which I can do from the tv anyway.

Tv cast. Can sometimes be a bit frustrating with buffering and slow but overall works well

Misrepresentation. This app is supposed to allow you to screen from your phone onto your TV it does not work for the television stations. So you can’t watch programs on your TV via your phone. This is a very poor representation of a product. I’m happy to be corrected, but I have tried many different ways to screen TV shows without any success.

Does it work?. I only have the basic version downloaded a few years ago. Should it still work?

Best Cast app out there!. Could not be better. Buy premium, so worth it. Seamless

Video and tv cast. Pretty useless so far, and I paid for the bundle to try and get it to actually work. Feeling pretty ripped off right now. It seems all it can do is play your iPad videos (home, not purchased) on the tv..whoo hoo... not.

Requires 3rd party purchases. Don’t recommend this app for streaming or casting for Netflix etc. Works fine for videos from phone or u-tube.

Works well. Works well until it disconnects and you have to start the movie again from the start.

TV cast (LG). So far this has been poor. I have tried to cast TV streaming and it is not working. I then tried buying the ‘ultimate bundle’ and it still does not work. I am trying to stream kayosports which I bought a subscription to. If it continues to not cast, I will be soon asking for a full refund on the purchase of the app.

Life is NOT good when you buy LG. Has never worked. Keeps trying to get me to buy the premium version. After paying 6k for the tv and the free app never working don’t know in what world I would pay for the premium app.

A lot of videos no longer working. Have used the app for a long time and it’s usually been pretty good. However, most videos on certain streaming sites can no longer be streamed to my LG tv :( Seems like the app only supports a few types of video files.

Ads are useless. Ads ads ads, all the time...... I don't need to see ads in my life.... like really.... The ads make me stop using the app and set up the laptop instead! Fix it please....

DO NOT RECOMMEND. This app is great until everything stops working and it makes you pay to “fix” everything. Even after the purchases are made it still doesn’t work, for me anyways. Do not recommend this app at all it just feels as though they are trying to get more and more money off you.

The worst app going around. I’ve not encountered a worse took me over an hour to get set up with my tv and even then I could only get video, no audio to play. Don’t waste your time with it.

Its a goodwebsite but.... Hi i have tried this website before when it was the older version and it was so much better. Now today is harder for me to connect because of how many payments are required to connect to the tv like mirroring wont let me on. I would like the old version back because how easy it was to set up things. 🙁

No good. I have never given a review until now. Tried to cast a movie from my iPad after purchasing the full version and doesn’t work, or I can’t easily find how to. Do Mt recommend at all, waste of money.

Connection issues. This app struggles to connect with the TV takes several restarts of tv and app to get it to work. Then it takes forever to cast online videos

Does not do as it says. This app is free but can not mirror from phone to tv without purchasing another app. Absolutely ridiculous. Especially when I just want to watch a movie that’s on Binge, which for some reason isn’t available on my new smart tv with WebiOS.

Waste of time. Only managed to cast utube videos on how to use app (already have the utube app) and the ads preceding catch-up / on demand tv shows, but not the actual tv show. Maybe you have to purchase the ad-blocker. Easier to use Apple TV

terrible!. Worked the first I tried to use and then wouldn’t work again. And the ads play over and over without showing the actual program. Such a hassle compared to chrome cast.

TV Cast. I would to buy premium edition if this worked in some way, starts playing & gets to first ad & stalls then look at iPad & quality to watch is back, select again then premium or ad question AGAIN then you have to tap to cast again & you re-watch the part you just watched & on & on! So how could anyone possibly buy premium knowing that app doesn’t work... you’d have to be crazy!

Minor problem. When you save a link to your reading list how do you access the reading list after?

Casting TV episode from Apple ITunes Store does not work. Hi I downloaded the Premium version because it said iTunes casting was possible, but I cannot get it to work and there is no tutorial to show how this happens. Please refund me the AUD10,99

LG are fascists for not allowing iPads to stream like any other computer. I’m this close to return my LG TV and exchange it for one that does what it promises .... LG shouldn’t claim it does Airplay when it is selective about what device can and cannot use it

Primitive. Clunky, slow, too many ads, lots of buffering problems even on a fast internet. With such poor performance on the free version of the app, I’m certainly not encouraged to pay to see if ad free version is any better.

Great. Great app use it often with problems on any of the Apple products I own. Recommend this product to anyone looking for a app that is easy to setup and be using without all the bs you get with some product similar to this.

Hitesh. It is great ... it is getting better and better by each upgrade. Makes life easy. Please allow 30 Sec fast forward or backwork.

Trying to stream Twitch made me want to kill mused. Don’t use this app. It’s mind blowing oh terrible. Have the developers ever just watched a user attempt to use it without direction? I’m guessing not because is quite literally the worst app experience I have EVER had. Just wow.

Could this be any less user-friendly?. Followed all instructions- clear as mud. And then pay to buy premium? Seriously? You guys are having a laugh

Pretty useless. Can’t really do anything with this. Crazy to buy a smart tv and be so limited

Total scam. This app is useless. I never bother reviewing these things but have spent so long wasting my time trying to cast to my LG tv with this thing that I feel the need to warn others. Don’t bother buying the ad blocker or play bar either both a total waste of money as nothing from any browser will cast anyway.

Good. I was desperate as I bought 2 HDMI cables and didnt work. Right until i found this app. There is no cable. There is no fuss. Thank you so much for creating this amazing app. Everyone who has LG smart TV must download this app. It is a little bit confusing at first, however at the end it is not so hard to use the app

Falls short in to many ways.. What can I say.. The browser is slow and clunky, not helped by the display of adds. The configuration using IP addresses is a cop out for adding in a proper service discovery, and the menu over all just feels a bit cheap. The idea is a brilliant though. What a shame.

VIDEO & TV CAST FOR LG TV. It can not find my photo album it put my videos in the photo album folder,and when i try to send a photo,which i had t put in the files folder, all it does is buffering,I may as well poured the money down the loo.

Very disappointed. I discovered, after purchasing the extras, that you are only able to cast while in the app. It does not allow you to cast entertainment apps, like Binge, which is not available on your LG TV. Which defeats the whole purpose of why I purchased both the TV and the App in the 1st place.

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If I could give this app 0 stars I would. Bad app, a cash grab as well as always having connectivity issues

Not the best. It sucks works for a bit then stops working they should make a way better app

Doesnt work. Bought the screen mirroring option for 5$ and it doesnt even work.As soon as i go on another app it says that its Not connected on my tv. Waste of money and time

Pay for service?. This is just a normal feature for a smart tv to have, why on earth am I spending my own money to activate it?

Laggy and full of ads, absolute trash. It’s a no from me

Garbage!!!!. Waste of 10 bucks or whatever I paid. Hasn’t worked yet not even once. It just keeps saying connection error. It’s not my connection or anything I’m doing wrong, I’ve since down loaded 2 free ones and they work perfectly fine. Keeps saying connection error so I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!

Tv cast. Sucks

Worst app I’ve had in my life. Save yourself some trucker and don’t download it. Definition of garbage, no cohesiveness all it does it lag. I cannot understand how much this app it. Please don’t waste your time.

Does not work well, it does not work. Useless

No point in A free version when all functions are premium. No point in A free version when all functions are premium

Trying it out, defeated by ads. I wanted to try the app before buying it, as advised in the app description, but so many intrusive ads prevented me from doing that so I gave up.

Crap. Worst app, ever

Brutal. Immediately requires paid pro version

Works great!. Works perfectly on my lg tv!

Not comprehensible. Please describe everything better in the future

Connection errors since last update.. Constantly getting connection errors when playing anything, new update is a little broken.

Bought it. Doesn’t work.. Brutal.

$$$ to cast to my own TV. What’s the point of a smart TV if I need to pay for additional apps to connect to the dam thing. Useless waste of money.

Dismal user interface. Doesn’t work. Spent hours trying to get this to work. Too much user intervention required.

Connection error. Unable to stream videos 70% of the time. It was good in the beginning

Garage. Instant headache. Don’t waste your time

It sucks , waste of time .. Doesn’t work

Worst ever. Complete waste of time

Disappointed. Says on TV it’s playing the proper link but screen is always black.

As bad as the other reviews say. Despite the bad reviews I decided to give it a try. Don’t waste your time, this is truly awful software. They should use this in schools to show students how not to do it. The UX is horrible and struggling through the navigation to the completely useless functionality is completely not worth the time it takes.

Terrible. Really not user friendly Doesn’t work Buffering.

Works Perfectly. I love the app so much that I use it as a browser instead of safari since it’s able to block pop-ups so effectively. TV Casting is also easy to function and really quick.

Worthless Waste of Time. As above!

Tima Kane 08. Impossible to use I gave one star because 0 wasn’t an option

Rip off (a shame to sell this type of app). Absolutely an insult to consumers!!!

Garbage. Can’t cast through apps, waste of time.

Sucks. Doesn’t work

Getting lots of bad gateway errors?. Why and what is that?

Disgusting, waste of time. Turns you free time into frustration :(. It has been two hours setting up and still not working

Do not waste your time. Not as good as before a lot of add and it doesn't work, forces you to upgrade and buy the higher version. i usually never write reviews but do not waste your time on this.

Good but not flawless. It’s a good app but it lags a lot

Could not stream video because sign in process flawed. Awful missed the game because no support and faulty log in script. Subscription paid for a year and no refund. Angry

Confused. You can just add ads to the free version, because you literally cannot do anything with this app. Would not recommend…

Update??. What happened? An update? Sooo disappointing to have to look the ad soo long… I loved this app but now lookin for something else…

Works like a charm!. Love this app. It allows me to watch my favourite show without having to buy a dongle to plug on my smart TV that doesn’t have Roku. Recommend 100%! Stream is crystal clear, no hiccups.

Two thumbs up. Great app, works perfectly & definitely recommend to cast for LG smart TV’s.

Does not let me cast photos without paying more. Tried to use this to cast photos to my TV but have to pay to do that.

Bad app. This app sucks, you have to pay multiple app for mirroring and apple movie doesnt work… 10$ for nothing

Everything is behind a paywall. Trash app trash company. Can’t play a simple video without them wanting more $$$. Don’t waste your time.

Awful, truly bad. Unbelievably bad

Doesn’t work. Been trying for a few hours to cast it on the screen and it won’t work.

Way too expensive. Thought I’d try this app only to see they want you to pay $47.99 for it, no thanks.

Garbage. Awful

Horrible app. It won’t let me cast from other app and have to pay extra for mirroring my screen.

Awful update on LG TV and awful app. This app used to be okay at best , now it’s just trash. LG updated the app on their tv and now nothing seems to cast. Fix your stuff , I can’t believe I paid for this garbage.

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Nice app. I got connected and broadcasting in less than 5 minutes. You do need to have a WiFi network installed and working. It works flawlessly.

The best, exactly what i was looking for!. I have a lg tv with webOs, and its browser is limited so that I could not open streaming sites. This app filled the gap by casting the videos selected in my phone.

Best app on the iPhone. This app is absolutely fantastic. It does a great job with instructions on how to set everything up and works amazingly with a press of a button. Better yet, it’s free! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful app!

Awesome. Takes a few tries but it’s cool to use and I can even play on my phone while the movie plays which is also great because you can watch movies from websites

Pointless. This app is pointless. There’s no way to cast my phone to the tv I own and this app is supposed to support that. However, the point of me having to cast from my phone is because the apps I’d like to stream aren’t available in the LG content store. The frustration comes in when the screen share option isn’t allowed with these apps. Upgraded to premium thinking it would unlock the feature.

Great experience. Works greatly instructions are clear helpful tutorials searching for sites and shows is easy and fast overall great experience

Excellent App. The app is very intuitive. Gives clear instructions and works perfectly with the tv. Definitely give it a try

Videos in minutes. Very impressed. Downloaded the app to my LG TV put in the IP address and voilà it just worked. Wish it worked with photos also though.

Thanks. It was perfect today suddenly it didn’t work I tried to delete it and then ask for it again it doesn’t respond please fix that problem

This is a falsely advertised paid app. This app does absolutely nothing unless you pay for it after download it should be listed in the store as a paid out before you got it further or you cannot configure the app to work with the settings on your phone until it is paid for

To many ads. To many pop ups to try and force you to upgrade. After spending $3200 got a TV you would think LD would make it easy to use their features.

Please update or fix it’s awful after iOS 11 upgrade. Honestly it’s being a useless garbage now it’s closing when I press play and not allowing me to view my content anymore. I’ve put money into all of your TV cast apps and it seems you don’t use any of that for the correcting or perfecting the app and that’s kind of a shame

Game ad is purposely sized larger than phone screen. Game ad is purposely sized larger than phone screen so you are unable to click on the “x” once it comes up. You can just barely see the “x”, and no matter what you try you don’t have the ability to close the ad once it pops up.

Best way to play vids on Tv from decive. I looked for a while to find a way to stream my videos from my device to my tv. This was the best, free, decently rated, working way I found. And it does actually work. 5/5

Worth it!. I have an LG TV from 2012 and this makes it possible to stream to the TV from my iPad and iPhone and block annoying ads at the same time.

Gets the job done. Let’s me watch everything in 60 fps. Yes the user interface is a bit wonky but not too bad. Hopefully it gets better in the future but as of now it does what I want it too

Not bad for free. Works without much effort once setup. Picture quality is not as good as my desktop or laptop WiFi to lg 55lm9600 but It does work if you don’t have any other options. It gets the job done. Just not a pretty perfect picture. Kinda shaded grayish.

Too complicated. It’s too complicated to find a movie other casting sites are better. I love LG but I hope they can step it up with the casting

Error message?. The app worked completely fine for months and it was great! But now it's giving me an Error message on the bottom right corner of the video screen whenever I try to play a video? Help?

Needs work. The apps is pretty good but there is a lot of problems. The connections is horrible it takes for ever to load and at times it doesn’t even work. The only good thing is you put your IP address and it remembers it but the connections is horrible, to many errors and kicks you out need improvement bad

Buy buy buy. This app can do some cool things but not for free. Any setting I pushed on wants me to buy or upgrade to premium. Boo. I already paid way too much for these oled lg tvs. Not spending any more. This should come with the app and options all for free in my opinion. Two thumbs down. I do not recommend unless you have unlimited funds.

Doesn’t Work. I have tried to get it to work with no success. If it eventually works I may adjust my score. One thing would be nice is if your upgrade offer would be something I could get off so I could try to at least get the app working. I will never upgrade when your ad blocks my attempts!

Not worth it. This app only works flawlessly for the first link you stream. If you try another link you wouldn’t be able to. It just continues loading and loading. Buyer beware. I bought the premium edition but it’s definitely not worth it. Disappointed and will never buy again.

Man o man. This app was about to get a five star rating. Til it just gave me buffer after buffer after buffer. Even though I have perfect service WiFi connection on my phone, the movie was already buffered on the website and all I needed to do was cast. However it just kept giving me a loading screen on my tv like it wanted to work but it just couldn’t. One star until it works

Fantastic. This app is fantastic I can cast movies & tv shows to my LG Tv with no problem , only thing is you have to enter IP address from time to time & you get ads in your iPad but other than that it’s fantastic app that’s free, give it a try if u haven’t and you will be sure to like

Just Buy a Chromecast or Firestick. Sure, you can use this app if you love terrible software. Between the ads, the effort to connect a phone, the inability to cast from an app on your phone, and just overall being super slow... this is the most frustrating software I’ve ever tried to use. With the price of a chrome cast or firestick there is absolutely no reason anyone should use this garbage app.

Good app. Once the bugs were taken care of it has become more user friendly.

Waste of time and Money. I tried to install this app that claimed it would be simple to stream your videos on an LGTV. $9.99 for one app, $6.99 just for the LG pro edition and $2.99 for the streaming+ app: which is to go to a web browser and have it mirror your screen, which is a sloppy Interrupting mess and I have buyers remorse 10 mins after purchasing. The app is glitchy, slow and a waste of money.

Best TV Casting App!!. I just love 💕 the TV Cast to LG TV!! It’s so easy to use! Find the channels or episodes you want up watch, pair the apps and hit go!! Thank you for creating something that is so simple and easy to use!!

Awesome app for an LG smart tv. Love it, it works with my LG smart tv , the only thing I would suggest to fix is that sometimes the audio glitches for few seconds. Other than that it works perfect for me .

Complete waste of time. A few years ago casting to this same tv was the easiest thing in the world. I just spent two hours setting this up on my phone/tv trying to watch an episode of big brother. When you try to cast it they just direct you to the cbs app, which you can’t cast from now. Complete waste of time for you, taking something that should be simple and just making it more profitable for them.

Doesn’t work don’t go for it. The videos from web browsers can’t be cast , waste of time. Think god didn’t go for pRO version :(

Kudos!. Thanks for the great app! Now we can watch videos on the other TVs when the kids want to play games in the family room. I want to say thanks to all the great hardworking individuals who put time and money into creating and developing this app. Thanks!

This worked very well!. I was able to watch a home video on our smart TV. It took me quite sometime to figure it out (I’m not so great with technology) but it worked wonderfully!

Please try again after you’ve given this some effort.. I can’t even take this app seriously because of the atrocious “English” that nobody even bothered to proofread. The instructions aren’t written in proper English and the grammar is awful—the verbs aren’t even conjugated correctly. This app is presenting just about every red flag of being some sort of scam that they taught us to look for in high school computer class.

Great App. This app is great for streaming online videos and from your devices. Wish there was fast forward and rewind when watching videos.

Useless. This app’s free version is totally useless. It fails to connect to the videos I choose forcing me to continually try and watching the same obnoxious ad over and over in my attempts. I guess I will continue to watch my videos on my iPad’s small but very clear screen. This app would be great if it did something other than frustrate me to death.

Worst TV app ever. Why am I paying for an app that should be free. Plus it doesn’t even cast directly from phone - that may be avaialable for extra fee. Does not connect from browser and the browser has horrible interface. Not to mention impossible to figure out the connections, options , how to do most anything.

I like it. There were a little problems getting the video to start, but that was easily overcome by reloading the page. I am more than satisfied with this app. You can get any video from a website and have it be played on the tv

Thrilled. So happy to be able to watch Twitch streams on my TV. The person I follow does upload streams to YT, but not all. Perfect for when settling down for bed and I don’t want to watch it on my Kindle.

Not a great app. Got this free version. Glad I didn’t buy. Even when casting my phone media it does not fill the TV screen. The blue background, instruction text and Cast Icon of the app take up MOST of the screen. You can only cast three recent items from your media before needing to buy. I wouldn’t buy even to cast my own media because of how terribly it displays. You just see your own media on a small part of your TV.

Great tv cast. Great video steamer, fast and stable connection with this update thank you for making everything easier with mobile tv without cables connecting to tv , great tv lg cast. 👍

It does work , even for the free version (w/ ads). After some tinkering , I managed to mirror cast my webinars and video podcast , which is the first time ever done mirror casting an IOS device to the LG smart TV w/ webOS

Actually Works!. I’ve tried SO MANY apps trying to cast from my iPhone to LG tv and this app works perfectly. I love the pop-up detector, great bonus feature.

Always faithful. I’ve been using this App and suggesting it to others, even the free version, for years. It is wonderful and is always a faithful sidekick. I’m a video tech.

Quality so far. I haven’t tried streaming anything else, but I was able to google the Masters and watching it on my tv so that’s 5 stars right off the bat.

No audio/Too difficult to use. I have spent HOURS messing with the tv, my phone and this app. I was able to finally get the video to play but it had no sound! After multiple attempts to fix that issue, the video ended up deleted and now I can’t reload it! What a waste of time and trouble!

Hours of family fun!. Our family is loving this app! It makes for a great family night of singing and music for all ages. Only drawback is that I can’t get the app to screen shadow directly from other apps, only from the browser.

Useless. App exists essentially as a useless shell to up-sell users on other paid apps. Minimal native functionality, except for accessing local media files, which can be done by half a dozen other apps that look better and have less intrusive advertising. The actually useful features such as video mirroring are separate, paid apps, that are this app exists solely to sell. A waste of time.

Dhffhgruhdhgh. Too many steps. I’m trying to live stream something from my church’s app but I can’t gat past your front page with the advertisement on it to get to it.

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TV Cast for LG webOS 3.4 Apps Screenshots & Images

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.4
Play Store de.2kit.cast-browser-lg
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

TV Cast for LG webOS (Versiyon 3.4) Install & Download

The applications TV Cast for LG webOS was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-06-02 and was developed by Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This program file size is 35.18 MB. This app has been rated by 19,751 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. TV Cast for LG webOS - Photo & Video app posted on 2023-02-24 current version is 3.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.cast-browser-lg. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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TV Cast for LG webOS App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

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