Frameo [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Frameo is an easy way to share your photos with the people you love. Send photos directly from your smartphone to a Frameo WiFi digital photo frame and allow friends and family to enjoy your best moments. Add a caption to the photo to fully portray your experience!

With the app you can send photos to all your connected Frameo WiFi photo frames wherever you are in the world. The photos will appear within seconds, so you can share the moments as they happen.

Frameo allows you to bring all the wonderful photos that you take with your smartphone into the homes of your loved ones. The Frameo digital picture frame is a social gathering point for the whole family to enjoy.

Use Frameo to:
· Send photos to everyone you love from your family vacation in Spain.
· Allow grandparents to enjoy the big and small experiences of their grandchildren.
· Take a family selfie and send it to the entire family.
· Share that hole-in-one moment you've been practicing for your whole life.

With Frameo it becomes easy to share your moments!

Please note: The Frameo app only works with official Frameo WiFi photo frames.

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Frameo Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using Frameo to share your moments! In this update we have been working on making Frameo ready for Christmas, so it's easier than ever to share your Christmas memories with your loved ones. This release includes: - Added functionality that allows the app to connect to frames via local networks for faster transfer speed. - Added support for Vietnamese, Bulgarian and Russian languages. - Improved experience for sharing photos and videos stored in iCloud. - Various performance improvements and bug fixes. As always, if you have any feedback or ideas we would love to hear from you at

Frameo Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome

I got the frame for my mom, who lives in another state in assisted living, for Christmas 2019. Little did I know how important that frame and this AP would be this year. She has been restricted to her studio apt since early March. I can easily send her pictures everyday so she has something new to see. She loves it and it doesn’t matter if it was a picture of a bear in Denali we took in 2016, or of our 6 month old lab puppy trying to learn how to swim. I’m looking forward to creating a Mother’s Day Video for her. Thank you for making a great, easy to use product that she doesn’t have to touch after I set it up.

- Pics don’t fit in frame

I am trying to send pics to my 99 year old grandma’s frame. Your app enlarges the pics I am trying to send and I’m not able to resize it to a smaller size to fit in the circle. I am the app USER and not the frame owner so I can’t make adjustments on the frame from my end. Is there a way, as an app user, that I can reduce the size of a pic so that it fits in the extremely small round circle you provide? On some pics, if they’re a head shot, only the person’s nose or eye fits in the round frame. This app is truly unusable if you don’t have a fix for that. Again, I am the app user and not the frame owner, so if you respond, please respond as it would pertain to an app USER. You mentioned on previous reviews to go into the settings and make changes from there but as an app user there aren’t any settings.....only settings for the frame owner.

- Best thing ever

I have 2 WiFi digital frames and both are set up to one app! Whether I’m in my room or my living room I can upload to either frame in the house easily and smoothly!! I am absolutely obsessed with this app!!!!!! I hooked up both my daughter to my frames so that when they come over they can upload pics to either frame of my grandkids! I am definitely going to buy these 2020 Christmas as family gifts!!!! This app is DO EASY TO USE!! I love it

- Amazing DigiFrame - FAT32 file system

The digital frame’s quality is amazing, but everyone needs to understand the quality of the original picture needs to have great resolution too. The ability to wirelessly transfer pictures is very convenient, however, there needs to be an feature within the app to wirelessly delete unwanted photos. The frame cannot play music, so that would be a nice addition for a future model. For photo transfers via microSD: the microSD’s file system needs to be formatted as FAT32. I didn’t know this, and I couldn’t find the details/specifications in the user manual, box label, or online.

- Love this frame.

I ordered this for my on Mother’s Day. The frame works great. I love that we can add pictures to the wall now. I plan on getting a second frame one for portrait and one for Landscape format. One thing I would love to see in the App is a way to have one person be the administrator for the frame/multiple frames and can organize ALL the photos frames through the app. Also it would be nice to be able to share from the frame to other frames. Especially since I am trying to get photos from this frame to a second one depending on the picture format. I know Nixplay does this.

- Love it but just wish.....

I bought this frame for my parents who live in the USA. I just had a baby and live in Canada, this frame allows for me to send pictures of their new grandson in real time. I share this frame with my sister who lives in Europe and wish I was able to view the photos she uploads in addition to her being able to see what pictures I have uploaded onto our parents frame. Also, the ability to have admin rights to see what pictures are uploaded to a frame would be valuable considering some pictures are sensitive. But we are loving this frame, thank you!!

- New version

I have iPhone 8 plus I had the frame and the app over a year . The frame is in my mom’s house and it was working fine til the last update on the app. It has been constantly crashing over and over again. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Countless time. Not only I lost all my data it is not allowing me to add the frame again before than it keep crashing. It is useless object now! I tried to reach out to technical service, costomer service but no response to my email. This is unbelievable , when you are spending money and buying the technology they seem to be happy to take your money. But, when it comes to solve the problem no one is around!

- Christmas gift

Love it! I didn’t research or investigate options. I love the touchscreen feature. Don’t want to keep track of a remote. I have added extended family and they have uploaded photos and video without issues. I’ve set up sleep timer, display random, video sound etc without any issues. Has a backup option, and can take micro sd that I haven’t set up yet. So far it’s great!!

- Metadata of Images

Unless I’m wrong, while the Frameo App accesses my photos, so that I can upload them to connected frames, the app will not display the metadata, such as date of the picture, forcing me to flip back and forth between the camera roll and the Frameo app. This is inefficient as hell, and with over 10k photos in my phone, there is no way I can date images to insert this info into the ‘caption’ of an image I’m sending to a frame. A simple display window for this data would be extremely useful and, one would think, relatively easy to provide in the app.

- Ability to upload to frame is inconsistent

This App is quite buggy. After selecting a photo (on the iPhone, iPad, Google Photos, Photo App) and then clicking Next, the selected photo does not appear, but instead the most recent on the phone/ipad photo app. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn’t. I have contacted the developers from both Frameo and AAEZO but have not heard anything. After updating phone to latest software there is no improvement. This issue is making it difficult to use my AEEZO 10.1 inch frame that I like very much.

- Best gift for my father in law

Thank you so much for this product it has been a literal life-saving gift. My father-in-law is in elderly home care and we haven’t seen him since last year then covid happened. It had been very rough on him and all the family. He’s loves seeing all the pictures we send and now videos! Thank you so much!!

- Excellent -want to see photo management on the app

Works great, does an excellent job of allowing us to keep photos current with relatives. Would really like to see us be able to delete photos on the frame from the app. Currently photo management can only be done on the frame itself.

- Rave review

We bought two frames, and had questions about the product. We contacted text support three separate time for three different questions. Each time we received a prompt response that answered our questions. Great job. Thank you.

- Why does it have to zoom in on everything???

Love this frame but it drives me crazy that it zooms in on every picture. I’ve read quite a few of your responses to this problem but no where in my settings does it allow me change it and I just uploaded the app yesterday so it should be the updated version. I also tried tapping the picture but that does nothing. PLEASE tell me there is a solution?!?!?

- Almost perfect

My only criticism is that the app doesn’t play the sound of videos when choosing which pics and videos to send. That’s a major deal for someone with hundreds of videos in their phone. Otherwise, it’s a very cool gadget.

- New phone issue

Giving Frameo 4 stars only because nothing’s is perfect. However, I’ve been very happy with the app. Easy to use. And, when I was having trouble sending photos after getting a new phone, I contacted them and they got back to me with instructions to fix the problem.

- Frameo

Very Happy with Frameo !!! Great way to share pictures with family & friends !!! At one point, we needed to contact customer service via email & they were quick to respond & advised us how to resolve the issue. Very happy with the product & their employees !!!

- Digital frame

Love getting pictures of grandson ❣️easy to use and send pictures. Would be awesome if you could also send short videos too !!!!

- Customer support

Very happy with customer support ... couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t add pictures after buying a new phone, but within hours received email with answers and all is well again... love my rolling pictures!!

- Unable to switch albums

I am unable to switch between different albums on my iPhone 6+. There is supposed to be a album icon in the top left corner to click on for switching between different albums. My iPhone does not have that icon. This causes a lot of clutter.

- The best customer service!

I had a little glitch with my frame, that was a user error on my part. Frameo went above and beyond to help me! They are top notch for sure!

- Works great on iPhone but...

I store most of my photos on my iMac to save space on the phone. Frameo works only on Macs with the M1 chip which was released in Nov. 2020. So this app unfortunately works on only select very new Apple computers. To upload stored photos I need to upload them to my iPhone and then to Frameo. Wish the app worked on my 2 year old iMac :-(

- Great product and customer support

Love my frame. One of the best gifts ever. Had a problem and customer support got right back to me and solved the problem.

- Love it!

Frameo makes it so easy to instantly share photos of our baby with his grandparents and great grandmother! They always say it makes their day!

- Customer service was awesome

The customer service was awesome!

- Lost best feature from my iPhone

Used to be awesome on my iPhone . I could just select pictures and click share to Frameo. Unfortunately that feature is gone. Now I have to use the app one at a time.

- Not worth the money

Unable to upload more than a couple photos before it bogs down. Don’t try to upload an album because it won’t handle the file size. Got 4 photos uploaded and then it crashed. Won’t play nice with Apple iPad or iPhone. It says no wi-fi even though settings shows you’re connected.

- Won’t load

The app started to have issues loading on my iPhone. It was very sporadic. I just had to keep trying to open it over and over and finally it would open. Now it won’t open at all. There is nothing on their help site that refers to this.

- Love ease of use

Easy to use but hate that it zooms in onto photos when sending photo to frame

- Cropping issue

I was so excited to get this frame. However, after playing with it i can’t get any of my pictures to fit in the “circle” :( so disappointed

- Only part of pictures display

No matter how I send them, or how I change the settings, only part of a picture appears in the frame. Totally unusable.

- Can permanently delete your videos

A video paused during upload and has now been converted to a photo on both my phone and iCloud. So far it has been unrecoverable. Beware!

- Framo

Great product

- A very poorly designed app

The concept is fantastic, but the execution so poor the designers should be ashamed of their work. Please improve this app. Every step is problematic. It malfunctions constantly.

- App rarely works for me

Constant crashing. Has worked maybe 5 times in a month. Such a disappointment.

- Photos cut off

Photos are cut off - app feature to adjust photo not effective. Touch screen feature to adjust photo not effective.

- Frameo

I was sent this frame as a Mother’s Day gift It worked for about a week I just received a replacement and it won’t work So disappointed!!!!!

- Don’t waste your money

Product worked for 2 days and then conked out. Of course no support. 100 bones down the drain I guess. Buyer beware

- App doesn’t work on my iPhone

App won’t let me send pictures to my mother in laws frame. Says she’s not online, but she is.

- Amazing app that connects our whole family

Really enjoying Frameo and works great to connect our whole family

- Why does it only work sometimes and from 1 device?

I was in love with this when I took it to Germany to set up for my 90 y.o. Dad. But now, I have the new IPad 2018, an I phone 6s plus and a brandnew I phone XR . On the XR the app doesn’t work at all. On the IPad I still got problems with photos sitting in the cue for days. Only my old I phone 6 s plus manages to send photos immediately. It also sometimes it takes a few minutes. Why is that? Can we get an update for the app to work better with the new phone ,or is it on your end , that there is so much traffic that it takes days for photos tO arrive? Please help? Are there any tips what I can do? Thank you!

- Justification

I have this app 4 stars because it currently is rough to use due to unstable uploads and seemingly "stuck" uploads. However, there will be a new release coming soon which will fix this issue and uploads will be better. I have this 4 stars because the app currently doesn't work well, it the support team is what made it climb back up. Definitely a great app other than the instabilities. More features will be coming I'm sure.

- Not Working

I bought two frames and both have been offline for two months even though I know they are plugged in and connected to wi-fi. Extremely frustrating and a huge disappointment. I spent hours selecting the latest pictures I wanted to share with my children’s grandparents and they are just sitting in a queue. Both frames said they were last online at the exact same time. One at my Father’s house in Boston and the other at my Husband’s Mother’s house in CA. Worked fantastic for the first couple months but now does nothing.

- Better instructions

You need better instructions. Most items are controlled from within the app, not the item. Also, you need to say - in your instructions that the passcode is only good for a day. No where did I find this info. Just lucked up on it. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. I love my frame but it is very confusing. You need to control everything from the app.

- Cropped picture

I would have given this a 4 or 5, but it makes you crop the picture “show us the important part” into a small circle. Then it adjusts the picture to the frame without showing you what it looks like. Such a terrible decision. I’m sure there are software issues people do not like or are not compatible, but this one issue should be an easy fix. If this gets fixed, I’ll buy another frame for the other grandparents.

- Drains phone battery

This app and frame duo is a great concept. It works perfectly for my nail business for showing pictures of my work on my station that I can instantly download to my app and frame. However, since downloading the app, my iPhone 7+ battery won’t last half a day. Seriously. Drains to 1% by noon. Please fix it! Not sure what will happen to the pics on the frame if I delete the app and make do with the pics I already sent to the frame.

- Pictures stuck in my app

I have difficulties sending pictures as well. They just stuck on my app. I used a beta version and it worked but after a week this version didn’t work anymore and pictures are back in queue again

- Love the idea- trouble sending photos

I have been having a very tough time getting photos to send to my mom on the app. I have the iPhone 11 and they keep saying 0% sent. On my old phone they sent. I’ve had my mom do a great deal of trouble shooting with me on her frame and I’ve done it with my phone but nothing is helping. Can you help me Frameo?

- Wish there was a way to add multiple pictures at once

Just got this frame to put on my desk at work of my new baby. I have over a hundred pictures it will take forever to upload them all

- Very poor app

I suspected the worst part of this product would be the software. Here are my gripes: - you can’t choose album or collection from the app. You have to share from the Photos app. - Sharing from the Photos app crashes the phone half the time. - can only send one photo at a time - can’t rotate from the app - can’t choose to aspect ratio from the app. Have to do it from the frame. It’s a great concept but in today’s world, The user experience is king. This product will be surpassed by one that cares about UX unless they sort this buggy app out.

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- Wish you could manage frame from app

The app and Frameo system would be ten times more useful if you could manage the frame from the app. The app only lets you add new photos. To remove any photos you have to use the touch screen of frame which is far less useful and limits where it can be placed

- Absolutely love it!!

This is such a brilliant app and idea! It’s so so easy to use and is a great way to keep in touch and connected with my grandparents. Absolutely love it!!

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- Works great!

Having fun sending pictures to our parents.

- Started out great...

I loved this frame at first. I downloaded all my pictures pretty much instantly from my iPhone 7. I recently updated to an iPhone XR and I have 50 pictures in my queue. They will not budge no matter what I do. Please fix!

- Pics won’t send

As many other reviews have stated, pics won’t send from the app. The just sit there for days before sending, it they do at all, and since this problem is in reviews from almost a year ago it doesn’t seem likely they are going to fix it anytime soon.

- Trash

If you’ve brought a frame that uses this software take it back. The sharing works but they forgot the most import part - displaying pictures well. Just crops pictures that aren’t the shape of the frame - no black bars. You can’t do anything about it. No options on the picture show.

- Customer Servjce is great

Response was quick and helpful. Thanks again

- Works well

I wished the app would allow you to download more than one picture at a time.

- Doesn’t upload the pictures

I’m using iPhone 7. The app simply does not upload the pictures. They all are at 0% despite repeated effort to refresh the upload.

- Doesn’t work

Ever since i got a new iPhone, app does not work. Other people with different phones can send to the frame, but mine just sit and never send. App is up to date, using an iPhone 11.

- Doesn’t work

This app won’t upload pictures. Can’t use my picture frame.

- Bricked on iOS13

As the title states app no longer works with the release of iOS13

- App won’t load

I cannot get the app to load at all. It just crashes. My mom got a frame so I could send pics of our family to her. The only way I can get it to load is to delete the app and reinstall. But then I have to get a new code from her to link to her frame each time. It stinks to have to keep doing that. I thought of getting a frame for myself, but I’m rethinking it.

- Can’t see my phone photos

On and iPhone, but only have the option to take a pic and send it. Cannot access my phones stores photos.

- Cool, but average

My Iphone will not connect on the app with the code, but partners’ samsung was fast set up. Pictures wont resize, cutting off 3rd of the picture (maybe have it scroll the image?)

- A little help

I have iPhone8 12.1.4 iOS... it seams to work great for the rest of my extended family, for me the pictures take for ever to upload, I have 7 still in my q waiting to up load, from the night before... “12+hours in Q” If I go back to them and try to resend a few times this seems to help speed up the send. My wife and sister can send them almost instantly, and my sister lives 1000 miles away. “They also have iPhones” Not sure if it’s my phone or the way my phone interacts with the ap. Anyway... the pictures look great and I love this idea, just wished it worked a little better for me.

- Great product, some improvements can make it even better

Just updated this review. I bought this for my elderly parents as a test and was so satisfied that I bought another for myself. In this review I will present shortcomings that for the most part can be fixed in the app or frame software. These aren’t dealbreakers but I’m hopeful the developers will continue their ongoing improvements in new releases. My elderly mother, who has Alzheimer’s, LOVES this thing. She can’t stop looking at it! She can’t believe this foxy young lady in one old pic is her!! But one of us needs to be sitting next to her to tell her over and over who each person is. Her eyesight is too poor to read the captions. Captions are too small to see at a distance and block too much of the screen, so I turned them off. It is nice that they can be viewed by tapping on the photo. Maybe there should be a way to display captions full screen large text, alternating with the photos? And/or, an option to use larger text for captions, and maybe an option to fade out the caption after half the photo display time has elapsed. Or some day, a frame with a button that, when pushed, READS the caption out loud! Mom has learned to swipe pics to see next one immediately without waiting for the timeout, but periodically she’ll do it wrong and up pops the menu and then she’ll poke at it and go into settings and mess things up. That needs to be much harder to do. There should be an option “Menu only accessible via press of button on back of unit”. Or, some hard-to-accidentally-do gesture could be used to access the menu. Mom likes to look at the gallery and view a photo up close, but that is way too hard for her. She keeps trying to blow up a picture with the pinching gesture that she learned with iphone, but that doesn’t work. It should. Effort should be made to improve the design for use by Alzheimer’s people. Although you can send only one picture at a time, this is now easier than before because the app now returns to your previous position in your photos, so you can easily move on to the next photo to send. And it is actually good to do it one at a time to give you a chance to put a caption on each one. Also, I realized I could add the app to those appearing in the app list that shows up when you click on the little “share” icon while viewing a puc in the camera or photos app. This makes it really easy so send new pictures you take to the frame. My biggest irritation is that by default it crops the image to landscape or portrait depending on the frame orientation. Often this leads to images cropped wrong. You can manually (from frame but not from the app) set individual images to full screen mode so no cropping occurs and instead bars are shown on sides or top/bottom of image. It would be an immediate vast improvement if full-screen were the default mode for each photo - a trivially easy change in the frame software (which can auto-update itself, a very nice festure). For the longer term the solution is to greatly improve the ability of the app to let you resize and position and crop the photo before sending it. It would be really nice to be able to see the same slide show in the app as the one the frame is showing. You definitely want to know how your photo shows up on the app so you can resize or reposition it if it looks poor. It is only possible to delete images at the device, not from the app. This needs to be fixed, a person should be able to delete images he has sent to the frame. I noticed my picture frame kept displaying the same pictures way too frequently, as if the shuffling feature had a poor random number algorithm. But then I found my frame had accumulated multiple copies of the same photo because different people sent a copy of same pic. This can be useful if you actually want a pic to show up more often than normal, but if not, you have to go into delete mode and find extra copies and delete them. It would be nice if there were an option “keep only one copy of multiple copies”. I extended the power cord of my mom's frame by splicing in a piece of wire. Just used electrical tape, no soldering, so it's crude but works as long as no one pulls real hard on it. She can take the frame easily in her lap while sitting on sofa. A longer power cable would be nice. Some people get confused and enter the frame code as their name. The app should disallow this. Perhaps this has been fixed? When a frame software update comes in, there is a notification at the top that you can tap to see a summary of changes, but I was in a hurry and dismissed it without reading it, then was never able to find a way back to it. Would be nice if settings menu gave access to reverse-chronology summary of changes that one could look at to see what new features have been added. The frame code remains fixed for a day, then a new code is generated each day. There is no need to go into “add person mode” on the frame except to see the daily code. This works well but can be confusing if you tell a friend the code but he doesn’t use it for several days, and it then no longer works. I would like to be able to access my iphone photo albums rather than only my camera roll. More options for display shuffling would be nice. I could see albums, with shuffling within an album, and maybe once an hour it switches albums. Albums would be nice to help with organizing and accessing photos for hiding, unhiding, deleting. We have so many pictures on it now, it is hard to find one when we want to delete it.

- Very disappointed

This is a great idea . But most of us can not connect to the frame , getting an error message. And there is no customer support to help

- FRAMEO stopped displaying photos

I received it as a gift and suddenly it stopped displaying photos and just sits there with Logo on the screen with 3 running dots below logo as though it is booting up but never finishes. No error message. I have had the frame less than one month. Contacted FRAMEO support via email several times with no response, basically FRAMEO says contact support but they don’t respond. Called the online retailer and they tried to contact FRAMEO support but that no one answered. My recommendation is to look for a different frame, retailer is refunding my money for this product that has no support communication.

- Fix the bugs, please.

Having to select photos to send twice seems like it should be easy to find/fix. Super annoying bug.

- Needs UI work

Needs some serious work on the user interface. Very confusing on how to delete photos on the frame and impossible to delete photos on the app side

- Bad tech

If your power goes out or you accidentally unplug it the frame breaks and you can’t upload new photos

- App Doesn’t Work

Every time I open the app, the app freezes. I’ve only been able to load pictures one time. Since that initial upload, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app and each time I get to the point of uploading a picture(s) the app freezes again.

- So disappointed

I’m so disappointed in this app. I purchased three Sylvania digital frames as Christmas gifts for Grandparents. The app let me load photos onto one frame. And now it crashes every time I try to open it. I’ve tried everything. Restarting my phone. Deleting the app and reinstalling. SO disappointing.

- App crashes

I was able to use the app once to load photos onto a gift for my parents. After that first day the app freezes and crashes before it fully loads. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting and reloading the app, nothing works. This is a huge bummer! I planned to send this to my parents on the opposite coast and send them more photos in the future.

- Needs updating

Fix the latest update please. Keeps crashing.

- App just shows logo - will not work

After reinstalling several times the app just opens up shows the logo and then quits.

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Garrett Elliott

The app makes it super easy to choose up to 10 photos, give them captions (if you want) and then send them to the digital photo frame. If you aren't making prints or albums, this is a great way to view them off your phone.

Garrett Elliott

Shout out to the Frameo app and digital photo frames. We got one for my parents last Christmas and one for my wife's mom this Christmas. Makes sending digital photos super easy and accessible, and they look great in the digital frame!

Ara Praxis

@essmessm @nursekelsey The Frameo cost $150, >= an adequate tablet, > a dongle. It's small enough to go missing. Multiple vendors means different controls. A dongle app designed to work with a MyChart acct, could be a more consistent user experience for patients, family, nurses, IT, and manufacturers.

its Ali, you know, like bowling alley?

@nursekelsey My cousin just purchased one of these! You use an app called Frameo to connect with a frame (use a code that can be shared with others to connect and be able to send pics) and you can send up to 10 pics at a time! You can even put captions and it’ll alert when new ones are sent

Brian Keller MD PhD 🫁 ♻️

@nursekelsey We just bought the grandparents these devices. We use the Frameo app to send new pics and short videos whenever we want. Love it!

Minette Lauren

Glad you enjoy them. My phone has thousands of pics to smile about. I have a Frameo pic on my counter with mostly pet pics too🐶❤️🐾🐥❤️🐢❤️🦌

Connor Robinson

@sam_frameo Spot on 👍🏻

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Frameo iphone images
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Frameo (Version 1.10.5) Install & Download

The applications Frameo was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-12-08 and was developed by Frameo ApS [Developer ID: 1179744118]. This application file size is 52.79 MB. Frameo - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-11-27 current version is 1.10.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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