Beastcam - Pro Camera App Reviews


Beastcam - Pro Camera App Description & Overview

What is beastcam - pro camera app? Beastcam makes it easier than ever to capture the best possible photos and videos on your iPhone. It’s fast and easy-to-use, but powerful and customizable as a professional camera when you need it.
We believe Beastcam is the most intuitive and advanced camera app ever created for capturing life’s special moments, expanding the capabilities of your iPhone camera to its fullest potential, and taking your #iPhoneography to the next level!

*Complete control
Easily set, fine-tune, and lock the most important settings you need in seconds, such as focus, exposure, zoom, white balance, and more using Beastcam’s intuitive design, quick-access buttons, precise value sliders, focus, and exposure reticles. All are available with a single tap on the home screen.

*Hardware support
Enhance your creativity with built-in support for DOF adapters, 1.33X & 1.55X anamorphic lenses in both photo and video mode. Improve your sound quality with external microphones and dial in the perfect settings for your environment, such as gain, audio format, sample rates.

*Advanced presets
Speed up and organize your workflow with shareable presets for every available setting.
Save time setting up your camera with unlimited customizable presets for all available settings that can be applied at any time. Perfect for multi-phone setups, DOF Adapters, 1.33X & 1.55X anamorphic lenses, and other commonly used settings like frame rate, resolution, etc.

*File management
Save time finding your files by creating projects and scenes that auto-generate readable file names based on the project name, scene name and take # and prioritize your best footage (or delete your worst) with a single tap as soon as you’ve finished recording, or later in the built-in gallery. Conveniently manage and share all of your organized photos and videos with the built-in gallery.

# Features
- Set and lock focus and exposure with reticles
- Precisely adjust white balance, focus, zoom, and exposure settings right from the home screen
- Analyze your shots accurately focus peaking, false colors, zebras, and histogram
- Take steadier shots with standard or cinematic image stabilization
- De-squeeze footage to 2.39:1 for 1.33X anamorphic lenses and 2.76:1 for 1.55X anamorphic lenses
- Rotate orientation for DOF lens adapters
- quick zoom, perfect for manual focus
- Switch between any of your iPhone cameras
- Monitor audio levels, microphone type, format, and sample rate right on the home screen
- Compose your shots with 1:1, 2.39:1, and 2.76:1 aspect ratio guides and grids
- Show/hide all of the menus from your home screen
- Built-in flash/torch control
- Create projects and scenes that auto-generate easy to read folder and file names based on the project name, scene name, take #
- Prioritize your best footage (or delete your worst) with a single tap as soon as you’ve finished recording or later in the gallery
- View, rename, move, share or delete files with the built-in gallery
- Custom local presets for white balance, zoom, focus
- Create sharable global presets for all available settings (video mode only)
- Custom settings/rules for a fresh start
- Easily adjust exposure, focus, zoom with gesture controls

# Video
- 4K 3840x2160, QHD 2560x1440, FHD 1920x1080 or HD 1280x720 resolutions
- 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 120, or 240 FPS options
- Bit rates: Low, Standard, High, Beast (up to 160 Mbit/s)
- 10-bit Dolby Vision HDR on iPhone 12 Series
- 10-bit SDR on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Series
- ProRes on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Note: Some resolution and FPS options are not available on older iPhone models. The bit rate may vary depending on the resolution, FPS, and scene of your video

# Audio
- ACC, PCM, AIFF audio formats
- 44.1kHz and 48kHz audio sample rates (device-dependent)
- Supports built-in and external microphones
- Control gain for external microphones

- JPEG, HEIF, RAW, ProRAW file formats
- 1:1 , 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9 aspect ratios

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App Name Beastcam - Pro Camera
Category Photo & Video
Updated 14 November 2022, Monday
File Size 27.49 MB

Beastcam - Pro Camera Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great app. Huge fan of this app! This is really the best app for video and photo that I used so far. I have Beastgrip Pro and all the Beastgrip Pro Series lenses and Beastcam App is perfect addition to this setup. This app makes my iPhone my primary video camera. Great job Beastgrip!

It’s okay, not great either.. Look, I’ve been on the fence to use anything Beastgrip. Their support is the worst. They can’t keep their DOF in stock and their prices are astronomical compared to brands like Moment or SmallRig Their app on the other hand isn’t Terrible. It’s missing a few major features that big contenders like Filmic Pro have. Namely, DESQUEEZING ANAMORPHIC LENSES IN THE VIEWFINDER while using ProRes! C’mon guys! I wish they also had a LOG profile as well. Fix it so you can gain more customers after Filmic Pro goes subscription!

Great app. Wish i could listen to music while recording but thats abt it

Perfect camera app. Manual controls are perfect, and WB presets are very useful and saving a ton of time for me. Still there are a lot of things to explore, so far I love it!

I would have rated higher, but…. The functionality of this app is quite good. I would have rated 4 or 5 stars if the Xenvo remote I use worked with Beast Cam video. It works for photo taking but not video. Since I’m making tutorials and filming by myself I really need it to work with a remote. I use this remote on my native iPhone camera and it works perfectly. If Beast Cam fixes this issue I will come back and give it 4 or 5 stars. If you don’t use a remote I would recommend this app. Great value for the price.

So close to perfect. Developer request included: Decided to give this a try following the pricing model change of Filmic Pro. I tied this and Moment. This is bay far superior in so many way and is incredible powerful however it is missing one key feature that I desperately need that is available even in the native IOS camera app - stereo sound. Would love to also see a setting that allows clean hdmi out to use this as a streaming camera like Filmic Pro can. Hoping the developer can add this and make it the perfect solution!!

It’s amazing, but Export has been failing constantly. App works amazing, the amount of controls is incredible. But the export feature is pretty busted. I have the newest iPhone and wanna take advantage of the quality of videos, but I can’t even use the videos from the app because most of the ones beyond 10 seconds will not export and keeps telling me it failed and to try again.

Disappointed. I had been waiting over a year for this app to release. I have to say as a huge fan of Beastgrip products owning almost their entire inventory, I am extremely disappointed in this app. When you try and combine a still photo app with a video app you become a jack of all trades and a master of none. For what this app offers it brings nothing new to the table and falls short of what other apps offer at less money. For example, the Pro Camera app from Moment offers more features like an iPad and Watch version for a fraction of the cost. Beastgrip should have followed FiLMiC Pros philosophy and offered dedicated apps fo still photos and video and focused on bringing new pro features not more of the same at inflated pricing.

Amateur, non-intuitive, clumsy, but only $2. For $2, app is just OK. That’s the good news. The bad? There are only articles online to provide functionality help; a PDF inclusive of all settings is extremely lacking. My experience is with software QA and digital photography since the early days. I can normally pick up just about any cam and figure out functionality associated with “icons”. I’m lost with their custom made icons and verbiage, in addition to extremely small icons and labels. Be aware you will be spending a lot of time just identifying menu links/items. It’s clear that QA professionals, fluent in digital photography, never assessed this app. But, then, it’s only $2.

Crashed my entire phone... That’s all that needs to be said I think but yeah my entire phone just restarted when I changed from camera mode to video mode… waste of $2

Love it!. I’m new to phoneography with beastgrip products and enjoying using the DOF adapter. This app have all the functions I needed

Almost there. The good: Great interface. All pertinent controls are readily accessible. Seriously, the interface is top-notch. Great level indicators for pitch and roll. Smart exposure and focus modes are very well thought-out. Audio levels. Camera and video modes have feature-parity except where it doesn’t make sense (like audio levels). The bad: No Dolby Vision on iPhone 13 Pro (full point off and a complete dealbreaker). Very basic controls for bitrate. No option to link focus and exposure spots together. No focus loop. You have to choose between false color, zebra stripes or focus peaking to be on (no mixing). Auto visual analysis only shows focus peaking when manually changing focus, not when focus changes. No set depths for focus racking.

I LOVE THIS APP!!’. I can’t say enough about BeastCam. I have tried many camera apps and by far this is the best one. You can control shutter, iso and you aperture independently from each other. Save all of your settings like focus point, wb, frame rate, shutter speed etc…I never review apps but had to with one!

Fantastic App, a few iPhone 14 Pro bugs. This app is just what I was looking for. Moving from primarily using the Moment app for travel videos and other iPhone videography projects to Beastcam is wonderful. It is both intuitive and full of options. On the website it mentions there a few bugs being worked out since the release of the iPhone 14 + iOS 16, and there are a small few. Specifically I am unable to save a preset at 24fps when I am shooting at 4K, high bitrate, at 10-bit (not HDR). It instead says I have 30fps selected and saves the preset at 30. If this and the other small bugs could get ironed out this app would be perfect.

Review. Love this App! That’s about it! Does everything I need it too.

THE BEST VIDEO APP EVER. Forget FilmicPro! This video app is something out of another world! My prayers to developers have been heard and BeastCam team did everything that was possible! Easy interface, lots of manual adjustments and the most important you could save the presets of adjustments. Amazing video library and easy to organize your videos! Also the app boost the quality of recording and with the right settings it looks like a movie ❤️ 5 stars!

Great app, can be perfect!. At this price, I almost have everything I need in this app. The only important thing I found to be missing is shooting in LOG and any other neutral color that I can grade later. Hopefully the devs include such options in upcoming releases.

Great product, very satisfied with its quality. Exactly what I was waiting for, packed with advanced features other apps missing

Good but.... The app has great features and all but it just needs a little improvement on one particular thing. It'd be great if the transition from landscape to portrait is seemless. Right now it's just ugly. It rotates the whole screen preview with ugly rotation transition. Only the labels should rotate regardless of the device Rotation Lock state. Do not rotate the whole camera preview, it's just not pleasing to look at. This might be a minor thing to some but it's the only reason why I don't like using the app. For this price, it looks like an oversight. Every little detail matters.

Best app for IPhone photography. This app is amazing. I was one of the users who had a privilege to test the app when it was in development. At that time it was a great app already but Beastgrip team wanted to bring it to the next level. There is no better app out there to use for IPhone photography. The best part is that it works very well with Beastgrip gear which I own.

Lost footage. Iv’e tried this app on two different occasions now. The first, I had it recording until the battery died. The entire footage was lost. Figured that was my fault for letting the battery die. Tried it again, being careful to watch the battery level. Saved the video. BeastCam gave me a 25G video file that neither it, nor any other video app (including Preview, QuickTime and Adobe Premiere on Mac) could read. Two nights of footage lost. Moving on to another app.

My favorite video taking app. Love that the shutter and iso white balance etc are always viewable. Like this app much more than filmic pro and other competitors. Like the layout ui and features. Only feature it needs is lock white balance on record.

Amazing camera app!. A very well designed interface makes it easy to navigate through all of the controls. Amazing presets implementation. Love it!

Gear and Software. I feel like I have grown up as a photographer and filmmaker with the beast cam company. I utilize their cage for the iPhone promax 12. The software for iOS was easy for me to learn the controls are easy to get to easy to program in the preset option is crucial. I have a number of photography and film making apps on my phone but find that 90% of all my work comes through the BeastCam app.

Looks like they care and are willing to try. It’s not bad. No picture profiles? No log? And I see no app developer can get around the exposure change when going from a dramatic dark or light environment quickly. If that could be solved it would be a huge game changer. Hope they update this cause it has more potential than filmicpro!

BEST APP EVER!!!. This app is absolutely the greatest app ever. I just love it. It’s easy to use and for the price it’s better then filmic pro. GET THIS APP ASAP!

Awesome app but. Has crashing issue on new update please fix in the next update

Great, professional software. I had been using the Mavis camera app- but it appears to have been abandoned by the developer and despite the excellent interface, I couldn’t tolerate some bugs that popped up with my iPhone 13 Pro. I’ve got a Beastgrip and some accessories so I thought I’d give Beastcam a try. I love it! Never going back. I haven’t had any crash issues reported by others. The one thing I noticed (and reported) is the audio input setting sometimes doesn’t automatically recognize an external mic plugged into the lightning port. I lost some shotgun mic sound on a shoot yesterday.

Should be 5 starts. This app should be 5 starts but it’s currently crashing almost every time I go to review my videos/photos. The functionality and manual control this app offers is top notch. Would recommend this app as soon as it stops crashing.

Just love it. Absolutely love everything about this app. I am not using iPhone camera anymore and this App is my primary camera from the moment I bought it. If you want to change your settings in an easy to use way the Beastcam app is for you. I recommend this app to everyone

Very Sophisticated. Very easy, intuitive, simple and fun to use, digital slate is the best, thanks developer

Extremely well designed. Plenty of pro features. Built to take advantage of all the latest iPhone hardware. Perfect companion to the Beastgrip and Beastcage (I have both). Favorite feature: the cinematic stabilization is amazing! No need for a gimbal.

Absolutely great!. One of the finest apps on the market! I was browsing for a few weeks trying to find the app that has all the features I need to shot on my iPhone. And after purchasing few other apps that didn’t do much for me I decided to go with BeastCam. Has all the bells and whistles!! Great buy for a great price)

Too buggy. 1. Extremely slow even in comparison to Moment cam 2. The settings aren’t saved even if one chooses to save current setting. 3. Sometimes the cam freezes 4. Sometimes the cam does not desqueeze with anamorphic lens even after restarting the app. 5. Extremely poor focusing. Never know whether focus worked 6. No global presets: like time lapse or integration 7. Default is a video app and does not allow to be photo app 8. Extremely expensive especially compared to much much better cams 9. The app does not allow to add the gear 10. Login does not work upon registration 11. Desqueeze is far from perfect and has fisheye effect 12. Poor focusing Tired of writing of more bugs

You’ll lose your footage!. Beastcam has a variety of great features, but it’s also full of bugs. It crashes frequently, and exporting footage is a nightmare. If your clips are too long or if you have too many on your phone, the app with crash without warning and delete everything in its library. It’s horrible to discover that after a day of hard work, all your content is suddenly gone. As much as I want to like this app, I can’t, the deletion of your clips and images if simply unforgivable. Until these issues are resolved, I’d highly advise prospective buyers against beastcam.

Meh. The app doesn’t recognize that I have a 14 max pro. Wrong lenses and no pro resolution. The preview has a pink hue and terrible quality. I never know how it looks till I finished and downloaded. A lot to fix

I love it!. Beastcam is an incredible camera app, full manual control, also it’s beautifully designed and simple to use, too. Thank you!

So many issues. Where to start… not in a particular order… 1) no vlog support 2) Mac ISO for latest iPhone SE seems low. The app maxes out at 880 🤮 3) for new users the tools (reticles) for focus and exposure are confusing (tested this on multiple people 4) can’t save videos to Apple Photos library 5) when deleting videos, the free space isn’t made available to the device. Rather, it seems to move it to the System Data storage (which now has ballooned to over 58GB on my iPhone SE 2022)

Only 1 complain. The app is awesome especially due to purchasing the mk2 dof adapter Biggest complaint is the lacking of focus peaking Unless I just missed where it’s at but thats all my wanting

Filmic pro can eat a ——. BeastCam is the future. BeastCam is the way. Keep it a one time payment plz

Pro camera app!. Amazing app with tone of professional features! File management is great and helps to organize my footage like no other camera app! Great work!

How do I take 48mp photos using this app?. I have been loving this app because it allows pro res 60FPS on iPhone 14 pro max 128gb however I can’t find a photo option above 12mp which is disappointing. Maybe I am missing something? Could a developer let me know if this app allows 48mp pictures?

iPhone 14 Pro— No ProRes option.. 3 will go to 5 stars! I want to love this app fully because everything is awesome. However, can’t seem to find ProRes. And if you introduce shooting in Log or Flat profiles, you will decimate Filmic Pro and their new subscription model.

Better than Filmic Pro!. This is my go to filmmaking app. I have used this app and I love it. If you want to do a video in manual mode and control your white balance, exposure, save presets with your favorite settings then you need Beastcam App! Really great App!

Powerful tool to improve your phone photography and videography. This app is amazing User interface is very easy to use. You can control focus peaking, zebras, focus, iso, resolution, file size bitrate, FPS, shutter speed and so so so much more!!! This app is by far one of my best investments. If you are a video pro and love to shoot cinema quality video from your smartphone than this app is for you.

This app is great. I find the updates have improved it greatly since it first launched. I like everything about this app. I love the layout and user interface more than all the others (filmic, pro camera, Mavis, etc. ). I had issues when it first launched with frame rate dropping. While all phones are VFR, I feel that it is much more improved since I first used it. It is now my go to app for filming commercials and other video content. With the introduction to 10 bit video with the iPhone 12, I have done several tests and pre post production, this app delivers the best video quality. Kudos to Beastgrip.

So much potential yet so little updating. Filmic Pro’s (5 yr user) new subscription pricing got me wondering if this app could be a replacement and yes it could be BUT currently it is not. ProRes is broken on new iOS and 14 ProMax. 10 bit is also broken (as others have mentioned here). Last update was 8+ months ago. I don’t mind paying more for the app if it gets updated regularly BUT it appears that the developer rarely updates it. Sad to say as it has potential. Plus the developer should capitalize on the stupid Filmic pricing model that the new owner has rolled out.

Not best. Many are coming to this app because they want an alternative to FilmicPro. You get what pay for folks. This app is designed to promote their hardware. Moment app does the same. With Filmic you get 100% video app that does its job with a true professional features. The only advantage with Beastcam is that it’s interface is very visual. Try other apps and you will go with Filmic. Beastcam just doesn’t stand up.

Unlocks features that Apple removes.. So apparently Apple doesn’t allow 128gb model iPhones 14 Pros to film in 4K ProRes. This app lets you use that function that should have been unlocked in the first place. The price of the app is beyond worth it. Support is very helpful also! The only two things I’d recommend are, be able to export video directly to camera roll instead of having to do that from the gallery, like we can with photos. (Having two copies of large video on the phone takes up unnecessary space). A Timelapse feature would also be amazing! Overall A+ app! I use it for my videography business!

Future is bright! Interface shines through!. Been on the bubble about getting this app for awhile as I already have Filmic Pro for more serious work, and the Moment app. Though I do use that mainly for still photography. Since it was on sale, had to take advantage of the opportunity and grab it. Glad I did however I may not have been happy paying full price at this time. It’s great and has lots of advantages to others I mentioned and potential to contend for the top spot BUT full price may be a bit overpriced IMO right now. That said, I think it will get there if they keep pushing. I have to say I LOVE this interface! It is has down THE BEST DESIGN out there right now for Video. It may look a bit intimidating at first but you quickly fall in love with it. It’s very intuitive and gives you everything right in front of you. Also some of the unique features, like being able to lock both ISO and FPS is huge when going through your workflow to set up a shot. The functionality of the Presets and File Management is fantastic too. Another great feature is the Cinematic Stabilization mode. In the event you’re in a situation where you don’t have a gimbal this produces some nice smooth results and can really save you. The only disappointment is that I discovered when shooting in 10bit HDR, the VA (Visual Analytics) is not available. Hopefully this is a bug as I didn’t see anything about that not being there and will be fixed soon. That’s a big one for me though if you really want to take this app super serious. It was almost enough to knock it to 3.5 if I could. To make it near perfect would be the ability to shoot in a log profile so you have better flexibility in post for color correction and grading.

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Pricey and lacks support. Spend $700 on lenses from this company, and still have to buy app too. No support or anything to show you how to use app.

PLEASE ADD ZHIYUN GIMBAL COMPATIBILITY. I love this app, but I want the developers to know Filmic pro’s new subscription model means no one is going to use their app anymore. Beastcam is great but I can’t use my Zhiyun Smooth 5S with it. Please add compatibility to gimbals and you guys will be #1. Also please add Bluetooth recording capabilities where the volume button starts the recording

A request. It is a great app, but please add c log and flat format

Focus peaking, night mode and ProRaw. This app is a great camera app, and with its finer manual controls in capture, good export options (w/ RAW) and extended hardware support for anamorphic filters and DOF adapters. However, the lack of accessible night mode, Dolby Vision and ProRaw make it lag slightly behind other apps in the App Store that have these features. (Updated: Focus peaking is included in the app.)

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Nice next to Filmic, but could be better... I have been using this app more and more lately and I have been wanting to utilize 60fps in 4K at beast quality bitrate in 10-bit. Why make that combination possible in the app if it doesn’t work to it’s full capability? I paid a pretty penny for this app 😂 MOST of my footage shot with those options selected have dropped frames, varying between 1-10 fps - dependant on the image? Maybe? It’s unusable on my 12 Pro Max to any professional/hobbyist standard right now, which sucks because Filmic caps out at 30fps in 4k when shooting 10 bit/log - Also..if you could implement a Log type recording format for the 12 pro/max or other 10-bit capable devices that would really take this app the the next level in my opinion and I may just end up using Beastcam for all my photo/video shoots ;)

Good App. The only issue is that it doesn't let you adjust colour tint.

Something to think about. It can do ProRAW, it can do ProRes, but it can’t do Log for video. When you ask their support they take a ‘trying to sound like a corporation’ stance - we don’t have information on that blablabla. A small crew like Moment can put out Log. BeastCam can’t. Pity, not Beast enough for my taste.

Add bluetooth. Please add bluetooth for smartphone gimbals please

Erratic settings. On lens change the shutter speed gets reset to 30FPS regardless what it was before, if shooting higher than 8 bit (even if all values were locked). Shutter speed fluctuates to random numbers (like 1/38 for 30 fps). Can't use with unreliable results.

My favorite app for shooting pro photos and videos. The system can be a little bit laggy sometimes (especially when filming 4K10 bit with stabilization on, or when shooting raw photos which is annoying) but other than that the intuitive controls and the features of this app, both in video and photo mode, make it the best all-around two-in-one professional shooting app on the market hands down. For the video, features controls and quality I prefer this over filmic. Requests I have for the developers: would be to embed a JPEG thumbnail into the DNG files, which would help make it more compatible with previewing in various software. If you could get rid of the lag when shooting raw photos, and with 3:2 ratio, that would be amazing as well. Save previously used settings when closing then reopening the app (such as formats, stabilization, etc). (I’m on iPhone 14 Pro Max.)

Unusable app. The app is unstable and not usable. I’m not sure if this only impacts iPhone 14s or if it’s everyone since the iOS 16 update. It lags, freezes and crashes. Even had an instance where toggling settings forced my phone to reboot. There are other gotchas as well but I’ll reserve thoughts on usability and depth of features since I can’t even fully explore it. I appreciate if you’re a smaller outfit but even incremental fixes would be helpful. It’s been a month and a half since both the 14s and OS have released…

Timecode. User friendly but unfortunately no timecode capability unlike Mavis

The best but…. I love beastcam and I do believe it’s the perfect app for iPhone filmmaking. I would really like to see a true log profile to record videos in the app because that would give us even more professional results. I'm still giving the app 5 stars because l do believe and hope that this feature is coming soon to beastcam.

It lets me record 4k 24fps ProRes with a 128gb model. 10/10!! It lets me record with that option without being locked because I don’t have a higher storage model. Thank goodness

HDR 10 bit low bit rate. Very nice app, but HDR 10 bit Dolby Vision Produce bit rate on highest quality about 23 Mb/s. This is much lower than native Apple app. 10 bit SDR is working properly. I send them emails , but they are not answering

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Great cam. Great cam

Is a great app by the way but.... We miss log!!!!!!!! Thanks...

Upfront Performance. I just wanna kick off the reviews with a positive note! I’m a beginner/intermediate photographer/videographer. And trying to get out there and film and shoot can be a little intimidating. So having tried out this BeastGrip app for a few hours I can already tell I’m going to have fun using this app. One of the biggest things that I’m going to enjoy the most is the cinematic stabilization within the video mode that you can turn on and off. That thing is absolutely stellar and I have never seen such smoothness within an iPhone video/phot app before. I’m finding that you have a lot of in depth control of what you’re saying and what you’re going to work with in post production. The interface is also super easy to manage and they’ve made it really easy to understand. The only that that I did notice was that the app doesn’t support any gimbals (at least from what I was able to sift through the app). It’s not a huge issue. Mainly because more and more people are going away from gimbals and are using more sturdy rigs to hold their phones. And again with the stabilization that the app offers, you pretty much don’t need a gimbal anyways! So if you’re looking at this app and you’re hmm’ing and humming on whether or not to drop the $14.99 on an app. I highly recommend that it is worth the purchase. You’ll easily get your worth out of just a few of the features alone.

Beast cam. Great app recommend for all user

Dope app. Log profiles would make it perfect.

Cache removal. Although it is our go to everyday for various work vids there is a problem with deleting unused vids no longer needed meaning the cache does not empty on our 14 pro max resulting in gigs of already deleted vids still jammed up if this was fixed it gets 5star other then having to delete app occasionally to clear vid data it’s good. don’t waste 50.00 when this does the job for a fraction of the cost

The squeeze. Video is squeezed. Glad I didn’t pay full price.

The Best. Simply the best video app out there.

Love it!!!!!!. Such a cheap and helpful app!

Love it. First time using it and i enjoy it so much 😍

No support for iPhone 14. If you are using iPhone 14 like me. Skip this app. It is not time yet.

Crashing. The app keeps crashing when I record stuff

Crashes. This app crashes and I took great videos but it never saved. I’m disappointed with how bad the software is

Crashed my entire phone... That’s all that needs to be said I think but yeah my entire phone just restarted when I changed from camera mode to video mode… waste of $2

Focus stutter. I really wouldn’t expect a paid app to have this much jitter and stutter with the various tools it provides such as focus.

iPhone 14 Pro not fully supported. - 10 bit broken - ProRes not available - Slow to update the app / non responsive devs This would be a great app if it would just work with the flagship Apple iPhone.

Filmic Pro better watch out 👀. This app is a fantastic alternative to filmic pro, I would like to say that outright. I know many people may be moving over to different apps for professional camera setting on the iPhone and I have to recommend BeastCam wholeheartedly for its exceptional capabilities and reasonable price tag. It’s no surprise that this app is a strong contender along side other services like Protake, Movie Pro, or Pro Movie for an alternate pro film/photo apps. It’s capabilities are truly exceptional for its price tag, and it’s far easier to use than some of its competition. I would love to see some more options as color mapping/profiles go. A flat look or slog color profile alongside the preexisting ability to shoot in 4k 24fps ProRes would make my iPhone a true force to be reconned with. Gimbal optimization would also be a BIG plus, albeit possibly optional with the incredibly unique camera stabilization options BeastCam provides. All in all, this product is fantastic as is even without my suggestions; I truly have very little qualms with the UI or the current onboard capabilities. For the price, it seems like a no-brainer situation in comparison to some of those aforementioned options, with professional results that hold strong against the competition. And yes, it’s a one time purchase for full access to all functionality within the app making it perfect for low-no budget filmmakers who need a quick and cheap alternative app to Filmic Pro’s now weekly subscription only model. I really hope this was helpful to some frugal filmmakers trying to pick the right app for them. You really can’t go wrong with BeastCam, at least until they go subscription only too 😏

This is wonderful. Amazing app

Great app!. Love it! Great UI, amazing presets!

Every picture tells a story. One of my go to camera apps for travel photos and videos. Manual controls are intuitive and renders sharp clean images. Edit; 10/13/22 Unfortunately BeastCam has not been supporting this app or any upgrades. It has fallen behind and is slowly fading away.

Changing my camera. Goodbye Filmic Pro! Hello Beastcam.

BeastCam mic.. Good app, will update later

BEST APP EVER!!!. This app is absolutely the greatest app ever. I just love it. It’s easy to use and for the price it’s better then filmic pro. GET THIS APP ASAP!

I like the app but. Can u add support for ipad

Very Sophisticated. Very easy, intuitive, simple and fun to use, digital slate is the best, thanks developer

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Beastcam - Pro Camera 1.19 Apps Screenshots & Images

Beastcam - Pro Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.19
Play Store in.beastgrip.beastcam
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Beastcam - Pro Camera (Versiyon 1.19) Install & Download

The application Beastcam - Pro Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 17 June 2020, Wednesday and was developed by BeastGrip [Developer ID: 1450650397]. This program file size is 27.49 MB. This app has been rated by 118 users and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Beastcam - Pro Camera - Photo & Video app posted on 14 November 2022, Monday current version is 1.19 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: in.beastgrip.beastcam. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Beastcam - Pro Camera App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Optimized for iPhone 14 Pro Series. - Updated camera selection menu to reflect proper camera selection options - Added a 2X zoom button on the main 24mm camera to utilize the new 2X zoom feature in video mode - Added ProRes format - Fixed 10-bit SDR preview bug - Improved stability and minor bug fixes ATTENTION: If you experienced any issues with external microphones, please make sure to update your iPhone to iOS16.1 We are working on photo mode optimization to utilize a new 48MP sensor for the upcoming update, your patience is greatly appreciated. *If you have any feedback, please email us at

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Find on this site the customer service details of Beastcam - Pro Camera. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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