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What is photo collage maker picjointer app? Amazing photo editor and collage maker to share your best moments and memories! Just back from holiday? Put your photos together easily and keep the holiday spirit on your social media account! Pick from the best basic and natural FILTERS to make your photos even more special. PicJointer combines powerful photo editing tools with awesome effects to wake up your creativity. Liven up your memories with hundreds of different FRAMES, STICKERS and FONTS! Mix and match them in any way you like using the COOLEST LAYOUTS. You won’t believe the art pieces you will create with just a few taps!

PicJointer is the best photo collage app on the store with more than 5 MILLION installs all over the world.


• ZOOM, PAN, ROTATE and MIRROR your photos to create the best combinations!
• Use the easy PHOTO EDITING TOOLS to perfect your pictures.
• Create your collage choosing among hundreds of STYLISH LAYOUTS
• EDIT your layout by adjusting the FRAME, COLORS and PATTERNS
• Pick from hundreds of categorized STICKERS to decorate your collage
• Add colorful TEXTS with funky FONTS to make them even more expressive!
• SHARE WITH ONE TAP on Facebook or Instagram to make sure all of your friends see your masterpieces!


Subscribe to take advantage of the features described above.
• Subscription length: weekly
• Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase.
• Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

Terms of service:
Privacy policy:

Have a feature request you would like to see in a future version of the app? Do not hesitate to contact us at

Disclaimer: You will be required to sign up for an auto-renewable In-App Purchase before you are able to access the app.

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App Name Photo Collage Maker PicJointer
Category Photo & Video
Updated 03 May 2023, Wednesday
File Size 160.37 MB

Photo Collage Maker PicJointer Comments & Reviews 2023

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DON’T DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY. Before I start writing let me say this. The app is good if you pay. The entire way this works is ubsurd. The app is free to download so you think you can use it without paying. Wrong. In order to make a collage you have to pay for a subscription. What’s the point of even making the app free if its services ARE. NOT. FREE. It doesn’t make any sense. Just make the app how much it costs for a basic subscription so that people who want to or even can pay can but it and people who dont want to or CANT AFFORD TO and are looking for something FREE won’t waist their time. You’re just tricking people who want to do something easy and quick without spending money and download the app just for the to find out. And it’s not that the app is bad I bet that if you ARE willing to pay however much it is then the app is lovely and you’ll enjoy if for the day or so you use it to make a couple of collages. But it’s the fact that to looks to be free then it’s not. This is something seperate that has to do with Apple as a company. What’s the point of a FREE TRIAL If you have to put in your money information before? Like why not see if the person is going to buy it AFTER the free trial is up so that if someone wants to know if it’s worth it or not they can try the premium or whatever for a few days and if they like it they can then decide if they want to put in their info and buy it or save up enough money so they can.

Can you say PUSHY?!?!?. Just went into the app, for the second time ever, I’m not a photo junkie, and went perusing the templates. Tapped on the “Stylish” section, knew in the back of my mind that some type of premium access was going to be required, tapped on one just to see what was required and boom, pop up number one requesting subscription. Ok, now we know, cool, tap close. Evidently, the devs are not cool with you not accepting to subscribe, so pop up number two, why not continue. I don’t use the app that often, so instead of saying afraid of charges, i say unsure about app (most apt of the two choices). Well, the devs really don’t like that option, as I was presented yet another pop up. When it was all said and done, I went through some five or six pop ups regarding this subscription. Result: delete, never to be downloaded again.

5 stars to 1 with one update. I was a loyal supporter of this app for years, recommended it to many people, and would have given it five stars for a long time...but overnight, they completely changed the app and now in order to not have a watermark and get a lot of the layouts and other perks that used to be free, you have to pay $5 a WEEK!!! Are you out of your gourds? No one in their right mind would pay $5 a week for a picture joining app. Have fun watching this app tank. This is the completely wrong direction you should be taking this. Five bucks a week for a photo app (equating to roughly $260 a year) is one of the most asinine things I’ve heard of in a long time, even if you use it as frequently as I did. Sadly, I will be deleting after years of support and searching for a new picture joining app.

Forced to pay subscription even to use basic options. This app forces you to pay a weekly subscription of $4.99/week even for creating something basic such as a simple photo collage that many other apps allow you to do for free. As soon as you start inserting images in the layout, a screen appears and only offers you the option to try it for a week: after the trial period you have to pay. Other apps allow you to simply close that panel and keep on using them, but this one doesn’t, making it impossible to even explore the functionality. Deleted in less than 30 seconds as soon as the subscription panel with no “close” button appeared. Not fair, and certainly not the best way to make money as it shows no flexibility from the developers.

No access without subscribing. I really want to love this app and give it great ratings but unfortunately it is tryin to force me to subscribe when u don’t want to, i just want to use the free available things without subscribing. But every time i click on something it takes me to the subscription page, without an ability to continue without subscribing. Not cool. $2.99/A WEEK, is a lot of money especially if you are doing that for multiple apps, it adds up quick. What happened to paying one sum amount and its yours to use forever? Apps used to do that and now suddenly seem to want to charge weekly. Yikes. Honestly, if I love your app and use it a lot, I’d pay 20 bucks to buy a permanent access, but a weekly fee, no way, no matter how much I love it.

Very DISAPPOINTED. I have just downloaded this app so I could easily make aesthetic collages but was very disappointed when I found out you have to PAY REAL MONEY to use the app. So my question is, why is this app rated 4 and up? No no no, it should be rated 17 and up!! You want four year olds downloading this and then asking their parents for 3 dollars a week to pay for this?! Does your company have any idea what going on in 2020?! All of these sicknesses and the COVID 19?! You want those poor (feel bad) people to pay 3 dollars a week when instead the could be wasting their money on food and safety supplies?! If you have to pay 3 dollars a week, that would be 1,095 dollars a year?! You could be spending those 1,095 dollars on food, rent, home supplies, safety supplies and health services !! So why would you want to pay money for an app you could delete later? I should have just stuck with finding images on the internet!

Scam App - Bad company to do business with!. I’ve been using this app for a few years now. I thought it was so useful, I updated and paid for the Premium version a couple years ago. I just wanted the option to sometimes combine 4-5 pictures into a collage, nothing fancier than that. Recently, after an update, my photos don’t show up when I open the app. I wrote them and said I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I’m still having this problem of the pictures not showing up or linking to my album. I have not heard back for more than 5 days now. A year ago they also had an update and allowed users to restore the app and it worked. After this update, it looks like they are just ignoring long time users who paid their one time app fee. I read other reviewers saying this company changed to a monthly subscription service now. They should at least send a notification for a refund or a message to long time users/clients if they plan to change the terms of agreement when I first paid. A little shady if you ask me. On a positive note, LAYOUT FOR INSTAGRAM pretty much does the same thing for FREE and LIVE COLLAGE is a close second. Both also save collages to your photo album. I’m deleting this app and cutting my losses.

Downloaded the app for one reason.. I downloaded the app to put two photos together and compare them. As soon as I selected a style and my two photos, it prompted me for a payment plan. Due to the pandemic going on, I don’t exactly have the money to waste on things that users should be able to do out of the box. I wasn’t able to actually use the app because of it. Developers shouldn’t be able to list a app as free on the AppStore, and then prompt the user for payment as soon as they get in the app, essentially click baiting users, falsely advertising their app, and not allowing users to even use non-subscription features which are advertised as free. This entirely pisses me off because this is something that you should be able to do out of the box on a iPhone considering the price point of newer iPhone’s. Wasn’t even able to use the app and the basic features which are advertised as free. Not a good app.

Can’t restore purchase after purchasing premium version of app. I purchased the premium version of picjointer before it was turned into a subscription service. I am unable to restore the purchase. I open the app and when it asks me to join for 2.99 per week, I click on “already purchased?” at the bottom. A loading circle pops up for about one second and then it goes anyway and then nothing happens. I’m still on the subscription page and I’m unable to get past it even tho I have already paid for this. I have reinstalled the app and it didn’t fix it. In fact, this is the same problem I had months ago. Please either restore my ability to use the app or refund my money.

In app purchases don’t match. It’s a weekly subscription. I was excited to find this app with a few single-purchase add on packs after the other one I used went to a monthly and yearly subscription, which is ridiculous unless there’s a recurring business cost associated with keeping up the app. This would be like Apple trying to charge subscriptions to get iOS updates. Well alas, the in app purchases for this app don’t match what the store page says. I was ready and willing to pay ~$10 to unlock all the features but instead this is a forced trial for 1 week and then a subscription weekly. Deleted. I’m sure it was a good app, too bad it’s a greedy business model. $2.99 a week. That’s $12 a month, which is what I pay for Netflix. Netflix who has huge teams of IT to keep servers running, data storage costs, internet bandwidth costs, lawyers, original content, producers, actors, real estate costs and more. $1 a month would be quite a bit more digestible for what your consumers are getting for their hard earned money. Consider changing the business model.

Beware of the automatic subscription. In the info button (in the right top corner), it states that you have a 3-day trial, and goes on the say in the subscription details that you must cancel a subscription before you enter the last 24-hour period of the current subscription. That could mean you have only two days of your 3-day trial to look at the app before you will be forced into an automatic subscription. There are some “steps” provided on how to cancel your automatic subscription, but they are incorrect or incomplete, I tried then. I went to he app website provided here on the app page, but it is seriously just an advertisement about them, no additional help, FAQ, or additional support contact information, just the email address to contact them... will I get contacted before The app automatically turns into a paid subscription? I sent an email to support. But I am concerned that just deleting the app isn’t going to “free” me from their automatic renewal. I don’t know what to do, but posting a waning here seems appropriate. Perhaps support can clear this up for everyone interested.

Free app - NOT! Not even a cheap app!. Once a month I need to collage a couple pics. Looked on apple store and come across many collage apps. For how little I plan to use it, It’s not a requirement for a high tech expensive app. I clicked and loaded this one not realizing it cost $2.99 a month. It gives the opportunity for a free trial. Clicked free trial and it requires you to fill in the purchase agreement. Once it gets to that page it changed to $2.99 a week. Hmmm. Went back to the App Store and start really reading all the reviews. Apparently the $2.99 I see for billing isn’t even correct. Others have stated once you get past that screen it raises the price to $4.99 a week. Yea. I don’t think so. Even if the price was five bucks for a year it would be too much for how little I plan to use it. Even though I have NOT got a chance to use the product I give this app a poor review because of its deceptive advertising and the illusion that anyone can have this app. $260 a year to put pictures in order. No. I don’t think so.

Scam - wants more money after already paid. I bought the full version a few years back, great app. Simple to use, I didn’t need anything fancy just to be able to make basic collages. Then I updated..... at which point I got locked out of most of the features and it told me I had to subscribe. Emailed the company and eventually I was able to access it again...... until now when I updated again. Once more, it’s telling me I have to subscribe. “Restore purchases” does not work. I emailed the company and was basically told too bad, we are subscription based now. I want what I originally paid for!!!!! That’s great that you want to move to subscription based, but anyone who bought the full version when it was offered should’ve been grandfathered in with their purchase!!!!

What happened??. I’ve had this app for a while and I loved it. Well, that is until the last few times I’ve tried to use it and I keep getting a message that says “Connections seems slow”. I’ve removed the app and reinstalled it and that doesn’t help. I no longer see a point in keeping this app if it doesn’t even work. Sad. I used to love this app. Update: After a little research it seems one of my setting on my phone was not allowing the app to work. The app seems to be working properly again. Thanks to support for being patient and talking with me about solutions.

Don’t Get It. When I first got this app, it was easily the best collage maker I found for my phone. But then after an update, they made several changes to it that basically say “Hey, we took away about 80% of the features. If you want them back, then give us money!” I didn’t care for this, but the 20% of the features I was left with were still helpful at times, so I kept the app a while longer. But now, they’re so desperate to take your cash, that you can’t even USE the app for free anymore! Anytime I try to make a collage, a pop up appears that’s like “Hey! GIVE USE MONEY!!!” You can’t exit off of the pop up and it returns every time you attempt to use Pic Jointer! And by the way, this isn’t like a normal app, where “paying” means spending one or two dollars and being done with it. This app is apparently sO aMaZiNg it deserves a weekly subscription fee! There may be some poor sap out their will to dump their hard earned cash into this, but not me. I’m not paying three dollars a week for the privilege of using your app!

I love this app. I use this app to both create collages of my friends and family to print and display and edit a single photo and create a beautiful display for any occasion I mainly use the app to impress my friends by sending my collages and edited photos to them and watching there reaction and the same queston they ask evrytime I have the same answer time “how did you do this “and my answer is always something along the lines of it was picture joined and I explain how much I love it. But all in all it is an amazing app that lets you show off your personality through decorating pictures it is an amazing app even without a membership which aren’t to bad to purchase considering that it includes lots of new fonts frames and back grounds to choose from but I love the app and would love to see more being added to it

Misleading/Scammish. This is an interesting app. While it is free to download it should be noted that there are absolutely no free features that I could find. The only way you can do anything is by signing up for a subscription. There is a three day free trial. But in the description, it alludes to premium features which suggests that there are free features. This does not seem to be the case. Unless you need this for a single use, I wouldn’t even download it. And if you do need it for a single use or for use for a couple days be sure to cancel it as soon as you subscribe. The three day free trial will run its course and then the app will be in active and you can safely delete it. But make sure you download and save any pictures that you created with the app. My suggestion to the developer is to reword your descriptions so it is less deceiving.

I had high expectations.... Tried this app and loved the interface and right in the middle of creating my first collage I was hit with the option to pay. The only way out of the option was to close the app. Why trap your users and create a negative user experience making the user feel trapped AND forced to pay after building up the user’s curiosity and after the effort spent to select all your images. That was a HUGE turn off & disappointment. I “was” really excited about this app. Then the option to pay $4.99 weekly? Weekly?... I couldn’t find a monthly nor annual option. Another huge disappointment. Be upfront and clear with cost and if I’ve already purchased, make it obvious. I had high hopes for this one. 😕

‼️Warning‼️☹️ don’t download this app!!!. When I downloaded this app originally I loved it. It was easy to work with and did exactly what I wanted. Although, prior to X-mas break, I had unsubscribed to the payment (which I really hate btw. The amount is ridiculous for how long i am using it for!!) Anyways, I go to pay for it again, and there is an error that comes up. I emailed them right away. I hear nothing. Nada.👎 not a single word. I email them again. Still nothing.😡 I wait a another week, and since they still aren’t answering me, I ask apple for my money back, which they did, 🙏 but i still haven’t heard anything from them. I also thought that maybe I activated the wrong one (not sure why there are 2 “versions” 🤔). I click on the other one, but it charged me again. Another $3/week. So not only is there an error that won’t go away, but now I get charged twice for something that doesn’t work!!😡🤬 please help me!!! I still haven’t heard anything from them.

New update is frustrating. The new update has some minor tweaks that have been rather annoying. 1) from the very beginning I enjoyed the previous version of being able to accept my photo layout prior to the pictures, and thus selecting in which box they go to. This is a minor issue but still awkward for me 2) (this is the bigger issue) I use this app to create collages for my business and once I have a layout selected and text and formatting I just want to be able to change the pictures out, however with the new update it “resets” sooner and then I have to recreate everything which creates non-uniformed photos which I do NOT like! Please go back and get rid of this automatic “reset”! I sure as hell won’t be paying $5 a MONTH for this either...

A overall good app. This app is pretty decent. Not the best, but not the worst. As with all apps I have some minor technical difficulties but they are more of the fault of my phone and myself. I like combing pictures and that's what this app does. That is legitimate it. Only one real issue, you have to purchase certain things. Of course with any 'free' app they need you to buy things but that's not a big deal. I use this app frequently therefore plan on buying something sometime. No other issues, thank you for reading

Not what is says. This app is not free at all! Paying weekly for a pic app is not fair or appropriate at all I would gladly pay for the app but not weekly it isn’t photo shop and even that..... apps shouldn’t be a subscription at all. One time fee no problem update fee to unlock extras again no brainer if I need the extras $150 a year for a collage app ummmmm are you daft? To bad I would have easily bought the app if it wasn’t a subscription.... it just show your greedy take a note from pro create and structure you compensation fairly for you consumers. Far superior app charging less and takes more time to develop on top of being more practical for daily and career use...... blows my mind the fin flares self worth of the app and developers.

The name of the app says it all. It joins pictures together. But that's it!. Has lots of different frames to choose from, however, once you choose which pictures you want in each slot, it doesn't allow you to adjust them (slide around, or zoom in or out, etc) in order to show the part of each picture that you want. So you have to play around with all the frames until you find one that doesn't cut someone's head off in one picture, or have a picture of only the background in another. So, even though there are tons of frames to choose from, only a select few are actually usable, unless you want a big ol' collage of nothing.

DO NOT UPDATE. UPDATE: After searching for literally 4 months for another app as good as Pic Jointer USED TO BE, I had found nothing even close. So tonight I decided to re-download the app and try to learn how to use the new version. Upon re-installing, I found that it has been completely fixed since I left! Now, it could not be easier to use! I'm so thrilled that I can use this app again! ORIGINAL REVIEW: Wow! I cannot believe they really went and completely ruined my favorite app with this update! They've made the app completely unrecognizable from the greatness it was before. Everything is hard to do now. And most things that I want to do, can't even be done at all any more! What on earth were they thinking? I already uninstalled the app and will be looking for a different collage-making app today.

Great Photo App. I had previously updated my review to mention my disappointment with certain new features including the recent charges for previously paid for features to include backgrounds. Your response included instructions on restoring my previous purchase. However, as far as I can tell, the app had already been corrected and I could no longer find the previously disappointing features. BTW, here’s my feedback from before. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was. Or maybe I did. I’m pretty happy with it again. 😊 *********** Still loving it! Keep up the good work! I use this often in my work, so I bought it to remove the ads. Glad I did. I love it. And your improvements are actually awesome! From previous rating: Been using another app which I paid for but they've been messing it up with updates. Please don't do that. It's great like it is. While there's always room for improvement, be sure you're improving it!

I love this app. This is an amazing app, and I use it constantly to edit pictures and make layouts for instagram. I love all the changes you can make, and how great the outcome is.❤️I only have one problem when I try to move the words around it will sometimes make the word hug. And have to make the word even again. This isn’t a big deal but it can get a little annoying after awhile. This is not a big problem, I still use this app constantly. But overall I love this app, and is the best app I have found for the purposes I use it for.💕

Not good anymore. I paid for the full version because it WAS a good app. Not now! They took away the features I paid for and turned it into a subscription base app to use the features I had already paid for. No notice, no refund for my purchase, and no features I paid for. Don’t waste your time, lots of other apps out there that won’t take away features you paid for without notice and then have the audacity to charge you on a subscription basis for what you’ve already paid for. Not happy with them 🤬 Update: they sent me an email with instructions that do not work. When I hit restore purchases it tells me in app purchases are not allowed. I attempted to contact you via 2 emails with no reply. The app is still worthless to me. Update: still not working after I paid for it. You send instructions and they don’t work. You can’t hit RESTORE because it says in app purchases are not allowed. Fix this! I paid for an app and you took it away. Bad way to do business!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Zero stars. Wont let you do a thing unless you agree to a subscription can i just use it and not have to agree to pay $3 why cant I use it free with out a commitment even if its a free trial why make me sign up for something you can later charge people for if they forget why not make it free with ads. Thats how they get ya give you a little longer then short free trial to get you to forget and take your money. Zero stars zero stars.........ZERO.....STARS. I swear this app was made buy a bunch of talentless Devs who should not be proud of this scam of an app. The only achievement here is that your company is a bunch of swindlers who cant make a basic app to navigate subs and accounts. If it was a good app by good devs you wouldn't need to email them to cancel your sub. How are these guys still in buisness.

The WORST Update Ever. I purchased this app a few years ago for less than $5 and have been using it regularly for my sports blog. But now, they have nullified my purchase and are offering a subscription-based platform for $3 a week, which is complete insanity. There is no way this picture collage maker is worth more than my monthly subscription to Photoshop, and comparable to streaming apps at $12 a month. I reached out to the app's company via email, and, at least in my opinion, received a rude reply, saying that I was NOT a subscriber to the app (even though I have been using it for years) and calling the purchase I made, a purchase to a "very old version of the app," an app I had no problems using until this past week. Needless to say, I am very disappointed and will absolutely be taking my business elsewhere and suggest anyone reading this do the same.

NOTHING FREE ABOUT THIS APP. This app should be advertised as $2.99/month, this is blatant lying. Forcing people to give you their CC info for a free trial is NOT FREE. When I tried to make a 2-photo collage I was directed to a free trial ad. You MUST sign up for the free trial, including entering your CC info, in order to do anything. They let you choose your photos for the collage, make you think you'll be able to actually join your photos together, then you're taken to the unskippable, permanent screen forcing you to sign up for a free trial. So again, not free. Not even the most basic functions for free. NOTHING. These kinds of companies are hoping you'll forget to cancel your free trial so they can keep charging you, buy this is nothing new. Please don't be fooled by these kinds of 'free apps'.

“Free App” is a joke. Before I decide to pay for a premium app- especially a photo app- I prefer to try the free version to determine if its something I will use. I downloaded the free app and attempted to do a simple side by side collage. No text, nothing crazy- just a side by side. I chose my simple layout and my 2 photos but cannot get past the next screen that pushes the $2.99 a week subscription. I can’t even view my side by side collage. After asking others (younger, more tech savvy, etc.) if they could figure it out (and finding out they couldn’t), I downloaded another app instead that worked GREAT. It could very well be that I simply could not figure out how to use it but if it’s that complicated, I don’t really think “free” is worth it.

Look elsewhere. My partner has this app and recommended I get it as we share our iTunes account. I went to combine two pictures and now I am stuck at an upgrade screen for a weekly subscription of $4.99. I don’t need fonts, backgrounds or anything else. I simply want to combine 2 photos without having to transfer them to my computer. To ask nearly $260 for this app is ridiculous and you have to take the free trial as there appears to be no way past the upgrade screen. This isn’t a problem on my partner’s phone, trying to restore any purchase we have made in the past does nothing and the app is completely unusable. Look elsewhere, this app is not free, as they claim, and unrealistic with a $4.99/week subscription price.

So far, so good!. Bought the paid version after trying for a day. Worth it to skip the ads. I was looking for something without an app name watermark at the edge (like in Pic Collage), since I use these collages for custom greeting cards for friends. This fits the bill! Only weird thing is that photos I add to my camera roll don't show up very quickly in the app. Even when I go to "recently added," they are not shown as the most recently added photos, but are somewhere in the middle of maybe a hundred recent pics. Kind of a hassle and time waster to find them. They should just show up as most recent if the app and my camera roll are syncing correctly. This is my main "con." For some reason in my family app sharing the paid version isn't showing up for my spouse, so he is contacting the developer about that.

Updates are a SCAM! Even after deleting!. This app completely takes advantage of fine print agreements. After using the platform during my free trial, I meant to cancel the trial, but forgot. It automatically signed me up for a subscription ($2.99 initial charge). I was annoyed with myself and not initially with them... until they KEPT charging me weekly. I didn’t even get an iTunes notification for it until 3 weeks later, and my charges were bundled. And this was AFTER I deleted the app, thinking that initial charge was the only one I would ever get. Seriously? This is a collage app... there is no reason for them to be taking this much money from its users. On another note there is NO easy way to cancel your subscription. The app interface lacks any account information button (I am yet to find one) and clearly deleting the app isn’t good enough either. This is a scam.

The app "Pic Jointer" and its review. This app "Pic Jointer" has many options of things you may want to do with your collages. Many other photo collage apps that I've used or rated do not have things like framing, captions, neither placing animations on your photos unless you pay. It's very thought through and organized, therefore, I gave it five stars. Please take a look at some other photo collage apps to compare yourselves to them, by that I mean look at what look at what you can work on, and look what your doing great on. I look forward to the new upgrades that this company has. Good Luck!

Update is a scam!. I bought and paid for this app several months ago. It was my favorite go-to app for collage needs and I use it for my business. It had a very easy to use interface that I found preferable over other apps that do the same things. The latest update made major changes in performance and it is now difficult to use and simple things now require more steps. Very frustrating! The thing I’m most upset over is that even though I already purchased the app almost a year ago, all the features were locked and they now want to charge $4.99 a week to use it! NOT OK! I hit the button to “restore” my purchase so I have access to all the collages I did before, but now I’m afraid they are going to start charging by the week. I will delete the app and dispute the charges if this happens. I do not see a subscription listed in my iTunes acct so it’s kind of confusing. I want the app that I already paid for and I want it to function the way it did prior to the update... except minus the random crashes. P.S. The best thing about it was the ability to take a picture directly in the collage, that seems no longer possible in the updated version.

It won’t let me out of the free trial. Ok so I saw this app on Instagram, and I though, “Cool, this could be fun to do!” So I downloaded it, and right away, it seemed really cool. But then when I chose my pictures to put into the collage, it asked me to purchase something to get full access to the app. I didn’t see anything to exit me out of there, so I chose free trial. It said that I could have 1 week with the free trial, so I tapped “Continue.” It said that I I could get it for one week, as I said. But I wasn’t sure if after the 1 week it would automatically pay and use my money when I didn’t know. I’m sure that this app would’ve been cool if we didn’t have to buy anything to continue.

Disappointing loss of being user friendly. In the past I could joint easily pictures I love. Now developers adds cover and intrude into the process and one can not express one doesn’t want them. The adds keep one from completing the process and main reason one bought the app, to join and put together photos one loves. More important I bought this app as a free app now it forces to choose between a 7 day trial or $2.99 per week. What a crazy switch! And does Apple allow this?! I just asked them directly and I am waiting for their answer Third; Developer responses are pure non truthful which mean it is a lie. I bought this years back and now when I press restore purchases my choices are paid $2.99 and the operation of the app is less intuitive and more clumsy than before

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Prevented From Using Free Version. I downloaded this because I needed a basic before-and-after photo comparison app. The ads didn’t bother me, and though there are some inconvenient navigating aspects with photo album, it didn’t bother me for the free-to-use aspect. However, today, halfway through making a photo comparison, a full-screen advertisement to upgrade to the paid version interrupted me. To my dismay, there is no way to move past this ad or cancel out of it, unless I sign up for the free trial of the upgraded versions, which I am uninterested in. I tried restarting the app, but it now brings up the ad every time I try to make a photo comparison, preventing me from completing anything. This has effectively ended my use of this app.

Disabled free version with no notice. I have used this app for a few years. At one point it added the logo to every collage, which was a little annoying but understandable. At one point I decided it was worth buying the full version until I realized it was $2.99 a week! For a photo app?? Even $2.99 a month would be too high. I kept using the free version, with ads, etc. I only use it a few times a month. Tonight I went to use it and chose the collage, put in the pictures, and now it won’t proceed without me signing up. If you are going to remove all free access, you should own up to it and tell the customer. Not spring it out of nowhere and mid-task to boot. I will be looking elsewhere for a collage app after this, whether free or paid.

No Free Option or Testing. I understand that the app offers a free trial, but it puts you into a situation where you have to cancel it before it charges you. I understand that you’re trying to sell a product, but this type of business isn’t the best model. Essentially you are hoping I forget to cancel it so you can definitely at least get one payment out of me before I cancel. Aside from this, I can’t even test the app with simple 2-3 picture collages to see if I like it first. The app immediately brings up an ad asking to sign-up for the free 3 day trial, but again requires you to agree to pay automatically after the 3 day trial. Finally, the price point is unreal. Asking for a weekly subscription at the price point you’ve listed is pretty bold. Most apps ask for a one time fee and it is usually less that your weekly price. If your app is this great that you can ask this price, then you should try to get people hooked on your product before forcing them to sign-up for automatic payments after a short 3 day trial. I couldn’t even try the app, I deleted it right away after realizing all the above information.

What a joke!!!. This is the Last time..... This App is a Freaking Scam of a Joke! They shouldn’t even be able to be available anymore! Again as I’m making a collage on the app (which I have not used for a year) for my daughters 16th bday. I go to choose a background and it prompts me to do a “Trail for FREE for 3 Days!” First- If That is their offer to utilize their app, then follow through with the Dang OFFER... This freaking Company goes and Charges my Card after 2 Days, TWO DAYS! Not only has it only been 2 days, NOT 3, what in the heck is worth $4.99 a WEEK on this APP... NOTHING, There is many, Many other apps for doing Fun Great things with Photos for FREE, as well as maybe paying a Monthly or yearly fee for nothing over $20, & that’s a year. I suggest do your homework look at the reviews as well Do Not Use this stupid app! If you do end up getting conned into getting charged you won’t get your money back either SO DON’T DO the free trail! What a joke!

SHADY APP, charges weekly. RUN AWAY.. This app’s UI/UX, setup flow, and subscription policy is deliberately shady! Read the app description in the App Store before installing, and even then, it won’t be immediately clear that there is no free trial (neither they nor App Store make this explicit) and they will then begin charging your Apple ID subscriptions for $2.99/weekly (!!!) without your permission. Then when you try to remedy the situation via the app, you’ll realize there’s no way to access an app menu, settings, profile or account section to change your subscription preferences. You’ll have to contact Apple Support to get them to turn off the auto-renewal, even after deleting the app. Be warned. You’ll basically lose a bunch of money for an underdeveloped app designed to take your money and do everything it can to keep you from changing that.

USED to be my Favorite App!. I’m so disappointed!! This was my favorite app! Now I can’t even use this app because I’m greeted by a stupid pop up screen after I pick my pictures saying “Purchase for $2.99 a WEEK!!” I’m sorry I will not pay 2.99 a week! Maybe a month but a week no way! The face that you won’t let anyone even use the free feature because you get stuck on this stupid screen is so irritating and frustrating!! I uninstalled this months ago, and thought I would try again to see if anything changed and nope same thing happens! Guess I will look for a better app and one that actually let you use it for free when it says it’s free instead of getting greeted with a pop up making you purchase to use! Make it a paid app then if your going to do this. That way ppl can choose to pay or not. I’m uninstalling now once again 😡😩

RE: Don't buy unless you like subscriptions!. I installed this app only to find out it requires a subscription to use. On Apple's app description page, "in-app purchases" only lists items to be added (filters, frames, stickers, etc.), and NOTHING about subscriptions. This is misleading to say the least as customer's dissatisfaction is evident by these reviews. The first thing I do when evaluating an app is to see if subscriptions are required. If they are, then I move on looking for another app. I won't waste my time & money with this setup. Though I am more than willing to pay for an app's "Lifetime" subscription even if it costs quite a bit more. Too bad too, as it looked like a decent app with lots of potential. That's my 2 cents, and more than I'd pay for a subscription! Lol

LOL WHAT IN THE GREED IS THIS! 😂🙄. Needed to do one picture collage thing. So I put my 2 pics in and clicked ‘next’ and it brings you to a ‘try 7 days for free! And then it’s 2.99 a week!’ are you serious, $3 a week? $12 a month for a simple pic editor collage type app. This a joke. I thought it would have atleast a free option so I’m looking everywhere for it, couldn’t find it but I did find the the fine print. Just don’t do it.. You can do this type of editing for free on tons of apps I just wanted to choose an app that was simple and to the point. I get they wanna make some money but this is way off the beam! If you don’t mind the $ then go for it! And I probably would have purchased if it was a one time payment of 2.99 or something reasonable. But after this, I don’t stand by money-grabbing companies.

I’m not sure what changed. I have used this app for a very long time and it was very simple to navigate. At some point, however, it stopped working as well. I’m no longer able to select what sized collage I want to use prior to picking my pictures. I can no longer place my pictures in the specific locations I want them to go. I have to work out before hand in which order to select my pictures for them to be placed how I want. And if, at any time, I make a mistake and need to change the order or number of pictures used, I can’t simply swap them out like before. I now have to delete my whole project and start over. Also, once I do complete a project, I have to delete, close out the app, and restart it if I want to work on a second project. I’m not sure what changed to make it be this way, but it’s quite frustrating. I gave a 5 star rating when I first started using this app so long ago. Now, I’d say it’s at 3 because I can still make a collage, it’s just not as simple as it once was.

Don’t waste your time. I’d give it zero stars if I could. Once upon a time this was my favorite collage app. It used to be so easy to use and had the best features. I deleted it about a month ago because I hadn’t used it in a while and needed space on my phone. I just re-downloaded it and now you can’t use it at all unless you sign up for their weekly subscription. Like, you can’t exit out of the ad screen at all. Your only option is to subscribe, and I’m sorry, but $3/week is insane for a collage app. I could understand maybe $3 to BUY the whole app, but $3 PER WEEK?! Yeah, no thanks. I’ll just download something else and use it from now on. This app used to be the best, but you’ve completely ruined it by being greedy and getting rid of the free version.

Best free simple photo editor. I never take the time to review apps. But I felt like this one deserved to be recognized. This app lets you choose what layout style you want. Also, Customize the aspect ratio, border thickness, amount of curve on the edges(if any), amount of drop shadow(if any), the color of the space in between pics, and reposition the pics within each space. The lines in between each pic don't double in width like most pic collage apps. And most importantly the file comes out looking great, unlike other apps that downsize the resolution. There are other free features, as well as paid ones. All this for free, thank you!! This app has earned a long term spot on my iPhone.

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From free to fee (and not a small one). This app used to suit my needs perfectly. I’d make beautiful collages for birthdays and special occasions. Not you’re trying to charge $4.49 per week for access to most layouts? That’s more than we pay to access every song on iTunes. This is a joke. Won’t be using again. Luckily there are many apps that offer for free what you’re now charging ridiculous amounts for!

Great for before and after photos. I use this in my physiotherapy practice to send people before and after treatment pics

Awesome features. I love that you can make your layout 4:5 instead of the usual square!! Works so much better for portrait photos!! And perfect for Instagram. Great options, fun borders, worth the upgrade!

Useless. This all is useless I downloaded it as a free photo collage app which it states it is, however when you try and start your photo collage it asked to to have free trial for a certain amount of time then $6.95 per week. There is no option to refuse off and continue with free app you have to subscribe. Terrible app deleted straight away. DONT USE if looking for free app...

App no longer works unless you pay subscription. iPad version of this app is now ruined. Can’t access any features unless you upgrade to a monthly subscription. Have been happily using this app’s basic features for years, but no more. Have deleted. Weirdly the iPhone version is unaffected.

Was good but now deleting.... Too expensive. Payware rubbish now. Don’t buy it unless you want to fork out weekly cash. This was one of the better ones. Easy to use with a great range of frame options. However, now I HATE it. Despite paying for the full version of the app to get all frames, the latest update has made it a $6.99 weekly subscription cost to get basically everything I’ve already paid for. Unethical greedy developers. Such a shame as it was great. Moving on.

Picture Collage Pic Jointer. All I say is brilliant. So easy & quick to use. Lots of designs/shapes to pick from. Use often and love the results.

Go to app for putting photos together.. The addition of video adds but still having to pay for extra layouts (should you want to use them) is annoying but the app is functional and does what you need it to do.

Exactly what you want it to do. Easy to use The results you're after

Shame on you!. I’ve been using this app for years, and purchased the full version as soon as I first downloaded it so that I can play around with different frames. However, with the latest update, they’ve completely changed the app so that you have to pay $6.99 a week as a subscription to use any good collages...SHAME ON YOU, greedy developers!!! Enjoy losing all your long-term app users...

Simple, easy and does the job. I just needed a basic app like most people to be able to post multi photo pics. Like four step food process!! Does the job :)

Scam artists!!!. Do not download this app! Once you do, the next and INLY option is to sign up for a trial and once trial ends you need to make payments EVERY WEEK and it gives you no other option to decline or say no. Do not agree to anything! Just delete it the useless app and report it. It should be taken down!

😀. Easy to use and to navigate through.

Great app. Bad business decision..... I absolutely loved this app and have had it for a few years now. Only used it every so often, but it did exactly what I wanted. Now they’ve changed it so we have to pay a weekly subscription approx $5/week.... which I believe is extremely unfair to people who have had the app for years. If you had to change things to make money, change it to pay a one off payment to download the app and then allow full access at anytime with no further charges.

Actually, quite good. Having used a number of similar Apps (and been disappointed) I tried this and was pleasantly surprised. Once you play about with the settings, it works very well. Impressed.

Not Happy After Update. I have used the app for a long time & paid for an upgrade a while back to use more options of the app. Now all of a sudden the app has updated & i can no longer use what I originally paid for. I have to pay another $6.99 to unlock the styles ive already paid for so im not very happy at all!!

Ruined. I downloaded this app about a year ago. I had no need for it recently till now... I opened it and at first I liked it till I scrolled across the frames. I saw the one I had used a while ago and thought it would be perfect for what I was doing, it popped up that I had to pay for it! I had a little mind explosion of anger. I used a different frame and found I couldn’t do much anymore!!! I can’t believe how much you can ruin a app. You ask me to rate this a year ago easily 5 star now only 1.😡😡😡😭😭😭🤯🤯🤯

Annoying ad. This app probably has potential however, I did not get to use it because every time I wanted to put my pics in a frame, an ad for upgrade was blocking my opportunity to continue. After three attempts to decline the offer, the app stopped working!! Total waste of time! Hated it. Never getting it again.

Very disappointed. Ever time I try and use this app it only brings up half the photos I want to use in my album, no matter how many times I save the others this app won't bring them up.

Ruined. Used and loved this app for years. Went to use it today and discovered a huge watermark is now added to your image - and can’t be removed without paying a monthly subscription!? Greedy. I’m happy to pay a one off fee to remove watermark or access extra features (I had done so with an older version of this app, to access extra frames) but a monthly subscription is ridiculous. I’m using Pic Collage from now on instead.

Do not download. This app doesn’t let you use it unless you update for $6.99 per week!! It pops up a screen you cannot get past without it taking you to payment. Then when you try to cancel it takes your payment info. They then don’t have any account section in their app to try to cancel your unwanted subscription.

Used to be a great app now just scams for money. There was a time I would have rated 5 stars but now all this app does is ask over and over again to upgrade its subscription for more and more money each time and theres no escape from the page can only close app or upgrade and pay more each time 💁🏻‍♀️ nope

disappointing 😔. i downloaded the app thinking it would all be good and that i could put a couple of photos together but once you pick your frame and photos, an advertisement pops up saying that you should “get access to PicJointer” for $4.49 and won’t let you do anything until you buy it.

Very sneaky behaviour. This company charges $4.49 per week for an app that does SO little, and they make it as difficult as possible to unsubscribe. You can’t even access a menu within the app to view your subscription until you have loaded up pictures to be combined. Very sneaky. NOT recommended.

Easy least thanks :). I use it to layout in pre-edited images in frames, can change frame shapes, boarder thickness, zoom individual images. Happy days!

Read the fine print. Subscription service. $8 per week. Must opt in to trial which kicks off subscription service 7 days later unless you go into your account and stop it. I will be deleting this app. Is this bad? I’m not impressed at all.

Blurry Instagram. Not sure if it’s a Pic Jointer or an Instagram issue, but when viewing photos on my Ipad from my daughter via Instagram, when she uses this app, the photos are blurry & very unclear. Single photos are fine.

Don’t waste your money. App used to be free and had basic functionality. The purchase gave you more templates, but no genuine actual features worth the fee. The app still has the same basic functionality, but is now completely behind a paywall. Not worth $230+ per year! ($4.49 a week) There are so many other apps the do the same for free/ad revenue without also requiring a subscription.

Good and Bad. Great app. Easy to use. Old review below but has been fixed. BUT I don't like how I have to scroll through all my photos to get to the most recent .... Most likely what I'm about to collage. Very frustrating... But now, when I scroll through photos the app shuts down when I scroll to most recent photo. IO8 glitch??

Used to use it, now everything is $7/week. Folks, download CANVA instead. Guys, I pay $10/month for my adobe photography plan and hate to break it to you, but adobe is way better than your app. Lame. Used to love it for quick collages, wouldn’t mind a one-off upgrade fee if needed, but $7/week? You’re dreaming.

How pic jointer is.... I think this app is awesome I used an app similar to this but it wasn’t that good and some of the things on there didn’t work so I am really happy that the s app works and is very useful for celebrations!

Get it. Been using this app for years. It's tops for before/ shots. Edit - still years more later it's one of the few apps I never delete.

Won’t let you try it until you agreeing to subscription. Another App turned Greedy... many apps doing subscription will let you use them for free even if limited or atleast just won’t let you save but you got to try it. This one lets you chose the grid and photos but before you even see it, you are taken to a sign up page offering a week free before you pay or see what it does. While this adopted system work on users forgetting to delete the app, forcing users to agree to subscription without showing a thing is hitting too far below the belt. If I cannot freely try the app, I don’t know if I even want a week free. Then I have to waste more time unsubscribing if I don’t. No Thanks.

Exactly what is says. Great app, doing exactly what it claims to do. Easy to use, and a large range of options for frames and sizing. I use it a lot.

Turned easiest collage apps into absolute rubbish. NEW VERSION: Payware rubbish now. MONEY GRAB BY DEVELOPERS. Can do barely anything without paying upgrade. Watermarks everything and reduced features/flexibility. Deleted now. Absolute rubbish OLD VERSION: Been using the basic version for years. Had some great new features lately too. Easy to ignore the ads too

I’m gonna use this for love. Hey thank u for making this app I’m just using this so I can make some of my photos of me and my partner look like we r taking cute pics together because we don’t live close to each other and I want to make her happy

Almost intuitive. This app is almost intuitive. There are a few functions that I am having a little trouble with, but on the whole it is very helpful. I use it to prepare an illustrated book on vegetable gardening in my region. Have tried similar apps, but find this one serves my needs.

Was free now $4.40 a WEEK???. What a load of hot steaming garbage when there are so many apps that do literally the exact same thing for free. Never using this app again, what an absolute raught. I could use this app with no issues before and update and all of a sudden you expect me to pay over $230 a year for a COLLAGE app, honestly you’re dreaming. I’d have no qualms with a one off purchase but you guys had to be greedy. Shame.

Easy and Quick. Downloaded the app and did what I needed in less than a minute. Very streamline.

What have you done?. I had the first app you developed. It was a 5+ Now with this update it’s no longer the one I have enjoyed all these months! I used to be able to make bigger or smaller each photo per template , now all I get is the crazy size that I can’t resize. How sad😕😞. Time to look for one that used to be like yours.

You can’t even use the app without subscription!. As soon as you open the app and select an image, you require to subscribe to proceed(to access to whole features wow!) How you can subscribe to an app when you can’t even see the minimum features and see if you like them or not!!!

Dodgy, Poor Product, No Different To A Scam. Didn’t even realise this stupid app was taking $7 from me a week!! I paid for premium ages ago, and when I went back in it asked me to restore, little did I know that would include a new subscription. Unfortunately it has chewed up a substantial amount of money before I caught it. Not worth it, better products on the App Store. Very poor form. 😒 DONT FALL FOR THIS STUPID APP!!

Love it. Love this photo collage maker - very user friendly! Only issue I wish their watermark was smaller as it covers the bottom of photos. Fantastic app and I have recommended to others

WASTE OF TIME. NOT FREE.. Ad pops up when photos are added asking you to upgrade with no option/ exit to navigate away, rendering it unusable. There is a subscribe now first week free option (4.49 per week after), that would need to be selected in order to proceed. It’s dishonest and dodgy that you can’t use the app without signing up for a subscription, even when attempting to use basic features.

The new subscription is a rip-off!. I would happily pay $6.99 a year for this brilliant app, but $6.99 a week is over the top. Will not be subscribing.

No more paying. This app will be more popular I reckon if you take away paying. I love this app but what ruins this app a little bit is paying for cool affects. I use this app a lot now but I’d love it even more if we didn’t have to pay Kind regards Thankyou for the great app your biggest app fan!

A total scam. So I downloaded this app a long time ago, wanting to find an app that could join my pictures for free. In finding out that this app wasn’t capable of tending to my needs, I deleted it and obviously never looked back since. However to my horror, I’ve recently found out that I’ve been getting charged continuously for the longest time without my explicit knowledge of agreeing to pay for anything, let alone $14 almost every twice a month. I feel so cheated of my money and this experience has honestly given me a bad impression of every other picture/collage app out there.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken!. Like many others I bought the full app so I could use all the different templates and fonts etc, and I really enjoyed using it, and I was very happy with the photo collage results. Just now I wanted to do exactly the same thing as before, but suddenly I don’t have full access to the app I already paid for. To add insult to injury, even the basic elements are not as easy to use as before. I am very annoyed that I don’t have what I paid for, and that the app is not as good as it used to be.

Don’t bother. You have to upgrade to premium to use the app at all. It’s a con. You can’t use the app without paying. It tricks you at the start to think you can use it for free but a page pops up asking you to upgrade and you can’t get out of it. Deleted the app. Going back to the one I used to use. Pathetic.

Love it. Exactly what I want - simple to use. Two to Three easy steps and I have an image, with no fancy stuff!

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It’s ok. Some of the filters are like on a pro mode and I really don’t like that so plz make it free 😩

Love it!!. I use this app for all my business painting pics!

Makes you buy their stuff. Should not be marketed as a free app. You have to buy their stupid subscription to do anything.

Great App!. Very easy to use. Great App!

Pic Jointer. This app does all that I need.

Not a free app. Waste of time if looking for a free app to make quick edits. It only directs you to a subscription service that is ridiculously expensive for what it’s providing.

Its a lure. Its not free

Bad app. Have to pay to see the final results and it’s 6.49 a week which is crazy would not recommend

Waste of time. You can’t do anything on the app without buying the subscription

NOT FREE. Caution fee to use. Subscription fee to use

Collages. Love how easy it is to use!

0 star. Everything’s hidden behind paywall

Good app. This is a decent app. It is simple to use, does what I need it to do and it does it well and for free.

Got. Bb

Fully paid app. Cannot edit a single photo without subscribing

Give it a try!. Fun and easy to use app! Guaranteed! 👍🏻

Rip off. Not free. Started charging me $15 a week. Didn’t realize this for a few weeks and ended up paying them $60 for a very simple app. What a rip off.

The best. ❤️

Love it. I have been using it for years. I love it

Pictures. Easy to use!

Great app. Edit - I’ve been using this for a few years now and it’s remained the same. It’s still good but there’s nothing new for collage and text ideas. I’m really happy with the little collages I can make.

Great app!. I use this app for before and after pictures with clients. I’m not the best with technology but this app is super easy to use. I’m able to show the client their before and after before they leave the office. I highly recommend this app

SCAM.. I use to love this app before it’s ultimatum. Either you buy it for 7.00$ or you sign up for the free trail and pay 6 days later BEFORE using the app??! WUT.

Awesome!. Love this. Easy to use.

Great app. My go to app for comparison pictures

Can we stop allowing these apps to be “free”. You can’t do a single thing with this app without a subscription. Week trials don’t count when you need my CC information. We need to stop allowing apps to be downloaded for free meanwhile you won’t get anywhere without paying. It’s not even like you’re limited with your options with this app, you get NOTHING without paying

Easy app. Easy to use and free

Waste of time!. Don’t download. You get billed weekly after your first week trial. $20 a month for a very basic app.

Dumb. You have to pay after a free two week trial and it automatically locks you in to paying

Very nice App and work really well. I will by this app always

Great App!. Does exactly what I need.

User friendly!. Incredibly easy to use. Not Overwhelming with how many options there are. Good amount of things you can do to get a really cute collage going:)

Not free. Have to pay to use even though it says it’s a free app.

Love it!!!. So easy to use! Let’s me eliminate so many pics on my phone. Keep one collage instead of 3+ pictures!

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Not only does the app crash constantly it also charges you $3.99 PER WEEK after a 2 week free trial with NO warning. Absolutely disgusting.

Omg. I try to play but it always ask to pay but I don’t want to

Scam. They let you download it for free but soon as you go to make a photo collage they ask you to sign up for $12.99 a month

👍🏻👎🏻. Good but not very useful I use it like once a year

Not free. Can’t use unless you purchase lol

Not Free to use. You can download the app for free but if you actually want to use the app for anything you have to pay. They give a 7 day free trial before you get automatically charged just to put pics together? Don’t download this app if you want something free.

Absurdly Expensive $7/week. This app is locked behind a $7 per week pay wall. That’s an absurd expense for a simple collage maker.

Review. Good

Can’t use unless you pay in-app. $26/month to use this app, there isn’t even a free version you can use like before. Not worth it. I’d consider a one time fee for an app like this but not a significant monthly fee

Easy to use. Love this app because it’s very easy to use.

Thumbs up. User friendly does what it’s meant for easy peasy

It’s not free. They want $3.99 a week... they are out of their mind.

East. It’s super easy to use. Always a nice result. Not cheap, but it’s good, so…..

App. This was an amazing app to create puctures in a different nice way

User friendly. Great app! Very easy to use straight to the point!

Love Love Love PicJoiner!!. Easy. Intuitive. I use it daily to compress text-to-image for Twitter feed bypassing the 280 characters count. They don’t spam or block work flow with useless ads. It’s the best I’ve used.

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Had it for under five minutes.. I needed this app to make some simple collages to make Instagram posts for my works social media. It made me pay $4.99/1 week free upgrade just so I could use it. It wouldn’t even let me bypass the advertisement. I had to agree to upgrade or I couldn’t use the app. The provided video makes it look so much better than it actually is. The font size doesn’t change much making it hard to read over most photos even if you change the color. If you’re looking for a simple collage app and you don’t mind paying extra this is the app for you! Not for me.

Update. This is one the worst update, It use to be much easier to use, it’s more difficult to figure out now, I liked it way better the way it was before I did the update, but I think I’m finally getting it now, still I think it was better before it became a totally different app!! Please change it so it’s back to being much easier to use without the marks all over it.

Greedy App Developers. At one time I loved the app until they started $4.99 weekly. I thought I had a premium subscription but, now their draining my account weekly. This totally ridiculous everybody please check your subscriptions especially it you had this app for awhile. New subscribers beware. $4.99 adds a week adds up. I am deleted this app. There are other apps out there that won’t “bleed you dry”.

Fun fun fun. The only issue with this app is you can't put stickers and get a fake pictures on top of your picture without paying for the upgrade. Other than that I had tons of fun playing with my photos I'm going to enjoy this app for a while I would take upgrade but I never have the money to spare LOL but it is an absolute joy to be able to play on the app that actually let me enjoy what I'm doing

Limited options, not much creative input possible, only works online .... The fact that I just have a free version makes the limited options ok. The basics are fine for free. Some options to be creative although that is very limited. At least in my opinion. You certainly can’t make an image the way you want it. You can only make it how the app producers themselves imagined it as a possibility. THE REASON FOR 1 STAR: Only works online. So if you are not at home and took some pictures and want to make a collage while waiting for a bus or whatever, you can forget it.. unless you don’t mind wasting your data so the app can connect to commercials and such.

Worst App ever. I was badgered basically into trying a “free 3-day subscription” from PicJointer on Thursday October 4th. It kept putting the little block up about trying it and I declined but then it asked again and so I was like it’s free, haven’t used the app for a while since it only gave basic collages so I agreed to try it out to see what all features this app offered. I cancelled the subscription on October 5th not even 24 hours after agreeing to the “free subscription” but I was charged on the 6th from Apple. After speaking with support from Apple I was told a bull crap lie about me not meeting the requirements through them for a refund. So I am out of $4.99.

Love this app.....but one thing. I love this app so much, but after the update including a watermark I've nearly stopped using it. I once used this app as a convenience for throwing 2 images side by side for comparison. I never used it for collages. I had a specific use for this app and I've loved it for so so long. But now that there's a watermark I've already downloaded another app to substitute this one. Please remove the watermark. It's unnecessary. Anyway thanks for a useful tool.

Scammers. I have been trying to stop there tricky 2.99 weekly charge and I have uninstalled the app and when I look at my active subscriptions it doesnt appear but i still get charged. I want to stop getting charged for an app that does the same thing most apps do for free. Please don't try them out they will keep auto charging with no option to opt out of I get charged I will dispute with my bank and file a complaint to the Apple store about this scam. who the hell wants to pay a weekly subscription for an app that you'll use once

Holy price!!. They do realize this is just a collage app right? Where in their right mind does $3 per week/ $12 per month/ $144 per year every year seem like something I would pay? First off how dare you turn a collage app into a reoccurring subscription. Guys.. you are more expensive than Netflix and last I checked I get a little more bang for the buck than a collage app! Seriously- your app costs the same price as my annual pass to seaworld, aquatica, Busch Gardens, and adventure island..... do you think your app is of equal value to a 4 park annual pass or Netflix? Sorry was just giving comparative priced products so u can see how insanely overpriced your collage app is.

HATE the newest version!. I have used this app for years and loved it until now. Now I am expected to pay $5 per week to not have the watermark and it is cumbersome to use. I wouldn’t mind paying for the previous version, but I’m only using this new version until I find another app. The new version is harder to use and takes extra steps. Go back to the previous version if you want me to pay for it or lose a customer!

It’s not a free app. I downloaded the app to give it a try and the first thing I am literally met with after opening it is “give us money” I literally can not try the app with out starting a free 1 week trial version that then automatically turns into weekly $3 auto payments when over. I assumed this free version worked like other apps similar to this where I can use some of its features and then if I like it upgrade. But nope, you guys should seriously just put it up as payable from the start not free. I get people worked hard to make this app, but you would have better luck just being honest with your potential clientele that it’s a paid app from the start.

Reminiscing of simpler times- putting 2 pics in a box with no repercussions. I accidentally (truly, don’t know how I managed) signed up for a paid subscription after lightly using the app. I use this for one picture maybe one every couple months. I could not figure out how to unsubscribe for the life of me. The contested data was buried deep in my phone; I had to do some pretty extensive internet ‘how to’s’ to finally get it back to normal. Although normal now means all these locked features I could certainly live without. Ads all over the place. Started as a very simple way to put your photos in boxes; I am hoping I can find a replacement now that there is more harassment here.

$2.99 a week!. I used to use this app from time to time on my iPhone and it was great, thought about upgrading to the other layouts they had but I never did. Anyway I just went to open it on my iPad that I bought two months ago and it automatically downloaded to my iPad so I opened it and now I cannot use any of the layouts and it cost $2.99 a week to use this app it does still work on my iPhone which is OK for $2.99 a week is ridiculous and it only works in portrait mode on the Ipad it does not work in landscape. Please get rid of the $2.99 a week charge and let people just upgrade for the layouts they want. In the long run Photoshop is cheaper than this app and there’s much more.

This App is a Scam. I had this app years ago, but I guess it got deleted when I upgraded my phone. I downloaded the app again, only to realize you now had to pay to use it, so I didn’t use it at all. I don’t know how this happened, but somehow it is saying I had a weekly subscription and it was going to charge me $2.99 every WEEK! I canceled the subscription but only after I saw a notification that it already charged $2.99 for something I did NOT sign up for or agree to. Why on earth would anyone want to pay $2.99 every single WEEK for an app that only makes picture collages? That is a ridiculous deal, and people need to be very weary of this app.

Nice app. This is a good and simple collage app. Very nice indeed. I plan to upgrade to support the developers. I'm often surprised by some of the lower rated comments one sometimes funds in reviews. From the few I've read/ I haven't had to upload my pics to iCloud in order to use the app. And regarding having to pay/upgrade to get all the collage templates: nothing in life is truly free. The basic app with ads (free) is good. Someone put time, energy, and resources in developing all of the templates.

Pricey. I used to use this app once a week or every couple of weeks for the most basic layouts and would subscribe for a week at a time if I wanted to remove the watermark and/or use more a more elaborate layout for something. Now even the most basic options you have to pay to use. 2.99/week is just too steep of a price for the purpose of the app, imo.

Please read. This is a good app for making certain collages and the reason i got it was so i could put a LOT (and i mean a lot) of photos together. There were nine, and when i looked at the pictures for this app there was one with nine slots. So i download the app only to find that over HALF of the collage selections are for members only and you have to pay FIVE DOLLARS. No way. I'm deleting this and never re-downloading. And before anyone thinks i'm unreasonable, i have seen SEVERAL other apps that have all the same filters FOR FREE. None of them, however, have enough space for nine pictures. This app is a ripoff. I'm just disappointed. 😡

I just downloaded the app a minute ago. So I have two pictures I was hoping to mesh together. Problem number 1, as soon as I inserted my two pictures into the collage a window pops up that says I need to do a free trial for 1 week. Proceeded by $4.99/week after.... which is problem number 2. I tried. Losing the window, even closed the app and reloaded it. It still popped up. I came straight to the reviews right after. It does give you instructions on how to turn off the subscription after but that’s ridiculous. Freaking $4.99 a week for a year itself! Do the math. That’s half my 2017 jeep payment. All for a photo collage app. Haha. Whatever. Deleted.

I love this app!. Update—- I’m still using free version and I’m now getting rid of it. It cuts off so much of my photos. I can never do 3 together and when I do 2 pictures it’s still cutting off so much. Not worth it for me any longer. OLD REVIEW—It's so easy to use. I do lots of before and after photo comparisons with this app. And I have a one year old so I've done lots of side by side photos to show him growing or baby pic of me and his father at his age next to his picture. It's just fun and so easy with this app. Only thing I've had problems with is a few pics on my phone were too big and I couldn't scale them down to fit the frame. Not a big deal. Still use this app more than you would think.

NOT FREE TO USE. this app has absolutely NO FREE FEATURES you can’t even open it without a subscription. So sure... it’s free to download but you can’t actually use anything in it or even see the interface of what it looks like to consider getting a subscription because the moment you tap anything it’s required you pay to use it and you can’t exit from the subscription screen. It’s not free despite being “free to download”. Completely misleading and a total money grab. Tons of free apps do the same things this one at a glance appears to do. I wouldn’t really know though since without paying I can’t actually see what it does. Download something else. This is a waste.

Have to Subscribe to Use. I needed an app where I could combine two photos so I could review something I bought online. I thought this app would be great, it looks like it would do exactly what I wanted. Nope! If you think I’m going to pay you money so I can attach two photos together, you’re very wrong. Why even advertise this app as free if everything you’re showing in the previews is available to only paid members? I suppose I could understand having to pay if I was changing colors of things or making a complicated collage with a bunch of photos but to combine TWO pictures? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Charged without consent. Horrible business practices! This app used to not charge for you to use it then I deleted the app once they informed me that they would start charging. However even though I had deleted the app they began charging me weekly! By they time I realized this had happened they had charged me over $50 for an app I didn’t even have on my phone! I was only given back 20 from Apple support but I’m out at least 50 because of this app. I was very mad. I would recommend no one use this service because of how poorly they baffle their billing, it seems sleazy and unconcerned about customers.

Read the fine print. I was sorely disappointed by this app and their sneaky, overpriced subscription. The features are equivalent to a number of free apps. It was cumbersome to use with no real in-app support or menu. It was even more than a hassle trying to undo / unsubscribe the weekly subscription of $4.99 especially when you don’t even use the app on a daily or even weekly basis. The rating it boasts are from prior to subscription users who were grandfathered in to the app. If you read the current reviews there are others who fell victim to their 3 day free trial. And of course the only way you can list your review is if you give them an underserving one ⭐️ rating 😡

DELETED. WARNING: WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION!! NOT FREE!! I used to use this app because it was simple and easy to use. Just what I needed. Haven’t used it in a while. When I went to use it again, I get a prompt for a weekly subscription. This app is NOT WORTH $3 PER WEEK!! It literally does ONE thing! There are so many free apps that put pictures together AND have additional features. They have some set of balls trying to charge that much, especially for single-feature app. They couldn’t make their money by including ads or something? Ridiculous. Makes them look thirsty and desperate. DELETED.

Straightforward & Solid Creativity!. If you want to do a collage, collect photographs for an Instagram post, do a special image for a greeting card, this app does it! It's clean, intuitive, solid, it does not crash or let you down, and it offers enough options to create images to amaze and delight! I'd love to see this app offer edge modes such as fading into next image, pixelated or shape particle fade into next image, and blends beyond a rigid edge!

Do NOT download! They have ruined this app!. What the heck?! I have had this app and used it for years! I even paid the few dollars to remove the watermark and ads. I don’t remember how much, because it was so long ago, but it couldn’t have been more than $5, which is about the max I will pay for anything similar. Now they want me to pay $2.99 per WEEK to use the most basic features of an app I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR? Are you insane? Good luck getting anyone to pay that! Do yourself a favor and find another photo collage app to download. That is what I will be doing as soon as I submit this review.

The developers have apparently gone mad. I PAID for the original version, so I didn’t have to look at ads and could use a large variety of layouts. Just used the app again, it’s completely different, there’s only a handful of layouts to choose from, and they want $4.99 A WEEK to use the others?! Also, it is now watermarking my collages?! WTH! I’ll probably wait a couple weeks to see if they switch back to a more reasonable version (especially for those of us who PAID for the previous versions,) if they don’t, I’ll delete it and after a couple years, look for another app. The thirst and complete disregard by the developers is absolutely ridiculous right now.

What happened to the app?!. This used to be one of the best picture collage apps in the App Store, but overnight they basically remade the entire app in a completely different direction. Not only is everything out of place and difficult to use now, but there are watermarks on everything! I would absolutely pay a small amount for the original version of the app just to remove the watermarks that have been suddenly added, but I just can’t justify paying for it as it is now because it’s almost an entirely different app. It used to be so much better 😕

It’s good, but expensive.. I like all the features that they have added over time, but now there is a watermark that you have to pay $5.00 a week to not have. I don’t think anyone wants an app that leaves its watermark on their pictures, and I don’t think $5.00 is a reasonable amount to charge per week. Though I have my criticisms, the app does plenty, it has a nice format, and I used to use it a lot — before the watermark was added.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Don’t download this app, this is a cash grab, they won’t let you even try it once without paying, I subscribe and pay for apps all the time but usually I get anywhere from at least one chance to use the app or maybe 2 or 4 weeks of free use , last app I subscribed to was fantastical which is $40/year but I got two weeks to try it and I love it so I paid for it. I’m an engineer so I value my work and want people to pay and not make me work for free but this app will simply just download and ask for you to pay or else you can’t even use it once. Good riddance

TOTAL SCAM!. I had the understanding that this app was going to be easy and fun to use. Aside from the OUTRAGEOUS cost of 3$ a WEEK! The app is subpar at best after its last update making all the older features unable to use and you’ll have to pay 4.99$ a week after that. Please head my warning a don’t waste your time on this app and giving your money to this pitiful company who claims “We have a team of hard workers” Just the meet thought of giving this incompetent company my money makes me sick that they’re able to scam people into paying this much a week for a VERY BASIC app that is Overpriced and Underwhelming

Not happy. This app used to be free and easy. I don’t want your upgrades at a charge and I think it’s B.S. I have to subscribe to unwanted upgrades after already having this app for years! All I wanted to do was make a simple collage for my sons tenth birthday. This app made it frustrating and impossible for a mother on limited income to create something special for a much deserving young man on his birthday. Thanks for the disappointment and frustration. I think it’s despicable to expect some one to subscribe to an auto pay feature that wasn’t there before on a “FREE” app. It’s disheartening to know how much greed there is I the world while just trying to spread some love during hard times.

Great app. This app is well made, has a very nice selection of customization options, and a friendly and attractive interface. It is very helpful with the subscription and unsubscribing aspects, which I appreciate. They don’t make it hard and confusing to unsubscribe so you end up getting charged if you don’t want to. The one gripe I have is that it’s ridiculously overpriced. I don’t even think it should be priced at $4.99 for a one time purchase, but $4.99 a week?! That’s about $260 a year. $260?!?!!?!? Bruh. with last update.. Awful! This was my go to AP for photos, loved the user friendly format, even paid for additional formats. Now with last update it is completely different, and the worst part is you have to pay a weekly fee to use the additional formats...that I already paid a flat fee for. Awful!! Would not give one star...but no option to give zero stars.

SCAM! Now a total scam!. Used to be a lovely little app that had no watermark and worked wonderfully. Now they added a watermark and expect you to pay $4.99/week to get rid of it. That’s $260/year for an app that basically has one function. There’s no way this app is worth that. They expect you to think it’s $4.99 per year or per month, but if you don’t read the fine print, yeah... you get screwed. This app is maybe, if it crashed less, worth $4.99 ONCE ever, because it was the best of the dozens of even worse apps that did what it does. Well, that’s gone now. DO NOT BOTHER WITH. You will try to remove the watermark and end up forking over $260/year. TOTAL SCAM! SCAM! Shame on these scammers.

Pic joiner. I wanna say something bad n rediculous here but I just can’t so I’ll be honest. This is coming from the heart. I wish pic joiner would buy me a new cellphone. I love u guys and I love making new and creative things. You’ve never never let met me down. Please send me a new cell phone. Idc if it’s used, a government set up or what. Mines almost broken and I wanna keep using pic joiner- from a true fan that would be in your debt. Tj

LOVE IT. review from about 1year ago : I use this app a lot --love it & it's easy to modify the frames to your specific needs REVIEW UPDATE April 2018 - am not sure what happened but this once wonderful site has become an app with constantly interrupting purchase ads & other stuff - !!. Makes it very hard & irritating to use ! I have since switched to a different similar app and reduced my rating of this app from a “5” last year to a current “1”

Couldn’t even get started!. I just got this app a little while ago and was so excited to use it. I decided to use it in the free version and decided to use it for a birthday collage. Unfortunately, after I had selected the design and pictures I wanted i it, the second I click next I get a big pop up add about upgrading. No big deal, that’s normal for a free app. The problem is that there’s no way to exit the add, so you’re basically trapped in it. I couldn’t find any “x” or escape button that I could click. It’s really too bad seeing that it looked like a wonderful tool. I feel bad for doing a bad review. Thanks anyways!

Subscribe offer won’t go away. I’ve used this app on and off ever since I used Instagram. The latest time I downloaded it I couldn’t do anything past selecting a template and images to put in it. The try premium for free for 3 days offer would pop up and there is no option to opt out of it thus I can’t create anything until I try the premium version and even then there is no guarantee this offer page will be gone. I didn’t click on it, it just popped up. Super lame, will be looking for another app that isn’t going to force me to try a service that costs $4.99/week!

Forced Into Weekly Billing After Years of Use. **INFORMATIVE, READ BEFORE BUYING** as a long time user, at first i was excited for the update! i love the new style. it’s really pretty and refreshing and i’m sure the new features are cool, too. be that as it may, today i found myself FORCED to agree to seven days worth of free use (+ $3/wk in order to continue) as you cannot even skip by the information screen without agreeing to pay. so, not only did the option to restore my initial purchase repeatedly fail—even after several restarts and re-downloads—but i apparently now have no other choice but to pay ~$15/month for the use of an app that i have had unlimited use of for over *three entire years*. $15/month. aside from being beyond confused, i am genuinely disappointed and hurt by this. pic jointer has been my number one app, again, for over three years now. literally being forced into weekly payments to even be allowed to LOOK at the features of the app (an app i ALREADY paid for) is a disgraceful scam. as sorry as i am to say that, it’s the truth.

Terrible. I can’t even make one collage without being told to update (pay $5 a week to use the app) . It doesn’t provide an exit button to allow me to return to the home page. Why make its customers pay $5 a week when they could pay for the app upfront or bombard the app with ads like every other app does and offer an update to avoid ads? Seems more logical to me because soon, no one will be using the app. I can download a different app for free and get the same benefits. I suggest you do the same. I have never left a written review on an app. I had to for this one because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

SCAM! Don’t bother downloading!. READ THE REVIEWS!!! They pretty much say it all. Once you open the app, it puts up a colorful, friendly looking screen which gives you two options in order to continue into the app. You can either A) click the box that says I want to start a subscription at $2.99 a week, or B) Start my free trial. That’s it. I didn’t see before I downloaded it that I will either have to commit to paying $2.99 a week, or start a free trial which auto renews the payment from my Apple account. So now, in order to cancel the auto renew “free” trial, I have to go to Apple and login and turn off the auto renewal for that subscription. It’s a lot of hassle I really didn’t need for what I thought was a free app.

Michelle Burrell. It's a little frustrating that every time you try to do a step the bottom screen pops up and they want you to buy a upgrade that is a regular monthly payment. Not only is it disruptive when you're trying to compete the project. From the beginning you have already seen the upgrade page if it only came up once more that would be one thing but the way it is now it's ridiculous. Sorry but it needed to be said.

Subscription Required; No thanks.. This is a terrible user experience. So terrible that while I rarely leave reviews, I felt this one needed a review. The app is free to download, but it is not free to use. As soon as you try to use it, it wants to subscribe you to a ridiculous subscription of 4.99$/week. I would never use this app enough to justify a 260$/year price tag. They want to give you a mere 3 free days, and then you have to remember to cancel. There’s no free content at all. Or if there is, you have no way of finding it as you are only presented with a subscription. I think I’ll keep to the free picture collage apps out there. They do the same thing (that I would use, anyway) but without taking a really high fee.

NOT worth a weekly fee. I have had this app for YEARS and always used the classic/basic designs. There were ads like every free app and also the option to pay for special and unique designs. Went to use it today and after selecting my pics was taking to a payment page. $3 a WEEK??!!! To join some pics together? I thought surely this was a joke or I clicked on some real fancy layout …closed the app and tried again …nope. Still charging $3 a week. I’ll be deleting and finding either another app or use the collage features from IG or FB.

Easy once you get the hang of it!. I love this APP...I have used it without too much difficulty so far. The only thing I had trouble with in the beginning was getting the pictures in the right boxes! Many times I deleted my work and started over when the pictures were in the wrong spot and I couldn't figure out how to move them around! Didn't take too long to get the hang of it tho and I would recommend this APP to friends/family!

Way overvalued. $4.99 PER WEEK for this? What a joke. It’s the most basic image functionality that should be built-into any drawing program. The fact that they think anyone would be willing to pay $259 a year is so insane it’s almost CRIMINAL. They in no way made it clear it was a weekly fee, let alone the fact that it’s a $5 one. Why am I angry? They were misleading and Apple makes it far less than easy to find/change subscriptions services like this. I had to Google it to figure out how to manage subscriptions instead of what should be a “subscriptions” named link in the top level of settings. That’s on Apple, but the pricing and lack of pricing clarity are all on this pathetic app.

Don’t Download or You Pay For it. A little over a month ago, i clicked on a friend’s picture she had used this app to make. It took me to the link so i downloaded it to see what it was about. Once downloaded it brought me to a screen that i had to click on to proceed and it said i started me one week free trial. I wasn’t trying to start a trial so i deleted the app. Two days ago, i noticed a charge on my account and started reviewing previous charges and it got over $26 out of me charging $5.40 each week. I’ve been at made a single picture with the app. I feel like i was taken advantage of with this app.

Terrible customer support and insane billing practices. Although I have defaulted to this app for quite some time and even thought it was worth testing the $4.99 per week charges to remove the watermark and access more options, I have unsuccessfully tried to cancel membership for almost two months now. There is no option to remove subscription within the app and despite multiple emails to customer support I continue to be charged and have yet to receive a single response email. Very displeased with this and the financial loss due to this app’s financial scam against it’s subscribers.

Simple & Stylish. I use this app any time I need to make a photo collage of any sort. Having full control over margin sizes & color as well as where the borders are placed are some of the most useful features. I’ve been using it for years and they keep adding new features that make things even more customizable than before. I really enjoy the app.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 7.3.0
Play Store com.lileping.photoframepro
Compatibility iOS 11.2 or later

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The applications Photo Collage Maker PicJointer was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-03-20 and was developed by Easy Tiger Apps, LLC. [Developer ID: 570748343]. This program file size is 160.37 MB. This app has been rated by 114,127 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Photo Collage Maker PicJointer - Photo & Video app posted on 2023-05-03 current version is 7.3.0 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lileping.photoframepro. Languages supported by the app:

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Photo Collage Maker PicJointer App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello users, Just a small update for a quick bug fix and performance improvements! Cheers!

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Pocket City 2 07 April 2023

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