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What is reddit app? Reddit is the place where people come together to have the most authentic and interesting conversations on the internet—Where gaming communities, nostalgic internet forums, bloggers, meme-makers, and fandoms mingle alongside video streamers, support groups, news junkies, armchair experts, seasoned professionals, and artists and creators of all types.

With over 100,000 communities about every topic you could think of (and a few you’d probably never think of if it wasn’t for the creativity of strangers on the internet), Reddit is the place where you can dive into anything and connect with people on any topic.

A few things you’ll find on Reddit…

■ Thousands of communities
Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you.
■ Laughs, lols, and plenty of ridiculousness
Lose track of vast amounts of time as you find memes, bananas for scale, bread stapled to trees, cat videos, and more of the absurd and oddly absorbing.
■ The best discussions
The real action is always in the comments. Reddit’s discussion threads are where community members jump in to provide commentary, humor, and insight.
■ Answers to questions you’re too afraid to ask in public
Recipes, street fashion, career help, fitness plans, and more—find ideas and inspiration for whatever you want to do.
■ Live video streams, chats, and talks
Want to know what people are doing right now? Streaming videos, live chats, and live audio conversations give you a variety of ways to connect with people in the moment.
■ Crowd-sourced points of view on just about everything
Product reviewers, music critics, sports fans, or doge enthusiasts—find people that obsess and care about whatever it is you’re interested in.
■ Anonymous profiles so you can do you
On Reddit, you (not your job, number of friends, or social status) define who you are.
■ Lots and lots of cats

Reddit Premium:
Purchase Reddit Premium and enjoy an ads-free experience, 700 coins for every month you’re subscribed, and access to premium avatar gear, r/lounge, custom app icons, and more.

Payment will be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis to your Apple ID account. Your monthly or annual Premium subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Cancel anytime in your device’s Account Settings. No partial refunds.

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Reddit Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Reddit Version 2022.17.004 May 2022

• Not much to say about this one. A little code here, a little there. How’s everything with you?.

Reddit Version 2022.17.004 May 2022

• Not much to say about this one. A little code here, a little there. How’s everything with you?.

Reddit Version 2022.17.004 May 2022

• Not much to say about this one. A little code here, a little there. How’s everything with you?.

Reddit Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great, But

The whole app is put together very well with a good system of rewarding the best comments by giving them more exposure by bumping to the top and the “Karma points” is like no other media app that I used. The minimalistic interface of the main page is easily navigated as well. It’s all great, BUT, the political subreddits that are so called “neutral” (/r politics /r worldnews) are 98% left leaning where the posts are predominantly liberal. Due to the demographics of Reddit(large young population/ academics/tech community/ etc) any opinion that questions their narrative or simply doesn’t agree, gets downvoted by the entire community, disproportionally downvoting your comment/post until you have negative karma points inevitably by stating your mind in “neutral” subreddits. There needs to be algorithms that pick up on these patterns that counter balance the bias or remove politics from the app altogether and create a political Reddit separate from Reddit. This will solve the problem of the echo chamber style subreddits and removed censorship from this free speech platform. That is all.

- Is changing.

Used to be a great app, a social media site that didn’t feel like social media. Now, there’s an ad on every other screen you see, some comment sections even include ads, there are constantly pop ups asking you to visit the AppStore to rate the app, constantly pop ups trying to ‘engage the user’ more (we get it, you’re making money off of us, no need to shove it down our throat), “you should join this community! Follow this thing for more posts!”, Reddit even now sends you direct messages telling you to go ‘check out’ these hot and rising posts.... only you’ll get about two of those a day, for all of time. I stoped checking my messages because instead of comment replies and upvote updates, it was just random “go look at this post we think you may like!”. It’s no longer about kittens, it’s about “how many ads can we shove at them to make a profit before they start leaving the app en mass?” Two years ago, Reddit prided itself on being the exact opposite of that. Of being the place that was DIFFERENT, in a good way. Now it just feels like a reskinned Instagram/Facebook, and even feels like Reddit is taking some direction from them. It’s gone from a place to explore the internet, to just one more app that’s more concerned with making a pretty penny off your use, and by gosh if they gotta violate your privacy and rights to make that buck then so be it!

- Please let me delete private messages and chats 😭😭

Overall i really like reddit as a social media, its really easy to find people with similar interests no matter how niche the topic and the karma system is really cool, i only have a couple qualm with a few features of reddit. I post some lewd things on one of my accounts and I regularly get 100s of messages, both in the chat option in private messages. I do appreciate that you can “mark all inbox tabs as read” for messages to get rid of the notification but I do wish you could delete the messages thread all together, the chat option is slightly more infuriating, theres no way to mark all as read and to even read the messages to have them marked as read is a bit more of a process, definitely don’t want to go through and tap decline on 1000+ chats and there are some chats that i accepted from a few months ago that i wish i could delete, but alas. I also wish there was a way to block specific subreddits, i got into an argument with some idiot on a climate change denier subreddit and i keep getting the notifications for when a post in the sub “trends” and things like that, all of the posts drive me absolutely crazy with their idiocy and id really prefer not to get notifications for them.

- An interesting type of app

This app is a very unique app because of the countless communities this place has, you can just scroll scroll down once and you can find another great subreddit just waiting for you, not to mention most subreddits are incredibly funny, interesting, and some directed to your liking. Granted, the app has minor flaws, such as the people that overreact to the slightest things, the fact some videos can break your ears, and some can even show you something weird, or gross. But the fact that there’s so many good things, plus some bad things might not even exist for you, weigh down the negative things about the app for miles on end that they don’t bother you at all really, it’s a good app and it pretty much cures any boring time, (not at funerals, Not at funerals, not at funerals, not at funerals) and it allows people to express their creativity in many ways, this app is worth getting for the entertainment it will give you

- One annoyance...

I honestly like the official Reddit app way better than any other third-party apps I've tried. However, I have one minor annoyance that's grown into a major gripe over time: whenever I use Safari to Google search something, and a Reddit post is in the search results, if I click the link there's a pop-up that says "See Reddit in..." and I have the option to open the page in the Reddit app or continue with the web browser. My problem is, whenever I try to open the page in the Reddit app, I'm sent to the app store as if I hadn't installed the app. I have never been able to open a link from Safari in the Reddit app, and I've tried everything. The app is up to date, I've tried opening the app before clicking the link and it still won't take me to the app. Honestly, if this was fixed I'd give 5 stars. The Reddit app is really good. But this is just so annoying, and it's difficult to search for a specific post within the app so there's no real workaround. So I'm just hoping the devs see this and find a way to fix it. I'm using an iPhone XR 128GB, if that matters.

- A huge thank you!

I have been a Redditor for a few years now and always look forward to updates on the app. I don’t usually use the computer so I appreciate any and all updates to mobile. My all-time FOREVER FAVORITE & also what coincidently brought me to Reddit in the first is No Sleep. For the longest time, I couldn’t subscribe to series with one click. I tried to read how to fix the problem and or do it manually but could not figure it out. I knew from web searches this wasn’t an isolated problem. It sucked that I had to save the story then login on the internet to subscribe. But just for old times sake I clicked “here” and it worked! I appreciate all the time and effort everyone puts in, even though most of Reddit only comments and complains about Reddit. I can’t afford to buy premium monthly but I do when I have extra spending money and love to give awards the few times I have. I wish it was a bit more cost-effective but other than that you have a fan/user for the life of this platform!

- Reddit Review

I am a very oppositional person. When I was a child, I was resistant to the dawn of the internet age. I didn’t like selfies, or pictures taken on a phone; I saw social media as a shameless illusion where people self-promoted inaccurate depictions of their lives/careers. There is still a part of me that sees things that way, however I understand the vast potential of the internet for obtaining information. I am eternally grateful for platforms like reddit and google for allowing me to consistently improve my understanding of musical performance and audio production, by merely opening up my phone and accessing the wealth of information available for me to consume. I am a measly worm in a global community of experts who are vastly more qualified to call themselves professionals in this field than I am, and I will ensure that their contributions to this community will not be lost on me. Thank you for this opportunity to better myself and seek a career path that is truly valuable to me.

- The most unique and customized social media platform out there

Many people look at me like I’m a nerd or dweeb when I say something about Reddit, but that’s just because they’ve never used it. Reddit possesses its own culture, comment memes, and sense of humor and it is just delightful. It’s where you can have a simple epiphany that gains you underserved adoration from thousands of random Redditors, and where you might just have the cofounder ask you if you’re his brother (both of which have happened to me, thank you Mr. O’Hanion). Reddit creates a feed based on your interests. There are thousands of subs dedicated to very specific things, many of which you didn’t even realize you were interested in. It’s not like FB or IG where you scroll and hope to find something interesting or relevant to you. On Reddit, the feed is made up of things you subbed to, and after you create a feed, you get to get your hands dirty in the comments... just do it, you won’t regret it.

- Put 5 star so you have chance of seeing

Where do I start. I been using Reddit awhile. Don’t use Reddit if you have any questions. They will most likely have a bot that doesn’t understand English and blocks your comment even though you haven’t broken any rules. This is okay but then it will stop you from trying to post your question again. It will say “wait 20 mins your posting to fast” I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO POST! What are you talking about ? This is a very small problem which made millions of people decide Reddit isn’t worth it. If you need news I would recommend somewhere anywhere else but Reddit If you have a question your not gonna get an answer let alone be able to post your question. If you wanna just have discussions Reddit isn’t the best place. The discussion would take over 8 hours and 1 person might be able to say 2 maybe 3 posts that can help/ answer someone’s question. (No matter what forum no matter place you are tying to post to. If you posted somewhere else on Reddit you still have to wait 20-30 mins. I don’t know about you but if I need help getting a answer then I’m not gonna have 2 hours to wait if I failed or forgot to mention something. This is literally one for he dumbest apps. I think it’s for people who are toxic who are trying to not by toxic I don’t know. Truth Reddit has become useless. Definitely for people who have things to do in there lives.

- Welcome to your community

I’ve known about reddit for a long time. My partner constantly sent me links of such random interesting bits of information, memes, news articles, conspiracy theories, etc. But it always seemed like a scrolling trap to me. I decided to download the app on a whim and shortly after created an account. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about a year ago and the hardest part was having no one in my life to truly connect with over my experiences. I looked for online forums, support groups, even hotlines in desperation. But it all felt surface-level and people couldn’t really share what’s truly on their minds. I was spiraling. I found a community on reddit of people who were in my exact same boat. Reddit provides a platform for people to connect in a relaxed and creative way to share what’s truly in their hearts and minds. There is a subreddit for almost anything. I can’t recommend this app enough.

- Good app, Sharing Options are TERRIBLE

The app works great and is getting better all the time. If you’re here to browse Reddit on your own it works perfectly. However, if you want to share anything you find, you’re in for a confusing time. Reddit feels the need to share the link to the post even if all you’re trying to share is an image. I get they want traffic to their site, but trying to share images via MMS becomes obnoxious because you’re always sharing the image AND the link. In most messaging apps, this renders a preview of the image alongside the picture that was actually sent. So as the sender I either need to delete the link to just send the picture, or give in to their intentions and only send the link. But this is also an issue because sometimes the link opens in a web browser instead of the Reddit app, which then links to the respective App Store, and finally just opens the Reddit app. By the time you’re in the Reddit app you’ve already downloaded, the link was lost from all the app switching and the post doesn’t open at all. My biggest issue is prepending this link to the image share BREAKS Airdrop completely because it refuses to send multiple items of different types, so the only Airdrop option is to only send the link to the post. Despite this, I’ll continue using the app because it’s a solid experience for viewing content. But I’ll cringe every time I want to share something until Reddit lets ME choose when I want to send links.

- It works well

I always used alien blue and still have it on my phone. The official Reddit app has crashed/frozen probably 2 times in the past year or so. I don't like the advertisements and never had them on the alien blue app, but I understand it's a necessary evil. I would like the app to have some different features but since I only use Reddit on mobile I don't have a fair view of what's offered on the website or the often lauded Reddit Enhancement Suite; I know I would like to sort by rising, switch between commenting and checking another sub Reddit (to reference or link) without loosing/ having to cut and paste my comment. I feel any issues I have with the app are likely larger issue with the company- for example the report function has gone to crap, you used to be able to just report and presumably a mod would review it but now you have to choose a specific rule that was broken and I think it'll dissuade new users from reporting when they should.

- Why 4, and not 5.

The only reason I’m giving this a 4 star review, instead of a 5, is because of the not so seamless transition from Safari to the app. Let me explain. Whenever I come across a Reddit page in Safari that I like and it gives me the option to open it in the app, all it does is take me to Reddit’s page in the App Store, instead of opening that Reddit page in the actual Reddit app. This drives me crazy and seems like it should’ve been one of the first things fixed, and yet it still persists to this day! Now granted it might just be me getting old and not knowing how to use technology like the youngins’ haha. However, it seems to me that it simply shouldn’t be that difficult to open the app to the page you were viewing in safari. I don’t know if it’s just with apple products or if other smartphone users have the same problem, but that’s my reason for a 4 out of 5. Hope this helps in someway or another!

- From great to ok to disappointing

I’ve always heard of Reddit but never hopped on the train until a couple of years ago. The first year was amazing! So many subreddits, so much to learn, so much to laugh at. Then around the start of 2020, Reddit took a turn towards politics. I don’t mind that at all, but I get enough of that outside. It was doable to ignore and I still enjoyed the app enough. Towards the middle of 2020, it was like Reddit was becoming just like any other app with no distinction: ads galore, in app purchases (I’m still not sure why people waste their money on that), and notifications that you can’t get rid of unless you turn on your notification on your personal phone. That right there is just annoying. Reddit, you were fun at first, but you got a little political, when I just wanted to go to this app to laugh and learn. Reddit, you submerged my pages in an ad almost every other post. Reddit, I don’t want you to constantly notify me to get back on the page. I can do that just fine on my own. And because of that, I am letting you go Reddit. Good luck.

- I Oppose Censorship. The content that remains is still good.

I Oppose Censorship. Reddit used to be a place where you could find anything and everything. My ideologies and attitudes and personal philosophies and opinions have grown and evolved over time. Reddit was one of the reasons why I am an open-minded individual. I am much more eager to listen to opposing views, in order to find common ground with people who are very different from me. I’ve learned to have productive and civil conversations. I have been motivated to become a more knowledgeable individual on a variety of issues. The content that remains is still good. However, I believe that it is inexcusable that Reddit has censored / deleted / banned / restricted / removed many posts and subreddits over the years. Many of us on the internet came here because it was NOT the basic / polished / scripted GARBAGE that television has become. We migrated to the internet for the freedom of ideas and expression that was nowhere to be found elsewhere. Heed my warning. It’s all good, until they consider your ideas dangerous, and they come after you. Please return Reddit to its former glory, and restore freedom of expression. Otherwise, people will leave, and you will become the relic media that you deposed. Great app though. TLDR: Reddit used to be the place of freedom of expression and, if it wants to stay relevant, it should stop censorship.

- Please Bring Organization of Saved Posts!

I love the app and the platform. But it seems that as of this new update, I can’t save posts directly to the iOS Notes app anymore? The option on the share sheet is just completely gone now. Was this intentional? I loved being able to save post to notes for immediate reference whenever I wanted to go back and read a great reddit post without having to scroll endlessly through the not-so-great “Saved” option in the app. I honestly think that if you guys had a comprehensive saved feature that allowed users to organize our saved posts it would make the app 10x better! I don’t have much else to complain about as I think the app works beautifully otherwise, but please please please implement a feature that would allow organization of saved posts! Developers, I hope you’re listening.

- Starting to get toxic

Honestly, I used to love Reddit and have had an account for four years. Now the community is no where near as welcoming as it was. Mods remove posts and say it’s for violating subreddit rules, but they allow numerous other users to make posts violating the same rule. Or they’ll remove your post and say “please message the moderators of this sub if you have questions” and then ban your ability to message them when you actually do. Make a post to a subreddit like r/explainlikeimfive (where you go to ask questions about complex topics and get simple answers) and the community practically laughs in your face when they comment on the post, making you feel absolutely stupid. The community is straight up toxic at this point and I see no way Reddit can compete with big name social media companies anymore.

- Ok but missing important functionalities

So I’d definitely say the official Reddit app is easily the most “stable” Reddit app out there - although it does have a few minor glitches that pop up from time to time. The main reason I’m giving this app 4 Stars and not 5 however is because of a lack of functionality. It’s currently missing the ability to display the Wiki sections of subreddits - and that’s a major drawback, especially for certain subreddits whose content is basically centered around their wikis. Also, the inability of the app to display “old reddit” - or its inability to show what a particular subreddit looks like in its old-reddit-styling - that’s a major drawback as well, as certain subreddits have still not upgraded to new Reddit, and lose much of their functionality when forcibly viewed in new-Reddit-styling. If the official app could add these 2 things, as well as chat room functionality - then my app store rating might change also.

- Latest update a perfect example of devs who mess with the ui too much

Why oh why did the devs place the “give award” button right next to the share button, shifting everything over? Now every time I go to hit view comments, it brings up the share option. Because I’m so used to the old placement. I will truly never understand the though process behind changing UI that has been a certain way for so long. Would it not be possible to reduce the click box size for the share button? Or just move the award button back to its original place? I never leave negative reviews on anything unless something genuinely pisses me off, and well, that button placement genuinely pisses me off. There are many other reasons to give this app 2 stars. Like the fact that you can’t save videos with sound, and the fact that they constantly change the UI more and more just to push you into giving them money. But all I really ask is if something isn’t broken, like the button placement, don’t change/fix it. Thanks.

- Frustrating update to comment collapsing

This review is specifically regarding the current update and not the app as a whole. It's incredibly frustrating to have the method for collapsing a comment be completely changed without any notification other than what was nested in the app updates description. I don't understand why it was changed in the first place from just tapping the upper area of the comment next to the user name, but without any sort of note that it had been changed I spent a few minutes thinking the app was broken, and really only stumbled on the long tap functionality by accident. Would have never guessed to double tap a comment since that's usually reserved for upvoting things in other apps. UX devs, PLEASE don't rewrite core functionality without giving users any update in-app that it's been rewritten. At least give a one-time pop up or something letting me know what it's been changed to.

- I would not recommend the app

The app is pretty terrible. I had fun when I first got it but there’s a huge problem, the constant reposts. In every subreddit there’s tons of reposts, it was okay at first since people would repost content that was made years ago but now people are reposting content that was made only a few hours ago. It’s impossible having fun on this site since there’s basically no original content anymore and any content you made will most likely get reposted and reddit doesn’t care. I have reported so many pictures and videos for being reposts of another picture/video that was posted a few hours ago and all the things I’ve reported are still up. Also why can’t you delete your mobile reddit account? It’s not that hard just adding a button that allows you to delete your reddit account in the settings. I’ve tried so many tutorials and none of them have worked. The only reason why I re-downloaded reddit was because I needed to ask a question and reddit hasn't answered my question and just put more stress on me. How do I delete my reddit account?

- The WORST “social” app.

Reddit is a very interesting place.. On one hand, there’s a subreddit for basically every single thing you can think of. Most of them are crowded enough to share news, tips, feedback, find a community, friends, network, etc... On the other hand, your ability to socialize is dictated entirely by other users; reminds me of the social credit system that china uses. If people don’t like what I have to say, I’m limited in the amount of comments I’m allowed to make, until i say something they like, and get enough “upvotes” (by the same people who downvoted other comments, causing me to not be able to comment, in the first place). This is such a broken, garbage system. If I share an opinion and say “that dog is cute!” And other people don’t think so, so they downvote me, guess what? I’ve got to wait 10 minutes before I can comment again or reply to people replying to my comment. So basically unless I say “that dog is ugly!”....I’m going to continue to get downvoted. This app and this community are incredibly toxic. Reddit is even worse than facebook at this point.

- Redit app

The reason it’s 4/5 stars are two small glitches that need fixing will make a world of difference for the user. 1.) when the you screen swipe from left to right to page back instead of tapping the arrow at the top right to page back in the app it goes back two pages. This only happens sometimes, as though the apps goes through little glitchy spells with it and it’s so frustrating that I stop using the app all together for a while. 2.) the default app refresh, which I know you can change the settings for on your iPhone, but Reddit specifically seems to refresh *much* more often than other apps. This is problematic when I’m using Reddit, then find something I’d like to research or save or send to someone and I switch from the Reddit app to a different app when I go ask to the reddit app (which is usually within 30 seconds) it’s refreshed and I have to re-find the deep dive it’d done

- Great app - News needs work

I love the reddit community in general and this app makes interacting with reddit a pleasure. The news section is another story. Without the news tab, I’d give the app a 4 or 5, but this section is super frustrating. For example, your choices for politics is ‘politics’. There is no way to filter out the questionable news sources (which is most of what appears in this feed). As a result this is a complete cesspool of sketchy and manipulative ‘news’. Facebook is being slammed for manipulating perception via misleading information disguised as news, but this feed is the exact same thing. I want to be able to select the sources of news that appear in this feed so I can choose reputable sources and sources that I want to see to triangulate my info. There are polarizing sources of news-like entertainment on both ‘sides’ of the political spectrum that nobody should be reading. The current structure of this feed is contributing to the deepening divide in our country.

- Good if you’re a democrat.

This app is filled with wonderful ideas, pictures, videos, and stories but the comment section completely ruin the app. Think of it like this, everyone is a professional about everything they see on the app. They judge you quickly and without a full review of who you are, and they’re from what I’ve encountered mostly leftist. God forbid you actually like your president because they will belittle you to nothing before you can even share you ideas. Even the news section that happens to be one of the biggest subs to reddit is all Trump this and a Trump that instead talking about anything worth a read. Personally, I still use the app even though it’s filled with know it alls and quick to judge liberals because I can cut most of it out by not looking at comments and only following subs where political input has no place and even then people will tether Trump to the situation so if you’re already tired by the constant hate parade on Trump then I don’t think you’ll be interested in this app.

- Avatars

Hello reddit workers. I'm writing this review to beg you all to make it an option in settings to turn off the option of seeing avatars beside comments. The reasons being that for one, it just looks hideous and two, the whole point and appeal of reddit for me at least is the fact that it's not "social media" like all the other apps and has an element of anonymity. I feel like showing avatars kind of takes away from that. And also there's the fact that we don't need avatars in the first place and I doubt the majority of people actually care for having them. Please, I'm begging you, please make it an option to be able to turn off seeing them by comments. My app usage is sometimes highly dependent on the way that it looks and I love most everything else about this app besides this one feature (and the adds), and would hate to have to resort to using it less because of this one stupid feature. Please hear me out staff and add this option to settings and also have a nice day to anyone reading this.

- I love this app but my feed keeps scrolling to the top

I love this app! I use it daily. It dose have one extremely bad problem. You can’t just get into your feed and scroll looking at things. I do the exact same hand motion and sometimes it’s randomly jumps to the top of my feed. I love that you can scroll to the top by clicking the feed button on the feed. Now it’s scrolling to the top of my feed just randomly, as I’m scrolling normally. It is extremely irritating. Makes the app impossible to use for a full 30 minutes bathroom time. I know it’s more then just me who gets annoyed at this. I see a post on Reddit complaining about it a lot. Please at least make it optional. I definitely will give this app 5 stars if that gets fixed in the future. It was annoying but after the newest update it’s extremely irritating. If it wasn’t for that one big problem, this is a 5 star app.

- Good Except For A Few Annoying Bugs

For the most part it runs smoothly, but there are a few bugs that really mess with things. The first one: whenever you click on posts and are scrolling through images/videos by swiping right or left rather then up and down (it’s hard to explain but you’ll know what I mean when you open the app) and you rotate your phone sideways, making the image flip as well, if you flip it back and exit out of that post, it takes you back several posts. It’s more tedious than anything really. Second bug: this one is much more annoying. Whenever you get an alert that someone has responded to your post/comment, if you click on the alert banner it takes you to a blank page. You then have to exit out of that and go back to the alert/message screen and click on it from there. Even then, it’s pretty hit or miss on whether you’ll actually see the comment/response. Third Bug: whenever you click on an alert, it will sometimes open up the post 5-10 times, forcing you to exit out of every post in order to get to the Home Screen. These bugs don’t seem like a big deal at first, but they get old really fast. And I decided to finally post a review and tell people about it. Aside from the bugs being annoying, they don’t really take much from the app. I still give it four stars.

- I like this app but....

You probably wonder why not five stars and just four why because people really rude If I post something to get little laugh at people rude people can’t take a joke to get little laugh a said comment said this why you not musician because it’s very rude to tell just good I didn’t even mean like that and people just rude make seem like you didn’t something wrong when you didn’t also it just feels like every time I post something everyone hates on me and I don’t feel comfortable to post if people going hate me I hate getting hate ): it also just like I see something on a post the person that made it doesn’t hate on them everyone gets mad at every little thing holy crap it’s stressful and keeps me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like it I just want more nicer people that are actually nice and they don’t get mad at every single thing and can feel comfortable to post

- Top Tier

I have been on Reddit for... a little under a year at this point. It’s amazing. Something so amazing about it is the fact the feed is completely, absolutely yours. When you join and make a new account the app asks what stuff you like, in a vague manner. It automatically joins subreddits for you which create your feed. Each subreddit can differ greatly, but like minded people on specific subjects can be found. You like cute animals? r/aww. Memes? Dozens of meme subreddits. Gaming, hobby’s, funny videos.... practically anything has a place here. Your feed can be created solely over what subs you join. It has a system where users gain “Karma” (internet points) by being a part of the community. Making posts, comments, getting upvotes, etc. But that’s useless anyway. Also, the comments get kinda crazy at times. All around? Amazing.

- Rick

I’d much rather watch you cook, than listen to your brother run down my football team. You are in that kitchen. I’m an not a pro, but I am a fairly accomplished cook, and I get new ideas from you all of the time. As a matter of fact, I’m going to harvest a bit of my rhubarb, which I’ve grown tired of, until watching a really new way of preparing it , from you today. Well done Rick, and it’s great to see you bring your daughter in as well. Much in the tradition of Jacque Pepin. ( I saw that Frenchman cook an American Hamburger once, how dare he) Julia Child wasn’t from France, and did more to bring French cuisine the average American, than anyone. Anyone who argues against your right to cook whatever you want, because you didn’t descend from whatever culture is an idiot. You are one of a handful of television chefs, that explains clearly, demonstrates very well, and puts his own twist on things. Well done sir. Carry on.

- Used to be great, new UI is problematic

I've been on Reddit for several years now, starting back in 2016. I haven't had any complaints about the app until recently. The new UI, specifically, the "news" and "popular" tabs, along with the recommended communities/posts tabs, have been mostly an annoyance. I understand the satisfaction of these tabs, but I wish I had the option to disable them and view my solely my home tab. Reddit is wonderful because of the personalization it allows, where one user's experience differs entirely from another's. However, because of all the additional content being thrown towards me, most of it either completely disagreeable to me or simply not interesting, I feel my Reddit experience has been compromised. I don't use Reddit for politics, news, etc. I use Reddit to interact with a variety of individuals from the same academic discipline as me, for gaming highlights, and for memes. It's not hard to see that I have no interest in ANY political subreddit -- especially the large ones -- most news subreddits, or anything else that simply comes off as hostile in nature. I know this will never be read, but if someone from Reddit sees this, please consider what I have said. There are millions of users on your platform that, like myself, are uninterested in the hostility put forth by r/politics, for example, yet we're all subjected to it.

- Please Reddit, let me sort what I want in my Popular feed

Long story short, half of the stuff in popular is usually extremely political, and heavily left sided. I’m in the middle (wooo no one likes me) but it’s extremely annoying to have to see even 25% of the posts on popular. 90% of the comments are making fun of anyone who even slightly disagrees with them, and the subs in general are just toxic. I’m not on reddit to see political bs, I’m on reddit to see things like black magic f-ery, or memes. I get on popular to maybe find a new subreddit that I enjoy, but it’s so obnoxious to see subs that I hide every single time I go on there (which is probably every day or so). As a consumer, I should be able to hide subreddits I don’t like, if mods are allowed to hide comments that don’t fit their opinions. Also, that’s another thing, mods have way too much power sometimes. I get being trolly and such, but I’ve seen people be banned for literally commenting on subreddits those mods disagree with, so maybe we should be able to make our comments private (on our main account, obviously if we comment somewhere else they can see it.) I love Reddit, and would still give it five stars with these flaws, but why not make something already great even greater?

- Reddit is amazing in many different ways

In my opinion, reddit is better than instagram and Facebook for a lot of reasons. Here’s why: First of all you can subscribe to a subreddit with members that share the same interests as you, and (depending on the amount of members it has) you’ll most likely only see high quality posts from them with thousands of upvotes(upvotes are basically the equivalent of likes). Secondly, you don’t have to be famous for your post to get a lot of upvotes. The amount it gets just depends on the effort, creativity or humor of it. Nextly, the karma system. In a nutshell, Every upvote you get is 1 more karma for you, every downvote you get is -1 karma for you. There’s lots of other reasons like the awards, the bots, the trophies, etc. But just give it a try, it’ll be worth it

- I'm starting out and so far I love it but...

So I created my Redditch account on here and loved all the community s I could join. But eventually I wanted to start actually posting things and comment on things. I'd never done that before. And I tried to comment on a post, what happened was it said you are doing that too much try again in (Insert time between 0-8 minutes) but in reality I has actually never done anything on Redditch except create an account and join communitys. And even after a full month I still can't post or comment on almost any subreddit. I did get one bot tell me that they don't want new people posting on their subreddit because of spamming but that isn't a good way to deal with that. And I've had it for a full month and am still having this problem. I don't know if I need more karma or what. Anyway I still recommend the app besides that stupid glitch.

- Good until most recent update

This app is wonderful. It is one of my main source of news and a great way to find communities for virtually everything. It is not perfect but it is good at what it does. The most recent update however, has upset me to no end. They have added posts from other communities in my regular feed. I was okay with the small banner below the occasional post suggesting recommended popular posts in similar communities because it was unobtrusive but still visible and I would actually use it. Now? I get three posts in a row from a community i don’t know and am not interested in. The whole point of reddit is that i can create a feed that is tailored to my likes and interests and the banner with recommended posts was good at helping me discover new communities. It’s annoying to have to skip past posts that i don’t want to see from communities i am not interested in because most of these posts are “popular on reddit” or whatever. Seriously change it please.

- I’ve had about enough

Reddit has given me a few good years of memes and news, and there are some fantastic people/communities there, but, it has become a shell of its former self. Mods don’t do their jobs. Hate subs stay up and even get to the front page. Women are treated very disgustingly as they either get sexualized or insulted just on the basis that they are a woman. Really I don’t mind these things I listed happening, as long as it’s avoidable. I just want to spend some time browsing peoples memes or artwork. The problem is that it’s unavoidable. Every sub that I join can start out nice but quickly turns sour. As I said, mods don’t do their jobs and seem to always let their subs stray from their original purpose. Reddit is an uncomfortable place filled with creepy people and every day I wonder why I bother coming back. It’s because I don’t have much else to do with my short free time. But I’ve finally had about enough, and I am deleting the app. I’ll try out instagram or something, but it seems like all social media is toxic now days.

- People of Reddit act like real people.

Hi, I’m Aaron D. I’ve participated in most social media platforms. In my opinion, the biggest difference between Reddit and others is the user to user interactions. There are tons of people taking part in conversations of any kind. Reddit seems more like a space for open dialogue rather than a place where millions of people are waiting to pounce on someone who may not share the same views. There will always be disagreements and some arguments but from what I’ve seen, people in the various Reddit groups treat one another with more respect and common decency. It’s like Google holding the door for Bing instead of fighting over who enters first lol. In short - I’ve had a much more positive / pleasant experience with Reddit than with any other social media platform. Thanks for everything folks.

- Scrolling itself?

On update-Ok so new update was writing a long message to some1&then I wanted to take something out but anytime tried 2 copy or do it manually I would get scrolled on,automatically scrolling not by me. Like I always say I’ve had hacking issues w accounts&my phone has not been right,even deleted text recently not by me so it’s possible it’s more a me thing than a Reddit thing but apple won’t check out my phone so here I am. App in general-Reddit has something for every1,seems like a fun app,would be cool to be able to send pics to pple via messaging not use 2 not having that right there but still a fun app,lot of pple use it,seems like you can find a topic on anything&the app 2 me is pretty easy 2 use,pretty straightforward. I’m sure there’s plenty I don’t know&a lil learning curve with karma&posting but its not hard to figure things out,worth a dl.

- Just keeps getting worse

The app is okay at best, but the updates keep making it worse. The old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Whoever is in charge of the app obviously hasn't heard this, as they keep cramming in unnecessary updates with things nobody asked for. This latest update that I was forced to endure doesn't load gifs or most pictures, so I have to go through a series of clicks to open up whatever I'm trying to look at in Safari and it's mostly not worth it. Also, I absolutely hate the new "next up in r/___" that's sandwiched between the content and comments. Why have you done this? Who decided this would be a good idea? Lastly, stop recommending the same ads/posts from the same communities over and over. If I wasn't interested the first time, I won't be interested the next 200 times either. Honestly a few months ago I would've given the app more stars but it just keeps getting worse and worse, so here we are.

- Solid, straightforward but missing one obvious improvement

When I first encountered Reddit mind boggles didn't understand it. For whatever reason it was until my second visit when things clicked. In all honesty though it seems like it is my fault since it's simply a list of interesting items that you tap for further information. The only thing that surprises me is that Reddit only allows customization in one direction. Ideally, I'd like to be able to access Reddit's general feed and simply bar the contributions from subreddits that do not interest me. You could still get a broad spectrum of information without having your time wasted. Instead, if you sign into Reddit, you can create your own group of subreddits that interest you. That is handy but much more narrow

- Very slow recently... and new app look is ugly

I love reddit as a website and I used to love the app but I recently deleted the app because it got soooooo slow. I have to wait and load every single picture and every single video to load and it’s super frustrating. I know it’s not my phone because I have a brand new iPhone 8 and I know it’s not my Comcast WiFi because I have used reddit sitting right next to the router. Whatever updates they did recently, when they changed the look of the app (the IOS version of reddit used to be completely orange with the reddit logo but they just changed it to where there is an orange circle logo with a white background.. it’s sooo ugly and looks sloppy and unfinished in my opinion).. but yeah I think the app got super slow when they did the last update.. reddit app developers, please fix these issues and change the app back to the old look! Or else I won’t be using the app, I’ll just strictly use the reddit website on my pc...

- The best and worst of the internet one touch away

Reddit is a unique app in that you follow communities more than people and that creates a unique experience. It has an upside in that you can enjoy the app without having all your friends on it unlike instagram or Facebook, the downside is if you want to share it with your friends is can seem very isolating compared to those same apps. It’s an open platform to almost anything and that’s pretty cool, but it also has the downside of harboring a lot of not fun people to be around, which again is amplified by you not following your like minded buddies but just ideas. Obviously there are advantages to this, in exposing you to more thought. Basically the app does exactly what it wants and does it well so Five Stars. As for you enjoying it, that’s up in the air.

- One of my addictions

Hey person who just so happens to read this. Like many of the reviews you've probably read before this, it's an app that give all. Blogs for any hobby, stories to share, advice for all kinds of things, even cool videogame plays. I've been a Redditor for 3 years now, and for most of that time I've been on there to pass the time by looking at cool things people share and I just recently began to develop the thought that I might just be addicted to it. I've been on it at least once everyday for God knows how long, and even when I start to want to do something else besides be on Reddit, I close out the app and mindlessly open it back up to start using it again. Unlike normal addictions, I would consider this one to be a 10/10 and one that is definitely worth having.

- Search function is lacking

First of all, every time I want to search something on reddit I’ll go directly to Google to type in whatever search query I have followed by “reddit.” The in-app search function is entirely useless and often brings me to posts with few upvotes that vaguely have to do with whatever I’m searching for. Secondly, whenever I do click on a google search’s reddit post on my phone, it will ask me to open up the web page in the app instead. That’s fine and all, but what happens when I press “open in app”? You’ve guessed it - it will take me to the app store (even though I’ve already downloaded the reddit app), and open up to the reddit home page. In the end, I can’t even view the original post i intended to read within the app.

- “I like the app” (must read)

This app is the most Amazing platform for communication. Period. In mere weeks, I learned some of the most valuable lessons the world had to offer and I owe it all to r/wallstreetbets. In the process of making millions, I stood the trial of countless meaningful hardships. I was tested on the integrity of my hands and the will of my mind. I uncovered memories of past, and discovered dreams of future. The air seemed colder around me, but the light seemed brighter within me. We gave a lot. And we lost a lot. A lot of good men... too many to count. It was then, that it happened.... I stood the line. We stood the line. And damnit, We stood it well. And here we stand, and here we’ll stay. Until death takes us, or the lord welcomes us. Thank you Reddit. For bringing r/wsb to my life. And thank your r/wsb for brining my life into the light of purpose.

- Great, but it could be perfect with just a few things...

I shouldn’t have to list everything great about this app.. there’s a lot, but I would love to see it add just a few more things... 1. The messages tab is intuitive and easy, but there is no longer a sent messages button. It can be difficult to pick up where you left off if you can’t find the original message. Sent messages would solve this problem giving you immediate access to messages you’ve replied to. 2. 3D Touch exists now! Everyone uses it (and has for a long time) and Reddit NEEDS it. There are so many other way to use it. Right now we can peek at posts, but we can’t peek at subs when rolling through our subscriptions. We can’t peek at messages, we can’t peak at profiles, etc. What’s already included is a great start but it’s time to take it to the next level!

- Great app, mixed community

I really like the concept of Reddit! I like the structure of the site and how subreddits are made. I often find myself trying to find a reddit link whenever I google a question. Unfortunately my main issue resides with the community. There’s some people that are seriously toxic on this platform, so much so that I feel like it shines through other platforms. A common theme I see within these people is “Harass and cyberbully someone if they don’t agree with your opinion, for example, ‘Reddit is the best social media platform.’” This doesn’t apply to every Reddit user, but a spoiled apple ruins the whole basket. This is so much of an issue that there’s a negative stigma surrounding Reddit users, or “Redditors.” These people are depicted as obese grown men who live with their parents who follow the same hivemind, typically one that praise things like Keanu Reeves and the Big Chungus meme, while scorning opposing opinions.

- Mods on a power trip, censorship!

Great community, but has awful moderation and censorship! Yes, once you agree to the content policy, whatever they want they can do. But this is the USA. Those site policies should be for extreme circumstances, not for any sort of speech that’s our right outside of the walled community they’ve built. I’ve been banned several times on a subreddit I frequent over the last 5 years with an pretty high karma score. Banned for “calling names” for which they didn’t read into any context and now banned totally on that subreddit for breaking the rule on a racially insensitive comment, that was part of an overly sarcastic comedy bit that’s gained traction on the very site. The moderators have no transparency, who are they? Who do they report to? Do they have free reign over censoring our community indiscriminate of context? Apparently so. Seems as if they’re on a power trip and banning users for their political affiliations from posting in other popular political sub reddits. Very hateful place, non inclusive, hypocritical, unjust, and censoring. No thanks.

- Spotty Performance

When Reddit works, it's great. There's a sub for everything, I moderate a sub, I spend hours browsing. But every other day or so it decides to not work, and all I get is a "sorry, try again later" message and nothing loads. So nearly half of the time, the app is completely unusable. The other thing is that in the last year the amount of censorship on Reddit has skyrocketed. While they've made some progress in cracking down on racists and Neo-Nazis, they take two steps in the opposite direction by censoring stories about the Chinese government. Some of this could come down to the fact that hundreds of subs are run with an iron fist by a total of 12 moderators. Until they sort out the technical issues plaguing their mobile app and fix their broken moderation system to allow more people to participate in running the content, 3 stars is all they get from me.

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- I love you reddit!!

After deleting Facebook their was a void in my life, constantly refreshing news sites and endless scrolling of instagram just could never make quite the impact that I so desperately needed, then, I stumbled across reddit, it’s not as popular in my country as it is in the states, but after using it I can’t seem to figure out why! I am in love with the community, and I feel more informed about social and current events both national and international, minus all of the drama, complaining and censorship that has been riddling Facebook for the last couple of years. Thank you reddit, you give me the hit every internet junkie is looking for, you got me hooked!

- New "buy coins" logo is gross.

The app as a whole is okay. Buggy with weird design choices but it was the first reddit app I used so I'm too used to it to change. However, as the company continues to come up with ways to monetise it gets worse and worse. First it was ads that you had to pay a subscribtion to remove. Then it was adding a million different ways to reward users with useless icons that cost actual money and in most cases offer nothing. The latest update added a big coin logo at the top of the front page next to the search bar just so you never forget that you can spend money to buy absolutely pointless "coins". Hilariously the icon is bigger than any of the reward icons actual posts get. And unlike regular reddit ads this icon begging you to spend money doesn't go away when you have gold. The glory days of Reddit are long behind us. That's reality. Every knew decision the company makes seems to be anti consumer however which leads me to believe that the platform won't plateau at mediocre, it will nose dive itself into becoming indistinguishable from any other social media platform.

- Your Moderators Need to remain neutral

I love Reddit...BUT !! your Moderators are the worst. I am hoping someone will look into this as it's really killing your user base and there ability to speak from a left right or even a neutral standpoint. They take things personally and clearly target you if you offend them (which is easily done) Internal politics, bias targeting and threats to ban you for something minor and unintentional is a big downfall in any company, community or social platform. You end up feeling like your treading on eggshells afraid that you will offend a moderator. Some of your Moderators need to be taken down a peg or two as it's clear the power they have been given has gone to their heads. Aside from all the above Reddit to me is the best social platform, just needs to check those dudes (and dude-ets) a little more often. ✌️

- New “feature” is infuriating

Devs, this new “feature” that has the “Add a comment” bar at the bottom of your screen whenever browsing the comments section is INFURIATING. The amount of times I accidentally click it is obscene. It was so much better before where the bar was shown only when you swiped down, rather than it being there all the time. Please revert this back or at least give users the option to not have it there permanently. Review will change to a higher rating when this is fixed Edit: change has still not been fixed but have updated star rating because reddit is great

- Good app but needs tweaking

Love the app but you can't do certain things on it. You can't do certain things through the app that you can on the computer. My friend can't turn off NSFW shield to view certain pages for example. Also I don't like how you can't leave the app on a thread, page or post for hours or days etc. it switches back to the homepage after a few hours which gets annoying when you have to go search for it again. Why not just return where you left off like a computer would behave? Other than these little gripes it's a fine app

- Behind the almost celebrity status, Vili was a very nasty and sexist person towards his staff.

Vili used to bully his staff members and was very nasty, he was a male chauvinist talking dirty to his female staff on many occasions in front of his male workers so he could show off, it was as if he was nasty and sexist he could get away with it because he thought he was above anybody and the law. There are many former staff members that either left or took action on him through fair work Australia however he used his position of authority and also his almost celebrity like status to get away with treating his workers like dirt, his workers feared if they stood up for themselves they would be sacked, he had staff that worked for him on full time hours yet paid on a salary or casual with no holidays or sick leave using a clock on clock off machine. I could go on all day including topples golf days for his clients ....RIP Villi .

- Really good app

The app itself is great, works perfectly fine however, really disappointed with my experience on there. Especially with my first account which displayed I was female that I had to stop using due being attacked or mansplained to, which I did not expect, despite agreeing the majority of the comments and they not attacking anyone else; I was always perfectly friendly on both accounts. Voting system is absolute rubbish, I understand the need to fuzz them but having them show in the negatives is misleading and deterring. I first thought I was being targeted for no reason despite everyone in the comments enjoying my post, you should think about changing this.

- I really love reddit have have done for 2 years but there are some problems

I have 1 problem with reddit at the moment 1. Reddit coins, when I started there was only gold and that was fine, it was readable and understandable on what it meant when someone gave it to someone. Then they added silver and platinum which I wasn’t a fan of at the start but then liked it and like Gold it was understandable on what it meant if someone got it, e.g silver meaning someone gave it something more then an upvote and platinum meaning someone gave this post a lot. Then they added custom stickers which makes it impossible for me (and maybe others?) to understand what they mean and how much it means, and it’s annoying to see memes and other things as awards, And now reddit added the coin Icon at the top which is just like an ad you can’t get rid of TLDR I find the new awards really annoying to look at and hard to understand what value they mean, I wish reddit would only have gold sliver and platinum and only subreddits can ad Custom awards, not reddit

- One of the best time killers

I’m in love with this app. No one social media platform can gang up together so well, be it disliking emojis or Tik Tok. It’s so addictive, just scrolling and scrolling. It’s great for memes, news, politics and just plain cool stuff. The whole concept of having multiple little social media’s in your social media (or supreddits, as they are called) is genius. You can join the ones you enjoy to just see things you like, and with one swift swipe you’ll be in the popular tab, seeing what the rest of the world likes. I highly recommend downloading this app, and remember to always downvote ads!

- Is called a reddit hole

Be careful you can lose an hour easy. It can be super helpful if you have issues - you can find support or different ways to look at things or approaches to try and you can find out that you’re not alone. And it’s great to be anonymous. That’s probably the most powerful opportunity. But there’s just general mindless entertainment and hobby stuff and special interest opportunities too. There’s a few trolls but it’s not too big of a deal. You can report then if you can be bothered. You will be misunderstood but you can handle it. Careful of that reddit hole.

- I love the app, here are some suggestions

I love reddit, the layout is great the content is as good as the internet can provide and the service is great. However I believe we should be able to get an in app NSFW button and an in app section to show us what email we are using, or at least a setting to change it in app. Recently I have had trouble and been in need of this as I have forgotten what one of my three main emails my account is linked to, and in the future I would like to be able to change it in app. this is a small thing but, because I have forgotten my password I can not log into the desktop site and enable nsfw. This has degraded my experience and made it a lot more of a hassle to use reddit and change my preference of nsfw items, thanks.

- 10/10

Reddit... I have no words. It's amazing. Users anywhere and everywhere are able to post, vote and comment. I always laugh when I'm on reddit! I truly thing it's one of the best platforms ever! There's honestly nothing wrong with it! I've been reading negative reviews for a single reason which consists of the new notification feature! It is easily disabled in settings on the app. If you can't find it, one single Google search will show you how to disable the notifications. There's really no reason for all these negative reviews!

- Nice

Reddit is an app where you can find a subreddit (like a small section of the app) that suits you. E.G. : Memes, Politics, Humour, public freakouts, casual conversations. The only problems I have in my opinion is while subreddits are entitled to their views I have seen a few particular subs ONLY delete hate comments to a certain group of people (E.G. “Religious People Should Die”... “Black people deserve what they have” etc.) when the post makes the front page. I am also severely annoyed at the excessive amount of notifications this app gives. I would turn them off but then I would also be blocking notifications from people who reply to me. Notifications like “Trending in this subreddit is (post I’m not interested in)” Overall a much safer place than most social media as long as you stay away from subreddits that show hate (and for some reason are not deleted though they break reddit TOS).

- An “offical” app which is officially useless

Unfortunately I was forced to install and use this app since the latest apple iOS update made Reddit Blue unusable on my iPad. Sorry Reddit I didn’t change because of the invasive advertisement for your offical app, which appears on almost everything (it also covers half the screen). I used Reddit Blue comfortably for years, albeit with the casual crash. Fortunately the offical app doesn’t have that issue, and for the most part it is a solid app, but it is far from perfect. A particularly aggravating issue is the tendency for gifs and videos to not load. And the only solution reported seems to be to completely reset the app. Which also interrupts the place you were reading. Considering Reddit seems to be 50% gifs and videos I would say this is pretty far from okay. Researching this issue shows that it has been known about for over a entire year and the developers seem to either or not car or are to incompetent to fix it. I never used the offical app because it was never good years ago and now I’ve been stripped of a choice.

- New logo

Hi so as a new update you have changed the logo colour to show that black lives matter, you will by most change change it back but I thing a good feature would be having the option to change imbeteween Colours (even if just black and orange) I would love to see this feature as no other apps let you do this (as far as I know could be wrong) and don’t know if it is possible, love your app, it has given me a reason to get up in the morning, thank you

- Yeesh.

I used to like this app but then I accidentally commented ‘repost’ on a post dissing white teenage girls and got called uncreative, stupid and shaming my parents. I needed a break for my mental health, if you wanna download it, good for you but my suggestion is: stay of r/memes. And only pursue the subreddits that comply with your specific interests. r/hunger games is a great wholesome subreddit for hunger games fans. So parents keep your kids off so they don’t see anything they are not meant to see and just remember every time you post, comment or award you will be risking: being called A series of numerous swear words and a disappointment.

- The app itself is great

I use reddit a lot, whenever I get bored, it’s community sometimes isn’t very good but you gotta learn how to avoid them, it’s actual app is good to use I don’t really notice any problems when using it, though it would be nice if at the submit section of making a post they could make a small image editor so you can make a title or edits to the image to make posting a little easier. Overall though it’s good

- Service Review

While most reviews here are about the app itself (which makes plenty of sense), this one is for those of you wanting to dive in to the world of Reddit. Ever since downloading and starting up an account on Reddit, I have essentially culled all other forms of social media since nothing feels as entertaining and as relevant to me. Reddit is filled with communities of like minded people who share things relevant only to the community itself - follow as many as you like and have a homepage filled with things that interest YOU. Comments and posts are rated by the community, the highest rated being featured up top and the lowest rated down the bottom. This means most of what you read are of high quality - either intelligent, witty, funny or generally interesting comments and posts. Get it. Download it and make an account. Be your best, witty self and share relevant things with people who share common interests with you.

- Broadly okay, but not a great experience

App reviewed on iPad. As a long time classic layout desktop user, the app, while perfectly functional, falls really short as a user experience. I don’t believe these are critical flaws with the app, but could be corrected and all would be well. It’s mostly an issue with layout and readability. The app makes zero use of the iPad screen. In portrait mode, opening a subreddit usually displays two (!) items in a space the could comfortably fit ten, one of which will invariably be an insultingly massive ad, with video auto play and very poor delineation between ads and actual posts. The general experience is just that, scroll, scroll, ad, ad, the real content gets lost to the eye.p and there’s no way to fix it. I understand much of this is subjective, but that’s the impression it leaves me with. Frustration, lack of options and poor layout. Oh, and notifications keeps ‘alerting’ me to random trending things I don’t want no matter how often I tell it I don’t want that. Is it a bug?

- Bugs bugs bugs

With every update it gets buggier. I used to love this app, now as I’m scrolling, half of a previous post I was looking at will pop up on top of another post. The new comment format doesn’t work half the time (don’t know why it needed to be changed), entire comment threads will disappear or I won’t be able to scroll down without it springing back to the top comment. Sometimes I can’t even click the button to see the comments. I’m not on an old phone, my iOS is up to date - I don’t understand why it’s getting worse, shouldn’t it be getting better?

- 4.0.2 No good 😕

I’ve been using the various versions of Reddit for a while now and I have to say the latest update has me scratching my head a bit. Suddenly my home feed is littered with popular posts from subreddits that I’m not subscribed to. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the point of the “Popular” feed? On top of that, any time I view a picture or gif now it automatically orients into landscape. Quite annoying on mobile. I’ve only been using the app a short while since I’ve updated, so there may be a new setting or something I need to change, but either way this feels like a confusing and unnecessary change.

- Reddit Is incredible

You all should know that, so instead of reviewing the service I'm reviewing the mobile application, it works great. I came from a state of thinking that revolved around me being biased towards pc, thinking the mobile version of reddit would be terrible and un-optimised, it is neither of those things it works perfectly!! Why the 4 stars? Merely because to alter some settings you need to do that from the desktop site, which it redirects you to, this may be a hinderance or merely an annoyance to some mobile users.

- Inspiring as!

As this is only my second day using this app, I find it useful, as it can help me find questions to reality. I also like answering questions too! There is so much to explore. You can post things of your own, write questions, find answers! I would really like to see some more updates in the future, but for now they are really great! My advice is to keep the app updated as much as you could. Thank you for reading.

- Great app. Perfect navigation.

This app is so good it almost ruined desktop reddit for me. The swipe navigation on this app is pretty much perfect. All apps should just navigate the same way this one does. Apart from that, it's solid, bug free, and has enough flexibility to work for me. Just a word of warning though- I'd turn off auto play Vids/gifs when on mobile data though. This app chews through data when that's turned on.

- Can I add another star?

Reddit is such an amazing app, filled with amazing people! (Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of terrible people, but we usher them away into a corner.) Reddit feels like one big family reunion where everyone’s talking about different stuff, like you can go over to the gay aunts and uncles in one section and talk about LGBTQ+ stuff, then go talk to the Zoomers in another section and talk about memes! There’s so many different types of people, it’s actually kinda crazy... Everything is here, literally! Think of anything and it probably exists! So come on in, you’re not late to the party, we’re only getting started! ^^ Have a great day/night and thanks for reading, I hope this encourages you to join our family, if so we welcome you with open arms!

- One of the best free apps out there!

Reddit is one of the best apps out there in my opinion, it’s a place where everyone has a community to join, you can chill, discuss events happening all over be world, laugh at funny memes, get your mind blown, say “awww”, and meet new friends. I’m happy that Reddit is a place of free speech and doesn’t require a subscription or play unskippable ads every 10 seconds. 10/10 would definitely recommend. :D

- Better than Facebook

It's a easier to use, more personalised experience that makes you feel like part of a community instead of a mindless follower. The site is perfectly translated to the smooth app and it is often much more enjoyable to use than other social media, because it's more about news and events that are relevant to you than - well, the social aspect.

- Filter option in search bar presents issues

Unfortunately the filter option doesn’t always appear in the search bar while browsing subreddits, making it impossible to organise. When it does appear, the “hitbox” for it is so small that the app usually thinks I want to look up something else through the search bar rather than filter my current search. Not only that, but the Home page hasn’t been running smoothly lately. I’m often getting “Can’t reach Reddit” messages even though I can still look through different subs.

- Top 5 Best apps EVER, but awards are too much $$

Reddit is my #1 social media app. It has a TON of content, communities, and users, and the only issues I have are: It is CRAZY hard to get karma and followers, and when you do get followers it doesn’t show up how much you have for other people. Also awards are so expensive, and don’t get me started on reddit premium. Although I do appreciate that ads aren’t pop up or full screen, rather they’re just disguised as post panels

- It’s decent

Just like the title says, I think the app (and by extension, the desktop site) are decent, however it has its flaws. Firstly, I get a notice saying “Sorry, can’t reach Reddit” every single time I start the app. I tried deleting and redownloading but I’m still having this issue. It also takes a very long time to load. Additionally, I don’t think this point will be taken into account at all but it’ll be nice if you considered it. Get rid of the downvote button. One thing I’ve noticed in particular is that users tend to use the downvote leisurely, rather than for the reason it’s there in the first place. It’s disheartening when posts that are made with good intentions get downvoted for unexplained reasons. On a more positive note, I’m completely addicted to this app (and site). It’s where I catch up on all the latest news within my fandoms!

- Glitch galore

Reddit is great, but the app is not. I have had glitches all the time, it’s a complete nuisance. The main one is my profile, it often zeroes out everything and says that it can’t load. So I can’t find my old posts and comments. The karma and Reddit age both go to zero. Also! I posted something that has completely disappeared. Please fix the glitches on the iOS app.

- Problem with uploading video.

Uploading video is problematic. I uploaded a video, then I tried to upload again (different OC) a few hours later however the only vid that he app would allow to upload was a repost of the last vid. The only way to fix this is to delete the app entirely then re-download and log in. Apart from that Reddit app is awesomeness!

- Too much data use

I’ve been using this app since it first came out and have been very happy with it until now. All of a sudden a couple of weeks ago (the last update?) it started using way more mobile data than it used to, making it unsustainable for me to keep using. I won’t use it again until this issue is fixed.

- Kudos

Yes I love this app, but what I love and appreciate more is when reddit has New updates they’d like us to install... they actually tell us individually what bug fixes or whatever they are fixing( even so we can check if they’ve addressed an issue I was having also) .... instead of being like fb, Netflix, snap and instagrams generic “what’s new”. 👌🏽 a little detail like this I really noticed

- App is great but something is missing.

Listen, I love this app. It has opened me up to a whole different side of the web and I love it. The only problem I have with it is that we have been able to save pictures and videos for the longest time. But yet we still can’t download videos with audio, and instead we need to use a bot or screen record it? Please just let us download the videos with audio already please.

- Please read.

I really love reddit and enjoy the community and the subreddits but I am disappointed to not be able to have posts i made somewhere I can easily find. I don’t want to go through a subreddit I posted in to find it. Other than what problem. Reddit is awesome, anyone who reads and doesn’t have reddit, you have to get it and join the family. Thank you

- Great app

Only signed up a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It was easy to sign up and join groups and it did take a few times before I got the hang of upvotes, downvotes, awarding stars, purchasing reddit coins and commenting. And I never had any problems so far since I’ve signed up and downloaded the app. I dare say I’ll be using this app and enjoying the posts for awhile.

- Love it, but i cant type in 7-13 minutes? TF

Bruh ill r8 a 5 star if it wasnt for this, one, thing. Not posting bc for some reason that idk. Like IT ALWAYS say this: "you are doing that to much. Try again in 7+ minutes. WHAT DO U MEAAN, i love reddit, im scrolling thro and fine something funny. And i give it a comment, it works, i find another post funny. I cant post for another 7 or more minutes (its always 7 or more minuts) IS THERE LIKE A TIME LIMIT, ITS NOT LIKE SPAM BOTS ARE GONNA SPAM. Jesus christ i just wanna post

- Favourite social media

I got off social media (ahem Instagram) because I felt it was too superficial, people where posting curated artificial projections of “their lives”. What I love about reddit is that the anonymity allows users to focus on shared interests/hobbies/passions without any preoccupation on how one looks or is perceived. I’ve joined so many diverse subreddits, felt part of an online community, and of course gr8 memes too.

- Not too bad compared to other reviewers’ opinions on the site itself

The official app cops a lot of hate for apparently being terrible and unusable. Not sure why as I’ve had it for 2 years and while there are a few bugs there are work around and either don’t affect me that much or are fixed relatively quickly. Biggest issue are server drop outs but those are site wide. Pretty good app

- Better platform than Instagram

No stupid bots, better layout and something for everyone. It has communities and ways to connect and the like and Reddit really betters your Instagram experience by a fair margin. Reddit has everything, from subreddits about video games to memes to sports. Plus, Reddit has all the original memes, right? Of course, that wasn’t even a question.

- Really Welcoming

People see reddit users as “elitist” dunno why. This community really helps you feel part of something, there has always been somebody who has noticed my posts or seen something I’ve put out. Even though my voice is small it is still welcomed on reddit and it will make you happy to be part of this neat little thing :)

- Love reddit

The only social media (kind of) app that feels right. I can get what I want when I want, and there’s a wide range of content at your disposal. Whether it be political discussion (retarded or not), Memes, news, stories, advice, reddit has it all. Sure, they’re are problems with some subreddits, but at least they have their own opinion and space to which they can chat,

- Yeah dawg

Reddit changed my life the day I said to myself Reddit is going to be changing my life. Moment after moment I'm hurled in to a waves of beautiful sweet fantasy land of good good meme action . Heap with a side of laughs and serve with the love ready hot to go. reddit will ease you from your daily misery and into a world where you both don't mean anything and mean everything if I could give it a 10/10 I would . 5stars.

- Refresh button/link

Love the app, seen the ups and downs of buggy systems and updates but personally, this is the most annoying. The blue refresh button blocks titles and posts and travels half way down a page, so to read a title you have to drag the screen up, then drag back down to see the photo/link. It doesn’t go away after you scroll for a while, it’s constantly sitting there. I never want to accidently click it. Idk it’s just bad

- Addictive

Reddit is amazing & addictive. It’s replaced almost all my other internet use. You can be part of any sub you want and find awesome content + links to all your favourite subjects, from peer reviewed science papers to dark humour. I sound like a bot posting this. So I will say that I’ve heard the other non-offical reddit apps are better, but the website itself is awesome so I’m happy as is.

- Crash upon uploading image

I’ve tried several times to upload an image to a subreddit and each time the app crashes. Upon restarting the app the attempted to upload image post appears in pending posts but refuses to open. The image also is most definitely not in the selected subreddit. Please update to correct this please!

- Good, but

When I try to post things whether it be photos, videos or text posts. The app will sort of back up in posts where some posts are still “processing media” from months ago, also some posts just refuse to work and all the buttons to either retry uploading it, editing it or canceling the post will overlay on top of one another. Other then that it’s a really good app

- App overrides ‘auto screen-off’ on iOS

Love the app Hate the fact that if I don’t physically turn off my screen while the app is running, it will never turn off... and the battery will drain. Also, opening posts with videos in them, even with auto-play turned off on cellular, the app forces Apple Music to stop streaming via Bluetooth, which is annoying as all hell.

- Solid app but needs refinement

A lot of weird bugs, such as links not opening, formatting not displaying correctly (e.g. a comment that should be in bold instead displays as *bold*, or superscript text instead just displays like^this). You also can’t manually enter a subreddit name, only search for it which is completely stupid. I feel as though the creators of this app haven’t really tested it thoroughly as there’s just so many silly design decisions and bugs that I continue to notice update after update that don’t go away.

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- Great app

Great app, no complaints except they really don't need the notifications in the lock screen.

- App is decent

I love Reddit but the app could probably have better UI and enhanced features to better utilize mobile. Overall, it's still a good app.

- Fire those people who work in the appeals department.

My account was permanently suspended without a given reason, and when I sent an appeal, all my alt accounts were permanently suspended as well. I made a new account only to find it banned as well and I didn’t even post yet. So I got banned without a given reason, ask politely for an appeal and receive an IP ban as a result. What is this logic? I use Reddit for homework and French help and I was actually doing better in French because of it. All I ask for is an account I can use for homework purposes and apparently that’s too much to ask for. And that person who decided to ban me is a sad, sad excuse for a human.

- Censorship

This app use to be the best part of my day , it’s now a absolutely joke , the admins are power hungry ban machines.

- Censorship

Reddit deletes subreddits focused on feminism and women’s rights, but allows subreddits about rape fantasies? No thanks

- Subreddit searching seems to be broken

If you're searching for a subreddit that you know exists, for whatever reason the search function won't find it but will show other results which have similar names.

- Best app ever

This app is better than Facebook and Instagram, I assure you. Say goodbye to all your free time though.


my mom said that if she catches me on Reddit she’ll swipe my head against my keyboard but I don’t care it’s really funny gljgjfvjchdhhdhfhfhfvhdhfhdjvjchvuvizyyryfrttr5t5t5ttrh(GGhFf(GFggGgGGgfysF6373),??&.?

- Reddit Sileneces Women and Uplifts Abusive Males

A recent wave of subreddit bans has targeted women’s subreddits that sought to counter act damaging parts of the patriarchy such as pornography and calling out subreddits that are 100% based around hating females. Though many feminist subreddits have faced the chop, many pornography subreddits that have rape and violence against women remain. Reddit’s priorities are transparent and blatantly sexist.

- Well

App incites violence and hatred against women, and bans any womens discussions subs, from men-free feminist discussions to subs against domestic violence or subs supporting single moms.

- Reddit hates women

Reddit banned peaceful conversations of women discussing violence against them while keeping literal RAPE SUBREDDITS open

- Piece of garbage

If you want a site that pushes one political agenda and does nothing but spread hate and ban anyone who doesn’t agree with them, then this is the site/app for you

- Reddit hates women

I deleted this application after they banned most of the best feminist subreddits and kept the ones featuring porn, pedophilia and rape.

- 100% better than instagram


- Reddit hates and censors women

Reddit will allow rape subreddits but not subreddits for critical thinking related to women’s rights. Sadly, reddit is anti-free speech and pro-misogyny. Reddit bizarrely lumps critical leftist feminist thought in with extreme racism and fascism. Reddit moderators who delete critical thinking subreddits that discuss women’s rights compassionately and polite are disturbingly biased and admit to it. I am extremely disappointed with reddit. One day, this will all be realized as the shameful, pathetic nonsense it truly is. Until then, reddit is an utter disgrace.

- Anti-woman website

Reddit hosts disgusting pornography of actual women getting raped and subreddits glorifying the rape snd murder of girls and women. Subs that have complained about this have been banned. Women-centered communities are banned left and right for dome sick reason too. Stay away from this app/site if you're a woman.

- Ugh

Super trash. Way too political and toxic. Stay out of this echo chamber.

- Terrible

Reddit sucks and is nothing but a far left echo chamber. They have recently deleted 2000 communities for wrongthink. This is unbelievable censorship of free speech that is occurring

- 69


- Brainwashed

Almost every user is brainwashed in one way or another. Looking through reddit is just seeing a multitude of hive minds.

- Cheating

Don’t tell Twitter, but I’m having an affair with Reddit.

- Awesome

I lik it

- DaBaby

The Baby

- Reddit Censorship

Reddit has removed a lot of subreddits that don’t fit into the main stream political ideology. Complete censorship, good bye Reddit!

- Toxic Forum & Dishonest Admins

Reddit is the most toxic social forum I have ever seen. The posting and voting system is fraudulent. Moderators and administrators are breaking TOS themselves by encouraging sexism & racism, sending personal threats and shadow banning innocent users. The app’s rating is also manipulated by deleting the negative reviews. A lot of the five star reviews obviously sound fake. No one would truly believe those words come from real Reddit users.

- This app is amazing

It’s just so perfect and really makes me smile

- New swipe gesture makes the app unusable

Edge swiping now double backs

- Good App but one bug is annoying

Its a good app, but there is an annoying bug right now when you swipe out of a post it doubles swipes you out of the entire subbreddit and back to the home screen, it is very annoying when trying to go through multiple posts

- Humanity is shattered

Reddit maybe the third most toxic place on the internet, besides tumblr and discord. This swamp is dwelling with most vile,egotistical, sjw filth on earth

- Ap should not be required

Had to download the app to read reddit on my phone. Not a huge fan of the amount of reddit censorship either. Only good for getting info then getting out.

- People on this app are mean!

You can’t discuss a topic without getting hateful or condescending comments ! If someone is wrong, just teach facts instead of telling them they are idiots. I thought it would be a great place to learn from each other but it turns out to be full of high school-like bullies, even on innocent topics such as birds or plants🙄

- Reddit first impressions

Very new to Reddit however the communities are great and very inviting. Much prefer it over other social media’s.

- It’s reddit

See title.

- OMG!!!!

I use and my pp get bigger!!!!!

- Reddit - cesspool of female hatred and rape fantasy

Reddit has taken the unusual step of deleting feminist subreddits, calling them "hate groups". Maybe women wouldn't have so much to talk about if this app wasn't full of rape fantasies and other assorted misogynistic content. Hard pass. Deleted.

- No longer the same

Reddit is doing massive censorship of opinions different than their own. Moderators have been editing other people’s comments. They received a $150M investment from a Chinese investor and are clearly becoming more and more a propaganda machine. It’s sad, Reddit used to be a fun place where all opinions were accepted. Not anymore.

- I hate everyone here

Good app though


the app doesnt work ! crashes every 30seconds to a minute. my favourite app but man fix the crashing bug

- Good UI, stupid features

I like this app’s UI and feed navigation better than the alternative apps like Apollo and Comet, but there are so many of Reddit’s stupid new features that they put front and centre which I don’t want to see. For example, livestreams always show up in my feed and I’ve never once watched one because Reddit ain’t the place for it, the new pointless awards are everywhere and they’ve honestly lost all meaning at this point, I get recommended subreddits every 5 or so posts. Like, I get having them every maybe 30 posts, but 5 is stupid. Not to mention ads look exactly like posts, so most of the time I look at the ad thinking it’s a post without realizing. It’s intrusive and annoying, which is a shame because every app that leaves this stuff out has worse UI...

- Memes

Memes that pretty much it

- Appalling

This app rises above the ordinary to bring contempt for users to a whole new level. The video player obviously was a result of top minds asking the question “how do we craft this product so that users understand this is not simple incompetence, but that we truly hate them?” Bravo, Mission Accomplished.

- Trash app and site

Nothing like cruising random sub Reddit’s then getting notifications for them all day and night. Not sure where it said if you happen to see a suppressor on the main screen you want to be notified of posts on it.

- Reddit, Really?

I got reddit and it was great, had it for about a week now it’s really good, but I don’t have iOS 13 so will that affect the safari version? And don’t make it just iOS 13 and over pls

- Support for iOS 12 stopped??

That’s a shame really. Few-years-old devices running on iOS 12 are still very popular in some large economically unviable parts of the world.

- Trash

Now I can’t see nsfw without the app? Screw you reddit

- Yikes

The online bullying is rampant on this app, as with most social media, however; when reporting incidents of harassment, sexual harassment, and straight up bullying, Reddit will thank you for making the report and then do absolutely nothing about it. They don’t ban the account, they don’t shut their account down, the chain of bullying just continues and continues. Reddit may not be pro-bullying, but they allow it to flourish on various pages.

- Employs pedophiles

Reddit has a known pedophile as a site wide admin and refuses to fire them. Also in charge of children’s subs. Do not download. Do not support. Aimee chanellor

- Bad

This garbage crashes every 2 minutes, even when browsing the completely text-based subreddits.

- Good app, terrible customer support

Was really enjoying the Brave app and was a huge advocate amongst my friends and family until I encountered a problem. Got strung along by customer support to eventually receive no support at all with no solution to my problem. Was pretty disappointed and moved onto a new browser. Not worth the hassle with client support like this

- Garbage app

Pretty much the worst Reddit app I’ve tried. I’m trying to watch a video on my browser and it tells you to watch it on the app but when you click the link it just transfers you to the App Store and then you lose the link that you were trying to watch. Dumb piece of garbage.

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“I wanna see the manifesto you wrote on Reddit about me”


@heathenqueer @AITA_reddit I would force them to pay for it, then leave and tell my husband to sort it out and that I wont be back until he has fixed it, and offered a grovelling apology to me.

MCR Socialists of America

@_Cailin_Corcra_ @DonutInterns @AITA_reddit If a kid doesn’t grasp that they shouldn’t do that by age eight, that’s a stupid fucking kid and they need to learn not to fucking do that

Dr. Gail Pivetti, PhD

@AITA_reddit Omg madam, please call the POLICE on these CHILDREN and see how they respond. Good lord, this is not going to go the way you expect. YTA FFS.

aura but sparkly 🥂✨

@cross_066 i did a linguistic rant about the word stan on reddit as a good english major should but im honestly so tired, i want it to be over i don't even care if he cheated, just hope he didn't lie to our faces hhhh

Daniel Farnitano

@AITA_reddit In the entire family goes.

Fairy Tzarina of Cutness and Debautchery

@fortressofmemes @such_hockey_wow @AITA_reddit You're blaming children for the father's poor parenting which also can be explained by the fact their mum died 9 MONTHS AGO.


@AITA_reddit “I let my family bully my girlfriend and then I gaslight her about it, how could I possibly the TAH?” GTFO with that noise.

Lisa Abeyta

@MagiccOfficial Reddit and Twitter are full of posts that turn out to be inaccurate. Before I shared, I wanted to make sure it was real so I didn’t spread misinformation.

independent apothecary

@AITA_reddit oh my fuck


@AITA_reddit @_el_magpie_ YTA. Your family made a cruel joke at the expense of your gf's feelings. That's not dark humour, she wasn't in on the joke, that's just downright cruel behavior. She told you she doesn't like how they behaved towards her in the past, why did you think this would be ok?

PurpleMarsAlien (Deirdre Hall)

@madisonguest @AITA_reddit It's mainly about a bunch of destruction that the house survives miraculously intact.


@AITA_reddit I am gonna side with OP, like I get losing a mother is incredibly tough, bit that doesn't excuse breaking the toileta of *someone else house* cos of a stupid prank from a movie. Husband and BIL are TA for sure, feels a bit wrong to call the kids TA but I would react like OP too

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