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What is Reddit? Reddit is where topics or ideas are arranged in communities. Start off with what you like and go from there. There are 100K active ones to choose from.

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Joining your favorite communities will create a constant, personalized feed of content like news headlines, fun stories, sports talk, games, viral pics, top memes, and videos.

Earn fake Internet points (called Karma) by sharing your passion for books, movies, video games, sports, TV shows, music and technology with millions of people who share your interests.

Or just browse what millions of other people are posting and talking about.

Here are some reasons you should download it.

Communities about ideas not people
- There’s a Night Mode
- It creates wonderful distractions
- It’s free and open
- Getting answers to questions you’re too afraid to ask in public.
- r/mildyinteresting
- High quality entertainment for extended bathroom breaks.
- Unique usernames so your mom won’t find you on Reddit.
- Limitless possibilities
- Gift exchanges like Secret Santa
- Bananas used for scale
- Losing track of vast amounts of time
- Closing Reddit on your computer just to open it on your phone
- r/bettereveryloop
- Very convincing fan theories about TV shows
- Every kind of nostalgia
- Every team
- Recipes worth making
- Genuine empathy
- Lots and lots of cats

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You can manage your subscription, cancel or turn off auto-renewal through Account Settings in your iTunes account. You can cancel anytime and there are no refunds for partial months.

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Reddit Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Performance Update: Now it takes fewer network calls to create your list of communities on the Communities tab • Bug Fix: Privacy & Security settings display properly in both landscape and portrait mode on iPad • Minor fixes and improvements—In an effort to be more transparent, we’ll admit that we only put this here in case we forgot something

Reddit Comments & Reviews

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- Abdulrahman

I enjoyed with Reddit 😍💙💙

- Rip Free Speech

Too much censorship

- Great app

It’s a fantastic app

- I love this app, but one thing bothers me....

“You’re doing that too much” Reddit is an amazing app to discuss and meet with people, and chat, and of course, post your feelings, questions, etc. But how are people supposed to chat if we can only write a comment every few minutes? I’m scrolling through the r/askreddit and I answer one question, then tried to answer another and it told me I had 7 more minutes, I think it’s unnecessary

- Thoroughly Kicked My Reddit Habbit


- Nice


- Mmmm very tasty

Such good very noice

- What an app !

From sports to UFO to beautiful Women Red has a platform for all to enjoy!

- Its great

Just got it. Its nice. I like.

- Infinite curiosity

Input is curiosity, output is imagination

- Great for everything except politics

This app is great for memes and following specific things you like, but the Reddit community is extremely biased when it comes to politics. The popular tab is littered with anti-Trump posts I couldn’t care less about. It really needs an option to filter subs out of popular

- Admins are bad

Anything to the right of AOC is banned and the mods are controlled by the Chinese government.

- Hit 100k karmaaaaa

It’s dope get it

- What I Love Most

I love everything about Reddit: the images, the stories, the advice, and the feeling of community. The only exception is the random racist homophobic sub that pops up on my feed which reminds me of the ugly underbelly that exists in the world. Alas, all the more reason to shine the light, share hope, right?

- Pretty solid, could use improvements

Home button can send you waaaaaay off of where you were scrolling. If you try to make even two comments in a short span it assumes spam which is annoying.

- Great App! I’ve Reddit

I’ve been using Reddit for about a year and it’s been especially useful for DIY stuff which has helped me save so much money. One project was making a new key fob for my truck, my family only had one and it’s been great having easily made a second one. I like to follow all the pages sharing photos and information I have interests in and the app is just as good as browsing the webpage.

- *insert sully here 🤏🏾👌🏾*

legit the best app. it’s funny. if you haven’t downloaded it, then download.

- Liberal click bait agenda.

All Reddit is, is articles pushed to the top that are liberal and click bait driven. It’s awful. You try to post anything meaningful or thoughtful and it blocks you cause they don’t want to hurt their liberal agenda. Can’t stand this app.

- Amazing

This app made me feel like I had a home for the first time

- Reddit is love, Reddit is life.

See Title

- Reddit

This is a very epic place

- Solid Reddit

This mobile version is pretty sick honestly. It’s been sick for a while now, hence my rate review on anything in the App Store.

- “Your doing that to much”

I haven’t been able to reply or like anyone’s comments on my post for days!!!! How am I supposed to “connect with my community” if I’m not allowed to in the first place??

- Reddit is great

I completely got rid of insta, because Reddit is everything in one. Art, video games, memes, news, all of it is in reddit. Its perfect for, well, everyone!

- Leftist communist community


- Bad

The UI is just bad. Will never be as good as alien blue

- The things

Bro I love reddit I have a addiction to r/memes

- Love it,

I just started, and now I can’t get enough of it. Ty

- Dank Memes

It has dank memes

- Amazing

Great service and the app has many great features!

- Insta bad tik tok gay reddit gold

Instagram bad til tok gay That is the wisdom I have learned from this app

- Amazing app for advice!!

I only downloaded reddit for advice, and every question or advice I ask for, is answered with great detail by caring people. Reddit has great groups that genuinely want to help you. And you can control what comes on your feed, which I think is very good.

- Very good

Very good

- Banning and Censorship

Made a joke on a community regarding a certain person whose run a team I followed for a longtime into the ground and was banned. Moderator proceeded to call me toxic for my joke and was childish. Terrible app.

- What I needed

Very nice community

- Fun

It is a funny and good way to keep up with the world an read funny stories

- To Mom:

We ran out of toilet paper

- Reddit :)

Great for keeping up with certain hobbies and communities. Not so great for forming a real world view.

- Yes

It’s good

- Fun

This is fun

- yes

m e m e

- Seems to offer unsolicited political slant in addition to great things

I love all the individual interest topics, but get politically skewed posts that I never asked for and can't turn off. Worth just scrolling by them though.

- Love Reddit


- Would be 5 stars... if they fixed the mobile Web version

Seriously you can’t do anything on the internet version.

- 👍🏾


- Reddit is great

Reddit has the best memes of any platform

- Good, but...

The platform is pretty awesome. There are a surplus of awesome subreddits for memes or fun or good content. However, there are still subreddits with annoying porn bots that fail to mark content as NSFW or post in the wrong subreddit, which is really not fun. This is the small minority and I’ve only experienced this from one subreddit, though.

- Awesome

Reddit is the best, only site I found were there is memes, news, and porn, incredible

- Reddit’s pretty nice

You get to enjoy dank memes and join communities filled with people like you. For instance when you are sad just go to r/Aww and when you are mad go to r/Rant

- Favorite app, but...

I hate that it returns to the homepage feed when you leave the app for longer than a few minutes. Maybe it's a WiFi issue, but it is SO frustrating to try to get back to where you were before it reset, especially when you go down rabbit holes through a string of barely related topics and discussions, and you have to really dig to find the post or comment you were just reading. Otherwise, I love this app and have gotten so much out of the various communities I engage with the most. It has truly helped me through difficult times, as well as entertaining the hell out of me.

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- Please fix save

Some of my saved photos and videos get lost and theyre not deleted by the people who post so please fix because the save is useless if theres a limit of saves.for example i checked the last post i saved and then when i saved another the last post would disappear its just stupid why would there be a limit to saved images

- Good


- Nice...but

Nice but the search tool is kinda bad

- Problem with exiting app

I can no longer leave the Reddit app to go check something else before returning to the app, because it no longer brings me back to the page I left it on - it resets the app entirely even though I never actually closed the app. Very frustrating.

- No longer the same

Reddit is doing massive censorship of opinions different than their own. Moderators have been editing other people’s comments. They received a $150M investment from a Chinese investor and are clearly becoming more and more a propaganda machine. It’s sad, Reddit used to be a fun place where all opinions were accepted. Not anymore.

- Amazing app

Reddit is a app that needs more credit for what it does. You can come for reddit to look at cute animals or look at the latest memes overall great app

- Bugs

I can’t go outside the app for more than three seconds before it refreshes. I also can’t go anywhere without it crashing and I have to look it up again.

- Sorry what is it? R-e-ddit???


- Great

Just entertainment

- Best social media

You don’t need to be famous to get upvotes

- Slimebags

You are disgusting human garbage bags.

- I know it’s hypocritical

Fantastic but lots of people on it are pig headed fools who can’t stop sharing their opinions

- Cost me over 400$ in data

Had the app for months no issue. I did not change any settings. It started downloading every gif and video I scrolled across. Took me about 3 hours to go through and delete them all. And my phone bill was over 400$. NEVER DOWNLOADING AGAIN

- Instagram bad

Idk what to write I’m just writing a review in a hope of getting reddit coins

- Good, but...

I would really love it if you could change your username, beside that, this app is amazing! :)

- Red

Haha minecraft good fortnite bad keonu reeves wholesome 100 haha tik tok cancer karma karma karma

- Yes

Yes with 5 stars.

- Comments don’t load and regularly encounter freezing issues.

The coins button is in the upper right corner of the screen and is annoying.

- Great App!!

Amazing app!! Would definitely recommend!

- I don’t care about your app

Reddit keeps asking me to install this app every time I visit it, I don’t care about it so stop asking me to use it

- It good

It good


Reddit is very nice and epic

- The best app

The best social media app ever.

- Bing bong

Meme Time


my mom said that if she catches me on Reddit she’ll swipe my head against my keyboard but I don’t care it’s really funny gljgjfvjchdhhdhfhfhfvhdhfhdjvjchvuvizyyryfrttr5t5t5ttrh(GGhFf(GFggGgGGgfysF6373),??&.?

- Great

Awesome greatest

- Best app

No doubt about it I’ve been on it for around a year and have spent countless hours on it

- Battery draining issues

Ok app, search is craptacular but main issue is better draining more so than any other app I use

- No night view

That’s it. I like to read reddit as I fall asleep and the app is too bright.

- I like it

I works fine and it I love it

- Reddit

Very cool. Very great. Very epic. Very cool.

- OMG!!!!

I use and my pp get bigger!!!!!

- Tried all other clients for iOS, official is best!


- App randomly crashes

I’m assuming it’s not my iPhone 11...

- Constantly messes up, freezes, subreddit no loads

What a garbage mess of an app. The developers should be fired for this garbage. Why are you so bad!??? Deserves 0 star instead of 1

- Nothing loads

It just says “Sorry, please try again later” when I try to load anything.

- there are decent people on this app


- It’s great but

Love the memes but all my posts get taken down for no reason

- Neet

Neet fleet naruto yeet

- Title


- Make it so you can download videos

Add a feature where you can save videos to your camera roll.

- PP

Redit is big PP

- Best website to scroll through in class

This is the best website to scroll through class cause the can’t ban it cause it educational

- It’s good

It’s really helped me and I hope that it continues strong (I dunno what else to say)

- Fix your app

Hi, the app on my iPhone 7 Plus has been performing badly, video and gif often won’t load or take forever to load. It’s a known problem for years but why isn’t it fixed? Everything is up to date

- FFS, fix the false notification bug

I have a phantom notification every time I open the app. I see the badge, click on it. And the poof! The badge disappears and there are no real notifications. This has been happening for months.

- Second best.

It isn’t Alien Blue but it’ll do.

- who doesn’t love this

just a great community app with endless content. Can’t get enough.

- 👍👍👍

I like the content here

- Redit great - App SUCKS

I love redit but I CAN NOT USE THE APP. It’s HORRIBLY buggy, tap your screen and it jumps all over the darned place. Really sloppy work guys.

- Well, it’s good?

I mean there isn’t really much to say, but if you aren’t about 13-14 and above you shouldn’t go on there. There’s some really disturbing stuff. But it’s a good app overall.

- To : ML Support

Good day ! Just want to ask what is happening on the system atm ? It’s so laggy , checked my connection and its all okay . Please fix up your system , we are also purchasing on your mobile game so please fix the bug up !!! Thank you

- Better than insta

Better than tiktok (by a lot)

- Good but remove nsfw

We don’t need it. Use pornhub or something, NOT. THIS.

- It’s amazing

Reddit is one of the very few places I can find people with the same humour as me and I can get news memes and read funny storys 10/10

- Sup

Funny content cuz

- Better platform than Instagram

No stupid bots, better layout and something for everyone. It has communities and ways to connect and the like and Reddit really betters your Instagram experience by a fair margin. Reddit has everything, from subreddits about video games to memes to sports. Plus, Reddit has all the original memes, right? Of course, that wasn’t even a question.

- Great app

It’s so easy to get lost reading and laughing or relating to posts that you might even end up browsing for hours. There is many different verities and there is nothing to really complain about!😁

- Page NOT Opened as usual

Constantly being asked to open the page I want in this app instead of the browser I’m using is compounded by the fact that when I do finally capitulate I NEVER EVER GET THE PAGE IVE CLICKED ON. Just “Hi welcome, one of us, one of us...” ETC Just let me use the browser PLEASE

- Reddit good tiktok bad

The titles says it all

- Amazing

I love reddit its amazing I use it all the time for news or memes and anything I want to see

- I really love reddit have have done for 2 years but there are some problems

I have 1 problem with reddit at the moment 1. Reddit coins, when I started there was only gold and that was fine, it was readable and understandable on what it meant when someone gave it to someone. Then they added silver and platinum which I wasn’t a fan of at the start but then liked it and like Gold it was understandable on what it meant if someone got it, e.g silver meaning someone gave it something more then an upvote and platinum meaning someone gave this post a lot. Then they added custom stickers which makes it impossible for me (and maybe others?) to understand what they mean and how much it means, and it’s annoying to see memes and other things as awards, And now reddit added the coin Icon at the top which is just like an ad you can’t get rid of TLDR I find the new awards really annoying to look at and hard to understand what value they mean, I wish reddit would only have gold sliver and platinum and only subreddits can ad Custom awards, not reddit

- Horrible support for East Asian languages

They can't even make the gap between lines even. It's been weeks and never got fixed. Now it's time to use 3rd party apps instead.

- Reddit

Very Naice 👌

- Awesome!

This app is the powerhouse of social media, it’s just a common fact.

- New "buy coins" logo is gross.

The app as a whole is okay. Buggy with weird design choices but it was the first reddit app I used so I'm too used to it to change. However, as the company continues to come up with ways to monetise it gets worse and worse. First it was ads that you had to pay a subscribtion to remove. Then it was adding a million different ways to reward users with useless icons that cost actual money and in most cases offer nothing. The latest update added a big coin logo at the top of the front page next to the search bar just so you never forget that you can spend money to buy absolutely pointless "coins". Hilariously the icon is bigger than any of the reward icons actual posts get. And unlike regular reddit ads this icon begging you to spend money doesn't go away when you have gold. The glory days of Reddit are long behind us. That's reality. Every knew decision the company makes seems to be anti consumer however which leads me to believe that the platform won't plateau at mediocre, it will nose dive itself into becoming indistinguishable from any other social media platform.

- Can I add another star?

Reddit is such an amazing app, filled with amazing people! (Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of terrible people, but we usher them away into a corner.) Reddit feels like one big family reunion where everyone’s talking about different stuff, like you can go over to the gay aunts and uncles in one section and talk about LGBTQ+ stuff, then go talk to the Zoomers in another section and talk about memes! There’s so many different types of people, it’s actually kinda crazy... Everything is here, literally! Think of anything and it probably exists! So come on in, you’re not late to the party, we’re only getting started! ^^ Have a great day/night and thanks for reading, I hope this encourages you to join our family, if so we welcome you with open arms!

- Would be better if it didn’t randomly

After five minutes of using it the app suddenly crashes, not sure if it’s just me but it’s getting pretty frustrating Otherwise it’s great

- Really Welcoming

People see reddit users as “elitist” dunno why. This community really helps you feel part of something, there has always been somebody who has noticed my posts or seen something I’ve put out. Even though my voice is small it is still welcomed on reddit and it will make you happy to be part of this neat little thing :)

- Not too bad compared to other reviewers’ opinions on the site itself

The official app cops a lot of hate for apparently being terrible and unusable. Not sure why as I’ve had it for 2 years and while there are a few bugs there are work around and either don’t affect me that much or are fixed relatively quickly. Biggest issue are server drop outs but those are site wide. Pretty good app

- Reddit got me my first blow job from my wife. Only took 25yrs.

Thanks Reddit.

- Cringey

Y’all not funny but rating TikTok one star cause you don’t like it. Go away 12 year olds

- Excellent

Roses are red Violets are blue Reddit is amazing And so are you

- Good


- Best app

I love the things people post keep it up guys

- It’s back

Fixed and running properly again.

- Great platform

I absolutely love this platform

- Use reddit

Use reddit now. It amazing

- Goodgoodgood


- Top

It’s the schnitzel

- Memes

Honestly moved here cause memes here are way better

- Reddit

It isn’t Instagram or tiktok what more could you ask for?

- NSFW popups

NSFW popups are annoying. NSFW popups should be able to be disabled permanently. NSFW popups. We know. Its NSFW. Most of the subs are. NSFW popups keep coming up. NSFW popup. Otherwise 5 stars. NSFW popup.

- 🗿


- Cool



It’s amazing there’s nothing wrong with it

- Best for memes

It’s free Real Estate

- Woke political garbage

Don’t bother downloading this useless app. Reddit just announced it is seriously considering suspending users for UPVOTING content or posts that violate their biased, woke, leftist, trashy policies. Don’t worry Reddit. You won’t have to suspend my account. I’ll save you the trouble and DELETE it instead. Reddit is NOT a social media platform. Reddit is a heavily biased, opinionated, woke, leftist ‘publisher’. Platform: a company or technology that enables communication and distribution of information without injecting any bias or opinion on behalf of the company. Publisher: a company or person that qurates and distributes content according to their own agenda and specific interests. So, thereby, Reddit does NOT deserve all the numerous, monumental perks that come with being recognised as a social media platform. Namely the legions of non-leftist people that take Reddit on good faith, at their word, that they are a platform and therefore they decide to join and create an account. Reddit don’t have the right to PUNISH VIEWS that they don’t agree with. Social media platforms don’t have opinions but apparently Reddit thinks it can have its cake and eat it too. You can eat your leftist cake reddit. But you’ll be eating it without me. After this post I’m permanently deleting my account and advising everyone I know to do the same. Good riddance Reddit. Go feed your sanctimonious rhetoric to someone who cares. Get woke go broke.

- Reddit is better than Instagram

Reddit is better than Instagram

- Reddit is epic

I have been using reddit for almost a year now (just for the memes) and I have got what I wanted great memes but also great people, I love the community and everything.

- Good

| |l || |__

- Itsthebest

Telling stories

- Protest

I actually love reddit and would have given it 5 stars for all other reasons, however the recent censorship including people being banned for supporting certain political figures, including the current President of the United States, is absolutely ridiculous. It’s very clear that all other social media are working toward influencing people toward socialism, reddit seemed like a place free from that hypocrisy. Apparently not. Shame on you reddit. You’re part of the problem now.

- Reddit

This is a great app to look at memes that people actually enjoy, I like that we are able to message our friends on the app. I enjoy looking at posts people have made themselves because they are so creative that they could create, funny memes, relatable moments, jokes and much more. Thank u for reading!

- Cool title

It’s social media for people without friends

- Memers

Reddit hates everything Stay safe Collect karma And stay away from 4channers And don’t share memes with instagram normies

- Thanks Ozzy

I joined because of Ozzy Osbourne who invited his fans here for a chat today and I am absolutely loving it! If only I had an account here sooner, better late than never I guess. 😊👍 ❤️Reddit is awesome!

- Over rated.

This app is a great place to watch violent and racist videos of all different kinds but dont you dare say anything in the comment section to help vent your feelings about the content this pathetic application provides you with otherwise you will be banned. Worst social platform ever.

- This is where the internet starts

This is where dreams become memes

- Like child porn? This is the place for you

Title says it all

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- Too much censorship


- Pee and fart

Pee and fart

- It’s good

It’s all good except for some of the abusive mods

- Nice App!

Great app. Pleasure to use and easy to use!!

- minecraft good fortnite bad hahahaha


- Amazing mobile app

I love reddit, and use it more than I should. Unfortunately I have to give the app a 3 star review as we still cannot natively listen the sound from gifs using gyfcat as their source. Other than that I love that you guys have done with the app, and it’s small improvements over the years but the fact that every third party supports sound on the gyfcat source and you don’t is crazy.

- Not as good as Alien Blue was

This app works, but the way it inserts ads making what I was about to look at fall below the ad is particularly annoying. Really wish Alien Blue was still available so I could put it on my newer devices.

- Mr & Mrs Overlander

We love this site !

- Full of retards

Occasionally you’ll find reddit to be filled with great ideas and people, which isn’t necessarily wrong, but that innocuous enjoyment of an app transforms into some sort of dependency, and you’ll find yourself relying upon some biased information that a stranger put on the internet. Be wary when you enter. This app is full of retards.

- Great app

Everytime i get a link from a friend it takes me to the App Store to download the app and then i can’t see the sick gameplay from the refined app because if it. Idk I’m not a developer but if i have the app it should take me straight to it instead

- Reddit

A great 👍 app to voice your opinion on any given subject !


REDDIT GOOD REDDIT BEST GOOD INTELECT ONLY WHOLESOME 100 R/PEWDIEPIESUBMISSIONS AND r/DANKMEMES ONLY ❌TIK TOK OR INSTAGRAM❌ TIKTOK AND INSTAGRAM FOR NORMIES DANK MEMERS ONLY PS4 IS GAY 👑XBOX👑 FORTNITE BAD MINECRAFT IS OP KEANU REEVES AND BIG CHUNGUS BEST (This is joke this is what Reddit users sound like) But legit tho love this app would recommend just don’t repost but besides that 10/10 it’s rly nice app and really useful and helpful actually

- Great

It’s a very fun social media. I was able to save money, because I don’t need a meme dealer anymore.

- Terrible

Made an account for the first time ever, and got immediately suspend for trying to get out of a previous ban...time to delete the app.

- Yes


- Good

It is good.


I’m a real person. Real reviewer. Anyways it lets you connect with people who have the same things in common as you more than any other app on the market. Plus Reddit is like the OG ya feel me. Reddit deserves a Nobel prize or some Sh*t

- Memes

I honestly use this app just for the dank memes

- Very user friendly

I love the interface and the easy navigation that can be found throughout the app. It isn’t picky about images and every community has their own rules. It’s easily customizable and gives great recommendations. Plus, it’s a great place to find memes.

- Nice app but..

I don’t like how I can only post 1 comment every 10 minutes on another person post!

- Social Media for people who dislike Social Media

I’m out of things to say

- It 10/10

I love reddit because I can use it when I’m sad, depressed, or bored which is all the time

- Best place for news and hobbies

Find the best news and articles on Reddit! It really is the front page of the internet.

- Posts

Why won’t my posts show up?

- Sound

I just want to have sound on videos. Consistently. Sometimes I do. Other times I just think it’s a GIF until I go to the comments.

- Stop forcing us to use the app

Pretty annoying that reddit is cutting back on features on the webpage to force us to use the app.

- Censored

Blatantly blocks people who post in pro trump subs. Got rid of the_donald. You have got to be kidding me, this is America.

- I play Avakin life

I like it that you have ideas and you have questions that gamers want answered on Avakin life and I want to participate and this is a great place to do collaboration

- I mean, it’s reddit...

Pretty solid app interface that works well. Sometimes it will crash but this is only after I leave the app open for several days at a time constantly refreshing for new posts or commenting. Once it reloads, that baby is good for another 15 thousand miles! The app is handy for texting dank memes but I’m not not too sure about the share feature to social media. Easy to search for popular subreddits in app but you will need to know the name of the subreddit if it’s off the beaten path. Things I would consider: consider the source of every post. This is a common place for viral marketing, Astro turfing products, or spread of disinformation. You can find all of the latest news but each headline or title has been sensationalized to distort the reality of truth. Left leaning sources reporting in their style. Right leaning sources report in theirs... so take the time to see “who” posted so that you don’t get swept up by some bot online. The app does great! They roll out bug fixes and I love that sweet, sweet dark mode.

- Entertaining

Reddit is exciting and entertaining. There is always something cheerful or funny that pops up! You can also learn a lot from others.

- Wow!

Verie nice

- Cute for big sad

Cured my big sad

- Very disturbing things

My title says it all

- Turn phone upside down

👌🙃 got em

- The best app for the internet

5stars, Need I say more?...

- Reddit

It’s Reddit. IFYKYK.

- Usually great, now app is constantly refreshing bookmarked communities

Every time I open the app, it takes 30 seconds to populate my favorite communities.

- Rude/Biased

If you enjoy being treated like a 5 year old or have a penchant for verbal abuse this is the right place to be. The time it would take to write a complete review I’df this site, treatment received from other users, biased admins I would be one year closer to my grave and I need every one I have left. My advice, Social Distance from Reddit.

- Amazing

I love the fact that I can post to a YouTuber’s page with the possibility of them noticing it!

- R8 8/8 M8

Dank Memes.

- Wonderful

So many people giving mentorship on decisions

- AMAZING but..

This app is an AMAZING app. It allows to create and look at post from people all around the world. There are so many different categories! However, I wish it was a little easier to navigate. I think all the buttons should have text under the icon, saying what it is. Some buttons don’t have it. Also maybe better placement of the buttons but otherwise, GREAT APP! 5 stars!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 🌟

- Wrong email

I entered the wrong email by mistake. How do I change it?

- nice

nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

- Love

Me love

- Great app

This is how I get my news

- I’d smash 10/10

God it’s so good

- Yes


- Love


- Bruh


- Reddit!

Thanaowebhaheneksoajbwhwhwhqgqfsvbdjdjsb!!!!! }#%]^[*

- Memes

I like the memes

- 10/10

90% of the users are brain dead

- Moved award icon - keep hitting it

You have placed the award icon right below the thumbnails so it can be constantly hit instead of the thumbnail to open images. Either a terrible UI/ UX decision or done on purpose so people will buy gold. Whichever is true, job poorly done.

- 10 out of 10

Epic gamer app

- Doesn’t get any better than this

Literally the best thing mankind has made in our entire existence.

- Yes


- nice


- Amusant,j’approuve

Cet appli est drôle amusante et il y a pour tout les goûts allant des animaux aux électronics. Seul petit bémol, je ne suis pas capable de voir le nombre de likes et de dislikes tout le temps. Sinon j’aime beaucoup passer du temps sur cette plateforme.❤️❤️😍 J’approuve👌🏻👍🏻

- It’s even better than the web app

The app is better for scrolling memes and stuff so for most people it’s ideal but moderating a subreddit can’t be done on it

- Yes sir

It’s great

- Good

Better than Tik Tok

- Consumes a godly amount of data

Went on a trip with a package sim and Reddit consumed gigs in no time. Be warned

- Epic

Memes r great

- Best thing ever


- Epic

I like dank memes and that’s all you need

- Too slow

Videos/GIFS take so long to load. Other apps such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook have no problem loading content so it’s not my network. Reddit is so slow, have to wait 15 seconds to load a 10 second GIF. Still way to slow. I don’t know why, YouTube, snap, Instagram and all my other apps load connect no problem but reddit so slow Still way to slow. Comments take 15 seconds to load and sorting on subreddits is unbearable. Fix your app

- Awesome community

I love the people on reddit.

- Pretty not too bad

Love the memes but reddit is weird in allowing you to post things when you first sign up. Suppose they have their reasons. But I might be too anxious for this waiting

- Sometime hard

Not easy to navigate and would rather twitter even instagram is better for conversations .

- The reddit app

Works pretty good!

- Echo Chamber, Censors Pro-Trump Content

Reddit censors pro-Trump content so that it can not be seen by regular users. They want to influence the election.

- Dream come true

Reddit is everything you have ever wanted

- Cant copy any text

Cant select text in a post or comment and the ‘write comment’ window blocks the entire post (including other comments). If the website is going to keep pushing to use the app, at least carry over the better features of the website

- The front page of the internet

it’s Reddit just use it. There’s nothing more for me to say. Just use it.

- Looking for a great way to waste time?

Look for further. Instagram will make you feel like bad, Facebook is for moms, and who really uses tumbler anymore. Reddit has got you. Perfect to just spend hours scrolling.

- Back off Bryan

My toe nails are itchy

- It’s nice

Good real good

- Good


- Its bad

Its terrible. Literally never works. Use Apollo instead

- Good app

Good app

- Pop up forced me to review

After saying I love the app, a popup was displayed to get me to submit a review. This popup stayed displayed until I clicked it. So here I am. One star. The app bagged me again. I dismissed the pop up and continued browsing. Saw a comment that I wanted to award gold to and as soon as I chose the gold award, the app crashed! I guess they should focus on what pays the bills instead of nagging me for a review.

- Awesome

Great app if you are bored

- Download now

This is the best app ever I’m not a bot I’ve only been on here for 57days but I love this app!

- Didn’t open yet

I already know I love this

- It’s reddit bruh

It’s reddit bruh

- It’s Reddit but Mobile

Can’t really go wrong. It has a dark mode that syncs with iPhone which I like.

- Life changing

It changed my life

- This app is freaking sick.

No bugs, no lag, just peaceful scrolling with laughs, awwws, and other emotions. Would definitely recommend to everybody. :)

- Reddit good

Reddit good, Instagram bad.

- It good

It good

- Wish I could give it 6/5 stars

Excellent app 5 stars. This app is amazing

- Re🅱️🅱️it


- Gone to crap because of agendas

Been using this app for over 6 months and never ever saw an ad on my home feed while scrolling... now I see a ton of them non stop and I blocked them yet they’re showing up... this is SPAM yet reddit can’t figure it out. The useless pathetic CCP invests money into reddit and now it’s turned to crap. Not enjoying the censorship that’s taken over too, the closing down of subs that go against the agendas... keep trying, you won’t silence the truth. The censorship is pathetic, it just goes to show how corrupt it all is. You only censor and silence when you have something to hide

- 69420

Best for de memez.

- Needs video quality option for videos

And a way to filter out tags within a subreddit.

- I hope it never asks me to review again

I really just want the app to stop asking me to review it, but it works at about 90% functionality compared to expected. Weak connection causes issues upvoting, or possibly loading, while other apps function fine. However, the app is arguably the only/best way to run reddit — much more intuitive than the website for myself, personally.

- Ads with new update

Latest update brought random and useless ads. Update description should have mentioned that ads will be added in feeds. Fail.

- Lots of issues

First off, don’t expect help from the mods of Reddit. It’s run by high school students or younger. Mainly though, I’ve had it a number of times where I’m writing a message to someone, and then I accidentally either close the conversation, the app, or just look at other apps on my phone so Reddit gets pushed out of the “active apps” list and therefore restarts when I reopen Reddit in the app switcher. If any of this happens, you lose your entire message because they don’t know how to make a “draft” piece... again, probably because it’s high schoolers or younger running this app, but that’s just speculation based on the maturity of the mods soooo 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ps, I screenshotted this review. Let’s see if they remove it because my personal opinion/experience isn’t good enough to leave a review of the app and they only want good reviews. If I get a notification my review was removed, proof I’m write. If not, then they’re doing the right thing. I didn’t disclose anything that actually happened in my conversations with the mods, just that they weren’t really at the mature level to be in charge of anything, so I hope that is okay enough to leave this review.

- Best app ever

I have no life exept playing minecraft and when I discovered reddit my mind was blown by r/showerthoughts im now looking at memes 3hours an day on r/memes and it gets addicting real fast! You should try it!

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- reddit is a good app

the mobile version is pretty well optimised. there are some glitches/poor design choices which make the experience worse, like upvote buttons being hard to reach and small, without an easily accessible alternative (like double tapping the screen). along with the feed randomly scrolling all the way back to the top, seeing the same posts back to back, and not having (as far as i can tell) a clear notifications button. there are problems outside the devs control, like an extremely toxic user base in some subreddits, while it does hinder the experience, it is not the fault of the app so i won’t deduct points (would be a 3 star if i did) fundamentally it’s a very cool app! despite it being a little rough around the edges, it has gave me a lot of enjoyment, and that’s the most important thing!

- This is my review

You’re welcome

- Literally my religion

This is the best goddamn social media app ever. This thing’s better than sleeping. If you have even a single brain cell you will get this app. And I swear to god if you don’t upvote something you laughed at I will personally track you down and put you in jail myself.

- Love it

There’s so much to do in it

- Fantastic

Feckin Fantastic

- Reddit

So fun and funny

- Something for everyone

Always something on this awesome site to pique your interest and set you off on a never ending trail of Karen’s, Cats and compliance.

- Ksi


- Very good

Very good lots of funny stories- easy to use

- Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

Reddit is a place where you can find exactly who you are. With thousands of different communities ranging from cute pets to bad food. It is a place to find out where you belong. Find your place like millions of Redditors!!!

- 5 stars

Reddit is great for many things I mainly use it for finding servers on games to join and meet new friends but it is also a good laugh and much more

- The best social media

Reddit is amazing. You don’t need to even be famous like Instagram to get upvotes. Reddit is truly based off content. There are very little flaws on Reddit and I hope that it will always have little flaws. My only suggestion would be to have a light theme (with the different colours) but for dark mode on iOS. But overall amazing app

- Hello


- So funny everyone has a great laugh

So funny

- Yeet

Reddit is a great app far better than tiktok definitly download

- Great

It is great for people I enjoy

- Corono Reddit you crack me up

Awesome fun folks

- Keanu reeves big chungus

I’m a hecking chonker and I think this app is wholesome 100

- Reddit is fine , but there are bugs that are really annoying.

I like Reddit it’s a good app where you can see different posts that other people have created in different sub-reddits. But there is also a bug , which annoys me a lot. Which is that you have a 10 MINUTE countdown every time you comment. Which just that makes me not want to go on it anymore. I’m not sure if I am the only lerson experiencing this but please fix this or tell me how I can fix if. Other than that , It’s a good app !

- Useful in many scenarios.

Whether your needing a laugh or needing advice this app is amazing for whatever your looking for. I needed advice on something and so I made an account and got replies that really helped me. I’m not going to deny the fact there’re trolls on the app set out to make your life miserable but from my experience I didn’t find too many. Reddit was definitely a gap in the market and will benefit a lot of people.

- Pewds

I like the pewdiepie subreddit would recommend

- Love reddit

Found a whole new world absolutely love reddit and the wholesome and helpful people on it!

- Reddit is a belter

It’s a belter

- 🍆


- Why reddit is cool

You can’t be judged

- Class

This app is blumin class

- Great Social-Media

It’s a very nice place to belong to. You can basically be part of any fandom you wish you can browse or ask for help, I’m not getting into too much details because honestly anyone reading this should try Reddit themselves. The negative is that the meme community is a very toxic place, it’s technically just a giant circle-jerk. Now stop looking at reviews and try Reddit for yourself, unless you already have it and you’re just reading reviews for one of your reasons.

- Reddit

Proper good mate

- Great

So good and funny love it

- Frustrating UI changes

For instance with the latest update the post upvote UI (upvote and downvote arrows with the upvote counter in the bottom left of the post) has been spaced out to a very unnecessary extent. I’m guessing it was a mistake, otherwise why change it? It was fine before. Another thing they keep changing is the layout of the tabs. Sometimes shows home/popular/news, sometimes there isn’t news at all, sometimes there are like 10 different tabs. Make up your mind!

- New followers bug

With the new update I’m unable to turn of new followers, it re-enables itself after going out of the notifications menu and back in

- Funny

Soooper cool creep it up

- Latest update is very annoying

Latest update took away the ability to have a custom feed while browsing anonymously. Super annoying, I’ve lost my favourite feed. Can understand why people use different apps to access reddit.

- Noice

It’s noice

- Server delay

It’s trash u can’t upvote and downvote because u liked something from yesterday or because u posted something a year ago making u Wait a hole month

- Great

Loads of different aspects that you can be a pet of

- Never seems to work on WiFi

Great app that is flawed by the fact that 8/10 times when I load it up it won’t work and gives me a ‘server error’ if i’m using wifi? Then if I turn wifi off and refresh it will work. Everything else works fine on wifi except this app, annoying that i’m having to use my data just to use the app!

- Stop forcing people onto the app

If you have a website, stop coercing people onto the app. Its insanely annoying. I downloaded this app just to say how annoying it is, i refuse to use the app as a point of principle.

- Why is this app so unstable now.

It’s the best reddit app by far, which is why it’s so annoying that for the last few weeks it’s been constant connection issues. Sort it please. (I know it’s not my connect cause the other apps work perfectly and I’ve tried log in and out)

- YouTube problem

Recently there’s a problem playing embedded YouTube videos. It starts then stops after a second. Then the next tap on play doesn’t do anything and then the third tap finally sets it going properly. Pretty annoying. Great app otherwise.

- Great app but...

There’s a bug after scrolling for some time, the last few posts I've seen in my timeline keep repeating and so i don't see many new posts unless i refresh the feed. But on something like the front page it means i cant explore much and have to result to new or trending posts. Ive had for a year almost, not sure if it’s a setting that might be causing this just on my phone.

- Its a hell hole

An absolutely brilliant hellhole

- The Three G’ for Reddit weebs

Out of time, great community good memes gracious fun

- Awful!

I joined Reddit a couple of weeks ago because so many people use it for news. It's sends me nothing but racist unmoderated disgusting news so I'm deleting it.

- Reddit is great!

You can get an answer to a question almost instantly. Or you can find likeminded communities

- Ahh yes

The floor here is made of floor

- Reddit

It’s blessed and it helps me cope with some things...

- Reddit

Pritty sick innit m8

- Best social app

It is the best social app and there subreddits for everyone to enjoy

- Was a good app but...

Why is it permanently showing unread messages when there are none - very irritating... And now more ads than ever. Time to retire it.

- Freaking mint

Freaking mint


I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE I LOVE IT. You should get it

- Meme

Much meme very funny

- r/reviewable it’s awesome

love reddit alot its either a place to find memes or makes friends and chat about stuff you like no matter where your from or what you like you can always see people like you

- Reddit

Hi I just got on reddit and I already love this app :)😊

- Dark mode

Bring dark mode already

- News feed broken

Enough said, it doesn’t work. Add to that ghost message badges. Fix it please

- This is awesome

Hands down This is a great app that’s it.

- White screen

I have a white screen on the mobile app and it doesn’t work

- Who builds these POS!

App never Fkn loads! When it does, it’s full of precious snowflakes. I’m out

- App doesn’t work anymore

Just recently updated it now to goes to a white screen when opening fix it please

- buggy app

this app is extremely buggy, error loading and blank screens

- Great website to use to meet new people

I have been using reddit for a few years now and I’ve found it helpful in using it for meeting new people and talking about my own experiences and overall just having fun sharing my own interests

- Poor

This app is so bad, I paid for Apollo instead. The straw that broke my back was making it so that, BY DEFAULT, saving an image adds junk to the bottom of the image. Adding Reddit’s logo to works that belong to other people is scummy. Doesn’t support gifs with audio. Can’t report posts with a custom response. Suggestions and trending are annoying. And so on.

- I love weddit


- Richards review

Reddit is great

- Reddit review

Reddit is cool😎😎😎😎 and I love it because you can geek over your favourite topics

- No sound on videos

Please fix this issue!

- It’s good

It’s good

- Join r/PewDiePieSubmissions

It’s been 3 weeks!!!

- Reddit is good

Good app. Nice memes.

- It’s a great app I love it but they kinda ruined it

I get these notifications about “popular” and “trending” and it’s so annoying. I love reddit all-in-all, but they honestly made a bad update. Still, 10/10 would recommend but the notifications are too annoying.

- Reddit is life

I really enjoy this because it is full of dark humour and tons of funny stuff.100% recommend if you are messed up and have a good sense of humour.DOWNLOAD NOW :)

- Issues affecting accessibility

You can’t swipe to the side anymore and it makes browsing difficult and stunted.

- Missing 2 stars but it keeps crashing!!

I would give it 5 stars but the site keeps crashing!! Fix it please. Update: the crashing was fixed, yay! I’m always on reddit. So much of my obsessions in one place. Just a community where you can relate with total strangers 🙂

- Reddit Review

If you like Reddit you need this app. Nuff’ said.

- I have a problem

I really really really love Reddit- I literally just got it a few minutes ago and found that my keyboard isn't coming up (iPad) it's really annoying because I actually want to search things up but I can't- please fix this ;3;

- The only good subreddit?!?!??!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!?


- Good

Better then instagram

- The best app ever

Unlike insta or twitter I can have a choice on what I what to see

- I enjoy reading the comments people make.

Great way to enjoy how cute animals are and the beautiful sceneries. Also seeing how people share information and knowledge with each other. Clever people showing how they make things and the beautiful crafts/build they make amazes me.

- Not as good as the old reddit app

It seems the developers are more interested in showing you things you don’t want to see rather than letting you be in control of everything. I don’t care about subs I’m not subscribed too - why can’t I turn off trending and the rest of it?

- Hours wasted

I spend hours on reddit. Get it


Awesome app should download!

- Reddit Review


- Eff yeah, reddit!

I’ve been having such a blast with this app. I’ve always shyed away from social media, scared of the asshats that plague those sites, but I was surprised to find some pretty cool and understanding people on reddit! I’ve really been enjoying all of the different content, and if there’s anyone looking for some cool stuff this is your app.




HEAPS better than this time last year works totally fine for the moment im super happy with it

- Reddit Review

Pickle Booty Semen Sandwich

- Poop


- My 3rd favourite app

Reddit is my 3rd favourite app. It has information, news, help for games, MEMES! and you can keep in touch with your friends

- 10/10

Reddit... I have no words. It's amazing. Users anywhere and everywhere are able to post, vote and comment. I always laugh when I'm on reddit! I truly thing it's one of the best platforms ever! There's honestly nothing wrong with it! I've been reading negative reviews for a single reason which consists of the new notification feature! It is easily disabled in settings on the app. If you can't find it, one single Google search will show you how to disable the notifications. There's really no reason for all these negative reviews!

- It’s an image board.

What do you want me to say?

- Best app ever

Better than ig and fb

- Good

A option came up saying are you enjoying reddit and I meant to say yes but I accidentally said no So sorry about that because reddit is very good

- Wowowowowowow


- Epic

It is epic, with epic memes, and epic other stuff if u are lookin for that.

- Very epic

For big brains

- If you enjoyed the Wild West, you’re going to love Reddit!

I recommend changing immediately to dark mode.

- Latest update keeps crashing the app

I love reddit, this app has been great in the past but the latest update keeps crashing the app. Its basically unusable. I will be using another app until the issue is fixed, which hopefully won’t be long.

@totakekesokuhou: かわいい☺️ #あつ森 #あつまれどうぶつの森 Rdditより:

@totakekesokuhou: かわいい☺️ #あつ森 #あつまれどうぶつの森 Rdditより:

@midsammyMadness i love answering people’s asshole posts i love being in charge of decisions and opinions so much r…

Zoom is under scrutiny from the New York Attorney General for its privacy practices via /r/technology

@it_meirl_bot: me_irl

@it_meirl_bot: me_irl

@it_meirl_bot: Me irl

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Reddit 2020.11.0 Screenshots & Images

Reddit iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Reddit iphone images
Reddit iphone images
Reddit iphone images
Reddit iphone images
Reddit iphone images
Reddit ipad images
Reddit ipad images
Reddit ipad images
Reddit ipad images
Reddit ipad images
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Reddit (Version 2020.11.0) Install & Download

The applications Reddit was published in the category News on 2016-04-07 and was developed by reddit [Developer ID: 808295587]. This application file size is 89.99 MB. Reddit - News posted on 2020-03-30 current version is 2020.11.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Reddit Advisories: Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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