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What is reeder 5 app? Keep control of your news reading with Reeder, RSS reader and read later client in one app, now with support for iCloud syncing.

Sync all your feeds and articles with iCloud. Reeder 5 comes with a built-in RSS/Feeds service which will keep everything in sync on all your devices. Of course, this is optional. You can still just use one of the many third-party services supported by Reeder or just RSS (without sync).

This is Reeder's built-in read later service which stores all your data securely in iCloud. A sharing extension allows you to add links from outside of Reeder.

A higher dimension of reading. With Bionic Reading you read texts with more focus, awareness, and sustainability. Read more about Bionic Reading at

View most recent articles, configurable to only show items from feeds, folders, searches (for services that support searches) or tags (for read later services).

With version 5, Reeder finally supports marking items as read while scrolling. Off by default, this can be enabled on a per-account basis.

Enter Reader View (for feed items and read later links that support this) for a clutter-free reading experience directly in Reeder's article viewer. You can enable "Automatic Reader View" on a per-feed basis to always load items of a feed with Reader View.

Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Inoreader, BazQux Reader, FreshRSS, Instapaper and Pocket.

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How to contact Reeder 5 (Silvio Rizzi)?
Find this site the customer service details of Reeder 5. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Reeder 5 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Reeder 5 Version 5.410 January 2023

NEW - Mastodon RSS feeds are now displayed like Twitter feeds. (Note: only for new items, this is not applied to existing items in Reeder.) IMPROVED - Mastodon RSS feed lookup (iCloud Feeds and Local/RSS) - "Reader View" for recipes - Feed discovery when subscribing - iCloud Feeds sync performance FIXED - Overlapping text in article viewer - Missing images in Reader View for certain sites - Potential crash/freeze when signing in to Reddit/Twitter.

Reeder 5 Version 5.3.417 November 2022

CHANGED - Images that are links now open the image in the image viewer again. The link itself will be added as a button below the image. IMPROVED - More iCloud syncing related improvements - iCloud Feeds: Unsubscribing from a feed should now be immediately reflected in the UI, not just after all cleaning up is done FIXED - Article viewer layout issues - Animation issues when using Reeder on an external display.

Reeder 5 Comments & Reviews 2023

- Suggestion

Option for light gradient top to bottom to help Visually distinguish one article from another article in the List feed view. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what picture goes with what article. The gradient would help distinguish each article in the list view. Maybe better isThe option to increase padding between articles in list view. Seems like the text and the pictures are so evenly spaced it makes browsing a bit of a chore. This is when the pictures are large like on an iPad. Another option to show the web view of an article. Reader review doesn’t always show the pictures that go with the web view. If this app had this feature it would be the end-all to other apps for me. Check out fiery feeds. It does both of these but that one lack some critical share features this app has. One of these two apps is so close to being perfect.

- Life Changing

I have read more longform articles in the past few months of having reader than I have in my entire life. This app has single-handedly changed my entire approach to reading. As someone with executive function disorder it is extremely draining to read and this app completely revolutionize that aspect of my life. this app has become so consequential to my life that I am more than willing to pay for it and support the Reeder team in anyway I can. I want for this app to see regular innovation such as ways to more readily categorize “reading for later” as well as a more up-to-date tagging system and a PDF reader or conversion reader. anybody who struggles to read, struggles to stay focused while reading or has to read over and over again please consider this app as it has turned me into a voracious reader.

- Great client!

I have used Reeder for a very long time. Since the days of Reeder 3. Every big release gets better and better. Honestly, this app deserves the full 5 stars, but I have one big issue. Why is there no full support for VoiceOver? Currently I have to configure the app to work with it through the apple settings and it works good. But I think it would work much better if it was native. Being visually impaired, I can see well enough to tap through the menus and at least VoiceOver works when reading the article itself. I think this great app would appeal to more people if this accessibility feature was implemented. Other than that, love the app. I highly recommend it to those looking to buy it. And if you still use RSS, certainly this app is worth every penny.

- Love it except when doing initial sync on new devices

I’ve been using Reeder since it first came out and paid for each new release across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This is one of my few instant buy apps. The only downside which is rare is whenever I have to erase a device and reinstall or move to a new device the initial sync from iCloud feeds takes hours for me. I do have a lot of feeds and. Lot of saved and unread articles usually but it can sometimes take a day for the initial sync to complete. Again this is a rare instance but always happens in these instances.

- Meh

Between Newsify snd Reeder, Newsify is the clear winner. It’s stood the test of time and in years I’ve not been forced to upgrade or ensure failed syncs. Reeder, however syncs much more data, when it works, but that sync is slow. IDK what determines the number of articles that are fetched but iCloud sync is insufficient. I use TheOldReader and syncing online (although very slow) pulls about 150K articles. I have a lot of feeds so that’s about right for me, but I wish it was adjustable. Today, TheOldReeder syncing stopped. It’s the same issue I had with Reeder 4 and why I upgraded to 5. Pull down for sync and the spinner stops within 2 seconds. Yes, I can delete and download again, however bc of the slow speed that means keeping the display alive long enough for it to complete.

- Still no shortcut to read later

So much to love but one major issue that is so frustrating. When in your feeds such as Feedly, etc, the bottom bar has starred, unread, archived but is missing Reading List. So no easy way to quickly get to your Reeder Read Later list other than swiping back multiple time then choosing reading list drilling down then having to do that in reverse to get back to the feeds and then doing that everytime all day when going back and forth. Everytime there is an update I check the release notes hoping finally there will be a button to get to the read later list when in your feeds, but so far no luck. Would be a 5 star app otherwise.

- Lacks keyboard input

After using this app for a month, my initial impressions remain accurate. This app is designed for touch input. I primarily use it on my ipad with a keyboard attached, and really simple keyboard input is missing. I will also mention that there is very little documentation and my support emails to the developer went unanswered, something that is fine maybe for a free app but less so for a paid app *** Initial impressions: it seems like a solid RSS reader with a lot of pretty animations, etc. Some really basic controls seem to be missing, developer is a bit slow to respond to support questions. I plan to continue using this app for the time being.

- Features like iCloud Read Later are no longer working

iCloud read later stopped working on the desktop months ago. More recently, it stopped working on the mobile app. No support responses from developer. It’s a shame, it’s a really great app UI and the functions that work, work well. Just feels like we’re being left in the dust with a paid app. Update: months later, This was fixed. No response (ever!) from developer on support requests, but the fixes were made. So the app works again, but the dev continues to be non-responsive.

- Fantastic RSS Reader

This is my favorite client for all of my subscribed blogs and news sources. I love the ability to force “reader view” for subscriptions that only post a few sentences to the RSS feed. The only feature I wish it had was the ability to do quick notes. I don’t know how feasible that is, but it would make taking notes on articles so much better. (Highlighted text in quick notes would be a *huge* bonus, but I think that’s probably something only Safari can do?)

- Widget/Background Refresh Rarely Work, If At All

Since iOS 14 I’ve been looking to find more apps with useful widgets and was happy to see reeder add them. Unfortunately the widget has been anywhere from mostly to entirely useless. Initially, the only way that the widget populated content for me was if I opened the app and manually pulled the feeds then, upon exiting the app, the widget would show whatever I had left unread. Since the last update, it seems like that does not work any more. The background refresh never seems to work, so the majority of the time the widget just sits there empty. reeder has always been a great RSS app but I really only paid for the update to get the widgets, if they’re fixed my opinion of the app would go up considerably.

- Background refresh never works

Update: I’m downgrading this from 3 to 1 stars and probably deleting the app. I haven’t used it in about a month so when I open the app it’s showing me articles from that long ago while it seems to be downloading EVERY article since then. So, my only option is to let this sit here updating while I make a cup of coffee. It’s just not usable for me at all :( - Reeder is easily my preferred RSS reader. However, it’s lack of background refresh is quite frustrating. I often have to wait more than a minute for it to catch up on the days articles. Not sure why there’s a specific option in settings for background refresh when it doesn’t do anything.

- The developer listened, changing from 3 stars to 5

Longtime satisfied user since reeder 3, was complaining about folders not able to rename thus rated this version 3 stars, 2 for app lack of real upgrade, 1 for old time’s sake. Then the dev listened and released some functions I was requesting, now a satisfied user again, changing my rating from 3 stars to 5. Btw, app is beautiful, but UX can be improved, the design logic for gestures/actions aren’t always the same, thus getting me a bit confused, mostly when editing folders or subscriptions.

- Beautiful app, but adding next buttons on the sides would make iPad experience better

In a previous version of Reeder the iPad version had previous and next arrows on the side of the screen while viewing an article. I wish the developer would bring this back and let you customize which side to put them. Also, I was and am happy to support the developer by purchasing every version along the way, but otherwise I don’t see any significant reason to upgrade from Reeder 4 other than widgets (if you use those).

- iCloud sync has limit of 50 unread articles

Love the app and loved the idea of syncing via iCloud instead of a 3rd party tool. However, iCloud sync only seems to pull up 50 unread articles from each source, so any high volume RSS feeds are not working so well under iCloud and I am missing a ton of articles. Can this be fixed? For now, I’m still keeping my 3rd party app running just so that I can watch my high volume feeds. But it’s annoying to constantly have to switch between them. Please fix this!!

- iCloud syncing is now very broken

I have been using this app for years. Paying for upgrades and recommending it as best in class. Unfortunately it’s now been months since it has synced reliably. I use the app on iPad, Mac and iPhone. I rely on it being up to date and in sync. As I write this it last updated my feeds over 2 days ago on iOS and just spins and spins. I have reinstalled and re-downloaded. I have hoped the last few updates would solve this. I will have to move to a competitor if this isn’t properly resolved.

- Best RSS Reader

This app is really top notch. I appreciate it so much I made it a point to write a review. I love the way it looks, the read later tab, and integration with other apps like Pocket. It is very customizable as well. The gesture support is intuitive and really captures Apple design aesthetics. My one ask would be a way to highlight parts of articles for reference later or a way to integrate this with other apps like Pocket. Otherwise, near flawless. Such great value.

- Great App, Very Refined, Under Priced

I’ve been using various versions of this app for years. With each new version, the developers do an amazing job making it feel more fluid and fast with every iteration. It’s feature rich with everything you could hope for but none of the features get in the way of simply reading. I also appreciate how the app is tastefully customizable. Overall, this app is one of the best bargains on the App Store for the amount I use it.

- First impressions

- signing in for accounts is strange as there isn’t an OK button. After tinkering with settings and scrolling down, there’s a delete account button. The other option is to tap on the X and go back and assume that the account has been added - setting up Pocket needs to be done twice as if you switch between sign up and login, I think it disrupts the process and doesn’t lead to the authorization page. I would suggest having it load the login page and not the sign up page first. - it would be nice if we could manually set the order of the accounts in the list of accounts that we are signed into - the icon will take some getting used to Can’t wait to explore the rest. Will update the review over time! Everything works so far.

- Great! But could use some quality of life features

I bought this app for the bionic reading and I am SO happy with how it works. I understand this wasn't the originally intended purpose for the app but I use it to read longer form content. In Pocket (the app I'm using to import my reading) they have a highlight feature which you can use to save your place. If you could add a bookmarking or highlighting feature I would just be over the moon. As I can often lose my place if the app is closed or refreshed in the background. Even a word finder would be appreciated so I could copy the sentence I last read and then search for it later! So glad I spent the money on this but it would just do a TON for me to have those simple features that suit longer txt.💞

- cannot find installed fonts

I installed some fonts with a font manager app which installed in appStore. I can find those fonts in "ios > Settings > General > Fonts". But when I changing font in "reeder > Preferences > Reading > TEXT > Font > Custom" I wish Reeder could support install custom fonts by icloud Files、AirDorp and so on. Because my Common language is not English, I need change custom font for reading.

- needs to move to an in-app purchase model

The fact that each point-zero release of this app is a separate app is really annoying. I only found out about this latest version by accident. Instead of charging to download, just move the charge in-app to unlock it or whatever. That way you also don’t have to release the Mac version as an additional separate app. You’re lucky I’m a loyal user.

- The best thing since Google Reader

I haven’t found anything I’ve liked/used as much as Google reader until I started using this. It’s a great way to look for something to read when I have a bit of time. Getting support for the new Matter app would be great, I’d love to just swipe to add the article to it instead of having to use iOS share feature.

- Thanks to the developer

This is a great update. I’ve used Reeder off and on for years but this update gives everything I think I need (at least for now). iCloud support, mark-as-read on scroll, automatic readability, custom fonts/sizes, etc. These are quality of life features but ultimately make the reading experience better than all other news apps. This combined with content neutrality, I highly recommend.

- Saves my life and time.

Very solid app, plenty of options to customize. Doesn’t pidgeonhole you into creating an account and syncing your entire rss library through them. I would recommend checking the spelling under the reset option on Feeder’s settings - it should be “your data won’t be restored!” instead of “you’re data”. :) Good work!

- Gets stuck on one article after iOS 15 update

Loving this app so far but ever since updating to iOS 15, it only shows one article no matter which of the other news articles I try to read. Hope this gets fixed soon.

- Worth the Upgrade From 4

Been holding out a good while, but figured I’d go ahead and upgrade with the new year. Being able to move from 3rd party (Feedly) and have feeds sync’d via iCloud is fantastic. Doesn’t do a great job of handling Instagram embeds in either default or Reeder view, hope that gets fixed soon with an update. Recommended nonetheless.

- I was stuck on an old version of Reeder for a long time…

I thought that Reeder was an abandoned project, hasn't had updates for years, so that was that. Finally went to the app store to buy a replacement.. and found this. On the one hand, thank you for not nagging. On the other hand… I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE NEW ONE SOONER IF I KNEW IT EXISTED. lol

- The best RSS app gets even better

I’ve used Reeder since version 2 was released in 2014, and, like it’s predecessors, version 5 of the app is the very best app in it’s class. The Reeder family of apps captures the essence of everything that defines exceptional Mac software; they are beautifully designed, incredibly responsive and — perhaps most importantly, they respect user’s privacy.

- Loses cookies

In a recent idea I no longer stay logged into websites through Reeder. Even if I sign in, if I close the in app browser and open it again I’m signed back out. This used to work. Follow up: Seems it was an iOS bug. I rebooted and cookies work again.

- Useful and elegantly designed but…

Mark above/below as read” has been very useful. I appreciate the feature :) The app is also elegantly designed. I enjoy reading articles with it. Wondering, though: Why not “Mark here and above/below as read”? It can remove the extra step of marking a selected article as read. Odd, but related: Articles marked read above/below a selected article marked read are removed from article list (as expected), but selected article stays in list (unexpectedly). I need to pull down on list for selected article to be removed. Another oddity: “mark all as read” marks all as read AND returns to list of feeds. I would expect to stay in same feed.

- Almost greatness

Beautifully designed and works flawlessly except for the fact that switching out of the app while reading an article causes Reeder to lose track of that article. I am often need to switch out of the app while viewing an item. I return to find that Reeder has marked the item as “read” and cleared it from the feed. It’s generally too much effort to track the item down again. Fix that and I’m back as a user.

- The best RSS reader just got better

Reeder is hands down my favorite RSS app, and this is another fantastic update to an already amazing app. iCloud syncing works flawlessly, the new design feels fresh, modern and clean, and there’s no *bleeping* subscription, which by itself is enough to make me want to support this app and developer. Oh, and widgets. 👍

- Great app, but a suggestion!

Awesome app, but it would be cool to be able to add Twitter feeds. There are a few accounts I’d like to specifically follow and I know there are a few ways to get around it. But having that functionality baked right in would be absolutely amazing.

- Quality quality quality

Reeder app continues to dominate in quality, appearance, customization, and features. Happy to continue to support on MacOS and iOS. Appreciate that the app is kept a one time but would be willing to pay monthly as I use it multiple times per day!

- Great time saver

Great app, I no longer scroll hacker news and other news sites all day. Now I have them set up as RSS feeds and I scroll through all my feeds in a few minutes 2-3 times a day. Bought the Mac app too, love that as well!

- iCloud Syncing stopped working

iCloud syncing stopped working on my iPhone few weeks ago and I had to delete and reinstalled the app several times trying to fix the issue, but all efforts have failed. Reeder used to be my favorite news app, and I still using the Mac OS app, but have to look for a new alternative to replace it on my iPhone. I’ve simply lost my patience waiting to have it fixed, maybe will try again when the Reeder 6 come out.

- Slick design, one time fee!

I love that there is a one time fee for use. I sync my Feedly to this and set up a swipe gesture to save to Pocket. I will also explore using the new read it later feature in the app. This works for me and it works perfectly.

- Great and beautiful but lacks twitter integration

i’ve been a Reeder user for years and love the new iCloud syncing and Reader functionality - a lot of services/apps support Twitter feeds now though and I can’t give that up! The Mac app is also a separate purchase.

- Background refresh is working now

But it takes few days to get it working. Maybe developers should mention this from the very beginning instead of letting people have to dive into the support page.

- iCloud sync? Done deal!

I’ve been using Reeder since v3 and it’s — hands down — the best feed reader available on iOS. The ability to sync feeds through iCloud (instead of through a third-party or self-hosted service) just makes it that much better.

- Disappointing!

This is a gorgeous app for reading articles, however the fact that it does not “still” support push notifications (almost all others do), is strangely disappointing. How is anyone to keep up with latest content without notifications?

- Keeps marking unread as read

I really like the layout and the UI, but it drives me crazy when unread items at the bottom of my list get marked as read when I try refreshing Unread on iPad. Sometimes I have older news items that I haven't gotten to yet, and then they just disappear. It's like it's registering a scroll action. I've read through the other reviews for this app, but none of them share my concerns. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? It's just that I've never had this problem with other feed readers. Unread: An RSS Reader is much better in this regard, but it's much much more expensive.

- iCloud Sync Finally Fixed

iCloud Sync has finally been fixed! Updated review for the fix. Best RSS reader around. The read later feature is a must have. The design is simple and top notch. Money well spent!

- Long time supporter and fan

Feels like I’ve been using this app for nearly 10 years. I would say “keep it up” but this app has truly withstood the test of time and has never disappointed. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

- Will be the last version I purchase

Have been a Reeder supporter for years. The app has been on every iPad, iPhone and Mac that I’ve owned. The recent update and lack of support has brought me to the conclusion that I won’t support the developer going forward. The ability to sync is pretty important for any RSS client, so now that it’s broke just makes for a nice icon on my iPhone. Have reached out asking for assistance and no response. On to the next app.

- Keeps getting better

The paid upgrade from 4 to 5 was well worth it for me. Having iCloud sync track what I’ve read across devices was the feature I’ve been waiting for.

- Keeps getting better

Added various usability and setting updates to make the experience better. Best of all I greatly appreciate the developers decision to stay away from the subscription train.

- Please add subfolders

Would love an option to have folders inside of folders so the initial feed looks a bit cleaner, this will let each folder have subcategories


I do all my reading of the internet in Reeder! I’m very happy to get an upgrade with iCloud syncing where I’d prefer my data - and support an awesome app. I also picked up the Mac version which has a beautiful Big Sur UI refresh - and so all my stuff stays synced up!

- Built-in cloud sync is busted

Been a Reeder user since the beginning. Upgraded to this version thinking I could do away with my RSS service. Unfortunately, the built in sync has me rereading the same headlines half the time, sometimes 4-5 times. There is also no sync between devices so I need to mark items read on my phone and tablet to get things clean. Bummed. Shouldn’t have upgraded.

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- Still the best RSS reader

I’ve been using Reeder in multiple versions, across iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS, for years. I love the clarity of the user interface, the compatibility with multiple aggregating services, the ability to check my feeds on any platform I currently have in front of me, and its totally robust function. I’d tried many feed readers prior to Reeder, and even a couple since, but nothing is as good as Reeder. Highly recommended.

- Thank you

I came here to just say thank you. It is such a breath of fresh air to have an app built in way that I don’t have to care about subscriptions hanging around, some login and passwords into some shady third party service that’ll collect and sell my data. Simply my feeds, simply in my iCloud account, simply on my every device. Thank you so much for your work.

- Reeder 5 for Five Stars

Have used Reeder off and on since version 1, mostly with my Feedbin RSS account. V5 is a terrific update for both iPhone and iPad. A very mature and polished app that benefits from the developer getting paid for each version. Very thankful he can continue to work on this without turning it into a subscription - though it’s one of the apps I use everyday so I’d pay that.

- iCloud RSS client is fantastic

I had been looking for an RSS client that was iCloud based for years and was so happy to find Reeder has it now. Reeder has always been my favourite RSS client and this new version is exactly what I wanted.

- Great potential but Buggy release

(Update 20 October 2020) The developer Silvio must be commended for being responsive to the feedbacks. I was able to have my issues addressed and voice heard. Would recommend giving this app time to improve. Beautiful interface as was Reeder 4! Support the developer for the work put in for making the widgets and iOS 14 support Unfortunately Reeder 5 is too buggy for me to use it for now (18 October 2020) 1. Opening articles from the widget will open them in the default view. The app does not open in Reader view even with the settings 2. The “All” tab shows unread articles only. So once you read the article, it disappears. It needs to be fixed before reeder 5 is useable for me. Back to Reeder 4 for now.

- Good flexible rss/atom news reader

A great news reader for those who still like organising their rss feeds the old fashioned way. Was having some syncing issues with reader on two devices. Both of which had been updated from earlier versions. Seems to be working better now. If you hate being locked into one news service this is still the best Reader. Would love a way of filtering out some articles based on keywords in the title. The gaming Site I subscribe to insists on posting Wordle and Querdle answers or hints which I would love to delete automatically from the feed.

- Filter Finction

I enjoy of using Reeder very much! Thank you for developing a such great product. Since some of the RSS web does not have good filter function. I hope Reeder has a filter function in the future so I can filter some of the RSS result. Filter by keyword, include or exclude some of keywords. OVERALL GREAT APPS!

- iCloud to manage my feeds!

This is great. Finally no longer need Feedly. It felt like I just purchased v4 but this is totally worth it. Happy to support the developer. Not to mention it’s a really great app. Been using it since v1 🏆

- Custom font bugs

Some custom font bugs are found on iPad and iPhone. Custom fonts are supported for articles’ headline, but those fonts of articles’ content are not updated.

- A great RSS reader

I’ve been using Reeder since the first version and the app just gets better and better. Version 5 is no different!

- Nice

Been using Reeder for years, I'd be lost if it ever went away

- Great app, but missing modern features

Reeder is a great RSS app, but it's missing some modern features such as the ability to filter feeds to ignore items with matching keywords, deduplication, summarisation etc...

- An app - as good as it can get!

Reeder 5 app is the benchmark of: - Simplicity - Functionality - Stability It is: - Polished - Matured - Worth every cent!

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- Amazing app

Please, please add a newspaper/magazine view for articles 🙏🏽

- Best rss app

I love this app, only one I need: magazine view and mix channels news there

- Unusable

I have Reeder on my iPhone and iPad. The app stopped syncing on my iPhone, tried removing and reinstalling app, now I can’t add my iCloud feed. Gotta look to some other RSS app that actually works now.

- Incredible Automatic Reader mode

Finally a beautiful iOS up-to-date UI for a RSS reader with an amazing automatic reader function !!! Could we imagine having an automatic reader mode configuration to enable this globally somewhere in the settings ?

- Hard to read garbage

Can’t change background to white. Not contrast-y enough to read comfortably with a poorly implemented FORCED Sepia background. Wish I had not purchased it. Don’t you make the same mistake.

- Not for me

I’ve tried it so many times but every time I find the UI is just a smidge too clever. I can never figure out how to get a nice reading experience with all the obscure icons hidden everywhere.

- Solid and elegant reeder

My hub for news and learning since many years. Solid upgrade and I am happily paying to support the developer!

- Superb!

Highly-recommended. RSS forever! The way to go for busy people that actually read articles. Hoping in the future it offers Twitter post integration so we don’t have to directly visit that SM platform ever (time a-wasting).

- Best. RSS App. Ever.

I've used Reeder on both macOS and iOS since the first versions, and I’ve happily paid for every major upgrade. Now that it has iCloud syncing, it does everything I need without paying for other services.

- A solid upgrade

I’ve used Reeder since version 3 on the Mac and on my iPhone. It’s solid, reliable, and beautiful. When I saw version 5 was out it was an instant buy on both platforms and worth every penny.

- Still broken

The issues that were in version 4 (that I reported to the developer) are still in version 5. Find a better app, I know I will. This time I was fooled it’s “shame on me”. And it’s slower. Yay! :( P.S. I went back to Reeder 3 - it’s a delight!

- Excellent!

Reeder 5 is really good! The UI is spot on. Reeder has been my go-to RSS reader (for the most part) for a few years now. Reeder 5 is the icing on the cake. Really well done and highly recommended.

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The applications Reeder 5 was published in the category News on 2020-10-16 and was developed by Silvio Rizzi [Developer ID: 325502382]. This application file size is 13.5 MB. Reeder 5 - News app posted on 2023-01-10 current version is 5.4 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.reederapp.5.iOS