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What is microsoft start app? The Microsoft Start app is your one-stop shop to stay informed, productive, entertained, and inspired. Stay up to date with stories tailored to your interests and keep in the loop with important updates and timely notifications. Search the web, check the weather, shop for necessities—even groceries! —all without leaving the app. With Microsoft Start you can explore the world around you. Find restaurants, discover places nearby, and learn more about what your community has to offer. Have fun with hundreds of free Microsoft classic games, plus read the latest Esports news and follow trending streamers. Sign in with your Microsoft account and sync your content and preferences across devices, wherever you go. Start now

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Microsoft Start Version 7.1.1319 January 2023

Stay up to date with breaking news and stories tailored to your interests from thousands of premium sources. Plus, get quick access to daily tasks, such as searching the web, checking the weather, shopping for necessities, and more..

Microsoft Start Version 7.1.618 November 2022

Stay up to date with breaking news and stories tailored to your interests from thousands of premium sources. Plus, get quick access to daily tasks, such as searching the web, checking the weather, shopping for necessities, and more..

Microsoft Start Comments & Reviews 2023

- Great App

I love this app. Well designed with reactions and comments. I think they could take this even farther with tags that are like reactions, but more informative. They could use tags to select content better. The articles are good and a mix, seems to have much less bias than other news apps. Also, the app has good performance. I'm curious what they do with this next. I feel that there's somethings missing still with the design to make it optimal. But it's the best news app that I've used so far and I experiment with a lot of news apps.

- Mobile site purposely broke to force people to get this app

I often use the Microsoft Start web page on Edge, but for the past month I have not be able to sign in at all on any mobile device. It asks for my email, but never asks for password. Instead it just resets the login process after entering my Email. I’ve reported this issue every 3 days for 4 weeks, and it’s still not fixed. Seems like it will never be fixed. Starting to see an increase of a message saying “Download the Microsoft Start app to read entire article” I dot want to instead yet another app on my phone but I finally caved and installed it to read an article. I was never redirected to the full article on the app. I finally located it after doing several manual searches. If you do a manual search you’re not allowed to view or post comments posted on the article. The app is literally another web browser. I was already reading and commenting on articles on Edge, a Microsoft web browser. The Start page on Edge used to work perfectly fine but it feels like they purposely broke it to force downloads of this app. Why do I have to install another one to do the same exact thing?

- Disappointed

Over a year ago, my biggest complaint was the repetitive Twitter, and Facebook inclusions that were already in the article. Now we get the same strange repetitions within the article, plus we get more links to things that appear to be an article, but it’s just a click bait ad, I can no longer highlight a word and search the definition, and I can no longer select a picture in an article and zoom in. The video articles I am most interested in, get stuck in a constant buffer but not the one I really don’t care about…those ones load just fine. I no longer get local news for my area, so I have to go back to doing a web search for local news, because the app only picks up neighboring city news. The closest city that I can get news for is 20 miles to the city limit but really the city is more like 40 miles away. I have setup the local news and areas of interest, but it just says “Sorry! No news for this area” Back to using google news now, which is only slightly better. Go back a few updates and you will win me back Microsoft.

- What did I just download?

Is this a news app? A browser? A weather app? A grocery delivery app? Microsoft just couldn’t quite figure out it’s use case. The dramatic navigational and UI inconsistencies seem to echo this confusion. Some pages have a back button, others don’t. Some pages are native slideovers that you dismiss by swiping. Other pages are websites wrapped in native controls whose tab has to be closed. Sometimes you can swipe backwards to go back and sometimes you can’t. There is a user profile settings page and then another settings page nested within it. Searching just brings up the web bing search results instead of a desired news article. The bottom navbar‘s buttons are identically weighted making it unclear which one is the “front page” of the app. Then there are the functional bugs. For example, progressive pages sometimes fail to load when you pull up for more content (games, looking at you). All in all, I find this app confusing and a bit aimless. It’s got the kitchen sink of features but none of them are implemented all that well.

- They ruined it. Use the Web App if you liked it better before.

The major redesign that just occurred that added a bunch of unnecessary stuff like a Bing search bar that Microsoft would like us to use made me search out a replacement. My recommendation is to go to the MSN website, navigate to the “News Headlines” page (which is what the old version of this app basically was) click the share button and then select “Add Website to Home Screen”. It turns out that it doesn’t merely add a bookmark icon to your screen that then pops up in Safari. MSN and some other websites (including APnews) when added to the homescreen like this actually become a HTML Web App. It’s still The Safari engine running it but it opens in its own window and has a custom full screen app like interface. It’s not quite as nice to use as the old app but it’s usable and doesn’t include all the nonsense that was added to the new version. Also less ads. The icon looks perfect right it the spot where the app icon was so you don’t even have to rearrange your Home Screen.

- Was once great, but avoid at all costs now

This was my top choice for a news app not that long ago. I relied on it all through 2020, which, you know, was kind of a newsy year. But a few months back they updated the app to include things like user comments on articles, and social media reaction “features” that allow you to 👍 or ❤️ articles. So now each article, let’s say reporting on something tragic, will have hearts and emoticons and a toxic comments section below it, things that don’t belong in a news app, and frankly, don’t look good next to an article about death or disease or war. And all the standard internet comment section junk has reared its head: obvious trolls, even more obvious bad actors, arguments over nothing, and constant “Biden libtard” this and “Trump nazi” that between commenters that have absolutely *no* idea what’s going on around them. Use a different news app. There are a bunch. There were features only this one had, and it *was* the best once. But we never needed Facebook style features in the app, and a quick review of recent history should have let Microsoft know adding these kinds of features does not improve the user experience, but creates a hostile environment rife with abuse and garbage.

- Great news, bad app

Microsoft News is fantastic for news. But the app never save settings about news preferences and even when you set them again, the categorization of articles is often poor. For example, I cannot find any possible way to permanently disable news about sports, entertainment and especially royals. When I finally do disable these (until the next time the app starts), the app saves that I’m logged in, but ignore my preferences. An because of poor categorization, things like sports, entertainment and royals ends up jammed under trending or possibly Asia or Africa. The result is, at least one in 3 articles I’m presented are tabloid rubbish. I can’t imagine that MS would need more than one person on duty at a time to properly sort and filter articles.

- Awful

I’ll start this review with a caveat: Maybe, because of the ongoing feud between MS & Apple it just doesn’t work too well with iOS. That being said: Things just don’t work. You get a response to a comment and you can’t link back to it to respond. You get responses and you get no clue as to what the response is in reference to. The app doesn’t even tell you what comment is being responded to. It is just an awful, maybe typical Microsoft mess. I’m about to delete the app and forget all about it. It’s probably a perfect example of the many reasons why I prefer Apple anything over Microsoft anything. They just can’t get their act together over @ MS. Just deleted the app. Censorship crossed the threshold of the ridiculous. It’s their app, they can allow and disallow anything they please. But the political bias has become overwhelming.

- Has issues

I read this every day has issues. Sometimes you click on a story only for another story - the wrong story to appear. They will talk about a video but won’t include the link for it - which is rather annoying. If you click on the picture for the story it will sometimes include other random pictures. The “Good news” isn’t updated often enough - really? It’s that hard to find good things to report? And sometimes the “good news” is depressing. It’s just ok but better than most of the other stuff.

- Great News App

This app works very well. I really liked the Apple News app, (in the beginning), but then there became too many articles that where behind a paywall, which was a waste of my time. Plus, it was inconsistent where it would open and load all stories quickly and then open very slowly the next time. Microsoft’s news app has been very consistent at opening fast, very interesting stories/articles, and a well laid out UI. Big fan so far! Keep up the great work Microsoft!!

- New layout hard to read

The updated newspage is messy and hard to read. The story tiles are arranged in in two randomly staggered columns, which results in a confusing jumble to the eyes. You can’t scan the articles left to right because the headlines don’t line up, and you can’t scan the columns top to bottom, because there is no bottom of the page. This is beyond annoying. Whoever designed it need to go back to Layout 101. Please line up the story tiles left to right to make the page readable again! The content is what it is. This isn’t so important to me because I seek news from multiple sources. But it has to be easily readable or it’s a no-go.

- So sad!!!

I’ve had this app since my days of using a Nokia Lumia 1020. Been through a ton of updates. I recommend this app to everyone. Going forward I can’t. I’m not a fan of the new layout at all with the last update. To me it seems just a giant mess. And it made finding news articles even harder to find. I’m here for the news, why do I need to see groceries and everything else. Stop trying to be like apple news. Not everything apple dose is a good thing. As I type this review on an IPhone. I now the irony. I’ll keep the app around play around more with it. Hopefully get use to it. I won’t be recommending it to anyone for awhile. Was one of the best news apps out there and now just like everyone else’s. And not good at it.

- Extremely disappointed

I am so, so upset about this radical redesign that MSN just did. I have three or four news apps that I check in with a few times a week, but this was the app that I would spend time on nearly twice a day. I loved its simplistic, clear-cut layout. This layout made it stand out from all other news apps. Now it’s ruined because of Microsoft who only took over because its its greedy, never-satisfied, and has a constant Need to monopolize wherever it can. I’m so saddened by this. I did not realize that my innocently pressing “update” would cause this to happen. I’m going to try to give it a chance, but something tells me I’ll be forced to delete it in a week. I can’t believe that Microsoft took over and ruined what used to be one of my favorite apps.

- Doesn’t refresh

I mainly use it for news as I don’t like Google news trying to view everything in its own browser. This one will take me to the actual site when I click on anything on the news article. However, it never refreshes on the “For You” tab. I click on refresh but it still won’t. I have to click on a different tab, and come back to “For You” tab to refresh. Other tabs are a hit or miss for refreshing. Sometimes they do and sometimes I have to do the same thing for them too. So basically, I am back to using Google News again.

- This app is broken

This app has changed dramatically since i first downloaded it and now they dont even care what type of news you are looking at. For instance, under the sports headlines today I saw a headline titled, "LA reaches settlement over alleged at-home Covid 19 test kits".. not too sure what that had to do with sports, that is not the only example of this, there was also "Depressed demand forcing Wisconsin dairy farmers to dump milk", again nothing to do with sports. Additionally, whoever developed this app thought it would be a great idea to have NO end to the headlines under each section, so if you think you are going to get the bottom of page it just keeps loading more headlines whether they are relevant or not. This app has gone down the tubes, its absolute trash now.

- Read aloud is the reason to use this app

I can be walking in the kitchen or in the yard still enjoying listening to the personalized newest content.I hope I can use a voice command to select the news or jump around this must be a totally hands-free discipline the mobile working from home or multitasking while consuming personalized news. The most impressive part is AI voice quality is unmatched anywhere! A great job by Microsoft AI!!!

- App just keeps getting worse

Update: apparently the developers don't read the reviews. This thing has gotten worse. Open the app, swipe through two or three articles and CRASH! C'mon, folks! Do better! My complaint before was that each time the app loses focus and then is brought back to the foreground, it resets itself. This means that you have to scroll through all of the stories to find where you were; assuming you remember. Now, when I try to share something via Twitter or Facebook (on my iPad Air), the pop up window loses focus while I'm typing and I have to start over again. Definitely going to look for a replacement now. The app owners apparently don't care and definitely don't test their product.

- This is Bing, Not a News App

What a shady, dishonest update. What was once an application focused on actually displaying news is now a sneaky way to trick people into using Bing. How so? When you load the application, you’re given a nearly identical experience as the Edge browser’s start page. There’s a search box, but if you think you’re searching for news topics, you’re wrong - it’s Bing. Looking for news? Sure, there’s a few headlines on that Edge start page, but the functionally you would expect to find and was central in previous versions is now buried in the third tab. It’s this sort of anti-user practice that build a generation of folks who lack faith in anything from Microsoft.

- Glitches

Reading article and all of a sudden it disappeared. Couldn’t get it back or at times not even find the article. I’ve also flagged articles that I wanted to follow, and never see them again. And yes, I know the difference between follow and delete. If this was a one time issue I could accept it, but it’s not just one time. It’s been multiple times and over a variety of topics. If it can be posted IT SHOULD NOT DISAPPEAR. Or is that just good old CENSORSHIP and CORRUPTION or someone decided it was not that much of an article. OH SNAP — isn’t that the same thing?

- Better on Windows Mobile

Unlike many of Microsoft's other apps, this one is much better on Windows Mobile and full Windows 10 than it is on iOS. Microsoft's News app on iOS is quite clunky and outdated when compared to similar news apps. It jumps into a different window just to show a picture, unlike their own Windows platform app which overlays the image. Navigation is difficult, with the back button way in the top corner and access to my "interest" topics buried in a top menu, instead of laid out with the other "main" topics. One last thing that I find quite confusing in this app - the lack of any useful settings. There is really only a way to sign into an account, and pick a language. That's about it. What about options for video playback? What about text sizes?! What about easier ways to choose and navigate content and interests? What about a dark theme choice!? For Microsoft's "dump windows and build on other platforms" mobile strategy, this sure falls flat. It's a terrible experience.

- One reason

I haven’t experienced any crashes yet as others have. I use this on an iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus. I haven’t watched or read the news for many years since it’s mostly negative and all politics is garbage. I own this for one reason. ‘GOOD NEWS’. It’s about time someone did something like this. I can now skip all the negative bull**** and go straight to the stuff that doesn’t try to pull me down. Then I can skip right over to technology and be done. Super easy.

- New version is awful

Really do not want to see like or dislike options. Not interested in opinions. News is news and is meant to inform. It seems as if you added this feature as a point of entertainment for people. I think that’s sad and essentially adds fuel to the fire in regards to some stories since the opinions written are not informed at all. And many will view some opinions as fact. I think that sets dangerous precedent as we all have come to see over the last couple of years. There better formats for expressing opinions. As far as the layout goes I really preferred it the way it was. Should now be called MSN Entertainment. I will seek out other sources of news.

- This App Has Come a Looong Way!

I’ve used Microsoft news before, but uninstalled due to not having features I find important, especially the widget. Now it’s there and I’m happy as can be with Microsoft News, BUT there is one feature that is lacking; Custom news notifications. I want to be notified when other topics I follow have new stories. My Notification Center and widget are loaded with political stories, but not with what’s important to me too, which doesn’t make sense. Thanks Microsoft News for making a reliable app that I can count on!

- Old version was much better

This app used to be my go-to for global news. Yet the latest redesign makes created a news app full of unnecessary junk stories and a negative reading experience. For example, the addition of social features makes me feel like I’m on a social app, rather than a news app. The inability to view and zoom in on the news photos, makes the stories less engaging. The reorganization of content aims to direct readers to what the app wants the user to read, instead of what the user wants to read. I encourage the product leads to take a step back and gain a better understanding of what their core audience actually wants in a news app.

- Excellent app ….

Great app to get the daily news And be on top of our country’s current events. I would like more if it did not have the comments section. Most comments are disgraceful, ignorant and resentful. The people commenting on the news have nothing* better to do than attack the messenger and spit venous saliva. Please close the comments section so I can read the news without the feeling of grief for my country. Thanks

- Love MSN

The MSN news app is easy to navigate through to find the stories that I really am interested in. I have found MSN to be very objective in their news reports. When a mistake has been made the editorial staff will print a retraction/correction with an apology to their readers. The only issue I have is the color of the app tends to blend into the background of my home screen. I would appreciate a change to the color and design to work with a darker background like I have.

- Fantastic App, but man, are the News Articles Biased

The interface and aesthetics of the app are phenomenal, however, I wish that Microsoft gave us the ability to choose who we actually follow on the web. Set aside any feelings you have about politics/etc., and just focus on what would make the app better for the end user. I personally don’t align with any political party, but can tell when developers favour certain news organisations over others. I wish Microsoft would allow me to choose whoever and not choose whoever I want in regards to subscribing when using the app. I like to follow certain websites when scouring the web for news and this app doesn’t allow me any customisation whatsoever on that front. Until this happens, I will keep this uninstalled from my device. 5/5 app interface 0/5 customisation 2.4/5 overall review +0.5/5 because Apple doesn’t do half stars Thanks for listening!

- The Worst IOS App from Microsoft

The options to share an article are too limited. Sharing via email provides the MSN URL shortcut, which is almost as annoying as AMP links in Google News. There are no options to open the article in a web browser. To locate the URL of the original site, sometimes I need to enter the title of the article into a search engine. The most annoying issue is when sharing an article via text, the prompt requesting I write a review prevents me from selecting a contact and also will not let me respond to their request. I have no graceful way to proceed and must close the app and then relaunch it.

- A better visual experience than apple news

I liked apple news until they changed the view. I typically read my news on my tablet while it’s in landscape mode while propped up. Apple news now has a large panel on the left side while viewing and it greatly obstructs and negatively impacts the viewing experience. I found this app after the change with apple news and like it better.

- Left opinions does not make it news.

So slanted. Seems like every article has something to do with Trump. And most of it is silly and insignificant news about Trump. They even have a fact checking page. You guessed it it's 99% fact checking every little thing that comes out of Trumps thumbs or mouth. Where was this fact checking when Obama, or Bush in office? This is not a news site any more. It's a gossip column with no facts or twisted facts. They have a agenda against Trump and it plainly shows. If you want just the news and not a opinion, well I don't know where to find just news anymore. It's sad.

- Was okay, now garbage

The redesign of the News app into the new Start app comes with several negatives. First, it's now a nearly indistinguishable duplicate of the Bing app. Second, even when selecting the option to remove news sources, they're not really removed. They remain in the feed and also return to the feed the next time the app is opened. Third, there's no option to stop videos from autoplaying. In this instance, three strikes mean the app is out. I have uninstalled it and will instead use the Apple News app—and this is coming from a fervent Microsoft user.

- The new design is a disaster

I like the original news app. I have recommended to many my friends before. However the new direction and new design is a total disaster. The app lost its identity. There are some very anti human designs like the swipe left behavior. The way to easy to click like button. The auto play videos on home screen and many and many What purely puzzled me was the tabs. What! Tabs! Is this a browser? What do I need to keep previously read news in tabs? What do u think people would use those tabs for? What does this app want to be?

- Oh No Not Another one!?!?!?

I happily stumbled on the app and was looking forward to downloading and trying it out for a while, at least that was the plan. Unfortunately that plan changed as soon as I began reading some of the many reviews dated here about it. Basically I read this app in its current state with s no fun at all, instead, it’s a big PIA they doesn’t work right. This is not a new problem either which make me want to scream “WHERE IS IT”? How could you ignore your app, she is crying out for you so please, give her a little attention, she deserves it, and you know that. Please....all I ask is will you please just fix her! please........and thank you.

- Suddenly much worse

What used to be an ok-ish news aggregator suddenly has a weird and awkward layout, is harder to navigate or find things in and has even fewer customization options. But a ton more white space on my screen so I can exercise my thumbs by scrolling twice as much. It also assumes, because I'm in Mexico for a week, that I only want to see articles in Spanish, and there's no way to tell it otherwise. So, nice job programmers. I'll just uninstall and move on. Whoever the high schoolers you hired to design this mess had in mind when they did, it wasn't me. Millennial trophies for all of you.

- Enjoyable refresh of the app makes

I usually use the built in News app for iPhone until I noticed an icon change for Microsoft News and re-checked it out. What a difference this ‘refresh’ has had! Clean, fast and easily adjustable/customizable. Very cool - keep the updates coming with the speed getting faster! :)

- Much better than news websites

News websites have so many ads and other junk on the page. They take so long to load. The News app is a much experience since articles load faster and there are fewer ads. The two issues that are a pain: when swipe scrolling if the swipe starts where there is a hyperlink it navigates to the link rather than scrolling. Also, sometimes the app blanks out and I have to restart the app.

- Bad iOS experience

I WANT to like it because I’m annoyed by Apple News, but Microsoft (in typical fashion) isn’t sticking with the expected experience on iOS. For example, swiping out of the article doesn’t work; you have to hit the back button specifically. Also, you can’t highlight a word and use the standard iOS tools to look it up in the dictionary or on the web; instead Microsoft has their own awkward and non-standard lookup for the at word. The whole experience is like that. It just doesn’t fit well on iOS. Bummer.

- Terrible Update

I used to use the app to keep up with the news and subjects of interest. The new update makes that process exceptionally more convoluted. Too much clicking around to find what you want. Additionally, it has a terrible new feature, “contextual search” I think it’s called, where if the reader does anything other than swipe fast, a word is highlighted and a pop up comes up, disrupting the reading, to tell you more about the work, and you cannot tap it away. It just highlights another word. Very sad because the previous iteration was wonderful.

- Overexcited Links

I actually really liked this app, but with a recent version change, now when scrolling through any article, if my finger so much as brushes against a link, it immediately follows it. These articles are all loaded with links, so when scrolling it’s extremely frustrating to be constantly taken away from the article you are trying to read every time you touch a link. News flash! Touching links while scrolling is not the same as tapping a link deliberately while the page is still! Arghhh!!! Otherwise the app is solid.

- Needs better local news coverage options

The local news section seldom if ever has any LOCAL news. It merely repeats the same national news information. Why have the option if you aren’t actually going to see LOCAL news. The option to pull up all of the local news stations and scroll through is an awesome feature and it used to work fine in earlier versions, showing several local news stations. Now almost completely pointless. Hope it changes soon.

- WHY did you make a good thing awful?

Have used this app for quite some time. It had been my “go to” news source. But I truly hate the new version of this app. It is slow to get open because of the artsy multi-language little graphic piece at the start. And it does not glow easily as before. News is not updated as much I’ve tried it several days and hate it. So sorry to dump it from my home screen but it’s gone ! I’ve tried a couple other news apps and am going to use them from now on.

- News from a variety of sources

It’s a very good app. The news likely isn’t totally unbiased given the likely users and what they click to read. A person does get news from a variety of sources and I do like that. I like how it is organized but don’t like the way that the first part of the first sentence of an article is now above the photo and the article is below. UGH I so hate that!

- Get rid of ‘UP NEXT’!! I keep accidentally hitting that and losing place in article.

The touch controls do not work well on this app. Also this app needs the ability to turn off ‘Shake to leave feedback”. The slightest fart and something pops up asking for me to leave feedback. Super annoying. Plus we can never pickup where we left off in an article. Touch the wrong part of the screen and your taken elsewhere. When you go back to your place in the article it is not saved. EDIT: The touch navigation controls on this app is absolute trash!!

- Shopping for a replacement news app

The previous version of the app was my go-to news app for the past few years. It had a straight-forward, clean design, that allowed me to get to the stories I was interested in quickly, but also introduced me to others in a simple way. The new app feels just like the Apple news app - disjointed and full of non-news ads. You literally have to scroll through a ton of content to get to actual, relevant news stories. So tired of the “dumbing down” of news - why can’t we just read news?! If I want advertising and “fluff” pieces I’ll go to the Apple news app.

- Finally can start recommending this

I’ve been wanting Microsoft news app to step their game up. In the past, I could never recommend them, they were missing a lot of features that others like Apple news and google news. Loved that they finally adding reactions and thumbs up and down

- Illegally collected geolocation data with proof

As of January 4th 2022 the Microsoft News app whatever language or region that is adjusted started to post Chinese news even though geolocation permissions were not permitted ( language was adjusted to English and region United States). Our trust to the Microsoft Corporation from here on can not continue anymore. I suggest everyone to be extremely careful and start looking elsewhere for non geolocation forced news and of course those who think just because Microsoft issued documents informing that they would not collect data have openly violated that trust. Be aware , be warned.

- The BEST yet!

I really am so grateful for this news app. I have run the gamut of news apps and deleted them all after a year or so: CNN, AP,Reuters, FOX, BBC,NBC, etc, etc. Each had major drawbacks for me and some were almost completely video driven and hey, I can still read! Don't need to watch videos like a child. Anyway, the news is relevant and concise with some quite in-depth stories, which I really appreciate.

- Limited offline capability, unfortunately.

This is my go-to news app on different platforms, but I am not sure that the news layout is an improvement (less news per screen real estate, more/bigger photos instead of information). The most frustrating bit, though, is the poor offline capability: It is not clear which articles are available offline and it tends to lose the cache if you close the app (instead of purging as time goes by)

- Decent when it works

My biggest issue with the app is that frequently when navigating back to the home screen it’s blank, with the exception of the category icons at the top. If you pull down, it refreshes and displays articles, but then you’re starting over at the top and not where you left off. This happens on multiple devices and so it’s not just a singular occurrence. This happened on the previous app as well.

- ...

1. It continually signs me out and makes me sign back in. 2. It’s impossible to get the link to the original article to view in a browser for times when the app displays things incorrectly or doesn’t display certain things in articles. 3. It should include a history or articles I’ve viewed so I can find them later easily. 4. The favoriting an article process and the process to view saved articles should be easier (1 tap instead of multiple)

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- Crashing and errors

This ap crashes continuously and error notice telling me me there is something wrong with my internet connection, when clearly it's working for everything else. This needs a fix !

- MSN news

It's an excellent easy to use app and superior to many paid digital news mags. I enjoy the msn digital read every morning with my coffee. There is little need for a physical daily newspaper these days though we still get it delivered for my wife who is a slow tech adopter. MSN news is the way of the future.

- What Happened To The 3D Touch Function

I know Apple has changed the 3D function under ios13 but this latest update to your app has removed it all together for those of who unfortunately updated to iOS 13. The 3D function was working before you update this app. Please bring it back. Other apps using the iOS 13 platform have some type of 3D Touch.

- New world after left the windows behind for a decade

This application let me surprise in new feature and ease the low fashion in tech image out of my mind for winsdow. Other thing is on exploring, reviews will be update soon. ❤️

- Please fix the new layout

The app just updated and the new layout is terrible for browsing. I’m not sure what happened to the fonts but it is even harder to scan for news now. The search bar at the top needs to be hidden as it takes up limited screen real-estate with no benefit. I’m also frustrated that space was dedicated to emojis 👍which takes up a whole line of the headline.

- Good job Microsoft or the product manager or the product owner

Updated to the new version, good job. Interface looks much better. Now i will try the news

- Review lachlans thoughts

Don’t really think much about search functions of the app can only see certain items in news feed.

- Mr

I am able to watch news anywhere and anytime so that’s great and not needed to follow the news you do/did for me. Thanks so much love your program App.

- Shows ignored topics

I want to like this app, I really do, but I keep getting news topics about things I have no interest in. I have disabled all sporting news completely and I still get AFL and Soccer on my feed no matter how many times I tap ignore on the topics

- Forced ads, what’s the point?

The app functions adequately but it’s unpleasant to use with the ads littered throughout the news. There needs to be a paid subscription to get rid of all ads/sponsored content, or else I’m better off using a regular browser with certain useful extensions.

- Can’t choose what you see

This app seems to have a very biased leaning in its news sources with no way to effectively block the content you do not want to see. It does say it has an option to “hide” content from sources you do not want to see but this does not work and, instead, seems to multiply the objectionable content.

- Buying

I don’t want to buy any stories but it is a good app if you like to catch up on what is happening out there in our world !

- Great App.

Have had MSN news on my phone for some time, only last week finally installed it on my IPad. Best of all the news Apps that I use, very easy to navigate also.

- MSN news

Great way to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. And great that the app is on my iPad and phone so I am always able to have a read.

- Real news

Has more real news than our national broadcaster. The MSN news website is also my prime source of news.

- Was an excellent app now full of rubbish

This news app was simple, easy to use and well stocked with good news articles. It is now clunky to use and full of ‘sponsor’ articles and ‘ads’. You have to navigate past so much rubbish to find a decent story. There are better news apps out there now. In fact they are like what this app use to be. Pity.

- Somewhat annoying...

The news coverage is broad and the layout looks great. Some issues with grammar, also sometimes the photo’s in a story don’t correspond with that story, which can be a little frustrating.

- Infuriating

Very often fails to load the pics in the story, you are stuck with the tiny thumbnail version in the headline itself. Has been doing this for as long as I remember, across multiple devices. Forces me to use other news apps instead.

- Regular News

Refreshing to read & listen the news

- Much improved

Content is much better in the last 3-4 moths. Was getting sick of gossip, entertainment and Hollywood BS stories. Good job! Please drop Daily Mail.

- Microsoft news app

Can’t copy news articles to share like you can through safari search, so that’s a huge inconvenience for me. App design and font size needs work, too busy and far from easy to navigate. Tried it out, now deleted it.

- Nice to read easy and always up to date

As above

- Good stories, shame about photos crashing app

I like how up to date the news stories are, but I usually end up frustrated & going to other sites as it continually crashes or doesn't load photos with the story.

- Should have left the app as it was

Horrible format since the update. Not very user friendly, not the same style of news showing up. Disappointed and will look for a new news app now.

- I have edge on mobile do you want me to delete it

I have edge on mobile do you want Microsoft or edge

- I like it

Reading the news first thing I the morning, it's great!

- Great

Only new to it, But easy to use,,seems like it will be great for quick news notices.

- Informative but crashes far to often

Good news despite being biased on issues, very little AFL news. Pictures don't always load and crashes whilst reading or looking at articles.

- News

Too slow to update. The news is happening every minute. You must be up to date by the minute, not a day or 2 late.

- Was great! But then ads started making noise.

As the title says. Actually worked, was a useful app, Microsoft classic games and news, despite the face every link would open a new tab, it WAS awesome until ads started making noise.

- Fun Place for News Bytes

I like the articles the have been personalised. Simple interface that connects with the content well.

- Cecil Renfield

A good news site, well laid out and legible typeface. I give it a once over daily and more.

- Microsoft News

Fair and balanced...quality news

- Doesn’t really work

I get notifications about news. I open the app and I can’t read the article. I try other articles in the app and they never work. Uninstalled.

- All news delivered by MSN. 👍

Google News is filter through the minds of Google employees. 🤮

- Best news around

No nonsense news. Excellent reporting and selection of stories and facts.

- You asked!!

Your app is slow to update. It repeats news items, not once but maybe for days in a row. There is never any new news always repeats itself. As for asked for it, I didn’t chase you!!

- Great app

Refresh rate is good and relevant topics that meet my interest

- New update is awful

Used to be my favourite app. But really didnt like the new updates.

- Too slow loading

Too slow loading. Too much click bait mixed with real news articles and too many adds.

- NOT news , is an archive

App has headings that occasionally disappear eg NEWS! To be replaced by local news, but even that is one day out of date or older.

- I can’t sign in, crashes every time

It doesn’t load properly and everyone I want to sign in, it crashes.

- Good work

Very informative

- Crashes on mini

Crashes constantly on the new iPad mini (works on iPad Pro though)

- Latest update

The latest update crashes the app. It won’t even open.

- Formerly good app

This used to be the best news app, but it now just delivers a constant stream of clickbait, ads, and garbage sensationalist content. Disappointing.

- Way too buggy

Seems ok on iPhone But locks up regularly on iPad. Pretty well useless.

- Great

Simply the best!

- Quality Reduced

Too many adverts and bad layout, feels cheap and crappy, so.... finding new news site

- App won’t even open past 1st page


Payoneer 💰

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- Works well and fast

Have been using this app to catch up with the news that I am interested for more than 2yrs

- News

Great wide selection of articles.

- Love the new design.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add RSS subscription support. It will make this app superior to anything else on the market!! Thank you. Edit: You guys used to have an amazing MSN Weather app. Please at least add a weather section to the Microsoft news app.

- Avis perso.

Tant que je vais continuer à trouver ça intéressant et divertissant…

- Microsoft News

It’s Microsoft everything is good there

- Best news app, but crashes sometimes

Sometimes app shuts or freeze but still the best news app and thanks for not showing pub.

- Font size too small

Great app but how do I increase font size?

- Missing widgets

App is really good. Had it have a widget I would have stopped using google for my news and quick search

- Love it!

User friendly, great features, everything I need. Better than Google. Definately recommend to try.

- MSN app review

Could have more updates and more new stories

- Microsoft News with more garbage and less performance

At least provide the option to launch straight to news tab. Home is filled with ads.

- Great App

Great app. Every update makes it more useful. Can you please add an option to import or sync my bookmarks?

- Zero Stars

I am very angry that MSN is forcing me to use their app if I want to read an article. Sometimes I can just read the article when ‘expand’ is the choice about how I want to access the article. However at other times I am forced to open the app to read the article. 😡😡😡😡😡

- Money to win playing games

I Love money to pay my wife and my bills

- App itself is great BUT….

I do not want to comment with my full name which comes from my Microsoft profile ! When you login to comment, it uses your full name!! Why Microsoft can’t I use an alias? FIX this !!!

- Not News,Just Another Social Media App

The opinions stated in section of this app come down to “you’re wrong, no, you’re wrong”. The news is a very distant second to the social media megaphone the app offers. It looks like there is no moderation of the comments, so the app is perfect for extremists to sling crap. Any comment supported by thought or fact is quickly called down by name callers.

- The app is clean, concise & easy to navigate

Fast and at your fingertips. Briefing articles is easy, clean and the integration of comment/input from readers and follow/follower is excellent. The interface is clean, and customizable. I removed Apple News, because of article selections and promotion. Start is the Best news app I’ve used.

- Refreshing

Nice to see slightly different direction in news gathering. Not the same as your competitors.

- Start

I don’t like using Start. I much prefer MSN for the layout, etc. Unfortunately, when i got to an article on MSN, I can’t continue reading it unless I hit “continue reading”, “continue on the app”, or “expand article”. Very, very annoying. If I wanted to use “Start”, I’d go there first. Please let us make up our own minds!!!

- Good


- There’s news?

If you like your ads and click-bait peppered with news stories, then this is the app for you! Google News is the best news app.

- good

very useful

- News

Like to see it on my phone so I can stay safe.

- Do I have to pay extra?

Great news stories. I just can’t open up all the headlines and I am not to sure why?

- The most comprehensive browser start page on mobile

Even though I’m not an Edge user, I have to admit that the start page it offers is superior to the competition. It’s refreshing to get it on mobile even though I wish I could change the sources to ones closer to the centre of the political spectrum.

- Gj

One Love Microsoft😁

- Déception

J’aimerais avoir les nouvelles en français. Merci!

- Mon opinion personnel.

C’est un excellent site internet qui nous donne l’actualité de manière très professionnel avec de la bonne information partout dans le monde. C’est très bien conçu et facile d’utilisation!. Merci beaucoup et passé une très bonne journée!

- Great informative app

Great informative app. Excellent Canadian content.

- Truthful reviews

If you speak the truth you’re comments are not permitted! It goes against their “guidelines”! Deleted

- Très lent à charger

Je n’ai plus le goût d’attendre longtemps qu’une page se charge. Je ne l’ouvre plus…

- Review for MSN app for iPhone

I like the app very much no complaints from me about it. But I do have a few words to say about the service that MSN provides and in one word is “great” a few months back when my Internet provider, Shaw Cable” gave notice that they will no longer be supporting an Internet portal so I was kinda disappointed but a Shaw Cable support rep suggested I try out MSN. So I’ve been using MSN for the past few months and I like MSN a lot. MSN makes available lots of up to date news on news headlines, sports, entertainment and travel and more at a quick glance. So keep up the great work. Eric

- Best service ever

Well I wasIntroduced. To this by my co partner. I really love what you have done. Including the tab button telling me how many tabs I have opened. This a incredible feature and so many “I can’t say” have never done this. Thank you. As I use it I will keep you updated as to how it is performing. So yes in in the software you developed and it is working wonderfully. We are software programmers and so far 5 Stars your way 👍

- What happened .. ?

This used to be an awesome app for news but recently it’s gotten very slow and the further down the news articles you go the less likely you can even open them .. you’re just tapping for nothing. Please fix this application!

- Overheating iPhone

When I installed Microsoft starts last year and it was running smoothly and doesn't overheat iPhone. After one year and now it updated Microsoft start apps and it's running badly and start to overheating iPhone, even I reboot iPhone and starting using Microsoft starts and it keeps doing same issues. Overheating iPhone and slow upload news. You sucks!!! Thank you.

- Just posted links do not work immediately

Takes a while for newly posted links to function. Keep tapping and unresponsive

- Glitchy

Pauses…stops scrolling…but good otherwise

- Adds and more scam adds

There is so many links that take you to sites wanting to steal your info off you , scam adds everywhere . I can not believe how low Microsoft has got .

- Went downhill

No good anymore, hasn’t been for a while. App full of glitches, but bigger annoyance is how they continue to CONSTANTLY recycle previously posted/old articles from weeks, months, years ago, and then have it show the current date of posting but exclude the original article post/written date to make it look as though it’s fresh content - you’ll see just how big of a nuisance and fakeness with lack of new articles, with some sections not updated for weeks/months in which it either gives an ‘oops error’ or just displays old articles previously posted in that year or that they repost even older articles with the current date to make you think it’s new content. I’ve let them know time after time with this feedback - Stop playing people Microsoft News!

- Appreciate

I appreciate the update information, and current events

- Mark Slaney’s Revy

Absolutely excellent news coverage.

- Crap

Always crashes can’t read the news with the app

- Review

Read it everynight Enjoy most articles on the news I read this almost every night, & enjoy the stories. I always read this news. Great coverage I enjoy this app, on the news It’s to the point and not colour coated.

- Start app

Awesome astounding awesomeness awesomely addictive awesomeness awesome astounding awesomeness awesomely awesome astounding app

- A good read

Good selection of multi source news topics.

- Crashes

Does not open on my iPad mini 2021

- FUN & Exciting

This MiCROSOFT App is truly cool; I think it’s right up there with Facebook and Twitter. I like the Community inside and ability to comment in articles and has tiny games and brain teasers and is fun to use for the ones that enjoy being engaged. I can’t wait to search wedding planners in it and plan my big cereMONEY in course and due time … has wonderful home page too that show the top results based in interest … oh … and the app has section where person can indicate which interest the person has. Me; I like that me Michel J Maillet; I want people to know which interests is close to me Michel J Maillet and the app allows signing in with the Microsoft Account work or personal. I think that’s great … haven’t looked at the support function yet but I’m sure it functions like all other support functions ;) 🎠

- Can’t open

Does not open on my iPad mini 2021

- Wish comments could be turned off

I like the news portion but I wish there was a way to turn comments off. I don’t care to read the hateful rhetoric and anti science comments

- Sometimes, less is more

I just can’t get use to the new interface. And those « likes » are sitting right were I move my thumb and end up like things I don’t and can’t remove it either. The content is less aligned to my preference and local content (Canada) simply disappeared. Stop trying to reinvent news content. Just provide content and ways to pick the sources. Something you did amazingly on the previous version.

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Microsoft Start 7.1.13 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Start iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft Start iphone images
Microsoft Start iphone images
Microsoft Start iphone images
Microsoft Start iphone images
Microsoft Start iphone images
Microsoft Start iphone images
Microsoft Start iphone images

Microsoft Start (Version 7.1.13) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Start was published in the category News on 2014-12-11 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 282.47 MB. Microsoft Start - News app posted on 2023-01-19 current version is 7.1.13 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: