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AnkiMobile is a mobile companion to Anki, a powerful, intelligent flashcard program that is free, multi-platform, and open-source. Sales of this app support the development of both the computer and mobile version, which is why the app is priced as a computer application.

AnkiMobile offers some features not found in other flashcard apps:

- A free cloud synchronization service that lets you keep your card content synchronized across multiple mobile and computer devices. This makes it easy to add content on a computer and then study it on your mobile, easily keep your study progress current between an iPhone and iPad, and so on.
- The same proven scheduling algorithm that the computer version of Anki uses, which reminds you of material as you're about to forget it.
- A flexible interface designed for smooth and efficient study. You can set up AnkiMobile to perform different actions when you tap or swipe on various parts of the screen, and control which actions appear on the tool buttons.
- Comprehensive graphs and statistics about your studies.
- Support for large card decks - even 100,000+ cards.
- If your cards use images or audio clips, the media is stored on your device, so you can study without an internet connection.
- A powerful search facility that allows you to find cards that match criteria such as 'tagged high priority, answered in the last ten days and not containing the following words', and automatically place them into a deck to study.
- Support for displaying mathematical equations with MathJax, and rendering LaTeX created with the computer version.
- Support for adding images drawn with the Apple Pencil to your cards.

Please note that AnkiMobile is currently intended as a companion to the computer version of Anki, rather than a complete replacement for it. While AnkiMobile is able to display your cards in the same way the computer version does, certain changes like modifying note types need to be done with the computer software. For this reason, please familiarize yourself with the computer version of Anki before you think about buying this app.

Aside from the cloud synchronization service, AnkiMobile also supports copying decks to and from your device via the USB cable and iTunes.

Like all apps, AnkiMobile can be purchased once and then used on multiple devices in a household using the same Apple ID. Family sharing is also supported. For information on bulk discounts for educational institutions, please see Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

For more information on AnkiMobile, including a link to the online manual, please have a look at the support page:

If you have any questions or want to report an issue, please let us know on our support site and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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AnkiMobile Flashcards Customer Service, Editor Notes:

2.0.67: - Fixed an issue that could cause network timeouts. 2.0.66: - Improvements to the deck statistics. - Fixed an issue where undoing cards could cause a syncing error. - Various other bugfixes.

AnkiMobile Flashcards Comments & Reviews

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- Works well!

TL;DR: Not the best looking Anki app out there, but it works flawlessly and has really helped my efforts to learn a new language. I had originally purchased a different Anki app. The other app looked a lot better, but within a few days suffered from syncing issues to the point where it became unusable. I am learning Portuguese, and didn’t want that effort to fail, so I bought this app too. It doesn’t look good, I’ll say that right off the bat. It reminds me of working with Windows 95 applications! Hence why I took away one star. works! It syncs perfectly. I love the scratchpad. That allows me to write the word on my iPad using the Apple Pencil before I flip the card, which further helps with memory and also makes sure I get the Portuguese accented characters in the right place. Ironically, I also find that it’s much faster to add new cards in this version than the better looking version I originally purchased. I say ironic as I expected the UX of the better looking version to be better all round, which was clearly not the case. Well done to the developer(s). I’m looking forward to a better looking version in the future. A move from 1995 to 2020 would be welcome :)

- The original and the best

The original active recall testing via spaced repetition app. Copied but never duplicated. Originally for PCs only, and always completely free, the developer made this version for iOS for which I will gladly pay to support his efforts. Stay away from the ripoff artists who use the anki name to try to get your money. I like the interface, it’s a “get down to business” interface, with a learning curve. In my experience, those are many times the most useful software. Some other guy left a star off because the icon looked dated and it doesn’t fit with his other icons. I mean, freakin really?!?! Too many developers spend too much time on a slick interface and end up with sloppy functionality. This software works if you use it. Yes, you will need to read the manual. You may need to learn some Latex. It’s not hard, once you get going. I’m fairly proficient with this software and try to use it daily. As a result, I can give you a 50 word definition of a Poisson Distribution off the top of my head. I never forget birthdays or anniversaries. Plus the looks when you can spout off dictionary definitions of random words (the other day at work I gave definitions of heuristic and algorithm). He looks are priceless. Support the original who for years did this for free. This is the flash card app for you.

- Best flash card app

I use Anki on my tablet, computer, and IPhone. At first I thought that the interface looked outdated, to my surprise this is the best flash card maker out there. I like the fact that you can flip the flash card and still have the ability to type in the answer (in my case I use text to speech) while the words are on the screen and mark it so it goes back in the deck. I wish that it was easier to flip the definition to the front of the card. I also wish that adding audio to the back of the card would play once the card was flipped and the answer was revealed. I enjoy using this app on my PC and being able to add pictures by copying from the search engine images and pasting directly to the card, no longer do I have to save the images to a folder and then upload them to the card. This saves me a ton of time, especially with the sync option on the separate devices. I’ve used study blue and quizlet for years. This app pretty much blows them out of the water. No more ads! Thanks Anki.

- Best in Class, Needs some bug-fixes

This app is undoubtedly one of the best study tools on the market. That being said, there are some annoyances that, when fixed, could make this app realize perfection. The new browse function that has replaced the find function is also quite amazing! This change gives the mobile version a more desktop feel, without the clutter. 1. Multitasking is a mess: When multitasking, the app will often crash, or when it doesn’t the text boxes are no long completely in view, same for the preview section. Restarting the app fixes this, but this is not a reliable solution since it happens 100% of the time. 2. New Browse tab: The column space allocation is much too skewed. Either give the users the ability to change how much space each column takes up, or make it 50/50. 3. Keyboard shortcuts: It seems as though some of these have been removed. Bold, italics, and underline are all non-functional with external keyboards anymore. Copy/Cut/Paste still work though.

- Incredibly powerful

This app has helped me master over a 1,000 words in Ancient Greek and over 1,500 of German and counting. It’s not flashy and has a learning curve up front, but incredibly powerful. The problem with physical flashcards is they’re time consuming to make, complicated to keep track of, and cumbersome to carry. This solves all of of those. Every word I look up while reading I screenshot. Later I put all the screenshots into a specific album where a Siri Shortcut converts them to JPEG, crops them, and reduces their size. I then enter each photo into Anki, reviewing them as I go. With this process, I can make 50 flashcards in 10 minutes. Then each one is shown to you exactly when you need it, and is always in my pocket to review anywhere. There is not a word I look up that is not memorized now. In a year, I have made 3,500 flashcards in 5 different languages. I review 200 a day. If you invest some time to figure out how to use this app, it will change your intellectual life.

- No other way to memorize

I've never written an app review before, but this app has changed my life so much that I feel compelled to write one. I'm a medical student studying for board exams, and Anki has completely changed the way I approach rote memorization of facts. It can be used to memorize anything by repeating flash cards At THE RIGHT TIME so that it doesn't fade from your memory. Apart from the automatic delivery, the other advantage over physical flash cards is that the app supports not only text, but also audio (if you want to remember the pronunciation of a drug or microorganism or anything else), photos (especially helpful for anatomy or other flowcharts and tables), and videos within the flash card. To get started, I'd suggest using the desktop app first since it's always easier to navigate in a bigger screen. It takes some time to learn how to navigate the app and to learn all the different settings and features, but once you do it's brilliant. The iOS app is ALMOST just as powerful as the desktop app. However, as of December 2018, the iOS app doesn't have the ability to flag or view flagged flash cards (available on the 2.1 release of the desktop app and incredibly useful to help find and organize cards as you review them). That's a minor complaint though and I hope it gets written into the mobile app as well. Overall though, this is definitely the best way to memorize information in the 21st century. Two thumbs up!

- Best flashcard app, bar none

I searched for years for a good flashcard app for my smartphone, but everything I found was limited and made me compromise on what I was learning. Not Anki. The immense flexibility of this app means I can learn whatever I want, however I want to. Using Anki has been crucial in my ability to learn Spanish, help remember important facts at my new job, prepare for tests, and get a solid grasp of country locations and capitals around the world. Pre-existing decks you can download from other users mean that you can build off one another’s knowledge. But you can also design your own, and include sounds, video, images, text, mathematical symbols, whatever you need. The smart spaced repetition methodology the program uses means you won’t waste time going over cards you already know well, but will efficiently stay focused on new cards and cards you are learning. This is the best money I have ever spent on an App, and I use it every day.

- Great app for med school, but recently not as responsive...

I have a 2017 iPad Pro, and by far this is the best app investment I’ve made as of yet. I always use notability in split screen mode with anki and there were no problems when reviewing flash cards. However, today when I went to review my cards it isn’t a simple tap on the anki app to show the answer. Now I have to tap multiple times, sometimes 4 or 5 times, to get to the answer and move on to the next card. I used to be able to use the Apple Pencil, tap once, and move on. It seems to be slightly better with finger touch(but still takes about 4 times of continuous tapping). Also if I change the orientation of the screen it seems to be slightly more responsive but not a complete fix. I shutdown my iPad, closed the apps, put anki separate from notability, but still experience problems. Some help on that would be nice. Otherwise, excellent app!

- A great tool. Worth learning to use.

Been using Anki desktop and AnkiWeb on mobile, so I was already sold on what Anki offered before purchasing this. This app really is what you make of it. There are plenty of good decks out there, but you’ll likely get a better experience if you take the time to customize your cards and learn a bit of HTML/CSS. I had been using the web interface before on mobile, and it while it technically works, you have more control over the experience with the app, a better use of screen space, and the option to remove everything from the screen that isn’t your flashcard. This is a great tool and definitely worth the purchase. In my first review, I had a complaint about the implementation of audio buttons in the mobile app. The dev responded to this review with what I needed for the CSS styling and added it to the manual: “The giant audio buttons are a bit of any eyesore and can mess with card formatting. I’m turning them off for now, despite it being useful for cards with multiple audio clips. Please add options to at least change the size of the button. Maybe have it scale with font size in the CSS/HTML. It would also be nice if it was a play icon without the ring, or if the color could be changed. Edit: I’d like to thank the developer for the helpful response. Though, it’d be nice if that information was documented somewhere.”

- The (online) classroom study companion you need

I messed around with Anki for free on PC and the web for awhile in the midst of intermittent language self-study periods, always thinking I would find just the right deck to really kick my learning into high gear. Unfortunately, the decks I would find online seemed to be more miss than hit, even for things you would think would be pretty standard. In any case, I never got to the point of using it enough that I felt it would be worth paying for the iOS version... That is, until I started taking a real course online from a reputable language school. Now, just having a running deck where I can add whatever it is that I need to memorize for current and upcoming lessons, I’m starting to reap the benefits and have decided to plunk down the cash to support it. I’m sure I’ll get more than my money’s worth as I progress further and the new material starts to pile up!

- The Most Important App on My Phone

Thanks Anki for all you do. As someone who never pays for apps, I quickly realized this was easily worth the money. Having your personally crafted flashcards on mobile to use during ANY brief downtime (waiting in line) is front loading your brain to connect the ideas later while it’s in diffuse mode. I have decks for language learning, geography, flags, new vocabulary, and top book highlights so far. The picture and audio on flashcards shows up and works great on the phone so far. I like how easy it is to edit a flashcards on mobile if you want to change something. The design is simple and that is a truly good thing in my opinion. It reminds me of the 90s, not only the design but making a one time payment for a good program. When first setting up a second device, I was asked a few times if I wanted to overwrite the Anki on my device or the Anki on my cloud, and I had to do this a few times on the desktop version. But now it’s seamless and whether I’m on phone or laptop I just remember to sync what I’ve done and it’s a quick moment before both devices are synced up. Locking in my world geography, recent reading highlights, and the most frequent 625 words in a new language is what Anki is doing for me in the first couple of weeks using it.

- Great app

Wasn't too sure at first about purchasing, but the app is definitely worth it as it increases time you can spend studying. I did wish it had more editing options but otherwise it's great. Edit: after using this app for a few months (and after using the desktop version almost every day for the past 4 months months) I definitely would still rate this app a 5/5 (or even a 6/5 if I could). Anki is an insanely useful study tool and I can’t recommend it enough, for whatever it is that you want to study. The UI could be a little prettier, but it grows on you eventually. Definitely get this app if you spend parts of your day idling (on a bus, in a subway, away from your computer, etc.) because it will improve your efficiency. If you’re on the fence, know that people don’t rave about anki without reason.

- I want my money back...

So I had this app on my regular computer, it was working ok, I found it hard to navigate in general. Downloaded the app bc I need to get something done to my computer, it’s so freaking expensive for an app, and I have encountered sooooo many problems with it. First, it takes a million years to sync, and then the syncing doesn’t even work right! You have to have the computer program in order to organize the decks and cards.. and then my previous cards lost all of there media!! All of it! I was like ok, fine I’ll just redownload the whole freaking deck and reorganize it ...and guess what? I finished what I was doing and it synced... I look on both the app and my computer and all of my cards disappeared... I am beyond frustrated. It was over 14,000 flash cards... I’m in Medical school, I don’t have time to keep downloading and reorganizing and waiting for it sync.... I know other people like this app, and good for them, but to me, it is not worth the hassle. Even people that like it, say it is hard to navigate as well.

- 1 Stars didn’t bother reading the manual

I have been using Anki and AnkiMobile for 9 months now. First off it has a huge learning curve, but that is typical for any application that puts any real power in the hands of the user. Anki does exactly as advertised. I am not going to explain what that is, but all the 1 star reviews almost exclusively demonstrate the user did not read the manual or expected Anki to be a stay on the rails single faceted type of learning app. It isn’t. What it is is an app that allows you to create your own learning environment(s) that YOU tailor for YOUR learning needs. This app is fantastic for memorizing large amounts of single pieces of information whether that’s language study, or medical knowledge or whatever is appropriate for a managed flash card style of learning. The only thing I would have changed, and I DID recommend it on the support board, is to move deck ordering option to deck options rather than it being a global setting. I have decks I want to see new cards first and other decks I want to see new cards after reviews. The developer responded that it sounds like a good idea and he’ll think about that. That limitation however does not warrant knocking down a star. So 5 stars

- Great App, needs improvements

I am currently using this app for school. It is a great concept and has helped me learn a lot of information quickly. However, I do have a few suggestions: 1) I would really enjoy the ability to add subjects into folders. For example, after I am tested on a set of subjects I would like to be able to place them in an “old tests” folder. That way it is off of my main screen and reduces clutter. 2) It would be nice to have the option to create collaborative decks. Sharing a deck with a friend is possible, but it does not automatically update across all devices when cards are added. Even when you synchronize the cards, it only updates to the one account, not all accounts the deck has been shared with. 3) It is not possible to reset a deck on the iPad app. You have to go into the computer app to reset a study schedule. 4) I have not been able to share just one deck at a time. When I share something, it shares all of my decks. It also replaces the collection of the person I share the decks with. Just one subject at a time would be nice. 5) it would be nice to have more themes. A black mode would be nice in order to minimize blue light exposure. For $25 it seems like there would be a little more customization available.

- Yeah... this app is a lifechanger.

This app has given me my confidence back. I no longer have to worry about forgetting things that I learned throughout the day. This is not just a regular flashcard app. All of the other flashcard apps out there may have a few small functions like cloze deletions or audio support. But Anki has EVERYTHING. It has images, audio, cloze deletions, language, autosync, keyboard shortcuts (for those of us who like to use a keyboard with the iphone), LaTeX support (which is imperative for ppl studying anything mathematically related), addons that give you the ability to automatically insert language audio (AwesomeTTS), addons that let you automatically generate pinyin for Chinese characters, addons that let you modify any and every part of your anki experience.

- The original

This is the original and by far the best flash card app. It’s the ONLY open source, community driven spaced repetition platform. Don’t be fooled by the imitation apps trying to sell you stuff. The open source nature of Anki ensures against predatory behavior. This app costs so much because it’s the only source of income the developer is asking for. He doesn’t even have a patron. The developer offers a cloud service and windows/Mac/Linux desktop clients completely free of charge. If you can’t afford the price of this app you can use the cloud platform for free (Ankiweb) on mobile which gives you basic functionality, and you can download the desktop client for the full experience for free.

- Would not recommend the mobile app

I use Anki on my computer even though the interphase looks a little outdated and the program itself is kind of finicky, I love the purpose of it. I used to not be a flash card learner but Anki changed me! :) Having said that... I thought I was going to enjoy having the app on my phone so that I could study on the go but truth to be told, I don’t like it at all! I am unable to see the images associated with my cards and that defeats the purpose of my active learning. I do realize that I have too many cards that need to sync but everything time I sync it, it says that it’s completed and still, I have no pictures. I already contacted technical support. I’m now waiting for a response and hoping the problem is fixable. So far, I feel that I’ve paid for a service that is overpriced, and more importantly defective as it doesn’t work as expected or supposed to :(

- Decent add on with very bad interface

The interface of the add on is the worst. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you use the “cloze” card feature you think you’re going to see your answers one by one with the other answers staying hidden? NOPE. The card only hides the first answer while revealing the other answers. For example your answers could be (1, 2, 3). Using the cloze feature allows you to only hide the number “1” while “2” and “3” are revealed. Once you reveal “1” then “2” is now hidden while “3” is still revealed. What is the point of that if you already revealed the answers then try and hide them? It makes the feature completely useless. I gave the app one star because this is the ONLY feature on the app that can make or break a well done flash card system especially when you have a list of words to memorize. Terrible...

- Overly complicated and unintuitive.

I really wanted to like this app, and the ideas behind it are great but it is sorely lacking in user experience design. I bought it in order to use latex markup in flash cards but after hours of trying to get this feature to work in the desktop version, and syncing to mobile, I gave up and just made paper cards. After all, I have class work to do instead of trying to master how Anki works. Before buying this mobile version, give the desktop version a serious trial and make sure you can work with the very strange workflow that it requires of you. This app needs flash cards of its own to understand how it is supposed to work, it is extremely unintuitive. By far the most expensive app I have ever bought and I’m not very satisfied with it.

- Not intuitive

I am sure this will be a great app if I can ever figure it out. It sounds like it is exactly what I’ve been looking fo, however there is a lot of time investment needed to figure it out. After buying it, I was able to easily download decks that others made—although I’ve since deleted them as they weren’t exactly what I need. I tired creating a few decks using my phone. A nightmare. I’m not really techie but I’m not too bad—I’ve had a smartphone for 10 years and I use tons of apps. I’m also a school teacher and I thought I’d be able to figure it out. Nope. As I tried reading the manual I couldn’t figure out how to creat a deck—it looks like a lot of programming instruction. It’s probably super powerful, but not user friendly. Not simple. Anyway, I was succeeding for a little bit but then I hit the word “translation” in the tools section. Not sure what it means, but it changed the face of the deck. I could not turn it off. I finally deleted the whole deck and started over. Translation mechanism is still in place. Rats. I will invest a bit more time but if I still can’t learn to easily use this, I’ll ask for a refund. Pretty sad. I was really hoping this would work.

- Incredible!

Wonderful app with great support by the developer. Very quick to respond to any suggestions or bugs you run into. Indispensable for reviewing and retaining information. Minor suggestion — When “Deck Statistics” is put in the top bar the label is “D.Stats”. Why not just have “Stats”? This is how it is on desktop and there are no other statistics button to get confused with, so the “D.” prefix seems superfluous. Bug — Set the theme to Slate, force close the app, reopen the app and set the them back to light & transparent and only the bottom bar changes back until you force close the app/it’s force to reload.

- Absolutely amazing tool!

I've been using this app to study the 2,300 Japanese kanji that is in a book I have and I'm loving it so far! The fact that I can take pictures of the symbols in the book helps tremendously also! Halfway as I began using it, I began fiddling with the online decks that people made and some are amazing with actual speech integrated into the cards as well as pictures. Then I opened my mind even further and realized I can use this for many other subjects that I want to improve on! Overall an invaluable tool for people wanted long term memorization of certain information!!

- Good, but quirks

Anki is well made. The program runs smoothly if you DON’T use any other apps in conjunction. As soon as you run it in split mode with other app (like notability), it is quite buggy. It won’t type at times, cursor would be missing, bold and italicize unintentionally pressed and so forth. I don’t regret paying for it, but the bug issue in split screen mode is definitely something you should be aware of. *EDIT: I have no idea how to suggest improvements on the website, but here’s what I found out. When trying to add a new card in a deck, if I hit left or right arrow on the keyboard when nothing is typed yet, Bold gets activated and the cursor disappears. Hope it gets fixed.. it is quite annoying

- Browser?

Before making the suggestion, I’d just like to acknowledge the tremendous help Anki has brought to my and my fellow medical students’ study. This is one of the best way for people that are not so bright (like myself) to do well in medicine. Now on to the suggestion for the mobile App: is it possible to add in the browser function to iOS? The browser is the like a God’s view of all of the cards but unfortunately on iOS version it’s very truncated, and therefore when doing slightly advanced edits (e.g. changing templates for a given card) we have to turn to a computer. Thank you! Keep up the wonder that you guys are creating!

- Great app!! Worth the money, but no shuffle option??

I used to use Anki years ago for Japanese study. Just recently picked it up again for Arabic, and it’s great. Now that there is a computer program, app, and online version that all sync, you can use it pretty much anywhere. I was kind of shocked to find out there was no simple way to shuffle your deck when you’re reviewing. With all the special functions there are, you would think this would be one of them. Apparently you need to do a whole process to create a filtered deck to do this. Would definitely give 5 stars if a shuffle button was added!

- Decent app

The app is indeed clean of bugs except for backup configuration where backups number looses its value every couple of days and clogs my phone with unwanted excessive copies. This issue has been in the app for at least half a year now. Another complaint is that the responsiveness of cards is slow sometimes: there is sometimes almost 1 sec between tapping and the text of the card actually appearing. This is a very disappointing thing because otherwise the app speed is good Other than that, the app is quite nice and the anki system itself is of course great

- Great for Languages!

I really love this app and the way it works. It’s super useful for memorizing words and grammar, and I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. The only thing that I think would be an amazing addition would be if there was a feature that would let you flip the info on the cards, so the words on the back would be on the front and vice versa. I know personally it would help me with my memory to shake things up, and it’s just a bit tiring to make two decks for the same information. If Anki could make this happen, I’d be so grateful!

- I’m very annoyed 😖

I shied away from buying this app because of the price. I use Anki everyday on my computer and figured I should make the investment. I purchased the app to use on my iPad. I followed the instructions in the manual. I synced my decks only to discovered that my images didn’t sync . I have the cards with questions but can’t check correctness of my answers since I can’t see images on the card. I have the option checked to allow importing of sound and image. I have synced several times but it didn’t work. I paid $25 for this app (the most I’ve ever paid for any app) I need this fixed ASAP please and then I can raise my review rating from 3 stars.

- Worth every penny.

If you spend the time to create your own flash card deck and review it daily, this is the greatest app out there for language learning (and other long-term learning). You have to put in the effort, but if you do, it will pay off. I’ve been building a Spanish deck for years and my vocabulary is 10x what it would have been without this app. I’ve also begun using it for learning a “word of the day” for English and my English vocab is growing significantly and permanently. Long-term repetition is the mother of learning and this app is the best way to do it for vocab!

- The only way to study

Most effective way to study. Was hard to reason spending 25$ on an iphone app but it’s so worth it. Plus, it’s money spent on improving your grade and your education, not a video game or new shoes or some other materialistic thing. I make my flashcards on my computer, there’s an free addon called Image Occlusion which i highly recommend if you’re studying anatomy so you can block the labels the organs and then reveal them for the answer. Also works good for flowcharts. Went from being a C- student to a B+ student just with bare minimum time using this app. Thanks Anki!

- Wish to give it a higher rating, but...

Just based on the function (and perhaps it’s just me), this app has not been doing it’s job properly. (1) I’ve consistently seen cards the next day when i’ve touched the button for 2+ days. (2) Even if I touch the button for 1+ days (let’s say it was “good” for 5 days), I see the same card again a few minutes. They’re just inconveniences, but enough that I only use the app if I don’t have many cards due because I don’t want to waste time going through twice the number of cards because they keep reappearing. Hopefully this gets fixed or my issue gets cleared up so I can continue using the app! :)

- Disappearing images Fixed!!!

Update: Thank you so much Anki for fixing my problem!!! It works perfectly now and I have made faster progress than I ever thought possible in language learning. Keep up the good work!! Original: This app is great except... that my images keep disappearing!! It is soooo annoying to make hundreds of flash cards and then to have 10% of them just randomly lose their images. I am trying to learning a new language and it is so annoying to have a little empty box appear instead of my image. And the worst part is cards that used to work broke the last time I synchronized to get new cards I made. This app would be amazing but it is so frustrating to lose so many cards and to have to leave the app to go look up what words meant. Considering how much this app costs it is really disappointing. Please fix!! Would be five stars otherwise.

- It's Anki, so it's great. One thing, though...

I use Anki to study Japanese, and there is ample reason for its popularity amongst Japanese learners. Unless I missed an update note, though, we still cannot generate Japanese readings from the mobile app. This makes card creation very slow and difficult because I need to get to computer to make or update a card. Really not convenient. This should be a priority fix. Also, it is time to enable card layout options and the ability to reset entire decks back to new. It is becoming anachronistic to require a computer for anything at all.

- A must have program for anyone needing to reach the next level

Thanks to Anki I am officially a veterinarian that holds a board specialty. I’ve never retained so much information for an incredibly important test. Trust the process. Put in the time to making the most of this program and understanding it widespread functions. When you’re done, it will be life-altering. I’m a believer in Anki and will gladly boast of its utility to anyone. Thanks anki for changing my life and prepping me for what has been the hardest exam of my life. It was worth every penny and minute of preparation.

- anki is great. this app, not so much.

first off, anki is amazing. i’m very grateful that there’s a mobile app. however, i really wish that add-ons from the desktop application would be applicable to the mobile application. my biggest complaint, though, is that before, night mode could be turned on/off specifically in the app. but now, i can only change the appearance of the app by changing the settings for my ENTIRE device. meaning if i want to have the appearance of the anki app be all black aka “night mode” i need to make EVERYTHING on my device have the night mode appearance. to be frank, i think that is the absolute dumbest thing ever. they need to change it back to how it was before.

- Please Bring Back the Pie Chart!

Anki has been a great tool for studying languages. It’s well worth the price and I absolutely love it! However, please bring back the visual of the pie chart! It sounds silly, but looking at the pie chart has been really motivational for me. Working through decks with thousands of cards can be intimidating, but seeing the pie chart slowly fill up with green has been really rewarding. I’ve developed a habit of checking it after each review. Please bring it back! Looking at a numeral percentage just isn’t the same as having that visual.

- Please Add Image Occlusion

Anki is pretty much one of the greatest apps, if not the greatest app, when it comes to spaced repetition and quality learning. My only desire and hope for the app is that they do their best to add image occlusion as a permanent feature of the app. The computer version of anki has this image occlusion add-on that gives you the power to edit pictures and block out certain areas to test on. It has helped me tremendously in medical school. If only I could do that on my ipad. Then this app would be complete.

- Really is the best

In college I used to use a flash card program called BYKI to study & I thought it was perfect, but that program is gone & the company has moved on. Since then I’ve been on the search for a program that had as good (effective) an algorithm. I’ve tried almost every app on iTunes & been disappointed. At first I was disappointed in this one too, because the UI is clunky & convoluted. But I’m glad I stuck with it bc now I’m convinced I’ve found something not just as good as BYKI but even better.

- The new search function is amazing

I have used Anki for medical school and it has been life changing. I love the mobile apps and it helps me "optimize" my time in all aspects to get my studying done. I have always had praise for the app, but always wanted more ability to move my cards around and search cards, like the computer app. This update with the browser has fulfilled all of my hopes for the app and it is basically perfect in my eyes now. Thank you for this amazing learning tool!

- Couldn’t have done med school without it

Used it all through med school and now I basically have my med school notes with me all the time and they’re searchable! It’s amazing. Used it for step studying as well and now I’m using it for board studying. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Best $25 I’ve ever spent. One thing - can you make the review buttons bigger (the ones on the bottom of the screen when you’re deciding when to see the card again)? They’re smaller and harder to press now.

- Close deletion error no matter what you do to fix it

The app works well for the most part for learning a language or any subject for that matter, but when using the cloze deletion feature, I continue getting an error that says “front template error” (or something to that effect). It says there’s a field that says “{{cloze::text}} but there is no field called ‘text.’” To rectify the problem, they recommend fixing removing the word that appears on the ‘text’ portion, but even when that’s done, another problem occurs (not seeing the card at all, or the field problem goes to a different part of the card template) Very frustrating problem to have after spending a lot of energy creating custom cloze cards smh The prettiness of the app doesn’t matter to me much, as long as it’s effective, but the efficacy of the app AND the bland interface makes Anki even worse a contender when compared to competitors like ClozeMaster, Memrise, etc. smh

- App has major issues

The app ignores my deck settings. I assume the web version is more stable and that I can add decks and cards to the web version, and after creating my decks on the web , then sync with my phone , but for a $25 app , the app should be capable of handling deck creation . Notifications don’t work . I’ve checked to make sure that notifications were turned on(yes), so I have no idea what the problem is , but ease of use is one of the reasons I’ve started to use Anki. If using the app offers little advantage over physical flash cards , why is this app $25? I hope my experience improves, but so far this app gets 1 star, with the caveat that I’d give it 0 stars if offered that option by Apple .

- iOS 13 update flawed still one week after update

When you tap and hold on a deck to rename the deck it doesn’t work, nothing happens, the dialog box doesn’t open allowing the user to change the name of the deck. I have to go into the app on my phone, change the name there, sync my phone, and sync my iPad to see the change, what an absolute pain. Since the update, when using the key board to change text styles (cmd + B, I, or U) for bold, italics, or underline Anki is unresponsive (if I open another app like Word this functionality works just fine) It’s been a week, like, can we address this. ***update*** I wrote the above review maybe five minutes ago. Just opened Anki on my iPad to create cards and now the split screen functionality isn’t working properly. When you type text, the text line continues as if it were not split screen and Anki were the only app open (the text doesn’t return and stay within the confines of the split screen, it disappears behind the adjacent app)

- Totally worth every penny!

Main feature you are missing out by using quizlet is spaced repetition technique. This app allows you to learn things using this method. As well as hundreds of addons like importing cards from quizlet with audio and pictures. Man an annual subscription for quizlet is $28 This app is simple, yes it takes to learn how to use. But it’s such a great tool to own, no unnecessary stuff, only plain essentials. I appreciate all this work. And glad to support you!

- A versatile and effective application

Anki is one of the best flash card applications available. I recommend it to all of my students. It allows great flexibility with creation of your own decks, and also has a large quantity of shared decks through AnkiWeb. The timing of each card’s reappearance is based on solid science. You end up working on the concepts that are hardest to remember and not wasting time on concepts that are already mastered. You get a good outcome in the minimum time necessary.

- Best flashcards for language learning

I was skeptical about paying for the Anki flash card mobile app, but wow these flashcards are really amazing. I started using them to learn languages and downloaded a sample deck from the Fluent Forever website. Using that template, it has been so easy to create cards with images and sounds to supercharge my language learning. And having the flashcard app on my phone makes it easy to study anywhere. Thanks Anki team!!

- Serious issues

I have been using Anki for years and Ankimobile for just as long. The most recent updates have made this app unreliable and so if you depend on flash cards, like most med students do, this app is useless. This app has caused massive sync issues when using Anki on multiple devices and there is an issue with images not displaying. I have been using the Anking deck for as long as it has been out and never had any issues with it until the latest Ankimobile updates. The app caused this deck to get so messed up I lost progress on almost a third of the deck, so nearly 10k cards. With Step a month away I will not be trusting this app. Use with caution...

- Definitely worth it if already using desktop

All of these reviews saying how they dont know how to use the app? Those people probably just started using anki the moment they bought it and expected it to magically help them understand Japanese. Well, guess what? Ya first gotta learn how to use the desktop version! This app is absolutely wonderful. If you’re like myself who uses anki to study for their courses, this is a MUST have. Definitely worth the $25 investment into your knowledge retention. By the way, when you first download it, the media will take a while to sync but IT WILL SYNC. Trust me, just give it time. Maybe try updating your phone software and let anki sync for a couple of minutes. Bottom line: if you’re on the fence, I recommend you hop right on over.

- Interface changes a minus personally, but some people like material design and whitespace

Not a fan of the new interface changes, but in the end this is a problem with Apple refusing to let users install whatever version of software they want on their own hardware. 5/5 On Anki being awesome 4/5 on the new interface - it looks weird on the ipad mini 0/5 on Apple removing options for users to manage app versions they run

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- Great App - Ugly Interface

This app is incredible, been using it for over 12 months and it is a perfect companion to the desktop client. Unfortunately the latest update featured a design change, and I must say this app is now hideous. The new cog is good, but the changes to the answer buttons were unnecessary and are really really yuck. Please give us the option to have the old buttons back :( The app was beautiful as it was.

- Excellent app

Have had the Anki iPhone app for years now and continue to use it daily. Over time it’s continued to get better. It’s a no-brainer purchase for anyone looking for a good spaced-repetition app and has already used/is using the Anki desktop version. The sync between this app and the desktop version is the major drawcard. Being able to do reviews on-the-go is really handy. Hard to live without once you’ve gotten used to it. Highly recommended purchase!

- Would be better with Apple Pencil support

There is no scratchpad option that can use Apple Pencil, so if that is added this app is 5 stars. Without it, I don’t think this app would be able to use all of the functionalities available with an iPad Pro. Please add it in the next update?? <3

- New Update

If I leave the app now, the flashcard I'm working on will change. Usually I leave the app to define a word or use a translator app for the current card I'm stuck on. Please fix that? FIXED: They fixed the issue the next day. Now back to my daily study :)

- Great app, would love some font support

Use everyday for medical school and is super helpful, my recall particularly of niche AF topics and info is off the charts, would love some support for more fonts (like Ubuntu) that make a dreary task of getting through 500+ cards a day that little bit more aesthetically pleasing...

- Not for me

The much vaunted learning algorithm gets in the way more than it helps - a wrong tap means I won’t see a card for weeks, impeding my memorisation. I think I want a much simpler flash card app. One that will just cycle through cards and never, ever, ever hide a card because it thinks I already know that. Is there a way to configure Anki to do that? (I removed my comment about editing cards. Thank you for the correction.)

- Great for study but needs updates

iCloud sync would be better than having to manually synchronise to an Anki server. General UI improvements could be made as well, the app is somewhat confusing to new users.

- Excellent but complicated

This is an amazing program but the interface is difficult to use and understand.

- Images not working on phone

Poor customer service, received no reply from customer support at all. Do not recommend

- Great for studying

This app is 10x more expensive than the next most expensive thing I’ve ever bought on the AppleStore, and it’s worth every penny. I don’t know how I’d study languages & biology without it.

- Gets better and better...but

All the updates are making the app more and more amazing! But I just wish there was more support for Apple Pencil!

- Extremely useful

Very useful while travelling. I really enjoy the image occlusion enhanced add on, but keep in mind that you will only enjoy this app if you like the computer version.

- Better options available.

Downloaded and imported flash cards. App is unintuitive and only has basic flash card functionality. Other apps at a similar price point are better looking. Easier to use. Have better learning options like games.

- Best srs app !!

This app has best of functionality which i had been looking for and yet despite of lot of features packed it comes in a very simple and uncluttered UI. 👌🏻

- Where’d the colour options go?

I use this for med school all the time - easy 5 stars. Would like to have more customizability in terms of app display colours.

- Cool. But

I’m having problems playing the Audi file. Works on my laptop, but not here

- Please add the ability to command-z

Very good app, only feature that is missing is the ability to command-z (for those using an iPad keyboard) for undo.

- Great...

This isn’t a cheap app, but it’s simple and straightforward to do things like add words in the middle of study. Studying on the go is really easy.

- I can only view one Deck

Very difficult to use interface especially for the price. I can only view one deck when I click “Deck” and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find the other decks.

- Audio doesn’t sync

For $39AUD you think there would be active development to fix bugs. Lack of working audio on mobile is obviously something that is plaguing many users (simply google). It’s not worth the money and I’d like a refund.

- Do not buy this app!!!!

If you are not good at computer, donot pay this app. It cost me $40, but very inconvenient. Once you reviewed the card. It will disappear and you can not review that again, also it is so complicated to edit the card on computer.

- Problem syncing

Spent more than $AUD30 to get the cross platform syncing functionality, only to find that it does not upload the new cards to Anki Web and I cannot use it on my desktop anyway. A real shame and disappointment.

- Essential tool in daily study routine

I have been studying Japanese language for a few months now, and Anki in various forms has been a constant companion in my daily study routine. This app finally brings the power of the Anki SRS system to my iPhone, and lets me do my daily Anki reviews while on the go, syncing them with my desktop clients at home and in the office. The interface is designed with simplicity in mind, so as not to detract in any way from learning. With powerful features like media and furigana support available today, and an enthusiastic, responsive and helpful developer working on all sorts of enhancements, this app was for me definately the way to go. If you are the sort of person who has a short attention span, and doesn't take their learning seriously enough to spend a few minutes to watch a couple of videos and find out how to optimise their own learning experience, then this is probably not the app for you. If however you do take your learning seriously, and are out to get state-of-the-art tools and do whatever it takes to succeed, then you should look closely at the Anki desktop client and this app, and you will of course realise that the asking price of this app is peanuts in the overall scheme of things, when you consider the level of investment required for a massive undertaking such as the learning of a foreign language.

- No good for NT Greek

I have found this app unusable and a total waste of money. I would like a refund please.

- shame on you

the app works but charging $40 dollars for something that’s basically html? shameful considering the demographic happens to be students.

- Fantastic app - just needs the ability to create flash cards on iOS

I have been using Anki for 5 years now, and through this time I have completed my medical degree and learned a language. Anki has been great for my knowledge retention during both of these pursuits. The only suggestion I have is that the ability to make and upload flash cards from iOS would be very useful, and even a very simplistic flash card-making interface would still give me the ability to build my decks while on the go (e.g. Adding new vocabulary while reading on my morning commute). Otherwise, a great app!

- Amazing

Anki, on its own, is amazing. I'm learning medicine, and I see a huge difference in my retention of the material with and without ANKI. I find myself wishing i had found this so mich earlier! And this app has just allowed me to bring my revisions with me everywhere - commute, waiting in line at a cafe, on my bed just as I'm about to fall asleep. Everywhere. And the app's updates are great, looking forward to more. $25 well worth! No regrets! It would be something to have an role playing game incorporated into the anki program/ app. For eg, for today's due cards, for every 5% completed, I advance/ achieve something in the game. And the goal is to reach 100% due cards done by the end of the day! I wouldn't mind paying extra for that add on feature!

- Needs interface work

This app has a lot of great functions and is very effective if used each day.(you must use it every day) And of course, a flashcard system is only a part of learning a language. Learning to parrot a sentence is not going to get you too far! However where this app really falls down is in the interface. I find it very unintuitive and when you find yourself clicking randomly on anything to see where to add new cards you know there is a problem. Why, why would you not have a modify/add new card button?!.Setting up, adding cards, ranging cards, getting them on to your itching is tedious and needs work from the developer. Yes, I have read the "manual" and that is as tedious as the app. If you can put up with all that then go for it.

- Useful but needs work

Overall its an excellent app, it has improved over the years, but still has a long way to go. The main issue is that it is very desktop centric, you really can’t use this application without installing and syncing with a desktop computer. For example, if you have 1000 cards, and want to unsuspend them in batches of 100 (i.e. You have 100 things to learn for class each week), this can only done on the computer. Which can be a nightmare if you are on the train on the way to class, and want to study this weeks 100 cards, but can’t because they are suspended. Overall, probably the best flashcard app on the app store, but these small issues cause huge problems, (If I was able to un-suspend cards on the way to class last week on my phone, I would have done way better on my test I had that week)

- I wish I'd found this earlier

I'm finding I can learn huge amounts with the ANKI desktop app. Now when I'm on the go and have some downtime I can grab my iPhone or iPad and do some quick but very useful reviewing. I'm amazed at how good the app is for both learning and remembering. The desktop app is free, so you can (and should) use it before buying this app. An example: today I'm studying hard, entering facts into ANKI (desktop) as I go. I'm not trying too hard to remember the facts for now. This evening I'll be a passenger in the car for 4 hours. I'll be reviewing the facts from today in ANKI, and then over the weekend. By monday, I'll have learned hundreds of new facts, and I know from doing it last weekend that I'll have excellent retention. Probably the best thing is being able to enter a fact and then just move on in your study. I don't have to stress about whether I'll remember it, ANKI will do that for me. It works for study sessions from 1 minute to many hours. Well done.

- Useful but wish would seamlessly integrate

I decided to use Anki for my study preparation after trying out other similar flash card programs. Am impressed with the program on the Mac but wished that syncing pictures & media could be done via the AnkiWeb sync rather than Document Sharing via iTunes which is quite tedious. Also what would make this app 5 stars would be the functionality to see an index of cards available within each topic, and also to go back to a previous card when reviewing.

- Totally worth it

I've used Anki for years without paying a cent and it's helped me immensely so I'm more than happy to pay the relatively high price for this quality app. The 2.0 update is great, although one thing that would make my life easier is some form of auto sync when I exit the app. I find I often forget to sync at the end of a session on my iPad and then can't study on my iPhone when I'm out because I'm not synced up.

- Better than I anticipated

Really impressed. If you're already using Anki Desktop then this is a great way to keep up your reviews even when not online. Everything installed without a hitch, even fetching my media from Dropbox automatically (although it did take about 1hr to download the 3000+ files). Makes good use of iPod features (orientation, taps, swipes etc.) and has lots of options but is still easy to use. The main weakness with the current version (1.8) is sync. If you make changes on the desktop and mobile and forget to sync there's no option to merge the changes. This will apparently be fixed in Anki 2.0. Also, sync is a little slow. If you're not familiar with Anki then I suggest trying the (free) desktop version first to see if it's what you need.

- Best implementation of flash cards in an app.

I have tried a few different apps for flash cards and this one is without doubt the best. The app shows you cards at greater intervals as they go into your long term memory, so no wasting time on lots of cards you know well. There is a bit of a learning curve to learn how to create cards, but well worth the effort. It also syncs flawlessly with the desktop app. I am using it to learn Latin and Ancient Greek and it just works.

- Very happy

Syncing works well for me and all the languages I've tried are fully supported. This app would earn an extra star if the swapping of the fronts and backs of the cards was made more intuitive. In Supermemo it's Ctrl+Shift+S (prob stands for "swap"), and right now it's easier than on Anki. Maybe it's just me, but I feel forced to go into editing on the desktop version and literally cut and paste the contents of each card so that the contents are flipped around.

- This is a great application

This app has proven invaluable to me, the learning curve is a little steeper then some other similar apps but it will blow them away when used properly. I would like though to be able to add to note categories from the mobile app as well as the desktop.

- not yet satisfied

I paid my $30 which makes this the most expensive app I have purchased so far - believing Anki's promise to be a great learning tool. I have experienced nothing but frustration so far as I have not yet being able to download any packs or sync with ones I have already created on my macbook The tutorial and support information has so far sent me going around in circles. And i don't have time to trace through web forums, watch instructional videos etc. For $30 i expect a product that works easily and intuitively straight out of the box! - Is that too much to ask?

- More than worth the cost

This is a great app. Not only do you get the app, but you can also use it alongside the free desktop client and free online service. Through this you also get access to a whole bunch of pre-made flashcards ready to go. I have an iPod touch, so most of the time I am not connected to the internet. Anki works perfectly.

- Legendary

I've been using desktop Anki for just over a year now, and it is by and the far the single most important tool for anyone learning a language. Considering the ridiculous amount of time and effort Damien has put in to make this the great program it is, this app is underpriced if anything.

- New update broke my deck

All the images on my cards have been deleted with this new updated. Tried restoring from a backup, and they're all deleted from the backup too. Tried doing a full one way sync, downloading from Ankiweb, and again all the images have been deleted. This has made my deck useless and left me with no way to fix it. For such an expensive app, this isn't acceptable and has left me really, really disheartened knowing I'll have to manually build my deck all over again from the start.

- Great for learning vocabulary

I've been using Anki for nearly a year of language learning and it's been great. I use the desktop app to add words and definitions, then use Anki mobile to review them. It is fairly expensive, but it's also far superior to any other flashcard app I've used.

- Worth it!!

Worth every cent. I end up reviewing on my phone so much more than my desktop. And the app only gets better and better as updates are released. Don't listen to anyone who says its too difficult to use. It's really not. I use it for Japanese. Recommended!!! :)

- Awesome stuff

Anki is a great program, very flexible and the excellent documentation makes it very easy to use. 30 dollars may seem steep, but considering all the work that the developer has put in to make the main client freely available, its definitely worth it.

- Great App, The best ever

No doubt it is the best flash cards app ever One Suggestion: It would be great if you could add the Edit option for the photo is taken straightaway by the camera :). So, it would be possible to edit ( cutting for example) the photo is taken instantly

- Excellent study tool

Helps getting your spaced repetition done in a beautiful way Seemingly sync with the desktop version so you can make your notes and study on the go Really good tool, well worth the price (desktop being free)

- Love the 2.0 update!

The new interface is a lot more polished and sync is quicker. I can also finally add my own flash cards my my mobile device too. Tried a host of other flashcard apps but this is still the best.

- Really powerful and versatile

If you're looking for a flashcard application to study chemistry, maths or anything with unusual character or symbol markup, you can't get any better than Anki. Its support for html markup combined with LaTeX markup makes it really powerful. Excellent app.

- Essential

Forms the backbone of my fact learning for exams. Spaced repetition theory means the program creates a memory routine for you that is like a daily workout. Secondary function of being a searchable fact database. Cannot recommend enough

- Just Right

I am happy with Anki. It does what I need it to do, and is perfect for on the go or in for intense study sessions. Overall great product, and I can't wait to see what further improvements are made.

- Brilliant!!

I couldn't get through half the study I do without this program installed on my phone and computer at home. Twinned with dropbox, it is incredibly useful!! Love it!

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- Crashes after the latest system update

Crashes after the latest system update.

- Disappointed - Anki can do better

I was surprised to find that the iPad version lacks a lot of the functionality of the desktop version. That would be fine if this app were free, but given the 35$ price tag, that's just unacceptable. For example, I can't use IO cards, and the card management section has been heavily stripped down. If you're going to charge such a high fee for the iPad/iPhone version, then I expect a high level of functionality. You can do better Anki.

- the best reason for having a smart phone

Anki at $35 is a lot cheaper than FlappyFarm at a buck. How valuable is the ability to retain everything you've ever learned? Note: the Anki app really has to be used in conjunction with the Anki desktop program.

- The original one

Don’t be confused by AnkiApp jumping in on the brand

- Use the App for Memorization, but some flaws

I use the app to memorize my flashcards and create them on my computer. What I realized from using the app, is that the only images that are supported are png images. Jpeg images show up as a small white box (not visible). Also the syncing between anki on my computer and on my phone is skewed. For example, on my computer it said that I had 90 cards to review from my deck. I synced it, and closed anki on there. I then opened anki on my phone, synced on there, and it showed that there was only 50 cards to review. There are some other minor issues, but those are the biggest ones. If you could fix those, I will definitely raise my rating to 5 stars.

- Amo

Amo o Anki.

- Don’t buy the app - web version on smartphone works just as good if not better

I’m quite frustrated after spending the money to purchase this mobile app, because it does not support images from downloaded decks. At the very least this should be a warning in the description of the app so that students like myself who hope to study while working full time to afford school, don’t end up wasting our money. Save your money - anki web works perfectly on safari and chrome.

- Really the best app for anything flashcards!

I wanted to give 5 stars but i cant because recently, the images have been bugging. I tried reinstalling the app as well as trying it on other phones, but images will stay stuck on the wrong flashcards. I’m not really sure how to explain otherwise, but i thought it would be a bug you would like to know!

- Keeps crashing, other than that it’s good

keeps crashing randomly when I try to add a new flashcard with pictures.

- Images won’t download

My images won’t download is that normal?!???

- Excellent flashcard application

High-tech quality software... It really works. Love it. Un logiciel de grande qualité, ça fonctionne vraiment. J'adore. Pierre Bergeron, Québec

- Excellent app, wholeheartedly recommended

I’ve been using Anki for years between iOS, Windows, web, etc. Thank you for providing an awesome product/service for all these years!

- Grey theme gone in newest update

I love the app and use it daily, couldn’t live without it, however, the most recent update got rid of the grey options for theme. White is too bright and black is too stark... can you bring back the Gerry option?

- Superb.

Smart flash cards app for efficient spaced repetition and recall practice. This app will get me through my education and learning. I wish I had learned about it earlier.

- No more recording audio

I love Anki so much, I has helped me a lot at retaining what I studied because I am easy to forget things. I study another language and listening how the natives speak is the most important thing to me, I used to use Anki to record the audio. This morning I was trying to add some other audio in, as I always do, I didnt see the recording button anymore. Please bring this feature back, Nobody pay 40 bucks for you guys to take that feature off the app

- Love it - Feature Request

This app makes my study sessions so much easier. I simply love it. Would it be possible to add a feature: set a learning deadline for exam dates, target dates so that all the cards are distributed in that time lapse.

- Effective but pricey

Anki is very effective at what it does for information retention however it is steep at $35. I hope for frequent updates with new features and polishing at this price point. One request would be to study the cards in my deck in a random order.

- How to make it work on iOS 11 on iPad mini 2¿

It doesn’t download, can you resolve it please ¿ I just bought a new iPad to make it compatible with the iOS 11. Can the pictures be included too ¿ Thanks

- Makes school so much easier

Having Anki on the desktop to bulk add cards, and then Anki on mobile to review anywhere is great. This app is simple and elegant. No wacky animations or fun sounds, just presents your flash cards in a clean way so you can get through hen quickly. Anki’s spaced repetition system has upped my grades and made studying so much easier. A+++++. Please never shut down Anki

- This is a blessing

I use Anki to learn languages, math (there is Latex support), and programming. Since I started to use Anki consistently, my retention of information that I put in grew up significantly. This is a great app! P.S. They should teach how to use it in schools - kids would learn much better with it.

- Amazing app!

This is a great and professional app. It has many useful options and features to use. I believe it’s a good investment for learning. This app is amazing for those who are serious to learn new things.

- Great flash card app

I was very pleasantly surprised by this app. I tried every free-to-try flash card app I could find and they all lack something. This one has everything I am looking for. Well designed, intuitive and stable. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

- Bugs in newest update

Tags are occluding answers. This was not a problem before recent update.

- The new update is great

I am experiencing one annoying issue however. It seems that whenever I add new cards from my desktop, the scheduling settings go back to default. Whereas I always set the day to start at 5:00, it keeps getting set back to 22:00. This has caused me to miss some days of review.

- Happy

I'm truly happy with my purchase Anki helped me out a lot during these months Thanks Anki!

- Random order/shuffling cards

It’s frustrating that cards aren’t presented in random order when learning them.

- Liked the old colours better. Is there a way to revert to the old classic blue theme?

Liked the old colours better. Is there a way to revert to the old classic blue theme?

- Awesome.

Great companion to my desktop app. I use it daily to remember all sorts of things. Peoples names, code syntax, history events, facts etc..

- New update helpful

Thanks for the bug fix. I really love Anki I have it on all my devices. Fairly pricey for what you get but I really love the product.

- Amazing

I would reccomand this app to everyone. It's great for studying.

- Very useful learning app

Makes using anki really easy and user-friendly, especially when studying on my long commute to school. Not sure if the price tag is completely justifiable (given how simple the app really is) but at the same time, it’s such a critical tool to my studies.

- Great App

Little bit expensive for some basic UI and Basic function. Need more creating like basic flashcard at least. iPad need a more complex version than a bigger iPhone version.

- Worth the Price

All I can say is that it is well worth the price. I do all my notes on my Mac & then I convert them into my Anki app on the Mac. Sure it takes a little longer when I’m studying, but then I can study anywhere and quickly! When I’m out in a line, I pull my app out. Sitting at the doctor’s office? Yep! Anki! When I’m cramming for finals, YOU GUESSED IT, ANKI! Sure the price is steep, but I’ve found no glitches, and I want to support this developer. Thanks for making studying easier, I can’t wait to see how you continue to make the app better!

- Worth it

I love the app so far, a bit pricey I’m definitely seeing mysel using this app daily

- A little expensive, but worth it

This is my go to app for reviewing anki decks. Very well done. Smooth, simple, no frills style that grts the job done. I didn't love the price, but in the end it is an app I use every day.

- Good but missing major features

Ok but for price we need pc level edit Also NO idea how many unique cards reviewed!! Add: Ie search cards for keyword with multi-select and tag ie give us checkboxes to tag in search 100s of cards. Allow easier tagging with reviews Undo/return to previous card button, better photo import and multiple import, improved statistics, view buried cards and unbury, and text and magnifying buttons. Also add card management features found on computer. For 35$ we deserve this not a stripped down version Please keep updates coming

- Little things...

A bit annoyed after the cost. If I don't finish a whole review session it often forget my place. Just between leaving the app and coming, reasking me questions I've just answered correctly. Good enough to use but not at all good given the cost, the quality is that of a free app.

- Great Investment!

Well worth the money to help me efficiently use my time on the bus and on-the-go.

- So glad to see Anki in the app store!

My wife and I have been using the PC version of Anki for about three years now as part of our personal studies. I've been trying to learn Japanese and she's been trying to become a medical clerk. By using Anki, my wife aced her medical terminology course (average of 98% and English is her second language) and my Japanese vocabulary has grown from an embarrassing couple hundred words to over seven thousand that I can now read and recall nearly instantly. Spaced Repetition is the best way to build and retain any list of facts, words, or concepts, and Anki is the simplest, fastest, and most flexible application I've every found to do it with. The iPhone version seems to be working well and I'm so glad it's finally available!


I have done many cards on the web version of Anki before downloading the iOS version. Most of my cards are made using image occlusion. On the iOS version my cards are blank. I am looking for a refund, because it’s not worth $35 CAD. Do yourself a favour and stick to Anki web.

- Crap crap crap

Sooooo disappointing This is not easy to use on an iPad and I was I could be refunded Do NOT waste your money It’s the exact same as the free version

- ?

This app is a joke, right? Cuz I fell for it. You got me.

- Very glitchy NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

I did not mean to buy this as the Face ID bought it for me, I decided to give the app a try and it is not user friendly at all. You are unable to do half of the stuff as you are on mac. PLUS IT COST $35!!!!!

- Love it

I ride the bus for an hour twice a day. This is the perfect app for my commute. Really couldn't ask for more. If I ever get to point that I can actually speak French I will owe it all to Damien

- Great

I'm a long time Anki user and this portable iPhone version complements the desktop version perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone who is already familiar with the desktop application and would like to do their flashcards on the go. As it does take some time to get used to how Anki works, new users would be better served trying out the free desktop application first. For me, AnkiMobile is exactly what I need to study my flashcards whenever and wherever I want. 5 stars!

- Best flashcard app around, by far

I do think $25 seems a little expensive for this app, but I've been using it for a couple years now and wouldn't be without it. When you combine the features of the desktop version for making and customizing decks with the ability to sync online then use it on your apple device, it's unbeatable. I spent days trying out every other flashcard app there was and nothing compared to this. The ability to backup your deck alone is worth the money considering how much time it takes to make them.

- Doesn't work

This app is worth $25, but only when it worked... Update this so it will work again... It doesn't even read the apkg files in my iTunes folder... Can't download any decks either... Useless....

- A step back

My last review of Anki 1 on the App Store was 5 star, and don't get me wrong Anki 2 is worth the money, it just doesn't meet the criterion expected from a successor. I just can't help but feel that there are some key features that are absent in this new update. Yes, there are pretty new graphs, the ability to download new decks from the mobile client, but yet I miss simple features such as being able to choose if you want to review new, old, or failed cars first, and having a little description for what each button for the tool bar actually does.. Not to mention the lack of details pertaining to each decks history... Also the desktop client, which I use mainly to add cards, is clunkier than ever. The browser for displaying the cards does not meet past standards, and is a disappointment for me. All in all, I have faith that Damien will improve this app and the desktop client as time passes, but I just feel that some key elements are missing in this update. Damien, you will still be getting a chunk of money from me when I pass the JLPT N1. I could have never done it without you and Anki!

- Excellent app

Had it a week. Excellent app so far. $25 is a little steep for my pocket; Burnt a small hole in my pocket. But would definitely recommend this app, especially if one is not severely financially restricted.

- Could be better

I know, I think this app is great but it just isn't worth 25$. On the pc version there are graphs and you can download decks without having to log in to your account. It does it's basic purpose but for 25$ I hope that it gets upgraded to at least pc standard.

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- Great app, has syncing issues

I love this app and use it all the time for studying. However, it doesn’t sync well between devices. If I study everything on my iPhone for example and have it synced to the app on my iPad, the iPad will still say I have to study everything even after I press the synchronize button. This needs fixing. The issue has only been from the iPhone to other devices. When I study the cards on my computer and iPad everting syncs fine.

- Money hungry. Ancient design. Poor features.

This app must have been made when the internet came out. For almost $30 I’d expect a state of the art app, but this is an epic failure. Doesn’t sync to desktop without an in-between app. Flash cards are hideous and you can’t control anything about them outside the basic option to view them again after a certain time frame—no swipe feature, ability to organize or randomize them, or switch question/answer sides. Quizlet is free and you can get a way better experience. Not surprisingly, there is no option to contact the developers for a refund. Works class scam artists here.

- Powerful, but needs some optimization

I do really love Anki. It helped me to remember important concepts by challenging myself with powerful algorithm. However, after I updated my iPad to iPadOS, I do have some problem with the Anki text scaling (on adding and reviewing cards) during multitasking mode. The problem is quite infuriating because it does slow down my progress on making flashcards while reviewing the textbooks and my notes.

- Mostly great; needs load balancer

Anki for iOS is a great pairing with the non-mobile app. Most users will create cards on their non-mobile device and instead primarily use the mobile app for review. Sync works really well and it's amazing that it's free. The one thing mobile anki lacks and really needs is load balancing support, similar to the essential plugin of the same name. Without it, cards tend to bunch up on the same day, and reviews get less effective.

- Nop, don’t spend your time and your money

I am so disappointed about this app. I spent $24 for nothing. This is what happened, I created a bunch of Flashcards on my mac to study my bio test and when I try to use it on my iPhone it doesn’t work. So I had to create a new flashcard for the iPhone and the iPad so I did. Then I couldn’t study on my iPad. There is no way I have to creat same kind of flashcard on 3 type of devices. Sync DOES NOT WORK. I need my money back. Please refund the time I spent to figure out about this doesn’t worth to spent time on) but I do not recommend this app for any student who use different kind of devices. Specially iOS devices.

- Learning cards first

I love this app. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now and it has never disappointed. I recently upgraded to the V2.1 scheduler on the desktop app and checked the box that says do learning cards first. Can you integrate that feature on mobile as well? It would be a great help and would make it easier to blend the use of both platforms for doing my reviews.

- It does not support TTS, please refund me my money

Support Representative, Before I bought this app I emailed your support email and I asked if the mobile app supported TTS(text to speech). You told me yes. I just bought the app 10 minutes and the app does not support TTS. I'm not talking about audio or media files, I'm talking specifically about TTS. Since you are a programmer that designed the app you know the difference, and you still told me "yes the mobile app supports text to speech" I saved a copy of the email. Please refund the $25 to my account and take the app back. It's useless to me without TTS. I only bought it for TTS. Please refund my account and take this app back. Thank you.

- Great app, Just needs some improvements to take it to the next level

I really enjoy this for making Flashcards and it is super helpful as far as timing. I would love to see some easy shortcuts to merge decks, reset entire decks to new, and Apple Pencil compatibility so I could handwrite the cards in the first place! I have also yet to figure out how to make more than the basic cards on my iPad and would love easy access to the complex cards that I know Anki is capable of.

- The BEST flash cards but some savvy needed.

I wish there were more command-keys for the iPad keyboard. For example the Edit function from and Cancel after you’re in the Edit screen. It used to be command-return to Save and Cancel, but now it only works for Save. Not always intuitive and some reading of the manual is required, but this is the best flash card app out there IMO. Some things require the free computer version to perform. Well worth the money.

- EDIT: thank you!

The image occlusion cards I made using my desktop are not working on my cell phone!! It just looks like a white box. Please help. Thank his app was way to expensive not to work..... Edited review: Thank you AnkiApp developers! The image occlusion cards are showing up on my cell phone. Thank you for sharing the link to the tutorial on how to synchronize my decks from my desktop to the app 😄

- Pricey but useful

Definitely a pricey app and a little confusing at first, but worthwhile if the team is constantly working on it to make sure everything runs smoothly. Great on the go option to the computer version and worth the cash if helps you retain information for school and finals. $25 isn’t anything if it’s helping you saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in repeating university classes or helps you get further in life. Good stuff 👍🏻

- Almost Amazing

The app is great for reviewing cards. The sync system is outdated and annoying, requiring one to hit a button to keep all my devices updated. Anki should do this automatically like every other app does. Update: Gave an extra star because it does have the ability to download shared decks. Its hidden away and requires exiting the app to safari which is inconvenient, but it is possible.

- Amazing

Since using this app for three years now, I have not gotten less than a 3.85 GPA each semester in my university classes for my science degree. This is up from around the 3.30 term GPA's that I had received before using the program. I'm putting in the same amount of study hours as I did before using it, except now I'm working much more efficiently, so I'd definitely recommend the app!

- Honestly Appreciate the constant updates and features

I understand you make the desktop version free and depend on iOS revenue so I really appreciate how much work you put into this app. It’s honestly so worth it. When I finish school I will buy a few hundred copies to gift to future medical students because of how much I appreciate your app. Thank you so much again for your work.

- Thanks for Game Controller Support!

Update: As of two weeks ago, more keyboard shortcuts added—THANK YOU! Adding game controller support with iOS 13 made another giant dent in what I’m able to accomplish on my iPad instead of relying on my Mac; it’s great to see the developer chopping away at feature disparity between the iPad and Mac. Still want to see some improvement in the Browse screen, but I’m along for the ride!

- Thanks for the Backup feature!

I accidentally lost all my progress in a synchronization error (I hit download instead of upload). Fortunately, the app keeps copious backups of progress and restoring one is trivial (Settings > Backups). Huuuuge thanks to the developers that built that feature. The app has otherwise been great. Has all kinds of features that I haven’t tried to use, too.

- So far so good

Its been going well so far. Use it for MCAT. I just had a question. If i have 20 cards and i choose to see the first card after 4 days again, does that mean i will see that individual card again in 4 days or just at the end of my 20 card deck? Is 1 min, 10 min, and 4 days just relative depending on how fast you tap thru or is it actually real time?

- Hate it

I absolutely hated this app. I couldn’t import decks that I’d paid for (specifically designed from/for this app), couldn’t put pictures on the cards, couldn’t create cards on the mobile version of the cite, once cards were created I couldn’t put them in the deck I wanted, and had to use the website on a computer- it can’t be done on a mobile device. I spent 2 hours (time I’m not getting back) trying to get the app to work, and not studying, like I wanted to. I’m using a more user-friendly app now. I generated 71 cards on a different cite in less time than I spent fighting with this app.

- Big issues in the newer version

I have encountered some issues with the updated version. But there are two of them that bothered me the most: First, the synchronization to my phone App from my computer can be sometimes not working no matter whether you used WiFi or cellular data; And, sometimes it even forced me to delete one or two cards to continue syncing which was not required if I synced on my computer. After restoring to my older backup, I found they were not even empty cards.

- Images don’t show up.

I have anki on my Mac and it’s been working great. I mainly use for for my medical school studies. I use the Zanki (“a king”) deck and the cheesy light year deck. Basically thousands of cards and a lot of images. I recently downloaded the mobile version thinking it would be worth the $25. But none of my images show up on this app. It’s just the cards with text. I tried syncing and restarting multiple times. Yes the sync images/media toggle is set to on. This is just disappointing. The app is basically useless to me now. I’ll rate it better if this problem gets fixed.

- Frustrated with the new theme

I absolutely love Anki but got surprised when apple decided to update the app for me after I have been consistently using it for a couple years. I don’t like the new themes and button colors and would really love to go back to the old version without all the new glamor. I will update my review to 5 stars if there is a way.

- this app is life changing

after using about 2 years I can say that I would not thrive this much in learning English without Anki . buy and download this app without any doubt . obviously there are some drawbacks . for example at the beginning I used this for studying medical lessons . it didn't work for me . but for learning a new language, I strongly recommend .

- Worth the money!

I’ve been using this app for study Japanese and it works like a charm. It works great and is worth the money. Better than writing out flash cards. One feature that would make it tons better would be to have the option of flipping the front and back of the card so you can learn it the other way around.

- Reliable cards & sync

Almost downloaded the other knockoff Anki app by accident — glad I confirmed the real app was this one. Not sure why people are freaking out about the UI, looks fine to me. More importantly, the app and syncing service works well. Happy to support both the official PC and IOS versions with a higher price tag rather than download that AnkiApp BS.

- The best learning tool there is.

This has proved to be an amazing app. The amount of stuff I can retain using Anki feels unbelievable for someone like me with poor long term retention. Currently learning academics from it, but would like to use it for languages etc. in future. A huge shoutout and thanks to the anki developers for such a useful learning tool, that you’ve kept mostly free of cost.

- New statistics view is a terrible step backwards

The statistics view in the most-recent version is terrible. It is more difficult to use because now you have to specify 1) what time interval you want and 2) whether you want stats for a particular deck or the whole collection *for each visualization*, which is tedious and inefficient. In the previous version, you could specify these just once at the top of the UI for all the visualzations. The new UI is a usability regression. Also, the new statistics UI has removed information. For example, it no longer shows you how many cards you have reviewed for each hour of the day. It still shows you your by-the-hour accuracy, but it used to show both. Again, this is a regression. Software should get better. It should become easier to use, not harder; it should provide more functionality, not less.

- The Best App I’ve Ever Downloaded

This app is an absolute lifesaver. In a pair of summer aquatic biology classes, I had to memorize more than 400 pieces of information about various aquatic organisms, including insanely complicated scientific names. I was able to use Anki to memorize everything I needed to know. Every student ought to have this app. I’m definitely using it during the school year next year.

- Never forget anything

This is hands-down the best flash card app if you want to remember things. You can create your own items and customize the review intervals for each of them. You’re also able to download shared decks, but the memory benefits will be much greater if you create your own decks of cards.

- Needs an update

As a medical student, Anki is basically a requirement. It’s how all of my classmates review material, but I wish this paid mobile app was kept up to date and new features were available. I know ankidroid is not the same developer, but features like whiteboard are much better than the scratchpad in the iOS version. Also, it has been months since the release of the newer iPads without an update to fill the iPad Pro’s new display.

- Great app BUT...why does it lower music volume??

EDIT: Oops I'm just an idiot. There's a setting that was causing my issue. See the developer's response! I love Anki and the app is great for everything EXCEPT for the fact that it lowers the volume on any music I have playing from my phone. This is really infuriating cause when I'm studying in public I can't drown out the sounds around me. Well...why don't I just turn the volume up then you ask? If I exit the app or sleep my phone I get a very loud and large blast of music in my ear. It's just super inconvenient and I'm surprised that no one else has brought this issue up. I'll change my review to a 5 star review if this gets fixed TT

- Great companion to the desktop app

I first started using Anki three years ago to memorize things in biology class, and it’s been indispensable to me ever since. I think that the best way to describe the benefits of spaced repetition is that it makes learning a choice rather than an uncertainty. I’m happy to pay the $25 for this app and wish that I could donate more.

- Instant buyer’s remorse

I know this app is research-based and very intelligent; using a scientific approach to memorization. I knew this before purchasing the app. But I was very disappointed to find that you can’t simply turn off all the controls. I want to simply make cards and review cards without the interference of the algorithms which for me are irritating and unhelpful. Anki, am I missing something? I don’t want a one time cram session solution. I want to turn off of controls and simply make decks and review them. No limits. No algorithms. Just let me scroll through my cards randomly. I used a more simple free app before this one. It worked great for a couple months. I LOVED it and learned super well! It got buggy after a little while though and I purchased this app thinking if I paid money I would deal with less bugs. Please help!

- Please make this FEATURE

I love this so much. I wanna suggest if it’s possible ... if say you made 4 pile of decks and you don’t know which deck you should get started reviewing on that day, Anki can somehow tells you which Pile of decks you are weak on and which pile of decks you are strong Or fairly ok on... so I can choose which decks to put my priorities & focus on over others.. Thanks

- thank you

It is a great app. I Have been using it for 9 years now. But In attempt to cram more features the developers sometimes impair the quality. Now Anki began to crash when I try to open statistics page. UPDATE: My issue with the crash has been promptly fixed. Thanks for that. I am happy with the app again.

- Revolutionized how I learned

Can’t help but give total credit to my learning in medical school to this app. Extremely helpful with its spaced repetitions and I can’t believe how well it’s timing helps me remember things LONG TERM. I would honestly pay hundreds of dollars for this considering how much it helps me and how little it actually is compared to my med school tuition.

- Almost there

First of all I never understood why this app for IOS users has to be paid. Suggestion: it would be nice if we could choose how many cards we wanna see per section, because in my case I like to study 3 times per day, but the app doesn’t allow that and yes I get to choose only the amount of cards “in general” per day. Create sections for us and I will be more than happy. The rest works fine, the best app for flashcards ever.

- Great, but could be better.

Recently, randomizing cards has been a hit or miss; sometimes resetting the options frim show cards in order to show cards randomly works flawlessly, and sometimes it only randomizes a couple of cards and I'm back to seeing my cards shown in the order it was created. Also, it would be nice if Anki mobile could export selected decks, instead of the whole collection.

- Should be zero stars

Unless you have a laptop that supports the regular app you shouldn’t get this. I can’t do anything with this! I try to import decks, but i can only import from iTunes which means I would have to figure out how to import things to itunes. I also cannot change files to apkg or colpkg so I can’t import regular downloaded files. Also, there is no option to add the Japanese support plugin. I can’t use this app, and I would like a refund if possible. I will be deleting this app unless these issues are fixed.

- Success in medical school

This is a terrific companion to the desktop client that, after it’s set up, provides a set of professional features that aren’t available on normal iOS apps. Its sync is perfect. The “Tools” list provides a feature set I only thought the desktop client would offer.

- Thanks for the new upgrades

I was not using the app for reviewing my cards as I used the desktop version but after the upgrade I really like it and I will use it frequently now. The only important missing part is add font coloring option. Please it is very important for memorization

- This app is okay.. it has a couple of things that need work

It’s really fast and easy to make the flash cards but they don’t give you an option to review them the order you made them. That really bothers me. Why does it only review randomly?! It’s such a simple feature. Wish I had known that before I bought it. Probably won’t use again after this exam. I’ll try another app.

- Good but not perfect

I recently found Anki through internet research and have been using it throughout this whole semester on my laptop I just recently downloaded the mobile version and while I am in pressed for the price it is it should be completely Bug-free. There’s no reason the audio files from my flashcards should have any problems playing for what I paid.

- Great App! Needs a fix!

Anki is the best app out there to create flashcards! However, the app version (especially iPad, since bluetooth keyboard can be used) does not allow the arrows to be used. For example if I want to chance the cursor back and forth to edit a word or a sentence, I cannot use the arrows in my keyboard to do so. It can get very frustrating. PLEASE FIX!!!

- More features needed for app

Please include more features on the mobile app. I would like to have the same options available on the app that I have on the desktop version. For example, I can't change the total number of cards I review each day on the app. I have to go to the desktop version to do this. I would love it if you included this in the next update!

- How to use your time wisely

This application has changed the way that I use my phone. Instead of wasting twenty minutes on Instagram on the bus. I spend that time studying for the MCAT. It allows me to study at any place and for however long I have. Great way to use my phone addiction to my advantage!

- Well worth the money

Don’t let the price scare you. It’s not a subscription so actually isn’t that expensive when you think about it, and it is one of the most effective tools out there for learning. If you’re a language learner like me it’s a must have.

- Flip Option

Please add an option so we can see the back of the card, for example after we saw the question we go to the answer page, we can see the previous page again Sorry for my English:)

- Best app for Spaced Repetition

It’s a great app for creating generic flash cards for memorizing just about anything. I’ve used it for English vocab, foreign language learning, and geography. Much more flexible than any of the competitors and there’s an online repository of shared decks. Works best if you create your decks on a desktop version (cross platform and free).

- Does not recognize cloze. Literally unusable

Just bought this app, I’m using the anking master card type (popular deck from med school anki) and this program does not recognize the cloze, making each flashcard entirely worthless. Every time I open a card The cloze will appear as {unknown field c1::”answer”}, rather than [...] as it does on the computer. Not this is not a user input error, everything works fine on my computer, it is a issue with the app. Please fix this issue so I can actually utilize this app.

- Incredibly helpful app, but the update created issues

I’ve been using Anki almost daily for about six years, and it’s been the most helpful tool for me to learn languages. I love it. However, the update from yesterday caused unwanted scrolling to occur while typing in edits.

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『AnkiMobile Flashcards』 32分 #studyplus


『AnkiMobile Flashcards』 10分 #studyplus

AnkiMobile Flashcards 2.0.67 Screenshots & Images

AnkiMobile Flashcards iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AnkiMobile Flashcards iphone images
AnkiMobile Flashcards iphone images
AnkiMobile Flashcards iphone images
AnkiMobile Flashcards iphone images
AnkiMobile Flashcards iphone images

AnkiMobile Flashcards (Version 2.0.67) Install & Download

The applications AnkiMobile Flashcards was published in the category Education on 2010-05-27 and was developed by Ankitects Pty Ltd [Developer ID: 373493390]. This application file size is 29.01 MB. AnkiMobile Flashcards - Education app posted on 2020-08-25 current version is 2.0.67 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.ichi2.anki

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