Google Classroom

Google Classroom [Education] App Description & Overview

Classroom is a free service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google account. Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect—inside and outside of schools. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized.

Classroom is designed to help teachers create, collect, and grade assignments paperlessly, including time-saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to help keep everyone organized.

Students can keep track of what’s due on the Assignments page and begin working with just a click. Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom.

With the mobile app for iOS, students and teachers can view their classes and communicate with their classmates in real time. Students can open their assignments and work on them right from their iPhone or iPad. Teachers can keep track of who has turned in work and grade the assignment - at school or on the go. Students and teachers receive notifications when they have new content in Classroom, so they are always up to date.

There are many benefits of using Classroom:

Easy to set up
Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join. It takes just minutes to set up.

Saves time
The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review, and grade assignments quickly, all in one place.

Improves organization
Students can see all of their assignments on an assignments page, and all class materials (e.g., documents, photos, and videos) are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.

Enhances communication
Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Students can share resources with each other or provide answers to questions on the stream.

Affordable and secure
Like the rest of G Suite for Education services, Classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free.

Permissions Notice:
Camera: Needed to allow the user to take photos or videos and post them to Classroom.
Microphone: Needed to enable audio capture for recording videos to be posted to Classroom.
Photos: Needed to allow the user to attach photos or videos to Classroom. Photos or videos posted to Classroom will be stored on Google servers in order to show them in Classroom.

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Google Classroom Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Classroom Comments & Reviews

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- Horrible

This app has ruined soo many people’s life , we literally get bullied by the teachers all they do is send work that is a sign of bullying.

- Waste of time

This app is a waste of time and gets all of us students stressed

- Good

Good job

- Bc ion wanna do work at home

I Don’t Wanna Do Work At Home

- No

Just no

- Get the app removed


- Buggy

Buggy my assignments won’t show up

- Needs work for iPad Air 2

Please improve loading times

- Annoying app

Just annoying

- Pathetic

Delete this app expeditiously

- Not a very good app

This app glitches a lot, and has deleted my work many times.

- Bad

It lags and just a overall bad app

- Online classes

School is canceled due to the virus but this app is allowing my classes to continue so thank you 😊

- Google Classroom

This app glitches too much and its hard for students to send and do their work.

- 1 star

This app is terrible, it has to many glitches and is very negative.

- Love this app!

Super helpful for my students!! Thank you!

- Horrible App

Solo es gracias

- Google

Made me do work smh I’m on vacation

- Worst App for learning

This app isn't organized & doesn't let you know when you have over due work .

- Ew


- Why I don’t like this app

This app is not for me because I already have to deal with teacher talking all day with there hot coffee smelling breath the second reason the assign too much work knowing we got other classes.

- My opinion.

This app sends me too many notifications and my teachers send way to much hw tell the department of education to chill out bruh.

- No

We strike

- Very bad

If I can give this app 0 stars I will but I can’t my son sped days on this app because of a thing the teacher give him

- trash!!

Teachers keep assigning homework every two seconds like they act like I’m finna do they work. They r clowns. The whole app could smd. AND‼️it’s glitchy sl

- Terrible

I’m just writing this so that the app gets taken down and is students don’t have to do work.

- No Me Gusta

Disapproval due to the amount of lag occasionally, the fact that classroom kicks me outta the app as soon as I open it sometimes making me lose progress and having to re start an assignment which is BEYOND frustrating.

- 🤡

I’m tired of this shi why we getting I can’t sleep properly I get like 10 assignments per day

- Having some trouble

So I receive an email saying my teacher added a private comment. I’m having some trouble though because when I open the app it’s not there. It’s just a small bug I guess. The app overall is amazing though


I completely hate this

- I’m tired of this app it is always glitching

It is always glitching

- don’t like


- Jolie

It’s annoying worst than regular class #coronavirusneedstoend 😩😩

- Google Classroom

Always glitching everytime I go to my teachers classroom it kicks me out

- This app is bad it’s really bad

Please take this out of the App Store

- Homework

It lost all my progress of 10 days of writing

- I hate scool

School sukz

- girl.

this thing never works, 😍.

- Good App

Google Classroom is an excellent app. However, there are bugs and issues every so often.

- Terrible app

This app is terrible and decreased learning ability, I have used this before and attempted doing assignments but every time it crashes and glitches my phone to the point where I have to take the battery out, it is updated but does not help.

- Great App

Google classroom is a helpful, fun way to complete the work i need to get done. Especially during this coronavirus. With no school my teachers are posting all of my work on Google Classroom.

- doesn’t load

i’ve been trying to comment on posts and work & it says ‘error’

- Mam

I hate it codify

- Annoying

I get about 70+ notifications a day because of my teachers. Take it down.

- Very good

This app is very good even though you can’t edit files it’s useful to view when a teacher posts something. I’m also leaving a good review just because students are trying to take down the app.

- Wanna go back to school

Rather be at school then do this not to mention it keeps logging me out.

- Wow

I don’t like the app it’s really useless

- Scam

Warning its a scam i tried to do my work but ended getting booted off and loosing money

- Great app and website, but one suggestion for iPhone...

Hi there! I am loving this app. It is very smooth and responsive, and works just like the website. If there is one thing that I would really love to see, it is a back swipe gesture like when you click on an assignment, that would make the app even easier to navigate. Thank you!

- Very bad app

This app is very bad not recommended

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- Why did you make this

I hate school


For tik tok


Create a PDF document sucks on this app. I was doing a math problem, I was at the end of it and, it disappeared! Worst app ever seen in my life!

- sucks


- Bad

I don’t want home work

- Love It!

Love everything about it!

- Cancer

This app is horrible and slow homework sucks

- Corona time


- Sucks

All my work gets lost and my teacher doesn’t know how to teach. Fuck this app, she’s not good at using it and this app hates me. This app is slow and rude

- Rate this one star

My teacher gives too much homework and google keeps saying my projects are plagiarized and there not sooooo ya pls rate google class one star

- Gross

Homework ewww

- no

this is not a good app. 10/10 would not recommend

- this app makes me want to

rip my eyes out with a fork

- argh

nobody likes homework

- Stop

Rate it 1 star students untie

- Bad

It’s bad lmao

- This is literally trash

It is pointless and works way better on a computer

- Why not

I don’t wanna do work over break lol

- terrible hate it

it’s always crashing and not updating my feed

- ...

Worst app ever created

- Fuck

Garbage! It doesn’t even work on a chrome book it glitches and my teacher can’t post homework

- School making me depressed

You can’t get away from this monster. Get this app off the App Store by rating it 1. Students unite!

- Not impressed

It is so slow I can load a YouTube video and a Netflix show at the same time before this would load

- They don’t let me download the app. they say I have to pay so I give it a one star


- Review

This app is traumatizing

- Garbage


- Keeps on crashing, PLEASE HELP!

So, I use an iPad, I’m a student and it keeps crashing for me HELP ME PLEASEEEE

- Horrible app

It’s just a bad app it is useless, waist of time. Would NOT recommend.

- No

No good

- Yuck

I want to throw up

- bug

i can’t check my grades all at once. every time i try to open that feature the app crashes.

- Slow

Very slow and confusing to use for a lot of people.


Ruining my plans to do nothing at home

- Shi

stopping me from all the ways that I can upload a document.

- No

No online school because of the virus

- ew

throw it away lol

- Nah

I don’t vibe with it

- bad

racist and gave me aids

- Trash

It’s trash and pretty useless


0/10 very ghetto, would not recommend. ruined my quarantine experience.

- This sucks

TikTok anyone?

- Awesome

Very good for teaching kids

- Not recommended

Half of the time it doesn’t send

- bad

just no

- No homework

I don’t wanna do school

- Bad app

Really hard to use

- It’s annoying

This app is very annoying to use it can be very annoying when trying to import or load stuff

- Homework Sucks?

No. If you don’t like homework get out of school you incompetent lazy people.

- COVID-19

Bad app don’t download

- No

I dont want to study

- One review

It’s not working any more and I got classwork to do every Time I click on it it goes straight back out

- Hi

I honestly gave this a bad review because my teacher keeps making crappy jokes, this guy is like 40 and we’re in yr 10, the eff

- Let’s get this over and done with for tik tok

Honestly delete the app

- Bad

Terrible very glitchy and terrible can’t make classrooms

- Too slow

It took 1 hour for me to see a message sent by my teacher at this rate i would have missed valuable information.

- Apps keeps crashing

I cannot even open the app. It just crashes instantly!

- Not working on iPad

At the moment my school has shut down and I need to access google classroom but on my iPad and many of my family members and friends iPads it is not working you can get onto the class but then it says error

- Worst app EVER!

This is the worst app ever!!!! I would rate 0 stars if I had to!!!

- ew

let’s get this taken off the store

- 😡😡😡

You know normally its great but at the moment it keeps crashing and i cant look at files or open anything or upload anything and I’m really frustrated and angry and I get that it may be bc of the fact that everyone is using it at once since they’re all home with the whole COVID19 thing BUT I need it for school work and if it’s crashes I can’t use it!!!! and I need to use it!!! for schoolwork!!! please try and fix this as fast as you can! Thankyou

- Doing it just like the Chinese

Follow the Chinese and 1 star it so it gets removed

- it won’t load

it stays on the picture and won’t let me into the app

- It is time...

We need to follow in the steps of the Chinese students...

- Stop

I don’t like school work so, thanks for nothing.

- Classroom

Classroom is amazing Cbvgkii,Gyprocker pmgi7httyttttttdyunfgioyign

- Annoying


- Trash

Hopeless this app is gross I makes me want to throw up, the graphics and teaching

- No

Just no

- Google Classroom

Always glitches out and stops working

- It doesn’t work

The timetables never loaded and it would come through to me in foreign languages, even when I checked it was on English. This app does nothing and I would not recommend it.

- Bad needs to be removed

Need to be removed

- It’s Corona Time

It’s Corona Time

- Weenie

Poop nuggets, cheese Doritos

- Hmmm

Hmmm how did I get this

- Corona

This app is giving me school work when I school be asleep/self isolating from corona. It’s horrible! App’s like these are useful but in the time we are now... it needs to go

- Teachers Review

This app is terrible it shouldn’t be allowed at school. I wish to ban this app because of it’s terrible work, it also glitches so much! Delete this app right now!


Trash it gave my iPad a virus that deletes al my contacts and photos and it has a buch off adds that you can’t turn offf or skip or pay to turn off adds it not fun at all

- Tnxs

Thank you

- This is not good

Google classroom means I do work and work is bad so bad ap.

- It’s trash

Worst app ever

- Good

I used it on goggle chrome book and it was alright

- Trash

This app is garbage

- Mmm, I don’t think so... !!!

I am a student and we are constantly using this app. Sometimes when I press on a link from an email to google classroom it goes to the with screen with the logo in the middle and never goes to the classes page! This is a POORLY programmed app. Sometimes when our teacher gives us a QR code to scan it breaks down and will never ever ever bring me to the correct place. I now use it on safari and I am highly disappointed and disgusted by this app. Google, you have let me and so many other students down.

- Not usable

Buggy and crashes all the time

- 🤮

Disgusting application useless and annoying DELETE. THIS. APP. FROM. THE. APP. STORE

- No


- hey

Doesn’t let me join

- Rather drink bleach


- Agh, frustrating app

It is VERY tough to post or upload anything onto streams because there is so many details. As a teacher when trying to get the homework up or trying to quickly throw something on google classroom makes that very difficult.

- Enable an online classes video group chat or something


- Can’t get students to join

The class coded mix up and my class never gets to log in to my google classroom.If our school shuts down my students won’t be able to work pls fix this problem. Thanks

- Can’t Access My Class

I have a different google account in school to home, but I can’t log into my school account!!! 😾😤😫

- Great but there is a bug

It’s a great app but there is a bug where when you are editing an attachment from the teacher, it freezes every 5 or so minutes. The only way to fix this is if you force quit the app and restart your work. Please fix this soon as i am starting to get behind in work because of this issue

- Terrible

I hate you

- Utterly terrible

Complety terrible dosent work 99% of tht time :(

- Bad

It’s trash

- Bad


- The worst

I cry every single email I get.

- Classroom

This is a very good and fun app for teachers and kids

- Great App! I Have A Request

I love this app because it helps me and my class to get around faster! One request, can you have a like button (for students and teachers to show they like the learning) and a hear (for teachers if a student has done well with learning) teachers may be happy so that students and teachers can get compliments:D

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- Tough app

Lots of bugs on my phone and isn’t the same as in person

- Trash

It lags so much and I can’t write half the time

- Google classroom review

It’s not useful enough. I don’t think it helps me. This app is horrible. It doesn’t work offline

- It all good

The app it all good but it stresses me out with all the work 🥺

- Why

Why are we here just to suffer. This gives me no free time to do what I want and I am always stressed. Please take this down. :((

- I hate it

Please delete this app

- Dis app 🍑

Das just it it’s 🍑

- 1 star absolutely hate it

I’ve been a student for 9 years and google classroom has made them the worst nine years of my life

- Hate it here students don’t learn

Terrible app get it off the App Store wish i could put -100 stars but it forces me not too get it off the AppStore

- It’s doodoo

No one likes this app but teachers and parents. Let the kids have sum they want for once

- 🤮🤮




- Just terrible

This app is absolutely horrible it should not be on the App Store teachers are making students do homework over this outbreak in which they are already going through enough problems.

- this bothers me

This app bothers me because im sick i have a fever but my teacher still want me to do homework 📚

- Awesome

It’s so much better then always getting on google . Plus so organized!!

- Bad

It barley post work it takes to long very glitchy

- Why

Why was this thing ever made?

- No

I hate this app only because it’s making me do online school so no no no no :)

- This needs to be deleted off of the App Store it’s very bad app

This needs to be deleted asap

- Very anoying

It glitches an I was required to get it not happy

- Strike!!

We must hold strike

- Invades privacy

It wants all my data

- Ew school

Ew school

- Comments aren’t working

I’ve been trying to comment on assignment but it says oops there was an error please try again. And I can’t use it. I would be helpful if that was fixed. Thank you

- crash


- Work

Too much work, especially now that we have online classes

- Horrible


- Bad

Dont recomend its bad

- Complaint

It’s not helpful at all 😒

- Very buggy

This has a lot of good features. Like the adding classes feature and being able to see when things are due quickly and easily. However, it tends to lose a lot of my work. Also, when I type into the streams sometimes my teachers and peers are unable to see it.

- Not useful

Glitchy and buggy

- Taking over the lives of students

needs to give students a break

- pretty good

there’s a lot of people on it right now bc of the corona virus and it’s what all the teachers are using so it’s working but sometimes it’s rlly slow and doesn’t rlly work. but other than that it’s a pretty nice app

- This app is terrible

It’s so bad it gives me homework

- Delete google classroom

It’s boring it doesn’t help you learn rate: -1000000😘


It always bugging out and it won’t let me see certain things

- No do not download plz


- lags

too glitchy when i’m trying to do work

- .

Horrible app

- teachers

My teachers be blowin up my phone everything in this quarantine

- It ruins my life

The world was ending and still gives us work

- Really great app

Kids are trying to get this app deleted just so that they won’t have to do work just get your work done and graduate.

- Unbelievable

Hi my name is Karen and this whole mess is unbelievable, my child should not have to do work online ok. I’m part of the pta and my child is not doing anything to do with school until school opens again. You know what I would like to speak with your manager about this nonsense.

- Awesome

This has helped me a lot and is a very good app to us when you are dealing with a situation like the Coronavirus and can’t go to school....

- Google Classroom only adds stress to this already frightening pandemic

The education system in America is supposedly fair for everyone and everyone has the same opportunity however due to this COVID19 pandemic this is not the case. School is not in session students are forced to do their work from home some of which are filled with negligence, abuse, toxicity, depression. Some students are able to go home to their houses and worry about nothing they have a supportive environment, others are worried about how their parents will pay for bills, mortgages, groceries, basic necessities and schools around the country are adding even more stress into this by dropping immense amounts of work on the students and this is not a fair educational system.

- Bad bad bad

This is the worst app it gives viruses and bad bad bad things on ur phone it will hack u and steal ur beans

- Get taken off

If you see this review, please rate this app 1 star. It is a possibility that if it drops in ratings fast enough, it could get taken off the App Store and we might not have to do online school during quarantine. Please.

- Annoying

Really disturbing and overwhelming.

- Annoying

These teachers are annoying always spamming my phone with work Like yooooo chill out I want this out of the App Store Google classroom is effecting my sleep and mental health

- Bad


- Garbage

I feel the way Garfield does about Monday’s about this app if Garfield hated Monday’s 100 times more. I would not recommend this app to anyone. If I was in a room with hitler and the person who made this app and I had a gun with 2 bullets I’d shoot the person who made this twice, but then I would eliminate hitler with my fists and send him back into his grave.



- Bad

Ruined quarantine

- Garbage

The boys will not allow it

- Bad

Let’s be real no one likes homework

- Doo doo Head

Doo doo head

- No more online school

No school no school no school

- Easy

It’s so easy to use all you have to do are just right there for you. I think the teachers made good A good choice. I use this his app because the school closed cuz of the corona virus 😿 Though it’s great to use😁.

- Bad

It’s corona time and I don’t want work, who’s wit me??

- For TikTok

For tiktok


It’s good !

- it didn’t help

classroom didn’t help me at all

- Hmmmmmmm

Doesn’t work on iPhone 11

- A

Sold me

- Butt👎


- School

Just Steiner app all around lags and everything

- Homework turned into homeschool

I get an error when uploading PDF files then switching class groups

- Eh

Idk I really just don’t want to have to do schoolwork during COVID-19 so here we are

- Vary bad

So bad I want to throw up

- Gang gang gang

Poopy stinky

- I don’t want to do online school


- Sucks


- No

Hate the app it’s unresponsive and takes to long a definite one star❌

- HIV🤷‍♂️😭😤😤

This app gave me multiple strands of HIV. Now I have to push throw the HIV and do work my teachers have assigned.

- Fuckgoogleclassroom

Give it one star

- Not user friendly

Need to change the user experience

- Bad

Very bad

- trash

it do be kinda bad ngl

- Lame

it’s lame

- The app sucks


- Chriskelly vlogs sent me


- online classes

i don’t wanna do online classes while coronavirus wipes out the world

- Gay

This is gay.

- It’s corona time


- Rude

It’s offensive

- Terrible


- Half eaten Banana


- Class

Dosnt work well

- TikTok


- It’s just bad

I don’t like school ban this app

- Keep it

That gonna find a another way if this is taken off and this app works great and I don’t want a worse one

- Trash

It’s doo doo batter on a dumb dumb platter

- .

Borren esta bosta que quiero vacaciones

- I hate this

No one likes google classroom and only boomers use this so

- Bad

This app is slow, it lags whenever I use it, it needs some serious fixing

- Awful app

Not helpful

- Classroom es malo 😤😤😤

Classroom se traba y no puedo entrar. Recomiendo que la borren antes de que algun chico prefiera mozilla en vez de el puto google

- Seriously?!?!?!

This app sucks so much is destroyed my phone battery and stole all of my private information. So disappointed in google get your act together smh

- Review


- Failure

I hate this. Crap. Garbage. Shit. Stupid.

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- Good marvellous!

It’s very good that u can comment to ur teacher and ur friends and ask for help for ur homework when ur stuck on a question!

- Does not load updates and class comments

While good that this is available as an app, particularly as a teacher in these times, it is not reliable at all. None of the updates show up for days on the app nor do class comments. Please fix this bug.

- Not good at all

It’s not a good app. You need to constantly check to see if there’s homework up, for someone like me I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast this morning, so I won’t be able to remember that. I usually get 2 notifications about 2 days late, and by the time I see it, it’s due the next day! I wouldn’t recommend this at all unless you have good memory and can do job really quick

- Gs

Completely buggy not fictional at all

- Annoying!

Always crashes while doing work from editing the teachers slides! Deletes it all, no way to get it back if you didn’t save it before it crashed It’s extremely irritating and stressful as I have loads of work that needs to be done and spending an hour to achieve nothing is not something that anyone has time for! Also quite confusing to understand and still havnt figured out how to create a document even though teachers have been asking for us to do that Only get this is your school forces you to

- Google classroom

Very poor

- Crap

Way to laggy and glitchy

- Good but...

This is a great app but it freezes up a lot.

- Review

it just doesn’t open.

- Google classroom

i’ve being using google classroom for a while. Every time I do my homework it kicks me off and loses my progress. It has happened on my iPad and on my phone.

- Terrible

So slow to upload things

- Really Stinky

I absolutely hate this app. I can not stand it I hate it more than my non existent dad. Shut it down now. If you do not shut it down I will stage a silent protest by punching small school children in their dumb little heads.

- Doesn’t work all that well...

The app doesn’t work well...

- Crash’s can open app

It’s a great idea but needs work and needs to be more clear for teachers. Every time I try and open it it crashes and have to delete it and reinstall it. The lay out it’s very simple and it doesn’t help when teachers don’t know how to set it as a homework and you have to go through all the comments and other stuff

- Google

This is dead😘


Lags all the time and dosnet load all your tasks

- Best app ever

I literally like google classroom

- It’s not that great

Keeps Crashing

- Awful

My files won’t always link. The app is buggy constantly logging me out. Sometimes it just crashes. Not good at all for work. All these five star reviews are obviously bots.

- Don’t use it

Hard to use and it isn’t clear on how to set tasks for teacher

- Terrible

Mate it’s a app for homework what to u think man no one likes this

- It’s a really

Bad app like soooooooo bad who even wants this app so bad 🤬🤬

- Terrible

Schools should not be using this wased of time

- Great!

Been so helpful to keep in touch with students and set work! Students are finding it hard to upload files and pictures... might need to be clearer. Thanks

- so bad

worst app ever

- Not Functional

This app is terrible

- Tragic

School is tragic

- Stupid need to shut it down

Shut it down now

- Issues

The problem with Google Classroom is that obviously at the minute, schools are using this as a way to continue with work. However the app does not allow for easy communication with teachers/classmates as a pupil. It’s also annoying that there is no real submit teacher. It’s marketed as an online school app but really should just be used for announcements.

- 🤢

ion wanna do homework

- Take it down

Awful and glitchy 💀

- Jacob

It’s awful and I’m a teacher so I would know

- Itty bitty titty committee

This app is so bad

- Beneficial for teachers and students but..

I think google classroom is a great app but it keeps crashing on my iPad.

- Going round in circles

The app never opens or lets us log in. Tells us to download a security file, we do this and it goes back to the beginning, asking us to download it again. TEACHERS STOP USING THIS

- It’s awful


- :(

It’s lowkey kinda bad tho

- Bad

Terrible app very glitchy

- Great app

Great app that allows every family to get organised.

- Worst app ever

Please get rid of this app it is not working and I wanna do my work

- review

so awful and bad hate the app

- Decent


- Absolutely discostan

My son had received nudes from one of his classmates via this app and is probably going to be scarred for life this app has no safety filter and means anything could be sent into the chat. Absolutely horrible! -Linda

- Need online class instead

It hard to work off

- So bad



My teachers are giving me too much work please help

- Terrible

Simply awful, I hate this silly bloody app please remove the darn thing before I have to take matters into me own bleedin hands ye silly little buggers!

- Horrible

It’s so baddddddddd don’t use it take it off the App Store

- Boomers

If this gets enough 1 star ratings it gets removed from the App Store (p.s I don’t even have to do work because tests are cancelled and I’m leaving school I just want to help people out) Have a good day and STAY HOME

- bad

yeah just not good x

- Keeps crashing in the middle of drafting

This is driving me crazy! Every few updates Classroom will start randomly crashing in the middle of drafting a piece of work. This means I can potentially lose half an hour or more of meticulous drafting. Teachers are short enough on time as it is without frustrating technical issues from technology we should be able to trust. Seriously Google, sort out your game. This is not good enough.

- Wow

This was ok but I couldnt get on it was really qnnoying

- Bruh

As a student I use google classroom on a regular basis this app was great until recently for myself and multiple of my classmates google classroom continues to crash and freeze and in result we lose all of our work this is a really irritating bug please fix it.

- This app is so trash

This app is so trash if you use this app your Asian and Donald trumps step mum, i is dose think it’s this appp bad.👍


I have an awesome recommendation Okay Sorry I’m really excited *phew* alright you should make a part where you can personalise your classroom so you can change the background colour and picture thing but it can only see it on your device And you can only change it 3 times so people don’t change it during class time and get distracted Okay there I said it Ahh so good now BUT PLEASE DO THIS

- Bad

I can’t login

- Amazing

This app is amazing! I have been using it and I do work much easier on it and instead of my teacher having to tell me to bring me my iPad on Monday, she just sends it out on google classroom. It can be used on all devices and it’s free. I love this app. ❤️❤️❤️ GET IT NOW!!! 👍👍👍 Thanks people 😁😁😁 Just one thing, can you make it so I can see my results because it doesn’t let me. Athorwhises great 👍

- It is down at the moment

Can't even open a file

- Don’t like the New Update!

My class uses classroom a lot but ever since the new update everything takes foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to load and I’m finding it hard to upload my assignments now and the swipe up thing is really annoying! My rating was 5 star before the dreadful new update!

- Something Wrong

Might be contemporary, but we have somethings wrong: cannot invite students, cannot join the classroom even we re-do our class code again and again. Please help us.

- The latest update

The latest update and changed interface has been hard on my class of 5th graders. Using 1:1 iPads we use google classroom multiple times a day. Since the update, the app runs slower, the changed interface makes it easy for students “accidentally” delete documents which then wastes time as we have to go searching for them In their drive, they also have mentioned it’s more confusing to attach documents etc. I’ve also had a few complaints of work being deleted when typing on PDFs etc through the app. Made for lots of confusion and wasted time in the classroom.

- An idea for google classroom

In my experience, peers HATE finishing tasks on classroom, so an idea is that whenever you finish a task, you earn points. With those points, you could get stickers and add them to your ‘sticker collection’. When you collect all stickers, you get a prize to edit your avatar. It’s fine if you don’t implement this idea, but if you did I really would be amazed.

- Amazing.

Great app, I know where everything is and couldn’t be happier with it. and i oOp sKsKskSkSksK

- Bug

Google classroom is a good app for handing in all of your work, but when I hand in my work and check on it later, it says I haven’t handed in my work and my work is missing, even though I pressed the submit button on my work, making it look like I did the work late. Please try to fix this bug because it looks like I hand in my work late and I don’t do it in time, which can lower my marks. Thank you

- Great app - one alteration please

This is a great app that helps so much with keeping track of assignments and allows students to stay in touch with their teachers all the time. It would help a lot if you could please send out notifications when students make announcements and posts onto the classroom. This would be extremely useful as students would be able to see what other students have to say straight away, instead of seeing it when they access the classroom later. It would also allow me to not have to tell my teacher to post important information during group assignments and what not.

- Wonderful, bit 1

I love the new Cake google Classroom. But Sometimes It takes 100 years to load.

- Great App

I love this app! It makes is so easy and clear to turn in your work as a student!

- Nice but a bug

This is a great way to apply homework for the students to do but there is an exception. When you upload it on homework task, it wouldn’t load please fix this thx👌



- Bad

Deletes everything

- Excellent

Ever since I started using google classroom it has made my life so much easier.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😻

- Lost all my work

I lost all my work because of this app it’s very bad

- You app don’t stop to crash

You app just close when I’m writing something and it’s really annoying so fix it and fast

- At times, glitchy.

It’s hard to get the same size font on documents on google classroom and when it glitches, everything you haven’t yet saved is lost.


It would be better if you made it possible for IOS to archive or delete a class

- Great, but one thing.

I’m currently using this app for all my school work and homework. It works great and the notifications are fine, as I always get them. So, I haven’t come here to hate on the app. I’ve come to make a suggestion. Make. A. Search. Bar. Like I’ve said, the app works like a charm and is great for all of my school work, but the amount of times I’ve had to search so far back in the stream to find a certain post... I just can’t count them. So, in summary, it’s a great app and I recommend it for any teachers out there trying to organise their class work and homework, but add a search bar!

- Very helpful

My school uses this instead of our proprietary system, and it’s so much easier to use!

- It’s great 👍

It’s a great app to share your work on, ask questions and more. I use it all the time and have most of my work on it!! 👍😀

- It is great!

As a student I really like having google classroom in our classes. It is so easy to use and teachers can tell you things that they forgot to in class and the work bar is really useful to organise what we have due. Google classroom has been amazing since I have started using its in year 5/

- Amazing

This app can be used by all different ages/people. My teacher always submits my homework on here and it works like a charm. I highly recommended this app. And I think a lot of other people would agree with me. Thank you google for making this great app for children, teens, adults and elderly people. Download this app and I can tell you now, you won’t regret it. Sienna, age 11

- very angry

keeps crashing when i’m doing my work and because it doesn’t have auto save i have to start again. not very happy

- Great and all but...

Make the profile picture fit the screen fully please

- Google class room

I love ❤️ google class room

- I love Classroom but

this app is VERY slow.

- Just another way for Google to get downloads...

I just started school, and I noticed that any assignments will make the notification sound, show up, and when I go to view them, there’s nothing...

- Awesome

Use it so much

- Its good but we need to talk.

Here’s the thing so at my school we use it a lot and it normally great but very recently it’s started to do this thing where it doesn’t load and crashes so it really hard to find my assignments. But overall its pretty ok.

- Loading time

Can you please make the loading time quicker? I have to wait for 15 seconds after I tap the class for it to load. I only have one class! Otherwise, the app is good.

- So...

Well it assists teachers, and therefore - its the worst app in history. But it works :(

- Great job

I love it, it helps me and my classmates interact and help each other with our learning. Overall it is a great app and recommended for schools

- Amazing!!!!!!

easy way to get to my students

- Very helpful

It is great I’m in year six and for our assignments if we don’t have our info we can easily access it and very helpful



- Simplifying a Teacher’s Life

I love this app! It has literally made my life so much easier! Not only am I saving paper and ink, but I’m also keeping track of everything I’ve done with my students and how they’re performing! I love how they can message me if they don’t understand a particular task and how I can send them notifications and reminders. It’s also great because they can’t lose sheets or assignments set! No excuses! They can also easily access notes and examples given, to revise and complete tasks. Brilliant app!

- I ❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖📚🤓🤓🤓🤓🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🏫📒📔📓📕📗📘📙📖📚School and homework

Awesome 😎 homework 📚 it’s sooooo fun not boring

- Google classroom

I like that us children can make our own google classroom!

- Very helpful!

Google classroom is ESSENTIAL if you want to do good in your schoolwork. It is so organised, and it’s just perfect! It helps me to get all my assignments on time (possible a little early), reminds me what I have to do, and gives me work to do when I’m sick or at home. This is a MUST NEED!

- Freya Barwick

It is fun to use for homework and to upload fun things

- Really good

I love it all my class uses it but the only thing I don’t like is you can’t write a private comment to a student other wise I LOVE IT❤️

- Really good

I love it all my class uses it but the only thing I don’t like is you can’t write a private comment to a student other wise I LOVE IT❤️

@ShakeUpLearning: They are done and available here: Share wherever you need! #googleclassroom #remotelearning

eu nem tenho memória p baixar google classroom 😠

Me uní a un google classroom de one direction y es mi clase fav, debería hacer uno para larries?

@SuptJaraCCSD @ClarkCountySch Students use Google Classroom to access lessons. Why do they need to print everythin…

@Whereisblockaye: Deleted google classroom...I don’t need that kinda negativity in my life

@Google and @amazon should pay for WiFi- fed has subsidized them and turned a blind eye to their tax evasion, how a…

@ksolisx: let me go delete blackboard and google classroom

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Google Classroom iphone images
Google Classroom iphone images
Google Classroom iphone images
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Google Classroom ipad images
Google Classroom ipad images
Google Classroom ipad images
Google Classroom ipad images
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Google Classroom (Version 2.2020.12205) Install & Download

The applications Google Classroom was published in the category Education on 2015-01-13 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 170.05 MB. Google Classroom - Education posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 2.2020.12205 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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