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Google Classroom [Education] App Description & Overview

Classroom is a free service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google account. Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect—inside and outside of schools. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized.

Classroom is designed to help teachers create, collect, and grade assignments paperlessly, including time-saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to help keep everyone organized.

Students can keep track of what’s due on the Assignments page and begin working with just a click. Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom.

With the mobile app for iOS, students and teachers can view their classes and communicate with their classmates in real time. Students can open their assignments and work on them right from their iPhone or iPad. Teachers can keep track of who has turned in work and grade the assignment - at school or on the go. Students and teachers receive notifications when they have new content in Classroom, so they are always up to date.

There are many benefits of using Classroom:

Easy to set up
Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join. It takes just minutes to set up.

Saves time
The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review, and grade assignments quickly, all in one place.

Improves organization
Students can see all of their assignments on an assignments page, and all class materials (e.g., documents, photos, and videos) are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.

Enhances communication
Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Students can share resources with each other or provide answers to questions on the stream.

Like the rest of Google Workspace for Education services, Classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes.

Permissions Notice:
Camera: Needed to allow the user to take photos or videos and post them to Classroom.
Microphone: Needed to enable audio capture for recording videos to be posted to Classroom.
Photos: Needed to allow the user to attach photos or videos to Classroom. Photos or videos posted to Classroom will be stored on Google servers in order to show them in Classroom.

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Google Classroom Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Classroom Comments & Reviews

- Good but annoying

Hello everyone so I just think that Google classroom to be so annoying at times and I am it’s just pretty frustrating and it never works the way you wanted to like it never does work as fast as you want to like for instance let’s say that you want to do an assignment and you have to wait like 30 minutes because it has problems assignment assigning him work so it is pretty annoying to have to wait that long to assign the work that doesn’t really take that long for other apps so it is pretty annoying to have to do all that make all that stress. It is so annoying if you don’t know how it works like your first time person using Google classroom and it is pretty frustrating if you don’t know how it works like a couple years ago I didn’t know how it worked so it’s very frustrating to learn the hard way to use it and I’m not trying to make Google classroom feel bad but if they are reading this and listening to it I’m going to give it a two star out of five because I think it’s not the worst app but it’s not the best app either so it’s just I have to use it because it’s a good resource to do your work but it’s it’s very glitchy and doesn’t always work right so I’m gonna give it a two star or five because I think they can put a little more tweaks on there so it could be a bit better than it is right now so thank you for for listening to my review and I will give this a two star out of five.

- Good app, could be improved

I’ve been using Google Classroom since 4th grade, and I don’t see any major problems with it. Frankly, the app’s reviews are only so bad because a bunch of students are sulking about having to use it for school. I receive notifications on my iPad when new assignments are posted, and that’s super helpful especially during distance learning so I know what I have to do. Despite many reviews saying that the app crashes or doesn’t load, it works just fine for me on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Google Classroom is a useful app for both teachers and students for posting and organizing assignments. However, I do wish that there you could upload several files at once. Now, I have to upload one at a time and, depending on the size of the file, it can take a bit long (15 seconds). Also, my Google Classrooms aren’t always the most organized (not the app’s fault), so it would be great if there was a search bar. If I needed to find an assignment, I could search up its name and it would show up. Finally, right now I can’t find a way to edit my comments. This isn’t a big error, it’s just annoying. If I want to change something small I have to delete it and write it all over again. All in all, the many horrible reviews are unjustified in my opinion. Google Classroom is a very good app and doesn’t deserve all the 1-stars it’s getting.

- Has a lot of potential

I think this is a great tool for what it’s designed to do. Does that mean it’s the best tool out there? Well, not quite. It has a lot of potential to be something great, however, constant bugs among other things brings it down. I’ve been noticing that I can’t edit an assignment from any device, except for my computer once an assignment has been released. This gets very frustrating when, as a teacher, I need to add a couple quick pictures to my assignment from my phone, and I’m bot allowed to. I’m constantly told that since it was originally scheduled, it’s past the assigned date, and I need to take off the scheduling, so I do. However, once I do that, it always tells me that something went wrong, and I can’t save the edited assignment. This happened to me today, and while it doesn’t usually bother me too much, it was beyond frustrating and stressful. My school suddenly shut down today so many students didn’t have any materials at home such as textbooks. I took some pictures, and was trying to upload them during my lesson, but I have to teach 5 different grade levels simultaneously. You can imagine my stress levels when I had 5 different grades asking for help in math at the same time while I was trying to figure out how to get my pictures posted as quickly as possible. Again, I think this app has a lot of potential, but it’s not being nurtured like it could be.

- Good app, but what's with all the negative reviews for?

So since the coronavirus we have been doing online learning. I've been using Classroom for school and post secondary program that I do. It's pretty efficient and let you turn in assignments, gives notifications when a teacher posts and assignment, and everything else it's supposed to do. And for those of you who are complaining about too many notifications, that's all on your teacher not the app. Of course there are problems that do occur, but that's because so many people are using the Internet during the pandemic. Besides, if classroom went away, then schools and organizations would have to search for a different way of doing it, which may be hard than you already know. I use voiceover which is a screen reading software for blind and visually impaired people. The navigation with voiceover is pretty good on the app in my opinion. I also like how it uses Google calendar so you can be reminded about assignments. So for those of you who make fake negative reviews, stop it! It won't help you or anybody else, in fact it will only make it worse. You do realize that we also have the online version of Classroom right? Of course not all apps can be perfect, but this is crazy how people are just spamming it was one star reviews.

- This app needs help

Let me just start off by saying it really seems like it’s the only choice for most schools because teachers barely know how to turn on their computers. This app is decent enough, everything seems clear. However I really only use the app to turn in assignments either last minute or to turn in my calculus assignments (pictures of my paper work) this is my biggest problem is turning in assignments as pictures. For starters you can only choose one picture at a time. So for example let’s say you have a 10 page calculus problem set to turn in, you have to upload each picture individually and then once you do so, it doesn’t even tell you that it is there. So you’ve got to hope it’s there, then do the rest of them. Not to mention the confusion when submitting anything that isn’t a picture. I.e. docs, drive, slides, literally everything has to be complicated in one way or another. I don’t think there is much I could say that would make the UI developers want to fix this so it’s pretty much just a rant. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

- A student’s perspective

Google classroom as a website is useable but can be very frustrating to navigate and find assignments that are missing with no “missing work” folder or anything like that. The app takes all your frustration from the website and doubles it. All the flaws from the website remain while adding many on top of it. If you want to do any work on mobile devices to bad, the navigation on this app is terrible not helped by the impossible input lag and extremely long load times to even just view and assignment let alone do one. What makes this even worse is the team that made this has barely touched it sense it came out, this app has been unusable for years and continues to get worse as the hardware in my phone slows down. As a 14 year old I can’t afford to buy a new phone every few years and am currently using an iPhone 8 which is about a year old right now. From day one of me getting this app it has been nothing more but reminder to do school. What makes this even worse is the fact I do online school, I’m fortunate enough to have a personal computer that’s able to do what I need it to without much struggle but if a student had to learn from a mobile device with this app they would have extreme lag problems. Even testing this app on an iPad (6th gen) I was extremely laggy to the point I would be spending 5 minutes to even load into one class. This app is a disaster and needs to be fixed ASAP

- Awesome app but one thing....(Devs Plz read)

Google Classroom is one of the best school apps I have used. It is easy to navigate, and its very interactive. I had never had a problem with it in my life until now. During COVID-19 almost all of us have had our work done on Classroom. I don’t know if this affects anything but let me say this, to turn in work is a huge problem. I have never realized this before but since all of my work is now on Classroom, it has been nearly impossible to keep track of what has been turned in or not. I’ve tried using the Calendar feature in Classroom to keep track but sometimes the work doesn’t show up on there. What happens to me is that I do the work, then I move on to different work and end up not turning the first work in. This usually happens when there is no work attached to the turn in button but instead to the actual assignment. I finish it, but then forget to press “Mark as Done”. Even then, sometimes when I know I have turned it in, it DOESN’T TURN IN. In the end I still do think this app is awesome. Besides from the above complaint it is very easy to do things like organize work or talk with your peers( stream ). But developers, please please add a a feature where it makes it easier to know if you still have to turn something in. I think it would greatly help everyone using your app.

- Review from a student

Hi, I'm currently enrolled as a student who uses your software and I would like to inform you that your program is very slow and frustrating when it comes to loading my projects and assignments. Due to this fact, I have to explain to my many teachers why this might be an issue for the average student who uses google classroom. Although, on the other hand, this app is actually very easily accessible and organized. But, of course, there is constant bugging out and lag while it be during the loading process or even lagging out your to do assignments. In addition, I do very much enjoy this new to do list feature it comes with its own various problems as this feature always messes up my assignments and never shows them when it’s due or what class I need to do it for which is really irritating as I'm at the level now where I have a lot of teachers making it hard on myself to figure out this whole new concept. Plus, it's a lot more unpleasant since we're all in this COVID atmosphere making it really difficult to even try to learn or pay attention during class time. I've noticed myself that a lot of my classmates and I haven’t been doing a lot worse this year due to the fact of this website. This program is very unhelpful and honestly really confusing when it comes to the constant bugging and lagging of it's software and app usage overall. ~ Rose 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

- better than on school issued computer

As much as I hate to say it, this app is actually a lot more helpful to me than doing it on our school issued computers. I know people are giving Google Classroom bad reviews because they want it to be taken off of the App Store so that they don’t have to do their work, but I prefer using this app to using the computer, because number one, you get notifications, number two, when you open the app, it shows you what’s due, and number three, I don’t have a million tabs open like I do on my computer. Anyone I know will tell you that I hate school, but I actually quite enjoy using this app to do school work on my phone. It’s way more compact than a computer, you can take it anywhere and don’t have to worry about wifi, everything is right there and easy to use, and it’s just less to carry overall. In fact, just today I was able to finish two assignments from my phone while I was in the car thanks to this app. I definitely recommend the Google Classroom app to anyone who uses it, but also anyone who has a busy life or doesn’t have a lot of free time to sit down and work on school.

- Everyone is wrong

I think Google Classroom is fine if you don’t wait to turn in your assignments at the last minute. I can rearrange my classes in the order I want. For the person complaining about file finding: your teachers hold the extent to how organized the online classroom is laid out. They can make sections and place materials or assignments under the section, making the correlating assignments/materials easier to find. *Although a search bar function to find a particular file would be nice.* It takes less than a few seconds for a PDF to be uploaded, a few seconds for a DOC to be uploaded, not too much time. The person complaining about google taking too long costing them late assignments: that’s your fault, don’t go until the last minute maybe? Take the late, own it, it’s whatever. Maybe you can talk to your teacher about the slow upload, I don’t think the teacher will find it amusing. I have had assignments turned in late because Google Classroom seems to upload things slower if I’m on a time panic haha. So perhaps the uploading time could be reduced in some way, I’m not an expert. Overall, organized app with little to no glitches.

- Google classroom app for the blind in the visually impaired community.

I really do love this app, because it is very accessible to those with visual impairments, I also like the fact not only that you can do a Google dock while working on any assignment at the exact same time, but you can also do it through Google forms as well, because Google forms are a lot better for those with visual impairments. So, if any of you guys out there are visually impaired or blind like me, you should definitely try out the Google form, because the Google form will be definitely better for you, but if you want to continue working with the Google dock perspective, then I am fine with that. Also, I really do not know why people are writing bad reviews, if any of you guys out there are writing a bad review, then I would suggest you guys go back to the review section and try it again, because what I am seeing right now, it’s absolutely not good at all. Anyways. I really do appreciate this app, thank you guys for your service, and please continue to make this App more accessible for those with visual impairments, and thank you for your time.

- Been using for 2 years now and it’s awesome!

I have been using Google classroom even before the pandemic in school and I love it. Very awesome way to turn in assignments from home since a lot of people are doing online learning and teachers can grade it and leave comments just like regular school. But the thing that shocked me was all the one star reviews! I love Google classroom and I am very comfortable with it! People are very toxic about it and I see no problem with the app! A lot of positive stuff came out of this app and the people that rate it one star are not human. It’s probably there internet or it’s the teachers but before the pandemic barely anyone used it because they didn’t think the would have to do online learning. So give the teachers a break! I was confused at first but through the months I started getting used to it, and the teachers are getting used to it to. So if there is something wrong with your classroom than don’t just rush over to the App Store to file a complaint, that’s just being impatient and toxic. And I feel bad for google because they deserve better than one star.

- Could be great with some fixes!

As it stands right now, this is a terrible app. I just lose so much work on this app, because of the following issue: It COULD be a great app, except that it refreshes every single time you leave the app, so unless you were working in an automatically saving doc within the program, anything you were doing gets lost. Don’t use this app unless you are sure you won’t have to navigate away from the page. It really only works as a secondary tool, as such. As a teacher, trying to grade using the app is better in theory than practice, due to this refreshing issue. If you have to exit for a few minutes and come back, you must click through to find your place again. So annoying! Also, I’d have given it two stars if it had a Notification Center. Come on. You can’t keep clogging up my email inbox, but I can’t turn off those notifications until there is a steady place to get them within the website and as reliable push notifications. Get a good notification center and fix the stability when leaving the app, and you’ll have a 4-star app. Automatic saving happens EVERYWHERE else in Google suite products. Why not here? You’ve set it up for teachers and students to waste their time with this app.

- VERY FRUSTRATING, but what other choice do we have?

Now, I believe google classroom is probably the main platform for teachers and students to connect during... whatever the heck is going on in the world. As a student, I do find it very hard to turn in assignments, and even more frustrating when I get useless notifications for classes I don’t need to be informed about. I do wish there were more notification options for specific classes, but putting that matter aside, I want to talk about the problem with opening other software. I have opened a new tab, personally searched up the website I needed to use that was attached to the assignment, click the homepage of that website, go to log in, logged in, and went to the main assessment, all while in another tab, DIRECTLY from the google classroom assignment, it was still loading. I don’t understand if it’s a bug, but whenever I go to a website from an assignment, it really takes longer than it should. Also, while no it’s not right, it’s kinda cool that there’s probably some 12 year olds spamming the 1 star so they don’t have to use classroom anymore. It’s overall a decent app, and no, as a student I do not like it, but that is just my opinion, probably among hundreds of thousands.

- don't recommend

Honestly speaking this app is pretty unreliable and not very convenient. It spams you with multiple notifications for an assignment a few minutes before it's due, 1. How does that help the user, if your only notifying a few minutes before 2. One notification is more than enough. Also after an assignments due date has passed it is no longer shown in the to-do list that appears on the side of each class which makes the to-do list sorta useless because you don't really know what you have to do. Also many times the 'added' docs or drive folders to an assignment have been deleted or blanked out for me many times, or it'll show on my side but not on my teachers. It also doesn't notified me when a teacher has sent me a private message on an assignment and it won't notify my teacher when I answer so it takes a lot of time to communicate with teachers when they tell you ' only use google classroom to communicate with us'. Overall there are a lot of negative aspects to this app that make the learning process just that much harder. I will admit though it does the job you need done but also over complicates the process to an unnecessary degree which is why I feel a 1 Star review is fit for this app.

- Very good! I use it all the time!

You can tell what I would say by the title but I am going to tell you anyway! I am a student, I use it everyday to do homework or comment an assignment to ask for help! This app helps us, especially at this time. With Corona virus going on, it’s a very hard choice to keep your kids in school, with all their classmates and teacher! I love this app and it’s very good! As I said before. It’s pretty easy to turn in your homework. Just press the button “turn in” and it will automatically turn in your homework! Then your teacher can grade it. Your teacher could also put up stuff to study for a quiz or she/he could put up the quiz! One more thing since this is getting long. You can share stuff by copying and pasting the thing you want to share onto the commenting or announcing thing. That’s all, what I really am trying to say is that sometimes it’s slow but sometimes it’s perfect and also it’s perfect for this year - 2021 - and last year - 2020 - which was an awful year. Anyways thank you!

- Great app but a lot of hate from school haters!!!

I love how I can talk to my tutor or mentor for help and how I meet people from different places since I can’t go to school because my school and parents are trying to keep their family safe so I hate how people are hating this app I hope an higher rank can call them out and to all people leaving an bad review without an reason just be grateful that you won’t die and get anyone sick please stop this and I know you guys hate school but your also shutting an high level school app that helps u and others but you MUST have an reason(s) !!! Just stop YOU are hurting OTHERS with your actions I am a fan of school because I care for others and not hurting them , please think before you speak . Thank for making this app or else I wouldn’t even be alive with an brain!! Also thanks to the creator of google classroom I know that you are dealing with hate and horrible notes I hope you continue to stay strong and don’t let this app get shut down . Your dearest fan, Someone

- 😌✨

This app is great for me because sometimes my chrome book doesn’t load, so I’m not able to do my assignments. With this app I can still do all of them and not get in trouble, I just might be counted absent from a class for not being on the google meet (I have the meet app as well) the classes are nice an organized (on the class screen where it shows all the classes) and it’s easy to find and turn in assignments. My only complaint though is that I was recently invited to another classroom and I accepted the invite on my chrome book. When I went to the classroom app on my phone the new class didn’t show up, I’d rather not have to delete the app and re download it and sign in again, so could you see if there’s a way to fix this problem? I saw another review saying it was very hard to turn in assignments, it really isn’t. All you do it go to the classroom’s assignment page again and click the “turn in” button and boom it’s turned in. Otherwise this is a great app!

- I have a problem but overall it’s pretty good

I’ve been using google classroom for my online school so I’ve been using it for a couple months. Honestly I have no real problems other than the notifications. I personally like using notifications on my iPad so I can know when new assignments are posted and just announcements in general. The problem is though that the notifications come a bit later then when the assignment is posted. I expected them to come as soon as the assignment was posted but I noticed that it comes a bit later. It’s happened a couple times now. I mean it’s only a couple minutes so it’s not that bad but I’ve read reviews that said it’s been a lot longer or even a couple minutes before the assignments due. This problem should be fixed quickly because it’s a problem many people have. Not just me but a bunch of people. People are also getting their assignments late and honestly that’s not something good. Thank you for reading this and I hope you fix this problem quickly.

- Well

ok i know everyone was giving it 1 star cause like it was a trend or what not, but there are some real issues that just really made me uninstall. 1 is the fact i don't have notifications and when i do, it's usually last minute like "hey you have world history honors assignment due in 1 minute." and i was astonished at how google advertises V.S. how it actually is. 2 is how there so many controls for it and sometimes blacks out, or just freezes not just the app, but all together. my phone included. this app needs serious rework done to it. i just thought the 1 start reviews really was just the trend, but me and several thousand others have the same issues, which is why this app is getting 1 star. i mean if you are gonna develop an app, program, do it right, or at least fix what needs to get fixed, and listen to your "reviewers" if you would do it right the first couple of times, this app would be better. but until then, you should take the app down for some MAJOR reconstruction if you will. i think there's still time to whip this app back into shape. it's not us who can do it, but google, it's you. please fix this the teachers trust you, and never listen to us

- recommended!!

so all these reviews are bad reviews because since google classroom is a app used for online class, kids just wanna get rid of it. I'm a middle schooler myself using google classroom because of covid-19, and its amazing! i do it from my laptop, but having it on a phone as well is very, very useful! you get notifications if you're teacher posts an assignment, returns and assignment, grades something, and many more!! it’s also really helpful if you use GOOGLE MEET! if your teacher has the google meet link attached to their profile, if your laptop isn’t loading, joining on your phone is very helpful! no issues what so ever. 4 stars instead of 5 because there is one thing i want to say. let us change our profiles pictures no matter what account or device we are using!! ok, but other than that, AMAZING!!! don’t listen to the negative reviews, there 99% kids that just hate school and want to get rid of it. so i’ll stop talking!! i know it was long, but google classroom is the best!! <3 keep it up!!💕

- Google Classroom

I do not why so many people are giving it negative reviews. This app works very fast and people who say it is glitchy and slow, probably just have either bad network connection or slow technology. This app is a great format for my classroom since I am doing online school. This app helps not waste paper and my teachers seem to enjoy it. Even though I am still figuring out new features from updates it is a great app. This app has helped me stress less about school since I’m doing it online. It’s an easy and cool format to use. The only improvement I would make is that when doing work we should be able to upload to google drive without going through a lot of work. Other than this the app is great especially for my school. I give this app 5/5 stars. It’s very efficient and easy to use. Any teacher or student would love this app. I’m a student and so far this app has been great. Overall google classroom is a great app! 👍😃

- Average but needs more work

This app obviously is very average, it is fine and gets the job done. And I’m not writing this review just to have it one star, because it’s been affecting my grades. Recently, it has been super glitchy for me. I will turn in an assignment, but a few minutes later, it will say I never turned it in. The first time this happened, my teacher gave me a bad grade because of this. Also, when I mark something as done (because sometimes we don’t need to attach documents or anything) It shows up as missing. This has caused me a lot of anxiety lately, because I don’t know whether my assignment is actually going to show up or not. It also doesn’t let me attach slide shows, which has been a hassle for me to get the slide shows in. I have to say that if Google is running a huge company, I think they can afford some extra tech support and tweak a few things so that it supports more users all at once without glitching out or not showing our assignments as done. This has been really annoying to me and surely they can make a few changes to make it easier for students to not feel extra stress on top of the pandemic.

- My perspective

I am someone that uses this application for daily assignments, I can see that, most people rated it 1 star. But I hope someone may find this review helpful. Google Classroom seems to be a easy-to-use app for me. It has a good interface on the desktop. I strongly recommend teachers to use this app as it is perfect for distance learning. 1. There are a range of 3rd party educational platforms that uses Google for authentication and Google classroom to automatically grade student’s assignments, such as Quizziz. 2. The interface is excellent. It shows the assignments you need to do on the stream tab, and all the assignments on the class work tab. 3. There is a email feature that you can toggle to let google classroom to send you notifications of updates on any of your assignments, comments on posts, and any new posts on the stream page. Overall, the app is very easy-to-use and I strongly recommend schools to use this app. Thank you.

- Great app for moms on the go and kids have to virtual learning

I am a VERY busy mom and can’t stay home all day for my kid to do virtual learning. I have to go the store, take kids, to practices, tutors, de, dentist and all the crap is mothers have to do. This app has been a godsend to me to be able to be on the go but still have my kid(s) participate without having to be stuck and home stressing how your going to do all this when you kid(s) have different class times, days and all the other add ones to our busy life style. I also love it because it notifies me when a new assignment is posted in their class and due date and what not. This helps me see what is still due and communication between teachers and students to ensure my kids are also aware of new assignments and communication. I have not tried adding anything my calendar from it or have my child work on their homework, but I love that my kids can still due zoom while we are on the road if need be. It makes it a HUGE stress reliever.

- Honest Student Review

I’ve been using Google Classroom at school for five years now, and honestly it’s a great program. I wish I could say something bad about it, because of course it’s related to school, but it does what it’s supposed to do with very few glitches considering the amount of people using the app on a daily basis. I’ve in my own time played around with the app at home from a teacher point of view and it can get a little confusing, at least for me, but it’s still simple to use. One thing that annoys me is the stream. My teachers always get mad at me for clicking on the assignment in the stream inside going to classwork, but it’s so much faster using the stream! Maybe the stream could be removed and classwork could become the main tab. Then you could add an announcements bar at the top where teachers can comment and possibly allow students to do the same. I hope you’ve found this review helpful!

- Suggestion for Notifications

This is from the perspective of a teacher. I like that I can get notifications and emails when a student comments, and or turns in late assignments, or teachers in my classroom post something etc... When I get an email if I click on that link it takes me directly to that comment, question from the student...then I have to go BACK to my email to find another notification. I think there should be a notification similar to Facebook for the Stream, Classwork, or even the People tab. That way I have one spot to check all my notifications and activity in my classroom. It will feel more like a “checklist” that I completed all my notifications. Instead of getting bogged down with emails and checking it AND then going back to my inbox for more notifications. It’s 5 stars, because my suggestion is just a preference and Google Classroom has so many amazing features! Thank you!

- Email Spam, I don't like it!

Google Classroom works perfectly fine for me except for the numerous array of glitches I have to deal with. Now, with online school, it spams me with quite a lot of emails.. I usually wake up to find 20 to 30 of them, my important mail being drowned out by new assignments. I have to selectively mark each one as spam or trash, There's almost no way to specifically mute a particular email. It's adds waaay too much stress to my workflow and time. If you need to disable the notifs, they are located in a dusty old corner, hidden away. The settings for each classroom should be broadened and more complex, it only allows you to mute the notifications and that's all. It requires too much cpu usage for the Chromebooks, sadly. I have to download it on my drawing tablet (iPad Pro) because of the immense lag and poor quality. I find it terrible that there's almost no way to customize things like that amd boy oh boy, google, create an update to fix these otherwise meaningless problems.. The people working and learning on virtual classes will appreciate it. Also, it's quite funny that a lot of people brought the ratings down to 1 star.

- Give clearer options

I actually thought this app was useful, and I’m sure it is for my teachers as well. I knew that when turned in on time, it says turned in. When resubmitted after the teacher returns it to you, it says resubmitted. And when you turn it in later than the set due date, it says that it is turned in late. I actually finished my work a few days before the due date and turned it in. Of course, it says turned in. But as few days passes, I learn tips and different ways to improve my work. I went back to change my work after the due date passed,thinking it wouldn’t change when i turned it in, and my teacher did not grade it yet. When I resubmitted, it says “turned in late” and when my teacher checked it later, I had one grade lower because of my late assignment. I want you guys to change that because it really puts down the students that actually worked hard and just want to change a few things. Since I already submitted before the due date, it should say “edited after due date” or something more clearer that hopefully wouldn’t be a dramatic change to my grade.

- I have multiple problems with this app

1. It only sends notifications for work I need to do just minutes before the due date 2. I never get notifications that my teacher left a private comment and it gets really frustrating when I’m trying to talk to them 3. Half the time I can’t turn in a pdf or a essay I wrote because it glitches and doesn’t go through 4. A lot of kids make classes and use it for jokes and I feel it gets in the way of learning especially with the online classes being very very popular since corona and I’m some cases required to be online 5. The work is too bunched up and not well organized at all to the point of me accidentally skipping over work that is important to my grade and not realizing it and the only way I know I missed it is if the teacher emails me because I don’t get notifications for private comments 6. Teachers use it sloppily either due to being somewhat too over complicated or not simple enough for the older teachers who aren’t too good with technology and etc. thank you if you decide to read and or fix any of these issues that I am having.

- Please stop.

I will say I am not a fan of doing work or school but that doesn’t mean we should be taking away the app that gives us a learning capability. It’s very organized and the meetings are very good not glitchy or laggy (it lags sometimes but that’s due to my internet). I honestly am having a hard time with school but that’s on me not the app. If you guys really want to take the app off the App Store you’re selfish because there’s actual students who want to learn and be something when they get older. I hope they learn not everything's about them just because they hate school. Don’t take away someone’s learning capability just because you don’t want to learn. This app isn’t even that bad. It isn’t slow or glitchy, of course this is just from my perspective but that’s besides the point. Google classroom is the best app out there for learning. I would highly recommended. Thank you.

- Decent app with some VERY glaring issues

Overall, this app does what it needs to (assigning and turning in class work, announcements, etc) and has the added benefit of connecting straight to google drive for direct uploads. It’s a very functional app. However, The load/refresh times are painfully slow, there is an enormous amount of input lag (which is terrible if you’re just trying to squeeze into the deadline), and the actual UI itself is rather unintuitive and not super easy to use. I’m a gen z teenager that has been using the internet my whole life and even I have some trouble navigating this app. It doesn’t group together missing assignments like it should, it sorts google drive items in a super weird way and it will often create extra documents in your google drive that you don’t need. The UI needs a spruce up but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen based on how long I’ve been using it and nothing has changed.

- Online calendar?

Ok so ik there was a trend a little while ago but this is a real issue. In my opinion you need to have some sort of notification that gets sent to the teacher when late work is finished. It is a hassle to have to send an email every i turn in late work. It would be easier for the teacher and students like myself if a notification was just sent to the teacher. Also, half the time i am scrolling because i cant find ONE assignment. So I honestly hope a search bar can be put so you can find assignments. My personal idea would be to have a button that would take you to a calendar, the calendar would be lile a normal one but you could check other months and not just the month that it already is. Then each of the days would have an assignment depending on when the teacher posted it. It would be an online calendar and the boxes would have the name of the assignment. You be able to click the assignment from there. That way it would be so much better for all of us. And it wouldn't change for the teachers. It would only affect how we find the assignments

- What a Fantastic App! This App Deserves More Stars.✝️

Especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the google classroom app really helped me to keep my grades up. There are many features the app has that makes using the app very helpful for students. For example, there is a comments section so you can communicate with your class. This can help you contact students and teachers in your class if you can’t send an email or if you want your entire class to know. Another example of a feature Google Classroom has is that they have a section next to each assignment where you can privately send a message to your teacher right next to your assignment. This is very convenient because it lets you contact your teacher without other classmates seeing what you wrote to your teacher. This is better than sending a regular email because the comment is right next to the assignment.

- It’s so glitchy

This app has been used by my school for many years. In the desktop app, everything works fine, but for some reason on my phone it works horribly. Firstly, i an constantly being glitched out of the app just for clicking one button. When I try to click view my work in a class so I can see my class average, I am immediately brought back to my home screen. Secondly, the new update on the to-do list is absolutely terrible. Before, when you had a missing assignment, it would show up at the top of the to-do list in red, and you would see it immediately. But in the new update, the missing assignments are in an entire new section, which makes them a lot harder to find them. It has happened to me multiple times that I did not realize an assignment was missing until it was graded and I got a 0 on it. This is not convenient at all, and makes everything a lot worse. Lastly, the app does not notify me when an assignment is missing or due, so I never can tell when I have an assignment due. Please listen to my suggestions and make this app better.

- A 5th grader

This app I amazing the main reason people are rating it bad because they want it deleted so they “don’t have to do work.” Well in my opinion it is amazing and easy to work with. Also either way if this app does get taken down, our school will find different apps to assign us work. So there’s really no point in rating it bad, also a really important thing with this app is that it’s way to work with and easy to use, and if it’s taken and our school gives a different app we would have no idea how to work with it or use it. It would bring a whole new level of stress in our life and class work would a whole lot harder to work with. So please stop rating this app badly, I realize how wrong and stupid I was to rate this bad. Next year I am going into middle school and it’s going to be a whole lot harder for me if google classroom is gone! So stop rating this bad.

- A real review (not the fake review crap)

A bunch of teens are writing fake reviews either one star or five stars but I’m going to give an actual helpful review. This app is really easy to navigate. It has all the classes and you can rearrange order and it has due dates and things. I mean I wish my high school used this app instead of canvas because google classroom is better than canvas. The few problems: if a teacher has a due date on a thing but I don’t actually turn it in then the rest of the year it will stay under missing. Yes this is more the teachers fault but it’s very annoying and idk maybe have a delete option so I can delete it from missing without having to turn it in. Same with to do and done and all the little tabs. I do like the archived classes options and it’s overall a easy to navigate helpful app. The 10 million emails is NOT helpful but whatever. 4 stars because it’s not perfect but it’s really great.

- There could be improvements

The first thing that I have to say is not only for the app, but a feature that google classroom should have. When you make an assignment due for a day, not just at a specific time, the assignment is due when the time turns 11:59 pm. In my opinion, this can sometimes be confusing because I could still submit something at 11:59 pm and not the next day, yet it would count it late. Can you change this, so when an assignment is due for a day, it is due at midnight? Or at least make the time visible always? That last minute is crucial, especially for kids with horrible wifi issues. Secondly, it’s difficult to upload pictures from my phone. Whenever I try to upload directly from google classroom on my phone, the loading takes a long time. So recently, I would go into my photos app and try to upload it to google classroom, but recently, that has stopped working too. So, I often email pictures and upload them onto google classroom on my computer. Can you fix this bug? Also, implementing google hangouts or some sort of video communication onto google classroom would be a cool idea to implement. A feature where there is a button on google classroom to video call for classes would make online school more convenient. And this button can be optional to implement if you are a teacher on google classroom. Thanks Thanks, Anjali

- Love it! Needs notifications though.

I love using Google Classroom! It is very user friendly when working with any device. I especially love how I can access it on my iPhone, so I can grade student work on the go. One improvement I feel Google Classroom needs to consider is adding a Notification Center. The only way students are notified that the teacher has commented on their work or graded it is via email. Elementary students unfortunately do not keep up with their emails so this is not an effective way for them to receive feedback. Especially when thinking about the fact that many students are learning remotely during this pandemic, it is important that they have an easy way to see feedback and grades so they can improve their performance. Please consider adding a Notification Center directly in Google Classroom since this is where students spend majority of their time when working on assignments. Thank you!

- Ok app. Not the best, not the worst.

This app is ok. I have been using it since COVID-19 started and when we all went virtual. For the most part this has been a good app. This is not a fake review, all them them are real ones, from the one-star reviews to the five-star reviews. What I like is that you can make a private comment to your teacher, like if you need help or have a question without posting it on the public comment section, where everyone can see it. I also like how it tells you when an assignment is overdue. But what I DON’T like is that when I go onto a Google Meet from the link in Google Classroom is that when my teacher doesn’t join when I join, it says, “You can’t create a meeting yourself.” But I DON’T try to create a meeting, I just want to join my class. But the notifications work well. TOO well, actually. Whenever my teacher posts an assignment, the notifications pop into my Gmail inbox every. Single. Time. But it seems to help my teachers. Google Classroom user out!

- Horrid performance

Oh, boy. Where do I begin? First, the notifications. You normally get a notification that an assignment is due mere minutes before the due date. Not only is the notification useless, it makes it harder to really know what you're supposed to do. That on top of the to-do list sometimes showing assignments as assigned even if it was done hours ago, it makes it so hard to keep your grade up. Second, the load times. I know my internet isn't the greatest, but holy. It can take up to TEN MINUTES just to load one assignment. It makes me just want to use the better version on the laptop, as it performs much better, only taking about 30 seconds. Actually, the reason I'm writing this reply is because of this, it's so annoying. Lastly, it is super limited just because it's on the phone. You can't edit files directly, but you can "annotate" them if that makes sense. So if you put a Google Doc on an assignment on the computer, but you need to edit it on your phone, you can't. It is super unreliable and annoying to navigate. Just use the laptop version.

- Lagging Problems

This app is overrated by teachers. Sure it puts 100+ assignments over students heads and causes so much stress over students. But with those assignments comes a lot of lagging with trying to turn things in, videos and attachments not working. And a lot of teachers don’t know how to use the app and end up messing up a bunch of the assignments and causing more stress and anxiety on students. In my experience with a Google Classroom, it’s not a good nor useful app and it only causes pain and suffering. With this pandemic going on, the demand for learning from teachers has increased and made already stressed students more and more anxious because they are going through nobody has ever gone through before and teachers are throwing assignment after assignment and making those students who have perhaps had someone have the virus, and worrying for their life as well as their own yet teachers aren’t backing down with their constant announcements, assignments, tests, Google Meets, Zoom meetings, and so on. With this constant stress on the app, it lags constantly and makes things somewhat not usable.

- Awesome 👍🏻!

this app has helped a lot with school, especially during COVID-19. i don’t understand why people rate this 1 star. this app deserves more help and support. i like how it shows you your missing assignments and when they are all due. also i like how you can put a comment for either the while class and teacher to see, or a private comment only the teacher can see. and it’s good that you can put an attachment when you want to submit your homework, so that the teacher knows that you did it. also, i like that you get notification of when work is due and things like that. this is exactly like an online version of a real classroom. so overall, this app is great and i will continue to use this as long as i do online school. i highly recommend this app if you want something organized and well... perfect! because this app is perfect!

- Great app!

I honestly don’t understand all of the bad reviews this app gets because this app is very reliable and easy to use. Now during virtual school, this app has really come in handy. It allows me to do, look at, and turn in my work super easy. I downloaded Google Classroom on my phone because sometimes I’m on the go and I’m not always on my laptop. Google Classroom is super easy to use on the phone and on a computer. Sometimes, I have a lot of work to do and since I have 7 classes, it can be hard to go to every single class to see what you have to get done. But you don’t need to do that because there is a little button that says “to do” at the top which makes it very easy to access the work that you have to do. I know I sound like if Google is paying me for this (I wish) but this app is actually amazing especially for virtual school. :))

- Not the best...

I am a student myself, and this app is kind of aggravating. Somethings are way different! For example, one question it will have an easy way to answer , normal whatever. But then, all of a sudden when you go into a different question, it is a COMPLETE different way of answering something. And, something about the complete different way, is there is no turn in button unless you do a PUBLIC comment! Also, some questions just delete themselves is there is NO turn in button at all. After all the typing, it doesn't work. Do it again, it works for a while... then says it’s ‘Missing’ I’m sorry if this comment ruined the app for you, but it is my problems. Finally, some assignments get deleted and disappear. It will NEVER load. (Eventually it will but you get what I mean) If I see a notification that a new assignment is posted, I will try to get to it but it never gets there, and it doesn’t even show it AT ALL. This app is NOT the best app.

- Do not recommend

It’s not a good app it is very slow and on iPad iPhone and any mobile devise it is very slow and won’t let you do much on it unless you have a pc or laptop it glitches and is not very helpful when I submit work or mark it as done it sometimes will not mark as done or do anything my teachers do not use it often because it is not very reliable at all and not every thing will send through I do not recommend this app at all and I am very upset that people are still using this app and I fell bad for the people that have to use it every day and hope and pray that it will finally work it should most definitely get taken off the App Store also when my social studies teacher post Links the link do not always work and I can never count on them and my math teacher needs us to print out papers and google classroom will not work and it is very annoying and hard to use and depend on this app is definite not recommend for all students or any students who have to work with the app or students that need to use the app every day or every so often

- Caused me to be late to my tryouts

It sends me tons of notifications about one specific assignment and none about others... it just doesn’t make sense. So today, I had soccer tryouts and I needed to make sure they weren’t cancelled because our school went virtual for a few days and so normally sports are cancelled. I didn’t get any notifications from our classroom page which was weird because he always posts a message confirming it the day before but I didn’t get a notification this time so I looked at the actual app again and again and it showed the same thing as before... no new updates. My dad emailed the coach asking about it and he never answered because guess why? He posted an update YESTERDAY saying they were still on but for whatever reason my phone wasn’t showing it until 2pm the day after he posted it. This caused me to be late to tryouts and will now hurt my chances of making the team because my school is very serious when it comes to sports. Never would’ve thought that google classroom could ever make me get cut from a team...

- Don’t listen to bad reviews, kinda

Ok, so google classroom is probably the way we have all been doing work. I’m a student btw. During covid and stuff we have been using this for work and stuff on our computers. Having the app on your phone is helpful, you are able to check your assignments wherever, don’t need to check your computer or whatever. It’s super easy instead of turning on your computer and stuff. Sometimes, idk if it’s just me, but I will finish an assignment, and tell myself I will turn it in later, and not turn it in. This however if it’s like 11 o’ clock at night and I’m on my phone and see this, it helps me remember to turn in the assignment due at 11:59. Even though this app is cool, I hate school. But it’s good considering the fact that it’s easy to check everything you need to turn in on your phone, and not wasting time to open it up on your computer.

- Ehh not so good

This app is ok for school but there are many things that are complicated to work with. First of all: THERE ARE SO MANY NOTIFICATIONS every 2 seconds I get a notification (sarcasm I get them like every 2 mins but still they are annoying). Sometimes I just go get a quick snack then I just get a notification. Second: I don’t know if the teachers can get a notification if we have private commented but I doubt that they do. I private messaged one of my teachers and they responded like 80 days later (sarcasm once again). But still and I can’t get the notifications. Like in classes they tell me they sent a private message but I check and it isn’t there. Third: Sometimes when I try to add an attachment it disappears then I have to reload it again which takes soooo long. Last: When my teachers upload an assignment it disappears and I can’t do the work. Or when they upload something one day it finally comes to my device at least 3 days later. The good stuff is I can still learn and communicate with my teachers but there are negative stuff about this app

- Fix Teacher Edit Issues!

I am a teacher and I have been using Google Classroom app on my iPhone and iPad since before the pandemic. I never had any issues, until September 2020. I have reported these issues to Google multiple times, with no assistance. When I schedule an assignment on Google Classroom and after it posts, I can no longer edit the assignment. I receive an error message regarding “scheduling” the assignment for a future due date. However, this is an assignment that has already posted in my Google Classroom. If I edit the “scheduled” post date, then I get another error message. In effect, I cannot edit ANY assignment that I scheduled and posted on my Apple devices (iPad Pro & iPhone 12 Pro). I WAS able to edit on my devices prior to September 2020. I can edit my scheduled/posted assignments on a PC or laptop, but not on my Apple devices. I have tried removing and reinstalling the app, but it does NOT fix the issue. I spoke to other teachers and they are experiencing the same issues as I have described above. PLEASE fix the app so teachers can edit scheduled and posted assignments!!!

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- No...

Horrible, the app refuses to load most of the time and I GET THE BLAME FROM TEACHERS BECAUSE OF IT! And when it does, because most of the updates change the interface I can’t find what I need. Not to mention when there’s a deadline the thing won’t hand in until the very last second (And it’s not because I’m disorganised, I time everything in my day down to the second so I know what i’m doing). Oh yeah, and the countless bugs that leaves work that I’ve done blank on the Teacher’s perspective, and I don’t receive my marks back when the teacher sent it. Absolutely rediculos!

- Resubmitting attachment over and over

This app works okay for my daughters schoolwork seeing as we are in lockdown her in Victoria. But ... some of the assignments that have attachments to show her work have been going missing therefore the assignment/task ends up in the missing pile. I thought maybe it’s because my daughter has been skipping the work. To solve the problem I started submitting the attachments for her to complete the assignment. She does the school work I post it for her.. when I had checked if all her assignments have been completed.. some of them have missing attachments for the work that I uploaded for her. So then we have to re upload it ! It’s time consuming and rather very bothersome because the teachers then contact me to say that my daughter hasn’t been doing her assignments. I have to go back and check every assignment done in the last 1-2weeks worth of school work looking for the assignments that say (handed in) but are MISSING ATTACHMENTS FOR SCHOOL WORK. Please fix it and also add a notice or warning sign saying that the work has been handed in with no attachment and compile it into an organised category with DATE and time. So that I don’t have to sift through each and every task done a week or so ago. Thank you that would be nice. I would really appreciate it

- My review on google classroom

It’s good. I know lots of people are going to hate me after this review. First of all it is the easiest thing to use! For students to submit your work you for e.g your teacher was set a task to do like research on eggs she have give you a doc to do you do it than you submitted it done easy! Even she does not give you a doc just make a new doc than submit it! For teachers. Say you as the teacher wanna make a task about should we ban homework or something. Just click on make a assignment done. Also you can make how much students to do the assignment chose how much points you get. Also you can comment also students can! But teachers you need to look out those students. Because in my google classroom someone was swearing also bullying someone so you need to keep a look out! So that is why google classroom is the best also it’s good for the environment! My review stars 5 stars

- This app is the best don’t lie just to get it taken down

Let me explain what some people are saying. They are saying there is a virus I think your just trying to scare people. I’m a kid I use it and it’s great. Nobody likes doing math but if we don’t use this app we won’t learn and be smart enough to get a job. Seriously it’s the best all the hate is just trying to shut this wonderful app down. If you get it you will not regret it. People complain about it having ‘to much work’ That is just your teachers so don’t belive the hype of all these fake stuff. Mostly people in primary school are writing those but just because the hate math and just don’t want to have to do math. TRUST ME THIS APP IS THE BEST APP. Also you can turn notifications off it is just your teacher adding that stuff😡don’t blame this poor app for stuff they cannot control

- This app is great! But one issue.

For all of you people who are criticising this app, I bet you guys are school kids, *not making assumptions here* this app helped me so much in remote learning! I remember when you attached files that the loading time took about 5 minutes on average! It was ridiculous! But now they have fixed it, and I am very grateful, because when I would try to hand in assignments, I would be about 4 minutes overdue due to the render time, but overall this is a great app! And I totally recommend it! However, there is an issue, you know when you type in google classroom? Yeah, even when you try to scroll up, it doesn’t let you see what you are writing, I have had so many typos because of this! Fix it pls. PLS. DISCLAIMER: this is coming from a 13 year old, so sometimes I don’t know what I’m talking about, :L

- Great but a few issues

I have been using google classroom for a few years now. It’s a great website and app! And it’s very useful soon as I’m a year 7 being homeschooled right now! But I want to request a few things. Firstly, can you please add an option that allows people to grab multiple photos and files. I find it very tedious waiting for one picture to load and then waiting for the next one until I uploaded every one! Please change that. Also can you add an option in the assignment area to select specific students to complete an assignment. Because I have a few combined classes and it’s annoying because it tells me emails for an assignment I don’t have to do. And then when I don’t put something it comes up missing which is also annoying. Apart from that this is a very useful and I’m glad to use it.

- Great! but have a request

This app is great! Not had a problem with anything not working and we use it at our school 24/7! At the moment I’m in year 12 and at pretty loaded up with assignments, homework and am studying for exams coming up so I don’t really have much time to check the notifications through my emails and the pop up ones on phone straight away. Eventually I forget what subjects/classrooms have had notifications and don’t end up checking them. I was wondering if you could add an in app visual that shows what classrooms have been added to by the teachers since the last time you’ve gone into them? It would make it easier to get back on track if I do get behind. Thanks heaps :)

- Stop trying to take this app down

I think this app is great. Teachers can put google meet links if we need help, teacher can take roll calls, we can privately message the teacher instead of emailing them. There is so much this app has. I have about 9 google classrooms on my app and I had no trouble with it. Maybe somethings I head to the wrong classroom when my teacher is trying to do roll call, but that’s my fault because I didn’t look at the time table correctly. Most of the things you are complaining about is problems that YOU are doing. Bye, I hope google classroom is turning into a wonderful 5 star app

- Convenient but unreliable

This is a great app, and can make learning easy and accessible to all students. It has a few issues, however as one of my tasks took 20 minutes to upload. It contained 5 jpg files, plain images and I had to restart because my teacher didn’t receive the work anyway. It may just be my internet, however I was on 4 bars the whole time. Aside from a few frustrating bugs it is a very versatile app, and contains many great features such as the ability to see all outstanding tasks on the home page, and the organisation of the classrooms. Even the innovation of the new classrooms and codes is a star feature. With a few bug fixes, this could be an outstanding platform.

- Great, but one thing.

I’m currently using this app for all my school work and homework. It works great and the notifications are fine, as I always get them. So, I haven’t come here to hate on the app. I’ve come to make a suggestion. Make. A. Search. Bar. Like I’ve said, the app works like a charm and is great for all of my school work, but the amount of times I’ve had to search so far back in the stream to find a certain post... I just can’t count them. So, in summary, it’s a great app and I recommend it for any teachers out there trying to organise their class work and homework, but add a search bar!

- This isn’t fair!

People are hating on this because of Tik Tok, another stupid app. I don’t enjoy this app that much but just stop. This app doesn’t deserve to be taken down because of some small child who doesn’t like school work, think about it- if you use this app for school and it gets taken down, you could potentially be left with a even worse app for remote learning. I’ve just heard about this and Tik Tok users have no right! Yes, I know what Tik Tok is, I have nothing against it but what Tik Tokers are doing is wrong, my school uses this app for online school and I know many others do.

- Best way to communicate with my teacher

My school has tried so many different ways to send stuff to there students and the teachers wanted a way to talk to there students the other apps we tried would only allow a certain amount of gigabytes to be downloaded but this one will allow as many as you want and it even tells the students when there homework is overdue as well as letting the students choose if they want to have there work open for the class to see or private only for the teacher to see it is amazing

- Good but it is a bit confusing

Now first I want to apologise because I sadly gave it a one star after my friends telling me to but now I have realised that it is wrong to do that. It is a bit complicated for the first few weeks but I got the hang of it. I also have a recommendation. I think it would be nice to have it so when you ether go into classes and look at the classes or on the side with the classes it would have a little notification bubble with a number on the amount of notifications so if a teacher made a shout or if there was a new activity.

- The latest update

The latest update and changed interface has been hard on my class of 5th graders. Using 1:1 iPads we use google classroom multiple times a day. Since the update, the app runs slower, the changed interface makes it easy for students “accidentally” delete documents which then wastes time as we have to go searching for them In their drive, they also have mentioned it’s more confusing to attach documents etc. I’ve also had a few complaints of work being deleted when typing on PDFs etc through the app. Made for lots of confusion and wasted time in the classroom.

- Needs to be fixed!

Although the title may seem unappealing, the app is certainly the opposite of that. Google classroom is an efficient way for students to connect with teachers. However, earlier today I had stumbled across an annoying bug which needs to be fixed ASAP. This bug ruins the efficiency of classroom and therefore needs to be fixed. When I try to access my teacher’s assignment, it works perfectly, however when I try to close it, the document turns black and my tries of pressing the cross to go back to the classroom feed are unsuccessful and i’m stuck there spamming the cross. Please fix ASAP.

- Needs a few updates

I have a few suggestions. 1. When you are in a class or browsing through them then you should be able to see what classes have notifications and how many. 2. When you click on a notification sometimes it restarts the app and doesn’t let you in when you press the x it doesn’t let you. Google pls fix this and any other people’s ideas. It would really make homeschooling a better expierience

- An honest review...

I actually love majority of Google’s applicants but unfortunately this is just not doing it for me. I am aware that most of these 1 star reviews were written by children influenced by another app called TikTok; regardless of what you may think, I am not part of this behaviour and do not claim any relations to these huligans. After spending multiple years on this app, I can finally give an honest opinion. This application gives out too many spam emails and there is no way of escaping other than deleting the app. Every 10 minutes or so there is always another notification coming up on my phone saying that there’s “an assignment due” or “you have a new task”. All the spam emails that you would receive when downloading this app is either one or the other. It’s honestly, juvenile of Google to be sending out spam emails of this sort. I recommend any teachers reading this review take this as a serious matter and not make any pupils or theirs to attend classes via this application. Thank you for your time, xoxo, Gossip Girl


Honestly the only reason I rated this five stars is because, for one i don’t use it anymore since i moved into high school, it is the only way i can keep i touch with my class mates and teacher from year six. Not only that but it holds all the memories and fun things we did and had to submit. It is so fun looking back at the imoves we made for projects, then later having a mental breakdown but i would hate to see this app get taken away.

- It’s really useful and easy to learn but freezes

Google classroom is what I use for almost all my teachers especially now, but recently I can’t open up past the loading screen for my google classroom. I have work I need to see and hand in so it’s really frustrating. It also takes way to long to upload images and files, I had to wait 30 minutes to upload 4 photos. I have a lot of work so google being slow is annoying and a waste of time, it’s slower then before the update and get rid of work sometimes.

- It’s amazing but.....

Google classroom is amazing, I being using it for a few years now and everything is going really well there’s one issue that I’ve being having. My issue is that sometimes I being deleting my work becoz there’s a cross like a ‘x’ next to it and sometimes press it which is annoying. So I hate that updated so can u plz change the update? Plz. There’s nothing wrong it just the update so I’m just telling u to change the update cause meh whole class HATE the update.

- This app could have been better

Sometimes I’ll try and join my classes and since corona is here, we have to use it more often. But lately I’ve noticed that with some classes it crashes. It also glitches and turns my assessment in up to 2 days late. I don’t think it’s my wifi, other students from my school have had this problem, I’m tired of it crashing. Stick to emailing you’re assessment But over all it works well and it keeps me in touch. Not entirely bad could be better though, still works

- The law of averages

Kids around the world have decided to give this app a low rating in order to have it removed from the App Store. Just read some of the comments for the 1 star reviews! They’re being very creative, and it’s somewhat impressive. Perhaps these kids should focus their creativity on their school work and understand that Google Classroom won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

- This app is terrible

First of all the app itself. Whenever I get a notification about the work I’m doing and then I go on the app to do it, it never appears so I have to keep on restarting the app and still doesn’t come back. So I have to either wait or ask my teacher to give it out again. Second of all it always takes ages to load in. Whenever I go into the app it always takes about 2 minutes to load and go in so I just waste my time. And for all those people who say kids are rating it bad reviews it’s because we want it gone, no. The app I terrible itself.

- Need to be fixed

I love google classroom, it is easy and efficient but i tried to download it onto my ipad to use for school, i opened the app once and it was working fine but i closed it and tried to open it again but it wouldn’t load, it was stuck on the loading screen for over half an hour, i don’t know what the problem is, i have re downloaded, switched internet sources, and restarted my ipad... help?

- Please fix!!!

I used the Google classroom iPad for almost a year which is good to mark students submission. Each pdf or jpeg file submitted from students can be opened and edited with my Apple Pencil markings. Only yesterday, I realised the updated version bring a totally black view of files if I want to proceed with editing/markup. It only arises from the latest update. It greatly affects my feedback to students. Please fix this problem and make it useful. Or please provide free editing options for Google Classroom web browser version.


My kid has been very upset about this app, its is stressful, complicated and disrespectful. This has many children around the world suffering about how high their grades are in stead of their education. This app is the worst and i want this app removed immediately forever. What this app is doing to our children is wrong and i don’t want that to happen ever again. Please remove this app right now it is the worst and my kids grades dropped by 69% by using this brain washing app. Leave my kid alone and remove this app NOW. P.S: My kid just wants a better education, not this torture that these people have made to ruin the child’s mind and mindset!

- Fabulous app

I’ve been using this for a few years now and it’s terrific. Allows me to track students’ work, grade it, provide feedback and importantly, catch them out when they lie about having ‘submitted’ their work. Hand in history is awesome as is the ability to mark up their work using my iPad and Apple Pencil. Would like to be able to with hold the markups as drafts and release them when the assignments are returned.

- bad app

i was using google classroom and a random shark just came out of my screen and started to chase me around the house so i got my bottle and started to throw water at it and it died. i could hear this screaming outside so i looked out outside and i got knocked out by a cat but not any cat it was a kitty cat. so the kitty cat took me to its house and his owner was the t rex the one in jarrasic world. it sarted to chase me around the house again so i threw my bunny rabbit at it and the bunny rabbit killed the t rex, then my pet tadpol came to save the day and then when i got home all my work was gone amy teacher was P!$$ED OFF AT ME for not doing my work

- Practicality

It takes me up to an hour to upload five photos of work to a dropbox on this app. You would think that, being designed to cater towards students and teachers and serve as a platform to assign and grade work, this app would let you upload multiple files/images simultaneously. Instead, you’ll be stuck, sitting at your chair waiting for your work to slowly upload (>10 minutes sometimes), not to mention that you have to upload your files ONE BY ONE.

- It’s very unholy 💫✨🧚🏻‍♀️💖🎉

I’m a very religious person. And I believe that I should remove all troubles from my life and move on and be happy! This app which is called Google Classroom is not that positive I’m not sure who this “teacher” thinks they are but I should always listen to God rather than listening to brainless teachers who don’t know my life. ❤️ So I will uninstall this very soon. If your someone reading this please come to the trè bestéy ✨🧚🏻‍♀️. I welcome you to come and you will not have to listen to these “teachers”. Don’t worry they will not be in the trè because they are not invited AT ALL! 😡 ል̂ዪቿ̂ ሃ̈ዐ̀ሁ̄ ር̧ዐ̃ጠጎ̈ክ́ኗ ፕዐ̈ ዕል̊ ፕዪቿ̂🌳🌲??

- What’s terrible about this app!

This app is so incredibly horrible as you can not access most of the work which makes you get into severe trouble at school due to the fact that most of your work has not be attempted. It is also useless as your teachers don’t even mark most of your work or reply to comments when you need assistance so there isn’t a valid point as to why we should use the app. The teachers ‘apparently’ do not have enough time to open the app and check in with the students so we are all failing especially during this global epidemic coronavirus/Covid-19.

- An idea for google classroom

In my experience, peers HATE finishing tasks on classroom, so an idea is that whenever you finish a task, you earn points. With those points, you could get stickers and add them to your ‘sticker collection’. When you collect all stickers, you get a prize to edit your avatar. It’s fine if you don’t implement this idea, but if you did I really would be amazed.

- Review on Google classroom

Now. Google classroom is a great app for learning and education. But, it’s extremely slow even if you have good internet and you have a good iPad. Plus, comments and assignments are only seen sometimes 15 or 20 minutes after they’ve actually been posted giving you less time to do your assignment. But the layout of google classroom is good for learning, but the slowness and the overall quality needs to be improved on. I’m not saying that this is a bad app though, I’m just giving so information from what I experience even with a good iPad and good internet.

- Amazing

This app is amazing! I have been using it and I do work much easier on it and instead of my teacher having to tell me to bring me my iPad on Monday, she just sends it out on google classroom. It can be used on all devices and it’s free. I love this app. ❤️❤️❤️ GET IT NOW!!! 👍👍👍 Thanks people 😁😁😁 Just one thing, can you make it so I can see my results because it doesn’t let me. Athorwhises great 👍

- It’s only a bad rating because kids don’t want schoolwork

This app is really great and I use it for all my online schooling, the only reason it’s at a kind of bad rating, is because kids think if they rate it 1 star it will get off the App Store and we won’t have to do schoolwork anymore. In reality, we will just have to use a really really bad app or website.

- an amazing app

I saw that there were kids who wanted to get rid of google classroom but I want to try help. It doesn’t deserve this really bad thing that’s going on. Almost everyone had made a weird excuse so they don’t have to do their work anymore. Honestly, it’s not that bad I mean like, you don’t need to use any annoying papers. Therefore, google classroom is amazing :D

- Amazing

This app can be used by all different ages/people. My teacher always submits my homework on here and it works like a charm. I highly recommended this app. And I think a lot of other people would agree with me. Thank you google for making this great app for children, teens, adults and elderly people. Download this app and I can tell you now, you won’t regret it. Sienna, age 11

- 🧚‍♀️✨🧚‍♀️✨🧚‍♀️

i was doing my homework on google classroom when all of a sudden my screen started to glitch and the song dorime 👽 started to play and an alien came out of my screen and kidnapped me, i woke up in a ufo and saw an alien was staring at me, it was removing its mask and the next thing I saw had me truly terrified, it was my english teacher disguised as an alien. She started yelling at me and beating me up, she asked me why i haven’t finished writing my 2000 word essay. This was VERY traumatising, i now have ptsd because of this app 😔 definitely don’t recommend downloading it.

- It’s really great!

I’ve been viewing some reviews and they seem to not be happy about all the bugs! But to me it’s a really fun app/website for socialising with your classmates! I recommend this for school! And to the people trying to make this app/website have small reviews to not get school work please stop! Education is super important!!!

- This is a great app

Are use this app for school and it works my teacher posts things sometimes it doesn’t load but I think it’s just the Internet school. It has really good categories. I also like how you can put multiple things on tasks thank you for making this up it’s made school a lot easier.

- Good app

This is a good app to interact with teachers. I would like if there was a search bar so you wouldn’t have to search so far back in the stream. But that is the only problem. You are dumb if you think they’re going to take it down because you don’t want to do school and keep in flooding it with one star reviews.

- Worked great

Ok, so my experience was great and worked perfectly. I don’t understand why other children want this off the App Store. I mean, I personally love the app, but other children just don’t want to do school work. Me, as a student really wants to help support this app but others just don’t understand how it’s so important. Well, good luck!

- It’s a great app for teaching

I don't understand why people are saying its a horrible app, i found it a great learning source it helps student who are online studying at the moment a simple and easy way to teach. I am very pleased on this app and they should deserve five stars. I have had no bugs, no hassles and its just an amazing app to be using at this time.

- Well done google classroom

Google classroom may have many flaws but if some of you really think, isn’t it just your internet, which is bad. Google classroom shows students a new understanding of this modern society and without it you students will have nothing to do and this is my perspective in this new schooling system

- Great App! I Have A Request

I love this app because it helps me and my class to get around faster! One request, can you have a like button (for students and teachers to show they like the learning) and a hear (for teachers if a student has done well with learning) teachers may be happy so that students and teachers can get compliments:D

- It’s amazing!

The only reason this app has a low rating is because kids have seen that if a app gets a low rating apple takes the app down. That’s why it has a low rating... But the app it’s self is really good! It can be a bit slow when you open it.....BUT other then that it’s a amazing app.

- Essential for Students

I am a Year 12 student and I need this to continue working towards my exams, underage morons are trying to get this deleted which will cause people like me and my year to be at a major disadvantage, of immature children don’t want homework go complain to your parents and schools, but don’t make the rest of us suffer!

- Do not lie to get it taken down

You need to learn remotely when you can’t learn from school. It is very silly if you rated this no stars just because you don’t want to remote learning, because you’re lying. I have a thought about doing that I would feel so guilty. So just think about it next time.

- People are trying to take it out of the App Store

People are teaming up to get this out of the App Store i thought I should be telling you about it, there is lots of fake reviews and I think they are being so rude to the educators please remember that you are doing the wrong thing if you do what others are doing.

- Highly efficient for school learning!

Using this app, students are able to communicate with the teacher and other student twenty-four seven. Accompanied with other apps by google, students are able to complete and submit works online. It made students' life easier and made learning more fun.

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- Never using again

Poorly sent notifications and laggy

- Useless

Doesn’t have all the functions available as if you were using a laptop.

- very laggy

ever since i used google classroom it’s been horrible i’ve been getting notifications at the wrong time and it won’t let me turn in my work, very bad. Also the volume in the bus is astronomical.

- this is so bad and lags so much

google classroom sucks if the app store doesn’t take it down i will commit stub toe

- This app is horrible!

As a teacher this app does not allow me to post new assignments and does not work AT ALL. Teachers PLEASE don’t download this app as for it keeps crashing and doesn’t allow the students to take a look at their assignments. I rate it a 1/5

- Why

Absolutely not. nuh uh. Why. For what reason.

- outrageously atrocious disgusting app

Løok 👀 for 4️⃣ the 💁‍♀️gümmi😽 bær 🐻 albûm ✒️in 🎈 stòres 🏬 on 🚘 November 🏗 13th 🥨 with 🍠 lots 🌪 of 🐉 music 🎶 videos 📢 and ➕ e x t r a s

- IM JuST a KID🤹‍♂️😭

Pls remove from App Store this app sucks it is laggy and my teacher keeps sending me pics of booty. Pls remove this app,this gave me depression and herpes pls remove from app this is dangerous app

- ew

i personally hate this app. i want to give it 0 stars. my daughter cries herself to sleep bc of this. and i wouldn’t be very pleased if i woke up with a gm text from my teacher😖 horrible


A hassle and burden to my existence. Kindly take this down, thank you xx 💋❤️

- B A D

I wanna sleep without having to do calls at 11 am

- 🐷

pEpPa wHAt aRe yOu DoINg iN ThE ReViEw SeCtiOn

- hannah

hey .🤚it’s Hannah 😔.Hannah baker 🤫and if your listening 🔉to this tape 📼. you’re one of the reasons why 😡

- this sucks

so i was doing my work and my grandma literally walked in, saw how absolutely atrocious the app was, had a heart attack, and fell and broke her hip.

- review

this app gives me depression

- Horrible

This app makes me die and then when i get off of it i come back alive

- Harry xx

Luv I swear on my 6000 Gucci suits that this app is useless. My boyfriend Louis said the same thing and he swore on his carrots! That’s saying a lot. And this is coming from a multimillionaire. TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY OR NO 1D REUNION FOR YOU.

- Bad

Should be taken off the AppStore

- Karen is mad...


- This app is racist

There’s no dark mode 😡😡😡

- It doesn’t Stan Nicki minaj


- Horrible

I am a student and find this app very hard to find my way around. Also it deletes many of my files and I have to wait another hour to upload them

- Terrible app

This is terrible. I am furious! This “app” has way to many bugs and keeps freezing. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. I expected more from will be deleting the app now 🤬😡

- It bad

Poopy fart

- Worried Parent

This sucks remove this app or I won’t buy ur phones.

- Aha

For the boys

- Doing my part

Doing my part as a Gen Z

- 🤷🏻‍♀️

I would rate it 0 starts if I could.

- pls

take down the app it’s going to ruin my life


This app is the reason why I have depression And is no good for mental health.


Google classroom sucks, Lots of lag, handing in work is very buggy, its very hard to see what day and work you have to do. I recommend it being revamped and removed Almost everytime i go on it i start smashing my device and crying of depression. This app could be way better.

- Crashes

When every my teacher post twice in one day the app crashes when I open it or even will mark my work late even when it’s days before the due date. I can’t believe this is something put out by google I would have expected more from them!

- ✨🧚‍♂️I hate it💖💅

💖🧚‍♂️✨there are so many great apps out there✨💅just not google classroom😌✨💖

- depression

i am disgusted, horrified and appalled at this app. it sucks. it gave me a virus. its the reason i’m failing. pls delete.

- Work was too long

I had to do a book report

- So many bugs!

KEEP CRASHING! Can’t keep up with my class or the assignments, there needs to be another app!

- This app stinks

After 12 years of school I am supposed to finish my last semester of school on this garbage app it constantly crashes and bugs my phone I think that there’s a chance that the Chinese are gathering information from civilians via this app.

- Waste app

Croddie this app is waste teachers be slammin down assignments harder than chris brown walahi like fham this app needs to be taken off on god bruv


this app is trash do not use it🤮

- App so bad

Don’t even use this just trying help

- Boo

I’m here because of tik tok

- not a bad bleep 😡😡😡😡

this app is NOT a bad bleed like addison rae, it’s not lil shorty the baddest, and she does NOT got her ways 😡😡😡😡😡

- Balls

This app is like balls, hairy and it shrivels up in the cold

- Delete this app 🙂😹😹😹😹😹😹

My teacher be giving me 50 assignments a week like chile 🖐😫 𝔁𝓾𝓮🥶𝓱𝓾𝓪🧚‍♀️𝓹𝓲𝓪𝓸😻𝓹𝓲𝓪𝓸🗿𝓫𝓮𝓲👺𝓯𝓮𝓷𝓰🤩𝔁𝓲𝓪𝓸😼𝔁𝓲𝓪𝓸👣

- I hate it here

gave me permanent brain damage and explosive diarrhea 😭😰😠💔 💕foreigner!💕foreigner💕foreigner!💕foreigner!💕

- no ❤️

bütthœlês🕳 are🤯nøthïng😡to🙂be🤣łàughed🤬at💅they’re 📈just😻part🤠of😱the👩‍🦱human🦶body 🧠

- No English

All the writing is in Arabic no English

- just no 😌👋


- Mad stupid

I was tryna run w ting w a gyal from da block n my teacher handed me 50 assignments fam, what kinda fuckery is dis

- gwhegdhhsvs

Fam this app is mod. I’ll give my teacher a crazy defaz n get my African cronems to run a battri on this nonsense app, mandem making me do waste work 1 outta 5, BAD influence to humans

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sarah ✧ ifb after limit

@0NLYTHEHABIT no, i got it this summer i think from a google classroom i was in through tiktok


new year’s eve and suddenly all the google classroom notifications are coming in and test days are coming out,,


@Toppel_ELD @Seesaw I wish we would have used that. We use google classroom

Challyn Vayle

@dunneteach I LOVE Google Classroom- it's easier to navigate for sure, and doesn't crash like Blackboard does (at least in my experience)

Bill Lewis

TCEA: Digital task cards can be an effective differentiation tool in your classroom. Explore different ways of creating them in #GSuite. @diben #gttribe #edtech @dibenitter #educoach

ℂ𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕤 ℙ𝕚𝕣𝕜𝕝, 𝕄.𝔼𝕕

How did I miss this mention by @rmbyrne in his blog? Free Technology for Teachers: How to Quickly Incorporate Google Meet Into Google Classroom:


no way i’m opening google classroom til tomorrow

Mike Taylor

Panopto Express: A Free Online Screen Recorder Nothing to download or install | Capture & narrate presentations, lessons, product demonstrations, and how-to videos. Instantly download or share through @Panopto, YouTube, or Google Classroom via @LearnKotch

иαѕєєя αℓfααιz

How to Play Kahoot Games in Google Classroom


ting install na balik ug google classroom ug gmeet😅

Lorraine Gersten

Prime Real Estate in Google Classroom? @jmattmiller #DitchSummit 4) The place that gets the most eyeballs. THE BANNER. So I fixed each banner with a message inside. Two hours later, I got an assignment from a student... On X-MAS break! It works! #edtech

𝒯𝒶𝓂𝓂𝓎 𝑀𝒸𝐿𝒶𝒾𝓃

Digital task cards can be an effective differentiation tool in your classroom. Explore different ways of creating them in #GSuite. @diben #gttribe #edtech @dibenitter #educoach

Ms. Drasby

How to Create a Custom Theme in Google Classroom via @edtechteam


teacher just posted spring semester assignment sheet on google classroom..

TCEA💡 Embracing education from every angle

Digital task cards can be an effective differentiation tool in your classroom. Explore different ways of creating them in #GSuite. @diben #gttribe #edtech @dibenitter #educoach

Google Classroom 2.2021.42201 Screenshots & Images

Google Classroom iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Classroom iphone images
Google Classroom iphone images
Google Classroom iphone images
Google Classroom iphone images

Google Classroom (Version 2.2021.42201) Install & Download

The applications Google Classroom was published in the category Education on 2015-01-13 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 250.74 MB. Google Classroom - Education app posted on 2021-10-25 current version is 2.2021.42201 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: