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Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the General, Airframe, and Powerplant FAA Knowledge Exams. More than 1,000 questions, answers and explanations included for you to study with a true-to-form practice test.

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The applications Prepware Aviation Maintenance was published in the category Education on 2009-11-24 and was developed by ASA. The file size is 15.15 MB. The current version is 1.49 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The questions, answers, explanations and figures have been updated to reflect the most current information available to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam.

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Military A&P Prep  gmoneyogtrippletripple  5 star

As a service member I was referred to this app by a current Military A&P holder. Helped me pass my General and Airframe. I will be taking the Powerplant soon. I also have all three of the 2019 Test Guides. The only improvement I would like to see is the breakdown of your scores per subject area as it is on the desktop version. Aside from that amazing app and investment.


General  o.zzy93  4 star

As 5/23/19 I took my airframe test first. The test on the app was 100% accurate on the questions But just took my general test today and I saw a bunch of new questions never seen before I was getting 95, 98 100% scores and on the actual test I got 70%. It really was nerve-racking. My next test will be the power plant test hopefully I won’t have trouble with it .


Don’t use  fatguywithtatts  1 star

Started using this app and noticed that questions on the app are different from the actual book. Shows that questions are right when they’re not correct and it screwed me all up. I wouldn’t recommend this app at all.


Airframe studying done  Calvin$R.  4 star

I have the App and the three written test study guides for A&P. The Airframe book and the App were spot on for questions. And I have been getting in the 90’s for my practice test with my study method. As I began the Powerplant though there is a definite difference in the number of questions between the first three chapters in the book (Recip, Turbine Engines and Engine Instrument Sys) vs. what App is showing me. I stopped comparing at that point due to the moderate difference in the questions and sent an email to ASA tech support to seek some assistance. But, aside from the Powerplant my experience has been great so far. Have not studied General yet. Will update rating based on level of support I receive or start a new rating all together based solely off of support. TBD.


Bad format  Bealio2  3 star

The quiz section is great, however the test section is useless. The tests don’t provide instant feedback to know if you got the question wrong. I’d give 5 stars if you could take a mixed 100 question test with instant feedback without being able to correct your answer, but knowing instantly the correct answer.


I would not even consider another app  Migueldr13  5 star

This app is the holy grail for anyone serious about passing their test and that is on the clock. I have a family of my own and 2 jobs, and just studying through this app, pushed me to pass all my written exams at once back to back one week apart from each other. Best luck out there. Good A&Ps are disappearing and the exams are getting harder. Prepware will give you the edge you need to succeed at it.


General  tamaljordan  5 star

It was great but some questions were new for me . Never seen them before . I was making 95% on practice and I made 78% on the final exam lol . Lots of stress on the exam day especially when you seat alone in front of the computer . Nervous time novice time


Need human factors questions  robvin94  5 star

Please implement FAA human factors questions. I got 4 of them on my written and it would’ve helped a lot to study them. Thanks.


Awesome app  Hebermoreno  5 star

I love this app but can you guys update it for iPhoneX so I get it more suited for the phone I own.


vital to success  *UHB8uhb  5 star

this prepares you for what you need to know as part of a full course in aviation maintenance











Great App  Mk616  4 star

This app, in conjunction with the ASA test prep books worked great! I went through the books and highlighted the answers, and then quizzed myself with the app. Just passed all three tests after only three days of studying! I do wish the app would give you the option to be quizzed on multiple sections at once (without taking the full test) like the computer software does, but I guess that why the app is a lot cheaper... Overall, well worth the money!


Great APP  Tc912  4 star

This is a great app as a study guide. However, I think it's time for an update. I went in to take the power plant portion and found that there were a number of questions that were not in the current version.


Can't view full picture  Tcao1083  2 star

Can't see full picture. Will zoom out but once you let your finger off the screen, the picture will zoom back in.

Money Miser

Reference points are not accurate  Money Miser  3 star

This app is good for knowledge quizzing but the references are useless when using the FAA 8083 publications. Reading the material is still the best way and self quiz with this app. The price is reasonable but the accuracy of this app is not worth the cost.


This app needs a better study mode  Blackhawk244  3 star

This app would be better if it had a quick question and the right answers, instead of you having to take study quizzes. If you only want to take practice exams this is the app for you but if you are wanting to study only the right answers don't waste your money on this app!


My second complaint!!!! Fix please!!!  CTF XC  2 star

Since they updated the software, when I study it doesn't give me the full answer or question please fix i addressed this issue before and it's occurred again also the qualifying exam is coming soon please we paid money for this we deserve better!!!!


AMT PREP  Tom102938  1 star

Horribly out of elsewhere.


Awesome for upcoming AMTs  MugwagwaMusak1124  5 star

Me currently being in A&P school this helps a ton! I have 5 months left in my course and I been using the desktop version this whole time. I wish I known about the app version I could have been studying everywhere I go rather then sittings by my desk to study. Great for AMTs. Get it.


AMT  pilotg35  5 star

This app is so useful and every question in it it's in my book and it's easy to use it on the phone coz it's with you every where and when you have the chance just go to the app and study


Can't go wrong  Joey/Cat  5 star

Using this along with a PC application and it's great. Plus it's general, airframe and power plant for ten bucks. If you really wanted to, you could just use this alone and probably pass, but their PC app has a few more features that make it easier. That being said, the PC app is 40 bucks per test as well, so if money is an issue, use this instead.

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