Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox [Education] App Description & Overview

The #1 preschool game in the app store. Learn and have fun by helping monkey pack lunch! Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a collection of seven exciting educational games for your preschooler (ages 2 to 5).

*** FEATURES ***
-7 different games that teach kids about colors, letters, counting, shapes, sizes, matching, and differences.

-Lovable animated monkey helps kids along as they play the games.

-Dozens of sounds and voice recordings of colors, letters, fruit names, and more.

-Animated Stickers! Kids get sticker rewards to encourage their progress.

-Designed for preschoolers -- no confusing menus or navigation.

-Unlimited play! Each game flows right into the next.

1. COLORS. This picky monkey only likes fruit of a certain color, touch only the color they like to pack the lunchbox. Teaches colors, color names, and grouping.

2. MATCHING. Match pairs of fruit hidden behind the cards to pack lunch for this monkey.

3. COUNTING. Count off the fruit the monkey is looking for to fill up the lunchbox. Teaches numbers and counting.

4. LETTERS. This monkey only wants fruit that starts with a certain letter, pick the fruit that starts with that letter. Teaches letters and letter sounds.

5. PUZZLE. This monkey's fruit broke into pieces! How odd! Put it back together for them. Teaches shapes and pattern recognition.

6. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Help the monkey spot the fruit that looks different, or is a different size. Teaches patterns, bigger, and smaller.

7. SHAPES. Help the monkey find the fruit in the shapes.

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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements for smoother play, have fun!

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Comments & Reviews

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- My fav game too

This is one of my fav game too... I love this money and his actions. Please make more games

- So fun!

I used to play this game when I was 6 on my dads phone. Now I'm 13 and I got the app for my younger cousin who is 2 yrs old and she loves it!

- no mute?!?!

seriously didn't even get past the home screen.. you can turn off the music but not the narration

- Awesome!!!

My daughter loves it!! I just bought the next one!

- A hit!

My 3 year old loves this game! It's introducing letter recognition, matching & memory... It has a good pace and the animation amuses her. I bought it on a whim, and I am very happy with it.

- My 22 month old loves this one

He plays it several times a day. And it has stickers. :). It's a terrific game for this age.

- Best preschool game ever

I never write reviews- sadly because if I like it, I am thrilled but if I don't, I delete it. But this - this is the best game I have downloaded for my children! This has been a steady for my oldest ( now 5) and the next -10 months - is loving the animation. I am a teacher so I am always looking for something that is fun and yet teaches. This does it! Every preschool teacher and parent should have this app for their children!

- Awesome

My son loves this app. He has been using it for over a year and still loves it!

- Amazing!

My 2 year old plays on it constantly. She really loves it, I have seen an improvement in her fine motor skills.

- Best app for kids

I have all apps by this developer. They are the best ones I have found for my 3 year old and he's been using since 2. Keenly Awaiting next app to com out!

- Love it

My son lives this game. Been playing it since he was 3

- Awesome.

Solid app! Would like to see an update.

- Classic

Both my kids loved this game. Had this game for ever it seems - others come and go on the phone, but this one has stood test of time , and two two year olds.

- Great app!!!

My 2 yr old loves it & my 4 yr old still likes to play it. The redundancy is great for actually learning the skills & information & the kids don't seem to mind as they always want to play it!

- Fantastic

My kid loves this game and its educational.

- One of the best app for my 2 year old out there!


- Fabulous Game

My 4 yr old non verbal son who is on the Autism Spectrum LOVES this game. It's very interactive, educational and entertaining. Great Job!

- every toddler must have!!!

:) :) :) :) :) This app teaches them and keeps them entertained at the same time! It also encourages them to keep going so the get there little sticker reward. Genius. Finally an app that's actually made for toddlers!! If you haven't already buy it worth th and great for keeping them distracted. :) :) :) :) :)

- buy it!

Love this game, buy it if you have a toddler. A suggestion would be to have a harder level so when they master all the concepts they can be challenged again. Please make more games yours are the best available! K

- Love it!

My 3 year old loves this game! So glad I bought it.

- Love it

I got this app when he just turned 3 and he loved it! Now he's 4 I'm going to introduce him to the Monkey Math app

- Great game

My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves the 'monkey game'. It gives her success and challenges her. She loves collecting the stickers. I'm looking for another game to keep the challenge and interest up. I'll keep an eye open for one from the same designers. The game works flawlessly. Thank you.

- Great Ap!

My 2.5 yr old loves this. Very well done!

- awesome!

I like the variety of games this app presents to my 20-month old daughter. she doesn't get stuck with just one game, so she doesn't get bored. she just goes on and on and on.... she loves it! I'm amazed how much she has learned just by playing this app. Please come up with more apps as great as this one.

- My daughter loves it!

One of her favourite games

- My 4 and 2 yr old love it

Keep them busy for a long time and it is educational! I dl all 3 of ur app thx!

- Perfect for a 2 1/2 year old

My son started playing this at 2 1/2 and it was challenging for him and he liked the diversity of short games and puzzles. He's almost 3 and its getting too easy for him, so an expansion would be great. I like that kids can earn "stickers" while playing a range of short games, including matching hidden tiles, puzzles of 4-5 pieces, counting fruit, and being prompted to pick out things that are different or by colour. The game still keeps him busy for 5 minutes at a time, but it would be great if there were differing levels of difficulty. I'd buy expansions if they did. At first the calypso music was off-putting, but it grew on me. The little monkey character is pretty cute.

- Awesome!

I've been looking for games that my two year old son can play without much help - since he wants to be like his four year old sister - and this one is perfect! It's educational, easy for little fingers to navigate, AND it holds his attention (he LOVES the monkey)! Thanks to the creators - I downloaded the other apps as well!

- Perfect for daycare

I bought this app to use at the daycare I work at and the kids loved it so much I bought the other two monkey preschool apps but would love to see something new

- Great

Awesome game, my 3 year old loves it. I love it to, it keeps him occupied! Graphics and gameplay are excellent. Hope developer comes out with more like this.

- Fun app

Our toddler really enjoyed this. She played it quite a bit for a few weeks (though lost interest after that). It's definitely worth buying though.

- Fun!

My 3 year old son loves both these apps! Defiantly worth the money. Building the fish tank keeps him motivated to keep going :). He has mastered the preschool game in a day wish it had more levels.

- we want more!!!!!!

as a behavioral therapist, and understanding crucial concepts in childrens learning development...this game is awesome!! it gives small prompts for your child to understnd what itsasking for. my son is 2 and can do every memory game, matching, bulding the puzzles etc...and although he's learning....his favorite game is "monkeys" please please make more games!!!

- It's a hit!!!

Came by this app by chance, and my three year old nephew loves it. Very educational and apparently fun!!

- Boooo

Don't waste your dollar..

- Daughter loves it.

I'll buy anything they make they haven't steered me wrong yet.

- Great educational game

My 21 month old daughter loves it! Keep them coming THUP

- Great, but a little repetitive

Needs to have a few more activities or upgrade packs.

- Best 2+ app ever!!

Both of my kids (2 and 6) love the whole monkey preschool app collection, they are fantastic and educational! Thanks for the great apps!! =)

- Michi

Love this app. Wish you would make more. My 3,5 and 6 year olds all have fun with it.

- Worth every penny

My 4 year old daughter loves this game. Terrific interaction and fun sound effects. Drives me nuts after 5 minutes, but then again, it wasn't made for me :) Well worth $0.99.

- Love love love it!!

My 2 year old can play this for hours. She has learned so much from it. I just wish it had harder levels that she could advance to. Otherwise it's perfect, and she has no complaints.

- Loved by my son!

My son has been playing this game for months, he'll be 2 in a few weeks, and he just LOVES it! He plays it himself now and only occasionally requires assistance -- randomly with the puzzle game. If he could rate this I swear he'd give it 10 stars =)

- 3-4 year old loves this

This game has been a fav of my child for over a year and he never seems to tire of it. He especially loves the stickers.

- Good but short

Each game is about 10-30 sec so that's only 2-3min in total, it should be free or have more levels. But for the first 5 min or so the kids live it.

- Love it

My 3 year old loves this game!

- Quiet time

Worth every penny. How much is 15 minutes of quiet time worth? I have had this app since my daughter turned 2 and a year and a half later it is still her favorite. In the beginning it was time together learning and now it's quiet time. Again worth every penny.

- Cute!

My 2 year old loves this game. Keeps her entertained for quite awhile. Good learning game for toddlers!

- really worth the money

My 16 month old daughter enjoys playin it..amazing how she learned all the matching and forming puzzles without my help. a bunch of thanks to the creator.

- Outstanding!

Great buy! My 3 year mastered it so it needs more but good money reinforcers to keep the kids going

- Monkey lunchbox set

Totally love all the monkey lunch box apps. Have had them for about 9 years. Bought all the apps about a year ago. Just wish you will now make the same sort of apps for the next 2 age brackets up. Eg young primary school age and middle primary school age. As the apps are fun and appealing and would help with maths and spelling.

- Great App but too much ee ee

My granddaughter loves it but got annoyed with the monkeys constant ee ee ee.

- Great game

My kids both love this game!

- Kids Favorite

Both of our kids went through the monkey lunchbox stage. Snapped that's been in our home for 4 years and counting

- Entertains my 2 year old

2 year old loves this - he has gotten quite good at puzzles and matching - great little game to keep him busy in a waiting room! Also no ads or purchases which is great!

- Boring

I dl it for my 21 months old and he could easily do it. He got bored after 5 mins. It's just a lot of repetition and really predictable...

- You Should Buy It👍🏻

This game is great for toddles. I rate it a must buy. It might be a bit annoying from the sound but it keeps my life 2 year old busy and quite. Awesome game!!!!!!!!!👶🏼

- Great game!

I had this game for my younger brother a few years ago and have re-downloaded it for my two year old. Great app, no ads and simple to use. Recommended.

- Ee ee ee

God this is annoying

- Great fun learning

I have heaps of learning apps for my little girls but no apps have taught them more that this one and monkey maths. They absolutely love them, so they learn faster. More please THUP!!

- Amazing app!

Just love it! Its so easy & fun to play & learn!

- Best game

I have bought all the monkey games and my kids love every single one. And teaches them a lot of things a++

- More please!

Great app. My little sister is 20months and this was the only app she actually enjoyed. Addicted really. Very colourful, entertaining, has a sticker reward system and great fun sounds too. Would give 5 stars if there were new updated activities and setting to choose which activities to include and the difficulty too. Looking for more apps just like this! Money well spent.

- limited but good at what it does

my son has autism and was surprised at how quickly he picked it up. Even the memory card game. Good distraction for the little ones.


My 3 year old just loves this game and I encourage it because it's a great easy learning game! and I've just purchased all the others for my grade 1 child!


My 3 year old just loves this game and I encourage it because it's a great easy learning game! and I've just purchased all the others for my grade 1 child!

- Great app

My 4yo and 2yos love it

- Superb

easy, fun to use for kids. Fast and fluid animation.

- Very entertaining and educational

my little one year old loves this!! The graphics are well produced and so is the soundtrack as well as the game play

- Fantastic!!

My 3 year old has been playing this since she was 1 1/2 and she STILL loves it. She now enjoys teaching her 1 1/2 yr old sibling how to play it! Thanks for an engaging and awesome app!!

- Love it...

My one year just loves it..

- Great app

Can you make the puzzles a bit more forgiving?

- Love this

Best app we have found so far for my 2 & 5 yr olds, they have fun & learn at the same time, we also got monkey Maths and love that as well!

- C's Mum

Brilliant. More please?

- You


- My Kids Love it!

We all love this game! My 2.5yr old Autistic son and 5 year old daughter love it. We have the maths one too. Please bring more out for the Ipad!!!

- Outstanding

Lots of fun, easy for toddlers to use, our little boys' fave app.

- Great app would love more levels

My just turned 2 year old loves this app but can already complete all games unassisted with confidence, would love to see some more games added to keep him interested.

- 2 yr old loves it!

Excellent for toddlers. Works very well on the iPhone. Would be perfect if there was multitouch support on the fruit puzzle mini game on the iPad.

- A great app to own

My almost 2yo has been playing this for a month and has almost mastered it already. My 3.5yo is a pro at it and they both love it. They don't even realise they're learning.

- Awesome

Best program by far my 2 year old son loves it

- Cute and simple

A bit repetitive, but my 2 year old lives it. Cheerful voice acting, lively music and a few fun tasks. Would have liked to see the puzzles getting harder though.

- Monkey pre school lunch box

Both my kids adore it. Gr8 time waster. Keep up the good work.

- my daughter loves it

My 2 yr old loves it even though she doesnt know exactly what shes doing. The one prob she found straight away was when youre told to pick the green fruit- the strawberries for example have the green bit on top and she was getting frustrated it wasnt working because its classed as a red fruit.

- Excellent

Great app my toddler loves this game

- Mrs Mum

The kids love it. It's great. Its fun and it's learning. Highly recommend.

- Awesome!

This game has entertained my children for hours. We love it!

- Great

Please make more of your apps they are fantastic my nearly 2 year old loves this game.

- Monkey fun!

Monkey lunchbox lovers!! Terrific game, my 3yr old loves it!

- Love it

My children are two and three and they both love the money game. My two year old wasn't really speaking much but now he tells me "monkey" and copies the fruit and shapes now. I completely recommend it!!!

- excellent for 3 yr olds to follow and do on their own

Love it! my 3 yr old can sit and be entertained by it without my help for 15 minutes straight! that's a testament to the user friendliness of this game and the content is educational!

- Fantastic!

Good fun. The kids love it! It's Mr 3.5's favourite app. Getting to choose a sticker after completing tasks is a great idea.

- Monkey lunchbox

A fantastic app for little people, is the first app I've bought an my son loves it!

- Love it!

My 2.5 yrs son loves this monkey game. It is by far his favourite app out of all the app I have on my iphone. Best app ever!!! Highly recommend.

- Keep my 4yo entertained + he is learning at the same time


- Outstanding app for pre-schoolers

An outstanding app for pre-schoolers that is engaging but also works for completely independent play. Both my 2 year old and 5 year old love this app. A bargain at three times the price.

- Great

Great game my 1 n half ur old daughter plays it n she has so much fun she doesn't realize she's learning

- Great

My kids, aged 2, 4 and 6 all love this app! Great value. Vegetable version would be great.

- Great!!

Great app, my three year old loves it, lots of different activities with lots of fun and positive reinforcement

- Awesome!

This game is EVERYthing you want in a kids app. It teaches (not just tests) it's engaging and fun, it works perfectly, it rewards, and teaches relevant stuff. Seriously, the monkey games are simply the BEST toddler apps I've seen - and I've downloaded a lot!

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- Loved it for my brothers!!!

I have two twin brothers that are six. When they were in preschool they loved it!! They still play it. Sometimes I play it and I'm almost ten!!

- No options

This would have been a good game if not for the fact my son can't pick the game he wants to play. It just randomly goes to a different type of game. If there is a way to pick I can't find it.

- Awesome!

My 2.5yr old son loves this game!! He's learning at the same time. Good job.

- Love it but the update is stupid

Whoever decided that putting a home button in the upper corner of this app has never had a button mad toddler using this app (which they LOVE by the way). All that is going to happen is constant restart of the game when they decide to check out that button. Bad idea

- Love love love

My 18 month old is a wizard at it....this simple game has helped so much.

- Simple but fun

My daughter has been playing for a couple of years and still enjoys it.

- Great App

I've had this for about a year I think and my now 5 & 3 year olds love it. Great for pre-math learning, etc.

- Fun & educational

My kids love this app! Especially when the monkeys say Eee, Eee. There are so many varieties if games the kids never get bored and they learn shapes, colors, coordination, etc in the process!!

- Awesome app for toddlers!

My daughter started playing this when she was 2 and still loves it at age 3. The matching game is her favorite, and she loves picking the stickers.

- Great for my 2 year old

My 2 year old daughter just spent 2 hours playing with this on the plane. She has a slight problem with the matching game, but can otherwise handle it, and loves it. That more or less matches the experience my (now) 5 year old had when she started with this as well. It's a well crafted game that's perfect for toddlers, and it's a pretty effective teaching tool as well. Highly recommended.

- Super app!

It's been great for our kindergarten kid!

- Excellent app! All my students love it

Love it

- Great app

My grandkids really like this.

- Excellent!

We have all the Monkey Preschool apps. The kids love them all, and Lunchbox rocks! Nice update.

- Like this a lot!

We've had this game for a while noe & my almost 3 YO still loves it!

- Great app

This is by far one of my daughter's favorite apps. I would highly recommend. Keeps her busy (and learning)!

- Great for toddlers!

My 2.5 year old son will not put this game down. Very educational at the perfect level for him. It's challenging but not to the point where he can't handle it. The matching game is the most difficult for him but he loves it and it is becoming easier for him. Love this app!

- Great kids app!

One of my sons favorite apps. He's almost 3 and can just about do all the games by himself. It keeps him busy for awhile. He loves the monkey :-)

- Educational and fun for little ones!

This is a really great educational game for little ones!

- Too hard

I love Previous versions of this app but the newest version is really difficult. Particularly the put the pieces together to form a fruit, I wasn't able to do that for the orange because it requires too much Percision. And, I'm 64 years old.

- Very Cute!!!

Very cute game love the monkey celebrations & stickers but there's no difficulty level. I would like to be able to challenge my son who is 4 instead of him just doing the same things over and over again!

- Love it!

My 16 month old can do about half of the stuff, but he loves the app! I certainly feel he will "grow into" this app.

- Fantastic toddler app!

This is one of my daughter's favorite apps. It's simple, educational, and fun to play. She loves picking stickers! Thumbs up for Monkey Lunchbox.

- No sound

The game looks great but there is no sound so I have to read it to my two year old......

- Cute...but

My grandson loves the app because the monkey dances. The app needs a way to set levels of difficulty. My 22 month old grandson loves the shapes, colors and matching games, BUT the games with letters are too difficult at this point.

- Very good

Great investment!

- My daughter's fav game for many months

It's both engaging as well as educational. Very well put together app.

- Monkey lunch

This game is good for your little ones ages 3 to 6

- 14 month old

Our 14 month old loves this game! It's amazing how he can do most of the tasks. The puzzles are still a little difficult for him but to watch his thought process is great! Especially when he picks a sticker. My 3 year old niece loves it too! Great for a wide variety of ages.

- My 3 years old loves it

My 3 years old n my 4 years old likes it a lot. Thnx

- Just o.k.

This app freezes up on my ipad often. Other than that, it's a lot of fun until your child learns everything, which does not take long.

- My kids love this App

I got this app for my daughter when she was 3 and she loved it!!! 2 yrs later, my new 15 month old is starting to put the puzzle together and match by memory. Good app for small children!!!😊😊

- Great app

My 1.5 yo loves it though he's a bit too young for the drag n drop games

- Bug in sticker screen

About a third of the times my daughter places a sticker, the game gets confused and stuck. It never leaves the sticker screen, apparently not realizing she let go of it. Really annoying bug in an otherwise pretty good app. I also wish it adapted more. Maybe it does when working properly but I need to reboot it so often it forgets.

- No sound

No sound. Waste of money.

- Was working

My son loves this, however, after upgrading to IOS 6.1.4 the sound no longer works. My 2 year old is very disappointed. Please fix soon!

- Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Purchased this a few days ago but there's no sound? I have an iPhone 5. It's a bummer if not compatible! Can this be fixed?? I've even power off and on. Please advise. Thanks!

- Great

I think it's fun and I'm 10, I play it when I am board!

- One of the best preschool apps

This app is an all time favorite of both my 4 year old and 2 year old grandsons. They love it both with and without sound which is wonderful for those times when you just need them to be quiet, like in church. We recently downloaded the 2 other Thup games and they love them as we'll.

- Excellent

This is such a wonderful game. My 3 year old plays it constantly. She has been playing it since she was 2.

- Great fun, no in-app purchases

Great fun, no in-app purchases

- Great

Very good for young learned especially those with language impairments.It also makes a great reinforcer!

- 2 year old loves it!

It's somewhat repetitive after 2 days of mastering it.. Still entertaining... Need new levels of difficulty.. Then it'll be well worth the money...

- Great game

My son loves this and begs to play it all the time. He gets excited about fruits at the store and at 2 years can say by name the ones he wants to get. I had my sisters and mom get this on their tablets and suggest it to anyone with young children.

- Ok

This game is very simple my 3 year olds can play it by themselves & take turns easily. But it is too simple & repetitive they already mastered everything in the game in one day. Great for 2-3.

- Absolutely great!

My two girls (2&5) love this game. Well worth the money. Only wish the developers had more games. I hope we get new updates soon.

- What a great kids app

With learning games like this the next generation is going to be very intelligent.

- Too Easy

Granddaughter mastered it by age two... Need some more grand kids, I guess...!

- Big BKs Finest

Kids love it!

- Good for toddlers

My 12 month old loves this app! He can just do the basic now like picking stickers and counting and the puzzles little more difficult for him to drag and drop but he still plays with it about a good 5 mins.

- Happy learning, although redundant

My 3 yr old loves this game! He could play it for hours. I find it too redundant, but he loves it and I like that he continues learning from it.

- Really good but needs ...more

I love this game my 2 year old plays it all the time.. she is really good at the matching I just wish they would update it with new stuff because it is no longer a challenge for her

- Fun and educational

A good incentive for good behavior. My child loves playing this game without even realizing that she learning.

- Fun for 2 minutes

Very good game for 2 year old. Mine is almost 3 and played the game straight through for 2 or 3 minutes. There are no more levels to increase the challenge. Good for first game maybe but really needs more levels. The age range given is too high.

- Great App for 2-9

My 2 year old son loves this app and chooses to play it regularly. Even some of the boys in my Grade 4 class last year loved to play it, despite it being too simple for them - they seemed to love collecting the stickers. I would love to see some more games, as they do become quite repetitive after awhile.

- Pretty good

My 3 yr old loves this game, he's always asking to play it in the car. It is very straightforward & easy to use for him. Plus the monkey is pretty cute! Would have given 5 stars but feel the game is pretty repetitive.

- Monkey preschool lunchbox

This game is delightful. The animations are crisp and the variety of challenges keep my grandchildren enthralled without becoming discouraged. Fantastic

- Amazing!

My son absolutely loves this game. I didn't even have to show him how to do it or anything. It's so intuitive. Highly recommend.

- #1 Game

My son is 2. This is, by far, his #1 game on the ipad. Lots of fun for that age!

- Not exaggerated

Our just turned 3 year old just loves this app. It is by far the best value preschool introduction to the Ipad we have found. Our only wish is that the developers would hurry up and write more software! We would love to see another monkey app that builds on the skills our child has already learned. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

- Excellent!!!

Mes enfants ont 2 et 4 ans et ils se disputent le iPod pour jouer à ce jeu (même après un mois d'utilisation). C'est très captivant et facile à comprendre même pour le plus jeune. Excellente initiation au iPod pour les petits.

- Entertaining but repetitive

My son (3) had no trouble figuring this app out, and it kept him entertained for a good chunk of road trip, but it is a bit repetitive and could get somewhat mindless. Still, good value for the money!

- basic and repetative

For $0.99 it help pass the time for my 3 1/2 year old son. Although the game is fairly basic and repetative.

- We're Bananas for this App!'

My three year old son absolutely loves this app! Beautiful bright games with room for growth and development! Highly recommended !!!!

- Fantastic

If you are looking for a decent app for young kids & children, this is it. 1. The app has NO menus, NO options, NO advertising. It's just the actual game for kids! It launches right into the game, and automatically progresses after completing an activity. There is nothing extra to distract your child. 2. The activities are on par with what you would expect a 2-4yo kid to know. 3. The animations and effects are well done, and not overblown. That's it. Very simple, well designed app. I wish more developers for kids games actually designed their games like this - FOR KIDS!

- Wonderful app

This has become the most-used app I have - my son loves it!! Often, he'll search out my iPad so he can bring it to me and let him play the games. Any parents with young children (mine is 16 months) should purchase this great app!

- Excellent

Excellent for my 2 year old daughter. She learned how to drag and drop from this.

- My 2 yearold loves it

My twenty-month-old's favorite ap! When he gets my phone this is the first of six others that he goes to and keeps going back to. The fruit puzzle is a bit challenging dexterity wise but this is fun up beat and the darn music is stuck in our heads. Worth every penny! I hope they keep working on it!

- A must-have!

My two yr old son loves, loves, loves this app. It took him a while to figure out the matching game, but now he can do it here and in other applications. I often hear him repeating the praise the narrarator gives when he gets things right. I also like the mild way the game handles wrong answers. This app has bought us many much appreciated extra half hours in bed in the morning when he gets up early! Also highly recommend the sister app 'When I grow up'.

- Great fun for 2-3 yr olds!

My daughter (who will be 3 in 4 months) absolutely loves this game. Is it really challenging? No, but she is really happy to be able to complete all of the games on her own. Perfect game for her stage of development.

- My son loves it!!!!

He's 2, so I am the one playing the games but he loves to help. His favorite thing is the little monkey that jumps up & down when you get it right. Now every time he sees my phone he says Monkey, Monkey. For me it was completely worth it.

- Please make more games like it!

My three year old loves this game so much that we are fighting over the iPod :). This is great in that it toggles from colors, language,memory, counting, and puzzles. It is a great starting program to introduce ur kids to the iPod. I do have to agree with the other reviewers that the child gets bored quickly. In the next version can u please add simple maths, and more of everything.... I love how happy this game makes him!!!!!!

- Cute but not very exciting

Cute graphics..but agree with other poster..not very exciting. My kid can have this done in 10 min...maybe more "memory fruit" would be a better challenge? More colours? A 4 year old is pretty bright...this might entertain a 3 y/o but not my 4 y/o! Its actually hard to find a good preschool entertaining game with colour, drawing, numbers, fun music etc. The perfect game does not exist!

- The monkey suckered me out of a buck!

I bought this for my 4year old daughter and neither one of us were all that impressed. The game basically has only 1level and after completing all the tasks (in about 10 minutes for my daughter) it keeps repeating itself. Definately not worth paying for it.

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- Just wow!

I had this when I was a kid always played it, it has changed so much I love it!

- Amazing

I highly r

- Fantastic

An excellent app for preschoolers. I'd go as far as to say it's the best educational app that I've found. My daughter knew her shapes, colours and could count (1-10) by the age of two, plus learnt to differentiate between size. I cannot rate this app enough


The worse app in the world. My child never learns anything

- Perfect For Preschoolers

My son has played this games since he was 2, now 3.5 and still loves it. To start with I had to help him with the Jigsaw but he can do it all from 2.5, with no help. No adverts pop up or ways to leave the game so enjoys it without getting frustrated.

- ???

There's this weird bug that goes: Oh no this monkey (strawberry) broken the pieces can you put it back together ?? Please triple please can you fix that because I'm fed up with it.

- Excellent

Excellent for memory, puzzles, recognition of shapes, colours and letters. My son has loved this game since he was 21 months old.

- Strong American Accent

Might be a good app if you can get past the annoying American accent. I have now deleted this app. Please update with an English Accent Option.

- Great app

Both my kids,3 and 4yr old love this app. Great educational game. Would recommend.

- Lunchbox

Fab little game ideal to keep toddlers busy when waiting at the doctors/dentist etc

- Top toddler game

My 2 and 3 year olds love this game

- Very expensive for what it is.

There are very similar apps that offer more variation for less money. My opinion try something else until the developers drop the price as I feel a bit ripped off at the moment.

- Great game for kids

I brought this after visiting Apple shop in town, kids loved it best 69p spent kept them so quiet , and even better as can put on there I pods etc too

- Love it!!!!

Just got it for my 26 months and he can do most things right away and giggles like crazy when the monkey makes a noise. Going to buy the other ones in the monkey series now

- Very Good

My 2.5yr son love this app enjoys and very very interactive and knowledge for his age love to see more

- Lunchbox

Fantastic educational fun game for toddlers. My little girl loves this and is best preschool app so far. Thankyou!

- Mac

Brilliant App brought this for my 18 month old :D She loved it !

- Best app we own! And we have a LOT

Bought this for my 12 month old and he got the hang of most of the games straight away. I helped with some of thm for a while but now he's 36 months and still enjoys it. Unlike most kids apps it's got staying power and has kept him learning and entertained for a long time.

- Fantastic app

I bought this for my 2 and half yr old and he loves it! Plays on it daily, could do with more variety of games but he doesn't mind. Would recommend

- Worth getting

The app does learn a lot to children like my sister but there are a limited amount of features worth getting though

- Excellent

This is fantastic for my 3 year old.

- Great

My 20 month son loves the game and its easily the best game I've found for him so far. Could do with a few more games but he doesn't seem to mind after playing for a couple of months.

- Excellent

My 3 year old can count up past 20 but was having trouble recognising written numbers. 2 weeks after starting to use this, she is learning fast and even enjoys pointing out numbers to me when we are at the shops etc . Would recommend.

- Monkey puzzles

My 19 month old loves this game, asking to play 'ooh ooh ash aah' every morning. It's a fun app which gets her thinking and she loves the reward stickers and the when she get things right. Looking forward to an update with more content as Im not sure how long it'll hold her attention in the coming weeks.

- Repetitive

Boring! Very few exercises repeated with no breakout. Entertained my 2 year old granddaughter for 2 repetitions then she lost interest.

- Brilliant

We've had this app for over a year and my (only last week) five year old daughter still plays it all the time

- Monkey preschool lunchbox

Great app! Well worth the money

- Fantastic

My 2 yr old daughter absolutely loves this app. She plays on it for ages. It's great for learning. Only snag is that I don't get to use my ipad as much anymore with her hogging it lol xxx

- Excellent!!

Excellent app for toddlers. My 2 year old boy's favourite app. He plays this for hours. Great learning app for pairing, memory, learning colours, shapes, puzzles, letters and counting. My son loves getting stickers as he passes a round. Recommend this app :)

- My 2 year loves it!

This is a great app and my daughter loves it. It is a little repetitive and I have two gripes with it 1 it doesn't have difficulty levels. 2 has limited variety of games, shame they can't mix them up a bit when we update.

- Engaging and fun

My little boy plays this time and again. Good graphics, collectables and educational

- Monkey preschool lunchbox

This is a basic app for the money; Strong accents, repetitive, poor voice integration & it pauses the touch interface while the instructions are completed which make the app flow disjointed. It needs an update!

- For under 3's

This is a great game for under 3's. My 3 1/2 year old was bored of it after 30 minutes. it would be fantastic if the game became harder. Levels of progression. If this was the case it would be 5*. But sadly, it's far too repetitive and boring for over 3's. Can the developers sort this out?

- Not bad

Bit limited in the number of games but my two year old loves it. Strong accent is problematic as we're not in the US. Choice of fruits is also a bit weird. But overall it keeps him occupied!

- Where is the volume??

Can someone please tell me how to switch the volume on this game? And before anyone asks I have checked my iPad volume.

- Love it

Easy to navigate, continuous play. Learning by repetition and reward. First app I can leave my 3year old to play.

- Kawthar, iPhone4

Excellent!! My son loves it!!

- Great app.

My 3 year old has learning delays & I wasn't sure how she would get on with this. Many toddler apps are still too hard for her. She loves it! She has learned how to play most of the games already. Really well designed for kids.

- V.good

Has been one of the best apps for my two year old. The simple interface/navigation is one of the best things about this as it essentially works itself.

- Monkey preschool

Great little game my daughter has spent hours on this game it's educational and fun Definately recommend this app for 3years+

- very repetitive but great for a 3 year old...

My 3 year old son has had lots of fun with this.... fairly educational, just rather repetivite but often the kids like that... Worth the money I would say.

- Too easy for 4 yo.. Hence she spends hours together on this game

Few of the fruits are weirded and pronunciation is not upto the mark...

- My son Loves it!

My 2 year old sons loves it and I am amazed at how quickly he picked it up. He loves getting the stickers and playing along. Highly recommend

- This app is just awesome!

My 3 year old just loves it and she is learning fast. Just about to buy another one of the series I'm so impressed!

- Pretty game

I must agree with on other reviewer that having localized voiceovers would have been nice. Otherwise a very pretty game.

- Awesomely fun and educative

The first games my 2 and half boy ever played with and the result is absolutely brilliant. Very positive design and educating without any frustrating challenges for my kid. He plays it in the car on the way to the nursery and really makes the journey a nice moment for him and the driver. Thanks for creating this wonderful app.

- Great app


- Brilliant Game!

Great little App for Pre-Schoolers!

- 3 year old loves it

I'm not hugely impressed but my little girl plays this over and over for hours. I like the fact the game never ends but it does get a bit repetitive. It would be nice if it got more difficult or had three difficulty levels from this one upward. Give it a go though!

- Fantastic

My 1 year old loves this app. Great buy!

- Money well spent

I bought this for our son when he was 2 yrs old. He struggled at first with the concept and got through the levels by chance. Six months on he is a whizz at it. I caught him today playing the memory flash cards all by himself without the 2 yr old frustration. It has improved his fine motor skills on the iphone. Graphics are great and the noises aren't annoying. Well worth the money

- Great

This app is awesome my nephews absolutely love it they are 2 and 4 and play this all the time.

- Fantastic app

My girls (now 5 and 6) still love this app and play it more than any other - I only hope THUP brings out more apps like this and Monkey Maths, which my girls also adore.

- Fabulous

Absolutely sensational, Fantastic learning skills while being colorful and fun at the same time. It's must have.

- Great for little kids

Nephews - 2 & 4 - love this, especially little one. They love the achievement stickers and have learned new skills from the game (dragging, matching). It's also the right level of engagement - after 20 mins or so, they've had enough - they don't get addicted.

- Great game for littlies

Bought this app for my grandson he's not even 2 yet and he loves it... especially when he gets a sticker... well done

- Boo

Awesome! My 3 ye old loves this app!!

- Mum

Best app 3 & 4 yr old love this app only app they don't get bored from my girls have learnt letters from here

- The kids really love this app

But now I when try to read my mail I always get "can I play the monkey games please". :-)

- Franki

My 3 year old loves this game. Fantastic play and learn combo!

- Great app

Fun and nice app for toddlers. The rotating games keep it fun and challenging. My boy is 20 months, would highly recommend for toddlers!

- Great :)

My four year old loves it... I'm looking for some more apps that are similar maybe a little more advanced as well... Great learning aid..

- Monkey Pre school lunch box

Brilliant, my four year olds love love love it! Enough variety to keep them engaged for ages, cute reward stickers, great learning concept, a brilliant app, keep em coming!!

- it's awesome!

my 20 mth old loves this app! just needs a slight adjustment: can u make the stickers a two-touch thing? i.e. choose a sticker then touch the box to stick it on. it's currently a "pick up and drag" option which is harder for my son to do at his age. thanks

- Great game

My 5 year old love this game! Great educational game!

- Good but not for 4 plus

My little one enjoyed for about 10 minutes but a little too much of the same

- Karess88

GREAT educational game for young children, i downloaded this for my 3yr old and he absolutely loves it, would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. 5 stars :) thank- you please keep the games coming...

- Fantastic

I have two children with autism 2 and 5 and they both love this game and the when I grow up game. Hope to see more games soon

- Excellent game

My 5 year old really enjoys playing this app. Worth every cent

- Fantastic

my almost 4 year old loves this application, educational and fun for them as well

- Brilliant!

This is the app my two year old returns to every time, the rest get shunned!

- Great app :)

My 2 year old has been playing this for about 6 months and absolutely loves it. The games Have different levels of difficulty so he gets something different out of it as he gets older.

- Awesome

awesome app. colourful, musical and educational. Easy to use and loved by my children.

- Fantastic app

My 2.5yo loves this app, it's the only one I have found that he can play all of the activities. He loves it! Well done!! Pick a sticker!!!!

- Awesome!

My 23 month old twins both adore this app. The only problem is the fighting when one hears the other playing the app and wants a go!

- Ms

Awesome app my 3year old loves it. Especially the sticker reward. Great value. Can you do a vegetable version?

- Great

My four year old loves this!! The monkey is so cute and his actions reward the correct answer

- Great

Fantastic, my 3 year old loves it! Best app I have found for him.

- Great app!

Keeps young ones very entertained

- $1.19 well spent

great for preschoolers!

- Fantastic

Absolutly the best app for kids out there my 23 month old loves this soo much it also helped her match pairs colours and put pieces in a puzzle more of these games should be around 10/10

- Great for training young minds

My three year old absolutley loves this App & picking it up & just getes better & better,cant wait for the next update

- Rokhrder

My son would like say this game is cool. He likes it

- Needs a start menu

Great app, however it needs an initial start menu so you can choose the type of game you want to play (i.e. colours, shapes, memory). My 2 year old gets stuck on the memory games and the only way to get out is to close the app completely.

- great app

My 4 year old Autistic son loves it, good problem solving and matching skills learnt as well as counting and speech development cute monkey

- Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

My kids love much so I think I need a 2nd phone so they can both play :) (kids are boy 4, and girl 6)

- Awsome

I've downloaded many educational games for my 3.5yr old boy and this is by far the most engaging one for him. The stickers board gives him a sense of achievement. I would give it 100 stars if I can.

- Nice kids game

This is a good game for toddlers, my 3 year old loves it! Works well on the Ipad.

- Great app

Great app for keeping my 2 toddlers quiet! They love it over and over again! Well worth it, would love more like it.

- Highly recommended

My almost 2 yr old loves this game, great for plane trips.... And for learning and fine motor skills.

- Monkey Game

Our 2.5 year old's favourite game - she picked most of it up straight away + always asks for the monkey game! Would suit most 2 to 5 year olds.

- Great for 3 year olds

My three year old twins picked this up very easily and love this game! Recommended to parents of young kids, well worth the small cost!

- Brilliant

My 4 year old loves this game. Very easy for kids to play without them hitting menu buttons or getting stuck. My daugter just wishes that it would save her sticker board between games though. And just have a big "erase" button for when she wants to start over.

- it rocks!

please add more apps in this style as it is so easy for a 2 year old to use and is a great learning game.

- Not Working at All

This app just crashes on my iPad. Tried to remove and reinstall a few times to no avail. I'd ask for a refund if I could as it never even worked for us. Extremely disappointing.


Great game for little kids, my little sister is playing it nonstop and is learning how to count and read. The only problem is that it keeps my sister hogging my ipod touch. Although it is a really great game and is well worth $1.19. I recommend that this game is a game worth while as it teaches little kids to read and to count. Great Game!!!

- Great for littlies they love it

Great app.

- Toddlers love it

Toddlers love it

- Great for toddlers

My 2 year old likes playing this app, and has picked up all the challenges pretty quickly but still goes back for more. Good for a long plane journey. She especially loves the monkey when he says supercool and does a backflip, although personally I hate the American accent.

- Pretty Good

This is pretty good. My 2 1/2 year old picked it up pretty quickly though. Some variation of fruits would be great or add some vegetables. Oh and Cherries to start with "ch" instead of "c" would be better.

@dlichaw Monkey Preschool Lunchbox!

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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox 4.19 Screenshots & Images

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iphone images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iphone images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iphone images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iphone images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iphone images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ipad images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ipad images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ipad images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ipad images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ipad images
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (Version 4.19) Install & Download

The applications Monkey Preschool Lunchbox was published in the category Education on 2009-08-31 and was developed by THUP Games [Developer ID: 328205878]. This application file size is 235.01 MB. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox - Education posted on 2018-06-28 current version is 4.19 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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