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What is universe in a nutshell app? The range of size in the universe, from the tiniest particles to the epic galaxies - we take you on a journey of size that let’s you explore it all with a single swipe. How big is a planet, compared to a human? And how small is an atom really? You can’t fully wrap your head around the scope of things by just reading about them – so this app lets you experience them in comparison to get a feeling for their true scale. By simply swiping you can zoom in and out all the way from the world of fundamental particles up to the largest stars at the edge of the observable universe.

Seamless zooming between the scales of 10^-35 meters to 10^26 meters (no math required)

Amazing fun facts for various scale levels, like the smallest bacterium and the largest black hole

Tap any object for an explanation of what it is and how it works

Beautifully animated illustration of more than 250 objects

Original Kurzgesagt music to complement your experience

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App Name Universe in a Nutshell
Category Education
Updated 08 July 2021, Thursday
File Size 319.78 MB

Universe in a Nutshell Comments & Reviews 2023

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MY FAVORITE APP!. This is fantastic, as a curious preteen I am having so much fun learning and exploring this app. So many details and very accurate. One day I might want to know about cells and viruses another day I want to see planets and nebulae or anything in between. I have literally been reading and scrolling nonstop for 30 minutes. I have been subscribed to their channel for a while now and was so excited to see this app. ONE QUESTION : will there be updates, like new information and stuff as they make videos or jus tin general like new stuff to see because I would love that Thank you creators of this app!!!

Some perspective. First thing i want to say, I’ve always loved learning and have a deep love for those who help others to learn. This app, to put it bluntly, made me cry. To be able to see the scale of everything against eachother, from one planck length to the whole of the observable universe, it just puts a lot of things, both that we take for granted and things we think are impossible to handle, in to a whole new light. Thank you kursgesagt, for helping me more fully understand and embrace the sheer immensity and minutiae of the universe, and giving me renewed hope for the world with everything you guys do. Best $3 I’ve spent in a long time.

Interesting, but I have suggestions. This game starts off running, as it has a simple interface and interesting, general facts about things. It lets you binge this game if you’re curious on things. But if you’re coming for suggestions, here’s a few: I think you should be able to move around the objects to better compare them. I think you should music soundtracks. I think you should be able to just go to a sandbox space, and summon or place objects on a 2D field.

Legitimately Unbelievable. This app is truly unbelievable and awe-inspiring! I’ve been a Kurzgesagt fan for years, and this app truly teases everything to the next level. The sheer attention to detail in every little area, the artwork, the music, everything about this app is beyond amazing. It is essentially incomprehensible to experience the true size of our universe, but I think this app does a great job of trying to scale it for our minds to understand. Wonderful app, would recommend to anyone who loves science, exploration, Kurzgesagt, or is curious about our universe and existence! Truly Breathtaking.

So proud of this app and your channel. Kurzgesagt has been an informational pool of wealth, and adding this to your arsenal of teaching is wonderful! I will highly recommend this to friends and would love to see more from this app! Kurzgesagt is an amazing channel and makes science, philosophy, and information in general easy to approach and interesting. I can’t stress how amazing and important that is in our day and age! Like the name itself this wonderful team makes everything interesting and simplifies it “in a nutshell”. Love you all, and please keep doing what you do best, being yourselves ❤️

I've never felt so small... or big!. Worth every penny of what you pay. You could look at everything in one sitting (like I did), or space it out (no pun intended) and look at a few things at a time. Either way, you're sure to gain a new appreciation for the universe around you, as well as a multitude of research topics. Oh, and let's not forget the beautiful visuals by Kurzgesagt which are eye-catching and beautiful to look at. Please save me a space at the edge of the human square 😂

Super Great but needs fixing.. When I found out that Kerzgesagt made an app I was really excited. Beautiful artwork (except for the Wait but Why figure), Amazing descriptions (except for a few galaxies and nebulae), and eye catching animations. Well, except for one thing. I know that when you don’t have any internet, all the animations stop (which is pretty annoying), so when I went on a road trip to New Hampshire, I was not surprised. But, when we got to the vacation cottage and connected to the local wifi, the animations were still stuck and have stayed that way ever since. Please fix this tiny bug or else I think I will go crazy!!!

Amazing scale... some suggestions.. The scale of the objects explained in the app gives you some understanding about the real size of the objects in the universe! Great idea to help understand and visualize beyond the information given on the app! I’m so looking forward to seeing the future development of this app considering how good it is now! One of the things that would certainly raid the bar even further is to include interactively animated objects with information about these objects. That would really fun and creative! Just like watching a Kurzgesagt video that you can move it’s object and play with them! Hopefully this app will get the enough attention and funds to develop it even further!

So interesting and fun. I appreciate the silly narrative that has been written and very much enjoy the concept of the app. I wish it included more conversions to Imperial for us lamers that don’t use Metric but it is fun to zoom in and out and learn. I hope it gets updates and additional content added later. It would be cool too if there were another way to “sort” the content. I am sort of surprised that a concept like this never was created before but I am pretty happy it has been done now.

Marvelous Experience with TONS to Explore!. I recall seeing science museum exhibit exactly like this when I was a kid. It was one of those memories that I cherish and remember because exploring everything that the world has to offer, both big and small, changes how you think about the world. It's genuinely fun to see the smallest to the largest items in our universe, and learn about everything along the way. Kurzgasagt's Universe in a Nutshell has re-ignited my youthful curiosity and excitement after experiencing this app. It was really enjoyable to explore and play with, and I think it's a WONDERFUL first app for them! I firmly belive the $2 cost is justified because it supports Kurzkesagt, gives you access to the app for life and any future improvements, and is worth the treasure trove of perspective and knowledge it has to offer.

It’s a cool thing to play with but I want more. First of all, it’s cool, especially if like me you like spending time thinking about how many dust mites are in your pillow RIGHT NOW. You should buy this app because it’s the kind of project you should be supporting if you’re into learning and knowledge and other smart stuff. I have some suggestions for the app’s improvement. I’d like to be able to see photos of the things on the app (well maybe not the worm, because everybody knows what worms look like. but all those cool galaxies and animals). I’d also like to have more comparisons of mid- sized things. How many toasters fit in an average house if we fill it from top to bottom with nothing but toasters? I also want to be able to scroll sideways and not just in and out. And I want to be able to make wallpapers of the images in the app. Like the cute pug or the human cube. Those were awesome.

Mind blown. Atoms, cells, electrons: Smaller than you think. Smaller than you can imagine. Galaxies, the solar system, black holes — larger than you can imagine. Until now. I have always been deeply fascinated by unimaginable scales and sought analogies and pictorial representations. This is as close to anything I have found that lets me wrap my little brain around this. I thought I would play with this for a few minutes but it’s so rich in content and experience. Really well done!! Animation, music, and as far as I can tell, the science is dead on.

Worth it!. I just got the app and it is absolutely beautiful and seamless. I’m working my way up from the smallest to largest objects one by one and I think it could take me at least six months. The descriptions of the objects so far have been clear and concise, and maintains the usual Kurzgesagt sense of humor. Many of the objects have a slight animation to them and is pleasant to watch. I highly recommend this if you enjoy other scales of the universe. It is a uniquely entertaining experience.

Enhances Virtual Learning. An excellent addition for my 1st and 2nd grade kids who are 100% virtual. School is slow and boring. As I look for additional resources to stimulate their growing spongy brains, this is one of the best. They’ve already had their minds blown by the sheer scale of things. And I get to read fun facts about everything (including the Plank Length!). Full disclosure, I’ve been a fan of Wait But Why since year one and have watched most of the Kurzgesagt videos (my kids love them too). With my bias showing, this app is fully in line with the expected level of quality and content from these two creators.

Good app, but not that great. Very interesting app, especially for the spark notes of scientific discoveries, but it needs to be updated more frequently. I don’t see UY Scuti listed and i also don’t see Alcyoneus, which dwarfs both virgo A and IC 1101 by many times and is a singular elliptical galaxy. These are just minor examples that’d make it cooler, another cool edition would be even would be the size of a fully generated minecraft world, another similar computer website showed that was bigger than saturn. You could also include the most realistic theory for what’s beyond the observable universe and beyond the edge of the universe to keep people thinking (even if incorrect, cause for debate is better than nothing). Lastly i don’t believe this has anything from the standard model of particle physics if i remember right(though i need to double check after this review). All of that would turn this from a 3 star app into a 5 star app.

Love it!. Definitely the best purchase I have ever made. All the graphics and information is accurate, intricate and very entertaining. I didn’t expect less though, because this is Kurzgesagt, and they are GREAT. I love it! There are so many things, too! My only suggestion might be to maybe make a second one with animated visuals. I know that would be extremely difficult to accomplish, but considering how awesome this app is, I think it would turn out great. Again, an animated one would be cool but definitely not necessary, only acting as a cool feature in addition to this beautiful library for the mind.

Really cool and I want to keep using it. I like how half of the thing in the app moves and the stars and galaxy’s are cool and it is joyful. But the language is hard and is above my age plus it is difficult to tell what it is for pistol star. I like it so much and I even got to the smallest and largest. And I don’t have more things in the app but I think it’s enough or maybe more entertaining if there were more things in the app. Thank you for making this app thanks 😊 I loved it and the animations were cool.

Almost ALMOST perfect. I say “almost” perfect because the app doesn’t quite seem to support the higher screen refresh rates on devices like iPad Pro, nor on the rumored screens of the iPhone 12. Kurzgesagt’s beautiful animations lend themselves perfectly to such smooth, clean movement that the 120hz display can provide, and it would also make zooming in and out SOOOO much more satisfying. I hope the developers add support for ProMotion soon! I really look forward to it and other future updates. Bravo!

As a Fan of Kurzgesagt for Many Years Now.... This app is phenomenal. It has been amazing to see how much growth Kurzgesagt has gone through, and this app is chock-full of their quirky drawing style, sense of humor, and scientific prowess. I have supported them with posters and apparel, and this app absolutely lives up to the level of quality I expect from them. Truly one of the finest educational channels in existence. I always wait with bated breath to receive notification of their latest upload! This is an excellent resource for schools, students, teachers, or just people who enjoy learning about space. Must-have app for me!

This app is beautiful and amazing. Just to give a little context, I’m a black female biomedical researcher from the Virgin Islands and this app fascinates me so so so so so so much. It feels like there are infinite things to learn and the design is so attention grabbing. I’ve been a big fan of the app animators for years so I’m not surprised, but this is literally the only app I’ve ever paid for on my iPhone... aside from Apple Music. I highly recommend it. If you don’t purchase it for yourself then purchase it for the young blossoming minds in your life.

Great game by Kurzgesagt. I love this game because it doesn’t spout out tons of information that any normal person would be confused with, it gives a general idea of what that particle, animal, Galaxy etc. is and how big it is to scale. What I would love for them to do is to make a “scientist mode” that tells you all the information about that specific thing like how much neutrons and protons that specific atom has, and it would be a really good app to have on your phone like if you forget something about anything in the universe.

Amazing Experience.. To be honest, I went into this app expecting a pleasant experience. However, I got a lot more than that. I really did enjoy the experience this app gave me, letting experience the sheer scale of everything, but at the same time, I was touched by the amount of effort put into this. I mean, think about it. With an app with this many objects, they were willing to put a fun fact or explanation of the object for every single one! I highly recommend using the three crinkly $1 bills from your pocket to buy this app, because chances are, this can give you a better experience than what those $3 can get you otherwise. I thank you sincerely for doing this for us, Kurzgesagt and Tim Urban!

Thank you for everything. This app is truly amazing. Form the stunning graphics to the detailed explanations, Kurzgesat has truly done it again. If you are reading this Kurgesat, please know that I am one of your biggest fans. I love every single one of your videos, and think that what you are doing is truly amazing. I truly think that you are changing the world through the power of Science, Knowledge, and animated birds. So thank you, so much for everything you have given to me and the world. Much love to you, and may you keep doing the amazing work you are doing.

Visually and Emotionally Stunning. I sat in wonder for hours. Starting at the Planck Length... laughing and learning my way out to the stars and beyond. Scale is handled especially well here, successfully putting things into perspective as you zoom through space like an interstellar traveler. A great mix of fun and education. A retelling of what we know in a fun new medium. I think I felt every emotion on this journey. Even at the end, the final description, brought me to tears. Something I wasn’t expecting. Succinct and beautiful. The app is a visually and emotionally stunning feat, succeeding in illustrating and describing the scale of everything, all while being limited by the human mind. Bravo.

Gorgeous Fun Room. This app is the beautiful brain child of Kurzgesagt and Wait But Why, and if you love one or both of those, you’ll love this. If you’ve never heard of either of those, for the love of god please go down the rabbit hole that is discovering their content! Critique for the app: some of the features which move (scaling, the elephant, Kurtz duck etc.) are a bit laggy on an iPhone 11 and if you could find more stuff to put between biggest “black hole” and “light day” it would be more visually pleasing. Great work Tim, keep it up :)

Absolutely beautiful.. Great art and writing. Some nice jokes in there. It was great that pinch-to-zoom is supported in addition to swipe controls. About swipe control - they work more like a game than like scrolling, it was weird at first but you get used it. I would still probably prefer it to work more like scrolling, where holding my finger down in one spot shouldn’t cause any movement. Another feature I would love: search. Sometimes I’m looking for object I know, and I would love to have a way to quickly jump them.

Always wanted something like this. I love the idea, I love the artwork, the music is beautiful and calming, and I really appreciate the effort put into the information available at such a reasonable price. I’ll admit some bias for the app because I’ve been a fan of Kurzgesagt for years now. But I also wouldn’t care who made it if I just stumbled across this app on the store. The scroll is smooth and you can generally see everything even while you’re shrinking/growing. Once or twice I did open the information on something when I meant to just be scrolling, stuff can sometimes come up fast and I didn’t realize my finger was on something when I took it off. but it’s overall quick and responsive to get out of the info back into the scale, so it really didn’t affect my experience overall. Loved the stick guy, that’s a cute addition. Can’t wait to see what else there is, thanks for making this!

Work in progress. This is a great idea for an app, and it's definitely worth the price. However, there are 2 slightly important things that people should be aware of, considering they're paying money for it. The app doesn't have any audio (at least for me) and the animations are choppy. Obviously, since it's been 7 hours since the app launched, it's natural for the app to be suboptimal, and I'm sure the team will get behind it. Once the audio is fixed and the animations blend in with the smooth texture of iOS, it'll be an amazing experience. Apart from that, it's definitely worth checking out. I knew Tim and Kurzgezagt wouldn't disappoint. Keep it up!

Puts my existential crisis into perspective. For those of us that fondly remember that classic space film from 1977...that’s right, I’m talking about “Powers of Ten: A Film Dealing with the Relative Size of Things in the Universe and the Effect of Adding Another Zero,” this app is the ultimate expression of the concepts first popularized in that epic saga. Universe in a Nutshell is packed with astounding detail about objects at every scale in our universe (even more than Katamari Damaci!). It’s a collaboration between two of my favorite explainers-of-things: Tim Urban (“Wait But Why?”) and Kurzgesagt (In a Nutshell). Beautifully illustrated, wittily written and expertly engineered, it’ll expand and contract your mind, ultimately leaving you out of breath as you sip the quantum foam from your piping-hot cup of supernova neutrinos in the restaurant at the end of the universe. I’ll rate it a Googol out of a Googol stars, which turns out to be way, way more than the number of stars in the observable universe.

Perfect for Procrastination AND Education. I first encountered Tim Urban’s work in his TED Talk about procrastination. Then I did exactly what he described in the talk by allowing myself to get distracted from what I was supposed to be doing to follow a trail of bread crumbs of fascinating topic after topic, all explored with humor and enthusiasm in his blog Wait But Why. This app displays the same passion for detail, knowledge, exploration, wonder, and humor. The colors and graphics are beautiful and vibrant without being garish. The music is evocative, but if you prefer silence, you have that choice. A person could get lost in this app in the best way and learn to appreciate the universe in a new way. Even if you know everything already, read the explanations and enjoy Tim Urban’s writing. 🙂

Amazing app 10/10 would recomend. Everything is amazing! This app really helped me put things in perspective about the universe and our collective reality. I am a visual learner and love the ability to slide through the spectrum. The only thing I’d think would be helpful is a button you could press that would take you through from either the biggest to smallest, or smallest to biggest cinematically so you could just observe and take it all in or show a friend. Thanks for making this app!

This is so mind boggling!. When I was about 12 (I’m currently 17), I became fascinated with the universe and its composition. Sometime after that, I found Kurzgesagt. Kurzgesagt does a fantastic job of quite literally bringing the universe into a nutshell. After all, something so incomprehensible, such as the universe, needs to be dumbed down a bit for some to get the full picture. When their new app came out, I’m pretty sure I bought it in a heartbeat. In the app, as of September 22, 2020, you can view the entire scale of the observable universe. What more, in terms of fascination, could you ever ask for?

All Kurzgesagt fans must get!!!. As a fan of the Kurzgesagt team I can say this app will not disappoint. I think that you are getting so much value out of a $3. I don’t think it should be free for anyone saying that. Anyway this app offers so much to read and learn. Anytime you are bored you can easily pick up your phone and explore the universe Kurzgesagt has provided. The only issue I had was some quality issues when zooming but it still deserves 5 stars from me. Also this is just the first version, they will be updating it and improving it as time goes by. Now go and support the Kurzgesagt team and buy this app!!!

Good app couple of suggestions!. I downloaded this near 5 minutes ago and I already like it! It is very educational and useful to tell my friends I’m usually the smart kid in my class. I love to know facts but here are some suggestions. 1: Make more stuff like, how tall or big the object is, modes like fact mode where it only shows you facts or a mode for text only and image only. Add videos or pictures that are informational and possibly let the community speak to you like customer service for suggestions, fan art. Love the app keep doing updates, please! C:

Great app but only one problem. It’s overall a great app but one of my pet peeves as a american is obviously the different measurement systems. Don’t get me wrong, they can use whatever system they like but couldn’t they just add (Imperial system) next to measurements? I mean a good majority of their audience is American and since we obviously don’t use the same measuring system I find myself having to either guess or look up measurements. I just think for a app that makes us pay we should at least get the comfortability to not have to guess or look it up. But overall that’s literally my only problem and it’s a small one at that.

Interesting and barebones. The app is fun to look around in but you can tell it is new (as of sept 22). It would be nice to be able to move the images around somewhat, like in a mode where you can move around things in a certain size in order to compare them better. For example it is hard to compare a human with the Apollo capsule when they are slightly diagonal and apart from each other. Also some images are in accurate like with the hydrogen atom. While the actual nucleus would be too small for in the normal zoom mode, it would be nice if it were to scale and you could zoom in on it when you opened up its description. Other than that it is cool to get this info and sense of scale in one place.

Astonishingly great!. I concur with all the high praise of the many, many other positive reviews. The only thing that I wish the app had was an option to have each of the great descriptions read by the classic Kurzgesagt narrator’s voice! My 3 year old is fascinated by size comparison of various objects and is showing interest in the physical sciences including astronomy and chemistry so this app is basically a godsend to quench his curiosity, but he can’t quite read all the wonderful descriptions. I know adding audio narration would bump up the app size significantly, but maybe there’s another solution. Anyways, thanks for the great app!

Great app, wonderful art. This app has gorgeous depictions of the universe. It goes from the Planck scale all the way up to our own universe, showing all the important figures along the way. The music adds to the experience and this app is great for any science enthusiast or just anyone who is curious about the world. That said, it could use some improvements: - This is only a minor issue, but the frame rate is a bit choppy when you zoom in or out. It would be nice if it was raised to a higher refresh rate in an update - While the app has a nice interface and design, in the future some other aspects beyond just a scale of the universe should be added. For example, tour of the solar system, factoids about stars and galaxies, etc. Just more content to view. All in all, it’s a 10/10 app that I definitely recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about the world, from a macro to micro scale.

Pretty cool: explanations okay. Perennial content idea is showing the scale of the universe and this app does a remarkable job here. And it’s beautiful so it’s probably worth the $3. But the explanations are kinda mediocre — for instance beyond Planck’s length “doesn’t make sense,” okay but why? A light day...something about the population of Guam, okay I don’t have a reference for either. If this were a book at Barnes & Noble I’d pick it up for a few minutes, nod at a few pages, and put it down. But don’t get me wrong, both of these creators are amazing. I think the text here is less than their normal standard.

Very nice app worth every penny!! Beautiful!!. I bought this for me and my son. We love information about everything. My son is 7 and he can read ok but still has some big words he has trouble reading. I read it to him at night before bed and he loves it. Thanks to the developers for making this wonderful app. Do y’all have any plans to maybe put in audio ? A narrator to read all the information? I ask bc my niece a 3 year old also love the app. She can’t read at all yet. Be nice to see a update adding that feature. If not still worth money and I would recommend it to everyone.

Beautiful and thought provoking. First, I bought it for myself, and then I gifted it to my wife and my sister. My sister absolutely loved it, as do I. My wife hasn’t had the opportunity to really explore it yet. The music is so beautiful and relaxing, that I never get tired of it and it’s perfect for the atmosphere of majestic cosmic structures floating in space. The Kurzgesagt artwork is its own beautiful gift to humanity, and it’s one of my most favorite modern art styles. The subtle animations on the different entries in this app really make everything in it feel alive, as if everything in the universe is alive in its own way, and has a rhythmic pulse or breathing, and I believe that that is kind of the point. Please, Kurzgesagt, produce more apps of this quality in the future!

This is amazing, you are amazing, keep up the astronomically magnificent work!!1!11!!!!!!1. I love this app so much! I love this so much that at one point, I was reading all of the definitions I could get to to my parents for more than three hours straight!! I hope you continue doing what you’re doing for as long as you can. It really means a lot to me and, I’m sure, many other people out there as well! Please, please, please keep on making people’s day, and especially keep on inspiring people! Thank you for reading this review!😊😄😊

#1 in education, and creativity/style!. This app is truly amazing. I’ve watched kurzgesagt over the years, and i’ve sat in absolute awe over all the amazing things that i have learned. From Human consciousness, global warming, Theoretical science, Astronomy, and even Animals; It’s truly amazing what they do and are capable of. I’d also like to mention that i love the style you guys use. Simplistic, but very appealing to the eye and one of a kind! This app will eventually be given to kids in astronomy classes for sure. I love you guys and everything you do. You inspire me to reach for the stars, and understand my place in the world. Thank you❤️

Astonishing. We are but specks of dust in this extremely vast universe. The size of the universe to a human is not possibly perceivable, and yet this app has managed to make it almost possible. There are cute, funny descriptions of every single object you tap on, and I can stare for hours reading about each thing I tap on and zooming in and out to the smallest thing in the universe, to the universe itself, just barely grasping how small I really am. It is truly an experience to behold. And the fact that there is music and no ads make the whole journey from big to small so much more immersive. I’m so glad I’m helping support In a Nutshell by buying it. This app is a perfect example of their saying “Quality over quantity”. If the price had been one hundred times more, I still would have bought it. Thanks to everyone that made this masterpiece possible, you all deserve it. Kurzgesagt is keeping science beautiful, just how it’s supposed to be.

Incredible, but it needs some more stuff. I love your channel, I watch it almost every day to fill my mind with more knowledge. And when I found out you guys had an app, I got it immediately! I went through the app and noticed that all of the planets were there except for Uranus. Also for some reason SIRIUS looks smaller than the sun. Also I would love for the app to have the asteroid belt. Along with Eris because you added the moon of eris but not the dwarf planet that it orbits. Other than those things I think this app is absolutely perfect!

This app is so good!. I have learned so much from this app and I have only had it for a few hours, and I have not even read most of the things! I found out this app existed when I watched kurgeszats (I think that’s how you spell it) new video, I went to go look it up and it’s totally work 3 bucks and I love the scale of all the different things from a tiny little thing to the universe this app is filled with hours of reading about things in the universe, and I am a 11 year old kid who does not really like school. If any reads this I really recommend this app!

Amazingly Immense, but.... This app was extremely well made. I love how it just keeps getting bigger and bigger (or smaller and smaller), and how everything has its own description. However, this is where we get to the one problem I found. Because of the hit boxes on some, you can’t get to the description on others. For instance, if you try to tap and read the description on the Black Hole, Gomez’s Hamburger, and the Smallest Known Nebula, instead the description of the light year pulls up because its hit box eclipses that of the ones mentioned. I hope that my review will get noticed and this bug will be fixed. Other than that, great work on the usable descriptions and content!

Amazing. I originally bought this just cause Kurzgesagt told me too 😂. But I came to find out that this is a amazing app totally worth $2.99. But here’s some suggestions on how to improve it. Make a better zooming in and out motion( maybe a button on the side) also I would like something that would slowly zoom in and out. Also maybe add a library that has interactive things in the universe with the history, anatomy, interesting facts, etc. And maybe a video about each thing in the library.(The ones you’ve made so far). Anyways I love the app and can’t wait for future updates 👍

Totally lives up to the hype. This app was truly worth obtaining the money for. The graphics are great, there are no ads, and I was able to get the hang of swiping the device to zoom in and out after a few seconds. The only real setback is that it could get boring seeing the same things over and over again after zooming in and out for a while. Definitely worth your time and money!

Beautiful app but.... There’s a couple things missing from the app I’d like to suggest for future improvements. 1) Smooth scrolling. My fist instinct was to quickly swipe right and whizz from Earth to the edge of the Observable Universe. Sure I could use the size bar at the bottom right or just hold my finger on the left or right side of the screen but the Smooth Scrolling feature would greatly improve the experience (compared to tediously swiping the screen) These features should be highlighted in the tutorial. Would like to quickly swipe, stop, and land on something new and random every day. 2) Credits. Just to make this app a one-stop-shop of information it would be helpful to include who discovered the Strange Quark and a year. Some information at the end of each blurb would be far more educational. 3) Graphical Suggestion. A gradient for the background. A darker spot in the middle of the background would, I think, improve the feeling of depth. Will give 5 stars if these updates are implemented. Nonetheless, fantastic app and thank you for your hard work thus far!

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Brilliant app. Hi kurzgegast my name is Reyansh Mittal I am 8 years old I downloaded your app .My specialty is science.I saw your star size comparison video.I was absolutely impressed you thought me a lot .I even wrote a information report at school with the information you gave me about Stevenson 218 from the video and the app my only suggestion is could you give us different information in your videos and apps.

Please give us a timeline of human history. Excellent app. I have even gifted this to few. Hope you can also give us a similar app to view the timeline of our history. Of the human race and planet earth.

Amazing. Incredible app!! Bought it as a way to support the creators and am extremely happy with it!

So worth it. It’s amazing to see the entire universe and how everything scales

Fantastic app for kids. My 7yo science and space obsessed son LOVES this app - it’s great for his learning, simple to use, and easy to understand explanations of things.

Great app. This app is really interesting to see the true scale of the universe and to learn about it, and also at the same time supporting the creation of more Kurzgesagt videos which I find super interesting and helpful in my studies so I think it’s a great app

Kurzgesagt is incredible. The information, the animation, the research and topics are all AAA+ quality. They set the benchmark for engaging and beautiful educational content in 2020. Its an injustice they don’t have more recognition and awards for their work.

Love ❤️ respect 🎩 thanks 🙏🏻. The best thing you can read, watch, download or play with by far... a tiny app yet a massive source of wonder knowledge and perspective. And between the tiny and the massive allows your brain to be in the presence of gods even if for a short while. All the love and respect from an old fan. Keep it up, and keep pulling humanity upwards with you.

What happens when…. …one of the best bloggers collaborates with one of the greatest YT documentary channels? The whole universe in your pocket!, that’s what happens! P.S.: I wonder how long until you have to patch in “atoms of space”

Amazing!. This is excellent! But I kinda want more features and links to videos and behind the scenes of making the app and more things on the scroll like countries

Universe in a nutshell review. I’m 14 years old and this just completely blows my mind it provides so much information and makes you think just how small and big some things are thank you so much kurzgesagt for collaborating with WBW to make this fantastic app that we can all use. Keep up the good work I love both your channels and your apps

Amazing. Haven’t finished downloading yet, but I already know that anything from these people will be excellent.

Amazing, educational, and fascinating app!. I could read about each and every object for ages - a fascinating, in-depth demonstration of the universes scale, and not to mention the classic Kurzgesagt-style artwork that really makes for a perfect app. Certainly worth my few bucks, and am happy to be supporting the Kurzgesagt team as always! Am hoping for even more educational, artistic projects such as this in the future.

Awesome app - here are a few suggestions. The app itself is awesome, it has detailed information on entries ranging from the Planck length to the observable universe. That said, it can be hard to fully compare sizes when the entries are off-Center, so it would be really cool if we could select a set of objects and have their sizes clearly visualised horizontally. Bonus points if in this mode we can make smaller things overlap larger ones

I love this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. this app is so amazing, when I watched one of your videos, I was so excited that you where making this! it's very high quality and I will be using it for a very long time. I love your channel so much and I watch it on a daily basis. I really want to support you more so you can keep making fantastic ideas that will inspire millions global! Your dinosaur extinction video made so much sense and it was very well animated! Your channel has inspired me to learn more complicated things in my life. I really love your detailed explanations in an easy undertsanding way! You have come so far and i'm so proud! Im going to see if I can get some of your awesome merchandise. You have made me understand about more things that I couldn't possibly know by myself. You are the best and I hope you realise how amazing you are. You should be recognised more. -BunnyKittens27 ♥️♥️♥️

So expansive. What an app! Classic Kurzgesagt animations and great details for every thing in our universe. From quarks to quasars. I need more! Would love to see future updates to see what else you can put in this app!

Buggy. It’s buggy. I am always a fan of your videos but app is crashing as soon as it opens on iPad

5/5. Great quality app very well made 5/5 just an idea for a future update if possible a interactive map of our entire solar system

THE BEST SPACE GAME IVE EVER PLAYED. This game is sooo good! I like that it actually zooms all the way out to the universe. I’ve been looking everywhere for space games that zoom all the way out to the universe. And I found this game. I got this game and started playing it. I could play it all day. It is the best. I like how they rewarded me when I made it to the plank length. When I saw this my mind was blown out of the universe. The biggest star Stephenson-218 was actually smaller than the keliper belt! I was like HOW!?. Next I looked at the bottom of the screen and saw something. I was swiping it left and right and to my surprise… Everything went crazy and really fast!. I also learned new facts.

Amazing!. I bought this app and i dont regret it! Absolutely amazing and very educational, if I could rate this 100 stars I would.

Great!!. I left a 5 star review because of the smooth zooming in and out, and all the information I got from this app.

Whoever made this must be a genius!. I’ve been waiting for this app my whole life. Wait, but why? Because it helps explain the unexplainable, for adults and kids. My 6yr old loves it almost as much as I do!

Great but one recommendation. The app is really cool and a really new idea. It lets people understand the trues scale of the Universe and how small we actually are, to a degree. Something I do recommend you add is some sort of feature that explains something the there are multiple of in depth just in case you don’t know what it is. For example. I don’t know what Neutrinos are and considering there are like 4 different types all in the app, some sort of feature that gives me a brief description on what it is would help because then I would know what I’m looking at. You could do this with everything from cells to stars. Other than that the app is really cool. 5/5

I love this so much. Such an amazing project. This app makes me so happy. Dont know what to say its just amazing being able to visualise the universe like this. So thankful for Kurzgesagt and Wait but Why. Absolutely love this!!!!!!!

This app is amazing. It makes the unfathomable size of things a little more fathomable!! Highly recommend

Title. I LOVE this app I know the only thing you can do is look at stuff and read things about the stuff but come on, planck length up to the known universe! I didn’t even know what planck length is at the time and now I sort of do my only request is to add a tad more info to things so now I can fully understand what planck length is other things that are non “in a nutshell“ yet. Btw love your vids!

Most amazing app ever!. It’s really good it have a lot of info also it’s funny how IC 1101 used to be five million light years but now it’s only 386k light years 😂

MORE!. This is so cool I would love to see more apps made by these epic creators, and also it would be cool if the could add some Easter egg stuff like sizes compared with franchises

Spectacularly fun and educational!. Kids are just scrolling through loving asking about everything and I get to sound really smart reading the info about it all:) Can’t wait to see how this grows in time!

The app crashes. I downloaded on my iPhone 6 and every time I tried to open it, it always crashes, and it’s the same for my friend’s iPhone 7. So... what’s wrong?

What if. What about a feature that lets you favourite the ones that you like so it is easier to find the ones that you like

Really good looking but to buggy. The app looked great I loaded it up the visuals and sound were amazing and all was well until about 3 seconds after the app had loaded it crashed. I tried everything but I think it’s so new that it’s buggy. Please try to fix the bug I would love to see this app working! From you friend -Mango

Wonderful App, hands down.. This app crashes a lot but is wonderful and very much provides a Great sense of scale, i love this app with a passion and hope they fix the constant crashing. :D

More. Pls add more a have read everything

This is a mobile app done right.. I’ve been on mobile to know long enough that modern mobile games are just a waste of time or a money grab. But knowing kurzgesaght (sorry if spelt your name wrong) they did a fantastic job with the quality and artwork. I wonder if epic mountain worked on the music. I wonder if there will be more collaborations to bring us more good quality apps.

Needs more features, but is still great!. Needs conversions E.G yoctometer is what in millimetres? Maybe add some videos? Or some interactive activities?

Good app but it could be better. Stop the forced reading add linked videos,audio listening and stories if available. Other faults that I would like you to fix will be listed below. 1.you should also mix the app with the channel so you can subscribe,get news when new come out we can discover things and or get merch. 2.Make accounts so we can all share discoveries. 3.In the app make it so we can suggest new videos 4. Finally and links in the app like A black hole it is showing us information currently but I would like to add links so we can see related videos to the subject. From random person who is a big fan

Great but one recommendation. How are brown dwarf even smaller than earth? Arnt they around 13 to 30 times the mass of Jupiter?And also please add every major moon and every planet in the solar system.I hop u find this review :)

Great game one idea🐶. I love this game/app one idea it is a reader in case you’re a bit Young and can’t read everything you could turn this on and off and a voice will read it for you anyway Love this game/app🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🤖

One Problem. It is a great app and a lot of work was clearly put into it, but I had trouble when I opened it. It started lagging and then it crashed. I reopened it and the same thing happened, so I reopened it and it happened again. I think it might have something to do with me having iOS 12.4.6, but in case other people have had the same problem I was hoping that you could solve this problem. I am so sorry that you found this problem right after releasing this app. I have watched all your videos and I can see how much time and effort has gone into making it. Thank you for making such amazing videos, and I hope that you can solve this problem.😄👍

Simply mind blowing. This is an incredible app filled with amazing knowledge and beautiful graphics. One thing I would suggest for some improvement is that the universe stayed the same when you closed the app. To further explain this, if I was at the Planck length and then closed the app, I would like to open the app again at a later date and still be at the Planck length. Other than that, this is amazing and if you love science I would highly recommend downloading. Truly earnt 5/5 stars.

Mind blowing. This is a brilliant app to demonstrate the scale of the universe and my gosh, is it mind boggling! Even understanding the theory of how small or large some of these things are meant to be doesn’t really prepare you for seeing it in a visual representation, where the scales are immense. Reading a textbook and learning that something is 10 to the power of “x” times bigger or smaller just can’t paint anywhere near as clear a picture as what this app does. Very excited by this first instalment by Kurtzgesagt and can’t wait to see more content from them. Even more so, I’m ecstatic to see they haven’t subscribed to the rubbish and greedy subscription trend most apps have these days.

Beautiful and curious. This is one of the most beautifully designed apps I’ve ever seen. There’s so much to explore, highly recommend on any device but is especially amazing on iPad.

Really good!. I really like this app but I have one suggestion I think it would be cool if you put a link the the video you made about the app of course not all of the things there would have a video but it would be cool for some things so you could learn more about it

Great. A fantastic experience that gives a great sense of the universe. If you’re interested in any amount of physics, you’ll find this game very interesting.

Amazing. Everything is amazing, just as a thought it would be! Thanks so much too everyone that worked on this app! Can’t wait for what you guys bring to it next!

Love it… why are we only talking about what we know. You see yes you go up to the observable universe, but you see everyone’s brain wants more why not to some research what else is out there that can’t be all there is and what’s below one Planck Length can, you don't squeeze any more brain juice out and give us more show us the sizes of different sized realms show us more more I say

Very pretty. Educational and fun to use. Suggestions: Put a “you live here” on the Milky Way. Put a “I live here” on a rotatable earth. Be able to replace the human with a photo of your self.

Beautifully designed, interestingly explained. Amazing app well worth the money. Here’s a suggestion. What about having this integrated as a widget on iOS 14. I’d love to have this expanded into a 4x4 widget or bigger that can show some neat info or one of the sprites in the app. Also there should be an option to allow us to zoom in and out by swiping up and down instead of left and right like it is currently.

Support for 120hz please!. Hi Kurzgesagt, I really love the app so far, I downloaded the app straight after watching your star size comparison video. One thing I really want is support for 120 hz for the ipad version of this app, that will make the experience 3x more smooth and immersive. As of right now, some of the animation is tiny bit jittery, other than that, everything is amazing!

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It gets boring. At first it was actually really interesting to see the size comparison and learn about new things. When I saw the video kurzgesagt made about this app made it out to be super cool. Which its pretty cool but not as cool as he said. He said they would update this app which is one reason why I was happy about it but the last update was four months ago and even when they do update it nothing gets improved no Addons it’s just a bug fixes. It would be really cool if they add a new item. Like maybe how big a Tesla cars or a solar panel or wind mill. Sadly at least right now they have added nothing new and it’s just gotten really boring it’s fun for a couple minutes until you read and look at everything and then it’s boring. PLEASE ADD NEW ITEMS AND UPDATE THE GAME MORE OFTEN!!! If you do that I will do 5 stars.

Amazing!. Smooth scrolling through the scale of the universe with great graphics and interesting and fun description for each item! In the same vein as the incredible videos of the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt and the superb book Immune from Philipp Dettmer. Well worth the price. My son can’t put it down.

beautiful game. I can see there is a lot of effort in this game and your channel is amazing, by the way as a suggestion could you add a way where you zoom into something example a table the deeper you go in it the more you see of the table all the down to the atoms and other particles thanks for reading.

Typo. Human square is incorrectly label as 784 square kilometres, when it should say 28. Pretty cool otherwise.

Good concept, bad execution.. It’s an amazing app that works great on my iPad but it doesn’t work on my IPhone 6. With some updates it could be fixed however. Just needs to use less memory.

Amazing. Great app

Super epic. I love how simple and easy the app is to use, also really like the same art style from your videos as well! honestly all I think it needs is a Home Screen and maybe a couple more things on the map and it’ll be super dank! 👀

Beautiful design. I love how simple yet unfathomably interesting this app is. It easily puts things into perspective on how big or small they are, with a bunch of info to fill your brain with a ton of knowledge.

This app is amazing!!!. This is an awesome store of knowledge accessible to anyone of any age who has an interest in science. Thank you for this app!!!

Program crashes on the iPad mini 2 on the latest OS 12.4.8. Please fix the crashing

Nice. It’s really nice I would jsut hope they make new sections for like certain categories like comparing land animals and another sea animals and they could add on to that. The main one can jsut have everything but they need sub categories.

Helped me with understanding the world. Yes

Needs way more.. It’s a extremely good foundation, but it needs more things, there are only a couple spices, of bacteria and animals. More stuff would make it very good. Also it would extraordinary if the would be a Mather mode where you can compare sizes of different things. That’s all I have to say.

Crash. The app keeps crashing a few seconds after i open it, please fix this! Edit: It has been fixed, I’ve changed my rating!

Great app. I love the channel and seeing him make a app a cool and my mom will allow it! Idea of a new app the tree of life called “evolution in nutshell” or “the tree of life” edit-found a bug! When I was going around the largest elephant was extremely expanded

Might not work on IPhone 6. Big fan of their work, but sadly it doesn’t work on IPhone 6. After a few seconds of working it crash’s. If there is a solution please let me know.

Crashing on iOS 12.4.8. Not working at all on iPad Air with iOS 12.4.8. It crashes while loading.😢

The app is great. The app is great but it’s frustrating that I can’t move to the sides. Only zoom in and out is allowed. My first impulse was to move around to keep exploring but it only zoomed. That being said I do recommend it, mostly for kids/teens. The zoom implementation is really smooth and gives you a nice feeling.

Crashes on my iPad Air 1. Looks like an awesome app, but as soon as I open the app it crashes on my iPad Air 1. Please fix this, this app looks really cool.

There is so much more to explore!. I would really like to see more things in this but besides that I really like the channel and I will talk about my favourite subject, Space! There can be a few more things like “UY Scuti” and a lot more things, but anyway I hope it grows more and more in popularity and whoever reads this I hope you have a fun time with the app!

Awesome. Idk what all the iPhone 6 users are saying. I have a 6 and it works fine. Maybe you all just have too many pictures for your phone to handle both those and the app. The layout is a little confusing, but honestly kurzgesagt is awesome and the info is great, so it doesn’t really bother me.

Just keeps crashing. I paid for the app and it just keeps crashing when I open it. I have an iPhone 6 but it said it would work with my phone

Cool. It’s cool like the animations and I will like it if you can have the kurzgasegt narrator voice in it

good. good app

Yeet. Yeet. Yeet Yeet. Yeet Yeet. Yeet Yeetyeet Yeeteet Yeetet Yeett Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeet Yeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeet Yeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeet Yeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeet Yeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeetyeetyeet Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeet

Keeps crashing. As other iPhone 6 users mentioned already, the app keeps crashing... please fix the issue rapidly!

good. i hate ads but theres no ads and great app

Love it but.... I love this app it’s everything i hoped it would be. But why don’t you have Canada, you have Europe, Italy, Ghana, USA, Switzerland, Asia but not Canada.

Super cool. This is an awesome app. It always sends me into a hole of learning about different things and I end up sitting on Google for hours at a time. I’d love a feature on this app where you can pick different things to compare sizes! I think that would be neat.

Make more. Make more apps

Good App!. Fun to tour around

Worthwhile app from an incredible company.. I bought this after they promoted it in their video. I highly recommend anyone check out their kurzgesagt - in a nutshell videos. They go into very entertaining details of all things science. Lots of Easter eggs too, lots of continuity between their works.

Incredible!. I am a huge fan of your channel, and I have always been fascinated with understanding as much as possible about the reality we live in. However being as I have ADHD I’ve always found it difficult to stay focused on anything (especially reading). But this app is made in such an amazing way, I can actually maintain focus and learn more about the things I’ve always wanted to learn about. If I could give 6 stars I would! Or even just one Stephenson 2-18 😄

Bug while opening the app. The app keep closing after I open it.

Just crashes. Hugely disappointed that the app just crashes within 5 seconds. Can’t use it in any way. On an iPhone 6 Refund please?

Great app. I like it the app is pretty cool!

It’s great... but. I love the game but you guy could add more stuff to the game like, animation that you can play with when you tap on the object or more stats like deme trio so and when was it mad and by who and maybe even if it posted a danger to humans of the universe. But still it is great and I’m hoping for new updates

Don’t download with iPhone 6. The app crashes every time I open it. These guys definitely deserve your support, but I’d find another way to support them if you own an iPhone 6.

Keeps Crashing. I am on iPhone 6 version 12.4.6 and the compatibility for this app says my phone fits the requirements, but whenever I open the app, it lasts for about 5 seconds before crashing. If this app still doesn’t work after the next few updates I’m gonna try to get a refund, as I just payed $4 for something I can’t use. I’m really interested in using this app so please fix this ASAP This review was made on v1.0.4

Make another game. You should make a game about colonizing the universe

amazing!!!. love this app it's so cool

Fun and educational for all ages. Everyone I show this app ends up downloading it. The creators provide amazing content through their video channel and this app is a great complement to that. Very informative. Fun to navigate and see how sizes compare.

Great educational app. This is a great app, and I have learned a lot through it. And yes, it works on IPhone 6+, you just need to update to the newest IOS

I like it!. Would recommend, very good for young kids to learn more about the universe :)

V1.0.4 crashes at startup. This version crashes within seconds of loading what looks like a first-time-user intro screen. It does this on both a 6 and a 6+ running 12.4.8.

Well done. Really puts things into perspective. Amazing app.

Change Layout. Not too many reviews, so I’ll make one. Right now, you scroll through a size spectrum and can tap on things to learn more. This can get kinda confusing, so maybe try adding another option of navigation- some sort of tree. Like at one branch it says life, and then branches off into kingdoms and classifications of life. Since this just came out, I assume the app will improve.

You gotta make one of these but for time!. It would be awesome

It doesn’t work on iPad. It will crash in seconds. How can I figure out?

Excellent App. I love the content kurzgesagt and his team makes. And this is no different, I cannot wait for future updates it will be great!

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Great app, got some ideas. You should add the black hole from the one video. The one that has the mass of a coin. Also you could add the dyson swarm panel, or the weaver ant, or the size of the omega-type civilization, or a skyhook, or the complement system, or the pile of all bombs on earth, or the accurate scale of the old kurzgesagt intro! The one where it zooms out from atoms and a duck embryo

Beautifully designed App. Been following Kurzgesagt for a long time and they finally did it! They created an amazing app that defines the size parameter in our 3D life. Beautifully designed app with amazing information, just like their videos. Completely worth the $3. Can’t wait for them to continue adding more features and information in the future.

This app is amazing. This app is an amazing creation from some of my favorite creators. I love being able to zoom in and out to see the scale of things and love to see the absolute size of things. There’s only one thing that I would change about this app, I think it would be soo cool to be able to choose 2 things and compare them side by side. I am so amazed by this app and would recommend it to anyone. A definite 5 stars

Fantastic. Great job Tim and Co. Just scrolled through this with my 7 year old and we both were very excited about how big and small we really are. Thanks for putting together a beautiful illustration of our place in the universe. Did crash a couple times but hopefully that can be worked out.

Nice kurzgesagt. I am actually proud of the community made! Why not add the universe before its Big Bang? ( I am saying why not add a new smallest thing ) and maybe add this, when you go in there’s a bar that had something to drag which is a timescale thing through its birth and death, but why not with the photons make it longer to see the wavelength better, and why not add your biggest and smallest ducks?

Beautiful, Simple, Informative. First of all, if you’ve ever seen a Kurzgesagt video you’d know to expect a high quality product; and this is exactly the case. It’s a very simple and intuitive app that is packed with a lot of information, presented in a very clear and humorous manner. The art style is just like that from the videos, and the music adds a lot more to the slightly mind-breaking scale of the world we live in. Amazing app, worth the 3 dollars easily.

Awesome. All of the bad reviews are from people who say it “keeps crashing” and all of them have iPhone 6’s...I have an iPhone 8 that’s 3 years old and on its last breath. I don’t understand how your 6 even still works 🤣🤣 Point is the only bad reviews came from people with old phones/tech that can’t handle the processing this app requires. This is the best 3 bucks I’ve ever spent on an app.

Fantastic app for kids to get a rudimentary sense of scale of the universe. My kids loved to zoom in and out and read the various (hilarious) descriptions. We love Kurzgesagt’s videos so we already knew the art would appeal, and Tim Urban’s Wait But Why website has been one of my favorite websites for years. This review is unsponsored, we just love these teams’ work. Keep it up everyone!

Awesome. Love the app, really shows the scale of everything in existence. It would be cooler to show what could possibly lie beyond the observable universe, even if it’s speculation/theory, like a multiverse or just more of the universe. It just seems weird to have just a black background at the end, almost as if the universe is finite. Kurzgesagt should do a video on that as well. Overall, great app and can’t wait to see more in future updates.

Makes your brain explode with fire. Bought it for our 6 year old (and for me) to use on our iPad as he loves planets and stars and is intensely curious about the world right now. After scrolling from the observable universe down through the smallest supermassive black hole, the state of Florida, a hydrogen atom, and finally arriving at a Planck length, he puts the iPad down and says, "I need to take a rest, that made my brain explode with fire." That's a five star review if I ever heard one.

Best app I’ve ever downloaded. There is no better way imaginable to realize just how incredibly vast and complex the universe is. I recommend reading Wait But Why post The Big and the Small prior to using the app, because with the smooth zooming and consistently-scaled content at all zoom levels, the preposterousness of the relative size of things can be missed. I would have paid 10x for this without a thought.

In a nutshell.... Kurzgesagt is an incredible team and I’m not the least bit surprised that they pulled together such a deeply affecting app. To start by zooming all the way in until you get to the Planck length, and then slowly but surely back your way out to the size of the observable universe is an incredibly humbling experience. I can’t wait to use this as a teaching tool for my daughter as she asks all the questions children come up with. It will certainly be fun and awe inspiring for us both.

Review from Alien from the multiverse. This is the first step to deeper understand the universe and travel across the different space time continuum that overlap reality as you know it. The only rating I can give is 5 stars because this will drive humanity forward in a big way. In my universe 5 stars would be the lowest rating but you’re not there yet so I won’t judge you for this misunderstanding. Keep going humans!

Thanks for the update.. So I’ve finally come back after a few months about forgetting this app even existed and that update is soo good I don’t know how to explain it. You should definitely make more apps like this. I’ve been watching this channel since I was 5, and it’s been a really big part of my life. (I wish my school would’ve encouraged watching videos like these)

Woah. 🧠🤯I am completely overwhelmed with how much time and effort you guys spent on this one, definitely make more apps and other fun things in the future this was great! I’ve been following the Kurzgesagt channel for several years now and enjoy watching every video you guys publish. Also a side note... In the “Marathon” size, I think you meant to write “jog” instead of “job” if I’m not mistaken. :)

This app is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. When I first downloaded the game I thought’ it was kind of interesting I saw all of the objects animals and dinosaurs and there is one more thing I need to tell you i watched all your videos aren’t you happy? Goodbye and this is the best app in the whole wide multiverse! I’ll rate your game next time okay I gotta go goodbye! ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

Plz add. Please add a feature so yo can click a plus button and you can add stuff to the scale. You would be able to add a picture and then type in the size. Another interesting idea is that you could make a sandbox part. The idea of the sandbox part is so you can take stuff from the game or you made and scale them so nothing you don’t want is in the way.

Magnificent!!!. Beautifully done and thank you for the opportunity to straight up purchase this app and all features the old fashioned way without charging me a hundred times more through falsely claiming it’s free and building in expensive in app purchases. I LOVE this app, thank you. 5 stars (wish I could rate it even higher.

I actually started crying. I can easily say that no app has done something like this to me within 5 minutes of downloading it. Seeing the ridiculous bigness of the universe and ridiculous smallness of the atoms inside of us is incredibly moving. The app has the content of a couple textbook chapters, but in the most interactive / fun / non-work way imaginable. If all learning were like this, we’d all be so much smarter. Worth $20 at least.

The entirety of the universe in your pocket!. It’s amazingly made and very enjoyable to read. There’s many jokes made as well as incredibly interesting for all ages alike. It’s absolutely astonishing to see just how big as well as little things can get compared to what you are now. Highly recommend and with the amount of knowledge in this is considerably cheep. I’m excited to continue zooming through the known world!

Fixes. The app is mostly good, but is has a few ways to be fixed and improved. One error is when I try to click on the Gomez hamburger it shows the information for the light year. One improvement is adding a button where it takes you to the scale size on the screen(1cm=1cm). Another error is the app says duckweed is 300 micrometers when in real life it is 1-15 millimeters.

Wonderful perspective for hard to grasp concepts. Beautifully done. Easy to scale forward and backward through sizes. Being able to touch the objects and get a description is very nice. Absolutely worth a purchase. It may benefit from a short video/explanation of exponential scaling embedded in it—I suspect my 9 year old son will get confused when he scrolls through light years as quickly as millions of Kilometers without realizing how quickly the scale changes at the extremes.

Very good. This is a very cool app, that is fun to zoom around in. Something I like about it over competitors is that it has more info for each thing. However, it is a new app, and though it has a lot of stuff in it, it could always use more (especially towards the smaller scale). Also, some numbers are a little off, and it has some bugs that could definitely be ironed out. Other then that, it looks and feels nice, with enough content to absorb you for a while. Id say its a good buy.

A Suggestion for the game. I’ve been watching Kurzgesagt for around a year, and there is finally an app that they made. I really like it, and I think it’s cool that it shows information about the things, but I think it would be better if you could put different things right next to each other, so it’s easier to compare different things. Great game Kurzgesagt!

This is incredible!!!!!. Somehow this made learning really fun?? But even if you take away the educational aspect of this app, the beautiful artwork and amazing soundtrack is truly astounding. You can tell how hard the artists worked on this and wow did it pay off. The amount of research that went into this is astonishing, and the little quirks and humor of many of the descriptions are very funny. Best three dollars I’ve ever spent.

Very Well Done and Professional. Kurzgesagt, you have seriously out done yourselves this time! The animation for each specimen is fantastic and very well detailed. The app in’s smoothly, and the music is fantastically relaxing 😌. For those looking for a new educational app, it’s definitely worth $2.99! Can’t wait to use it and look forward to seeing future apps!

Wow. This app is amazing, a must have snack for a curious brain! If I may be so brazen as to ask for the addition of a small feature it would be the ability to compare two objects next to each other, so we can see some ridiculous size comparisons. Thanks for making this, 100% recommend buying it!

5 out of 5! 🤩. Amazing app! One of the best size comparison apps ever! With animation, astonishing graphics, and really captures the perspective of how big and small the universe is! I show it to my friends and family, and they are surprised and dumbfounded about your app. ( In a good way! ) You should definitely create more apps! I absolutely love your content! Keep up the crazy cool work! 😁

Love it in its entirety. I am a very curious person, and love to know the fascinating things we’ve discovered, and Kurzgesagt is a perfect way to learn, wether it be videos, to posters, or even apps, they are wonderful at what they do. Thanks for taking the time to teach us strangers something new and fascinating about the world. This app manages to fit a lot in and must’ve taken several (thousand) hours to complete, so anyone who reads this should totally try it out!

This app is wonderful. I’ve used the website this app is based on before and I can safely say that this is a much more enjoyable experience, especially due to the fun animations and sensical descriptions. If I could make two suggestions though, it would be to have an option to show sizes in the imperial system, just for those who understand that better, and to be able to select a few specific objects and compare their sizes directly so you can see the difference more easily.

Beautiful Experience. Make sure to turn on the music and listen in to the app’s sounds while slowly zooming in and out. You will legitimately be surprised about some of the sizes and comparisons! (Those large Japanese crabs are terrifying to think about.) Regardless, take a moment to think and reflect on the scale, complexity, and uniqueness of our lives and our surroundings with the guidance from this beautiful application.

Incredibly drawn, animated, and written. Cannot recommend enough!. I have been a long time fan of Kurgesagt, and a relatively new but already loving fan of Tim Urban and Wait But Why. This app perfectly combines what makes both creators incredible. The art, animations, soundtrack, and fluidity of Kurzkesagt combined with the wonderful writing and wit of Tim Urban makes for one of the best app experiences I’ve had in a while. I hope there’s more where this came from!!

Knew this was gonna be neat but.... My mind is blown! I was sitting here swiping and screaming “Wait, there’s more?!?!” for quite a few minutes. Not to mention the excellent sound design to add onto the experience and the plethora of information written for each object on this massive plane. This app makes me feel both gigantic and extremely minuscule at the same time, Excellent work!

One of the best games I’ve ever played👍. I am a gamer which is obsessed with science and this is right up my alley! This is so interesting and super just mind blowing but I think you should add these items backpack, tea kettle, iPhone, Book, and toothpick, that’s the end of my suggestion list and PS I absolutely love your videos keep up the good work! And this is a major suggestion to all the science lovers out there bye!

Obviously five star! But…. I think it would be nice to have an automatic narrator that started when the app was booted up and read everything starting at the bottom or the top and has the option to switch in between both with the additional option to turn it off.

Can’t go wrong. I purchased this almost a year ago and thought it was cute. I went through the entire “encyclopedia” today as I had time and am truly impressed. It was like a movie I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. I found myself reading slowly to make sure I retained the information. Start to finish it was enthralling and fun. Aside from the giant earthworm. 100/5 ⭐️

Fantastic rendition of a familiar concept. Longtime fan of Kurzgesagt and happy to see this intro into the app world. The scrolling is seamless and the music is fantastic. Interested in seeing where more information could be found on each item, whether within the “In a Nutshell” content or in reputable sources. The videos always have sources available in the info section, which would be great to easily access here.

Very insightful.. This App is amazing, I’ve been a huge fan of the “In a nutshell” videos over the years and they never disappoint. I downloaded this app solely for the purpose of supporting their work, but I ended up loving the experience and everything I’ve learned has been quite mind boggling. I can’t wait to see what else they add in future updates. Definitely get it!

High Quality. Works well an looks good, as does everything produced by them. For less than the price of a small from Starbucks you have little to lose, at the very least you’ll be supporting one of the few intellectual, fact based channels still out there, will give you an existential crisis, the small things like viruses and gamma rays can kill you but you are nothing compared to the big things, like literally nothing. Enjoy the app :D

Tim Urban is the MANNNNNN!!!!. I’ve played with the app for about 48 second, so I don’t have much to say. But I read the long form article and I’m sure this will be awesome. The sounds in the intro were great. Don’t be silly just buy it and have fun with your friends and kids. My 3 and 5 year old love science, colors, and cool images. I’ll update my review at some point in the future after my kids figure out all the cool features before I do. Thanks guys.

Incredible. This app has gorgeous visuals and an amazing collection of different objects and things of different sizes. The soundtrack btw is so good that I left the app open and fell asleep to it! I’m serious. This isn’t a one time open and never use the app again, you will come back to this app frequently just to expand your mind a little more.

WOW. This is easily the most intuitive and informative app I’ve ever seen. I cannot imagine the amount of time the developers took to build and input all the information. I have already spent hours learning so much and I’ve maybe read 1/3 of all the items. It’s also so funny and witty at times, making it very entertaining as well as educational! 10/10 !!!

Lovely. I love, only gripe is that it’s kinda hard to see some of the sizes for things at the bottom of the screen, the humming bird is the best example but even that is just such a small problem and doesn’t really matter. BTW I think a cool thing would be if you could like certain ones so there could be a rating system or something like that. Over all great and Super worth the purchase.

Simply...WOW!. If you really want to know your place in the universe, sit down and scroll down or up. This gave me the creeps, just to realize that our existence is as ephemeral as Carl Sagan once suggested. Characteristic, beautiful artwork only enhance the experience of learning about pretty much anything that an alien civilization would truly care to know about us and our place in the universe. If your having second thoughts, DOWNLOAD IT, worth every cent.

The best app and some stuff to add. I really like the app, I love the texture, the music and everything, I love the description and the facts. I really think that in the future you guys could add a + button that they can add objects and description and size. Overall I really like the app and I hope a good future for the app. It’s really cool!

Very fun and educational. Wait But Why and Kurzgesagt are two of my favorite content creators and they did not disappoint with this app. It is a real delight to spend some minutes just exploring it once in a while and learning cool facts about all sorts of things and their dimensions. The graphics are super pretty and the text descriptions very creative and fun to read. Really recommend it.

Best app for scaling I have ever used. I have used many different apps, all of which I’ve had to pay for, where I would need to visualize the size of different objects and quantities to one another for research purposes. I’ve never seen a more seamless interpretation. I really support these guys and I recommend this app to anyone still in the search for a scaling app like this. Both of you make great videos and I can’t wait to see what you will make next.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. So we’ll done and intuitive. Educational. Fun. Intriguing. Everything we’ve come to expect and love from kurzgesagt! I would rate this higher and them in the process if possible. Love everything you all are doing and look forward to more. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Know that it genuinely shows and we appreciate it immensely. You humble fan Billy K. III

Dear Kurzgesagt. I would like to say that this is an extraordinary and gorgouse app. I have watched Kurzgesagt videos in awe and curiosity for the past 4 years and going. You could say that I grew up watching Kurzgesagt’s fantastic videos from middle, and I watched them get better and better as the channel grew from less than a mil to the 12+ mil channel it is now. I might be biased but i know a great app when i see it. I hope you create more remarkable apps like this in the future. Keep up the amazing work,

Fun Room. Under “Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know” this app ticks every box relative to size and scale. You can see it and read about it without getting too dizzy from considering it all. Looking forward to zooming deep then wide again. Thank you for this terrific (and always expanding) resource. I’m sure there will be many more “huh!” and “holy cow!” exclamations one my future. 😉

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Current Version 1.2.0
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The application Universe in a Nutshell was published in the category Education on 20 September 2020, Sunday and was developed by In A Nutshell - Kurzgesagt GmbH [Developer ID: 1526364760]. This program file size is 319.78 MB. This app has been rated by 2,397 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Universe in a Nutshell - Education app posted on 08 July 2021, Thursday current version is 1.2.0 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: org.kurzgesagt.app.universe. Languages supported by the app:

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- Improved overall performance and loading times - Changed appearance of 15 objects - Added new objects to explore - Content bugfixes

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