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Learn a new language with the world’s most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 35+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills.

Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and more.

Whether you’re learning a language for travel, school, career, family and friends, or your brain health, you’ll love learning with Duolingo.

Why Duolingo?
• Duolingo is fun and effective. Game-like lessons and fun characters help you build solid speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.

• Duolingo works. Designed by language experts, Duolingo has a science-based teaching methodology proven to foster long-term language retention.

• Track your progress. Work toward your language learning goals with playful rewards and achievements when you make practicing a daily habit!

• Join the community. With 300+ million learners worldwide, you’re part of a language community on Duolingo.

• Every language course is free. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian, Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, English, and even High Valyrian!

What the world is saying about Duolingo:

“Far and away the best language-learning app.” —The Wall Street Journal

“This free app and website is among the most effective language-learning methods I’ve tried… lessons come in the form of brief challenges — speaking, translating, answering multiple-choice questions — that keep me coming back for more.” —The New York Times

“Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.” — TIME Magazine

“...Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun…” — Forbes

If you like Duolingo, try Duolingo Plus for 7 days free! Learn a language fast with no ads, and get fun perks like Mastery Quiz to measure how much you’ve learned and downloadable courses for learning wherever you go!

If you choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Privacy Policy: https://www.duolingo.com/privacy
Terms of Service: https://www.duolingo.com/terms

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Duolingo - Language Lessons Customer Service, Editor Notes:

2020 has been *a year* – but that didn't stop you! Your 2020 Duolingo Year in Review is here. This is a personalized look at your top stats throughout the year. Curious how many words you learned? Which day you studied the most? How you ranked in terms of time spent learning? It's all there! Access your Year in Review via your Profile tab in the app. We're so proud of you! For more Duolingo news, contests and product releases, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @duolingo.

Duolingo - Language Lessons Comments & Reviews

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If you are just starting out on a language this is the app. You learn words effectively and it is very good at encouraging to learn. The unfortunate thing was it got very repetitive and takes some time to get through to learn new words. It was very good when I first started learning Norwegian or Norsk Bokmål. I got the basics but really just basics. Duolingo won’t make you fluent but it is a great starting place and language practice tool to have when first encountering a new language. Don’t expect yourself to learn an entire language with Duolingo alone but it is great when wanting to practice the language you are learning or getting a few new words. Once again, it doesn’t feel like you are making super fast progress or you have grown quickly but I always enjoying going on and practicing. Another problem is that I never really understood why something was some way and Duolingo did not really do a good job explaining the reasons behind something so I was left confused. The good thing is these questions can be answered on the forum that Duolingo provides. Also the pronunciation does not appear to be given. All you could do was hear the word but I could never tell if the letter “d” was pronounced at the end of some words or not. I had to learn this outside of Duolingo. To conclude this is SPECTACULAR language learning app and I recommend it for all who want to try a new language.

- Better than I thought

After having used Babel, Busuu, and Rosetta Stone I’m surprised to say that Duolingo is absurdly better made than I used to think. I’ve been using Duolingo on and off for years (half-heartily for awhile and only seriously in the recent past) and I’ve found that the flaws which once seemed glaring are actually not as bad as some other language learning apps. The voice work is an order of magnitude better than Busuu and the lesson structure ,despite seeming somewhat obtuse, is actually incredibly helpful. The pseudo game structure of lessons also helps to keep practice from becoming too much of a chore. I’m probably not saying anything new here but I feel like the only thing that keeps Duolingo from being vastly superior to other language apps is the lack of grammatical instruction in some of the languages. Languages like French have more recently had grammar lessons added even from the start of the course, but Korean has none. From my use of other apps that do a better job explaining grammar I’ve found that Duolingo works really well as a companion app to build vocabulary and just practice hearing/using the language, and is possibly more useful once you have the basics of a language down. The only other language app I’ve used that comes close to rivaling the versatility of Duolingo that I’ve used thus far is Lingodeer which is much better for learning Korean than any other app I’ve encountered.

- Excellent App, but could use more Languages!

I’ve been using Duolingo for a while now to practice my French, and in the time I have had the app I have tried out several other languages too (including Spanish, Russian, German, Klingon, etc.). The games make learning fun and the teaching style helps keep the terms and sentence structures ingrained in my memory very well! My only request/hope for this app (not a complaint, I love the app) is that while I appreciate the inclusion of fictional languages like High Valyrian and Klingon, I would like for there to be more significant languages to be added to Duolingo’s roster of classes as well. Widely-spoken languages like Arabic and Bengali are noticeably absent on the course list (for English-speakers, not sure about others), as well as Finnish, which is a little strange because Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are all present. Personally, as someone whose family comes from the western Balkans, I would love to see a language course on Serbo-Croatian, since it is a difficult language that I believe Duolingo would be an excellent tool to help me to become better at it. Recently, Hawaiian and Navajo were added to the roster, which excites me and makes me hope for these languages to be added sometime in the future as well. Overall, I love the app and will continue using it to study foreign languages! I look forward to seeing more language courses added in future updates! 👍

- Love it, but some features need to be added

I have to say that Duolingo has taken me to a new world of languages. I can spend my whole days practicing with Duo and increase my ability of using languages. However, there're still things that I'm not satisfied with this version for IOS: - the discussions after answers: I've wait for them since a long long time ago. I believe that Duolingo is not only a software for learning languages, but also a special environment for everyone to enhance their skills together. Using Duo on IOS is quite convenient, but if I want to check my answer with the other's, I have to login my account again on the version for web browser, go to that skill, do it and seek for the question. That's not good at all! - The report: Nothing happens when I press the button to report the errors (most of them are translation errors). My and other's reports are the very efficient tools to help Duo better, and we want to see that in the near future. - The club should be added to web version and the currency systems - gems - needs need to be synced. Anyway, the life point is awesome, but we want more games, or tournaments, or challenges, or... something like that, just to increase the competitiveness between leaners. I know that to solve with the problems I've listed above will take a lot of time and money and labor power, but we can believe with our effort and strength, the future of Duolingo is brighter than ever! Duolingo is the sweet home for everyone!

- Very Good

I really enjoy duolingo. I think it’s one of the best apps for learning a new language! The only thing is I would kind of want a feature where you can almost “freeze” a course. Since many people might be learning two or so courses it is difficult to always make time for all of them. Adding a feature where you can almost “freeze” or “pause” a course would be great. An example of when you would need it would be if you are going on a holiday or vacation and won’t have much time to catch up on all your courses. Pausing a couple of courses will allow all your 5 crowns in the lessons to stay in tact, and help you focus more on a course that you find easy enough to be able to do it quickly while relaxing. This feature will also help people that aren’t trying to learn a language seriously. If they are more of a casual learner, pausing courses can help them take breaks without losing the 5 crowns. Pausing courses will also help people be able to keep their progress, if you are already learning two languages but want to learn another, pausing one or all courses to focus on the new course will help you not lose crowns and focus more on the newest language. If this feature or something similar isn’t added I will still use duolingo. It’s just a pain when you can’t even complete a new lesson because you have to make all the crowns stay in tact in your courses. Please consider adding a “pause” or “freeze” course feature to duolingo.

- New smaller word boxes TOO SMALL

Since the recent update (late April 2018), on my iPad Pro DuoLingo app, the word boxes and the type within them, which one taps to put together a translated sentence, are frequently appearing much smaller than the helpful size they consistently were before. Sometimes they appear in the original size, but more often now, even with a short sentence where there is no problem fitting them on the page, they are very small. Harder to read, and harder to accurately select. And I have small hands/fingers. I lost several “health” bars and had to stop my lesson sooner than in the past, because I was selecting at the speed I always have, and realized I could not have the confidence I had grown accustomed to, that when I think I have touched a word box, it is selected. So my learning process is slowed not because I am selecting the incorrect word and losing health, but that I have to stop and check more diligently to make sure the box I tapped (or tried to, but apparently did not hit the now very small “sweet spot” on it which selects it), actually shows up in the answer box. This was NEVER an issue before the change in word-box size. Please make them, if not as large as they have been previously, larger than they are after this recent “upgrade”. Very annoying in an otherwise wonderful app...you folks say you want to make learning easy, and my feedback is that this tiny type in close-together boxes, is an impediment to learning. Thank you.

- Good but it has its drawbacks

Since I can’t send Duo Lingo an email to give them an opinion I’ll put it in a review. I’ve been using the app now for probably 8 months as a plus subscriber. In general the app is good. As I’ve progressed forward though there are simple things that are extremely annoying for example I was working on Spanish past tense and I spelled the name Sarah as Sara (another common English spelling of the same name). The entire sentence in Spanish was correct but my answer was considered wrong because of the missing “h”. This was a verbal/audio sentence I had to listen to then type the correct answer. Also as you progress and write English from Spanish there are perfectly correct English translations you might write that the app considers wrong. I’m guessing because this app is actually designed by a non native English speaker; the creator of Duo Lingo is from Central America (Guatemala I think; but listen to his story on the first season of their Spanish podcast). I like the app and enjoy using it but I’m finding I’ve been seeking other ways to learn because some of the grammar isn’t quite covered or the reasoning behind certain language rules isn’t explained and I simply need more. Also a common complaint is that they send way too many emails if you stop using the app for a day or two or longer and it feels like a stalker. Luckily the email I used for it was not my primary email because when I checked that account it was flooded with Duo Lingo emails.

- Good app! ...but needs work!

Great free app, very helpful and useful in learning new or refining old languages. However, it still needs work in my opinion. I am learning Spanish and I have learned a lot more than I already knew in a couple days... but there are times when using a proper word is necessary to succeed and move on, but I have to restart over and over again later (after practicing, to get health to play) ...because I picked the right term but wrong specific word and no explanation is given as to why. I.E: Yo (means I) has to be followed with an o in the use of words like como (eat) or bebo (drink) instead of come/comen/comes or bebe/beben/bebes (as I learned through searching), but no explanation is given as to why. It’s frustrating and infuriating. This needs to be explained and taught for proper teaching of other languages. Also, why does the asterisk above certain Spanish words apply but not on others? Learn it all or don’t even try I say! Finally, turn down the need for health as often, or turn up the regeneration rate. I read it was said that they are trying to make learning free. So do it more, please. Stop making me practice over and over again just to get 1 bar of health (works on only 1 mistake before failing) and have 1 measly chance at succeeding just to have to quit, practice, and start ALL OVER AGAIN; only to fail because I don’t understand what I did wrong! The ads are bad enough and should be sufficient... but then there’s this! Please fix!

- I am loving this app!

This app is really helping me to learn very quickly. I am learning Greek and brushing up on Spanish. I wish it would handle a few things differently Among them, letting me test out of Spanish levels further along the way than it does, but I understand they are testing whether that feature is more or less beneficial for learning at the moment. So, I upvoted the feature :). The other thing is that the adds are locked in portrait mode and the “practice” tab also starts out and sometimes gets stuck in portrait mode. I have tor turn my iPad to portrait and back to landscape and it usually switches to landscape then, but not always. I pretty much always use my iPad in landscape mode. Especially when I am using the keyboard, which the app has plenty of. I wish that the whole thing would just be in the orientation of my screen without changing/ trying to figure out which direction it should be as I use the app. Otherwise, this app has been AMAZING and, while, I’d love those improvements, I’m really just being nit picky. I didn’t feel it deserved any less than 5 stars because the rest is awesome! One note, if anyone is having trouble understanding anything in the language you’ve chosen or with the app, visit the website and check out the discussions tab. There is a lot of helpful info in there and many other language learners who are very happy to help out!

- Best Language Teaching app! Super Helpful and fun!

I wanted to learn Greek because, it’s in my culture and my realities and family know how to speak it. I searched for Greek learning apps and I stumbled across Duolingo. I made an account and started learned basics ( though I had experience I wanted to start from the beginning.) I got some things done and made it to checkpoint one, which took some days to complete the lessons. I took the test and failed, I tried again, Nope! Again I tried, but no success for me. I kept trying and eventually gave up but a few months later, I decided to start practicing again. I hadn’t used the app for MONTHS! And it was time to break the Non-Bilingual Wall. So I started it again yesterday and after leveling up on some things, I decided to try the test. I failed two times and then it said it wouldn’t be graded so I could just take it without hearts and stuff since I failed so many times. I took it and I finished and guess what? I PASSED!!!!!!!! I had no faith in my self and I gave up, but a little practice made it perfect. I continued practicing today and now I can speak in detailed sentences, and I know a lot more than before. I am even learning to write in Greek by solving the questions and taking courses. If you want to learn a language I recommend Duolingo, it has helped me come so far and I will continue to learn with Duolingo. Thank you Duo for helping me learn! ❤️❤️

- Great app, but one problem!

I have been using Duolingo to learn French for a little while now. If you really want to be good at it I suggest working over and over on the basics 1 and mastering it, and continuing to work on it even after mastering it until you know the basics 1 words 100%, which is what I did. It’s a lot better to know the words than to rush through and not actually be able to remember them. One thing is, I have started the “phrases” section. Usually when you start a new section and it gives you words you haven’t seen yet, they will put a dotted line under it where you can see what it means and then eventually remember it. However on some new words it doesn’t give me the meaning and asks me to translate anyway. Since I don’t know the meaning of the word because I’ve never seen it I get it wrong and lose my health. I have used this app a long time ago to learn Italian (which I’ve since stopped) and it would always give me the meaning of the word, multiple times even. It’s just annoying to me that I have to lose my health because I don’t know the meaning of a new word. It’s not too much of a problem that I will delete the app, but something that could be fixed. I recommend using the computer version of duolingo for learning new words and phrases, and just using the app for strengthening your skills. Overall though this app is great!

- Nice app but slow progress

The app is nicely designed and has good variety of testing formats, but each level takes FOREVER to pass. Some have 20 rounds before you can move on - and each round is the SAME thing. Even some of the levels seem the same. This feels like a waste of time for the learner and has made me start practicing even less (therefore using the app less) because I already know the material by round #5. I don’t need to review it 15 more times. Please make the progress faster, perhaps integrating some review of previous levels into later ones to ensure retention. Also, please allow us to skip levels more easily - right now it takes 400 gems to pass a level, and that takes many days of repetitive practice (of topics I already know) to accumulate. Not worth it. I even made a separate account to start over and take a placement test to hopefully bypass some of these basic levels. I did much better on this test that my first one, yet the levels they put me on seemed the exact same as on my other account - does the test actually place you anywhere other than the beginning? I get that you’re trying to make money by encouraging us to pay for more gems, but what you’re actually doing is discouraging me from using the app. (Plus, with all the ads, I already feel sufficiently encouraged to pay for premium.) Perhaps just make the number of gems we’re awarded for meeting our daily goal much larger or make the number required to pass a level much smaller.

- Let me start by saying I NEVER review apps

This app I have had for a while. And I try to use it everyday. It can be pretty disappointing to see that you have missed a lesson and now you don’t have a true streak anymore. If you truly love language and learning it then this app is all you need. Please do yourself a favor and pay for the plus services. I have used this app for about 4 or 5 months and once I upgraded to the Plus option I really saw my learning time go up a lot faster. Let me stop here and say this is not an advertisement trying to sell you the app, just a VERY satisfied customer. Now it’s currently December of 2020. Bobby Shmurda will be released from prison soon and if you run into el chapo you should know some Spanish. Recently there were some changes to the app that exponentially improved the feel of the quality of service immediately and it was such an amazing well thought out addition that I believe it alone could very much help you to learn 90% more than anything else on the app can. What I am referring to is the newly added voice recorder that lets you hear your vocal lessons so you can hear and compare your voice to what you should be hearing. And for people like me who have a very hard time hearing anything, (And I know my ducking kids inherited it 🤟🏽🙃) This new addition to the app makes it so much easier to hear what you are doing.

- Please read

This app is great and all, but I’ve found that the desktop site is even more interesting and helpful. The app is very limiting. While the desktop version includes a better discussion board and quite a bit more info. HOWEVER, I have noticed some annoying changes in the desktop site. They are expanding the app, and diminishing the desktop site. Which, obviously, I really don’t agree with or like. If I needed more in depth information about a lesson, as they are usually very cut and dry on the app, I would sometimes go to the site and there might be extra pointers on certain things I wasn’t understanding. I keep trying to do things on the site and it keeps taking me back to the mobile version or a complete replica of the app on my browser. I get that they seem to be aiming at continuity and flow, but please do not take away all the information and good of the desktop site in order to grow the app. I also really miss being able to see my progress on each language. I liked being able to see how much further I had to go before leveling up. But apparently they removed that feature, while still keeping the levels???? Which is beyond me. Just seems like an added annoyance. One of my biggest pet peeves is needing the desktop site and even requesting it on my iPhone and still getting the mobile site or having to continually click Desktop Version/Full Version because every link takes me to a shortened version/aka the mobile site. Soooooo annoying.

- #AWESOME!!!!! 😍😍. Best language learning app EVER!!!😍

This app is SSSOOO effective! When you start out you sign in with your email. If you want to, the app will give you a daily reminder to practice or start a new lesson. It will also email you if you get behind in your lessons, which is great for me bc I always forget to practice!😂 You choose the language that you want to learn and then your all set!! No bugs and it works great. And after learning the basics and finishing the first three lessons than you can actually have a conversation with automated people in that language!! You have to try to understand their questions and answer them and if you haven't learn a word yet that they say or you forget what it means then you can just click the word and it shows you the translation. It is AWESOME!! You HAVE to get this app!!!!😄😄. You can also join a club with actual people learning the same language as you! You can encourage each other and post your latest progress and you can also make friends and follow people you know and make a profile picture so that your friends can find you!! You can also make your own club if you want to!!! It is absolutely amazing!!!! If I could I would just tap that download button for you so that you be able to try out this app!!😜 you have to get this app! I hope you take my word for it. PEACE OUT!!!!✌️😂✌

- Frustrating, but a good app

I have had Duolingo for maybe a month now and I’m level one on all of the first group of things. Now there are a few things I’d like to address. Duolingo is really great because I’m taking French this year. However there are many huge problems with it too. One is with the practice for a heart. I have been doing it right, le restaurant. But every time I type it no matter how I tweak it it says I’m wrong and knocks me down so I can’t actually ever earn that heart because it keeps giving me the same question which has the wrong thing happening. When I get it wrong it shows me the answer- exactly what I typed. It kind of drives me nuts. Other than that, the hearts system is really stressful because it basically tells you that making mistakes is horrible and that you literally have to pay for them. Now I know that’s not the point but it sure feels like it because failing a lesson sure feels horrible, doesn’t it? I’m sure there are plenty of bugs Duolingo has that I haven’t uncovered but I really wanted to put this out there. Other than these things, Duolingo is great and it’s a great choice to assist in learning a language. But seriously the hearts system crushes your soul and it sure doesn’t help on a bad day. And yes I understand Duo plus is better but come on, I just want a free language app. So if you’re still reading this thanks for listening to me little Duolingo rant. Have a great day.

- Awesome but I do miss one thing

I stared using this app half a year ago and I can already do small talk with my step mom,she does help me though the app does teach many things sometimes having a person explain something helps,I’ve heard that the computer version is more challenging and advanced but I have to stick to my app version I love everything on doulingo and I can text pretty decently because reading French is easier,and understanding the slurred words is difficult tho on the sections where you need to type what they said with out any words just a voice they have a slower option he only thing I really don’t like is that they took away the “fake texting feature” I LOVE all the new features hey added but sometimes I have no one to text in French and it’s kind of like a real conversation,I hope I am not the only person who feels this way,I bet other people trying to learn German Chinese Thai Spanish English,etc. may like that feature if the came across the app after it had been taken away. But after all that complaining j’aime Duolingo (I love Duolingo) I just really hope the could consider adding that feature,and yes I know there are clubs where you can kind of communicate thru daily “challenges” but it’s not the same and what it you don’t want to join a club. Just please Duolingo reconsider taking the feature away. Sincerely, a Fluent French speaker in training 🇫🇷🇺🇸🇫🇷🇺🇸🇫🇷🇺🇸

- Love this app so much!!! (suggestion included)

I love duolingo! This app is actually really cool and kind of makes it feel like less of a chore or less of taking classes and more like your just actually playing a game! I like the look and way it works, It give you more motivation to keep learning. The competitive edge is definitely cool with the leagues too. Overall i think its an amazing app if your looking to learn some new languages. Or maybe your just bored and looking for things to do. Instead of scrolling through twitter or reddit while you wait for your hot pockets to cook in the microwave, Do a duolingo lesson. Its actually educational and who knows maybe itll grow on you! All though i do love this app a lot theres one thing i would want change to. You get a currency of either lingots or gems. (IOS=gems-Android=Lingots) But after you spend them all buying all the outfits for duo and other things you run out of things to spend them on. Im on a 19 day streak and i have everything so it doesnt take long. I wish there was more to do. So please if a developer sees this, 1. Amazing work keep it up! 2. Put some new things to buy with gems or lingots maybe the space outfit you see in the duolingo plus ad would be cool for 800 or something you get the point or maybe some other things you could use to customize duo. Much love! And enjoy the app to all ❤️

- Duo’s usability going downhill

I have been using duolingo since it’s early early days. It has always been the very best language teaching platform around. More and more however, the app seems to be becoming more of a children’s game than a learning platform. Each update adds a more “game-like” feature or page. And more concerning, is that with every update the developers seems to be removing the parts of the app that make you want to come back to learn. The first of these negative transitions was the removal of the learning percentage, and the addition of “crowns” in it’s place. Can’t speak for everyone but, fake crowns do no good in my learning... maybe introduce crowns along side a percentage. However, the most recent of these negative transitions is the addition of “hearts”. Learning a language comes with making a lot of mistakes... how is anyone supposed to learn if they are told they cannot continue after making a specified number of mistakes? This is a huge step in the wrong direction for the app and hopefully the duo team will recognize it before it’s too late. I find myself rarely using the app now due to the “heart” addition. Seems to deter users from prolonged use. For the sake of learning, please steer the ship back to where it came. Go back to your roots duo. On a side note, duo team, you need to create a way to allow user feedback.

- It’s okay

This is a pretty good app, but don’t expect to be fluent in a language from just an app. It teaches some basics, but in order to be fluent in a language, you need to do much more (like buy some books in the language you want to learn, listen to people talk and sing in that language so you can hear how they speak casually, surround yourself with people who are familiar with that language, and practice that language frequently for years, etc.). However, I’m not a big fan of the hearts system. It limits you to only being able to make 5 mistakes, and pressures you into not making mistakes, and that’s not a good way to learn. Ask anyone who is great at something like drawing, singing, or playing an instrument. Of course, before being great, they’ve still all made several mistakes, and it’s extremely rare for someone to be great at something before lots of practicing and mistakes. Making mistakes is a part of learning. It’s similar how before babies learn how to talk. They of course make a lot of mistakes. They mispronounce words and they use incorrect grammar very frequently, and that’s okay. I’d rather have more ads than have to stress about losing hearts, but that’s just my opinion. All in all, this would be a good app for learning a new language, just keep in mind that learning a new language is much more complex, and you’ll have to put in a lot more time, effort, money, and determination.

- Great for beginners, poor for advanced learners

For learning brand new languages, Duolingo is by far THE BEST app you could ever hope for!! 👏😍 I am learning Japanese, which I have dreamed of learning for as long as I can remember, and now it's coming true!!! 😱 But why I don't give the 5 stars is that the 'Placement Test' does not give accurate results. English is my first language, and I was in French Immersion from age 5 to age 11(SEVEN years) I consider myself bilingual but because its been awhile since elementary school i forgot a lot. But I still don't speak the language fluently. So I thought I'd use Duolingo to strengthen my knowledge and vocabulary of the language. I took the Placement Test and according to Duolingo I am only 32% fluent in FRENCH! It treats me like I've just begun learning the language >:( I also took the placement test for Spanish which I studied for only ONE year, and Duolingo claims I am 26% fluent! This just isn't logical. 7 years of studying a language vs 1 year is OBVIOUSLY very different! Not an 8% difference 😕 But don't forget I do think Duolingo is FANTASTIC for brand-new language learners 😃 🌏 As I said with my Japanese learning ;)) I am in no way trying to diss Duolingo, I'd just like to see some improvement in the Placement Test, allowing intermediate/advanced learners truly begin Duolingo where they stand. Thanks to anyone who read my rant 😇 ~Danielle

- This app is good except for a couple of things.

This is a good language learning app but it has a few thing that are wrong. 1) the keyboard for the mobile app, now I’m not sure if this is you but the keyboard is really buggy and keeps typing the wrong letters or completely missing them. 2) The audio for the listening and typing part, the audio is not always understandable because either it is too quiet to make out some of the words or that it something seems to slur the words together and I can’t tell the difference between “un ensalada” and “una ensalada” and it makes me get it wrong when i shouldn’t have. 3) THE HEART SYSTEM, this is the biggest problem with the app, it didn’t use to have a heart system and it was great and made the other two problems less severe because each time I get something wrong because of the top two problems I lose a heart even if it report it. The heart completely loses what this is supposed to be a free learning app. Because when you’re Spanish and you are getting stuff wrong (weather if it is for the top two problems or not) and you have to stop and can’t learn and more it just turns this app into one of those cheap mobile games that just want your money and nothing more. So those are the problems with your app the first two are minor I don’t care much about them there just bugs but the third problem that is what makes you lose those stars so fix it and I will give 5 stars

- Over all fine. Not great, but fine.

My first language I learned was Romanian. I am half Romanian, and my mother and grandmother and other relatives speak it. I can understand Romanian, but I never learned how to speak or write it. I decided to try the app. The app works fine, it is pretty smoothly running. However, if I make a simple grammatical mistake that can be pointed out, the hearts run out. I think the hearts should be taken off, after all; how is someone supposed to learn with them suddenly not being aloud to because of mistakes they could have learned from? I have found I can now read in Romanian a little bit, this pleases me. But I came to the app because I wanted to be able to speak it, not read. That was another thing. And because I was illiterate at the beginning, I couldn’t do the test. I’ve had to work up from the beginning, and it’s become a real chore. I wish the hearts system was dealt with, and there was a better way of being able to learn for the app. (Also, I tried learning Russian, I believe that they should teach the alphabet, as I can’t read it. And most people just learning a language won’t be able to either.) overall, this app needs real work, but it improved me slightly. I can talk to my grandma a small bit in Romanian, but I’ve found just asking my mom for words works better. Please improve in these aspects. It can teach simple grammar and language, just don’t expect to be able to be anywhere close to fluent.

- Great supplement language app!

I like this app. However, the app is NOT as detailed in explaining Spanish rules as the website and I highly suggest if your Spanish isn’t as fluent, please use the website in conjunction to this app to get explanations on the rules. I say this because on the app, you are constantly penalized for wrong answers and when you lose health, you either need to spend your jewels (fastest) or practice (time consuming) or wait for the health to regenerate (the most time consuming). So, I’ve been going back and forth on the website and app so I don’t lose as much health. I do not like how the app penalizes you so much! It makes me lose motivation to continue the sessions because of the waiting period to regenerate health... and you spend a lot of jewels at once in order to obtain health. The app is fun! You earn rewards and streaks... all to motivate you to keep practicing. I like earning the jewels because you can use them to purchase health and other fun things in the app. The streak count makes me want to practice everyday! I like how you can join groups with other people that are learning the same language and you all can motivate each other. Your detailed profile information isn’t shared with them; it’s pretty basic where you know everyone’s screen name, languages they’re learning, and rewards they’ve obtained and that’s all. The app is convenient on the go for sure.

- Long term user

I love this app and have been using it daily for over 4 years. The most recent overhaul is fantastic, even though I didn’t fully appreciate it at first. For me, at least two years of new content was added. For a volunteer supported app, that effort was incredible. I love the quiz and test out features and the progression of difficulty in the exercises. My criticisms are minor, but in theory should be easily fixable (says the non-programmer). I can’t figure out how to give feedback along the way so there is the ability to fix quickly. It seems like you can only report a correct or wrong answer but no other feedback. So here it is-there are times where none of the word choices that are given as hints for an answer are accepted as correct. It seems like there should be a correlation loop between the correct answers and the suggested answers. There are times in the same exercise where the answers are conflicting and no way to report that. Also it took me forever to figure out how to renew my Plus subscription. I would love to have access to a “contact us” field in the app for all devices that would offer options like: membership, report error, q&a (general and by topic section and chapter). To all the folks who have given their time and talent to developing and supporting this app, merci beaucoup à tous!

- AMAZING, but...

I gotta say this app is amazing! It just has some issues. One, the speaking part. This is a little tricky. Like, I can’t always make one voice! My voice at random times just goes high, so it’s a problem. 😕 Two, the store. The store is not that well. Why? I’m like a starter and really good at my German (I’m learning it) but I have EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP! I have all the outfits. I think you can improve it by, like, new outfits every week! That would be amazing! Three, gems. Gems are amazing but what if you made coins. That could also help the store. Stuff that costs coins and some that cost gems! Simple really. Four, the bird. I still love the bird but I think if you complete a whole language, like German, you could get there National animal! I don’t know why that is something I want but I do. ;-; Five, another speaking one, wow, it speaking a little for you. Here’s the thing. If it speaks a little for you, how will you learn to say it!? This has happened to me. It’s something I’m not a fan of much, I’d rather say a while phrase then have it say something for me. Other then all that the app is quite something. Well I have nothing else to say except for, don’t let your dog lick you a million times on your face while learning on this app, and ever accept if there trying to wake you up or your doing nothing. - ꧁ Primrose Sings ꧂

- Awesome app! Few few problems with it.

Duolingo provides a great learning system, although it is a bit difficult to learn a completely new language. I am learning German, and have been for a few months on Duolingo, but starting off was a bit difficult. Yes the app gave you definitions for words, but it didn’t really give you how you should use the word. For example; it didn’t provide which variation of ‘the’ would be used for feminine, masculine or neutral classification. The only other problem are the ‘lives.’ When I had originally downloaded Duolingo, I could practice for nearly half an hour, yes I would make mistakes, but it still provided a learning experience and allowed me to continue despite these mistakes. The ‘life’ system is prompting you not to continue with your practice, which can be discouraging. The wait time for even on of the five lives is very lengthy, and I don’t want to wait such a long time just to make a simple error and have to restart my lesson the next day. Other than these two problems, Duolingo is an exceptional app that allows for in-depth learning, with lessons that include not only reading, but pronouncing the language, and conversing with others. The streak keeps you from skipping practicing, and gives you motivation. Altogether, Duolingo is a great app, not to mention it’s free, which is a plus considering it’s competition, and it’s content.

- It gud m8

Duolingo is really helping me! The only unfortunate thing is that it will never, and exactly n e v e r make you fluent. It mostly teaches you what you NEED to know. Like Vowels, Letters, Greetings; stuff like that. It won’t make you fluent, especially since studies say you need fluent speakers around you to BE fluent, but it is helping me read some stuff. I recommend it! It makes language learning fun, and actually feels kinda sorta like a game. The art style is cute as heck, and Duo really makes you want to learn ( especially by giving helpful reminders) Now the only important thing you can do, Is actually study. Now I know a lot of you aren’t that dumb to believe “you can learn a language by studying 5 minutes a day!” But in all words, study at least 40 minutes to actually learn something, and keep that daily streak- not just for fun, but for learning reasons.... If you keep it up, you probably be a good ( but not at all fluent) Language Learner! It really depends on you. Summing it all up, Duolingo is really helpful! Making things fun sure does help, but understand it’s not all that and a bag of potato chips. You need to LEARN, but even if you do make that a rule in your life, it’s not gonna completely solve your language problemos. I’d give it a 4/5 for teaching you the language pretty well, making it a priority, and it being fun. (And we must not forget that Duo is making that a priority..)

- Great App

The language I’m learning is French. I’ve used other language learning apps(Mondly, Babbel) at the same time as a comparison to see which one was the simplest to use, which one taught me the fastest, which one was the the most user friendly, which one allowed me to learn for free(not just a teaser) which one allowed me at my skill level to continue to learn without overwhelming me with advanced practice sessions. Duolingo by far best out the competition in all of the above. Mondly is good but requires you to be more advanced from the start. Babbel is very limited until you start to pay. Duolingo is as advertised, mostly free, very enjoyable to use, definitely teaches you through repetition and introducing you to new sounds and rules of the language you are learning at the correct pace. Only thing I didn’t like is since the update a little while ago is that they introduced cartoon characters (people and animals) with speech bubbles, showing a religious person (male and female Muslim). I would rather it stay neutral and use cartoon animals. Religious categories have no place in a language app. (I don’t want to see a priest or Buddhist monk either) If it bothered me, I’m sure others are bothered too. And I know some people will be shocked that I commented on this, hence why I say, keep the cartoons to something neutral like animals

- No guidance

I’m really only sticking with this app because I’ve gotten so far and I don’t want to start over with another app. I am using it to learn Russian (with no Russian background). It doesn’t teach you the alphabet. I had to use another website just to learn what each letter was supposed to sound like. There are no instructions for how to pronounce the words. There is not guidance about grammar and when you get something wrong, there is no explanation as to how or why you were wrong (it just shows you the right answer). The only helpful thing is that plenty of people seem to have the same issues, so you can click the comments section and see conversations people have had discussing why certain answers didn’t work (often with native speakers saying the app is wrong, and that the answer should have been accepted). I’m using it along with a better website I have found. I also wish it had things like vocabulary lists you could study, rather than just the repetitive lessons that don’t allow you to tailor your studying to words with which you have more difficulty remembering. For example, “девочка” (girl) is a word I kept forgetting how to spell, but it rarely came up, so I just kept getting it wrong. “Мотор” (Motor) came up 100 times, which was frustrating because I knew that one by heart pretty quickly. If I had the option to study a list of words I commonly forgot, I feel I could improve faster.

- Verge of being a Great App

I love the idea and practicality of this app. The amount of languages available and how you utilized learning these languages is really remarkable. If you added more dynamics in immersive learning this app would be amazing. However, I’m experiencing some difficulties with using your app that’s severely hindering me from learning the language. One, if your going to teach a language make sure the building blocks that you’re using for the language are all there. I’m currently trying to learn Japanese and your skipping through so many characters in hiragana. Then, before I even grasp hiragana you throw katakana in the mix using actual words with those characters before teaching the characters themselves. Your program is so sporadic and because of this it’s crippling my future progress. And two, your lessons. Five levels of doing the same exact thing, not fun at all, or productive. Level one should be teaching the new material. As the learner progresses by going up in level, old material should be thrown into the mix subtly with each level. Then, by level 5 you’re doing it all. You’ve not only learned the new material but established the old material as well... I just see a lot of potential in this app but it feels like you've bit off more than you can chew with all these languages. If Japanese has such a sporadic program how many others are the same way.

- Great app! A few small problems...

The majority of the functions on this app are great! I love using it and it motivates me to learn. It makes learning a new language fun and simple and is free with very few ads. Honestly, the only things I don’t like are the number of emails I get saying to practice, upgrade to the paid version, and get the company’s other apps. I tried switching emails off in the app‘ store settings but it didn’t work... plus, sometimes I forget to check my email, causing these emails to pile up and me to miss important notifications that get buried under them. The other thing I don’t like is the submit button. It is big and right next to the delete button so sometimes I will be typing or deleting a mistake and will accidentally submit my answer. On a skill test, this can cause me to fail. There is a “report problem” button, but it doesn’t have an “I wasn’t done” option. It should have one. I understand people could cheat on the skill tests this way, but that could be avoided by not counting the question as a question if it was marked that way, instead ignoring it and adding another question. So I know I mostly just complained, but Duolingo is actually a great app and if it weren’t for these small problems it would be perfect. It is a great way of learning a language and everyone should use it. Plus, it’s free and there are barely any adds:)

- What a FUN App! ☺️

Greeeeetings! So, app is incredible. I have been eyeing it for a long time, and dabbled in it back and forth. I tried two other language learning programs and this one suits me the best. I love how they repeat words, even at the different levels. I also love how it allows you to retry the words and phrases I’ve missed from the last section. It’s a great refresher, but you all also word things correctly when I make a mistake. It’s like, “Oh. That’s what I missed. Let’s try it again.” THAT is a great boost to anyone’s confidence. Make you want to try again. The tips are outstanding, and you even get to dress up your character in different clothes with the points you earn. There’s good incentives to keep playing. The most important thing to me is how you all have taken one of the most difficult things to do, learning another language, and made it interesting, fun and doable. I find this to be twice as nice, since the world is a blend of everyone, and I have felt terrible when another person goes out of their way to learn English while others around them don’t care to even learn how to say please, excuse me or thank you in their native language. It bothered me to not know how or even to communicate that I don’t know what anyone is saying. This program is great and I am super thankful for it!!!

- It’s okay

Great app and great concept. It would be nice if instead of always saying a sentence in Spanish and having us type the answer in Spanish, having just type the English translation instead. So we get in the habit of translating back-and-forth if that makes sense. Also it would be GREAT to be able to turn off the written version of the spoken language and just listening and translating. There isn’t a transcript in real life. I want it to be more challenging or at least the option. The lessons become very repetitive though. Charging 400 coins to skip is GREEDY when you give like 5 a day for meeting your goal. That would mean it would take about three months to gain as many coins as it takes to skip. How convenient when you charge for coins? Also the “practice”health option when you run out is supposed to test you on weak skills but it throws in word you NEVER learned. For example I’m in the clothing section for Spanish, before the people section which i assume has feelings, and they asked me the words for tired and fun. I have neither learned either. How is that practice??? and Also sometimes you recognize typos and sometimes you don’t. . The conversation feature is AMAZING but putting it directly between level one and zero is highly frustrating. Have me do the conversation once i learn the words, at the end of the module. Have a conversation with words i don’t know does nothing but confuse me.

- Plz read

I LOVE THIS APP!! For ppl who is reading this app you can pick a lot of languages to learn I picked Spanish bc i wanna communicate to ppl that speak Spanish! Also for some reason when I speak Spanish for the record thing it’s satisfying bc I never speaked another language before lol!!! But... theres this thing that I did not like when i started this app, and that thing was, it showed words that I had to guess and I never learned it. But I’m starting to learn! And it’s really fun, and good for kids! But you have to listen and be able to read, There is also tips, If you want you can also buy the plus, you get unlimited hearts and about the heart thing when you get a question wrong you lose a heart but with the plus you have unlimited hearts! Also offline courses, I think that is saving your lessons when your offline, no adds, and I think there is a more learning thing, idk? And also fun mastery quizzes!! I also love how you get gems 💎from leveling up and stuff like that and you can shop for new doulingo clothes and refill your hearts with the gems!! Lol 😂! That’s all I’m gonna say!! And thank you for making this game!! 😁😁😁 You teach LOTS of languages!! 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇸🇷🇾🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇻🇨🇸🇾 ( I picked random flags) I wonder how you know them ALL!! Haha! And again thank you!! AMAZING app!! 😺👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

- They finally have Arabic...

...and it’s GREAT! They start you off learning to read, letter by letter, sound by sound until you can recognize the most common ones. They have you practice with made-up words from basic sound combinations, introducing more and more sounds at your pace. Then they sneak in real words, and before you know it, you’re translating whole sentences and it suddenly dawns on you that, yes, I can read that, and no, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be! I’m absolutely stoked to study Arabic with Duolingo every day. The reward system is a bit of a joke, unfortunately, but the learning process itself is fun enough that you don’t need it to keep you motivated. It’s fun, I love it, and if you haven’t tried it, give it a go. I’ve gone through all they have on Spanish as well and it’s really, really good, especially for beginners. If you’re not a beginner and just need to brush up, it’s good for you too. You can take the test and it’ll place you as far along in the course as it thinks you should be, and then you can choose which lessons you want to brush up on. There are a lot of ads, but I’m guessing they’re not getting the funding they need in other ways, and it’s a free app, so it makes sense. You’ll have to skip through them after every lesson, but it’s not ridiculous.

- Makes learning fun

I decided to learn Spanish because I wanted to learn how to sign in Mexican Sign Language (LSM) and the book I bought was written in Spanish. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. There are different ways to pick up new vocabulary, match up words to make translations and more. Feels like a game. In a few months I could test out for the most rounds and am now learning the tenses. Then I started playing around with Hebrew. Boy, now that’s really hard! I’ve never tried learning an language with a syllabary instead of an alphabet. Duolingo isn’t really helpful with comparisons or explanations on the app and according to other reviews it’s better on the web. I saw descriptions when I was playing on the Spanish side. But now when on the Hebrew part I wish I could back up to compare the words and their structure. I’ll check out the web side and see if that’s better. But it’s free and it’s fun! Makes me feel smarter. Thanks Duolingo. Edit: one thing that annoys me about Duolingo is the notifications. The one that says: “those notifications don’t see to be working we will stop sending them for now”. Oh please. I’m on a 25 day streak and I’m still getting that message? It would make more sense if someone doesn’t log in for 7 days in a row to get that kind of message.

- Horrible update

This morning, this was by far the best language-learning app I've come across (so good, in fact, that I was about to go 'ad free' once I got an iTunes payment problem figured out). This evening, it's now one of the worst. With the 'old' system, your skills turned 'gold' when you mastered them - occasionally you'd have to go back and revisit them to keep them golden - a great way to incorporate delayed repetition. Now, there are 'levels' for all skills. So, if I want to graduate to the next level for the 'abc' skill (it's the alphabet - which I need no practice with since I'm halfway through the course), I need to do 16 more practice sets. And I need to do this for every one of the 30+ skills I've gone through so far to level them up. Seriously - to show that I know the Greek alphabet, I need to spend about an hour working through that skill again and, who knows, maybe there's another skill level after that one. Useless and pointless. I'm looking for another language-learning app - there are a lot of good ones out there. Update: there's a level 3 in 'abc', and it has 24 parts to it. It will take well over an hour to complete and the questions don't get any harder, they just repeat over and over. Seriously, why do app developers break really good apps? Boggles my mind!

- This app is great, only a few details left...

I have been using this app and it feels very good to be learning a few more languages. But I want to tell you guys about a few things that have given most of us a few flaws... (1.) Recharging your hearts takes so much time! Like 5 hrs. ! ( Ok I hope you don’t think I’m being mean to you, but let’s go on...) (2.) I really appreciated you guys teaming up with Rovio, the creators of angry birds, you guys actually made a great team together with them. I hope maybe someday you guys can team up with them again someday... Note to self: I haven’t been playing angry birds for like more than 3 days. Man it’s been months since you guys worked together with Rovio. And last but not least... (3.) When I was trying to finish my Spanish lesson I failed, and then the crying duo showed up and the music of failure actually scared me a little bit... But instead of the crying duo, how about this new picture with him doing some weight lifts and the music a little bit more happier, but the more you fail, the worse the music and the picture is. If you fail on a test, you could put duo saying, “Don’t worry! You did your best, better luck next time!” And with that my friends, my explanation is done. Thanks for your consideration and I hope you guys can keep up the good work. ;)

- Best language learning app!!

Note to language learners: I have wanted to learn Spanish for a long time and now, after discovering Duolingo, I am making some good headway. Duolingo is a great way to build vocabulary. It really helps to talk with someone in the language you are learning because it helps you remember the lesson a lot better. Duolingo has a ton of languages to choose from which is a big plus. One downside is the commercials. They don’t pop up during the lesson, but they often come up other times. I understand that they couldn’t make Duolingo free without commercials, so I gave it five stars. If you answer incorrectly too many times, you loose all your life and need to wait or watch a commercial. This can get a little annoying. The publishers made Duolingo so fun yet still effective it is like a game and it is addictive. Hopefully this review helps you get Duolingo. I definitely recommend it.😊 Note to publishers: I love what you have done with this app. I suggest that you add a wordlist feature, so every time you learn a new word, it adds it to the list. I know this would be incredibly helpful for me and other serious language learners. After a while, it is hard to keep track of all the words. This would be a great update. Thank you for taking time to read this. 😁

- Penalized for making learning mistakes

I used to use the Duolingo app as an excellent resource for learning new languages. I speak three languages and have always found the app to really reinforce any new language I was trying to pick up - that is, until the new update. The update has turned Duolingo into much more of a game where you are penalized for making any sort of mistakes (a vital part of the learning process) by losing health. Once your health is gone, you can’t continue on any further lessons unless you spend 20 extra minutes recovering or paying for it. This is obviously a way to up the profitability of the app, but takes away the ability to make ANY mistakes while learning a new language. Furthermore, only on the desktop version are explanations available for ANYTHING. As adults (I’m assuming the majority of people using this app are older than 16) we are unable to pick up languages the same way children are able to, i.e. listen and repeat words and phrases and absorb the language structure along the way. Any person with a little bit of knowledge on language acquisition or pedagogy knows this. After puberty you simply cannot pickup a language this way with absolutely no explanation. Go check out other (free) apps that offer very similar content but better quality. I’m hoping there will be enough of a revolt that Duolingo will revert back, as it really was a good app. Honestly just burn it down and start over again. Down with the system!!

- I lost my steak even though I met my daily goal.

I do like this app and I really like learning Spanish in it. It works great and I love the length of the lessons. They are very convenient because I don’t always have much time but I can get these done. I would give this app more stars except for that I met my daily goal yesterday but today when I went on it said I didn’t. I lost all of the progress I made yesterday also, which was very disappointing considering I did quite a few lessons. I also have “health” on my Duolingo app, but my mom who also has the app doesn’t. I want to get rid of the health section. Please help restore my 19 day streak and the progress I made yesterday. I am studying Spanish on Duolingo currently. The reason I dislike the “health” so much on mine is because very often I will put an answer down, but the app will mark it wrong and then tell me the correct answer is exactly what I clicked on or wrote down. I will then lose health for a mistake the app made and not something I did. This makes me upset because then I can’t move on to the next lesson when it takes my health away. I would also appreciate it if there was more variety in the content. I have been learning Spanish for a while now and it asks me the same basic questions over and over. It was wonderful at the beginning but I am now starting to wish there was more useful thing that you would learn how to say.

- The pro version is more than worth it.

I am extremely reluctant to do anything past free versions but I LOOOOVE the pro version. I quit a few times when the free version was all I used because language is meant to connect people and learning it felt isolating. I am using the pro version and it can be the best part of my day. I feel accomplished after completing a tutoring session because they don’t just let you get something wrong and tell you. They are interactive so they pause, give you a chance to change it, and explain the reason it was wrong if you need it. They’re really responsive and a lot of times it seems like if they think you need more of a challenge, they will ask follow up questions which is what I need to want to keep engaging with it. For a while when I used it, it was very scripted but as I have gotten better, the last few days the tutors have been more interactive even in the beginning tutoring sessions. One asked a few follow up questions and it made my day. I love that I am speaking with native speakers from many different countries as opposed to one because I am seeing how it shifts a bit and is a living language. They are very, very friendly and a delight to work with. The pro version is so much more motivating if you can afford it.

- Very convenient tool

I am learning Spanish for work, and I use this app every single day. I love that it's so convenient. I can practice anywhere. I also love their streak system, which keeps me motivated to keep practicing every day. I also love that they have the learning meters for each module that get low after a while, which is a good guide for when to go practice those modules again. I have a couple requests. First, it's a little too easy. I wish there was more scenarios where you show an English sentence and I have to write a Spanish sentence. I think the reason that these are limited is because there are so many possibilities for a translation and it's hard to cover all of them. Also, I want a tool that allows me to practice while driving. Essentially, say a phrase in English and repeat in Spanish. It would simply be a nice way of practicing. It wouldn't even need to be graded. Finally, the course seems too short. I wish it was longer. Ultimately, to really be fluent, you need to practice with real people, so this app is not going to make you fluent by itself. However, it is a great, convenient tool, and can be a big help for someone learning a language. It's especially awesome that it's free! Normally I wouldn't go 5 stars, but since it's free, I think it should be 5 stars.

- This tool is great

I first started using Duolingo when my friend told me that I should learn French so that we could have private conversations together. They told me that they self taught themselves using this duolingo app. So I downloaded it and was immediately blown away by not only the fact that they have Hawaiian and Navajo but also have a FAKE language from Star Trek. I was laughing my head off. But once I actually started it was great. The app is great because it uses multiple different teaching methods like typing the phrases(both doing French to English and English to French), saying the words into your phone, iPad, any device your using, and choosing which word is correct after listening to the word in the opposite language. Also people complaining about the whole life system is bull crap. The hearts thing is just a system to get you to do an extra challenge that focuses your weak spots to get an extra heart which is so nice. Sometimes I’ll be on a lesson and I am just hardcore struggling so I’ll jump over to the heart challenge even if I have max hearts and I’ll just work there since it challenges the words you miss the most. Overall this app is soooo helpful, free, and easy to operate. I would highly recommend getting it if your interested in a new language

- Fun but needs a better motivation

I really like languages and I’ve been trying to learn Japanese by myself and this app has been very helpful but I think some improvements can be made. For Asian languages like Korean and Japanese learning the brush stokes and writing the symbols would be very helpful, I've used apps before that taught how to write but overall they weren’t as organized as this one but it really helped me to remember the hiragana. Also the gem idea really annoys me because all you can do with it is buy more health or use only fifty and then get one hundred if you keep your streak for a week-I know that some people use a lot of gems on health but I personally prefer to practice because that’s what I’m doing with the health anyway- I currently have over 1,000 gems because I don’t have a reason to use them and I believe the gem system was created to give people something to earn but if what you earn is useless what’s the point? I think that having an avatar or something similar to that where you can buy things to make it unique is a great motivation for younger kids and older people as well. I personally struggle with having the motivation to do things and I honestly don’t use this app as much as I wish I did for that very reason.(This was my first review so I’m sorry if I make no sense and was a waste of your time)

- I Do Like This App

I do. I promise. And I like a lot of the changes they've made. However, in the German review section they only use at most ten different sentences for review, which is really unfortunate because I feel no need to actually learn (or review, in my case) anything. I just have to memorize the right answer when I get it wrong and then when the (exact same) sentence inevitably rolls around again toward the end of the lesson I just put in the right answer. I could understand if this were the case in the early lessons when there are so few words to work with, but this is a consistent problem even half-way through the available lessons. It's really disappointing and I feel like I'm kind of wasting my time which is sad because this is still the best free language app I've come across (as long as you search out some supplemental grammar material if you want to know the whys and howcomes). I want to update this review to add that I’ve finished testing out of all of the German lessons and feel like I know less now than when I started. I think the major problem for me is that an estimated 70% of the review questions test your vocab with no context, and that is basically the worst way to learn a language. I really, really hope they get their act together because at the moment I can’t honestly recommend the German portion of this app to anyone actually wanting to learn the language.

- Fabulous but miss the fluency %age

This app is so great - It’s fun while you learn! However, I do wish that you could skip levels by taking the proficiency test (without paying/enrolling in PLUS). Not an issue for beginners, but for upper intermediate it feels like slogging through a lot of elementary language learning to get to the complex grammar and vocabulary, such as use of the subjunctive - not only for the present but also the past, etc.. Also, I really wish they had a phonetic (peh o jie or other) TAIWANESE module for Western speakers who do NOT know Chinese characters. There are almost no methods in existence (anymore) to learn Taiwanese (tai-gi) without first having to learn Mandarin or at least Chinese characters; even though the words and tones are TOTALLY different (mutually unintelligible).??? I just want to SPEAK and understand Taiwanese first, so that I can speak more of it with my in-laws in conversation. Learning/writing characters would be more for educational use (You don’t even need to read directions via Chinese characters, as almost all roadsigns are in English as well as traditional Chinese characters who is present. And the old war-time Bodmann (?sp) material is not relevant for modern use, and the audio-tapes are virtually non-existent now. I know of only one newer English/Taiwanese written book, and it’s hard to get outside of Taiwan. And I believe there is no audio component for that new book. Duo-lingo, please listen!!

- Great for what it’s worth, but could use some improvements.

I’ve been a fan of duolingo for a few years now. They introduce new vocabulary that requires you to use all senses (except touch and taste of course), which is always a plus for learning. They give you visuals, listening exercises, and speaking. However, I’ve noticed that with Japanese, they don’t do very well with teaching the alphabet. Yes, they do teach you, but it feels scrambled. I was able to easily go through the hiragana lessons because I’ve studied it beforehand and already knew how to pronounce each syllable. Duolingo doesn’t teach you that each letter has basically the same sound so that you won’t be confused later. For example, the ‘u’ will always sound like the u in “Jupiter”. They also fail to mention that each character in the alphabet is built off the vowels, A E I O U, by adding a letter in front of the vowel (ex. Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke, Ko). Having such information would make learning Hiragana a thousand times easier and would make you feel like you actually understand the alphabet. Given, I’m still on the first part of the lessons (they have four different lessons for hiragana; I’m on the last), so hopefully it does get better, especially in giving context and actually giving me grammar that I can use! I will update the further I go :) (is that possible? I hope so)

- Great, but lacks certain things...

Let me start off by saying that I love Duolingo and it was one of the first language learning apps that I ever used, but it does have its flaws like any other app. When I started using Duolingo, I was using it for French. Learning French is great, and it really helped me when I joined into my French 1 class half way through the year; however, when it comes to other languages that are more sound based (?), it lacks certain things. I have recently found an interest in Korean culture, so I immediately wanted to learn some of the basic language. The first app that I went to was Duolingo, but as I went on, I got confused and had trouble remembering things. Typically, I don’t forget things — especially with languages, so I knew something about Duolingo was a little bit different. Once I had completed the alphabet, I moved onto learning some words, but the word “Hyundai” isn’t going to help me if I visit Korea. I won’t go around and be like “안녕하세요 현대” because that would be weird. So, the first words you learn should be more like “안녕하세요”, “고마워요”, and “부탁합니다”, in my opinion. Even so, Duolingo is still a good app, but I would not recommend it for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. I use Memrise for Korean vocabulary, practice, etc. And I use Hello Talk and LingoDeer for other practice. Hopefully, this review was helpful, and in no way, shape, or form am I trying to hate on the company.

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- Loved it!

This is a great Learning app, however this is not the best and definitely not the worst learning program, this app helped me learned the basics and taught quite effectively, however I do not recommend for East Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, the people keep complaining about the health bar system and the crown system, I don't want to start a debate over this, but I'm just saying to people "get over it" Duolingo will never get rid of the health system or change crowns back to fluency meter, the health meter, encourages people to review over weaker words, which is good, and you can get a computer/laptop/PC if you don't like the health system, that's just too bad not being able to afford a decent PC, the fluency meter wasn't 100% accurate and I agree crowns were better, I have just finished Duolingo's French course and I am now able to understand daily life and most things in French, I will confirm this was well worth my time, after almost 5 months of using Duolingo, the app was like a game, it was fun and I was actually motivated to learn,with this program than with textbooks, it was free also as an added benefit,I liked how the owl showed up when I got 5 and 10 in a row, and I received a trophy, and I'm not complaining about anything, keep it up duo, and I am hoping to see more languages being finished in the future

- Inconsistent Features, But Overall Amazing

As a free language learning service Duolingo is incredible. Over the past 6-7 months I have been learning German using primarily Duolingo, alongside other learning resources. However, most of this period has been on the desktop web version of Duolingo. When using the mobile app for Duolingo, I have frequently noticed inconsistencies with in-app features, across multiple devices and reinstalls. I use an iPhone 6S, and my mother uses an iPhone XR, and somehow this device difference means she has access to a practice skills lesson and I don’t? Also, my usetime for the app is restricted by health, whereas many other people I know are not restricted by a health bar. Recently, my app somehow started not having a health bar, but when I had to delete it and I reinstalled it, I suddenly have to deal with making < 5 mistakes while learning again. Another thing I have noticed, is a lack of extra information for each lesson. On desktop, I can right click the lesson and have access to a deeper written run through of the lesson, however on mobile, I have access to this extra information on less than half my lessons. Particularly, I am unable to view this on newer lessons I’m learning, and thus do not have extra context and information for new concepts. For what it is overall, Duolingo is an amazing app, especially when you consider its entirely free. However, this inconsistency is enough for me to rate it as 4 stars instead of 5.

- Good app, a few flaws

Duolingo is a pretty sound app, however I do have a few small problems with it. The biggest annoyance in the game is the health bar system and the amount of leniency given towards typos. The idea of the health system is good for when you’re trying the new levels, as it encourages you to practice more if you keep stuffing up, but it shouldn’t be present in levels you’ve already completed that you’re actually TRYING to practice. Don’t get me wrong, the practice system is a good concept, but you know what you’re worse at better than a random question generator, losing health in these old levels just slows you down from learning. Of course, this would be a little less of a problem if it gave you more leniency in small typos like accidentally putting the i before the e, or if you accidentally add in a letter at the end. Losing health for small errors like this when you knew the translation is just frustrating Also, could you guys please add in some volume options? I love listening to music, and I do it whenever I’m anywhere or doing anything, so having to switch it off or have it constantly disrupted by the forced voice over for even the text sections is a giant turn off and all round inconvenience

- Amazing

I have had Duolingo for a bit under a year now and oh my goodness. I have come so far and learnt so much spanish. The only thing I would improve is the bonus skills. So far there are only 2 bonus skills for spanish which are flirting and idioms. I want more. I have almost 4000 gems but because there isn’t really that much to buy as I have already purchased everything, they are kind of useless. One bonus skill I would recommend to add is either swearing or insulting. Although as a company it would go against rules and other things, I think it would be good to have as learning a language is about being able to say what you want. Another suggestion for bonus skill is more sexual things. Again, I understand that it is hard to implement these types of things because you are a company but when I grow up I want to work in Spain or South America and it would be cool to have some sexy knowledge to use. Or just more human anatomy as that would be more appropriate for younger uses and your company. Otherwise, I love Duolingo, keep it up and stay safe -Ben M. 2020 July

- Is this really the most useful?

Hi guys, when I first downloaded this app I was really happy when it came to my confidence slowly growing and I was thinking to myself I could actually learn Japanese. Then I came across a little problem, the way the app teaches you is you don’t learn how to construct sentences which is vital when learning any language, but instead you learn the common phrases. And I bet there are thousands of common phrases that this app could force you to memorise along with the minimum standard of 2,000 kanji characters. I find that this is the least effective way of learning a language such as Japanese especially when your first language is English. If it were me I would teach the basic alphabets (hiragana and katakana) teach them a few basic words and then teach them how to construct basic sentences instead of having them memorise literally thousands of phrases, then they begin learning kanji and then more complicated sentence structures and then the rest is is just expanding their vocabulary. I find that this method is easier more effective and quicker when learning literally any language. And if people are facing similar issues with other languages I would like you to consider doing a huge overhaul over all of your language courses. Until then I will be trying to find someone or something which could make learning a language easier, thank you.


Hi, I have been a user of Duolingo for many years and when you got rid conversations I was devastated and noticed my ability to learn languages decreased drastically and I found my motivation levels to drop rapidly and I just didn't want to use the app anymore. I found the 'conversation' using AI 'people' conducting these conversations with you was a great way for me to grasp how to construct sentences and apply the words I had learnt during recent lessons. I really like the addition of 'stories' in the new updates of Duolingo, but I wish that Duolingo had BOTH stories and conversations, I love both and they teach in different ways than just lessons. I am a disappointed customer asking the developers to bring conversations back, I dearly liked conversations and I dearly like stories I don't like how the developers keep trading off first, conversations for, I believe it was, practicing, then practicing for stories. I really liked all of these but found conversations to be the best learning tool for me and then stories and then practicing to be the least helpful in my quest to be bilingual and to be able to use the new language in real life in a real context. So please, developers I ask you to bring back conversations. Just please don't take stories too.

- Health bar

I do four languages daily on Duolingo. However I dislike the way the health bar can block you out of all languages if you make 5 mistakes. I only allow myself a certain amount of time each day to study and if I get blocked out I can’t get back enough health in that day to continue. Previously I just used to swap languages so I could continue to get my quota and also regain a bit of health. I was happy to pay for the plus subscription to get rid of the ever increasing adverts but I am not going to pay for new health. Please do something about this as I am getting very disheartened by this app. However I do like the Owl popping up and giving me words of encouragement. In case I didn’t press send the other day with the above I’m sending it again. I am totally fed up with the current format of Duolingo. I keep getting blocked from continuing and am seriously considering giving Duolingo the flick. I have been doing four languages faithfully nearly every day and I really enjoyed it. I am also mad that I took the decision to buy a subscription. If I cannot do my quota of Duolingo every day maybe I will make the same effort to complain everyday. Does anyone actually read these comments and does anyone ever think to reply............

- Disappointed in update - Re: hearts

I have loved Duolingo and have recommended it many times as first point of call to anyone (adult and child) wanting to learn a new language. However I am sorely disappointed in the new “hearts” function. I used to be able to study for long periods of time and not “cheat” by looking at the answers. Now I lose a “heart” with every mistake. Sometimes it is purely a mistype. I find myself looking up the answer instead of trying to remember it, to stop myself losing “hearts”. Paying for the “Plus” option is not a possibility for me. I will continue to use the app, as it is still the best learning platform for me, but I will not be able to learn as quickly or effectively, and cannot in good conscience recommend it to families wanting to learn. I don’t mind an ad every now and then, as a reasonable cost for a free app, but a heart for every mistake?lets not even mention that I can’t mute your Duolingo Plus ad when it comes up.

- A revelation, but not perfect yet

This app has opened up a wonderful world of language (Indonesian for me) allowing me to learn the basics of everyday survival over a year at 5-10 minutes a day - Amazing! Many times I’ve felt compelled to subscribe to the paid version, but have bailed out at the last minute due to the copious small faults in the lessons which threaten to overwhelm the experience. For example, while most lessons are well constructed and easy/moderate to complete, allowing swift progress, my current one is ridiculously complicated in comparison and has slowed my progress. There are also inconsistencies in translations throughout the app that result in dispiriting errors when I actually got it right with the same answer in previous exercises. Even the exercises with the most copious number of complaints seem never to be fixed. If there was evidence that clear errors would be attended to as a priority, I’d be much more inclined to pay. The free model has obviously been successful in creating this app’s footprint. I look forward to it being more consistently tidied up so that it can transition to a well-polished paid product.

- Possible money chasing or streak glitch

As a free to use language service I feel it is incredible and as it’s been upgraded the steps seem to fit perfectly for early stage learning (of learning Spanish for me) but the only downside for anyone who maybe has self diagnosed OCD and enjoys maintaining a streak there has been either a carefully inserted method of money grabbing or just a standard glitch that once your streak reaches higher numbers it may pretend like you didn’t follow the lessons for the day and require you to pay money to repair streaks. While I won’t pay I did find this disappointing as it even lets you open the prizes for completing your daily quota which means you've done the daily requirement yet you may still lose your streak. This has happened a few times to me through this and all once you reach a 30+ day streak. Small problem I know but this is aimed for people who may get anxiety from this sort of thing as I do just as a heads up, apart from that I really recommend this and it is a free service if you choose it to be and if you don’t mind supporting it and paying then no problems at all with the app

- Please remove the 5 daily hearts.

I’m learning Arabic currently and this is great for learning the sounds and letters. It’s a great starting point and I loved how they used to just put quick adds after every lesson if you didn’t have the premium, which I saw as more than fair. However now they’ve started adding 5 daily hearts (you loose a heart after every mistake) and once you’ve used them up you have to wait 5 hours for them to refill. What I loved about Duolingo is that it really did encourage free education, in place for a very quick add after each lesson that you could click off of after 2 seconds. However it seems now they’ve taken to the tactic of trying to pressure you to pay to get “unlimited hearts”. I know that they’re a company and they need to profit but surely they have plenty of people who pay premium and get more than enough money from add revenue. I even just saw one of their own adds “support free education, join premium” ...I mean.... doesn’t that contradict the add in itself? I’m just really disappointed that Duolingo has gone down this path by trying to force people to buy the premium version. It’s very disappointing because it is a great app.

- Not for everyone

So I learned quite a lot of korean before using Duolingo so I was already pretty good at it. I downloaded duolingo and I saw that it uses a lot of romanisation. Now Ofc everyone learns in different ways so romanisation might be better for them. But honestly it just makes everything a lot harder and doesn’t make as much sense at all. I also think that if u get a question wrong, u shouldn’t be punished to a point that u can’t work on the language for a few hours, because that’s just making it harder (the point of duolingo is to learn a language and not to not be able to learn it as a punishment). If u get a question wrong, a better punishment is to have an extra question so u get more out of it. I think u should use other things than jut romanisation do people get a choice on the way they learn korean (or their language of choice). I also don’t think that a few words and small phrases is enough. Some people rely on duolingo to learn and entire language within itself, so I think duolingo should teach bigger sentences that can be used during different occasions and issues.

- Slowly getting worse

Duolingo is an enjoyable app to use and has always been pleasant despite the abundance of ads. Recently they added in “hearts” which will shatter when you get an answer wrong, then you have to “refill” said hearts by purchasing them with in app currency known as “gems”. These gems can be earned by completing lessons, but of course you can also buy them. Your hearts will regenerate over time but your max is five at a time (i.e. five mistakes). Basically, this means now you will be spending less time on the app unless you are an ace at the language you are learning, or if you refill your hearts. Personally, I don’t even spend my gems on hearts because I don’t really want to support a system like this. Though if I did, I wonder how long it would take me to deplete all my gems, leaving me with the only option of buying them. It’s safe to say that this addition of hearts is disappointing and the decision to do so was clearly driven by money. I understand that it’s a free app, but I’m sure they’re making a decent amount from the number of ads in their app. I give Duolingo a 3/5. Unfortunately this score doesn’t regenerate.

- A good app

This is a great app if you want to make learning fun and into a game. Though I would say that they should make hearts easier to get and harder to loose. I’m not saying they should get rid of it completely, but my sister only just started French and could only do about 5 minutes of learning before she ran out of hearts. I understand why they have health, but make it a little less scarce. I was just about to finish my hour long lesson with one heart and then I made a mistake and bam, all that progress lost and you have to do ten minutes of practice to get another heart. If you want to really stick and learn for hours, I don’t recommend this app unless you want to do something like arabic because (oddly) they don’t have hearts like German or french. I also think there should be a filter to turn the health off and on so people can stick at it or just have 5 minutes a day. Currently the health shield in the game costs money or “Duolingo plus” which is expensive and not worth it as it glitches when you get it. So overall, good app, but it could be a whole lot better.

- Doesn’t make sense for languages with different alphabets

I was hoping to use duolingo to improve speaking Japanese and Greek, but the focus is on learning the alphabets rather than learning useful speaking phrases. With Japanese especially this isn’t particularly helpful. I was learning for weeks and the focus was just on hiragana (one of the three Japanese alphabets). In the short / medium term this is useless, in real world applications (eg if you’re in a train station), most Japanese will be be in kanji. Duolingo for Japanese is therefore almost completely useless for speaking and reading / writing as you get incredibly bogged down in alphabets before learning to say anything...and the main alphabet you learn isn’t particularly useful. There should be an option to learn languages for speaking, with the text written in romanised form. Most people using this app will want to use it for speaking. Similarly with greek, the duolingo system isn’t suited to learning alphabets. Again, after weeks, the phrases are totally random (‘The good popcorn’) because they are purely devised to teach you the alphabet. I have been to Greece and have never needed to say or write. ‘The good popcorn’. Phonetic phrases would be much better!

- It’s not what it used to be

Duolingo used to be a great app for learning new languages, however Over the last year or so it has gone from wanting to help people learn, to more about making money. It is extremely hard to want to use this app due to it forcing you to pay to be able to learn a language. I understand it’s free to download and stuff but try learning a language when you can’t do any lessons because you’re out of hearts and they recharge one every 5 hours. I understand that there are ways to earn hearts in game by watching adverts and practices but the adverts can’t be watched all the time, the game has to offer them to you and practices are so long and sometimes very very hard. In conclusion if you want to spend hundreds of dollars for this app when you could just pay for real life classes which would be cheaper.. go for it. If you don’t like the idea of spending money then this app is not for you. Maybe if it was cheaper and had the option to only subscribe for weeks or months st a time it would feel better. But I will not pay hundreds of dollars for an app I will only use for like 3 weeks a year.

- Great concept but don’t bother - complete lack of many common languages and new courses

I started using Duolingo approximately 4 years ago to brush up on my Japanese that I haven’t used since high school, but primarily to learn a couple of Balkan languages. Problem here - there aren't any available. Excellent concept and variety of exercises. I’m sure some people like the game-type quality to it with badges, etc. however I find this to be incredibly childish (thought I was using a language app targeted at adults?) and doesn’t make a difference to my ability to learn. The biggest disappointment of all is the complete lack of any new language courses. 4 years after enquiring and there still aren’t any Balkan language courses available... they’re forever in the “incubator”, yet High Valyrian, which isn’t even a real language, is available? Make sense of that. In summary, total lack of advancement, all the updates seem to do is introduce more childish gimmicks and “squash the pesky bugs”. Don’t waste your time with duolingo, Mango languages has far more options available and you can sign up for free access via your local library.

- Duolingo... the best and most productive entertainment

Do you have nothing to do on the bus in the mornings? Are you bored on an airplane? Don’t like crappy mobile games? Well Duolingo is the perfect app for you imagine playing an educational game to kill time so instead of killing time you’re actually doing something productive and will feel better about yourself afterwards for doing so, what could be better? It’s been 5 months since I downloaded this app using at casually from day to day missing days here and there weeks even 🤭😂😂 but as of now I’m almost fluent in Spanish and this has required minimal effort. I’m excellent at reading and writing in Spanish all that would be required for a solid level of fluency would be some dedicated conversation practice for a couple of months and I’d have the Spanish speaking proficiency to live in a Spanish speaking country. This app is excellent and I would highly recommend it.

- Angry...

I have a similar problem to the other reviews that I have read, and have bumped it up to two stars simply because I’m not alone in this. My first issue is the lives, I know that some people (who use the SAME device as me) have infinite lives without paying for the subscription, whereas I have a limit of 5 lives that take days to fully recharge! Either make EVERYONE have limited lives, or NO ONE. BUT SERIOUSLY, PICK ONE. Why should some people get to be more privileged than others? Secondly, the way you teach some of the languages. Mostly Japanese, as that’s what I’ve been working on. You don’t really teach us how to construct sentences, or any rules for doing so. What order, for example? Instead, I basically have to memorise every word in the language, and can only respond to someone in one word sentences. I appreciate that this is a free app, so my second reason I can let slide, but please fix the lives because it’s making me want to start a world massacre. Thank you, if you ever read this. But from the lack of responses you’ve given everyone else I’m not sure there was even a point in me doing this.

- Great learning opportunities!!

I have been using Duolingo for almost a year now. At first I got it because I was behind in my French class and my teacher suggested it to me. At the end of the year I was top of the class!! It shows that you can learn a language really fast!! This year I transferred to Chinese and the same thing has happened... I love the fact you can learn at your own pace! A few improvements though: Sooo many ads. I understand that’s how they keep the app running but why soo many?? I also think Premium should be free. I stop when I lose my hearts because I can not be bothered to practice to get more! Well, Premium doesn’t have to be free, but maybe lose the heart thing?? Just some advice... Another thing with the hearts, why do you lose a heart when you muck up speaking?? It happens every time to me as it reads people speaking around me as it. Overall, It is great for learning a new language and would highly recommend it to anyone if they want to learn something new!

- Fast class

This is an app with some great strongpoints. It’s fast paced and the student picks up a good knowledge of words to add to their Spanish vocabulary. Classes often come with a smile, especially when reading the stories section of the app which are a lot of fun and a wonderful way to add new words and phrases to your memory bank. My two criticisms are these, 1/ this is South American Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish for Spain this is not really the best place to do it. Sadly one doesn’t become aware of this fact until after purchasing the app... I think it would be almost perfect if we could choose to be taught Spanish for Spain. 2/ secondly it relies on learning by memory and as sentences become longer and grammar becomes more complex it’s difficult to learn by memorising sentences. I feel some grammar lessons would help. And the verb conjugations should include the vosotros version. Overall it’s a good tool for improving ones knowledge of the language. Add Spanish for Spain and it would be a great tool!

- Learning Chinese is a breeze

I have been learning mandarin casually for about 8 years and failed to find any real help with character recognition/reading. The way Duolingo works by drilling means they do sink in and eventually you recognise more and more characters in day to day life. In terms of the 5 hearts of health it’s simply a method of pushing you to paid subscription, if you want unlimited lives you buy the premium subscription. To be honest, I learned so much more in 3 months with Duolingo than any Chinese classes I attended at the local community college. You get what you put in, the more effort the quicker you learn and the lessons are short and you can progress at your own pace. I had subscribed, it just ran out and I’m seriously thinking of buying a years subscription, my only concern that I may finish the course before the year. However they are constantly bringing in new content so I’m thinking I won’t get bored!

- Learning tool, and a fun game!

I am a big fan of Duolingo, have been spending hours of time practicing my Russian. It is one of the best examples of game mechanics being integrated into an educational app. the leaderboards and progress rewards (such as leaning 50 new words) are a great way to reinforce progress in the user. lessons are laid out well, giving you flexibility to approach topics at your own pace, while encouraging you to move on if you spend to long on one topic, by removing the XP reward. I wrote this review after thinking back to the “touch typing games” i played as a child, they were never as engaging as they could have been. Congratulations to the Duolingo team for their fantastic work! There are some things i would like to see in the app in the near future, for example, being able to do specific exercises such as choosing to practicing specific words, which could be joined to the existing achievement system. Perhaps a button that will teach you three new words that refreshes every day? As well as that i hope to see the options for languages expanded, which i assume is a goal. my partners family is from former Yugoslavia and i would love to learn Serbian and Macedonian! again, thank you to your team for creating such a powerful learning tool. Language is the best way to learn about the world and its history, and this app is a great way to learn language!

- Defidently 5 stars!

This is so fun and defidently deserves to be on number #1 language learning! This is helping me with French because I would love to learn French. It’s my first day and I already need to write this great review. I know a few words like man/homme and woman/femme! This is great, may all ratings be like this one :) 👌 also I would like to add- I wanted to do 10 minutes a day and I’m doing around half an hour now! I’ve done around 15 minutes on the app ever since I’ve downloaded it and it is addictive. For some reason it’s a little embarrassing for me to do the talking part because my sister would come to me and say, stop speaking gibberish since she doesn’t have this app or knows how to speak French. Just one thing, can you please not put hearts in it because I’ll have 0 and be unable to learn! But I’ll just watch ads. I understand if you should have to leave it in, this rating is kind of weird 😳

- Brilliant, but one suggestion...

DuoLingo is an amazing app and I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a new language. You don’t just learn the new words and sentences, but you have to practise them as well to ensure you really remember them. It would be great if you could add a Mandarin learning option. I’ve noticed there is an option for Chinese speakers to learn English, so why not the other way around? UPDATE: Yes there is an option to learn Mandarin now. Thank you so much xx I have one suggestion. Often when you start a new lesson, you’re thrown right in with a question on words you haven’t learnt yet. So you have to guess the right answer, which is impossible because you’ve never seen the new sentence before. It would be good if perhaps at the start of a new lesson there’s an “example sentence” or something similar which explains the structure of sentence pattern the new lesson will cover. UPDATE: Duolingo has actually implemented this new feature in a recent update, and its AWESOME. It really shows they listen to their customers. Despite this, if you’re wanting to learn a new language definitely get this app. It’s free, the ads aren’t annoying pop ups or videos (there are ads but they aren’t irritating), each language has heaps of lessons, and there’s a practise option to revise skills you’ve already learned!! Thank you for making a great app.

- Amazing!

This is an amazing app, the best way to learn a language I think. It’s super easy with no commitment, but great at reminding you to practice. I will be checking my emails and find one from Duolingo asking me to practice. It also sends you notifications and banners which works really well too. I would recommend this app to anyone, no matter their age or experience, if they want to become bilingual, trilingual or more! It’s so easy and friendly, anyone can use it. Please, give it a go! For the creators: an update that would be extremely useful is a dictionary. By the app’s count, I have learnt 330 words in French. However, I think I only know about 300. A dictionary could allow you to search for a word in your current language or your course language and have the translation, definition and audio for the word. I think this would be an amazingly useful resource. Thanks!

- Horrible update

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped using Duolingo due to an update I think which made it worse (in my opinion). I was at an intermediate state of my language learning when I started using Duolingo so having to do the simple exercises was a bit bothersome but I actually didn’t mind it because now thanks those exercises I can never forget some terms which was actually pleasing. It did get a bothersome to do that all the way through everything so I would just do the test and get past the level quick and since I was at intermediate I really enjoyed the test, I was getting past levels faster and I also learnt heaps until the update. The update or whatever required me to either use gems or join premium to do tests, which became extremely annoying for me because that is just outrageous. I may seem to be unreasonable but I have to get premium just because I want to do a test makes no sense they’re starting to want money more desperately, I just want to learn without getting the cash sign shoved in my face thank you very much.

- Amazing app, almost no errors!

This app is amazing! I’m getting very confident in learning Korean and Japanese. I’ve heard some people say that this learning program isn’t the best since you only learn phrases and don’t learn how to construct sentences. Yes, yes I’ve heard it all but really, this app is just for people who want to be able to talk and socialise to other people, not really for people who want to become fluent in a language. However, in my own circumstances this is not a problem for me since I have a Japanese tutor. Some things that do get on my nerves are things like the heart system and how it is very annoying to run out of hearts, but I also find it very fun to practise to get more hearts and practising is a very, very good and fun way to get more hearts. I like this feature very much and please don’t change it in the future. I’m very glad that you don’t need to wait a few hours to get hearts.

- Fast results

I am a French student at my high school. My French teacher was less than impressed with my skills, and my sister informed me that Duolingo reaps astounding results. I got this initially to learn Portuguese, and I learnt about the same level of that after 3 weeks as I did French for 3 years. Since I started learning French through Duo, my grades have started rising dramatically and not just in my French class. Learning a new language can help you retain information more easily, which has helped me in specialist maths, science, etc. I highly recommend Duolingo, the daily steak pushes you to finish your classes and (despite the rumours) he doesn’t kill you if you don’t finish a lesson right away. You get a few days. Try it out!! Ps. A study showed that people raised bilingual vs. people who weren’t didn’t have symptoms of Dementia until an average of four years later. (I think)


I absolutely LOVE this app, I have only had it for two days and has helped me so much! I am learning Japanese at school and it is hard to keep up, but it is so much easier with this app! The only flaw I can see is the health bar, it’s not that it isn’t enough, it’s that once you have 5 or you refilled you can’t have anymore. But other than that this app is very close to perfect and I would definitely recommend it to people all ages. I am only 11 and I love it , it is very helpful. During our social isolation this for me is a perfect thing to do to pass the time, I could pass hours thinking it was minutes. Also I was so compelled to ask my parents for the PLUS version, it is super smart to make it free. This is an overall amazing app, but the health was not enough for me to downgrade the stars from 5 to 4! Hope you read my review, Bubblebeaver

- The bare essentials with a few mistakes

This is a great app for learning the barest essentials imaginable of a language (and for brushing up languages you already know), but that's it. It's not a complete or well-rounded language course in any sense because it offers no cultural component whatsoever. In fact, it's completely acultural. But it also doesn't claim to be anything different. Unlike most language courses, therefore, it's entirely up to you to take what you learn here and give it some "context" and "sense" by learning about the levels of formality, etiquette, and customs of the country where the language is spoken. One aspect of the teaching method that I think is extremely flawed is that conjugated verbs are often taught without their pronoun and no mention of tense or mood. A pairing exercise in the Spanish, for example, asks you to pair “estarían” (they would be) with “be”. Not only is “be” not a translation of “estarían”, this approach doesn’t give the student any information on how or why new words are used and does nothing to reinforce words already learned.

- Changes are bad, and some don’t even earn you money.

I hate this stupid health system. It makes my brain annoyed when I fail, therefore my brain doesn’t want to fail, therefore it becomes discouraged to risk failing. I do not like this change, why don’t you make it like your website? And also, I miss being able to choose which lessons do, that means I could keep practicing a lesson if I wanted to, and I could also practice everything in the whole subject. I also miss the cool robot things that you could kind of talk to. Sorry but I don’t understand where you’re going with this, it isn’t even making it pay to learn (besides health system), but even then people are just going to get annoyed. Please make it more like the website one, I don’t know if you’re trying to make this one more unique or something, but don’t. Besides that, I like the addition of Chinese and Japanese finally. You’re still the best app, but worse than you were before unfortunately.

- Some problems

I have three problems with this: A. From time to time they just remove your streak freeze even though you don’t miss a day. I use either my iPhone or iPad to do Duolingo. It then synchronises the score. I’ve watched as it synchronised the two downwards and confiscated my streak freeze. What is supposed to be an incentive becomes a disincentive. B. Colloquial translations. In many cases when translating Japanese where a literal translation is unhelpful, they instead us a colloquial translation. Some of these are peculiar or US. The former generally use a strange word order and the latter are not used by non-Americans and you have to remember these unfamiliar word usages or you’ll be marked wrong. I am not using Duolingo to learn US English but Japanese. C. Introduction of kanji or alternative vocabulary. Often when a new kanji is introduced it doesn’t sound when you pick it. Alternative vocabulary for a meaning is introduced all at once leading to considerable confusion and retroactive inhibition.

- Missing key elements

Currently learning Japanese with Duolingo and it’s been great! My only concerns are at times it seems to expect you to know something it hasn’t yet taught you. Many times it would quit me on a sentence with words I haven’t even begun to learn yet. Duolingo does well to teach how to pronounce something but fails to explain WHY it is. Examples are with Kanji, depending on surrounding characters (or if their are none) it gets pronounced a completely different way and Duolingo fails to explain why. Another instance of lack of explanation is with things like how to structure a sentence. With Japanese it’s almost like your saying the sentence backwards. For example if you were to translate word for word “I sleep at 12am” it would be (not completely accurate, just so you get the gist of it) “am 12 I go to sleep.” It took me quite some time to figure out that key detail. In conclusion, please provide ways to explain in greater detail how things are pronounced, how other characters can affect how some characters are pronounced, how to structure sentences properly and don’t throw people into the deep end without teaching them how to swim first. This is a great app and I will continue to use it. I have already recommended it to many of my friends. Do this, and it will make this app so much better. Thanks!

- Boring extra levels

For a language app that you could successfully use for free it’s been pretty good overall, not sure how much I’d recommend it now. Really disappointed by the recent “extra levels” update that just repeats previously achieved levels ad nauseum, adding extra ways to lose health and reducing ways to renew it (ie A MONEY GRAB UPDATE). New levels don’t contain new words and they didn’t really give due credit for how well you already knew it. Removing the test out function made it extra frustrating. The update also removed the function where you could practice a specific topic to earn back health, now the practice is non-specific and repeats the overly easy stuff. Making it more boring and clearly intending to lose more health as opposed to learn more. Other annoyances include when I lose health for silly things, like how I express English when my answer is right but not exactly as expected - a more detailed report function would be good.

- Amazing App!

I am currently learning Spanish on this game and it is awesome. You can do more than one course and it is the right amount of difficulty, (not to difficult but not to easy) and I love this fun way of learning a language and spelling it too! Best of all, it is free! I am so glad I got this app, as a friend recommended it to me! I just wanted to thank this amazing app by letting other people know my great experience!! The app’s mascot is lovable and it helps a lot if you trying to learn a language at however pace you want. And it is suitable for all ages!! Although, this app does sometimes distract from your learning by the adorable animations!! And the health bar is kinda annoying too. Overall, amazing app, definitely would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a new language!!❤️❤️

- Not free as advertised

Once you get past the first level, and have committed to finishing the course, all of a sudden you are required to use gems and hearts in order to progress. If you answer a question incorrectly, if you make the slightest spelling mistake, or if you faithfully reproduce what the AI has said even though it has said it wrong, you lose gems and hearts. There is nothing you can do about this, there is no way to get back gems that you have wrongfully lost. The AI at half speed is quite accurate, but at full speed it is full of mistakes and not to be trusted. If you lose all of your gems then you are forced to buy a subscription to Duolingo plus. This is the entire reason for the apps existence, to either force you to watch ads, or to buy a full subscription. This app is in no way free as advertised. A lot of the phrases that should be excepted aren’t, and if you go to the discussions and read about them, you’ll see that been reported multiple times over the last four years with nothing being done. I couldn’t recommend this app less.

- Hope you don’t get a “Health & Gems” version

My wife are I are both using Duolingo to learn French. I started about 6 months ago and she began a few weeks later. However, her experience has been frustratingly different because her version “features” ‘Health and Gems’. Her version, in effect, shuts her down if she makes too many mistakes. My version is very patient and forgiving and allows me continue on - although not before I have responded with the correct answers. This weekend before New Year’s Eve we have both ‘upgraded’ by subscribing for twelve months. (Our France experience is in Sept.). The paid upgrade allows us to download units so we can continue our learning far from WiFi. And no more ads. However, it appears that the “Health & Gems” feature (???) of my wife’s application has been retained. Hey, Duolingo, you help make learning French accessible. But the reasons given for imposing “Health & Gems” on some users just don’t hold water!

- Good but not great

Overall duolingo is a pretty good app but I think it could be a lot better. First off health is a real pain. I often lose health for small mistakes or typos and then have to go and do practise lessons and then restart the exercise I was on. I feel like I’m more worried about losing health than I am about understanding the words. I always double check by clicking the words before entering it off to make sure it’s right which is really inconvenient. It’s good to get questions wrong so you can improve yourself but you can’t do that cos you will never finish an activity then. Next problem is discussions. I can only access them on my laptop and it would be really helpful if there was discussions on mobile. With the removal of clubs there’s no where on the app I can go for help. Last off it needs to explain sentence structure. We get given basic phrases but aren’t taught which order to put words, you just have to copy the examples and hope for the best. I wished that the app would explain more why you got something wrong so you don’t make the same mistake. Another thing (that isn’t as important but hey whatever) is that there should be an option where you can say you already understand something so you don’t have to keep repeating it over and over. And you should be able to select things you don’t get so you can practise them. Ok think that’s all. Thanks cya


I have had Duolingo for about three months and I have learnt so much!! One lesson a day teaches a lot I definetly would recommend this if you want to use a language. They teach in different ways, such as reading writing and speaking the different words and phrases. You can start using this app as a beginner or an advanced language learner! Duolingo is very helpful. Anything that you miss or get stuck on it repeats so you can learn it! Also in each lesson there is a button where you can get tips from other people about a phrase or words in the lesson and you can ask for clarification!! Duolingo also provides stories which you can read along and fill in the gaps to see and read a conversation in your chosen language. I’m doing French and am about to start high school and I am very confident with the amount I already know, to do well in French at high school!

- New update has invalidated how I study using Duolingo

To begin, I do like Duolingo. It provides a good base for learning a language and I use it daily as it provides me enough motivation. However, the newest update (that brings “crowns”) has invalidated the way I use Duolingo to study Japanese. I was going through the course, completing exercises and then furthermore, inputting words and sentences that I’ve learned into the SRS tool Anki. However, now there’s no opportunity to review those words, and it seems as if I can’t go back to run through previous lessons to check certain words either. This also means I have to be at my computer to input data into Anki while going through the lessons, meaning I can’t complete my Duolingo for the day while out and about. Unfortunately, as this is probably the way the app is going forward, I may have to drop Duolingo once my language textbooks arrive, and rely on other methods of study.

- You have to teach yourself more than it teaches you

I’ve been trying to learn Korean on Duolingo for two days now. At this point I have realised that, at least for teaching this language, Duolingo is worse than I had hoped. For many pairs of sounds it attempts to teach it uses the exact same audio, thus making it difficult to differentiate what sound I am supposed to learn. It does not make the attempt to first teach you constants or vowels and instead makes you have to teach them to yourself if you want to know what on earth you need to select in order to pass the section. I’ve had to turn to other applications to teach me the most basic of Hangul, (Drops, I believe it is called,) something even the simplest ‘classes’ Duolingo attempts to teach lacks. It makes no effort to directly show me what the letters mean, preferring to leave the guessing up to it’s users. Other than these complaints, I have had a lovely time using Duolingo. Out of hearts? Rather than having to wait to regenerate them (although that is available,) you can practice to get them, which is a very clever tactic! Ads are pretty far and few between and hardly bothersome. Even without premium it’s been a nice app to use, despite it’s lacking in, at least, teaching Korean to a very new learner. Which, I suppose, is the point of the app. Oh well.

- Highly Effective Learning App

For my learning style duolingo is highly effective and enjoyable. In all honesty I’ve found duolingo to be more effective than university night classes and ‘in country’ classes. After completing the Italian version several years ago I find myself using it again to refresh and reinforce language skills. The new tips link has clear and concise explanations of grammar rules which is a huge benefit. I’m now revisiting mandarin after studying in Taiwan many years ago and the app is definitely helpful. If it were possible to integrate character writing with correct stroke order and assessment it would even better. All in all a great language learning app that can set you up with the fundamentals of your chosen language. Amazing considering it’s free!

- Great to accompany your studies!

I’ve had Duolingo now for over 3 years and it’s definitely my favourite language app. I’ve tried the others but I always come back to Duo! Initially I downloaded it to study enough Spanish to suffice for travel and basic speaking purposes, but I have to say Duo alone wasn’t enough by itself to get me there if that’s what you’re wanting. I started studying Spanish at uni a year and a half ago and that’s when I’ve found Duo the most helpful for solidifying your learning and expanding your vocabulary, and it did give me a leg up starting my Spanish course. My only complaint is they’ve dropped the ‘Test Out’ feature where you could skip some lessons! Particularly helpful when you’ve covered something e.g. at uni and want to move on to the rest of your language tree. Would love that feature back :)

- Duolingo is good for a free app

It’s totally free and very helpful. The leagues add a competitive aspect to it that encourage me to keep using Duolingo every day, even when I’m feeling lazy. It isn’t without its problems though... the health system is really annoying, I keep messing up by one letter or getting autocorrected/making a typo and it makes me lose a heart every time. It also doesn’t really explain the grammar or sentence structure so I spend a while trying to figure out how to correctly write it out and sometimes I still get it incorrect and lose health. Plus sometimes the audio is hard to hear and I mess up because I think it says something else. It’s a good app overall, I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking to learn a new language, but I also suggest using other resources (like books and native speakers).

- Important Message :D

Hi Duolingo Devs, I am SOOOO happy with the app and the work that has been put into it. I am currently learning italian, Spanish and French but there’s just 1 problem I have with the app. This isn’t too much of a deal, but I feel like if possible, every language (except maybe the fictional ones) could have stories, so instead of learning Spanish and French much easier than Italian, people could be equally as good as those languages or given the same amount of opportunities possible. I love how many languages there are to learn, but I feel like High Valyrian and Klingon were a bit of a waste of time. Since I am Croatian, I am wanting to learn that but I don’t want to get out of the Duolingo system, and I hope more used languages like that could be implemented. I know this will most likely not be seen, I would appreciate some work to be done if this is read. I do understand that things take time, but I would hope stuff like this could be added, and I would be so happy, especially if Croatian could be added, since I would like to speak to my grandparents and my dad in their native language.😂 Thank you so much for an amazing system and app. Bye!

- Pretty good

First time learning a new language and I thought using Duolingo would be a great place to start with Spanish. I am 2 weeks in and although it’s been pretty enjoyable, I find that it gets hard when it comes to learning rules of the language. The app doesn’t really teach you how or why words vary according to different contexts. You’re sort of supposed to just pick it up with trial and error which doesn’t seem to be a very good way to learn it because I don’t really know why these rules are the way they are. Eg. “El pan” for “the bread”- not “Le pan”- how am I supposed to know if an object is a girl or boy and is it systematic or random? In any case, this app is probably a good supplement for learning a language but not great if it’s all you’re using to learn one. I love that it’s free and super nice to navigate through the app

- Problems fixed and much improved

The problems with ads that became extremely annoying a while back have been fixed for a while now and updates aren’t causing any issues that I have noticed. The app is otherwise good for a free app if you don’t mind the ads, which are not excessive as long as they work and allow you to move on. It is partially reliant on comments from users which can be very helpful but also confusing or wrong. If my financial priorities allowed, the improvements I have seen over time would certainly make me consider the paid version to avoid the hassles of ads or running out of hearts. This app really can be used regularly, usefully and for free without lots of restrictions or unreasonably frequent attempts to persuade you to get the pad version.

- Too many ads and pay walls

I am a great fan of Duolingo and have been using it for 4+ years. Once upon a time there were no ads and no paywalls and this seemed consistent with the “free language for all” ethos that came with the ap. Presently the ap has the highest number of ads and paywalls of any ap that I have ever used and I feel that this has eroded the integrity of its originally promoted intentions. A simple improvement could be that you gain “energy points,” which are necessary for each testing stage, after finishing either a training or a testing level, rather than having to watch ads to build up points. You can simply do training levels to gain points, but this becomes pretty tedious after several months/years. I just feel that this is another great platform that has been reduced to exploiting its users for profit over quality. (Sad face)

- Good, a few suggestions

The app is really good and I like the idea of hearts and crowns and leaderboards. The only problem is that when you look in the leaderboards, you can always find people that learns twelve languages at once. Firstly, forgetting everything else, a person learning twelve languages is ridiculous and insane. I was surprised that Duolingo even let this happen. If duolingo can limit the amount of languages you can learn, it would be better and fairer. There is also a tiny bug with the hearts. After you practice, you get a heart , then most of the the time, duolingo offers you another heart if you watch a ad. The problem is that sometimes after you watch an ad, duolingo doesn’t do anything and just continues as if you haven’t watched the ad. Please fix this. Merci!

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- Very good


- Take away the health bar!

I love this app and how easy and fun it is to learn a new language. My only problem with Duolingo is the fact that there is health, it takes so long for your health to refill fully and why is it that you are limiting the amount we learn. It is so unnecessary. I would love the app so much more if that was removed.

- Used to be amazing...

Before their terrible monetization scheme this was the best free language app out there. Now, it’s completely ruined. Instead of encouraging mistakes as you learn, it punishes you for each one, making each lesson seem like a pressure test. I used to recommend this app to anyone, but I will no longer do so. The health system on a timer is something I want no part of. If money isn’t an issue for you, it’s still probably a fine app with the monthly subscription fee, but the value for free users has completely been scraped from the program.

- Bye bye learning...

I use to LOVE duolingo app for learning Spanish... that is until they turned to a “health system” and you require lives to learn. When learning a new language you are going to make mistakes and if you have to wait a full day to earn lives you will never learn at that rate. I’m on an 80 day strike and up until today I didn’t need lives to learn and I would really learn by completing 20+ lessons in an hour. Now I cannot get through 4 because I’m out of lives!! Please take this option away! Even the version you pay for requires lives!! That’s so ridiculous. I use to recommend this app to anyone who wanted to learn a language and I no longer will be! This app is designed to learn not play. If I wanted to earn lives to play I would play candy crush.

- 😡

Ok i thought that this was going to help me learn Spanish but it taught me how messed up this app is. you need hearts to learn. And keeps reminding me about the plus thing. Im sorry (not) but this app was a huge disappointment😡

- Heart feature trash

The heart feature added to app version of this platform is awful. 💔💔💔💔

- Duolingo

Awesome app, makes learning a language fun and easy. I wish it had Mandarin.

- Money grubbing new owners

Update: Just when you think it couldn’t get worse...it finds a way! So they have taken the health system to be even more punishing. One of the few learning activities they wouldn’t take hearts away for before was a matching exercise. This made sense as it didn’t rely on clicking a “check” button. Today, I accidentally clicked on a card I didn’t mean to, and poof! One heart of 5 down. They claim that this is to prevent rushing through the material, but let’s be honest, it’s a “pain point “ to try and get users to pay for their “plus” membership. I am considering paying for my lessons, but it sure as hell won’t be Duolingo with their sneaky, underhanded tactics. From before: Studying Japanese, used to have no health bar, that changed without warning. Get rid of that health bar. Less likely to take risks to test myself now. Got rid of my ingots, for blue gems, did not feel like an equivalent exchange. I repeat, get rid of health bar. Also I would consider paying for subscription if it were more reasonably priced. Used to love Duolingo, now sorely disappointed.

- You’re better off using the website version than the app.

The health bar isn’t a thing on the website, and as such I find the website much more conducive to actually learning. You’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them as opposed to being punished and shut out. It’s also more forgiving of typos since you don’t lose health — ironic, since it’s easier to make mistakes on a phone’s miniature keyboard than a full-size keyboard. On the website, you don’t have to worry about losing health just because your dumb fat finger accidentally pressed enter before you were finished typing, because you’ll get the chance to try again without losing health. Would have liked to be able to learn on the go, but the app is garbage, so I’ll stick to desktop learning.

- Counter Intuitive System

If I am trying to learn a language and I get a question wrong, I lose a life and am then restricted from learning the language. How am I supposed to improve if I am restricted from learning the language because I don’t know the language? This system does not help me learn the language and restricts my education.


If your reading this Duolingo is an amazing app and I’ve been playing it for a while now and see that there is a health system preventing me from learning more please fix this problem and I will recommend this once awesome app...

- Right now Duolingo wouldn’t dare offer a live invitation to rate their app

An open invitation to rate them would absolutely tank their current good rating. Right now I’d be happy to give them 0 STARS After having earned a winning streak of almost a year, I lost it by minutes on the daylight saving time change over. It would cost me $10 to restore it- with no option of using gems! I found that so offputting that I stopped using the app for over two months. That’s getting close to the cost of a punitive parking ticket. Duolingo has totally abandon good pedagogy in adopting a punishment mode to force you to upgrade. Punishment is totally effective as a motivator for learning. In fact, is is counterproductive Now that I’ve come back to it I’m even more put off. You now need to maintain hearts in order to progress through a lesson. This will cost you 450 gems. Your errors never used to impede your ability to move to your daily goal. You just got an extra question and a reduced bonus. NO PUNISHMENT! Now you have to keep buying the hearts or you have to start the lesson completely over even if you were just one question away from finishing it! What a put-off. My first review lesson was very complex in its use of grammar, specific irregular verbs, and specific situations for pronouns, adjectives and articles. I kept making a different little mistake in many my do-overs and burned through a lot of hearts. That’s when I learned that you lost everything if you didn’t buy. Also frustrating is that Doulingo is totally unforgiving if you so much as mis-type one letter a name. It used to be a lot easier to forgive them their imperfections when you weren’t being fined for them. There also is no refund when you are fined for a correct answer- one that you share with them to help them improve. To Duolingo: I’ve been watching your ads to help keep this free. Some users cannot afford your fees, others will struggle with them- but make them a priority, others can afford them, and some could afford to pay more. That has always been the spectrum of your clients. You have forgotten your roots and your early mission. Your continued message of ”working to keep the working to keep Duolingo free” is becoming exceedingly hypocritical. I can’t help but wonder if you have a director and staff driving your new changed mission with a sub-plot of creating and keeping very well-paid jobs. I volunteer for hundreds of hours a year, and it saddens me to see these changes. Maybe you should get rid of the dishonest manipulation and do something like Wikipedia. They have a link that takes you to an explanation of their financing and have a donation button. They also are struggling, but they’re being honest in their struggle, not manipulative. Manipulating just diminishes the humanitarian aspect of helping individuals to learn a new language, many of which will be newcomers to the countries they live in or want to work in. It also diminishes the value of the work that your volunteers do, and have done, for altruistic reasons. Do please consider do please consider on doing this last cash grab undoing this last ill-thought cash grab.

- Mauvaise appli

Depuis sa mise à jour que je n’avais pas je ne peux plus pratiquer autant qu’avant avec Duolingo car il y a maintenant des vies c’est vraiment stupide quand qu’on veut vraiment apprendre l’anglais...

- Lacks explanation

The only downfall of the app is that it doesn’t explain why an answer is wrong. For instance, if you use the masculine version of a word but the correct version is feminine, it would notify that your answer is incorrect but wouldn’t provide the correct answer, or an explanation. I find when learning a new language that it’s easiest to remember how to structure sentences and spell words correctly if I understand why.

- Take away the hearts!

I love Duolingo- or at least I used to. The health bar is awful and totally ruins the entire app. I don’t know why they did this and sincerely hope they take it away!

- Why Duolingo plus?Microtransit actions annoyances

This app is the best free language learning app at most, it’s heart system where you lose a heart each time you fail a question and then a whole lesson.And the only solution to this problem for us is to buy Duolingo plus to have infinite hearts.This honestly sucks cause you have to pay for it monthly or whatever just to learn a proper language or wait a few hours every day to get one or two hearts.Thanks Duolingo

- Heart are a Nuisance

Since the 5 heart came into play, I feel threatened when I make a mistake and lose a heart. I want the former version back.

- Challenge mode timer

New timer built in to the challenge mode just makes you rush and lose hearts Really don’t want this app to turn in to a fremium Update: it’s a fremium now, was on 182 day hot streak tell the heart system (health bar) made me lose because of typos and misclicks. I really was enjoying this app but if I need a video game I will just use my xbox or PlayStation

- Remove hearts

The app is great for learning new languages but when you limit the amount of learning that someone can do because of the mistakes they make it is unfair and a very unsuccessful way to learn. Mistakes are how we learn, right? If you remove the hearts people will learn faster and more effectively.

- Hate the health bar and repetitive lessons

It takes forever to just get 1 heart after I have made a mistake. The lessons are also very redundant and repetitive, it's like the same lesson 48 times

- Pay to win!?

This LANGUAGE LEARNER is pay to win. Why you may ask? Because of the health bar. Once you get 6 or less questions wrong, you’ll have to wait an hour for the health, so you can LEARN. You’d expect Candy Crush to have this, but no, DUOLINGO does. I hate to be the kind of guy that says “back in the old days”, but I’ll have too. In my elementary days, my teacher used Duolingo as a free time tool. It didn’t have the health bar, more customization, and a better interface. Now the app itself is rather nice, but I can’t get past the fact that it’s p2w. I understand you guys work hard, but just accept donations like Wikipedia, or use your ads. You can keep the Duolingo Plus, but take out the health bar. 1/5

- Microphone doesn’t work

Why does the microphone not work? It is such an integral part of the course. Apparently the microphone has not worked on this App for years as other reviews also complain about that. With so many intelligent App developers out there why has this not been fixed? Otherwise the programme is a good one and enjoyable. This bug MUST get fixed.

- Bugs

I just started using the app but I already experienced several bugs. Had a bug while answering a question which showed up as wrong even though it was correct (my inout was exact same as correct output). Another bug was while creating account. After you type email, then password, it then asks for email again but if you type email that you used while creating account 2 steps before, it shows that it was already used which obviously makes no sense. overall app looks very nice and clean. design is 10/10.

- Dark mode

Please add dark mode.

- What?

Look this was great. You had no worries at all. Now there’s a leaderboard which makes people rush on learning something, which shouldn’t be done and the fact that if you rush, you are more likely to make mistakes the more mistakes = losing hearts. There was always a leaderboard although it was just to see progress among others, now it’s just a rush to first place. It was great before, change it back!

- money hungry!

we sit through ads, that we are told is for supporting free learning, and now you make it so much more difficult to learn on this app when you just want us to pay. you charge way too much. some of us have lost our jobs and cannot pay. you’ve taken away perks from the app that were helping me learn. i now have to pay gems to use certain features that were always free for me to use?? why??? i have spent countless hours on this app and watched literally a thousand ads to help support my free learning and apparently that was all for nothing. you are just slapping me in the face and i can no longer even use the timed experience ramp up challenge without buying it?? i am SO unimpressed and so disheartened by this change in the app. it has really killed my desire to practice and learn. and again, i’m months into a streak, practicing for at least 3-4 hours a DAY. you guys are ruthless. it’s so sad. truly sad.

- Joke of an app

This app is an absolute joke. You need lives that take forever to refill and it’ll take away lives even when things are correct. I attempted to do a lesson for more xp and it told me I was incorrect 3 times when I was correct. Even took screen shots for proof

- Annoying push for subscription

This app used to be one of the best for learning languages but punishing users for mistakes during the learning phase is counterintuitive to encouraging skill development and user retention. Developers take note: there are more effective ways to monetize the app than the method of frustrating a user until they spend money. If I really like an app and I see value in it I invest. This app blocks learning progression and is so annoying with their push to purchase a subscription that I’m deleting it. Good job in getting rid of another potential customer.

- I came here to learn a language

I downloaded this expecting to learn a language and not have to worry about making mistakes. It’s treated like a game with hearts and when those are gone it’s the worst thing possible I’m sorry but the app is bad with the whole game setup

- Was best app at a point in time/no SUCKS

Please don’t make any mistakes learning a language you don’t know. You’ll be locked out the app.

- Energy in a language learning app?

No thanks. This is ridiculous and completely counter-productive for a language learning app This went from my most recommended language app to an app I’ll never recommend ever again. Go check out Fluent Forever instead.

- Great app, plagued by ads and money-grubbing scheme

Tl;dr – Great app to learn but only if you pay subscription. As a free user, you can get away with learning the basics before it gets too tiresome with all the ads and waiting for hearts (lives) to restore. Long version: This is my first time using Duo, the lessons are designed beautifully, and the gamification helps add fun to the learning. But, like so many other reviews have mentioned, the heart system and countless ads ruined the free user experience. You can get upto 5 hearts and even a simple mistake such as choosing a different verb form results in loss of a heart. As others have said, this puts the pressure on learner and it becomes more about getting the right answer through the system instead of learning. I don't think you can learn much in the free version, specially when difficulty of lessons increase as you progress in the course. You'll end up giving up instead of waiting for hearts and ads to finish. This is ironic considering that the founders of Duolingo built this app with the idea of free education. It doesn't seem like that's the point anymore.

- Hearts has messed up the whole learning

It was an excellent app but the new hearts concept has just messed it up. If you don’t want to support free app that is fine with just plus on store, but it cannot ruin the beautiful experience you had earlier. Disappointed.

- New health bar and paying with gems to skip level SUCKS

Duolingo you used to be the best language learning app. Now when you introduced the heart system and the pay to skip a level system I was disappointed. You made the app to be a pay to win app by encouraging us to use that stupid DUOLINGO PRO UGHH. I used to complete the Spanish tree in just 3 months. Now it will take years to complete the language tree!!!!! PLEASE DUOLINGO GET RID OF THE HEART SYSTEM AND THE PAY TO MASTER THE LEVEL PART. MAKE THIS APP A FREE USER FRIENDLY APP AGAIN THAT WONT BEG YOU TO TRY DUOLINGO PRO!!!

- Health is a horrible idea

Adding health to the IOS app is a terrible idea. It does not at all encourage learning it discourages you for making a mistake and wastes time and it just makes this whole experience not fun at all. Remove it or allow me to remove it. It’s a blight on an otherwise wonderful app

- heart system is stupid

It won’t work out if waiting for whole 24 hrs to have full health, learning language is about making mistakes, the heart system is just another level stupidness, used to love it but now no more.

- Bad update

Since the latest update, it is extremely difficult to earn gems. A way to incite you buy the full app ?

- Used to be an excellent app

That heart thing that they added in the last update just ruined my experience with this app that I used to love.

- Was a good app till today

After they set the lives for the app it became sucks. I’ve been using it daily but from today it’s so annoying when you lost all your lives and have to purchase it...bs

- Used to Love it! Hearts??? Really???

I have been using this app for a while now. The new hearts system sucks. It is just a terrible idea to prevent someone from doing lessons because you ran out of hearts. Take this new feature out please.

- Bad at teaching

So the app doesn’t really teach you how to speak the language it just teaches you phrases, also there’s a “lives” system so if you make 1 mistake you lose 1 of your 5 hearts, if you lose all 5 you can’t do anymore lessons and each heart takes 5 hours to come back

- These weird hearts

App lost all its use to me when they implemented this stupid thing

- Duolingo Plus!!!!!!!

J’aime pas l’appli car 1.J’écris et le correcteur me correct un mot je fais valider et j’ai -1 de coeur! 2.Je meurs car j’ai plus de vie et j’ai toujours le mot de Duolingo Plus et je le veux pas! 3.Il est dit que votre mission est de rendre l’appli gratuite et divertissante,mais non! Il y a plein de pub de Duolingo Plus! Comment c’est gratuit! Pourquoi on a des pub dans l’appli? L’app est pas divertissante!!! Comment allez vous améliorer l’appli?

- Bring back the old version

I hate hate hate the new hearts on a timer and their blatant cash grab. Show me more ads I don’t care but this greatly impedes my learning.

- Monetization creep

Obviously Duolingo is focusing on monetization. This latest update is garbage designed to encourage free users to upgrade to premium. Get rid of the hearts and go to hell for ruining what was once one of the greatest apps to ever exist.

- They are forcing you to buy!

Duo just changed their layout. You now have 5 “hearts” and lose one every time you get a question wrong. If you use all 5 you either pay for more, or have to quit the learning. If you want us all to pay, make a reasonable price!

- New update is terrible

Duolingo has always been the best language app on the App Store, although since their new update it’s no longer worth using, it’s been gamified to the point that you will have to upgrade to the plus version to use. If you get 5 questions wrong you run out of hearts, if you do not but hearts it asks you if you want to quit the app. I think it’s worth trying a different language app until they fix this.

- Unhappy with new update

Do not like the addition of hearts to make it through new lessons. It discourages me from trying. Also I already watch adds I don’t want to watch extra ones so I can fail out again without making more progress.

- Switch it back

I need the number of lessons to increase as the number of levels increase. Why would you guys get rid of the system?

- New Update Is TRASH

why is there only 20 lessons now?! how the hell am i supposed be elite on the final 5 lessons with only 15 lessons. on top of that pass with only 5 goddamn hearts!! CHANGE IT BACK to more lessons!!

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- Great learning app

First: Let’s get real; after reading some of the reviews, let’s take it realistically because some of these reviews are not. If you take learning languages serious; with the repetition the way the app is set up, you will learn! The app also has it set up to teach you how sentences are created. The further you go the more you learn. Learning languages is about repetition to get it down to where you don’t even have to think about it (this is fluency). Second: The app has a way to compete against others and awards are also provided. It’s nice having the award system, but don’t get caught up in taking this app like a game and trying to compete with others. Everyone has their own learning speed. It’s harder for some people than others and takes longer. Do NOT fall into that trap and comparing yourself to others. There are a lot of people who get on here and it’s a game to them; they compete, test out of skills to earn points, rushing through, etc.... then turn around and say the app don’t teach anything and it didn’t teach them anything. You can NOT sufficiently learn anything like that! This is already a long review. Just remember to take it serious, and take YOUR own time and YOUR own speed. Not everyone is the same! God Bless!

- Could use some changes

I used to have this app around one year ago. Back then it’s was completely free to use with little to no ads and you didn’t have to wait to get hearts. I liked this app because I would use it to try and learn Spanish before I had to learn it in school and it worked. After I while I deleted it and decided to come back now that school is out. I noticed multiple things now that I have taken a year of Spanish. The “introduction” to the language is extremely flawed when you get a question incorrect they don’t explain why you got it wrong. You are simply to memorize and move on. Not that hearts are being tallied they don’t introduce you at any words. They simply give you the word and hope u guess the correct answer and if you don’t then u lose a heart and move on. I get that the app want to make money but the heart system isn’t helping me learn. I want to be able to continue a lesson without having to wait 5 hours in order to get a heart so i can restart the lesson all over again. The infinite hearts cost money and me, a 14 year old that’s not allowed to get a job, wouldn’t be able (or allowed) to pay for the upgraded version. The ads don’t bother me that much and I am fine with them being in there and the app also offering an ad free section is completely fine but the heart system is just annoying and doesn’t help at all.

- Addendum to my previous message

The issues below have been resolved to my satisfaction. However, Duolingo's customer service needs to be more responsive. I plan to sign up again for Duolingo plus -- and hope that the process will work without problems this time -- because I wish to support a company that offers an innovative product that served as the main source of my language learning over the years. Support from long-term users might make it possible to dispense with the health wheel, purchase of gems, and other approaches of questionable educational value. -------------------------- I signed up for Duolingo plus, as I have used the free versions of the app for many years and the company is in need of additional revenue. Regrettably, three weeks later, I still don't have the benefit of the promised extra features. My many attempts to resolve the issue via email have failed, as the responses are usually form messages asking for information that I had previously supplied several times. To be fair, there was one human (versus a robot) response alluding to compatibility issues with iOS which the company was trying to resolve. If this is the case, I t is inexcusable that it continues to advertise Duolingo plus without first resolving these issues. I have twice requested a refund, but don't expect to get one.

- Great app, only one problem.

⚠️Before you read this, know that there is a complaint in the beginning, that doesn’t mean the app is bad. I left the good part after the complaint. ⚠️ I love this app but the only downside is that if you mess up more than 5 times, maybe even just by a spelling error, you lose all of your hearts, or “tries.” You have to wait until they refill to continue practicing, and if you’ve already done the free trial for pro, or you run out of gems you can’t do much. You have to wait until it refills. But, it doesn’t matter to me that much, and I’m sure it’s not that big of a problem to everyone else. Other than that minor problem, this app is great for learning. I’ve used Duolingo before for my French class because I wasn’t understanding pronunciation, and it helped me a lot. I’m currently learning German, and it’s going well so far. My favorite part is when I get to translate the sentences and show off to my brother that I know how to say easy things like “ich bin Laila.” There’s so many different courses you can take, different phrases to help you in things such as travel, greetings, etc. If you’re looking for an app that is efficient, reminds you to do your lessons, and is easy to use this is the one for you. Highly recommend this to anyone that would ask if it’s a good app.

- Best of its kind.

If you’re trying to learn a language online with little to no research, this is the place to do it. I’ve always been a fan of duolingo and recommend it to anyone trying to learn a new language. It’s streamlined, easy, and beautifully simple. They make learning into a game and send small encouraging messages when you’re doing well. They have 5 second ads at the end of each lesson, which is a small price to pay for the amount you get out of this app. You can always pay to remove ads along with other perks, which unfortunately I can’t afford at the moment. But if I had money to I definitely would just to give back to duolingo for all they have given me. Anyway, sorry for the fangirling over an app, I just seriously like it. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Edit: It also might help to know that I have an app without any health, I’m not exactly sure why but my app is different than anybody I know that has downloaded it recently. I read that it has something to do with duolingo constantly doing a sort a beta testing to make the best learning platform they can, but I can’t be sure that’s true. I personally think that not having health improves my learning than if I were to have health.

- You won’t let me sign into my account...

To whoever is in charge with this app, I would like to say that I am upset at the fact that I can’t sign in for some reason. I have used this app before a couple years ago but stopped using it. I have now created a new account about half a month ago. I have been using it everyday and have a streak of about maybe 17. I used the app earlier in the day yesterday like I have been, and then I went to use it again before I went to sleep. However, for some reason last night it said that it was unable to sign me in and to try again later. So I left it be, seeing as I had already completed my lessons for the day anyway. I went to use it again three times today and every single time it told me the same thing. I am now very upset because 1) I can’t use the app for its sole purpose of learning a language 2) I am going to lose my streak. I’m sure that I am just an inconvenience, but as a person who originally really liked this app, it is upsetting that I can’t use it because it won’t let me sign in. I have the right password. It doesn’t tell me that I have an incorrect password nor does it tell me what is wrong. It just simply tells me that it can’t sign me in and to try again later. If I wanted “try again later” as a response I’d get a magic eight ball. I want to be able to use this app instead of getting frustrated.

- Eh.

TLDR: Duolingo is a good app but it’s not ideal. If you’re looking to actually LEARN Spanish I suggest taking each course multiple times or get another app. To get my full opinion and overview of the app please read the rest. It’s not a bad app, really. However, it’s not very useful if you’re really trying to memorize the Spanish words and actually remember them. I’ve finished and repeated lessons multiple times and, honestly, I’ve forgotten most of it. Learning Spanish involves learning unit after unit, (not referring to the different lessons), and practicing them over and over again. To be more precise: you don’t just have a bunch of different words in one lesson and expect to remember them all, you type bread in Spanish, milk in Spanish and so on multiple times right? And then you remember what they are for about 1 day and then forget. What I’m saying is it involves repetition, chunks and actual conversations instead of random words. Like learning female and male words in Spanish. Example: La VS El. El señor VS La señorita. You get it and you should, being you’re teaching Spanish on this app. Though, I do understand this is FREE and that’s why I DO NOT suggest buying Duolingo Plus, (although it has some more helpful features). This is basically the best trash you can get and it may be helpful for side practices or other small things. I hope this review was somewhat helpful, thanks for your time.

- Good app, great service, flawed approaches

Duolingo is an app that, for its free tag and excellent design in most areas, is severely underrated. The gift of being able to learn other languages (and more in some cases) is priceless. The subscription service it provides, while a bit pricey for what it offers, is also a good way to allow users to support the app and give some benefits. I cant agree with some of the things it gives comparable to the free version as it, at times, seems to go contrary to its learning objective. This, however, is fine. What I mainly dislike is the streak system as opposed to a ‘total number of days’ studied sort of thing. And with the cost of repairing a streak being unnecessarily high, it just seems like trying to squeeze out as much money from someone who may have had a busy couple of days. Streak freezes costing so much is hardly a problem, but not being protected from at least 2-3 days of not practicing is a bit harsh. I’ve payed for maybe 4-5 months of premium in my usage of the app and I think theyd just be better off offering a noneducational-content related way of supporting them for some kind of in-app flair or something. I don’t remember their stance on (or if they had one) on merchandizing but id personally love to support them in such a way. In conclusion, do download this app! ;3

- Used to be better

I hate what you’re doing with the new point system. With the exception of the very first few lessons, you move so fast through everything else, and I don’t want to move on until I actually know and understand the material. It used to be that a user would get 10 points no matter what lesson they did. Now, if you’re reviewing passed lessons, you get 10 for the first lesson, and five for the second, and none for anything afterwards (per category). I don’t always have time to do more than two lessons per day-which has been my goal since I downloaded this app about a year ago. Two lessons were enough to get me done for the day, and as a single mother, I can easily fit this in at any random time. Now, I need more like double that. I enjoyed the competition at first. Now it makes me feel like a failure constantly just because I don’t have that much time on my hands like other users do. I like how I can see what other people are learning. But what’s the point of following someone if you can’t interact with them? It’s completely pointless. It used to be that I used the app to actually learn language, now it’s just like any other game app that good for nothing but earning points. What’s with using earned gems to buy outfits for the owl?? Who cares! That’s not what the app is for!!!

- 6 OUT OF 5 STARS ❤️❤️❤️🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪😱😱😱

I love this app I’ve wanted to learn German for awhile an di used to just look up what words meant and write them down but if I left the paper at home or lost it ughh this app I can use anywhere and I love the lessons and the goals and it takes you little by little your own pase you can join groups and chat and do lessons add friends compete and more! I love this because it make learns gen languages fun and easy! It’s a free app too and barely any ads! I love this app it’s so great and easy and I will for sure be smooth in German very soon! You can learn more than one laungue at once and there’s goals and streaks and stuff and if you run out of hearts you can just study! It’s not overwhelming and it’s super easy! I just got the app today and I already knwo my way around the app! I’ve already learned like 6 words and well I’ve learned more but I can remember liek 6 and that’s awesome! This is the best thing I’ve used to learn German yet! It’s so much better than just looking up phrases and stuff! It’s more fun and stuff and there’s a cute green owl too! Ugh just too much! (That’s a good ugh) I love this app and if you don’t know if you should get it or not DONT HESITATE!!! Love it 5 out of 5 stars no wait nooo 6 out of 5 stars yeahh

- (Used to be a) Great learning tool

Every time we travel I try to review my language skills so I can at least be somewhat conversant with people. Duolingo is by far the most fun, easy to use program I have tried. The excercises move quickly and build in a logical manner. There isn't much explanation, but figuring things out for myself helps me to remember better. I had very low expectations from a free app, but duolingo is actually a great tool for learning and reviewing. UPDATE: I have loved Duolingo and have been very diligent about my daily French lessons. After about a year of practice I am reading simple books and able to understand a surprising amount of dialogue in French movies. Unfortunately they have now introduced Crown Levels. The app has gone from fun and engaging to tedious and frustrating. The amount of repetition required to advance a crown level is ridiculous. And the required answers have become too rigid. For instance “pain” can no longer be answered “bread”. The correct answer is now “a loaf of bread”. Today I lost a health point for saying that “chat” is “cat” and not “male cat”. Adding to the frustration is the new policy of deducting a health point for every wrong answer. Changing the accepted answer without notice used to be annoying. Now it can cause me to “foul out” and have to stop lessons for the day before reaching my goal. If I wanted endless repetition and pedantic teaching I would go take a class.

- Duolingo is a great game!

As you can see by the title duolingo is a great game but there is a few negative things about it that I’d like to say so it can or has a chance to be changed 1st of all half of the things you can do have to do with duolingo plus for instance if you buy duolingo plus you have infinite hearts but without it you only have 5 hearts this is kinda of like a pay to win or in other cases succeed and when you take the test to try to instantly advance something to level 2 or higher you have to buy duolingo plus or use gems and sometimes people don’t want to use money on these things because money is needed a lot especially with the coronavirus pandemic around it’s very difficult to do that and also here’s some things I would like for updates for holidays free duolingo plus for the weekends another thing I would like tell people the new words they will learn or do BEFORE the lesson starts and another thing show the options of what COULD be the answer sometimes and I’m talking about when you look at the possible definitions when it doesn’t show one of the options you have to use and that’s all I have so far in recommendations and problems and stuff because I’m still only at checkpoint 1 I will continue sending more info when I get to the next checkpoint

- Great for learning, bad for your wallet.

I started taking daily Spanish lessons on Duolingo over a year-and-a-half ago. I later ceased learning/playing because I had lost my one-year streak on the app and was no longer motivated to spend about five minutes a day working to increase my Spanish fluency. During that one-year-long compound session I had learned many Spanish words and phrases, I am still very fluent in Spanish thanks to this free app— or: free, I thought it was. You see, from what I could tell, the app is incredibly open to free-to-use learners, while also making available an opt-in, monthly fee to help support its creators. I chose to once subscribe; once I’d drifted away from using the service I didn’t think much of how I had given that one time. However, without my knowledge, the subscription renewed: month but month my iCloud credit was zapped away in spurts of $9.99 without any notification, email or text, of confirmation or receipt. This may have been my fault as there may very well be some reference to this possibility in the Duolingo terms of service. I do not claim deceit on part of Duolingo, I only wish there was someway to get my money back. And since there is not, I leave this review as a warning for others.

- The new update is trash

So I saw my brother using doulingo on his phone and I had only used it a little bit on my computer so I though I would get it on my phone. I was really excited because I wanted to learn some Portuguese, but what I found was really disappointing. They had updated it so now doulingo is a piece of trash app. I like everything on the update except for the five health bars that you have. It makes it so that if you make a mistake it takes down one of your health bars and if you run out, you have to pay gems for more or practice a ton of crap they call your weak skills when half of the stuff on there I haven’t even learned. And that takes a freaking while and I’m not even learning anything new. So once you practice like 3 or 4 times you go back to the lesson and you don’t want to make a mistake at all because you life will go down and you have to go back and practice. This update has really ruined the app for me, it puts pressure on learning. A pressure that should be there, when learning a language you want to be able to make mistakes all along the way. Not timidly learning trying not to make a single mistake. I’ve had to quit lessons halfway through because I made one or two mistakes while doing them and didn’t want to pay the money for the gems. Now doulingo is just gotten greedy wanting money for gems or watching videos to get more health. Plz plz plzzz take away the five heart feature. It would make doulingo such a better app.

- I’m loven it !

It is a great place to learn Spanish and I only had a short timeframe to learn it I have learned so much !! But of course that’s probably because I do 20 minutes and over of Duolingo like to start as soon as I get up and then end the day with a little bit but it pays off. I’m hoping you’ll do Duolingo also. It is such a good app! I have so many things I need to describe here like the health if you don’t have all your health then you can’t start a new lesson and you can practice to get it back. Also there’s these germs you can learn for like doing certain things and you can buy things in the shop like there’s a sling for 1000 gems that we can learn like Proverbs with I earned it at a special place you can get like bonuses by doing this many courses or something and if you think you’ve gotten through enough you can well actually if you think you know enough you can take this test to skip the course or something you can skip to the next level ! And if you don’t know what you can tap the letter no not the letter the word and it will tell you what it means so you can remember it. Again I hope you sign up for Duolingo it’s really good anyway audios(I think that’s how you spell it you know the Spanish for goodbye ha ha Ha ha ha)

- App needs work

I’ve been using this app for over a year now and I have found several issues that even Spanish speaking people have found confusing. This app continues to give you lessons that are relevant to your learning, but irrelevant to your progress. They pick when they want you to use the “tú” forms of words as opposed to the “ustedes” form and even when it’s right it marks you wrong. I have learned words or phrases that they use once during lesson one, then decide to bring them back up at level four when you have forgotten them and can’t remember where they came from. This makes the process of learning a language very hard for those who work jobs and have various other things going on. I have also experienced them giving me phrases in a way never used before and expect me to be successful at getting the right answer. Repetition is the mother/father of learning and this app provides you that on a basic level. When you get to level four it becomes new things you’ve never seen or phrases you’ve only seen once. No matter though. I am a Marketer and I see stuff like this all the time. Thanks for pushing me towards your competition. One person can speak to 10-15 people about a bad experience they have had and will do the same with this app. Any time I can push the competition forward I will because of the bad experience I have had. I know it doesn’t matter to you but the bridge has already been burned.

- It really works!!!

My children do not speak Spanish. I took Spanish in high school and in college, but my Spanish is still limited and my grammar is terrible. My husband lived in Spain for two years as a missionary, but that was over 20 years ago and so his Spanish has gotten rusty. We decided to do Duolingo as a family (ages 8, 10, 12, 17, 19, 42, 45) because our daughter will be leaving in a couple of months to live in Spain for a year and a half as a missionary. One of the beauties of Duolingo is that it takes you at whatever skill level you are at and improves on it. We are all learning at our own pace, we have all set our own goals and duolingo sends reminders to encourage us to meet our goals and to keep our streak going. Just a few minutes a day and all of us are improving. The kids have even talked about having dinner time when you can’t speak English, only Spanish. The only improvement I would make is to add memory cards for toddlers. My three-year-old keeps telling me he hasn’t done his Duolingo for today and wants to. He knows the rest of the family is doing it and feels left out. We help him, but it’s really not at a three-year-old level. I know there must be ways to teach three-year-olds, too!

- Writing too early, organization of lessons

Duolingo has the advantage of portability, variety in the types of exercises, native speaker voices, oh, and it’s free. I love the Stories that are available for some languages. There are two things that keep me from a 5 star rating. First is the emphasis on writing (spelling) too early in the course. The exercises in which you arrange the words of a sentence in proper order are sufficient writing practice for beginning students. As it is, you cannot get past the writing questions unless you spell all the words correctly, including all the diacritical marks, perhaps in a non-Latin alphabet, without having studied any of the pronunciation and spelling rules. Secondly, I don’t understand the order of the lessons. In German, for example, the first topic is “Basics 1.” As you do each lesson, a counter displays telling you how many you’ve done, but it doesn’t tell you how many there are. The material becomes repetitive; you’d like to move on, so you start the next topic. This continues until you have several topics open in various stages of completion. Where to begin the next time I open the program? I would rather have the material presented in a linear fashion with a clear indication of where I left off.

- Good but the Heart system is trash.

I really, really like Duolingo. I’ve only had it for, like, 3 hours and I’m already learning a LOT. This is (by far) the best “learning languages” app I’ve had. I’m learning Spanish, which—I’m my opinion—is the easiest language to learn for beginners. I already know short phrases, but I’m having trouble with the heart system. It takes 4 hours to get a singular heart, which is pretty annoying. Plus, I have to go practice to get a new heart right away, and you need hearts to take actual lessons. When you only have one heart, you can only afford one mistake. If I mess up on the matching pairs part, I have to go all the way back to practice just to earn a new heart. And I lose all my progress! That’s really annoying, but other than that it’s an amazing app. Hope this helped!! Okay so I’m editing it. You CAN do practice lessons to get 1 heart, but that’s it. After a couple hours, your hearts get refilled to 5 hearts. It’s super easy to make mistakes. Sometimes I spell the Español word wrong—just barely, mind you—and that counts as a mistake. Other than the Heart System it’s a super good app!! I’ve only practiced for 2.5 hours but I’ve already completed 66 lessons and learned 126 words (courtesy of the Duolingo email I got).

- Excellent app

I've been using this app for over two now and i can assure you its one of the best apps you can find and its FREE. I really love the spanish culture, food and their people so i was always keen to learn spanish. I only knew basic spanish words such as hello, bye, thanks etc... After around two months on this app i have grown my spanish skills tremendously. I live in Dubai so its expensive finding a good spanish teacher here, this app saved me. This app is categorized in groups for learning the language, i would highly suggest that you finish each section or group completely before moving to a new one. Complete each group to 100% there are 5 stages in each group. If you need more hearts or health you can practice what you have learned and gain health by completing some questions. If you don't complete each group 100% and move forward quickly skipping practice it will be a mess. I have also installed Tinycard flashcards made by the same company. If you download flashcards they have a spanish course in it too which you can use. Im currently using both apps and they are working perfect for me. Try this app out, thank me later. If you have any questions or need help you can contact me on instagram- ahsanathar

- Instructions would be helpful

Love that this app can be used for free and that it offers Norwegian lessons! I’ve tried Babbel in the past and prefer Duolingo for beginner level learning. But it would be immensely helpful for the Norwegian lessons to have some explanation or introduction before diving into certain lessons. The possessive unit for example. It feels like deciphering a language with zero guidance. There’s 3 or 4 ways to say your and I’m almost through the lessons and have yet to figure out what the pattern is to know which form is correct and why. That’s very frustrating to say the least. I’m hoping once I finish the lesson that I’ll pick up the structure in the reviews. If you’re using the free version of Duolingo and encountering a lesson with zero guidance you can quickly use up your 5 free hearts and make very little progress forward. I’d rather buy a full course with a one time payment than pay such a large fee every year. And is there a way for multiple family members to use one paid account? I’ve put off having my kids begin the lessons because I think having the paid subscription with unlimited hearts would help keep them motivated to do the lessons but I’m not interested in paying the yearly fee twice. A family option or discount would be nice.

- Change the points system back

Duolingo is a pretty standard language learning app. It’s been an okay review for me while studying both Japanese and Korean. They don’t go over grammar points and new words they introduce in lessons aren’t explained at all. If you want an explanation you have to hit the speech bubble in the bottom right corner after you have already given your answer. So if the sentence uses a different way to say “This” you won’t know if its 이 or 이것 until after you answer and still the explanation isn’t that clear. If I wasn’t using other studying materials I would be very confused on the inner workings of these languages. With the latest update they changed the points system for completing harder levels. I don’t understand why they made all lessons worth 10xp. Part of the reason I’ve stuck with Duolingo for the past 36 days is the leaderboard system. I liked the competition and the reward for going after harder lessons and higher levels. But, if every lesson is the same XP what’s the point? Someone could just do a 10xp review while others are actually challenged by newer and harder lessons and they are both rewarded the same. How is that fair? To anyone looking for a language app to help study this will be an okay resource but by no means should this be your primary. Find a language podcast, find a language text book, use these as well or just instead.

- Please Read!

This app is wonderful for learning a new language, my only issue is the hearts. I find it a bit ridiculous that you can run out of them, making you quit the lesson until the refill (if you can’t just use gems to buy them). It makes it harder to keep on track with learning, and it makes it feel like a game rather than an actual teaching program. I feel the hearts are one of the things that would make me rate this even lower since making mistakes is all in the process of learning and being penalized for that will not encourage anything but giving up. And no, it’s not that people are lazy, just an app like this shouldn’t have a punishment system regardless. It’s quite disappointing that they added such a stupid feature. Another issue I’ve been experiencing is with vocal lessons that pop up throughout a course. It could be my phone, but it never understands what I’m saying or translating for an odd reason. I always get the pop up “That wasn’t very clear, try again.” It’s a bothersome detail that always makes me mess up my lesson. I suggest using this app for starters, but if you ever get the chance to upgrade from this, do it. It’s not worth your time to wait for your hearts to refill or for lessons to not work at all. Please fix the hearts by removing them or changing them, they ruin the entire session for me and it doesn’t help me learn. Highly disappointed.

- Wonderful app

I love this app. It makes learning on the go easy since I can just pick up my phone and learn instead of waist of time on social media. It would be better with just a couple adjustments though. The first is adding a vocabulary tap that shows you all of the vocabulary you have learned in a specific language. That way you can practice outside of the app much easier. As it is, I’m learning Chinese and Japanese and have been taking screen shots so I can practice writing the characters. The other addition that should be added is a resource tap so you can have easy access to other helpful material. For example, I was given the option to listen to a podcast to improve my comprehension. However, I had to update the podcast app and lost the link to the podcast. Hopefully it’ll come back up soon. I’d also like to suggest a chat channel or something of the sort so you can chat with other people who are either around your learning level or are native speakers if the choose to help out on their native language channel. This would be especially useful for people who don’t have anyone to practice using their target language with. Overall though, this is a wonderful app, especially since it is free. It’s made learning languages into a real possibility for me.

- Impressed!

I got this game along with a translator to help me with my German class. (I wanted to do good because it would give me high school credit.) I immediately fell in love with it! 🥰 As soon as I tapped on Practice German, I almost immediately knew how to read a full sentence in German!!! I’ve just finished my first course and I am on my second, I can say mother, father, sister, brother, and a bunch of other words. I am so pleased with this, because I was failing German, and now I think I actually have a shot! I do however do not like that my hearts run out! I personally would just like to learn without that, although, it is fun to challenge myself, and see if I can go through a lesson without losing any hearts. Maybe if you gave us a few extra hearts, that would make the game much better! I also love that you aren’t one of those people who just want to bank on us trying to learn! I love that you don’t make it nearly impossible to use the app without paying for your Pro Version, even though the Pro Version probably comes with a lot more perks, I still enjoy playing! P.S I am a very skeptical person, and I am not pleased easily, so this is, in my opinion, a very good app, and anybody who is struggling or just wants to get ahead in there foreign language classes should really try it!

- Duolingo Pros and Cons:

Pros: Doulingo has a great learning environment and teaches you in a timely manner. It has different courses you can select, which is very helpful. It teaches very well in terms of memorization. There’s is so many languages you can learn. And it is so amazing that you can learn multiple languages at once. Cons: Let’s get real right now, Duolingo is a good app and all, but my rating is low because it had huge flaws that really were annoying. Now for my about the app. First off Duolingo has bad offers of paying to get more lives or PAYING to have a better learning environment. Like you you have to pay for unlimited lives, but they glitch your lives that way you have none so you give in and buy the plus, and they use the money for whatever they want not fix the app. One thing that to me was: it asked me to translate: Bye, good night into French so I said au revoir bonne nuit. It said I was wrong it, then it showed me the right answer and it said au revoir bonne nuit. Another example is when I was told to translate see you later to French it didn’t let me answer and said I was wrong. A third example is when it told me it told me I ran out of hearts when I didn’t even start the lesson yet and I had five when I got on the app. But I mean if you’re in a pickle and you need to learn a language fast you should do duolingo.

- Loving it

Edit: So I really really loved this app. Had the subscription for awhile but then I had no phone for 3 months and was unable to continue my lessons at the time. I really needed to be able start from scratch again but I could find no way to reset the app or individual language to the beginning again. I don’t care about losing points or any of that stuff. I just want to be able to learn and reset if needed to go over again or even multiple times. I ended up canceling my subscription and deleting the app since I could no longer use it to learn my language of choice. If this is resolved in the future, I will get the app and subscription again. This is why I changed my rating from 5 to 3 stars. I always struggled learning languages in school. This app has made it fun and easy. It works the way my brain handles information. If a huge amount is dumped on it at once, my brain typically shuts down. This app breaks it up into small parts, a little at a time. It then reinforces the material multiple times in multiple ways building up your memory and retention of the language. I use it for small spurts of time multiple times a day but you can use it once a day just fine. I simply enjoy using it and will find myself craving using it. Love, love, love it. It has made me so excited to learn a language. I’m learning Japanese.

- Good app

I like everything about the app except the button just above the keyboard on the IPhone. It causes me a lot of mistakes. Other than that I’d recommend this app to anyone trying to learn Czech. Resources for Czech are far and few between compared most other languages, if you’ve ever tried to learn it you understand what I mean. I’m an American married to a Czech and have lived in the country on and off a few times over the years. I have a good base vocabulary of about 1000 words memorized as well as some basic phrases but I don’t always understand why the words are ordered the way they are when speaking. This app is giving an understanding of how words are ordered and it’s also helpful with the three genders. I’m only a quarter way into the lessons and have had quite a few ah ha moments already. I’m excited about the possibilities of learning more structure and being able to have conversations with my 14 year old daughter and mother and father in-laws. I’m not a game player but the format for learning makes it fun and even with my level set at intensive the little chunks of learning are perfect. In my opinion I think the Developers have a good understanding of the science of language learning. It’s a near perfect app for me, now if they’d just move that darn button. Good work devs!

- Room for Improvement

I’ve only been using this app for a few weeks, but I love the way this app gives you multiple choice and jogs your memory giving you opportunities to practice and earn chances to keep going. The point system and the cute mascot is a plus too. But I feel like the pronunciation of sentences being said to the user to decipher makes it hard to separate words and you don’t get the opportunity to translate on point what a person says. That makes it hard to translate things in your head when you are too busy trying to type it out in the selected language. It would be nice if it updated so that once in a while it asks you to translate what is being said to you in your first known language. In real life a person would most likely ask you a question not just for you to repeat it back to them, but to try to figure out what is being said so you can point them in the right direction. I also think that if a word is remembered more often than others, it shouldn’t be pulled up as often in the practice selection because you already know it. People should be practicing words they don’t memorize as easily, especially if the word in the other language looks or sounds nothing like words in their first known language.

- 👍🏻

The app really is wonderful in so many ways. I’ve noticed it making many adjustments and improvements during the time I’ve been using it. I’m trying to learn Spanish so that I can talk to my girlfriends family. I’ve noticed that I can pick out a few words hear and there when they are talking but I still struggle since to me it’s sounds like they are talking very fast. One thing I really like about the app is that when you first start out it speaks very slow in Spanish and progressively talks faster as you go through the lessons. I do like that they show you pictures to go along with what you are translating. However they don’t always match up and it would be mice if they did because pairing pictures while learning a new language is very beneficial. I would love it if it gave more explanation on some things. I really struggle with the word endings changing for I, you, we, etc. I know there’s a pattern but I also know not all of the words follow that pattern. I get frustrated when I get them wrong because it didn’t really teach it to me ahead of time. It has started to do this to some extent but not fully. I also struggle to know which words are formal and informal. It doesn’t hardly tell you at all.

- Great app with one big complaint

I was a little skeptical about a free language learning app, but this is surprisingly polished. Most importantly, from what I’ve seen, they get the language part right. It is able to compensate for minor differences in syntax or verb agreement etc. There’s a good mix of listening comprehension, written translation, verbal repetition and vocabulary matching that evolves with your ability level. I’ve used this app to practice languages I have learned previously, and begin from NOTHING with Chinese and found it to be pretty effective. I do have a complaint that may not seem big, but it is for me: there is no way to set the “end of day” time as it applies to streaks. I stay up past midnight often, and it’s the best time to get a quiet moment to practice. However, if I finish my third practice unit a tick past 12:00 it doesn’t count for that day. I’ve lost my streaks because my phone died and wouldn’t restart fast enough, because my WiFi was slow, and to bugs in the app. All this could be fixed with a simple setting allowing my day to reset at 1am. I have other apps that do this why not Duolingo? Or, at the VERY LEAST, count any unit started before 12:00 and finished before 12:15.

- Good app - terrible adds

Edit: dropping the stars because the adds are getting worse. I have to close the app after almost every lesson to close the add. Edit 2: adding stars because the offending adds have stopped and it appears they stopped making hearts so easy to lose and hard to get back. Thanks, for doing that. Now if I could just understand german sentence structure with conjunctions! >_< This is a great way to learn a new language. I’m highly enjoying my time going through the German lessons and really feel as though I’m learning. However, recent changes are are very frustrating. There are many new adds that pop up after lessons that won’t go away. I’ll have to close the app and reopen it to get away from the add. This will also happen when given the option to watch an add to regain a heart, thus negating the heart regen. Plus, I don’t like how you can now lose hearts on previously completed sections when you go back to test/refresh. It was really nice being able to go over pervious sections without having to worry about failing and being locked out of lessons for a time. I can’t afford the paid version of the app, so going that route really won’t help me. It’s not enough to deter me from continuing with the lessons, but it’s really annoying.

- Small bugs

This app is very handy in its app form. The range of languages available for use are incredible, I originally came to Duolingo to learn Arabic at a time when Arabic was not available. Instead I decided to learn different languages, as well as refine the languages I already knew. The lessons are very consistent and easily digestible. Would definitely recommend for beginners and proficient speakers alike. The only reason I did not give it five stars are some features simply not available yet. For example: The interface for the app changes depending on the language you are learning from, on the website I can easily distinguish between languages learned with little flags to specify initial language. However, in the app I have to find the language in the add corse as if I’m starting from scratch. It would be useful if as in the website, the app allowed me to see all of the languages up at the top. Also, in learning Chinese, I have found the keyboard does not correctly type out commas and periods in between words. It would be useful if the keyboard would allow punctuation marks as I type and not after the fact. Lastly, I would LOVE if the questions forum was available in the app as to allow to ask questions straight from the source, as well as read answers.

- Awesome.

This app is great for beginners looking to learn a new language. Its repetitive nature is helpful and effective. I thought I would forget the things I learned, but with the exercises they’ve designed, I find myself going over the new words and phrases as I fall asleep and again when I wake. I have the free version, and the ads are not over-bearing as they seem to be in other free apps. You get a brief one after you finish a lesson, and you have the option of watching one to help refill your health bar. The sheer fact that it’s my choice makes the ads bearable. You will learn to read, write, and speak the language of your choice, and it’s very comprehensive. There are gems you earn for meeting goals (which are flexible) and completing lessons. My one SMALL gripe is that the gems are slow to build up. I wouldn’t mind a slight increase in the number you earn, as some of the bonus lessons you can buy with them are expensive. This is a really fantastic app, and I feel as though I’m not just memorizing the words of my new language, but comprehending them the way they were meant to be comprehended. I’m still in the beginning stages, but I have full confidence that my feelings toward Duolingo will not change.

- Good place to start

As I said in the title, if you’re starting to learn a new language Duolingo is a great place to start. You won’t be fluent with just using Duolingo, but that’s the same story if you use any other online resource or book. I love how Duolingo turns learning a language into a kind of game with leagues and achievements, but I wish clubs were brought back or we had some other way to practice with other people who are learning the same language. It’s not that big of a deal though, especially when you look at everything else the app has to offer. However, there is one thing that is stopping me from giving it five stars. The voices that read the words for you are very robotic and a few of the pronunciations are a bit off (for the French course at least, not sure about the other languages). One example of this is that the masculine voice pronounces “oui” as oo-ie. I wish the voices were more accurate because when your learning a new language the first pronunciation is usually the one that sticks in your head better. Overall, Duolingo is an amazing app with one or two minor flaws and I can see myself using it to learn more languages in the future. I can’t wait to see how Duolingo grows and becomes even better then it already is!

- Good Place to Practice, Not Learn Longterm

Duolingo introduces you to words, phrases, and ideas, but it doesn't teach you about them. This is a good place to practice, and a good place to get a feel for a language, but definitely not where you should stay if you truly want to learn a language. Duolingo doesn't explain things to you. In languages, there's a ton of "rule breaking" grammar, complicated sentence structure, and polite vs impolite instances, and it doesn't explain that to you. Each section has a place that gives a short rundown on what it contains, but more often than not, it doesn't contain everything, and once you get to higher lessons you see new words or grammar that you've never seen before and expected to just know it or understand why it fits in a section. Each question has a comment section for users to discuss, and you learn far more from confused people asking why a certain word or letter would be used instead of another. Duolingo should never be the only resource you use if you're learning a language. Write down questions you have and google them later. Duolingo is a supplement and place to practice. It's valuable for introducing new things, and letting you hear sentences out loud, but for any real comprehension you need other things.

- Good app but too many mistakes are preventing me from learning!

Used to be a 5 star app, but the many glitches and you need to have "health" in order to learn new subjects, witch is absolutely abused, learning new things is restricted because of this. I've moved into the number portion and one of the questions I got was to write the number 4 in Spanish. So I wrote out 4 in Spanish. Duolingo said it was wrong and that the correct answer was 4(yes the number) I thought that was absolutely idiotic that that was a question but the next time I got asked that question I put the number 4. Duolingo still said it was wrong and said the correct solution was the number 4, witch is what I put. So I went to report the question but it did t give me the usual options, all it said "there is a problem with this exercise" witch must mean plenty of other people have reported it too. But either way, I still got asked this question multiple times until all my "health" wore out. This isn't the 1st time I got a question counted wrong even though it was right, but this is the first time the mistake got made over and over again. Because of this I can not move on to the lesson. And some suggestions, you should add vocab questions in the beginning of the lessons like how you do when you're a beginner in a new language on Duolingo. You should also offer explanations on why you got a question wrong instead of just giving them the correct answer.

- Questionable way to learn German

German has words that do not translate into English. I have no way of knowing if conversational German uses the words or not. The app seems to merge conversational with translated German, changing the definition(if the word doesn’t translate how is this possible) German has the concept of singular, plural and formal you, to say nothing about one word having many meanings (like she they and you). The difference can sometimes be gleaned by verb context, this contextual translation works German to English but not English to German. If the user guesses wrong to many times they get the thrill of time spent and no credit and the doing endless practice to repeat the guessing game. By the way if I tried translation applications often Getting incorrect answers, sometimes making using the app a guessing game. The only option is to memorize( not a way to learn) or spend many hours searching the web for clarification( since this is part of learning why don‘t I get time spent points) otherwise scrap the points counter and continuous days used counter. Starting a lesson only to discover you don‘t understand something put you in a position of stopping and getting no credit wasting time continuing(guessing) getting five wrong and again getting no credit. I understand the complexity of adding explanations but this would add to the learning environment of the student.

- Very good language learning app, could use some improvements.

Ever since I got DUOLINGO I’ve been learning new languages much faster and easier than other sources of education. So far the method of learning is really good, and should be kept. However, there are 2 things that I wish for you to fix. You get 5 lives for getting questions wrong, and after that you have to either wait or do a long practice session to get more back. This is pretty smart, but it’s also annoying once you’re learning something hard. This is caused by the fact that you only get one live at a time, and you have to start over when you make one mistake. I think you can fix this by having a “three strikes your out” rule, and then have challenging questions to receive all the new chances back. This would be much easier to help us learn faster and better. The next thing is remembering all of the vocabulary. Once you get through a section, I think that you should have a little dictionary to study the words you’ve learned. This makes it MUCH easier to remember things and to study by ourselves. Creators of DUOLINGO, if you read this, thank you and I hope you can revise you’re already great app.

- Please Read

Hello everyone, this is to say that Duolingo really works! I know that most people are upset that they have to apparently pay for Duo Plus in order to achieve not having to wait for hearts and at first I was too. However, I have found recently that if you click where your hearts limit is, you will see practice. Per each practice session you complete you will recieve another heart and be able to continue practicing, which I love! Before I found this out I was a little disappointed that I had to wait so long, but I figured the more people that knew, the happier the community. Yes, Duolingo can still be free learning!☺️ Honestly I think the app is amazing nevertheless. We can learn multiple languages and actually learn them for free! The app even includes some endangered languages among places around the world. I think that it is amazing that we are trying to help spread these languages so that the cultural language does not fully die out. Currently I am learning French, German, Polish, Spanish, and every now and again Russian and Japanese. Let me tell you, Duo is worth it. I can learn a lot of these languages in almost no time. Thank you, Duolingo, for making this free and possible for everyone. 🥰

- Sigh

Came back after a while to find since I last used it the app has taken away the option to disable word bank and type in a response (Chinese in this case). Super annoying and not as effective to not be able to practice typing in the characters native to the language, never mind it being way too easy when you have the answers written in front of you already in the form of a word bank vs. a blank slate. *Please* bring that feature back, it’s ridiculous to not have that option and I don’t know why you’d de-feature something that was optional and beneficial. Also, video ads are SUPER broken now! If you get hit with one and it hitches rather than starting to stream, the countdown to close the ad just freezes with the frozen stream. It happens regardless of whichever video ad tries to load and have confirmed my down/up speeds are blazing fast and never the issue. Just shoddy work. Only option is to force close the app and reload. One of these times I’m going to just close the app and go back to Memrise or HelloChinese and not come back. Honestly dumbfounded to find the app worse off than it was when I used it this time last year. Seems backward. I get that I could re-subscribe to premium like I had done before and presumably the ad issues would go away, but I’m not paying to support an app that gets worse with time. At minimum the word bank thing needs to be fixed and pronto.

- the technological brilliance in this app is astronomical

As a full time app critic, this app is one of the hardest apps I’ve had to critique (out of my eleven and one half years of experience). I’ve had 7 months of studying this app. Finally, my work is paying off. This app review is the moment I have been waiting for for a very long time. This is the final day. I have had many difficulties throughout these 7 months. My mental heath has gone through cycles and changes, similar to as many people’s mental health has changed through this quarantine. From The fall leaves to the assertive spring wind, my life’s motto and perspective has entirely changed throughout this study. Despite my intention of not sounding with an over sensation, This app has merely changed my life. With no companions, colleagues, or associates in life, my life is seldom about others. There is no one for me to experience this journey with (speaking of, yes I am single, my tinder profile is that_app_critic). I am rating this app 4 stars because of the unsophistication I have found on this app. Some people call it simple, I call it unsophisticated, this app having a lack of class. Overall I am merely to the end of my study and I am eager for my next study and personal journey. Warm regards to this app, peace out... The (App) Critic

- Good, but could be better

I was doing one of the lessons and I got something wrong. It was missing a letter. Okay, I could understand that. Then I went to the next part and it said that the way I did it before was right, even though before it said I was wrong. I was confused, but I moved on to a couple more. I got another one wrong doing it the way it said it was right before, and I got a little bit frustrated. I had to go and use up ALL of my gems to get more hearts. Then I went back to that lesson, determined to get it right. It only then told me that the translation was different between males and females, and that’s why I got it wrong. It would be nice if right before they have you do problems like that if they would tell you the difference and then let you do the problem. It would also be nice if they refilled your hearts daily. Yesterday when I logged out I had two hearts. Today I came back and I had three. I originally thought that they refilled daily because that would only make sense. But no, either you get the plus package to get your hearts back or you spend 350 to 450 gems to get them back. I am really enjoying Duolingo, I just think that it would be a way better experience if they improved on these things.

- Fantastic courses hidden behind frustrating mechanics

If you had asked me a month ago, I would have rated this app 5 stars! Unfortunately, since then I’ve been added to the growing pool of users subjected to a new system of point values that has left me frustrated and dissatisfied. The “heart system” punishes anything less than near-perfect performance, cancelling the credit for entire lessons unless they can be completed with no more than 4 mistakes. In languages with difficult spelling systems, a correct conceptual answer with mixed up letters counts as one of these mistakes. The old system encouraged me to try my answers even if I wasn’t sure, making for a more organic learning experience, while the new makes me second-guess and hesitate over every answer, often using the “cheating” method of checking vocabulary words by clicking on them to confirm my instincts. This means that I’m nervous of taking new lessons for fear of being punished with cancelled out gains, and spend more time reviewing past subjects (which aren’t subject to the heart system) rather than trying to expand my knowledge. While the content of the lessons remains excellent, this new method of scoring has nearly scared me off the app altogether and I think discouraging people from learning unless they pay for a subscription is a real shame.

- Pretty good but needs some work

This app is pretty good in that it is repetitive and helps to learn not only how to write a language but to hear it. HOWEVER, you are never given specific instructions on how to conjugate verbs or what a word means, so in the beginning you have to guess if you don’t already know. AND THE OTHER ISSUE is that sometimes it tells you you’re wrong when you are actually right. And it’s not consistent. For example, in level 4 out of 5, it marked me wrong for saying “the chocolate” for “le chocolat.” Although the French use the article, we do not always, but we may sometimes need the article. But the second time around -because have to redeem yourself before moving to the next round of lessons, I put Chocolate (because the phone just predictively makes it a capital letter) and the answer was marked incorrect! That’s ridiculous because the word is still the same, and sometimes it begins a sentence. In the very same lesson, writing “the book” for “le livre,” my answer was marked correct. DEVELOPERS - fix your algorithms (or whatever) so these are consistent! Please! Otherwise this is a good learning tool. The only other thing I would change is the option to at least pay to take a knowledge check quiz if you don’t have Plus.

- It’s fun to use, Duolingo

‘Duolingo’ is a really pretty well-made app. It has the function of learning English grammar naturally in sentences with fun with various topics and grammar composition, and above all, it has a function to recognize and correct pronunciation when the user speaks. In addition, if the answer to the problem is wrong, it also contains the process of reminding the problem in a different way at the end and checking whether the wrong part is known as the correct answer repeatedly. However, it is somewhat regrettable for advanced learners that users who want to learn English must translate English into their native language to solve problems. It would be great if this app had the option of giving directions in English and having the option to solve problems by thinking in English. Also, it wasn't a very pleasant way to make the next lesson possible only when you receive rewards for watching an intermediate advertisement. This may be because it is a free trial, but consumers who choose 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes in their busy daily life may think that it is a waste of time, so the advertising effect will decrease, and the appearance of frequent advertisements can make customers no longer want to do ‘Duolingo’.

- Wowed, but is a little stressful...

Duolingo is a really good app, you can learn almost all the languages. You can learn multiple languages at a time, and the variety of languages you can learn is extensive. There are a couple questions in a lesson, and 4 lessons in a level, and a LOT of levels. Learning just one language will take awhile. The first questions in the lessons are decent, and easy, but as you become more knowledgeable in the language, it gradually gets harder. But it definitely pays off. Here is the stressful part: you need hearts to keep learning. If you get a question wrong, you lose a heart, and you can only have 5 hearts at a time. So if you lose all your hearts in a lesson you can’t forward. Think of it as a game, if you will. If you run out of hearts, you have to take a longer test, which doesn’t require hearts. But, you only get one heart. Do you see how it gets stressful? Also, if you leave a lesson to get more hearts, it won’t resume your place in the lesson. So you have to do it over again 😤. But overall, it is a good app, if you want a side thing to do on a daily basis instead of playing games, so that is definitely a plus. If you don’t mind the “game-like” part of it, I encourage you to try Duolingo, it might surprise you.

- Cute & useful app but could easily be SO much better

I have never felt so compelled to write an app review! This app is nicely put together, with good interactive exercises and quizzes. It’s easy to spend five minutes or an hour, which I really like. But why in God’s name would you make the translation exercises - where you have a word and then have several options to pick from for its meaning - so painfully obvious?? I mean, you could literally speak NOTHING of the language you’re trying to learn and still get it right, which is useless for learning! For instance, I was just asked to translate “cuando.” The options I was given were: when, is, Sylvia, Jose, and Javier. Are you kidding me?? You could be in a coma and know that it’s not anything from that list but “when.” Why not offer when, how much, and why? Similarly, for the sentence translation, every single time there’s so obviously only one option that fits. Why not play around with verb tenses or words that are close to each other? I really like this app otherwise - this just feels like such an obvious weakness, and I can’t figure out why they would have designed this way. Please make this good for people who are actually trying to learn the langauge, not just bored elementary school students!

- Good app but...

I really like using this app to help me learn languages in a fun and easy way. But I have to say that it’s kind of also hard learning with it especially languages that have a different alphabet like Korean. Because it’s hard having to teach your brain a whole different alphabet with different structures, formats and sounds. The course starts of simple and easy but as you go on, it gets harder to learn and it becomes less motivating. Because like adverbs, it just shows you a sentence and highlights the adverb and you are just expected to translate it regardless if you understand the word/sentence or not. I feel like it would be better you they showed you the word first and then put it in a sentence, that way you understand the word first then you practice translating and using it. I also think that the group chat thing should have stayed. I miss talking to different people and doing the practice sentences. I feel like having to compete with other people discourages you and puts pressure on the speed of how fast your learning and understanding. For me personally I freak out when I’m at the bottom which makes me do the course fast without thinking about the sentence and learning it. But overall in think the app is a good. It makes learning languages interesting and fun and enjoyable.

- Rough starts

The app has been pretty buggy the past couple of months and the las update didn’t fix it like I was hoping it would. It can take up to three minutes for a lesson to load or sometimes it just shuts down spontaneously. As for the learning aspect, duolingo has its advantages and disadvantages. It requires you to translate everything, which can be more helpful than Rosetta Stone, but it’s definitely more difficult for learning how to conjugate verbs. With Swedish that’s not an issue, so duolingo is still helpful, but with Spanish it’s more challenging to learn the conjugation of new verbs. With the app you also can’t access the discussions available on the website, so in order to learn the grammar, you need to either get a grammar book or use mango, which is a free app (and website), that doesn’t just require you to translate, it actually explains things to you in each lesson. Mango also requires you to speak more than duolingo, which I find preferable. If you want to learn to speak a language, you probably don’t want to have your speech only graded for less than 10% of each lesson. Also the ads on duolingo can be a little annoying, but paying for plus is so NOT worth it and if you have any issues, you will absolutely NOT be able to get your money back for it.

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Travis R. Eby

I did a few lessons of Mandarin on Duolingo just to get a feel for it and now I can’t put it down 😂 what a fun language

Creatrip: Korea Your Way

The second #app on this list is a generally popular language learning program #Duolingo! ✍️ Duolingo has game-like lessons to make studying short and fun! 🤓👍 #Korea #KoreanLanguage #StudyTime

mads | 🤖

ive tried duolingo like a million times but i can never stick to it i feel like i need in person lessons/books if i was gonna learn a language ☹️

Александр ☭🍋

@AlexKidwell47 @ziasounds Also after trying duolingo my 3rd time on 3rd language, I finally figured out how to practice on it lol im still on the first 3 lessons but I am going in a triangle pattern until each level reaches 5.

Isabelle Stevens

Nobody is happier this year than the Duolingo owl. Oh you’re bored? Have nothing to do? *smashes through the ceiling* TIME FOR YOUR LANGUAGE LESSONS

Tom Blends In

@EWarthen @Transition46 Here, you might need this. @duolingo

βασίλισσα νέρω / nero 💫

@DiglotSocial I feel like there are only two extremes: People who do two Duolingo lessons and then confidently tell people they speak the language or people who study a language for years but still refuse to claim they speak the language lol

Terry Franzman

@emayfarris Fun....its like a game...one in which you win every time you play. Currently cooped up but my mind is free to roam. Taking language lessons online (DuoLingo): Spanish (should have in HS) and now exploring Dutch which is supposed to be the easiest for English speakers.

Tania Fordwalker

Where I think it’s most useful is in conjunction with in-person lessons that force you to converse in the language. I was taking a German night course before COVID hit and often found I could pluck the right word from my memory thanks to Duolingo. It was an aid to actual lessons.

Lars K Jensen

Anyone who has ever tried learning a language on Duolingo has seen their use of gamification. Here is a bunch of screenshots - and lessons on how to use game mechanics:


@Corhen If you run out of hearts you can repeat old lessons, so once you’re deep into a language it’s not a problem. I’ve spent hours uninterrupted on duolingo

Nicole on Wheels ♿️✊😷

@k17nielsen @duolingo This is also one of my primary strategies for dealing with anxiety. When I get anxious and need to interrupt my thoughts, I do language lessons, if it’s feasible at that moment. It really helps me!

Spence SEA_Polyglot

@officialacebuck I'm definitely on the far end of the output side. After three months of Duolingo for Mandarin, I was making friends, getting corrections, and taking lessons on iTalki. I also posted two embarrassing YouTube videos of my language progress.

rickybee ITS CHRISTMAS #ilovealisa

i just started japanese on duolingo like maybe an hour ago and ive already done 27 lessons im speed running this bitch i wonder if i can learn the entire language in 24 hrs


@duolingo have you studied the possibility of connecting courses of the same language when they are taken from different languages? I am taking german and portuguese lessons from english and spanish and I'd love this feature.

Duolingo - Language Lessons 6.97.2 Screenshots & Images

Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images

Duolingo - Language Lessons (Version 6.97.2) Install & Download

The applications Duolingo - Language Lessons was published in the category Education on 2012-11-13 and was developed by Duolingo [Developer ID: 570060151]. This application file size is 162.96 MB. Duolingo - Language Lessons - Education app posted on 2020-12-19 current version is 6.97.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.duolingo.DuolingoMobile

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