Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google [Education] App Description & Overview

Need to get unstuck? Socratic can help! This learning app, powered by Google AI, helps you understand your school work at a high school and university level. Ask Socratic a question and the app will find the best online resources for you to learn the concepts. Socratic supports most high school subjects, with more coming soon!


Use your voice or camera to connect to online resources and understand any problem.

Find videos, step-by-step explanations, and more to learn subjects at your own pace.

Socratic partnered with teachers and experts to bring you visual explanations in each subject, so you can learn the concepts behind any problem.

Currently includes Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science, US and World History, and Literature.

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Socratic by Google Comments & Reviews

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saves sooo much time

- Socratic

This app doesn’t help with anything. Don’t get it!

- It’s a great App

It helps a lot with math and other subjects.

- Great

Although you can’t find every single answer, you can find so many!

- It is the most helpful app yet ! 👌

This app gives you everything you need to know in a simple nutshell which you can easily understand. For example for my biology preparation, all the topics which are pages and pages long in my biology book, are simple and straightforward in the app. I was also quite surprised that they had the exact crucial topics which I wanted to know more about!!

- Homework hero

Very helpful with assignments I don’t understand

- This app is the best

I just love it for your advice you should really get this app Why there’s a five star coming up is because any problem you have it can help you and you can also type a question if you don’t have any thing to write on and obviously it can take any subject

- Best homework app out there. 100/10.

Not only does it scan numerical problems, it also reads word problems submitted by other users. If you’re a school student, this app is a must. Thanks for reading!

- I take it back

I now have a 62 ( ^ω^ )

- Love this app

I loveeeee this app literally is the biggest help ever !!

- The best

The best app Ever !!!!!

- Disappointed

HATE the new update! It slows down the progress. Spectator used to help in quickly finding the material needed to answer questions. But now it’s no different from a google search. I am very disappointed and will be deleting this app until the new update is improved.

- Love it!

Super creative and helpful with studying!

- Pretty great

Helps me so much with class. The only issue I have is that you can’t see your search history for previous questions which would be helpful. Also sometimes doesn’t give a straight answer directly and I have to look it up on my own but majority of the time it’s very helpful!

- History

I love the app it’s a life savor butttt it should really have the ability to see the history of your questions so you can go back to them.

- Cancellation

How can i stop getting charged?

- About App

I love this app it really helps me with my work problems.

- Helpful study tool

The app is great for studying and assistance with homework. I am passing my class so far!

- Terrible

I have bought the subscription for $24 a year and the 2nd day I have it the app tells me I haven’t bought anything what a waste of money I hate this

- Trash

This app is literally so bad I got it to answer problems and it didn’t even work

- Helpful

Helps me every single time never failed a review or test because of it

- Best app ever

This is hands down the best learning app i’ve ever gotten. It’s so easy to use, and if it weren’t for socratic i probably wouldn’t of passed summer school. It’s not only an easy way to look up answers, but you can also get a step by step explanation to your question.

- i love it

it helps so much reviewing your work

- Great app

I am taking CYBERSECURITY online and was having trouble but this app doesn't just give you the answer but gives you examples and videos! Tips love it !

- What this app should also include

It’s a good app it helps you find things on the internet a lot faster it brakes down like the key things that would really help you figure out what you need.its a really cool app but would really be nice if there was like real like English teachers bio teachers math teachers earth science teachers all of them on this app and ready to answer any question you have for them like let’s say you send them a picture of a question your stuck on they can help you with the answers and brake it down for them

- Awesome

If you really are stuck in something this will pull u out of the hole. Life saver

- Love it

Love it!😘

- Review

This is helping me allot thank you very much

- Great

Really good

- Excellent app.

This app is excellent. It made my studies much easier.

- One word-awesome

This gives answers

- Worst app ever

Worst app ever if there was a star below the last one I would put that one

- Amazing

Awesome App

- Great app

I love it

- Frustrated

Sometimes it doesn’t have

- app

great app

- 😉

socratic was way better in the past i hope u look it up and fix the mistakes and make it better

- Good but could be better

Very good but could be better. Would recommend for sure

- Best thing ever

10 out of 10 total life saver will use again Seriously though it’s really really good I owe the developer of this app so much Can’t believe It’s free

- Good




- 💜💜💜

I got a 93 on an EXAM because of this app holy crap I love you socrative you r my baby

- Best app

This app is really easy to use and very helpful

- Socratic *smh*

This app is literally the worst app of all times. I take a photo of a question and the next thing you it shows me other stuff 🤦‍♀️ I don’t want this app also Karen doesn’t want it karen is reporting it too many times!

- Disappointed

I miss the old version. With this new version you can’t find anything that you could with the later version. Very disappointed because this is a app I enjoyed.

- Perfect app

I have cheated on over 64 tests because of coronavirus and this I’ve been amazing

- Review,

Really helpful! Explains what I don’t understand as well.

- Life saver

This app is so helpful.

- Fire

Pretty good specs you know but sometimes does not give the sender I want but still really good

- Praise the lord

Thank you for helping me pass college ❤️

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- Best app ever

Saves me so much and drastically cuts down the work needed for almost everything, I love this thing so much.

- introduce landscape view

for the ipads it is especially annoying not being able to use the app in landscape view for those who have keyboards

- Good app

This app is the best app if u have trouble doing ur homework



- Finally !!

I’m a student who works on my own and this is an app that I always thought should be made, and then I saw Socratic and it is very helpful when I don’t understand something and have no one to ask.

- Awesome

Awesome a

- God’s greatest creation

You’re grades are only going up with this app.

- Great!

Wow. I do Kumon math and when it gets complicated and I don’t understand, Socratic really helps me. Recommended app.

- Worth downloding

Its great app and very help full in assignments and studying.

- I luv it💯💯💯👍🏽


- Thanks

This app is really helping me with my math work for school and it’s really good quality so thanks

- Welldoneee


- the best!!!

thus is honestly the best app for help ever!!! so many different options and ways to help!! it’s amazing 10/10!

- Download it, trust me.

I recently got out of undergrad school and this helped me so much, especially as a person who is kinda lazy pike myself

- Awesome!

It’s super helpful. Helps me with my science homework. I’m upset I didn’t have this app before.

- Good



This app literally changed my life!

- Amazing!!

Makes you life easier


I sloves a lot of definitions well for me!

- 3 Stars

This app has helped me out a lot with getting thru school work, but I would rate it 5 stars but somethings don’t work. I’ll try and figure out a question by taking a picture but always gives me the wrong answer, that’s all really still recommend the app! :)

- Amazing

This app is saving my life right now

- I LOVE ❤️

Helps me pass school. Thank you for this app

- Best app ever periodt

This app helps me me all the time whenever I am stuck and that’s on periodt

- an efficient app

this app is rly helpful and fast. i just need to take a picture of a question & it will find me the most helpful websites that may have answers to it.

- Extremely helpful

This app is very helpful in solving queries and provides the best solutions.

- the best app

the best app

- Best app

One of the best apps yeahhh

- Best educational app

Good for students struggling in there classes love it

- French?

Can this do french homework?

- ur grades go up bc of this thing

this thing is literally the best.

- What a great app

Wow this app really surprised me it helped me with my math history and language homework a big amount

- Works most the time

Not 100% reliable and can get finicky at times, make sure you double check your answers.

- Owl is scholar

Helped me 5head university

- This Owl is Levitating

He 5headed my exam

- This owl is a God

Clean af

- Best app

This app is so great.

- Helpful

Very helpful and worth using it. Thanks a lot!!!

- Life saver!!!

Wish I got this earlier!

- Good app

This app is amazing it is helping me so much with my home work

- Too good

Helps with homework really good


Helped me with almost all my work Amazing explanations Highly recommend

- Socratic by Google

This app is absolutely amazing! I was having troubles with my homework and I used this app and it’s literally magic! This app will help you with anything and everything. I recommend :)

- Easy to use and very useful

5/4 stars

- Great 👍🏽👍🏽

If you need help with anything related to school download this app right now.

- The best app within appstore

I know this app is associated solely with education ; however, it is the best app that you have ever experienced throughout your entire life period. Congratulations on the app developers ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Loved it

Great app

- This app is great!

I find no flaws whatsoever and it’s very helpful with my random questions. Great app for school and studying

- Amazing

It’s an amazing app it really helps me with my math because I just started doing math and I’m having a hard time.

- Wow

This app is a life saver. That’s all I have to say !!❤️

- cursive?

good app but i wish it was more indepth for senior high school levels and if it could detect cursive better

- Idk

Really recommend it so useful for when u get stuck on something

- Absolute lifesaver

It’s amazing how well this app works with finding you the answer. It’s a great help now that classes have been moved online during quarantine!

- Really good

I personally love this app, unlike other apps it actually gives you correct answers and also helps you by explaining and giving you the answer. It’s also been really helpful in this pandemic since I have online school the teacher can’t always get back to me so I would always resort here. 😁

- Great job

This app really helps me in my class as I’m pretty slow learner. I do my questions but there is not always someone next to me to tell me if I did it right or wrong. But this apps is my key weapon now. Thank you so much for an credible app! 💜

- This is the best

I only had this app for 5 minutes but I know I will use this for a long time it’s amazing it’s so good when I do power of

- Socratic

I like how you helped me with some questions but a lot of questions I asked the answer you gave me could be very unclear and I would get no where but thank you for the help you give me sometimes

- Now I can do all my homework

Now I can do all my homework

- Best app ever!

I’m a user of Google apps and devices. This is a really specific app! Everyone who has a hard time of something should definitely get this app. It is amazing!! This is so good. Thanks Google. This app is amazing!! Try making more apps like this in the future.

- Best Study App

It is amazing, helps with any problem I’m struggling with.

- Great for home work

I use this app a lot and it's great

- Removed best features

I loved using Socratic for getting help with my math equations. The way I could flip through each thing to get step by step answers was brilliant. I’d honestly say it became my most used app 😂. The new acquisition has removed this great feature so google can force itself down my throat. I no longer have a use for this app anymore.

- Not so great acquisition

Honestly don’t know who became responsible after the ‘Google update’ but the apps functionality is a whole lot worse. The MathPapa algebra feature is only available sometimes for some reason. What’s more of a problem is rather than attempting to clean up the interface, they’ve made it a lot more busy. Keep it simple. It’d be nice for just two sections; one section for word problems with their answers sourced from the internet, and one section for all calculations. But this feature should be modelled off PhotoMath and MathPapa with easy comprehensible step-by-step solutions. PhotoMath can’t do some algebraic equations and transposing formulae, otherwise I wouldn’t use Socratic for non word problems

- What happened to step by step answers???

Very disappointed with the new update I can no longer scan my maths problems and see step by step answers, this was a key tool for me and really helped my learn. Now all I get is explainers that aren’t relevant please fix this 😭

- Socratic

It was amazing, I was doing poorly in most of my classes and this just instantly helped me


This app is so amazing! The technology is awesome and best of all it’s free! If you’re a student then it teaches you how to do the problems so that you can do them in the future! This app is better than any maths teacher! Everyone needs this in their phone.

- Great App! Very helpful!

Great app!! Lot of help and fairly easy to understand the solutions, neat and tidy solutions. I would definitely recommend this app for high school students :)

- SO AWESOME! Erase your doubts about this app!

*Helps with ALL homework.* Literally! I LOVE this app! You should get it SERIOUSLY! Best app ever! (If you hate homework 😉) Plus it’s FREE! I actually wouldn’t mind PAYING for this app! It’s awesome 😎! You do know you don’t even have to pay a TINY bit of money! Socratic rocks! (Hey, maybe it can help me with my geology homework!) (*most of the time*)

- Great

Rly helped me

- This is great!!

This helped sooooo much. It really is...

- Very useful, easy to use!

This app is priceless when trying to help my daughter with algebra! Shows the workings not just the answer. Excellent

- this app !!

literally amazing, helps me with so much homework.

- My text book was wrong and this app was right

I would keep getting answers wrong when I checked the answers in the back of my book. Then I got this app and I was actually RIGHT And the book was wrong. I love this app. Also I’m not being paid to say that 😂🤣

- Great

Amazing and actually works very well

- This is so useful !!!!!!!!!!!

I love it


IT IS SUPER USE-FULL WHEN IT COMES TO GATHERING INFORMATION! With the information this app provided me, my assignment got an A+ so I owe it all to this app because it is amazing!

- amazing!

i was so stuck with my maths but when i found this app i was so grateful and so were my friends !! not only does it give you the answer it also gives you the way to get the answer! spectacular ❤️❤️

- Great app

Helps me with my homework no ads and is for free 👍👍👍

- ...

This app is really helpful for my studying. Love it a lot 👌


Socratic Helps me a lot!! Helping me with maths, English, and all SUBjECTS! 5 stars to Socratic!! It's a big box of help and a big hand of help!

- Alfalfa

very helpful thanks

- Awesome

Don’t know what I would do without this app


It helps me which my work by giving me videos that explain to me how to work it out and sometimes it gives me answers and shows me how they got it so I can check my work. In other words this app is AMAZING

- Helpful

This app has helped me sooo much to explain the questions that I get in my tution. I am in year 6 and I get like year 8 stuff.

- School just got soo much easier!

I love how it shows how to answer the questions instead of just showing answers. Really a great app 🐾

- Gd


- Life saver

As a dumb high school kid who is to lazy to use a calculator this is a great life saver and am so happy with this app

- Soooooo amazing

It is amazing! I love it and it solves everything and explains it so well. I cannot believe this is free!! Thank you so much 👍

- Best app tutor ever

Super helpful 💓 especially for learning how to solve the problem

- Helped me pass maths

Easy, very helpful! And explained all the working out.

- brilliant!

A life saver. Love this app.

- The best app ever

the best app ever!! As a high school student, it’s very useful. Thanks Socratic !

- Useless

Dose not work

- 5 stars

This app is great and helped heaps with my math homework

- Don’t recommend

Downloaded this app to help me with my maths homework, when I took the picture and it solved it for me it was completely wrong!


this app is the greatest thing since insect repellent. it’s so helpful and it really helped me with my homework. not only does it provide answers but it also displays the reasoning of them. i recommend to all in school.

- amazing

such a good app for maths especially !

- Lifesaver!!!

so amazing and helps me with so many maths problems!

- Socratic

very good


this app is AMAZING. it solves all your homework and gives you steps!! only thing is, i wish we could upload photos from camera album, and if you could work on solving diagrams, that would be fantastic!!! thank you for all your help!


10/10 it works so well for questions that you can’t be bothered doing.

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- Socratic app

This is the best app I have ever used

- it’s very good for quick math equations


- Awesome


- :)

This app is the reason I graduated

- Best app

You don’t have to pay and you can get all the right answers

- This helps a lot! 👍🏽😌✨

Without this app I would be failing.

- App is definitely a game changer

This is app is amazing on finding resources quick without typing a single word.

- Helps me with all my work

Helps me with all my work

- I love it

I love this app it’s amazing

- Aswome

Wow it’s great

- The best app out!

I’ll never delete this. It’s helped me throught my whole lif, and I thank the Socratic team for creating such a wonderful app!

- Love it!

Time is money and this app saves me alot of time. More time to study.

- Is a life saver

It is the best app yet it dose not cheat! You look it up and it shows done things about it and you find it in there. It been great help for me I. Fifth grade I look it up look at what they showed and find it in 2 seconds by just reading it! It the best!!!!

- Love it

Helping me pass 6th grade if I don’t pass I’m giving it a 1 star

- Math

Y’all don’t have the answer to anything.

- Easy to use

Wish I knew about this app sooner. I heard about it from a fellow classmate. Amazing results so far! Will return with a follow-up review after the end of my class course.

- Excellent


- Best app

Dis help me get everything right cuhh

- Fantastic

So helpful with homework, this is a all around great app. It brings you right to the answer sheet. And you always get A’s


i just love it


This app is honestly the best app i’ve ever purchased. It helps me with so much of my schoolwork. It’s really easy to use. And the best part about it is that it’s FREE.

- Wow

Wowowowowowoowowow sooooo gooooood not even kiddin

- ✨

such a great app ! it has helped me with tons of my homework, and i’ve gotten really good grades cause of it. usually it’d take me hours to do homework but now i can just snap a pic and i’ll have the answer. 10/10 really good app.

- ...

It’s really confusing and I don’t think there giving me the correct answers



- Highly recommended

I love this app. It’s amazing how much that little owl knows and actually teaches me. It helps me cut my work time in half

- best app ever

great for homework and helpful for quizzes

- The best app

Its helping me

- Mi reseña

La app es muy buena me ayuda mucho con mi tarea The App it’s really Good it helps me do my homework so fast and quicky


This app got me 100% on all my tests

- Saver.from a whooping.

Well this app is the best because it can give you any answer but teach you at the same time and by mom didn’t hit with the chancleta

- Keeps Crashing

Keeps crashing when I open it. It used to work fine now it’s no use in using if I have to keep deleting and downloading the app.

- Okay App

Sometimes it doesn’t give you what you’re looking for and thats okay. Pretty cool app!

- Socratic

Good app when ever you need help

- Research made easy

When I am working on papers and need to find a quick article, this app has pulled through in the clutch.

- Great app

I love this app it’s amazing not only because it gives you the answers to problems but it explains it to you and understand how to do it. I like that it has other subjects other than math. Overall this app is amazing

- Best app ever

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this app until today!

- Amazing

This is the best app ever helps me everyday only complaint is they should make it were you zoom in on a question

- Great App

Honestly I’ve never been able to find an app like this one, it helped a lot with the khan questions I didn’t understand. Thank you Socratic ☺️☺️

- Great app

Very conveniently !

- Trash app

This app don’t work cuz I needed help and then once I turn in my work most of them were wrong and 2 of them were right

- Best app

I swear this is the only reason I passed my classes this year. I was stuck on so much but this app helped a tremendous about and I couldn’t be more thankful

- Change

It was a good app until you guys changed it all, I’m kinda disappointed because I need needed to get this work done as fast as I can but now it’s gonna take me a while to do it

- Amazing App

This has helped with my school work and I highly recommend this to your child

- Great

Helps me with everything

- Love it!!!

Great app and tells you the answer the first time. It takes no brain cells to use this app. Very easy and straight forward I love it!

- The best app ever

It’s the best app to help you with everything sometimes it doesn’t know what you want but that’s ok I just definitely recommend

- You can’t even sign in with this app

Whenever I try to use Socratic, all it says is this: Hmm unable to sign in with this account. So then I try to use my school account and that doesn’t work.

- Best app

Best app of its kind 👍

- this app doesn’t work

the answers i get are wrong or it searches a completely different question. do not use


It’s great for any homework questions. To say this helped me pass is an understatement. I love this app so much

- This app save m’y live

WoW 🤩 I am very thankful for this app.

- Not very helpful

Relative to Chinese homework assistant apps, this APP is not so great. Poor amount of responses to questions or no responses at all. These reasons are more than enough to give it a 1 out of five rating

- Only one language

I think it would be a better app if we could use it with other languages like French, Arabic, Spanish or others 😕

- Best thing know to man kind!!!!!

This app can literally do any type of homework, you thought Photomath was good this is decades ahead!!!

- Amazing

This app is great and I have not had a problem with it!👍👍

- It is the best app thank you





Really helps with homework

- If I could put 6 stars I would

AMAZING! I’m a high school student and this app helps you in so many different subjects from all skill levels, it’s outstanding!! No complaints whatsoever.

- Amazing


- Other Languages

This app is great and all, but does it translate questions in other languages? If I asked for the answer to « Quelle est la relation entre la biodiversité et les écosystèmes résiliantes? » would it give me an answer in French? And how easily am I able to switch between English and French?

- Does it help with geometry??

Does it help whi☝️☝️☝️

- Add more plz

Can you add more topics/subjects?

- stress and anxiety from work = yeeted away

literally the best school app on my phone

- Review



I have really tough homework (cause I’m dumb) but with this app it shows you EVERYTHING it even can teach you and show steps on how to do your problem and it doesn’t matter if it’s math or English or whatever!! Highly recommend for EVERYONE!!


We need apps like these in French out there google!

- Very helpful

I love this app it’s helped me through some tough times in math

- sucks

the okd version used to show you how to do the problem, showing every step. this app is useless

- Not happy

It won’t let me sign in

- Sucks

I really liked the old version better, it really helped me but the new version is useless for me.

- Awesome but needs landscape orientation!

My review will change to 5 stars once this is completed, amazing app!

- Amazing!

From science to history to tricky math questions, this app has helped me LOADS. Math has never been my strong point, and googling answers doesn’t always work. This app is the most amazing homework helper I’ve tried. It saves me the trouble of many arguments with my sister or mom over certain math issues ;) improved since pairing up with google, too! Thanks so much to the creators!

- Update

The new update sucks. Doesn’t even help the older version was way better. It helped you and gave the answers with explanations. Nobody download this until they don’t bring the olden version back. -5/5

- 👌🏼

Just get it it’s awesome

- Amazing

A friend recommended this app for me and this is honestly the best app I’ve ever used

- Badddddddd

Really bad don’t download this app, it can’t even answer a simple math question.

- So helpful.

This is the most amazing app. It helped me so much with my biology assignment. Best app ever.

- Update

I updated the app excited about the changes and thought google would improve it. Instead it’s become difficult to use as other reviews pointed out and doesn’t display the answers the way it used to. I’m very disappointed because I recommended this app to many people and used to love it when I was doing homework

- R.I.P. :/

the old version was so much better but now ever since the new update with google and everything it can’t even show me how to solve basic math problem.... very unfortunate... it was a great app but now you killed it :/

- The New Update...

The app used to be so easy to use and user friendly... Now it’s like this complicated maze... Where do I even begin? The app used to give you the answer so easily before. Now it’s this confusing math lesson... Personally, I like seeing the steps behind math so can get a better grasp of it (I also know others who do too). I can see where I went wrong and how to fix it or how to continue if I get stuck. It really helps me especially when it’s done with the question I gave. That was probably the best part about the app before. But from what I’ve seen.. it’s gone.. Now it has these explainers which don’t really help at all. They explain the logic behind them but don’t really help the user if they’re not related to the question you gave. Yes, the explainers can help to an extent, but not to the same extent a step by step process can give. Another problem was the keyboard. Before you were given an in app keyboard which had plenty of math symbols to use. Now you have to use a regular phone keyboard and when using a regular keyboard you have to switch between letters, numbers and symbols constantly! I’m someone who uses this app constantly but after this update with Google I don’t think I will continue... Its really sad too because this was probably one of the best math help apps out there... :(

- don’t like the new update

the old version was better.

- Why google, why :(

The user interface is Terrible. I like having the pages already loaded, and available to swipe along to. This new update over complicates things and in my opinion kills the functionality of the app. It was so easy to use now its not user friendly. Google, or whoever reads these reviews fix this app or im deleting it. Make it more user friendly, and fix the links,a simple question like 3/9=? Should not be that hard to figure out. I want the answer right there.

- Bão


- App is lit


- 👍👍👍

Awesome! It is very handy.

- Amazing App Ever!!!

It is an incredible app it helps me study for school!!!

- Best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it !!!!!!!

- Good job

Amazing keep on going with what you do

- I love this app

This is an awesome app because you can bring your electronic to school and you don’t need to ask your teacher anything lol

- i lob this app

i’m taking grade 9 math in the summer so it goes fast, and socratic actually helped by showing how to do the equations step by step. it has been helping me a ton so i recommend it. 💯


With this single app, my whole academic career has changed! It helped me solve questions and it is best for explaining questions that are hard! Just snap a pic, and there you go. Totally recommend this app.

- Solves all my problems! Great app! Free! Wifi only!

This is a great app, just needs wifi and it solves your problems by taking a quick snap or punch in the equation, expression, or problem and it will solve it and give you then answer. Even word problem! I recommend this app, really helped me study for any test. Thanks.

- Wow ! It’s help a lot !!!!!

What a nice tools I can use with my kids ! We can find any homework and extra study at home , Thank you so much !

- Super helpful

I only really use this app for math. It gives you a lot of information to work from and the camera function is super useful I’ve never really had trouble with it although occasionally it will give you a method that is the more complicated version but it’s explanations are super helpful overall would recommend

- Amazing


- Ouch

Im failing all my tests but at least my work is right.

- Awesome

This gives great answers and you can always cite the articles and website you used to get the answers from. Absolutely incredible

- Really helpful

I really recommend all my friends to use this app to gain knowledge

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- Amazing

It helps so much with school and gives me info on the subjects so I can revise, thanks you so much

- Yh I like it

I like Socratic, however they sometimes change up their answers to the question I ask. :)

- 😋😋😋👍👍👍👍👍👍

This app is amazing it helps so Much when I can’t focus xx

- Not nice

This is such a lie!!!! It never gives me my answer. Just gives me an explanation. Not good wouldnt recommend it

- Well done

Its best app ever

- Fantastic

Really helped me to study for my scholarship

- Really good

This app is really good I would install it it really helped my daughter.

- Don’t ignore this!!!

I love this app works amazingly the only personal downside for me is that sometime I have online homework. Which means I can take a pic of it I can screenshot it tho but you can’t select pics from camera roll but overall it’s amazing Thanks for reading

- This app is amazing!

This app is so amazing and useful and I love it good job but try and fit more subjects in it tho

- Amazing app

Helps a lot if stuck just come on helps with most subjects worth getting

- Answer

Ur not giving me the answer

- It’s actually really useful.


- Choice

I have so many choices of awnsers

- Very useless

If the question doesn’t exist online somewhere already, it just gives you random answers and questions instead.

- Rubbish

This app used to be amazing last year before all the new updates and it joined with google. Now I can’t type in math equations properly and can’t even give me solid answers to math equations let alone regular questions.

- Google ruined it

Now some maths questions it won’t give me an answer it just links weird websites and it’s crap, google ruined this app cheers google

- Bad with Google update

Used to be good but now it takes forever to find what you need to get

- Used to be amazing.

Socratic used to be amazing. I loved it. Then google took it over, took it away from people in the EU and made it objectively worse. There’s no math keypad anymore to enter math problems. The step by step explanation of how to solve something has been removed. Seriously, what are you doing?! Google has bought this and ruined it. So gutted, it used to be fantastic.

- Socratic revie

10/10😁😁 Seriously helps me with my homework 😱 You NEED this app. thanks Socratic 😀

- Amazing for reviewing test

This app not only gives you the answer but shows you how to work it out or why.


•Absolutely Love it! •Such A Good Help With My Maths! •Would Definitely Recommend It!

- alright

it’s good for easy questions but whenever you take a photo it sends through the completely wrong sum or sometimes it sends through the right sum but with different numbers and the answers are rarely correct

- recommend :)

no ads, works well very handy :)) only improvement would be that you could use the keyboard and calculator for worded questions that you’re typing

- helpful

really good when you need help with your homework because it actually shows you how to work it out in lots of possible ways :)

- An 11 yr old Brampton manor academy student YR 7 👩‍🎓

I really do like this app as it does help me understand some of the questions that I receive as homework from my teachers.However,I gave this app 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ due to the fact that if I type in a word problem that I’d like help with (or preferably the answer) it just seems to change up some of the numbers and/or the words that I’d entered! This would result in the entire question and answer end up entirely incorrect!Therefore,I would either get the answer wrong or have to risk working it out myself...Please do not think that I am only using this app to give me answers!No! I use it purely for the understanding of a curtain topic or question! Nonetheless,that really is the only problem I had seemed to face...It really may only be on my device or your other users but I still really do hope you do something to fix this MAJOR problem as it completely defeats the purpose (in my opinion) of the app.Despite this issue, I still have taken a screenshot of the snapchat scanner and placed it on my public story so as a result you would get more users! Don’t worry I still do think the app is truly incredible 🤗🤗 -Nafisa (11 year old Year 7) @nafisamadiha MY SNAP 😊😂


amazing no ads no nothing

- Incredible mate

yea liek the apps sick

- Good

Good app

- Hw

Helps me with my hw a lot

- Really good help

It is really good help to anyone who is stuck on their math homework and it gives you not only the answer but how to come to it and there are even videos to explain better. I really do recommend it to everyone

- Very useful

I use this for homework all the time now 👌🏻

- It’s works amazingly

It Helps me with questions that I struggle with in my homework and shows me what methods to use to help me understand the question better

- Use it for Apex

this app helped me gain all my credits for subjects i never need

- Best app ever

This is the best app i had ever used thanks so much helps me on all kind of questions I need help on

- Bloody amazing

I have only been using this app for what 30 minutes and I have already learned a lot and got through so much work and I’m in love , so thank you to the founder for blessing us teens with sich a resource

- great app

its useful

- Best app ever

It well helps me with answers I don’t understand and shows me how to do it not only the answer

- Super 🌟

Very easy to use and very fast to find you the answers, almost always!

- Homework

I can finally cheat on my home work and make it easyier

- Love it!

First time using this app to solve my math homework and so far so good! Comes up with a range of answers pretty much straight away, seemingly for free! Lots of solutions to suit your style of question, especially for mathematics. Totally recommend, we shall see how it does in the long run but to be perfectly honest, this app so far is a game changer.

- Amazing

An amazing app always give the right answer and tells you in seconds really help as I have homework that need to be done and this means I can learn at the same time

- ❤️


- Okay I guess

Does not always tell you the answer, takes a bit of time, okay but not great.

- amazing

so good,helped me to my homework especially when it’s due the next day! would recommend 100%

- About this app

This app has helped me on many ways by improving how I work in maths and by the grades I get.It explains all the steps and ways to work out any solution and thanks to this app I’m improving In my school.

- Not good

Doesn’t help at all comes up with 6 different answers and take its time

- Socratic math and home work help

Fantastic app useful for questions you are stuck on no need to ask teacher can give you any answer with just a small photo. Awesome app recommend you to use if you are stuck on any question.!!!!

- Well peng

Defo recommend

- This app is amazing

This app is amazing I would recommend every one to get it

- Most helpful homework aid ever

In contrast to just giving you the answers to the most complicated mathematical equations, it also gives you step by step methods for multiple sources to help you understand it. A life saver for short time maths homework.

- Actually pretty good

At first I thought it was not gonna work, but it does. Some questions do not work, but most do

- Best

I don't have to do my homework anymore

- Very good

I enjoy this app it’s really good and helpful.

- Amazing

Helps me with questions and shows the working out!

- good maths

A great website for people that struggles with maths.

- Amazing app

Helps with all types of questions and no in-app purchases

- 10/10

Super helpful, especially with homework

- Life Saving ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Helps heaps with homework and if I’m trying to finish those last few tricky questions before the bell goes. Absolutely love it and I recommend it to all my friends!🎉💯✌🏽

- Amazing app

This app is very helpful. When I was in term 1 and 2 I had a really bad maths teacher that could not teach. So I really had to teach myself everything. This app not only shows the answer but shows you how to find the answer to your question.

- Solves everything!!!

I use the app for maths problems and did far it has found solution for every one of them. It also shows you how to work it out which is an added bonus! Totally recommend getting!

- Great but...

A great app that helps a lot with homework. However, I wish that they can help with word problems in maths. Otherwise, it is a great app!

- New vs Old Socratic

PLEASE bring back peer to peer question answering. Whenever I try to ask high level questions (questions with a great deal of context) I am simply sent to a video explaining the basic principles behind the questions. I ALREADY KNOW THIS. The value in an app such as this should lie in the specificity of the answers and the step by step nature of the responses. I understand that this is extremely difficult to program for an App, but adding peer to peer answering would be a great solution! I used to be able to get all of my questions answered by extremely intellectual people back on, please bring this one feature back. I can somewhat understand the reasoning behind the focus on mobile, but discontinuing the feature that made the website popular in the first place? Really? So many people (including me) loved sharing their knowledge with others and challenging ourselves to be clear and concise with difficult questions. Your platform was near perfection, everyone had their place and enjoyed fulfilling their roles- there were so many retired teachers, professors and even students rediscovering their love of sharing their knowledge. Though I think the mobile only approach would leave a lot of the retired community without the know-how to properly help question askers, and that the quality of answers would undoubtedly be lower- this would help so many people. P.S. If there is even the slightest possibility someone at Socratic has been considering anything I have written... PLEASE bring the website back. Thank you

- Amazing!

Has really helped me in assignments when I’m in time of need, would definitely recommend this app!

- socratic

learnt more from this app than my teacher. saved me at exam time. thanks

- yeeto cheeto

saved me from so many teachers who don’t know how to teach

- Amazing

Amazing app

- Socratic

This app has helped me overall in school and work to understand, what my teachers made sound like rocket science this app made it look like year 1 nath

- Socratic

This is a fantastic app

- C.

Great help!!! Has an amazing system and can definitely help anyone out in a time of need x✨🎉🌿

- I love it

This is an amazing app, I use it everyday for maths... wouldn’t be here without it!

- Life saver

The best help for maths. So helpful!!


Best app ever I can’t believe this is a real thing

- Thanks

My teacher was surprised because I could tell her how to work out the hardest problems thanks socratic

- Very good!

very helpful app, explains the answer step by step for 99% of questions. definitely would recommend



- AMAZING! Love it❤️❤️ buut...

Please add a landscape mode. Dont get me wrong its a great app, very helpful, but it would be better if you added a landscape mode😊

- Socratic

I have a bad teacher for year ten, this app has got me through difficult alegebraic equations, keep improving the app.

- I love this app

This is a app that helped me do very well in my teat I really like it this is one of my favourite apps I spend nearly all of my time on this app I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Love it!!

It’s awesome and gives great results.. really helpful and easy 👍🏼

- Socratic

This app is so good wth omg I didn't understand some questions from my homework and this app helped me oml thank god for Socratic

- Great app

Great app!

- Socratic

Pretty handy. Cool that it can understand my messy writing.

- you need this nowwww!!

Amazing app with no ads or in app purchases. It doesn’t require you to sign up or start a trial. Helps me with my homework a lot. And I so much more than just a maths tool. Absolutely love it, and have already introduced it to my friend. A must need for students.

- 100% yes

Never failing maths again

- AWESOME!!!!!

Everyone HAS to try it. I LOVE the app!! It is really awesome and it helps me with my homework. It even gives you working outs!! This is the best app ever!!!!!!!

- Sci fi app🤓

The app technology is amazing! Everyone using this shall be granted A+

- It’s lit guys

Trust me

- Great!!

I love this app it shows you the answer to every single question

- Emma

Best app ever made helps me with my home work and cost noting

- Sam Akhurst BDD Gang

Rly good


I live this app it helps a lot with homework from maths to history it can help it searches the web and gives u the best answer

- Pro calculator

This app is very educational and helpful for kids and adults. lt is not just a calculator it also gives you the working out.

- Amazing

great app really works well

- This app is amazing!!!😱😱

I really would recommend you to get this amazing perfect app. 😋😨😱😱😱😨😬😬☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😌😉😉😉😘😘😘😘😘😋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

- I’m a quantum mechanics major and this is my favourite app on the App Store

Yes that’s a Mass Effect reference :P

- Socratic

This app is great I finally found an app that can do my homework 😃😃😃😃

- A+ for home work

This app is amaze because you can ask it any educational question and it instantly answers. Watch out teachers I’m getting an a+ for homework

- Best App Ever

The app helps so much with math equations, that you don’t know the answer to, it shows you more than one way to do the formula along with the answer by just one click of a button. I would recommend this to everyone,

- Good but needs some changes

I live in Australia and the coin measurements are in nickels and quarters and the app messes up my questions.

- Highly recommended!!!

I highly recommend installing this app rather than any other apps alike this one. Out of all the intelligent apps out there, I think this is the most of which I've ever installed. I have never seen such an app so advanced, and I think this app is the answer to all of our homework problems!

also in general it's a good idea to discount the opinion of anyone who's desperate searching socratic question is l…

@macedodani_ krlh amg, q horror (usa o brainly, photomath, socratic by google)

@mirkovich_: 23- socratic zorlandığınız matematik, fizik ya da herhangi bir konuda problemin fotoğrafını çekip uygulamaya yüklüyorsunuz…

@mirkovich_: 23- socratic zorlandığınız matematik, fizik ya da herhangi bir konuda problemin fotoğrafını çekip uygulamaya yüklüyorsunuz…

2) SOCRATIC by google Study app buat bantu cari jawaban dan banyak banget video" pembelajaran berbahasa inggris yan…

@Simplysouth00 @bernieblackbern @orlandomayor @OrlandoFireDept @OrlandoPolice @citybeautiful And it’s not my job to…

Socratic by Google: Bem simples de usar e também responde qualquer questão.

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Socratic by Google 5.3 Screenshots & Images

Socratic by Google iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Socratic by Google iphone images
Socratic by Google iphone images
Socratic by Google iphone images
Socratic by Google iphone images
Socratic by Google ipad images
Socratic by Google ipad images
Socratic by Google ipad images
Socratic by Google ipad images
Socratic by Google Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Socratic by Google Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Socratic by Google (Version 5.3) Install & Download

The applications Socratic by Google was published in the category Education on 2015-07-09 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 145.14 MB. Socratic by Google - Education posted on 2020-06-17 current version is 5.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Socratic by Google Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence

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