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Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or play with friends on all different devices.

Marketplace - Discover the latest community creations in the marketplace! Get unique maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators.

Slash commands - Tweak how the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more.

Add-Ons - Customize your experience even further with free Add-Ons! If you're more tech-inclined, you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs.

Minecraft Realms auto-renewable subscription info:

Minecraft now comes with the option to buy Minecraft Realms. Realms is a monthly subscription service that lets you create your own always-online Minecraft world.
There are currently two subscription options to choose from depending on how many people you want to invite to play in your realm simultaneously. A realm for you and 2 friends costs 3.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and a realm for you and 10 friends cost 7.99 USD/month (or local equivalent).
A 30-day trial of Minecraft Realms for you and 10 friends is available. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the subscription price option you have previously selected.

Your subscription can be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. There is also a button in-game that take you to these settings. If you cancel after your subscription has activated, you won't be refunded for the remaining active period of the subscription.

Here are links to our privacy policy and terms of use:
- Privacy policy: https://account.mojang.com/terms#privacy
- Terms of use: https://account.mojang.com/terms

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Minecraft Customer Service, Editor Notes:

What's new in 1.16.201: Various bug fixes.

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- Can we plz get new animals

I love this game it’s like so much fun, but I would love it more if we had some new animals like black bears frogs, owls, cougars, rams for the mountains, like think 🤔 about it we have all these mountains but no rams. Also we have dolphins but no sharks 🦈 we zero animals in the savanna I would love to see a elephants and some giraffes, zebras and snakes would be awesome 😎 like I would definitely rate this game five stars but I really want to see more animals also whales would be 👍 great . Sorry if I’m ranting on about the animals, also how cool would it be if you could spawn a butler and maid 🤩 I would love it because I love to make huge houses but I can’t really guard my home and cook food myself I REALLY THINK IT WOULD BE EPIC IF YOU GUYS ADDED NEW ANIMALS AND NEW SPAWNS🤩 and I don’t mean like a custom pack I mean like in creative you have those egg like things and u can spawn anything you want , speaking of eggs I think it would be awesome if we had popcorn, snow cones and pancakes 🥞. Also can we please, please have spawn children I need a little kid running and causing chaos around my house, I’m a only child so I really want a sis and bro 😔🥺 and to get a kid! I had to spawn twelve different villagers just to get one kid! Also a friend of mine is blind so he can’t really build a house we have to FaceTime with his bro to help him so could we get spawn houses too please for my bff. Thx 4 your awesome 👏🏻😎 game and stay safe ✌🏻

- Old Game That I Still Enjoy

I enjoy this game till this day, if you knew like me what the nether reactor core and when you could glitch stack armour. It has changed so much and suddenly blew up out of know where! I have been creating boat racing maps, and almost everything I can imagine. If you can imagine it build it, not only does it show how creative you can be but also make you get more ideas, it’s almost an addictive cycle. Weird I know I took a break from this game for a year and then boom out of no where blew up. I would always love to think back to 2011 to when I enjoyed this game on an old pc at my grandparents. Now I can’t stop playing it. All I can say is thank you, bringing us entertainment for all these years. This game has been there sense the start and came out rough into the best sandbox game I have ever played. Sure there are some negatives about the game, like you can’t get custom skins off files on Xbox without having to decrepit the games files. I always had used MCPE skin creator/editor and it worked amazingly but sad to know I can only do it on mobile. But put that aside, and you have an overall 90/10 game right now for me it’s perfect as it is. Sadly the original creators of Minecraft are gone and now bough by another company, if your reading this you might say, the new company is bad. But what they did to the game is so amazing, doing more than the original game designers would to with it. Thank you!

- Weird custom skin glitch

I’ve been playing Minecraft PE since 2011 and it’s awesome! But ever since Character Creator has been added to the game, my custom skins have been looking off. I use slim-armed skins because I prefer them over classic skins but the glitch only occurs on slim-armed skins. Let’s say you have a slim-armed skin, and you wanted a unique design on each leg. Like different-lengthened socks, or a flower on one and a star on the other. Then when you upload the skin on the game, whatever way you designed the right leg (it looks like the left leg if you look straight at the skin) gets copy and pasted automatically onto the left leg (right leg if you look at the skin straight at the face). It looks distorted, as I don’t know if other players can or cannot see the error besides yourself, but it’s basically both legs are symmetrical while a lot of skin designers like not making symmetrical, and the second layer on the leg that gets changed to looking like the other stays. So basically the glitched leg looks exactly like the other leg that looks perfectly fine, but has second layer on it. Like then both legs would have like a flower on it but the star’s second layer is stuck on top of the copy and pasted flower. Pretty odd right? For me it makes me feel like I have OCD, I can’t stand skins that have something off on it, sorry. It doesn’t do the glitch on classic skins though. So, if you can fix it, please do.

- Minecraft’s next update (other than caves and cliffs).

I think the next update should be about the end. The reason I think that is because the ends only update was the shulker box update. Which I think is lame. The things I want in the end update is. 1. If you fall of the edge of the end you fall into the overworld. And if you are lucky you can get into a pool of water. 2. Instead of going back to the overworld you go to a new world. It will be called the otherlands. In the world you will be able to see new stuff. First of all the world will be purple and there will be ores call Oregon ores. The origin ore can be used to make something called a Oregon block. (Of corse). Oregon ore will also make something called pendertoling block. It will be able to make compasses to the end. The mobs! 1 there will be a mob called crenister censter. It will destroy blocks to even get to killing you so make sure you have some obsidian on you. 2. The next mob will be called crentatious. It will despise itself as any mob (other than the wither, enderdragon and wardens. It will drop a enchanted book called open of secrets I ii and iii. It will let you secretly hide yourself into any mob. And you will probably be able to pass creepers if you are able to. And a special place called dragons Puxizer endra. It’s a awesome game 🎮😀😃🧑🏼‍💻🕹💻📱I even have a dilofosaurus head and dragon wings/body Ya boi that plays Minecraft at least every day Elijah.g

- This game is great but....

You know how you add so many new mods and creatures I wish you would put in the game a new mod that foxes can have babies like cats and dogs if you do you do that can you add one more minute if a cat or a dog has baby or even a fox you’ll have like at least two or three like in real life! In Minecraft and vanilla it should be easier they get packs like the dragon pack in the pack that let you get married and stuff ( like you can have kids ). I know it’s weird but I really want to add these or like fix it and when I try to turn my head in the game it like glitches out I’m down left right and I’m only looking down to see if there is diamonds below me. And I wish you didn’t have to be special in the game to have friends and make like servers! And I think you should add like toys and treats you can give to the dogs and treats that you can give to cats and like stuff for the animals and you should like make new blocks like pillows or cloud blocks they would like stop you’re falling from a high distance at least two blocks! I’ve known Minecraft ever since I was a little or girl and I think the sword what Minecraft mean and thank you so much riding fox says it’s the best. So pls add please Atlees things that I said! And I think you should add dragons just for fun :). And I think you should be able to ride the dragon. So thanks for listening and your game is the best game ever!

- Amazing but a few things...

Ok, I have been playing Minecraft for years. Each update is better then the last, adding amazing animals and new objects. However I have noticed in the recent update, TONS of new bugs and issues have occurred. Such as, sometimes when I am crafting something, I craft it and then go back in the crafting table. But my item is still there. I try to remove it, but it just replaces itself with another one. I end having to close the app and reopen it. Another problem that has recently developed is, whenever I go into chat when I am on a sever, my game immediately freezes, then crashes and knocks me out of the app. Another thing that has recently happened is when I am playing and go into my inventory, it freezes and won’t unfreeze. One more is, sometimes when I go into the nether, it stays frozen on the “loading terrain” screen. Other than these glitches and bugs, I HIGHLY recommend this game. Whenever I want to play a fun game, this will always be my first choice. With the endless building ideas, the challenge of defeating the bosses, and playing countless games and tests Minecraft is the best game out there and will make you play for hours. A few animal ideas are: Bears, birds, snakes, frogs, mice, sharks, squirrel, elephant, lion, monkey, butterfly, crab, deer, penguin, kangaroo, koala, raccoon, alligator or crocodile and more types of dogs. Thank you for reading!

- Great! But it won’t let me even open it.

(Keep in mind, this is the mobile version, PE) It’s such a great game and I love it, but recently it’s been getting more buggy than ever. A few glitches that I have experienced that get very annoying are things such as, when a friend joins, I’ll be wearing their skin, and they’ll be wearing mine (in their POV). It gets annoying when I join only to be wearing their skin. Another thing is that the game constantly kicks me out. I’ll be playing and my screen will freeze a lot. Keep in mind, I’ve tried everything. I’ve deleted tons of apps, cleared data from things, just to make sure that I have space on my device (and it’s not that). The most recent glitch for me, however, (which is why I’m writing this) doesn’t even let me into the game. I’ve tried purging all my apps again to clear even more space and I don’t know what else to do. It gets to the last couple of bars in the loading screen and freezes. It doesn’t kick me out, just freezes on that and won’t go into the game. I’m becoming impatient, waiting for it to go into the game and it still won’t. I swipe up the app then go on it again, only for the same result, over and over. No matter how many apps I’ve had before, it’s never done this and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to delete the app for fear of losing all my data and worlds. Anyone have any suggestions??

- Minecraft is an amazing game!!💕💕

I love Minecraft! I’ve been playing it since I was 8 years old, and it’s come a long way since then. Most games I play I usually play them for about a month or two, three at the most, and then forget about it. But Minecraft is different. It’s stuck with me for a long time now (almost 6 years). It’s a great game to play with friends and family, whether you want to create a massive structure or survive in the wilderness while fighting monsters, or do a bit of both. However, like every game, it does need some improvements. First of all, I suggest that it have a wider variety of animals in the game, (elephants, lions, tigers, sharks, etc). Also, I think their should be more options of furniture, especially in creative mode, rather than having to use steps as chairs. There are also a few glitches that can be annoying. For example, if you add to many mobs in creative, it will lag out your game. Also, there was this one time that I had to delete and reinstall the game because it wouldn’t let me open up the game. Regardless of some minor issues, this game is absolutely phenomenal and highly suggest downloading it! My advice to you is to first read the “how to”, it will tremendously help you get a head start on the game. Once you download this game, you won’t be able to stop playing! Trust me, you won’t regret getting it!!!💕💕


Minecraft is like the best game ever you can play with friend play severs and do all that you can make whatever you want in your builds. You can even add mods but there’s something that I don’t like only one thing and it’s the I used to be a mobile player I still am but I play more on my xbox it is that I can’t get any mobs on my phone that seem to work I really wanted the kitchen mod but when I downloaded it nothing poped up it could be the app that I’m getting it from bet oh well what would be a really cool update would be sharks but I don’t think we can get them and it would be cool if MOJANG could at a icon that you can click on to take you to a website or something to simply download a mod or texture packs like that would be awsome I also have some ideals that could possibly be added like maybe more foods or like more pets like a dog update the dogs not worlds dogs that have cool skins like big dogs and small dogs 🐕 🐶 like that would be so cool that’s all but Minecraft is a awsome game and you can Choos it you wanna go in a game by yourself or with your friends or with people you don’t know in a sever and the best thing is you and find treasure is a ship and a jungle temple and a desert 🐫 🐪 temple and others and you get really good loot and MOJANG if your seeing this do you think you could add these mods???? Well I got to go I recommend getting this app!!!!😍😍😍😍

- An Honest Opinion

Mojang, thank you so much for making the best game this planet has ever seen. I played MCPE one time for a couple minutes on a friends tablet almost 6 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve then watched java and bedrock YT videos up until the point when I downloaded PE this April. One thing I did miss about bedrock though was that the ambience noises were removed. I’m so happy you re-added them with the nether update. I look forward to more updates like the nether update, although not any that are too massive, because people like me (and there are a lot of us) don’t want to lose the simplicity of Minecraft we grew up with. We all want improvements (bug fixes and Java parity specifically on this version) but we don’t massive changes that make Minecraft unrecognizable. For example, the cave update everyone wants, every one expects a massive change but don’t realize it would completely strip Minecraft if it’s simple mining aspect. I am probably the only person in the world who doesn’t want a cave update, but I just don’t want Minecraft to become something else. I’m sorry this is so long, and I feel bad if any devs actually read this, but I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for a while. Please don’t strip Minecraft’s simplicity from it. This is the game we grew up on, please don’t make it a different game. Thank you, and have a great day.

- It’s Good Then, It’s Great Now

Hello There! My Named Is Madyson! I Have Been Playing This Game Since Kindergarten, I’m Now In 7th Grade. I Use Reviews To See If An App’s Worth My Money, Storage Or Time Because It Is. ..Or To See What The App Users Think Of A New App/Feature . I Am Re-Writing This Review BC I Wrote My Last In Like 4th Grade. Download The Game, Have Fun, Make The Memories. We Have An Apple Pad 2 ( My Sister And ) Of Course, We Have Phones To Play On. But We Got A Message Of The Game Characters, Steve And Alex Waving Good Bye. My Heart Dropped, When I Found They Cut Off Funding For Remlms, Muti-Player Worlds & More Updates Were Cut Off For That Type Of Device. I Personally Knew That It Hit Me BC When I Started Playing Minecraft, That Would Have Been The Most-High Tech Piece You Could Play On. I Then Reliezed Where Did Time Go? I Still Remember, My First Time Hearing About This Game, I Called It “Craft-Mine”. I Remember Thinking That The Minecraft Platfroms Were Small When Really, I Was Just On A Island. I Remember Making A Glass Bubble Around My Small Little Wooden House To Protect From Mobs. I Remember Printing And Cutting Out My Favorite Build On My Moms Old Printer. The Time Muli-Player Came Out And My Sister Joined Me And Screamed “SISSY AND I CAN PLAY TOGETHER LIKE PAT AND JEN ( Youtubers)” ...my mom figured it out and showered me how to build. now, I’m crying bc now I have mansions and are helping my younger cousins figure out how to build stuff...

- Addicted to this game!

Hi. So, first off I would like to start this review off with talking about how much I love this game. I downloaded this game years ago and still love it. It’s ultimately a great game. Here’s some of my requests you should do. First off, could you guys please make the game where you don’t need wifi to be able to join people? It always makes road trips boring for me if I want to play minecraft with a friend. Also, if you guys could make it where people can share a wolf. My first wolf from the beginning passed away tonight due to a skeleton attack. Right before he was killed he had just made a baby with my friends dog, Morgan, they had already had baby earlier on named April. I wanted another one, and decided to breed them again. A few seconds after that Buddy (My wolf) was killed. It was devastating. We named the baby after Buddy, Buddy Jr., it would just be so convenient for us both to control him. Considering we are his aunts. But Buddy Jr. mostly has to stay with his dad, Morgan, because he needs to live with his dad. Anyways my point is please make it where people can control other dogs. My third request is that you guys add slabs that are vertical. Everyone’s been asking for these, and it would be very useful, and helpful. Also if you could make it where villagers, foxes, and mobs can be leashed. That’s all my requests for now. Thank you!

- Thank you, Minecraft

Minecraft is truly an amazing game. Reason being, how it really makes you wonder about life’s unexplored lore, and a bunch of possibilities that may come across you in the future. I recently beat the ender dragon in the bedrock version, so I decided I wanted to to stay at the credits screen and read it all the way. Which actually happened. The way the credits screen was written out really had me speechless just because of how simply powerful the language makes you imagine about life, and imagining how far you may go. I never really thought about life that deep before, when I was still very young, but now that a few years have passed, I definitely have developed a drastically deeper understanding for Minecraft. I believe that Minecraft just isn’t a sandbox game where you can let your imagination and creativity raise the bar as high as you want, but I honestly think it’s more than just a game. The credits screen feels like you’re living a dream come true, which I feel like it’s more than just a game. This is why I’ve been sticking with Minecraft ever since the past decade, and would definitely recommend this game to anyone that is into video games. If anyone actually read this all the way until the bottom, thank you for reading. If you just started Minecraft, keep playing, you won’t regret it one bit. 😇

- A creative masterpiece

I don’t have long to write a review, but this game is amazing. I started playing from around age 6 and have enjoyed playing this game for 6 years. Even though I feel I’ve only gotten decent recently I think this game is really fun. Not matter your trying to survive the night with your friends in survival, or building the mansion of your dreams in creative, best game ive ever played and has sculpted me as a gamer and in real life from the way I think of architecture and design. I can still remember being scared out my socks when I was only a kindle fire and it was day in the desert, and I went into a cave, then it was pitch black, I started to spin, and then I was lost. No escape. I was in survival for the first time which made it worse. Then Im spinning trying to see a light going deeper and deeper and BOOM! Got blown up by a creeper, let’s say I stuck to creative for a bit lol 😂. I love going on the MC discord and looking at all the amazing feedback I get from other players now that I have some actual good idea of what I’m doing and I’m trying to figure out redstone. One thing I would suggest, stop advertising the game as a game for little kids because even though I’m a kid I know when I’m an adult if you keep updating I’ll still be playing! But great job mojang otherwise! Woah this was a lot longer than I anticipated. Keep up the great work! -Conor

- Minecraft

Many can agree that this is the app we grew up on. This app is amazing, along with its beautiful, tear-bringing soundtrack. As I look back on the app, it has changed so much. It sounds crazy, but I almost wish it was back to the days when you lived off of cows and used boats, but now it’s all cheats and crazy builds and bees. But my favorite part has to be the soundtrack. Listening to these songs, all the memories flow in and rush back, and I think about my brother and cousin building a mansion, and me begging to play, or when my brother would still play with me. This game was my childhood. And while everyone else is crooning over Fortnite, Minecraft remains the best. The music is just magnificent. But, there are a few things that need fixing. Whenever I get on, it says there was an account error, and I don’t even have an account. Also, I made a few characters and they fail to load. Finally, I just wish on Pocket Edition you could go back to different updates so I could play like I used to; no bees, no dolphins, no crazy stuff - just how the game started out. For me, listening to the soundtrack and the scent of Winter Candy Apple by Bath and Body Works brings back all the memories. Minecraft will always be with us. I know this is long, but this game is so worth it. Great job, Mojang, and Notch, and all the others. You have created history.

- Love. It.

This game is the best game I’ve ever played in my life. It helped me when I had to get surgery. It helps me when I get home from school. Hands down this is the best game ever, and if you’re reading this you should definitely get it. It has structures to explore, over 30 biomes, achievements to get, about 85, you can playin friends worlds, in your own worlds, and if you sign in to Xbox live you can pay on servers with players across the globe. You can play worlds in survival or creative, with cheats on or off. The 5 default servers are The Hive, Lifeboat, Mineplex, Mineville City, and Cubecraft games. But there are tons of other servers around too. It constantly updates proving it won’t go out of business for a whiiiiiiiiiiile. If you’re looking for an awesome game, get Minecraft. Suggestion: Maybe in the create world slot you could add more textures and not just the default. You could add past tense, or future tense, or Realistic Minecraft, whatever you want. And possibly, could you eventually add more bosses. Knowing the fact when you beat the Wither and Ender Dragon, there’s not really anything else to do. Really you could just go to end city, get achievements, that’s really all that’s important left. And maybe you could add some guns in the game. There’s only a bow and crossbow, maybe you could have an AK-47, or a Sniper Rifle, really anything just please add guns.

- Minecraft is Boss but just one issue

So first of all. Minecraft is one of the best games out there at least for me it is. I basically grew up playing it on my xbox 360. Nothing wrong with the gameplay or anything. But I do have one complaint. Now i’m not entirely sure if this a bug or a glitch so it might be nothing but it bothers me. So basically I play on the server: MineVille City. And when i go into one the minigames, that minigame being High-School Roleplay there are problems with my custom skin. So idk if this has to do with the server but this has happened most of the time. I walk around and when i pull up the pause menu my custom skin is replaced with a random skin. And I sometimes see other players with my skin equipped. And idk if my skin is working or not. Even when i do the inventory menu my custom skin is still there. So Mojang, if you see this then please reach out to me. My Minecraft account is a Xbox live account named Endermen21YT. So please if you can, look into this. Now this could totally just be the server or something else so this might not even be happening. I’ve even noticed that this has happened to other ppl before on those servers. And it only happens when I enter the minigame. In the main server my skin’s fine. So anyway yeah that’s all. I personally still love this game to freaking pieces so keep up the good work Mojang.

- That one review...

Okay this game is amazing. We all know that. Though I think it can be better. I’ve played Minecraft all my life, it was the only game I grew up with. It’s become a part of my life and I can’t let it go. Therefore, I come from a period of Minecraft that was simple and didn’t have much to it. Which was what I loved about it. It stood out from Call of Duty and Halo. The only reason I won’t rate it a perfect 5/5 is because of one reason. This game has become too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game so much to stop playing. Although, I miss it being simple and not having so many mechanics... Back to when it was a simple game, just blocks, a few things. The amazing feel of inviting your friend that was right next to you into your world, just so you guys could goof off and build some awful world. That’s what made the game special. Now this game updates faster than half of the other Minecraft versions. It’s basically Minecraft Java, but mobile. I hate it. It doesn’t have that same feeling. Though, like said before, it’s not like I can just let this game go. So I’m still here playing it. I just wish that it was more how it was before. Before minecoins, the xbox live sign in, the new blocks that don’t even have a purpose. Just let me play the old Minecraft... the Minecraft I remember... the Minecraft I fell in love with... the Minecraft I stayed up for. - TheOneReview.


Minecraft is the best game ever! It has so much do to. Fight off mobs with weapons, or build a horn your own creative way. Make farms for food, enchant your weapons, and explore villages. There is so much more to do! I’ve played this since I was 4 years old and I still do! It’s AWESOME! If people hate on Minecraft, then I’m very disappointed in them. Minecraft is a one of a kind game with so much potential that it has already given us. More cool ideas can always be added. It has an awesome community, lots of servers and cool mods, and even has cool stuff like Minecon for you to look forward to. Because of COVID19, this year’s Minecon might be cancelled. I really hope not. Anyways, that is off topic to this review. I have so many good experiences playing Minecraft. I can remember worlds that me and my cousins would play in. We would build hotels and make our own parkour courses. We tested out with redefine and command blocks, too. Seriously, games like Fortnite have NOTHING against Minecraft! I’m always gonna be a Minecraft fan. I can’t wait for the new nether update coming! It’s advanced the nether A LOT! It’s just awesome! Plus, Minecraft puts out 2 big awesome updates a year. Seriously, I HIGHLY recommend Minecraft. Not scary, not boring, it’s VERY fun, even if your not a gamer, there is a 99.9% chance you are going to love it! The best game ever!!! :)


This game is so fun! I love all of the updates and in my opinion the new update every one is complaining about is actually really good! But besides all of the amazing stuff my game has been glitching hardcore. So when I spawned into a survival world there was like the unfinished portal thing. Ofc I went to it to loot it and I got a golden pickaxe and sword. When I went to go mine coal it gave me the ore blocks instead of just coal. I didn’t think much of it until I went to go mine iron and it gave me nothing! This has been happening on every single one of my survival worlds. Maybe because it has Smite 1 on the golden pickaxe but if so why would you give that out to people? I stumbled across a village and went to go see if they had a furnace so I didn’t have to make one. Halfway through making cooking something in the Blast Furnace it just completely stopped. I tried taking everything out and putting them back in but no. I was really annoyed because I needed to cook food! Since it wasn’t working I decided to make a regular furnace. Checked the crafting recipe and it wanted a different block than cobble it wanted ‘Blackstone’? I didn’t even know that existed in the game! A lot other glitches have been happening I just can’t think of all of them right now. Those glitches stood out to me the most. Overall really good game!


I’ve been playing Minecraft my whole life it feels like, but something is wrong with the custom skins. Say you download this skin from one of the skin apps and your so exited about it. Well to bad for you, you can’t wear it. I checked a million times to see if it’s just a update or something like that but it’s not! It’s super glitchy too, me and my cousins usually play together but it’s been lagging a lot. Then randomly it kicks you out and doesn’t let you join back in unless you reset the whole thing. You guys say that you keep fixing the game- but your not, your making it worse. We love that you are adding new things to the game and I’m not saying that’s the problem...but maybe...it is? I’m so excited for all the new things! Don’t get me wrong, everyone is! But there was a few I didn’t like personally. It was the customize your own skin thing you guys added not to long ago. We are happy that you tried to make the game better, except I really think you made it worse. That’s might just be me but I loved the game where we didn’t have all this glitchy stuff and we can play without that. And without that confusing customize your own skin thing. Please fix it! This is the game I love and will always love- but just remove some of the updates you think made the game better. Thank you!!!

- Minecraft is amazing but it definitely needs a few updates

I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was 7. It’s one of my favorite games to this day and I still love playing it. But I still have a few things I really want added to the game. Backpacks would be an extremely helpful feature to add to the game. On long adventures I’ve run out of space in my inventory many times. Backpacks would help solve this problem. I’ve tried to download mods for backpacks but they never work. Flying creatures such as dragons that you can ride on would be so much fun. It’s a bit of a stretch considering the only dragon in the game is the ender dragon but honestly it would be a lot of fun. Instead of having them spawn randomly maybe it can be a quest to find a dragon egg and then have some specific way to hatch it. My last suggestion is different kinds of dogs. Cats come in 11 different kinds and I would be overjoyed if dogs did too. Maybe instead of taming wolves, dogs can be separate just like cats and ocelots. Preferably I would love breeds like pugs, collies, German shepherds, huskies, corgis, golden retrievers, poodles and bulldogs. Since dog breeds all vary in sizes I would suggest making them different sizes as well. I love what mojang has done over the years with the game and I hope these suggestions will come into consideration, please and thank you.

- On a scale of 1-10 it would be a 8

I love Minecraft and have playing since it was on the Xbox 360, and I have loved everything about it! But recently it’s been laggy, glitchy and it even crashes when I try to play. Normally the game isn’t that slow but when ever I’m not on WiFi or have a poor connection , it takes 5 minutes to just to make the type of world that I want! Before the game would be a little slower than normal, but never THAT slow. I could be casually playing and it would glitch so bad, it would crash! And oddly enough when I try to pause the games it would take over 5 minutes for it to load the menu. Besides that, the gameplay is good, and the graphics are outstanding when you have a good internet connection. The servers are fun to play, and often has a variety of games on the servers. The game updates every once in a while and often features a fun new addition. And the in-game shop has a few free skins, worlds and has deals that are often good. However, when there isn’t a deal or a promotion for the shop the items can be quite expensive. The items range from 100 coins (0.99) to over 1,000 coins (around $20). Unless you are willing to put in money, you won’t have the more fun and interactive worlds/skins. TL;DR Good game overall. Has a fun shop with some free stuff and has fun updates. Has some bad glitches but bearable.

- I love it but..

Dear Mojang, I’ve been playing Minecraft for years now and I love it but there is a bug that keeps happening every time. Anyways I made a survival world to unlock all the achievements there. And it was working fine but now it freezes from time to time and I can’t exit the game but I can still move so I wait about five minutes and nothing is happening. So I keep getting out the game and coming back but when I come back some of my stuff is not saved and it sometimes deletes my animals which is really annoying because it’s hard to find more horses that are fast. So I just take a break for a while and I come back. When I come back it seems to be working ok again, so I make a nether portal and go in to try and find the temple. I eventually find it and then head back to my house to get prepared and get better armor and stuff. Ok so I go back to the nether and it freezes again!!! So I exit out the game and get back on and enter the nether again, again it freezes so I keep leaving and coming back and nothing is working! I worked so hard on that world and now I won’t let me go back to the nether without freezing!!! I’ve already reported the bug to Mojang. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update because I really just wanted to have fun and beat the game for once. Please help me it needs to be fixed!! Thank you. -Annelise

- Infinite Wonders, Endless Possibilities

I’ve loved this game since I was really young. It is such a great way to be creative in more ways than just “placing blocks.” You can use math, science, art, architecture, music, and so much more in this incredible app. There are literally endless possibilities, and with the new updates, 2019 could quite possibly be its best year yet. My only problem is when it comes to texture packs, the really large and quite amazing ones like VanillaBDCraft don’t work on my phone. They cause the whole app to crash. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but other than that, I have no problems with the game. The only other thing I wish would be changed is the variety of blocks. You have slabs, staircases, and full blocks, but there aren’t any smaller cubes aside from heads and you can’t have sideways slabs or staircases. I think this is a hug limitation in what is possible for art and architecture in Minecraft. With it, there could be so many more possibilities and overall efficient and better-looking builds. And don’t get me started on the Minecraft Store. That thing just gets on my nerves. Why is the most expensive texture pack in the store so simple? And the description of it isn’t professional at all. Other than these things, I have no problem with Minecraft and enjoy playing pretty much everyday.


Look, I appreciate Minecraft so much. I feel like it has been reading my reviews (on different accounts). I ask for enderpearls, stained glass, etc and they ALL add to Minecraft pe in order. So, here’s two more things that I need last. One being shields and number two being capes. We had capes for a while, but then it got patched down. A lot of Minecraft players were upset about this, and those groups of players included me. Now, I’m still keeping five stars because I wouldn’t know where I’d be without this amazing game, Minecraft. I made lots of friends and when I found out that they played as well, we played until 4 in the morning! Anyway, back to the shields now. Xbox and PC have this now. Im not sure about the Switch, but I really want to play using shields. If Mojang is going to let us merge games with different consoles, then it wouldn’t be fair if they had shields and we didn’t. See what I mean? Now that we merged, I have been looking for shield every update but all we got was Mixer LiveStreaming, Bug Fixes, and Minor Improvements. I would be a bit disappointed if Mojang “forgot” about shields, but I would also totally get it. Everyone makes mistakes. But I hope this is read and useful. Thank you, creators, for this amazing game that took me so far. Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a great day!

- Amazing game, but...

This game is fantastic, but there are a few things that I really think need to be fixed: 1. You cannot place carpet under ladders and doors. It is really annoying and I hope it can be fixed. 2. VOLCANOS! There should definitely be so,e volcanos, ones that are erupting and not. I also think that before creating a new world you should be able to deactivate the volcanos if you wanted. 3. It would be really great if there were different kinds of dogs, especially if there are different types of cats. For example, there are Siamese cats, black cats, orange cats etc...but there is only one kind of dog. I also think that’s there should be wolf spawners (which there is) AND dog spawners for the villages. There are cat and ocelot spawners, but not for dogs. 4. For the people that want the old Minecraft back, the simple one, I don’t think Mojang should change Minecraft, I want Mojang to keep adding more exciting things. HERES MY IDEA SO EVERYONE IS PLEASED: before creating a new world, you should be able to check/cross off certain blocks, mobs, animals etc...this will make it so it’s simpler if you want it to be. For example, you want a world with no cheats, no ravagers, pillagers and dolphins, just cross them off and boom, back to old simple Minecraft. Anyways, thank you so much for creating this amazing game, I am forever grateful!

- I love Minecraft but...

I love Minecraft it’s a great game but I wish they had more animals for and more interactions with pets like, pets can have stats and you can train them like some stats could be Combat, or speed and adding more animals like snails, Slugs, Racoons, Rats, Mice, Goats, More pets, Snakes, and more, but I really want is more food! I think you could add food like More pies, More Fruit, More Vegetables, More Soup, Coconut milk from coconuts, Chocolate milk, Strawberry milk, Fruits I want to be added in soon but it’s okay if these will be in a later update you can take all the time you need to add these like dragon fruit, bananas, Avocado, Pear, Cactus fruit, Mangosteen, Mangos, Lychee, Pineapple, Grapes, Green Apple, Peach, Oranges, Blueberries, Plums, and tons more if you are reading this thank you for reading this Minecraft is one of my favorite games I have had since I was little normally I don’t write reviews but Minecraft is just something I felt like I had to do and I was thinking maybe adding Venus fly traps and flys, maybe more flowers?, onions, and more types of fish like, bass, catfish, and possibly whales! It would be amazing if in a later update one of these are in it. Minecraft is I think one of the first games I got and I remember back then what it was like compared to now it has improved so much thank you for working hard on Minecraft :)😁🤗😋❤️❤️👍🏻

- I LOVE Minecraft but....

I absolutely love Minecraft but I don’t love the new update that just came out. For example my inventory is weird. I personally like using the classic version instead of pocket and ever since the last update both versions is very glitchy and it doesn’t show the name of the item. Additionally, when you press an item it sort of highlights the box and I don’t like it. In addition to the latest update I have some suggestions for the new update to make it more enjoyable. 1- New breeds of dogs and cats! I feel that Minecraft needs more dog and cat types to kinda freshen it up and for it to be more interesting. 2- More food! Maybe coffee, sandwiches, burgers, French fries, etc would make it cool. 3- Crazy Craft! I see you tubers (ldshadowlady,smallishbeans,etc) using crazy craft on their computers and I think a free version on Minecraft PE so that all players could get crazy craft and play like the minecrafters they look up to would be really nice! 4- Cameras and Phones. I feel like we need a technology update. I think working phones, computers, cameras, and any thing technological would be really cool to add to the game. Finally, more furniture! Couches, vanity’s, toilet bowls, mirrors, closets and basically anything you would find in a house! I think that, that idea is really cool and would attract many players! If you can do this than thank you! Sorry for being so needy :(

- Help Is Needed.

I play both on Xbox and Mobile ! Also before I continue I love the game it is phenomenal! But I need some help. — I play with my friends and I decided what the heck I am going to play on mobile (I do sometimes if I have free time somewhere, usually never at home though.) So I get into Minecraft and it needed my Microsoft account (to which I put in not really thinking that much.) and I connect and we played Minecraft for a bit yeah yeah, and I get kicked out, I go back in and In the corner of the screen it says my gamer tag. I didn’t really care that much since I never play on Mobile anyways so I get onto my Xbox. I see my Roommates Account and Mine. I then head into Minecraft Interface but it gives me a message something along the lines of it was updating, and ALL OF MY GAMES PROGRESS HAD BEEN DELETED. I was/am still very mad and need help. I can not get into any of my games and it is all because of Minecraft Mobile. I have talked to XBOX Support over the phone and they said I need to leave a review and try and figure something out with the Mobile Support Line. Please if anybody has any ideas to help me it would appreciated, because according to the date January 18th of 2020, I do not have access to any of my stuff, all because I too lazy to get onto Xbox and Mobile screwed me. Once Again, I love Minecraft and I just want my stuff back. Please send me assistance.

- Updated a little too much🤷‍♀️

I mean Minecraft is a good game. It’s fun and there’s also loads of servers but there is one problem for me. I think you guys updated the game a little too much for the multiplayer part. I love the whole water updates and all that but the multiplayer part is just making the worst in my opinion let me explain. When Minecraft first came out it was sooo easy to join each other all you had to do was be close to the person you wanted to play with and then join. But now you have to have this whole account thing and it’s just waayyy too complicated. And I can’t even join my friends because it just doesn’t work and when it does they immediately get kicked out for some reason and that’s the only reason why I liked Minecraft and now I can’t even play with my friends. But yet again that’s just my opinion. Also I’m on iOS so that may be the problem but idk?🤷‍♀️ Hello me again I have decided to update my review a bit more 💀 I think that you could make this game that 19x better by adding... MORE BIOMS!!!! This game is amazing but to be honest I get kinda tired of just seeing the same bioms over and over again but other that that still an awesome game and I love the new village and cat updates!! 🍬 Oh and one more thing.... you should definitely make jungle, Mesa and mushroom island villages..!! But other that that awesome game🍭🍼

- Please fix this issue

Okay, I legit love Minecraft, I have been playing since 2016. Now, every time I get signed into my Xbox Live account my Minecraft always jams. It doesn’t let me on. When I do get in it doesn’t load my world, so I’m just stuck there for 30+ minutes. Also I’ve bought mine coins and they won’t load in the marketplace. Right now I should have 100 mine coins after my purchases. They just don’t load, the things I’ve bought don’t load either. Recently Minecraft locked my account and idk why. The marketplace wouldn’t load, like I physically could not click the button to open it. It said that there was “an account error” so I just played as an LAN player to play with my friends. Anyways, I got that issue fixed but now my Minecraft won’t load anymore, no severs, it says “coming soon” when I open that tab. Ironically it worked better and would load and let me play with my friends when I was an LAN player. Another thing is the skins. When I try to put in a new skin it just gives me the one i had before, or it just goes invisible and I’m legit a ghost as I play. It’s honestly annoying. I paid for this app with my own money and I would very much like it to work. I love it, so I really don’t want to have to delete it but rn, it looks like I might have to. Could like Mojang get this fixed please? Thank you for your time.

- Great game

This is a great game and I love everything that’s been added recently. But there are a few things that would make the game a bit more interesting. Such as carts that horses or mules could pull, and the player could put stuff in it. Armor for animals like dogs, and cats. It would also be nice to have more birds, like sparrows, hawks, falcons, cardinals, eagles, etc. and something I’ve been wanting since forever, backpacks and torches that light up surrounding areas when held in the hand. Those two things would be very useful for the more adventurous type who don’t like to settle down. There is one thing that I think would make Minecraft off the charts great. If the terrain wasn’t as poorly generated as it is now and it has smooth transitions to each biome. With true mountains that reach the max build height and unbelievably large caverns that dominate the underground. It would make the sense of adventure so much more incredible if a player could wander into a town and visit a tavern and hear the local news or stumble upon a mighty castle in the mountains. A YouTuber named Jeracraft transforms old Minecraft structures like villages and jungles temple into breathtaking structures and makes mountains realistic. And something a bit more manageable would be to increase the world build height to something like 400 or even 500.

- This is a great game, but one thing...

I love to play this game, and I have about two worlds. My main world I’ve had for about three years now and my old iPod that it’s on is starting to get outdated. Im still on IOS9, and the game lags sooo much, especially when friends are joining the world. I’m just worried I might lose the world if I can’t update Minecraft or the phone breaks. This world is really special to me, and I would be disappointed if it got lost. I have an iPhone 8, along with my old iPod. All I’m asking from you is one thing. Please please please add a feature where you can download your friends worlds onto your device. This will allow me to get my favorite world onto my new iPhone, and not have to worry anymore about losing it. I understand that it is probably really hard to add features out of the blue, and that it may take time, but please! I would love you guys forever if you did that. I know some other people who have this problem, and it would probably help many other people if you could put this into Minecraft pocket edition. I realize that there are bugs in the game right now, but honestly, I won’t mind if this feature was added. Please... that is all I want. Now that I think about it, no one will probably ever see this that can make this happen... but whatever, I’ll put it out there for some ideas. Thank you.

- Starting to lose me after many great years...

I played way back in the day. Minecraft PE was fresh off the market. There were no baby animals, spawn eggs, and gravel and sad didn’t fall! And best of all I remember the “Nether Castles,” massive nether forts made from very costly materials just so us PE users could get a feel for the nether. And I remember spending countless hours building building building. I loved it! I recreated some really cool worlds. For instance, I recreated Mean Street in Epic Mickey. But now as the new and exciting updates are being pushed out, PE falls behind. Not in the content! The content lacking version is the PlayStation version. But the bugs and the many glitches hurt us. I get it! It’s impossible to make the perfect game but sometimes the game fails to read simple inputs when I’m hitting the move forward button. This is just an example. Pros outweigh the cons all day. But what’s a review for if the developers don’t read them and consider how to fix it. I believe Microsoft is a very listening company and will hopefully listen to the PE community. Maybe they’ll take a moment and let the game breath! Push the new and exciting update back just a little bit and have an Operation Health😉 The game needs it and we want it. Love your work Microsoft/former Mojang! Keep it up regardless. Thank you for your time!


I LOVE THIS AP! It has been my favorite app for so long! I started playing at a really young age, and through all the updates, it grown on me more and more to where I could have gotten the “Passing The Time” achievement a million times! But I feel like it’s missing something that could make the game so much more fun! We just got the nether update which is SO COOL AND FUN but we need an End update. It’s the boss battle of the game! And it’s just an island floating on the void with a dragon on it and some creepy guys that kill you if you look at them. The end ship is really fun to raid but I feel like I’d rather go to the nether that not the End because it’s a little boring. Also, my MAIN request, MORE MOBS!! please!!! We need more mobs! We can add in different colored cows and chicken and add new features to some of them! We can have bears, owls, dogs, bulls, monkeys, RED pandas, elephants, and more!! Hedge hogs, tigers, lions, UNICORNS, DRAGONS, GHOSTS!!! It would be Soo fun if we had those updates and I know it’s a lot of work but it would be SO fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! We can have different types of trees with yellow leaves, purple leaves, red, orange, blue, magenta!! We also might need different types of dye and flowers and maybe a whole new biome.. Or a new portal to a new RELM! I have so many ideas for this game it has so much potential!

- Few additions needed

I love Minecraft! Though there a few additions that I see as needed. Flying animals, as we only have one tamable flying animal. Maybe there could be snowy owls that fly over tundras, ice spikes, and snowy forests, that you could either tame with fish ( or any meat )or steal an egg from a nest in a snowy forest to hatch. Once tamed you could possibly be able to let the snowy owl out and it could come back in a couple of days with a gift of meat. There could also be barn owls, screech owls, and great horned owls, that soared over forests ( no snow), and possibly grass lands with the same properties as the snowy owl. There could also be just normal birds in forests like blue jays, robins, cardinals, doves, crows Etc. Now that the real flying animals have been covered, this brings us to dragons! Maybe there could be one dragon nest in the heart of every biome with an egg guarded by a grown dragon that you have to defeat to get the egg, possibly when you get close the dragon nest the dragon will start slowly stalking your character. Then once you get the egg it will hatch in an area with lots of light. Then once full grown you can make a saddle and put chests on it for storage, and fly it! Maybe you must also give it lots of meat every now and then to take care of it or it will become feral. I hope you read this/ like the ideas mojang!

- Big glitch causing people to loose progress

This game is very fun except sometimes you have to start completely over and reset everything! This has happened to me twice before, and each time I had multiple very accomplished worlds. What happens is that one second, it’s working just fine, and then when you try to get on it next time, you can’t even make it to the loading screen without it crashing. When this happens, it keeps happening, and you can’t get onto your Minecraft, not even onto your home screen, so you can try to find out what is wrong. Every time this happens to me, it is completely hopeless, and I end up deleting Minecraft. Then, when I redownload it, I lose all of my worlds, skins, servers, and everything except your Xbox live account, which you have to log back into. It is the most annoying thing ever, and I hate it so much. The reason I am actually writing this review is because I am hoping someone at Mojang will see it, and try to troubleshoot the problem. Also, when I tried to look up my problem on Minecraft forums, it looked like a bunch of other people have had the exact same problem, and it’s not getting fixed. If this problem doesn’t get fixed, I’m deleting Minecraft altogether because it was a complete waste of my money. I really hope this problem can get solved, because I really enjoy playing Minecraft, and I don’t want to loose all of my progress. Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

- I wish you brought back the old Minecraft

So I’ve been playing this game since before it was even a thing. What I wish came back was old servers. Ya there is a setting to go to servers that end, but those old servers, now they are like a mod. I was thinking for your next update, you should make more world settings that you can change to make it more advanced. For example, making it so you can put in words for the seed instead of just numbers. I mean, you could do that in old Minecraft. Also, a change that I’ve seen is the death sound was removed, I loved that sound man, animals walk around holes now, so you gotta do even more work to get let’s say carrots or wheat, the mountains that are added to servers, ya they don’t got any openings on them where you can build a house, in old Minecraft, everyone did that, and just the fact that old seeds don’t work breaks my heart. I had this server called the creeper cave server, right? No one knows the seed, and you can’t type it in either. I would tell you the seed, but it is on my kindle fire that is broke. What I’m saying is, you should make adjustments or even make a whole new game where it was just like the old days. And in my opinion, there was no downside, just the fact that updates overtook what I knew about Minecraft.

- It’s great but.........

I love this game but there is a few things wrong with it now the first problem the app and Game is amazing but the price that it is it’s 6.99 that’s 7 bucks down the drain just for some pixels problem 2 even in survival mode it gets extremely boring fast so maybe add some more portals?more mobs like a....a duck are a lizard just pleas add more animals problem 3 whenever my iPod is like 20% I definitely need to charge it but when I get bored with Gacha life I play Minecraft but whenever I click out of Minecraft it has to reload and it takes an eternity (it’s Spanish for forever)to load then I pick my world again it takes forever 4 why are all the skins in Minecraft so expensive like I had to make my character look as nice and me as possible without spending any money so can you also fix that problem your already erning a lot of money like over 2million I think 🤔 but still at least make more skins available and free and that’s basically it sooooo.........And I don’t know if I said this already but can you make the games free pls pls pls I’m tired of searching and searching for free Minecraft worlds it’s bad enough that the game itself is 7 bucks so pls make most games free pls it would mean a lot to me if you did but yea that’s it 🤗 By:Purple Cat Chan Hai and bai🤗 Stay home and you will be safe From the COVID-19🦠🦠🦠🤗

- I love this game but the latest update...

This is the best game I have ever played but the latest update, you know, with the skin creator and the foxes. Once I installed the update and opened up minecraft, what would normally be the Mojang logo was a black rectangle, and when the loading screen popped up the game crashed, and this is even after the new hotfix thing. On my opinion I suggest ( this is for Mojang ) that you guys fix it because I am one of the biggest minecraft fans I know. And even though I stayed within the terms of use I got kicked off my Microsoft account, and that is where all my minecoins and mashups are saved to. 😜 it is still a good game if you like building though!👾 you also get to survive dangerous mobs and explore strongholds, find the end portal and defeat the Ender Dragon if you like that kind of stuff. There are also adventure maps that are really cool you can find them in the minecraft marketplace. So have fun viewers of this review!📱💻. Today I was playing and I accidentally pressed purchase on advanced mining pack instead of buying the furniture pack that I wanted, so I want my money back! Today I tried to use the command to get player heads in every way that lots of YT videos showed and none of them worked, and ever since I figured out about player heads I've wanted to try it. Does anyone know what to do?

- Awsome! But something weird happened

This happened in my main single player world. I was building a long bridge to try and get to a endcity, when all of a sudden, I fell off. I was really irritated, and so I cheated, yeah, sorry, but I went into creative, then flew back, and I went back, started flying around. Couldn’t find my bridge, then I found another endcity portal. Like the bedrock diamond that you throw a ender pearl into to reach endcites. So I threw it in bc I was curious. And, I ended up in the battle arena where you fight the ender dragon. I was confused, but I wasn’t to bothered. So I went back up to my other end city portal u unlock when defeating the ender dragon, and THEN I threw the pearl into there, AND I GOT TELEPORTED INTO THE VOID AND DIED! I WAS STILL IN THE BATTLE ARENA TOO I DIDN’T GET TELLEPORTED TO THE ENDCITY PLACE! I tried again, and this time I got teleported to the other portal that leads to the over world. I couldn’t reach the endcity. And I was so. Con. Fused. I teleported back to the other portal I found, and I got teleported back to the arena. I tried this tons more times, and the same thing happened. I broke everything. I don’t know wether this was supposed to happen, but I don’t think so. So I write this. I want to point out this game is awsome. And I spent lots of awsome times here, but I just wanted to point out this weird glitch.

- Minecraft Review

Hey everyone I’m sure you are familiar with the game Minecraft. It’s a very fun game you get to create anything that you want, but I’ve ran in to some issues with this game they’re not big but just minor issues. First my brother and me really like having battles so some new types of armor would be nice such as titanium armor or a make believe type of armor like dragon plate armor that would be nice. Another thing would be that if y’all would add new weapons like battle axes and scythes. Now with the final part of the battles we need soldiers and minions. That would be awesome my brother and me have had a bunch of ideas like Armed Soldier where they spawn in these things called Bases they drop ammo and different guns. Now for building, I liked the textures on the some off the beautiful blocks in this game but where is the furniture like couches, chairs, and other furniture and appliances like plates and cups. I would like to see this in the game it would make it better. I just looked at the new update Aquatic and I liked it a lot, me personally I like the way that Mojang added vibrant and more life in the oceans and bodies of water in Minecraft Mojang if you’re reading this I hope you add some of these things to make your game a tad bit better and this has been Lunatic0914 I’m out later

- Glitches

Hi I have been playing Minecraft since I was about 4 or 5 I’ve showed it to my friend and family and we all love it I even got my daddy playing it although all of my family and friends also agree how some of the new things are causing massive glitches like the character creator on that the Skinseed dosent work in multiplayer anymore and we have to spend both money and time to get the look we want to share here is another glitch I’m trying to get a pack from let’s say Noxcrew and I’m getting elf patrol or something well I’ve been sitting there so long and it say purchase in progress this shouldn’t take long well spoiler alert it does and it never works I try everything swiping all my apps up on mobile powering of my tablet waiting and it won’t work I managed to get one and it was not even very fun I really want this one game from no crew and it just will not work I am really disappointed 😔 in these glitches another glitch that happens is sometimes if the app suddenly thinks you should delete something it constantly kicks you out and does not make a backup this does not happen as often as it used to but it’s still a problem for many people thank you for your time for reading this and I hope you have heard me goodbye Mojang. 🙂

- Weird things happened

So like any other day I logged into Minecraft right no I tried loading in this world it said no problem indicated or other words can’t get on the world then I try another map then I try is survival world it still does not work I’ve tried deleting it and logging back on to Xbox live then I tried restarting my iPad to type it and it still won’t work then I’m thinking oh I just need to shut it off and turn it back on nope it still does not work but another words if it doesn’t glitch for you then I would read it five stars but this is the third time I’ve had it done it or maybe fifth I don’t know really but I had to start playing for a year on my old iPad which was an eight-year-old iPad so I don’t blame Minecraft for that but I got a new iPad last Christmas and it worked for a little bit then I had to restart it or as you know delete it and then re-download it but it didn’t work then I just stop playing it for a month and then everything was fine after that and then I happened again so I really don’t know what’s the problem it’s just like it came out of know where then all of a sudden boom Bam it just happened and on my other iPad it happened about three or two times obviously I was very upset about that but who can buy in Minecraft for it who is a years old but other words you should get the app if it doesn’t glitch for you .

- Everything Is possible!

Minecraft Is a AWESOME game. And I am never bored when it’s around. It feels like everything is possible! Creating is Awesome. And its hard in real life to build and get materials, and It would take a long time. In Minecraft it can take one day and you have a awesome creation Next to you. Its fun to make your world your favorite way. Also I can choose exactly what I start out with. I can do survival or creative, easy or hard, normal or peaceful, and I get to pick my seed. You can also explore which is really fun. You get to challenge yourself and fight which I love. If you don’t gave Minecraft I don’t know how you live. Also you can buy stuff in the store. You can get a world made for you. I bought luxury life and can’t stop playing. It was so worth the money. You can also buy textures for your worlds. You can change the look of you character and buy new looks or skins. And finally you can play with friends. You can come into your friends worlds or you can have friends come into yours. If you have a Xbox you can play on a world with 1000 other people or so. It is funner when a friend is in your game. It makes everything go much faster. It won’t be as scary hen your fighting monsters. Go get Minecraft right now. Don’t forget what I said.

- There’s still a chance...

So I play The PC version a lot more. I say that because I think that the PC version is the only version that hasn’t been ruined. The PC version is so enjoyable because it’s still original. Microsoft hasn’t touched it. If they do, I think we’re all gonna be pretty ticked off. The only reasons I hate MCPE is because of the inventory and the store. The inventory is bad because of how it’s organized. Nature? What happened to foodstuffs and decorations? The only think that is practically the same is the combat section minus the potions. The other reason I hate the inventory is the grouping. I hate having to open a menu IN my inventory for one single block or item. The store is bad because it just is. Yea, you can’t download a map on a phone or tablet. But you shouldn’t have to pay real money for one dinky little world. The PC version can just look up a map, find the URL, download it, and just play it. But that’s only because it’s a computer. I’m pretty sure a phone can’t handle that sort of thing. And the only reason downloading worlds with real money is because it’s just Microsoft trying to rip you off. You can literally just download an app to find original worlds, texture packs, etc. Yes, most apps are shams that you have to pay for anyways, but there are plenty free, good apps. Please, fix Minecraft.

- I love it sooo much but one flaw....

So I love minecraft like I am so obsessed with it I live it so much but when I play it I really wanna play servers and I could not without a microsoft account so I got a microsoft account and I started playing servers and I loveeeeeee servers there like the best thing ever its the best thing of minecraft so I played it and on the next day on the top of my worlds it said “sorry we could not connect to realms right now” so I was gonna play servers then I could not because it said “coming soon” but like that was so wierd like that day I could play them but thats like so wierd so I checked back the next day and still I kept checking till my device broke so I got a new one then I got a microsoft account again then I played servers and on the next day realms was loading and servers were normal like no coming soon but when I tried to play them it did not let me and that was the only multiplayer world and I love playing multiplayer like thats not fair in made me sad I love realms so since that happened which I hate pleaseeeee fix it. apart from that I was playing servers when it got fixed and IT SAID COMING SOON I AM SO SAD so pleasssssssssseeee fix this like I will hate minecraft if you do not so PLEASE😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Thank you for reading once again.


I have been playing since it came out and I love it soooo much and I feel like the next update should have like chairs in different colors and tables you can place anything on remember it’s just a suggestion and my a more modern type of furnace and a fridge cuz my and my siblings love making houses so it would be good for decore and maybe some drawers and a kitchen cabinet and a closet as I said 3 times I’m just suggesting you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to but I always will love playing Minecraft but also there has been worse glitches since the last update like when I put something in my inventory it won’t go out I try removing it but doesn’t go 2nd is when I’m playing or I’m trying to enter or join a world I get kicked out the hole game of course cuz I like playing it I try to find solutions but some times it don’t work and my game sometimes freezes and then it kicked me out I’m just saying but you do you it’s an amazing game and I will always keep playing live the game it’s amazing but if you are willing to do the next update suggestion I would love them to be able to be different colors but as I said you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to thank you for mak ni Minecraft I love it 😀😀

- Awesome

Ever since my cousin introduced this game to me when I was little I’ve been playing this game. It’s hard to believe it was six or seven years ago I was introduced to Minecraft. When I started playing it was fun, and the updates Mojang have added are great, and the make the game so much more interesting. This has become an activity I can do with my family and friends, and it is super fun. My only complaint is one time my game glitches very and I mean very badly. It wouldn’t come off of the loading screen and I had to delete and download the game. I lost all of my worlds, including some I made with my family that were super special. This happened a long time ago, (maybe a year or two at most) but I lost all of my worlds and I had to start over completely. I love having a Microsoft account that makes it really good for playing with friends and Minecraft has helped keep me and my friends in close contact. Overall, Minecraft is great, and I’m really glad I play it. Thanks! I want to update this. I still love the game. Still 1,000,000 out of 5. I forgot to mention a couple things. Once when I played in the friends section it said one was playing. So I thought hey let’s go play with my friends. It was a stranger who didn’t friend. Ever.

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- Add MORE

I think Minecraft should add chameleons sables more animals to the game and make a lot of the animals tame able because the only ones you can really tame our dogs and cats it would be cool if you could tame foxes and add the Arctic foxes I also think it would be cool if you add more blocks and have more like armour have like flower crowns you with me like photoframes add more like decoration things like pillows soap toilet paper and you actually have to go to the bathroom and stuff because you are the cups and you had to drink water and you drink out of a cup or a water bottle and you added like school water bottles I didn’t like rats and mice and stuff and they can get into your house I know this is a really long review but I really think you should add all of this stuff and more I get that people think that Minecraft is too overwhelming at the moment but it would be so much cooler and I will actually want to play it more often when I play pretty often I have it on my Xbox can I have it on my Nintendo switch and I have it on my iPad and my iPod and I will be getting it on my phone but it would just be so much cooler with all of this stuff and more I get that I’ve already said that but it would be cool Ok thank you

- Too much

So I’ve been playing this game for absolutely ages now but I kinda feel like the game has TOO much now, I mean pandas turtles dolphins ect...... it’s just too much for me. I liked the game when it was a nice simplistic building game, but an alternate end realm!? I mean now no one appreciates the things from when it was simple, I also don’t really like concrete because it takes away what used to be appreciated as wool and clay but now... wool is just used for beds and clay is just your average sand tinted blue. Do keep in mind that this is just my opinion but I think the game is getting too much, I can remember when everyone was using wool and found it amazing that the colours suit there every needs but now concrete is just... taking the magic away from a lot of other blocks. The thing that used to impress me was the improvisation that people used to use to build things, using obscure blocks that you would never need otherwise. I also really wanted to like shucker boxes but I can’t, it replaced the ended chest, the ended chest was basically a portable chest wasn’t it? But now shucker boxes take away the title of a “portable chest” right from the ended chest, and thus, making the item absolutely useless. It’s just my own review and I appreciated when the game was more simple, I still love the game but it isn’t as amazing as it use to be for me, please for the next updates don’t add huge groundbreaking things that completely replace other things. Goodbye.

- Needs more things!!!

I love Minecraft so much. It’s one of the only apps in my phone that I spend hours on. But I think there could be a couple more things added. Such as, fish tanks. I think it would be really cool if you were able to put the tropical fish in little tanks, even adding fish nets so you could catch fish and move them around more easily. Another thing that could be added is some furniture. Things like fridges, ovens, couch’s etc would be amazing to have. Because when you make a house, finding what to fill it with, there isn’t a lot of options. But I still think the game is great. One more thing that could be added is more fruit and veg. Things like corn, pineapples, pears, tomatoes, etc would be so cool to have. And they could be like the berries were you just have to click them and it comes off without needing to replant. All in all, the game has progressed so much and I love playing online with my friends. Definitely one of the best games I have ever had. There is one more thing that I want to add. I think cats and dogs should have beds. And you should have to feed them with cat and dog food. Also, if cats had kitty litter trays. I think that would make having cats and dogs really cute. It would also be cool if you could have it so that your own cats could roam around without following you. So like they could do what they want to do. Ok that’s it. But again, amazing game.


Can there please be a spectator mode! Java edition has it, and it would be so helpful! Secondly, OBSERVERS SEND REDSTONE SIGNALS WHEN PLACED!!!! It kills my redstone contraptions. Thirdly, can sideways slabs be added! This would make derailing a building a lot easier. Fourthly, currently if you put an item frame on the floor, place a block next to it, you can not put an item frame on that block so it is adjacent to the item frame. Can you at Mojang please change it so you can. Also, please don’t make any more MAJOR updates by adding blocks! I am personally better at building than redstone, and if furniture and fishbowls and dog beds, it would lose the Minecraft feeling! I like the Village and Pillage update when Minecraft was Minecraft! A blocky world with some small adventures to take on! Now it is a complex system of wired and wacky blocks, deadly and creepy animals! This is just a suggestion but it would be deeply appreciated if you take this into account. Other than that the game is amazing! From colourful coral to buzzing bees! Another appreciated addition would be planets, as I feel some other games are taking the lead. A game called ‘Astroneer’ in particular. Astroneer is a game where you explore foreign planets, and collect resources. This is very similar to Minecraft, but some say that Astroneer will leave Minecraft behind. So, please add different planets!

- Plz read this developers!!!!!!

So I’ve been playing Minecraft since around 2014 and I’ve seen updates come and go. I remember when Minecraft just had a play button in the middle of the screen and when Minecraft didn’t support X box Live, but since around the panda update when I tried play Minecraft (going into a world) it would freeze so the game would not respond and the background would stop moving. So over all the years I’ve been playing I’ve never seen this so in the few seconds I have before it freezes I’ve deleted worlds, templates, resources packs, behaviour packs and cached data from my friends, but still didn’t work so I timed Minecraft to see how long I have before it freezes. So the results were surprising, it took about 25 seconds if I did nothing. So it seems I can wait or after about 10 seconds and if I open a new window (by pressing play, settings...) it freezes as well so I’ve tried offloading the app still no progress. So at this point there’s nothing I can do so I’m relying on the App Store for me to write a review so the developers fix this bug. Btw, I’m using a iPad Pro (1st generation) and the exact same iPad except different colour works fine and all my friends iPads work fine. So developers plz read this and fix this bug!!!!!!

- Great game, was a bit better before but still awesome.

Really fun game and I have really enjoyed it, the Xbox live feature is great and a bit annoying at the same time. First I love how mobile, Xbox, pc, and switch can all play together, except for ps4 (but that’s Sony’s fault) and is a really great addition to the game. The bad part about the update is 1, if you don’t already have a Microsoft account then you’ll have to make one, (it wasn’t a problem for me but I can see why that would be annoying) and also unless you’re on pc you can’t add any server you want, you’re just stuck with the original 5. (There is 5 as m writing this). Also, one great thing about minecraft was it’s simplicity, anyone could get the hang of this game and have an awesome time but now you’ll have to play a lot longer to know this game well. But anyway, fantastic game that’s getting more fun and interesting the more you play it, the servers are fun (unless you have bad internet) survival is fun, creative is fun, and it’s in my opinion, the BEST cross platform game to ever exist. I love how a game this simple and that is about blocks can be so fun and interesting. This is my favourite game out there and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the best game out there.


Hi I’m a mad Minecrafter and have been for years. I’m not sure if I’ve just been extremely lucky but I’ve never experienced any major bugs ect.... that is up until about two months ago. I’ve now had invisible chests-to which I lost a lot of valuable stuff, I’ve had chests disappearing altogether. Now my game glitches out every time I’m playing it and every single time I get back on my horse is missing and so is the name tag and armour. I know everyone is probably saying report all this to mojang well easier said then done as it’s truely such a difficult & painful process that I just give up. You would think after how far the game is and the money it’s worth now that mojang and Microsoft could put some money into an easier more user friendly way to report bugs. Once I logged into my mojang acc it asks for answers to my secret questions which I have forgotten so it has a link saying reset your secret questions so upon clicking the link and then going into my email and clicking the link it brings you back to login page so I log in again and again it asks for answers to my secret questions. The whole process is just exhausting and as much as I love Minecraft I won’t continue playing it if there’s so many bugs and no easy way to report them. Just my opinion but my Minecraft was fine and as soon as Microsoft took over I’ve had nothing but problems

- Good & Bad

This app has some very good qualities but also has some frustrating and unfair bugs. Just last week I bought some coins from the store, the money left my account and there was an error. Although the money was taken from me, I haven’t received the coins that I payed for. This is a very frustrating matter. Exactly what happened was, the purchase “didn’t go through”. When I went into the app, after not getting the coins, something came up on my screen saying “incomplete purchase” and it asked me if I wanted to complete the purchase. After I clicked yes, the screen loaded for a bit and then told me to check my internet connection and sign into the App Store, because it can’t work. I have done many things to try and fix this. I closed everything then restarted my iPad, freed up storage, signed out then into the App Store again, signed into Xbox live, offloaded the app (deleted it but still had all the data), and did a lot of research on the topic. Apparently, lots of other people are having this issue. The exact same issue. The only reasonable solution I have read from someone say to sign into the Microsoft App Store, or something like that. I’m desperate for a solution. Seriously, I am tired of guessing. Please. Someone help me with this problem, and tell me if you have the same issue. Thank you for reading xx. Please fix this.

- Amazing but one big problem I can’t fix

Minecraft is the first game I’ve played and loved for 6 years now, there are so many beautiful features that is apart of the game but there were a couple of bugs and there’s mainly one I want you to know about so you can fix it up. So the main glitch/bug I want so talk about is the wide all across Minecraft problem. The “Unable To Connect To Friends World” problem. No matter what I do it doesn’t work even if I restart my IPad, it won’t fix I tried deleting and downloading Minecraft again but it just doesn’t work. But still Minecraft is still great even if I can’t play with friends. I still do want you to fix it up so that I can play with my friends but if you don’t read this then it’s ok! I’m still fine with playing on just single player worlds (multiplayer off) and servers that are quite laggy even though my device was bought just a couple of weeks ago. So like I said I still would for you to fix the glitch so that I can play with my friends. If you can’t fix it I’m fine with it but please. Do what you can to fix it please. Thank you for reading this. Calm Regards -Unknown Minecraft Player

- Fabulous

Each update is better than the last! I used to play minecraft on the PC obsessively but now I can play pretty much the same game on my iPad without having to fight my family for the computer. I LOVE the various ‘cheat’ options because creepers blowing up my stuff was a tad rage-inducing, but peaceful mode is borrrring!! I like the store, the things aren’t too expensive but a few more options would be good. I’m guessing you’ll never allow us to add our own texture packs because thats your income. BUT if we can’t add our own you gotta give us more to buy! I’m incredibly bored of the current texture packs. I have every single one except one which I’m not interested in. I don’t particularly like the ‘worlds’ you can buy, I prefer to play my own world, so seriously, more texture packs in the store PUH-LEEZ! Oh, and to all the kids crying about the xbox thing, you do NOT need to buy an actual xbox console. You just go on the net and create an xbox live account. I don’t have an xbox and I play just fine. Ask your parents to help you if you’re having trouble. I repeat, no XBOX needed! Reading all the complaints about that made my eyes bleed, like honestly. Get a clue y’all.

- Less is more

To be honest, all in all this game isn't a waste of time, though it is time consuming it's entertaining. But I do have to point out the few flaws with this app since, like every other app, there are problems with this one. I'm a bit disappointed with the "Xbox live" update since I'm not a fan of huge changes and because going online without an account seems better and less of a time waster. This addition may have seemed clever at first, but I feel like it's one of your downfalls. Now secondly, since many people have talked about this, I can't turn my head, at all! Some people are able to turn their heads, but the perspective is a bit laggy and slow, but I can't turn my head at all now? I don't really know why this happened, but please fix it, it's pretty annoying. Now onto my least favourite part: the inventory and creative menu. WHYYYYY DID YOU CHANGE IT?! I cannot get a block for the life of me right now, I'm finding it hard to even switch between items, and that, to me, is pretty stupid. Every update I do a review on this game and out of all the updates this is my least favourite. Please fix this game, it was potentially a popular game! -Four stars.

- PETS!!

Hi there fellow Minecrafters, I’ve been playing this masterpiece for many years now, and I’d like to say this game has inspired me in more ways that you can’t possibly imagine, but even though they added many cute and cuddly animals I just can’t get enough of them. I know some people are more into Roblox and Fortnite but us Minecrafters are unique in our own ways, for example me, so I’m a mixed player and a Cutesie player that means that I like all the game modes (Survival, Creative and Adventure) and there are more types of players that I won’t get into because there’s 45 of them but the point is that this game is enjoyable to me and it’s worth the money in MY opinion and a Cutesie player loves animals and are mostly found talking to their animals while their friends are on a raid, and it’s kind of sad if you think about it. Now l’m finally getting up to the point of the title, so I would really appreciate more furry companions to look after, like: Deers, bears (not pandas), lions, tigers, elephants, zebras and penguins. Btw this is only an eighth of what l’m suggesting, thank you for reading if you did and a special thanks if your a Mojang developer. :)

- A few glitches

I love Minecraft. I’ve been playing for years. But as things are updated glitches happens and make the game less enjoyable. I use a texture pack and shaders and they work great but sometimes when I take them out of a world I loose all my inventory that I am holding in my player inventory and I also can’t press and hold to deposit my items in chests and it’s a painful process to press a stack of cobble into my chest or out of my chest for building and such. I tried using hoppers and just dropping them item into a hopper but sometimes that resulted in my items glitching and disappearing from the game aka despawning when I drop them into the hopper. Just thought I’d share that. And also you should add a log in streak where everyday you log in you get 5-10 coins for the store because I have Apple Music and with that I can download music for free but I also can download what ever app I want paid or not, but it’s linked to me dads credit card and it gets taken out of there. So I can’t purchase coins for the store even if I have iTunes Store credit in my Apple account, so if we could get coins from a log in streak that would be great Mojang!!!!!

- My Review

Ok I've written reviews for this game before and I do know you read through them (last time I mentioned Stained Glass should come soon and I mentioned allowing people to add textures and mods AND YOU DID!! ((Proud)) so the next thing I don't want you to add I want you to remove. 1) There is a bug which will no longer let me hold down to deposit items in chests. 2) I'm not sure if this is a bug but literally NO SQUIDS will spawn in me and my friends world. It isnt a realm or a server, we have no mods, textures etc. on but we DO use Xbox live to play. I don't believe this is the issue but I would very much like it to be fixed as we play constantly and have farms, stores, nether base, our own bases etc. and have gotten to the stage where we need inks sacs/squid for many reasons. I have checked the co-ordinates whilst in rivers and squid should be at the right level to spawn. Help? Thank you again I'm still really enjoying this game :D (also you should make an alert box saying that Xbox live requires no extra payment you just need to make an account with an email dress since many people don't seem to understand that ;) )

- Bring it back :( !!

i’ve been playing minecraft for pretty much my whole life and i have never stopped loving it, i’m just going to get straight to the point. I miss the old, more simpler minecraft, when there wasn’t all the useless and just unasked for blocks and tools, don’t get me wrong the aqua update was great, but after a while you just made it a little too much with the villages and the random blocks. i know what i’m saying won’t matter, but is it possible we could have a setting were we could send the versions back and play the minecraft we love and grew up with :) as soon as i saw all of the new things being added, i just felt like it’s all useless, no one asked for these and it ruined the simple game minecraft once was. It’s all too much and i’d just rather the game me and most other people reviewing grew up with, made memories with and started our childhood with. And just an add on the x-box live thing is a little too much, i remember when you could just start the game, press start and join a world with no problems. But it is your game and i understand that you like it :)

- Amazing game but...

So I have had this game for about 5 years. The game is Amazing and a LOT of people like it still, but it’s losing people, please keep reading.... when it had no panda’s, bee’s, turtles ect (I know this game isn’t just for building so don’t come at me) most of the blocks that people used to build with such as wool has just been taken over by concrete. I personally think the game was much better when there wasn’t this much stuff in it. I know people have told you to add bee’s, turtles those sort of things but since you added all of those things people have started to not play the game anymore. Now this is just my opinion about Minecraft, I’m just trying to help you here so you get more people to play it. All of my friends played Minecraft ALL the time. But ever since you added all these things they have stopped. Once I asked one of my friend if they wanted to play it with me and they said “no” so I said “why?” They said “ because there is to much in the game now” I’m not trying to be rude because as I said earlier this is just my opinion anyway p.s sorry if I said “this is my opinion” 2,000 times. Thanks for listening bye.

- ADD MORE!!!!!!!! Please

I think you should add more food. If you stop adding cool new stuff it will get boring to people who’s parents say there not allowed mod or anything! I am one of those people and there is barely anything to eat! I think it’s great but somethings I want to do…I JUST CAN’T. I really want to make my own Mac Donald’s store but there’s no Mac Donald’s oh and I want some of the cooool mods to be well not mods I’m not allowed mods so I don’t get pony’s with wings or hippocampus and I don’t like it. AND! Shulker boxes are cool but you have to PLACE them down to open the and I want a button to press (I play on a iPad) to open the bag while it’s still in your Inventory. AND (sorry) my sister (little) wants a collar for animals and I mean you can HOLD the collar and PUT IT ON physically by pressing a button. While we’re on what my sis wants DIFFERENT BREEDS FOR DOGS they are only wolfs oh and not mods but just in PE ok. You are a great Company and make an awesome game I just think you need MORE for it. It’s the best And THANK YOU!!! For reading this your the BEST!!!! Please think of adding what I said it would really make my day thank you!🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Minecraft

This is a creative and fun game that has kept me playing since 2014, I have absolutely loved Minecraft but it does need some fixes. I can’t tell if there is too much or too little in this game, because there is a giant world and sometimes it does get a little repetitive seeing just mostly nothing or villagers, but on the other hand it’s seem’s like there just chucking out silly stuff to make the game bigger. Also it needs more to interact with because I can sometimes get bored on my own and with hardly any story or bosses or an ending I feel like I’m playing for nothing. The one thing I would love to see is more bosses (especially in the over world) and also some more story to this game. But even in its flaws this is a great game with so much to do in survival and creative and I feel so happy that I have this wonderful game in its even more wonderful world. I also love that you can join anyone on mobile, console, and PC, it makes the game feel fair so I don’t have to buy it on something else and you can play with friends no matter what they are on. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone that loves games!!!

- Best app in the world definitely worth buying🤑💜💙❤️💚

This is an extraordinary app it's Fit For All ages! I recommend you get this app for your kids When it's Are we there get? You: No but have Minecraft they'll be busy for hours it's definitely worth buying all of my friends on Minecraft lovers and I'm definitely a big Minecraft lover !!!!!! Definitely get it hopefully there's no glitches but it's definitely the best game in the world it's brilliant no one can ever beat it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star! Thank you for reading! My review if you don't get it there is other sort of like minecraft app but not as good But free anyway this is about Minecraft! My two favourite apps of all time is Minecraft and Roblox if you don't already have ROBLOX it's free but you need data or Wi-Fi and the cool thing about Minecraft you can activate it in Aeroplane Mode!!!!!! Be entertained me for hours when I went on the flight To Japan 🇯🇵 it's just an outstanding game it's great and I recommend MCPE in the App Store or Galaxy apps I think it's call that anyway with MCPE you can put Addons in and much more!! Thanks for reading!! -p.s get MCPE hehe- byeeee

- my life

This game is the reason. The reason I breathe, the reason I work, the reason I am motivated to even brush my teeth in the morning. This game, this prodigy, this work of art is a gift from the heavens. The lord wishes he could create such a masterpiece. My love for this game extends far past anything and anyone, for each flower planted, each block placed, each creeper explosion adds to the beam of light in this dimly lit world. We need games like this, we are so desperate for art to make us happy again. I see it in our streets, where people have weakened themselves into acceptance. I see it in our work places, where people sit on their asses, watching their lives away, missing something they never had in the first place. I see it in our families, where even the elders feel that loss, that emptiness, that void. A void that can only be filled with a cubic block of rich and prosperous grass. This is what the world needs. This is what the world craves. This is what the world desires. This game will save the fallen. This game will save the world. So yeah it’s a pretty chill game I would definitely recommend to a friend

- Best game ever

Ever since i played this game on multiply player I’ve never wanted to stop playing but one problem it glitches a lot on me please fix it but other than that this game is perfect for everyone it can be played in many different ways like singel multiplayer or online you can even play severs like the hive and life boat and a lot more but my favourite one is the hive oh forgot to tell a couple more problems i hate it when it says disconnected but i think maybe you can make a update where you can sit down on sets and ground anyway i think emerald ore is not really hard to find i see it more then i do iron can you please fix when it says to many people you can not join I always just want to play with my brother and family and friends I LOVE THIS GAME IT’S AWSOME so please download it oh forgot one last thing before i go can you make the price lower maybe $8.50 cents or $9 so my friends don’t have to beg there parents so much thank you so much for reading this and thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for making this game☺️☺️☺️🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊i love it sooooooo much 😍😍😍😉😉😉🙂🙂🙂😆😆😆😁😁😁 Matilda

- The game is going down hill a bit ...

I have to say the game is great but is getting boring over the time. I really just really don’t like it now that when ever you try to look (by swiping the screen) for some reason which ever way you try to look for e.g. right your character looks right then twitches left (the opposite direction you are trying to look) ,it’s really annoying. I don’t know if this glitch is still out there but if you die next to or coming out of a nether portal you respawn do stuff (most likely collect your infintory) and if you quit and go back to your game, your infintory will appear were it was previously and if you did collect before you left the game you might’ve put it in a chest and if you look in the chest the items are there so it’s pretty much duplicated. There are some more bugs I know of but of will be to much, and I’m sure that others will find out the other glitches. Though please fix up the looking glitch because it is very annoying but other than that the game is fun but also please do put in something new.

- Improvement Suggestions:

I'm happy to see that most of my previous suggestions have been considered and added but now I have one more suggestion that will really make the pocket edition of Minecraft that much better. This is an idea will make it more equal with the PC and Xbox versions and honestly I think that's the way it should be. Since the X- box version has an awesome multi player split screen thing and the PC has fun games and servers such as on Hypixel. I think that we should be able to place the skins that we can now change in game onto armpit stands, sort of like mannequins. This will make it so much easier to make stores and things. I know this is possible because there are things like this on Hypixel and you can see the skin. Then, you can also put the skin into a chest, then put it on, this way you can also mix and match skins to create your own unique flair and to impress your friends. I also would like to bring up the nether reactor core block, please add it to the cool new inventory. I hope you seriously consider my suggestion and have a good day! Sincerely, anonymous.

- I Miss The Old Minecraft!

I have been playing minecraft for about 5, 6 years and it WAS the best. I remember playing MC PE with my best friend all the time and we loved it so much, there was no creative mode, no water that you could place and there weren’t even infinite worlds. Obviously these changes were good and adding different dimensions, creative mode and a load of other things made the game soo much better. But these last few updates they have made are horrible (or at least in my opinion). Now I don’t know a lot about what’s been happening over the years to minecraft but I think Microsoft have taken over minecraft, I’m sure that’s not the problem to all these updates but man I really do miss the old minecraft. You know their saying in this game, “the possibilities are endless” or something like that, if anything it feels like minecraft is way more limitless than before. The new inventory has to be the worst part about the updates, like why did they have to make that change. Anyway mojang please bring back the old minecraft, even if you make a new minecraft where it has the old versions I will gladly pay whatever money you set to buy that. That’s why I’m giving this a 2 star rating.

- Not working

Hi I have played minecraft for a long time and I left it in survival one nightAnd I want to play it just now it is 5 to 7 and I put it in creative and I think someone has hacked or for the bug in my game because when I put it in creative and peaceful mode it was still on survival so I went up to a cliff and jumped off it in Minecraft I didn’t actually do it in real life but I died and normally in creative mode you don’t die because you’re a creative you can’t you can’t die you can you please fix this because I want to try something in the never and I normally am in creative all the time and that’s the way I get my obsidian and Flint and steel and I double tapped The button on my iPad and deleted and wiped everything and I restarted my iPad and I went back tried it again didn’t work can you please fix it please I really want to play Minecraft now I have to build a new world and my storage in Minecraft is filling up my thing and I don’t know how to delete stuff in Minecraft so please fix it right away thank you.

- Can we add different types of accounts

Well yes it was the right thing for players to play with a certain account but y limit it to just Xbox live when Minecraft can be played on consoles like PS4,PS3,the failure console(AKA the wii u), and even Nintendo Switch. This game doesn’t need any limits in fact that is y players play this very game so they can have unlimited potential and part of that unlimited power that players should still able to wield is servers now what is gonna happen next you have to gold and lapis in your first survival world just to create 1 more. Look wat I am saying is u are starting to put limits on the game (I’m not talking about limits like the build height limit.) The limits I am talking about are the account limits we need PlayStation and Nintendo accounts added so more people can play. Maybe we can the loved mini game feature exclusive for console editions. Also can u ask Nintendo to make Minecraft style controls and cases.(joy con and pro controllers designs diamond, creeper, zombie, Steve in a shirt that says M for Minecraft and sheep lol). That is it, goodbye mojang developers.

- Awesome!

Hey, I might not be a great builder myself, but this game is the best app in the App Store! Even though now it is about $10 (It was around $4 when I purchased it), it is totally worth it. If you don’t have Minecraft, you have definitely heard of it. There were a few bugs that I have found over the years, but in each update they have been fixed! The developers (Mojang) are a hard working team, that listen to reviews, etc to improve Minecraft with every update. The concept is awesome, and the graphics amaze me. Worth the money. If you are thinking about buying this and researching to see if this is worth the money, then listen to me. It will save time. Just buy it! The only thing I can suggest is a trial, so that players can freely try out this game, without doubting a waste of money. This game is perfect for anyone looking for a good quality game to spend short or long amounts of time on. 5 stars for life! To those people getting angry because of servers, you don’t need an Xbox to make an Xbox account!!!

- The most in-depth adventure, except in-depth

The game is unbelievable, and has a long history of continuously bringing out great updates with amazing content. For any newcomers it is a must that you download the game and try it out. But... my only bone to pick with the developers for the iOS app version of the game, and my only reason for picking it is that I’m reduced to playing on a mobile device and the newest update is all about aquatics. And that bone is how horrible it is now to swim underwater, “improved swimming” is definitely not the case for iOS. It is impossible to swim in a direction whilst holding the ‘sink’ button, especially not if you’re trying to feed dolphins or attack absolutely anything or do anything other than sinking in one direction or rising to the surface in one. Please just return the swimming to the old version. Just like walking on land where you just look and then move to where you need to. Literally the only thing that needs re-changing. Perfect game up until that update. Thanks for all the good times though Minecraft. Long live Notch.

- Minecraft is amazing, but could have more enchantments

I think Minecraft is the best game ever, bypassing Fortnite by so much it’s crazy! However, I think there should be more enchantments like being able to make an item unbreakable and should have Minecraft dungeons enchantments like leeching, and could have better enchantment tables like making them with crying obsidian, or could make a different obsidian like blue obsidian and mine that, but it would be rarer and allow rare enchantments more often and being able to get a sharpness V enchantment without having to enchant heaps. I would love to have sharpness, smite and bane of Arthropods on the same sword, or all protections on the same piece of armour, or mending and infinity on the same bow. I think the nether update is amazing and it gives more reasons to go to the nether, there could also be nether gold ingots and that is what piglins and zombie pigmen make their swords out of, as they are so strong. It would also be nice to have piglin meat from piglin beasts. Other than that, Minecraft, in my opinion is perfect.

- Best Game Ever!!

I’ve been playing Minecraft for over 6 years now and it’s been absolutely amazing. I’m not sure why some people say it’s a terrible game. I do have some suggestions though. I wish that on the phone and tablet there was a button so you can use the stuff in your off-hand and that we can put more stuff in your off-hand. I’ve managed to put rockets in my off-hand but I don’t know how to use them to make myself go faster on elytra. On the topic of the off-hand, I think it would be cool if you had a lantern in your off-hand it would light up your surroundings even without opptifine. It would also be nice if you put stained glass around a light source and it would make the surroundings glow that colour a bit or just different coloured red stone lamps. I just have one more thing to say. Sideways slabs. They would make detailing SO much easier and I’m sure a lot of people will agree. Like you tuber Grian did. Other than that the game is perfect and I love all the updates. A True Minecraft Player, Me cool. U not.

- How minecraft changed my reality

When i escaped Syria and got on a refugee boat on our way to australia one of my fellow refugeers introduced me to minecraft, we would play minecraft day and night and create new worlds, it was an escape from reality gave me a new meaning of life. When the times got tough we would play minecraft and the times would no longer become tough. Unfortunately my friend died on the trip over and before he died he gave me his phone to continue playing minecraft, this brought a tear to my eye and i new it was my responsibility to look after his world and his pets. Day and night id do all i could to make sure everything was perfect. When we reached to australia we were deported and sent to christmas isalnd where i live today. Here i play minecraft all the time and my world has developed a lot, this way of rehabilitation and escape from reality has kept me living today and pushed me through these tough times, i just want to thank you all for giving me this new way of living and hope.

- Thumbs up 👍🏻

Minecraft is amazing! I love it! You think of something awesome to build and they give you unlimited supplies of tones of things! You can choose different game modes to your preferences so it’s the perfect world for you to build and explore in! There are animals to look after or building cottages to building towns to defeating monsters and zombies while you building a house, this game is for girls and boys and for everyone! But, if you’ve never played Minecraft and buy it without an experienced person helping you get the hang of the game it may be very hard but after a while you’ll get the hang of it. My one problem is that when you would like to buy a cool type of world to explore in Minecraft you have to pay a lot of money to buy coins to then buy that world so maybe you could cut the prices a bit please, but other than that if you just want to buy Minecraft to build, play and explore its a great game, it has no minor bugs or anything like that so that’s why I give Minecraft and big thumbs up 👍🏻 and 4 and a half stars. ⭐️

- Furniture Update

Hi Mojang, Minecraft is an amazing game because we can mine, build, craft items and have fun. But now it’s gotten kind of boring (no offence), even after the 1.16 update. Don’t get me wrong the nether update is very cool and exploring the new nether biomes is cool, but it has gotten a bit old. Here is an idea for an update, using stairs, slabs and minecarts as chairs isn’t really what people would wanna be sitting on. People wanna be sitting on chairs and sofas. People want entertainment like working tv’s that don’t use complicated redstone. Basically, I’m asking Mojang to add furniture like microwaves, ovens, fridges, chairs, sofas, baths, showers, toilets, sinks, toasters, drawers, pianos, guitars,, TVs, etc. Oh and 2 more things, firstly could you also add sliding doors and secondly could you make it so we get covered with the blanket. Last thing of all your probably saying to yourself “Why don’t you just download add-ons?” trust me I just tried that and it didn’t work and I followed all the instructions. That’s the reason I’m writing this. Thank you for your time, bye!

- I will delete the game unless the xbox live is fixed!!!!!!!!!

I was able to join servers now I can’t because of Xbox live not everyone has a Xbox little lone a console and the new update is great but not fair the presents aren’t fun and are just mostly skin packs and items are harder to find I have money but I don’t want to use it on packs or world why can’t they be free it’s not like the people who made it cost them money waist of money!!!!! And now it costs money to buy it I understand business but seriously to much. I’m a big fan but please fix the problems. I also want to be able to ride the ender dragon with a saddle or sit down on a seat and eat some food like bacon and eggs. And working elevators to transport you and also the command block to be in the inventory. Needs more animals like goat to milk or bears for skin and meat to put over a shelter. Or the server called zombies apparently you are going to add it. And sometime the worlds are to hard to make into the perfect landscape please add something for that. Because sometimes it takes me longer to do the landscape then the build. I will delete the game unless the Xbox live is fixed

- Amazing! But..

The Updates are extremely small, I've been playing Minecraft for years now, I know so much, I've stopped playing lately, but there are a few updates which will make me play it all day! A few of my ideas.. 1. More Animals/Mobs 2. Dreams (nightmares and good dreams) 3. More food to cook 4. Books to read in the game 5. Working items as in computer, chair, etc. 6. Instruments as in drums, piano, etc 7. De-hidrated (as in you NEED water to drink to survive, like hunger. 8. Ageing (as in you could start as a kid and then grow up) 9. Bosses (I've been reading an unofficial Minecraft book, and it has a wizard that can control zombies, I think you should add stuff like that) 10. Magic (like I can craft a wand and do magic!) I really hope this stuff will eventually get added! Even if you add the dreams one, I will play Minecraft again and tell my friends about it. I told my friend Amy about Minecraft, and she bought it. Could you please add any of these so we can enjoy Minecraft much more! Thank you for reading.

- Please more wood and biomes!!!

Can you please have more tree colours like more irregular ones. Make dyable woods and fun colours for everything it would make everything better. Have magical biomes and new dimensions and new noses too! Minecraft is so easy to complete there’s barely anything to it and it’s BORING! Make it interesting with new woods, biomes, dimensions, boss’s, Flowers, trees, tamable pets, ORES MAKE MORE ORES we barely have any ores! Make more ores make more ores better than diamonds! Make it so that you barely even need to use mods because it’s so boring please. Make a spooky biome and different dirts and dyes and make it COLOURFUL! Minecraft is a simple game and it falls into the endless Line of games that are exactly the same! Change that and make it good and different. Make minecraft a game that everyone wants to play again like it used to be because now I’m emmbarresed to tell people I play minecraft because no one really plays it anymore. I haven’t given up ne minecraft just yet because. Know you can still save it so please do, please please do. Please make minecraft fun again.

- DOG’S ARE NEEDED ,🦮🐩🐕‍🦺🐕🐶

Hi,I love Minecraft but one more detail is really needed. DOG’S! Dogs are my favourite animal ever and I don’t really think it’s fair that in Minecraft there’s breed’s of cat’s but not breed’s of dog’s and there are only wolf’s. Sure the wolf’s are great but I want poodles, cavoodles, dalmation’s and more dog’s. All the updates and NO DOG’S! I’ve mad a whole dog world on Minecraft and I’ve been waiting and waiting for my dog’s to enter my worlds. If all breeds of dog’s are too hard to all put on at lest 30 would be nice 👍🏻! If all is to hard can you many make getting copious dogs mod a bit easier. And with a dog’s update could like dog houses, dog bed’s, dog food bowls and water bowls and also dog leads and collars that can be dyed any colour! And with the leads can they be able to stretch out a long way and also that the dogs don’t teleport so that they can run around standing up not when there standing up they just teleport like wolf’s and with the bowls for dogs can the dogs be able To eat out of the bowls and heal themselves by themselves! Thank you! Puppy!👍🏻🦮🐕‍🦺🐕🐩🐶

- LOVE IT! Can you consider adding some things?

Hi I absolutely love this game! The update is fantastic. But there’s a couple of this that would make the game. Absolutely perfect! First of all. It’s a little odd there’s many types of cats. But I’m kinda a dog person and the only dog breed there is. Is the wolf. Mabye next update you could add some new breeds like. Beagles, pugs, golden retriever, and more :D. Second request there should be a portal to a whole bunch of different portals that lead too. The moon and stuff like that, Third request there should be another mob more powerfull than a wither. Like a griffen or something. Forth request there should be a mob that you can ride across lava. Last request there should be frogs and order to tame them there should be a item that is a bug and a bug Cacher. Look at logdotzips vid of 10 new mobs that should be added it’s really good and it would make a fantastic add in Minecraft. Also a honey sattle that allows you to ride bees, a polonator witch allows u to click on flowers to give u pollen. 🐝 Thanks!

- I love minecraft

Minecraft is a great game and I have something to do with horses. In the next update you should have a horse armour stand and be able to pose it like When they go up on there back legs and neigh or make there hooves and lags move. You should be able to put saddles, horse armour and bridles on the horse armour stand. You should be able to put only a bridle on a horse with nothing else and lead it by it mouth where the leads are supposed to go. And you can put just a saddle on without anything else on the horse and you can have everything on at the same time. But a third box into the horse were you can put saddles on and make that the bridle. And you can ride the horse without a saddle but only with a bridle and you should still be able to ride a horse with a saddle on. You should also have many more different colour of horse and many types of horse. Different coloured tails than the colour of the horse. The horses socks can have one two three or for socks. That’s what I think you should do.

- Minecraft is worth it...

Minecraft is an amazing and fun game. It was definitely worth the money for it. I loved everything about it from the villages to the mob- fighting. The players are super nice and cool to hang with and to be honest, I’ve made TONS of friends just from meeting them on servers such as the lifeboat server or the hub server. We now play multiplayer games all the time and tell each other about our life situations. We build huge cities or small funny random buildings that we’d give names to. It’s never ending fun. I’ve seen the underworld and been through the nether, but it never gets old. I’ve walked through biomes and have always enjoyed it. I have it on multiple devices such as my ps4, Xbox and phone. It’s super fun and you don’t even need an internet connection to play on your own worlds. I used to play minecraft lite but was able to convince my parents to get me the full game and now I love it. I have been playing it since the start and still am. Have fun and keep building :)

- Great, but not Perfect

I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012, I first started on Java, but transferred to Bedrock after awhile. I would’ve given this a 5/5 star rating, but the game has become more complicated with too many new things. I remember back in the day where you couldn’t even go to the nether, you had to do a whole ritual thing, which I loved. There was only the set of basic animals cow, chicken etc, but now it’s just gotten odd, fishes, turtles, dolphins, lava monsters, piglins!? It’s lost it’s simplicity, and it’s relaxed kind of vibe. Although I still love the game and play it often, it’s just not the same as it used to be. Some of the new features are good, like smithing table, target, blast furnace and smoker, however some things just weren’t meant to be. It’s ruined such a nice simple game, and made it jam packed with too much stuff that doesn’t fit in. Anyway this is just my opinion, and I’ve seen some other people with similar ones too. Either way it’s still a good game, and I still play it.

- Xbox Live

After the last update the fact you have to sign into Xbox Live has been making the game less enjoyable. After signing into Xbox Live it crashes nearly every time and I have to sign in at least 3 times in a row for it to not crash. Another bug is even if I am not connected to the internet it still attempts to sign into Xbox Live and it graphically shows that I am signed in even they I am definitely not because I am not connected to the internet. Then after this when I play in a world it freezes after 30 seconds. I also don’t understand why you must sign into Xbox live before playing on a world or joining a server. Another issue 😒 is that when I tap on a online friend’s world to join them I join the wrong friend’s server. The only reason I like Xbox live is because you can join other players that aren’t using the same wifi as you and I suggest that you should really fix these issues in the next update.


I love minecraft and I think stray dogs, ducks, swans and penguins should be added and that u can hang up sticks because I build bird aviaries and I have less space because I put up logs and that there's a non teleport mode for dogs and cats because it's freaking annoying! Ok bye love this game Update: I agree with kaityminecraft except I also would love to see toys for pets and that you didn't have to leash up or make pets sit to make them not follow you and if that you walked further away they would free roam or a potion/food to not make them follow you and water bowls that animals actually drink from ooh and I think it might have been fixed but on creative, I caught a tropical fish in a bucket and it was a clownfish but once I put it in the water it wasn't a clownfish and plz if u do add animals make like an extra thing for them example scratching post for cats only, cat bed, cat bowl of water/milk and food, cat food that makes them stay and food for cats and maybe call it... MINECRAFT: ALPHA PET EDITION

- Minecraft

To who ever made Minecraft they probably Is the best person on earth I mean Minecraft is this really good game I love it so it’s so crafty ha ha I just wanted to say thanks for bringing Minecraft in the world and yeah my brother alsoReally loves Minecraft he’s like playing it every day on this iPad maybe you haven’t seen them but my character is Alex but the name Steve for some reason so I don’t know why that is it but can you try and make a different version of Minecraft like Roblox Minecraft a SpongeBob SquarePants type Of Minecraft or maybe you could do an descendants Minecraft Disney channel descendants get it okay so this is Keilah Writing the review so yeah just keep making Minecraft and why do you have to get coins to get new clothes I don’t know how to get any so yeah You have to make sure everyone loves Minecraft I love everything in it it’s just so great and I love how you added all the extra blocks and everything and updated everything it’s really cool ps: from Keilah fryday

- Help

Hi I’m a ten year old girl I have had Minecraft ever since I was 4 years old and honestly it’s the best game I have ever had but right I just can’t enjoy it because my Minecraft isn’t working when ever I try to go into my worlds I brings me right out do you know if there is anything I can do . Now enough about this problem is it possible to add new features umm like coloured wood planks and more creatures I do like the foxes 🦊 and all the other animals you’ve put but If you can please add more . Also I would like to talk about something last year my mum bought me some coins on Minecraft so that I could get one of the worlds from the market my mum payed ten dollars or nine I can’t remember bet the point is that my mum payed money so I could get the world buuuuut here’s the thing I never got my coins and it already payed for it and till this day I have been waiting and still nothing my mum payed for something I didn’t even get ( GOOD DAY ) thank u for your time

- I love it! Please read

Opinion: I love it sooo much but I wish realms were free because it adds so much cost to the game. I do like playing on servers and playing with friends but do wish for quicker updates on the IPad and more mods. All we get is Addons and It feels unfair. Overall I love Minecraft and hope to see more as it progresses! I Also and waiting for the be update and more. I would love more capes! And hope the developers read this! Review: Minecraft is a fun Multiplayer game worldwide! It is amazing to inspire young people, it is also good for curing boredom! Minecraft is extraordinary but does suffer some bugs I hope can be fixed, some however give the game a good experience, weather you are playing survival, creative or multiplayer. It is a bit costly but is worth the money, It has really entered the gaming community with a great reputation. IOS does get Addons from apps but no mod apps yet, that doesn’t ruin gameplay at all. This app is amazing overall! Bye.

- Where are our updates!?!? And my update idea.

Forever now I have been waiting for the nether update and the strider update to hit pocket edition but You (if this is the creator) has been lazy and only added it to the computer. At least add it to the switch please. Now here is my update idea it is a new dimension update, this adds two different dimensions, the rewind dimension which takes you back to the start of the timeline of Minecraft and it has all the resources that got taken away. The second one would be the space dimension which would be , well space. You would take damage if you didn’t have a space helmet which to craft you would have to put obsidian on the bottom three and glass in the rest. To make this portal you would need neatherack on the bottom and the top and soul sand on the sides and light it up by pouring a bucket of lava in it. To make the rewind portal you would need ruby blocks (another addition ) and light it with three strokes of flint and steel it would light up green.

- The hero of brines 2(the start is copy)

I started a new Minecraft creative world and I walked like 13 blocks from spawn and I see a strange floating water source with a big hole and a cave that goes instantly like 15 blocks down and I find a village about 50 blocks away and another That’s when stuff kicks in I got scared so I gave myself full enchanted diamond armour locked myself in a house filled with bedrock and just after I finish I look to the side and I crash that’s when I build a fort a wither in case and all that so please read this who knows it might be a bug or an entity so please please read this review if you read this far then thanks and now for the second part I won’t tell the dream I had finding him cause that’s fake. So when I kept playing to find out things my account for Xbox live has been shut down for some reason so I play the world to find out and I’m not sure why but there wasn’t a single sign of anything wierd

- Bug or me ?????

Ok I play minecraft on my I pad and the new aquatic features are just beautiful I love them so much been waiting for aquatic animals for so long 🙏🙏🙏. The there was the new kingdom survival thing that was released I was generally super excited to play it especially after I read the description it was my kinda game and no Minecoins involved. So I opened up the store menu and went straight to the map I was utterly disappointed when it said my internet connection was not working I checked multiple times and my internet connection was up and running I was connected the whole time 😩😩😩. Now I would love to play the game but I really don't know what to do it's Either me the map or the actual store. The map was relatively new so maybe if it gets a bug check it could be ok. Please If anyone has any advice at all please fix this because I'm dying to play the game I'll report back if it works again 😜😜😜😜. Thanks so much.

- Amazing...but needs more

I’ve been playing Minecraft for about four years now and lots of the updates have added so much which I do appreciate, but there are just a few things that I would love in Minecraft that would make my life much easier and other people’s lives that play Minecraft much easier too. Firstly I would love cars in Minecraft so many people build roads and then they have to spend so much time doing all the Redstone with the rails and it gets kinda tiring, also I would love fish tanks guinea pigs, rats & mice As well as phones and keys. One more thing I would love a bunch of different breeds of dogs except for just a wolf! I love Minecraft sooooo much and still like it the way it is, but it’s just a suggestion and I really hope you do do an update with all these things I have requested, apart from everything I said, Minecraft is my favourite game whenever I have to technology time I play it. Thanks again Aimee :D

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- Great game..

I love minecraft, and the story, the game the features are all amazing, but I can't get into my game anymore because it crashes every single time I open it, because of the new update. Is there any other way I can get back in by uninstalling the update? I have some of my favorite worlds on here. Thanks for any help I can get.

- Hey Mojang!

Hey! I was thinking of things to add in Minecraft that would be amazing! My ideas are monkeys in jungles that would be tamed by bananas that are on the trees sort of like coco beans, and hamsters that are tamed by seeds. Hope you like my ideas!

- iPad Minecraft Bug

There is a bug that I would love to be fixed. When opening the game, after the title screen loads, the game crashes. I love Minecraft, and I would love it if this bug was fixed. Thanks, Mojang!

- New update

I hate the new update they got rid of a lot of things and made everything way harder to find

- Amazing game

It’s the best game ever but for some reason it’s now kicking me off and not allowing me to play I am really sad and maybe help me out I really wanna play with the new foxes

- White screen

When I open the app, it shows the logo and then it get stuck on the white screen.

- Plz add foxes to minecraft

Please add foxes as a mob

- Fix issue with update.

Hi I love minecraft a lot but I have now been having a issue with the new update. I go onto minecraft and I get the load screen then it goes white, then kicks me out. Can you please fix, thanks.

- Can I uninstall the latest update?

I just did the latest update and now cannot open the app at all. I REALLY hope this is fixed soon! Can I get my $10 back since the game will still not open!?!? Not impressed!!!!

- Stop complaining

I don’t know why everybody is complaining this game is so much fun if it upgrades too much then don’t do a good world

- Minecraft has come along from a single Java game to this

Well ladies and gentlemen, get your pop corn for an outstanding and successful game from 2009 - 2018, but now instead of Java, we have the bedrock edition now. Though you would need a Microsoft xBox account to play online on servers but it now supports Multi player cross forms which is pretty amazing. This game has really fun and intense gameplay and hard and raging gameplay which I loved, I played this when I was 11 years old and loved it since. The truth is this game is still up and healthy it’s not dead it’s alive.

- An 11 year old game that's still popular? NICE!

I love this game! It might be a bit buggy at times, but it's still cool! I really think Markus and Jens really did their best programming and making features for this game. And it's even over a decade old! As I did with my Minecraft Earth rating, here are some answers to your questions so you don't have to bug Mojang about them! Q: Why are the updates so slow all the time? Why can't 1.xx be released on both versions at once? A: Java edition is Mojang's main priority, as it can do more things than Bedrock edition. This is because it runs on a more reliable runtime than C++, but that's beside the point. The real reason is because Mojang has to port everything from the Java version of the game to the C++ (Bedrock) edition. Q: Why does my game keep crashing? A: It may be because you either have too many programs running in the background, or because your device is unable to run an 8th - gen game at a sufficient speed without it overheating. Q: Why am I unable to open the app after signing into my Xbox account? A: This is actually unknown. But if you want to play online using an Xbox account, I recommend getting the Nintendo Switch version instead, as it is the 2nd cheapest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, with an added $4+ for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, totalling at about $45. I couldn't find any other questions that were exactly appropriate to be answered, so I'll have to end my review off here.

- Saddening

The new update is awful. I don’t have a Xbox and when I try adding friends it never works. So many bugs. Crashes all the time. I liked the old Minecraft better. I don’t know how to play with friends anymore because when I try it freezes and won’t let me add friends. My friends also say they can’t play because they need to change their setting but they can’t get into the settings. This is a horrible update. Please change it back. I want to play with friends easier.

- ????? Update crashed I can't open the app anymore

I got the newest update and I can no longer get onto the app !!!!!!! FIX THIS It just shows the white mojang screen then kicks me right off of the app.

- The new update

Hmmm... where do I start? I love Minecraft don’t get me wrong, but personally I really don’t like the new texture pack. Everything has changed and it looks weird. Also, I think that some more new animals should be added. Personally I think that deer, different types of birds, snakes and bears would be a nice addition to the “animal kingdom” of minecraft.

- Crashing

My game is starting to crashing after 1.13 update

- Downloading for 10 years!

10 year anniversary!!!

- Idea!

I have a idea for the village and pillage update that is dogs like how we have the cats I feel like there should be a spawn egg for dogs like there different types of dogs like a Germansperd or a Labrador they will still have the model of the wolf but this will be a great experience for the minecraft world of having your very own dog I still love the 1.14 update but please add this I really love dogs!

- My minecraft does not workkk

So my minecraft does not work it takes like 30 minutes to load the game and it doesn’t let me in my worlds it just glitches me out so you gotta do something about this

- This new update sucks!

Switch it back, this update absolutely sucks.. A phone is nothing like an xbox and it's harder to choose blocks now. Absolutely terrible planning and bug solving. I freeze every 2 minutes and crash. Uninstalling this piece of horrid planning.

- Speechless

All the other 1 star reviews are from potato phones or 9 year old Fortnite kids. My childhood and my favourite game.

- Quick Notice For New Players!

Minecraft is my favourite game on all versions it’s available on. You may want to ensure you have a good device or battery, due to this games amount of stuff going on at once, you may need to lower resolution inside the app to ensure nice, smooth, gameplay.

- Mojang please read this.

So, like I love this game, but like Im just gonna point out things I hate about it because they really make me not want to play. Despawning I really get discouraged when my items despawn after 5 mins. And I can’t get back to where they are. It’s annoying when you find ore and you keep mining then bam you die for some reason then when you get back your items are all gone. Like at least put like a tombstone or a marker where you die so you can get it back. Or just like make it have your coordinates saved in chat or something. The controls I know, there isn’t really anything you can do to fix this because touch screen is very limited on how you can use controls. But it’s really difficult to turn around and hit someone at the same time because you have to touch the screen for both, but the controls could be better, something like being able to customize it more to my preferences and what works for the player would be nice, or maybe I could adjust the height of the buttons on the screen because when you playing on a phone the jump button is really low for my fingers, (but I have stubby thumbs) I would like it so I could at least have bigger buttons. (Mine are already at max) Hackers I know this isn’t really a thing that should be in here and I should talk to the server owners themselves but I hate it when I’m playing on a server and I see someone hacking in a mini game to win. (It’s really sad if you do that though, who is so bad at mini games that they have to cheat?) Lag Sometimes it can get really glitchy and I would just get kicked off, like in mini games when I’m playing bedwars or something I get kicked and I lose the game. It can get glitchy like that. Though that might just be my phone or my internet, both do play a key part in it. Other than that I think the game is fantastic and peeps should play it, it’s just frustrating and discouraging sometimes. 8.5/10. Not trying to hate.

- Add stuff

You need to add seasons where in the winter you lose health if you are outside for too long and the villages can develop to become modern and start wars against other villages and you can start a village

- Minecraft

Very good

- It is amazing

It awesome and the up dates gust keep getting better and better

- Best thing ever

This is just the best game

- PC Minecraft

I love this game but I would like to have berries,foxes,campfires,crossbows,new skins for the villagers,and pillagers.I would love to see them in pocket Edition

- Awesome!

Minecraft is amazing, you get to express your creativity and your inner artist! Everyone should Buy it/Download in right now! Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, i respect that i you don’t want to 😁 ~Sincerely, Leah

- Best game

LOVEEEE IT!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍


This game keeps glitching on me and won’t let me play. 😡I will go and click the world I want to choose and then it will load halfway and then glitch out and bring me back to the home screen on my I pad. 🙄 I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t have gotten this because it’s a waste of money.

- Best App ever

I’m so Happy that the Update Aquatic came already this fast I hope that you continue working on this and good luck all mojang staff and also Microsoft

- Fix the crash


- Love it

I have played this game since I was 6 (I’m 12 now) and I love it but do you think you can add some furniture to the game please???

- Minecraft is awesome

Creeper aw man so we’re back in the mines pickax swinging side to side side side to side

- New emotes.

No, Microsoft. Bad! Adding emotes that cost upwards of four dollars is a terrible addition to an already paid game! You have lost my favor, and I sure hope you get burnt for this.

- Update.

Ever since the update, I get a white screen for 30 seconds upon launch followed immediately by a crash. *Please* fix.

- Won’t load

Minecraft won’t load any of my saves, even if I make a new save and quit and try to get back on it won’t load.

- Bruh

I can’t connect to any of my friends worlds “unable to connect”

- Fix this please

I wish I can punch the man in charge... why does my son have to create an Xbox account to play a mobile game? Makes not sense and he’s been upset for a whole year now because he can only play by himself. Please fix this

- yall mean

i cant even go on the servers🤦🏻‍♀️ & EVERYTIME i try to log onto xbox live it doesnt work. & i know im not the only one. wishing i could give u no stars

- I can’t load into my worlds

I like Minecraft but when I’m loading into worlds I can’t go in it just keeps saying generating world. I even waited 15 minutes and still generating. Please fix this bug.

- Stop complaining about the updates they spent a lot of time on it !

I mean if there’s a bug tell them but don’t just say the updates are bad


Minecraft est un jeu légendaire, bien meilleur que fortnite bande de pd, ha b**ch yeah Tkt mon pd Non jen rajoute pas un peu trop mon pd

- This game is worth your time! It’s free, it’s all about creativity and more!

You should really look into getting this game. It’s amazing, any hate reviews are people who are jealous of the amazing developer of this game! (: it’s perfect for me when I’m stressed and need to relax and build and ride horses and just let my mind actually open up. Please get it and give 5 stars! It’s worth you doing it! I support you for making this wonderful app. Thanks!

- nostalgia

do i even need to explain?❤️


This game completes me this game is my life I play it all day all night I legit never sleep instead I play minecraft idc that nobody wants to play with me I like to play alone🤩💕🥴😍

- You must add challenges/quests

The reason of my asking is once you complete the game by defeating the dragon there isn’t much else. so I think that there should be a villager that tells you about things that disturb the village, so like a mayor or something. Another thing is that you people should put a boss that is in the over world of Minecraft, or turn the elder guardian into a harder challenge. One last thing is for every boss there should be an item that you get from them like a weapon, other than that everything is great.


To fun you can build almost anything I have a joke YOU WILL PLAY FOR THIS lol

- 1.14 Update sucks

Ever since the update of 1.14 I can not open Minecraft. All it does is comes to the white Mojang screen, loads for 5 seconds then stops like freezes I guess and just does nothing. The odd time it will also crash. It’s not my device because I have Minecraft on my iPad and phone and both are doing the same thing. Please fix this. Minecraft is usually a great game, but now I just want it gone u less it gets fixed cuz it’s just so annoying now. So Mojang fix the problem. I’ve read others and they have the same problem, so fix it please

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Minecraft is the best could literally define this review! Right now I’m building a modern mansion because I completed building a medium sized cottage. Once I’m done with my mansion I’m gonna go on a bunch of adventures looking for some pretty hard stuff to find. I may try to defeat an ender dragon! But honestly creative mode is the BEST! You can express yourself so easily with friends!!! I bought this game with absolutely NO REGRETS! I really like building houses, visiting my friends, taking animals, and adventuring in mines, and beyond! Including the waters 🌊!!! I have this cute pink and purple skin and I ❤️ it so much!! I don’t have many minecons since I started about 4 months ago and plus I spend basically all my time in creative mode so I’m really looking forward to the minecon event. And if your still not interested, there’s an EDUCATIONAL MODE which I don’t use but you can if you want 😄over all I’m obsessed with this game and it’s totally worth the money!!! Also all of a sudden I can’t play with my friends? I set up my gamer tag even on the Xbox app but when I try to friend my bffs or they try to friend me it says I can’t friend people because of how my account is set up so me and my family were trying to fix it but it wouldn’t work! Please help! But even if I can’t play with my friends it’s really fun I just wished I could!

- Time To Set Things Right

I think that Minecraft Bedrock is good, but a lot of features are missing from the pc version. Most of them aren't their probably because that Minecraft bedrock cost less than pc edition. I think what should happen is that every single feature from pc edition that can work on bedrock should be put in a store, so we must pay for certain features. It should be like that because most people (mainly kids but a lot of the Minecraft community) can only get Minecraft pe because they don't have a computer that they can't afford or a computer that can handle Minecraft pc edition. It isn't fair, so to make it fair, the features should be put in a shop. One example is that I wanted to make a all white "infinity room" but I can't becaus place item frames on ceilings and the floor and next to each other on corners, so it can't be perfect. This could also bring up sales because people are more interested in the new features and the stocks will rise and it will be even more popular, so Mojang, please make the right choice and add that shop please. The Minecraft bedrock community needs this, and not a $1500 computer setup plus a $25 game(I think that is the price) just to get the features we don't have. We will all be happy for this.

- My Minecraft Review!

I have been playing this game since 2014, and it was just... amazing! I loved how it was this pixelated world where you could make anything you imagined in block form! I really liked survival mode, where it’s like your the person who will conquer enemies and help the world! It kinda helped me prepare for a zombie apocalypse, or a disaster! I thought this type of game wouldn’t have existed if Minecraft hadn’t had released into the world of games! Throughout all, I think it’s a pretty good game! It inspires people to use their imagination and to just create it! Although, there are a few things within the game that kinda bother me. So you have to have a account to play in servers, and that’s just a bit unfair to those who don’t have one, or aren’t able to get one onto Minecraft. I understand if there’s a thing that’s blocking that, so I completely understand. Another thing is getting free worlds. Sometimes after I purchase a free world from the shop, it has a red exclamation mark, and it says ‘your account’ something-something, I can’t remember. Those are the problems I have with the game, but they aren’t so bad! Anyways, I hope you read this! Good work on the game! -¿¿¿

- Love it just needs a few updates

I love love this game played a lot when I was in preschool and now I’m in first grade even if it cost money now it’s OK but I just wanted to tell you a few updates I would like one I would like if you could add a water bar because if the water bottles for just the potions or else it can be for a water bar since we already have a food bar why not to water barTwo I would like if you could add your own pictures from maybe your photos into the game and delete the old vanilla ones into new ones because I have gotcha backgrounds and I didn’t look at want to use them for backgrounds I wanted to use them for paintings third I would like it if you could place down stuff like food not just put item frames on the floor and Collett a day no I want you to place food and maybe other items because I saw on this video on Ld shadow lady and fun crafts that you could play stuff down fourth I would like if you could add different breeds of dogs and cats I would like for cats if there was like are hairless cats that you can find in the desert kind of like Egypt kind of cats and for dogs I don’t just want to wolves I want like a French bulldog or something so please respond to this I really want these kind of stuff in the game peace out maybe

- Game Works When It Wants To

So great game hands down. It’s Minecraft. It’s obviously great. However, the game is hard to play on my own time. The game really only works when it wants to. Some are do to bugs, and some are due to just poor design. 1) Game will not load when you go offline still logged into Xbox. It will not let you sign out, and the game crashes repeatedly. I have not found a way to fix this, because even when I try to enable cellular data, it still will not load because no changes in settings are saved before the game crashes. This is extremely inconvenient when I just want to play single player offline. This bug has been going on for months and is consistently overlooked. Please fix this immediately. It discourages players from even attempting to load up their worlds, which ultimately hurts the developers. 2) Background music stops when Minecraft is launched. If you are listening to Spotify/Pandora, etc, then the game automatically cuts off your music when you listen to the game. If people didn’t pause their music before entering the game, then obviously, they want to listen to it while the play! This was definitely programmed in, for reasons I can’t even begin to comprehend. Please remove this feature, as it is just annoying, especially when constantly trying to reload your game due to the bug mentioned above.

- Greatest game of all time

Literally no game could ever top Minecraft and it’s pure simplicity. It gives people an opportunity to be creative and do whatever they desire without people constantly trying to get their money or bombard your experience with ads! Granted you can pay for skins and cool adventure maps, but that’s besides the point. There is no “Pay to get to the nether” or “pay for this certain enchantment”, it’s pure gameplay. There is no set story, you get to make that story with each world you create. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you love to explore different biomes or mine the deepest parts of caves. Whether you want to build the biggest kingdom of all time, or simply have an animal farm. This game is for literally every person, which is why it makes it one of, if not the greatest game of all time. Let me not forget the music and how peaceful it is and how nostalgic it is. If you are considering buying this for little Timmy and are questioning it because of zombies and monsters, think again. That’s only a small part of this game with infinite possibilities. This gives you a chance to escape to a world that YOU create! It’s perfect for long car rides, or for playing with your friends. Get this game. You will never regret it.

- Was wondering if Minecraft PE can have different dog skins as well! •3•

Minecraft is amazing! Absolutely fun and incredible and has always been my childhood game! There are so many ways to express your creativity and build so many things you wouldn’t be able to in real life! But I was wondering if you guys would soon add different dog skins as well, since Minecraft PE has different cat skins, but wolves only have one and many other players would enjoy it as well! This is only a request, so it’s perfectly fine if it can’t be developed into the game as I understand it takes a while to put new things into the game, but it would be very much appreciated if possible! It can give players new ideas for their pet shop, and expanding the pets in Minecraft as players are able to get a variety of different dogs rather then just one! Me and my friends would also very much appreciate it, as one of my friends love animals! She is so inspired playing Minecraft it gives her new ideas and a topic for us to talk about when it gets awkward ;^; This idea would be really cool and lots of players would probably definitely love it! ( like I mentioned though, if it currently isn’t possible to do, please don’t stress about it ) ❤️ -sincerely a Minecraft player :3

- Sad, lonely , money taker

This game is good.... ONLY IF U HAVE AN ACCOUNT!!!!!!! I am so lonely! It's kind of boring... I remember the days when it was new and it was easy to play with your friends! For example! Me and my sister would always play together whit no problem at all! But now you have to create your account to play! I can no longer play with my sis Bc I rlly don't want to create an account! What-happened-to the old Minecraft? Everything was so great.... exploring, crafting, mining, and even roll playing was fun.... but now you have added to man stuff.... you have added this new world where u have to pay for them.... u made us create and account so we could play with others.... which was wrong! Minecraft should be safe and fun! If u have to prove that u have permission... then why not just make it like the old times where u only needed to be close to your friend to join in the same server! That was all! No creating and account no nothing! It was as simple as that! OOOH and don't get me started on the "u have to pay for a world!!! A skin pack, a mash up!!" WHAT HAPPENED TO MINE CRAFT ?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What happened to being creative? All the things u have added lately have been horrible!!! I still want to play it! I still want to create and have "fun"! I still have hope that some day... minecraft will come back to normality....sooo pls........ bring creativity back to our world.... pls

- Best game ever made but I would like to add some stuff

FRIST: l would really like if mojang added bears beavers dears squirrels ants and elephants. Second: I would also like if mojang would add quick sand to make the quick sand u would need a bucket of water and place it on some sand and I would also like if there would be more dogs like huskys they would be found in the snow biome and and I would also like if there was a oven block wand a sink block with a water a effect and I would also like if there were a way to make your own skin in Minecraft Third: I would like if there were acid rain and a lighting rod were u could have a stick in your hand and during a lightning storm and then the stick would turn into a cool lightning rod then u can attack with lighting I would also like if mojang they added paint to paint the house we make and I would like if they added pirate boats and u can ride them and and put all of your diamonds and stuff in the pirate boat we would have to make the pirate boat with two black banners sticks wood and if they would add Dinosours and make a Dinosaur biome THANK YOU FOR READING I HOPE MY IDEAS GET IN THE GAME THX AND TO NEW PLAYERS OF MINECRAFT THIS IS THE BEST GAME U WILL EVER PLAY THANK YOU MOJANG FOR MAKING THIS GAME AND I HOPE U READY THIS AND MAKE MY IDEAS INTO THE GAME THX!!!!!! :D :) :) :D :D :D :D :D

- Da best game for centuries!!

I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was 3. So, that’s about seven years! I got PE a year ago for my birthday, and let me tell you, I can’t stop playing it! I have a world where it’s just command blocks with random but cool commands, it’s so fun! But I think most people can agree with me when I say I don’t really like the bee update. I do miss my old, nostalgic Minecraft, not gonna lie. Maybe you guys should add cave updates??? I mean, that’s what the people want :). Also another random thing, I think you should add different weather, like tornados, and hurricanes, and the villagers would kinda freak out when one was coming. It could give you a notification on what it is and what strength it’s at. And maybe more faces for snowmen? Like, you know when you sheer the pumpkin of the golem it would have different expressions. Like a happy face, or meh face, surprised face, I think you get the point. One last thing - cars and guns. I think adding cars and guns would make the game more interesting, guns for more combat ideas and games and cars for driving in large maps in cities and stuff like that. I have a car mod, it’s really laggy though. So maybe some cars and guns? Overall, this is probably the absolute best game I’ve ever played!


First off, I’m sure you have heard that the game crashes, A LOT, this leads to many entities disappearing, for me it was cats, villagers, boats and minecarts. The bug kind of has to do with this, even without crashing, I’ve noticed that entities randomly may disappear when chunks are unloaded, I was so excited when you guys announced that 1.16 would come out for both bedrock and java at the same time, but recently I’ve had to stop playing because my villagers keep disappearing, I had a mending villager, silk touch, unbreaking III, etc. all of them disappeared although I had the room completely sealed off with lights and an iron golem, I’ve heard that they may disappear if the bed is on the line of two different chunks, but this was not the case, I’ve stopped playing to prevent the last two villagers I have left from despawning, and I’m also afraid if I enter one of them will be despawned. One more thing, when I was bringing these villagers to my base (took long enough) the game crashed and the boat, with the villager disappeared, I had to go to separate villages 6 TIMES to get 2 VILLAGERS because they despawned, I can see how a bug may have slipped under the radar upon release, but the crashing and entities despawning shouldn’t have. Please fix this, Im sure me and most of the community will be happy if you did :)

- It is awesome, and I think they should add more to get more people to play it!

Minecraft is truly a game of failure, which helps us grow and get better at things. The game is really a awesome joy to play, especially when you are attempting to find diamonds, catch some fish, and tame wolves. But I think they should add more. I feel like with all the things and items Minecraft has put into the game, they should add more animals. Biomes like the desert and the acacia forest do not have many animals, besides the bad mobs that spawn at night, do not originate in those biomes. For example, you might be able to put zebras in the acacia forest, or elephants in the desert which you could ride and tame. I also think it would be an awesome idea to add TOUCANS into the game, maybe in the jungles. You should add more dimensions into the game also: maybe the CANDY DIMENSION or other things, because sometimes when you explore the nether and the ender dragon places a lot, you start to get a little bit bored. You could probably add more things to do in the nether except looking for fortresses. Also, you can not put leashes on Pandas for whatever reason, which I think is a bug. I know that was a lot to say, but other than those things you should add, Minecraft is a very good game.

- ~Few Suggestions~

I love this panda and stray cats update, it really cool but I would like to put some suggestions as my title says. So, first things first, I would love for you all to put in chairs, couches, tables, you name it from the PC! Because having chairs and couches made out of stairs, signs, and slabs is kind of boring to be honest. I would love it to have a few things like the PC has. Second, I would love for the stuff like skins and maps for it to be lowered like 50 coins less or 100 less because some of them are extremely expensive for you to buy the coins and purchase some although I know you need the money to make stuff along with patience and time, I understand. Third, I would love for you to add the animal ears and tails for PE because it would be so cool since I’m a meifwas, kitzune, werewolf/wolf, dragon, and more fantasy-like fan and I think others would like it to. I know it would take a LOT of time for you all to make some of these suggestions to come true. Take all the time you need, I won’t mind because I have to have a bit of patience for something so I can be having more patience for other things to! Thank you for doing the panda and cat update! Have a great year! ~ Zoe (Sorry if I spelled anything wrong.)

- I love this game few new things needed though.

I love this game! I play it all the time with my brother🆒 but there should be new things. One I love achievements and I want to achieve them all but the next one I want to do is the one that needs frostwalker boots. I look for frostwalker boots in my inventory and guess what? They're NOT THERE! So please please tell me what's wrong! Next, there should be new bricks. Like fire or water(well actually once I was living in the ocean and a wither then exploded then I looked in my inventory and I had water.) the new coral is cool. But please add new blocks🙂 Next, I think there should be new armor! Like armor of EVERY brick😃 that would be awesome! Next, new terrains would be cool. Like the sun or the moon! And if you add those tell me please. Next, new mobs. It would be awesome if you added new mobs like eagles and whales and new monsters please add a were wolf!(wolves are my fav animal so i want WERE wolves but it's cool that there are WOLVES.) Next, it would be awesome if you could get stuff from the shop for FREE! And if not, you should make it so you get mine coins from achievements. Next, you should have updates sooner! Like I have had the same update for YEARS!!! Then the aquatic update came up and I was super happy! That's all. And I want you to know I LOVE

- Please Take A Moment To Read

Plz take a moment to read this. I've been a fan of this game since I was like 8...back when it was just cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. I do like the recent updates, and not saying I for like them...but I do agree with the people on here that are saying all the problems with the bugs and the glitches. It has happened to me before, numerous times. After a while...it starts to really get on your nerves, that all your hard work and your items are all the sudden gone. I still have fun and enjoy playing this game with my buds and my sibling, but it's just almost not fun anymore when you know that there is the major risk that all the work you are doing in that world may potentially be erased the second you log out. I have had some pretty good memories with this game when I was younger, and I want other kids to be able to enjoy it without the annoyance of bugs/glitches, or the worry about the possibility that your work... Or even your world may be erased. I will give you a five star review because despite all the glitches & bugs... I still love the game. I'm just hoping that you can take the time to read over my opinion Mojang. Thank you for your time to all the people who have read this far. :)

- One tiny problem

I love Minecraft, I really do. I’ve played this game while I was still in grade school and have recently played the PS4 version of this game. Controls may be a bit hard to master, but nothing a few adjustments in settings can’t fix. My real problem with this games is that I may have missed a description in an update that changed the materials in crafting a furnace. For example, on one of my survival modes, the materials for crafting a furnace requires blackstone (which could only be found in the nether world). The PS4 version didn’t have that feature and neither did any other version have that feature. Heck, I am still playing this app after 10 years since I downloaded it and I was not fully aware of all the changes made to this game. I bring up the blackstone requirements for the furnace as it seems a little unfair to try and find the nether and get some blackstone to craft something that is destined for early game material. Now that I say that, how can I get to the nether if the furnace requires me to obtain blackstone? I’d have to craft a diamond pickaxe, sure, but the only way to obtain diamonds is by mining with an iron pickaxe (which you first mine iron ore and then smelt it in a furnace). If you can look into this issue as well, that would be great as I think it might be a glitch.

- A few things I’d like to see

Good Game! Been playing for almost 5 or so years. One of my favorite things in it is the redstone. There’s one problem though: redstone dust, repeaters, and comparators are like one block. Therefore, they can’t fit under slabs. I would love to see them be able to count as half-blocks so they can fit under slabs. I would also like to see an item, similar to the structure block, but you can get it in survival, and it only places a layout of the structure that has been saved in it. So if you save, let’s say, a tree, then click load, it will only load transparent ghost blocks of the blocks that were being used. I would also like to see a command that can fill things, like chests. Maybe something like /fillitem [item] [amount]. Also one last thing, it would be amazing and very useful for named ender chests to only share the items that have the same name so multiple people on a world/server won’t have to put the same items in the same ender chest. Also, please make it so that ender chests can interact with furnaces. I don’t know if mojang or anyone who is somehow connected to anyone at mojang, but if they are, PLEASE add/ask Mojang to add these, or at least consider them. I hope to see these in a coming update

- Store Problems

Both my brother and I have lost things from the store after making an account to save these things. The point of making an account is to save your worlds and packs you buy, and that has proven to be inefficient. We have spend money on these things and they just disappear, and the best part? The free worlds we get are still there. We only lost the packs that cost money. Please fix this, my brother is devastated because he plays Minecraft so much and enjoys these packs, and now they’re gone. He can’t even buy them again, when he goes to the store to the texture pack he bought, it says he cannot but the pack. Now onto me: I made an account before buying things, and even then i still have lost the worlds that i spent my money on. I lost the packs when i switched phones. I bought a new phone and logged into my Microsoft account to get my worlds and packs, some made by me and some i had bought. Now, all the worlds that i made (my survival world, my role play creative world, and my experimental worlds), they all saved, except the worlds i bought from the store. The point of making an account is to save your packs that you buy, and this hasn’t worked. Please get back to me on this.

- More animals

I really love this game and I delete it sometimes but then I download it again because I can’t live without it on my home screen to play, I really building things by getting the materials having to find the materials you need, or have an infinite amount of inventory where you can build almost ANYTHING you can imagine. But there is one thing I want that u and ur crew are probably working really hard on all the time, new animals, I always thought of having waterfalls with white water from the water rapids coming out of the bottom, and salmon that jump out of the water and a grizzly bear can have a unique hunting style by catching them and stuff like that. I also like how you research real life animals behaviors and add it into the game like you did with the Fox. Another thing is I know u guys are still working on the mountain goats right now but I rly hope they come soon. And one more thing is that you guys said u won’t add sharks and endangered animals because you don’t want to encourage people to kill them when u literally added... polar bears, panda bears, dolphins, and bees. Again, I love Minecraft and hope to see more updates soon. I am very sorry if this review took too long but I hope the content creators see this.

- Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

I have a lot of ideas so I hope you add at least a couple of these ideas! I’m not allowed to have mods so whenever an update comes into Minecraft that’s like a mod, I get REALLY Exited! So sorry if some of these ideas feel like you basically downloading mods for all players! One, You should add shadows. And reflections. Whenever you walk up to a river or pond or space of water, you would see your reflection in it! There would be pretty shadows coming from mountains, trees, and other objects. Two, CARS PLEASE! I know your character has the running Ability, but why don’t you have cas for those who don’t have mash-up packs? Or really, just anyone? I feel like it would be a faster way to get Around. Three, FURNITURE PLEASE!!! whenever I want to make a couch, I end up using giant blocks of wool that take up most of my house! You should also add WORKING TELEVISION! Four, we need more breeds of dogs. But a breed of dog I would personally love would be the CORGI! 😇 they’re so cute! My final idea is that you should add backpacks or bags! I know we have inventories, but I think using backpacks would WOW some people and take Minecraft to the next level! So thanks for reading my feedback, I hope you add some of these. It would make me SUPER HAPPY! thanks!

- Thank you, Mojang!

Minecraft is a great game, and I highly recommend it for anyone who does not yet own it. I thought it might be a bad idea to get on the iPad, because I’ve played on a phone before, and it made me dizzy. Despite my former experience, it is actually really smooth gameplay for such a small device. It updates regularly, however, if I am not mistaken, there are no opportunities for mods, on my device, respectively. Recently I discovered, to my pleasant surprise, that banners can be made just the same as those on computers, as far as I’ve seen. Although I’ve personally never done any sort of programming before, I do believe that it would be rather difficult to respond to every single demand made to the makers of Minecraft. However, I do suggest one thing, that I think a few others who have played the game for a while might appreciate, and that is: when we hold torches in our hands, would it be possible that it could give off light? If not, I understand. It does give a kind of challenge to the players, but perhaps there could be a switch for it in settings. Anyhow, I would like to make it clear that this review is all to say how much I appreciate this game. If you ever read this, THANK YOU MOJANG!!!!!!

- Updates

For your next few updates you should definitely do Halloween Christmas phones new mobs curtains and etc. what I mean by that is make furniture and technechly house things and other foods. Also make more animals and mobs. And make cool worlds free!! Also plz plz plz!! Bring herobrian back!! Also how do I get mine coins without having to pay real money?? I mean, why do you want real money for fake coins?? Biomes would be an improvement to. By making all these improvements, I think you might just get me to give you five stars. It will also feel like real life just even better. The aquatic version is fine but the next version should be called....... real life but better. Then pretty much everyone should be giving you five stars. Consider me a genius. Jk!! Anywho Minecraft is a real hit to my family and improvements is gonna be awesome!!!!!!! Also make lags fixed because sometimes it lags and I’m on survival and a mob is hitting me. When it lags I die! And I have pretty good stuff on survival. Settings and all the regular stuff should be kept but make those improvements plz!,!,!,! Sorry I’m making you read all this but it’s important to me and the following. Oh! You know what!!?? You should make to where when you get the phones out, you can play on it. And you can get games by buying them with mine coins!! Also make the mine coins free.

- This weird thing keeps happening

I love Minecraft always when my friends come over we get on the same wi fi and start playing with each other but something went wrong when one of my friends came over for a sleepover, we started playing Minecraft but as soon as we both joined our world we saw we were both steve so we deleted the world and went on a new world also when we joined that world we were both Steve, my friend deleted Minecraft and downloaded again but it still did not work the only way we could not be Steve was by wearing the skins that were with the packs we bought from the Minecraft market place. Another time was when I had a sleepover with another friend and we decided to play Minecraft I was hoping it wouldn’t be like last sleepover with my other friend when we were both Steve, but as soon as we joined Minecraft we were Steve. Also when I’m playing by myself in Minecraft it shows that I have a normal Minecraft skin. And when me and my me and my friends look at our own Minecraft characters we have the normal skin we chose to use. What is happening is it a bug or a glitch me and my friends use the app Skinseed for our Minecraft skins idk what is happening but if it is a glitch in Minecraft please fix it I really love Minecraft.

- Dear Mojang

I love this game, don’t get me wrong, but there are a few things that would make the game more fun. First off, I’ve been waiting for years for Minecraft to add unicorns. I mean, who doesn’t like unicorns? I have seen many add ons for unicorns but none of them actually work. PLEASE ADD UNICORNS. Second, I the ender world, the dragon and ender men were all blue. Why is this? Please change all ender creatures back to black and purple. Another thing you should add to the game is taming ANY ANIMAL. In the game, you can game only few animals such as horses, wolves, and others. Please change this. We’ve seen the cats, we’ve seen the horses, but where are the DOGS? Minecraft would be a lot more fun with dogs. Lastly, I think you should delete the chat in servers. Now I know if anyone types a bad word, it shows up as a bunch of xs. But what a lot of people do is don’t spell them the right way, but still let people know what they are. Another reason is because there are many people who like to scare other people that are playing the game such as saying, “I know where you live,” or other creepy stuff that makes others scared. I know someone that stopped playing Minecraft because they were told something creepy in s server. Please delete the chat in servers!

- Awesome, but a few things I don’t really like...

Hello. This is literally my favorite game in the world, not joking! Though, there are some things I don’t like, as well as an issue I don’t know how to do. Let’s start with the Character Creator. I hate it. You more than likely have to buy all the cool stuff, and you can only make cheap-looking characters. Also, here’s the question. How do you switch to a custom character made from another app-for example, Skinseed. Skinseed is an awesome app, made to make skins to share with others and they can play with it in game. I have lots of characters. I also don’t like the new part of the settings, when you go to put on a Behavior/Resource pack, it is a weird version where you have to click new buttons in order to do stuff. I really liked the old version better, where the only thing you had to press was the resource/behavior pack you wanted and pressed the check mark button, adding it into the game. I also have found a bug. Why is it when you put any LEATHER armor on an armor stand, it always reverts to a white color? (Not Iron, white leather armor.) Besides all these things, I LOVE the game, and will always. Keep on making great updates, Mojang, and thanks for reading this, viewer!

- I love Minecraft

I love Minecraft and all but I fell like it needs a hostile mob for the snow biome and you could make people or some kind of villager that throw spears at the player in the jungle, you could also make sharks, manta rays, pandas, and grizzlies because you got in to the bear theme with the polar bears. You could also make a new biome named the pedal forest with Bamboo or sugar cane. Also you could add in a glass helmet that allows you to to breath underwater for twenty seconds and you could do leather swimsuit 2 seconds of breath for each piece, iron swimsuit 5 seconds of breath for piece, diamond 10 seconds for each piece, obsidian swimsuit gives a slight slowness but makes it so you can breath under forever water when you were all the pieces together. Or you could make oxygen tanks, or you could make it so there’s a glass helmet that had to be gotten in a treasure chest And could be upgraded by first surrounding it in a crafting table with leather, then iron, the diamond, then obsidian. Almost finished one more thought you could a villager that spawns on any beach that sells a sail boat that you would need iron, gold, and redstone for, and a speed boat that you would need diamonds, iron, gold, redstone, and obsidian. Thank you for reading this if you read it. BigBu11dozer out

- Read this before you update!

I am currently using an iPod Touch 5th generation, with the latest available iOS version for it (Which I believe is version 9.3.x, but idk exactly which version it is). I downloaded the latest update, got on it to check out all of the new features they added, but it went into super-lag mode, and won't really allow me to even legitimately play it. Usually, after trying to play for 30 seconds or so, the app will kick me, along with my iPod heating up A LOT. This is the only device I really have to play Minecraft PE on. So, I would really appreciate a fix in the next update that will improve the game efficiency-wise. And, next time there is a big update that will lag older devices, don't allow those devices to be updated. At least put it in the update details that it won't work on device x,y, and z (I did have automatic updates on, in fairness, but I have disabled auto-updates now). Honestly, I haven't had my device charged for a few days, and when I did, I turned all the graphics down, etc., and it helped. However, it makes the game very hard to enjoy, pretty much impossible for me. Very disappointed. It still does kick me, and the inventory menu stuff seems laggy and slow still. Will take a few seconds to work, and device still heats. Only reason not one star is because I didn't technically review the update features. Please fix Mojang.

- This Game Needs Something New

Hey there creators, I know that it is a pain to make huge updates, but we need something different than the end and the nether, we need a new dimension that is harder than ever before, we need new item, new tools, I mean like 2 or three different types of tools , make a way to create something like dual weapons, maybe armor that allows us to fly at end game, the update after that, make it where the armor is even better. We need new things to keep us interested. Armor that allows us to fly is my main objective, I suggest calling it a supremium ingot, it starts with finding supremium debri that gives us supremium essence when we dig it, and when we finish mining that and we go to use it we have to use a special crafting table made out of pure blocks of gold that is really hard to craft, and please make larger chest, please do, when the ingots are formed we can turn that into supremium armor and tools, make the tools do 12 attack damage and it has a bleeding effect too please, add dark matter essence that creates block that we use for a portal and only can be mines in the nether , this is just some ideas i thought of but I am sure flying armor would satisfy many people along with new dimensions as well,

- I love this game but...

This game is amazing I have played since version 1.0 or something like that, I like the new updates and the cross play for bedrock. But there are some things I find frustrating. The hunger bar for bedrock edition is much different from the java edition. The bedrock hunger bar wastes much faster than on java which is frustrating because we have to keep looking for food all the time because it gets wasted way too quick, another thing I don’t like is that fall damage is a little increased, or so I feel it that way, I sometimes fall 3 blocks and get half a heart off and I see these pros in java edition doing crazy jumps and falls without getting dealt fall damage. Also this problem I’m about to say is not with mobile but in the Xbox one edition of Minecraft it was much easier to land a water bucket without taking damage because you missed it, in the bedrock Xbox one edition, the water bucket is way too sensitive, I literally press the trigger once and the water is placed and collected almost at the same time, it made it harder for me to land water buckets which comes in handy especially when fighting the ender dragon, I’m a little used to it now but it is still pretty hard. Please fix these annoying things

- Pocket Edition Glitches Are Unreal

Ok Ok, So I was playing Minecraft P.E I was playing for like an hour I guess I found this landscape in the sky the first thing in my mind was to settle their for my adventure I was building a water elevator the ice froze and I realized I was stuck I had a bed so I tried that glitch but I died and it kept saying “re spawn re spawn re spawn” so I pressed it a bunch of times and I didn’t re spawn on the sky island I spawned at the oringinal spawn point and my bed spawn point was already placed cause I had 2 bed 1 in my inventory other in the island I after like 2/3 hours I found the “base” after that I saw my game COMPLETELY CRASHED I came back to to Minecraft app my world was gone and thankfully I had a backup but when I joined it said this wasn’t a world and I was hacking or exploiting so I decided to report that bug but I had second thoughts so I didn’t and I tried to do this myself and the backup and (I had to backup worlds) my other backup world WHERE DELETED I just gave up I didn’t report the bug cause that would be stupid also it said 2 other of my worlds were deleted (different worlds) it was a creative and survival so I did report the bug but nobody responded so i was super frustrated with this and nobody came to my assist so this made me even angrier so I gave up but Minecraft Please Fix Those Bugs No Offense To The Game I’ve Played It For Almost Half Of My Life It’s A Great Game But Please Fix This.

- Plz put in more items and mobs

Plz plz please put in more animals such as tigers or panthers and make it so that with the trident you can summon a tsunami, also put in chariots and more weapons can you also put in sharks and eels and snakes as well as nets, also can you put in werewolf’s and make it so that you can collect werewolf claws and if you have one in your hand a button appears called transform and you turn into a werewolf that is immune to sunlight and to turn back just equip the claw again and click transform again, also put in vampires and make it the same except to turn into a vampire you use fangs, can you also put in maces as well as whirlpools I think it would also help that in a seed called palace there is a medieval city with a castle and fortifications also can you please put in a Roman shield and armour I also think that you could spawn village guards and tame dragons, maybe make it so that you can put prismarine shards in a crafting table to make a spike trap and also put in a steering wheel block and if you make a boat in the ocean you can put the wheel on it and drive your custom boat, also put in monkeys and snakes, as well as crocodiles if you put these in it would make it five stars plz consider these updates as i believe it would make the game the best ever

- Minecraft

Minecraft is a great app I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun app . But the day after you sent the new update me and my stepbrother had a bad bug in the game if you can please fix any more bugs . This app is cool but I wish there were more animals like lions, Mice and mostly any other animals . I’d also like if you could add cars to ride ,horses are nice and stuff but when you’re building a modern house cars are very useful. Another wish of mine is that you can add unicorns and dragons and hopefully you can tame them both like you can with dogs and cats . I also would like if you would add more mobs and more portals, I have defeated the end and nether meany times please add stronger bosses to . It would also be cool to add money because everyone loves money. I can’t wait for the new acoustic update to come out please make it possible to ride dolphins and feed them. Minecraft also needs an easier way to get custom heads . Me and my friends like to play Minecraft when we have to leave we get separate from the game please make a way that you can still be with them from far away without having to get closer I get Xbox name. I don’t have an Xbox name I only play on my phone gets lonely most the times.

- I love Minecraft

I really love Minecraft It's one of my favorite games of all but I feel you should add spectator mode to bedrock edition. You know /gamemode 3 gets you spectator mode in java edition but what about bedrock and windows 10? We Still haven't gotten spectator mode into pocket/bedrock edition ,also Shields! Not to add them... Again. But in Java you can use a banner to design the shields. Also what about Illusioners? The Spectral Arrows and the glowing effect? Also where is the world border and the /worldborder command? I know we have the farlands but not the world border also being able to dye leather armor with a crafting table in Java you cannot use a cauldron but in Pocket/Bedrock you can! But using the cauldron takes longer. And what about the “Throwaway Joke” and many more achievements? And in Pocket/Bedrock we still got Achievements and not Advancements! There are many things missing from Pocket/Bedrock but I still love this game and also I’ve discovered a bug. (More like a crash.) I’m happy that multiple ender dragon can no longer spawn. But entering a nether portal from the Overworld or Nether the game would CRASH. I set it to peaceful and I made it to the nether not to the Overworld though My game crashed again... please, PLEASE fix this crash.

- Plz read Minecraft owners

Can you add a few things I had in mind? I was thinking maybe to make things harder on hard mode you can add a solar eclipse, and demons. Demons could be as powerful as a blaze and Skelton combined, and can shoot really powerful fire balls. I was also thinking demons can only spawn in the nether, but when it become a solar eclipse demons can spawn in the world. Also I was thinking that some demons could have voodoo dolls, if you kill these demons it gives the voodoo doll. If you throw the voodoo doll in water or lava it summons the devil witch is as powerful as 100 demons combined. Also you could add new weapons, such as the Hell Sword, which does 12 damage plus enchantments, and a Hell Bow and Crossbow. The Hell sword, Crossbow, and Bow can be MADE in peaceful, easy, and normal mode but instead of wood diamond or sticks they are made with nether blocks, but ONLY in those modes. I was also thinking of a new enchantment called fire ball which a demon drops, the fire ball enchantment lets you shoot fire balls out of your Hell Sword when attacking. The only way to get Hell swords, Bows, and Crossbows is to find it in the in the demons base in HARD mode which is somewhere in the nether. Those are my suggestions. Plz make this update, it would be called "the nether update."

- Great but one thing

You should really get this game and this is not a complain but there should be more animals in this game because i have been playing this game for a long long time and I’m getting tired of the mobs, and also u should add some more dog like things to the dog, u know, being able to make them lay down and fetch and sleep and play, and there’s should be more types of dogs and you should also be able to give them a collar with a tag and u should be able to color change the tag. And be able to take the tag off and there should be more animals and the villages should be more like neighborhoods and a grocery market and the villagers should be more like people and a pet store and the villagers should have names and there should be emojis and they use those to show their feelings and u can be buddy. Back to the dogs, you should add dog beds, chew toys, and make it like the stuff that “StacyPlays” has and make a copy of her world and u must know her because she came and talked to u so u should make a copy of her world and there should be dog biscuits and be able to make them roam follow and make them attack what u want and there should be dog bowls LIKE STACY PLAYS! PleAsE mAkE tHiS a UpDaTe!!!!!! If U dO iLL tELL mOrE pEoPLe To GeT tHiS gAmE!!!! SO PLEASE MAKE THIS A UPDATE IT FILL BE MY FAVORITE GAME IF U DO!!!

- Boring.

Now don’t get me wrong, this game is my favorite game of all time. I’ve been playing it for years! It’s been so long, that the new stuff has gotten boring. Exploring the end to get the best stuff in the game, it’s sort of like trying to explore a large, empty room. It’s just a lot of nothing until you find an end city, which also gets pretty boring after a while. What I would like to see, especially after the nether update, is an end update. This could add a new biome, sort of like a mushroom island biome, where it would be kinds greener than everywhere else. It could hold a green wood and log. It would have new leaves too, but if you broke it, it would give you everything it would normally drop, except saplings, therefore limited. It would be cool to have a new mob too, but it wouldn’t need to be a food source. Maybe a ghost that can’t be damaged, but would attack you if it saw you holding a weapon or wearing armor. The biome could even have a new ore, but can’t be found on the surface. All I’m saying is, it would be great to have something to explore, even live in in an end hardcore series. Minecraft is a great game, just make sure it doesn’t get boring late game. Anyway, thanks for reading my idea!

- Weird Bug

This game is so much fun. There is so many things added to this version of Minecraft and there is so much to do and see. I’m not sure if this is new or not, but I found a bug that is very annoying and has me constantly closing the app and having to reset the game. For some reason whenever I am walking around sometimes the side of blocks in the direction of which I was facing all go invisible. When I turn around most blocks have an invisible wall on one side, like they all have not loaded in. Not only that, but when I try to mine something I cannot, when I hold down the screen the hand moves but nothing happens. It’s like the game freezes except I can move around. I cannot pause the game or open chat, ether of those buttons pressed does not do anything. When I click the inventory button, the bar on the bottom disappears and then a loading bar appears on the screen and does not end. This means I have to close out the app, log back in and wait for the game to load up again to jump back into my world. I am not sure if this is an issue when you are off WiFi, but it happens when I am on WiFi anyway. I find this very annoying and time consuming. Great game though :)

- Please Better Updates

I am a big fan of Minecraft and it’s comunity but updates start to get boring and now I don’t play Minecraft that much anymore, I’m sort of a new user but I have been playing Minecraft for months and I know as much as a player from 2009. But I feel we need better updates because your fans are going to loose interest if you don’t give interesting stuff. Like add a new dimention or do updates quicker or make for stuff like a space dimention or a Monster dimention. Make stuff interesting and likable for young and old viewers. So here’s what I’m saying MAKE MORE INTRESTING STUFF PLEASE! And especially because I’m a mobile user. So please respect each version the same and please stop making updates slow for mobile! And even for non mobile users MAKE MORE INTESTING STUFF! Your going to lose fans if you don’t make cool stuff so add something cool and likable! So mojang here’s my idea! Make customizable skins easier like a create a character thing so you can choose your hair style or clothes. And add a new mode. Which can be called Epic mode. So it can be like a monster that is attacking and you need to solve the problem. Make it like Minecraft The order of the stone but in the regular game. So mojang please listen to my request to make the game better for everyone. Good day!

- The shaders NOT FOR EVERYONE😕

The super duper graphics pack was canceled and then you guys added one for PC and then the PE got to get whatever shader, but I want it for consoles to because you guys canceled the SDGP, with was for every playing thing. Graphics on my console would be a huge thing to me because I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old and I have been able to gain lots of skills, BUT!, it still is missing something and that would be the graphics. The beauty of the shaders is better then anything, and the water effects, the sun effects, and the shine, that would be cool, especially when you said SOME of us where disappointed on the cancellation of the SDGP. I’m sorry but all of us were disappointed and I would like you guys to make up for it. It’s just that, you guys added the store, the custom skins, and the bee and nether update, but the console will still be waiting for you guys, I’m in 7th grade and Minecraft is a habit I have and it’s fun and I don’t care what people think about it, WE just want what you guys promised us, because you guys kept all of them but this one. Plz make it up to all the console players and the others. I hope you guys put this into consideration. - Sincerely apeng_ii


I love, love, love, love, love this game so much! It’s so much fun, and you get to choose how you want to play it. Personally I like creative better so I can just have fun and explore with my building, but I’ve heard a lot of people also really enjoy survival. And I’m sorry to bring it up but there was one thing I wanted to mention. So since I really like to build and explore, on a lot of my worlds I like to build barns to keep my horses in, but almost every time I leave the world and come back, I find that one of my horses have gone missing!!! What’s happening!? Also just a few more comments..... first off, I think it would be cool that when you turn wolves into dogs, the dogs could kinda vary of what colors and things they come out as like the cats. Plus I’ve been having a problem where my game is like never letting me feed any animals which is annoying, and lastly think it would be cool if the trap doors could maybe fold in different directions when you put them on walls, cause i would like to use them for cupboards and things but as of now that’s now possible... So thanks for reading, and i would really appreciate it if you could help me out with some of the problems I mentioned, thanks!!

- this is a problem

I've had minecraft since for almost 7 years, I have nothing agaist this game, but slowly over time, minecraft (specifically pocket edition) has become more and more attached to internet connection. I like to play on airplane mode a lot, no internet, less things downloading, more memory. It wasn't much of a problem at first, like a crash or two, I can handle that. Now though, this is a whole new problem. It is completely impossible to play minecraft pocket edition without a connection. I'm not talking about multiplayer, I'm not that stupid, just anything at all. I start up minecraft on airplane mode so I can play on one of my singleplayer worlds, but not even three seconds after I see the menu, it still tries to connect to my Microsoft account, which of course crashes because there's no connection. I can't play on trips now, at places without connection, or anywhere this isn't free wifi. I 've tried starting minecraft without connection countless times, all of them crashed. It's not airplane mode, I've done this with just wifi off too, still the same results. I still have not found a fix to this. Please, Microsoft, Mojang sold you this game to make it better, fixing this can't be least you can do.

- Some Bugs

This game gives me so many memories and is amazing to carry around with me wherever I go, but there are some things that really bother me and need fixing! To start just casually playing and enjoying the game and I have to get off for a split second to do something and when i get back on the sound completely goes away, second invisible mobs?! I was playing a new survival world and killing zombies from a spawner in a cave right next to where I was crafting some things, out of nowhere I get attacked, thinking I was probably crafting too long and just forgot to check if anything was sneaking up on me i turn around and see two zombies approaching, no big deal I take care of them and I get attacked again and turn around and see nothing, I was confused and checked for any zombies but there was nothing to be seen and i kept being attacked and backed into a corner and got killed. Of course I was a little angry and went back for my things but all that was left out of my entire inventory was my armor almost all broken when before it was all at least above half and immediately i got attacked again and killed two times after. I really love this game, all that ruins the game and many other amazing games are simple glitches and problems like this. Please just try to fix things like this. Thank you.

- “See you in the Mines, Crafter.”

Minecraft is a genre of its own, truly a game for all and none. To say that this game is anything but the greatest game in human history, is to be a liar or a fool. This game, this experience, is a one of limitless potential - and it knows it. This game takes its time, this game is memorable, this game makes friends and foes out of us all. This game makes us kings, it makes slaves, serfs, slayers, and so. We have been Miners and Woodcutters, Lords and Knights, we’ve been merchants and assassins, sitting around fires at night. To build and live in cities in earth, hell, and end - to know a world not without sin. We have learned and lied, we have fought and died. We have punched the first log, and slain the dimensional dragon - this world has made us friendly and grateful. This world allowed us to make error and grieve - this world gave us a place to show ourselves who we could be, but most importantly it showed us who we always were. This world made a story - that no one ever wrote down. This is surely more than a game, this was Our World brought down to size. This was only as fun or interesting as we ourselves were - which is why this game, that had no stated goal and let you do anything - became a game fond to us all.

- Amazing, but small bug.

This game, is literally filled with memories. I have been playing this game since I was 4, and, once I looked at my old world, and memories flowed through my brain, Remembered everything. It brought tears to my eyes. But, it also brought tears to my eyes when there was a glitch. Which caused a lot of personal anger, and disappointment. So, I was playing and all of a sudden, when I was walking forward, and it wouldn't let me move, it was like, when you make a new world, you can make it infinite, flat, or old, it was like it cut the world off. But, when I went towards the glitch but went left or right, and kept going... going... going. And literally 2 minutes later, the lag would "end" and I could go forward on my horse again. It was like there was invisible blocks that kept going and going and going and going. This was really disappointing, and it really upsetted me when I was playing with my cousins and I kept having to log off and on and it was so weird, the glitch/lag LITERALLY moved to a different spot, I made this fence, and it went there, then there was one at the mountain river, then, at he front of my barn, then, left of the mini barn, then, literally ALL around my whole acre of barn land for my horses, this was super upsetting, can you guys fix this for the next bug update? SUPER ANNOYING.

- It’s a good game

It’s a really good game but I have a lot of suggestions #1 add more life to swamp biomes, caves, deserts, savanahs, maybe for swamp biomes you can add crocodiles and snakes and frogs and for desserts maybe meercats scorpions and more cactuses and desert plants and for Savanahs you should add termites ostritches and maybe some type of tree. #2 make a new feature for pets and make wolfs and dogs their own mob and have more dog types and maybe add like dog buiscuts dog treats dog food dog toys and for cats cat treats cat food cat toys and make it so pets have a option to stay at home. #3 add cherry trees and more flowers and plants and add more animals like foxes, pandas, maybe stray cats and stray dogs, bears, ants, bees, butterflies, flies, #4 add more stuff to caves maybe like cave mushrooms or glow in the dark mushrooms or new ores or somthing like that. #5 maybe add new biomes like a red desert or black desert or somthing or maybe a cherry tree biome, #6 make it so some monsters only attack you if you attack them #7 last suggestion add a few more dimensions maybe a twilight dimension a forest dimension a ocean dimension and make each one have a boss like for the ocean one maybe a megladon or a sea serpent for the twilight one maybe some sort of giant snake thing for the forest dimension maybe a giant fox boss.

- City Life

Ok I have some ideas for the world “City Life” . First of all pets. Mostly dogs. Ok for the dogs I think it would be awsome if when you went up to a tamed dog there would be three buttons: sit, stand,, follow, stay,, and the last one: trick, in trick your dog would do a random trick like sit up, lay down, or play dead. Maybe there could be different dog skins where maybe different kinds of taming foods make different kinds of dogs. Ok on to cats, the only thing I really want for the cats is a follow/ stay button and a dyeable collar. And more city type animals, birds, the occasional deer, and maybe strays. Ok moving out of the animals, I would practically die if y’all added stuff like TVs that you could tap to turn on random stuff, sinks, showers, tubs, and dishwashers you could tap to turn on, dishes, glasses (as in cups) refrigerators and shelves that you could store and place items on, maybe sofas, and chairs you could really sit on, tables and many more things we have in modern times y’all really need to add to city life. You could really get more money from people buying minecoins to get city life. I am so sorry about all the things I want you to add but if you could add these I would buy City Life again. Minecraft gamer, Shimmer.

- I love this game!

Hey, dear Minecraft creators, umm, I have a suggestion! So, this game is already so amazing, and I am SOO excited for the new update! But I think that In an update some day, you guys should make some kind of enderman headquarters, and you can find it in sort of hidden areas such as a swamp or idk really, but I think it would be so cool to add this! I honestly don’t care if you guys choose to make it or not, or even how you make it if you do, but I just hope you read this 😊. But I really liked the new pillager update and how they have the guy with the sign and the bad omen and everything, so I think it would be so awesome to add something like that with the endermen. It could be made of black stone and if you come in close proximity, then you start to get attacked. There could be some chests of ender pearls, and it is kind of like a big castle. I got this idea from when I was playing Minecraft earlier, and trying to kill and enderman, and I was thinking “wouldn’t it make the game so much better if at least like five ender men were chasing you” but other that that, Minecraft is such a great game I play it a lot and the creativity is endless! I definitely recommend this game. Thank you so much Minecraft creators!

- Absolutely EPIC!

I'm usually pretty picky when it comes to games. In my life, I've downloaded more than a 100,000 of them, but only five of them still remain in the games folder. One of them was Minecraft, because 1. it was easy to understand 2. I could build anything I wanted 3. you can play multiplayer 4. there are always updates and plus there‘s the nether and the end 5. it never gets boring because you can always make new worlds and worlds never end 6. there is no stupid 'Coming soon' sign to agitate you 7. there's so much to explore and billions of interesting seeds to spawn in. My advice before buying this game: don't worry too much about the price tag. Just make worlds and have fun! Edit: Ok. So before, I said that Minecraft was a pretty good game in general, but lately, I've been running into a problem. As soon as I spawn in a village, there are plenty of villagers. But in a week or two, they all disappear like magic. This kind of gives off a spooky vibe, and I don't know how it happens, so please fix it. Edit: The disappearing villagers is still a problem for me, and there's a recent glitch where every 5-10 minutes it kicks me out of the game and the whole thing restarts.


Ok I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Especially the new update. But with big updates there comes bugs, am I right? And I have found a REALLY ANNOYING ONE!!! So you know the signs? (I will describe the problem with me as an example lol) So I placed a sign on the wall, and I type (I have an iPad, FYI) normally you don't hit return now (before you had to hit return, it could not do it for you) well it goes to the next line and the X (exit) button in the top right corner it goes up, (my thought process) *ok let me test this out, keeps typing till it's the last line* WHERE DID THE X BUTTON GO!!!! (It went off the screen...) There is no way to exit... my face= 😡😰😢🤧 You can exit typing, but you can't exit the sign viewpoint. UNLESS, you hit the home button twice and fully exit out of Minecraft and go back on. Please fix this!!! I tried to describe every little detail even if it's common sense, because you know, *support* NEEDS MOST DETAIL AS POSSIBLE... Also I gave you 5 stars because the game overall is AMAZING and 1 minor bug doesn't have to squash 1 star ⭐️ and leave 4 stars so.... And again thank you for this game!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀 (and if any typos, sorry... Ima couch potato 🥔 and so I'm a bit lazy...) Thanks for your time!

- Don’t listen to the bad reviews

They are made by people who either have problems playing it and didn’t bother trying to solve, or people who play fortnite and say that Minecraft is bad because... well they don’t have a reason they just spam things like bad and just any other bad thing imaginable. This is what Fortnite does to people. What does Minecraft do to people? It makes them better, makes them happy. Some people say Minecraft has a toxic community? Nope. Those are just the fortniters who play Minecraft just being fortniters. Overall, Minecraft is such a good game it deserves way more than five stars, but sadly that is all I can rate it. Some people rated one star because they were mad about pigmen being removed. It’s called change, and piglins are better than pigmen ever were, so stop complaining. Minecraft is constantly changing for the better, and has very original content (cough, fortnite copying everything they see, cough) and it will continue to get better for years to come. Finally, for 7$? Unless you are broke, this is an AMAZING cost for a game this big and this amazing. And 7$? In fortnite that can get you almost nothing but Minecraft? It gets you the whole game!

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if i randomly stop answering it’s because i’m playing minecraft

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haven’t slept in like 24hrs and i have an urge to grind on minecraft

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@c_wil29 @tommyinnit @WilburSoot :( sad times. i’ve been trying to get riptide for my trident. it raisn a lot but minecraft says no

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Learning to speedrun Minecraft pog

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still cant believe minecraft deleted my minecraft skin, ive worked hours on it 😟😟

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@paradisemelons Morning not a good morning Bc I lost My items in Minecraft

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@BoyoDeseret Bro someone better pull a Nashville on p*rnh*b’s servers in minecraft


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@babybowser101 Can’t two minecraft friends just not get shipped forcefully?



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@j6kook he answered and told me to stop calling cuz he’s playing minecraft 😔

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@tarinadeaton It’s a song my kids sing, too. It is a song on Minecraft I think as well. It gets stuck in your head. That and the L Chicken Wing Song.

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The applications Minecraft was published in the category Games on 2011-11-17 and was developed by Mojang [Developer ID: 479516146]. This application file size is 306.09 MB. Minecraft - Games app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is 1.16.201 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mojang.minecraftpe

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