Minecraft [Games] App Description & Overview

Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or play with friends on all different devices.

Marketplace - Discover the latest community creations in the marketplace! Get unique maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators.

Slash commands - Tweak how the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more.

Add-Ons - Customize your experience even further with free Add-Ons! If you're more tech-inclined, you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs.

Minecraft Realms auto-renewable subscription info:

Minecraft now comes with the option to buy Minecraft Realms. Realms is a monthly subscription service that lets you create your own always-online Minecraft world.
There are currently two subscription options to choose from depending on how many people you want to invite to play in your realm simultaneously. A realm for you and 2 friends costs 3.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and a realm for you and 10 friends cost 7.99 USD/month (or local equivalent).
A 30-day trial of Minecraft Realms for you and 10 friends is available. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the subscription price option you have previously selected.

Your subscription can be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. There is also a button in-game that take you to these settings. If you cancel after your subscription has activated, you won't be refunded for the remaining active period of the subscription.

Here are links to our privacy policy and terms of use:
- Privacy policy: https://account.mojang.com/terms#privacy
- Terms of use: https://account.mojang.com/terms

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Minecraft Customer Service, Editor Notes:

What's new in 1.14.60: Various bug fixes

Minecraft Comments & Reviews

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This game is super addicting, besides it takes a while to load into it. It makes sense since there is so much in the game. BEST GAME EVER

- Doesn’t work

I’ve never had a problem with this game on any other device. I have the 2019 iPad 7 and when I click on a world, it won’t load. Please fix this! It’s very frustrating not being able to play a game I paid for.

- Terrible MCPE

Restarts my cousin’s iPad when he launches Minecraft


So this game is awesome

- This app is amazing

I love Minecraft I’ve played it for so long and it will always be my favorite game it was there for me when I was growing up and it is here for us noe

- Why is Minecraft not letting me play

It’s not letting me in Minecraft after the last update

- Not worth it

I honestly think this is a joke I spent $6.99 for me just to set here and fight with the app to create a world or just to attempt to play with friends and they have the same problems this is ridiculous that I even have to write this review and I’m more than disappointed with this app and the fact the company would let it come to a glitchy and unsatisfying app

- I kinda don’t like it

It glitched and killed me it made me mad and scream.

- Awesome but a little glitch

Minecraft is awesome but in my survival world I used a grindstone to disenchant my pic axe and it duplicated it, and it gave me the original one too, same with the enchantment table.too could you please fix that it would be nice. I still love Minecraft keep the updates coming. And sorry for the mean people, your game is awesome. don’t let the mean people stop Minecraft :) :) :) :) :). I can’t wait for the nether update :). And can creepers teleport because in another survival world once a creeper ended up in my house ( this was not a complaint I just wanted to tell you all) have a nice quarantine :).

- This game is amazing

Five star

- Minecraft is the best

Minecraft is a fun game were tou can build almost everthing.


The game is great!!! It’s soooooo fun!!! It’s my favorite game by far and I don’t play anything else. The only problem that I have is when I try and download shaders/mods for my game (I’m on pe btw) they won’t load in. It imports them but then they always fail to download into the game. It think this may be a fault of the website I’m downloading the shaders/mods from. But other then that the game is AWESOOOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!

- harassment

I was being harassed in this game! and I did not like it!!

- its good but why only a snapshot for java

please make a snapshot for bedrock

- Amazing Game

I gave this game 5 stars for many reasons. For example, the new things they have added such as bees and graphics. But there are a few things that should be fixed. The game is a little glitchy and I have to double tap everything for it to work. I also have to “ double scroll “ so this means I miss the items I need and have to use something which effects the way I play the game.

- Great game!

My only complaint about this game is the fact that I still can’t download music from the marketplace. It makes me sad because I wanna hear what my parrots are dancing to :(

- I just love it so much!!!!!!

I’ve been playing for at least 1.6 years I love this game I love all of it. but I really want more updates. I’ve loved the packs the multiplayer games. But I really want a new mode where you would be able to get blocks from the search in your inventory and you would be able to die I would call it creavival. it’s a mix of creative and survival. And in a future update I wish for a thing called an uncrafting table where you can uncraft your stuff to be able to have your other materials like what if you accidentally craft 2 beacons and you run out of diamonds you could get your stuff back to be able to craft other stuff. And could you please make the next update about mining so you can create a bunch of different types of tools like uranium or a ton of different types of ores that would make me wanna give you 20 stars. In another update can you make it possible to place water in the nether. I would really appreciate if you add any of what I asked for!

- Love it


- Why??!!

This should be 5 star and does the game count as Notch made it or Mojang??

- I love it

Hi. This game it’s so fun i like it This game it like how when we are alone have to live and so many.... but something please update Minecraft Be some Animals Monsters and blocks Like Ruby. Thanks if you add this. Oh Another thing please say is Herobrine or Null. Entity. Is real if is real say how to find them I like to find them I am playing Minecraft 4 years and I didn’t find Herobrine Please Mojang if Herobrine is not real say MOJANG I like you so much thanks for your game but if you update Minecraft ps4 add like java edition will be better ThAnks 😊

- I love Minecraft but the one ting

If you don’t want Minecraft and Delete it your worlds get Deleted I experienced it so ya i cryd my self to sleep 🥺

- Minecraft has some problems

I am having fun but it keeps on freezing and I can’t join my friends


This is the best game I have ever played.

- Haha

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

- Lagging to much with this update

The update of the game is making the game lag so much that it basically saves everything every block you break or even freezes up in mobile or console gaming

- ♡︎ OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!! ♥︎

I Love mincraft BUT i see people say it frezezes Alot for me it frezezes somtimes im on tablet and u should play this game!!



- I’m mad but I love this

I’m kinda mad I deleted Minecraft because I wasn’t able to delete worlds and now my controls are small the moving thing is small o can’t use it well and I play mobile

- Best game ever!!! But could use a little something

This game is the best game in the whole world I love it so much!!!!!! I wish Minecraft would add a weather feature instead of downloading a mod Minecraft should make hurricanes cyclones and tornadoes and weather radars and sirens it’s not a bad game but could use a little something something

- I love it but..

Dear Mojang, I’ve been playing Minecraft for years now and I love it but there is a bug that keeps happening every time. Anyways I made a survival world to unlock all the achievements there. And it was working fine but now it freezes from time to time and I can’t exit the game but I can still move so I wait about five minutes and nothing is happening. So I keep getting out the game and coming back but when I come back some of my stuff is not saved and it sometimes deletes my animals which is really annoying because it’s hard to find more horses that are fast. So I just take a break for a while and I come back. When I come back it seems to be working ok again, so I make a nether portal and go in to try and find the temple. I eventually find it and then head back to my house to get prepared and get better armor and stuff. Ok so I go back to the nether and it freezes again!!! So I exit out the game and get back on and enter the nether again, again it freezes so I keep leaving and coming back and nothing is working! I worked so hard on that world and now I won’t let me go back to the nether without freezing!!! I’ve already reported the bug to Mojang. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update because I really just wanted to have fun and beat the game for once. Please help me it needs to be fixed!! Thank you. -Annelise

- Love it.

Minecraft is the game I’ve been playing for a year and it’s awesome! I like building houses, playing survival mode, going on servers, and a lot more. I think Minecraft is a good game for people who like building things and going on adventures.

- Minecraft no bugs nothing

So Minecraft is a free Rome game there are no bugs and when is the nether update going to come out so ya there is a new game I love Minecraft there’s a rare screen that can pop up like mintsraft so ya that’s all and Minecraft is funny so that’s good and Minecraft’s awesome

- Minecraft worlds.

Hello I love your game a lot except 1 thing. I can’t get the marketplace world that is the ONLY thing I don’t like. My iPad doesn’t allow in-app Purchases, that means I can’t buy coins same thing in Agar i.o. If you change this problem maybe for other people, my face will be happier than going to Dinsney and that is my best place in the galaxy 🌌. Please change it I will be real 😃.

- Glitching screen, (edit)

the screen keeps lagging, glitching, not actually working, etc. this is a problem because it’s hurts my already sort of hurt head and I now have to take Advil which there is nothing wrong with Advil it’s just I don’t want to take it but I have to with this problem. edit: it’s now one star because I CANT PLAY A WORLD WITHOUT IT CRASHING OR LAGGING I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT AND I AM NOT HAPPY. OH I ALMOST FORGOT TO SAY THAT MY 6.99 GOING INTO XBOX LIVE CRAP I WANT A FREAKING REFUND YOU IDIOTS. EVERY TIME I SEE THAT YOU GUYS “UPDATE” THE GAME well guess what Mojang, IT, DOES, ABSOLUTELY, NOTHING, YOU GUYS ARE DOING A HORRIBLE JOB ON THIS GAME IF I COULD RATE -5 STARS I WOULD DO IT YOU IDIOTS YOU GUYS ARE STUPID😡😠😒


One problem......Dear Mojang,please stop coming up with updates why?because there are so many glitches and also I can’t even get to the new updates the reason I’m saying why it’s glitchy is cause I’ve been watching Yiutubers that play Minecraft and they have so many glitches,but the good thing about this game is that you can create anything and change your skin WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!but mojang pls stop with the updates,or at least every other week to update so then you have a week to try and fix glitches thank you!!!!!!!!p.s:I LOVE MINECRAFT SO PLS CHANGE THE UPDATES OR I WILL NEVER PLAY MINECRAFT AGAIN!!thanks,bye also this is a good game especially during this Covid time

- Don’t waste your money😡

Omg I got this four my kid she hate it

- Lagging

I love everything BUT lagging maybe u should put some ovens and moreHee hee I really want I really really really want I really really really really really sorry I really really really really want ovens he he I’m only 10



- I hate you dumb game


- I want you to add...

I want you add animals new types of tameable pets more types of food and crops new biomes new trees and saplings and wood and more nether ores and end needs ores and more over world ores Also I think you should add more dyes and colors new blocks and more dimensions more types of villages in different biomes and more types of villagers and more loot inside villages more more potions and items and able to place a item frame behind a torch with and item inside because that doesn’t work in pocket edition more paintings iPhones iPods stuff like that. Maybe add more golem types,add space because I want Minecraft to be a little realistic maybe add space if you go high enough and add planets like in realife

- Awesome updates!

Minecraft is a world with endless possibilities and I love it so much I have played for 5 or 4 years, the updates are what I love most, and the raids are the most fun, I can’t wait till the next update!

- i have ideas!

love this game! but i have some ideas on things that should be added to it... - first off, some more mobs! i know a lot of us would love things like giraffes, monkeys, deer, maybe even sharks! i know you guys just added more animals too, but we’d love some of the more zoo-like or water mobs - second, furniture. things like cabinets, chairs, fridges, etc. although it’s sometimes fun to try and get “creative” with other blocks, i think actual furniture would be amazing! i’ve been playing minecraft since 2010 and i love what this game has become, and i’m so glad you’re still coming up with improvements to keep us all on our toes! keep up the great work! ❤️

- Minecraft

It’s not working but other than that it’s so fun and I love it but it’s not working and I can’t play with friends rn

- It’s a great game but I can’t install updates

It’s a good game but I can’t add updates I don’t know why my things in Apple maybe that’s the problem.

- Minecraft

I have played Minecraft for a long time (since it came out) and I have loved it ever since it has been my favorite game since the beginning thank you for the memories that I have through this game thank you for everything.

- So fix this or one star

I can't get in so fix this in 50. Days or not one star but if you do It I will give five stars😻or😾 and this is my gamertag pw1zombiecreepr

- Missing dogs

Hi so i have a world on Minecraft that i have pet dogs on. So one day i logged on and it was all fine, but the next day i logged on and... THEY WERE GONE! Vanished, nowhere in sight so now I am sad. Come to think of it, there wasn’t a single living thing! No villagers no mobs only me. So I find that kinda creepy so if you could so kindly fix this if it isn’t my fault, uh- then thanks!

- MMinecraft is my favorite game it’s very nice 👌🏽

I love this game ❤️💞💗💓 this game is nice very very nice 🥰😍🤩👌🏻🤞🏻 my favorite game is Minecraft 😎

- Minecraft

It’s so fun to play I used to play with my friends and family until something happened and I could never customize character and never join people so I was always bored and that’s why I never played again and I could not make a Microsoft account and join ppl far away

- 5 stars but 1 thing is missing

I love this game a lot, I play on my iOS but there’s something missing, iOS and ps4 betas. iOS and ps4 players are currently on the latest release (1.14.60). I want nether update content on iOS and ps4 in the form of betas. I want it so you can join/leave the betas in the main menu.

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- Fun but confusing on mobile (for me)

I enjoy this game a lot, but my PC broke so now I’m using mobile for awhile. The controls are confusing for me and I think there should be something to clarify the controls for different devices. Lately, I’m unable to join my friends. When I press the thing that pops up on my screen saying “[friend name] invited you to play Minecraft”, instead of loading the world or map it just put the normal chat warning and after pressing proceed it just takes me back to the screen before. I know how to join my friend only in that way and it’s worked before just lately this is what happens instead of taking me to the world. Also, my skin and servers are loading slowly and sometimes doesn’t even appear and I have the re-open the app. It can’t be my internet, because it’s running smoothly and all my other games work fine without loading problems. I’m probably just doing it wrong because I’m not use to mobile... Anyways, besides that, Minecraft is very fun! You can create all kinda of things and go on plenty adventures! You can go on servers and play with others- or friends (if you can join them). Minecraft works best on PC though and it was originally made for PC always. I think. Or xBox. I’m not too great with my knowledge for these things- 😅

- Best game ever

This is a good game I rate it 5 stars but I wish I could play pixlemon or prison break in Minecraft

- Good and all, but the hot fix deleted my world.

I go into Minecraft to play , but then my world isn’t there after telling me about the update... bummer.

- When’s the dungeon update ???

When is the new update coming I wanna see new bioms and netherite junk as in swords and amory.

- Best Game Ever

Ok There is a Reason this is the most viewed game sure all the 4 year olds out there can be rating this one star ya the mobs can be a bit annoying but it is a fun game it is so much better then Fortnite and when you find diamonds you feel like you can do anything SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

- So much potential

I think people take Minecraft for granted. You can do almost anything, even create furniture, thanks to scaffolding. I can’t wait for what mojang thinks of next!

- It’s the best game ever!!!!!!!!

I suggest you try it and. see if you like it and. if you like it you should get it.

- What I DON’ T understand

I was playing survival on easy with my brother and mysteriously some illigers popped up with no base anywhere around. So I was just curious why this happened. When I attacked them they gave my some potion that lasted 100 minutes. Thank you.

- Minecraft is the best game ever

I have been playing Minecraft for over 6 years now and had one glitch recently were I hade purple and black checkered in random spots but other wise I really love the game and can’t wait for the nether update in pocket edition


I love this game but it will be better with goats quick add goats


I just spent my money on the new city life (2) and every time i ho on it im walking aboit to go get some stuff in my inventory and then BAM kicks me back to my homescreen i am so mad i wasted my money

- Ripoff

Minecraft is actually a rip-off of a game called “Roblox” This game Was released in 2009, wile roblox is 2006. It’s fun to play but everytime I spam place it places somewhere else and lots of enderman keep stealing my pumpkins, witch there are no more left.

- Loading screen laggy

The loading screen is laggy and I cannot push any button because it won’t let me. I have deleted and reinstalled multiple times and still nothing. This is the first time I had this problem since purchasing the game about 4 months ago.

- Plz fix

It’s not fair that a mobile user can not use a custom skin and only people on pc can because of it’s not fair that I can’t have a free cool skin and I have to pay money to get a skin that isn’t even cool plz fix.

- I love it so much would recommend

So Minecraft is the best game ever you can literally do anything the bugs fix so fast in Java edition it is almost the same so if you are used to phones and tablets pocket edition Is for you if you are used to pc Xbox switch and other types of consoles and pc Java edition and Xbox is for you and if you like more of the top down games then dungeons is yours to play with. it’s worth your money

- to mojang

why can’t i get the new update 1.16.0

- When is the new update coming out?!?!?

I want the nether update to come out so badly unless it already came out and I can add it yet.

- Good, but...

Minecraft is getting boring. It’s just to less

- Some suggestions, please

I personally think that they need to add in more kinds of trees like orange trees and Apple trees to the game. I personally think that shooting stars is a fantastic addition as well. Next, for animals, I would like bears, tigers, lions, crocodiles, orcas, vultures, snowy owls, owls, camels, giraffes, elephants, cougars, goats, caracals, penguins, bison, bulls, leopards, piglins, hoglins, zoglins, jaguars, and panthers to be added to the game. Now, for weapons, I would like to see some more weapons and armor like redstone, emerald, and lapis armor and weapons to the game. This would make the game very realistic in-game. Bye! Developer Response Thank you for the feedback. We will improve it in the next updates.

- The Minecraft glitch

Well I love playing Minecraft but i mean can Minecraft remove herobrine cause he was made in a glitch

- Enchanting

I named one of my sticks and I wish you could put knock back on them after all it makes sense

- Minecraft won’t load

It does not load when on the loading screen but the up and down things still moving it won’t load pls fix this

- Best game ever but..

I love Minecraft but sometimes I become slow like I can’t move that fast with my sisters so I have to rejoin and I’m on iPad so can you please fix that and this is the best game ever I would buy Minecraft 5 stars!

- It won’t let me play the game

It says involved & Carpet in skin

- I love this game

I love this game but I have it on my Xbox and I forgot how to play it on my iPad and iPhone make a guide plz but great game i love it hope you like it to

- Ideas

For the real ease of dungeons then there should be a skin pack with some of the characters and let it be free. Also have a dungeons update to add the weapons and mobs in the game also the dungeons.

- Minecraft is the best

Minecraft is the best because you can build anything you want and there’s actually a app that gives you addons!!! I’ve been playing this game for years and I still love it.

- Its Good! But..

I love this game a lot but, like, it keeps crashing. Even when i try to redownload it crashes. For lots of devices it doesn't. For some devices it does also. Please make the game stop crashing, because it gets annoying.

- Please Update

This Old Version Android : Ios : 1.14.60

- 为什么4g不能联机


- I love this game

I love it but there is a problem I wish mine coins are free but I love this game it is just I want the updates come quicker and when you get mods on an iPad it can give you a virus

- There’s something wrong with Minecraft it won’t let me play

Can you fixed it

- :]

It’s fun ;}

- I LOVE IT. but

Why don’t Xbox or PE players get the same updates of PC players??? I LOVE THIS BTW!!!

- Minecraft

I keep on seeing videos of Minecraft having a new nether update but there is now update yet so why is this happening

- I love it but it hates me

So I have had this game for many years and still love it to this day. I like the new updates and all of the new features. But lately it has been crashes A LOT. I have been going far away from my Minecraft house and bring cats back in boats. Every time the game crashes I lose all of the cats that was in the boats because the boats disappear. I also had a horse in my boat with me while I was exploring land for the map I was making and my game crashed and I lost my horse too. R. I. P. Dune, the cats, and red the fox:(((( pleaseeeeee can you fix this problem thank you!!

- Love the game but....

I love Minecraft, I’m really addicted, Lol but realms are not working for me and my friends please get it fixed because they are really fun...but if you don’t it’s fine cuz there are also other worlds to play

- Could it be modern

I love this game and it’s new upgrades but it’s hard to connect to the game and I wish it was more modern like cars and planes and pirate ships that work or horse drawn carages and villages be city’s and abandoned castles and more weapon options so if the the creators of Minecraft are reading this please this is what Minecraft needs

- Does not work

This actual bull squash i paid 7 dollars for this crappy game and i can’t join my friends world, join any servers or access the store. checked all websites and found no solution for this. If you are planning on buying this keep in mind that you may be scammed by mojang and only be able to play in your own worlds with no friends. if any body has a saluting for this problem please please Please post on the Minecraft feed back site

- Minecraft: a idea for a important feature

Minecraft is a great game with many updates that give interesting things to do for new players and returning player it is fun and you can do anything from building to redstone I hope more updates come and a cave update is added I also hope that you will make a feature to transfer worlds to a different device for a example you upgraded to a new tablet but want to have your old worlds that have 5 years of work on it. Can you please implement a feature that allows this it would make a lot of people happy! Besides that Minecraft is a great game that is better than Fortnite In every way.

- It’s great but

Look,it’s a great game and all,but something happened when I was about to enter the game.the menu screen started to lag that I guess it made me think I should stop playing t’ill it’s all good now

- To much updates..please stop

I don’t like how it looks now. Bring back the old Minecraft

- Great game

This is a great game but I kind of want there to be an Oblivion mash up from the Elder scrolls Series with the Imperiel city as the spot light I think it would make alot of Oblivion veiwers and players feel like they were playing Oblivion Anyway I hope you see this review. Great game bye.

- Refund

I love Minecraft and I do not and let me be clear DO NOT! Want a refund on Minecraft it self... But I have a suggestion if you could add a refund button I want my minecoins back and I do not want some skin packs and worlds. So please in conclusion please add a refund button in the next update

- من بعد ماشروها مايكروسوفت وهي خايسة وتعلق


- MCPE; a fall from grace

Don’t get me wrong, I played Minecraft for years, and mobile was the thing that originally got me to purchase java on pc, but ever since the game became so account/marketplace oriented, the game has gone downhill... fast. The loading times are notably slower, to the point where it’s faster to just go on airplane mode until the loading finishes, and without a Microsoft account, the game is much diminished. I understand that Microsoft bought Minecraft as an investment, and to make profits, but this is not the way to go about that, and they are actively hurting the community.

- Please

Please make Minecraft on mobile the new version

- Amazing Game

Yeah this game is incredible! But I’m clearing up all the one star comments.... Sorry Timmy, Minecraft PE wont work on your 30$ kindle fire cause you download every game you see in an add. Won’t let you sign in with an account? Maybe try something other than McDonald’s free WiFi. Only like alpha cause of nostalgia? Stop hating on the game cause of an opinion. Again, this game is great.

- hand view.

This is a very good game the old hand view I liked it but the hand now is too small if you could bring the old hand that will be nice

- Love the game, but new bug.

This game is amazing and I can’t stop playing it. But I noticed something just a minute ago. So everything is working fine in the main world, but when I enter the nether everything messes up. So the first thing I noticed is that blocks wouldn’t break, as in I would mine it and the pickaxe would act like it’s use goes down but the block stays there. Another thing I noticed is that when I turned around the portal disappeared. Idk if there’s something wrong on my end but could y’all please look into it. Please and thank uuu

- Absolutely HORRIBLE

It used to be good, but now it is ruined. It’s glitchy, it takes hours to even load into a world (if it can without crashing), and every time I join a server it just says “Invalid Public Identity Key”. Which then makes my game just a white screen until I reset the app. Nothing on how to fix it. Do not install this game. It is horrible. (I have no Wifi issues, storage issues, or anything, it’s the app itself)

- More updates

Hi Mojang great game make more blocks and ores for the game and new bosses soon!

- So go!!!!!


- Awesome but after a while boring

I love minecraft it's so much fun but after a while it gets really boring it would be cool to add some more worlds like the nether for example and more animals

- Love this game!

This is an amazing game! It's my favourite video game! I love building in creative mode and fighting mobs in survival! 10/10 all the way! Also, can you add a Lightning Strike enchantment? It would do double damage and would be really hard to get. To those who are having loading issues..... It's happened to me before and I've found it's usually the device storage. If you delete a couple apps that you don't use, you should be able to do it. (That's what I had to do)

- Epic

Dis game epic

- Bring beta to iOS

There is an app called test flight it allows app developer to have people beta their apps should try it with Minecraft it would be awesome to have my betas on ios

- New nether

Can’t update the new nether:/


I 💗 Minecraft but it could use a little more animals maybe like dinosaurs and some sand creatures and some jungle creatures like monkeys and and others I can’t think of anymore XD I hope you like my ideas!!!!!...

- Mine

Mine mine to the ground to die!!!!!

- Avocado

Please add avocado tree's! It would be sooo cool to make guacamole out of avocados, Thanks! :3

- Fix it

Always crashes.

- Ok but..

It’s fun but it shuts down every time I leave the game! But it’s still a great game!

- Amazing

The is amazing but do you think you could add spiting function where there is a button just above the jump button that would be cool thanks

- To anyone who is worried.

This game means no offense to anyone from their: gender, age, organization, religion, a certain audience, the player or their families. This game has cartoonish violence. This game is more made for offline( under 10) and online (less fit) for anyone over 10. If this helps, you are welcome. From again your friend Steve Flareblitz1283 AsteroidHail40

- Games great!

It’s fantastic! It plays well, it looks good, and its only 10 bucks! Just one problem... why aren’t we getting updates? All bedrock platforms are still stuck on the bee update, and the only updates we get are hotfixes, WHILE JAVA EDITON GETS A FREAKING NETHER PORTAL UPDATE?!!!&! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT BEDROCK!?!? LET ME BE HEARD!!!!

- Minecraft

Hey I really love Minecraft and all but after I login I go on my worlds And it loaded for a while and then it just kicked me out so can you please fix it ty!!

- Minecraft maps


- I spent all my mine coins on my skin

I spent all my mine coins on my skin and then it’s gone 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Fix your audience.🤢😪

Ok, my 7 year old kid was playing the “servers” technique where we would have the ability to socialize with other people. Now I thought it would be a good idea because i know you have monitors but somehow one of the players started saying and doing very “naughty” stuff making my kid traumatized for 8 days. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

- Education Addition

Whenever I feel like playing with glow sticks and sparklers in Minecraft pe the sparklers always come up as item.black and the glowsticks are that pink and black block but in the shape of the glow stick can you please fix this I really want to decorate my house with them. Thank you.

- All boughten things are gone

I bought a whole bunch of skin packs and now they are all gone and says I have to buy them again. I spent money on them and it really sucks that they are gone and that I can’t use them. Please fix this bug in the next update and make sure I get my skins back. I also know other people who has had this problem so please in the next update fix this bug and make sure people get their stuff back.

- Wtf

All the packs and outfits I had bought say I don’t own them and have to pay again, and I didn’t get the money from them back, what the hell

- It works with no wifi?

It normally works without wifi but now it it is no longer working without it. I have been trying to make it work without wifi of almost a month now but with no luck, also I was playing my game but it kicked me off and now it says I don’t own anything I have almost 100 dollars into that game!!

- I love the game but there’s a Big issue with a Minecraft

I had a lot of maps naught with my own money on Minecraft and I went on today and they were all gone with none of my money back, I’ve spent over 50$ on Minecraft and none of it is back but every map or skin I’ve bought I can no longer use, I’m very annoyed with this seeing as it was all of my own money that I saved up

- Dear Mojang

I for some weird reason got all my purchases disables and I am signed in on my account. I even tried using the restore purchases button but it didn’t work. I also reset the app to see if it works but it didn’t. So what I am saying is can you please make it where I have all the things I purchased back? Thanks A Minecraft fan

- I had to delete mincraft

One day I was trying to play mincraft but it didn’t let me. The day I’m writing this review i needed to delete mincraft because I couldn’t play and now I lost all my worlds. I had a lout from when i was younger and there all gone.

- Where is the nether update?

Mojang!!! Where is the nether update? I know that you put it on pc and console but not pocket edition? Add it right now but I like this game because there is no adds tell the Mojang employees to add the nether update for pocket edition. I will be very happy if you do it😁😄😃😀🙂😊

- Skins

My skins are exspaired an 30 seconds can you plz update version and I love this game it is the best game ever and I having trouble signing in

- I really like the game but

I suggest you make it if you wear amour underwater you go slower and the better the armour the slower you go

- Great 👍

❤️ minecraft

- Texture Pack Glitch

When I try and use a texture pack (I download it, I put it in the right folder, I restart minecraft, it says successful import) and I enter a world, it doesn’t load past the experience bar and the helpful tips. Please fix the bug, thank you Mojang!

- Stuck in portal

Hi Mojang can you please fix this: so sometimes when I go in a portal (usually the nether portal) I get stuck in it and it takes like 30 minutes to get out if you can it would be great if you fix that 😁

- Render

Please make render distance farther it gets a little annoying sometimes

- Hey Mojang

I love Minecraft so much but can you please make realms free again plus can you make horse’s jump again and l got some idea for new updates can you please add worms to tame a chicken and you can find worms in dirt Thank you

- Good

Good game but I have one issue when I play on one of the featured servers they work perfectly fine but when I try to play on a server that I added and it has two bars of connection and I try to join it will always says unable to connect to world and I tried like 50 times and it still doesn’t work please help

- So disappointing.

Love the game. But...nether update not on mobile. Also, minecon.....mojang, you had a chance to add the sea creature and the mini boss and the snapping turtle. You can at least add the red dragon lost in your files.

- My Fav Game (Have Played For 6 Years)

I have played mine craft for 6 years and I love it so much! It’s the best game ever to exist! So much fun!

- Amazing

This is one of my favorite games, I just got this today but I had education edition for a while. Loving it! Suggestion: Add different Coloured wolves please!


Super fun😆



- It good boi

Noice game. Col col col

- Pls add new sword ⚔️ + Kanatas Pls pls pls

I want a blue kanata and Lightning enchanted book only for swords and tridents

- Nice

I really like this game! It gives the freedom to let your creativity of building go wild. Even with friends! The problem I have is that someone joins or I join a world. We get the same Minecraft skin and it’s annoying. I don’t mind having the same skin but sometimes I like the one that I made stay on me. That’s all!

- Awesome game

I really Like minecraft but I wish pe got updates faster

- Ok But why 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


- Neather

So I saw a lot of things involving this new neather update and I don’t have it but the game is the funniest game to play I do recommend me and my sis play for hours if that is building a cool bave in creative or surviving the night in survival. Like i said it is the funniest game I play I love it so much good work

- LOVE IT!!!

I LOVE IT It’s soo fun!!!!!!

- Ugh why is it so hard to get in?!

I am trying to play with a friend on the game but the game would not allow any of the things I put in I put in my phone number then that did not work I tried my email did not work asked my family and they put there’s in still did not work!!! Can make this easier ey should not have to do all that to be with friends pls do something about it 😕😫

- About the update of minecraft

When I updated the game it didn’t work and add a new biome that has a volcano that erupts rarely and burst out volcanic ash and sometimes lets lava flow and add a new fluid called acid that melts through the ground.

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- Amazing!

I play this game about 6 hours a day but I am waiting for the 1.15 update.only issue is that there is no hardcore but idc.ITS SO FUNNNNN😃😃😃

- This is best but please put furniture

So I have been playing Minecraft for 2 days and I love the animals and every thing but please put more furniture like toys,toilets,showers,baths,living room stuff,and baby stuff,kitchen stuff,and can you put shelves because I wanna hang all my things on a shelf I would really like that.but im still gonna put 5 star cuz I luv it;)

- Minecraft

Well I love Minecraft I have been playing it for many years (I’m only 10) I think that there should be mossy brick like there is mossy cobble and mossy stone bricks

- Bad

Sooo bad

- Definitely worth the money

Minecraft a is a great game with new updates every now and then. You can also play LIVE with your friends and build in survival or creative!!

- Best Game Ever

This is the best game I’ve ever played (I’ve played it for 5 years) and the quality and graphics are amazing. Only problem is that it can’t have many mods or it crashes. I really don’t care though. Also, I would like to be able to earn Minecoins because I really want to be able to have more textures on it, and the only textures I can get are really basic aka, they only change the grass etc etc and I would like to be able to have more animals like more dogs, more cats etc etc. I also would like to have a whip that makes the animal not teleport to you and just roam around in the area/house or whatever. (Kinda like horses). If I’m being honest, I would reeeeaaallly like to have more blocks to be able to build with like stained blocks or like the PC Chiseled and Bits mod, smaller blocks to make more intricate things like fences etc etc. Thanks!!

- Best, I loved it

Hello Mojang and developers! I started this game a few years back and I just can’t stop, I’m getting Minecraft dungeons for my birthday in July, I love this game. Thank you so much creators and notch! 😂😂😂 All I want to do is play with my friend and even make friends, I have this in my iPad and X-box 1, keep the updates going, to my favorite developers. -sincerely WinterJaguar86


I have been playing Minecraft for 4 yrs and seen so much animals they looked so cute and adorable.BUT ITS MY TIME THATS OKAYYY #MINECRAFTFORLIFE

- A really good game but please can you add in some more birds.

Please can you add in some more birds there are not that many species of this animal class and there are no amphibians or reptiles and please add in a perigrine falcon they are my favourite bird specimen.

- Glitch in my mashup pack

I was in bed and playing the mashup packs beds the single ones and it will not place I am 8 I don’t understand help me mojang the game is fine I recommend Minecraft to be a 4 + it is very enjoy I believe that it should have a pack free you download with furniture and you and you friends Minecraft username to have them join pls tell everboom games to sourt this out my Minecraft name is aria thx


Please can you add cars my brother likes watching me play it and he always says is there any cars? And I say no and then he goes oh so please can you add them thank you.

- I love the game but the dogs

I love the dogs they’re clumsy they’re cute but I would like it if you could make their AI more realistic so they are more independent they wonder around more but for example I would love it if you added a feature to tell your dogs to stay home and defend without tp to me and you could make a device to see them defending against the mobs and like make it more realistic so your dog can breed without meat or food independently I’m not asking for different breeds of dogs you can add them if you want I know your working on minecraft dungeons at the moment but I would love it if you would make them more smart

- Need Fast update

1.16 has come out everywhere except on iPad please could you do it faster. (Sorry if this does sound a bit mean and snappy but Minecraft is in the top 3 best apps 🤪🤩

- Amazing app 💓

Lov Minecraft! Highly recommend it, I would also recommend downloading mod master to get more mods! x x hope this helped 💜

- If all of theses reviews are not 5 stars then they have a problem

This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good like OMG I enjoy this so much I create cool houses and do fun survivals if anyone is reading this and wondering to download this or not the answear is YES you will end up having soooo much fun 🥳🤪 I love playing this best game ever.

- Any more dog breeds??

I think minecraft is epic, but it would be great if you could get different dog breeds because I try find different dogs but only YouTubers have access to the dog breeds.

- Niceee

How did it only get 4.4 stars. The game is so good. Thank you Mojang

- Screen problems on iPad Pro 11.

Contrary to Mojang saying that this issue has been resolved, so far in the latest version it is still present, 1.14.60. Before you ask, I deleted the game and reinstalled. I've given this 2 stars as if works, but without proper mouse support and screen support for the iPad Pro 11, if makes using the app almost impossible. When attempting to set the safe areas of the screen the iPad Pro 11 screen has offset guides that leave the top of the screen. I have attempted to contact support, but they just send out a default email claiming that they are snowed under. I've even tried to change my password, but despite finding the original receipt for the Alpha version of the Java. Minecraft, I get nothing but silence from Mojang, despite 2 emails for help, over 2 months. If this is the level of support for this App, I suggest finding another Minecraft Clone. Before the devs respond asking me to send them an email, may I remind you that I can't get access to my account, because your wed servers refuse to give me a way of resetting the password for my account. Sort that out and I can work with you.

- Amazing! But...

When my mum first bought me minecraft I was like oh no I could have gotten something else but not now but we need more death messages,just to make the gameplay a bit more fun! Overall this game is just beyond amazing

- Great game but there is a bug

Hey Mojang I was just wondering when we are gonna get the nether update hey mojang can u pls fix the bug woth the skins cus im trying to use my skin but it keeps changing to my friends skin

- Soooooooooooo good


- Lovely but.....

❤️so When I first download Mincraft I loved it but Some errors are in the game.So when I made a world Me and my older cousin was making a house and A couple of hours we finished we made a little treehouse That was made out of diamond block and black concrete. I Made a rollercoaster and a mining Cave but suddenly EVERYTHING went wrong,My house started Going on fire when In our inventory was no sign of fire.And whilst Our house burned Me and my cousin started going on survival mode.Well we thought my older cousins Brother Was trolling us but he was not in the world and he was at the beach,Then we thought it must be My older cousin (younger than My older cousin) but He only played on survival and he was more into fortnight than mincraft so it turned the world was hacked so We left,And monjang If u r reading this Please fix the errors please tysm for understanding and hope all of u have a great day Bye <3❤️

- Skin problems

When I’m putting a skin on it’s either invisible or only one available and when I have a skin on it and I try join a game it says invalid or corrupt skin even though I’ve been using the same skin for a long time and it’s just became a huge pain plz fix this I love the game I don’t want to not be able to play because of this.

- Please fix this game!

When I’m signed in playing multiplayer it always crashes. I would just like to play and not have to worry about it crashing every 5 minutes. When I am playing on my own I sign out so it doesn’t crash but I would like to just keep it signed in. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!

- Cool

Minecraft cool

- I like this game

I’ve been playing it on my Xbox and I wish they added a feature for shaders with no mods. It’s still really good

- Good but...

This is awesome but I got it free and my friends want to play it with me and they can’t because they don’t have the money to pay for it , and when I play multiplayer every time I change my skin the other person’s skin changes to.

- More animals please

I love minecraft!It is an amazing game! I’ve been playing it for a couple of years now, and I love 💖 it. Could you please add more dog breeds like pugs etc. Also could you add mythological beasts like dragons and fairy’s. There is also a bug where half the blocks disappear but after you place an other they come back. Please fix this!😍 Please try and add some of these!

- Beta iOS pls

Pls add beta to iOS I want Minecraft doungens free

- The need to sign in is stupid

If a little kid wants to play with a friend why do they need to sign in It’s annoying and stupid

- Best app

I think Minecraft is the best app I’ve ever installed. It is very fun to play and a good way to pass time very quickly. I enjoy playing on the servers as well if you have no one to play with.It is worth the full price you pay for the app. This app has given me hours of fun day after day.

- Beach biome update

Hi mojang I have played Minecraft for years and I think there should be a new update called the beach biome update which will add palm trees the fisherman’s hut and coconuts but that’s not all there’s coconut crackers and coconuts are a block and a way to get milk also they don’t just generate in the beach biome they also generate in the desert biome one palm tree log =2sticks

- My kid LOVES this but one thing..

Hi Mojang! My kid really loves minecraft but she really wants a update with a different variety of dogs! I know you get asked this alot but please make this happen! My kid loves german shepards, golden retrievers, pugs, and more! Thank you!

- Alright but there’s bugs :/

I love this game so much! Ty for making it. But there is a lot of bugs I can never join my friend sometimes because it says unable to connect to world! I really love this tho and I’ll love this more if you fix the bugs so I can play with my friends <3.PLEASE FIX IT

- AMAZING😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

This game is great it lets you make whatever you want and you can go nuts with cute and creative animals it is AMAZING

- Keeps taking me off the app

Just paid £4.99 for a world on the app and it keeps taking me off seconds after i have gotten into the world. Minecraft is a great game but things like these really puts me off of playing.

- Market Place

I’ve really enjoyed Minecraft but when it comes to Market place on my iPad Air 2, the new City Life 2 from Pixel heads I have bought, when I go on it and load it, when I go into the real business of this Market place content, after about 6 seconds on it it sends me out of THE MINECRAFT APP ! Please Minecraft could you do something or update Minecraft or something so it doesn’t happen again ! THANKS

- This is terrible for the Xbox

Xbox Minecraft is terrible

- Best game

You could learn and it’s worth it

- Idk

I am not really sure what to say because I am unable to update my Minecraft from 1.14 to 1.16. But overall the game is really fun and creative (and addictive)!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😍😍😍5 out of 5 from me!

- Best game ever

I have played this game since the age of three and it is still my favourite game. It is fun learning about the different block pallets and what works in different builds. One of the best parts of Minecraft is the updates that are always amazing and never fail to surprise. I would recommend Minecraft to anyone.


When I heard the nether update I was excited but then it didn't come on ipad 4 yet and I thought I got baited SO ADD ON ALL PLATFORMS PLsSSS😡😡😡😡😡😡 Oh and there's a problem with multiplayer when there are other people my avatar is different Please fix

- Minecraft

Don’t like the lag but I was building my first house is was a long time ago! THE FIRST mob I saw was a spider and I killed it my brother got ok planks but when he was not in the house I buildet my house LOL spider I have cool things

- Amazing game 💖💖

Ive been playing this game for 9 years and it has been a great journey following Minecraft’s evolution. However, there is just one bug; can you fix this glitch: When i try to download the music pack (free one), it finishes the first stage but completely forgets about the second so please fix this bug, thanks! My name is pidgeee xx if your wondering.


Ok, so last Christmas I downloaded this game, and now, (Sat 30th May) There is a very terrible glitch. This game is good and all, but it’s absolutely horrible with this glitch, whenever I go near my friends in the Minecraft world it will change us to have the EXACT same avatar. Please fix this, I’m horrified about this glitch...

- Fantastic but…

This is Fantastic but I have one specific world that I have made and it laggs like crazy! But the rest of the worlds are fine I am not sure why though… Still a great game though

- Umm???

Ok, I’m not one to report silly stuff but my username from (not my real user) BannaGamma483573 to another one? I’m so confuseddd

- Minecraft story mode is the best

Well I do like Minecraft and Minecraft story mode and that is not make me happy 😤

- Horrible

I am very disappointed in you because I can not log out of my Microsoft account

- Great but...

I LOVE MINECRAFT I’ve been playing it since DanTDM released his gullivers world mod showcase and love playing with my brothers! There is just one bug that annoys me a tiny bit. That is when I play it randomly just freezes. Still love the work Mojang is doing. Keep it up!

- I

1.16 hasn’t been added to Minecraft pocket edition but it has been added to every other place to play Minecraft so I am asking you to please add the nether update to 1.16

- Sheffjacuzzi

After payment was made via my visa,the app refused to download

- My cousins are pretending to be youtubers

They started to be fake youtubers by getting their fake names from itsfunneh and the krew can you pls report the to itsfunneh and the krew I would really appreciate it thx

- Crashing

Bought this game two days ago and now its crashing get this fixed and you’ll get better reviews


Hello mojang I want to ask you if you could make me a VIP.I would forgive you if you don't so just try please By your biggest fan. I would like it if you could make me a v.i.p on Friday 2nd June 2017

- 0.17.0

I will really appreciate it if u can add hostile and tame-able and ride-able elemental dragons to the next update and villager training, thnx in advance

- Minecraft pocket edition

Minecraft pocket edition is a great game but when I heard update 13.0 coming I was expecting Pistons , dispensers ,eyes of ender ender pearls ,fire charges, red stone repeaters Cauldrons, hoppers, slime blocks, sticky pistons and stained glass with panes so now I am begging you to add these and why I need this is because I bought the entire hand book set and I don't want to have wasted time and money. Thank you in advance.

@ajbananaminion: Imagine being egoed by @fluctraa when you ask to play Minecraft Dungeons... Couldn't be me... 😔😔

@bulentorg: 5.sınıf öğrencimiz İkra, @PlayCraftLearn Minecraft uygulaması ile hayalindeki fabrikayı tasarlayıp güzel bir şekilde aktarm…

@camomi_camomi: 22:00~ マイクラ774inc.サーバー! 今日で風車完成!!!? いよいよ羽を取りつける高所作業をするぞ…ガクブル…!!😳😳 別にこ、こわくないもんね #マイクラ774inc #鴨見カモミ 【Minecraft】巨大風車完成…

@Otojya: 動画公開したよー♪ #5【2週目】弟者,兄者,おついちの「Minecraft Dungeons(マインクラフト ダンジョンズ)」【2BRO.】

@callmeer0s Minecraft ctz

@marshal_mp4: they don't know it yet but faze needs minecraft 😎

Minecraftの地上絵!? すごーい!

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Minecraft 1.14.60 Screenshots & Images

Minecraft iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft iphone images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft ipad images
Minecraft Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Minecraft Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Minecraft (Version 1.14.60) Install & Download

The applications Minecraft was published in the category Games on 2011-11-17 and was developed by Mojang [Developer ID: 479516146]. This application file size is 276.03 MB. Minecraft - Games posted on 2020-04-15 current version is 1.14.60 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Minecraft Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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