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Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or play with friends on all different devices.

Marketplace - Discover the latest community creations in the marketplace! Get unique maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators.

Slash commands - Tweak how the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more.

Add-Ons - Customize your experience even further with free Add-Ons! If you're more tech-inclined, you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs.

Minecraft Realms auto-renewable subscription info:

Minecraft now comes with the option to buy Minecraft Realms. Realms is a monthly subscription service that lets you create your own always-online Minecraft world.
There are currently two subscription options to choose from depending on how many people you want to invite to play in your realm simultaneously. A realm for you and 2 friends costs 3.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and a realm for you and 10 friends cost 7.99 USD/month (or local equivalent).
A 30-day trial of Minecraft Realms for you and 10 friends is available. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the subscription price option you have previously selected.

Your subscription can be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. There is also a button in-game that take you to these settings. If you cancel after your subscription has activated, you won't be refunded for the remaining active period of the subscription.

Here are links to our privacy policy and terms of use:
- Privacy policy: https://account.mojang.com/terms#privacy
- Terms of use: https://account.mojang.com/terms

Minecraft App Description & Overview

The applications Minecraft was published in the category Games on 2011-11-17 and was developed by Mojang. This application file size is 273.14 MB. Minecraft current version is 1.13.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

What's new in 1.13.1:
Various bug fixes

Minecraft App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Minecraft Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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katie7262542   3 star

WHY?!. I’ve been playing Minecraft for a very long time and personally like to have my own custom skins but I can’t now and i hate it!

AlbentGamer   5 star

After restart. I cant get into the game it glitches every time I try

pet roce   4 star

Love Minecraft but it needs more things. I love Minecraft but....NOTHING IS WORKING!!!!!!, It says u can have a fox as a pet not working and I want more things and my friends are getting really mad to and I try to have an account but not working one time I had to do it 58 times still not working and more animals pls more villagers/villages/bioms(sorry if spelled wrong).... and like boring I only play Minecraft when I am really bored ohh and get this Mojang(or whoever is reading this lol)my friends comeputer has 1.15 update with way more animals and other things and all my friends are deleting this app it is still fun but I agree with them. mojang plss read this really needed☹️☹️

guuftjnn   1 star

I need a refund.. The first 2 hours of gameplay, it worked beautifully. But now, it won’t load anything. When I try to reload my world the app crashes. I wasn’t very far in my progress so I deleted and redownloaded the app. Now, the app is non stop crashing. Won’t even let me log into my Microsoft account because it crashes.

Ghtyler77gh   3 star

Plz read mojan it will help. I have lots of glitches going on when I play speedbuilder sometimes I lag out other times it played a block where I don’t want it plz fix the bug thanks 😃 but overall this is a very good game I recommend it to everyone

YEETJW   5 star

Minecraft is great but.... So, after the 1.13 update, Minecraft won't open anymore. It loads up the Mojang logo then after that, a white screen appears and after a few seconds, the game crashes. Minecraft is a great game but the update won't let me open now. Any ways, please fix the bug! Thanks!

Jonathan aguilar Jefry   2 star

My thoughts. since we got pandas on the game I haven’t seen too many new items why not there’s so much stuff that we need on minecraft like scuba’s or something to breathe underwater or some item or some more weapons

Byrnsfamily   3 star

Malfunction. When I get into my world after 5 seconds it kicks me off the app what do I did to fix?

jayden.frazier.allen   4 star

There is a skin glitch. Ok do not get me wrong but I love Minecraft I have been playing it for 7 or six years now once the new update was downloaded then I joined my world at first I was like “ oh like every thing is fine and the glitches is gone” but not I saw some one with MY SKIN I know because NOT EVERY ONE HAS THE SAME SKIN well then one day there was like EVERYONE on my world was MY skin Signed by: Naivgfreddy

ItzLeo275   4 star

WiFi?. I love the game but I don’t like the fact that you need WiFi to play with other people because some people don’t have WiFi.

pianist GAME!   1 star


big big yosh   4 star

Great game but needs a little bug fix. So I made a world a while ago that i have spent hours on and ever sense the new update with the foxes and stuff my world keeps crashing every time I try to join it. and it’s really annoying I just hope this will be fixed and I can play my world again.

batterypowerchargercar   5 star

mincraft Pe. so i’ve been playing minecraft for 4 years. but i took a little break. and came back. after i updated my iphone to ios 13, it doesn’t work, please get back to me 😂❤️

pilgrimbobbyc   5 star

Newest update keeps crashing (update). Nope, the latest update didn't fix the problem. It is still crashing. I hope there is a fix soon!

Sksksk728376819   1 star

Game crashes nonstop. The game will run for a couple minutes at most and then immediately crashes.

Westley P.   5 star

It’s the best game on earth. Minecraft is a great game of blocks and rectangles. I recommend this game for anyone seeking great, exiting entertainment! But they cloud add more shields......,

why does this happen minecraft   1 star

Updates. I didnt get the bee update IDK why

rihdler   3 star

Perhaps a bug?. Yeah Um I have a iPhone XS Max and it’s been a year with me all apps run fine but for some reason Minecraft is the worst on my phone meaning it overheats it way to quick and at this point it’s unplayable because there’s a exaggerated amount of lag the only way I don’t get lag is if I point to the sky I tried lowering my settings my graphics I lowered everything and there is still to much lag

DRAGON-LOVER15   5 star

Ideas. I love Minecraft don’t get me wrong it’s AMAZING 😉 but I have a few ideas about it that would make it awesome!!! Now my school used to not be into Minecraft but now it’s all everyone talks about and I like being the only one who knows what I’m talking about you know.So I haven’t been playing much but if Minecraft has dragons like how to train you dragon dragons that would make it much more fun now I just wrote a review to an addons app about this but I just think that it would be much funnier to explore,creat,and fly around on a dragon you don’t have to walk you just hop on your dragon and take off. If you know who tiny turtle or the little club are you know what I am about to say... Tiny turtle has Minecraft dragon videos and I absolutely love them 😍🥰😘 and if you don’t know who I am talking about then watch one of his videos ok just type in search tiny turtle how to train your dragon new videos and it should pop up. And definitely add the texture pack and addons in his videos please. Thank you for ready!! Bye 👋🏻

Boggy Ben   5 star

I can’t copy worlds. I love this game and have been a player since Minecraft lite was a thing. It is very fun to play but I have had recent problems with coping worlds. My world that I would like to copy is very large so that may be a factor but it is extremely annoying that I can’t copy the world

DJReitz   5 star

Confused...Great Game Though!. I have played and loved this game for years now and nothing has been wrong with it...until the update. Every time I try to open Minecraft, it closes. I have been so frustrated with it and the recent bug fix that happened today didn't work. Mojang, please fix this. I like minecraft and I don't want to switch to Survivalcraft.

Foley7881   4 star

My game keeps crashing. I can’t play Minecraft with other people and even alone it crashes please fix this bug. I hadn’t even pressed the button to go to the worlds and it crashed

GachaMaggie_1946   4 star

I like the game but an issue. I like the game but there's an issue.. okay so I wasn't playing Minecraft in awhile (I forgot I had it!) and now it keeps crashing every time I TRY to play it but it won't work 😕 Edit: even after the update.. IT STILL WONT WORKKKK!!!!! 😡 I have a ipad 4.. fix it

Cutething70003   5 star

eh. i love this game and the new update, for the most part. but the whole skins thing is really confusing. like i had a skin and then for some reason it changed and now i can’t get it back. to be 100% i think it should go back to how it was before the new update. then it wasn’t confusing but now i have no idea how to work it :/

steveo888   1 star

Can't play since October update- please fix ASAP. Come on guys!! Please get this resolved or issue refunds, this issue is endemic for us with older iPads!!!!!

D.A.E..   5 star

Good game but weird glitches.... I love Minecraft, I have been playing for years. But recently since the newest update there has been a glitch that when I loin a friends world we swap skins, and I find that weird. Another glitch is in the end the obsidian pillars seem to have been cut in half I don’t know why. While in a friends world all of the actions I take, like pouring a water bucket of or opening a chest seem to not move, and after a minute perform the action but repeat it as well as the sound of the action. Please fix this if you can. Great game! 🙏

gemmasparkles   1 star

Latest update keep crashing. Please fix update 1.13. Keeps crashing on my iPad 4 when I open app. I hope the update will come soon. Update: latest update 1.13.1 still unable to load. White screen and then it close. Last working version was 1.12. Please reset it back. My iOS is 10.3.3.

good app oh yeah   5 star

Pls help. Minecraft is a great game but I can't get in it. As soon as I press the app the mojang shows up and then I get back to my home screen. I already tried to delete it and re install it but after I do it, it doesn't work. Please help me... I want to play

hsbcrhi ut   4 star

Please fix this if you can. There is a weird glitch (or I believe that’s what it is) and it doesn’t let me even go into the app like all it does is lets the loading screen pop up then immediately returns me back to my home screen

Reesie dog   5 star

Amazing game but needs more types of dogs. 🐶🐩🐕🐾. I love Minecraft. Even before that I was board with the one type of dog. The cats are cool. But dogs need work. It would also be super cool to change the color of your dog’s color. Some good dogs would be Mastiffs ,Cavapoos, Labs, Poodles, Yorkies, and maybe Bulldogs. I also think you should also be able to pause. There is a pause button but it doesn’t do anything. You could have it one pause it but be killed by a monster while paused. One more thing is I was super exited when I got the dog pack because I also got a camping pack. I was hoping to take my dogs camping but you can’t use two or add it to an existing land. Over all Minecraft is awesome and is one of my favorite games. 😀

Advertorial    5 star

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fguyufv   1 star

Crashes. So I downloaded it and signed up and then tried to sign in and it glitched me out. So I tried again and again and again. But it keeps crashing every like minute

ArcieZ   4 star

Help. I don’t know if it’s my phone but the screen starts randomly tapping above the dpad the crashes.

Super Mario Nerd 518690   5 star

David Gm’s Minecraft News Report. This game is off the hook! Litteralily. It may be hard to catch fish.......But who cares! You can just walk to some sheep or cows the slice em with dat sword! I built an island mansion it 2 months! And it didn’t crash once! Do not listen to those people I have been playing minecraft for 7 years and it is still the best game ever!! And the new update with cats, love it!!! Plz add this feature to dogs and give them more skins, also I have an idea that you can make a new boss and realm Steve’s realm!! The way you make it is a nether Portillo of diamonds and place gold in between the diamonds, the boss would be a 100 health fire throwing lightning starting Steven ghost and an army of zombies!! Plz add that and I will just play Minecraft every day!

The people who made Minecraft   5 star

Minecraft is the best. Minecraft is so fun it’s my favourite game it’s better than Fortnite and roblox add block craft 3-D it’s the best game ever

bob's bergers   2 star

Annoying. It's ok but It keeps kicking me of pleas fix it

JiggePancake   3 star

Why. I really love minecraft but, when I open my game in the new update with foxes, it kicks me out, can you help me with this problem, and, am I the only one experiencing this? Edit: even with the newest update I still can't play! Please fix this!

Spaghetti_king101   5 star

crashes. I love Minecraft but when I join, my game crashes every single time, I wish you could fix it

SNinjaDragon13   1 star

Why, Minecraft, why?. Minecraft I love minecraft but with the latest update I can't play anymore so plz fix

pfhwhizgsjxu   5 star

Brush. Can you add dog 🐶 like you added cats

Ryman20001   1 star

App Crashes on Startup. The app keeps crashing after a white startup screen.

vgcbg   1 star

Wow mojang. I go into new world to try out some stuff, and I've tried to several times because it kept crashing! Crash, crash, crash. Thats all Minecraft is used for right?

f i n g e r   1 star

Still crashes after the bug fixes. Dont know why just crashes still it goes to the logo then white then back to the home please fix this

IzzyB13   3 star

It was great but... When more updates came out it got glitchy and the profile thing changed so I can’t make skins anymore;(

Rogue27yt   5 star

I have a solution!. If anyone was wondering why they can’t play offline, before going on a trip or whatever, sign out of ur Microsoft Account! I thought Mojang had removed offline play or something, but they didn’t. Hope this helped

ebjvfvferunvfr   5 star

Glitches. I love the game Minecraft but I’m not able to play it because it keeps kicking me off. Could you please fix the glitches.

scjourv   1 star

Game keeps crashing. After opening the app I’ll have about 50 second before the app/game completely crashes

owl_lover9991   5 star

OMG THIS GAME IS SO AMAZINGGGGG. This game is so FUNNNN! YOU COULD DO ANYTHING! THIS STUFF IS SO COOL IMAGINATION STUFF! IF YOU THINK OF SOMETHING IT WILL BE IN MINECRAFT! I can figure out how to play other games though and there’s a glitch that it just gave me a random account and you need to get the Xbox app for this....

Hsbsbxjsnndjfbe   5 star

Great game!. Its just the updates are late. I WANT BEESSS!!!!

me12009   4 star

:(. My iPad is very new and after the update I can only go on my worlds for 30seconds :(

Fix pls 😰   3 star

Bug/glitch. I was trying to get into Minecraft PE but as soon as it got to the loading page it kicked me off befor I got in the app. And the weirdest thing is Minecraft worked earlier today so if you can fix that I’d and I think others would really epreciate that. Other then that I really enjoy Minecraft but please fix that

u got me thereal   2 star


Talen fane   1 star

P. Add natural disasters and more dragons oh and make it so you can download your wolds into Minecraft earth

glitterdogcathorse   1 star

Kicking out after the update. Minecraft keeps kicking me out after about ten seconds. I just did the update and it just started happening right after the update. It WAS my favourite game !!!!!!!😡😡

Drew22cnd   1 star

Crashed. My sons iPad has iOS 10.3.3 and now the game crashes after showing the intro MOJANG logo. Very unhappy kid, especially for paid app.

Tyujbwjsksisjsj   1 star

Broken. This app is broken on iPad it will not open at all.

Crash. Since the last Update minecraft won't load and crashes every time on Mojang screen, This happens on all my devices. Maybe fix this problem or refund my money?

djkdfbkenfosbfosnekh   1 star

Fix your update.. The new update with the skins is terrible. I cant import my own skins, and whenever I create a skin it disappears when I exit the game. The layout is confusing and so much harder to use than it has to be. In summary, the new update is garbage. Instead of updating and limiting how we get skins, try and add in some of the stuff we have actually asked for.

lillyanna365   1 star

To the people who made Minecraft. Your game will not let me play

skylen brass   1 star

Going off the app always once in a while. You better fix this cause I want to in joy the game to not keep on trying too go on it fix it now

nickygameingtv   5 star

Problem. Bugs bugs bugs every time I log on to minecraft it logs me off. Please fix

Advertorial    5 star

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ilovecatsoco123   4 star

Okay. The thing I want is more animals like tigers lions panthers cheetahs dogs hyenas wild dogs African and villagers and pillagers that can chat on the chat thing

SKloveslambs   5 star

The best game ever. The game lets me play with my friends and family and that’s what I really like about it. Also the game has changed so much in the time I have been playing which is 1/2 years it is crazy foxes, bigger and better villagers ect. If I was to choose fortnight or Minecraft I would choose Minecraft 100%. BTW SKloveslambs is my Minecraft username.

good yut   5 star

The best game ever. This game is awesome but there is a thing I would recommend to this game could to have something better gun mods for each person

Alilu123   1 star

STILL NOT WORKING!!. This app hasn't worked for 2 weeks since the last update. It doesn't even open, it shows your logo and then the screen goes white and it crashes. We waited 2 weeks for the next update to resolve this issue, just updated and it's still doing exactly the same thing. For a paid app this is unacceptable! Fix it please or refund us!

pandas rule🐼🐻🐨🐼🐻🐨🐼🐻🐨   5 star

Truth or dare. I choose dare I dare you to download Minecraft Why JUST DOWNLOAD IT Okay okay okay 5 seconds later I LOVE THIS GAME I told you I’m telling everyone about this game This will be you if you download this game it is the best game ever no violent or blood you can learn and play with players but I hope the price will go down

scott,maz,ari   2 star

It used to work. There was a new update it used to work and be playable now it not anymore it just crashes I can't even play I fully updated it is it cause my i pad is to old ):

Potterhead Niffler Girl   4 star

Great game but the crashing. Minecraft stopped working for me a while ago and I was so upset because this is SUCH A FANTASTIC GAME!! I waited for the next update for the fix to the crashing but the game still won't work. Please Mojang fix this I missing minecraft

Thatminecraftguy   5 star

Amazing. I’ve Ben playing Minecraft for 5 years And DAYS! AND DAYS amazing sandbox game

tholeeeee   2 star

Trash. I bought this game around 2-3 months ago and have been playing it a lot since. Until recently with the new fox update, my worlds keep crashing. I can go into the world but whenever there’s a decent frame drop it decides to crash. I have my chunk distance on the lowest so it’s as smooth as possible and uses less battery however this makes no difference as it still crashes. Even with the new 1.13.1 update it still crashes. I am very disappointed with this and feel like I’ve wasted my money. I am confident it is not a problem with my iPad as it is an Air 2 which is still capable even if it is ‘old’.

Littlemisszombie   1 star

App crashes on Mojang when opening. Please fix this because I spent months on some of my builds and now I cannot do anything on my iPad 4. Warning anyone with an iPad 4 DO NOT UPDATE! Will change rating to five stars once this is fixed. This crashing has been a problem since the early November update (was hoping the November 14 update would fix this but it did not).

chibidogo   4 star

Crashing. I crash every single freaking time, join a server crash, playing on server crash, glithcing, lags. WHEN Will I ever play minecraft normally?

mine boggle   1 star

Won't launch. I've purchased minecraft on my iPad and it will not launch. It quits instead and we are so frustrated with it!

CreeperKing3   4 star

I still can't play. It just crashes every time can you maybe make it more compatible with older devices

sylveon5558   5 star

Love it. I have been playing minecraft since I was 3 and it was sooo good but I got scared at one point when I was young of zombies attacking me but now I can do soooooo much with this I have made a city By sylveon5558

DraconMonster   5 star

Raccoons. Hey Minecraft I want to ask a favour, will you have enough time for adding raccoons to Minecraft that steal from chest and the ground they also work with Illagers. Thanks :)

GetsHarder   4 star

Crashing bug. This game is good, but when 1.13 came out every time I go on the game it crashes, but it's still a good game.

Dc inc   2 star

Update with working updates. Which genius rolled out 1.13 update that makes the game unplayable. Doesn't even start up any more. Now what we have to sit here and twiddle thumbs hoping it gets fixed? Where is the support link? Where is the announcement when it's going to be fixed? Update (1.13.1 still does not fix issue with Apple iPad iOS 9 why roll it out? Will we have to wait another 2 weeks for another update that doesn't work?) ... 15 days later and still waiting for a fix so we can play the game again while other FREE apps are fixing updates 24 hours later

lAzZAmInECrAFt   3 star

Help. I play minecraft in iphone 5 and every time i open minecraft it crashes and my friend has a newer phone and it works for him

Pro Ryan Devil   1 star

Fix the glitch. Players skin just glitch and look like the player with skin please fix the bug

coin mester   5 star

Minecraft pocket edition it won't start up. Minecraft pocket edition it won't start up And and fix the problem? Please.

Parineetr   5 star

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!. I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2015 or 2014 don’t listen to the bad reviews every single bit of Minecraft is amazing and the glitches I’ve had have all been fixed and really that’s it BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!

Aschutz1   5 star

Love it but.... I love the game but I can’t update my plactic a festive texture packs

Peekay200809   3 star

P.P.S - RANDOMFOX. Also sorry guys if I put it toooo hard on you with my other review.. I just don’t like Minecraft this way!

GalaxyseekerTheNightwing   4 star

DEVELOPERS PLS READ THIS. I've been playing Minecraft occasionally. It drains my battery quickly so I don't play it too often, but recently, when I tried to play the game because of an update, my game won't open. It will stay on a blank white screen for a moment, and then goes out back onto my iphones homescreen. Please fix this! I really want to try out the new update and see what it is like!

quicksilver5221   4 star

Great game... BUT!. My minecraft keeps crashing and kicking me out. I love playing this game and I think it is because my iPad is old and doesn’t do the IOS update is I am constantly on the old IOS update. Help me please

Mum and Sophie   5 star

Good but has glitches. I created heaps of Xbox live accounts that logged me out. In character creator I made a character but it didn’t save.

Tashie7610   1 star

Does not work. After purchasing this app in October and my kids falling in love with it, the last update made it impossible to play it on their iPads. Even though the iPad specs are compatible with the game, it loads the developer logo then crashes. It's been doing that for 3 weeks. Mine craft says talk to Apple Support since you bought it from them???

phoenix5410   2 star

Fox update. The new fox update had update with out out auto update and delete all my world’s twice so can you fix the glitch 😥😥😥

153563   5 star

WE NEED BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. We need bees because computer has that update

starstruck20010912   5 star

Best Game but unfortunately.... Doesn't work for my phone anymore. I didn't think I needed a new phone when my home button fell out, and I didn't think I needed a new phone when my camera fell out. My screen is smashed and the pixels vibrate and cut out every few minutes, yet I still could use it. Now, after the latest update my phone will no longer run minecraft. So now it's time to get a new phone, someone sponsor me?

Black #4   2 star

Help. I've been playing this version and it keeps booting me out why? Please reply what need to do. It worked until 1.13-1.13.1 on my iPad mini 1 iOS 9.3.5

Firewolfina🐺   5 star

It still kick me out of the game. Idk why but after updating the game IT STILL KICK ME OUT OF IT!!!!!!!please fix it

roblox 4ever   2 star

Ummmm?!?!?. I've played minecraft for years (since it came out) and it was great but for some reason now when ever I get on the app it kicks me off I don't know if it is my phone or the app. I hope they can fix this problem. THX :)

Smartboy05   3 star

Needs a fix. Was fine with game but latest update is really annoying. I freeze every 5 minutes and lose my progress. Also, lingering potions crash my game.

someone11110000   5 star

HELP!. Edit: I got update 1.13.1, and It didn't fix my problem. please keep working on this! I may try deleting the app and reinstalling it, but I don't want to lose all my worlds! I can wait a couple more weeks, then I'll try deleting and reinstalling, so please, please, please fix this soon! P.S. I use an Apple Ears iPad in case this helps. I just got update 1.13.0, and now I can't get into Minecraft! Please fix this soon, as Minecraft is my life and I want to see the foxes! Also, there has been a glitch for a while where all leather armor is white when it's on a mob or armor stand, no matter what color it is. I don't know if you fixed it in 1.13.0, but please fix it. Anyway, great game, but please fix it!

Tiffany O'Brien   5 star

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!. I love this game but please don’t make guns or not blocky! Im only 9 years old!!!!

lorenzogameingchanol   5 star

I can't play at all. Whenever I load minecraft now it just crashes for no reason at all and I am sick and tired of it I am frustrated at this I have a world that I spent a couple of years on and I can't play it cuz my game keeps crashing as soon as I start it For the love of notch pliz fix this (Edit) it updated BUT IT STILL CRASHES GOD DAME IT FIX THIS BS I AM SICK OF THIS FIX NOW!

vujdjajcncjdxn   4 star

Good game but. I like Minecraft I’ve played it for a long time but I don’t really like the update because first of all, before I liked the way that you can export different Minecraft skins from Skinseed and all that but since the update has been added you can’t do that anymore please please PLEASE fix this

pedal to the metal420   1 star

Does not load up after updat. I have a iPhone 5 and 6s with this game on them after the updat it will not load up and goes back to home screen

flame 5 million   2 star

What I want. Make the skin editor back to like 1.14 update because I just lost my favorite Minecraft skin because of this stupid skin editor. I would like there to be guns and instruments in the next few updates. P.S. I love Minecraft expect the skin editor

JoseGarcia101905   3 star

Dont buy. Dont buy idk if its my phone but it keeps glitching to my home screen and i only play for 10 sec and it takes off its not worth ur time and 8 mf dollar Add me on snap: JoseGarcia10191 the bye

herobrineisreel   5 star

Addons add so much!. I loooooooooooove Minecraft and it is so much better with addons and mods!i hope more updates come becuase I love it!

⚽️🎾   3 star

I love Minecraft but.... I love minecraft and I have been playing for a long time but recently after the October update my minecraft keeps glitching every time I try to open the app and I really want to play but I can't

PatrckPE   5 star

Update for nautilus. Please put on a update with nautiluses and if you kill the there is a 30% chance you would get a nautilus shell and 15% for the heart of the sea please add this

kzomr   3 star

Addons. There is a glitch with mine too. When I go to the addons app that I downloaded for Minecraft, I wanted this fish pack with all sorts of jellyfish, sharks, and more! I was so excited. So, you have to export it to Minecraft. That’s what I did. But when it said “exporting...” a couple seconds after that, it said “export unavailable” or something like that. I was so confused... I went on to a new world and added that pack and I went on the world. When I got on the world, I quickly went to the eggs or whatever you call it. But when I got to the pack that said “export unavailable” it was there, but the eggs were black and I clicked on it and I went out to try it and see what the animals looked like. They don’t even show up! They weren’t there! They were invisible!!

THE BIG ZAN   5 star

1.13 forever. That is for a while,I mean it

AngryPerson614   1 star

Horrible!! Still! (11/13/19). New update bricked my son's iPad version. Logo....then white screen....the app closes.....fix this! For those of you reading this....do not update!

Coltontem   5 star

Um. I love Minecraft but I can’t get on the app at all when I updated it to 1.13.1 pls fix

wdestroyer   5 star


JimmyPlayer12   5 star

Excellent Game... Better on Console or PC. This game is fantastic, but if you want the best experience play on console or PC

bm7932   5 star

Glitch. I was trying to play minecraft so and I got on to see the new update and so I get on its shows eather minecraft logo then white screen or black over the minecraft and then white screen then goes to my home screen pls fix it I'm board.it is 11/13/19 you made a update minecraft is still not working pls fix it for me pls

OAlbert11   1 star

Won't open. We haven't be able to play for a few weeks now! Even this new update hasn't fixed anything. The screen goes white and then shuts off. We have iOS 10! Please fix or refund our money.

Livy 123456789   1 star

Let me in. Minecraft is so cool but I updated it and when it was done I tried to get on minecraft it keep kicking me off the game I don't know why I really want to play minecraft

ShyROCKMAN345   5 star

😀. Add some more cool stuff and add where you can customize your capes

Foxyassasin08   4 star

Lag. It keeps saying ”servers:coming soon”

ANGRY_MOMMA01   1 star

Disappointed Mom!!. New update on nov. 13th and STILL can't get into the game on my daughters iPad. I'm so disappointed with Minecraft!

Mrs.mooselady   1 star

Mine craft update. The update you did no longer allows users to use the app. Please fix it!

hrnufkutefhiihfefhjuhbfdcccb   5 star

I love Minecraft. I love Minecraft yay it is cool I love making houses.

Grandmaducky   5 star

I take back my two comments thank you for updating it. I thought it was a glitch but looks like you guys listen I’m glad I can finally play Minecraft again

CowboyU2   5 star

4.5. Recently I have had some weird issues. When ever I try to open my world it loads on the bar but the world doesn’t start.

Skelom   1 star

Can't use anymore. The latest update on oct 29, made it so I can't use the app anymore. It was working fine just before on my old iPhone 5 running iOS 10 but now it crashes on the title screen.

Fatty PiGgy🐷   1 star

New update sucks!. Okay you can make your own character now BUT I can’t go into any world and the characters won’t load I can’t even play as Steve so change it back please

little-kit-kitty   5 star

💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚. No hate to Minecraft but I am experiencing bugs, the skin creator is saying it saves my skin but when ever I close the app it totally deletes it.

Oculus11   4 star

Great but glitchy. I love Minecraft but with the new update, it always crashed.

ooiupouytr   3 star

Good but it glitches. I like the fun game but I bought this Minecraft map it works for a little bit but then it glitches 😥😭😭😭😭🤬

_foodislifee   3 star

I like it. I like the game it just won't let me in anymore plz fix

Logins indict   1 star

very mad. very glitchy and doesn’t work

catbelll   1 star

Can’t get In game. Plz help when I click on my world it will not load and can’t play

Masterd ultra instinct goku   4 star

BFF!. Minecraft an awesome game been playing for year’s but there’s a very ugly problem above my face when you start Minecraft you start to learn I remember the first world I ever created but as I played more I kept on getting better and better until my end is made out of obsidian(and a big part of my nether but it’s infinite)so I know the nether update is coming that might change things and I might have to get better but ITS NOT ENOUGH Can you release a new gamemode that will make hardcore shiver in fear? I mean I play mobile(Add hardcore to mobile)anyway EXTREME MODE! Can you add more items new ores or idk make it harder that’s it

epic smells like my poop   5 star

I LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. It's basically the BEST GAME EVER I can play on different severs it's just the BEST

Zxdashfdefcnhygbceyuhff   2 star

Minecraft is crashing. Whenever I click the app and wait for it to load, it crashes. Sometimes I get past that and try to access my world and it also crashes when it’s loading.

For reals yo!   5 star

Read This. Guys, I Mean Owner Of Minecraft I Heard About The Bee Update But There’s No Bees On Phone! So Please Add To Phone. THANKS!!!!

Young Dropout   1 star

Wont fully load up after update. After the last update it won't work on my iPad. Can't get in the game, $100s of worth of in game content but can't even load it up.

dendhsmc   5 star

Best thing ever!!!,!!!!. It’s so fun and I love 💗 the new update best game ever


i need help. i keep getting kicked out of the app so um please fix that

minzberg   5 star


i see you👁   4 star

😍😍😍😍😁😍😍😍. OK really fun game love the update BUT every time I create a character and my phone turns off the character is gone and I really like this one character that I half to KEEP REDOING also every time my phone turns off the game boots me out and has to reload after that PLEASE AT LEAST FIX THE CHARACTER PROBLEM IF YOUR THE DEVELOPER OTHERWISE GREAT GAME 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

owen idk   5 star

I cant get in. When I try to get in the game I did every thing. Any ways I love the game

fatcatiscool   4 star

I love it but please help. I can't get on to Minecraft anymore it's just a white screen and the it goes back to my home screen

Destruction7 8 50   4 star

It won't turn on. It's a great game when it works. Mine won't even turn on now, it just sends me back to the home screen. I've updated it and I have plenty of space (4GB), but it just won't work

WhiskersM22   5 star

Baby. Add baby of every mob please and genders and choose your gender please and female gender can mate with males and female players can mate with male players please and add more life to Minecraft please

trderwr   5 star

Bug. Recently I have not been able to log into Minecraft if you can fix it I would be very thankful.

$$$#iamawsome   3 star

Hmmm. I had bought a bunch of packs and world and two days later they were gone and I had to buy them again but other then that it’s pretty good

25gamers   1 star

Why. I loved this game but after the new update I can't play on my iPad

Joshelei   3 star

Customizing. I dont like where you can change your characters height cuz when other people do it and when I pvp with them I can’t hit them normally...

ZacharyScharmann   2 star

Marketplace Trash. The marketplace has no way to refund purchases if the content you purchased wasn’t good. Don’t recommend purchasing anything beyond the game itself.

:(. ):   4 star

Awesome. It is just AWSOME!

jallary   3 star

BUG. It crashes every time I try to join someone or play one of my worlds!!! Please fix I love this game and I don’t want to not play it.

Shellysr   3 star

Having problems. Can't open minecraft. It keeps crashing 😤

PXu8   3 star

What happened?. I used to like this game but now it isn’t that fun. When I hop on to a server the game crashes.

yvcubinm   5 star

The creativity. This game gives me a creative space and lets me explore and tease my creativity

DEATHKNIGHT84   1 star

Minecraft has gone to the dogs. Pay for a game and after a few years it has decided not to load at all Kids are upset ...Not happy

SmilyJason   3 star

Microsoft account. You should just be able to add friends and make realms without going to the aka website and even though I went there, I tried the rules it said several times but that would not work at all. Every thing else is great.

[email protected] Flower   4 star

Love the update but...... I love the foxes and yeah but.... I CAN’T CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE ARMS ANYMORE!!! I made an amazing skin and it has thin arms and now I can’t change it so my character has a gap between the torso and the arms and let me tell u..... IT LOOKS UGLY! sooooooooo next time u have an update... pleas pleas pleas make it so u can change the with of the arms. Thanks and I love this game

Victorious duck   4 star

Minecraft in my point of view. Minecraft is probably the best game I have ever played, but it needs improving such as caves caves look like someone has vomited cubes everywhere.second I thank you for adding foxes to pocket edition they are the best.Also make them properly tame-able like make them drop the item in their mouth by the player pressing a control, this would be great for a new storage system!

ShanWd   5 star

Good game just the problems. There are good reasons why this game is good but when I go in to it , it glitches out. So please fix that. Thank!

JimmyRyan12   5 star

READ THIS. So guys stop acting like you know the app only I know the app I had this when it original came out so effff off Pushkar

lego111111111110000   5 star

Piz do this update mogang. Please make a update for machines. example gears to put in machines for machines to work, wires to make machines, iron to make shells to cover machines and solar power blocks make energy for machines to work. Sorry I can’t think any more for this update idea

Woof pal 1 2 3   5 star

This is an awesome game. I love this game, it is the best to relax with my friends.

Kimtron111   1 star

Update of doom. Fantastic game except it won't even open after the latest update. Please fix it!

caitlyn reviews   3 star

Too many bugs. Ok ok I love minecraft and all but ever this the new fox update there’s been a lot of bugs and when I play alone or with a friend it freezers and tacks me out of the game so plz fix this

xXuniatecornXx   3 star

There are bugs!. I can no longer join even when I have a good wifi connection and my friends have the same wifi. It also takes me out of the game randomly and freezes. I really enjoyed playing with my friends.. so please try and fix this bug.

Sweets88   1 star

Xbox live?. I loved this game because I could explore different thing and different games. When Xbox live came out I could no longer go on servers and it sucked.

#1DENIED   4 star

Music. Is there any way on playing the Minecraft musics on mobile plz tell me I would play this game forever and give the a 5 star rating if u plz tell/ add music

gvhnuijtv4578   4 star

PLEASE FIX THIS. My Minecraft app keeps crashing when I try to go into a world whilst signed into my Xbox account, it also crashes when I try to join my friends. It also randomly freezes and takes me out of worlds. Other than this issue I love Minecraft and have played for many years.

frequeno321   1 star

Broken. Are you ever going to fix the issues in the latest release? We have payed for broken software. Unacceptable!

Terminator T800   5 star

Minecraft is awesome. I love this game and I mean it,it’s awesome and I love how it is all cubes and you can make anything you want,I also loved the fox update.

KM131313   4 star

Avatar problem. Ok, so I made an avatar and saved it (I’m on iPad) then i got off The game.When I went back on my avatar failed to load then the game crashed i tried so many times to get on the game but it kept crashing.Please try and fix it...please

RosbudRob   1 star

Help. I can't get into this app 😩

zidner35   4 star

We need a bug fix. Every time I click the game it loads then freezes and kicks me out!!! Please fix

Lola234561830   4 star

Good but can be better. I love minecraft but I would love it more if you could tame the foxes and keep them as pets also it would be better if there are diffrent kinds of animals like deer,tigers,lions,monkey and all of the dogs have diffrent types.

Koali1125   4 star

Awesome but there is a problem.... I love Minecraft and I have been playing it for years. I think it is an awesome game and I would highly recommend it to anyone. There aren’t many games on the App Store that are quite like this. However recently, when I exit Minecraft and turn my iPad off, something causes my iPad to crash. So when I turn it on again, my iPad is frozen and I can’t get it to turn off or on. I cannot access anything and my iPad stays like that for a few moments. If Mojang could please please fix this that would be absolutely awesome! I really like Minecraft and this issue is just really annoying. Thank you!👍🏻

Rwps   5 star

Awesome. This is so fun to play but may have minor glitches otherwise awesome very goooooooood!!!!!!!!

Supragddghjhfd   5 star


Bondorbust   5 star

I love the update but. Dear mojang I love your new update but there’s one thing I don’t like; the skin creator,every single time I go off Minecraft the skin deletes and when I go back on I need to make it again. PLEASE fix this. Evie

Dragonmanisace   4 star

Minecraft legacy console editions 🎮. There were a LOT of Minecraft Legacy console editions, but now why is the switch and Xbox One versions now MC Bedrock? The only version of MC that is STILL Legacy editions that are still supported are PS4 Edition, why's that? Why are they still not supporting console editions such as Wii U, PSVita, PS3, Xbox 360, and even he Xbox One and Switch Legacy editions? Please tell me why.

xX_FiresKulls_Xx   4 star

Good but a few problems with skin selection. I’ve been playing minecraft for a while and I’ve enjoyed the new things but I have a few problems The new Skin creation and the way you can import custom skins, it’s a real pain, it’s really buggy, no matter what, when I try to add a specific skin, for a specific model, it chooses the opposite model, and the model with a skin is stuck there, and it’s a real struggle to change skins, keep up the great work but please fix this issue.

Arevma   1 star

Not working at all since update. The update has left my 3 kids unable to play on their iPad minis. It flat out won’t work. On startup it goes to a white screen then it quits. Very Disappointed as I see a lot of other people are having this issue too and it’s been over a week now with no resolution.

🌊🐬   4 star

Game thing. Every time I try to play minecraft the game randomly exits outs for no reason. Please fix this.

Jessopk   1 star

Unexpected pop ups. Over the last few days a porn site has been popping up while my 6 yr old has been playing this game. Could you please explain how this could be happening and how I can stop it. Thank you

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