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What is eatventure app? Are you looking to become a restaurant millionaire? Want to manage a successful restaurant? Become a restaurant tycoon, earn money, level up, hire cooks & cashiers, get rich and build the biggest business the world has ever seen in this Restaurant Simulator!

Start with a Lemonade Stand, then progress to a food truck, and then a cafe. In no time you will find yourself owning your own Diner and Drive-thru!

Expand your restaurants, automate your business and find the right strategy in order to maximise your income! Eatventure is a money game where you simulate the management of different kinds of restaurants. Use your income to buy new stations in order to start selling more kinds of foods! Become the biggest Restaurant Millionaire in the world!

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App Name Eatventure
Category Games
Updated 06 December 2023, Wednesday
File Size 308.78 MB

Eatventure Comments & Reviews 2023

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Fine but could be a lot better. First of the idle part, it’s really only for when you’re on the game cause if not than it’s only idle for a 4 hours and progress made off the game is a lot slower than in-game. Secondly the game pretty forces you to watch ads or spend money in order to make any real progress after awhile, cause when you first start it’s fine but after a few up can renovates you quickly start to need it more and more to make progress unless you wanna spends weeks at one place. Lastly the events are pretty much pointless they make it to where if you want any real prize you have to go far into the event however if you wanna progress you need to watch ads or send money, which if you’re already spending for the regular game you mind as we’ll forget about the event. Basically you quickly go from an idle game to just sitting there watching a million one ads

pretty fun game. this is a good idle game, and the progression comes quick, especially at lower levels. once you get towards the end of a city (and yes, there are multiple), the upgrades get expensive and money flow slows down. eventually you will get past this, so you just have to keep going. the gear you can get for your character provides some decent bonuses, especially once you get good ones, so make sure to save your gems for loot crates. I definitely recommend this if you like idle games and cooking. I will say one thing though, which is that it appears the developers do not know how to count past a trillion. after you pass the T level of money, it goes to AA, AB, AC, etc. instead of quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, etc. while this is a minor complaint, it is still worth noting and in my opinion in makes the game confusing once you reach that level of money. it would be nice if the developers could correct the numbers to their proper counterparts.

Fun fun fun.. Great game that’s easy to play and super fun. This is a no brainer game which you can play without spending lots of money like all those other pay to win games. The best part is you don’t have to watch many ads to play. Of course you have to watch ads to help the developer out but the amount isn’t as bad as all the others. Great job developers on creating a fun and easy game to play with ways to even acquire gems to upgrade without spending money. In the age of pay to play/win and a ton of ads, you guys hit the mark with a beautiful balance between them. I tip my hat off to you for that. Keep up the good work. Also point me to other games you make so I can help support you.

*Read whole review*. I love this game so much, I’ve never written a review before but I just play it so often I thought it would be cool to get it improved! I like to watch my show while I play this in picture and picture mode and it covers part of the screen, which is 100% a me problem, but I think it would be cool to be able to zoom in and out. Especially when you get to the later levels and not all of it is on the screen anyways. I also think it would be cool to be able to visit your past missions and maybe even still get money from them? I don’t know if that part would be possible since it would take a lot of work, but I’ve seen a lot of other games do that! Anyways, I love this game so much and highly recommend it to anyone! You can play it for five seconds or hours on end, it’s really fun too!

Can’t stop playing it but R rated ads???. EDIT: do people even get silver in the weekly challenges?? is it possible? because i only ever get bronze and then to the first get [blank] to level 600. istg it’s so annoying! make it a little easier maybe?? I thought this was gonna be another game where it shoved ads down your throat, but i like how watching ads actually helps you! also, i love watching the little people in my phone run around and get food for everyone. i didn’t have that many skills upgraded in the last update, so i’m not too mad about it, but i wish they would bring back some of them. the costumes are cute but it’s taking a lot of work to try and get some of the good (rare) ones. cons: sometimes if you use the investors, it doesn’t give you the coins it said it would. hang happened that many times but it is annoying if it’s one of the longer ads. same thing with the boost button, but it happens more often with that one, smh. ALSO i’m not sure if i was trying to use the ad button too much, but last month it started giving me inappropriate ads. i’m of age, but if this was my little cousin playing it i’d be concerned?? it was an ad of someone undressing a cartoon woman while she was sleeping??? that is beyond vile. also some of the ads are gory. i’m not sure if the developers are in charge of that or if it’s a third party, but it’s worth mentioning.

This game is addicting. I love this game! It’s different from other cooking games where you have to click all over the screen and have time limits to get the food to customers. It’s upgrading the food, and collecting tips. What I love most about this game is that there are no involuntary ads!!! The only ads you watch are the ones when you want to, for an ad boost or the investor. This keeps me playing because I don’t mind watching them when I’m actually getting something for them. Please please do not ever change to involuntary ads!! Mandatory ads randomly during gameplay are the top reason why I uninstall the games. I appreciate that you have a choice for ads!

Would be higher but noticed…. My rating of this app would’ve been 5 stars if I hadn’t noticed that they screw you out of you money. I’m in the moon event as of right now, and have updated my offline earnings to go 8 hours. After 7 hours away from the game, I come back and it says I’ve earned 8al while I was away. Great, I thought. So I hit the collect x2 button thinking that I’m going to get pretty far this time, til the ad ends and I see now I only have 2 al. Then you look at who’s finish so far, with it claiming people have done so in 20 minutes, I’ve been working at this event for 2 days and it’s completely disheartening to have that happen. This is not an app I will spend any money, and may not spend any more time on. I may have spent money in the future but they screwed themselves out of that by being untrustworthy with our money in the app

Best Game I’ve Played in a LifeTime!!. I’ve been waiting for a game that I can play one year from now and its never getting old. Well this is the game!! Theres non stop cities and when you exit out of the app you still get money over time. I know I’m not a owner of a food place but this game gives me the feeling. I mean making improvements, hiring, renovating, etc, Is so fun. I check on my progress too! I know I can’t be around 24/7 but I do little pop ups every now and then when I’m busy to see how it’s lookin… and it’s never going bad (ofc). But in all seriousness I love this game it makes me feel free and makes me feel like a owner of a restaurant. It also helps me get around this crazy world and take a break from it. Sometimes work is too much and this is a good get away. I give this game a 6/5…text me when you find a game better because I won’t believe it. Thanks 🎉

My Favorite Game. I downloaded this game when it popped up as an add on one of my other games. I have literally not played any other game on my phone since downloading this one. It’s the perfect go to when you need to wind down for a minute. The graphics are so perfect, super cute. I love that the dishes now have visible names when you tap them. That’s so helpful. Gems are soooo easy to obtain. The only ads are the ones you choose to watch for boosts and bonuses. I do wish I could scroll back and see the towns I’ve been to on the map. (Not to necessarily be able to open them an play them, but just to scroll back and see the city names and food stands I completed there.) No serious complaints. I just hope it has lots of levels and I don’t get to the end of it. I’d be so disappointed to “finish” it and have to find another game to play lol

Awesome game!. The game is an idle game! My favorite part of that there are NO ads that just randomly pop up the only time you see ads is if YOU click on them, what I mean by this is if you take the offer from the investor or you want the x2 income (which you can increase mine is at x2.8). You can leave the game running and not have to do anything like I said no pop up ads so you can actually leave the game running over night. If you close out of the game it’ll only go for 3 hrs which is why I leave the game open over night. There are also events which is also very nice. Seriously this is an awesome game I absolutely love the game and it is a MUST play! :) also there is no need to put money into the game it’s not one of those games.

Fantastic. Best idle game on the App Store, and the only one I’ll play. Doesn’t feel impossible to progress without dropping hundreds on it. But there are no required ads in this game, all are optional and they feel meaningful (especially in the beginning of levels) New custom chefs make a me a bit worrisome that it’ll become more loot box based but are fun and exciting at the moment. Was real nervous when they got rid of the cards but was excited about the custom chefs, but they listened to feedback added the cards back and kept the custom chefs, love the new update and I find it hilarious watching a chef run Mach 2 around my restaurant with a cleaver and leprechaun hat. I think it’s in a great state right now keep up the good work team!

nYOOM. ^ That’s my character’s name, if you ever come across it, btw 👌🏻So. To start, I just wanna say, while it is repetitive in a sense, it’s an easy game and will pass time for you. But sometimes odd things happen in the game... One day, I went into my outfit menu because I had just gotten a bunch of boxes, all common items with like one or two rares. And…all the levels on my worn items were huge. I had maybe a level 5 item at max, and the rarest thing I had was one epic item. But suddenly, my brand new epic cleaver was a level 8, and suddenly it was legendary. I definitely did not own a legendary item before this. My traffic cone hat also jumped from a small level, up to level 10, and my body piece up to like 9. I do not question the Eatventure Gods. I accept their gifts with abundant gratitude. Praised be the Eatventure Gods.

Addictive. This game is fun and addictive, but someone desperately needs to get some kind of control over the ads. We’re willing to watch ads for rewards, but there’s a limit. Today it’s an ad for a game called something like Ammo Fever. If we start a video and close it after 15-30 seconds to get our reward, that’s fine. But when the ad screen shows up, makes you choose between two horrible ads, then it shows a 45 second ad, then you try to close it, but that brings up the App Store. Close out of that, and you get another 15-30 seconds of video. Try to close out, and you get the App Store again. Close out of that, and you get another five seconds. In theory, you can finally close it if you touch the exact right part of the X. That doesn’t make me want to download the other game, but it does make me play this game less. Maybe that’s the point. The long commercials are a Trojan horse designed to eliminate the competition.

I’m Impressed. I don’t often download games from ads in other games, but I had watched an interactive one for this game a few times and finally caved and bought it. This game is so addictive! I’m really impressed with how well balanced it is! The only ads in the game are the ones you choose to watch, so you aren’t interrupted at any point. You will want to watch the ad bonus that gives you a multiplier AND the investor ads as they increase your income exponentially. You have the option of purchasing in game currency, purple diamonds, but I haven’t needed to spend real world monies on them yet as you acquire them in game. The game isn’t too slow in that you have to wait forever to upgrade and progress, but it’s also not too fast either. The game developers have done a wonderful job with this game! Well done!

An Idle Done Right!. Finally! An idle game with all the aspects I love! No forced ads AT ALL, constant changes of scenery, always progressing, and timed events. Everything you could ask for in an adorable art style with the concept everyone loves, food! The idea of going from a little lemonade stand to a fancy diner all while getting upgrades has been so fun. Plus, the incentives to watch ads getting better as you go making it feel like a legitimate incentive to watch ads and support the game! Im about to drop a few dollars just to support the creator. Good work and please continue support or keep making games, youve got the formula spot on! <3 Edit: this is the first review ive made and I sadly have to change it after this recent update. The progression goes FAR too slow, completing sections feel no longer with it with the small chests being borderline useless, and not being able to re-spec the abilities just all feels like a money grab. Going to 1/5 and done playing until I see a new update

Pet food acquisition insufficient. One of my top favs, my only previous beef was servers not making drinks when they’re the prioritized item. Honestly haven’t bothered to check if they fixed it, I just make a behind the counter food item prioritized even if it’s worth less than the drinks in the server area. That said , I really hope you guys make a more capable process for getting pet food. The eggs hatch at similar Intervals. Common-100, Rare-300, Epic-900 and based on this, as I haven’t gotten one myself, Legendary-2700. So if you ever make an Ultimate egg… 8100 pet food!? You only get between 5-15 food drop if that’s even what you get out of the common chests. Either there needs to be a better way to get pet food via the pet interface (dismantle eggs seems good, it’s a double edge, get food for current pet from dismantling or keep it to hatch and upgrade pets via combination) or make pet food an available drop in big/theme chests where the chance of getting food is greater than getting common clothes in big chests and raise the food chance a bit more for themed chests. Just a small gripe, I’m close to a legendary pet using the current processes. Looking forward to the clubs, me and a friend have been waiting to hopefully summon eachother characters to help eachother lol.

Great quality game!!. I never ever write reviews but this one deserves one. Compared to most apps these days, this one is actually one that you can tell the developers put effort into and I love that! The only ads are the ones you CHOOSE to watch to gain an extra boost rather than in other apps where it shows you an add every 5 seconds. Each city you go to isn’t just a copy and paste of the previous one, it actually has new models and text and everything. I have no problem at all spending money and time on this game because they deserve every last dollar with all the effort they’ve put into this game. Plus, I really enjoy the items you can collect from the boxes that help you throughout the levels. I think it’s a super great addition and adds a little bit of spice to the game. Love it! Keep up the great work, devs 😊

It’s so cute!!. I’ve tried many other games that have ads like this just to delete the app in a day or two because of so many ads or just hating the game. This game is the first one I actually love, it has no ads if you don’t want them, and the graphics are so cute!! The only way you’d ever get an ad is if you use the investors but they can make the game mess up so I’d just avoid them and work to get the money. The little people do everything for you and all you have to do is upgrade which I love because it’s kind of annoying in other games when you have to click the people to do stuff every time (first world problem I know but if I’m playing a game I’d like to not be annoyed even if it’s not that much). Anyways if you just want a cute little game where you upgrade stuff and build a little cooking empire then I’d definitely recommend it, nothings gone wrong for me so far and I really love it :)

I Rarely Give Games 5 Stars But…. This game is addicting. They must have fixed the issue that I read in other reviews about the investor ads causing the game to freeze. One of the things I love most about this game is that ads aren’t forced on you, you can choose to watch an ad or not. Not only that but the fact that if you do choose to watch an ad for the investor or booster, they make it totally worth it! It’s a cute and easy game but still very fun. My favorite strategy is to take advantage of the boosts from ads and upgrade everything I can. Adds way more profit and then leveling up the food stations is quicker and easier. They did a great job recognizing what people want and don’t want in a phone game. (I’ve deleted so many games because of the ridiculous amount of ads- regardless of how fun it was)

Genuinely Fun And Ads Aren’t Forced. It’s not often I write a review for apps but I feel like this one deserves it compared to the other collage of cash grab apps we have out there. This game reminds me a LOT of how it felt to play adventure capitalist, start from the bottom, earn small cash and upgrade the item you’re selling, upgrade your character to earn benefits, unlock more items until it’s time to prestige, repeat. Not only does it have a great amount of content but it also comes with events that you can earn prizes on as well. There are ads you can watch but they’re completely optional and if you do use them the reward is actually worth the 30 seconds. Would definitely recommend, especially to my fellow Adventure Capitalist fans

Newest update almost unplayable. In the most recent update they got rid of a skill tree option that was never fully explained or utilized, which is fine. However they got rid of the card system that upgraded many aspects of your various settings. You used to be able to do permanent upgrades to your cooking staff, servers, food quality, bonus amounts, even collection of tips; all of which are extremely useful in not only the base game, but in the special events. In their place, they added a customization feature of creating an Avatar chef that has a skill boost based on what clothing you pick, and are forcing a community element in that your chef helps other players, and you can pick their chefs to aid you. They removed the shop icon, so it took awhile to figure out how to get the new clothing options. And even with heavily upgraded Legendary clothing options it only effects your avatar chef. I’m glad it looks like they are changing up their special events (adding a Mine location instead of just another color change to the Space events); but they’ve rendered the game almost unplayable.

I LOVE IT!. I have had no issues with this game what so ever! One of the best phone games I have played. Normally I will get a game and delete it a day later….but this I can’t stop playing it’s so fun and so addictive and it’s not like all the other games where you feel like it takes days to progress. You don’t have to wait for things to upgrade and the ad rewards are definitely worth it!! I have no complaints and nothing I would change about this game. I most definitely recommend this game for something to kill time. Absolutely in love with it and really respect the creators for the work, effort, and thought that when into this game! Edit: I was reading some reviews and see that many people are not happy with the update I would like to add that I love it and really enjoy the new update!

This game is eh. If you want some quick brain stimulation then go ahead and download this game, because besides tapping upgrades there isn’t much to do and its pretty boring. But it’s cool to build your restaurant and that aspect of the game i enjoy. However thats where my joy ends, because this game literally wants you to watch ads to improve in the game. There are in game upgrades in the vault that give you more money for every ad you watch, which is hilariously stupid. The fact that an in game upgrade, upgrades the amount of money made by watching an ad shows the laziness of the developers. Ads shouldn't be an integral part of the game, they should be a second option if you as the player, decide to watch an ad. Not only that, but theres lootboxes. Which are known to be sketchy, deceptive and overall promote gambling. This game is fun when you’re bored, other than its just another clicker game that has no real substance and is obviously a cash grab. Plus the ads lied about how the game actually work.

Love it so far. Been playing for about a week now and I love that if I don’t want to watch ads, I don’t have to and it doesn’t hinder the game at all. It just makes progression slower; which is great for someone like me who just wants a basic cookie clicker before bed. However; the weekly events, I have noticed are supreme level players only. It’s not necessarily pay to win; but it is watch ads to get beyond bronze. If you’re not using purple level clothes in all slots and every boost, investor, and helper via ads, there is no way to get silver, let alone gold for the big box reward. If the events were more attainable, this would be 5 stars hands down. I WANT to give it 5 stars now, because the diamonds you can earn to buy boxes is very very fair. The time it takes to collect them for free is quite reasonable if you don’t want to use currency to purchase them in diamond bundles. Download this game if you want a mindless ad free relaxing little game. And if you see Edrie, hire me 😂🤭

Where did all my progress go?. I’m confused and disappointed. I have played this game for a while and had upgraded so that the game went faster and was therefore more enjoyable for me. But they just released an update that said apparently people didn’t like that upgrade system and they eliminated it. apparently the developers are not familiar with the phenomenon that only unhappy people complain. The happy people just continue playing. So they have presumably upset a lot of people like me. Anyway, they gave me back all of the in game currency I had used to make the upgrades, but gave absolutely no info about what I am now supposed to do with that currency. I kind of figured I’d be able to make comparable upgrades under a new system, but it doesn’t seem there is any way to do so. And now I’m back to playing at a snail’s pace, which I don’t think was a nice thing to do to someone who had invested so much time into the game. I’d give this game a miss until they’ve put out at least a couple more versions and make it clear what you’re actually supposed to do.

It’s so slow now. Honestly I downloaded this game like 2 months ago and I would buy in game currency to make my game go faster, but with a update that came out they removed cards and the game in general just started being no fun, but than they came out with a new update that gave me all the in game currency back and bright back the card system and in my opinion I kinda like how it works now just kinda, but the game honestly just feels really slow like let’s say one of the foods I have is steak it’s generating a profit of “500B but it cost 2.23aa to upgrade” and it’s barely at level 8. like that doesn’t make since to me and it just makes the game unenjoyable. But again that’s just my opinion and I still play the game but just not as often anymore. But if you want a game to pass the time, this game is the one to go to.

You can’t get anywhere and get stuck. One major problem with Eatventure is the upgraded outfits. You’ll spend many hours to only have a set of epic upgrades, which is the purple using everything else you get to upgrade those outfits then when you finally do get a legendary or ultimate come to find out, you have to forge it using other legendary or epic clothing. The chances that you get a legendary are only even in certain boxes and it’s only a 5% chance you only have a 2% chance of getting an ultimate and then on top of that you other outfits to forge these. This needs to be changed if we somehow by chance get a ultimate or a legendary I shouldn’t have to spend another 20 hours or more just to forge some thing that was really rare that I got. There’s no way to invite your friends to help you out that would be amazing. The events are sometimes fun overall, this could be a fun game. But for right now, the loot boxes have been made worthless. If you’re going to start playing this game, save everything you get because you’ll need it to forge the really rare items you get later, which is stupid. Please change this otherwise you get to a point where there’s no point in playing anymore because you’re never going to be able to upgrade the clothing you get. Again multiplayer would be awesome if that’s even something that you guys can do.

Was five stars before, the recent updates killed it.. This was my favorite game before they started updating it a lot, but I’ve been playing it less and less now. I understand the game was probably too easy before or something and they’re trying to make it harder, but I put a lot of time into the game and now I don’t like it. I used to have every single card they offered, each at least level 8 and I felt very powerful with all of the buffs. They removed a lot of cards and changed the system so I have way less power ups now. I don’t like their new single chef system where you power up one character. I should’ve saved my gems they refunded me, but I was dumb and dumped them all into the single character before they re-added the cards again. Now I have a single good chef with somewhat decent items equipped, and no other players is using it for some reason so it’s not even making me any gems. I have all 3 legendary items equipped at decent levels but nobody is using it. I miss when I had all of my chefs running around very quickly, making food super quickly, and getting very expensive food and long, good ad boosts. Now the ad boosts feel worthless to me because I’m used to how good they used to be. I might delete the game now just because I know how good it could be, but isn’t. Edit continued: I have 3 high level legendary items on my person and I left for a week, I come back and still nobody has used my character

This game is Extremely Fun!. You start off small and work your way up to a very well known business and upgrade your equipment to give x2 the money earned and increase the equipment to cook the food faster and staff every step of the way! This game is amazing and it's all automated, all you honestly have to do is select the upgrades when you have the money. It's so fun to watch them do what they do lol. OH I forgot, you can even equip your staff with better clothes that give great buffs! And YES it has ads to watch but it gives you x2 the amount of money you can earn for five minutes each time you watch the ads and you can even pay real money to get the x2 extra money buff forever! Totally up to you but it's worth it because I earn x4 the amount of money when I play. You renovate your business to grow bigger and better it's really awesome!

Very fun and NO FORCED ADS. This game I saw in one of the many ads that we all see on many of the games we choose to play. On a whim because it looked interesting I installed this game after an hour or so I realized that there are absolutely no forced ads and the loot boxes are fairly and commonly given as well as the in game currency being fairly distributed. You get gems for nothing and a lot of them through challenges that only require playing the game. Once your character is desirable enough people will invite your character and you will receive in game currency for that as well. Also you can invite other characters to boost your performance at no cost to in game currency. This is the game we’ve all wanted to idle away at and spend our time. No forced ads but ads are there if you want them only to give you a boost or extra money in game that’s it. I highly recommend this for any one who needs something to spend their time on and who are tired of the forced ads in other games. No more denying double money only to receive an add any way. Have fun.

*skip the ad’s for everything you guys require ad’s to be skipped for the unlimited bonus option!. Hello everyone, 🙏(high five) developer and his developer team, I’m having a blast in this app everyday! You guys should add = NoAd’s option from 5-10$ a no ad as in ( everywhere ads are needed for bonus or for what you guys have “ x2 profit)” it’s too long and annoying to watch many ad’s to max out the x2 profit option…) Please add no ad’s option as I said before not the “ no ads with just blocking the international ads but also to *skip the ad’s for everything you guys require ad’s to be skipped for the bonus and unlimited skips option.* *For instance like this circled.* 5-10$ and come up with other 2 bonuses or just the circled ones up to you guys! I will definitely wait for that option to skip ad’s and please also add To sync option I want to have my progress secured and not lost even if uninstall is in order thanks. Please reply to my review if you will have any questions. If I can get a reply from the developer I would really appreciate it. <3 Best Regards, take care and talk to you soon! Vadim

Fun. This game is actually pretty fun. I was expecting a lot of rly intrusive ads but that’s simply not the case. You CAN watch ads if you like but it’s not rly necessary as you can get the upgrades you need pretty quickly (at least early game, I just got to the café). However like a lot of these ad-games the ad that I found this game from was kinda misleading. I was hoping that I could actually adjust the price (higher/lower) depending on supply and demand, and that’s simply not the case (more upgrades = more expensive). In retrospect I have had a lot of fun playing this for the last few hours, tho I don’t believe that I’ll play it for more than a week without getting bored of it. Still it’s fun for a short while!

Please make ad bonus longer!. I absolutely love this game. The designers do a great job making a game that you can keep clicking for a long time. It is difficult to get to a point where you are so stuck that you have to close out the game and wait a few idle hours and I love that. They only reason I am writing this review, though, is that with the new update I lost a lot of the awesome bonuses that I had spent a lot of time working through. I had 12k gems so I was able to open a lot of boxes and get many epic and legendary items. However, I am frustrated that I had spent so much time on the game to finally get a 10 minute ad boost and even with supposedly legendary items I am stuck with ad boosts that only last 5 minutes. I also really miss the auto-collect for tips and higher starting cash for new restaurants! I do like the concept of the new update, but there are some kinks that need to be worked out. I have incredible profit multipliers with my items, but I lost a lot of boosts that I had earned which made my gameplay experience more fun. I want to keep playing this game but going back to only 5 min ad boosts is really killing a lot of the fun for me.

cool only cons. it’s fun. Cons: just wish you could keep SOME of your hard earnings when advancing to a new level. Or something like more outfits because when they negatively say “no one invited your character dress better.” Not only is it literally ignoring when you’re invited 90% of the time. But We do not get earnings for our characters to change close easily. It takes me a few days to advance to the next level I’m not making earnings at all to keep the game long term even though it’s an interesting game. *Also it’s almost forcing you to buy the secondary upgrades but I’m not interested in that at all besides extra help & customers. The claim buttons disappear if I accidentally x it out. This is unfair as if people invited you, you should be able to claim those earnings when you come back online where did it go??

Developers hear my plead!!!!!. I absolutely love this game. I’ve been playing it for a while now and the weekly challenge is something I always look forward too and then the little two day challenge on Monday and Tuesday. However I think a couple of additions could be added like maybe a day or two of double diamond points because as much as I play it still builds slowly when I want to buy boxes and update my perks. Another would be if there is a max level maybe then allow you to create or have your own permanent restaurant that you can style and upgrade without losing it. It also shuffles through different styles and items in the restaurant as you progress and I think some change up like new items or restaurant layouts would be really cool. The drive though is a personal favorite of mine though. Also more items to possibly style your character like shoes or glasses would be pretty neat! This game is pretty great though. Perfect idle game if you just want to chill and vibe out with out any stressors. Great work!!

A Great and Enjoyable Game!. Overall this game is super fun, it’s a really nice game that i can play when i’m bored and feel like i need something to do. i also like that the majority of gameplay is upgrading things because games where i have to drag around a character to upgrade them get really exhausting really quick. This game also doesn’t force adds down your throat every chance it gets and you actually get to play the game instead of playing for a millisecond and being given another ad, the ads that are there are optional like choosing to talk to investors which give you extra cash in exchange for an ad. The game also features events which are really fun and reel you back in when your getting a bit tired of the regular restaurant but are still quite a bit away from the next upgrade. Overall a great game and excellent to pass the time with

Awesome... if you don’t get stuck.. READ THE WHOLE REVIEW! Great game! I really love how you barely have to do anything except upgrade stuff and your cute little people go about doing everything for you. My three problems with it that I would like to let new people know is that 1: When you expand your business from a lemonade stand to a food stand and so on you can’t go back to the lemonade stand after that so make sure that your definitely ready to start over on a new business at first this made me mad but not so much anymore because I really like the new business with new food. 2: Often when I talk to an investor and watch an ad the game freezes after the ad finishes and I don’t get my reward, so probably you shouldn’t talk to the investors at all. 3: This is a really great strategy: when you feel like it’s going really slow and your not really getting enough money to upgrade fast enough what I did was when I first opened a new business I only would upgrade like 2 machines and then I would unlock the others but not upgrade them any and then I would get into the aa’s and then the other machines are SO CHEAP it’s ridiculous and I could just sit there upgrading for a WHOLE MINUTE and it feel s really great so you should try that out! -Toads OUT

BEST GAME EVER. I was extremely depressed before this game. I have a very difficult home and school life and didn’t look forward to waking up or even getting off of TikTok. I couldn't even bring myself to get out of bed most days but then my friend recommended me this game. I started playing it and I honestly didn’t really understand the point but as I played more and more I realized that this gave me a purpose, a reason to keep going. I woke up every morning and I got out of bed.I played this game as I brushed my teeth and as I used the restroom and after I showered. This game gave me a reason to look forward to coming home to play this game interrupted and with this game I was able to drown out my parents constant arguing. This game is truly life changing… I’d say even … lifesaving . I don’t know where’d Id be without this game.. if I’d even be here. If you’re looking for a great game to change your life for the better, download eatventure .

LOVE THIS GAME (it’s just hard to get the items to upgrade your chef). I usually drop games rather quickly after I’ve played them for so long, but not this one! This game takes a lot of my time, I play it in a lot of my spare time or even when my brain just needs a break. It’s nice being able to relax and just play this game and see all the characters is super fun! The investors have always worked for me, I’ve never had any ad problems, so nothing major. The only problem I have had is that I can never get the items required to make a legendary or ultra item. I’ve gotten multiple (3) of the same legendary and can never get the actual items that are only uncommon or rare. It seems kind of odd. But I love the game nonetheless!! Appreciate how hard the company works to make it’s players happy!

Love/frustration with this game!. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge but also the ease of this game that’s appropriate for an idle game. BUT the longer you play the game, I feel like it’s still just a basics game. Almost ALL basics components and VERY rarely the ultimate ones in boxes you earn on events or pay for with gems. My suggestion, if you’re above city 100 (clearly we enjoy this game!) the chances of opening pet food should exponentially increase and the chances of opening ‘common’ items should be extremely decrease! If I’ve devoted time to a special event , at the level I’m at I should reasonably expect good items on my boxes. Instead I’ve regularly had 6 common items in my event boxes recently, what are the chances!! It’s so frustrating!!! It made me want to just stop this game all together, and yet it keeps me coming back!

Another update. The cards are now back, but it’s not the same as it was. A lot of options for expansion (5 of the original 18 cards, to be exact) are now gone. also, the way you buy the cards is different, and you cannot get nearly as many gems from ads anymore. In addition, the costume system offers some of the benefits of the lost 5 cards (perfect dishes, instant dishes, etc) but only affects one worker. You may have 12 at any given point in time. The game has still been nerfed, not as hard as without the cards, but undeniably still a nerf. The way the game was before was quite enjoyable. This new update… I’m not sure. They listened to the players, but took away a lot of the fun that used to be there in the process. Not sure how much I’ll play anymore.

Completely Disappointed.. After reaching level 16 and spent money on this game I’m completely disappointed. 1. Even after spending $5 on their “2x profit forever” the developer basically still force you to watch ads so you can progress faster. Many games are less than $5 and you’d get better progress experience than this. 2. They make you buy box to collect cards to make items (common,rare,legendary,epic), and after buying 50+ boxes, 10+ big boxes,and 2 mine boxes I’m still unable to get/forge not even 1 decent item. The drop percentage for good items are every unfair. 3. Events in game takes so long to complete, even after equipping myself with paid item “2x profit forever”, 3 rare items, 8,8xprofit unlocked, and opening the game throughout the night while I sleep, it still took me over 2 days of intense playing to complete. That’s just insane. 4. Events rewards are not worth your time at all, after completing an event witch took over 2 days of intense playing, you’ll get “Mine box” which still doesn’t give you any good items, and if you get legendary card that means you still have to open way more boxes to forge/to make your legendary card. Not worth the waste of time. Conclusion, the game maybe fun to play in the beginning but as you progress better just delete it because the game just gonna force you to watch as many ads as possible even after you spent money in the game. So, bring your business somewhere else,better buy those paid games upfront then something like this.

new update. i've had this game for quite a while now, and i've always loved it! i'm happy with the update regarding getting rid of the skill tree (barely ever used it.. it seemed pretty useless to me honestly). the little character person is pretty unique, and i was already able to get one legendary, so i'm liking that bit so far! lots of people have been using my character as well. reading the other reviews, i had taken a little break so i guess i got the update after they added the cards back. i'm happy w my ad boost since i prioritized that while spending gems, but the only thing i wanted to comment on is how some of the cards are no longer available. i really miss the one that would auto-collect tips for you. call me lazy lol, but i liked being able to just focus on upgrading instead of constantly checking for tips. same w the perfect/instant dish.. i think i prefer for all of my workers to have the same chance instead of just one that has a crazy good percentage. also, excited to see what the event is like! im glad they added a new theme; the space one over and over again was a little boring to me. overall, im a fan of the update but i understand why some aren't!

Missing features, overall good game. The game is a great time killer. You guys also have an amazing model when it comes to ads: no ads are required but the incentive to watch them is very reasonable(and upgradeable!). I consider this game to be a hidden gem, and as such, have shared it with my friends and we have all been grinding since I discovered it. One very interesting thing that I noticed today was that when my friend logged in, he had a daily reward system that awarded him gems and other awesome things. I have not seen this feature ONCE since I downloaded the game, and I’ve had it for longer than him. I would have rated the app 5 stars if i had this feature, but considering i didnt even know it existed it pretty bogus, and should be addressed. Furthermore, you should definitely add the ability to add friends and be able to do things with them. For example, I should be able to invite my buddy to help me at my restaurant instead of choosing from some randoms. Additionally, it would be cool to send gifts in between items(maybe i have an item that they need for a legendary/ultimate that i don’t need. I would love the ability to send those over).

Love the game, some issues though. I’ve been playing this game for a super long time now, which is rare cause normally I get bored of games easily and get rid of them. But I really like this one. I like the fact that I can have boosts and little things to help me, but sometimes the challenges are too difficult. Particularly the ones that send you to another location. It feels impossible to complete them fully without really good gear, but I’m also guessing you get said gear by completing the challenge. I could be wrong but I have yet to get anything above epic, which is still good don’t get me wrong. But I see these other players fully decked out in legendary gear or the even better one (the red one, not sure on the exact name) I think I might be able to complete the current challenge, but that’s just because it involves the normal gameplay and I’ve been grinding pretty hard to complete this one. I have noticed some glitches, Particularly with ads, but that could’ve been fixed in the update I just got. Sometimes the ads don’t let you close out at all and you lose a really good investor or you get no reward at all and have to watch a second ad. Hopefully it’s been fixed or will be soon

Awesome. I originally came in thinking this was your run of the mill tycoon game, but I was wrong. First off, the adds show acually gameplay. I remember the drive through add and when I got to that point is was same as advertised. And second, when they removed the cards from boxes and removed skill tree and then added avatars (very usefull for gems and other things) they refunded the players, including me for what we put in the cards witch alowed me to buy big boxes and get a legendary, and most devs won’t refund. They even brought the cards back with the vault witch was cool. And the perchase bundles also save money because they give more gems for a lower cost then just buying the gems strait up (includeing gem cost of boxes). So in all, it is a great game and they don’t lie with the ads

I love this !!. Reasons why I love this game are because it so fun I mean what else is dinner then to run your own little business with little pearls and little costumers. It’s like monopoly because of the mini stuff but I love the game it’s self too. The owners of this game are very creative I will thank them for making this game. Now to the actual game, I absolutely love that it barely has ads in it because ads can be annoying sometimes. I love that it gets harder and it’s not the same things. And I also love that the more levels you pass the herder it gets to pass a level and the bigger your business grows. This game is so interesting and fun. That why I rated it a five star because this game deserves five stars ⭐️😁⭐️

Eatventure hopefully will change the way games are made. My favorite thing about this app is it is just like how it looks in ads. Most change their game to look more entertaining or fun and add advertisements frequently, but not Eatventure. It has no ads unless you request them for easier in game cash. To me this is a key quality in the game, I personally find it like a pet peeve not only when they lie in ads about what the game is like but when there are millions of ads and this game does neither, proving app designers don’t need to do these annoying tactics to gain popularity or downloads. The game itself is fun too, I will say it’s repetitive with added features as you improve but it honestly doesn’t bore me, I enjoy it.

Really good game, only a couple suggestions. I’ve been playing this game for a while, I’ve traveled to a new place 17(?) times now. It’s mindless and enjoyable. I have spent a lot of time trying to complete the events, but they feel almost impossible. The newest ones (time travel and fish seller) I can complete easy, but the mine and spaceship are practically impossible while some people complete it in 30 minutes. I just wish there were more upgrades you could add to your character to make these things just a little bit easier. Aside from that, I love this game and will keep on playing. (Ps. My favorite method is to max out the first machine, unlock the next, repeat. Trust the process!)

Great game but the ads are crazy. Love the game. It’s simple and easy to progress through the levels. But the only way you can get through levels quickly is by watching ads. Especially during the events. Even though I paid ~$5 to skip ads, I still have to watch ads just to progress through the game. I paid $5 just skip the normal ads that come on every few minutes, which I think it a lot. The ads are not short, they are 30 seconds to 45 seconds. If we have to watch ads at least give the option to skip after 5 seconds. Half the time I am watch ads during the events so I can just progress to the levels. At this point even though i invested money in this game I am about to give up. I would love to keep playing the game but don’t to waste hours watching the same 2-3 ads over and over again. If I’m gonna pay five dollars to skip ads, I think I should be able to skip all ads.

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Unbelievably addictive!. I’m so mind-blown as to how a game so simple is so addictive. Absolutely love the concept, the characters are so cute and it isn’t one of those games that’s entirely impossible. It has just the right level of challenge! Suggestion: as well as getting the gear boxes, the player should receive a few diamonds when they go to the next level.

Fun idle but can be repetitive. I quite enjoy this game it’s fun and like some other idle games it’s not overly difficult. Not many ads which is very nice aswell, however I could this this game getting boring for some people becuase the funcarioanlity of the game is the same. I like it tho 😁

Reviews and Update requests. Hey! I love playing this game it’s so addicting, I always find myself on it in my spare time! Just a thought for the next update, I’d like to see how many cities I’ve flown to, sort of something that lets me know what level I’m on, that would be amazing. I’m not going to stop until I’ve reached all the cities!

Bad Update. Looove this game and I spend hours on it but the new update is rubbish. The new outfits are cool but removing the skill cards was a bad move. It doesn’t improve anything for our workers eg. if our new clothes allow us make perfect food occasionally, it should allow our staff to too but it doesn’t. The new update has really set the game back and it’s incredibly frustrating. You said after the update “we listened to your feedback” so please read your recent reviews as they’re all saying the same thing. The game was better before this update.

I love this game. This Game is amazing. I highly recommend you download it if you haven’t. In this game you get to Open a restaurant but you have to start out as a lemonade stand. It is so relaxing. This is the waiting game a little bit. Normally I Watch a show while I’m playing. I’m not gonna explain all of it. Because you can you playing the game right now. And see what’s all about. Download it if you haven’t. Five stars. And this game doesn’t spam you adds. I love this game hope you do too.

No forced ads FINALLY. Been looking for a game for ages without forced ads. There’s an option to boost your earnings with an ad but it won’t force you to watch it. Good game to pass time, although not sure what’s the end goal.

Love this game. I play this game while I listen to podcast and there’s barely any ads during my play time, I really enjoy games more when I can play a game and ads don’t show up every 3 minutes. Absolutely love this game and it’s very fun to play!

I love this game. I always come back to it every day and every few minutes or I could just sit there playing it. I find it just such a simple game that doesn’t make me thing too much after a long day. I don’t care that it’s repetitive but maybe let me get more gems🥹

AMAZING GAME. This game is absolutely awesome. I have had it for under a week and it’s amazing. There are no ads unless you want a boost or free money, has cute Graphics and is easy to play. You can play this game offline but the best thing is it doesn’t put stuff like VIP PACK in your face every time you enter it or even at all! Over all this is an awesome game.

Bring back the cards. Surprisingly invested in this game. One of the best features was the card system though. While I’m not particularly going to miss the skill tree thing, the amount of variety that the card system brought to the game really made it all worthwhile. I was about halfway done with collecting all the cards and it was really exciting seeing how each new unlocked card changed the game. The new outfit system is interesting. But honestly it would have been much better to keep the cards and use the outfits as well.

Good game. It is a good game I love playing it because I get to try and beat my mates at see who is at the highest level but I wish you could go back to your lemonade stand after you buy your hotdog stand and explore the map a bit more. It is still a good and fun game

annoyed. i have loved this game from when i started playing it, but since i’ve gotten to the france level, it’s just been confusing. i later deleted this app since it needs something else. i get that in that particular stage that first there is an ice cream stand, then a cafe, but following after that there’s a sushi restaurant… in FRANCE?! i just think that the developers need to fix the foods and bring back the cards as well. the developers say they listen to the reviews, but where are the fixes?

I actually love this game!. This game is such a simple but very amusing game. It doesn’t take too much concentration, so you can okay while watching tv or doing other things, but it’s got very satisfying graphics and is a lot of fun to play. I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this game, I’ve even spent money buying coins for it now 🤣 There are different events all the time, which really adds to the game and gives you different ways to play through different levels, plus new ways to earn tokens or gems. There are ads… But you get to CHOOSE whether or not you’d like to watch them for a boost in your gameplay as a reward. The way this app incorporates ads is quite possibly my favourite thing about it. I love it!!

So good. This game is really entertaining and they don’t make you watch adds it is so fun I recommend this game you go from a lemonade stand to a food stand then a food truck! I’m sitting here like 4 hours playing this game out of all my tycoons this is the best one yet

This game is incredible!!. I absolutely love this game and have been playing for months. However, the only reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the amount of patience required. I’m perfectly fine with that, as it’s one of the things I love about idle games, but a lot of people will find it annoying. Other than that I adore the simplicity of this game and it is perfect for long car rides or even just when you’re bored. Definitely recommend.

Ad boosts. Absolutely love this game and could play it for hours at a time. The only thing i would change would possibly be the frequency of events and most of all how long ad boosts last. Other games allow you to watch a 30 second ad for at least an hour of profit boost, this however only gives you 5 minutes. i love this game but i would also love longer ad boosts

Item struggle. I’ve been playing this game for months. I’m so addicted, it’s a great wind down game after a long day. But I’ve been trying to find 1 last item for my legendary blueprint for over 3 weeks of constant playing! I’ve done endless cities and side missions and I still haven’t got the item in my boxes. I’ve even spent money on gems to get the item and no luck. I wish there was the option to buy the item you need from the store :( it’s so frustrating!! I do love that I don’t have to watch ads every 10 seconds tho, and if I do watch them, I get rewarded. Awesome game

THIS GAME IS AMAZING. At first a thought it was one of those adds where they lie about what you do but it was actually really good when I down loaded it I played it for 2 days thank you for making this game 5 stars

Best game I’ve played in years + no forced ads. The is the funest game I played in years no forced ads and highly suggest to download and experience the amazing game yourself it fun and relaxing building your food empire around the world going to lemonade to a restaurant

Impressive. I’ll tell you what, I’ve NEVER left a review on a game before. I usually play a game for a week and get over it.. move on… but I tell you what I’ve been stuck on this for ages. At parts it does get a little repetitive but I think what makes up for the repetition is the events that come on every 2-3 days that makes the game have a little variety. I think a little note for the owners of the game is it would be cool to have leaderboards on how many times people have flown (globally) and Local To be able to hire other chefs and have people hire yours and get gems for rewards is amazing I love that feature None the less this game is extremely impressive I’m excited to see what cool features come next ! BY THE WAY the pets !? Very cool touch !!!

Decently fun but very repetitive. I actually really enjoy this game. The concept is quite simple but this makes it quite fun. My only problem with the game is that it becomes very repetitive sometimes. I would have loved if the game developers put in some more effort making each country unique. For example: why am I serving fish and chips in my restaurant in the final stage of Tokyo. I hope that they spend some more time finding specific foods and types of eateries for specific countries so that players are constantly experiencing new and interesting levels. I also wish that they would make the outside of the restaurant more unique on the country.

Amazing, Underrated Game!. I was skeptical when I first installed this game. I assumed it was going to be another game riddled with advertisements. It’s not! You choose whether or not to watch the ads and to be honest it’s a fun way to pass the time if you have nothing to do and you want to mindlessly do something when you’re bored. I wish I could give it 10/10. Honestly, really amazing job game designers! This is one of my favourite games for sure!

Amazing. I love this game so much, it’s fun simple and easy to play, I love the cute simple design and the best part is that it doesn’t make you watch a 30 second ad every 5 seconds, and it even works offline, games like this are hard to find cuz so many games have ads now, and a lot of cooking games at least for me, they give you to many customers, and for me it’s hard to keep up with that so I love how this game doesn’t do that

Highly underrated game. I really enjoy games like this for the general reason that you aren’t forced to watch an ad every 30 seconds. Of course this game offers ads for rewards, but that’s honestly what makes it better. I also enjoy all the little details in the games, and the levels aren’t so slow moving. The playability of this game keeps me entertained for hours, the first day I downloaded the game, I unintentionally played it for hours. Would recommend

Character update ruined game. I was really into this game. It was great, even if working out the features was a bit difficult at first. Cards and skill tree (now removed) helped to make the game go faster, skill tree took longer to figure out but I reset it just once after figuring it out. New character (with 2x legendary and 1x epic) makes my game progress extremely slow. Removing the game because it just isn’t enjoyable any more due to how long a level takes to complete now.

Thank you, finally. This game is like a 3/5 but I gave it a 5/5 for the simple reason of there are NO forced ads. I keep going back to your game because of that simple fact and I watch the ads for the investors 100% of the time just because of that. Love it

Simple Yet Interesting. I expected another game filled with ads, based around a super basic mechanic. Instead they refined some basic AI to create an excellent idle game, with ads being optional without any annoying prompts, and they provide justified rewards based on your progress

Omg yess. This is now my fav game been playing for days and not 1 add I only watch adds that I choose fro power ups the game play is fun addicting and always something to be doing it’s no wifi and there are options to turn battery saver on which I think is amazing good job devs just please don’t let this turn into a money hungry game filled with adds

FIX IT. So I was just playing and I was up to stage 6 and then all of a sudden, I got kicked. The game deleted itself and then I lost all of my progress. I DEMAND THAT YOU FIX THIS. I was so heart broken that I have stopped playing it and probably will never. Thank you for nothing. And quick note to developers, make sure that it doesn’t do that and add better updates and have a stronger system. SO FIX IT.

Really good!!. Don’t think i’ve posted many reviews on the app store but this one deserves it. The approach of minimal ads but also having an option of supporting the devs and getting a boost without it being annoying and intrusive. Good stuff!! Would love if you guys made more games

why not both?. I liked the card system. It kept me excited about upgrading the video rewards. But I like the new system too. It's fun and exciting. But also I feel like I have to pick and choose between my upgrades now. They are much stronger but I dislike having to choose. I liked this game because it was simple.

My review on Eatventure. This game is incredible it may be hard as first but the more you get use to it you will start to enjoy it. When I first started playing I thought the game was impossible but as I played more I found how much enjoyment it brings and when I am bored I know the one game I play EATVENTURE you should play it and rate it a 5 star review

Love this game. I love this game, it’s simple, I can go on it while watching a boring part of a show. No ads unless you want them. It would be good if you could get the pets food when you upgrade the foods to get the diamond

Addictive. This game is so addictive. I don’t post many reviews but I enjoy this game so much the goals are not outrageous like some other games. Anyone thinking about playing this game should I highly recommend it.

Best Game ever but... this is so good and all but i wish every renovation you get your proce goes down for the money to buy with gems, let me explain;i was on the food restaurant when i could buy 2M dollers with 30 gems i was gonna save but i renovated to food truck now its only 2k for 30 gems. Please change this

Simple yet entertaining. A simple game, so simple you think it’s impossible to continue playing… yet here I am still playing it hehe :3 it’s great for people who need some sort of stimulation while watching tv and such. I think the only downfall is that it’s really repetitive! All the restaurants just keep repeating itself with the same layout, and it is the same with events. So I’m on the hunt to find something similar but with a little more effort put into it. This was the major factor in my reluctance to spend money.

Would’ve being higher. As my partner and I both play it became lots of fun to compete against each other until today we both flew out to start new country at same time she was able to upgrade and finish the level before I got very far into the level. I was getting frustrated because I was getting beating every time only to realise everything cost a lot! more for myself to upgrade and or level up now all the fun on my side is gone….

Not the best. Maybe like I can just say that it isn’t the best but I am happy bc I can play it instead of roblox if roblox is updating (Btw roblox is best game in da world) but it is very creative to come up with a game like this. I hope you get other good reviews like this. Btw just one improvement to make: maybe you can raise money to random unlock clothing and hats and accessories? Just a recommendation. :)

Great game. Now before you say “he is a payed actor to give this game a high rating” im not. Now this game is very addictive that’s a plus. You can play off line so that’s a plus. And idk what else but go try it out.

New Update. With the new update we got a new event (nice), and we got cool clothes to style our dude (cool), but I’m e chance for the clothes we lost the skill tree and cards. and that’s fine! I hate skill trees in games tbh lol. But I liked the skill cards. Because now without them, the game feels like it’s been nerfed a bit, and it’s harder to make more money so it’s a slower process all around, and that’s getting a little… frustrating. and because you don’t get the chest things very often, unless you’re a lucky person who’s pulled really good clothes in the first one, then your buffs don’t do jack. It’s kind of a bummer lol I preferred the skill cards over the clothes having the buffs.

Download this game now. Usually I don’t write reviews but for this game I had to. This game is sooooo addictive, and if you like food you’ll love this game. This game allows you to customise your own player and you can upgrade, from just a little lemonade stand to your own restaurant. DOWNLAOD THIS GAME NOW

Developers have no idea what they are doing. The skill tree was the most useful thing for this game because it allowed you to continue playing at a reasonable pace. Even with the latest addition of the cards the game is still seriously nerfed and you cannot advance in the game at all. I’m in the final level in stage 11 and I’ve been stuck here for several weeks because I don’t earn enough money. The addition of the character and their clothes is also ridiculous and pointless. It does absolutely nothing for the game. Developers need to pull theirs heads out and listen to the reviews. NO ONE LIKES YOUR GAME ANYMORE!!!!

Teams. I would like to see a teams option in the game so you can invite friends at random or go to teams and invite your friends plus also see their progress by travelling to their current restaurant as well.

AMAZING!!!!. I love this game soooo much I downloaded it only yesterday and I’m completely addicted to it - I love the fact you get to CHOOSE if you want to watch the ads & if you do you get rewards (AMAZING REWARDS). Truly one of the most addicted and smoothest games I’ve ever played!!!

I LOVE THIS GAME. this game is one of my favourite games to do when bored or when you are on a long drive. You get to experience having your own business and gives you life lessons I would recommend to get this game I am on level drive thru and it is so good! Definitely a five starts

Get this game NOW!. This is one of the many best games in my opinion, there are multiple levels and my favourite it’s probably Cafe or Resturant, you get so much money and can hire people and get more customers by upgrading, I’m definitely going to install this game on all of my devises. Such a cool and good game, Love it!!!!

Amazing game. I love how this game doesn’t have ads every 2 seconds like most games I’ve played and how you get to CHOOSE whether to watch an ad for in-game rewards and boosts and the idea of having events every few days just adds to the game and makes it constantly enjoyable and how there is clothing to style our character and upgrade him although this game is amazingly good there is 2 things I would like in the next update and that’s a friend and trading thing where you can trade items that you don’t want for items that your friends don’t want and that would be the only things I would change/add

Simple and fun!. As an actual person, (ie not a bot), I really like this game. It’s easy, fun and you don’t have to buy stuff to enjoy it - but nor do you have to watch a trillion ads. Ads are optional for boosts, of course, which is great. If you like a game, you should be happy to watch some ads to earn them some money and enhance your gameplay. That’s all, really. Otherwise, the title says it all!

The best game ever!. Usually, idle games are so boring glitchy or ad full. This is so good, ad free and interesting. I love this game so much. It says twelve plus, I’d recommend they at least know how to press buttons but basically three plus! Have fun

Pleasant to play. This game is quite relaxed and has no forced ads which is amazing. Great to play while watching tv as it is not disturbing others and you can upgrade quickly on ad breaks and afk while watching :) Great job to the developers!

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Awesome game very simple design but no ads. I have been looking for a game like this we’re you don’t have to do much clicking or complex things. Besides that it had no ads!! In my experience of playing for 1 year I never saw one “forced” ad there is the 5 minute bonus but like come on it’s nothing please update the game it’s so fun!!!!

Best. Game. Ever.. I don’t usually take the time to write a review but Eatventure deserves it. I often like to watch TV while playing a calming, non-distracting game on my phone. Eatventure has consistently been my #1 choice for this activity. I never had to pay for the removal of ads, there just isn’t any pop-ups. You can earn rewards quickly, and fun little events every week. Usually a mobile game will last about a week on my phone before i get bored and delete it but i have been playing Eatventure for a year now.

Battery. Fun game but sucks the life out of my battery.

Too simple. Am I missing something? Did I not play far enough in? There’s no real decisions to be made, no real way to fail, no challenge. It’s just too linear it plays itself…

roblocks. this game copy off roblox !!!!!😡😡

Great game. I love this game very much it is really fun to play and it’s a calm experience

I love this game. This game is so addicting and fun once you get passed the slow parts. Plus it’s not totally pay to win you can get many gems for watching ads from the vault. Other than that there are no forced ads.

🤓. This game is honestly soooo addictive it’s so much fun when your in class to play bc it’s completely silent

Could you fix those bald waiters?. Are you aware of those stages where you separate waiters and chefs? These bald ones have terrible logic when you have drinks that only waiters can make. They NEVER start making them because they go straight to other foods that’s made after drink orders were taken. Please fix as it takes days to complete these stages compared to others which only takes few minutes max

New update completely removed the best parts of the game. The recent update (Aug 2022) removed so many aspects of the game that gave you additional multipliers, more gems, faster workers etc. For example, you could upgrade your cards so that watching an ad gave you a bigger boost (mine was 3.5x) for a longer period of time (mine was 13.5 mins). Since the removal of the card and skills system, now it’s back to ad boosts just lasting 5 mins for only a 2x multiplier with no chance of increasing it. This makes it not worth it to watch an almost 1min long ad (especially when other similar idle games give you up to 2hrs or multiplier boost for one ad watched!). And the new “workers” they added instead give you a few boosts but not enough to make up for everything that was lost with this update. The game progresses much slower now and is more boring without skills and cards to collect. I hope they realise this and change it back because I really enjoyed the game before and would have loved to give it a good review.

Great game. I must recommend

No customer service. Many ads don’t work. They take forever and have no reward at the end. I’ve reported a few, never heard back from them on anything. These incremental games are a dime a dozen, so save it for a game that actually puts effort into it and skip this one. If anything goes wrong you’re 100% on your own and it’s a terrible business model.

Fun to past the time. This game is really fun when you have nothing else to do, I got all my friends hooked on the game and now we can’t stop playing it. I also play it in class sometimes when the teacher is yapping. 100% worth the download

pretty good. it’s really fun for the first like week then it gets to the point of just a lot of waiting for stuff to do it’s kinda boring but over all it’s like a 7.8/10

To the best game ever. Best game ever

Good Game. I love this game i am a real npc please dont be mean or rude cuz im npc hello pro game


Very good game. I like playing these simulator type games but by far this has to be one of the best I’ve played good bug free and super addicting

Eat venture. This game has way too many ads that you need to watch to play this game and the ads are too long

poo. poopy bumm bumm

beautiful piece of cinematic video game art on the appstore. this game has my heart.

Amazing. I almost never write reviews but this game is actually AWESOME! It’s so simple yet addicting! It’s incredibly fun! It doesn’t take forever to earn money or level up but it’s also not easy. I simply love how you can earn gems (I’d like for some more opportunities to get more gems) but it’s awesome! I love how you don’t have to pay for anything with real life money in order to play the game. The best idle game EVER! Can’t wait to see what else they come up with! I’m so exited to keep levelling up!

just so simple, yet so fun.. i never write reviews but this game is just it. i can never get a break from it, ever since the first time i played it it’s just been fun. 5 stars all the way

❤️. I never write reviews but this game is amazing! This is my absolute favourite game! i play it a little before bed and whenever i get bored and i love it! highly recommend!!

Addicted. My screen time is literally at 18h on this app with an average of 3h per day ON A MOBILE GAME WHAT

Class Act. Never pressures ads or sales, fun idle clicker.

Super addictive!. I’m too addicted. Although, it’s time to add more perks in the vault. Great game!

Came from TikTok😅. This game i installed it because of TikTok and it’s fun and idle game is fun

Garbage update. Multiplier timing and rate reset to default after latest update. Uninstalled.

Mon avis. Ses trop bien comme jeux vous devrez l’essayer

Copied other games. The auto that they use for the game is copied by a game in Roblox called “Pet simulator X” this is not ok. And I will be taking legal action. My legal team will keep in touch.

This game. This game is very fun

Pretty good game. The game was fun and useful in times of boredom overall it was fun to play and great at nite and in the car 4/5

Good. So much fun

I’m scared for my future. I downloaded this game intending to play it on my free time but I wasn’t prepared for it to completely take over my life. I’m not mad at the game but I think they need to add a disclaimer warning people how addicting this game is. Everyday I’m glued to my phone, first thing when I wake up right to when I go to sleep. I even dream about it.. I would of rated this game a 5 star but I just can’t because of how addicting this game is. Wish me luck boys papa bless

Copy😡. It’s a ripoff of Cat Snack bar game which is way better!😡😡😡

BEST GAME EVER !!!! It’s my Life. Thank you very much

Nice. Very good I think it’s awesome

So much fun and no ads!!. It’s so annoying to be playing a game and get an ad every two seconds, but this game has no ads for free! I play all the time, it is so fun! If you are looking for a no ad fun game, get this game, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Eatventure. It’s a great game but I can’t play it anymore it won’t open Is there a bug that won’t let me open the game

Good but repetitive. Super addicting to start with and fun but after flying so many times to different cities it’s the same thing over and over again so it gets repetitive and boring

Repetitive request. I keep getting requests during gameplay to rate and review the game. Every time I get one, I will rate 1 Star. I want to enjoy the game without being reminded of ratings, of which I don’t care for. Stop making these requests pop up, and you may receive a positive review from my part in the future.


The goat. The best game ever

Event Boxes. Great game but don’t waste your diamonds on event boxes, totally useless……nothing in them.

No respect for players. It’s $1/day for no ads. Do yourself a favour and don’t get invested in this game. I will not be supporting a developer that expects their players to pay more than once to get rid of ads. Beyond greedy.

Very fun. I love making food in game

Boring. Fun at first but get burnt boring after a while deleting app now🤬🤬🤬😡👿

Sometimes frustrating, but fun. This game is very addictive and fun. But sometimes it frustrates me

Awesome. Love the game

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5* for No ads. I know what you're thinking 'there are ads dummy.' Yes and no. Typically when you download one of these free-to-play games you get an ad every few minutes/upgrades. Super annoying. In this game you can go through the entire game without ever watching an ad UNLESS YOU WANT TO For the benefits. This is actually awesome. I actually play the game and watch the ads for the benefits vs. seeing an ad and immediately deleting it. This is one of the best idle games I've played. Shout out to the devs for not making an ad heavy game just to scam the customer and get money out of everything. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love this game. This is probably the only game I’ve ever downloaded that wasn’t filled with ads. There’s actually no ads unless you watch one for an investor, which I rarely do. It always takes a minute to get the money rolling at first but after a while it starts adding up quickly. Sometimes I’ll just leave my phone open on this game and let the money add up while I’m doing something else. I like that you still make money while the app is closed for a couple hours, but you definitely make more when the apps open. I enjoy it overall

Firestone Ad. This game is highly dependent on watching ads for bonuses… I don’t mind that…I get it, the developers needs to earn money some way, so fair enough. My issue arises with the current Firestone Direct ad that is being run… it does allow you to exit the ad until you fill in personal information for them (Firestone) to contact you… I end up having to completely force-quit the program just to reopen it back up to get rid of the ad. I realize that the developers probably don’t have much say in which ads are played, but if they could raise this issue up to Apple or whomever, that would be great!

It’s really enjoyable but I have some ideas to make it better!!. I personally really like the game😍🏅 and i think it’s very fun😻 but🍑 maybe there can be some changes made like there should be a VIP customer🤑🤑 who pays WAYY more 💵💵or a customer with a time limit⏱ just to make the game a little bit more exciting or challenging 🧗🏾‍♀️🚵🏾‍♀️!!I think that some dialogue would be nice since nobody EVER talks🤐🤭 in this game lol!🤣I really hope that I dont sound like a karen cuz I’m not one 👀.But🍑as I was saying these are just some random ideas and if you do not add that then I am fine with that and my rating will not change bcuz it is a good game it really is!!!THEE END👋😃✌️

Oddly addictive. This is definitely my favorite game right now. The developers seem to care what players think of the game, take time to explain different aspects or clear up any questions and take suggestions to heart. We’ve developed a pretty cool community of active players. I always look forward to the latest updates of the game. Hoping for more of a challenge since I’m pretty far into the levels and finishing levels doesn’t take very long anymore. Watching ads is completely up to you as a player and not necessary to play or advance. Just effects how quickly you progress. Love it and looking forward to more.

A fun little game to play when there is nothing much to do.. I greatly enjoy this game as the whole game is fun in general and the upgrade descriptions are detailed too, the gameplay is an ideal idle game to play either actively checking on it, or to occasionally check up on it. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes these kinds of games as the ads aren’t as much as a common game, and it’s just occasional one ad or two. I can tell work and effort was put into this, and I hope the developers keep having fun with making the game! I have one question though, what happened to Ben after the lemonade stand?

My honest opinion. I’m not really a person who likes to play games, but this is actually a very fun game. I’ve only been playing for 2 days and I feel like I can play this game forever, it doesn’t require Wi-Fi so I can play whenever and it doesn’t lag or have any bugs (for me). If you’re into games that requires you to think wisely (when buying things such as faster walk speed or level up foods). This game has all the interest I was looking for, im not sure if it’s just me but this game needs more ads so people can play, i only found this game out of boredom. Not an actual ad. I hope whoever is looking for a review for this game considers playing it.

Why I love this game. I think this game is really good for many reasons. I LOVE all the characters and how the can cook food, and sell the food to people. I like how there’s not a bunch of buttons that you have to upgrade and all of that. I’m glad that it’s a pretty simple game. It’s simple but it’s really fun! I think this game is very addicting. The only thing I wish you would’ve change is that when you upgrade to a new food place, I wish you could go back to olden ones. I think that would be pretty nice. Anyway, this game is very awesome and I definitely recommend it to anyone!

Fun game but has little annoying things.. I like the game, I’m low key obsessed with it lol, but the tournaments annoy me. Once you’re at a certain point it feels impossible to progress much. Not only that but I pay diamonds and watch ads to have 6x money, but it’s very clear I’m only getting ~2x the money. Ex: my obsidian is earning 2.21ak but I’m only getting 5.13ak for it. Which isn’t 6x. Not only that but I actively watched people go from 6% complete to 100% complete in less than 30 minutes while it’s taken me over 24hours to get almost 60% through. 10% of that took 9 hours 😐 kinda annoying. Idk what people have to get them through a tournament that fast, but it’s ridiculous.

Upgrading items. It is extremely difficult to get good items. I have to grind for ages just to get the same common items I got in the past 10 chests. It would be a little more convenient if there was a way to either buy better gear from the traveling merchant, or, have better drops from boxes. I’ve played through about 4 events completely and I’ve gotten two ultimate items from about 7-9 event chests. While this is lucky, I have nothing to actually forge them with since I have to wait for the legendary blueprints to come from the boxes as well. Overall it’s a fun game but to get better equipment is almost impossible.

This game is the best. I’m so glad I finally found a good tycoon game that doesn’t force you to watch ads!!! That’s the main thing that makes this game so good, like you only have to watch an ad if you want to get something in return, unlike the other stupid games that force you to watch them with no prize. It’s also really fun to upgrade and add to your restaurant, and it also doesn’t take long to get a lot of money. This is my new favorite game and I have to mention the amazing music and satisfying sounds lol. I could press those buttons all day!!! Anyway I have literally no complaints about this great game! Keep up the good work!!

Solid, addictive game. I’ve played many “idle” games and this is one of the best ones I’ve come across. There are no involuntary ads, which is one of the biggest pluses. This is one of the only idle games that doesn’t require spending money on gems to get better, even later in the game. The arch to leveling up your equipment is nicely paced. It’s a bit of a grind in the beginning, but after getting legendary items and leveling them up it’s very nice to feel the rewards of your hard work. I really like the different daily and weekly events, they are a nice change of pace and add a nice touch of competition. I’m not one to leave reviews, but I appreciate this game.

Update Not Great. Game is still fun, but nowhere near as exciting. Same gameplay but newest update removed cards as a way to buff your eateries, whether that lengthened the ad profit doubler per ad, more gems per ad, walk faster, higher % instant, etc. now you get a personalized character with a shirt, hat and utensil to give boosts. They are limited and not all boosts affect all workers. The flow just seems off. Not sure why the update was made. Maybe to slow profession to the end game? I was getting gold in the events easily so maybe that’s it, but definitely going to take time to get used to, but idk if I’m going to sink as much time in with this new update.. really stinks. Was a definite 5* prior to update too. Again, gameplay the same but from cards to a character is just not it.

Too many ads m. This is more of a pay to win game and less you watch a lot of ads or spend a lot of money on gems, (which can convert into coins and boosts,) you won’t get that far. It’s gonna take forever. One thing I like do is in the beginning like the lemonade, stand and stuff like that every time you go to a new city, it’s easy but then once it starts getting harder, it takes super duper long like longer than you would expect gems basically make up the game you would have to buy a lot of gems for boosts also, the treasure chest always give you the lame stuff. It’s hard to get the purple and orange, which gives you higher chances of making more money faster. You’re usually stuck with the commons and rares, which are the green and gray items.

Eatventure Review (Dev Response Wanted). I love this game, I just wish it could be a bit easier. If you think on downloading this game PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW. Why you should download Eatventure: Eatventure is an idle game where you sell food and have stands of (mostly) food you can upgrade those stands using money and rennovate your place to upgrade it and you can fly to a new city! It is very fun. There are also events you can play and earn rewards like gems, boxes, coins, etc. There are NO NON-OPTIONAL ADS WHICH IS GREAT!! Challenges you may face in the game: Sometimes when you upgrade your restaurant it gets a bit more difficult and the prices are a bit rigged. If you buy something using gems (permanent upgrades) it gets WAY MORE EXPENSIVE. Boxes are very fun to get but in the end you barely get something good I just got commons and rares and 1 epic. Events are extremely difficult and people are beating them in 2 hours, the game kinda seems unfair and it’s now tempting me to use REAL MONEY. What I want in Eatventure: I feel like those permanent upgrades should be less expensive and rarer cards show more. Please add more codes and make events easier.

New character update ruined game. Like many people on this game’s reddit page have pointed out, this new update that gets rid of cards and skills and instead does character customization, makes the game so much harder to play. There were so many boosts and bonuses achievable with the previous update, but now the only way to get through the game is to be on it hours and hours, watch ads, and even pay money for gems for the very small chance that you’ll get an actually good customization option (I haven’t yet). One of the developers said on Reddit that he hasn’t seen a decrease in players or reviews, so I wanted to make this review to show that many of us are disappointed with the new update. Please help us get back our progress and make the game fun again!

Incredible Game, Ad Driven. I will start with the bad. The ads are excessive. Not all of us are broke. Please make a paid option so that when we click on the times two and the investor, we just get the money. Literally just throw a price out there and I'll pay it. This is a five star game, but I'm rating 3 stars bc the bonus lasts only 5 minute, then an add; the investor comes every thirty seconds, then an add; you make side challenges to do, which causes more ads. I hope you're getting good ad money bc I'll be deleting the game soon, if there are no changes. That being said, the game is incredible. A lot of fun. Seriously, download it and you'll be hooked. That's why the ads will make you so upset.

Add more features?. I really enjoy this game I’ve been playing it almost since it came out. But it’s really hard to get cards that are needed to forge legendarys. However, some friends I have that play the game may have the cards that I need to forge a blueprint. So, I suggest you add a feature where you can have a friend list with people you know. You can send and accept friend requests and once you get to a certain level in the game, allow players to swap/trade/gift cards to each other and allow trading. It would make the game a lot more fun and would allow people to connect with friends on the game. Again, I love the game thanks!

I simply LOVE this game!!!. I never ever ever write a review until I am deep into the game. I am the Leader in multiple games. This game is now my go to.. I sincerely appreciate that you have the options to watch an ad or not SUCH a blessing vector am added out! This is where I go to relax, no trying to beat a section with about payta single penny.. I would say that I hate having team challenges. I personally miss being able to bring over my team here and continue the bond that we have always had … much love to ALL that have worked on this game… This is always my go to… And NO I WAS NO PAID FOR MY LOVE❤️❤️❤️

Is This Not the Most Perfect Game. I am constantly saying to myself that game developers always find a way to ruin the game, but this is a rare, and I mean extraordinary rare exception. It flows. It progresses. It’s mesmerizing. It keeps on going if you have it open while you are sleeping. I just can’t wait for the next restaurant to open. I loved the drive-thru. It’s been my favorite so far. Balance is perfect. Ads are up to me not to the game. I cannot say enough good things about it. It’s worth 100 stars if not a million. You have struck the mother lode of gold. Can’t wait for the event tomorrow. I know it will be amazing. Keep it up. And I will keep playing.

Big fan of this game, update ideas !. Hey, this game is awesome. I’ve been playing it for a week straight and got my girlfriend into it. The few things I’d really love to be added would be “leaderboards” not for competition but something to see how far people have gotten across the world, and addition to that, “stats”, would be pretty cool to know how much food I’ve served or money I’ve made, time played etc. Having only spent $6 and watched a handful of ads, this brings me back to playing mobile games as a kid, this game brought back a lot of enjoyment and making money while you're sleeping makes it enjoyable to wake up and use it all to progress to the next city.

Bring back the cards!!. I feel that I am one to steer clear of watching ads even with incentives. This is the first game I willingly and repeatedly watched ads daily. I was playing this game constantly for a couple weeks and then the cards were removed. It seems like there is no point in this game anymore. You do not get the same benefits out as we once did with the cards. One should be able to equip multiple items for multiple different uses, we shouldn’t have to pick and choose what added benefits our ONE player gets. I also absolutely do not like that my multiplier is now always at times two and the length of bonus time from a video is now always five minutes. I went playing for hours a day to not wanting to play at all. Bring back the older version or at least the cards and our upgrades.

Great game!!!. This game is very good, especially for a free idle game, I don’t feel forced to watch ads ever, there are many opportunities to do so if you wish, but it is never once forced on you and that’s one of the greatest parts about this game. I’ve sat for hours playing this game, upgrading and unlocking more things, it’s a very good high game as well. By far one of the best idle games I’ve played and I’ve been playing these games for 10+ years now. Be sure and give this one a try. I have yet to feel like I have to spend a dime on this game to progress, would it speed things up, certainly, but I don’t feel I have to, if you’re a patient person you can easily wait out the money gains on this one.

New Update. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and started progressing pretty steadily but since the new update it’s slowed down a bit. A lot to do with that is card collection, it’s no longer existent. I had quite the collection and now have none of it. I’m not sure how I feel about the new update yet but I’ve noticed it’s become pretty slow and in a sense, boring. I hope they add something to replicate how it was before. The new update tries to make up for the card collection but I feel as if it’s still extremely slow. It almost seems like a nerf… slightly disappointed.

YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS!. Hands down, the best game I’ve had on my phone in years. It is so fun and it DOES NOT force ads on you whatsoever! The only ads are actually included in such a nice way (Spoiler: little investor characters will pop up in your business about every 20 seconds and offer big money which you watch ads to claim but other than that.. no forced ads! Oh and the investors dont bug you either and they go away after you’re not interested BUT they come back with even bigger offers) ALSO THE GAME GIVES YOU OFFLINE EARNINGS! LASTLY, the game offers you a lot of things to do!

Great little game. Biggest thing there are no forced ads(!!) and if you’re a fan of idle games this one is pretty great. It’s satisfying to watch your little business go. Ticks boxes for incremental games and for time management (like Diner Dash). This was honestly really surprising because the ad caught my interest but the 3d low poly graphics concerned me that there might be forced ads (like most of them) but I’ve been playing an hour (no breaks lol) and haven’t watched a single ad (the option is there if you need some extra in game $ but not a requirement and progression is perfectly reasonable without it). This is how everyone should do it. Thanks for your hard work developers!

Great game. Eatventure is by far one of the best games on my phone. It is so addictive and fun! I play this game every day. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone! The game has fun, mini worlds to play. It also is so easy to play. I love that they have a character that you can upgrade to help you. I would like if you got some diamonds, maybe like 10 or 15, when you upgrade your restaurant. Otherwise I think this game is awesome and great. I would recommend to download this game and tell your friends and family about it. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you! Happy new year!

Love it. Okay honestly I’ve had the game since the first crappy ads on tiktok but decided whatever why not. Well I have it I love it and I’ve been playing it on and off for what’s been nearly a year. The only thing I gotta ask for is if there can be a way to turn off some of the upgrades. I have a 100% chance to cook food instantly, and buying upgrades that speed up the cooking is just unnecessary and wastes the money and I don’t think anyone wants to take the time sorting through every upgrade. Not saying it’s like a needed thing right now but it would be an amazing quality of life add in.

Great app! BUT in regards to new update…. Favorite game in the whole world, seriously. It’s so good and so relaxing. I just ask for one thing! With the new update, please get rid of the blueprint cards! It makes things so difficult. I spent money on the game excited to see what was in the cave box (weekly event box). I was really disappointed when the legendary card that I finally got, had to be built up because it was a blueprint. That made me not want to spend anymore money on the game. But literally other than that, fantastic game. I appreciate that you guys are actually listening to our feedback when new updates come out. Thanks for this game!!

Pretty good game. I love this game because it’s addicting and fun and there’s only adds if you want a power up so there’s no random adds in the middle of playing the game I like how you can dress up your character (as soon as you get to the food truck level) graphics are pretty good to I’ve been looking for a game that’s really relaxing and fun and addicting and this is it it’s always nice to be able to cuddle up with a blanket and relax by playing a game so once I add it all up it’s definitely worth five stars and taking up a little bit of your phone storage🤣. Hope you like the game to! ♥️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜🩷🤍🩶🖤

Best idle game I’ve ever played :). This is the best idle game I’ve ever played. It doesn’t have a single ad unless you want to watch them to get rewards. The levels are fun and get progressively more difficult. There are enough levels to keep you entertained for forever. It’s so incredibly fun to level up your character as well. I love that I can earn money offline as well (as you can in a normal idle game), but I also love the little things, such as the tips the customers can leave. Each aspect of the game is amazing. 10/10 recommend for anyone looking for a game to keep them busy :)

No useful blueprint in the Event or Regular boxes. I buy a lot of boxes trying to get a Legendary blueprint (Kimmomo Black) needed to forge an Ultimate (Royal Robe). A lot of non useful common for my diamonds. Diamonds isn’t free because is needed a lot of hours of playing to get them, is time consuming (priceless and useful for doing other better reward things). So, I’m still playing but I’m very dissatisfied, disappointed, frustrated with the game. Other bad issue is the amount of food needed to hatch an Epic egg, the quantity of food is aleatory gave in the boxes for playing. So, again you keep waiting for miracles that never came and became frustrated. Essentially, the gane is cute and nice… Like a retired and player I need to have fun, been well rewarded (Common is not necessary to be in the buy boxes, Legendary percentages need to be increases), enjoy play the game and keep playing it for fun without frustration issues. Developers please be nice and put food for sale (using diamonds) and maybe you can allow family to share blueprints (My daughter have the one I need and I have the ones she needs, she still had the game but quit playing for frustration). Nice blueprint for diamonds will be gladly appreciated, too.

Amazing (Ad-Free) Game!. I never take the time to write ad reviews, but after playing this game for more than 50 hours now, the game prompted me to and I felt like I had to. If you’re looking for a cozy, fun mobile game, this is it. This is a tycoon-type game where all you have to do is upgrade your business. It’s super satisfying. You can earn gems to unlock pieces of clothing that you can have your character wear that gives you bonuses, such as preparing food faster, or walking faster. They have events where you can purchase special boxes to earn clothing pieces for your character, so don’t waste your gems on 2x or 5x boosters. Save 250 gems per event box. Finally, although there are no forced ads, you can “talk” with investors and they will give you money or gems for watching ads. You can also watch ads for a 2x booster for 5 minutes (stackable). I suggest watching as many ads as you can if you don’t mind them, and if you want to progress faster. I like to watch ads when I’m watching tv so I’m somewhat distracted. 5/5 stars, highly recommend this game!

Ads not working???. Hello so I’ve been playing this game for 3 days and I’ve loved it so far but; for the ppl who don’t know there’s this character that comes around and wants you to watch ads and it can give you coins, and I’m not talking about; 100 or 700 no I’m talking about millions, to billions, to trillions or aa…I don’t even know what aa mean. But today I notice that the ads aren’t working. When you press on the person it just shows a black screen. So I guess that’s the only down fall to the game. I’m not sure how the developers are gonna make profit of the game without ads and stuff. But over its an amazing game I love it so much I just wish the ads would come back. I don’t even like ads LOL I just wanted the coins. GOOD GAME <33

I can’t stop playing!!. This game is super fun! It kills time and the events are amazing. If you are searching for a game that is simple, but amazingly fun at the same time…. you have found the jackpot. The events are kind of hard but it makes letting it idle and getting a big cash reward to upgrade your machines something just so cool. I don’t have a lot to write about the game but I think this game should get an award like an Emmy or something like that. Download for never ending fun that starts in just a few minutes. And I am serious about the game earning an Emmy btw. It’s really that fun!

Repetitive levels. Listen, I love this game. I have spent so much time on it and I got it on October 11th, 2022. Pros: - ads help and you don’t HAVE to watch them(not forced down your throat) - power ups are available with clothing and in the Vault - its an idle game, you dont have to do much and get to watch your⬇️ - cute little chefs walking around Cons: - the events get really hard at certain points like you need to get to level 600 - the levels just start repeating themselves. Im currently in Tokyo(world 6) and i have done 5/7 already before. I have already done the: mocktail bar, sushi bar, restaurant, fast food, and big ice cream stand before. This is the same case for other worlds. I noticed the most common ones that repeat are: Fast food Drive-thru Bigger drive-thru Ice cream stand/truck I think if the creators are going to upgrade the game, they should add more levels so we don’t have to keep repeating the same levels. Whenever I see that I have to redo levels I’ve already finished before for the like 3rd time, I dread playing the game.

Great game…easy to play!. So first I’d like to start out by saying great game and would definitely recommend to anyone who likes simulation style games. My only complaint is that at the higher levels it gets to be a bit of a waiting game because of the high cost of upgrading everything. One way this could be fixed is to double the time favorite dish rushes last or maybe have more opportunities in game to hire more chefs. I don’t know if the developers read these but I hope so! So many reviewers leave notes with great ideas that in my opinion would definitely improve the overall gameplay experience. But regardless, great game!!!

Great game… BAD Bonus’s. Really fun game, love everything about it expect you gotta watch an ad to only get a 5 minute boost. That means you gotta watch 12 ads to get a maximum of 1 hour bonus. You also can only earn money for 3 hours while offline. Total rip off and money profit scheme in my opinion. Events are impossible due to this until able to get better gear to wear. Can only get to the 2nd level and only have half the progress needed by the end of 3 days. Great feature when reaching the restaurant where you can hire another player. But another let down cuz he only stays for 10 minutes with a 30 minute reset. Make the bonus’s last longer and game would get a 5 star instead or 2. It’s a major 3 star deduction for being too greedy.

New Update- BRING BACK THE CARDS. I’m a big fan of this game, but I don’t understand why people were complaining about the skill tree and the cards. The cards are incredibly useful and I guess people didn’t understand how useful the skill tree was. I understand that the skill tree was removed. But the cards?!?!??!? They were so useful and I’m some cases OP. I don’t understand how character customization is better than the cards. Should bring back the cards especially after all the time it took to get them. But overall I seriously enjoy this game. There are not many around that keep me coming back. I guess it’s very addictive. Keep the updates coming

AMAZING GAME but.., a few problems. Hiya, so, this game is absolutely amazing! It doesnt have a bunch of ads like other mobile games do plus you can play it for hours without getting bored. The only problems i have are that I tried talking to the investor and like usual i just pressed the watch ad button. It was loading but then it just randomly kicked me out of the game with no warning and then the investor was gone when i went back in the app. I dont mind that much but it would be nice if you fixed that bug as I see other people are having problems with that. Thank you for your time reading this review. -Sincerely, Koala

Pretty decent. I don’t have too many gripes about this game. It’s not overrun with ads, the music is calm and cute, it’s an addictive little idle game. My biggest problem however is that when you renovate from one building to the next, you’re not able to keep your coins. I think it would be helpful to get a stockpile going to get your next business off the ground faster. Even worse than that tho, when you fly from one city to the next, you’re unable to keep your gems!!!! Without warning, I lost almost 500 gems 😡😡😡 and you’re unable to go back to a previous city to use them up. So word to the wise, spend all your gems and upgrade your stuff before you fly away.

Good game, but.. Fun game. Very enjoyable. But where is the ad remover?? I along with two other people I know started this game at the same time, they got an ad remover purchase in their in game shops. But I never got one? It never appeared in my shop. Ever. It’s been weeks and I’ve tried and tried to get this thing but it never pops up, it still does for them and they’ve purchased it multiple times. I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game multiple times and re logged in only to still see nothing. Why am I the only one who doesn’t get this? It’s an ad remover. Every game should have it.

Great game but extremely inappropriate ads. This is a great game, there are no forced ads, the gameplay is simple but addicting, and something fun to play if you’re bored. There are ads in this game but they aren’t required, sometimes they’re just for a 5 minute multiplier boost, some extra money or gems. My only issue with the game is the extremely inappropriate ads whenever you do want to get boosts. Some of these ads have cartoon nudity that’s barely blurred out. Some of the ads have cartoon stripping in them that don’t belong in this type of game. If you’re a parent then I wouldn’t recommend getting this game for them. Other then that, it’s a good game.

BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED!!!!!. Wow! I LOVE this game!!! I’m an avid game player, I play several a day, usually, but since downloading this game I literally spend HOURs in this game! It’s so fun and addictive because it’s SO simple and nice!!!! I just upgrade and upgrade and upgrade! I love the challenges!!!!!! I love you can use gems to upgrade for more ad boosts time and Coins! And you can get gems from ads, you DONT have to PAY to be competitive and still enjoy the game! No stupid teams or alliances to join! I can’t say enough about this game! I haven’t had any issues with glitches either! Keep up the great work in this game!

Fun but repetitive. This game is honestly so fun. It’s kept my attention for a couple months now. It has no forced ads and you don’t have to pay to get anywhere in the game. There’s also almost always some sort of side challenge which I love as well. The downfall is that it gets repetitive. The side challenges just rotate between the same eight or so (the merchant seems to get frustratingly harder though) and the restaurants are almost all the same. I’d love to see some newness within the game. Buying better gear would be a nice option as well (with gems) as well as your outfit bonuses increasing along with value (think 5% chance to make perfect food increasing with each level up of said item)

Very Fun, but too repetitive. I really enjoy this game. It’s simple, but really fun to upgrade your restaurant and then getting to move into the next level. The outfits for your chef are cute and it’s nice that they give you bonuses for what you wear. The special levels are my favorite. The problem is, there aren’t enough levels. They keep letting you play, but you play the same levels you played in the past. Even if the graphics or food changed, it would make it seem different enough to keep going. Even the special events are the same 4 or 5 in rotation. I really like this game and want to keep playing it, but I’m hoping at least for more different special events for it to keep my interest.

Maybe …. This maybe the best idle game in my collection. If anyone knew me ,they’ll tell you I hate ADs . Games gives you them back to back to back just gets me going in the worst way . But this game . I love it forreal. Keeps me entertained with not knowing what foods or restaurants I will unlock. The ads are optional but rewards for them are so great & worth it , you might as well. & I do. The events . Some end way to fast for me but again the reward payout if you do it , mannn great . Then the best part, it’s offline. Any game get cool points if I can play it without data . Very good , can definitely support this .

My Opinion. this game is really fun it takes my boredom away and its like when you cant soend yiyr money anymore you ca update to a bigger business and keep keep keep going nown stop and its just really fun to play and im happy i found this game on my TikTok Fyp or i would not be here right now writing this and i have been really bored bcuz my friend is sleeping and im just here so im glad i found this game! 🙏 THANK YOU TIKTOK❤️ everything i said but im spanish 👇🏼 Este juego es muy divertido, me quita el aburrimiento y es como cuando ya no puedes gastar mucho dinero, puedes actualizarte a un negocio más grande y seguir adelante ahora, para y es muy divertido jugar y estoy feliz de haber encontrado este juego en mi TikTok Fyp o no estaría aquí ahora mismo escribiendo esto y he estado muy aburrido porque mi amigo está durmiendo y estoy aquí, ¡así que me 🙏 GRACIAS TIKTOK❤️

PLEASE READ ALL. I love this game I love how you don’t do nothing except buy your stuff and I love how you get tons of money when you’re offline of the game and I love how once you start getting money faster it’s way more easier to get more stuff. The thing I love the most is how there is no forced ads I have been waiting for a game like this one and I just love it I have nothing negative to say . If you are reading this I recommend downloading it . I seen it on a tik tok ad and then I read the comments and I was like this seems like a good game and it was I fell asleep while playing and then I woke and I had over 15 million . I think whoever is reading this you should totally get it right now .

Ads for days. I’m deleting this app. Progress depends almost entirely on watching ads. Sometimes these ads crash the game or u just decide to exit the game freely and the game resets progress by about a half a day. Any acquired gear/clothes down rank little by little, as if u never got it. It’s noticeable when the random prizes u get from the 2nd round of award boxes aren’t as good as the 1st set were. Some things charge on a counter, others on an internal clock, so freezes don’t affect both equally. When the game freezes, u make less conscious taps because u tap and hold on a lag, a variable u cannot see or really predictZ It makes actual gameplay kinda futile.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.13.4
Play Store com.hwqgrhhjfd.idlefastfood
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Eatventure was published in the category Games on 10 February 2022, Thursday and was developed by Lessmore UG (haftungsbeschränkt) [Developer ID: 1579865033]. This program file size is 308.78 MB. This app has been rated by 41,524 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Eatventure - Games app posted on 06 December 2023, Wednesday current version is 1.13.4 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.hwqgrhhjfd.idlefastfood. Languages supported by the app:

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plugin updates. Thanks for playing!

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