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The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game.

#1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world.

Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special"

Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below.

- Realistic touch based physics.
- Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.
- Drag your finger on the ground to push.
- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase)
- Slow motion.
- User challenges
- Replay sharing
- Global leaderboards.

Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only:
- Additional skateparks and locations.
- Street League Skateboarding courses.

Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions)
- Unlock all missions.
- Unlimited slow motion.
- Unlimited board image changes.
- Unlimited wheel color changes.
- Unlock lists.

Trick Possibilities:
50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

True Skate App Description & Overview

The applications True Skate was published in the category Games on 2012-10-18 and was developed by True Axis. The file size is 136.61 MB. The current version is 1.5.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixed possible crash when trying to use the store if safe boot mode is enabled.
- Improved UI when in safe boot mode.

*** 1.5.4 ***
- New course: SLS 2018 Los Angeles.
- Player skateboards now show in replays.
- Custom images for old school boards.
- Fixed an issue which could cause parts of skateparks to be black.

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True Skate Reviews


Disappointed to say the least  akaalienwarrior  1 star

This game should really be free. For $1.99 all you get is on boring skate park and one skateboard. everything and I mean EVERYTHING else cost at the least $1. You want missions you must purchase, you want other skate parks you must pay. If the game didn’t seem as money driven as it is, it would be much more enjoyable.


I really want a two finger mode like touchgrind 2  nos30x  4 star

but the game is great


It’s good  BigSmallFlips  2 star

Everything about this game is spectacular and it’s realistic and can teach you the ways to move your foot on the board to do tricks, but I do some really cool things and want to share it but it’s broken and crashes my app so i end up having to screen record, other than that i’ve spent money on decks and tapes and wheels and it’s a good app


Please fix  J€$š£  4 star

I bought the app plus the 5 dollar option to change your board whenever you want and I bought 7 different boards and when I changed a image on one of the boards all of them change it’s really dumb and also the 7 different boards disappeared so now I got scammed for about 7000 points....👎🏻other than that this app is great just those bugs for customization please respond back


HORRIBLE  snsusns  1 star

DO NOT BUY THIS: This game is Not worth your money, I advice if yo like GOOD games then don't buy this.


My favorite kill time game 😎  GIBBIEsmalls618  4 star

Love easing my mind and just busting out some tricks in this game. I if they could fix the mechanics for lip tricks a little and the spin tricks that would set it at 5 stars. Also: WE WANT MORE PARKS!! The devs used to put out new parks all the time. And honestly the SLS parks are ok, but get boring really quickly. I like the random ones that keep things interesting

Music Lover🎶🎶🎶🎶

Need some fixing  Music Lover🎶🎶🎶🎶  5 star

The game is amazing I am having a blast I wish the tricks were more reliable also my best line and best trick are not updating But still an amazing game


THIS GAME IS AWESOME just needs a few fixes  Señorspacecookie112  4 star

I really really like this game so dont stop making updates and fixing the game please!! :) this game is really amazing but theres a little glitches here and there for example trying to jump with the skateboard can be hard because sometimes it doesnt really work when around a railing and i think that there should be a community server for people to all skate together in a big park! that would be awesome if u guys could do that! please and thank you for your time and for reading this


Bikes  tfourtytwo  5 star

Please make a true bike or true BMX


I really like this game, but I also need advice.  RPGPC  5 star

I really love this game. I have been playing this game for quite a while and it’s just a really fun “go to” game. I do wish they there were bigger maps in this game like in the Skate games, but even so, this game is a lot of fun. It’s a very fluid game and fun to mess around on. Again, bigger maps would be super amazing, and I would SOOO be willing to pay for it, but even so, this game is really fun.


So addictive!  Larry-D_93  5 star

My friends and I have coined the term “skate while you wait”, where in we play true skate in any situation where we would have usually just mindlessly scrolled through facebook, fantastic game. I only have one tiny complaint, and that is that the developers really need to fix the lock on physics for the quarterpipe at the end of the Havasu park. Its almost impossible to stay in it or do a coping trick because it automatically flys you out the rails that are behind it, which is cool I guess, but not very steezy. Love everything else though!

Em Palms

Amazing!  Em Palms  4 star

Great game! It is really fun! The only problem is, that I spent money on this game and when you have to pay for pretty much everything else. It would be great if you could at least make it so you can use TC to unlock skateparks and stuff like that. Great game but a bit annoying as well.


Everyone stop complaining...  Swiftico  5 star

To every complaining abt the currency in the game on how long it takes to get, How come I’m able to make 20,000 in 20mins, U just need to do a good line, mainly grinds, so stop being noobs. The game is perfect the way it is, there’s nothing u could do to make it better or worse, just add more maps

Needs music please

Make This Game Big!!  Needs music please  4 star

This game needs background music like other big skating games. It would make this game 10 times better and appeal to a lot more people


The best game👍  nhyvt  5 star

It is the best game


Why not free?  Oak79  4 star

This game is great but should be free so I’m giving it a four star instead of five. Also is should all be free.

It's ya boy Haydo's

Missions  It's ya boy Haydo's  1 star

Whenever you fail a mission it always says “FAIL!” And that is really annoying so please get rid of it


Horrible  THIS GAME IS SO BAD!!!!!!!  1 star

Ok the game is fun but it took my last iPad money! I bought the Macba LIFE grip pack 1 and it wasted $1.49AUS on nothing!


Boring  chucky257  1 star

I find it boring and the controls are bad


Great, worth it  Dwinstond123  5 star

I’ve had this game for a long game and it is excellent


Great but...  Blackjackolantern  4 star

Hey I think this game is great but I would like it so you could have more options at the beginning(more free maps) and making it easier to get coins, thank

Humberto Franciscoson

Good game but dangerous  Humberto Franciscoson  4 star

When I was playing this game, I was boss at it. I thought I was a skate board genius. Then when I tried to actually skateboard I broke my arm and that was not a stellar experience. Fun game but seriously it’s risky business.


“A man can wish”  Rock7x  4 star

Amazing game first off! Nothing has ever come close in mobile gaming to me actually getting a trick landed or putting a line together 👌🏼; however I can only wish that when we choose our stance in the beginning when we 180 or use the body varial option it would put our stance in switch and track our stance and say those tricks according to the stance we land in 🤘🏼



Never get bored with it, so many options, great parks, just be prepared to spend some money, again so worth it

Vip boob

The one game I could play for hours  Vip boob  5 star

The best game on the App Store. Period. Insane freedom in the skate word, the developers really went to town on this one. Incorporating real brands and real courses into a mobile game makes the experience feel that much better. A mile long list of possible tricks, lines, and spots to hit make this game so enticing to play at any hour anywhere. The only complaint is that I lost my 37,000 true credits when I transferred to a different iPhone but besides that never had any problems or a bad time playing. Thank you for this amazing game.


Eh it’s okay  Cloudbeast  3 star

The game is pretty good for a few hours of fun. It’s a pretty solid app in regards to gameplay. Its got A TON of cash grab features tho. Like seriously? At this point the game with the one map and deck should be free and add on’s you could pay for.. but to each their own I suppose


Fix controls  Sebbymoe09  1 star

Every mission I try I cannot pass because I continuously do exactly what it shows me and it doesn’t work, my Ollie’s are always going off to the side so it impossible to hit a rail. Such a waste on money. Plus every cool thing you want is rediculously expensive or you actually need to pay for it. For a game with high reviews this ones terrible.


Not good  princefall12  1 star

This game is bad don’t recommend it and I wish I could get my refund back.Has horrible controls and the missions are stupid

Geisha hi

Awesome game but  Geisha hi  5 star

Amazing game now the only problem I got is because of my stupid brain. I didn’t back up my phone and it broke so when I downloaded it again all my data was gone. I was hoping the Game Center from Apple would remember but nope. Kinda sad but whatever


Major bug  bigballer9001  3 star

It was a good game until I got custom grip now everytime I hit settings button it just crashes


Not good anymore  Kevindeila  1 star

Personally I think they ruined the game,when I first got it there was no repair things and it was all fun.But when they added in the repair it just became terrible.For me it's way to slow to move forward(which ruins my line)and also 10,000 TC TO REPAIR!!??It could have been 5000 TC but no.It takes ages to get 10 K and yet nobody realises? I spent hours upon hours of playing before but now it's just a mess.

Ciaran McMahon

BEST GAME  Ciaran McMahon  5 star

Best game ever! Must get! So fun to use especially if you skate.

Blossy the Cat

True Slate  Blossy the Cat  3 star

This game has alright gameplay, BUT if you buy something in their store and change your mind about it you CAN NOT restore your purchase even though it has a 'restore purchase' button ... A massive let down :(

Kai Halloran

True skate  Kai Halloran  2 star

I don't like this game that much can you add in getting out of the skate park and getting into the woods😀.

The yolo. man

True Skate  The yolo. man  5 star

This the best skateboard game on the app store


Amazing game  Skateboarder368533  5 star

Amazing graphics! It's so addictive! The maps are incredibly realistic! It's totally worth your money!!


Hard to handle  X3xu  3 star

Good graphics but hard to handle


A real mobile skateboarding games  Rlong12  5 star

True skate has finally brought skateboarding to iOS. Intuitive controls and great gameplay make it a joy to play I highly recommend this to skaters or to anyone else!

Emily Emily emily

True skate  Emily Emily emily  4 star

True skate is fun and the graphics are brilliant!


Was great..not now  Davecassidy1989  1 star

Won't even open anymore. Keeps crashing

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