True Skate

True Skate [Games] App Description & Overview

The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game.

#1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world.

Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special"

Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below.

- Realistic touch based physics.
- Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.
- Drag your finger on the ground to push.
- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase)
- Slow motion.
- User challenges
- Replay sharing
- Global leaderboards.

Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only:
- Additional skateparks and locations.
- Street League Skateboarding courses.

Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions)
- Unlock all missions.
- Unlimited slow motion.
- Unlimited board image changes.
- Unlimited wheel color changes.
- Unlock lists.

Trick Possibilities:
50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

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True Skate Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Preparing for Australia Day and Lunar New Year events. - New mission scoring system. - New mission hud indicators. - Improved DIY object use in user challenges.

True Skate Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome but one problem

It glitches a lot but you can still have

- Whyyyy

This is a fun game but I spend 2 dollars to download this just to have to spend more to play with variety....

- mega ramp mission 5 is impossible

i land the trick clean and it says fail

- Tc points

I love this game but getting points takes so long I just wanted an old school and I don’t even have 10,000. I love hhe game but you should really make them easier to get.

- Dull and Repetitive

The game is fun for a good 5 min before all aspects of the game lose their fun. Controls are difficult and the physics need work. Definitely not worth the money and this should be one of the free games on the App Store...

- Maps

Needa more maps

- Good game

This game is really good and fun to play but I don’t like how like when you already pay for the game then you have to pay for parks but it is a really good game and also I don’t like how it is really hard to get a lot of points to get new boards but other than that it is good thank you

- SLS 2016 lunich

You guys should change it so that on the 2016 SLS Lunich park you have a bit more freedom on the outside of the park to do the rails and stuff

- This game will keep u going.

Overall I’m giving it a five star rating even though the turning seems a bit off but that could just be me. Either way I love it. I love the realistic feel u get. It’s so hard that it keeps u wanting to play more and get better. I don’t usually find mobile games that I’m excited for. This is great. Please bring new updates.

- Breakable board update

I think this game is amazing I just wish you had an update where you could break your board I think it would be pretty cool to have that

- Eh

The controls are very hard to learn and skater app may be better and why do u make us pay for EVERYTHING

- Overpriced

If you are already paying 1.99 for it it should come with all maps unlocked

- Let’s get a covid 19 update!!

Lots of us at home rn!!!!

- The game was Grey until.....

The game was great until, I randomly opened the app one day and every time I play I start of with the black true skate deck after I have bought the upgraded decks and everything else. It’s super annoying that I waited to raise the points then every time I start if I want to play with my setup I gotta do it all over again.

- great game but

Hello! I ride goofy in real life, so I changed the mode to goofy but on the missions it makes me do regular tricks, but instructs me to do goofy but when I do goofy tricks it says I did them wrong but I didn’t, please fix

- Please fix this

The missions are very hard and it’s hard to have complete control over the board

- Don’t waste your money or time

As someone who has enjoyed other skateboarding games, I was really excited to try this one out. Unfortunately, it is neither realistic or enjoyable. It’s nothing like “Skate” or any Tony Hawk game I’ve ever played. You’re better off downloading the free Tony Hawk “Skate Jam” game, also available here on the app store.

- Fun but this happend

So I was playing the game and I wanted to get the mound ramp, and so I spent the money for it, when I bought it I didn’t get it and when I checked my balance it took the money out. I’m just wanting either a refund or the mound ramp and you keep the money.

- TIK tok

It is a very good game I got it because of trueskatejordie on TIK tok so go check him out

- It’s fine

I like it but it counts a kick flip as a heel flip and a heel flip as a kick flip

- I love the game but...

I play many other skate games and MOST of them let you use your two fingers like on a real skateboard i can do it on this game but i cant place both of my fingers on the board with out it turning left. I would love it if you could fix this thank you

- Fun

This game is really fun and is a time killer

- Good

This games awsome besides the grabs are a little bit to crazy but the the rest is rad thanks for making this gnarly game

- Stalls Stalls Stalls

So I play this game and I really like it, but then I do some sick stall and it doesn’t count! ADD STALLS

- To expensive

Is fun but everything cost money

- i need help

how can i refund this game cuz it’s getting kinda boring

- Amazing, but there are BIG problems.

This game is great for those who love spending time practicing tricks and having the great reward of pleasure and satisfaction, or, if you have friends that play True Skate, you can share a clip of a cool line you did. The game has great graphics and great physical mechanics. Now, for the bad things. First of all, I can’t purchase anything. Whenever I open the shop, a message pops up saying that I have to enable in app purchases by going in settings and to the page “Startup Options.” I play on iPad, and this place in settings does not exist. I enabled in app purchases in the screen time page in settings, and then went back to the game and restarted it. It still asks that I enable it. I keep trying over and over, and it never works. This need to be fixed.

- Unrealistic

I’ve haven’t gotten wheelbite or tripped on a really small pebble. Nah it’s fun.

- Pay to win

Really fun. Spent countless hours on it, but to do anything fun like go to different parks get specific decks etc. you have to pay. I mean like you already have to pay to download and then everything else you have to buy too. I feel like the developers are money hungry just like EA and it really ruins the experience.

- It’s cool but has flaws

When I bought the game I had an extra dollar so I decided to buy a new skate park. The purchase went thorough but the map wouldn’t load. I’m not saying the game is bad but the map thing was unacceptable.

- True skate!

Game is awesome. would be even better if you guys made a freestyle scooter game. I think you should

- I hate this game

This is the worst game ever in my opinion. The levels are way too hard and the pricing isn’t even worth it for this garbage game. Don’t even bother downloading it because you will just get frustrated because the levels are so hard. I downloaded it and thought that is was fun at first but then went to the levels and I deleted it specifically because of the levels. Don’t waste your money because this is the WORST game ever!!!

- Game has its ups and downs

I keep buying the wheels with my true credits but when I close out the game and come back to it the wheels aren’t on either of my boards anymore please fix it thank you

- Horrible App you have to pay for

Absolute waste of money do not download this game.

- Dark pop shove-its

I tried several times to do a dark pop shove-it off the mondo ramp (I disabled crash cam so I’m fine) and they were all a success, BUT they all ended up being FS instead of dark pop shove-its. So can you please add that trick, please?!?!?

- I can’t fix the game

I can’t use my stuff cause it says the App Store is disabled and I can’t fix it but I really like this game

- Multiplayer

I rate this game 4 out of 5 because there is no multiplayer. Many people would play if they could play with their friends in this like for a game of skate and stuff so pleeease make this game multiplayer. Thank you for your time.

- What needs fixing

The game is fun in all but when your doing a mission you can’t do a double or triple it must be the exact one. Also why do all the boards and grip tapes cost over 20k for a design

- Amazing game but...

The game should add a feedback option to it so you can directly send them your ideas, instead of them being buried here. They should also make it so that once you purchase a deck,grip, etc, you get it forever and don’t have to repurchase it. I also like how the board wears, but the repair fee should be none or at least lower. I also think you should be able to resize and move the image of the costume deck so that it fits how it should. Now I have half a face on my deck instead of a whole face.

- Level 51

Shove to flip. I’m doing exactly what it says and it’s still failing me. This is so frustrating.

- 5 stars but

Please add 900s and 1080s

- This game doesn’t know anything about skating

what are all of those tricks are they even real

- 5 Star

This is the best mobile skate app! I love it. But there is one bad thing, whenever I trie to go to the store it kicks me out.

- Don’t buy any skateparks

I bought every park in the game and at first it worked fine then all my parks went away and when I restored purchases it said the files where corrupt and I TrueDepth redownloading the file but it still doesn’t work

- Bad

Mission scoring is completely inconsistent and not supportive to the player in the slightest.

- Maps!?!?!?

Make the maps cheaper please

- Help

I bought some maps but i try to play then and can’t i have proof that i actually bought them

- Great game but has some issues

I’m going to keep it sweet and simple. The game is great however it doesn’t always detect your doing a grind or trick which when you’re doing a mission it is annoying. However other than that the game is great if they fix it then I would rate 5/5

- Dont uninstall and then reinstall

I uninstalled the game because the share button in the replay editor hasnt shown up in weeks and upon reinstalling i lost every diy piece including the special event ones, bolts, gaps, graphics, and the slo motion in app purchase. I’ve been playing this game since 2015 and i feel really let down.

- Next update? New parks?

When will you update the game? Add more props? New maps?

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- Comprehensive Controls but..

Lot of nuance in the controls make for realistic gameplay. This game could be amazing but the content is lacking. Game comes with only one park with 80 challengers, the rest of the parks that you have to purchase only have 19 missions each. Everything is too expensive, especially new decks but it’s so fun I’ve purchased nearly all the parks and been underwhelmed by the challenges each time.

- Please help

My mondo ramp is always freezing and I can’t do anything on it so is there a way to fix it if there is please help. But for the rest it’s a pretty fun game

- It sucks

This game is nothing like a skater game half of the tricks are impossible

- It’s ok

Why do the skateparks why can’t you charge them the ingame currency and if you don’t have enough just buy it with monney.

- Money taken

Give me my money back right now because you idiots make a glitch where I buy something for $8 and now it won’t download and it won’t let me get a refund. I will sue you if I don’t get my money back

- This game sucks

I started it and had fun but the I realized u need money for mor maps and the 10th mission on a slightly unstable device is like impossible u have to pay for everything it sucks I hate it now worth the money

- Don’t get this game!!!!!

Game has to many ads it’s a lot worse the controls are the worst I ever played with and the tricks don’t actually work.

- Good game

The gameplay is very well done and is one of the most realistic skateboarding games on the App Store. However, the missions that allow you to unlock things can be very difficult because they don't always register even when you do the correct trick. Fix the missions, other than that the game is fantastic

- Build a park

I’d pay some real cash to be able to build a park from scratch

- Great Game!

This App Is Perfect For When You are Bored. 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- My game has something

Hi, I would like to get some help. When I click on "me" on the bottom of the screen, when not moving, my game freezes. It doesn't if I click on "skateparks", "community", "boutique" or "settings". I don't know why. I tried deleting and reinstalling the game and it will still crash.

- Hate this game...

This game definitely has the best/most intuitive controls out of all the skateboard games that I've tried. Having said that, there are some major flaws that have made the game unplayable for me. Firstly, it's basically a pay to play game. Unless you want to just skate around the default basic park, you're gonna have to pay. Even if you do just use the basic park, to use the "movable objects" you need to pass missions. That's where the rest of the issues really come into play. The mission scoring system is just the worst I've ever seen. I really can't understand how a whole team of people thought this was a good idea. After attempting a mission you're given a score in the form of a percentage. You must score above a certain percent to pass and unlock the next mission along with any functions that it unlocks. However the percentages might as well be random numbers as there is no indication of why you got that particular percentage, where you failed or went wrong, or how to improve for your next try. It's just a percent of (I assume) how close you came to passing the level. But I sometimes get a higher percentage doing nothing than if I almost nail it. It's just a ridiculous, stupid, system. When you add to that, the fact that some of the levels are almost impossible to pass unless you're willing to pay, and that the prices for that, like many other things in the game, are way overpriced, you get a game that you end up deleting out of sheer frustration. It's unfortunate, the game shines in areas, but it's flaws are unmistakable, and in my opinion, fatal. I don't recommend it. The only reason I keep redownloading it is that after a certain amount of time passes, I forget how bad it is. If there was a way to delete this game from my library so that I could no longer download it, I would do it without hesitation.

- Will not load

The game will not load

- The only reason I have this is

I am addicted to the game

- The reading

I keep trying to Ollie to complete my missions and it does like 40 backflips

- Noice

It’s good game and fun to plaee the best map is valley HANDS DOWN and there is a good TikToker called skatejordieskate

- Decent

Good game but should not cost money

- Fun and Well Made

Good 🐟

- Me Menu

Game crashes when I press the 3 buttons at the top left to get to the “me” menu Please update and fix

- Controls

When doing missions, I’ll see what it shows you to do, and I’ll do it yet my accuracy goes all the way down to like 5% in 1 second.

- The controls are very bad I can not do any thing I feel like I got scammed

So please fix the game.

- Awful Game

Poor layout and difficult to figure out the controls. Would not recommend purchasing this game!

- It took 20,000 of my in game coins

I was grinding out to buy a new grip for my second skate board, when I bought it, it said downloading and I edited out, and it didn't give it to me. I reloaded the game, restored purchases and it just took all of my coins. Please fix this and if I could somehow get my coins back, that would be amazing. But overall amazing game.

- Great Game :)

Great to play, and I love that there are no annoying adds. Update: recently downloaded it to my new phone and still love the game. It’s not easy, which is frustrating and satisfying. For the price it’s pretty dope.

- Great game

I love the game it’s very smooth, fun, and simple I went viral on TikTok using this app and I got 600k+ views and I got tons of comments about people saying they bought it after seeing the video my account is @truesk8 it’s really far down

- Y

I had I park and it got deleted

- I love the skateboard app because you can do tricks on it so you deserve 100 stars

Love this day

- Deck and Grip don’t reset when buying new one

Please fix this bug. Very annoying. The deck, grip, and wheels all maintain scratches & don’t refresh when you switch/buy new ones.

- I want A refund

I bought a 6 dollar skate park and took my money and I didn’t get the pack I tried to Restore the purchase but it did not work

- MY MAPS!!!!!!!

I bought three map packs and it won’t let me in them was I scammed i hope not because this game is fun and I would not like to waste 2 dollars on a game. Also something to note i spent 2 dollars on the maps and it won’t let me on them that is over priced and doesn’t show well on the makers of a good game.

- This game is dum you thefts

I bought an arena and it did not download and I can not get my money back

- It’s a awesome game

It’s a great game but the login/create account is broken

- Paxton

Best game ever rate it 5 stars

- Amazing!!!

I love that it’s free play so you don’t have to to missions but you can if you’d like to add Woodward skateparks and a city so you can find your own street spots

- Humusjqjqjqjnqn


- Wheels disappear

After I buy wheels, they disappear and the colour is back to white. Fix pls

- Bug

I’ve always loved the game, I play every day it’s been almost 4-5 years. Lately my game crashes when I try to open the menu. Could y’all fix this please?

- Ok ig

My only problem is even after you pay for the game they still pressure you to buy things

- Terrible for a paid game

For a game I paid for it seems dumb to have so many micro transactions and the facts that the in game currency coast are way to high then what they should be and that I have to buy new parks is insanely stupid. There is no real progression system just missions which do tricks that aren’t possible unless you turn realistic mode off and can jump 5 feet. I paid for a game that acts as a free one, fix your game you morons .

- Meh nah

I can’t seem to get I’m money back I try to re purchase all the thing I get on the game it did not help tho a game 1.39$ seem to be good but I’m money plz help??.

- It’s good game but...

I really wish this game is online. I wanna play with my friends and skate with other players on a sever, but far as I know it’s not possible. It’s also like a pay to win game, what I mean is... Almost all maps you have to buy with real money and only a few maps you could unlock with in game currency and could take a really long time to save up. All in one; I like this game but it could use a sever multiplayer.

- Memories

I played this game such a long time ago and it was so fun ;) I got bored so I got it after many years :)

- Broken.

I’ve been a long term player on this game and the last update has completely broke it for me. The movement seems very bad now. My board will stop when I go to do a trick even when my fingers are only on the board and the ground to push. Needs to be fixed. I deleted for the time being though.

- please read and take into consideration

please please please make a true scoot because there is absolutely no good scooter games and if u made a scooter game you would make so much money because i would spend all my money on that game. and a lot of other people probably want the same thing as me. :)

- Can you fix that?

The game still keeps crashing while lissining to my own music! Can you still fix that? ? ?

- Super

I play this game since 5 years and always like its very good

- Best Mobile Game I’ve ever played

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and still find it incredibly fun, I play it everywhere I go and can never find to stop

- Good Game !!!

I donload Skate 3 i was happy to play it!

- Lost money and maps

The game is incredible! But bought a lot of maps, and I tried to restore some, but I lost my maps and didn’t get my money back. If I got my money back than this would be a 5 star rating.

- Can’t restore purchases

Redownloaded the game on a new phone and now I can’t restore any of the skateparks I bought

- Pls read

True skate is a great game but has one issue that I would like to point out that when I purchase a coloured wheel it works for the first minute but then goes back to white. I was really annoyed when I bought the purple and it didn’t work and it was a waist of money. So all I ask is you please fix this little bug. Thx.

- Needs work

I have recently bought this game, and while I think the game is good itself, I came across an issue with family sharing. I tried to download it on another device in my family and it acted like I haven’t gotten it on another device. I would really like advise on how this works. But in conclusion, I guess the game itself is great apart from the errors I have just explained.

- Would be great but

I am having some trouble with controlling my skateboard, it keeps on rocking back and forth, nose to tail, please fix this because I’m having second thoughts on deleting. This only happens sometimes.

- I found a bug

I had purchased the mondo ramp so I could ride there. I deleted the game and then reinstalled it and had disabled the mondo and is making me buy it again. I don’t really want to pay for it again. :(

- It is a scam

It is bumb

- Is a really good game just needs more to it.

I love this game and it is so amazing with the graphics and things but just needs more like multiplayer so you can play with friends in the same skatepark.

- Cool


- I love this game

Hi, I’ve skated over 100 hours of this game. I love every bit of it. I only skate on the original park. It is my favourite out of all of them. Please uncap the the total amount of gold you can save. It makes me feel like I’m working towards something, and keeps me playing forever. Loopy Lew

- I have always loved his game

For years I’ve loved true skate, I even went as far as to pay for skateboard customisation and a few skate parks, what is annoying me atm is I’ve just re downloaded after not playing it for a while and I’ve lost all of my purchases, I still have my custom board but I can’t change anything or get to any of the skateparks I’ve purchased. I love the game and would love to keep playing but I don’t want to pay for everything again.

- Nnnnnnn

This game is stupid I can’t get Mission #18 done 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- I like it but the challenges for the objects are to hard

I love the game being a tech deck kind of guy but the challenges are to hard to do because one when I do the tricks it automatically throws off course and make me fail the thing which makes me rage plz fix this or else

- It’s ok

True skate is overall a great game, but here are some things to improve, It took a lot of time for me to get to the amount of true credits I needed to get new wheels, I bought them but after a couple of runs they gust went back to white wheels in my “AVATAR” or whatever, it says I have my coloured wheels on, but it doesn’t appear in game. Also I do not think that the skateparks should be priced, I am really bored with being stuck skating underpass, and losing interest in the game, this would be okay if the game was free

- Poor customer care

I bought this app for my son using my ID. He asked to make an in-app purchase from his device and I approved it. He tried to install the purchase but couldn’t because I originally downloaded the app. But the App Store says he had already bought the app so he can’t make the purchase. So I’m out $7.99. I’ve emailed the company twice to work out how to fix this. No reply. Not good enough.

- Great

Been playing for 7 years straight, was great when I first downloaded it and has only kept improving since. Closest and most accurate skateboarding simulation for mobile out there. If not playing skate 3 on xbox, I’ll be playing this.

- Amazing game

This probably is one of my favourite games it is very fun. But I would like to get more parks but I can’t spend money. So please make an option to buy parks with in game coins. Other than that this is an amazing game and I recommended it to everyone.👍

- Map not received

I bought the havasu map and it didn’t download so I click on the map it then says file is corrupt so I then press restore file it takes me back to the skateparks page and then I click on it and then it says that a file is corrupt so I restore and that keeps on happing in an endless loop

- Pls make this a thing

When people re sign in they don’t have the skate parks so the have to spend more money or earn coins to get the skate parks back so the people don’t have to re buy them

- It’s a fun game. But stop making everything cost money

Once you’ve already payed for the game, so you also have to spend more money to get maps and some skateboard stuff!

- Best game I ever played but....

True skate is a awesome game and I play it a lot, there a couple of things I would like to see added and fixed. First of all I got 220,000 tcs and i can’t get any more. A multiplayer mode would be amazing to see it would add another aspect to the game and get people to get there friends to play more and play with them. Overall this is a fantastic game and I hope you read my review.

- Great game, but...

I love this game, it is really fun and is really good to play when im bored out of my mind! I have played this game BEFORE it was cool (its always been cool) and i only just recently re installed it and i have been playing it for about 2 1/2 days. The only problem i have is that now whenever i try press pause the game crashes i have tryed powering off my phone and i have deleted and re installed it and it still does it so now i dont know what to do please help!

- App crashes

This game glitches a lot I can’t do much on this app it’s the worst skate app ever and it has bugs and doesn’t work I recommend not to download this app

- V

Can’t refund

- Controls

It would be a 5 if it weren’t for the controls. They’re so bad, I cant even ollie!

- What Happened To My Purchase

So I bought a skate park pack, it costed 7-bucks and for some weird reason the parks haven’t downloaded and when I try, it still just sits still

- True skate

Literally the best game ever

- This Game Glitched

I spent around 5 dollars in this game in the first day, and when I started to play this game the next day, it just got stuck on the loading screen and did not even allow me to play, i waited for 2 minutes and it said something about error booth -01 01 or something and I honestly think I just wasted my money on this game. I mean, what kind of game glitches out on the second day being played?

- Oli Meaker is glitching

Oliver Meaker is a glitcher and is abusing the computer game. Banned him please

- Best game ever


- Over sensitive controls

Great game but recently (maybe a bug), it’s become way too sensitive when you swipe your finger. Pls fix

- Maps

I like but the maps cost money you get the game and it cost money

- Great game, two suggestions

True skate is an absolutely fantastic game to play. I haven’t found any bugs in it other than when I changed my deck and the wheel colour reset. Other than that True Skate is a near perfect game. I say near perfect as I have two small issues with the game, the price of customisation options and some customisation options that should be implemented into the game. First off, I don’t see why a single deck is worth 40,000 TC, it would be much better if the prices were slightly reduced, even if it was for a small period of time. I also think that it would be very cool to have wheels from real-life brands, like the Santa Cruz slime ball wheels. Truck colours would also be an awesome addition to the game, and would make your setup more unique. Other the these two small issues, I would say that this is a great game.

- Great game

Ok just to make this straight this game is totally worth the money. Although the coin system takes awhile it makes the game fun. The coin system doesn’t bother me but it may other people. The controls are easy and the maps are hella cheap. This is the best mobile skate game out there. Must buy!!

- Add a fully DIY skatepark map!

I’ve been playing for several weeks now and gotten pretty good at the game, but I would love to see a fully DIY skatepark that you can build your own skateparks and share with your friends, or possibly even play on the same map with multiple people on at the one time. Thankyou True Skate devs for a great game to play!

- Wheel bugg

When I change my wheel colour it looks like the colour I chose but when I leave the game and go back on the wheels are white again can you please fix this ASAP

- Fix

On the mega ramp dlc the 540 gap mission is impossible and I do a 540 and it says fail fix for God sake

- True skate

True skate is a great game play with many maps and customisation to your skateboard the reason on why I give it a four star and not a five star is because the board customisations and over priced in coins you would have to play for many hours just to get 1 or 2 boards you can pay for the boards in money for a cheap price but I have spent about $30 on this game and have only a few decks and wheels I would recommend this game because it is one of the best games i have ever bought.

- Awful controls

I don’t know why this game is so highly rated. The controls are so bad. I’ve downloaded it twice now and deleted it after 10 minutes on both occasions.

- I want my money back

I bought the factory skate park but i didn’t get it and i want my money back or the skate park.

- It’s needs a new map

I love this game and I had it for years but their is 1 problem we need new maps for free. Playing this game for years I kinda got bored because there was only 1 map to explore so plzz put in new maps for free thank u

- It’s okay

I’ve been trying for hours to do a kick flip In the tutorial literally hours and I have only done one it’s impossible

- Really fun! and addictive! like no joke!

I’m really... impressed I thought it’s just a rip-off game but it’s very good and I’m addicted to this game it’s so much fun and my friends is even addicted to this game can you make more updates pretty please and make it ultra realistic it’s so much fun Love holy god nuggets

- Best game

IT IS SO GOOD! I’ve got so many new tricks and I shared it all, if the the shared button work I would be happy😞

- Awesome

True skate really sets the vibe of virtual skating, everyday at school I play it with my friends when we have free time and overall the graphics are amazing and the game is the absolute best.

- Kick Flip Pro


- Bit expensive

This was a really good game but you have to pay for parks with real money. The default map is good but it gets boring after a while. The desk and grips are way to expensive.


Old mic Donald

- Cool game

Best skate game ever

- Good but...

You have to pay for everything so maybe in a mission you could unlock a new skatepark

- Terrible it scammed me

I lost almost 10 dollars

- Old school

Please add more old school boards and shapes and add a mini ramp level I love the game so far but get board of popsicles and the one old school shape

Payoneer 💰

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- Refund

It’s a good game but it’s hard to steer on the game and I can’t my refund for a pack of skate parks that I didn’t mean to buy so how can I get my refund

- It’s ok but not what I was expecting

When I bought this Game I thought I was going to get something fun and it is fun but the missions are hard and unneeded half the time and it’s hard to get coins and buy anything and the only way to get different skate parks is to buy them with real money. I get you’re trying Challenge people but people who buy should get a variety

- Almost perfect

Just saying, this game is actually sooo good. The only problem is whenever I buy a park, it won’t let me use it and play it. It doesn’t even show up in my parks. I buy it, I go to my parks and it’s not there so I just wasted $0.99-$5.99 for a park the won’t show up. Other than that, it is really good and easy to play.

- Amazing

I’ve played this game for years and years now and the only 2 things I want is better quarter pipe lock in so you can do like axel stalls and what not and I also want more realistic, realistic mode😂 when I’m on it I physically can’t pop onto certain things because you can’t pop high enough but when you switch it off you float so I just want to have an in between

- This used to be a good game

There’s so many bugs and they’re trying way too hard to get you to buy points.

- Great in most aspects

Personally, I think it’s the best mobile skate game. The missions keep you playing it, so do the maps. The physics are pretty good, except for an occasional glitch where the board becomes extremely bouncy- which has only happened recently. Some things that I personally think would make it better: improve the “DIY” feature, since you are limited to around 3 obstacles for some parks- not even all of them. I would also like to see improved vert mechanics: i.e. blunts, stalls, and better grab physics. But for the most part, the base game is pretty solid. It can be very precise with the flips at times.

- It is good but...

It was good but I started to grow out of it also it does not count the right tricks such as back 5 0.

- Question

Super fun but how do I buy a new park to skate?

- Lotta things to get better

Ive been playing the game for years and some months ago i’ve started buying a lot of different courses, spent more than 15$ already, but we addicted players and skate fans are aways searching for better and different opportunities and the game doest have enough courses for having a good play!! Despite the fact that payable courses is something very wrong, since the game is not free. It should have some free courses !

- Really great game

I love this game but I would love to have another free park or at least another one you can purchase. for a game that you have to pay to play there needs to be more parks but I love this game so much.


I love true skate better than touchgrind skate2

- Good time killer, but very buggy.

When I first got the game, everything seemed to be fine. But after a while in each session, the game started to go crazy. I could no longer turn without being launched into the air, and every time I switched back and forth from my two different boards, the gravity seemed to lessen when I was skating. I even fell through the floor. Definitely not worth the money.

- Good but some changes need to be made

The game is great and all but whenever I change my wheels and then go back they reset to white and it pisses me off. There should also be a away to position the image on my deck and grip because whenever i put a image on the skateboard it is either in bad position or doesn't look right

- Very unhappy with my purchase

almost everything in the game costs money, all the boards are nearly impossible to get with just coins you earned and the only thing affordable is the starting things that you annoyingly have to buy again and a list of gaps you need to clear and you cant even do all the missions cause most require you to spend money on the game....I ALREADY BOUGHT THE GAME FOR MONEY I SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY MORE MONEY FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THE GAME! Edit: Also when i do what its telling me to do it doesnt say I did thr correct trick yet i follow the instructions. If you want a good skate game, I recomend getting touchgrind skate 2 for FREE.

- Challenges become almost impossible

Game is horribly made. The finger swiping is very very inaccurate. 1 star.

- I can’t even open the app!

I downloaded this about two days ago and I tried to open the app and it just goes a black screen for like 5 seconds and boots me out! I have a iPhone XR please help!

- Sad Money wasted

I bought the Mondo Ramp and the Slow Motion on google play store soon after. When I downloaded this game I logged into my account and not being able to restore my purchases

- Every thing costs extra money

You have to pay for the game in the first place but In order to get anything else it cost money

- Great game

This game is awesome and so much fun 👍🏻

- This game blows

This game blows

- Oof

Great game just there is a bug where when I click the replay button the save clip button is gone

- Please update shop

Can you please update the shop with some new decks like revive etc It would also be cool if we can change out the trucks and change the color on them too. I been playing this game for years and I have paid for every park.this is the best most addicting phone game I have ever played Love your work :)

- Why me

This game reminds me of a doctors appointment I think I’m going to get a sticker but it turns out to be cancer smh

- Improvements

Gameplay is alright but what I have problem with are the credits and rewards. The missions are cool but they should reward currency so they have some use in completing them. Also skateparks that you buy with coins are WAY too expensive. They should only cost around 50,000. Another problem I have is when I buy a wheel color and re-open the game, the color just goes away and I have wasted my coins.

- Great Game

I love this game but some controls are just a bit funky.

- Scam

The game was going great up until the point in which I bought the Mondo park. The park would not load when I tried to open it. That is not even the worst part. I tried to restore my purchase, but that wouldn’t even work. Completely scammed and would not recommend.

- Keeps kicking me out

It always kicks me out and I hate it It needs to stop and fix your game

- Terrible

Pay to play

- Macba

In the alley the next to the street next to the second tree is an invisible wall

- Skater

Buy skater instead. It’s pricier but definitely much better quality. True skate is trash comparably.

- Great game but one problem

I love this game but there is one problem. Every time I get I high chain of tricks I go to hit a rail and I just faze trough it. This has happened several times and it’s annoying.

- Best skating game

Best best best best get it should be 5 stars what the heck

- Trash game 😋💰💰💰🍔🍔🍔💰🍔🍔🍔

It took my 10k coins and didn’t change my skateboard grip I’m crying rn. I took my money. I grinded for HOURS and it just takes my money 💰. In the end, I hope you fix this 😊💰💰🆗🅱️⭕️⭕️Ⓜ️📧R hashtag: lol, hashtag: money money. Over all, pls fix now. Die idiot 🍔💰🍔

- Idk

I love this app but my problem is I can’t get passed one mission...😂

- Pretty good

It’s pretty good I really liked it but I wish that you didn’t have to pay for different maps that’s kinda dumb it’s like I payed for the app I’m not gonna pay more for different places to skate but overall it’s pretty good

- Bs

For some missions that I have there’s one that literally doesn’t work. The tail slide mission #44 I do the literally the exact thing and this bs won’t give me anything..

- Just bad

The controls are bad and the graphics are bad. If you want ti play a game similar but much better play touchgrind skate 2. Dont waste you money on this game.

- Editing deck design

Can you be able to let us adjust the design I want on the board because it automatically does it from the photo I choose and doesn’t do it the right way. Even when I choose “no” to whether I want to use the designs, it still charges me. Basically saying to like allow a manual edit for decks and grip graphics in the game.

- good game

i use this game to entertain me when i’m bored but i have one thing i’d ask to be changed, please remove the credit cap. i have all the skate parks that can be bought with them already and the boards don’t interest me, so i just think it would be fun to see how high i could get that number. or at least raise it a lot, 220000 isn’t all that much

- Meh

Add more to do than missions

- Dumbest game ever

I am utterly disgusted I spend money On such stupid of a game even though it was 2$ still the controls are terrible and impossible to be any good at

- problems with your complete (for me at least)

when you open the “me” section, the game shows your deck and wheels that is selected. but when i go to actually skate, my deck is the original true skate deck and wheels. but i do love the game and play it all the time.

- Game didn’t reach expectations

I want a refund I don’t like this There’s only one skatepark I can play on and it isn’t even that fun since everything you need to buy

- Not Worth It

I got this game back when it was free, so around it’s release. Do no buy this game. Sure it’s fun for a bit, but you will eventually grow bored of the map. To solve this there’s other maps, which is great right?! Nope. They make you pay for those maps inside of this paid game. If all maps were free then yeah this app would be great, but for now I don’t recommend you spend money to buy this game.

- Hmmmm

“If you want realism, you want true skate.” I want to do a 900 and I can’t. I’ve literally pulled off 1080s but the trick calculator only goes to 720z realistic? Please, hardly. Customer support is ridiculous as well. Seems like they made their money and ran away from their product and customers. Don’t buy this game

- Scam!!!!!!! Pls respond

I bought like $20 worth of stuff and it all disappeared and said to go to startup options in settings when there literally isn’t a startup options button. SCAMMERS!!!!!!!

- Great game

I’ve had this game for multiple years and I’ve gotten pretty good at it, I’ve also bought almost every park. I think it would be great if you added some more parks and made the parks purchasable with true skate credits.

- Great game

True skate is in fact a great game. One thing that did happen was that my skateboard started floating when I did tricks and I pulled off a sextuple heel flip. But besides my board turning into a Casper the ghost wannabe, the game is great, I do recommend.

- Cool but boring

The game is cool, but it gets boring after a few minutes. Am getting a refund.

- Really fun but one thing

It’s really fun but like when you do a rock to faki it just says board slide so yea.

- Please fix

When ever I do a impossible flip mission i do it very right it marks it as 0 so please fix the scores thank you

- Fun but overpriced

It’s good but you need to pay for way too much stuff.

- Pretty good

But you I think you should be able to customize you hardware and trucks and how come you can’t buy tc

- Love the game but help

I bought the Santa Cruz pack 6 and I can’t us it I press it , it doesn’t work I tried to restore it same no I deleted the game to see if its there no please fix this.

- 0

Can't get a redound

- Good Game but

Its a good game with good graphics but there is one thing that would make it better... TC refunds. If you buy something with True Credits you should be able to refund it

- I want my money back

Hello, I bought this game because it looked fun but there are no content changes. Either can you refund my money or add more content. Thanks

- 1 map!!!!!!

I paid money for this game and I get 1 map and it’s a small map it would be a way better game if you included more maps but every thing else is pretty good it’s just disappointing that there’s only one map that the game comes with

- What a skateboard game should be

Been playing religiously for over 2 years. Theres a bit of a learning curve, but once you get a feel of the board, the sky's the limit. The physics are consistent and predictable and the maps are well designed. Every time I play I feel like I try something new, a new grind, new trick, new gap... Really captures the feeling of learning how to skate. Really really recommend this game, give it some time and it'll grow on you.

- Controls are horrible

Not realistic at all

- good app

I’ve been playing for a year and personally I think this: the prices for parks are a little expensive make the parks 1$ The graphics are amazing and there’s lots of detail in the parks and boards I wish getting TC was easier Overall I would 95% rate getting this app

- Actually lit🔥

K this game is soooo well made, it’s insane. Amazing maps, amazing amount of customization. And best of all, the mechanics! If you don’t buy this game, I won’t do anything but you would be jacking a mistake.

- annoying glitch

i always get this moon gravity glitch and it’s impossible to play and it happens frequently also i signed i to facebook and lost all my boards and idk how to get them back

- Suggetion

I love true skate its the best game to leisurely enjoy a car ride or bus ride. I think that a sound track (like skate 3) would greatly improve the game.

- I’ve spent countless hours on this game...

This game is so good. I think I might have spent a whole year worth of playtime on it. I wish I was kidding. Probably my favorite game of all time. Even beats Skate series for me. We need skatepark builders now! Thats really all that is missing!!!

- New game

Y love true skate and the engine to play can you do a exterior with freestyle scoot tanks please take my idea in note

- don’t get this app

At first I thought it was a good app but then as soon as I started making purchases weather it was with tc or actual money whenever I reloaded the game the things I bought were gone and I didn’t get a refund

- Fun but is kind of a Scam

The gameplay itself is fun and addicting but for the cost of 2$ I was expecting more content to play with. The game itself seems more like a free demo than an actual paid game. The player is given access to one map and the rest you must pay to own but it seems users are experiencing difficulties with purchases in the game itself. (myself included) Another feature I strongly dislike about the game is the skate shop, when purchasing a board, griptape etc, the user does not own said item, instead the item is simply equipped and if you chose the change said item, u will not have the ability to re-equip the item to your build without a price which is incredibly annoying as acquiring true credit is extremely painful to gather. All in all it would receive a higher review if the game wasn’t paid, so if you plan on purchasing this game, beware as it does not include what most paid games include. 2/5

- This game is good but one thing

I bought a skateboard Santa Cruz pack for a 1.39$ and now I redownloaded the game and I can’t restore the purchase.. help?

- J’adore


- Great game, small map

The game and controls are really great, it’d be nice to have a larger map and a free roam mode

- great game needs more parks

this game is fantastic! controls are amazing smoth all the way graphics are perfect but i just wish u would upload more parks or locations to ride i got bored of the parks very quickly

- I really enjoy this game but....,

I f-enffing love this game, where I’m bored or not it’s the first game that I open, but one minor setback is the fact that not only you have to buy the game, but then you have to purchase absolutely everything if you want more, I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the game and one new skatepark, but that’s it! And I’m not the only one who feels this way, we are not asking for much, just probably a few free maps, sls maps and real maps. Just make some stuff for free, I’m not tryna sound like a needy kid, but please consider. Regards -Pierre

- Make something free

So you buy the game and then need to buy the maps and then buy the skateboard all with real money

- Funny physics

The physics in this game are unrealistic.(that’s a little bit why I like it🙃) besides that, IT IS VERY SO MUCH GOUD!!!!!!

- Improvement

Add 4 free maps

- Meh

The game is fun but why would I pay for the game which btw has no content and then pay some more for more maps doesn’t really make sense.

- Good.

The app is good but I’ve been waiting for a while now for new maps and boards to come out. As soon as they update the app with new maps and others, then this game will have 5 stars in my books.

- Too many ads

This game has been borderline unplayable ever since they added ads all over even payed for parks. Besides this, it’s a pretty remarkable game. But until there’s an option to remove the ads, I won’t play, pay for more levels or rate this higher than 2 stars.

- D’la marde

Sérieusement faite qu’on puisse aller à la maison dans the valley car c’est vraiment de la marde modifier le

- arnaque

j’ai acheter tout l’es skate park et j’en ai plus aucun, n’acheter pas ce jeu

- Arnaque

J’ai acheter des skin et je ne peux plus les utiliser!!! N’acheter rien arnaque en approche

- Ce jeux est une arnaque

j’ai acheté 6 map a 2,75 chaque et se mais ça retirer

- Best IOS Skateboard game

I really like this game. Ive been playing since I had a iPhone 4. I’m really really good at it. It’s my favourite mobile game and I’m kinda sad I’m only writing a review now after I’ve had this game for many years through all the phones I had. Thanks for making this game. 😁

- Bug

Depuis la nouvelle mon jeu a crash 7fois donc sa serais nice de fix sa. MERCI sa fais même pas une semaine !!!

- Okay game

This game is fun to me, but some of the missions are unreasonably hard and it’s been years and they’ve never given out any free skateparks.

- won’t launch after update.

running ios 12.1 on the iphone se. game crashes about halfway through opening “wipe”.

- update LA 2018 issue

No linger able to start the game since the lash update. Please fix!

- I can not believe it

I bought over 15 skates last year, and I can not even restore my purchases! I should never have spent for that I am completely stunned

- It takes a little time to set in

At first i hated the controls but now that I've gotten used to it the game is addicting and great fun, if you skateboard you will love this, but you needa get used to the controls UPDATE: All my content, around 10+ skateparks got deleted, the customer service is terrible, and you cant repair boards now since they decided to be greedy with the new update and want you to pay for each new board

- Why?

Why do we have to pay for more stuff in the game when we already paid for the game can’t you guys have enough money

- Best game

I’ve been playing this game for years & it’s still my favourite mobile game

- True scooter

True scooter should be a thing.

- Flawed , But still great.

I’ve owned this for near two years And it’s decent game, But “ True credits” are just to hard to get. And we payed a decent amount of money for this game . Shouldn’t you get like some more skateparks for free? Please take this into consideration. Thanks!

- Please fix

Been playing this game since I had it on my 3rd gen iPod touch, bought a bunch of parks but now when I go to restore them my game crashes I can only play underpass :(

- One of the best mobile games ever made but...

I’m so so upset I lost all my videos with little notice at all. I have been saving videos for almost 3 years via every play and was planning on doing a huge edit one day but today I find out they have deleted the whole archive. This just absolutely destroyed me. Shame on the creators for the little to no notice, and no notification until I went to go save a trick. I play literally every day and save a trick if it’s worth saving. Today I found (yet again) a new gap that I’ve never seen anyone skate and now I have no effecient way to save it in one spot. I’m so sad. Years of work literally years. I will no longer give my money to your company. I was going to drop a bunch of money to buy all the surf boards on true surf but I’ve decided not to.

- Great game stepped on by capitalism


- Terrible game

It’s hard to use and maps are really small only lets you have one that you get when you pay for it then expect you to pay more for other maps it’s a rip off and would never recommend it very unimpressed about the game!

- Safe boot start up issue

I got this safe boot startup thingy and it won’t let me enter the app anymore

- Lost my parks

Great app but I had bought like 6 skateparks and now they’re all just gone. Tried restoring them and such but nothing. The prices are pretty ridiculous in the first place and now I don’t even have what I paid for. Please help.

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- Endless fun

I have been playing this game since I had my 4s and I’m still playing every day. It’s improved so much and come on a long way it’s very impressive. Please fix the bug where your wheels change back to white after reloading the game. I purchased all the colours and every time it just switches them back to white and I have to re apply them. I just give up and stick with white wheels all the time now which is a shame as the old school board looks gnarly with the lime green wheels.

- Get this game!

Its so easy to invest hours into this game and still not be bored. Do you have 2 bucks? Get the Game!

- What I think would make the game a bit better

The game is very good with good graphics but you need to save up 200,000 coins or pay 99p just to get a new skate park when it already costs £1.99 to install the game, so I think they should put in a few free skate parks or lower the price of the 200,000 skate park. Even though I still play the game and I still like it I just think it would make things a bit better. Also whenever I change the colour of my wheels they just go back to white randomly when I’m playing and I need to buy it again if I want them back but then they will go back to white again.

- Awesome but

This is by far the best game on the App Store I recommend this game to anyone but it would be 10x better if you could buy more maps than just inbound and school yard for True Credits btw thx and with all that aside great game u need to get it and thx developers KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 👍👍👍👍well done developers

- Scam

The original fee of £1.99 is already a bit much for the quality of the game. It’s buggy, unresponsive and a bit boring. In spite of this, you’re only allowed the one skatepark and board, despite the inferring advertisement. You have to pay about a dollar for each park, which is a scam. Don’t waste your money on this game, it’s not worth it.

- I can’t get on

I love this game but one day I try and get on all it did is show a black screen and kick me off

- Please make coins!!!!!!

Make coins and you can buy new skateboards it will be fun cool amazing just MAKE IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

- There’s a bug with the main menu

I try to go to the main menu so I can personalise my skateboard more but the game keeps kicking me off for no reason. I tried to get to the main menu via a different way such as holding the reset button (when you want your skateboard to spawn at a specific point) and I went to the button on the bottom left but it kicks me off. I want this bug to be removed or I will delete the app as I already paid for it

- Okay

Hard to skate at times cause keeps manualling



- Scummy Pay to Play Game

After your £1.99 initial payment to play in one very small skatepark with your generic deck you will then be subjected to non-stop in-game purchases.

- Great

Amazing game played it for years an skate myself too an great when bad weather an can’t skate I just play this game but it’ll be great if they ad a cheating point would be class so if trying a trick an miss then can set marker ware ur trying the trick please ad that would be amazing


Love the game, I’ve been playing for over 4 years and own all the maps. The DIY update is the most refreshing thing that’s been added in a long time, much more so than the nth new street league park. However why not make all the movable objects available across all the parks? They can still be unlockable through missions at set parks, but once unlocked allow them to be placed at other parks as well. As a long time player and customer, I think this would be very beneficial for the player base, and add a lot to the game using preexisting resources i.e. the models of the objects.

- Parks not working that’s I’ve PAID for

Good game but the parks I’ve paid for, and that’s like 4 parks won’t restore purchase and I can’t play them, wouldn’t recommend spending any more on this game but it’s fun to play

- Once Good but now...

Once when you paid you’d get have a clean skateboard everytime you switched now you can’t do that unless you however many points


Its AWSOME! You can roam free, whilst facing optional chalanges that get your excitement up, everything is very cheap and i think you should get it. I hit a 1080 score trick that i was so proud of. Eventhough its hard to get used to, land a decent trick or grind and your done. Ive been playing this for a solid two weeks and i love it. Its the ONLY thing ive played. Keep up the hard work and please update. Peace 👋

- thanks for still updating

Thank you so much for still updating this app and not just leaving it. It’s the best game i own, i’ve purchased some parks and skate packs. I will be happily purchasing more if you keep up the good work.

- Ok game

This game is ok but the only really bad thing is you are stuck with one park unless you buy another one or £1

- Challenges used to get credits?

Challenged used to get credits, but all my rewards for any challenges are 0 regardless of what medal I have, is this normal or should I reinstall?

- Going down hill

This games missions are a joke it’s very awkward to follow the path as it’s hard to see the markers furthermore rolling outside the markers by an inch for half a second will cost you 10% accuracy, the tricks are glitchy and often come up with the wrong name. I find it’s amusing that at the same time as them adding an option to purchase in app currency they also reduced the amount of in app currency earned from the score you get from doing a line, looks like even skateboarding is becoming about gaining capital.


What a brilliant play just amazing the variety and graphics are so fun to play with, still can’t get over and I’ve been playing from the start

- Terrible

This game is not worth the £1.99 , it is absolutely terrible

- Pretty good game but I think there’s a lack of content.

It was good and worth spending money on but I feel like there was a lack of content. Mostly just the missions and screwing around solo. I feel like a 2 player lobby would be fun, y’know like 2 people would be able to be in the same lobby. I feel like that would make the game a lot better.

- Pay to play

Games fkn trash

- Amazing

Excellent game! I’ll be playing a lot and getting a bunch of in app purchases! Keep up the good work

- Need to fix glitch

I used to play so much and loved it. I bought a skate park and slow mo, but then when my phone glitched I had to reinstall it which was fine. But thwn I tried to restore purchases and I didn’t get anything back. Pls fix this and contact me when it is so I can get my paid for items back

- There is a little bug

Best skate game on the App Store but when I buy wheels for the skateboard it works the first time but when I reopen the app the wheel colour is reset to white

- Really need a true scoot

Amazing game to play and would love a true scoot , ur would attract many many players

- The worst

It is so bad don’t download it all it does is reset your mission progress

- Only game i’d bother writing a review on

weather it’s to watch a series, chill with friends. Never in my life have I played a game so much & enjoyed the overall experience from it. I have played this game almost everyday for around 4-5 years now & can confirm that i’ve never played anything so predominantly. However I do currently play if i have nothing else to do or during something i’m watching on tv ect to enhance the enjoyment of general media fully. I’m sounding ultra cheesy right now but it’s worth being cheesy over. if you’re stuck on weather you are enjoying this game to its full potential, i’d recommend either joining trueminati discord & learning to play or by actually skating in real life. Thanks for creating such a fun game that i still continue to enjoy to this day. :)))

- Love it...

I’ve played for a really long time and it’s great! Iwould defiantly recomend to get Would like if grinding would be a little easier I keep falling of❤️👌

- Absolute crap

I made a image for my grip deck and it came up with nothing a waste of 10,000 TC and a waste of space for the App Store

- Wonderful, but...

It’s a great game, probably my favourite iOS game and it lets this former (old) skater go and skate without the bruises and pain. However, while it was always smooth as butter on an ancient iPad Mini 1, on a current iPad Mini, all of the bigger levels are just stuttery and glitchy and it means I can no longer really use half of the levels I bought, and nor will I buy any more until it’s fixed. I did let the developer know and they said they’d look at it but no updates have featured any performance improvements and it’s still more or less unusable with the newer large format levels - a real shame as some of those parks were my favourites. 🙁 No idea why the iPad Mini 1 was smooth on all levels and the vastly more powerful iPad Mini 4 performs so poorly. iPad Mini 4 users be wary. I’d dearly love this to get fixed...

- most inconsistent skate game

On some of the missions I get it bang on every trick every rotation but it don’t give me 100% gives me 40% and 59% at best this is mostly on the grinds what a joke

- 1.99 for that.

I don’t doubt it’s a great game but having to pay for each individual map, atleast could have 2-3 to start with. Could do with a refund.

- Review

It’s a good game but you pay £2 for the game and it then makes you pay more money if you want to go to a different skatepark or a new board

- Great game but big problem at the moment

So I’ve loved this game for a long time now and I’ve bought 2 dlc skateparks that did work for ages but a few days ago my game crashed so I went back on it and for some reason I was on the default skatepark. So I tried to get back to one of my skateparks that I bought but they’re not there and whenever I press the “restore purchases” button the game crashes and makes no difference. I’m on the latest IOS and on an iPad mini 4 so I don’t know why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

- Great game but has a major issue....

True skate is a great game and has great mechanics or physics but the only problem I have is it’s not iPhone X supported which I imagine that it can be fixed easily but they just need to get round to it!

- Great game

I downloaded this and it was the best choice of my life! It’s amazing! Worth the mone- oh, wait, it's free lol

- Scam

It’s a good game over all but quite recently I have had all of my map disappear and there was no explanation why but not only that my boards disappeared as well and I haven’t had any refund from it. Have no idea how this happened and if u could can I please either have a refund or with get my boards and maps back. Thank very much

- Good, big bug that needs fixing

Great game, love it, always have. I just want to say that I came across what appears to be a bug, a big one at that. I got through a third of the missions on the basic skate park, next day I come on and I’m back to the first SLS mission. I really don’t get it, because I do have an account that’s supposed to save your progress and all. I noticed another review saying his board edit was also reset. So I’m guessing this might be a progression reset bug in the game. Clearly something to fix ASAP because, well, it’s the time and effort you put into the game that you keep losing. If not this game is great, I have no doubt it’ll be fixed soon so I highly recommend for everyone to download. Edit: Really frustrated now. I got all the way back to the lip grind mission and then I go all the way back to the first SLS mission. I’m sorry but this is getting ridiculous, my progress keeps getting wiped and I really don’t want to continue playing knowing it’ll all be for nothing in the end. Sorry 😐

- I love this game

This game is just a great game

- Tutorial

This is a great game however i don’t know how to assess the tutorial in settings please reply soon😁😁😁 Also I can’t assess the skatepark shop as it just turns to a black screen and then goes to my home screen don’t know what to do, please help

- Very fun

Good all around game but it would be nice to have some sort of indication of if you are in switch or where you toes are pointing on the board or something like that

- MUST GET!!!!!!!!!

It’s absolutely amazing it’s really fun lots of cool tricks pretty realistic

- Awful game

I bought this game thinking you can get all the skate parks free but soon as you get in the game I makes you buy everything it’s a joke and want my money back stupid 😭😭😭😭

- Great game perfect customer service!

Been playing this game for years now and it just keeps getting better and better! Constantly updating! All in all great game Would recommend too anyone!

- Don’t buy!!!

This game is a joke! So inconsistent and unresponsive

- Nice but

This game makes me feel like a true skater but one thing, when you earn TC/True Credits you barely earn any. I’d love it if you guys could make the TC earnings bigger thanks. 😋

- Terrible

This is one of the worst skateboard related games I have ever played. Some of the people making the missions mess up trucks making it almost impossible to do. Would not recommend

- Really good game

I really enjoy this game

- Awesome game

It’s an awesome game but I can’t do kick flips

- How do you purchase in app skateparks


- Making the better

This is a great game however it would be better if it was more realistic by adding a feature that your board can snap and things like being able to enter competitions so you can earn money Exeter

- Worth every cent

Dear true skate I’m 11 and I absolutely adore this game and is worth every cent of every park but I do have a few suggestions 1 a park editor would be amazing so you can make your own skate parks 2moveAble camera so you can place a camera and record from there That’s all please review my ideas and consider the but thank you for making a great game

- Two problems

1. After I’m playing for ten minutes I have to reload the app because when I try and do a manual it slams the tail of the board on the ground. It only happens with my old school deck. 2. Make it so you can get new maps with true credits you don’t want to pay for the game then find out that you have to pay for another map. The default map is getting boring. Please fix this

- Fun game! But...

True skate is a really fun game I play it all the time but one thing I’m pretty annoyed about is you can’t unlock different parks you have to buy them. It gets old doing the same thing. But anyways really fun good job!

- Overcharged

My son bought two extra skate parks which were $1.49 each and I said he could and then got charged $49! He showed me what he did and he didn’t seem to tap on anything wrong.

- Pretty great

I think it’s a really fantastic game and I love how it so easy to use and there are no ads. I have been playing for a few years now and the only problem is I think the parks should be able to be unlocked with tc

- Sls 6 pack

Got the six pack of the sls maps or something along those lines and it says I have purchased it and I can’t access them and don’t know how too. Good game tho

- Good game but...

This is a great game and I have been playing it over a year now (worth the money), but after one sudden crash all my progress was GONE!!!! WHAT CAN I DO!?!?!??!!?!??!

- True skate changed my life

It can change yours buy it now it’s only $3

- Amazing!

Great game! It is really fun! The only problem is, that I spent money on this game and when you have to pay for pretty much everything else. It would be great if you could at least make it so you can use TC to unlock skateparks and stuff like that. What also annoys me is, I had played for a while now and I had earned a lot of TC when I finally logged into True Skate to have my own account. I realised that all my TC were GONE! That was very annoying! Great game but a bit annoying as well.

- In-app pucharses warning

After re-downloading the app I was unable to restore my in-app skatepark purchases. True Axis has no contact email or number for support and their trouble shooting instructions are unhelpful. The apps confusing store interface is no help either. I am very disappointed in this companies dealing of the issue and warn anyone thinking of in-app purchases that it may well be money down the drain.


Was a good game but when u went to purchase the SLS 6 pack it said it was 3$ but as soon as I purchased it it said it was $8 not $3 there must have been a glitch. 😭😭lost my money

- Best game ever one improvement I recommend

I’m I think you should put a day of free skate parks and skate board grips and everything. So maybe like on a day like it is a day of a skate event it goes free like I love the game I hope you take my feedback thank you. 😁😃👍🏻

- Missions are so hard to get gold

Don’t spend TC on missions waste of money and if u get bronze u don’t even get your money back

- Help

Ok so I bought this game and it was really fun until I spent around $30 on it and now whenever I click the “ME” part of the menu the game freezes and crashes. Please fix this right away.

- Bouncing board

My board won’t stop bouncing so it is glitched This bug needs to be fixed ASAP Can’t play properly

- So addictive!

My friends and I have coined the term “skate while you wait”, where in we play true skate in any situation where we would have usually just mindlessly scrolled through facebook, fantastic game. I only have one tiny complaint, and that is that the developers really need to fix the lock on physics for the quarterpipe at the end of the Havasu park. Its almost impossible to stay in it or do a coping trick because it automatically flys you out the rails that are behind it, which is cool I guess, but not very steezy. Love everything else though!

- Everyone stop complaining...

To every complaining abt the currency in the game on how long it takes to get, How come I’m able to make 20,000 in 20mins, U just need to do a good line, mainly grinds, so stop being noobs. The game is perfect the way it is, there’s nothing u could do to make it better or worse, just add more maps

- Make This Game Big!!

This game needs background music like other big skating games. It would make this game 10 times better and appeal to a lot more people

- The best game👍

It is the best game

- Why not free?

This game is great but should be free so I’m giving it a four star instead of five. Also is should all be free.

- Missions

Whenever you fail a mission it always says “FAIL!” And that is really annoying so please get rid of it

- Horrible

Ok the game is fun but it took my last iPad money! I bought the Macba LIFE grip pack 1 and it wasted $1.49AUS on nothing!

- Boring

I find it boring and the controls are bad

- Great, worth it

I’ve had this game for a long game and it is excellent

- issues in the menu

everytime i try and open the menu to change my board, the game crashes. love this game though

- Good game

Great game you should try it out now and save you from bordem

- Great game with 1 problem

It’s a great fun game but I don’t like that you basically have to pay to unlock other skate parks

- Multiplayer

I was wondering, maybe, if two players (maybe more) all have the same park and are all on the same network with the same version of the game, could they possibly play together? See each others boards in game? It would be so cool.Other than that, my only problem with it is that it's a paid game, but most of the game, even other parks, are locked behind pay walls. No biggie, though, because the first nap is fun enough.

- I didn’t buy this

I just found it in my bought section so i tried it out, it’s good. But I just got it for free ,so can the App Store curators find out if I’ve paid for it?

- Love it

Best skateboarding game ever!

- Cool but.......

The money for the maps are just making me sad😥 pls change it

- Ideas

Please make another game for bmx bikes. True bmx or true bike. I love riding bmx, but I really want a game like true scate, but instead bmx bikes.

- Good and bad

I love this game that’s the good thing. But I don’t want to pay for different skateparks thats the bad thing.

- True scoot

I love this game but I like scooters and I think it would be cool if you make a true scoot that would be cool

- Ruby Gough

This game is great and in some way is educating my lil sis and bro and me

- Even more impossible

You should make a mission to do a impossible Ollie while staying still cuz I can do it

- Swapping decks

When I swap decks for example edit deck 1 it’s old good until deck 2 when I get deck 2 and customise the deck image, it overwrites deck 1’s image please help

- Best skateboarding game but...

Don’t get me wrong I love this game and i play it all the time but there are two glitches that should be fixed: 1.when I bought green wheels they showed up but after i play for a while or change skateparks they go white again. 2. Sometimes when I play for a while my skateboard starts to follow the moons gravity. But its a good game,highly recommended

- Trash

Whenever I try to do a challenge, it doesn't flick up.

- I can’t get my money back from restore purchases

Every time I try and restore purchases on the game it crash’s and I just want to get my money back and it’s not my phone,my phone is a iPhone 6 with iOS 12 or 11 on it and I really just want my money back please

- Sick game!

absolutely awesome game but one really annoying issue happens when entering missions. anytime that you pop the board the board flys in the air side ways making it impossible to do technical grinds. please fix this :(

- Great but one thing

True skate is great there is everything but there should have a online mode and in that online mode you play a game of S.K.A.T.E and whoever wins gets how many in game money


Great game, however newest version issue, every time try go to menu to change parks or skateboards. It will crash. Im using iPhone 6s on iOS 12.1

- Restore Maps

Every time I try to restore my previously purchased maps or click on the shop button the whole app crashes. Pls help

- Purchase issues

Great game but Everytime I save up 20,000 and buy a new grip tape the next time I go to play it my credits are gone and so is my new grip, it’s happened with a deck as well

- Add bmx

Best game ever Plz add bmx

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True Skate 1.5.13 Screenshots & Images

True Skate iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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True Skate iphone images
True Skate iphone images
True Skate iphone images
True Skate ipad images
True Skate ipad images
True Skate ipad images
True Skate ipad images
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True Skate (Version 1.5.13) Install & Download

The applications True Skate was published in the category Games on 2012-10-18 and was developed by True Axis [Developer ID: 337866373]. This application file size is 197.73 MB. True Skate - Games posted on 2020-01-23 current version is 1.5.13 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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