True Skate

True Skate [Games] App Description & Overview

The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game.

#1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world.

Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special"

Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below.

- Realistic touch based physics.
- Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.
- Drag your finger on the ground to push.
- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase)
- Slow motion.
- User challenges
- Replay sharing
- Global leaderboards.

Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only:
- Additional skateparks and locations.
- Street League Skateboarding courses.

Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions)
- Unlock all missions.
- Unlimited slow motion.
- Unlimited board image changes.
- Unlimited wheel color changes.
- Unlock lists.

Trick Possibilities:
50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

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True Skate Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed an issue which could lose progress if not logged into an account. - Fixed an issue which could cause sideways movement when ending a grind on certain rails and ledges. - Improved visibility of menu dialogues.

True Skate Comments & Reviews

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- Ok so I really like the game but

I really like this game but there are some things that I have a problem with. If it counts all the random flip tricks I do with the board then why shouldn’t it count when I hit a grind with out touching the board of the board still does the grind and I roll away it should count right? Also do stall just not exist? Why can’t I just stop at the top of one of the quarters and roll away from a feeble stall or something, just doesn’t rlly make sense to me. Also it’s a little to hard to get points to buy a board or a park or anything in the game for that matter. I get it you want it to be a challenge but for people that don’t wanna have to hit a grind every single line it’s incredibly hard to get 20-40 thousand points to buy a board. Plus there’s only one park option unless you buy others? I already paid for the game it should have at least a little variety. Other then these few thing I love the game. Pretty good mechanics and not really any glitches that I have seen so good job to the game creators but if you could maybe apply these few things and take them into consideration to add to the game it would really make it a more fun and full experience. Thank you.

- Potential

I’ve always loved this game, I come back and download it every once in a while when my boredom of it subsides and I need my True Skate fix again. The only issue I have is just that, boredom. You pay for a game that basically gives you a free trial. Why am I paying for a game that doesn’t give me the full game? That’s the trick, you feel like you’ve already invested your money so why not pay a little more for a new map. There are only so many spots on the starter map to skate before it gets boring. Not to mention the points system is buggy and sometimes when you spend your points on a custom board it resets completely, not only taking your points but also giving you a fresh, empty board. No custom design, and no cool wear marks that you’ve spent hours working on. The funny thing is, this game used to be free with the same content it has now. If I could give suggestions that would make this the perfect True Skate, include the “DLC” maps as playable maps from the get-go. That’s the purpose of buying a game, you shouldn’t have to deal with add-ons. Your money is made when people purchase the game. Also, fix the points system if it hasn’t been fixed already. It really takes a lot of grinding (literally) to customize your deck and when it takes your points and gives you nothing like a broken vending machine, it’s pretty frustrating.

- What’s with the tail slides not counting?????????¿¿¿???

Honestly this has to be one of my favorite games of all time to play on my phone. I’ve played since I was about 10 when I had and iPod touch. I’ve never had problems with the tail slides and nose slides however I have not played the game in about a year. I downloaded it again about a week ago and I’ve been having problems with them popping up. It will give me score for them but it will only count as an Ollie so my multiplier doesn’t go up. It’s really weird cuz there’s no way I could get and score of 500 by just doing an Ollie. A lot of the time it will eventually pop up and say tail slide or nose slide but it takes like 1-3 seconds to register it. It’s a bit annoying but the game is still really great otherwise. I like how there’s two parks you can buy for credits. Also why is there a cap for how many credits you can earn in a line. I get lines of 50 to 70 thousand sometimes and I still get the same amount if I were to get a 20 thousand line. There’s pretty much no reason to get a good line if your trying to save up money for something. It was nicer to see 500 credits being added when you got a line of 50,000.

- One big problem

There is one big problem with this game, you can grind for months and not get enough for inbound or you can spend $40, I think it was a glitch because a few days ago it was 20k not 200k, this is a HUGE flaw in this game because doing the same map for a long time gets BORING so please fix this, I can get a better map for $.99. UPDATE- it is almost impossible to do a grab, speaking of grabs, this game is a cash grab, I believe that they could make two versions of the game, a lite version where you buy the maps (sort of like the paid game), or you can pay the two bucks we paid for this money grabbing game to get all of the maps and get LESS CASH GRAB UPDATES and I do understand that they need to make money but I bet they spent about 500k on this game and got millions from people buying the game alone, so they are just greedy

- Great game

True skate is a very fun, easy to learn mobile skating game, I would recommend this game to any skater that can’t find a good skating game for mobile. I think this game is worth the price except for two thing. One, you can play this game for a while but after a week or two of playing a lot, you get bored of the starting map but you are forced to pay more money for a game that already costed you money, although all the extra maps are good, you have to pay for something in game even though you already payed for the game, which is very annoying. Two, unless this is just me, or it’s an actual bug for everyone, or this is something that the developers added to the game purposefully for some reason, I honk it needs to be fixed ASAP. Every time that I crash or something like that, my board basically stops working and starts being very hard to move around and do tricks with and starts being very floppy, every time I move it starts bumping up and down like something is there, and it is very annoying and I restart my game every time it starts because it is basically impossible to do a trick successfully. Apart from these two things though, this game is very fun

- Has it's highs and lows...

This game has INCREDIBLY realistic features and graphics. It's very fun and enjoyable. But, as my title and rating shows, this game isn't the best. First, I'll start with TC (True Credits). Getting TC is a VERY tedious process. It can get very boring to grind out TC just so you can get boards or missions. Especially boards because the usual price to simply get a grip (no pun intended) is 20,000 TC. That's sadistic. I find that this game also falls into the pay-to-play category because you can spend money on TC, and you have to spend real money to get maps. Being that you start off with a bland board and a small map, you bet that people are gonna spend money to play. (This hasn't happened to me but) you also can have your account removed. All that money spent on boards and maps? Gone. All that TC you earned? Gone. Everything is gone. There also may be bugs here and there. Bugs aren't that common, but are super annoying. Also, please fix grab physics. Sometimes, if you hold on the skateboard right, you randomly grab it. This game is the idle of mobile skating games, but I still find some pretty major flaws.


Hello, I am writing to tell you that I LOVE THIS APP. It’s the perfect mobile skating app. However, I noticed that there is an issue when trying to play it on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I upgraded from the 10s Max, and the game worked fine. But as soon as I re downloaded it onto the new phone, the game changed. The issue is when I go to Ollie. Simply tapping the tail of board does not “pop” the board anymore. This makes it extremely difficult to do tricks considering the board gets almost no lift from the back foot pop. If you hold down on the tail of the board, the nose of the board comes up but very slowly, until the tail hits the ground and it’s stuck in that position. This lagging effect is very frustrating. I thought it was because I had to readjust the sensitivity in the game to a higher level, but that didn’t change it. I have found that you have to swipe downwards across the tail of the board for it to “pop” like before. It’s extremely awkward and not a good change. I don’t know if this is due to a change in the sensitivity level for the new iPhone or if it’s the app. Please look into this and fix it and I return my 1 Star to a 5 Star!

- Im Hooked!!

First this game is is very smooth it never really grows old just continues to make you want to get a little bit better. I lost count of how much money I have spent in this app. Currently I have 23 skateparks 9 skate board all fully customized and more in app purchases. And I regret none of the purchases I have made. I play this game on iPhone 6s and it runs amazingly smooth I've never really had any serious issues regarding the gameplay. The maps and graphics are clear I love all the maps I've bought and I love how realistic this game is concerning the movement and momentum of the board. I do have one request, could you please create a multiplayer option via wifi. Where one player can join another players skate park and skate with them. This would include crashes or not and you being able to see your friends board. This would make the game even better. I give this game a solid five stars! Thanks

- Big negative set back

True Skate is truly fun and I do find myself playing it a lot in my spare time. It’s very responsive and it’s easy to learn after playing for just a little while. BUT the one huge negative I have with this game is that is has a scoring system that lets you earn in game currency to buy decks, grip graphics, etc. This is not bad because you don’t have to rely on using real money for the things you want but the scoring system is off and doesn’t allow you to earn the points you deserve after your score. I’ll skate a line and earn 8,000 points which gives me around 100 in game currency but next I’ll do a line that’s worth 40,000 and it gives me 197 in game currency. I’m sorry but that is total bull crap and makes me lose interest in busting in better tricks in longer lines because you don’t receive much of a reward for it as much as trying less and receiving around the same amount. Great game over all though, if that was tweaked this game would almost be flawless.

- Good game but needs improvement

Overall the game has the most realistic controls of any skate game. You don’t just press a button that leads to a trick, you manually do it (pardon the pun). The verts could be better and so could the bowls. Pumping is nearly impossible because you wind up going into a manual that just stops completely. there’s also not nearly enough grab types. Still, the tricks you can do just on the ground are realistic and the possibilities are endless. The rails gameplay and graphics are not only realistic but fun. It’s challenging enough but (for the most part) not too challenging. The major cause for concern in this game is pricing. For a game that already costs money, it seems ridiculous that unless you pay, it is impossible to get another map. even then, the maps can get pricy. if they brought prices down or got rid of in app purchases, the game would be terrific and played much more. hopefully this change comes soon.


I’ve purchased all the parks, I’ve purchased skateboard customization. At one point I could ride all of my parks and I could change my board at will. Now I cannot access my parks and when I try to customize my board it doesn’t work. I’m also left with only being able to edit (not that it works) the grip tape, despite purchasing unlimited deck changes for 4.99. I also cannot switch between old school and new boards, when it says selected on my old school, it will not actually change and I’m stuck on my regular board. This app is very broken and has been for around a year now for me, longer for others. Honestly I would look for another skating sim if I were considering purchasing this app. For a long time hitting restore purchase would simply crash the game, now they “download” however when I try to access them each and every one says file corrupted. Deleting and redownloading has not fixed this. DONT BUY ANYTHING IN THIS APP. It’s a rip off, they’ll scam you out of your money and you’ll be left just as disappointed as I am.

- Fairly nice game.

The gameplay for me is glitchy and hit-or-miss. I try to control my ollie height by swiping at different lengths but it refuses to respond correctly. Also, there are times I’ve grinded and it wasn’t counted, and times I’ve gotten stuck on the grind rail and it takes away the points I got for grinding. This isn’t important, but flipping over is also kind of difficult because I try again to swipe just enough to get my board upright but I end up doing multiple barrel rolls. Lastly, the shop seems to be a little more expensive than I’d think it should be. Instead of a couple hundred TC or even a thousand, you need 2k just for red-colored wheels. All in all, this is a very fun game if you don’t try too hard to do anything specific, like other skate games. I like just going around the map I have and doing a couple random tricks.

- Very fun but with horrible glitches

Honestly, this game is really good. The tricks are so unrealistic that they’re fun and you can do lots of things. Without the glitches this would be a five star game. The glitches are the main problems. To begin, things just really don’t work well. Some tricks don’t register when you do them and no points are given. That’s not a big deal, but it’s the credit glitches that ruin the game. For those of you who have played and played and played just to get that 20,000 credit deck will know that getting these credits are extremely tedious. This game has the weird glitch that can just kill all of the work you’ve done. Two days ago I bought some wheels, and I closed out the game. Today I got back on and the wheels were gone. I bought them again and I didn’t care. Then I switched boards and went back. Guess what... they were gone. What’s the point of playing a game just to have your work flushed down the drain. Otherwise, the game is fun.

- True skate was really fun!

True skate was really fun for me, I could buy the skateparks, buy skateboards, and do tricks. I can still do all that but the new update made my liking of the game go down a bit. 1, it reset ALL my progress so I had to start the whole game over, like buy all my skateboards again, earn ALL my true credits again, and do all my tricks again. It reset everything except for my skateparks. 2, it added legs skating the board so it looked like a person was actually on it. The problem with that though (at least for me.) is it kind of makes it harder to focus on your tricks. True skate was my favorite game. It still is a really good game but since I basically started the whole game over I kind of play it a little less. I do really suggest it to other people though and you should buy it. The game is still worth it. 🛹

- Fun but flawed

The free skate in this game is a lot of fun and I never get bored of it. It does have some very serious and ruining flaws though. First of all, buying skateparks is broken and doesn’t work. I was able to buy the SLS Hangar park and then tried to buy the mondo ramp and alley parks a year later and it would take the money but wouldn’t download the park. I’ve gone online and seen that many other people have the same problem and the developers haven’t fixed it even though it’s been talked about for years. Second, this game is NOT for left-handed people. If you’re not left-handed then don’t worry, but as a lefty, it is impossible to complete some of the missions because the controls are messed up and won’t allow you to perform the trick. If you’re looking for a casual free skate game, then this is for you but if you want to do the missions or get more parks, look for something different.

- The game itself is AWESOME but....

I love this game. Seriously. The graphics, the way everything is, there’s no flaws about the look, or the gameplay. But there are some bad parts. I don’t mind that you have to pay money for the game, since it so cheap. But what’s annoying is that the game comes with only one skatepark. You have to buy more. I already payed for the game, so I’d like to have a little more than just one skatepark and one free deck. Everything is kind of overpriced. I get that the company needs to make profit, but it’ll take days; weeks, even, to get 20K to 40K true credits just to buy one deck or grip design. Make it a little easier, come with a couple more skateparks when you first download the game, and maybe include updates more often. This game is still fun though!!!

- It’s fun but..

The game is quite enjoyable, but there are some reassigns I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. These include, The amount of content you get, when you go to buy this game you should be willing to pay some more money to be satisfied with the game well than go ahead and buy the game, but if your like me and are not willing to buy content that should be included for complete omg missions or some coins, than you will be disappointed. The game comes with 1 map and the option to get one other map that you can buy without real money, yet the amount of time needed to get the coins needed to buy this map is quite outrageous. Another thing about this game that I am not a fan of is the customization (even though it’s not as bad as the first part about the included content). The skateboard customization is not ideal for example when you buy let’s say some grip tape (with the in game currency that you spent a lot of time saving up) and you become bored of the color or design you might decide to buy another one but as soon as you do that you lose the the one you just bought. Another thing that angers me is when you buy different colored wheels and you decide to repair your board from scratches and what not, you lose your wheels. In conclusion if your not willing to pay 5+ $ than I would not recommend the game. Otherwise if you are willing than it’s a great game.

- Best game on the phone

As a skater, having True Skate on my phone is always a must. The physics of the game are spot on and the mechanics of the game are the best from all the other skate games for phones. True Skate is easily the best of all of them. Skating feel real and so immersive in the game and it’s so great to be able to go skate on my phone whenever I feel to. I’ve had this game since they launched and it been playing it everyday since (not an exaggeration). It’s my favorite app ever and the first one I always download when getting a new phone. I always get all my maps back with no problem. My only thing i would want them to add is having level editors and be able to invite friends to join your park. Please make this happen, it would complete my life 🙏🏻❤️.

- Easily my favorite iPhone game

True Skate is an addictive game. I have played it for so long, I’ve purchased multiple parks, and I have always enjoyed it. I never run into problems with it, other than two. 1. Every so often, my board won’t react to my finger. I will swipe to flip it, and the board won’t move. It is very rare, but not rare enough to not mention it. 2. Also every so often, and also depending on the park, it usually happens on Inbound, I will grind on a ledge, and when the ledge comes to a bend, my board will just stop like it’s hitting a wall. The most important thing to take from this is: it’s a fantastic game, no ads!!, and it runs really smoothly. I am rating 5 stars because I genuinely love this game and the two problems aren’t enough to lower my opinion on it.


The difference between this APP & games like SKATER is like comparing apples and oranges. TRUESKATE comparable to EA SKATE 3, whereas SKATER APP is more comparable to THPS 3. TrueSkate is an amazing PHYSICS BASED skateboarding experience. It’s NOT a GAME with preset swipe-gestures or pre-programmed trick-mechanics. This is an APP designed to simulate the OFTEN frustrating experience of flipping your board like in real life, by purely manipulating gravity & physics to pop and flick your skateboard around & grind stuff. Sure, on SKATER APP you can learn & land EVERY trick the first day EASILY & then... it’s boring. With TrueSkate you VALUE learning new tricks & techniques & landing things clean/properly BECAUSE it’s sometimes difficult to learn/figure out the “trick” to it... which is how real skateboarding goes as well. Learn the features of the game. THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT for realistic gameplay and FULL CONTROL. Learn & use: REALISTIC MODE, OLLIE TILT CONTROL, SPINCAM, RAMP TILT CONTROL, CAMERA TILT. These controls become muscle memory, comfortable & second-nature.. the more you use them. Also go thru the settings... find a camera angle & swipe sensitivity you prefer. *update* turn on the NEW (*beta 0.1) LEGS in menu settings! Fun to play around with! Hillarious and awesome results, including full body crash cam animations!

- its great but...

I’ve had this game since it started out free. The updates were making it better and better but there came a point I think around early to mid 2016 that they started ruining it. Don’t count on the new updates. It’s like they fix one thing and break five other things with it. Remove the grab tricks (it keeps catching the board with a hand when I don’t want it to), fix the courses (half of em you cant grind or slide on because the board just falls off of anything), and do something with the buttons on top of the screen so my notifications panel doesn’t keep trying to slide down. And also, half the time the board doesn’t flip or anything. If these could get fixed, this would be the perfect game. But no, the developers probably won’t read this, try to update it and “fix any bugs”, and make it more unplayable.

- Amazing game but ....

I love true skate it is a amazing game great physics and has actual real spots such as macba but the only problem I have had since 2015 is that all of my parks will not re download and this started one day when I went to play sls 2014 and none of my parks were in my parks list and so I tried to go to restore purchases and tried to re download all my parks but it gave me a notification saying “An error was encountered processing a purchase” and I’ve tried all the suggested help but nothing’s prevailed this has been going on for about 3 months now and now I have less and less of a reason to play because It gets boring to play the same park the whole time knowing you have you could play but oh wait they are unable to re download.

- Removal of points for missions

I like true skate but when I updated the app to be able to have the move able objects I noticed that you no longer were awarded credits for completing missions and because of that it is noticeably harder to obtain points quickly, another thing is that if you want to do a mission you are required to complete all the previous missions (or you can give up an obscene amount of bolts to skip missions which In my opinion seams like a big money making scheme) before you can even think about doing that mission when before you could just give up some credits to unlock the mission that you want to do. So in my opinion this has kinda ruined this previously wonderful app.

- Love this game, a glitch needs to be fixed though

I love this game and it kills so much time! I would give more stars if possible! I have discovered a really annoying glitch though. I have recently bought an extra board for 500 bolts, then I got the old school custom deck for 10,000 bolts. I bought blue wheels for the old school board for 4,000 bolts. When I first got them, the blue wheels were there and the bolts were transacted like normal. Now, whenever I got to play the app, my wheels are white, I don’t have my bolts back. The game knows I have them because I have blue wheels in the preview menu, I just don’t have them in game. I am not sure what causes this but I would like it fixed. Great game, keep doing what you are doing!


ok so i got this game about a year ago and i have played it pretty much every day. it is a great game to play when you are bored or can’t skate.. you can open this app and it will cure your bordem or will make you feel like your skating. it is very easy to earn “bolts” aka coins. with bolts you can upgrade your bored or make your self a custom bored. you can even take your own pictures and put it on your grip tape!! the only problem i have with this game is that i wish you didn’t have to pay for different skateparks. sometimes the same old parks get annoying. but overall this is probley the best purchase of my life! literally... so i would buy it if i where you! you won’t regret this ❤️

- Great Game, Few Issues Though!

Overall, this is a fantastic game! But I do have one issue. The camera view button seems to not appear when using the latest version of the app. I'm currently using an iPad 2 version 9.3.5. If you could fix this in the upcoming updates, It would be greatly appreciated! Other than that, like I said, this is a fantastic game. Edit: After playing with the new UI, I've been experiencing lagspikes here and there! It is such a nuisance! Please fix this as it is really annoying for not only me, but for others as well. The UI update is the reason as to why I installed a jailbroken broken to downgrade the True Skate app to previous versions.

- Good game, but there’s a lot of issues.

I love the gameplay, the missions, the map designs, and everything else. There’s only 4 issues for me. The first one is having to pay so much for maps after I already spent money to play the darn game. The second issue happened a few months ago, where it reset all my data. This includes coins (which I had spent money on for some of them), custom decks that I had, a few other in app purchases and more. My third issue is how the trick system works. Most of the time, it will call whatever I do a pop shuv it (when it isn’t) or an inward heel flip. My fourth issue is the glitches. It’s easily possibly to break the game, get out of maps, remove your wheels and more. But still the gameplay has me coming back and playing more.

- Mostly great

physics for flip tricks, grinds, and bowl carving are mostly excellent and a lot of fun to play around with. There’s a legitimate skill curve and you can apply time to mastering a trick which I think is a lot of the fun. However, some of the in app purchases are just absurd. There’s on particular feature that allows you to put an image on your decks grip tape, not only does it not give you a preview of the image, they charge you to change the one you select. It’s 10,000 TC (“true credits”)which are extremely tedious to earn. I’m sure there are other irking ones but thats what I ran into lost recently. That along with every map being a dollar, some more? I mean seriously? The mechanics and all are fantastic (except for why?) but something has to be done about the in app purchases

- Awesome game, but some bugs

True Skate is hands down one of the best mobile games. I’ve been playing it for years, roughly 4, maybe more. Anyways, I just wish True Skate had free stuff like maps and skins that were grind-able, without the spending of credits. Also, there is a glitch in the game where your wheel color won’t save. I’ve spent about 10,000 or so credits to replace my wheel colors because of the glitch. I’ve had red wheels for on second, and then it some how changes to white. When I go to check my skate board in the setting screen, it still shows the recent wheel color I bought, but not in game. Please fix this because it is a vital asset to your game.

- The only game i can constantly play

Ive skated since i was 10 and im 24 now. As a skateboarder i give this game a 10/10. Ive literally played this game for multiple years. Id say ever since it came out. I love it. I have a suggestion. Ive gotten so good now that i can land multiple tricks. Do nice looking 360 flips and everything. Why not create online servers where a handful of players can all skate in the same map for a few minutes as if to simulate a real competition. 1st place can win credits or something. 2nd wins less credits, etc. OR even players could play s.k.a.t.e. Together. it would be an amazing thing. Id play it every single day. I already play this every day more than once.

- Amazing gameplay, annoying currency system.

Don’t get me wrong, True Skate is a fantastic game with stunning graphics, responsive controls, and over great gameplay. However, TC, the currency system you use to purchase graphics, griptape, and other aesthetic items, is in my opinion, broken. Getting 5000+ point lines is very difficult and can be frustrating when grinding for long periods of time. Also, the starting map is very small, and gets boring rather quickly. These circumstances make it tempting to spend actual money on a game that we’ve already paid two dollars for. If True Axis could add in another map or two for free, that would be great and highly appreciated by every user. Have a nice day!

- Great game, but...

This is without a doubt my favorite game on iPhone. I have played it almost every day for the last four years. I have bought many levels and enjoyed them all. However, one of the latest updates has caused the game to try to force me into a tutorial every time I launch the app, then it asks me to login, then it makes me read some kind of news feed, and then finally I'm allowed to actually skate. This happens *every time* I start the app. I do not need tutorials (see comment above about playing for years), I have no desire to login, and I do not want to see this news feed. I just want to skate. That being said, I have great respect and admiration for the team for creating this great game.

- some problems

so the game itself is pretty fun and all for when you are bored waiting for something and need a little time waster. i had a problem though where everytime i open up the game my board gets reset to the default board and i have to switch out of the edit and back in just to get it. i also had a problem where i lost around 60k true credits and my board design out of nowhere. my entire account had gotten reset and i hadnt pressed any reset button so that got me pretty mad but besides that the game is pretty fun but reminds me of EA as there are only 2 maps you can buy with the in game currency, the rest of the maps are actual money which is annoying being i paid for the game so i should have access to way more.

- This game...

I have had this game since it first released and cost money! In that time I have had plenty of time to grind, flip, and ollie around several different 3 dimensional maps. So why do I keep coming back to this game every morning on my bus to school? Well, the unreal graphics, free2play aspect, well organized shop, and much more! I am not the type to write reviews. I have done it 2 times before this but that’s it. Now at the moment I have to go to school but if there was one thing I would suggest to this games team, it would be get sponsored or get a partnership where buying a real skateboard gets you a new map or something. Thank you, Luke


Hi, I love true skate and I aways play it I had it on my iPhone 4 then I got a iPhone 6 and played it all the time with no issues then when I got a iPhone XR there is a issue preventing me from playing the game so it was working for about a month then when I ever want to go to the menu where you can change the map or customize your skate bored the game crashes so it crashes when ever I press the 3 dots in the upper left corner to get to the menu to change maps or customize my skateboard. Please fix this I’m playing on the iOS version of the game and on playing on a iPhone XR thanks, Isaiah Ps will change my review to 5 stars if this issue gets fixed!!!

- Love the new UI

I’ve been playing this game since it came out, and I’ve always bought just about everything you could buy, not only because I wanted it, but to support those who created and constantly tweak this game to be what it is. This new interface honestly surpasses my expectations. Usually, when a game tried to completely overhaul their UI, it crashes and burns, but this UI has made the game so much more professional and complete feeling. Even though the old interface was good, this system erases any possibility of confusion and makes the game that much smoother and polished. Big, big thanks for this update!!


This game is so detailed and you the developers have put so much effort into this! 👍 This is my favorite game of all time! And the people who think this game is money hungry it’s because it’s so detailed and overall such a great experience! Thank you for making this game...although I only have one suggestion could you maybe make so we can earn true credits more faster. It takes too much time to earn true credits... maybe if you score 5,000 points you could earn 70-80 true credits, if this game feature would be added it would be awesome! Overall this game is the best game I have ever played!

- True skate

This is a great game , very fun ! Can play for hours and hours and you don’t need to purchase any other map to really have fun , I played with the beginning map for years on another phone and still had as much fun everyday . There are a few bugs tho , like my board jumps as high on glitch mode as if it wasn’t on glitch mode and every time I try and grip a image it doesn’t let me adjust the picture and I always end up with the picture being off centered or just too zoomed in so that’s very annoying cause I’ve spent money on buying screws for that . but other then that amazing game , will rate 5 if someone can explain like if I’m doing something wrong on the griping thing and the glitch mode or if it’s the game .

- Awesome but...

This game is awesome it’s got so many levels, mission and tricks to totally recommend getting it. I have a couple problems though, when you rewind it stops the last recording and you have to but other levels which I’m ok with it’s just I’ve spent a good amount of money for other levels. They are worth it though but I feel like there should be a way to unlock other levels for free because eventually the only one it comes with gets kinda boring. Also if anyone wants to know my opinion on levels to get mine are mono ramp and factory those are my favorite. Overall 9 1/2 out of ten

- I love true skate! One of my favorite games!!

This is my first review that I have done on an app and I just wanted to say that this game is awesome!! I’ve had this game for like 4 years now. It’s realistic, challenging, and always keeps skateboarding on my mind. However, I’m sad to see the once free app that I purchased almost all the skate parks for, erase all of my purchase history. So I tried downloading it again and even paid for the app this time even though it was free when I downloaded it. Still none of the parks that I bought are showing up on restore my purchase history. Im using the same account so that wasn’t cool. I hope this gets fixed soon thanks!

- Best skating game, still meh..

This game needs lot of improvement, from calling out the correct tricks that I do, even counting the tricks that I land and giving me the true credits for the trick, and just simply locking into grinds and slides. Tailslides and nose slides are fun, but they almost never lock into any surface. Sometimes when big tricks are done but the board just slightly touches an object (even if you still land) it will count the trick as a fail because a part of the board knicked a ledge or rail over your gap. Little things like these need improvements, NOT MORE SKATEPARKS FOR MONEY. Use the money we are giving you to improve the bugs in this game. Every time I see an update it just says “bug fixes” I haven’t seen one. Be more descriptive on what you are fixing and be more attentive to your players.

- Best Skating Game.

I first downloaded this app when I was thirteen with my first iPhone, and I only had the starting map for yeaaars. I’m very stubborn when it comes to buying stuff for apps or games. But finally I got too bored with the starting map (although it is very big) and caved, buying a 6 pack of skateparks. And let me tell you- that is ALL you need. I never get bored of this game ever. I immediately regretted buying more parks because I thought I’d get tired of the app but here I am at 19 and it’s still one of my favorite apps to use when I’m bored or waiting in line somewhere. Very easy controls and great graphics!

- More customization

I love true skate so much, it’s definitely the best mobile skateboard game. The only thing I don’t like is customization there are a lot of decks and grips but you can’t pick what trucks you want so please add that. I also think you should be able too design your own park but you shouldn’t have too pay to do it I have spent a lot of money on parks already and it would be nice too have the option of paying true credits for more things multiplayer would also be very fun but actually seeing each others boards at the park and hitting each other having those mechanics would make that game 100X better

- Stress Relief

I’ve had this game since my sophomore year of high-school, granted I’m only 20 and have only been out of school for 2 years now. This game is a simple game it really is but I just realized that this game helps with any type of stress that I have. Whenever something is happening that I don’t have control in any way I open this game and I just start swiping and I forget about the situation. Even if I don’t forget about the situation this game ends up helping me think about how to deal with it. I actually quite enjoy this game and highly recommend it to anyone with any type of anxiety.

- Jesus in the form of skateboarding

This game is great. I played this game so much for a long period of time and like lots of other apps it doesn’t get old. You can always switch between parks, try new tricks, try to beat your high score or grind for a new addition to your board. This game is great and if you’re will to spend a few bucks in game you can open up whole new worlds. The amount of gaps to jump and tricks to pull are huge and you can always discover new ones until you’re the trick master and can pull crazy tricks at any time and rack up tons of points. Overall great game.

- Meh, you got to pay too much money

I just bought a game for 1.99 and I thought it would come with cool decks, grip tapes, maps, but I was wrong. You have to BUY it. The maps are 99 cents, the decks are expensive as heck, 20,000 coins, and I rounded mines to 10,000, and it took at least a week. For one deck.... this games fun but if you got some money to burn, this games for you. But if you think it comes with a lot of maps. You are wrong, it just comes with a small starter map. It gets boring as well. It was that bad but expensive. I suggest it comes with at least 5 maps, or some decks you can choose. It only gives you 3 free decks, which in my opinion, doesn’t look good. Don’t get your expectations too high.

- I love this game so much! But I have one problem...

I have more time in this game that I do on any other app on my phone, it’s just so fun. Unfortunately I found that recently I went onto the app and I didn’t have any of the custom skateboards I previously had, (just two of them) all my currency (probably around 100,000) AND two of the skateparks weren’t there! (Schoolyard and inbound) I didn’t have an account in which these were on, so I couldn’t log in or anything to retrieve them. And when I tapped “restore purchases” the two weren’t on there! Is there any way I can get my items back?

- Pay-To-Play

If you buy this game for 2.99 you get 1 small map and a skate board that takes months to earn enough TC (truecredits) to customize and there is a total of 60+ maps maybe more and they all cost money. I fell it's a little greedy knowing that we paid for this app to be having fun for 2 minutes and then have it force you to pay for each individual map that is probably as small as the map you have. Fun game, but I feel like this is just a cash grab with the amount of money this costs. Would've easily made it to the top 10 paid games if each individual map didn't cost money ;( please just be happy that you are at least getting many buyers and not to just give them more payments for buying your game please.

- cool, but lots of glitches

hello, my cousin started playing this game and i thought it was so cool i downloaded it, its super awesome and i started to get pretty good at it. after about 6 months i bought another park and thats when my game started glitching out. i had bought a custom deck picture with my TC . i had it for about 3 days, then i opened the game and noticed that my deck picture was gone. then the day after it restarted me to 0 TC. i got really frustrated and then i played some more to get more TC, i checked it today and it completely restarted me again, it restarted me to the tutorial s and 0 TC. it also lost my account, which isnt a big deal, thats not the issue. i just need the glitches fixed!!! -celeste

- Amazing Game

I recommend this game to anyone and everyone I know. I understand that some game have more control and some game have bigger tricks. True Skate gives you the perfect blend of both. You can do technical tricks or do really big tricks. The shop gives you real decks from actual brands. The leaderboards challenge you to see if you can keep up with the best. The variety of skateparks you can buy is amazing too. There’s a park for everyone's preference and they aren’t expensive at all! Hands down the best mobile skateboard game and I have thought that all 5 years I’ve been playing it.

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- Great Game

All round, amazing. Fantastic game. Just a couple of issues; pricing and controls. The pricing for decks, wheels and even parks, is just too much for what you can earn in game. I get that you have to make money but the game already costs $2.99 AUD. The controls are just a bit too finicky on smaller phones so I can’t really get the best control on my iPhone 7. Other than that I can’t fault it. Just be aware that you will be stuck in the 1st park until you pay over $31 AUD. Like come on, you make the content for the community to play after they buy the game but then we are also expected to grind up 200,000 TC for a new park or buy it which as stated before is over $31 AUD. My rating is 4 out of 5 because I feel like the pricing can be fixed and I know that you can’t change controls not working on a small screen. This is only a mobile game. Unless someone has so much money that they don’t know what to do with it or they really love and support True Skate, they aren’t going to spend $31 on a park or $8 on a new board without tape or a wheel color. If the pricing gets fixed my rating will change but until then it’s just going to be a sad 4/5.

- Great game, two suggestions

True skate is an absolutely fantastic game to play. I haven’t found any bugs in it other than when I changed my deck and the wheel colour reset. Other than that True Skate is a near perfect game. I say near perfect as I have two small issues with the game, the price of customisation options and some customisation options that should be implemented into the game. First off, I don’t see why a single deck is worth 40,000 TC, it would be much better if the prices were slightly reduced, even if it was for a small period of time. I also think that it would be very cool to have wheels from real-life brands, like the Santa Cruz slime ball wheels. Truck colours would also be an awesome addition to the game, and would make your setup more unique. Other the these two small issues, I would say that this is a great game.

- Good game but a problem

This is an enjoyable game but I have a few problems that I would like to express. Firstly I was also someone who lost their account with almost 100k true credits which extremely disappointing and I’m glad that it is supposedly fixed although this does not help me now. Secondly my biggest feedback is I love the new option to have your riders feet showing although there is one problem with it, if you rider is “regular” stance the feet are shown in the “goofy” stance which is the opposite therefore the tricks that are displayed are wrong and vice versa and as a real life skateboarder this is quite annoying for me, so if this problem could be fixed that would much appreciated. Although overall this is a good game and fun to play.

- Really fun, worth the money

I Bought this the other day and I have to say... it’s incredibly fun! it controls how I imagine a mobile EA Skate game would and maps are cheap ($2 SLS pack is great) my only issue is in the customisation, for a decent line you’ll make around 20 Coins... but everything costs 20,000 or 40,000 coins besides wheels. This feels unbalanced and is most likely that price so you’ll spent $8 to unlock everything which is excusable if this was a free to play game but it was $3 so I have to give it a 4*... so close to 5* if only in game store was more reasonable priced for a payed game... can you maybe add 5,000 coin plain coloured decks so newbies have something to build towards?

- True skate

True skate is a great game play with many maps and customisation to your skateboard the reason on why I give it a four star and not a five star is because the board customisations and over priced in coins you would have to play for many hours just to get 1 or 2 boards you can pay for the boards in money for a cheap price but I have spent about $30 on this game and have only a few decks and wheels I would recommend this game because it is one of the best games i have ever bought.

- So addictive!

My friends and I have coined the term “skate while you wait”, where in we play true skate in any situation where we would have usually just mindlessly scrolled through facebook, fantastic game. I only have one tiny complaint, and that is that the developers really need to fix the lock on physics for the quarterpipe at the end of the Havasu park. Its almost impossible to stay in it or do a coping trick because it automatically flys you out the rails that are behind it, which is cool I guess, but not very steezy. Love everything else though!

- I have always loved his game

For years I’ve loved true skate, I even went as far as to pay for skateboard customisation and a few skate parks, what is annoying me atm is I’ve just re downloaded after not playing it for a while and I’ve lost all of my purchases, I still have my custom board but I can’t change anything or get to any of the skateparks I’ve purchased. I love the game and would love to keep playing but I don’t want to pay for everything again.

- Solid game

True skate is such a great game that I play myself for hours a week. The mechanics are great that map variety is great but unfortunately there’s one suggestion that I would like to make. The custom board. 1. When I get custom wheels, as soon as I reopen the game they’re gone 2. When I make a custom deck please make a feature where I can move the image on the board to fit it well as it’s immeasurably hard to get it to fit perfectly having to constantly crop the image. Thx

- Great game, but...

I love this game, it is really fun and is really good to play when im bored out of my mind! I have played this game BEFORE it was cool (its always been cool) and i only just recently re installed it and i have been playing it for about 2 1/2 days. The only problem i have is that now whenever i try press pause the game crashes i have tryed powering off my phone and i have deleted and re installed it and it still does it so now i dont know what to do please help!

- Two problems

1. After I’m playing for ten minutes I have to reload the app because when I try and do a manual it slams the tail of the board on the ground. It only happens with my old school deck. 2. Make it so you can get new maps with true credits you don’t want to pay for the game then find out that you have to pay for another map. The default map is getting boring. Please fix this

- It’s ok

True skate is overall a great game, but here are some things to improve, It took a lot of time for me to get to the amount of true credits I needed to get new wheels, I bought them but after a couple of runs they gust went back to white wheels in my “AVATAR” or whatever, it says I have my coloured wheels on, but it doesn’t appear in game. Also I do not think that the skateparks should be priced, I am really bored with being stuck skating underpass, and losing interest in the game, this would be okay if the game was free

- Amazing!

Great game! It is really fun! The only problem is, that I spent money on this game and when you have to pay for pretty much everything else. It would be great if you could at least make it so you can use TC to unlock skateparks and stuff like that. What also annoys me is, I had played for a while now and I had earned a lot of TC when I finally logged into True Skate to have my own account. I realised that all my TC were GONE! That was very annoying! Great game but a bit annoying as well.

- Awesome!!! Room for improvement

Amazing game great mechanics, definitely recommend buying! I just want to give a few suggestions to make the game Amazinger!!! 1. Add reverts, like I would like to be able to tre-revert and tricks like that. 2. Maybe add another camera angle option for further away from the skateboard. 3. Improve the grind mechanics, a lot of the time I will do grinds that say different to what they actually are, e.g sometimes I crooked grind and it says 5.0 or lazy grind 4. Add better transition grinds and stalls like 5.0 stalls and axle stalls, would be a BIG + for me 5. Improve the transition mechanics! I will go to enter the bowl and it will stall on the coping or get stuck and I have to flip trying out, Thanks for reading Hope I can help!

- Fix this

I've been playing the game for a very long time and for a while I've been saving up my true credits, anyway I got to about 25,000 true credits and I had fully customised both decks that I unlocked and was considering buying a new map, but before I did that I updated my game and when I went back on it had completely reset my game and taken all my true credits away and all the gaps and tricks I unlocked and everytime I go into the game it restarts again, PLEASE FIX THIS I also bought 10,000 TC and I've lost that aswell

- Ummmm

Uhh yes I almost finished at all my skate parks and I woke up the next morning and all of my progress is ruined I now have to restart the whole game again please if you can get all my progress back I would really appreciate it I know you all might be busy but just please if you can get my progress back please I really need it back Thanks

- Add a fully DIY skatepark map!

I’ve been playing for several weeks now and gotten pretty good at the game, but I would love to see a fully DIY skatepark that you can build your own skateparks and share with your friends, or possibly even play on the same map with multiple people on at the one time. Thankyou True Skate devs for a great game to play!

- Amazing Game but...

I really enjoy this game. It’s saved me from a lot of boredom. One thing I would love to see, is real life time periods. For example if it’s mid day, the sun would be up, but if it’s night, it would be night in the game with street lights. This could be an optional feature but I think that it would be so much cooler. Overall a great game👍

- Pls read

True skate is a great game but has one issue that I would like to point out that when I purchase a coloured wheel it works for the first minute but then goes back to white. I was really annoyed when I bought the purple and it didn’t work and it was a waist of money. So all I ask is you please fix this little bug. Thx.

- Continued loss of game money earned

I just wanted to know if a creator could get in touch with me. When I initially purchased this game, I could return to it after exiting and my money earned from tricks would continue to increase but now any time I leave the game and return the money previously earned is lost and I have to start at 0 funds. This is disappointing as in the past I’ve spent a lot of time and effort building these funds only to continually loose it. I would really appreciate if some one could advise if this is a glitch? Thank you.

- Everyone stop complaining...

To every complaining abt the currency in the game on how long it takes to get, How come I’m able to make 20,000 in 20mins, U just need to do a good line, mainly grinds, so stop being noobs. The game is perfect the way it is, there’s nothing u could do to make it better or worse, just add more maps

- True skate is ok

True skate is a great game but it gets old after a few days and the fact that u pay for the game and most things are locked behind pay walls. For instance if u want another skatepark u have to grind the game for hundreds of hours or pay money, and by the time u get a skatepark ur sick of the grind of this game. It is a great skating game, I think u should just make it easier to get things as i payed hard earned cash to play and don’t want to spend more for parks and decks and stuff.

- Great game

Ok just to make this straight this game is totally worth the money. Although the coin system takes awhile it makes the game fun. The coin system doesn’t bother me but it may other people. The controls are easy and the maps are hella cheap. This is the best mobile skate game out there. Must buy!!

- Awesome

Didn't this game used to be $2.99??? I got it for free!!!!!!! Awesome graphics and the tricks are so realistic. Maybe make it so that you can level up and unlock skateparks when you level up. Because I'm sure that not everyone wants to pay $1.29-$2.99 for a different park... Besides that I love the game and I can't put it down... 👍👌👊💩💩💩

- I love this game

Hi, I’ve skated over 100 hours of this game. I love every bit of it. I only skate on the original park. It is my favourite out of all of them. Please uncap the the total amount of gold you can save. It makes me feel like I’m working towards something, and keeps me playing forever. Loopy Lew

- Great

Been playing for 7 years straight, was great when I first downloaded it and has only kept improving since. Closest and most accurate skateboarding simulation for mobile out there. If not playing skate 3 on xbox, I’ll be playing this.

- Maybe we can make some changes

I love true skate so much. However, in your latest update, all my progress was reset! This was so annoying as I had a lot of progress in the game so as you can expect, I was unhappy when I found out that all my progress was lost

- Two problems

The first problem is that the way to get the currency is stupid. If you want to buy something it will take days just to get it. The second problem is that when you are doing a line and you’re not doing a trick, the timer goes out quicker. I wish the timer doesn’t go out quicker.

- I like it but the challenges for the objects are to hard

I love the game being a tech deck kind of guy but the challenges are to hard to do because one when I do the tricks it automatically throws off course and make me fail the thing which makes me rage plz fix this or else

- Really fun! and addictive! like no joke!

I’m really... impressed I thought it’s just a rip-off game but it’s very good and I’m addicted to this game it’s so much fun and my friends is even addicted to this game can you make more updates pretty please and make it ultra realistic it’s so much fun Love holy god nuggets

- Great game, just one problem

Ok every time I get on and off my gaps reset as well as all my tricks and missions. The pole jam you guys have set up as a live event has reset and now I have to do all the missions, wait half a day and then do it again. Please do something about this because I didn’t put effort into the game just to lose my hard work.

- Good game but should make more parks free

The game is amazing and generally a good game but the fact that it costs (in Australia) 2.99$ and you only have one park and you have to pay for more. It’s a good game but it think they should a least make the game free and make the parks cost money or make the game cost money and give more parks for free

- Amazing game

This probably is one of my favourite games it is very fun. But I would like to get more parks but I can’t spend money. So please make an option to buy parks with in game coins. Other than that this is an amazing game and I recommended it to everyone.👍

- Making the better

This is a great game however it would be better if it was more realistic by adding a feature that your board can snap and things like being able to enter competitions so you can earn money Exeter

- Needs work

I have recently bought this game, and while I think the game is good itself, I came across an issue with family sharing. I tried to download it on another device in my family and it acted like I haven’t gotten it on another device. I would really like advise on how this works. But in conclusion, I guess the game itself is great apart from the errors I have just explained.

- Characters

I love this app so much it is the best but it need to be changed you don’t have any girl characters and you need to make every thing for less money and pls do it pls pls pls pls pls or no one will like it pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls I really recommend for thees changes to happen but this is still my favourite game

- Best game ever one improvement I recommend

I’m I think you should put a day of free skate parks and skate board grips and everything. So maybe like on a day like it is a day of a skate event it goes free like I love the game I hope you take my feedback thank you. 😁😃👍🏻

- Please change the front cover

Can you PLEASE Change the apps front cover I really enjoy this game an I feel like it would be even better with a new and improved front cover

- Would be great but

I am having some trouble with controlling my skateboard, it keeps on rocking back and forth, nose to tail, please fix this because I’m having second thoughts on deleting. This only happens sometimes.

- Pretty great

I think it’s a really fantastic game and I love how it so easy to use and there are no ads. I have been playing for a few years now and the only problem is I think the parks should be able to be unlocked with tc

- Not good value

The game itself is fun but can quickly get boring after not long as the game that by the way costs money only comes with one small map. The fact that you have to spend more real money on the game just to buy more places to tracks to play in . I have seen more from a free game but this cost more than $2. I am quite disappointed

- Great and realistic

Hi true axis, the game you have made is amazing and I have been playing it for almost 5 years now. I just wish that you could make skate parks for free and have street skating free roam. But me being a skater, I think the game is a rippa.

- Wastin me money

This is a great game which is also very enjoyable to play, but would be more enjoyable if I didn’t have to pay for more skateparks. There are way too many things which you have to use your money on to keep the game going until it gets boring. I’m giving it a 3/5 but it’s still a great game

- Pls make this a thing

When people re sign in they don’t have the skate parks so the have to spend more money or earn coins to get the skate parks back so the people don’t have to re buy them

- Going down hill...

True skate Used to be really fun until they brought out this new update. You can’t disable crash can any more and that’s really annoying I bought this game when it first came out and it was really fun then now it’s going downhill because of all the new updates

- This Game Glitched

I spent around 5 dollars in this game in the first day, and when I started to play this game the next day, it just got stuck on the loading screen and did not even allow me to play, i waited for 2 minutes and it said something about error booth -01 01 or something and I honestly think I just wasted my money on this game. I mean, what kind of game glitches out on the second day being played?

- EA quality game

This game is awesome. No doubt about it. However the true credit price for adding a custom image to your skate board is ludicrous. I have spent 1 and a half weeks playing this game non stop and I saved up 1000 credits. Took forever. But paying 10,000 credits for a custom deck is outrageous. Cheapen it up a little

- Awsome!!!

This is by far the most realistic skating game i've ever played i love skating so i've tried alot there's jus one bad thing which is that i cant download the maps because of the restrictions thingy. Apart from that its realy fun.

- Big issue

I’ve been playing this game nonstop for years. Naturally I had collected a lot of different items in the game and earned a few skateparks too. Recently everyone thing I had except the skateparks I bought with real money disappeared. I also had nearly 400k coins that just disappeared. Hurts to see that years of progress is gone

- It resets

True skate keeps on resetting my progress, by me purchasing an in game thing and then it deletes it even though I didn’t want to restore my purchases. I have spent months playing this game but still resets my progress. Also I purchased the mondo ramp and I waited about 2 days and hadn’t downloaded.

- In-app pucharses warning

After re-downloading the app I was unable to restore my in-app skatepark purchases. True Axis has no contact email or number for support and their trouble shooting instructions are unhelpful. The apps confusing store interface is no help either. I am very disappointed in this companies dealing of the issue and warn anyone thinking of in-app purchases that it may well be money down the drain.

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- Fun and Well Made

Good 🐟

- Iffy

I downloaded the game and my first impression on it was kinda bad coming from skate 2 (touch grind). The graphics could be improved, and the sizes of the maps are quite small. I’d like if it was free roam like skate 3. Also the controls are kinda awkward because I’m right handed so I’m pushing with the wrong foot. Overall it’s not a bad game, I think I had my expectations set quite high for a $2 game.

- Lost my parks

Great app but I had bought like 6 skateparks and now they’re all just gone. Tried restoring them and such but nothing. The prices are pretty ridiculous in the first place and now I don’t even have what I paid for. Please help.

- Larger maps, free roam and multiplayer

Please add a larger map so that you can roam around in and a multiplayer mode so that you can skate with your friends

- Meh

The game is fun but why would I pay for the game which btw has no content and then pay some more for more maps doesn’t really make sense.

- Ce jeux est une arnaque

j’ai acheté 6 map a 2,75 chaque et se mais ça retirer

- Suggestion

Absolutely love this game I’ve been playing it for around 3 years now, it’s a good game to just throw on your phone when you’re just bored and looking for something to do. Recommendations to the developers, allow us to crop our pictures to fit our decks when putting custom images on decks and grips. Other than my one criticism I love this game if you got a few bucks to spend get this and some in game upgrades and your set. P.S right now there’s a glitch going on where my saved skateboards are reverting back to old images and decks ands grips and removing my new ones.

- Me

Favourite game I love it

- Cool

For me it’s just a time waster while waiting for friends or family

- good

this game is very realistic i love being able to do a 360 dolphin quad heel on flatground lmao

- Me Menu

Game crashes when I press the 3 buttons at the top left to get to the “me” menu Please update and fix

- This game is good but one thing

I bought a skateboard Santa Cruz pack for a 1.39$ and now I redownloaded the game and I can’t restore the purchase.. help?

- Awful Game

Poor layout and difficult to figure out the controls. Would not recommend purchasing this game!

- Iphone xr

Doesn’t work on my iphone xr 🤷‍♂️

- Fun but needs a bit more customization

It’s fun overall and I found myself getting 40,000 nuts on just the free map and needed more maps so I bought some and some new skateboards and wheels but noticed that there is no such thing as truck customization which I’d like to see because my board looks kinda plain when the wheels are black or red and my trucks are plain silver so please add that.

- Am I supposed to get this for free?

Am I supposed to get this for free?

- Refund

The game isn’t worth it, you have to pay for stuff ingame, barely every play it, requesting refund.

- amazing but could use other things

the game is amazing but can easily get boring and mistakes can also happen when customizing your board. make a refund button for your board in case players make a mistake and make getting coins easier. if i can do a very high score on a line and only get 100 coins and the maps are worth 200,000 makes it just not worth it. keep up the great work

- Idea

Can you make more skateboarding games

- Great poo game

Perfect while pooing

- To expensive

Great game just think that for a game that cost money it should be easier to get other maps and isn’t 200 000 coins it’s like you pay for a game and then you pay even more for it to be fun and not repetitive

- Pay to win

I personally love this game it’s so addictive and fun! But it is pretty pay to win. If you could change that I would love it even more! I understand if you don’t want to change that.

- To add into game

Love the game but could you improve -Make Manuals nose manuals easier -make it easier to pop out on rails while grinding -make a switch mode easier to see objects infront of you - add Casper flip as well as ghetto birds -make it easier skating bowl locking in without popping, make kick turns easier exc -add some freestyle tricks Thank you

- True Skate Team!! The Legs!!

This game feels good. I love that the game isn’t stiff and strictly realism. The legs are a nice touch and feels rewarding once you land a steezy trick. However, when I pop a big spin, the legs don’t move with me. It feels wrong. (I’m riding goofy) It be awesome if you guys could update the legs and move how they should! Great game!

- 😎

am pro skater 😎😎😎

- Add another free park

We need another free skatepark

- But 25$ worth of stuff and now it’s gone

I bought so much stuff and it dissolved scam scam scam scam scam trash crap

- Really good game but a lot of micro transactions

The gameplay is pretty smooth tricks are somewhat easy to pull off, missions are not so easy. However if you want to unlock a new park you have to pay for it but other than that this is a really good game

- 5 star

I think true skate is amazing I give it a 100/10. The only thing that makes me so mad is that when you buy something the next day it like disappears. And I can’t see any skate parks besides the original one. Around a year ago I bought a few skate boards and parks and there all gone now😔

- Great

I have been playing for about 4 close to 5 years now and I love it favourite game on my phone thanks for the fun 🙂

- Dont buy

I paid 3$ for this crap please Dont buy waste of your time you get one small map and you have to pay for any other map.

- Fun game but with problems

I bought a skatepark(the mondo ramp)and now if I try to play it it says the content is on the phone but it will not restore

- Good game

Its a really good game but I paid for some skateparks and have trouble using them I also paid for board customization and just didnt get it. Please fix that

- Good game!

Honestly this is just a fun and great game to play when your bored or waiting for something or someone somewhere

- Could be improved

Good game but the wheels I but aren’t showing up

- Canada board broken

I bought the Canada deck for 20,000 tc and then when I went to get the free Tampa board it didn’t let me change back to the canada board and it made me lose 20,000tc hate this game fix this bug

- Good game

I really love the game but It would be awesome if the developers added longboards in the game

- Shop broken

The shop is completely useless to me. I can’t buy any custom boards or graphics. Also wheel colours aren’t showing up

- Incredible

How a mobile game can also be one of the best skateboarding games we’ve ever had is beyond me

- True skate!!

By far the best skateboarding game!! Super fun!0 problems with the game.

- Well it was good

It was good 2 years ago but now it doesn’t save my data.

- AWESOME..... but,

It’s a great game and it feels great and all, but does everything have to cost money?? Like I’m stuck on the same map and you just get board isn’t the game already to much money? Anyways, I love the game.

- Good game but...

This game is really good great everything but here is what I would really appreciate if you added in the game I just want to play with my friends in the same skatepark. So if two or three people could go into one skatepark Thanks

- Low gravity

While trying to just skate around my board has zero gravity like I tap the tail to slow down and than my board flips back other wise it’s good

- Oof

I didn’t get a tutorial plz help


It’s one f the best games I’ve Played. I love the phisycs the graphic... The only thing that I would want added it would be multiplayer so like you and your friend can play together, and also if you do make a multiplayer mode could you make it so it’s still offline. So like one mode online with random people and the offline would be like a code to share to your friends But other then that PERFECT GAME

- #newtrueskatemaps


- Good game

Good game but please make bigger maps and a multiplayer mode please

- Gameplay is good but

The game itself is fun however any progression you make in the game is often erased by the next time you open it. I have found all the gaps in many of the maps just to open the app the next day and find all of my progression erased. I have earned hundreds of thousands of “TrueCredits” just to see them disappear overnight, along with anything I may have spent them on. I see they now offer the in game currency as an in app purchase, I would strongly recommend you do not waste your money on them as they will most likely disappear from your account overnight. Fun game, but essentially no sense of progression as any missions or gaps you complete will disappear regularly along with all of your earned truecredits.

- I’m confused

It’s a fun game but I don’t know how to ride without doing a Manuel and I can’t turn I don’t know how someone plz help

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- Ok... just one problem.

First of all I love this game! I have had it for a while and it is super fun!! There is just one problem though. Like I said I’ve been playing for a while. And I just got enough coins to buy a new board. So I bought a 20k Santa Cruz board, then when I got on the game a day after that my board didn’t show up. So I checked my current board and saw it was equipped so I bought a 2nd board and and tried to change it to the free board, but accidentally changed my Santa Cruz board. So I went to get the Santa Cruz board and it said I needed to buy it again!!! Just a suggestion, make it so when you buy a board you get to KEEP the board.

- Best game

This game can’t even be compared to any mobile game. I never get bored with it. I would even say it’s better than any console/pc game there’s just always knew tricks to be done. For the people saying it’s too hard to get points it’s a grind for a reason like anything on gta or any other game is grind to get. Also if you know the tricks you’re doing and it’s that big of a problem that it’s saying something else just turn off trick info. Finally don’t complain about the price of new maps it’s literally a dollar or two and then you basically have a new game

- Great game. Some things you could fix.

I’m willing to bet nobody is going to respond to this but here we go. This is a tremendously fun game, I’ve spent hours upon hours just playing it. However, after a week of playing I had accumulated 200,000 true credits, enough to buy a new deck in game, I decided upon a nice Santa Cruz deck, I purchased it, and enjoyed it. A month later I was messing around in the settings and accidentally changed it to the free Tampa pro deck. “Oops” I think to myself, “better go change it back”. But it doesn’t let me. Weeks of progress gone. If anyone sees this please make it so that you can buy a deck permanently. Thanks

- Who made these missions?

Great game and physics but it’s obvious the ppl making the missions are clearly ppl who never skated a day in their life.. who goes down an incline and gaps the flat? ... three times in a row... hire skaters if your making a skating game, just a thought. Also the prices for things with in game currency is dumb and unbalanced with mission rewards.. get it together, it would be one thing if this game was f2p but it isnt. We all purchased this game, some of us did so long ago, like myself when it cost more than it does now. These are easy fixes and I clearly see y’all consistently adding more “buyable” maps and “Christmas event” then take the time to read these comments and fix your issues.

- When ever I’m not skating, I’m virtually skating!

This game is by far the best. Better than SKATER which I ultimately regret buying. I like how it’s not easy to lock onto things or do tricks. Repetition and practice is what it takes. I can easily lock into smiths, feebles, 5050s, crooks, and many more. As well as flipping tre, lazer, hardflip, nightmare, 360 inward heel. I already have the feel for the tricks. I earn tc really fast too. Some challenges are pretty impossible tho. Like Lip Grind in the first map, it’s impossible to keep the grind going all around the bowl. Please developers why. Anyways 10/10 game. Ur all just scrubs at it.

- Love it never gets boring

I love this game. To the people who don’t think it’s worth buying new maps, it’s 100% worth it and that’s what keeps the game fun and never get boring! What needs to be in this game is more than just a max of 4 kick flips or any other trick. You can’t get more than a quad so trying a trick over 4 spins, turns, flips, ect, doesn’t go over quadruple flip. I also hope to also see a maximum increase for pop-shove it’s and other tricks that involve going 180, 360, 540, 720, you should add 900’s and 1080’s spins. I hope what I’m saying makes sense English isn’t my best language.

- Great in most aspects

Personally, I think it’s the best mobile skate game. The missions keep you playing it, so do the maps. The physics are pretty good, except for an occasional glitch where the board becomes extremely bouncy- which has only happened recently. Some things that I personally think would make it better: improve the “DIY” feature, since you are limited to around 3 obstacles for some parks- not even all of them. I would also like to see improved vert mechanics: i.e. blunts, stalls, and better grab physics. But for the most part, the base game is pretty solid. It can be very precise with the flips at times.

- Best Skate game on mobile

Im highly critical of everything in the app store, so its rare I give a good review, but True Skate has really earned it. The game is free to play continuously with all mechanics physics the best ive experienced. In-app purchases are not forced, like in the billion other crappy games on iOS. I never spend money on these things unless its to buy a full game, but since i had 99cents left I bought a new park and gave it a whirl. (The Valley) wow. Hats off to the team. Im really enjoying this. Its also great for giving you something easy to just open and play whenever you like if you suffer from anxiety like myself.

- The Next EA

This game does run smoothly and controls generally well. The gameplay is easy to learn, hard to master. But there is one big problem that just kills this game for me. The heavy reliance on micro transactions. The only way to get new skateparks and certain skateboards is to pay for it. Although the cost is relatively cheap, coming in at around 1-2 dollars, this is the only method of getting new skateparks. And the game gets pretty monotonous from playing on the exact same park for god knows how long. The worst part is, I got this game for 2-3 dollars, and now they’re forcing me to shell out more cash just to make the game fun. Basically, it’s a full priced game adopting a free to play, pay to win model. It’s just a surprise that it wasn’t developed by EA or Activision

- The one game I could play for hours

The best game on the App Store. Period. Insane freedom in the skate word, the developers really went to town on this one. Incorporating real brands and real courses into a mobile game makes the experience feel that much better. A mile long list of possible tricks, lines, and spots to hit make this game so enticing to play at any hour anywhere. The only complaint is that I lost my 37,000 true credits when I transferred to a different iPhone but besides that never had any problems or a bad time playing. Thank you for this amazing game.

- My Favorite Game in Appstore

I recently redownloaded this game after a two year hiatus, and the updates since I’ve had it are amazing. The physics of the game are incredible, especially in realistic mode; and anyone who’s worried this is a cash grab, it is anything but. The parks are worth every penny and I’ve already spent $15 myself. There was a couple issues after an update, but they righted themselves besides my missing board customizations. Customizing my board though is not what has me playing this game everyday, so not that big an issue. Very impressed.

- Lost love

I got this game years ago on my iPod touch 4 and played it daily for years. When i got my iPhone 11 the game just stopped launching. When you tap it the screen gets slightly darker for a second and then it crashes every time. I have tried everything and have reached out to true axis two times with no response. I have hundreds of hours and over $30 in the game spent on skate parks. The only thing i have not tried is completely reset my phone. Love the game and miss it dearly and hope someone who can help sees this.

- Horrible

Horrible game. Fine in its first few aspects of the game. After a few good minutes you end up not having as much fun I tried clouding to my original account ( IPad account ), to which it responded it didn’t exist. The game even lets you see what email address you used and the password is included. I input them correctly, to have it say, again, it didn't exist. I had multiple different skateparks which I paid my for with my own money. Surprise, surprise, the next update my account for some reason switched to the account I used on my phone. I couldn’t switch back to my original account. I’m so glad I didn’t spend the extra money they charge for the initial game itself currently, as I got it when it was free. Do not get this atrocious excuse for a game.

- Great game but...

I recently bought a custom grip tape in the game and during the new update this week is was gone if u need proof I have a picture of it. I lost 10,000 true credits and haven’t gotten them back. I am very disappointed with the new update and hope to get my true credits back or my grip tape back. Otherwise this game is a great game and I love playing with friends the only thing right now to make it cooler is to add a multiplayer game where u can just play with your friends also maybe in the future you guys can add a custom skatepark and you have to add ramps and rail for true credits. I love playing the game and hope all this stuff happens in the future.

- Best 1.99$ spent on a game

This game is amazing so many things to buy explore and tricks to do. I love doing the tricks they provide and a wide selection of gaps to find. In my option save up some money get a gift card and buy this game. Everything is very affordable in my opinion and I believe anyone can spend 99 cents or around five bucks on maps slo mo and other accessible things in the game. What I’m trying to say is this is a great game very worth it no glitches for me wonderful job can’t wait for new updates in the future thanks for reading

- Please respond true axis

This game is awesome it is so addicting to play but there is one major problem to me it is the fact that when I buy wheels with true credits it will become white again if I leave the game completely for example I keep buying red wheels and it turns to white wheels if I completely leave the game or turn of my phone all the way I have spent so much true credits on red wheels to experiment how I can keep them but I have no way of doing it so I just hope that you will fix this bug or glitch soon please

- Great rainy day skate game

I’ve been playing this game for a long time. Years. That’s how much replay it has if you actually enjoy skating. You can play with your thumb or two fingers changing the dynamics. Although there are some things that bother me like not being able to go in between rails n such the game is wonderful. Although It seems like every new map is getting worse There are a lot of great early maps to choose from if you wanna fork out a dollar. It’s a dollar. Don’t trip. Oh yea recently the board won’t keep my custom graphics. It’s annoying. Please fix.

- It a good game but

The only thing I have to complain about is some of the challenges are not possible to do it maybe I’m doing something wrong but whenever I do a challenge right there is something I have done wrong. But besides the one bad thing I love this game and I think you should make a multiplayer mode where you can battle your friends and just skate around. Also you should make a mode where you can make your own parks but I think you are going in that you might be going in that Direction anyway .

- Don’t put money into this game

I used to love this game but unfortunately after countless months of not being able to access the extra maps I paid for, I’m disappointed. Im here writing this review because their recent update said they had fixed this issue, yet when I try to restore my purchases the app crashes. I’ve tried restoring it numerous and every time it crashes. This problem has been literally going on for months but they’d rather put their energy into changing the ui to something worse than it was before instead of fixing actual issues. I just added everything up and i figured out that I’ve spent $14 in JUST in game purchases and for the last few months I have not been able to access them.

- pretty good

ok don’t get me wrong this game is awesome just a few things number 1 the missions they always make you do the EXACT same thing or it fails you number 2 the skateparks and money i fell like they want your money for the skateparks and don’t get me wrong i could see how because of how cool they are but for that amount of money?!? NOPE and i like the things that you can do in it for example the flips that your able to do i think is pretty sick🔥 and if your reading this i would definitely reccomend into getting this and the best part YOU DONT NEED WIFI TO PLAY IT!

- It is a great game, but ...

It is a great game. I have spent $4.99 on the custom skateboard thing and bought the Infinity Park. It is a great game, I do recommend this game to skaters, but the skateboards are lots of TC’s like come on it takes me 10 to get about 750 TC’s and the skateboards are usually 20,000 TC’s some are 40k. And the custom skateboard thing does not have a glossy deck on it. It looks pretty crappy. Also it would be fun to be able to play with friends on a private server or a regular server. True Axis I hope you guys read this and are making a update. If you guys do I would be super happy. Thanks

- This is the best skate app available

Honestly if you like skating just get it it’s super fun and has infinite replay ability. I’d like to see more customization option for your board. Thing like bearings and trucks, currently it’s just deck and grip images and wheel color. Also when choosing a deck or grip pic, you need to be able to move the picture around. Also when in the menu the upper left back arrow and the bottom left back button do the same thing, I think the bottom button should always be refund to game. Also please introduce more maps with bowls, none of the SLS courses have any and none of the original courses are full bowl parks. I’d like to see a park that’s all bowl with big drop ins and a variety of bowls and grinds. Otherwise the first game I ever downloaded and the only game I’ve never deleted, really love it and thanks for adding grabs.

- meh.

First thing I have to say, I loved this game. The physics, the tricks, it was amazing. Then some new updates came out, and I said, “why am I still playing this again?” Ughhhh Screw up #1: bolts (in-game currency) The bolts system was a good way to grind to get stuff like decks, wheels, etc. but then a few updates later, the bolts system just straight-up BROKE. So then, in hopes of you getting frustrated, they either make you buy bolts, or just flat-out ask for money. We already bought a game that cost money. We should at least have some stuff like free skateparks or something. Its pisses me off that we have to spend more money if we want more content. Screw-up #2 trick system This is most definitely not a major issue, the trick system sometimes is broken. I’ll do a varial flip, and it says I did a shuv-it, then a late kickflip. Or when I do a grind without putting my finger down it doesn’t register. Not a major issue, still bugs me. Thanks for reading, I guess.

- I love this game so much but I have a suggestion

I love this game so much I can’t skate board in real life because I just my wisdom teeth taken out. So I have been using this game for a while and I love it but I wish we could get customizable trucks for the board we could change the size and the color and maybe put stickers on them I would love that it would make the game so much better. Thank you for reading this and I hope you can figure out how to add my idea in your game thank you!

- Some bugs

This game is awesome and I love the physics but there are slight problems. Every time I exit out of the game and go back in later all of my true skate coins are gone and I don’t understand because I’ll grind the game and get 5,000 just to exit out and take a break, come back in the game and have all my credits GONE I don’t understand why that happens. The same thing happens when I buy boards and colors for my wheels and when I buy decks. Every time I come back all of it is gone, it’s like I hit an new game option every time I exit the game. Please fix this because it’s really frustrating

- One of my main games

This is one of my main games now. Its fun to try to get the highest score possible in one trick. I like how you get more money for lines now (or maybe I got better). The only 2 things I can complain about is how you have to buy more maps and how bad the build mode is. You get 3 objects (which are bad most of the time) and on inbound (I think) I was trying to put a rail at the of a half pipe and it would go to the roof. Its not even possible to get to the roof.

- All of my purchases have reset

I haven’t played this game in almost a year so I thought that I would redownload and play again. I come back to se that the mission UI is completely different and I have no way to earn True Skate points anymore. I also bought the Old School Deck pack for $2 and now that pack isn’t even in the game anymore. Whenever I try to edit my deck with the old school board it tries to charge me 10k credits to change it, AFTER I HAVE SPENT ACTUAL MONEY ON THE GAME!!! Also, how on earth am I supposed to get the 10k credits whenever I don’t even get points for doing my mission anymore. The game has gone WAYYY downhill in the past year. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!

- Get it

I've had this game for 5 years and have put more time into it than into any other game. It's really fun to create designs with your boards and progressively grow in your knowledge of tricks. I also enjoy being able to compete with other players to set new record scores for all time, monthly, and weekly sets. This game does cost you a bit, but it becomes way more fun once you buy a second or third map to get some variety going. 10/10 recommend

- Recent update

Great game but,When I opened the app today I found myself with the default skatepark but still with all my coins but my inbound skatepark has gone missing. There was this message that popped up but I accidentally didn’t read it and the skatepark part of the shop is missing so I can’t restore the purchase. Another thing a while ago I got a new phone and when I logged onto the same about my mondo ramp was missing even though I was on the same account. And on the original phone the mondo ramp is there


This October marks 8 years since I’ve been playing this game. I remember being 11 years old. iPod touch 1st gen. Hitting kick flips inspiring me to do the same in real life. This game got me through high school English class when we were supposed to be having reading time. And than I graduated and joined the army. And now it gets me through 24 hour CQ shifts. I LOVE THIS GAME. I have put countless days in game throughout the years. JUST PAY THE DARN 1.99 it will change your life. Thank you for bringing me so much joi true skate. <3

- Good game, had one problem

I got this game along time ago. Me and a couple friends recently just got back into it. I spent a lot of time on here saving up for 10,000 TC to change my boards graphic. Once I got 10,000 I used it and put a graphic on my board. It let me use that board while I was on it but when I closed it out, the next time I got on my graphic was gone. The wheels that I bought stayed but I couldn’t get back my graphic. It also did not refund my purchase. Otherwise very fun game that a would recommend.

- Good game but...

This is a good game but i'm trying to send a person a friend request and it doesn't work because their ID is -1 and when I log out of the game the request I sent is GONE. So I tried doing it again and again and I told them did you get the request? He said no and I want you to fix that. PLEASE. And theirs another thing that happened to them. So their ID is -1 I was confused why the Profile ID is that when I first joined the game my ID was not -1 maybe they just started? Or it's a bug? Please fix that of if not sorry for that.

- Mission impossible

I’ve had this game for about a year and a half. I began trying to do mission #61 about 4 months ago and I’m convinced it’s either impossible or so difficult you have to spend 3 years playing the game to perform it. I’ve struggled with other missions but none like this AND YOU HAVE TO PAY TO SKIP IT! The game shows you how to do the trick (slightly helpful) but even when I record my screen and record my taps/holds to perform the trick, even though they are IDENTICAL to the video tutorial when compared side by side, I still fail. Good game, but paying to skip a mission is a little petty.

- THIS GAME IS AWESOME just needs a few fixes

I really really like this game so dont stop making updates and fixing the game please!! :) this game is really amazing but theres a little glitches here and there for example trying to jump with the skateboard can be hard because sometimes it doesnt really work when around a railing and i think that there should be a community server for people to all skate together in a big park! that would be awesome if u guys could do that! please and thank you for your time and for reading this

- Free but paying

I got this app like 3 or 4 years ago. I got it for free using an app that recommends apps that normally cost money but are free for a small time period. I love it and used it a lot. Using only the main under bridge map. After about two years, I purchased a multi park map. Although I don’t fancy all of them, it was still awesome. Today I gifted this app to my brother. It’s really awesome, and it’s nice seeing the addition of boards legs, and controller. Thank you guys so much! And keep skating fam!

- Bugs with the new legs and DIY

I’ve been playing this game for years now as I skate and it never seems to get boring. I love the new legs feature and their isn’t many bugs with them. However I think it would be cool if you could customize the shoes, pants, etc. The DIY is super buggy as none of the missions save after you close out of the game and it’s very annoying. Also deck graphics do not stay on. Thanks for a great game but please get the issues taken care of!

- Best game on my phone. Only game.

I never write reviews, but dang. I’ve spent so many hours on this game. My new time-passer at random moments in the day. I stopped skating for a while but this game got me back into skating in real life. Im addicted to it. If I could have one recommendation it would be for new maps. I bought all of them but I’m not huge fan of the street league stuff. I spend the most time on mondo ramp cause it’s mindless and fun. But I love the school too. More outside street parks please! Thanks for the game.

- Best Mobile Skateboarding Game!

Have had this game for a couple of years now and can honestly say it is a game I have NEVER deleted! The physics of this game can forsure improve the mindset of someone skateboarding in real life! Developers should make a Park Edit Mode to where us users can move obstacles in the park to skate, Also improving skating switch and nollie! Opening up new products to a store where we buy more items with our points (I am always maxed out on my points lol)

- Best Mobile Game Ever 🤙🏻

This is hands down the best mobile game I have ever played. I love the maps, and don't mind buying them because they are well worth it! So far I have bought 5, and haven't been disappointed with any of them! They have sales all the time as well, so that means discounts on maps! You can record/edit your gameplay and upload/share them with the True Skate Community which was a great feature! All around great and addicting game, 5 Stars!

- Board wear and tear

Okay so played this game forever it’s awesome played just about every day for 4 years but my only complaint is my board damage doesn’t stay for that long, like it used to stay damaged and used looking which I liked but after some update it stopped doing it and after this recent update it started saving board damage again until the past few days now every time I open the app my board is brand new (only real skaters will understand why this matters to me)

- My favorite game

I’ve easily dumped over a couple hundred hours into this game while I’m bored at work. I have no idea how this isn’t a 5 star game, you’ll never find another iPhone app with physics like this and such a concept. Obviously I’d like more of a mission to the game, but I’m creative enough to come up with my own objectives, and when that got boring I enabled realism mode and tried doing the same tricks with increased difficulty. This game sparks my creative side, I like it.

- Game is fun but hard to earn credits

The game is really fun. But it is really hard to get stuff and takes a long time I am starting to lose interest in the game because I have to play a long time to get the styles I want. Skin my opinion you should decrease the grip,wheels, and deck prices or increase the amount of credits you get per trick. And also I bought the red wheels but it keeps showing up white. On the edit skateboard menu it shows red but in the gameplay my wheels are white. So a glitch? Devs please read!?!

- Best skate game ever but here are some ideas

You guys should add a multiplayer tournament where you can go up against random people in a game. If added, then there should something where you can chat with other players and also add them as friends. Also, create more boards. Like a True Skate Rose Deck. Including, if you can then you guys should add levels to unlock new stuff such as a free park, griptape, decks or even customizable obstacles. Please consider my opinion.

- Good, but there is one thing.

Hello! I am in love with true skate. I play it almost everyday and reached insane 1% scores like 31.4 SLS and a 2377 point trick, but there is one thing that makes me anxious. It’s the fact that the wear gets on a skateboard. For example: I but a photo for 10,000 credits and after just 30 minutes went by, the scratches were really starting to literally kill me. I just wanted them gone, but it costs 1,000 credits to do that, so yeah, we NEED to remove wear, it’s good for your credits and happiness. Okay developers?

- Good game but...

Ok so the game is pretty fun but every thing cost money and the stuff that doesn’t cost real money cost a crap tun of coins which take a while to get a decent amount of. Second of all I thing if this game had a multiplayer mode like if they had a couple of maps that people could play with each other on, or a down hill map were you could race each other down or whoever gets the most points. Anyway I think a multiplayer mode would be fun and a cut in prices would be better, until that happens I give it a 3 out of 5

- suggestions and some improvements.

Please fix the issue with the manuals on mobile phones, its almost impossible to perform ollies to manuals on obstacles. Manuals on mobile are trash compared to on big screens, also please add the two fingers skate function on mobile. Trucks- The blank trucks are getting pretty boring. If you guys could, please add various trucks in game ranging from Thunders to Tensors. Prices- The price range for the parts are on fleek. I think it would be better to keep the deck prices as is, but the grip prices should be 25 to 50 percent lower than the decks. ranging from 10k-15k Audio- The audio effects on ledges and rails are sketchy, the sound of the board or trucks hitting a metal rail and a cemented ledge are different, i think it would be best if you guys update the audio effect to add realism:) other than that its a great game!

- Please read devs

When I downloaded the new update, the physics engine broke for me. The gravity is super low and doing Ollies sends you FLYING! it’s super annoying and my friend had it happen to him too. It makes the game really hard to play. Since it was an AMAZING game before this happened, and I have been playing for years, I still gave it a 5 star. But this has ruined the experience, but maybe you can find a way to fix it.

- Well worth the $1.99

This is an amazing game and it’s so fun! I have been skateboarding for a while now and this is a really fun and mostly realistic game. My friend steals my phone to play this, and he doesn’t even skateboard! It’s so easy to pull out of your pocket and play instantly, then shut it off within 2 seconds. It has a few weird bugs with the purchases, but other than that, this game is awesome. Well worth the $1.99!

- Super frustrating

I like this game, I’ve had it on my phone for at least four or five years? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve had it since there was only one park to choose from. I’ve spent money and bought new parks. Most frustratingly, I’ve spent tons of time on it, saved up my points and customized my decks. I get a few days of having that image on my deck, and then it’s suddenly gone. This has happened multiple times, and man it’s just so frustrating. Is this a ploy to get me to buy unlimited deck customization? No thanks.

- Amazing.

I have played this game about three times a week for the past two years, and I never got bored of it. It is a great game whether you are into skateboarding or not. I love skateboarding, and I think that is why I love it so much. The only thing I would change, is I think there should be more decks and parks. But overall I think this game is a 5/5. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves skateboarding.

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𝓶𝓸𝓬𝓱𝓲 ₇ •ᴗ• 🧸 🍓

@moderkives LOL seriously this so true... me just learn how to play roller skate for 1 hour and my body sore for 1 whole day :))))

ash | tooru & hinata brainrot


🐆 you can't (dribble) 🐧 thats not true 🐆 really? (🐧 tried twice and failed😂) 🐆 why are you good at skate.. #NI_KI #SUNGHOON @ENHYPEN_members


Based on her run through, it looks like Mako Yamashita is likely to open her free skate with 2A instead of 4S. If true, a good strategy—she’s currently in 4th, so going clean is probably her best shot at the podium (her 4S attempts at other events were downgrades).


@BUNCXMS i love roller skating too!! thats very true that they’re both very similar. when i was first learning how to ice skate id roller skate around the house first even though i wasn’t good at both so when i did go ice skating i had somewhat of a balance and i ended up learning both


Proof of making my year. We sit at the skate park and warm up by the fire in the @Tesla ❤️ True love

Micah Bell

@Omar64362751 @TyKeDoPWNZ @BlackPanthaaYT True, that’s probably why Skate 4 isn’t out. Shutting down black box killed many a game


This is sort of silly. The frame at the top is a skate boarding pit (a rather challenging one); the one below may be a true anomaly (one that will likely by solved with a scientific investigation).

rnb boi

En vrai ; cancun, red on red, shawty wanna skate, money and drugs,


oomf likes chaire and hates skate so true


Average skate real fan vs average True Skate™️ enjoyer


Thank you, miracle boy, for being yourself and true to yourself! Thank you for sharing you magic. You are truly a gift to the world, it's a blessing to see you skate. Pls, take care, and may you be happy & reach your goals. Thank you and congratulations! #YuzuruHanyu #羽生結弦

defame personne

@spurtmagoo @corelambda my experience the true evolution of the spirit, soul, individuals own personal growth before the inevitability of death we shed self-deceit, self illusions,delusions and face death with the same naked truth we enter life "Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill."

ScumBag$kate 🛹

@Merz_Qcg2 That’s true

дарья балдёж

@4GENLEADERSTXT so true, i fear her clean skate will normilize this thing, but it's uhealthy af

True Skate 1.5.26 Screenshots & Images

True Skate iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

True Skate iphone images
True Skate iphone images
True Skate iphone images
True Skate iphone images

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The applications True Skate was published in the category Games on 2012-10-18 and was developed by True Axis [Developer ID: 337866373]. This application file size is 206.2 MB. True Skate - Games app posted on 2020-10-21 current version is 1.5.26 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.trueaxis.skate

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