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What is true skate app? #1 game in 80 countries. Loved by millions of skateboarders all over the world.

"True Skate is clearly something special" - 4.5/5 - Touch Arcade review.

True Skate™ is the closest feeling to real-world skateboarding, with a decade long evolution as the ultimate skateboarding sim.

Note: True Skate™ comes with a single skatepark and contains additional content available via In-App Purchase or Subscription. See below.

Use your fingers like you would your feet on a real skateboard. Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect & drag your finger on the ground to push.
- Play with one finger, mind skate with 2 fingers, or play with 2 thumbs, now with Gamepad! The skateboard reacts instantly as foot & finger, thumb or stick feels truly connected whether pushing, popping, flipping or grinding.
- True Axis's instant & unified physics system listens for swipe, position, direction and strength from the player & processes how the skateboard should respond in real-time. So the same flick in two different points of the skateboard will react very differently.
- Literally any trick is possible with TRUE CONTROL of the skateboard, so if you can dream-it, you can do-it!

Begin at the Underpass, a beautiful skatepark to get lost in with ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe & quarter pipes. Then start grinding Bolts to unlock 10 Fantasy Parks. 
Additional skateparks are available as In-App Purchases. Shred over 20 real-world spots including; The Berrics, SPoT, Love Park, MACBA, & Street League Skateboarding Championship Courses from 2012.

True Skate™ now has a character! Choose your character & start rolling to unlock custom apparel to show off your style. Customize your skateboard with decks and grips from Santa Cruz, DGK, Primitive, MACBA Life, Grizzly, MOB, Independent, Knox, Creature, Nomad, Capitol, ALMOST, Blind, Cliche, Darkstar, Enjoi, Zero & more. Customize your wheels & trucks.

True Skate™ is about nailing the perfect line; timing, strength, precision, angle, late corrections all make a difference. Replays are now next level, with a bunch of new cams and capability, including a fisheye lens that can shake on impact. Insert keyframes on the timeline to blend between cams. Select from;
- 5 preset Cams.
- Custom Cam with FOV, distortion, distance, height, pitch, pan, yaw & orbit options.
- Tripod Cam with auto, fixed, & follow options.

Unlock DIY Objects, spawn & multiply to create the park of your dreams. Stay tuned for new objects dropping weekly in the Shop.

Compete in Global Leaderboards, or connect with your mates via Challenges & games of S.K.A.T.E or join SANDBOX.

SANDBOX is a subscription service that enables players to create & play your True Skate™ experience:
- Custom board stats & graphics.
- Create your own spot, including the gravity!
- Or choose from tons of incredible Community-Made; Skateparks, DIYs, Boards, Skins, & Apparel.

Play with your iOS device or Gamepad as your controller and enjoy True Skate™ in landscape mode on the Big Screen! 
- Connect your iOS device to an Apple TV (or AirPlay compatible smart TV), via wi-fi, or via cable using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter.
- Pair your Gamepad with your iOS device via Bluetooth.

Note: An internet connection is required to access some features.

Terms of service can be found at

Subscriptions will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to players iTunes account settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

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App Name True Skate
Category Games
Updated 18 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 166.9 MB

True Skate Comments & Reviews 2024

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“Constructive” Criticism. Ok so i’ve played the game for a while now and i’ve just wanted to point out a few fatal flaws with the game. Ok so first why must we STILL pay for maps when you’re already milking the new sandbox add on heavily. I get it you guys have to make money, but then why give us parks we can buy for coins that are worth like $50 when converted i don’t get it. IF you’re going to charge for maps then atleast give more free ones right off the bat. Before the 200,000 coin parks I played the default park for about 7 months and IT GETS SO REPETITIVE! Anyways good mechanics in the game it’s good, but either prepare your credit card or prepare your time because you’re going to have to grind for a while before you can buy anything. Ok bye! :)

Need to fully integrate realistic mode or make it default. This game is fun and is the closest thing to replicating the feeling of skating…. BUT only if you go into the settings and turn “realistic mode” on. This makes your ollie height like that of a normal person. The problem is that with this setting on, all missions are inaccessible and you can only free skate. Would be 5 stars otherwise. If you decide to leave this setting off to do the missions, ollie height is so sensitive and powerful that you launch way over obstacles that you are trying to get onto making grinds feel totally wrong since you need to pop way behind where you would in real life. You pop about 10 feet into the air like you’re on the moon with normal pressure. And there’s no in between you either barely tap and don’t leave the ground or you’re in the sky. In realistic mode however you pop at just the right height to get onto rails where you would in real life and can skate the park in a normal fashion. Make this default or at least playable in missions devs!

Great game. True skate is a very fun, easy to learn mobile skating game, I would recommend this game to any skater that can’t find a good skating game for mobile. I think this game is worth the price except for two thing. One, you can play this game for a while but after a week or two of playing a lot, you get bored of the starting map but you are forced to pay more money for a game that already costed you money, although all the extra maps are good, you have to pay for something in game even though you already payed for the game, which is very annoying. Two, unless this is just me, or it’s an actual bug for everyone, or this is something that the developers added to the game purposefully for some reason, I honk it needs to be fixed ASAP. Every time that I crash or something like that, my board basically stops working and starts being very hard to move around and do tricks with and starts being very floppy, every time I move it starts bumping up and down like something is there, and it is very annoying and I restart my game every time it starts because it is basically impossible to do a trick successfully. Apart from these two things though, this game is very fun

BEST GAME EVER. ok so i got this game about a year ago and i have played it pretty much every day. it is a great game to play when you are bored or can’t skate.. you can open this app and it will cure your bordem or will make you feel like your skating. it is very easy to earn “bolts” aka coins. with bolts you can upgrade your bored or make your self a custom bored. you can even take your own pictures and put it on your grip tape!! the only problem i have with this game is that i wish you didn’t have to pay for different skateparks. sometimes the same old parks get annoying. but overall this is probley the best purchase of my life! literally... so i would buy it if i where you! you won’t regret this ❤️

Big negative set back. True Skate is truly fun and I do find myself playing it a lot in my spare time. It’s very responsive and it’s easy to learn after playing for just a little while. BUT the one huge negative I have with this game is that is has a scoring system that lets you earn in game currency to buy decks, grip graphics, etc. This is not bad because you don’t have to rely on using real money for the things you want but the scoring system is off and doesn’t allow you to earn the points you deserve after your score. I’ll skate a line and earn 8,000 points which gives me around 100 in game currency but next I’ll do a line that’s worth 40,000 and it gives me 197 in game currency. I’m sorry but that is total bull crap and makes me lose interest in busting in better tricks in longer lines because you don’t receive much of a reward for it as much as trying less and receiving around the same amount. Great game over all though, if that was tweaked this game would almost be flawless.

Easily my favorite iPhone game. True Skate is an addictive game. I have played it for so long, I’ve purchased multiple parks, and I have always enjoyed it. I never run into problems with it, other than two. 1. Every so often, my board won’t react to my finger. I will swipe to flip it, and the board won’t move. It is very rare, but not rare enough to not mention it. 2. Also every so often, and also depending on the park, it usually happens on Inbound, I will grind on a ledge, and when the ledge comes to a bend, my board will just stop like it’s hitting a wall. The most important thing to take from this is: it’s a fantastic game, no ads!!, and it runs really smoothly. I am rating 5 stars because I genuinely love this game and the two problems aren’t enough to lower my opinion on it.

its great but.... I’ve had this game since it started out free. The updates were making it better and better but there came a point I think around early to mid 2016 that they started ruining it. Don’t count on the new updates. It’s like they fix one thing and break five other things with it. Remove the grab tricks (it keeps catching the board with a hand when I don’t want it to), fix the courses (half of em you cant grind or slide on because the board just falls off of anything), and do something with the buttons on top of the screen so my notifications panel doesn’t keep trying to slide down. And also, half the time the board doesn’t flip or anything. If these could get fixed, this would be the perfect game. But no, the developers probably won’t read this, try to update it and “fix any bugs”, and make it more unplayable.

PROBLEM WITH NEW IPHONE 11 Pro Max. Hello, I am writing to tell you that I LOVE THIS APP. It’s the perfect mobile skating app. However, I noticed that there is an issue when trying to play it on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I upgraded from the 10s Max, and the game worked fine. But as soon as I re downloaded it onto the new phone, the game changed. The issue is when I go to Ollie. Simply tapping the tail of board does not “pop” the board anymore. This makes it extremely difficult to do tricks considering the board gets almost no lift from the back foot pop. If you hold down on the tail of the board, the nose of the board comes up but very slowly, until the tail hits the ground and it’s stuck in that position. This lagging effect is very frustrating. I thought it was because I had to readjust the sensitivity in the game to a higher level, but that didn’t change it. I have found that you have to swipe downwards across the tail of the board for it to “pop” like before. It’s extremely awkward and not a good change. I don’t know if this is due to a change in the sensitivity level for the new iPhone or if it’s the app. Please look into this and fix it and I return my 1 Star to a 5 Star!

Money Hungry. It’s a very fun game and I love the controls but on the other side it’s definitely a really money hungry and pay to play game. Unless you want one skatepark and like one board you need to spend money. The in game currency is really hard to get and you can either buy a Park for like 99cents or like 5$ worth of in game currency which will take you days of playtime to get. There is literally so much stuff to buy in this game I bet you could easily spend up to 100$ if you buy every item in the game. But in short, it’s a really fun game and I wish there was easier access to more parks and boards. I already paid 2$ for the game and then If I wanna skate anywhere else than the first skatepark I must pay. And the in game currency is really bad. You actually have to grind for hours to just get a new board.

Best game on the phone. As a skater, having True Skate on my phone is always a must. The physics of the game are spot on and the mechanics of the game are the best from all the other skate games for phones. True Skate is easily the best of all of them. Skating feel real and so immersive in the game and it’s so great to be able to go skate on my phone whenever I feel to. I’ve had this game since they launched and it been playing it everyday since (not an exaggeration). It’s my favorite app ever and the first one I always download when getting a new phone. I always get all my maps back with no problem. My only thing i would want them to add is having level editors and be able to invite friends to join your park. Please make this happen, it would complete my life 🙏🏻❤️.

Good game but needs improvement. Overall the game has the most realistic controls of any skate game. You don’t just press a button that leads to a trick, you manually do it (pardon the pun). The verts could be better and so could the bowls. Pumping is nearly impossible because you wind up going into a manual that just stops completely. there’s also not nearly enough grab types. Still, the tricks you can do just on the ground are realistic and the possibilities are endless. The rails gameplay and graphics are not only realistic but fun. It’s challenging enough but (for the most part) not too challenging. The major cause for concern in this game is pricing. For a game that already costs money, it seems ridiculous that unless you pay, it is impossible to get another map. even then, the maps can get pricy. if they brought prices down or got rid of in app purchases, the game would be terrific and played much more. hopefully this change comes soon.

Amazing game but ..... I love true skate it is a amazing game great physics and has actual real spots such as macba but the only problem I have had since 2015 is that all of my parks will not re download and this started one day when I went to play sls 2014 and none of my parks were in my parks list and so I tried to go to restore purchases and tried to re download all my parks but it gave me a notification saying “An error was encountered processing a purchase” and I’ve tried all the suggested help but nothing’s prevailed this has been going on for about 3 months now and now I have less and less of a reason to play because It gets boring to play the same park the whole time knowing you have you could play but oh wait they are unable to re download.

Good game, but there’s a lot of issues.. I love the gameplay, the missions, the map designs, and everything else. There’s only 4 issues for me. The first one is having to pay so much for maps after I already spent money to play the darn game. The second issue happened a few months ago, where it reset all my data. This includes coins (which I had spent money on for some of them), custom decks that I had, a few other in app purchases and more. My third issue is how the trick system works. Most of the time, it will call whatever I do a pop shuv it (when it isn’t) or an inward heel flip. My fourth issue is the glitches. It’s easily possibly to break the game, get out of maps, remove your wheels and more. But still the gameplay has me coming back and playing more.

Great game, minor inconveniences. Ive been playing the game for about 7 years (since December of 2015), and I can say that this game is probably the most enjoyable skateboarding game i’ve ever played. Ive played Skate 3, Skater XL, and several other games and this always persist. This game has so much diversity (if you have the money), from vert skating to realistic skating. Its all around an amazing time killer too, and it also got me to start skateboarding in real life. However, it’s now time to get into the inconveniences. 1 Inconvenience would be the prices of maps. They aren’t crazy (like 1 dollar a map), but it adds up. My recommendation’s for your first map would be 2017 Tampa, SLS Hangar, or Mondo Ramp. Another inconvenience would be the Subscription required for DIY parks, which gives u Unlimited access to all DIY parks for 5 dollars a month. Now I love this game and everything about it, but at this point it seems like they’re charging too much. Although, the starter map is very good unlike another skateboarding game on mobile. The community is absolutely amazing, including the devs who are super layed back. They allow just enough glitches that are fun, but don’t break the game. Overall, this game is wonderful if you’re willing to dish out a few dollars, but really you don’t have another option so they can ask as much as they want.

I love this game... but. I love how you get used to the controls and buying all the parks and doing all the gaps in them, it's all amazing. But one thing that's been bugging me is I deleted the game to reinstall it because it wouldn't let me buy more parks and some parks were not letting me skate in them. Once i opened the game all my parks were gone, i tried logging out and logging back in but the only thing that stayed was the amount of coins that i had and the boards that i bought with money. i've tried restore purchases many many times but it still doesn't let me buy parks or restore the purchase, even if i want new parks it just shows a red rectangle without the amount of currency that's supposed to be in it. I would really like to be able to play the 10 dollars worth of parks that i bought without any issue, please fix this bug, thank you.

The only game i can constantly play. Ive skated since i was 10 and im 24 now. As a skateboarder i give this game a 10/10. Ive literally played this game for multiple years. Id say ever since it came out. I love it. I have a suggestion. Ive gotten so good now that i can land multiple tricks. Do nice looking 360 flips and everything. Why not create online servers where a handful of players can all skate in the same map for a few minutes as if to simulate a real competition. 1st place can win credits or something. 2nd wins less credits, etc. OR even players could play s.k.a.t.e. Together. it would be an amazing thing. Id play it every single day. I already play this every day more than once.

Removal of points for missions. I like true skate but when I updated the app to be able to have the move able objects I noticed that you no longer were awarded credits for completing missions and because of that it is noticeably harder to obtain points quickly, another thing is that if you want to do a mission you are required to complete all the previous missions (or you can give up an obscene amount of bolts to skip missions which In my opinion seams like a big money making scheme) before you can even think about doing that mission when before you could just give up some credits to unlock the mission that you want to do. So in my opinion this has kinda ruined this previously wonderful app.

Ok so I really like the game but. I really like this game but there are some things that I have a problem with. If it counts all the random flip tricks I do with the board then why shouldn’t it count when I hit a grind with out touching the board of the board still does the grind and I roll away it should count right? Also do stall just not exist? Why can’t I just stop at the top of one of the quarters and roll away from a feeble stall or something, just doesn’t rlly make sense to me. Also it’s a little to hard to get points to buy a board or a park or anything in the game for that matter. I get it you want it to be a challenge but for people that don’t wanna have to hit a grind every single line it’s incredibly hard to get 20-40 thousand points to buy a board. Plus there’s only one park option unless you buy others? I already paid for the game it should have at least a little variety. Other then these few thing I love the game. Pretty good mechanics and not really any glitches that I have seen so good job to the game creators but if you could maybe apply these few things and take them into consideration to add to the game it would really make it a more fun and full experience. Thank you.

get the game. but…. i love this game. it’s a very fun virtual toy. it has the best control in any skate game. touchgrind doesn’t compare. however, there’s a LOT of grinding to get certain parks, and the others require money. not a problem for me since i love the game, but i can’t stress enough there’s a LOT of grinding for those certain parks. also, the missions are very glitchy and just bad. the trick recognition is very bad sometimes. i only use this app to free skate which is the way to go in my opinion. the big screen mode is also bad, cool addition but the leg movement is glitchy and not fun to look at. i wish they gave you a short tutorial to hold the spin button, grab, use slomo, rewind and reset, but it’s not a huge deal. overall it’s great for quick fun but annoying in some small ways. but you can pretty much just ignore all the flaws all of the time. the core skating is fantastic.

Play all the time, but. I’ve been playing this game since it was free years back, and I bought the mondo ramp (best map) and I enjoyed the game even more. However when I came back to play it a couple months back I noticed the map I purchased was gone. So like normal I restore purchases and it starts downloading, but once it finishes it says it can’t be downloaded and to contact support… the report forum says something along the lines of “if you have any further issues restoring purchases contact Apple we don’t know what to do” kinda funny IMO. Other than that I love everything about this game. I don’t really care much for the other boards I just like skating around doing new tricks and gals for the achievements

Honest review. I’m not going to lie I went into this with high hopes. Biggest letdown I’ve felt from an app that cost money to play. Tons of micro transactions. Sure you can buy the levels with 200,000 in game currency. But after roughly 5 hours of playtime I had accumulated roughly 7,000. Some tricks aren’t even worth attempting and you just have to buy your way past them. The Ollie impossible you can quite literally attemp for hours doing exactly what the tutorial shows you and it will never land. Every cosmetic item is wildly over priced. The base of the game isn’t terrible. There are cool tricks you can do. Not to mention the maps are pretty good. But any originality in this game is almost instantly murdered by greed, micro transactions or poor controls. I spent roughly 10 hours playing this game. Practicing it’s tricks and what not. And as I said at surface level it’s fun for a few moments. But if you want to actually progress and play new levels and land specific tricks the game is absolutely against you and against your wallet.

Truly the best skateboard game on the market!. This game is seriously amazing! I’ve been playing it on and off for the past few years! The only other game I play is True Surf and it’s made by the same company. Both games are seriously addicting! I think the reason why I end up loving this game is because it is seriously so realistic and pretty hard at first but as you get better the more fun and addicting it is! NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: I’m having some problems getting the game to recognize my skateboards, parks, grips, wheels etc. I have a profile set up and I can see the some of the boards I payed for but none of the grips are there, various wheel colors,trucks, and even a few parks won’t show up for some reason. Is there anyway you guys can help me?

Stingy but good. Honestly I’m addicted to this game and I play it almost everyday because of how smooth the mechanics on it are and I love how easy it is to get on a roll with the combos. My biggest criticism for the game is how much it wants you to spend money. Don’t get me wrong I understand it’s a business at the end of the day, but it kinda does some sketchy things to make you have to put money into it. The main thing is how you can rack up a combo with the point totaling 15,000 and get 150+ coins (in-game currency), however, if I complete a combo totaling 50,000, the reward is still always below 200 coins. This kills the joy for me because it’s hard enough to get a 50,000 combo just to be rewarded with the close to the same amount for less effort is honestly so annoying and stingy on their part. I refuse to put money into this game and would like to earn everything (which takes forever because most things like parks and skate customizations are 100,000+ coins) but ultimately its what is going to make me lose interest for the game.

Awesome game, but some bugs. True Skate is hands down one of the best mobile games. I’ve been playing it for years, roughly 4, maybe more. Anyways, I just wish True Skate had free stuff like maps and skins that were grind-able, without the spending of credits. Also, there is a glitch in the game where your wheel color won’t save. I’ve spent about 10,000 or so credits to replace my wheel colors because of the glitch. I’ve had red wheels for on second, and then it some how changes to white. When I go to check my skate board in the setting screen, it still shows the recent wheel color I bought, but not in game. Please fix this because it is a vital asset to your game.

Really good but..... Great game, surprisingly good physics, ability to have certain objects be movable or addable is a big plus. Everything makes me feel like a kid fingerboarding all over again. That being said my main reason for 3 stars instead of 5 is that irritatingly annoying pop up that shows up after playing for 3 or so minutes and completely ruins my play Bc no matter what I’m up to; from moving something or doing a cool line. Gets screwed over Bc the pop up decided to show its ugly head to show me the same news I just read the last time I opened the app up and it ruined one of my trick lines. So to me it’s a great game with one really annoying event list pop up every time I opened the app ; that keeps me from giving it the stars the game deserves

Great game but why this?. So i have been playing this game since it was a game that came out as the free game of the week when apple used to have that and ever since then i’ve been on and off grinding this game. In later updates they added more skateparks and I saw that there were 2 skateparks that you could purchase with the in game currency (schoolyard and inbound) that you earned for doing tricks around the map. I eventually saved up enough of the in game currency to purchase the inbound skatepark and was really excited to try a new skatepark and needless to say it made the game more fun because i had a new area to try. The problem here is that in the most recent update on February 1st i believe that it came out, they switched those two maps to only purchasable with money and because of that they took away the map that i grinded for so long to get and and i don’t even get any of that in game currency back and they also have no maps that are purchasable with the in game currency anymore. It makes me sad to see that just get taken away from me and I really hope that they change that back in the near future. :(

Has it's highs and lows.... This game has INCREDIBLY realistic features and graphics. It's very fun and enjoyable. But, as my title and rating shows, this game isn't the best. First, I'll start with TC (True Credits). Getting TC is a VERY tedious process. It can get very boring to grind out TC just so you can get boards or missions. Especially boards because the usual price to simply get a grip (no pun intended) is 20,000 TC. That's sadistic. I find that this game also falls into the pay-to-play category because you can spend money on TC, and you have to spend real money to get maps. Being that you start off with a bland board and a small map, you bet that people are gonna spend money to play. (This hasn't happened to me but) you also can have your account removed. All that money spent on boards and maps? Gone. All that TC you earned? Gone. Everything is gone. There also may be bugs here and there. Bugs aren't that common, but are super annoying. Also, please fix grab physics. Sometimes, if you hold on the skateboard right, you randomly grab it. This game is the idle of mobile skating games, but I still find some pretty major flaws.

Great Game....but. Ok first off, yes great game, get the mondo ramp it makes the, actually enjoyable? The original map is the worst thing I have ever seen, I have never used it, I only play the other map because everything in the original is wwwaaayyy too small, and seriously, some of the challenges aren’t a test of how good you are it’s how lucky you are that day...#26 - do 5 board slides in 20 seconds, that’s a joke right, took me 10 minutes which I know sounds like nothing but it’s all fast can u turn around and get back to your rail. So fix those and make a better original map and you’re game would be the best out there IMO. On the other hand...I love the concept, very fun, very entertaining, I like how you can alter your settings so you don’t die if you fall too far, see legs, glitch mode, I also love that the board is very hard that if you’re doing a heel flip and you swipe right to far on the top of the board it will do the flip tilting your board just how it would in real life. That is how skating is in real life, the slightest adjustments throw you off, it’s how it should be even if it is annoying at times...keep up the good work!

DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS APP. I’ve purchased all the parks, I’ve purchased skateboard customization. At one point I could ride all of my parks and I could change my board at will. Now I cannot access my parks and when I try to customize my board it doesn’t work. I’m also left with only being able to edit (not that it works) the grip tape, despite purchasing unlimited deck changes for 4.99. I also cannot switch between old school and new boards, when it says selected on my old school, it will not actually change and I’m stuck on my regular board. This app is very broken and has been for around a year now for me, longer for others. Honestly I would look for another skating sim if I were considering purchasing this app. For a long time hitting restore purchase would simply crash the game, now they “download” however when I try to access them each and every one says file corrupted. Deleting and redownloading has not fixed this. DONT BUY ANYTHING IN THIS APP. It’s a rip off, they’ll scam you out of your money and you’ll be left just as disappointed as I am.

Store is bugged, support staff doesn’t respond. This app has scammed so many already don’t be the next one. The store is bugged so if you buy something like a map or a custom board then be fully prepared for it to charge you, sometimes twice for the same store item AND STILL NOT GET ANYTHING YOU PURCHASED. Oh and don’t bother contacting support or their development team, they don’t respond and won’t refund you. In fact they’ll flat out ignore you and only respond to positive feedback. These guys are scamming it’s play base hard with their fault store and my recommendation is just don’t play this game. Invest your time grinding another skate game that has a team who is willing to work with its player base. Awful awful AWFUL support staff and same goes for the developers who left the store in it’s awful condition for this long profiting the entire time. I’d give less than 1 star if possible. FIX THIS!

Little bug and a change of map prices. Ok so first of I love the game and the graphics are amazing for a game that has been out a long time. But anyways the point is that the top left three dots don’t work and if I click my board setting to customize it. They both completely let g me out of the game I wish for this big to be fixed. Now to the prices I wish for the maps not to cost real money. And I wish that the one map that costs 200Grand to be moved down to 50Grand I would like a different park to play in for a lower price because the default map is getting boring and I’m a type of kid who likes to explore new places. (⚠️The bug is a concern but the prices of the maps is a suggestion⚠️)

The game itself is AWESOME but..... I love this game. Seriously. The graphics, the way everything is, there’s no flaws about the look, or the gameplay. But there are some bad parts. I don’t mind that you have to pay money for the game, since it so cheap. But what’s annoying is that the game comes with only one skatepark. You have to buy more. I already payed for the game, so I’d like to have a little more than just one skatepark and one free deck. Everything is kind of overpriced. I get that the company needs to make profit, but it’ll take days; weeks, even, to get 20K to 40K true credits just to buy one deck or grip design. Make it a little easier, come with a couple more skateparks when you first download the game, and maybe include updates more often. This game is still fun though!!!

Very fun but with horrible glitches. Honestly, this game is really good. The tricks are so unrealistic that they’re fun and you can do lots of things. Without the glitches this would be a five star game. The glitches are the main problems. To begin, things just really don’t work well. Some tricks don’t register when you do them and no points are given. That’s not a big deal, but it’s the credit glitches that ruin the game. For those of you who have played and played and played just to get that 20,000 credit deck will know that getting these credits are extremely tedious. This game has the weird glitch that can just kill all of the work you’ve done. Two days ago I bought some wheels, and I closed out the game. Today I got back on and the wheels were gone. I bought them again and I didn’t care. Then I switched boards and went back. Guess what... they were gone. What’s the point of playing a game just to have your work flushed down the drain. Otherwise, the game is fun.

True skate was really fun!. True skate was really fun for me, I could buy the skateparks, buy skateboards, and do tricks. I can still do all that but the new update made my liking of the game go down a bit. 1, it reset ALL my progress so I had to start the whole game over, like buy all my skateboards again, earn ALL my true credits again, and do all my tricks again. It reset everything except for my skateparks. 2, it added legs skating the board so it looked like a person was actually on it. The problem with that though (at least for me.) is it kind of makes it harder to focus on your tricks. True skate was my favorite game. It still is a really good game but since I basically started the whole game over I kind of play it a little less. I do really suggest it to other people though and you should buy it. The game is still worth it. 🛹

Game is fun, but some stuff ruins it. This game is honestly a really fun way to kill some time, and I appreciate the little things in it like your board deck scratching over time and the grip tape wearing out in the places where you often grind or pop the board. Tricks are done great, this is a mobile game that actually uses touch screen and makes it unique. Realism mode is good too. However, some things just kinda ruin the vibe of this game. First of all, custom boards are done pretty wrong. All the pre made decks in this game look clean and vibrant, but custom boards look way too dull, and that weird obvious wood like layer over it makes it worse. Also, why can’t we crop a image to see what it would look like, and possibly even get at least a minute to skate around with it to see if we want it or not? This is 10,000 TC we’re spending: we don’t want to waste it. Also, why is it that when we buy a wheel color, we have to buy it again if we take it off? That makes no sense. It doesn’t help when you realize that with custom boards, colored wheels will eventually glitch back to the default white, either. Also... why do we only get one map? Please at least gives us one other map.

Fairly nice game.. The gameplay for me is glitchy and hit-or-miss. I try to control my ollie height by swiping at different lengths but it refuses to respond correctly. Also, there are times I’ve grinded and it wasn’t counted, and times I’ve gotten stuck on the grind rail and it takes away the points I got for grinding. This isn’t important, but flipping over is also kind of difficult because I try again to swipe just enough to get my board upright but I end up doing multiple barrel rolls. Lastly, the shop seems to be a little more expensive than I’d think it should be. Instead of a couple hundred TC or even a thousand, you need 2k just for red-colored wheels. All in all, this is a very fun game if you don’t try too hard to do anything specific, like other skate games. I like just going around the map I have and doing a couple random tricks.

One big problem. There is one big problem with this game, you can grind for months and not get enough for inbound or you can spend $40, I think it was a glitch because a few days ago it was 20k not 200k, this is a HUGE flaw in this game because doing the same map for a long time gets BORING so please fix this, I can get a better map for $.99. UPDATE- it is almost impossible to do a grab, speaking of grabs, this game is a cash grab, I believe that they could make two versions of the game, a lite version where you buy the maps (sort of like the paid game), or you can pay the two bucks we paid for this money grabbing game to get all of the maps and get LESS CASH GRAB UPDATES and I do understand that they need to make money but I bet they spent about 500k on this game and got millions from people buying the game alone, so they are just greedy

Good game, decent physics, bad collection. Overall this game is pretty good. Few tweaks could be made though. 1) it's pretty hard to shuv-it from a grind because it wants me to do a 180 instead of a shuv. 2) you have to purchase the game but in order to get the other maps/boards/ramps/customization you have to grind (hardy har har) your life away or spend more money. I get the need to feed your kids but cmon you don't need to make EVERY obstacle (or board) 20,000 coin and you're only earning 1-30 coins at a time. 3) whenever i'm doing missions the board forced me to be the opposite orientation required for the trick (placing me into fakie/switch). Overall i'd give it 7/10 but with these 3 fixes i'd give it a 10/10. trick book is large, easy grind mechanic, just other small issues.

Potential. I’ve always loved this game, I come back and download it every once in a while when my boredom of it subsides and I need my True Skate fix again. The only issue I have is just that, boredom. You pay for a game that basically gives you a free trial. Why am I paying for a game that doesn’t give me the full game? That’s the trick, you feel like you’ve already invested your money so why not pay a little more for a new map. There are only so many spots on the starter map to skate before it gets boring. Not to mention the points system is buggy and sometimes when you spend your points on a custom board it resets completely, not only taking your points but also giving you a fresh, empty board. No custom design, and no cool wear marks that you’ve spent hours working on. The funny thing is, this game used to be free with the same content it has now. If I could give suggestions that would make this the perfect True Skate, include the “DLC” maps as playable maps from the get-go. That’s the purpose of buying a game, you shouldn’t have to deal with add-ons. Your money is made when people purchase the game. Also, fix the points system if it hasn’t been fixed already. It really takes a lot of grinding (literally) to customize your deck and when it takes your points and gives you nothing like a broken vending machine, it’s pretty frustrating.

Great Game. So I got the game and played it for a while and it feels great. Advices: Show Skateboarder Legs💯 Physics Version💯 Realistic Mode🙅‍♂️ The “Show Skateboarder Legs” makes you feel more realistic and fun to play. I like the way it is designed that part of the body is half opaque and the shoes are 100% visible. And there are even some animations for the character, that’s really great. I didn’t notice there is a “Realistic Mode” there until I read some worst ratings of this game, and then I tried it, and it sucked. The default mode is actually the “Fly Mode” or “On the Moon Mode”, which means the physics in it are too fake or the gravity is too little. The “Realistic Mode” is like “Mini Fly Mode”, although it greatly reduces the jump height or flip height, but it feels really rigid and sticky. No matter how light or hard I tried doing the tricks, the jump height is always that same little. Finally, the “Physics Version” should be called the “Real Realistic Mode”, because with the physics version on, you can really control and steer your board or player, the jump height is good and the feeling of control is realistic, it varies when you’re doing the tricks with different strength. So my advice would be, change the physics version to default and get rid of realistic mode. You can still keep current default mode and change it to fly mode or something to add some additional fun(For instance, people can do some impossible jumps with it if they want).

It’s fun but... The game is quite enjoyable, but there are some reassigns I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. These include, The amount of content you get, when you go to buy this game you should be willing to pay some more money to be satisfied with the game well than go ahead and buy the game, but if your like me and are not willing to buy content that should be included for complete omg missions or some coins, than you will be disappointed. The game comes with 1 map and the option to get one other map that you can buy without real money, yet the amount of time needed to get the coins needed to buy this map is quite outrageous. Another thing about this game that I am not a fan of is the customization (even though it’s not as bad as the first part about the included content). The skateboard customization is not ideal for example when you buy let’s say some grip tape (with the in game currency that you spent a lot of time saving up) and you become bored of the color or design you might decide to buy another one but as soon as you do that you lose the the one you just bought. Another thing that angers me is when you buy different colored wheels and you decide to repair your board from scratches and what not, you lose your wheels. In conclusion if your not willing to pay 5+ $ than I would not recommend the game. Otherwise if you are willing than it’s a great game.

Super fun, could use some polish. Let me begin by saying this game plays very well, and that most of the controls feel very intuitive. This game is well worth the purchase, and I love screwing around getting high scoring lines and sick clips. That being said, there are a number of little things that make the game feel less than perfect. A lot of the tricks are very inconsistent, especially ones involving keeping your board straight, but that can be written off as realism. Secondly, you can't change your HUD settings in the record menu, and you have to figure out that you can exit the menu without losing the recording so you can change those settings and come back to rerecord the clip. Also, some of the settings seem broken or deprecated, such as the "Switch Indicator" just putting the text "Switch" at the bottom of your screen. Last out of the stuff I could find was that in certain scenarios the menu buttons just don't work properly, like in the Missions tab: if you've selected a mission and try to press the back arrow button it just outright won't work. You have to press the back button at the middle of the screen.

Im Hooked!!. First this game is is very smooth it never really grows old just continues to make you want to get a little bit better. I lost count of how much money I have spent in this app. Currently I have 23 skateparks 9 skate board all fully customized and more in app purchases. And I regret none of the purchases I have made. I play this game on iPhone 6s and it runs amazingly smooth I've never really had any serious issues regarding the gameplay. The maps and graphics are clear I love all the maps I've bought and I love how realistic this game is concerning the movement and momentum of the board. I do have one request, could you please create a multiplayer option via wifi. Where one player can join another players skate park and skate with them. This would include crashes or not and you being able to see your friends board. This would make the game even better. I give this game a solid five stars! Thanks

Unforgiving. This has got to be the most unforgiving skate game. Not expecting it to be Tony Hawk easy, but good lord. You have 3 feet of rail and landing right on it is a game of chance, even when you land on it, if the angle is slightly off (or even dead on) it only counts it as an ollie most of the time. That’s after you have tried to hit the rail the last 4 times, but even though you clearly swiped down, your board just doesn’t ollie. If you could see a live play through, you’d see me swiping down and can see the swipe register on the screen, but the board doesn’t do anything at all over and over. It’s just too clunky of mechanics and they didn’t make up for it by being forgiving with the outcome of the tricks being performed and then made worse that it doesn’t register half the time when you grind. Popped out of the pool and landed clean on a rail without any issue and it came up with “failed ollie”.

Nice game but some issues…. I really like this game and the play style but there are some problems I think that could be fixed. 1st is when you buy the trick list it’s kind of pointless (unless you know the tricks) because some of the tricks on there are kind of confusing especially with me (idk much about skateboarding) so it would be cool when you tap on the trick you want to learn (or a trick you already did but forgot how to do it) and it would have the name of the trick at the top and there would be a clip of someone doing the trick and you could try to do it (almost like some of the missions you can do). 2nd is in the factory map there’s a RC car easter egg (if you didn’t know there’s a arcade machine with a car image in it and you just jump on it) and it’s pretty cool but the controls are so weird so maybe there could be right and left arrows just like the acceleration and reverse arrows. But yeah the game could be better if those ideas could be added. :)

Thank you to the developers. This might be the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Firstly, I love how this game is free from the beginning. Most mobile games today are too obviously exploitative, with the main goal of making money off the player, or making them watch as many ads as possible before they put it down forever. Trueskate devs have outdone themselves making this an easily enjoyable, no-pressure type game. No odd hyper-sexual ads, annoying paywalls, or bugs that make it unplayable. I especially love the use of in game currency. I’ve gladly purchased almost all DLC this game offers, and still I feel like my .99 cents isn’t enough to support these guys the way they should be supported. Those few dollars have provided me hours of clean entertainment, and gotten me through some rough patches. Thats a value you cant find anywhere else in this market. Other mobile game devs should take notes from these guys. Keep up the good work, and Im excited for sandbox!

What’s with the tail slides not counting?????????¿¿¿???. Honestly this has to be one of my favorite games of all time to play on my phone. I’ve played since I was about 10 when I had and iPod touch. I’ve never had problems with the tail slides and nose slides however I have not played the game in about a year. I downloaded it again about a week ago and I’ve been having problems with them popping up. It will give me score for them but it will only count as an Ollie so my multiplier doesn’t go up. It’s really weird cuz there’s no way I could get and score of 500 by just doing an Ollie. A lot of the time it will eventually pop up and say tail slide or nose slide but it takes like 1-3 seconds to register it. It’s a bit annoying but the game is still really great otherwise. I like how there’s two parks you can buy for credits. Also why is there a cap for how many credits you can earn in a line. I get lines of 50 to 70 thousand sometimes and I still get the same amount if I were to get a 20 thousand line. There’s pretty much no reason to get a good line if your trying to save up money for something. It was nicer to see 500 credits being added when you got a line of 50,000.

Great game, very fun, but with some issues.. This game is really fun, and even the first map has been great. My issue with it is it doesn’t feel like I’m paying for a full game. You start out with one map, and getting others usually costs a dollar. There’s only 2 maps you can get with the credits you get from clearing missions, gaps, and doing tricks, but they are both 200,000 credits, which is a lot and it feels like the game pushing you to cave in and buy more credits. I’d understand whilst still being annoyed if this game was free, but it isn’t. The gameplay is great, and doing tricks is super fun, plus the missions are also fun to go through. It can get boring after a while with the same map though, which is also annoying. Overall, the gameplay is great and this game is very well done, but it does not feel like a paid game.

One of my all time favorite go to games. I don’t write reviews often but I felt I needed to for this game. I’ve been playing this game since it came out. It’s been my go to game for many many years, its so much fun, simple and gives endless hours of fun. Over the years they have added a lot to this game. Some of my favorites are board customization, ability to replay and record your gameplay and slowing down your gameplay plus a few others. This is definitely a game you need to try if you haven’t. If you like skating games or games you can just jump on and play for a bit then jump off then def try this one. There’s enough of a challenge as well to keep you entertained for hours, really it has everything to make a very entertaining game.

Mostly great. physics for flip tricks, grinds, and bowl carving are mostly excellent and a lot of fun to play around with. There’s a legitimate skill curve and you can apply time to mastering a trick which I think is a lot of the fun. However, some of the in app purchases are just absurd. There’s on particular feature that allows you to put an image on your decks grip tape, not only does it not give you a preview of the image, they charge you to change the one you select. It’s 10,000 TC (“true credits”)which are extremely tedious to earn. I’m sure there are other irking ones but thats what I ran into lost recently. That along with every map being a dollar, some more? I mean seriously? The mechanics and all are fantastic (except for why?) but something has to be done about the in app purchases

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It’s ok. True skate is overall a great game, but here are some things to improve, It took a lot of time for me to get to the amount of true credits I needed to get new wheels, I bought them but after a couple of runs they gust went back to white wheels in my “AVATAR” or whatever, it says I have my coloured wheels on, but it doesn’t appear in game. Also I do not think that the skateparks should be priced, I am really bored with being stuck skating underpass, and losing interest in the game, this would be okay if the game was free

Rage inducing ≠ good. A game that’s meant to be rage inducing isn’t necessarily a good game. However whenever some one says a rage inducing game is bad, people often say that it’s because that just aren’t good. This is not the case. I would recommend getting this game to see for yourself, the game has inconsistencies. i’ll do a motion virtually the same way and there will be vastly different results, there’s glitches all over the place, spelling errors littered throughout.

Everyone stop complaining.... To every complaining abt the currency in the game on how long it takes to get, How come I’m able to make 20,000 in 20mins, U just need to do a good line, mainly grinds, so stop being noobs. The game is perfect the way it is, there’s nothing u could do to make it better or worse, just add more maps

Good game but a problem. This is an enjoyable game but I have a few problems that I would like to express. Firstly I was also someone who lost their account with almost 100k true credits which extremely disappointing and I’m glad that it is supposedly fixed although this does not help me now. Secondly my biggest feedback is I love the new option to have your riders feet showing although there is one problem with it, if you rider is “regular” stance the feet are shown in the “goofy” stance which is the opposite therefore the tricks that are displayed are wrong and vice versa and as a real life skateboarder this is quite annoying for me, so if this problem could be fixed that would much appreciated. Although overall this is a good game and fun to play.

Would love it even more if was multiplayer. This game is amazing if I had to place it into words it has accurate tricks and even real skate parks. This game would be even more amazing if you could play online or even create a place where you can skate with your friends because as now most games are online so making this game online would make it up on the leader board with the rest.

Awesome!!! Room for improvement. Amazing game great mechanics, definitely recommend buying! I just want to give a few suggestions to make the game Amazinger!!! 1. Add reverts, like I would like to be able to tre-revert and tricks like that. 2. Maybe add another camera angle option for further away from the skateboard. 3. Improve the grind mechanics, a lot of the time I will do grinds that say different to what they actually are, e.g sometimes I crooked grind and it says 5.0 or lazy grind 4. Add better transition grinds and stalls like 5.0 stalls and axle stalls, would be a BIG + for me 5. Improve the transition mechanics! I will go to enter the bowl and it will stall on the coping or get stuck and I have to flip trying out, Thanks for reading Hope I can help!

Spin Cam issue. I play this game at least half an hour a day, it’s one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. The new update unfortunately has disappointed me a lot and many others too, the spin cam needs to be put back to its original way or at least fixed when going up quarter pipes or landing on rails.

So addictive!. My friends and I have coined the term “skate while you wait”, where in we play true skate in any situation where we would have usually just mindlessly scrolled through facebook, fantastic game. I only have one tiny complaint, and that is that the developers really need to fix the lock on physics for the quarterpipe at the end of the Havasu park. Its almost impossible to stay in it or do a coping trick because it automatically flys you out the rails that are behind it, which is cool I guess, but not very steezy. Love everything else though!

I would like a refund. I’m not saying the game is bad, it’s a really good game, I used to play it when I was around 9 ( I’m 12 now ) I wanted to see if I could still enjoy the game as I did when I was younger but I no longer find it enjoyable

Would be great but. I am having some trouble with controlling my skateboard, it keeps on rocking back and forth, nose to tail, please fix this because I’m having second thoughts on deleting. This only happens sometimes.

Good game but scam. I was playing the game for ages and had bought many parks and saved for a custom board. The board didn’t load and the pictures I put on it didn’t come up on the board. I hadn’t played it for a bit due to this reason but accidentally deleted the game. I redownloded it, signed into my account and all the skateparks were gone and it only have my board with no custom pictures. They had scammed me for all my money that I spent on the game.

Solid game. True skate is such a great game that I play myself for hours a week. The mechanics are great that map variety is great but unfortunately there’s one suggestion that I would like to make. The custom board. 1. When I get custom wheels, as soon as I reopen the game they’re gone 2. When I make a custom deck please make a feature where I can move the image on the board to fit it well as it’s immeasurably hard to get it to fit perfectly having to constantly crop the image. Thx

Really fun! and addictive! like no joke!. I’m really... impressed I thought it’s just a rip-off game but it’s very good and I’m addicted to this game it’s so much fun and my friends is even addicted to this game can you make more updates pretty please and make it ultra realistic it’s so much fun Love holy god nuggets

Down rail gap. this game is amazing!! but the down rail gap is broken. i can do it and it will say nothing and then i’ll watch this video and there’s a certain way to do it… it’s like you have to do a certain grind and then a certain trick down! apart from that the gamin is great and keep up the good work.

Ummmm. Uhh yes I almost finished at all my skate parks and I woke up the next morning and all of my progress is ruined I now have to restart the whole game again please if you can get all my progress back I would really appreciate it I know you all might be busy but just please if you can get my progress back please I really need it back Thanks

Great game, just one problem. Ok every time I get on and off my gaps reset as well as all my tricks and missions. The pole jam you guys have set up as a live event has reset and now I have to do all the missions, wait half a day and then do it again. Please do something about this because I didn’t put effort into the game just to lose my hard work.

Good but some issues. Overall awesome but there is some bugs like if you have bought a map with irl money then sometimes it comes up with other maps you haven’t brought and you have to get out and back in game if you tap on any map your not in it wil say download

I love this game. Hi, I’ve skated over 100 hours of this game. I love every bit of it. I only skate on the original park. It is my favourite out of all of them. Please uncap the the total amount of gold you can save. It makes me feel like I’m working towards something, and keeps me playing forever. Loopy Lew

Great game, but.... I love this game, it is really fun and is really good to play when im bored out of my mind! I have played this game BEFORE it was cool (its always been cool) and i only just recently re installed it and i have been playing it for about 2 1/2 days. The only problem i have is that now whenever i try press pause the game crashes i have tryed powering off my phone and i have deleted and re installed it and it still does it so now i dont know what to do please help!

Needs work. I have recently bought this game, and while I think the game is good itself, I came across an issue with family sharing. I tried to download it on another device in my family and it acted like I haven’t gotten it on another device. I would really like advise on how this works. But in conclusion, I guess the game itself is great apart from the errors I have just explained.

Great Game. All round, amazing. Fantastic game. Just a couple of issues; pricing and controls. The pricing for decks, wheels and even parks, is just too much for what you can earn in game. I get that you have to make money but the game already costs $2.99 AUD. The controls are just a bit too finicky on smaller phones so I can’t really get the best control on my iPhone 7. Other than that I can’t fault it. Just be aware that you will be stuck in the 1st park until you pay over $31 AUD. Like come on, you make the content for the community to play after they buy the game but then we are also expected to grind up 200,000 TC for a new park or buy it which as stated before is over $31 AUD. My rating is 4 out of 5 because I feel like the pricing can be fixed and I know that you can’t change controls not working on a small screen. This is only a mobile game. Unless someone has so much money that they don’t know what to do with it or they really love and support True Skate, they aren’t going to spend $31 on a park or $8 on a new board without tape or a wheel color. If the pricing gets fixed my rating will change but until then it’s just going to be a sad 4/5.

Continued loss of game money earned. I just wanted to know if a creator could get in touch with me. When I initially purchased this game, I could return to it after exiting and my money earned from tricks would continue to increase but now any time I leave the game and return the money previously earned is lost and I have to start at 0 funds. This is disappointing as in the past I’ve spent a lot of time and effort building these funds only to continually loose it. I would really appreciate if some one could advise if this is a glitch? Thank you.

True skate. True skate is a great game play with many maps and customisation to your skateboard the reason on why I give it a four star and not a five star is because the board customisations and over priced in coins you would have to play for many hours just to get 1 or 2 boards you can pay for the boards in money for a cheap price but I have spent about $30 on this game and have only a few decks and wheels I would recommend this game because it is one of the best games i have ever bought.

Can’t play the game after I spent money. So this game would be a 5 Star but since my recent purchase of sandbox every time I open true skate my game crashes and I can not play the game so I don’t know if I have been scammed because I am not able to play and I paid money for the subscription

Add a fully DIY skatepark map!. I’ve been playing for several weeks now and gotten pretty good at the game, but I would love to see a fully DIY skatepark that you can build your own skateparks and share with your friends, or possibly even play on the same map with multiple people on at the one time. Thankyou True Skate devs for a great game to play!

Amazing, this is great if you need cool mobile skater game. This is great, i just got session on my pc but in the meantime i was playing this, amazing!!! I literally saw a review of his guy 1 staring it and saying “Ollie is impossible”. It’s not the best, not like session or skate three, but if you cant afford those or don’t have a pc, GET THIS, it is amazing, fun, and you can play with friends, like i played a game of skate with my friend yesterday, I reckon that you try it, and if you have issues with switching device, sining in and not getting the parks, that happend to me ): but i can fix it, sign in with your Apple ID account then restore, and you get your stuff back, also I’ve seen reviews saying that the custom board is “too expensive, and not good” but personally, the custom board is nothing, 20k credits are nothing, dam I’m bought the indoor park with 200k credits, 100k x the amount of it, here’s a tip for your games, make more parks, they can cost a lot or not it dosent matter, and keep up the good work!!! Everyone is so un greatfull for this great game, keep up the good work!

Some issues with data loss. This game is very fun, although I do have a complaint about data loss. I saved up 200 thousand coins to buy one of the other skateparks, and ended up using it for a while. For some reason the skatepark got removed from my skateparks list and now I can’t access it unless I pay for it again

Two problems. 1. After I’m playing for ten minutes I have to reload the app because when I try and do a manual it slams the tail of the board on the ground. It only happens with my old school deck. 2. Make it so you can get new maps with true credits you don’t want to pay for the game then find out that you have to pay for another map. The default map is getting boring. Please fix this

Amazing Game but.... I really enjoy this game. It’s saved me from a lot of boredom. One thing I would love to see, is real life time periods. For example if it’s mid day, the sun would be up, but if it’s night, it would be night in the game with street lights. This could be an optional feature but I think that it would be so much cooler. Overall a great game👍

Great game. Ok just to make this straight this game is totally worth the money. Although the coin system takes awhile it makes the game fun. The coin system doesn’t bother me but it may other people. The controls are easy and the maps are hella cheap. This is the best mobile skate game out there. Must buy!!

Poor customer care. I bought this app for my son using my ID. He asked to make an in-app purchase from his device and I approved it. He tried to install the purchase but couldn’t because I originally downloaded the app. But the App Store says he had already bought the app so he can’t make the purchase. So I’m out $7.99. I’ve emailed the company twice to work out how to fix this. No reply. Not good enough.

Please READ. Hello I love this game and have been playing it for years! The maps are totally worth the money but there’s a small improvement I would suggest. Whenever I do a flip more than 720, for example a 900, the game still counts it as a 720. The same goes for doing more than a quad flip, when I do a quintuple flip it still counts as a quad flip. Can the developers please make it so that it counts these huge flips accurately? I think it would add a higher level of challenge and pursuit to the game. Thank you.

Awesome. Didn't this game used to be $2.99??? I got it for free!!!!!!! Awesome graphics and the tricks are so realistic. Maybe make it so that you can level up and unlock skateparks when you level up. Because I'm sure that not everyone wants to pay $1.29-$2.99 for a different park... Besides that I love the game and I can't put it down... 👍👌👊💩💩💩

I like it but the challenges for the objects are to hard. I love the game being a tech deck kind of guy but the challenges are to hard to do because one when I do the tricks it automatically throws off course and make me fail the thing which makes me rage plz fix this or else

Please add more features. First off this is the best game in the whole mobile skate universe but I wish there could be like online features as like you can invite friends and vs them or just join a free skate match. Please take your time to look at this review and think about it thank you.

worth getting(a lil glitchy). Great game and have been playing for about 2 years now or so, but I recently lost everything I had ever bought using in game currency, it took me a quite a while to get everything, including the obstacles, decks etc. I recommend people to get this game but it’s a shame it can be buggy in a bad way.

Great. Been playing for 7 years straight, was great when I first downloaded it and has only kept improving since. Closest and most accurate skateboarding simulation for mobile out there. If not playing skate 3 on xbox, I’ll be playing this.

Pls read. True skate is a great game but has one issue that I would like to point out that when I purchase a coloured wheel it works for the first minute but then goes back to white. I was really annoyed when I bought the purple and it didn’t work and it was a waist of money. So all I ask is you please fix this little bug. Thx.

True skate is ok. True skate is a great game but it gets old after a few days and the fact that u pay for the game and most things are locked behind pay walls. For instance if u want another skatepark u have to grind the game for hundreds of hours or pay money, and by the time u get a skatepark ur sick of the grind of this game. It is a great skating game, I think u should just make it easier to get things as i payed hard earned cash to play and don’t want to spend more for parks and decks and stuff.

Great game, two suggestions. True skate is an absolutely fantastic game to play. I haven’t found any bugs in it other than when I changed my deck and the wheel colour reset. Other than that True Skate is a near perfect game. I say near perfect as I have two small issues with the game, the price of customisation options and some customisation options that should be implemented into the game. First off, I don’t see why a single deck is worth 40,000 TC, it would be much better if the prices were slightly reduced, even if it was for a small period of time. I also think that it would be very cool to have wheels from real-life brands, like the Santa Cruz slime ball wheels. Truck colours would also be an awesome addition to the game, and would make your setup more unique. Other the these two small issues, I would say that this is a great game.

Fix this. I've been playing the game for a very long time and for a while I've been saving up my true credits, anyway I got to about 25,000 true credits and I had fully customised both decks that I unlocked and was considering buying a new map, but before I did that I updated my game and when I went back on it had completely reset my game and taken all my true credits away and all the gaps and tricks I unlocked and everytime I go into the game it restarts again, PLEASE FIX THIS I also bought 10,000 TC and I've lost that aswell

Good game but should make more parks free. The game is amazing and generally a good game but the fact that it costs (in Australia) 2.99$ and you only have one park and you have to pay for more. It’s a good game but it think they should a least make the game free and make the parks cost money or make the game cost money and give more parks for free

Amazing!. Great game! It is really fun! The only problem is, that I spent money on this game and when you have to pay for pretty much everything else. It would be great if you could at least make it so you can use TC to unlock skateparks and stuff like that. What also annoys me is, I had played for a while now and I had earned a lot of TC when I finally logged into True Skate to have my own account. I realised that all my TC were GONE! That was very annoying! Great game but a bit annoying as well.

Two problems. The first problem is that the way to get the currency is stupid. If you want to buy something it will take days just to get it. The second problem is that when you are doing a line and you’re not doing a trick, the timer goes out quicker. I wish the timer doesn’t go out quicker.

Hell yeah!. Dude, love this game! It always gets me hyped to go an actually skate! Can we get a daily challenges type of thing happening? Or even weekly challenges? I think that would be sick! Even an open world kind of thing where you can sesh with other users would be cool. Overall, 5/5!

Good game but.... True skate is a great game but with one flaw. There needs to be an easier way to get TC or the prices need to be reduced. The parks that cost TC are way over priced at 200,000. If the team at true skate could reduce it lower that would be amazing or they could put a reward in missions like if you finish a mission you get 50 TC and it gets higher the better you do the mission or harder the mission is. Otherwise this is a great game and I would totally recommend to a friend. :)

It resets. True skate keeps on resetting my progress, by me purchasing an in game thing and then it deletes it even though I didn’t want to restore my purchases. I have spent months playing this game but still resets my progress. Also I purchased the mondo ramp and I waited about 2 days and hadn’t downloaded.

I have always loved his game. For years I’ve loved true skate, I even went as far as to pay for skateboard customisation and a few skate parks, what is annoying me atm is I’ve just re downloaded after not playing it for a while and I’ve lost all of my purchases, I still have my custom board but I can’t change anything or get to any of the skateparks I’ve purchased. I love the game and would love to keep playing but I don’t want to pay for everything again.

Waste Of Money. No point in buying this game unless you want to spend double the price on some other BS skatepark. The controls are awful and the game feels like I’m playing with a cheep plastic fingerboard. The price of shop items that can be bought with in-game currency is far too high to what little amount you earn and there is more real-life money offers than actual in-game purchases. 2/10 would not buy.

Really fun, worth the money. I Bought this the other day and I have to say... it’s incredibly fun! it controls how I imagine a mobile EA Skate game would and maps are cheap ($2 SLS pack is great) my only issue is in the customisation, for a decent line you’ll make around 20 Coins... but everything costs 20,000 or 40,000 coins besides wheels. This feels unbalanced and is most likely that price so you’ll spent $8 to unlock everything which is excusable if this was a free to play game but it was $3 so I have to give it a 4*... so close to 5* if only in game store was more reasonable priced for a payed game... can you maybe add 5,000 coin plain coloured decks so newbies have something to build towards?

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The BEST, Original skate simulator. This game has held up amazingly over the past 10 years. It still has the best physics of all Skate Sim games on Apple, and none other comes close. When you remember that this was originally for the Iphone 3/4, you see how amazing this game really is, since it still plays and looks really good. This game is made By and For real Skaters.

Iphone xr. Doesn’t work on my iphone xr 🤷‍♂️

No. Dont play it doesn't make sense at all and the prices are very high

This game is dumb do not get. Takes to long to get maps and is overall terrible

Expensive parks. The game is great and I’ve had a lot of fun with it, however I’m getting incredibly bored of the only park I have as each additional park costs either money or 200k bolts. I refuse to spend money on mobile games because it’s (in my opinion) not worth it because I work hard for my money. 200k bolts to unlock only 1 of the many parks is ridiculous, I’ve been playing about 2 months for 20ish mins a day and have only amassed 30k, this is the only review I’ve ever written on an app as I love the game but hate to see it be ruined by paywalls and unrealistic prices with the in game currency.

In game payments. I would give this game a 5 star, but there are just so many things you have to pay for

Love park map SUCKS!. There is literally nothing to do in this map and it’s a scam. I want my money back, it’s just a concrete dessert which you can barely skate on. DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!

Awful Game. Poor layout and difficult to figure out the controls. Would not recommend purchasing this game!

Long time fan. I would really love to see some more “real world spot” maps become available. Would gladly pay for them.

Why. Had bought this game and some skate parks a while ago. I want to play the game again but yet it won’t restore my purchases

Fun game but…. It’s fun but you pay for the game and buy parks and boards, Parks are $70 each btw. And missions don’t work

Needs work. Very good game plays well but the missions on every map I've played do not work, also the maps and skateboard accessories are way too expensive.

Good game but. It’s a good game don’t get me wrong but it’s way to hard the only reason I don’t play it is because it’s way to hard to get coins and upgrade maps takes way to long and makes it uninteresting and not fun to play

Fun game. Really fun game. Would be cool if there was more skateboard shapes, and different wheel shapes. Overall 4 out of 5

Shrek. Shrek is an anti-social and highly territorial ogre who loves the solitude of his swamp, fending off mobs and enjoying some privacy. His life is interrupted after the dwarfish Lord Farquaad of Duloc exiles a vast number of fairy-tale creatures, who inadvertently end up in the swamp.

I paid. I paid 12dollers and now it’s gone the sandbox and it has been2 days

Larger maps, free roam and multiplayer. Please add a larger map so that you can roam around in and a multiplayer mode so that you can skate with your friends

Great. Add maps like woodward or even a skate 3 maps to play w friends

Bad game. Horrible game touchgrind is way better and just a bad game cause it just sucks

Worst game ever made. Worst then ea

good. this game is very realistic i love being able to do a 360 dolphin quad heel on flatground lmao

👎. ok game but why do is all the content behind paywalls even after the original price of the game? i would be ok with this if the option to grind the credits to buy at least one other map didn’t take hours upon hours of boring/repetitive gameplay. hate devs like this because they don’t bother listening to their community, let alone make a change for the better of the game.

Challenge 26. Hi there, I recently downloaded the game and found that challenge 26. The lollypop Chevett challenge, is not doable. I copy exactly what it says to do and I fail every time.

Iffy. I downloaded the game and my first impression on it was kinda bad coming from skate 2 (touch grind). The graphics could be improved, and the sizes of the maps are quite small. I’d like if it was free roam like skate 3. Also the controls are kinda awkward because I’m right handed so I’m pushing with the wrong foot. Overall it’s not a bad game, I think I had my expectations set quite high for a $2 game.

Cant get my parks. I just recently got back into this game, and before I quit I bought a lot of parks, and now I cant find them. They’re not in my skateparks tab, and when I click restore purchases, it just loads for 10 minutes. Please help.

Mission. I can’t pass a mission because it keeps registering my nollie shuvit as a nollie fs shuvit. I’m doing the exacting same thing as the example. Also you have to pay for the game and then also pay for more parks??????

Great Game but would like some more stuff. I think it’s a great game but I don’t like that you have to pay for most thing especially after you have to pay for the game could you please make it like a big city so you you can go around and go to different skateparks and street spots like in skate three and also please make a multiplayer mode so you can play with friends

Me. Favourite game I love it

Made me break my phone. Still a great game but the missions make me mad

only counts up to quad. the game is amazing but it only counts up to a quad kickflip etc so its really annoying when i land more the 4 kickflips or wtv and it only says i did quad. other than that its amazing

Horrible game. Horrible game I spent hours and days saving up for a board I got but it just stole my money do not recommend don’t waste your time and money.

Glad it was free - Good game. yo i better not have been the singular person to have downloaded that game yesterday after setting a reminder thanks to the guy on tiktok 😂. Either way, fun game although the guy said the berries would be free aswell…

Great. I really like this game but the price is a problem. It would be really nice if the game had a multiplayer or online events. This could be a huge improvement for the game

Meh. The game is fun but why would I pay for the game which btw has no content and then pay some more for more maps doesn’t really make sense.

Fun but can’t buy anything. Fun game but I can’t restore any purchases or buy new parks

Lost 7 bucks. I just lost 7 bucks for the SLS pack and it doesn’t even show up but it says I lost the money on App Store so thanks for robbing me

The game is great. I love this game it’s super fun but I can’t get past the big nose mission because I keep slipping of the ledge and not being able to get speed for the ledge makes it impossible please fix it

pop sound. please make the pop sound consistent and louder (tail hitting the ground). tricks are so unsatisfying at times from the lack of crack from the initial pop if any. a bit frustrating imo. good game otherwise.

Lost my parks. Great app but I had bought like 6 skateparks and now they’re all just gone. Tried restoring them and such but nothing. The prices are pretty ridiculous in the first place and now I don’t even have what I paid for. Please help.

Fun and Well Made. Good 🐟

Fun but ruined by greed. For the price listed in AppStore, you get a default skateboard, and 1 map… that’s it, everything else you need to pay for inside the app. But the reason I’m giving it 1 star is simply because the devs had the audacity to monetize mods… in a subscription model. This is one of the scummiest things I’ve seen in games, charging for the “privilege” to use mods is awful enough, but charging a monthly subscription to use mods is absolutely ridiculous, and for that I have no respect for the devs

bugs. im trying to do all my challenges but when i arrived on challenges #25 it doesn't work. im sad because i can’t continue without paying but im doing the same things as the task ( Nollie Pop shove it) please fix the bug

don’t buy parks. i bought this game in highschool along with a. bunch of the parks because it was really fun, i now want to play it again on a new phone but it won’t let me use any of the parks i buy and it’s very frustrating

Cool. It’s a good game but you need to pay for the game and after pay for boards or parks?!?!? Makes no sense

It could be better. everything cost money and it really hard to get gold this game would be awesome if you can make things cheaper and stop having to pay real money

Cool. For me it’s just a time waster while waiting for friends or family

Restore purchase isn’t working. I deleted the game with a skate park downloaded after I redownloaded it my paid skate map didn’t come back fix it please

New physics update. I’ve enjoyed playing this game for years, 10+ why change the physics now. at least give the option to change them back:(

Suggestion. Absolutely love this game I’ve been playing it for around 3 years now, it’s a good game to just throw on your phone when you’re just bored and looking for something to do. Recommendations to the developers, allow us to crop our pictures to fit our decks when putting custom images on decks and grips. Other than my one criticism I love this game if you got a few bucks to spend get this and some in game upgrades and your set. P.S right now there’s a glitch going on where my saved skateboards are reverting back to old images and decks ands grips and removing my new ones.

Ce jeux est une arnaque. j’ai acheté 6 map a 2,75 chaque et se mais ça retirer

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Best Skating Game.. I first downloaded this app when I was thirteen with my first iPhone, and I only had the starting map for yeaaars. I’m very stubborn when it comes to buying stuff for apps or games. But finally I got too bored with the starting map (although it is very big) and caved, buying a 6 pack of skateparks. And let me tell you- that is ALL you need. I never get bored of this game ever. I immediately regretted buying more parks because I thought I’d get tired of the app but here I am at 19 and it’s still one of my favorite apps to use when I’m bored or waiting in line somewhere. Very easy controls and great graphics!

The one game I could play for hours. The best game on the App Store. Period. Insane freedom in the skate word, the developers really went to town on this one. Incorporating real brands and real courses into a mobile game makes the experience feel that much better. A mile long list of possible tricks, lines, and spots to hit make this game so enticing to play at any hour anywhere. The only complaint is that I lost my 37,000 true credits when I transferred to a different iPhone but besides that never had any problems or a bad time playing. Thank you for this amazing game.

Please fix. I’ve been playing this game for years but never though to write a review until I had something to complain about. While the grind to get a custom deck with an image from the users photos seems worth it, sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned. After unlocking a custom deck on my last phone, I lost it due to playing on a new phone. I assume. This time I tried again with the old school deck. It asked if I was sure without showing me what the deck would look like then charged me without changing the deck. I was confused because the deck I got was blacked out instead of the picture I wanted. I tried again with the same result. Now I’m out 20,000 bolts and paid for the wrong board twice. Is there any way to preview the skateboard before you actually buy it? Maybe move the picture to fit exactly how it should?

Jesus in the form of skateboarding. This game is great. I played this game so much for a long period of time and like lots of other apps it doesn’t get old. You can always switch between parks, try new tricks, try to beat your high score or grind for a new addition to your board. This game is great and if you’re will to spend a few bucks in game you can open up whole new worlds. The amount of gaps to jump and tricks to pull are huge and you can always discover new ones until you’re the trick master and can pull crazy tricks at any time and rack up tons of points. Overall great game.

some problems. so the game itself is pretty fun and all for when you are bored waiting for something and need a little time waster. i had a problem though where everytime i open up the game my board gets reset to the default board and i have to switch out of the edit and back in just to get it. i also had a problem where i lost around 60k true credits and my board design out of nowhere. my entire account had gotten reset and i hadnt pressed any reset button so that got me pretty mad but besides that the game is pretty fun but reminds me of EA as there are only 2 maps you can buy with the in game currency, the rest of the maps are actual money which is annoying being i paid for the game so i should have access to way more.

Overall love it for what it is. I play this almost daily with the dual sense controller and it’s great took me over a week to get used to it, totally puts a whole new feel into skateboarding games. The only issue I have really is that it gets a bit buggy on the 1.9 physics version quite frequently and what I mean by that is it won’t let me steer left or right just sends me in a straight line. Im playing on an iPhone 8 which may or may not be the issue but I don’t know. I just really love what you guys are doing with this game and thought if I play it daily might as well put some of my input in haha

Amazing Game. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone I know. I understand that some game have more control and some game have bigger tricks. True Skate gives you the perfect blend of both. You can do technical tricks or do really big tricks. The shop gives you real decks from actual brands. The leaderboards challenge you to see if you can keep up with the best. The variety of skateparks you can buy is amazing too. There’s a park for everyone's preference and they aren’t expensive at all! Hands down the best mobile skateboard game and I have thought that all 5 years I’ve been playing it.

Love it never gets boring. I love this game. To the people who don’t think it’s worth buying new maps, it’s 100% worth it and that’s what keeps the game fun and never get boring! What needs to be in this game is more than just a max of 4 kick flips or any other trick. You can’t get more than a quad so trying a trick over 4 spins, turns, flips, ect, doesn’t go over quadruple flip. I also hope to also see a maximum increase for pop-shove it’s and other tricks that involve going 180, 360, 540, 720, you should add 900’s and 1080’s spins. I hope what I’m saying makes sense English isn’t my best language.

My Favorite Game in Appstore. I recently redownloaded this game after a two year hiatus, and the updates since I’ve had it are amazing. The physics of the game are incredible, especially in realistic mode; and anyone who’s worried this is a cash grab, it is anything but. The parks are worth every penny and I’ve already spent $15 myself. There was a couple issues after an update, but they righted themselves besides my missing board customizations. Customizing my board though is not what has me playing this game everyday, so not that big an issue. Very impressed.

True skate. This is a great game , very fun ! Can play for hours and hours and you don’t need to purchase any other map to really have fun , I played with the beginning map for years on another phone and still had as much fun everyday . There are a few bugs tho , like my board jumps as high on glitch mode as if it wasn’t on glitch mode and every time I try and grip a image it doesn’t let me adjust the picture and I always end up with the picture being off centered or just too zoomed in so that’s very annoying cause I’ve spent money on buying screws for that . but other then that amazing game , will rate 5 if someone can explain like if I’m doing something wrong on the griping thing and the glitch mode or if it’s the game .

Great game… but. I’ve been playing this game since right around when Steven haucking died, and it’s honestly an awesome game so awesome that I spent money on it, about 20 bucks in maps, I had almost every map until one faithful day I bought 3 more maps, I had about 2 more till I had every one. Then I tried to play them and it said something about possible map file corruption. So as any other person would do I turned to google, I followed the steps, I deleted then redownloaded and it was doing the same stuff so I did it again and now I’m stuck with no maps, 20$ down the drain and I’m in hs 20$ is a lot of money for me bruh…

Been playing for a decade, 5 star game imo.. It’s a great game, my childhood if you will, everyone out here complaining but none of the issues are a big deal. All the parks are cheap as it is, worth it, and now they added a feature for free parks in true credits. Physics are the best out of any mobile skating game, I probably have thousands of hours in this who knows 😂 I like that you can see your legs now, it was good before and now it’s even better. Stop whining, get yourself 3$ and you’ll be set on maps or just play the game and get them for free. No complaints here

This game.... I have had this game since it first released and cost money! In that time I have had plenty of time to grind, flip, and ollie around several different 3 dimensional maps. So why do I keep coming back to this game every morning on my bus to school? Well, the unreal graphics, free2play aspect, well organized shop, and much more! I am not the type to write reviews. I have done it 2 times before this but that’s it. Now at the moment I have to go to school but if there was one thing I would suggest to this games team, it would be get sponsored or get a partnership where buying a real skateboard gets you a new map or something. Thank you, Luke

Pay-To-Play. If you buy this game for 2.99 you get 1 small map and a skate board that takes months to earn enough TC (truecredits) to customize and there is a total of 60+ maps maybe more and they all cost money. I fell it's a little greedy knowing that we paid for this app to be having fun for 2 minutes and then have it force you to pay for each individual map that is probably as small as the map you have. Fun game, but I feel like this is just a cash grab with the amount of money this costs. Would've easily made it to the top 10 paid games if each individual map didn't cost money ;( please just be happy that you are at least getting many buyers and not to just give them more payments for buying your game please.

DO NOT RECOMMEND. So, I bought the game because I wanted to do something else when I wasn’t skating. Though, the things they show in the App Store look awesome, what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay money for Every. Single. Thing. The currency on this game is absolutely wack. Like getting grip tape cost 20,000?? That costs for hours of work for what? Some type of thing on a virtual skateboard. Nothing in the game is “Realistic” even though that’s the type of people they market to. There is a gigantic learning arc in the missions. Why would you put the super hard/unrealistic ones first, IN THE FIRST PARK?? It takes months of work to get used to any of this game. DO. NOT. PLAY. If you value your sanity,Or not breaking your iPhone/iPad, DO NOT PLAY THIS PAY TO WIN GAME.

PLEASE READ THIS... PROBLEM WITH IPHONE XR. Hi, I love true skate and I aways play it I had it on my iPhone 4 then I got a iPhone 6 and played it all the time with no issues then when I got a iPhone XR there is a issue preventing me from playing the game so it was working for about a month then when I ever want to go to the menu where you can change the map or customize your skate bored the game crashes so it crashes when ever I press the 3 dots in the upper left corner to get to the menu to change maps or customize my skateboard. Please fix this I’m playing on the iOS version of the game and on playing on a iPhone XR thanks, Isaiah Ps will change my review to 5 stars if this issue gets fixed!!!

I love this game so much! But I have one problem.... I have more time in this game that I do on any other app on my phone, it’s just so fun. Unfortunately I found that recently I went onto the app and I didn’t have any of the custom skateboards I previously had, (just two of them) all my currency (probably around 100,000) AND two of the skateparks weren’t there! (Schoolyard and inbound) I didn’t have an account in which these were on, so I couldn’t log in or anything to retrieve them. And when I tapped “restore purchases” the two weren’t on there! Is there any way I can get my items back?

I love true skate! One of my favorite games!!. This is my first review that I have done on an app and I just wanted to say that this game is awesome!! I’ve had this game for like 4 years now. It’s realistic, challenging, and always keeps skateboarding on my mind. However, I’m sad to see the once free app that I purchased almost all the skate parks for, erase all of my purchase history. So I tried downloading it again and even paid for the app this time even though it was free when I downloaded it. Still none of the parks that I bought are showing up on restore my purchase history. Im using the same account so that wasn’t cool. I hope this gets fixed soon thanks!

Great game. Some things you could fix.. I’m willing to bet nobody is going to respond to this but here we go. This is a tremendously fun game, I’ve spent hours upon hours just playing it. However, after a week of playing I had accumulated 200,000 true credits, enough to buy a new deck in game, I decided upon a nice Santa Cruz deck, I purchased it, and enjoyed it. A month later I was messing around in the settings and accidentally changed it to the free Tampa pro deck. “Oops” I think to myself, “better go change it back”. But it doesn’t let me. Weeks of progress gone. If anyone sees this please make it so that you can buy a deck permanently. Thanks

Yeah... From the last time I played 4 or 5 years ago to downloading it and trying it again.. you guys have completely ruined this game. The missions are very buggy especially when trying to copy tricks for a % accuracy. For example the nose slide lip slide mission. Really guys? You’ve also added coins and made the maps over priced? Even if you score gold on missions you aren’t given much currency at all to even buy those maps. 200,000 for just one map… insane. I’ve also checked the decks and nothing new was really added. You added a glitchy 3rd person skater view that for the most part obstructs and distracts the view of the deck and tricks. The Menu is cluttered and hard to find stuff in. I wish Skater XL was still a thing because man.. this game isn’t it anymore.

Ok... just one problem.. First of all I love this game! I have had it for a while and it is super fun!! There is just one problem though. Like I said I’ve been playing for a while. And I just got enough coins to buy a new board. So I bought a 20k Santa Cruz board, then when I got on the game a day after that my board didn’t show up. So I checked my current board and saw it was equipped so I bought a 2nd board and and tried to change it to the free board, but accidentally changed my Santa Cruz board. So I went to get the Santa Cruz board and it said I needed to buy it again!!! Just a suggestion, make it so when you buy a board you get to KEEP the board.

Great game, but a few issues. I love this game and always feel nostalgic playing it. The controls are very satisfying, the environments are realistic and filled with tons of good spots, tricks are fun and have a high upper curling, maps have a good variety of missions, etc. If you like skateboarding, True Skate is definitely worth a download. A couple pieces of feedback- 1. I don’t think you can unlock the “Crash into an invisible wall” achievement anymore. All invisible walls seem to have been removed and replaced with out of bounds boundaries. This is annoying because I can’t 100% the achievements. 2. Some of the maps have weird scaling. For example, the grandstands in the mega ramp map are oddly big, it feels like the skateboard is tiny. Same with the alley map, for some reason the environment is really large in certain places. You feel like you’re playing with a tek deck more than an actual skateboard. 3. The UI is really laggy. Scrolling around in the menu is super glitchy. The old UI was buttery smooth. Not a big deal since it doesn’t affect gameplay.

Great in most aspects. Personally, I think it’s the best mobile skate game. The missions keep you playing it, so do the maps. The physics are pretty good, except for an occasional glitch where the board becomes extremely bouncy- which has only happened recently. Some things that I personally think would make it better: improve the “DIY” feature, since you are limited to around 3 obstacles for some parks- not even all of them. I would also like to see improved vert mechanics: i.e. blunts, stalls, and better grab physics. But for the most part, the base game is pretty solid. It can be very precise with the flips at times.

This game was amazing the way it was. For as long as I’ve been playing this game, several years, I’ve loved it. Definitely the best physics in any mobile skateboarding game but recently I’ve notice you can’t just “tap” on the lip of the board to perform an Ollie anymore. This is really confusing to me since it’s been this way since I’ve began playing, so why would you change it now this late? I hope this is not something done purposefully but rather an accident while updating something. Changing the mechanics of this game would be a huge mistake, and just because of this one little change I’ve found myself playing less and less.

Great game worth the money. I play this sometimes in my free time, usually during my breaks at work. The game really shines for doing realistic-somewhat unrealistic tricks/lines, of course you can do random 720 quad flips but that isnt fun, realistic mode is a great addition. Theres a very high skill ceiling, honestly i enjoy it more than skater xl or session just because im really doing my tricks, and not just pressing buttons and seeing a premade animation. Nollie tricks are actually a lot harder to get down like they should be. If you play it this way, every park is worth the dollar or two they cost, and the board customization/wear is pretty great along with diy.

Awesome but.... This game is awesome it’s got so many levels, mission and tricks to totally recommend getting it. I have a couple problems though, when you rewind it stops the last recording and you have to but other levels which I’m ok with it’s just I’ve spent a good amount of money for other levels. They are worth it though but I feel like there should be a way to unlock other levels for free because eventually the only one it comes with gets kinda boring. Also if anyone wants to know my opinion on levels to get mine are mono ramp and factory those are my favorite. Overall 9 1/2 out of ten

Minor changes. Honestly the game is great, besides me being another that there is only one starter park, I can’t really be mad about paying for this game. However, in the small chance you read this I’d like to suggest two changes, the first is to make stalls easier to do on the edge of the bowl or halfpipes, and the second is so easy to do I don’t know why you didn’t start the game like this. Removing the wire underneath some or all of the rails would be so nice because it’s so annoying when I get stuck against it, there’s no reason not to and would make the one park even better.

About the game pad. Having the control scheme be anything but exactly skate controls is just dumb. The lack of being able to link the swipes without having to return to center on the stick or use the other stick is just terrible. And having to push with the same stick motion as ollies makes the first mission of doin ollies very difficult especially with no sensitivity on the pop. Having to press r2 for every foot placement isn’t intuitive. Guess this ain’t replacing skate for me after all. And why is it so hard to flip my board over when half of the time it lands that way. Double tap to reset should be easy to implement. Or basically any button on the game pad.

Who made these missions?. Great game and physics but it’s obvious the ppl making the missions are clearly ppl who never skated a day in their life.. who goes down an incline and gaps the flat? ... three times in a row... hire skaters if your making a skating game, just a thought. Also the prices for things with in game currency is dumb and unbalanced with mission rewards.. get it together, it would be one thing if this game was f2p but it isnt. We all purchased this game, some of us did so long ago, like myself when it cost more than it does now. These are easy fixes and I clearly see y’all consistently adding more “buyable” maps and “Christmas event” then take the time to read these comments and fix your issues.

Meh, you got to pay too much money. I just bought a game for 1.99 and I thought it would come with cool decks, grip tapes, maps, but I was wrong. You have to BUY it. The maps are 99 cents, the decks are expensive as heck, 20,000 coins, and I rounded mines to 10,000, and it took at least a week. For one deck.... this games fun but if you got some money to burn, this games for you. But if you think it comes with a lot of maps. You are wrong, it just comes with a small starter map. It gets boring as well. It was that bad but expensive. I suggest it comes with at least 5 maps, or some decks you can choose. It only gives you 3 free decks, which in my opinion, doesn’t look good. Don’t get your expectations too high.

Best skating game, still meh... This game needs lot of improvement, from calling out the correct tricks that I do, even counting the tricks that I land and giving me the true credits for the trick, and just simply locking into grinds and slides. Tailslides and nose slides are fun, but they almost never lock into any surface. Sometimes when big tricks are done but the board just slightly touches an object (even if you still land) it will count the trick as a fail because a part of the board knicked a ledge or rail over your gap. Little things like these need improvements, NOT MORE SKATEPARKS FOR MONEY. Use the money we are giving you to improve the bugs in this game. Every time I see an update it just says “bug fixes” I haven’t seen one. Be more descriptive on what you are fixing and be more attentive to your players.

BEST GAME EVER!!! 👌. This game is so detailed and you the developers have put so much effort into this! 👍 This is my favorite game of all time! And the people who think this game is money hungry it’s because it’s so detailed and overall such a great experience! Thank you for making this game...although I only have one suggestion could you maybe make so we can earn true credits more faster. It takes too much time to earn true credits... maybe if you score 5,000 points you could earn 70-80 true credits, if this game feature would be added it would be awesome! Overall this game is the best game I have ever played!

Favorite game. My personal most played game. I just wrote a review criticizing the update because I didn’t realize I could turn the new physics off. In fact, I was wrong. By far the best skateboarding game on this platform, I have spent 100’s of hours just skating in down time, and I love it. Only thing I want is more parks! There are plenty of loyal fans who will pay for them. We exist!! I just like to play with the original physics, I have the muscle memory and it’s just fun that way. Love seeing the best of the best using realistic mode of course ;). But not for me. Thanks!!

To true skate creators. I absolutely love this game. It is without a doubt the best game on the iPhone App Store and I have had it for a couple of years. I know this would be a lot but it would be crazy if you guys made a true bike game for street bmx. Where you cold transfer the maps form your true skat account and use them in true bike. I’ve been looking for a good biking game witch I can’t find but if I had to choose some one to make it it would be you guys so it would be incredible if you made that. I know your not going to make it but it’s just a thought

Lost love. I got this game years ago on my iPod touch 4 and played it daily for years. When i got my iPhone 11 the game just stopped launching. When you tap it the screen gets slightly darker for a second and then it crashes every time. I have tried everything and have reached out to true axis two times with no response. I have hundreds of hours and over $30 in the game spent on skate parks. The only thing i have not tried is completely reset my phone. Love the game and miss it dearly and hope someone who can help sees this.

When ever I’m not skating, I’m virtually skating!. This game is by far the best. Better than SKATER which I ultimately regret buying. I like how it’s not easy to lock onto things or do tricks. Repetition and practice is what it takes. I can easily lock into smiths, feebles, 5050s, crooks, and many more. As well as flipping tre, lazer, hardflip, nightmare, 360 inward heel. I already have the feel for the tricks. I earn tc really fast too. Some challenges are pretty impossible tho. Like Lip Grind in the first map, it’s impossible to keep the grind going all around the bowl. Please developers why. Anyways 10/10 game. Ur all just scrubs at it.

Amazing gameplay, annoying currency system.. Don’t get me wrong, True Skate is a fantastic game with stunning graphics, responsive controls, and over great gameplay. However, TC, the currency system you use to purchase graphics, griptape, and other aesthetic items, is in my opinion, broken. Getting 5000+ point lines is very difficult and can be frustrating when grinding for long periods of time. Also, the starting map is very small, and gets boring rather quickly. These circumstances make it tempting to spend actual money on a game that we’ve already paid two dollars for. If True Axis could add in another map or two for free, that would be great and highly appreciated by every user. Have a nice day!

Good but…. This game is my favorite mobile game of all time. No hesitation, but it is expensive to have fun. You can’t only play on one map it gets really boring really quick so you need to buy other maps that cost real money (my favorites 2017 Tampa, The Berries, Havasu, Warehouse, Mondo Ramp, SLS Hangar and The Valley. It’s a lot I know but worth it if you play all the time. But if you love the game so much I recommend sandbox I got it and it is so worth it and so much fun to play on all the community made maps. I really recommend if you know you’ll be playing this game a lot.

Amazing. I’ve been playing true skate for 8 years and seeing it develop had been amazing. I love the new update to the skater feet option to make it more realistic and less glitchy but their is one thing I’ve been waiting for a long time. When you have the skater feet enable and do a grab, the skater doesn’t reach over and grab the board it just adds an extra hand that is under that skater grabbing the board. I would love to see parks added more frequently but other than those 2 things the game is perfect!

cool, but lots of glitches. hello, my cousin started playing this game and i thought it was so cool i downloaded it, its super awesome and i started to get pretty good at it. after about 6 months i bought another park and thats when my game started glitching out. i had bought a custom deck picture with my TC . i had it for about 3 days, then i opened the game and noticed that my deck picture was gone. then the day after it restarted me to 0 TC. i got really frustrated and then i played some more to get more TC, i checked it today and it completely restarted me again, it restarted me to the tutorial s and 0 TC. it also lost my account, which isnt a big deal, thats not the issue. i just need the glitches fixed!!! -celeste

Review From A Veteran. I have played this game through all my zoom meetings for school and during a lot of my free time for the last two years. I have unlocked all of the 200,000 coin skateparks and maxed out to 250,000 coins again. What I have learned from this game is that there is a large learning curve for doing what you want in this game. You can swipe around and do crazy triple flips and what not but when you land a line you legitimately were trying to land, the feeling is like no other. I recommend sticking with this game because it is great.

Absolutely love the game but can you add this?. I love this game so much. I’ve had it for about a year and I still play it regularly. It’s a great mobile game. Recently, I have discovered the friends feature. My friend and I have been challenging each other a lot now because he loves the game as well. However, I was disappointed when I discover all you can do is the two challenges. What I would like is we can play normally but in the same park. We could bump into each other too. I feel like that would be amazing. If you don’t want to add that, I would at least want more of a variety to the challenges. Besides that, the game is fantastic.

True skate 😁. Ok so this game is very fun to play if your bored. If your just sitting around the house, then get on true skate you’ll actually see how much fun it is to 50-50 grind and do crazy satisfying tricks. One thing though, the coin system. I have been playing and playing and playing for about a week now and I only have 80,000 or so coins. That may seem like a lot to someone who doesn’t have this game, but it’s not that much. Especially if you want to buy a skate park if your a person who’s a NPTW player. This game is still fun though and I would still definitely recommend. Thanks devs - Luke

Only $2! (Game sold separately). You basically pay to have an icon on your phone with a skateboard on it. There is only one park and it’s small and gets hella boring after a while. It’s alright if you got deep pockets and don’t care what you spend your money on, but if you’re looking for a fun game, this is definitely not it. I’m a way, I’d say it’s a scam. To be honest the way they make you pay for everything is worse than EA, and that means something. Sorry, mr. Developer guy, but you gotta realize that not everyone has deep pockets and wants to pay $20 for extra stuff. At least advertise this dlc content as dlc content rather than putting screenshots in the AppStore as if those other parks come with the game… I’m gonna be frank here, mr. developer guy, you’re kind of stupid and misleading us like that is a crap move. For real, it’s not cool.

My cosmetics were removed and I didn’t get my money back. I bought the Santa cruise deck pack 15 for specifically the 3 decks I wanted I noticed that about a week after I bought it it wouldn’t show the deck in the menu so I went to try to find it in the shop again but it wasn’t there I then put in a support ticket asking what happened to the decks months ago and never got a response it’s rather upsetting bc I bought that pack for those decks specifically and now I can’t use them but outside of that it is a good game with great mechanics and next to no glitches other that not getting the trick right ( me doing a trick and it thinking I just did and Ollie or shuv)

The Next EA. This game does run smoothly and controls generally well. The gameplay is easy to learn, hard to master. But there is one big problem that just kills this game for me. The heavy reliance on micro transactions. The only way to get new skateparks and certain skateboards is to pay for it. Although the cost is relatively cheap, coming in at around 1-2 dollars, this is the only method of getting new skateparks. And the game gets pretty monotonous from playing on the exact same park for god knows how long. The worst part is, I got this game for 2-3 dollars, and now they’re forcing me to shell out more cash just to make the game fun. Basically, it’s a full priced game adopting a free to play, pay to win model. It’s just a surprise that it wasn’t developed by EA or Activision

Hands Dwn The Best!!!. I can literally find my self in a super chill, or very intense sessions .. time flys, helps me visualize the tricks I like to do or work on.. the feeling is just amazing.. I payed for the other expensive Sk8 game on iOS.. I can’t get enough for your innovative control.. Okay just to be clear this game is not easy.. but if you know how to skateboard and flow lines thru park then you should be shredding in no time.. It’s completely possible to do ridiculous tricks on here, but most of us understand that we’re trying to get the most realistic, and stylish looking board control possible.. Tons of innovations keep me coming back, but I transfer over to true surf when when epic comes by.. lol Great job amazing game/tool I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the day that we might get to see [true snow] If you can make it feel anything like Sk8 and surf it’s another instant game changer.. Also I love all the modifications , builds, diy , this game has so much more then you might expect.. thanks

Great game, but.... This is without a doubt my favorite game on iPhone. I have played it almost every day for the last four years. I have bought many levels and enjoyed them all. However, one of the latest updates has caused the game to try to force me into a tutorial every time I launch the app, then it asks me to login, then it makes me read some kind of news feed, and then finally I'm allowed to actually skate. This happens *every time* I start the app. I do not need tutorials (see comment above about playing for years), I have no desire to login, and I do not want to see this news feed. I just want to skate. That being said, I have great respect and admiration for the team for creating this great game.

Stress Relief. I’ve had this game since my sophomore year of high-school, granted I’m only 20 and have only been out of school for 2 years now. This game is a simple game it really is but I just realized that this game helps with any type of stress that I have. Whenever something is happening that I don’t have control in any way I open this game and I just start swiping and I forget about the situation. Even if I don’t forget about the situation this game ends up helping me think about how to deal with it. I actually quite enjoy this game and highly recommend it to anyone with any type of anxiety.

Great for AD HD. I’ve been playing True skate for around 3 years now, and although I’ve never really gotten good at the game I can say that it helps with my boredom. With a variety of different skateparks that I acquired I don’t really run out of content. I have pretty had AD HD and it’s really hard to make me focus but this really calms it. The developers care about the game making updates and events weekly. I overall love this game and considering my daily screen time has around 4 hours of this game a day, I could say I’m obsessed. Worth the 6 whatever dollars I paid for the game and skateparks.

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.5.78
Play Store com.trueaxis.skate
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

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The application True Skate was published in the category Games on 18 October 2012, Thursday and was developed by True Axis [Developer ID: 337866373]. This program file size is 166.9 MB. This app has been rated by 8,376 users and has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. True Skate - Games app posted on 18 April 2024, Thursday current version is 1.5.78 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.trueaxis.skate. Languages supported by the app:

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