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The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game.

#1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world.

Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special"

Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below.

- Realistic touch based physics.
- Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.
- Drag your finger on the ground to push.
- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase)
- Slow motion.
- User challenges
- Replay sharing
- Global leaderboards.

Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only:
- Additional skateparks and locations.
- Street League Skateboarding courses.

Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions)
- Unlock all missions.
- Unlimited slow motion.
- Unlimited board image changes.
- Unlimited wheel color changes.
- Unlock lists.

Trick Possibilities:
50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

True Skate App Description & Overview

The applications True Skate was published in the category Games on 2012-10-18 and was developed by True Axis. This application file size is 191.59 MB. True Skate current version is 1.5.11 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

New app icon.
Fixed issue which could cause some text corruption in the Features section of the store.

True Skate App Tips, Tricks and Rules

True Skate Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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coolrobloxkid9936   4 star

listen. so i have been playing true skate for 4 years and i love it. i had a account with a lot of money spent of it. i just got a new phone and i hopped on true skate and i lost all of my progress, game passes, skins, skateparks, EVERYTHING! my account name was tigger i forgot what email i had it under can you message back or make so you can put in the name when you are trying to log in and it will say what email it was under? thank you

mykleeeee   4 star

Flaws. Great game. Could these problem/s be addressed. When a board is bought, after closing the app the board goes back to default until you select a different board then reselect the bought board. And my wheel color keeps just going back to white

Pugsfrtign   3 star

Had This Game Since it Came out. Best iPhone game ever ! But I paid for all the parks and I try to restore and then You guys took half of the parks that I paid for away and the custom seton I also paid for. Wish I could just not spend anymore money

ChingCong666   1 star

Purchase Accident. My little sister bought this game by accident could I get my money back plz

it wont stop please fix   1 star


moneymadehenry   2 star

True Skate. Fun game but I have bought things with coins and it didn’t let me access what I bought. Glitches a lot too. Not worth the money tbh.

Panther9   1 star

Can’t restore purchases. I had to delete the app and then reinstall because it was Glitchy. After I did all my in-app purchases were gone. When I try to restore them it says they were purchased on another Apple ID. But when I view my purchase history I see them. No Bueno TruSkate. My son is furious. He paid for those with his own money. Give me back my purchases.

Best photo changer ever   5 star

Note to devs. Btw, I love the game to death, but I have a couple suggestions. I think it would be pretty cool if the board could chip and if you land really wrong maybe even break. I think it would be cool if when it breaks you.d have to buy s new one too. Just an idea 😄

jrdnbrtw   4 star

great game, one major bug. app crashes every time I tap on the "me" tab, makes it impossible to change out/customize boards

xXMasterOfLuckXx   3 star

It’s just okay. I’ve had a lot of fun in this game, but sense the update about a year and a half ago, it hasn’t been the same. Also, the challenges are WAY too hard. For someone who plays this in their free time, there’s no way they’ll be able to unlock the ramps and enjoy the game at its fullest.

riddjdidjdj   1 star

What the heck. Controls are freaking BAD

Boooooooooooooooo33333   3 star

Volume is gone!. Love this game, definitely the mobile game I’ve played most and longest - the problem is that recently the in-game sound has dropped to a nearly inaudible volume, even with the settings at full blast. Not sure if this is because I’m running the IOS public beta, but it definitely takes a lot of the fun out of the experience.

mont311   1 star

Horribly, horribly broken. This game could have been one of the best iOS games of all time, but the constant glitching and lazy development rob the player of any joy. There is no rewarding aspect of this game. Missions are not fun and next to impossible to compete. The currency in the game is so scarce that you will never get the opportunity to spend it. It would be easier to become a pro skater in real life than to learn how to play this game around all the glitches and bugs

Sean Montejano   5 star

The best game. This game is the best game ever!!! I find myself always coming back to play this game in my free time. I strongly suggest this game

jbvictory   2 star

Hmmm. Well, I will say that maybe I just stink at games but I find this game insanely difficult to learn. For what it’s worth I played mad hours of tong hawk growing up... so far not having fun

ninjahyper345   1 star

Broken. Game waste of money. It’s broken got excited when I got it but turning sideways midair does not work and the grading system makes no sense and every time I try to ok tie. It I grab the board

cool kids 1234565422245   4 star

So cool. It is a relly good game and I would pay for it but you get board of the first map and the maps cost money

[ Noah 43 ]   3 star

wheel color glitch. this game is overall great minus the pay walls if everything was payed for by true credits or what ever the in game currency is to purchase wheel colors is called, that currency should be used to pay for maps and decks but it cost real money also when i buy wheel colors they don’t apply to the board while i’m playing

H31N3   1 star

The controls are bad. Playing with boths hands make the controls broken.

James1234283   3 star

Big negative set back. True Skate is truly fun and I do find myself playing it a lot in my spare time. It’s very responsive and it’s easy to learn after playing for just a little while. BUT the one huge negative I have with this game is that is has a scoring system that lets you earn in game currency to buy decks, grip graphics, etc. This is not bad because you don’t have to rely on using real money for the things you want but the scoring system is off and doesn’t allow you to earn the points you deserve after your score. I’ll skate a line and earn 8,000 points which gives me around 100 in game currency but next I’ll do a line that’s worth 40,000 and it gives me 197 in game currency. I’m sorry but that is total bull crap and makes me lose interest in busting in better tricks in longer lines because you don’t receive much of a reward for it as much as trying less and receiving around the same amount. Great game over all though, if that was tweaked this game would almost be flawless.

Nagasaki tomagachi   3 star

Fun but.... Too many core features and maps tied to money transactions.

Llamalover78   4 star

Needs more frequent updates. This game was the only mobile game I actually find fun but recently it’s been getting kind of boring do to lack of new features and parks. Before the new DIY update you could get true credits from doing missions but now you either get one of the few DIY obstacles or nothing. Also I think there should be more realistic parks/spots such as: • El Toro • Hollywood Sixteen • stoner park •Woodward parks • and many more Also I feel like there needs to be more updates because you haven’t been frequently updating the game since about 2 months ago

jad.1   5 star

Sweet. Ok when I found this game I was like this is gonna be dumb but man it is fun to the max this is one of the best skateboarding game I’ve played keep up the good work

Kaden McDaniel   5 star

Great Game Would Like To See controllers support And maybe More tricks. Great Game Would Like To See controllers support And maybe More tricks


PROBLEM WITH NEW IPHONE 11 Pro Max. Hello, I am writing to tell you that I LOVE THIS APP. It’s the perfect mobile skating app. However, I noticed that there is an issue when trying to play it on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I upgraded from the 10s Max, and the game worked fine. But as soon as I re downloaded it onto the new phone, the game changed. The issue is when I go to Ollie. Simply tapping the tail of board does not “pop” the board anymore. This makes it extremely difficult to do tricks considering the board gets almost no lift from the back foot pop. If you hold down on the tail of the board, the nose of the board comes up but very slowly, until the tail hits the ground and it’s stuck in that position. This lagging effect is very frustrating. I thought it was because I had to readjust the sensitivity in the game to a higher level, but that didn’t change it. I have found that you have to swipe downwards across the tail of the board for it to “pop” like before. It’s extremely awkward and not a good change. I don’t know if this is due to a change in the sensitivity level for the new iPhone or if it’s the app. Please look into this and fix it and I return my 1 Star to a 5 Star!

Noah0421   5 star

AWESOME. This game is the best! My daughter loves this game. She wants you guys to make more games.

GuyWhoNeverReviews   3 star

Good but remove grabs. Perfect game with many good adjustable settings but for the move of god please have a option to at least remove grabs because they interfere a lot with tricks and you guys said you would make it optionable.

Edwardinlbc   5 star

Awesome fun game!. Fun game. Only complaint is after last update, my board always stays in new condition. I used to like playing and thrashing up my board as much as i could thrash it. Now it doesn't even get a single scratch. Can you put it back to where my board gets worn down ALREADY! it’s not as realistic if my board always looks brand new!

averygirl   1 star

don’t buy anything. i recently just bought two parks and it never downloaded, it just sat there saying download in queue. So i tried to restore purchases...didn’t work. After several tries i became frustrated and deleted and downloaded again to see if anything happens. Turns out now both parks are there but i have to buy them again. This app is bs and i HIGHLY recommend not putting a single penny into this game

I ughnxbd   5 star

Good game. I got this when it was free many years ago so now I can have it at no cost. It’s a fun game and I really enjoy it

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Danny Godunov   3 star

It took 20,000 of my in game coins. I was grinding out to buy a new grip for my second skate board, when I bought it, it said downloading and I edited out, and it didn't give it to me. I reloaded the game, restored purchases and it just took all of my coins. Please fix this and if I could somehow get my coins back, that would be amazing. But overall amazing game.

camcussion   5 star

Great Game :). Great to play, and I love that there are no annoying adds. Update: recently downloaded it to my new phone and still love the game. It’s not easy, which is frustrating and satisfying. For the price it’s pretty dope.

,.uwu.,   4 star

Great game. I love the game it’s very smooth, fun, and simple I went viral on TikTok using this app and I got 600k+ views and I got tons of comments about people saying they bought it after seeing the video my account is @truesk8 it’s really far down

👌👎☝️👎☝️👎☝️😽☝️🤖🤖☝️☝️   5 star

Y. I had I park and it got deleted

wssffxcccxxxx   5 star

I love the skateboard app because you can do tricks on it so you deserve 100 stars. Love this day

davidrichard7   3 star

Deck and Grip don’t reset when buying new one. Please fix this bug. Very annoying. The deck, grip, and wheels all maintain scratches & don’t refresh when you switch/buy new ones.

i hate true skate   1 star

I want A refund. I bought a 6 dollar skate park and took my money and I didn’t get the pack I tried to Restore the purchase but it did not work

welly546134   2 star

MY MAPS!!!!!!!. I bought three map packs and it won’t let me in them was I scammed i hope not because this game is fun and I would not like to waste 2 dollars on a game. Also something to note i spent 2 dollars on the maps and it won’t let me on them that is over priced and doesn’t show well on the makers of a good game.

🔥☂️🌈🍐🍎🥭🍊   1 star

This game is dum you thefts. I bought an arena and it did not download and I can not get my money back

Mp 565656565656555555   5 star

It’s a awesome game. It’s a great game but the login/create account is broken

Squarebob999   5 star

Paxton. Best game ever rate it 5 stars

Fortnite 1234567   5 star

Amazing!!!. I love that it’s free play so you don’t have to to missions but you can if you’d like to add Woodward skateparks and a city so you can find your own street spots

cameron pold   5 star

Humusjqjqjqjnqn. Uwjwn

I am bpro   3 star

Wheels disappear. After I buy wheels, they disappear and the colour is back to white. Fix pls

Chukc16352   5 star

Bug. I’ve always loved the game, I play every day it’s been almost 4-5 years. Lately my game crashes when I try to open the menu. Could y’all fix this please?

justsomedude789   2 star

Ok ig. My only problem is even after you pay for the game they still pressure you to buy things

Terrible for a paid game. For a game I paid for it seems dumb to have so many micro transactions and the facts that the in game currency coast are way to high then what they should be and that I have to buy new parks is insanely stupid. There is no real progression system just missions which do tricks that aren’t possible unless you turn realistic mode off and can jump 5 feet. I paid for a game that acts as a free one, fix your game you morons .

shai come for me   1 star

Meh nah. I can’t seem to get I’m money back I try to re purchase all the thing I get on the game it did not help tho a game 1.39$ seem to be good but I’m money plz help??.

XII Steps   4 star

It’s good game but.... I really wish this game is online. I wanna play with my friends and skate with other players on a sever, but far as I know it’s not possible. It’s also like a pay to win game, what I mean is... Almost all maps you have to buy with real money and only a few maps you could unlock with in game currency and could take a really long time to save up. All in one; I like this game but it could use a sever multiplayer.

Pewdiepie.-.   5 star

Memories. I played this game such a long time ago and it was so fun ;) I got bored so I got it after many years :)

Twitch Spydr_   1 star

Broken.. I’ve been a long term player on this game and the last update has completely broke it for me. The movement seems very bad now. My board will stop when I go to do a trick even when my fingers are only on the board and the ground to push. Needs to be fixed. I deleted for the time being though.

788255625   5 star

please read and take into consideration. please please please make a true scoot because there is absolutely no good scooter games and if u made a scooter game you would make so much money because i would spend all my money on that game. and a lot of other people probably want the same thing as me. :)

Something best   1 star

Can you fix that?. The game still keeps crashing while lissining to my own music! Can you still fix that? ? ?

Fgkzhb   5 star

Super. I play this game since 5 years and always like its very good

yerBO¥   5 star

Best Mobile Game I’ve ever played. I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and still find it incredibly fun, I play it everywhere I go and can never find to stop

Zapdex1422   5 star

Game crashes in "ME" menu. Game crashes when I open "ME" please fix

furisniper   5 star

Good Game !!!. I donload Skate 3 i was happy to play it!

BraydonBoss_   3 star

Lost money and maps. The game is incredible! But bought a lot of maps, and I tried to restore some, but I lost my maps and didn’t get my money back. If I got my money back than this would be a 5 star rating.

Create a Nickname,   3 star

Can’t restore purchases. Redownloaded the game on a new phone and now I can’t restore any of the skateparks I bought

ghoul_xxxg   3 star

Please fix. When ever I do a impossible flip mission i do it very right it marks it as 0 so please fix the scores thank you

Advertorial    5 star

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some men and B Dogg   4 star

Oli Meaker is glitching. Oliver Meaker is a glitcher and is abusing the computer game. Banned him please

Brendanjverma   5 star

Best game ever. Good

Treihp   1 star

Over sensitive controls. Great game but recently (maybe a bug), it’s become way too sensitive when you swipe your finger. Pls fix

GTATrooper   4 star

Maps. I like but the maps cost money you get the game and it cost money

Phil MaCrak   4 star

Great game, two suggestions. True skate is an absolutely fantastic game to play. I haven’t found any bugs in it other than when I changed my deck and the wheel colour reset. Other than that True Skate is a near perfect game. I say near perfect as I have two small issues with the game, the price of customisation options and some customisation options that should be implemented into the game. First off, I don’t see why a single deck is worth 40,000 TC, it would be much better if the prices were slightly reduced, even if it was for a small period of time. I also think that it would be very cool to have wheels from real-life brands, like the Santa Cruz slime ball wheels. Truck colours would also be an awesome addition to the game, and would make your setup more unique. Other the these two small issues, I would say that this is a great game.

captainbear556   5 star

Great game. Ok just to make this straight this game is totally worth the money. Although the coin system takes awhile it makes the game fun. The coin system doesn’t bother me but it may other people. The controls are easy and the maps are hella cheap. This is the best mobile skate game out there. Must buy!!

MrSparklefish   5 star

Add a fully DIY skatepark map!. I’ve been playing for several weeks now and gotten pretty good at the game, but I would love to see a fully DIY skatepark that you can build your own skateparks and share with your friends, or possibly even play on the same map with multiple people on at the one time. Thankyou True Skate devs for a great game to play!

hcant think of a nick name   5 star

Wheel bugg. When I change my wheel colour it looks like the colour I chose but when I leave the game and go back on the wheels are white again can you please fix this ASAP

sammymicsam   2 star

Fix. On the mega ramp dlc the 540 gap mission is impossible and I do a 540 and it says fail fix for God sake

nxva-_-   4 star

True skate. True skate is a great game play with many maps and customisation to your skateboard the reason on why I give it a four star and not a five star is because the board customisations and over priced in coins you would have to play for many hours just to get 1 or 2 boards you can pay for the boards in money for a cheap price but I have spent about $30 on this game and have only a few decks and wheels I would recommend this game because it is one of the best games i have ever bought.

Toddrivers   2 star

Awful controls. I don’t know why this game is so highly rated. The controls are so bad. I’ve downloaded it twice now and deleted it after 10 minutes on both occasions.

LEVI1ooo   3 star

I want my money back. I bought the factory skate park but i didn’t get it and i want my money back or the skate park.

Samuel rock boy   4 star

It’s needs a new map. I love this game and I had it for years but their is 1 problem we need new maps for free. Playing this game for years I kinda got bored because there was only 1 map to explore so plzz put in new maps for free thank u

ya yeet Oof yetus fetusss   3 star

It’s okay. I’ve been trying for hours to do a kick flip In the tutorial literally hours and I have only done one it’s impossible

MCDavid311   5 star

Free!. This game was a paid game and now it’s free! True skate is the best! 😀😀😀😀😀😀

shakivu   5 star

Really fun! and addictive! like no joke!. I’m really... impressed I thought it’s just a rip-off game but it’s very good and I’m addicted to this game it’s so much fun and my friends is even addicted to this game can you make more updates pretty please and make it ultra realistic it’s so much fun Love holy god nuggets

JammMannAtron101010101   5 star

Best game. IT IS SO GOOD! I’ve got so many new tricks and I shared it all, if the the shared button work I would be happy😞


Awesome. True skate really sets the vibe of virtual skating, everyday at school I play it with my friends when we have free time and overall the graphics are amazing and the game is the absolute best.

Fair Go Freddy   2 star

Kick Flip Pro. Boring


Bit expensive. This was a really good game but you have to pay for parks with real money. The default map is good but it gets boring after a while. The desk and grips are way to expensive.

hello dude my weirdo   5 star

AMAZING GAME. Old mic Donald

skatebording 7   5 star

Cool game. Best skate game ever

Skar1401   4 star

Good but.... You have to pay for everything so maybe in a mission you could unlock a new skatepark

heyyowasuuu   1 star

Terrible it scammed me. I lost almost 10 dollars

Infernobeau   5 star

Old school. Please add more old school boards and shapes and add a mini ramp level I love the game so far but get board of popsicles and the one old school shape

davidsonstripe   5 star

Really good game. I really enjoy this game

doooooooooof15   5 star

Awesome game. It’s an awesome game but I can’t do kick flips

scoot.slide   3 star

How do you purchase in app skateparks. ???

qwethvshakzbdbebajzbbdb   4 star

Making the better. This is a great game however it would be better if it was more realistic by adding a feature that your board can snap and things like being able to enter competitions so you can earn money Exeter

Natothepotato5817   5 star

Worth every cent. Dear true skate I’m 11 and I absolutely adore this game and is worth every cent of every park but I do have a few suggestions 1 a park editor would be amazing so you can make your own skate parks 2moveAble camera so you can place a camera and record from there That’s all please review my ideas and consider the but thank you for making a great game

nuggetnigger   1 star

Horrible!. I bought unlimited slow motion, it didn’t even say I couldn’t get a score from it! Very disappointed.

rhysuue   5 star

Amazing. This game is amazing!

rubixcribe2000   1 star

Why. My question is why would you put a restore purchase button if in the description it said you have to contact apple?

Jdnejedbdb   3 star

Why cant i but anything. I would rate this 5 stars if i could but a new skatepark. I am getting bored of the original skatepark and want to but a new one. If any maker or editor sees this please try to fix!

Bobby Bob Jeff   1 star

Help me. This game is so addicting it’s been 74 days I haven’t slept or eaten anything and I think it’s unhealthy for me

Wardoug23   5 star

Oof. Great game just there is a bug where when I click the me or menu buttons it kicks me out of the app.

murk743   5 star

Bugs. This is a great game and I love it but every time I click the three dots in the left corner my game crashes. So now I can’t change my board. PLEASE FIX

UrMomMakesBetterGamesThandis   1 star

THIS IS A SCAM!!. All this game is about is money. Everything costs money. EVERYTHING!!! Plz Refund

I get stacks   1 star

I bought a set of colors for my wheels. I bought a set of colors for my wheels at nearly the beginning of the game release. I download this game with the same iCloud on 10/3/19 on iOS 13.1.2. I now can’t seem to redeem or restore my purchases. It says I’ve “purchased” the items. But I can’t restore purchases.

charlie_rocket   1 star

Saved data erased. Years of progress erased after recent update. It was the only game on my phone. Shame!!! *iphone breaks*

andrew_m   2 star

Took my zero board from me. Worked hard for coins and collected the free board and replaced my 20,000 credit board furious. Makes me want to delete, I post videos on this game all the time I love this game but man they just like to make you mad by making you really purchase decks when they used to be customizable,, Update on lost zero deck..... 10.01.19 I finally achieved 20,000 to rebuy my zero deck and of course the give my my beat up scratched board from the first time I skated it, instead of given me a new fresh deck. Real burn.

jbuc29   5 star

It a good game but. The only thing I have to complain about is some of the challenges are not possible to do it maybe I’m doing something wrong but whenever I do a challenge right there is something I have done wrong. But besides the one bad thing I love this game and I think you should make a multiplayer mode where you can battle your friends and just skate around. Also you should make a mode where you can make your own parks but I think you are going in that you might be going in that Direction anyway .

ShadowBlade7353   4 star

Ok... just one problem.. First of all I love this game! I have had it for a while and it is super fun!! There is just one problem though. Like I said I’ve been playing for a while. And I just got enough coins to buy a new board. So I bought a 20k Santa Cruz board, then when I got on the game a day after that my board didn’t show up. So I checked my current board and saw it was equipped so I bought a 2nd board and and tried to change it to the free board, but accidentally changed my Santa Cruz board. So I went to get the Santa Cruz board and it said I needed to buy it again!!! Just a suggestion, make it so when you buy a board you get to KEEP the board.

XoticPanda   3 star

My credits were lost. Bought a new deck and it took my credits and my deck is no where to be found

reidkdehx   5 star

Great game. I’ve been playing true skate for a while. This has to be one of the best games I’ve played. Once you download it you can’t stop playing. It’s the most realistic skating game on the App Store. There are so many maps to choose from

GraceCRock   1 star

That has to be a scam. I payed 1,000 coins for a skateboard repair and NOTHING HAPPENED. I hate that. Why true skate, WHY!!! You’re such a big fat SCAMMER!!!

Bbhyoutube   5 star

Free?. Yes I see the game is free but please make SOME maps free to download I’m bored of the underpass

CampMajdanek   3 star

Object placing update. Not really into the object placing update only because I placed a couple items down and now I can’t erase them or reset the level back to normal the items are still there and it seems like they are stuck there please fix this admins as this is kinda annoying

Fuh_Hue6987   3 star

Colored Wheels, and Grip.. Sometimes the custom grip and wheel color resets itself. Other than the that, the hame is pretty solid.

ZeeshanH   1 star

DLC cost more than the game. Would not have bought this game if I realized it had so many in app purchases, the game should be free if you’re gonna charge real money for everything in game.

Boi This Ge Dumb   1 star

Bruh. The missions are waaay to difficult

Ty13rlikespie   4 star

IOS 13. I love this game but since I updated to IOS 13 the game crashes and wont let me open it.

GaMeRboi37684   5 star

Manuals. Please make it so that manuals can be longer and more smooth.Otherwise this game is great I completed all the missions, found all the gaps, and almost all of the achievements. Keep up the good work.👍

CadbaneZ   4 star

Max at 220,000. Whats wrong with my true skate, my tc is maxing out at 220,000? I assume this doesn’t normally happen becuause you can buy up to 1,000,000 tc. Is this happening to anyone else?

albinotwister   3 star

Glitch. Amazing game. But now when ever I load up the game, it will be normal for about 0.5 seconds, bet then the screen turns black. If I try to close the window again, the same exact thing happens. All of the HUD is there though. Even if I switch between different maps, it still does that. Thanks. I love this game.

phynixlol   4 star

I can’t get my old maps back.... I bought a map pack and a couple of other maps about a year ago and when I got this game again, the maps didn’t show up. I’m signed in to the same account that I used before and I couldn’t even re-download them. The specific maps that I bought were the SLS 2016 pack, Macba, and The Factory. I don’t know if that’s because my old phone was an android, or what. I still have that same phone and the maps are there, but I don’t use that phone anymore. If there’s any way that I can get these maps back, please tell me how.

looperbomb   5 star

Yeet. Funniest mobile game I’ve played

PS4 wayz   1 star

SCAMMED. I had 20,000 TC in the game And i went to go buy a new deck and i didnt receive it AND they took my money! Dont waste your time is this scamming game.☝🏻👎🏻👎🏻☝🏻🤡🤡

SouthSideWave   1 star

Don’t buy this game. If you want a more realistic trick base, and you don’t want your fingers feeling like *%!#@ then don’t buy this game. Get TouchGrind. Trust me. Trust me...

bowlsforbreakfast   2 star

Best skating game, still meh... This game needs lot of improvement, from calling out the correct tricks that I do, even counting the tricks that I land and giving me the true credits for the trick, and just simply locking into grinds and slides. Tailslides and nose slides are fun, but they almost never lock into any surface. Sometimes when big tricks are done but the board just slightly touches an object (even if you still land) it will count the trick as a fail because a part of the board knicked a ledge or rail over your gap. Little things like these need improvements, NOT MORE SKATEPARKS FOR MONEY. Use the money we are giving you to improve the bugs in this game. Every time I see an update it just says “bug fixes” I haven’t seen one. Be more descriptive on what you are fixing and be more attentive to your players.

yungmiz   5 star

great game needs more parks. this game is fantastic! controls are amazing smoth all the way graphics are perfect but i just wish u would upload more parks or locations to ride i got bored of the parks very quickly

neonhusky1011   4 star

I really enjoy this game but....,. I f-enffing love this game, where I’m bored or not it’s the first game that I open, but one minor setback is the fact that not only you have to buy the game, but then you have to purchase absolutely everything if you want more, I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the game and one new skatepark, but that’s it! And I’m not the only one who feels this way, we are not asking for much, just probably a few free maps, sls maps and real maps. Just make some stuff for free, I’m not tryna sound like a needy kid, but please consider. Regards -Pierre

gamer review 170   1 star

Make something free. So you buy the game and then need to buy the maps and then buy the skateboard all with real money

Crystalcomet515   5 star

Funny physics. The physics in this game are unrealistic.(that’s a little bit why I like it🙃) besides that, IT IS VERY SO MUCH GOUD!!!!!!

yung tibo   3 star

Improvement. Add 4 free maps

Logan.l.fnaf   2 star

Meh. The game is fun but why would I pay for the game which btw has no content and then pay some more for more maps doesn’t really make sense.

Danton C   2 star

Good.. The app is good but I’ve been waiting for a while now for new maps and boards to come out. As soon as they update the app with new maps and others, then this game will have 5 stars in my books.

Sema Prochilodus   2 star

Too many ads. This game has been borderline unplayable ever since they added ads all over even payed for parks. Besides this, it’s a pretty remarkable game. But until there’s an option to remove the ads, I won’t play, pay for more levels or rate this higher than 2 stars.

quelqu'un qui a le drone!!!   2 star

D’la marde. Sérieusement faite qu’on puisse aller à la maison dans the valley car c’est vraiment de la marde modifier le

anthinine22   1 star

arnaque. j’ai acheter tout l’es skate park et j’en ai plus aucun, n’acheter pas ce jeu

NB_Tirless   1 star

Arnaque. J’ai acheter des skin et je ne peux plus les utiliser!!! N’acheter rien arnaque en approche

Justin collet   1 star

Ce jeux est une arnaque. j’ai acheté 6 map a 2,75 chaque et se mais ça retirer

BlackBumper1313   5 star

Best IOS Skateboard game. I really like this game. Ive been playing since I had a iPhone 4. I’m really really good at it. It’s my favourite mobile game and I’m kinda sad I’m only writing a review now after I’ve had this game for many years through all the phones I had. Thanks for making this game. 😁

Etipat1998   1 star

Bug. Depuis la nouvelle mon jeu a crash 7fois donc sa serais nice de fix sa. MERCI sa fais même pas une semaine !!!

ThiccLapras   2 star

Okay game. This game is fun to me, but some of the missions are unreasonably hard and it’s been years and they’ve never given out any free skateparks.

mikey garou   1 star

won’t launch after update.. running ios 12.1 on the iphone se. game crashes about halfway through opening “wipe”.

Shrimp2k   1 star

update LA 2018 issue. No linger able to start the game since the lash update. Please fix!

TheTrueSkate Angry man xd   1 star

I can not believe it. I bought over 15 skates last year, and I can not even restore my purchases! I should never have spent for that I am completely stunned

Niqqaalip   1 star

It takes a little time to set in. At first i hated the controls but now that I've gotten used to it the game is addicting and great fun, if you skateboard you will love this, but you needa get used to the controls UPDATE: All my content, around 10+ skateparks got deleted, the customer service is terrible, and you cant repair boards now since they decided to be greedy with the new update and want you to pay for each new board

Fisherman freedom   3 star

Why?. Why do we have to pay for more stuff in the game when we already paid for the game can’t you guys have enough money

Keegan Guest   5 star

Best game. I’ve been playing this game for years & it’s still my favourite mobile game

pppppaaaaaarrrrrrrroooootttt   5 star

True scooter. True scooter should be a thing.

Magikarpdude20   3 star

Flawed , But still great.. I’ve owned this for near two years And it’s decent game, But “ True credits” are just to hard to get. And we payed a decent amount of money for this game . Shouldn’t you get like some more skateparks for free? Please take this into consideration. Thanks!

Flipping awesome!!!!!!!   4 star

Please fix. Been playing this game since I had it on my 3rd gen iPod touch, bought a bunch of parks but now when I go to restore them my game crashes I can only play underpass :(

Zazamaloola   5 star

One of the best mobile games ever made but.... I’m so so upset I lost all my videos with little notice at all. I have been saving videos for almost 3 years via every play and was planning on doing a huge edit one day but today I find out they have deleted the whole archive. This just absolutely destroyed me. Shame on the creators for the little to no notice, and no notification until I went to go save a trick. I play literally every day and save a trick if it’s worth saving. Today I found (yet again) a new gap that I’ve never seen anyone skate and now I have no effecient way to save it in one spot. I’m so sad. Years of work literally years. I will no longer give my money to your company. I was going to drop a bunch of money to buy all the surf boards on true surf but I’ve decided not to.

Doxboxlaf   1 star


Q'i   1 star

Terrible game. It’s hard to use and maps are really small only lets you have one that you get when you pay for it then expect you to pay more for other maps it’s a rip off and would never recommend it very unimpressed about the game!

Silaswd   4 star

Safe boot start up issue. I got this safe boot startup thingy and it won’t let me enter the app anymore

JoshCT1   3 star

Lost my parks. Great app but I had bought like 6 skateparks and now they’re all just gone. Tried restoring them and such but nothing. The prices are pretty ridiculous in the first place and now I don’t even have what I paid for. Please help.

Mom's dog's cousin's face   5 star

The best skateboarding game. I’ve investested $20 into the maps and decks/grip and I don’t regret it. If you really get into it (which you will) I suggest you join the reddit page r/TrueSkate

THIS GAME IS SO BAD!!!!!!!   1 star

Horrible. Ok the game is fun but it took my last iPad money! I bought the Macba LIFE grip pack 1 and it wasted $1.49AUS on nothing!

chucky257   1 star

Boring. I find it boring and the controls are bad

Dwinstond123   5 star

Great, worth it. I’ve had this game for a long game and it is excellent

🐰🐼Jazz🐼🐰   3 star

issues in the menu. everytime i try and open the menu to change my board, the game crashes. love this game though


Good game. Great game you should try it out now and save you from bordem

Zack sculpin   4 star

Great game with 1 problem. It’s a great fun game but I don’t like that you basically have to pay to unlock other skate parks

MrPinque   5 star

Multiplayer. I was wondering, maybe, if two players (maybe more) all have the same park and are all on the same network with the same version of the game, could they possibly play together? See each others boards in game? It would be so cool.Other than that, my only problem with it is that it's a paid game, but most of the game, even other parks, are locked behind pay walls. No biggie, though, because the first nap is fun enough.

LodsThePod   5 star

I didn’t buy this. I just found it in my bought section so i tried it out, it’s good. But I just got it for free ,so can the App Store curators find out if I’ve paid for it?

Melongaming245   5 star

Love it. Best skateboarding game ever!

EyedBolty   4 star

Part forgetting. True skate is a good game but I bought the orange and blue wheels and after 1 to 3 hours they were not my account

XxlightningboyplayzxX   5 star

Cool but........ The money for the maps are just making me sad😥 pls change it

PURESAVAGE22   5 star

Ideas. Please make another game for bmx bikes. True bmx or true bike. I love riding bmx, but I really want a game like true scate, but instead bmx bikes.

thelittlesuperstar   5 star

Good and bad. I love this game that’s the good thing. But I don’t want to pay for different skateparks thats the bad thing.

coconut_633   4 star

True scoot. I love this game but I like scooters and I think it would be cool if you make a true scoot that would be cool

Sallyluvshomerj   5 star

Ruby Gough. This game is great and in some way is educating my lil sis and bro and me

Review commpny   5 star

Even more impossible. You should make a mission to do a impossible Ollie while staying still cuz I can do it

Ballllllingtonnsjhghsygs   5 star

Best skateboarding game but.... Don’t get me wrong I love this game and i play it all the time but there are two glitches that should be fixed: 1.when I bought green wheels they showed up but after i play for a while or change skateparks they go white again. 2. Sometimes when I play for a while my skateboard starts to follow the moons gravity. But its a good game,highly recommended

Best Book Provider Ever   1 star

Trash. Whenever I try to do a challenge, it doesn't flick up.

Zaneargent   1 star

I can’t get my money back from restore purchases. Every time I try and restore purchases on the game it crash’s and I just want to get my money back and it’s not my phone,my phone is a iPhone 6 with iOS 12 or 11 on it and I really just want my money back please

Jaya Mahoney   1 star

Sick game!. absolutely awesome game but one really annoying issue happens when entering missions. anytime that you pop the board the board flys in the air side ways making it impossible to do technical grinds. please fix this :(

Apples515   5 star

Great but one thing. True skate is great there is everything but there should have a online mode and in that online mode you play a game of S.K.A.T.E and whoever wins gets how many in game money

Unit ..?   1 star

GAME IS CRASHING. Great game, however newest version issue, every time try go to menu to change parks or skateboards. It will crash. Im using iPhone 6s on iOS 12.1

Tom is the BEST ever   4 star

Restore Maps. Every time I try to restore my previously purchased maps or click on the shop button the whole app crashes. Pls help

jack-matthew   5 star

Purchase issues. Great game but Everytime I save up 20,000 and buy a new grip tape the next time I go to play it my credits are gone and so is my new grip, it’s happened with a deck as well

add bmx add bmx   5 star

Add bmx. Best game ever Plz add bmx

IOS_LORD   2 star

Need XS MAX optimisation. Had this game from the start, got all the skateparks avail.. Thought this was wicked on my iPhone 5s/6 then ev phone to my X got better and better, It’s absolutely mad with my XS Max but not optimised for it as buttons are half hidden up top of the screen.. Please DEVS give us XS Max users some love 2!!

MagikarpTrainer2043   1 star

Money, money, MONEY!!. You spend money on the game. Then, you have to spend money to get the other parks. All this for some dogshit someone put together on Scratch 2 to make money for his broke self. If you want money, then make a good game and be decent when asking for money itself. Take all the in-app-purchases out and it would at least be a decent game. What a waste...

Robotic_mozo100   4 star

Make skateparks free!. Please make it so you can unlock skateparks instead of buying them, I've got no money for it 😭 also, I'd love to see the Lyon 25 stair (for free!!)

Hadleigh1603   5 star

Scooter game. Hay you should really make a scooter game like this

Cheesey Scone   5 star

Best game ever. It’s so great but I would make it easier to get new boards and custom designs because 20 000 and 40 000 true credits is quite a lot. But I’ve been playing for some time now and so getting true credits is not so hard anymore. One last thing is definitely get the in app purchases like more parks because it’s so worth $1.50 to $3.00

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