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What is jet car stunts app? ------ Apple: Best Games of 2009 ----- AppModo: "truly one of the best iPhone games" ----- PocketFullOfApps: "An absolute must have game!" -----
------ Customer: "and I thought doodle jump was addictive" ----- Many Customers: "Best" and "Ever"

Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the top, adrenaline rush, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environments. The original levels, tight controls and fast, smooth, addictive game play has landed Jet Car Stunts on many "Best of 2009" lists.

**** Profesional Reviews ****
(5/5) AppSmile: "one of the best iDevice games we've ever played"
(5/5) TouchGen: "I've played hundreds of games on my iPhone, and I can honestly say that this is the most fun I've had, thus far!"
(10/10) PocketFullOfApps: "An absolute must have game!"
(5/5) - "The controls are easy to master and the visual effects are simply stunning"
(4.6/5) AppVee: "I recommend it"
(8/10) "amazingly fun"
(9/10) IGN - "excellent controls, a great drift mechanic" - "an amazing iPhone racer that you should absolutely buy"
(5/5) TouchArcade: "Jet Car Stunts has really set the bar high in both visual appeal and handling"
(4/4) SlideToPlay: "a thrill ride"
(5/5) AppAdvice: "this one is a tight gripping, brow sweating, stunt filled marathon that you’ll enjoy every minute of" - "Jet Car Stuns is one experience everyone idevice owner should have"
(5/5) "enough content in Jet Car Stunts to keep you playing the game again and again"
(5/5) AppSafari: "truly one of the best racing games I’ve ever played"
(4.6/5) AppSpy: "poetry in motion"
(4.5/5) "simply magnificent"
(9.99/10) IpwnAge: "the BEST app I've ever reviewed"
TheAppera: "It’s a great game, one of my personal favorites on iPhone"
AppModo: "truly one of the best iPhone games"

**** Accolades ****
Apple: Best Games of 2009
TouchGen: Biggest Surprise 2009
AppAdvice: #5 in Top 100 iPhone Games through 2009 Top 10 best iPhone games of 2009
TouchArcade: Best iPhone Games November 2009
TouchArcade: Best iPod Touch and iPhone Games: 2009
IGN.COM: Game of the Month: November 2009
IGN.COM Editors Choice Award
IGN.COM: #8 in The Top 25 iPhone Games
BestAppEver Awards: 3rd Place award for Best Racing Game

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Jet Car Stunts Version 1.6.627 February 2020

- Bug fixes.

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- Classic

I spent countless hours playing this masterpiece of a game on my iPod touch as a kid. It makes me incredibly happy that the game is still playable on modern devices over a decade later. There is one issue that I think should be fixed if this game gets another update in the future: on the iPhone 11, the controls buttons are way too big, so big that when using the vertical control layout, the thrust and accelerator buttons overlap with the pause and restart buttons in the upper corners. The UI just needs to be scaled down a bit to make this game work perfectly on newer iPhones.

- Greatest IOS Game Ever

This is the only review I have ever written on the App Store, and it will likely stay that way as this is so special I thought that I must share. I remember downloading this app as one of the first when I bought my brand new 3rd Gen iPod Touch and falling in love immediately and playing the game through (although those impossible levels gave me a lot of trouble). I then purchased an iPad 2 (the original) and later downloaded again to that and playing through with the same enjoyment as that first time. It became a tradition, with every new iOS device I purchased I would immediately put JetCar Stunts on and play through, each time loving it. That was the case, until I upgraded from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 6. I can be very particular and the black bars on the edges of the screen made the game unplayable. Now, with this new update, I am able to play JetCar Stunts in glorious fullscreen. I have fallen in love all over again. I cannot wait to play through this game again for the 4th(5th?) time now, with the same enjoyment I had all those years ago. Thank you TrueAxis, for updating your masterpiece allowing me to play it without going insane from the edges. Easy 5 stars

- Fall in love all over again

I hadn't touched this game since maybe 2009 or 2010, never really dug into the sequel, but picked it up again with the 64-bit update and, I have to say, it hasn't aged a day. If anything it looks even better now than it did back then because it set a bar for gameplay and presentation that the App Store has only rarely approached in the last several years. Honestly I'm sort of amazed this game even exists, much less for two measly dollars. As soon as I conquer impossible it's on to part two I guess.

- Can add track layout?

I was failed to achieve golds many times I want creator to add track layout (map) to see where next land I need to go

- Amazing game, sadly no more leaderboards.

I remember back when this game had just came out, how I’d compete for the fastest lap times and how the fastest drivers would find the most amazing shortcuts on the track. I spend hours upon hours replicating some of them and even managed to hit second fastest time on a course. Sadly, with the death of OpenFeint, you can no longer do that. Still, a lot of fun can be had, highly recommended.

- This game is a work of art

I love this game, the physics are amazing. Hands down the best gyroscopic steering of any driving app I have ever played. The buttons for throttle, brake, etc., are well laid out so you aren’t fumbling around like with many other driving games. The way you control the car when it is in the air is pure genius. I have probably download over a thousand apps and this one of my top ten favorites

- Favorite childhood game

I used to play this game for hours with my older brother but my favorite part was watching my older brother because he looked so cool the way he maneuvered around obstacles. I was torn when the game stoped working and was found myself bored a lot. I could not keep a game for more than two months before getting bored. Thank you so much for fixing the game! It is a lot of fun🏎

- Great update

Thanks so much for updating my favorite game. This was the first paid game I got with my iPod so many many years ago and now I can re-visit it. This is such an amazing game plus an added bonus the level pack is free! Definitely recommend this it's so addicting!!

- What's going on?

I started with the tutorial and got through all of those lvls except one which wouldn't work. Then I gave up trying and went on to the other lvls in which my turning wouldn't work. I did the tilt calibration which also didn't work. So I deleted and re downloaded the game and still no luck. I want a refund if this is not fixed.

- Best Game on the Apps store

If you have a mobile game that came out 11 years ago and I can sit down and remember the game for how cool and interesting the mechanics are you got a great game

- This game has been around for many years in my life

I love this game and I grew up on this game. I never will stop playing

- It WAS amazing

Back when it was still being updated, the game was amazing. It’s not compatible with newer phones (at least 2018+ models) and should be either updated or removed as they’re now just taking money for an unplayable game.

- Hmmmm, over-hyped !!!!

Don't get me wrong. This game is very fun at first. However, halfway through the game the fun turns to frustration. Anyone who downloaded Enigmo 2 knows exactly what I'm talking about. Memorization is the key, but when the gameplay focuses on split second precision, at every freakin' turn and jump, it becomes near impossible. I'm not talking about "gran turismo on S-class" precision. More like NASA sending a satellite to Pluto kind of precision. Out of the 80+ games i have. This is the first one to make me actually throw my iphone at my couch. The graphics are sub-par and lack any detail, but they seem to fit this type of game well and I haven't noticed any frame-rate problems. Gameplay is very smooth and accelerometer controls can be adjusted to your liking. Despite it's flaws, I still suggest purchasing this rare gem as it will definately surprise you how entertaining it is for $2.00. Just make sure you pop some pills or whatever it is you do before playing to avoid any unnecessary fits of rage.

- Really great game BUT.....

I remember playing this many years ago , but now it has an uneven tilting calibration and a inverse steering that really isn’t fun !! Please fix this !!! Because I don’t know how to get my 2 dollars back

- Please fix

This is one of my favorite video games of all time. I even wrote about it and recommended it on my blog. However, the tilt control switches the camera making it impossible to play on the iPhone XR. Please fix.

- Best game on the App Store

I’ve had this game for a long time and it’s still my favorite


It’s a single player game but it’s so fun ur like driving on tracks really high in the sky in the clouds and doing jumps and using ur jets

- Used to be a great game but developer doesn’t update

Shame such a great iconic game on older platforms of iOS has now since been abounded. When downloaded gyro lock is stuck and titled to the left making operating the car impossible.... just sad

- Game

Would definitely ask for a refund it’s not that good of a game and would be my first choice of a game to buy its design is amazing but then game play it’s self is horrible

- Not compatible with iPhone X screen yet?

No iPhone X screen support yet? Come on devs! Ask Apple how to do it or hire some developer that can do the job! For gaming sake! Thanks from Brazil!

- Thanks for fixing!!

Great classic

- Support

Bought this game for I think 3 dollars and it is nearly unplayable on an xs max, this should be stated somewhere

- Great game

Really fun

- Broken on iPhone XS Max

The tilt controls are completely broken on iPhone XS Max!!!

- Nice

Very fun game

- Truly the best game I have.

This game is incredible. The game is difficult but not impossible and the replay value is off the charts. The control scheme is easy to become familiar with and the boosting and breaking system is phenomenal. There are two game types and two difficulty levels you can play on (with the tweeks being very noticable). Even after you beat all the levels you can go back and find alternate ways to beat the level or you can challenge your friends. You don't go head to head (a feature that would make this game even better) but you see their "ghost car" (a transparent wired outline model of the car), which allows for alot of fun, you are not constrained by your friends not being online (you can accept their challenges whenever you want even if they are not online), and no lagging. If your friends skills don't compare to yours, you can go to the leader boards and race the leaders ghost cars. You can tell that the developers really put some thought into this game. I have recomended this game to friends and they all agree it's a amazing game too. Great job guys, two thumbs way up. Definitly worth the cost. You can also try the lite version to get a taste of what's in store. Happy racing!

- not TOO hard, just hard

While it's true this game is difficult at times, and even ventures into extremely difficult.... I personally appreciate that it takes time to learn the tracks. The car is both race car and jet plane, being able to maneuver in the air at full rocket boost is absolutely thrilling. A great physics puzzler / racing game... great job and hoping for more although I have a long way to go to get all gold medals. The people that are spending several days on the easiest levels aren't getting it, experimentation with the intricate physics of the jet car is the point.. not pinning the throttle over and over and expecting a different result... we all know what that's called. UPDATE: True Axis please, please, please come out with more levels or new games like this... there is nothing like it in the app store... nothing comes even close, somre of the time trial levels that include pure speed and huge air-time had me babbling with laughter... more please. This would make a faaantastic PS3 game.

- Great Learning Curve

I originally bought this game months ago but was so frustrated with how difficult it was and so never played it. The most recent update added detailed tutorials that really help you get the hang of the controls and the capabilities. Unlike other racing games, you don't race against opponents but against set time limits. The stunt moves you can pull with your vehicle are unbelievable (hence the name I guess). The details are unreal. On one try I crashed my car into the edge of one platform and every other time I've come back to that spot, there was a burn mark right where I crashed the first time. The thought and attention that went in to this game must be immeasurable. Seriously, it's worth taking the time to get used to the controls because once you do, the insanely creative tracks at just the right difficulties will have you keep coming back to try and pass through that last yellow triangle again and again.

- Good but too hard

I have to agree with some other reviews that say this game is really hard. I spend way more time falling off the edge of the track and falling protractedly into space than I do actually racing on the tracks. It makes me wish this were a ground based game most of the time. The graphics are simple but elegant, the engine sound if nothing impressive and there is no soundtrack to speak of. It seems as though the app store is packed with games like this in so much that there just isn't much depth at all in these games. They are all kinda one trick ponies. There are a few great exceptions like "Need for Speed" and ports like "Monkey Island" "Myst" and such. Unfortunately, this game joins the ranks of "Mini Gore", "Tap Fu" and "Synth Racing" for being as shallow as a puddle in terms of play. Games like this ate certainly worth $0.99 but not much more than that.

- AMAZING!!!!!

Wow!! This is probably the most polished controls for any game ive played. There is definately A LOT of skill involved in this game. I read quite a few reviews that says its too hard, cant get past easy, ill give it 2 stars... Please dont rate an amazing game low stars because its too hard for you. For gamer noobs, i guess youll be frustrated like them. But for hardcore gamers like me will enjoy the degree of difficulty to master the game. I have already got to intermediate in less than an hour while polishing up gold status on just learning and silver on easy. Trying to get gold on easy and finishing intermediate now. Definately for hardcore gamers, will catch on quick with the responsive controls. As for the ones having trouble, keep practicing, you guys will get there too eventually. Awesome game dev. Way to look out for hardcore gamers. 

- Beats the pants off PSP Gripshift

I've played this on my old 3G and my iPhone4-no slowdown on either unit. This is the most fun I've had with a 3D game on the iOS devices. Everyone should copy the tilt controls because they are dead on. I downloaded the DLC right after I bought the game-a great bargain for the money as I've yet to finish the hard and impossible levels. Also, for those of you that mastered the lite version, you are in for a new challenge from the actual game levels. At first I thought the game physics had changed with the actual pay version, but after downloading the "lite" levels into the game and replaying them, I realized they had tweaked the courses to be a notch harder. By the time you hit the hard levels, you are launching your car full on into the level with no landing in sight! Wow.

- Easily one of the best iPhone games!

The stunts are very fun. A nice challenge for hardcores or casuals alike. I love that it has achievements (cool ones at that) and I also love that it replays your run. The controls are surprisingly fluid and fun as well. I gave this  because I would have liked to see more than just one car (granted I have only played 2 levels so far but it seems there is only one) and also I would like to see more levels. To be fair though it does have a decent amount of levels but I already want more. This game is really great, especially for only being developed by 3 people. I will definately recommend this to all my friends with iPhones. Hopefully we can look forward to some title updates or maybe "jet car stunts 2" at some point.

- Great Fun Addicting Game!

1st off to all the idiots it doesn't work on your version 2 BECAUSE THE REQUIREMENT SAYS YOU NEED TO UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 OR HIGHER. Also the jumps aren't impossible you just need to do the tutorial that explains how to do better jumps. It doesn't need a bigger fuel gauge or the game would be too easy. and for the other guy, a map maker would be awesome but its just plain f'ed up you rate it 1 star because you want a map maker, and you said you love the game so don't give it 1 star. Ok so its very fun and addicting. You need Brains, common sense, good timing, and you gotta be able to take risks. Practice and it wont be hard! The maps are fun, the graphics aren't suposed to be realistic so there pretty good because there only suposed to be 3D. The controls are good after you get the hang of it.

- Wow!

I bought this game because someone recommended it in a review of another racing app. At first I was a little disappointed because I thought it to be "too hard". However, once I got the hang of the controls and understood the physics of the game it's been nothing less than spectacular. To my knowledge there isn't another game even close to this one. The tracks are unique and fun. There is strategy involved and each level is quite different from the next. Also, there are tons of levels. I'm still only playing the casual and so far it's a blast. I see others asking for the ability to design your own tracks. That would be great. Kudos to the developer. I'll be keeping an eye out for any new apps they design.

- Glitch.

Okay, so, I LOVED this game until one day I noticed that the tilt controls were inverted and I went to see in options if I could change that (I hate inverted controls) but there wasn't so I tried to calibrate and that only made it worse. Now I can only BARELY play while holding the game upside down. And yes I have tried pressing the default button like a bazzillion times. And its not just inverted, if i hold my iphone the arrow thing that points where you're steering towards leans a little to the left, so the inverted controls and this whatever other issue makes this game nearly unplayable. And I have iPhone 3G with IOS 4.0 or was it 4.1? I don't remember so there. But PLEASE FIX THIS soooooo annoying it was one of my favorite games once you fix this I'll give 5 stars!!!!!! Update: Found out that some how the game switched to steering by tilting back and forth (even though there's no option for it) instead of simply tilting the device side to side to steer.

- Jet Car Stunts a fun iPhone racing game.

If there's one genre the iPhone excels well at it's racing. Many of the more well-recieved and technically intense titles have been racing games, and Jet Car Stunts is yet another addition to that class. The game plays somewhat similar to trackmania on the PC, in that you must maneuver through crazy courses in the shortest amount of time, but what makes the game different is the jet, which can either give your car a speed boost or fly in the air, depending on the situation. Responsive handling gives the game a 'one-more-try' feel, which is never a bad thing. Even better is that there are absolutely no jitters with the graphics at all, which is amazing for an iPhone game. Definitely buy this one.

- What the WHAT?!?

I don't know who these guys are or where they came from, but they just released the finest driving game on iPhone. Support development houses like this, as they push the device into previously unforseen territory. The graphics and lighting are truly amazing. The frame rate never dips, and the draw distance let's you see the entire course at all times. Floaty but accurate physics coupled with retractible wings on the vehicle give you perfect control over jumps and flights. Add in great level design and Openfeint support, and the package is complete. If you love racing and platforming, this is an instant buy. It's extremely challenging but also amazingly rewarding. This is really worth any price being asked. One of my top ten by a large margin.

- Awesome, but hard

Great graphics, great car control and theatrics, good execution and update timeliness, plain fun and challenging. I can totally understand the $1.99 level pack price, those levels take a long time to test and build. But while this game is absolutely thrilling, it can be downright challenging. It requires precision tilt and afterburner control, timing and raw skill to perform well. It can be critized for excessive difficulty (too many hard levels: make more fun and exciting ones). The ability to watch others perform the levels in openFeint is great. Good value for money, I play it quite often and recommend it handily to others (especially non-apple smartphone users ;) ) Short story: downright awesome, but hard too.

- One of my top 5 favorite games

This game is great although I do admit that it is kinda of hard, but thats what makes it so great! It was a little hard at first, but with some practice I was able to get use to it. If you are having trouble I suggest that you turn down the tilt sensitivity. I recomend this to anyone who is a fan of Track Mania or any other racing gamea. I think it would be cool to see you add a race mode were you race against other cars. Than again you proboly wouldnt be able to do the fancy jumps but I think it would be a cool idea for the game. Alsi could you add a cus car creator were you can add images from camera and a brush tool that alows you to paint the car. That would be awesome.


1) This is the best lookin app on the iphone/ipod that i have ever played!!!! 2) to all those people that say that this game is to hard to even play you are 100 percent wrong! i will say that this game is hard but if this game was easy you would be finnished with it in a matter of min, so its a good thing that it is hard but take my word it hard but then its not that hard, it just takes time to get use to. 3)you dont need to have medical percition to control the jet car you will need to know when to boost and break the jet car when needed. 4) THEIR IS NO CHEATING THE GAME, YOU CANT JUST GO TO THE FINISH AND THINK YOUR GOING TO WIN, YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THE CHECKPOINT(which i might add are really nice) TO WIN...

- Awesome but don't let the demo fool you

I downloaded the demo yesterday and I was hooked. The game was fun and challenging so I figured I'd treat myself to the real game. Before my purchase I assumed it would get extremely difficult to beat these levels but I'm playing easy mode right now and it's so hard! This game expects you to be incredible on easy mode! A game should train/prepare you for later difficulties, as you go along throughout the game, the difficulty should increase. I can't even imagine what the last levels are like but I don't think I'll ever make it that far. I prolly could but I just don't have that much time to devote to an iPhone game. It's fun tho, except that it may take you 15 minutes to beat a level just to realize that you still failed after finishing. Good luck.

- Amazing game, but some suggestions are ok too.

The game has excellent graphics, real gravity, and all the tracks look amazing. Just some thing, I want to request on the game, are like, maybe an impossible mode in causual. Another suggestion, is that maybe you can do multiplayer, like device to device racing, on either regular platforming tracks, time trial tracks, or just make new ones just for multiplayer. As well as multiplayer, Openfeint can also add achievements for multiplayer, somewhat like " win 10 races" for a score of, maybe 10-20 points? Its only a suggestion. I hope you take this into your thoughts for making a new version.

- Simple but addictive driving game

Games like this are quite refreshing. Unlike most racing games, Jet Car Stunts lets you control a lot more than speed and direction. Rocketing, gliding, and turning in midair add depth and complexity to the whole experience. Jet Car Stunts isn't a racing game in the traditional sense, but still puts you up against the clock both locally and through online leaderboards which makes for great replay value. One gripe: I can't seem to get my head around the way the tires grip the road. Oh, and I hate paying for more levels. Nobody likes to do that, especially iOS gamers. Even so, this is a great game, and I highly recommend it.

- Pretty much the best (and most pretty) iOS game out there.

This is a game of epic proportions. It's a great time trial game. It's an amazing platformer. It's a racer, and a flyer. It's a jumper and even something of a puzzler. It's beautiful to look at and the controls are spot on perfect. The menu navigation is solid, the IAP is worth it in every way, the price is outstanding—and the game you can and will play for hours. Days. Weeks. It rewards patience and skill—and the rewards are great. Challenge your friends and the joy never stops. Can you shave off a tenth of a second? It's always worth it to try. Let's have another go. Everything about this game is perfect and a must, must, must own. One of the best of all time, among thousands, literally. Possibly the most fun $4 (including the Level Pack) I've had in my iPad and iPhone gaming life. It runs beautifully on all devices—and the better the device, the more beautiful it runs. Anyone who has ever loved a car based game from Pole Position through and Wipeout XL through the present will love this one. I defy you to try not to.

- Product Review

Ok.... I'd like o start by telling you to buy this game. This game is very fun, and very addictive. This game takes a very long time to beat. Not only is the game long itself, but you will spend a lot of time retrying levels. I bought this game last night at about 11:30 and I am currently on level easy d. I'm still having fun dying and watching my car splitting into 900 peices. The game features tutorials, platforming( or normal game) and time trials. I am a very serious Xbox 360 gamer and this comes very close to a console game. Great buy!!!! Do the world a favor and buy the game already and stop wasting your Jet Car Stunts time!!!

- Wow

Great update. I was scared because most developers update and totally screw the game up & never fix. Iv had this game for over 3 years and still play all the time. so was happy to see just a graphic improvement witch looks great so thanks. Also see your coming out with a jet car stunts 2. With I would totally get without any hesitation. This game has the best physics of any game in the app store. Great graphics. Great sound. Great gameplay. In other words it's a polished game witch needs nothing. A must have for any OSI device. Well worth the money. Iv gotten over 3 years of fun out of it. And look forward to many more years of fun with it. Great job guys thanks.

- Most fun I've had on my iTouch

Overall Jet Car Stunts has the best gameplay of any racer I've played on the app store. And I say that having bought most of them. The game has very polished graphics and the game can get very addicting once you get good at it. For me, the difficulty is perfect and I like the challenge of the "impossible" set of levels. Anyone claiming they can't pass the Easy set just and gave the game 1 star needs to look somewhere else because this game isn't targeted at the casual crowd. My only suggestion is More Levels!!! I'm almost done already and I'm craving more fun. I can't get enough of it!!

- You guys are great!

I think true axis does a good job at satisfying the consumer. For just 1.99, you get a polished game with loads of content. And after you beat it, you can buy even more levels for a little more money. The only thing I ask for is multiplayer. It can easily be implemented. Scoring would be time-based. When you fall off a cliff, time is added to your count. The person with the fastest time wins. Easy. Also, I don't want to see deep customization. Just be able to change the color of your car. In all, great game! I have jet car stunts, true skate, and I plan to buy jet car stunts 2. Keep up the good work!

- Beautiful, perfectly-tuned and fun.

The controls are perfect, the gameplay is challenging and rewarding, and the graphics are top-notch. The lighting is fantastic. I can't believe people are complaining about the in-app purchases. It's like DLC for console games, which you don't see people whining about. There's plenty of content here anyway, so if you don't like the in-app purchases, then don't buy them. The only thing this game needs is some variety in the backgrounds and the ability to customize your car with new rims and paint jobs and bodies. That would be awesome.

- I've always wanted a jet engine on my car, and now I have one!!!

Very very well done game. Good controls and response as well as sound, and the game is loaded with a bunch of well done 3D tracks. Plus, you get to fire up the afterburner, hit a jump, and fly! The tracks are challenging, but since you can complete the tracks at different levels (bronze, silver, and gold) even when you finish with bronze there is always another challenge. If you get frustrated with the platforms, you can play the more 2D time trial tracks and try to beat your best time.

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- Fantastic but please fix controls

This is a fantastic game... I've been playing it on iPod touch and iPhone since the day it came out. Still one of the best racing games on any system ever. iPad version is very nice and super smooth.. Only complaint is that the button controls are too low on the screen. This is especially annoying If you are trying to use a full size iPad. It would be great if the user could adjust / customise the positioning of the buttons ie. gas, brakes, etc. Can you please please please give us this option!!!!! Solid and comfortable controls are essential for this game. Thank you.

- app hasn’t been updated

The app hasn’t been updated and the gyroscope is off

- Awesome, Excellent, Superb, Bravo

I have read most of the reviews for this game. The cheif complaint from the people who gave it a low score was that it is too hard. Ok, yes, it is hard. It is indeed a difficult game. One reviewer complained that the car did not turn very well in mid air. Lets think about that for a second. Does anyone have a car that turns well in mid air? Um, No. Anyway, my first thought after playing this game for a while was this: - how did I not know about this game before! It really is superb. Graphics and sound are great. I love the sound of the air brakes. Attention to detail, the whole package is excellent. The physics are believable and fairly realistic, or at least they feel realistic. I thought the difficulty increased in a sensible linear manner. I have a growing collection of iPhone games, and this one is up there with the best. It certainly deserves more recognition. I understand why some people might find it difficult though, so those with weak gaming skills or poor spatial awareness may want to stay away. But I give it 5 stars. P.S. (10 days after the text above). I've been playing this for 2 weeks or so now. I have purchased the level pack as well, which is great. More interesting creative wacky (albeit technical and difficult) levels. This game really is awesome. Best iPhone game I have seen so far. Definately. Hey True Axis dudes (you rock) - can we have this on the PC so I can play it with my Logitech G25?

- Freakin Brilliant!!

I've finished every level and its level pack and I always redo them because their epic! But like a few other commenters have said, I have to agree with them. Maybe a car customisation would be nice, even if it is just the cars change in colour. Maybe another level pack or two? Maybe could u implement a level editor, that would complete the game for me. Oh, and maybe a cool Bluetooth multiplayer system with either 2 to 4 players, making the players either ghost from one another (players being able to see each other, but they can not collide) or just making them be able to collide, adding to the fun! It'll be cool if u guys looked at this and had a little think about these ideas.

- Stellar

I was one of those skeptics (and a fairly devoted video gamer) who believed the iPhone was practically useless as a gaming platform, other than for games that the average non-gamer looking for a quick fix could get their kicks with - then I downloaded this! Seriously addictive (much moreso than Doodle Jump) and very smooth, loads up faster than most other applications I have. Brilliant concept, brilliantly executed. Really hoping they add more levels. The only minor criticism I have with it is that I frequently press the "retry" button by accident, but that's perhaps just as much due to the way I hold the iPhone than an actual problem with the app design.

- Jet-tastic!

This game is up there with the best of them. It's probably the only game I have been completely sucked into and have been playing a good 6 hours today. Can't put it down! Open feint is also well implemented. I've found myself really trying for that fastest time competing neck and neck with everyone else. Controls are perfect. Awesome sound and even better graphics. This is a must buy even if you don't like the genre. You won't be dissapointed. Looking forward to seeing what DLC becomes available. 10/10

- Great game

Great visual, sounds and physics. Worth the money. Suggested improvements: give jet car wings which can be used in flight to provide more steering capacity in the air. It gets too tedious having to line up perfectly before the jump using the iPhone controls. Would also suggest option for alternative paths on each level and better shaping of side objects so they can be used. Thanks.

- Best game on the App Store

This app will keep you entertained for hours and hours, and is the most fun game on the entire app store. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is smooth and fun, and for $2.50, it's an absolute bargain. Ignore anyone who says it's too hard, because it's really not. I've completed all the platforming levels on gold except for the last one, which I've done on Silver. It's a steep learning curve, but a short one. You just have to get used to it, and this game is a must own. 10/10, awesome work True Axis.

- An Absolutely Awesome Game

Can't stop playing it =D Lots of fun, can play it anytime, anywhere. The learning curve is fantastic, difficulty starts very easy and fast, to difficult and precise. The new level packs mean there's lots of easy levels if you find the later levels too hard... Longevity is great, so many levels and getting high scores keeps you playing it, just one more time. Fantastic racing platforming hybrid with brilliant graphics.

- Not what I expected edit:little enjoyable

I can't turn in air and car breaks to often, I can't get pass easy. This has a overdeserved rating and NO, this game is in the featured-new section when this game is not new!!! $1.19 now Edit: It has faults like what is said before but it became addicting since they made the new time trial modes... although things are everywhere and not. That really polished. Little enjoyable, updated better rating, before I had this game a month before in new and noteworthy where they wernt much features so wasn't that good.

- Is it a car? Is it a jet? No, it's AWESOME!

This is the best app I've downloaded and it may remain the best for sometime. The graphics are simple yet effective for the iPhone. The tilt controls are excellent and the physics modelling is flawless. The platforming levels are challenging while the time trial courses are fast and intense. With the choice of playing your own music or hearing the jetcar fire up, the sound quality is good. If only there were more levels.

- Brilliant

iPhone games don't get any better than this. I've sunk hours into this title and still feel that I've only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. The learning curve is perfect and, although difficult at times, the game provides a great sense of satisfaction when passing a challenge. For a couple of bucks this one is a steal. All I need now is friends to compare scores with, but can't blame the developer for that particular issue.

- freaking awesome

this game. wow. for those who dont have it, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. its a jet, on a car. you know what that means? it means you can launch off platforms and continue to fly like a jet! you even get added bonuses if you do an extra big air or a barrer roll etc. this game is amazing and everyone should get it! top ratings from me, best game on my itouch yet. get this game to the top of the charts! it deserves it :)

- Great game, if you enjoyed stunt car racer this is a must have!

Great physics and sound effects, the graphics are a little plain but this adds to the overall gameplay. For those who remember Stunt Car Racer by Geoff Crammond you will feel right at home, as this game replicates and goes beyond the original in terms of crazy track design, great physics engine, and responsive controls. Well worth the money!

- A beautiful game!

I couldn't go past that review complaining that this game has been over-hyped.... something to do with it being Australian. I couldn't undersand that at all. This is simply a very very well made game. All of the elements are finely tuned... the speed, teh controls, the difficulty curve, the graphics, the physics. Wonderful stuff. One of the few games that have really been worth the effort.

- Hands down best game on iPhone so far

The most fun, the most challenging with the most replay value. JUST hard enough that it keeps u coming back for hours trying to crack those harder records. Really well designed. Racing against an opponent would pretty much it perfect but in the meantime Time Trials offer some pretty intense action. Please, please, please bring on the sequel True Axis!!!

- Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trials in a car

The style of this game is so much like the Mirror's Edge time trial levels it's uncanny. If you played that, but always wished that Faith was an odd red jet car with an afterburner that can fly and spin through the air... well... this is the game for you. Note, this has one of those annoying in-app purchases. What you're getting for your $2.50 is half a game.

- Great game

Only game I have bothered with a review. Everyone seems to think this is a hard game, yeh it challenging but isn't that wat u want from a game like this? If I was too easy it would be a waste of money, I used to think jelly car was great, but this blows it out of the water, so much replay value, please keep it coming with the updates. 6 stars

- My favorite app!

Out of all the hundreds of apps I have bought, I never seem to play any of them for long... Except this one. Amazing graphics and sooo much fun! It's just so perfect, no flaws! I spent hours on the platforming levels and then realised that the time trials ones were different. So more gameplay for me! No complaints whatsoever, it's brilliant. You must get it now.

- Very good

I got this app about 5 months ago and it is the best it kept entertained for a 9 hour drive. The only problem with it is that it is a little to easy I have already got gold in every level. So if there was something they could change it would be difficulty and more levels.

- "Superb"

I have had the application for e few months now and am still loving it. True Axis if you could create a level creator or editior where you could build your own levels and then play them on your ipod without using the internet that would be absoloutely fantastic. Overall best application i have EVER played. Great job True Axis

- Worth the money

The levels build when your skills build. They throughout this game very well and with lots of details. There is even a detailed way of a crash, if you crash there is an escape pad with you inside which is push away from the crash. Very well done worth the money!!!

- Hard

If there's one thing chuck Norris can't do it would be finnishong this game I'm stuck on easy 2 cos there's one platform I can't reach without destroying my jet car, no amount of jet fuel or throttle seems to get me onto this platform other than that it's an excellent game the only racing game I haven't finished within an hour of getting it 5/5


The physics engine in this game is very well designed. This game will not fail in delivering a sense of space, dimension and especially speed! It is a very challenging game but it is rewarding and manages to keep you trying again and again. 3 Difficulties: EASY, INTERMEDIATE & HARD and 2 modes of game play will insure this game will never get deleted from your devise! MORE GAMES LIKE THIS PLEASE!!!!

- Needs more easy levels and checkpoint

Great game but it needs more easy level packs. And definitely needs more check points. Spend 15 minutes doing one obstacle and scream with joy when I complete it. only to find the checkpoint is still ages away.

- WOW!!!!!!

Best game in the app store can you possibly make an update so the skid marks are permenent on the tracks and some new tracks I know it's really hard to but It'd be even better if you did. Can you also make other cars to race then it would be the BEST game invented (not that it is already) possibly over the Internet racing Thanks x

- Only one thing missing

I've lost track how many times I've almost drained the battery dry playing this. Very addictive. I'm always telling myself "just one more go". The only thing missing (for me) is the ability to save - just the thing for when you finally nail the gold!

- Amazingly well made.

Addicting, entertaining and action packed. What more could you ask for? The lite version was thrilling enough. 😄 My only fault is how frustrating it gets as a beginner. You grow out of it quickly though. I honestly don't understand why this is rated four stars on average; this deserves a little more love. 😊

- Awesome Game!

I love this game! ever since I got it 2 weeks ago I haven't been able to put it down!! It's awesome but there should be more levels I also think that they should make it that you can do stunts in the air Then in would be beyond cool! Still Awesome Game and totally worth getting

- I love this game

I came back to Jet Car stunts after having not played it for a few months. Its still awesome! Also, it appears that I am now also awesome (having sucked at this when I first played). Trying for all gold in the impossible...

- Buy it!

This game could be $5.99 but it's not! JCS is the best value for money game on the whole app store. I love the online ghost races, they keep you interested even after you've completed every challenge on the game, which takes hours and hours, freaking awesome game!

- I live this game but...

I spent many enjoyable hours being challenged on each level in each section, but I got stuck on the highest level of time trial and find it impossible to beat. Does anyone else have this problem?


this game is the most addictive, fast, action game i have ever played!!!! i love trying to beat my firends top speeds on tracks and replaying all of then to get gold medals. please in an update make a cumstom mode where you can creat your own track and share it with your firends on openfeint.

- Fantastic

This game uses the accelerometer better than any other in the store Plenty of content and the gameplay is excellent It is difficult to get used to but once you get the hang of it it's incredible One the top three apps I have played :)

- Trial and ERROR!!!!

This game is awesome!! BUT!!! It doesn't require much skill rather luck and trial and error. For example when u approch corners u pretty much have to guess how much thrust u have to use....u will probably judge it wrong and then restart the track and correct your errors..still an awesome game

- Great Concept

Awesome game. The concept is totally new and it got me hooked. A must have for people who like flying and driving. I recomend the light version first just to see if this game is for you. A track maker would complete this game so it would be worth 6 stars

- Gr8

This is a great game. But still, i have a few suggestions. Allow different cars that can be selected and have special pros and cons, a multiplayer mode that allows more than one car on the track at the same time and a new mode with circuit races.

- Believe the hype

Yes more like a very difficult platform game than a traditional racer. Control and physics so well implimeted that it's a blast. Best of the dozens and dozens of great iPhone games I've played. Still playing it months and months later!

- The Game I Tried to Like But Failed

Jet Car Stunts is a game I couldn't enjoy. I tried to like it due to the overwhelming praise this game gets but I personally found it difficult and there were constant frame rate issues on my end (running on 3GS) which, of course, didn't help. I can see how it's rated so well: it's nicely polished and may appeal to those looking for a challenge but for me, it's a no go.

- Jet Car Stunts 2

The game is freaking awesome, so you should make a second game with car and track editor. Also being able to vs people online. That would be sick!

- Absolutely awesome

This is an awesome game, very challenging and I would have to say it has the best handling and drivability of any car game I have played in the Ipad - even the expensive ones. Please create a game like a gran tourism or similar road race format...

- Physics… a bit

Probably the game I play most when needing to kill a few minutes while waiting for public transport. It's fantastic how there are 2 modes which make it easy for more casual gamers.

- Awesome

The handling and physics of the car make this loads of fun. And it runs super-smoothly on a regular 3G. I'd pay another 10 bucks to get some other cars to race against but even without them the game is fantastic.

- Amazing Application

This Application is the best! The Graphics are Awesome, 5 Stars. The Gameplay is Awesome 5 Stars. Its worth it so don't have second thoughts just buy it. If you dont like it, well you have something wrong with you. The Best Game ever. I <3 it!

- Awesome!

I only bought this game after seeing a review on toucharcade... Glad I did! Soooo addictive. Smart track layout and a fun feel to the game have me constantly trying to beat my own best times.

- Fun and Addictive!

Really good game!! I am already 6th in the Very Easy A Level Pack. But there is one thing that the game could add. The ability to customise your jet car from colours, rear wings, body kits and Jet Engines. If that would be put into the game, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!

- Cool game but...

It's a very cool game and nice to play. I like the time trail mode the most. There are two points that annoys me a little. 1- the over sensibility we you hit the guardrails, the car just flip out of control and is impossible to recover. 2- the check points on the tracks... Specially the ones on the middle of the corner. The developer could change that.

- One of the best

Since I saw all the good reviews about this game I thought I would try it out. I don't regret the decision at all, it is one of the best games on my iPod. Very challenging at times but I keep going back for more.

- Perfect!

This is the first game, driving or otherwise, that I've played on the iPhone that has lived up to the hype. It looks good, the controls are perfect and I can't put it down. Reminds me of wipeout 1 on the playstation 1. Brilliant!

- Ignore bad comments

Buy this game before the price goes up. I actually was more addicted to this game than to doodle jump. Great graphics, tracks and controls. True axis rocks!!!!!!!! Ignore bad comments. Just buy the game!!!!!!

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- Best

This app is the best game ever! It never crashes and the controls are easy for $2 it is a no brainer.

- Very addicting

This is one of the best games I've ever played on my iPhone. Don't listen to ppl who say it's too hard. It's the perfect difficulty to be a challenge but I was never frustrated. Great app, I recommend it. EDIT 10 years later and I just want iPhone XS Max support. I’ve been working hard, are the devs?

- Awesome

Amazing game. Wish you could customize the car :)

- Freaking amazing

Controls are perfect, the maps are epic, you will play for hours...then go back and get gold medals in everything. for 2 dollars you would be an idiot not to.

- An amazing game for an amazing price.

You'd be a fool not to get this game. With precise controls and and beautiful graphics for a mobile device, it is a must-have for any iPhone.

- Stunts Powaaaa!

When a game is totally inspired by the best game ever (Trackmania), it's gonna truly be an awsome game! And it is, I promess you! :P

- Great

Amazing game. Would be even better with multiplayer.

- Beautiful and well designed!

The developers really knew how to program this one well. I love the graphics and the responsive turning! The addition of a powerslide/airbrake button allows for multiple styles of play to be used. The game also has a $2 level pack to double the content, and an ability to download the levels from the lite version. For the $2 it costs, you will definitely get what you paid for and more. If you're considering getting it, just do it now! (And the graphics are awesomely beautiful, so expect the best!)

- Incredible

This game is so addictive!!! It's been a long time I've played a game which feel so arcade, but at the same time controls are really tight!!! Last time I had so much fun with a arcade racing game was Burnout 3. BUY IT!

- Hey

If you are a hot girl, call 905 648 2263

- 10/10 Quality

I've played this game for a few years and I've only found 2 glitches. The graphics are pretty good for an old game and the gameplay is fun and satisfying

- Amazing

i can't put my iPad down.. Really addictive and fun game. 2$ well spend. Go get it

- Great game but needs update!

This app should be optimized for the iPhone 5 at least! It would be great not to have the black bars on the sides when I'm playing. Update this fun game!

- Crashing

I have loved this game since i installed it on my iPod 2g years ago, currently i have an iPhone 5 and everything about the game is working fine except at random places it just sends we back to a check point for no reason. Some times I'm in the air and some times I'm just on a flat surface. This means i can get gold cause i keep "dying" for no reason. This is really annoying and I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem

- Utterly amazing!

I love this game and never want it to end! So how about this: level editor. I would love to make my own levels the way I want. I'd even pay for it!

- Best game I have ever had on any device for the past 5 years

I've had this game for as long as i can remember and I still love playing it to this day, I still have levels in some modes I'm yet to beat so it keeps me coming back worth every Penny.

- Can't wait for Jet Car Stunts 2!

If the website is properly updated, which on FaceBook I believe you guys were going to do that, that means it'll come before the end of September. Can't wait! I'd love to see how True Axis accomplished a level editor on iOS. Anyway, Jet Car Stunts is an amazing game, tied for first as my all time favourite racing game with Real Racing 2. (And that says something, as I've hosted more than 2,000 apps.)

- Great

This is a really Good Game! The only Thing you Need is a Level Editor and Some Multiplayer. PLEASE ADD A LEVEL EDITOR! Please!!!

- Awesome game

Please update for widescreen iPhone 5

- JetCarStunt 2?

Please make a sequel !!

- Génial!

Un des plus beau jeux sur iPad! Une pure merveille!

- Great!

Great, out of the box racing game! Every racer should try!!!

- Best racing game on AppStore

You should do a new Time trial map pack!

- Recommended

Fun. Smooth. Novel.

- iPod 5???

Needs support for iPod 5

- Iphone 5???

Needs support for iphone 5

- Best game ever

Legit, the best iPhone game I've ever seen or played

- Amazing

This game is incredible .... One of the best ipad games i've played yet .... Keep up the good work .... Only thing I don't like is the name of the game ... It's frankly a terrible name ... But ya awesome game ... Everyone play it .... Great level designs, great gameplay ....truly superb development guys!

- Nothing to say

It's too great

- Great game...

But it needs iPhone 5 support!

- Optimize?

This is still a really good game, but needs optimizing for the iphone 5

- Good game

Please update for the 4inch screen.

- Amazing!!! But lacking updates!

This is hands down one of the most fun games I have ever played on iPhone, but it is SERIOUSLY lacking updates!!! IT MUST BE UPDATED FOR iPhone 5 ASAP!!!

- I luv it

Amazing finally you made iPad version but what would make it better was if you made create your own lvls plz make that as soon as u can!!!!!!!

- One of the Best iOS Game

This game is my favourite iOS game - it hasn't left my device since I installed it almost two years ago. The recent update, which adds iPad support, has made it even better.

- Must buy

Whoa! I've been waiting weeks for this to appear and it's better than I anticipated. The accelerator and controls are brilliant and the graphics do a fine job of suspending the experience in the clouds. I'm still working through the "just learning" phase but I'm loving all the failures too. Big fun! Great playability.

- 🔥👍🔥

GREAT!!! update: more cars! more tracks! This app deserves MORE!

- Waste of money

Wtf u call this a stunt game all u do is drive around of platforms ya real fun Not!

- Fantastic

This is a great app! I don't see any reason to threaten you guys with a lack of stars! Color isn't important, just it would be nice if you could make it hd for ANY iPad. This game has been my absolute favorite game EVER.Seriosly. I don't use app store,safari,or settings combined to how much I play this. Great job!

- Incredible Game

Amazing! Fun! Very Challenging!!! Only problem: no part 2 to the game still waiting for one :) and not iPad native but on 2x screen size the game is still amazing Wait for part 2 I finished the game after much hardship but it was incredible Amazing !!!!

- Cider

Best app ive played. Fantastic controls. Great gameplay. Nothing more to be said.

- More tracks and custom cars

I downloaded this about 2 weeks ago now... Completed almost all levels... Needs a few more tracks, worth the money! It would be awesome if we could make a custom car, an a track editor.. Overall awesome game

- Good game but just one little thing you miss on...

NO full screen iPad 2 support.

- Love it!

Wish they would come out with a second one or more content packs!!

- D

Really good game and addictive worth your $3

- Epic

Just epic

- Very fun

A great game but there is a lack of updates and it would be really sweet if there was a track editor.

- Best game

So fun I've spent hours on it and I never get bored!!! One thing it needs is the ability to make your own tracks on a sandbox mode

- Amazing!

I absolutely love this game, it's bundles of fun. But since buying the game a year ago I have beaten/completed all the levels. It would be awesome if you guys could add updates to the game, like more levels, more cars, and a sand box mode. This game is great and I would continue to pay for level updates and other features. The only reason I don't rate this perfect is because of the lack of updates.

- Ok...

It's super fun on the easy levels and then it gets really hard and sometimes frustrating. Only worth .99¢ or free

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Jet Car Stunts 1.6.6 Screenshots & Images

Jet Car Stunts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Jet Car Stunts iphone images
Jet Car Stunts iphone images
Jet Car Stunts iphone images
Jet Car Stunts iphone images
Jet Car Stunts iphone images
Jet Car Stunts Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Jet Car Stunts (Version 1.6.6) Install & Download

The applications Jet Car Stunts was published in the category Games on 2009-11-13 and was developed by True Axis [Developer ID: 337866373]. This application file size is 42.06 MB. Jet Car Stunts - Games app posted on 2020-02-27 current version is 1.6.6 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.trueaxis.jetcarstunts1