Jet Car Stunts 2 App Reviews

Jet Car Stunts 2 [Games] App Description & Overview

What is jet car stunts 2 app? Sequel to the award winning Jet Car Stunts.

WARNING: This game will challenge you.

- Crazy stunt driving on outlandish courses.
- Insane jumps.
- Ludicrous speeds.
- Manic car handling.
- Outrageous jet physics.

- 120 levels, 3 difficulties each. (The First 10 are free)
- 7 cars with varied handling.
- 4 Game modes.
- Level creation and sharing (Purchase required for saving and sharing)
- Global leaderboards with replays.
- Friend challenges.
- Controller support

Note: Using non-app store apps with JCS2 may break JCS2, causing it to crash every time on start up.

In-App Purchases: JCS2 has flexible options, either buy all in one purchase, or pay just for what you want.

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How to contact Jet Car Stunts 2 (True Axis)?
Find this site the customer service details of Jet Car Stunts 2. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Jet Car Stunts 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Jet Car Stunts 2 Version 1.0.2627 February 2020

- Bug fixes.

Jet Car Stunts 2 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great. But.

Hey guys I really enjoy playing this game unfortunately playing it on my brand new iPhone 7plus is quite annoying the jet and air brake lag quite a bit on the jet car making it very hard to control the car. The funny thing is it works perfectly on my 2nd Gen iPad mini. Hopefully you can find a patch for this thanks.

- Great game!

First, for those having steering issues, simply flip your device 180 degrees, wait for the game to flip, then flip the device back. Overall, I absolutely love this game. I have had it for many years and appreciate the fact that the developers have not ruined it with adds (as many are these days). The gameplay is simple, but never gets old. The expansion packs are well worth the money, though I do wish more would be created.

- Lovely game

I love this game! It has great graphics and easy to use controls. I love the ability to make and play levels from other people as it really adds to the game. There is a small bug though in making levels. When you make a level with the truck it can get stuck going in gradual uphill until there is a jump. It's something minor that I think could be fixed. It doesn't happen on any of the other vehicles.

- A shameful extension of Jet Car Stunts

The magic of JCS is in its intuitive nature: drive the car through the course to the end. Even when at its most difficult, JCS1 was intuitive. You knew what to do and roughly how to do it, but it was still hard. JCS2 ruins this format by replacing it with labyrinthine levels where you can arbitrarily fail a full minute into a course. There’s no indication of where to go or what to do, the gameplay concepts (grinding, jet management, momentum, etc) aren’t built out, and to make matters worse the HUD puts on a jazzercize session every time you move. I don’t know why I even bothered to write this. It’s not like they’re going to make things better. It’s not even optimized for iPhone X.

- Best Racing Games ever!

Both the original and this game are my favorite racing games ever. I wish there was more I could do to support great devs like this and less support the herd of devs making greedy micro transaction games out there. The physics are pretty solid and intuitive and you can even play these games offline. Thx for the fun over the last 10 years devs, make a 3rd version please.

- Good game but..

This is honestly an amazing game, the problem is when I go in for some reason the screen is super wonky.... idk why but it’s always tilted and if I tilt it a different way the screen switches and glitches... another problem is the stability and controls are screwed up because of this screen problem. Hope u guys can fix this....

- My favorite game back again!

This has been my go to game for years and for a while it didn’t support the latest devices, however recent updates have changed just that! Crossing my fingers this app will continue to get updates for years to come with more levels!

- Crooked screen ruins game.

I love this game and I used to play the first version all the time and when I saw there was a second one I got it imediately. The game looks way better and like a complete blast but for some reason the screen is totally messed up when I play it, if I turn to the left, the screen mirrors and totally throws you off so it's impossible to play. I downloaded it and deleted it twice to make sure it downloaded right and still, it was messed up. Please fix it so I can download and continue playing.

- Great but quick problem

It is an amazing game and I had a quick problem, I downloaded the game about a year ago and got the level editor and deleted the game and reinstall the app and clicked on restore purchases and it turns out it didn’t work, plz fix that.

- Needs one bug fix

I love this app! It’s so amazing it feels like I am actually driving these cars! One thing though, the tilt calibration is way off. It is not stable for me and it goes from left to right with no transition. It looks like the screen is tilted all the time.

- Umm.....the Camera.

Well, the camera is broken. The game is completely unplayable because of this one problem. There is not a single way around it. I read the other reviews and this is not a problem strictly on my device. Please fix this problem!! I miss playing this game so please fix it. If it were not unplayable it would be a 5 star app.

- Tilt flaw

The fix is just to try to play a few races in user challenges and levels and jump back and forth between those. Also maybe flip the screen around.

- Used to be fun !?!?!?

When I first started to play the game Like a year ago it was super fun, but when I recently started to play it again it wasn’t fun and when I started to play everything was side ways so I wasn’t able to steer and I would lose. I was also in create mode and I picked the jet but when I started going I was constantly going right and falling straight down. So I recommend if you don’t like falling you should pick a different game.

- Nice Gameplay

I thought the gameplay was decent enough for a jet pack car game, but the only thing that I didn't like was that TrueAxis added the compact car into the game. I thought that it just didn't fit.

- Ads in spite of paying for it

I paid for this game a while back and loved it but it's a little big so I deleted it from my phone. Got a new phone with more storage so I re-downloaded it and now I'm getting ads even though I paid for the full game. The game is a lot of fun but I feel kind of cheated.

- It’s just broken

And it saddens me every time I open the App Store and see it hasn’t been updated, because this isn’t just one of my favorite iOS games but one of my favorite games ever. An almost perfect sequel, but alas, there’s no support for the new phones and some sort of glitch that I can assume is with the accelerometer on older phones. At least I have good memories

- Fix the tilt calibration

i used to enjoy playing this game when i was younger, so I decided to get the game in game. But when I try to play, the screen is so far titled to one side and it makes it quite impossible to steer. I’ve tried to recalibrate the tilt in the settings but nothing seems to work. Please fix this glitch and the game will be so much better.

- Tire marks in void

When you rewind in your created level drift marks get left in void the glitch stays even when you post a level it makes no sense at all plz fix this glitch.

- Update please

I loved this game so much but when I tried to play it on my iPhone X it does the same wonky screen glitch that other people are experiencing. Please update and fix this.

- Just wow....

Just like everyone else, I am very disappointed. Graphics are great but the game plays like garbage. The game for some strange reason is stuck tilted to the left or right. You can’t even change the controls from tilt controls to screen controls even though the original could do it. Jet Car Stunts 1 is better than the 2nd for some reason... Install to see what I’m talking about lol

- This is how you make a mobile game.

It's got quick levels that take skill and coordination to complete.


This game needs an update and fast they really need to fix the crooked screen for people with iOS and higher this game was awesome and that was when I still had my old iPod but then I got a new phone updated it now I get the game and the screens all messed up and I know it’s not just me and nothing in the settings can help it so pls fix it so me and all the people who have an iOS of 11 or higher

- Great game

After playing the first game, years back i thought why not play this. This game is great, it reminds me of rocket league aerial training packs. i can 180 mustyflick flip reset

- Phenomenal Game!

I loved the original, and love this one. I have spent 6 years getting gold on every single level. So for everybody who says it’s impossible, it is... unless you really want it :)

- Multiplayer Modes!!!

I think you should add Multiplayer modes and add the ability to get money and buy different cars!!! Some modes u should add is PVP racing! An event where people vote on the best track and add weapons to your cars and fight other people!!! ADD THIS NOW!!!

- Best game

I love this game it’s the best game ever. It’s so cool how u can do all these flips and jumps. I’ve been playing this game since I was 8 and now I’m 12 and this game never gets old. Buy this game right now

- What happened?

Used to LOVE this game—bought it, played it, spent hours on it. Now, all of a sudden, even though I OWN it, ads have started popping up between each level. What's the point of buying this game if the developers are just going to put ads back in it?! One star. Remove the ads for the people who bought it, and I'll go back to 5 stars. C'mon, people.

- Too little todo

With ads you’d expect to be allowed to play more levels but you’re only allowed about a dozen which I had beaten within an hour and you can play any further without purchasing. I enjoy the game but the developer got greedy.

- Glitch screen

What happened to this game? I used to play it years ago and it was perfect! Now it’s all weird and the screen glitches heavy, it won’t even let you calibrate it. I deleted and tried downloading again thinking there was an error while downloading but nothing works. Pls fix this, what a shame. This was one of my favorite games.

- Facebook isn’t working

I can’t see my friends levels in the friends filter and if I try to challenge them it crashes IOS 11.2

- A true must have!!!

I LOVE this game!! No complaints! If you are bored and want some fun, try this game it is amazing with no bugs or glitches and a relaxing game with a challenge.


This is a very fun and amazing game to play on your free time. I really recommend this game because it has fun cars like the jet car. Thank you to True Axis for making this amazing game.

- Rip-off of Trackmania

This is a blatant rip-off of the Trackmania games by Nadeo but it isn’t too bad. Main problem is that you have to pay to be able to have a decent time. I would recommend that you just buy a copy of the 2020 Trackmania game.

- Bug fix

There is something wrong with the gameplay the camera is tilted and the controls are inverted

- Amazing but needs an update

This game won’t launch bad hasn’t for years. Please update the game, it’s amAzing

- Great looking game BUT gameplay has a few frustrating issues

I don’t want to undersell this game because it is one of the few mobile games I’ve actually enjoyed. HOWEVER, there is always room for improvement. The main issues I found were gameplay physics and hit-box issues. Waypoints often have tighter hit-boxes than they feel they should. The corners of the waypoint box-shaped check points often do not allow you to progress which often feels frustrating. While this is more of a personal issue, the handling on the jet car specifically has made me need to take a break from the game multiple times due to the sheer frustration of trying to keep it steady. I was able to progress quite a bit through the platforming levels without using it, but at later difficulties you have to complete some really hard levels with it to progress with the other vehicles. Air controls in general are often very touchy and sensitive depending on the car, so it’s really easy to miss something by a fraction of a degree and send your car plummeting intro free fall ruining your chances of getting that shiny gold medal. In summary, I wouldn’t recommend playing this game if you find yourself sensitive to rage. It doesn’t hold your hand, and the difficulty level can feel brutal to the point of demoralizing at times. It’s insanely pretty however. The lighting and the aerial vistas complement futuristic, geometric tracks very well without distracting you or coming off as trying too hard. And while I feel that most would consider this game very very difficult, it is leagues above most other games in the App Store. The full version is certainly worth your money

- Doesn’t work at all

Used to have this game and loved it, just recently downloaded again and it’s an absolute nightmare. Can’t calibrate, permanently stuck turning hard one direction or the other and have gone into settings to fix multiple times to no avail. Will be deleting as is simply unusable.

- :)

It’s super small, so you won’t have to worry about storage. It is so good(both of them) that I would give it TEN stars!

- Great game but

I love the game but when I play I don't have unlimited boost for anything on my iPhone 6+ so please fix this bug

- Sorry

Sorry about my last review it was just a calibration problem I’m very sorry

- Crooked screen

It’s a really good game but the crooked screen it just ruins the it messes up the controls and glitches please fix it. :)

- I want challenge more

I really like this game a lot and i want to challenge more with reverse courses please add new reverse courses mode!

- Paid for full version, 0 updates or support

I bought the full version because I loved the original game. It now no longer works on any of my devices because the company stopped supporting it such a short time after release

- Kinda buggy but still fun

If you are having problems steering where the screen is offset flip your phone around.

- Love this game

I love this game and it's fun but I just which could do free drive if that was in this game I would love it more so plz put free drive :)

- Games is bad

The game is bad because when u try to steer up it doesn’t let u it’s like it’s rigged. So don’t play it it is a kinda good game with the physics and others but I just doesn’t make sense to me prolly to others but not at all to me:( I’m prob stupid tho.

- Controls awkward

Solid game but the camera is tilted really weird when trying to use an mfi controller

- Crooked screen

The game is great but after like 5 minutes the screen tilted and it stays tilted and you can’t fix it it’s really annoying

- Tilt controls borked on IPhone 11

I loved this game on my older iPhone models but I just upgraded to an iPhone 11 and when using tilt controls, the screen perspective shifts constantly from left to right, almost like it’s changing orientation in response to tilt steering. Please fix this?


There is a bug where I can only steer all the way to right or the left no in between Volvo plz fix. Other than that pretty solid game

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- Facebook!!!

So annoying being asked to log into facebook through safari everytime i log in, if it asked me to log in through fb app i could do it but god only knows what my fb login details are

- An absolute blast

This is one of my favourite iPhone games of all time. Really easy to pick up and play anywhere, but offers plenty of challenge for those who want it. The platforming levels are especially fun! The controls are spot-on, and the game looks fabulous with a strong visual design. Seriously, I love this game and the first one!

- Sheeesh

Its funny how we all randomly download games we want as a kid and can't pass a level and try multiple times... so u delete the game fews yrs later ur scroll thru the app store and find them and realise how many memories from those games u've made :) this game hits hard...

- In app purchases don’t work

Hi I love this game but I’m trying to buy the level Editor and its not working this game is still amazing though

- One problem but still fun

So I came to play this game but then the camera started glitching out am I the one who messed it up or the game?

- Excellent Sequel

Brilliant game, definitely worth the $5.49 asked for all the content. I found a few issues with the level editor though. It doesn't give nearly as much customisation as is shown in the game's levels, and every now and then when you are editing before the last checkpoint, stop/start placing track becomes broken, as does elevation control. The final checkpoint cannot be placed in any way, and forces you to erase the whole level.

- Umm...

This game used to be my favorite game but now the camera view is tilted to a 35 degree angle witch is really sad and annoying when is fixed though I will give it an easy five stars as it is an awesome game.

- I wish there was ipega 9023 support could you put that in the next update

I tried to connect my ipega and as soon as I played it didn't pick up anything I did to the controller so put a update to let the controller support in there!

- Disappointed

True axis has poor support for all games

- Angle

Why is this on a 40 degree angle it was my fav game but then something bad just happened to it

- Fix

Fix u game it has a problems with the turning

- Amazing

Download this game imeadiently

- love it

brang me back the memories about 4 or 5 years!!

- Fantastic

This game is a phenomenal sequel to the original classic which I STILL play to this day! Jet Car Stunts 2 enhances almost everything of the original, more cars, tracks, track editor and a lot of other things. The frame rate is still silky smooth, and the download is unbelievably under 40mb. Although it took years for this sequel to come out, the wait was worth it, I can tell the developers put a lot of time and energy into this game as it has a very polished feel to it, and I am thankful this game wasn't rushed out until it was ready. It is endlessly fun and challenging and I highly recommend it to anyone. Best racing game ever! Now for some notes and suggestions to the developers that I picked up in this initial release. - I recognise some sound FX from the original Jet Car Stunts game have been recycled, ie. sound at the start of each race, swoosh sounds, menu sounds, etc. could you perhaps consider changing these sounds to some new sounds? There is nothing wrong with the sounds themselves, it's just that some players like myself have been playing the original game for 3+ years and we are so used to these sounds that hearing them AGAIN almost makes my ears bleed and we kind of expect something at least a little different in a new version of the game. -At the moment some leaderboards have false top scores due to cheating. (Example: Freeforall freestyle track) it would be great if it was not possible to cheat Thank you!

- Great but it's a freenium game

It's a great game with great mechanics, but you can't play past any of the first 10 levels without spending money! The map creator costs money, 9 levels for each car costs money and just about everything costs money! I'd gladly but stuff but I can't because I have issues with my iTunes! It's just not fair! Please make more regular levels.

- Awesome game. IAP used how it's supposed to

It's finally here and it definitely doesn't disappoint as many people would agree. Great work for a local support and it still has the wow factor despite this game being a sequel. I'd like to point out that the IAPs are used like IAPs should be - to buy the actual game. Not to buy stupid points or berries or whatnot to progress in the game. One off purchase and you have the entire game. 5 stars.

- What has True Axis done to this game?!

I played this game a few months back, and guess what! It was good! I can't calibrate my game, so it assumes that when I'm holding it with the home button to the right, I'm upside down. I can't re-calibrate this, even with the button, it just won't let it work right. So I tilt left I go right, I tilt right it goes left. This wouldn't be a problem if I turned my iPad the other way up, but when I do, even with lock-rotation, it turns the HUD upside down, now assuming I've turned it upside down. Plz fix or I won't be able to play.

- An easy fix for the camera angle

If you are having problems with the camera angle, then simply turn your device onto the other side. I am assuming the game was designed to be played with the home button to the left so people didn't accidentially click it. 'Have fun' -Me 'What do you call a magic owl?' -Hoodini 'We're not lowering the prices of the cars' -Gameloft

- My money...

This is a good game. Except I only paid for everything with $5.50 and it started the download. The internet stuffed and the download won't start again! I keep going to the levels I purchased but it keeps telling me to go to the store and redeem what I bought. I do that and nothing happens!!! Disappointing for such a great game. I loved the original and this. I will update the review when I get back home for better internet but if that still doesn't work, I will still update. Just angrier

- Awesome fun

Terrific follow up. IAP is to buy the game level packs so it's ok with me. Fun stuff!!! 2 bugs; On the profile screen, there is an option to disable " connect to true axis server" which I have unticked, but going back into the menu has it still ticked. My prior level medals won't load until I go into the profiles screen each time I load the game.

- Heaps good

I love everything about this game but i wish that instead of an unlock all button for $5.49, the game costed $5.49 upfront (but that doesn't matter that much) I highly recommend to anyone who likes this game to just spend the $5.49 unlock all in app purchase PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put an option to get rid of the green square in the race

- Camera makes it unplayable

I remember playing the first version of this game on my ipod-touch many years ago. It was my favourite mobile game. Was looking forward to playing no.2 but the camera snapping to the left and right makes it unplayable. Very disappointed that I am unable to experience what I experienced the first time again. Please fix it so the camera follows the car like in the version before this so I can enjoy it. Or at least give the option to change it.

- Best game ever!!

I have 6 pages of apps and this is by far the funnest game out of all of them. It doesn't just end after you finish the levels because you can create and play other peoples levels. I bought the Mega-All-In-One Pack and i'm set for 2014!!!!!!!!!

- Fantastic but would be the best

If your looking for single player fun you got it here with track creator and some levels to play through but this would be one of the best apps I would of ever had the chance to play If it had multiplayer. That's would be awesome

- Crashed

I've tried the game and the levels and cars are great but the second time I played it, it started to crash every time I try to play , maybe you can fix it in the next update

- AWESOME!! :)

It is so good so worth the $5.50 mega pack you get everything Only problem I have with it is that it didn't save my medals unless I went into "my profile" but apart from that THE BEST GAME EVER!!! I've been waiting ages for this game and still playing the old one SO GOOD!!!! ;)

- Finally it's here !

One of the first apps I downloaded on my iphone 3G (jet car stunts) was amazing , couldn't get enough of this. Now I'm playing jet car stunts 2 on my ipad 4 and iphone 5. Amazing , a must download

- Nice gameplay but one problem

It would be much easier to drive if it drove automatically for u and u didn't have to hold down a button in order to drive

- Best. iPhone. Game. Ever.

JCS1 and now JCS2, best mobile games ever. I know this is a big call, and not everyone likes stunt car games, or possessed the advanced gaming skills required to play this, but my assertion stands. Best mobile game ever. You guys rock.

- Meh...could be better

The game itself is great but the freemium features and the ok GUI, it just isn't the same as the original. If you haven't played the original I still suggest getting it

- Needs to be fixed

I downloaded this game a couple of days ago and was really enjoying it; however after the first day the app crashed and never let me re-enter. I have tried rebooting and re-downloading yet it still does not work. Very frustrating. This needs to be fixed!

- Strange issue

I loved the first one, and I love this one but I encountered an issue when I updated. The easy medium hard tabs in the level select all go to the same easy levels. There are no longer any medium or hard ones. Fix please.

- Just love this game

Like I said I love this game But it would be nice to create A track in another way. It would earn 5/5 stars if you could go into first-person mode while driving

- Marry me jet car stunts?

I love this game, when i first got it i played it till i fell asleep, which i didnt cause this is such a good game!! I wanna marry whoever created it and hug yhem forever because it is such a friggen well made game!!! :) XD

- Mega pack

Just got the game and it is awesome Is it writ hit to by the mega pack because I have finished all the other levels and want to share the ones I have made

- Great Game!!!!!

It's a good game, however there is no Game Centre support. I would like to earn achievements in this game like all the other popular games. Hope in the future updates u can put it. The game rocks!!!!

- Amazing sequel in all aspects

This game is pure awesome. While I despise most "freemium" games JCS2 has a perfect balance with the in-app purchases as the Mega Pack unlocks all content. As good or even better as the first game!!

- You have to get this, no questions asked.

Just download it. Why the hell are you looking at the reviews? The original was PHENOMENAL. This is a more than worthy sequel.

- Great but want the mega pack to download

Awesome game!!! The level pack isnt downloading unfortunately, but I know once thats fixed ill be playing this for hours (months)

- Getting annoying😡😡

Good but, BUT, the camera angle is getting annoying, i hate it inverted, especially when you turn to far and it jumps from one side to another, fix for an easy 5 stars

- Great Game

I love this game, totally would be good on a video game console like PS3, Xbox 360 and all next generation consoles, I would love to see this on consoles. Best racing game and cool feature to make your own race tracks.

- excellent game!!

It's all i wanted to have, Jet car is full of excitement at every level,love to have this app easy to install and download.

- Amazing

The new option of create is amazing very well made I can play on it all day a lot more levels and more cars love the game well done!!!!

- Great game. 100% recommended!

Clocked a lot of hours in the original Jet Car, and this one is an incredible sequel! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great arcade and racing game!

- The turning? 😡😡 PLEASE FIX!

It WAS a good game then the the turning was messed up, I re-calibrated it tried closing the app and opening it agin and it still has a tilted screen! And the steering is also backwards! I am on an iPad Air so I don't think that the problem is that it's and old device. PLEASE FIX!!!

- Amazing game!!!

This game is really fun and addictive, but beware there are in app purchases, but they buy you the whole game at once which is good, overall awesome game

- Whoa

Best graphics ever I've just got lots of fun but the graphics are stunning this game is very good I seriously recommend this game

- Ads!!! Pearls!!!! Micro transactions!!!

Can't do anything without an add shoved down your throat. And don't think paying for the game will help that, you need pearls for everything and you hardly get any. Plus u need if your cats die

- It's here!

JCS2 is finally here! This game can be addictive and it is my actual favourite iOS game of all time. I highly recommend it.

- Phenomenal!

This is an amazing game, you can definitely tell they spent a lot of time and effort perfecting this. Fantastic and a must have!

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Jet Car Stunts 2 1.0.26 Screenshots & Images

Jet Car Stunts 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Jet Car Stunts 2 iphone images
Jet Car Stunts 2 iphone images
Jet Car Stunts 2 iphone images
Jet Car Stunts 2 iphone images
Jet Car Stunts 2 iphone images
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Jet Car Stunts 2 (Version 1.0.26) Install & Download

The applications Jet Car Stunts 2 was published in the category Games on 2014-01-02 and was developed by True Axis [Developer ID: 337866373]. This application file size is 55.22 MB. Jet Car Stunts 2 - Games app posted on 2020-02-27 current version is 1.0.26 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.trueaxis.jetcarstuntstwo