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Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition.
A smooth drawing experience! 2 App Description & Overview

The applications 2 was published in the category Games on 2018-08-09 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 199.87 MB. The current version is 1.3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fix : the zone does not randomly disapear anymore when reaching 10% or higher 2 App Tips, Tricks and Rules 2 Reviews

Professor Willow

Falsely Advertised, stick to version 1 of game  Professor Willow  2 star

If the game view was that as advertised, zoomed out so you had a better vantage of your opponents, it would be worth playing. As for now I stick with 1.0, it’s simple, you are rewarded with a better zoomed out vantage as you achieve more %. 2.0 should take notes.


Good game, lots of bugs  Othello.Paper  2 star

Game crashes frequently. To the point of where, when I reach 40% or higher, I can pretty much guarantee that it will crash at any given moment.


Would be great  Win1014  2 star

The game is fun and the skins are fun but the app crashes and also has a glitch that causes you to lose all of your territory, especially once you have 30-40%. This happens even after last update.


Garbage  Somarw  1 star

This game is actual trash. All bots for one, secondly, they spawn in random spots, you either play super super safe and do .30% each time you go out, or you die. There’s no way to be risky in this game cause the bots will spawn inside your line. Trash game needs better coding.


Fun but...  MorganERoberts  3 star

I’ve played three days in a row now, and I haven’t been able to unlock any new avatars or whatever they’re called for playing days in a row. I also can’t unlock the one where I’m supposed to stay outside my area for 15 seconds. Now matter how long I make it it says it was only 14 seconds. Also, when I get a really percent sometimes the game crashes and the app will close losing all my progress. Love the game, hate the bugs

Jim Bob 3rd 1/2

I am hooked  Jim Bob 3rd 1/2  1 star

And now every 2 mins the app is crashing, I was doing great, kicking butt! And CRASH! Don’t get hooked it will crash on you:(


Fix the bugs  jcoop381  3 star

Every time I’m almost at 30% the app shuts down!!!! Besides that and the long ads, this game is addictive!!


Ads  Frankster5  1 star

Way to many ads...the ads last longer than the actual play time


Fix it  jsnowwww  3 star

My players will not size up no matter how many other players I kill.


Good and bad.  ArtWyrd  3 star

This game is a lesson in determination and frustration. From what experience I can offer? Interacting with actual human players is rare. The A.I. of this game is illogical and in so many ways is deliberately built to harass and explore far beyond the normal scope of “play to win” design. Basically... if the A.I. was more like a person and less like a horde of crazy kamikaze pilots being able to actually cover the map would be easier. And yet? Perhaps that is the intent of the designers? They don’t WANT you to win. The game is a decent time killer. But the more you play and with each completely random and chaotic death by some A.I. that just HAPPENED to explore far and blindly into your territory you just start getting frustrated. Hence the three star rating.


Are the other players people or bots?  EBrisNickI  3 star

Would be better if real players and you could play against friends. Not much fun playing AI.

Stuart Troy

Buggy  Stuart Troy  2 star

Game has crashed many times mid game play, which throws you back to iOS home screen. An Advert for ‘World War Rising’ actually hid the exit button (top right), preventing me from returning to the game; even after the 30 second scheduled advert. Sometimes, the colours glitch and vibrate, and I’ve experienced losing 50% instantly, and being set back to zero, with no apparent explanation. This is a good evolution of the original, but it’s suffering from bugs.


It is ok but it should be better😓  Zigelman  2 star

I think it’s a very good and great game but it needs problems fixed, like there is adds in the middle of the game for no reason and you always die at the end of the add, there is also several adds at the end of the game and it sometimes has several glitches like a broken DVD but apart from that it is a very good game and I Hope you will download this game. Of course if you do not like this game Just delete it and go find an other better game. Thank you👍🏻🌈


I’m addicted!  xxDahItzEbbyxx  5 star

The best game I’ve ever played and I loved Fortnite but when I came around this game you bet Fortnite was dumped for this game.


Glitches  briahnatelford  2 star

I love this game, but it glitches WAY too much. Twice I’ve had up to 75% of area covered and app lags and randomly crashes. Not worth the time.


So much crashing!  hookedmermaid  2 star

I adored the original, so I thought this would be great. While I do love it, I suffer a consistent issue with the game crashing sometimes around the 50% mark, sometimes around 30%. I just want to play without the stupid game crashing constantly!

thanis 2767274663

Yea um  thanis 2767274663  5 star

Dis is kinda lame


Ads  -Wylde  1 star

Why is there so many ads, seriously it’s disgusting. I would much prefer the game if there was no ads, I will never download a game by you again.

big boonga

I can't open it!!  big boonga  1 star

Whenever I try opening the app it just cuts out of it. I have tried to delete and re install it but that doesn't work either. I loved paper io 1 and this looked cool but now I can't even play it!!! Please help!!!

Built to hurt

Fun but I’m over it  Built to hurt  2 star

This is a good time waster but the bugs have made it unbearable. I played for 2 days then deleted it. Constantly crashing and lagging.


Look  xfhcjfjcncyckhutuf  1 star

Stop making this add pop up. And if you don’t I’ll download the game and if it still shows up, I am literally going to buy a ad blocker. And if you see this I am not lying, so better get goin!


It’s not multiplayer... you’re facing bots.  signull86  2 star

It’s a good game concept and great design. But you’re not playing online with people. It’s kinda devastating when you realize the game works in airplane mode. I thought I was playing online against people as other games like It makes all the skins I’ve earned worthless.


Addictive but short-lived  Piperdanai  3 star

I really enjoyed this game and working to earn the different skins, but it didn’t last long. Once you get past the majority of the challenges, there’s nothing to work towards. I am also confused as to why sometimes I am 1 of 3 playing and other times I am 1 of 13 playing. It also never registered how many consecutive days I’ve played. I’ve quit playing the game.


Bug  Anonymous382847483944838  1 star

A bug happened, I’ve lost all my progress after the game crashed and now when I try to go back into it kicks me out. Please fix that.

nono stayaway

Crashes  nono stayaway  2 star

Fun but frustrating when get really high up and it crashes. Playing on clean new tablet one app installed. Find a similar game that doesn't crash

reeee dino

Great game  reeee dino  5 star

It was a good game but it is addicting so yeeeeee😳😆🌧ha ha fun game


Great  Colton66  3 star

Your game is great in all but the app keeps crashing. I was at my night 54.06% with 74 kills and it crashed so I wasn’t able to keep going because when it crashed it said I died. Your team should fix it before a lot of people start to have this problem.

kella d

Bug  kella d  3 star

It’s a great game, but I am not able to get some of my players. I’ve been playing for days and I haven’t unlocked the one consecutive day, 3 consecutive days, and so on. I’m not sure why it won’t unlock them. Some of my land disappears right in front of my eyes for no reason as well.


The best game ever  jessylovepaper  5 star



Please Fix!  BoomRoasted1007  4 star

1) The glitches on this game are driving me crazy! My zone will randomly disappear, and 99% of the time can’t get it back. And the game will randomly kick me out, just as I’m passing my high score too! Please fix because it feels like such a waste of time, especially trying to get to 100%! 2) The game isn’t keeping track of how many consecutive days being played. I’ve played like 5 days in a row and haven’t received and prize skins for that, as shown on the skin screen. -Are y’all gonna add a mode to play again other actual players vs just playing a.i? -it should also keep track of your highest amount of kills along with your highest score


Good  1a2n3n4a5p  3 star

good game except it always glitches and all the space you have covered disappears so you just end up going in a straight line and eventually dying. Please improve this, it would make the game a lot fairer and enjoyable


Battery drainage  Lauren2456  2 star

I love this game. It’s really fun and enjoyable. However, it drains the battery really quickly and my phone burns up in my hands. There are also a lot of adds. Which is understandable, I guess but I wish there was a bit of a break in them. Although you can skip them up to a point. After a while playing the game it also gets really glitchy (for me anyway) and that sometimes costs you the game. Otherwise it’s a really great game and it’s a lot better than its predecessor.


Glitching  Gedwird  2 star

I like the game but it won’t stop glitching! Also it keeps saying I unlocked a new skin and nothing comes up! I think the glitching problem should be fixed as I was looking through the reviews and I seen other people had the same problem so if you could work on a update that would be helpful 👍🏻


adds  anonyamus101  1 star

there are always adds and im not paying so im going to delete the game


Fix the app!  annindublin  4 star

The concept is great, but it’s such a pain in the *ss when you die with no reason. Please, fix the bugs, otherwise my husband who happen to be a developer will create the same game😈


Glitch  burshi7391  3 star

Every time I start to get close to the 50% mark my whole area just disappears.

mimi kusi momo

Kills keep glitching  mimi kusi momo  1 star

The game doesn’t give you all your kills.And kills you on purpose! So annoying!plz give a update!


Glitches  moredetails25  1 star

The game keeps glitching and removing my land and killing me. Very annoying as I love the game


Glitching  Kshhnnubev  3 star

I love the game but it keeps resetting me down to 0.50% randomly which means I wind up dying and can’t reach any of the milestones


Glitching  pkgydavtdbi😒💞🏀🔠💔  1 star

It keeps on glitching have I 1 star to get attention will change to a 5 when the problem is fixed 2 Comments 2 Games Download