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Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition.
A smooth drawing experience!

Game made by Voodoo, who developed Helix Jump,, Snack VS Block and other cool games!

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- Best Game /So Addictive ( new game idea?)

Ok so I absolutely love this game to much it is amazing I play it all the time it is so addictive I’m always try to go for a different strategy or get a new skin and while dying before I cover 100% of the map makes me mad I love to keep try . Ok so I actually have one suggestion and it’s not to fix anything in the game because I think everything is perfect. It’s actually a idea I have that you could add to the game so here it is - ok so every time you get a number of kills or pre-cent-age you get points/coins or what ever you want to call them then you can use those points to update like your house or building but to get the updates you might have to save up also people could pay for coins or a special limited time up date with a special skin I think that would be so amazing and I know that me a hundreds of other people that would play it all the time which I pretty much already do I also think it would greatly help increase the money you gain from this game ( also if you are another player if you like this idea make sure to copy and re comment it until the owners see it 🤪🥳🥳🥳) this is a amazing game love it it’s the best just came up with a idea that could make it so much fun and attract more players !!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Meh

The game is fun I will not lie but you don’t even update it. I have played some of you games before and I did like them a bit but a main problem is you don’t really update them and just make a new game with a bunch of ads. I see you that you need the money but is it really necessary to fill all your games with ads most of us just want to have fun and play I would not mind 1 ad every 10 to 15 rounds but it just gets annoying. Also I really don’t like this game for only really 1 reason it is bots they are so annoying I can’t stay out of my area for 1 second without getting killed by bots! I was out my area for like 2 seconds once and I died I see it as almost impossible to fill up the map because the bots will just find a way to kill you somehow. And you probably aren’t even reading this because I feel like you don’t respond to reviews or reflect on them since I notice that people make reviews also but you don’t seem to make updates or try fixing your mistakes I would like it if you looked at what we say and try making your games better! And also I see a lot of companies doing what you are doing. Filling games with ads make it useless to play when you complete it and move on after to make a new game with the same thing. And yes I do think this game is fun but really stop making your games have garbage features and not even trying to make them better. I rarely see games that don’t do these things!

- Simple, Addictive, fun...with one UI suggestion

This has become my favorite time killer, and I’ve downloaded it across almost all of my devices. I’ve even paid for the No Ad upgrade, which I rarely ever do. Since Voodoo is one of the worst with the unskippable 30-40second ads, it’s absolutely worth a few dollars to get rid of them. This game is simple, and addictive, and can be a fast play, or extended out if you are slow and methodical in your acquisition of territory. Recent updates have eliminated most of the bugginess of earlier versions. One odd thing is that the iPad and iPhone versions are slightly different. On the iPhone, you size up after a kill, but on the iPad, you do not. I wish they both played the same way. One Full rating star drop: Also, like all other VooDoo games, they do not rotate when changing orientation. For me, a game that will not rotate orientation (especially on the iPad) is an absolutely rating killer. And there are times when I will avoid playing a game I otherwise want to play, because it won’t rotate. For a phone, fine, whatever. For a tablet, it’s a total UI and usability miss. Come on, Voodoo, get it together. You make some of the best simple time killer games out there (even if they are all suspiciously similar), adding the rotate feature is a simple easy feature that makes your games far more widely playable.

- Problems and Ideas! Improve with this!

*Please Read* *There are so many ads on this game that I can’t click touch to continue, If you completely got rid of ads this game just might be way better. **Another thing eliminating yourself! You shouldn’t be able to eliminate yourself because you can turn to slow or the wrong way and end up eliminated, Also you shouldn’t be able to die from someone cutting your line. Instead when your line is cut you should be able to get back to your safe zone. This game also should have a feature that alerts you from where you territory is being taken. ***Game modes! My opinion on game modes is I LOVE THEM, and if the game could have some that would be great! Some suggestions 1vs1, Teams (5vs5, 2vs2vs2vs2vs2), Race (Who can get to 10% first)! I’m not entirely sure how many people there are per game, but i think it should be 10 if it is not. ****Feedback on skins! The skin variations are good, but should still have more easier and harder skins to get, and get EXTREMELY creative with the skins. No one once simplistic animals and objects, Maybe do something like a castle or Zeus! *****I hope you take all these ideas and include a big portion of them in the game, and use other people’s ideas!

- Great game but still bugs

This game is addicting and I love it - I've played it since the beginning when there wasn't any skins (now there are some) - but I'm very disappointed that there's still bugs in which my territory glitches and then I have nothing. Even if I try to run back to where my large territory is supposed to be, there's nothing there for me to connect back to, so I promptly die. Even when I had an extra life still and watched the video in the hopes of saving myself, it just started me completely over since there wasn't anything for me to start on. I would be more understanding if it was a really high percentage that crashed it a bit, but this time I was only about 36% before it glitched and got rid of my territory. There's also many times where the game lags severely (and you have difficulty turning etc. while it does so) and there's still times where the game completely crashes and boots me out of the app and I can't get any of my progress back. I'm really disappointed, but like I said, I still love to play this game as it's a fabulous, addicting time-waster. I hope the devs read the community's reviews and fix the bugs. That's the main reason why I give this a 3/5 is because while the bugs make it unenjoyable when you lose your progress, I still enjoy and will continue to play the game, as I'm hopeful that the devs will fix these problems soon and it doesn't glitch every game.

- Amazing app. Little glitchy though

I absolutely love this game. It is so addictive and I play it all the time. My sister does not have it and she claims it is so easy! I actually think it is challenging and I think the concept is awesome. I like to think of it like I am building my own world! I think that it is a little bit slow sometimes. I also think there should not have nicknames because I have seen some that are inappropriate. I think The nicknames are fun but maybe you should try to put some kind of filter on anything inappropriate that people try to type. I’ve never made a video game so I don’t know if that’s possible but I think it would improve the game and make it a lot want to family or maybe even just have an option to turn off nicknames and settings. I also think that if you can if you add some new skins I need the current ones a little bit less difficult to get like take 100% of the map come on! And for the unicorn really everybody loves unicorns! Heck there’s unicorns on my leggings right now! I love this app So much just fixed the nickname thing that would be great! Thank you so much for creating such a fun and challenging game it fills in time when I have nothing to do. I love this game so much! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼♥️♥️♥️

- FIX IT!!!

I absolutely love this game! But there are a few things that you need and have got to fix. First, you need to fix the glitch where you lose land. I was doing perfectly fine until that stupid glitch occurred and made me lose almost half of my land, I think that you should start looking into that since it’s happening everywhere. The second item I think you need to fix are the adds. I get that you need those to make money but there are WAY too many adds on this game. You have them right after someone dies, when they want to revive, and a few times I have gotten them when opening the game!! This to me is a huge problem because sometimes I lose right away then have to watch an add then the entire thing happens again!! Maybe after every 3 losses? That would be perfectly fine with me since there are way too many adds at the moment. The third thing I want you to fix is the Consecutive day counting. Because I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks yet I just got the burger and that entire time there was no progress showing. You should probably fix this soon. I think you should add more skins too, maybe depending on the time of year and someone has to finish the goal before that time is over to receive the skin? This game is awesome but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix the other stuff too.

- Love to play this game, however...

Several bugs in this game keep me from enjoying it to its fullest. First there’s the bug where the graphics for your claimed territory disappears, which is pretty much hard mode you have to play without knowing where your safe zone is without getting killed by others. Then there’s the lack of stability during gameplay due to the ads changing. The game will be going full speed, then bam lagspike when you’re outside of your territory surrounded by baddies. Let it be known that I reset my cache before playing every time I play. Lastly this is the most frustrating of them all and also the newest bug that I’ve found. It’s also the most difficult for me to explain. Let’s say your territory is dubbed A and the area you’re trying to capture is dubbed B and the sum of both parts is thus C. The way the game works is A+B=C then C is renamed to A and the process starts all over again. There are some instances where A does NOT add B into it to make C leaving you only with the successfully taken area of B. (Or in other words A+B=B) The most frustrating part is that you could potentially having 30~50% claimed and suddenly you drop to some low ridiculous percentages like 0.19% because the game is acting incorrectly. And I understand the mechanics of how the game works, like if you cut a players area in two they keep the side they are attached to and lose the remainder. Which is similar to what happens but without involving any other players.

- Fun, but needs some work.

I really enjoy this game and the addictive qualities it has, but I do have some issues with the game that makes me extremely angry when it happens to me. First off, there’s disappearing land. Basically, you’ll be given land and as you’re increasing it, it will randomly just up and disappear. There’s been a few times where I was lucky and still had some sort of land left, so I didn’t have to die. But there has also been a time where all of my land disappeared and dying was inevitable. Something that also happens is that I will be playing and taking up new land that just so happens to cover over someone else’s, and it glitches. I will have that land, but it’s like my color doesn’t completely cover it until I take up more new land, if that makes sense. Another issue I have is that I just tried to play the game and right when I was put into the game, I was instantly killed. I don’t understand how it happened by any means. There’s also moments where I hit other players lines and they just don’t die like they’re supposed to. I’m also not too fond of all of the darn ads. This game isn’t worth $2.99 to get rid of them either. Other than all of these small, yet highly frustrating problems, this game is pretty fun and it helps pass the time when need be.

- Love it

It’s an amazing game. I played every second of my life it’s like the best thing in the whole entire world. Well I should say my kid likes it but I like it like that, because even if he’s addicted to it is the best kid in the world and I’m happy he has like a game like that just get his worries away. I mean oh andWhenever I’m working he just sits there like the sweetest little kid in the world playing his cute little game so I think if you have a child or you were just curious to looking at this game are you think this is a very very very good game.💟 And I would totally agree do you like your plate even though you say that I’m just seeing it twice because it’s it’s a really good game and I don’t have anything else to sing about that but he says it can be a little hard sometimes it gets better competitors but he said to me a couple days ago that he’s going to make he’s going to give himself a goal. And it was the biggest person in the game and I thought so I really really think this game is a good game for your son or daughter or if you’re just looking around for fun games to play but my daughter says that it’s too easy and like you know what that’s not right because your brother likes it in your 18 you have a lot more experience but my son is sick and he loves it so much 💖💖💖

- This would be 5 out of 5 were it not for...

The glitches! The bugs! Seriously, fix them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been about 75% and then drop right down to 0% but my cube has not been eliminated. You are still alive but you have no territory to connect to so you are guaranteed to die anyways. There’s no explanation or sign or hint as to how or why this happens. I can see maybe just maybe it being caused by another glitch, where you and your opponent have overlapping territory but the game gives it to both of you rather than just one (if you play this long enough you will eventually encounter this, even at smaller %s), and the game somehow gets confused from there and doesn’t know which player is which. Pisses me off, because I know I could get to 100 were it not for this. It happens almost every single time I break 60%. It would probably happen at lower %s as well were I not so quick to erase other players’ gains at my expense. To be killed by another player just makes me want to come back and get my revenge, all in good fun. It keeps me in the game. But to be killed by a glitch, with little indication as to how or why makes me want to throw my device through a window. Please fix this or at least tell me why it is happening!


The game is fun and definitely addictive. However, the glitches are the most frustrating thing ever. I spent the $2.99 on this game to get rid of the ads and guess what? There are still ads when you want to continue the game. SO THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY! The glitches are so bad and make me want to throw my phone against a wall. After you’ve covered a good portion of the area, it will turn completely white for no reason leaving you stranded as you cannot get back to your pattern. Sometimes, it goes white and you die as if an invisible player just killed you. If you’re especially lucky, you’ll see a light show as the colors begin to glitch and your whole section comes back and disappears like flashing lights at a club. And then... you guessed it, you’ll randomly die. The percentage gets stuck at a number and no matter how much you’ve covered it’ll still say 0.51% even though your area is larger than the 0.66% circle you start with. This game could really become more popular and be the next “words with friends” or “angry birds” and could make a lot of money BUT it seems “they” would rather make chump change off of a subpar app with a great idea. The game is so fun and the idea is so addicting but the bugs and glitches and ads even after you pay, are enough to delete the app and tell everyone I know not to even bother. FIX THE BUGS! I guarantee that more people will play. FIX THE GLITCHES! FIX THE GLITCHES! FIX THE GLITCHES!

- Love this game, but a few suggestions

This game is great! I love how smooth it is compared to the first one and how much easier it is to turn and move! The only things I don’t love is how laggy/glitchy it is and how many ads there are. I don’t know if it’s just my WiFi or if I just have to reload but I’ve restarted my device multiple times and it will still lag. My device will be on full WiFi and will still lag. This causes my character to move a wrong way and die, so please take into consideration to fix that! Also I understand that it’s a free game so it comes with ads but there doesn’t need to be one after every single match! I do understand that this game needs money so it is trying to get the players to purchase ad removal and all but it doesn’t need an ad after every match. Perhaps there could be an ad every two matches instead? Please also take that into consideration. As I said before I do love this game and those are really my only problems. I love all of the different skins and ways to unlock them too! Love the smoothness and different shapes I can make but please do consider the suggestions I have listed! Thank you for your consideration and time! ~Writer

- Way to many glitches

My territory disappears even though there is no one is around to claim it. The Controls hey jumpy. At some points in the game it is smooth and nice to play. But other times I can play at all because it freezes so bad that it won’t start up again or the glitches make it so it doesn’t respond to where I want the thing to go to. It almost always ends with me bing killed. (Ex: if I pull it to the right and try to make it go to home base it will sometimes glitch out not go right and get hit by a on coming color.). Not cool. Other then that I would love to be able to play the game because it is fun. Fix the issues and I can give a better review. Also some colors tend to be faster then other already. So maybe you can add that as a bonus reward. So like you hav ego hit a certain goal to unlock a skin but maybe as well as having a knee skin give certain skins little bonus rewards like one could be a tiny bit faster. One could be a tiny bit bigger. And such. Also maybe limit how many players can be in a arena. And maybe add a little overview circle so you know where you are in the circle and see how much you have covered also see other players. But first fix the bugs. Then add the other fun details.

- Fun game although you’re playing robots

I really enjoy this game, I’ve spent hours playing and I still enjoy it. I like the skin situation they added, I just wish it kept up with your progress towards reaching new goals so you can have a mission in mind while playing. As others mentioned there are bugs that cause your area to randomly disappear, and when you pay for “no ads” you still have to watch ads for the extra life. My biggest complaint that I recently discovered is that you’re not playing with other real players. The other players are clearly robots because they NEVER utilize the extra life, when you kill someone they stay dead. If these were real people they would be using the extra life too. Another thing is that the robots never get past like 10%. I regularly reach 40%+ and I’ve never seen another player do so. Plus there’s been times where I lay my phone down while watching the ad I paid not to see and when I get back in the game none of my territory has been taken. So to make the game better: allow us to play with real players, remove the ads we paid to have removed, fix the disappearing land bug, and keep up with goal progress.

- Too Many Ads

I adore the game and think it is very addicting. I like how there are achievement to unlock skins but what I sincerely hate is, there are so many ads in this game. This HAS to be fixed or I’ll just easily delete this game. Every time I die it would ask me if I wanted to watch an ad to have another life, I would say no and after I would say no it’s would make me watch an ad and then not give me an extra life. I watched an ad to get an extra life and when the ad was over it didn’t give me and an extra life. I also played and an ad popped up in the middle of me playing and I was so confused on why it did that and that STILL hasn’t been fixed for all the times you say “Minor Bugs Fixed” that only gives us a brief explanation of what is going on. It is very confusing and I feel like it would be better if you told us ACTUALLY what you fixed. I have played multiple times and random ads pop up and it hasn’t been fixed. It seems like you are just trying to make an extra buck by putting so many ads into games. The game is fun but I just don’t see ANY reason for the ads. You seem money hungry and just want money by putting so many ads in a free game and if we wanted an ad free game we would have to pay money!! Please fix this.

- Fun time killer

Am updating AGAIN in the hopes glitches are finally fixed because the glitches are so annoying, and past updates have not resolved them at all. After months and months of playing I still have not been able to pass my record 82% and this is because EVERYONE on the board will glitch all together- Just today I watched my 70 something% glitch to something like 1.44%, and every one else at the same time went down to just a few percent or less each... I bite the dust on my own enough, no need for the computer to be nasty when I am winning. DEFINITELY buy the in-app purchase to kill the ads, if you are going to play this often... they are as annoying as they can get. With the ads disabled, this is a great all-ages game. Both my 12 year old and I enjoy it. Sometimes there are glitches, like when you freeze up and your character can’t move. The worst is when you die at 61%, sit through a stupid ad in order to get an extra life (I would like the option to shut this feature off too and have zero offers of ads, anyway), and then immediately respawn at 1.11% instead of the 61% you had...sigh, well that’s frustrating. An addictive game though. Kiddo and I both enjoy unlocking new characters to “paint”.

- Game cheats bad. Terrible bugs

Ive purchased this and been playing for almost a year. Almost on a daily basis. Always crowned. But never win. This game cheats soooo bad. The ai bot players are overly aggressive. They dont play to win. Their progress in the game has no relevance, no objective other than to kill real players. Once u kill an ai bot player, it immediately comes right back. Theres too many to ever win. You can never get rid of them. AI bots with same exact color as u makes it extremely difficult to see defined area as yours or theres. The game has a bug that can make u go from 70% coverage to .5% in a flash of a second. Poof! The area u just spent 25 minutes covering is GONE. Serious waste of time. Too many bugs. And even tho u pay for ad free version, u still must watch a 20 second commercial/ad just to get the 2nd life. Great game. Needs serious overhaul. Major bug fixes needed. Total waste of time. If u think u can win the way it is rigged now? You cant. Trust me. Ive got more wasted hours than I care to admit. Most of what kills u, u cant even see on your screen. You cant zoom out even when u have 70+% coverage. Would be an awesome game if they made it fair and fixed the serious bugs. Not to mention the auto removal of your large already covered spaced and reduced it back to nothing for no reason at all.

- Better Games.

I love this game but there are Soooo many ads! After every games there’s an ad and sometimes if you are in the game to long you get an ad in the middle of the game and you lose!!! Also there’s a lot of bots too because I’m in my area and a boy comes in and doesn’t even touch me, (which I’ve recalled several times) and it said I died! And other times I go out of my 1 or 2 seconds so that’s definitely a bot. Sometimes I’m even in my area and someone kills me! These glitches definitely need to be fixed and either take out all the bots or make the bots do the same things that real humans do. That alone would honestly make it a lot better. Which is really unfair. Also, one of the awards you can get is kill 3 players in a row and I’ve done that many times but I have never gotten the award. And, it seems like the creators of this game either don’t look at the reviews or they just don’t care about them and don’t want to respond! Now, there’s actually very few games in where the creators respond to the review and fix the problem, which I think is VERY annoying. I mean don’t they care about making their games more enjoyable and get better reviews? So overall it’s not that good because you can find way better games, trust me.

- Cool, just a few ideas/issues...

This game is cool I just would like a few changes. One the skin the “Unlocks” when you have played 3 consecutive days won’t unlock no matter how many days in a row I play which is irritating, and I have played way more than just 3 days in a row. Also I would like more skins along with ones you can purchase because I’m not very good and it is hard to unlock them. I also have another idea, what if you added game modes where you could compete with people that you know or one where you just try to kill as many people as possible and don’t worry about land which I guess you could do normally but still. Or what if you could do battle mode and you and a robot or somebody else and you start off with 50% of the board and the other person starts off with 50% and you and the other person are invincible so you can’t just kill them and take all of the area, and you have 2 minutes or so to get as much land as possible!!! (Personally I think the battle mode sounds the best but that’s just my opinion...)Either way it’s still a cool game and I would recommend it to others.😁

- Glitchy

This game is really addictive until you play enough to realize there are more glitches than features. Your “land” will disappear from underneath you for no discernible reason—sometimes all of it, sometimes only the majority of it. Other “players” will spontaneously gain the ability to kill you within your own land. You will die randomly when you have full view of your line and can see no one has actually killed you. You will spawn into a new game on top of another player’s land and die immediately. You will watch the ad for a 2nd life only to immediately be forced into a new game instead. You will meet the milestones to unlock new skins and watch your progress reset immediately. You will encounter bots that are frozen and thus can’t be killed. You can experience all these issues at any time, but it seems to happen at lot more often when you’ve covered over 25% of the field. In a game where all other players on the field are bots and the numerous “glitches” exclusively work against your favor and become more prevalent when you do well, it genuinely just feels like the game is rigged after a while. This makes it far more frustrating than fun a lot of the time. Don’t waste money on removing ads.

- Glitches and some suggestions

There’s some glitches that ruin this game otherwise it’s not a bad one and those are how you go through someone’s line and they don’t die also the map gets glitchy when players take each others land you can’t tell who’s land it is another glitch is where your land glitches back and you lose some another is where you make it to your land but last second and you see the land made but you still die when Someone goes through the line that should’ve disappeared but the worst glitch is where somehow people going g through your land kill you like how??? I don’t even have a line and some suggestions are Island if this is online i didnt really check all to much on it I’m very doubtful tho because the other players make some very dumb moves but I get and and also the add if u die thing you have to watch a add for 30 seconds but somehow your land will be in tact and if it is online e shouldn’t that wait for when the player actually dies so their game doesn’t ruin it . Probably just an attempt to get more ads into their game cause you usually get one after you die anyways they that way they can get 2 into one round

- Really Annoyed

This is a great game that I would love to play more, but the glitches get me so angry I have to put the game down before I throw my iPad cross the room. I can’t stand it when my land just randomly disappears. It makes it nearly impossible to accomplish the goal of covering 50% of the board...never mind 100%. I have also killed another player and a glitch stops it from counting...and that player comes back around and kills me! Also my days are not adding up to reach the goal of 7 consecutive days played. I have been playing for a couple weeks and it still says I have only played for 3 days. And the ads....why soooooooo many adds. I spend more time watching ads than I do playing the game. The really annoying part is when you get through watching ALL THE ADS in order to continue the game, it start you all over! Arrrgggggg. And just a suggestion....check the content of your ads. This game is suggested for age 12 and up. Ive seen ads for a game that is all about cheating and finding your lover in bed with another person...definitely don’t want my 12 year old seeing that. If some of this stuff doesn’t get fixed soon, I will be deleting the game from all the devices my family has it on.

- It’s ok...😐

Like most Voodoo in my opinion they are fun when you first start playing them but get boring later on. In this game you are a little block and your goal is to fill the hole screen with you color. You will start with a little circle and to make it bigger you drag your block out of the circle and WITHOUT touching your line you made go right back to your circle and touch it. The little shape you made with the line will get filled in and a bit more of your circle will get bigger. But there are also other players that if they touch your line then you die and start over. But do you really think the game is fun after a while? Secondly there are too many ads!!!! Like all Voodoo games they put a ridiculous amount of ads in the game. After every round you get an ad!!!! What I do enjoy about this game is the character there are. Unlike other games this one in my opinion has a variety of characters that aren’t easy to get giving you a bit more of a goal. Sorry I didn’t write to much but just I would say that you should download this app but I’m gonna warn you that you will get bored of it after a while. But it’s fun🙂 Thank you!!!!

- Fun but ads are too long

I got the no-ad upgrade but it still plays and ad when trying to get a free extra life which is the only ad I wanted to get rid of. The extra life ad is way too long. By the time it ends, you get placed back into the game as dead 90% of the time. Spawn areas need work as well. I can’t count high enough to tally all the times I have died instantly when I start. No way to possibly avoid it, you just start off dead. Game is fun but has a lot of issues that need to be worked out. I want my money back for ad pass. It doesn’t actually get rid of all the ads. REFUND PLEASE Revised review. I am deleting this game. It is an incredibly fun game but glitches way too often and is impossible to win. Literally every single time I get over 50% the game glitches and all of my area disappears. I then dies because I have nowhere to go to finish my line. The ultimate goal is to get to 100% coverage and it’s something fun to strive for, but that isn’t even possible. It is too frustrating to spend 45 min playing this game only to lose everything when you didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe in a month or two I will try it out again and hopefully you’ve fixed the glitches. Till then, enjoy the little bit of money you got out of deleted.

- Bugs

Despite the title of this review, this game is amazing and addictive, and I absolutely love it. The concept is simple and fun, and there’s just enough strategy in it to make it interesting. However, there are A LOT of bugs, many of with make the game frustrating and hard to tolerate. One glitch I’d like to point out happens when two lands are overlapping. Almost every time my land overlaps with another’s, that part of the land starts to glitch out. It’s nothing to bad, the land is still there, it just flashes and looks all jagged like. Another glitch I’ve noticed is far more annoying than the latter. Sometimes, though on rarer occasions than the first glitch, my whole area will disappear from sight. However, once I’ve died, it will show that I still had some land. This is very frustrating, as the point of the game is too expand your land without getting hit by another person. How am I supposed to do that when I don’t have any land to build off of? There is one final glitch I’d like to bring light too: sometimes, once I’ve crossed over another persons line, they will not die. They are supposed to die, however they do not! These bugs make the game very hard to enjoy, hence my rating. Please fix them!

- Very fun, I think I may be too good at it, haha

One problem I have- I was controlling 20% of the map, completely unstoppable, when suddenly my entire territory stopped existing, leaving me stranded with no clue where the remaining .99% of the map I had was. So please fix that, I was doing so well... Anyway, I’d also suggest removing that 100% of the map skin, only someone who cheats would be able to get it, I bet. My high score is ~30%, and even if I was good enough to get near 100%, new players would have to spawn somewhere, making that impossible, simply an unattainable goal mocking everyone who plays. Other than that, game is very good. I find it to be more fun than any other .io game I have, for some reason. A tip for any players or future players reading this- never get cocky. Claim small chunks of land at a time and do NOT attempt to carve about a third of a leaderboard’s turf. They’ve got that much land for a reason and as long as they patrol their borders diligently, you won’t get away with that. Even if you do they’ll quickly take it back. But yeah, would recommend other than that literally game ending bug.

- I’m not one of those people who criticizes very often but please listen to my suggestions

I’m playing a game, I’m at ten kills. So I watch an ad so I can save my place and not die. But after I wait for 60 Seconds which is 30 to many, but anyway I watch the ad and then the second I get in the game I slide my finger across the screen to move (Inside of my area) and the second I touch the screen I DIE. Another time I’m playing again I probably had around 19 kills and I die even though I crossed his path and I’m straight through his line the kill didn’t register so he came back around and killed me, so I watch an ad that’s 1 minute and 30 seconds mind you And so I’m TRIGGERED how long the ad is. But after I wait this long for the stupid ad. Note I had almost the entire map circled and I had one area about the length of two people side by side. After I watched the ad Instead of letting me Respond it restarts me and now I’m regular size! Anyway I’m writing this not to be rude but to inform you of all the little problems with the game. I love this game and when I put exclamation points it’s just because im mad with what happened. Not the game, but please listen to the details because I’m sure this sort of thing happens for a lot of people (every day). So please fix these changes😀. IDIOTS!!!

- Too laggy, ads are awful!

I’m very frustrated with this game, as it’s way too laggy to play and I’m sick of all the dating simulation game ads! I’m perfectly fine with ads and I’m happy to deal with them, but I don’t want these specific ones in my face every time I loose in the game. It’s also very laggy. I’ll often jump into the game and get killed instantly (and have to watch an ad) because it wouldn’t let me move while the servers were trying to catch up. Sometimes it happens three times in a row. When I am able to start playing, I’ll often be in a spot where I’m surrounded on all four walls in a little box by other players. The game had a lot of glitches, too. Often, the servers cannot decide who owns what land when I JUST claimed it. It’ll stay that way until one of us dies or it gets claimed by a third party. There have been many cases where the game deleted my land when there was no one else taking it. And if the game crashes (which it does often) then it won’t save any of the data or my new high scores. Other than that, the game is fun. I’d love to play it again when it isn’t a pain to just start up the game. I’m really frustrated that I downloaded it and I have to watch three or four adds before I really get a chance to play.

- Like the game, wish it was better!

Like most of the other reviews on the game that I have read. I to have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. I also have lost my whole territory without being touched and that’s very frustrating 9obviously to many other people as well as myself. Also a few other things. Why not make it so we are actually playing other people instead of the computer? Or like I.hole make it so you can play local people or family and friends? Also I have played this game for several days in a row and still it hasn’t unlocked the skin for playing 1 consecutive day... and none of the other consecutive day skins either... also have the computer so eager to come after you when you first get placed in the game certainly makes it hard to try to get 25-50% of the surface without a kill for locked skins. Most of the time when I try for those, the computer players run into me even if I move away from them in my own territory. More playing options like local play and teams vs teams would be fun also. Good luck and hopefully someone reads these reviews and actually cares enough to make some changes :-)

- My problem with players instantly getting rid of me when I start a game

It’s a good game but when you start people always I stand kill u 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I can’t even win one round! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😅😔😔😔😔😔😔no instant kills is myyyyy vote 🗳 like, AT LEAST 2 min. before people can kill u Palese they can’t be tat hard I really need this. And I think A lot of other players have The same problem🤣😉 so yeah if you make that happenIt would help me and I think. Other. Players enjoy The game even more p please consider it because I am almost certain that More. Players. Then just me, have that. Problem that’s why I only did four star 🌟 because I never really get the chance to win a round because people always. Instant kill me The second I load into A round… does anyone else have that. Problem with Some players Just instantly getting rid of. You. That’s why I think 💭 that you should add two minutes until your allowed to start killing. Other players😉 and I even think that would add more five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 😉 please consider it… Sorry for the long Long Long comment

- Too glitchy

This is a fun and addictive game, but it’s far too glitchy. First, I’ve played every day for almost a week straight and the skins for consecutive days have not unlocked. Second, it glitches sometimes and I kill someone and it doesn’t register it because their land just starts this digitized flashing thing instead of disappearing. Also, sometimes, usually when I am close to hitting 50%, it glitches and takes all of my land/space away at once for no reason. In fact, there have been three times this week that I’ve been over 45% and it’s glitched and taken everything away. And lastly, it seems to have trouble distinguishing between two people with the same avatar. I have been next to someone with the same avatar and gone into their space and back into mine and it never registered I got back into mine. There is no email for customer support. If it were fixed I would buy the no ad option but I can’t with how bad it glitches. It’s getting boring since I can’t achieve anything new due to the consecutive day thing not working and it glitching right before I hit 50% every time. I also have avoided their other games due to the glitches and lack of support.

- So many GLITCHES

There are so many glitches in the game but they choose to remove the private server hack when the actual game is glitching. I had almost covered half of the map but while I was on my own land I died. It’s really annoying when your game is glitching but the only thing you go back and fix is the one thing that keeps people happy as in the private server hack. I am not to mad about this glitch but sometimes when I take over someone’s land it shows both of our lands would merge and one time it even counted it as both of our lands so I can be safe on that part and so could the other person. And even if it was just my land it is to confusing to tell. All I’m saying is when you updated to get rid of the private server you should of also fixed the glitches. Well there is one thing that I know and that is this app is getting deleted off this device if you fail to fix these problems. And maybe you should add a little bit of fun to the game by adding a small hack. I don’t know it just annoys me that you took the time to go in and fix the hack that you added while you could have used that time to fix at least one of the glitches in this game.

- Good thought, frustrating design

This game is really entertaining and addicting... I’ll give it that. But the way it is set up is so frustrating and the glitches are terrible. First I am always cautious not to go too much out of my area so I have a lesser chance of being cut off and therefore dying. However, an opponent always comes out of no where like from half way across the map to try and kill me. This is really irritating because I don’t see it coming because the opponent’s color is not even in my screen! My suggestion for this would to be to program the bots differently so they are not so aggressive or zoom out the view for the person playing. I know the point of the game is for it to be tricky but this is ridiculous when I am trying to gain 0.01% and then die from a bot out of no where. And wow the glitches are terrible. I’ll see an opponent/bot get stuck and then not move at all and then I can not cover that area or else I will die! And several times my area will completely disappear for no reason and I had owned over 50 % of the map. This game is over all really entertaining but I kind of hate how my experience is coming along because I feel like it is the designs fault for some of my losses. (not all of course).

- I think that you should have an own world and be able to play with friends

I do play this game I play it a Lot and I get that your going against bunch of people...but I think that you should get a option of playing with your friends and you should also be able to have a world without anybody in it because if you want to try to make something really creative with the game then you can do it without someone killing you and it would be a lot easier to make something creative like one time I tried to make a hart and I really wanted to finish it but I got killed and it was very annoying... I know that a lot of people probably think that you can’t make something creative but if you think hard enough then you can come out with something really cool once again I think you should be able to play with your friends and have a world by your self. (I know that all of this is stupid so don’t come at me for saying all of this”

- Play if you like games that DONT work!!!

I had over 63 % and all of a sudden the game glitch and deleted all of my area, no one was going through my area it just glitches out and then of course I died because I was in my area and then because of glitch I had a string behind me and no area?????!!!! Wth??? Then is didn’t even record I had that much so I didn’t get rewards for it!!! Gah This is not the first time, I’ve noticed it glitching in and out but coming back! Until, a few weeks ago areas starting disappearing, blinking and then just going! I’ve had smaller areas glitch out while I’m watching it and no one is there etc and I’ve seen it happen to others on the screen! Impossible and pointless to play when this is happening! Not to mention frustrating! Happened again to me when I had a large area the 4th time and I’m done! Was really hoping that they would fix this glitch because I really enjoy the game when it works! It fun, addictive, keeps you on the edge of your seat! But can’t play a game that doesn’t work most of the time! Doesn’t record your achievements and deletes all the work you have made!!! Maybe if it’s fixed I will download again but as of right now this deserves a 1!


This game is soooo much fun I could play it for hours! I like how you cans wiggle around and kill people to become the king of the map! But...I don’t know about the other “extra” stuff..... whenever I play a new round, it asks me if I want to become big, so I can get more land. And I say to myself “okay let’s do this..” and then when I watch the video its a scam! Sometimes I can’t get out of the video because there is no X and the only way out is to download the game! Also, sometimes when I watch the video and I x it out I tap play and I am the small character I always was! I dont get it! Another time, when I wanna get a free life and keep playing, I tap that and the add comes up. I also think to myself,”okay....let’s hope this is not a scam.” And then it brings me back to title screen and, AGAIN! I’m the small character I, always, was. One thing I would recommend is that if you don’t want adds to pop up while your playing, turn off your WiFi. I would do that with all of VooDoos games it still works perfectly and you have no adds. (But then you can’t get a free life and be bigger :/ )

- Not a BAD app but not a GOOD one either.

People weren’t kidding when they said this game is glitchy. I was playing it like normal then suddenly all my land disappeared and I got killed because of it. Other players disappear and then reappear for no reason. I’ve been killed by invisible players. I could even be on my own land and still somehow get killed. If this game fixed the bugs and glitches maybe show less ads (and stop their honestly pretty trashy ad on other games I mean come on, the way people do their ads now days are so overused and it’s getting really old at this point). This wouldn’t be a bad game. I would still play it if it wasn’t for the glitches and the almost ridiculous amount of ads. But for the actual game, I do like it. It’s unoriginal but at least it is still kinda fun to play. I’m probably going to uninstall though. It’s a waste of space to keep at this point. Do I recommend this app? Not really tbh. Just like I’ve said above, glitches and ads EVERYWHERE. I would only really get the app for something when you have literally nothing else better to do. TL;DR: the app is very glitchy and has a lot of ads. Only fun for a few minutes until the glitches and ads get quite annoying.

- Too many bugs and ads.

There’s way too many ads. You can’t skip any of them and most are about 30 seconds long. The game gets super glitchy and my land will randomly disappear (all of it) and kill me somehow. The players are bots. They’re not real. You should be able to play with real life people. Or even an option to create your own server and play with friends. The players go sooooooo slow. I like how you can revive yourself but the 30 second long ads make it not worth it. By the time the ad is finished you start back off with the tiny circle when you first spawn in. I think once you earn more skins each skin should have a slightly higher speed the player can go. I’ve had the game glitch on me so bad that it crashes. Overall it’s a REALLY fun game but the ads and glitches are horrible. BUT the interactive ads are neat. Some of them. We’re all saying it: LESS OR NO ADS PLEASE!!!!!! And please fix the bugs where land disappears, the game crashes, freezes, and when the land glitches out and you don’t know if it’s yours or not. AND WE WANT TO PLAY WITH REAL PLAYERS AND FRIENDS ON OUR OWN SERVERS. And please add progressive of speed when unlocking new characters.

- Love it 😍 but a few glitches🥺

OK😄 this game is so fun!!!! I have had it for about 5 months and it has been so addicting and fun to play! I always find myself playing this game in my extra time but there are a few gLitChES!!! First is that one time when I was playing I had taken about 15% of the land and out of nowhere all of my land disappears! And also are there even real players playing against us or is it just a bunch of robots 🤖???! I think that there should at least be an option of if you want to play with your friends or something fun like that. I also think that there should be more fun themes like maybe in the wintertime you could have a winter wonderland theme just to make it more interesting. There is also a lack of characters you should have, my opinion is that you should make some more characters that are EASIER to get!!!!! 😱 I would definitely give this game 5 ⭐️ if you fixed at least the gLiTcH on the game, but otherwise Its a great game and I am totally recommending you to get it! 🤩

- Awesome never changes.

No matter what others say, I think this is a great game. What I like best is the controlled amount of player playing at a time; instead of playing online with thousands of users, you get to play live with 10 or 12 of them, so you have the opportunity to get in the top three, or even rank first place. Another aspect that I appreciate, is the speed at which you move and can add to your area. Instead of moving crazy slow, you advance at a respectable speed, by which you can head upwards in the rank board. Unlike what other users have said, I have not experienced a single add so far and have not been interrupted in the middle of the game with a long commercial that stresses the experience (trust me I have experienced an unusual amount of adds in popular games such as Helix Jump, which, if you are reading this DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE MISERABLE). All in all I highly encourage individuals to download this high quality and high resolution game.

- Good game

I think that this game has a lot of things involved in it and I really like this game it’s better than the first one because you can turn and I love how in the second one the line behind it is curved like it moves in the second version I think it’s like technically impossible to get the unicorn because people see u when you try to just go around and I understand it’s not that long around but could you make one were there’s an invisible one but the one whose playing with it can see it but there’s one kick to it other people can see ur already made land but not a line or u what do u think also I’d rate this 4.7 but there’s only four stars or five and that rounds to five so I picked five stars anyway I love this game and make some more additions to it but don’t make a third cause then people will forget about the second and just play the third unless to alter the game u have to make another game and do that Btw I LOVE THIS GAME!!

- A.I.

This is my first game review. Ever. I am only doing this because I like this game. I’m not going to unfairly judge this game like most people do when their phone is incapable of running a game instead of reviewing the actual gameplay itself. Basically this game is extremely addicting in a good way. My only problem is the A.I. The computer doesn’t try to enlarge its own color as much as it purposely goes out of its way to attack one person: YOU. You will get targeted unfairly and in a direct manner in an artificial way that as soon as colors respawn, the computer’s object is to screw you over. Most of the times I die is because of a direct route from the computer straight to my line. If you play enough you will notice this. Fix the A.I. objective. The last time I played I was double team straight b line towards me to cut my trail. I understand that’s the point but they do it in a self sabotaging way, just to make it more difficult for you rather than how an actual opponent would play which is CONSERVATIVE. Fix the A.I. motives.

- Love-Hate Relationship

I love playing this game! It really gets my adrenaline pumping and it’s a game I can go to whenever and play when I’m bored. And I love the game company, I have downloaded quite a couple of their games. HOWEVER, I feel as though there should be a limit as to how many players are in an area at a time. I know that defeats the purpose to an extent but hear me out. It can be very frustrating when you’re jumped into a game and almost immediately you are killed by another player or no matter how many players you kill; there’s more to follow. It can be frustrating in the sense of trying to get new skins. I do enjoy the idea of different game modes if that’d be possible to add 🤷🏼‍♀️ And not to mention, the glitching. Your area sometimes disappears when you jump back in after watching a video for another life. And sometimes I notice that you’re area “glitches”/disappears some even when just playing. If this could be fixed along with more game modes in the feature that’d be amazing!! Thank you.

- Addictive but...

I really do enjoy this game and play it often. It has nice, easy to earn achievements and that makes it enjoyable. However, it does have its issues as well. There are a couple of achievements that I should have earned like the play for three consecutive days, yet mine is still stuck on day one. I have played several times a day to insure it’s not a time thing and yet the day never moves from day one. Also, there is a glitch every now and then where your area completely disappears and you’re left out in “no-mans land” to die. This usually happens once you get above 25%. Lastly, there is an impossible achievement to cover 100% of the area. This is impossible because new players (bots) are constantly generating. I’ve died and when I hit play again I end up in the same game I was just in. I would say 50% is impossible because like I said before, once you get to a certain point, your area just disappears. Over all this is a nice chill game, it just has a few issues to work out.

- The Under Pinings of a Great Game but...

... there are way too many ads. So many that you lose your concentration and can never get ahead. When you die you're often at the very beginning offered the chance to watch an ad after you've been killed in order to win an extra life, a chance to respawn. Many times this not worth the effort because some ads end abruptly and when you're respawned, you die immediately. Also even when. You get the hang of it, you at some points you realize you're not really playing other players but instead are dealing with mostly bots. Try it for yourself, turn off wifi, and cell service and you'll notice you're still able to compete with other players — so how is this possible when youre not connected to the internet in anyway, shape or form? . Also there are instances when portions of the territories that you capture or claim, start glitching for no apparent reason. When this happens your color/design will start to vibrate and won't stop until you reclaim the territory - a second time.

- 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Don’t get this game unless you have no life because it’s addictive as heck and you’ll never talk to your friends again. You’ll stop going to school or work, your friends and family will start to worry about you. After 8 days of no showering or moving or eating you’ll start to worry even about yourself but you won’t be able to stop. All you can do is play. One day you’ll be doing so well, you’re covering the map, you’re about to unlock that new skin you’ve been working towards and a new spawn kills you right in your tracks and you throw your phone, breaking it. You now must go out into the world to buy a new phone to keep playing but you no longer know anything but this game. You’re crossing peoples paths wondering why they’re not disappearing? Someone bumps into you and you fall to the ground and scream to the sky “NOoOOOOoOO” and then you die from exhaustion. So basically don’t get this game, it’ll kill you.

- “Real” Players

this game is very fun, no doubt about that, but while i was playing the game I noticed that the online players that I was playing against were really bad at the game. these players couldn’t get up past than 5-10 percent, while each of my games i could get past 20 and even up to 40 percent. Also another thing that i found odd was that when I watched an add to give myself an extra life, by which the ad lasted for about 30 seconds, I still kept the same percentage before I died, and it seemed like I did not lose any of my percentage while I was watching the ad. Also with the ability to watch an ad to have an extra life, why weren’t the other players doing this too? Then I decided to do a little test where I would put my phone on airplane mode and try to play the game. Once i did this I found out that I was still able to play the game with the “online” players. I am very disappointed with this because i downloaded this game with the thought that i would be playing against real people, but in actuality it was just bots. ALSO TO SKIP THE ADS PUT PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE, YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME WITH THE “REAL” PLAYERS WITHOUT THE ANNOYING ADS.

- PLEASE READ( Also nice game)

Hi! I love this game a lot and I just got it a few hours ago. Even though the game is fun and all, it still has a few problems that I REALLY want to be fixed. One is that the game is really glitchy and it gets so glitchy that sometimes I have to exit the app and then open it again. And actually, sometimes the app exits itself. So yeah please fix that 😖. Also, WAY. TO. MANY. ADS. But seriously, I get you have to add them in to make some money, but I’m begging ya, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make less ads bc they literally come up every time that you die. Another thing is that I’ve been in 1st place a lot, and my area gets really big,so I can’t really see what is going on the other side of my area, so can you like add something that tells you someone’s attacking you? Like, make settings and for people who wouldn’t want that feature just turn it off? 🤔 Overall It’s a really good game, but I gave it 4 stars. Just fix some of these and I’ll give you 5 stars plz. Thank y’all.

- Fun but so many glitches

This game is fun in all but please fix the glitches some times I’ll be playing and then randomly my land turns to triangles and then reappear as normal another thing I’d just go out of my area and come back to get more land and then it doesn’t connect so It just wasted all of the progress I was going to get and too many adds I know that that’s how you get money but still space it out a little and sometimes I’d get killed and go to watch an add and it doesn’t even give me the extra life and another thing is sometimes I’d be playing and then suddenly it jumps me into my home screen and I can see that people are having some of the same things as me and I can see that people have gave you a review a year ago and you still haven’t fixed it so please fix it now another thing the controls are bad like sometimes I go right and my controls go left and I also think that we shouldn’t get killed when we cross our line and the we should play with real people and be able to play with mods too please read people’s reviews and if you did do it

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- It’s good but is boring

I love the game but I usually would expect a challenge. I used to think this was cool but I have 2 reasons wat should be done/added. 1st , the challenges I was talking about. I think this should be added to this game. All u do is do get skins. Like paper. io it had challenges to go through a course. I hope challenges get added and I hope u make them good! =3. 2nd, ads. U have to pay for no ads and I get an ad every time I die! It’s annoying and we need a break from these ads bc they take 30 secs or over! If I wanna play for 24 mins I’ll only get a short amount of time bc I’m good at dying! I hope u see this and under stand this stuff. And last just to say, the chances of a bot spawning on ur line is not high so good job on that! And I never had any bugs. I hope to get paper. io again and I wanna get paper. io 3 too! Yours truely, jade bryan

- Great game! But I just got a glitch...

This game is awesome and amazing! I love it! I spend a lot of time playing this game and it’s one of my play daily games. It’s really addictive and it’s one of those games that I’ll never get bored of even if I play nonstop for 3 hours! I love the way you play the game as well. It’s so fun how you use your finger to expand your space and become king (or queen) and you can kill people and they can kill you. It’s very challenging as well and I love that. I like all the skins and that it shows you your high score, (mine is somewhere around 25%). I did just get a glitch though. It happened right after I revived and it is the first time it’s happened. I had revived and was inside my space but I just died! That was really sad because I was so close to beating my high score and I was in the lead! There is also I glitch that hasn’t happened to me but I have seen while playing. So you are playing and then you area turns white! This makes it really easy to die. Thanks for reading! Kind regards, Piggycorn Sparkle

- Game modes

The game is fun but I think it needs a little more added so could there be actual game modes instead of a single mode to cover up percentage. Maybe the game modes could be single player, deathmatch, time to see who can cover up the most percentage and friends. Single player could work by basically just able to test stuff and make letters, animals and more without being killed and killed by yourself and there could be infinite space. Deathmatch could be timed to see who is the last standing. And friends mode could be like friends hanging out and making stuff together and be unable to be killed by accident if set killing mode off and a little system to turn on and off stuff like killing other players or time limit or even coming out of the base without making a line and single player could have it too.

- What’s with all the AD’s?!

Okay, I have been playing this game for quite a while now, and I honestly love this game, but every time you die in this game a AD comes up even if you don’t choose to restore a heart, this pretty much always happens and I have never really experienced this game without all the AD’S! So of course I turn off my internet to resolve the problem and guess what? The AD’s keep showing up! All though this could just be a issues that I have because I am surrounded by lots of internet sources, either way the AD’s really need to stop unless you want another heart. Just to be a aware of.

- Bugs

Fun game, and obviously it’s designed to try and stop you from getting to 100% which is fine but twice when I’m around 50% an ad randomly starts playing, and when it finishes I’m back at the main menu. The first time I thought I died and I just didn’t notice but the second I was in the middle of my territory, and there was no possible way I could have died. Another bug that occurs is a weird loss of territory one. It’s happened twice when I’ve died fair and square, watched an ad to continue, but then once the ad finishes I have 0.00% territory and I’m a random line wondering around until I die. Please fix these bugs. Also a suggestion to expand the game fairly easily is to create AI difficulties, at the moment once players get 100% they’ll probably stop playing, but if there are a number of difficulties then they may continue playing

- Holinau

If you were to think of Paper io, or the action of playing Paper io like an interpretation of contemporary art, it mirrors the act of thinking similarly to a diagrammatic of phenomenology whereby other contemporaries merge and co-exist alongside one another. Sometimes these ideas overlap or intersect one another, but more often than not it is a challenge and a race to acquire and cover as much space as possible without losing the space that one has created already. This game is an extension of the 90’s ‘snake’ and made much more colourful with pastel pallet and very minimal text. At a distance, the game draws colours with other players, creating abstract forms on an empty plane. The colours map out territory and borders like an arial map which are ever changing.

- It’s simply just a GREAT/AWESOME/APPEALING/FUN/COOL game!!

I absolutely love playing this game😍👍. It’s intriguing and the concept of the game just appeals you to play again and again👌. I play this daily because I am ADDICTED 💀trying to always beat my best record, being satisfied with eating other opponent’s area, eliminating other players in the game by killing their colour line and trying to beat the record of how many kills I have had in a single game😂. Anyone can play this game to be honest, it’s actually not hard and you can get the hang of it after a few tries of having a go at the game. This game for me is by far not boring at all‼️ I would for sure rate this game 5/5 without a doubt. 🙏😍😍🤩🤩🤪

- Good game but too buggy

What frustrates me most when there is an awesome game, but it’s full of bugs. That what this game is. You will be playing and for no reason part of your area will disappear, or even worse all of it! When you lose all your space there is nothing you can do because there’s no “home zone”, so you have to kill yourself or someone else kills you. Also been having a problem when some of the adds at the bottom of the screen launch for no reason during the middle of playing, once I can finally shut them down I find I’m dead cause during that time the game is still going in the background and someone has killed me. Disappointing to see an update to introduce new skins before one to actually fix all the bugs

- Glitches galore

First of all, great simple game, very addictive. But there’s problems. I spent money purchasing the ‘no ads’, however there are still long ads to get an extra life. The short ads in between games are gone, but it’s not really ‘no ads’ as promised. Most importantly, there are glitches that are both repeated and significant. The greatest two are: Doing well, have a large area, happily moving across the middle of your territory (and therefore can’t be killed), when suddenly you die and the game is over. Doing well, game playing as normal. Then all of a sudden your area disappears and turns white. It is still there, and you can move around it and add to it, it’s just white so you have no idea where it is, making it very easy to die. Both these glitches have been reported in the App Store reviews for some time now, and it is totally unacceptable that a company like Voodoo hasn’t gone to the effort to fix them, despite the last couple of updates being labeled ‘bug fixes’. This will turn me off buying Voodoo games in the future.

- The Player: Only The Best

I really enjoy and love this game however there are a few issues. I think you need to fix some bugs in the game because I was on 60% of the circle surpassing my high score. And the game just glitched and I couldn't see my area anymore and I was killed in my area that was glitched. And my new high score didn't show but still I got the new skins for killing 50x and getting over 50%. The high score shows my last score of 43% This was on the iPad. I play both phone and iPad. I find that it's more glitched out on the iPad than the phone. Please fix this. Thanks Only The Best

- - Good game ;)

I think this is a great game and all but I don’t like the fact that every now and then ads pop up. I also think you need to fix these bugs sure you’ve tried and I’ve seen it in my updates for my games but I can still get some bugs. Say I was doing so well in the game and then all of a sudden my block disappeared or I’m back to 0.50%. In other things, I tried to get an extra life by watching a minute ad until I get out of the add it returns to the main screen and I was very confused. I think they’re should be less ads and please fix the bugs. ☺️🦟

- Great game but could use improvements

I have had this game for quite a while now, and I don’t have any complaints, but I do have a few ideas on how to improve the game. I think that there should be a small map to show you where you are in the game, as sometimes you need to get to a wall. Also, it would be cool to add skins with special abilities e.g. a free revival or something similar. This may encourage players to play more frequently, to unlock more skins. This game is really fun to play, but these additions would just make it better.

- Amazing but...

Love the game enough that I paid for ads to be removed so I could get on with playing. However, the glitches in the game are getting me down. Way too many times now, as I have been racking up a decent area, my percentage drops for no good reason. I get these glitchy, straight, flickering lines through the area and can not connect back to it. Super annoying when trying to beat a high score. I have also ‘died’ several times in my own area when I have not collided with anything. Again, super annoying. An update is needed to fix these issues. Reading through the review, it’s not an isolated problem. I was hopeful after today’s update - unfortunately the problem persists. I had the same thing happen again on my first game.

- Great concept but.......

This game has a great and addictive concept that is really creative and I appreciate their effort. The only thing I am disappointed about is that the game is not online against real people. I agree with Lizzie that the game would be top notch, 5 stars,if it was online multiplayer. The game is pointless playing by yourself so I do not recommend it as high as I would if it was online. Unless Voodoo pays attention to these reviews and decides to change their game I wouldn’t download it (unless u just want a game to play regardless as it is quite an addictive game). As you can tell I have very varied comments which is why it is a 3 from me.

- Not online multiplayer

The idea of this game is brilliant. But......there’s a very big but it is not an online multiplayer. I would have given this game 5 stars if it had been. It is very addictive, however the minute I realised I was playing against the computer I deleted it. Very disappointing, especially after paying to remove the ads.....Some of the characters can’t be unlocked until filling 100 % of the screen, which is impossible as well. Wish I’d realised before paying for ad removal, as I wouldn’t have bothered. Might be worth mentioning in the description that it’s against the computer.

- Bugs at real bad times - fun though

The game just clears your progress in a way that’s impossible for others to do to you, sometimes you get it back after a few seconds but other times it goes for good and all the time to progress is basically wasted. It seems the algorithm used does not consider remaining free space so you get to a point where you’re just trying to maintain the space you have taken. It obvious that there are some bots on field. The density of opponents gets silly sometimes. It is still a fun game but to take the whole pie (if at all currently possible) could take hours.

- Ok (ish)

It is pretty good but the only thing that bothers me is the adds. It is sooooooo annoying and I don’t like it. I would love the game if it didn’t have adds in it. Also I think that on the edges you should not be allowed to go off the edge I think there should be a barrier so no one can fall off the edge. Another thing that is when you get back from those stupid adds to keep on going from when you died someone just as I hit back from the add I died even when I just got back!!

- Bug Problems

I just got up to 50% of the map and I had 64 kills and no one had taken my whole land I know that for sure, but my whole area and the 50% of the map that I took over suddenly disappeared. This is a problem because I noticed it when I first got the game but it has been happening quite frequently. There is no way around it because you can’t connect back to yourself. I died and I didn’t beat my high score nothing changed. I’m quite frustrated because I spent a long time getting up to that big of a number and was excited thinking there would be a special reward just to receive nothing. Please fix this bug.

- Against AI not humans. Don’t pay for it you won’t get a refund

Not a bad game, but you aren’t playing against human players. Don’t be fooled like I was. Unless it’s a massive coincidence that every player I was up against used the same tactic. I certainly would never play like that but every player was doing it... They also had the same character names over multiple sessions throughout the day or two that I played for. I ended up buying the upgrade before I came to that conclusion though, and now despite having deleted the game (with no plan of playing again) I’m not eligible for a refund.

- Fix the bugs

It’s a great game, I love the competitive aspect, how it looks, and how fun it is. But on several occasions, my area has literally just disappeared without anyone else covering it in any way. I was at around 20% covered once, then my area disappeared to 0.57% so I died. It is possible that someone covered my area yes but i feel that it’s unlikely in that short of time. I was also on maybe 2% once and my area disappeared as I was moving around inside it with no one anywhere near me. Fix those issues and we’ll be sweet. 👍🏻

- my opinion

I’ve had this game for a while so now that I’ve unlocked all the skins there isn’t a real reason for me to play anymore, as much as I think it’s a great game if game modes were introduced I think it would make it more exciting and fun. Also I’ve seen many, many adds for this game and it definitely makes it look cooler than it really is! The adds ALSO IN game are very frequent and it gets very annoying! Maybe making it on online game with real people would make it more challenging but I understand that it could get very unfair. Take this under consideration please, thanks.

- I love it

This is a really good game it’s fun and easy to play there is a couple If bugs though like your hole area will just disappear and then your just left there not knowing where to go until you decide to kill yourself or someone else kills you there is also a problem where I will kill someone but they don’t die I just go straight through them and they end up killing me because I can’t kill them but others then that this is a really really good game I love it.

- Advice

This game is sooo worth it!! 🤩🤩 There is absolutely no glitches, its quite hard the first time you play it but after a few times you get the hang of it. The only thing i think they could improve on is the colours of the skins, you dont get to choose them🙁 A really important thing you need to know about this game if its your first time playing is to expand your safe spot/ trail don’t venture off, keep expanding and cut people off when they get inside your safe spot/trail, also what i find fun is you can paint pictures out of your trail. Also if you don’t want ads turn your mobile data off for the app 👹 Don’t feel bad if u lose the first time🐥🐥the first time i played i failed, its all about trial and error, learn from your mistakes💙💙😇 I really hope this helps :) 💙

- Great game but a bit glitchy

So when I was playing it got rid of a big chunk almost making me die because it was almost all of my avatar’s area. Then I ng to kill someone but I missed and it said I killed them when I was there, but other than that, great game I definitely recommend it. The game has good quality and a smooth gameplay, the avatars are super cute. Very nicely designed and think this could be my favourite game, well it’s definitely 1 of my best favourites.

- Gaming with Bots, not people

You do not play against real people, you play against bots. Game is glitchy as hell, I played an ad to continue with my current game and once the ad cleared I had nothing and was just floating around until I got killed. Also once you’ve done well the game literally tries to kill you. It’s almost impossible to get above 40% because once you do, the bots come for you and they take all of your land. You spend all your time trying to keep what you’ve got and you can’t get any more, then you end up dead. It’s not fair playing against bots as obviously they always know where you are and I can barely get 20% anymore

- It’s ok I guess...

Well I have a few problems to say and hopefully you can fix them.... 1. There are soooo many adds I don’t even think I’m playing that much because of it. 2. When I’m playing there are glitches of little cubes (like the people) and then I die so unfair. 3. My final thing is that it glitches soo much if my finger is on one side my cube is on the other side! I hope that you can fix at least one of these problems but overall the game is pretty good I like it really it’s just those problems bug me a lot.

- AIs not players

One of the coolest thoughts about this game is battling against other players for space. But I then realised all the others in the game are just AI controlled players , not real people. Game is now very lame considering. After all, AI would have unfair advantage of knowing exactly where you are , what you are doing etc. can’t use strategies cause for the AI the game isn’t based on what you can see in your field of vision. Sadly I’ll stop playing now.

- Omg this game is fun

And other try to download this app because l don’t know if you love this game others if you are a girl and if you know JoJo Siwa l saw her game everthing if you don’t know l tell you . So you surcharging Jono siwa game only if you know JoJo Siwa try to be carful on this app because if you not being carful on this app you going to lose so many times not JoJo Siwa you can kill people the line thinks if you the game and get angry at it just try your best do you remember that the people try they bes game

- Full of glitches and bugs

Started playing the game, and I just wanted to get rid off the dozen of adds, so I bought the game. (Not cheap). After playing for few days, you get stuck on areas, at times there are more people playing on the same server than the screen can handle, you then take your time and go slow, and clearly out of the blue you go from 40% down to 0.01% for no apparent reason, as it is impossible to lose all that without seeing it coming. Very frustrating., especially when this happens so often. I end up uninstalling the game. I would give it half a star if I could.

- Needs update or something

I have been playing this game for some time now, despite that I am still missing the skins acquired for consecutive days of playing. The game doesn’t recognise the number of days I’ve been playing which is frustrating. I have made comment on this before, but updates have not fixed the problem. Also the game is still glitching and area is still disappearing for no good reason. The last update was supposed to fixed this problem. I also find it disappointing that the game developers don’t seem to respond to these reviews. Not great customer support at all.

- To glitchy

It is way to glitchy once I had made it to 15% and someone killed me while I was in my base. It is not supposed to kill you when you hit the walls but sometimes it does. When I have made space and have just reached my I am in my base and it kills me because someone has ran over where line was but I was already back in my space. I just realized that I already have 27% as my high score but I don’t have the 25% character thingy or whatever they are. I was just about to reach my high score and my space disappeared I was so angry fix this game or I am deleting it out of frustration and the fact it hardly works!!!!

- Addictive but lots of glitches and bugs

So I was around 40% and I was going really good, then all of a sudden my area disappeared and I had to die just to start over which was frustrating. And then it said i only had about 30% of the map done which I did way over that. This seems to be a reoccurring problem which I hope gets fixed. But still, it’s a very fun game.

- Laggy

It lags so much, i get dizzy playing it. Sometimes i’m already at a high percentage and suddenly my entire piece goes missing even though i’m still moving. Sometimes the ad just starts playing when im at high percentage and i’m dead. Sometimes i choose to play ad after i die to continue playing, then after finishing the ad, i’m back at the main menu. Sometimes i obviously killed the opponent but the opponent is still running. Sometimes my piece keeps blinking two colors after i eat part of the opponents’ piece. Fun game but only if they didn’t have all these problems. The game is frustrating enough.

- Glitch

I love this game and I’m not going to lie, I am very good. I was on 64% of the map taken by myself and I had 147 kills but then my area went white. I had no idea where my map was. And I then died as I could see nothing except for my character. Now I don’t want to stop playing. After it than said I had done something like 0.56% of the map. I have an IPhone 7 if that helps. Please fix this glitch. Thanks.

- Seriously!

Okay so... it’s a fun addictive game but after a while you get very bored and theirs way to many adds plus it gets impossible to get new skins after like a week. But overall it’s pretty fun. Please do stuff like making it a little bit easier and removing annoying adds. I love how you don’t have a space limit like the first. Cause that gets really annoying. Thank you for reading this and if you could please just fix the first things I wrote that would be awesome!

- This game is ok....

Hello developer! I decided to write a review about this game and this game is wonderful I love it! But the only problems it has is it always glitches me out and what do I mean by that is all the sudden my screen went black for a short amount of time and then it kinda kicked me out of the app now this game would be a four star without the glitches but why not five star it is because just like what others said the game is fun I love it I play it everyday but it is kinda boring at the same time thank you and please read through this.

- good but there are bugs

I really like this game except there’s a glitch where all of your captured area will disappear. This means you can’t even go back and start again because there’s no where to go to so you just die. It’s happened to me many times, and stopped me from getting achievements that I’ve nearly reached. I also watched an ad to revive myself one time and the revive didn’t work. It just showed me the end screen (you got x%) instead of actually letting me continue.

- Bugs

Really addicted to this game however I keep dying due to bugs. The whole of my area will just disappear leaving me alone with just a tail. This usually will only happen after my area overlaps with another persons and it goes all glitchy trying to say we have both claimed that area.. then shortly after I’ve won the glitchy area back my whole space disappears. Occasionally the whole app just crashes too. When it’s working though I love this game

- Addictive but some skins are impossible to get

I think that this game is a good concept and it’s quite fun I can play it for 20 minutes but not an hour it’s got some good skins but also some skins are almost impossible to get like one you have to get 100% of the map and if you’ve played you would know that’s pretty much impossible and there’s another one where you have to stay 15 seconds outside your area anyway my brother told me all the other players are bots.

- Good game but...

This is a good game. When I first played it I non stopped played it for about 5 weeks and I’ve gotten no wins I haven’t even gotten half of the map. Some of you may have won but this game feels like it’s harder then the one on PC. The ADs though is just as annoying. I turn off my internet so I don’t get any but it doesn’t work. This game might need to be fixed cuz there are some bugs that I’m experiencing and that’s dying for no reason. It was fun. But not anymore

- Great game, but.....

I love this game. Occasionally i get a graphical glitch, but it could be because I’m using a really old iPad. I can live with that. But..... I paid for this game to support the dev and to get rid of the annoying ads, but I still have to view ads to use an extra life, and still get the nag notification about data sharing! WT?... I’ve made the choice not to share data, so accept it and move on, dev. Would get 5 stars if it weren’t for these two issues.

- Absolutely frustrating because of glitches

It’s a very fun and addictive game, however it’s impossible to play long and extended periods of time due to the glitches. I have had the area I have coloured turn white, have had the area split in half with a white area in the middle and been thrown out of the game. The game is great, is just hard to play when the game does not let you. I would have given 5 stars with out the problems. Please try to fix it, thanks.

- Its okay

First day playing this already fun cannot stop playing i love everything about it but what i have notice is that you need to fix your ad bugs cause everytime i click on the click here it will pop up with ads even when i dont press on my gain i have to keep rejoining its just so annoying

- Idea

Hi I really love this game so much that I play it everyday. Me and my friend had an idea where we can add each other and play private battles against each other having the private server max of 10 or something. Or even having teams where they could be a time limit and whichever team has the most land covered wins. Just an idea we both had cause we both wanna play the game against each other.

- please fix the bug

The game is fantastic! However, after the update, I still come up with the bug of “area disappear suddenly”. I was at around 65-67% and suddenly my whole area disappear and my final score became 0.66%! When I back to the home menu, I found that my highest score did not change which upset me as I’ve spent a lot of time trying to achieve a higher score and I did - but no record..... Please fix the bug and I will re-rate the app, thanks.

- I love it but one thing picky

I had the best score and the crown for about 10 minutes and I had a massive circle but it keeps glitching and I was on 100% and then it said that I only got like 2% and I killed everyone and everything like that but it goes all glitchy and you can’t move and then people kill you because you can’t move! Please fix ASAP because I really do love this game !!

- Fun but Fustrating

So many times I’ll be near to 50% but then all of a sudden I’ve either got 0% or around 3%. This is soooo frustrating and must be fixed! Also, it says you can watch an ad to revive. Every time I’ve done this it resets my score to around 1% so there really is no point of trying to revive. I want to play this game but there’s no point if it just keeps resetting my score to lower. I’ve read other reviews so I know I’m not the only one that this has happened to. MUST FIX!!! Besides from that, the game is fun.

- Really good

This game is totally addicting and fun and satisfying, however the adds are so annoying as they appear after almost every game and can be really long. I also think there should be a gaming tutorial because when I started I had no clue what to do and it took me a long time to get the hang of things, this game also needs more game modes and idk just more stuff to make it interesting Great game the👍 Also sometimes glitchy😬

- I liked it but now I have a problem...

Hi, This game was really fun but now every time I try to open it, I get a black screen! I’ve tried reinstalling it but the problem is still there. Also, I really liked the idea of the game modes so you can play against friends. Overall, the game is good and I would recommend it but my problem really needs to be fixed! Thanks!

- Remove ads mid game!

I understand I have a version with ads, but to have them pop up mid game so that you are immediately killed on return is beyond frustrating. Shows you can never get past 50% to force you into the paid version. Without that I would give the game 5 stars, it’s fun and addictive

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- Pretty fun

This game is pretty fun. The voodoo games don’t usually need WiFi . Some things I don’t get but that’s actually my fault so I really don’t care. So this game isn’t my favorite voodoo game but it is my top 3 favorite. You try to complete stuff for new skins to unlock. I also try to be the king too. Sometimes when I try to get more space for my character I go down and up but then I get out of the game because I was on apple iPad and that means I flicked it out. Then when I go back in I went straight and I die or I made myself look dumb. But this game is still pretty fun!

- Tip:

If ads are a problem for you, I suggest turning wifi off while playing, stops lags also👍🏼

- Fun

It’s a fun, addiction game but once you reach 50% it glitches out and all your colour goes away!

- It’s a cool game

It’s a cool game but I have a cool idea to add to it... Custom skins!!! someone makes a skin and chooses an patch colour


Okkkkkkk wow.! This actually works. Make ur username V00d00Debug2019 and it allows u to do so much things. Put a zero 0 instead of o’s though. so cool! Someone already posted something like this so shout out to them ALSO THIS GAME IS FIRE 🔥

- Fun game but...

This is a fun game but it lags and bugs too much, runs slow especially when you are succeeding in the game. Too many advertisements which are completely irrelevant and just really annoying. I find myself downloading the app, playing for only a little while and then deleting. Not with my time tbh soz

- Bug?

I was beating my high score doing pretty well and it was the highest I’ve gotten to 100% and out of no where it glitched and took away all of my space and shrunk the camera view back down to where you start and so I had to start from scratch and it took away ALLLL of my covered space

- Disappointed

My girlfriend and I have been playing this game for weeks, we thought we were online masters at this game just to discover they’re CPUs. Can you guys actual add real players to this game, than I will rate it 5 stars.

- Glitch

This game is so annoying it’s always glitching and its not my phone it’s the game it’s sucks!ITS HORRIBLE!

- Great Game!

The title says it all. It really is a great game. There is a rare occasion where the game shuts down though. But it’s really rare and barely happens. Just thought the developers should know. Nice work! Also, I like to play the game without wifi because it gets rid of the ads and lags a lot less. Thanks

- No Ads

The “no ads” sign is deceiving. I purchased the ad free version only to continue to receive timed videos ads between rounds. Yes banners are gone but I want my money back.

- Lame

I hate this game

- Annoyed with Data Sharing Banner

This was a fun game to play. Both my kids and I liked to play and I purchased the ad free upgrade as well. However, today I was prompted to make decisions on data sharing. If you don’t agree you get an annoying banner. I paid for the upgrade I would gladly pay a couple of bucks for the whole game instead of this annoying garbage. Fix the glitches and offer for people to buy it.

- Disappointed with Data Sharing.

I purchased the no ad’s package. It has now stopped me from playing at all without allowing data sharing. That’s a ripoff!

- Pretty good

It’s Pretty good, I wish it was multiplayer though.

- It ok😐

I don't see the point

- Ad

It was a lot of ad

- Hate it

It’s to hard


Love the idea it’s amazing I play everyday!! Totally get the game,FREE

- Fix your game

How can a software company release such a buggy game? Every time I play, I encounter a new bug. Too bad it’s such an interesting concept, the execution is awful!

- Pretty good

This game is really really fun and I love playing this game in my free time I would totally recommend it!!!

- Best app

Just download best when bored it is amazing

- Glitchy

Nice app! Very fun and addicting but it’s very glitchy!☹️ Please fix!!! I was at first place in the game doing very well but then it started glitching and took all my colour that I did out!!😡

- 2


- Am h@ck3r was RIGHT!

That hack actually does work!!! The only problem is I don’t know what to do with it. But u might! Do try it!!! Use this V00d00Debug2019. And as soon as u type the 9 in 2019 a bunch of things pop up!!!! So use it and thank you am h@ck3r!

- So fun but to many adds

The adds are driving me crazy I do not like it that much Not good game

- Wonderfull


- Bad


- Cool

Trop cool

- Ya know what good efort guys

I think they dud a prety good job and i like it

- Good game but kinda hard

ITS VERY FUN but it’s hard....... but it’s ok it’s really fun

- Great game but...

Ayyy great game! but could you add multiplayer? that’s all I’m asking.

- There are people with swear words for names

This is very inappropriate and it needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!!

- Adds

I don’t like that we have to PAY for no adds

- Too much ads remove them

I would give A five star if there was 0 ads but there is too many everytime u die u get an ad

- Paper ail

I like this app very nice app

- Adds

So , every time I did on this games there would be always a add it pretty annoys me. But overall it’s a pretty fun game to play when your on a road trip!

- This is a bad game

I keep dieing


I gave this five stars because I’m some dumb 2nd grader

- Annoying

If you do too well it deletes your claimed area. Kind of a complement to your abilities though if you think about it, but it’s annoying

- Satisfying

Love this game

- Hi

This is awesome

- Ummm

What’s with the YOU MUST BE 16 YEARS OR OLDER TO PLAY THIS GAME like bruh- Why I don’t understand

- good ads

Ads.this ads. game. ads .is .amazing

- Nice but strange

So I was playing the game that is nice but I know there is no real player with me and thats the problem I saw a bot with a name that is NOT family friendly

- No

I hate the game.

- It does not work

Bruh it keeps on kicking me from the game when I press play I keep on pressing it and finally but a few seconds later kicked my got so I uninstalled 2

- Awesome!

This game is so addicting and fun!

- Not consistent

It’s a cool game but not consistent. The graphics are glitchy and sometimes you ‘kill’ if you hit another opponent and sometimes nothing happens and you completely cross streams and just continue on. There too many adds and if you want an extra life, you have to watch an annoying long slow add only to find out you’ve been killed while watching the long slow add and you have to start over from 0! That sucks!

- Fun

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- Addicted!

If you read reviews stating that there’s too many ads, those people haven’t played a lot of the other games out. Yes, there’s a lot but no more than majority of other free games. I look forward to trying the 3D version and what future additions and fixes this version releases. If the game has additions and new items regularly than I will be buying this game. ...... ps, only twice has my colored surface disappeared (glitched) and a few times the entire game but in relation to the amount of time I have played that number is extremely low. Just letting you know... Oh and if you really want to integrate a 🔥 🔥 FIRE 🔥🔥- IDEA that I have, then email me and I’ll set you up with a SUPER feature that’s sure to keep current players and bring in a lot more! (Emailing for privacy, don’t want somebody to steal it.) Let the team know that I say Kudos and keep up the good-work! LSD - LilStevenDyer ☠️ 209 ☠️ NOR-CAL.

- Something’s gotta give

Usually, these .io games make it easier the bigger you get. This game is not like that. Players can literally spawn on top of some of the ai’s, killing them, there are some that get stuck at the barrier and only turn around when someone is within insta-kill distance, and once you pass 30%, they all seem hellbent on destroying you. Because there are new ones spawning in to replace the killed ones that have less space to spawn in, you have to fight off more and more just to keep your current percentage of the map. Not to mention the constant lagging. The best you can do when it lags is go to the edge of the map and wait it out. And then the game breaking glitches. Sometimes you just lose a big chunk of the map for no reason. It literally drops you to <1% sometimes. And lastly, since it’s obvious that these aren’t other players, it shouldn’t be allowed to give the AI characters the same skin as you. Many times I went into an AI zone that looked like mine only to be thrown off guard and killed. I like the concept, but as is, this is an extremely flawed game

- Amazing Concept, Terrible Execution

The game is extremely addicting and fun, I’m not going to lie. But there are several issues that I have come across in the week I’ve had the game for. Way too many unpolished areas where multiple colors of people conflict and glitch into each other. I love how fast paced the game is and everything that comes from that, but it’s extremely disappointing and annoying when you get to 8% and a bot spawns directly next to your territory and just takes half of your territory and glitches your game go where half of it disappears and you don’t have anything. Additionally, on the topic of bots, there are a multitude of problems with them. These may range from how fast and how many bots spawn at a time hogging all the servers. I often get into a game with only bots and one actual human being. Bots spawn way too frequently and are just way too dumb, making unhumanlike shapes and decisions. You get bots that are either extremely annoying or bots that’s that are mentally challenged. Please fix the game.

- I really like it

I like how you can turn a lot easier than the first one it’s my favorite game 😍but I do think you should fix the glitches 😕I haven’t glitched but I have seen other people glitch and I really think you should read the reviews stop ignoring them 😡and really fix the glitches I really really really like the game but I think you should fix it I hate to say this bad stuff about this great awesome game 😭😢😩other than the glitches it’s the perfect game I play it every day I can’t believe all the reviews other than the glitch ones I love this game I have every character except for the unicorn but my hi score is 61.4😁 I’m so excited to get the unicorn I’m the doughnut and my name is sweet (not actually my real name is Josie😋)if you see me be careful because I kill anyone I see(in the game not in real life 😂)I’m usually always the king 🙃 and I’m always right next to the wall so if you are be careful 😥😂

- The best game ever

Ok so I love this game it usually doesn’t have much adds and to prevent adds just put on airplane mode. But anyway this game always keeps me occupied while I am bored and u can really compete with really cool people. As well you can pass levels and create high scores I really love this app :):):):):):):):):):):):):):) it is so great I share it with my friends and now we all play together. And guess what!?! you can earn really cool skins for example there are animals, and treats, my favorite is the donut. Well anyway I love this app and you should really download it because I think you will enjoy it yourself as well. So please download this app. 🙂:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Woo hoo this app really gets me pumped up and if you like to competitive you can try and win to be king. You should really download this app and remember put on airplane mode to prevent adds if you do not like adds.:):):):):):):):)

- Revised Review

I gave them a one star review a few months a go when the game was released and i am sad to report that they still deserve it. While they did make continuous updates, it seems that every update breaks something else. Their latest update from Nov fixes MOST issues with losing land randomly but introduces a new bug. If you die and want to watch a commercial to continue that feature now only works about 10% of the time. Mine is the PAID version so i don’t know if has anything to do with that. Second issue is that they increased the speed of the other bots to the point that its impossible to win. Previously you piece slowed down when stepping into somebody property and “stealing” it, now you are just always slower then any other bot regardless of which avatar you chose. The other bug they introduced is that now if you or a bot are on the edge, the piece can get stuck there. If a bot is stuck there and you try to kill the hem, you automatically lose. There are yet to fix the bug at the edge that caused a white line to appear and the shaking bug when two opposing bots run over each others property.

- Ads and glitches galore

There’s an annoying lag which means I sometimes die for reasons out of my control. What really gets me is that my land keeps disappearing even though no ones cut through it. I go from 30 percent to 2 percent or even to zero out of no where. It happens repetitively within one game. Repetitively, like every 5 seconds any new land I generate is suddenly gone. And don’t get me started on all the ads. If I die and I decide I don’t want to watch and ad to get the extra life, I still end up watching an ad. Every time the game ends I have to watch an ad. It’s not just 10 or 15 second ads. It’s those thirty second ads that then jump into a demo of a game for another 30 seconds. I end up leaving the game entirely before the ad is over. It’s annoying, I just want a few minutes of mindless gaming, and I like this game, but the ad interruptions and the disappearing lands aren’t worth it. It’s clear the developers don’t care either considering how many people have made the same complaints. There are so many other mindless and fun games that have fewer and shorter ads and significantly less glitches.

- Used to be favorite game

I’m frustrated that I never get the turquoise square and as soon as someone touches your stream you die even if you reach your own area. And it’s a bit unfair that you can’t see them coming. It seems that all the other papers are faster than me. And even if I click to watch an ad to safe my life, more than half the time, as soon as it’s over I automatically die anyway. It seems different now. Like as soon as you go out of your area all the paper are attracted to come kill you, but as soon as you get back they turn away. I try to grow but every time I come around another paper has come to attack me and cut half of my progress away. It seems more targeted now and it was already difficult to build. This game used to be more fun I think, but I find myself just getting frustrated now. Now whenever I get to 50% it glitches out and makes me go back to .3% I’m now deleting this game. 30 seconds for an ad is too long. I can’t make any progress. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I am with this game. Everything about it is a waste of time and not in a good way.

- It is so addicting!!

I kept on thinking to myself while I was dancing or running or or playing lacrosse, that I really want to play Paper.i.o because it is so fun!!!!! And when you accomplish new goals like killing the king or staying out of your area or covering the map you get really happy about it! Playing this game also makes you feel good about yourself when you become the king and overall it is a fun game and is my new favorite!! I definitely recommend it and let me know if this review was helpful please. I have to continuously remind myself to get up and do something productive instead of playing the game and I only got it yesterday after a friend had recommended it to me. I always like reading reviews before I get apps, so I hope you all find this helpful and informative and why not get it? If you end up not liking it you can delete it, it is free.

- Please fix this, I love this game.

I’m getting very angry because I make it so far and all the sudden all of my land is gone and I don’t know why it happens but it makes me very angry because I spent all that time gathering like 55% of the playing field and then all of a sudden it’s gone and then I can’t even get it back quickly because the other robots fill up the space so quickly and end up killing you because you don’t even know just happened because you’re confused please fix this it’s getting on my nerves and I really like this game and I want to keep on playing but it makes me sad how it keeps happening please fix!! ANOTHER THING! Why are the other people playing the game (bots or whatever) why do they go soooo far away from their base just to kill me. It’s ridiculous because I’m just trying to have a peaceful game but there are 3 different colors or things coming at me at the same time. It’s so annoying. Specially when your trying not to kill anyone, it’s like the game knows your trying not kill anyone and sends more after you. Almost impossible to complete the challenge and not in a good way!!

- Good game but SOO many glitches

I was playing and a bot spawned in the middle of my circle and killed me there are way to many ads need to have more servers I was playing online on maps and there were way to many people in the game/map need to fix this many times when you cross over an enemy’s circle it glitches between colors and when you spawn in on maps it will not allow you to play what I mean by this is your icon and circle doesn’t show up you are just watching others play OVERALL the concept is good but there are WAY to many issues with the game if you get frustrated easily with games the I DO NOT recommend gettting this app this app needs to be updated and since I got this game one year ago the only update has been the maps and maybe ONE bug fix when you watch ads for starting bigger and extra lives it doesn’t do anything whatsoever very rarely does it do what it was supposed to so again I DO NOT recommend this game and there have been no responses to the reviews the makers haven’t responded to reviews so you probably shouldn’t get this game it IS NOT worth it


Personally I don’t really like this game because there are so many ads and if had this game for about three weeks now and I’ve probably been through tat least 40 ads there are two reasons why I don’t really like this game the first reason is you can die so easily which is really stupid and unfair if somebody just enters your area you die and it is so so annoying and the second reason why I think this because I already said it in the title way to many ads! like there are ads after every 2-3 levels and I get the reason why ads need to make money but this is just to far I suggest maybe having ads every 4-5 levels then this might actually be a good game oh and also I don’t know this for sure this might just be my phone but the game tends to freeze a lot and this has happened constantly so please take the time to read this review and try to fix these problems then I’ll actually enjoy this game and maybe others will to thanks


I love this game it’s great for killing time and is fun on the go. I love the simplicity of it and how it doesn’t take long to get far in one match. One of two problems of this game is there’s this glitch where you will suddenly lose all of your land. You’ll have 50% of the map yours and it’ll all disappear and you die instantly. (Happened to me last match) please fix this as it has happened to me numerous times and always when I get above 30%. The other problem is how laggy the game gets randomly. I have great internet and I’ve even tried using data to see if that helps, it didn’t. I believe it’s the adds causing all of this lag as I’ve played multiple games made by Voodoo and each one is as laggy as the next. I’m not sure if buying the add free game would help this or not. Other than that this is a fun game and I always end up coming back to it for more fun. Please fix that glitch, Thanks!

- Fun but with a serious flaw

I’ve been addicted to this game over the weekend. It’s fun and exhilarating yet cathartic at the same time, and it’s now one of my go-to games. The skins are cute (I love the cow), hopefully more are added in the future. However, multiple times I’ve experienced my territory temporarily disappearing. It’s fine, as long as I stay within my territory and wait a few seconds for it to reappear. While it’s a manageable glitch, I’d love to see it fixed Most importantly, in my previous game, all of my territory was completely wiped out, the percentage reset with no base territory to retreat to, leaving me totally stranded until I was inevitably eaten. This was super game-breaking, considering I was heading upwards of 30% when everything got erased. I’m trying for the 50% achievement and it’s very demoralizing when you lose your progress. PLEASE look into this issue!! I just pray it doesn’t happen to me again anytime soon.

- Wonderful game

I really enjoy this game, and haven’t encountered any problems with play quality. All of the people leaving comments recommending things like not dying when your line gets cut, or not being able to cut your own line, don’t really seem to understand the point or strategy of the game. If you don’t like dying when you cut your own line, get better and stop cutting your line haha. The only thing I’d recommend is having a map displaying what land is occupied by other players. I’ve seen that in games similar to this one, and I really enjoyed that feature. Also I feel like there’s not enough achievements to keep me mentally occupied. I just downloaded the game this morning, and already completed over half of them. I feel like I might get bored in a week once I’ve completed them all. Otherwise great game.

- Please like stop

I don’t really like this game, it’s because each time you press NO THANKS when you die you get ads STILL the extra life is supposed to give you ads, but still you need the money i know but you don’t need to have Ads EACH TIME when you press NO THANKS😫😩, please fix this bc it’s annoying and each time it’s 20-23 😭 seconds adds and it doesn’t let you skip the ad you have to watch the whole thing😖, And those Ads that you play a mini game so you know what the game is about, but there’s ads that have fake ones and so you press you go to the App Store THERE IS ONLY FREAKING THE FAKE ONES, so it makes it boring cause so the Ads are 20-23 seconds, won’t let you skip, AND the fake playable games and I bet the no ads don’t work. ☹️ So what it this game? A MONEY GRABBER, I’m not gonna lie I like the game but if you get killed every 2 seconds it won’t matter if you press extra life or NO THANKS your gonna get Ads but the only thing is you go back to the title screen and you go back to the game so... 2-5 bc of the Ads sorry not sorry 😐


seriously the amount of ads this app has in between sessions is egregious. And half the time they’re ads for some sexually suggestive games that are inappropriate for younger users. This is a game that’s fun and could be addicting if it wasn’t that after you die (which is often) you have to sit through what seems like an eternity of crappy ads. Some argue they enjoy some of them because they offer games between sessions but it’s been my experience that to get out of those interlude games is practically impossible as it usually keeps sending you back to the new app download, forcing me to reopen the Paper app so I can continue playing. Honestly I only use this when I literally only have like a minute of spare time because sitting through the ads have proven excruciating. The game itself is fun but I don’t think it’s worth paying to get rid of the adds. There should be more breaks between ads instead of having it after EVERY SINGLE EFFING LOSS. Or maybe shorten the amount of time you spend watching an ad.

- Paid for no ads, but forced to agree to their data collection!

While this is a fun game, albeit a bit addictive, I do have some exceptions. 1) I paid for this game to get rid of the ads. Now I keep getting a pop up disclaimer wanting me to agree to 3rd party data collection. I don’t remember seeing this as a agreement when I did the in-app upgrade. I don’t want to share info! I don’t want ads, thats why I paid for it. This game isn’t an xbox class investment where I need to subsidize them even more. 2) There are some annoying bugs where is you die, you can watch an ad to get another chance at your current achievements. Sometime however, after you watch the ad, you instantly die off. What the point of sitting through the ad then? 3) There aren’t any help info about the game within the game. Am I playing against real players or computer players or a little more clarification on the achievements would be nice. Their mobile website isn’t coded well to read and navigate. For all the high reviews, I expect better.


How many reviews for how months are y'all going to keep letting it happen. It's a great game but what's the point if it keeps glitching out and kills you anytime, ANYTIME. What's the point if you can't even fix the one bug it has that makes it useless to play. My whole area just disappears , how many how many times? If I don't get killed by a player it's your bug. So every single time, I've been killed more times by your bug in one day than I have the entire time I've had it and killed by other players. Who needs enemies when they have your bug to kill them for no reason. You have all these people downloading it and you can't fix one thing. Ever since your update it is endless glitching. You can have your skins back and your achievements if it means less glitching. Take them I don't need a cute little duck or a toilet to go across the screen. I'll take my boring colored blocks and be perfectly happy. I just want the gosh darn unicorn I deserve. Everyone deserves to be a unicorn. To have the chance. But your bug keeps squashing our dreams. Our unicorn dreams.

- Bad programming

The game is nearly impossible to beat. The computer algorithm constantly try’s to attack you only and cuts your land in half but your on the other half of your land instead of the half you were already on forcing you to try to find your land in the middle of no where. It cuts and removes the half that was bigger instead of the side that you were already on. Also you can’t play with online people. Also there is no way to see the whole circle or where you are in the circle. In addition you can’t zoom out to see if anyone is coming to cut you. The default perspective is too close; not even having a portrait or landscape option your forced to move in one direction because of the uncertainty someone might be there and can’t turn back in time. Even after watching a video the game stills glitches and your not able to resume from the same stop because the character is frozen. I love this game concept it’s super addicting but after a while the game design and flaws make it so irritating I had to delete this game.

- It is so fun!

Okay, let me get something straight: when I was looking at the app on the side it said “some sexual content, drug use, violence” blah blah blah. If you are a parent and your kid wants this app, just know that there is NONE of that in the app❌. Trust me, I downloaded the app and I love it😃! The reason why I’m guessing it said that is because of the ads. If you’re really that scared of your child seeing the ads, (I’ve actually never seen any weird ads but maybe I’m just lucky) then just pay 3.99 (that’s how much it was for me) to get rid of the ads. Even if you do that, there’s still 1 way the ads could come through: on the home screen you will see a button that says “start 5x bigger” if you push it, it will show you an ad. The other way is when you die, you will see a button that says “extra life”, and if you push’ll show you and ad. Now don’t think your “no ads” purchase is useless, there are more ads if you didn’t purchase it. There is one thing that I wish Voodoo would add to the game: the ability to play with other people. I’ve seen a few people say the want that too so..🙃 Something that I want to mention is that the game keeps crashing😕. If you don’t know what that is it’s basically when the game just blanks out on you, it’s really annoying especially if you have a good score.

- Few things to fix

I absolutely love this game! UwU. Ur there are some things that get super annoying. Like when I was playing today, actually just 7 mins ago, I was trying to reach a goal of 25 percent of the map covered with 0 kill. It was impossible. Every single player aims to get the unicorn skin, like me. But it’s impossible! IMPOSSIBLE! Can you make some goals that are not so impossible? Second, the glitching. When I play, it suddenly freezes up. Then, it wipes me off the screen. I have no idea why it does that. And the more you play the game, the more glitchy it is. And the people playing the game are so unfair! And third, can’t we just have a couple more lives? Like as in, ... uhhh... what was that thing I was gonna write? Right! Extra lives by watching an add! You need some more of that. Like 2 more extra lives, and that’s it! Thank you! PLEASE. DO. NOT. IGNORE. THIS. (I’m your biggest fan, voodoo!) :3

- It’s great but.......

First of all, I LOVE this game. It is very addicting and super fun to play! It’s pretty fun but it has gotten really easy to win since I got a bit better. I’m not wanting you to change the game that much just maybe add a little part where there are different levels playing against harder computers or players each time, and every time you pass a level you will get a certain amount of diamonds depending on the level of difficulty on the level. You could also do different skins depending on how many diamonds 💎 you have. OK so maybe that was changing it a lot but I believe that that is a pretty good way to change it. It is a great game and I would say that you should make a lot more games. Your games are great but out of the other games that you guys have made they are great and I am excited 🥳 for the next game you make if you do make any more (hopefully you will)!

- Great game but issues

It’s a great game but there are a few things that I think need addressed to make the game better. First, there is an issue with the play for __ consecutive days. You could play for multiple days in a row but yet not even get the 1 Day skin. Second, there should be some way to better differentiate your territory from someone else’s using the same skin. For example I was playing and doing super well and I saw an area that was blank with my same skin print on the other side. I assumed that part of my area was taken away by someone then that person died so I went to connect the two segments and fill it in. I come to find out fatally that it was not my area on the other side but another players area. If I knew it was another players area I was entering I would have been much more careful but because it was the same skin as mine I had no idea until it was too late.

- Good game, but there are some bugs

This game is addicting, I’m not gonna lie. But, there are some bugs that have still not been fixed, and people have been writing about them for a long time now. One of those being the glitch where your zone disappears, and it is so frustrating when I practically have to start all over and I can never get new skins because of it. Speaking of skins, there are a few which don’t work. The ones that say “stay outside your zone for __ seconds”, don’t work for me. I have stayed outside my zone for nineteen seconds and I still haven’t gotten the one for ten. The “consecutive days” skins don’t work either. I have been playing for over two weeks and I still haven’t gotten the one for three days. Other than that, the game is great. I just find it really disappointing to not be able to get new skins because of coding errors. I really hope the developers read these reviews, and I hope they do something.

- Ads, Bugs, and Glitches Galore

Though it is a very simple and addicting game. There are still many many problems with it. Got boxes for instance are sometime very wonky in terms of who’s hitting who first. Ads: Ads appear after every game, when you die, or even when you open the app. Which is absolutely ridiculous. So basically half this game is watching ads. While I know you can pay to remove them, it doesn’t even remove them all. You still have to watch ads to get lives back. Glitches: I’ve encountered too many glitches for not even having played this a ton. One is after watching an ad and respawning you just instantly die. Even in your color. You just die. Which makes watching the ads pointless and frustrating because it didn’t do anything. Another is just randomly dying, which is the worst, it’s more common at higher percentages, but your zone just completely disappears, and you’re left with just a trail or you just die outright. It’s unacceptable for the main purpose of this game to be so glitchy at such high percents. Especially since that’s the whole goal of the game. Finally, the game isn’t even online. It’s all fake. They are computers, they do things no person would ever do. There is no multiplayer in this game and it can be played entirely offline with the same fake character. You’re never playing against anyone real. So if you want to get rid of the malicious amounts of ads just turn off WiFi and cellular data for the app. It won’t affect gameplay at all.

- No ads should mean no ads

Great game so I will give it 5 because it’s very addicting, but I am quite unhappy with my No-Ads purchase. I kept clicking Extra Life and watched the ad, but they were 30 seconds long and by that time the other players have killed me so when I “respawn” I am instantly dead because the other players have taken over my spot completely so I have no place to spawn. No worries I said to myself I will pay the $2.99 for no ads so I can immediately respawn. However the No-Ads do NOT apply to the Extra Life which is ridiculous because that’s the whole reason I bought it. Still a good game though so 5 star. Just hoping the developers see this review fix the No-Ads on extra life for those who have paid or allow the player to not die while watching the ad.

- Addictive, but SO MANY GLITCHES

Enjoy the game a lot, esp that you can see players names and that you run into the same people in different games. Makes it feel more competitive. Glitches (1) often the map/field ‘ ‘blinks out’; your area just goes missing and it’s impossible to play. (2) Also gets weird and flickers when overlapping areas captured sometimes. (3) MOST annoying is that sometimes your area just... disappears and you’re killed for NO reason. When in the middle of your own area and impossible to have been eliminated (4) it’s not giving me credit for consecutive days playing (5) wish it would refuse to let multiple layouts with some skin in a game, or vary the color slightly if a second one joins. Very annoying when you can’t tell what is your area and what is an identical competitor. Def opportunity here for purchased skins, esp if you could design your own. (Pick a curser, pattern, adjust the colors) While I like the ones you have to ‘earn’, I’d def pay for a unique one.

- Ahhh thank you so much for all your help today thank you thank goodness for you guys and your help

Ahhh thank you for your help thank goodness I didn’t you get a good night of your work and your work schedule thank goodness I have had to go back and I get my car poops tomorrow so I’ll be back tomorrow thank goodness for bathroom and carpet and laundry and stuff I don’t think I’m so good right away and then you get a chance and I don’t think I’m so tired and you can get a lot more stuff and you get your time off work thank goodness for the summer I know it’s going well so I’m sorry but I’ll let her do the stuff she does when I’m going on her trip I just want her back I know you are going out and you get her back I know she can help her and help him get it out to him blocked officials said she had no no money so I’m gonna is that

- Bad Glitch Do Not Play if you rage quit.

i really like this game, i have no problem with it’s difficultly i do have a problem with its glitches. the main glitch is the game will erase your progress and take you to 0%. i have never survived this glitch, when it takes you 0% there is no area for you to go and you lose by hitting your own tail. DO NOT PLAY IF YOU RAGE QUIT!!!! this point can’t be understated... if your the type of person who throws your phone when you rage quit this game will make you do this.... it’s so frustrating when your at 60% and you get glitched to 0% it takes a little time to get to 50 or 60%. what’s super frustrating is when you make it back to your area at the exact same time a bit hits you and you still lose, i remember it used to be different if you made it back at the exact same time you would just lose the area you would’ve gained but now you just die. the developers won’t respond all they care about is money from the ads.

- Please read(Important!!)

So recently I have been playing this game for a long time, and it’s interactive to play on. However, some concept I tend to think about is “Are these people bots?” I don’t know if these people are bots. But, yes I know that other people actually download this so it may be a possibility for bots to be in a game(Idk if these people bots) or a possibility of everyone who is real in the game. Another concept, is about movement. Let’s get onto it. Well, as you can see, you have to move persistently or else someone else will go into you and kill you. One thing I don’t really like is when I go out of my section colored my line just keeps going and going, so maybe could you possibly make the game script so you can stop moving and locate where you will go next. Thanks! Appreciate, Vnr4v313d :}

- Great game, terrible glitches

This game is a must have for killing time. The addition of the different shaped maps are so fun, but my biggest problems are the glitches. These glitches aren’t small, they’re so big they actually cost me the game. I’ll often be nearing the 50% mark on the map and the game will glitch so that I can’t see the map I’ve collected and it’s just white. Sometimes it comes back after a few minutes of hiding in a corner, sometimes it never comes back. Another glitch includes the complete disappearance of the map I’ve collected, one second I’ll be at 50% and the next I’ll have 1.75% or something, I don’t know why. Sometimes other players will glitch through my line and visa versa. I love this game and have recommended it to other friends, but the glitches have caused me massive frustration and I want to bring this to your attention.

- Even the PAID version is too glitchy to play!

I’ve been playing a lot longer than 7 days consecutively, but the game still says I’ve only played 2 consecutive days, so I’m missing at least two skins. So. Glitchy. When I first downloaded the game, it was fun but ran super slow/it lagged and was glitchy. I assumed it was probably because of all of the ads (not to mention when my thumb was close to the bottom of the screen it would then open the ad...) so I paid the whopping $3 figuring it would stop the problems. Nope. It still skips around, when I hit certain trails it doesn’t kill the guy, my area will randomly go away in huge chunks even when there’s no one else infiltrating it and I’m unable to get the area back even by going over it 10 times. Not worth the $3, don’t waste your money. This has the potential to be a lot of fun if they add in some power ups across the board and it could be lucrative to the company if they’d offer additional skins for $, but definitely not until the other problems are fixed.

- I really like this game, but I have one thing that annoys me and suggestions

So, I just got this app today, and I really like it! It's really fun trying to beat some people in a game, and the designs when you get a new skin is so cool! But I have a thing that's annoys me and I have some suggestions! Here they are: Bugs/things that annoy me: So, the thing that annoys me most is THE ADDSS! There are WAY to many adds in this game. It gets really annoying. Especially if you did not want a extra life, and you get an add anyway!!! Its VERY ANNOYINGGG!! So if you could please change that, it would be AMAZING! Suggestions: Ok, I have a couple of suggestions for this game! 1. Friends I was thinking you could add like friends or groups! So people could friend each other, and work hard to beat other groups/people. 2. Skins This is totally random, but I was thinking maybe if you earn a new skin, you could customize it? I am aware that it is random, but it would be really cool! Don't you think? So that's all I have to say, truly this game is such fun but if you could fix and add these things, it would make it a lot more fun! Thank you for taking the time to read this 😁. Have a good day or night and take care of yourself!

- The lag is so bad!

At first, I thought it was just because my cell phone signal was bad, but there is still a major lag happening even when I'm connected to my wifi, and I have super fast wifi. It ends up making you die because you totally lose control when it lags. This is the first review I've ever written, and normally I wouldn't bother, but I'm hoping that if enough people complain, it will get fixed, because this really has the potential to be the most fun game ever if the bugs get fixed. Also, I don't understand why people are rating the game 4 or 5 stars and then complaining about all of the bugs. Do you really think they're going to bother to fix the app if it's getting a really high rating? I didn't want to rate the app this low because it really is a fun app(when it's not glitching), but it glitches so often that it takes a lot of the fun out of it, and I'm hoping that the developers will take notice if they get enough 1 and 2 star reviews.

- Developers please read this!!!!

I love this game. It’s really fun-when it works. For all the time that I’ve had this game, which was since I got my iPad, it’s been super fun and I loved it. But this past few months, it’s been getting really glitchy. Whenever I try to play or change my name it always freezes and then I have to close out the app and then for some reason there are absolutely NO ads! I know a lot of people would say that this is a good thing, but there’s no place that I can watch a video to revive or get bigger to start. I don’t know why this happened if it is just some thing with my iPad, or if it is some thing that is happening to a lot of people. If it is something that’s happening with a lot of people then can you please fix it? If it’s just me then I’ll work something out. I love this game though. Thanks for your time!!

- Fun game but kind of annoying

This is a fun game to play but playing with bots is always kind of annoying because no matter how good you are at a game, the bots will target you and try to kill you. I think it would be fun to play against other people. I don’t know if there is a mix between playing with bots and playing with others but I’m assuming it’s bots only considering you can swipe out of the game and come back later with the same amount of land and what not. One thing that upsets me is that one of the names going around is “(something I forgot) ISIS” I mean really? Come on now. Edited: taking a star away because since the last update my app crashes often, my character is slower than the computer characters. You can’t cover much ground at all without being targeted by all the computer generated players so it’s not even very fun anymore. Also I’m not getting the skins I supposedly earned either.

- Need to fix spawning and AI

An overall solid game, but there is a massive issue with where people, or bots, spawn (including myself). I shouldn’t spawn into a game directly next to someone, or a bot, particularly when they’re out of their safe zone. The same goes for other players, or worse bots, spawn into the game directly next to me. Fix where people spawn into a game, and it would be a 4-star app (I don’t see how it could be a 5-star app without different game modes, challenges, better skins, etc., but the real problem is spawning) Edit: Upon playing more, I have decided to give the game a 2/5 star rating due to, what I perceive, as a faulty AI. Instead of going after gaining the most space, and getting the lead, the primary function of the AI seems to be attacking the player(s). This may be an issue of a lack of users who play the game, but if the AI sends literal kamikaze attacks just to get a kill against the player, thus leaving themselves severely open to be killed, then the game isn’t competitive nor fun. There is no logical reasoning behind the patterns the AI NPCs take, other than getting a kill. At the very least, mix up the AI functioning so the primary target of half the AI NPCs is to get kills and the other half to gain space. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a bunch of second and third places averaging around 5% of the map, max. The previous installment of the game did a very good job of this, comparatively speaking.


I love this game but there are way to many annoying bugs currently! 1. If I use the revive option, either half my land is gone, I start somewhere random not in my land or it starts me back over. <- SUPER frustrating. Especially since I watch the full add thinking I will get a revive and come to find out I don’t or there was no point in me watching it because I’m not continuing from where I was killed as if it didn’t happen. 2. There are some times when I take over someone’s land or vice versa when the it flashes back and forth between our colors until Someone goes around it to regain it. 3. When I ‘kill’ someone it doesn’t always register and they are still able to play or it doesn’t register fully and the line I just hit disappears and they can keep moving but they should have died. 4. Sometimes if i make a loop back to my land to gain more land, instead of adding it to my land it will take it away and also the land I had gained just before that.


This game is hard but when you get used to this you will be a pro. It’s really hard but it’s really fun. The thing I don’t like about the game is people getting you but 1st thing DO NOT PUT IN YOUR REAL NAME! I don’t know if it’s real people playing but just for safety. The reason why I say don’t put in your real name you don’t want people knowing who you are. I put in a random name but DON’T PUT IN YOUR REAL LIFE NAME no one took my name because I did not put in my name and don’t do anything close to your name like if your name was lily DO NOT PUT IN LILLY people might still know who you are me and my brother play games are name is panda and Dino we don’t use are real names we don’t want people naming their kids are names because if we are in the same classroom it won’t be hard to understand are names if you don’t put in your real names if will be easy to understand are names

- My opinion SCAM *go to row 9 to see this is a scam*

So I started playing this game a week ago. I loved it in the beginning but more bugs came the more I played. Like after every game now there’s a add LIKE WHY i would be ok if there was a add every like three games BUT EVERY ONE 🤯 URGHHHH so annoying! But overall this game is ok because if the bugs where removed the game would be PERFECT 🤩 yep I said PERFECT! The game it’s self without bugs is great its really realxing when you go through someone’s paper/base whatever you call it. I’ve heard people say that they bought the no adds and GUESS WHAT THeY STILL HAD ADDS BIgGESt SCAm EVER. I need to calm down 🥵 but I can’t I’m so ANGERY 😡 I just wanna say 🤬🤬🤬 to the game! Seriously tho 👿 ATLEAST DONT PUT A BUY NO ADDS GAMEPASS IN THe GAmE IF YOUR NOT GoNna MAKE IT ACTuLLY GIvE YOu NO ADdS! This game is actually a BIG THuMbS DOWN AND THIs IS WhAT I FEeL RN. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👿👿👿👿👿👿💥💥💥💥💥💥💥. 👋 bye URGHHh

- Great Game

I honestly think it’s a pretty good game! I enjoy the graphics and it’s an entertaining way to kill some time. What irritates me are the glitches and, at times, the constant and 30 second long ads. I’ll quickly loose interest in the game once an ad video pops up, some of those really require patience which is something I’m not always packed with lol. Another problem I had were with the glitches. I’d have the crown for a moment just before I hit 20% only for my “safe” space to disappear as I’m roaming in it, and as I glance over to my percentage it says I’m back to 0% and of course at that moment I am now vulnerable to kills because of the glitch. However, the game itself such as the concept and such is incredible and one I’d recommend if the glitches were adjusted and fixed. I understand free games include ads but I’d appreciate if the amount of times they popped up were just taken down a notch.

- Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy...

Ok, so I started playing this game at school and I thought it was fun; so I came back home and downloaded it on my iPad and it just kept on asking me it it could share my data, and I’m thinking “why?” So I press X on it and it pops up again, so I press X again and then it pops up AGAIN. And that’s just the start, so I had 21 kills and I was 1st place and I was happy, than I die. I just DIE out of nowhere, and I tried to take a screenshot of the amount of kills I had on the death screen, but I accidentally turn my iPad off; (my fault) than JUST to TOP OT ALL OF, it asked if it could share my data AGAIN. And the game is pretty buggy; a few fixes here and there won’t hurt. Oh and make it so you can’t revive anymore, I just gives you an add and brings you home (and it’s kind of unfair) In conclusion: ‘eh’ Your friendly neighborhood bean, ChefBeanBurrito_HT

- Few things

This is a great game, all you could fix is that the little hack thing is gone where you can cheat and get all skins it’s gone! If you could get that back it would make a lot of people happy, the adds are the other problem they always pop up and it’s so annoying some adds pop up in the middle of the game so you die! Also if there were mods like 1 player 2 player and like you could host your own map and make your own map that was be so fun! A lot of people like this game and so do i I like the skin colors and stuff but you should add more skins that are free honestly how do you cover 100% of the map without dieing that’s my quiestion that’s why their was te hack where you could get your own map but now that is gone and no one knows what the knew hack is so if you could get back V00D00Debug2018 that would be awesome thank you!!

- Land gone!!!

I absolutely LOVE this game, but there is a few things I would fix. First of all, I was almost at my high score as well as having the most land/ area in the game and all of a sudden poof! My land was gone. It wasn’t like I died or anything. I was still leaving a trail, but I didn’t have any land to come back to. Not even a small circle like at the beginning of a game. When I was going to get this game I read reviews that this happened, but it had never happened to me. Now, as much as I love this game, this problem makes me so frustrated and angry. Another problem is there is WAY too many ads, and sometimes right after an ad is done, my character/color won’t go nearly as fast and sometimes freezes up. I think you probably have gotten a lot of reviews about these things, so I hope they can be fixed.I am giving this 4 stars.

- Fun game but has a few issues

This game is easily addicting and very fun to play when i have nothing else to do but there are a few bugs i hope to see worked out. as i try to go through all the achievements in order to get new skins, i’ve found it tricky to achieve anything about 25% on the map without dying randomly. sometimes i’ll be playing and no one will be near me and i make sure not to hit my own trail but the part of the map that i had covered disappears and my percentage goes down to 0%. then i’m unable to make any of the map mine and i’m left to inevitably die, losing my progress. I’ve also found that if i hit the outside of the map, i may die randomly. while this game is very fun, these bugs make it very frustrating especially since i’m the kinda person who like to win every achievement in a game. i found definitely give a higher rating had these issues been accounted for.


Just like others have ALREADY STATED TO PURE NAUSEA, “the game is fun, BUT” YES you see those words on almost ALL reviews of this game, SO, why not FIX IT! One ISSUE is the fact that on all my devices, I’m not receiving my different avatars for playing the game for multiple days in a row!! I’ve been playing this game for weeks NOW daily, HOWEVER, I don’t receive my avatars for those accomplishments! PLEASE fix this issue, it’s a simple fix for anyone who codes! Also, PLEASE FIX ALL the other glitches that almost EVERYONE complains about in EACH AND EVERY REVIEW OF THIS GAME! You wish to have people pay you money to remove aids which is totally fine. With that fee paid, you should ALSO FIX ALL THE OTHER ISSUES WITH THIS GAME! Why would anyone want to pay for aids to be removed if they still have multiple other issues with this game. You have tons of games where pretty much all of them require money paid by the customer to remove aids. With that, YOUR’E MAKING MONEY, so NOW FIX THE ISSUES! I’ll def update this review if you’ll address and FIX ALL THE ISSUES!

- I liked it... but...

It is really fun to just like, when I’m bored play this, but, sometimes it can get boring, glitchy, and hard. Number one. It can get boring when you’re just like, playing. No competition, nothing. Just laying a game. Also the avatars you have can get boring but it’s hard to get another one. Sometimes, while I have so much land, it will all just disappear and I will die. It’s so frustrating because I could have been so close to getting and avatar then it glitches. And it’s hard when your finger slips and that happens a lot, and then you accidentally kill yourself. Also, I’d like to play this with my friends, but I’m pretty sure it’s just AI, right? Anyway, I’d like it to be more fun and less ads and glitchiness, and I would give it five stars! But it is fun anyway, and I love it! If you’re looking for a good game, this is the one!

- Too Many Glitches/Bugs/Ads

This game needs serious improvement. One of the very frustrating flaws of this game that definitely needs to be looked into is not being able to reach 100% due to the bugs and glitches. Every time I get close to getting 100% it resets and goes back to 1%, even though nobody killed me. They’re also too many ads and everytime I click on an ad to revive my life it doesn’t go back to the game, but instead it restarts it which makes the reviving your life button, useless. This game NEEDS serious improvement with the bugs, glitches, and ads. It’s so awful to the point where it makes me want to throw my phone and delete it. The game would also be a lot more fun if you’d take the reviews/criticism into consideration and improve it. I’ve had this game for about 1-2 years now and the game has never improved despite the multiple reviews calling out its flaws. Please fix it, it’s a fun game, but the glitches, bugs, and ads make it very frustrating and less fun.

- One glitch-out away from deleting!!!!

I never do reviews but I felt the need to do my first one because I really like this game! It’s fun to play and really helps pass the time. However it has some serious glitches that have me one glitch-out away from deleting this game. My territory disappears all the time!!!! No one is cutting through, sometimes there isn’t even another player near by but all of a sudden I have lost all my progress. Also the AI’s seem to be gunning for me in an unfair way. They don’t go after any of the other players, they double team me, most times I don’t stand a chance. I really do like the game and enjoy playing it when there aren’t any issues but the problem is I have issues way more than I have a smooth running game. Why would I keep a game on my phone that I can’t enjoy without the irritation of these glitches? Why keep a game that causes me this much frustration? Please work on these things or I’ll have to find another game.

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