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Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition.
A smooth drawing experience!

Game made by Voodoo, who developed Helix Jump,, Snack VS Block and other cool games!

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Find this site the customer service details of 2. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes: 2 Version 2.6.019 May 2022

Minor bug fixes. 2 Version 2.3.110 February 2022

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Minor bug fixes. 2 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Please read this

I like this game a lot. It is very fun and addicting. I like that when you do a challenge, you get a cool new skin. Also that all of the challenges are very well thought up. If you want something easy you have it, and if you want something hard you have it. I also like that the game has a wide variety of colors that you can be when you join, and it’s fun because you don’t know exactly what color you are when you join. Although this game is amazing in many different ways I do have some suggestions. Like the amount of adds you have while playing. I know you have to have adds and stuff and it is smart that you have one when you kill two to three players. But for me personally, I kill players very often and very fast. So I deal with adds a lot during the game. Another thing that annoys me with this game is the fact that if you have your area for to long it will just disappear. Example; when I am spreading my area to be very large in a couple minutes half of it disappears. This is very disappointing and I contemplated whether or not I should delete the game because of it. But every time I do, I just play another round and forget about it. Just because I Am not making it a big deal doesn’t mean others won’t. And this should be fixed. I do recommend this game to others. It is a very fun experience and should be more played.

- Problems and Ideas! Improve with this!

*Please Read* *There are so many ads on this game that I can’t click touch to continue, If you completely got rid of ads this game just might be way better. **Another thing eliminating yourself! You shouldn’t be able to eliminate yourself because you can turn to slow or the wrong way and end up eliminated, Also you shouldn’t be able to die from someone cutting your line. Instead when your line is cut you should be able to get back to your safe zone. This game also should have a feature that alerts you from where you territory is being taken. ***Game modes! My opinion on game modes is I LOVE THEM, and if the game could have some that would be great! Some suggestions 1vs1, Teams (5vs5, 2vs2vs2vs2vs2), Race (Who can get to 10% first)! I’m not entirely sure how many people there are per game, but i think it should be 10 if it is not. ****Feedback on skins! The skin variations are good, but should still have more easier and harder skins to get, and get EXTREMELY creative with the skins. No one once simplistic animals and objects, Maybe do something like a castle or Zeus! *****I hope you take all these ideas and include a big portion of them in the game, and use other people’s ideas!

- Meh

The game is fun I will not lie but you don’t even update it. I have played some of you games before and I did like them a bit but a main problem is you don’t really update them and just make a new game with a bunch of ads. I see you that you need the money but is it really necessary to fill all your games with ads most of us just want to have fun and play I would not mind 1 ad every 10 to 15 rounds but it just gets annoying. Also I really don’t like this game for only really 1 reason it is bots they are so annoying I can’t stay out of my area for 1 second without getting killed by bots! I was out my area for like 2 seconds once and I died I see it as almost impossible to fill up the map because the bots will just find a way to kill you somehow. And you probably aren’t even reading this because I feel like you don’t respond to reviews or reflect on them since I notice that people make reviews also but you don’t seem to make updates or try fixing your mistakes I would like it if you looked at what we say and try making your games better! And also I see a lot of companies doing what you are doing. Filling games with ads make it useless to play when you complete it and move on after to make a new game with the same thing. And yes I do think this game is fun but really stop making your games have garbage features and not even trying to make them better. I rarely see games that don’t do these things!

- Simple, Addictive, fun...with one UI suggestion

This has become my favorite time killer, and I’ve downloaded it across almost all of my devices. I’ve even paid for the No Ad upgrade, which I rarely ever do. Since Voodoo is one of the worst with the unskippable 30-40second ads, it’s absolutely worth a few dollars to get rid of them. This game is simple, and addictive, and can be a fast play, or extended out if you are slow and methodical in your acquisition of territory. Recent updates have eliminated most of the bugginess of earlier versions. One odd thing is that the iPad and iPhone versions are slightly different. On the iPhone, you size up after a kill, but on the iPad, you do not. I wish they both played the same way. One Full rating star drop: Also, like all other VooDoo games, they do not rotate when changing orientation. For me, a game that will not rotate orientation (especially on the iPad) is an absolutely rating killer. And there are times when I will avoid playing a game I otherwise want to play, because it won’t rotate. For a phone, fine, whatever. For a tablet, it’s a total UI and usability miss. Come on, Voodoo, get it together. You make some of the best simple time killer games out there (even if they are all suspiciously similar), adding the rotate feature is a simple easy feature that makes your games far more widely playable.

- FIX IT!!!

I absolutely love this game! But there are a few things that you need and have got to fix. First, you need to fix the glitch where you lose land. I was doing perfectly fine until that stupid glitch occurred and made me lose almost half of my land, I think that you should start looking into that since it’s happening everywhere. The second item I think you need to fix are the adds. I get that you need those to make money but there are WAY too many adds on this game. You have them right after someone dies, when they want to revive, and a few times I have gotten them when opening the game!! This to me is a huge problem because sometimes I lose right away then have to watch an add then the entire thing happens again!! Maybe after every 3 losses? That would be perfectly fine with me since there are way too many adds at the moment. The third thing I want you to fix is the Consecutive day counting. Because I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks yet I just got the burger and that entire time there was no progress showing. You should probably fix this soon. I think you should add more skins too, maybe depending on the time of year and someone has to finish the goal before that time is over to receive the skin? This game is awesome but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix the other stuff too.


This game seems so fun, and when you first start playing, they give you all these skin options and you can work your way up to get more and more. But the main goal of the game is to cover the entire circle and kill everybody else. The thing is, the game doesn’t WANT you to be able to do that. One day I was playing, and I had over 60 percent of the circle covered. I was feeling really great, like I could finally ACTUALLY win, but of course, the game cheated and glitched me. It glitched so bad that, when I was in the middle of my area, the safe zone, I DIED. And it wouldn’t let me watch an add to respawn. No one was around, I was in my safe zone, the only possible way was that it was a really annoying glitch. And to be honest, things like that happen to me ALOT. The game might seem fun at the start, but it gets really frustrating and makes me angry, just because of a game! Not to mention all the adds, once you get rolling and start doing good in a round, there are just more and more adds, almost EVERY 30 SECONDS. I just don’t think it is worth downloading, and it will just take up and waste all of your time on something that will make you angry, AND you aren’t gonna get anything ACTUALLY meaningful in the end. Thanks for Listening 🙏 😊

- Great game but still bugs

This game is addicting and I love it - I've played it since the beginning when there wasn't any skins (now there are some) - but I'm very disappointed that there's still bugs in which my territory glitches and then I have nothing. Even if I try to run back to where my large territory is supposed to be, there's nothing there for me to connect back to, so I promptly die. Even when I had an extra life still and watched the video in the hopes of saving myself, it just started me completely over since there wasn't anything for me to start on. I would be more understanding if it was a really high percentage that crashed it a bit, but this time I was only about 36% before it glitched and got rid of my territory. There's also many times where the game lags severely (and you have difficulty turning etc. while it does so) and there's still times where the game completely crashes and boots me out of the app and I can't get any of my progress back. I'm really disappointed, but like I said, I still love to play this game as it's a fabulous, addicting time-waster. I hope the devs read the community's reviews and fix the bugs. That's the main reason why I give this a 3/5 is because while the bugs make it unenjoyable when you lose your progress, I still enjoy and will continue to play the game, as I'm hopeful that the devs will fix these problems soon and it doesn't glitch every game.

- It’s good, but...

I love the original. I play it all the time, I also like the this one for the fact that it’s not square, you can go in circles. So I love it. The way to get skins is kinda weird to me but I still like it. My biggest 2 issues is I think a glitch and THE ADS! I get that ads have to be run but it’s like every 15 seconds for me or after I kill more then 2 people. I had a good running streak and one game and it felt like an ad every time I killed someone or every 10-15 seconds. They are CONSTANT. There’s a difference between putting ads into the game naturally and putting in that many ads. My other thing is whenever I would have to watch one of those ads or come back to life the game was still going so people are taking my area, ok. But it seemed very much like a glitch where they would have a chunk of my area but I couldn’t take it back. I would go over and over it again and again and it would just sit there all glitchy and not let me take it till I killed them. Then it was automatically mine again. I also couldn’t touch the people while they were in my land, they had to be in the open space for me to kill them. Other then I love the game. Always have loved the first one and glad there’s been a sequel made with new ideas, it just needs fixes.

- To Everyone, Including The Add Critics

I’d say that this game is well worth the time. It offers satisfactory smooth gameplay, one of those games that make you say “one more match” and you keep going. Sometimes, dying is frustrating, but the mild addiction (or higher, depends on the person obviously) is enough to make you shrug it off and enjoy yourself with more matches. Stacking up kills, increasing your customized territory based on the skin you use, more than one match with likely satisfying results, and overall, fun. Very fun indeed. Now—let’s talk about the ads. I understand that most people chose 4-stars or lower because of ads, and more reasons too, but the majority spoke of ads among those other things. This is one of those games where even if you turn off wifi, it still works and you can still play it. You know what that means? If you complain about ads with sincere concern, not just a little, I’d suggest shutting off the wifi connection on your device temporarily. However, I feel as though that’s cheating, lol, this is such a good game despite the adds, so the devs kinda deserve the money, you know? It’s your choice. Yourself or the devs. My opinion is irrelevant, so it won’t be spoken of. That is all, have a good day/night

- Love it

It’s an amazing game. I played every second of my life it’s like the best thing in the whole entire world. Well I should say my kid likes it but I like it like that, because even if he’s addicted to it is the best kid in the world and I’m happy he has like a game like that just get his worries away. I mean oh andWhenever I’m working he just sits there like the sweetest little kid in the world playing his cute little game so I think if you have a child or you were just curious to looking at this game are you think this is a very very very good game.💟 And I would totally agree do you like your plate even though you say that I’m just seeing it twice because it’s it’s a really good game and I don’t have anything else to sing about that but he says it can be a little hard sometimes it gets better competitors but he said to me a couple days ago that he’s going to make he’s going to give himself a goal. And it was the biggest person in the game and I thought so I really really think this game is a good game for your son or daughter or if you’re just looking around for fun games to play but my daughter says that it’s too easy and like you know what that’s not right because your brother likes it in your 18 you have a lot more experience but my son is sick and he loves it so much 💖💖💖

- Please read

Ok so I was playing and I was so close to getting a new skin and then it just randomly went to an add and froze so I didn’t get a new skin and I was so mad because it had taken me so long to get that close. I also got my high score but it went to another add froze and it showed that my high score was only %10 and it was around %47. While I’m talking about adds there also an add every five seconds and it’s so annoying I wouldn’t mind an add every maybe three to five rounds but like every ten seconds multiple times a round is to much and I get they have to make money somehow but if they spread the adds out I would play much more. The app sometimes forgets things too because I played three days in a row to get the “play three consecutive days” skin but it said I had only played two. That being said I do like all of the skins you can collect but sometimes the skin interferes with the drawing. And lastly some of the things you have to do to get the skins I didn’t understand so I wanted to clarify for other people, the “play three consecutive days” or “play seven consecutive days” skin just means you have to play three or seven days in a row. The “revive ten times” skin just means when they give you a choice to watch an add when you die, if you watch the add ten times (it doesn’t have to be in a row ) you will get the skin. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps you ;)

- Fun, but needs some work.

I really enjoy this game and the addictive qualities it has, but I do have some issues with the game that makes me extremely angry when it happens to me. First off, there’s disappearing land. Basically, you’ll be given land and as you’re increasing it, it will randomly just up and disappear. There’s been a few times where I was lucky and still had some sort of land left, so I didn’t have to die. But there has also been a time where all of my land disappeared and dying was inevitable. Something that also happens is that I will be playing and taking up new land that just so happens to cover over someone else’s, and it glitches. I will have that land, but it’s like my color doesn’t completely cover it until I take up more new land, if that makes sense. Another issue I have is that I just tried to play the game and right when I was put into the game, I was instantly killed. I don’t understand how it happened by any means. There’s also moments where I hit other players lines and they just don’t die like they’re supposed to. I’m also not too fond of all of the darn ads. This game isn’t worth $2.99 to get rid of them either. Other than all of these small, yet highly frustrating problems, this game is pretty fun and it helps pass the time when need be.

- Amazing app. Little glitchy though

I absolutely love this game. It is so addictive and I play it all the time. My sister does not have it and she claims it is so easy! I actually think it is challenging and I think the concept is awesome. I like to think of it like I am building my own world! I think that it is a little bit slow sometimes. I also think there should not have nicknames because I have seen some that are inappropriate. I think The nicknames are fun but maybe you should try to put some kind of filter on anything inappropriate that people try to type. I’ve never made a video game so I don’t know if that’s possible but I think it would improve the game and make it a lot want to family or maybe even just have an option to turn off nicknames and settings. I also think that if you can if you add some new skins I need the current ones a little bit less difficult to get like take 100% of the map come on! And for the unicorn really everybody loves unicorns! Heck there’s unicorns on my leggings right now! I love this app So much just fixed the nickname thing that would be great! Thank you so much for creating such a fun and challenging game it fills in time when I have nothing to do. I love this game so much! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼♥️♥️♥️

- This would be 5 out of 5 were it not for...

The glitches! The bugs! Seriously, fix them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been about 75% and then drop right down to 0% but my cube has not been eliminated. You are still alive but you have no territory to connect to so you are guaranteed to die anyways. There’s no explanation or sign or hint as to how or why this happens. I can see maybe just maybe it being caused by another glitch, where you and your opponent have overlapping territory but the game gives it to both of you rather than just one (if you play this long enough you will eventually encounter this, even at smaller %s), and the game somehow gets confused from there and doesn’t know which player is which. Pisses me off, because I know I could get to 100 were it not for this. It happens almost every single time I break 60%. It would probably happen at lower %s as well were I not so quick to erase other players’ gains at my expense. To be killed by another player just makes me want to come back and get my revenge, all in good fun. It keeps me in the game. But to be killed by a glitch, with little indication as to how or why makes me want to throw my device through a window. Please fix this or at least tell me why it is happening!

- Love this game, but a few suggestions

This game is great! I love how smooth it is compared to the first one and how much easier it is to turn and move! The only things I don’t love is how laggy/glitchy it is and how many ads there are. I don’t know if it’s just my WiFi or if I just have to reload but I’ve restarted my device multiple times and it will still lag. My device will be on full WiFi and will still lag. This causes my character to move a wrong way and die, so please take into consideration to fix that! Also I understand that it’s a free game so it comes with ads but there doesn’t need to be one after every single match! I do understand that this game needs money so it is trying to get the players to purchase ad removal and all but it doesn’t need an ad after every match. Perhaps there could be an ad every two matches instead? Please also take that into consideration. As I said before I do love this game and those are really my only problems. I love all of the different skins and ways to unlock them too! Love the smoothness and different shapes I can make but please do consider the suggestions I have listed! Thank you for your consideration and time! ~Writer


The game is fun and definitely addictive. However, the glitches are the most frustrating thing ever. I spent the $2.99 on this game to get rid of the ads and guess what? There are still ads when you want to continue the game. SO THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY! The glitches are so bad and make me want to throw my phone against a wall. After you’ve covered a good portion of the area, it will turn completely white for no reason leaving you stranded as you cannot get back to your pattern. Sometimes, it goes white and you die as if an invisible player just killed you. If you’re especially lucky, you’ll see a light show as the colors begin to glitch and your whole section comes back and disappears like flashing lights at a club. And then... you guessed it, you’ll randomly die. The percentage gets stuck at a number and no matter how much you’ve covered it’ll still say 0.51% even though your area is larger than the 0.66% circle you start with. This game could really become more popular and be the next “words with friends” or “angry birds” and could make a lot of money BUT it seems “they” would rather make chump change off of a subpar app with a great idea. The game is so fun and the idea is so addicting but the bugs and glitches and ads even after you pay, are enough to delete the app and tell everyone I know not to even bother. FIX THE BUGS! I guarantee that more people will play. FIX THE GLITCHES! FIX THE GLITCHES! FIX THE GLITCHES!

- Fun game although you’re playing robots

I really enjoy this game, I’ve spent hours playing and I still enjoy it. I like the skin situation they added, I just wish it kept up with your progress towards reaching new goals so you can have a mission in mind while playing. As others mentioned there are bugs that cause your area to randomly disappear, and when you pay for “no ads” you still have to watch ads for the extra life. My biggest complaint that I recently discovered is that you’re not playing with other real players. The other players are clearly robots because they NEVER utilize the extra life, when you kill someone they stay dead. If these were real people they would be using the extra life too. Another thing is that the robots never get past like 10%. I regularly reach 40%+ and I’ve never seen another player do so. Plus there’s been times where I lay my phone down while watching the ad I paid not to see and when I get back in the game none of my territory has been taken. So to make the game better: allow us to play with real players, remove the ads we paid to have removed, fix the disappearing land bug, and keep up with goal progress.

- The addictive game

First of all this game IS WAY WORSE THAN THE WEBSITE VERSION. First the manner the map is shaped makes me dizzy, Idk how to access the modes, there are CONSTANT ADS and this game is full of chunk swallowing bots so please fix all of this but in MY OPINION its better to play the website/crazy games version. Also i know about the ads but please try to reduce the amount. Also this game can be annoying at times cause the ads are CONSTANT *MAKE SURE YOU TAKE NOTICE OF THIS BEFORE YOU PLAY* *****I FEEL LIKE the ads come up every five seconds and its very annoying***** so make sure you take notice of that and for y'all gamers here is a note for you *please listen* ***so if you are willing to play get the game first unless you are like me which ill explain to you later so if you wanna try, download the game! Now for the people like me or the people who dont like the game performance I recommend as i said playing on the crazy games/website version of the game (which you can access the modes like world conflict (my fave)) cause it has better game performance but the ads are still annoying so i hope you consider this helpful and take this advice to change the game and improve the performance so thank you for taking your time so bye


I love this app! It’s very good and really fun! I highly recommend this game, but like every game it has its problems. My review says three stars but my really review is three and a half. So this game is really fun, the goal is to basically cover the whole map and eat other players. You do not play with real people, you play with robots, which I totally get because people could put inappropriate name's on there. But the thing is, is that sometimes the game puts inappropriate names on there, like swear words. Now if this game is intended to be a kids app, why would there be swear words?? So if they could change some of the names on there that’d be great! Another problem is adds, I now every game has adds but this one has a lot! I personally don’t mind adds as much as most people, and I think the game is worth all the adds, but if they could maybe decrease the amount of adds that’s be great too! So those are my only complaints about the game. If they could take out some of the inappropriate names that would be amazing!!! And it would make the game a lot more enjoyable! And if they could take out some of the adds too that would be great also! Besides those two things I think it’s a real great app!!

- Good,Fun, but problems

I love this game. I would like to suggest to add game modes and skins you can win if you accomplish something in that game mode. Maybe something like being by yourself for a minute to see how much you can cover. If you cover 10% then you win a house shaped cube. Now the problems, first of all too many ads. But I like that you can win something after. I love the one that makes you speed. You can fill so much space with that one. One time I was playing and I died. I watched an ad so I could keep on playing. When the ad was done all of my space was gone and the only choice I had was to let the person next to me kill me. Please fix this problem because I am not the only one. I also hate that you can kill yourself. Sometimes it is really annoying. Now back to the ad problem. I died and I had to do something anyway so I pressed the no thanks button, but it still gave me an ad. This happens multiple times. I would give this a 5 star if it didn’t have all these problems. I know you are a big company so you might not see this because this is a well known game that many people review about. If you do read please fix these things and maybe add game modes. Thank and goodbye.

- Way to many glitches

My territory disappears even though there is no one is around to claim it. The Controls hey jumpy. At some points in the game it is smooth and nice to play. But other times I can play at all because it freezes so bad that it won’t start up again or the glitches make it so it doesn’t respond to where I want the thing to go to. It almost always ends with me bing killed. (Ex: if I pull it to the right and try to make it go to home base it will sometimes glitch out not go right and get hit by a on coming color.). Not cool. Other then that I would love to be able to play the game because it is fun. Fix the issues and I can give a better review. Also some colors tend to be faster then other already. So maybe you can add that as a bonus reward. So like you hav ego hit a certain goal to unlock a skin but maybe as well as having a knee skin give certain skins little bonus rewards like one could be a tiny bit faster. One could be a tiny bit bigger. And such. Also maybe limit how many players can be in a arena. And maybe add a little overview circle so you know where you are in the circle and see how much you have covered also see other players. But first fix the bugs. Then add the other fun details.

- Better Games.

I love this game but there are Soooo many ads! After every games there’s an ad and sometimes if you are in the game to long you get an ad in the middle of the game and you lose!!! Also there’s a lot of bots too because I’m in my area and a boy comes in and doesn’t even touch me, (which I’ve recalled several times) and it said I died! And other times I go out of my 1 or 2 seconds so that’s definitely a bot. Sometimes I’m even in my area and someone kills me! These glitches definitely need to be fixed and either take out all the bots or make the bots do the same things that real humans do. That alone would honestly make it a lot better. Which is really unfair. Also, one of the awards you can get is kill 3 players in a row and I’ve done that many times but I have never gotten the award. And, it seems like the creators of this game either don’t look at the reviews or they just don’t care about them and don’t want to respond! Now, there’s actually very few games in where the creators respond to the review and fix the problem, which I think is VERY annoying. I mean don’t they care about making their games more enjoyable and get better reviews? So overall it’s not that good because you can find way better games, trust me.

- Cool, just a few ideas/issues...

This game is cool I just would like a few changes. One the skin the “Unlocks” when you have played 3 consecutive days won’t unlock no matter how many days in a row I play which is irritating, and I have played way more than just 3 days in a row. Also I would like more skins along with ones you can purchase because I’m not very good and it is hard to unlock them. I also have another idea, what if you added game modes where you could compete with people that you know or one where you just try to kill as many people as possible and don’t worry about land which I guess you could do normally but still. Or what if you could do battle mode and you and a robot or somebody else and you start off with 50% of the board and the other person starts off with 50% and you and the other person are invincible so you can’t just kill them and take all of the area, and you have 2 minutes or so to get as much land as possible!!! (Personally I think the battle mode sounds the best but that’s just my opinion...)Either way it’s still a cool game and I would recommend it to others.😁

- Great Game but Horrible Performance

I love this game. I remember playing it years ago and it was the best. Now, though, you have to pay $1.99 to remove ads. The performance is the WORST. It’s terrible. Every round I play, I get bombarded by an ad and when the ad is over and I get back to the actual game, it only works for about five seconds and then freezes and stops working. So many rounds have ended for me with this happening. It’s sad and awful. In the newest version of this game, they fixed lots of bugs that messed up everything. Well, they didn’t fix everything. This bug NEEDS to be fixed. Just because of this one bug after an ad, it makes this game not worth playing at all. You may as well just pay $1.99 to remove all ads but that just doesn’t make sense. If you’re a company that makes App Store games and relies on free ads to make money, why not just have no ads and make the game cost $1.99 instead? The ads stop you every round so if you actually want to play fully, you have to pay that $1.99. Why not just make the game be $1.99?!?! And have no ads. They’re just relying on ads for money. And they’ll just get more money by making people pay for no ads if they want to fully play the game. They need to fix this bug fast.

- Really fun! But you didn’t fix the problems…

First when I read all of those true reviews that there was problems then I tried opening the game and seeing if you didn’t read our reviews then I died by this player that it’s color was purple then AN AD SHOWED UP! So I guess you were not fixing the problems 2nd you should read the reviews cause they are being honest for REAL and if you don’t that’s a big problem 3rd don’t just make all of your games filling with a lot of ads cause it doesn’t make people feel good about the game 4th people are reviewing because the problems you setted in every game 5th people are right that there is being bugs around the game and I get the feeling that you really don’t wanna fix bugs or read people’s reviews about the problems and that is bad cause then that’s gonna be a big problem so really a few people did 5 stars and a lot of people are doing 3 stars and 4 stars and 2 stars because you have to fix the problems and they want you to read their reviews otherwise the game would be getting 3 stars and 4 stars and 2 stars so please voodoo read this because if you don’t the game would probably get even more bugs.

- It’s ok...😐

Like most Voodoo in my opinion they are fun when you first start playing them but get boring later on. In this game you are a little block and your goal is to fill the hole screen with you color. You will start with a little circle and to make it bigger you drag your block out of the circle and WITHOUT touching your line you made go right back to your circle and touch it. The little shape you made with the line will get filled in and a bit more of your circle will get bigger. But there are also other players that if they touch your line then you die and start over. But do you really think the game is fun after a while? Secondly there are too many ads!!!! Like all Voodoo games they put a ridiculous amount of ads in the game. After every round you get an ad!!!! What I do enjoy about this game is the character there are. Unlike other games this one in my opinion has a variety of characters that aren’t easy to get giving you a bit more of a goal. Sorry I didn’t write to much but just I would say that you should download this app but I’m gonna warn you that you will get bored of it after a while. But it’s fun🙂 Thank you!!!!

- Bugs

Despite the title of this review, this game is amazing and addictive, and I absolutely love it. The concept is simple and fun, and there’s just enough strategy in it to make it interesting. However, there are A LOT of bugs, many of with make the game frustrating and hard to tolerate. One glitch I’d like to point out happens when two lands are overlapping. Almost every time my land overlaps with another’s, that part of the land starts to glitch out. It’s nothing to bad, the land is still there, it just flashes and looks all jagged like. Another glitch I’ve noticed is far more annoying than the latter. Sometimes, though on rarer occasions than the first glitch, my whole area will disappear from sight. However, once I’ve died, it will show that I still had some land. This is very frustrating, as the point of the game is too expand your land without getting hit by another person. How am I supposed to do that when I don’t have any land to build off of? There is one final glitch I’d like to bring light too: sometimes, once I’ve crossed over another persons line, they will not die. They are supposed to die, however they do not! These bugs make the game very hard to enjoy, hence my rating. Please fix them!

- Fun time killer

Am updating AGAIN in the hopes glitches are finally fixed because the glitches are so annoying, and past updates have not resolved them at all. After months and months of playing I still have not been able to pass my record 82% and this is because EVERYONE on the board will glitch all together- Just today I watched my 70 something% glitch to something like 1.44%, and every one else at the same time went down to just a few percent or less each... I bite the dust on my own enough, no need for the computer to be nasty when I am winning. DEFINITELY buy the in-app purchase to kill the ads, if you are going to play this often... they are as annoying as they can get. With the ads disabled, this is a great all-ages game. Both my 12 year old and I enjoy it. Sometimes there are glitches, like when you freeze up and your character can’t move. The worst is when you die at 61%, sit through a stupid ad in order to get an extra life (I would like the option to shut this feature off too and have zero offers of ads, anyway), and then immediately respawn at 1.11% instead of the 61% you had...sigh, well that’s frustrating. An addictive game though. Kiddo and I both enjoy unlocking new characters to “paint”.

- Game cheats bad. Terrible bugs

Ive purchased this and been playing for almost a year. Almost on a daily basis. Always crowned. But never win. This game cheats soooo bad. The ai bot players are overly aggressive. They dont play to win. Their progress in the game has no relevance, no objective other than to kill real players. Once u kill an ai bot player, it immediately comes right back. Theres too many to ever win. You can never get rid of them. AI bots with same exact color as u makes it extremely difficult to see defined area as yours or theres. The game has a bug that can make u go from 70% coverage to .5% in a flash of a second. Poof! The area u just spent 25 minutes covering is GONE. Serious waste of time. Too many bugs. And even tho u pay for ad free version, u still must watch a 20 second commercial/ad just to get the 2nd life. Great game. Needs serious overhaul. Major bug fixes needed. Total waste of time. If u think u can win the way it is rigged now? You cant. Trust me. Ive got more wasted hours than I care to admit. Most of what kills u, u cant even see on your screen. You cant zoom out even when u have 70+% coverage. Would be an awesome game if they made it fair and fixed the serious bugs. Not to mention the auto removal of your large already covered spaced and reduced it back to nothing for no reason at all.

- Too Many Ads

I adore the game and think it is very addicting. I like how there are achievement to unlock skins but what I sincerely hate is, there are so many ads in this game. This HAS to be fixed or I’ll just easily delete this game. Every time I die it would ask me if I wanted to watch an ad to have another life, I would say no and after I would say no it’s would make me watch an ad and then not give me an extra life. I watched an ad to get an extra life and when the ad was over it didn’t give me and an extra life. I also played and an ad popped up in the middle of me playing and I was so confused on why it did that and that STILL hasn’t been fixed for all the times you say “Minor Bugs Fixed” that only gives us a brief explanation of what is going on. It is very confusing and I feel like it would be better if you told us ACTUALLY what you fixed. I have played multiple times and random ads pop up and it hasn’t been fixed. It seems like you are just trying to make an extra buck by putting so many ads into games. The game is fun but I just don’t see ANY reason for the ads. You seem money hungry and just want money by putting so many ads in a free game and if we wanted an ad free game we would have to pay money!! Please fix this.

- My problem with players instantly getting rid of me when I start a game

It’s a good game but when you start people always I stand kill u 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I can’t even win one round! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😅😔😔😔😔😔😔no instant kills is myyyyy vote 🗳 like, AT LEAST 2 min. before people can kill u Palese they can’t be tat hard I really need this. And I think A lot of other players have The same problem🤣😉 so yeah if you make that happenIt would help me and I think. Other. Players enjoy The game even more p please consider it because I am almost certain that More. Players. Then just me, have that. Problem that’s why I only did four star 🌟 because I never really get the chance to win a round because people always. Instant kill me The second I load into A round… does anyone else have that. Problem with Some players Just instantly getting rid of. You. That’s why I think 💭 that you should add two minutes until your allowed to start killing. Other players😉 and I even think that would add more five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 😉 please consider it… Sorry for the long Long Long comment

- Glitchy

This game is really addictive until you play enough to realize there are more glitches than features. Your “land” will disappear from underneath you for no discernible reason—sometimes all of it, sometimes only the majority of it. Other “players” will spontaneously gain the ability to kill you within your own land. You will die randomly when you have full view of your line and can see no one has actually killed you. You will spawn into a new game on top of another player’s land and die immediately. You will watch the ad for a 2nd life only to immediately be forced into a new game instead. You will meet the milestones to unlock new skins and watch your progress reset immediately. You will encounter bots that are frozen and thus can’t be killed. You can experience all these issues at any time, but it seems to happen at lot more often when you’ve covered over 25% of the field. In a game where all other players on the field are bots and the numerous “glitches” exclusively work against your favor and become more prevalent when you do well, it genuinely just feels like the game is rigged after a while. This makes it far more frustrating than fun a lot of the time. Don’t waste money on removing ads.

- Very fun, I think I may be too good at it, haha

One problem I have- I was controlling 20% of the map, completely unstoppable, when suddenly my entire territory stopped existing, leaving me stranded with no clue where the remaining .99% of the map I had was. So please fix that, I was doing so well... Anyway, I’d also suggest removing that 100% of the map skin, only someone who cheats would be able to get it, I bet. My high score is ~30%, and even if I was good enough to get near 100%, new players would have to spawn somewhere, making that impossible, simply an unattainable goal mocking everyone who plays. Other than that, game is very good. I find it to be more fun than any other .io game I have, for some reason. A tip for any players or future players reading this- never get cocky. Claim small chunks of land at a time and do NOT attempt to carve about a third of a leaderboard’s turf. They’ve got that much land for a reason and as long as they patrol their borders diligently, you won’t get away with that. Even if you do they’ll quickly take it back. But yeah, would recommend other than that literally game ending bug.

- Glitches and some suggestions

There’s some glitches that ruin this game otherwise it’s not a bad one and those are how you go through someone’s line and they don’t die also the map gets glitchy when players take each others land you can’t tell who’s land it is another glitch is where your land glitches back and you lose some another is where you make it to your land but last second and you see the land made but you still die when Someone goes through the line that should’ve disappeared but the worst glitch is where somehow people going g through your land kill you like how??? I don’t even have a line and some suggestions are Island if this is online i didnt really check all to much on it I’m very doubtful tho because the other players make some very dumb moves but I get and and also the add if u die thing you have to watch a add for 30 seconds but somehow your land will be in tact and if it is online e shouldn’t that wait for when the player actually dies so their game doesn’t ruin it . Probably just an attempt to get more ads into their game cause you usually get one after you die anyways they that way they can get 2 into one round

- Really Annoyed

This is a great game that I would love to play more, but the glitches get me so angry I have to put the game down before I throw my iPad cross the room. I can’t stand it when my land just randomly disappears. It makes it nearly impossible to accomplish the goal of covering 50% of the board...never mind 100%. I have also killed another player and a glitch stops it from counting...and that player comes back around and kills me! Also my days are not adding up to reach the goal of 7 consecutive days played. I have been playing for a couple weeks and it still says I have only played for 3 days. And the ads....why soooooooo many adds. I spend more time watching ads than I do playing the game. The really annoying part is when you get through watching ALL THE ADS in order to continue the game, it start you all over! Arrrgggggg. And just a suggestion....check the content of your ads. This game is suggested for age 12 and up. Ive seen ads for a game that is all about cheating and finding your lover in bed with another person...definitely don’t want my 12 year old seeing that. If some of this stuff doesn’t get fixed soon, I will be deleting the game from all the devices my family has it on.

- Fun but ads are too long

I got the no-ad upgrade but it still plays and ad when trying to get a free extra life which is the only ad I wanted to get rid of. The extra life ad is way too long. By the time it ends, you get placed back into the game as dead 90% of the time. Spawn areas need work as well. I can’t count high enough to tally all the times I have died instantly when I start. No way to possibly avoid it, you just start off dead. Game is fun but has a lot of issues that need to be worked out. I want my money back for ad pass. It doesn’t actually get rid of all the ads. REFUND PLEASE Revised review. I am deleting this game. It is an incredibly fun game but glitches way too often and is impossible to win. Literally every single time I get over 50% the game glitches and all of my area disappears. I then dies because I have nowhere to go to finish my line. The ultimate goal is to get to 100% coverage and it’s something fun to strive for, but that isn’t even possible. It is too frustrating to spend 45 min playing this game only to lose everything when you didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe in a month or two I will try it out again and hopefully you’ve fixed the glitches. Till then, enjoy the little bit of money you got out of deleted.

- Pls read for your own good.

Look, you are adding to much adds and not fixing the bugs! I love this game but all you do is add adds and not fix bugs. And ik those are bots not real people. Cause when you put a stupid add in my face, meanwhile nothing is happening no one taking over my island nothing! Look every time I kill you put an add in my face! Maybe if you fix the bugs more people would play and more money you would make! Cause more people are watching adds! Speaking about adds, can you dile it down a little bit. It won’t be bad cause like I said, more people, more people watching adds it would be easy! And if you really need that money, what are you doing with it? You aren’t using it to fix bugs that’s for sure. Why don’t you put in a golden skin? And you could bye it for 1 dollar and 99 cents. Or the flying unicorn that helps you dodge other players for 2 dollars. Come one there’s so many ways to make money other then adds! Please read this it could help you! I hope you have an awesome day. Bye!

- In the middle

Good : This game is okay, you can change your character, my favorite character is a pink box📦, it gives out the most light but beautiful pink I have ever seen. I love how it is so difficult to get the map 100% your color because I love a challenge. Bad: I do not like how after every kill you have to watch an add and every time I get tired of the ads so I quit the game about after every 4 to 5 ads, I understand that’s how game owners get their money but I still do not like it and I also wish that there was more characters and that the map had more decorations. Objective: The objective of the game is when people leave their space there is a lighter color of their color following them and you have to touch their line without someone else touching your line and without you touching your own line so that you can cover 100% of the map.

- I’m not one of those people who criticizes very often but please listen to my suggestions

I’m playing a game, I’m at ten kills. So I watch an ad so I can save my place and not die. But after I wait for 60 Seconds which is 30 to many, but anyway I watch the ad and then the second I get in the game I slide my finger across the screen to move (Inside of my area) and the second I touch the screen I DIE. Another time I’m playing again I probably had around 19 kills and I die even though I crossed his path and I’m straight through his line the kill didn’t register so he came back around and killed me, so I watch an ad that’s 1 minute and 30 seconds mind you And so I’m TRIGGERED how long the ad is. But after I wait this long for the stupid ad. Note I had almost the entire map circled and I had one area about the length of two people side by side. After I watched the ad Instead of letting me Respond it restarts me and now I’m regular size! Anyway I’m writing this not to be rude but to inform you of all the little problems with the game. I love this game and when I put exclamation points it’s just because im mad with what happened. Not the game, but please listen to the details because I’m sure this sort of thing happens for a lot of people (every day). So please fix these changes😀. IDIOTS!!!


My opinion on this game is that its great 👍 I will walk you through the game. Once you download (which you should) you can put a name or just keep it as player. Next you click the arrow button and the game starts, you start out with a small circle ⭕️ with whatever color you get then you try and make your circle ⭕️ bigger than everyone else’s. Also you can kill people by going through their line Once you some of the challenges like kill the king and cover %10 of the map or stay 5 seconds out of you circle ⭕️ then you get cool skins like the donut 🍩 and the toilet 🚽 or the hippo 🦛. Also there are ads in the middle of the game but I don’t think they are a problem because they give you free rewards like going faster and getting to see more of the map 🗺. So that’s the game I really like it so I hope 🤞 this helps you in your choice on wether to get it or not ..... GET IT thank you 🙏 for reading 📖 have a good 😌 day or night I Bless you ❤️

- Too laggy, ads are awful!

I’m very frustrated with this game, as it’s way too laggy to play and I’m sick of all the dating simulation game ads! I’m perfectly fine with ads and I’m happy to deal with them, but I don’t want these specific ones in my face every time I loose in the game. It’s also very laggy. I’ll often jump into the game and get killed instantly (and have to watch an ad) because it wouldn’t let me move while the servers were trying to catch up. Sometimes it happens three times in a row. When I am able to start playing, I’ll often be in a spot where I’m surrounded on all four walls in a little box by other players. The game had a lot of glitches, too. Often, the servers cannot decide who owns what land when I JUST claimed it. It’ll stay that way until one of us dies or it gets claimed by a third party. There have been many cases where the game deleted my land when there was no one else taking it. And if the game crashes (which it does often) then it won’t save any of the data or my new high scores. Other than that, the game is fun. I’d love to play it again when it isn’t a pain to just start up the game. I’m really frustrated that I downloaded it and I have to watch three or four adds before I really get a chance to play.


This game is soooo much fun I could play it for hours! I like how you cans wiggle around and kill people to become the king of the map! But...I don’t know about the other “extra” stuff..... whenever I play a new round, it asks me if I want to become big, so I can get more land. And I say to myself “okay let’s do this..” and then when I watch the video its a scam! Sometimes I can’t get out of the video because there is no X and the only way out is to download the game! Also, sometimes when I watch the video and I x it out I tap play and I am the small character I always was! I dont get it! Another time, when I wanna get a free life and keep playing, I tap that and the add comes up. I also think to myself,”okay....let’s hope this is not a scam.” And then it brings me back to title screen and, AGAIN! I’m the small character I, always, was. One thing I would recommend is that if you don’t want adds to pop up while your playing, turn off your WiFi. I would do that with all of VooDoos games it still works perfectly and you have no adds. (But then you can’t get a free life and be bigger :/ )

- Like the game, wish it was better!

Like most of the other reviews on the game that I have read. I to have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. I also have lost my whole territory without being touched and that’s very frustrating 9obviously to many other people as well as myself. Also a few other things. Why not make it so we are actually playing other people instead of the computer? Or like I.hole make it so you can play local people or family and friends? Also I have played this game for several days in a row and still it hasn’t unlocked the skin for playing 1 consecutive day... and none of the other consecutive day skins either... also have the computer so eager to come after you when you first get placed in the game certainly makes it hard to try to get 25-50% of the surface without a kill for locked skins. Most of the time when I try for those, the computer players run into me even if I move away from them in my own territory. More playing options like local play and teams vs teams would be fun also. Good luck and hopefully someone reads these reviews and actually cares enough to make some changes :-)

- Too glitchy

This is a fun and addictive game, but it’s far too glitchy. First, I’ve played every day for almost a week straight and the skins for consecutive days have not unlocked. Second, it glitches sometimes and I kill someone and it doesn’t register it because their land just starts this digitized flashing thing instead of disappearing. Also, sometimes, usually when I am close to hitting 50%, it glitches and takes all of my land/space away at once for no reason. In fact, there have been three times this week that I’ve been over 45% and it’s glitched and taken everything away. And lastly, it seems to have trouble distinguishing between two people with the same avatar. I have been next to someone with the same avatar and gone into their space and back into mine and it never registered I got back into mine. There is no email for customer support. If it were fixed I would buy the no ad option but I can’t with how bad it glitches. It’s getting boring since I can’t achieve anything new due to the consecutive day thing not working and it glitching right before I hit 50% every time. I also have avoided their other games due to the glitches and lack of support.

- Needs improvement…

I have been playing this game for a few years and really like it. I think that it would be a lot better if you maybe added some of the following things to the game. 1. The game has a lot of ads and we do not get to play as much when there so many of them. So please try to decrease the number of ads there are. 2. Recently when I was playing the game I killed somebody and then in the top left corner it had a timer for five seconds. When it was at zero, it made me watch an ad, and after gave me a reward. Now you may be thinking, “Well what’s wrong with that?” At first I thought it was fine, but then it kept happening every time I killed a fellow player. (Which is a lot) So after a while it got really annoying. Please stop this from happening again. I really appreciate you reading this and I am sure that other people would also appreciate it if you consider my suggestions. Thank you for your time and thank you for reading this.

- So many GLITCHES

There are so many glitches in the game but they choose to remove the private server hack when the actual game is glitching. I had almost covered half of the map but while I was on my own land I died. It’s really annoying when your game is glitching but the only thing you go back and fix is the one thing that keeps people happy as in the private server hack. I am not to mad about this glitch but sometimes when I take over someone’s land it shows both of our lands would merge and one time it even counted it as both of our lands so I can be safe on that part and so could the other person. And even if it was just my land it is to confusing to tell. All I’m saying is when you updated to get rid of the private server you should of also fixed the glitches. Well there is one thing that I know and that is this app is getting deleted off this device if you fail to fix these problems. And maybe you should add a little bit of fun to the game by adding a small hack. I don’t know it just annoys me that you took the time to go in and fix the hack that you added while you could have used that time to fix at least one of the glitches in this game.

- Good thought, frustrating design

This game is really entertaining and addicting... I’ll give it that. But the way it is set up is so frustrating and the glitches are terrible. First I am always cautious not to go too much out of my area so I have a lesser chance of being cut off and therefore dying. However, an opponent always comes out of no where like from half way across the map to try and kill me. This is really irritating because I don’t see it coming because the opponent’s color is not even in my screen! My suggestion for this would to be to program the bots differently so they are not so aggressive or zoom out the view for the person playing. I know the point of the game is for it to be tricky but this is ridiculous when I am trying to gain 0.01% and then die from a bot out of no where. And wow the glitches are terrible. I’ll see an opponent/bot get stuck and then not move at all and then I can not cover that area or else I will die! And several times my area will completely disappear for no reason and I had owned over 50 % of the map. This game is over all really entertaining but I kind of hate how my experience is coming along because I feel like it is the designs fault for some of my losses. (not all of course).

- Buy this game if you wanna kill yourself

First, there’s an ad playing every 10 seconds at least . And it gets so annoying . And I hate how sometimes you can lose first place because of those ads. at this point I feel like the creators of scamming me. There’s too many ads about other games and that it just makes me annoyed so much if you hate ads don’t download this game at all never download this game if you hate ads. Second,If I were the creator I would fix the game the problems with the game like I said again too many ads you always lose your land because of those ads so it’s basically the ads cause you to lose therefore I would get rid of the ads this game would be a five star if It didn’t have ads I played this game on my computer it was way better but yet again the real version can be more disappointing .last, i’m finally going to stop hating on the game and tell you the good stuff about the game first the skins look pretty cool not gonna lie they are pretty good skins butIt should be harder to get the skins and I like how there is customization to your skin and your land if you pick a certain skinned

- Love to play this game, however...

Several bugs in this game keep me from enjoying it to its fullest. First there’s the bug where the graphics for your claimed territory disappears, which is pretty much hard mode you have to play without knowing where your safe zone is without getting killed by others. Then there’s the lack of stability during gameplay due to the ads changing. The game will be going full speed, then bam lagspike when you’re outside of your territory surrounded by baddies. Let it be known that I reset my cache before playing every time I play. Lastly this is the most frustrating of them all and also the newest bug that I’ve found. It’s also the most difficult for me to explain. Let’s say your territory is dubbed A and the area you’re trying to capture is dubbed B and the sum of both parts is thus C. The way the game works is A+B=C then C is renamed to A and the process starts all over again. There are some instances where A does NOT add B into it to make C leaving you only with the successfully taken area of B. (Or in other words A+B=B) The most frustrating part is that you could potentially having 30~50% claimed and suddenly you drop to some low ridiculous percentages like 0.19% because the game is acting incorrectly. And I understand the mechanics of how the game works, like if you cut a players area in two they keep the side they are attached to and lose the remainder. Which is similar to what happens but without involving any other players.

- Play if you like games that DONT work!!!

I had over 63 % and all of a sudden the game glitch and deleted all of my area, no one was going through my area it just glitches out and then of course I died because I was in my area and then because of glitch I had a string behind me and no area?????!!!! Wth??? Then is didn’t even record I had that much so I didn’t get rewards for it!!! Gah This is not the first time, I’ve noticed it glitching in and out but coming back! Until, a few weeks ago areas starting disappearing, blinking and then just going! I’ve had smaller areas glitch out while I’m watching it and no one is there etc and I’ve seen it happen to others on the screen! Impossible and pointless to play when this is happening! Not to mention frustrating! Happened again to me when I had a large area the 4th time and I’m done! Was really hoping that they would fix this glitch because I really enjoy the game when it works! It fun, addictive, keeps you on the edge of your seat! But can’t play a game that doesn’t work most of the time! Doesn’t record your achievements and deletes all the work you have made!!! Maybe if it’s fixed I will download again but as of right now this deserves a 1!

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- It’s good but is boring

I love the game but I usually would expect a challenge. I used to think this was cool but I have 2 reasons wat should be done/added. 1st , the challenges I was talking about. I think this should be added to this game. All u do is do get skins. Like paper. io it had challenges to go through a course. I hope challenges get added and I hope u make them good! =3. 2nd, ads. U have to pay for no ads and I get an ad every time I die! It’s annoying and we need a break from these ads bc they take 30 secs or over! If I wanna play for 24 mins I’ll only get a short amount of time bc I’m good at dying! I hope u see this and under stand this stuff. And last just to say, the chances of a bot spawning on ur line is not high so good job on that! And I never had any bugs. I hope to get paper. io again and I wanna get paper. io 3 too! Yours truely, jade bryan


Ok, so overall this game is fun and calming. I really enjoy it. But……….. WAY TOO MANY ADDS! Speaking of adds, recently, (literally just then) I had to watch an add to get an extra life. You must be thinking ‘oh, it’s just one add, you’ll get over it’, BUT THATS NOT IT! When I touched extra life (this was before the countdown finished) after I watched the add, I was on the screen where you press play? Please fix this Another complain (I get it, your sick of me whining), is that the adds are too long. Like, WAY too long. Now the paragraph above is more important, but I hope you still take notice of this. Overall, it is a fun game. I stopped playing recently it’s getting way too boring. No offence, but you don’t see to care much about everyone's complaints, but more about how many people are playing your game. You haven’t updated it for over a year. Might I add that some of these reviews were from one year ago, and I read most of them, but you haven’t changed anything to your game. The game is fun but EXTRA boring. They don’t let you get to 100% of the map because the adds will kick you out of the game, or stay on the never ending black screen. Change this now.

- Game modes

The game is fun but I think it needs a little more added so could there be actual game modes instead of a single mode to cover up percentage. Maybe the game modes could be single player, deathmatch, time to see who can cover up the most percentage and friends. Single player could work by basically just able to test stuff and make letters, animals and more without being killed and killed by yourself and there could be infinite space. Deathmatch could be timed to see who is the last standing. And friends mode could be like friends hanging out and making stuff together and be unable to be killed by accident if set killing mode off and a little system to turn on and off stuff like killing other players or time limit or even coming out of the base without making a line and single player could have it too.

- Best game ever

This game is like super duper good because like it’s really easy at the start but then it gets harder and harder and harder so I really love this game but I think you could use a little more updates like why do you have to Cover the whole entire map maybe give people some reasons ooooor you you could make some more characters and maybe make the unicorn character one not so hard to well to get but umm the game is really good and the best thing of all is that you have so many characters and you have to do certain things to get them love the game that’s my review so yeah peace out✌️✌️🤟✍🏻

- Bugs

Fun game, and obviously it’s designed to try and stop you from getting to 100% which is fine but twice when I’m around 50% an ad randomly starts playing, and when it finishes I’m back at the main menu. The first time I thought I died and I just didn’t notice but the second I was in the middle of my territory, and there was no possible way I could have died. Another bug that occurs is a weird loss of territory one. It’s happened twice when I’ve died fair and square, watched an ad to continue, but then once the ad finishes I have 0.00% territory and I’m a random line wondering around until I die. Please fix these bugs. Also a suggestion to expand the game fairly easily is to create AI difficulties, at the moment once players get 100% they’ll probably stop playing, but if there are a number of difficulties then they may continue playing

- Holinau

If you were to think of Paper io, or the action of playing Paper io like an interpretation of contemporary art, it mirrors the act of thinking similarly to a diagrammatic of phenomenology whereby other contemporaries merge and co-exist alongside one another. Sometimes these ideas overlap or intersect one another, but more often than not it is a challenge and a race to acquire and cover as much space as possible without losing the space that one has created already. This game is an extension of the 90’s ‘snake’ and made much more colourful with pastel pallet and very minimal text. At a distance, the game draws colours with other players, creating abstract forms on an empty plane. The colours map out territory and borders like an arial map which are ever changing.

- Paper up 2 honest review

I played the original game that first came out when I was younger and had a ball! I loved the thought of it and I enjoyed playing But this game and update just doesn’t seem the same and also the whole add thing! In the middle of the game you get an add and it’s like so annoying that you have to pay if u want them to go away! It’s just ridiculous, I’m not paying for something that I don’t need to it wasn’t in the first game and if you want it to be an amazing upgrade I wouldn’t of done that! That’s what my Honest reactions were, it was an okay game and I’m not telling you don’t play, if you don’t mind the adds on the game then go ahead but for someone who doesn’t like adds while playing I wouldn’t suggest it!

- Simply amazing but with some Difficulty’s

Ok i first have to say that this game is very good, addictive, fun, it has 5 stars from me for gameplay, controls, levels, what not but there’s one thing I’d like the game to fix... The thing that i want to be fixed is the ads... soo many ads I’m not sure about anyone else but i have ad after i ad i get annoyed by it sometimes... and i know every game is meant to have ads but this is way too many ads its getting me eliminated when I’m trying to unlock levels I’d finish one add 5 seconds later there’s another AD... I’d purchase no ads but reading some of the reviews its not that promising. It be really good if you reduced some of these ads... but other than that its simply amazing! Thank you!

- It’s simply just a GREAT/AWESOME/APPEALING/FUN/COOL game!!

I absolutely love playing this game😍👍. It’s intriguing and the concept of the game just appeals you to play again and again👌. I play this daily because I am ADDICTED 💀trying to always beat my best record, being satisfied with eating other opponent’s area, eliminating other players in the game by killing their colour line and trying to beat the record of how many kills I have had in a single game😂. Anyone can play this game to be honest, it’s actually not hard and you can get the hang of it after a few tries of having a go at the game. This game for me is by far not boring at all‼️ I would for sure rate this game 5/5 without a doubt. 🙏😍😍🤩🤩🤪

- Ads and glitch

When ever I’m in the middle of a game there’s are adds I hate it then for me I don’t know about anyone else but it’s some times glitchy and it there are so many ads it’s annoying and then the game gets boring and I only had this game for 1 day I also want to address that the paper io 3D is much better then this one Bec it’s not glitchy I didn’t really enjoy this game that much and the only reason y I downloaded this app was Bec it look way more cooler in an add that popped up for me so plz make the ads more realistic r at least close to what the app is like Bec it’s kinda like if the ads look so cool about this app but then people look at the reviews they will know that the ad is fake and hopefully u think about not putting the ads in the middle of games and to be honest then it might be better plz take that in mind

- Used To Say 5 Stars. Now It’s 1

Too. Many. Ads. Come on developers, seriously? This many ads is egregious! You can’t expect to play, and have a 30 second ad after every kill or every time I die. I know you need to make money, but surely a short ad after you die is enough? You have so many players after all. Instead, you are forcing ads down our throats. Unless you make 1 cent per ad, or have 50 people to pay, this many ads is quite greedy. Now, I don’t know if there’s something going on and you need money, but it’s aggravating! So please, reduce the ads. I used to be an adamant player, now I just want to smash this game. Sorry if this seems a tad aggressive or over the top, but I’m pleading for you to change this. Edit: Ok, turns out you don’t get an ad after every kill, but there’s still loads! Thank you, Cooki

- Glitches galore

First of all, great simple game, very addictive. But there’s problems. I spent money purchasing the ‘no ads’, however there are still long ads to get an extra life. The short ads in between games are gone, but it’s not really ‘no ads’ as promised. Most importantly, there are glitches that are both repeated and significant. The greatest two are: Doing well, have a large area, happily moving across the middle of your territory (and therefore can’t be killed), when suddenly you die and the game is over. Doing well, game playing as normal. Then all of a sudden your area disappears and turns white. It is still there, and you can move around it and add to it, it’s just white so you have no idea where it is, making it very easy to die. Both these glitches have been reported in the App Store reviews for some time now, and it is totally unacceptable that a company like Voodoo hasn’t gone to the effort to fix them, despite the last couple of updates being labeled ‘bug fixes’. This will turn me off buying Voodoo games in the future.

- What’s with all the AD’s?!

Okay, I have been playing this game for quite a while now, and I honestly love this game, but every time you die in this game a AD comes up even if you don’t choose to restore a heart, this pretty much always happens and I have never really experienced this game without all the AD’S! So of course I turn off my internet to resolve the problem and guess what? The AD’s keep showing up! All though this could just be a issues that I have because I am surrounded by lots of internet sources, either way the AD’s really need to stop unless you want another heart. Just to be a aware of.

- The Player: Only The Best

I really enjoy and love this game however there are a few issues. I think you need to fix some bugs in the game because I was on 60% of the circle surpassing my high score. And the game just glitched and I couldn't see my area anymore and I was killed in my area that was glitched. And my new high score didn't show but still I got the new skins for killing 50x and getting over 50%. The high score shows my last score of 43% This was on the iPad. I play both phone and iPad. I find that it's more glitched out on the iPad than the phone. Please fix this. Thanks Only The Best

- - Good game ;)

I think this is a great game and all but I don’t like the fact that every now and then ads pop up. I also think you need to fix these bugs sure you’ve tried and I’ve seen it in my updates for my games but I can still get some bugs. Say I was doing so well in the game and then all of a sudden my block disappeared or I’m back to 0.50%. In other things, I tried to get an extra life by watching a minute ad until I get out of the add it returns to the main screen and I was very confused. I think they’re should be less ads and please fix the bugs. ☺️🦟

- Great game but could use improvements

I have had this game for quite a while now, and I don’t have any complaints, but I do have a few ideas on how to improve the game. I think that there should be a small map to show you where you are in the game, as sometimes you need to get to a wall. Also, it would be cool to add skins with special abilities e.g. a free revival or something similar. This may encourage players to play more frequently, to unlock more skins. This game is really fun to play, but these additions would just make it better.

- Amazing but...

Love the game enough that I paid for ads to be removed so I could get on with playing. However, the glitches in the game are getting me down. Way too many times now, as I have been racking up a decent area, my percentage drops for no good reason. I get these glitchy, straight, flickering lines through the area and can not connect back to it. Super annoying when trying to beat a high score. I have also ‘died’ several times in my own area when I have not collided with anything. Again, super annoying. An update is needed to fix these issues. Reading through the review, it’s not an isolated problem. I was hopeful after today’s update - unfortunately the problem persists. I had the same thing happen again on my first game.

- Against AI not humans. Don’t pay for it you won’t get a refund

Not a bad game, but you aren’t playing against human players. Don’t be fooled like I was. Unless it’s a massive coincidence that every player I was up against used the same tactic. I certainly would never play like that but every player was doing it... They also had the same character names over multiple sessions throughout the day or two that I played for. I ended up buying the upgrade before I came to that conclusion though, and now despite having deleted the game (with no plan of playing again) I’m not eligible for a refund.

- Great concept but.......

This game has a great and addictive concept that is really creative and I appreciate their effort. The only thing I am disappointed about is that the game is not online against real people. I agree with Lizzie that the game would be top notch, 5 stars,if it was online multiplayer. The game is pointless playing by yourself so I do not recommend it as high as I would if it was online. Unless Voodoo pays attention to these reviews and decides to change their game I wouldn’t download it (unless u just want a game to play regardless as it is quite an addictive game). As you can tell I have very varied comments which is why it is a 3 from me.

- Not online multiplayer

The idea of this game is brilliant. But......there’s a very big but it is not an online multiplayer. I would have given this game 5 stars if it had been. It is very addictive, however the minute I realised I was playing against the computer I deleted it. Very disappointing, especially after paying to remove the ads.....Some of the characters can’t be unlocked until filling 100 % of the screen, which is impossible as well. Wish I’d realised before paying for ad removal, as I wouldn’t have bothered. Might be worth mentioning in the description that it’s against the computer.

- used to be fun. not anymore.

this game used to be one of my favourite little time-wasters, but now it's full of ads that interrupt gameplay every 30 seconds or so. other games at least wait until you're between levels to show ads, but this one interrupts you right in the middle of playing the game! i might not mind a few ads, but this game has more ads than game time! and no, i'm not paying nearly 5 bucks for a one-truck-pony like this. there is nothing more to this game than what you see in the first second, so it's not worth more than a buck of two. and why is this game a whole 350MB, when something similar used to fit on the commodore 64?!?!

- Bugs at real bad times - fun though

The game just clears your progress in a way that’s impossible for others to do to you, sometimes you get it back after a few seconds but other times it goes for good and all the time to progress is basically wasted. It seems the algorithm used does not consider remaining free space so you get to a point where you’re just trying to maintain the space you have taken. It obvious that there are some bots on field. The density of opponents gets silly sometimes. It is still a fun game but to take the whole pie (if at all currently possible) could take hours.

- Constant mid game ads fake players there all just AI

Try to play a match and you will be greeted with constant ads, what’s worse is that there’s a timer to the left that displays when the next ad is coming and that’s roughly every 30 seconds..... try and turn your Data and wifi off mid game and you will discover that all players still move around and act as they did with a connection this is because all “players” are in fact Ai, it’s sad they don’t just state there AI bots if you will, instead of saying nothing and leaving the average person thinking there versing real people, sad cash grab attempt at the “.IO franchise” if it were possible to rate -stars I would.

- Bug Problems

I just got up to 50% of the map and I had 64 kills and no one had taken my whole land I know that for sure, but my whole area and the 50% of the map that I took over suddenly disappeared. This is a problem because I noticed it when I first got the game but it has been happening quite frequently. There is no way around it because you can’t connect back to yourself. I died and I didn’t beat my high score nothing changed. I’m quite frustrated because I spent a long time getting up to that big of a number and was excited thinking there would be a special reward just to receive nothing. Please fix this bug.

- Ok (ish)

It is pretty good but the only thing that bothers me is the adds. It is sooooooo annoying and I don’t like it. I would love the game if it didn’t have adds in it. Also I think that on the edges you should not be allowed to go off the edge I think there should be a barrier so no one can fall off the edge. Another thing that is when you get back from those stupid adds to keep on going from when you died someone just as I hit back from the add I died even when I just got back!!

- could be better

okay, first of all this game is great and i would recommend it, but the ads kill me, there are so many of them and they even pop up while your playing the game, every 10 seconds no joke. When i used to play (which was probably last year or so) you kind of had your own little section and you would see players every now and then, but now you can’t get away from other players! Thanks creators for making this great app and i would love to see more apps like this come out!

- Fix the bugs

It’s a great game, I love the competitive aspect, how it looks, and how fun it is. But on several occasions, my area has literally just disappeared without anyone else covering it in any way. I was at around 20% covered once, then my area disappeared to 0.57% so I died. It is possible that someone covered my area yes but i feel that it’s unlikely in that short of time. I was also on maybe 2% once and my area disappeared as I was moving around inside it with no one anywhere near me. Fix those issues and we’ll be sweet. 👍🏻

- my opinion

I’ve had this game for a while so now that I’ve unlocked all the skins there isn’t a real reason for me to play anymore, as much as I think it’s a great game if game modes were introduced I think it would make it more exciting and fun. Also I’ve seen many, many adds for this game and it definitely makes it look cooler than it really is! The adds ALSO IN game are very frequent and it gets very annoying! Maybe making it on online game with real people would make it more challenging but I understand that it could get very unfair. Take this under consideration please, thanks.

- Great game but a bit glitchy

So when I was playing it got rid of a big chunk almost making me die because it was almost all of my avatar’s area. Then I ng to kill someone but I missed and it said I killed them when I was there, but other than that, great game I definitely recommend it. The game has good quality and a smooth gameplay, the avatars are super cute. Very nicely designed and think this could be my favourite game, well it’s definitely 1 of my best favourites.

- Advice

This game is sooo worth it!! 🤩🤩 There is absolutely no glitches, its quite hard the first time you play it but after a few times you get the hang of it. The only thing i think they could improve on is the colours of the skins, you dont get to choose them🙁 A really important thing you need to know about this game if its your first time playing is to expand your safe spot/ trail don’t venture off, keep expanding and cut people off when they get inside your safe spot/trail, also what i find fun is you can paint pictures out of your trail. Also if you don’t want ads turn your mobile data off for the app 👹 Don’t feel bad if u lose the first time🐥🐥the first time i played i failed, its all about trial and error, learn from your mistakes💙💙😇 I really hope this helps :) 💙

- I love it

This is a really good game it’s fun and easy to play there is a couple If bugs though like your hole area will just disappear and then your just left there not knowing where to go until you decide to kill yourself or someone else kills you there is also a problem where I will kill someone but they don’t die I just go straight through them and they end up killing me because I can’t kill them but others then that this is a really really good game I love it.

- H

The only reason I’m getting my gameing was your weekend with the boys and how you were feeling so you could come over tomorrow night and get a couple more things done before the end of the week and I’ll let them know if you want to go to the store and pick you up at the airport or do something and you don’t need anything else to say to the kids that they are all right there you t to him to see you guys and the guy he had a great job r

- Too many ads

every time I would play an ad would play not even 30 seconds during gameplay and then I pay for a little bit longer than they’ve been more ads too many ads way way too many ads there’s not even any point downloading this game because the whole time is just add to get the tiniest bit of gameplay and then you just with ads the whole time it’s ridiculous and then you have to pay to remove the ads

- To many adds

I really like your game but there is just way too many adds like a ridiculous amount, I do not have a problem with you putting adds in the game but while we are playing the game an add pops up that’s just stupid, like if you just put adds once we die that is fine I would expect that but I wouldn’t expect one mid game so could please change that thank you for your time

- Seriously!

Okay so... it’s a fun addictive game but after a while you get very bored and theirs way to many adds plus it gets impossible to get new skins after like a week. But overall it’s pretty fun. Please do stuff like making it a little bit easier and removing annoying adds. I love how you don’t have a space limit like the first. Cause that gets really annoying. Thank you for reading this and if you could please just fix the first things I wrote that would be awesome!

- Used to be better

No real challenges, great game but no achievements and wayyyy too many ads. Like I get you need to make money somehow, but it used to just be between games you’d cop an ad or a banner down the bottom. Now it’s both of these AND it continuously interrupts gameplay, sometimes with only like 3 seconds between ads. Given the game doesn’t have that much keeping you invested, sitting through the ads is a big turn off and in the end just isn’t worth it.

- This game is ok....

Hello developer! I decided to write a review about this game and this game is wonderful I love it! But the only problems it has is it always glitches me out and what do I mean by that is all the sudden my screen went black for a short amount of time and then it kinda kicked me out of the app now this game would be a four star without the glitches but why not five star it is because just like what others said the game is fun I love it I play it everyday but it is kinda boring at the same time thank you and please read through this.

- Gaming with Bots, not people

You do not play against real people, you play against bots. Game is glitchy as hell, I played an ad to continue with my current game and once the ad cleared I had nothing and was just floating around until I got killed. Also once you’ve done well the game literally tries to kill you. It’s almost impossible to get above 40% because once you do, the bots come for you and they take all of your land. You spend all your time trying to keep what you’ve got and you can’t get any more, then you end up dead. It’s not fair playing against bots as obviously they always know where you are and I can barely get 20% anymore

- Good but could do with a few changes 🐼

It’s really FUN but it gets kinda boring like kill the king that sort of STOOF. I would LOVE ❤️ a update for more skins or maybe 🤔 even a cool world you could win and mini games like hide and seek the king on the last round would be seeking you get it right. I’m kinda addicted to this game but it’s not the best (just a warning if your looking for THE BEST GAME EVER) I hope this was helpful and downloaded the game (if you want to) (:

- Like the game, hate the app

This app needs work... I play the app almost daily in the hope that one of the “bug fixes” that tend to happen every other month will of finally worked and fixed the frustrating problems with this app. But once again not... the app freezes, the game glitches and you loose space you’ve gained in the game and then when your 20 minutes in and have 70% of the screen covered, the app freezes for 10 seconds, then comes good however you loose 68% of the space you’ve gained and have to start again So frustrating!!!

- It’s ok I guess...

Well I have a few problems to say and hopefully you can fix them.... 1. There are soooo many adds I don’t even think I’m playing that much because of it. 2. When I’m playing there are glitches of little cubes (like the people) and then I die so unfair. 3. My final thing is that it glitches soo much if my finger is on one side my cube is on the other side! I hope that you can fix at least one of these problems but overall the game is pretty good I like it really it’s just those problems bug me a lot.

- AIs not players

One of the coolest thoughts about this game is battling against other players for space. But I then realised all the others in the game are just AI controlled players , not real people. Game is now very lame considering. After all, AI would have unfair advantage of knowing exactly where you are , what you are doing etc. can’t use strategies cause for the AI the game isn’t based on what you can see in your field of vision. Sadly I’ll stop playing now.

- Bugs

Really addicted to this game however I keep dying due to bugs. The whole of my area will just disappear leaving me alone with just a tail. This usually will only happen after my area overlaps with another persons and it goes all glitchy trying to say we have both claimed that area.. then shortly after I’ve won the glitchy area back my whole space disappears. Occasionally the whole app just crashes too. When it’s working though I love this game

- Omg this game is fun

And other try to download this app because l don’t know if you love this game others if you are a girl and if you know JoJo Siwa l saw her game everthing if you don’t know l tell you . So you surcharging Jono siwa game only if you know JoJo Siwa try to be carful on this app because if you not being carful on this app you going to lose so many times not JoJo Siwa you can kill people the line thinks if you the game and get angry at it just try your best do you remember that the people try they bes game

- Full of glitches and bugs

Started playing the game, and I just wanted to get rid off the dozen of adds, so I bought the game. (Not cheap). After playing for few days, you get stuck on areas, at times there are more people playing on the same server than the screen can handle, you then take your time and go slow, and clearly out of the blue you go from 40% down to 0.01% for no apparent reason, as it is impossible to lose all that without seeing it coming. Very frustrating., especially when this happens so often. I end up uninstalling the game. I would give it half a star if I could.

- Needs update or something

I have been playing this game for some time now, despite that I am still missing the skins acquired for consecutive days of playing. The game doesn’t recognise the number of days I’ve been playing which is frustrating. I have made comment on this before, but updates have not fixed the problem. Also the game is still glitching and area is still disappearing for no good reason. The last update was supposed to fixed this problem. I also find it disappointing that the game developers don’t seem to respond to these reviews. Not great customer support at all.

- Great game, but.....

I love this game. Occasionally i get a graphical glitch, but it could be because I’m using a really old iPad. I can live with that. But..... I paid for this game to support the dev and to get rid of the annoying ads, but I still have to view ads to use an extra life, and still get the nag notification about data sharing! WT?... I’ve made the choice not to share data, so accept it and move on, dev. Would get 5 stars if it weren’t for these two issues.

- To glitchy

It is way to glitchy once I had made it to 15% and someone killed me while I was in my base. It is not supposed to kill you when you hit the walls but sometimes it does. When I have made space and have just reached my I am in my base and it kills me because someone has ran over where line was but I was already back in my space. I just realized that I already have 27% as my high score but I don’t have the 25% character thingy or whatever they are. I was just about to reach my high score and my space disappeared I was so angry fix this game or I am deleting it out of frustration and the fact it hardly works!!!!

- If I could give this no stars I would!

Okay Ads this is the whole reason why I deleted the game. They would pop up randomly so when I’m about to kill I get an ad and when it’s over and I begin to play it randomly starts to move as I’m not ready to play and bash into someone and die! As well as now you can’t go to 100% which was my life long goal it has began to bore me! Well old me! I think your spending to much time on the people playing the game and the money from the game then making it entertaining to play! Because some times you just glitch

- Glitch

I love this game and I’m not going to lie, I am very good. I was on 64% of the map taken by myself and I had 147 kills but then my area went white. I had no idea where my map was. And I then died as I could see nothing except for my character. Now I don’t want to stop playing. After it than said I had done something like 0.56% of the map. I have an IPhone 7 if that helps. Please fix this glitch. Thanks.

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- Pretty fun

This game is pretty fun. The voodoo games don’t usually need WiFi . Some things I don’t get but that’s actually my fault so I really don’t care. So this game isn’t my favorite voodoo game but it is my top 3 favorite. You try to complete stuff for new skins to unlock. I also try to be the king too. Sometimes when I try to get more space for my character I go down and up but then I get out of the game because I was on apple iPad and that means I flicked it out. Then when I go back in I went straight and I die or I made myself look dumb. But this game is still pretty fun!


Okkkkkkk wow.! This actually works. Make ur username V00d00Debug2019 and it allows u to do so much things. Put a zero 0 instead of o’s though. so cool! Someone already posted something like this so shout out to them ALSO THIS GAME IS FIRE 🔥

- It’s a cool game

It’s a cool game but I have a cool idea to add to it... Custom skins!!! someone makes a skin and chooses an patch colour

- Fun

It’s a fun, addiction game but once you reach 50% it glitches out and all your colour goes away!

- Fun game but...

This is a fun game but it lags and bugs too much, runs slow especially when you are succeeding in the game. Too many advertisements which are completely irrelevant and just really annoying. I find myself downloading the app, playing for only a little while and then deleting. Not with my time tbh soz

- Bug?

I was beating my high score doing pretty well and it was the highest I’ve gotten to 100% and out of no where it glitched and took away all of my space and shrunk the camera view back down to where you start and so I had to start from scratch and it took away ALLLL of my covered space

- Disappointed

My girlfriend and I have been playing this game for weeks, we thought we were online masters at this game just to discover they’re CPUs. Can you guys actual add real players to this game, than I will rate it 5 stars.


I got to 95% of the map and then out of nowhere “a real person” stole 94.8%! I was so close and the whole thing disappeared. Impossible that it could happen in 2 seconds. If I could give this a -100 stars I would, but like just fix this. Idk maybe you dont want anyone passing because you want people to keep playing (and paying) but like this is just so incredibly annoying. (if you experience the same thing please say this review was helpful! Maybe then VOODOO will see this.)

- As simulator

Ad simulator

- Mid game ads?

I’m suddenly getting ads in the middle of gameplay. The game is now unplayable and I’m not paying to make it work the way it’s supposed to. 👎🏻

- New Update is Frustrating

After the new update to, I deleted the app because it was frustrating to get ads pop up in the middle of game playing and block the playing. It was much better when the ads would pop up between games. Showing ads in that block the play in the middle of a session render the app useless.

- Disappointed

I liked playing this game until it was ruined with ads in the middle of a game with stupid dice that you must use. I don’t mind ads and you could have put two in between each game. This ruined it for me. I am done.

- Mid game ads

There are advertisements in the MIDDLE OF A GAME. Not ads to get a bonus, or to get a power up, just MANDATORY ADS to get in the way. Why the hell would you do that???

- I found a cheat code

This is awesome! (I may or may not have found a cheat code 😋) if anyone wants to know its V00D00Debug2019 Please don’t get rid of this, or a lot of people won’t like this game anymore, and plus, it’s not really affecting the game :3

- It gives me add in the middle of the game and I do not like it because it makes me die💯👌

And it is so annoying but I do like the game it’s awesome 👏

- Ad

It was a lot of ad

- So fun but to many adds

The adds are driving me crazy I do not like it that much Not good game

- Glitch

This game is so annoying it’s always glitching and its not my phone it’s the game it’s sucks!ITS HORRIBLE!

- Ads x button :(

Game amazing but the x button with the ads is so small for even my pinky finger that make really mad :(

- Overkill on ads makes it not enjoyable

If I could rate lower than 1 star, I would. Ads literally every 30 seconds mid game. I played for maybe 5 minutes and gave up. Total waste of time, unless you enjoy ads every 30 seconds.

- very glitchy

it has a lot of glitches. i was at 40% of the map and then all of a sudden it’ll put me back to 3% for no reason, and it does this a lot. or i kill someone but they don’t disappear until i cover their entire area, but even then it doesn’t always kill them and still leaves their area inside mine.

- ADS!

Like whenever I’m in the middle of playing the game a ad just pops up and it’s a waste of time. It gets annoying and to get no ads it cost money.

- Super glitchy

This game would be fun if it wasn’t super glitchy. You can’t get anywhere because all the glitches. And way way too many ads, it makes playing frustrating.

- Don’t do it

Mobile games have been going downhill for years with companies trying to squeeze in every ad they can, and that’s understandable, but this game (for me) decided to give me ads in the middle of a game. Not worth downloading

- Don’t download the game

You have 1 minute to play and the rest is 1 hour of adds. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT

- I used to love this game

I just redownloaded this game because I used to play it all the time but now not only do you watch adds between games (which I understand and am not bothered by) but every thirty seconds it makes you watch an add. Absolutely ridiculous

- SO buggy :(

I genuinely enjoy this game. So much so that I sprung for the premium version (the other users are 100% on the fact that the mid game ads are extremely frustrating). The app hasn’t unlocked any of the skins for consecutive game play. I’ve had chunks of my area spontaneously glitch out and disappear despite no CPUs being in my area. Lately when I make a kill the colour from the “killed” CPU and the CPU’s name stay on the screen. Honestly a shame because I do think it’s a great game

- i’m so upset

i’m never playing this game again. i was at like 90% then it glitched and sent me back to 1.20%.

- Fun but I wish I couldn’t kill myself

I hate that if you turn you die from killing urself please fix a respond

- You are the only person online cuz the rest are bots oml

It’s just why why are you the only person online

- Bad Game

This game has no real player base as it is all bots and there is too many adds. This game has potential but right now it isn’t good.

- So bad game

Too hard I died from nobody not myself

- Adds

I don’t like that we have to PAY for no adds

- Great Game!

The title says it all. It really is a great game. There is a rare occasion where the game shuts down though. But it’s really rare and barely happens. Just thought the developers should know. Nice work! Also, I like to play the game without wifi because it gets rid of the ads and lags a lot less. Thanks

- Good concept but why fake online?

The game itself is pretty okay but why do you make your online fake? I’d appreciate if it was possible to play the game with my friends in the same server, not just competing against the same old bots with human-like usernames.

- No Ads

The “no ads” sign is deceiving. I purchased the ad free version only to continue to receive timed videos ads between rounds. Yes banners are gone but I want my money back.

- Lame

I hate this game

- Annoyed with Data Sharing Banner

This was a fun game to play. Both my kids and I liked to play and I purchased the ad free upgrade as well. However, today I was prompted to make decisions on data sharing. If you don’t agree you get an annoying banner. I paid for the upgrade I would gladly pay a couple of bucks for the whole game instead of this annoying garbage. Fix the glitches and offer for people to buy it.

- Disappointed with Data Sharing.

I purchased the no ad’s package. It has now stopped me from playing at all without allowing data sharing. That’s a ripoff!

- It ok😐

I don't see the point

- Hate the ads

Love it. But hate the ada

- Constant adds

So I don’t mind having adds every now and then. But it’s every 30 seconds while you are in the middle of the game. Game was fun but not worth all the adds.

- Awful Game

When I started playing this when I was getting to someone’s trail my space disappeared for no reason. And I failed immediately when I started another round and you need internet to play and I know these aren’t player’s. Do not download the game, it’s awful, poor, money hungry, and stupid bugs.

- Big bad game

1 star 0 if I could because i was winning and all my progress got deleted and my progress was at 70%

- Still apps even with inapp purchase

When i pay 3.99 for no ads, i expect no ads. This still makes u look at ads even when u purchase no ads inapp when you want to continue after you die

- It would be fun but…

I don’t mind ads when I lose or in between games but during is really annoying and frustrating like off it was after a while of play it’d be fine but it’s constantly I watched more ads then played

- Waste

All players are CPU (not real people) and you’ll get ads while playing for no reason

- This game sucks

I get adds every 15 sec and it stops my game in the middle of me playing it

- .

2 many adds bruh

- Crap game

Way to many ads

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Mikko Mononen

@knarkowicz This paper talks about velocities too, maybe there are diff flavors: Crowd sim handles 2 collisions: current & future. Current is just like you'd do with physics, predictive future collisions change less often, and can be calculated at lower rate.


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@a_1_0_2_ @JCPEREZCODEX @JJ2000426 @Zulu18360299 @olivierveran @axelkahn @RolandBakerIII @BricePerrier @MartinBlachier @walterdebrouwer @BidoliNicola @DIVIZIO1 @flavinkins @franciscodeasis That has nothing to do with your previous "bullshit" claim. Here is the part of the paper that mentions HIV SARS shared sequences which you advanced as a flawed counter argument, and better you actually read the paper as you are only parroting again.

Emmanuel Ramsey

#rToken is a redeemable token for the staked assets issued by #StaFi, it can be traded, lent, or borrowed in a variety of venues The article below analyses 1. The Definition of rToken 2. Rights represented by rToken 3. How to obtain rToken 4. Why rToken


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@TylerJBurch Three approaches I've seen: 1. Lots of independent chains 2. Parallel reduction over many observations 3. In a hierarchical model, parallel steps over the exchangeable branches Google search has some hits, other then that... maybe the Augur paper?

Twila Moon

.@jcarnott @aspenglobal talks lessons re: Climate Services 2.0... - expand awareness of local climate champions via peer identification - help users navigate existing climate portals/info as an alternative to new ones - partnerships & deep listening

DNA&RNA Universe💎

To all #SARSCoV2 research community📢 A very useful source: GESS (Global Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2/hCoV-19 Sequences) enabled by #gisaid data ***please check also our latest paper*** #scicomm


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1/S I criticized a paper from John Ioannidis in another thread. So I wanted to check if those criticisms applied to 3 other similar papers. #1: #2: #3: 2 2.6.0 Screenshots & Images 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures. 2 iphone images 2 iphone images 2 iphone images 2 iphone images 2 iphone images 2 Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready... 2 (Version 2.6.0) Install & Download

The applications 2 was published in the category Games on 2018-08-09 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 405.2 MB. 2 - Games app posted on 2022-05-19 current version is 2.6.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: io.voodoo.paper2