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Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition.
A smooth drawing experience!

Game made by Voodoo, who developed Helix Jump,, Snack VS Block and other cool games! 2 App Description & Overview

The applications 2 was published in the category Games on 2018-08-09 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 227.32 MB. The current version is 1.3.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes 2 App Tips, Tricks and Rules 2 Reviews


Fun and addicting  Ashmay77  3 star

Whyyyyy are there so many glitches ?!? It’s so frustrating please fix!


As others have pointed out!!!  Onlyomen70  1 star

I love voodoo games but really people, your land disappears randomly during gameplay, do you think you guys could MAYBE slow down on game releases and actually make games that don't instantly glitch? Please?


Bad game  Cowboy_300  1 star

It’s a BAD game u play with bots lol

A very upset gacha fan

4 Stars  A very upset gacha fan  4 star

This game is amazing but I would suggest a few things! - Please fix the bug where instead of killing an AI, all their territory disappears, and the one where if someone kills me, all my territory disappears. - Please fix the bug where sometimes if I revive by watching a video, as soon as I finish the ad and go out, it shows me the death screen and I have to start over even though I watched the whole ad. This really annoys me! - I would suggest not being able to kill yourself, it’s quite annoying. Maybe the line you were drawing disappears and you teleport back to your territory? - I would suggest a mode where there are no AIs or anyone else and you can just free draw! - I would suggest a bottom camera where you can see the whole circle and the AIs, or just your territory if you think that would make things too easy. - I would suggest (though I know it may not be possible) a mode where you play with real players to be added. However, I understand this would be incredibly difficult to implement. Thank you for your time!


Addictive  :):):):):););):)  4 star

This game is awesome but just one complaint... there are way too many adds. I’ll get a high (or a low) score and then an add will pop up. But overall 👍


Best game ever only game I play👍🏼😻  🧠👥🧒🏿👣👣👩🏻‍🦳  5 star

I love every aspect of the game I have every skin and truly the best game EVER😻! ,


The game  rosey(:  5 star

I like the game it is a fun game


It’s fun but remove the ads  wils0nk3  5 star

It’s fun but the ads are annoying and I hate that part


Love it - Hate it  Stengeljjj  3 star

Good base game but... ads are annoying. Paid to not get ads and is better but... if you die and want to continue, option to watch 30 second ad!!! The game seems to cheat with timing so you did and have to watch ad; generating revenue for the app. Sometimes after the 30 second ad. You return to the game and it crashes. Also crashes periodically or screen disappears for short time. They need to fix the larger bugs before charging or get rid of ads until it is stable, Some of the challenges don’t work. For example. Consecutive days played has never worked for me. This is a very cool game but the bugs might drive you mad! Looking forward to fixes.

Pedro Armando

No lo entiendo  Pedro Armando  1 star

Necesita tutorial


Mia  Squeaketski  5 star

This game is hard but enjoyable but I don’t get why I keep on crashing it’s not fun really but I still have fun doing it and I played every day

hullulabaloo  hullulabaloo  5 star

It’s so much fun. It can get very stressful but that is what I love about it

Mai Za

Review  Mai Za  3 star

I love the game but I feel that how many kills you make is how many lives you have so if I’ve killed 10 I should have 10 lives but any ways this is a good game definitely recommend it and also thank you for being free!!!


Fantastic  asher.jethwatherocker  5 star

It is a great game. Loads of skins


Great but one thing  oaososksoskssosksosksksoss  3 star

A good thing is that it’s full of Avanter But the bad thing is I need a joystick Please fix it can we have puppy’s. kareter S🐶


Amazing 😁😁😁  Rgdiamomd  5 star

This game is awesome. I love it.


Adds are so long  Sarafitton  5 star

Cool game and all but adds? That’s the end of a bad game.


good game  Gsggafjw  5 star


chubby lil marshmellow

Love your game  chubby lil marshmellow  5 star

Your game is the best of the best


Such a good game jk  claytonwilkonson  1 star

It makes you rage and rage quit


Flip this game  golf_sentinel  1 star

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too hard


so fun  AppReview😊  5 star

this game is very fun and addictive i suggest you get it

Wren Marie Dennis

About paperio  Wren Marie Dennis  1 star

I only put 1 star because I do not like the way other players can get on your track and kill you Sincerely, Wren Dennis

gil rivera jr.

Just yes  gil rivera jr.  5 star



I love it!  CNCalton  5 star

BeStT GamE eVaR


Fake: no multiplayer  _Ender_  1 star

Update: updated the review to 1 star. There is no multiplayer. Turn on airplane mode and check for yourself. It's all fake. It's a shame because the game can be a lot of fun. Sadly the insane amount of bugs cripple the game experience: turfs that suddenly disappear and then reappear, cutting someone else's trail but not being able to kill them, slowness when your turf is becoming big (>20% size, c'mon I have an iPhoneX shouldn't be slow), achievements not being granted, etc. Just lazy development work.

Mariel Freve

My review  Mariel Freve  3 star

I think it’s nice but it can better


Hrm....  Fjdjnxhd  2 star

I do not think its online


Nice game!  1stargameryt  5 star

I like the game it's 😎 cool but.. can it be when adds come when u get a new life not after u die?


Today I got my biggest high score  mooooooooooo(se)  5 star

So I kept beating people and killing people and now I have 12 kills because I kept going in their area and crossing them out and now I have my highest score and I love this game because it is fun and entertaining the end


Potential  Reviiiiin  2 star

This game WOULD be fun if the other players weren’t so trash. I can’t even get the 0 kills achievements because they keep ramming into my area right beside me where I kill them by accident. The mechanics are fine but I feel like these aren’t even players at this point and just AI.


My opinion  Saoirse409  2 star

This game is great but it takes up your battery very quick and there’s a lot of ads

Alex cof

Too many ad’s!  Alex cof  1 star

I get it needs to make money - but at least let me get used to it. 30 second ad’s every death - it’s not a good enough game to endure the ad’s.

Margo lol

Know your personal information!  Margo lol  1 star

When I first downloaded the game it said to play this game we need to know your personal information I accidentally clicked except but I deleted it.Takes up to much battery and voodoo look up the meaning of that you wouldn't want to know .DELETE IT

yo spicababado

Love this game  yo spicababado  4 star

I love 💖 this game. It is so much fun and I’m really good at it. This game deserves 4🌟 The only thing I do wish is if someone does win☹️ but apart from that😁🤩👍.


Glitching and bad battery  abigg55  2 star

I was playing on 100%and my phone brightness was low and nothing was on except my WiFi and then suddenly I saw my phone on 67%!! And when I keep playing it just takes my plot out off no where and then I don’t get it back I’m just left with my character!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

petunia gerta

Great game  petunia gerta  5 star

Really addictive I tried making up some crazy strats would definitely recommend I made the top of the leaderboard can you by this game here to find out


Good  evacusack  4 star

It’s very good but there’s a lot of things you don’t know first even though I’m 12 it should be an 8+


ADS!!!!!  CarlaCillins  2 star

The ads! Please fix them

Caoimhe 200 cronin

SO GOOD  Caoimhe 200 cronin  5 star

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