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What is app? Discover Voodoo's new game:
Your goal? To conquer as much territory as possible. It's initially very simple, and the game can be mastered immediately, but watch out: there's competition, and not everyone can win!
Whether you're bold or more careful, you have to be more cunning than your adversaries by finding the best strategy to conquer the most space. But be careful! You have a weak spot: your tail. If an enemy touches it, that's the end for you.
Try to stay ahead, because victory in is never certain until you possess all the territory. Stealing is allowed, and your enemies won't hesitate to do so.
After the success of Quiz Run, 1 Pic 8 Words, and Bool, Voodoo now offers you a new gaming and graphics experience inspired by io type games (made popular by Enjoy the simplicity and strategy of an io game in a world with unique graphics. is for the whole family and doesn't require an Internet connection.

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Find this site the customer service details of Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. Customer Service, Editor Notes: Version 4.125 June 2022

UI Redesign The game is now in portrait mode. Version 3.7.1207 March 2022

- Minor fixes. Version 3.7.1018 October 2021

Minor bug fixes. Comments & Reviews 2022

- Too many ads

I really like this game. It is very addicting and fun to play. However, when you’re in the middle of a challenge, an add pops up on the side of the screen. It messes with my game because whenever I try to make a move, it clicks in the ad and it messes me up. Every few seconds there is also a random pop up of the ad. I understand that in order to make this app free, there must be ads, but I think they should be very much controlled and better organized. I recommend to add more challenges for there is only 25 and you get done with them quickly. There should be a daily challenge where you win something special that allows you to unlock a new little character. I also recommend there to be a personalized character where you can change the color of one or create one yourself. If these changes are made, this game will definitely be 5 stars. I very much enjoy the different maps and modes to the game and i think that turning that into the actual game with different calm varieties of choices are made to play the game just how you like it. Again, the biggest change that should be made are the uncontrollable ads.

- Should make some changes

I enjoy this game a lot however when I first began playing it there were no challenges and you could pay stars or something to unlock different characters I like the new ideas however I feel they still need some tweaking for starters 1) I feel like there should be a customizable character feature where we have to play to still unlock different skins but instead of having a blue shark with a red line and box we could do a pink shark with a purple line i dont know just an example or I would like to be the black bat with a rainbow line and a grey box... I feel like adding a feature like this would spike some more interest in the game 2) I think there should be different maps we can play I liked the challenges maps we could go fast or slow and there was even maps with odd obstacles within them I think it would be cool to open the app and the game ask do you want to play online with other people or against bots do you want to go fast normal or slow and do you want an easy small map normal map hard large map or an extreme difficult obstacle map 3) the last fester I think that should be added is a chat and a pause button a chat could be used to make friends and give some players a better experience or give some a more challenging experience it would also be fun to get to talk to other people while playing the game. If those feature were added this game would be five starts for sure!!!

- GREAT! But the ads need to stop

I was on a play date with my friend looking through the App Store seeing what games we could get we saw Paper . Io Paper .Io 2 & 3D Paper .Io We decided to choose paper . IO 1 because we haven’t even saw the map so we went to the rewiews first and saw good rewiews and bad but mostly good so we decided to play the map looked so cool but before we could explore everything the play date was over . So at my house I started playing the game because I wanted to wait until I was at home to play and then my friend texted me saying this game is so amazing and addicting but that’s not the case what I’m about to say I was playing and Everytime I died it said “ Would you like to continue? .” With a Pixel Heart . OF COURSE I SAID YES ! I was in the lead ! But you won’t believe what happened . It made me leave the game ! This made me even more mad then before because I just wasted my time on a ad when I could’ve be playing the game ! This time I was actual playing and I died I diecided not to take the heart and it gave me an ad anyway I thought this was a glitch but this happened all the time . And on top of that it wouldn’t let me take right turns and cross myself I rate this 4 Stars because this game is still very addicting just please take away the ads it’s gonna make no one play also why is this game rated for 12 & plus there’s not even Tabasco in this game

- I really want to like it, but...

I got this game a while ago, but then got rid of it because of the BS with spawns and the controls. I get it again, and it hasn't changed. At all. The bots spawn ridiculously close. Whenever I get a kill, two new bots take up its place. I don't mind fast-paced games, but this is beyond annoying. One time, I had over 50% and was about to make a gigantic gain when a bot literally spawned *inside*, before I could close it off, and killed me. Speaking of which, the bots are outrageously nimble and speedy, plus their control is significantly finer than the players'. They make maneuvers faster than the game lets us and the lag makes it worse. The controls are slow in comparison. At most, I can kill a bot by crossing its path in a simple, straight line—while the bots are allowed to do zig-zags without the game itself slowing them down. And, I get ads, even when I don't want an extra life. Why is there a "no" option, if I'm going to get ads anyway? This game would be so fun without all this. I like it more than any other .io game, for its simplicity and fast-paced action. But among the bots spawning in BS locations, slow controls, and the unnecessary 20-30 second ads, I'd prefer something else. I'm giving this three stars instead of one because it truly is a fun game. It's addicting and—like I said—simple, plus fast-paced. Servers would be nice, but I don't mind as long as the bots perform better. Please fix this for the next update.

- Fun, but eventually not hard enough

Can't express how quickly I became addicted to this game. However my initial love was built on my understanding that there were real players I was competing against, but after learning they were simply bots I was mildly disappointed. Still finding the game fun enough to play while I was bored, I eventually learned the bot habits of greed and gained an understanding how to exploit the bots with simple trickery which is why I'm giving it 3 stars. Overall this is a VERY fun game and my review comes from months of playing it. The recent additions of challenges were refreshing, but overall simplistic if you already played the game enough. My biggest wish is that there are different playing modes in addition to challenges. Adding multiplayer would be HUGE and I would also love to see easy, medium, hard, and impossible levels of difficulty. This can include different speeds that are experienced in the challenges, OR bigger/smaller maps. Admittedly I've played this game so much I invented my own personal challenges like beating the game without killing a single bot, but wish I had visibility to see what challenges (if any) I had yet to accomplish. Making this game harder would reinvigorate my interest in this game, but until then I'm getting kinda bored. If you hadn't played this game before and you like simple puzzles, I highly encourage you to try this game!

- Great! But the adds are crazy!!

I love this game. I saw my friend playing it and I thought I would try it. I love it!! It is fun and getting new skins is always great. I wish they would have more variety in them. I also think that maybe hiding the ones you didn’t get would make it more fun when you actually get it. Another thing is the adds. I am fine with adds normally, but this game makes me not want it play it. I am fine with watching an add to live for more time but even when you don’t press it, it gives you an add. It is very annoying and I wish it would stop! Another thing I would enjoy is challenges and points. This would make the game have a reason to keep on playing. You could maybe use these points for an extra life or to get a skin. This would be a lot of fun but the points won’t stop you from playing or be the main thing in the game. Some games don’t do this correctly and the games become less fun as you need more points. If they do this in the way I described, people who don’t like points can not mess with them while people who do can use it. Those are a few of my thoughts on the game and I hope you use these to make your game better ( in my opinion ). * you and they is talking about the app creationists *

- I’m addicted to this game! But...

This game is honestly addictive. If you’re looking for a game to help you procrastinate, this is the one. It’s very competitive and simple. Although the game is so much fun, it has many flaws. 1) Although I don’t mind ads (even if they’re very continuous and annoying) I have gotten used to them. Even though I don’t like them, they have taken over the game (literally). During some of the games, I get a ad in the middle of my screen and die. It gets very agitating when that happens and PLEASE FIX THIS. 2. The game was by far better a while ago. They have added challenges and have made it harder to get different ‘characters’. The challenges are OK. But you used to be able to buy characters with “coins” but now you have to complete difficult challenges. I have played 500 games and after I finished 500 games I was supposed to receive a new character. But I didn’t. That has happened multiple times. PLEASE FIX THIS! Please bring back the “coins” so those who play a lot and are good can buy the characters without having to complete ridiculous challenges. That’s all the complaints I have. There’s more pros then there is cons, but those cons are, in my opinion, major and ABSOLUTELY NEED to be fixed!!!

- Fun and Addictive Game but Super Annoying

This game is very addictive but, there are a lot of things that I would like to be fixed to make this game even better. First off, the glitches. I get every game has glitches sometimes, this game has way to many for my liking. Here are four glitches I will talk about. When your game or server is just fine the game pauses while it paused your moving but you can't control your character but when it unpauses either something pops up or you just automatically die. Secondly, why is there ads popping up in the middle of a game causing you to die? 🤷‍♀️ I know I don't know. We need answers. Third, when you are on your surface, no one's supposed to be able to kill you right? Oh! But guess what's happening. Exactly. And finally about all of the glitches, why when I watch an add to keep going I either automatically die or still start over but in the same server. Done talking about glitches and lets have our last SHORT talk about the stupid amount of ads there are. Every time I die I get a thirty second ad that I always get on other games that I don't ever want to download have already downloaded. Anyway, I hope all of these things get fixed so that this game can as I said be even better. Thank you for your time

- It is a good game but

This game has the change so the Wall makes you die that hose to change so can you please do it it is dumb about it the walls make you die that is dumb I am sorry for this but please change the game about the walls please do it okay so please change the game please do it I mean it but I am sorry for this the game has to change it needs a update to the game please change the game about the walls please. My name is Kevin an my whole name is Kevin nak brown and for the last time please change the game please. I am sorry for all of this but it is a good game I don’t want you to be sad but it needs to change so please do it. Wait I forgot to tell you can there be no adds please okay and my dad won’t get the game of the one with no adds so make it free please can you do it please okay that was my last Word okay wait this is actually my last word to say wait probably a sentence this is a good game I became the king free times okay .

- Bad but good at the same time (read for context)

This game is not very well made, and is hard. But the visuals are nice, I guess. I advise they make servers smaller, I often get put in the same place where I died because of all the space taken up because there’s about 150 people in the same small place. The turning is extremely to sharp, causing you to often not be able to turn in time or at the right time. This game causes me to ragequit often because of how many people will try to take your space and kill you at the exact same time (see comment about too many people in one server 🤧) but the visuals and skins are nice. Another thing is this has entirely too many ads. One ad after you die doesn’t add up with dying constantly. (see comment about too many people in one server 🤧) I bought the “no ads” which was first of all, overpriced (3 bucks I paid 90 cents for no ads in better games than this) second of all, you can’t revive yourself anymore, and third of all after a bought it, I IMMEDIATELY got another ad. Honestly, I advise you don’t get this game due to it overall only have one good quality that isn’t even redeeming or that good. Oh, also, devs I’d like to just kindly give you a 🖕😃

- Don’t bother downloading this until they fix these problems.

When I first downloaded it I thought it was going to be the same version as the computer. I was wrong. When I first loaded up the game I enjoyed it. Once I upgraded to my iPhone X it started annoying me with the Poot attempt to try to make it compatible. When you start it up the notch blocks part of the screen which shouldn’t happen. The bar that tells you your best score is blocked. Another complaint is that you always spawn too close to the bots or the bots spawn too close to you. It already happened to me that when I spawned in the bot just so happened to enclose me and made his territory surrounding me which ended killing me since I just spawned in. Another time I spawned in and when I did I killed another bot Instantly. Sometimes when I try to respawn the game freezes and i have to boot it up again. My last complaint is that when I die, I get a option saying if I want to get a second life but if I do I have to watch an ad. Which I don’t mind. But what I do mind is if when I click the button to not get a second life I get an ad immediately after that. This has happened to me four or five times already and is getting annoying. I recommend playing the website version and not this.

- Fun but glitchy

I love this game and have been playing it for years now but there are some glitches that I’ve only noticed in the last update. The avatar unlock achievement banners pop up all the time for avatars I’ve already unlocked, and sometimes without me even doing the thing that unlocks it (for example, the avatar unlock for no kills will pop up after I’ve already killed several people in a game). Some avatars that I had unlocked in the last update are no longer unlocked and the counters don’t work when I try to unlock them again. I’ve redone the cop car crashes for the donut avatar many times but the counter never increased to show that I’m working on it. The only avatars I haven’t unlocked other than the donut are the ones for collecting a certain number of avatars, which I’ve clearly done since all the other ones are unlocked but even trying to redo old avatar challenges doesn’t make the counters increase for those. It’s not a big deal and the game is still fun but it’s just a little frustrating.

- Read below

Okay, so, this game is super great. I loved the idea. But, there are a few problems. Here is a list: 1. The game has glitches. Sometimes in the middle of the game I am unable to control my avatar and it just keeps on going in the same direction or the game just “pauses” or stops functioning. 2. I recently learned that the “players” aren’t real people, and that is a bit upsetting. It’s would be a lot more fun if there are real people who have their own strategy and are playing in their own smart way. There is this different feeling you get when you beat a real person rather than when you beat a bot. Please let us all know if it is true that the “players” are bots or not in your next update’s notes. So, of course, it would be great if you made fixing the glitches a priority, even though they probably already are, and if you could please have us play against real people, that would be awesome! Otherwise, this is a pretty good game. Also, I would like to thank you guys for fixing some major glitching and for removing the box ads.

- Fun game. TOO MANY ADS!!

I’ve had this game for quite some time now and it’s so addictive! Here’s my two complaints: TOO MANY ADS! And I think everyone agrees with me! Second, running into ur own tail! When ever it says free life for watching an ad, I almost always click no, because the ad is always a mini game on final fantasy!!!!! But MOST of the time, i click no, AND AN AD SHOW UP!!!!😡😡🤬🤬😡😡🤬 This makes me very upset! If ads were not as frequent or no ads at all, I would have put five ⭐️. Three stars because the ads are a tremendous problem! And please fix the final fantasy thing always coming up when I want an extra life! Also, I know u guys need money, but PUH LEEZE! Three dollars for all the ads!?!? I mean, it’s kinda understandable for all the ads in the game, but there should be NO ADS at ALL! And when someone covers ur area completely u die. I want an extra life, ad, try to make area from scratch, hit own tail, die!?!?😾 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 this is also upsetting! Sorry for the long review, but it’s ALL true. Other than the ads and hitting ur own tail, the game is really fun and addicting! I would love it if you took the ads out! Thx bye!

- Good but too many tweaks.

With every good thing something always goes wrong, you play you probably win a few games and so on. But I wanted to come back to this game because I got an ad so I was playing it and I got addicted. But not even 20 minutes in I already found the first tweak. When I unlock skins it doesn’t give me them. I’m constantly going back and forth and having to delete the app and then reinstall because it doesn’t give me the skin. I don’t even want to talk about the ads because they pop up as soon as you die even if you don’t watch the video to continue. I wouldn’t say you should spend money on this game because it’s one of those games you delete after a week or so. I get that they are bots which is why it’s a lot easier to win. But the ads and tweaks I don’t like. I recommend games like piano tiles, flappy dunk, twisty road, sushi roll 3D, amaze, high heels or tomb of the mask for casual games that are like this one. If you took the time to read my review, I appreciate you. And if you’re a developer please tell me why it doesn’t give me my skins.

- Need to make changes

Let me start by saying I love this game. I usually hate games on iPhone simply because they are too hard to control, but this is super simple and easy to play. There are however, many flaws to this game. First of all, they need to add live action multiplayer, instead of just bots. It would be much more fun playing against real people in real-time. Secondly, the controls need to be improved. The swipe method to turn is great, but incredibly slow. I like to use the directional pad when I play, but they are even slower and less responsive than the swipe. Thirdly, the wall kills you no matter when you turn. The wall should not kill you, it should automatically make you turn. Fourth, we should have different map choices. I like how in the challenges there are some maps with obstacles, or some very small maps, those would be massively entertaining to play multiplayer on. Lastly, there are simply too many bots playing on the map at one time. It is nearly impossible to gain more than 40-50% because your avatar can’t move fast enough to protect your space, and if you go out and get more you’re losing just as much just as fast.

- Just fix these issues and this could be a perfect game!

First of all, let me just say that I love this game. It’s kept me entertained for hours on end, and the challenges are really enjoyable. But, like any great and entertaining game, there are some issues that need to be fixed. For example, make an option to play online with other people or to play on the same server as a friend. Since many people have siblings that also play the game, this could be helpful. Secondly, make the interface for finding the skin you want snappier and easier to navigate. Like, for example, to have the option to search the name of the skin that you want, like for instance, dollars or a bumblebee. That could modernize the game more. Lastly, make the spacing of computer spawned players more spaced out for a more enjoyable experience. If all of these enhancements were added, I would have rated this game five stars. But four is good too! P. S. I really like the challenge section in this game. Good challenges make a Voodoo game recommendable and recognizable, in my opinion ;)

- Okay, but...

The game itself is fun. The thing is, my first minutes of playing, the transaction pop-up to buy the “no ads” feature was randomly popping up. After about 10 mins of play, it stopped happening, so it very well could have been my thumb slipping, though I couldn’t tell. Also, there is SO much lag. Lag has lost me multiple games and even when it’s not game ending it’s still annoying. Another thing is the ads themselves. There’s an ad every other time you die, and when you die, they ask you to watch an ad to continue your game.(this seemed to happen every time you died, but became less frequent over my 3 days of play.) Throughout today, (my third day having the app) this feature stopped working. I would press the check mark to watch the ad and continue my game, but then, after the ad was complete, it said game over and my game (I was in first, by the way) ended. Honestly, that was the last straw for me. Maybe I’m over reacting, but all the little things added up for me and ruined the game. Get the game if you’re fine with lag, unreliable features, and ads (or have money to buy no ads, I believe it’s $2.99 US Dollars)

- Addicting!

I saw this game advertised while playing Toon Blast and decided to check it out. I am glad I did. This game is sooo addicting! I have some suggestions if I may. Would it be possible to play against friends? I have already turned my friend on to this game but sometimes we wish we could play each other and not just random people. Also, can there be more challenges added like maybe adding different crowns when you are deemed the king and the ability to chose my basic square color. The cow is my favorite but sometimes I like to be the original square and it would be nice if You could pick your own color for it. The other downside is the game seems to glitch and blanks out my whole area. It’s like I can be at 35% and then my whole area goes blank. I don’t die but it makes me start all over again taking over new territory. And last but not least, can you please add sounds...i don’t know what kind but the silence gets old. Thank you so much for creating this game and making it fun to play.

- Super Fun, Just Two Things

This game is really fun, but there are two things. First, when you die you get an option to watch a video to keep playing or restart. Whenever I choose to keep playing be watching a video, the video goes on fine but when it is over, I am automatically dead. Second, it is really annoying when I am playing in the game and there is an ad covering half of my screen. I understand that there are going to be ads unless I pay to get rid of them, but is it really necessary for it to be there when I am in the middle of a game? Overall, this game is really fun and addicting. Here is a suggestion: maybe you can get a certain amount of ‘points’ based on how long you live for or how much area you cover, and then you can unlock some sort of speed boost or invisibility thing where you can go into somebody else’s area and steal space without them seeing you. Other than that, this game is definitely a favorite and I am totally going to recommend it to my friends.

- Locked characters and the ads

It’s a fun game, love it in fact. But I’m having a problem with the unlocking part I did do the challenges and it’s even says I completed the challenges. Except when I got back to the main screen ready to get the tank and the lady bug the game crashed. No big deal I load it up again and I go to the character selection and there not unlocked and I tried doing the challenges again but it won’t count, and I collected 34% of the map in one go and I don’t have the PEGASUS 24!!!! It’s irritating. The ads are just stupid I press “ no I don’t want an ad to be revived” and 9 times out of ten I get an ad anyways...and when I want to get revived and I watch and ad I don’t get revived even though I watched the whole thing! Then another ad comes up right after that taking me back to the main screen!! then there’s that ad when your trying to complete the challenges blocking half the screen!!! And please fix the glitch where you die you don’t get the option for the ad AND you don’t get sent back to the main menu. I have to leave the entire game and restart it cause it dose t take me to the menu.

- 😊

I like the game and I think it’s very entertaining. I have a few suggestions that might make it a little better. 1. I get that on all games there are in-app purchases like premium or remove all adds. But every time I died I would have an add pop up and I would have to watch a video. Sometimes I couldn’t even X out of it. So I would suggest a little less adds. 2. In every server there has to be a certain amount of people but sometimes people decide not to kill anyone and then more and more people join and it get’s too crowded to even create space. 3. Make new challenges. First of all there is only 25 challenges and my cousin already finished like 12. Secondly all the challenges are the same. There either reach the finish line, take up this amount of space on this server or kill this many other people.

- Fun, but very glitchy

This game is weirdly addicting and I actually really enjoy it, but wow is it glitchy. I can't find a way to contact support about it, so maybe this review will be seen at somepoint. I can't complete some of the challenges with "special maps" because once I get back to my color, I freeze, my trail doesn't fill in, it just fills in behind the trail with a pale pink. Everyone around me is still moving and no one can kill me, but I'm just frozen, and I have to exit the game to restart it. Also I can't get all of the avatars because the game isn't registering my accomplishments, i.e. I can't get the donut because no matter how many times I crash the cop car it always shows as 0/15. Also, sometimes when I load up the game it'll notify me of an avatar I already earned, but it's in French. I'm not sure if the game just isn't optimized for iPhone X and its causing a lot of bugs or what the deal is, but it does get frustrating even though I still bought the game and I'm still going to keep playing it haha.

- It’s fun but it needs some fixes!!

I agree with Jassiele! It doesn’t even seem like the bits are real players! The only way I can possibly kill them is if they go in a straight line and I cross it. It can get really annoying! This game is actully quite fun but that one part gets to me! I love how you don’t have to buy things with real money like different skins. 💰 💴 💵. The one thing you should absolutely change is the ADDS! Sometimes adds pop up right after I die and it’s annoying! You shouldn’t make people pay for taking away adds! You should make them write a review about the game instead! It would be easier and less expensive! In places right now money is tight and parents don’t want their kids spending it on that! Let the kids just take them away for free and who knows maybe you will start getting donations?! For your next update please change the adds and the way to fast bots!! It a fun game to play altogether!

- Great Game, But NOT multiplayer

I really enjoy this game. it’s simple and really fun once you gain a lot of area. I like being able to change my nickname and character. However, there has been quite a few glitches in my game where I “achieve” getting a character I had already gained. In addition, it doesn’t let me unlock the “consecutive days” characters. Anyway, this is not my biggest complaint. After playing it on trips without an internet connection, I became suspicious of my previous assumption that it was live multiplayer, that you were actually in a live room with others. After googling, I found that the other “players” are computer generated. Now, playing the game makes me feel less competitive and it is a smaller sense of achievement when I’m up in the leaderboard. However, this is still a pretty fun game, so looking past the character and multiplayer issues, I would definitely recommend playing it. 😀

- Good but...

I got this game like a couple months ago and I was addicted to it then but then because of school and stuff I deleted it but now I re downloaded it like a month ago because I was gonna be going international and without wifi for a while. So I was addicted to it because it was the only game I had that I liked. So then like about a week ago I got 100% on the map and beat the game and I also just yesterday finished the 25 challenges. And now I’m just trying to unlock the remaining characters. And the game is pretty boring now that I beat it. I think that the other reviews ideas were good I think there should be more challenges and different characters. But overall it’s a nice game. But I think that if you made like different levels of hardness on getting the 100% then it would be a better game because the hardness would increase and that would take even more time to beat the game. Okay that’s it thank you.

- Fun, Addicting, Great Pastime, and...

EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! The amount of ads is just ridiculous. I don’t mind the characters and challenges—in fact I kind of like them. I do mind that many of these challenges are impossible to complete! The bots spawn right next to you so HEAVEN FORBID you should dare go outside your territory. Because if you go out by one little square they kill you. The way they maneuver is both impressive and frustrating. I don't even attempt massive gains anymore because the new guy on there will pop up right next to me and move out if I do. I inch by out of my territory and go right back. Why do these stupid things spawn right next to you??? And why do you spawn right next to them??? It’s really hard to enjoy the game after the first 20 deaths. The title of this review isn’t false. It really is a fun game. It’s just, there are an insane amount of downsides that I’m gauging and it’s outweighing the positives. I kept this game only because I hoped that one day, it would be fixed. But nope.

- Awesome game but....

So, I love this game. This is one of my favorite games I’ve downloaded yet. It has the goals you want to reach, yet you have to have the patience to do so. It has the competition, & gives you different levels (characters), you can be. It is a lot like snake, which used to be the best game ever back in the day if you had a Nokia phone. It’s great, but..... the only thing I do not care for is- when you die the first time, you get a second life. That’s awesome, except the ads mess you up. Some of them take way too long, therefore by the time you get back to the game, you’re no longer as high up as you were before that life. And a lot Of the time when you get done watching a video, they will let another player start where you started, which will kill you so you ended up watching that long video for absolutely no reason. Besides that, it is a wonderful game. Try it out and see for yourself!

- Addictive but could use improvements

I loved this game from the start. But I was so disappointed that the other players were ai bots. At first I really thought they were real until I was without internet and they were still playing. Hmmm. And seriously, what have avatars if only I can see it??? We should be able to pick the color. So it is still fun but here are some improvements. First, make it so you can earn extra lives. Like at 30%, 50% and even 80%. Make those free, no ad watching. It is frustrating to play for 10-15 minutes and then get killed at 85% by a rogue new bot. Another feature could be a speed boost. Maybe for 1-2 seconds when an enemy is coming. I found some strategies, leave the big guys alone. Take their space but don't kill them. They will more or less leave you alone and have more space to move around. The small guys are crazy and erratic, more likely to go rogue and get you. Leave 2-3 squares for wall space. Why take the risk of hitting the wall every time. You will get to 98% and then go around the wall. But still after having this for a year and paying for the upgrade, I am still disappointed. For those who didn’t pay, stop playing. Don’t let the ads generate the revenue for the makers. Look at other reviews. They all say the same thing, “addicting game but....” I’m done! Adios!

- Love this game but few app issues.

I love the spin this game makes on the original Snake game. I have been playing for years and seen this game go through several major updates and availability upgrades. I give this game 5 stars because the most annoying little bug to me still doesn’t affect game play and is just more of a personal shtick, see below. The one thing that bothers me is the inability to keep the “characters” I unlock through each of these major updates. I don’t mind re-earning them, which is fairly easy, and it doesn’t affect my ability to play the game. However, this time I don’t seem to get my cubicorn back, which is my favorite character, despite logging in and playing every day for over 7 consecutive days. This might be a small bug, but I may not be the only one experiencing this.

- Ads are terrible

The ads in this game are ridiculous. I try to play the games and challenges and there are literally ads on the side of where I’m playing. I can’t play when every time I start a challenge it takes me directly to the App Store for a game I’m never gonna get. If this company is gong to put in ads, at least put them after the game ends and not DURING the game. I love playing it and I will delete this app and I recommend you to do too unless they take the ads down that are during the game. It’s ridiculous that they do that and there is no point in doing it because no one (or at least a very small precent) are actually going to go out of their way and try to download the app. I know there is an in-app purchase that makes it so there is no ads but 1, I can live with ads as long as they are not in the game and 2, $3 is a lot of money for a GAME that I want to play and for it to just take away ads!! NOT a happy player.👎🏻

- It’s fun but...

Okay. Don’t get me wrong, this game is soooooo addictive. I’ve played this on the airplane and in the car. You don’t need WiFi for it! But the reason why I didn’t put 5 stars was because the adds in the corner of the play screen are so annoying and I paid the money for no ads and they are still there! Another thing that bugs me is the constant glitch the freezes for a second while your out of your square(territory) and then someone just comes along and kills me!! Last thing I dont like about the game is that I’ve completed the requirements for the characters and I didn’t receive them! Example=“unicorn- play 7 consecutive days”. I did that but didn’t get anything! If you could fix the bugs and glitches that would be great. I’m sure I’m not the only player that experiences these bugs. plzzzzz fix them!!! Thank you for reading😁

- Glitchy

Even though the game is addictive😏 it is also very glitchy to the point where I just quit the app and don’t go back on until the next day😒 Some examples of its glitchy-ness are... when I start to play it won’t let me move my avatar or I’ll obviously kill another player and that player won’t die.☹️ A second example is when I do challenges it will take forever to load and when it finally loads it won’t give me a chance to move my avatar instead it go right into a wall fairly faster then normal. 😤The third thing is when I choose and avatar I’ll start to play and it will be a different avatar.😠 Also this isn’t just my phone that’s doing this,I’ve asked many friends if their’s have done this and they said the same thing happened to them.😡

- Good Idea, Bad Execution

I really do like this game, but the gameplay could be such more. First of all, it is not an online game. It works just fine with full data and WiFi off. It continues as if nothing happens when you pause it for hours. This is kind of a good thing, allowing custom game modes and the aforementioned pausing and offline play. But the game only has only one mode. Sure there are challenges but they are easy and over within minutes. I will list some cool game modes that shouldn’t add for Voodoo’s convenience. This game also just never stops with the ads. I get it, you gotta keep the lights on, but Voodoo has many apps and games, all with way too many ads. Come on! Another annoying thing about this game, not as annoying as no 1v1 mode but still annoying, is the fact that you can’t change the difficulty or the number of players on the map, even though it isn’t an online game. Cool game modes (easy to make): -1v1 with an AI -regular play but with a huge complex map -local multiplayer -a “round” system. There is a small map and the winner is whoever can take 50% first. When someone wins, a new round starts. Maybe a timer and some interesting and complex maps to keep things from getting boring. -the round system, but like a championship. Those are all I can think of right now, but there is just so much untapped potential in this game.

- Needs bug fixes

I like this game- it’s fun and addictive. This game could easily be 5 stars if they fixed these bugs. I’ve been playing for a while (since back when they had coins you earned to unlock the avatars) I had unlocked everything. I have also bought the ad removal in the app. Now every time I achieve something that would “unlock” an avatar, I get a notice about it in game, despite me already having the avatar and despite having received the notice multiple times already. I don’t know how to make the game stop flashing banners every time I “take 2 corners”, etc. Also, there’s a spawning problem where new characters appear on top of your line, instantly killing you. In a game that is not purely chance but about a little bit of strategy, a death you can neither predict or avoid is VERY annoying. I don’t mean characters spawning near you, I mean their starting block is under your “line”. Lastly, if there’s a way I could attach a screenshot I would- if you have a certain percentage in the game, connecting to your own already solid area randomly won’t fill in what it should fill in. It leaves the screen looking lace-y. I’m not talking about disjoint blocks. I mean the see through line becomes opaque and all the space that should have turned opaque to your color remains unclaimed screen. If these bugs are fixed I’d be a really happy camper.

- Love but frustrated!

I love the game & play it probably a bit more then I should! However, I’m very disappointed and frustrated with the fact that you do what’s needed to unlock certain avatars, but it don’t work! I played the game probably 10 days in a row & still did not unlock the unicorn. I had all but maybe 6 avatars unlocked and the one that requires you to unlock 30 still showed 0 unlocked. I definitely think this is the forefront of what needs to be fixed! I also believe there needs to be an option to make it to maybe a second level where there’s a whole other set of challenges. Or maybe offer more with the paid version. I have thought of paying to remove the ads. But to me just having no ads is t worth $2.99, I will just deal with it. But if it also offered more avatars & levels, I would without hesitation.

- Has bugs

The new update requires you to accomplish goals in order to unlock a character. To get the donut, you have to crash with the cop car 15 times. To get the unicorn, you have to play 7 consecutive days. The bugs lie within this. It doesn’t correctly calculate the consecutive days. I play every day but every day it starts me back at 0. I’ve been trying to unlock the unicorn with no luck. The most I got it to was 5 days and then it put me back at 0....again, I’ve been playing daily so it shouldn’t have restarted the count. And I’ve crashed the cop car but it doesn’t calculate the number to unlock the donut. So I thought it meant you had to crash with another players cop car. I finally found one and crashed with it, died, checked the number and it still didn’t calculate it 🤦🏼‍♀️ these aren’t working. Can we go back to collecting diamonds for killing someone and then using the diamonds to unlock characters?

- Good but needs changes

Hi you want my opinion about paper I o ?? Not so great. I’ll give you my ups and downs about the game. Ups: 1: l like all the skins and their patterns! 2: I don’t even know what else I like!! Whatever I will just move on to downs! Downs: 1: Does mini levels,I think they’re rigged! Like sometimes when I do the mini mazes, I don’t touch it but it makes me touch it. Or when I do does levels where you kill other people, the levels are so tight and crowded!!! So I think they are rigged! 2: It’s impossible to own the whole plot! 3: Remember when I said the levels were rigged I think the whole game is rigged!Like sometimes I play the game and I perch next to a big plot and two seconds later i’m dead. OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!! There are other horrible things in this game that I can’t even explain! I deleted the the game the next day ! Oh I forgot to ad it’s stupid to pay so you don’t have adds !!!!! Here are some updates so I get the game again:NO ADDS AND NOT PAYING TO GET THEM ! Perhaps make different places to play . DON’T MAKE THE GAME RIGGED! Perhaps put tricks to make the game hard ! Maybe make people have categories like easy or dangerous or something or make multiplayer or be able to make their own characters oh and maybe make the game online and the option to chat ? And maybe just maybe have like teams or something And more! Make the world have a better perspective about this game ! Thank you for reading

- Good, but disappointing

If you’re coming from playing this game on the computer, don’t expect better. This game is you vs. a server full of bots that are quicker and o.p. But, this does allow you to play offline. It does have cooler characters that are 3D and challenges, but it is still worse than the computer. Bots tend to spawn very close to where you are especially when you are trying to claim area. And the bots are very greedy, if you have enough land there will be like three guys trying to take it over. Also, they show no respect for you when you spawn in. You can just spawn in and instantly die. Also, there are a lot of ads, like once you die it gives you the option to get an “extra life” if you watch an ad (which sometimes can just not work) and if you select no, it will play an ad anyways. Which is frustrating especially when the ads are 30 seconds long. Overall, it is a great concept and cool game, but it doesn’t have the best execution.

- Good concept, needs help.

I really enjoy the concept of this game, enough to purchase the ad-free version. Because I play often, I have noticed a few issues. The game will occasionally glitch when I finish a trail and completely erase my trail without giving me the mass, even though I was not hit by another player. Then there are the ads. After each loss, there is a pop-up to watch an ad to get an extra life. I’ve done this a few times, rarely actually get the extra life, even after watching a 30 second ad! It is really frustrating, especially since I paid to not watch ads. Also, the rewards that pop up are inconsistent. Lastly, my character will sometimes glitch causing me to go a different direction than I swiped, resulting in my death. Again, overall it is a great idea, but it needs a little bit more fine tuning.

- Awful Ads and other annoyances

The advertisements have become unbearable. If I play this game while it’s connected to WiFi, the popup ads never go away, and always come up and get me killed by the time I hit “cancel.” These ads also cover a good portion of the screen. Then, when I die, because of one of these ads, I get ANOTHER AD after the death screen. How greedy can you be to constantly bombard someone with this? And my only solution is to pay $2.99 to remove ads for a game I’ve almost completed. Plus, I can’t unlock at least 5 or 6 avatars because the mini-challenges I complete don’t register. The last issue would be the horrendous spawns for some of the AI. The many times I’ve gotten close to getting 100%, I always end up getting killed by a character that spawns RIGHT next to my line. Completely unfair. Don’t get me wrong, the game is addictive, and a great way to pass time. Just fix this annoying garbage that keeps it from being a 4-5 star game.

- boom

Yeah. Boom. Five stars, you get it. Nope nots a fake viewer. I beat this game and I still love it! 😅 It’s hard to play with these A.I., and I think it’s a bug but I’ve seen an AI just take almost all of another AI and that AI was only worrying about killing me... so you know they died 😂 This game is pretty awesome, I play it before school, and I just wish there was a way to play online, and invite your friends through texts. Maybe do like boss levels, where there is a really good person and you have to fight to take the land, and It’s half and half of territory. Just thought it was cool to mention, the ads are not crazy which is a relief! And overall yeah, you should get this game! Thanks for reading this big chunk, or at least by my looks. Thanks! Hope you improve, and upgrade! Get this game! —Not a fake viewer!

- I bought No-ads

So keep in mind I did buy this app out of impatience. Each random ad was taking up 30 seconds of my life. I played it for 16 straight hours so those ads do get a little annoying. Anyway, the game itself is so much fun and addicting. Got myself programmed that if I killed I get more coins, but the fact that we don’t earn coins anymore to unlock avatars I need to get back into the mentality that I should just take up more area space without dying.... hate the switch up in game rules and strategies like that LOL. Anyway now it’s just fun. Love the option that we have all these fun and cute avatars to choose from. I’d like the coin option to come back tho /: feels like there’s much more to gain in that sense. Overall it would help if the lags got fixed. Good game (:

- Things I would change

I truly enjoy this game. I’ve had it no less than 2 years and I play it regularly. I get 100% easily, have completed the 25 challenges, collected all of the character options. I really enjoy the special map, but achieving 30% is as easy as 100% on the regular at this point. It would be awesome if the creative teams would make multiple special FULL boards. I play the free version because I typically remove a game after I’ve conquered it, or if it requires a lot of attention. The ads that run while playing the challenges cause skips and the placement is horrible. Also, concerning the ads, when you chose to watch an ad to extend your play you expect to be able to continue play after you’ve watched the ad. Very often you watch the ad and you get sent back to the home screen anyway.

- Fun, but annoying

I like this game, it’s pretty fun and addictive and nice to play when your bored, but it’s SUPER annoying. First of all, there is way too many ads, it gives you an option to revive for one ad, and I clicked the no because I didn’t want to watch an ad, but it still gave me an ad right after I clicked the no button, and I didn’t get anything. Second of all, it’s annoying because sometimes you spawn in a weird, annoying spot. Like one time on my first game, I spawned in a spot where someone was about to take over my whole territory, and I was in the game for about three seconds. One more thing, one time I saw the wall and I charged it and died because I thought it was somebodies tail, so all I’m saying is to please make the walls darker, because it has confused me several times. Thank you for reading! (if anyone reads this)

- Ugh

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m addicted to this game, but I’m going to rate it three stars based on these three things. 1. Ads I get that ads are important, and help get money, but seriously, I got an add that was 20-30 seconds long. Also sometimes I press the extra life button when I’m winning, and it doesn’t even give me the life! Waste of time. And I think it’s ridiculous to pay $3.00 for no ads! 2. Crudy spawns I always spawn right next to a block and right when I start to gain land, the zoom on down and kill me! This has happened a million times since I recently downloaded this game today. I was to the point where I would purposely kill myself to have a new spawn/area where I could at least gain a little bit of area. I would like to have the spawns to the point where it would take you to someplace with less commotion. 3. Controls Basically, the controls are really slow, and I feel like the other blocks have much higher speed controls than me. I sometimes swipe up or down, left/right and it would do anything until it’s just at the right time! It sometimes gets me very upset when I loose to that. All in all it’s a great and addicting game, so ya :) I would recommend buying the ad free one though, it might be better than the free one.

- This game is genuinely fun, however

This game has way too many ads. This is exactly what ruins every single free game for me. Every single time you do something there is an ad. In fact, ads make me want a game even less. Even if I buy a game from an ad, it turns out to be dumb, or it is fun but takes up 5 million gigabytes. If this ad problem wasn’t existing, I would rate this 4-5 stars. Yes, I know that there is an “ad free” button. But that’s not a good way to earn money. Nintendo does it right. Their cash grabs (Pokemon USUM, etc.), are actually fun and you can spend hours on. But you just buy the ad free mode out of spite, and then you’ll get bored of the game and delete it and you would have wasted your 3 bucks. I can also assume that most of the players for this game are under the age of 12, and their parents would NOT want them buying that. Most of them don’t even know their parents password to the cloud. So great job voodoo. Until this ad problem is solved I am not getting any of your “free” games.

- Very fun game but completely ruined with ads

Such a scummy company for putting an ad every single round you play. Fair enough you need to monetize your game but Jesus, this is utterly ridiculous. You're ruining people's data usage, and making money while doing it. Are you in cahoots with cellular companies to try and make people run over their monthly limit?! (Obviously there is wifi, but not everyone is home or somewhere that has decent wifi when they feel the need to play a game.) My suggestion is to just lower the ad limit to at least 5-10 games, so people don't go insane. If you had a timer for, 1. Time played: and 2: Time spent watching ads, the latter would be quadruple the time. Not everyone wants to spend $2.99 on just not seeing ads. It would be more beneficial, profitable, and also cover a bigger portion of player base to sell it at the reasonable price of $0.99. But then again I'm not part of your marketing team. Okay, said all I needed to say. *End rant*

- Good but can definitely improve

This game is fun and addicting and I play it on a regular basis. I will say though that the adds are ridiculous! They have adds like every time you die, it's crazy!! I do play the game but eventually get tired of watching adds and close out of the app. I was going to fix the problem by just buying "no adds" but it's super expensive for something just so simple. 3 bucks really??!! Also, sometimes when I spawn I'll spawn right in front of someone and die right away. That's just plain not fair and I won't put up with that crap anymore. On the positive side, it's a really fun game for all ages. I play it at party's and we have fun Contests. I would recommend it but be aware of the adds and spawning spots!😉 but the adds are out of control and it makes me so angry😡😤 take care of it otherwise I'm deleting!! Next update better be about adds

- Love game/ HATE the ads

Loved the game so much, and my kids wanted to play it, but it was rated 12+. Why? THE ADS!! They are ridiculous. And the amount of them, every time you died, you had to watch a 30 second ad. So yes, I bit the bullet and paid the 2.99. Fine. No more ads, except... now there’s a small always-there-ad on the open screen. So what did I pay for?? Also, if I want a second chance, I don’t mind watching an ad, but then I watch the stinkin’ ad and it takes me right back to the same home screen and when I hit play again, it leaves my original territory as if I still “owned” it, but I can’t claim it. I have to reclaim it by encircling it all over again. And my name is still at the top of the board. One time, I ended up on the name board 3 times! The game needs lots of “bug” updates. Sometimes it works great, others it seems like it is a brand new upstart game that hasn’t gotten the kinks worked out yet.

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- Fun, but gets old

I had fun playing it for a while until I bought all the skins and now it seems like there’s no point in playing it. This game needs more challenges and goals to achieve because all there is that you can do is buy skins and when they’re all bought, there’s nothing else you can really do... you just keep gaining money with nothing to spend it on. Please keep adding more skins, Halloween’s coming up? Maybe add a shop to buy bonuses or advantages? UPDATE: just went into the game after updating and the Christmas skins are back, so that’s nice :))

- Fun but has glitches

I love this game soo soo much! But... there’s a glitch that you can’t get the donut skin (which btw I rlly wan) 2 you can’t get the rose skin cause the days for it keep resetting and sometimes when I watch an add to get an extra life it just glitches and doesn’t give me one and just makes me go back the like the start where you press play and change you character please please please I request of you to fix these bug! I’m not demanding or anything but like I really want the rose, donut and you also you know the pink sushi with the black symbols on it? Yeah for some reason some people have it but you can’t get it in the avatar anymore please fix that thank you for your time have a fantastic day (or night or evening :P) Bai people again thnx for your time I hope you fix these glitches not for me but for everyone who experiences these also when I try to get the love letter I have like 10 avatars but it says I only have one the unicorn also has the same glitch as the rose

- Fix it

First, this game needs some major TLC for the next update. I tried to get the cubicorn avatar by playing 7 consecutive days, I played 9 consecutive days instead and it didn’t give me the cubicorn avatar, and said I hadn’t even played 1 day. Third, when I try to get the cake avatar by unlocking 30 avatars, and I check it says haven’t even unlocked 1 avatar when I know for a fact that I currently have unlocked 15 avatars. Second, the controls are really laggy and glitchy, I swipe up to change direction and it’ll go down or have a 5 second gap from when I pressed it and when it actually reacted. I felt like no one had really addressed these problems yet so I did. I do see potential in this game, and aside from what I’ve already named it is quite a entertaining app, I’ll give you 2 stars for that. But I feel if you’re able to fix these problems it will be a much more enjoyable app to play. Kudos for when you do get to it.

- Prompts to purchase the “ad-free” version and actually cost me money

Not entirely impressed with this game at all. The game randomly gets a pop up prompting users to pay $4.49 for the ads-free version. It comes up as a full on purchase on your screen, and if you finger print ID or facial scanning is on, it will charge you immediately. This is atrocious that it charges your account so quickly, no confirmation or anything. Now I’m stuck with a paid version of a game I didn’t want, nor would have paid for. If I could leave 0 stars I would, the game was actually not bad but the development of the ‘purchase pop-up’ tricks people into purchasing an app they may not have wanted to. Don’t let your kids play this game if you’re worried about them spending money.

- Fun, but needs a few improvements

I love this game, and even sucked up paying to remove the ads - but yet I still see a small pop up ad on the side for other game apps??? Also I would REALLY appreciate if you could make it playable in vertical, not just horizontally - my hand doesn’t like horizontal playing, but this game is just too addictive... my doctors will thank you if you make it available vertically! Finally, could you try to work on the battery usage? It currently is quite the drain... regardless of all that, it’s a great game & definitely one of my favourites- just try a few updates to make it even more epic!

-  Tori

The game is good but there’s a glitch about the doughnut skin okay in the game this little spots are just moving and shaking they’re not the characters did you sleep inside of your space and can you please make a Natelle a skin skin that says Tori Vann 1202 and a skin a rose skin and a emoji skin and on that screen that says Tori 1202 can you please make it say one to That’s my Roblox nameFrom Tori PS can you please make sure everybody in the game follows pink princess and her name is Maddi and super TNT and his name is Marcus he has glasses and can you please follow someone cool Riley and I can’t pronounce his last name but type of Riley and I’ll be a boy and I am I’ll be in it I look I don’t have brown hair I have 10 skin and my

- Awesome !👏

This game is soooooooo indicative! But really dumb! BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few improvements would do the trick, but as I said it’s really dumb and AWESOME at the same time!!!!! One thing is try not to put the same ads on every time also I have a Question....... um sooooo if you can’t get out of some sort of challenge( speaking as challenge number 7 ) because there is a glitch, because just before I start to turn/move I then crash into the wall!!!! Plz write back and tell me why? Or how to stop it thx😏😖🤨🤪🙂🤟🏻💩

- Y SO MANY ADS!?!?!?!?

I luv this game but nearly ever time I die or at least every second time there is an ad. I understand you need ads for sponsorship to get them money’s but it way to many. Maybe ever 5th or 4th death would be ok and keep it for the extra life but I get so sick of the ads and out of impatience I just stop playing the game as it is not fun anymore. I don’t want to delete the app as it’s a good game but my impatience makes me not want to play it and if I’m not playing it I would most likely swap it out for another game with lesser ads or just more storage space. If I’m not playing it the app is becoming to just take up storage space so please lessen the ads I think more would love.

- Best game ever though

It’s so good but I think you could ad a little bit more challenges and mini games would be cool otherwise perfect but my game is a little laggy if that’s something to do which the game I would appreciate if you looked into fixing it oh and more skins and I like white another two games you produced that you can buy skins and stuff like that so if you could add something like that it would make the game just that bit better but overall fantastic 😺

- Too many ads & glitches

Just due to the random nature of your starting position the game may last a couple of seconds, then you need to watch another ad. Maybe change it to 1 or 2 minutes of cumulative play time before showing another ad. Also, there is now an ad on the screen blocking the view and making game play more difficult. Keep accidentally bumping the ad, and by the time I can close the window I have died in game. Lastly, too many of the avatars are not possible to get due to not recognising consecutive days of play, etc. The game is fun, and wasted lots of time on it, but the issues are getting worse.

- Way too many adds

I absolutely love this game but when it did all these stupid adds come up. Sometimes the adds will not go away and I will have to leave the add all together. But something I find really helpful is that if you put on airplane mode and it thankfully 😅 will cut out all of the adds. The main thing is that I really should not have to go to all this trouble to cut out some silly bunch of adds that are repeated over and over again.

- Glithchy as

As the title says... there are so many glitches in the app. I have achieved heaps of the avatars but for some random reason I don't get them. And also the avatars i have achieved keeps coming up when i open the app. “Sushi has been unlocked”. Its really annoying. Btw its heaps glitchy when u turn and thats really frustrating cos I’ll b on a really good run and then glitch glitch and i die. But other than that I really like the concept of the game and these few glitches really need to b fixed. URGENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx 4 reading this far. Hope u have a nice day/night/life 😝

- Very relaxing game to past time!

Very relaxing game in order to past some time. This game is so good to play especially when you’re bored. The colours are beautiful and the I get a retro gamer vibe from this game. Very fun and addicting to play as you feel you can become even better every time that you die. Please add a multiplayer party option in the game like the URL version. In order to play with friends. This would make the game 2X more fun! Overall 5/5.

- ♡♡I love it♡♡

♡♡I really liked this app because at first I thought computers were playing with you. My curiosity grew as I asked one of my sisters to play with me it worked! Now i can see everyone of my siblings playing with me so if your reading this download it your not playing with computers! It’s a really nice game also I thought I’d never find a game that you could join in with friends such as ROBLOX and fortnite is this is AMAZING!♡♡please download!♡♡

- needs an update

I would love it if you updated the game with different game modes like high speed mode, beginner mode, intermediate mode, fast mode, slow mode, obstacle mode, small map etc and also make it so you can either complete a goal to unlock a character or you bring back the old update and have the choice to earn coins and buy characters.... also add way more characters and challenges please :(

- Glitches! Make it stop!

I understand that many people play this game, but about 1 minute into playing it, the server completely shuts down and goes to my home screen.😡 I love this game, but you need to fix these glitches! And there are also too many ads! I know you need sponsorships for money for the game, but every second time I die, an ad comes on! 🎬I really hope you have the time to fix this, as many people have been complaining also. 😬Thanks for your time.☺️

- Great game but ads came back after I paid to remove them!

* I paid for the full version to stop the ads and now you bring them back! * This game needs more challenges or updates to keep it interesting. I have soooo much money and nothing to spend it on. Make more skins or upgrades to use as an advantage. * Create a “Real” online player vs player instead of A.I

- Major Fixes Needed

I adore the concept of the game, the way you play, etc., but there are some serious issues. For example, I can't play because the app will not register my touch. The amount of times I've been killed or crashed into barriers is ridiculous because it just won't move. I've noticed a few people are annoyed by this. Another massive problem is the lag. I can't play. The game crashes every 2 minutes, and I've also found it will not save my high scores, which is beyond annoying.

- Ads are inescapable

This is a really great game, but the ads are literally inescapable. I’ve sat in the app for 15 mins straight trying to click the ‘X’ button, with no outcome except for opening the App Store. I would love this game if we didn’t have to completely refresh the app every few games. I love this game so much, but this is just so annoying and I know this sounds really petty, but I think it just needs to be updated. Thank you!

- Too many glitches and fricken ads!

I love this game, but then i see there is ads on the side i get really annoyed. When im swiping it literaly doesnt let me swipe and then i hit a wall and somehow i accidently press the ad and the white screen comes up to buy the app. Please take the ads away and maybe make the ads not every second death. Maybe 5-6 deaths then an ad. I dont care if it sponsors other apps, no one buys em, so why put so many. Either take the side ads away or i will leave.

- Very addictive

I love this game I completed all the challenge levels (would really love an update to add more levels cos they were lit). THE ONLY downfall, that is even as worse as the ads if you’re a cheapo like me lol, is when you unlock the characters. The idea of playing to earn is awesome but certain characters won’t unlock even tho you’ve completed what it said? The progression bar doesn’t even move, like hello I’ve been playing & crashing the cop car for ages & I still can’t unlock the donut! Fix it please cos it’s really annoying!

- Amazing

This app is amazing it works with out internet, it is so fun to play I would give it 5 stars, everyone should try it ,share it with your friends I enjoy this app with me, I love this app so much! Down load this app for free now. I guarantee you’ll love this app like I do also their are so many advertisers to earn. Down load it now. 😻😻😍😍🤩🤩

- Still love this game but...

I absolutely loved this game when it first came out and recommended it to everyone I knew. I wrote a glowing review and bought the remove ads IAP. However... 😡 Less than a year later, even after I’ve restored my purchase several times, I’m getting ads again! They stay popped up on the side of my screen and won’t go away no matter what I do or try. They get in the way while you’re playing and often kill you. I find it beyond frustrating as well as very hypocritical for the devs to offer this IAP (which I purchased because I enjoyed the game so much) and now stick ads into my game again.

- Good .io BUT.....

Enjoy the game, don't mind ads as it is a free game to play so no issue there BUT come on DEVS what's with the lag with all your .io games, very so often they all have this issue but any other game I have I don't have this issue.. work on fixing the server lag issues before you bring out more .io apps. I would give 5 stars and even consider buying the ad free version.. $5 you lose from 1 person plus many others who think the same. think of the extra $$$$$$ if customers are happy....

- 1 Wish, But Otherwise Good.

This app is a great game, and I like the fact that (for me) I have the option of having a second life once I die, but I have to watch an ad. I especially like that you can unlock characters, and that you can personalise your name. But, this game does crash every now and again. I would recommend for the crash to be fixed, please.

- I love it but....

This game is simply amazing but it has made me rage at it several times and there are way to many adds. To stop me from raging you could make the AI’s less smart I guess? But on another note, I really like this game but could you please put less adds in it? Thanks. If you did I would rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ instead of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Goodbye, I hope my review is helpful to people who read it! -Charlotte

- Best game ever!

This is the best game I have ever played (apart from minecraft). It never gets old and the amount of content they give makes it better and he small challenges are awesome! The amount of adds in the game is perfect. Would definitely recommend to anyone that likes games! Best game ever! Keep it up.

- Fun but deceiving

The game is fun, but don’t be fooled, this is not a multiplayer game, you are versing AI opponents. I know this because I play all these games on airplane mode and not connected to wifi. The reason I do this is to stop the ads! If you aren’t connected to the internet you will not get ads, but you can still play as normal. So yeah, you are not versing real people while playing this game. (I use the airplane mode on most of these types of games do eliminate ads)

- Love this game but latest update is Ad CRAZY

I love this game and I love the addition of challenges. I purchased the app to remove ads but in the latest update ads sit on the screen during gameplay making this game virtually unplayable. I hope this gets fixed in the next update as I spent money on this game to remove ads and they are being forced down my throat. Not happy

- As freezes

It’s really annoying. I play a challenge and I’m doing really well then I die, I press the check button for a extra life, I watch a 30 sec ad then go to continue on but then it freezes and goes back onto the home screen. Please fix this and btw this isn’t my phone it’s the game.

- Great game but dodgy and needs fixing

Half the time I click on an ad and watch to revive and then it sends me back to the main menu. Or it receives me, and spawns me in an extremely vulnerable spot where I die immediately. I am fine with a game's use of ads, but I expect them to be used appropriately and fairly. I will delete this app if I continue to be ripped off like this.

- Good addictive game

I love how there is bug fixing and basically I play this game at least 30 Times a day but I just don’t like how the ads are in the way since I was about to hit 100% but that happened so that’s all I love this game and Download this game so you get to experience it if you are reading this get it!

- Awesome game, but what’s with the ads?

This game is one of the best most addicting game I have ever played. I would’ve given it five stars but there is one problem. The ads. They keep on popping up all the time, and it can sometimes get really annoying. I still definitely recommend this game. But if it was ad free, I would give it six out of five stars.

- Adds

Why are there are so many adds I means like it is a good game and i know u want the money from all those sponsors but there is an add like every time u die or every second time so maybe fix it up to like maybe every 5th or 6th time u die because if u don’t fix it I think nobody will want to play the game any more and that means no more money and if u Have any more games like this I would not ever play those

- A few bugs to iron out

Agree with the other review on a few glitches. The unicorn is stuck on zero or 1 day consecutive, no matter how many days you have played. I did achieve a high score of more than 75% but my high score this morning has reverted to my old score of 60%. Not a big deal but would make the game super awesome!


Every time time I die…BOOM!THERE’S AN ADD!!!WHY!?!?Its annoying having to wait 30 secs to actually get back to the game. Look I get that they’re sponsors and that but do you really have to put in THAT MANY! It would be heaps easier if there was an add maybe every 5-10 lives, I recon that would make people happier.🤷‍♀️but that’s just my opinion. P.s I’m not really shouting just complaining a little, it’s a very immature thing to do🤣

- Great but hard to direct the character

This game is great! Nothing wrong with it except when I was trying to move up it didn’t let me and it kept going down. I don’t know if this is a glitch or something but it would be great if it could be fixed!

- Fun but ridiculous

Okay so this is a great game and all but the adds are ridiculous. I was playing a game when I died and the app asked me if I wanted to watch a video and continue. I said no and it came up with one anyway!! I couldn’t escape the add and afterwards I didn’t even get another life! Please get rid of the adds and if you don’t please try to find more than just one to show up.

- I love this game! But can you put modes?

I’ve played this but it always got a little boring. Would you guys make modes? E.g slow Mode, fast mode, backwards mode and more! That would be nice! Your game’s great by the way also been playing for a long time!

- For being a great game - Some problems

Hello, I just want to tell you how I love the game and some problems, Firstly, It’s been a great game I love how it works it’s fun and enjoyable. 1 problem, sometimes I play it lags out even when I’m king. That was all I loved the game for years! Even when it was made! Thank you Voodoo.

- Fun but needs fixes

Fun game. Enjoy playing, but find the avatars don’t unlock. My daughter really wants the unicorn, but even though we have played more than 7 days, it hasn’t unlocked, and the counter is still 0/7 Also the ads get very annoying but can’t justify paying nearly $5 just to stop them. And from other reviews say you still get some ads anyway

- Its good but a bit laggy

It is a great game, but it needs some bug fixes. I love the game but the thing that I hate is that two people can get killed at the same time. So if you hit someone’s trail, and they hit yours, you both die! I hate this and the game should know who was hit first! If you could please fix this that would be great.

- Adds after no add purchased

NOT happy paid for no adds and I still get them. I have limited data that’s why I got no adds. Fix problem please or give money back. Add did go from main screen but when die and get extra life offer you get add. And if I tune data off I don’t get option for extra life. So please fix either of these issues and I would be only too happy to increase star ratings. Wouldn’t mind the odd add while connected to wifi but not mobile data. Thanks.

- Pretty good!

I like this game probably one of my top ten games. If you are reading this get this app now it is a must have! The characters you can collect are adorable (most of them) I just have one suggestion, maybe make the ad price a bit lower like 1.49$ apart from that great game!

- Not a big anuf chance

I know that the point is to try not to get killed but sometimes you spawn in the middle of a place that’s about to get taken and you just die in a second. personally this has happened to me a lot of times and it’s starting to get on my nerves. Another thing is that I barely get a chance to grow because people just kill you strait away and I don’t really like it. But I know that it’s kind of the point to kill every one but it’s not very fun if you don’t even get a chance to grow! Thank you

- Love the game but.......

Obviously those minor bug fixes went from minor to nothing. This game is amazing it was all until I was getting killed every time I played because the game glitch ed and there I am back at my home screen you need to fix this before it becomes a major problem. 🤔😡

- OMG!!!😍😍

This game is totally addictive!! It is definitely one of the worlds greatest games when you start playing you just can’t stop! It is a super fun and creative game. I deeply recommend getting this game. People who make this have great brains!!! LOL 😝 love this game so much!!! Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it!!!!! Ps. Please do more games like this!!!!!!!👍👍😂😂🤪😝😍🤩🤩

- Way too many ads and glitchy

This game is really addictive but the ads just ruin the game. Every second time I die, an ad appears! As for the glitches - I’m really close to the wall so that I can take up as much space as possible and then BOOM! I’ve bashed into the wall. That wasn’t because of how close I was - I can tell it was a glitch. Please fix these problems!

- Suppose it ok

It’s a good game but it gets old an there’s way to many adds . And every time you die a really boring add comes u, plus to get rid of the add you need to pay, an you don’t want to pay for something when it on a game. You also really need something to do while you play

- Good but some problems

Its a really nice baisic game, but there are two main problems: All the ads obviously, theres an ad after nearly every game. And then the characters you can play as, their really cool, but for a few of the avatars ive unlocked, it says I haven't unlocked them and wont let me play as it. Its really annoying but I dont know what to do about it. :/

Payoneer 💰

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- No Ads

I’ve already spent $3.99 on the no-ad feature, and it shows that I’ve purchased it, but I get ads! Can you please fix that!

- Ads

Fun game concept and mechanics, but there's way too many ads which kind of ruins the game.

- Multiplayer

Great game but can you add multiplayer that would be fun!!

- Simple game Very addictive

Great simple game. Effective graphics. Addictive as hell!!

- Annoying ads

its a Okay but basic game that you have to watch 30 seconds of advertising each turn which is very annoying or pay money to get rid of them. DON’T RECOMMEND!

- Great game but some lag

This game is a great game but their is a lot of lag

- Fun

I love this as a pass time game


C’mon guys. Now you can’t even play the game because of the privacy sharing pop up. Which pops up every new game, sometimes twice. And your game keeps playing so you’re frantically trying to tap it away while navigating the first crucial moves of each game (and it never taps away easily). I bought no ads, that included from you. This sucks and I’m deleting the game unless you stop this garbage.

- This is awesome

You can play mini games!! Not that much adds

- Tech issues

I’ve gotten 100% three times on this game and my high score has not changed either time. Also there a lot of ads which kind of ruins the mood. But other than that pretty decent.

- So much fun but to much adds


- Je dis

je dis que ses cool

- This game sucks so much 😡😡😡😡😡

I died from a player so I revived my self then after that I died again.WHAT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE STUPID GAME

- Don’t recommend

It’s a fun game but there’s way too many bugs. Some skins I can’t ever unlock, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. Too many adds, but if you want them gone you have to pay for it. Kinda laggy.

- Locked avatars

Game won’t properly track days played or avatars collected so I’m missing some avatars. I have more than 15 avatars unlocked but it won’t give me that avatar. I’ve played 7 days and it won’t give me that avatar. I’ve crashed the cop car and it won’t give me that avatar. I’ve met the challenges but still the avatars are locked. Also too many ads!

- Fun, but glitched

I’ve been playing for weeks now, and lately, when I watch an ad to get an extra life, when I get back to the game, it says game over. I don’t get an extra life if I die at 1% or so, but if I’m close to my record of 60%, then yes, I’ll want one. Please fix this glitch.

- Make walls not kill you

Like every time I die it is because of the walls please make walls not kill you

- Three stars

Only three stars due to the glitch in the avatar unlocks. 7 days keeps resetting even after continual days of play.

- “Support us again by allowing data sharing”

This was my favourite game until this banner started taking up half the screen. It doesn’t tell me how to enable data sharing, it’s just an informational banner which takes up half the screen. Very irritating.

- App data tracking

If I don't want the app to track my data, then so be it. What's with the 10,000 messages blocking the entire game asking me to turn it back on? Great way to make people stop playing the game 👍

- Eh

Laggy af and I got an ad even if I die after 1 second. New ones better

- Adds

If you don’t want adds turn on airplane mode

- Horrible

Can’t even get past the loading screen without it kicking me out or the whole game crashes. Not just that literally every 4 seconds theirs an ad.

- Kiwi


- Wont launch

Game wont launch anymore, opens into a black screen and crashes

- Finally got 100%

Very nice game, good to play on especially long flights. Finally I have achieved 100% after playing this game for years, at least 5 years has gone by and I've finally made it

- Controls

The controls are horrible I can’t even play for a minute I’m on for like 10 seconds the controls on paper.io2 is way better

- 😡🤬🤬🤬

Hate it. No circles aloud. Your way to slow too.

- Fun &colourful💜

I LOVE 💕 AWESOME 👏🏼 well done 👍🏻 but sometimes challenging and kinda gets boring after a while but so far FUN u guys should totally add multiplayer!

- Ok 👊🏻

Not that good dudes

- Awesome

This game is SOOO fun and addicting. Every winter I go up to my nana and papas , there house is five hours away,and I play this game the whole trip and it feels like I have only been in the car for 5 minutes. The graphics are so awesome and I love being the cow. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS

- Adds

I have seen many people complain about the adds so to make them go away all you have to do is turn off your wifi, other then that this is a great game!

- 0 stars

Horrible in every way. Worst game ever. Delete it from the AppStore.

- game sucks

I can't even start the game and it makes me hate it so I rated one star because I can't play it.😡. game is garbage♻️.⚠️WARNING DO NOT DOWNLOAD.NOW IF YOU LIKE GAMES THAT DO NOT WORK DOWNLOAD.

- Please download

This game is a really good game

- ad problem

there was an ad on my screen while I was playing. :(

- 6/10

I'm a little disappointed with this game it's very cool but there are a lot too many ads every time you get killed there is an ad and you have to pay $ 4.99 to stop having ads and the worst its that when you pay to no longer have advertising you can no longer have a second chance please want to repair its the game will be really better 🙏

- More?

Paper I/O is good enough so why’d they make more?

- Onyx

I have an onyx card in nba 2k mobile

- Good but...

Ad Paradise u get ads when u die it’s just annoying and by a matter of fact u play with cpus not real people this game it good but also TRASH! A game I’d consider is coin master

- Ugh

Mobile players r hard it is so hard to control on mobile this game not to great

- 😡😡


- everyone in the game is anoyying

When I got this I was happy but when I tried this I couldn’t move down and when I did I just died when no one hit my line and we always move what happened when someone has to go afk and they keep move they would die the game is anoyying people camp there base and none likes the adds cause when there adds it’s anoyying and I’m not asking my mom to buy the game pass

- ma


- Best game

Really fun play it all night🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

- Ok

i like it but it is pretty dumb and it hate the new update where there are no coins #dissapointed

- You didn’t hear this from me

Airplane mode 🙊

- Nice💝

This is amazing

- 12+


- Fix it!

I spawned and died because I was inside some one

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The applications was published in the category Games on 2016-11-04 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 256.5 MB. - Games app posted on 2022-06-25 current version is 4.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: io.voodoo.paperio