Screw Jam Game Reviews


Screw Jam Game Description & Overview

What is screw jam app? Remove screws in correct order to get rid of the boards.
Match the removed screws and complete the level.
Test yourself with this amazing brain teaser!

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App Name Screw Jam
Category Games
Updated 15 April 2024, Monday
File Size 224.72 MB

Screw Jam Comments & Reviews 2024

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Filled Toolbox. Great game and I like that it actually has some challenge compared to most but what may make me uninstall is the fact that my game ends as soon as the toolbox holder is full. Is the next box uses 3 of those screws so no other space is needed it's infuriating to get to the end of a hard level and it ends. Games should end when you're out of moves.

Frustrating error. Level 121 has an error, there aren’t enough non-star dark blue screws to complete the level, the last dark blue box takes two regular screws, but there’s only one regular screw and one star screw in dark blue, so I’m not able to progress

Fun, relaxing & addictive. I really enjoy this game. I mean really enjoy it. The ads aren't bad at all. They don't pop up after every level like some games. I do CHOOSE to watch an ad after each game for the extra coins. I like how there are several easy levels after a hard one. But even the hard levels are getting easier. You have to be very strategic about which screws you pick and even try to collect screws as the glass piece is swinging back and forth. I'm on level 115 and have been playing for 3 days . No money spent and no level I've had to play more than 3 times to beat. I heard there are timed levels later in the game. I'll probably delete at that point. I don't need to play a game that will give me anxiety.

No sound?. Just started playing. It’s beyond easy at this point but has potential. My only complaint, and surely this is a glitch, the game has no sounds. Completely silent. I’ve looked for a way to turn it on but haven’t seen any. I could just be getting old and if I am then I’ll admit that I was wrong and apologize but until then you get 3 stars. And if there is not a glitch and the game stays silent then I’ll probably lower it down to 2 stars. Gots to have sounds man!

colorblind option?. This game has a strong dependency on color in order to play levels. Those of us with varying degrees of colorblindness will have a very hard time with this. I don’t expect everyone in the world to cater to my condition, just saying that a way to play that is not so dependent on color would be nice to have. Also, why do you provide 5 spare holes, but fail the game if I actually use all 5?

Hate the new timer. I really enjoyed this game, but there were some levels that were too difficult. I was already stuck on a level and then the newest update added a timer. Now it’s impossible to pass and I can’t even tell you which level it is because with the new timer the level number disappeared off my game.

Level 121. It is not possible to beat level 121. On the final dark blue plate, it requires two regular screws but the final option is one regular screw and one star screw. Please fix this so I can move on.

Fun but after 100ish levels you HAVE to pay real cash to finish levels. Don’t kid yourself, this game is not truly free, it’s a pay to play. The first 1”” or so levels are easily doable but after that almost all levels are unbeatable unless you pay for upgrades with App Store purchases. How does this game have more than one star? Probably fake paid reviews.

Purchase required. The game is fun but you very quickly get to a “hard” level that you must make a purchase to get past and I HATE that in a game. I don’t mind watching an ad to get another try but when a game makes it impossible to continue without buying something, I’m out. Too bad because I was really enjoying the game. It will be uninstalled.

Developer, consider this …. LOVE 💕, the game which us why it’s a five. No complaints just sharing a thought tho: Consider the fact that you offer 5 spaces above the board to hold unused screws but it won’t let me use the fifth hole. Sooo, what is the hole for? Decoration or am I missing an important rule to use the fifth hole?

Delayed Action. I really enjoyed the game, but after the first few levels I have had to wait a minute or two….sometimes longer to start the next level, to get my coins, to spin the wheel, even to watch your advertisements. There seem to be a delay in action of any kind. I tried my other games and they worked fine on my iPad. So unfortunately I’ll have to uninstall.

I like it but…. I like the game… The concept is good. However, I have noticed a level spontaneously changing. Also, I am forever getting the light and dark blue mixed up, the light and dark purple mixed up, and the light and dark orange mixed up. It might be nice if the colors were easier to tell apart.

Misleading. At first this game seems great. It’s cute and it’s easy, mindless fun that you need from a game at times. You get through the first 20 levels and nothing is too hard and there’s also really not any ads, it’s great. After this point however, you get an ad after every other (if not every) level you beat. It’s incredibly frustrating they get you to play some levels before doing this, and that you have to pay $5.99 to get rid of it.

Great puzzle game!. My only input is that I wish there was an option to earn unlimited lives for a specific time frame like HexaSort has under daily challenges. On HexaSort, if you watch ads you can earn coins and unlimited lives for 15 mins once every 24 hours.

Misdesigned Level and No Support. I loved this game and in fact earlier today made my first purchase. And then I reached level 121. I works through the level and had minimal screws left and none of them matched the suitcases. No screws were hidden. The problem was the remaining screws had stars and the suitcases did not require stars and would not accept them. Now I have hints etc that I can’t use because I’ll never move past this level. The same thing happens every time. I tired to contact support to report the bug, not wanting to leave a bad review. I was taken to a website and told to select the game from their list. It wasn’t listed. So there you are. Download it just don’t ever expect to move past level 121.

Who fell asleep on the job??. I really like this game except when I got to level 121 you end up not having the right screws for the colored box and even other color screws that don’t have a box at all! So now I have to delete the game cuz you can’t pass the level or skip it. So I guess all I can say is that it was fun while it lasted.

Hoard the coins!. It’s a semi challenging game, but you HAVE to watch the optional ads at the end of each level to get coins to be able to pass the hard levels. Which I don’t mind to do so, but if your in the middle of a level there is no way to increase your coins, except to purchase them. That’s the biggest issue I have found. If they could just add an extra button to watch a video for coins in the level, it would be a godsend.

Fun game. I Love the game. My only complaint is that its hard to tell the colors apart from each other. Which I get is probably part of the challenge in the game but they are to close to each other and don’t seem to fully match the tone color of the tool box. Other than that I love the game.

absolute best game I found in a longtime. and I got past level 200 no problem and haven’t had to spend any money on the game …. you have to be ingenious about how you go about it .. like selecting a screw in between a piece that’s swinging over it .. that type of thing this game is both challenging, relaxing and engaging … I seriously looked forward to playing it daily … when you reach like level 225 they introduce the timed levels …which aren’t my favorite … having to rush negates the relaxing aspect a little bit .. but overall there not too hard to pass .. that’s my only negative … the game is great !! 5 stars hands down

Great, but needs some bug fixes. This game is really fun and a good way to pass the time, but I’m stuck on one of the levels because it says I need a regular screw of a certain color and I only ever have a star screw.

Fun but do not buy the ads off package. I bought the package to take off the ads and it still gives me ads. No way to tell support. So just wanted to warn others before they tried. Other then that, it’s a nice game that makes you think.

Nice, but expensive and buggy.. I like the idea of the game, and it’s fun to play, but it seems like a couple of levels are impossible to pass without buying something. It’s kind of frustrating to want to play a cool little game and then remember that you’re on your ninety-seventh try of the same level and don’t have extra money to spend on coins that are not worth the money they want you to spend (at $1.99 per 250 coins, that’s about $0.40 for 50 coins, but because powerups are typically 250 or more, each dollar of real money you spend actually gets you less worth than that.) It’s not something to be proud of when you “stump” that many people with an unsolvable puzzle game; it means that something might need to be looked into and fixed.

Great! But... I love this game and it’s so addicting! Even the new update make the game challenging but I got stuck on level 469 and I can’t seem to complete it because one of the last tool kits asked for regular screws and all I had left was screws with stars. So it’s kind of impossible to complete. I’m not sure if there is a glitch or something but probably needs to be looked in to. Love the game though! Might have to delete if I can’t get passed that.

REMOVE THE HEARTS / LIVES!!. I may understand a game that uses social media or other ways to get more hearts to play, but this games uses none of that and I don't want to spend money to get SOME time of unlimited lives. This game is fun and addicting but the lives aspect ruins the engagement and isn't for this type of gameplay. The pass / "road trip" should already be good enough for if we would like to spend money on this game. I'm being super honest I would rather a monthly subscription of "NO ADS" just to get rid of the lives aspect of this game. I don't want to be scared to not know a puzzle and wait so long to play a puzzle as well. It's starting to get annoying whenever I have to wait another 30 minutes to finally play a puzzle that I was already confused before-hand. 😭

If you like Glitches and spending money. I really liked this game at first, but after level 130 it’s continues to have multiple glitches and the levels are impossible to complete without buying more tools and coins. I had one level that kept telling me I failed because there was ice I needed to break on a level that had NO ICE!!! Now I am on a level that I have played to my whits end that has no solution unless I buy some tools and coins to pass it up. I will be deleting the game because this is absolutely nonsense. I don’t mind spending a little on my games but this game will potentially cost you $20 week. Cool idea, bad on the wallet.

Fun…..but. So far I really like it. It’s fun and challenging. However… the game publisher website has a fair amount of issues and so does the app. I’ve come across 2 levels where a glitch makes it impossible to complete the level. When I try to report it the publisher website does not have the game listed….at all…. Last time the level changed and I was able to continue, but it just happened again. We shall see if it gets fixed

You wont get past level 179.. Ive looked for guides, i’ve tried every possible combination (including taking notes), ive run out of coins and money trying to get through. The worst part is that if you use a power up like an extra hole, but still fail the level, that power up is just gone. Huge waste of money and brain power. It started off really fun but insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Greedy Game. Another game that actually starts out fun, but that’s quickly ruined by the greed of the developers. I’m not against people making money, devs gotta eat! However, when your game is designed to be SO difficult that you can only continue to advance by spending $ or watching ads, then it’s clear your ONLY priority is greed. There are gaming companies out there who care about their player’s experience and ALSO manage to make money. Don’t bother with this one. Unless you have a trust fund you’re willing to blow on a mobile game.

can’t play without spending money. i have been on level 134 for DAYS. i have tried literally every combination possible and i can’t beat it. i am poor. i don’t have the ability to drop $5 on a game every 20 ish levels. pls fix or i will be deleting

Absolutely impossible if colorblind. I’m colorblind and on my 15th attempt of level 14. So many of these colors are far too similar in hue for me to be able to distinguish between them. Why put in so many extra bright colors in the earliest of levels instead of highly distinctive colors of the rainbow? You’ve got 7 distinct colors there, all with their own hues and saturations that can make them unmistakable. Give me a white and black screw and throw out what I think is a hot pink and maybe a weird cyan?? I don’t know. Colorblind. Also get rid of the light green right next to the yellow. Make the green darker and there wouldn’t be an issue. The red hue is perfect though. Don’t change that. This would be a hilariously simple change of adding a colorblind slider button in settings, and changing hex values for screws. Takes an hour or two to roll an update out for that.

Not as many ads but some levels impossible. There was a level that literally couldn’t be beat with the pieces given, but the devs fixed it pretty quickly. Now I’m stuck on a level that surely can’t be beat without power ups, but there is no way for me to earn coins in the game (by re-doing previous levels or daily rewards or anything) so it’s to the point where I’m forced to pay high prices for too little game currency or delete. I do appreciate that ads come every 2-3 levels instead of every level as with most games these days. I don’t like that it requires wifi or cell data and doesn’t work if these are turned off.

I would give 5 stars…. …but I’m stuck on a level that will not allow you to win without items. I am not sure if there’s a bug fix coming because there’s no support for this game on the site. Other than that, the game has been super fun.

Fun but REQUIRES you spend money. On level 200 and it is IMPOSSIBLE to pass. Right from the start, there are 4 bombs that you have to get first or the game will end and none are the color needed to match. Its a shame because the game is fun and many levels are challenging, but I will not be spending more money to play this game. There are too many games out there. Fix the issue, and at least make them playable without spending money. I have it 5 stars just so people would see this review and it not get buried.

After you reach a certain…. I am over level 150. Enjoyed the game, but now it requires money to continue. I played several levels over and over to nausea, till I a light went on… There was no way and I mean no way was I going to pass the level. And that this level was designed to insure I spend money. It’s really a shame, but playing further and actually putting more money in to the game (because I really enjoy the game) I realized they almost had me. But no more! Will be deleting tonight. PS 3 stars is because I really enjoyed the game.

Good until. On level 121, I have all the screws off of the board. There are 3 star screws that should not be stars or the blocks should have spots for stars. Thank you this I can not move past the level. I have spent money on this level and now due to this I have wasted it. I loved this game and just downloaded it a few days ago

FIX HOW TO GET COINS!!. I think this game has been fun but once you're stuck there's no way to get out of it unless you pay money I don't care if I have to sit through an ad but I'm not about to spend money on a game and I'm not going to spend 3 days trying to solve a puzzle. Respectfully do better.

First Class. There were issues…but these folks are very quick to respond to problems! Thank you! Awesome game!

fun concept, annoying play. i like this game but whenever you fill up all five sections for the extra colored screws, the game ends (unless you pay 250 coins (when you only earn 10 coins per game without extra ads)) even if you can make a move with the right colored screw and strip. very annoying and not even fun annoying… also playing one game makes my phone H O T 😭😭 pretty okay game, but obviously the game is better if you pay for all of the upgrade

Add a song into this game. It would be nice to have a music in the game I kind of like to hear some sound in the game it’s the way I do it play a game but with sounds in the game so I just going to say it’s a 4 1\2

So disappointed…. The most recent update added in a timer. This was the only version of this game I could find that didn’t have timed levels. It’s so much harder to plan your moves ahead with a countdown. No thanks. This update completely ruined this game for me. I won’t be playing it anymore.

Fun game bad on wallet. This is a fun puzzle game, but with no way to earn coins except by buying them, and ending up on levels where you are stuck because there is no way to get past without spending money turns this sweet puzzle game into a money grab. I will be deleting the game.

Great game but unfair. I am addicted to this game, but I absolutely hate the fact the one of the holes to add screws is pretty much decoration. I lose so much because I am unable to add one more screw when I could perfectly continue into the next round if I could just make use of the hole. Please fix that.

Great game, some flaws. I am addicted to this game. I enjoy the challenges and having to plan out your next move. They’ve added a feature to earn coins and boosters. There are some levels you cannot beat without using the boosters. However, I’m running into the issue of boosters earned not appearing in the next level. Super disappointing.

Fun game, Too Many Ads. It’s a fun game- I made it to the level with the chains and had to uninstall despite enjoying it. I’m not going to play a game that’s 50% game and 50% ad, not going play one game and then have to sit through an ad and click away from multiple pop up menus to play another. It shows you an ad when you first start the game sometimes.

Fun but frustrating. There are times when I fill up the line of holes in order to access the last screw to put in the color box. But because I’ve filled in the 5 holes, I lose my life. It doesn’t make sense because when any other time the matching screw color would go straight to the toolbox and allow you to continue. :/

Cannot go past level 121. There’s an error in the game. One of the pieces doesn’t fit (it’s a star piece and the only other space is a cross piece). So, you lose every time.

No Ads? Pffft…... I like this game so much I actually bought the no ads feature for the first time ever on any game. The problem? It didn’t work. I’m still getting ads. I even have to watch an ad in between levels. If you can’t give me what I paid for, give me my money back please!!! Also, the app tends to randomly freeze, and you have to exit the game and go back in before you can continue to play. Otherwise, I like the game itself very much. It’s just difficult enough to make you think, but not do hard that you have to play in order to win. Fox the bugs and I’ll give it an extra star.

Amazing game, but level 121 is impossible. I love this game very much. It’s not too ad heavy, and it’s a fun puzzle. But level 121 literally doesn’t have the right screws to finish the level. One of the blue screws is a star instead of a normal screw, so it won’t fit into the box, making the level impossible to finish. Please fix!!

Needs a way to receive coins. I never write reviews so it really shows that I love this game. But It needs more ways to receive coins I refuse to purchase but I will watch an ad. I’m on level 179 and I can’t continue the level is hard but fun but all I have is 15 coins. Please fix this or I won’t be playing again.

Addiction warning!. Well I just read all 6 reviews and I have to resoundingly agree! Fun game, which makes it all the more agonizing to be stuck on a level without coins or hints. I was stuck on level 155 for a long time and somehow I did the right combination of moves and lo and behold I made it through without help. No idea how, probably couldn’t do it again. Then several easy levels allowed me to build up a little stockpile of coins until I got to level 179 which I am now stuck on and I have 65 coins. Very frustrating. I’m all about working for a reward including watching all the ads but there are no options to do this. You just play the same level over and over until you figure it out I guess… because I refuse to pay for what the game should allow you to earn.

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Glitched level. The game itself is fun, they must’ve fixed the ad issue as I don’t get too many. Maybe one every 20+ minutes. My biggest issue so far is level 121 is glitched out so I can’t complete the level. As you complete the level your left with the too many star screws that were probably meant to be regular screws.

Too many ads. Too many ads have ruined the game enjoyment. I did enjoy it but now I’m deleting it

I like your game so much. Your game is so fun I like it so much that I want to keep playing it

too many ads. fun game for a bit but after level 20 there’s an ad after every level. very annoying and breaks up the flow of the gsme

Levels - bugged. App is alright once you get used to the onslaught of ads, but level 121 has a major issue where it asks for a dark blue screw but they only one left is a dark blue star screw and it there is three screws left so I’m presuming that there is an issue with the coding.

Garbage. Too many ads for starters Also, other games like this let you use all the available holes without failing, whereas this game only allows you to use 4 of the available 5 holes, if you use the 5th hole it’s instant fail even if you could make another move afterwards. So to make use of ALL the available holes you have to buy more.

Great puzzles but…. Requires an internet connection, serves an ad between every level and that ad ignores silent mode and just blasts out your phone speakers.

Level can’t be completed. Level 121 (a “hard” level) can’t be completed as right near the end you require 2 screws of a certain colour that are not on the board. I replayed the level several times, but always end up at exactly the same spot no matter what I do. Tried reporting this as an issue, but Apple said reporting wasn’t available for this app.

Pay to play garbage. Full of ads, and designed to force players to pay to pass levels. Levels are set up so you deliberately can’t complete them without paying for extra moves or upgrades.

Screw. Very interesting game a bi different from he norm

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A very excellent game. Just downloaded this today and I’m already hooked

I’m stuck. What do you do if your stuck on a level don’t have any coins to buy anything?

Can’t get past 121. There is a bug in 121 the 3rd last box. Blue screws but the ones left don’t match the box. Blue screw with a star not a + and the box asks for 2 +.

Ads start level 21. I was thinking “wow this is their best game yet because there aren’t any popups!” That was, until level 21 where you’re not only playing non-stop banner ads on the bottom but you’re also putting popups after every level!! It’s a significantly better investment to provide ads for a reward, but your team never listens. Not only that, but I can guarantee that almost all those 5 star reviews you get on all of your games are completely inauthentic, thus making your company one of the biggest cons in the multiverse. Please try one single time to not add pop-up ads and I swear, those reviews won’t be inauthentic anymore. Until then, you will never be getting anything but a one star review on almost all of your games till the day I die.

Money grab. I really enjoyed playing this game but level 179 is impossible without buying your way through it. So I guess I’m done.

Updated and Crashes. I updated to the newest version and now it just crashes before it even loads the first menu 😡😪. It’s a pity because I loved the game other than that and def would have kept playing for ever if I could have!

Impossible level. 121 is not able to be completed there isn’t the right parts u get to the very end and u r stuck

Impossible levels. While playing I noticed a few levels you are required to buy coins or tools to get through. Level 891 is impossible without an extra spot. I had three people try to beat it and all got stuck at the end with orange or teal being frozen. I looked up tutorials to beat it to no avail. Would be more fun and enjoyable if you didn’t need to buy your way through.

Hate the timer. Game was fun until the timer was added

It was good before the update. Especially timed levels. They’re the worst. Add the other extra stuff that we didn’t need, whatever, but the timed levels make me want to delete the game.

Timer. You updated the game to add a timer and totally screwed up a decent game. It's horrendous to play now. Deleted it. Don't waste your time downloading this train wreck.

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Ad Screw. If you desire to spend 95% of your game enjoyment watching Ads, then this is the game for you! There are better games that actually let you play the game and do not waste your time watching Ads.I’m out.

DONT GET. Granted, this game is addictive, but you cannot progress in the game without buying power ups. It makes me so mad. I have now deleted it for the second time I am completely addicted to it but I refuse to spend money on this game. I did pay for the no ads so now I’ve lost my six dollars because I’ve deleted the game a second time.

Fun, but…. It’s fun but I physically can’t get past level 121 because it wants two regular blue screws and all that’s left is a regular blue one and a blue star screw.

Why am getting ads!. I spent days trying to get past level 121 and had no coins to get past it and there was no way to get past it! So I paid 9.99 for a package with extra tools and coins and NO ADS! But I’m still getting ADS!!! After each level I get past! WHY!!!

Fix level 180!!. Level 180 has a bug that needs to be fixed! You can’t get past the first briefcase!

It WAS fun until it wasn’t.. After level 150, almost every is a “Hard Level.” Basically requiring you to spend money.

Unable to win. This app was fun for a while, but then I got to a level that literally doesn’t have the right colors to win. I have a picture of it because the colors that it requires don’t exist on the board.

Fun but not working anymore. I’m really enjoying the game but stuck on level 237. It doesn’t have the right screws.

Don’t get this game. I’d pay to win was a game … it would be this. most of the hard levels are impossible to complete without wasting all your 5 lives or spending all your coins. don’t get this game. you literally have to spend actual money to complete this game. TRASH!

Pay to play. They don’t even offer ads to watch for coins. Some levels demand power ups. It’s fun until about level 125. Then it’s just annoying.

Time. You did have a fun game till you put where you have so much time to beat it now it’s no good all you want is money and that’s one thing I won’t do so every one stay from this game

Great for killing time. Simple, to the point, I haven’t seen an ad yet, it’s stimulating and great waster of time

Fun but…. There are several levels designed so you HAVE to use coins to pass them, which is just shady. Also, the lack of sound (except in ads) is weird.

Let’s SCREW !. This is so much fun! Screwing & unscrewing the bolts, and putting them in the proper spots. Almost as much fun as the real thing. If you know what I mean .🤒

Level 200 impossible. Is it possible to beat level 200 without coins? And what is the point of having 5 slots for screws when we can only use 4?

Stuck / HELP. I’m on a level where the screw needed to complete the level doesn’t exist 😖 so passing the level is impossible no matter what I do or what help coins are spent on, there is no way to pass it.

???. the game is great but i've been stuck in level 121 for the past couple of days and no matter what tools you use you can't get past it. please fix this, people shouldn't have to buy more and more coins to even see if they're able to get past a level.

Level 185. This level is BROKEN. The game keeps forcing the level to end saying “shutter closed” when there are still possibilities. Please fix your game.

Stopped working. I’ve been playing for a few days, and all of the sudden the app gets stuck on the “Win streak ladder” screen. I’ve tried closing the app, restarting my phone and nothing happens. I’d uninstall the app but I’ve spent money on it so now it’s just unusable.

Fails you if you use what’s provided. I keep getting failed on the game if I use all five spare holes. Why are they there if it doesn’t let you use them? Makes no sense. It was fun otherwise.

Crashes every 2-3 levels. Could be a fun game, but it crashes after you complete every 2 or 3 levels. Deleting the app and finding something far less aggravating.

Not allowed to use free spaces. I really like the game, but it makes no sense to have 5 “free” spaces when you are only allowed to use four. What is the fifth space for? As soon as I put a screw in the fifth space, I fail the level. Give us “free” spaces we can use.

Love this game but. I love this game but level 121 doesn’t work. The last blue box has 2 regular screws but all that’s left is a regular and star

Watch ads to win. And watch some more ads anyway.. Tons of ads, somehow incapable of playing without an internet connection, and it keeps ending the game early despite me having moves left. Meaning I waste massive amounts of coins or have to wait forever for a life. Or pay too much for more coins or sit through yet another ad.

Poorly designed. Do not recommend.. Even the most basic aspect of this game is poorly designed. It gives you say 5 holes to put screws in but you can only use 4 of them. If you use the fifth one you fail and the game then attempts to get money out of you. It feels very predatory. There are plenty of “screw” games that I’d say pass on this one.

Level 179. Level 179 is pretty much impossible . I have been stuck on it for a month &’ can not pass .

Colors are fun and nice idea BUT. It’s a 5 life game with it taking about 30 minutes to get a new life. Meh. I hate those systems deleted it within an hour of playtime. Not good enough to put up with that nonsense.

Glitches. Glitch in level 106. I can’t move past bc the box is asking for a third purple star which isn’t on the board. Loved the game until that point.

Nice graphics. Nice game and the graphics are great. Only just started playing. So far so good.

4 stars, BUT. I’m at a point where I’ll have to spend money to advance in the game, which is a real shame because I enjoy this game. For this reason, I’ll more than likely delete.

Scam, delete, and flush twice. Just as with 99% of the money stealing garbage in the app store, this aint nothing but a damnable money grab. Yo, app peddle go get a JOB instead of sitting on your lazy tails ginning up scam apps thinly disguise as a game. I am Done with purchasing apps.

You should buy this game it is amazing. It’s so fun to play with it helps your brain get smarter and it gets harder but not too hard

Horrible game. If you put a screw in the last available hole to free up a screw to put in a toolbox, it says you’re out of moves. It should continue with the screw going in the toolbox instead of just being out of luck!

Fun and Challenging…Glitches. Super fun and challenging. I was struggling on level 159. Spent some money to purchase the extras and still couldn’t complete it. There is definitely a glitch. Please update.

Fun game, but pay to win. Title says it all. This is a great game but you can only get so far if you don’t pay. And I’m sure it gets more and more difficult so I can imagine that the further you go, the more you pay

Almost unplayable. Ads after every level. Gameplay is fun but the ads make it almost impossible to enjoy. The $5.99 price tag to remove ads clearly shows the devs greed. If I could give the game a negative score I would for how obnoxious the constant ads are

Great so far. I can’t get any sound….. setting for it is ON.

Need to Update. Addictive game, Hard levels seem a bit to hard but regardless. The biggest issue is, that it ends your game just because you have 5 screws in the waiting area. Moves could still be made and levels could still be beat. Even if you currently have the 5 slots filled.

Fun until it isn’t. Fun to play till you get to a bug and nothing you can do can get you past it. Got to level 237 in a matter of days. Now the wrong type of screws are left at the end and won’t clear

Level 121. Level 121 can’t be beat, I enjoy this game a lot but they added one to many dark blue star screws when it should’ve been a Philips screw and u can’t beat the level because of it.

Understanding. Whe I first started playing it took me a long time to understand. But I got it now and I like it

Impossible level. I got to level 120 no problem. But once I got to level 121 I couldn’t finish the level. I didn’t have the right screws. I’ve played a few times through the level, same issue.

Can’t play because of ad. Can’t even play past level 10 because an ad pops up over the play and city area so that you can’t press it. If you try to click even the edges of it the ad goes into the download page.

This game is a rip off. I hate to have to buy or purchase tolls in order to compete a level. However I did this twice. Never again. The 1st time I was over charged and thought it was a fluke. The 2nd time I was charge $10 for a $4.99 purchase. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE. you can’t win a level without a purchase and then you get ripped off. Total scam.

I like it alot!. It is relaxing with a fun & unique challenge.

Fun ... but. You can't play without internet turned on. There's an ad after every level. I really like it but I'm deleting it, too many ads interrupting play

Impossible without spending money. Such a disappointment to enjoy the game but there are levels that are physically impossible to pass without buying tools. Just annoying

Locked. I am level 76 and when I place 3 screws it wants to start over and over again.

No place to report bugs?. Level 121 seems to be impossible? The right color screws don’t exist for the third to last box.

Sound effects?. I really enjoy this game but I wish there was some music or sound effects!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 0.8
Play Store com.quok.screwJam
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Screw Jam (Versiyon 0.8) Install & Download

The application Screw Jam was published in the category Games on 08 December 2023, Friday and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This program file size is 224.72 MB. This app has been rated by 7,137 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Screw Jam - Games app posted on 15 April 2024, Monday current version is 0.8 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.quok.screwJam. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Screw Jam Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Performance improvements and bug fixes

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