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What is money rush app? Multiply your coins, select the best gates and collect lots of money! Money Rush is a fun runner game with one goal: get rich! Collect coins as much as you can to turn your game into a cash rush!

Are you good at simple math? Or just looking for fun money games for kids? Amazing! This money game is just right for you. As you roll your coins you do the math and choose the best gate to increase your amount to become the money master! The more coins you collect the bigger your coin rush will be. Upgrade your coin game for the ultimate rich roll.

At the end of each level you will turn your coins into cash and use it to build your moneyland. Spend your cash to build shops and create income. From then on you will turn your game into an idle tycoon! This is one of the best idle games with money rich content for you to unlock. Collect your money by walking up to venues and be a money master!
• Exiting coin rush
• Turn coins into cash
• Unlock money making venues
• Collect money to become rich

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Money Rush Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Money Rush Version 4.0.411 November 2022

We update Money Rush regularly to make this game a much better experience! Here are a few of the improvements you’ll find in the latest update: * Squashed some bugs - eww! * Improved game performance - smooth!.

Money Rush Comments & Reviews 2022

- A good game

This game is amazing there’s not that many ads and I think it’s amazing so I think everybody should get it and even if sometimes you might think there’s a lot of ads I’d like this one game and it was kind of terrible because it has so many ads but this game is amazing I think like I said everyone should get it if you don’t get to stay I think you’re crazy but this is probably the best game there’s not as many as you think but you know it’s like really really cool so I think everybody should get this game and it doesn’t cost any money so yeah everybody should get this game even if you don’t really think you would like it on the ad it actually is really fun and once you get to your money status it’s amazing

- Love This Game !!

This game is very educational towards children learning integers. I even noticed that after my two 11 year old sons, Jake and Wyatt, had a boost in math grades ever since They installed this. I like it because it doesn’t give enough time to do the math. They trained their brains to do math quickly and their teacher, Mrs. Smith, even asked me what they did after school. I of course told her about this amazing game and know all of the class plays it!! I just hope that all parents out there, can let their children install this. Wyatt showed me a trick that everyone should know too. To drop the adds, turn your phone on airplane mode. !! #americanmom #mom #momof2 #momlife #america #texas 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏈💵

- New update kinda ruined the game

I really don’t like the new update where instead of getting money for the score u got, you have to invest a portion of the money you got from playing to build up a town or whatever and just lose whatever other money you got from playing. Therefore, aiming for anything over a 50 dollar score is pointless and totally takes away from the gameplay/rewarding feeling u get for beating your own high score. I think a way the developer could improve the updated version of the game is, after the player moves past the first gate and onto the second gated section with the hospital and such is increasing the max amount of money the player keeps after the round to like 100k instead of 50k to both make the buildings more achievable and also give the player incentive to keep playing and wanting to increase their score.

- Levels are too short

I feel like what would have made this game is the satisfaction of growing larger and larger. However, in this game most of the time the levels are too short, and even if I manage to play the level in the most optimal way possible I still only go from about 10 dollars to 50 dollars. This typically is ends me with a score that is still miles below what might have been my highest score from one of the few times I watched a 30 second ad to make myself “big” from the start or the few times I actually had a decent length level with actual good multiplication choices. The gameplay time is just too disappointing for the amount of adds I end up having to sift through. Also, the preview I watched when I chose to download it was about a roll of dollar bills rolling along leaving a trail of bills (and subtracting the total) while being replenished by making optimal choices through gates. So, the advertisement was a complete lie to the game I ended up actually downloading and playing. I recommend just staying away from voodoo and any other advertisement infested game. They don’t care about your time… they only want the ad revenue. P.S. If you must play this game then don’t bother with the “offline” earnings… doesn’t really give you squat and I invested around 150 upgrades into it. Better to just make yourself bigger.

- Really wouldn’t recommend😭

So I got this game and I played it for about a few days and I got this game in 2021 and then I didn’t play it for a while and then later on when I tried playing it. It wasn’t letting me like it was still loading and stuff so then I tried getting off the app and restarting it then I got on and it kept doing the same thing over and over again so I restarted my phone so many times it still wasn’t working so I wait tell the next day and it happened again. So I kept restarting my phone and it happened again and again and again and I was on level 80 and I deleted the game and got it back now I’m back at level 10 um so mad I really don’t want people getting the game cuz this well happen to u my cousin tried it and it happened to her and it also haves so many ads and some of they reviews are fake.

- this game is so entertaining

i could spend hours playing it but not rly cause i have an attention span of a few seconds but it rly keeps me focused those few seconds and it’s rly fun and there isn’t much ads BUT it would be nice if u guys could release the new businesses faster i finished all of them and i am waitingggg but good job developers very proud of u guys😁edit: i forgot to add one more thing but with each business area u upgrade from can u guys make the max money more like for the first businesses it’s at 50k and for the each area u upgrade to ur max money upgrades too, yk?? hope that wasn’t confusing

- Good, but a few flaws.

Hello! So, my 11 year-old son plays this game a lot. He asked me if he could download it, and I had him let me play a round. When I saw it was about money, and choosing how to spend your money wisely, especially the one’s with “Party or Study” or something like that, shows kids like mine things that are important, but also to treat yourself once in awhile. The flaw here is that there's a bit too many adds. He’s also telling me that everyone 15 minutes or so it’s kicking him out of the game, and that he has to restart the level each time. I’m not sure if it’s the device, or game, but other than that, he’s been spending his money on things that aren’t LED lights, and video games! Thank you - Kate

- Listen up this is good 😊 👌😇🔆💰✌️👍🌈🥐🧁🍫🍿

This is one review out of a million so I need the attention so on the add it shows a satisfying money roll but when you go into the game you get coins and I mean your latterly coins you roll but not money roll. And when you get too a hire level you go to a city area and there’s areas that you can gain money from but you need to pay for the areas . The areas are so expensive! Please lower the price! But otherwise the app is amazing 🤩 but somtimes it freezes it’s really annoying and it makes me mess up why does this happen and can you fix it ??!!??? But there’s good things about it too for one it doesn’t make you pay for much with real 💵 💰 money and it’s never really laggy it’s awesome and it’s fun honestly I think you should get

- Too laggy

Ok so don’t get me wrong it’s a good game but after a while of playing it it’s starts lagging real bad which makes it harder to play. I know it’s not my phone because I have a new IPhone 12 and none of my other games lag. If you could fix the lagging problem that would be awesome and I might rate the game higher. I have no suggestions besides for the producers to fix the lagging problem. I would definitely suggest it to people to play if they are bored. There are no other problems I have with the game and it’s super fun to play! If you have read my review I would say yo download it. I don’t know if other people have the same lag problem as me so I would suggest for you to download it and see if you get the lag. Thanks for reading 😁

- love but a few things

ok i love this game but some of it is extremely annoying. for instance the game is NOT what it shows in the ads its coins not cash and they have VERY different options in the ads. honestly its very stupid. sometimes you have too many coins and they go through the wrong option and you feel defeated. sometimes my little sister plays this game on my phone and sometimes the ads come on and its incredibly vulgar. there's cleavage people in bed together. theres half naked women and men, and the ads are teaching children that if you have hair on your body or you are bigger and “ugly” then you will never find love. the the ads show some form of stripping and its incredibly inappropriate for kids playing this game.

- Fun but needs more

It is very fun, but I quickly became bored, because the upgrades basically don’t mean anything after like level 250, which is pretty easy to get to. (This is a suggestion to the developers) You should increase the cost of the upgrades, and make them worth more, so it can continue to be fun. Also making more skins, and ones that cost more would be interesting. Lastly, for events you could have special coins you can earn by playing in the event, and that you could use to buy skins exclusive to the event. Doing this would greatly increase the enjoyability of the app.

- Good game!⭐️

I think this game is really good I think it might not be anything likes add because every once in a while you actually have the dollar bills but it’s really funny because you get coins to and you can turn them into different things my personal favorite is donuts they are so fun just a few suggestions can you change your ad so that it shows you the coins doing it and then maybe the option to do the dollar bills and that basketball thing because I bet people love that anyway thank you for reading my note and everyone else’s your game is awesome!👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- okay game but..

i have just downloaded this game and it was fun but now I realised the levels are really short and there are way to many advertisements. developer, if you are reading this, could you please please make less ads? I hate the ads so much. I also think the portal things you go into is to close when you complete one portal. ( I don’t know how to explain it) I wanna have more time to see because I don’t have the best eyesight to see the money things. If you remove some ads, I’d be really happy and change the review and play the game more. I really don’t want to watch a ad to play the bonus level, really. If you did all the stuff I asked the dev to do, I will review you 5 stars. thanks if you to it, dev! ✌️

- Love it! But 2 suggestions

Ok, first of all, I LOVE THIS GAME I definitely would recommend it, not to many ads, great tricks, awesome game and challenges! 😁😁😁but here are my two suggestions. 1. I love this game but it would be fun to be able to just play single player or be able to race against other online players, the - or the divide make you slow down, and the + or x5 or x2 make you speed up. 2. It would be so AWESOME if we could be on creative or free play or something so we could get some practice or have fun with our world or town! Like Among Us or Minecraft. Awesome game. Would recommend!😻😻😻😺😺😺😸😸😸

- Something wrong with the level up system, if you have to much money

So this game is really fun, but I end up getting too much money I have so much money to the point that I have to tap on the level up money/offline gains buttons 100 mph to get rid of a quarter of my money in the game. So if you (the developers) are reading this, then I would like you guys to add an update to where when you upgrade, it takes a larger amount of money each time you upgrade. Thank you for your time, and have a great day. Don’t let sadness get to you. Know that you are loved.

- Why just why

Love the game but there is a few changes you could make like only two. ONE, every time you complete a level you always get an ad can you please fix that like just after 5-7 levels there be an ad because LORD would that make my life so much easier. TWO, since you have the settings button can you please but a shop button on the other side if so people won’t have to deal with accidentally clicking something and it spending their money. Thank you for reading please consider what I wrote.

- Very good game

I read a review and they said the game is so so bad,well guess what NO it’s really good and I’m not lying about liking the game so if you don’t like it and you deleted it JOKES ON YOU the game is so good I could play it all day and not get mad,and there are not many ads and you could just hit the fast forward button on the ads too so the ads are only 10-20 seconds so the people who dislike this game (in my and t Millions and Millions of other people who play this games opinions) are so so so so so so so so so so so so and 1,000 more so’s WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- This game is GREAT!!

I love this game as it has gotten me through a 6 hour flight with no WiFi, but there is one huge problem. There need to be a bulk buy option for the upgrades because right now, I am spending a lot of time upgrading my starting coins. Just add like an input thing where you can say how many times you would like to upgrade it, or like max, half, 10, 5, and 1 for how much to buy. If you add bulk buying, I will change my rating to 5 stars, but other than that, this is great game! Thank you, and bye.

- Unplayable but Fun

I can’t play anymore because it gets stuck at the loading screen or it crashes everytime now but I figured, I was level 70 with 4K+ starting, 3mil on the leader boards. And the last time I played it was lagging and chopping . I’ll keep it for a while just in case but over all I had a lot fun playing the game! Like as far as wanting to come back, I did! Good for killing time and it really pushes you to want to reach the top! Good job on the game good concept

- Good game but a bunch of ads!

hello! I hope you are having a good day, and if you are reading this to decide if you should get this game, that’s good! so, it’s a pretty fun game, you have to make quick decisions and it’s kind of addicting. Although it’s fun, almost every 2 minutes you watch an ad. I constantly close and reopen the game because the ads are so frequent. Even if you don’t want to watch an ad to get extra money, you’ll still have to watch one. But other than the ads, this game is really fun and I highly recommend it! have a nice day!

- Very good

Ok so this is a very good game there is no ads unless you want a reward! That’s awesome for a free game because they need money by ads and there is non but there is a few glitches sometimes when I choose -89 not - divided by 2 it selects divided by 2 and not -89 so that is my only problem but when I was reading other peoples reviews they said that there is so many ads but their lying don’t listen to them there is no ads at all so I would recommend this game for your experience 👍🏼😊😏🤪😜🧐🤗 Ps. I’m actually Spanish so if I spell things wrong I am really really sorry 😅👋

- Decent but lacks

This game is a good time killer… that’s about it. The ads get annoying after a bit. The levels are short. The 50k limit for things being 5+ million is a major issue which makes me less likely to play. The fact the game is as bland as it gets kinda is boring. The bones levels don’t really do much and this game doesn’t really show any signs of improvement from other updates. Making more custom skins, Levels, buying options etc would be amazing. Your upgrades being worth more than just a tiny amount would be amazing as well as just bumping up the levels and bumping down the ad after every level!

- It’s good but needs more inspiration

So when I got the game it was very boring and I’m just going through the little screens and a add pops up so then I go get up and go get a snack I close the add up I get back on 5 minutes later there’s another add there’s just sooooooo many adds that it’s just boring and to some people it might not bother them but it’s just a platform in a Grey area which to me I could do way better then that and to the developers they have made some of my favorite games so when I got the game I was just disappointed MAKE IT MORE INTRESTING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- It’s fine.

It’s fun to play, but you can only use coins and not dollars like the ads show, and the levels don’t get harder or give you more coins as they go on so it’s just repetitive and boring after some point. You also never get off the “poor” section on the leaderboard, as far as I can see. There are also some levels that start out with you losing more money than you have so you have to either use in-game currency to start with more coins (which is just counterproductive if you know you’re going to lose them) or watch an ad to start with more coins. This game has the potential to be so much more fun than it actually is.

- Good but lots of ads and glitching

I got this game thinking it would be fun and no it was not. The ads drove me crazy, about every minute or so a ad. I did come up with a solution for this which will work for everyone. JUST TURN OFF YOUR WI-FI! It works so well with no Wi-Fi there are no ads! The glitching was horrible to it might not happen for everyone but it happened for me. I could still play the game but I was not in control. Then it started lagging and it was horrible. I could not find a solution for that so I just stopped playing. -overall there are better game options out there.

- Try adding this to the game

Add a button that will spend all of ur money on the upgrade that the player chooses because I’ve gotten to a point we’re I can sit for an hour just clicking the upgrade button and it is exhausting but overall this game is very fun and entertaining I play it all the time it’s just great but yeah please add like a buy x5 or x100 or x1000 you know what I mean by that? If u need more clarification just reply to me and I’ll send u my email or something thank you

- Sorry about your ...

People just don’t realize how good your game is but it could take away like one hour anytime I mean my hour I like this game a lot but I just don’t like how people are rude in the comments makes this game Makes you mad but you don’t have to follow what they do if you get a one ⭐️ just make another game when that happens it’s a common spot the actual review on the game but this game is great overall I would rate it seven stars if I could but here they are⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️

- Is good game but can you add more leaderboard ranks?

This is a good game and I'm at 1m$ on the leaderboard but it still says Poor, even though 1m$ is a lot so at 100k$ to 999k$ on leaderboard could you add rich as a title, and for 1m$ to 99m$ you could add millionaire as a title, and for 100m$ to 9b$ you could add very rich as a title and for 10b$ to inf$ you could add extremely rich as a title. Could you also make it so that if you hold down an upgrade button it automatically buys it 50 times per second.

- Adds lie,Lots of adds,gets boring

It’s a great game but the adds do lie. And it can get boring fast. You do not have a person or dollar bills. I was so excited for this game but when I started playing it was not the same as the adds. So I just wanted to say the adds lie and I do not recommend this game. But if you want to play it go for it! I was playing for a little then the ADDS were so annoying it was so boring after playing for like five minutes. That is why I gave it three stars. I would have gave it more if those things were fixed.

- Game Update

I love this game but I have so many coins I have to click the upgrade starting button like literally 30,000 times to use all of my coins like I want to do but it’s taking forever so they need to put a box where we can choose how much money we can use them generate so ya so ya I only have a 3 star cause the more money u have and goal the more it will glitch now my loading screen ain’t loading and it did it before and I deleted the game and thought I would get my satay back if I redownload it and I had to start all over so ya

- Awesome! Download it

it’s gonna have ads. Whoever says “there’s to much ads every time you play.” They CLEARLY never played a mobile game you might have to watch an ad or 2 for you to play a certain level like the money one but minus all the bad reviews (Personally this game/app is perfect for anyone) and to the dev(s) I lOVE THIS GAME! It’s really really REALLY fun! I don’t care about that ads because half of my apps have ads but keep up the good work. -α fєℓℓσω ∂σg ℓσνєя (P.S.) GOOD GAME DOWNLOAD IT NOWW : D

- Love the game but…

I love the game but there are so many adds! Theres an ad when i start a level or finish a level and when i get in the game a ad pops up! AND THEIR ALL TO GAMES I HAVE! We know you want us to be advertised but we also want to enjoy the game for longer than 2 minutes! But since i love it so much ill give it 5/5 stars! Just please fix the adds! Sincerely, girl who loves game

- It won’t let me in

I don’t like this game I love this game with me but on that means I have experience and I’ve always wanted to play this game for this kind of make me watching this is making me mad and I haven’t been able to like watch that and I’ve only been able to watch them do it so it’s not fun it’s not fun at all it’s not fun at all no I don’t want anything it’s super fun kids

- Bonus level should be main

I think this is a really fun game and I really enjoy playing it but I have one recommendation and that is to make the bonus level the main level. I think it’s really fun to play the bonus level but I also think that the bonus level could be different because it’s basically like the main, maybe the bonus level could be main and then change the bonus level.

- Fun but broken

Was a really fun game I played in my downtime or in between things for a week. I got into the top 100 players in the game and now it won’t load when opening passed 25% give or take. Was a lot of fun but even the most recent update didn’t fix the issue. For reference my biggest bonus for all the coins in the end was close to 1,000,000. I don’t think the game has the capabilities to go passed that or $5000 coins when starting a level. I want to say I was on level 500 something. I can’t recall, it’s been a couple weeks since I played last.

- Needs improvements

I’d like to start off saying this game is really simple yet very fun. However, there is one problem i spotted that i found inconvenient when buying levels to start off with more money you have to continuously click the button. Which is fine but not when you have a lot. I recommend a “buy all” option where you can spend all your money at once instead of clicking the button a bunch if times for a couple dollars. Thank you :)

- You have 72 hours

I hate the new update Change it BACK TO THE OLD ONE i used to love this game and play it everyday but NOW ITS HORRIBLE if you dont want to lose a download CHANGE IT BACK cause I finished the first thing at the end of the round AND I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL LEVEL 100 TO GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL THAT BULL CRAP FIX IT you game is going to go down hill if you dont fix the new update turn it backk. Im going to give you 72 hours to fix it im going to make another review when the times up. And im not going to forget i am not set a reminder cause it will be done. Good day..


So I got this game and played it, and it was fun. When I was deleting apps to save space on my iPad, this was one of them. After it was deleted, or when I had the app still, I was getting so many ads! The ads are just plain weird and annoying. They make the person playing it look just dumb, and the ad isn’t even what the game is!! Like what is this garbage? At least make the ads a more accurate version of what the game is.

- New update isn’t as good as before

I personally liked it better when you could get an amount of money in the level and then roll to see how high of a score you could get. I enjoyed it a lot better that way because I would try to beat my high score. At my current level I already have everything built in the town and literally get nowhere regardless of how much I make from the level. I hit 50k every time and don’t have anything to use it on. Go back to the old way! The new way is a nice idea but I personally don’t like it.

- Problem

I like this game there’s just one problem the ads there’s too many ads whenever I play it right after I collect all of my money there Hass to be an ad sorry for the creators but I’m not a big fan of this game just because of the ads but otherwise it’s a really fun game but the ads I see see people on money but I started off with coins so I don’t know what’s up with that so if you could write me back because I don’t have no clue how to go to the person running on money so if you could please write me back that would be really amazing

- Feedback

Im not the kind of person who just says it's boring. I'm actually trying to give feedback. 1. Longer Rounds. These rounds are like 30 seconds when it would be more fun if they were maybe a minute or more. 2. To many ads. These rounds are already 30 seconds or less and then I have to watch an ad. The game needs less ads. 3. To much money for upgrades. I'm not making much money in these short rounds and then they expect me to make enough money for upgrades. No. I need to play like 3 games for enough money. With these 3 updates I think this would be a fun game. This is a good game. Some things I like about it is that it's easy to get to a high level and these rounds are pretty easy. It also has quite a bit of options for coin skins. Thank you for reading. Have an amazing day. - The end

- How good this game is

I can play it for hours and hours nonstop it is really fun and I hope more people get it because I’ve been seeing it on adds a lot and I always wanted to get it because the people doing it always do it wrong in the ads so one request is please make them do it right and I really liked this game thank you for making it

- Ad

On the ad that I watched it was a roll of dollar bills getting smaller and smaller of the amount of money and there are walls that you go through to make more money or less money then you see how rich you are but this game is a scam because when I downloaded it it was a rolling coin just making more money and not a roll of cash losing money and that is what I was hoping that I was going to see so over all the ads are a scam but if you like games of getting high scores buy making fake money than you might like this game.

- Good morning to the kids are going good morning and happy to hear from them ok and I am

Get a new phone and get a phone number to go on the internet to see what happens when they go back to the app and then they are doing it for the next time you get off the app and they have no problem at what they do for the next one to go back

- The whole game

I need to know why this game won’t load on my iPad? I have tried to log in, all it does is showing it trying to load but stops 1/4 of the way, I love this game I haven’t played this game for 1 week because it won’t load. Please help, let me know why! Thank you I need to knowWHY my game won’t load? Never had this problem before with any game!

- Not bad! Buuuuuttt

I’ve been playing this game for a very long time. I’m currently number 16 on the board! The ads aren’t all that distracting and the levels are easy but, after a while, the scene where it shows you your highest score starts to lag the game. It also starts loading REALLY slow. It just shines a white then light gray then dark gray screen for maybe a minute. Could use some improvement but all around good!

- Being Rich

I see that the goal is to get the most money as possible. That is great! I feel like I am just so addicted to this game. Because you have to be rich, which means that basically buy anything you want. I thought when I first got this game, you got money under the hundreds. Than I saw that it’s over the hundreds! That makes me so happy.

- Good game

So I like this game it’s fun maybe even entertaining. but there is to many adds. after each level I get a bonus thing that gives me more money but if I press no then I get an add anyway without a reward EVERY SINGLE TIME! But overall it’s a fun game but the levels are pretty short and when I tried to get another skin i watched the add and I got logged out and didn’t get the skin. I was pretty sad because it was a donut skin!

- Less ads

This game is good and all but the only trouble I have with this game is ads and lag if I want to play another round I have to watch a 100 second ad and then the lag is terrible if I go into blue and I zig zag to make my phone go it just takes me to the red immediately like what the heck game no way this game is 12+ when they have my issue they will just break their phone. Have good day

- Fun but getting bored

This is a good game. My main suggestion/request is a way to buy a higher max for the little developer guy. 50k isn’t enough when you get to the higher levels and everything takes so long it’s no longer fun. Also make him faster when he spends his money. Waiting longer than an ad to spend the money for a level that takes 20-45 seconds is tedious. Very fun game but getting bored due to these factors.

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- Great update plz read

Before the update you did the same thing again and again and again but with the update in the end of each level you can buy shops to up your business depending on the money ya earn!!!

- The higher the levels the less you earn??

I’ve been playing this game for a few hours on and off today I’m up to level 55 and the higher the level you get the less you end up with at the end of the run! They add more red zones which you can’t avoid and it literally takes all most of the money you’ve collected but then the green zones are like 80c but they are taking 30% in red zones so you complete the level with literally $20? At the beginning I was getting $700 now it’s literally nothing! So stupid! The game could’ve been good.. Such a shame.

- Great game, but one minor issue

This game is great. I have been playing it non stop for the past hour, but There is just one small issue that holds me back from giving this game a five star. The issue is that during a level or at the end of the level when the coins run to see how much money you get, the game lags a little bit. Obviously this isnt too bad but it does annoy me quite alot, Please fix so i can give you a 5

- Love it but….

This game is amazing and I enjoy it very much but every time I do a run I legit make millions and my fingers are about to break if I keep clicking the level up button so is there any auto clicker? 😭😭

- the game is good but some bug fixes to read,

the game is good, it just needs more updates and some changes. every time I play (when I get a new level) i get no levels but only coins, I think this game is a good educational game but since this bug fix, please read developer. bye!;)

- It’s ok

This game is ok but in the ad it had dollar bills not coins, sometime it can be great to just go on it when your bored but overall I think it’s ok so if you looking through the reviews to see if you want it, try it out but I will probably end up deleting it anyways, have fun

- So lazy

The game is great but it’d be amazing if the levels actually evolved as you earnt more money. When I’m starting with $300, I don’t care whether I choose +0.95¢ or +0.80¢… Seems like lazy game development. Also not gonna ignore the fact levels repeat after about 30 goes. Eh I guess you’re getting you’re $$ though and that’s all that matters nowadays.

- Not very good

So many adds complete a level add ok that fine after that add another next no more adds than I go to the next level that there is a add at the start of it and the bonus levels u tap watch add to play the bonus level that add and when it ends it doesn’t take u to the bonus level sometime it works but for me after level 25 and it says bonus level it doesn’t work 0/10

- Ok game but laggy

I have been playing this game for about a week now, and every time I boot it up, it makes my phone extremely laggy. I have an iPhone XR btw. I’m not sure if I am the only one experiencing this problem, but could you please fix it? Also the ‘play for cash’ option is a complete scam, DO NOT CLICK IT.

- Won’t load.

I lived this game and was in the #1 and #2 spot from non-stop play. However now it takes a long time to load (If you give contact details I will send a screen recording of it). I was so excited to see a new update hoping that it would be iced however it still isn’t, and I know there are no issues with my phone. So disappointing because I LOVE this game!!!

- It won’t let me load into the application

It keep freezing around the 1/3 of the loading bar before the game loads in

- Best game ever

You don’t have to watch ads and I love the game I can learn and I can do so much stuff like now I can learn how to count money bc The game Download it now and give a five star please bye-bye

- Great but make it have more options for coins

Love you his app, it’s fun to do in the car for my kids. But that say they don’t like the coin options so if you could do more skins that would be perfect! Thank you.

- Amazing app

I love this app because there are no ads and it dose exactly what it show’s you in the ad . Definitely a 5 star rating make sure to download

- Great

But the bad thing is that there is too many adds so maybe calm down on the adds but other than that a great game.

- Very good game

I don’t normally write reviews but I have to for this game it is so good and so addictive if you want something that you can play for hours this is your game

- My Review

Great to be able to win money in this game most appreciated. Look forward to win some more. Can’t give 5 stars as that is perfection and that 4 is as close as I can give this game as it is so good.

- Great game

Only issue I have is it lags bad when upgrading start money but that’s all

- This game is good but not good

I love this game, but I watched the add to do the bonus level but I now can’t do anything please fix this. Also I have collected all those little stores but I’m not going onto the next level and I am loseing all my coins /burgers

- Rolls of money and physics

Where are the rolls of money in the adds also the coin physics are cool also the sharp blade skin thing gets stuck in the slot machine thing at the end of the levels

- One of the best games on my iPad!

1. It isn’t laggy, the part where you can make like lemon lush, pizzeria and etc it’s really really cool! 2. It’s good but if I could rate this -half of 5 stars I would love it but like, ya where’s “homeless”? It’s was on the ad! 3. This is half as good as the best game, Roblox, 2nd best game Minecraft and the 3rd best game text or oof 4th best game money rush. 4. Please see this developer!

- freezing issues

once i reach a certain level the game freezes sometimes and then takes like 5 minutes to un freeze, this is the same with loading the game, it takes a very long time for it to load

- Fairly amazing!

This game is amazing! I love it so much OMG I love the bonus games. The only thing that bothers me is that you have to watch an ad almost every single level!

- It’s the best game ever

I Love this game because you have to do math and my fav subject in school is math. Yt there’s one issue there’s to many add

- Update

The new update where you buy shops and collect money is very annoying.

- A bug

When one add comes up like a certain one the x doesn’t come up

- It was better before the update

I loved playing the game until it got that update and now it’s not much fun bc you can’t do much

- Money rush

It helps me Lorena money for when I’m at school I will know the answer

- To you from Aroha

This game reminded me of money so that why I download it

- Absolutely stupid

Game is stupid. Advert plays two - three times per level and gives several annoying notifications. Deleting and never using again.

- Not that good

It’s great and all but there a issue,whenever i got past level 30 it just repeats but I still earn money so i still recommend this game

- 😭😭🤯😰😥

I love this game but it glitches normally and I do not like it because the ads the glitches i just don’t like it when does this 😓 but 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

- Retry

I love the game so far but the DAM CRAPPY RETRY BUTTON DOES NOT WORK!!! I hate it but the rest is fun. Please fix this and it will make the gameplay much better and I keep making mistakes sooooooo ye. P.S I would love a mini game update.

- Good game

Good game, would be good as the levels get higher but a little slow moving

- Cash stored up

Cannot physically click the button 10,000,000 times to use up cash, wish there was a way to use it all at once. so many ads, very laggy and seems to get slower the closer you get to 100th place.

- Great game but one problem

This is a great game but the ads they are killing me there are so much ads

- Pay for no ads - get ads anyway

Kids enjoyed the game but were sick of the adds. Clicked the no ads option and paid the $4.49 but still getting ads. Scam alert.

- Was good now can’t play, don’t buy

Payed$4.99 Aud for this got to play it for a few hours and was enjoying. Now the app won’t even load and can’t play it all. Total waste of money and I feel scammed. Don’t Buy

- Worst app ever

You know what! I would rate this a 0 if I could! Uninstalling! Adverts are fake. Forced to watch ads every single round. And without internet you can’t continue! Worst app I have ever downloaded in my life!


Bro I have a lot of games but this is the best game out of the 37 games I have this is the best game by far. This game should have a like millions and millions starts not 4.5 WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND Have a great day/afternoon/ morning/ night

- Money rush

Good game but needs to get bugs fixed soon so I don’t get kicked out again

- Review

The games great except their is more loadtime then game play as well as there is no way of knowing if you have beaten ur highscore

- It’s ok but…

In the ad it’s notes if you change that I will LOVE it

- Graces review

Really good game glad you made this game Grace cox xoxo

- Wouldn’t even open

When I would open the app it would freeze.

- Buggy as all hell

Freezes and is supper buggy and crashy. Crashes more than Windows Vista did.

- Funish game though slight problems passing level 52

It’s not possible to pass level 52

- Good

Love it but it pesters me to play every ten minutes

- Worst game ever!

This is the worst game ever because every time I try to play when it loads it turns off!!!!!! If you are doing it pls stop now!

- Alright

This game is alright but you only do could not cash

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Money Rush 4.0.4 Screenshots & Images

Money Rush iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
Money Rush iphone images
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Money Rush (Version 4.0.4) Install & Download

The applications Money Rush was published in the category Games on 2021-08-11 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 242.66 MB. Money Rush - Games app posted on 2022-11-11 current version is 4.0.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wixot.coinroll