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Connect with friends, family and people who share the same interests as you. Communicate privately, watch your favorite content, buy and sell items or just spend time with your community. On Facebook, keeping up with the people who matter most is easy. Discover, enjoy and do more together.

Stay up to date with your loved ones:
• Share what's on your mind, announce major life events through posts and celebrate the everyday moments with Stories.
• Express yourself through your profile and posts, watch, react, interact and stay in touch with your friends, throughout
the day.

Connect with people who share your interests with Groups:
• With tens of millions of groups, you'll find something for all your interests and discover more groups relevant to you.
• Use the Groups tab as a hub to quickly access all your groups content. Find relevant groups based on your interests with the new discovery tool and recommendations.

Become more involved with your community:
• Discover events happening near you, businesses to support, local groups and activities to be part of.
• Check out local recommendations from your friends, then coordinate with them and make plans to get together.
• Raise funds for a cause that’s important to you, mentor someone who wants help achieving their goals and, in the event of a local crisis, connect with other people to find or give supplies, food or shelter.

Enjoy entertainment together with Watch:
• Discover all kinds of content from original shows to creators to trending videos in topics like beauty, sports, and entertainment.
• Join conversations, share with others, interact with viewers and creators and watch together like never before.

Buy and sell with Marketplace:
• Whether it's an everyday or one-of-a-kind item, you can discover everything from household items to your next car or apartment on Marketplace.
• List your own item for sale and conveniently communicate with buyers and sellers through Messenger

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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.

Facebook App Description & Overview

The applications Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Facebook, Inc.. This application file size is 423.83 MB. Facebook current version is 247.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Facebook Comments & Reviews

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ابو عبد الله و ادم   4 star

ڤيديو. يرجى اضافة خيار تحميل الڤيديو من التطبيق لطفاً

DejuanB2453   3 star

Dark mode. Still don’t have dark mode 🙄

StellarWiid   1 star

They are watching you through your camera. Don’t trust this app if you value your privacy.

terbush   5 star

توجد مشكلة في الفيس بوك في جهازي الرجاء حلها. ونشكر تعوانكم

AlmostAutumn   1 star

Won’t load anything new. Newsfeed doesn’t load anything.

McCainiack!!!!!   1 star

Update didn’t work. I don’t know why you did the update if your not going to fix everything. 1 minute pictures will load next minute they won’t. If it’s not that it’s some will load & some won’t. This is ridiculous! Are you going to fix this or are people going to have to use a different app besides FB?

👏👏👏💕😘   5 star

Ok🇺🇸👌. Nice

hassanurrakib   2 star

Bad UI. This latest implementation of all-white isn’t working for me.

Cgphoenix   2 star

New update freezes. New update keeps freezing in my phone. Photos are blank, and I have to close out of FB and reopen it, thus losing my place, in order to fix it.

Ginya17   1 star

New update is broken. Updated the app yesterday and my news feed wouldn’t update from 12 hours ago. Tried restarting entirely with no improvement so I decided to uninstall and reinstall. Now the app doesn’t show anything. Just it’s loading animation.

vcrtuoploiutre   1 star

I lost interest in Facebook. No more email notifications from close friends on Facebook. I lost interest in Facebook. I spend less than one hour a week on Facebook. I don’t get notifications from close friends on my list of friends. It’s not getting better for me and all of my friends on Facebook

Apostle murray   2 star

Murray Ackerley. What’s wrong with your Facebook app..? I can’t share anymore..?

Olivipe   3 star

Activa la cámara. Cuando se voltea horizontal para ver videos, se activa como error la cámara. Además los cambios en cuanto a letra, colores de fondo e iconos no se muestran igual para todos los usuarios porque el mío está con la última actualización y el de mi esposo siendo el mismo sistema operativo e igual referencia de teléfono se muestra mucho más atractivo el panel de inicio, un fondo azul lindo q en el mío no se ha activado. No entiendo.

gigiismynickname   1 star

New update is horrible. I can’t check and refresh My notifications without turning off the App and turning it on again. Sometimes my posts disappears after a minute or so. Can’t find 1/5 of my conversations on Facebook market in market messages and also in normal messenger,they just disappear.

Took me forever to get a name   2 star

Glitching and opening a camera. This app is severely glitching lately. Every time I click on a photo it tries to slide to the left and it opens a camera which is super creepy. Also, the top bar showing the time on my phone keeps disappearing every time I open the app. Deleting it until you fix this. Feel like I’m being watched by the fbi 😂

msrae989898   2 star

Aggravating.. My Facebook layout is completely different from others. It doesn’t show me who is active, my timeline layout is different from others. I’ve already updated my phone and app. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it. I’ve also gotten a new phone..

Taldra   1 star

Notifications won’t load. It says I have many notifications but they won’t load. I have deleted the app and reinstalled and it is still doing this. I have to use the web version if I want to see my notifications.

wjninokc   3 star

Data. Why is it when I want to do certain things like for instance edit friends list I get every time problem fetching data can this please be fixed!!!

gflex816   1 star

SMH. Facebook literally lets every race or even FEMALES post whatever but as soon as I post the same thing (the exact same video just with music over it) they block me or erased! Racism at its finest.

LacieAnn83   3 star

Logout. When I go to logout sometimes I can’t logout or see anything and can’t go back to my page

Sgt McFunky   1 star

WARNING DO NOT UPDATE! Major camera bug!!. Do not update to the newest version as of 11/12/2019. Major bug that caused you front camera to be turned on to spy on you!!! DO NOT UPDATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!

dar1985   1 star

Update won’t work. Ever since I updated the app a few days ago I can’t view my timeline. It’s a blank white screen with the stories at the top and it’s very annoying. I’ve turned my phone off on back on several times and even deleted the app and downloaded it again.

KIrkDouglasSD   1 star

Accessing your camera in the background. When a company as UNTRUSTWORTHY as Facebook takes the liberty of accessing your camera in the background while you scroll your feed, it’s time to delete the app. Screw Facebook. Zuckerberg is trash.

MMRana   5 star

Stories problem. after i have update my facebook apps i cannot use it properly even my stories not show and very slow to use it.

Bmantz65   1 star

No Dark Mode. Where is Dark Mode??

Iheartjewelry   1 star

Crashing. App is crashing on iPhone when clicking on a photo...it barely comes up and locks up the app.

mlskbvayvqlpñq   1 star

Stickers en movimiento. La opción no esta disponible para todos deberian checar eso .!

feenierose   1 star

Won’t work with iPhone. Stopped loading anything when I open with my iPhone 8, also tried on an iPhone XR and can’t get it to work on there either. I’ve redownloaded the app 3 times and still the same issue.

Oh, Hey100   1 star


kuttuup   5 star

Facebook. When I put something on my status I can’t add music with it what steps do I take to fix the situation?

Advertorial    5 star

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Rubin573   2 star

Facebook. My Facebook account will always remain a private account.

SameBou   1 star

N’installez pas la dernière mise à jour!!!. Depuis l’ajout de la dernière mise à jour, le fil d’actualité ne fonctionne plus du tout!

Tyson Williams   1 star

Terrible company, avoid installing the app and delete account. The Facebook app is secretly recording through iPhone cameras, as their users scroll through their news feed.

jaharfig   1 star

Broken. My news feed will not load at all but other pages and groups work fine

Elianechampagne4321   1 star

Blank new feed too. I made the update and now i just have a blank news feed.

Miguelo666   1 star

Application issues. Since last update, app is not working properly in my IPhone 7. Please do something

Vjvic   1 star

Terrible. Ever since update yesterday 11/11/19 the newsfeed won’t load.

Dave280z   3 star

news feed is empty.. The new update for Nov 12 2019 did not solve this issue. Also iOS 13.2.2 update did not solve this issue. Struggling to find a path to give feedback. My iPad and iPhone news feeds are frozen nothing has changed in the last 12 hours. My iPad news feed is empty.

chilaxen13   1 star

Nothing loads. Newsfeed as well as stories are completely blank. Nothing seems to load since the new update.

Hadespxu   1 star

User. It's a bad version. Please fix the app

moonchae   1 star

news feed doesn’t work. news feed keeps on loading with showing anything

JackieRoy   1 star

Update. Since yesterday’s update, nothing new is coming up.

FullWhit3   1 star

Mediocre. Bunch of bugs and glitches, I can’t believe a company this big released an update that has so many obvious bugs..

Mike.Cabral   1 star


merryl37   1 star

Problème avec les notifications. Gros problème avec les notifications ces temps ci. Impossible d’afficher la nouvelle notification. Je suis obligée de desinstaller l’application et la recharger de nouveau. Vraiment pénible. Ecoeurée d’avoir à faire une désinstallation et réinstallation constante pour lire quelques notifications-

S4167   1 star

Blank homepage on iPhone 8. Homepage keeps showing blank on iPhone 8. No one else having issue. Deleted and re-downloaded to no avail.

Allin44   1 star

Give us dark mode. You cowards

Kkq123   1 star

Clumsy. Don’t You think that 258 Mb, almost 1/4 th of a Gb is rather a clumsy application? And every second od every third day update becomes REALLY ANNOYING.

Taylormhan   2 star

Camera keeps partially opening. App is constantly opening the camera on the side of the screen while I’m scrolling through my feed on iOS

Honey81214   1 star

Some notifications won’t show. I have to sign out then sign back In all time as it says I got a notification but it won’t load.. this is getting annoying.. or I’m getting old news from yesterday or a week ago!

elaineobed   1 star

Blank news feed. Since I updated my phone I now have a blank news feed on my iPhone app.

Jordan Benoit   1 star

News feed won’t load.. News feed won’t load.

kmt17   1 star

Freezes. All I can see now is nothing!! Wish I never updated!

A Cdn 34567   1 star

Freezing up...no connection !. Freezing up ...no connection

Drew92614   2 star

Glitching. Lately while being on Facebook, the left side of the screen will be a fraction of a camera screen. Very annoying! Please fix this!

stupid social media   2 star

Argh. My news feed will not update!!! Please fix the app!

TomieCzech   1 star

iOS app is accessing your camera in the background. Camera being access in the background without my consent, how convenient! I’m surprised anyone still uses Facebook nowadays, one breach of privacy after another. I think it’s time to leave facebook and move on....

timmcg   1 star

Buggy update. Fall 2019 update is buggy. Notifications show I have new activity but I can’t access them until I reboot my iPhone. I have no time for that.

xxxxxxxxc cccccccccvv   1 star

Can’t open anything under see more section. Since last update can’t open anything under “see more” section. App closes down when I click on it. Very annoying I have no access to this

CommanderRobert   1 star

FacebookFacebook found accessing camera while you're viewing your feed. Facebook for iOS found accessing camera while you're viewing your feed

Advertorial    5 star

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octaavis   5 star

Make fb dark. Please make it dark as well. Cheers. You can carry on with your business now

Daniel Chamley   4 star

Good app. Can you please add the square profile back to the Facebook app instead of the circle profile, also can you add messenger back to the Facebook app In stead of having two apps thanks

ffgyuuijgfccftuhbv   2 star

Get it right. Stop playing around with it.. Way too many updates. 3 in one week. Seriously 😡😡😡

Hftyredc   1 star

Last update. Absolute rubbish, newsfeed showing my status updates first then others are all over the place........can't work out what the logic is. Now my review won't post. NOT MY REVIEW BUT I AGREE, NOW HOW DID THIS REVIEW SHOW UP FOR ME WHEN I WENT TO WRITE MY OWN REVIEW?

Big hobbies   1 star

Doesn’t refresh feed. During a hectic bushfire scenario was reliably receiving updates until it didn’t now just doesn’t work but what can I use instead? Monopolies just don’t work

Celtie Cú   1 star

Latest Update Has Screwed Everything Up. New update two days ago has screwed this app up so badly. It freezes constantly and the only way to get it to work again is to turn my phone off and back on again. Please fix this so the app works again.

Mitcho2001   1 star

News Feed will not even load. I think that just about sums up my experience since the latest update dropped. All I can do from there is search, go to Messenger, write a post, view Stories from friends and pages, and visit every tab. So, Facebook has not been made better for everyone. Simple as that.

F3097   1 star

The newsfeed for the Facebook app on my iPhone doesn’t work. Facebook is a really great platform to socialize but has glitches for iPhones. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and the newsfeed for the Facebook app isn’t responding and shows the loading image. I have tried restarting and refreshing my phone with the new update but still has no solution to the problem. Being a everyday user of the app it really annoys me.

DebbiePerth   1 star

Fix it. The last update is hopeless. Newsfeed is not loading. Fix it. It is bushfire season in Australia. All emergency services are publishing evacuation orders on Facebook this issue needs resolving urgently.

Mac1684   1 star

Unuseable. In last 48 hours I can no longer refresh newsfeed, at all. Tried uninstall and reinstall no luck. Guess after years it’s the perfect time to delete Facebook for good- it’s useability has decreased in time but ended with a monumental cliff fall

shazza-lee   1 star

Not loading. My feed hasn’t been loading for 3 days now. Nothing wrong with my internet and I have deleted and reinstalled the app twice. Please fix.

techimum   3 star

Group post sorting. In the iPhone app I can sort the posts in a group by Top Post, Recent Posts and New Activity. Can this option be included in the iPad app? It would also be nice to be able to permanently set this and not have Facebook change my settings, it so annoying.

bekst90   1 star

Not even loading. App wasn’t refreshing my news feed. Deleted and reinstalled the app and now it won’t load at all- it’s just a white/blank screen. ☹️

magoo10498   1 star

Tags?. What is up with your Page tagging algorithms?? I use tags for promotional reasons and use the same ones consistently, but your algorithms keep giving me useless and irrelevant Pages to choose from, and lately even when I use the EXACT TAG for a Page it is not able to be found.

lstw83   1 star

Newsfeed doesn’t load at all. Constantly frozen and newsfeeds don’t load at all, tried my account on another phone and laptop and newsfeed works fine! Please fix this issue!

Firestick80   1 star

No news feed.. News feed doesn’t load at all the app is so slow it’s not funny. I’ve uninstalled twice, switched phone off tried both mobile and wifi with no luck. This has been happening the past 24 hours. Stop adding and changing features that are useless and focus on stability.

mum2two   1 star

Marketplace??!!!! No!!!. The latest update has seen my app not showing notifications correctly. It says I have new ones but nothing has loaded new. Please fix this! It is also freezing and I need to delete and reinstall.

LesRC666   2 star

Why. Why are my news feeds frozen

Facebook's reign will end...   1 star

Wastes data. Too much marketing and censorship. I’m sick of the marketing BS and censorship in Facebook. The King of social media software will be dead as it will be replaced by another . FB got too greedy and politically correct. It’s on borrowed time.

OSOK70   2 star

New update issues. The new update has serious problems, like I can’t read what others have posted on a thread. Tells me no internet connection when there is. Repeating same posts, can’t access images, can’t see marketplace,,the list goes on and on. Please fix it.

Nga puhi   1 star

Ffs. Enough with the countless updates and fix the damn bugs already

Marijke Groothuis   2 star

Removal of # of Likes is ill-conceived!!!. Latest update has added more disfunction to an already disfunctional app for iPad's. If you keep going like this it will be very easy to just cut the umbilical cord in the end, because there will be nothing worthwhile left. Your change to how Likes etc are displayed has taken a feature away from Groups who use it precisely for the reason you state for the change, name "popularity". The popularity of pieces of art work to be precise. By all means, make it an option to have it or not, but don't FORCE this change in people. What your intentions are when you created the feature, was taken out of your hands the moment you made it public, and to now try and control it for the reasons you started is pure arrogance. Unfortunately I am in Australia where we are having to deal with your ill-conceived because we were "chosen" as a testing ground. Why not think things through instead of foisting it on us?!

anabelle91   1 star

Slow slow. Since I downloaded the new version of Facebook its soo slow its not funny

ASAP1234566899   1 star

Newsfeed Error. I am getting the newsfeed error that didnt load snd froze with nothing to see

Huon Tas   2 star

Unfortunately. app has always worked but not this time from the last update

MuzG   2 star

Doesn’t load new notifications.. It doesn’t load new notifications although they are there as an alert. Please fix this.

net_rave   2 star

Video Page Skips To Top. This issue has been ongoing for last few update where when user clicks on some video in the video Tab, Instead of Facebook playing the video; the page skips back to the top.

Ghjdhkkjvv   1 star

Locked out Because I don’t have a number?. Iv had Facebook for a while and it’s just locked me out because I don’t have a mobile number?? Keeps asking me to provide?? I was never asked for a number only an email address and I don’t have a phone number. This needs sorting out ASAP! Also, when I was scrolling through my watch video pages, as I get to around 10 scrolls and it crashes- it reverts back to the main watch page every time? I was also missing Facebooks market place app? No formal way too add this to the app which is completely useless. Stick to using eBay and gumtree. Facebook doesn’t know what’s its doing.

jordan95cherry   1 star

Notifications. Notifications are so broken.

snailpad   2 star

Please stop “Watch”. Please. Please stop with the needing to click three times to open a video up in full, then needing to hit back 3 times to get back to where I was scrolling. It is bull honky.

Klcsd   1 star

Posts won’t load. My posts stopped showing up a few times now. Only 3/4 will show. This has happened about 3 x now. Usually it rights itself after a few days WHATS UP WITH THAT!!! Tried to reinstall tried to complain. Nothing works. It works fine on my computer but not my iPhone. I give up😫🤬🤬

plmojbyfx123456789   1 star

Newsfeed not loading at all.. I have logged out then logged back in, uninstalled app then reinstalled, restarted my iPhone (which is updated), checked for FB updates (there are none currently), and it still won’t work. Not on wifi or cell network. Any ideas?

Valid usee   2 star

Needs a update. Every time I click on a picture the app opens my camera

jawfas   1 star

News feed not working. Since last update news feed will not load, I have tried logging out, deleting the app and reinstalled it and it still will not work. I even tried the app on another device and the same thing the news feed will not load but I can load Facebook though my internet explorer and it works fine so it is this app. I’m very disappointed.

sil3nt_nick   1 star

Disregards privacy. How the hell do you miss a bug that accesses your camera while scrolling through the news feed?

humphbrit   1 star

Newsfeed will not load. For the past two days my newsfeed hasn’t been able to load on my app. If I log in through the browser it works fine .

Wasfun1   1 star

Latest update not working on ios. Wifes phone no update still works mine auto updates an doesnt work so kinda easy here fix the update!

TellyDoe   2 star

Dumb updates. Why every time this app update it get rid of backgrounds

Thiarod28   2 star

Help help. My news feed doesn’t work. Everything around it loads fine. My news feed is just white boxes that doesn’t scroll. I can go to my profile page fine, I can even go to new notifications fine but my news feed needs help! Please help!!!!!!

kiankung   1 star

อัพเดทล่าสุด แย่มาก. อัพเดทรอบล่าสุดนี้ แย่มาก แอพไม่ตอบสนอง กดอะไรก็ไม่ได้ มีแจ้งเตือนมาจะกดกระดิ่งดูความคิดเห็นใหม่ก็ไม่ได้ ต้องสไลด์ลบแอพก่อนถึงดูได้

Eden 1227   1 star

Update 13. This latest update killed my phone. Hate my phone now. Lots of apps won’t load. I was paying some things via phone now can’t Apple update killed my phone. Oh yes I called and ask for help. No qualified help!! I hope next update is soon and fixes the problems just created by this update.

evan1377   2 star

Decent but STILL needs a darkmode. People have been begging for a dark mode for over a year. Honestly it’s not that hard to do so pleaseee give the people what they want! My eyes hurt HAH

kenialyspd   5 star

Fix the “bug”. When yas going to fix the last version my front camera it’s turning on????

jntired   2 star

Menu won’t load. My menu won’t load and then when it does on occasion, I can’t get it to go into any other parts of the app. It just freezes.

+1 562   3 star

Transmitir en audio en facebook. Así que Hojala y pronto pongan esa acchion en los dispocitibos de apple de vuelta. Lo que llaman compartir audio en directo. Qiero que por favor pongan de vuelta la accion de transmitir en audio en los dispocitibos de apple. Ya que hay muchas personas ciegas al igual que yo y nesesitamos esa accion de vuelta. En los dispocitibos de apple. Asi que hojala y por favor la vuelvan a poner gracias. Porque no estoy de acuerdo en que la hayganqitado de eses dispocitibos. 😕

ahawn587552   2 star

We want drk mood in Facebook. When we can use dark mood in Facebook ?

Joemirags13   2 star

Broke. App will not update new posts

mrs hughes2016   2 star

My Facebook account got hacked. So I’m having to make a new Facebook account BC my old Facebook was hacked I would really like to get my old Facebook one Bk please help

Quizzard Kelly   3 star

NEW FEATURES. Was Wondering When Could Users Get New Features As In Dark Mode Alot Of Apps Have It And Facebook Would Be Alot Easier To Scroll Through Late Night. It Woukd Be Easier On The Eyes. Just Wondering If Anyone Was Looking Into It.

BookWorm❤️   1 star

ZERO STARS. I’ve had my account for years. I get logged out of my account one day randomly WHILE scrolling through the app. I dont have the same number since I’ve had the account for years nothing like this has happened so I try and put in password after password and nothings working so I put that I’ve forgotten my password and the setting is saying to “ use a familiar device” “ use the email/phone number” but for one the device is the same and For two I dont have the same number and can’t access it. Facebook NEEDS a tech support over the phone. I’ve had my Facebook account for years and it was great but now it’s all gone. All my pictures, videos, contacts, everything just gone and Facebook has nothing to offer to help besides a horrible! “Maybe you can try this” bs

abitratenee   1 star

Videos are off track. My videos are off track everytime I watch live videos

NS095   1 star

FaceBook is Trash. – FaceBook is Glitchy, Because Whenever i View Photo, FaceBook Gets Glitchy – FaceBook Keeps Lagging Whenever i Comment On A Post – FaceBook Needs Major Bug Fixes – FaceBook Needs Major improvements – FaceBook Needs A ''Dark Mode'' Feature – FaceBook Notifications Take Forever To Load

Kkmics   4 star

Dark mode?!. Since other apps are doing dark mode I feel like Facebook should too. I mean Instagram has it and Facebook owns insta so wouldn't you think Facebook makes a dark mode setting? Facebook messenger has it as well

Roadrunner1978.   1 star

Crap. Can't see any new feed at all. So stop messing with it when there is noting wrong. New stuff is not always better. This new update on November 12th 2019 has made Facebook crap, why are you messing with things that aren’t broken. Make a app just for Android and one just for IOS and that will cut down on all the darn problems. So stop jacking with it to say it’s only asking it better when it’s now.

Cbarua   4 star

Dark Mode. FB should use dark mode to save bettey life better look. Thanks

David S. Hasanli   1 star

Can't update location on dating. Can't update location on dating

MadMf19   1 star

A bug. Every time I go to swipe back or do something on Facebook, my camera opens on my left side of my phone. I literally just read there’s a bug that’s opening up iPhone cameras while scrolling. Also, said that you guys were going to have it fixed on a specific day. Violating my privacy, fix it.

dstressed😁mode   1 star

Way to many ads. To many ads. Ads after ads after ads after ads after ads after ads after ads oh hey a friend posted something oh no it’s just an ad. Stop with all the ads geesh. I see more ads than i do see friends,groups an pages I’ve liked. And once you haven’t updated the app for a whole they quit loading your timeline an sht,and you force people to update app or delete app. Like damm stop with the prying an spying eye ads all over facebook. Once you search for something off of facebook poof theres an ad on facebook about it or similar to it. like whoa you spying an prying info on all your people to push more ads. It’s mostly an ad platform an not what it’s actually supposed to be.

0978740215   1 star

Bad. Day by day.....this app became bad.....sr but its very supid app

Tainted671   2 star

Camera popping up without my consent. When I’m scrolling through pictures it seems fb is trying to use my camera without my consent. I even turned off allowing fb to access my camera and it still happens!😡 it also happened when I was watching a video. This needs to stop! Another problem is when I click on “others” to see who was tagged the app freezes up.

Egg babies for everyone   2 star

Most recent not working. Having issues with the most recent update that was done today, my notifications aren’t loading properly and when in the most recent tab I can’t see more than 10-20 posts before not being able to scroll anymore 😡

Thedrunkdonkey   1 star

Fix app issue. Can you fix the app so notifications button works properly please

Cinderellaxo   1 star

New update 👎🏻. Constant notifications when nothing new is there, bombarded with advertisements, just a very glitchy update. Nothing runs smooth

Jimybar   1 star

Two uses login on same device. Make it so that it's easy for 2 or more users to login on the one device without having to log out then back in. Please stop resetting the settings I have set ie comments settings

taparii   2 star

Update. So slow with notifications! Can not refresh at all times .. hopeless

glenndragongarcia1   5 star

Update Facebook. Please update the Facebook now

CriticalThinkingCaf   1 star

What’s up with the camera access?. I’be noticed that the app always has the camera active in the background. Why?

Knelllll   3 star

Can’t stop auto play on videos. I regularly use Facebook app esp when on public transport to/from work - I mean what else is there to do, right? But I’ve noticed after each update the settings are changed back. I always turn off auto play videos when not on wifi so it doesn’t use up all my data, but this time whenever I go to settings to change it the app crashes so I cannot change anything. 😠

Electric woman 2002   3 star

Dark mode. Wish it had a dark mode

Ossie Lad   1 star

Stop With The Updates. Why is it on a mobile device, especially an iPhone there are 1 - 2 updates per week at around 200 + mg each? Computers do not have updates. This is a con as the is just an app interface with a computer linked to a database. I am tired of them and I believe it is rubbish and just another way to make us consumers of data and you taking our information for other companies gain.

Chemist Warehouse   3 star

Panoramas Failing - iPhone 11 Pro. Still fairly happy with Facebook after a lot of years. Two minor issues: 1 - I’d love to see posts in chronological order, just like they used to be many years ago. 2 - The Facebook app when using an iPhone 11 Pro won’t recognise panoramas. There is no option to post a 360 or panorama in the “What’s on your mind” menu.

gloricle   2 star

Latest update. I have an iPhone XR, and the notch at the top of my screen. In the notifications tab, the app doesn’t recognise there is a notch so it looks strange. Please fix this in the next update. Thanks.

aRoblotPro2   5 star

Don’t Jude the creator by saying it need’s improvements because it’s a good app. It’s a great app I love it 🧡❤️❤️💜💞💞💝❣️💗💜💗💖💖❣️💚🧡💔💔💔💔💚💚❤️🖤❣️💙💚💛💛💚💚💙❣️💔❤️💜🖤💗❣️💚💛🧡🖤💔❣️💚💛🧡🧡🖤💔💛💛🧡❤️❤️🖤💓💗💗💗💓 I love Roblox more but still it’s a great app!!!!!!! :D

Another_Jedi_Knight   1 star

Update introduced wonderful bugs.. The last update has introduced a bug that I get the same three or four posts continually repeating as I scroll down my news feed. Does not happen on the desktop browser so not a network or server issue.

Hazedlajjdhd   2 star

So many bugs after update. Every update I lose all my pages, groups and memories it’s super annoying I wish they’d keep the format standard and not change it every time

Andrew Marcellino   1 star

Facebook Feed Issue Ver. 246.0. Just have a constant issue with the facebook feed where it literally repeats two random posts when scrolling down and nothing else. The fix was to get out the app and swipe up however it will return later on as I’m scrolling down at some point

courtn3yyy   4 star

Glitch. Whenever I click into a profile or page it glitches and goes to the “story” camera. 🙂

Stink15   1 star

Camera keeps opening by itself. Whenever I’m watching a video the camera opens by its self as soon as I exit it, or when I turn my phone vertically after watching horizontally the camera opens. This is really annoying and it never happened before the update.

CrownedRed   1 star

This update has ruined things. Since the latest update there are so many bugs. When watching a video , if you rotate to landscape then back to portrait it opens the camera for some reason. And if you are looking at a post with a photo and just want to see the photo up close you can’t, since now when you click on it it opens another window to look at comments. You can’t swipe out of this screen either. Please return the news feed features back to how they were

GazaWM   1 star

Buggy. iOS 13 face book app is terrible! Videos won’t play very frustrating.

Heywood Jablowme2   1 star

More bugs than a flea garden. Why is it that when I watch a video on the Facebook app as soon as I click out of that video the camera seems to be on?

Ian1784   1 star

News feed keeps repeating. Updated the app today, now I only see the same 5 posts repeated all the way down the page. I have to close it and reopen it everytime I want to refresh. Fix it please and quick, I’m losing interest very quickly

pep504   5 star

Great 👍🏾 app. Just wondering if my game apps are linked with Facebook or Facebook messenger for more free coins and free spins please? So that I can keep playing on thanks 🙏🏾 Facebook team 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Hawksboy321   2 star

Marketplace returns blank screen. With the latest update when trying to edit marketplace items all I get is a blank screen. Ever heard of something called “testing”.

KiᴎgLeoᴎidᴧs   3 star

Black mode. Can you just released the dark mode already. It’s 2019. And please fix the FB, it’s still buggy sometimes. Thank you.

Jena28   1 star

Fix the app. Updates keep making the app worse. Marketplace doesn't function correctly, newsfeed is all over the place with latest updates showing posts from a week before instead of recent, it's one big mess every time! Don't even get me started on the stupid ads, I've already turned everything off, I've removed all interests and yet, newsfeed is inundated with more ads. At this rate, I'm not sure which is worse, Facebook or Apple in general, both 👎👎👎

Salty_sausage03   1 star

Marketplace. I don’t have marketplace on any of my devices it’s stupid as I have an iPad and a Samsung j2 pro and neither of them have marketplace and it’s mucking up on my iPad now too

Sanddddyyyyyyy   1 star

Need Dark mode. Common guys it’s high time. Facebook is hurting our eyes!

grantsol11   1 star

Facebook. I can’t find the marketplace anywhere

Reddy&   1 star

Privacy. Mark uncle observes every thing what we share,even the comments we see.I once clicked on photo in the comments next minute I got ad on that thing.Its. It’s Unusual Monitoring photos is pathetic.One I’m strange incident happened with me,once I met a guy in my college,we where about send friend request.When I entered his first 2 letters of his name, I got his profile swhich is with full name.i never met this guy I was first time I met that guy.i have no idea how his profile with full name got in search bar.

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