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The applications Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Facebook, Inc.. The file size is 364.69 MB. The current version is 145.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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STOP WITH THE ADS!!!  Alyssa823  2 star

I used to love being on Facebook and watching videos until the ads came. I can’t even watch anything without being forced to watch a stupid ad. Facebook has made money before without putting ads in all the videos so why start now? I’m debating on deleting my account all together because it’s super annoying.


Uploads  Sramos1230  3 star

App keeps crashing when uploading videos!

Chrissy Davis

Wrong locations  Chrissy Davis  1 star

The application and web version both say that myself and my friends on Facebook that live in Butler, PA are in Philadelphia when we aren’t. Fix on both.


Bug  Ksty734  2 star

Please fix the new update. Anytime you click something it flips the screen again.


Frustrating  Morpheus620  2 star

Why do videos constantly have to buffer when I am trying to watch them. I have full cell signal and low quality videos have to buffer, and I don’t want to get into how insanely slow the app is

Updates $^*%

Yet again....  Updates $^*%  1 star

You fail at yet another update. I am seeing way too many posts from a week ago, when I wasn’t before. I also can’t go beyond a certain point where it fails to show anymore content. I either get the dreaded circle of death or a gray dot to indicate there is no more newsfeed. Which has never happened before. Update: now I can see 4 posts...FOUR, before I get the circle of death spinning and spinning giving false hope for the rest of the feed to load but never does...please make an update that actually serves as functionality purposes rather than to make your app more fashionable. It’s ridiculous.


Feed back on videos  Alexandria_Victoria  3 star

“Give feedback on this post” is extremely annoying


Colored statues  BreyannaBitch  5 star

I wish they didn’t keep changing them but just kept adding on new one, I would use them every day if they didn’t keep changing them


Market place won’t let me edit or post  2k14lancer  3 star

Facebook market place will not let me post anything or edit any of my postings. Every time I try it crashes the app and freezes. Please fix ASAP


Tired of Facebook  Chicksnickity  1 star

Apparently “Big Brother” controls Facebook because Facebook goes in and updates my account whenever they want. If an update comes out and I don’t “voluntarily” update it THEY do! Wt hell??? Who in the heck gave you right to do what you want with MY account???? I’m to the point I absolutely HATE Facebook for that very reason and have trying to decide wether or not to delete their app and I’m thinking this just sealed the deal.


Janice Negron-Almeda JaniceNegronAlm 3 star


cityradio89.7fm Cityradio897fm 3 star

Your Horoscope for Today


Robert Brunson rbrunson1 3 star


Facebook app crashing  Musclebear42  5 star

Why does app crash when i click on a poke notification?


Update NO GOOD !!!  Ewett  1 star

Worst update !!! Bug Bug Bugssss


Facebook 1  nellcowart1940  5 star

nellcowart(NellCowart1940) I am Nell Cowart, I am sick, I have tremors & I know I must be causing trouble with F-book, Way back when I started playing around with Facebook and passwords, I must have several Facebook accounts, how can I get theses removed. I had a birthday on September 9,1940, I got numerous Birthday wishes and I knew it was due to the password problem. My memory Is slipping on me, causing me to forget almost everything. Been hanging onto my name/age. I am so sorry to be a problem to you! This is my Enjoyment, but I don't want to be a problem to You, plus It is a bit embarrassing for my friends to know how bad my memory is, (pride) yes, I do know its a sin, but. I was a Justice C.Judge for several years, I did great, but my age is what I lay this whole thing on🙏 Name is Nell G. Cowart--please help me with this problem, "Thanks" I love to play on my phone🙏 God Bless you🙏💟✝️


Status backgrounds  J.Elease  3 star

I dnt understand how not all ppl have the new status backgrounds


Freezes  Likolehua  3 star

It’s starting to frustrate me that everytime I open a photo or video it gets stuck and I need to get out of the entire app and restart! This has been going on for 2 weeks now! No updates available?


Scheduled Posts  Aulrich08  2 star

I think the app needs to have the ability to schedule statuses and posts. Android users have this function in their apps....


Crap  Amandapalm  1 star

When I scroll down and read posts on pages it kicks me back up to the top of the page. It’s annoying as hell. Please fix.


Glitch insists on add friends  kazemirage  1 star

My entire freaking dashboard is gone, I’ve constantly had to reinstall the app because of the error “add friends to see photos and posts” — I have friends, I have a news feed and lots of posts. Really ticked off, no idea why this hasn’t been fixed.


12.9-Inch Screen Support, Please  macserv  3 star

The iPad Pro has been out long enough that it’s ridiculous for Facebook to lack support for its 12.9-inch display. Come on, your Auto Layout code can’t be that bad... time to make this Universal app more Universal.


Pretty annoying.  Gillsjsjsjbazhxhxjxbb  1 star

The app exits out sometimes when I accidentally make it glitch. It blacks out for a second then returns to the home screen. Videos also take forever to load and sometime don’t even load at all. I understand why the ads are there, but I don’t even watch as many videos without losing interest and getting agitated seeing 3 different variations of the same ad.

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