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The applications Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Facebook, Inc.. The file size is 369.95 MB. The current version is 94.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Awful  thatsamorey  1 star

Absolutely awful. Please bring the actual "like" button back. The whole UI is complicated and doesn't flow well. And why is it so large?? What are you people doing.


Freezes up routinely  Shoetr  2 star

Scroll past about 7-10 posts....and it freezes up. To the point of needing to restart it. Pls fix


So many problems  AbsolutelyTrash103947283  1 star

Since this update, everything on my news feed is from four days ago! The algorithm needs to be fixed! I keep missing recent posts about time-sensitive events or other topics. There's also no reason the app needs to be so large. It takes up too much memory with no extra benefits. Get rid of the bloat!

Created dread

Last update 👎🏻👎🏻  Created dread  1 star

Can't share anything ever since the last update the share menu is there but no share option

Briana Suggs

Problem uploading multiple pictures  Briana Suggs  1 star

I've tried all day to upload multiple pictures at one time into an album. The app freezes every single time. I've deleted the app and re-downloaded it, I've shut the entire phone down, etc...nothing works.


APP KEEPS CRASHING  jklmdeleon  1 star

I've been trying to upload multiple photos and videos, but the app keeps crashing. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.


Update 5/25/17  eyeore1617  1 star

Now I can't like or react to other people's comments. So much for a social network😡 I will go back to using a web sign on my iPhone.

Scattered home office mom

Gah!  Scattered home office mom  1 star

I have had to delete and reinstall this app three times in the past two days. I post something, or click on something, and end up with the spinning circle of death. Have no idea what is causing this, but it certainly is irritating!!


Battery vampire - unusable  LonoRising  1 star

Just having it on my phone RAVAGES my battery. I never even use it. Tried the latest update (5/27/2017) - had to delete it. Unfortunate because other apps won't link to your account unless you have this miserable failure loaded on your phone. I only log into Facebook through safari anymore.


Worse, hardly ever better  Orlaam  2 star

I'm still able to like comments and even select a reaction. I'm unsure why others say they can't. However this app is so bloated for one, not to mention the timeline is hosed. It'll show posts I've seen from three days ago as if they're new. Really worthless imo. I'm utterly shocked at how such a large company can't code an app to work better than this and not eat 1/3 of a phones storage. Oh now you put ads in videos? Well won't be watching them anymore. You guys are a joke.


葉花 iroha5251 3 star

@kskt21: 中曽根康隆ブログ(キッズドア 渡辺由美子 オフィシャルブログをシェア) 文科省前事務次官・前川喜平氏の妹さんが中曽根弘文元文相・外相の奥さんで、 その息子が中曽根康隆氏ということです。


Vicky✌ VickyPereyra13 3 star



lil lyss _lyssa_olson 3 star

Grade A top notch Facebook investigator 👍🏻


No update  Ҽʍʍվաօաաօա  1 star

After I updated it I still didn't get the stories or direct 😑

Tim in Santa Fe

Hey!!!  Tim in Santa Fe  1 star

Don't download the update!! Messes up your phone and constantly crashes!!


Old newsfeed  Mfexious  1 star

On my newsfeed, near the top, I see stuff from last week or even 2 weeks ago. It's ridiculous! A few days maybe but weeks??? I've already seen it. Your top stories algorithm is terrible. Do better.


Photo uploading crashes  Jnyaplseed  2 star

New update 5/28/17 crashes every time I am uploading pictures to an album. 😡😡

Tiffany Brock_Journey

Unable to upload photos  Tiffany Brock_Journey  1 star

Ever since version 94.0 updated, I am unable to upload photos to my Facebook account. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times, resetting my phone and restarting the app. Nothing is working and it's making my experience very unpleasant...please fix this.


Repetitive  PrincessDi519  2 star

SOOOOOOOO MANY ADS IN NEWSFEED! Also I keep seeing posts from 5 days ago showing up in my timeline. I miss the "sort by most recent" option. And it drains battery much faster than previous versions, even when it's only running in the background and I'm not interacting with the app.


Adds mid video are bs  MissTravelSize  1 star

That's what I need in my life, more randomly place irrelevant adds


The font is too small !!  BossenF  1 star

Give me bigger font


Update is crap!  WandaMulford  1 star

Can't upload pics/videos or tag; freezes up every time since update. WTH? If it's not broke why y'all continually try to break it.


Really frustrating  Tyigfgfsaknyu  1 star

The increase in ads just makes me want to avoid the app altogether... every time an ad interrupts a video, I just stop watching the video. It's not worth it.

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