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Facebook App Description & Overview

The applications Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Facebook, Inc.. The file size is 444.82 MB. The current version is 210.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Great app  BubbleJayy123  4 star

It’s a wonderful app. The only issue I have is that it randomly kicks me out of the app which it has never done to me while ever using this app. Update 3/17: I’m still randomly getting kicked out of the app.


No user support !!  Stepg_g1988  1 star

I got my email hacked and had to change my number . I’ve been sending the “code” photo AND my drivers license FOR A MONTH!!!! Still can’t log in and no contact from the app even though I provided my new number and email address EVERY TIME

Jaewon Wyse

Horrible  Jaewon Wyse  1 star

Just a buggy mess that continues to bloat itself with every use. My Facebook app was temperamental before but after this last update followed by the issues the other day, it’s worse now.


iPad app needs the group update button  Eaerikss  3 star

The phone app has a button for group updates (like a newsfeed for just groups) and I wish the iPad app had that too. I use my phone so much more now because I love that function, but it’s not great for my eyes.


Broken  260790kappa  1 star

This app is broken After March 13 the group menu stop working and I can’t see all my groups

Sitt Nay Aung

request dark mode  Sitt Nay Aung  5 star

how to make dark mode on facebook app?


Change name to AdBook please  EdfromPA  1 star

Ads every 4th post now. Unbelievable. Ads in the middle of 2 min. videos. Marketplace festooned with ads. Time to delete this nonsense again.

Country Music Lovers

Sick of updates  Country Music Lovers  1 star

This last Facebook update is the worst. My iPad is acting up when I post to my page. After I post a picture it freezes up and I can not exit page or scroll. It drives me crazy! When I am on my group pages I can only view 1-3 posts and then it ends. I am unable to view posts in my groups! This is so annoying on my iPad. This is the worst upgrade ever!😡😡😡


App keeps crashing  Smith331  3 star

Not real happy with fb on my mobile device. I am up to date with the latest software, my app is up to date and yet it is continually crashing


Crap, Voice recognition keeps crashing  mzxxccvv  1 star

Voice recognition doesn’t work typing screen keeps disappearing keeps crashing totally disappointed all the money you have you think you could figure out a simple app


No Human Customer Service!  Babymerwitch  1 star

Dear Facebook HQ, Zuckerberg and co. I have been continuously on multiple platforms been trying to reach your attention as what appears to be automated bots keep disabling my account for no genuine reason unfairly. You tell me how is it fair that my government issued ID’s are all rejected. Then my following account when I try again without my surname but using my partner’s surname is fine .. all until I want to create a Facebook artist page for my music. I will stop at nothing until I reach your people or someone working for you directly and close enough or yourself even Mark. This is ridiculous. I have many people to verify my identity and am gathering other people with same issues and taking it to YouTube and tv shows until someone helps make this app/website make some serious changes to protect innocent account users just trying to connect with like minded other creatives and grow their music support base. Contact me via email.


Crash central  Yingalingadingdong  1 star

I had avoided the app for the last few years, in a bid to use social media less. I thought I’d re-download it and from the last 5 minutes of attempted use (including logging in), the app has crashed 4 times. Well done FB, total waste of time and memory on my phone.

i need marketplace girl

WHERE IS MARKETPLACE 😭  i need marketplace girl  1 star



Too many updates needing wifi for it to download  Kittylove88  1 star

Why is it every week there is a Facebook update for the app that requires me to connect to a wifi network as it’s over a size in data that exceeds the cellular capability. It’s ridiculous to expect to need such a huge app update every 7days. It’s not as though any other app I’ve ever used in the past few years in any other context expects an update as huge as the Facebook app update.


Marketplace  LM0300  1 star

Marketplace icon is disappeared. Contacted Facebook help & support numerous times but the problem still persist.


I need phone to stop dictate to me that I need wifi to download Facebook app  Michellefui  3 star

I get 120gb worth of data so why should I need wifi to download 250mb of data

Jessika murph-aye

vomit react  Jessika murph-aye  4 star

the one star missing is because of the fact that theres still no vomit react, need it quite a lot honestly.


I don’t like this because  Çhārłęš  1 star

Always have fake news in here


Marketplace  a93929  2 star

Facebook market place does not work please fix


Invasion of privacy  shantelleno1  1 star

What a pathetic joke of a company and an app. I am FORCED to provide my phone number and a pic of my face before I can use this piece of crud. What about the people who don’t have a phone and are ugly? All I want to do is back up my game data and I have to give away my privacy to do so. I am locked out until they decide otherwise. Totally useless. Update: Account was disabled with no reason given. To put in submission to find out why, you need to (in facebooks words) “Your ID(s). Saved as JPEGs, if possible” Why would the average person take a screenshot of their profile thinking their account would get incorrectly disabled? When you try to submit without a picture you didn’t think you would have to take, you get a message “Missing required field. This field cannot be empty” So now I cand sign in to get a pic of my account to submit to the idiots who disabled my account for no valid reason. Facebook wonders why it gets the negative publicity it does. Seems pretty ovbious to me. They suck.


Reproducción de videos  GerardVillarroel  1 star

Desde la ultima actualización los videos que reproduzco se pausan cada 1 segundo, solucionen este error


HACKED & CAN’T REGAIN CONTROL  Lucy-Anne1234  2 star

My daughter’s Facebook was hacked yesterday from people in Nigeria. We tried every bit of advice online and on Facebook to regain control. All attempts have been unsuccessful. Every reset request is being sent to their email. How is it that these people can take over the account so easily; however, The actual person creating the account, and the only person ever in control of it, has absolutely no way to get it back ? ? ? Please update your security measures ** And... please advise on how to get my daughters account back....

yeetus bonitus

Marketplace  yeetus bonitus  2 star

the main reason I got Facebook was for the marketplace and my phone doesn’t even have marketplace, it’s an iPhone XR and even when I go to the 3 lines it won’t show marketplace so I got Facebook for nothing


Can’t click on comments  nicm82  1 star

Fix your app as I’m still having issues clicking on previous comments!!!!


Still can’t default to most recent😠  Billandhobbes  1 star

Still can’t default to most recent😠


Facebook  wolfysmom  1 star

My facebook is still not working right I can not reply to messages Fix it!!


Unable to download  tabcln  1 star

Stuck on stop icon


Shutdown abruptly  itstopu  1 star

Today I’m facing a severe problem. This app has shut down abruptly many times! EvenI can’t visit fb for the few seconds!!

naptown jay

Connect the world  naptown jay  5 star

Facebook serves the world to make us all family. Of course there are negative but they fee to list


Crappy vid quality  WHITEOUT990  2 star

I’ve been trying to upload a vid on here for days now and it always comes in super bad quality, on my iPhone camera roll the vid looks perfectly fine and crisp but when I upload on FB it’s super pixilated they need to fix this ASAP


INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT  wpiytheqi  1 star

I can’t believe the things that are aloud on this app! The Christchurch shooting, the car accident. Everything. God rest those souls who died and people are there sharing the videos? How is this aloud happen!!?? Reduculous


Bad!☹️  •A-L-E•  1 star

From today I can’t share photos(on pages, on groups), can’t post, can’t comment. Do something!☹️


Cannot write any comments.  xxginxx1234  2 star

Cannot writing or reply any post comments.


COMPLETELY USELESS  ikenna19  1 star

The app wouldn’t let me block someone who was harassing me then it wouldn’t let me unfriend them so I deleted and re installed to try again and now it won’t let me log in, if you care about the people who use the app fix your problems


STOP THE CRAP!  tahlehp  1 star



Back to past  GiamSP  1 star

I liked Facebook much more when it was about me and my friends. Now there are too many ads, I cannot control my news feed, and Facebook keeps suggesting people, that I don’t know, to be add as friends, just because someone that I know knows these people. Strongly considering to move to Vero, where what’s matter is you, your friends, your interests and nothing else!


Limited viewing of posts in groups.  JKPodtastic  1 star

Currently cannot see more than seven or eight posts in an FB group. Seems to be an iOS problem. Please can you fix this? Very frustrating, especially for those who are group admins. Thank you.


Update 1/03/2019  LouFinn38  1 star

What Ever update you did today now i Facebook won’t open!!! What did yous do?????


News feed not loading  micktmurphy  1 star

I have reported my news feed not loading 4 times and still no help and it’s not my internet


Mh134651  Ag8695234  4 star


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