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The applications Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Facebook, Inc.. The file size is 358.44 MB. The current version is 133.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Facebook Reviews

Sweet Gina baby

Fix Facebook  Sweet Gina baby  1 star

Can you please fix your update on Facebook there is no green light next to your family and friends and see who's online and how long they been on anyone have problems of this


Last update!  Vicki8080  1 star

Ugh it keeps crashing!! The last 2 updates, please fix this! It's really annoying when you are trying to post a comment and it kicks you out and you can't find the post. 😡😑


Fix  Lilace1234  3 star

I've been waiting for you guys to fix this app but yet it's been months... I can't access any page besides home

troys comment

Facebook  troys comment  2 star

Y'all should make a Notification out to tell people that somebody had change your profile picture and they have to like it no matter what so people can get more likes on the pictures 😊


PLEASE READ!  ExplodeAttack  1 star

Ever since the update, whenever someone tags me in something or messages me a facebook link, it makes me go to the mobile website... it's ridiculous. It never used to do this


If I could give it less than 1 star I would.  KJONES543  1 star

The only thing I use fb for is to find out information and for entertainment. So it is truly inconvenient to have my app refresh EVERY time my screen even goes to sleep. What sense does that make? I can be in the middle of a video or reading a post and as soon as I turn my screen back on it refreshes to the top. I've gotten to the point where I use fb pretty often but at this point I'm heading back to instsgram. If Facebook updates I'll come back but until then it's more of a nuisance to scroll than anything.


ايضا التحديث سيئ  مكفوفين  1 star

هذا التحديث سيئ لا يعمل تحديث تلقائي عند إرسال رسائل فالمجموعات. وايضا نرجو إضافة اللغة العربية فالتطبيق


Facebook is bad  Gar_1  1 star

Face book will drain the life right out of you. It is like crack and cancer. It will kill you slowly and ruin your real life relationships. You have been warned.

HotSauce in my bag swag

Message  HotSauce in my bag swag  3 star

I hate how we have to download the messenger app... it's pointless honestly.


Download  Blugrniz  2 star

Been a user of Facebook for a very long time and I e been having issues with the downloads now. Even hooked up to wifi it's not letting me update. Deleted app thing I could reinstall and won't let me. Stop with the weekly updated- not worth it!


Locking My Account, Being More Trouble  Nikinykx  1 star

Facebook used to be a decent platform for me to get in touch with friends and relatives, but now it is a menace! I recently made another account because I A)Didn't want people to find me with my cell number (It's either "friends" or "friends of friends", not "only me" options), and B) I didn't want to pick through posts going back to 2005 just to customize privacy. It's tedious and tiring, so I tried making another account. Unfortunately, facebook locked me out of my new account and demanded identity confirmation. I just managed to unlock it for the umpteenth time YESTERDAY, yet lo and behold; I was locked out AGAIN when I barely had time to fix my profile to be "less suspicious." I've run out of patience, and help is barely given when it has been asked for countless of times. So thanks, facebook, for being more trouble than you're worth. I won't be using your services anymore.

Gerri's iPhone

Notifications  Gerri's iPhone  2 star

For whatever reason, after 2 maybe 3 updates ago, I stopped getting push notifications from a page that time diligently following. My push notifications are all good on my phone settings, my notification preferences on the app are all fine, but I get a "+1" on the app icon 2-ish hours after it was posted. Not sure what changed in the update or how I can fix it, but I hope it gets fixed asap.


Refresh glitch kills the experience  ricperry1  1 star

Try reading your feed and all of a sudden the page location jumps back to a point several pages up or to the top. Disrupts the article, post, or video you were watching. Can't get the app to stop jumping around after it starts doing that. This is a very poorly executed version of the app. Hey FB devs, why not let the app stabilize on a good, glitch-free version for a while. No need to keep updating an app that is basically a glorified web container.


Don't like it.  ZuChild  2 star

My GIF app stopped working on FB. Constant freezing.

I want my $0.99 back!

Bad app  I want my $0.99 back!  1 star

Terrible!! It's so slow n crashes. And no I won't get Messenger, stop trying to force me!


Fix the constant freezing of the app  HLPeugh  5 star

Every time I am on the app, it freaking freezes!! I have to close it down & start back at the beginning of the newsfeed!!! Pleas fix it NOW!!!


It's good  Playboy2131  3 star

I like Facebook but it would be great if you guys can remove all these ads that show up every time we're watching a video. It's annoying to see all these video ads every something seconds while watching a video. Can you please remove them. Then I will love Facebook and give 5 stars.


Update problem  Romagcam  3 star

I didn't like what you did with the latest update. Change it back please!


Articles don't work  Logan357951  2 star

With the new update the articles and links on status updates are unavailable. It opens the page and shows the source on the bottom of the page but no content is visible. Refreshing doesn't work. Only started since latest app update


Birthday Notifications Broke  Poopdeck90210  2 star

iPhone 6+ IOS 10.3.2 Clicking on birthday announcements hour glasses every time, even after reeboot.

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