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The applications Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Facebook, Inc.. The file size is 389.23 MB. The current version is 153.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Facebook Reviews


Network Error  Melikf  1 star

My timeline won't appear. It only says Network Error


Stupid Facebook  Army0411  1 star

Was wondering if I was the only one getting annoyed by facebooks thirst for money and lack of effort to fix bugs in the system, but I’m not the only one after I scrolled down the reviews an seeing everyone saying the same thing. Advertising every 4-5 posts Security problem, used google to look for a grill to buy on my iPhone through safari, and Facebook advertising the same one through a add, same Exact One, meaning privacy is a huge problem, it’s a completely different program on my phone Video viewing changed 3times over the course of 2 months, annoying instagram that is owned through Facebook is saying my friends are asking me to join, (they are not) can’t hide add. I Deleted the people sharing it saying I should join, it still did it with all of the deleted. Video feed changed, and can’t edit a comment after making it, or delete. (Using IPhone 6s, had it even replaced, still going) Facebook drops in the middle of all uses of the app. (Also Note it was done also after I had my phone replaced thinking it was my phone) Download if u want but seeing the comments, I’m certain facebooks time is running out. Deleted today, content with the decision. Finding answers to problems through the creators of Facebook is none existent. Done with Facebook all together


Keep seeing the same post  Broncofan245  1 star

Facebook was good a while ago, now all I see is old stuff from days or hours ago. This and Messagener need to stop changing when they don’t need to.

Sa'ed M. A.

Not working  Sa'ed M. A.  5 star

It is automatically quit I can’t connect to Facebook ios system already updated Facebook too Please do something I can’t write any comments Always quit


Page not found!  Emfulop  3 star

Since the new update you guys did yesterday when people tag me in a closed group it says page not found and it’s a big group so I can’t find what is being said to me. Please fix it!

Christofer Williams

Get rid of the stupid Stories thing, and quit forcing Facebook corporate stories on us  Christofer Williams  1 star

Edit: What's up with Marketplace being thrust on you as every third story? If I wanted to go shopping for broken Playstations, I'd be on Craigslist. C'mon, Facebook, give us a way to turn that off. Wait… so Messenger can't be in the app, because THAT makes it cluttered and hard to use. But you can force this Snapchat imitation on everyone and have it take up 1/4 of the screen, with no way to hide it or even to hide a person's "Story"? There's already a way to tell a story. Put my friend's posts in my newsfeed where they belong, and quit forcing me to see Facebook's corporate story every time I open this app, which I'm about to uninstall. I can't say I won't use Facebook, but I can switch to the mobile version and check it less often. Same thing goes for Messenger. Why would you think we need to see everyone's "Day" twice? (Oh, and it would also be really nice if Messenger were to come back into this app in that little bubble interface, too. It was way better.)


Each update gets worse and worse  Oioioiiu  1 star

Now when someone comments any picture or post, it looks like they’re sharing it. Comment goes on top of the pic/post. All just a big mess, so confusing. Stop coming up with crap like this

Tytianna T

Too much  Tytianna T  2 star

This app is always crashing and it has too much going on.


Marketplace  Imgawjuss  1 star

Market place notifications aren’t working for potential buyers


Feed changes are repetitive  ZmajSnoshaj  2 star

Recently my feed keeps repeating the same posts from the same people whenever anyone New comments. No Matter how many days old the post is. Meanwhile, I’m not seeing new posts others. Why this change?


Problem  stardustmn34  1 star

My Facebook apps disappeared and still shows up in my mobile list of apps, just updated it and l can get into my Facebook only on Safari can it be fixed pls



Please bring out another update to fix the only that happened today. I can’t open pages, notifications take me to pages that aren’t their, I’m missing business comments and bookings. it’s really really bad. Am I the only one experiencing this????


Notifications hang ups  wildchilli  2 star

Notifications hang and won’t let you tap and let you go to the page Notifications that do let you tap them goes to a The page is not available Things that are broken Needs fixing Stop trying to fix things that are not broken Coz you sure do screw other things up when you do


Needs improvement....  mkhugg83  3 star

Sick of seeing every single page that my friends like. My newsfeed is just one big ad now!! Please make improvements to this version. I can’t see my notifications and I keep on being sent to a page that “can not be found” Really annoying.


Annoying  miaza0  1 star

The swipe left for camera is really annoying. I have don’t that accidentally so many times. What dost thou want? Wouldst thou like the taste of butter? A pretty dress? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?


App is crashing  Pankaj2980  1 star

Hi after updating the app it’s crashing now. I cannot open this please send the update ASAP

Abbey stylist

APP KEEPS CRASHING  Abbey stylist  1 star

The app keeps crashing


Avoid version 153.0 with iOS 11.1.2  ikedife  1 star

Version 153.0 immediately crashes once opened. Useless

Stray Gelidus

App crashed and quit.  Stray Gelidus  1 star

App crashed and quit the app.


App keeps crashing  recklesstiger  1 star

App keeps crashing , please fix this issue


Jeremiah Bonezjeremiah_bonez3 star


Kyle RobertsKbr_z953 star


YidakinyYidakinik3 star

@horrorlosers: Las 15 mejores películas de terror de 2017. Llegó el momento de elegir y esta es nuestra selección. ¿Estás de acuerdo? ¿…


Horrible  Baballs  1 star

I can’t even click on a video without it glitching out. Every time I go back to the video it takes me off the app again


Terrible update  DawnAtAmazingLiving  1 star

No way to edit or copy a comment. Can’t hold over anything anymore to copy. What the hell???


Awful  Absjfldjiendjnfksnsb  1 star

Newest updates crash almost every time the app is opened.


👎🏼  katehul  2 star

Hate the newest updates.


LynnHill MaryKay  newlife71  1 star

I have been locked out of my business account for almost 6 months because of I was hacked in my personal account. I don’t care to reopen my personal account but I have tried to reopen my business account but it is closed because they have to research my picture. Oh come on, it is me! And yes, I am the same person that Facebook said I did something on my personal account which I did not do whatever it was! Ah come on, I am a small business and this is unfair!


New update is horrible  Donnydarkko  2 star

New update is HORRIBLE. Anytime someone replies and I get notified, if I click that notification it says “page not found.” Please fix!

😱booboo 🚺

Great  😱booboo 🚺  5 star



Frustrated with notifications  Literarymuse  2 star

This latest update has totally screwed up my notifications and being able to read replies to comments from notifications. When I click to see replies, I get a “page not found” page. It’s very frustrating. The view in my groups is also messed up on occasion. Please remedy this.


Notifications  Nyckilee  1 star

The notifications just went to poop on the last update. When you click the notification it doesn’t actually link you to the location. It tells you the link was broken or just takes you the page and the specific post from the person. Thank you Facebook for making my business harder. Well done.

Weight Zombie

Too many ads  Weight Zombie  1 star

And I hate the way you’re trying to get me to share pictures as “my story” stop trying to make that happen. Same with when I share something to my friends page. Some stupid pop up asking if I want to put it on their page or share to my story. Well why would I put it on my story if I went to their page specifically to share something? Come on! And turn off your stupid ads!!!

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