Facebook [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Connect with friends, family and people who share the same interests as you. Communicate privately, watch your favorite content, buy and sell items or just spend time with your community. On Facebook, keeping up with the people who matter most is easy. Discover, enjoy and do more together.

Stay up to date with your loved ones:
• Share what's on your mind, announce major life events through posts and celebrate the everyday moments with Stories.
• Express yourself through your profile and posts, watch, react, interact and stay in touch with your friends, throughout
the day.

Connect with people who share your interests with Groups:
• With tens of millions of groups, you'll find something for all your interests and discover more groups relevant to you.
• Use the Groups tab as a hub to quickly access all your groups content. Find relevant groups based on your interests with the new discovery tool and recommendations.

Become more involved with your community:
• Discover events happening near you, businesses to support, local groups and activities to be part of.
• Check out local recommendations from your friends, then coordinate with them and make plans to get together.
• Raise funds for a cause that’s important to you, mentor someone who wants help achieving their goals and, in the event of a local crisis, connect with other people to find or give supplies, food or shelter.

Enjoy entertainment together with Watch:
• Discover all kinds of content from original shows to creators to trending videos in topics like beauty, sports, and entertainment.
• Join conversations, share with others, interact with viewers and creators and watch together like never before.

Buy and sell with Marketplace:
• Whether it's an everyday or one-of-a-kind item, you can discover everything from household items to your next car or apartment on Marketplace.
• List your own item for sale and conveniently communicate with buyers and sellers through Messenger

Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.

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Facebook Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Facebook Comments & Reviews

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- Marketplace doesn’t work

Bad and buggy

- Most buggy app with ZERO support

Facebook offers zero support when their app or site is broken. The app doesn’t allow you to search settings or disable your account. This whole thing is a tired joke.

- Issues Logging in

I’ve been locked out of my FB account for almost 5 days. I mistakenly logged off and when trying to get back in I have to input the 2 face code sent via text message. Well I never receive the code that is supposedly sent. It certainly can’t be a cellular issue. I’ve tried everything suggested in the help center and nothing. I’ve tried logging in from recognizable devices and still get nothing. I am amazed that there is no one to contact for assistance with this. I do not want to create a new account after 11years of having this. I truly appreciate that high security protection but when one has done everything their supposed to do to gain access to their account then what? Word of caution if you established the 2-face Authenticator be sure you have everything order before signing out. This has been unbelievable.

- New Feature is Annoying

The “feature” that pauses all my videos and forces me into Facebook Watch if I want to continue watching is obnoxious.

- Live button

Downloaded fb app on an ipod . It doesn’t seem to show the live button on here ! Need help pls



- Crashes

App has begun to randomly crash. Please fix.

- Notification

Notifications problem

- Can't upload pics to marketplace posts

Just sits there with the spinning white icon.

- Hacked

Be sure to change your password often. I made the mistake of leaving my account logged in on a PC and when it was hacked I got no help from Facebook. They let the hacker have my account and shut me down at every turn. Change your password. Use 2-factor. There is NO help if you lose your account.

- Terrible app with terrible data practices

Facebook has shown time and time again that they do not care abut user privacy and data in their app. Not worth using with how little they care along with options being buried and overly wordy.

- From mediocre to infuriating

I used to at least enjoy scrolling my news feed and stop on videos, watch there, and then continue scrolling to different content. This new feature of interrupting videos by forcing me to “Continue on watch” is so asinine and infuriating, especially when the “suggestion” comes right at a critical/important part of the video. Just let me watch the videos on the news feed like before!



- Notifications

Stop sending me friend sugestions i need this for church but every day i get a notification saying you should be friends with random person that lives in your state. Im annoyed at that but otherwise its good. I cant turn off notifstions cause church.

- Stop it with the ads on my games

Stop. Stop it now. Or I’m giving you guys more bad reviews. 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- No marketplace

I still have no marketplace

- Story

Why is not vedio is too long in new update pls fixed this problem🤬

- bug

please fix the app quick, it's too lagging in ios .

- Censorship

FB censors those they don’t agree with politically. Snowflakes run Facebook.

- مشكلة في ماسنجر

يوجد مشكلة في التطبيق يظهر فيه وجود رسائل جديدة في ماسنجر رغم عدم وجود أي رسائل غير مقروءة. هذه المشكلة ظهرت لعد اخر تحديث

- Pathetic

So are your incompetent people ever going to fix the bug that is not allowing notifications to show on IPads! Oh never mind your idiot Nazis are busy stamping out free speech! Never mind!

- So, so, SOOOO buggy

I have been using the app for years now, but the past year or so, the bugs have been getting worse. Whoever is in charge of bugs, please fix them.

- Trash

Keeps showing I have a message in my inbox but there are no unread messages when open inbox app, so why is the Facebook so showing inbox notification when there’s nothing there. I’ve closed and reopen app, even reset phone and the notification still won’t go away. How can a billion dollar company have so many issues with little tedious annoying sh*t like this?

- العراق

انه رائع

- Sync birthdays to calendars

Please give us back the feature so that we can sync birthdays from Facebook to our personal calendar.

- Horrible experience

Been trying to get back in my account for months now. Facebook is practically no help. My phone number has changed and that’s the only way to confirm my identity. No other verification methods. I guess I’ll be locked out of my Facebook account for another 6 months before I waste hours of my time trying to get back in my account.

- Marketplace restarts app

Can’t hardly use the app on iPad, marketplace crashes the app. Even after re-downloading and recent updates

- Ridiculous

I’ve been block once no reason why. It’s ridiculous.

- Fault Facebook dating

A couple days ago I wasn’t able to access the guys who are interested in me. Please fix!

- Bugs

Recently every time I try to go into my Facebook settings it glitches out and leaves me with a blank screen. PLEASE FIX THIS. I want to change my security settings and I can’t.

- Good for the most part

Just about everything works well and loads quickly. My one complaint is that when I get a notification about something I post in a group it doesn't always take me to the post. Since people sometimes comment on post from months ago I don't always find their comments. Very aggravating when customers comment asking for my professional opinion or to recommend me.

- Watch list.

When I go to see all the pages on Facebook watch the voiceover isn’t reading the pages properly and that’s a violation of the disability rights act. I will press charges on this issue unless you fix the problem immediately.

- Limited search functionality

This version won’t allow you to search within groups.

- Lovely Facebook

Hi, while on Facebook, I appreciate the efforts of the executives and contributors to improving the quality and quantity of this great company. Mehrdad Saremi


Ever since the update, I am no longer able to upload videos from my phone.

- Notifications screen blank

I have reinstalled twice, no avail. Been a solid app otherwise over the last couple years.

- Facebook groups

I really am not a fan of regular Facebook. I hate the news feed. I hate all the negativity. I want the Facebook group app back. That’s all I use it for. If you won’t bring back the group app how about you combine it with the messenger app.

- Admin filters

As an admin I. A private group when using the filter for Questions answered can you please fix it? There are 3 options, answered all, answered some, didn’t answer. When I choose answered some you still show the people that answered all. If you really can’t filter it down to people who only actually answered some then you need to remove the option.

- Bad ver.

تحديث يحتوي على الكثير من المشاكل مشكلة الخروج من للتطبيق مزعجة للغايه

- Would love to see dark mode

The app would be so much better if it had a dark mode option!

- Very laggy

Very laggy lately

- Pinché app de porquería.

La neta no que qué madres les pasa ustedes qué no pueden arreglar esta app, llevo toda la semana bloqueado, pero eso sí les juro culeros, que cómo tengo mucho tiempo de sobra, voy a estar reportando todos los anuncios que pagan las empresas como spam! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

- Updates

Dark Mode please ASAP!!! Dark mode please ASAP! Can we get dark mode for Facebook please.

- Marketplace

I deleted my old Facebook to relax from the drama of society at the moment but I want to buy some thing but no I have to wait this is stupid Facebook used to be the app of all time now it’s just dumb just want to buy stuff from people

- Hate

I hate the app because i don’t have market place anymore

- Please get dark mode soon!

Why only dark mode for messenger?

- Meh

Could be a lot better. I can’t get my notifications even though the badge tells me I have new notifications. The page is empty. If I log in on my desktop I find days worth of new notifications waiting. I don’t get on my desktop often, and it’s a real pain when I can’t see my notifications otherwise!

- Instagram

My videos aren’t uploading from Instagram to Facebook fix this now!😒

- Pls ban videos

Pls ban ppl that post animals abuse

- Fb dating stinks

Can’t see who likes me or sends me messages. At all. Please fix this bug

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- Facebook is bad for you

Facebook is brainwashing people into thinking their relationships online matter more then the relationships they have in person... stay away from social media and go outside and enjoy face to face conversations!


Listings do not appear

- Preview

False advertising. Your previe on the appstore is the full newsfeed but inside the app there is a space for people close to me. Please make it like its supposed to be

- Good of course but

Will Facebook ever get dark mode, it shouldn’t be that hard to do, every app has seem to implemented it by now. Even messenger has it, why is it so hard for Facebook to make dark mode.

- Notifications page is blank

On My iPad, the notifications tab is blank. Please fix this.

- No Dark mode yet

No dark mode yet

- Sucking battery like crazy!!!

Red dot 🔴 on Messenger won’t go away! Feed refreshes with solid ads!!

- Notification Page Blank

Like others...since about 2 days, the notification page is blank. This is only on iPad...phone is fine. Very frustrating as most of the time I use the iPad. FFS fix it! In addition, before the notification problem, I would get a notification, click on it and it takes me to the page, but not the particular post. Super inconvenient as sometimes I do not know what post the notification is referring to. Why doesn’t it take me directly to the post like on my phone?? Again...fix it!!

- News feed

Every update makes my news feed messed up and short

- About information

I can’t view anyone’s About section on their files. Have tried many things. Nothing works. Even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing. Please fix this.

- Notifications

Pourquoi quand j’appuie sur la cloche de notification sur Facebook de mon iPad la page est blanche je ne vois pas les notifications??

- Account not have latest update/feature

I already updated my facebook but still dont have the latest version 🤭😡

- Notifications Problem

Says I have notifications but when I click on I have a blank screen, not happy

- Notification page won’t load

I see the little red bubble with whatever number of notifications in the corner, but when I tap the icon, nothing shows up, just the outline of a couple notification squares. Please fix this. I have reinstalled 3 times and still doing it, and the rest of the app works so it’s not my internet

- Upgrade Crashes.

Upgrade version crashes upon launch. It doesn’t load up on my iPhone.

- market place

mon market place ne s’affiche plus nul part même pas en bas dans ma page et ni dans mes choix ou qu’il y a mon profil , pourquoi? merci

- Crashes

App crashes every 10 seconds. Very frustrating!!!!

- Brilliant update? NOT!

Whatever you did today broke my notifications. I hope to Hell you're not slowly removing support for older devices like my iPad 2! Sunsabeeches!

- Terrible Performance

Lately the app has been heating up my iPhone 11 Pro and draining the battery. I’m just looking at pictures and reading comments. Figure it out.

- Frustrated

To many ads and scams

- Not worth rating. We need to be allowed negative ratings

Constantly crashing on iPad

- Marketplace Crashes

I have used Facebook without issues for years, but after the last two updates, if I open Marketplace and scroll through, the app crashes. Every single time. Doesn’t do this with any other app. Doesn’t crash if I stay on my feed. But every single time I go to Marketplace...crash.

- It’s cooking my phone

After upgrading Facebook to this version (263) and using for about 15’, my phone gets hot as if it’s going to burn, which has never ever happened before. iPhone XS, iOS 12.3.1.

- Dark themed Facebook

Hey, I am fed up of all these unnecessary updates, the next time I would be updating this app, it had better got the dark theme. Merci beaucoup!!!

- Notifications not there any more.

The notifications are not there. The page is blank. No new notifications showing and all the old notifications are gone. This problem is on my IPad, iPhone Facebook notifications are working

- Hate this

I went to go fix my birthday and forgetting this was 12+ I put my actual birthday and I’m 11. Please make this 11+ not 12+ I hate that

- Amargados

Me caga que nadie reaccione a mis pinches memes

- Pending posts flicker in my groups

I can’t approve or decline any pending posts In the group I created and the posts flicker incessantly and the page freezes. This update SUCKS please fix it

- Unacceptable

This is my 2nd time writing a review. After my account has been deleted I remade it. It went through verification which I can understand. BUT 3 days later after it was done IT WAS DISABLED. I JUST MADE IT A FEW DAYS AGO AND YOU ARE ASSUMING I BROKE A RULE. Fix yourself Facebook.

- How can a billion dollar company make an app this bad?

This app is buggy, slow and causes my my brand new pro max to heat up like a radiator. Not only that, I have ad tracking off and constantly get ads that relate to my search history or even conversations. I also always get spam advertisements from shady companies and even advertising for escort and other sex related businesses! Absolutely unacceptable. I don't know what these developers at Facebook are doing but they're doing everything except their job. This app needs to be rebuilt from the ground up because this patchwork garbage isn't cutting it anymore

- Minimizing videos is gone

You can’t minimize videos or live videos, would’ve been really useful these days

- Can no longer search in a group

I have tried everything. I clicked on the magnifying glass, can’t search that. The search bar at the top of the page no linger exists. I signed out, signed back in, nothing changed. I even deleted the app and reinstalled, still nothing. I am very frustrated, since a tend a group of my own.

- App login doesn’t work

Unable to log into app keeps giving a unexpected login error and to try again. Done everything from reset/restart phone and app to clearing browser history, etc. Still does not work!

- Improvement

Facebook is nice and I love it. I would love it more if you can reactivate the live photo 😊

- Update

I updated the app (fb) and my phone, just today and the darn comment section turns sideways when I have my phone upright?????

- error

Why does my app continuously tell me I have a message when I don’t?

- Notifications

Shows I have 20 plus notifications so I sign/click on the app, and there is none, and I’ve been through every section multiple times and made sure that notifications for groups and all that are turned off so I definitely don’t have 20 notifications. Please fix.

- shortcuts

THERE IS NO SHORTCUT BAR!!!! i always had my profile on the bottom of the screen as a shortcut but now it’s been replaced with groups and i didn’t want that so i took it off but now my profile page shortcut isn’t there and THERE IS NO SHORTCUT BAR IN THE SETTINGS!!!!

- Post

Why everytime i share video it sais spam

- Freezes up

Freezes up. Locks you out. Been doing this off and in the last couple updates. Annoying.

- Cannot search within a group

March 25-2020 On iPad, I cannot search words within a group. It always worked well before !!

- !!!

Take the featured story away 😅😅

- Annoying

Please remove the redundant notifications for messenger. If messenger already has its own notifications of chats, I don’t want facebook to also tell me to just go check messenger cause someone sent a chat!

- Marketplace

Not working

- Notifications are broken for pages

When I go to open my notifications on my business page it takes me to my personal notifications so I can’t manage my page properly from the main app. I hate the pages app and have been able to manage everything fine all in one app until this update.

- Please fix.

Since the latest update, anytime you need to press “more “in a post, it doesn’t work. You have to hit the comments got it to open. Now it’s just freezing and can’t go between “people”, “notifications” etc

- Horrible update

Recently when watching videos through the app, my phone will get super hot and my battery will drain. This only happens on this app.

- Notifications don’t clear

I’ve been trying to clear my notifications but no matter what I do, the app is still showing I have 3 alerts even though I don’t. It’s so frustrating.

- Hate it!

Crashes, freezes, cannot find dating app. Sorry I updated. The old one so much better.

- Dark Theme

When will you make dark mode for IOS on Facebook? Just like you did on messenger?

- Nothing on it except please buy this and this

They want me to buy this buy that and they want me to follow that person and share there account screw facebook go in the bin

- New version

News feed stopped, pages are not working properly, no support available, extremely bad update!!!!!!!

- Jason

Facebook has an absolute rubbish system to get in contact with them. Can’t create my own account with my own name and have no way to contact them unless someone I know send them a message (Which they’ve ignored). Have to upload ID before creating an account which to me is a red flag straight away. Suppose when you have money and power you make your own rules and damn the rest

- Notification

The notifications on my iPad Pro ceased to function on Friday. I have searched for a solution but none seem to work so I guess it’s and Apple Facebook problem, coud you fix it please!!

- Notifications

All of a sudden I can’t see notifications on my iPad. It shows the red dot that I have notifications but when I try to look at them I just get a blank page. Is this a known problem? Really irritating

- Hundreds of versions later. Ever more buggy

New Video section of the app locks users on the view. The X does nothing and does nothing to go back to main Facebook feed screen.

- Useles updates

App needs to be updated every 35 seconds, and they never do anything but waste data. It’s even worse that no one has jobs anymore. But they continue to waste our expensive data for literally no changing of the app. Zero stars.

- A disgrace

Every day , I have issues can’t access certain things,and you can’t contact anyone for help, or they don’t like to respond cause it’s all too hard... FB is just as bad as apple when it comes to updates, when there are new updates, you don’t have a choice, they make it that certain things don’t work, which force you to update , then when you do get the update then you encounter all the issues with the new update that they dont fix, then it starts all over again by them providing a new update that doesn’t fix anything, , have you heard of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

- Ugh.

Notifications won’t open on iPad 6th Gen when I try to open each one. Just a blank Facebook screen. And the internet was working fine for all my other apps...so it isn’t the NBN connection. For once. Works well on iPhone 6.

- Keeps crashing on marketplace

Can’t scroll through marketplace without it crashing. Continuous issue through past couple updates.

- Dark mode please!

Where is dark mode!?!?!? Every other app has had it for years!?!? Even Facebook messenger app!?!? I want it!

- Uploading Video problems

I’m having trouble uploading videos to a folder.. Can you Fix this please?? Thx

- Causes phone to overheat (iphone 11 pro max)

Have been experiencing unusual and excessive heating when using the app, specially when watching videos and scrolling through my archive. It’s draining my battery very fast. This only happens when I have fb open. Doesn’t happen when I’m watching videos on youtube or when playing games. Very disappointed!

- App dropping out

Over the last 3 months Facebook has been dropping out and it’s been getting progressively worse for whatever reason. Have done all the fixes that google has to offer, deleting and reloading the app, refreshing the iPad updating software etc whats going on ? It’s beginning to really be a pain in the backside to put it mildly.

- Very useful

A great way to catch up on family and friends when too busy to see face to face or talk on the phone.

- FB

I’ve had to delete and download this App about 10x this past couple of days because when I go to return to my news feed after watching a video, the screen is black and stays that way. So I have to download it again.

- It is so annoying

Please remove ( continue watching the video) button from every ducking videos, it is so ducking annoying please. Thank you

- Security guard for profile

It doesn’t hv any security guard for profile in every mobiles it should hv security guard for profile in every smartphones


Every time I open the app it freezes on a white screen with the blue circle of Facebook logo I can’t do anything but turn my phone screen on and off and it freezes everything else I have to wait for my phone to die to finally fix it it’s happened 3 times now I have deleted the app and redownloaded it each and every time I don’t think it’s worth downloading it again please fix this

- It has improved slightly

They have fixed most of the more annoying bugs. However there are still a few around. Something I cannot go back to my messages once I read a message, other times my chat will suddenly go into my messages and I have to talk through messages instead of chatting, and there is no emoticons and does not tell you if your friends are currently typing.

- Facebook for iPad

Mostly good but quite often closes on me when looking at market place!

- Excellent


- Some suggestions

Please can we get a to the first comment option I’m sick of having to load all the comments on some of the groups Also an option to turn of “most relevant” without going to settings ever day

- Dùng siêu nóng

Dùng lướt tia mà nóng ơi là nóng

- Mr Raj

Facebook Become a most attitude aap ever we need alternative aap which one should have same feature as Facebook has now Facebook disabled any account any time without showing any reason I deleted this most un useful app from my phone forever if any one know about any Aap similar to Facebook please let me or should someone make any other website which provide similar features so we can kick Facebook out from our lives so this massage for everyone this site not trustable for your memories choose something else thanks

- The new update just looks like a older previous version of Facebook

Not liking the new update, it honestly seems like you’ve gone backwards, the whole aesthetics of the app is just frustrating. It would be great if you started asking Facebook users what we want out of the updates.

- Rd Orange

Trim buttonscykf kid bbbbcfcyortrh r yetym bb

- Just.... No

A twisted cesspool of hate and anger, an app full of trolls, idiots, and toxic communities that leaves you wondering if there truly is any hope for our misbegotten species.

- Crash’s all the time on market place

Pain in the a.... crashes all the time, stop doing stupid updates and fix the stupid thing

- Terrible

Terrible most recent update, removing the extra section for pages is a terrible idea be marketplace is all over the joint

- Nobody asks for the update

Nobody asks for the update

- Great but

I’m currently having marketplace issues it’s saying that your connection is currently unavailable and my phone connection has no issues

- Ads

Fed up with too many advertisements

- Need to be fixed

Trying to update profile picture it won’t able to change it

- App not working

The about section on people’s pages, including when looking at my own has not been loading and shows a blank white screen. I would’ve thought by now, given that it has been over a week, that your team would’ve found the problem and solved it given your many updates, however nothing has been solved. On top of this, the settings page comes up blank! How about you solve problems before you start changing the colour theme of different pages within the app and stop moving the profile access to the bottom, it’s fine in the last tab!!?

- please reeead

lol i knew there was a reason why facebook was rated this low >~< its user interface, customer support, and most importantly the frustration it makes u feel is overwhelming. Ive had facebook for five years and it hasnt improved a bit, except for visual upgrades. But its same extremely buggy page and upload system just adds frustration onto frustration- ok its just bad. I upload a post: facebook deletes it and it just disappears. Sometimes the post is birthday posts and it contains precious messages that just ends up being deleted for no reason. The frustration it makes you feel is UNREAL. this happened AGAIN TODAY and THATS WHY im writing this review. This is exactly the reason why i dont post on facebook anymore. Its design and interface just cant get any better than a one star rating.

- Very good

new updates are awesome.. i like those advancements 👍

- Mr.

It's great and much faster

- F*** this

I can’t use Facebook 😫

- Deleted - so bad!

Even worse than desktop version which I look at reluctantly because people I care about post. (I occasionally even post myself if something I need to vent about something really annoying.)

- Ugh.

Why am I getting a Facebook notification every time I get a message on messenger, AS WELL AS the messenger notification?! Stop it ugh.

- Crashes

Works well when I use FB pages, but crashes each and every time I use marketplace. Been doing this for about 4-6 months now.

- Poor form

Their community standards are double standards, and and who ever moderates them needs a kick in the pants! So many vile, crude, violent, racist posts that apparently don’t violate their community standards

- Fix videos please

I like to view videos that appear in my news feed, some have sub titles which means I can watch a mini documentary or cooking video or whatever, without waking anyone, until now where the video stops and the “continue on watch” pops up. I want to continue watching WITHOUT waking people up by playing in “watch” when will you make this happen?? Numerous requests have been ignored. Please fix

- Facebook shop bugs

Very disappointing to spend time loading the shop with new products when old products and prices keep showing up on my customers’ screens or not all my products are showing on all devices. It’s frustrating. You can’t really use the shop. People are confused and don’t know how to use it with buy buttons and message buttons that don’t lead to carts. My customer just sent me a comment that it’s too hard to shop in my Facebook shop :-(

- I am wasting too much time

Can you stop the app from refreshing every time I switch between apps (for less than 1 min)? I always have to scroll back to where I was before. Going to stop using it now because it wastes too much of my time with this repetitive scrolling.

- Won’t open

Since my Facebook was upgraded automatically 5 days ago I cNt get it to open on my iPad! I have tried all the possible methods to correct I can find, but nothing has worked. It opens well on my phone!

- Tech support?

My dam Facebook hasn’t been working properly for months now and all I can do is report it. There’s no tech support whatsoever so I’m just stuck with broken news feed. How is this possible.

- Fix the notification function

For the love of god will you fix the issue where you click on a notification from a page and it just takes you to the top of the page and you must then try to find the post. I know that this issue has been going since at least 2019 and we are almost through the first quarter of 2020. Fix it already!! How many complaints do you need to get before you do anything?

- The cause of all hate speech in the world

Horrifying breaches of security, privacy and the reason the world has become a horrible place to communicate with people. Facebook once represented the platform for people to connect with friends, family and loved ones. Now it rules the world, influences governments, destroys lives, has become nothing but a platform for hate speech, advertisements and bullies.

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- Dating app

Has anything being done to fix dating app???

- Lots of bugs

This app has gone downhill fast, freezes up, randomly flags posts as inappropriate, Facebook really could step up to the plate and actually put the users first instead of their special interests and money

- About Info

The "See Your About Info" is just a blank screen. On your own profile and your friends

- When pausing video it switches to thumbnail pic with new update.

I have noticed with the last update when you pause a video it will switch to the thumbnail picture and not stay where you paused the video. I like to pause videos so I can read the caption if it’s too long or goes away fast not giving me time to read it. Now I can’t read anything at all cause it’ll switch to the videos thumbnail pic. I wasn’t able to find anything in the video settings to fix it and I don’t know if it’s a new feature. I have tried it on a variety of videos and it will do the same thing. Please have an option to turn that off. Thank you.

- Now Facebook doesn’t show that I’m there or doesn’t show my comments

Facebook censoring with “Page Not Found”!!!

- Update

Ever since the new update came out the “about me” either glitches or doesn’t load at all. It’s just a blank white screen.

- Glitching

This glitch is absolutely annoying please fix it

- Problem with notifications

For the past couple of days when it shows I have notifications, when I click on it all I get is an empty page. It won’t show me what the notifications are. And while we’re at it, in the past if a notification was for a group comment or such it would take you to the specific comment. Now it just takes you to the group and leaves it up to you to find the comment.

- App is good

The app is good do not get me wrong. My only issue is it keeps showing me I have notifications when logged out, but when I go in there is none. It’s very annoying. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

- Too much advertising

I can’t even watch a video without being bombarded with advertisements every 2 minutes what is going on ?!?! Facebook was never like this 😡😡😡

- Don’t upgrade this time

There are so many glitches in this update ... Wait for the next one!

- iPad

Notifications don’t work at all on iPad

- Facebook Videos

Ever since this app updated, the Facebook videos are slow to load or won’t load at all. I know it’s not my phone because everything else loads without issue. YouTube works great, but I also enjoy the random videos on Facebook, so I’m a bit disappointed.

- Every update makes it worse

Updates seem to live up to Facebook’s “move fast and break things” ethos, because the app works inconsistently at best. In the current update, I can’t see posts I’ve been tagged in or new posts. The web version on the iPad sort of works better but inserts a double space between every word... Come on, it shouldn’t be this hard!

- Getting to much ads

Social thing is a thing of the past and instead every other post there seems to be an ad. There is just too much that i dont open my fb anymore because every scroll are ads. Also take note the badge like visual storyteller is no longer there. I dont seem to understand why everytime they do update they keep on breaking things that is working previously.

- Problem with ver 362

After update to 362 my Notifications page does not work.

- Ridiculous

This app crashes all the time, it censors beautiful posts, needs major INTEGRiTY reform.

- Took 3 days to upload 6 pics short 17 Sec videos bc FB throttles limit

It’s been three days and it’s taking forever to upload 3 pictures and 3 short 17 Sec videos. No not my WiFi speed which I have checked (65M down 12M up). I can browse and watch anything no problem and upload on different softwares WA etc no prob. So I know Facebook throttle their upload. Three free gin days!

- No notifications

Notifications do not show up on iPad app. Works fine on phone but I use FB on my iPad and it is mostly useless to me without notifications. I won’t spend hours scrolling thru feed.

- Video

Love the app.. But recently, I guess with the new update, I’ve noticed that I can’t control the video I am watching. Why can’t we rewind or fast forward on videos anymore?? I really don’t like that I have to watch the whole video over again just to see a part that I missed or didn’t understand. Especially when the video is 10 min long. Please fix this!!

- New update

I updated app and now it won’t open

- 0 stars 👎

The annoying ads while playing a video are annoying!!! I understand the propaganda but seriously??? Play an ad in the middle of a video?? Thumbs down and def getting rid off this useless app.

- Fewer updates

As much as I enjoy staying in touch with my friends and family, the constant updates and memory usage they consume is getting to be ridiculous. And the reason for these updates always seems to be the same.

- Updating

Has a very hard time updating timeline.More than likely to see same status multiple times and not recent things are first AFTER I refresh. Problem has been going on for a while and has not gotten any better.

- Frames

Frames won’t load screen is black

- Mic drop

Mic drop. Xo, Courtney -tell Mark hi

- Update issues

My iPad updated to latest version and the notifications won’t show up. This morning my kindle updated and now it won’t do anything. I have logged on and off, deleted and downloaded on both devices. Nothing is working. Please fix whatever it is that happened with last update. Both devices worked fine until then. Thank you.

- Dark mode

Facebook have a dark mode?? I don’t see it

- No more notifications?

With this latest version of the app I can no longer see the actual notifications on my iPad. I get the number that there is one. But, when I go to that page it’s all white. I’ve closed the app, and even re-booted the iPad with no luck. What’s the point of having notifications if you can’t see them??

- Still horrible and still unstable.

If you would step away from the crapware designs that you all seem so fond of and create one clean, simple and stable app, you wouldn’t have to keep repairing (updating as you call it) it all the time. Helloooo, anyone in there have ANY common sense at all ? YOUR DESIGNS ARE CRAP ! Get over yourselves and do it right for once. And by the way, having a “market place” riddled with advertising from vendors selling new crap and no way to just see local ads is just a testament to your obsessive greed. If I was looking for something new to buy, it sure as hell wouldn’t be through Facebook.

- Stupid

I literally can’t post like it just stoped letting me post and it’s boring anyways only old ppl use this thing .

- Recent disaster

This app has been terrible over the last month. Constantly freezing, shutting down, won’t let me leave screens. Borderline unusable.

- Facebook phone app

Can’t edit post . Hard to understand. I think I’m going to delete this program. Goodbye

- too bad

i need facebook improve about chat, livestream and sth,...

- I hate new “continue to watch ?” Feature.

I use Facebook all the time, great app but I hate new “continue to watch?” Feature, cause I am listening to music all the time while scrolling through a newsfeed. And if I press “continue to watch” it shuts off my music. A useless feature if you ask me.

- Icon disappeared

Facebook update made icon disappear off homescreen... Unable to get it back on iPhone X Latest updates make IPhone6 crash


She brought you down, Zucko

- Could be way better !

It is average at best! App randomly shuts down nearly everyday. It’s easy to use but very annoying when it doesn’t work. So much needs to be fixed for this to be a good app!

- Blocking sharing for no reason

I have been “temporarily” blocked from using share for 2 days!! This is ridiculous and I DEMAND that I be allowed to share again! It’s honestly the dumbest thing ever. Reasons why I gave it one star.

- No te puede comunicar con ellos

Eh perdido acceso a mi numero de teléfono donde ellos envia el código de generador de código y no tiene opciones para q ellos mismo te lo envié a otro numero o email

- بغداد

تطبيق رائع

- Dating

It’s a great app but please fix the dating page

- Help

I can post on my friends timeline but I can’t like, share or send messages !!!

- Taking away shortcuts

Why why why would you take away the profile shortcuts just to add a shortcut to view my friend requests or “people you may know”? I have zero interest in seeing any of those, now you made it harder to get to my profile each time. How is it that with new updates you guys are just making it worse? Bring back the profile shortcut!

- Too many changes for the bad

I mean I get always wanting to update and improve. But, if it’s not broke don’t fix it !! Lately the comments are all over the place instead of synced up like they use to be. Also why are we not getting all of our notifications from tags and such ??? It’s horrible right now because you are missing out on so much because you were never notified.

- New Notifications Aren’t Showing Up

New notifications aren’t showing up?? My notifications aren’t showing up in the app (iPhone). My last notification is showing it was 2 hours ago on mobile, but if I log into Facebook through my PC, I can see all my recent notifications. I’m also getting push notifications, and the little red numbers beside the app and the bell symbol (showing that I have new notifications), by when I click on notifications, they don’t show up/won’t load any new ones. I’ve tried restarting my phone and also reinstalling the app. Help??

- Stupid apps

Saya melaporkan seseorang karena komentar yang kasar tapi tidak persalahkan oleh tim fb, justru koment saya yang biasa saja malah diblokir 🖕🏻stupidapp dan app ini menjual ID anda jadi waspada

- Business page reviews!!?!

I’m sorry but why do you let people go on a business page to slander/review a page but give them the right to delete your comment/response back??????? WHACK!!!

- Your last update created issues

Won’t refresh- tried everything-changed password-logged in/out- uninstalled- turned phone off- since your last update my phone does not refresh without logging in/out, uninstalling each time...

- New update

Newest update has bugs when using with iPad. Can’t see notifications or comment on stories!

- Facebook is really a dangerous social network

Facebook is a platform that collects your data try to influence you and misinform public masses. So is really really dangerous.

- Needs work

You can’t look at anyone’s profile?!?!?! It just shows a white screen

- Feedback,

Plsss fix the live video because can’t add a person

- Ajout à la prochaine mise à jour

Est-ce que ça serait possible d’ajouter 🤦🏼‍♀️ dans les émoticones du « j’aime » ? Car il y aurait plein de circonstances où on pourrait l’utiliser, à la place de ❤️👍🏻😆😮😢😡 Merci!

- Afficher plus

Quand je clic sur afficher plus ça ne fonctionne pas

- Meh

Keeps kicking me out whenever I try to look at notifications or whenever I try to scroll through my newsfeed.

- Posts

I can’t read comments in my group on my iPad. I have to manually search for them when I receive a notification. Very frustrating. iPhone works fine.

- Glitches and a little annoying.

Overall the experience is so so. Seems to glitch a lot lately and the algorithm for posting is pretty annoying. To many things are against Facebook standards.

- Fb


- On my iPad

Fantastic Evil Corp.

- Facebook on iPad

Very good and easy to use.

- Issue with battery heat

Since a couple updates ago there is a battery heat problem (drain also). Fix this! Many forum report it. Issue even on iPhone 11 Pro.

- با سلام و خسته نباشيد

از كانادا با شما در ارتباط هستم ، خيلى براى برنامه و زحمت شما احترام فائل هستم ، تنها ايرادى كه متوجه برنامه ى شما هست كه اميدوارم برطرف شود ، اين است كه، نتيجه ى داستان در اغاز و يا از نام داستان مشخص است كه از جذابيت ان كاسته ميشود و شنونده اشتياق خود را براى شنيدن كامل داستان از دست ميدهد . باتشكر و سپاس فراوان مهين بانو

- Newsfeed

You can not see everyone’s post on newsfeed, it selects who you see, which is useless, why have Facebook if you can’t seen all post of your friends or groups your in??? Need to fix this. Pointless seeing limited post. How are you suppose to stay update with what’s going on world wide, with friends family??? Fix in next update for fb, otherwise it’s crap.

- Glitching horribly

Idk what is going on but this update (the most recent one) did not fix all the bugs. Its been glitching like crazy

- Feedback

Facebook censorship and helping law enforcement also spying on people’s accounts has made me NOT use Facebook and cancelled my account and your $600 million from Justin Trudeau keeps suspending accounts with your censorship robot this is the internet QUIT SUSPENDING ACCOUNTS from pisses off people and your stocks are going down because people are going to other platforms with less restrictions and more freedom of speech 🖕🏻FUCK YOU🖕🏻 I HATE FACEBOOK

- Not loading news

Since 2 days not loading any thinking’s.

- Massive battery drain

Newest update is STILL causing massive battery drain on iPhone XR 12.4.1. This is the 3rd update in a row that has caused this! Back yet again to friendly app. 😡

- Creepy Dating

Fb dating is weird. Just because my relationship isn’t listed on fb, doesn’t mean I want to “find love” like wth

- Tệ quá

Càng ngày càng cảm thấy tệ! Xem video thì mờ, cài đặt mãi k đc, bán hàng quá nhiều nữa

- Classifides no longer work

I cant message people about their items for sale, and I cannot edit my own items for sale within Facebook Classifieds. Very frustrating. It used to work very well. :(

- Horrible

It’s so bad that I don’t think anybody can use it properly

- FB and messenger for iPhone

Terrible performance with freezing mistyping, unresponsive to taps etc start over!! Biggest piece of crap program since I first started using. The censorship is beyond sane, more like the twilight zone with comments or posts removed for absurd reasons.

- FB and messenger for iPhone

Terrible performance with freezing mistyping, unresponsive to taps etc start over!! Biggest piece of crap program since I first started using. The censorship is beyond sane, more like the twilight zone with comments or posts removed for absurd reasons.

- 👌

J'aime Facebook! L'application fonctionne très bien pour ma part et il n'y a aucun bug!

- Facebook ANGLAIS


- Updates never end

update this app every 3 days it blows through internet and data so fast it’s ridiculous. might be okay if the updates actually changed anything but they never do. also facebook dating is just creepy and i get so many useless notifications “this person i’ve never heard of posted in this group” and there’s no way to shut it off because i have it shut off and it still blows up my phone all day

- Search tool useless

Since the new update, I can’t find posts anymore! Even if you search in a group, the search extend to the whole Facebook. Plus results aren’t accurate. Please fix this!

- Waste of time

This app waste a lot of time, avoid it if you can

- Ads everywhere

No matter how many times I update and change restrictions, my account is overflowed with ads. It’s so frustrating. One add every second post as I scroll.

- Please fix this

My feed is not in chronological order. I would like to see a setting to display recent posts first.

- Fix your app

Keep crashing . Iphone 10

- Get banned for nothing

Get banned for nothing yay

- Pregunta

M’en encanta

- My story

Can’t add to your story, for app on iPad :(

- I love it....but

I play the game name pubg moblie and I wanted to log in ti facebook so I just type my account&password correctly. But when I pressed ‘done’ it just keep restart.... can you guys fix this plz?

- facebook has some incompetent people

i am wating for concurent social networks because facebook now ofer so low quality in everything

- Market place crashes

When browsing marketplace the app crashes and takes you out to the lock screen. This is on my iPad with up to date software and up to date app. Happened just now 5 times in less than 10 minutes.

- IPhone XS is hot!

Man.... the last few versions of Facebook turn my iPhone XS into a hand heater. Facebook developers. Stop adding stupid features people don’t use that much and stabilize your battery eater app!

- Love the app, but......

You need to release a Dark Mode for it.

- Notifications

Ever since I last updated the app, my Facebook icon doesn’t show any notifications. Once I click on it and Facebook opens then it’ll show me the red number of notifications. It doesn’t show me anymore when I unlock my phone and shipping through my apps. I’ve gone through my Facebook setting with a fine toothed comb and I get the notifications that i want to, they’re just not showing up in red numbers before the app is opened. Help please!

- After update

Updated and cannot watch videos, when watching videos have to reset app to close video.

- Not upadating my newsfeed after new udate

please fix the issue in newsfeed. Its not upadting when refreshing.

- Just one minor problem

The only thing bothersome on the app is when you’re watching videos on your phone and try to rewind the little ball marker if you don’t get it perfect it always closes down the videos! So annoying. Other than that it works fine for me.

- Service difficile à trouver

Je ne suis plus en mesure d’avoir accès à mon compte à cause du code connexion que je ne reçois plus par texto. Aucun autre moyen m’est offert pour régler le problème. De plus il est très difficile d’avoir un service à la clientèle.

- Broken

Did update and now keeps kicking me out and freezing up useless fix and stop touching and breaking it minus stars I could give that also it keeps saying have a message waiting but don’t have any super annoying too still garbage

- Works well

This app bring FB functionality to my iPhone as expected!

- Scam Ads

Facebook and I stay are filled with scam ads and they refuse to remove them. As a responsible company you need to filter ads and don’t allow these, but apparently people getting scammed is not important to your company as long as money is rolling in.

- Serious Advice

Whenever i use Facebook app that makes my phone heated up please address this issue

- Dark Mode

Almost every other app has dark mode now. Facebook blinds me every time I open it.

Libertex 📈

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- Useless

Crashes constantly. Terrible update as always.

- Useless, doesn’t load notifications page

Sort it out Facebook!

- Post won’t show on tagged friend’s timeline!

Tagged a friend in some photos, used to work fine, they have not changed any settings, but it won’t show on their timeline!!!

- Annoyed

Facebook keep blocking my posts for absolutely no reason what so ever !! Banned me for 7 days then an extended 3 and now another 6 and 9 hours REALLY !!! Absolutely fuming to be fair there’s no way of contacting anyone to see why my page is being targeted by the Facebook police or any kind of way I can make a new account because they’ve restricted me from doing so not only have they blocked my profile they’ve also blocked my messanger to which I can not reply or write a status Soo annoying !!! Not happy

- Issues

I can’t access my account, therefore I can’t contact Facebook to inform them that I can’t access my account. I no longer have access to the phone number or email address that was used to create my account. Whenever I try to log in Facebook asks me for a verification code using the “authentication app” which requires me to actually be logged in. When I get sent a code they’re being sent to the old email address, would be handy if I could talk to someone, or get in contact with someone who could help instead of reading through pages of information which doesn’t offer much help other than “be logged in already”

- Font size weird choice on iPhone 11

Annoying and Weired, but facebook's font size is of poor choice for the standard that comes with the iPhone 11 (6.1 inch screen) While the test size is good on native email and other apps, it is too small on Facebook and you can't enlarge it without over enlarging all the phone's text. I have the iPhone x as well, where the text is larger and fits the rest of the phone's text size.

- Lost search

Lost ability to do a keyword search for a post in group since recent updates for IPad

- Can’t upload photos

I can’t upload photos from my phone to Facebook it’s getting on my nerves. It’s taking a lot of storage to my phone I need to upload them to move up storage. I still can’t upload photos fix this you twats please this is getting on my nerves. What ever you did just fix it please it’s taking too long I got photo evidence of how long it takes to upload. I can’t even upload one single photo.

- Needs work

The amount of annoying things on new updates of the Facebook app grows and grows. First of all I cannot see any of my notifications as that page is completely broke and doesn’t load anything. One big thing that really bugs me is that I’ve noticed Facebook sending me random useless notifications after I close the app. Time after time again, I close the app, then get a notification not long after. It’s like facebooks way of giving you a nudge and getting you to use their app even more than you want/need to. If like me you don’t want a number next to you app saying you have an unread notification, it’s a losing battle.

- Marketplace during lockdown

Disappointed that Facebook is allowing selling between people during a lockdown. Shut down marketplace and other selling sites.

- Toxic

Facebook is toxic. It’s all about controlling people and nothing to do with connecting people and making peoples lives better. There is zero privacy in real terms.

- Facebook

Have problems with Facebook account and please update Facebook app

- facebook update 🙄

cannot update my facebook profile app doesn’t allow me to save cover and display pictures and closes app can’t even edit picture as screen comes up blank please fix!

- App update

Did the app update and every time I went to open the app it would close straight away. I had to delete the app and reinstall it so it would work. Not the first this has happened. Not impressed.

- Notifications come up blank

Yet another update, AND STILL, NOTIFICATIONS ARE NOT FIXED. (This is an update to my previous review, preserved below). What's happening to Facebook? I receive notifications as normal, but when I click on the icon, my notifications page is completely blank, so I now cannot discover what I was being notified of! This began occurring in the previous update so I updated again, hoping it would have been fixed; but clearly, the problem has not been addressed. Downgrading my rating to one star until it is fixed. *[If I could give it zero, I think I would. After yet another update; the third with the problem described above, I am seriously considering leaving Facebook - which, without functioning notifications, has become almost useless]*

- Y

Just a bit gay

- Absolute rubbish

Can’t get notifications tells me I have them but I cannot access them. It seems to be incurable. I have deleted app reinstalled app tried everything to no avail. No point in having it.

- Can’t read any articles

Over the past few days I have been unable to read any article as it jumps all over the place then force closes. What is going on?? It’s beyond annoying. I don’t know how two of the world’s biggest corporations - Facebook and Apple - have such trouble providing an application that works. Unreal

- Update

Still no badge notifications and too many adds getting very tiresome now Poor very poor


I use Facebook to help small businesses create awareness and to help them grow. This platform was great for community and it used to work very well. It is hard to get anything out there now because Facebook have turned in to a careless money machine. On a personal note, my news feed is forever stuck on the same 2 or 3 things for days at a time so I am not learning anything unless I look for it. Time to change

- New update = no notifications

Updated today, 28/03, now I still get notified that I have a notification but when I go into them they are no longer listed, so I have to guess what it might be....

- Brilliant Engineering

The shapest tool in the box 📦 🐸

- I can’t see my notifications in the app

Can someone sort this out?

- Getting worse!

Can’t even change settings anymore and the interface is getting less and less user friendly with each update!

- Notifications screen blank after latest update.

You broke it again. Eejuts.


Iv just been hacked because someone forwarded a link to me and now they have all my details and I can’t login to my account. The link has been forwarded to all of my friends and they will be hacked aswell. THIS APP NEEDS BETTER SECURITY

- Watch exit button doesn’t work

If I’m in watch and try to exit back to my feeds the button is often unresponsive and I have to kill the app. So annoying.

- I don’t know why I ever bothered using this

I deleted my old account over a year ago, but I made a new one this year. 2 months later I still can’t use Marketplace, so I’m stuck with the crappy Buy/Sell Groups. These are full of listings for toys, makeup, cars and Avon rep job listings. I only came back for Marketplace because a lot of stuff there is cheap, but I get friends suggestions for 50 other people with the same name as me when I load up the app.

- Help.

Great app except when you have a problem like currently... I can’t log on AT ALL I need the code that you are meant to send me but it’s not coming though to my phone or email. Facebook, you guys desperately need a live human to talk to or at the very minimum a live chat for help. I don’t know if FB read these reviews or has a current outage due to COVID-19 but I’ve now been locked it for three days, and all I did was delete the app and reinstall it and now o can’t get back in.... can’t keep in touch with anyone whilst in lockdown.... not good.

- Don Don

Facebook had declined. Once a entraining site. Now just full of snowflakes and them stupid rules that get you thrown off. Facebook your useless and pathetic. Good riddance.

- Yet again after the latest update, on iPad app, notifications don’t show on the App😡

Yet again after the latest update, on iPad App, notifications don’t show on the App when you hit the notifications tab....just a blank screen....😡 Get this sorted PERMANENTLY, and yes I have deleted and re-installed the App on my iPad

- Problem with iOS update - 27 March 2020

Version 263.0 on iPad with iOS 13.4 Notifications screen is blank


Why, if I go off the app after scrolling, literally for two seconds, I then want to go back onto the app and resume my place. Facebook says NOOOOOO we refresh you so you only see the same 3 posts per day. Awful app now

- Keeps crashing now

Crashes every time I open it ...

- Where’s the market place ??

Can’t find the fb marketplace

- Crashing on iPhone 10 max

I dint know what’s happening but mine been crashing for the last few days anyone else’s doing this?

- Overheating My iPhone

Also draining battery when said overheating occurs. Only happens when I have the Facebook app open. Please fix. - iPhone 11 Pro Max

- Notifications

Please bring out a feature to disable the sharing button

- Stop my phone from burning my hands

Since the last update when using the app my phone (iphone11pro) processor works overtime and makes it so hot to hold, can run cod with no issues but write a post on fb no no no

- Video problem

I’ve had to reinstall Facebook 3 times now because the x in top left corner freezes so I can’t get rid of videos when on full screen. Hardly ever happened before. Now it’s driving me nuts.

- Won’t update

My Facebook updated and now it won’t stay open, it starts to load and then turns off

- Same Message coming through Facebook app and Messenger at the same time

I don’t understand What’s wrong with Facebook suddenly. A Person Texting me and that Text is coming through Facebook App and Messenger at the same time. More weird thing is One Particular person’s text is coming from FB App and Messenger. The Rest Texts are coming through messenger only. AFAIK These Texts come in this way through FB APP when someone doesn’t install Messenger. But I have my messenger installed. Idk why this is happening. Kindly fix it.

- Market place just doesn’t work

Getting worse marketplace isn’t working

- Fbook

Why did a recent update cause it to notify me when i get a message on messenger and also the facebook app, no need

- Shambles!

Every time there is an update, we seem to lose something. My pokes disappeared after the recent one, favourite button no longer exists, FB keeps jumping and every other post is an advert. Very disappointed!!

- Not how it use to be

Facebook is not how I use to be it use to be amazing

- I don’t get it

Installed to see what all the fuss was about. Totally confused by the interface, what does it even do? App deleted.

- Removed 3D Touch in photos

It was so great with 3D Touch in photos now it is removed or what please update with 3D Touch in photos

- Good

The app is good but would b really great if you can have the dark mode in app so us with oled displays can benefit on the battery life of our iphones. Also i would love it if u can add a feature that allows u 2 press a button and it cleans up your friends list so it deletes friends that have not been online on their account over a certain time period (a bit like an auto delete inactive friends)

- Latest update

Since the last update the app reaction time has slowed down. ‘Likes’ do not react immediately and when notifications have been viewed they still show blue for a while. Minor but irritating problems. Please put right.

- The cause of all hate speech in the world

Horrifying breaches of security, privacy and the reason the world has become a horrible place to communicate with people. Facebook once represented the platform for people to connect with friends, family and loved ones. Now it rules the world, influences governments, destroys lives, has become nothing but a platform for hate speech, advertisements and bullies.

- App Crashes After Latest Update

Ever since the latest update the app started crashing for no apparent reason mostly during the process of loading something it just suddenly crashes. Fix this ASAP please it’s pretty annoying especially that this wasn’t even happening before and now Facebook is literally unusable for even the lightest of tasks.

- Version 261

This latest version will not refresh properly and only loads a few posts. On the plus side I guess it’s reducing my screen time.

- Layout keeps changing

Every few days the interface changes. Make a decision. Just let me access the group's function easily. It is the only part of service which is useful.

- Group names

Can you please make group names more noticeable. I’m in MANY girl groups and advice groups and when I see a post saying my husband cheated on me while pregnant so I lured him and his side chick into a room locked them in and let them die together in a pool of their own mess, I would really like to know they are talking about sims and not real life as soon rather then later.

- Ditto the last guy


- Zucccccccccc


- Absolutely worst designed app

App is full of bugs and unmanageable. incredibly bad design. Navigation around the program is inconsistent and impossible to use -especially if you lock down your privacy details like location services etc. deleted the program.

- polls, comments, newsfeed, bobble head messages

bring back the option to do polls and add photos to the polls please! also it should show you all comments on pages or peoples photos instead of you having to click it because sometimes it doesn’t give you the option to select “all comments” and says theirs comment but when you check they don’t show any? so make it permanent that you can see any comments their is! also show posts that are more recent at the top and less recent at the bottom because it’s annoying scrolling and says yesterday so you think the rest must be old but when you keep scrolling it says 2 hours ago so please fix that asap!!! videos when you watch them on watch or peoples stories it shouldn’t cutout halfway it should have sound for the whole video! let people use emojis in messenger messages and send photos and videos and receive them aswell. show when someone’s read your message with their little bobble head popping up next to it !! thankyou that’s all!

- Terrible

The app keeps freezing and crashing. Just like messenger

- Facebook🤮

Eliminate the "continue on watch" feature and just let me scroll through my feed and watch videos without entering it. And crack down on the bots i still get friend requests from and get added into group chats by before even worrying about putting the next irrelevant advertisement on my feed.

- F@?! F@?!book!

I’m leery of EVERYTHING on line, I suspected F•••book would be sus & I was right. I’ve never trusted anything since Ibought a S••y minidisc player in 2000! When installed the accompanying software it took over my computer( my music at least) when I got this message to my ripped or downloaded music ‘THIS MUSIC IS ILLEGAL AND WILL NOT BE PLAYED’ I went , with my tech boyfriend, right through everything to remove it. It was like a toxic vine. It took us HOURS. And then I sold the minidisc. But not until after I ‘d told Sony why I got it( it was for documentary making on my radio programme)and what happened and how my listeners were going to get plastered re what happened and they’d never buy Sony again (unless 2nd hand! I only got Facebook coz I had to. Cant remember why. But this might cheer you up F•••book Victims. Instagram thought it would be a good idea to use A.I. When they saw what had happened by the next day it frightened the F••• out of them and they tore everything apart removing the artificial intelligence. Check the real details out but I haven’t had a good laugh like that for years! Ha Ha way to find out how we feel Instagram! aviatriix

- Pathetic

Your app on an iPad is just pathetic. I can’t Scorsese through the Facebook marketplace without it crashing. How the hell did it even pass the AppStore’s quality control baffles me.

- Pretty good

Does the job

- No ads purchase

A no ads purchase would be lovely. Sick of seeing 4 ads in a 3 minute video....

- About page blank

For the past few days the about page hasn’t loaded. Please fix ASAP as it is annoying

- Issues

Settings and marketplace don’t load at all on iPhone, just get a blank screen followed by error message. Too many adds now and battery life is shortened.

- Facebook defeat the purpose of being social media app

Two things First is while preview posts stops and asks you to continue in full back ground which not convenient and slowing the experience Second the latest up date is battery hungry So Facebook successfully forced me to uninstall the app to save battery for other important tasks

- New updates makes my phone really hot

The new update has makes my phone (iphone SE) really hot when watching videos.please do something about it.i don’t know if it’s just what the model i have or it happens to everyone’s phone

- Facebook contact me please

Not even 2 days I’ve had my Facebook account and already I’ve been locked out and I don’t understand why because I’ve followed the community guidelines and I haven’t done anything wrong but somehow it’s still suspicious activity. could I please be contacted because I’ve send a help request but apparently my email isn’t linked to my account so I have no way of accessing my fb acc at all now, kinda appalling the fact that not even two days I’ve had it and I’m experiencing issues.

- Does not let me post

Facebook does not let me post or use messenger

- Please create dark mode

I agree with being able to make our Facebook have dark mode - much easier on the eye especially at night. Also I don’t like the new menu display, it was better how it was in list view.

- Latest update isn’t working 😞

Latest update won’t load properly

- Battery killing malware.

If you enjoy losing about a third of your battery life having this installed as it tracks the intricacies of your day to day life for the data to be on-sold to various private institutions, this is the app for you.

- Fakebook

Fascistbook’s censorship has gotten out of control!! Your fact-checkers are saying that truth is false and that falsehoods are the truth! Who are you trying to fool...?

- Dark Mode!!

Please can you make a dark mode, Facebook should’ve been one of the first to make a dark mode!

- Double Messenger notifications

Received a replacement phone from Apple and ever since restoring it from a backup I get two notifications for every message; one from Facebook and one from Messenger, with seemingly no way to turn it off just the Facebook ones. Very annoying.

- Latest version issues

Stability issues on latest version. Do you test before release?

- Idea

Give us a dark mode

- Villains

Can’t wrap my head around the fact that so many women, queers, and other minorities are constantly having their posts removed for violating guidelines, but nazis and dictators are allowed to make entire pages? Gross.

- Facebook is downgrading not up grading

Face book is downgrading not upgrading. Fake adds all over my news feed. Poor photo quality when you upload pics. Facebook is NOTHING how it use to be and it’s such a shame

- Arrrgggghhhh!!!

Why do you keep changing things?! Please get rid of this stupid idea that I can’t just watch videos on my feed in silence. Instead I have to ‘keep watching’ by tapping into it and have the sound blaring or have to turn it right down which then turns my ringer down. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

- Fb says I have a message

There are no unread messages in my messenger nor in my message request. Pls fix it. Thanks.

- Marketplace farce

Brand new IPad Air, Facebook marketplace constantly crashes. I have latest IOS, I have deleted App and reloaded IPad version, From AppStore. switched IPad off , double clicked to close and open Facebook and sacrificed a chicken, nothing keeps Marketplace from crashing, is it directly linked to the Stockmarket?!

- Story

I can’t share my story or i can’t see other’s stories, even there is no option for that

- Crashes when trying to edit buy sell listing

Annoying bug - whenever I try and edit one of my listings in the local buy swap sell page, it just goes to a black screen when I try and save the edits. Only way to get Facebook back is to shut my phone down. Very irritating. This has been happening for months now. Please fix

- Video Audio Cuts Out

Video audio cuts out all the time and it’s soooooooooo annoying one minute audio works then it doesn’t so you pull the vid back a bit audio sound it back on then it happens again 🙄

- Glitches

Market place keeps glitching out

- Slow while browsing

Facebook APP is being slow while browsing through Facebook Marketplace. Please address this issue as is quite annoying.

- Marketplace no longer works

I’ve gotten used to FaceBook and its news feed being woefully out of date, but the last two updates which have happened has completely stuffed up Marketplace which makes me completely question why I even bother with FaceBook at all.

- won't allow bingo blitz

I'm going through 2 iPads and I phone ...and won't let me play bingo blitz on either but I can access it on my desktop computer

- Need Dark Mode

When comes the dark mode???

- Latest update

Latest update freezes, won’t show photos in feed. Not showing latest feeds but feeds from 3 days ago . This is IF Facebook loads on my screen . 😔😔

- Market place crash constantly on iPad

Every time I use marketplace the app. Rashes after about a minute - very frustrating

- Facebook app

I updated my app and now on my home screen it disappears but it’s still there it looks like a missing app but it’s not. You just can’t see it wen I click in to the app and it there it looks like a glitch on my app on my actual home screen...?!? If I can screen shot it and show u I would !

- Hi


- Where is the snooze tag feature

I want to snooze keyword (From Australia)

- Facebook updates

My Facebook didn’t update yet?? All my friend’s Facebook update already?? Please help me!! Cheers Ang

- Bugs, racism, ads

It keeps telling me I have a new message in my messenger app on the Facebook home screen but when I go to messenger there’s no message. There’s also no new message requests so it’s definitely a bug and very annoying. Also can you PLEASE finally add a dislike button for comments? I’m SICK of seeing sexist, racist and just awful comments about the LGBT community that dOnT gO aGaiNsT yOuR cOmMuNiTy StAnDaRdS. What a load of BS. I don’t even know why I use Facebook anymore. It’s just all advertisements with bad comments. Deleting.

- Only interested in selling your information

The most unreliable app I have ever used, continually crashes in marketplace. Not at all user friendly but hey as long as they can capture your information and make money selling it. That’s was Facebook is all about

@OldChismFarm: Thank you for all your prayers. Millie is our youngest of 9 and we all love her so much. Our family life has been torn ap…

@PLM_Speak_Out: Facebook post by Dr. Nicko Bautista. May his soul rest in peace. Thank you, Dr. Nicko! PLMayers, let us pray for his…

@CobraBarrister: Wiecie jak w praktyce działa "tarcza pomocowa"? Tak ⬇️⬇️⬇️ I o to chodziło, żeby potencjalnym b…

Shamelessly stolen from Facebook

@ohaunoaulait: 이번 성착취 사건에서 왜 일탈계 여성 청소년들의 책임을 물어서는 안되는지, 박신영 작가의 페이스북 글에서 그 질문에 대한 명쾌한 답을 찾으시기 바라며. #nthroomcrime_out 원글: …

@223waka_gyu_cha: Facebookで拡散されてた

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Facebook 263.0 Screenshots & Images

Facebook iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Facebook iphone images
Facebook iphone images
Facebook iphone images
Facebook iphone images
Facebook iphone images
Facebook ipad images
Facebook ipad images
Facebook ipad images
Facebook Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
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Facebook (Version 263.0) Install & Download

The applications Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2019-02-05 and was developed by Facebook, Inc. [Developer ID: 284882218]. This application file size is 391.38 MB. Facebook - Social Networking posted on 2020-03-26 current version is 263.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Facebook Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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