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What is uber - request a ride app? We’re committed to your safety at Uber. We’ve established a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to help you feel safe every time you ride.

And with Uber, your destination is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably.

Request a ride from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world, the Uber app is a great way to make your travel plans stress-free. Request a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time.

Whether you’re looking for style, space, or affordability, Uber can help you find the perfect ride to fit your needs:

Enjoy elegance and premium features with Uber Black
Ride with extra room (and more of your friends) with UberXL

All of these transportation options and more are available in one place with the Uber app.

With Uber, you can see your price estimate up front before booking. That means you’ll always have an idea of what you’ll pay before requesting your ride.

We’re committed to making every trip with Uber as safe as possible. That's why—in addition to our Door-to-Door Safety Standard—we've built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences.

You can share your trip
Give your loved ones peace of mind while you’re on a trip—you can share your location and trip status so they know you made it to your destination.

You can contact emergency services
You can call your local authorities directly from the app, and your location and trip details will be displayed so you can quickly share them with emergency services.

After every ride, you can submit a rating along with comments. You can also let your driver know you appreciated your experience by adding a tip for them right in the app.

Not all products are available in all markets.

To see if Uber is available in your city, visit https://www.uber.com/cities.
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App Name Uber - Request a ride
Category Travel
Updated 20 March 2023, Monday
File Size 353.07 MB

Uber - Request a ride Comments & Reviews 2023

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Avoid until the apps many bugs are fixed.. The driver's app must be broken as uber seems to feel the need to call the rider and ask them where they are and where they're going. Perhaps, the drivers aren't able to see what the customer has typed, the map, the address, gps, the live blue dot and the live symbolic car that represents the car that the uber driver is driving. Those all must be buggy as well. Maybe, the maps are incorrect, too? The drivers can't seem to use gps and a live location from the passenger (blue dot) to find where they're going or where the passenger is waiting. Rating system has problems as well. Star ratings can't be used to choose a driver. If the driver accepts and he or she has a low rating, you can cancel, but expect to pay the penalty fee. Driver's cancel all the time, but are not charged a fee. Perhaps a system error is to blame as no one would chose an arbitrary rating system except an old tv show where the points don't matter. Final app issue: wait times. When the app says, five minutes away, it really means 12-15 minutes away. You can cancel, but your credit card will be charged each and every time unless you dispute the charge. Maybe, it's supposed to be like that? Seems counterintuitive, and unlike a similar app that doesn't have incorrect wait times, penalties for customers and an arbitrary rating system where the points don't matter. The drivers on that app just do their job and silently come to the blue dot.

Review for Dan. I have never had an issue with an Uber driver until today. This was absolutely the worst Driver that I have ever had anywhere. It was a very simple drive from the Chicago Western Suburbs to downtown Chicago. My first tip off was that he parked out in the middle of the street to pick me up. Didn’t even bother to enter my driveway. He also had a major challenge with English. I asked him if he understood where I needed to go 6 times and he had a fundamental lack of ability to respond in English. Despite using GPS, he managed to take the wrong direction 3 times. He ended up taking I294 toward OHare vs 88 to downtown Chicago. When got near OHare he exited at Balmoral and told me he was turning around to take 290 to Chicago. Sure, that makes sense, let’s just go back to where we started and waste another 25 minutes. I told him to take 90 into the city and that seemed to only confuse him even more even though the exit for 90 was less than a mile away. I had to provide him turn by turn directions to reach the entrance to 90 despite the fact that he was using GPS. I was 30 minutes late for my meeting and didn’t have the time to share with him how unsatisfied I was with his service. The real kicker came when I received my receipt as I was charged for all the extra distance we traveled that was due to his negligence and inability to use GPS and understand my directions. If this had been my first experience with Uber, I would never use them again.

Horrible customer service. I would like to address the false advertising on the Uber app for pricing. I understand that when ordering an uber that the timing is what determines the price, however, for the scheduling an uber option, there should be more clarification on how much the price can range. Giving a price range that only shows a 7 dollar price difference does not encapsulate how much the uber can actually be. Also, not only that, but when you schedule an uber, you are not allowed to see the actual price of the ride until AFTER you take it. If I schedule an uber that ranges from $13-$17, I expect the ride to be around that price then, maybe even a little higher, but not much more than that. There should be an option to see the actual price when the driver is on his or her way because if it is going to be too expensive, I would rather cancel it and pay the cancellation fee than pay an absurd fare. If I schedule an uber some time in advance, I should realistically be able to see the price of it when the driver is on the way so it is fair. It is not ethical to have the app designed this way with no way of seeing the real fare of a scheduled uber before taking it. I have not had any other issues with this service except for the lack of this quintessential feature. Also I won’t mention the lack of customer support... I can’t even email Uber a complaint.

No Way To Help Uber Improve. I’m a very active Uber rider (up to 100 rides per month) for at least 5 years. In general it’s been a good experience. However, I see all sorts of issues with the way the app works. I’d love to be able to provide this feedback to them in the app and help them improve and avoid several situations where they’ve been unintentionally making it more difficult to use. There is no way to contact Uber to let them know these things. As a result there have been issues that have existed for years and create annoyance on a weekly basis. This is not the type of customer centric experience I’d expect. One of many examples. When booking a ride to the Atlanta airport, the app only displays the first characters. These are Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson... then it gets cut off before being able to select the only information that really matters - which terminal? As a result, ever ride defaults to the international terminal. Every passenger and every driver I’ve talked with about this has experienced the same problem. I’m sure this happens thousands of times a day. Probably worth the minute it would take to fix this. This App Store feedback is the only way I’ve found to actually communicate this to Uber. That’s just scratching the surface. My suggestion is that Uber actually figure out a way to pay attention to and act on their customers suggestion.

Pickup times getting worse and worse. When deciding wether to use Uber, Lyft or take a taxi, I need accurate pickup times. Increasingly, they are wrong and seem to be a bait and switch. Routinely, the app says, for example, it will take 3 minutes to be picked up so, i request ride. But as soon as a driver confirms pickup, the time until pickup becomes a lot longer. And regardless of the pickup time listed, 9 of 10 times it takes considerably longer for the driver to arrive. I can’t tell If this is an app or driver problem or both. Regarding the app, it looks to me like bait and switch. Get me to select a ride with short pickup time, and suddenly after selecting the ride double it or more. And even the extended time is wrong and the driver takes longer to arrive. This problem continues to worsen. I also now sometimes see drivers not responding to rides, at least on the app. On the driver location, I’ll see a driver sit without moving for minutes before coming to get me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the app or the driver accepting a ride and taking his to time before coming to get me. This happened at an airport pickup last night again. I walked past the cabs because it showed a 3 minute pickup time But actial pickup was 10 min and i could have practically been home already in the taxi. For the first 5 min the driver sat where he was when he accpeted to ride. I need reliability.

Bad customer service and drivers. Uber refuses to care about their customers and will not issue refunds even when it’s not your fault for their incompetent drivers. I was charged cancellation fees for a driver not showing up at the proper location and then later proceeding to cancelling the trip on their end. I even tried walking to the uber drivers new pick up location and THEY STILL cancelled the entire ride. In the first place, I shouldn’t even have to walk to any new locations or attempt to. I shortly after requested a new ride, which came. When I contact uber to get a refund on this fee, they claim they can’t give any refund for the drivers time and also accused me of getting too many adjustments in the past from Uber which is NOT TRUE. I haven’t requested refunds for many uber rides even if it was unsatisfactory. Very rarely unless it was driver incompetency. They claimed false accusations to not refund. They all give these automated responses and don’t truly listen to your concern. Also, their fares have pretty much doubled and short 10 minute rides are almost at certain times $30! I’ve chosen to take many buses recently. This is ridiculous. Overall, I am very unsatisfied with their service. I’ve been a loyal customer to Uber for so long and I’ve never received such poor customer service in my whole life. At this rate, It looks like I will have to fully switch to using Lyft.

My first time ever using Uber and honestly was the worst experience of my life. So I thought I’d use Uber to go pick somebody up to hang out with They were a min away from the pick up locations The person I was going to have it picked up said they went out in the car and drove off and she was chasing the car Had to call multiple times to get a hold of the drive at which the driver said he waited five minutes they never showed he’s on the phone with Uber there’s nothing he can do He said the ride is canceled that I have to make another ride The ride was $28 he said that I would be refunded the ride but have to pay a cancellation fee well two days later I find out I’m charge $77 in my account So obviously Uber is a scam a joke and fraud alll in one they stolen my money I didn’t look up on the app and they switched the drop off location to make as much money as possible they did not cancel the ride because the ride is supposedly now complete and nobody got pick up or drop off and I’ve been trying to get a hold of Uber for the last six hours and there’s no way to get a hold of them I Filed a help ticket if that’s what you call it but nobody gets back it’s just copy paste copy paste copy paste anyone help me please I would highly highly recommend staying away from this company unless you want your private information stored in your bank account zeroed and make believe rides and money just been thrown away that you can’t get back

Never using again. Several days ago I ordered an Uber ride from a ride share pick up location in a mall. I saw that the driver made it to the mall but was at the wrong pick up location. This is a very large shopping center with about 8 floors and multiple entrance. He stopped moving for a while so I messaged him to ask how much longer he would be and gave him my exact location. Without responding he canceled my ride. I later found out that I was charged a fee even though I didn’t cancel the ride. I first disputed this charge on the app, to which I received an Uber credit/cash for. There’s no way to contact customer support so I left a complaint for the driver and left a message explaining what he did. I stated that if Uber did not refund my original form of payment I would dispute the charge. Minutes later I received a response explaining that they will refund the charge on my credit card. Never again. Why would they allow drivers to do this with no repercussions? I was late to my meeting and what made it so frustrating is that the driver was so close but at the wrong pick up location. The problem could’ve been resolved had he just replied to my message. He did not make any attempt to communicate with me. I will only use Lyft now since they are much more reliable and hold their drivers accountable. For example, the second ride I ordered after that incident was through Lyft and the driver was late. Lyft discounted my ride for the late pick up. As they should.

Dangerous. I took an Uber home and 3 miles before we got to my house my Uber driver literally reached back and stole my phone and my passengers phone that were both sitting on the seat. He refused to give it back to us and we had no way to call the cops or do anything. He called my friend names and when we got to my house he refused to give them back and even drove off with the rear door still open with my friend who is a girl next to it. I also have this on video from my security camera. When we got inside we called Uber immediately and tracked both phones. They were showing both phones leaving our neighborhood and we tracked them for 3 hours until he disabled them both. Uber did absolutely nothing other than call him and when he said he did not have them they told us sorry. Also his license plate on the app is completely wrong than what is on his vehcile as we immediately got a picture of his plate as well as video from my home security system. We did file a police report the same day and provided video, and GPS tracking locations of him leaving with both phones dated and time stamped and the police are going after him as they said we have more than enough evidence. Uber knows this and still is allowing him to drive for them even as an active police investigation is open on him and they know he is dangerous. Uber should be sued if anything else happens with this guy as they are neglecting to do anything or at a bare minimum un suspend him when they know this.

Satisfied but a few issues. I am overall very satisfied with the app and take it basically every day. However, I have had 2 issues recently that if fixed would make it AMAZING. I live in NYC and normally take uber pool. I have no problem walking a few blocks, however sometimes the place I’m walking to is not possible for the driver to get to without going very out of the way. There have been a lot of updates to traffic patterns in NYC in the last 6 months and I don’t think uber gps has been updated with these. (Example: no left turn allowed onto 8th Avenue going east on 14th street - this is my typical pickup location and the driver usually has to spend 5 minutes driving around the block unless I text him to meet me elsewear). The other problem which is a recent one that has happened the past 2 days is that I get matched with a very convenient driver, walk to the pickup location very happily and then they cancel. The next drivers (multiple) I am matched with are extremely far away (up to 10 minutes) and I am forced to cancel and get into a yellow cab because I am now late. Drivers should not be able to cancel when they are that close to picking up their rider, especially with uber pool where that person has most likely walked decently far to get there.

Mediocre support and service. If you need a cheap ride and you need to get somewhere then I agree Uber is for that. However they need to fix some issues that keep me from wanting me to. For starters the seller fees are absolutely ridiculous! I should not have to be charged for my drivers errors. I have had numerous occasions of being charged a $5 fee for my driver not being able to find my house. Which brings me to my next problem. The GPS navigation they have going is a mess. My old house was a difficult yet not impossible location to find. The u-turn by the gas station was right by the driveway to my house which is easy to miss. However I have tried contacting my Uber drivers giving them guidance. Some still ended up canceling. I have had drivers that would decide it was better to take a longer way for certain places rather than back ways and shortcuts. That also makes everything 10 times worse, because I have been late to work even scheduled ahead of time since these problems with your system have occurred. I’m also currently disabled and can’t/shouldn’t drive, because of it. However I can’t blame Uber for being late for work even though it most certainly is. I take my job seriously so apparently I need to go back to Lyft since I haven’t had any of these issues personally. They even found my house in the dark! Uber needs to fix some stuff before I even think of trying to rely on them again.

Left me stranded too many times - unreliable!. I’ve used uber hundreds and hundreds of time and never had a problem until two months ago - now I constantly receive an error message saying “OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG” “there’s and error processing your request” “please visit in-app help for assistance.” I’ve googled this and many people have the same problem to which they’ve been offered no solution. For me, I trusted uber before because it was reliable. I had a major injury this year and couldn’t walk. I relied on uber for transportation which I can’t do anymore. So many times this app has left me stranded and I had to look for a bus or black cab. So many times this app left me stranded due to this error message so I was late getting to where I needed to go. Uber, you need to get this sorted. The whole point of your app is reliability and convenience. I don’t have time to do in app help which we all know is not going to fix the problem. I just need a car that will be there when I need it. How hard is that? Anyone know of a competitor app in London that I can use as a back-up in case this app fails again? One last complaint. Sometimes my app screen goes totally white and I can’t see when the driver is arriving nor do I have any of this details. So I’m waiting and will miss him and won’t be able to contact him but still get charged by you. No okay. Please fix your bugs.

Uber doesn’t not take care of loyal customers.. I use Uber all of the time. I work 3 jobs and often it is the most economical and convenient way to travel between jobs. I often use UberPool bc it cuts my fares in half and doesn’t usually take all that much extra time. Lately I’ve had many issues w UberPool in that I’ve had to wait much longer to get picked up, have had multitalented drivers make me wait and then cancel or drive away from my pickup, and yesterday I had the same thing happen w an Uber X-when this happens I had to wait double the time for another driver to arrive, and twice this month this extra wait has forced me to have to request more expensive rides so that I can get to work on time. I’ve received little to no help on these matters from the customer service department. It’s so difficult to even find a phone number to call a live person instead of dealing w emails and typed communications via the app. I’m so fed up at this point and will likely delete the app and never use Uber again after these last few horrible experience and lack of empathy from the company. Uber does not care about customer loyalty nor doing the right thing by loyal customers.

Uber app spams me with ads for itself. The Uber app constantly spams me with iPhone notifications that are essentially ads for itself. Someone needs to maybe sit down with Uber’s board of directors to let them know exactly what it is their company does, because those morons don’t seem to get it. The app is to get a ride someplace. I’m only going to use it WHEN I NEED A RIDE. So it is POINTLESS to keep sending me app notifications on my phone telling me all the great things about Uber. NONE OF THOSE THINGS is going to make me run out and get a ride!!! I don’t need one right now! I will let you know when I do!!!!! Plus: I ALREADY HAVE THE APP!! What in the name of holy Moses is the ad for???? I already downloaded the app and I’m already using it to get rides!!! Do they think I forgot??? The ads SERVE NO LOGICAL INTELLIGENT purpose. If that isn’t the epitome of corporate stupidity I don’t know what is. Yeah I can turn off notifications, but then I won’t get any actual useful ones, like when my ride shows up or if something happened to my ride, or the thing that tells you to rate and tip the driver. THOSE ARE THE ONLY NOTIFICATIONS I WANT!!! It is impossible for me to believe that I actually need to explain this to adult humans running a gigantic corporation with an enormous market capitalization!!! No other app …. LITERALLY NONE … that I have installed on my phone spams me with notifications that are commercials for themselves!!! Unbelievably stupid.

I got slapped by a driver and got a refund. I got slapped by a driver on my way to work, you see I sat in the front because I felt more comfortable and the drive and I were talking like we were friends and then I said something about my situation jokingly and they slapped me out of nowhere. First of all that is not okay. Not even my close friends would do that and he was my driver who I had just met. I was shocked and confused as I tried to start my work shift. I decided to report this with Uber and only received a refund and them saying they would deal with the driver but I don’t know anything was ever done. This happened awhile back and it’s always something that replays in the back of my mind when ordering an Uber for my mom and I worry anything like such happens to her. Besides that incident,Uber is our go to even though the prices start going up once your route becomes a routine, also I’ve had an Uber driver ask for the drop off address through the messaging even though I’m sure the app would’ve told him once they accepted my request and then when I didn’t reply he canceled. The reward points are cool though at least once you have enough for any of them. The app is great though because it has the option to order Uber eats without downloading another app (Uber eats).

Very annoying. I have been driving for uber driver for the last 10 months. At first I did it as part time and at the time it was my permanent job because I was looking for some flexible work with the schedule. I never had any problem or report of any dissatisfied passenger (annoying). More than 600 trips in 10 months and more than 50% that my rating is 5 stars(who rated me). But on December 18, 2022, Uber Driver decided to deactivate my account and not allow me to drive anymore with their app. Since their review team determined that I was sharing my account with another person. I presented evidence that the uber map had problems that day that would not allow me to take the verification photo correctly. They only made the decision and without any evidence to prove that it was not me who was using They deactivated my account. I have tried in every way to continue demonstrating that everything was an error in their own app and they don't even accept that. 600 trips and no passenger made a report that another person uses my account, that is, they have 0 evidence against me and even so they maintain their decision to leave my account deactivated. This bothered me a lot because I always complied with all the rules for driving with Uber and yet they never took that into account. I feel as if they were accusing and convicting me of something I did not do, where with real evidence they do not let me defend myself.

GPS and location services needs to be fixed. Since the new update, there has been a process to get an Uber pool. It involves meeting your Uber at a determined location, this is very good and an excellent way to mainstream the process and make it more efficient. But unfortunately the AI in control of matching the rider with the Uber seems to be based on distance away from the rider instead of actual logistics. This is a problem for me since my pickup spots are always near an highway/expressway on street level (BQE in NYC) and the Ubers that are matched to me are always traveling on said expressway instead of on the side streets. Because of this, I've been matched with multiple Ubers that are traveling on the expressway and who's nearest exit is 30 minutes away. Due to this fact I couldn't even cancel the Uber since I would be charged a 5 dollar fee for due to the driver having to drive past me. This leaves me with 3 options either take the 5 dollar fee and call another Uber or to call the driver and ask them to cancel the pick-up. Wait an extra half-hour for an uber. The 2nd option is often met with hostility with some drivers, and the 3rd option is just not feasible due to the driver having to drive back and then drop you off adding an extra hour to the commute. Please take a look at this problem as it is extremely frustrating to book an Uber only to be late and frustrated at the process.

Expensive. I’ve been riding with Uber for about 2-2.5 years now. It keeps getting more and more expensive making it harder to reach destinations. If you wanna go 10 min down the road it is $20-$34. The app says it’s cuz they are busy so fares are higher but it makes it extremely difficult for me the rider to get to places as I don’t have that money to pay every single day so I can get to work. I used to pay $8-$12 sometimes $15 just to go from my house to work and now I can’t even afford to go to work. It isn’t that helpful. While I understand the drivers need to get paid, the more expensive you create ur prices the more you will lose customers because nobody can afford to pay that much 5 days out of a week just to go to a job to support themselves. I literally sit on the app for 3 hours hoping the prices will decrease and change but they don’t they just get higher and higher every time I open the app. I can’t keep riding with a company that wants to charge me $30 every time I need to go 10 min down the street for a job to create a living. It is not affordable and is stressful when you can’t get a ride when you absolutely need one. When Uber first came out I liked it, now everything is extremely expensive and it takes forever just to get a ride. I will wait 30min for my ride to drive over to me to get me.

The worst customer service you ever!. Uber is Uber, it’s as good as lyft but pricier, we call know what we’re getting with Uber. What you may not know is the customer service is an absolute joke. They literally won’t give out a number to call or email, and as far as I can see online, they literally don’t have one (even though their website currently says they do give you the number), or if they do they’ve done a great job of making it very unintuitive to find. What they do is, give you a preset list of 4 or 5 possible issues you may have with a specific ride (so no complaints if 5 drivers in a row cancel right before they are at your location). If you click on the thing from the list they just run your trip through some automated program that determines if you get your money back. My most recent incident my driver took a terrible route, then took two wron turns, adding 30 minutes to what was originally estimated to be a 30 minute trip total, and the navigation app he was using said it would be another 30 minutes. At that point it was literally quicker to walk the last 1 ½ miles. So I got out and walked, but it shows up as me having completed the trip, so whether I select driver took poor route or trip was too long, it just spits out an answer based on incomplete information. Clear lack of effort on their part, luckily for me they have competitors that care about the customer experience more then they do.

My driver didn’t pick me up and still charged me.. I had a horrible experience today. I was in front of my hotel and I received a message to go to a street I never heard of. My husband and I had five pieces of luggage between the two of us. The message said that my driver would be three minutes. My husband and I had to walk through a huge crowd and it was difficult with all of our luggage. I received the call from the Uber driver and I said we were told to go the wrong way. We had only been walking three minutes, so it couldn’t have been too far; especially since we had to walk through the crowd with all of our luggage. He then told me we were too far away, he wouldn’t pick us up and to put in a ride request again and then he hung up on me. I saw a taxi cab driver and then went with him because I didn’t want to risk missing my boat. This has been my only bad experience with Uber, which I wasn’t completely angry with. Then I just received an email stating that I was charged for a ride that I didn’t receive. I should not be charged for a ride that I didn’t receive because I couldn’t get to a pickup spot in less than three minutes with a big crowd. Then to top it off, I had to pay a cab driver $20.

JAN IS THE ABSOLUTE GEM. Last night I knew I was in danger. I wasn’t scared. I just knew I was in danger. A tall hooded man kept following me at the shopping center. I had arrived at (nearly) closing time to buy some boots that had recently gone on sale. Shops were closing up & people were leaving. But I couldn’t find my car after I made my purchase. I kept walking and looking for it…but the creepy man kept following me. I decided to NOT go to my vehicle, & instead ordered an Uber (knowing I needed another person around me right away). This Uber driver wasnt Jan. This morning - after ordering an Uber - Jan picked me up so promptly (to drive me back to retrieve my vehicle from the shopping center). His car looked wonderful & smelled great. We had SUCH lovely conversation driving to where I thought I parked my car. He was SUCH a gentleman in insisting we drive around until we found my car. I described it to him, he spotted it. Just wow :) I cannot tell you how grateful I am for his calm, professional, and wonderfully personable demeanor. He listened to my story - without prejudice - & I could tell he really wanted to excercise excellent customer service & professional support for what I went through. I really hope he receives commendation for making me feel so valued and safe and supported as an Uber client. He turned a spooky experience into one that restored my faith & belief in that there are kindhearted Samaritans amongst us. Thank you Jan :)

Cheaper than Lyft with not much discernible difference that I can see. Are usually have a car, so I am not as familiar and have not use the app as much as many others probably sending a friend or having someone picked up more than anything. I will say that they are less expensive than Lyft alternatively and they do a good job of driving and getting you there however, do not make my mistake and wait to try and go get beer until there’s only five or 10 minutes after pick up because they will cancel or will find out that I have a gate with codes to punch him and sometimes Paideia and I’ve only taken about five Lyft rides and five Uber rides so I can tell you it’s happened a few times although I will say I have preferred Uber every time because I like it and that’s what she did with Uber except for the times when I have sent people and I don’t know how the drive went I would give them five stars on safety. Just if you’re in Dallas and you need to go get beer get your Uber and over with before 1130 something like 1115 or 10 o’clock to places are closing earlier these days so I would even suggest after work or 7 PM or something and schedule of the trip back if there’s nothing else because that’s always fun to do from the backseat when you don’t have your reading glasses lol. Happy Holly- Days!!!!

Worst Customer Service and disloyal company.. I have been using uber for the last four years. I don’t own a car by choice. I used to use their service all the time from shopping to going to the airport. Basically they were my chauffeur. I had no issues and everything was just great. Until about two months ago, they charged my corporate card instead of my personal card. I contacted them to change the payment method, so they charged my personal card and refunded two out of four charges. So I had two charges that were in two different card. I emailed them at least ten times to refund my corporate card or otherwise I was going to risk getting in trouble with my company. Two months later and no refunds. I emailed and emailed so many times and still no refund. I wake up one morning to an email from Uber telling me that my account is suspended due to a policy violation ( these people are a joke).i guess they did like that I emailed so many times for MY HARD EARNED MONEY. Lyft have been sending me emails to ride with them for a huge discount but I kept using Uber. I have spent so much money with Uber, you would think they will show so type of loyalty too. They did not just lose my business now, they also gave their competition a new loyal customer. I am also making sure that everyone I run into know how disloyal and rude they are. My friends, family and co-workers all switched to Lyft. One customer at the time. THANKS LYFT.

Frustrated Much !. For the past months that I've been using the uber app I thought it was an okay app. Sometimes the drivers would say they're on their way in 5 minutes and then magically be 14 minutes away forcing me to cancel & search for someone else. Leaving me not being able to rate that driver & let him know what an inconvenience he has caused me. Also, normally you would be able to cancel your ride free of charge if your driver was more than 5 minutes away, today my driver was 13 minutes away, I cancelled because I was in too much of a hurry & was still charged $5. I'm extremely OVER this app, I will begin to use my local TLC driver companies from now on since they so conveniently make you comfortable ordering their vehicles and they actually give you real life people experiences even when you’ve been inconvenienced. I also have had drivers lie about their vehicles that they’ve been traveling in but because the license plate matched then I had to ride in that vehicle. Reaching out to Uber has become a joke because they purposefully make you feel like you’re the problem and their well within their means to do and have drivers do as they please. The support at Uber has become nonexistent and they’re prices have increased so dramatically that I should basically buy my own vehicle and pay my own gas and insurance, it would be so much cheaper. I’m just so over the issues that I’ve been experiencing with Uber for months now.

😊 Uber Rating. Uber is doing excellent but I think it should be cheaper. because we have to add tips for the uber drivers. after adding tips, the amount is same as a taxi would charge. And I wish Uber would allow Uber riders to choose the Uber drivers they would want rides from. that would be excellent..... I commend Uber for providing excellent service. & I can see Uber is improving all the time because I see new changes each time. I like the stop feature. that's clever, excellent. I'm not complaining. I'm simply giving some suggestions..... other than that, that's excellent service...... I wish there was Uber for everything. because there are people who are independent but still sort of disabled, who don't have any help from family or anyone because everybody is busy working. sometimes they need someone to do errands for them for groceries. if an Uber worker could do some groceries or miscellaneous tasks too. that would be awesome......some people don't have a car to work or lost their car temporarily. it would be nice if there was a special rate for individuals who need to get to work who can't afford a rental for two, three, four months......just like when Uber created uber eats which is very good! 🤗

Not reliable. Today my girlfriend had to go to the vet with her cat, she had a vet appointment. If she does not show up she is charged. She ordered an Uber and one after another 5 total Ubers drivers canceled on her and she had to walk over a mile to the vet carrying her cat, supplies and pet medication. Why aren’t Uber cars more reliable?! Uber cars need to be told the destination before they accept the job. I heard that Uber car drivers are sent a job, click accept and after the fact learn the destination. At this point they simply cancel if they don’t want to go there while the person who ordered the Uber has to wait an additional 10-15 minutes for another Uber car and is charged a cancellation fee. If you have an important time sensitive meeting or doctors appointment like we had you are up the creek. What kind of backwards thinking is Uber using?! We have also had issues with Uber drivers picking up in the wrong location. We provide the exact address where we are and they are way down the block where we can’t see them. Has Uber not heard of addresses and geolocations going by the phone? The Uber programmers need to find a better job and new developers hired. The very next time I am in a time sensitive situation I am video taping the entire process from start to finish on my iPhone and uploading the video to social media for all to see.

Option in settings for miles/kilometers and currency. When I am using the Uber app in a different country, such as Australia and Mexico, as I have been to both in the past three weeks. I really wish Uber would give you the option of seeing miles instead of kilometers, and also American dollars currency. I would have used Uber sooo much more it having that option to change in settings. For example, I used it today in Mexico. I wanted to go to a certain store. I put it in the Uber app, and it showed around $40, I thought it must be really far. Looking at the map, it showed kilometers. Then I noticed it was showing the cost in pesos. I had no idea how far it really was, or what it would charge me in American currency. SUCH A PAIN. The ride ended up being not so far, and only around $3 American. Then the top popped up, I clicked on $5 thinking it was a couple of dollars. Later my daughter figures it out and tells me that the $5 only ended being like twenty four cents. I felt so bad. UBER really needs to make a setting that you can choose what you want your miles/kilometers and currency to show. I seriously would be using it more here in Mexico, but too difficult because I can’t see what it’s really going to cost me, and clueless on how far of a distance it is.

Uber Eats 1 delivery for multiple orders. Hello, pain-point: If the app can facilitate one Uber delivery pick up for foods from different restaurants within the same shopping plaza to deliver to the same address that would be clutch. Instead of having to order 3 separate times for 1 coffee, then salad, then halal shawarma within the same plaza only for 3 different delivery guys to take those items to get to the one requester is a waste of time and resources and not eco friendly. It’s also pathetic Uber won’t allow users to request orders without tipping. It’s self contradicting the fact Uber doesn’t pay the delivery contractors a fair share. Everyone knows Uber takes in 1000% plus in profit per transaction whether Uber ride or subscriptions etc. So be more egalitarian Uber give Uber employees and contractors equitable share of profit — forcing paying customers to tip is pathetic. I also wish I can get points or use points in my Starbucks or Legal C orders, if the app can allow one sign on to these different food platforms. Pros: I do like the group order option, easy for individuals with diet restrictions to place their own food orders. And I like being able to see Starbucks order images similar to the Starbucks app or pictures and ingredient details to a pho restaurant etc. Thanks!!!

Very frustrating !. I loved Uber. Never had an issue with it until recently. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but now I see a wait time fee on my receipt. I understand there is a wait time charge if the Uber driver arrives and they are obviously kept waiting but recently quite often the Uber driver can be at the corner of my block stating it arrives soon and I’m waiting outside and at the end of my trip I see there is a charge for wait time. How can that be if I was ready and they weren’t even in front of the pick up location. Or I’ve have a few times where the driver states it’s here but they aren’t at the correct pick up even though I put the address and they are a few buildings away and then I have to walk to them and that causes them to start charging a wait time fee. Not sure if that is their GPS issue but it’s annoying. Just the other day I requested an Uber and I was outside and the driver instead of heading straight which is where I was he drove around the block before arriving to me and then headed my way, mind you there was no traffic or others cars there for him giving him reason to go around the block. And what do you know I was charged a wait time fee. This is very frustrating and I have reached out to support which they have helped but it’s annoying to constantly be going thru support. I hate to be that type of person that always has a complaint but they need to address this issue .

Put my account on hold and won’t tell me why!. I use uber almost every single day and I spend lot of money on it. Why? Because I thought it was the most convenient and reliable choice out there. But I guess I was mistaken. I’ve had lot of great experiences with them and to be honest, they have been very quick at resolving my issues. However, last week, I just received an email from them saying that they were investigating a report from one of my recent rides, so my account would be on hold in the meantime. I wrote them three times to ask what was going on and why I was being investigated, but I never heard back from them and usually they are very quick at responding to emails. I just think this is very unprofessional on their part as they should be able to give the reasons why they decide to put my account on hold. But it’s not fair on my end because I might be accused of something I did not do at all because I use UberPool most of the time. So a driver might report under my name, something that a different rider did because they don’t know who is who most of the time. I don’t mind the investigation, but at least tell me why before you put my account on hold. This is just very disrespectful and I guess after this, I will never use uber again and you just lost a very loyal customer.

Going downhill. Uber was so much better when they first started. Currently, at times they are worse than taxis were prior to Uber. Each app upgrade is more glitchy than the previous one. Many times I receive wrong pick up location from my home and other locations. Pickup at the Atlanta Airport are only getting worse every week. First, the passengers have to walk unreasonably long distance to the pickup location, which are poorly marked and require passengers to walk thru a very creepy garage. Then the wait times for the ride is getting longer and longer. The drivers take longer than estimated pick up time. I fly every week and the decline in service is very noticeable. Not to mention the fees keep going higher and higher. Uber is getting worse than taxis. At least with taxis I don’t have to walk unreasonably long distance and wait for the driver. One more thing, Atlanta airport installed heating lamps in the Uber pick up area, which is the most idiotic thing to do in 90 degree weather. Furthermore, more and more Uber drivers install obnoxious air refresheners that are overwhelming and headaches inducing. Can Uber develop air refreshener policy. Because if I cancel the ride based on smelly car then Uber will charge me cancellation fee - not fair. Taxis don’t do that. If I don’t like the quality of taxi then I don’t get in without paying fees.

Uber customer service is super incompetent.... I recently moved to Costa Rica and my number changed. Uber blocked and disabled my USA account the day arrived because I couldn’t verify my number because I don’t have service in Costa Rica. I later got a Costa Rica SIM card and opened a new account... but I can’t get ANY payment method to work... not a single credit card or bank card... not my paypal or an Uber gift card I bought just to see if it would work.... now someone from Uber said they would consolidate the accounts and fix the problem so I don’t lose my 25$ gift card... that sounded great until I got another email saying they had disabled my account... after a “through investigation” because I violated terms of service....which I didn’t do...all I wanted was to change my email and it’s turned into a month of stress and lost money.... I have been communicating with them for days and they kept making useless suggestions about restarting the app or waiting 12 hours... some such nonsense.... today was the first day I thought we’d gotten somewhere.... greezzz..... and I’ve asked 5 times for a customer service number and I keep getting no a chain email about how they disabled my account because I broke their terms and services which is crazy because I’ve never even used Uber and they blocked my account for no reason... they are terrible.... and their customer service is awful....

Overcharged. My car had broke down and i needed a ride home, the tow trucks are not giving lifts to people right now because of Covid so I obviously turned to Uber. It didnt take long to get a ride and my experiences with Uber have usually ran great. But i haven’t used it in a while. Two days ago when i used it, it showed me my upfront fee being around $30 for a UberX everything went great. After the ride had completed tho, i was unexplainably charged a “Surge Fee” that was “ Surge x2.5”? Which was in itself almost $50!!! I dont know why I was charged this fee and was never told about it in the upfront price. They only decided to charge me this after the ride had completed. I tried contacting customer support and its no use. There is no number to call to get their “24/7” live calls with someone from customer support either. I looked it up through google and it was just an automated message that hung up. Even on their website, i asked for help and all they had was use the help section in the app and click this link.. there was no such link. I did get to send a message through the app asking why was my total changed or updated. I only got an automated response that was no use. Totally disappointed and feel cheated. Cant believe i had to pay a fee that was almost TWO TIMES MORE than the actual ride itself. Id figure even after all this time there would be someone to help out in this kind of situation.

Charged a Cancellation fee for wrong address!. I ordered Uber several times and this is the first time when I put in my destination address as usual, when I got into the car I gave the driver my destination address to make sure he had it right. When he checked his client book he said the company had given him a different address and he couldn’t take me unless I changed it to the right destination address. When I told him to get in tough with the company he said he was “new at this and didn’t know how to do it” and asked me if I could change it on my end. They had given him an address in Richmond Road, and I was going to Lake Success on New Hyde Park Road. I had an area on my phone that showed the same destination address as his. I was so frustrated and knew I was going to miss my appointment. Then I was an area where I could change the wrong destination to the right one. When I did that the driver said that he finally received the same address on his pager or what ever it showed on, and he finally took me to the doctor in Lake Success. This morning - Saturday August 31st I received a note from Uber saying that “ to my cancelling of the Richmond Road address I am being charged over $6 as a cancellation fee!” I can’t find a phone number to contact them so I wrote my reply in the section where you can give a note of your experience with the driver. This was the worst experience I have had so far with Uber! I just hope I get my refund without any haste. Be wary folks.

First time. This is my first time using Uber and my first time to write a review about anything. I’ve never felt the need or the want to do so before this but after reading all the negative the reviews when I downloaded the app I felt that I needed to. The only reason I downloaded the app after reading one bad review after another was because I had no other option.I had missed the last bus running for the day and couldn’t get a hold of anyone to get a ride from. I was stuck and my phones battery was low from calling people. Now I’m desperate So I very reluctantly Downloaded The app. I was skeptical And was ready to deleted the app at the first sign of any problem. I was quite pleased to find that app was straightforward and very easy to use. After entering all my information and my destination a pick up time was Scheduled. I didn’t have to wait long and I received a text when my ride was a minute away. By the time walked outside the driver was pulling up. My driver greeted me nicely and he was very professional and polite. He chose the fastest route to my destination drove the speed limit at all times and was all around a good driver. I have to say my first experience with Uber was great and would definitely use Uber again.

Over It. It’s been a good run but I’m over it. As of recent, I keep having to order my rides 20-30 minutes early to get to work on time and even then, I don’t get to work on time. People are so in a hurry to accept a ride that they accept rides knowing they are 30 minutes away and in the middle of dropping off someone else instead of letting the ride go to another person. I watched a person PURPOSELY drive in the opposite direction of my pick up location after they dropped off the other passenger (this was after I waited for about 15 minutes). It went from 13 minutes away to 28 all because the person seemed to keep driving home instead of just cancelling. That’s ridiculous! The day before that I had another driver who decided to accept a ride knowing they were 30 minutes away and I ended up cancelling because even when 15 minutes passed they still hadn’t dropped off their other passenger. I tried to hold on because I love Uber and it’s perks, but it’s not worth it with the recent surge of crappy drivers. There’s no support number and I couldn’t even report the person who drove in the opposite direction of my pick up location. I’m done. Account deleted. I’ll be with Lyft from this point forward and I hope to have no issues.

Started off good but went downhill fast. I started off loving this app and now I’ve been using it for more than a year and it gets worse and worse. My first problem is the ETA of an Uber. When you request a ride it tells you the least amount of time you will wait but when it finds you a ride its 9minutes away. This morning alone I had to cancel 3 trips because they were more than 7 minutes away and by the 4th request an Uber was just 2minutes away. Why couldnt I get matched with the closest uber first?? Then my next problem and probably the worst is the Uber’s navigation. One example was a trip i took from the bronx to Yonkers and the navigation led the Uber all the way downtown to 138th street to then loop us around to go uptown to 231st. How? When I could look at the GPS and find several other routes that were quicker and less of a hassle. And finally, i want to mention that i dont even use the pool option anymore because it feels like taking the bus. I sat in a pool once and before I got to my stop we picked up and dropped off 4 other people. I wouldnt have minded if it was on the way to my destination but it was so out of the way I considered getting out and taking the bus. I have to take alot of cabs because of work and I’m always disappointed with Uber, if I had a better option I wouldnt use this app anymore.

DON’T DO IT!. I started off delivering for Uber Eats via bicycle. I was then given the option to rent a car so I could drive Uber X. Instead of having me complete a new background check BEFORE I was approved to rent the car, Uber allowed me to rent for a week and then proceeded to take me completely offline for 3-5 business days until it was passed. I called, emailed, and texted Uber support numerous of times where I was told to either create a new account for Uber Eats while my background check was being completed OR there was nothing there could do; couldn’t even be transferred to another agent. This went on every single day for an entire week. After my background check was approved, my rental agreement was up the following day. I had one day to make an entire week to pay for the rental. Uber not only stole from me but also blocked my account because of fraudulent activity after I was told by multiple support agents to make a new account to be able to continue to deliver. I was twenty deliveries away from myself and my roommate getting the referral reward. I have saved every screenshot of every conversation I’ve had with Uber support for when I review on my social media accounts. This company is very unethical, VERY unprofessional, doesn’t care for their drivers, and completely wasted a week of my money and time because of their negligence. I would definitely try Lyft, DoorDash, or even your local Domino’s before I EVER recommend Uber Eats or Uber X to anyone in my lifetime.

From Rosario Rositani to Valentino Waterbury CT. Usually I like to give a review to exceptional people. It my first professor, we thrived from receiving letters from customers. When I did almost 6 a month, it gente great ti make someone happy because of my work and I knew there I was a humanitarian because the definition ti me is to go beyond the call of duty for a stranger. I did thousands of times and I persevered. So, I would like to provide a very special note to Valentino, my driver, even for 8 minutes, those 8 minutes we discussed numerous topics not of political nature. It was an amazing ride and please give this note to Valentino so he never forgets who he is, especially if someone should upset him during a ride. I was once a flighty attendant, then hired to work for a special branch of the US government snd after leaving the job, I was hired to work as an investigative reporter in my parents native country, Italy. And my successes reverts back to my flight attendant career and receiving the kind letters from numerous passengers, a feat almost impossible to accomplish but if you tune into the customers current emotional state, your humanitarian soul will come out to take care of a stranger. Bravo Valentino!

Money Scammers and poor customer service. I was charged twice for a Uber pass I did not sign up for one was through PayPal and charged to my Wells Fargo debit card and the other was Apple Pay and to my discover credit card. When I was first charge to the PayPal payment format I was refund and I thought everything was okay. Upon trying to use the app again a week later I was forced to pay the the Uber pass charge before continue to confirm a ride and was this charged again. I brought this to Uber attention and they said it was a system error and delayed charged occurred. I provide them with screen shots showing that it was two separate charges to two different cards and instead of returning my money they continually insist that it was a delayed charge. I even explained to them that a delayed charged would all happen on the same payment form not charge a whole new form of payment and a different card, but they still insist I was only charged once even after providing all the evidence of two charges. They don’t care for there customer and the entire time I’m communicating with them it’s taking them days to respond they even sent the same response a couple of times hoping I would not reply. I deleted the app and will never use them again I don’t recommend Uber they are just trying to get as much money as they can. Uber drivers should tell me they want a cash tip because Uber takes to much of the online one. They are just money hungry and don’t care to do what’s right.

Overall, VERY reliable. HOWEVER…. Uber is reliable! Met many cool people who can get the job done. Some don’t talk which is fine and very few don’t respect the road. Rides show up on time and get me where I need to go as soon as possible. HOWEVER, this app has good amount of problems. Uber doesn’t do a good job at managing prices. One time this app tried charging me $40 for a 9 min ride home, that’s way out of my price range for a short ride with no traffic and decent weather. Sometimes Uber drivers will make you wait 10-15min then cancel your ride right after. That is the main reason I’m making this review, today just lost 40 min worth of time since I had 3 drivers finish up trips that took around 10-15min and cancelled right after. I could’ve been home within those 40 min I lost. Uber should really do discounts if drivers are going to waste people’s time like that. Also prices are just way out of my price range when it snows. I understand charging more due to weather conditions but sometimes the prices can just be absolutely ridiculous and that’s where Uber becomes unreliable. I love that you can buy bus tickets through this app since it helps save money for how I decide to travel. By all means, DO NOT take this review as an insult! Take this review as criticism and advice to better improve your app and business not just for me but for everyone. Other than that I’ll continue riding with Uber!

Worst Customer Service Imaginable. I had been riding with Uber for years. Always swore by it. Solid drivers, decent prices. Fortunately, I never had to reach out to customer service for anything. That changed last week. I was charged a $150 cleaning fee for something that should not have been that bad. Mind you, I do fully admit I should’ve been charged a fee; however, I felt like it should’ve been $40 - $80 at the very most. I reached out to customer service FOUR separate times. The first two times they replied to my message with the exact same cookie cutter response. I replied back to each one and got no response back. I reached out a third time signaling how upset I was, finally got a different reply asking what I’d like them to do to remedy the situation. I asked them to give me a lower cleaning fee and listed my reasons why I believed that it should be lower. No response. My fourth message let them know that if they didn’t reply I would stop using their services and leave a negative review on their apps. No response. Why? Because they don’t care. What’s one customer lost? Uber doesn’t have a customer service phone number. Probably because they don’t want to deal with customers because they simply don’t care about them, only the money they cough up. I’m done using Uber, Uber Eats, Postmates, and all of these other Uber subsidiaries. You’re better off using another ride share app such as Lyft or whatever else is out there.

Beware of clean-up fee scam!. I had been using Uber sporadically on work trips (somewhat nervously), but in the last few months I started to use it more regularly to help a friend with no car get home or to work. However, the last ride was disappointing and followed by an unexpected and utterly unwarranted clean-up fee. First, the driver tried to drop her off at a nearby intersection instead of at her house, even though it was late at night. The whole point of getting an Uber was to get home safely, and riders shouldn’t have to ask to get dropped off at the actual drop-off location. Then in the morning, we were horrified, outraged, and baffled to see that a huge cleaning fee was added to the fare. I had been on the phone and texting her before, during, and after the trip. She did not vomit in the car, nor did she even bring food or drinks in the car. She left the car in the same condition in which she entered it: mess-free. Moreover, I still have a 5-star rating, which wouldn’t make sense if my friend had left a mess in the car. So…riders, beware! It wouldn’t occur to me to take pictures of the car before and after, but maybe it is necessary to take such precautions to avoid scams. It is unclear how long it takes Uber to follow up on disputes or how the process works, and it isn’t easy to get hold of someone instead of an automated menu. This is on top of an earlier ride in which a different driver shared his racist views.

It’s a joke. Yeah, they get you from point A to point B, but it’s not really worth it they let practically anyone drive half the time the drivers cars are either really small and smell or the driver doesn’t speak English enough to communicate with you... since I live in the city of Las Vegas any time any major event is going on they surge the prices through the roof... plus on top of all of their flaws I’ve had some of the worst customer service lol There’s no actual people to talk to if there’s a problem everything’s all done through the app. I’ve had an uber driver pick me up and he was drinking with an open container in his car and after I reported him to the police then uber, uber refunded me for my $5 car ride and said sorry... nothing more which I found ridiculous! And if you leave an item in an uber on accident apparently uber doesn’t care. Lol I called the driver and asked him if I left it and he said yeah and I asked how to get it back and he told me to call someone who cares and hung up then blocked my number then after I filed a complaint with uber they said they weren’t responsible for lost items since drivers are contractors, like you’re joking me right? In my opinion uber should have done more of an investigation into the lost item and maybe even ban the driver from driving and same goes for the one who thought it was okay to drink and drive and work... Honestly I would never use uber again if I didn’t have to!

Service went way down hill. When I first started using uber it was fine, but now it takes 10+ minutes for my rides to get to me even though I live part time in a really popular city (Phoenix) and there have been MANY MANY times where a driver is driving away from me, sitting in one spot, WASTING MY TIME, and I can’t cancel the ride without a fee. I have places I have to be, work being one of them, I can’t have drivers wasting my time. I already have to spend money on a ride, I shouldn’t have fees for bad service!! Right now as we speak my driver has been “completing another trip” sitting in the same spot for the last 10 minutes and I shouldn’t be charged a fee because my driver doesn’t want to do his job. And now he’s driving AWAY from his drop off spot for his other trip, making my wait time way longer. I’ve been waiting 20 minutes and he’s still 13 minutes away. This is ridiculous!!!!!! I’m paying this guy $23 he does not deserve!! By far the worst experience I’ve had. I’d use lyft more if I didn’t have some of the same issues sometimes and if they weren’t occasionally more expensive. I don’t know why these services went so down hill. I dread using uber to get places now because I know I’m probably going to have an issue. You bet my current driver is going to get an awful review. Give people the option to cancel rides without fees!!! We shouldn’t have to deal with bad drivers!

San Juan Puerto Rico. Uber drivers deserves equal opportunity in Old San Juan San Sabastian festival which is a 4 day festival held this year 2023 from January 18th - 22nd. Their Uber drivers were not allowed inside the general station area as other local taxi drivers were allowed to do. I see this as being bias toward one fleet of operators such as Uber. This is an annual systemic problem here for Uber drivers and should really be addressed to the mayor and governors office while other local taxi’s are allow inside Old San Juan many of these drivers look like people from a 3rd world county that cannot take on a normal conversation and suspecting that they are illegitimate taxi operators, something smell fishy here which I suspect that many of the taxi operators are leasing their operating licenses to immigrants. In addition there is no transparency and usually wanted to charge me double the price for my commute from Old San Juan to Isla Verde Another concerning issue is that many of the municipal buses at the Old San Juan Depot stop operating at 9:00 pm during the San Sabastian Festival that lingers on until 12:00 minight or so, doesn’t make much sense to me as you have hundreds of thousand people and tourist here to enjoy the festivities. I urge Uber to address these issues to the governors and mayors office of a democracy. Edwin Cosme from Brooklyn NY - Uber se llevanta!

Uber used to be good. Since the “short walk” reform Uber had just made us customers pay the same money for lower quality services. UberPool makes you walk even if you don’t want to. Sometimes it gives you the option to pay almost $2 more to get a door-to-door service which makes it about the same price of getting an UberX so it loses the purpose of booking a Pool. I remember when you just initiated the new UberPool system, you told customers that it will decrease prices. What we actually got is the same prices for having to walk to get an UberPool which doesn’t bring you on time to where you need to get. Driver arrival times are misleading, destination arrival times are misleading, and us customers just keep cooperating with inflating prices while the service we actually get is worse. It would be more fair if at least we customers could now upfront that we get worse service and have the option of reaching a better decision whether we should call an UberX or a Pool. If the ETA of the driver is said to be 9 min, it cannot arrive in 20min (assuming he didn’t have any unexpected obstacles in his route) and if the ETA to your destination on a Pool is a window of 20min but it actually takes 40min to get to your destination, you should notify the rider upfront on the actual time window of arrival so he can reach a smart decision whether he wants to use the service or not. We want the old UberPool back and we want honest ETAs.

Worse drivers. I have have several issues with Uber, but I still give it a chance, I even was involved in a car accident years ago and they didn’t even do anything. Today I was trying to get a Uber since I’m handicapped with crutches due to a surgery on my ankle and is really hard for me to walk, I had to order 4 time Uber because the first Uber I order cancel me because I was with crutches and he didn’t even arrive to the right location and made me wait for 7 min when he was across the street no even sayinf that he arrived, plus he didn’t want to go to my actually location, and cancel the Uber. The second time I order this guys picked me up and then park the car and told me he can’t press pick up and I offer to change the location so he can press pick up after a good minute of waiting he didn’t do anything and told me he canceled the Uber and ask me to request another one and the price by that time has increased and then I ask ok I did it did you take it and he said no, he told me to get off the car and then I realize he took the ride and didn’t cancel after 10 min when he was arriving to my location he cancel and I was on the street a couple blocks down from my original location. I had to order one more time for another Uber with a way more increase price. Is really bad because I try to get a phone line where I can report them but you can the only solution is 5 dollar for the inconvenience and I still have to pay the cancellation fee that Uber driver did.

Use at your own risk!. I heard so many good stories about people using Uber and being pleased with its service, but when my wife and I reached Los Angeles and decided to use it I found out the harsh reality. Unfortunately, Uber has become a master of deception using its large user base to suggest confidence, but after getting a quote for a little over 40 dollars, my wife and I ended up getting charged almost 100 dollars because of difference in “time” and “distance.” I would be fine if that were the truth, but instead we had a driver that wasn’t focused and missed his exit, then his phone died and we had to use our own phones to guide him. This resulted in us having to drive another 30 minutes just because their own driver didn’t plan ahead or pay attention to the road. I will NEVER use Uber again because the only thing they did to “fix” the problem was give me 5 Uber bucks without any notification and then ignore any requests sent via app to find a proper resolution. So much for customer “support.” UPDATE After a few days of trying to find out how to talk with support staff directly I was able to reach a satisfying solution. I believe the best way to avoid situations like this would be to make the app send a notification when support staff message you, instead of you having to dig and find out where to talk to them. Because of their understanding I may use Uber again, but just be wary about knowing where to contact anyone in case of a bad ride.

Uber has my address pinged at a business next door on Greenville. I’ve had drivers drive all around my subdivision trying to find my house. I even have had them in the WRONG CITY!!!! While in a car one night with a great driver he tried to see if his GPS would take him to my house. Instead it did the same thing taking him to a BUSINESS facing Greenville instead of my home address facing my street name. He did not know why all of the drivers were getting it wrong on their end bc he read off my correct address to me so it’s right in the system but the GPS will not take them to my house!! The business it takes them too instead of my house is new. Not sure if that has something to do with the mistake. I have to text them every time telling them they are driving in circles around my subdivision then give them my correct address again. HOW TO FIX THIS???? Also as a warning….if you are not familiar with the area you are riding, drivers who are not honest can drive you the longest way possible to get you to your destination just like taxi drivers do if you are in unfamiliar location. That causes you to get huge charges. So get on your google map and tell them what road to take you on. This way you are in charge and won’t get overcharged for site seeing when you don’t want to site see.

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Disappointing as it grows bigger.. It was good. Sometimes it’s the better transportation option. But nowadays since the prices have doubled at certain times due to ‘increase in demand’ a taxi is better or even the bus. Just annoyed that from where I am it use to be around $30 to the city but cos it doubles I now would have to pay approx. $70. The taxi’s don’t even charge that much. Just disappointing that this was supposed to be a better alternative but I have to make it my absolute LAST option if I absolutely cannot find any other means of transportation, even then I don’t think I’d still be desperate enough to use Uber anymore. The amount of times I’ve had to cancelled trips because drivers would stay in the same position for 20 mins with no movement to my location. I understand they may be caught up, but I have places to be and 20 mins waiting WITHOUT knowning if they’ll come is ridiculous and I can’t even get refund because it has to be cancelled within 5 mins. I’M SORRY for not knowing that would happen 🙄. The next thing is the fact THEY DON’T look for drivers NEARBY! All my requests have been given to drivers 15-20mins AWAY from me so I’d have no choice but to wait or CANCEL only to request again but have THE SAME PROBLEM AGAIN BECAUSE THE DRIVER ACCEPTS IT AGAIN SO I’M HAVING TO STILL PAY A HUGE SUM OF THE CANCELLATION FEE!

Scammers and cons. If I could give negative stars I would, a full negative 5. With a help menu that is incomplete, backwards, loops on itself and is anything but helpful and orders that can just disappear out of the history, never be delivered, make you wait 30 mins thinking your order is on the way only for it to mysteriously cancel and then disappear except from your bank records where it’s still logged but the money definitely disappeared as well. More then once has Uber eats let me down with food and that is one thing you don’t mess with. A persons food. Now I am hungry and angry and broke because I chose to pay the inflated prices and fees found on the app to get my food delivered to save time while I worked. Instead it’s left me hungry, with no money, and no way to work out what the hell happened to my food or my money. Not good enough. Lucky for Uber it’s only an online app, unlucky for the local store that has become entangled in this web of deceit, I know where it is. Avoid unless you like wasting excessive amounts of time for deliveries, money on fees and artificially enhanced prices, and taking chances as to whether you will even get your meal at all.

Worst driver!. Some how the street I was heading it didn’t show up on the Uber app map so I just put the suburb and as soon as I was in the car told the driver that, and to not to worry because I knew where I was going so I will indicate the way while we where in Brookvale. At least he new that suburb to go but to my surprise, next block he was going to turn right which I kindly said please continue straight, I have no idea why the GPS is showing you that way and he reply very angrily if I new where I was going or not? because he’s GPS was showing other thing, to what I calmly reply yes, I told you so when I was in, and then he try to turn left to the other line in order to go straight, he did not see a car coming and we almost crashed, so he got even more agitated, hit the dash board with his hands, very hard and I was seating next to him as I had to sit there as his car has only 2 doors, so being so close to him, seeing him so angry and hitting the dash it really got me scared! Kept my calm, kept giving the directions and thank God it was closed! I’ve couldn’t survive a long trip with him being angrily and hitting the dash board and Who knows what else! Have used Uber 3 times know, first 2 times got very nice and kind drivers, but this one pathetic!

The worst support experience. Literally the hardest thing trying to get help through the app and website. The fact that you only get real help (a number to call) if you’re a diamond rider is beyond atrocious and predatory. They waste your time by not telling you this up-front when you call the number…how hard is it to just hide the number if the rider isn’t a diamond member? No - you just had to use it as an opportunity to try to upsell. Which product manager or “growth hacker” thought this was a good idea? Stupid. Chat is virtually non-existent and the steps (read: hurdles) they put you through only to be landed on a generic help article makes you want to give up. If you need help that doesn’t fit their categories (which are generally useless for the most urgent topics) good luck because you’ll be stuck in an infinite loop of going between articles and landing on the same generic page over and over again. At least with the Taxi industry you could call support.

Left row sit for 23 min. I booked a trip and was confirmed that a driver will be there in 6 min, than 5 min suddenly 8 min and after all this waiting time I was advised driver can not come please try again! I did and the same extended waiting time happened again ! Finally After 16 min I got a message that the driver had arrived! Only I could not see any one at the confirmed pick up point and apparently the driver left not being able to find me! Each time i was changed $ 7 cancellation fee!! I called Über Not sharing; the confirmed arrival time of 5 min extended to 10 min! I had a medical treatment appointment at 3 pm! I started to call for a ride st 2:21 and finally arrived at 3;3o ! I had to pay the full fare and had only 15 min treatment left of a 45 minute treatment costing me $ 80.— I aspect that all the charges will be refunded to me and by right I should get the paid 30 min. Treatment refunded as well !!

Used uber for over a year, and probably never again. Extremely, extremely disgusted with an experience I had with a driver and the customer support services. My drop off location was somewhere I go almost everyday, I know all the routes going there, I’m very acquainted with the area. My uber driver took a route that was absolutely outrageous, I had mentioned to him about how late I was and regardless, he continued to take a route that made me want to scream because it was insane, we were going in circles and I was so angry. When we arrived to the destination, I told him my destination was just in front, but he drove right past and turned onto another street, and made me an additional 10 minutes late to the 15 minutes he had already delayed me by. I ended up arriving 25 minutes later than what it would at that time of day, and would have been much better off with public transport. To top it all off, when I expressed my horrible experience, uber sent a response that was Obviously prewritten or computer generated because it literally had nothing to do with what I had complained about. Absolutely horrible.

I can’t get a ride. I have had problems with purchasing Uber Gift Vouchers and trying to create a new account to then be able to access my purchased gift vouchers credit, The system would accept the gift vouchers but I could not initiate a ride (credit Acknowledged by Uber & copy receipts of purchase submitted to Uber) after a week of receiving, what I believe generic responses & run around! A week later & after being put through many time wasting hoops by a supposed support system (you cannot talk to anyone in Australia to try & navigate through the issues with the app) - you are then asked to submit personal information through a NON SECURE PLATFORM certain information from specific info from your credit card & Photo ID’s with no idea who, what & why they are indenting to do with this information?? At the end of the day, Uber is holding $500 Australia gift vouchers of my money purchased in good faith & I cannot access to initiate a Uber ride unless I supposedly put my personal identity at great risk to supply them what they want (possibly another hoop) through a platform that is not secure or encrypted! Be very aware people! & be aware of my experience with the app & gift vouchers!

Driver was driving away from pickup point. Very unhappy with Uber driver today, requested an Uber and when I accepted the ride he was 3 minutes away, 4 minutes later I could see driver driving away from where I had dropped the pin for pick up, two minutes later driver was driving in circles still showing 5 minutes away, without coming any closer to me, at the end I had to cancel the trip myself as I was getting late to my appointment and driver was showing 8 minutes away by that point, I wouldn’t have accepted the ride if he was going to be that long! I hope you can reimburse me for the cancellation fee as I don’t think it was my fault that driver got confused and was driving further and further away! Managed to get another Uber driver straight after I cancelled the first one and everything was ok but extremely disappointed with the first situation. Not giving up on Uber though, we can all get better!

Unsafe. I generally have positive experiences however there have been a couple of time where I have felt unsafe. I am a woman who often travels alone at tonight and getting an Uber is often a safer option, or so thought. Tonight I booked an Uber. I messaged the driver to confirm my pick up location. The driver went to the opposite side of the road a block away from where I was. He made ME find him. He was very unwilling to come to me. Stupidly I still got in his car. He immediately abused me and berated me for him not being able to do a u turn to take me in the direction I wanted to go. I felt safe. I demanded he pull over and let me out. He screamed abuse at me. I got out and I was charged $10! I contacted Uber immediately and spoke of the situation and asked for a refund as I am or paying money to a man who abused me and could not fulfill his professional duty! I am still waiting to hear back from Uber! This is something that us insetting, I should get an immediate response in situations where a passenger feels unsafe. I should also get a refund as paying for abuse is unacceptable.

Card Rejection. I don’t like how I planned on going to work and I tried to get an Uber but my card declined but I had money in it , it was honestly so stressful needing transport ASAP to get to work on time but there was some problem with my card apparently. The problem was so terrible that it wouldn’t let me get a ride , I tried contacting Uber support on facebook and they couldn’t fix it either . Firstly I tried logging into my Uber account by putting in my number and it said my account was disabled, I couldn’t log into my account so I decided to log into my friends accounts and add a payment method of my card and tried to get a ride and some issue came up saying “ oops, something went wrong. VISA-1234: Your payment method is invalid, please update your billing settings”. This was the time when I needed Uber urgently and it wouldn’t work . I even added my friend’s card to my account to see if that payment method would work and still, the same issue came up saying “oops something went wrong”. Like I really needed to use Uber and it wouldn’t work it was so stressful I literally lost a 10 hour shift tonight because Uber wasn’t working for me. Anyways I need my account to work because I love Uber and my past trips were always on time and quick so I would really love for the staff to fix this problem immediately so that I can happily use Uber whenever I need quick transport, thanks from Sarah.

Dissatisfied. I have had problems with purchasing Uber Gift Vouchers and trying to create a new account to then be able to access my purchased gift vouchers credit, The system would accept the gift vouchers but I could not initiate a ride (credit Acknowledged by Uber & copy receipts of purchase submitted to Uber) after a week of receiving, what I believe generic responses & run around! A week later & after being put through many time wasting hoops by a supposed support system (you cannot talk to anyone in Australia to try & navigate through the issues with the app) - you are then asked to submit personal information through a NON SECURE PLATFORM certain information from specific info from your credit card & Photo ID’s with no idea who, what & why they are indenting to do with this information?? At the end of the day, Uber is holding $500 Australia gift vouchers of my money purchased in good faith & I cannot access to initiate a Uber ride unless I supposedly put my personal identity at great risk to supply them what they want (possibly another hoop) through a platform that is not secure or encrypted! Be very aware people! & be aware of my experience with the app & gift vouchers!

Bad Delivery System- Shocking Customer Service. On average you can expect to not receive 1 in 5 orders. This is pretty bad considering that as a delivery person you don’t really need an education to do the job and they still stuff it up. Service from Uber is pretty bad as well. It is very difficult to get your complaints looked at. I had two orders this week that did not arrive. That is 2/2 orders in one week a 100% stuff-up. And i still got charged. The problem is that most delivery drivers are foreign and either can’t identify the street or houses or they cannot be stuffed looking around and it seems that the app doesn’t allow for the delivery person to communicate. Other issues is that you pay before the order is confirmed. What proof is there that the order was received? Maybe the GPS system and old maps is an issue. I don’t know but if there is a 1/10 chance that you don’t get your order or in my case, 1/1 then the service is not worth it.

Incorrect charges from dodgy driver & bad support. Yesterday I had a driver that logged a very different trip to what I had. I watched him on the app drive around for an extra 12mins after he dropped me off. I contacted Uber to report this and got a pathetic refund. I have since tried several times to get a correct charge/refund for this 3minute trip I took and still not happy with what I’m being charged. So much of a hassle to even sort issues because you can’t simply reply to an email, you have to keep going back into the app and use very limited options to log any complaint/response. How can a trip that is 3 mins (1.8km) cost a lot more than a 7 min (4.7km) trip cost $3 more? The charge is unacceptable after the original quote being $8-10. Considering the false trip details given by the driver I expect to be paying the minimum charge if not a full refund for the back and forth contact with uber to try sort this issue! I also expect a review to be done on the driver for logging such an extended distance! I realise he didn’t expect me to be watching the app waiting to see the charge and has probably gotten away with this many times with prior customers who are in a rush and too busy to check their charges. Extremely dodgy behaviour! I am extremely unhappy with the service received all round and in future if I am located in an area that uses Ola I will be choosing that service over Uber!

Driver Lost/Stolen my parcel. Upon using Uber Parcel Driver to pick up a parcel for me. Some how in the process, driver picked up an expensive rare item and was on the way back to me with the parcel. As driver decided not to comply with regulation and procedures . As driver approaching to my place on my street stating she’ was here. I who live on ground floor no more than 10metre to get to the front /outside.. as j rushed out .. there were no car to be seen . Look every where for the driver but no where to seen . I couldnt ring driver as driver already press job complete. Frantically trying to make contact .. but with no luck to be seen. Upon making contact with uber help / suport. Explaining what has happening to only get multiple different answer and or respond to my situation which indicate to me that the drive has kept the parcel and lied about the deliver. To cut the it short .. still waiting for uber respond and rectify this matter. As its the third day and they still hadnt found my parcel . So careful with using uber drivers for your parcel pick up or delivering your items/parcel. Not happy as i now will get advise from Consumers affair and ombudsman to take on this matter . Good luck

Your driver will arrive... maybe. Absolutely absurd that a company of this maturity hasn’t figured out customer service yet. Consistently I have been caught waiting for over 10 minutes the driver to cancel and me have to reorder another uber pool and wait another 10 minutes. Definitely they don’t seem to understand that once they have committed to picking you up in a certain location, at a certain time the transaction has been finalized and they have committed to their end of the bargain. If the app recalibrated and found you another driver that could drop you at your destination at the agreed upon time that would be fair. Instead, if you actually need to be at your destination by the original time specified by the Uber Pool, you need to order an UberX after the pool cancels to make up all of the lost time. Time absolutely has a monetary value and therefore I am fully transitioning to Lyft as they are far more sensitive to customer satisfaction.

Review. * I put in a street address and drivers often arrive on the other side of the street and turn on the meter with no intention to arrive at the pickup address. (That’s ok unless you are on a busy main road) * I choose an address on Brunswick st but then the driver decides the pickup is the entry on a side street because your tracking system shows the street address unit entry is on a side street. If I plug in an address that is where I would like to be picked up from (not the side street) * Twice I’ve ordered a Uber in the city at 380 Queen st which has a loading area... the driver drops off another rider on eagle street then doesn’t pick me up on queen street, I call and they say they are coming .... but what they do on their end is probably say I’m a no-show or another issue which results in cancelling the trip which I get a cancellation fee for. I am courteous to the driver and I certainly never yell. My Uber app locks up so I can’t use it so whatever they are doing locks me out. I’m there without a way home and a locked app.

Extra charge. I book Uber from home to airport and the Uber literally pass through my home and I had called Uber driver as well he didn’t pick up and canceled the trip and charge me And same thing happened with airport pick up with Uber. Uber guy called me and I told him my location which was wrong according to him when he was literally 1 or 2 mins away from me and charged me and I even told him if I am in a wrong pick up position can you please come and pick me as I can still wait and pay for waiting time as well. I told him to come and pick me up from T2 departures as I can still wait for him and I can pay for wait time but he was insisting that T2 location was not for his customer which means I was not his customer but he charged me for $10 a strip cancellation fee, about which I am really not satisfied and when I told him to come and pick me up he said I will have to wait 15 mins but he was away from me for 1-2 mins, which was not ethical and a way to treat customer.

Wrong Prices Advertised!. I always schedule my trips ahead of time so that I don’t have to wait to see if an Uber is near by. Have had multiple problems with Uber but today was the absolute tipping point for me! I scheduled a ride and the screen in front of me said $9-$11 for the trip coming up. After the ride was over I get a charge of $29 to my bank! A surcharge! I was never informed of this surcharge before the ride reached my house because if I did I never would have got in! The ride only took 8 minutes! And to make matters worse uber won’t rectify that surcharge! If you say a ride is $9-$11 keep it at that price you said it was going to cost or actually let us know how much it would really be! Totally misleading and completely ripped off. And just the day before I had a ride with a driver who was checking his phone whenever it went off, barely looking where he was going and almost got us into a car crash! Do you know what Uber said? “We’re sorry that made you feel unsafe” are you kidding? Not even reimbursed for the reckless driving of this person they allow other people to get in the car with! Unbelievable Uber. You’ve really lost your high standing stature and customer service. Appalling.

Unfair policies charging me and costing me time. Used to feel so happy using Uber, these days I feel a tad of dread and uncertainty. Uber used to be my go to ride share app. But now I’m regularly paying cancellation fees when drivers are far/slow/non responsive, and im often missing travel connections because of unprofessionalism of the drivers or drivers cancelling and I am then left in the lurch. Its becoming more and more unreliable. I really don’t like leaving negative reviews but this is becoming such a persistent issue! I lost a whole hour of my time due to a missed connection last week, and they charged me cancellation fees for slow drivers (refunded after I had to *manually* write to them) but then gave no concern for the missed connection and proceeded to charge me anyway for the ride that did not get me to my destination on time when I had left PLENTY of time to get there. So frustrating Uber! Actively looking at other options for my rides and will tell all my friends and network when I’ve made the move.

Payment Method unavailable. I’ve just started using Uber and I’ve rather enjoyed riding with Uber. I use it a lot because I ever since I moved houses I haven’t been able to use the bus to go out with my friends, because the nearest bus stop is 3 kilometres away, so I moved onto Uber and it makes my parents life so much easier because they’re very busy people and can’t take me out on the time. However, suddenly one of my dad’s credit card has been declined. I didn’t see that out of the ordinary because my dad tends to forget to pay his bills so I used his other credit card. The next day neither of them are working. My dad then pays his bills and says the credit should be working however it still isn’t working. This is really frustrating because there are times when I really needed Uber and it hasn’t worked. I looked at the reviews and this has happened to other people before. I’ve tried deleting the app and I reinstalled but it still hasn’t worked. I tried deleting the credit card so I re enter the credit card but it says I can’t delete my only method of payment but I have 2 credit cards on my account. Please get this fixed soon

One driver spoiled an otherwise excellent introduction to Uber. I used Uber for the first time while attending (ironically) the Consumer Law Summit. I used Uber to get to appointments and to the conference on several occasions throughout the week. All the drivers were terrific. But! 😡😡 On Saturday morning I needed to head to the airport. The Uber driver (I have his name) approached the hotel, slowed down and then sped off! Then I got a message saying my job had been cancelled! I didn’t know what was going on. I booked another Uber. This driver did stop and assisted me with my bags. He was excellent and very apologetic when I told him what had happened. I have since been informed that some drivers do not like going to the airport and the first driver probably sped off because he saw my bags! This is really disappointing. Uber’s legal counsel spoke at the Consumer Law Summit and I was impressed at the efforts Uber are making to enhance its services and benefit consumers. Actions by rogue drivers who want to pick and choose destinations undermine the company’s reputation. It is also of concern as getting to the airport on time is (for obvious reasons) crucial and a driver cancelling a job in this way is just not on.

driver fraud. I have been with Uber for around 4 years and in most cases have good services. However, I met bad things and fraud at the beginning of this year. Here is what happened and hope everyone who read it take extra care, I come back from my trip overseas and request a Uber at the international airport Sydney, and then one driver accepted my order. After I waited for around 3 mins, the order became complete and charge me 8/9 dollars( I don’t remember the exact amount, but it charge me the minimum charge). What the hell! I don’t even see the car coming then the app already told me it completed and charged. I was so shocked, and go to the app to dispute and find nothing to do. There is no choice to report this kind of creepy and disgusting fraud of driver. The only fee I can dispute is canceled fee not the normal trip cost. After that it takes me months to get back confidence in Uber and believe that most of the drivers are decent. And more importantly, I really hope Uber can pay attention for this kind of unusual trip which play tricks with customers and the Uber platform. I guess the driver must use some cheating program or scam.

Not happy. So the other day I bought a ride that was $35 but when I scheduled this ride they came early they came 10 minutes early when I scheduled it for 820 they came at 8:10 we didn’t leave the house till 820 because we scheduled this ride for a certain time for purpose and then when we went out to ride our Uber he charged us $42 for weight time fees when we were in the car but 820 as our schedule ride was supposed to be so I texted over and asked Uber for a refund they said they gave me a refund but I haven’t been given a refund so they’re lying this is so unprofessional and I’m not happy they obviously don’t communicate and this is just very frustrating because I have a set amount of money for an Uber for it to change price when I’m out of the Uber this should not be ok and not happen I understand that some people do take a while to get in the Uber but in this case we scheduled our ride at 8:20 we got in our ride at 8:20 though it’s the Ubers fault for coming early on our scheduled ride we told him to come at a certain time not 10 minutes early so that should not be our fault and we should not be charged for that he shouldn’t of came early.

Killing uber drivers during Coronavirus pandemics. This is so disturbing By uber Im a driver and driving rideshare is my full time job as everyone started suffering during this Coronavirus pandemic as a uber driver due to lack of jobs and risk factor I also started suffering but without I needed to keep doing what I can because of my family present health conditions and couldn’t find another job ASAP...the worst part comes now as many uber drivers requested uber to lower down their commission rates just during this pandemic in reply everyone got robotic and helpless answers were given by uber but during the same time uber was trying to make drivers to only drive for them in sydney by giving 5% commission which we brisbane drivers begging and I got to know to by by some Sydney uber driver posts in facebook or else I could never know that after beign with uber for 4years now I hate uber with my whole heart but still couldn’t avoid driving for only reason no other rideshare company in the market have major share of jobs like uber.....fyi uber offered help if the driver manages to contract coronary ...so technically I need to find someone who has this virus...so that I can feed my family for 2weeks without any worries

Lost lots of money with uber. I have used uber for work only on an almost daily basis for about a year. This means that I had to keep my uber ride receipts to receive the money back from the government as well as having proof to my employer for ever taking these rides. When I logged into the uber app from a new phone however the app would first not let me sign in at all. After I could finally contact someone about this struggle I received an Email in which uber stated that I had two accounts running at the same time which is why they deleted one and erased the complete ride history of the other. Now this might have been the case as I have had several email accounts and phone numbers and moved overseas in the past years. But I am certain that I was using the same uber account for the past 3 years of my life. So it was really unnecessary (and expensive) to delete anything off the active account. I sent uber another Mail regarding this issue but it was unanswered. I lost a lot of money because of this stupid app and there is no phone number one can regard to....

Used to Be Better. This app used to be better re navigation. I can’t understand why recently drivers’ apps seem to be taking me in completely the wrong direction and even drivers are recently commenting on this issue. Several drivers have told me they now use google maps instead of the uber app due to this problem. The “add or change” section is confusing and should be changed to make it clear whether you are adding a stop in the middle of a trip or tacking an extra one on at the end as it is not clear and some drivers can’t help as they don’t know how to do it. Some drivers tell me not to bother adding a destination but to only list my first destination in the app and then when we are almost there simply change to the final destination to ensue it is accurate. Uber really needs to change this as the two addresses can be listed in the wrong sequence. It makes me want to find a competitor to use instead of uber.

Uber tricks. Guess what, Uber is manually controlling trip requests now, that means the closest driver do not get the trip from the closest passenger requesting, passengers would have experienced that, that they often don’t get the closest driver. Price surge on Saturday and Sunday mornings are not due to high demand, but due to the lack of drivers in the area, (Drivers normally work Friday and Saturday nights till mornings then go home for rest, Uber sees that there’s not many drivers left in the city, Uber surge the area they want to, to get drivers and make the passengers pay for it, that’s why surge disappears when driver makes it to surge area, once Uber knows there’s enough drivers in that area, Uber make the surge disappear, you as a driver see surge is gone and left waiting for hours without getting any trip but you don’t wanna go home, ever wonder why? I will leave it to you. Now for the passengers; there are always more drivers available in the area than the trip requests made by passengers in that area, yes any time anywhere, you as passenger are paying more for nothing. I have to be honest Uber does not do this all the time, but at least 80 % of the time. There’s so many other tricks they play like geo fencing, constantly sharing your data etc, As a human being i had to share some of their tricks, you want cheaper rides but constantly giving away your freedom, your future and your kids, just like once upon a time the bankers fooled us and now we are stuck.

Be more transparent about price surges please. Uber has been great. But the new hidden price surges feel deceptive. It asks you to know how much you’d be willing to pay to get from point A to B rather than being transparent about their base rates. When there’s a surge, you won’t know about it unless you travel that route often. When you go to query it through the app, the process is made as discouraging as possible. It’s a shame that a company that built itself on great technology and transparency has changed its model to increase their profits. I hear the argument about dynamic pricing being commonplace, like with airline companies. But the refreshing thing about Uber was that they didn’t go for that model. It felt like more of a Co-op than a company. Please return your transparency over prices. Update: I received a reply from the developers about dynamic prices being fair. I am not arguing their fairness - just how Uber chooses to communicate when there is a surcharge. The old way of seeing the surcharge before agreeing to it was more transparent to the consumer than the current hidden practice.

How do I get help if you don’t have a helpline. When trying to order a car from myself, partner and pup, my card was decline on multiple accounts. Thinking this was just an overdue fee, I paid it, card being successfully charged. So therefore I thought problem solved ! Much to my disappointment, I was still unable to use my card. Trying to go around this issue and make it work, I went to the store and bought $175 worth of gift cards in hopes to avoid an more time wasting as I had been battling for over an hour to figure this out. Even after getting the credit on my account, I was denied the ability to book a ride. So in a desperate cry I called my friend and borrowed her card details to see if it was just my card being banned (as it wouldn’t work on my partners account either) but alas, this didn’t work either and I had to give in after 3 hours, leave my pup behind, run late to my partners parents birthday party, go with a different driving service and waste $175 to not be able to catch an Uber. I’m so extremely disappointed and would’ve called a customer helpline but they don’t have one and only offer assistance to their drivers. I’m so outraged and expect better from such a big and well known company.

Deliberate long detour to destination then doubling charge,. Driver when asked why he had not turned off when he was supposed to just simply stated that he had forgotten and then took a long route around and had to turn around via another longer route. Of course then charged us double the amount. When I complained to Uber they upheld the charge. On the way back that evening another Uber driver tried to turn into the city so he could charge extra but my husband noticed and asked why he was trying to turn into city and told him to just carry on straight which turned out much cheaper than on way to the same destination earlier in evening. At a table of 20 people that evening everyone that had used Uber had a tale about how their driver had tried to take them via the middle of the city to up the charge. Do Uber drivers really think that people are all stupid and that they deliberately forget to take turn offs when on route to destinations?

Service is good, app is so so.. I generally find uber drivers a good alternative to TaxiCabs. The app has a few features I’d like improved though. When rating a driver 4 stars the app gives a pop up asking what went wrong, I think 4/5 is a good rating without being great, nothing would have to go wrong to get a 4/5, it feels like uber are trying to push riders to always give a 5 star rating which makes the rating system pretty flawed. If you just want to know if the experience was good or bad you could have a yes/no closed question. The other thing I do not like is a feature that was removed - when the price is presented it used to show me if that was a surge price which was helpful, if I really need to be somewhere I can accept the surge and travel at that time, or if I have some time up my sleeve I can wait til later where more drivers are available. Now it’s unclear if I might be better to wait. I fee removing the surge notification is a big step backwards. Overall I really like uber as a service, but the app frustrates me.

Cancelled Trip by driver who never showed up. I didn't cancel the Uber driver did my wife was waiting to be picked up and when he never arrived I clicked on the Uber app it said the driver cancelled the job and I then had to reorder. I don't think it's fair to charge me for a trip the driver cancelled and he never tried calling me or said anything. My wife called me after waiting more than 15 minutes and nobody arrived I am otherwise very happy with the Uber service and I don't even have a bad comment about the driver who cancelled for whatever reason I did have to turn off my location cause Uber kept trying to send me the car instead of letting me choose a pick up address. THAT MIGHT BE ONE THING YOU CAN IMPROVE BUT VERY MINOR ISSUE ,The driver never showed up and waited he just cancelled my wife was out front waiting?? Yours sincerely Michael Ogden

Be careful. Uber caused me to miss a very important meeting which ultimately cost me hundreds of not thousands of dollars overall. To make matters worse, They didn’t even refund me the full fare, and then they publicly messaged me on social media implying they were going to fix the issue through PM, but they didn’t. They were just trying to save face. Be very careful with this company, if it’s just a ride home after a night out, you might be fine, if the Uber driver doesn’t falsely charge you a $200 fee for getting their car dirty, but for anything that’s on a strict time limit, I would never trust Uber again. Stick to yellow cabs for the important things. They’re much more punctual. There is barely much of a price difference now anyway. I much prefer yellow cabs. The Uber app drains your battery so badly, and the drivers sometimes are so bad and will take the longest route or get lost or try to sell you into their pyramid scheme. I’m over it. Too many bad experiences, battery drainage, lost money, missed appointments, and bad drivers and terrible support.

Some features need some work. Look, uber in itself is great. What isn't great, however, is the fact that a) drivers don't actually care about picking passengers up from specified locations nor do they care about getting us home (they're more than happy to cancel our trip if the fare isn't high enough for them - and before people get on their high horses about 'people needing to earn money', I think we need to have a little think about WHY people use rideshares rather than public transport late at night by themselves) and b) sharing my trip with one of my contacts doesn't actually do anything. I shared my trip with my partner and he didn't receive any notification or prompt to track my trip. What's the point in having safety features in the app if they don't work or it isn't clear on how to activate them in a discreet way.

‘Payment Method’ Issues. After using Uber very frequently with no issues or complaints, I could no longer book rides as the app said “Payment Method Unavailable”. We deleted the card off the app, and re-entered it, with no luck. The same message appears every time we try to book a ride - the rest of my family use their own separate accounts but we all use the same card, and none of our accounts work and we are always given the same message. Adding a different card made no difference, it still said “Payment Method Unavailable”, when there was nothing wrong with either card. After contacting Uber, we were advised to deactivate the accounts, and leave them for a month - then try again. After the month, there were no changes made, and the same message was showing up. Customer service is terrible and there were no effective changes made. No longer using Uber due to this issue, and have found much better alternatives, that actually work. Would not recommend Uber to anyone and will never use it again.

Overpriced, underpaying. I Had been using uber as a customer since the very first day it went live in Australia and loved it in the beginning. Nowadays they take more and more from the drivers, not even paying them their fair wage even when the App is charging double for peak (meaning they don’t see any of the extra charge profits). It is unsustainable for anybody to use, although the popularity of it is what’s keeping it afloat with the assistance of mainstream advertising. The fact they have no reward system for either parties is disappointing and I have not and will not use it ever again. If you want to save your Money, literally use any other driver App where they pay their drivers fairly and you’ll even get a reward for using their services often (didi for example) The creators and ceos behind this app have too much money flowing which came at the cost of unappreciated workers. You may have made some positive changes to the laws surrounding everyday people driving, but it’s time to move over for better companies.

The brand has lost my trust and money. I use (used) Uber a lot. I’m always running from one meeting to the next, and I’m never home so I request Ubers every day. In the past 3 months, I have only encountered BAD EXPERIENCES with Uber. Uber drivers who keep calling you and messaging you to find out where you’re going so they can cancel the trip (and no punishment for their poor behaviour), drivers who are rude and lack of cars in CBD MELBOURNE. What an awful experience for anyone who uses your services on a daily basis. Then there is NO SUPPORT NUMBER to speak with when your drivers are treating us like garbage. Where is the support? An email? Emails that you NEVER hear from them. Where is the system where drivers get penalised for cancelling a trip after 2 minutes, or when we’ve been waiting for 10 minutes and they cancel on you? How about reenforcing punishments on that? I used to be a massive Uber fan. You guys have seen A LOT of my money, but quality in Melbourne has DEFINITELY gone worse. A LOT worse. I have downloaded 3 other car services and you guys won’t be seeing my penny anytime soon. Get your drivers and your services to have a better standard. Get a better “support system” for the customers, because there’s a lot to protect the drivers but not a lot the people who are keeping this company open and running, us customers.

Used to be accountable - no better than a cab. I’ve recently requested to delete my account and have started to count down past 30 days to remove this on my phone. You do not regulate your drivers from practicing longhaul; and take longer than 24 hours to respond to emails. Reviews online of how poor your GPS system is - and how there is a loophole that’s its always set to use the fastest route (even if it’s also the most expensive with tolls). After my recent experience, the qualification of POOR ROUTE used by driver is reviewed subjectively by the Uber employee reviewing..... an additional 3 minutes travel time is FACTUALLY better, than being charged 25% tolls. I was refunded 3% but the time wasted and the surprise in the outcome that the driver CAN choose the route and you pay is ludicrous.... it’s not a bus route. It’s a ride service. I have better chances arguing with a taxi driver than Uber at this stage.

Thank you to the creator of UBER. First of all I’d like to say thank you to the creator of Uber, brilliant Idea sorry to the taxi drivers, but I hope that Taxis will understand that Humans are alway evolving and hopefully they can adapt to it. I’ve never had a problem with a getting an Uber and much appreciation for making it easy that we can ride sometimes even thou we don’t have the funds and you can pay later when you get it, on behalf of people that can’t save money like myself we Thank you and also a thank you to all Drivers who put themselves out here getting the chance to go where we need to go and safe I thank you leaving your love ones at home and take a risk by being on the road and picking up strangers again Thank you and stay blessed.

Not happy. Last Saturday night I ordered and Uber to pick me up in Park Street MOONEE Ponds The drive came 10 minutes later which was good but he drove straight past me dinner U-turn drove straight past me again and stopped at the road I tried to Hayley and down couldn’t so I started walking towards him It took me A few seconds to walk up the street by this time he took off and I couldn’t do anything about it. So this annoyed me I had to arrange another Uber who came within 10 minutes and pick me up that is very good but the problem is you charge me $10 for someone I had to walk up the street for and took off on me so I am not very happy I think yellow cabs is the option for me again the night was Saturday 20 April 2019 approximately 10 o’clock at night not 100% on the time but if you check your logs I am pretty sure you can find it to cat came to the same address designated to CROWN Casino I hope you look into this because I feel cheated STEPHEN BORRACCINO thank you

Charged $150 extra to the normal fare. Unfortunately I was sick in the car when I was about to be dropped off. My husband cleaned the mess but the Uber driver had taken pictures before my husband had cleaned. He did not take pictures after the clean-up, only to be hit with an extra $150 . Can not justify this cost!!!!I know people have been charged between $40-$80 for being sick inside an Uber car. I was not offered a vomit bag(which most drivers carry), he did not not offer to stop the car , so I could be sick outside the car, we were not rude , but very compliant & apollogetic. It was just an unfortunate accident beyond my control. Instead the driver was so rude and aggressive in the manner he took up this. All he was saying was “you will pay me $150 for this, whilst taking photos of the vomitus” which my husband cleaned after all. I feel there is no justification to charging such a high end penalty of $150 , for something I had no control over, and also after making an effort to put it right (cleaned-up)!!!!

Uber driver accepts trip but then wants to do it in cash due to uber taking too much commission.. Uber driver accepted trip, when I contact him he says it’s too far and requests to do a cash transaction or to give him a huge tip. I actually checked the trip earlier and got an estimate of $160. I was first charged $245 and then an extra $49 was taken off my account without my permission. It was midnight and I didn’t even know how to do that. Uber driver was very rude and I had to beg to still do the trip. By the time I convinced the driver to just stick to the task and price my parents had lost their wifi connection and were at the passenger pick up. The uber guy then told me it had to be the uber pickup. He then got angry that I had been waisting his time and that I would need to pay extra. With me almost in tears as my father’s got Alzheimer’s and is not easy to travel with I begged the uber guy to go where I said my parents were waiting for him. He eventually did this and found them. If he hadn’t have waisted time to try and cancel the drive and do it in cash and complain about my address I would’ve been able to tell my parents where to go. I think it is disgusting to be treated like this when I pay $85 more than initial estimate and gave a $20 tip.

Worst customer support system or best because you are the issue not them. I tried to speak to Uber multiple times about fixing my account as it was not splitting fairs. They gave me a list of things todo, all of which I did and then was told there was no issue with my account. Surprise surprise, when I go to order an Uber it fails to split with the people selected. I asked them to look into it and refund the ride as they had not fixed the issue in the first place. When getting a response through their “help” line, I kept on being told that it was my error and I could not retroactively split a fair, which is exactly not what I had done as you cannot do that. The fair alike all the other times before failed to split whilst in the ride. It was as if no one was even reading the messages I sent them, more an automated response picking up on key words. When I called the hotline they pretty much told me to hang up they cannot help I have to use the app despite not no one actually reading the messages. I was then told if I wanted help by a person go to the green hub, which I would have to pay to get there myself and go in office hours. To me it was a simple fix refund the fair and reset the account, but they obviously aim to give you the run around so you forget. Well OLA has been downloaded.

Good until you have a problem. Until today I have had only fairly positive experiences with this service. Ok the quality of the car, music and conversation may vary but it’s been a fairly smooth process to date. Then today I book a car who is 2 mins away, drives straight past me ( ok that can happen) but when he realises he turns the corner ( all I have to do is cross the road to get to him) and rather than wait or call he does a u-turn ends up in a situation where he can’t then turn right where he needs to, I call him to say I can see you stay there I’ll cross the road but he tells me he’s going around the block and he ends up exactly where he was before unable to turn right. I explain if he stays where he is I’ll come to him. But know he again tries to go around the block with a few extra detours this time and he ends up 15 mins away. So after 18 mins he cancels the pick up and I get charged $10 cancellation fee. Yes, I can claim it back, but I should never have been charged this fee in the first place. I’m the one who should have received the $10 for the inconvenience of a total 30 min pick up time when the car I initially booked was 2 mins away.

Are there any humans working behind the scenes at Uber?. The app itself is ok. The directions are not always the best for drivers. When trying to get support for the app, there is no way of speaking to a person or a support team and the FAQs do not always have the answer. One gripe I have is the rating system. I pride myself on being a courteous and friendly passenger. I had a perfect history and then one day, a driver selected my request for pick up and then decided to cancel it. No issues there. These things happen. But it then showed up as a ride in which they needed to rate me as a passenger. My rating dropped to the point that I realised they must have given me 1 star for THEM cancelling my trip! Trying to get this reviewed as this affected my rating. I don’t expect the anonymity to be removed (I like that it is anonymous) but there should be a way for a rating to be reviewed. This must be especially hard for drivers!

Worst customer service. Got uber 2 years ago and had 2 trips within the first month I got it. Trips were fine, nothing happened and suddenly my payment was 'declined' on the app. It had 'removed' my CVV from my card and wouldn't let me change/delete that certain card, even if I added more cards. I deactivated my account and it said if I don't log in for 30 days it would be completely deleted. Waited 2 months just to be sure and logged in and it remembered all my details and card- despite deactivating the account! I had reached out to customer service before deactivating and after , and have had 0 help at all. It is an issue with the app as I have no trouble ordering on the website, you would expect after 2 years they'd fix this problem. It's highly inconvenient not to be able to use the app and after attempts of contacting customer service they do not help at all. I know other people who have experienced the same issue and have received no help from uber. Really horrible customer service, and their overall service has gone downhill. Won't be using uber anymore, along with many let down customers.

Buyer beware of scams - Mark 2. I’ve used Uber for a long period of time and it’s worked for me. However on 2 recent occasions I’ve been hit with a fine for allegedly not being at the pick up points to meet the drivers. The first time was a few weeks ago at LAX. I was in fact standing directly in front (within 24”)of the LAX international departures pick up point that I’d specified when booking. There were plenty of parking spots at this meeting point. However I discovered the driver had parked 20 metres away behind SUVs and I couldn’t see him in the throng. Uber hit me with a fee for not being on location !! The 2nd time was a few days later in Canberra. The driver come to the opposite side of the pick up point on an 8 lane boulevard and parked. I couldn’t see him or cross because of trees and traffic. So I got hit with a $10 fee for not being at the pick up point. It seems this is being used as a top up device by Uber and/or drivers to cream additional money from customers. Beware !! Theres just been a 3rd time. Rajesh the driver stopped a good 30 to 40 metres short of the pick up point. I had to walk through the traffic at night to find him. I told him this politely, his response was hostile and arrogant and he rated me down in the customer rating system. This is either a scam or the technology doesn’t work or some drivers are wilfully passive aggressive. I guess we will never know which.

Awful response to horror driver. Today we were told I am banned from the app with no more response due to the following incident. The driver has had 0 consequences so beware!! We ordered an Uber home when I asked to pull over as I felt ill. The driver declined until my partner insisted. Despite being asked to leave with full fare paid the driver did not and demanded cash from my partner saying I was sick in the car which I wasn’t. Uber sent me his pics and there is no evidence of this, despite this paid the 80$. The driver threatened to call police but did not, he called another driver and they both yelled at my partner for cash until we both left. We caught a second Uber home without incident. The next day we were told I was banned as the driver said my partner assaulted him physically according to Uber which is completely untrue. We reported the false accusation to police and provided Uber with the report number. Didn’t matter to Uber banned any way with no consequences to their driver. Horrible driver, horrible customer service. We are not the type of people to do this to a driver and are considering taking this to the ombudsman. We are also considering taking the driver up court over his false allocations and fees. In my opinion this company has no regard for its regular customers and no support if you get into trouble!

Uber’s getting too greedy and deceitful. Very disappointed with the way Uber has hidden the surge pricing now. It used to be very clear what the surge amount was and you had the opportunity to accept or decline it. Now it’s built into the fare estimate which is ok if you know how much the basic fare would be and can calculate how much the surge amount is to then decide if it’s reasonable value or not. When it’s especially NOT ok is when you don’t know what the basic fare should be (eg. visitor or tourist not familiar with distances in a new place) and you just have to accept the fare even if it’s a high surge amount. I understand the business logic in having surge pricing but I don’t like the way it’s being hidden instead of being clearly displayed like it used to be. Drivers don’t seem happy with the way it’s going either. Uber was a fantastic idea and still can be if they stop being deceitful and greedy to their clients and their drivers. Please Uber, put the surge pricing back in a prominent place on the app like it used to be. Aussies (especially) don’t like being tricked or cheated and we’ll change to other transport options if you keep doing it the way you are.

Gross misuse & sharing of rider user information. Haven’t even opened Uber app in a months but had an Uber driver pinpoint my exact location and try to coax me into car. He showed me my information onscreen for a booking . After saying I wasn’t the right person & getting the hell out of there thought it was very odd he took off & not wait for the right person if it was a genuine booking . Tried to report to Uber who told me to contact their special police operations unit especially set up for Uber Australia which of course doesn’t exist. Then told me I could only confirm activity against my account if police here put a report request into the Netherlands! Claimed they where in Australia but calling me from numbers routed through Paris. Seems pretty obvious with other information best not to disclose here that it appears Uber are trying to make sure they don’t loose money on their 20% off if they don’t arrive in 5 minutes campaign by stalking customers locations 24/7 overriding their own location settings based on typical trend start/end trip locations. Sure you’ll get an Uber in 5mins because seems Uber are tracking you’re every move with cars lurking & watching you to be right there if you book a ride!!! Creeeeepy.

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Price. I Was aware of the increased price due to the high demand of Uber drivers in my area but I was not told by the Uber driver that the high price continues when my friend got dropped off at where the original location was and I continued the Uber. So if we all got out at the original location then called another Uber it would have been quite less due to the low demand of Uber’s needed in the location of that house. A lack of communication caused my bill to be quite a lot more then it needed to be. I paid $118 for a ride that really could have been a lot less if the Uber driver was fair and explained a cheaper option for me. I thought the cheaper option would be automatically used but it wasn’t and the Uber driver decided to not tell me about it. I get he’s trying to make as much as he can but would honk a company this big and one I use quite often would try and help me out as much as they can for a fair price

No payment option ?!. My credit card attached to my account has expired, but the app won't allow me to edit or delete my form of payment. I guess I won't be using Uber then...

Fees. Their cleaning fee is absolutely a rip off. I spilt a little bit of my drink, offered to clean it, tried to clean it but he kept waving my hand out of the way. Been using them for over a year everyday. And now they have charged me 100$ for a trip that is 20$ and it’s near Christmas I must add.

Rude racist and unfair. Customer service always sides with drivers, very bad service

Uber is racist. Uber is discriminating upon people based on their skin colour. Hope a class action lawsuit kills it.

Vancouver BC. Do not use. Very lazy drivers. Average 30 minute wait for a driver to accept a job. Canadians are very lazy.

Confused customer service and would not accept credit card. Signed up, tried to use a Visa and other credit cards as payment method, did not go through. Checked with banking institution and all checked out fine it was Uber not registering the correct merchant ID / Name. Went online to find help from Uber - No phone # to call into Uber for help as a rider. The online conversation help produced multiple customer service reps being confused and repetitive (one saying my card was expired when I never had one in there in the first place, and was not expiring until 2021, the others saying the cards in the system were invalid.) When they asked for a screenshot of the error they finally agreed to manually enter it in. When I gave them the information another rep replied to say cards were expired (argh!) and asked for last four digits of card. Provided them info again when they finally said they tried to enter card # manually but it won’t go through. Asked me to use other cards (again they are not listening as I had already tried 3 others with the same outcomes). Seems like customer reps possess terrible reading skills and basic comprehension of my customer related issue. Solution: downloaded Lyft with no issues.

Not a valid or responsible choice..... The app said a ride was on the way for an hour... we actually waited. Only wanted to go from Richmond Hill to Aurora at 12am... Apparently the civic address was "unrecognizable" Anyways the Cab company found us fine and within 12 minutes of us calling. Wouldn't ever use again...

always on tracking. Gone!. they removed always on tracking, 5 stars!

Uber sucks. What a garbage company

Always cancelling. Uber drivers always cancel rides. I can give a good 20-40 minute window for when I need to get somewhere (as in, I’ll be 20-40 mins early if they actually pick me up) but I always end up late because the Uber drivers always cancel. They confirm, start on their way, and then cancel. It happens up to 4 times before I get someone that actually turns up and by that time, I may as well have got public transit and been late. And if I cancel, I STILL GET CHARGED. Why am I paying for a service that cancels, makes me late, and is inefficient!?

Uber has changed. I’ve used Uber for years now every time I wanted to go somewhere and didn’t have access to my car. Unfortunately, even with a 4.9 star rating, drivers simply don’t seem to want to pick me up within any reasonable amount of time. On multiple occasions I’ve been waiting over 30 minutes with drivers constantly accepting and cancelling calls, leading me to be late to important meetings or appointments. Today, when one such string of cancellations forced me to use another app, I was surprised at how fast and efficient they were at getting a car over to me. I will not mention the app name as this is in no way an advertisement or not review; it’s a legitimate complaint about Uber and their frustrating lack of availability that has shattered my confidence as a consumer, not to mention the significant price increases over the last year or so. I do not see myself using Uber again, and I hope that anyone who struggles with the same continuous disappointments as I did (of which I know there are many) know that there are real, efficient, and cheaper options in the modern world. I give two stars as recognition of the Uber of the past, not the present.

Bad service. No support, no phone number you can call and figure your issue out. Just and endless menus of FAQs. Easier to take a taxi.

Worst. I hate how they always said that I have outstanding balance but when I checked my bank account it shows that I a paid the every ride. I have been having a lot of problems with this app a lot! If only we have other ride in my town!

Lack of training. When Uber first started, cars were clean, fairly new, drivers happy. Now, dirty cars, old and broken looking, some drivers very poor in driving abilities, they lack experience behind the wheel and are scary to drive with. Uber you need quality control and training before you loose your customer base.

Contact Support. There is no contact support or number to reach any rep to inquire about the app or scheduled trips. In the website it says to go to the menu > help > tap call support. I wanted to see where I can verify the scheduled trip and how could I change that and needed to find it fast. How come you guys make this so difficult to find? Also in your help menu, it would be faster if we can do a search of what kind of inquiry we have, rather than trying to click through every single one trying to find a number. Just. Terrible.

So so bad.... Tried connecting to a driver for over 20 minutes and each time didn’t connect me to anybody? But when I call a regular taxi they show up no problem. Seriously don’t get it

Don't bother using this app.. - Takes too long too get a uber driver. - They streal your money by taking longer distances. - And the list goes on.

Super Scammy. Awful customer service. Left my phone in the car, the driver ignored our calls through the app until we marked my phone as lost through find my iphone. Only way to get it back was to pay their scam driver $250 or he wouldn’t deliver it, when they specify it’s only $15 to return a lost item. Reached out to uber and they refuse to do anything about it because I didn’t book the ride. Update - Uber ended up contacting me about this review, but after submitting the info over 2 weeks ago i never received a response, and neither did my friend who booked the ride. If you feel like spending a night out fighting with a driver to pay an outrageous price to have your belongings returned, this is the app for you!

Existing account.. I have been trying to sign into my Uber app for over a month and not a word from the company. Emails, calls, Twitter, and Instagram dm’s I’ve expended my options. No place or option to log into an exist account and when I enter my phone number and email it says the email already exists. Won’t let me sign in through social accounts. At least theirs Lyft

Cleaning fee OVER THE TOP😤. I made a mess and got charged 80$. Not going on an Uber again. I find this unfair. The mess was very minimal I even tipped him and I offered to help clean but he refused. I’m very furious do not recommend at all!

Trip to South Health Campus. Driver got lost. And didn’t apologize when I said I’d be late for my appointment. Not pleased. This was my first Uber experience

Almost missed my flight. Very disappointed with Uber. It showed a driver was coming to pick us up and then, at the last minute it canceled on us. It was too late to call a taxi. In the end we had to take our car to the airport and pay for the parking for the duration of our vacation. I’ll never take Uber again when I am pressed with time. I never thought they could do that: book a ride, track it and cancel just before the pickup.

Misleading advertising. Promo code discount for the first free ride advertised on Google Maps isn’t working. Just misled me causing to download the app and create an account.

Uber drivers are unprofessional and Uber charged my credit card even I didn’t ride. Uber can’t be trusted anymore. Most drivers are not experienced n cancel the trip most of the time. Drivers are unprofessional and they have no sense of location. Today I needed the Uber but the Uber driver cancel the trip because he couldn’t find my location. The location was in the intersection. How he couldn’t find such an easy location. Lol. The driver intentionally cancelled the trip. Very unprofessional. Also, Uber charged me from my credit card full amount for the trip $31 n not yet refunded. Later, I had to take a taxi to reach my home.

Editors choice. Really?? Either the “editors” have no discernible social conscious or are something that rhymes with plumb

Always double charging!. I’m not even talking about constant charges and reverses that happen with EVERY trip. I added a second card to my account and guess what? I got charged on both cards for the same trip!!

Poor customer service and terrible GPS. The last few rides were terrible. Drivers took the wrong GPS route to arrive at my house. I kept having to cancel and find new drivers. The last driver left me 10 minutes from my destination. And after contacting Uber, they only gave me a $3.80 credit as a compensation, and refused to adjust it.

Why??. Cost more than taxi, what is the point of Uber? Taxi - $35 to airport including tip. uber - $35 to airport not including tax or tips. Is this a joke? First time opening map it freezes on map. It wants me to set pin but goes no where. Time to delete again.

Calgary, AB. I have not taken a taxi since uber came to Calgary however, there needs to be some serious updating done to their GPS. It constantly routes the longest way possible to every destination. The drivers would complete rides at least 10 minutes faster for everywhere I go if the GPS was better.

Account Disabled. My account has been disabled for more than a year. When I contacted them to find out why, the company informed me that I owe them $80 bucks for orders made in December 2019. First of all, I didn’t use the app during that time period and I could have been stranded somewhere!! Like I need my account active. So stupid!!

Only giving 5 stars so you’ll see this.. No stars. Uber is a complete scam. Drivers who hate their job, are never on time, and are way overpriced. I asked someone on Poparide to drive me home (14km) and they charged me $7. Uber asked $30. Abhorrent scam.

Payment problem?. I just installed this today and i entered in my paypal account and my debit. Once I try to book an ride, it says update payment?? or wrong payment

Be careful with extra charges. Woao I’ve had so many issues with this app lately. This issue has happened twice already: I have taken an Uber express (it is supposed to be cheaper than all the other choices ex: $9), and both times I have been charged double next day...ex: $19. It ends up being more expensive than Uber X. It doesn’t make sense. Always check your bills. Also one time a driver canceled my ride when I was still inside the car. I dont know if it was unporpuse or not, And my bill was double the price as the original amount. I think Uber doesn’t have a reliable service. It used to be good when it started but now it is terrible. mostly when customer service does not even have a real voice. I would wait for my refound then I will definetly cancel my account.

iOS11 let’s you do this anyway. Poor marketing attempt. iOS 11 gives users the right to set location services to “only while app is in use” to combat the slimy behaviour Uber popularized with the - either you always let us see your location or you don’t use our app crap that they tried to push down on consumers. The update in iOS 11 is a direct response to this slimy behaviour. Don’t try and market it as anything else.

Why?. Why does it cost people I’m with $10 to get somewhere and it cost me $20?????

Too expensive. Taxis are now twice as cheap. Uber is not what it used to be.

Uber Eats Scammy. Do not recommend Uber Eats. My order was missing an item and the other two were wrong. Submitted two complaints that day that went ignored. Followed up next week and now they can’t do anything because it’s been a week. Customer service is all copy and paste. How do you get away with charging people for things they didn’t even receive..?

Support. Want customer support? Don’t look here. Use Lyft or literally anything else.

Confusing. How do you guys charge 33 for a 15 ride but lyft is 13???

Loot. Uber charged the double price of what the application showed.I lost extra 22$ for calling Uber Express Pool.Had to walk a fair distance to reach the destination.

I accidentally complained in a review. Why is there no usable phone number to contact anyone in Uber? I realized that I had complained about almost every driver I’ve had while thinking I was complimenting and I have no way of correcting this. PLEASE POST A USABLE PHONE NUMBER FOR THESE ISSUES!!!

Dishonest App. In many occasions, Uber deducted money from my cards unjustifiably and their customer service is usually unwilling to solve any issues. They’re just defensive and will respond with lies, which are proven lies by my bank. Using this app is just a waste of time in addition to being a waste of money.

Tipping. Why can’t I add my own tip amount instead of chosing the options that Uber gives ? Also, why does Uber take a cut of the driver’s tips ? All 100% of the tip should go to the driver

Not what it used to be. Price keep going up and so does the waiting time…

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. USER BEWARE . It is physically impossible to get in touch with Anyone at customer service with this company . My driver took a different route then expected because he didn’t want to be stuck behind a train and UBER CHARGED MY VISA 100$ . So a 30$ ride turned into 100$ . They said it was just a temporary HOLD on my card then refunded me 50 cents for the ride . Watch out for this company for extra charges . Check your visa statements . Support your local cab company . Didn’t think Uber would rip off its users . Out of all companies

Bad bad bad Uber. Toronto police have charged an Uber driver in a string of alleged sexual assaults dating back to December 2017. In a release, police say the first alleged incident took place on Dec. 16 of last year near Blue Jay Way and King Street West. At around 2 a.m., officers received a call for a sexual assault. Police say a 31-year-old woman was out with friends when she ordered an Uber ride home. She was picked up by an Uber driver, but police say it wasn’t the driver assigned to her. Police allege she was driven to an area and sexually assaulted. On April 18, 2018, police received a call for a sexual assault near Bloor Street West and Madison Avenue. In that incident, a 19-year-old woman was out with friends and ordered an Uber ride home. Similar to the first alleged incident, the woman was picked up by an Uber driver, but not the one assigned to her through the app. Police say she was driven to a Once inside the vehicle, police s

Scamming. My grandmother and I just noticed in our bank that Uber is doubling charges. 11 charges in one day they are scamming our money.

Worst of the Bunch. Sure Uber has become the ubiquitous alternative cab co but they are far from the cream of the crop, in fact I just hate using them unless absolutely necessary! Drivers never speak English, the fares jump around like crickets and they screw their drivers around... Lyft for me thanks!

scam. stole 26 dollars from me

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Reasons why I won’t use Uber again. Most of the times when I request a Uber the driver never shows up then they usually call me to tell me to cancel the ride if a customer cancels a ride Uber charges you for the ride regardless so that is the new way for these drivers to rip people off I spent a whole hour plenty of times trying to get a cab through Uber definitely won’t be using this app anymore and switching over to lyft or Juno the other day a driver refused to let me in the vehicle for no reason whatsoever pretty sure it’s cause I’m colored and he picked me up in a industrial area I was just getting off work once he saw me standing there he locked the doors as I was walking to the car then drove off Uber still charged me for the ride even though I never entered the vehicle when I reported it to Uber all they did was give me $5 credit on a $13 ride also most of the Uber drivers don’t even know the areas they drive unlike a yellow cab in nyc you won’t deal with them not knowing a area majority of Uber drivers in nyc don’t speak English and don’t pay attention to the signs or the roads Uber is a highly disappointing app I recommend all first time customers you are better off using lyft or Juno I have the worst experiences always with those Maniac Uber’s constantly texting and getting into car accidents it’s ridiculous my Uber rating is 4.94 yet I’m always getting bad drivers

Not worth the risk!. I had to make a flight at 6am out of JFK with an hour drive to get there plus the line through security I figured it was best to set up for a ride several days ahead of time so that I don’t risk there not being any drivers around at 4am. I get notifications the day before about my ride coming up but when the morning came the ride disappeared from my account, no cancellation or email as I’ve had in the past, just an empty screen. I scrambled to find a driver at the last minute who thankfully was in just as big of a rush as I was but good lord was their car a mess! The car that picked me up is not something I would have trusted to get me to the airport if I had been driving myself with countless lights on the dash and more mechanical noises and shakes than it should have to pass inspection. Sadly this isn’t the only time I’ve had this issue, I had another driver pick me up in a “2016” Nissan that was a 2006 (plates and driver description matched) with similar problems. If it weren’t for the fact that no other drivers were around and I missed the train to yet another flight I wouldn’t have taken the ride at all. I’ve had some decent experiences with Uber but they need to do a better job at checking out the vehicles people are using and notifying customers when they cancel your ride for no reason at all

Started off good ended very poor!!!!. I use this app when my car is getting serviced. My son has a job and I use it for him to get back and forth to work, all of a sudden an Uber driver decided to be a so call manager and told my son that he has to be occupied by an adult. He didn’t ask how old he was or nothing and he told my son that if he ask again he was going to get his account banned. So I requested the ride again and the driver came back this time I was on the phone, mind you he’s was supposed to bring my son home from work, he told me California law he has to be occupied by an adult. I told him we don’t live in California and California law doesn’t apply to MS law. This driver said he was going to banned my account after I told him where does it say in MS or all the other states that he has to be occupied by an adult. He didn’t ask how my son was on nothing. I reached out to support to see where it states he has to be occupied by an adult besides California all they kept replying back was the privacy act for California. As long I been using this app I never heard of a minor has to be occupied by an adult except for California. The driver needs to be re-examined or Uber needs to update their policy. I understand you have to be 18 for the app, he don’t have the app, I requested the ride for him, his mother. This is said and send bad vibes especially the driver that y’all hired.

Time Estimates 30 minutes later than expected. Horrible Customer Service. Every time I have used uber, I’ve learned that the “estimated” pickup and arrival times have been falsified for appeal. For example, my uber was supposed to come in 9 minutes, it arrived in 22 minutes. Therefore, we were late arriving to our destination over 30 minutes. There wasn’t much traffic at fault. Our driver was choosing and switching music on his iPad while he was driving. This ride cost over $23 for myself only. There were 6 other people in the car. The driver had the audacity to ask for a 5 star rating. Once I told him he did not earn a 5 star rating, he low-balled me! Now my overall uber rating is a 4.8! However, 4.8 and still can’t get customer service. I did email with Karen and Sara, so you know who to avoid in customer service. Contacted uber support, as always, they did not do anything to solve the issue or follow their own standards and give me a refund. If the arrival time is over 5 minutes of the estimated time, their policy is to issue you a refund. They never do. I have heard rumors that people receive their refunds quickly, or get great customer service, but those rumors are false. Through research, no one I’ve even met had received even mediocre customer service. The great reviews online and in the store are actually paid or otherwise enhanced with perks and such.

Over charge for Delay!!. The Uber driver that picked-up my trip had an estimated time of 6 minutes and the main reason for me to request a cab was because I was running out of time and the driver didnt arrive on time but in 12 minutes. That is a huge difference for a wait time. If I had cancel the trip because my driver was taking longer than I would have been charge a fee. How is that fair? On top of this, I had to change my destination so a re-arrange the new address but, the driver took twice the time which charged me an exaggerated amount for a faster drive. Why does it happens like this if besides taking long for it to arrive for pick-up and longer time for the trip I get charged more!! That is no help at all!! Not convenient at all!!! Uber has to be more conscious on the availability of cancellation of a trip if driver is taking longer!!!!! So, as well as there are benefits from using Uber there are some inconveniences. The most outstanding one I will say that is the estimated arrival for a pick-up. The app should not allow drivers to pick-up a trip of more than 5 minutes or even just 5 because it usually takes at least that or more. That is a waste of time as a customer since one of the main reasons we might be using this service is because we are in a rush, so we don’t have that time.

Be careful. I was hesitant to book an uber bc of all the horror stories I heard about Ubers stealing credit card info, drivers kidnapping, robbing, and even raping customers but my husband and i needed an uber bc we were going out in Nashville the drop off went well nice driver clean car decent price but when it was time to pick us back up the app gave us a different driver we were out waiting on our ride freezing my phone ended up dying the driver never showed we walked a few blocks and found a way to charge my phone as soon as it came on it said the Uber cancel the ride and still charged me i Blamed it on my phone dying and just booked another ride it charged $50 more than the last Uber but I was desperate freezing and I just wanted a ride so I booked it we still waited almost an hour finally the driver came he was great but I had to ask why is this ride so much more he said when it’s a high demand for drivers the prices goes up RIDICULOUS I tried calling Uber to say we were at the pickup location and the driver canceled the ride we couldn’t get anyone on the phone for customer service and the app is automated responses can’t say I want use an Uber again bc I travel a lot but I do hope you guys do better with a rider being able to call from a different phone if their phone dies also the price changes aren’t fair

Honest uber driver!. Just when I thought this World lacked good and honest people, I met a driver named simply “Ever” he was a nice and personable and talkative and just a genuine person. After dropping me off at my home I realized I had left my cell phone along with my credit cards in his vehicle! Right away I asked my wife to call my phone and “Ever” promptly answered. He knew the reason why my phone was ringing off the hook and he answered. He was not very far from my location and imidiatley returned the phone and wallet back to me. I am so appreciative to him and the person that informed him of the possible lost phone in his back seat. So not only do I want to thank Ever but also the person the informed him of a lost phone and wallet tonight. THANK YOU UBER, THANK YOU “EVER” and thank you to the person who actually informed my driver that someone had left their phone and wallet behind. It’s hard to find more honest people now a days and when you find people like this it gives you hope and makes you recognize that there are still very good and honest people still in this world! So Thank you Ever and the person who informed him of my loss tonight and thank you for your honesty. May god bless you🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏼😳

Decent but could be better and safer for riders. Overall Uber is convenient and easy to use however I feel they do have some room to improve for the rider and driver’s benefits alike. I do like the share your ride feature. I do however wish you could see maybe traits on your driver like if their smokers or have any tickets or are safe drivers etc. I also believe Uber could benefit from a request box or options for when you book a ride. For example you could offer a quiet ride for those who have social anxiety and prefer to not converse, as well as a low sensory feature for those individuals who suffer from sensory overload and other similar triggers. This would make your service more accessible to all rather than few. Another great addition would be love agent texting through the app if the passenger(s) feel unsafe at anytime. That way they could walk you through the proper steps and alert the proper authorities if needed for you. Again Uber overall is a convenient and easy to use app but when it comes to reliable and safe ride service for all it has some room for growth. I will continue using because I need a ride to work once a week but I do look forward to seeing them attempt some improvement.

Just overall bad experience. I love the idea of ride share like Uber or Lyft. Sometimes it’s way more affordable than cabs. However, I have not had a good experience with Uber. Over two years ago I was in NYC and was waiting for the driver forever who never came so I had to cancel the ride and wait for another driver. Got charged some fees which after some digging for customer service (since they make it so inaccessible) I was refunded in the form of store credit. Well years go by I try to log in to my account and it asks me for the first six digits of my card and there is no way to overcome that step to log in. My card expired years ago! Was I supposed to hold on to it? Anyway, now I’m unable to log in to my account and when i send the message to them it asks me to verify my email by clicking on the link sent to my email otherwise they won’t process my request. Cool. Well when I click on the link the server is down so I cannot verify my email so my messages to support aren’t going through. I cannot log in to my account or create a new one because it is the same phone number and there is no phone number to contact them. Thank god there is Lyft. Even though it is a little pricier than Uber, I guess you get what you paid for. Honestly, Uber was cool when it was the only app , now there are so many alternatives so if I were you , go with a better alternative. Uber went downhill :/

Drivers problem. Okay this has happen to me about 4 times now, why am I waiting a whole 10-30 mins for a driver to leave the same area they at? Like I am waiting as I am typing this and it’s been 20 mins already man, The driver been at one station for a while now and I really am trynna go home, I get tired of waiting after a work day man but like I tried to cancel this and it tells me I might be charged since the drivers on the way, what? I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting that’s why I’m trynna cancel, and the driver is still in the same spot but I might end up being charged because I ordered an Uber but they taking they time to get here and so I’m canceling the Uber. I might be charged for that reason. WOW! Also this is an issue for me as well I don’t know why but recently after having a ride I get out the car to tip the drive and then I get a notification from my bank saying refunded, I didn’t cancel my ride so why am I getting my money back and they’re just wasting time on me, I mean don’t get me wrong I love the free rides and all but I don’t want to cheat them off their hard worked money, they earned it so I want them to have it, and yes this happened today this morning, so get this fix or I’m gonna keep up with these bad report on bad y’all treating your drivers...

Credit checks. I drove for this company for a month in a half for eats. It was great until I decided to go for the passenger pick up app. I was red flagged all of a sudden from over 10 years of my history. Case they make to public eye what was suppose to be off cause I did programs and stayed out of trouble. They grounded me .. The company they used has information wrong and submitted it. In turn Uber has not allowed me to continue to make a living … now the crazy part is this background check approved me with another company and then changed their check to match Uber 2nd check .. the crazy part is I was 98% approval rating which I did in 2 weeks .. and kept up my numbers and this is how Uber shows loyalty… by taking a way my means of income… my advice …. Keep other apps open for review .. cause you might get discriminated on for your past also .. and go to the apps that do not use CHeckr because that company looks for away to get you banned by putting information wrong so you have a red flag or they will go back more then 7 years and make you check flagged …for to me in my opinion …. To be discriminator to people with records who are trying to make a living doing the right thing or they are prejudiced to people who are looking to do it the right way … what ever it is don’t work for apps using them …. Go to others if you need to know them I can put you on

APP BUG. Bug 1: I use the app multiple times a week for business reasons and it is great for the most part, but there are some issues… Every week, I reserve multiple rides in advance, and the app prompts me to “reserve another ride” as a shortcut option; however, it never actually lets me reserve another ride when I push that button and I always have to go all the way back to the main menu and start from the “where to?” bar. Minor issue but it becomes tedious when reserving 5-10 rides at a time every week. I hope that the Uber app developers fix this bug soon as it has been like this for a few months now. Bug 2: Today my driver was early for my scheduled ride. Therefore, I was under the impression that I could perhaps leave work early and get to my destination a little faster. However, instead I sat in the car with my driver for more than 5 minutes before we left the pickup spot because the app does not let the driver begin the ride more than 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. I do scheduled rides 6-10 times a week and many drivers have shared all sorts of problems they are having with the scheduled ride service. Your drivers (especially as contractors) should not have to apologize to me for problems associated with this app. Please fix this ASAP!

Needs some improvements. I want to say that I have only had one major issue with Uber as a rider and I personally like Uber. However, I still think you need to improve the service. First, the location feature for the rider is subpar to me. I use Uber a lot to drive my to college and I have to put in a specific address just to have my drive take me to the part of the school I need the drive drop me off. It would be a lot easier to have a satellite view of the map give the drive an exact location of my destination. Second ,you are now starting to charge all these ludicrous fees such as the waiting fee if my driver has to wait more than two minutes at my pickup location. I understand that having to make the driver wait on me when I sometimes have to get ready when I should have done that before the driver arrived at my location is rude, but Lyft doesn't charge me a waiting fee. Third, I do not like the rating system. The idea that giving anything less than five starts automatically assumes that the driver did something wrong. If I give a driver a four star rating you assume that the driver must have done something. When I give a driver a four star rating I am telling the driver that I enjoyed the drive. I do not imply that I had a horrible experience with an Uber rider.

Uber is unbelievablely unprofessional. After studying for my Multivariable Calculus exam at an apartment near my college campus until 2 am, I called an Uber to go back to my dorm room. Uber informed me that the ride was 2 minutes away, but after waiting 10 minutes, the app had only gone up 6 minutes to a total of 8 minutes away. This compelled me to contact the driver, who was extraordinarily rude. This uber was extraordinarily unprofessional, had more than one of her own friends in the car, and talked to me in a condescending way when asking if she was alright and would prefer for me to find another ride. She then continued to drive away and lengthen the time of pickup after responding to me “we good you’ll be straight” after asking if she was okay and whether she’d prefer me to calm another ride. Because of the unfriendly system of the uber app, I was never able to contact the company in order to report the driver, while it was a major annoyance for me, it wasn’t the end of the world. But I want to report this driver for being unprofessional and Uber does not give the opportunity to do that, the app does not support the customers or even try to. Use lift whenever you can.

Terrible Customer Service. I received a gift card for $20 and shared a ride with my sister 2 times. The first time the gift card paid for my half and the second time the gift card should have paid for my half and then another payment method cover the remainder. On the second ride, my sister (who had also received a $20 gift card) was able to use what was left of her gift card balance and her backup payment method was charged the remainder. My backup method paid the entire trip and my gift card balance was not used. When I submitted a request for Uber to look into this, I was told that you have to purchase more Uber cash to use the remainder of the gift card. This would not be a big deal if my sister - who in the exact same situation - would have had to have purchased Uber cash to use hers. Obviously this is a lie since it worked for her. I was then told that due to my issue my gift card balance would be refunded to me and to provide a mailing address. After a month had passed I followed up on this and was told that I cannot get a refund for my gift card and the prior employee had lied. Now, I am being told the same story that you have to purchase Uber cash to use a partial gift card which is back to the same lie I was told in the beginning and can prove wrong based on my sister’s half of our shared receipt. This company has no idea what they’re doing and can’t keep their lies straight.

Horrible experience. So I’m writing this on behalf of my son my son requested a Uber driver yesterday February 18th for an extremely early morning commute to work the Uber driver picked him up and drove him in the wrong direction then had the nerve to pull over and tell him to go to the atm machine to get additional money or he would have to request for another driver first who does that!!!! Secondly to my understanding the Uber driver asked was he called my son by name and my son said yes but later he asked my son was he another individual which my son said No that’s when the Uber driver said he had reached his drop off area which was not his job he go’s to every single day!!!!! Instead my son got out of the vehicle and phone me mind you it’s so early that nothing is open so he’s out there in the cold walking!!!!!!!!! I would have took my son myself to work but of course I can’t see at night!!!! But because I knew it was dangerously cold out and dangerous in general I dug my vehicle out from the snow and picked my son up!!!! It cost him 25 dollars every day just to get to work and he never got there!!!!! Anything horrible thing could have happened to him and there is nothing absolutely nothing Uber could tell me!!!!!! This will be reported this is highly unacceptable! I didn’t want to rate this but unfortunately it makes you just so you can post your comments!!!!!!

Good app, not so good drivers and support. Gonna be honest, I’m lazy as heck. If taking an Uber lets me stay in bed til the last possible moment, I take one. That being said, I’m on first name basis with nearly all the drivers in my area. However, there are some bad apples out there. My main dislike is when drivers don’t end the trip. I work at an airport, and I’ve had drivers take me home and go all the way back without ending the ride until they get there. This results in a ~$25 trip costing $50+. Of course, this makes me have to go open a help ticket with support. (They made this harder to do it seems). Another trick of some drivers is to get close enough to start the ride, then if they don’t like it, they’ll either cancel it, or drive away somewhere far enough where I’ll have to cancel it. On my dollar. What’s more, if the support team see you have a ‘pattern’ of requesting a refund, they can deny you one. Even if it’s clear it’s an error on part of the driver. I feel like the driver’s app should have a fail safe built in. If they make it to the drop off location, and leave farther than a certain distance, the trip should automatically end. God forbid I’m busy when I make it home or to work and can’t check if the driver still has the trip up. Sheesh

Charged a cleaning fee for no reason. My husband and I took an Uber ride from our Airbnb in Daytona beach to go to a jet ski place. Samantha was our driver. We were charged an $80 cleaning fee and were dumbfounded as to why. We had no food or drink in the vehicle. We didn’t make any mess. I messaged Uber several times and did not get a response until 4 days later. They said they had completed an evaluation but didn’t tell me what the result of the evaluation was. They attached a pic and there was no apparent mess. There were a few grains of sand maybe that could be vacuumed for 50 cents or free at a car wash or just by shaking out the car mat!! I would have cleaned it myself for her to avoid an $80 cleaning fee. That being said, I don’t even know if the alleged “mess” was even caused by us. She picks people up from the beach!! The driver was talking to us about how she could not afford to be off work at all if she were to get sick and I honestly think it was her way of making more money! I’m so angry that Uber would let their customers be taken advantage of in this way!!! The money comes right out of your bank account, no questions. It’s very sad that there are a few people that get away with doing these things and mess up a good thing. If my issue does not get resolved and I mean by refunding my $80 then I will never be using Uber again. Hello Lyft!!

Driver ratings. NYC drivers with lower than a 4.7 rating should be placed on temporary probation. Drivers with lower than average ratings are a risk to the company profit too. I’ve been treated rudely, ignored, and basically told by some drivers, they dont want to follow the customer recommendations or request navigation route.. With all the cultural differences in drivers, some drivers don’t want to listen to women & I honestly don’t want to get in a car with a driver with low ratings. Please ask drivers to maintain clean cars, I shouldn’t have to sit on another mans trash. Please ask drivers to ask customer if AIR conditioning and no music/music is ok. One driver didn’t one to turn on music for a 45min ride, I was losing my mind in the awkward silence. All Uber drivers should have iPhone chargers for customers. Uber drivers should not stare down women in the rear view mirrors, or turn ALL the way around while driving to flirt with customers— there simply should be some company rules for workplace harassment inside the Uber car. There should be a feature in the Uber App that allows customers to indicate if / when they are rushing to a destination, so drivers can know in advance if they need to drive more strategically around traffic or drive a little faster within the speed limits.

Poorly Run from the Top. I’ve been using Uber for many years, and while I’ve definitely had some horrendous experiences with getting refunds for falsely reported damage, I’ve always held that the app is great. It provides a great and reliable service. Lately, however, not only have prices been going up at a ridiculous and unsustainable rate, the framework for drivers being assigned rides has worsened. I talked with a driver recently and learned that instead of Uber assigning the closest driver for your ride, they allow drivers to snag up any ride on a first come first serve basis, regardless of their distance from the rider. This has resulted in ridiculous wait times for rides, to the point that I’m waiting 25 minutes for my driver to arrive for a 10 minute drive. Uber allowed me to cancel my ride in lieu of requesting a new driver once, but that was the only grace. Now, I am forced to wait ridiculous wait times for short drives unless I want to pay a fee for cancelling the ride and looking for a new driver. I’ve had to rely on Uber lately because I’ve had car issues. With the prices increasing and the wait times worsening, I’ve finally branched out and found other ride share and taxi services as an alternative to this app. I will continue to do so, and encourage others to do the same, until Uber addresses these issues and provides a resolution.

Thank God for Uber.. I have had a stroke and I lost all my side vision so I cannot drive no more and I rely on my wife to drive this last Friday she collapsed from a blocked bowel. And I had no way to get up to the hospital and back or for that matter to go anywhere that I needed to go. I had no other options available to me no one to drive me places I needed to go but my daughter had set me up with Uber and I have all the independence and mobility I need with just a touch my phone. My license is not that important anymore in fact Uber is even easier than driving I will be able to get into a warm car in the winter and a cool car in the summer and I am no longer worried about needing to go somewhere and not being able to drive. Uber has been a lifesaver for me literally and has given me total independence from having to depend on anyone else me and my wife will be using Uber a lot in the future and and the price is extremely reasonable I don’t write these things very often in fact I don’t remember ever writing a review but Uber has provided me independence to go anywhere or do anything without having to pay car insurance or car repairs or car payments. I am so grateful for Uber.

Unfair. I feel that Uber should change the age limit for Ubers. Some parents send their children in Uber/lyfts because they do not have transportation. By changing the age limit to ride in a Uber causes kids to NOT have any transportation and to not be safe outside in the cold without a ride/walking in the dark. You are also putting their lives in danger because the ride was already ordered and they have no way to get home. Uber DOES show the location on where you are at anytime. Uber DOES show how to share your location as WELL AS A SAFETY MODE. Uber does all these things for adults why can’t they do it for children(teenagers) too? They are still making more money AND WHEN YOU REFUSE THE RIDE YOU CHARGE $5.00. If you are going to charge $5 as a cancellation fee you might as well just allow them to ride. It’s also wasting time when the Uber driver IS ALREADY THERE then refuses the ride due to being a minor. I don’t think children should be allowed to make an account but be able to get in a ride to get home. I’m not saying “don’t take Uber” but I feel that some of their rules are unfair. “We will Uber to your place. Be right there.” Yeah you’re right there but you’re refusing me a ride home. I don’t think anyone under 10 should be getting in the car with a stranger but TEENAGERS. From 13 to beyond should be allowed to ride in Ubers. So they have a place to go and the parents won’t be worried.

Unexplainable fare charge. I take uber at least 3-5 times a week to get to work and for the past 5 months, everything has been great until yesterday. I took an uber pool and I rarely check the uber app after getting into the car. We picked up another passenger and I got to my destination no problem. But then I got a notification from my uber app saying the driver has cancelled which makes no sense since I already arrived at my destination. But according to the app, apparently the driver never started the trip. Which makes me wonder how she knew to pick up the other passenger. But that’s not my problem, my problem is that it is the driver’s fault for not starting the trip. Yet somehow, I got charged for $15: $5 for cancellation and $10 for the trip. Which is just unbelievable, this was an uber pool, so the price was shown to me before I booked it and it was $8 not $10 and I can’t even get started on the cancellation fee because I never cancelled the trip. And how about the driver picking up another person despite not starting my trip? She was possibly driving for uber and lyft at the same time. And when I try to click on “review my cancellation fee” it says I can’t because it’s already been reviewed. I am just beyond livid. I want my money back, uber, this is unacceptable

One out of three try’s.. I’ve tried to use Uber three times. First at home in a slightly rural area. There were no Uber drivers available and I had to use a conventional cab. No ride no stars. The second time traveling in Brisbane Australia from a residence to the Brisbane Transit Center in downtown Brisbane. Uber worked great. Five stars for this ride to the public transportation center of the city. When we arrived back at the Brisbane Transit Center three day later and needing a ride to the residence, we again contacted Uber. We described where were, under a very large sign stating Brisbane Transportation Center including it’s street address. We got a text from our driver to verify location, and we agin texted our location, address, and location under the very large sign at the entrance to the transit center. Three days earlier we had been dropped off about 30 meters from where we stood on the same side of the same street by the first Uber driver. The potential driver responded with a thumbs up. The app indicated he was less than a minute away. He called a moment later and my wife again explained to the driver our location. My wife said he was difficult to understand. After about 15 minutes of waiting we got the Uber cancellation notice. We called someone else (not Uber) who spoke English and new exactly where we were. Five stars to someone besides Uber.

Some Changes Needed. As a driver for uber, i constantly hear from passengers how difficult it is to see what kind of vehicle is picking them up. I have used the passenger app myself and i can attest to the fact that the color and picture of the vehicle along with the license plate are so miniaturized that they are difficult to see. Not to mention people with visual disabilities and color blindness will find it even harder to know what color car is picking them up. I’ve had new users show me the app and i have had to explain to them how to navigate and see the driver’s details including type and color of the car. From a passenger’s stand point, it would be most helpful the screen is divided into rows; right side for the map and left side for the name, vehicle type, color and license plate or vice versa in block letters for easy visibility. Also it needs to say what color instead of showing the color. For passenger’s whose phone battery is running low while they wait for the driver to show up, the constant use of location service which is a battery killer should be changed to maybe every 1 minute for example if the driver is 7 minutes away from being constant. This will help the passenger as well as the driver as it will post the most accurate and recently updated location.

Riders are dispensable to Uber. I don’t feel valued as a rider by Uber. I have used Uber for the past 5 years but constantly get the impression that it does not prioritize or place the interests of its rider at the same level with its drivers. The main issue for me is how drivers do not get penalized for the same things riders get penalized for. You book a ride and get an ETA but more often than not it takes double or even triple the time for the driver to arrive. I keep the driver waiting, I am charged a waiting fee. The driver keeps me waiting and makes me miss a cut off time, what does Uber do to the driver???? Nothing! The drivers don’t even apologize when they keep you waiting for a looonnngggg time for them. Uber just says your driver may be delayed and maybe you should contact them. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Then if you try cancelling the ride you will be charged for cancelling the ride because it has exceeded the imaginary time within which you can cancel a ride. Then Uber recently introduced this 0 min away thing which is an absolute scam. This isn’t my only grouse with Uber but one of many. For me, the imbalance of driver and rider interests doesn’t make me feel this is a mutually beneficial relationship as I feel exploited by Uber ALL THE TIME.

Awful tech support and driver communication. My original fair of about $45 for my ride had already come out of my account for my destination and a day or so later, I noticed the money back in my account. I couldn’t think of what it was from so I went on about my day. Yesterday I get a notification of an 73 dollar charge from Uber! Utterly confused, I noticed it was from my most previous trip. My driver literally kept asking me directions instead of using the app, tried to find a WaWa to get him some coffee three different times during my trip AND I ended up having to give him instructions to get me back home from the WaWa near my house. He bought me a coffee to makeup for it, but these were not MY requested stops on MY app. I shouldn’t be held accountable for his negligence of fares/fee to then only to have to go back and pay AGAIN when I technically already paid once. I shouldn’t have to re-pay for a week old ride because Uber didn’t pay attention to the ride details or contacted their own driver about the “distance” change. We’re in a pandemic. People aren’t working. People are on strict budgets. I don’t have the funds nor time to deal with this. Suppose it took that $70 from my account if I had it? It’d probably have been the last thing in my account. Causing me to extra broke. Probably will absolutely never use Uber again. I’d rather walk.

Drivers canceling after I’ve already waited 10 to 15 minutes for them to arrive.. I spend a lot of time waiting for drivers to cover for drivers that cancel after they’ve already agreed to pick me up and many minutes have passed. Drivers don’t like to drive many minutes to pick up rider, because they’re not compensated for the time. I end up being punished with extremely long wait periods. When I’m being picked up my house, I always send the driver a note letting them know. I have no driveway and I need them to turn around at the dead end and pull up in front of my gate. This is because, Uber tells the driver they’ve arrived at their destination when they reach a house three houses away from me. And they have no idea what the number of my house is. My neighbors don’t like their driveways used as turnarounds. I do this as a courtesy. And yet, I have had drivers pull up in front of a house on the opposite side of the street ,up the street from me. Either they’re not reading the text I sent them or they don’t like being told what to do. 03 times drivers have literally looked me in the eye and put their foot to the gas zoomed up to the dead end turned around and canceled my ride. Not a thing I can do about these incidents nothing.

Poor customer service. I recently took an uber pool. The route was all over the place but I never complain because you get what you pay for: crap service. Toward what should have been the end of my ride, we picked up another rider. The GPS was directing the driver to drop off the other rider first, which would mean going past my stop. After having been in the car for about 40 minutes (usually 25 by pool at most) I was ready to get out, so I asked the driver to stop and let me out. The driver ignored me and kept driving. He headed further away from my stop, so I sat there stunned that he didn't let me out and not wanting to get dropped off even farther from my house. He went past the other rider's stop and had to get turned around to drop me off. I told the driver exactly where to stop and he went past it. I said just stop here and his car kept moving, so I yelled, let me out! Stop the car. He stopped and I got out. I wrote to customer support and their response had nothing to do with the fact that I felt unsafe but rather the perils of taking pool. I thought it was a joke. They explained my fare would not be adjusted. It's not about the fare! Let people out of the car when they want to get out! I will not being using uber anymore. I felt trapped and uncomfortable. My genuine concern was met with an automated response. Glad to know nothing about uber had changed. The safety of their riders is not a priority.

Uber Eats 1 delivery for multiple orders. Hello, pain-point: If the app can facilitate one Uber delivery pick up for foods from different restaurants within the same shopping plaza to deliver to the same address that would be clutch. Instead of having to order 3 separate times for 1 coffee, then salad, then halal shawarma within the same plaza only for 3 different delivery guys to take those items to get to the one requester is a waste of time and resources and not eco friendly. It’s also pathetic Uber won’t allow users to request orders without tipping. It’s self contradicting the fact Uber doesn’t pay the delivery contractors a fair share. Everyone knows Uber takes in 1000% plus in profit per transaction whether Uber ride or subscriptions etc. So be more egalitarian Uber give Uber employees and contractors equitable share of profit — forcing paying customers to tip is pathetic. I also wish I can get points or use points in my Starbucks or Legal C orders, if the app can allow one sign on to these different food platforms. Pros: I do like the group order option, easy for individuals with diet restrictions to place their own food orders. And I like being able to see Starbucks order images similar to the Starbucks app or pictures and ingredient details to a pho restaurant etc. Thanks!!!

Frustratingly Useless. This app is so utterly useless every time I try to use it. It is at available in many areas outside of major cities which, is understandable I suppose. However, the maybe five times I have used to I have encountered several drivers who just don’t seem capable of doing the job and the customer service always seems to want to place blame on your somehow. A few incidents I recall quite well was one where a driver drove past my location and to the destination without ever picking me up and then reported the job as completed. Another when the driver cancelled the drive mid route when he hit traffic , and then the support teams response was “ If a trip is cancelled for any reason you still must pay the cancellation fee” and after that debacle and arguing they eventually refunded me, and lastly was when I had a flat and parked and ordered an Uber to come pick me up - my driver only spoke Spanish and was driving around my location but not getting to it. I sent her a description of my location to help which she presumably could not read because she responded “I’m here” in Spanish after opening the messages and being no where near the mapped location. Then I responded to her the same description but in Spanish ,which she read, and then promptly cancelled the ride. Then I had to fight with customer service for a full refund. This app and its drivers are more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Generally a big fan of Uber - few things to think about. I use Uber almost every day and find it a huge help in getting me places I can’t during a hand injury, which makes driving tough. That being said, perhaps Uber can provide some guidance to drivers to not start a ride before the passenger gets to the car (I have had a frequent increase in drivers starting the ride when they arrive even if I’m still walking outside from my building or stuck in an elevator for an extra minute). This is tricky because the app stresses checking the license plate before getting in the car, but if the ride has started, then I can’t confirm the make/model of the car and the license plate. As a single woman hoping into stranger’s cars, I like being able to confirm that I’m riding with the right person before entering their car. Could you please provide guidance to drivers not to start a ride before the person gets in the car (ideal option) or add car info so that it is easily accessible once a ride has started so that if they do, I can still confirm I’m in the right car (back-up option)? It would definitely make me feel better being able to confirm, especially now that the app pushes confirmation of license plates so much.

Livid at the service…. Clearly I need you all more than you need me, it’s frustrating for the riders as I’m sure it is as well for the drivers to have to driver a certain distance to pick up the riders… but my frustration comes from the simple fact that lately everytime i get a ride and they arrive, THEY NEVER HIT THE “I have arrived button” or however that works. I just had a lady I messaged multiple times before she Arrived and she never responded. It’s a lot of occurrences where the drivers don’t communicate or respond back or even let you know they arrived, or if they’re having trouble finding the exact location they won’t even reach out. Ultimately me writing this review is me asking for y’all’s team to at least make it so that the drivers have to hit that “they have arrived” because I now believe a lot of drivers are just waiting and missing rides on purpose so that they get the money or a cut of the money. I have already lost a good bit of money because the drivers aren’t compassionate and only care about making a buck instead of bettering their service so they are seen truly as good Uber drivers that care. MAKE THESE PEOPLE SAY THEY HAVE ARRIVED AT THE EXACT LOCATION DISPLAYED ON THE GPS!!! Thank you

Better customer service please!. Uber was the ridesharing app that I used from a day to day basis. The Uber app itself was very easy to use, the fares were very reasonable and the drivers were very friendly and understanding (for the most part). Unfortunately, although Uber was my go to ridesharing app, there became a time when I was charged a different amount for a trip in which I had paid the amount fully beforehand (the fare was shown and I agreed to pay with my personal debit card). I was shown a price upfront of $7 and later I received a notification from my bank that I was charged $33 from Uber in which I was very confused and a bit fustrated. I tried reaching out to Uber Support upon their app, but it was a painful experience. The messaging system itself is automated so I received the same response over and over without much help. It asked me to pay the “Outstanding Balance” on my account in which I did, first using a relatives card and later my girlfriends. Yet even then, my account still read “outstanding balance” and BOTH my girlfriend and relative were charged the $30 with my account still being blocked. I then decided to simply delete the app but Uber did not allow me to delete it. I now cannot use the Uber app and I am completely blocked away. Support was absolutely terrible, they stole my money and honestly did not help at all.

Double Standards. Ride at your own risk.. So, tell me why, when we cancel for quote “taking a drivers time” we are forced to pay a fee, but a Driver can cancel on us, Mid-trip, and virtually have no consequence? I have been late to work, meetings, meeting up with friends, because an Uber, without notice, simply Canceled, and they don’t go on your trip history, so there is no way to review or report them, so they get away with it! They can cancel on us as paying riders, but we have to pay them a fee if we decide to cancel on them because they’re to far, not moving or just plain rude! I hear so many good stories from others using Uber, but I have been an active rider for over 2 years, and over those years, it has become progressively more unreliable, price gouges are everywhere on this app, promising you a Booked ride at 6.50 only to turn around and try to charge you 40$ to go less then 3 miles! I loved Uber but I’m slowly reconsidering using this or recommending it to anyone. The drivers are lazy and rude and suffer virtually no consequence, but we as Honest paying riders, have to suffer fees, and bad rating making us look bad.. this app is just something else, and my experience with it is starting to become rather bitter. It adds so much unneeded stress on rather I will be able to get from Point A to Point B safely and reliably. Ride at your own risk riders.

What a stupid app!. The app did not allow us to pick our exact location and instead it forced us to select a nearby location which - wait for it - driver could not reach because it was beyond a barred road. And not temporary barred (like roadworks or anything), but permanently barred because it was a private hotel road. I mean, how more stupid can a taxi app get?! In the end we had to walk to a different spot and explain it to driver by phone, because the app still did bot allow us to put a pin on closest open road. That always makes sense when you’re traveling abroad in place you do not know and can’t mention any nearby spots, especially with a bit of language barrier. And we where carrying our half sleeping child. Driver was good, but the software part is simply stupid. Oh, the interface is hard to call ‘user friendly’, btw. Thanks uber, I’d rather pay extra to a regular taxi driver and immediately get where I need. One star. Delete. Forget. PS: this garbage even managed to take another tip for... uber!!! After showing me the screen with driver’s rating it displayed tip again (which is already confusing) with a little text saying ‘add another tip for uber?’ There’s no better way to read small text in the night with a sleeping child n your shoulder. You guys are awful. May this tip burn your pockets for your awful job. What a trash.

Extra fees charged. Started with $150 being charged by a driver because they had to clean the car. I took a 10 minute ride from work to a doctor only carrying my work bag. There wasn’t anything to clean. They sent pictures of the seats being soaked later which I would have noticed, but it didn’t happen. I emailed, because you can’t call anyone, to get this fixed and my $150 returned since it automatically charged my card. After 7 days and no response I disputed with my bank. Then Uber desired to refund in addition to my banks dispute and told me I needed to pay $150 bc it was refunded twice. So then I paid the 150 back only to find out the bank returned the original charge so here again I am down 150. I told Uber they had trouble understanding so I disputed with the bank again just to get my money back. This is a span of 6 months. Now Uber keeps saying I owe them $150 even though they refunded my $150 and charged me $300 for their driver’s error or fraud not sure which. They won’t remove it even after months of back and forth and me proving to them I don’t owe them. At this point I’ll just never use Uber again and hope they don’t force me to deal with this money I ‘owe’ them. Be careful to watch every charge and hope they reply to you quick enough to get things resolved if there are mistakes bc drivers can just charge more without much oversight.

Obviously they don’t care about customers. I have used Uber and Uber eats for a while but since right before the pandemic it just hasn’t been great customer service. The UberOne experience isn’t anything special. Priority support is ALWAYS horrible and unknowledgeable. For Uber eats often times drivers will pick up my order and then cancel or send picture of food in there car but steal the order. No Uber agent had confirmed that they have any sort of policy against this and they will not even offer an appeasement since your time was wasted. DoorDash isn’t much better BUT at least they will offer an appeasement. Now when it comes to Uber rides drivers seem to be able to cancel when they want no penalties. Recently I’ve also had drivers get to me and state that one one rider is allowed to ride at a time and have threatened to cancel my ride for more than one rider. I have asked countless representatives for contact information to leave my formal complaints but none will offer a contact email or number so here we are. I feel that at one point Uber was a decent company with a good company model; however, the quality of service is absolutely horrible and their customer service agents especially priority agents need additional training. No need for an empty promise reply from whoever looks into this. You all have not done anything before so I don’t expect any better now.

Payment Issues & Lack of Support. I used to love Uber & lately I’ve never had so many issues. It won’t let me add my debit card & id contacted support and it took over 5 days for any assistance & still haven’t been able to add it. They did things to my account that I had never asked like refunding the money I put on my account. I’ve had holds placed on my card that their refunds don’t process quickly. Each time I asked for customer support a new person would contact me back with repeated information that had nothing to do with my issues. I purchased a gift card while being abroad in the country I’m using the app in & I go to enter the gift card and it says it can’t be used in this country. I’ve never struggled so much with Uber and it’s the main form of transportation where I am currently at... so you can sense how important it is & I was never taken serious by customer support. They tried to deny me a refund of the gift card I purchased until I went a different route with gift card support. It’s all so frustrating. I’m still having issues & it almost seems that I’ve been locked out of using any sort of financial on my account. I would delete my account and start a new one but there would probably be issues there too. I truly dislike how dependent I have to be on Uber when it’s not taken seriously by their own support team with assistance.

Stolen Money from driver that never came. This is honestly the fourth time this has happened to me and I’m about to cancel everything that I have with this Uber app because every time I go to request a ride it’ll always say they will arrive in 10 minutes no but then you have the drivers sit in one spot for 15 minutes not even driving or moving to come pick me up from the location. I had to cancel it 2 to 3 times to find someone who’s competent enough to actually drive and pick me up and take me to my job. I am now going to my job late because one of your drivers decided to sit at a Walmart parking lot for six minutes instead of driving over to pick me up. I am now going to get in trouble with my boss because of this and this is not the first time this has happened. This has happened multiple times with different drivers in a certain occasions it’s with the exact same driver. How can you come and say that you are a company that cares about the customers and yet you have drivers who will sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes and here’s the funny part about that after I canceled it Uber decided to give them my money even though they never picked me up they never did their job. They just stayed parked in a parking lot so now I lost money because of it

Race to the bottom. Getting worse and worse. Now the ride schedule is showing just sometimes and its giving me a dumb error about declined payment. My card is fine for everyone else but you so you can get paid when you figure it out. —- I am a user and a driver. When it works it works pretty well on both ends. When it doesn't, it fails in spectacular ways; stranding you at airports because you trusted it to work and made no back up plan for your 11:00pm arrival and subsequent 1 hour of troubleshooting the app. To make it worse, support is U. S. E. L. E. S. S. For some reason every response is from a different person who has zero access to previous communication. Last night I picked up a rider, the app crashed on pick up. The rider had to verbally direct me. Then I spent five minutes fixing the app. Now support is 7 emails deep even though I literally told them everything, sent screen shots proving the ride (a habit I am now in because of the app). It should have been a $4 ride for the user and $3 for me but they charged the user $0, then $13, and now $5 in 24 hours because they can't read the details I've sent now three times (pick up, drop off, time, miles and even did all the math for them). All this gets them 25% of your rides. Like I said, when it works... it is the future. When it doesn't, it makes you kick a puppy.

Unreliable! (I gave 5 stars so my complaint appears on top). Dear Uber, I am really annoyed by the services you had given me. When i called for a ride (like this one) you made me wait for my driver for 8 minutes, then you kick off my driver (when he is just 1-2 mins away) and give me a new driver which i had to wait again for another 7 mins! That was past 11pm and i was waiting in the dark, cold and agitated! These didn’t just happened once! Most of the time it’s when i am in a rush. One time you gave me 3 drivers (kicking off the first two) that made me wait for more than 30 minutes to finally picked me up. The thing is, you kick off my previous driver after you made me wait that long and he is just a minute away. And you didn’t even compensate my wasted time and no promotions at least to compensate me. You only gave $2 compensation when the driver arrives late (from your estimated ETA) at the destination. I am going to work. What excuse do i give my boss? That the Uber app is unreliable? And does the $2 compensate for the late arrival excuse at work? No! Why can’t you do your job properly? And why don’t you list all the supposed to be driver that you kicked off at my history so that there’s a better track and explain why you kicked them off? obviously that driver didn’t cancel me coz he is just a minute away to get me! You are useless and unreliable! Very bad service! From unsatisfied agitated rider.

Uber is like the Bitcoin trend, it will eventually be of little to no value.. I too, was sold on the idea of cost effective ride sharing. Until these past two years Uber has been in the news media almost daily, of a sexual assault, or involvement. Beyond that, I was an uber driver that got approved to drive in the Flagstaff market June 2016, while Lyft denied me. After 4700, trips and a high rating of 4.96(5 is the highest) I got waitlisted after Checkr decided to consider the charge that was there in my background when I first got approved. Having said that, my hopes of the future with uber, is out. As well, support, and praising their company. It is simply a get rich scheme they tried on us general population that’s costing them millions of dollars due to lawsuits, not really being covered by their ride share insurance while technically it’s illegal for us drivers to use our vehicles without our own commercial insurance. In addition, it’s illegal to use a personal vehicle for business use under a financial loan. If they find out, just like your insurance provider, you will not be covered and held responsible for violation. Please, general population, do not use uber because technically you’re not covered if something happens.

Wet & Tired. I used Uber Jan 12 after returning from a trip. Coming to Atlanta can be hectic by itself due to constant construction and changes. Needless to say I use Uber when returning home. Not anymore. They moved the pickup area!!!! It was raining and cold. I had gone to the original pickup sight to catch my ride. The pickup area had changed. Now I’m running with my bags and other things in the cold and rain trying to get to the new spot. I’m letting the driver know I wasn’t aware the location had changed and I was on my way to the new location and would arrive very shortly. I received a notification my driver had cancelled my ride. I got to the new location right after receiving the notice. VERY UPSET, TIRED AND WET. He chose to cancel me and pickup someone already there. Well here’s the devastation. I had to request another driver to get home. So now I’m paying the actual driver who took me home and discovered I’m paying the driver who cancelled me as well. TWO CHARGES. That’s ridiculous when I was Minutes away. As for the driver it is easy to pickup someone standing there knowing you’re going to get compensated for both. A charge from me plus a charge plus tip from the driver you pickup. Not happy with Uber. Will look into LYFT’s customer service rules and driver ethics. If you didn’t know this now you do. Uber can cancel a customer, charge a fee for the driver and leave you having to start the process over again and pay again.

My Uber’s have now picked up the wrong person twice. The Uber pool system definitely has some issues. To start, my Ubers have picked up the wrong person twice. A week ago my Uber picked up the wrong person, let them change the location of their drop off, and then charged me for the extended trip. Having used Uber many times before, I assumed it was a fluke and contacted Uber and received a full refund. However, this happened again today! This time I knew better and canceled my ride, right when I got the notification that I was on my way when I was still waiting on the curb. I got charged a cancellation fee, because I canceled mid trip. I tried calling the driver multiple times to no success, and was forced to contact Uber AGAIN. While Uber’s costumer service has been satisfying in the way that I have gotten my money back, the amount of time I have wasted these past few weeks has been irritating to say the least. I have spent at least an hour waiting for Ubers that weren’t coming, and trying time and time again to call another Uber. I have been late to several events because of this, and have been forced to use Uber x instead of Uber pool because my pools have canceled on me or taken the wrong person. Uber has been a waste of money and a waste of time, and it doesn’t help that they don’t have a costumer service line so I can talk to a real person.

From Rosario Rositani to Valentino Waterbury CT. Usually I like to give a review to exceptional people. It my first professor, we thrived from receiving letters from customers. When I did almost 6 a month, it gente great ti make someone happy because of my work and I knew there I was a humanitarian because the definition ti me is to go beyond the call of duty for a stranger. I did thousands of times and I persevered. So, I would like to provide a very special note to Valentino, my driver, even for 8 minutes, those 8 minutes we discussed numerous topics not of political nature. It was an amazing ride and please give this note to Valentino so he never forgets who he is, especially if someone should upset him during a ride. I was once a flighty attendant, then hired to work for a special branch of the US government snd after leaving the job, I was hired to work as an investigative reporter in my parents native country, Italy. And my successes reverts back to my flight attendant career and receiving the kind letters from numerous passengers, a feat almost impossible to accomplish but if you tune into the customers current emotional state, your humanitarian soul will come out to take care of a stranger. Bravo Valentino!

Used to love. I take uber a lot to get to and from work, now I don’t even like using it as much anymore. It’s gotten more expensive for me. I can’t even afford it anymore. Lyft definitely has the more competitive option. Plus it is a lot easier to get in touch with a customer representative when I have issues. I always have to argue through emails with Uber because it seems like none of their reps know what they are looking at or understanding half the time. It’s such a pain to deal with. Why make it more difficult for users? It’s even worse when the app glitches. From did the driver even start the ride to I had to cancel the trip just for it to end the actual trip. Then the times where the app wasn’t working at all. Period. Oh, don’t let me forget about the drivers I’ve gotten as well. Made me question as to whether Uber will take just anyone as a driver. I’ve been harassed and money stolen off of trips and have reported it NUMEROUS TIMES, but that seems to not get me anywhere. 2 stars. Financially crippling for those who have to take uber, but no longer can afford it for work. Awful customer service, especially when you need to get things done, response time is the worst. App glitches, OFTEN. No point on constantly updating when it doesn’t even change. Drivers that shouldn’t even be exposed to people.

I’m not sure if it’s an update issue or uber is just trying to take more money from people. There’s been two strikes for uber in less than a week already. 1. I used uber eats to order food and the food was extremely late with no updates as to what was happening. I contacted support and they said they were experiencing difficulties finding drivers near by and if I would wait a while longer instead of getting a refund they would give $3.50 to my account. I agreed to this. My account was credited $3.50 and my food arrived an hour late past the maximum wait time. Right after my food arrived uber debited the $3.50 from my account....excuse me? Really? So I was like whatever I’ll just drop it. Today while ordering an Uber the driver accepted the ride and then 4 mins into coming to my location to pick me up cancelled it...yet uber charged me a cancellation fee when I wasn’t even the one to cancel it the driver did! Why should I pay a cancellation fee to the driver when the driver canceled the ride before even getting to me? This is ridiculous. I received my money back to my uber account but at this point I want it back to my credit card because uber clearly can’t be trusted to not just try to take the money back. I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing similar issues. I’ve used uber for years and it’s only recently become untrustworthy and an issue for me.

Angry customer. I just went through the most frustrating situation and uber did nothing. I ordered an uber to get to work just like I do every other day with 30 mins to spare to get to work on time (it only takes 12-15) mins to get to my job) once I got matched with a driver it let me know the ETA was 2 minutes. well first of all the uber driver could not figure out how to get to my location he did so many rounds by the entrance but never thought that’s where he should go I messaged him through the app to explain a little better that’s the entrance he should go through but disregards it then he finally calls me (this is already 10 mins into me requesting an uber) and asks where to go I talk him through it and says ok I’ll be there in a minute again he does two rounds but doesn’t go into the street I told him to another 5 minutes pass and finally I see his suv arriving a few feet away from me I go out into the street making it obvious I’m there and he just does a u turn and goes back to where he came from and cancels my ride. Are you friken kidding me I’ve already lost 16 minutes and they charge me a $5 cancellation fee when I didn’t cancel anything ! I disputed and they returned the $5 but how does this help me ? You’re just returning 5 that were already mine and now I’m late to work I should be getting a discount or 5 dollar for you cancelling my ride this app is THE WORSE APP!

Save yourself the headache and frustration!. Unless you’re in a major city in Europe (and I mean MAJOR, like London) or the USA, Uber’s quality is drastically different, and I mean that in the worst way possible. I waited over an hour while it supposedly searched for available drivers, and the ride was cancelled multiple times. Ended up taking a black cab which cost significantly more than Uber rates, but guess what, at least they were there! Just on that fact alone I was happy to give them my money since they actually deserve it. My ride was only 2.5 miles from the airport, no way you can’t find a driver FROM the airport and especially for a short distance. If you have other options besides Uber I’d take it, public transport especially in a major city will save you a ton of money and it’ll also literally take the same amount of time to arrive as it would for an Uber to drive you to your destination. Download CityMapper and you’ll see. Otherwise if public transport isn’t available see what other options are available and only do Uber as a last resort. My friend in Delhi waited over an hour and she had the same thing happen to her. There’s no repercussions for the drivers cancelling and wasting your time, so take the cab because at the very least they understand that giving rides means they get to feed their families.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.554.10002
Play Store com.ubercab.UberClient
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Uber - Request a ride (Versiyon 3.554.10002) Install & Download

The applications Uber - Request a ride was published in the category Travel on 2010-05-21 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 368677371]. This program file size is 353.07 MB. This app has been rated by 4,203,990 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Uber - Request a ride - Travel app posted on 2023-03-20 current version is 3.554.10002 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ubercab.UberClient. Languages supported by the app:

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Uber - Request a ride App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update the Uber app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update: - Updates to improve localization across the app - Various bug fixes & improvements   Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber engine running. Have a question? Tap Help in the Uber app or visit help.uber.com.

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