Uber - Request a ride

Uber - Request a ride [Travel] App Description & Overview

Request a ride with Uber, rent JUMP bikes or scooters, and get there with ease.
With Uber, your destination is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. You can also rent JUMP bikes and scooters.

Available at more than 600 airports and in 700+ cities around the world, Uber is a great way to make your travel plans stress-free. Request a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time.

Whether you’re looking for style, space, or affordability, Uber can help you find the perfect ride to fit your needs:

- Enjoy elegance and premium features with Uber Black
- Cruise past traffic on an electric JUMP bike or scooter
- Ride with extra room (and more of your friends) with UberXL

All of these transportation options and more are available in one place with the Uber app.

With Uber, you can see your price estimate up front before booking. That means you’ll always have an idea of what you’ll pay before requesting your ride.

We’re committed to making every trip with Uber as safe as possible. That's why we've built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences.

- You can share your trip
Give your loved ones peace of mind while you’re on a trip—you can share your location and trip status so they know you made it to your destination.

- You can contact emergency services
You can call your local authorities directly from the app, and your location and trip details will be displayed so you can quickly share them with emergency services.

After every ride, you can submit a rating along with comments. You can also let your driver know you appreciated your experience by adding a tip for them right in the app.

To see if Uber is available in your city, visit https://www.uber.com/cities.
Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber.
Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber.

Have a question? Visit uber.com/help.

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Uber - Request a ride Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update the Uber app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update: - Updates to improve localization across the app - Various bug fixes & improvements   Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber engine running. Have a question? Tap Help in the Uber app or visit help.uber.com.

Uber - Request a ride Comments & Reviews

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- No access

Hi good day, have been trying to sign in to the Uber app but it’s not allowing me to, I keep getting the response we were unable to complete your request. Please try again later. Have been trying since then but I still get that same response please do something about it...

- Charged for Waiting Time... I Did the Waiting!

As much as Uber is the preferred taxi-hailing app, with ‘better’ customer service than its competitors, the inability of their customer service staff (AT) to comprehend a complain simply by reading/listening to it is far from stupendous. Don’t respond with a template without understanding. I was charged wrongly, I complained asking to corroborate my story with the driver and got a ridiculous template asking me to read obvious T & C’s. Too lazy an approach in my honest opinion.

- Trip cancellation

When d driver cancels d trip y do I have to pay for d trip again U charge for trip without riding

- Compulsory payment for cancelled trip

I was also charged N400 for a cancelled trip... after I ordered my ride the driver couldn’t locate me notwithstanding the fact that there is a map to be used then he cancelled the trip and immediately my phone went off so I had to use another means of transportation. Everything was going fine with my Uber rides until after that day and they made it compulsory that I must pay that fee when I didn’t ride That’s just unfair and pointless Please do something about this. Thank you

- Why am I being notified to buy the an app I ave already downloaded and have been using?

I tried to open the app to use but it closed immediately and a pop up came up telling me ‘ this app is no longer being shared with you, to use this app you must buy it at the app store’ What the heck does this mean....? I have been using this app since I git my new phone last year.... What is all this???? Pls rectify ASAP THANKS

- To you

Y’all stupid keep telling me I owe you money? All your drivers are stupid

- Nuisances

Apparently drivers are ‘independent contractors’ and they can go away with a lot of things because Uber cannot hold them to it. Especially here in Nigeria, just be careful how you deal with them and also don’t put your card information on the app if you don’t want stories that touch.

- Ur drivers are extorting us

Why can’t I find a complaint click on the Uber app? This is making the 2nd time a rider put that I didn’t pay him complete( which is a big fat lie). Have had to pay up on my next ride. Not nice!!!!!

- Sucks!

Uber ghana as at 2020 has the WORST and inconsiderate support team.

- Pls review your estimated price @uber

It’s no longer funny that anytime you enter Uber they give you an estimated price and even when the road is so free, your fare must exceed the estimated price. This is rubbish pls, what if the passenger doesn’t have any other money. Pls try to be sure of your estimated price so if one can’t afford it they’d look for other options than putting people in trouble all the time. Mtcheeew. @uber pls treat . Tnk you

- Not able to use the app

Your app is asking me to input my password, which I don’t remember setting. Kindly undo what you guys have done to the app. It’s trash.

- Do something

At First Uber was wonderful and affordable but now I don’t know what the hell is wrong... first of all prices are unbelievably high and before you get a ride it takes like forever and most of the drivers keep cancelling and at the end of the day I pay funny fine....Uber you need to Buckle Up ASAP

- I can’t register, it’s showing me “error “

I’m having trouble registering

- Can’t get a verification code

So I’ve used Uber in the past, deleted it, just downloaded it last night because my mum wanted to use it in the morning. First thing I saw was to input my phone number which I did for over 12hrs now I’ve been trying but still no verification code, I’ve checked online but nothing. Which I found strange since I’m not a new member. I thought I’d just login not sign up. Then I downloaded it on my mum’s phone and same thing; no code till now. So I came online to check the last upgrade because this isn’t the Uber I know, just to find out there’ve been a recent upgrade 😪 can you just imagine how many customers u guys have lost since you made this upgrade.... I’m just happy you guys aren’t our only option. Eventually is to go out and call a cab the old version since ordering one online isn’t working

- Extra charges

I don’t know if the problem is with the app or it is with the drivers, but you guys seriously need to evaluate both. Repeatedly, I will book a ride and it will tell me that the driver is one minute away only for it to later change to 20-30 minutes away, and when I’m in a hurry and I want to cancel it to book a nearer driver, the app will charge me extra costs on my next ride. Why??!! Is it my fault that your driver is a liar or your app is faulty???? If Uber ever does this again, I am uninstalling it immediately and advising people to do the same because this is just rubbish! I can’t be paying for the error of others.

- Poor professional drivers

You need to work on your drivers to be honest and stop lying when the know that, they are not where they are..on several occasion, I came late to work due to poor professionalism..Thank you

- Very stupid!

Uber has been messing up this days on the day I need to my son to the hospital Uber starts to ask me for cpf...at a very urgent hour... very very useless apl

- Charge for cancelled trips.

Yesterday, 4th September 2019, I was charged #400 for a cancelled trip even though 1. I stood by the roadside (gate of Sky Memorial Plaza, Abuja, Nigeria ) and waited for the driver for about 15 minutes. 2. The driver’s phone went off, and I could not reach him, after our initial conversation describing where I was. Inasmuch as I appreciate the Uber app a great deal, I consider it grossly unfair to be surcharges for a cancellation which was the drivers fault. This will be the second such experience in about one year.

- Payment

My payment option has been unavailable for a long time now.Please look into this issue.Thanks

- Worst app

This is too terrible. You want to cancel ride cus your driver is running late, they charge you 400 naira. Driver doesn’t know location. Insides of cars are dirty. On top all of that the charges for the fares are just too ridiculous. And like I said you can’t cancel cus you’ll get debited for cancellation. This Uber is scam. I regret using it. The worst car app ever.

- Wrong Charge

I was charged for wait time which wasn’t my fault but that of the driver because he was at a wrong position which is close to my location and I wasn’t seeing him till he came to the right spot.

- Debited for services not rendered

I want to understand why I am being debited for services not rendered. This is very discouraging. Also why is there no link to contact support/customer service??? I am not impressed at all

- I can’t login

I can’t login to my Uber account because I reset my phone and re downloaded Uber.

- Wrong pick up place

I called for Uber services, while standing and waiting for my pick up in front of my apartment, the Uber didn’t show up there but I supposed was routed to a wrong location.. which wasn’t any fault of mine, I had to cancel it and I was charged for that...was almost late for my appointment,I requested for another Uber and again he was routed to the wrong address and we had to cross over to him in traffic and I have young kids..

- Illegal transaction

I just got a debit alert of a trip that occurred on the 31st of July that I have already been debited for. The trip was just 5.47 dollars but I was re-debited 23.55 dollars. Fix this “GLITCH” Now. I have all payment receipts.

- Drivers Annoying Behavior

It’s annoying how your drivers say they have arrived when they haven’t. I end up paying for waiting time, when I’m actual sense, the drivers are nowhere to be found! Terrible

- Awesome at its best

During my recent trip to Lagos the commercial capital of Nigeria West Africa,I used Uber throughout my stay there. It’s an excellent way of moving around town. Great job Keep it up

- Trip cancellation

Pls why do you people charge me 400 naira for trip cancellation? Off which it was driver who cancelled d trip for no reason.i waited fo him to come to my pick up point on getting here he ask where am I going I told him e then cancelled it Nd move away I tried calling him but he wasn’t picking up my calls Nd u charged me for what??

- Great

A very user friendly app.

- Best by Far

Being stuck with Uber. Amazing drivers with very hospitable attitude.

- My opinion

You guys are the best You make the trip comfortable But everytime you keep increasing my bill Because the last time I came from Spring valley estate I payed #1800 today I now payed #2331 which is not fair.

- h gldk ahvhmb of!5/&

Aw 82] f 418 1 Dj?st You won't g h qb y. . Hu

- The driver didn’t take me to my destination

When the driver arrived to pick me, his car got spoilt and he had to cancel the trip yet I was charged. I need a refund.

- Rude drivers

The Uber drivers in Abuja, Nigeria along airport road are very disrespectful and ignore trips......please if they are not ready to work they better sit at home jobless or better still make their vehicles transport vehicles because I’m paying for the service I can’t stan to be disrespected. Lovely app though

- I’m not happy with your drivers

I’m not just happy with the way your drivers always turn down some destinations, how can i order for a pick up and the driver will ask me where I’m going, when I say where I’m going he will say he’s not going there, which will make me to cancel the trip, then you guys will ask me to pay for the cancellation of the trip, who does that?

- Great App

App is always improving after every update.

- Uber pass

Why can’t I access Uber pass

- Can’t use app

Pls I can’t use my Uber app....once I put in my phone number it doesn’t respond.pls what do I do?

- Uber drivers

Some of the uber drivers cheat us and shout to confuse us so we can pay them what we are not suppose to. I requested for an uber and when the guy dropped me he refused to end the trip and showed me another bill so he started shouting at me and i just gave him and left. Please provide a customer care emergency contact or immediate reply for complains. Thank you

- Thumbs up

This app has really made movements for me very easy. Always so confident that I will have a smooth journey when I request a ride.👍👍

- Uber

They have really been of great help

- Poor professionalism amongst drivers

It’s disappointing and outrageous the kind of drivers Uber employs in Lagos Nigeria.

- No Comparison

You stand out

- Great App !! Serving Purpose !!!

Great App !! Serving Purpose !!!

- Worst App service, charged cancellation

You can’t cancel trips, so in case you order by mistake ,get a rude drive you still get charged for cancellation , or you driver takes too long to come and you are in a rush you get charged for cancellation 🤦🏿‍♂️. How does that makes sense. Once i got a driver who’s phone died, obviously not my fault, try to cancel the trip and they said i would be charged ,woke up the next morning to see a cancellation charge almost that of my trip charge 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ like. They need to work on this usability error , no one is above mistakes. This doesn’t make sense.

- Cancellation of a ride

I should be able to cancel a trip myself after calling a driver and he is far away. We shouldn’t be telling the driver to cancel the trip so we can get another one.

- Inside condition of the cars

Dear Uber, I know you’ve been forced to accept older model cars in Nigeria, to enable a wider driver pool. But you need to regulate the hygiene of the interior of these cars. Most of the Uber cars are now very dusty/dirty inside. The seats need vacuuming as dust has become embedded in the fabric. Then the smell. Some of them use really nauseating air freshners which are meant for public toilets. The other day, I even took an Uber that the guy had completely covered the seats with this hideous fabric chair cover so the seat belts were completely covered. When I tried to pull the fabric off so I could find the seatbelts, I got a shower of dust in my face. So my baby had no seat belt for the entire journey. This is just not cool at all. You can do better Uber.


Uber is so cheap, convenient and accurate with timing. Their drivers are respectful and helpful, l have never have bad experience with any of them.

- I get debited more than once

Please I will like my cash payment option to be reactivated I get debited more than once Imad it’s not funny anymore, tried contacting via email I keep getting replies that my messages where not sent cos the support center isn’t supposed to receive emails. Please kindly review and reactive my payment option. Thanks

- Bad update

Uber you have a bug in your code anytime I switch payment to card it switches back to cash and I don’t do it please correct this

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@pslbill @Uber_Support All because a driver was pissed off gps had her go to the back of the plaza instead of the f…

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Uber - Request a ride iphone images
Uber - Request a ride iphone images
Uber - Request a ride iphone images
Uber - Request a ride iphone images
Uber - Request a ride iphone images
Uber - Request a ride iphone images
Uber - Request a ride iphone images
Uber - Request a ride ipad images
Uber - Request a ride ipad images
Uber - Request a ride ipad images
Uber - Request a ride ipad images
Uber - Request a ride ipad images
Uber - Request a ride ipad images
Uber - Request a ride ipad images
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The applications Uber - Request a ride was published in the category Travel on 2010-05-21 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 368677371]. This application file size is 310.16 MB. Uber - Request a ride - Travel posted on 2020-08-03 current version is 3.416.10004 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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