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Find jobs using Indeed, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs.
In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards.
From search to apply, Indeed’s Job Search app helps you through the entire process of finding a new job.

World’s #1 Job Search site*
- Join over 250 million job seekers each month that use Indeed
- Find jobs in over 60 countries and 28 languages
- Search the Indeed database of over 16 million jobs

- Simple, fast-loading job search
- Find openings in cities near you using your device’s GPS
- View new jobs added since your last search
- Search by job title, company and location to find your dream job
- Find full-time, part-time, contract, freelance and internship jobs

- Use your Indeed Resume to easily apply to select jobs
- Create a resume, joining Indeed’s network of over 70 million resumes
- Personalize a message for each job before applying
- Don’t want to apply just yet? Send a reminder to apply later

- Recent job searches are remembered
- Save or email your favorite jobs
- Create a free Indeed account
- Follow favorite companies to get the latest jobs and updates
- Have the newest jobs delivered to your inbox
- See which jobs you’ve visited, saved, and applied to

- Preview page displays full description of job posting
- See how companies are rated by employees
- Read over 12 million company reviews
- See photos of what it’s like to work at companies before you apply
- Review your employer

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- So Thankful 🙏🏼

I am so thankful for this app and the access it offers to finding potential jobs! Everything about this app is easy to navigate, understand, and allows you to create a professional level resume with step by step prompts. I feel as though the personal assessments are a wonderful addition/asset for employers looking for qualified candidates. The simplicity of the resume creation process truly allows you to include everything you want an employer to know. You can provide as much or as little as you’d like, and in turn give the people looking to hire many factors to use for selecting the job seekers they are interested in. I just cannot praise this app enough, and am so immensely thankfully that it is free.... Especially seeing as the people who are utilizing the app are primarily unemployed and more than likely not toting around a whole lot of money to spend on paid apps. HaHa! So again, all my praises, and thank you, thank you, thank you! Please keep up the amazing work!

- Unreliable

I’ve been using Indeed for several years, both as a job seeker and as a hiring manager. The service itself has been decent; the amount of legitimate jobs is much higher than several other employment services. However, the user interface is incredibly unfriendly and unreliable. The search filters don’t actually filter anything. When I try to filter jobs so that only full-time ones show up, several part-time jobs still appear. When I try to sort jobs by date posted, the jobs on each results page are randomly listed (e.g. first is 20 hours ago, then 8 hours, then 2 days, then 20 hours, then 30+ days, 10 days, 3 hours, and so on). The job market in my area is intensely competitive and fast-paced; you need to be one of the first 2-3 applicants in order to even be considered. Not only is it annoying to have to manually sort through postings after I’ve applied filters, it’s also a great disservice to me as a job seeker. I’ve missed several opportunities as a result of this faulty sorting. It’s actually quite simple to make a query system that accurately sorts by date and time posted. Why Indeed hasn’t implemented such a system is beyond me.

- Best Job Seeking App EVER!!

So out of all of the job boards and apps featuring open job postings, this has to be by far THEE BEST! I used Indeed very frequently. Not only do they post current openings, they also have information about the company. Similar to how Glassdoor (also another fav) will tell you about the company’s culture & interviewing process, Indeed does the same. You have jobs where you can easily apply within the app without having to visit an external site - convenient! Employers may also respond to you in the app if they’re interested. The notification will go to your phone & it also sends you an email, in case you’re away from your phone. Also super convenient! I love how it tells you how long ago the job was posted and also how many people have already applied. To me, that sets realistic expectations. I can keep going & going, it is just an all around great app!

- Such a shame

I hate the fact that most employers use this app. The filters don’t help at all. And most job posting that I find are the same. Nothing is ever new on indeed. Also I have had an indeed account for 4 years and I’m still unemployed!!! Now it’s even harder to find a job because I have a ridiculous gap in my very limited experience. I am a student and I have no scholarships and bills to pay!! I am so frustrated at this point. Also I have very little experience working in the first place, why does indeed keep suggesting that I apply to be a teacher or a lawyer? All I am looking for is a simple part time job in fast food or as a receptionist or something similar. I am tired of all these positions for nurses and doctors and psychologists. According to my indeed resume, I don’t have a degree yet nor do I qualify for any of those positions. Why is it so hard to find the types of jobs I need? Also the ones that do show up, have so many other applicants that I will never be noticed in the first place. Don’t get this app it’s not worth the time or energy. Also if you use indeed right now, just use another job website instead or you will end up like me. Severely in debt and no way out.


Indeed is not a good place to look for a job ! It’s nothing but scammers and 3rd party companies pretending to be that company !! I was very in need of a job applied for “Realtor Assistant” and about to have a baby. Got over excited for a “great opportunity and work schedule” ended up being scammed now I’m going through a whole fraud thing with my bank and trying to protect my name and my information. They are so good at sounding like legit jobs. Getting you to do “TASK/TRAINING” at home due to the virus. They email you all information and job description you go through the process fill out the “job application” They do telemarketing interview than phone interview they sound very professional about it. The final “interview” once you pass “background check” they ask how would you like to receive your pay check and I’ve always done direct deposit with no problem and will send in my direct deposit form. The address they send for “their company” come out to legit address the website they have pops up and everything, At the end turns out the be a dam SCAM !!! And now they have your bank, Driver License, Address all your information and don’t even respond back to you !!

- Too many 3rd party emails!

I moved to another state and needed to search for a job, my friend recommended indeed so I downloaded it and started searching after I registered. I applied for a few jobs, next day i had over 58 emails from stupid ads that indeed sold my email to! It’s been a month and I realized that I had missed a few emails from companies that requested me to apply via their website because of so many emails I received from ads and they keep coming! I am forced to open a new email because my junk and inbox are flooded with nothing but useless emails about scholarship, flipping homes, Asian porn, insurance, loans, grants etc... indeed is the worse app ever! It literally takes me a half an hour to go through my emails both inbox and junk JUST to look for responses from companies. Do not download if you don’t want your email given to other 3rd parties. They should have filtered and check for valid businesses before giving out your email. Never again! The salaries are incorrect as posted and the location is way off. I’m receiving job recommendations that are 2 hour drive from where I live. This app has given me nothing but a headache and disappointment.

- I have not stopped receiving harassing phone calls since I sent out applications on indeed

I am appreciative of the service indeed performs, and I understand that they probably have to make money to be able to continue, however, I am about to change my number that I have had for ten years bc of you. I am constantly receiving dishonest phone calls telling me they have a job for me or are calling regarding my online job application when they are telemarketers. They aren’t the jobs I applied for and I will get excited and think I got a job and it turns out to be them. There are a lot of them calling now and they change and come from different numbers so blocking does no good. They also make the numbers appear local. I can’t tell you how upsetting it is bc I am aware that they are doing this, but they will make it sound like it’s regarding an application I turned in and it’s actually not. It’s probably one of the worst things you can do to someone who is out of work and trying to find a job. So I do NOT recommend this app unless you are prepared to change your telephone number. Sorry.

- App Became Buggy after last update

My current saved job searches are now messed up after the app update on Nov 24th that was supposed to fix bugs. I had 4 job searches saved and each time I would view them, I would only be shown new postings since my last visits. Now, the jobs I’m shown are ALL over the board as to posting date and very few are even remotely new (7-14+ days old). It’s also not refreshing the list to show how many “new” postings there are. It’ll show 200+, I’ll view the postings and exit thst search and it’ll suddenly say 400+ new job postings yet they’re all over a week old so why am I now seeing these old postings when quite clearly the filter selected “since last visit” is checked. I’m beyond frustrated as this was my go to job app and now I’m unsure of which ones to download that offer relevant data. I’m worried I’m missing relevant job postings as a result. Not to mention when you flag jobs as being irrelevant to your search, you’ll always continue to see those so it’s a waste of time to report them 🤷🏻‍♀️ Did indeed suddenly quit doing their jobs?

- I have a complaint

This is from my own personal opinion and experience that I’ve had so far from this website. The first interview I had from a local company in my hometown never made me feel more embarrassed and humiliated then any other potential employer I ever had an interview with in my entire life. He insisted that I needed to get help with my mental health right away or immediately before he could ever hire me on to his company. For a part time cleaning job I mean wow that’s just ridiculous and to most of these people I’m more considered to being a “High Risk Employee” meaning that I would just leave without notice, treat other employees like dirt, and make up these excuses for not showing up to my scheduled shift that I’m supposed to be working when I really don’t have to be there for a $10 an hour job. Since nobody literally wants to work for that amount anymore since it’s a new year and new time to get paid for more then what “your job” pays you for now.

- Decent app

*Updated 3/2/18* Since the latest update, this app is horrible!!! The format is harder to read and I only seem to be getting jobs from certain categories not all the jobs. I generally work in two areas: HR and accounting. The jobs I’m mainly seeing are for customer service. I’ve checked my filters numerous times and it doesn’t specify the job type anywhere so I don’t know how to fix it. App constantly says there was an error connecting. Used to use this app all the it’s just frustrating. Started out great.....seems like nothing but problems since the last update. Generally it will say (for example) 64 new jobs in my area....when I click on the link to scroll through the new jobs it suddenly changes to (for example) 23 new jobs and then when I go to the next page it says 58 new jobs. Very frustrating!!!! Also I've noticed a huge increase in the number of "sponsored" job postings. These are highly annoying as most are well over 30 days old.....

- This app is a joke.

I have continued to use Indeed for several years in hopes a legitimate job posting would come my way, well that is my fault. Indeed is filled with nothing but scams and fraudulent job opportunities. I receive many “offers” through the messaging system Indeed offers and they are all fake. I’m so used to getting these phony messages that I don’t even bother with them anymore. Indeed has a place on the emailed version of the message to let them know that you suspect fraud but it doesn’t do any good. Also, the filters Indeed offer do not even work. I search for administrative assistant positions in my area and get sales job postings and other random posts that do not apply to my search. Oh, and I keep getting questions from Indeed to update my resume by answering simple questions that pertain to nothing about my experience and such. This app/site is horrible! I do not and would not ever recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for a job, I would go straight to the company’s website where you’d like to work. Do NOT waste your time on here!

- Best Job Site

I have gotten over 5job in the last 6yrs thru Indeed! This sight is not only great for getting jobs yet also gives the chance to build an easy to make resume as well as on Indeed it you can see where your skill levels for jobs are at helping you qualify for more jobs than you first realize. I personally wish I was shown how to use Indeed when I was in high school! There are so many benefits in using Indeed and it makes look for a job more simple than going from site to site. I only wish that with a various set of jobs such as Hacienda, Bob Evans, Steak N Shake, and more that I could fill out an app on indeed and not have to fill out more on their personal sites. Indeed is an easy access and wonderful site. I recommend it to all my friends, Family, and even passed Co-Workers. There is no site as outstanding in American Employment as Indeed.

- Needs improvement

Indeed has a lot of job sources however I've been using indeed for quite a time now since my unemployment which is now going on 3 months . I've had difficult experiences that I find to be unprofessional at 2 businesses. I applied for paratransit CCT connect in Frankford area or Philadelphia and the application of course went through got offered a position however after going through paper work and 3 days of training then the job tells me I'm not old enough after signing over my signature and giving them info such as my social and i.d . And Which I found to be unorganized and a waste of time And i recently had an interview with Ace check cashing in West Philadelphia and I got offered a full time position in which they never called me back for training and when I reached out I never got a answer or response which is very unprofessional, a waste of time and money .and of course this is after papers for employment were signed . Indeed needs to open the site to business who actually wants to hire people not waste their time .

- Great app!

I use this app almost every single day. I still have not found a job but that is because I am looking in a small geographical area in a very specific field. I would give it a 5/5 but I have two problems. 1. Since the new update a few weeks ago I cannot find a way to delete recent searches on my phone. I can on my IPad. There isn’t an edit button, they don’t slide to delete, and I can’t hold them down to delete like other apps. I search a lot and I like to delete some of them. And 2. Once I’ve looked at the new available jobs and return home it tells me the jobs are still there even though I have viewed them. That’s just annoying but I would prefer to be able to delete searches at my leisure. I love everything else about this app but those two things since the update a few weeks ago have bothered me to the point I would rank it as less stars. Thanks for listening, hope it’s fixable.

- Best employment asset anywhere online.

With this app, I managed to not only set up an account with all the information I need and my resume but be able to share it with any employer anywhere. For free. They understand when you're in-between jobs or looking for a career getting slammed for monthly payments isn't ideal if even an option at all. With their free excellent service, you can create an account in about as long as it takes you to fill out a normal application (5-15 minutes) and any employer or company you applied to can see your account. This is useful because you can add more skills, training, experiences, and basically anything that looks sloppy on a resume can go on your account for the employer to see. Along with your resume, this may be the extra touch needed to get that $16 an hour job. Indeed is the way to go no questions.

- Account Profile

I love indeed and have been using it for 5 years now. The only thing I’m not a fan of is applying over the internet because there is no face to face interaction where I’m able to give a good or bad first impression. I always go to an interview or even to pick up the application wearing a suit regardless of where I’m applying. Like linkden indeed needs to add a profile portion of the app so that employers can get a face to the name and allow the people to give a small background of themselves to hopefully give them a extra chance to get a job. I’ve been working on some personal details of my life this year and would like to be able to explain some of that briefly. Only the employers should be able to see these profiles. They wouldn’t be for social measures, only for the employer and employee communication.

- Needs basic changes ASAP!

Overall the apps interface is very clean and simple to use/navigate through, but I feel like it hasn't evolved in over a year and is actually going backwards. Most importantly, there is no feature to allow you to delete old inbox messages from previous jobs you applied for. This is unacceptable for many reasons, for one it's a basic feature to be able to delete and clear old message/inbox clutter, but more importantly most of the old messages are either rejections, erroneous old interview scheduling, or just random 'thank you for applying'-type messages. No job seeker should be subject to having to be reminded about rejections every time they open their inbox. They need to add this feature IMMEDIATELY on the app. What's even more disappointing is while this wasn't an app feature, you DID have the option to delete messages when using a PC or Laptop, but this was actually just taken away inexcusably in July!! So now there is literally no option to delete old, irrelevant messages. I suggest they change this quick or there are going to be a ton of people including myself just given my business to another job board. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, if you just Google "how do you delete old messages on Indeed" there are several disgruntled users who are baffled this basic yet necessary feature doesn't exist. Please fix the ASAP.

- Could be better...

1. Because "ABC Co" is listed on my resume, I am considered the expert on it(!) and at the bottom of my screen I am asked questonable such as "Is ABC Co" showing employees to work from home during Covid?" and "Does ABC Co pay fairly?" etc. In one case I left the company more than 5 years ago and have no knowledge of what they are doing now; in the other, I worked for a single individual who is now deceased and it is painful to see this pop up. There is no way to get rid of these questions without putting in an answer out of frustration - which may not be correct. Very frustrating. 2. I would like to be able to filter out certain industries in my profile so they do not appear in any of my searches. I have no medical background but get listings for nurses, doctors, etc. This does to multiple fields. 3. Along with #2, you can indicate you are not interested in a job 🚫 and select the reason, but similar jobs keep popping up. 4. It would be good if a job were automatically moved to "applied" once you complete the application. You have to do this yourself and I have come close to applying for the she job twice. And 5. I understand that apps might look different and perform differently under different browsers - but my searches don't sync! I've got different combinations on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. And who knows what it looks like on my iMac... Simply not very efficient.

- Indeed - Keep up the good work!

I’ve been using this job searching tool for YEARS and quite pleased with the responses from employers I’ve received.. not to mention how much this app has evolved over time. I am actively searching for work right now, which requires me to be on the app daily. One of the biggest complaints I’d like to address is the “messages” section of the app. I often receive these solicitation emails from recruiters I’ve never heard of and I have yet to figure out how to delete them! Please, if this can be fixed ASAP that would be much appreciated! I experience no other issues with this app, but THE MESSAGES.. and that’s a huge inconvenience for me. I want to have the ability to delete all messages I no longer wish to keep. Thanks again Indeed for the updates you’ve undergone, the app has come such a long way. I will for sure continue to utilize this app everyday.

- Above - And - BEYOND

I cant stress how many different jobs apps and websites I been too and they all lead to the same thing, failure. The apps are way too complicated, websites are a wreck and messy, and resumes are beyond hard to make. Once I heard about indeed through a colleague, i checked it out. I now have indeed on my phone, computer, and get daily updates from the app. For the phone, it is an amazing app that is simple, easy, and great functionality to help you easily apply to job in no less then 30 seconds. It actually surprises me how easy it is to apply to a job and how much stress I held back from other apps due to this one. The computer is even easier, with a simple, clean website that provides you with everything you need to know. If you are looking for a job, DOWNLOAD OR CHECK OUT INDEED IMMEDIATELY!

- I want to give it two and a half

The app is ok with showing jobs in the areas you select, but the daily messages about jobs that are supposedly “perfect for you based on your resume!” Is a complete joke. My resume lists my experience in the medical field and it keeps sending me emails to apply to security guard jobs or jobs as an assistant manager in sales or it suggests jobs that require things and experience I don’t have, but I’m still perfect for it according to them. It makes no sense and it’s very frustrating. Top that off with it telling me that I don’t have a resume uploaded when I clearly do, I use it every time I apply for a job and the fact that some employers I have interviewed with don’t get the full copy of my resume sent to them even though when I review it before it’s sent it’s all there makes this app disappointing. So many bugs to fix in it maybe one day it will correct itself, but for now I’d you know of better apps use them this should be a last resort.

- Negotiations Position- ClearOne

I had a great opportunity to work as a negotiator for Clear One advantage. In January 2020 I started my training and I had a great trainer who prepared me to excel in this position once I hit the floor. Unfortunately a few months later I was laid off due to COVID-19. The HR team was excellent at communicating back-and-forth with emails answering all my questions and concerns. Now in July I am making an attempt to applying as a negotiator or other openings within the same company. Yes benefits and training are superb however I didn’t rate this review with five stars simply because I started working as an NCA negotiator and after two months I was told I would have to work in a different negotiations department which was quite different from the initial job I was trained in. Due to Covid I was working remotely from home in this new position and never met my manager in person nor was I trained in person for this new negotiations department; 30 days after working remotely I was laid off due to the pandemic. I just applied in July 2020 for a sales position with ClearOne. Based on how managers communicate and train their new hires I know I can excel and would recommend this company for anyone looking to excel in their mid level career! Thank you Katie Lubinski for always replying promptly to my emails relevant to HR questions/concerns! -Jarod Carmichael

- App is good, just minor change wishes

The app is fine, although I haven’t received any responses. Possibly because I’m trying to change careers, so we’ll see how it continues to go. The resume feature, when uploaded, needed tweaks that I manually went in and re-did due to it not being an exact copy (ex: my sentences were broken up in ways that didn’t read well, one of my jobs had the incorrect name for employer transferred over) I like the suggestion of a previous review with showing the prospective employer the original resume pdf which I believe shows a little character. A minor pet peeve is seeing “sponsored” jobs multiple times in a single search. Putting them at the top is ok with me, but taking more of my time is a bit much. Overall I’m back to a 4 star rating (after update fixes). Will continue to keep as a go to for job searching.

- Allows Employers Too Hide Behind The Internet

My son has used this sight and others like it for over a year. He's educated and well qualified. Yet he has received only a handful of interviews and no offers of employment. The frustration of having to apply without the benefit of using his likability and good presence is reducing him to hopelessness. It is not from a lack of effort. The amount of time he has devoted to filling out applications and searching job sites like this one, is far beyond what it should require to acquire employment. Canvassing only furthers his frustration as businesses direct employment inquiries to their website or related internet search engines. I see a young man full of promise losing faith in his country and it breaks my heart. Nothing is as fulfilling as landing the job you worked so hard in school to obtain. But it seems as though the heart as been torn out and the experience reduced to a band width of anonymity. It is only one man's opinion. I hope your experience proves otherwise.

- Could be better

The app is extremely helpful when finding a job because most jobs go through indeed for hiring. Searching for jobs and applying is very easy, as well as updating resume information. The only complaint that I have is that the search functions aren’t the best. I like to see more recent jobs versus jobs that are 30 days old, but most of the time when you change the date range it still includes dates past 14 days. The other issue I have is for the education portion, I’ve gone to technical school and have received a diploma, the highest option it has for education is an associates degree. There are many jobs that require at least a certification or diploma and it’s likely you’d be excluded from their search because it only allows you to select either a high school diploma, or an associates as the lowest option. There is nothing for a college diploma or certification.

- Concerns

I’ve been using indeed for years now and I’ve always mastered at getting successful jobs with no problem. But lately it’s been kind of frustrating when I look up a certain job field and it pulls up everything but what I’m looking for , that cause a lot of frustration on my end. Another thing I have concerns about is why it doesn’t showed that you have already applied for a job. It should remove the jobs you have already applied for vs it just not being bold like the other jobs. It will help with applying for jobs better if you know what jobs you already applied for so that you want keep tryna apply for the same job over and over. Other then that I love indeed and I would highly recommend it too anyone looking for employment fast and easy. Thanks Indeed

- Great App

I feel this app is very useful but only in certain states. In Utah this app found me a lot of jobs that not only did I apply for but got back with me so fast I was unemployed for a few days. I didn’t like job hopping but when I saw I job I was doing but paid more I applied. Now living in Arizona it hasn’t been all that good. I don’t feel like employers use it often or if they do it’s not the type of shift that works for me because I have kids & it’s only me & my wife no immediate family. I search for overnights & for some reason some employers think 2/4 PM to midnight is overnight. It’s not it’s swing or 2nd shift. I feel 9 or later is graveyard or 3rd or overnight shift. Haven’t had much success with this app in Arizona I’ve applied to so many different companies but I’ve only had maybe 6 call me for an interview.

- Fastest Way to Find a Job

After using various job sites I came across Indeed. Unlike other sites, Indeed is very organized and easy to search through. You can filter your search in great detail to make sure you find a position that appeals to you. I especially like how you can filter your search by category, such as retail or food. Many jobs will also allow you to apply through Indeed itself, instead of going to the company's site. This has made it very easy for me to submit my resumes and input my information. Thanks to Indeed, I was able to score a job at a local grocery store within a day of calling. If you're looking for a job, it seems that most employers post on Indeed, so you'll be able to find that perfect job no matter how simple or unique.

- Most organized, good matching of job desire and qualifications, from a health care perspective

Could not give 5th star, to any job board, but Indeed is in the top quartile in most regards. There is variable matching of what you are credentialed, skilled, or licensed to do versus opportunities presented (the job descriptions ‘Pharmacy Technician’ and ‘Pharmacist’ must be a challenge for IA to separate. Job boards link to other job boards, sometimes multiple links flash by before you arrive at the website with application information &/or access. This can lead to multiple postings for the same specific position(s) and you applying more than once (if you don’t notice, or don’t get enough detail to realize you already applied to that site). Indeed has a nice feature to track your progress through the search, apply, interview, etc.

- Waste of time

First off I’d like to say that I’ve been on indeed for about 1 year now, just looking to see if I can catch any company or agencies attention. With that being said I've been unemployed now for almost 3 and a half months and I’m completely unsatisfied with the app. I get two minute calls from agencies and employers trying to get me on board saying they took a brief look at my resume and are interested in my persona, but I almost never hear back from them. I’ve been waiting for 4 companies two of those with agencies and I’m near the end of losing my mind. There should be a company policy or something that enforces the employers and agencies to respond within a week two weeks tops. I need answers from these companies and I’m tired of getting strung along and given a sense of false hope. Like I said earlier it’s been 3 months now and there needs to be Change. I know lots of folks as well that don’t have any luck with this app either. It’s an epidemic 👎.

- Could be better

I wish I could give Indeed more stars. It has potential as a job seeking app, but it has a couple big problems I’d like to mention. First is it doesn’t have a way to withdraw an application. So if you apply for a job but change your mind later you can’t undo it. Of course you can always ignore any calls or texts you get from the company you applied for. Second is that it doesn’t remember me marking jobs as not interested or irrelevant to my job search, so I end up seeing the same jobs and having to press 🚫 everyday for the same jobs. It also doesn’t seem to separate out app based jobs like doordash, shipt, or Uber. On top of that, I would like indeed to not just auto set my category preferences for jobs. Let me have the choice to do that on my own and I can change it as I see fit. Of course I’ll continue to use this app even if these problems aren’t fixed but these are definitely huge annoyances.

- Need To Refine Search Tools

Indeed has become the go-to source for job postings, but as a potential employee searching for a new position, it’s maddening to use, and you end up scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to find what might be a good fit. If there were a way to separate industries, posting dates, etc, it would make the app much, much more user friendly. For instance, if I’m looking for a district manager position in the food and beverage industry, and I type in “District Manager,” I then have to wade through all postings with those keywords, regardless of industry. And this is just one example. Also, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the order I see postings. I can scroll from a brand new posting less than 1 day old, to the next posting that 30 days or more old, followed by 1 that’s 2 days old, and so on, and so on. There seems to be no filters to make this any better.

- What’s with the assessments and ghosting on Indeed.

Indeed is great for finding jobs out there (if they are current postings) But what’s with the new assessments? Even colleges are starting to remove the GRE from their application requirements because many people don’t do well on timed tests and they found they are missing out on great candidates because of this. Seems like a very backward way of thinking to start have APPLICANTS do this now for a JOB. Also, often when you apply through Indeed you have no way of following up with the company and you simply get ghosted. Indeed creates a big disconnect between worker and employer. Can you change this? I recently had a pop up box on my screen telling me I didn’t have certain experience for a position and they may not look at my resume because of this. I looked over the job posting and there was no mention of needing this experience. Ha! I get ghosted the majority of the time anyway whether I have way more experience than requested or none. 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Ok but no different from other job sites

I have submitted many applications and still stuck in the same dead end job. I used to get excited when I got a notification that a company viewed my application. It seemed promising. But after several views and no replies, these notifications don’t mean anything to me anymore. Maybe it’s the region where I live, but I don’t see how after three college degrees and 18 years of work experience, I still struggle to make over $17 an hour. Maybe college was a lie. Stories of all the doors a degree would open for you don’t seem to apply to me. All I have are thousands of dollars in student loan debt which I could have avoided it I had just worked in a warehouse right out of high school (yes, I know people working in warehouses with no college degree who make more than I do).

- Review (with suggestions)

I have used indeed for the past 6 months, and I appreciate the vast job opportunities I find on the search engine. The web page and app are cleanly organized as well, which helps the job search go smoothly. 4 stars goes to those points alone, indeed has truly made it a very streamlined process. -1 star because I do not appreciate receiving job suggestions through email that are so far out of my field that I feel the key words I have put in my saved resume are quite reaching as far as they could. I also think that it would be beneficial to be able to follow-up with employers directly, linked to the resume and cover letters I send them on indeed, instead of having to search to find an email online that maybe leads to the hiring department.

- Nothing but scams and B.S. jobs in Austin

This app may work for some but I’m speaking specifically for the Austin Texas audience. This app has sent me on a loop or either scam businesses or jobs that had a false description. I’ve been on countless amounts of interviews and have denied all of they jobs due to them not being legit or false descriptions. I’ve had my resume professionally observed and re-done plenty of times, Still no results. This website sends me random jobs that aren’t even in the city of Austin. Be very cautious of a website like this. Like I said it does send me jobs but the COMPANIES ARE NOT EITHER REAL OR THEY AREN'T WHAT THEY PUT INTO THEIR DESCRIPTION. I hope indeed can fix this issue for the Austin Locals. They also send you to more “independent contractor” positions. While this may be convenient for some, Be aware that most of those companies have a huge chance they won’t pay you. Please people be very careful. It’s a ton of business scams. They allow you to work and then they won’t pay you. Do your research.

- Needs much improvement

I have the app on my iPhone and it tends to crash quite a bit. Prompting job seekers to “Retry” and “Unable to Connect” is not exactly productive. Also, as someone mentioned upthread, I don’t want to see the same jobs I’ve already viewed rehashed on different pages. Too much of a waste of my time to scroll through. And please don’t match my resume up with jobs that in no way relate to what I have posted and requested on your website. I don’t speak Chinese or Russian, nor do I have a background in sales. That’s another waste of my valuable time, and insults someone’s intelligence. Doesn’t even make sense. Allow applicants to delete older messages from prospective employers that are several months or weeks old. I don’t want to see messages from 2018. I hope you take these criticisms into account. It would make many frustrated job seekers much less stressed in an already tentative job market.

- Get it Together

It’s really going down hill from when they started. Always crashes(even after updated), always gives you jobs you’re not looking for after you filtered your search, it doesn’t give you any good jobs to really apply for, sometimes you don’t hear from employers for months even though it says very responsive employer, the jobs they send you to apply for are never relevant to your resume or your search, there’s no customer support team to call if something goes wrong, you really can’t report employers that are rude and some jobs are quick apply but then they ask you for 3 pages of information. All updates are not good updates, two years ago, I would’ve given this 5 stars but it honestly deserves 1 or 2 stars. I wish that this feedback really gets to someone that can do something about this or someone could create something better than indeed.


This app used to be so good, full of real opportunities and some wheee along the line people began to feed of people needing a job and taking advantage of them with big numbers and sounds to good to be true job opportunities and I’ve almost been scammed 3 times, luckily I researched the things they were requesting and asking about and today one person messaged me on my phone which by the way they can’t get my #unless I applied already which I never did. So not only are there scams on this app that aren’t being caught, they are also hacking into the system and getting your direct phone numbers. Also including when they ask for your email address, they request you respond and when you do they actually get your IP address, even opening the message can be done. Either way please tread with caution, might as well call this the professional looking Craigslist, just as shady as it is there except you expect more on this app. Unfortunate and just be careful everyone.

- Great app but serious flaws.

Don’t get me wrong, Indeed is a great app for job searching. But lately the flaws are making me more and more frustrated with the app, to the point of using it less or not at all, and using something else like LinkedIn Jobs. 1) usually in the middle of a job application or just looking at a job posting, if I go out of the app, even just for a minute or 2, the Indeed app will completely lose my place and go back to the home screen. Then I have to find the job all over! 2) just a few minutes ago, the app COMPLETELY signed me out and then lost all my recent searches. I’m not even sure if my saved searches are still there. This is an EGREGIOUS flaw and it really makes me hate using the app. It’s sad because otherwise Indeed is a great job search tool.

- Needs more filters...& they need to work!

I like using the app but I really wish the filters were better! I’m currently looking for a job in the medical office field, but a lot of the jobs that pop up are for nursing jobs. For example, I would like to not see listings for Trauma Room Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, etc. They are all very specific nursing jobs. I understand many positions for medical office may require a nursing degree but there are also many that do not require one. It would be nice to have a filter that would help you eliminate unwanted postings from showing up in your search. Another glitch, the distance filter is garbage. They will include job listings for areas that are way outside of your search area. I shouldn’t see a job that is 28 miles away when my filter is set to 15 miles. Why bother with a filter for distance if it doesn’t work?

- Decent-Needs more development

I believe there needs to be more detail in the search as far as pay and experience. There are quite a few issues with the search. You generally see the same job listing over and over again instead of new ones..would say that's the most bothersome part of the app. Also when you change the proximity of how close you would like your job to be to the zip or city types in, it STILL shows areas that are COMPLETELY out of the way. I would say there isn't as much of a variety of jobs. Mostly just factory, restaurant, and medical/dental assistant kinds of jobs. I really would love for there to be an advanced search and job opportunities for companies who don't worry about if you have experience in the jobs and are willing to train. Also, an easier search for internships would be nice. Indeed has great potential...just would like to see it more!

- Very helpful but not perfect

I love how quick it can be to submit resumes and apply to different places, as well as find places looking to hire that is near me and related to what I want to do, but there are some things that can be annoying during the process. Some jobs require you to go to another website to apply, which is smooth and easy, but when you get back, the app rarely recognizes the fact that you already applied so you can’t keep track of it. There have also been many times where I’ve opened a job that is marked as one that I haven’t viewed before, but when I open it it’s obviously one that I’ve read AND applied to already. Other than little stuff like that it’s really nice and applying for jobs has never been easier :)

- “Apply Now” can be misleading

The app itself is good for knowing about what is available however if it’s not leading to receiving interviews/offers then it’s not serving it’s purpose. That being said “Apply Now” should be a one button instant send off of your resume if the employer signed up as such. Far too often I am met with a complicated and long set of additional questions that mimics the exact same process as applying via a corporate website which defeats the purpose of a quick application. Indeed needs to screen or else make it clear to employers the purpose of this feature. Job seekers submitting applications through this feature typically are at their current job and are looking to use “Apply Now/Quick Apply” while at work while reserving the more complex/longer applications for when they get home.

- Most jobs are fake

I’ve read about this in several blogs and in the reviews for the app and website. Most jobs are fake and a scam, they make you submit videos, cover letters, do 30 min interviews and then you never hear from them. You may say “that just means you aren’t a good candidate”. Well no, they all contact you right away and want to interview you next day, want you to start immediately, usually the interviews are in groups cause they want to speed everything up. Also a lot of the emails are written the same way with the same spelling errors. Also a lot of people contact you regarding your application and when you didn’t even apply to that company and then when you ask for the link to the application they stop answering. You can tell the company is fake if they are hiring more than 10 people for 10 different positions, like how do you function if you’re hiring 15 people from HR to manager to sales, it makes no sense.

- Horrible

Where do I start ? Indeed was once a good job search but now it’s just out of hand with the fraudulent companies, by the way if indeed is a professional job search app/website how do you let frauds post fake jobs? When was this ever okay!!! This company need to put their workers into overdrive by making indeed a safer place with REAL JOBS by blocking out any suspicious acts. Number two, Indeed search is so out of wack ! if I am searching for a particular job in the EXACT location I type in the search bar it’s no reason why you are listing far and out of range cities this need to change !!!!!! What is the search bar for if indeed is gonna keep giving us the results they want to give us instead of what we are looking for ourselves 👎🏽indeed do better cause this is ridiculous. Third ORGANIZATION! There is none at all what’s going on at indeed headquarters? Everyone sleeping or working ? I’m thinking sleepy cause this website and app is horrible..

- Unemployment

I have been unemployed for over a year and a half. I have been applying through indeed for that whole period and still am. I have applied through here and the actual employer websites. I’ve only been to THREE interviews when I have applied to over 50 jobs I kid you not. I live in an area in California where jobs are very hard to find and I moved out here during a bad time. I barely have experience in working and I can’t even get hired at a fast food restaurant due to me having limited availability...? It’s been very frustrating not meeting some qualifications but no one will hire me to help me gain more experience! I’ve had no luck whatsoever and I’m very very short on money and barely getting by with taking care of a child as well. The fact that I cannot even get a part time job at a fast food restaurant is very frustrating.

- Social Work is NOT the same as a RN, or Social Media Guide

Social Work is a solid career with its own professional organizations, pathways to licensure, and degrees. This app keeps getting it wrong. I do more “dismiss” actions than applying for jobs. Why? Because it seems that a RN is the same as a case manager which is the same as a Social Worker who is the same as a social media consultant who can fill in as a housing residential manager. Sounds crazy? It is. 75% of the jobs are not in my field, even when I put a + between social and worker. I am not licensed because the two supervisors I need to complete recommendations to the state of Georgia for me, have gone incognito. Yet this app continues sending licensed, supervisory, psychologist, psychiatrist job leads to me. 75% I do not qualify to apply. On the flip side the 25% that I do meet, I have had interviews in less than a two week period.

- Hire someone to maintain this app

This is increasingly frustrating to find a job, apply for it, and then find another and it will not load. It just does not load at all. It shows the previous job’s information and it’s grayed out so you can’t do anything on the screen. You can’t close it, you can’t open it, you can’t apply, you can’t do anything except close the app and reopen it. And guess what happens when you do that? It forgets all the filters you put in and forgets the previous position you were in to show you the last position you were interested in. It mixed up all the positions in a new order and you will have a difficult time finding that one position you were interested in. Try doing this multiple times. It kept doing that every single time I tried applying to a position after another.

- Stop signing me out!!!

Ugh I hate that every time I go to save a job, I’m signed out after selecting keep me signing in. Another thing I don’t like is no option to report fake companies and ads, I’ve applied to a couple of job ads only for them to be scammer/spammers and send me fraudulent emails. I also don’t like how you can’t weed out jobs you have already applied to and companies you don’t want to apply to. It seems as tho there are more things wrong with the app like everyone says. No good filter, a repeat of jobs, when signed out a better quality, when signed in the same postings, and please stop adding Washington state jobs with Washington DC! Other than that, a good app for the most part, still tryna see this report where a lot of people get jobs off indeed, I think it’s more beneficial for the employer because in the forums or speaking to people in passing, nobodies really finding jobs.

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- Chef,

As always indeed is a very helping & Customer orientated web site & takes care of Candidates needs from time to time. Gives a opportunity to job seekers from all perspectives. Get the resumes updated from time to time & ask the job seekers to apply for position which has been ignored by the job seekers. Wish indeed all the best.

- Terrible UI problems

This App barely works, I used to have an account and couldn’t sign into it after trying again so had to use another email to create an account because it said my account was taken even though just prior to that it told me there was no account using my email. When I finally got into the app I found only problems and that it butchered my resume that I uploaded and filled in one company name for EVERY job I have had which I then had to manually fix all the information only to have it do the exact same thing again. I want to use this service but until these issues are fixed with the system, unfortunately I have to rate this 1 Star to try and bring some attention to these issues.

- Amazing potential but badly executed

I love this app for job searching but it is INCREDIBLY frustrating to use. It always takes so long to load on I’m using it on an iPhone XS Max. There is no way to sort your job searches by date and there is no way to dismiss the jobs I have already applied for. The home and bad buttons need a bit of work to as it feels more like I’m on a website within an app than actually using an app. I think this has the potential to dominate this category but the design team really need to bring it into 2019 and take it out of the stage that the first Facebook app was in many many years ago

- Needs improvement

Not a bad app but needs improvements such as stop showing me jobs outside what I search for it’s really irritating when I see a job and think that’s perfect only to notice it’s located in WA or QLD when I’m in NSW! Also regularly when i go into app it’s says network unavailable so have to swipe the app off my screen and reopen again ! It will also show a job that I’m interested in then I go back into app later to look more into it only I can no longer see the job but then it will reappear again later ! Please fix these bugs

- Ingenious! 1st instance I’ve seen using review to circumvent actual need for the app being reviewed!

I’m referring of course to the previous reviewer that’s just using the comments to seek employment. Such audacity, what a go-getter. You’re hired! I’ll update once I’ve actually used the app, apparently you don’t have to though ;-)

- Good but needs updating

Good app for JobSearch with the ability to easily apply from phone or tablet however, recent updates make it hard and glitchy to filter jobs into new listings and you get jobs nearly a month old coming up regularly. Ability to store resumes is good & the notifications are helpful but really needs updating with a better way to filter which was on previous versions.


Auto full has so many bugs and by the time, by you go back and fix it all up it would of been much quicker to just not have auto fill in the first place. Job links send you straight to the seek app anyway. Don’t waste your time.

- Easy to use and great email job updates

Easy app to use and great daily job updates. Like the fact when you click on the job it just shows as a pop up.

- Improvement needed

The app is functional but the Indeed service is woefully out of whack, job suggestions are so unbelievably random and inappropriate. Half of the recommended jobs are on the other side of the country, cleaning jobs, traineeships, food service, I’ve got a management diploma for gods sake! Search is off and still presents jobs over 200kms away, developers need to fix the search function and algorithms that lead to stupid job suggestions. Even Seek is better than this.

- ...

Really needs to update more to keep up with other jobs search apps Your search criteria is horrible, always select an area but hardly shows you jobs in your selected area it’s always outside the selected area, doesn’t really show new updates jobs it’s all over the place even when you change to new jobs it shows older jobs I don’t want to see.

- Rubbish to use. Welcome to 2001.

A great app to remind us how far we’ve come in apps. If you want to experience what it was like to use a phone in 2001, then this app is perfect. The job search function is incredibly limited and basic. The preferences are almost impossible to adjust as there’s no accept/ok button. It is slow, clunky and difficult to use. Often crashes when scrolling or opens jobs you don’t want to open. Seek is 150x better.

- Great app

Indeed is easy to use and the layout isn’t too cluttered. The only thing i would change is the ability to organise and easily delete saved jobs

- Not as good as the online

The app runs slower than online. It takes forever to load up & freezes constantly Update: I’ve deleted this app for several reasons. 1. Doesn’t respond half the time to the point, I have to shut & scroll out of app & restart 2. No option to report advertisers. Some suspect advertised jobs offering £9.50 in Australia??! 3. Indeed keep reminding me that 143 new jobs or 45 new jobs have arrived YET they are the same positions over & over 4. Half of the advertised jobs lead you to another website before you can apply 5. Applying for multiple jobs & absolutely no responses from either indeed or the advertisers. 6. Will be using seek which is where Most of the ads go anyway

- Easy and handy

Can send my resume straight through the app and gives regular alerts, more range than seek and other hiring websites

- Can’t sign in

The app is completely unusable because it doesn’t let you sign in. Not incorrect password or anything, I tested to double check and it tells you if you’re typing the wrong password. It’s just not holding the login info once you get it right and continues to prompt you to login. *shrugs* the site itself is great on desktop, but the app just doesn’t work.

- Terrible update

Needs a lot of improvement. It is the worst app out of all the job searching ones. Glitches all the time, with the new update it doesn’t even work! I am unable to use it at all, no matter where I touch I am always on the Home page. Not that it ever worked smoothly, but this time it surely isn’t working at all! Shame as the webpage is decent enough.

- Average app

Struggles put the saved jobs into the saved folder/section sometimes. Next time I go to app sometimes no jobs in saved section! Improvements there needed. Goes way outside of the search guidelines I command only to find some relevant jobs way down the list of a lot of irrelevant jobs.

- So buggy

After waiting out the 48hr period my resume still never appeared in resume searches and I failed to be noticed in any searches at all. I couldn’t even find my own resume with search parameters suited to me. Also trying to log in with safari repeatedly gave me a “denied access” “content forbidden” error. Very slow app. Only use desktop version.

- Kept asking for review

I don’t mind the app, however when it kept popping up to write a review at every screen change it was driving me insane. Is the pestering part necessary to the app review? Your needs are not my needs and interference with app use is bizarre. When the option ‘not now’ is selected, it doesn’t just mean not until I click something.

- Great app, fantastic interface, and easy

This is the best job search app I’ve used so far, with a great user interface that’s easy to navigate and use.

- Indeed is great for job searches, but the app constantly has connection issues.

I love browsing Indeed for jobs because it has so many jobs available and is great for looking at international work, but with the app I keep trying to open it and get a connection error 90% of the time.

- Great and easy to use.

Very simple and easy to use. Very quick to apply for jobs from my phone.

- Useless

Worst app I’ve ever used!!!! Adds extra stress to an already stressful situation. Wouldn’t let me upload anything and keeps taking you to additional steps you don’t need. Won’t let you delete anything or start again, once the information is in your stuck with it and that’s if you can even get that far.

- So frustrating

I downloaded thinking it would be so much easier to apply for jobs but it’s made it 10x harder. Every time I go to apply for a job it tells me to log in and when I do it tells me it’s wrong password or email. I’ve changed my password 3 times already and I know it’s not wrong but it keeps telling me it is.

- App Ruined my Resume

I uploaded my Resume to the app and started applying for jobs. Apparently later I found out that the app itself trimmed my resume to its own content without asking me, and all the paragraphs are messed up and bunch of detail is missing making me look like an idiot to the people I applied jobs to. I got no comeback from anyone obviously.

- Employee to employer bridge

This application has narrow the application process with precisely filetered job search engine for interested field of job. Simple 3Es: Easy! Efficient! Effective !

- App has many bugs

Using app on iPad,when I view a job there are no navigation button to leave that job page. When eventually the navigation buttons appear (usually by following random links until something happens) it shifts the whole page up (cutting off the job title).

- Easy apply

I love how it is so easy to search local job vacancies and the easy apply button is a time saver.

- Could improve but over all not to bad

Easy to import resume and has auto fill for your in app resume, down side is I can’t set a filter for salary package like other job search platforms provide.

- Salary insights are the best!

Save you $40 per month for the same feature on LinkedIn jobs. (which is a steal)

- Good but...

Keeps recommending jobs that I have NO experience in. I’m a logistics professional. Keep getting matched up with jobs like Head of Neurosciences or Dean of Astrophysics. Getting rather annoying really. They really need to take a look at their matching algorithms...

- Indeed job search

Very helpful always up to date

- Resume layout

The resume layout after uploading looks unattractive . Would be better if the resume were left in original form with photo and colours intact. Apart from that this app is easy to use .

- Finding jobs is easy

So easy to apply for any jobs you like

- Needs better filters

Good App but needs better filters so you can do within km of location area search and wage etc so you don’t need to spend hours to find suitable jobs

- I’m in the wrong country!!!

The app is great and easy to use. However, for some reason it won’t let me change my location to Australia so now I’m can only search for jobs in the USA which is no use to me

- Updated now not working properly

I was thoroughly using this app for job saves and then I did a phone update . Drats! My phone works but the app doesn’t. Unable to go to account or save jobs !!

- Great job hunting tool

Thanks this site has been helpful in my job search and application efforts.

- User-friendliness could be improved

Seek is much more user friendly and easier to navigate. However, Indeed has jobs that Seek does not, so still worth using.

- Needs improvement

It’s not a bad app but when you specify a certain suburb for instance it will also bring up other states that your not interested in.

- Supportive

Thanks for my resume rewriting and fixing for me, and linking me for more jobs. It’s so kind, Thanks again.

- Random Jobs in Wrong Categories

Indeed has always been a lucky dip. Totally random jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with the category I look for. Look for security in casual and it offers kitchen hand in full time ?

- The best job search app in Australia

The best job search app in Australia that I have used. Some emails that I receive from Indeed are not relevant but I'm willing to overlook that.

- Apply online

I find it annoying that I can’t apply for jobs on my phone even though I have uploaded my resume onto Indeed

- It’s not bad

It’s an ok app. I have established employment with this app. It has an easy to use UI, and if you’re looking for a job, this is a great app to get you a job.

- Easy to navigate

Very clear set out with great features

- Top job seek webpage indeed!

Keep it up ‘ indeed ‘ so professionally job advertising webpage, love it & appreciated it for helping me to connect to my career jobs. Cheers DW.

- Good

Good but need to work on responses from as 90. Percent dont call you at on timing even if its a no

- Problems

Always said connection lost try later

- Interview

Thank You for getting me the role at UGL/ Endeavour Energy. Was a great help during the course of my job hunt. Role for meter reading which was advertised seems great and which i would like to commit to due my son’s school hours. Thank You Guys for making this festive season a happy one like Mr. Grinch (1st half of the movie not the ending) Hehehe :)

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- This app got me a job within an hour!

This app is indeed amazing LOL. I also got many many calls for interviews and people were looking to hire me like crazy. this app is wonderful! give it a try you won't regret it!

- To indeed

I found a full time job on indeed to me I think it’s the best site to look for work it’s very easy to use and reliable

- Need more Jobs.

Not enough Jobs.

- !!!Scammers!!!

Use app with caution, lots of fake employers out there looking to scam you. Don’t ignore red flags people.

- 💕 ❤️

Thank you INDEED , I’m not an employed anymore 😁

- Fake jobs

There is alot of fake jobs posted on indeed, i had a restaurant email me asking for resume, when i followed up with them, they said it was a fake post by someone else, not good

- Painfully Disappointing

I have been applying for work for several months, I have only had one employer contact me. Do people even find jobs on this app anymore? There’s no feed back to know why your being rejected and half the time they throw out your application without even looking. Thanks for nothing, I suppose we all just want to be unemployed bums who wait can’t mooch off the system because even the most basic jobs won’t call for interviews. Seriously, how do people find jobs anymore? You want us to contribute and yet these applications to help us find jobs are failing us.... For how many jobs are posted how does it constantly result in nothing? D: Also, The Assessments glitch out and don’t let you retake—but even then does it matter you have no idea how you’ve scored, no chance to practice to know the types of questions and I’m beginning to doubt employers even look at resumes anymore. These are a lazy excuse to weed out people who might actually be good for your company...

- I didn’t find a job

La majorité des recruteurs ne me répondent pas. Pourtant je postule uniquement pour les métiers que je sais faire

- Efficiency

I’ve been applying for jobs with the required experience, work permit and education. I haven’t got responses to the suitable jobs that I apply for

- Application is crap

Applied to over 80 jobs and only had a few actually look at my application. No call tho. Employers aren’t active on this site. Best to apply in person

- Websites

Discontinue the feature that allows employers to use popup websites

- How do you change the page

I have searched and it shows 8 pages but for some reason I can’t slide over or anything too get too the next page as I’m just looking at the same jobs over again fix it learn how too make an app or don’t make it all

- Waste

Don’t provide jobs waste of time always fill the email box

- Messages not showing up

I’ll see a notification that someone has sent a message then the message won’t show up. Kind of hard to get a job if I can’t reply to messages from potential employers!

- Applying

Applied over 800 jobs only thing just get random emails with stats and has not helped with anything but just postings . Definitely do not recommend

- Remove different email

I have tryed over n over again, once I clicked to apply my resume my friends email I let use my phone is located in blue on my resume I’m summiting. It not there until after I cluck apply how do I remove it

- Good... but...

It’s a great app. However I don’t feel that employees are giving enough information in their post and I’d love to see some changes made. It should be mandatory to post the wage being offered and the exact location you would be working if hired. Some people rely on city transit and finding out during a phone conversation that it would be 3 hours away or in another city, isn’t helpful. Also, stating what the wage being offered in the post would help a lot of us from wasting our time with low offer jobs if we’re qualified for a lot more. Too much guess work in these ads.

- 😒

Been trying with a decent resume for some not very good jobs, but I haven’t even get a offer for a job. If you’re looking for a job I recommend dropping your resume online or apply on the companies website

- Garbage

They lie. I’ve applied to 500+ places with nothing.

- Yikes

No employers ever answer and you can only submit like 6 resumes a day

- Whack

If you’re really looking for a job don’t use indeed. Most of the features don’t work and sending resumes/ applying is a whole new adventure in itself. The resume section is riddled with bugs and problems that really shows off the lack of care put into the whole app. Ending statement: Just use something else

- Very easy to use!

A+++ very easy to use and setup! Love it!

- App is ok but too many fake jobs&scams

Indeed doesn’t do a good enough job of weeding out the numerous fake jobs, scams and spam. When my phone #, full name and real email was on it I would get fake job and Nigerian origin job scams. Advise to remove number, use a burner email address for indeed, and just use initials for a name. A real legit employer will understand.

- Awesome

Easy to use and super effective to find just that perfect job you've been looking for!

- Needs more personal filtering and relevance

I wish there was a form to fill out where I could state my experience, education, preferred industry, and other industries I’m interested in, the best location for me, and full time or part time etc.. I’m finding it hard to find jobs that actually cater to my needs, don’t get me wrong there are jobs on there that suit me but it feels like I have to look for hours just to find a couple. There’s too many sponsored ones or extremely irrelevant postings as to what I actually am searching. I kind of wish it auto generated jobs that I could qualify for. I put in all the filters and searches and everything and I still get ads that are completely irrelevant.

- A lot of hope little to none for results.

Honestly been using this app for the past year and not one good sign keep in mind I’m a year out of highschool not much work experience, indeed will flood your screen with a list of eye catching jobs but reading into them I’m under qualified, there’s no easy way for me to find jobs suitable towards me and my past work history, adding on to that is this growing feeling that each time I apply to a job they aren’t really getting notified, indeed is hit or miss with people and I feel it’s a strong miss for me, nothing but let down and guilt in not being good enough when I open this app.

- Too many scam

No call yet

- Saved jobs

Awesome app, but ever since the update, I can’t save jobs anymore. Please fix this!!

- Update problem

Since the update , my resume has disappeared and I can’t get it back, also I cannot search in my area. PLEASE HELP!!

- Not many options for research

This app does not propose important options for an optimized research like for example the salary scale or the sector. It takes a lot of time to find few things interesting. I much prefer other websites with better research criterias.

- Fantastic application for finding what you seek

I am unaware of a better program or application for finding a new job. For context, I actually really enjoy job hunting. Indeed has the largest pool of job listings and the easiest interface.

- Really helpful

Im currently taking a gap year and constantly looking for new employers. Indeed allows me to apply to as many jobs i want and even talk with employers in furthering my application (s).

- Please fix your searching

Please add the sliding pay scale back to the search. Searching by a salary doesn’t work as well as the sliding scale did. There is a bug with searching by a salary, then selecting all filters to sort by date. The salary is being duplicated in the search leading to little to no results.

- Amazing 🤩

Fabulous 😗😗

- 6 stars!!!!

This app is Awesome!!!

- Hello

It’s a pretty good app

- Good


- Terrible app

So many glitches I can hardly use. Have to go through safari

- Hiring Game is weak.

I dont get any call backs

- Turns job hunting into a game

Highly recommend if you love endlessly scrolling on social media or whatever. Seeing my resume in their format made me more confident about my work experience and I’m applying to jobs I hadn’t considered but ended up being qualified for. Still searching!

- Job Seeker

Excellent service and Thank you hoping excellent results soon.

- slavery app

this is disgusting and should be illegal

- Good. But.

This app used to be great but subsequent updates seem to ruin previously enjoyed features. Iike when you're prompted if youll like delete all the closed or expired job postings after deleting a few. All of a sudden with the new update that doesn't happen anymore. The general functionality of the app is abit worse now. Like specifically arranging the posting by date posted etc. If those are fixed. It's an absolutely wonderful app 5 star really.

- Old job postings over 30 days

A lot of the job postings are over 30 days old So there for not help All job posting this old should be removed Job postings should be kept current and up to date nothing over 14 days should remain on This would make it much easier when looking for employment and there would not be near as many jobs

- Love it

I’ve used indeed many times, it’s always worked out in my favour

- IPad is frustrating

The buttons on home view only appear when the iPad is vertical. Messages has a left panel that only shows up if the iPad is horizontal. So basically this is like using the inDeed website without it having all the features and without it being device responsive.

- Doesnt work.

Doesnt work, doesnt even show me the apply button, garbage app

- Emploi

Aucun emploi proche de chez moi qui es afficher meme si je met mon code postale c tjrs a Québec

- Indeed

Great service

- Easy and fast!

Great app above all for finding local jobs and building a resume, I applied for several and received several responses already.

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- Not much luck

Some call backs, and I am really not disappointed with indeed per se, but I am disappointed in how unrealistic recruiters are in this job market just because there are a couple of positions on your resume that were short term because you needed a better position that paid better or needed to work for a better organization because the one you were at was very poorly run. But recruiters want to hear that you stick it out for some terribly run company with low pay all the while you have student debt, bills, and child support. Some of the recruiters on here live in a fantasy world and really need to come down from the clouds and quit having unfair expectations of candidates who can clearly do the job.


- I will like to see in the app the button to DOWNLOAD RESUME as well. Otherwise there’s no other way to do this but to: go to the website, sign in, do the two step verification issue, open Resume, scroll to the bottom of the page and then press DOWNLOAD RESUME. It’s a big hassle to do all that. If we had that option available in the app it will be so much convenient and easy to use. - Another problem is that whenever the two step verification is ON, the app doesn’t keep you Log In. Every time you open it it ask you to sing in and then do the two step verification. It should remember your last log in and stay sign into your account. Otherwise install the app wouldn’t have a convenient purpose. Thank you and i hope see this improvements in next updates. Keep up the good work : )

- annoying a bit

App is cool and has the potential to help one find a job/career however, the changes and updates are not friendly. I don’t understand first off, why I can’t be logged in on my iPhone as well as be logged in on my laptop? Anytime you sign in on a actual desktop or laptop, it signs out on the app. The app is used majority of time by users I’m sure, so why make it sign out? The second issue is the ability to send the job posting to a friend or just yourself. They never make it to the saved jobs list, let alone my email address. Didnt have this issue until a recent update. Hopefully these small issues can be fixed in the very near future.

- Fed Up

I love Indeed. It makes it so easy to find openings, and a lot of the time the employer is very professional in the listing and with their responses. I also hate Indeed for one reason, and I highly believe it deserves a 2 Star ratings because of this. When you search for jobs, and maybe you narrow it down to New listings only? You get like 1-5 pages maybe? That’s fine. at the bottom of each page it says “More Jobs...” but on the last page it is deceitful and signs you up for emails. I don’t want those emails, I have never wanted those emails, and I am sick and tired of getting the email just to be opting out of those emails. I get that it’s my fault for mistaking it as a “More Jobs...” button, but really, I just wish they would change it so that I never click to sign up for job alerts. Change THAT button, get rid of it, move its location. Do something about that please.

- Upgrades cause more issues

Ever since the new upgrade to easily get back to the search page once you select a job to view its description my indeed app has not worked correctly. Whenever I go on trying to search for jobs, I select a post and it will not open. Then I try to go back to the home page and it tells me to retry the server in not available. This has been happening for over a week. I used to enjoy the app because on the go it made it simple to search or just browse what’s out there and apply easily in some cases without sitting for a hour or more at my computer. This upgrade however has made that luxury nonexistent. In the past week I’ve been able to apply to only 2 jobs because constantly having to go out my app to go back in to be able to view one job post only to have to go out and do it again is tiring and frustrating.

- Love this app

I was shocked with reading some of the negative reviews, but seemed to me the people writing the bad reviews just didn’t understand how to use the app properly. I have used indeed for both looking for employment for myself as well as for hiring employees. Indeed is one of the most used apps that employers use when looking for new hires and you can set up alerts that will notify you of new listings in exactly what you are seeking. I have always had great success with Indeed and after my most recent search I went on two different interviews and was offered both jobs so it gave me opportunity to negotiate for the best pay/benefits. I would definitely recommend using Indeed.

- Use to be great but the quality is slipping

This was my go to app and honestly still is but I’m disappointed by how the app’s quality is going down. For the app itself it had gotten slower than usual and the buttons are slow or unresponsive. The layout is confusing and cluttered. I hate how I can’t get rid of the message center at the top. It depends on the day sometimes the links are slow and I have to restart or they are too sensitive and I’m sent to the home page... either way I’ve lost my spot. As for the jobs at least in my location they are repetitive and too narrow. And I wish I could just look at jobs that the app itself tags as a good fit for me. Why can’t that be a category? Why do I have to crawl the app just looking for that small orange header that pops up when I click on a random listing. I’ll be the first to say that the app works and I have found many jobs but I wish I saw more care put into the app.

- Great app BUT a few simple improvements could set it above the rest

The app is great the filter system could use some help. When job searching, I often see jobs that are completely irrelevant to what I am looking for (not the jobs that are sponsored but jobs from a completely different field) It would be helpful to be able to swipe left on a job to signify that the job listed is not relevant to the search. A system similar to Pandora’s “like” system so the app knows what to show more of or less of could be helpful. Using only words as filters is not quite enough. Maybe even consider another level of filters that allows you to select the field of work. Other than that, the app is fine but could be better.

- Indeed concept is awesome.. but the app needs work.

I love the concept of indeed! Quick and easy way to apply to jobs that are actually hiring! Many resources available. The only app I use for my job hunt! However, the app has recently not been at its best. This is now the second time I have had to sign out, sign back in, delete the app, redownload the app, etc. all so I can apply to jobs. Just this time it didn’t work! The “apply to job button just randomly goes missing! I come across great jobs and being an early applicant is important. This stops me from being able to do so. I have reached out to customer weeks ago and have not gotten a reply. This has happened multiple times since then. All software is up to date and I have tried everything I can think of on my end.

- Further application

Indeed is a great place to find jobs and career opportunities! I have used to to find many jobs that are hiring. I hive this app 2 stars is because indeed will not allow me to further proceed with the application process. It will keep telling me that my information could not be processed at this time and to try again. It will tell me this on my phone and laptop. Very frustrating!!!! I am having to look up jobs on indeed and apply on their actual website because indeed will not let me apply through the indeed website. There is no explanation why I cannot move forward. Also there are time where I am putting in information and indeed will tell me it’s insufficient information and to try again. I try again and nothing happens. It either says continue or back. I would like for this to be fixed

- Tbh

Tbh iv filed many jobs with my resume looking for change. Iv been at my current job for 8 years now and I’m just tired of the restaurant/kitchen life. After so long you get tired of it! Iv filled out many job applications for different job and no response back from anyone? Everyone now a days just wants you to have a college education witch is bs I’m sorry. Not everyone wants to go to college nor has the money to go. The people looking for good employees shouldn’t hold that against hard working people just because they didn’t go to college for 4-6 years and have a degree. Cause a degree doesn’t Make you smarter then anyone else I promise you that. Everyone is “trainable” coming from a restaurant we do that. We train people that have no experience and train them to know specs, and recipes and everything. This corporate America is backwards of being everyone is equal. That’s all I really have to say. I just think everyone should be given the opportunity to be trained at a job. Unless you know the job qualifications are to be a dr or a lawyer and you haven’t gone to school for that then obviously don’t apply. But normal jobs that an everyday person can work shouldn’t say you need your AA OR bachelor degree that’s crazy!

- Clinic job mess up

Indeed sent me a local clinic had a front desk position that I am very qualified for. So I sent my resume & cover letter by indeed. I was in the location of this job several days later because I hadn’t had any responses. Turns out even after under sent me a confirmation that it was all reviewed this clinic never received any of my information. They made me miss the opportunity to possibly get this job. So now I don’t trust their post or if my resume is being sent. So I am going to the job position to see if they really got my information. Plus I’m from my area all my life & some of the jobs listed are business I’ve never heard of so I think some of them are scams. RoseMarie Fretwell

- Be careful

Scams are so common on Indeed. Just be very careful. I find I get better responses from employers when I go straight to their website and apply. It’s a little more time consuming, but worth the effort. So you know no one is looking at your private info. Those scamming on Indeed will try very hard to act like a real employer to get whatever they are looking for. Money, or information that they sell to other scammers. Don’t give any information to them over the phone. Go to their business, or meet with them at their business so you can make sure they are for real. I just wish indeed tried harder to let their users know about these scams. If they could post a warning for users to read every time they use the app, warning them of new scams, maybe that would help a lot of people. I hope this review helps, and please remember to never give out any personal information over the phone.

- Number One Job Search App

My absolute favorite part of this app is the Resume Builder. Creating a resume can sometimes be a bit difficult and intimidating. I love how Indeed provides a template and all you have to do is fill it out by following the simple instructions. Also, if you already have a resume, you can upload it into the app and it uses the information on your uploaded one to auto fill the Indeed template version! It seems that the majority of all employers seeking employees use this app. Because of this and how popular Indeed is, there’s no need to search for a job online any other way! There is not a thing I would change about this app. Thank you Indeed!

- Please Address & Fix This !!!!!

Please fix the notification pop up box within the app after logging in the allow push notification window covers the entire screen with no way to click out of it or x it off. (There’s no x included anywhere in the pop up window to close it)Therefore I have to keep deleting the app and reinstalling just to view or utilize the rest of the site, if I click on anything like messages from employers or any other links try to check messages, etc this box pops up every single time and covers the entire screen again and nothing can be clicked on to shut it, nor view what’s behind it or navigate the rest of the site. It had to be since this update because I’ve never had this issue with the app before it. Please address and fix this, then I’ll review and update my review score.

- No matter what I do... app is always giving me issues

Always logs me out of my account, I’m constantly updating it and for the last 2 months it’s not allowing me to sign in. Won’t even pop up to sign in. Having to go thru the browser on my phone is a pain cause it won’t allow me to save my resume. I have newer iPhone. I’m needing to find a job and it’s giving me terrible anxiety with never working. I know it seems dramatic. But I’ve been looking for a job for what feels like a a year now, always updating information, just to make myself known on indeed and I’ve applied to 78 jobs in 3 months and not one phone call. I’m even doing it the old fashioned way of bringing my resume into places and no one wants it. They all want to apply online thru indeed. I’m losing faith in this technology crap!

- Very Helpful

I absolutely love this app! I have found my current part time job with it. And I’m now utilizing it to seek a 2nd job. My favorite part of this app is the resume build function. I don’t need to stress over a proper layout because Indeed provides them for me. Also, I LOVE these assessments that is available when applying to jobs. It makes my skill set pop out fabulously. I definitely recommend this app. The only thing I suggest is adding a “cover letter” and “references” builder as well. That would just be icing on the top! Oh and I love that I’m able to track my progress with the jobs I’ve applied to. This is effortless well organized. Thank you so much. Go get ‘em fellow job searchers!

- Been having issues for weeks

I used to use this app daily to browse jobs but recently have been getting an error message every time I try to click on a job description (JD). It will freeze up and then the message ‘unable to connect to Indeed’ pops up. I hit retry and it will fail again so I click ‘cancel’ and exit the app. I go back into the app, and the same thing happens if I try to click on a JD. I have found a work around where sometimes I can save a job without attempting to look at the JD first, and then go to my saved jobs where it will allow me to view the job that I saved, however this gets to be time consuming and I have wasted my time if it’s not a job that interests me or that I do not qualify for after reading the JD. Please fix this, because I have been tempted to delete this app and just use a different job search app instead that doesn’t give me any issues.

- Is there a glitch?

This app has helped me get a job in the past. I love that it has the option to “easy apply” and still provide a cover letter. However I believe the platform has been infiltrated by fake jobs. I get multiple emails a day asking me to apply, so after I do, I get another email asking for my availability for an interview. I am always professional in my responses, yet I am left in the dark afterwards. Even after calling a place to confirm, I got no answer and no call back. I wonder if indeed has a mass-invite option on the employers end, and just allows employers to invite as many people as they possibly can without even caring who applies or not. Pretty discouraging for desperate people living through a pandemic. I hope I can find a new job by the time they update this.

- This app really helped me get motivation

I am a teenager looking for a job in New York City and most of the time people don’t think we (as young adults) should have the opportunities or we aren’t skilled enough. This app really helped me put myself out there. Instead of typing in my Resume a million times in a whole bunch of websites it had all the info for me with a click of a button. It helped keep me organized with how many jobs I Applied to where the locations were or when was the estimated time the employer was going to get back to me. My favorite part about the app is that it shows me jobs I would like to apply for instead things I could settle for.

- Rèsumé Pains

Indeed is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I don't plan on stopping my use of Indeed- but i need multiple devices to use it. On my phone, (Slightly older model of iPhone) it is impossible to import any resume, as i can only upload pictures, which do not count. Im forced to do the application on my computer, however my computer is in bad condition, and half the times it refuses to send applications with an unknown error. I understand Indeed itself lets you create a Resume, however I have my own personalized resume I believe is of better quality, and it frustrates me the amount of effort it takes to use it. Indeed’s resume upload feature simply broke my resume when i tried it last, and i had to go back and fix all the information, which it placed under random categories

- Very user friendly

As with any other site like this you have to set yourself up with a user profile and go through all the motions of uploading/editing your resume, however once you are done with that and when it comes to applying or filtering jobs to specific categories I believe indeed leads this industry with the simplest and easiest way to apply for jobs. I have found SO many opportunities on this site I never would have known existed if I was just looking on Craigslist or Monster. I have used both sides, as someone applying and someone looking for candidates for open positions and indeed is by far the simplest to the point site for job opportunities.

- Same old jobs, declining software.

Does not work properly on iPhones of any generation. Cannot open links a majority of the time. When clicking a job opp, it pulls you back to the home screen, as if you clicked back. The jobs offered are not necessarily the fault of the app proprietor, but the jobs found on this site are mainly limited to 3 categories: sales (low tier), manual labor (low tier), and hospitality (all across the board). Not to mention the poor activity by recruiters on Indeed. Those employers should be banned if they get X amount of applications with no response. Has good core infrastructure, but execution and job availability still fall short with a few years under their belt as an app. In short, not effective or worthwhile for me, but maybe somebody has a better use for it than me. DELETED.


Staffing agency are to assist people seeking jobs. However, one edits, create specific profile and the jobs descriptions of ones credentials. When one checks the alerts the jobs posted are irrelevant to the position that one is interest in. Also we’re asked to provide areas in which jobs can be somewhat in the radius by zip codes and one get alerts of jobs that are 2 and 3 hours away from ones homes. It’s a lack of the agency up dating their system. I mean we know the staffing agency can’t put a job by their door steps but 45 to an hour away is more like it. This is how jobs keep their employees happy and look forward to going to work every day on a accurate timely schedule. Most important though, the jobs that pop up and radius, is some what the 3 out of 5 stars, rated

- So many issues

I’ve had a little luck finding a job on this site, but to only get a handful of interviews out of hundreds of resume submissions, the success rate is the smallest of all of the job apps I use. Since the last update, I no longer get emails of my job submissions. I also hate how most job postings don’t have salaries listed, which has caused me to apply for jobs with ridiculously low salaries. I never would’ve wasted my time applying for those jobs if the salaries were listed. Probably close to 98% of the jobs I submit to, I never hear back from. But then I see these same jobs posted over and over again. As a job seeker, this app gets absolutely frustrating because of how the app doesn’t force the employers to list salaries and how they don’t require these employers to respond back at all. I guess the all mighty dollars wins out. Lastly, almost every employer I’ve spoken to, have said they absolutely hate the resume that Indeed creates. 99% of the time, I have to forward my resume to these employers if they follow up. I wish we could just upload our own resumes and just leave it at that. Stop making the generic resumes that all of these employers hate seeing.

- Best job search app

I’m very happy with the way indeed in set up and it’s very easy to use. Best job seeker app in my opinion. My only issue is that all job listings should require their pay rate. And if not, I’d like to see a job seekers comment section to find out what the pay rate might be. I feel that I’ve missed out on a lot of jobs that know that I’m qualified for, yet they don’t post any type of hourly wage (is why I don’t apply) so I look past them. That’s my only issue. I’d like to see more info (especially the pay rate) from employers. In my opinion I feel like they’re hiding something by not giving some type of pay rate. Other then that, indeed is my go to for employment and appreciate how well this app is set up.

- Love

This app is amazing been using it for years now I would have given it five stars but they changed a very important feature and I don’t know why. I am no longer able to view my resume on one screen like a overview that is sooooo annoying all you can do is edit your resume no more overview which is ridiculous I wanna screen shot and attach it to resumes that take you to there site from indeed or at least download it to my cloud that doesn’t exist anymore either why would you guys take away such an important and helpful feature it’s so aggravating if you could pretty please bring this feature back I would give 5 stars ⭐️

- Very Frustrating

This is my second time writing a negative review for Indeed. The first one, Indeed was kind enough to respond, which helped with my fears on the last update. Right now, I am still very frustrated. Indeed stated that I would get my old home screen back, which I have not yet. My recent searches are not being saved, so I am having to type in my repeated searches multiple times a day. MOST frustrating right now, I am unable to apply for a job that I am very interested in. The app initially was taking me back to the first page of the application if I went into a different app (Word, to get details off my resume). Fine enough, so I pulled up my resume on my phone and kept working on my iPad. When I was on the last screen of the applicaiton, I hit the back button to go back one page, and it took me back to the first screen again. Very, very frustrating!

- The sky is limitless

What I really like about it is helping me to connect with more job possibilities me I am in the process of trying to get a job right now I am in need of finding something very quickly I have to stay within my perimeter the Fort Worth area unless there’s transportation that runs along TexasT or TRE because I do not have a car at this time I’ve had many good job opportunities I’ve had to pass up because I do not have transportation to get there I will keep trying until something works for me I know there’s something out there for me thanks you’ve had many possibilities and opportunities come my way daily I continue to do so

- The app and site are okay

The app is nice and convenient to apply but you can’t upload your resume to it because even though it gives you the option, when you tap on the file, it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t allow you to put the file anywhere. It just shows you you have the file. The site itself overall is good, but it’s ridiculous that you companies are allowed to force you manually input the information that’s already on your resume into their own site. It should be much more streamlined so that if a company wants to post their job in indeed, then you should be able to apply from indeed, not taken to their own site where they waste your time with information they could receive from indeed.

- Not That Great

Filters need improvement. My job search profile includes “Safety Manager” or “Safety Director” or “Safety Engineer” but I get job notices for Funeral “Director” and Subway Resturant “Manager” and Software “Engineer.” Also, when I tell the job notice to “dismiss” a posting because of either “location” or “job title” and/or “salary” it tells me it won’t show that job again but then it is always back there the next time I check. It also does not honor my direction to tell me about jobs only within 50 miles because I get notices for jobs that are hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Very frustrating. Also, most all companies I have applied to never get back to me and there is no real way to follow-up once you have applied to a job. Sometimes a job continues to be posted for many weeks after it has been filed.

- It’s ok but a little more streamlining is needed

It’s good enough for now but like I mentioned a little more streamlining is needed. I’ll click on apply and then all sorts of unnecessary steps are added. Why did I create my resume on here if I’m going to just have to either; refill all the info again or get asked to fill out the application with my linked in, just for me to have to manually input all my info yet again literally on the next page. Now I get that some of the applications reroute to a new site. That’s fine I’ll just go through their process if needed but my issue is when I’m still on indeed and have to once again just fill out my info. Everything else tho is fine, the search is easy enough and for the most part the app isn’t intrusive.

- What on Earth happened?

I’ve been a loyal user of Indeed for over 1.5yrs now, and I’d say my favorite function of the app was the ability to export my resume to Google Drive or as a PDF, but since the last couple of updates the option is no longer available within the app. Such a development would constitute a decline of quality, in my eyes. This change takes precedence over all the other issues of “new” jobs posting continually over 3+ days, not to mention the questionable relevance of “recommended” jobs to my experience. Please reinstate the export/download function, lest I deactivate my profile and continue my endeavors elsewhere.

- Looking for a job

Indeed was my go to app when i was unemployed, i had really bad experiences with indeed. First indeed was putting all my information out there, i had received text messages from random people offering me a job, i sent e-mails to customer service, and they pretend that nothing is wrong by replying with another e-mail saying ok since you haven’t reply to us then we will close your case. I had to delete all my info from my resume so i don’t get harassed by random people. Second you deleted all my job search and now i have to start all over!!! Thanks a lot!!! Third they send me questions about my old jobs, how the hell am i gonna know if i don’t work for them anymore??? So stupid and annoying, i will be deleting this app and reporting this app since i was being harassed and my personal info is out there to the public because indeed was not careful enough!

- Great, not amazing

Indeed is a great place to find a job. I’ve found a lot of prospective places to work and have gotten a few interviews from said postings. The reason why it doesn’t get 5 stars is I am trying to find a job to pay my bills: so when a posting doesn’t include salary details I tend to not even view the information. Requiring salary information would be a big help, along with making all jobs, or most, apply-able from mobile would be a huge help too. I don’t own a computer so all indeed app time runs from my phone. Those are the only downsides I’ve found from indeed so for the most part i am very satisfied with the app and like it’s interface and ease of access.

- If only!

I wish applying could be made easier via email when connecting to indeed. I have the app downloaded in my phone. When I'm not applying on the app. I some times use my email because of the alerts and quick notifications about a particular job I'm interested in. But what I don't understand is how come I have to log back in to the app in order to apply from using my email account when I'm logged in already. I wish it could just direct me and connect me to my account since I have the App and always logged in. Also the app tends to boot me out and I have to log back in and this happens quite often.

- Getting Worse 🤦‍♀️

I do not understand what is going on with this app. Almost all of my job hits come from ziprecruiter and next to nothing on Indeed. They have jobs posted that you apply for but when you go to close and open the app, the same job pops up again as if it’s NEW! If you applied to it already then it should be REMOVED or grayed out!! Constant changes to the app with little improvements. Forcing people to get push notifications!! What is that about?!?!! The font is too small now so you can’t even see what you’re looking at. If you apply to a job it sometimes takes you back to the page and sometimes not so you have to start all over. You get suggestions to jobs like restaurants which you don’t want but you can’t omit certain jobs types! Also almost all the post are temp agencies but disguised as something else!!! Terrible App!

- Save yourself and stop using indeed

One, I have been hitting the “ don’t show me this job button” everyday for the same jobs and guess what? They go away and then show right back up minutes later. Two, my emails are flooded with nonsense now because of this company. Three, not only is it flooded with nonsense, lately I have been getting a lot of Scam emails that start off like this “Hello, I’m sorry to let you know that the Front Desk Receptionist position you applied for has been taken. You have been referred to me by the HR for a Personal assistant position which I have available. Your resume was received and I must say I am impressed.” The jobs on this website are not even legitimate anymore. 2 out of 5 jobs are scams with people trying to send you checks without ever meeting. Literally I don’t even know what is a real job anymore and what is not. I do not trust indeed anymore.

- App is great however...

Indeed is a meat market. As an employer (my boss, not me) we had hundreds of applicants for jobs. Only a small handful were actually qualified. I’d like to see Indeed help by allowing employers to narrow down the candidates before applications are ever submitted. As a job seeker, I’m perfectly qualified for many of the jobs I apply for and can’t even get a call. I suspect it’s because of the hundreds of applicants the employers have to wade through. They probably do what we did and just take the first stack of 50 or so and toss the rest. It’s not that useful either way and takes way too long. But that said, the app itself is great and Indeed has a lot of potential if they will clean it up adequately.

- Horrible site

Can’t apply to hardly any jobs on the app it just directs you to that companies website so you can apply through there. And if you click an application for example target, when it directs you to to the target sign in Page cuz you have to make an account for every place you apply, it coninually blocks the bottom of the screen and asks would you like indeed to fill out the application(you can say no and it will dissapear really slowly but as soon as you go to a new page for the next application step it shows up, anytime you reload a page . Sounds good right ? Well when I allowed indeed to auto fill the application it put horrible incorrect info , it input that I was from some country and state I can’t even pronounce and it filled out all spaces with my address I had to click on each box and delete my address. Useless app.

- Great job’s app

Great app!Best app if you’re looking for aPart-time full-time job or career you can look it up in any city or state it also breaks every thang down so you can look up a particular field or line of work or you can look up a particular company you also can look up the reviews on the company with the ex-employees thought about the company the salary range is how much the people in the branch in your neighborhood pays or in another state if you thinking about moving it even has another section where you can see how long the interview process is going to take if they require a drug test if they don’t. Best job App I’ve ever used

- Great Opportunities

If you’re looking for employment opportunities, indeed is well worth your time. The website/app is very intuitive and the fact that you can build your resume, continuously update your resume and even download your resume in multiple different formats without having to build one in a program such as Microsoft word or even in Microsoft publisher is a huge plus. It does take a little bit of time to get your profile set up (about the same amount of time as filling out a traditional application) but it’s well worth it. Also, employers have the option to reach out to you so if you are looking for work be sure to add #ReadyToWork There are also many assessments you can take that are relevant positions you may be applying for that give you real time results and helps pair you with potential employers helping you stand out from the rest. I suggest this app/website to anybody who is looking for a simple way to find employment opportunities for any field, from anywhere. Avery Suarez Opportunity Seeker

- my best friend for finding jobs

I have always used Indeed for posting my resume and searching for jobs for many years. I recently got laid off from a current job (which I found through the site) and i turned to Indeed to help me find something. I applied for many positions and revamped my resume. Yesterday I had three interviews from postings I applied to from Indeed, and two different schools have contact me through the web site. I even found past jobs through Indeed. Its such a life saver and I couldnt reccomend it enough. This is the only site/app I will ever use to find jobs and to contact different companies.

- Helpful, but tracking could be much better

I like most of the changes that have come in this app over the last two years. However, when tracking jobs that I have applied for, the status options should include “no call back” or after interviewing a “no offer option” which would then close it out and remove from the list. It is very annoying to see a job that I applied for and interview for months ago, did nothing get the job but it still shows up in the applied list. It’s ridiculous that the only options are “I got an offer” or “I got hired”. There is no way for me to remove it. It only shows as not selected when the employer does it on their end which they never do.

- Decent but requires baby sitting

I've been happy with the posts if responded to in indeed. The only frustrations I've had is the indeed resume. It can be tricky to see how the program formats your information once you put it in. You definitely need to save it then double check what employers might be seeing. Secondly I've found some discrepancies with jobs I know I've applied for with my indeed resume. I've applied for jobs then followed up with the companies a few days later only to find out they've never received my application or resume. None of these are huge deals but I recommend doing some follow up and verification on your own....which you should be doing anyways.

- Employees are just important as employers

People shouldn’t have to go to a site to apply if they are using indeed. Sure indeed is doing it’s job in finding people for work , but they then make it difficult for the people looking for work. I would say if your using indeed you should be able to apply using indeed’s work engine instead of indeed sending you to the companies link ( which a lot of the time isn’t easy applications and also very time consuming! If a person is in need for work and wants to send his or her resume out , I don’t believe they would want one application taking 20 to 30 mins to fill out. Maybe it’s just me and you guys will have some things different soon but right now , indeed seems to be in more thought of employers rather than employees

- This used to be decent, but not anymore

Indeed used to be a decent job board app as far as they go. Detailed job postings, some with links to company websites on the post itself. Multiple posts for the same thing were somewhat limited unless it was a sponsored post. About a month ago, someone possibly with Indeed started posting jobs with the title “Help wanted” and 2 photos. Nothing else. Usually one of a help wanted sign or billboard and one of the outside of the building. The photos are usually taken when it’s dark out (you can tell from the pictures) and more than a handful are photos of the same building or same billboard posted 2 times. No additional information other than that automated line that says “apply in person”. It’s turned into 10+ pages of “Help wanted” and hours of wasted time trying to find legitimate postings.

- Getting spam in mail from “recruiters”

Since signing up on Indeed, I have received at least 15 emails from “recruiters” who claim that they received my application (which I’ve not actually applied for) and that I must now submit all manner of personal information incl photo and high school matric certificate (I passed in 1997 and have many years of work experience behind me, why must I provide this?) as well as references(which will probably be used to spam those persons too). If these were legit agencies, why not divulge which position I have applied for to which they are responding? The answer is simple, there is no position which they are responding to, they are simply trying to hide behind this as an excuse to gather personal information. What kind of security methods exist from Indeeds side to ensure that this may not simply be an attempt at identity fraud? I’m not impressed.....

- Doesn't save your information on applicants when you go into another tab

Well after trying to apply to the same job (Covid 19 contact tracer / survey interviewer) and both times opening a NEW tab on Google to look up addresses for past employers, I go back to it and all my application entries are gone. I'm done. Not applying on here anywhere all. I'm irritated because as a busy single mom with chemicals health issues and severe pain, I quite frequently have to stop and start things a because I'm interrupted. I didn't Back out of the page or app but I go back to it and it's all gone. I was almost done with the application both times too. Finding employment when I already have so many things I have to have accommodation for is hard enough. Applying shouldn't be one of them.

- Constantly logging me out while on the app

I am constantly being logged while on the app and I lost a job opportunity because the future employer left me a message threw the message portion of your app and it would log me out and not send the message. I then tried it on the lap top only to get the same results. Another problem you have is temp agency falsely advertising a job they don’t have to gain clients. You guys need to comb over these agencies and get them off your app. Lastly what is the point in putting in location and desired position if you ignore both. I can’t obviously work a job in Texas if I live in Connecticut. I set the location to my specific location but you still send me ads for out of state jobs and things I’m not qualified for. I may delete the app if this doesn’t change. I already lost a job over this foolishness.

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Job Search | Indeed


@Sufferonme it's time for them to hop on indeed dot com and begin the job search cause none of this shit is worth reporting 😭

🇺🇸Release the Whiteboard 🇺🇸MASKS-they work!

Nurses and other people certified to administer vaccines to patients, please check job boards like and search CVS covid or covid support. You might find a nice gig for good money and save us all. 💜

Marcus Johnson

@AlexTheCaster @Purp1eW0lf @ToddAtLarge_ @thecybermentor Search the job boards. Go to indeed type in the cert name. See how many jobs come up. Then check the rest of the requirements for the one your close to qualifying for.

Yisriel Ben-David

Indeed Job Search by Indeed Inc.

Ravyn Cullor

Dear @indeed @Glassdoor and other job search sites; there is a difference between a “reporter,” “mandated reporter” and “court reporter.” My heart breaks every time there is a notif for a new reporter opening and it’s actually for a child nutritionist 😭

Brand For Results

indeed: If you’re in the middle of your job search, it's likely that you’ll be asked to do your interviews virtually. We are here to help! Check it out - #virtualinterviews #careeradvice #interviewtips #jobsearch

Tom Zaragoza

@jonhainstock @mijustin @tylertringas One of my fave places to start looking are job search engines like Indeed, focussing on responsibilities for "jobs to be done"


If you’re in the middle of your job search, it's likely that you’ll be asked to do your interviews virtually. We are here to help! Check it out - #virtualinterviews #careeradvice #interviewtips #jobsearch

Gunner Barnes

Indeed is a cool job search site because I apply for photography positions around the country, with a portfolio and resume, but will get a random email from a person asking me to apply for a job as an Electrician. Fuck it. 30 dollars an hour is 30 dollars an hour.


Congrats @indeed on winning one of our 2020 #HRTechAwards! We appreciate how your search-based job posting capabilities simplify the hiring process for employers and job seekers, alike. For more info, see our awards page ▶️ #hrtech #awards #hr #tech

peach (。・・。)

also of course my baby star jay did a grandiose job as always, his dancing always has the special touch I really search for in a good dancer and urgh main dancer material indeed 🧡


Using your job computer to search for another job on indeed 😭😭😂😂

Ana gutierrez

@cagzy86 @Raspber99104695 @LBC But you can recruit “health care assistants to administer vaccines” go and have a look ref indeed HR job search .


Indeed . com job hunting and the search filling out a lot of applications Trying too find something this week

Indeed Job Search 76.0 Screenshots & Images

Indeed Job Search iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Indeed Job Search iphone images
Indeed Job Search iphone images
Indeed Job Search iphone images
Indeed Job Search iphone images
Indeed Job Search iphone images
Indeed Job Search iphone images

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The applications Indeed Job Search was published in the category Business on 2009-06-08 and was developed by Indeed Inc. [Developer ID: 309735673]. This application file size is 49.59 MB. Indeed Job Search - Business app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 76.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.indeed.JobSearch

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