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Gas App Description & Overview

What is gas app? Gas is where friends tell you what they love about you.
And no, they won't dunk on you like other anonymous apps.

How it works:
1) Join your school
2) Add friends
3) Answer polls
4) Get flames when picked

What's the hold up? Start gassing up your friends.


Safety Center:
Privacy Policy:

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App Name Gas
Category Lifestyle
Updated 07 December 2022, Wednesday
File Size 100.75 MB

Gas Comments & Reviews 2024

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Very good!!. I personally enjoy this app, it’s so fun and it makes you feel like ur actually being thought of by someone not making you feel forgotten. The only thing is there should be like a way you can be able to get hints without having to pay $7 a week. I know it might be more fun but knowing the little hint could open a new chapter into your life, like maybe a relationship. Also like for the coins I think you should be able to get more coins if like you put your crush’s name for a vote like that’s a little bit more flirtier. But over all the app is amazing and I love it!!

ZERO STARS, THIS APP IS A SCAM. This app made me think people were voting for me with a bad poll, so i downloaded it because it forced me to (or so they made me think). Basically i spent FOREVER trying to find out because I couldn’t find the poll anywhere, only to find out half an hour later it was the freaking thumbnail literally putting my name in the ad to make me think people were saying things about me, making me think i could only find out who within an hour which of course was very stressful. I’m 100% sure they knew it would trick the receivers of the invites to fall in into this trap, and now im just upset. the only reason that invite was sent was bc my friend either needed to invite someone or wait about 40 minutes to do it again. tbh this was literally the most obnoxious, irritating time-waster i have discovered. Do ⚠️ NOT EVER ⚠️ download this app for the dignity and integrity of it is nonexistent.

Charging my card for a cancelled subscription. I cancelled my subscription to gas app god mode, and even though I cancelled it, it is still trying to charge my card. I used my cash app card to pay for the subscription, and when I realized it would renew soon, I cancelled it. However, Gas App is still trying to charge me 6.99 but they can’t because I no longer have money on my cash app card. So apple will no longer let me download any other apps or remove my cash app card because there is an “active subscription” on my card that needs updated payment information. BUT I CANCELLED MY SUBSCRIPTION. The payments are now pending and I’m not sure how to remove them… I even uninstalled the app itself and the app is still trying to charge me. The overall experience on the app isn’t necessarily bad, but whoever deals with the payments is trying to constantly charge my card when my subscription was cancelled a while ago…

Great concept, with a critical flaw. My school is raving over this app. My brother is on it all the time. Of course I wanted to try it out! My issue comes with the phone number- I don’t mind that it’s required, but it asked if it could add friends through contacts. I said no. This is because I am a transgender woman- some of my contacts do not know- and I was under the impression that if I did not use my contacts to find others, my contact would not be linked to me. Apparently, everybody in my contacts with a Gas account got a notification that I made an account, listing my new name for all to see. If you could opt out of people being able to find you through their contacts, this app would be wonderful- but it just potentially outed me to loads of people. Until there’s a way around this, my review remains one star.

So fun!! One problem.. I literally love this app. It’s such a refreshing way to talk to people without pictures or videos or even a conversation. I hate how people are spreading the hoaxes because it’s making my friends not want to download it .😭I’m tell everyone to download it anyways. One little problem I had was it said I couldn’t join my school even tho it said it had a few hundred members. I figured out you can get around this by choosing a popular school then changing to your school after you set up your account. I told all my friends having problems how to do it too! Okay the one thing that I hate about this app that drives me crazy is you can’t see who you added that hasn’t added you back yet. You can see you your friends with and who requested to add you back. But not who your waiting on. It makes my whole school really mad. PLEASE fix this gas!!☹️😭

So fun. It’s so fun to wake up in the morning and check who’s voted for you and most of the things are either really nice or funny, this app is not necessarily about crushes, i mean there are a few questions that are like “wish they would slide into my dms” “Wish they liked my back” “wanna take them out to dinner” and more, I love how they keep it anonymous by not saying exactly who voted for you but they’ll say “someone in 11th grade voted for you” or “a boy in 9th grade” or “a girl in 12th grade” or for middle schoolers that voted for you , it will just say “a girl voted for you” or a boy or someone, without their grade. I love this app!!

confused. i just want to know if this whole rumor is a hoax about this app. I downloaded this app and even got friends to join but after I heard about the rumors on tiktok, Snapchat, and twitter I got really nervous and just decided to delete it. I know it’s people just trying to get attention but still I just need reassurance because I’m hearing different opinions from a ton of platforms. I understand a lot of different apps pop up with my location but I just got really scared about everything. The only thing I thought was sketchy was that when I went to delete the app it told me to NOT delete because of the rumors about the app. Could I just delete my account in peace please??😭

Great app! But there are a few thoughts about it. I love this app! It’s so amazing and my friends and I have such a good time playing this together. I really like how there is different questions and how they can’t hurt anyone’s feelings. A few thoughts though. Depending on how many hours you have been offline, the amount of choices should overlap (ex. you have been offline for 3 hours therefore you would get 36 choices) another thing is that in the beginning of downloading the app there was three times you could find out who chose the option about you, but after a little while that choice disappeared even though I never used it. I also always get the same people on the choice board even though I have more friends on the app. I know I that there is a mix button but that still happens. Still a great app though! Thank you for reading!

Great App. It’s such a great confidence booster and the idea is so original. However I think God Mode is pricey, 1 dollar a day is overpriced, if you think about it it’s more expensive than premium Netflix a month. I don’t think God mode is worth that much and it should be lowered instead of having promotions in which it gets lowered by 2 dollars. At that rate it’s the same as a Netflix premium account a month and it still doesn’t seem right for what it is. I’d suggest lowering it because then people are way more likely to download it and we’re not paying as much for a few features that aren’t worth the price

I really like this app but…. So I started using this app because my friends said it would be fun and it actually has been pretty cool. I love the idea behind it and it has been really fun seeing what people have to say about me. The only thing I don’t like is how the “God Mode” is $7 a week. That is extremely expensive just to see a couple names and the first letter and these other perks you get. It would be so much better if you had to pay with the coins you get. It would be good because people will play the game more to save up to see who picks them on the polls. If you would make people pay coins, you could make it a very high amount so it still keeps some people safe and only people that have played for a while can use it if they save. Just a recommendation from me and everyone at my school.

How has can help. I think it's a really cool app with a lot of anonymous positivity. (and sometimes dramatic secrets) It has really taken hold of everyone super quickly. It's a great app to help you connect more with other people that you might not have had the courage to take to previously. Gas is a lot of fun because it puts in the factor that you don’t know who said these things and you can say things to others without telling them who you are. You can laugh with your friends trying to guess who said what things. Overall I think Gas is a lot of fun and a positive addition to your social media.

Highly recommend. I love that I can connect with my school through this app. It is so funny. my friends laugh a lot when I find out that I voted them for something stupid😂. sometimes I wish I didn’t have to be anonymous for certain votes. Being anonymous does make it easier though what do you want to be a bit too honest. there is a subscription but you don’t have to have it to play this app it’s only used for god mode when you want to see who voted for you for certain things. I know that lots of people have said some thing about human s3x trafficking and people calling their phone but I have not had this happen.

Love this sm. Ok first off, I love this app so much it is blowing up at my school and it’s such a fun concept and it’s great. My one thing is I wish I could see who said the things or at least get hints, maybe to get hints we can have like a few ads a day we can watch like maybe 3-5 a day to see hints on who it is and maybe like rarely we can like share the app or something to see who it was that said that thing. And maybe have monthly payments instead of weekly because that would be much easier, but just my thoughts. I think it would definitely be better if we could have hints or see who said the things by watching a ad or something but only a limited amount of times per day so people still would want to buy the god mode. But I love this app so much!

Very Good!. When I first heard about the app, it had just started to blow up at my school. I thought it would just cause a lot of drama. I definitely did not expect it to become a very fun and positive app! But now that I’ve had it for a few days, I now really like it, and I now get why it is so popular! I like it so much because it gives kids a chance to go outside of their comfort zones and share what we like about each other. I just hope they will update this app to have a yearly pay option rather than just weekly. Other than that, I would definitely recommend it to others, and I’ve already convinced some of my friends to join it!

Nice. Haha, this app is so funny and nice! It really gives you the opportunity to know people better, and do goofy things to your friends, too! Right now, I’ve been looking at my notifications and one of my friends already voted me best bull(poop)er! Quite funny, isn’t it? And I love that it has mutual friends option so that you don’t have to ask for people’s numbers, which is kind of embarrassing. Also, I really like that you can skip as many uncomfortable questions as you want, too! Sadly, there are some things that I would want to be changed. For example, maybe reduce the poll wait time. It would help me because I have limited time. It would even help if you only reduced it to 50 min, too! Also, maybe lower your prices? $7 a week for hints is a little too much, isn’t it? Like, if someone sends a crush flame and you really want to find out, you buy hints and you find out, and it just turns out to be your best friend joking around. Maybe add the chance to buy hints using coins? That’s all, goodbye!

THE HOAXES ARE WRONG. okay. first off, i just wanna say that this app is one of the best things that happened to me. all the little compliments i get from my friends are awesome and always make my day. I’ve had gas for a couple weeks now and i haven’t gotten any weird phone calls texts, or anything like that. all the reviews saying that it’s for sex trafficking are wrong. i mean sure, maybe those things happened, but i don’t think gas had anything to do with it. also (to back my opinion up) more than 20 of my friends have the app and nothing weird has happened to them. so idk what’s going on with all the reviews saying bad stuff about it, but they’re definitely not true. WOULD 100% RECOMMEND!!

Kinda Sketchy. At first this app seemed like a cool idea but after using it I noticed some weird inconsistencies. The main feature of the app is voting for a person that beat fits the description given. First sketchy aspect I noticed was that no matter who you picked, it showed them as the most voted person. This might not seem very significant as it might just be because of the fact that that specific person is viewed in that way. However, it is highly unprovable that every single option you choose is the most voted one. Even when trying to skew results it has the same output. Another point of suspicion is that the people that don’t go to the same school or even have the app are shown as choices to pick. This is because the app links your contacts to the app. Personally, I see no reason why this needed to be a feature as the whole main idea of this app was to send messages and “gas” up other people. I’m order to do this, the person would need to have the app. This just seemed like false advertising or using the supposed purpose as a facade to cover more shady motivations for creating this app.

A refreshing take on the over saturated teen social media apps.. I'm a North Carolina high school student, and my friends and I absolutely love Gas. It has a simple, but efficient user interface, and the colorful look separates it from the monotonous aesthetic of todays apps. There are some features I would like to see implemented, which I know your team may already be thinking of for a future update. One of them is having the option to choose your own person for a poll. There have been numerous instances where I have thought of the PERFECT person for a poll, only for that individual to not show up in the 12 options Gas gives me. This could be an option, but only available through a select number of coins. So kind of like a "OR choose your own person for X coins" The other idea comes with the "Activity" section of the app. I've been thinking of buying God mode, but the only downside I see to the "see who chose your name" is having to go through ALL of my activity in order to find the poll for "would like to kiss under the mistletoe", for example. All the polls blend together, and that makes it a laborious process to go back and truly use God Mode to its full potential. Other than that, I'm loving the app, and I can't wait to continue using it!

Best Teen App for You and Your Friends!. GAS!! Is one of my new favorite apps! It is a clean and fun environment for teens and their friends to share compliments and vote for each other through poles/questions that’s the app asks! But there’s a fun and exciting twist you don’t know who picks you for the questions. You can pay in the app to see who votes for you but that just takes the excitement away and the mystery of the app. You can also sorta keep streaks it’s called (flames) for how many times you get picked for questions. You also get to see the top three question you were most picked for each day sometimes it rotates throughout the day.

Very suspicious. I am not talking about the hoaxes this is just from my experience. I do like the concept at play here, but everything seems off. First off no matter who you pick they will be the most voted for which was the first red flag for me. Second off I can see that some of my friends are on this app so I added them, then when I talked to them about this app they have no idea what I am talking about. Finally God mode is a waste of money, you spend $7 a week for mild benefits and if you do the math you are spending over $28 per month, and if I go even further it cost over $300 a year! I'd rather pay for twitter blue then this crap. In conclusion I like a platform based on positivity, but the execution comes off as fake and suspicious. And God mode is a scam do not buy it. If you did buy go into your account, tap subscriptions and cancel.

USE CAUTION, BEST ENCOURAGE AND WAIT FOR DEVELOPERS TO FIX. this app is a serious problem. The developers need to look at this right away. it’s not good that the app takes your contacts and puts it on there! ITS FAKE. I am in high school and there is a separate program from that which is basically another school but it’s still connected to the high school and it’s a college program. anyways, the point is in our program, we have our main Director, and our instructors for the college program in our contacts. he’s adult. we are minors. apparently the app shown a thing saying that *directors name* sleep dreams about a 9th grader BOY (MINOR). The kid who joined the app with our director in their contacts doesn’t know how to get rid of it and so now the program and the high school can view this. minors hello!!!! this is how people lose their jobs! Our director is now at risk to losing his job now because of this app. if the developers review this. Id ask to somehow fix this. contact me or just get rid of the auto generating thing

IDEAS TO IMPROVE GAME. - Add more to the shop. Right now there are only TWO options that I don’t even think are worth it. I don’t feel motivated to get more coins like a shop should make me feel. They definitely failed at this part of the game. - I think there should be upgrade options WITH coins not real money not everyone can pay. People will get bored of the game fast if they can’t even buy good stuff in it with the coins. - The upgrade options you should add should include stuff like more questions every hour like a maximum of 25 instead of 12. Waiting every time is really annoying. If you want it to be hard to get the maximum questions make it so each upgrade costs like 500 coins and you only go up one question each time. - another upgrade idea is minimizing the wait time. It could go from normal to 45 minutes to 30 to 15 to 5. Each time you upgrade you must pay coins it should be a lot so that is keeps people interested in the game and they don’t get bored as quickly. Please consider these ideas I think they would really improve the game thanks

The reviews..smh 🤦🏻‍♀️. Most the reviews are little kids saying “omg your gonna get kidnapped!!” And at first I believed it, but in reality if you go and look at the terms and conditions, (which was the first time I bothered to touch terms and conditions) The information they ask of you is just like any other social media platform. But I just find it a little bit silly why I’d have to give them my address which my stupid self let them. It makes me a little uncomfortable that I gave them my address, but reading the TAC, it’s just to link you and your friends together. No biggie. And it is fun, I get a bunch of positive feedback from my friends. I just wish you didn’t have to pay for almost everything you do on here. But I like it, I got invited to it, but it also said when I was invited that I was already on there…little weird, but again it’s within the TAC so I’m not worried about it! This app is totally safe, don’t always believe what you see online.. -Livvy/Olivia 🫶🏻

Good app (need improvements). Overall the app is pretty good. But in short time i’ve had an issue which is pretty annoying. You can only change your name/gender once, I noticed this when I changed my gender during a class as a joke, and it’s been hours and i still cannot change my gender back. I’ve heard similar things with name. Currently the only way I know of to change your name or gender for a second time is to delete your account and make a new one (Please let me know if there is another way to change your name or gender on the app). To combat this issue I suggest you either add a change name option for a number or coins in the shop and just make gender constantly changeable, it honestly isn’t that big of a thing.

Really fun and positive!. It’s an incredibly fun app, I really enjoy it! It’s a great way to connect with your classmates in a positive way. I like how easy it is to find people you know based off of school, and how hard it is for people outside of that to find you. All of the prompts for questions are also positive or funny, so it keeps out negativity, which I really like. Overall, it’s just really fun to see all of the funny votes that you get! I like seeing what people think of me. I recommend this app to any teenager who wants to see what positive or funny things their classmates think about them! Great app, 5/5 stars.

IDEAS TO IMPROVE GAME. - Add more to the shop. Right now there are only TWO options that I don’t even think are worth it. I don’t feel motivated to get more coins like a shop should make me feel. They definitely failed at this part of the game. - I think there should be upgrade options WITH coins not real money not everyone can pay. People will get bored of the game fast if they can’t even buy good stuff in it with the coins. - obviously you guys need to make money so you could make a option of buying coins and a premium option of two minute wait time and 30 questions or something like that. - The upgrade options you should add should include stuff like more questions every hour like a maximum of 25 instead of 12. Waiting every time is really annoying. If you want it to be hard to get the maximum questions make it so each upgrade costs like 500 coins and you only go up one question each time. - another upgrade idea is minimizing the wait time. It could go from normal to 45 minutes to 30 to 15 to 5. Each time you upgrade you must pay coins it should be a lot so that is keeps people interested in the game and they don’t get bored as quickly. Please consider these ideas I think they would really improve the game thanks

Great game!. Amazing game where you get to have your confidence grow and know that even if you think no one likes you there are a surprising amount of people who do. No one has ever asked me out and yet every boy in my game will say they like me. Even though it most likely won’t happen it really boosts my confidence. Anyways, one thing I don’t like is that you have to buy hints. Most of the people playing the game are teenagers and not all of them have jobs. I don’t have time to so I don’t have any money to pay that much just a week. Maybe like 500 coins should be a hint or name or something idk.. also many people won’t know if you are taken or not so maybe adding a single to taken or complicated option while signing up that you can change when it changes bc I’m sure many people don’t go for it bc they think your taken. Anyways. Yeah. Bye. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Simplistic yet fun. This is basically the modern version of showing your crush a note that says “From Your Secret Admirer”, which I think is pretty cute. It’s not just limited to anonymously telling your crush that you like them, it can also let your friends know that they’re funny, smart, nice, or cool. For a while I thought that no one in my school had a crush on me, and yet the day I opened the app a girl answered a poll saying that they would want to go to prom with me. Idk, it just makes you feel good and important Some minor criticisms are the fact that you have to wait an hour between answering questions is annoying. There’s probably some deeper reason to this, but I still don’t understand. Also the fact that you have to pay $7 a week just so you can get a few hints a day as to who likes you is so stupid. There should be an alternative way to get hints, like maybe you can unlock a hint if you spend enough coins after answering polls. Or there could be something called “positivity points” where if enough people vote for you, a hint will be unlocked. Other than those minor annoyances, this is a really good app!

Ain’t your ja mama ain’t your mama. So I’ve gotten Messages about the app, And it’s creepy that it knows what school I go to and people give you info up to people to get rewards the thing is that I don’t want to be bombarded with Messages about the app because someone has given up my contact that’s the truth nothing more nothing less just and when I download the app it told meTo give up my location and Contacts so but I didn’t want to do that in fear that others would get the same so I deleted it and then I talked toy friend of mine and told me what it was about it’s kinda of bummer for him because nobody really cared and they only want to get a reward in addition to that he gave my information and told me that other people in his school liked me but I don’t even go to his school and he lives more northwest of me just to give an idea in conclusion this is a really creepy app

If you have doubts abt this app PLS READ. This app is literally so cute. This app has been so influential in my school where many people especially gurls have insecurities and hat for themselves. When this app blew up and everyone had It, you could actually see that problem were becoming more kind and accepting towards each other. The advertisement for this app is slightly misleading to what it actually does so hears an honest rundown: -You join using what high school you go to -Add your friends, family, whoever you choose -once an hour you will be given 12 random computer generated questions where you can choose 1 out of 12 randomized names -you may choose to skip any questions you wish to not answer -when you pick someone it sends them a message saying “a girl/boy has voted for you” -they then get to see what you voted them for (DONT WORRY!! Its all anonymous!!) -its super cute bc u get to see what funny things your friends vote you for and just how many people actually might have a crush on you 😉 EX STATEMENT: “is always there for you” “has the best smile” “Makes you laugh so hard you pee” …..ect.

Amazing App. Gas, is just so fun. I've actually only been using it for nearly a day, but I've laughed at things so much and shared a lot of them to my Instagram. I sent some invitations to some of my friends, so that they can have fun experiences too. Just like me, they're using this a lot too! This is very addictive. Also, this app generally is so organized and well-made. The concept of this app is such a creative idea, and it's such a good app to keep thinking and staying in contact with friends. I definitely rate this app a 5-star, and I would even give an extra star if there was one. That's how much I absolutely love this app. Thank you so much for creating this app! It's just so much enjoyable!!! :D

I LOVE THE APP. Became pretty popular in school and everyone was talking about the app. My best friend told me to install it and so I did and I do not regret it at all. It’s pretty fun how I can vote for people and when I get the message of them both in for me is also very enthusiastic and a joyful part of my day think the way I can use coins to put myself in random boarders, and I love inviting my friends to the app we love it as much as I do if not more to my friends and let them know what I think about them incomplete honesty. Also, I can know whatever other people are thinking about me or how they perceive me in a very fun way. I recommended have a 10 out of 10 definitely one of the most fun as a social media I have I would never delete it

Great app. Love the app get to do new votes every hour!! And you can find out who your crush is, this app has changed my life.. I went from thinking no one liked me to actually knowing people like me by the votes! You can even add your name on your crush’s votes, then you can know how they feel about you. I went from trying to find something to do every hour and now I have something to do. You can add everyone from your school and when you vote them there is no way of them knowing it’s from you. Invite people from your contacts to skip the wait for your next votes! I love this app so much I use it on a daily basis and can’t wait to see what updates it has in the future!

Suggestions 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼. I’m only commenting cause I have some suggestions!!! You guys should make a feature , that when we skip the suggested poll questions , if it gets so many skips , take that question out and put in a different genre of questions. I also think you guys should make it to where we could add our own polls every so often , like maybe spend 20 coins and you get to make your own poll question , then 40 for if you want it to be out into a specific persons poll. Another thing that I think would benefit the game is to , make to where we can see the first initial like 5 times a day , we get 5 free first initials. Because If you were to pay for the game that’s the main thing it gives you. But if you were to give us the free initials , you should make it to where the only time you pay is if you wanna see the full name. Just some suggestions from someone who plays the game daily. Also , I have discussed this with 20+ people in my school and they all a free witness very thing I’ve said here. I really hope the game takes this into consideration, and does an update soon , because that would be awesome!

I love this app. This app is amazing minus the fact that it assumes I like girls, it would be amazing if I could get boys in the romance section bc I’m gay but I don’t want to change my gender or people will think I’m non-binary or trans which I’m not I’m just gay. Ps. found out how to make it gay friendly. It would be cool if the maker made a messaging feature tbh, but other than that I am OBSESSED!!!! It would also be nice to have it in other languages to make it accessible to people who don’t speak English bc I have a friend who doesn’t speak English but she would love this app and would be a major confidence booster and ice breaker that she needs

Too simplistic. This app doesn’t have enough features to be near the same caliber as Snap or Insta, and as a result this app is really starting to die out for ppl in my school. The app only has gas polls, a friend system, and a way to edit my account. And it doesn’t seem like the developers are trying to add more features at this point. This app claims to be able to “find your crush” through the use of the nonsense gas polls which are pointless, as most people just select random names for the goofs. Even if polls were taken a bit more seriously, you have to pay $8 a week to get two reveals on who your “crush” is, which is ridiculously overpriced and makes the app look like a cash grab. Overall, this app needs significant improvements and more features immediately (direct messaging) as well as a drastically cheaper subscription to save itself from dying out.

I love!. One day I got on my messages app became I had so many texts and I looked at all of them to see what they were. They were all saying that I should get the gas app. I didn’t know what it was and at first my mom thought you created questions and they could be rude and not mind but it’s not that at all. Basically, you friend all your friends on the app and when you answer questions the people you friended pop up. Then you can give them complements like “the milk to my fruit loops” was one. The only complaint I do have is that whenever there is like a love one only boys pop up. My friend got a little mad at that because she is bisexual. Other than that this app is awesome and you should 100% get it.

Great app !!. I don't normally leave reviews like i don't think i ever have, but this is really a great app. I like it because it isn't necessarily a social media app but it's still a place where you can say nice things to your friends, and receive nice things about you which is great for anyone who's not having the best day !! One thing though , i understand developers and people who run the app have to make money some way; However i think god mode should be cheaper, or if you share to a certain amount of people you can see however many names of who sent the said flames. Another idea is to spend a certain amount of coins to get first and last name hints but you can limit the amount of hints per day so it doesn't take away from the unlimited amount of points you get with god mode. Still five stars and a great app !!

Gas Review. The app has a really good concept and idea bit there are something’s you need to add. First of all, you should be able to see the first letter of someone’s name by watching adds once or twice a day. Secondly, i think new questions would be good but don’t make them more sensual or anything the ones now are good just do similar ones. And for some of the questions not related to crushes and stuff make some funny ones like the one about one person being the sole cause of global warming. Also there should be a warning or something that says if you skip question you will get less coins if that is the case. Finally I think the god mode paid version needs to be at least 2 weeks. Right now it is too short. Those are my suggestions.

Feedback and Support. I like this app and I think it’s a cute idea! But I do have some ideas that I think should be taken into consideration. I think that options for purchases and goals are very limited, and that the prices for real money are definitely pricey and way too high. I think that purchases should be different prices for the features the buyer wants to purchase instead of there being one large pack. And coins should be used for than money, and temporary features can be purchased with coins. One thing I highly suggest is that there should be an opportunity to reveal a person’s identity though either name or just initial even if they have god mode. That way there’s a way to keep it going and a person can work towards a goal instead of just one feature stopping any progress. This could be a lot of coins, or a mix of money and coins for example 500 coins and 4 dollars, or 1,000 coins, so that there is something for a person to work for based off of there flames. Thanks you very much and I hope to see the future updates and opportunities within this app!

Like it but don’t. Ok so this app is pretty fun, and a good way to connect with people u maybe otherwise wouldn’t. That being said… well… it could use some work. Number 1 I think they should let u have settings for polls so certain questions won’t be asked or like they will learn which ones you always skip. Some of the prompts/questions are really dumb and or repetitive. Number 2 what’s with the never knowing who sends anything??? I get it but like, can’t you make it to where you get a reveal if you share the app or watch an ad or something…? Number 3, why so pricy!!!! If you had the upgrade for a year that’s 260 dollars down the toilet. What a waste!! Number 4 there should be a child friendly mode, because some of those polls are a little inappropriate… Despite my criticisms this app is ok

Great app for connecting with your friends and your school. I have a few suggestions as follow: 1. When you click on another users profile, it shows the date their account was created. Kids these days care about who’s the OG *sigh* 2. Under profile, it gives you a list of stats. The stats will show how many time YOU have selected a specific person in correlation to how many times they have been chosen by other people. This just gives a relative idea of who is the most popular. 3. When voting for someone, instead of offering the skip button if the question doesn’t apply to any of the people listed, a search box should be offered. You type the name, and Gas will provide the closest friends to that. This would help voting as you won’t have to say your mid friends are cute. 4. Under the profile category, you should be allowed to have a about me, as long as it’s inspected. That way, if someone random pops into your polls, you don’t just completely ignore them. You should also be able to add some form of contact. That way it can be a good way to socialize with new people at the users OWN risk. I hope the developers consider or respond to my advice. Thx

Must download ( this app is amazing for connecting with friends and maybe guess your crush😝. This app is overall just amazing and the fact you can connect your school to the app is amazing. We have a pretty small school in Arkansas and I just typed in the name and it popped up and showed the names of some of my contacts in it to show who has gas in my region! A lot of people say the Gas app is a scam and tracks you but all of those theories have been shut down and proven to be fake for clout. It’s honestly sad how people will try and ruin an app that worked day and night to get number 1, it’s just sad but it’s still number one and they deserve it. Thanks Gas for letting people use your services for free!

Great app ~~ Suggestions ~~. I absolutely love the app it has no ads doesn’t take forever to load and it creates a fun thing to pass the time or just mess with your friends. A couple suggestions just question ideas. You could have some questions that are more friend based because a lot of people aren’t on the app to get a bf or gf they just want to be positive towards others and make it funny ( sometimes) I’m not saying change anything I’m just thinking you should add some more friend based ones for example you could put “the one in the group who always has food” or “the one who always has the best drip” or you could replace drip for phone or console or game or tv or whatever fits. As a last thing I want to thank the people who made this app for making it and for being involved and caring about what the community thinks.

Literally in love❤️❤️❤️. Ok so like one of my friends sent me the link to this app and at first I was like “ mmmm idk it’s seems a little weird” but then I downloaded it and onl im gonna tell you rn that the guy I like added me on it and I thought he didn’t know who I was bc like we don’t have any classes together or anything and he’s a grade older then me so I was just like “hhhmm idk I could get used to this” and literally went to school yesterday and he asked me if I wanted to go to the football game that night and I told him that I was in the band and had to march and he was like that’s ok I’ll just have to watch you and we can go get concessions after ur done….. I LITERALLY THOUGHT I WAS A GHOST TO THIS GUY!!!!!!! If it weren’t for this app we probably would have never met each other so honestly thank you for making it❤️

LOVE THIS APP!. Let me start off by talking a bit about this app. This app has been blowing up at my school because it allows you to send compliments/little messages to those around you. For instance, one prompt may say “the perfect balance” of sweet and spicy and will allow you to choose between different people. It will then alert that person will “you received a message from a girl, you received a message from a guy, or you received a message from someone”. This app is a great conversation starter as it gets people thinking and sparks conversations. I will admit, there are times where I get a message and put on my detective goggles trying to guess who sent it. I believe this app is amazing but there are a few changes I would like to see in the future. For instance, you have to pay for hints that help you see who sent the message. I am hopeful that in the future there will be a way to get free hints by doing things like inviting friends, watching ads, completing surveys, etc. I also wish that there was an annual Gas plan rather then just a weekly $6.99 plan. Other then that, this is an amazing app I would highly recommended.

Doesn’t steal your info. I’ve seen so many people saying they steal your info and a post saying even if you turn off your location they’ll still find you and 60 kids have been kidnapped. There’s not proof they were kidnapped from this app and if you turn off your location there’s no way of them knowing your location. Also literally every other app asks for your location and there’s plenty of hackers on all those finding peoples locations as well as many websites selling your info. So if you’re worried about this app you may as well delete every app you have. Decent app, kind of confusing and greedy with you having to share the app to an actual number to get more polls or wait, as well as only having 2 hints and having to pay 7 bucks a week for more but besides that it’s pretty good and won’t kidnap you or anything

Sup. ---Write your feedback below--- It's cool but like it gets boring when you have no one else to share it to and you can't do anything else on the app. I also wish you could use coins if you want a hint on who gave you that answer. I wish that there was more than one way than getting coins. It takes forever to earn enough points just to put you name on 3 different peoples things and even then they could shuffle and not even pick you. The game is entertaining at first but after a day or two people use it less and less. There is no point in having an app that is based on other peoples opinions if there are no other people on the app. One last thing I wish would be changed is the fact that if you skip the question you can’t go back and you don’t get one to replace it, that’s a waste of time. I hope this helped! :)

Cool app - horrible monetization. Gas is a really fun app to get little complements. There are two big problems with it though: 1) The complements sound like they were written by a team of 40 year olds trying to sound relevant. They use weird slang and horrible emojis, but the app is still fun and once you get used to that it’s not very annoying. 2) The far bigger problem with this app is its monetization strategy. They charge users $7 per week if they want to see who sent messages which undermines my trust in it. Some rich kid can now see who sent it, which makes me less likely to send genuine things. Instead of this horrible overpriced subscription, the app should sell things like priority in people’s inbox, or something that still keeps information private One more bonus problem: 3) You have to refer people to the app if you want to take another poll which feels a bit desperate and annoying. Anyway, it’s a great app with a few problems.

Amazing App!. It is such a great app to use and interact with! Many people at my school use it, and I really think it does help raise many people’s mental well-being! We usually take the polls daily. My main problem with the app though is the way the notifications work. It is a mess to scroll through the amount of polls I have been sent. You have to view the polls one by one, and many people get at least 15 notifications every hour. If you are not constantly on the app or checking it every hour, you have to spend a long time scrolling through each poll. I would love to see the notifications changed around so that way you can see how many voted on you for each kind of poll. I would say to try to have more than one notification across the screen. Other than this, I love the app!

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Apps died within a week tbh. Already said what I needed to say

Ya. It’s fun but you get a lot of notifications

Gassy Boom. I really like this app it helps me find new people and friends to join my group of bombers and attackers. LeBron is the only person who is able and capable to be the most powerful man on the team right now and he is the most important player on this planet right now

Love u app. Best app in the world

Fortnite guy. No fortnite questions, so this game app sucks.

Annoying af. Couldn’t even get my verification code for a day or 2, and then once I did get it to work it said expired

stupid app. way too cringe for me

Issue with gas. I cant even get a verification code send to my phone to use the gas app

Idk. I can’t seee show gaps me or see who’s likes me LIKE I WANT TO SEE

what. it doesn’t even send you a verification code ? support team isn’t that great either

rant. someone needs to come up with better questions cause these ones are corny as hell

Unless you popular. Unless you popular is sucks. It’s not different then any other form of social just because it’s compliment based. It still deals with followers, friends, looks and popularity. It isn’t refreshing positive because it’s social media. The prompts/ questions are also stupid.

I don’t see the point. It’s kind of a useless app and I don’t really understand it but i guess it serves the function well if this is something you want to do

heteronormative. its a great idea to compliment people anonymously but all the romantic compliments are directed towards the opposite gender so i just skip those every time

Poop. Makes me feel devious

Gas gas gas turn on the gas. When I first went on this app, I thought that it was about passing gas. In fact, I learned that it is not about cutting the metaphorical cheese. Turns out it is a pyramid scheme. I got invited by my friend and was tasked with inviting 10 more people. I got nothing in return. But this app is actually really good ngl. I’m only doing this for the coins which don’t do a lot tbh.

scary. it knows where you go to school and i didnt even say where i went to school, also very confusing, and i dont see the point of it

Bad. This app literally just sucks

Can’t change my grade or school. When I press edit profile their are no options to change grade or school

don’t download. this is used for human trafficking do not download it

verification code. It won’t send me a code and when I email you for help you don’t actually help

Washed😂. Was popular for a week…

Terrible. Us

Feedback fam. Gas is literally one of the best apps fam. Me and the mandem on tha shi everyday ahlie. Ppl be picking me for random shi if u know what I’m sayin, funny questions type shi. Be clownin on these foo’s for days making shi up bout people. “I got a confession for you” headass. Yk what tho, def should show names. That pay $9 for the first letter of their name shi kinda 🏳️‍🌈 if u ask me. Better switch up rq before I bring the switch to ur HQ and make u change it myself

💀. 💀💀💀

Stinky poppy babies. Sick app no cap

Bro. I accidentally changed my name and year and I cant change it back. Y’all gotta make sure we can fix it.

Been humbled way too much. Literally got chosen for "Had a diet of pixie sticks when they were younger." because I am obviously not skinny and DAMN 😭 Overall still a good app though! 😁

Selling information?. This app got access to my contacts without let me know it and it didn’t even ask me to that, it just got the information without any permission from me!!!

App is literally the worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Would give it 0 stars if I could

Cringe don’t download. It’s cringe

Devin booker. How does this effect lebrons legacy?

Wont lemme sign up. Everyone is saying that gas is a great app but it wont send me the verification code to my number so i can sign up. I have been trying for weeks and i have deleted snd redownloaded the app multiple times snf i still cant get it to work. I have tried it from multiple locations too so it cant be my data or wifi. I emailed them too and i get the same response snd no one actually helps

why. 👽

Great but flawed settings. I love the idea of this, and it works well, but I hate that you can only change your gender once, as a gender fluid individual I find that a bit annoying, especially since this is targeted at teens, who are often still figuring themselves out. Although again it’s a great premise and I love that there is a non binary option!

Gas is a great app to rate your friends. Gas is straight gas

fun. so much fun!! definitely recommend

Won’t let me change my grade or gender. It random changed my grade and gender and when I tried to change it back it wouldn’t let me and when I emailed for the help and they said the same thing over and over.

Dope app. Helped me stop starvation in my country, also stopped a civil war and ended the water crises in my country.

not working. it says the app is currently down, and it’s been like this for weeks now.

contacts. no option to remove contacts from poll options :( even deleted contacts since allowing the app the access them. also the options for poll option preferences dont really work, i get the same people every time

Please add. Please add “most likely to realize the Industrial Revolution and its consequences are a detriment to mankind”

Assumptions!. I am writing in as a disappointed member of the gas community as recently my friend AR is what we will refer to them as informed me recently that the app always give them male options assuming her sexuality on the sexually suggestive questions. Sincerely a lover of the gas community who expects better.

?. won’t send verification code to phone number

war. It caused a civil war in my country

Isnt working. Keeps saying app is down

Review. Man why can’t you jus add people from snap? Like all my friends are on snap and I don’t have their number.

Kid napping. Heard this app will kidnap are u are somethin

sucky app. doesn’t even work the code didn’t send ughhhh cringey delete this asap

no.. this app literally only starts drama

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Gas. Gas it very cool and you can send messages to your friends and your crush. Right now I have a secret admirer, it has no tracking and is very secure with its information. I feel very safe in this app and I feel that it has very nice staff/creators/supervisors. It has a very nice presentation with different colors for each question which is very nice sense I like color, it is always very easy to ask for help. For me I really like how it boosts my self esteem. You thought I was going to say corn haha.

Gas review. This app is very fun and is a good way to hunt your crush that you like them. It’s also a really good way to give compliments to your friends. Its a really good app, but I think that there could be some changes. Over all I think that the only thing that should be changed is being able to see who your friends have as friends, having more than two options on the shop and being able to reply to what people voted for your friends. Other than that it is a fun way to say what you think about people and hint people

Amazing But. This app is so fun and amazing, my friends and I are always on it. The only thing I don’t like is that when you have God mode you can’t see who picked you if they use God mode. I think that if I have God mode I should still be able to get hints about who picked me from everyone even if they use God mode cuz if not then what’s the point of paying 7 dollars is I can’t get hints about everyone. So if the app were to change this in a future update that would be amazing.

Love this!. This app is so fun. I absolutely love it, I think it’s a great app. It’s such a great way to compliment your friends and not know who it is. It’s also exciting and gets you on edge. Here’s one thing though, I don’t particularly enjoy that you have to pay to figure out who sent it, and I don’t really think anybody would want to. I recommend maybe doing surveys, or watching ads to unlock a Letter, and by doing that you could unlock a letter every week! But other then that it’s very fun and very addicting.

This is great!!!!!!!. I tried this app bc people at my school were using it a lot so I gave it a try and my days went from bad to good just like that but now it’s getting kinda old nobody uses it anymore so it’s like having those good days taken from you but it is a great app to rebuild your confidence and maybe if you didn’t know someone that well in your school that by using this app you could become their best friend for life. But that’s all for now PEACE ✌️

Only social platform I need!. I first heard about this app when my friends at school wouldn’t stop talking about it. After some time I decided to get it. This app is made to “find your crush” but me and my friends use it as a fun way to complement each other while staying anonymous. I give this app four stars instead of five because I wish it had a few more options when it comes to customizing the app to be your own. I am a very petty person but I think the app is great and would recommend it to everyone!

Great app. This app is awesome, it's a great way to connect with friends and get confidence boosters. Only thing is it'd be even better if it had a messaging thing with people you add. And maybe like, pay 500 coins to see who your crush is instead of paying actual money, since this is more of a teen thing and some kids aren't allowed to pay irl money for things online. Overall, it's really good, but I think with just a little more tweaking it could be really great.

it’s fun 👍. Honestly pretty fun. Downloaded it at first because my friend made me but it’s genuinely entertaining to anonymously vote on your friends/crushes. It also acts as a fun conversation starter when a friend of mine inevitably finds out I voted them to be “most likely to have had a horse obsession.” I also like how often the polls are sent out, I feel like any sooner would be too little time and any longer would be too long. All and all a funny little social media (is that what I’d call this?) app that I highly recommend. Like the title says, it’s fun.

lighthearted and a way to bond. I love this app and I’ve only had it for a few days! My friends told me to get it and I’m not regretting it. Even though there’s a big focus on hinting at your crush, my friends and I also just love messing around with the lighthearted prompts and joking around with each other. While the hour wait might bother others (once you’ve filled out 12 polls), I personally don’t mind. It gives a screen break opportunity as well as time to bond with friends in other messages. Gas is definitely a fun app !

Visually unappealing and gender stereotyping. I don’t like the visual design of the app, it looks just plain bad. It barely conforms to Apple’s design guidelines either, I wish there was a navigation bar at the bottom to switch between views. Another thing, although a bit more opinionated, it made me somewhat uncomfortable how there’s some gender stereotyping. I would like if, when making an account, there weren’t images for picking a gender. Really, I wish you didn’t have to pick at all, would prefer something like simply picking pronouns. Read some other reviews and saw that apparently, the app will say something different if someone of the same gender puts their name in your polls. Being gay, this is extremely disappointing to hear.

3 stars. Well first of all, the purpose/goal is very sweet, and it definitely made me feel a lot better. It’s fun to give compliments out to your friends, especially when they deserve them, but otherwise the app is boring. And also, a lot of people are saying it has something to do with sex trafficking, which is NOT true. It uses your location once to find your school. There is no way for people to contact you on the app aside from sending a compliment. I would recommend this app to y’all, but I’ve heard the golden subscription thing doesn’t work. Thanks!^^

This is toxic. All I'm going to say is this is bad this is going to make so meany people self conscious. It’s going to hurt people mental and physical, and what happened to asking people out and telling them you like them instead of rating them? Are we so scared to talk to people that we resorted to likes and comments. Pease understand that rejection is just a part of life. I hope people read this and if you are going to get this app think of the person and how this will make you feel if it was you in the situation. Please have enough sense of kindness to think of others and care because if we stop caring this world will become a disaster. Because it’s already started and if we don’t stop it it’ll change us all.

THIS IS DISAPPOINTING. I put my name in MY crush's poll. But first I tried it on my friend I SPENT 300 COINS. And I was in zero polls. DO NOT WASTE YOUR COINS. You will be misled and sad when you think your crush doesn't vote for you. BUT IN REALITY, THEY DON'T EVEN GET TO CHOOSE YOU. Disgraceful. To all you youngins (13 and younger) looking for love, this app won't help with your crush. LOVE WILL ALWAYS DISAPPOINT. MEN ARE HORRIBLE.!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I got carried away there little lads, but just know love won't last forever AND NEITHER WILL YOUT FAVORITE JEANS(sorry just getting over the loss of them😪) 😵🫠🙁🙁😕😩🙁😕🙁🙁🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😖😖😖😣☹️🙁🙁😔😟😟😔😞😞😒😒😣☹️🙁🙁🙁☹️😣😣🥺😩🥺😢😢🥺😩😤😤😠😩😢🥺😫😩😢🥺😩😫🥺🥺😩😤😫😩☹️😢🥺😩🤔🫣🫣🫠🫠😢😣😞🙁😢😖😟😞☹️😢😖😣🥺😫😩😢😭😖😣😭😣🙁🙁☹️☹️☹️

Good app. Great app, love it. Had no issues. Except one I have seen kid in 5th grade pretending to be high schoolers. And also the fact that ADULTS that are in like mid 20s can add these little kids or even high schoolers. Needs better age verification but other than that it is a great app and a great way to tell others how you feel about them without them knowing who it’s from. I do wish that there would be something where once a week you can see who sent you something or at least one hint a week. Just to make the app more exciting so people don’t get tired of it easily.

Good but gets old. Don’t get me wrong I love gas! It’s a fun poll app where you can pick people anonymously, I also think the flame concept is kinda cool, don’t even get me started on how it feels to get a flame. Getting a flame gives you a happy feeling and I love seeing all my flames, but after a while the poll concept gets a tad boring. Same polls, no new polls, I feel like they should add more polls as these polls are getting boring. Bottom line, I feel like the developers should add more polls and more things to the app to keep people like me engaged! Although it’s an amazing app.

This app is 👍. This is an excellent app. It promotes positive and kindness in our communities which we greatly need. You get to answer questions about people you know w/ out letting them know who answered it. Along with that all of these questions spread positivity and no hate. There is an excellent support team along with the app and it’s rapidly expanding their reach across the US. It’s safe and you can see they don’t actively track your location in your setting so there’s no risk.

Gas app. Gas is a really creative app that helps bring people together. I met someone at school who has Gas and we bonded over who to pick for which poll. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up more than two minutes. My sister and her boyfriend actually met when she realized she was being picked for everything by the only tenth grade boy she had on Gas! The only thing that I would say isn’t perfect is that you can’t pay to see who chose you for certain questions. Overall Gas is a very well done app and I have respect for the people that created it!

Landry15. This app is a lot of fun but I have a few suggestions. Make the price for 2 reveals and unlimited hints less money, maybe like 2.99 or something like that. Or add more reveals. Also I tried to send an invite to a friend for a hint but it won’t give me a hint. I don’t know if it’s because there’s a limited amounts of hints or a glitch but I would love to do a unlimited amount of hints but you have to invite someone. That would make your app grow faster than just a couple invites and only a couple people joining the app rather than many people joining the app because you have unlimited hints with sending invites.

Fun App. the app is a safe and fun way to give compliments to those around you anonymously. although it’s fun, it also make sure that you are not using the app for excessive amounts of time by putting an hour you cant vote in between each “poll”. the app only tells you whether it was a male, female, or non-binary person voted for you and what grade they are in. only you know who the other voting options were, so others don’t feel like someone is “better” than them. overall this game is pretty interesting and funny.

I love this. This is basically the modern version of showing your crush a note that says "From Your Secret Admirer", which I think is pretty cute. It's not just limited to anonymously telling your crush that you like them, it can also let your friends know that they're funny, smart, nice, or cool. For a while I thought that no one in my school had a crush on me, and yet the day I opened the app a girl answered a poll saying that they would want to go to prom with me. Idk, it just makes you feel good and important

Bug with number. It doesn’t matter how many times I reach out to Gas they never respond. They should have a option to change number, I tried reaching out so I can fix this problem but they don’t ever text back. It’s just an automated message saying “we will be with you soon” . They don’t ever reach back, it’s ridiculous.I would like to change my number with keeping the history of my account and everything. My old number which now not able anymore.

I understand however…. I think that there is a way around it, because you do have people within others age groups. So, I think that you could have only mutual friends chat as well as only people in your age group, because I know a lot of ppl who I don’t have their number or any other social media, but would love to keep up with them, so please take my idea into consideration but besides that if not I do understand and won’t bug you about it anymore thank you, and good night. Sincerely, Mi’ah Mc

Gas review. Very fun and unique way to find out how people actually feel about you. Sometimes you don’t get the people you know you want as an option but it’s fun to work with the options given. It’s nice to express how you feel about others with the assurance your anonymous the whole time. The polls are very fun ways to categorize and views your friends. App won’t let you add all your friends at once which is annoying. Great way to find out how your friends truly see you.

stop making fake reviews!!. recently i saw a friend post a story on instagram of screenshots of the “kidnapping reviews.” read the terms & conditions then realize u share your location with all ur apps😭.. yall ARENT getting kidnapped. same thing w snapchat, or instagram, or facebook. you share your location and contacts to add people around you because the whole point of the app is to do anonymous polls about people YOU KNOW. please read the real reviews under the gas app!! it isnt worth crying to ur mommy about because ur scared of getting trafficked. APPLE WOULD NOT ALLOW IT IN THE FIRST PLACEE‼️‼️‼️

Gas. I love how kid friendly you are the questions are not too inappropriate. I also love how we can only reply to 12 questions an hour. It is nice so people do not get addicted to the app. I also like how it is anonymous so you can say good things about people and the won’t know who you are. It makes me feel good when people say nice things to me. I like how you get coins whenever you answer the 12 questions so it makes you want to play more so you can buy things.

Changing some stuff. You should be able to change what school you go to incase you transfer. And I couldn’t find my school on the app and I had to put that I was in middle school and now it only gives me middle schoolers and not even people my age. I think you should have a change school option and recommend everyone whether they are in a higher grade or lower. But ofc I don’t want to see people from grades lower than 8th tho but I think the friend recommendations should be on who you are already friends with and base the recommendation with that info. Thank you incase you guys read this and change it up.

Finally a interesting app ! :)). This app is so cool bc you have people from your school and from your contacts on this app. It is so inclusive and has literally boosted my self esteem high Fr. I love that it is so nice and kind and some of the polls have me rolling. 😂 but on the activity page , could you add some organization to it, it is a lot of brain stimulation. Also I don’t want to pay $7 a week to reveal names and letters, so can you make a better option for us of like finding out who it is! Thank you 🙏

I LOVE IT, but…... I love this game so much, I haven’t stopped playing this game since I bought it, I showed at least 13 of my friends and family this app and they all loved it! But, although it’s a fun game, I think there should be more things to buy in the shop so that way it would be more fun and challenging to get more coins for certain things! Other than that, I think this is a fun app and I would really recommend getting this if you want to compliment your friends/family in ways you couldn’t think of!

Positive counter to negative social media. Most social media in todays world is full of people posting about how great their life is and the rest is just offending people. This app is a great POSITIVE app that just makes me feel good. The only complaint I have is that it’s sometimes sad to see someone with like 300 votes and then someone with like 2. Makes you feel bad for them. If the app could do something to fix that? Less on numerical value of votes, focus more on just the positive content.

great app!. I love everything about this app. I wouldn't change anything about this app. this app is perfect to find out what people think about you and it's really fun to play. the wait timing is perfect and i love how you can add friends! and as a non-binary person i love how you can say you're non-binary. that's how you can tell this app is very good! i shared with a bunch of my friends and they say that they love this app. if you're reading this, anybody, you should definitely download it! 5 stars.

Amazing app!. This app is sooo fun!! I love it! But there’s a few things that could be better. For example, I was adding a bunch of my friends and the app said “You are friending too fast” and now it won’t let me add anyone! It stays like this for a while and it annoys me a bit. I understand the precautions you are trying to make, but I’d like it if maybe you could just give us a warning and not block us completely of friending. That’s all I have to say! Otherwise, this is a very fun app to connect with your friends!

Awful. I would like to preface this review by stating that I’m almost 27 and been out of high school for a very long time. My little sister who is about 10 years younger sends me a text telling me that I’ve been added to an app. It also shows a bunch of people I went to school with also added as well. Curious I ask her what it is and she replies “you can answer polls about people.” Now regardless of what this app tries to tell people literal high schoolers being able to add full blown adults to their polls to vote on is disgusting and predatory. Also don’t forget that you can pay WEEKLY to see who is your “crush”. Vile in every sense of the word. I would absolutely rate it zero if I could. What were the creators thinking?

The idea of the app. This is one the few apps of this year that is related to anonymous things that i actually like. usually anonymous stuff doesn’t work for long because it can get dry fast. but this app doesn’t let it get dry with having so much stuff to be picked and it being completely random stuff with subjects and people. only thing i dislike about the app is how people can put “no grade” even tho they’re in school so it’s harder to find out who it is. and how expensive the premium version is

BEST APP EVER. It’s so much fun and has hosted my confidence by so much I also love the option to put you on someone's poll. I was able to find out who liked me from school. It also showed me how sweet and amazing some of my friends are. The app's design is great I love that you can buy premium to see who said what. The app is just also set up very nicely. I love how it helps you do things anonymously it’s a huge hit at my school. This is my favorite app I’m on it 24/7. I don’t think I’ll ever delete it till I’m out of high school.

Gas. I really like how it doesn't show who says it, but sometimes I think it should. I also think that we should be able to see our friends friends. It’s a very fun game with a lot of thought into it so overall I would rate it a 5 out of 5. It gets a little boring when you’re waiting an hour. I think there should be something extra. Also what if your crush doesn’t have this game then there’s like no propping and my crush doesn’t so..

Love this app!. This app is super fun. It’s a great way to keep in Touch with friends and see what people really think of you. I Wish you could buy more things with coins though. I also wish you could see who your friends are friends with. Like how instagram is, you can see who someone follows. And maybe if you could give reactions or something to the flames you get? That would be cool. I really do enjoy this app though, it’s a fun way to see opinions on yourself without anything negative !!

Fun, but one issue. Overall the app is a fantastic idea and is executed very well; however, any time you try to skip time or get a hint by sharing an error pops up and you don’t get anything. It says you need to make sure the message has a link and is being sent to an iPhone, that would be fine but even when both of those are true you still receive the same error pop up. Ideally you would be able to send links to people who don’t have iPhones as well, but I’m sure there’s a reason is the developers put that into an error message; I just wish it worked with what the error message explains.

First initial?. I love the app I think it’s fun to see who vote for you but one thing is I bought god mode to find out who sent something but they sent it anonymously on god mode I just wish even with god mode you could still see like the first initial of their name and I do understand the point of buying god mode to hide yourself but still I think y’all should make it so you can see their first initial but like no option for like a name reveal just first initial if that makes sense

Really cool but one question…. This app is really fun and I love it so much. I go on it all the time but I have one question. I try to delete a friend by clicking on there profile then clicking the three dots and it just kicks me out. Like literally exits out of the app for some reason… I don’t know if this is the app or my device but it doesn’t happen with any other app I have. I don’t know that’s wrong but can you reply and explain… Besides that this app is easily five stars and I really recommend getting it. 🙂

gas app. I've only had GAS for the past week or so, but the speed at which you become engaged and addicted is staggering to say the least. The app's addicting nature is due to the countless revelations it provides from the poll answers you receive in your inbox daily. The romantic interest part also takes a key role in driving engagement and giving the users a goal to work toward in able to appear on their crush's polls. I wonder how many people have found each other through gas app its really amazing, Overall: 5/5

One small issue. This is a great game to play and i love all the compliments you can get even though it’s anonymous it’s still cool. I do have one problem though. I hate that once you picked a grade or gender and change it once you picked it you can’t change it back. I accidentally put the wrong grade twice and wanted to remove it but i Can no longer since your only allowed to do it once which I find utterly ridiculous. In conclusion, great game i just hope you would allow others to change it more than once.

Love the app but have a few things i do not like. Alright so i got this app the other day and so far i love it but it has caused alot of stress due to the anonymous feature, i see all these people picking my name on polls like "your feelings have been gushing for them latley" and i have no way to see who it is besides paying, I understand you can oay 7 dollars a week to see there names a stuff but im only 15 and dont have 7 dollars of my own money to spare every single week so maybe you could give us some sort of free trial? It doesnt have to be a whole lot i just want a way to see if someone has been crushing on me and i didnt know

More randomized. I love this app the questions are plan out rude and i think this app is pretty positive but it literally gives me the same options every single time i pick even if i shuffle also weird idk if this is apart of it but when a question like “i would spend the rest of my life with you” or something like that i can only pick guy options it never changes same guys hs in a different order everytime and most of the questions its the same few people everyday its getting boring

Yeah it’s pretty cool!. Gas allows you to mess around with not only your friends, but interact with people at your school you may have never thought it to before. I know for me, it has created a few friendships I never would have thought I would have. It’s a lot of fun getting everyone to do it at once. I highly recommend getting it with your friends. It’s very fun to play in your free time, and definitely has a lot of funny moments to be had. So try it out if you’d like!

gasapp review. Hi this is a really good app. It is fun to see what people think about you and has also really helped with my confidence. This app has a nice design and it is simple and easy to use and understand. I like that there’s an option to shuffle people for a poll in case you don’t have an answer. It is also nice to send kinda secret messages to your crush without them knowing who it is. This app is just really fun to push with friends and you should download it if you’re reading this.

Very gas. This game is the one of the best apps I have ever installed. I can now learn how my peers think about me as a individual and I can throw shade around and no one will know it was me who did it. You should install this app so you can see who likes you and vote for who you like. Don’t worry all votes are anonymous but be on guard for some people will spend 6.99 to see who did it so watch out. After all of what I said it’s really fun and very cool. This is the reason I give gas 5 stars

Could You Possibly Fix these Things ??. I Overall quite like the App. It’s honestly Really good in terms of How it Operates and stuff but I feel there could be some more done. Like how you can’t change your Gender more then Twice, I was experimenting on the gender thing and now I am unable to change it back. It’s a bit frustrating but It’s not something I’ll get hella mad about. I just feel you should be able to change it whenever you want. Another thing is how you have to pay to figure out who your crush is, I feel you shouldn’t have to pay 7$ a week just to get some small hints. Like maybe you have to watch a couple ads or pay for them in coins cause then the shop will have something else added into it. I do really like the App though. It’s really cool and Funny. I get to mess around with my friends and it gives me something other then stare at a wall the entire time. ❤️

Great app! Would recommend!. I LOVE this app! Especially the questions, they are all super positive and funny. Making sure that everyone we get a great laugh. I also especially like the microtransactions system. From a company viewpoint, it's a great way to make money by bringing quantity AND quality into the same picture. Of course, some people have negative opinions on this. Such as saying it's "taking advantage of their costumer's feelings" etc. Although, I view it more cleverness than trickery. It's a "dog eat dog" world out there, and I don't know about you guys, but a dogs gotta eat.

Gas is safe. For all the three year olds out there saying this app is dangerous there has been no police reports on children going missing. stop believing gossip and use your brain. you could say that snapchat is doing the same thing by taking your age and location. Don’t listen to everything you see on tik tok they just try to get attention. and yes i use this app because my friends have it and i find it really fun! it’s a great way to spread kindness without people knowing it’s you. 5 stars

Super Confusing. I heard of the app, and was going to download it and my friend sent me a link saying that people voted me, when i had never even downloaded the app… then after that i’m getting notifications that people in my contacts downloaded the app, when they never did, then people are “adding me back” when i never added them in the first place?!?? it’s a fun app, i like the concept, but it’s just doing so much for the attention that it’s confusing and I don’t even want to use it. it’s telling me to invite people who don’t have the app, but then also telling me that they have 20 friends on the app. it’s just so confusing

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