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What is stylebook app? Get the most out of your closet - for the price of a latte or a gossip magazine, you could have a closet assistant for life!

Stylebook® has over 90 features to help you curate your closet and get more out of what you own!

Import your actual clothes, create magazine-style outfits, plan what to wear, create packing lists and learn more about your wardrobe with statistics like cost per wear - in this totally customizable app!


Stylebook is an expert wardrobe organization and closet management tool created by a fashion industry insider, who got her start as an intern in the Vogue fashion closet and is an alum of Lucky magazine.

Included in Condé Nast Traveler's "Best Travel Apps for Packing" and Mashable's "Ten Fresh Apps for Fashion Enthusiasts"

2014 Tabby Awards - Users' Choice Winner in the Lifestyle Category

Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


"Easily see what is working and what isn’t" -

"A must for Cher Horowitz types!" - Vogue Australia

"Closet-organization apps allow you to catalog your wardrobe and play stylist...I find Stylebook to be the most intuitive." - New York Times

"Brilliance!" - Lucky magazine

"Our new wardrobe secret weapon is the @StylebookApp" - THE OUTNET.COM

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Fashion Week - Vogue Paris

"The Clueless virtual closet exists in real life, OMG" - Cosmopolitan UK

"...the ultimate wardrobe manager" - InStyle

"9/10...Best wardrobe organizer ever" - Wired App Guide

"Perfect if you've caught yourself daydreaming about tomorrow's outfit with nowhere to jot it down." - Wall Street Journal

"...wardrobe organization at its best" - FabSugar


• CLOSET: add images of your own clothes
• BACKGROUND REMOVAL TOOLS: cut out your clothes for easy collaging
• LAY OUT OUTFITS: layer and resize clothing on a free-form canvas
• OUTFIT SHUFFLE: shuffle your closet like a deck of cards to reveal new outfit ideas hiding in your closet!
• ICLOUD BACKUP: protect your data by backing up with iCloud
• PACKING LISTS: add whole outfits, plan how you'll pack ahead of time, generate printable checklists and infographics
• STYLE STATS: insights into how you wear your clothes and outfits, including what you wear the most, what you wear the least and which items get the most bang for the buck
• BROWSE YOUR CLOSET: See your closet organized by brand, fabric, color, size and more
• NO LIMITS: add unlimited clothing, accessories and inspirations to your outfits
• CALENDAR: plan what to wear in advance
• CUSTOM CATEGORIES: add, edit or delete any category in your closet, looks and inspiration library
• SHOP: shop items from store websites and try them out in your virtual closet before buying; plus, add your own stores
• INSPIRATION LIBRARY: track and save your style inspiration
• STYLE EXPERT: read interviews with fashion insiders, learn how to manage your wardrobe, find out how to make your wardrobe last, and more!
• SEARCH: search your closet for keywords or properties like fabric, season, color, etc.
• SHARE: share outfits and clothes with friends via e-mail, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
• WIFI TRANSFER: transmit looks, clothing items or inspiration to other iOS devices
• HELP: searchable how-to manuals and demo videos included
• E-MAIL SUPPORT: in case you need help, contact


- Better Homes & Gardens
- Good Housekeeping
- Real Simple
- Harper's Bazaar UK
- Glamour
- Marie Claire
- The Los Angeles Times
- Refinery29 - #1 on "8 Fashion Apps Worth Downloading"
- The Tyra Banks Show
- New York magazine's "The Cut"
- And more - visit for the full list!


- Visit to watch demo videos of the app!

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to send us an email at!

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Stylebook Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Stylebook Version 8.203 January 2021

- Support for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini - Larger thumbnails are larger on some devices - Fixed a clipper tool issue that could occur on some devices - Other bugfixes and minor improvements.

Stylebook Version 8.1.303 May 2019

- Support for iPad Pro 11" and iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd-generation) - Bugfixes and other minor improvements.

Stylebook Comments & Reviews 2022

- So many benefits!

This app easily saves me 15 minutes per morning getting dressed. I play with my closet on my phone at bedtime and am so much less frustrated getting dressed in the morning I put each seasonal outfits in the calendar randomly about every 10 days. I can easily look at a different day’s outfit and swap the days I wear them to react to moods and weather. It takes a little while to get pictures in... I did my favorites and kept taking pictures of items out of the dryer on laundry day. I had better luck hanging them on a hanger off a dark door and a light door using a wreath hook to get them to look more natural in pictures. Laying them down on solid sheets didn’t work for me. You also don’t have to edit it perfectly when you do your pictures. Definitely take the time to enter clothing colors of both solid and multi-colored items. This helps the app do marvelous things for your wardrobe. You won’t believe how easy it is to add a few pieces to have some awesome new looks. When I used the shuffle feature, I found so many awesome new outfits I already had! If you like to peruse Pinterest outfits, it is so easy to make them using some basics and adding a new piece on a shopping trip. If are interested in clothing capsules, this simplifies the process. I’m much happier coordinating outfits on the app than trying things on. I have so many items I love that I wasn’t wearing that are now in the loop. This is going to pay off both financially and emotionally.

- Great for your kid's too!

Having a toddler is filled with sizing changes, being able to have all of her clothes organized lets me know what we have and what we need. Love being able to check this and not have to ransack my brain trying to remember if she has something already to wear with things I find for her while out shopping. Being able to set up outfits helps keep me from decision fatigue and gives my husband something to look at when he's dressing her instead of calling me up to pick something. My husband is military, so we are constantly traveling, taking at least four road trips a year to see our families. Packing usually sends me into a ball of stress and tears thinking of everything I have to do first. With this though I can plan her outfits for the trip while sitting on the couch after bedtime, with a glass of wine. So no more making a mess while going through all of her clothes trying to decide what to bring and what needs to be washed. It's been a long time since I was so excited about an app. It takes away such the mental drain of all the things that come with my daughter's clothes. Not to mention the money it saves in not buying duplicates or things she has nothing to wear with. Best $3.99 I've ever spent

- LOVE LOVE LOVE this App!

I came across this app when I was working for a fashion & glamour magazine and have been using it now for 2 years. (I download it and started to use for similar apps, but this is the one that had everything I wanted.) I LOVE IT!!! I used to be really creative with my outfits. But at some point my closet got too big and too boring. I mean, there were good pieces in there, I just couldn’t “see” the combinations anymore. Now, I save great outfits I come up with in the ‘Looks’ tab and I even let me friends play with my ‘Closet’ to create new looks for me. I have all possible occasions categorized under ‘Looks’ So when I need an outfit come in a matter how specific, on the fly, I’m ready! This is SO helpful and, yes, it took me forever to photograph or pull images from the internet, (I went over board and used photoshop to shop perfect png’s) but not only is it easy to maintain now, it saves me so much time when I need to come up with something fast. I suspect most people wouldn’t put the time into completing their closet on this app, but I did and I freaking love it!!!!! PS, Now, whenever I buy something new, I find it on a Google image search and save it to my wardrobe.

- Love! Some tips:)

I never pay for apps OR write reviews but this is a real life changer. GET IT. One reviewer left the very helpful tip of hanging the clothes on a hook on a door and taking pictures that way- that worked wayyy better than laying them on a sheet/floor. If you have a white door, i suggest you especially photograph all your sheer items against that; my sheer clothes otherwise had my hot pink towel showing thru which ruined the accuracy of the pic. Also I’ve had a lot of luck finding my leggings and jeans on Pinterest and google (if not the exact same, very similar), and those pics look way better than my actual items laid out. I find this makes me love and use the items more-when the image is cute. If the image you find or take has the featured item a little small (and thus it’s hard to see which item it is when it’s with others in its category), you can zoom in and screenshot it a little bigger, then replace the smaller pic. The Tap tool in Manual photo edit is really helpful for removing the background- I have to manually edit most photos but it is fun to watch my closet come together!

- Loving this app

Mostly loving this app so far, in the week I've had it. There are a few things I'd change but overall, I think I'm going to love it. Have a "closet" of my clothes which is nice to be able to look at even without standing in front of my closet. I think I'll really appreciate it when I'm shopping and can see what I already have to complete an outfit. Love having the ability to create outfits and then easily identify what days I wore each outfit, using the calendar. I think it'll make my closet management and use of various clothing items much easier. I don't like that when creating "looks", it's really hard to see the options to choose from at the bottom. If I choose the wrong one, because I have so many bottoms that look similar until I can see them larger, I have to remove it and then start the choosing process all over again. It'd be great if the options were able to come up larger when browsing and then move through them from one to the next. Excited to use all the features in the future. Overall, if you are a clothes-loving organizational freak like me, you'll love this app.

- Great for kids! One request.

I’ve been using this app for my daughter’s clothes for the last month, and I absolutely love it! It helps me to really see what she has instead of rummaging through her closet. If we have a special occasion or event coming up, like Easter or a birthday party, I can easily see if she has something to wear for it. I love the Style Stats, especially that it tells you Cost Per Wear and which items get worn the most/least. This was a real eye opener for me! This app makes packing way easier, too! I can plan out all of her outfits, and I avoid over packing! I do have one request. Since my daughter is young, she outgrows clothes and shoes fairly quickly. I wish there was an option to remove and item from “Item Count” and “Total Closet Value” without having to actually delete the item. For example, my daughter outgrew a pair of shoes, and we donated them. But those shoes are on the calendar in 6 outfits. We donated them, so they are no longer in her closet. But if I delete the item, the shoes would be missing from the outfits, leaving them incomplete. In 3 years, I don’t want to have all the clothes my daughter outgrew on the app anymore. Thanks!

- Worth every penny!

I bought this app two years ago when I started my job. I change clothes two and three times each morning. Not anymore! I pick my outfits for the week Sunday night before I go to bed and then I’m done. Putting all your clothes on hangers (so annoying but completely worth it) is definitely the key AND hanging them up on a white background to take the photo. Seriously, this is such a time saver when editing out the background of each article of clothing. My shower curtain is white, so I hangs up each piece of clothing on the shower rod. For shoes, put one white poster board on the ground and then one white poster board propped up against the wall. Then put your shoes at an angle. I do one slightly turned and the other turned more to see more of the shoe. Like online shoe stores post photos of the shoes. SERIOUSLY THE BEST CLOTHING APP! I love this app! The beginning of taking all the photos of your shirts, pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, shoes, etc takes a long time. But don’t give up!! Once that is in, then you just add your clothes as you buy them. Phenomenal app, I’d give it more than five stars if I could!

- So helpful!

I had looked at this app many times before purchasing it and I am so happy I finally got it. I hesitated before because I am relatively low maintenance when it comes to fashion and I assumed it was really meant more for those that were concerned with keeping up with trends. But it’s proven to be so helpful, even with my limited wardrobe! Admittedly, it is a little tedious at first to actually get all the pictures and info added in, but once I was done, I was amazed at what the app would do for me. The shuffle feature is amazing and I am truly surprised at how many options I have with my same old clothes. I have had several outfits shuffled together that I would have never thought of on my own. It’s also easy for me to build my own outfits because I have my entire closet at my fingertips. It is definitely a time saver. I did read a suggestion from another reviewer to hang each item instead of laying it flat, and I agree. I ended up doing both and the items that were hung up looked much more natural. If you don’t have access to good natural light, use the flash, it helps!


I swear of ALL the apps I use for everything- not clothes, this is my absolute favorite!! YES, it requires input from you but once you get the hang of it and load your items, it’s awesome! I have over 600 items (yes that I’ve put in one by one!). BUT...I have a large varied wardrobe with special and vintage items. I attend events that require me to dress up so this app helps me decide what to wear and see how to put things together. I’ve used it for several years now and every day of my calendar is filled. I can then keep track of exactly when I wore a particular item or even entire outfit, including accessories. Please don’t change the app! I love it- it’s so user friendly, gives exactly the information I need every time. It always works, never crashes on me. I have it backed up and would be devastated if I ever lost my collection! With so many apps being disappointing this one is my star, along with a library app that I have as well. If you’re willing to put in the time to load your items, you will be rewarded! THANK YOU! Don’t change- you’re the best!! T. Smith

- Well worth the money and time

For the first time in my life I feel like I am in control of my closet. Shopping is easier and saying no to purchases is easier when I have my whole closet at my fingertips. Yes, it’s a lot of work to get all your clothes, shoes and accessories photographed, but it it is so easy to say “that one isn’t worth taking a photo” and clearing it out. Then, I use online photos of new purchases going forward. Planning my outfits is so much easier and fun. It is also clear which clothing has not been worn and should be dumped. Also, I travel a lot, and planning for trip packing is so much easier. On my last trip, which included a cruise, I wore everything I brought and everything went together. Before I packed I knew what outfits I was bringing, and not just what clothes. And, it all fit in a carryon for a two week trip. The only thing I wish is that it automatically synced between devices, as that is a little bit of a pain. But, I recommend this app to anyone interested in keeping control over their clothing, etc.

- Beyond perfect!!

I’ve had this app for about 2 months now? I tried a few different ones before this one and they all would allow you to add so many items of clothing and then when you reached the max you’d have to pay to add more and more. This app is so much better in the sense that it’s one flat price for the app and then you get all of their amazing features! I love the photoshop feature to crop out the background of your clothes. And I love the fact that you can add so much info to each item as well such as price, colors, and brand. The graphs that are made from all of this info has helped me tremendously with how I look at my clothing and my style. I love how I can also make “looks” which are cute layouts of outfits. It makes my clothing look more fancy and professional and I feel happier with how I look. When I have a look planned for the day, I wake up a lot happier to wear it and I feel as if I’m more happy throughout the day because I know I look good. I definitely recommend this app to everyone who wants to revamp their style or just re-assess.

- Wish I found this sooner!

I normally don't go for paid apps but I love this app; even my husband loves this app! I wanted to create a catalog of my closet so I could easily look through my items without taking everything out or rummaging through everything (we currently live in a one bedroom apt with one closet so everything has a place!) and this app does just that and more. I have really come to like the outfit planning portion, as well as the ability to add outfits to a calendar. Also, the overall monetary value that is gives based on info entered is neat - and a reality check. The reasons I'm taking a star away are 1) it would be nice to make adjustments to the photos taken within the app since colors aren't always accurate rather than through iPhoto first and 2) I wish my closet synced automatically to my iPad. It's a bit of a pain to have to manually transfer items over, especially as I add items here and there. I don't like to add an item and then have to make a transfer right ways before I forget what I did or didn't do yet. Please look into this for a future update. Otherwise, this app is well worth the purchase!

- Best Designed App I Have Ever Used. Period.

I was hesitant to buy this app since I’m often skeptical of them. However, I had read a few reviews from my favorite style blogs and decided to give it a shot. I am in love with this. It exceeded my expectations in terms of ease of use and how well thought through the various features are. My personal obsession is the cost per wear one. When you upload a photo of your clothes, the clipping tool is so easy to use and even the manual editing (when necessary) is pretty fantastic. My one suggestion for improvement is that the inspiration tab should allow us to copy groups of pics to have them in multiple folders/category (which you can add, delete, and rename as you desire). I am also in love with the outfit shuffle for creating new looks; you can add as many clothing categories from your closet as you want (a minimum of three) and get 10 options from that mix and match tool. It’s been so much fun to use this app and really made me rethink my entire wardrobe (I do not need to own any more black or gray).

- A sanity saver!

I absolutely love this app! I started using it at the beginning of the year and spent ~8 hours adding all of my clothes. I used to waste a lot of time in the mornings deciding what to wear and ended up just wearing the same old outfits. Now with Stylebook I can put a bunch of looks together and tag them whenever I have a couple free minutes, and add it to the calendar so that I already know what I’m wearing on a given day without having to physically lay out my clothes the night before. Those extra few minutes of sanity in the mornings are so priceless to me, especially since I just started a new job and don’t want to worry about what to wear. It’s also helped me to use more items in my closet that I wouldn’t usually wear as much. Best $4 I’ve ever spent. I do wish there was a weather feature built into the calendar so I could schedule outfits by the weather without checking a different app, but honestly that would just be a nice-to-have at this point. Overall, this app has become a welcome addition to my morning routine!

- Great app, but a little clunky

This is a great app overall and a total life changer as others have said. It lets your be so much more organized, plan/see what’s in your closet better, pack better, etc. I’ve had this app for years, I just wish they would update the functionality sometimes. The background eraser is a little basic, and actually I’ve downloaded an app specifically for that prior to importing the photo into this one. Also, if you look at a piece of clothing, it will tell you how many outfits you’ve made with that piece of clothing. But there’s no shortcut to see those outfits. You just have to start scrolling through your outfits to fit it. This ks particularly annoying if you’ve gotten rid of a piece of clothing & would like to remove it from your closet. It prevents you from deleting the item because it’s being used in outfits, but now you have to go searching around for every outfit you put it in to remove the one item of clothing. It’s a great app overall, but I feel like the basic functionality hasn’t been updated very much.

- Great, but with a few tweaks would be PERFECT.

I really love this app. The ability to put together outfits and track cost per wear is something I used to do with a spreadsheet but now it is SO much easier and helps me to not fall into jeans or sweatpants and a t-shirt every day. There are a couple of tweaks I wish that it had though. When you delete items from you closet because they are worn out or don’t fit any more it is a real pain. You can move them to an archived list, but then they still show on your cost per wear style stats. If you delete the outfit they are in and the outfit has been loaded into the calendar instead of individual pieces, it impacts the cost per wear for all the other pieces in that outfit. The top may have been donated, but the pants and bag are still in my closet. I would also LOVE to see a style stat by category option. Additionally it is a gigantic pain that this will not flip to landscape mode on my iPad. My iPad is in a cover with an attached keyboard and I have to remove it to use it in Portrait mode.

- Great Wardrobe Tracker

Cher's closet from Clueless has come to life! The entry of my clothes was tedious, but once I got them in, this app has been a tremendous help for maximizing my wardrobe and ensuring I don't accidentally wear the same outfit each time I meet with a client. I think the photos of your clothes are best if you are in them, so you see exactly how they fit. Throw the photo into Photoshop Mix (super easy and free app) to quickly remove the background, then import the photo into the app. Once the majority of your items are in, adding new items as you purchase is quick and easy. It's also great when discussing with friends or family what you plan to wear at a function. Click, click, click and you can text a photo of the item. You can peruse your closet from anywhere! I do wish that the app allowed you to sort each category by date worn (ascending and descending). I try to only wear items once every 3 months but manually checking the "last worn" date on items can be tedious.

- I use this app daily

Awesome app to keep track of your closet and outfits. Saves me time in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. I usually plan ahead of time what I'm going to wear and with this app I can make sure that I change my outfit from what I wore before so that it looks completely different. Great if you own a few items of clothing b Awesome to prepare for a trip without messing the closet. It also keeps me from over packing. I can plan in advance and then go by the app's check list to pack. Also, you carry it with you all the time which is convenient when going shopping. Keeps you from buying repeats so that you can spent your money on more unique pieces that can fill the gap on your closet. Or just save your money. The only thing I would love that they improve is the ability to sort the clothes. It would be helpful if I was looking for a blouse then I would be able to sort the search or category by least to most worn or by cost etcetera. That would make it easier to really take advantage of the complete wardrobe in a more effective way.

- Love Shuffle Mode

To start off, this is truly the first time I’ve ever reviewed an app, so let that tell you how much I’ve enjoyed Stylebook for the past 2+ years. The price for starters is a steal for all you can do. Although taking pictures is tedious, it’s definitely worth having your closet in the palm of your hand. I downloaded this app mostly because I thought it would help me curb my shopping addition. It definitely helped in that regard. Now when I shop, I’m able to pay closer attention to what I’m purchasing and why because I don’t have to remember what I have at home, I can just check my phone. Another GREAT feature is being able to shuffle your wardrobe. It’s the perfect way to shop in your own closet. I have so many new ways to wear things I already own which means less excuses to spend more money. The only real downside is you can’t sync between devices but other than that it’s truly worth the time and effort if you want to get the most of your closet.

- Good, Except...

I like this app, good for my organizational A-type personality. A few ways to improve: 1. I've saved my style closet on iCloud. Logically, that should mean it should be automatically updated on all of my devices, but it's not. Which means not only do I have to add each item from my closet, but I have to manually wifi sync between my devices—the process is laborious. (This also means double the space used on my iCloud unless I back up only one device). 2. The pictures that I can take/modify: you can only have one picture per item (if like to be able to have front and back, for those cases when the back of the shirt is a different color or has a special design). Also, photos don't always accurately show the color of the item (lighting when you photograph it-indirect daylight is the best option but not always available), I'd like to be able to adjust color levels (without having to go into my photos app) to get the accurate color. Still, it is currently the best option available.


I've had this app for six months now, and it has been a game changer for me. I'm on a weight loss program - I've lost 40 pounds so far, so I've had to replace some of my clothes along the way. By having my wardrobe on my phone, I've been able to make smarter purchases - like not buying yet another navy shirt, not buying yet another pair of black gladiator sandals to go with the four pairs I already own, and so on. Probably the biggest surprise for me is how it's impacted my jewelry wearing and making (one of my hobbies). I used to make jewelry on a whim and wear it as an afterthought with whatever I had on. Now with this app, I can better plan what I wear with my pre-built outfits ("looks"), and I've been started designing pieces to go with some of my outfits as well! Great app - totally love it! In the next version, the only request I would make is to have more search functionality - I would love to search on price per wear and on things worn less than rr days / more than yy days. Thanks a bunch!

- Great for those with Multiple Homes & Travelers

I spend a lot of time living/working abroad for stretches of several months at a time. I literally have clothing stored in multiple places around the planet. This app does a fantastic job of helping me keep track of which items are in which locations. It’s super easy to create packing lists showing what’s already in location B and what I plan to bring to supplement the clothing already in place. I’ve been using the app for about three years now. I use it to create versatile travel capsule wardrobes. When it’s time to pack, I can quickly just load my suitcase because I’ve had time to plan ahead and “see” all the items I’ll bring to a location and how they work with items I’ve stored there. A bonus is that Stylebook also helps me focus on purchasing only what I need. I can immediately see if an item I’d like to purchase enhances my wardrobe or not, or if it is a duplicate of something I already own. I own fewer items of clothing now than when I first purchased the app. Yes, it’s a lot of work to photograph/import all the items of clothing you own. However, it’s well worth the effort and the small price for this app in order to take control of your closet(s). A quick hint for photos—hang a sheet over a door with a hook and hang your items to photograph. The app is pretty good at erasing a solid, single-color background. I was able to plow through quite a few items which this way.

- Great value!

This is a really great app! I wasn’t expecting much because I feel like apps like this usually don’t work as well as advertised. But, I decided to give it a try anyway and it was so worth it! I’ve been using it for about a week and I’ve already started wearing some pieces that I haven’t worn in ages! It’s also given me the confidence to get rid of a few pieces I just don’t like anymore. Pros: it’s surprisingly easy to input photos and remove the background. It helps me keep everything organized so I can choose an outfit without roaming around in my closet. I also love the calendar where I can track what I’m wearing and it gives me an at a glance look of the colors I’ve been favoring recently. The style shuffle takes random pieces from your closet and mixes them into outfit suggestions, which got me to try combining a couple of pieces I hadn’t thought to try together (and it really worked out!) Cons: none. Suggestions: 1. I wish the style shuffle could be sorted by season. I did all the work to tag pieces by season, I should be able to shuffle only summer outfits when it’s 95 degrees - I’m not going to wear a wool blazer today, no matter how cute it is! 2. I wish I could upload a photo of myself wearing an outfit to the calendar. I like the features that are already there to add individual pieces, but sometimes I just want to snap a picture of myself and tag the clothes without using the photos from the tags. TL:DR: a great use of $4!

- Everyday Use

This app takes a bit of time upfront, but after that it is quick and easy to use. I use it every day to track what wear. My goal was to use it for a year and whatever I didn’t wear that year I would throw out, no if and or buts about it (besides my few pieces of formal wear). Well, after a year I threw out about FIFTY pieces of clothing! It was so refreshing. Still using it to keep track of what clothes I should be spending money on, what needs replacing, etc. overall, super easy to use and has features for everyone. One suggestion I have for the app though, I wish I could make any outfit into a sort of “file”. I have a lot of things that look fabulous with a pair jeans— but I own like 4 pairs of jeans and having to make 4 different outfits for it makes my looks list bulky and less easy to use. If there was a way to somehow “stack” looks that are nearly identical and that could share the same overall outfit count but that could be delved into to add a specific variance on that look to the calendar, that would be awesome! It’s the only thing that drives me insane about the app. Please do this! :D Only other suggestion, but this isn’t as big of a deal, be able to save at least 2 pictures of any given item instead of 1 because many pieces will be worn differently depending on the outfit it is worn with. PS— LOVE the updates to the stats! I’m an engineering/CS girl and so I totally nerd out over my clothing statistics!

- Absolutely Best App For Wardrobe Closet & Creative Dressing

Creates the best way to know your entire closet, the looks you can put together, the cost, and makes it easy to add new pieces without purchasing items you do not need. Recent additions to allow for multiple color ranges in say pinks or beige gives you total control by searching on the exact shade of a blouse and shoe and skirt. Great visual appeal, ability to photograph your clothing and add to closet. I keep items I find by searching using the "Shop" feature say for a pair of flats, by color, and only search by sale items and sort low to high by store and brands. Quickly add photos using Pinterest and save to your photos of items of interest (or to your closet) I organize inspiration items by of interest to "now" and then by "purchased". I add the link to shipping detail on photo of my order details stored with item. You can only improve how you feel by great choices of what you wear. Best app on my IPad

- Cleaning and Clearing

Must have app if you need some cleaning and clearing! Taking a photo of every piece of clothing you have is exhausting.... but it makes you really think about what you have and why. You can make your own ‘looks’ and if you get bored or can’t find something to wear you can use the pro’s to help give you inspiration or add inspiration. I have been loving it! I can pack for a trip from a comfortable spot while drinking coffee. No more throwing piles of clothes on the bed and being frustrated about what to bring. You can add the cost of the items and it will calculate the cost per wear. It pushed me buy higher quality items and be accountable of how often I wear each item. The main benefit is it helped me got rid of a bunch of clothing I don’t wear. Keeping the calendar up to date is fun and showed me how often I wear the same five outfits. Seeing how often you actually wear some outfits over others was very eye opening.

- Brilliant App

First let me say I am a “clothing hoarder”, and it’s ridiculous! I have no business shopping for clothing but yet I find myself looking all the time. Yep! My name is Keri and I am an addict. This app has saved me hours on the weekends when I should be relaxing from a long hard week at work! It also has reduced my stress level of getting dressed for the day or that perfect outfit I want to wear for a night out with my husband and generally this means we’re now leaving one hour late Most of all, I have fallen in love with my closet and now appreciate the beautiful wardrobe I do have. SERIOUSLY!!! It also has not only help me to weed out the clothing I won’t ever wear, to wearing outfits I never knew I had. Only downsize is it does take a considerable amount of time to create a virtual closet for someone who’s closet is as large as mine. I have more outfits than I can wear in a year! I recommend this app for anyone who has lots of clothes but nothing to wear! Haha

- Great App!

I love this app! Putting outfits together does not come naturally to me. If I can tell something’s off, it’s hit or miss trying things to figure out what is wrong. So when I have come up with an outfit I love, I save it on the app and next time I want to wear one piece of the outfit, all of the things that work together to make it great are right there...such a time saver! Sometimes I just go ahead and enter an outfit on my calendar ahead of time to remind myself to wear something I haven’t worn in a while but love. I would like it if I were able to delete things on lists. Like the sizes of brand names. (I may be wrong, but once it’s in there, I have to scroll through everything to find the thing I want to tap on for another entry. What would be super great is if when I’m looking for the brand name in my list, it would do an auto recognize instead of scrolling way done through the list to even see if I have it on there or not. If it isn’t there I have to go back to the top to enter it.

- Best app ever created!

This app has literally changed my life. I always used to spent so much time in the mornings on what to wear and now I can have it planned out on a visual calendar where you can see the outfit pre-picked out. I love the easy-ness of the app. I think spending time to take pictures of all your clothes is so worth it because it also gives you the chance to go through your clothes at the same time. I love the inspiration board where you can save images of outfits you like to inspire your looks. I like it showing me the value of my closet, which is cool and the most worn outfit and such. It also has a grid chart showing you how many clothes you have in a certain color which comes in handy when you don't know what color shirt you need. Overall, best app created ever and definitely worth the price. My life is so much more organized and FUN with this! And honestly this is my own opinion and not sponsored. Nice work StyleBook!

- Go shopping in your closet! Love this app!

It is now the first app I open each morning. This app is worth every penny of the $3.99. I’ve already made a bunch of new outfits from things I already own, but never thought of pairing before. The shopping feature is cool too. I admit I’ve made a few purchases to fill in things I see I need. That is another benefit. When I go shopping, it’s sometimes hard to get things to complete outfits, but with this app, I know exactly what I need. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier now. It used to take me too long, and I’d end up wearing the same four outfits. The calendar function is also awesome- it lets you plan outfits for specific days. Easy to use. Love it!!! I would love to see two additions: the ability to write on the outfits with Apple Pencil (for notes), and the ability to put text on the calendar. Even better if it could sync with Outlook.

- I LOVE this app but...

I love everything about this app and find it very easy to use except for three important Features. 1. Backing up the entire app is very difficult and time consuming. Although there is an app for the iPhone and the iPad updating the app with new details or outfits on one device it is very difficult and time consuming to move over from one device to the other. You need to move one folder at a time manually. Very time consuming. I gave up on keeping it on two devices and now have no backup. 2. The app only works in portrait mode. I work mainly on my iPad with a keyboard. Landscape mode is much easier to work with and most iPad covers and stands only support landscape. I asked the developer about this and the response was that there was no plan to allow for landscape format because most of the app’s users prefer it in portrait mode. 3. There is no app or online access that you can use from your laptop. So, I am only able to use this app on one device, iPad, and in inconvenient Portrait mode and I can’t easily back up or keep 2 devices up to date. I have moved on to another app that has all these 3 features. The new app isn’t as easy to use or as elegant as this app but the addition of these three features makes it much better for me. I’ll just have to get used to the different wardrobe process. I’ll keep checking in on this app in case in the future it includes these 3 important features. Until then I am very sorry to have had to move on.

- Mostly just what I need

I was trying to wear out certain pieces of my wardrobe and figure out how to use others that had been sitting in storage. This app really helped me to do both. I have been using it for several years. It helps to justify each purchase by letting me consider complete outfits prior to purchase of an item. I’d like to see some changes to the packing element. It assumes you are packing by picking outfits, then populates the related clothing in the packing list. Somewhat useful, but I’d love to also see the reverse. Select an item already in the packing list, view all related outfits, and be able to add those additional outfits to your suitcase. I’m usually trying to minimize my suitcase and would like to mix and match as much as possible. It would be easier to select the skirt and see what outfits I might use it in. I end up constantly backing out to look at wardrobe or outfits to decide on selections and then have to go back in to complete my suitcase.

- Almost awesome

This app has been really helpful to me, in my weekly thrift store shopping trips. I can easily see if I already have too much of a certain color shirt, and if I have anything to wear with the item I am considering. I have always been a jeans and tshirt kind of girl,all accessories and jewelry just sitting, forgotten and never really considered. Now, because of playing with this app, I think about putting together more complete looks when I get dressed. My only complaint is that the items at the bottom of the page are too small to tell one pair of jeans from another when putting together a look. I wish I could choose them from a larger viewer, even if that means I can't see the rest of the outfit while I choose. I'd also like to be able to change my mind on what shirt I want to add without having to go through all the clicks every time I remove an item from a look. How about a "replace this item" option instead of just remove snd start over?

- Still needs a lot of work

This app probably will be great... some day. Here are some of my issues with it: The cutout feature has gotten better but is still not perfect. One thing I'd like to see is edge smoothing; A lot of my clothing pieces have unattractive pixel-y edges. Syncing between devices has to be done manually and is a nightmare. I'd like to be able to sync all of my information, including times I've worn certain outfits, cost per wear, etc. automatically. There's a lot of information you can input for each article of clothing, but most of it is underutilized. I'd like to be able to see a break down of how much of my wardrobe comes from certain brands, what brands I wear most, how much of my wardrobe is made from certain materials, etc. I'd also like to see the ability to choose a color scheme when doing outfit shuffle, and a better way to view and change the status of items. Another great feature would be the ability to group together items with similar care instructions for quick reference when doing laundry. There are some things I love about this app, too. Style stats and outfit shuffle are really awesome and useful(and, honestly, fun) features that help you better utilize your whole closet, and make more informed decisions when buying new clothes, and it's an app with a lot potential for more cool features. Bottom line, though, I feel like this app is still pretty underdeveloped. However, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

- Love this app! Almost perfect- let's fix that!

I had to make an extended business to the UK (3 weeks). Determined to pack smart I found this app. Unfortunately I had already taken photos and had to manually edit pictures but that was fine. I put "looks" together, put them on the calendar. I was elated. It also helped me determine clothes I needed to buy to coordinate my outfits without duplicating things I already had. It also has saved me a lot of time getting ready for work on this trip, I just check the calendar! A couple of times I'm hanged outfits around. But I made sure to update the calendar to keep track. So easy! How to make it perfect- I was disappointed with the pack list. I would love to be able to choose a time frame on the calendar of looks I put together and have it create a pack list from that. It would be helpful to sync between devices.

- Great app

I love using this to organize my closet. It makes it so easy to take different pieces of clothing from my closet to make “looks.” I gave this app four stars, however, because it takes a VERY long time to lay your clothes out, take the picture, and edit it. If you have a lot of clothes, it will probably take 3-4 days to load your whole closet. The editing feature can be very frustrating, whether you hang the clothes on a door or lay them on the floor, you’ll still have to manually edit if you want all of the background out of the picture. It’s also kind of frustrating uploading inspiration pictures from Pinterest. If you want them cropped, you have to screen shot, crop in your camera roll, and upload the pictures individually. However, if you’re looking for a closet organizer that will show you everything you have right at your finger tips and something that will save you a lot of time picking out outfits, then it’s worth a try!

- Great concept but...

...there’s a lot left to be desired by this app. The editing tools are fairly weak. Like, it’s useful that it will automatically get rid of anything that is a similar color to make it a little easier if you take the right kind of photo... but mostly I go by the images I find online as much as I can. At least it offers that option to import. But the rest of the editing tools are weak. You can’t crop after you have imported. You can’t color correct the photo. I mean just those two things alone would make a much bigger difference. Beyond that the stat system isn’t that useful... like you can input the type of fabric it is and see stats on what kind of fabric you mostly have in your wardrobe and etc, but you can’t have multiple fabrics.... so each combination is a new category which is really dumb. Most clothes are not 100% of something like cotton or acrylic... it will be cotton, acrylic, Elastane... and so on... so... that should be fixed. Also the color categories need to include pattern options like floral, stripes, graphic, and etc... lastly the app could use a makeover... I can tell this was made by a coder and not a graphic designer... it shows. But overall it’s still useful. It can still be fairly tedious to use though. It takes a lot of time to build up your database before you can use it and if you don’t online shop or don’t have access to online pics of your clothes it can be far more tedious.

- Good but could be way better

Overall, this is a good closet management app, but some of the UI and features could use an update. Specifically, support for landscape mode on iPad would make shopping through the apps interface much easier. Additionally, the WiFi accept feature feels pretty outdated. Some kind of continuous cloud sync so that your closet updates automatically across devices would be far more user friendly. It could be more robust from a shopping perspective by giving user the ability to automatically sort their bookmarks (by recently added, alphabetically, favorites, etc) in addition to the manual sort feature it currently offers. Similarly, wishlist items should offer a sort feature (by brand/store, price, priority). Finally, some sort of Safari/browser integration would be perfect so that you can add an item to your closet or wishlist even if you aren’t on the app itself.

- Time saver

I have no natural style sense so I needed a structured intervention like Stylebook to give me some wow-factor in the way I dress for work. I always have something cute to wear and don’t have to have those “braindead” moments in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. I’m no longer frustrated and late to work. The statistics keep me straight so I have huge gaps in between outfit repetitions. Everybody comments on my “new clothes” when I wear a new combination. I spend very little on clothes now because I can make sure I don’t buy similar items by simply checking my closet when I’m shopping. I always snap a picture and add it to my closet as soon as I get a new item. Editing is easy. I’ve been using this app consistently for 2.5 years now. I love planning my outfits for vacations in only a few minutes. I absolutely love Stylebook!

- LOVE! Buuuuuuuuuut.....

I absolutely adore this app! It's fun and easy to use! I love getting great "inspirations" from Pinterest and seeing what I already have in my closet to create the cuteness. Packing is made amazingly easier, effortless now. I would recommend this for anyone who; feels like they have so much and feels they are wasting time and money not taking advantage of already existing cute clothes (me); fashionistas (not me); and busy people who just needs someone else to do all the work in deciding what the heck to wear! All that praise, and there is only 1 thing that would make this app a gift from heaven and truly convenient...automatic sync between devices. Please someone with a brilliant mind figure out how to do this! The busy work of transferring, creating categories, etc. is frustrating and often times not completely accurate. It's time consuming already to take photos and then to have to create it all again...not the business.

- Happy camper

I’ve been using ap about a month. It does take time to add closet. I’m at almost 300 items ( don’t judge!) work clothes, causal, shoes bags. I’ve tried the shuffle feature and found a match I probably would not have put together. I lost 40 pounds in 2017 and at 56 had to basically start my closet over. I want to track cost per wear, what I already have, for future ( now very limited) shopping. ( yes I bought the same black pants twice. ) Read overdressed shocking high cost of fast fashion. I would like to be able to edit season I don’t do resort wear. I like the looks sections, as I bought clothes I’m able to save options from websites for different ways to wear my clothes. I have winter wear to add and 25 pieces left hanging. I suggest you give yourself plenty of time to add clothes and make pics look nice. Look at how tos or find professional versions to manually edit of clothes. If you are closet ocd this ap is for you.

- Fun. Here is how it can be an app I totally relay on.

I’ve been a very consistent user of StyleBook app for 3 months now. I’m a Product Manager in tech space, with a special affinity to fashion, and…. data. So far I’ve been enjoying everything that StyleBook app gives me: manage the items I have in my closet, choosing what to wear, help pack for a trip/move, learn and apply efficiencies for how to spend my $$$ by looking at the ROI (or Cost Per Wear) of items I have. Here’s how it can get much better: Add a CSV export for Closet, Looks and Calendar, so one can do their own pivots and filter however they want, and on all the data (not just top or bottom 50 shown in the app). Add functions to add whatever additional attributes ones want to add on their closets, so they can then filter accordingly. For example: If I’m interested in adding Sleeve Type, and logged it for items in my closet, I could then filter by that attribute to find clothes i want and/or learn more about the ROI. Add functions to completely make the “Status” flexible to whatever ones want to log status by. For example: Rented, Sold, Storage A, Storage B, etc. Cost: Add the function to add cost per rent (side to side of cost of item), revenue of sell, etc. for a more flexibility and advanced analysis Overall, I enjoy StyleBook app a lot these days, and want to see it in a level I relay and cannot do without it!

- On Fleek!

The Stylebook app is one of the most useful, inspiring, and enjoyable apps I’ve used, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Some caveats to starting off: to upload pictures of your clothes to make a virtual closet is tedious and time consuming. However, I search for similar looking clothes on the internet and leverage those photos, which spare me talking and uploading pictures. Otherwise, because of this app I am wearing clothes I had never worn before, I am wearing what I have instead of buying new clothes, and am creating new outfits I’ve never tried out before. The Shuffle tool and the ability to include pictures of my fashion ‘inspiration’ all enrich my daily dressing ritual. Now, I love my closet, I love my clothes, and this tool helps me develop my personal style.

- You will not regret it

If you take the time to fill out your style book it will 100% pay off. I add clothes when I get them and it makes it so much easier. I love that I can see what I wear the most and the best and worst cost per wear. There are a few updates that could be done for the app to flow, the last update was a great change with the color updates. It would be nice to have a back option instead of having to exit the category if you accidentally click sweaters instead of blouses when putting together an outfit. I would also like an “archive” button where when you get rid of clothes it fades them in the app so you don’t have to delete the item from every outfit you ever created with it. It would also be great to rotate the clothes when adding outfits together. No matter what I love this app and use it 100x more than Facebook!

- Fantastic app

I often say I dont have anything to wear but going through my closet and taking photos of them this pandemic, I was able to make quite a number of different combinations of outfits, i realized I have tons of outfits to wear!! It saves me so much time and makes me more creative in matching different colors and patterns. I was also able to see how much stuff I have and what colors look good together. I think the only negative i can think of is this app does not check if the combination of items already exists in the Looks section so there is a possibility that the same outfit can be created multiple times and be counted towards the total number of outfits you have. if you’re ever counting how much you have worn that same outfit it skews the total, i dont know if someone uses the app for that.. other than that, i am really happy with the app!!

- Best app of its kind

I love this app for keeping track of price per wear and making me be realistic about how many items of clothing I have. Two things I would love to see are: 1- My closet at a glance; every item on the screen at once with visual organization by category 2- A streamlined way to add clothing items to the calendar. Right now it can be somewhat cumbersome if I choose to change things up with a new clothing combination. It would be great if I could just click every item I wore on a single page, then press "submit", instead of adding each item individually. Aside from these suggestions I see no room for improvement! The pictures are clear, the editing and lack of white space around the items is easy and satisfying, and I haven't encountered a single bug. Thank you!

- No Regrets

This app has really helped me evaluate my style, my spending habits, and curb my shopping appetite. Great features for such a fair price! However, possible improvements: 1. Automatic outfit generator Part of the fun is putting together outfits one by one (almost like a fashion game), but sometimes it’s tedious. There is an outfit shuffle option, but for example, if I added a new top, a nice feature would be if the app automatically put that top against every single bottom or outerwear to create unexpected outfits. This would at least be the most useful for the packing section. Cladwell has a function like that, but I’m still loyal to style book :) 2. Let you rename outfits I’m not sure why, but having every outfit as #304 or some number isn’t helpful. This one just might be me. 3. Create accounts It’s possible to back up the Stylebook app, but life happens and sometimes phones just quit on people. I lost a lot of what I catalogued because my phone broke before I could back it up. Just having an account you could access anyway (not just through backed up apps on different devices) could be helpful. Anyways there’s still so much to love about this app and it’s been super helpful these past two years 👍🏽

- Please enhance syncing

I absolutely love this app but it's annoying that I can't sync all features between my devices. Yes, sharing outfits and clothing is quick and easy but I should be able to access my calendar, packing, style stats as well. Otherwise what's the point in sharing clothes and outfits between devices if I don't have info from the other features? I have almost 2 years of data collected that I can't sync. I don't use the shop or inspiration features that much but I'm sure those that do would like to be able to sync that data between multiple devices as well. Aside from that this app is awesome! In addition, the shuffle feature would be cool if you could pick specific items of clothing versus only outfits or entire categories.


I am a fashion obsessed and a neat freak. This app is worth every penny. Unfortunately my iPad is the first generation and I think there's a few features that don't work for the old version. I do have it on my phone as well, i got most of my images off the internet, much faster and easier. I already had 3 of my friends download it as well. If you shop online my suggestion is save the images while the merchandise is there so you don't have to photograph the pieces and also so you don't forget ;) I really wish you could add multiple images not only "take" multiple pictures. My phone got stolen and even tho I had it backed up the phone I'm using is way smaller so I couldn't restore from it, it would be amazing if you could create a user name and password so you could virtually have access to it instead of just having it saved to your device. Things happen with phones and once you lose the app YOU LOSE IT ALL! I am trying to start over but I am so heartbroken that all my hard work is gone! Hopefully next update you guys can tweak a few of these suggestions. I'm loving the new shuffle outfit feature. Keep adding stuff! I'm definitely a styleapp lover! So happy thanks for creating this!!!!!!

- Love this app!

I really love Stylebook! I feel so much more organized now! I really like to make sure all of my clothes are being put to use, so this app definitely helps me to see what clothes I'm not wearing, and what I'm wearing the most. I also love the calendar feature. I can plan ahead what I'm going to wear, but I also just track each day's outfit, so I can avoid wearing the same outfit on the same day each week. The only thing I really want to change is I want my clothes, stats, calendar, etc to sync automatically between my iPhone and iPad. Right now I have the app on just one device, because automatic syncing is not an option. I would love to be able to manage my closet in both places. Sometimes the larger screen is much more convenient for outfit planning, but I also need the app on my phone for when I'm out shopping.

TransferWise 💸

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- Best app EVER!

This app has totally changed the way I see and use my wardrobe of clothing! It came up as a ‘suggestion’ for me and after googling reviews, I decided to purchase. It went beyond my expectations! So easy to use. It is an investment of a day or so logging all clothing and accessories for the first time, but worth every minute. You even find pieces you forgot you had in the process. It’s worth including the options of colour, cost, brand for each item for interest’s sake, as the stats are fascinating. The unexpected bonus for me was looking at my current clothing differently. I bought items for individual appeal and struggled putting them together, but taking the time to log them and seeing them at a glance in the app when creating ‘looks’ made me consider options and combinations I’d never previously thought of. My wardrobe is far more versatile that I thought and I haven’t bought an item in 3 months, so it’s actually a money saver too, as I get more bang for my buck out of my current wardrobe. It challenges you to get greater use out of items when you see the stats too. My biggest challenge some days was just deciding what I feel like wearing, so I just check my looks for the relevant season and it is all there at my fingertips; an easy decision in seconds, logged on the calendar for the next day. And the packing tool, well, that’s AWESOME!! Cuts packing time in half and I don’t forget anything! I can’t recommend the app and all its functions highly enough.

- Rediscovered my clothes

A simple an elegant way to organise your wardrobe and outfits. It takes quite a while to photograph all of your existing clothes, but anything new is much easier since you can mostly download the picture from the manufacturer's website. I love the outfit shuffle feature (which suggests combinations of clothes you may not have thought of before), the style stats (which tell you the cost per wear as well as a range of other stats), and the packing feature (where you select outfits and the app gives you a packing list). The main benefit is that it really saves time and emotional energy in the morning selecting your outfit. And it helps you determine what additional pieces you actually need to allow you to maximise your existing clothes. I wish the app allowed you to save outfits to the calendar and then subsequently change the outfit without retrospectively changing it in your calendar. Another cool feature would be suggesting outfits for your packing list which minimise the number of items you need to take. It would also be good to use the outfit shuffle with a selected item, rather than a category.

- Best App

I downloaded this app about two years ago with the intention of using it, but the thought of taking pictures of all my clothes was overwhelming. Fast forward to a couple of months ago and I found myself having a few days off work and decided to give it a go. I’m so glad I did! This app has encouraged me to use lots of clothing that had been sitting around and collecting dust. I have found out through using the app that I just haven’t been creative enough with my clothes and clothing I see on Pinterest that I love, I can usually find a comparable item in the wardrobe. The cost per wear function is fabulous too. The greatest part of the app for me is the calendar. Once or twice a week I browse through Pinterest and download some inspirations. I quickly then make up some looks and insert them into he calendar. In three months I haven’t had a ‘What to wear?’ meltdown. I’ve actually been excited to wear my old clothes! It would be great if you could sync the calendar to a weather app or be able to put in the weather to make the outfit choice weather appropriate. This app has made me feel fabulous for the last three months and to be honest, I think I’d be lost without it. Definitely worth it but it does take a long time to set up. Hot tip: Don’t take pictures of your clothes (they look messy and unappealing) just Google image a similar item and put that in. The outfits look much more appealing. Thanks Stylebook! A happy customer xo

- Good fashion database tool but could have some improvements

Overall a good image databasing tool for my clothes. I have used each section carefully and had some pretty nice results. As a tip I have used stock photo (or an edited screenshot after online shopping) rather than taking photos of my clothes (try sites like polyvore or good ol google images). Photos of my clothes just looked plain crumpled and weird. It's far more time effective just to google similar items. There could be some tweaks though- A) multiple add from camera roll folder B) why can't I search for all looks with an closet item category (eg shorts)? Having to rely on adding tags in the look to find items is a real pain when I have logged all that info in the item already. Would be ideal if you had a merge field in the look of the added items brand/category etc to make instant data in looks. C) I wish you could edit the scale once you had finalised an item so all my items were the same size in the closet D) larger grid view for closet. Other than these things the app is solid I haven't had any tech issues some others complained about. Overall I use it often and it works well.

- Great app! more functions please!

Great app, I can see everything really quickly. Takes time to set up but well worth doing. Helped me organise my life. I can get more wear out if my clothes. I can see what I don't use anymore and put that aside for resale/donations. I can see this app being part of my everyday life. I'm a busy person running my own business and this saves time, money, energy worrying about the next day. Love it! 👍😀 Would like to be able to choose e.g. all "winter" category tabbed clothes and transfer them over for viewing to pull together outfits (rather than scrolling thru full closet every time). Season by season sorting def needed and cost per season category stats too. I want to know how many summer, winter, autumn pieces and their cost, & cost per wear. Please, please app developers - can you guys add in more functions :-)

- Love it but have some suggestions

I do genuinely like this app and have been using it for over 12 months now. Some things I find frustrating: the thumbnail looks are very small - you have to open them to see what’s in the look, which is frustrating. It would be great if the user could resize everything onscreen to a size they’re happy with. I would also like to be able to use the app in landscape on my iPad Pro. It’s really annoying that I can’t use my Smart Keyboard to type while using this app. I think the packing section could do with some changes. The infographic and the packing lists don’t seem to update when you remove items from the list or looks within the packing list. This would make narrowing down your packing items so much easier. I don’t like that to make looks available in different sections, they have to be duplicated. Great app idea and useful to me but I just wish I could do these things. App doesn’t seem to get feature updates very often?

- Huge potential let down by clunky image mgt interface for a paid app

I have been so excited to setup and start playing with this app! What a great way to remember everything buried in my closets, document those magic outfits that somehow ‘just came together’ for wearing another time, and for discovering all new mix n match ideas. Sadly so let down by the image upload and share functions. I’ve got an iPhone 10XS which takes the most beautiful hi res & colour rich images - all of which is lost as soon as they’re uploaded into the app. So forget experimenting with subtle interplays of colour and texture... Then there’s sharing between my iPad and iPhone. Why isn’t this cloud synced - like shopping apps e.g. Zara or Yoox. Instead I have to recreate all the custom closet & looks categories manually before uploading one master category of items at a time! And then in future I have to remember what’s already been uploaded and what’s new, or I get duplicates. Frustratingly sloppy work on the functionality front, especially for a paid app!

- Game changer

Had this app for months before using as it seemed overwhelming but once I started adding, it became similar to an addictive game. It's saved me mega dollars as there's no more spontaneous bargain buying of clothes that cluttered and got worn only a cpl of times. It's saved my sanity of the 'nothing to wear' syndrome whilst staring at an over flowing wardrobe. It's helped me create amazing outfits when lying in bed. There's only a cpl of looks that I've worn twice in the last six months despite decluttering my wardrobe and happily donating items that obviously I didn't wear for reasons the app showed me. When travelling it's saved me $$ as I packed kgs lighter because for the first time I planned by adding looks to the calendar. Now it's an app I use daily and wonder how I lived without it. Highly recommend!

- Great app, but needs better sync functionality

I enjoying using the app for organizing my wardrobe, but I think the app could benefit from having user logins, so all my pictures can be accessed easily whether I'm on my iPhone or iPad. I know I can manually sync items across devices, but it can be a little tedious. If there were account/login settings it could also open up the possibility of making the app more social, instead of just sharing wardrobe ideas through other social networks, you could bring people to the app by making it more of a social platform. Plus it might encourage retail outlets to put together their own wardrobe suggestions based on other users sharing their current wardrobe selection socially - which means dollars for you guys, and a less intrusive, more helpful way of advertising to us the consumer.

- Great app but photos very small

This app is awesome! However, I find the icons/photos of each outfit in my All Outfits section so tiny that they really are almost pointless. I have to actually select each outfit to get the single picture (full size) to see what the outfit is. It would be wonderful if were possible to: -zoom (with the finger spread method used to zoom usually on an iPhone) - have a type of gallery flick-through way to look through each outfit in a full size without having to actually select it, or -have an option to increase the outfit photo/icon size in the All Outfits page (eg six outfits visible at once with a scroll down function to scroll down and see what don’t display initially). Don’t know if any of these improvements are possible but it would certainly improve usability greatly!

- Love it

This was a perfect activity when I was home sick I’ve catalogued my clothes and made lots of work outfits to save time in the morning, it’s also changed the way I shop because I go out with a specific item in mind that will complete outfits instead of mindlessly browsing. Also stopped me buying a shirt when I could check the ap and see I had four the same colour :) my sister uses a free ap and we’ve compared, this is worth the money for the extra features especially the background cropping. My hot tip is crop the jackets and blazers halfway so you can layer them over tops but still see the whole outfit properly.

- Love it, needs a few extra features

Would love to see an “archived” section, for clothes you have given away/sold, so you can still see previous outfits but don’t have these come up as options to wear anymore. I am a bit disappointed that there are not many updates for this app, there have been a lot of good suggestions in the reviews but none have been taken on board, and the design and functionality of the app is getting a bit outdated. My previous review: I absolutely love this app, however think the following features would be good: - a login, so your clothes and outfits can be on all your devices, without having to manually transfer them and reorganise their categories (or, easier to sync between iPad and iPhone) - a drop-down selection for washing instructions (I know we can write these in the notes, but it would be handy to be able to easily select a category like “cold wash”; “hand wash only”, “dry clean only”, etc) - then view all your clothes by similar washing instructions Overall a good app. Whenever I buy new clothes, I go online to find a photo of the item from the store, it shows up a lot nicer than the pics I take myself!

- Lots of potential, but improvements needed

Overall I like this app. I’ve tried a few different wardrobe organisers, and eventually settled on this one. However, it’s got a few annoying flaws that need to be improved: - Like a lot of people have said, sync needs to be improved. Sending items back and forth between iPhone and iPad is very tedious. I’d be happy to pay for this as an in-app purchase. - The iPad version NEEDS to allow landscape use. I never use my iPad in portrait mode, and it’s very awkward to use especially with the larger iPad models. - The UI and user friendliness should be improved, it’s all a bit clunky and outdated looking. There really should be an option to set the thumbnail size, I find 4 items in a row too small and would prefer 2 or 3 (zooming in with 3D Touch is not the same)

- Better than expected

I’ve only had the app for a few days, but I’ve already designed a ton of new outfits that I never even thought to put together before. I even got rid of A LOT of clothes because I realised that they just weren’t working for me, but I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. It took some time to photograph each item in the beginning(and I’m still not done with accessories or shoes) but it’s easy to use and taking photos gets easier and quicker the more you do it. When I purchase something new now, I’ll make sure to take a quick pic before putting it away. I’ll also purchase items with more thought now. When I first got the app, I thought it was going to put outfits together for me, it doesn’t do that (not that I’ve found anyway) but it’s actually a lot of fun doing it yourself. If you’ve got a few days off work or some spare time, I’d recommend giving it a go. *edit - I found the shuffle feature and now I’m loving this app even more than before!

- Obsessed with this app

I love this app! It is so helpful in organising my wardrobe and planning outfits. Yes it does take ages to input all your clothes but that is going to be the case with any wardrobe app and I think if you are going to spend the time to do it make sure you do it in the best app which I think this one is. I have tried many apps and this is still my favourite for storing inspiration, marking on the calendar what you wear and all the extra details you can put in about your clothing. It even has a suggest outfits type thing. Easily the best app I have come across and I've been using it for years now.

- Minimalist in the Modern Age made easy

This app has exceeded my expectations. Having been hesitant at first at the somewhat high price tag for an app to organise my clothes - I now use this everyday for collating and reflecting. Initially I spent a few hours searching for the same or alike pieces of clothing online and then editing it within the app, only photographing maybe 5 pieces I couldn’t find. PROS: - Calendar for planning work outfits in advance or the night before - Outfit shuffle feature for finding outfits you never would think of - It’s great to see what your wardrobe looks like on a page - Packing list to organise for holidays and time away is super OPPS - Please let this app be compatible for landscape view!! - Seasonal separation tabs or folders to make it easier to separate as seasons change - Friends feature to view and share - Zoom option and View All Looks page I am yet to use the many other features but so far so good! Worth every dollar.

- Excellent and worth the money

This app has actually changed the way I wear clothes. Yes it's a bit of a time investment at the beginning, taking pics of all your clothes, but even that bit helps you to evaluate if the item really belongs in your wardrobe or not. After that, creating outfit ideas is easy and fun, and since using this app I have the confidence to try new combinations instead of just cycling the same old outfits again and again. I'm getting to know my style and looking better than ever. Probably one of the best apps I've ever purchased.

- Love, ❤️, love!!!

So loving this app!!' It's a bit fiddly to set up and it doesn't up date changes between the two devices I use automatically ..... BUT .... it's the best app I've ever used! It has helped me change and organised my wardrobe and it also helps me to see what I need to buy rather than random shopping - will save me $$$. I feel like I've had a completely make over! It also records which outfit you wear each day with just one touch - no need to stress about what I wore last week or event as you can so easily see. Greatest app ever!

- Great little app

Crazy enough I’ve actually sorted and cleared out my wardrobe and find outfits so much quicker to pop together. I biggest frustration is that I can’t simply sync my iPad and iPhone Stylebook together. I can share between the two yes but what about if they just synced completely together? Is that too much to ask? So they are both exactly the same instantaneous with wifi?? Actually that bit really does annoy me... easier to edit outfits ect on iPad but I like to have it all on my phone when I’m out and about. That way I can check what I’m shopping for to match etc..

- Shopping my wardrobe!

Love this. For those stuck with their clothes and finding you are wearing the same thing day after day get inspiration and knowledge about what you actually do have in your wardrobe. Thin out what you have too much of and buy what the wardrobe lacks. Saves money and be in charge. Take photos of your different looks and see what really suits you. Fun app and given me a whole new outlook. Only small change techies, please allow me to upload more then one photo at a time from my photo library. Took off one point for that, otherwise would be a 5.

- No login

This app is great in theory, until you lose your phone and hours of work taking photos of every item of clothing, or you don’t want to have to put literally everything from your old phone into your new one. A simple login would make this a 5 star, so that I can log into my account and see all my clothes on both my devices. It doesn’t make sense to backup an entire iPhone just to see my clothes on both of my phones. Please add this feature and I will change my review :)

- De Style

I had already made my own photo style book which I call De Style. I try on and photograph combinations I really like so I don't forget them! This app is even better as it really helps you see how many outfits you can make with just a few capsule pieces. I've really enjoyed shopping for specific pieces rather than just buying everything I like! My wardrobe still has too many clothes however this app will help me to see what is not being used so I can purge a little more. Love, love this app!! Thanks, De

- Takes a while to set up - public wardrobe??

It takes a while to set up. I found its best to search for the item of clothing online and use the brands photo, instead of taking your own if you can. I wish the would add a feature where you can make your wardrobe and inspo public. In tern, your able to brows other public wardrobe and get ideas from others. It would be nice if you could also search via brand, clothing name and find it in other people’s wardrobes and so you can see how they worn the exact same piece of clothing.

- So fun to mix and match!

Got this app after reading a capsule wardrobe blog. It's so much fun recording all my looks on this app! Having a record of what you have worn helps you to be more creative and motivates you to wear all the items in your wardrobe so you are not relying on the same go to pieces all the time. The cost per wear helps you with spending on items that have a good value in the future!

- Great app, could be more user friendly

I love how this app makes me keep track of all the clothes I have! I love the practicality of this app. Only suggestion I have would to allow multiple photos added at the same time rather than having to choose a pic and have to reclick the add button to choose another pic as this becomes very tedious, especially when I'm trying to choose pictures to compile a look, or when I'm trying to add multiple photos from my camera roll to the app itself.

- Not syncing between iPhone and iPad makes it incredibly difficult to use to full potential

This app is good in a lot of ways. But I think they’re not listening to what customers are asking for - 1. Please, for the love of ALL things holy, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow syncing between phone and iPad. Please. 2. iPad - allow landscape usage. The fact that it’s portrait means that my iPad is rendered practically useless. I have a keyboard for it that I have to fold up every time, just to use the app. And it’s the only app on my iPad that doesn’t utilise landscape mode. It would be much better to use my iPad for my packing, but without landscape mode the iPad is useless. 3. Merge all the tags the items have into a look rather than making me do it all over again 4. If you have to focus on ONE thing, please do the syncing. Once that’s done, it’ll be 5 stars from me. So much potential in this app, please make it even better to use.

- Brilliant concept hard work

Love the concept of this app as I am trying to get my head around what clothes I have and what goes together - or what I wore it with last year! Love that it's mobile so I can have it with me at the shops to minimise duplicate purchases. Downside - really tiring to set up. And doesn't have my favourite shops so it's all manual. As others said I google images as my own are a bit tragic but then you often get weird images if there are people in them. Overall great but could be even better.

- Love, love, love

I was forever buying new clothes that I did not need. Since getting the Stylebook app, I've not only cut down on buying clothes but I'm utilising the many clothes, shoes & bags I already have. It's great on days that I'm in a hurry & I love it when I go through my outfits on the app & find something I haven't worn in ages. It doesn't take too long to set up. It's certainly helped my life immensely!

- Love it

Can be fiddly n time consuming to set up an get everything well photographed an edited. U need to have patience. But once done, so easy to put outfits together an finally see or remember what u have in ur closet. Have not backed it up yet, will die if i lose all my hardwork. I used my phones camera an brightness control then imported the pics, then edited in app, rather than photograph thru app...seemed to have better control that way. Love love love the app.

- Limited use.. Not that user friendly

The app becomes useless when putting looks together as the thumbnails of your outfits are so minuscule they can barely be seen. It is impossible to go through an overview of all looks, you have to tap through each item to view - very time consuming and means you cant really compare between looks. The pinch resizing of items in looks is clunky and works intermittently. It would also help if you were able to crop and resize items as you upload them.

- Brilliant App

This is a great App, it has completely changed my approach to my wardrobe and manageability..... Saves time, effort and money - brilliant. Biggest impact are the ‘Stats’ and being able to view my wardrobe by TCW! Wow, at a glance I know what I’ve spent but also the value of each item in terms of wear. A few minor downfalls, being from Australia we have ‘Autumn’ rather than Fall and there isn’t an option to update it. Also there is no functionality to change, add or update the ‘Status’ ie Available, Dry Cleaners etc.....would add value if these things can be added in the next release. Well done team - a real Winner!

- Great app, some suggestions

I’m loving using this app, I want to reduce my wardrobe to capsule size and this app is helping me easily see how often I am wearing items. I would love to be able to search outfits by an item (visually rather than by having to save keywords/description) and also be able to see the dates an outfit or item was worn (even if it was just the last few times).

- Way too difficult

Unfortunately, I don’t have a fluro green sheet to put my clothes on, which means I have to use other colours. It’s still so difficult. Brown pants on a pale green background? The pants go into the background and I can’t change it! Purple on green? It does the same. A white shirt on a plain blue blanket? Still won’t work! It only works sometimes. It’s incredibly frustrating to use this only to get the same grey result again and again. Please atleast add a feature where you can draw in some background because the automatic thing just. Does. Not. Work.

- Changed My Life for the Price of a Coffee!

For the small price of a jumbo coffee at the local cafe, I was able to completely reorganise my incredibly overflowing wardrobe, catalogue my current clothes and create a series of outfits that I can track on a calendar! This app is exactly what I need to help me stay organised and I highly recommend it!

- Love Stylebook

Stylebook has paid for itself. I have recreated my wardrobe with all new combinations. It makes me want to try new things and get inspired.I can easily pick what I want to wear for both work and casual. It’s great and I love it. I have been photographing my outfits as I wear them and look forward to entering them into my app.

- Great App needs a sync and few other function

Great app. Needs more features sync calendar please, bigger pictures in looks or ability to zoom on whole page. Love this app saved tons of time and created outfits I'd never even think of. Good value for $.

- Great outfit app!!

Allows you to remove the background from images of your clothes which makes creating outfits super easy and fun. I love the calendar for logging outfits and the packing list function for trips. I use Stylebook everyday!!

- Some ux issues

There’s ux issues with the app. The fact that I cannot delete a clothing item when its part of an outfit means the app is not practical for use long term. We all throw clothes out after a while and the designer of this app hasn’t considered the fact that users can’t go back in time and edit every outfit look in order to delete the clothing item. So I’ve not continued to use it, its not practical long term. Feels like a waste of money

- Good & use it for packing lists, but needs a sync function

I enjoy using this app for planning my travel packing lists. Works a treat. When will we be able to sync the app across multiple devices? I know items can be exported etc but syncing like most other apps would be so much more user friendly...

- Tech Support Lacking

Great app for organising wardrobe been using since polyvore disappeared. Would be excellent if it could be adapted for browser use as well. Of late having issues uploading closet items from album since last iOS update. Contacted multiple times and no response...

- Best $5 ever spent

If you want to save money on buying clothes and look good, download this app, It could potentially save you so much money on clothes because with it you can easily visualise if an item work with the rest of your wardrobe.

- good app, but frustrating

I’ve been using this app off for a couple of years, and it really helps me putting together outfits and seeing what I wear most often. Its helped me get down to a capsule wardrobe, and I’m pretty happy with where it’s at. I wish there was syncing between devices though. It’s so frustrating the way it it and even though you can send the wardrobe items to another device it’s clunky and not very useful because daily data isn’t synced. Like others I try and use stock photos when I can - my images never look as good, but that’s because I’m not a stylist or a photographer (can’t blame the app for that)

- Really helpful and fun

This app is awesome. I bought it off a recommendation from a friend - it's so great to be able to see what you have. It's made me wear things I haven't worn for years. So cool. I highly recommend for some good quality time with yourself.

- Love it

I wear a uniform at work, but love this app for organising clothes for trips and packing. Also helps with shopping as I can see if there are any gaps in my wardrobe. Helped me get rid of clothes I just wasn’t wearing. The videos are very informative and helpful, too.

- Love it

Been using this app for more than three years now. So handy to plan my weeks outfits and to utilise the clothes I already own to mix and max new looks. Great for sustainable fashion and to be your own “fashion editor”. Love it!

- Fantastic App

I couldn't survive without this app now. It makes getting up and getting dressed stylishly so simple. Allow a good day to photograph or download images of all of your clothing but it is so worth it. Great for packing for holidays too!

- Tidy queen

So easy to use and I buy less things these days cause I can see what I already have and only get the different styles I absolutely need whereas before this app I can’t remember what I have ;)

- Great app, but needs better sync

I love this app! I think it's going to help me save money because I can see everything in my closet on my iPad... It might even help me break my online shopping habits. ;) I just wish there was an easy way to sync between my iPad and my iPhone.

- Used to be OK , but not anymore

This app is very out of date - it looks like developers released a good product about a decade ago, but didn’t put much effort in it’s development. The app is missing sync between devices, convenience and speed of outfit creation, and many, many other features necessary for it’s usability. There are many alternatives which are much better! I used to like it - but its time has gone.

- Life changing...

My wardrobes were pathological and now there is order. Ironically, I thought I had no clothes but discovered from setting up this app that I had way too many.

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- Really helpful, intuitive app

Helps me spot wardrobe gaps I didn't even know I had and determine which items I can stop buying or pare down.

- Continues to be a staple

I’ve used this app for at least 4 years and continue to love it. Initial start-up uploading an existing wardrobe is challenging but as I’ve updated my wardrobe over the years using product photos every time I make a purchase I now have incredible data on my wardrobe that helps me avoid frivolous purchases and invest in my closet staples. Also makes planning for trips a breeze!

- Not worth it

Use Pureple it’s soooo much better

- Great in theory

Terrible for capturing pieces of clothing with phone. Tried many backgrounds, clothes hung up or laid out. Nothing worked well and it was too time consuming to continue my efforts.

- Prepare for frustration

This is one of the first times I’ve ever paid for an app. I am so disappointed. It seems so perfect but like other reviews said the snipping tool to upload your clothes is brutal to use. I have tried 6 different backgrounds and it will never automatically crop the background. There is a manual function but you have to erase the entire background - it would be much better if you could simply outline each item and delete the background that way. It would take me 5 years to upload my whole closet doing this. 😭 really wanted to love this app.

- *****

Very useful application Only have it since a few weeks and already love it It really helps you to see all the of clothes you have.

- Worth it!!!

Love this app!! It’s the only one I’ve bought and I use it every day

- Amazing app!

This makes my childhood dream of being Cher from Clueless come true, absolutely love that I can plan my outfits ahead of time, and I think we’ve all made a purchase we weren’t 100% convinced was a good idea, but the cost per wear feature really opens your eyes. The only thing that would make it better is landscape mode for iPad. This app has elevated my style and made me feel like I actually wear all the clothes in my closet, 10/10 recommend to anyone!!

- Great but rarely updated

I have used this app for years, but it crashes a lot..

- Nice app

Good user interface . It would be more useful if you could create outfits from the packing list instead of having to revert back out to your closet

- When even the samples in the app look awful

You know you’ve just bought the worst app possible. The delete background function is completely useless. Other free apps do an amazing job. Not this one. You just stole my hard-earned cash.

- Love this app

Super useful and gives you clarity what to purge.

- Excellent!

I use it every day. Worth every penny. Couldn’t live without it!

- Life changer

This is great for really gauging my wardrobe and not forgetting pieces I have not worn for a while. Please come up with the make up version as well!!

- Very helpful

I have been using the app on and off for several years. It shows gaps in my wardrobe as well as what I wear most, (some big surprises). Others have said one issue they struggle with is not being able to ‘retire’ an item without completely deleting it. I tend to agree, this skews a lot of the data that is extremely helpful in this app. I have gone from the corporate world and am working on building a smaller more environmentally sustainable wardrobe. Wish this could be reflected.

- So helpful for ADHD brains!!!

I can see everything at a glance, and I love the shuffle feature that puts outfits together using my own clothing and accessories. It also helped me spot almost duplicate items, and flag things that need to go to the dry cleaners. What a genius app!

- Overbuyer Solution

Once you get the hang of it adding clothes is easy and satisfying. The statistics generated are so helpful. I love love love this app. If you’re trying to buy less and love the clothes you already own more this app is magical.

- Suggestions

I think you should make an option where we can see how often we wear things of different categories instead if just overall what we wear most in a month. So we can select the category of what we would like to see we’ve worn most that month.

- Love this App!

So helpful for planning outfits and packing for travel. Once you get the hang of the snipping tool your good to go. Love this app.

- Great app

I love it, I just wish the camera was a little better so I didn’t have to edit so many of the pictures. I love the switch up outfit functionality!

- Great app!

Super helpful for packing and just day to day. Inputting all your clothes takes a while but it’s definitely worth it.

- Great wardrobe app

Works great, especially once core items have been photographed. Would like to have more options with the stats, though: e.g. being able to see stats by category to quickly identify least worn items.

- change your UI!!

i bloody hate the user interface on this app. i wish i can change the main menu setting and colour palette, as i never use the stylist app so having a button doesnt make sense to have it— if not, let users choose how the menu is organized, cause having calender or closet in the centre makes more sense than travel/ packing. furthermore, i hate this particular shade of purple. when adding new clothing items, it doesnt make ANY sense that multiple fibre types cannot be selected, or that stored brands cannot be searched. lastly, i also dont see the need for a top right “save” button for fibre when other titles (ie colour and season) uses a “detail” button on the top left. the shifting function buttons are plain infuriating, and reminds me of the original, disturbing, illogical tesla model s interface. i would give this app two stars, but honestly i dont use it for anything other than taking inventory of my closet and occasionally documenting what ive worn, and the UXUI issues makes me want to scream and throw my phone across the room every single time.

- Great for packing

I love using it to plan for trips. And it gets me excited about new items and value for items. I would recommend developing the ability to make new looks from a packing list.

- Try copying snapchat

Snapchat has an option where you can outline an element on your photo and it will create a sticker. If we could do this for editing photos, then we’d be able to better select clothing instead of the automated image capture that really doesn’t work


I had many photos that I cropped and blurred the background took SOME in a white background hours of work and One I opened the app to find out EVERYTHING IS DELETED i did not delete them I AM SO MAD I WANT TO DELETE THIS APP AND GRT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

- I wish

I wish I could duplicate pieces in different collections I wish I could check off items in my packing list

- Awesome closet organizer 👌🤩

This app does everything it says it would and even better because it’s FREE!!! No hidden fees, no dreadful subscriptions, light on memory and never crashes. Now go download it and start discovering your closet’s hidden treasures 😎

- Needs landscape view still on ipad...

Stylebook has so many great features but needs the programming to support landscape view on an ipad

- Absolutely Awesome

I was a bit hesitant to purchase another clothing organizing app after the one I bought a few years ago. That app was not very good. Anyway, after seeing the reviews for Stylebook, I decided to buy it. Well, I have to say, this app is fabulous! You can make your own clothing categories, with subcategories that fit your wardrobe. I really like how the Style Stats give you a breakdown of colors, prices, fabrics, designers, so awesome! Using this app was a real eye opener. I didn’t realize how many pieces of certain types of clothing and jewelry I already have. This tool will definitely help me save money. If you like being in control of your closet inventory, this app is definitely for you.

- One of my favourite apps

This app is incredible. You can see your entire wardrobe from your phone and plan what you want to wear for any day. You can put together outfits. Good for keeping inventory and saving time in the morning. I am so happy I found this app! The only thing that I could see people being overwhelmed about is you have to take pictures of EVERYTHING, but it is totally worth the effort. Take it one step at a time. Do tank tops one day, maybe jeans the next, etc until everything is done.

- The best style application ever

I am very happy with the styling options of this application. Thank yo!

- Best Style App Ever

This app has transformed my life. I can plan out my work outfits for the week, pack more efficiently for trips, and make better decisions about what to sell/donate and what to buy more of! This app is an absolute must for anyone who loves clothes and even better for you if you value minimalism.

- Mise à jour

Dommage que la mise à jour ne se fasse pas sur la tablette et le téléphone et même temps cela serait très utile.

- Great helpful app

This app really saves me time. I use to stare at my closet forever trying to figure out how to put outfits together. Now I just look at the app for ideas and voilà!! It is however very time consuming to get your app set up with all the pics and putting outfits together but worth it in the end. 👍🏻

- Bummer

Could not get the clipper tool to work on any website that wasn’t already on their list. Tried with multiple sites, spank, lulu lemon, H&M, and other and not one worked.

- Worth All of The Inputting!!

This App was worth every second of inputting my stuff. I have already generated more creative ways to use my wardrobe and accessories than I could have imagined! I also get inspiration from the shuffle feature and from the ideas my 8 year old daughter comes up when she designs looks in my App (we do this together and it’s so fun). I can also see the workhorses in my closet and justify upgrading or investing in more of those, as well as see any holes in my wardrobe. But mostly I just realize I have more than enough and endless possibilities for mixing everything. It’s like shopping everyday but spending nothing!!

- Useful

Fantastic app! Many people complain about how long it takes to photograph your clothes, but I beg to differ. I can only speak for myself, but it took ME around 3 hours. ( Then you save so much time after ) My only request for the editors of the app is that it would be very useful if when you remove the background of your article of clothing by hand, you could press an “undo” button. I know that for myself, I had to redo my piece of clothing multiple times from 1 little mistake. I hope that this can be changed in the future! Thanks a bunch for making the organization of my clothes oh so fun and easy!

- Not easy to transfer most useful data😒

I really liked this app - until I got a new phone and couldn’t transfer the most useful features (calendar and analytics). Years of tracking a waste - 581 days. Update- after I posted this I got an email with a cut and paste of the help page - which I had consulted before. I have pm’ed the developer.

- Seriously Blown Away

I initially downloaded this app to help pack for a trip, but now I’m adding my whole wardrobe! As a graphic designer I really appreciate that the App imports clothing images as png’s with the help of in-App software - which is SERIOUSLY amazing considering it’s just a free clothing organization app. This might be the most underrated App of all time.

- Great app!

I use this everyday for the last 2 years. The style data has changed how I shop and how I manage my wardrobe. I’ve stopped accumulating and I’ve been great at purging. I would love to be able to slice and dice the data a little more. Otherwise love it!

- Needs label option

I’ve been using this app for a few years now. I like it a lot but I wish you could have labels on your pictures if you need them because for example if you have six pairs of black pants the pics all look identical but which you choose to put in an outfit is quite different depending on the fit. I expect I will experiment with more complex sub folder labels to try to make things easier to find.

- Amazing

This app is incredible it’s so helpful when I want to put outfits together for back to school.

- A Helpful Tool to Stay Organized

Great app for those who are ‘Visual’. Loved using it to organize my extensive jewelry collection & large closet. Helps you to reduce your wardrobe too, as you can see which pieces you barely wear. I really enjoy being able to create ‘Looks’ with the app and plan outfits in advance. Money well spent.

- Good, however...

It’s a good app to organize your closet and I love the manual edit option for the background.... however I really would like it if there were an algorithm to help us choose outfits.... the suggested outfits are usually not well coordinated.

- Synchronisation

J'adore cette app, par contre la grosse faille selon moi c'est la synchronisation entre les appareils. Ce serait génial que tout ce synchronise automatiquement dans tous les appareils sans avoir à le faire manuellement, c'est vraiment décevant comme problématique. :(

- LOVE this app ❤️

It took me pretty much a full day to photograph all of my closet and then remove backgrounds. But once I had done that it is easy as soon as I buy something I pull the image from the web and add. So often I just can’t decide to wear or forget about great outfits I have put together in the past. This makes it so easy to just flick through my looks. Would be lost without this app.

- Great app with lots of features

I love this app. I’ve been looking for something like this for years. It is tedious to photograph your wardrobe, but the payoffs are huge. A tip I have for capturing your clothing is NOT to lay it out flat on a neutral background as described but rather to put it on and take a selfie, then use an app like “Sticky” that makes selfies into stickers—it automatically takes out the background for you. You end up with a garment image that is so much more realistic and representative, plus far easier than all that smoothing out of wrinkles on the floor! My pet peeve with this app is 1. how cumbersome the navigation is. There’s no tab that allows you to jump from one function to another, you have to back out of a menu, sometimes with six or seven clicks! 2. the lack of search capability. When you want to find an outfit, it should be easier with more search fields (there’s only by season and a blank field for typing in everything else). And favourite searches should be saved for future use. But beyond that, this app is leaps ahead of its competition. It’s made my wardrobe so much more efficient, allowing me to identify and record favourite outfits and weed out the stuff I’m not wearing.

- Backup??

LOVE this app!!! but is there a backup option? I’ve had to wipe my phone a couple of Rome’s and lost all my entries :(

- Useful app

Would be perfect if I could create outfits while in a packing list. I hate having to create them, then import them into the packing section.

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jacob🍺 barley👻

AP Stylebook Update: always use scare quotes with the phrase "elected representatives"


@AP: Can someone on your team please secret-Santa a copy of the Associated Press Stylebook to President Trump?

Justin Parker

@ZWColburn @MartySmithESPN I had a hard time putting it down

GQ India

Your favourite OTT characters' stylebook brought straight to you #GQxRaymond

Sho 🐱🌹🏳️‍🌈 🍮🥟🍛

@jacochran @BrianKJones8 @NBCNews @WSMV @jacochran is right. Also depends on which stylebook they follow, but both none is/none are cases work. "'none' can be singular or plural, depending only on the speaker’s intent or emphasis."

Justin Parker

Me, so many times in 2020

Marcelo Duran

Did the AP Stylebook change bombings to explosions?

Religion News Association

Religion Stylebook — Christmas: Western Christians celebrate #Christmas, which marks the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, on Dec. 25. Most Orthodox Christians, using the Julian calendar, celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7... (more)


Fewer chiropractic appointments has messed with my back. So a laptop case with room for an AP stylebook is a welcome present.

Justin Parker

@JMcgee1992 You allowed yourself to process what you saw and made the right call!

Jerry McGee

@JP_Stylebook Good! Lucky.....but good.

Jerry McGee

@JP_Stylebook How cool!

Janet K. Ainsworth

@PreetBharara But what does the AP stylebook say?

Justin Parker

Dad pulled these lights out of the family barn recently and they still work. They're at least 60 years old. They lit up Christmas for my great grandparents years ago.


@xSorce_ @TSM_Myth Ratio'd by the 55th Edition of The Associated Press Stylebook

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Stylebook iphone images
Stylebook iphone images
Stylebook iphone images
Stylebook iphone images
Stylebook iphone images
Stylebook iphone images

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