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Set up, manage, and control your Google Home, Google Nest, and Chromecast devices, plus thousands of connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – all from the Google Home app.

One view of your home.

The Home tab gives you shortcuts for the things you do most, like playing music or dimming the lights when you want to start a movie. Control it all with just a tap – and get to the good stuff faster. The Feed tab highlights the most important events in your home all in one place. Here you’ll also find ways to get more out of your devices and improve your home setup.

Create routines that allow you to turn on lights, check the weather, play the news, and more with one simple command.

See all the active audio and video streams on all your home devices in one place, change their volumes, skip to the next track, or quickly change which speakers they’re playing from.

Understand what’s going on at home with a glance. The Google Home app is designed to show you the status of your home and keep you up to date with what you missed. Check in on your home anytime and see a recap of recent events. You can also get a notification if something important happens while you’re away.

Set up your Nest Wifi in minutes using the Google Home app. Manage your network from your mobile device. Run speed tests, set up a guest network, and easily share your Wi-Fi password with family and friends. Decide which devices to prioritize for faster speeds and use parental controls like Wi-Fi pause to manage online time for the kids.

* Some products and features may not be available in all regions. Compatible devices required.

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Google Home Customer Service, Editor Notes:

With the Google Home app you can control and manage compatible speakers, smart displays, lights, cameras, TVs, and more – all from one place. New in this update: Bug fixes and improvements

Google Home Comments & Reviews

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- Bring back the shopping list!

Please please please re-integrate the shopping list feature into the Home app! Aside from playing music, adding items to the shopping list—primarily groceries as we run out of them—is our primary use for our Google Home. While it was a bit buried in the settings, being able to manage our shopping list from our central home app really removed stress from our daily routines. The list was always a little tricky to use and could definitely still use some UX love, but attempting to use it in the Shopping app is awful. I have to re-selected the shopping list every time I navigate to a browser to reference the recipes informing my list. It’s way too easy to delete an item when I’m trying to move it. The experience is so bad I’ve found myself using it less. Planning our grocery runs is a definitely a core home activity. Please bring it back to the Home app!

- UI/UX terrible compare to Nest

I was just strongly encouraged to migrate from the Nest app to Google Home and while everything appears to work, the experience is a huge downgrade. The Nest app had a flow of devices with relevant content. For each thermostat, it showed the settings and current temp. I only had to click through to the device of I wanted to make changes. In Google, I have to select the category thermostats and then an individual device before I see any information. That's two additional clicks pet device instead of just being able to see it all at once. In Nest, I could invite anyone to join the home by entering their email address. It would send them an email invite with a link that would walk them through setting up their account. In Google, it simple tells me I can only add people with a Google account. I have to tell them to go setup an account on their own and then add them later. That is not a friendly experience. I can only see one camera at a time. In Nest, I could see them on a single page and then choose one to get a full page view. And finally, the color scheme is much more stark and less pleasing. This app is in every way worse than what I had with Nest. It works. But from a user experience standpoint, it is a huge disappointment.

- horrible.

the app is NOT user friendly. the help center is a joke. the talk help is an even bigger joke. if you click on some of the default question you “could” ask, some answer will be “i don’t understand”. how don’t you understand your own question. link devices is impossible to figure out. the help center just says to open setting. that’s all it ever says “open google home app and go to setting”. when setting doesn’t even let you do anything. the instructions for next step are super unclear. my google home wasn’t connected to wifi. google said to change it on the app. the app said to make sure in i’m on the same wifi. how can i be on the same wifi as my google home, if my google home isn’t connecting to wifi. then come to find out they meant go to the seething on your phone and change the wifi. so i did. change to wifi to my google home wifi (which isn’t really a wifi but i guess that’s how to access things??? idk). when i switches over now the app doesn’t work because it isn’t a real wifi connection. so i’m conclusion: i have a google speaker that can’t access wifi. a google home app that can’t access the speaker to change the wifi because it can’t connect to wifi. and when i try to “connect to the same wifi as the speaker” i can’t access the app. help center is a joke. the app is unintuitive. wouldn’t buy it for my enemy.

- Hit and miss

Manually the switches work ok, connecting to the TV will only work some times. Chrome cast is a pain. I did a lot of work and is not paying off. I ask for a specific song and it only works on a single speaker, if I am using a group of speakers, google plays what ever it wants. I got three chrome cast and they were fine at first but after a few weeks voice commands to chrome cast stoped working on all three. Google says it doesn’t recognize that device, I reset to factory, start all over and nothing. I am getting board of this I am thinking of going back to apple TV. What a waste of money. I have 5 nest cams and they connect and disconnect constantly, that problem came after google took over. I am angry about that security problem. I tried everything to have the system recognize only my voice so people couldn’t open my garage or my front door, that does not work. I even had a google tech help me set that up, thats not safe, anyone who knows what I named the door can simply ask google loudly through my glass window or glass door and it opens anything. Google is not safe . I regret all the money spent on this worthless system.

- Horrible

As with just about all of my nest products I’m mortified at how horrible this app performs. I’m so invested with nest at this point I feel stuck after buying a massive bundle package a year or so ago. They’re app crashes constantly and takes forever to load anything. They’re notifications would rather focus on shadows and bugs then the mail man or cars in my driveway. Their previews never load and instead I get a blank screen. While using the app or in between opening the app I am constantly logged out as is my wife on her phone. The quality of my WiFi doesn’t seem to matter but cameras are co stay my offline. The smoke detectors are constantly giving false smoke detections giving me a heart attack. They’re support is horrible and says use the google home app. Well that apps worse as you can’t open the app and see your cameras. You have to click on every camera to see it and it loads just as slowly and horribly as the nest app. I’m about to just throw it all in the trash and drop a bunch of money on a better product. You’d think a massive company like google would be on top of their tech and have something as sought after as this preforming like the public would expect it to do. So yourself a favor and look into other security options.

- You learn more by testing

I honestly wasn't expecting much since I stayed at a home that had Alexa. I genuinely love the Google home so much. It's easy to maneuver and I like that it resumes from where you left off if you accidentally stop it. As for improvements, I'd love more options for news (especially a astrology and astronomy and Broadway based one) and to be able to read the full description of each news option somehow. Perhaps a transcript of the news as well to read along. I'd like it if you could go through your past questions/requests to the Google home as well just so I don't have to repeat myself if it speaks too fast. For lingists I think it would be neat if you could do a bilingual option (I know you can do multiple languages but it wouldn't answer to me when i spoke English even though it was the primary language). It would be nice to practice other languages with the Home's help. Or an option to put topics you want to stay up-to-date on and it will Google search and read the newest articles.

- Could be better.

Home mostly works but it still has lots of bugs. It stops playing streams at least once or twice a day. It looses connection to the internet. When I place a phone call, it thinks it is the first time I have used it, and reads me a boring script. It is difficult to manage notifications. A Reminder is easy to miss because it does not include an alarm sound. Although Google has access to my every word, they never seem to push software updates. It drives me crazy that it is not user configurable. If you speak to it it sometimes doesn’t respond, if you yell at it, two speakers respond. If you start a stream on one speaker, there is no way to add a new speaker when you move to a new room. There is no way to group lights and or speaker into a scene, So you have to turn them on one at a time or turn on all lights in a room. There are still limits to wireless switch and bulb configurations on the market. This is not Google’s fault but some smart rocker switches are incompatible with standard cover plates. There is no two gang switch yet. All wireless outlet units stick out of the wall and make the plug hit furniture, etc.

- Constant WiFi problems

The apps is on to something good but still has major connection and WiFi problems. I have kids and have them on a usage schedule through the Google Home app. I’m also using the google WiFi router as well. I constantly have issues where the WiFi will stop working for one of the computers or other device. The “pause” or “not pause” option (which is confusing anyways) always gets stuck or shows “paused” when it’s not or vice versa. This wouldn’t be a big deal if Covid didn’t have my kids schooling from home. I’ve stayed on top of updating the app but I still have problems. Another issue I have is connecting to 3rd party smart media. The interface is always confusing with too many options and flowcharts. Make it simple guys. I went to school for computer information systems and I get stuck sometimes, think about all those elderly folks, they probably have to hire someone to set up google products. Google has never been like Apple where it’s user interface is super easy to adapt to. The programmers need a separate user interface team for just about all of their software. You guys are good but you need some big changes.

- Google home keeps falling short

Compared to Alexa: (1) home hub doesn’t show the time at night (the “ambient light sensor” turns the screen 100% black) (2) can’t call a specific room (3) can’t play a song without blabbering for a minute about every artist and service involved (4) can’t set family reminders that go off for everyone (5) the hub devices can’t hear anyone speak well (6) google can’t play popular songs like the Lion King (featured in their own commercials) without manual intervention otherwise they play knockoffs (7) will only play white noise for an hour unless specified (8) don’t have a quiet mode so if you ask something at night have to listen to it scream across your house nonsense like “this is what white noise sounds like” (9) assistant only sometimes connects to the devices and when it does it can’t even perform the same tasks (eg play white noise) (10) Hub doesn’t display the time if the hub is doing anything besides nothing which makes it a terrible bedside device -even white noise turns off the clock which is stupid by every measure

- Violation of child privacy a real concern

I bought the Google Home for a convenient and fun way to stay connected and try something new. Only after using it for two days did it dawn on me that everything my 5 year old was saying to it was being recorded and stored on Google servers. He loved it. “Hi Google” could have gone on for hours if I let it. I work in software development and decided to look further into where things stand with smart speakers and Child Online Privacy and Protection - COPPA (including the collection of children’s personal information, audio, video and images). Bottom line - I couldn’t find anything addressing it. Some concerns have been raised that might lead to legal action at some point, I also saw articles alluding to future patents that could make the listening tech even more invasive. Imagine ads targeting your kids based on conversations you’ve had with them at dinner. These have somehow been sold into millions of homes with a loophole. For now I decided retire the Google Home. I deleted the multiple voice recordings of my son that had been stored via the Google Home app and can only hope that they are permanently gone from Google servers too.

- In response to “kahnpro”...

I know what you’re thinking...😮omg . Same thing I thought when my buddy was doing some browsing(not your typical amateurish cpu skills here i mind you) & reading DEEP into Google’s policies, prefs, and settings and came across the audio stuff. It was frightening at first I’ll admit... Him having random conversations infront of the computer.. 100s even. I jammed home, got on my pc(I use google everything, i think its the future whether we like it or not). Only to find out Most of those settings on my pc had been turned off and nothing had been recorded. Its common sense pretty much to read the fine print... and as long as you do with google you're 👌... And i’ll even go one step further. Trust me on this one. They been “known in the past” to get their users backs, and maybe eveb on occasion “look the other way,” when meed be. So my suggestion.. Stick it out.

- I love Google home

Google home mini has made my life better. Besides helping me with everything things I constantly find myself going back and saying “Hey google !” Needless to say this device saved my life . If you don’t understand or even care about technology. Then this product is NOT for you. Overprotective parents need to get over themselves and stop making everything a problem . We’re spied on each and every day.. by Google, Microsoft , Sony, etc everyday.. our internet providers are constantly watching us. If you don’t like devices and software that record you then DONT get this product. I don’t say or do anything that would get me in trouble so I have no worries. In the end wether you cut a device or service out to try and protect yourself or your family then you might as well live under a rock.. because your always being watched... Always

- Google Home and its Hub is very beneficial!

Pros: Improved Home app certainly helps a lot! Especially for a Deaf person like myself. I bought the Google Home Hub due to its display to show information I need when I ask, freeing me from looking at the phone’s screen frequently. I use my phone to speak the commands to Google Home Hub, and it responds well from commands or answering my questions with information on display, certainly a wonderful feature! Cons: sometimes, when I ask a question, it doesn’t show the information, would end up speaking the information, so I had to modify the questions to make the Hub show the information, if it still fails, I use Google Assistant on my phone as an alternative. It can be frustrating sometimes! Otherwise, it’s huge step for Google to make their products as much as friendly for everyone. Keep it up Google! 👏👏

- I love it.

I have a Google Home Mini, Chromecast, & a Geeni/Merkury Innovations smart outlet. I use all three daily. I just have a few suggestions. 1) Night mode on Chromecast: Filters blue light when videos and other media are playing. In Ambient Mode, the screen turns black or dark gray [decided by the user] and displays the time. The feature could be scheduled like other Google Home nightmode-things. Would be really useful, since I use a Dynex TV in my room as my light source at night. It's also not HDMI-CEC compatible so I can't use Google Assistant to turn it on/off. 2) Action compatibility for IFTT: I know you can use Google Home as a trigger in IFTTT, but I haven't seen it as an action. Actions would include things like Broadcast, changing volume of Home devices, and controlling devices such as smart outlets, Chromecast-s, smart locks, and any other Home-compatible devices in your setup. That's all!

- So far very confusing setup

I have at my house, and one at my dads house. Almost impossible to set up in one day. The problem is it is going through growing pains. I sent invite to myself from his phone but it didn’t go through. So now I found using a old iPad I could log into his Home account and now invite myself as if I were him and now I am making some progress. And what is with the Nest cameras only allowing one camera before it has to see the last Co area to log on. Confusing I know, one camera was not working and it would not let the last camera to come on line. It took most of the day to figure out it was a bad camera on this app. Poor design on the log on. They could have easily had each camera or device log in on its own rather than rely on the last device logged in.

- This is perfect

This is the best product that Google has ever made the assistant is wonderful she is what a assistant should be unlike Siri Siri is not a actual assistant it was very easy to set up once you connect the speaker to your account and you set up your routine and everything else you really do not need to go into the app I do not understand what these people are complaining about in adding users it’s really simple most of these people are complaining for nothing why would google let Apple Music be on its product if you won’t to use Apple Music with a speaker by the HomePod it is really easy to set alarms in delete alarms it’s nice to know about your day when you wake up and get the news it is also nice and wonderful to walk into your home and ask it to do what you want perfect product good job Google

- This app was absolutely terrible

A couple years ago I got my Google dock and I decided to connect it to my iPad and in the middle of connecting it I was connecting it to the Internet I connected it to my only Internet which was a private network it wasn’t public and it just wouldn’t connect I have perfect Wi-Fi there is absolutely nothing wrong with it I’ve been trying to connect it to my iPad for months and that’s the only thing it ever says it’s absolutely stupid and then I go look for help and then I see that it says it only works on iPhone 11’s plus which is absolutely stupid because not everybody has an iPhone 11 I only know one person who does and the app should I just expect everybody to have the newest iPhones and androids and then One time it worked but then it stops working it literally just stops it won’t do anything you want any press anything it’s just terrible I give this a one star won’t connect to the Internet works but then it stops working and when I go to the help menu it’s just useless one star review

- We’re loving it!

My husband and I have had our Chrome cast for a hot minute, and we absolutely love the fact since we don’t have a “smart” tv that now it feels as if we do have a “smart “tv with this awesome little device that is hooked up to our tv now.... Its extremely easy to use, especially if you do have kids, which we do, have a son who just moved out, but when he comes and visits us we can have FAMILY movie night and everyone can pick something on whatever app you have and play it from on of our Cell Phone’s!! I’m just so happy that we invested in the Chromecast, because eventually we may just get rid of Direct, all together!! The Chromecast, is kinda like our 2nd kid that we never had, but now it’s apart of our family forever and brings us joy and happiness in everyone’s life, thus far!! Thanks!!!

- Very Disappointed with this Google mini I just got for my early birthday present last month.

My boyfriend set up Google Mini but not all the way I downloaded the Google home mini app and then I found out I had to download the Google assistant app and then I had to download the Google Drive app. so I had to have 3 apps on my phone to work the Google mini completely and then it was working fine until I want to make personal phone calls and I said hey Google call this person and it said cannot find contact in phone and I called Google and I was on the phone with them for 3 hours. I reset the Google me unplugged it and still didn’t work. so I am returning them. I think Echo Dot is a lot better then Google home mini. At least my boyfriend gets his money back. Don’t buy Google mini unless you want three apps on your phone. Also it came with no instructions on how to set it up. you had to download google home app plus goal assistant plus Google Drive very disappointed it had 2 of them and they were on sale at the time.

- App problems managing Nest Mesh Wifi

We used to have Google onHub for wifi and that app worked great so we upgraded to a mesh network but Google Home App is fraught with problems. Summary It has many great features but they don’t work effectively. We have the Google Home app managing our Google Nest mesh Wi-Fi network. We have had several problems with the app effectively managing the Wi-Fi. Setup Interface This is the one area that was well crafted. The user experience and ease of setup was great. All our mesh network was connected within less than 15 min. Managing WIFI We created a family group which you can pause for our children and set schedules. It won’t unpause their group even though it says it is not paused. It constantly kicks users off of the wifi and then locks you out even though you have the correct password you can’t reconnect. I’ve even had the app open copied the password from the app and pasted it and still said wrong password. Troubleshooting The FAQs and help don’t provide the answers we need. We even had a friend who manages wifi networks for a living try and help us. We expected more from Google. Sorry Google but we are just being honest. What’s next If we can’t get this fixed we will be returning the Nest Wifi and going with a different mesh network. We would be happy to talk to someone who can remedy this issue and help prevent these problems for other families.

- Absolutely Terrible

*Update: I just upgraded my Google WiFi points to Nest WiFi points, and the experience was unbelievably awful. It took me over two hours to get two brand new points connected by trying the craziest combos of network resets, power cycles, app force closes, manually changing WiFi networks, etc, to get them to work. Their phone support was experiencing difficulties during regular business hours, so I had to figure it out myself. The Nest experience was always so easy and seamless. This Google Home experience is the exact opposite, and I can’t recommend it to my non-techy family/friends/co-workers. And that’s a shame, because the products are great once they’re set up. *Original Post: I purchased a Nest Home Hub to replace my old Echo Show. I placed it in my kitchen, where I have two other Google Home speakers/devices. After googling/testing multiple solutions, I cannot figure out how to get all three speakers to play music via a voice command. I’ve tried to rename devices, groups, and rooms. In the end, the Hub chooses to play on “Kitchen Left.” I can add the other speakers through the hub, but not the app. When I go to the media tab in the app, while playing music on all speakers, it crashes. At this point, I’m thinking about ditching all of my Google Home devices (except Nest cams) and go all with Echos. It pains me to say this, because I’m a huge Google fan. This app and their devices are just not where they need to be unfortunately.

- Honestly... a little disappointed

I have been a Google fan boy for as long as I can remember. I used it over Yahoo back when it was a thing, I got into the Gmail BETA through invitation, and so on. Google was definitely my choice with smart home tech, but now I finally have a grievance. The app continues to forget my routines. The devices apparently don’t recognize bulbs or routines, nor do they refer me by name anymore. Good morning is supposed to give me the time, weather, commuting information, and stuff on my calendar... but it just says hi here’s the time. Options disappear sometimes, requiring a refresh or app reload. I’m sorry, but continuously factory resetting my devices, and re-configuring things in the app over and over is not an excusable fix... that doesn’t fly in my work as a programmer, it shouldn’t fly here. You can have more stars when you implement a real solution, not the new version of “have you tried turning it off and on again”

- Great for selling your privacy

This is a great app for selling your privacy. At no cost to you except for the cost of buying a Chromecast, Google is happy to let you setup and use that Chromecast for the minor inconvenience of telling it exactly where you are at all times. We’ll tell you we need your exact location to make it *easier* for you to setup your Chromecast. (Because that’s how wifi works, right? It need a GPS signal and Bluetooth?). You’ll glance around for another option on the app then mindlessly click okay when you realize Google isn’t really asking you your permission. They’re telling you if you want to use the product you just bought from them that has nothing to do with location or where you are, you’ll need to give them your location. Oh also if you could logon so we could associate your specific viewing taste with all the other data we have on you including your apps, contacts, calendars, emails, and search history, that would be nifty too!

- Reliable, easy and works as advertised!

I have a flat screen TV but it isn’t a “smart” TV. The Google Home app allows me to select from my phone what I want to stream from our WiFi using our Chromecast device plugged into the TV. While a video is streaming I can use other apps on my iPhone. I have already recommended it to other people, we added my daughter’s phone using the Google Home app in about 10 seconds so she can use the Chromecast whenever she wants. A few days after writing the above review I was unable to connect to my WiFi either Chromecast, I called customer service and they said that they were already working on the problem and two days later the problem is fixed!!! I can’t ask more from a product all the way around!

- Poor design

Honestly, this is one of the worst google apps I’ve ever seen. Nothing about it is intuitive or streamlined on the UX side. It seems like a Frankenstein app that they tried to create to interface with everything and it has become pretty terrible. The lights are severely limited in color choices and don’t reflect often what is chosen from the app. Purple appears blue, etc. lights don’t stay in sync. There is no way to create separate grouped lights within the same room (I.e. Fan with three lights and lamps). This needs to be done on the individual light bulb’s apps and that doesn’t feed into the google app. Settings are an absolute nightmare to navigate as they are haphazardly thrown across individual items and the app itself. My google home mini just told me I could upgrade the voice recognition and I can’t find it anywhere in the app. I’m also an IT consultant so I’m pretty good with navigating a UI. There’s no wizard to setup everything you might need from the devices you have installed. Documentation online is trash and, more often than not, is incorrect. I’m honestly regretting not going with Alexa. I would’ve liked to build out my google home family but this is a pretty terrible experience. You also can’t do strobe lights or mood settings like individual apps offer for lighting. I also wish the google home mini could link up Bluetooth to other speakers in my house so I could stream music throughout


I would give this app a 5 star rating but I'm giving it a 2 star rating because the privacy controls are so awful. Everybody can cast to my device on my wifi network. They can see and control everything and the list goes on and on how poor the privacy is with Chromecast. Where the hell are the privacy settings? This is a rather personal and invasive casting system and I have a roommate. It's creepily uncomfortable to have this much access to each other's devices and casting experiences not to mention being able to cast on each other's devices. It would be ok if we allowed it from another account/device on the same WiFi network but not providing an option is another capitalism decision that invades privacy. It's time for this privacy mess to end Google please cut it out and privatize your services. Eventually nobody will use them if privacy isn't equivalent to others working on enhancing encryption.

- Lack of Static IP Support Is A Bummer

The app itself is pretty good, but as my review title says, the inability to enter a static IP address, subnet mask, router address, and DNS address via the app and have it applied to your devices like a Chromecast stick is a bummer. To provide some context, I have the DHCP server on my router disabled because it causes a myriad of issues with other devices on my network, meaning I have to go and add an IP address, subnet mask, the router addess, and DNS address to all devices connected to my router. And in looking how to do so for my 1st Gen Chromecast, I learned that people with the DHCP server on their router disabled are more or less out of luck. Given that this same problem does not seem to exist on other streaming devices (e.g. Apple TV 4k allows you to add them from the app and have the settings applied to the device), it seems likely I will be shopping for a new streaming device and getting rid of this app.

- Good platform annoying controls.

I have two home minis and a standard home. They work well for new tech. You must be very precise all the time to get what you want completed. Google makes it hard to access pandora playlists, and often assumes the playlist doesn’t exist redirecting you to google play. When using a Chromecast google will only use primary account not secondary for Netflix through voice commands even if you try to specify. The mobile app site reminds me of something blackberry would have made, in that the action windows use slide feature way too much. All in all love the system and can’t wait for improvements. Puts Alexa and Siri to shame. Would love voice choices in the future. Morgan Freeman? Danny DeVito? Liz Hurley? Judy Dench? Someone’s gotta be bored enough to sit through voice programming.

- Missing key features

I really enjoy the redesign. I’ve never used Google Home before but I know there was a redesign to integrate the Nest products. I love the ability to create rooms and group the items together for those rooms. But, one of the key features in my opinion is missing from the Nest thermostat. The ability to see outside temperature. I use that information to decide what I am going to set my thermostat to. I know if it’s 68° outside that I can change my thermostat from 72° to 68° and not feel as if I’m going to be charged a heck of a lot of money from the power company. I also utilize Amazon’s Echo Dot’s throughout my home. I’m fearful that they will loose the ability to control Nest devices after August. I contacted Nest directly and they were very careful to say “we do not foresee that being an issue”. Which indicates to me that they chose their words carefully regarding that topic.

- Improvement in phillip hue support suggestion

After 4-5 years of using google home, I have run into these improvement opportunities daily. Google home is great for controlling phillip hue lights. In fact, it’s the smart home device that I use most consistently. However, there are glitches in the support regarding when I refer to a specific room or light. For example, Google home sometimes does not register “light 6” aka our “bathroom light” when I give the command to turn it on, sometimes multiple times. Other times google home only works if I phrase it as “turn light 6 on” while other times it only takes “turns bathroom on.”This can lead to a shouting battle between me and the google home. Lol Besides that error, the improvement suggestion I have is to have the “keep only (light/room name here) on” command, which should only keep the light/light group mentioned on and turn all other lights off. This would be very convenient as I currently have to give four to five commands every time in order get only the room that I want to be on while turning the rest off. As a long-time customer and user, I am hoping that google will make these changes to improve this product. Regards, CL

- Scam! Apple and Google are scamming people

It’s clear that the Google home mini and the Google home app have innumerable issues. If you look at the most recent reviews 80% of them are one star. Yet Apple ranked this horrible app at 4.4. (They also get paid millions of dollars from Google to keep google as their default search so I am sure they are helping google with reviews). The five star reviews are obviously spam because no one explains why they actually like the app. All of the one star reviews give details on why this app is horrible. It is not even reliable with Google services like the home speaker and music play. This type of thing will be revealed later, these companies are scamming everyone just to gather your information and resell it. I have called Google about the problems with the home speaker and this app and all they want to do is record my information to link it to my accounts they offer no help whatsoever. Our world is headed into a dangerous place.

- Okay when it works

Half the time it doesn’t know it’s connected to my WiFi, even while it’s playing the music I’m casting from my phone. This means I can’t use my phone to control the volume or skip songs or anything. Very annoying. When it does work, it takes a while for it to “see” that it is connected and then longer to show you the device control screen, so if you want to quickly lower the volume, you have to race over to the google mini and hit the button or yell at the thing, “hey google, lower!” The benefit of hitting the button or using the app (if it’s working) is that you don’t miss any of the song. When you say “hey google,” it keeps playing the song even though you can’t hear it, so you miss like 10 seconds of it, which I dislike. When you can use the app, it’s just like a volume knob, so the song plays continuously. I wish it worked more consistently and seamlessly.

- Good Start, Needs to be More Intuitive

Google has done a very good job at starting their home automation system based upon the Home app and their chrome in Chromecast dongles. By aggressively adding industry partners, Google home will quickly become the dominant system, I have no doubt. One can almost do everything via voice with Google Home, which is truly amazing that this is possible in less than one year from launch. There is a bit of additional user interface improvement that can be done in the app, particularly as it relates to interfacing with other systems. No doubt this will come in the near future, for now it takes a little bit of technical know-how and trial and error to get things to work correctly. While this is not a large challenge for experienced computer users, for older or less savvy users it will become problematic.

- Wish alarms were more physically accessible

I love my google home but I wish the app was a little easier to navigate, especially when setting alarms. My google home always understands me when I want to set an alarm and she repeats exactly what I asked for. But, sometimes when I ask her to play a specific song to wake me up, she confirms that she’ll play the correct song at the correct time but come next morning all I get is an alarm tone and not the song I asked for. In the Alexa app, it’s easy to view all alarms, the times they’re set for, and the song that will play. I wish this was available for the google app. The current alarm screen is useless and difficult to get to. It only shows the time the alarm is set and you can’t edit it from the screen which would be nice in times when my google home doesn’t seem to do what I ask.

- Alarm clock

Ok. I have been using chrome cast for years now. Never had an issue. I upgraded my phone to an iPhone X back in September and have had so much trouble with my alarm not going off! It has made me late several times and I’ve missed things all together because of it. I tried every thing I could think of to fix it. Tonight it finally clicked. When my phone is casting to my chromecast the alarm DOES NOT go off! It shows on the phone but makes no sound. What in the world?! I also can not watch videos or listen to anything on my phone. It plays a second and then stops until I disconnect from the device. That is nuts! So now I’m having to use an iPad to turn on the chromecast and my iPhone for the alarm. Which is really inconvenient! There has to be a solution for this! I rely on tv white noise to help me sleep due to anxiety and having to have multiple devices just to insure my alarm goes off is nuts!

- Sharing is fun

I have had a great time this week learning the privacy and security settings in the Google settings. The capacious and easy to navigate menu has some very important or perhaps most important control settings to utilize in Google Home experience. I saw the Drive, photo app, Home Wifi network app and see you are well positioned for the waves of development heading straight to the smart home appliances and utilities , the next big American retail market in potential dollar volume and a developer Wild West but we’ll surely see this getting consolidated and streamlined soon if I know my Google I have been with since it was just a wee officious Oracle! I pinched that from Yahoo in case you don’t remember or weren’t born yet when it was news! Lol thanks...

- Works but error and bug...

Works great but it seems like it has a bug because the google hub max will not work on the google app but on the google hub max itself it shows it’s linked.. on the google app it says it’s not linked and won’t even if I try and it shows the hub max in the kitchen but I cannot control anything to the max from the google app for some reason.. the google hub in the bedroom works fine but the google hub max will not work on the app for some reason.. seems like a bug.. I keep trying to connect my account but it shows error and will not connect or show that it’s connected on the google app.. the google hub max shows it’s connected to my google account just fine so that’s really weird. All the other google things are working fine and everything is on the same WiFi and everything is the same but the google hub max just will not operate on the google app.

- Inconvenient to Set Up

I love the products this app manages and have a ton of them, but the app lacks simplicity and functionality. The setup process is individualized for each device, and if you change your wifi password, you're in for a lot of work. The app requires you type in the password for the wifi for each device in your home. For someone who likes to really personalize audio, the eq setting should be quite a bit more advanced. I should also be able to play audio on multiple devices at a time. Love the app and love the product itself, but it’s not quite there. Would really like to see a whole-house audio management system, and building in actions based on camera movement would be fantastic as well. I’d like to walk into my home and my front door camera recognizes I’m home and turns lights, TV, and music on.

- Easy setup

Connect other devices such as Nest and Hue easily. Just choose set up or add device from inside Google Home app while you are setting up your “home” then search for your product. (Be sure your product is already set up and in use with its own account) I have a Nest thermostat and camera and a Phillips Hue Bridge and 6 lights. Once you see your product(s) simply select it, and the Google app will automatically bring you to the log in page for that device. Log in to your account, agree to allow Google to access the device/product and it instantly adds the product/devices to the Google Home you are setting up. Now just delegate which rooms they belong to in your Google Home and it’s good to go!

- Google home hub review

I use Google home for my 92 year old father who is in an assisted living facility. It has been a God send with this Corona virus going on as we cannot visit him. He has dementia and had to learn how to answer the phone, which he did. I wish there was a way to turn up the volume remotely from my phone. Sometimes he accidentally pushes the do not disturb button or turns down the volume and does not know how to turn it back up. I then have to wait until his caretaker comes to fix it. It would be nice if I could control the home unit from my phone remotely to do this. I am thankful for the Google home hub. I have been able to stay as connected with my dad as possible during such a difficult time. Thank you!

- What Happened???

This was a great app for shopping and other lists. Then the selectable icon at the bottom of the home page that took you to the shopping lists was removed. This forces you to go to the settings then scroll to get down toward bottom to lists. So now after having to do this for months, the app is now glitched so you can’t get to any other lists unless you change them to your primary. Then you have to change your shopping list back to the primary when your done. Totally silly. You had a great setup that made it totally quick to get to shopping list and it was easy to manipulate. Now it’s aggravating. And don’t get me started on the Google Assistant for shopping list. That’s about as non-user friendly as you can get. You try do move an item and it deletes it instead. Totally stupid. Just fix the google home so you can switch easily between lists and put the selectable icon back on the bottom of the main page.

- Migration from the Nest to the Google Account then to the Google home is the worst

This is the worst!!!! The telephone customer service reps do not know how to help you! The directions on the Nest, Goggle account and Google Home do not explain clearly the process. Google and Nest assume you that the consumer wants one account that is shared with full access to ALL your family members....NOT!!! The step of going from Nest to google account should be eliminated!!! Instead Google should have to go directly to google home. Then goggle should explain the differences of sharing an email account for google home or creating a new google email account. Plus, removing the password link access in google was a disappointment. I allow usage of my hello doorbell for family members and guest when visiting my home especially if I am not there. Removing the password link is not ideal or having different levels of access for viewing the history video is also a disappointment.

- Reboot needed constantly

The connection between my Chromecast and phone drops constantly. Sometimes I need to unplug and replug my Chromecast multiple times while watching the same program because I can no longer control the show using my phone (which is the purpose of a Chromecast). When it loses the connection, my Google Home app tells me I have no registered devices. However, in a very creepy fashion, my Chromecast will continue to stream the show on my TV even though I no longer have any control over the show from my phone. More than once, I’ve turned off my TV after having lost the connection on my phone only to discover the next day that I’ve now “watched” an entire season of a show because my Chromecast kept streaming it while I was away. The idea of it is brilliant. The execution is horrible. The “Rise of the Machines” way it starts streaming shows I can no longer control is ... well, in short, it’s the opposite of what I want.

- It’s like Google isn’t even trying to compete

With two Google Home Minis, Google Wi-Fi, a Google chromecast, Vizio chromecast TV, and two Vizio chromecast sound bars, you would think I’d be all in on the Google Home ecosystem. But it’s a disaster. 1. Chromecasting is hit-or-miss. Often times I have to disconnect and reconnect from my speakers more than once to get them to actually play. 2. Saying ‘ok Google play on the living room speaker” Always plays it on the living room TV even though I’ve renamed the living room TV to ‘big TV’ to remove any possible confusion and my living room speaker (Vizio sound bar) is named ‘living room speaker’. I want to listen to music, not have a bright 75” screen on just to show album art from Google Play. 3. If I chromecast music from Google Play Music on my iPhone (because the Google Home Mini is too stupid to do it, see #2 above), and then I ask the Google Home Mini to stop the music playing on the living room speaker, the mini tells me nothing is playing on the living room speaker. 4. Even though Siri and Alexa recognize commands like ‘turn off the downstairs lights’, Google Home Mini tells me “I’m sorry I don’t know how to do that” so I have to tell it room by room which lights to turn off. Google Home is by far the dumbest of the three home voice assistants for media and home automation and this app is the weakest of the bunch.

- Chrome cast connection issues

Anybody else having issues casting to the chrome cast lately? Mine just stopped being able to receive casts out of nowhere. We thought it might have finally just died, so we used it as an excuse to get the new Google tv chromecast. Love the interface and everything else, but we’re still having trouble casting. Now we know it’s not the chromecast since we just got the new one and it’s still not working. Similar issue as others I’ve read: keeps telling me to make sure everything is on the same wifi and that the local network security is enabled. Yes to all of those things, but Google home still can’t connect to our new chromecast. Can’t even find it. Not sure if it’s an update that’s needed or what. We love using it all, so please figure out what’s going and patch it up!

- Where do I start

There are many complaints I have for this Google home. Although, I do want to say I relatively very much enjoy the Google home but these complaints make it harder for me to 100% enjoy it For one, whenever I try to call someone I will click on a contact and it will go back to the home back. When I ask them to call “Dad” they say they can’t find that contact, yet I scroll down and find it . My second complaint is the alarm. You see, I feel as if Google home should be able to multi task. If I want to play music I still want my alarm to go off it won’t and I won’t ever hear it. Why is it mute? This really annoys me because this was one of the main reasons I bought the google home was because I thought it would have this ability. My third complaint is how I can’t ask a question on top of the question I just asked. Does google home have no history? Also how do I access my gmail on it or is that not possible (preferably ymail) Another one of my questions is whenever I asked google to use calculator nothing happens. ?????? bubbles just appear and then they go away. THIS FRUSTRATES ME!! why does this happen?? overall, this really does disappoint me which is why i decided to get the google home a 3.

- I LOVE MY Google Home!!!

My relative has an Alexa and she has so many problems with it! It can’t even play a specific song or make a phone call with out messing up. And a lot of the time when we aren’t even addressing the Alexa it starts involving itself in out convos. Very strange! It listens when we don’t even ask it to. But I can almost always depend on My Google Home when I ask for something. She was impressed and I think she maybe switching over!! 🥰Thank you for such a wonderful device!!!!I also bought the mini for my brother. He loves it!! Keep improving them and making new cute things for me to buy and add to our family/home of Google items!! Sincerely Y’all!, Celeste Atkins from Ingleside Texas!

- Chromecast Setup

All this new red tape has made setting up my Chromecast virtually impossible and has added a lot of unnecessary stress. It all started when I switched WiFi’s and went to change my Chromecast over. It said I needed to download the Google Home app, so I did. The app would not find my device and everything said I need the Chromecast to be on the same WiFi as my phone which is hard to do when I already switched. Finally I said screw it and just factory reset my Chromecast and literally the exact same thing happened where it refused to find my device. Very displeased with these completely unnecessary changes. There was nothing wrong with how the app was running before but Google, being the monopoly it is, decided that wasn’t good enough, no now you need to download a whole other app just to do the same things you were doing before. It should not be this hard to simply set up a device.

- Horrible app

I just purchased the Google Nest Learning Tstat and Google Nest Protect. Everything works perfect on the Nest app! I wanted my husband to have control from his phone as well. In order to add him to our home Google forced me to download this app. I don’t understand why. The Nest app is far more superior to this app! First and foremost - you can’t even link the Nest Protect (battery version) to this app. The tstat did link but I only can turn the temperature up and down. You can’t see the humidity, can’t see or change the schedule, can’t see the outdoor temp, can’t control the modes and have no way to adjust the other functions on the tstat at the wall. It also supposedly should connect other smart items. I have LIFX bulbs. Those will not connect unless I have Google Assistant. Thank you Google for wasting my time. I’ll be deleting your app now as it literally serves no function other than adding another user to the home.

- Goodbye personal info

So first, I have a defective model, so as of now I am incapable to give a full depth review. But even with as far as I got I can say that the amount of personal info you must give up in order for the app to have full functionality is a little creepy. For example, it asks you if it’s ok to record you AT ALL TIMES in order to “recognize your voice better”. If this doesn’t sound shady enough, google blocks basic essentials irrelevant to voice recording in order for you to have to let them listen to you all day. It also asks for your address and current location at all times for “weather”, but you only really need what city you live in and google home shouldn’t leave your house. It’s all just one big scam so google can force you to let them know everything about you so they can sell all your personal info to advertisers. But if you don’t mind any of that then sure, its pretty cool.

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- My google home will not connect anymore to my smart WIZ light

Hello to whom it may concern recently I have been having some issues with google home and connecting it to my smart WIZ light globe. After about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon of not successfully re connecting google home to my smart globe I gave up and I also tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and restarting my phone and then logging out of my google account and I have unlinked and tried to link again my WIZ globe and now google will not connect at all she keeps saying sorry I can’t do that or it’s not available right now it worked up until Saturday night and now it just won’t re connect again please help !!!

- I love this app

It is soo good and I spent a lot of money for a good reason it helps me with exams and texts. it is absolutely epic and the lights are really cool ,the music is cool , everything about it is fun! I had soo much fun setting it up and it only took an hour it is pretty and white which I love !!!it is soo useful and my on my iPhone X the weather is sometimes wrong but on my google home mini it is always right ! and I think if you are looking for a google home get the mini google home I hope that you have a good experience with your google home, and I think they should get updates, but it is still cool I have a smart tv in my room , and the google home was easy to set up on a flat screen soo I don’t know how it is on smaller tv cause my house only has flatscreens, and we all have iPhone Xs so I don’t know about other phones. I had a pretty good time with mine my brother sister mom and dad have a google home each and a family one. I don’t have to go up and down stairs because now it is in my room!!! And you all should by it!!!!! If you want to ask about stuff you can and also google is nice not like Siri if I ask her about my background she says “well you are Spanish Italian Greek American and born and live in America” if I say what is my age she says “ 18” if I say what is my name she says “ kristina” and it is all true!!!!!!! So hope u get your own google home mini and I do not want to sound like a show off.


This app is the worst app I have on my phone, I wouldn’t even give it one star, but you have to put something in for the rating, but the annoying part is, I have no choice but to use it. I have spent $1000s on my google setup at home, with the lights, wifi, and 3x google home devices And of course this app is the centre of it all. Your app CONSTANTLY FAILS, it’s constantly goes “something went wrong”. Whenever I get a new Phillips Hue light, I have to completely delete every light and reinstall every single one to the google home system, which as everything else does, keeps failing. On Monday, I had purchased 3x Philips Hue Colour Bulbs, to replace the 3x white bulbs I already had, I had to completely delete the philips hue system and it took me 2 HOURS, to set it all back up again. Because it kept failing and saying “something went wrong”. In the process of this, it deleted my WeMo devices and now will not allow me to reconnect them. One time when I purchased a new google home device, that also take several hours for it finally to connect with the app, and in the process, it deleted all of my google devices. This app is horrid. I HATE using it. I actually cannot wait to the Apple HomePod device comes out, at this rate, I will be changing over. Because it seems more simple. Get your act together Google.

- WiFi ARrrrrr

Because of the fantastic idea of broadband services that still join into old school copper wiring and despite having 3 phone Communication towers nearby we still have internet access issues made worse if something is not paid up the entire system slows down to the point turning the lot off and doing basically anything else. If you’re Apple ID is not paid up or your iCloud account is not paid up or if the internet service provider is not paid thing not paid up and the entire system moves slower than the first dial up Internet modem ever invented . I have paid up my phone bill my Netflix is paid up so you would think my WiFi should be running sweet BUT NO I haven’t paid my $5 monthly fee for the cloud and the 2 have nothing to do with each other you would think but no one small thing not paid and you can’t even watch a movie I’d have more fun using this iPad as a frisbee 1problem and my iPad slows down Netflix stops playing and Crome Cast becomes useless. 3 different things but 1 effects the other so much they all play up and become more trouble than they are worth in total frustration and defeating the entire purpose of convenience.. FIX THIS ISSUE

- Linking services hasn’t worked for ages

Google Home can’t seem to resolve an issue with 3rd party devices and software. The wifi lights I have are all Mirabella Genio lights. When I first got them I downloaded the Mirabella app, setup account info, connected the devices etc then went to Google Home to link them. It worked and all was good. Then my google nest mini lost wifi connection and wouldn’t reconnect without dropping out shortly after. I reset the nest mini, deleted and reinstalled Google Home, tried to reinstall everything again but could only connect the Chrome sticks I have. It wouldn’t connect back to the lights or continue its “linked services” connection. When trying to delink again via Google home app it confirms that it has but can’t/won’t load the next section showing the devices details. For the last several months I’ve been using Mirabella Genios app to run the devices which is not how I ever intended to run them. The entire point was to use voice commands and live a life of convenience. instead I’ve just been frustratedAnd disappointed by the Google home app

- Very Disappointing

App takes a very long time to download even when I have a full Wi-Fi connection and at least 10G of storage available. I recently purchased a Google Home Mini and I am also disappointed with how the app will not connect, and keeps saying “Something Went Wrong”. I tried multiple times reloading the app, connecting and disconnecting, turning on and off but nothing seems to work. The app also wont show my Google Home Mini as a device, nor will it show Chromecast as a device. I’ve given it 2 stars as it is fantastic WHEN IT WORKS! My chrome cast will also not allow any other devices to connect to it, even when i have completely disconnected from it. Very disappointed with how everything is. I have also seen other reviews stating the same problem. Google, It’s over to you.

- Google Wifi setup issue / missing features

I had trouble picking up an old Google Wifi unit to mesh with a new Nest Wifi network. I only managed to get this setup to work by using the old Google Wifi app to mesh my old unit with another Google Wifi network and cancelling it. By fluke I then found I could pickup my Google Wifi in the Home app after this test and add it to my new Nest wifi network. The setup process should be seamless for adding old Google Wifi units that have been reset and have the latest firmware. Also, I am glad the Google Wifi app is still around (and can be used with Nest Wifi) and hope as much of the functionality from there makes it to this app such as advanced settings and seeing what device is connected to which point.

- To Apple

Thankyou so much that would be amazing but how can I purchase the items to set all this up don’t you need a certain tv I’m using my sons in lounge room and he hasn’t got one also would setting all this up help with my memory and anxiety and organisation as I’m not in a good place also my phone Samsung is locked can’t use so I have no phone but I really appreciate what you guys were offering but I haven’t got the technology that’s so nice to also tell me to keep safe thankyou so much I was ready to try and end my life again it means a lot...!! I’m also not that computer savvy I would like to my son how ever is his amazing thankyou once again

- Awesome when combined with assistant devices

We got the Google Home hub for Christmas and new it had some interesting possibilities with connected home stuff. 3 weeks in and we have the tv and lights controlled via a wifi switch and this app. We also love the shopping list feature of this app would be worth the free download just for this alone. We share the list between house members and can see in real time as they are checked off. Great app well worth a look especially if you have some of the google hardware like the home hub! Even without these devices check it out the app is like all google stuff very well done.

- Default TV is faulty

I have 2 Chromecast devices connected (as default TV in the Google Home app) individually to 2 different Google Home Mini speakers, and when I ask either speaker to initiate a stream (HomeSafe View) only the Chromecast Ultra device shows the security camera I ask for,no matter which speaker I use with voice commands. I then split the devices by room, then WiFi router (I have 2) and then started a new ‘Home’ in the Google Home app for a speaker and Chromecast. Only if I turn off the Chromecast Ultra will the other Chromecast works as intended.

- Good when it works

We have a wifi extender in our house because my room and other rooms don’t have good wifi. I had set up my google home mini, chromecast and tp-link smart plug and connected them all to the same wifi network (through the extender). The plug works amazing with its own app and just thru the google home app. But using it with the google home zis TERRIBLE. Because of the wifi extender I get excellent wifi coverage but it still manages to stuff things up. I can’t change any of my homes setting because it says “some settings are unavailable right now”. And when I try and change them they say “connect to the same wifi network to edit” even if I am. I would give the settings part of the app a zero but the smart plug saves it. Get it together Google!

- Amusing gadget, that's all

We were given this hamburger-sized HAL as a gift from a tech-savvy, tattooed twenty-something, who was anxious for our souls. After a week of shouting 'Hey Google!' at it about once every two hours, when we could think of something to ask, we got a notice from our ISP to say our data use had gone through the roof. The little rascal seems to gobble bits just by sitting there ear-wigging. We pulled the plug, and only reinsert it when our well-meaning, inked friend visits. She tells us her homebound mother depends on the apparatus to tell her the day's weather, but since her mother never goes anywhere, including her own balcony, we don't quite see the need. The Google device is useless for serious research, which is my profession. I need to see, study, examine, review, bookmark, download, save; not merely hear. We don't stream music, or watch movies, or TV, and we sure as eggs ain't gamers. Even our cyber-aware sons and their phone-tethered wives mostly leave their Big Brother Google oracle sulking in a corner unconsulted. So at present, the little grey clamshell in its basket-weave jacket is unused, and as far as we are concerned, virtually useless.

- Helpful but bugs

The Google home is great to connect to my chrome cast on the TV and send videos directly into the TV which are playing. Google home provides the ability to ask simple queries but if you don’t ask the query in the correct fashion it says “I can’t help you with that”. There are a few little bugs where Google is asked something and if there are other devices in the house it sends multiple packets to all the devices and clogs up the Wi-Fi network. This bug is being resolved by Google with a patch.

- When it works...

So my wife and I own a google home, I set myself up as the primary yet at every major update it throws me out of the system (won’t recognise me anymore, but all my preferences are there) and it always sets her up as the primary. With this latest update I can’t even get her to do anything anymore, and can’t teach her my voice either. When it works it’s fine, but when it doesn’t it’s incredibly frustrating to fix (when it’s even in the right voice, she seems to decide she’s using an American accent half the time). Terrible program, built by programmers with no idea about user interface. Get a graphic designer to help you, or get an alternative, because this is awful.

- Would make a better paper weight!!

Changing your Wifi password stuffs it up and you have to go through 2hrs wait for a service provider to stuff about with settings! 😡 I tried deleting the app for Google home and then reinstating it from the app store. I even tried restating my mobile. Honestly Google need to simplify the reactivation should a person change their password. As outlined, to have to go as far as contacting ones service provider just to be able to use the thing is a ridiculous amount of buggarising around just to be able to have it use Wifi. I honestly feel like tossing it into the bin. I have so far reset the device, reset my modem, reinstalled the app. Checked and found UPnP already activated and still nothing. Ive even tried clearing saved Wifi on the app itself and all up so far have spent a good hour of missed income just trying to get this to successfully connect. One would assume they'd had considered that people have a life and need to work to pay for these little luxuries but to through all this jargon on top is simply outrageous!

- Update idea

The app has come a long way!! And I love it I use it everyday with my many devices I have linked to it, including lights routines and my display. I do have a suggestion to add to the routines though.. there should be an option to add a on off switch to the routines we make. as I have different set times I wake upto with a routine I have so I can use the same routine but at different times during the week.. I hope that makes sense and keep up the good work google!

- Good but with 1 annoyance

I don’t yet have the Home device, but i use this app with a Chromecast, Nexus TV and 2x Chromecast Audios. All pretty intuitive and not hard to setup. Once it’s going, it is a great system which works well and is pretty family friendly. My big annoyance is that while you can ‘group’ the audio devices for multiroom music or audio, you cant include any of the video devices in this. I’d love to be able to watch a concert or something on a TV and have it stream the sound to all connected speakers, but no can do. Please fix!

- Great features, very smart

The best thing about google home now is grouping speakers with Chromecast and streaming audio or video. responsiveness and audio synch are great and easily adjustable in the app. I've also noticed improved radio station streaming quality as well. Overall the app works well as the bridge between assistant and smart home devices, as long as you have good wifi coverage. If synchronising is giving you grief, you probably need a wifi extender or powerline repeater like I did


This app has ruined google home for me. Google home was working fine for 6 months with no complains. I wanted to connect voice recognition so I could set specific reminders etc, however as soon as I recorded my voice it no longer responds to me. It lights up when I say “ok google” however she doesn’t respond when I give commands or ask questions. I have tried re-recording my voice several times, disconnecting google home from power & unlinking my voice from the app, however nothing has worked & the speaker is now useless to me. I have noticed a few other people have this same issue in the google forums, however there’s no reply or answer from google. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

- Setting up a chrome cast tv

This app worked fine when I had to set up one google home in my brothers bedroom and when I was setting it up I used my phone but his account and so when I got mine it was so difficult to set up because I want the google homes linked but under different accounts so they can access different personal information. Of course everything got worse when I decided to get a chrome cast tv. I have been trying for 3 days to set up this darn thing but currently all it does is show pictures. It is horrible and confusing. The app has a very bad layout and it needs a search bar.

- Thanks Telstra

Hey google home mini creators if your reading your partnership with Telstra was a GREAT! Idea I connected to Telstra before I went on a holiday and I found my google home there the app is still downloading but I almost certain that the app will run smoothly. The thing itself is really good as it tells you the instructions as soon as you turn it on. After all I think the google home mini was a huge success so thank you google and keep up the good work! 😀

- Calendar is not supported

Downloaded the app from the App Store and couldn’t connect my calendar. So I did a bit of research and then set up and synced google calendar with my Apple calendar. But for the life of me I cannot get this to work on google home. After some hours researching apparently multiple calendars are now supported (since Nov 2017) I downloaded the app 3 days ago and double checked just now that it is the latest in App Store however there is no calendar in my settings even when following the help advice on google and other sites. Very frustrating not to be able to use my calendar on this device

- Google Home

This might be a little premature as I am just a day since getting a Nest Mini, from my forward-thinking son, who I can proudly say, has educated me and brought me out of playing, PacMan or Mahjong and into being able to talk with a computer The set out is incredibly simple to use and mind-blowingly vast, in what it can do for you. Once I learn more about this wonderful gadget, I will be pleased to share my experiences with the you, in an update!!

- An app process that could be more efficient

When moving, for example from the end of one movie on Netflix to the next, you have to exit the movie and go to the next. I would suggest if possible a feature that makes it easy to click the next movie. Like a easy flow on instead of the screen pausing on the tv, having to disconnect google chrome then connect again on the new movie.

- Glitchy and temperamental

I have a disability and require my smart home to turn on and off many devices (over 50). More often than I would like I find that Google home stops turning things on and off with voice commands, even though Google itself says it’s doing it. The lights, fans et al remain unchanged. I don’t have the ability to go round and unplug everything, reset everything, reinstall everything, or basically go through the whole setup procedure every time the system stops working. So my smart home that is designed to help with my disability becomes a hindrance. I wish Google would provide support for people like me.

- Google Home User Feedback

Great app and concept for casting. Enjoying the practicality of the functionality but would have been experiencing a few drop outs with the google chrome dongle on occasion where the app does not pick up the device and I generally restart the dongle and it becomes available again. Also not difficult to use the app but would love to see a slightly more intuitive layout.....possible that it already is, just my logic not keeping up but just my experience.......keep up the good work

- Don’t normally give a 5 but...

Having installed 5 Google Home units this weekend, most with very little issues and a very intuitive interface (the older one was no where near as good as this), this makes the whole Smart Home concept a simple reality. Sure, it doesn’t do a whole lot yet apart from media and a light or two but the future, in particular the immediate future, is very exciting with this at the fore.

- Unable to cast from Chromecast

I was able to cast from chromecast earlier without any problems. However after the upgradation to Google Home, the Chromecast is able to setup and connect to wifi network but having setup final says your Chromecast has been setup but can't be found. Make sure that your phone and chromecast are on the same WiFi network. For more help visit the help centre. Please advise action.

- Annoying but ok for other things I guess

The reason I downloaded this app was because I had to get my google homes internet working again and it did not tell any useful information that I actually needed. It was very frustrating and EXTREMELY ANNOYING. So honestly I don’t think I’m gonna keep this app, not very useful (for the way I need it) in wifi connections with devices. I would have given this app 2 and HALF stars but didn’t know how to. In the end this app isn’t good for me or for internet or instructions.

- Dark mode please

I have my phone in dark mode & at night when I open it to turn off the lights, the Google Home app greets me with a bright white screen. Can we have this controlled by system settings instead? Edit: since this post I’ve had two updates, yet still no system controlled colour option. It can’t be hard, when you open app support for Google Nest you can enable or disable dark mode.

- Incredibly unhelpful

The device worked fine, but the app is definitely not intuitive if you want anything passed initial setup. The device also was working fine, when it decided to stop connecting to my phone. Ive had to hard reset the mini, which got me along further, and now I’m stuck with a screen saying you may have to change some of your settings, no callout to what that setting might be, support doesn’t even load. For something that’s supposed to be intuitive, this is not giving me much faith, and it’s become clear its all to do with the google products and app.

- Amazingly integrated smartness

I have recently started to make my own smart home. I am amazed by how google home manages all different stuff just by my voice commands. It’s also really easy and straightforward to work with. There are also lots of options available for detailed control of the smart devices, especially the google products themselves.

- Features work fine but app is hard to navigate

Setting up devices is easy, I have set up numerous Chromecast, Chromecast audios, Chromecast enabled speakers and Google Home's using this app. My problem with this app doesn't necessarily lie within its features (although I think Google is sitting on a gold mine of potential Chromecast features that they aren't doing anything about) but more so how terrible the UX/UI of this app is. Come on Google plus redesign this app...

- Please help

Hey I’m just on here to seek help I have jbl google speaker and I have my routine in the morning set to telling me the time and my reminders and that’s it but for some reason the speaker does all that but plays the news at the end even though in my routine after she tells me my reminders it’s supposed to do nothing. Please help and tell me why this is happening because it is infuriating and I just want a normal morning routine

- During a task

When I get google home to play something or perform an operation she’s not able to change that operation. For example if I ask her to play a song she’ll play it on the speaker. If I then ask her to play the current song on the living room tv she doesn’t understand so I need to cancel the current process and painfully ask her to play the song on the living room tv. Although this is easier said than done as she then defaults to playing on the google home speaker until the next day. It’s all about follow on commands to do with the current process being undertaken

- No language options

I have 3 Google Mini Home’s, a Google Home and a Google Hub and can’t consistently set the language to English (Australian). Most times if my wife sets one up it has an Australian accent, and most times it’s UK English for me. We are both Australian, bought our phones in and set to Australian. When I search Google for how to change the language it appears to show steps for a previous version of the app, and there doesn’t appear to be an option in this version.

- I'm in media heaven

I live in a rural area and have just got NBN for the first time. I am on an unlimited data plan. My Chromecast Ultra has made my tv way smarter than it was. It was so easy to set up; even for an old girl like me. I can control what I watch via my Iphone, laptop or tablet. It's so nice to watch what I want, when I want, with no ads. The Google Home app puts every app I need in the one place.

- Improved Navigation

I am very happy with the new Google Home app, before the interface felt really confusing and clustered but now it's much easier to navigate and everything is very easy to find. There are things I would like Google to improve on in regards to the actual products but the app itself is much better.

- Google Home

Fairly happy with my Nest running on Google Home app so quick and easy to install. No hicccups or dramas manage to link most of my devices no probs. My only complaint is I cannot link my Kogan wifi camera to the app for some reason, even though the Kogan smarter home app says it’s compatible with Google app. Otherwise it’s a 5star app but who knows if it’s Kogan or Google whose incompatible.

- Casting button missing on all app.

Cannot cast videos, cast symbol not coming up. Chrome cast setup completed. But application cannot find the device. Tried with different router and network, still not working, factory rest done, still not working. But can control the settings through Google home app, so it has connection. But cannot cast.

- Pretty great!

I use this for my Chromecast 1G and I am soon gonna get a Google Home Mini Charcoal soon. It’s just, I wish you can show your Photos by logging into your iCloud Account in Google Home Photo Settings and getting the service to show iCloud Photos. I hope they implement but other than that, it’s pretty nice! I use it dor home and it is pretty cool. Totally recommended! 5 stars! 😄👍🏻

- Works brilliantly

No issues as listed below, controls all my lighting and music in the home. It’s nice to be able to turn on lights without getting out of the car, especially when getting home late. I would like to automate my garage doors but haven’t as yet. I have a wide range of product brands connected and no issues

- Group audio delay causing crashes

In the main, the app is good, but finally got speakers setup through the house and now when trying to adjust the group audio speaker delay function, it crashes google home. Doesn’t matter what speaker you choose, did hard reset of the phone and also delegated Google hone and reinstalled but still crashes every time. Google please fix this, can’t listen to music through the house due to timing being out and can no longer correct it.

- Amazing

This app is great! It didn’t take that long to download, it doesn’t lag at all and it just works perfectly fine for me. My family and I love how easy everything thing is to do with just the click of a button or just some words. Buying this app and the Google Home set up was totally worth it!

- Google Home Max

Very dissapointed in the Max given how great the Home and Mini is. Whilst the sound is great, the mic does not pick up as well as the Home or the Mini. When set up as the default speaker (with mic off) for my Google Home the volume does not go down even with lower volume when listening switch on. Not really all that impressed.

- Fantastic Update

Before IOS12 the app was very cubic and clunky. Everything opened into sub layer of levels and followed the design of google phones. Now it’s fresh, open , clear and straightforward. The constant tabs of information have been updated to cute pictures opening into a visual table easy to understand. Keep it up!

- One in (almost) every room.

My whole family love their google mini’s. From playing music to setting alarms or reminding me that the cake is ready to come out of the oven. It turns my tv on or off and changing our channels. At the great price you can’t go wrong. I even bought one for my 80 year old Mother and she loves chatting away to google...

- Very happy with Google

I'd just like to say that your help link is very good. I have a problem when you google my name there is slanderous text and defamatory images of my name, such as showing my medication that I'm on and you have made it clear and easy to make a complaint, so you can rectify the problem. Thanks in advance, Andrew Bookallil

- Good but...

when you press a button it says things like sorry unable to load plz try again another time but when you try again it says the same thing. Oh and I do believe it should at least be 8+ because it is a little had to navigate through everything. Other then this it is perfecto.👍😀😀😀😀

- Poor Interface

I was gifted a google home mini for christmas, so I’ve also downloaded the app. I’ve been using the google home app for a few days after previously using the Wemo and Kasa apps. The app is practical in how it groups smart devices together, but it drives me mad that from the landing screen you can’t tell which device is switched on or off!! Surely this would be an easy fix, I suggest changing the “on” and “off” font colour to green and grey instead of blue. Thank me later google.

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- Chromecast is awesome

Don't have cable so this is my main form of streaming/watching content. Works great. The app is much better now than it was a year ago. Being able to control volume and what your watching from multiple phones is super convenient. Sometimes it's a bit annoying to try and control playback through an app like Netflix directly but aside from that it's great.

- Fantastic

When I was a kid, I had a dream to have a voice assistant like they had in Start Trek. Finally I can have my wiki in my house without having to type on any keyboard. Awesome device and gadget for any age . The link with Spotify works very well . Enjoy and have fun !!!

- No hands on

I bought google home and before the day was finished my daughter went out and got one for her own. The next day my neighbour / friends check mine out and they also went out and bought one. Since then I have purchased one more just for the bedroom. I use it for music, news and alarms. I also control my thermostat with it, I'm now looking at switches to control a few lights and the kettle for the morning tea or coffee. I must say also it sounds very good for the size. It's great to just ask it something without lifting a finger.

- Frustrated!!!

Chromecast was working completely fine until I did the last update. Now my phone is connected to wifi but the Chromecast won’t recognize ANY wifi within range...tried deleting the app, signing in and out...NOTHING WORKS

- Doesn’t work with ios13

Update your app, you cannot set-up anything since iOS 13.

- The new update made it so I can’t even connect to my chromecast.

The new app doesn’t even find my chromecast anymore. What’s the point of redesigning an app if it then starts not working for your main product

- Google home is great

Really enjoy this app and I’m looking forward to any future features that may be added. I’ve already found many ways do use this with my Google home speaker.

- Poorly organized

It’s difficult to navigate, setup and use. There are so many things to look at, but editing or changing anything is not intuitive or simple. very frustrating. I wish there was another option.

- Google Home

Love it. The assistant is still learning as she often will tell you but she’ll get there. Good job google

- Can’t activate on iOS13

Google home devices won’t activate with iOS 13.

- Drops Bluetooth connection

I just purchased my google home. It drops connection with my iPhone X frequently. I did some research on internet and I found that it’s a common problem with iPhone for google home. It’s so frustrating. I can’t play songs with my iPhone. And they didn’t add iTunes. If it has iTunes I could play my playlists with that. I hope they will add itunes or do something else for iPhone users.

- Stop asking me to give google everything

keeps asking me to turn on wifi to setup my chromecast although the wifi is on

- Google home

Impossible to navigate when a new router is installed

- Didn’t like it

I downloaded this app to use chromecast. It worked for sometime but it’s not working anymore. So didn’t like it.

- Disconnects from wifi And I can’t reconnect it

I got my best mini about a month ago and it was great but it would disconnect from wifi and I had no clue how to reconnect it. I got it the it to connect couple times but it didn’t work soon after. I’ve tried everything to get the stupid thing to work again but I can only connect to the device by using its “wifi” and then it won’t recognize any other wifi signals to connect to. This is so frustrating because is was really helpful and now it’s useless.

- Unable to setup Google home mini

I’m trying to connect the google home mini through this app. Previously I had set it up, then I moved to a new place, it was connected earlier, it was having some issues so I disconnected and tried to set it up again, however I’m unable to do so now. Please let me know how can I set it up again.

- Junk

It’s a pain to set up. Requests all kind of permission to do nothing at the end. Junk.

- Google Home and...

Chromecast Ultra are ultra amazing! I don't watch Cable TV anymore!

- What a pain

Trying to navigate the best at and how it communicates with the Home app is a pain. And why did it ask me to sign in with a random non google email ? Ugh. PITA !!!

- Worst Google Creation

It’s pretty disappointing to expect such an app from Google. Extremely non user friendly. To access the shopping cart each time, we have to go through so many steps. Need to consider a better user interface like all the other google apps.

- Speaker keeps telling me to log in

My speaker keeps telling me to log in. I’ve logged out, deleted the app, re installed the app, logged out and logged in then all above repeated several times. Stupid voice keeps telling me to log into the app. Just out of the blue one day and now I can’t access anything to do with the speaker. Conveniently there is no help options either during covid. Only get the run around from automated help engines... Angry customer

- Worthless piece of garbage

Bought a google nest hub and all it does is display pictures on the screen. WORST OF ALL IS THAT IT CAN’T EVEN SIMPLY DO THAT? Worst purchase. Horrible app. The user experience is garbage. Don’t get a google nest hub. So frustrating ugh.

- App gets more confusing to use with every update

Plus chromecast audio devices seem to never be connected to my wifi according to this app, but they are working fine with every other app on my phone.

- Works Just Fine

Setup is easy with home control items, but waiting for more compatible devices for Canada.

- At last go me one

Verry nice love the way you can ask a question ex. hey Google how many season in breaking bad... I got also meself Hue lamp nice with the shortcut you can make like macro, also I interfaced with IfTTT , please do it bring up the options. Waitting for other nice improvements and you can trust Google for that.

- Sal S

Absolutely love this device. To heck with Alexa not allowing Canadians to use their items. Good job google.

- Google

Lovely application

- Garbage

Can’t believe how poor this thing works

- App settings

VERY hard to set up WIFI!!!!

- Terrible app

I updated my phone to iOS 13 and suddenly cannot connect to my home mini.... please fix immediately!!!!

- Frustrating error message

Will not verify phone number for making mobile calls through google home mini

- Groups

Creating groups is absolute hell

- Youtube on google home

Why do i need to have youtube premium if i want google home to play songs from youtube?

- New update is horrible, not user friendly or intuitive whatsoever.

Spent an hour trying to do what I was able to do before the update, gave up. Not sure what they were trying accomplish but they missed it by a mile.

- Issue with google tv 2020

I am having trouble connecting my google tv to the internet, it connects but it’s completely dropping my internet speed! Fromm 350mbps to 3mbps! And looks like i am not the only one facing this issue! There’s a whole thread on support website look into it!

- App still buggy

I would give this a 5 star rating if the app everytime I get in would let me work my minis but it keeps putting them out of date and the syncing not working and setting up the mini would be easier but it keeps telling me my phone privacy not correct when it clearly is set right it needs more easier setup

- Google home

C'est un peu compliqué et le cast ne fonctionne pas

- Initial setup

On the clock “follow the instructions on google home app” WHERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS?!

- Awful ux

I never rate apps. But I got so angry that I can't find how set up a new eufi on a existing house that I thought to come here and say this app syucks.

- Wont connect

Since Dec 6 I have not been able to connect my google home or chromecast. Followed all the directions and troubleshooting advice and nothing works. Unable to use over 200$ worth of tech and its just sitting there. Terrible


Google home device is ok but this app is so bad google has to make everything so confusing it took me so god damn long to just change the wifi with the app would not suggest very confusing app not very user friendly there is like three different kind of settings just make one

- Doorbell delay

I wish there wasn’t about a five second delay before my doorbell rings inside. Also a 5 second delay on the app for notifications.

- Limited selection

Music selection is too limited, unless you are willing to pay for it. Should be able to access more music than just from YouTube

- Goggle home is the best

Goggle home is so good

- Disgraceful

Haven’t been able to get things connected and working after MONTHS! Started the week before Google bought NEST to get rid of competition that worked and the week after Google’s purchase all hell broke lose and nothing has been easy since and still doesn’t work. This is after hundreds of dollars in equipment and gadget purchases. Stay clear. Starting to seem like they want to sell more gadgets to make the lot work. Disgraceful!

- Inconsistent

Sometimes she works. Sometimes she doesn’t.

- OMG! Sucks is an. Understatement!

I cannot believe google would roll out such a defective app! Had better expectations from google. The app doesn’t work more than half the time!!

- Constant connectivity problems

The app can never show what is playing. I always get error messages when trying to connect to speakers. The assistant keeps saying something is wrong, that she can’t fin the speakers. I’m gonna get white hair from being annoyed at this app.

- stupid

literally so poorly put together. if you want to fix the wifi connection you have to completely reset your entire devise and reconnect and everything it’s so extremely overly frustrating and just an awful system.

- Chromecast

I use the Google Home app with Chromecast to cast from my iPad to the TV. It works well sometimes. Then other times, the app takes over and doesn’t let me do anything. I need to disconnect everything and then reopen what I was casting. It also makes me lose the spot I stopped watching at. I wish there was an option to never control content with the Google Home app. I want to control Netflix with the Netflix app, YouTube with the YouTube app, et cetera. But the Google Home app takes over at random times and makes everything difficult.

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- Extra Functionality

The Google Home app is pretty good, but there are a few key missing features. For example, the home and away functionality. Most people are probably going to want lights to turn on when they get home, but would only need that after a certain time or when it is dark outside. As of now, you can only have it set for arriving back home meaning the lights will always turn on when you get back home. Another function that I can’t understand why we don’t have it is adjusting the alarms for the speakers. I can see when the alarms are set and I am able to delete them, but I cannot adjust the time or what will play when the alarm goes off.

- Remember back when your Chromecast just simply ‘worked?’

Not sure why Google decided to complicate things. My first Chromecast just worked within minutes out of the box, but those days are gone. Be prepared to enter an endless loop of your phone/tablet NOT being able to connect to a device that is literally 5-10 ft away from your WiFi. You’ll be told to switch to 2.4ghz and then back to 5. You’ll be told it’s your router or your phone of your walls, all of which were not a factor with your original device. And when it sometimes DOES work, you won’t be able to use anywhere near the amount of casting apps that you used to. It almost feels as if they are sabotaging the experience for Apple users ... although my son’s Samsung faired no better. Utter garbage. At least give us a persistent ability to cast to a nearby device (via PIN) when this app fails to get its ‘home’ in order.

- WAY too many things appear in this app

The app quickly becomes overloaded with things to control if you connect it to SmartThings or a similar smart home network. There is already a lot of things in this app when Chromecasts are added and music.. SmartHomes add 10-15 things easy.. On top of there being so many things the design is not intuitive at all. When I look at a room and it automatically groups all the lights of one room into one, but I only want to turn one of the lights on.. it is not obvious how to turn only one light on. The WiFi control is not as simple and easy to control as the Google WiFi app. I wish they would just leave WiFi setup/control in the separate app. My Mother-In-Law gets the Google WiFi app. She doesn’t understand the Google Home app. I think that says a lot about the design of the Home app.

- Google is better than Alexa

Google assistant and Google home are by far superior to Alexa, Siri and Cortona. If you’re looking for a easy to setup and AI assistant and home base for all your smart home connected devices that interstates with your Google everything for ease of use; this is it. The person who left a review about how it’s listening to her kids and she got rid of it because it holds recordings; that’s terms and conditions you agree when setting up for the first time so that review is useless. How are things that use a billion people’s voices going to improve without that? No one is at google listening to each one; no one cares what you’re doing in your personal life THAT MUCH.

- Great product with a mild app

This app is usually great. I absolutely love my Google home, but especially right now, the app is very buggy. I have 2 Google home minis and one Google home that I link together for a sound system for my bedroom. I love it. The only problem is the app stopped letting me individually adjust the volume of the speakers while they're playing music. It's not a huge deal, but there are also the occasional connection issues. Overall, these problems don't occur too often or for too long, but it is definitely a crucial part of my expertise with these Google products, and I've been slightly disappointed as of late. I'm not advocating against this product, but just keep in mind that the app could absolutely be better at working intuitively with Google home.

- Settings issue

I think that it is unnecessary to have almost all of the settings disappear while the google home device(s) can’t connect to the WiFi. My device frequently goes on and off the WiFi. Another point is that I can still make and cancel alarms on my device by talking to it while it’s off the WiFi But the section in settings about alarms is unavailable because of WiFi. I really don’t know if it’s an issue at home or a problem with the device so I’m going to give a bad review because aside from everything that I wrote in this review it’s a descent app. I also can’t get to the WiFi settings if my device isn’t connected to the WiFi because the setting doesn’t show up when it’s not connected to WiFi (you see the problem here).

- Embarrassingly Ineffective

I'm glad I waited to rate this app until I'd had it for a couple of months. I would have initially given it 5 stars. However, for the last 2 days, every time I pair bluetooth use the speaker to listen to a podcast or music, the speaker works for a minute or two and then abruptly unpairs itself. I have tried EVERYTHING to resolve this: unpairing and pairing again, forgetting the device, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, keeping my phone on a charger, putting the phone right next to the speaker, etc. I googled the problem and found that this has been a known issue for many users for several YEARS. Without the use of bluetooth, the device is barely useful. Sure, I can get today's weather, set timers, and convert tablespoons to cups hands-free...yay? The app developers should be embarrassed by this level of incompetence.

- bad on college campus

Living on a college campus where we are all using the same WiFi network, it is nearly impossible to do anything on my chrome cast without it being messed with. There needs to be changes to privacy settings. Do not show my device as public, do not let anyone mess with my volume, controls, apps. Do not show “local devices” — I don’t want nor care to see any of the 20 other devices near me, it’s only fogging up my own app that I’m using for MY device. As a college student, who already doesn’t sleep a lot; when I’m getting woken up at 5am by another device connecting to my TV to play loud music- that’s where I write this. Extremely fed up with the lack of changes in the app and the lack of common sense used when designing and updating it. Not fit to be used in a college dorm. Need to do better.

- Total Garbage, terrible support, updates break the app almost weekly.

I was given a Google Home device and an echo through work for product testing. Sound quality is horrible compared to Alexa. I experienced constant issues with disconnects, voice commands would randomly stop working for days then start again. Google Home support is terrible. They are clueless to their own issues and bugs. Every time I tell the stupid thing to turn off lights or something it would say “sorry I’m having trouble understanding,” or “device is not set up.” Group or room controls also at never work. The app is is too cluttered and unintuitive. Decided to give Alexa a try and to my surprise, the difference was night and day. Everything from connectivity, to understanding voice commands was so much better. Sound quality is incomparable. 6 months now and not a single disconnect or error.

- Great App, Could Still Use Some Improvement

I like this app a lot however, one thing I think is really important is convenience and the widget option for iOS is only useful for media controls. I’d like to see an update that allows the widget settings to be modified that way if you want to turn certain devices on/off quickly you can access those toggles from the widget, or maybe adjust your thermostat from the widget. Also, the widget feature only opens for me when I view it from the spotlight page to the far left of my iPhone XR, but when I long press the icon the widget doesn’t actually display anything but an empty box. Please update the widget features! Thanks.

- Nest Thermostat

I understand the Nest thermostat is a smart learning device; however, it was replaced by the issue I had with it. The customer service rep asked me to reset the first one and when I did — it stopped connecting online. They replaced it and same issue I had. The thermostat keeps setting itself to 60 degrees no matter how many times I set it to 68 - 70 ... it won’t stay there. It’s a nuisance. Currently it’s offline for the last 16 mins but I can adjust it manually physically but not through the app. I would like to set the device to the same temp all day as I do have a dog in the home when I’m away. I even tried to lock it and it STILL adjusts on its own. Unhappy customer! The only reason why I gave it stars is because the modern and updated look. I also like the screen when it senses you the temp displays.

- Nest app to This. Really??

I have been using Nest products and the Neat app for several years now. This week a notification popped up announcing that the Nest app was transitioning to the Google Home app. On top on that to add a new family member you now have to do it through the Google Home app. So because I don’t have a choice I transition over. Wow is this such a let down. You took the already poorly supported Nest app and stripped it down. The Home app is poorly made and lacks functionality, setting options, and in general all user friendliness that was present in the old Nest app. Please tell me this is a beta app or that the old features will be rolling out soon/ coming back soon! Otherwise until then 1 Star is all this poor app is worth. For anyone contemplating merging to a Google Home account if the option to transition has popped up. Do not do it! Stay with your old trusted Nest account!

- Needs a few more features.

I love having this app and my google home hub. I only have one complaint/request. Ok maybe 2. Give the option/allow to assign different hubs or multiple hubs to respond to routines. I have mine turn off certain lights when I say goodbye. But I can’t do it with my kitchen one, I have to use my bedroom hub. Second, add more calendar compatibility. I use MS Outlook for my exchange email and it syncs fantastic with my gmail calendar. Downside.. the hubs don’t see it. Sad panda. Please make this happen. Please!!!!! I don’t want to have a ton of different calendars with the same information just to have my hubs tell me what’s planned on my schedule.

- Need an account to use app

Really disappointed in the fact that I need to link my gmail with the Google Home app. Unfortunately I had set my phone to auto update all apps and now I am locked out of my Google Home app because I do not want to log in with my gmail account. I believe that Google is doing this so they can learn more about what you are watching and this is yet another way for them to infiltrate your life and learn more about you so you can be bombarded with even more advertisements. This is the end of the line for Google Home on my phone. I would rather use a 3rd party app without having to set up an account and I am saddened by the fact they choose to go this route. I miss the old version where I didnt have to sign in so now auto updating apps is off and I’ll make sure to read the update description before hitting update. Thanks for the lesson Google.

- Best thing ever

I had a certain cable based Wifi. It really sucked. I could be upstairs and look downstairs and actually see my WiFi base and my service would be spotty. No video chatting, video games sucked, I could get service in the basement. I was really frustrated, fed up and NOT happy with my service. Until I got goggle home! It was the best thing ever! I bought 3 and I hooked up one and got total coverage in my house! Even in the basement!! I went ahead and hooked up the other two, which I really didn’t need, but since I bought them I decided to hook them up. Now I have over coverage! Totally love it and would highly highly recommend them.

- Chromecast audio

This is the device I have been looking for a decade. It rocks, literally with great sound. I have 5 stereos in 5 rooms, Chromecast audio ties them together into a single system. I have used DACs for years and love them, but always had issues with them. Bluetooth DACs are convenient but quality is diminished by compression, blimps and dings from phone messages and disruptions in signal as I walk with my phone around the house. Wired DACs sound better, but having to break open a Mac or tie into a PC to use them is a pain. Streaming with Chromecast audio solves all these issues, plus it can play on any or all systems at once. It’s a cost effective, good enough sounding WiFi solution to my HiFi blues. Good on you Google!

- Very disappointed

Had google mini google home and google home hub throughout my house to control everything. For the first month I loved it . Then major and I mean major things started going wrong . Google wouldn’t be as responsive as it first started and I would have to shout hey google just for it to listen . It wouldn’t be able to locate my devices or it would say something went wrong . I can not stand these horrible devices now . There more of an expensive paper weight than anything else now . Simple tasks can’t even be performed . Googles solution is to send the problem and it error reports to them . Ha big fat joke . For over a year I’ve been doing that and nothing has gotten better . I’m seriously thinking of switching to Alexa . My sister was right . These are horrible . Google lost themselves a devoted customer . . Fix these problems google .

- Winner of most improved

Wonderful changes have been made. Definitely a lot more user friendly. It’s easier to find things. Major improvements all around. I would like a feature where we could pause routines. For example, I use my routines in sync with alarms. So my bedroom lights turn on when my alarms go off, the radio starts playing, coffee machine starts, etc. But whenever there’s a holiday I have to turn off the routines and all my alarms. Then I have to remember to turn everything back on. Just a pause for x days or something so it automatically turns back on would be nice on routines.

- Garbage app

Can’t even reset up my devices that I paid for without bending over backwards and getting screwed. Have to hand over location access and Bluetooth control. Essentially forgo all privacy and security rights to this notoriously unscrupulous data selling company that is completely ridiculous. I had my devices set up before but when I changed my WiFi network it completely destroyed my ability to use them and it has been months that I haven’t been able to jump through enough hoops to get them reset up again with takes forever since it is so needlessly hard, frustrating and unsafe. I would never recommend buying into this system since all it takes is a tiny malfunction to break the link and you are back to square one since you can’t just simply update your network settings.

- Perfect, 75% of time. 25% useless and unresponsive.

This app will work perfectly and seamlessly, even across different streaming platforms, for days at a time. And then suddenly, for no reason at all and usually right in the middle of otherwise smooth casting, ERROR MESSAGE. No image, no picture, and no way to tell if it's the router, the Chromecast hardware, the Chromecast app, or some other glitchy flaw that broke the signal. Sometimes my phone cannot detect the device plugged into the television for days, despite having reset the wifi in my house. Sometimes I come home and turn on my television only to realize that the Chromecast has just been streaming without me all day. I'm a big fan of Google, but this app has never been 100% ready for prime time.

- Forgotten Tech and useless.

When it comes to Hugh lights and 3rd party accessory devices Google Home isn’t any better than Apple Homekit. Google does the exact same as Hue customer support and Apple. They all place blame on each other. Apple updates to new version third party’s fail to keep up or just don’t care about innovation. Google Speakers seemed to become useless anymore. Actually all of them are a waste of money because of all issues not working with apps or third party devices. Removing or unlinking devices usually never work properly. When renaming devices, rooms or moving devices to another is aggravating updating information on this app. I discovered most times old devices end up as other not set to a room. Hue’s app isn’t any better at all linking with Google. My advice, really think before spending your money. Will it bring value?

- Solution after updating Chromecast and Home App

Like many recent reviews...I tried countless times to connect my 1st Generation Chromecast after performing a reset and Google Home app update...with no success. There was no troubleshooting solution available and I simply stumbled onto the fix. Before adding a device, be sure to check your WiFi networks. Under the network list on your device there should be a “ChromecastXXXX” network available...when I clicked on this network my device was immediately recognized...It went through a short sync process with my normal WiFi network where I needed to login and re-enter the password...after that...everything was working just fine. Hope this helps!

- Poor connection with new Chromecast device

Ever since I purchased my new Chromecast a week ago, playing with it has been a nightmare. I went through all the set-up when connecting it for the first time, and every time I want to use the device it refuses to connect with this app. I have rebooted my WiFi router numerous times, and the Chromecast still has issues. Can’t blame the WiFi connection— everything else connected to WiFi does not have any issues. I don’t know if it is my Chromecast device or the app, but I do hope Google works some magic soon. I’m ready to take this Chromecast back for a refund.

- Terrible integration

I have many Google products and used to love them all but after a not smooth set up of a Nest Wifi router and now accidentally deleting the Nest Hub Max off my Google Home app because of poor wording and now I can't get it to be added back into a room, instead it's sitting in Local Devices. This app UI makes sense until you try to something, then things don't work the way you think it would and things don't appear where you think they would. For example, you can change some settings on the Nest WiFi and if you want to change more settings it takes you to Google WiFi app, and some settings you just changed on the Home hasn't reflected on the Wifi app so it just gives a generic error on there WiFi app. Who could have possibly used this and thought "yes, this is the best way to do this?"

- Disappointing and stupidly bewildered

Googles favorite phrase is “I don’t understand” followed by “something went wrong, try again later”. As an A.I. or artificial intelligence it appears to have very little of it. While it can tell you a story, if you want any details on anything, rather than recite or read it from a web article it will give you a couple of sentences of basic info then refer you to a link in your Google Home app ( although I’ve never followed up on it’s advice, I just look it up on the internet myself ). These Google pods are extremely expense and LAZY as “assistants” go and it totally fails to get my approval. If all you want is simple weather, who’s who in Hollywood, a bit of history and other lies, then Google is for you! If you want serious no nonsense artificial intelligence look elsewhere. It’s mildly entertaining but it’s not there yet.

- Confusing Setup even for a techie. Can’t cast photos or most games

I’ve spent at least an hour trying to get this system going and it’s terribly confusing, even for a IT tech support person. The first issue was which app to use - I bought Chromecast, but which app should I use? After searching numerous chromcast apps, it looks like I should get Google Home. I can see the app is showing in the Monitor so the physical part is easy, but that’s about it for ease of use. Once that’s setup, it’s unclear how to use the app to do simple things. The first goal was to stream the photos on my iPad for our kid - it turns out this is not possible. Show my browser - also not possible. Then we wanted to mirror the iPad to show his Minecraft app (with iOS) so we could watch him play. Fail. This device and app was not really good for much if you can’t show your screen.

- Serious bug

Under settings, more settings, assistant tab, home control, the assistant remembers old devices that I've since deleted. It says I have multiple devices not in a room. These are old devices that I had to delete from my entire home due to other issues I was having. I factory reset all my devices to try to clear and it didn't work. When I went to setup all my devices again, I notice I now have the same devices in this list. Essentially I show 12 devices instead of 6. The major problem here is that if I change the name of one my devices, the "old" device is still there. This is an issue because Google assistant will sometimes say my device isn't there. It's trying to find the old device and not the new one I set up. If I try to rename the old device it says there was a problem.

- Disappointed —> Now Very Happy! Fixed issue.

“To get help with that, you’ll need to give me some more information, you can do that in the Google Home app”. I did many things to try & get it to work but I kept getting the same prompt. Any time I asked it to do something as simple as “OK Google play some music”, was so annoying! Alexa was easier to setup but turns out that I used my work gmail account and when I changed it to my sons personal gmail account everything worked! All the features works so conveniently, now I plan to setup my google home wireless mesh system as well.

- Convoluted mess

This app is what happens when a bored software engineering intern is given two weeks to “create an app that will give iOS users the middle finger.” I can’t even articulate just how messy the UI on this app is. Even worse is its implementation of the Google services backend; you’ll setup the account using your one and only Gmail address only to be told that “only the owner can make that change” when you try to, say, change the Personal Results setting. Even with that off, your devices will claim that it needs it on to provide you with personal information. Again, I don’t have the time. But thank me for warning you that you will fling your phone in frustration when things just don’t jibe. But this is probably Google’s goal: to be frustrating to iOS users, who are used to apps and hardware that just work.

- Hopefully you read this and do something

Users have been going through a problem since January that causes the google home mini not to connect to the users devices through the wifi. This would be fine if you were still allowed to finish the setup process and connect to wifi later In the settings(Like on an iPhone), But instead I cant set my google home up, making it a useless waste of $25 plus $25 in smart lights and $25 on a chrome cast. I was able to setup all of these devices a week ago, then they magically stopped connecting to the network and i wasn't able to control them from my phone. I tried EVERY troubleshooting step I found online, to no avail. Now im frustrated because theres no use for a bluetooth speaker that cant connect to bluetooth without setting it up first; Which, might I add, should just be possible to do over bluetooth anyway(similar to how the apple watch connects to a smartphone). Until something fixes this, the whole one week experience I've had with googles “smart devices” and home app, has been me wasting hours for nothing.

- Nest & Google Home

I don’t like the fact that you have to go back and forth between Nest & google Home app to control nest products. I didn’t like the fact that you have to have a google account to invite family members to control nest products. I also didn’t like the fact that there is no mid level access for our kids - I want to add my kids as family members but not give them full access to thermostat controls, cameras, being able to add people. I want kids to just have minimal access but still be recognized as family members. I’m just not happy with blending nest with google. I don’t like having 2 apps now that control the same thing. I don’t like the fact that when I login to nest it tells me that I have to download the google Home app.

- Good but could be better...

For the most part Google home app is easy to set up and use however it is missing help in some areas. I have two gmail accounts and my wife has one. I can’t add the s condo or third account and the help offered when I google for this information does not have the corresponding titles in google home as directed on line. Also, I am using an iPad and the google mini syncs with my contacts but not my I added google calendar and it syncs with my Apple Calendar... no problem, even with multiple accounts and sharing some of our calendars with my wife. Google home will not or cannot sync with our calendars. Otherwise it’s good and does most things as advertised.

- Slooooow app

updating a year later - still pretty much the same. Haven’t switched back to Alexa mainly because I just don’t want to invest any more $$ in these clunky devices. This google home app is still inconsistent and frequently frustrating. You might try Alexa instead. from 2018: I have 1 google home and 6 google assistants on various floors of a townhouse. All on a 5Ghz WiFi channel. Each functions fine with voice commands. But if I want to lower or raise volume on another floor using the Google Home app, the app takes at least 1-2 mins to connect, if it ever does. Even if I’ve just managed to make it work 5 mins earlier. Getting frustrated with this. Might go back to Alexa. Though Alexa can’t seem to understand accented English even with “training.” So there’s that.

- Set up Nest WiFi with iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now WiFi won’t work on my IPhone

I was pumped to get the Nest WiFi and set it up. I did the three pack and set it up using the Google Home App on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It was great for the first month. Signal strength is awesome throughout my three story home and I could get a signal throughout my cul de sac. Impressive. Very happy with the performance of the WiFi on all of my 15 devices except my iPhone. I cannot access the WiFi and the google home app crashed and will not work on my phone. I am old school and like to be able to call and speak with a rep but that is just not an option during this time. So. WiFi great except on my iPhone. Undecided on the Google Home App so I have 3 stars.

- Works great with one exception

I needed the mesh to get stable internet across the street in my shop where my wif & I work remote for now. I have one in the den one in my bedroom one on the front porch then one in the shop. My internet connection across the street is much better than before. Only draw back is I had to use my old router TP link to plug the initial feed from the wall to in order to get my home security cameras to function. This is only because the extra RJ plu in on the nest will not send internet hard wired to my security cameras. That seems like a big deal that should not be.

- Families can’t invite family members if they are using gSuite.

You would think those with paid google accounts would be able to use all the features of those without paid google accounts. Nope. Just like assistant can’t check gSuite calendars, home won’t allow gSuite accounts to invite others to their family. Worse, google is killing off the nest app, effectively breaking functionality for nest users that have gSuite accounts and want to use the home app. It’s the worst. Also, related, the home device with the screen forces a news feed to the forefront. Sometimes you just don’t want Donald Trump news on 24/7 on you “home device.” Nest and Home are being combined prematurely, and the home app and visual interfaces on the home devices are nothing short of barely customizable, half-working, ad machines.

- Failure - Bad for Kids

We were very excited to plug this and start asking Google questions. My young kids were so excited. Once the app loaded up, my daughter asked it to tell us a joke. That was good. Her second request was “Ok Google, play the banana song.” The device said that it did not have access to music, and proceeded to start playing a rap song with the f-word and other language that is completely inappropriate for young children. I quickly unplugged the device. I am trying to find the parental controls on the app via my mobile phone, but there don’t appear to be any. So there’s no way I can allow my daughter to ask simple, innocent requests of a device that indiscriminately plays inappropriate content loaded with the f-bomb. Google Home needs to have better controls for homes with children.

- Google home terrific

I have the Google home device for over five years. Correction for three years. It is not at the highest level device and not the lowest one that looks like a hockey puck but it is an excellent device. You have to learn how to raise your questions. If it cannot find information you desire it is probably because you are asking the question in a complicated or confusing but Google home device is invaluable to me. My vision is poor and it leaves me all kinds of information from Wikipedia article from encyclopedia’s and it is very helpful to me

- Where is GROUP CALLS ON DUO for Nest Hub Max!?

When is this update coming?! After dropping a few hundred dollars on my new device I was very shocked to see that the "desktop" version of this app does not support group video call, nor does it state anywhere in/on the box or instructions that this functionality is not included. Considering duo for mobile was launched well before google home why wouldn’t be?! How does it make sense to limit this functionality to a small screen that requires you to hold it? My whole family feels a bit hoodwinked and very disappointed as we all purchased these to stay better connected while being scattered across the country. If I wanted to simply ask for the time or to hear a joke I can just ask Alexa.

- Horrible load times

Horrible load time to bring up first screen on the app and the app doesn’t let you control your chrome cast like pausing things. It can only be done from the app you start casting from. It also constantly does not show the chrome cast device as on option to edit setting like the background. This app is only good for deployment of chrome cast nothing else. I have an iPhone X so it’s not my phone being too old and I am on Fios speed internet that I game on constantly with no problems. I know this isn’t a review on the chrome cast itself but it needs the option to change tv volume from this app and change input on tv. Chrome cast can change the input when you start casting but it doesn’t allow you to change it back to what you had on before.

- Terrible UI and Clunky

Trying this app for the first time. At first a was a little excited to be able use my best products and also a few other home automation technologies together in one place. I was wrong. The older Nest app was 100% better and more intuitive UI and also have nice features where you could at least see all the nest cameras on the screen at once. Google’s app you have to click on each camera to see it and also seems to respond much slower. Also I notice my best protect smoke alarms don’t work in the new google app either. Typical of google they push new software but don’t improve on the experience and seems to make it more clunky to use

- Bring back the old shopping list

I have been using this app for a while with my google device and have enjoyed connecting it to my lights, and using it for calls. Up to this point I was even satisfied with the shopping list. I enjoyed the fact that I could easily write up a grocery list, and it did not even bother me that I could not figure out how to get goggle to add to the list by voice. Now the feature I used the most at home and while traveling is gone. I need to old shopping list back. Please bring it back. I do not wanna add another app to my already full device. At least make the old shopping list an option instead of removing it altogether.

- Hard to set up and navigate

We have a google home and three google minis, hard to connect all to play same music. Added google assistant and cannot figure how to delete a tv from the system once we put it on. Still shows up. Also, frustrating when asking google assistant to stop playing or shut down it takes multiple requests...very frustrating. Trying to send review is also frustrating, continues to say “name is already taken” and I very much doubt they are. Have tried 10-15 different ones.

- The most frustrated I’ve been with an app

I have this battle every time I dare try to listen to what I’m listening to on my phone on a google home. I fight with it when I try to set up a device. Why won’t it cast?! I want to pop on a movie for my son to surprise him and I can’t. I can broadcast my voice but can’t control any devices. We have two WiFi networks so I switch to the other one to see if that’s the problem. The app won’t tell me what network it’s using, We have had to disconnect and restart the whole google home thing so many times I figured let’s try this: I had it forget all WiFi networks. It says it doesn’t have any saved. Excuse me? I wanted to have smart lights and the whole shebang but it doesn’t seem worth it if I can’t cast a video to our chrome cast of go from listening on my phone to google home. I like the devices but the interface is ridiculous and combining it with nest officially caused us to have to reset everything AGAIN and it’s made it worse. I get that selling new things is how they make their money but I shouldn’t have to get the hub to make this work and it still wouldn’t solve the issue with my phone controlling it.

- Unintuitive setup, great once it gets going

As a Chromecast owner, I am glad the Chromecast app was merged into an app I would open more than once ever. It actually looks useful now! On the other hand, the app wanted to discover a mystery device via Bluetooth in order to begin using the app. It didn’t find it since I only own an older Chromecast, but then I had to guess in the options if I chose the right prompt to start the Chromecast setup wizard. Very confusing. This app also is not very clear from the title/description that it is the new official Chromecast app. Seemed more like the equivalent app for Google Home devices only. I love that I can manage all the Google devices, but geez, make it more obvious!

- Won’t let me change location

I keep getting weather reports from place I’m no were near and yes I’ve gone on setting and changed my location. Not to mention it only answers useless questions Alexa is WAYYYY better don’t even bother with this trash! Owe and this garbage doesn’t even come with the “Hub/Bridge” to connect to smart devices. can you say sold separately. This device is worthless everything it does can be done with a basic phone and the only part that would make it worthy is sold separately... waste of money and time/effort.

- Why such a terrible user interface?

There is way too much wasted real estate on this app. Always have to scroll up, scroll down, click, click, click... This is very frustrating. If I want to turn on an individual light of the living room I have to click long on the living room, then wait for a full screen dimmer to load and then click again to get access to my individual lights and finally (!!!) I can control individual lights. Would be difficult to find a more convoluted way of of designing this. You need to streamline the workflow. On an ipad there is 0 reason why we can’t have access to all lights from the home screen. 10 inch screen! Come on! Please make it easy for you, for us.

- This is the best you could come up with?

It blows my mind that this is the functionality and UI/UX that one of the largest companies in the world went live with. The app is not intuitive in the slightest and the UI so so so bad. Settings are a challenge to find as you must dive DEEP into menus a to find basic functions. I get email updates about new Home features and what not but in the year I’ve I’ve been using Google Home, it’s been completely devoid of meaningful updates. As companies race to be the platform within our homes, I would have assumed the updates would be fast and furious. Overall, it’s still barely useful...mainly for simple things like setting timers. As a whole, I find Google Home to be very very underwhelming.

- Not happy

How’s it can say is I can’t help you I don’t know this would be really nice if it wanted to help you and it wanted to learn but his answers are very frustrating in the negative and it ruins my morning half the time when I wake up I like to listen to binaural beat It don’t even know what it is I have to spell it for it I’m really close to taking it back I’m not happy at all with it took me a week to get it to link to Google play and I had to sign up after I already am in Apple Music subscriber in it refused to play anything from my Apple Music very disappointed and it was a gift I also hate the way when I’m connected by Bluetooth I can hear every single note for every letter or number I typed that is so annoying

- Not happy after switching to google home

I was forced to migrate my account over to google home from my Nest account and I truly regret it. When I purchased the new google nest thermostat I couldn’t add it to my nest account that was the first big surprise. They force you to set it up with Google home, I said ok, let me see how it works. It was a pain to add their own device to the app. No control over the WiFi can’t really choose and it would not connect only after several attempts. Finally you get it running the app crashes and I noticed that it controls the fully working other thermostats randomly. All my smart features are turned off now and still I notice that the temp is being turned up even without opening the app. Thanks! The Skynet became self aware.

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my dad got a google home thingy for christmas and now all he does is yell "hey google" at it


Yes, & I highly recommend Phillips Hue lights (or any other brand of smart bulbs) - you can adjust the brightness and hue of your lightbulbs. Fully customisable and you can have different settings for different rooms in the house. Can also be controlled by Google home/Siri/Alexa

Google Nest

@Kaizad_Gandhi Hi there, thanks for reaching out! While we don't sell or replace Google Home power cable and adapter, you could try looking for any third-party power cable. Check the specifications here:

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@GoogleIndia Any possibility where I can BUY 16.5V 2A Google Smart Speaker Model: W16-033N1A Power Adapter.I bought my google home smart device from the Google store HQ at silicon valley. Due to a power snap the technician on call had mentioned to change the adapter. Kindly help.

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The @FBI has a suspect in the Christmas Day explosion in Nashville; an attack they believe was the work of a suicide bomber. Dozens of officers raided the home of a local man across the day, a breakthrough that came after a discovery on Google Maps. #7NEWS

Dylan Kelly

After I switch to Alexa from google, I decided to sell my google home mini because is 2 years old already. I can’t sell it and I’m keeping my google home mini because I change my mind. Alexa and Google are Best of Friends! #Alexa #GoogleHome #EchoDot #HomeMini

Bill Wrinkle

Spooky to actually see the camper that exploded at the home of the "person of interest" on Google Streetview.

Jamie Allison

Anthony Quinn Warner: Antioch, Tennessee man’s home searched in Nashville explosion; what we know

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Google Home iphone images
Google Home iphone images
Google Home iphone images
Google Home iphone images
Google Home iphone images

Google Home (Version 2.32.111) Install & Download

The applications Google Home was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-08-27 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 247 MB. Google Home - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-12-05 current version is 2.32.111 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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