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What is lg thinq app? The following access permissions are necessary for the ThinQ app.
All the access permissions requested are optional access permission, so even if you do not allow them, you can still use the app except for the related services. (Including OS Request Permissions such as "Siri & Search", "Notification", "Background App Refresh", and "Cellular Data")

[Optional Access Permissions]
• Location
- To find and connect to nearby Wi-Fi when registering the product.
- To set and save the home location in Manage Home
- To search for and use information about current locations, such as weather.
- To check your current location in the "Routines" function.

• Camera
- To take a profile picture
- To share a home or account scanned from a QR code.
- To take and attach photos in "1:1 Inquiry."
- To record and store purchase receipts when registering additional information about the product.

• Photo, Media, File
- To use the smartphone's storage when downloading the information of the product to be connected
- To take and attach photos in "1:1 Inquiry."
- To record and store purchase receipts when registering additional information about the product.

• Microphone
- To check product status via Smart Diagnosis

• Local Network
- To obtain the device connecting Wi-Fi info when adding devices

• Bluetooth
- To find and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices when adding a product to the app.

• HomeKit
- To add IoT-based products

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Find this site the customer service details of LG ThinQ. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/993504342/lg-thinq/contact

LG ThinQ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

LG ThinQ Version 4.1.3311103 January 2023

Bug fixes and performance improvements made..

LG ThinQ Version 4.1.2911008 November 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements made..

LG ThinQ Comments & Reviews 2023

- We need an app worthy of OLED

Revised review - I can now turn my 2020 CX OLED TV ON!! Thank you. Remove advertising and speed up app launch and maybe 5 stars... Let me start with my biggest gripes about this app which I have used for 10 months. 1. Time to launch - FIRST you go to the LG splash screen where you then choose the ThinQ App, then wait for it to launch and tell you your television is disconnected from the WiFi network, or you are not connected to the same network. Time elapsed: 10-12 seconds on an iPhone 11. Typical launch time on my other audio-visual apps (TIDAL, YAMAHA, SoundHound, etc.), 1-2 seconds. 2. Either the TV (2020 CX OLED) has no network wake function (can you imagine on a $2K TV?), or the programmers haven't thought that people would like to use their apps to TURN THEIR TELEVISIONS ON. I would like to use the app to turn my television ON! 3. LG thinks that they can use this app as a marketing tool, so in addition to the long launch time, every now and then they splash some sales information up before you can use the app. The app is functional to do almost everything I need it to do other than what I have noted above.

- Not a Smart app for laundry appliances

Went with an LG washer & dryer in part because they were supposed to be Smart appliances, with this Smart app that lets you control the appliances remotely. Not smart at all, really nothing more than a monitoring app. You still have to manually push the power button on the units, because you can’t turn them on with the app, and the power turns off almost immediately when a cycle ends. While standing there anyway I cannot imagine what point there would be in using the app instead of just pushing a couple buttons. Even as a monitoring app it’s buggy- washer time is frequently off by as much as 10 minutes- I’ve gone down there because it said there was only a minute or two left, to find out there’s 10 minutes or more. Dryer frequently sends a “dryer has been stopped due to a problem” notification when the cycle is complete. I picked this set in part because I expected to be able to set up a wash load, and start it remotely so it’s freshly done when I get home or get up in the morning, and to be able to fluff clothes left in the dryer without having to go down two flights of stairs to push a couple buttons, then back up for 10 minutes, and back down again. Not sure what the logic is behind this limitation, if they’re Smart appliances they should know not to start if there is a problem, just like my car. I will say that I really like the washer and dryer, but they should not be advertised as being able to be controlled remotely.

- Don’t buy LG and expect support!!!

If only zero star was possible they would get it. Bought their 4K 50 inch TV because it states it is HomeKit compatible. HomeKit and their ThinQ app only work when the TV is on, you can’t turn the TV on from either once it’s off. I’ve emailed their tech support and got generic response that was no help. Spent 70 minutes on the phone with tech support and they had never heard of HomeKit, needless to say she couldn’t resolve the problem but said a supervisor would call back. Guess what, they never called. Called them back after 5 days and spoke to 3 different reps who had no idea how HomeKit works and couldn’t resolve the issues after 1 1/2 hours on the phone . She then said I will transfer you to higher up tech but actually transferred me to Apples tech support. Do yourself a favor, LG does not support their sales so pass them by and buy something else. Life is not good at LG Response to LG’s response- Well yes this does seem like an issue for your customer service team. That’s exactly why I’ve called them twice, spent almost three hours on the phone with them and spoke with four different representatives none of which could resolve the issue for the ThinQ app or had any knowledge whatsoever of HomeKit that doesn’t function. I gues you didn’t fully read or understand my first post. Surely there is a more advanced tech team that actually has a clue how your system works, maybe consider having them contact me

- Just got lg I touch fridge with ThinQ

This particular model line is very nice seems to work well very pleased hopefully will continue to work well. It has two ice making one in the front one inside the freezer and refrigerator side has a touch window which you can see inside. Touch window you can knock twice turns the light on inside not twice turns it off. The kids use it and look inside before they open it really works it’s a very nice feature. We had read some reviews where people were complaining about the shelves and the touch glass. The shelves are made really well there’s no issues with the door shelves that we see. The touch window works we like it. The Wi-Fi is really nice it gives us a lot of features on the app. The LG app works nice connected all the appliances I wish there was a few more options on the refrigerator app maybe it’s there and we haven’t seen it yet but we’d like to know the temperature of the fridge and freezer when looking on the app. Overall we’d like to thank LG we don’t make the appliances and we’re glad somebody makes some good products for the homeowner Deezer premium line will consider their upper line refrigerators The touch window ones.

- Oven DOES NOT need cleaning!

Finally, when I went to App Settings, Product Notifications I got more than just a blank screen. I was able to set the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned to Every Month. I did a total reinstall a few weeks ago but still got the blank screen. However, it worked this morning. Getting notifications like Oven is Pre-heated is very useful. Old Bad Review I was awoken this morning at 4:30 AM by a ThinQ notification that my oven needs cleaning! I cleaned the oven last week and I’m still getting notifications. I’m very happy with my LG induction range. I like getting notifications for the timer and the oven pre -heating, etc , but LG, please fix this app. I got another spurious early morning notification again that the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned today. LG support previously responded by telling me to turn off the oven notifications. However, you can only tell off ALL notificationsI. I responded to them with why don’t you just fix the bug? FINAL REVIEW After reinstalling the app, I was finally able to access the settings and change the notification that the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned message from weekly to monthly. LG should just remove this or let it be turned off completely. When I open the oven door I can clearly see if it needs to be cleaned. On a positive note, I really like my induction range.

- Greedy for info

This app is limited in its use for the appliances and is greedy to mine information from your device. This app doesn’t really control your appliances, but its main use is to notify you when a cycle is done. It’s not worth it for the trade off of why I think this app was really created for. It’s more efficient in getting your private information. It does more of that than actually giving you remote control over your appliances. If you’re using your mobile phone, this app will mine your contact information, your device information, your internet active, your personal data (such as first name, last name, date of birth, etc….), etc…. Much of this data this app mines is irrelevant to the operation of your appliances it’s set to manage. After agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy consent, this app will have the right to pilfer through your personal information. Think twice about who you want to have your data and internet activity. Think about who they are selling it to. Why else would this app or company needs such data? Update: developer sends a response that they use this data for user verification. They don’t need my contacts in my phone for this. Everyone, review the user agreement. They are data mining us. It’s in the agreement. They don’t need this access to our phones or data to use an appliance or app like this. They are selling your information.

- LG Thinq for Mini Split AC

Dismal. 1% of use requires reboot of mini-split (power off AT ELECTRICAL PANEL, EG circuit breakers) to restore wifi connection. App hangs and must be cleared and restarted appropriately for 10% of use. For about 5% of use app hangs requiring a power off reboot of iPhone itself. When it does stay up and connect feature set is notably less than the wireless remote. EG you cannot turn off the light on the AC head — a requirement for bedroom use. Quite apparent nobody in IT at LG actually owns and uses the product using the app. Let us hope these guys don’t make avionics. I gave the app 1 star because it downloads and starts up. And now, there is more! LG just announced its privacy “Policy”. It’s not a policy it’s a requirement. There is no way to opt out of any of the things LG says they will do, which is to link everything they can find about you, presumably by invading your actual privacy anywhere and everywhere on the web, track you wherever you go and do anything they want with the data they find on you anywhere. AND, and, there is no way whatsoever to opt out of any of this appalling nonsense. I pray the European Union gets their teeth into these fellows and tears them up. I am planning to take this app off my iPhone and use only the unsinkable, unhackable, unabusable 100% private, infrared remote. I have lowered my rating to minus 10 stars. Draconian, Medieval, hysterically unbelievably insane “privacy” policy from LG IT.

- LG ThinQ app is a lifesaver.

It seems that even though I am working at home, I am busier than I was when I was in school teaching. I use the ThinQ app even more. I can remotely run a load in the washer or dryer and get reminders when the cycle is complete. I particularly love the choices to download into the machine from the app. I just wish there were a few more options say for workout clothes as they are made of special fabrics. I am wearing my fitness outfits more all day now that I am stuck at home. They never seem to dry on delicate but I am afraid to ruin the stretch and moisture wicking fabric in a regular cycle and there isn’t such a cycle in downloads. Since this initial review, I have had lots of trouble with the app connecting to the washer and dryer. I can never remote start from the appliances and when I choose an already downloaded cycle, the app tells me that I have to use the washer to turn it on. I never know if I am actually using the downloaded cycle until it starts to animate on the phone. Then the remote light will light up on the washer. I have asked for help through the app or called repeatedly over the past year but no response.

- Don’t get this

This is a little long, but it is a full description of chaos. We just bought a new LG fridge, so I naturally loaded their Wi-Fi app. It seemed a little clunky to get going, but then evened out. I was a little concerned that they had their own network name, but it reverted to our home Wi-Fi when finished. That’s when the fun started, though. I started noticing my phone was acting differently, and finally, I couldn’t open apps that I’ve used for years. I kept getting a “Slow Connection” message in the app. I finally came to the realization that the last thing changed on the phone was installing the LG app, so I deleted it, but still had the same problems. In an Apple support site (accessed through my iPad where I hadn’t run the LG app) I was told to do a few things, one of which was to do a network reset. That started up, but froze with the Apple logo and a progress bar showing. I couldn’t even do a power down. After a trip to the nearest Apple store, where the staff graciously got me in w/o an appointment, we finally got to my latest iCloud backup, and was able to restore my phone to working order. All this, from just trying to use an app. THIS IS A BAD ONE - DON’T USE IT!!!!! I just feel fortunate that I’m close enough to an Apple store to go get the help I needed. I’ve been using Apple equipment for over 7 years, and have never before needed to restore one from backup, but I’m sure glad I had it on.

- It’s ok

They have a long way to go. They need to seamlessly provide instructions to just connect wifi and register the product through the app. I now have like three registrations for the exact same product because nothing is networked together within LG. They must have forgotten how to do that. If I register the product on the website, then I obviously don’t need to register it via the app. They just don’t link their own websites and applications together. Why show the cooktop when we can’t ever control that? And why provide remote control to a range in the first place? That just seems very dangerous and a potentially huge safety violation from the NFPA. You should have focused more on setting the clock automatically with the wifi internet connection above everything else. Hopefully with some smart firmware updates, it’s not too late to achieve that obvious advantage with a wifi connection. The clock should never blink when the power goes out and is restored, we have smart meters to tell us when the power goes out, I don’t need the annoying flashing clock on the range to remind me. Other than that, everything seems to be functional, but they still could certainly improve the applications performance and automation.

- Can’t live without it!

Was trying to buy a white washer/dryer combo, but could only find the new dark steel with smart technology. Sorry LG but hate the color—we call it Darth Vader. Good news! LOVE the smart technology! It lets you know when your laundry is done! It lets you know where you are in the cycle and how much time is left! It lets you know when it’s time to run the clean cycle! You can call a LG tech and hold your phone up and the tech can diagnose your problem and decide if you need a service call or not. And the guy that comes is knowledgeable, polite, on time, and stays until problem is resolved. I’ve had the combo in white at our previous home and had to leave it when we moved. We had a stackable washer dryer and I missed my combo so much I had to buy Darth. Actually I’ve had a LG combo for 4 years and never had a problem!! It dries great!( I read and follow the directions.) Their service tech said the problem was farther down the drain and he was right. We had the drain unclogged and good to go. BTW I do laundry every day 1-3 loads . The LG combos are workhorses and the smart technology is like getting both frosting and whipped cream on your cake!

- Refrigerator Diagnostic Feature Is Worthless

The ThinQ app is easy to use and intuitive, however, the refrigerator diagnostic feature is laughable and worthless. I am not bashing LG; I am basing my review on actual facts as recently experienced with it. The issue: Our 3 year old, expensive double door LG refrigerator and freezer suddenly stopped cooling. The refrigerator’s display panel did not show any problems with the appliance even though it was not cooling and there was no sound coming from the compressor or the fan. After trying the troubleshooting steps as listed in the owner’s manual, I decided to try the app’s refrigerator diagnostic feature. Well, the list of components supposedly diagnosed by the app showed that the unit was “working normally”even though it wasn’t cooling or even running. I tried it a few times and got the same worthless results. My point is, the feature is nothing more than a worthless fluke that LG apparently includes in the app for whatever reason. My opinion is that I believe LG has to know that the feature doesn’t serve any purpose for diagnosing refrigerator problems. Therefore, I highly recommend that LG immediately remove the refrigerator diagnostic feature from the app.

- Hard to connect but when it did…

It was like having a repair man right in the palm of your hands! Our LG refrigerator recently took a beating. My family and I were evacuated for 10 days due to the Oak fire here in Mariposa. 10 days without electricity and a fire almost engulfing your home. Just imagine what that does to a refrigerator full of food! I know all my neighbors and extended neighbors (who we just haven’t met yet!) know what I’m referring to! The smell and the mess! Our refrigerator has not been the same since! Never in the 4 yrs since buying it brand new, have we had any problems with it. But now? It currently just decided to warm itself! And no, it wasn’t in defrost mode! So I finally decided to give it one last try to download the ThinQ app and try and connect. After 5 hours (no joke! We have wonderful Wi-Fi up here in the mountains 🙄)I was finally able to connect and run the Smart Diagnostics! My only complaint is having to hit the Wi-Fi button on the display screen of the fridge a gazillion times! Other than that, 5 stars across the board!

- Decent App, until today

Overall, this app has some deficiencies which could be improved, and until today, I would have rated it 3 stars - specifically, it would be nice if it cached information about my appliances (such and number of loads remaining until tub clean is required, etc.) to avoid having to access the cloud (slowly) to decide if or when I need to run tub clean. Similarly, stats about my washer and dryer usage are clunky to access and the display of the information seems straight out of the 1980 or 1990s. However today, I am unable to access any information about the washer when I press on it. For the dryer, I am able to. For the washer, it shows when it is on (standby) or off, but if I press on the washer the screen goes blank and then returns back to the main screen that displays all my devices. I hope this is a temporary bug, but I am unable to check any information on my washer at the moment. No error message is displayed. And I did try killing the app to clear it just in case. Update: washer info starter working again.

- They track and store all you personal information!

Read the new privacy policy before accepting it. It is really intrusive, they collect and share your identification, password and NETWORK ACTIVITY! I am deleting this app ASAP. So I just received a response from LG telling me how they take my privacy very seriously and would I like to update my review. Well here is my update: Clearly, LG does not take my privacy as seriously as I do since their privacy agreement that YOU MUST AGREE TO states that they can use ANY of you personal information including your name, address, email, password, network activity etc. and share it with others. Again, before agreeing to use the app make sure you read the agreement and are OK with them distributing your information as described in the agreement. I think you will be surprised at how intrusive it is. Update: Yes they are still tracking everything you do, everything you search for, every website you visit. the canned developer response is that they take your privacy seriously and they need the data to deliver a good customer experience ( or something like that). why do they need to track my search history or the sites i visit for that?! Do not install this app unless you want to lose your internet privacy completely!

- Works ok with smart oven

I have this for an oven and it’s ok just not really necessary. In theory you can preheat your oven remotely but you must first have the remote knob turned on your stove before you can use it, so you have to prepare ahead of time or I guess always leave your oven set to remote start. It can notify you when the oven is preheated but if I’m on VPN I don’t get notifications and can not connect which is kind of unfortunate. It also sent me an alert saying my oven needed to be cleaned, although it’s pretty much spotless, I’m guessing it just is a time response. Has a diagnostic feature which I’m not sure what it does because it runs really quick. Needs to offer options to fine tune the oven and update settings instead of doing them at the oven. Like adjust temp, turning off convection adjustment, updating clock.... This isn’t an app issue but one with LG, LG needs to release a firmware update to let you change how quickly the time button increases time. If you hold down briefly when adding time it does it in 10 minute increments.

- Are LG WiFi enabled products worth the hassles-No

We have now owned our LG washer/ dryer nearly a year and have struggled to overcome issues with the app and the ThinQ product. Unless your are a network technician I would suggest you move on to a more rugged and thoroughly test WiFi enabled product line. Issues like trying to get your washer and dryer to recognize your home network and stay connected plague us to this day. The app focuses more on trying to sell you consumable products like detergent etc then enabling you full control over your washer and dryer. On the latest iteration of the app they removed the ability to delete WiFi notifications of washer or dryer completed. If you think you can get help from LG customer service then think again. The overseas representatives have a worksheet process that they step through and if your issue is more complicated than they can resolve you may as well go consult your local clergy for a blessing on your machines in the hope of getting them to work. Would we buy a LG product again. O, we would not. We have scratched our plan to replace the fridge, oven, dishwasher and microwave with LG and decided to select a well known competitor to upgrade our kitchen. Sorry LG, you have lost me as a customer for all my future purchases.

- Sleep mode with no timer for window dual inverter AC

Would like to make a special request from the developers for future update I recently bought this dual inverter AC Which I think is wonderful it eliminates the need to install a mini split 100% there is a feature called sleep mode which has a timer i found it super useful for super silent operation and energy efficiency however Many people like me have had the need and i've heard They would like it to have an option for no timer at all like a permanent sleep mode option or we could call it "UltraQuiet Mode" where the ac adjust fan speed compressor, according to cooling need to the point where it runs silent 40-44 db 24/7 i like to run my ac 24/7 because it saves energy keeping the house cooled while also not being intrusive and when the timer ends i need to re adjust temp and re enable sleep mode, PLEASE add a ultra quiet option or no timer for sleep mode pleaaaaseee and thank you!!! btw i love my dual inverter❤️❤️

- Bad

Loads between screens slowly. Says products are connected that aren’t. Difficult to understand at parts which is worsened by the fact it hardly works. Leaving you to figure out which piece of the broken app is not working correctly. It sends me notifications for my dryer and told me when my dryer is done drying and it’s current status and “dry type” although whenever i click on the icon for my dryer it says “product not connected to WiFi network connect product and try again” and it automatically backs me out of the screen, although it’s still remotely telling me information only possible through WiFi. It shows WiFi as connected on device. I’ve deleted and retried. The first time i attempted to connect app and dryer it got stuck in network connection period for 10-15 minutes, I restarted the app and it went mote smoothly although I still am unable to remotely control my dryer. I downloaded this app because my dryer does not fully dry blankets anyways, and constantly stops early because of an inaccurate sensor reading And I’m tired of getting up and restarting it jus to prevent having a damp blanket. My dryer is only a little over a year old.

- Love it!

The only reason I gave it a 4 was because it had a lot of glitches to set it up, but now that we figured it out it’s awesome! My mom and I are on separate schedules, but in the past we would regularly bring our laundry in only to find it used. Then wait, wonder if it was done, go in, see it wasn’t, then go back. Then see it was free, but the other person wasn’t completely finished, etc., etc. Which I mean, that wasn’t awful. I have a lot of friends in other countries that do their whole family’s laundry every day by hand. Now with us being on the same account though, it has been soooo much smoother. As of right now, I checked to see if her laundry was still going and I seen that both things have been off for about an hour. So now I know they’re free. Much, much simpler! And I’ll get my notification in town that she is using the washer and I know that she should be done with it by the time I get home. Awesome invention. Thanks so much and now I’m going to go wash a comforter. ☺️

- App WAS good. Update is not intuitive or functional

We bought a WiFi enabled LG range in March 2020 and I installed the app on my phone. Worked great, intuitive, no problem (and I love the stove itself.) It’s nice to get a notification, if you’re in another part of the house or outside, that the oven is preheated or the timer is done. Now in late October 2020 I’m forced to download the app update. Now I’m trying to clear the notification history, because at least with the previous app version, the range stops sending notifications at some point unless you clear notifications. With the previous app, the procedure for clearing notifications was intuitive. But with the new version, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. Sure, I can create “rooms” for my many LG appliances (just kidding, I only have one). Never mind that a simple list of appliances would serve the same purpose. But a basic task like clearing notification history? Nope!

- Intrusive spyware, loss of legal rights if used

Although I really like my LG appliances, this app will not be used with them. The washer I bought is WiFi connected, and the app offers some convenient features - BUT- when I read through the Terms, my hair stood on end. Whoever monitors this app can look into ANY TIME you use it at any hour of the day without your knowledge or permission , among other things. And, by just signing up for an account YOU WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO MEANINGFUL OR “DISINTERESTED PARTY”ARBITRATION if there is a problem. Your legal safeguards are signed away, gone. To say that the Terms are “one-sided” is a gross understatement. Don’t believe me? Read them for yourself. App was deleted before an account was even opened. Update: I got a sort of a response from the developer. However, I have to say I’m “doubtful” about their commitment to security inasmuch as the information they gather is not encrypted, and also they did not mention the fact that you give up rights to meaningful arbitration by simply signing up to use the app. I stand by my assertions regarding the app, and advise extreme caution regarding its use. READ THE TERMS CAREFULLY. It’s convenient, sure, but it is spyware.

- Nice feature with one problem

It is nice to have other load options to download to the washer for more of exactly what the type of wash is. It also cool to be able to go do anything around the house or the lawn work outside and have a notification sent to my cell phone that the load is finished. I don’t have to keep an eye on the time or be around to be able to hear the tone of the washer being finished. This all is the same for the dryer as well. The only thing I can’t figure out is why I can’t do a remote start of the units. It really isn’t an issue since it takes a person to load the clothes and put the needed detergent in so I’m right there to turn the unit on. But why even show at the bottom of the app “Remote start off”? If I can’t even turn that feature on no reason for this. With two weeks of use now though I’m very happy with my purchase of the LG ThinQ washer and dryer!!!

- Nobody can give assistance

I have used this app for a couple of years. It was painful to set up initially, and glitches seem to be common. It only provides partial control for mini splits, but it was better than nothing. I could use the app remotely, which I appreciated. Today, I started the app to control my mini splits remotely, and nothing was there. There must’ve been an update that broke access to my account. I have no login information, and never remember logging in to begin with. But it’s been two years. I decided to start all over and set up a new home LG account using the app. When I go to register a device it says it already exists on my original Home account and a request is sent to allow me to approve access all of the devices under the new account. I have no idea where that request is sent, but I never get it and can therefore not access anything anymore. After four hours being transferred around through LG’s appliance centers, I still have no way to remedy this. There is no LG thinQ technical support! There is no link to assistance through the App Store either. What a PITA!

- GPS Location Tracking Forced

As is obvious with the recurring reviews mentioning the same thing, this app is forcing you to show your gps location or it will not let you use it. The developer response claims they need GPS for wifi connections. That is FALSE. I have plenty of other wifi connected devices that did not require my GPS location to connect via WiFi. I am extremely disappointed in LG for taking this approach to poach information from their customer base. Never force people into anything or you will have the opposite effect. Please don’t waste your time giving me a generic “required to provide a streamlined customer experience”, that is so bogus it only hurts your image further. Response to Developer Response: look, you obviously are not the developer and are going off a generic script for your responses. Tell the management and real developers we don’t want to be force tracked, doesn’t matter how seriously you take my privacy, it’s my privacy. Don’t hold the app functions hostage, and by extension the functions of the appliances I fully paid for. How shameless on LG’s part.

- One issue with Setup on our Fridge

I had one small issue with setup on our new Fridge; when our downloaded the app and followed the instructions, everything was going great at first. I was able to connect to the Fridge’s WiFi link, and when it asked for it’s password, I entered to one the app told me to enter, and the Fridge kept rejecting it, saying it was the incorrect password for my Fridge. I tried numerous times with this password after resetting my phone, the app, and my network, and each time, I kept getting the same error, so I contacted these the manufacturer and was told the password for my Fridge was totally different than the one the app was saying, so I started the setup again, with the new password this time, and it was accepted first try. I was then asked to connect the Fridge to my Home Network, which was no issue, and then the Fridge went through all of it’s updates and other connections, and I was good-to-go.

- Great Application, Great Features

Give the company some credit. They programmed their supplies to work with our smartphones. The application might have some minor glitches, but it works great otherwise. The setup process was super simple. Just hold a button and do some tapping and swiping on your phone. So far, it’s working great. I have one complaint, though. I was brought to some warranty verification screen when setting up the pair of machines and then got to: Internet Connection Error. I tapped cancel and couldn’t get back to that screen. Possibly that happened automatically? Anyways, the rest is working great. I just got a notification that my washer is done, I’m gonna go unload that. Have a great day and trust me when I say this app is great. Bonus Feature: This application can sync with the Google Home app once you set up your appliance(s). ;)

- It works but very limited functionality

Nice to use the app to power on and off my LG air conditioner remotely and adjust the temperature and schedule an on and off time. Would be nice to be able to schedule it to cool to different temperatures on multiple scheduled time periods throughout the day and different ones also on different days to schedule it to cool down during different expected weather temperatures on it's own automatically. Also would be nice if their was a widget for iphones to be able to easily and quickly turn it off and on from a widget instead of having to open the app, clicking on the device, then waiting for it to load everytime. Also would be nice to be able to have the option to get notifications when device is turned off or on manually by other house member when not home for whatever reason you don't want the device being turned on when you are not home.

- Liked it better before

I value this app way more than I thought I would. I love being able to monitor and control my washer and drier remotely. The monthly or other use based cleaning reminders are valuable, and being alerted when there is an actual problem is a good thing. However, it was much more pleasant when it simply told me a load was finished. Now it’s always telling me about venting my drier, cleaning my lint trap, how moldy my clothes are going to get if I leave them in the washer. It’s not wrong - it’s fine advice. Only I don’t want it. I went from feeling happy when I got a notification to feeling kind of miserable about the work and things that could go wrong. I wish there was an option to go back to the simple alerts and only be told about cleaning when it needs to happen or problems when there actually are some.

- Useless

This app is absolute crap. Will not connect to the weak Wi-Fi network from my washer. Has nothing to do with my iPhone. Everything is up-to-date and the phone itself is new. Once again a company that should stick to making appliances and not apps. Sadly this was a feature I was hoping to use but this feature is only to attract you to purchase the item but not actually work. Very dishonest by LG. Good luck with the app as well. Whoever designed it is getting paid way too much because it's difficult to navigate and it's difficult to troubleshoot. The feature on the face of the washer looks impressive. But believe me I'm standing here in front of it trying to connect to a brand new iPhone with a very strong fiber-wire signal coming into my house and yes I'm using the 2.4 G not the 5G because the 2.4 extends farther. However, the washing machine is less than 20 feet from my Wi-Fi router. I've got a computer and a television about 15 feet farther away that work perfectly fine.

- The App isn’t Great but the Functionality is!

Our washer and dryer are in our basement and when we have time to do laundry we usually do a lot of loads consecutively, so knowing where everything is each cycle is awesome for us. The app is not very intuitive. The revenue generating tactics are avoidable but often hidden (if you select “accept all” on the terms and conditions, you are literally asking them to send your contact info to robocallers and giving those callers permission to override any previous do not call requests. Just accept options one and two and skip the third. Very, very sneaky!) I would not have been able to give this five stars except that I fought these deceptions and was able to opt out. I am sorry LG is loosing out on revenue at my expense, but I am happy to own their appliances, which are fantastic!

- Works pretty well for washer and dryer

Works well with washing machine. However I have the DLGX4201W dryer and there is no delay start. The washing machine has a delay start and remote start but the dryer only has remote. Would the app be able to add a feature that allows users to start the dryer at a certain time since I can do the remote start. The sharing feature-I have kids and the notifications that the dryer or washer are finished is helpful. The fact that they had to create their own LG account or login with their Gmail accounts and also enter a birthday that would not let them in because they’re younger was not helpful. Allow access for children/teens so they can just get these notifications. The washer has finished a cycle turn on your dryer to see a recommended cycle does not appear to be working but the app tells me it should be. Thanks!

- App works, but

App does work, but not really needed unless you like to remote monitor or diagnostic help. Wish there was a option to disable the door alarm on my refrigerator, mine specifically is a InstaView Glide n Serve (No, Sabbath mode won't cut it as it disables other stuff) I feel like it could be done at a software level, but maybe it can't, add at least a app option to choose 60, 90, 120 seconds and off. If they added that I'd give it 5 stars. Door alarms can be very annoying to some like me since it makes you feel rushed for no reason, a lot other brands have a option to turn the chime off. I understand the point of the alarm is to prevent condensation when the door is left open which can make it ice up and use more energy with the defroster, but no way to disable it on a expensive appliance is kinda a lame move. So many people want to disable it also.

- wifi issues

Love the LG washer and Dryer but hate their wifi, to only give your machines 2.4 ghz option in 2021 is really a problem. My dropped the wifi connection after a month of no issues and now refuses to stay connected or even connect. it’s like it no longer likes my eero network for some reason. Did the reset and all the other basic things like unplug machines press hold start and nothing. wife not happy. I can tell you I tried everything nothing worked it’s like LG no longer liked the network it was connected to. The only thing that worked for me was buying a new wifi extender that only had 2.4 ghz and named it a different than my eero home SSID. My eero does both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz and I turned off the 5 ghz and still didn’t connect. They are holding steady now with the new wifi extender but sad to say that I needed to spend extra $$$ for these to work. I’m no longer replacing my kitchen appliances with LG good thing I didn’t buy them all together.

- Not worth the trouble

I bought a brand new LG smart washer and dryer for my new home. Everything worked great with the app for about two weeks. Then my Home Screen icon began showing 49 notifications when there were none in the app. Things went downhill from there. My appliances began disconnecting from WiFi even though they are close to the source and no other appliances from competitor brands have issues with WiFi connection. It is now to the point that the app can not even find my washer and dryer to connect. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the appliances. The app didn’t do much of anything that the washer does on its own. You can not turn appliances on or off with the app. The buzzers are loud enough that I don’t need notifications. The downloadable cycles can be hand configured on the machine by changing temperature and spin settings etc. you have to be there to start it anyway so you might as well bypass app cycles. The app was redundant and a cause of frustration so it is now deleted.

- Hard to Review an App that doesn’t even open

So... I bought the “ThinQ” dryer. Nice dryer. Love the functions, etc. I don’t regret that piece. For s#!+s and giggles, I thought I’d try connecting it. Downloaded the iOS app, opened it, and can’t get past the login page. First tried the Apple ID. No go. Created an LG account on the webpage, verified the email address, and account successfully opened. Opened the app, logged in with the LG account. No go. All I see is a white screen with “cancel” on the upper left and a retry circling arrow on the upper right. Neither selection works by the way. Even set the phone down to give it ample time to figure itself out. I guess it was meditating because nothing happened. Despite it all, it just can’t find itself. No amount of walkabout or soul searching is going to help this dryer make a connection with the ether. Rebooted the phone, too. Three hours later, I “thinq” that I’m just going to use it as a not-so-smart dryer that doesn’t want to socialize online with my phone. It’s ok. Rejection isn’t always bad.

- If I could give it 0 stars.....Yadda yadda you know how this ends

Downloaded the app so I could see exactly what the fuss was about “the internet of things.” Turns out, well actually I can’t tell you how it turns out because every time I open the app I get a message that says “No response from the server. Try again later. (N1001)”. Then I have the option of clicking the ‘OK’ button which closes the app or I can......oh, wait, nevermind. That is the only option. So is the app no longer supported, is there just a glitch or upgrade going on right now that I somehow caught at the perfect moment to screw this up, or did I pull an octogenarian and somehow manage to open the App Store, search for the app, push the download button, confirm the download, and push the app icon to open the app in such an incorrect and incomprehensible way that my iPhone became self aware and knew its imminent demise was close at hand and in an effort of self preservation decided I was not qualified to open the app and so it killed the app?

- I got my response finally

Here it is: “ Hello! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Oh, of course! I can walk you through it. Here's a tip I'd like to share with you that helped a similar customer achieve a long-term resolution. First, I suggest you delete and reinstall the ThinQ app before you proceed then follow the guide I made for you below: 1. Turn the unit off. 2. Unplug all the power cords, leave them unplugged. 3. Turn off your circuit breaker, leave it off, as well. 4. Please go back in front of the unit, let's start with the dryer, with the power disabled, press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds. Then do this on the washer, too once you are done connecting the dryer. 5. Turn the circuit breaker back on and plug all the power cords back in. It helps reset the unit. Now, let's do this again, once you activated the Wi-Fi feature of the unit then the Wi-Fi or network name should now be listed under your phone's Wi-Fi settings. The last 4 digits of the Wi-Fi name are the password and you must enter it twice. To give you an example, let's say the Wi-Fi name of your unit is LG_Smart_WashTower_a1b2, then the password should be a1b2a1b2. I hope this is clear and useful to you. Please let me know how it goes. I would love to assist you further if this still doesn't work.” Seems to me like a simple fix for an app. I remember when I got my mom an iPad and walking her through safari, thank God I never got her an LG washtower.

- They have broken it again and definitely avoid the app support button!

I’m blind, so I need to use the app. The first time I loaded this after the update, it showed that my appliances were off, except for the refrigerator. I could turn them off and turn them back on and still nothing. Now, my husband got it to work on both phones, he was having the same problem on his phone as well, and it’s not counting down the time for the dryer in real time. I need to know how much time is left on my appliances, and I can’t look at the washer and dryer themselves. You should’ve just left the app well enough alone. The app Support button is a joke. All it takes you too is a place to buy new appliances, which if I need app support, why do I want to buy a new appliance when the app doesn’t work like it’s supposed too in the first place? Second of all, if I’m clicking the app support button, I’m actually trying to get help, not a new appliance.

- Need iOS & Everything is OK Message!

Must do iOS interface! What is wrong with you people?! I paid a lot of money for your top-of-the-line microwave, and no where did the sales information casually mention that there was no iOS interface. Unbelievable! The “Tag” logo is no longer printed on newest oven, but audio works fine and the diagnosis comes through. The fact that you use an audio connection rather than WiFi or Bluetooth is akin to using a telco dial-up modem from the early 70’s, but yet this is 2021! Also, you need to have a diagnosis of “Everything is working properly” instead of saying “Unable to find problem”. (Or is LG quality so poor that you always assume there is a problem?) Other than that, and the very weak light inside the cooking area and very small visual window, the Microwave is great! You seriously need to address the interior light. You need at least twice the lumens for such a dark interior finish. And why not LED?? (Also LED range lighting) Get with the current decade, please!

- Great help to avoid forgetting clothes in the machine!

With a teenager and a young adult in the house sharing the washer, clothes forgotten in the washer happens frequently. Nothing is worse than going to use the washer to find clothes that are smelly and need to be washed again, thanks to forgetful kids. Since I started using the app, I get notifications when the washer is stopped and I can remind the kids to move over their laundry. It really cuts down on the times we have to rewash and wipe out the washer. The app even let me know when I needed to do maintenance to clean out the filter and run a self cleaning cycle. I LOVE my new washer so much I’m ready to retire my old LG dryer to get the matched set, even though it still runs like a champ after ten years and five kids! I’m an LG customer for life!

- Challenges with recent update

UPDATE: Thanks for fixing the issues created. For me the app is back to its useful place. I have enjoyed this app for the past two years which I connect to my Washer, Dryer and two TVs but recently a series of updates have made the app unusable. For example, the app no longer tracks number of uses to inform when to Tub Clean, the app now has a significant delay connecting to the washer and dryer so the app will say not connected but a few minutes into starting the cycle the app will track correctly, i cannot select wash cycles or download a wash type because the app no longer recognizes when the machine is on. I love the new interface design but unfortunately I cannot enjoy them as the app no longer works.

- App got an overhaul recently and is worthless now

*EDIT after they responded to my review with a hopelessly generic PR response: I hate this company and app even more now There is no longer any way to refresh the status of connected devices. When you first open the app, it shows all connected devices and their current status. For example, right now my app tells me that my dryer is done in 2 minutes. But when you click the device to get more info, it gives you completely different, more accurate info - my dryer currently tells me it has 15 minutes left. On the home screen, there is no way to force refresh the status, so it’s completely misleading and worthless unless you click into every single device manually, which involves some loading time. It’s pretty standard practice for apps to allow refreshing by swiping down and holding it - but apparently LG is way behind the times, as the overhauled app does not support this functionality

- It works, but is limited and buggy

I’m giving this a 2 because it really should be better coming from LG. First off, when you switch modes, the temp resets, usually down to 60. So if you have the temp set at 70for cool and then you want to change it to energy saver mode, you have to reset the temp. The other big mistake is the scheduling. It only turns on and off the unit based on the last mode. So you can’t really schedule it. Since I have one of the AC units in my home office, I would really like to be able to set it to dry during the weekends and then schedule it to energy saver at a specific temp for the morning and then to cool at a different temp during heat mid day and then back to energy saver at one temp from say 5pm till 9pm and then back to dry overnight. NOPE! Also, it would be great if this app could control the lighting on the unit. We have one of the new dual inverter window AC units in our bedroom and we have to cover the temp readout because it lights up the room. Since there isn’t a way to control it on the unit, it’s not really an app problem... but it should be configurable! I also don’t like the fact that it requires internet access. If the controller and the unit are on WiFi, the app should be able to make connection without requiring internet. When you purchase a new router you can discover it from any computer. And it’s NOT HomeKit compatible! Come on LG, improve your technology!

- This app is awful

LG ThinQ App has to be the least thought-out app I have ever used. Half the time it’s non responsive and to move to another part of the app I have to close it out and then get back in it. The only use I have for it is to let me know when the load of wash is done and needs to be put in the dyer, and when it’s dry when to hang it up. It’s almost as if it’s an after thought brought about by 12 year olds in the their basement. The worst part about it seems like a non-complaint except it’s not: after I spent considerable time figuring out how to connect the washer and dryer to the wi-fi so that I could use the ThinQ app; I had to issue an “invitation” to my husband so that he could also receive notifications about when either the washer or dryer was finished, etc. After the latest updates, because my husband had the audacity to open the app before me, the products were moved to him and I had to get an “invitation” so that I could have it the way it was before. Only of course, it’s not. I am listed as a user in “his” house. Like its 1955, and wives don’t own anything or make any decisions; they just have to use it and be grateful husbands can provide them the use of such work-saving tools. Remote start has never worked on this app. There is no way to delete notifications like there was before. I probably won’t be buying anymore LG products because this app is crap

- Works for the dryer, but not the matching washer

This app would be great if it would work. I have the WM4500 and DLEX4500, which are both advertised with AI and access to ThinQ, but this app has been so broken with the washer. In the last few months, I’ve only gotten two notifications from the washer after it finishes a load, while the dryer works every time. It shows the time remaining on the app, but after just seems to disconnect with no notification. This has the added frustration that the washer should pass the wash settings to the dryer, but almost never does. After trying everything I could, I unpaired the washer and attempted to pair it again, and now it won’t even pair with the app. I even went to the length of replacing the washer, and the new one still has the same exact issue with many people complaining of the same thing online. Complete frustration from something that should be simple.

- Support is non-existent

I have an LG washer and dryer two TVs and air conditioning unit. anytime I have to contact support on any of these it is a nightmare. My latest nightmare is trying to connect my air conditioner to the thin Q app. When I call LG everyone says they’re not trained for this device. They transfer me to another department and give me a phone number that says that they can help me and it always tells me to go online for support. Anywhere that I try to go online for support there’s nothing. The instruction manuals are ridiculous. And my local installer is just as clueless. LG is good at making products but that’s where it ends. They don’t wanna support anything, they don’t have the support, they don’t have train people, they don’t have good customer service. If they could fix these service issues they would be one of the best products out there. Literally their lack of service is what’s holding them back from being amazing. But my recommendation as of right now is they are a nightmare.

- Poorly designed App

I have two LG TVs a LG washer and an LG dryer. I have downloaded and deleted the app twice so far trying to get more than one of any of those combinations to work. Should not make things Wi-Fi compatible with an app unless you know they’re going to work and these don’t. TV app doesn’t do anything more than turn the TV off it won’t even turn it back on. Got the washing machine onto the app but it wouldn’t work until I deleted the TV app and then it only worked once before I deleted it too. The dryer has never ever connected to the app wants me to find another phone to make a hotspot in order for it to try to connect that way this is terrible they should not be this way there’s no apps that are this difficult to use except for the one LG designed. Thank goodness none of these things are dependent upon this app to work. I won’t buy LG products again if this is how it’s going to be with their app. Don’t buy LG products thinking this app is going to help you in anyway.

- App is useless.

LG needs to fire the “Tech Department”. PERIOD. Bought TWO new WebOS enabled TVs that neither app recognizes. One of those being a NanoCell & WebOS and the other a Simple WebOS enabled Smart TV. Well, not so smart. Irregardless of the fact, the “smart tech”, just isn’t that. Even when it’s in range or even on the same network, it never finds the TV, nor does Apple HomeKit actually works when attempting to pair via either method - QR Scan & Search via Device NFC/Bluetooth. Just doesn’t pick up your own products, whatsoever. Kudos to Alexa! Just does the trick very well as far as turning on/off, volumes and such. While Google can help launch different apps downloaded on TV. Shouldn’t your own product have these same capabilities? Or even an actual app that’s branded by LG that ever works? I’m perplexed. Lack of responsiveness & undermining the clear process of continuity in your “Brand” will be your biggest downfall. No matter how Good Life is at the “Top”, all Good things come tumbling down when unattended. Thanks LG! A Completely Dissatisfied Customer.

- Zero user support

Got a brand new LG Range, tried to activate the smart features and it requires this app to even get the appliance on Wifi. The app requires registration. The registration requires email verification. The problem is, the verification email never arrives, even after multiple attempts. The manual suggests going to the website to register if this happens, except the website is down/not responding. I contact tech support by their chat link on the main LG page only to be informed that they don't offer chat support for this function and I'll have to send an email. A day later, no response from email support, no verification email ever arrived (yes, I checked my spam folder). Meanwhile, I looked through the manual, and it looks like "smart" features are very limited for the range. Even to preheat the oven, it requires you to physically turn the oven knob to a setting that allows it to take remote commands. Think I'll pass on the "smart" features on this range.

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- Overall good, but still a few things to improve

Overall it’s good but a few things to improve: - For air conditioning can the ability to name the zones? Right now only listed as numbers and I can’t always remember the number. The zones are flashing when you open sometimes it doesn’t work at all continues to flicker. Very annoying as function is not working correctly if this can be fixed? - notifications never clear correctly and every time you open there is a back log of notifications.

- Poorly designed initial steps = frustration

I select to login with an LG account. Screen helpfully gives the option to enter login details and either login or create an account with those details. After recording the email and password in my password manager, I click create account. 1st f’ing question? Enter your email. I type that in again. 2nd f’ing question? Pick a password. Switch to password manager, retrieve password. Switch back to app and...we’re back at the ‘choose the account you want to log in with’ page. Don’t developers realise that entering and re-entering data on a phone is time consuming and difficult at times, especially if you have to remember and record passwords? Why would you want your app to waste your users’ time the first time they use it? Didn’t go any further than this because given those first steps, the rest of the app can’t be that well thought out.

- More technology that doesn’t work

Built a house that came with an LG air con as part of the package. Was told that I could control the air con via an app on my phone. Worked for about 4 months then one day it just decided to disconnect itself with the app saying it couldn’t find the air con anymore. Managed to reconnect it about 2 months later. Lasted another month before disconnecting for no reason. Tried to contact LG but gave up when those clowns clearly had no idea. Of course, their call centre is in the Phillipines- go figure. Builder and multiple air con companies gave me the run around and now I’m left with a piece of technology that in principal is great but never works. Just another case of the average joe having to suffer simply for not being a technological genius. It’s 2019 LG... if your technology doesn’t work and you can’t be arsed fixing in an appropriate time frame then stop selling the product.

- Extremely disappointed

I went my specific washing machine because I could control it through the app and turn the load on from work exactly how I would when home and the come home and hang it as I used to have it finish just before I walked in. With Covid I have been working from home so haven’t needed to use the app. Have recently gone back to work and now what is the point of having the app. I can turn the load in the machine on but can’t change a single setting only able to use LGs premaid settings. 2 lts of water for a load of washing for three people is never going to be enough. No point in even having this app anymore. To say I’m extremely disappointed is a complete understatement.

- Needs attention

So since I’ve bought my washer and dryer, I’ve loved having the notifications for when they’re finished, BUT, every time a new notification comes up, it adds to the previous notification. So I have a little red dot, on the app, that says 89. And to clear it I have to go into the app, delete notifications (which also needs fixing) which deletes the 89 until I do a load of washing tomorrow and it says 90!!! Please fix, super annoying.

- Half baked and unfinished collection of bugs

Update to my previous rant. This just gets worse. Now it forces periodical password changes. This is my air conditioner, not a f$&@“ng financial institution. I don’t want to change passwords on all the registered devices. What a massive and unnecessary pain. ............... Seriously LG, this app is garbage. Even worse than the previous air conditioner app that you no longer support. Takes forever to load, the energy monitoring feature is always reporting a 'sever issue'. Poor layout, with primary features buried several menus deep. I don't know LG didn't get a professional company to build this, rather than the teenaged nephew of an employee. I seriously hope they get some cross platform integration such as Alexa sorted shortly.

- Main screen is slow to update and cannot be trusted

Main overview screen usually shows status of all aircons in my house but after app update this feature is unreliable and very slow to react showing incorrect status. It says aircons are on when they are not and off when they are on. This is very bad for when I am not home and want to set correctly. This is so unreliable, I might as well not have this feature and should have gone another brand. This was working fine before the app update. LG things should get better not worse. Very unhappy having recently bought 3 new aircons for this feature for it to be taken away with an app update.

- LG ThinQ Diagnostic Tool App Review

The App works well. It’s easy to use but I found care must be taken to get the timing right when pressing button 4 - which activated the audio recorder timer on my ‘phone. After a few attempts I found that pressing into step 4 WHILE I held the freezer button down got it to work well. The fridge makes a noise like an old dial-up internet connection and the ‘phone records this noise to ascertain and produce a diagnostic reading. A bit fiddly, but it does work ... and it’s free which can’t be bad!

- Good app

This is a good app. I love the additional washing/drying cycles I can download for my machine. One downfall is not being able to turn on remotely due to safety (in case door is not closed). If there were a workaround or simply an error that could be shown on the app for if the door was not closed and the app was trying to start the machine - at least for the times when the machine is actually closed it could be remotely started.

- Love the machine. Good app too!

I don’t know much about technology but the thing I love most is the app will tell you once the wash is finished and I can quickly take it off to hang it dry. I can also see how much time is left when I’m out and about. Only complaint is the app can be buggy and sometimes doesn’t work too well and can be slow in opening it up. Perhaps the LG can look into this matter? Thanks!

- Great app, poor functionality

Been using the app for a while now with a few LG appliances that work great for our smart home. The app allows remote control which is helpful if your especially lazy. The only problem I’ve had with this service is the load times, sometimes taking several minutes to just launch the app. When using Google home the app takes so long to respond that most of the time google will fail to connect saying LG ThinQ not responding. Otherwise a very good app just need to fix the slowness.

- Waste of money

Bought an LG split system. Was talked into buying the 200 dollar plus wifi attachment for it. Was told to down load this app as it will allow me to operate the air con whilst I’m not home. Have resisted the product 3 times now and then every time I open the app it just say cannot find.. biggest waste of money ever. Thanks LG. Also tried to go onto LG website for support, once again biggest waste of time as there is no support to be found for this... when is such a large company going to listen to people and resolve these issues and have their programs operating as they say they should be. Would be great for LG to contact me to resolve this issue but I won’t be holding my breath..

- Limited Fuctionality

The app in itself is good in terms of stability, however, the available options when you add an appliance are extremely limited for this day and age. I have a few appliances from LG and I usually have no use for the app for items like refrigerator or washing machine as mostly they don’t require an app to be used. However, I also have an LG ducted reverse cycle system and to make it wifi compatible you have to spend extra money. Yet, the options available on the app are so 2010. You cannot select zones, you can’t even create multiple power on and off schedules for everyday use. The schedule is for a one time use which defeats the purpose of creating a schedule in the first place and the time it takes the app to load the information is very slow. Overall, I would say a long way to go before this app can be classified as a good app with adequate features especially when it comes to air conditioning.

- Updates have made the app, and my LG machine, useless.

Before opening, the app loads of pop-up requiring that I except a new set of terms and conditions. However, when click and continue on that pop-up, all that happens is the pop-up appears again. I cannot progress, and I cannot use the app. My washing machine settings cannot be updated and the settings that I use is now not available because the app is broken. This is exactly the kind of terrible development that gives smart devices a bad reputation. I recommend that nobody purchases an LG washing machine based on this.

- Below expectations, slow, unreliable

I had great expectations when I bought my new LG air conditioner which I specifically chose because it had built in Wi-Fi. Unfortunately the app is a gimmick for a number of reasons: It’s super slow (seems to want to download plugins each time it’s used), making it useless as a remote control. The app is not fully functional- for example, when scheduling a time to turn on, you can’t select the mode of operation (cool, heat, dehumidify). The most commonly used features are not easily accessible (consider hiring a UI designer). The app frequently has to be re-paired from scratch with the aircon unit because it seems to forget its config. Power outages are one of these scenarios. It throws a “network instability” error when other apps on my phone still work just great. There’s no support for 5g Wi-Fi, so you’ll need an older Wi-Fi access point to hook it up. Hugely disappointing that something that should be simple doesn’t just work.

- Frustrating

I bought an LG fridge so I could use ThinQ. It constantly loses the connection so I have to reset it. The instructions leave a lot to be desired. Bought an LG washer dryer (loved my old LG washer) the instructions are not intuitive. The manual didn’t give any useful info so I tried the app and again impossible to follow and I had to get support to help connect it. Time will tell if it stays connected. I worked in IT so am very technology savvy so for me to find the app and instructions difficult means for lay people it would be impossible.

- App made by a 4 year old.

Zero stars. More flaws than a high rise. (Say it out loud it’ll make more sense) To start with, it won’t connect to my washer. I tried everything the troubleshooting section said and still won’t connect, then it directs you to fill out a troubleshooting form to get some help, but if you are still connected to the LG wifi (of course you are, literally seconds ago you were trying to connect the washer) it comes up with an error that you have no internet connection and deletes your form you just filled out. This happened twice in a row. It’s been 30 minutes trying to connect my ‘smart’ washer 😕

- Fine, but slow and needs note features

The app is okay, however it is crashy, extraordinary slow, and lacking features. I’d love to it launch with details within 2-5 seconds, not 10-15. Tapping on any product also gives super lengthy load times. I’d love to see a Widget that shows the status of a particular product, kind the washing machine plus time remaining, and tap on it to go right into that product. LG can and definitely should fix this.

- Where is the smart diagnosis

So the other day my new LG fridge with smart diagnosis freezer froze up for no reason I go on the LG website and it says I have to download an app so the fridge can tell my phone what’s upsetting it before I call a technician so I search the App Store for lg smart diagnosis and this is what I get. So I think ok let’s give it a go so I downloaded and sign in then all it does is say downloading product information, I think it’s just a glitch so I delete and reinstall but same thing 5 attempts later still not working. I guess I’ll have to pay someone to come and look at my fridge.... thanks LG for your so called convenient tool

- Great Update

Recent update fantastic and much needed. Next update I would like to add ability to not just send sound to device but an option to send sound to device whilst not turning off sound on LG TV. Would also be cool to be able to view the screen on the a device within wifi range as well

- Love this!

This app (along with the new LG machines and dryer ) is a game changer! I can check to see how long the cycles have to go,remote start,change or pause cycles and it reminds me to take the clothes out of the dryer so they don’t crease! Works perfectly with our wifi and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! It keeps a track of energy usage too. Very happy with this, thanks LG!

- Fantastic dryer

The heat pump dryer is amazing not only does it save time emptying the water collection tank it drains (with the tube supplied) but is amazingly quite. The drying cycles are more than you need and because it has an 8 star rating I can use it at night as our solar unit has saved plenty of power during the day. All in all what Choice Magazine said about the LG heat pump dryer is spot on. Great buy!

- Terrible

This app is absolutely horrible. Just spent near 2k on their new Robot Vacuum R9 Master and I can’t even connect it to Wi-Fi. I work in IT so I know my way around all things technical, yet can’t get the app and product to link. Product support have canned responses which are unhelpful, there is no troubleshooting documentation on the web that is remotely useful. Why sell a high end product and then fail at the finish line like this? Now I’m going to have to go back to my retailer and have to sit there while they fumble to get the unit to work. Then they will no doubt give me another unit for to get on the merry go round again.

- Overall Good App but better AC integration required

ThinQ seems so far to be a good app but there a few fundamental items / issues that need attention please with respect to ducted AC integration: 1. Whilst I can set schedules in the ThinQ app I am unable to set the temperature, mode or date ranges (seasons) for the set schedules. Can this feature be added please it is the reason I brought the wifi dongle to connect to ThinQ? 2. schedules I set via the controller do not show in ThinQ schedule interface and vice versa. 3. When I sync ThinQ it clears the controller set schedules that spent ages inputting because I couldn’t do it properly from ThinQ (refer item 1 above). Please look into and rectify ASAP. I think they would really improve ThinQ capabilities in an ever growing home automation segment.

- Love my LG app for my LG front loader

I find the app easy to use and it allows me to do other things and not keep checking when machine has finished. I have not tried turning on before I finish work so that is next on list. Overall a great app. I gave it for my dish washer as well, but that is for trouble shooting and diagnostics.

- Handy!

With my housemate burning her food so intensely that the plate it was on exploded in my brand new microwave on the first ever use of it while I wasn’t home, my brand new microwave has smelt constantly burnt inside ever since🤬! It was great using the Smart Diagnosis to double check that there aren’t any actual defects with it - just the awful smell!!

- Infuriating technical support

The app build quality is pretty good, it looks nice and it’s simple enough to add your appliance. What isn’t working is push notifications. I have tried several times to contact technical support and jump through their troubleshooting requests and still nothing is being fixed. I work in Tech Support myself and my customers would be furious having to deal with this. I get emails late at night and very early morning with some very broken English and difficult to follow instructions. Some have even asked me to enroll into an Apple Developer program to provide diagnostics. You can’t expect your end users to be able to do this - especially considering their Developer program costs $149/yr. Not happy with the service. This app was a reason we chose LG over an identical competitors model.

- Lacking basic functions

The app kept asking for precise location access for unknown reason. Why would my fridge or dryer need to know where I am at any moment? It runs in the background and drains my battery, silently tracking my movements like a sleuth. I can accept that, but at least have some basic functions like an app keyboard for my TV? I bought a suite of LG products thinking it would work seamlessly. I was very wrong. My LG TV app insists I type with up down left right buttons instead of an onscreen keyboard. How archaic is that?

- LG app

App was easy to download- struggled at first to sync the machine to the app. Realised that the app wasn’t telling me password was xxxx but rather the machine wifi address numbers used twice. Finally got the machine and app talking and it’s been super easy to use. I like being able to remotely start my machine from my phone.

- Barely functional

What a horrible experience trying to use this app. The instructions are wrong, it asks for a location all the time just to connect to a washing machine, I have to keep jumping between this app and my wifi settings app to set things up, as per instructions. What a terrible user experience, how could anyone at LG imagine people will enjoy doing all this. It’s really not worth using this app or the wifi feature on my washer, at least now I know.

- When it works it’s great, but inconsistent!

You just never know when it’s going to work as it should. We use it with our washing machine. When it works it’s quite useful to know where the cycle is up to so that you can plan other tasks. However it is unreliable as it doesn’t always have this useful functionality. It doesn’t reset to the next wash cycle. It has great potential, but at the moment it is incredibly frustrating!

- Good but could so easily be great

This app provides all the basic features of the standard remote control. It would be REALLY USEFUL if shortcuts for some features could be added. For example, a “button” to toggle closed captions on and off (this is so annoying to do via the standard remote control. Come on LG, make this app great! UPDATE 15 Sep 2022: Still no shortcut for closed captions. I would not have purchased an LG TV if I knew how difficult it was to turn closed captions on and off. I will check next time I buy a TV (not an LG 😬☹️😬). Still no quick access button to turn closed captions on and off. The think I hate about my LG T V is the difficulty in turning closed captions on and off. Second thing I hate is that nobody from LG bothers to look at these reviews.

- I love my LG

I was always a Fan of that New Zealand Fishy pikelet until they started to rust and fall apart. Now I have 4 major LG products, and love them. I’ll never go back, the quality of my Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher & Sound Bar are better than most I’ve found on the market, easy to use and easy on the pocket.

- App won’t load past “Enter a Nickname” page

Unable to utilize this app on latest iPhone Update. There is no continue or OK option on this page after you have typed the name or used the pre-filled name, there is also only a “Return” button on your keyboard instead of “Submit” - so you cannot use this to continue past this page. Assuming it is only users on first time setup and on this IOS with this issue, but if you could please fix this asap I would insanely appreciate it!

- Notifications Not Working

Over the last few weeks the notifications has stopped working. It doesn’t tell me anymore that my washing has finished despite the fact that none of the settings have been changed. Please fix this.

- Washing Machine

Brought a lg washing machine 2 months ago love it very fast and quite , only flaw is delayed started/ even WiFi delayed started, first option is 3hrs till end, would be great if smaller increments for quick 15 or turbo 39, so a 1hr finish or 2hr finish, would really make my life a lot easier!

- Near useless

Should be able to switch on washer too! That way I put clothes in it and start it when I’m ready without leaving it on. Also, the Washer DISCONNECTS FROM THE APP! Meaning I have to re connect it again! Waste of time. Note: I have many other wireless devices connected to my home network and the LG one is the only one which constantly drops off. I am running all the latest updates on both IPhone and washer. Also, need to have a cycle which changes to cool at a certain dryness so clothes don’t SHRINK!!!

- Not good enough

I have had an LG wifi air conditioner since the end of January this year, no issue with the app until today where I have tried uninstalling the app/ turning the wifi on and off my phone/ changing my LG account password and everything else in between but it says it can’t connect to the unit’s wifi even after entering the password it says to use. Not good going into winter when I get home from work at 6am and can’t walk into a warm home. LG need to ensure their app is up to scratch if they intend on offering wifi products.

- What Happened?

This used to be a great app; I previously gave it 5 stars. Now it no longer has the Apple Watch app (who carries their phone everywhere anymore) and the Home Screen is just downright confusing. The wallpaper no longer accepts photos and the built in paper distorts the image and looks horrible. Despite the loss of so many features and without any new ones added, the app runs too slow to be useful.

- Specific user location required… why LG?

Downloaded this to access wifi features of my LG appliance and was disappointed to learn that the app will NOT function without granting the app my exact location. Even after relenting and giving access to this, the app still would NOT connect to my device. Do not trust this app or any app that requires such data from you. I already paid you a premium for your appliance DON’T MAKE ME YOUR PRODUCT LG. Pass on this if you value your data privacy.

- Privacy and other issues

Latest version refuses to work unless LG can track my precise location via GPS. Why? LG have no need and absolutely no business tracking my movements in return for the privilege of turning my aircon or tv on. The app is painfully slow, and seems to want to redetect and reinstall device support every time it’s used, so little use more than a one-off novelty that is quickly cast aside. Overall, very disappointing that a big company like LG has developed such a poor app, and has no respect for its customers’ privacy.

- Diagnosis at your fingertips

The LG ThinQ has been an excellent purchase, with excellent quality and features. It makes washing your clothes a breeze and enjoy when being notified on your phone the cycles have been completed.

- Change to T&C looping

The app has been glitchy at best since I started using it a year ago. Now, when I have tried to open the app on my new phone, it says you must accept the new terms and conditions. I click on continue, and it loops me back to the same notification. If I click cancel, it closes the app entirely. Honestly, get it together guys. You’re a multinational company. Mistakes happen, but god. Invest in some UAT for gods sake, prior to just tossing it out into the stratosphere and crossing your fingers.

- Good app but needs tweaking

Good functionality in the app. Only issues I have is it takes a long time to load upon launching and I lose connection with the TV if I leave the app open. I have to close it after each use and open it again when I need it otherwise I cannot connect to the TV again. Otherwise a good app.

- Leaves Much to be Desired

I am using this app solely for my washer and the only ‘smart’ thing I can really do is remotely start and pause a wash cycle. No chance to customise the cycle as I usually do on the machine itself and I would think there would be an option to choose a specific time to start / end the wash rather than just the regular delay start. Please up your game LG.

- Great concept, poor features

I have 3 devices with LG ThinQ tech built in and out of all of them the only semi useful function is the notification to say the washing is done. The TV function is limited so best to use an actual TV remote. The fridge tells me the temp, that’s it. What about a notification to say the kids have left the door open, or there’s a large temp change indicating it’s not working. So much potential in this app.

- Completely useless for fridge

I downloaded this to accompany the fridge. The app basically replicates the temp settings possible on the front of the fridge. I had a problem where the fridge increased temp by itself from the usual 3 degrees to max 7 degrees. Diagnosis provided by the app was all “100% fine” and there’s no temperature history graph to show when the temp dip occurred, and there’s no push notifications to warn either. All this for an app that insists date of birth disclosure as part of the sign up process. Not worth the effort, and reflects badly on the brand.

- Great App

It’s been very handy having this App on my phone particularly on busy days. It even alerted me to a problem not long into a wash when I’d inadvertently had the water turned off to the machine. I was able to resolve the problem straight away.

- Ok, but slow and clunky

App is terribly slow and clunky. I can’t help but feel like LG have tried way too hard to brink app integration to their products when they should have just adopted HomeKit. I wish the device sync was more responsive. I wish the app worked in a more fluid manner. But it does work, relatively bug free and it’s great to be able to control your devices with an app like this from anywhere!

- It doesn’t work - fire your app developer!!!

I wish I could give this review a zero, but this app is pointless and doesn’t work for my LG washing machine / dryer combo (model: WDC1475NCW) I thought being LG this should be very up to date and having really good support to help people out with any issues, in the fact is you can’t even use this stupid app and you can’t even download different cycles for the washing machine / dryer. It is not even user friendly, it’s really complicated and I am sure no one has got this app working at all.

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- Pretty Convenient

In essence this App does what it should, alert you when your wash is done. Also you can start your wash when you want to. I’m having a hard time hooking up the dryer App for some reason. I would like to have this one up and running too.

- I’d like more options

I’m unable to use App if the appliance turns off... you can’t turn back on and dry clothes for 10 minutes as an example. You have to go to the machine itself and turn on... so, you might as well hit the other buttons while you are there... I do like the app telling me how much time is left and when machines are finished they’re cycle...

- Limited features in Canada and on iOS

Unfortunately, as other reviewers have mentioned, “Downloaded” features and “Tag on” abilities are either limited of non-existing Canada or on iOS. It’s very disappointing when international companies selling products internationally artificially inhibit their products from working depending on the country, for no apparent reason.

- No IOS support

The app only works for smart diagnosis with IOS and not for the Tag On function, which is an integral feature of the washer. Super disappointed by this, as I had planned on using these featured.

- Demands precise location at all times

Apple should ban this app! There is no need to know my location. What does my location have to do with changing the jet dry function on my dishwasher?

- Major privacy issue

Why does the app need to know my precise location just to register a fridge? If at some point I need service, I can provide my address then and there

- Doesn't work as advertised.

Cannot download extra cycles for the washer dryer.

- Garbage

It took a while to get it connected to the washer and dryer originally although not much useful. After the recent update, the app forgot the equipment and cannot even “+ “ nor access the menu. LG software is garbage.

- Always need to quit app

If I haven't used the app in a few hours, when I go back to it I can't make any changes until I quit the app and reopen it.

- Frozen

App opened and just kept looping thru product icons. Couldnt do anything

- After update app doesn’t start

The app has always been laggy, slow and obviously not designed with iPads in mind, but at least it loaded. After the latest update, the app starts and immediately closes. Completely useless now. So (not) happy I spent the extra money for an appliance that has app integration.

- Doesn’t even load

Latest update April 19 2022 won’t even load iOS 12.5.5, same as last 2 updates. Opens and immediately closes. LG knows of this, just won’t be bothered to fix it. Extremely disappointed that LG touts this as a feature of the company, but little if any of the app worked before in Canada and now nothing works.

- Can’t delete notifications

I no longer see a way to delete old notifications (when washer & dryer have finished their cycles)since the update. PLEASE look into this!! I don’t need months of old notifications cluttering up the app! I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t allow us to delete these!?

- Very awkward to use

Things I don’t like: 1. Intrusive: The app needs internet and location services to start up, as well as giving your birthdate to LG to get an account. 2. When setting up a washer, you need internet to start the app or add a device, then at the right time you need to flip network settings to connect to washer... then flip back to internet... it’s rarely clear what connection you need to be on I Would much prefer a Bluetooth option with just a temporary connection to adjust the washer, so that I can get functionality without having my device online.

- App does not work properly and support is awfull

Do not recommend products with poor support and gimmicks that do not work. Not user friendly with limited usage. Don’t buy it if you want real connection

- Tap On not available for iOS

Why would you create an app for a product and not support the features on IOS?? Millions of people use iOS and your excluding a huge market

- Deleting

I love the app but your can’t delete the notifications since the update

- It was a mistake

I think it was a mistake to upgrade from a good app that works well to this version where it is very very very slow

- Doesn’t work at all.

Tried installing multiple times on different devices. Doesn’t work.

- Broke APP! Please go back!!!

The new version doesn’t work keeps crashing. I don’t care about cool wallpapers etc it was working before you broke it.

- Unable to add new device after service repair

No matter what I try I can’t get my dishwasher to connect after service repair. Deleted the old one and tried to connect a new unit and although it connects to the devices wifi, there is no option to move forward to the next step.

- New update bugs - Nouvelle application bogue

Since the recent big update the app keeps crashing and I can’t even add my laundry and dryer machines because I needed to erase them to make the app stopped crashing. I followed all LG’s online advice, nothing seems to be working for me to help me to add my two appliances on the app. - Depuis la récente mise à jour, l’application n’arrête pas de « crasher » et je ne peux plus ajouter des electros sur l’app parce que j’ai dû les supprimer pour aider l’application à fonctionner correctement. J’ai suivis tous les conseils de LG en ligne, rien ne fonctionne.

- Update no good

Why you do update before testing it!!

- Vraiment mauvais

L’application ne fonctionne pas sur IOS L’ancienne version était bien meilleure

- Dryer

Works well

- Useless on iOS

“Tag On” feature doesn’t work on iOS making the app essentially useless. Gave one star because zero star not possible.

- Works


- What is this app used for?

The only thing i can do with this app is know when the laundry is done I would have liked to be able to turn the dryer back on without going back downstairs

- ???

Don’t really get the point of this app to control my SmartTV if I don’t even have the option to turn it on from the app

- Very Handy

A nice touch. Nice knowing when a load is done without having to go down two flights of stairs to see.

- Smart thinQ

Pretty cool feature, worked great

- Air conditioner

Just purchased a air conditioner. Happy with the unit so far... kinda early to really give a review. But what I’m reviewing is the Smarthinq app. I went through the set up and registered the unit fine. Connected it to my wifi perfectly fine. Went to use the app and it showed unit off when in fact it was running. Had no control options. Contacted LG via their live chat only to have my problem answered with.... there technical and engineers are working on the problem but at this time it the app doesn’t work with their air conditioners. Seems to me they shouldn’t be selling the product with this advertised wifi feature. Maybe get the app working before you put the feature on the box itself. Seems I bought a bogus selling feature. Not happy about that!

- No IOS support!

I just got off the phone with LG who state that they no longer support iOS!

- Doesn’t work

Fix the app

- Télévision

Aucun moyen de faire reconnaître ma télévision sk9000. Aucun moyen de l’associer avec Google home. Vous devriez apporter des corrections. Ne me sert pas à grand chose.

- LG Front loader washer

Washer works great but don't expect the “downloadable” cycle to work in Canada. They sell the more expensive washers here in Canada - quite happily - but when I called customer support because the feature wouldn't download, they told me that feature doesn't work in Canada - LG hasn’t bothered to program the app to download cycles for the washers they sell here. They told me they were “working on it” in April 2018 ...4 months later and still nothing.

- Nice but needs more

Nice to be able to check online when away but would be nice to be notified automatically if errors occur.

- Trouve pas le problème

Ma sécheuse fonctionne même si le linge est sec

- pas assez d’option pour configurer

j’ai une thermopompe murale de lg et pas moyen de programmer la température qu’elle soit plus basse dans les jours de semaine et la nuit se qui serais tres utile la seul chose que l’app permet de faire ces qu’elle s’allume ou s’éteint a une heure précise pas vraiment utile et les option disponible avec la manette sont pas toute dans l’app ces très décevant j’ai aussi laveuse sécheuse frontale lg et la laveuse se déconnecte toute le temps après quelque jours et le seul moyen de la reconnecter ces de la supprimer et de la reconnecter fatiguant

- Partiellement satisfaite

J’ai réussi avec un minimum d’effort à inscrire ma laveuse je n’ai toutefois jamais réussi à inscrire ma sécheuse…

- No worries gotcha covered

Love the LG ThinQ app… appliances tell me what’s what and when there’s a problem. Turn on / off and remote from my phone app

- Precise Location, why?!?

Why does this app need my precise location to add a device!!! If I need service then I can provide my home address. Apple needs to be more bullish about apps that require precise location and the reason. Precise location should not be required if I want to control my device.

- It works

My new LG Fridge was making a strange noise. I needed an app to help diagnose if I was having serious trouble. So far so good.

- Not many features

Was hoping to increase the heat in the morning but it only lets you schedule off & on. No temperature setting in the schedule setting. Very disappointed

- Smart pairing

Can’t smart pair dlex7250 dryer even though the specs sheet says it’s possible.

- Requires location, rubbish

I downloaded this app because LG’s TV remote app is gone. After jumping through a bunch of hoops for registration, I got stuck at adding device. It requires my location to work. What’s the point of using my location? Like they’ll send me a surprise gift for being their loyal customer? So disappointed!

- Happily surprised

Didn’t think I would really get use from this feature but decided to try it one day and it is really helpful. No more running downstairs only to find there is another 10 minutes left. I know exactly when laundry is ready.

- First couple of days with the new fridge

Works great

- Thermopompe

L’application est fragile et bug souvent il faut souvent fermer l’application et la redémarrer

- Needs dark mode

Have one star because dark mode has been around long enough all apps should have but choose not to will give 5 stars after iss see dark mode happen.

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LG ThinQ 4.1.33111 Screenshots & Images

LG ThinQ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LG ThinQ iphone images
LG ThinQ iphone images
LG ThinQ iphone images
LG ThinQ iphone images
LG ThinQ iphone images
LG ThinQ iphone images
LG ThinQ iphone images
LG ThinQ iphone images

LG ThinQ (Version 4.1.33111) Install & Download

The applications LG ThinQ was published in the category Lifestyle on 2016-07-18 and was developed by LG Electronics, Inc. [Developer ID: 382800716]. This application file size is 377.03 MB. LG ThinQ - Lifestyle app posted on 2023-01-03 current version is 4.1.33111 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lgeha.nuts