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What is shein - online fashion app? Now introducing the SHEIN mobile app! Everything you love about our site, now at your fingertips. SHEIN is a fun, ultra-affordable online shopping platform featuring styles for women, men, kids, curve, plus over 20,000+ styles including dresses, tops, swimwear, shoes and accessories. Think of us as your one-stop destination for everything trendy! We'll keep you in the loop with push notifications, you can engage with other SHEIN lovers in real time and browse over 1000+ daily new arrivals, plus styling tips, livestreams, reviews and more to inspire you!

- Get an extra 10% off on your first order
- Free shipping on orders over $49 & free returns
- Fun, easy shopping that's 100% secure
- Browse by New Arrivals, Trends, Category, Best Sellers and more
- Daily Flash Sales: Score up to 80% off countless styles
- Get first access to sale alerts and promotional discounts
- Now accepting PayPal and major Credit Cards
- Style now, pay later! Choose Afterpay to pay in 4 interest-free payments.
- 24/7 Customer Service and Live Chat available

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SHEIN - Online Fashion Version 8.3.029 June 2022

Recent updates: 1. We've fixed some issues and made performance improvements to provide you with a better experience. 2. More surprises are waiting for you to explore on the SHEIN App!.

SHEIN - Online Fashion Version 8.1.128 April 2022

Recent updates: 1. We've fixed some issues and made performance improvements to provide you with a better experience. 2. More surprises are waiting for you to explore on the SHEIN App!.

SHEIN - Online Fashion Version 8.0.328 February 2022

Recent updates: 1. Gift card now supports modifying recipient's email address, come and send surprises to your friends & family! 2. The order details page has been optimized, the information you need is now clear..

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100% legit site for fashionable affordable clothing. I’ve been purchasing for the last 2 years or more now with at least 20 + items each purchase and have never been cheated or disappointed. Customer service has always been above and beyond for me, they always get back to me and never had an issue with returning items that didn’t fit (if they’re eligible for return, not everything is but they tell you before checkout what isn’t) my closet is about 85% SHEIN clothing and shoes and the rest mall bought clothing. I prefer SHEIN over anything lately. Quality is usually amazing but be sure to read reviews and picture reviews before purchasing. Once I found my size in SHEIN it’s made shopping easier with less returns. Returns for US are free (at least I’ve never paid for any) so that’s another plus. They’re usually fast with shipping but with COVID I’ve been getting them like 3-4 weeks later. Which is understandable given what’s going on. But once things are back to normal it’s usually 1-2 weeks. I’ve only ever had 2 packages lost in the mail due to COVID which they happily replaced, no problem and sent out new for me. I did eventually end up getting the first “lost” packages though. You never know until you give it a try for yourself. I’m definitely glad I did. They except PAYPAL which is much more comforting when you’re a new buyer, since they cover you. I love this app/store. 10+ stars. Seriously.

- Love it 💞

I’ve been on SHEIN for a while now, and it has become my favorite online store app to shop on! There was only one problem I had with it, when I confirmed a order a few days later it canceled it. But I got a refund on it, and just ordered it again. When I payed for faster shipping it really helped, it came in about 3-4 days and for only 12 dollars. Refunds are really easy, well that’s what I know from my experience. I’ve never actually received a item, and it came broken, or I didn’t like the material and I had to return it. So maybe it would of been harder to return If I already received the item. But always make sure to check the reviews, and start for the ones who gave it a one star. Sometimes mistakes happen in a product usually 30% or 20% of the time. If most of the reviews put lower than 3 stars I wouldn’t recommend buying the product, look for items that mostly have 4 or 5 stars. I don’t recommend buying mirrors on the app either, usually they are just for decoration and comes in horrible quality, so if you just want it for decorating that’s fine, just make sure to be careful because it may come broken some times. For clothes on SHEIN is actually really cute and super great quality. Mostly SHEIN is a really great app for clothes, decorating, shoes, beauty products, and for all my big girls out there 😌really recommend!!!💞🥰

- Shein saved me💕🥰

Shein obsessed since I discovered it (after I had an accident) so there I was homeless looking as usual when I realized I always wear my husbands clothes (sweatpants n tshirts) so yeah no sense of style whatsoever. Shein helped me get motivated at an affordable price helps me feel myself even when I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror for how I let myself go. Shein got me up n stills does everyday #sheincustomerforlife now I can’t stop seeing my reflection 😍🙏🥰🥰🥰 thank u shein I’m a size 18 (1xl in leggins they be very stretchy just read the reviews queens!!! 4x in dresses n tops (I don’t buy their lingerie anymore or little shanans to stretch every cent (coupons y’all daily points free trails!!! And last night they refunded me without taking the item back!!! They said they don’t do that often n it was a one time thing but still I feel very much appreciated (I always check their sales they are amusing n amazing🤩 Give the jeans a chance if ur not scared to take the risk (I only tried twice n I wasn’t surprised That they didn’t fit perfectly n one had the zipper broken but hey for $10 I kept it )and their daily hourly thingy were u can finally get the chance to find a piece u liked n 50-80% off!!! I’m not kidding I stretch all my money I get 5-10 pieces for no more then $60 n sundays they got free shipping come on y’all download it give it chance!

- Best of the best

You normally don’t get this kind of service from online brands , you know there’s loads of risks involved but SHEIN is one of a kind I been with them for past 2 years and they never disappointed me normally order stuff from China can be harsh it takes forever from other sites to receive the item when it arrives there’s no guarantee that the product you have ordered is in one piece But SHEIN always make sure that you get best of the best quality and you receive it in short amount of time. When you order it says two weeks most of the times you get the items before two weeks. If you want to express ship it no problem it’s very affordable. SHEIN puts you on priority when it comes to shipping in this pandemic during the harshest time of our lives SHEIN managed to deliver excellence as we all know shipping from anywhere was hard SHEIN would made sure you get your items in 1-10 orders if deliveries were like a day or two late they would email you and send you Message on their site letting you the inconvenience I really appreciate their hard work I really don’t shop anymore out side anything I need I can find it on SHEIN from clothing to shoes to bags and purses to home Decor I’m a fan and a regular customer and I think you should too

- Great quality

Shein has been a great find(thanks Sarah Rae Vargas)! The quality of every item I’ve purchased over the last few months of ordering, has been on point. I have managed clothing stores a good deal of my adult life and Shein has so many great positives. The quality is great, how the clothes fit is great, pockets are great- right ladies ;). The diverse styles are wonderful. I can dress for every whim, very affordably. The fit is perfect, as long as you pay careful attention to the actual inches/cm you are, choosing the styles that flatter you, and don’t get caught up in the number sizes. I love the way the material lays- and did I mention the pockets? The two things I feel that Shein would benefit greatly from, is in their customer service area- 1) easier communication with you for your customers and 2) better descriptions of the clothing and measurements. There are many items I was unable to order because the measurements weren’t physically possible, but then there is no way of communicating with you to ask questions, except through Facebook messenger, which they do not always respond to. I look forward to seeing how Shein grows and develops it’s line as well as it’s customer service. Have a blessed day :)

- Great app- but a few suggestions!

I love SHEIN and overall the app is super easy to navigate I just think a few improvements could be made. For one, I think on the app you should be able to select the date under the “new in” section like you are able to on the traditional website format. This would allow me to look at the app every day and filter to see what new stuff was added, without having to search through all the other “new in” items I saw the day before, and 2 days prior, etc. I also think it would be best if the “check in” to earn your points popped up as soon as you opened up the app- like many game apps do for “daily tokens” and whatnot, because even though I’m on the app at least once a day I usually don’t remember to go to the check in page to earn my points. Finally, I think the main search feature should have an option to filter just “plus size” because currently you can search for an item description and filter it to a size of your choosing, for example 1XL, but a lot of the time I will buy a size smaller or bigger than my general size based on size descriptions, so I’d like to see all the plus size options available without also seeing the clothes that come in only straight sizes. Hope these suggestions are useful!

- Disappointed

So I saw this on Facebook like all ads that are posted there. I was a bit skeptical since I had also purchased cheap items on wish and on My Ali if that’s how it’s spelled. I think shopping on SHEIN is fairly easy you find a lot of beautiful items for a very low price. Although as k scrolled down to find the items I was looking for and purchasing them well the days passed and passed and passed until on SHEIN it marked that my package had arrived and i don’t know about you guys but when you buy something online it’s like you live a roller coaster of emotions. Because it’s the time to reveal if you actually spent you money on something you’ll like. Now you run a risk purchasing on line because you know you might not get something that’s actually nice but instead it will reflect the money you paid. It’s been a couple of days after I received the notice that my package had been delivered and well nothing so I sent a notice through their app notifying that I hadn’t received the item. Well it’s been a few more days and I still have gotten no notice on the package or to where it could be. I spent roughly 60 dls on items I was planning on using. Well I’m a bit disappointed on the customer service. I hope I can come back here and updated on what happened with my items or if i will even get my money back. Well people careful on what you buy and sometimes I guess if you run with my bad luck you won’t receive your package.

- It’s great but…

I had the app on my previous phone and then I downloaded it again on the one I’m using now. The first problem was that, I couldn’t log into my account on the new phone because of my password. And I even had the password saved in my notes to remember. So, they sent me a reset email. I had to do that a couple of times until they stopped sending it to my spam folder. So I was finally able to actually click the reset link. It worked (thank goodness 🙄.) However, when I finally signed in on the new phone, everything from my order history, wishlist items, shopping bag, and other account information were missing. It was like it started a brand new account, even though it was the same email account. I’ve always had this problem with SHEIN, having to create new accounts. And so now I have to use my old phone for managing the orders. I really wish I could use my current for phone for all of that instead having to go back and forth. In the end, it’s a great app, I love the clothing options but, I would really appreciate it if they could somehow make logging in on various devices more efficient or maybe even add an option where you can ‘Sign in using Google’ to eliminate the hassle of having to remember and/or resetting passwords every now and then. I would also like if they worked on better customer service answers.

- Beautiful yet affordable. One of a kind.

I don't really write much reviews about stores but holy moly! SHEIN is absolutely amazing. At first, I didn't buy from them because I thought it would be one of those sites that uses cheap material and takes ages to ship but I was wrong. The quality of their clothes blows me away every time that I shop, and the affordability. I can bulk order many items, and I have the option to pay in weekly installments. Most of the clothes are true to size, and only very few maybe a tad bit small. Their shipping to NY is very quick, sometimes within a week of ordering I'd get it, but definitely no longer than 2 weeks. Due to COVID, they also sanitize the clothing and packing inside of the main one which I think is great, of course we can sanitize ourselves upon receiving. Another great perk is that with every purchase we make, we earn points which can be used as a discount. Every 100 = $1, it sounds like a lot which means a penny a point, but the clothing cost is very cheap, so it's only fair, plus they have extra discounts on top of the amazing prices. I hope they continue with their affordable prices and great quality. SHEIN is truly one of a kind. ❤️

- I love SHEIN !! Sorry for the Long post but I had such a great experience with SHEIN

I ordered plenty of items from SHEIN and I never had any problems! Everything always fit perfect. I always read pages of reviews on any item I want to see what people say about sizing. Some people say I’m 5’7 and these pants are short on me. I know not to get them because I am the same height. I also only buy items that have photo reviews not on models. That strategy has never disappointed me yet. Everything I ever bought fit and looked just like the picture. I don’t see a point of ever shopping anywhere else they have everything I need except sneakers that I would wear. I ordered 22 items on December 19th that I wanted to wear for my birthday. I just knew they weren’t going to be here on time for my birthday on Christmas Day but it’s Covid so it’s not like I had many places to go. That’s also why I thought it was going to be long delivery as well Holiday season and Covid but no! It came on December 24th! 5 days and on Christmas Eve. What a birthday gift and what a year it’s been ... this was the cherry on top for me. All 22 of my items in one big box delivered in 5 days and I didn’t have faster shipping either !

- Great App and clothes !

I was very skeptical of ordering anything from Shein and waited for almost 2 months before I finally placed the order and I’m so mad I waited. I wish I had been ordering my clothes and stuff from Shein a long time ago. The order came much faster than expected which was great because I’m in Florida . Then I opened the package and everything I ordered was beautiful and was very true to size and surprisingly good quality especially for the price and it looked just liked the picture. I had even bought a lace open back shirt that looked like you could buy it in a department store store for easily 4 times what I paid at Shein and the quality is just great . The App is very user friendly I had to make a return of one of the items because I ordered one size to small and the return process was very very easy and you can track it the whole time and then have the option to put it to a credit or your Shein Account. And Shein gives you points to buy stuff with as well . I would say as some advice read reviews first as some stuff runs a little smaller that others . But definitely don’t hesitate ordering from Shein. It’s great !!

- Truly Adoreeee

As a new teenager shopping for clothes can be a struggle, but with this app, i literally love everything i see 🥰I spent over $150 dollars on this app in two days which is a good deal for like 30 items. I heard about what they were doing but i took careful precautions and nothing bad has happened. Most of the clothes are good quality and are exactly like the picture. Shein is actually a hit or miss, but 75% of the time it’s a hit! I add so many things to my cart and wish i can get most of the things on there but i spend too much 😔 I decided to rate this app that way hopefully with the money they’re receiving they can pay their workers more and make even better clothing 😍 When i tell you i was broke after shopping, i was BROKE. Even the cards were screaming. My first package took 9 days while the second one is on the way! Highly recommend buying this and using codes, and when you receive them, rate, take pics, write reviews, and fill in the sizing guide to earn points to save. That way if you have no money like me after spending so much on clothes and accessories, you can save a lil sis! Now get your shop on and get ittt 😎

- 🌈Plus size dream ✨

I love that this app is mot only easy to use but there’s always coupons, there’s always free shipping offers, there’s even a point system, and a lucky chosen few get free clothes. The app reminds me of a mobile phone game in which you check in for points every day, any purchase gets you points, reviews gets you points, if the shipping date was miscalculated, more points! Each point is a penny and it’s a lot easier to get $5 off than you’d think. Any time I’ve had to return clothes it wasn’t bc they were bad, it’s just I got something out of my comfort zone and didn’t think I’d use it. They have flash sales, which sometimes don’t have the BEST clothes but they’re on sale and it’s always nice to look at what you could snag for $4. **FOR PROPER SIZING** please get a tape measure and measure yourself, almost 9/10 times the clothing was true to size by the size chart measurements. Don’t just go by “I usually wear a 2x so a 2x should fit”. Although that might work, taking your measurements and comparing them to the size chart’s are a sure fire way to get the best fit with less need to make returns/exchanges.


this app is beyond amazing. i LOVE the pricing, and (for the most part), the shipping time as well. the one thing that irritates me is that, when i write a review of a product i bought from this app, the pictures don’t show when you go back and read it. even though i still get all my points, it would be extremely helpful to others if my pictures would show. i say this for everyone. i’ve read reviews that mention something involving a picture, and it never shows. i’d like to know what they’re trying to show. it could help someone better understand a complication. i’ve never had anything come broken or torn, so that’s fantastic! one last thing that i don’t really understand is that an alternative app to this is called ROMWE, and they both sell the same exact products. BUT, SHEIN sells them for a more expensive price, whereas ROMWE does not. same exact picture, same exact material, same exact product, just different price. other than that, this app is a 10/10 recommendation from me. if you’re looking for cheap, cute, stylish clothes, this is the app for you! (as well as the alternative app: ROMWE).

- Shein is my first choice for clothes shopping

When I found Shein (showed to me by a friend). I was overjoyed to find it was totally affordable and had super cute clothing. I have already ordered off of Shein before. What I ordered was a cute black skirt, black paper bag pants and and white, black and mustard shirt. Also if you love clothes then your is excitement builds up after each day of waiting for them to show up. I remember first getting up and every single morning I’d go right to Shein to entertain myself. I found so many things I just loved, so on the fifth day of shopping I realized I’d already filled my cart. I just love this app. The clothes do actually come. Unlike some other online shopping places that just pretty much scam you. It also has a downloadable app that I find a little easier to access cause it’s right there. Clothes are good prices and good quality. I think it is much easier to shop at home and Shein has something for everyone you just have to check it out. Overall I absolutely, no doubt would give this app five stars and if I could way more than five. I just love Shein and hope you read my review.


Ok so I chose SHEIN (sorry if u spell it wrong) Bc I am into the fashion industry,i came across it and I found out there’re was stuff for babies and kids which is perfect! Bc I’m more like a kid than a teen Bc I’m pretty small and skinny. I went across the kids stuff for girls and I came across really cute clothes that I think would fit perfect and would look nice on me, I ordered my size and everything and once I got it it fit perfectly! If you are reading this I am telling the truth THIS ONLINE FASHION STORE IS FOR MALE AND FEMALE so it’s perfect! Though what I do want to say is I don’t really like how you have it not all in ages I find ages more easier so I request for SHEIN to change the choices of size I think ages is a bit more easier to understand especially if your a kid like me or a bit younger that has a phone that’s responsible I don’t think they would understand but I do I’m not saying I don’t but I don’t think everybody understands and I feel age is a more better size choosing or like stores do like 7/8 or 9/10 would be easier, just saying! I will definitely say this app is worth it to you if you haven’t tried it. :)


This website is absolute TRASH. First let me begin by saying the measurements for the clothes are completely wrong, when you order something that should fit you it won’t. They will have you ship it back for free, but you won’t get your original shipping back in the refund. Secondly, the customer service is AWFUL. They do not give a crap about any inconveniences you experience due to their many screw ups. I ordered a robe and chemise set for my birthday, a 1X should have fit by the measurements. It didn’t. I sent it back and told them I wanted a refund. I ordered a size up because it was a just a tiny bit too small and the measurements said the 2XL was 2 inches bigger so the 2X should have fit perfect. Iwas wrong it was about .5 inches bigger. Measurements were definitely wrong. Barely a difference. They don’t care. Finally they receive my first return and instead of refunding my money they ship me a replacement? I chatted them and told them I requested a refund not a replacement and they said it was too late it had already been shipped I have to ship it back. So now I have to wait ANOTHER 2-3 weeks for my money because of their screw up. This website is a literal joke. Also, I left a honest review about the measurements of the robe and they hid it from the item. They only post reviews that benefit them. Total trash. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!!!

- SHEIN Is My Go-To Shopping App ✨

SHEIN is my absolute first choice out of all the other shopping apps. They have a broad variety of clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc. The items that are sold on SHEIN are in excellent condition. The quality is fabulous. The prices are unbelievable. They are always running sales, and you can snag amazing outfits and accessories at an absolute STEAL! There are many ways to save on SHEIN. You can accumulate points by participating in outfit contests, joining in on their live-streams, participating in mini games, and creating your own “fashion show”. There is also a Free Trial Center where you are able to submit applications for specific products for a chance to be selected to try out those products FOR FREE and leave reviews for them, and as you leave reviews for products, you rack up points. I highly recommend this app. If you are a bargain shopper, like I am, and you like to find amazing, high-quality products at a reasonable price, then SHEIN is for you! Not only is it a way to shop online, but it’s just a really fun experience as you participate in the different events they always have going on.

- I’m hooked!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I tried this shopping site. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but I started out with a few purchases slowly, and for the price, how could I go wrong? I didn’t want to spend a lot on a new wardrobe since gaining weight, because I intend to lose it again, so SHEIN made sense. The clothes arrive fairly quickly, I haven’t had to return any items so far and I think I’ve been shopping consistently with them 1- 3 times a week for the past year. Needless to say, I’ve acquired more things than I originally intended. The quality is not a luxury brand, and that’s fine. It’s for everyday use at school. I love what I’ve purchased and that’s what matters to me. If you want to be nit-picky, you could say that sometimes there are a few threads that just need to be trimmed off. But honestly, for the price, is that such a big deal? The quality has been great on the things I’ve purchased. I’ve gotten compliments on everything I’ve purchased there and I always tell people where I bought my items. As students, affordable clothing is a must.

- Love this App!

When I saw the prices of the clothes, I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought it would be poor quality like Wish or Primark. To my relief, the quality of the clothes were even better than I expected! I have gotten so many compliments from people asking where I got my bags and clothes from. In addition to how much I love the items, the app itself is simply amazing! There is no other app out there that compares to this one. It is the EASIEST app to navigate through. There are genuine reviews from real people since reviews are incentivized by rewarding with points that can be used towards your next purchase. There are plenty of pictures and size charts to help you choose the right size. It’s easy to return items. The shipping usually takes just a week to 1 1/2 weeks after ordering. They sometimes do live video streams right on the app where they’ll do Q&A’s, have models try on items, if you like the item you just tap it and brings you straight to the item to get more details and order it. I never do app reviews, but this one is my absolute favorite app.

- 100% recommend. My first stop in online shopping

I have placed about 6 orders with SHEIN now. Just recently my order was about $200. Usually I spend up to $500. That shows you the amount of trust I have in their product. They always have an amazing,updated product selection. I love that every time I visit the app, there’s always new product selection. The clothing is great. It’s not the thickest, heavy material but I’m always very happy with what I receive. I have ordered many dresses, shirts, bikinis, skirts, wall paper, shelves, wall stickers, hair brushes, barrettes, jewelry, vases, flowers etc from them. There’s not much I haven’t ordered. The shipping time is about 2-3 weeks. But I know to expect that because it comes from overseas, plus we are in the middle of a pandemic so that slows transit time down a bit. I love that the product is affordable. And there’s always a coupon and points you can use towards your purchase. The app is very easy to navigate and recommends products based off other products you search for. I will order from SHEIN forever. I tell all my friends. I love it!!

- Don’t shop here please

I used to love shein. Used to look on the app 24/7 and add stuff to my wishlist. A month ago or so i got a huge $300 worth haul of clothing. (I am VERY picky. I think long and hard and read all reviews before adding something to my cart and always change my mind). When I first received the package, I was so excited. I tried on everything and it was so cute. But almost everything reacted badly to the wash. One of my favorite white tshirts pilled IMMEDIATELY. I had to do like 3 loads of laundry when I first washed them because the material is so dang cheap. Got these jeans I was soo excited for..the popular momo jeans on the site..material is awful and they’re so tight. The only thing I sort of like and recommend are the underwear. I’ve had no issues with them. Although I won’t be buying from here anymore since it’s 1. Child labor use 2. Crappy material/quality which gets worse over time 3. Nothing like you’d expect it to be on the site ...and much more. Just don’t waste your time. Save your money and buy from places that are better for the environment and that will last. After winter is done I’m getting rid of all my shein clothes because I hate them. If you read this review through all the way, please take my advice and shop elsewhere. Thank you.

- Def recommend! 💛

Amazing app. Great quality clothes, dupes, you name it. Any insta model or bladder outfit u see can be found in SHEIN for cheap. It’s like ROMWE and ZAFUL but better. All of those sites combined but with free shipping and deals almost all the time. When it comes to sizes though it can be a little tricky. What I learned to do which always works for me is to look at pictures that other buyers posted for an item and compare my size to theirs to know what size to buy and It always comes correct. Do wish that they would fix up and be more accurate with their sizing but other then that it’s nice. If you check in fail on the app it’s gives you money. It seems like a long process till u get a good amount but it isn’t trust me. The most I get is 10 dollars to spend on my clothes like every month before I get too impatient to just spend it. I spent a certain amount of money on the app and now I’m the highest rank which allows me to have free shipping in every purchase. I didn’t even have to buy to much to spend too much. Just shopped normally for about a month or 2 and now i won’t ever have to pay the 3-4 dollars for shipping ever again!

- SHEIN review

I have been shopping with SHEIN for a long time now and honestly I love most of the things I purchase from them. My advice is the make sure you look at the reviews and any added pictures before you buy a product, since some things run small and large. The reason for the 3 stars and not 5 is because of their customer service. They got rid of their custom service chat with an actual person on their app and now it is just an automated chat which has been proven to be very unhelpful. I have had to Facebook message them to get ahold of someone and even then, it takes over a day just to get a response. I also advise y’all to pay for the expedited shipping because your package will take multiple weeks and the shipping information will not be updated as fast if you use their free shipping method. I placed an order on April 3, 2020 and I placed another one a few weeks later and paid for expedited shipping. I received the expedited shipping order within a week and a half, but I have yet to receive my original order that was placed on April 30. Just pay for expedited shipping and look at the clothing reviews and y’all will receive some awesome clothes for really cheap!

- My #1 Go-To For Everything

I absolutely loooove this site. They have literally everything from kitchen tools, wigs, clothes for everyone in the family including babies, toys, home decor, nails and even DIY crafts. Not only do they have so many categories of goods but the prices are unbeatable. You always get coupons, they always have events and you can rack up points that turn into money off your next order. It’s taken about a week or so for all my products to arrive and I love everything I’ve gotten so far and trust me, it’s been a lot of big boxes filled to the brim. They have real reviews and people post pictures so you don’t have to rely solely on the advertised pics which we all know can sometimes be unreliable. But everything so far has been exactly as pictured. They have size charts which is very helpful. Just know things come from China so it takes time to sanitize as it’s traveling and some things are definitely made for slender bodies but luckily, they have a plus size section🤗I mean it, they have everything. You’ll quickly be filling your wishlist.

- Great quality all around

I was very skeptical about shopping on here because I thought the prices were too good to be true, but this site really has great quality for an affordable price! They always have sales and coupons. You can also gain points and use it towards another purchase, which I think is great and different from other sites, such as fashion nova for example. Overall, I’ve had a really good experience with them I would make sure to always go by their recommended sizing, as I’ve found it to be very accurate (unlike others I’ve tried following in the past) and always check the reviews to make sure you order the right size. App does not seem to have many problems that I’ve noticed and have not had to deal with customer service yet so I cannot speak on actual service but the quality is great, only thing that is unfortunate is how backed up they are from the pandemic and is causing shipping to be take very long which is understandable hopefully things will go back to normal soon for everyone!

- it’s an ok app

Yes, Shein provides online shopping and has very stylish clothing that will meet anyone’s styling standards. Although, Shein clothing material isn’t the best in certain times. For example, I look at reviews sometimes and find out that that clothing is either too small, material is too thin, size wasn’t correct, clothing was shorter than shown, the list goes on! The clothing is sometimes isn’t all that bad tho and is very stylish. There is a reason behind this review though and let’s talk about it. Recently I participated in an event where you could earn either 20 million points or 20 thousand points. Not too sure. I had won by sending links to other people and had to verify my email. I completed all that was needed for me to receive the points. Today is Saturday which is when they are supposed to give the points. Currently 7:20 pm and I still haven’t received my points. If anyone else has won could anyone inform me if they have their points? Another thing is that I tried emailing shein with some questions because I’m pretty sure that they don’t think my email is verified. Edit: This app didn’t even give me the points it promised. It only gave 100 points to my friends and I (they won too). This app is pretty much a scam with cheap clothing. I definitely recommend to not get this app.

- They hack into your phone!!!

When I downloaded this app a few months ago I was extremely excited because the clothes were very cheap and super cute! I’ve also ordered many things off of this app and everything has been fairly good quality and overall I’ve been very happy about the clothes, accessories, etc. Then I saw a video on social media where this girl was talking about how someone had logged into her email, instagram, etc. she checked her email and the login had come from Shein. I checked the comments of this video and many people said they were experiencing the same thing. I was very surprised so I went to go check my email and saw that someone had tried to login to my email/other socials so I deleted this app. If you look up Shein you will see multiple articles on this subject. If you have Shein, Romwe, or Zaful, delete them!! They are all run under the same company. I deleted all 3 apps and I haven’t gotten a single hack alert in weeks. My sister also got an alert about these clothing apps then deleted them after and she also hasn’t gotten the alerts sent to her account. If you need fairly cheap stuff look on apps like Depop and AliExpress, they have cute cheap stuff that doesn’t try to scam you.

- SHEIN is pretty solid

Like many other comments have mentioned, I was skeptical at first about ordering from this site/app. But, I’m glad I gave it a chance because this is now my go-to app for clothing shopping. There are sooooooo many options in all different categories for all different occasions—honestly I probably scroll endlessly through this app for way too long! But I can’t help it, the clothes are cute, affordable, and the quality is better than what I was expecting. Of course there are times when I order something that I just don’t like—it doesn’t fit how I want it to or I don’t like the material, or whatever—but returning has been pretty quick, easy, and painless. They’re usually on top of returns. For example, I recently purchased a multitude of items but one item ended up being out of stock after I had purchased it. They notified me and issued me a refund, which I received for that item BEFORE I even received my package —which was less than a week after my initial order—with all the other items I had bought.

- Still Testing The Waters

I gave the review 4 stars for now because there still are a few things I want to check out before giving my final rating. I placed an order weeks ago .. Im a plus size woman so this sites usually don’t have items that fit or favor plus size body types so I purchased some things I felt like would fit. 2 dresses, a two piece short set and another item that slipped my mind. One of the dresses was too small and the top to the short set didn’t fit but overall, I was still pleased because you get what you pay for and because I lived the other items so much that I didn’t care about the couple of bucks I spent on the items that can’t fit.. the shorts on the short set fit so I decided to use it as my running errand outfit and pair it with a T-shirt lol. The other dress that couldn’t fit is still in my closet. I love it still and I’m losing weight so I’m keeping it. I plan to order again and this time I’m going to buy a few shirts for work and some kind pants. This way I can give a compete rating on how everything fits from them. Until then, they’re are exceeding expectations already.

- LOVE LOVE LOVE (but restock lol)

I LOVE SHEIN 🥰🥰 I’ve been buying from them For 3 years and all the clothes are still top notch quality and I wear it all the time! I love the fit and all the unique items on there, and how they sell things on there that would be the exact same but SOOO much more expensive somewhere else like a designer store. But one thing is that they NEED to work on restocking. It’s a little frustrating. Like I’ve been waiting for the maroon surplice wrap knot side appliqué sleeve dress (I guess that’s what it’s called 🤪) cause we have a photo shoot coming up and I couldn’t get it for personal reasons at that time so when I finally could I found out they’ve been restocking 12s only, not 4-8 😭😭 I’m hoping they do soon!! But yeah it’s a very very very amazing app and all the clothing I get from them is jeu stunning and fits beautifully! My closet is fully SHEIN! (The quality is AMAZING too especially since they’re so inexpensive! But they still focus on making sure quality is as top notch as possible for the benefit and happiness of their customers! I SOOO appreciate that!)

- Honest Review

My overall opinion of SHEIN is that it can be as good or as bad a shopping experience as you want it to be. If you’re looking to get a decent wardrobe for half the price of local retail shops and you’re willing to put in the work.. this website can’t be beat. The enormous number of items to choose from, all in one place is mind blowing... but you do need to educate yourself on materials and fabrics, KNOW your measurements and be willing to spend the necessary time actually looking at the description of every item, check the individual size guide for each piece and READ the reviews. If you do that.. you’ll be happy with most of your purchases. If you prefer to just look, click and buy your usual size without doing the other steps you will be dissatisfied with most of your purchases. Also if you need instant gratification.. SHEIN might not be for you, because it does take an extended period of time to receive your order. But if you do your homework and don’t mind delayed returns.. you might be pleasantly surprised.

- I love this app, but...

Listen, I am a HUGE shein fan. Been shopping with them for about 4 years and I love their stuff. I was super excited when their home collection launched as I was redoing my bedroom and wanted some decor from them. I placed 3 separate orders, all within a couple days of each other back in May. The first two got to me in about 2 weeks, maybe even a little shorter than that. However I have yet to receive the third order, and I placed it on MAY 13TH. I get it, covid, cutbacks, all that jazz, but good lord, it has been almost 40 days since I placed that order and I’m convinced it’s never coming at this point. I don’t know how I can go from placing the first two orders and getting both of them within 7-14 days, mind you, I placed my first order on MAY 9TH. This is ridiculous. My order did not move for 3 weeks. Nobody touched it, it wasn’t moved or handled for THREE WEEKS. It is JUST NOW in transit. I’m annoyed and I’m frustrated. I get that covid is causing delays, but come on. I have placed plenty of other orders with other companies wayyyyy after this one and received ALL OF THEM already. I completely understand the initial set back, but this is getting really old.

- SHEIN: what I was looking for

I was at a lost trying to find clothes that were cute but didn’t break the bank.I tried zaful,Rome’s,H&M, forever 21, Kohl’s, Macy’s, I tried everything I could find. About last year I found SHEIN and decided to try it out. I started finding super cute styles at an unbeatable price. As well as clothes I found home decor, beauty products, phone cases, masks for COVID, and much more. I have made about two bulky purchases of clothes and two bedspreads. All were amazing quality. One or two were too big or small but it’s fine. Also make sure if you’re wanting to wash the clothes do it on a light cycle. Thanks for reading! UPDATE Because of Covid clothes are taking longer to shop I fully understand SHEIN cares about there customers. Sometimes you won’t get the items you saw in the picture but 99.9 percent of the time you will. Lots of people rate SHEIN badly the only thing I want is for items to be in stock anyway SHEIN is a fashionistas dream! Ps I tried many other stores and they’re weren’t as many choices or as reasonable prices as SHEIN

- you won’t regret it!

About a year ago I was super nervous to make my first purchase at ZAFUL, but after getting a review from a close friend I decided to go big, and after buying 20+ items, and being happy with EACH and every piece of clothing I got I can assure you that you won’t regret buying from ZAFUL either. Every piece I got, fitted just perfectly and was just like the pictures, the quality was great and to this day I’m still wearing those items I got a year ago and that says a lot about the quality! After my first purchase I went ahead and bought lots and lots (not kidding) of swim suits and I can also say they’re good quality, affordable and super beautiful! And today ZAFUL clothing makes up for more than half of my closet and I’m not mad about it! And also the costumer service did not disappoint me, they were quick to get back to me and solve any problems I had, and the shipping only takes at the most 2 weeks. All and all I rate ZAFUL 5 starts because they deserve all of them! Amazing job ZAFUL!

- Amazing store only a few issues

This store is actually really good! Some people might say it’s not trustworthy or bad quality but I disagree. Every single time I’ve ordered from Shein, my clothes have came on time, very well packaged, and I loved them. Honestly, there are only two problems I have. The first is with the 10-12 year old clothing. I’ve been shopping at this store for about 4 years since I was 11 and this problem came up around that time. I ordered some clothes for myself but when they came, the material was weird and they didn’t look quite like the picture. HOWEVER: Before you start thinking that this store is untrustworthy, it’s really only the 10-12 year old clothing that is like that. ALWAYS look at reviews! My second problem is with the packaging. They use way to much plastic. Every single clothing item is packaged in its own bag of plastic. It’s not just Shien though, it’s many companies. But it would be really nice if the plastic amount could be reduced! Thank you for taking the time to read my review! 🎤sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shoujo👻na💅no?✨bökù🌸Wà🧚ÿARiçHiñ🤴BįCChī😾ńO😩oSû🚣‍♀️Dà🎉YO💦

- Amazing company, but could do better

Timing for overseas shipping has been almost wonderful. I have ordered a few shipments from SHEIN, only to have something missing a few times. It’s okay, it was only a few dollars for the things I bought but it is still my money. When buying things, make sure to check the size chart. They have improved by adding returns (finally) because now you can return them. I still encourage you to read the titles correctly because I’ve also made the mistake since some things are seen so similar on here. for my BIKINI girls, material is legit and comfy. All I ask is for you to please make sure the size fits because their bikinis come different even if you order the same style in different prints sometimes they come weird. I definitely recommend using this over paying tons of money for it somewhere else but just be careful. Also have heard rumors that they get your info, I’m already on here so who cares! Lol. Please just be aware of what you buy or put on the app. Overall is a great app and I will definitely order again.

- Order delayed

I have reached out to SHIEN about five times now on both apps. I reached out on Instagram and I reached out on the app. I ordered my clothing and my shoes on September 21. The order was in transit on October 6. They said the arrival date is going to be October 8. It is now November 1, And I still have not received my order. They have no customer service, I contacted them five times and they said that they will get back to you in 24 hours. It has been way more than 24 hours and I still have not got any money back, any tracking thing, nothing. So I am going to wait until next week and if I don’t have my package then, I’m going to take it to court.I understand that if the order was supposed to come October 6 through October 8, it would take 5 to 10 days. It was 5 to 10 days then 11 to 17 days. It has now been 25 days, well almost 25 days, that I still have not received my package. If I don’t have my package next week, I’m going to take this to court or you guys will give me my money back. I’ve tried not to take it on here because you guys have really cute clothing but you guys have to get some better costumer service. Not only the fact that you guys have no customer service number, is already bad enough.

- I LOVE this site !

This site is a diamond in the rough. I am always raving about it to my family and friends. I often find designer dupes on here! The prices are always affordable. As long as you read the reviews before you buy , you won’t be disappointed . The reviews are there to tell you if you need to size up or down or if you can just get your normal size. I love the fact that shein ALWAYS offers coupons! I don’t see any other site doing this. There are also multiple ways to earn free points that you can use on purchases. I often get at least $10- $20 off my whole purchase just from these two things! I have thought about getting a tripod and partnering with them. Reviewing their items and trying them on in videos if they sent them to me! I think one thing they should change is; the models should only wear things that you can purchase on shein. There have been times I seen things I liked that the model had on but I had to look for them elsewhere.

- Cute clothes but everything else is frustrating

I love the items there. However, the shipping is unreasonable. It costs a lot, first off. And if you don't pay like $15 for express shipping, you'll be waiting a while for your items(s). As far as the app itself, its easy to navigate but some features are useless. For example, I don't get the points feature. We earn points but can't even use them all at check out, we can only use a portion. That's stupid, it's like you want us to come out of our pocket every check out, despite us being loyal app members and earning our points to be able to use them to purchase our order solely with our points. Also, another thing that ticks me off is the whole trial report. It's impossible to get picked if you don't have a higher level, yet they don't even explain how to get a higher membership level. I've spent hundreds with Shein, and I'm not a higher level. Something tells me you'd have to pay to be a higher level, and if that's the case, that's ridiculous. So in conclusion, the items are great and worth the money. However shipping costs and the app features? Absurd and frustrating.

- Great but there is always room for improvemmet..

Hello there, i think shein has a great selection of items with a great price. But i would work on the teenager’s items. I have been trying to order for my daughter, i can’t find anything her size, they are too small and there aren’t many options. As well as the items for kids. I ordered shoes for my son a couple of times and i always sized up and they were still too small. So the sizing is not accurate. Not enough options for kids... With the ladies clothing, i ordered jeans a couple of times and the sewing is just wrong in all of them. It is tilted to one side from the top part and the crotch area is not done right too. It is not a mistake if the tailoring is wrong in most of the jeans.. so it would be great to fix that.. also it would be great to be able to pick pants based on the season and not have to go through all the pants to find what we are looking for.. also the quality and stitching in a lot of the items isn’t great... also I recommend u add a home button to every screen on Shein app.

- Love Shein!!!

My coworker introduced me to Shein, she is always well dressed and fashionable! I am so happy I finally decided to give the site a try! The clothes are decent quality at a great price!!! What’s best is that because they aren’t expensive, you can buy more and refresh your wardrobe! Easy return process if needed, first return label is free per order, so make sure to try on everything in that order, before you request any returns. I hadn’t needed to contact customer service yet, all questions are answered on the site. They also offer four interest free payments which is yet another great thing I love!!! Shipment is taking a little longer due to these times, my coworker said it normally takes up to two weeks. I can say that the shipment notification is ny more than a 2-3 days after ordering, so that is great also! There are so many styles of clothes, dressy and casual, as well as items for the home!!! Everything has been legit so far, unlike other companies, give it a try!! 😊

- Customer Service

SHEIN overall has pretty good merchandise, good options, great prices. The down side is that it doesn’t specify that this is an international web based only store and as you can imagine customer service is pretty much inexistent... if you have a question, a concern or simply need help, it is all handled through chat (calling doesn’t really do much neither) which always has long wait times, and lately after waiting ur turn in line for a representative to be available the chat will kick you out their wait data base, in other words you have to wait all over again... I for instance experienced this chat issue 3 times last night and have yet to be connected with an associate.. Another down side is if you have items in your cart and are in the process of checking out you go back to the cart or exit out of the checkout process to review the items, your cart items will be completely removed, losing your entire merchandise. As you can imagine it will be very hard or imposible to find all your items unless you remember it all and have lots of time and patience to search through each category. PLEASE IMPROVE THE SYSTEM!!!!

- Over all good

My problem with SHEIN is that their sizing is not true to size. The only way I can get a size that fits is to buy the “one size” and even at that I’m having to return one piece marked “on size”. It’s very frustrating because I really love their blouses. I have yet to get a blouse that fits me and I’m not a big person. I’m having to return half of my last order because the blouses are to small and I ordered an XXL. I keep going up in size, but they still don’t fit! Please don’t get me wrong, I love the products in the SHEIN collection and have bought quite a few items. One other thing for me is the returns are not easy as for the paperwork, but that’s just me. Thanks for listening. Everything you said is exactly the same for me. I keep going up on the blouse size and even the XXL does not fit. Also, the one size is the only thing I buy and I have one of those to return. Also, the return paper work is not easy for me either, so it not just you. I’m not a big person either. I do like the SHEIN products! Thanks, Lilymae

- I was a skeptic, but now this is my go to shop!

I truly was a skeptic because I have other abs where they sell things for really cheap but then the shipping cost so much! But, my friends were telling me to try it out and I made my first order. I got my stuff really quickly! Much faster than I thought I would! I read reviews and paid attention to the sizing and everything fit me perfectly! The quality is great for the price! I love the variety of things I can get, especially as a curvy girl! Shipping is cheap and the longest it’s taken for me to get some thing was three weeks. And, they don’t only sell clothes! I have got the cutest night lights that since when it’s dark to turn on! If you add something to your basket, it then shows you other things in that category that are similar. Warning, it can be addictive! There is just so much to choose from! They have a great return policy So it doesn’t worry me that I will be stuck with something that doesn’t fit. Happy shopping!

- Affordable, High Quality Find

I was very questionable about ordering from a site like SHEIN where most things are from China and they seem to offer so many different items at cheap prices. However, I’m so glad I took the risk. I’ve made many orders from SHEIN now and have been amazed every time! The quality of some of the items is incredible and you would guess I bought them from name brand stores. Occasionally something won’t fit as I expected or won’t be as high quality as I would like and I can return it for free! The shipping is usually very fast, I typically get my orders in a week. My favorite part about the app is other purchasers will review items and post pictures so you can really see what the quality is like and how it will fit before you order. The risk is about 0 with that and the free returns. I have been able to purchase many clothes for a fraction of what I would pay anywhere else and I continuously get compliments. I 10/10 recommend!

- Beware!!

This company is a COMPLETE scam. They sent me a shirt with a huge cut that went through the back and front of the shirt. I’m fuming honestly and I’m making sure I spread the word because I really wish somebody would have told me about it. They don’t offer a return label in the package so if you don’t have a printer that means you need to pay to print it somewhere. No customer service over the phone only through a chat which is super inconvenient in my opinion. The person or whoever I spoke to was absolutely rude. They didn’t care that the product was damaged and she insisted I return it which I have no problem with if they provided a label for it in the package or mailed to me as many other companies do. So at this point I have a shirt that is trash and they kept my money. They offer products for a lower price because they pay their employees very low wages. I really wish I would have done my research before. Do your research and google them! Don’t listen to people who promote them on social media because they get paid. A lot of people comment on their Instagram saying the spent 100s and never recieved their order and customer service DOES NOT care and they will not refund you or try to fix the problem.

- SHEIN sent my packages to the wrong address and will not give me a full refund

I ordered some items at the beginning of December. I realized I had still not received my packages and looked up my order update. It turns out they sent my order to a very old address on the other side of the country. I had updated to my new address, and should not have had a problem. When I notified the company of their error, they offered me a resend of my order to the correct address or refund. I chose resend, they then notified me that my items were out of stock and I would have to select other items at a different price. I asked for a refund, they refunded me...less than what I originally paid. Now I’m still currently being sent around and around with customer service for the rest of my money. I’ve been dealing with this since the first of this month. This is the worst service I’ve ever received and I will not use SHEIN again. I don’t trust them to deliver and I certainly don’t trust them to keep some of my money. Can you imagine how much money SHEIN is fraudulently making by keeping $3-$4 off of every refund? Most People probably aren’t even looking to compare the original purchase price to the refund amount.

- My favorite place for cheap but good quality clothes!

I love shein. I used to be very skeptical of it a few years ago but over the years it has gotten much better and more reliable. When you want to pick things double check the pictures and reviews to see if it’s good quality before you order it or else it may be just fabric. A little extra effort on research of the items from the purchaser is needed to get what you want. For the price everything is really decent quality and cute!! One time I wanted to return a few items because they were small and they refunded me while letting me keep the items (possibly due to COVID). Shipping doesn’t take too long though it’s not in a few days. There’s always tracking of the packages and customer service is always great. If you have the app and not just Online you can get points for just logging into your account that will add up to money! They should sponsor me I order from them so often haha!!

- Nice but...

I JIST want more aesthetic clothes. Maybe a way to make outfits without having to join a contest so I can use the clothes from my wishlist. I don’t like that the boards has a limit of ten I thing that’s dumb. It’s be nice if we had like clowncore clothes, more studded chokers in different colors, platforms. Dude if y’all could put demonias on here I’d be set. More punk clothes. More goth clothes. Less soft kid stuff. There’s plenty of soft girl stuff for the soft girls I’m certain they’ll find something. This app would be heavenly if you could put more punk clothes and accessories. Rainbow clothes, give us more pride things, more bucket hats, most people on here are teens who are only purchasing from fast fashion because we are poor and can’t afford anything else. Not to mention y’all accept PayPal without charging from a credit card which is gorgeous I like that a lot because I’m 13 and I can’t get a credit card connected to my PayPal because I can’t get one. Also I don’t like that the points expire. Like maybe I’m tryna save up for something just for my points to expire like that’s not chill smh.

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- Worth getting

This app is really really good. So easy to navigate, so many relevant suggestions. With the clothing, I’d recommend always reading through a few reviews. It’s really handy that there are so many reviews and photos that customers share. I love that Shein is really transparent in that regard, lots of other online stores don’t have this option, and its a turn-off for me. Generally speaking, the clothes are really fantastic value for money. Sometimes they can be a miss, but that’s the case with online shopping overall. Customer service is great, I accidentally ordered two of the same items once and it was so easy to quickly cancel the item and I was refunded quickly. SHEIN has been such a great site to use and I highly recommend it. Just be careful, there’s so much variety and suggestions that it’s very easy to get stuck in a black hole of scrolling or buying 😂


This app & website is perfect for aesthetic and trendy clothes for mainly women. My experiences are that most clothes are cheap- Average prices, but you will find that odd one that’s a bit expensive. They always have a sale going on, or some type Of discount which is nice, but it’s not always practical. The reasons I gave this app 4 starts was because all the items are made in China, and takes at an average 1 1/2 -2 weeks to get to Australia. The biggest concern for shopping on this website is the materials used, with most clothes the materials are transperrent and don’t look like the image, as I have figured out, they make a better/thicker material clothes for the example models, as many in app reviews show. Other wise, SHEIN is my fav place for online shopping, and is generally ok. I have heard why they have such cheap prices is because their workers are serverly underpayed and other rumours that their workers are children. I have no idea if this is true or completely false, I didn’t follow up on it when I heard it. This app has no glitches or any lags, and you can track your orders which is good. I recommend this app.

- Great clothing mostly

I’ve been shopping through SHEIN for about 18 months now and they’re pretty awesome. They have such a variety of clothes from babies/toddlers right up to men and your curvier woman. As I’m a bit bigger now sometimes I have to buy from the ‘curves plus’ section but they’re always great clothes. Sometimes though I wish they could put the dresses that they make for the ‘standard’ lady into the curves plus section as it’s only a little bit more material, but instead the dresses mainly look too frumpy to wear. They aren’t that flattering. Also love the points you get daily which goes to help pay for your next SHEIN purchase. And the SHEIN support is exceptional as I’ve had a few problems along the way and they go above and beyond the usual service and you’d get from a company, as they want their customers happy, that I am. Thank you SHEIN for all that you do and for all the little freebies too along the way

- Don't do it!

Terrible experience! The clothes I purchased did not look like the photographs, some were of such poor quality the material was see through. I didn't buy super cheap items either, I spent $55 on a dress which looked nothing like the picture and had wonky seams! Furthermore I opted to Return nearly everything purchased because the quality was so poor- only to be told that the only warehouse for returns was in the US and the return shipping would not be covered (I live in Au). It cost me $65 to return $120 worth of the items, which hardly seems worth it by when I queried this with the company before sending the return they said they could help with the return shipping if I gave them the details of how much it costed. I provided them with the details and receipt numbers but the refunded amount was only the value of the items and nothing towards my out of pocket amount for return shipping. I won't shop here again, and I would encourage people to avoid it- i read the reviews on the items I purchased before I bought them and they must have been fabricated, I can't see how anyone could accept some of the items I received and be happy with them!

- SHEIN wow!

I luv SHEIN it’s my fav app so easy to use clothes are mostly well made u may get the odd one that isn’t or it might be too big or small but they are happy for u to return no question asked put in a bag print a return label and they credit yr account postage is already paid, there is all so a point system if u check in daily that adds up too $$ u can use on purchases and also discounts that u can take off if u spend over so many $ dollars my items are always shipped same day and some have arrived in a week others two week and bit ..u have post tracking and I always pickup from somewhere close by and they let me know it’s here and where to pick up if I haven’t specified’s free shipping if u spend over certain amounts and they drop it to a local drop off point so many clothes ,home items ,shoes ,bags even for yr pet .luv Shein💜

- Great variety and prices

I have been shopping online at Shein for over 4 years now and they are great for a lot of things. You do have to be a little careful though as not everything is the same quality and whilst many items are really good quality and great value there are many items that are very cheap looking in reality and poorly made. I have purchased everything from their clothes to bags, shoes, beauty appliances, jewellery etc. In my experience you cannot go wrong with their bags, shoes and belts (all look amazing and last). Jewellery has been hit and miss, make sure your look at the size - particularly for earrings, they are often huge and much bigger then you expect. For clothes always read the reviews, I tend to find they are spot on and when I have loved an item with bad reviews and bought it anyway I have regretted it. But there are some amazing buys at prices you don’t find very often.

- I can finally dress like ME 💜

I’ve found it hard to buy clothes that I really feel comfortable in and that also express my personality, especially being plus size. Every single item of clothing I have bought from Shein has been of excellent quality and has fitted well, as well as making me feel happy when I wear them. They all wash and wear well. Just read the descriptions carefully. The best thing about how the shopping experience works is the user reviews; they are excellent at giving a ‘true’ likeness and fit on other normal people (as opposed to models) Worst thing is the long shipping time at present, mostly being in Oz and rubbish Auspost. Do it. And it’s not ‘fast fashion’ if you wear them til they fall apart, which I fully intend to do!

- Very disappointed

This is the 3rd time I’ve bought multiple items from SHEIN. The first time I bought 2 evening dresses and they were beautiful. The second time I bought 3 tops. They were ridiculously small and very poor quality. I got sick of arguing with customer service and threw them away. I had a third order on the way that was too late to cancel. These two tops came today. Again I purchased a larger size than I am and again they came so small they would fit a child. I am a 6ft tall woman so I buy the largest sizes. I check the measurements then buy one size up. What I received is tagged as a plus size but would again fit a short petite woman or a child. Don’t buy from this company. Avoid disappointment . I could have sent them back and had the postage deducted from my refund but this was not my error so I didn’t feel that was fair. Again they are going in the bin or the poor box. Please don’t waste your money on poor quality , undersized garments

- Only shop at SHEIN for clothes

I live in Australia. With a 3yo child who is hard to take shopping (tantrums) and less shopping with Covid, I have been online shopping at SHEIN. They are always reliable. Some material is not that great quality, but it’s workable. Due to material quality it’s best to buy products on sale, but keep in mind some items sell out fast. The little Chanel style handbags I have bought are good quality. The shoes are ok. I have bought many nice tops/blouses and dresses. Make sure you have a garment steamer though-very important- as a lot of the clothes crinkle in the wash. Ensure it’s the one that has the tank, pole/stand - hand held ones are not that great. I bought a steamer for $49 from a chain store and it works very well on SHEIN clothes.

- Great app

This website does have some inconsistencies in terms of clothing expectations, however the app works pretty well. I like that we get points for checking in each day and the clothing styles and variety of fashion options is always plentiful. I do agree that the material is sometimes not the best and photos sometimes make it seem like it’s not see through even though it is but I tend to listen to reviews before deciding on a purchase anyway. SheIn customer service reps are always happy to help when you need it such as when your purchases are the wrong size and need to be returned, they provide a lot of guidance on the process and endeavour to help out where they can. I’m a loyal customer for about two years or more and I think I will continue to shop on here because the variety is awesome, please keep it up SheIn! Thanks

- Your decision.

I’ll be honest, SHEIN is full with plenty of different varieties of trendy clothing. I’ve shopped 3 times and on average they costed $100 per order. But I have to say, the material NEVER looks exactly the same in the photo shoot. They are always see through; thin, and sometimes scratchy. There were some rumours I had heard that there were fleas in the clothes and there were some proof that shows there were bite marks from them. Another was because the clothes are so cheap, is because the workers are poorly under paid and some are children. Some of my orders were nice, but some weren’t for my satisfaction. I can’t be so sure if it is true. So you decide, would you get this app? My experience here was nice. But I really wished SHEIN would add thicker material and give a good pay to their workers.

- SHEIN review

I have been shopping in shein for a little while now and I personally do think that it is a great online store to buy from. However I will say that when ordering shirts with prints on them, the prints will come off most of them time when put in the wash or in a few other circumstances. Most of the quality with their clothes is not bad but some shirts are see through and a much thinner material. Besides all of those slight negatives, I’ve really enjoyed shopping with shein. They have a wide variety range of aesthetic clothing for both genders and even toddlers. Would definitely recommend trying it out but I would also recommend buying small quantities at a time just incase what you buy isn’t the quality you wished for and you regret buying it.

- The best

I have been so happy with my Shein purchases from Children's clothes to Adults, i love their variety for my Curvy body and especially the choice that is offered. I have recently discovered their Sheglam Makeup products and this brand has to be my favourite so far. The affordability is amazing and the products are so good and again the variety is wonderful. I cannot thank Shein enough for their great Service. I only have one complaint, that is not getting replies to emails! I have been trying to get them to include GHANA 🇬🇭 on their list of Countries to Ship to, but no response, so i guess i will have to continue to use Sites like BOOHOO and ASOS and other sites that do, and i may say within a very fast turnaround❤️

- This is a great store & app

So if you want good clothes and not too bothered about the shipping time I highly recommend. I have bought many things from this app and will continue to in the future as well. The only thing is (well for me anyway because I live in Australia) it doesn’t have the fastest shipping time, but it’s usually no more than 3 weeks at its most. Usually comes in about just over 2weeks for me but the products are worth the wait 👌🏼 haven’t had a bad experience. Just note that you look at the sizing charts and what materials they use (because sometimes they use random materials, not at all bad or bad quality at all just unexpected)

- It was great

I’ve been shopping with Shein for a while and so far everything was amazing! Aesthetic, Discounts, affordability, for quality I found that you’ll need to check what material the product is made of to see if its good or not and always check reviews!! They’re very helpful in my opinion :) Everything was smooth sailing till Shein started using Toll to ship products to Australia instead of Australia Post that was where my experience with them went downhill. I couldn’t get my products anymore and Shein couldn’t do anything about it as it is already with the shipping company and it just frustrated me that I couldn’t do anything anymore as I won’t be able to tell if my next order will be shipped by Toll or Australia post 😞

- They aren’t really honest.

Just wanted to point out something. You guys claim to have this huge 85% off Black Friday sale and you’re totally tricking the customers aren’t you ??? I visit the website often and I know the prices. All you have done is kept the original prices exactly the same (some are even higher than normal) and you’ve added a large amount next it and cut that amount with a line. So innocent people would coms here and think “wow I’m getting this $30 blouse for $15!” when infact the blouse was $15 to start with. What sort of disgusting fake sale is this? I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED as a customer about this. I was planning on buying from the website on Black Friday thinking I’ll be able to buy a lot of stuff only to find out that it’s all fake. VERY DISAPPOINTED! I will think twice before buying from Shein again.

- Awesome Experience

SHEIN has certainly come of age when I first started shopping with SHEIN sizing and quality were issues but now there is lots to choose from and the sizing particularly in curves is nearly 95% accurate. I always make SHEIN my first choice when looking for something new to wear. I have also found that the shipping times have improved. One small thing I would like to see a bit more cottons material used I live in a hot climate and it would be nice to have something that is breathable. I would definitely recommend SHEIN to new customers and also to older ones that didn’t maybe have a great first experience with SHEIN.

- Love Shein

I absolutely love the clothing on Shein! I always check the reviews to make sure the product is as advertised, you can be sure to get what you pay for! The only problem I have with Shein is their delivery partner in Australia is TOLL and they always deliver my Shein packages to totally random places! Shein can you PLEASE make it okay for delivery drivers to leave packages at the doorstep! I hate driving around looking for my packages!! Other than that I’ve never had a problem with Shein, if I don’t like the item I’ve brought (doesn’t suit me or too small/big etc) I can count on the friendly staff to assist me with receiving a full refund! (Have to pay shipping cost but that’s fair enough) honestly, keep up the good work!

- My shein review

I absolutely LOVE shein. Xx The clothes, the style, the variety! I love it all xx You can literally get anything at shein. Literally anything. There is so much variety just within the clothes so there is always something for everyone. Xx They have different types of clothes that can fit different bodies and have so many styles. I can’t fit into words how much I looooove shein.. But other than that the customer service is great and I definitely think you should buy from here. Oh and another great thing is that you can get points for reviews and they always have coupons for you which give you a discount. Just love shein.

- You get what you pay for

I like that there the variety of clothes offered at an affordable price. However, it is a bit of hit and miss whether the clothes look good or not. I read the reviews before I buy and make sure I don’t buy clothes that say no returns accepted. With one dress I bought, it was so thin and transparent - I only found out after someone at work told me. If I had read the reviews, I would’ve known. Trust the reviews. Also, I noticed that the cheaper clothes are usually the thin, transparent, cheap quality ones. I look at whether the cheap price is a result of being heavily discounted (then the clothes are better quality) or whether the cheap price is the regular price (then it’s most likely thin, transparent and cheap).

- Best Clothing By Far

SHEIN clothing is to good. The material is great. Sizing is hard until you order an work it out. They have great ranges going from babies to toddler to teens, men, women an curvy. I shop for myself my 2 sons (size 5&7 AUS) an young daughter (size 00 baby AUS) I love the matching family outfits you can order. Mother an kids matching is by far the best. Prices are the same as Kmart an best an less only thing is you have to pay $5 shipping but when you have coupons it’s even cheaper. An can I add you can afterpay your orders. Delivery is 2-3 weeks, always feels too long if only it can arrive the next day 🤣

- Great variety

I love this store however I suggest a few modifications 1 - when viewing a clothing product there should always be an option to see the other clothing items/accessories the model is wearing, so outfits are easier to make. This happens for some products but not all. 2- There should also be an option where the website recommends products that will go well the desired clothing item, to help buyers match outfits. 3 - Further the style of the clothing product should be more clear such as (Grunge, kid core etc) so it helps buyers to try new styles and match outfits. 4 - lastly the search bar should be less specific. For example when I went to search up desk storage it would come up with something barely relevant. The only way I could find the product was to look at other products through the recommended bar. When I found it, it was stated as filling up which is very specific. Other then these I still recommend this app more than any other due to the variety of styles in clothing and products.

- Great Range if clothing at affordable prices.

I have a eclectic like for fashionable clothing and SHEIN has a vast range in affordable items for majority of people. ‘I know there are always exceptions so I cannot say Everyone’ I am a mother and I can find fashionable outfits that agree with my figure and designs that make me feel a few years younger. Thanks for accumulating a range that has something for every figure whether or not some people choose the flattering choices is up to them. Easy to navigate app, swipe left to go back. Choosing colour, sizing and placing an order is easier than some websites.

- Mel

I’m quite new to shein , didn’t know much about them until a girlfriend said how good they were . I can honestly say I don’t shop anywhere else any more and my god I shop the quality is very good never had any issues I don’t go for the young half naked kind of look lol 😂 I know what suits me for my age and shape I’m quite small so sizing isn’t an issue I read the reviews which I take on board Shein is awesome it’s the best online shopping great prices clothing you don’t see every man and there dog wearing it’s different unique and affordable I’m broke all the time now 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Amazing store

Shein is a very awesome shop and has amazing style for all ages. There are so many good clothes I can’t choose which ones to get because they are all so good. The prices are very good compared to other stores with good style. You can get these clothes shipped to many different countries. They are so many different styles for everyone and I love how anyone can get something that they like and that fits them. There are lots of different sizes so, everyone can fit in. Shein does not only sell clothes but they also sell home decorations,accessories and foot wear. I highly recommend this store

- Great

I’ve been shopping with SHIEN for about a year now and I’ve had nothing but a good experience with them I run a small business making polymer clay earrings and have found many great things on SHIEN like blue light glasses as I am spending more time on the computer, silicon moulds for the clay, shape cutters ect……. I have gotten clothes off SHIEN they where good quality much like Kmart clothing and phone cases you can never have too many of those anyways all I’m saying is I’ve had a great experience so far and intend to keep purchasing from SHIEN they are great I highly recommend 💕😊👍🏻

- trendy clothing

this app is great and very cheap if you are broke and looking for something trendy and in fashion. shein also gives out many codes for discounts and you can collect shein points to reduce the amount of money you are spending. personally, i have ordered quite a lot of clothing from shein and it has always been high quality BUT sometimes the clothes would be very low quality and a completely different material you were expecting. my advice is to look at the reviews first before purchasing any items so that you don’t make any mistakes. overall, shein is a good online shopping place.

- The best clothing store ever in my opinion

SHEIN is just amazing, it’s not only affordable, their clothes are also absolutely gorgeous! It’s one of my favourite apps ever and I could just browse through it all day!! It’s sooooo affordable unlike jay jay’s. At SHEIN they offer multiple discounts and coupons for amazing quality outfits. I AM IN LOVE! I just can’t describe how grateful I am that this app is here. I would like SHEIN to provide more information on how they effect the planet, people and animals. Pretty much if their clothing is ethically sourced. Other than that, I definitely recommended this clothing store.

- Review

I’ve been shopping on sheik for a while and have made multiple purchases with all great products. The games and new challenge gets that are added to the website here and there are very exciting to think about as there is always a prize at the end. Shein is always handing out discount codes and giving points to you for promoting their products. Points can go towards purchases taking off some of the large amount of your final cost. I think shein could improve on packaging and make it more sustainable.

- Love this app but a suggestion

I would just like to say this is Ana amazing shop I have had no problems with it but as a teenage girl myself I thought you know what I’m going to have a look in the young kids section as there is a teen girl one and what I find is what I think is horrendous there is probably what look around 10 year old girls and have unrealistic body types for older teenage girls such as myself this a disgrace I would just like to bring this to your attention anyway other than that this app is amazing and I love the clothes that I bought but the fact that I have to shop in the adult section is stupid

- Great

It’s pretty good for if you are just looking for little cute things, stationary, accessories, clothes and more!! It’s pretty legit and I would recommend using it!! Taking into account it’s prices, it’s quality is pretty good! You are getting what you pay for, and a lot of the time even better from my experience! Sometimes the products are a bit fragile but that the worst thing I can think of, apart from when my packages from them come it’s not unlikely that they will be a bit damaged but I suppose it makes sense because I live far away from where they make their things!!

- This is definitely not a fake review

I love shein. The first time I decided to purchase some clothes, I was hesitant because of bad reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the site. I live in Australia and the clothes ALWAYS come under two weeks. Sometimes the material is a bit cheap, but considering the price, I don’t mind. The one time shein accidentally sent me one wrong item, they replied quickly to my complaint and gave me my money back. They were willing to help in any way to ensure I was happy. So if you experience any problem, send them an email and they promise to reply within 24 hours. I will continue to shop on shein, I absolutely love it!

- The best online shop!

Shein is the best online shop that I have ever used, the clothes are are quality me reasonably priced, it shows you when it’s supposed to ship and you can even track your order. They are also great with refunds, I accidentally ordered doubles of 4 items when I placed an order and the refund took about 2-3 to show up in my account. It’s got clothes for everyone and ever size out there. Overall it’s a great store, my absolute favourite. If you’re doubting, just purchase a few things to try it out!

- Very impressed

Im 16 and have been working for quite a while and just saved up some money and bought about 10 clothing items and I really don’t like to shop online but the shipping was really good considering where it came from the way it is packaged in high quality waterproof zip lock bags I wasn’t sure to read the material but it is flexible and very comfortable and it’s just amazing for the amount of shirts and pants I got for such an amazing price thank you so much I will definitely be shopping on here again


I absolutely adore SHEIN, loves the clothes love the style. My only issue is the amount of time it takes to get from China to Australia, one of my orders came in two and a half weeks when I needed the clothes before then. Overall SHEIN is a amazing cheap app with good quality clothes, that doesn’t help my dumb shopping addiction. There’s one thing that I would love for SHEIN to add, which is bird toys. For example a perch or even a big cage. I would also like them to add and xxs in women’s because the xs is just to big for me and I’m getting smaller. Thanks!

- Love it! (Almost)

The app works perfectly except for when you enter it from an email link, so I just avoid doing that. The vast majority of the stuff I’ve bought so far has been great, and the prices are fantastic especially when there’s offers running and coupons to use. My biggest complaint is about the sizing for shoes. They go up to maximum EUR 40, and my ideal size is EUR 42, and I know lots of other women with the same shoe size, because it’s very common in western countries, so that’s a whole lot of potential sales being missed out on. So pretty please SHEIN, make bigger shoes!

- Very Happy!!

I am very happy with my first experience shopping with SHEIN. Communication was simple, shipping was fast and I appreciated being able to track the parcels via the app. I was very happy with my purchases too!! I think I ordered 22 items for less than $300 and will wear each and every one of them!! I ordered most things in a size bigger than normal because I had read that a lot of the sizes were quite small - I found the skirts and dresses to be perfect, some of the tops perfect and some maybe a little roomy but still fit well enough to wear.

- S H E I N.

easy to use, and track orders+make them, clothes are cheap, and you don't always get what you think you will such at material of your clothing or the size of your accessories but it is definitely worth your pay check- and theres offers such as coupon codes, gift cards, and points which equate to cents (71 points equals 71 cents). you can earn points by making orders, going in designing an outfit challenge or checking in daily-which can be accessed via the me tab located at the bottom of your screen. they also offer after pay. 💌

- Awesome!

I honestly love SHEIN. For the price you’re paying, I think the clothes are pretty good quality. I’ve never had an issue with shipping, it’s always arrived within 2 weeks and I’ve always received tracking updates. The only problem would be that occasionally sizing can go a little smaller, depending on the item but typically I have no issues. Also a lot of items can’t be returned or refunded which can be unhelpful if you buy something that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look nice on you. Overall, I really love SHEIN, despite the minor setbacks!

- I’m obsessed

I buy most of my clothes from shein. I usually love them but always look at the reviews before i buy something as some products are better quality then others. They provide measurements for most items which i love so i can work out the fit but this app shouldn’t be over used as they do copy designs from brands and just make a cheap version. It’s mainly for people that can’t afford to buy expensive clothes, kind of like a fashionable kmart, big w or walmart.


SHEIN is the best online shopping app you could get. It is very cheap & affordable, it is really good quality. Me & my sister spend HOURS looking at cool, SHEIN designs. If that isn’t enough to persuade you to get the app they even make cloths for you cute, funny pets!!! You can dress your pet in any SHEIN design you want! I really recommend getting SHEIN I think it is the best online shopping app and the best girls entertainer if you can’t be bothered to go to the shops or if you are stuck in COVID lockdown!!! PLEASE get SHEIN it is fabulous for shopping for clothing, accessories, home decor & more!

- Love Shein

Orders always arrive really quickly, packed neatly and clothing in perfect condition. Super detailed descriptions of every single item including the measurements of each size which is SUPER helpful, unlike any other clothing site. People’s reviews on items are always great to read and help a lot too. Prices are amazing for the quality of their products, I’m always blown away by it. So affordable, easy to use, they have a rewards system, fast shipping, great variety and range. Can’t ask for much more!!

- Latest fashion at unbeatable prices

I’ve been a fashion leader thanks to She-in. I have been purchasing with them for about 2.5 years. I read all the reviews to make an informed decision and order the right size. I am always complemented on my style and friends can’t believe that I usually pay under $20 for the latest styles. Just remember Australian sizes are very different and an Aus size 8/10 is generally a size large in fitted type dresses on She-in. Shoe sizes are pretty much the same as Aus sizes. Give them a try you shouldn’t be disappointed.

- ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ amazing app by Adelaide Crows are the best team in AFL

Amazing app with lots of trendy and aesthetic clothes and jewellery. Easy and not glitchy at all. Works with no internet. Has a wide range of stuff none of it being scams. Also has fidget toys!!!. Very cheap products with cheap shipping. Also I love the set up of the app it is eye catching but it is also easy to find stuff. Looking forward to buying more products from this brand. By the way like I said Adelaide Crows are the best team in the AFL but I don't like Richmond Tigers, Geelong Cats or Port Adelaide Power

- Amazing!

I started shopping here about a year ago and everything I have bought is pretty good. Most of the clothing I have purchased is a good price and really comfortable. However, I have ordered three things that never arrived. You can’t return anything you buy if you like in Australia like me but I have never needed to return anything. If you are shopping for kids clothing always check what it is called because the toddler clothing looks very similar to the kids clothing.

- Shein or shien?

Hard to spell the name, but otherwise the clothes are cheap, aesthetic and trendy! I’d watch out for the sales though, sometimes the sales can be really good and make the items really cheap. Most of their items are great! I mainly read the reviews in the app before purchasing the item so I know that it isn’t too thin and good quality- because sometimes the clothing may be very thin (I say that from experience). TLDR: Read the in app reviews before buying your item so you know it’s worth your money! Other than that very cute and cheap clothes. :)

- Love SHEIN

Love the app and on computer too. Lots of different style of clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from in both male and female. Some very unique and funky. Style yourself correctly. Probably 95% of items are great and look like high end items. You can get the odd one which isn’t what you expected. Measure yourself correctly, don’t go on your normal sizing and browse the reviews and blow up the pictures people post. Your almost never can go wrong. Remember they are not designer clothing but knock offs.

- Amazing

You can buy what ever you want for really cheep and they give you so many codes for like 70% off of your order I have bought so many things off SHEIN and there very good Quality you should definitely download it it’s free to download it’s amazing so why won’t you get this amazing app. I can get The same clothes at a different shop for way more expensive and less quality but when I shop with SHEIN it’s really good quality and really really cheap it’s amazing I love it

- Love you

I have been with SHEIN only 4 months and I had good experiences from here when I have compared to the other website as I always shopping online or even from the shops. SHEIN products is ok as quality is okay but I love the designs and the way you can get points from reviews. Price is ok as well as some cheap and expensive. Most of time shopping from SHEIN I got what I expects from. The service is good and the website is really easy to use. Thank you SHEIN hope you improve and keep this site to be one of our favourite website as you do.

- I love this app!!

Although some of these clothes are medium to low quality, these look fabulous! If you are looking to get 2 seasons out of clothes then shein is a perfect place to shop. Any clothes that you want to last for over 6-12 months, don't shop here. These clothes are very cheap to buy, as they say, you get what you pay for, but for me I feel that I'm getting even more than what I pay for. Love these amazing and trendy clothes. Only thing with them being so cheap to buy is that I think they must be made in a sweatshop.

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- 5*

So far so good, going to place my first order soon!

- Amazing!

Totally recommend😊 clothes are well made and cheap for the amount of clothes you can get, love this!💕

- J’adore ce site 😊

Sa coûte vraiment pas chère, nous pouvons se faire rembourser lorsque nous somme pas satisfait de nos achats (se qui est très rare) les articles sont de bonne qualité, breff j’adore cette application 😊😊

- Cheap

Everything thing I bought ended up being made with cheap thin material. Even sweaters that looked plush and thick in pictures. Sizes all run VERY SMALL Needless to say. Pictures are incredibly misleading. Im a 36 yr old who wears med size clothing( I bought some things in large to be safe). I gave all 11 items of clothing I purchased to my friends 9 year old daughter(they fit her perfectly). DO NOT buy from here.

- Don’t buy anything from SHEIN

I bought so many things from SHEIN over $200 and it said it was free express shipping but after some days of order I got message that I have to pay extra $30 for clearance fees


If you are looking for sustainable brands THIS IS NOT IT. SHEIN is not providing any sources saying they use sustainable materials nor do we know if their workers (people making their clothes) have a good pay.


Do NOT get this app!! A lot of people, myself included, have been hacked on their personal social media’s and other accounts using the same email you provide in this app!! People have gone to the source of the hacking to show that your email was used by Shein. Do Not Use!!

- Nope

The product was extremely cheap and the measurements of the clothing were not accurate. I also had to pay $30.78 HST without warning when the package arrived at my house. Not impressed.

- hacks!!!

do not download people are getting hacked


This thing is a scam They will hack you

- annoying

never got my order


first, the clothes are not that good. second, peoples accounts have been getting hacked and their personal info is being leaked. i luckily used paypal for my order but someone still tried to login into my email and google blocked them. please don’t give them any personal info.

- Can I get a refund

The last time I bought from this app none of the things that I bought came in the right size and quality was so bad I’d like a refund because that was not what I asked for


As good as it seems, these low cost items are extremely cheap and poor quality. There are so many small businesses and other sites you can buy from. Also promotes child labor, animal cruelty and racism.

- Takes forever

I was originally receiving updates on where my package was, but it is now May 22 and I have NOT received an update on where it is since May 9! I want to know where it is and why it’s taking this long! I ordered 8 days after my friend and she got hers in 3 weeks, I have been waiting over a month and we live in the same area.

- Antisemtic

They sell swastika necklaces with no problem. Wow!

- Racist culture against blacks

After scrolling through items, some of the accessories show case insensitive images against blacks. A phone case with a black man hand cuffed was on sale. Nobody on the team thought it insensitive to do this

- “Free shipping over this price”

Yeah it’s a joke. I ordered over $150 of clothing and revived “free shipping” just for them to send each item individually and have me pay $30 for each item crossing over the boarder. That literally more than my whole order. Ridiculous.

- beware

ordered in Nov 2020. cleared customs i was told. canada post was to deliver I was told . Jan 2021 no one seems to know why i didn’t get yet Money from visa was withdrawn , i paid for items. but never received ,and no one knows why it wasn’t ,sent to me. I won’t be ordering from Shein again. paying for nothing. beware

- Not impressed

The orders are next to impossible to track, and they take a very long time to arrive. I ordered a black skirt and got a costume skirt made out of foam. Very unhappy, not worth the money at all, I could’ve done better at a thrift shop.

- Horrible site

Service is horrible and on top of that there a scam. The information u give this website they will use it and try to hack ur iCloud so watch out.


It hacked into my social media and it’s overall not a good app

- Deleting the items from cart issue

I am not able to delete the items from the cart which i dont want but when I delete them they do not get deleted so annoying

- Child Abuse and Exploitation

Ya’ll need to STOP ordering from here. they literally have child slaves and abuse them, not to mention exploitation of labour, not only towards kids, but all their workers

- I don’t know what happened..

Clothes are cheep , trendy , a lot of sale and benefits. Therefore I ordered something. However I saw my skirt was refunded.. I don’t know what happened.. I’m so sad because the skirt was sale item and sold out.. also Late delivery

- Good Quality

I placed my first order for products from SHEIN last week, I live in Canada and it still came really quick. The items I checked reviews on before ordering are perfect . A few things were too big but I also didn’t measure and wasn’t sure my proper size as I gained a bit of weight . All the leggings were perfect which was what I was most worried about . I also got some lingerie that is comfortable, it’s also a little bit big but I’m sure once I wash it, it will shrink a bit in size . The bathing suit I got is perfect ! I am definitely going to be ordering off their site again. I even had to pay a small custom fee and SHEIN offered to refund half the fee which is above and beyond .

- Do not use the app!!

They are cheating u!!! The payment gateway is insecure and will deduct the amount later without your concern!!! It will actually empty your bank account!!

- Exploits women , sends the wrong message to women/ teens

Deleted the app because I think it’s wrong to send such a sexualized message of what women should wear and look like , especially to an upcoming generation of women . Is women should strive to be strong , kind , uplifting - not allowing companies and people to sexualize us . This is how so many girls and women are trafficked, exploited, etc . Ladies stand up for yourselves - you don’t need to dress in barely any clothing to have worth - you are better than that !

- Tariffs

Be aware of taxes and custom duties. Even though you get one package without any of these to be paid, you never know if you will be charged the next time for the same. This is regardless if you paid for the delivery or if it was free express shipping.

- Teenagers

I found a place that I can afford. Having two teenage daughters. Thank you SHEIN


STOP THE PRODUCTION OF FAST FASHION. i know we all struggle from time to time and need cheap cute clothes but listen this GARBAGE company abuses their workers and their chemicals lead to irreversible damage to the earth. THRIFT. SHOP LOCAL.

- stop being racist

all in the title babe.

- No customer service support

There is no one to talk to. It is all robots so if you have an issue with your order there is no one real to speak to. I have bought a lot from this site but in the future I may decide to stop buying because there is no one real to speak with. I bought an order and my package had not arrived now I have to go searching for it. Get real customer service people!

- Unethical

shein has stolen and copied designs from hundreds of not thousands of independent designers without their knowledge or consent. they underpay their workers and do not use renewable materials. if you can afford to shop elsewhere i encourage you to do so

- Please do not support shein

Everything they do has a horrendous impact on the environment. Although their clothes are super cheap it is tempting to buy from here but the orders can take up to months to arrive, if they even do arrive. The labour is terrible as well and I do not recommend.

- cute but no

clothes are cute or wtv but they use child labour which is not it at all😐😐

- Bad shipment and awful customer service

I placed my very first order on dec13 and it was near to my address since dec18 and afterwards no updates. I contacted many times SHEIN customer service they keep told me to wait wait wait and nothing helped me at all. I also contacted logistics to check for my parcel they did the same thing on transit. I am not going to order anything from this again. Please do not order anything from there . If you didn’t get you parcel there service team not gonna help you at all.

- Min shipping

The min price for shipping is very high... other than that everything is nice .. I hope it will reduce.

- love this app but please fix a bug!

Please fix the bug where you open something in your favourites list then go back and the list automatically scrolls up to the top so you have to scroll back down to where you were again... It’s annoying as I have a lot of items saved!

- Not nice at all

The only reason why these clothes are cheap is because of the children that they force to work in sweatshops. This online store heavily uses fast fashion and even if you don’t think it’s a problem, it will be when our environment starts becoming unsafe for even us to live. There are so many more alternatives.

- they made me pay for the express shipping fee

I’ve just got the mail from Fedex that force me to pay 24cad for my express shipping package- which has been mentioned that it is free delivery from Shein!!!!! I also ordered another package after that without knowing this stupid stuff cost me that much money!!!! They suggested only refund 60% fees of it but when I paid the fund they vanished, still waiting for they reply in angry!!! Please BOYCOTT THIS COMPANY!!!!

- Pls lower shipping Price

SHEIN is an amazing app with great stuff the shipping WAS awesome untill they started started to higher the price I used to ask this lady that ships my orders to Jordan for $2 I SWEAR bc the shipping was free but now she stopped PLS SHEIN MAKE SHIPPING FREE I WAS GOIN TO PLACE MY ORDER UNTIL THE SHIPPING WAS MORE THAN I WANTED TO BUy 😭 Pls just make the shipping free my b day is comin and I wanted to order but now I can’t 😞 😭😞😑

- Disappointed

They started charging gst. Sucks bc they use to be to good with prices and my favourite clothing store but tax now?

- Negative

Now they are charging GST . That’s no good for that’s cheap material


I love shien I’ve ordered multiple times but why is there suddenly a GST included. It’s adding another $48 to my order and it wasn’t there yesterday. Why is it so suddenly there?

- Remboursement

Je n’arrive pas à recevoir mon remboursement de colis non reçu


this company is one of the worst for mass production and waste. their workers aren’t paid well or treated well, everything is cheap falls apart, and it’s horrible for the environment. not only do they contribute to pushing fast fashion they individually wrap each one of their items in plastic. not to mention they steal other peoples art and design without credit or permission. DO NOT SHOP HERE

- Clothes are ok but asks for extra shipping cost

I ordered my clothes quite a few times with SHEIN and it’s fine most of the times but I ordered a month with free and express shipping and they asked for an additional $40 even after it was free. I didn’t even get a refund nor my package. Wouldn’t order from here again.


“The main concerns with ultra-fast-fashion companies like this — and Shein isn’t the only company producing thousands of styles a week — is the lack of information. There’s a history of long, exhausting working hours for some garment workers. “The prices are a huge red flag. How do you pay your workers when you’re selling so cheaply? We love ‘retail therapy’ to make ourselves feel good but the reality can be tragic. Worst-case scenario: People are buying into forced or child labour and human trafficking without realizing”

- Save our planet 🌎

I know its hard to not shop from shein so many cute clothes but its❌❌ FAST FASION ❌❌and it is bad and harmful to our earth it is the 2nd most thing that is polluting our earth we are ruining the world we live on do something now before its to late and if you cant move on now buy one more cart and thats it cut shein off

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SHEIN - Online Fashion 8.3.0 Screenshots & Images

SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
SHEIN - Online Fashion iphone images
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SHEIN - Online Fashion (Version 8.3.0) Install & Download

The applications SHEIN - Online Fashion was published in the category Shopping on 2014-05-20 and was developed by ROADGET BUSINESS PTE. LTD. [Developer ID: 1526109949]. This application file size is 246.8 MB. SHEIN - Online Fashion - Shopping app posted on 2022-06-29 current version is 8.3.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: