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YouTube Music [Music] App Description & Overview

YouTube Music is a new music app that allows you to easily find what you’re looking for and discover new music. Get playlists and recommendations served to you based on your context, tastes, and what’s trending around you.

A new music streaming service from YouTube
This is a completely reimagined music service with official releases from your favorite artists.

Find the music you want
● Easily find the albums, singles, live performances, covers and remixes you’re looking for.
● Don’t know a song’s name? Just search the lyrics or describe it.

Discover new music
● Get music recommendations based on taste, location, and time of day.
● Use “The Hotlist” to keep up with what’s trending.

Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium to enjoy these benefits:
● Listen ad-free
● Don’t worry about your music stopping when you lock your screen or use other apps.
● Download your favorites or let us do it for you by enabling Offline Mixtape.

If you subscribe via iTunes:

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase.

Monthly price: $12.99 USD / $12.99 CAD / $15.99 AUD / $16.99 NZD / £12.99 / €12.99 / $129 pesos MXN / $9.89 USD (KR only) / 129 kr NOK / 129 kr SEK / 129 kr DKK / 229 ₽ / ₹129.00 / $3.99 USD (AR) / ₹129.00 IN / R79.99 ZA / $7.99 USD (CR, EC, DO, UY, VE, GT, BO, HN, SV, PY, NI, PA) / 25.99 zł / RON28.99 / 199.00 Kč / Ft1,990.00 / lev11.99 / $6.49 (BY) / €7.99 (SK, SI) / €8.99 (GR, MT, CY, LT, LV, EE) / $8.99 (MK) / 17.99 Turkish Lira (TR) / kn79.99 (HR) / $14.87 (IS) / ₪29.90 (IL) / dh27.99 (AE) / $6.99 (QA) / $6.49 (BH, KW, OM, LB) / RP65,000 (ID) / NT$190.00 (TW) / ฿169.00 (TH) / ₱169.00 (PH) / $78.00 (HK) / RM 19.90 (MY) / $12.98 (SG) / USD$7.99 (VE) / ₦1,200.00 (NG) / $12.99 (TC) / USD$7.99 (BY) / £64.99 (EG) / $12.99 (AS, AW, BM, KY, GU, MQ, YT, PF, MP, PG, PR, TC, VI) / €12.99 (GF, GP, NC)

YouTube paid service terms:
Privacy policy:

In-App Purchases
1. YouTube Premium $15.99
2. YouTube Music Premium $12.99

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YouTube Music Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update our app all the time in order to make your YouTube Music experience better. We polished a few things, fixed bugs, and made some performance improvements.

YouTube Music Comments & Reviews

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- Forget previous review...I love this app

Update: I figured I’d leave the prior review there to show how stupid I am... just don’t touch the screen so hard and those songs will move all over the place with incredible ease. I figured it out by accident.... moron moment over... love this app now more than ever... love love love Look, I love this service because it has literally every song/cover/live version etc. of everything.... however, I spend all day making these playlists that I cannot rearrange!!!!! I click edit, the equal sign (I don’t know what else to call it) appears on the left and I have to touch that thing like 87 times before I can get it just right so the stupid menu doesn’t come up instead. I HATE IT. It is literally so frustrating it makes me not even want to use the app. I’ve had to resort to deleting things that I want to be at the end of the playlist and then adding them again just to get them to where I want. Please please please fix this or make it easier or bigger or something. It’s literally a crapshoot on whether I can touch it just right so I can pull it up or down in the playlist. I can’t be the only one this annoys. That would shock me to the core....

- Content winner, though lacking some polish and features

Hands down, the most music of any service. If it's a song that was recorded by humans it's probably in here. And will at some point come across your station. End of the day that's what matters most to me for a music service. Exposure to content. That said, the app is missing a few minor convenience features present in other similar services. My biggest peeve, no Windows PC music only mode. I listen to music a lot at work and would prefer not to eat bandwidth for videos I'm not watching. While in power the app has no option to keep the screen on meaning I have to unlock my phone to thumb a song down while driving. And the most minor, no way to thumb down a song that's not currently playing, gotta stop playing the current track, start playing the other one, then thumb it down. Also, why no access to comments?

- Cash Grab

If you’re coming from Google Play and if you’re already paying for a Google Play subscription, then this app may be perfectly suited to you. If you’re migrating from the free version of Google Play, you’re likely going to be very unhappy. The app seems specifically designed to annoy the user with as many roadblocks to enjoying their music as possible in order to force them into purchasing a subscription. The app will not run in the background without a subscription, so forget about using it in the car and having a gps running at the same time. Advertisements are played in between nearly every song, including music you already purchased. Often these would be video ads so if you’re on a limited data plan, that’s going to hurt. Downloading your music is a premium feature as well. YouTube’s global head of music, Lyon Cohen, stated in an interview at SXSW “There’s a lot more people in our funnel that we can frustrate and seduce to become subscribers,” and it appears he’s making good on that. Google Play generated income off me in their free service by playing ads on their radio, which I was fine with and presumably by taking a cut of the sale whenever I purchased an album from them, which I was also fine with. However, I won’t be bullied into paying for a subscription. I’ve transferred my music to another service and will not be purchasing further music through Google/YouTube which is a shame as I felt Google Play was really well done.

- this app is great but

it could be better the “my mixtape” is just music that i went out of my way to find it music i have in my likes or downloads rarely is there new music in there that i haven't heard, along with that if my mixtape is supposed to be songs that i like and etc then don’t play different music at different times, in the morning it plays different music than in the afternoon and night which is okay but i like to hear everything and my morning music is the same as my night time and my afternoon music. Along with the play more music for me, if the new discover playlist or whatever it’s called is supposed to help me find new music it would be nice to make it more accurate I've never liked a song that played in that playlist and it’s not even the type of music i listen to and i’ll listen to anything. also it needs to be updated all the time not every Wednesday.

- Why Did You Remove The Feature That Allowed Us To Find Remixes From The “More” Button?

(Updated On Exp) Starting to love this new look actually. I can see the songs I enjoy replaying come up well at the top section. What was great before was tapping a track that I’ll enjoy, and wondering - what would some remixes/covered/related tracks sound like. The older “more” button or what the current “i”/“Information” button had previously done this. It was awesome! I was hooked. I could find so many great songs from other artists/DJs and so on by finding a great hit, then tapping those buttons. Now those features aren’t to be found. I don’t feel confident paying because I can get the same great hits/music from streaming services that I’ve never tried before. I was a student for all the time I’ve used it (1.5 years) as well - so I really do love the app! It’s harsh pressing the info button and seeing nothing.

- You tube music

It is awesome to pick out songs that take me back to the high school days of the seventies star. Football player and rock guitar was progressing rapidly into the mind blowing riffs we rock and rollers know and love I have many of the best guitar in the world in my head thanks to you tube music I can tell the guitar hero from the first phrase of there guitar I’m 60 now and the music of today well I know they are artists and all they never be a Eddie or Alex or jimi h jimmy thanks to you tube music they will live in my world forever long live classic rock thank you Eddie who is Van Halen and Alex you should all know in my opinion the greatest guitar player ever who he is you tube music keeps these guys will captivate-generations to come thx Tom c

- It’s ok

Using this app since it’s replacing google play. I don’t like that it takes forever to connect to my Bluetooth it seems to always have a lag and the music buffers in the beginning too. I never experienced this with google play. Maybe the music videos are still loading in the background even though it’s on “music only” mode. I also really dislike that my music never picks up where it left off when I’m done. I have to manually go and search for my song every time I restart my car or anytime I come back to the app really. I’ve tried not closing the app on my home screen but it didn’t male a difference. Sometimes my playlists can get long and searching for a song toward the middle is annoying. I do like that I can find any song that’s on YT on here though, sometimes google play would not offer songs YT music has offered.

- Developers read ⭐️ 🌟

Good app. I’m trying two switch from Google Play music but I’ve had to use a third-party method to switch over from it. You need to add your own way to transfer, likes songs, and more data about the user. Another problem is that you do not have every song available on there that you did on G p.m. This is making it very difficult for people who have bought song is that they cannot move over to or other reasons. I do like the app because of its learning algorithms for my type of music. another thing you need to think about is Apple Watch app support. Many people of Apple watches and make this service a real service it would need to have an app for me to listen to my music downloaded on the watch. This would be appreciated as well.

- Meh

I love the amount of music available! I came from google play music so this was great! My quips though and I hope these are changes that come along: my library doesn’t give me the ability to choose a letter and then get taken to that area, I literally have to scroll to let’s say the H’s... which wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have over 3000 songs in my library. You can’t change the song when your phone is locked, you have to go into the app to do that and pause it. Also when you go to an artist’s page and click a song by them, it doesn’t just play their next top song it goes to a different artist that is similar and starts playing a song by them. And every time I remove a song from my que, the app forces you back to the top of the list and then you have to scroll back down to where you were.

- Can't customize anything

Alot of the recommended stations are just some main stream popular artist I never listen too. Let me add my own playlist or artist to my main menue play lists. Let me add or move wdgests around. And for crying out loud all the playlist have the same songs... Like if I click on a dubstep song or something why put something non related to dubstep there? Same with Nightcore or electro music.. let me make my experience with this app better by allowing me to change and move things around. I don't even scroll down because it's all garbage that I'll never click on. It's so sad that this app just get worse and worse. Now you added that song video thing when the old one worked perfectly fine. Now It randomly switches to video even if I selected song. I had a grate experience with this app for like 3 years but it's just getting worse and worse over that time


I downloaded the app and it very graciously gave me 2 weeks premium for free. I could download music and listen to it offline and it was add free. I was building up my playlist and towards the end of the 2 weeks I had about 50 songs downloaded and in my playlist. The end of the two weeks finally came and premium was gone. Here comes the problem. All my downloads were gone, you can only access them if u have premium. I was alright with that because I still had my playlist and could always use data. I go into my playlist and shuffle, the first song had an add. It was expected, but as I continued on I found that there is an add at the beginning AND end of EVERY song. There is an option to skip after 5 seconds but I don’t want to be pulling my phone out every few minutes to skip an add. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN ENJOY THIS WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY PREMIUM. Thank you for reading my rant on why you shouldn’t download this app. Have a great day!

- Good Google Play music transfer, other things to improve

I’m super happy they finally allowed the transfer of our Google Play music playlists, but using this as my main music app is going to need a few improvements if I’m being honest. First, the app can be glitchy when loading info the current song playing, and sometimes I have to close the app fully to get it to work. Secondly, if you are going to have a feature of having lyrics built into the app, please update it to where you know any song made within the last 30-40 years at the minimum will load no matter the genre or artist, no matter how popular or not the song is (in it’s current state it feels like a beta rather than a fully released music app.) I enjoy it overall but am looking forward to improvements moving forward.

- Great Concept - Terrible Execution

I honestly had high hopes for this app, but in the end it was just a major let down. The music selection is great, but everything else about the app is there to make sure you can never actually listen to the music. Most songs will stop after 10-30 seconds and restarting the app won’t fix this problem. It will happen often, randomly, and unpredictably. Also, one you pause a song and leave the app it loses it’s memory. So let’s say your on a road trip and stopped to get gas, when you get back in the car you essentially have to restart the entire playlist you were just on. Individually these problems aren’t terrible, but combined it is the absolute worst. Which is really upsetting considering the content on here is actually amazing. Overall, only use this app if you’re at home and don’t mind consistently trouble shooting. Not an app for on the go people with busy lives.

- Dude Waht

I really enjoyed this app. . . Up until recently. See, with the past few updates, it getting harder and harder to find the music I like. It recommends different versions of a song I like, but I don’t want different versions, I just want to listen to the song the way I like it. Be it faster tempo or otherwise. Also, first page I see when I enter the app now offers less of the things I’m interested in. While my favorite songs are cramped in a corner all together, a bunch of things I don’t care about take up the entire screen. I don’t want to listen to ‘New Releases’ or ‘Hottest Country Albums’ because that’s NOT WHAT I LIKE. The music I want is shoved in a corner under ‘your favorites’. SURE, those are TOTALLY my favorites and not just DIFFERENT THINGS ENTIRELY. I don’t even know what half of the stuff recommended to me are! I had high hopes for these few big updates, but all I see is failure to pander towards the audience. Please, staff. I know there is a low chance of someone reading this, especially since it’s a negative review. Please give me back the app that I loved! Instead of just calling random music you’ve thrown at me ‘personalized’, just go back to the way you were. This isn’t difficult. All you have to do is take away the new bad stuff, and replace it with the old good stuff. Thank you. Sincerely, An unhappy customer

- Saved items keep don’t update automatically

Please, if I have a playlist synced in “saved items” it supposed to update (download automatically) all the new tunes which I put on the same name “online” playlist, but it never uptade itself, the only way is deleting the playlist (in saved offline) and download all the way AGAIN to get sometimes just 3 new tunes I must to download like 3 hundreds tunes in order to keeps up-to-date my offline same name synced playlist. I’m thinking to cancel my subscription only because this, it already bugging me a lot. Second thing the music VIDEOS in a playlist synced to play offline some of them just play the music sound, if I created a Music VIDEOS playlist it’s supposed to play ONLY VIDEOS in all of musics which i put on it, not just a few aleatory (p.s: off course I added the video option when I did the prior search). TKS

- The revamp changes everything.

This is a great app, has the absolute biggest library(YouTube), option for video and all of this is just the early access version! Very excited to see what the future updates bring with them. Few complaints are: Remove the swipe to delete from playlists, or make it harder to trigger, like requiring a double swipe. This was an issue in GPM, still an issue here. Also add shuffle and repeat buttons on the play screen and the ability to add whole albums to playlists. Other than that, keep up the good work and keep expanding the official library, as it’s missing big albums like Stoney by post Malone and 4 your eyes only by J Cole and so on.

- Stoped working the same

When I first downloaded the app I loved it because I could make my own playlists and it was always recommending me new music and artist and was always up to date when artist released new music, however I’ve had the app for a couple of years and I noticed that it started to say “song unavailable” and at first it was a couple of songs and I thought it got removed because some were songs I Hadn’t listened to in a while, however today I go on the app to listen to music and over half of my playlist with songs says song unavailable and when I tried to remove it and re- add the song it wouldn’t allow me to do so. I’m sad because I love this app, but I heard it happened to people with a premium account as well, so unfortunately I have to find another app to listen to music on in the meantime. Please fix this!

- Good app but bugs with last updates

Hands down, this app has the most music. Nice to be able to listen to lesser known artists, covers, live performances, etc. Editing and sharing playlists on the app is really easy. One peeve of mine is that it has an option to download songs, but if you are out and have no cell service - you can’t open “library” to access “downloads” without needing internet - they should have an icon for “downloads” separate from “library” that opens right away without internet. Since the last update - it’s hit/miss with the app staying on. Before, you could lock your phone and the music would still play. Now it feels like you have to remember to trigger/wake the app to keep it on.

- I like the App, but...

I often cast music from the App on my Sony TV. Whenever it is connected to the TV, overall App behavior becomes different, here are few examples: 1) When I play from my downloaded list, it does not follow the list itself. Depending on what song I select to play from the downloaded list, the queue becomes random with songs which is not in sync / order with my list 2) Moving a song up / down in the list also doesn’t work well, if I try to drag a song from one position to another, and I hold down for longer than 2-3 seconds, the drag auto releases, and scrolls back to where I originally started the drag from 3) Switching between Song / Video on the top bar is very slow, and sometimes reverses my choice, I have also seen a song being paused when attempting to switch to/from Song / Video Besides this or when just using the App without being connected to the TV, it works great, just wish the integration was smoother for my particular scenario Using iPhone 11 Pro and have auto-update on for Apps, and the TV is brand new Sony, so everything is relatively up to date on my side

- Giving it four stars will change if app changes this.

I want the app to change the premium version I want the app to where I’m able to play it off the app it’s frustrating cause I wanna do other things and if I turn my phone off then woop the music turns off I don’t like it at all and u ask for a lot of money when using the premium since that I never bought it It would be fine if u could let us listen off the app that way we could do other things on our phones it’s fine if u add ads skip turns or something but u need to a least let us listen off the app that’s all and I will change this rating to a five star when that is fixed anyway I hope u get this and change it have a nice day...

- Seems Legit

Been using YT Music for about a month now and I’m pleased 100% so far! The My Mixtape section is great; I’ve had it play several songs that I love but hadn’t listened to in a while (oh the nostalgia). There are only a few glitches like how the app responds sometimes but not anything irritating to me in the least (some slow response times that last half a second). I know they are still working some bugs and kinks out, but I’ve yet to have the app crash on me since I’ve been using it. It’s my #1 go-to when listening to music on my phone whether I’m at home or driving. Can’t wait to see what new additions we get in the future!

- No new songs, not worth the money for membership

No good song recommendations, all it does is play your like songs over and over, and then finally when you get a new song it usually not a good one some weird type of stuff that just isn’t worth the membership, and to top it off you shouldn’t need to pay to have music in the back ground I should be able to have my phone off without a membership, honestly if they did that it would probably bring in a lot more people so that’s an idea and if no one likes it to bad this is an honest review and this is only my opinion not anyone else’s but it’s not a good music app, unless you have money, and even then it’s challenging to find new and good songs, which is just a pure disappointment., edit: changed from 3 star to 1 star app is to frustrating, this is just ridiculous if I could would give a .5 star if possible

- Fix the playlist shuffling

I have a playlist that I workout to which has like 400 songs on it but every time I hit shuffle it plays the same songs every time I hit the shuffle button on the playlist so it’s not truly shuffling the songs and it gets pretty repetitive, fix the shuffling system to where it shuffles everything from my playlist so I’m not listening to the same songs every time I go to turn on the playlist. Like if I put a song on there today and there’s a song I put on there two years ago I want the same probability that it might land on a song I haven’t heard in a long time. The whole principle of shuffling is to be truly random and I don’t feel like I’m getting that.

- Great app but room for improvement

I love music and listen to it most everywhere I am that I can and your music library far surpasses any I’ve seen! I wish there were a few improvements that I’ve also heard others mention and those are being able to remove a song from the music que without having to wait till it plays and wish there was a way to indicate some artists I can’t stand so they don’t sneak in amongst my jam! I also wish the app was visible on the lock screen when I’m connected to my system via WiFi the way it is when I’m connected via Bluetooth, why is there a difference on how it functions? A few tweaks by listening to your users and it would be the perfect music app!

- Missing albums

The app is okay. I transferred all my music over from google play and I expected a better experience which was met half way. While it has its benefits there are a lot of down sides. Some artist pages are literally missing albums. For example Steven universe which has some of season one album in its top song list but you can’t find the album anywhere on their page. I also have another album from Steven universe which also isn’t on the artist page and when you click -go to artist- it takes to to the same page where the album literally does not exist. Another problem I have is I get notifications of artists that I have not subscribed to. I can get notified of their new songs but not the ones that I am subscribed to.

- barely usable on iphone 8 running latest OS

this is the only music service i use but it’s honestly a shame at how bad it is. on my iphone 8 it is just miserably slow. if i want to hit next song, i’ll go and open the app and it’s still on the screen from 5 songs ago. i have to then wait for it to load to hit next. also you’ll get to use the media buttons on the lock screen like 20 percent of the time. same thing is you swipe up, good luck using media buttons to pause already playing music. lastly i absolutely hate its integration with my google home. again you’re stuck with the slowness of the app to get next or pause. now it’s even worse, if i want to change the playlist from my phone, i’ll go ahead and open the app which pauses the music...just from opening the app. the only fix is to hard close the app, reopen and reconnect to the home.

- Downloaded songs...?

Ever since this update 2 days ago, my downloaded songs have disappeared. I can access the full albums I’ve downloaded, but the dozens and dozens of random songs I had downloaded that were in they’re own little “downloaded songs” album/playlist/whatever are gone. I can access my liked songs, but those are different, I didn’t thumbs up every song I downloaded and vice versus. I want my album/playlist of downloaded songs back! Sometimes I want a mix of stuff, besides the offline playlist of 20 songs that the app has put together for me. I love this app. the $ I pay for the amount of music I can access and download is awesome...but I want to be able to download everything I’ve downloaded again! Please!

- So much buffering

I mostly listen to music while I’m working in the morning, I like to use the app because it does help discover music I would potentially like. My main issue with the app is every time I take out an AirPod to interact with another person it pauses my music and almost never picks back up. It try’s to buffer back where I was but I usually have to start the song over or just skip it. It’s rather annoying especially when it’s a podcast or a longer music playlist. Just seems like a big flaw that it can’t pick up where I left off, especially when I usually put my AirPod back in within a minute or two of taking it out. The only other issue is it plays a lot of repeat songs, mostly they’re songs that I’ve liked but I don’t discover new music by listening to the same stuff..

- In love with this. Wish it wasn’t so $$$ tho.

I absolutely LOVE this! No ads, Thank yoooou! Having everything at your finger tips and also it gives amazing finds and even ones you forgot about & hen will show you whole entire playlist. You want baby making music or old school rock ballads then you’re all set for hours with a playlist made, Or make your own! I have tons of playlists already. Plus you subscribed to the artist. ONLY thing I don’t like is the price. But it’s really not a lot when you think about how much time you save and being able to take with you on your cell with unlimited space!!

- Fix this

I love this app I have been using it for over a year now as my main music streaming app. It has been flawless in my mind ever since they made the update to download playlists offline. That is, until recently. Recently, about every fifth song that plays, wether it be from one of my playlists or a search, doesn’t load. This is extremely frustrating when I have to skip all of these songs which will never load and just skip constantly. It turns a 100 song playlist into only 30 minutes of actual music streaming. Please fix this bug it has ruined the app for me and stops me from listening to a select portion of all of my playlists.

- Issue

Okay, Idk how long I’ve used this app but I have for a little bit, and the only two issues are that, when I’m trying to add music to a new playlist sometimes I would make the playlist before hand, knowing I needed to add music to it. But I usually need to make a new one when I click add to playlist, because the one made before doesn’t show up on my list of playlists. Honestly it’s not that big of a deal but today I was trying to add music to a playlist but the playlist didn’t show up at all, no matter how many times I made it before I chose the song or when I made a new playlist after I chose the song and clicked add to playlist. Those are really the two main things but the first ones not that big of a deal.

- I really want to love this app, but...

I really want to love this app, but the bugs it contains drive me crazy enough not to make the switch from Google Play Music (which isn't without it's flaws, such as selecting genres in the new releases) which offers a better UX. One problem that shouldn't go without being mentioned is the fact that after ending an incoming call that caused the music to pause the music won't resume; in fact, it won't even allow the user to continue where s/he left off. Instead, the user will have to find the playlist/album again and remember what track was playing to resume. I hope this review doesn't fall on deaf ears (yes Google Devs, I'm speaking to you), as I fear that this might just be another of those projects that Google eventually drops instead of fixing.

- Buggier than Play Music

Play Music wasn't perfect, but it was better than this. If your commute takes you through extended periods with no data coverage, expect to be disappointed even with a fully downloaded play list. The queue gets mixed up and paired down. Songs will show up in the queue twice, back to back. You may even have to add the downloaded playlist back into the queue because every time the app moves to the next song, there's an error and the music pauses. Selecting to play the same exact play list while offline fixes the errors, but what is going on that prevents this app from being able to play a downloaded playlist continuously regardless of network availability. Strongly considering dumping all my Google paid services at this point. I'm pretty much over it. Will give this a bit more time, but my confidence is low.

- It's getting worse

They are slowly making this app worse. First they took away the slider that added or took away variety and now it seems like they are just trying to shove new music down my throat. I DONT WANT TO LISTEN TO THOSE SONGS. I also really enjoyed the "rediscover music you loved" tab because it was cool to see what I had listened to a year ago but in the new update they took that out for some reason. Also I used to be able to see other versions of songs and songs that were similar to that song by going into more info about it but they took that out too. That feature was pretty much the reason why I kept this app even after they got rid of other features. This app gets more boring, simple, and frustrating with every update. They should have just kept it the way it was when they first put it out. It was better that way.

- Could have been better..

Overall the first week of having this app was amazing the best music experience I will have in a long time. Now I use it and I have to pat for it to be in my pocket turned off. I can’t even open other apps without having it cost a paywall from this app. I get it that you would need more cash as the app is free and that’s good but when you have an advertisement every before and after a song is it really necessary? Know I sound like a major Karen but I’m trying to be honest won’t get the fun I had listening to music again.. The reason I’m giving it three stars is because I don’t have that much passion for this app although I enjoyed the time I had with it even if I can’t get it anymore..

- Much improved; still needs more work.

This app has improved vastly since its introduction a few years ago, and is now one of the top music streaming platforms in my opinion. First, Google’s algorithms deliver the best mix of what I like along with new suggestions. Secondly, I appreciate the ability to seamlessly switch between music and videos in the app. Lastly, the offline mixtape is an extremely useful feature. Always having 100 fresh songs in my back pocket for those no service areas is a lifesaver. The app is still a bit clunky (especially the library) but I like it a lot.

- Needs improvements

I would like to use this app 100% of the time instead of Google Play Music, however, there are certain things I don’t like. 1) when using my AirPods, I can double tap to pause, but when I double tap to resume—it doesn’t work! I need to go directly into the app and hit play. Hitting play on the lock screen won’t work, either, as it just keeps spinning. It forces me to go directly into the app and start the song from the beginning. 2) it’s cool that you can get both audio and videos on the same app. But it’s weird when the app plays the audio of the video version. You could be listening to a song (video) with long pauses that only make sense when you’re watching a video.

- A second generation failure.

In the beginning you could use Google Play music with your phone locked. Just like any other music app the free version includes advertisements. That part makes sense and a palatable experience overall. As they revamped THAT app and changed all of that (including getting rid of mood based music selections) it got to be a worse and worse experience. When this app came i’d hoped that they’d change their minds on the worse parts of the previous experience but alas here we are. The no screen lock thing is an abysmal way to bully people into a paid subscription and otherwise makes the app unusable and you all know that. That is why you failed in the first place. Before the changes GP Music was my preferred music app. This is why people have defected and will continue to stay away from this app.

- Great app! Just Missing a Few Things...

I love this music app and have canceled all my other music subscriptions. The variety is great and it is super easy to use. The only thing I wish is 1) there was a Watch app (I mean, c’mon guys! This should be a no brainer!!! I use this app when I’m exercising and it’s a hassle to have to use your phone to control your music. Abs 2) I wish there was a button to turn off explicit music. I teach a spin class and I’m always nervous about the songs that come on auto play when my playlist ends because they all have cussing in them. Plus, I definitely can play this music around my kids! It should be easier to listen to clean music.

- The old Bait and Switch...

Starting out, they give you the premium version for 2 weeks, so you can enjoy listening to music while using other apps and also when your phone screen goes to sleep. Once that trial period ends and you are using the free version of the app, you get 15+minute long advertisements and the music stops every 3 songs to ask if you are still listening and forces you to hit the “yes” button. The premium version of this app is great, but making the free version so terrible that it is unusable is a marketing game that I’m just not going to play. This app is worthless to me if I have to constantly interact with it to keep the music playing for more than 10 minutes at a time. And the fact is, that it’s all just a thinly veiled attempt to get you addicted to the convenience of the premium version.

- App Needs EQ for Better Bluetooth Playback

Love the app! With certain Bluetooth headphones or using on systems like Sonos (especially with volume limit off) certain hertz to megahertz can either distort music quality or cause trouble with devices trying to understand if music is in mono or stereo. Having an EQ can fix the problem or even having a stereo or mono function would be great. This happens more when viewing videos or music either recorded live or DJ sets type recordings. Most people that upload music use a Y jack that if they don’t select stereo or mono prior to recording, makes the problem worse.

- The app has a horrible radio

This app does music well if you know what bands you like, but the radio feature is bad. If you pick a song or artist to start a radio with then the songs that come up tend to be repeats. Let me explain, if you pick Linkin Park to start a radio with, it will play the exact same songs as an Avenged Sevenfold radio. The app does not offer a wide range of random radio songs to listen to. Pandora does an amazing job at radio as it throws new music that you've never heard of in your playlist. I wish this app did that. If you play Kendrick Lamar then the radio is the same as an Eminem radio song list. The artists are in the same broad music genre sure but their music styles are completely different.

- Long time google play user

Just started using this because google play recommend i transfer my library. After discovering that google plans on shutting down google play music I made the switch. I am so pleased by this switch. The layout is so much more organized and easy to navigate. I am getting better recommendations and the addition of viewing music videos is awesome. I’m excited to keep using it. One thing I’d love for them to add/ improve on is their music sharing options. Adding the ability to add songs to your Instagram story or other social media would be sweet.

- Not as good as google play

It seems there are ten extra steps to get anywhere. No index on your lists, so you’re scrolling forever; they recently changed how they display stuff by artists (now all songs are in one long list, and if the album you want to listen to isn’t on the top of their list, you have to take an extra step to get to the album listing. I have a lot of international artists and sometimes it’s easier to find what I want to listen to by album cover); playlists don’t automatically start over (there’s an auto play, but it doesn’t start the playlist over, it just plays random stuff YM thinks you might like, sometimes stuff I don’t even have in my library). Am one more terrible discovery away from switching music services.

- App is constantly buffering

This app is basically okay - except for the constant buffering and waiting for songs. I’ve experienced this even with downloaded playlists. Why would I ever have to wait for downloaded material to play? For that reason this app is pretty much useless. At least on my phone. Interesting that I’m not having these issues with other streaming apps, so I know my internet speed is fine - and I’m seeing these issues over WiFi - not just with cellular data. I have to assume that YouTube’s infrastructure is just so poor that it can’t handle the user activity. Which basically means this app is useless.

- My Two Cents

I really enjoy this app. I like how it’s how easy it is to search for different artists and music. I also enjoy the fact of not having to deal with ads or that I can close the screen on my phone without the song stopping. I do wish that the “Your Playlist” would update with newer songs related to the music I listen to on average. It’s usually the same songs over and over. I also don’t like that it will completely change after listening to one type of song. For example, I mostly listen to Rap/Hip Hop but as soon as I play one Disney song for my kids the whole playlist gets flooded with Disney songs.

- WOWed! If you like to hear music from your genre, come here!

I’m not kidding about how I said in the subject of this comment! This is my favorite app for hearing music. If you can pick specific artists that make good music, it doesn’t matter whatever type of genre you want to listen to. This is my first type of app that does know how to suggest very similar music to your current song and video of your choice. I have just finished my main point of this app and it works well and worth the 5stars BUT I don’t think it that good because the premium version is too much money so it’s worth the 4 stars if you like this app. If this gets a lower price it’s a 5!

- App Devs making it worse with each update

I feel like every time it receives a new update, this app just gets worse. For example, they recently got rid of or moved the customization option where you could change what kind of music you were listening to to either make it more diverse or exclusive. But now it's gone and I keep getting songs I've never even heard of which I really dislike. Also, was changing the logo to make it dark really necessary? I liked the white colored logo. And please give us the option to actually choose songs to put into our playlist without liking them because whenever I do like them, they always appear. I just want a nice balance for once...

- About the new version

So previously I was able to see just songs I’ve listened to recently so I could just refresh and choose from things I know. I use this app explicitly for working out and so I don’t want to be listening to stations and random songs I’m not familiar with. The new update enforces this and I absolutely hate it. I had to start liking the songs I know I would be wanting to listen to, and it takes me probably twice as much time to find something than before. I don’t even scroll down on the main page anymore because it’s full of unwanted suggestions. It’s absolutely garbage and I want the old layout back without all those random suggestions I couldn’t care less about. It was a fantastic app, why did you have to ruin it?

- Google Play Music was better!

Annoyed that I had to switch to this because Google decided it wanted it under the same umbrella. So upon moving my music and playlist over which was easier than I expected that is the reason two stars out of five. Beyond that it’s annoying that I had to redownload my music which should have been automatic. Than when I play my playlist and I go to open the app again it doesn’t pickup where I left off in my playlist. Why can’t it do that like google play music. Another complaint is it likes to offer me suggestions. Great but offer me music suggestions that are close to what I listen to, not the newest music to be added to the app. It needs to be improved soon or I’m looking elsewhere for my music.

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- Exactly what I’ve wanted for a long time

This app is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s perfect! Except, some songs randomly disappear from my playlists? I’ve tried adding the songs again and they’re yet again, not in the playlist. If this were not to happen the app would get a perfect 5 from me.

- Frustrating and Awful Downgrade

A major step back from what was already a pretty poor user experience in Google Play Music. (App reviewed on iPad) I get that the experience of enjoying music is largely subjective and that people all have varying expectations when choosing a music player. With that in mind, where are literally any of the customisation options? I can’t do anything to make this work better. I don’t need the ‘Home’ or ‘Explore’ tab, let me turn those off permanently. If I want to add music to my library, I can use the search feature at the top of the screen. Allow me to go directly to album view in my library like a normal music player. How about some view/sorting options in albums? These things have been standard for many years. Using a nice big tablet screen to show a tiny list of albums, sorted A-Z (like a crazy person. No way to sort albums by artist? Really?) crammed against the left side of the screen so you have to scroll and scroll... App music players have been getting worse and worse with fewer options year on year and this is the culmination of all that degradation. You’re Google, you’re supposed to be good at this stuff. Added a star because the actual ‘now playing’ screen is pretty good and addresses problems I had with GPM.

- Good but for the repeats

I love this app but I find I have to give some songs a Thumbs Down at times because it just wants to play them over and over, twice or more every day. E.g. 500 Miles. Some artists (e.g. John Denver) you ask for one track and then every auto play list you ever start again will end up with most of his songs, despite not asking for another of his songs. Ask to start a play list with a rock or pop song and within a few songs you’re listening to Country music again. It’s all good music but too much of a good thing...

- All your ads has added up in my bank account!

I have been paying for the top subscription once a month for over 6 months and I still have advertising would have but I have paid too much adding it all up now! then clicking subscribe for no ads then login in and it says your already subscribed to your account! No sh#!! But in fact I think you have given me more ads. You constantly take my money but you never take away the ads. Please refund all of my subscriptions. I think I’ve been loyal to the point of your just taking my money for granted. And I’m sure you will miss it!

- Why do you have to pay exactly?

So I get the paying for the no ads thing but paying so you can go off the app is pretty annoying for me. I’m not able to pay for it because I still live with my parents, and a 3 hour drive while stuck in between two little brothers is annoying especially when their screaming is all you can hear. Overall it’s okay but I don’t really get the use if you have to stay on the app while listening to music.

- No subscription feed :(

Please just add a subscription place so we can know when our favourite artists post. The new releases section just promotes new-ish releases from pop artists and not artists that I’ve subscribed to. If I want to find new releases from artists I’ve subscribed to I have to go through their profiles 1 by 1 and it’s so time consuming. If they did something like replace the explore section that nobody uses with a subscriptions section it would really make my day :)

- Offline Playback Useless

Great app but with the latest update offline play is pretty much non existent. Every time you open up the app, it always has to ‘sync’ the offline playlists. Even when this is done and everything is downloaded, when you have no connection the app is useless, not even downloaded playlist will play until you establish an internet connection!

- Great but...

Almost perfect, but there's a few issues with the offline components: -The app checks your downloads are up-to-date every time you go listen to them, which takes FOREVER if you have a lot of offline music. It takes about 5 minutes in my case. -It would be nice if we could organize albums/songa by genre, artist, etc. instead of getting one big list.

- Great Music all the time

I can download or just listen to anything I can think of. My entertainment is never interrupted as I prefer to pay a membership fee. I download music I want for on the road and never have to worry about the internet dropping out. It took me a long time to sign up and I wish I had done it sooner.

- Great but

Guys, the ability to chill to just music, with a near endless choice, or watch a music video, when stoned 🙃, is brilliant. The only ask is, while in landscape mode on iPad Pro 12.9, going from full screen to windowed and showing video list, it reverts to portrait, which the requires picking up iPad, annoying after a few times. But the interface and GUI are perfect. Well done!

- If it’s alright could you...

This app has amazing quality although there is some thing I wish you could do. The thing is I’m trying to find a app where I can listen to music while playing something for free. Whenever I do this finding apps I cant seem to find one like that.

- This could be a game changer

I only do give it a 2 star because if you have to pay monthly to listen to music while using other apps or listen to music offline then you might as well not get the it would be the dream app everyone is looking for if you could use those options for free. So basically if you don’t buy the month fee your just listening to music while still on the app P.s i basically gave you your best experience option there

- Multiple Offline playlist plz...

Awesome app with every song you want. Only thing i would really like to see is multiple playlist for downloads when your offline. Atm all songs will go in 1 playlist which is annoying when you want a particular genre at the time.. other then that awesome app with no issues 👌🏻

- Black screen

Sometimes when I open the app I just get a pitch black screen and can’t do anything. Never used to happen and very annoying when it does. To fix this I have to reset the app which I don’t like to do because I very highly love the mixtape feature in this app where it picks songs you might for you. If I reset the app it removes the mixtape playlist which I don’t want to do. Please fix the issue.

- Apple Watch improvement

I think the app should have better Apple Watch interaction as there are a few bugs I have noticed. I think it should have an Apple Watch interface to start playing music without touching your phone. Other than this love the app, great playlists.

- disappointing

i loved this app until about 30mins ago when i found out the new update won’t let me play music unless i am in the app and ads are now included before every song. I absolutely swore by this app and loved every bit of it until now, smh i’m so angry

- Another untested release.

Each new release has more problems. Now I can no longer randomly play all downloaded songs. Seems a pretty fundamental feature. All it will do now is just play a single album. Also downloaded songs can’t be played unless you have network coverage. Kind of defeats the purpose! update: Got to the bottom of this. It seems the downloaded songs periodically get deleted or at least inaccessible. Again, defeats the purpose!! You are losing me as a customer.

- Drains battery

Over all I like this app but when I’m in a area with no reception or I have my phone in airplane mode my battery will completely drain within 2 to 3 hours. Is this a bug or is there something I need to turn off in the settings?

- Music for the whole family

A family of 5 with kids ages between 3-17 years mean we all like to listen to very different styles of music... this music service is great for that. Quick and easy to use for novice parents too!!

- Good app but has some serious issues

Overall, a great music streaming app. The algorithm is no where near as good as Spotify’s, but over time I can see it improvising obviously. The app is generally very buggy however. Anytime you unlock your phone and have the music running in the background, the entire app either crashes or stops playing all music. It’s so annoying...

- Please help me !

Hey guys, i need your assists. I just changed my phone today and dowloading every stuff from my old phone to my new phone including this app. And i had subscribed to this app before but after i changed my phone it asked me to subscribe again. Im just afraid that i will subscribe it twice. Looking forward for a reply. Thanks!

- I preferred the Google Play App

I can’t for the life of me figure out this app. How do I listen to albums that I’ve added to my library in the same place? Do I need to listen to albums separately now????? The top songs feature plays songs I don’t like and for a limited time please help. I miss that feature of google play music being able to add to library and showing at the bottom of the artists page. Thank you!!

- Great app although one flaw

When downloading music, all downloaded tracks go into the folder called downloads rather than its own artist folder, this only works if you download the whole album. I only have 16gbs and can’t download a heap of albums but have quite a few single songs.

- Offline playlist

The app is great but you can’t have a playlist offline you can download music into your downloads playlist but you can’t sort your music into playlists to listen offline eg. having a playlist for rock and another for rap won’t work offline you should be able to have more playlist options offline so you can have different playlist for offline music

- Good but the latest update broken most of the songs

So ever since the latest update has come out I can’t listen to most of my music it’s just flickers and won’t play anything so I have to miss so much music not happy

- Offline

I bet a lot of people would appreciate it if you guys made an update for the premiums and the non to be able to listen to music that they’ve saved offline thank you for reading this and please from the whole world take this review into consideration thank you and goodbye😋😜🦄🦋

- Won’t play same song multiple times

Why won’t the app play the same song on repeat, or the same song more than once of included in a playlist? I have a playlist with 7 x of the same 1-hour song to help my baby sleep, and it only plays the song once, even though it is in the playlist 7 times. Google play music never had this problem. I’m paying for a service that doesn’t work. Fix it.

- Mostly great

Great to stream music and find new stuff too. Only problem is playing offline music I leave the app open on purpose to not reset the stream. The app decides to close after a while anyway which is very annoying. I wish this would be fixed

- App forgets what I was playing

If I pause playback and lock the screen, this app is very likely to forget the song that was playing, and all the songs I had queued. This is quite annoying. It happens especially often if I'm streaming, and playback is involuntarily paused because I walk into an area with poor mobile coverage. I have similar problems with some other Google apps.

- Was working well not to long ago but the shuffle feature is not working any more

When you hit shuffle on any playlist it just plays the same songs every time and it’s always the last few that have been added to the playlist even the my mix plays the same list of songs every time really annoying please fix it

- It’s ok not the best app

This is an okay app, it is pretty useful when i want to listen to music. I really recommend you guys checking it out and downloading it. I kinda wish all the songs were free but this works out enthusiastically.

- Not shuffling properly

I love this app but recently it hasn’t been shuffling my playlists properly. I have a playlist with three of my favourite artists but since the last update when I shuffle said playlist it starts with one song from each artist but then plays all the songs from one artist, then all the songs from the next and then all from the last artist rather than all of them shuffled together. Please fix this.

- music is life

in music you tube,i get what i want ,like ,music that suits my mood in a moment..and music is my life,who can live without it? in the beginning even before i open my eyes to experience the worlds whatever it may bring in my journey, brings life, brings back memories for old time sake and even will give an intuition of what future may bring but who without music is like a living in a house without a roof ,. thanks for the privilege to share my simple thoughts..all the best!

- It’s good but...

It’s an amazing app. But I keep having this issue, where I play my downloaded music and I’ll lock my phone and it will stop. Now keep in mind that I have payed for the months subscription so it should be able to play while the screens locked. But no, it keeps stopping.

- Anything and everything

I’ve been raised listening to music in the 40’s till the music of this era ... (not that I like it so much ) and I’m only 40 still hip🙃haha but what ever I feel I want to listen too it will always be there .... what everrrrrr it is !!!! Thanku x

- Dale Doughton

I love my music. My daughter told me not to get it. That I couldn’t afford it on disability pension. It brings me so much joy. I need to learn how to work it a bit better, so it players my most favourite played songs in a row. Otherwise thank you.

- Need a lot of improvement

Its almost good but its need some necessary improvements ! 1 - it dose not make sence that if the user added a song to a playlist he can remove it it will stay there for ever . 2- user cant allow the app to download over cellular there is an option in setting but it basically does nothing .

- Why pay for something free elsewhere?

Currently listening to music on a competitors app playing in the background while I write this review. You can’t play music in the background on your app. You can’t play music with the screen off. The adds are insane too. I listen to an add before a song and after a song. Then before and after on the next song. Your platform has more adds then TV and radio.

- Great app

Great app, good access to the latest music. Well played out features. User friendly and very easy search favourite songs and has plenty of options to view videos or audio.

- Fixing playlists problem

Thank you for fixing the playlist problem i was so close to cancel my subscription with google because of that


Man this app is perfect for me as a dancer and a music lover! I appreciate the fact you can download and have offline options. As well as the best part you can now download playlists! It meets all my need at an affordable price!

- The free version overloads you with same ads constantly

Normally this would be a good app but the free version is so punishing with its advertising that keeps repeating the same ad over and over and over and over, and that it only works while the device is on makes it a poor version of all its competitors. Had to uninstall and goto an alternate free app that does a better job. But would go back if the ad rotation wasn’t so abusive.

- App crashes

11 pro max iOS 13.6.1 Back round app refresh allowed Battery saver off Wifi/4G downloads permitted GPM would always pick up right where I left off when I’d put the phone down and pause music for 10minutes to 10 hours. For some reason YTM I’ll pause a playlist to take a phone call, or watch a snap, really doesn’t matter what, and when I return to pick up where I left off, it’s reset back to when I first open it.... which is beginning to get increasingly annoying. It also won’t download my playlist, it just sits there thinking about it, I’ve tried everything. How could you have it so perfect in GPM and then stuff it up so badly in YTM, it’s even buggy as hell on my pixel 4.

- The App turns on its own on on my iOS device

Can I get some assistance please from the developer? The application plays on music on its own particularly when the headphone is connected. It happens a few times during the day and sometimes I wake up to the phone playing music and draining the battery. I have uninstalled the application and re install it and nothing has changed. Does anyone know of a fix? Thank you!

- Pretty much perfect

My only negative about the app is when you are watching a music video. The iPhone X range still has the little drag up line. I would like that hidden so I can enjoy the music video better. Otherwise amazing app!

- Overall a good app

I use liked songs auto playlist a lot, and sometimes some songs that I have unliked would play in the playlist. Also, the song that’s playing might not be the a different version than the one I liked, such as in different language.

- Polished but useless.

You have to pay to have the screen off while playing the music, search features don’t have any filters. Terrible cashgrab, would have potential if premium only got rid of ads instead of allowing you to play without screen on - something which all its competitors allow free.

- Limited app

You have no access to other's playlists that you have saved, just the ones that you have created. In addition you can see only 6 of them, and it’s not possible to filter them, just recently added from a-z or z-a!?!? At the end either you use their playlist or copy the others for a new one...

- Paying

I want to use the app but as a jobless year 10 still I can’t pay $16 for a free FREE trial, that’s no far for most of us that can’t pay. It should be fair that this app should let us play Songs and listen to them and be able to have the phone screen off but still able to listen to music instead of paying its just no fair that we have to pay for every thing it’s just like school.

- Can’t sort your collection.

This is a decent app these days but the inability to sort your collection is a ridiculous oversight. Your albums and favourites are sorted in “recently added” and there’s no way to change it. It renders large music collections useless as you end up having to use search to find the content you’re looking for.

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- Like it!

I have YouTube Premium so I get the better side of things, but with YouTube Premium, the app is so much better and comfortable to use. I can download songs and listen to the offline and turn the screen off and still listen, just like Apple Music. Like the app so far!

- Fantastic

This app is the best music app that I have found. With premium it is even better than Apple Music but it is almost free

- Money

I like how it functions but not how you need to pay for everything like listening to it while it’s closed


The library and preferences from Google Play Music do not transfer to YouTube Music. Instead of sticking with Google Play Music or just rebranding the service, Google decided to go for the messiest transition in their history.

- Deleting this app after 5 min

A music app that stops the music as soon as you close the app??? Unless you pay $160/year! What’s the point and why do I need a second YouTube app if they both do the same thing? No thanks!

- Annoyingly money hungry

Asks you to go for premium every time u open the app.even if u have a song playing and come back to it after 30 secs .

- Disgusting

I am appalled by this business model. There are already well established services and apps. This brings nothing new. It actually lacks everything that makes a streaming app good. If you want the stuff that makes it better you actually have to pay and you still get a subpar app. TLDR Google is making you pay way too much for something you can find in other apps for much less moolah...and it still sucks...

- Waste

Is this even different from YouTube at all besides the fact it’s JUST music. Like if I wanted to listen to music and need to keep my phone on I’d just open it in YouTube.

- Too Costly

Too much $$$ to make this app functional

- Bad App, Bad Service

This is a terrible replacement for Google Play Music. This app and service are both terrible. Spotify here I come.

- Suggestions to make the app better

I love the Mixtape personalized for me, it gets the songs that are related to the song I usually listen to. And when I search a song to play it, the next songs are the ones that I like too. The algorithm for finding the music you will love is excellent. 1) However, they have to work on fixing the downloads 2) Sorting by artist name/ song title/ album/ genre. 3) Make lyrics available 4) You should also allow us to search for the artisr/ song / lyrics in the album/playlist too since we put a lot of songs in it and sometimes forget what the title is or the artist name. 5) Top 50 songs of each country 6) Able to select songs so we can delete or add/remove to playlist, etc


I was excited to finally see that I could literally listen to all the music on YouTube that I can’t find on Spotify until I read that u have to buy the premium version for background playing. Lolol what a joke.

- eh

yeah, nice that it’s free but it’s even worse than spotify with the premium features. isn’t the point of a music app to listen while the phone’s locked??

- Worst version of Spotify


- Beta version

So many things missing. Update. So many things still missing or just not working. Maybe an Alpha version after all.

- Google play transition

The transition from google play to youtube music is just abysmal. There is no option to purchase individual songs or albums like before. You can only stream music, which you can’t even turn your screen off for unless you pay for premium. This is youtube’s bad take on spotify and I would not recommend it at all. If you want to stream music for free or as a subscription, apple music and spotify are far superior options. I have spent hundreds of dollars building a library on google play and I hate to see that I can no longer expand said library because of this transition. I will be switching to spotify because I am left with no other option.

- No Lyrics! Bad music recommendation

There’s should be lyrics attached to the songs. The music recommendations are not good

- I can’t close the app and listen to music

What’s the point of making a music app if it’s the same as YouTube?

- Love

Much love but it randomly stops playing music please fix other than that I love it


This is proof that google has been bought out by EA


first of all it’s already a bad app because you literally can’t do anything until you pay and plus they are snakes who took away almost 100 million views from ON by bts I hate the app even more now

- Wheres chromecast audio support?


- Absolutely useless

Won’t download my music, stops playing while I’m driving and won’t restart, the interface is complete garbage. I was paying for a fully-working app called Google Play Music, and you swapped it out for this useless thing. What possible reason would you have to delete Play Music before you’ve even worked out all the bugs in this app?!

- Ads play when I listen to my paid content

I migrated from google play music to YouTube music, as the google apps kept notifying me to do. It moved over all of the songs that I purchased through google play music. First time I play one of my paid for/purchases song...i makes me watch a YouTube ad. :|

- Subscription required to stream to Chromecast audio devices

Unlike Google Play music, YouTube Music pushes subscriptions even more and requires them to stream to Chromecast Audio devices. Also no easy way to maintain your own music library. The constant upsells to premium are a real turnoff as well.

- Not an upgrade!

Today I was forced to switch from goggle play music to YouTube music. Google play music could play my music with the screen “asleep”. Not now. You tube music requires me to upgrade to “premium” and pay a monthly fee to get back a feature that I had for years until today! And I thought iTunes was bad!

- Poor replacement for Google Music

Recently migrated my Google Music library, including my own uploaded library and have been very disappointed. Guess I have been spoiled by Google Music. What I really miss: - Every time I open the app, I have to start over to select what I want to play because the app doesn’t remember last position/ track played. Especially frustrating with my own library. - None of the queued tracks are listed or played in order of the track within the album, especially in playlists. Tracks are simply jumbled together in seemingly random order. - Same goes if trying to add an album to a playlist. tracks are simply reordered seemingly at random - Limited ability to sort onscreen. Seems to be simply alphabetical only. Needs to be able to sort by album while keeping tracks in track order. - lastly, most definitely wouldn’t pay a penny for this app, definitely not premium just to play my own tracks or the ability to play in the background. It’s pretty evident how far Google has gone from their principle, since removed, “Don’t be evil”. This app is simply frustrating enough to be considered evilly user-unfriendly.

- Terrible replacement for Google Play Music. Get something else

The interface is clunky. It refuses to download songs when I press the download button. The worst part is you have to pay for the premium subscription to play music with your phone locked. I haven’t put much time into the app because that is a deal breaker. It’s finally time to hop on Spotify or Apple Music, not this.

- Useless unless you pay

You can't cast with YouTube Music unless you pay for Premium, which is beyond silly. I went and bought a Google Home so I could cast my YouTube playlist to it without having to turn on the TV and using the Chromecast. I'm fine with ads, I know there's money to be made, and I respect that. But I'm not sure what's up with all companies moving towards subscriptions now. All these things consumers subscribe to adds up, and it's expensive! What's the point of all the ads if we can't access any of the features? Aren't the ads there so we can use this service for free? This is beyond silly. I'm uninstalling and returning my Google Home. I'll stick with casting to my Chromecast.

- Money Hungry

It’s not good at all, you could just use regular YouTube. You have to pay to play music screen off which is ridiculous.

- Pay to listen to own music offline?!?

I have to pay to listen to my own purchased music library for offline listening (download music)? Play Music is way better.

- Same complaint as everybody else

If you’re using the free addition, the music stops playing once you put your phone to rest... what?? It’s literally just a second YouTube app. Waste of space.

- Reliable

I use YouTube be it’s always reliable and no fuss no mess , it’s pretty much one stop and it’s playing in your ears , I intend too expand my platforms using YouTube, Thank You Youtube. Kind Regards Porter

- Waste

Why am I paying for premium? When I turn cellular data off app doesn’t work! Thought that’s what I was paying for???

- Garbage

Not good can’t listen to music and use a different app. Get mixer box 3 can watch/listen to it all for free

- Crashes all the time

App crashes like nobody’s business. Whats the point of having a premium account if it crashes all the time. Its more expensive than apple music, or spotify with much less to offer. And it crashes!

- Stoopid

Even with premium, you can’t play music when u don’t have connection to the internet.

- Bad

THE WORST MUSIC APP EVER! Get it RIGHT! .. no care for their customers they just want money! Thanks for double charging me and giving me a free trial yet STILL CHARGING ME !

- Good but not great

I like the recommendations; much better than spotify or apple music. However, I don't think it was ready to be released. The app is very buggy and seems unfinished, as bugs are being fixed, I still recommend it.

- Google Play Music is much better

I wish google would stop pushing this inferior app on us and get back to developing Google play music instead. My three main issues: 1. When I switch to this app I lose all my play lists from the play music app and have to recreate them 2. It pushes the music video portion of the songs so if there are some sort of dramatic acting scenes in the music video you’re forced to listen to all of that too 3. I’m not given the option for some dumb reason to cast the music to all my google home speakers. Only a single one. Google music has this option even.

- Needs improvements

Better than other platforms such as applmusic,Spotify etc.. However,needs improvements for audio quality and lyrics!

- Love it

It is awesome because you can Send any song you want❤️

- Good App. Bad Price.

I think this is a great app but I see myself going back to Spotify for only two reasons, because of the price and because even tho I am paying 12.99/month I still can’t even get ad free YouTube? They want to charge an additional $3/month to remove salt ads! Seems like you are really trying to milk the people.

- Great app, few features

App is built very well and works reliably. Just wish there were all the discovery features of google play music

- Edited songs ?

Is there a way to get music that DOESN'T have words edited out ? If not I’m deleting this app !

- Not the best

So it’s pretty much the same as music . You get 3 months free than you have to pay. I wish you could get it without paying. I wanted to be able to close my screen and still be able to listen to music . But you have to pay 13$!!! To me that’s a lot of money .

- Good apps

Good apps

- Useless money grab

Terrible and useless app Advertised as “free” then once you download it wants you to pay $13 a month to turn YouTube into a podcast app for music and video. DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you are currently a paid subscriber of this app, your an idiot! Another reason why the internet has turned to 💩!

- My eardrums

Can’t complain, like finding Pandora’s box!!!

- Looks great

How will it beat Spotify and iTunes? I love the concept! I wasn’t able to play music while browsing other apps

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- Please include a 'add to queue' or 'play next' button

I love the app, it's the only app I listen to music on. I have no problems with the app, there's just one thing I'd love to have on it for the next update, we really need a 'add to queue' or 'play next' button. I don't like having to wait for the song to end and then click on the song I wanted to listen to next, instead there should be an option when we click on the three dots on the song that will allow the song to play after the current one someone is listening to. I feel like this would really help.

- Good aside from recent updates

Good app overall but has many issues. The app used to have a lot of variety in the music and showed a lot of artists I haven’t heard of before. Now the app recommends the same 5 songs every time I open the app. Every time I open a radio off of a specific artist (I listen to a lot of hip-hop and rap) I hear the one song and then playlist of “popular” music. It’s the same line up of songs every time. Frustrating that the slider bar for variety has been taken away, that was a major reason for switching from other streaming services. Being able to change variety allows me to stream music longer, not getting as frustrated that I hear the same songs again and again. The music that comes preloaded into playlists plays the same songs over and over and over again with no way to remove them. Even if I dislike the song, it will still play over and over and over and over and over. See how annoying it is when it does it over and over again? Yeah. Aside from these MAJOR issues, not a bad music streaming app.

- It okay.

I like the app and been using it to see if any of my favorite artist have new albums or songs I can listen to. Despite all the ads the app itself is good. One problem I have and can’t get over is the recommendation or personalized playlist it’s just not me nothing I would listen to. Even when I check for recent updates still nothing. A helpful tip for you guys. Would be to study the person music what they listen to and compare different songs to see what gives them the satisfaction of what there listening to not random things. Please take the time to consider this advice it would be helpful for my experience and others. Thank you☺️👍 Update review: I’m still not satisfied because of the recommendation on mixed playlist and the songs have nothing to do with my choice, also it should applying what I like because if I dislike the song they say we’ll be up to your tune meanwhile next day just the same old songs I don’t like. So I’m really not satisfied or enjoying the app as it’s hard to find good songs on the search tab and recommendations.😔

- Frustrating for music collectors

I have a large personal music collection and had previously used Google Play as a “backup” to my NAS music server and a convenient way to access my music remotely on a multitude of devices. I will never buy a YTM subscription. Beyond the frustration of not having a desktop app to support remote file sync like Play did, the iOS app constantly requires me to select “uploads” at every step to actually access my music. Album art isn’t cached, so scrolling through my collection is slow and buggy. Browsing by “Artist” can also be annoying, as most of the time people actually would want to browse by “Album Artist”, then show Albums within that selection. Because it’s Google, streaming from their servers is solid.

- Fix the minimizer

I have had this app for a couple of years now and I think it is really great. I like being able to listen to music that I like when working on homework. Lately though I have been having some problems with the drop down menu to adjust what song I want to listen to next. It will either not let me move the song up or instead after dropping down the menu to pick what song I want to listen to next, it will just minimize the whole screen and take me back to the main screen. I will still be able to listen to the song that I just picked but I won’t be able to change what’s next. Overall a great app, but would like that bug fixed.

- Really nice app

I’ve been using this since I needed more room in my phone, and since I no longer use the iPhone music app itself, it’s a great replacement. I would’ve given 5 stars but for a span of 5-7 months there wasn’t the option to have it ‘play audio only’ which jacked up my data usage as it attempted to load the video versions of songs when I wasn’t parenting the screen. But recently it finally reappeared in the corner of the screen and now the app stretches out my data much further. Please do keep the option there it makes it a lot easier, and a good reason to keep paying for Premium each month.

- Customer service

I was having issues with my mini player on the app. Every time I minimized a song into the mini player my music would quit playing. It was very frustrating because I wanted to play a song and continue looking for other music on the app which I was no longer able to do because of this issue. I got into chat support with someone from the yt company, explained my issue to him and all I had to do was close my music app then re open it. And the problem was solved for me. So they have great customer support and I appreciate it!!

- Only one recommendation for app dev team

This application is amazing! By far my favorite app to listen to music! My one recommendation is to allow us to remove a song from the upcoming songs on a playlist created by the app. When I listen to a certain artist, sometimes I just want to listen to that artist; I turn the variety of the station off, but I still sometimes encounter a different artist. I still somehow encounter other artists songs. I would like to be able to remove that from what's playing next at my discretion. Also when I am listening to my station I encounter songs i don't really like, would be nice to be able to take them off before they ever play. Other than that, app is perfect. Also please add a visual equalizer. I wanna see something cool as my music plays. Another thing that can be added would be give an option to never play “clean versions” of the songs. I don’t listen to that garbage. Update: This application went from great to garbage. I used to love the less variety feature. Now when I am Listening to one artist I get other song’s by artist’s that I hate. I don’t want to be introduced to new music. They should of left it how it was when it was first released.

- Great app, very worth it

Worth it just for the ad free audio-only background playing (otherwise impossible on iPhone). The offline playlist is a nice bonus. Only frustration thus far has been when trying to resume listening after closing the app in the middle of a playlist. There does not appear to be any smooth way to resume where you left off. You gotta open the playlist and find the specific song, there it will have saved your spot. If you open it in your history it doesn’t play the playlist, just that song.

- I don’t really like the update

Hey so I’ve been using this app for I would say about 7 weeks and I really liked it but today I went to listen to my favorite music in my downloads but the download thing was not there I thought it was just a tiny glitch so I closed the app and re-opened it but I realized it was the update so when I went to listen to it off-Screen my music turned off I realized again it was the update. please if the creator of this app sees my review can you change it to the way it was?

- Comparison

I loved play music and I understand this is taking it over but, it should at least work half as good. I use my liked music in my car cause it’s quick and easy to access. I do like to shuffle the 460 songs. Although it seems every time I hit shuffle it plays the same songs. Also every time I click on the app it appears to refresh so it doesn’t constantly have it running. Also if I don’t give it 10 seconds before trying to start my playlist it buffers trying to play the songs even though they are downloaded. I’d like it to just be consistent if it’s open on a song it should play automatically when connected to my car just like play music did. Please make it more reliable.

- Inconvenient feature locations

I rarely write reviews but this app is frustrating. So I was forced to download this app since google music is going away. It’s basically the same but all common features are moved to inconvenient locations. Want to repeat a song or shuffle? Gotta swipe your screen up not once, but twice! Just to get access to this feature. You know what I don’t need on my main screen? Thumbs up/down buttons. This should be secondary as I’ll only ever need to hit up/down once so it makes no sense that it’s taking up valuable space as a main feature on my screen. Also, they more want you to build your music list from the app. All the music I’ve bought is on a different screen that take extra steps and time to access. It’s also harder to find the music I want. What if I don’t know the album name but I know the artist? Well guess what boys and girls?! You click on the artist and BOOM all their songs are there in one big list. Google Music was way better and it’s like they thought “Whatever we did with Google Music, we should make it harder and more inconvenient for them!”

- Silly

Whatever it is they are trying to accomplish with this App, it turned out somewhat silly. First thing when installed, you have to scroll through a long list of musicians most of them I have never heard of, but some of the best aren‘t even listed. This is annoying. I did love my first playlist and hit LIKE on most of it. Then suddenly my music stopped, why? The 1980‘s was an entire decade of hundreds and hundreds new bands every year but you show only 10 of them and just 45 minutes? The recommendations video in the middle of the screen keeps boring stuff I really DISLIKE but I can‘t click them away? I thought this was an App to personalize my music? Any old vinyl record store has better selection than your App does.

- Too much repeat

I love this app only because you can find music and remixes you couldn’t find on Apple Music. That being said first problem I have with the app is whenever I shuffle my music many times it plays the same song over again instead of actually playing different music from my playlist, secondly it doesn’t even play all the songs it’s as if it likes playing the music I listen to most. And when I try to play radio it plays the same songs I’ve heard before very rarely does it play new music. Debating whether to switch back to Apple Music or stay subscribed. Will give them time to fix this issue, if not then I’m gonna unsubscribe.

- Details

It’s a little unfriendly. I think there’s a lot of details they forgot: in a pc isn’t the option to download the music or watch a video-music, either the one to order the songs in an alphabetical way. In general: You don’t have an option to download a bunch of songs, you must do it one by one (old-fashioned) ‘cause they don’t put a special button for that so it takes a lot of your time; also there’s no way to share music with someone inside the app (even if you have a familiar plan) like a playlist or listen at the same time... finally, I don’t understand the difference between songs you like and the songs you add. Some of my favorite songs isn’t in the app. But i love the mixtape they create just for you based on your taste which get constantly better.

- One thing I’d like to see.

I enjoy using this app quite a bit, however there is one thing I would like to see in a future update. Since I’ve been using Google play music for a while, I have a lot of things in my library. I’d like to see a way that we can import or at least have switched over the selections we have in our Google play music library to the library that is in the white team music app. Other than that, I don’t see anything else at this time that I would like to see changed. It’s been a pretty good app so far and in future updates I’m sure things will improve and get better.

- Why can’t I see my full playlist

Ok so the part with ads is fine it understandable but why put the long 15 sec unskippable ads it does make sense and what’s the point in needing premium to have background play ITS A MUSIC APP But this is the most annoying part i have a 137 song playlist and all of a sudden i only see ten of the songs and i can’t remove or check if i removed anymore and instead of my music being there i get my liked playlist new release mix and that personal playlist IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PLAYLIST it won’t let me play my songs and sometimes it’ll just stop playing after 5 minutes of playing music. Please fix this i want to listen to my music.

- App is great. Subscription fee is too much.

I was a Google user back even before Gmail was invite only, or even a thing. They promised much and delivered, for free. In a world of paying for scant megabytes of email storage, Google stepped up and said well here's a full gigabyte. Revolutionized email. Now, that same company went public and it's greed went waaaay up. The company that gave away gigabytes in a $5/megabyte world is now crippling my ability to play music with my screen off, unless I pony up some cash. Update — I indeed canceled my subscription. The price is too much and the crippling of the software is too obnoxious. $12+ a month? Nah. If it were $12 as a one time cost, yes. But not recurring cost.

- I have a suggestion or 2 to make

So, I think that when you have the “Favorite Artist” thing, you should add a search bar so people don’t have to scroll so far to find their favorite artist. I scrolled down pretty far and still couldn’t find my favorites. And when you subscribe to the artist, and they aren’t in your favorites, you should have a way to add them to your favorites. Like maybe a heart button, or a “Add to Favorites” button. And you should let people exit the app while streaming, because sometimes people don’t just have time for streaming and they need to do other things too, but they can’t pay for the premium. Overall it’s pretty good though.

- Missing great features

Overall, this app is good. It looks nice and is easy to use, especially as a replacement for a Google Play Music. But my issue is it seems to be missing a lot of the features of Google Play Music that made it good. First, you can not sort your playlists; you should be able to view them by title, artist, like/dislike, etc. Second, when you search for an artist and go to their ‘profile’, you should be able to see which songs you have in your library. Third, you should be able to select multiple songs at once so you can remove them or add them to a playlist or whatever you want to do.

- Almost

I’ve mostly been enjoying YT Music, recently switched from  Music and I have to admit I miss some of the basic features you expect from a paid service. I wish when you liked a song or album that it was added to a library that was organized by “Artists”. Instead when browsing by artist it directs you to that persons’ profile. Lots of content on the app, and the offline mixtape feature has been pretty awesome for me personally. Hopefully at some point we get a more traditional “library” feature, otherwise it’s been pretty top notch and the design of the app is good.

- Great but needs improvement

I love the way I can click on a song or artist and instantly get others similar to it! However, when first trying to “choose some of your favorite artists and we’ll create an experience just for you!” It’s hard, mainly because there isn’t any way to search for your favorite artists! You have to scroll constantly to find them and I still can’t find my favorite! (All Time Low) it’d be so much better if you could have a search bar so you can instantly find them no problem! Also, there isn’t a way to repeat JUST ONE SONG (apologies for the all caps, there isn’t any bold or italic options) personally when I get ear worm I like to put a song on repeat until it’s out, but this app doesn’t have that option. Over all I really enjoy this app and I can’t wait for the next four years of college when I’ll be able to use it for studying and relaxing! I just wish they would change those two things I mentioned earlier

- Tracking location after pausing that “feature”

Since the last update, every time I power on my iPad, the app icon pops up (when the app isn’t running) with the location services arrow in it’s upper right. I have paused the location based recommendations, but this is still happening. And strangely enough when I look through the app list for Location Services in the iOS settings this app isn’t even on the list. I know Google is a data thief, but I thought that if you gave your customer the option to turn off data collection, you had to turn it off. And for the inevitable “that data is not sent to Google”, if you really believe that I know of some, prime real estate I’ll sell you (swamp land next to a leaking nuclear reactor). Time to delete this data burglar.

- Best music app, with one flaw that needs fixing

I would give this app 5 stars, out of all music apps I’ve tried I personally enjoy it the most because of its ease of use. However one major problem, primarily when it cones to hip hop, is that on shuffle mode it’ll play censored versions of songs instead of the explicit ones. Now I can go from listening to country to rap to classical to heavy metal all back to back without skipping beat, but since rap music cusses quite a bit more often than other genres it’s the one that creates the problem with censorship. Other genres of music you’re less likely to notice, but I want to hear the full lyrics and not a bleep or a substituted word. A feature needs to be implemented to filter out censored versions of explicit songs. Shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out since explicit songs are marked as explicit anyway. If this feature is implemented, that’s an easy 5 stars for me. Until then it gets docked for it

- So confusing

I don’t know how such a big company could come up with such a crappy, confusing, non user friendly app. If you want to “download” music just be warned that you’re not really downloading it for offline listening. I don’t know where it’s downloading too. But then the “downloaded” music that you sat and downloaded over WiFi for hours suddenly un-downloads itself when it feels like it. And this happens over and over and over again. Then you click on your “offline listening” playlist to see what of your music you thought you downloaded is on there. And there is some... 20 minutes max... music that includes your picked songs Intermingled with nasty top hit songs that I would never listen to. I even have no ad listening and This app is awful.

- Great!!!!! ....except

This is a great app for curating playlists for music and videos. Price isn’t bad either. I use it for about 75% of my day, everyday. I don’t think I can live without it now. I have plenty of music to choose from and it’s great. Offline downloads save me a lot of data!! :) However, sometimes the “radio” feature is a little lacking. It usually does most of the same songs that I have listened to before, over and over. Every once in a while, I do find new songs and that helps open me to more and more genres and veins. But I feel like I have to force the discovery. I get machine learning and everything but maybe work on the AI to push “newer” music to my radio. AND maybe include a feature that allows a “repeat” button when the screen is vertical. I don’t always want to have to turn the screen horizontal to enable this feature. Overall - amazing and great with room for improvement when it comes to a paid service.

- Hate it compared to Google play

Got moved over from Google play. Hate this app. Far more difficult to get to artists in your library and check for music not in your library. While playing an album, it tends to stop every few songs for no reason. With Google play on my phone, my car always picked up where I left off. Don’t even think about using this app in the same way. Playing downloaded music offline is a joke. Every time I stop and turn off the device, it never fails to forget where I left off and I have to go back to downloads to continue. I am considering starting all over with a different app like Apple Music even though it would be a lot of work. I miss Google Play. This app just is terrible. Zero stars.

- Good but not great

I’ll start by saying I’ve been a user of this from when it first was released and it has come along way since its beginning and highly recommend it. Maybe it’s something with my iPhone or not but I find the app seems like it restarts itself every so often and doesn’t restart or go back to the point where I was listening to the last hour or so when I had to pause it and resume and that gets frustrating. Pause should not be stop and restart app. I keep a minimum number of apps open at one time and on latest iOS update.

- Song played and Title of the song different - some inconsistent state

I have seen this a couple of times. Happened just now as well. I played a song last night mostly stopped it in between. Today morning when I opened the app again, the small player bar at the bottom showed the same song title from last night with the current cursor at the beginning of the song. Then when I clicked the play button, a different song started playing even though the song title is still the same from last night.

- Greatest app for Music

This is by far the best app I have on my phone. I’m a huge music person and this app meets all my expectations. From add free to unlimited access to all kinds of music. I would recommend this app to any and everyone. I even kept the app when it wasn’t free. Definitely worth it. Thanks for making it free again. If you could marry an app I would tie the knot with this app, that’s how good it is. I don’t have the money to pay 1.99 for each song I love with Apple Music. Thank you for creating this perfect app. 🔥🔥🙌🏽😁

- It's good but needs more features.

I'd like to be able to organize the songs in my Playlists on the app. Its ridiculous we don't have a simple feature. Why can't I just hold and drag songs to their correct order or make it organize by artist in sorting. Other than that it's good and many times it freezes and I have to close and reload to get songs to play, sometimes songs will pause or minimize on screen when pressing the volume button. Little bugs but still my favorite music app. Please keep updating and fixing these things.

- Love the app but it’s giving me problems

I have signed up for my one month free trial (as both a family membership AND an individual membership) and it still won’t let me access any premium features! I can’t listen to music outside of the app, I can’t listen without ads, I can’t download playlists and I’m constantly bombarded with popups encouraging me to try premium. I’ve closed the app and reopened it, uninstalled then reinstalled it, cancelled my subscription and resubscribed, tried to fix the issue on MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS and it’s still giving me the exact same problem ! I don’t understand why it’s doing it and it’s extremely frustrating because I love the app and I want to use it but it won’t let me!

- Pretty Good

The music quality is really good, the selection of music is good (and I appreciate the ability to add videos to music playlists so you can listen to just the audio if the music’s not available by itself). Also has the ability to download music/videos for offline and it doesn’t appear to hurt my battery very badly. I think one thing that could be fixed is maybe the shuffle engine (it tends to play a clump of songs that are next to each other and jump around that way) so if it were a bit more random I think it’d be even better.

- Not useful compared to YT

I downloaded this app because everyone says the music doesn't stop when you leave the app, I decided to download it and tbh was not to surprised to see it not work. The way you can make it so it does not stop audio is by buying YT Red, you can get a 3 month trial before October 31 but otherwise you would have to pay 10$ every month just to make audio stop playing which I find a waste of money. If you can afford it it may be useful but I can't afford it right now. So otherwise the only reason I would ever get this app is to shorten all the videos to music that's really it. 3/5 wouldn't download unless you have YT Red.

- It’s Great!!!....BUT

It doesn’t allow you to sort music alphabetically nor does it recognize if you’ve saved a song already. So when I shuffle my music it will play the duplicate back to back. I regularly will listen to albums and such to add to my playlist and do not recall if certain songs have been saved. I mean, I’d like to think I have a good memory but after a couple hundred songs it gets a little challenging 🥴 Being able to sort it alphabetically will at least allow me to pin point the duplicate. Hopefully this flaw gets recognized and can be adjusted.

- App needs updating

I use this platform as a cloud mechanism to save music I have downloaded. The google music platform was much better in terms of arranging and sorting my music. This is awful. I can’t find the music I want to listen to without doing a scavenger hunt. The streaming on this platform is better than google play, so that’s a plus. But overall, this platform needs a lot of work. Google music wasn’t great, but it got the job done in terms of searching and sorting music. I was forced to this platform because google music is going away, but I’m begging please. Please update this app to somewhat mirror the google music platform in terms of sorting, arranging and locating music in a user’s library. Thank you.

- iPhone: great, iPad: almost totally broken

There’s something wrong with the iPad version of this app. On the iPhone, it works like a charm. On iPad, it seems to have trouble loading something when you select a song; the music will play, but the interface freezes. Sometimes it corrects itself after 15-30 seconds. Other times, you have a crash on your hands. This happens every time a track begins to play. It’s entirely possible it’s my device, but seeing as how it’s a first-gen iPad Pro with updated system software and plenty of space, I don’t think it’s the hardware. At least two app updates have failed to fix the issue. (This freezing problem didn’t happen when I was first using the app a few months ago.)

- Pretty good but...

The app is not as smooth as everything else usually is on an iPhone. Constantly doing something on wifi/cellular that makes scrolling stagger or even freeze the screen for an amount of time. The real annoyance of it is that it does this backload even in your downloads section. It’s your downloads, there should be no use of the wifi. When your signal is weak it won’t even load up your downloads section without loading up everything else first. Would have to disconnect from signal so I could see the ‘Go to downloads?’ button. Besides this the app is good music player.

- Stop updating the app with not needed accessories!

Hello! The app use to be soo good! I use to listen to all 90s and beyond music over there and was listening to it offline and everything. Now you guys KEEP UPDATING THE APP that sometimes I can no longer do that, and on top of that i pay almost $15 !!! Why would I keep paying for an app that keeps disrupting my music selection? So close to canceling my subscription it’s NOT even funny. I was also able to switch between song and video with songs, now I can’t do that anymore, when I pressed the “i” icon on the song, a whole list of recommendations related to the artists appeared. NOW it’s ONLY THE ARTIST.!!! Please stop updating the app with not needed additions.

- It’s not the worst😂 but it can definitely get better

I love all the music capabilities of the app, but don’t like some features. The only real problem I have is that “my mix” album is just the same songs over and over and if I check out just one new song it changes the whole mix. The mix is based on what you listen to, so if I have one day of rap then the next of rock, it doesn’t really know what to do. Overall I love it, but can’t wait to see what else they do to improve.

- Please please please please change it back to the Previous update.

Previous update was worth paying The amount for the subscription, the latest version is NOT AT ALL GOOD. In the previous update we could see lots of songs lots of suggestions, So many categories, so many suggestions even after playing song. Before it was easy to select a song, and this latest update is so messy so confusing we don’t even know which song is playing, even after playing a song we don’t even get more suggestions like before. After the latest update I have used this app so less, I’ve almost stop using it, Please don’t let me Delete it. 1/5 stars for latest update, that too cause i’m using it since long. Please change it back, Please!

- Deleting music from my playlist

This is the second time this week that my music in my playlist has said “unavailable skipping to the next song” and its not just 1 or 2 songs its the majority of my playlist that is disabled and ive tried everything to fix it and when i search up the song it still says the same thing and it just skips to another random song please resolve this issue. I rate it 4 out of 5 because up until this point i have loved using this app for music and podcasts just please look into this.

- Offline listening is terrible

I enjoy this app because of all the variety it offers and I was excited I could listen offline... until I discovered it needs major work done. I have a whole playlist downloaded but when I am offline, it won’t even let me open the playlist. If I can get service to open the playlist then the songs take about 2 minutes to actually load, which is annoying because they are DOWNLOADED, shouldn’t they play automatically? Please work on the offline listening portion of this app because once that is working correctly, this app will be amazing.

- To many ads!

I have been using this app for almost a year now and it’s latest update is very annoying. Normally I use YT Music on my way to school or to fall asleep to but now with the latest update (it being that ads play more often then not) it’s practically making get YT Music premium or download the songs of iTunes. And when I say ads play more often I’m talk either next on the song or two at the end of the song and then another one for the next. However this could be fixed by add a kind of ad down time, or ads stop playing after an album or song is repeated at least twice.

- Needs major fixing

This just might be the worst music app. Google is forcing me to switch to this because they cant make up their minds about their Play apps. Playlists can take so long to load that i just give up and listen to something else, also when i have working service it sometimes tells me I’m offline and have to choose from a small list of downloads of songs im not even trying to hear. The interface can also be pretty confusing or time consuming when i have albums in my library and still have to take the time to search them manually which is extremely frustrating when i listen to music mostly while driving. This app needs to desperately be fixed.

- Can we have an algorithm settings menu?

Love the app, use it every day for the abilities it offers... but the my mixtape algorithm gets stuck on whatever I discovered and liked most recently... all the time. I expect it to give me more new music branching off, but it almost always stops with whatever I found and that’s it. I would love for the mixtape algorithm to be adjustable, from “recent likes only” to “all likes plus anything related to those tracks”. The liked playlist is better, but still sticks too much to your most listened recent tracks... If we could just adjust the algorithm within the app settings it would fix most of the complaints I see...

- Deleting songs and overall experience

I have almost 500 “Downloaded songs” and I want to delete some old ones that I don’t listen to anymore. I have to scroll all the way down and when I delete a song it takes me back to the top of the list. Just why? I don’t want to scroll all the way down to delete one song at a time. Why cant I flag several songs and delete them? Why it takes me back to the top of the list all the time? Fix it please, it’s so uncomfortable. P.S The app is stuttering so much when scrolling down this list its just frustrating. P.S Also, I cant control the music from the lock screen. When I press play it shows me that its playing but I can’t hear anything. I have to open the app to pause and play so it starts working. Every other app works perfectly fine on the lock screen but not this one. Look, the music library and idea of the app itself is really good, but the execution, wow... Its all about small details. And these small details make the experience with the app unpleasant.

- Little things

This app is amazing. I just got a little few things that would just make this an phenomenal app. Alright so going to downloads and clicking on an album, could you guys make it where wherever I scrolled down to when I press back from the album I was on I’m automatically where I was before. And a shuffle all music button. Like I don’t have a problem with making a playlist and shuffling there but I want to play all my music and see what songs I like and what I don’t

- Good but obviously not perfect

Could always have improvements in areas such as with accessing downloaded music, tbh as appreciated of a feature it is, it should be customizable so in that it's immediately accessible at the home of the app from the start, for those whom use it almost exclusively for said music offline downloading feature access. What I'm trying to say is it should be instantaneously accessible to use offline music. Maybe even a separate app for downloaded music. Idk.

- App Crashes constantly!

I’ve had the premium for about less than a year now, and I absolutely loved it! The downloaded songs, option to have the video , and basically everything you can find is on here. However; in the last 2 months , the app crashes within 5 seconds of it open.. not even clicking on music or anything.. just crashes. I tried restarting my phone, re-downloading the app, and made sure I have the latest iOS... nothing changed. I thought maybe I had too many liked songs on and it couldn’t take the memory and crashes. Can’t even get to liked songs without it crashing!! So frustrating because I loved this app. Sad to say I’m cancelling my membership :(

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YouTube Music 3.85 Screenshots & Images

YouTube Music iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

YouTube Music iphone images
YouTube Music iphone images
YouTube Music iphone images
YouTube Music iphone images
YouTube Music iphone images
YouTube Music ipad images
YouTube Music ipad images
YouTube Music ipad images
YouTube Music ipad images
YouTube Music ipad images
YouTube Music Music application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
YouTube Music Music application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

YouTube Music (Version 3.85) Install & Download

The applications YouTube Music was published in the category Music on 2015-11-12 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 163.22 MB. YouTube Music - Music posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 3.85 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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