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iDrumTune Pro is the world’s most advanced, accurate and intelligent system for assisting and educating on drum tuning – used by thousands of drummers all over the world!


Featured in Modern Drummer 'New and Notable' - July 2018

"an invaluable aid not only for drummers but also studio engineers and producers" - Sound on Sound Magazine

"I can’t recommend this app highly enough ... for the money, it is indispensable. It's simple, accurate, looks good, and the tuning information is worth the cost of the app alone." - www.mikedolbear.com

“***** I never knew I could have this much fun tuning drums!” – Adamrod (App Store review)

“***** Just tuned my first drum and this app is awesome!” – bburt85 (App Store review)

“***** Buy this app if you are a drummer!!!” Lildrummerboy (App Store review)

The original and most innovative electronic drum tuning app - iDrumTune Pro brings unrivalled accuracy and features that have never been possible before for assisting with drum tuning.

iDrumTune Pro includes the following features:

* Pitch Tuning – to make your drums sing and allow you to play musical phrases around the kit

* Lug Tuning – to ensure that the drumhead is evenly tuned and gives a smooth and warm tone

* Resonant Head Tuning – to allow you to be sure that the two heads are working together and giving rich overtones

* Spectrum Analyzer – so you can really start to understand what frequencies are excited and heard when playing the drums

* Drum Kit Presets – so you can save and load your favorite tunings and share them with the world

* The Science of Drum Tuning – and extensive manual on the science and art of drum tuning and getting the best out of iDrumTune Pro

iDrumTune is the first and by far the most intelligent and accurate system for analyzing drum sounds and assisting tuning – developed by drummers, music producers and acoustics research Professors. iDrumTune provides you with a measurement of the drumhead vibration frequency, much in the same way to an acoustic guitar tuner which measures the vibration frequency of a guitar string. In Pitch Tuning mode, you simply hold the iPhone over the center of a drum, about 2-4 inches away, and strike the drum in the center.

The iDrumTune readout shows the recorded sound waveform and gives the strongest frequency recorded. There is also a tuning indicator bar which shows the drumhead tuning relative to musical notes, so iDrumTune can be used to ensure that your drums are in key with each other or the song you are playing. A frequency spectrum view also allows more detailed analysis and helps with tuning the drum at the lug positions.

IDrumTune Pro provides advanced tuning features including an intelligent filter function, Lug Tuning mode and Resonant Head Tuning mode. The filter allows unwanted frequencies to be ignored by the analysis algorithm, whilst Lug Tuning mode offers the simplest and most innovative method for tuning an even frequency response at the lug positions on the drumhead.

The new Preset Manager allows you to save all your favorite drum tunings and call them up when you are in the middle of the process. Drum kits can also be exported and imported, so you can share your favorite tuning setups and load new ones in from other drummers.

Drum Tuning isn’t easy, and drums don’t respond exactly the same way every time you hit them. For that reason, it's valuable to know a little about the science of drum tuning. iDrumTune includes a comprehensive text on the science of drums and drum tuning in order to help you get the best of iDrumTune and to become an expert drum tuner!

Watch the iDrumTune tutorial videos and read reviews on iDrumTune at www.idrumtune.com

Drum Tuner - iDrumTune Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Drum Tuner - iDrumTune Pro was published in the category Music on 2017-05-31 and was developed by RT Sixty Ltd. The file size is 6.10 MB. The current version is 1.05 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Minor updates for iOS 12.1.4

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Works great  lovepremierdrums  5 star

I am a retired band teacher and a professional percussionist. I’ve been tuning drums by ear all of my life, and this app lets me dial in the lugs to a finer degree than my ear is able to accomplish. I still like to get my pitches dialed in by ear first, and then use the lug tuning function to fine tune the head to itself. This improves the resonance and centers the fundamental. Overall, I am very pleased.

the best scott

Great value app  the best scott  5 star

Best thing EVER for your non “ear” player! Seriously my drums have never sounded better, the app takes the guess work out of tuning, you guys and gals have made me my own best drum tech.


Better than I could have imagined  vdjcjvnshx  5 star

Never written a review before, but this worked so well I had to give credit where it’s due. I was seconds away from buying a drum dial when I had a thought to check the App Store first. I am so glad I did because this app saved me $50+ and it actually tells you if your drum is in tune as apposed to the drum dial which only tells you the amount of tension on the drum head. Which can be two completely different things, depending on the shape of your kit. So stoked with the product and price! You guys knocked it outa the park!


Been using for years  Admanrod  5 star

Once I settled on the frequency I wanted to use on my drums; I mostly stuck to the frequency analyzer for live gigs. This app has made the difference between ok sounding drums and great sounding drums.


Doesn’t work and received no help from them  Society/  1 star

I bought this tuner about 5 months ago and have tried multiple times to get it to work and it doesn’t. After about a month of having the app I contacted them on Instagram and directly and got no response. Don’t buy this app.


SO. WORTH. IT.  TDiddy-$$$$$  5 star

The app is a little non-intuitive at first if you’ve never tuned drums before, like me. There are YouTube tutorials that are very helpful. Also, I had some feedback about the interface and got a helpful response in no time. The app is very well thought out and can get amazing results, if you have the patience to see it through. And for only a few dollars, it might save you from wanting to buy a new drum set.


Pretty upset  goodcatindy  1 star

Pretty upset I bought the first version. Loved it, then iOS updated and the company didn’t update the app!!! Instead, they created a new app so you’d have to buy again. I bought it again. Not happy they made me buy it twice. Obviously this was done so old users would have to pay again. Not cool. I will not buy a third time.


Very useful !  Cordis777  5 star

I’ve found it best for my kit !


A great tool!  Ethanhg  5 star

Overall accurate and very easy to use. It can be used as your main reference when tuning or as a supplement to check when you're tuning by ear. Any drummer can get really good use out of this!


Love it!  Stevesmithfan  5 star

This app is amazing, it blows away the original idrum tune app! I especially like the resonant head tuning feature. 😀 no flaws or inaccurate readings either.



















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