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What is google news app? Google News is a personalized news aggregator that organizes and highlights what’s happening in the world so you can quickly catch up and discover more about the stories that matter to you.

With Google News, you’ll find:

YOUR BRIEFING: It can be nearly impossible to keep up with every story you care about, Your Briefing makes it easy to stay in the know about what’s important and relevant in your world. It updates throughout the day to bring you the top local, national, and world headlines, plus personalized news tailored to your interests.

LOCAL NEWS: Explore your community through stories and articles from news outlets in your local area. Customize and choose multiple locations so you can know what’s happening near you or wherever home is.

FULL COVERAGE: Dive deeper into a story with multiple perspectives. The Full Coverage feature organizes everything online about a story, surfacing and highlighting coverage from different outlets and mediums. With just a tap, you’ll uncover how the story is unfolding and how everyone is reporting on it.

STORIES FOR YOU: The For You section delivers personalized news related to your interests. Take control and customize the articles you see by following the topics and sources you care about.

ACCESS FROM ANY DEVICE: Stay up to date on the news no matter where you are. Pair the Google News mobile app with our Desktop website,, and enjoy your personalized content across all your devices.

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App Name Google News
Category News
Updated 21 February 2024, Wednesday
File Size 157.83 MB

Google News Comments & Reviews 2024

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Getting worse and worse. I have used this app since it came out. I have now switched to using a browser instead. Stories don’t load but do on the website. My subscriptions to WSJ, NYT, Atlantic are ignored and I have to enter credentials every time. Even that doesn’t work with NYT because the link for login doesn’t work. Teaser for articles behind paywalls. A lot of paywall blocked content presented - feels like chronic advertising for all the sources I’m not a subscriber to. I chronically get a blank screen and have to back out and select “More like this” and read that news via different source. Often the X to close at top left of screen is inexplicably not there - covered by content. And this app is as slow as molasses. I have never disliked an app more. It used to work but it has degraded to the point of uselessness..

A truly unpleasant experience.. I have been using this app for a few days now. Despite my repeated attempts to dismiss news stories about Burger King’s new 1$ tacos using the “Show fewer stories like this” option, which I have done more than 20 times, the app continues to present me with article after article about the tacos. The same goes for celebrity gossip stories, sports articles, tech product reviews, and any article that mentions the name “Phillip Schofield.” I would estimate that I have dismissed around 100 to 150 articles about these topics, but they continue to show up more frequently than anything else lose in my feed. Show me well written articles about politics, foreign policy, economics, criminal justice, or anything of actual substance from a genuine news source, please! Even “following” specific topics and sources doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ll be deleting the app as soon as I am done with the review.

One sided. more recently Ive noticed the extreme left news articles non stop. Completely one sided. And then the jimmy Kimmel bashes trump know the guy famous from the man show...the show that was about everything that he now makes fun of republicans for...(hypocritical much) it’s honestly disturbing how 1 dimensional the news has gotten. I’d like 1 news source that’s actually open minded and not pushing their companies views or agendas. I’ve hit the do not show or fewer stories option and literally have had that very same article pop up 10 more times. We get it google you’re left. Cool I don’t care I also don’t care about what some celebrity ate and the fact I have to ignore 10 of the same articles only to have them reappear is irritating. At 1st I thought google news was better then apple I think they’re both on the same level of junk.

Recent versions are buggy and crash often.. By "crashes often" I mean it displays the ice cream cone frequently. Returning to the feed page and clicking the same article loads fine. Super annoying bugs: click on an article, the the back icon to return to the news feed and the app dumps you 26 -92 articles prior to the one you just read so you have to scroll down past those articles to return to where you were in the news feed. Autoplay videos: the setting to disable Autoplay does not appear to do anything as videos still play. Once I have read an article, I don't need to see it again in the news feed. If I down vote an article that is part of a collection, why do I have to down vote every other article in that collection to make them go away?

Dislikes are useless and constant errors. Whatever they use for algorithms does not work, which is odd because I thought google perfected those like 20 years ago. But content topics I don’t want to see still show up, specific articles I don’t want to see still hound me within a few hours of specifically asking not to see it. Often picture don’t align to what the article is about “Suzy seen out wearing a new purple skirt” is attached to a picture of Phil wearing a grey suit with no picture of Suzy in sight! A lot of articles “aren’t there”. I see something interesting I want to read, I click it, and it’s like less than 2 sentences from what seems like a good article. I don’t get it… then I go to my browser to try and find the mystery article from the content provider and find nothing. Finally the errors! Oh the errors! They make me crazy! I used to not have the problem but maybe within the last month I would say about 1/4 of the content I try to read quickly changes to say “error displaying content”. So annoying!

Nice summary of news daily. The choice of articles covers many aspects of the new giving a nice review. My only objections for some of the articles is that they are blacked by their publisher like the Washington Post, USA Today, & others unless you pay to subscribe to their papers so you can only read their headline. I would like to see those articles entirely removed from Google News as they are useless & I am not interested in subscribing to a paper to read one or two of their articles every two weeks or so. Other than that, I give Google News 5 stars for its coverage!

Who wants 5 versions of the same story?. This new format makes you wade through multiple versions of the same news story. In the older format, you could choose to look at expanded coverage if you wanted to. This is just tedious scrolling—and fewer actual stories. Am I missing a way to collapse the coverage to one report for each news story? —with the option to look at other coverage if I chose to do so? I couldn’t see any way to collapse these repetitious listing. It should be up to the user to customize how the articles are presented. I loved the old Google news. This is dumb. One more thing: when I look at the 69,000+ reviews, I see that the average rating is 4.5 stars. Yet, when I scroll through the recent reviews, at least half, maybe more, give it very few stars. Are the 69K reviews including your past versions of Google News which was much better? Something’s wrong here... And one additional note: today I clicked on a story from the WSJ, but was unable to read it because I don’t have a WSJ subscription. It would make sense to tell users “subscription required to read article” before sending them on a wasted digital trip. Or better yet, don’t include links to articles that the general public can’t access. I have to agree with other reviewers that this is a form of click bait that benefits the publishers of the WSJ, not the dupes on Google News whose time is wasted.

Biased news selections. I keep this app service for a while hoping that it would do a better job of selecting stories based on what I read. This was not the case. The app does give the option to no longer get stories from a source but the source was not the problem. There is some good journalism out there from many sources but it appears I only get to read journalism from a particular viewpoint. I appreciate other people’s views and sometimes learn why a person or group feels the way the do whether I agree with them or not. But, I would like to read some articles from viewpoints I do agree with too. The app could do a better job of allow the reader to select what they want to read than is currently available.

Better than it began, but still needs improvement. After getting sick of Apple New and it’s “curated” content and weird organization scheme I’ve been giving Gnews another look. Including local news is a neat feature, but doesn’t work when you present yesterday’s weather and traffic. The Thumbs Up/Down is a nice idea, but I don’t really see much change in my content tbh. Some of the content served up is a head scratcher - articles on the opposite end of the political spectrum or things that have some relation to my location, but not really to my actual interests. My biggest complaint is the repetitive content and the glut of two bit and garbage “news” outlets and blogs. I don’t need 10 articles telling me the same thing over and over and over again. Clean up your feed, focus on legit blogs and outlets, adjust to user feedback more quickly, remove irrelevant articles (old sales, weather & traffic), and this app will be a winner. Original review from years ago: This replaced Google Currents, and has been a disappointing experience. Currents was customizable in terms of content selection and was a minimalist reader for my chosen content. This new version puts emphasis on pay walled sites and serves up preconfigured sections (like a analog newspaper). They also removed the nifty drag gesture for minimizing the current selected article.

Google News App Feedback. You all need to make sure that you are able to fit in as many news sources from around the world as you could do that in this way, all users who actually use this type of app in general will always be able to see and hear about whatever types of news that they all would ever like to hear about from any parts of the planet in general. Lastly, you all need to make sure that you are able to post up photos, videos as well as any other forms of media in general that would actually be able to explain how all of these types of news sources work, what parts of the planet that they all are ever broadcasted from and so on and so forth. All of these forms of media should always be translated into as many different worldwide foreign languages as possible.

Superior to the Apple News app, easily. I have used the Apple News app religiously before discovering Google had their own alternative. Apple News is built into iOS making it convenient but I had one continuing issue during our time together, no matter how many times I marked certain types of articles/editorials with ‘dislike’ it seemingly had no affect on my news feed. Google News doesn’t have this problem, in fact within a week it seems to have already figured out what stories I want to read and which ones I don’t. This is something Apple News didn’t do in well over a year of use. Thank you Google!

News has never been easier. I love to read the news, and do so almost every day. You always get bogged down, however, with certain organizations taking certain political stances, or you’re unable to get several perspectives. However, Google News solves all of that. I’ve gone from using specific news source apps, to apple news, and now to Google News. It has one of the most user friendly UIs I have ever worked with, whilst providing an awesome experience. You can customize which news sources you’d like to see more of, but Google News will always give you a huge range of coverage. Not only does it make reading the news easier, but it also makes it easier to get several perspectives on any given story. One of my most used apps, can’t recommend a better News Application than Google News.

Fantastic News App. This is honestly my favorite way to get my news now. Not only does it have a beautiful user interface, but it aggregates so much useful information together for you that just saves you time. For example if there's a big national story, many similar stories from various news organizations are aggregated together, which is nice because you get all the perspectives from Fox News to CNN. I also love how it's automatically personalized. Google, in my opinion does a great job of using the data they already have on you, while also giving you the option to personalize even more if you prefer. Great app, would highly recommend!

Good content, infuriatingly poor quality. The ads, my god, the ads. They crash pages, they cover content, they’re meant for morons. Want to keep reading a story later? You better save it because the app will completely reload the next time you tab over to it. Scroll the story but not perfectly vertically? Hope you like reading the next story in the feed. Weird unhelpful feature and you can’t turn it off. Finally, it does not work with news sources one registered for; I end having to block sources I like because they keep wanting me to register. Maybe it’s a problem on the sources’ side but this app is supposed to collect info from them and therefore not making this feature work is inexcusable. I like google news on desktop browser and, had this app just come out, it’d be excusable, but it’s been a decade at least and the quality of delivery has only gotten worse.

Good news source but terrible app. Google news in general is a great service, aggregating various new sources into one platform so you can dig into topics and see various points of view. That being said, this app is garbage lately. When you click into a story and then back to the feed you almost always lose the place you were in the feed when clicking on the story when the app reverts you to being at the top of the feed for the specific section you’re reading. A real pain for anyone trying to get a easy digest of top stories. Even more concerning is that lately when using the app my phone loses connection to my WiFi for about a minute. Only happens when I use google news. Very strange. Even Speedtest can’t find my network for 1-2 mins when this happens.

My most-used app, but I have a wish list. Google News is far better than Apple’s news app. First and foremost, Google’s has a more natural scrolling feel (like Safari or other browsers), while Apple’s is overly sensitive in comparison (a slight scroll sends me halfway down an article). I also like Google’s rate of updates throughout the day and the customizability their app provides (not as good as it used to be however). I’m able to block news providers as a whole on Google (like when random British tabloids of ill repute kept showing up, I was easily able to block their content). Wish Google supported comments within the app like it used to (now have to navigate into the browser to view/reply). Also, the ability within the app to choose to view articles in Safari is now more limited. I now have to copy paste the articles into Safari instead of just clicking “open in Safari.”

Keeps updating while in the middle of looking at articles. Big problem is that in the middle of scrolling through news articles, the reader will jump to the top. So you lose your place in the articles. It should do what other readers have done. Take a snapshot of the articles. When an update occurs, provide a button to refresh. If I don’t press the button, I’m still reading through my snapshot. This snapshot should also apply, when I’m in the middle of reading an article. When I go back, it should be to my snapshot of articles, and NOT, some updated version. This is the reason, I stopped using USA Today reader. It would jump around, while I’m reading or scrolling

Miss the old version, but this is what we’ve got!. Updated review Nov. 2020: I have been able to customize so my preferred sources are more likely to appear first, but when I click on “Full Coverage”, I still see mostly stories from far-right garbage “news” sites. Guess if you pay them the $$$, your content gets on no matter if it’s totally false. To Google’s credit, they do have more stories from local news sources; that’s important for stories in specific cities and states. So I still give it 3 stars - useful to a point. ____________________________ Original review: I’m disappointed with this new iteration of Google News. It seems more focused on clickbait and less on topics I’m really interested in. And after carefully curating my news feed in the old version, it seems I’m back at square one and have to recreate my preferences. The old version is no longer available-a week or so ago, it deleted all my preferences, though it still showed news, so I reluctantly deleted it. As others have commented, I wish I could select my preferred and NOT preferred sources, but Google hasn’t allowed that for some time. I just ignore the stories from “Faux News”, though I wish there was a “thumbs down” or “show less” option to fine tune my stories. Ah well. Google is less interested in sharing information these days and more in selling ads. I have two main news feed apps and I just scroll both and hope for the best!

Too slow... gotta go. The improvements are great. I had deleted the previous version because it was unreliable - some features would just randomly not work. Though the new version doesn’t seem to have that issue... I found myself waiting up to 30 seconds (or more) for an article to come up after I’d clicked on it. This is on a new phone, with the latest OS, often using WiFi at home. I tried with no other apps running - same thing. I’m surprised that no one else seems to mind the lag. Sometimes I only have 2 or 3 minutes to check the news. If I want to review more than 3 articles, It’s likely I’ll spend most of that time just standing there, staring at a processing icon. I don’t know about everyone else’s news reviewing habits, but to me, an app with this much lag time between articles is simply not useful. I’m better served using that time on email and waiting to do my news surfing on a computer. Or just using another app. The Apple news app does not have this problem at all. If the speeds were the same, I’d prefer the Google news app; content and customization features are better. However, as is, I just can’t justify making the switch, as much as I’d like to - can’t afford the downtime. I’ll check it out again in another 6 months or so.

Meh. This new version is pretty, but feels more like infotainment eye candy than a news portal. I used to go to the old Google news to quickly scan top stories, view a few alternative headlines to get a sense of different media perspectives, and then dive into stories of interest. It was usually easy to figure out which story was text versus only video so I could choose which to view. This new version of Google News is not designed for any of that. Instead, it’s a screen with giant quasi-animated images with moving titling that snare my attention even though the story has no interest to me. It’s distracting and the scrolling text makes me wonder whose editorial opinion I’m seeing, where the old summaries didn’t. It also takes longer to scan through than the old summaries. I can only see two or three stories at a time so have to scroll forever for even a small sample. It now starts in the Favorites section, which lists a weird combination of stories, many of which I do not find interesting but I don’t see an easy way to curate. Further, the fact that it automatically logs in with whatever account it finds, even on a shared device where a few of us have different gmail accounts, is annoying.

Ruining a perfectly good app with “new & improved”. Google, are you listening? We all came to love your services for their simplicity and focus. What was wrong with the Google News app which I’ve loved for years? Why are you dumping its simplicity for this over-engineered under-thought product? More and more you are rolling out offerings which feel more like products of Apple or Facebook. If I wanted dumbed-down, bloated apps that make decisions for me I would not be coming to Google for a solution. Why does this app not have a dark or night mode? Why are the articles with their pics so large I can only sew a couple or a few on my phone at a time —how hard would it be to add a menu option for a condensed headlines view? If I needed a Apple news app view, I would use the Apple News app. This is Google Reader all over again —killing off your most-beloved products in leu of something that integrates features your fan base don’t care about while dumping those that do. It would not be hard to add a traditional or classic view to this app for those users who prefer the layout they’ve been using for years with the prior Google News app. I just deleted this app, and I’m not returning to it until you at least provide a sensible, condensed view free of clutter and massive article photos.

Incredibly Annoying. This app has three behaviors I find incredibly annoying: 1) While reading your news feed, frequently, after you finish an article, it automatically scrolls you back to the top of your feed. Enjoy re-scrolling through the entire list again to find where you left off. It’s especially annoying when you had already spotted the article you intended to read next. 2) Often, after you finish reading an article and you press the ‘back’ button to return to your feed, you’ll discover that you didn’t really make it back to your feed at all. Instead, you’re at a list of articles from the same source as the last one, but disguised to look similar to your Google feed. You have to press ‘back’ a second time to actually return to your feed. Why does Google permit this deceptive behavior? 3) Some sources limit the number of articles you can read for free. Fair enough. Often, though, it’s a limit over a given period, such as three free articles per month. Google News never seems to honor these time limit resets. With those sources, as soon as you hit your limit once, you either subscribe or you may as well completely remove that source from your feed, because you’re never getting another free one.

No more swipe to go back on 14PM zoomed display? - edited. Updated review: Ok Google, we complained and you listened. Thanks for bringing back the swipe right to go back! Changing my review to 5 stars because it is my favorite news app! Original review: Hey Google, why’d you get rid of swipe to go back and instead force users to tap a x to close an article? And why are you showing so much stuff behind paywalls? This used to be my go-to news app but it’s gotten worse over the last year or so that I’m now using 3-4 different apps just to get what I need. Please start thinking about the UX and not all about how to generate revenue.

Needs lots of improvements. The simple desktop version of news was wonderful. It was customized based on my personal preference and easy to read the news that mattered to me. Articles were arranged by the my chosen topics as well as common topics such as technology, national, local, sports, etc. The app makes it difficult to find articles on the topics that matter to me. While the old desktop news page would update daily, I find the same news articles suggested for me over several days, even after reading the article. I understand the aesthetic choices for the app, but sometimes we just want things to be simple and easy to find. The desktop was closer to the ease of finding news articles in a newspaper where the app is more scroll and hope I find an article that interests me.

App is at times great, but often infuriating. I have used the Google News app almost exclusively since it was called Google Play Newsstand. Over the last few weeks, I have migrated more and more over to the Apple News app. My biggest issues have been resets and looping. Looping: I start reading a story, set the phone down or move my attention to a conversation then come back to my phone to discover that the article I was reading had closed and the app had reset to the home screen. That article is no longer shown on the home screen list at all. Resets: Stories on the home screen loop endlessly, the same 12 to 15 stories appear in the order as I scroll time after time no matter how far down I scroll. I will continue to try to use this app, if only out of habit, but it has fallen behind the Apple app in terms of user-friendliness and usefulness.

Push notifications only work sporadically. It would be the best news reader I’ve ever used if the notifications worked properly. I’ve tried reinstalling it and the notifications come back for a couple days, but then stop again. Otherwise I love it. It has a great range of sources. It seems to learn what I’m interested in much better than Apple News. I love the “full coverage” button that brings up stories related to the one I’m reading. The layout is both pleasing and functional. I like that there’s a tab for stories tailored to me and another for top headlines in general. If they fix the notifications, or if you’re lucky and don’t experience that bug, it’s an easy 5 stars for me.

Important features do not work. For example, options to filter out unwanted content fail. Personal preference is paramount. If I cannot customize my experience, I find it very difficult to continue using the App. Google should know me better by now. I provide enough feedback through the App for a proper algorithm, but it is like no matter how many times I tell Google NO about something, they tend to come back with a YES response, which is quite argumentative, rude and provocative. If I say I do not want to see a source, Google does nothing about it, other than gather data on my preferences. Gathering preference data and not implementing it to accommodate preference feels like being swindled. I gave you my preference, but instead of RESPECTING my preference, I am constantly DISRESPECTED every time Google ignores my preference data. A data-harvesting algorithm is useless if you drive users away with BAD DESIGN.

Best in Class with a Bug or Two. I honestly prefer Google News over Apple News because it incorporates my Google search history and provides stories I might like. The problem with that is it “uses my Google search history to provides stories I might like”. Apple News uses learning too but while it’s more private and isolated on my device, it’s siloed. Whereas Google gives me a far reaching spread of news tailored for me by my behavior. The iOS app refreshes when I leave the app (while reading an article). This is annoying because when I go to return to the article, the app refreshes and goes to the “for me” section from the start so I can’t return to the article that I wasn’t finished with.

Most legitimate sites available. I’ve tried a few of these news apps. Half find sites that claim to be unbiased that are very biased. Which way? Doesn’t matter if it’s lies. More than most of these apps only seem to find sites that rewrite Reddit am I a jerk nonsense or look another Karen to hate expose. This would even include microsoft’s attempt at legitimacy. Start over. Google still finds news sites that are a joke IMO, but I can easily remove them with a click. And I’ve yet to to see gossip ranked before actual events. I just wish they’d realize what a waste of time the New York Times is for most readers and cut them themselves. Oh the reason their local news is bad is because my local news is a joke. They can’t fix stupid, only source it.

Love I can curate but why is it all jumpy?. One of the best news apps as you eventually can get it tuned in to “exactly” what you want to see. But the jump “up” after a while, as it adds additional articles to your feed, after reading something, is very annoying. I have to prevent my thumb from scrolling up, while I wait for the “jump” / insert of another article on a topic I just read. Sooner or later I forget and I touch the screen and the “jump” takes me all the way back to the top of my feed again, where I then to curse and have to flip/ scroll past ALL the stuff I already read Hoping one day this will be fixed.

No thumbnail pictures in Apple widgets. When I add an Apple widget of this app to my iPhone, I used to have thumbnails of news stories behind the headline. Not anymore. I’ve had this problem for more than a year now. It’s the smallest widget that has a problem, the square one, while all the other widgets do have thumbnails but they are so tiny and are placed beside the headline, and the widgets that feature them are too large!!! Please fix this! I haven’t used the app in years after this bug, and it’s a shame. It would be EXTREMELY nice to see a picture of news that are going on around the world, rather than just a black box with a logo and some text. This is not a technical issue, you’ve made it happen before! Figure out the bug and GIVE ME MY WIDGET WITH THUMBNAILS BACK PLEASE. I hardly open the app anymore. It’s virtually invisible on my screen because there’s NO PICTURES!! JUST A BLACK SQUARE WITH SOME TEXTS.

Love Google News; sometimes it’s too recursive. I spend time with Google News every day and it’s a great app in terms of amalgamating lots of sources on multiple topics. My only complaint is the navel-gazing algorithm. It seems to base my feed off of (1) news I’m reading and (2) my search history. I end up in recursive news spirals where (for example) I look up a Glee cast list one night while watching Netflix, am fed an article about Naya Rivera the next day, and from then on get 2-3 Naya Rivera articles every day. It’s as if that single seed had a very outsized influence on my news feed. Similarly I clicked on Ask Amy once and now I get Ask Amy AND Miss Manners multiple instances in my feed. Wish I could choose “show less of this” or something to tune the algorithm.

Adding to Disappointment. Poorly designed app. This is the only app that competes with Apple News, which is terrible. This is my main smartphone app. I spend more than a dozen hours a week using it. What did you do!?! I hate it. The feed doesn’t load sometimes. The app freezes. The feed stops loading, while reading. Requiring you to reload the app and losing your place. The curation is worse. The local news is gone. The app is a battery hog. The app using too much data for a news app. Why is it always trying to run in the background? Why is it better at loading content while I’m not using it? The news isn’t updating as often. The main draw for Google News is that it’s always updating new content. The full coverage feature is great, when the app works. Please pay a couple of people to tighten this app up for us Google. Discouraged news junkie. 😥

Could be much better. I have been an avid user of Google news. However there are a few things that would make it much better 1. A personalized list to add articles for future reference. I know there is a read later option, but that’s just one list. Would like the option to make/share lists 2. Many articles are not correctly displayed within the app. Either some elements are not correctly displayed or image players are off. This needs to be improved 3. Ability to turn of dark mode. Since I am an “avid user”, reading on a black background hurts your eyes and I end up opening articles in the browser. Please have an option for background colors for dark mode and option to turn it off.

Frustrating and Full of Glitches. I give Google News App two stars because the layout is workable and the algorithm better selects articles which interest me than does Apple News. But the good news ends there. The app will not launch articles in their related apps (such as NYTimes or Washington Post), nor will it communicate with Apple Keychain. Makes it a PITA to read such articles, so I don't. Instead I close the Google App. Also, on articles from sources which will open, the header won't remain visible allowing user to close the article and return to the main page. These are just examples of the countless frustrations and glitches. if the good elements of both this App and Apple News were combined the result would be a really great news service. As it is the apps are as miserable as the news itself.

Best. I switched from the CNN app and Twitter to get my news through here. I like the new “For You” tab. The interface is a lot cleaner and quicker if you just want curated news. I like that you can tap headlines and see latest news. It’s more national focused, while I have the curated one suited to my interests and local stuff. It’s a really nice way to see the news without other people’s opinions in the way. The new app is a lot cleaner and easier to use. As a student taking advanced classes it’s important for me to keep up with news and in general keep up with the news. The news has become a very important thing in my generation now. I think it’s important to know where you are getting your news from and this app does it right. It’s not just one source it’s many so you gain perspective.

Avoid at All Costs. Google stands astride our planet like a colossus, raking in billions of dollars per second, tracking each mouse click of every man, woman and child on the internet. So how is it they make an app that’s as lousy as this one is? First off, it’s a battery-killer. Don’t open Google News if you’re not near an electrical outlet or you’ll quickly be out of juice. Once it is open, expect the stories you click on to load very slowly. That’s if they load at all. There’s a one in three chance that the page won’t load and you’ll see that stupid Google ice cream cone that says this app won’t work because it’s lousy. Maybe it’ll wait until you’re halfway through the story when the app freezes, the page locks, and then gives up and decides not to work. You could copy the link and read the story in Chrome but, if you do that and come back to News, the app resets itself. That means that, if you were looking at the “For You” section, all those News stories you were looking at will be gone, so if there was something you’re interested in that you haven’t read yet, you’re out of luck. Those are just the major ways this app is lousy. There’s plenty of small things that it messes up, too. Google should be ashamed that, not only do they put out a stunningly awful app, they’ve done nothing to fix it for years now.

would be awesome if things weren't always crashing. the app itself is stable, and i prefer whatever algorithms are in place to feed me what i'm actually interested in, and i ESPECIALLY like being given a list of news articles that i can, like... read. for free. without being badgered to pay to read half of what i'm being presented with. but all the free news in the world is worthless if the page spits out an error halfway through the article. i thought maybe it was just a mercury news thing, but it's doing it with articles from other sources as well. i tried babying it, letting everything fully load and scrolling very slowly, but even if that worked (which it doesn't), it's 2021, i shouldn't have to do this. i reasonably expect a google app to be robust enough to handle SCROLLING.

No longer worth my time. The new version of this app is an enormous dissappointment. It now serves me huge swaths of visual (and oh great, moving) panels of news that are hardly relevant to me are difficult and sometimes obnoxious to scan. I don’t even understand how to train the algorithm to do a better job, because the only customization I can find when, for instance, I am served sensationalized local news stories picked up by the networks, is to eliminate the entire network as a news source, which is absurd. My old customizations are gone. This has gone from a smart, fast way to absorb a lot of information to a dumb, flashy slog which I continue to open out of habit but am now abandoning. It looks better and more immersive, but contains significantly less substance and value. Also, I hope Google is getting a cut of all the paywalls this app crashes you into now. No idea how this could come from a company that theoretically knows more about my web and news habits, whether I like it or not, than any other.

Clunky and Frustrating. The content is fine but Google has nothing to do with that other than creepily spying on you and collecting your data to sell to the highest bidder. The app itself is irritating because you could be 20 headlines down, click on a story to read, then, when you back out of the story, the app sends you to the top of the feed again so you have to scroll back through dozens of headlines, some of which have changed or moved, to find your place. The feature of returning to the place you left off is so basic (e.g., in online shopping when you click on a product then return to the search page) that Google’s choice to irritate its users rather than implement a simple fix makes this app clunky and frustrating.

Highly Recommend to Everyone!!. I’m a huuuge follower of the news, and recommend Google News to anyone who enjoys staying up to date with current events. A variety of news articles from differing biases and perspectives helps one to see the bigger picture. With a simple click of the “Full Coverage” button, you can see how any story is being talked about across the internet, including on social media sites. The design and layout of the app is sleek and orderly. Stories that are most relevant to your interests will send notifications to your phone, if enabled. I love the app!! If I had to make a recommendation, perhaps Google could make a “Biased” meter utilizing machine-learning to detect the nuanced biased choice of language from any particular story.

Pretty good. I’ve always like google as a news aggregator. The “for you” section is pretty good at suggesting relevant articles. The top news section is decent when it comes to showing articles from the right and left sides of the news spectrum. My only complaint is that if I’m using the app and have scrolled down a lot, and have to leave the app for a minute and open another app... sometimes when I open google news again it refreshes rather than leaving me where I left off. This can be annoying because I have to scroll past a lot of stuff to try to figure out where I was at. And sometimes it will even refresh the ordering. I wish it would wait for me to tell it if I want to refresh.

Darn good news service. This is my daily read, it continuously learns and gets better at picking relevant news that one cares about. I monitor several overseas news sources such as Aljazeera and really appreciate that they are available. A couple of improvements would make it even better. One would be to remove annoying news sites that require subscriptions even though they are not marked as such. NPR, San Jose Mercury, Santa Cruz Sentinel are examples. The other is to remove the irrelevant or not credible news sites that usually have a very small print and barely legible unrecognizable logos and present regurgitated clickbait news, several examples of this are in the physics and science categories.

Google News is my favorite aggregated news service!. Google News is my favorite aggregated news service! Many independant news services charge a monthly or annual subscription in order to read their articles. Luckily Google News offers multiple news outlets on the same news story so I can always find a news service to tell me something about the news worthy event I’m interested in learning about. I’d like to see Google News offer a multiple subscription service bundle to the leading news outletsNYT, Washington Post, that would allow me to read 25 to 50 articles per month from a variety news outlets. Although I would still be seeings ads, I feel this would allow me to become better informed without have to commit to multiple and costly subscriptions needlessly.

Rare fail for Google. Google news app is a rare fail for google: uses way too much screen space you have to scroll endlessly. The stories are in random order: here’s a political story, here’s a human interest story, here’s a celebrity gossip story here’s a story about Trump here’s a story about food. Etcetera. Attempting to scroll frequently results in leaving the story altogether. It’s not possible to go back to the story: You have to scroll endlessly to find it again. The for you section has one of the worst story picking algorithms I’ve ever seen: If it feeds me one more celebrity gossip story I’m going to scream. Marking ‘show me fewer stories like this’ seems to have no effect whatsoever. Nor can one search effectively to find the story one just swiped out of while attempting to scroll. GOOGLE: FIX THIS APP! Update in 2023: there are so many pay walls and popovers and dead links on this app that it’s becoming almost not worth using. When I remember how this app used to be It’s really quite astounding how bad it’s become. And yet I still use it every day. I don’t know maybe this year I’ll finally get rid of it.

Quick Free Source To Keep Up 2 Date. I was originally using Apple News but then I decided I didn’t really want to pay an extra ten bucks a month when I can get all my day 2 day news from this app for FREE! I love how I can pick and choose the topics that interest me and get news feeds on it in real time. Don’t get me wrong I liked the idea of using Apple News as my main goal is to integrate all my stuff over to Apples ecosystem but I feel that 10 bucks a month for News nowadays is just asking a bit too much when people have so many other avenues they can go down which are either cheaper or in this case completely free. I will stick with my Google News for the time being as it gets the job done and it does it in style plus when someone is looking for anything what’s the term they tend to use??? Oh yeah! That’s right! They say “let me Google that” lol

Please bring back the old version. May 30 Update. After many months I decided to try Google News again. Still the same huge distracting graphics. Still the limited feeds that lean far left. So many other reviewers say the same thing yet the amateurish graphics dominate still. Deleting this again. Not worth my time in this format. I’ll try again with high hopes in six months or so. I want so much to like this app! The new Google News is just plain horrible. The amateurish look is something a high school kid would create, full of big pictures and missing the ability to quickly scroll through headlines to find articles of interest without those glaring pictures distracting you until you just give up. Gone is the ability to use keywords of your choice to create a news tab, you can only choose from their limited lists. Google News now has the look of those webpages that are full of sensational gossip articles rather than raw news. Please bring back the old version.

Decent News App but.... The range of sources is nice but many stories lead to paywalls and really hinder what stories I read. Also, if I click on a certain kind of story just for the hell of it, the algorithm goes hog wild and pesters me for days or weeks to the point that I’m less inclined to just click around on a whim. Or to click on an article whose bias I do not share but want to read against the grain. Just because I click on something does not mean I support it or detest it either. There are more subtle gradations of choice-making that the feed seems to not pick up on. How could it? I have no idea, that’s Google’s job. Lastly, it would be nice if one could put in a block on certain things - terms, names - that one is not interested in at all like Kim Kardashian. I’m sure she’s nice but I really just don’t care and do not need to be reminded anymore about how much I do not care.

Missing some key features.. My biggest problem is that I am afraid to use the ‘more/less stories like this’ feature. Some stories have so many different topics that it is hard to just say ‘less’ when I don’t know what I am exactly saying ‘less’ to. What if I like some parts of the story, but dislike others? Samsung has a feature when I say I like a story and want more it asks which parts I want more of. Then I can say less and it asks which parts I want less of. It gave me a much more customized news feed. Now I don’t want to say ‘less’ because maybe it talks about a sports team I like, but I don’t want to say ‘more’ because last time I did that I kept getting stories about a team I don’t like because they were mentioned once in the article.

Junked up version of classics Google News site. I’ve always used the Google News website. Simple and efficient. This app is like getting that new laptop with a desktop covered with cr*p ware and bloatware. I looks much fancier and is much more dynamic with all kinds of auto-play video headlines scrolling by. So much more bandwidth intensive. Not good if your internet is not the fastest. The stories are interspersed with VASTLY more adds and “sponsored” items. It takes 10x longer to scroll through and get a sense of what’s going on. In fact I have no sense of what’s going on the way news is presented in this app. Google news was very simple and logical. The logic and simplicity is lost in all the new flashiness. Lastly, the targeted “news” items and adds are much more obvious. I don’t like this because it shows you what it thinks you want to see. This is more like Fox and CNN where they specialize giving you our own opinion back to you. They help you create your own vacuum chamber. I’m trying to make my own world of knowledge larger, not smaller. That said, if you like to get your news like you’re just browsing the internet and you’ve got all day, then this is the App for you.

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Hard to customize.. Can no longer easily customize as i used to. The previous news app was way better. A lot of the news is now irrelevant. For a supposedly intelligent app, it’s quite dumb.

FONT TOO SMALL Unreadable. It’s almost unreadable. App doesn’t offer a larger font setting or obey iOS default. Pinch and zoom doesn’t work and if you turn phone to landscape to zoom, it goes janky. Overall an unusable old fashioned app with no regard for basic accessibility PS just bookmark Google News (in Safari) to Home Screen for a MUCH better and more readable experience.

Poor design on iPad. This app doesn’t feel designed for iPad at all, its just a blown up version of the phone app. Needs a redesign to take advantage of the big screen, and actually see more than 2 articles at once.

Poor update for Newsstand. If I minimise the app to say check an email or the internet quickly, when I return mere seconds later I am plonked on the main landing page with all of my progress through an article forgotten. So frustrating!

Cruise Ships . Keep them off our Australian shores.. Keep the cruise ship passengers off our Australian shores. Don’t let them in. Charity starts at home. We can’t save others if we are sick ourselves. Thank you google news for the frequent updates.

Biased aggregator. Don’t think for a second that just because there’s multiple news outlets in the results, there’s multiple perspectives on a story. Google only ranks highly news that follows Google’s ideology. At times, three out of six news articles on a particular subject are all from the Guardian. That’s hardly a balanced perspective. Even when you start blocking highly ideologically driven news sources like the Guardian, there’s not much left in the results.

Better than Apple News App. A lot less ads compared to the Apple News app and I prefer the layout of the news articles on Google News. Overall I find this app easier to use and provides better news articles than Apple News.

Doesn’t work well if you don’t like what it dishes up. If you spend some time wiping away the endless sport articles and Royal news, your ‘for you’ page becomes barren and useless, forcing you to the headlines section where your preferences not only don’t matter, they’re actively ignored.

Issues with news feed. After reading an article and going back to the feed the app rebounds you back up the news feed so that you have to scroll all the way down to where you last were. This is insanely annoying and has been happening for months

Needs dynamic fonts. Needs a dynamic zoom for those of us who aren’t 20 anymore. I can’t read half of the stories

Source of my daily news. I read it everyday

Bye bye privacy!. Can you believe this feature? Google News spent the last 4 months badgering me to sign in so they can tailor news to me. I don’t want my news chosen for me. I just want a spread of news. Fast forward to today and I notice Google News has automatically signed me in to all 3 of my accounts! And there is NO option to sign out! Why is that even a feature? Why is it literally impossible to just read some news without signing in? Garbage change to an already average method of reading news. Eat it, google.

Stopped loading news over WiFi. App has been great over the past several years. All of a sudden it’s stopped working over WiFi. Deleted and reinstalled app, no change. Tested and rebooted home WiFi and Internet, no change. Only app that seems to be playing up

Everything you need. In one convenient place.. The best news app out there!

Too much Fake News promoted by Google!!. So frustrated that despite me entering the news organisations I want news from, that Google still interferes with my choices by selecting all the Lunatic Left Fake News outlets that I don’t want to hear from and have them appear under the title of News For You. When will Google stop censoring and allow good news outlets that ppl want to be in the recommended areas!?

Better than Apple news. Far better than apple news, more tailored to you. Apple news has half of it taken up by click bait articles wanting you to sign up to News+ with every one of them behind a paywall It takes up like half of the feed

Crummy app. Google News has the same headlines from four days ago and it won’t update!

Much better. The new app is so easy to use. More information and up to date articles.

Update after update, still annoying. The app will often poorly present articles that, I suspect, are not optimised for google news. Returning to a feed will force articles to refresh only for you to miss out on another article you wanted to read. Lastly, why is there no motoring/automotive section and instead lumping transport under the technology banner?

its okay manually is teddious. its enjoyable to use u STILL get what you didnt want ask for like stocks you have to delete what u dont want manually it seems to ignore u what u dont want!

Topics are gone. I don’t like it cause It took years to build my topics up and then there gone the app should of merge the data for a smooth transition, since I have to start again I will use the Apple News instead.

Hard to read. Sometimes there’s a line between stories, sometimes the photo with the story goes above it, sometimes beside it sometimes below it. Hard to what is linked with what. Sometimes news items are in boxes. Very messy and inconsistent display of news feed.

Paid news - get rid of it on Google News. It should be free. Paid news - get rid of it on Google News. It should be free

If only it worked as intended. At first I thought ‘oh, what an improvement over Apple news’. Nope, not really. I keep all royal family news sources, 9honey and other celebrities gossiping rubbish but it keeps coming back. So annoying, if I tap ‘hide all stories from XXXX’ one would expect to have never see this source again. Not in this app though.

It doesn’t remember where I left off. I would like the app to remember where I had reached in the news feed. Maybe refresh from the top each day? Every time I open it, the news starts at the top again.

Ads + constant app refresh mar the experience. App will refresh if you switch to another app for even 2 mins, meaning you’ll lose your place in the article you were reading and have to find it again. Ads also mar the experience.

A new google app to profile my likes and dislikes?. After clicking “fewer stories like this” 20 times on the royal wedding story, only to have them replaced by more royal wedding stories, I start to wonder if this feature is just being used to profile me, rather than actually give me better news offerings. Likewise if I block a newsfeed, I still get stories from them.

Unable to read articles. Despite iPad being up to date as well as the app, literally every article I click on I can read for all of about 30 seconds before getting a blank screen stating the content can’t be displayed. Every article.

Google News ndowngrade. Looks like the marketing departments attempt to bring a new more modern interface with more images and less content. People want to quickly browse the news and pick content. This app fails- the scrolling is not smooth and there is less articles per page. My mistake was giving it 2 stars, 1 star is all it’s worth.

Needs to stop scrolling back to the top!. I find this to be the best of all news apps, but it’s impossible to spend more than a few minutes browsing stories before the app scrolls you back to the top of the feed, requiring you to scroll down to where you were again! This has been happening for years, and doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed despite being a very frustrating issue!

Dark mode. This app had a huge improvement prior to this release. Although the app is a tad white so maybe a black theme for night time would suffice.

Google News. Great catch up on news site.

It’s very helpful to have news, that knows my interests.. It’s not perfect, for instance it thinks that I’m absolutely mad about sport, I’ve told it I don’t want sport, but no matter, everyone likes sport, wether or not, they actually do. In the same way, as in advertising, everyone who likes electric vehicles, is somehow supposed to like internal combustion vehicles, they’re noisy, stinky, high maintenance, costly to fuel. But I still get tons of adds, for 4 wheel drives. It also forgets everything, I select, you have to read it there and then.

Pay pay pay. Not a free new site as more and more items have become subscription based. Not as bad as Apple News (which doesn’t seem to want me to review it) but the most interesting items are always channeled pay to view or subscription services. Don’t waste my time.

Keeps me up to date. I enjoy the updated items constantly coming through. Only concerns I have are common commercials dressed up to be articles, and the difficulty I have getting the “fewer articles” functionality to kick in. I wonder if some greater - more accurately directed- ability to drive the feed control/filteringmight aid product perception.

Better than other news + apps. Compared to other news apps from well known, reputable developers, Google news does a much better job of presenting you with free content, supported by ads. With some other news apps, 75% of the headlines I click on immediately present a pay wall for stories that aren’t exactly exclusives.

Not bad. It’s interesting to experience the differences that the alogarithms of Apple news ang google news dish me up. Both are very good but not perfect. Somewhere in between the 2 would be the ideal

Zoom effect on every photo is nauseating. I like google products and overall the news app looks good but I can’t use it because the slow zoom effect (known as the Ken Burns effect) on every background photo is nauseating (ie. it causes motion sickness). Until there is an option to turn off this effect in the app settings I won’t be able to use the app.

Constantly crashing. This used to be my go to app but now it constantly crashes or fails to load stories.

Wide News Coverage. I have only been using this app for a few days but have found it to have the latest news as well as a variety of other interesting articles. Would recommend it.

Overall it’s good. Although I like it, I’m not really enjoying the news they provide for me. It often provides those similar ones which I knew it’s based on our user experience, but sometimes they are too many duplicates and can be quite annoying:(

Works for me as an aggregator just fine. Gets most things but would like to see more SBS here in Australia

Google news. Most of the time when I am waiting I open Google news and enjoy it

Maybe Facebook giving Australia the big miss, GN is worth it. GN will be worth it, it also unclog FB. Still can’t believe FB kicked a leg from under the 4 legged FB Table, FB will now wobble. Congratulations to Google for doing the right thing. Maybe Google should do a better version of FB anyway?

Disappointingly Poor. Not the best app, particularly when you want to push the app into the background and attend to something else only to lose whatever you were reading when you return to the app as it decides to refresh everything and go back to home. Not very good at providing articles according to your interests. Poor quality from a company with an allegedly high reputation.

Negative change. I used to be able to scroll quickly over lots of subjects quickly and look at what I wanted. It takes longer now, especially if I have slow internet. The worst part is losing the sections where I had set up the subjects I wanted to see using keywords.

Pointless change to new app, moving on. I've used Google News for years, was very happy, minimalist user interface gave me a lot of information over 6-7 stories on an iPhone screen, now I get useless big pictures and 2 stories per screen, if I'd wanted cartoons I'd have gone elsewhere. Personalised news worked OK, bit buggy but ok. It's now useless, why would I want to see news articles from 2016, I don't even want to see your latest news which is dated August. And forget searching something specialist, a scientific or medical term for example, pretty much nothing comes up. Before they killed the old Google News I compared the new and the old dude by side, no comparison, more news in the old version.

Large icons , inefficient screen space. no magazine subscription support, all paid content is almost unusable black screens no navigation ,. Despite paying money Google give no support. The download content feature does not work. Although it downloads once offline it mostly displays this content is not available offline. If you connect to inflight access point this app fails to authenticate, but then it rembers that and so requires you to authenticate which can only occur after the flight has finished The currated content displays identical stories from different magazines , that is a story written by the one author published by two magazines. It even does this when I say don't display stories like this on one of them.

Great news stories!. I appreciate being kept up to date every day!

Bring back the old app. Why did you take a perfectly good, highly efficient app and replace it with this dross? Instead of being able to quickly scan a large number of articles in seconds I now have to scroll through pages of useless pictures to get an overview of the days news. Grrrr.

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Lots of content, massive memory hog. I like Google News since it has lots of content, but unfortunately Google News seems to loads huge amounts of space into the iPhone system memory. It also will keep checking the internet, I think to keep content up to date? Google news work, but it is a very space and internet heavy app. Honestly I'd rather pay $13 for the Apple News then use Google News.

Bug hasn’t been fixed for over a month!!. Since the beginning of April more than half of the articles I click on launch in the Safari app. Very disappointed that this hasn’t been fixed yet as this has been my news app of choice for two years.

Ad filled trash. Unbelievable the extent of ads Google is pushing through its apps. I'm removing this app and using the web version (since Safari has adblockers).

Want nontargeted news. Under the world News section it still shows me mostly local news. I don't want an app to show me stories it thinks are targeted for me. I want a need app that just shows all of the stories.

Annoying bug. Have used this app for a long while and notice now that when I click through to an article it opens a safari window in the back going to google search. Annoying and also unnecessary as it requires switching back to the app Pls fix google

Hated the new Google news. There is no option to switch to the old style, this is just imposed to you! I have no control of news I want to see. Type of news business, sports, world, etc Before I could choose the language

Really unhappy about stupid news recommendations.. I was uninstalled Apple News because its stupid news recommendation which never follow my settings, then I was hope Google News can have better recommendation system since its high rating on App Store. Sure, it was working very good to not shown topic I clicked “see less often”, but now it just as stupid as Apple News, which always shows massive news topic that I already clicked “see less often” multiple time! So, bye bye, Google News, another apple from great to terrible😡

Constant Stuttering. Constant stuttering on iPhone makes the app completely irritating to use now. Uninstalled.

Mostly unrelated to what I’m Looking for. The app allows you to follow different sources but then will not populate your news feed with stories from the sources you followed. Instead it just shows you random stories from sources you have expressed no interest in and if you do want to see stories from your sources, you will have to go to each source individually to see what they have posted. Overall it makes the app very inconvenient to use and leaves you with a bunch of news you don’t actually care about. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone who is particular about where they get there news from.

New update. This new update is horrible! As someone who used this just for magazines I don’t care about all this other news

Great with an annoying bug. I love this app, but for some reason every time I open a story I get redirected to in Safari. This problem is so annoying I might delete the app if it’s not fixed soon.

Keeps opening Safari Clicking on Articles. My observation: clicking on articles has been opening Safari, I would estimate about 60% plus amount of the time. If I had to estimate has been happening since around the beginning of April. So annoying, Please Fix for the love of God! Otherwise excellent excellent App!!

Pop up ads. Pop up ads show up on this app every now and then.

Good relevant content, FAR too many ads. The overload of pop up ads makes the overall experience frustrating

Fix new bug. Click on article and then before the article loads, safari opens a empty google page outside the app.

Thumbs down to new version. Bring back the old version.

Terrific but one big bug. Love everything about Google News. It's become my number one source of news. I only have one issue though. When I open up ANY article from CBC News (and only CBC News) the article will show and then go white after a few seconds preventing me from reading it. This only happens with CBC News. I'm currently experiencing this on iOS 11.4 on an iPhone X.

Too many ads. Recommends good articles that I’d like to read but clicking on any of them is a nightmare with huge ads and auto playing videos. Can’t use any longer.

It refuses to listen to you. It updates infrequently. The most frustrating being no matter how many times I’ve disliked news about celebrities, I continue seeing them EVERYWHERE. This news app does not get what you need.

Use to be great. No longer the case for Canadian news.. Google now pushes foreign news articles in Canada because they do not want to pay for the news they push.

Shame on google. Shame on google for trying to scare Canadians into cancelling the online news act. American tech should not have a say in what news Canadians have access to. Permanently deleted from my list of news apps!

Can’t believe i agree with Trudeau but i do. Petty google

Was reliable until now. Opens safari blank page for every article selected. Not sure why this _open blank browser window bug persists but it’s still affecting news reading on iPhones. I have switched to Apple news now.

Had to delete. 1. Constant white screen when reading any article 2. Wifi or cell data doesn’t work after white screen until I force close the app

Drains battery. Whenever I use Google news my tablet get really hot and the battery drains at an unprecedented rate. What is this app doing?

Boooo. At least 1/3 of the articles I try to open results in a blank screen, uninstalling

Fix. I like a finite scroll of news. However it constantly refreshes and jumps to the top. So I get through 50% and then read an article, go back and it refreshes to the top. Stop auto refreshing please or have a setting. I hate scrolling back to find where I was.

Ugh. Looking for a good news app and this one feels like 1/4 of all links are only accessible when you pay for the sources subscription to their newspaper! I’m *not* going to pay for 20 different newspapers… just because I want to see what divers found in the lakebed. come on google.

What was once great is now terrible. Between the sheer amount of articles I open that require a paid subscription topped up with the fact that the majority of articles I click on refuse to load unless I opt to “open in browser”, this app which I have been using for years has become completely unusable.

Two bugs all of a sudden. Love this App! Normally. Two bugs have appeared recently and are quite annoying. 1) Randomly when I click on an article it opens up a blank page in a new window. 2) When I open a Toronto Star article I cannot scroll. Please fix these issues. Especially #1. I used this App daily and that bug is getting quite annoying.

Disappointing app. There are a couple issues I have with the news app. I would like to see my local news instead of provinces that are irrelevant to me. I wish I could tailor the news pages to what happens locally instead of B.C, Alberta or Ontario. There are other provinces besides those .

Less US news please. I know your company is from the States, but I actually could barely care less about what's happening in your country. About the same amount as Benin. Please give options to have the feed of The US" and by extension all of your country's banal events largely reduced. My preference is to have zero photos of your current or previous asshat national leaders.

Major New’s. When the public is Counting on health update’s with the COVID Vaccination information it is available. I have been following the fires in BC & air quality as I have family in friend s in the Kamloop’s & Vancouver area I Count on google maps & weather report’s throughout the day.

What happened to the local tab. On the previous version there was a local link that would give me news for smallish city I live in. Please include option on this app. What happens within 25k of my home has far more impact on my life than most of the other stories.

Clean but.... Clean app but pages stay blank (white screen) at times. Opening articles launches safari on for no reason.

Random browser pop up. Love this app but it has a major bug that’s really annoying. For many of the articles I click, it opens the article but then also spawns an empty browser tab and switches to the browser app. I have to switch back to the news app to read the article and then close the empty browser tab. After reading the news for a while I end up with a whole bunch of google search browser tabs open! Many people are reporting this, when will it be fixed?

Needs to fix this. Sadly the web version is better because it has “show less stories like this”. The app needs to have that

Pop-up bug still persists.. It’s been months and Google has yet to fix the Safari pop-up bug. It’s irritating and ruins the user experience.

Bad decision to remove Canadian news. This all will soon be useless in Canada due to googles decision to remove all Canadian news content.

Restrictions on article notifications required. Today, an article written by HiTech sent a notification stating “Giant asteroid heading towards earth today”. In the article, it states it relates to the NASA planned mission to test against this possible scenario. These clickbait articles are ridiculous and it’s hilarious a news app as big as google can be tricked into sending out these notifications.

Non stop pop-ups. Since the last update, when I open some articles, a window on Safari opens up. I hope a fix is on the way soon. The app has been experiencing some issues lately.

Poor Design. I decided to try the updated Google News on my iPad and I was very disappointed. The design is very poor, too many unnecessary large pictures, tiny fonts and way too many blank space between articles. Not very visually appealing… DELETED.

Good. It’s good, but what will happen to the other Google News in the App Store?

Please add Night Mode. Please add a Night Mode for those of us who like to read the news in bed, before we go to sleep.

Please fix the bug!. Every time I open an article in google news, it will change screen and open a blank page on my chrome, please fix it!

BUG- Articles open in Safari regardless of settings. Whenever I open any article, I am redirected to Safari where a new tab is opened to a new blank Google Search (it doesn’t even open the article). I have to constantly switch back to the Google News app in order to read any article. Very frustrating bug. Within the Google News setting I have selected the default web browser as “Ask every time” and it still just opens a new Safari tab to nothing, regardless of what kind of article I open. The UI and functionality of the app is great but this bug makes using the app pointless if I’m constantly having to navigate back to the app to read what I originally wanted to read.

More Google junk. It’s a product not a tool. Junk to take your time and attention, not anything worth using.

Buggy App makes it unusable. As many others have pointed out clicking on news stories within the app launches a blank Safari page. I will stop using the app until this is fixed. This has persisted for months with no response from Google.

Blank Google page & scrolling problem.. Both annoying and the last one requires the app to be restarted. Somebody reported this 9 months ago and still hasn’t been fixed! Using Apple News instead.

Lots of spammy articles. Generally I like the app but I find there are too many dubious spammy articles from unreliable sources. You should stick to news articles from trusted news sources.

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Ads Disguised as News. This is such a downgrade from the old Google News and Weather app it’s hard to fully explain. Gone are the days of easily skimming through the headlines and finding interesting articles. Now, google insists on bombarding you with a visual kaleidoscope of pictures that serve as click bait. The worst part however, are the constant advertisements to products that google wants me to buy. I can understand and even put up with advertisements. It’s an unfortunate reality in Google’s ecosystem. What I can not abide, however, are advertisements disguised as news articles. This is deceptive and makes the app almost useless for me. I don’t have time to weed through articles to see what is real and what is a cash grab. There is no way to turn this off. I can turn off personalized ads but not ads altogether. Bad play Google. Bad play.

Stop promoting the vile Far Left Progressive view!!!. I’ve asked to hide stories from the vile far left networks and they stop showing when I open the app but still show on the widget. No matter how much you tout the lies of the Progressive Left the country will reject it in the end. The progressive Left has caused astronomical disparity of wealth, further than any 5 republicans in their dual terms. They have caused mass unemployment, violent crime all over, shoplifting at the highest rate ever and then some. But hey, the solved flu infections which are less than 1% than 2 years ago. Why are the BLM allowed to take over police departments and entire cities but when a few truckers do it with no violence the media lies and twists it as the violent BLM with automatic weapons is fine but a few red necks in semis are somehow tied to nazis? The truth will out!!!

Good algorithm, frustrating UI. This app has so many good things going for it, but they are being torpedoed for me by some sort of UI error that resets my view to the top of the list of articles under the “for you” section after every article I read. It is extremely frustrating when I am near the bottom of the list of my new news articles to be brought all the way up to the top of a list of dozens of articles with images. I then have to try to remember where I was and what I have already seen. It used to happen rather infrequently, but now it is happening almost every time I leave an article. I am strongly considering switching to Apple News.

I don’t like the new format.. I enjoyed the old google news app. The one they discontinued. Smaller photos and easier to see headlines. Now we have giant photos and you need to scroll through to try to see headlines. Harder to use. Less efficient. And I don’t like the idea of news tailored toward the viewer. Giving them what they want to read. I like the idea of a broad spectrum of news and information. Not skewing it towards the reader’s preferences. I will take a look at some other news apps. This one is too dependent on photography.

Good start but real bad ram hog. This app seems decent on the surface but the ram it uses is typical google. Like chrome browser it uses all the resources it can take while running. You can be on a page and leave the app to do anything else. When you return the app has refreshed and you lost the article you were reading. This happens constantly. Apple news will run in the background for hours with multiple apps open in the background. I also wish you could chose to open an article in a browser and not the internal browser built into the app. Then your forced to once again ask it to go to a browser like safari. Obviously this is google trying to keep tabs on what you do on the page you’re requesting in browser. This is intrusive.

Google Ruins a Great Product. Once again Google has ruined a great product by forcing us to change from the old Google News app to a brand new version. Like many others, I don’t want large photos, but just a list of headlines arranged by topics/locations with the 1st line or 2 of the article included with the headline — and the ability to quickly click a drop-down arrow to see 3 or 4 additional media sources on the story, and the ability to see “Local” stories for various media markets I am interested in. For that service I don’t mind seeing ads, which i know are necessary for Google to make it all worthwhile. I don’t see myself using the new app at all, and my impression of Google is greatly diminished. May find another search engine and another browser while I’m at it.

Horribly slow. There are a ton of UI lag and jittery scrolling even on the iPhone X. For instance after leaving an article as the app finishes loading the “related articles” section underneath the previously opened article the screen freezes before having that section slide down becoming visible. Articles are also loading very slowly and even the loading spinner gets stuck mid-spin sometimes, obviously the app is doing too much on the main thread. Being unable to view articles in Safari view controller is also a huge bummer, as ads really do slow down AND clutter up the news reading experience. Overall, this is a move in the right direction but at this time I’m staying on Tweetbot and reading news in the ad-free environment that is Safari view controller.

Google news. Google thank you for your free app news. I greatly appreciate it. We recently stopped subscribing to spectrum cable due to outrageous price and little value. All other news apps such as nbc, cbs, abc one can not use cuz spectrum won’t authorize without subscription. Spectrum has a monopoly in Texas and it needs too stop. I am willing to pay a fee like Netflix just for cable news. The rest tv programs are garbage. Your news are good. Would love to see Rachel meadows and pay. Thank you.

Need better trash filter. First time I used the app, I stumbled onto a lengthy story about why Judge Judy plans to retire to promote her amazing anti-aging cream. It was loaded with authentic-looking details and endorsements from Ellen and other celebrities and offered a free sample... I would have dismissed it all as blatant fraud had it appeared on Facebook. Because it appeared here, I went looking for confirmation or refutation. I found absolutely nothing about JJ’s cream... Rather, I found that she just renewed her contract for a huge amount of money. Returning to GNews, I couldn’t find the story. It apparently had disappeared — presumably because someone who screens stories eventually recognized it as trash. I wonder how many suckers fell for it in the interim.

Navigation issues. It has increasingly become a problem that I can’t get away from a particular new site back to the main feed. The navigation buttons become inaccessible and the page won’t scroll to anywhere with a back button. I find as I read the news I have to close and relaunch the app every few minutes when I reach this situation. Sometimes it is the result of pay-wall pop-ups but it can also just happen spontaneously on the wrong news site. Google needs to make sure you can always go “back” to avoid getting stuck.

Doesn’t utilize screen space correctly. On an iPad or iPhone I should be able to see at least 5 to 10 articles. This app creates massive pictures for articles and you can only see 1 or 2 articles at a time. Terrible update to the much better older version of news. The MSN News app that I have been using in beta is much better. This is Google”s attempt to compete with Apple News and Flipboard, but fails massively. The old app that let you easily scroll thru article sections was much better and easier. Having to scroll on the top through categories is inefficient. Also, all articles in this app need to support AMP. It is much better to go to RSS feeds and Reeder app or to use Apple News or Microsoft News. Google has lost its way.

Used to be good. This app started encountering performance issues awhile ago. The issues have ‘t been patched and have been getting worse. Now I don’t even like using the app. It lags as you are trying to scroll through articles, even on recent hardware. It will often lock up entirely while scrolling through articles. if you click into an article to read it, the app now resets your scroll position when you back out of the article. This means you are put back at the top of the article list and have to scroll all the way back down, while lagging the whole time, until you find where you left off before clicking on the article.

Battery drainer. Using this Google News app on an old iPhone se results in dramatic battery drainage. My iPhone’s battery literally went from 60% to 28% in a mere 10 minutes. Whether the issues has to do with my old 3-year-old iPhone or this app, I’m not sure, but it’s absolutely unacceptable to me. Update: “There was an error displaying this content” — I get that message ALL THE TIME now and it’s only gotten worse after the latest update, which I assumed would remedy the glitch, but did absolutely nothing. Really annoying when you’re reading something and the screen cuts out constantly. I’m leaning towards dumping Google services.

So much better than Apple News!. In an article today in Business Insider there was a comparison of Apple News and Google News. Let me begin by saying that I really didn’t even know that a Google News existed. Smh. In the article “hands down” (as it said) the Google News was far superior, and I totally agree!! I have much, much, much more control over the articles I see, can blend in local news and it’s MUCH more user friendly. This is an excellent alternative. Btw, Yahoo is a joke. Get Google News, you will be hugely pleased.

Make that one star - incredibly sluggish. After using this app a little longer, I have reconsidered my original review of two stars. Now, I am downgrading this terrible app to only one star... I didn’t think it possible, but the new Google News app is even more sluggish than the original app - what an incredible disappointment! Poorly designed navigation, jittery scrolling, slow screen loads, and still no text-only view with adjustable fonts and colors - welcome back to the bad old days. But hey, at least Google finally fixed the article sharing arrow that has been broken for multiple releases in the original. Google, if you are smart, you will fire this product management team immediately and find a group that actually cares about user experience!

How bad can you actually make an app?. - Too much clutter. - Huge videos and images are distracting. - There are tabs but it is not clear why, and the information is not organized within the tabs. - I seem to have lost my custom news topics, so much of what I am seeing is not relevant nor what I want to read. - Suggestions/recomendations are not what I want. Really??? Is this what you think we really want? All I want is a simple, small sampling of my news from the categories that I have selected. I do not want ‘recomendations’, video stories, random articles as pushed by Google analytic engines, nor what is ‘trending’. I also don’t want changing and morphing photos for my news feed. This is a terrible design. Super distracting and clearly pushing certain stories over others based on some algorithm. The old app started suggesting that I upgrade a few weeks ago and that the old version is no longer supported. It is still working so I will be deleting the ‘new’ version immediately and will continue to use the old one until it stops working. When it does stop, I will find another tool. The new Google News app is not going to be an option.

It knows me a little too well.. Google News is pretty spot on to my interests and it’s pretty clear that their data gathering operation is very good at what it does. Google news has picked up, almost too well, on my love of photography and music production. That’s great for when I want to indulge in my personal interests, but when I’m genuinely looking for information to expand my understanding of the world, it doesn’t challenge me. Google news makes it extremely easy to live in your bubble. That almost scares me a little bit too much.

Do not download, keep your old news app. I wish I hadn’t downloaded this app. The format puts way too much emphasis on the images associated with news stories, rather than the actual news headline/description. I lost the condensed list view and groupings all on one page that I loved in the google news & weather app. Lastly, I can’t change the background to black, which causes me eye strain since I usually read the news in bed. I loathe this app. I’m actively searching Apple apps right now for an alternative news app. Google, you are usually better than this.... what happened?

A little easier to use than the website. Better? Other sources.. Beats Apple News. Once you get the hang of it (figure out where the “headlines” are) it’s a little easier to use than the website/browser version of Google News. Cluttered with photos, but hangs up a little less often. Curation leaves a bit to be desired: you can tell stories are AI-picked. Better? Techmeme/Mediagazer/Memeorandum/Wesmirch/your local paper. (Hey folks! Don’t get news-obsessed. A little dab a day’ll do ya. They’ll love to run their fingers through your hair.)

Too much scrolling needed. The new version of the News app makes it much harder to get a good overview of the news with a simple glance. Now, there is so much scrolling up/down required to see all the headlines (on an iPhone 7-plus) so it takes much longer to see what you want to read first. This new app feels like it was designed for a tablet and is not very optimal for viewing on smaller phone screens. The previous version was better in that you could quickly read 10 article headlines at a time with minimal scrolling needed, then a swipe left goes to the next category where there’s 10 more headlines to view. I wish there was an option for more text, smaller video/photo size, so that I could see more headlines at once (call it condensed/compact mode).

The older app was better.. This app is functional and very good, don’t get me wrong. News headlines are easy to follow and lists are made specifically to show what your interests are based upon. Downside - the old app had all that and more. This new app feels like a bunch of pop-up ads in your face where some headlines bigger than other while the old app carried all news headlines equally making it feel like the new app pushes you to read some articles over others. Also there is no dark theme and you are stuck with a bright white background, definitely not as soothing while reading for long periods of time. Three stars because the app is what it is, a news app but loss of two stars because the old app had more customizable options. I just don’t understand how the new app looks like an older version of the older app that is no longer supported. Of it was up to me I’d stick with the old app which I did until today when I wasn’t able to read my favourite news outlet anymore.

Local news a plus. I have been trying out multiple news apps as of late and have these comments: I like the sourcing of local news but lately get a lot of “Requires a subscription “ denying me updates on important stories. National news has similar tactics with this on several large news sources like the Washington Post informing you of being locked out after using up all of your free news articles and must now subscribe to continue to receive news from these individual sources. Also, ads are prolific, partially obscuring news articles and are recurring, impossible to remove with a maddeningly ineffectual box that lets a user report annoying ads but does nothing to prevent them.

New app likes and faults. I realize that it takes adjustment to new things. You guys have put great digital creativity into your app. Unfortunately it is hard to scroll through for content that you want to read. The moving photos are distracting and I find that I have to continually readjust my vision and focus while reading. Not fun. I find that I turn your app off as it is almost nauseating. I’m not stuck on old ways but, I enjoyed your old app much better. It was fast and I could scroll through news articles picking out the ones I wanted to read in 1:5 the time.

Worst News Aggregator. This news aggregator will bombard you with more adds than any app I have ever used. They also have fake news stories that lead you down a trail of phony news to an advertisement you never wanted to go to. There are a lot of blanks between news articles where the ads just don’t show up. Or you’ll be reading a news article and the app scrolls up or down, you lose your place and you’re looking at an ad you don’t want to see. Using this app is like giving up your freedom of choice. Not my idea of a news aggregator, just a giant advertisement generator with no mercy.

No tabs... TERRIBLE. Have you ever been reading an article and seen a link to another website that you want to go to after you finish the article you’re on? Well, hopefully you remember exactly where that link is once you get to the end because there are no tabs and no quick way to open multiple articles at once. Do you like to look at the headlines and open all articles that interest you and then read them, one by one? Too bad. There are no tabs so you have to read one article, then back out, hope the homepage didn’t update and find the next article that you wanted to read, read that, back out, look again, etc... This app desperately needs tabs. As of right now, this is an extremely slow way of consuming the news.

Autoplay of videos ruins my music listening and reading. I am not super impressed with the App. I like the option of other sources to read articles, but I already had that with the old app. I don’t like large pictures with headlines. I enjoyed being able to scroll through for the headlines I was interested in. It just takes more time and is more of an annoyances seeing photos of Trump screaming at some rally over and over again. My biggest frustration is the autoplay on videos. As I scroll through for articles to read while listening to music, my music will suddenly cut out and it will start playing a video which I just scrolled past. It drives me crazy and turns my opportunity to read the news and enjoy some music to something very frustrating.

Just getting more and more frustrating.... It seems that no matter how many sites I block—or how many times I request fewer stories about them, my feed is inundated with hockey, boxing/MMA/wrestling, basketball, Hollywood/royal, and crypto crap. I have to scroll numerous times to find something baseball-related, which is thoroughly annoying. If I block a site, I get news articles from other sites that are carbon copies of the sites I blocked. Obviously, I can’t block general sports sites if I’d ever like to see articles about sports I actually care about. While I’ll never use Apple News, I guess I’ll have to find an alternative...hopefully one with less data mining, but I won’t hold my breath...

Turn off auto video playing. Dear Google… I do not want videos to auto play and stop the music playing in the background on my iPad. Please at least make this a setting that we can change manually. I can’t scroll more than three or four articles now on the main page without the video starting and forcing my music to stop. This is a serious bug and it’s causing me to stop using the app because I want to keep listening to music while I read my articles. Please fix this bug ASAP. Please also give me the option to stop auto playing videos. I do not want them in anyway shape or form. I will play a video if I want. I am well and truly capable of deciding if I want to play a video or not. I do not need you shoving videos in my face.

Finally fed up enough to delete. I’ve never been much of a fan of this app. Google has all the data in the world on me and yet I only ever see news feeds with a very limited focus and heaven forbid you ever click on clickbait or you’ll never get that off your feed. Even when you rate the content with a thumbs down it pops right back up and eve seems to give you more of it. Then if you actually find an article worth reading, not only do you never see more content like it, if you can’t finishing reading it right then and your phone locks it closes out the article and you’ll never see it again. Just overall poor user experience and poor suggestion algorithm that refuses to learn from what you tell it.

Always resets. It’s a good source for a lot of news, but clicking on an article is a roll of the dice. Sometimes when you click the back button, it will take you back to where you were. But more often than not, it will take you all the way back to the top. Leaving you to scroll all the way down to find your place before. So it starts becoming a choice of how badly would you like to read an article? Are you willing to lose your spot and scroll all the way down again? Sometimes, I’ll go to my browser and look at news that way. I hope this can be fixed.

Please turn off horizontal swipe in Headlines. Google News is my everyday news app. But users don’t necessarily need to swap a topic while browsing one that they already chose to. They can always use top nav bar to do the actual categories changing. Horizontal swiping among categories during vertically browsing articles makes it 4/10 times mistakenly jump to another topic that we didn’t expect to. And when changing it back, the position relocated to a different article, and this is really annoying.

Became just like every other news app. Google News and Weather was a good app. You could like or dislike topics to customize your feed. It was abandoned in favor of this app that instead allegedly lets you like or dislike sources. The problems are that topics are better than sources for this feature, and feed customization does not even work well in this app. If you dislike a source in one part of the feed it will turn up somewhere else or on the next day. If you dislike all the sources covering an uninteresting topic, a pitiful Twitter post will be left over, and Twitter cannot be blocked in this app. So the nature of this app is revealed as a front end for Twitter trends and related news articles. It is not up to Google standards.

Step in the wrong direction. Google news used to be a good app to use in order to look through headlines of Google’s sections as well as your own created sections based on search terms, allowing 3 stories per section and an ability to drill into a headline and find similar stores from alternative publications. The attempt of Google to be more visually appealing is ruinous for people who are here to simple browse and read. Google News on the web has followed the same trend, dumbing down the content to appeal more to people who don’t prefer reading. Unfortunately, i disagree with the decisions here - however, that’s fine. I would like to see more freedom of choice rather than now feeling like a dumbed down app and platform is now habitual for me. Change is not always progress.

Great News App. I love the Google news app. It gives me good information on the topics I care about. It’s easy to use and there’s a dark mode. The only thing that I would like to see as an added feature would be a reader mode. This way when I am in dark mode or not I still can open the links in a reader view. Currently the only thing I can do now is open the news page in Safari and activate reader mode within Safari. That’s it. Google add a reader mode to the Google news app.

Downward Spiral of Content. I have been a Google News reader for many many years, and with each update over the last x years the ability to find and read a diverse set of content has slowly been eliminated. The most recent release of this new app presents me with *two* articles when I log-in, with a majority of the space used for pictures instead of text. In the early days, you could open the app and be presented with likely up to 10 different articles/sources to choose from and you could choose what direction the information took you in. User interfaces are getting less usable to a curious reader, and information selections are being drastically reduced. You are taking away the power of the user to choose, and more importantly removing the opportunity to think about what to look at. Google... please consider a more text rich interface where readers can be presented with rich diversity of content vs. rich color photos for only a few articles. Very likely an individual that craves information has already viewed sources that you are presenting them in some form or fashion.

Top notch Newsfeed. I have no complaints of all the things Google Google News is simply the most through fluid news bank regarding sources; journalism; while also allowing the reader to follow and keep abreast of personal choices selected.. I’m on it everyday throughout the day and love receiving the notifications not only those of consequence but those of the little things which I have a privy to if nothing else simply for a laugh to ponder and or to utilize for a query as to follow up on said topic be it on their platform or along another as to investigate..” #1..”

App increases division, irritability. I deleted Google News this morning after using it for nearly the entire time it’s been available on iPhone. My partner noticed that I got upset every time I used the app. The inferred interests feature is poorly implemented and makes me suspect lazy engineering. Searching for an entertainer in Google search once to understand who they are does not make me a fan or a follower. Nor does reading a single article in Google news in which the entertainer is mentioned. The political content I receive through Google News is increasingly radicalized (clickbait headlines, more editorial, less journalism). I guess you get what you pay for. Real journalism has value. Perhaps the days of trustworthy news content for free online are over.

Best news app I’ve found.... With a customized and adjustable need feed I am always up to date with current events and breaking news. I’ve tried other news feed services and formats but Google news seems to get me the best stories that I am interested in reading and exploring. You can tell the app if you like something or don’t like it and why, the one thing that I find a bit annoying is that it often recommends articles from sites like Forbes that only give you a limited amount of articles each month.

Googely eyes. When I was very young in the 40’s, this meant a very very funny way to play with your friends. Today it’s GOOGLE, a better way to play with the world. Google may not start with the first letter of the alphabet, but it’s certainly first in everything else. More importantly it stay in the background allowing you to decide what’s best for your needs. Don’t waist your time with other companies, I know I’ve tried them all. Owning 5 companies throughout Asia for 60 years, I know a lot about a lot, and believe me when I say stay with google you’ll be safe and not sorry!!!

Liberal paywalls make this app bad. Google only gives you the leftist liberal side of the news. That means you will miss out on a lot of true stories that many people simply don’t want to read about, but right wing outlets give you crime reporting (where you actually learn current events) as opposed to the others give you opinion pieces to brainwash you into the liberal cult of thinking. Still you won’t find the far left/right partisan spin either like Breitbart or HuffPo. Also, so many paywalls going up now anyways (new outlets are realizing they are losing ad revenue when people don’t view content on their home site) that it’s hard to read about a story. You have to click past NYT, WaPo, and a couple others until you find one not behind a paywall. Why does gnews even make it available if I can’t read it?

Too many pictures. Too disorganized. Takes to long to see headlines. I liked the old google news because I could quickly scroll down thru the headlines to see what was new in the several sections and several countries I follow. Sadly, efficiency was replaced by disorganized cuteness and pretty pictures. Now I have to waste time clicking on section headings and then more section headings and then waste time looking for small headlines inside screen filling pictures. Gosh darn it. I want news. I want headlines. I want to quickly see what is news. I don’t know what the employment and training background are of those who designed this, but I suspect it has nothing to do with finding information but rather just with making pretty stuff. Please restore the scrollable, compact headlines to one efficiently designed page.

Old version infinitely better than this one. I want my news aggregator to show a list of all (or at least most of) the headlines on one screen. Google News used to do that but no longer does. I don’t know whose idea it was to have each story represented by a huge image that takes up practically the whole screen. But that person should be fired. What a dramatic waste of space! I refuse to scroll down many screens just to get a complete list of the main stories. If I could configure it to eliminate the images & just go back to a list of headlines, then that would be ok. But no such luck. I’ve moved on to the Smart News app, which is better than the Google News app ever was.

Worse than old version by far (Updated Oct 10, 2018). ***UPDATE: as of October 15th 2018, Google has stopped serving news to the old version of the app without making any improvements to new version. I’ll be finding a new news aggregator. Please do let me know when you add a more concise format, organized by topic, and a dark mode. Original review below.*** I don’t understand. Why are the pictures for articles over 1/2 of a screen in size? I don’t need a giant picture with everything. The old app had 5 headlines on screen at the same time with convenient drop down menus for more sources. It was concise and useful. The new app has about 1.5 headlines on screen and has to open a new page and load more giant pictures to see more sources. Why is there no dark mode? I just want to read! It takes about a third of the time to skim an article compared to watching a video! I just don’t see anything here that makes me want to switch from the old version, so I’ll stick with that. Compact mode, dark mode, and defaulting to the headlines section need to happen before I even consider switching.

Super annoying. While I appreciate the varied content and news sources, this app drives me nuts! It refreshes to the home page every time you return to the app. If you were reading an article and navigated to another app even for a second (like to send a quick text or something), and returned to the news app, it will close the article you were reading and load the home page. If you are browsing articles and scroll down a long ways and open an article, then hit back, thinking you’d return to same spot in the scroll, THINK AGAIN. It will take you ALL the way back to the top, forcing you to re-scroll through everything to find your spot. It’s so irritating.

My go to news app. Google news is one of the best providers for local and world news. They have tons of stories that help to keep you updated on any topic. The best part about it is that it’s free. I have an iPhone and one of the first apps I downloaded was google news. You have to pay for apple news which is ridiculous, I don’t understand and that’s why google news is my go to app for news. It also learns what you tend to read and selects articles based of your likes to pop up first. Love it !

Wanted to like it, but…. I came to Google news because of its high rating and after being fed up with only headlines from Apple News since I wasn’t going to pay for a subscription. App is slow, it keeps taking me to the top of the page after I’ve scrolled down, and I can’t open half the pages (especially those that have Twitter lists). If there’s an article, there’s the SAME article from other sources right underneath. I don’t need to read about the same Kardashian whatever from various sources. I down-thumbed Kardashians and they are somehow still on my feed. I’ll continue looking for another news app where I can have various sources in one place instead of going to each of the websites.

Prefer old app. I have been using the other Google News App that was just shut down a few days ago. Between the 2 apps, this app seems to be clunky and harder to find what I am looking for. For example, the local news option is hidden behind a few screen clicks. I didn’t see the option for news based on your current location. I also miss the dark theme. Also noticed that in the few days of using the app, it has already consumed over 1 GB of data. This is going to kill people’s data plan especially if you don’t have unlimited data, or you have a limit before they slow down your data speeds

Google News- Great way to start your day!. The Google News app has truly transformed my news consumption experience. With its personalized news feed, I'm always up-to-date with topics that matter to me. The app offers comprehensive coverage from reputable sources worldwide, and the "Full Coverage" feature provides multiple perspectives for a well-rounded understanding. Also the app always loads properly and the articles always open quickly! I love Google News!

Favorite subsections. I’ve been using google news for years, but I’ve always felt that the app was missing the flexibility that the web version has, primarily in regards to the news categories. For example, in the web version the ‘Health’ section has sub categories, such as ‘mental health’, ‘nutrition’, etc. but I cannot access those options in the app. AND I LOVE THE SUBCATEGORIES. So I end up using the web version more than the app. It would be great if the developers could incorporate those subcategories into the app. And not only incorporate them, but allow me to organize the categories in the order I want to see them. Right now the order is US, World, Business, etc. and you are locked into that. But I would love to order the categories in the way I want. So I could set it to Mental Health, Nutrition, US, Sports, etc or some other variant. I think a lot of people would find that valuable.

Better Than Apple News. Apple News app has decided to monetize almost all it contents, except for some which offers 3 free articles per month, then requires you to subscribe to that newspaper or magazine. Worse, you can subscribe to premium Apple News contents with $9.99/month. A great money burner in a bad pandemic. Google News doesn’t ask you for me. It is always free, fair, and balanced. You can find an equal number of articles from both opposing crappy propaganda news outlets, CNN and FoxNews.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 5.90
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Google News (Versiyon 5.90) Install & Download

The application Google News was published in the category News on 08 December 2011, Thursday and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This program file size is 157.83 MB. This app has been rated by 226,581 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Google News - News app posted on 21 February 2024, Wednesday current version is 5.90 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Google News App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

· Bug fixes and performance improvements

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