PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan by Google Photos [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future.

PhotoScan is a new app from Google Photos that lets you scan and save your favorite printed photos using your phone’s camera.

Don’t just take a picture of a picture. Create enhanced digital scans, wherever your photos are.
– Get glare-free scans with an easy step-by-step capture flow
– Automatic cropping based on edge detection
– Straight, rectangular scans with perspective correction
– Smart rotation, so your photos stay right-side-up no matter which way you scan them

Capture your favorite printed photos quickly and easily, so you can spend less time editing and more time looking at your bad childhood haircut.

For documents and photos in glare-free environments, toggle off glare removal for even faster scans.

Back up your scans with the free Google Photos app to keep them safe, searchable, and organized. Bring your scans to life with movies, filters, and advanced editing controls. And share them with anyone, just by sending a link.

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PhotoScan by Google Photos Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. • Performance improvements • Bug fixes, especially for iPhone X

PhotoScan by Google Photos Comments & Reviews

- Awesome Digital Photo Scanner with iPhone

I love how intuitive the app was to digitally scan old photos of family members. I was turned onto this app when my father-in-law recently passed away. I was assisting my wife scan the numerous photos of her father throughout his life. We were using an Epson scanner and found it very tedious and time-,consuming despite the obvious grief we were experiencing for his recent passing. Nonetheless, I thought to myself with all the recent advances in technology isn’t their an easier way to scan these photos for posterity as well as use for a slideshow tribute? Yes, indeed there was and it was free of charge from Google. Works pretty darn well and am impressed how true to the actual pictures the digital copy chame out. I would highly recommend everyone use this app to scan old photos of family members, pets, or anything you cherish and want kept for posterity. Only issue of mine is the lack of real seamless syncing with my MacBook Pro. I find that the Google Photos app doesn’t want to work well with my MacBook Pro. It was getting stuck in the export of the data from my iPhone. Not sure if it is user error but recommend Google tech developers get on that!

- I would give it 10 Stars if I could!!!

This app is straight up AWESOME. There are other good scanner apps out there, but this is by far the best photo scanner app I have ever used. In fact, it might even be better than actual photo scanner machines. The quality of scans is great. I scanned several old family photos and they came out clear and accurate. It has to take a picture in the dead center of the picture, then it primos you to move to the four corners of the picture. It similar to when you take panoramic photos with your phone. By taking pictures of the center and each corner, it allows the software of the app to automatically get out any glare, but also maintain the integrity of the photo. Once you're finished with a batch you can save the photos to your Google Photos app. I highly recommend it to anyone, but especially those who have been wanting to scan old photos, but have been afraid of the amount of time it would take as well as the money to spend on a photo scanner. Here is your answer.

- it’s basically magic

so I’m one of those “I never write reviews, but” yeah I’m here because I literally got teary-eyed when I saw the results of using Photoscan instead of just taking a photo of a photo. I have no-glare, not distorted, not faded photos of family from before I was born. I’d taken photos of these pictures before, because a lot of them are old and quite fragile and I wanted a record of their existence. The difference using Photoscan was…like I said, a little teary-eyed. Look, I was the girl who always had the camera, who holds reams of photos (from high school and college, especially) and puts a priority on protecting that physical print from time, wear, and tear. The Photoscan images are so good, they kinda look better than the print sometimes. It somehow balances the colors perfectly — not like a filter or editing black point, shadows, etc., but it just looks RIGHT. It’s better, but you wouldn’t realize it until comparing a couple of times. I am a photo person. I love looking back at these images, because you can hear stories about people all the time, but a photo…is so much more. And this app takes that next-level by preserving them the way they really look. It is incredible, and I truly think it’s the best “photo-to-computer” facilitator ever, including things like scanners. It’s simple to use and the results are stunning. Get it.

- Pretty decent app

I like this app, a lot actually. It does a good job of removing glare, but you still have to have good lighting otherwise some parts of the photo will be brighter than others. But I might just be noticing that bc I like to edit photos and can run into problems if a photo doesn’t have consistent lighting. But even with that I would still give this app five stars, except that isn’t the only issue that I’ve been having. About half the time that I’m trying to do a scan the app just quits and I am sent to my homepage. I’m wondering if this is bc I have an older phone ? I Have an iPhone 6? So is it possible that this app isn’t compatible with my phone. I’m going to give this app 3 stars, only because if it takes me 3 tries to get one scan without the app mysteriously quitting then that def leaves areas for improvement . However if I hear from support on this app who can help me resolve my issue then I will change my rating to five stars. I’ve already tried deleting and reinstalling the app once before.

- Great photo scanning app

It handles both gray and color photos just fine. Instructions are easy - you will be scanning in no time. It handles pictures in frames or behind the glass - its anti glare feature is awesome. I wish they had a bit better border detection as I often find myself tweaking borders for older pictures. The UI for border detection could be better likewise / provide better controls as pictures could get small while it gets harder to catch the border at such scale (with my imperfect eyesight). Still, I like the app a lot. Taking pictures in batches works faster. When scanning albums, just keep going - you can adjust borders for your batch later before saving them all in one go. This speeds things up significantly rather than taking a picture/adjusting its borders/saving one at a time.

- Does the basic job.

This app does the basic function of removing parallax from a flat image and it often removes the glare. I use it primarily to scan magazine covers and important documents. A significant problem has been encountered when trying to position crosshairs, as they often move as I remove my finger from the screen. This occurs when the view changes to the overview, so the error is not detected until the image is magnified again. A second problem occurs in the management of the saved images. I do not use Google photos to store the images and so local storage is the Apple photos camera roll. When I modify an image, the app requires that I replace the existing image if I want to keep it. It would be helpful to allow replacing or adding to the camera roll or just storing locally in the App. It would also be helpful to dump local storage directly to an album and then clear the storage without losing the images from the photos app.

- Great Scanner with some limitations

I have been using this app to recapture printed photographs. The scanned images are of great quality however, just like anything else there are several factors that need to be considered such as room lighting, condition of original, size of the original, etc. The program does not have photo editing tools, but the scanned image gives you a good copy to start with if you then want to edit it. Most of the images I was able to touch up using google photos edit tools and was satisfied with the results. I am sure the images would look even better with professional editing tools but like I said, this program gives you a better starting point that just taking a picture of the original or even worse scanning the photo.

- Fabulous!!!

I don’t write reviews for apps but I am taking the time to do one for this app because I am so happy with it! I have struggled for a year with trying to get good photos of my paintings (i.e. no glare, no funky angle, etc) because I don’t have a fancy lighting so up with a tripod, etc and I can’t hold the phone still. I didn’t even have to take my paintings off of the walls to use this, even the ones that are hung way above my head (yes, I am short). It does give me a warning to try not to tilt the phone but even when I do, the scan is still great! It worked where the light was on and also where the painting only has normal indoor lighting (no lights on). I want to make a calendar with my artwork and I think this will allow me to do so very easily. So happy!!!!!

- An absolute Must for sharing old photos!!

I don't remember how I stumbled onto this hidden gem of an App, but all I know is that I wished I would have sooner! My mom had an old original family photograph of her and her late father that she wanted to share on FB on father's day and as soon as I scanned it on this App, I was sold! Gone are the days of taking a picture of an old photo and spending time trying to lighten/darken/sharpen etc etc.. This is truly a digital photo album device, saving and restoring your old photos in top quality. And if you have a family like mine, that loves to share old me memories (photos) with each other across social media, you cannot NOT have this App!

- Good for simple, glossy

I found out after the fact that these were saving to my camera roll. Otherwise, the options of saving within the app are minimal and one at a time. I just did the 4-point scan for hundreds of photos with this app in preparation of a wedding. Biggest struggle: glossy photos are fine (I need to adjust about 1 of every 4 because it’s unusable), but the ones that have more of the matte finish are disasters. The app cannot adjust to the grainy texture of this kind of photo. And unfortunately, I had a lot of these. I’ve also had to play around with the room lighting quite a bit to find something optimal. Otherwise, I do like that the app can drastically reduce/eliminate glare on the more glossy, simple photos. It’s better than just the iPhone camera/app by itself!

- Awesome App... includes suggestion(s)

This app is very good and I have tried several including both phone based and also a flatbed scanner. It removes glare very well from both satin and glossy photos. It seems to auto correct for faded color which eliminates a post scan step. The auto cropping is also good. The two suggestions would be 1) To allow an auto create of an album. 2) To allow the capture of some notes along with the picture. But these two things are minor and can also be handled after the fact. Modified Review: the final resolution is pretty low... several other apps do significantly better... I stand by the review above... it is easy to use and does a good job of removing glare, however, the current final resolution does not allow for a good display on a full sized monitors which is should be table stakes for type of app.

- Doesn’t export properly

UPDATE: Looks like I jumped the gun a little bit. The app did transfer all photos (original and cropped) via thunderbolt cable! However, it still needs option to export multiple photos directly from within the app. The initial portion of the app - photo-scanning images is very good. I also like the ability to crop the images. For that, Id rate 5 stars. But it completely falls flat for what I would say is the most important part - exporting the images. After scanning and cropping, the photos are saved to the camera roll (as cropped), but when they’re imported to a desktop via thunderbolt cable, the photos are not cropped. That’s completely useless. There is, however, an option to extort photos directly from the app, but only one at a time!?? The app allows selecting multiple photos but then the only option is to delete. That’s a huge usability error. So the only way I can export over 500 finalized cropped photos is to export the one at a time via AirDrop. Like I said, great on the front end but complete fail on the backend. Developers, please add option to; A) bulk export from the app, and B) Export finalized photos from the camera roll.

- Love Love Love This App!!!!!

I was spending hours scanning photos on my Cannon Flat Bed. I can scan a photo in 3 seconds with this app! And I love that the pictures are immediately saved in both my Google Photos and IPhone Photos without being asked! Thank you for saving that step!!! A couple things to know. Click the lightning bolt on bottom of screen to turn off your flash and cancel out glare. It saves the extra seconds it takes to readjust the photo. Also don't let Google modify your picture when it pops up. It was cropping off heads and the focus of the picture when I went to look at them in my Google Photos. Thanks for making this great app!!!!!

- It’s either magic or witchcraft!

My mom asked me to take a box marked “games” and donate it. When I got to the thrift store, I decided to open the box and take a quick look. In among a still-shrink-wrapped game of Yahtzee, a cribbage board, assorted playing cards, some old health insurance documents and a giant magnifying glass...3 envelopes stuffed full with old photographs: of me as a child, of my mom as a graduate student at NYU, of my father and grandparents and my earliest childhood friends. Treasures that might’ve been lost forever.... Fast forward a day, I’m using this app to scan these pictures, and it works beautifully. Thanks, Google, for an amazing gift.

- Excellent time saver and easy way to look professional!

This app is great! Does what it says, stores files in with other photos where they can be edited(usually only to rotate) then be sent off to where they need to be in your choice of format. Takes roughly 2 seconds to capture, then your off doing whatever else you got going. No complaints, I use no other apps for capturing documents. This app works flawlessly and makes life so much easier! Definitely download! And tell your boss! Who knows, saving his time could lead to another way to make life easier/better!

- Great Start, But...

TL;DR... Pros: easy to scan pics, produces nice quality scans. Cons: glitchy, some functions are unintuitive. I really like this app and I want to like it more. Unfortunately, the ease of use sort of goes out the window with the glitches and bugs. I’ve been able to work around most of it, but it becomes a pain to have to do it with every scan. Developers (if Google Devs actually look at these reviews)... Bug 1: when scanning, the corners are so far off it’s not funny. Even when putting the photo on a contrasting background so it can see the edges better. Seems like the window is too tall (in portrait) or too wide (in landscape). Bug 2: when editing a scan, when adjusting the corner positions, the zoomed in circle is mostly filled with part of the original in-zoomed image, and I cannot see what’s under the crosshairs. It’s basically useless. Bug 3: I occasionally need to close the app, reopen it, and then view scanned images again for them to be saved to or appear on the camera roll. This happens randomly and throws things out of sequence. Super frustrating.

- Great for making digital copies of my scrapbook pages

I made several scrapbooks of my family photos before digital photos were around. But now I wanted to preserve them digitally but they are too big for my flatbed scanner. This app is great for taking digital copies of these large pages so I can view them on my iPad. Sometimes I can even scan the scrapbook pages right from their plastic overlays without any glare. The app even takes pictures of the pages and crops them automatically so just the pages are the photos, without me having to crop out any unnecessary surroundings. Great app!

- Easily digitize old photos

I started scanning old photos one at a time for posterity for my family. Was long and painful process. Happened to read about this app and downloaded it. Made things so much easier! I don’t even need to take pics out of albums. Just open the page, focus on desired pic, click and follow the dots. Then, just download them all from phone to hard drive. It takes a bit of getting used to so That the pic doesn’t get overexposed but it’s not difficult. Really appreciate how this app made a huge long-term project a lot easier.

- Easy scanning but terrible quality

The UI on this app is very simple and makes it incredibly easy and fast to scan your photos. It corrects the perspective and colors of the photo very well. Unfortunately, the resulting image is very grainy and well below the resolution that my iPhone takes photos. I tested a photo scanned in this app vs. taking a normal photo in the native Camera app and when you zoom into the details the difference is night and day. The image quality that this app saves in will be fine if you just want to share it on social networks or other low-res applications. However, if you’re like me and want to archive old photographs in a high-quality digital form without a traditional scanner, then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

- Amazing and fantastic

This is the only app that you can take photos on your cell phone of photo albums without needing to remove the pictures. Removing pictures from albums can be destructive to the pictures. This app removes the glare by moving the camera around the picture. It only takes about 5 seconds a picture. Best of all, it directly uploads into Apple Photos. Other apps require you to use there organizer and their cloud. One wish that it had an easy way to annotate the picture as you take them.

- Easy but not great quality

This app is definitely the easiest way to "scan" a bunch of old photos without glare. But compared to just taking a regular photo with my iPhone camera app or using a real scanner, this app often gives lower quality results - subtle brightness and color gradations are lost and fine details get blurry. If you just need to scan a photo once in a while, I think you're better off using the camera app and be careful to avoid glare - and if you have a lot of photos to scan, consider sending them to a scanning service; you'll get the best results at maximum convenience (yes you could also buy a scanner but you probably have better things to do than spend days just scanning and tweaking photos).

- Great For Photo Archiving

This is an amazing app! It lets you easily use your phones camera to “scan” physical photos. It auto detects the edges of the photo, works best if you put the photo on a contrasting surface (I.e. light surface for dark photo and dark surface for a light photo), so you don’t have to spend hours cropping the edges. You can then save the photos to your device or in the cloud. This is great for finally getting those old family photos online without having to mess with a printer/scanner and without paying someone else an arm and a leg!

- New version started crashing a few months ago

Google updated this app a few months ago so that it automatically syncs with your photo library. Now whenever I attempt to manually edit the corners of the captured image, the app crashes when updating the photo in my iOS photo library. After that the app is never useable again. It crashes every time I reopen it and this behavior survives through force-quitting the app and reboots. The only way to get it to work again is to uninstall and reinstall. Of course if you ever edit a photo manually again you’re back in the same boat. So frustrating and disappointing. I keep the app on my phone in hopes that someday Google will issue an update to fix it! This used to be one of the most useful apps I’ve ever had.

- Great for turning old film photos to a shareable digital format without paying extra for it.

I choose PhotoScan as it’s the only app I know of that does not charge me to get full access to its features that helps me get my old film camera era photos to shareable format. It’s overall good but can be tenacious at times to get the right quality and lighting and avoid reflections though. Sometimes the edges needs to be readjusted to fit the photo. Though at least there is an option that doesn’t cost extra most others would charge for extra features or to access the app at all.

- Great except when it’s not

This is a great app for capturing old images in digital format. The only downside is that it can be clunky and not complete the process, or it requires you to chase it down across the table away from the picture. And it faults with a message that could be more friendly to the user other than a terse message to hold the picture in the viewing area... which of course I’ve been doing. This last point is the reason it’s not 5 stars. Obviously the marketing department has not been too involved with the launch of this product.


The only thing I wish it would do is allow notations or captions that would “live” with the image- maybe on the small white frame that has the Google branding that gets added to the scan. The other thing is I wish it would connect to my Google Photos account so I could back up quickly. Otherwise, amazing app. Great quality scans. I plan on getting some fresh prints of some old pictures for some wall collages. The rest I’m just digitizing to save the family history for future generations.

- Great for making a quick backup of the blunder years

My granny is in her nineties and is basically the family archivist. This app is great for when the family gatherings when the blunder years photos come out (and other fondly treasured snaps). The stitched and de-glared photos seem compressed, which makes the results slightly mushy no matter how steady I try to make my hands. Not a perfect replacement for a place with a proper photoscanner perhaps, but as is often the case with the photos I’m duping: “the best camera is the one you have on you at the time”

- Awesome app for preserving memories!

This app is awesome! A great way to quickly scan photos and save them to your phone. Only problem I've run into is that the same great technology that allows you to edit corners and cropping and save it across the app and the rest of your albums is that if you try to remove them from the app it will delete them everywhere. This is causing me problems since the app has a lot of data in it and is therefore crashing a lot. Other than that it's awesome. Definitely recommend.

- Works but has major issues

Freezes CONSTANTLY. Also why can’t I take all the photos I take and transfer them to my gallery on my iPhone? I have to send each picture individually to my gmail then save it to my phone. For some reason on my iPhone it won’t let me select all photos and transfer them to my gmail then save them to my gallery. Btw I have well around 50-60 pictures that I’m trying to get from physical to digital with this app and doing each picture individually through gmail then saving it from gmail to my gallery is majorly time consuming. Could have easily by passed this by adding a select all button and then a save all to phone gallery option.

- Photo scan quality

I am blessed with beautiful grandkids that came over to see me. As we have all been isolating and only going out for groceries, I needed their hugs. It was a great Mother’s Day and pictures that my daughter gave me I wanted to scan and post some of them because they are so beautiful and the scanner just makes the best quality picture I’ve ever seen a scanner produce. Very sharp detail. Not grainy. Thank you for fixing that graininess with scanning! The pictures are unreal ! Very good quality to them !!

- Awesome app! Needs photo date options!

Just downloaded this app a few minutes ago. So far, it’s great! It crops and removes the glare for you all at once! It also automatically uploads to your Gmail photos account (after signing in). It’s amazing. So far it has cropped all my photos perfectly except for one where it cropped it more to the left than I would like. I gave it four stars because I would like the option to change the date of multiple photos at once (I actually don’t see the option to change the date at all).

- Life Changing!

PhotoScan will change your life. It’s wonderful. What better time than the pandemic to dig out those old prints and digitize them? You will find yourself transported into happier times as you look at all those baby and vacation photos! Once they are in Google Photos , splurge on some photo books. I use Mixbook. You will get so much pleasure from “looking back” when it’s kind of scary being in the present or the future! Love PhotoScan. Thank you to whoever invented it. It is getting me through this COVID crisis!

- Great Tool for sentimental moms

As a mom with 3 kids, 2 of them being prolific picture creators, you might imagine how much paper clutter that we have, especially wanting to keep so many of their masterpieces! This app means that you can keep it all, without burying yourself and your loved ones in paper! This way, I have a copy of their work, while only keeping a physical copy of the really important pieces. I use it for photos too, and even documents, and it is WONDERFUL! Thank you, thank you for this app!

- App crashes and phone heats up when scanning multiple photos

Overall I like the app and it does what it's stopped to. I like how the photos automatically upload to Google photos. I encountered lagging, lots of crashing, and my phone heating up when I was trying to scan a whole photo album worth of photos (around 50). I had to take a break and let my phone cool down and then continue after 30 min or so. This process happened continuously. If you're planning on scanning a few photos at a time, this app is excellent!

- Best free scanner there is

I’ve taken old photographs, birth certificates, and other important documents, and digitized them using this scanner. I had played around with so many others, but the fact that whatever you’re trying to scam in is photographed 5 times ensures highest quality of the images/content, so that others may enjoy the clarity and details. If you need to digitize anything really, start with this app first so that you can compare the ease of use to others.

- Awesome, love it!

This app is super simple to use. It pretty much does it all for you. You know those pictures you get that have stuff you didn't want around the edges? You can easily make that stuff go away on your scanned photo. My mom still uses a camera with film and is always giving me pictures I want to keep but have no room for, I love this app! They can now all go into Google Photos and it's "one stop shopping!" All in one place, nice, neat uncluttered and supremely space saving. Love it!

- BEST Photo App I’ve Used

This app is exceedingly accurate & helps me take pics of framed art (eliminates glare), images in books, photo IDs & business cards, docs and those stupid receipts that have disappearing ink(!)... As an art historian, it was difficult for me to take a good shot because I have a hand tremor until I discovered PhotoScan in its infancy. I use this app daily, have recommended it to tons of people and cannot exaggerate how awesome this photo app is. Plus, this is a Google product - a plus in my opinion!

- Great photo Scan app

I looked for a scanner that would scan photos from old albums or portraits that can’t be removed from the album or frame without wrecking the image. I tried 4 apps, and this was the only one that allows you to have a less-than-steady hand and get a good image. It also allows you to scan a page full of photos at once, as long as there are images close to the corners of the page, which is a great option.

- Great idea, super easy & well implemented

This is a great tool for getting old photos, epically ones your family won't part with, into digital. It's very easy to use and gives you good results most of the time. Users should beware of glare in the window when framing your shot. I'd *love* to see this product augmented with better editing tools or at least allow 3rd party integration within the app so I can edit my photos within Photoscan. Also, zooming in the main window would be quite helpful as would pre-photo resolution options.

- Surprising Photo Quality

Before downloading this app I was skeptical of what it could do and how well it could execute it. Quickly, after using it I got the hang of it and had scans of Polaroid pictures I had taken to share with my friends. The quality of the scans is something to be excited about because if done right the quality like for the Polaroids that I scanned could be better than the original picture itself. Job well done Google. :)

- Amazing!

I’ve worked on scanning in all my old photos using a computer and printer/scanner... torture! This app is amazing! Quick and easy to use! And I already have my phone set up to back my photos up to google photos, so I have my computer beside me and can scan in a “roll” of photos and then easily select all taken in one month and shift the dates. Thank you Jesus for all those years I had photos developed with the dates printed on back or front!

- Best App for Scanning photos hands down

I LOVE THIS APP! I don’t normally write reviews but this was an opportunity I made time for. I’m a designer and often Make obituaries and memorial videos. I was able to scan in 55 photos in less than 30 minutes. The best part was not having to edit or crop the photos. Every image was client ready and most were auto rotated as well. I will be recommending this app to clients and friends. Thanks Google for making my job easier.

- Quick and easy!

This app is the best. It is way faster than my flatbed scanner and very good quality. I use it both in my phone and iPad. Love that you can adjust the corner easily. Also it is very good at guessing the corners. My mom wrote on the edges a lot so I adjust to save her notes. I can scan in a lot of photos in a short time. Turn off the flash and use in nice even lighting. I have scanned I several hundred photos in just a few hours. Very pleased.

- Jaw dropping!

This is the most mind blowing app I've seen in a very long time! My mind is going crazy trying to figure out how it so seamlessly matches up the quadrants of the photo, and then magically orients your phot to the natural aspect ratio. I was just able to scan a couple of hours worth of pictures in less than 5 minutes. It's seriously take me longer to write this review than it took to scan a dozen pictures. If I could give it 6 stars, I would.

- Photo Scan Review

This app makes scanning old photos really easy! It’s much easier than using a scanner because it trims the photos for you, and the resolution is better. The glare reduction isn’t perfect but it is good enough. I do post-scan editing in other apps, but most shots come out well enough to not need adjustments. Scans are saved to the camera roll and are easy to access and in a useful format. Overall I am pleasantly surprised.

- I’ve spotted another gimmick

Honestly this app isn’t all that. It’s convenient and easy to use, but effectively it’s a gimmick. You will get a higher quality photo by using your main camera app. To avoid glare using your main camera, simply take the photo of your printed picture at an angle where the glare isn’t visible. Then edit the photo using the built in editing tools and adjust the perspective, then crop it manually. And that’s all. And you can even make your own brightness and color edits while you’re at it. The result from taking the photo with your regular camera app is a much higher quality scan.

- Good news and bad news.

The good news is that this is a fabulous app. I particularly like the ability to crop the old photographs. In the good old days my camera did not have a zoom capability. The bad news is that I have a collection of photographs going back 50 years. It will take me at least a year to get my collection digitized. But as I go through each picture one at a time it certainly brings back lots of happy memories.

- Amazing

I love this app. I have a really nice scanner but it isn't always convenient and doesn't always pick up on shiny photos well. This often does a better job on shiny photos as it knows how to take the glare out. I have also used this at work to make digital copies of notes someone else has already taken. This app also works well if you use google photos. I would highly recommend and hey it is free, what do you have to loose?

- Marginally better than default camera in certain circumstances

I’ve found this app to be mostly disappointing; if you can more or less reduce glare to begin with and fill the frame with your photo, this scanner can produce a pretty good result, although not much better than the default camera. In less ideal circumstances, the result can be very poor, with a resolution that’s far inferior to the default camera. It would be better if you could increase the number of capture points so you could create a higher resolution image, if desired.

- Could be great

Love the idea of this. I was a scanning machine last week with a bunch of old family photos, but then yesterday I was looking through all the scanned photos and it’s “auto-crop” is off on the majority of them. I even laid the photos on a white or black (depending on the color of the photos edges) poster board so that the app could find the edges of the photos easier. And the glare-free feature is nice, but it doesn’t do anything about shadows... Most of the photos I scanned last week.... Have the shadow of my phone and hand in it. Super bummed.

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- Perfect Scans - and MORE!

I was told by my brother to try the scanner from google and was a little sceptical at first. But I used it and was very happy with the results on photos and documents. I found it easy to use and that I got great quality images from it. I have now found another use for the app. I own an art gallery and even with amazing big cameras, some artwork is very hard to capture a good image of a painting. But I had a light bulb moment when I decided to try and take scans of some artworks and they turned out so well!! It works like a camera, but stitching the four images together works so well. Red paint is particularly hard to capture properly. Scanning it works beautifully!! I wish I could show the pics! Thanks google 👍

- Getting better all the time.

When I first installed this app I thought it was wonderful. But now I find it keeps getting better with every update. I’ve no idea how it works but it takes new perfect copies of 99% of photos. Occasionally I have to rotate a photo or retake one. However nearly every time the photo is perfectly copied with none of the surrounds showing. There are all sorts of tools for making adjustments but I’ve never had to use them. I occasionally rotate a picture. I give this app ten stars —- five isn’t enough.

- Someone should tell the world!

It’s even quicker than my printers scanner. The only thing that could make it better (probably already available but I’m a partial techtard) is if it first auto adjusted the corners and allowed me to re adjust if needed. Right now I’m adjusting manually and the suggested corners are perfect. Just wish I didn’t have to do it manually.

- Outstanding App

I have used photomyme and other photo scanning apps to scan old photos however no other app has come close to this one for clarity and the ability to remove glare. Great features like magnifying corner adjustment to make it easier when needed are also very helpful. Awesome work Google!

- Poor, not even close

I really would have thought that an app that will be used to digitise old photos would have the ability to change the date of the image to the date it was originally taken. Location would be good also. Alas none of this sophistication exists. It gets worse, once a photo is taken all that can be done is adjust the corners, basically cropping. There is the option of selecting images, but once selected, all one can do is delete! This app is disappointing given that Google are usually very good with photos.

- Fantastic App

I have been able to scan two photo albums of very old black and white photos without removing one from the album. The process is very simple and accurate. Each photo scanned resulted in sharp, clear copies saved to my iPad that can be shared with family. I highly recommend this app.

- Loving this app!

I have been tediously scanning old photos on a flatbed scanner, thought I would give this a try and I love it! Saves photos to my iPhone camera role but also to my google photos. I shared a whole album from 1985 via google photos with an old friends 👍scan copy is excellent ⭐️

- Excellent scanning of old photos

This is a fast, simple and easy to use app for taking a photo of old photographs. Eliminates glare, gets the edge trims right. Would be good if user could edit the take back to when the original photo was taken and add a note

- Look like plastic surgery

Does a good job, although sometimes there is so much smoothing happening that people can look like they've had plastic surgery! Great at removing glare spots when you take a photo of a photo. Early days for this tech, so will only get better. At the end of the day, at least you have a digital backup of old printed family photos.

- Good but......

It’s a good app, nothing really bad to say about it in regards to how the app works. However the only thing I can say needs work, which would have given 5 stars, is the app needs to be updated for the iPhone X screen resolution. Most of the other Google Apps have been updated to the iPhone X screen resolution, it’s time this one does too!

- Simple and quick

Simple to use and does a great job. You do need to invest a few moments to understand how to save your photos. I'm happily scanning old family photos without having to take them out of the albums.

- Thank you Google again

Once again they made an excellent app. So simple to use. Not asking for money or hidden subscriptions. I have recommended this app to so many of my friends and family. I think this is an essential app

- Easy to use - high quality

I have tried a few photo scan apps all with varying results but nothing noteworthy and also asking for a lot of money in monthly subscriptions. This is by far the best! Go Google!

- Scanned but no way to share with Google photos

I downloaded this app yesterday & spent hours scanning old photos. Thought it would be easy to upload to google photos or to my pc. How wrong was I, I have spent hours googling how to do this. Ie. click on the 3 dots which has select - only option is to delete, send feedback or Help. Seriously have wasted so much time to know have to redo it all again. Will try to delete and reinstall as my last option :(

- PhotoScan works for me

Scanning a lot of old photo albums and this app works well. Don’t need to disturb the photos and it allows quick cropping of the pictures. If more editing is needed, then you need to follow up with Photoshop or similar.

- Photo scan

What a fantastic app I’m not very good at these things but this is the simplest and easiest app to use you don’t have to go through 10 stages to get to it like so many others thank you very much next stop Cheers. Frances and Gracie MPG NSW 2016

- What an incredible and useful app

Loved this so much and perfect for scanning photos. I always spend so long trying to not get glare and the image in focus but this app really helps to scan them more efficiently.

- Love this app!!

It's helped bring my photos in my albums to life and allowed me to share them without all the glare you'd normally get from trying to take a photo of a photo!! Big thanks to you & to my hubby showing me the app!! Love it!! 🙏🏽

- The best app to scan photos

I tried many ways to scan and store my childhood photos. This does in the smartest and easiest way. The quality is a lot better than a regular scanner.

- Save your precious memories

A great (not perfect) way to save your old family film memories to the cloud with Google Photos and share them forever! I’ll use this for receipts and documents too 😉

- Awesome app - works well

This app works exceptionally well and would rate it at 4.5 stars if I could. The app scans glossy photos perfectly - removing all glare without fault. However, it doesn’t perform so well with photos printed on matt photo paper. Turning glare removal off does help providing there is ample ambient light.

- Less than perfect

While the app scans photos, the instructions are confusing and it took me some time to work out that I had to physically move the phone to get the dot in the target, not try to drag it with my finger.

- Excellent photo quality

This is an excellent way to digitalise your photos. However, make sure there is enough light and hold the ipad straight and steady. This way the quality will be excellent!

- So intuitive...

It doesn't even need instructions and fixes problems automatically. Perfect for digitising your old photos. This app is next level.

- So so impressed with this app

So impressed with this app. I’m an iPhone user and I have struggled to find a quick easy, free way to scan my old photos. I found the way, and it’s amazing

- So easy for family history

So my easier than to scan my images for family history!

- An absolutely brilliant app

Works perfectly once you get the hang of it and I was really impressed with the results. Helped me capture some old photos in a rush for a very special cause. Cheers Google.

- Makes copying old photos extremely easy

Highly recommend. Easy to use, quick.


This app is simply amazing. The amount of time I have tried taking photos of photos whilst trying to shield light/ glare/ shadows - this app has just removed those problems.

- Great app to a point

App was working really well until I reached around 100 photos. Following this every time I go to scan the app closes. I have deleted old apps and increased storage but issue keeps occurring. I cannot find a solution on google to tell me how to fix ?

- Super Easy to use. Thank you so much.

My brother just passed away 2 days ago and this has really helped me save old photos as memories of him.

- Cropping: Zoom crosshairs half transparent

Generally, a very good product which seems to work best with indirect sunlight. Lately, whilst cropping photos I found that the zoom crosshairs were not fully transparent. This made the process next to impossible to complete and create a good result.

- Great results

I have been scanning black-and-white photos and the quality is just fantastic. This app is highly recommended

- Easy and good quality

Does a fantastic job of getting old photos digital. Quick and easy

- Great

This is a great App. I had to delete 2 others that didn’t allow scans without a subscription.

- Great to capture last century family memories

Have photos in old cellophane photo albums? This will sort you out!

- So easy!

Love this app. It is making a hard job I have put off for a long time easy

- Easy to use, good results

Quickly captures images without distortion and eliminates glare - even gives good results through glass.

- Brilliant!

Really does what it says it will do , only done 2 old photos, but very impressed with the results and its so easy Recommended

- Loving the Scan.

I have started scanning pics for fun... Just loving how easy it is to use my phone with PhotoScan and get great results.... just great... and easy.

- Good

I like this app but I can’t work out why I can seem to send a whole document or a back page without sending each one in separate emails. Very frustrating.

- Works well

Works well and takes off all reflections etc

- Very easy

Using this to scan old news papers and it's simple and easy!

- Easy to use

Quick and easy to use. Better with natural light for clearer effects

- So easy

This was so easy to use. An advantage is to have iCloud and jus down load to PC. Quality is very good.

- Brilliant app

Amazing how quick a scan of old photos can be done with very good results.

- Love it!

It's easy to use and does an excellent job. Just scanned some of our old wedding photos, very happy with the result!!!

- Best app!!!! Perfect. Love it

It doesn’t charge you money to scan the photos! And it has an amazing techniques of scanning. very clear Love it


The app is really good with the interface but can do more with making clear photos when scanned.

- Works much better on a newer better phone

Works much better on a newer better phone

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- Digitize you history

App does a great job at conveniently converting pics. I would like to say to google tho: PLEASE I hope when I scan my photos you don't collect and store anything. I should've read the policy agreement...

- Formidable application

Permet de scanner livres et photos en minimisant les reflets et en réduisant les effets de parallaxe.

- Simplicité, efficacité et qualité.

Enfin la possibilité de photographier ou scanner peintures, photos ou documents rapidement.

- Garbage

G should stand for Garbage, because thats what Google is able to produce. This a stupid app, you have to move around your phone 4 times and then it combines pictures. I tried it on 36 photos and the quality varried; some had glare, others were auto cropped incorrectly. You can do much better with the PDF Scanner by Readdle. It has more features and lets you export as JPEG.

- Fantastique

Application fantastique qui permet de scanner rapidement des photos avec de très beaux résultats

- I love Google

PhotoScan is a great app accompanied with Google photos

- Awesome app

Great app for scanning photos

- Keeps freezing

It’s a good app to scan photos but it keeps freezing on me.

- App freezes constantly

When it works it does a good job but unfortunately it constantly freezes. I also have no idea how to move the scans from the app to save on a hard drive.

- Awesome tool

Great way to digitize the photos!

- Does a good job some lag issues

Scans great just has some slow response and lags

- Easy!

Super easy to scan photos

- Good to prevent light reflection but the corner adjustment is getting my nerves

The “four corner light capture” is good to prevent light reflection, especially if you are taking some product photos with plastic packaging. But the automatic corner detection is not human. Most of the time I need to leave extra space for framing but the automatic corner cutting function will bounce back my request. 🙄

- Best scanner

The easiest, best quality scanner I’ve tried and totally free!! Amazing!!

- Vas très bien!

C’est parfait

- Very effective scanner for photos, though gradients aren’t handled well

Recently used this app to scan old photos from a client’s autobiography and the results turned out really well. However, sometimes with uneven lighting the photos will appear darker in certain areas and can mess up what the app detects as glare. Then again, gradients aren’t the easiest things to detect. Definitely useful and easiest thing to detect. Definitely faster than using an actual scanner.

- Amazing!!!

This is simply amazing!!! I have albums upon albums of old family photos that needed to be scanned and shared amongst family members!! Since it was so simple I also went ahead and made my siblings beautiful photo books of all our childhood memories! This app made all that so simple! I am a 50(ish) yr young, even I could figure it out! Thanks very much!

- Surprise

Surprised at the ease of use and the quality. Not 100% perfect but close. Using it on my mini ipad. Beats cranking up the dedktop scanner!!!

- Works great

I shake all the time, so taking scans can be a challenge... because of the multi position scanning I always get a great result!

- App super slow on iPhone 6

App super slow to switch between functions.

- Won’t open on iPhone

This app no longer works on iPhone running IOS 14.1 or above. It would not even open!

- Old photos

Excellent job digitizing old photos so I can make a photo book for mom of her younger days !!!

- PhotoScan


- Great app

Great photo scanning app, removes glare for a clear photo

- Scans are great but adjusting on 12 pro max is awful

The adjuster only shows less than half.

- Great scanner but could use some improvements

Great scanner, quality of scans and adjusting for lighting is good. One improvement though is having to move to the four points takes time. Would be nice if it could just be one click and done.

- It needs

It would be a great app if it automatically cropped the photos taking out the white borders on older pictures.

- Thank you

This is beyond fantastic

- Eliminates Glare but...

Appeared to work very well. Eliminates glare. I used my iPhone and the photos looked ok. Sometimes they were too dark and sometimes too light. Where I was very disappointed was the resolution when I saw them on my iPad. They are very fuzzy and not clear. I don’t see any setting adjustments.

- Great app

It gets rid of any glare and does a great job of cropping. The only thing is the photo turns out lesser quality than its original, but that is to be expected with the way the app works (you must move your phone to all four corners, so movement and the splicing hardware deteriorates sharp focus). But GREAT results regardless.

- Quickly digitizes

Easy to use. It would be nice to have a template or lines to follow when adjusting the corners of some pictures instead of trying to guess if the lines are straight.

- What I always needed!

My photo scanner stopped working so I searched for the best photo scanner app. This is definitely it It’s simple, fast and accurate! Love it!

- Love it!

I just love this app! I have tons of pictures in photo albums. It saves so much time not having to scan them and get them from my computer!!

- Easy to use; accurate results

I find the app easy to use to get good quality reproduction of photos. It is more convenient to use than a flatbed scanner or my document scanner for getting photos onto my iOS devices. It is then easy to email the photos to Costco or elsewhere for producing prints to give to people.

- This is just great

I’m a musician and I always need to scan music sheets and this works great for me, I really can’t say anything about it because it just works really well. Thank you

- Wow!

I love this app. So much faster than flatbed scanners, and the anti-glare thing makes it better than other similar apps I’ve seen.

- Easy but potato quality

The scanner works great at eliminating reflections etc but the detail quality is very poor, and no option to adjust.

- Awesome App

That’s it... period .

- Very good

Wow, this is definitely better than just taking a picture of an old photo. This app removes all of the glare when scanning and also crops the picture for you. Just finished scanning all of my old pictures from when I was a kid for my wedding day slide show. I would definitely recommend.

- Thank you Thank you Thank you

This is amazing

- Old photos

This app is great. With all the free time I have these days, I’m scanning old photos and sending them to my 90 year old mother’s iPad, (in Personal Care), as I can’t visit her personally. Does a wonderful job and she loves reminiscing. Thank you!

- Not my favourite

It doesn’t work well for a google app

- Great for school

Because I’m stuck at home and my teachers need to see my work this is a great way to take pictures of my photos this app is perfect

- Very good

It’s very easy to use and I like it a lot but if you could do multiple photos at the same time, it would make it faster and more efficient

- Photo Scan Lifesaver

I could not live without this. It’s easy. Good. Fast. And saving me an arm and a leg.

- Great app

It’s just fantastic

- 不好用 还不如苹果自带的记事本

拍一张就要扫四个角。问题是 如果拍文件 内容就很难拍的清楚 多有模糊的地方。效果不好!

- Overall quality

very useful tool for assignments, pictures, etc

- Amazing

Beautiful App, I Love It...👍

- Good app!!

I like to suggest a way to auto upload to google photos if using via google photo

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@pparkjiminssi photoscan by google photos i have this one and it s pretty good

PhotoScan by Google Photos 1.5.1 Screenshots & Images

PhotoScan by Google Photos iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PhotoScan by Google Photos iphone images
PhotoScan by Google Photos iphone images
PhotoScan by Google Photos iphone images
PhotoScan by Google Photos iphone images

PhotoScan by Google Photos (Version 1.5.1) Install & Download

The applications PhotoScan by Google Photos was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-11-15 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 103.86 MB. PhotoScan by Google Photos - Photo & Video app posted on 2018-03-10 current version is 1.5.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: