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Google Device Policy [Business] App Description & Overview


You would be required to enroll your device with Google Device Policy App, only if your IT Administrator has setup Mobile Management in your company. The app allows your IT Administrator to mandate corporate security policies and keep the enterprise data safe on your device. Your IT Administrator can also configure corporate WiFi networks and work apps that you might require upon device enrollment.

For help with installing, using, or uninstalling the app, visit

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Google Device Policy Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor bug fixes.

Google Device Policy Comments & Reviews

- It hid my camera!

I had this app for not even 24 hours and it was working fine until my camera was removed. I couldn’t find it anywhere on my phone. I search and looked up ways to bring back my camera but it turns out that THIS app hid my camera and I was no longer able to use it. At All! It took a bit of searching until I got a notification that website was trying to access information on my device. I was really disappointed because being able to work in my phone to finish up assignments was convenient. I uninstalled this app and other google apps because I don’t want to be blocked from using my phones other features and applications. I had high hopes for this app. I like that I could access everything I needed from one area but oh well.

- 5 star for functionality but 1 star for usability

I will give this app 5 star for functionality but 1 star for usability. Once it’s properly configured, it works great, but configuring it took me some time and effort since the UI is very user-unfriendly. At the end of profile installation, there is a line of text on the screen saying something like copying the URL to Safari. I was switching to a new iPhone, I think the text might even be cut off or something on the screen. I was expecting simply clicking some buttons in the installation/configuration process and therefore totally missed the text for a manual operation. I ended up in some kind of weird incomplete installation loop for a couple of days until I finally read the text and did that manual operation. Reading some user feedback, I think that’s probably what’s tripped some other users as well. Please make that manual operation more apparent! Hope this can help some people.


Upon going through the extremely lengthy process to be able to use my Google Drive on my phone and make it easier to upload and work on projects, I now realized that I simply cannot work on my phone anymore. What used to be a reliable app system that Google created, is now a scam. When I went into my settings to install the profiles as asked, I was presented with “Warning: The administrator may collect personal data, add/remove accounts and restrictions, install, manage, and list apps, and remotely erase data on your iPhone.” .... WHAT?! My phone and what I do on it is not property WHATSOEVER of my school or the organizations I am volunteering or working for. Will NEVER use any Google apps anymore, and immediately uninstalling ALL of them, since they’re useless now. I’m highly disappointed that such an invasion of privacy within my own device is coming from Google. I was even thinking of getting a Pixel, but this just left a bad taste in my mouth. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

- Made me uncomfortable

This is my personal phone as I am a highschool student. I do not have the ability to purchase a separate phone for completing my work. I used Google Classroom on my device to upload pictures of homework, notes, and drawings as it is easier to take photos using my phone than the school issued computer. I also used google drive to upload audio recordings for my music class. This app prevents me from using these applications. When I was in the process of downloading this app, it was telling me that the administrator would have access to my information on my phone. I don’t care whether it’s my personal account or my school account, the idea of my school having weight in my PERSONAL device made me very, very uncomfortable. This has made uploading recordings and files finicky as I had to remove my apps I have relied on for the majority of my school career. It renders these apps utterly useless. Please read the other reviews people have left on this app.

- Do not use this app!

I usually don’t write reviews but I feel like I need to warn people about this app. I downloaded it for my work email. I installed it believing since it’s for work it should be safe. I was wrong. Literally a few seconds after installing this app it made me make a new password to get into my phone. Why? I don’t know but it wouldn’t let me not do this. After this I immediately deleted the app thinking that would be the end of it. When I went to change my password back it wouldn’t let me do a numerical password. I googled it and this app still had control over my phone so I have to reinstall it and manually unregister the app from my phone. Then my phone was back to normal... hopefully. I did not expect this app to have so much control over my phone just for my work email. I will just stick to going on my computer to look at my emails. Long story short don’t use this app unless you’re okay with an app completely taking over your phone.

- Absolutely Garbage

I have a test due tomorrow and I have been working on it for school a little bit so I downloaded because it said I had to download this app to use google docs before I even got the app it made me a bit unsettled that it said the app had access to my phone but of course I expected so I could work on my essay which is a test grade by the way and it said that my school administrators had to accept my account to even use the app so now I can’t work and it’s all this apps fault I used to be able to do tons of productive work on my mobile phone and as a broke student I wasn’t going to buy a laptop when I could do all my work on my phone now I am thinking I should get one. Do not download this app. Also side note really creepy how I can’t revoke the permission I gave my administration to have access to my phone, also now gonna fail this test because of this stupid update please remove.

- Gmail not working for secure email for business

I can’t change the background app part on my iPhone!! You need to fix this. I cannot access my business email account and still keep it secure under gmail! Ever since the update and it’s really beginning to effect my business as I cannot use email on my phone...

- Buggy and doesn’t work

It used to work when I added my Gsuite email to Gmail app. Then it just stopped working so I had to remove Gmail as it said I didn’t have access to it anymore. No biggie, using email through other apps. But I needed Keep on my phone and it asked me to install the app to access Google Keep. Then it says I can’t access it and to contact my Gsuite admin. I am the admin. Tried looking for other solutions, help files don’t have it. Last thing I tried is to just remove my account completely and re-add it, start over. Can’t because the app started bugging and just keep popping info popup without any option but to click OK and as soon as you do the same pop up shows up again. Over and over. USELESS and you can’t even use Gsuite on iOs without it. Guess I should stop paying for Gsuite now.

- Works for me

Some people were raising concerns about privacy, the help section of the app outlines it in detail, and the claim that all privacy is taken away seems unfounded: If you access multiple Google Accounts on your device, only data from your work or school account can be controlled by your organization. For example, if you have a personal Gmail account and a work email account, only information from the work account is available to your employer. Browser activity in private or Incognito mode in Chrome Browser or Apple®Safari® stays private.

- Cancer for your phone

Avoid this at all costs if you can. It is way more complicated than it should be. I downloaded it to view my emails from work, but it has never worked properly. It just keeps taking me to a menu to download a bunch of other junk and I still can’t see my emails! Also, every time I use the browser on my phone, it reminds me that I haven’t completed the installation. (You also can’t delete it once it is installed, otherwise I would have removed it by now!) Edit: Now I’m just stuck in a loop trying to install my profile. It asks me to download, I hit accept and then it tells me to review my settings. Then it just kicks me back to the install profile section. What a joke!

- i hate this

the worst app i’ve ever seen. it doesn’t do anything to help you use your work accounts. i tried using this for my school account, but when it showed my status all it said was “to gain access to your work account, contact your organizations admin.” i was able to tap on it, but when i did the app did absolutely NOTHING. i can’t access my online schoolwork on my phone anymore, making me have to wait to do my work until i get home, which might be a little late in the day sometimes. so inconvenient. google, you need to either get rid of this app altogether, or make this so it actually works and helps people. i suggest the first option.

- Constant Notifications

I’m the IT manager for my company and insisted that everyone install this app onto their mobile devices so that we could protect company data, particularly when an employee left our organization. In spite of having up-to-date device policies for all Google Apps, I receive constant notifications to update the policy when opening any app. Even after dismissing the notification, I receive it again and again within seconds. Also, this policy not available for Google Notes, which limits my ability to access Google Notes from my work account on my private device. It’s all very frustrating.

- Bad reviews are largely from dumb people

If your workplace or school uses this app to enforce policies you don’t like, that is not Google's fault, nor does it indicate a problem with this app. If you’re giving this a one-star review because you can’t use your camera or you had to use a better password than the 0000 you’ve been using, go complain to your administrator instead and stop embarrassing yourselves.

- I mean..

Ok first of all, this app is not TOO bad... it’s just really annoying when there’s these pop ups.. i only downloaded this on my iphone because unfortunately Gmail kept telling me to “Open “Google Device Policy” so you can access your work data” and it kept popping up so i got annoyed and downloaded this app.. and honestly this app is much rather disappointing because i expected wayyy better than this, it’s actually so empty when you open up the app..

- Junk

I can’t access my work data. There is no update. It says I have to update the app. I have asked our head tech guy and he had no idea what the message means (telling me to get my organizational admin to give me access) I rely on my phone/tablets to have access on the go. I can’t get into any of my google stuff with my work address. Everything was fine until 24 hours ago. Total junk. Avoid this app if possible. Update: same thing happening again. There is no update, but I can’t access my work email and apps without this mysterious update.

- Works well

As an IT professional we use this is in our environment for mobile device management and find it works well. If you don’t want your device invaded you could always, you know....not add your email account to your phone. If you want company information on your phone you inherit the risks associated with that.

- Works Great!

You need to remove other device MDM profiles for it to work. I had set one up manually and it conflicted. If you are not an admin on the google business account, you may (will) have problems.... you will need to contact your admin... that’s easy if you are the admin. If you are not the admin and trying to install it, then it may or may not be configured. If you haven’t talked to your IT Dept., and you are not the IT Debt, don’t install it. This is for corporate google accounts, not your free gmail account. The purpose is for MDM... so you should probably accept all of the prompts that indicate it can remotely manage and wipe your device... that’s is the point.

- i hate my life

ok so basically don’t get this app if your a student. this app holds not right to access so much information on my phone, most of which isn’t even needed for google docs. i have an URGENT project that needs to get done and i cannot because of this filthy app. 0/10 would not recommend. i’m most likely going to do bad on my test tomorrow :,( to be frank, did google docs need an update? NO, IT DID NOT! it was perfectly fine before. this is just super problematic for students like me. if you are looking for a stressful life then this is the perfect app for you.


This app allows your employer to administrate your phone with a policy. It’s necessary to access corporate G SUITE features like emails and stuff on your phone. It allows the employer to e.g. wipe the data when the phone is declared lost. All the other comments claiming that this APP disables their camera and changes the password etc. and thus leaving a 1-star review, you are misinformed. Your employer is the one setting the policy, not this APP. If you are installing this on your personal device, understand the compromise you are making before continuing. I’m deducting a star still because Google should better communicate this information in the app before and after people download.

- Is Privacy in Google dictionary ?

To use google suite with business account, you need to install some profile from this app, which allows remote admin collect and modify data on your phone. Yeah you can say no. But then you cannot check your gmail, get google calendar notification and chat with your coworker using Google Chat. Destroy your business life if you rely on Google suite heavily. I truly understand the concern of the data leakage caused by losing phone. But forcing us to give out our privacy is definitely not a solution .

- Redundant

I don’t see the point of this app because it doesn’t work. I was notified to download this App to access Google drive and other google apps. Every time I try to use it it says “To regain access to your work account, contact your organizer’s admin.” Even though I’m using my personal email! I’ve tried using other emails and the same message will pop up or it would say that I have to sign into G suite, even though I already have. They need to fix this ASAP and the inconvenience is causing delay with attaining assignments for work.

- What Just Happened?

I’ve been accessing both my personal and company emails on the Gmail app with no issue for years, and then December 19,2019, BAM, I can’t get my business gmail account to load on my phone, stating device policy not authorized. So I downloaded this app, to no avail. I’ve spent way more time then I care to trying to resolve this, and am extremely frustrated! If anyone can explain how to fix this, please comment somewhere! Why does google have to complicate GSuite? And yes, I went to administrator page to make sure my iPhone is approved.

- Terrible

I have been using this app for the past couple of months and it has been fine. But now, it. Keeps asking me to update it even though I have done it multiple times. Not to mention the quality is poor and the instructions on how to fix this problem are not in any way amazing. I use this app so I may access my school account and when I am in a meeting I do not need to be bothered by the notice popping up. In conclusion it will most definitely be needing some improvements!

- If you really want to remove this...

If you really need to remove this app. You'll have to go under the Settings App --> General --> Device Management --> Tap on "Google Apps Device Policy" --> Tap "Remove Management". Personally, I love this app since I have a GSuite domain but organizations use it too as a means of securing their accounts.

- Works like it should

The people that have issues with the app have never had to manage or try to manage iOS devices in the wild. Apple makes it nearly impossible to implement security in an enterprise in any meaningful way, they still think in the consumer space.

- Not Working

It used to work so fine and perfect until I encountered some difficulties and now when I try to use my google drive it doesn’t want to work even after I downloaded this app. It’s the absolute worst and they need to fix or remove this app. I already uninstalled it but I was planning on installing it again but then I say the reviews saying things like it’s stealing data and documents from your phone and don’t even get me started with this app now stealing and hiding apps. It’s a no for me.

- Literally Spyware

It requires the download of a configuration profile, which overrides settings and allows administrators to modify the phone. These modifications can control you device password, what apps you can download, if you’re allowed to connect to iCloud, and even wipe the phone clean of all data. All of these settings hinge on what your company wants you to do. In short, only install this if you have a dedicated work phone that you don’t use for any personal function whatsoever.

- Need to explain additional steps if any

There MUST be additional steps that aren’t being explained. It’s telling me to go to my phone’s settings to download, when I try to install my profile. But it's already installed. There is obviously something not communicating on the back-end or there are missing steps for the user. Now this keeps telling me to download the latest version over and over and over again, and directs me to the App Store, but there are no updates.

- This is the worst app in history

So I can’t do my work because of this message that keeps on showing up and says to regain access to your work contact your organization admin so please fix this because I contacted my administrator but they didn’t know how to fix this so I don’t know what’s happening or either my administrator is preventing me from using this app or this is just a bug so fix this bug or I’ll contact my administrator for details about why this is happening

- Not made for small businesses

This thing has crippled us. I love Gsuite and all of google’s apps but this has made it impossible to work from my phone. It spams you with an Admin warning so you can’t access drive. it does the same for docs, sheets, and slides but if you manage to click between pop up notifications you can still use it (do not super secure if that was the intention). We don’t have an IT team so all of this is foreign to us and we don’t have the resources to fix it.

- Work profile

On samsung phones when google device policy is administered, an separate work profile will be created where all the G Suite apps can be found and they are not mixed-up with personal google apps of the device. If your employer want to wipe their data or user enter wrong password several time to unlock the device only the work profile is goes wiped out keeping the personal data untouched. Please add the separate work profile feature for iOS platform as well.

- A necessity for Google apps powered enterprises

Allows your company‘s IT department to manage security profiles on our corporate or personal device to provide you with access to corporate resources. You would only download this app if instructed by your company or if you manage your enterprise security.

- Simple and Efficient

A very simple and efficient app to provision policies and company apps. We have used the policy manager for a number of companies and over 10 years only had one issue with certificate installation. Other than that, works great!


I had to access my business account only to find that I had to get ANOTHER google app. I didn’t think it would be a big deal until I had to download it into my settings, CHANGE MY PASSWORD! The old system worked perfectly well! And to top it all off, it won’t even let me access my accounts for one hour from now when I have something urgent to work on. The fact this app has so much access to your phone is absolute nonsense

- Frustrating

I’m required to have this for my work email. However it keeps telling me to “update” the app, but then the app does not show any available updates, and keeps telling me to contact my admin. Admin has spent hours on the phone with google and I am STILL locked out of my work email and calendar... which is a HUGE problem as I am the assistant director of a small non profit organization and we need everyone to be on the same page.

- Even after deleting, I get nonstop notifications from this app

I ended up not needing this app and deleted it off my phone within 24 hours. I continue to get nonstop notifications to update the app in order for it to work effectively with my phone. I have quadruple checked it’s deleted from my phone - via settings, notifications, App Store. I’ve even tried reinstalling and deleting it. Still. I need this to stop. I’m about to throw my phone.

- Can’t access business account

This isn’t working properly and I don’t know what to do to fix the issues. I can’t access our business email accounts because it keeps requesting an updated policy which was done. The message prompts me to notify the admin but we are the owners of the business ( the admins). We need to access our business emails, documents, etc. Please fix this issue and assist us with getting into our account

- Listen to these reviews! Do not download!

Downloaded once, was in rush at work and needed to use my personal phone to check data from work. This app is a type of virus it seems. It is impossible to remove. It is something outside of iOS software... The pop ups are non stop and you can't get rid of them. How is this even on the app store? Somthing is sketchy here, I hope it gets removed. I can't find any way to get it off my phone. Someone help :(

- Terrible

I hav personal gmail accounts and tried adding my business account, which I am the administrator for, and it’s one bid circle of bs. I can’t access my business account G-Suite even after downloading this app, keeps tell me to download the app after I already have, then says to contact the administrator of the account to get access... I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR, and I can’t get this stupid thing to work, I have spent 5 days trying, maybe the Apple Genius Bar can help??!!?!

- Very easy and straight forward

I read some of the reviews that were bad. I have not had an issue with this app. Based on the bad comments it appears to be user and admin errors. This app is meant for Gsuite Enterprise and Business platforms. Just my two cents on the matter. Good luck.

- A must have for your G Suite powered company

With this app, you can push your device policy and present a menu of approved apps. Very handy. For future improvement: It would be awesome if users had the option to install all post device approval.

- Great for MDM and Enterprise Device Security

Device policy is very customizable and granular on the security policies. Setting this up was fairly easy and it works like it’s supposed to. I’ve used other MDM products and Google’s has been the easiest to setup.

- What were y’all thinking?

This is an absolutely terrible idea. You guys just made everything way more complicated than it needed to be. I had an assignment that I had to take a picture of on my phone and send to my chromebook, but now I can’t because it says I’m not connected to my organizations admin. Just leave things how they were when we could just load up the individual google apps.

- Easy device management

This works great for our organization keeping track of all devices and apps. Ignore low star reviews. They probably don’t understand the app function.

- Unit

So many people think that this app is they complain that the app is made for your work to take over the phone that you install it on that is what it is for

- What the heck is this?

I got this notification saying I needed to get the latest device policy, so I go to the App Store, download it because I can’t check my email on my phone any longer (even though it only had 2 stars), and now it keeps taking me through this download cycle where nothing is actually downloaded but then it tells me I need to update my device policy! This is beyond frustrating.

- It’s haunting me like a ghost

Sooooo I thought I would need this app because my work office has Google Suite but I don’t at all. Unregistered and uninstalled this app months ago and now all of a sudden, every time I open my chrome app I am prompted to install the latest version of “Google Device Policy” and I hate how I don’t know how to make this prompt STOP. I might just stop using chrome app altogether because it’s really annoying.

- Bull crap

If you download this then you have to be comfortable with your school administrators have Linh access to all the information on your phone! This mean your texts, your photos and more. I am in no way comfortable with this and find it outrageous that o am have to forfeit my personal privacy to my phone to have access to this classroom. Thankfully it is still available via browsers on computers, just the app is unavailable.

- Can’t Remove

I was asked to install this app for work and when I realized that it was for protecting work related products installed on my mobile I choose not to complete the install as I don’t have anything work related attached and now I cannot get the pop up screen to install to stop loading. The address that it tells you to go to for removing/deleting the app is nonexistent.

- To many pop up

Any time I open a google document or app the pop up comes up to update google device policy. It’s absurd and annoying. There has to be a better way, may like an automatic update or something more user friendly. Anyways I don’t need it anymore since my kids are back in school so I’m going to try and delete it but it’s not as easy as it would seem.

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- Worst app bar none

This is just simply the biggest pile of garbage software available anywhere. Any company using this to meet their staff mobile access needs there heads read. Profiles that don’t install, continual interruptions whenever you try to use chrome and generally blocked access. Just simply diabolical. The developers should be taken out back and shot.

- Google Device Management at its worse

My work data and all Gsuite access got revoked and prompted me to reinstall Google Device Mgmt. I had to reinstall to install it back. But reinstallation itself took very long and the download option in AppStore itself got frozen and wouldn’t work at all, even after my 1 hour and many tries.

- Pile of steaming stool

Literally the worst app for the most stupid security system I have ever seen. Can’t access my accounts, can’t make any changes to allow access then the app crashes every single time I try and login or do anything other than nothing. Nice one google, really outdone yourselves this time.

- Awful app

When my work went to single sign on, I lost any access to work stuff I had on my iPad. I was told to download this to support it. It’s rubbish. Despite uninstalling it, it constantly pops up when I access chrome, wanting me to reinstall it. I now have a bug I can’t get rid of.

- Incompetent app.

This was forced on me by work and now my Iphone and iPad calendar and emails don’t synch with each other, nor with my work calendar and email, in spite background refresh always set on. Three versions of each. Absolute rubbish. Help is moronic, and doesn’t provide workable solutions. Deserves a NEGATIVE RATING. DO NOT USE THIS

- Completely and utterly useless, if I could never use google again because of this I would

This is so indescribably awful. I wish I could never use google again

- Do not download without checking

Make sure it’s compatible with your work profile first

- Hate it

So many authentication issues. Easier to just not use my phone for work anymore than get this thing going.

- Doesn’t recognize update

Demands latest version but still fails after update. Not happy.

- Nope

No way I will allow the permission they asked in their policy update. I guess no more work on my personal device then. 0/10

- This is dumb

Being forced to use this as I can’t do any work on my phone and tablet without it..

- Doesn’t work

And now can’t get my business gmail on my iPhone 12.... hopeless.

- Horrible. Glitchy and buggy.

This is a truly horrible app.

- Don’t do it

Complicated. Hard to navigate. Load of bs.

- Very useful


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- Literally the most frustrating App ever

One star only because zero stars is not an option. This app is flat out useless at doing what it’s supposed to do. The frustrating merry-go-round process goes like this: 1) Download and install the App on your device. 2) From the app, log into your Gsuite corporate account, accept your companies device policies and install the managed profile onto your device. 3) open any google app and/chrome browser installed on your device to be immediately greeted with the follow notification “Install the latest version of Google device policy so you can access your work data”. From there you have two options, hit cancel or go to App Store. 4A) if you hit cancel you’ll be able to proceed with using the app, but as soon as you leave the app and reopen it again, boom, the same notification pops up. Every. Single. Time. 4B) if you hit go to App Store, you’ll be taken to the Google device policy app listing, where you’ll be surprised to find out that the lasted version is already installed! So now you’re thinking everything is in order and your good to go. Could not be more wrong. As soon as you open any of the managed Google apps again, boom, notification pops up. In essence, this is an app that is required if your work data is from GSuite, but all it does is produce annoying notifications to install the latest version of the app, which you’ve already installed, but the notifications won’t stop. It literally is an endless circle of pointlessness. Great job developers!

- Why do I constantly get a pop-up?

It keeps telling me to install the latest Device Policy but I am already running the latest version!!!!!

- Do Not Download.

Horrible. Prompted to download and now my entire drive is frozen on my phone

- Does not work

Simply put this app does not work. You just end up in an infinite loop of it asking you to install the policy

- Useless

Stuck in a pop up loop. Even when uninstalled I keep getting asked to install it. Incredibly annoying and frustrating.


I get a pop up after every 2 minutes WHYYY!!!!

- Pathetic

Was in middle of work this update came and removed everything associated with Google. Annoying

- Works great

Just wish apple would limit screenshot control to managed apps

- Let Your Company Control Your Phone

I just wanted to backup some of my photos or video on Google Drive. It forced me to download this app. However, in order to allow it works you also needs a company / school email account which I did, but by allowing this I allowed my company’s admin to access my personal phone, stuff, location and even blocking it. Worst app ever! Meant to be safe but actually losing your control of your own phone and your own privacy! I deleted it right away and hope they stopped monitoring me.

- Fml

i accidentally downloaded this and deleted it right away and now every google related app has pop up ads telling me to download it. im at my wits end

- Not good

I need to use my phone for school, but I can never sign in to my account because it tells me it download this app. So I downloaded the app and it doesn’t work.

- Doesn’t work at all

My #1 award for worst App goes to Google Device Policy. Thanks to Google Device Policy, I can’t use Gmail on my phone to access all of my Gmail accounts. Back to Spark it is!

- Worst app ever

I needed to download this damn app to be able to use google hangouts and even after it was fully downloaded and I was signed in it still wouldn’t let me use hangouts I just want to be able to talk to my friends come on man

- Horrible experience

What is it supposed to do no idea where you installed a new instructions after you install no other email account on your cell phone works do you want this account of Gmail which is a company email doesn’t respond I don’t know what is this policy supposed to do

- A joke app

Man just get rid of this app it’s a joke

- Causing trouble

I keep getting a prompt to install this damn policy app while in Google drive and can’t access my drive due to the prompt.

- The worst app ever;-;

This app is so useless like when I was trying to get in google classroom it told me to download this app idk how it works.

- What the hell is this

I downloaded this app and it keeps saying that I need to download this app when I try to enter google classroom or gmail. Fix this right now because I need to hand in work


this has to be the stupidest app ever created. i wanted to access the Google classroom but it wouldn’t let me and kept on prompting me to download this app so I did. and because my account is apart of a school organization it won’t let me use the app therefore I can’t use Google classroom. GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS BEFORE

- Bad

I can’t get into my google classroom and this app is not helping!!!

- Worst app ever

It prompted me to download this app so I could continue doing my work on google classroom for school and now I’m just not able to use the apps


Why do I need this it doesn’t even work

- worst app 🥰 .

extremely stupid and has absolutely no point whatsoever .

- Frustrating.

Like other reviews. If a zero was possible, this would get it.

- what

why lmao

- Mm

Il me demande de télécharger l’application une et une autre fois. Je fais le téléchargement et ça ne marche pas encore. Toujours la petite fenêtre options: annuler et télécharger

- Useless

I use classroom and drive and other apps like these to do my school work but I couldn’t access them unless I downloaded this app but once I did so it was requesting access to my whole phone and to be allowed to censor and delete whatever they wanted?? I couldn’t access any of my google apps and I of course wasn’t going to use this app all in all it was useless and annoying.

- Useless

I’m trying to use google classroom but I need to download this app and now I need to install a profile in to my iPad just to use it and now I can’t do my school work because of this

- Why did you make this?

I can’t access my gmail because of this thing, I’m a student that does there work using gmail so if you don’t mind can you help please. I can’t open the app without seeing the message “download our new version of google device” and when I tried fixing it by downloading the app, the damn thing doesn’t even work. If a person that made the app is reading this, please help!

- This is so useless!!!

I want to access my google classroom and google hangouts and meets but this thing come salong and ruins everything. I am NOT giving my administrator access to my device. F this, google. Do better. I would rather give 0 stars.

- Bruh

I hate this app so much it makes me want to delete google

- Stupid

This app is frisking absurd

- Does not work

Leads me around in circles, but I am no longer able to use the program I need to for work. Has made this useless! Really angry.

- Stupid


- Why

Why do I need to download this stupid app to access my gmail

- Google Device Policy the worst app

Used to be an ok app, now it’s so horrible. Overly complicated and it an app where “you can’t get there from here”. It’s not even complicated it’s just garbage. When looking thing up it loops you to the same two pages on their site and neither page provides help. They are “description pages” only about what the program is about. Worse than Horrible horrible horrible. If I could give a negative star rating ...I would ...and that’d be a first.

- Terrible


- Dumb

Absolute garbage

- Not working at all

Really disappointed by this horrible app that does not work at all, basically an eternal loop of download your profile->back in the app->download profile...

- Useless

Useless. Frustrating. Tried to download over and over again. Can’t access my email now. Horrible.

- Doesn’t work! I can’t access my business email!

Useless! I can’t access my gsuite business account! I am the only administrator. Help me. I need this without a device policy.

- Useless

I’ve been at this for at least an hour and a half and it still not working. Completely useless and I’m unable to access my calendar and email.

- Useless

I’ve reinstalled a million times and it’s never worked. Would love to access my G Suite on my mobile device. Do better google.

- What is going on

I don’t understand why I have to download this, cannot access email accounts, app doesn’t work, I have installed, it keeps asking me to re install. Help

- Just bad...

A shame, totally dysfunctional

- Inconvenient

It keeps popping up when I’m using Chrome, even after I downloaded the app. It doesn’t even work. The pop ups need to stop.

- Update

Pop up keeps saying to update. But it is up to date. Only when using Chrome, can’t access GMail!

- Pop up

The pop up keeps showing up when I use google chrome. Needs to go or I’m switching to a different browser.

- Doesn’t work

I’ve tried several times and it just keeps giving me an error message when I go to download the profile. “Cannot connect to server”

- This app doesn’t work!

I used to just have to type in my school email and password to sign in on my phone. Then it told me I had to download this app. Ok, I thought. So I got it, accepted the policies, and then the message popped up: Account download incomplete, already downloaded. I checked, and when I tried to sign in, it said that I had to do everything again. I’ve tried about 5 times and I still can’t get it to work. Maybe it’s my IOS, but I don’t want to have to update it a bazillion times to sign into my email. This app just makes everything more complicated!

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@neeraj_vazs @brajTheSinger @YouTubeIndia @YouTube First of all i don't use my Google account on any other device. And i partly agree with your view that they collect data. But youtube has strict policy regarding sexual content. Infact they give options for it when you want to report any vdo. But they themselves are promoting?

Google Device Policy 3.16 Screenshots & Images

Google Device Policy iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Device Policy iphone images
Google Device Policy iphone images
Google Device Policy iphone images
Google Device Policy iphone images
Google Device Policy iphone images
Google Device Policy iphone images
Google Device Policy iphone images
Google Device Policy iphone images

Google Device Policy (Version 3.16) Install & Download

The applications Google Device Policy was published in the category Business on 2014-11-22 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 101.77 MB. Google Device Policy - Business app posted on 2021-10-07 current version is 3.16 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: