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ADP Mobile Solutions App Description & Overview

What is adp mobile solutions app? ADP Mobile Solutions provides you with an easy and convenient way to access payroll, time & attendance, benefits, and other vital HR information for you and your team.

- All the features listed below may not be available to you. If you have question, review the FAQs in the Settings menu in the app.

- This app is available to the employees and managers of companies that use the following ADP products: Workforce Now, Vantage, Portal Self Service, Run, TotalSource, ALINE Card by ADP, Spending Account / iPay Statements, and select products outside the US (ask your employer).

Key Employee Features:
• View pay & W2 statements
• View & request time off
• Track time & attendance
o Punch in/out
o Create timesheets
o Update, edit, & approve time cards
• View pay card accounts
• View benefit plan information
• Contact colleagues

Key Manager Features:
• Approve time cards
• Approve time off
• View team calendars
• View executive dashboards
• All application requests and transactions are routed through ADP's secure servers
• All network traffic between the mobile device and the server is encrypted
• All employee information cached on the mobile device is encrypted
• Username and password protected
• Login sessions time out from inactivity
• Accounts locked out with excessive login failures
• Fast and easy login with Touch ID or Face ID
• Recover or reset forgotten user IDs and passwords
Investment options are available through the applicable entities for each retirement product. Investment options in the “ADP Direct Products” are available through ADP Broker-Dealer, Inc. (“ADP BD”), Member FINRA, an affiliate of ADP, INC, One ADP Blvd, Roseland, NJ 07068 (“ADP”) or (in the case of certain investments), ADP directly.
Certain advisory services may be provided by Financial Engines™ Professional Management, a service of Financial Engines Advisors, LLC (“FE”). FE’s service are made available through connectivity by ADP, however, FE is neither affiliated with ADP nor any of ADP’s affiliates, parents, or subsidiaries, and is neither endorsed nor recommended by any ADP entity.”

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App Name ADP Mobile Solutions
Category Business
Updated 21 March 2023, Tuesday
File Size 162.37 MB

ADP Mobile Solutions Comments & Reviews 2023

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Terrible. There was a time, not long ago, when a employees would be able to see what was in their pay check. Then the employees company decided to switch to the ADP mobile app. Woah is me cried the employees, woah is me cried the single mother, woah is me cried the HR lady as was flooded with emails and phone calls. Nobody could see what the percentage in pie graph form of how much the federal government was stealing from them. Around that time a most glorious of man freed three Americans from the evil grasps of North Korea, but I digress. The ADP app with its lack of seeing ones pay check caused the employees to bounce checks, it caused the single mother to miss feeding her already malnourished child, due to the high price of goods and services caused by over regulation and taxation, it caused the HR lady to quit her job and not knowing who to discipline the company allowed improper behavior run rampant. Sexual harassment lawsuits became the norm as the men had no control over their libido and the company went bankrupt settling the cases out of court. All because the ADP didn’t do it’s one job.

Works Great, but.... The app runs smoothly and don’t have any issues with it when I’m logged on. However, every day I have to Enable “Unlock with Face Recognition” and input my password. Sometimes it happens after I have closed the app. Not sure if closing the app clears the cache, but this doesn’t happen to the other applications I use that allow me to enable Unlocking with Face Recognition. Please, if possible, please fix. If this is not possible let me know so I can change my review since it is out of your control. Thank you! (Update) With the new update, the developers may have fixed the issue reported. Hopefully that did the trick and I don’t run into the same issue.

Outdated, glitchy, badly designed.. Pro: punch in and out without messing with a time clock, allowing social distancing. Most features are useful, though badly laid out. Being able to see your hours and pay as you go through a week is great. Cons: punch button and transfer button are so close you may hit one accidentally, adding to this, a slow internet or service connection causes the time to populate slowly, making the buttons jog down when you’re trying to transfer, causing you to hit punch. It’s badly laid out, and would make a lot more sense if the buttons were side by side, so as not to cause misalignment if the clock populates slowly. Requiring full password every time you’re logging in on your phone. Unnecessary, and time consuming in a fast paced environment. Please update to a 4-6 number pin system, if it’s good enough for credit collection and banking apps, it’s secure enough for a work time recording app. Streamlining a user process should be priority 1 in building an app. No ability to note incorrect punches or transfer updates to be found. If it’s possible, there’s no easy way to find it. Please either add this ability, or add a tutorial page on how to use it if the feature already exists. Having an employee editable transfer and punch system would be highly recommended, not every punch and transfer is necessary, and even just a simple flagging system for incorrect punches and transfers would be useful.

My automatic deposit. I recently started a new job at hard rock casino, it was a transition from Majestic Star Casino or I work for seven years to the new hard rock casino.I have had automatic deposit going to two separate checking accounts want my dad’s checking account the other rest of pay to my wisely debit card, though after the first week of pay from hard rock it seems there’s a problem making out automatic deposit into those accounts I had to wait over a week after the regular payday in order to have a hardcopy print of my checks. If there’s a problem with this upcoming pay,,,I will talk to my payroll about another option because I think it has something to do with wisely department because I really think it’s a glitch in the system as far as anything associated with wisely

App is absolutely garbage. This app worked properly for the first week, and I’ve fought with it every day for the next 2 years. I’m fed up and wanted to go out of my way to put a review here now because I’m just so done with it. -app crashes, freezes daily -ALWAYS, always, always forgets that I enabled the “log in with a look” feature. And when I say always, I mean every single time I open app. I can enable the feature, then it will accept my info and log me on, I do what I need to do, then log off. I then come back an hour later for some other task, and it will have the nerve to ask me to enable the feature again, and ask for a password to enable. As if i didn’t just do this earlier that day. I’ll set it up and then repeat. Finally o decide to just forget the face feature and just log on normally, but wait, the app now constantly asks if I want to enable the face feature every time I reopen the app. Essentially adding an extra step any time i want to just use the app! This is so frustrating and hope somehow developers magically know what they’re doing because this is the worst piece of application ever invented! I’d give it negative stars if i could

Never works.. I don’t enjoy emailing my boss every single week when I review my time card because this app decides to “record” my punch but then actually doesn’t. My hours are ALWAYS off because of this app and sometimes the app will randomly clock me in or out when I’m not even using the app. I end up with long explanations to my boss every week as to why my time card is a mess. And that’s just when the app actually lets me use it. If I had a dólar for every time this app crashes or just decides to not load I wouldn’t need a job to clock into at all. Unfortunately at my job we are required to use the app more than just clocking in online so I’m stuck hoping these people will one day fix this app. And it’s not just a problem for me, my boss is always reassuring me that she gets several emails from several employees every week just with time card problems to fix because of this app. If this app actually worked I would love the convenience of it, but it’s hard to like it when it never works.

Retirement Services: CANNOT GOMPUTE ERROROR ERROR. Retirement services: sorry there seems to be an issue, try again later (for weeks) Me asking Automated messenger(feeling so dumb asking AI for help): I need help with retirement. Response: seems you’re wanting to talk about retirement, I haven’t learned how to talk about that yet. Is there anything else I can help with……as if I have lots of additional tasks to accomplish through ADP. Me talking to robots: can I talk to a person about retirement. Have someone call me. Response: seems you’re wanting to talk about retirement, I haven’t learned how to talk about that yet. Is there anything else I can help with……as if I have lots of additional tasks to accomplish through ADP. If I had sn option I’d never use ADP again. What a pathetic excuse for a HR portal. I already hate using portals for everything, why not make it complicated and not user friendly?!? It’s not like I need this information. Nothing like jumping through hoops just to access your own personal work information

It seems to be ok, but could be better.. It is slow to open, but there does seem to be a lot we can do within the app so I don't know if that is the cause or not. It will show the red bubble notification, but once in the app, I have looked everywhere for the notification and cannot find any. Had to move the app from the front page because of this. And no, I'm not uninstalling the app to reinstall it. You fix it, not me. That red notification bubble is really annoying and, if it was fixed, along with fixing the slow operation of the app, I would give this app 4 or maybe even 5 stars. I do like the quick access for clock in. But miss your time and need to adjust it, well, that is in another spot, so that is something else that could be better. It does feel like there has been a lot of thought put into this app, just needs a bit of tweaking and it could be an amazing app.

You’re made to use it, but you won’t like it. I have the app One Star because it never works properly. I work for a Duke n Duchess and in my area the Duke n Duchess stores, Dollar General and Family Dollar all use ADP. I can never clock in, the option never even appears for me and my Manager has to put me in manually. The app constantly keeps changing my bank account information, and never saves my information when I manually repudiate it, always giving me “there’s been an error, please try again later”, it lags so slowly to log in, change screens, or even to log out. When you ask it to find a bank so you can get money off of your card it tells you the banks are surcharge free, except that’s a lie and you’ll miss $3 per transaction Support is never an option as the only support they have is a bunch of FAQs and even when you have your Manager email them or call them they still refuse to answer promptly This entire business is unethical, and unprofessional and anyone that hires you that uses the Aline card and ADP you’re better off quitting and finding a better job anyways

Useful but unstable. When it works, it is a helpful source of basic information. It’s so unstable it’s more often a source of irritation. More detail: mobile app on an iPhone 6+ with iOS 12.4.5. Program opens, but a fairly long time to get to logon screen. 100% success rate. Logging on with thumbprint or with password makes no difference. Logging on with cell or wifi-assisted cell makes no difference. Day or night makes no difference. Location change does not help. Long dwell time to load first page (over two minutes. Often longer). 80% success. Select second page (detail of current pay period). Long dwell again. 20% success. Select any of the detail pulldown menus (taxes breakdown or retirement, etc). Less than 1% success. Occasionally screen actually loads before booting itself off. Another 2% of the time. Failure signature is the same no matter where I am in the app. Screen goes black, app kicks itself off the main screen and returns to the logon screen. Does not close the app. Re-log-on required. Sequence repeats. Only time it completely worked recently was when I was able to access the “submit feedback” button within the app as one of the second pages loaded. Then it allowed me to access various pages at will for 20+ minutes before failure. I’ve used the ADP Mobile app before without trouble. Last time I used the app (3 months ago), it worked without incident. Thanks.

Password Expiration Date. I like the app and I use it every day but when it tells me I need to reset my password and says it will expire it doesn't say when it's going to expire. It would be helpful to know when the expiration date is so people like me can change the password so we can still log in without having to reset it when it has expired. Just letting you know this is a suggestion for you guys so future users can have a good experience etc... Other than that the app is great and nice to have to log in the hours you work. Many thanks to the team and hope you guys are doing well. Blessings to all! Thank you! Sincerely satisfied customer. Ps. I don't understand why I need to change my password so often. I get used to the old one and then I gotta create a new one it's kinda frustrating. But I'm overall quite satisfied with it. 👻🎃💀🧛🏻🥸🤓😎😁😂

Not working. It depends on your phone network now I have a iPhone so you would think on a 1,000 phone I should have no problem but this is how we clock in for work and the first week went well but the last pass 2 days I haven’t had good luck on this mobile app in the building I work in when I get ready to clock in and it’s a problem on Tuesday my phone screen locked up so I had to clock in on a time card I’m glad we didn’t do away with them all together otherwise how would we get paid for the hours we worked. Then on Wednesday it said I was putting the wrong password when I know it was the right one I had to rest my password so this app is more trouble than helpful to me and if I didn’t have to use it I wouldn’t use it.

Major inconvenience ‼️. Generally, an app should never be down this much… I’ve had this payroll company since the new year and 80% of the time I go to check my pay stubs or anything on the app it simply doesn’t work and says there’s a problem and to try again later.. but later never comes because I swear it’s always down. I’ve restarted my phone, redownloaded the app, cleared caches, Updated phone software to latest update, and it still doesn’t work.. and I’m clearly not the only one with this problem. Unfortunately, Im stuck with this app and whenever the app is up and i’m able to view my information is nothing short of a miracle. Giving it 2 stars for the UI, but I would give 1 1/2 if possible. Please fix this because this is quite an inconvenience when I don’t receive paystubs in the mail, nor do I want to.

Convenient but wonky. I’ve been using this app for a while to log my hours at work. But I keep having issues with clocking out so I’m starting to get question at work for being irresponsible. There have been a couple times Ive forgotten to clock out but there have also been times I know I clocked out and it doesn’t show. Then this last period it clocked me in one morning twice flagging my account for my employer. Had I gone to clock in and was already clocked in my only option should be to clock out. I don’t even know how I clocked in twice within five minutes of each other without first clocking out. Then one day it clocked me in for work one day when I was off so my account got flagged again. Not sure if I should give up using the app altogether and only use my computer or what. The app is convenient but I don’t like that something seems to keep going on during each pay period.

Painfully slow and fancy fancy user interface. Asside from the app being slow to start up a lot of the UI uses “fancy fancy” components that aren’t what you would expect on your phone. See ting time in a time off request for example isn’t just a normal date time selection. Even more painful is changing your password (when it inevitably resets because apprent security). Changing the password requires a reset and if you use a password manager with generated passwords it is almost impossible to copy paste the password in either the whole app reloads when you switch in and out (because the password keyboard doesn’t work in the app) or when you want to paste the input box has the paste button show only for a fraction of a second. Resetting your password is also fancy fancy when you start typing a phone number in the “email or phone number” box it switches from a normal keyboard to a number keyboard but only about a second after you started typing so you loose focus or mistype because the keyboard suddenly changed. Overall a really painful experience I would have give it two stars if I didn’t have to just go through the password reset AGAIN! One more complaint is the payroll compare this would actually be useful if it included your earnings.

This app is garbage. There’s always something wrong with the clock in system. I hate the fact that my employer uses this. Multiple times I clock in at the start of my shift and when I go to clock out at the end of my shift I notice that my clock in time has been altered somehow. I’ve in at 10:30AM and by 8PM when I’m logging in to clock out. My clock in time says 3:30 PM. There would be up to 3 clock in punches with similar times on it. I’ve had to have the Payroll HR rep correct my time 3 times already. It’s also the end of my shift and I can’t clock out . My supervisor told me that there’s an outage on ADP. So it’s not just me that can’t clock out. Everybody who’s working at my job today can’t do it. Fix your app. Things like this shouldn’t be happening. ADP should not my glitching and altering my time card on its own. If I don’t notice it myself, I’ll get rob of my time that I put hard work into. Don’t even try to tell me that it’s not on ADP. I know for a fact that ADP is doing this. I’ll say it one more time. FIX YOUR APP. It’s terrible!

Problems with Time Off Request. After iOS 14.5 update, unable to enter “Start Time” or “End Time” of Time Off Request. Neither the time selection scroll wheel or standard keyboard are functioning for those fields. Enabling the “All Day” switch allows the user to press the “Create” button, but the Time Off Request is not created. The user is taken to a new page. The page title is “Confirm” but the entry button at the bottom of the page says “Update Changes”. There is no information entered to confirm or update. The user must enter the information again. However, the required “Start Time” field is also not working on this page. The user is ultimately unable to submit their Time Off Request. Deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t fix the problem. Rebooting the device and clearing the cache also doesn’t fix the problem.

Bad service. I have an IPhone 6 and I can't afford a newer one at the moment. I had a hard time understanding why ADP doesn't fix their app bugs anymore. They should update the up for bugs as usually but my iPhone acts like it's hacked when I try to log into my adp app. It blanks the screen and throws me out of adp, and often times it's just citing me right when I'm about to clock in or out from lunch. It is a horrible app, I'm sort but it has mast up my daily clock ins and outs to the point of where my employer keeps reminding me to properly get to work on time or clock out ... If I could use a alternate option for my job I would immediately do it. Sorry ADP, but you're a long way from professional. Even Chinese apps that often steal people's data are the least technologically doing a better job than ADP with all do respect. Thanks at least for giving me the option to express my opinion regarding your unprofessional service.

The most unreliable time management app I have ever used. This app doesn’t function correctly when on the mobile network. This app doesn’t work when connected to strong WiFi. It’s about a 50/50 chance that it will log your punches, sometimes it won’t log the punch even though it says it was successful. I have had to try and recall time cards from a week before, undoubtedly losing some of the time I should have had. So now every punch I make in the app I have to also write down in a notebook.... seems a little ridiculous, why not just use an old fashioned time stamp machine at this point, if I have to write everything down anyways then what’s the advantage of the app? It does have nice features like being able to see all your pay history and stuff like that. Basically it has potential, but the major bugs prevent it from being anything other then an annoyance and a hindrance for myself and the payroll mngr who has to talk around an correct all the messed up times. Productivity stops, efficiency stops, the whole operation jams up on some level. If the app ever gets fixed I’ll delete this or write a positive review.

UPDATE: Still slow, only works half the time. Updated review: it’s still isn’t great. I still get an error message every time I log in and I don’t even know what’s it’s for. My app is up to date. And now it does this thing where it randomly decides to forget my fingerprint which is also SUPER ANNOYING. The app freezes all the time. I’m lucky if I can log on without it freezing the first time. it baffles me that the ratings are so high on here, because this app gives me nothing but a hard time. Original review: This app is honestly just terrible. Each time I log in I receive an error message. Don’t know why or what for but it still lets me into the app. I get into the app, it takes forever for the clock in button to show up. That is if it even shows up. Half the time a different error message comes up so I can’t even clock in. No time shows up, no buttons, just a red error message. It’s infuriating when I’m just quickly trying to start my day! So later on I always have to log onto the webpage and adjust my time card because the app couldn’t just DO THE JOB ITS SUPPOSED TO DO. I’d much rather just log on using my computer each day but by the time I start my computer up, and the page loads up I waste 10 minutes of my time anyways. The webpage is slow and the app is even worse.

Can’t log in/UPDATE. I have had this issue solved already, Thank you for your response though. APP has and is working. I have been having problems signing into my ADP mobile app for the past 2 weeks and still today, nothing. I put my information in and then it takes me to the screen where it usually shows the pay period, but all I get is a circle rotating and if I let that circle keep going around and around it eventually times out. I now have 2 alert messages in my ADP app and I can’t even open them. I have erased this app turned my phone off/turned back on and downloaded the app again and still nothing. Please correct this problem as I need to get my information and pay. Help Help Help!!!

It is okay…4,7⭐️ (it’s current rating) it is not. ADP has been around for a while and is okay as an app. How it got 4.7/5 is beyond me though. Don’t get me wrong…it’s not a bad app but it’s not great either. It can be glitchy and before I go on I will say I’m in tech so I do all the standard fixes (clearing cache, deleting and re-installing, etc) and have the latest iPhone (14 pro max) and keep everything (app and iOS updated). One thing I don’t get is why it takes so long to update my pay stubs. Used PayChex before this and my paystub info was available the second I got paid. Two days after I get paid and still nothing on ADP. I do know it will get there and it doesn’t impact my getting paid but still annoying. All that being said the app does (eventually) do what it’s supposed to do, just on its own schedule. So 4.7 (current rating)? Hardly. It’s average at best compared to other similar apps which in my opinion makes it 2.5 ⭐️…dead average. For a company that has been around so long, having a glitchy app that is slower to provide pay stub information than less established companies is just pure lazy and says enough about the company to warrant a dead average rating. Do better ADP.

Problem With App and Help Is Inaccessible. When I first downloaded this app it seemed to work fine. Now, after several days use information that I enter in the app needs to be corrected/resubmitted through the online web site portal. What's more, when trying to contact email support for assistance I am required to select the category of my app problem from a drop down menu however the problem that I am experiencing doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories ergo I am not able to contact app support via email. What's more, I am told that others I work with are also experiencing problems with the app. Fortunately, my company will shortly provide me with an alternative to the iPhone app and the from home computer login but it is disappointing and frustrating, nonetheless, to think that the information put into the app is safely recorded only to find out that such is not the case some time later. What is infinitely more frustrating is not being able to find a way to contact app support via email regarding my problem without having to submit bogus information to get past the ADP app submission form. I will delete the app and use the online portal instead.

Irritating. ADP is a wonder concept, however if there is always a problem with it then it’s not good. There has to be a way to update this app or make a better version of it. ADP is a heavily used app by many many employers. The problem is that’s is always something wrong with it. And at first I thought maybe it’s just that some people don’t know how to use or navigate the app. No, that’s not the problem. The app is the problem because it’s always slow, or something is wrong where you can’t get into something and do what you need to do. For myself as a store manger this app is really important to me!! When my employees can’t clock in or forget to clock in or out the fact that they can text me and I have the ability to fix their time no matter where I am is awesome. The fact that Sunday is usually my only day off and I don’t have to leave my home and drive to my store to submit payroll that’s a life saver. But when I can’t get into my peoples time or I have to remember to keep logging in and checking to see if I can send payroll that’s not helpful. It’s happening more and more and it happens to everyone. There must be a solution to this problem. Thank you so much for your time and interest.

Support is very unresponsive. Ive been using ADP for about a year now. There’s been an issue twice where I can’t see my paystub for months. I’ve tried using the online support through the website and the chat bot doesn’t respond. I called the hotline and had my time wasted multiple times. I never was able to speak to a representative and they just said speak to my employer. When I spoke to my employer she took it up with ADP and they sent her a link to set up a profile when I already had one started. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place and ADP would rather not lift a finger to try to help those who rely on their service for their own proof of income when there’s an issue with their systems. Update: The email that you gave me to address my issue did the same thing that your hotline and online support for your website did. Nothing but say “your HR/payroll has to contact ADP in order to fix the issue. (Which they have. I was in the office looking at the screen and listening to the phone call) I find it deeply disturbing that a company with such great responsibility over people’s livelihoods would take such nonchalant action with addressing these kinds of issues. Me and my employer have been more than patient with your company for over a year and still nothing

ADP crashes a lot. ADP is a good app for getting a job and doing all that, but there are some issues I’ve found while using it. Number 1, if you leave the app for a set amount of time the app will completely close and it will have you fill out whatever you were doing over again from the beginning or some random place in the middle. Number 2, if you are on the app for too long then the app will just stop working and the loading circle is just going to keep spinning, forever. Number 3, sometimes when I try to continue my onboarding, when I hit the active button the app looks like it’s trying to pull over the next screen so I can continue, but it just keeps looping this animation of pulling the next screen over. Overall I know that ADP is a big platform for getting a job and stuff like that, but this mobile version needs some work done to kick out a few bugs.

Pedrovious. I give this four stars because it work well but when it doesn’t it can be frustrating. I have an iPhone 6S plus and can have issues with the app. It periodically will shut down when I go to punch the clock it just goes back to my phone screen. Lately it kept asking me to re-do password and sometimes I user ID. And even asked me to redo my thumbprint three times in one week. Sometimes I shut my phone off and back on and it works or call actually delete the app and then reinstall it. That often works too. It tends to go through spurts like this and then works for weeks. All in all I really like the app! Having the availability to punch in before I get to my computer is great. I often can get sidetracked with people asking you questions before even sit down and easily forget to punch in. I would easily recommend anyone to try it.

Not USER FRIENDLY. I really don’t have an option but to use this because this is what Global Solutions INC in Michigan use for payroll. And I HATE THIS APP WITH A PASSION! You cannot edit the start clock under the Time Off menu/page. It gives you specific time start options in 30 minute increments (12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, etc) which is stupid!!! What if you actually clocked out at 12:46 PM and wanted to file an hour time off, what time would you pick from the “ONLY” options given to you? Do you just eat whatever time you lost just because you are not given an option to change the time start of when you actually started taking paid time off? And not enjoy the actual hour you requested to take off? That is just unfair and inhuman! Companies just wants us to work so hard so they earn more money in their pockets from contract employees like me who by the way also has “important” needs and family to feed. Did you forget the part that you wouldn’t have that money to use to live if not because of the contractors like us who works hard for you to eat and get to live your life sitting on the couch pretty while we spend time and gas on the road just to get to work and spend whatever’s left from our pay. 🙄

ADP defrauded me of hundreds of dollars and refuses to even attempt to fix it.. I was working for a company unfortunate enough to use ADP. I opted out of the terrible retirement program twice in 6 months. Since the app wasn’t in a functioning state for most of that time they almost get a pass but they decided to start taking the max contribution amount from my checks WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. I specifically said no but they decided to STEAL that money anyways. I contacted HR and they said ADP said they were working on it. Well that was two months ago and ADP has no good way to contact them. The money is being siphoned away because ADP is terrible at managing retirement funds. I haven’t worked for the company in awhile and I was supposed to receive a letter allowing me to cash out. Unfortunately it seems ADP just ripped me off for hundreds of dollars and will only respond once I spend more on a lawyer. Avoid this company like the plague and try your best to keep your money out of their greedy thieving hands.

Mostly useful but can be pretty annoying. My job switched to using ADP as its agency for payroll. I was never impressed, but I do acknowledge its usefulness. Everything that I used to have to access separately (paystubs, tax forms, benefit info,etc) is now mainstreamed on ADP. That’s the great part. The not so great parts? Having to frequently log in and switch on Face ID within days (sometimes within the same day) of each time I log in to record my hours. And in general the app is a bit slow. (just like the website, which for the record I also hate using because it keeps telling me I’m logged in somewhere else when I’m not and no one feels like deleting cookies or whatever every time I need to access the site so here I am with the app. I’m thinking the developers just need to take more time with this stuff, honestly) 3 stars until ADP steps their game up.

Slow to load, connectivity problems. This would be a great app if it didn’t take so loooooong to loooooaaaaad. Some days it’s fine, but more often then not, it takes several minutes to load the dash board- That is, if you can even log on. So many times I’ve tried to log into this app to punch in for my job or take a lunch break, and there is a “cannot connect to the server” error that pops up. And when it does connect, it takes sometimes like 5 minutes just for it to log in. I literally have to plan on trying to log in at 12:00pm when I start work at 12:15pm just so that I can punch in on time. Same thing for Lunches. Take lunch at 5:00pm- start tying to log in at 4:50pm otherwise, you’re late. Other than that, it’s great. I like all the features, being able to see my past paychecks, and punches to check accuracy. So, I they’d work on the load time and the server connection issues this would be a great app with no complaints.

Worked great until I got locked out. EDIT: it took way longer than it should have to get back into my account, but discovered that the phone number on record was incorrect preventing me from getting texts. It would be nice to have a way to confirm your information to prevent these issues without having to go through HR, a call with the help center, and months of being unable to figure out the issue. I loved being able to check my info quickly using face recognition. Somehow, though, I got logged out and when trying to get back in, my account got locked. I tried the “reset password” option but I never get the text and don’t have access to the email on file. ADP suggests I contact my HR manager, but that still doesn’t work. We even changed the email on record, and it still only gives me the option for my old email. So now, I have nothing. Very frustrating.

Complete Garbage. This app is complete garbage. Despite using a password manager and being able to login via a web browser, this app routinely says that I’ve entered in the wrong password. I can literally then paste the same password into the website and login with no difficulties. Often, I get the dreaded “your account has been locked” message and that it requires a reset. Somehow, logging in to the website (again, pasting the same password as in the app) magically cures this problem without a reset and without actually unlocking anything. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times and had multiple app updates and the problem persists. The first login after a new installation will work, and then it almost always (but not quite 100% off the time) fails on future login attempts. Use the ADP app at your own frustration and only if you don’t actually want to access anything via the iOS app.

The laggiest app there ever was. I’m convinced there hasn’t been a decent update for this app since it was released. This app is SO slow and half of the time is lagging so bad it doesn’t log my clock in or clock out punches. First off, the log in screen 🙄 good luck if you miss Face ID the first time because you’re going to have to close the app and reopen it because the Face ID button in the upper right hand corner doesn’t work! When you finally do log in, you have to watch the ugliest, slowest, glitchiest graphic there ever was telling you once again that you’re in the ADP app in case you didn’t know already after spending 5 minutes trying to log in. Past that point, if you’re lucky, the Home Screen will load. Other times, you’ll be left staring into the eyes of the spinning wheel of death waiting for it to load. Which eventually will lead you to closing the app and going through all of that AGAIN. The layout and style of this app also just reads as dated and definitely needs a modern touch. If the app actually worked and was easy to navigate and use, it would be great. Hopefully a face lift is coming up for this app soon.

Will not receive money correctly! Terrible app!. I honestly hate ADP with a passion. Every time ive had an employer with ADP this company finds another way prevent me from receiving my money correctly. 1st time I had an issue was after entering and submitting my direct deposit MULTIPLE TIMES every week and never got any money directly deposited in my account. Always a paper check after submitting my direct deposit. 2nd time was when i started for another company and my first and last checks had to be physical checks instead of direct deposit which is infuriating given mobile depositing physical checks is a longer process. Now recently Ive vividly remember filing EXEMPT for my federal taxes yet i look at my 1st paycheck paystub just to see federal taxes were withheld anyways. Ive never had issues with any other company. Workday is a FAR BETTER company which ive had NO issues with in the past. Use Workday instead of ADP PLEASE!

I have the I phone 11 pro max. I have only been using this app for 3 weeks now and had to call Human Resources department to fix my pay. Because the app said that I missed my punch out when I know for sure without a doubt that I didn’t miss a punch out. Because it will state after punching in or out that you’re punch was successful in which it did. Therefore shorting me hours worked. Also the app automatically takes out a half hour for lunch break but we get paid for all of our time there. And it takes a while for the screen to appear at times it just runs really slow even when I’m right by the WiFi. So I think it could be a really good app because it would be convenient if it worked properly all of the time. I shouldn’t have to call my director of human resource and explain to them every week that something else went wrong. Now that’s what makes it inconvenient but if you could just fix those issues it would be great.

Hate this app. This app annoys me like no other. My phone is secure and I must constantly update my password. I don’t care and it doesn’t allow me the option to bypass their security parameter. I feel the same about all such apps so it’s not unique to this one. I wanted to right a better review later but the app does not have “later” as an option when presented with giving it a rating. I wanted to email my “corrected W2” and was presented with that annoyance as though they are happy with their software. It only provides Write a Review (now) or Ok (moving on) so this entire piece is written in my detest of having to even use the app. A reluctant user for last 3 years as determined by my employers. Now will I get to actually email this W2-c or start all over? And I can’t stand the regular app updates too. I’m old school and would prefer ADP send me the pay and W2 statements. And they don’t even have all my W2 statements. That is an issue with them and my employer I’m guessing. This digital world will lead to our enslavement! It will never be truly or fully secure despite their assurances and platitudes of rigorous security efforts. Once we are forced for all digital society it’s only a matter of time. And then the “robbers” don’t just an individual or business but everyone connected to that issuing company all at once. A true goldmine for them.

Fix your app! So tired of bugs in this app. Updated yet again - Trying to use the app to clock in and got an error message that said “You do not have access to view the clock experience” I am so tired of having to chase my money because of the the bugs in this app. For the last 3 days yet again I can not clock in or out due to no clock showing in the app. Please fix this! Update — Sept 2022 Lately the app has been working wonderfully. Then they went and updated the entire look. Ugh… can you put the clock back in front so that you can clock in and go. Having to go into the app than into an area to clock in is ridiculous. Quick functions should alway be for front. Please move it out of the folder it’s in. Here we go again. Can’t log in. You are messing with my money people. I’m supposed to depend on this app to get paid yet half of the time you can not log in to work. I can log into app. But not able to log into work. Now I have to rely on someone else to make sure I get paid on time. This is ridiculous! Please fix this as it’s been a week now....again.

What a waste of time. This thing rarely works. Quick clock works one maybe two days in a row. Then you have to sign in and wait forever for it to take. Also it makes you change your password every so often and can’t be one you used in your whole life it seems. Probably not but you get the point. What a time waste. After a certain amount of hours you can’t clock out. What junk. So just wrote the times down and call the payroll person once a week with your times and let them deal with it. How it got any stars is beyond me ! David Update ; I was sent an email saying clear the phones cache. Funny I don’t have to do this to use any other app. Even after that it’s a crapshoot if it lets you use quick clock or do you have to log in and wait minutes for it to load any info. The email also says to contact the payroll people so they can contact the rep. Well news flash. They spend more time on the phone with the rep than they do working since we got this system. Well it seems like it. Every time I go there they just look frustrated with this system. It’s to the point where we call in out times every once in a while.

Avoid if possible. I don’t know how they got this up to 4 and a half stars, but beware anyone who has to use this service. It’s terrible; that’s the short of it. The long is it’s slow, it is works far less often then it doesn’t, and it will get you in trouble with work. You’ll think you’ve clocked out and it doesn’t go through, you’ll think you’ve clocked in and it doesn’t go through. Worse of all some days it won’t work period, despite phone restarts, being patient, and trying for up to 20-30 minutes. It crashes every other time you open it, and generally takes the worst possible route for what is essentially a stop watch. Clearly they attempted to make this some super app, but it’s an abject failure when the most important thing, clocking in and out of work, is non functional. Many, including myself, are nervous about time, as we don’t want to hit overtime accidentally or be under hours accidentally. This app will nearly guarantee you have more problems than before. If possible, avoid this app, if not possible then prepare to suffer because if you go to their help page it’s a Ai that offers one solution, and if that doesn’t work than you are out of luck. I’ve never had to talk to managers more about time than after having to use this app, starting last July, and every day that I’m forced to use it is a worse day than the last.

Convenient, but just barely. It’s a nice app, but it definitely has issues on my iPhone 6. While it’s convenient to have so much of my work information accessible from my phone, it’s terribly slow, and sometimes pages or menus don’t load at all. It was ok when I downloaded it a couple years ago, but it’s been this way for as long as I can remember now; months and months. On top of that, it’s very rare that a time-off request made in the app will actually make it to my supervisor, so I have to do that from a desktop to be sure. Besides that, it’s got basically everything the desktop site offers in your pocket; everything I regularly use, at least. You’ve just got to have the time to wait on it. All in all, this works incomparably better than their awful mobile website does on iPhone Safari.

Loathsome App. Because unfortunately there is no way to express your opinion to a real person, I am forced to write a review on here about this company overall. I used ADP with several companies by now and I could confidently say this is the most terrible, loathsome, frustrating, none user-friendly, complicated, uneasy, anti human website/service/company/management I have ever used in my life. I cannot begin to describe how much I despise myself when I use it because I simply don't think it is made to serve but rather to control, manipulate and make things harder. I am bummed and disappointed in every company that uses this service as it should be boycotted. Some of the reasons for me loathing this service: App is laggy, and does not accept time off requests from everyone. So pick and choose (probably an agenda by the company) No human support. They just tell you off and ask you to call your HR (thanks for the help) Old interfere vs new interface on the website. You only have an option to switch to the new one but not go back you the old one. Some options are only available on the app!!! You heard it right. Website literally does not work well on Firefox and when i attempt to use chrome by copy-pasting the link from Firefox all i get as 'incorrect login' but i just changed my password?! And many others. I do not recommend this service or app to anyone. Terrible, simply terrible.

so bad it feels like a college project. How a multi billion dollar company can have an app like this is just ridiculous. UI fails like calendars that don’t pop up until after you’ve entered the date manually. no summary pages when you enter in data, no status for time off requests, some sort of weird calculator widget that no human would want when you’re entering in hours. Completely idiotic UI displays that show you your possible time off options but don’t let you tap that option to enter new time... silly me I should have known you have to press the other tiny button at the top that says request new time. What are the other sections of the page even for!? Also if you switch away from the app it reloads the page like a website and aggressively times you out. But please show me that stupid login animation again. I’m sure you’re proud of it. Also why does the UI show a password box when fingerprint ID is enabled? That’s just confusing. just one of many dozens of design fails. The entire thing is just a master class in poor UI/UX design

Horrible. This is probably my most used app on my phone but is the worst. Constant log in errors, internal app errors, errors viewing or adjusting my time or other employees, etc. Just all around a non user friendly app. It’s been years with no improvements. My face ID feature constantly gets disabled on its own. Another issue- It’s like pulling teeth just to enter in my time. I have to put in the clock in section, clock out, GO BACK TO THE FIRST SCREEN (takes long to even update time you’ve just entered and go back), clock out and clock back in. Why isn’t there an option to enter it all in at once? After 4 years of use with little to no improvement I’m really frustrated with this app. The bad thing is I have no choice but to use it on my phone because I am a manager which requires me to manage my employees’ times outside of working hours. One would think think number of negative complaints against this app should be alarming to this company. They should have worked on major improvements and changes on this app all around by now!

Login issues with FaceID and Remember password feature. The developers have created a loop of terrible experiences when logging into this app. The app doesn’t remember your password whether you enter it manually, have fingerprint or FaceID enabled. Literally, every time I have to put in my full credentials because the faceID never works on this app and it also forgets the password that you entered last time, even when you click “Remember my Password”. This is what happens with FaceID: When you log in and since faceID becomes automatically active, it gives you an error message because it does not remember my face. Then, you might think of entering the password manually, but before you even get a chance to enter it in the box, the error message pop up would have arrived. This happens each time you try to log in using FaceID. Eventually, after 5 failed attempts the account will be locked and you will be told to reset password. And when you log in next time, the loop continues.

Just. Get. A. Bank!!! Warning !!!!!!. I have never been more frustrated with a service provider in my life. I called to ask a question about Apple Pay and the customer service guy who barely speaks English blocks my card for “Suspicious activity” even though you have to pretty much give them all your life information JUST TO SPEAK TO THEM!!! My question is how if there was suspicious activity with my card when I called was I still able to ask them information ABOUT the card? Had me on hold just to tell me that they can’t do anything and that I need to send sensitive information to an email address which haven’t even responded to me. You guys are CROOKS. You lock my card when I call to ask a question. You tell me I’m suspicious ON MY OWN CARD which they ask for your social and employer and a whole bunch of information only the cardholder would know and that’s not enough. Your customer service is obviously outsourced in another county and the language barrier is frustrating when they don’t understand what you’re asking or can’t do anything. JUST GET A BANK ACCOUNT. I STILL don’t have access to my account and every time I call they give me the same answer. It’s not worth it. Worst experience ever. And I’m going to continue to spread the word about you to whoever will listen.

TERRIBLE APP. I honestly hate this app would give 0 stars if I could. It takes almost 10 mins just to load the app to clock in and that’s if your lucky. That’s only one of my complaints… the time card option is almost never accurate meaning it’s telling me the current pay period is feb 5th through 19th when it should be March 5th through March 19th so I can’t see any of my current hours which is really frustrating seeing as this is how I get paid so I feel as though y’all are playing with my money at this point. I’ve also had multiple problems just trying to log in I’ve had to reset my password 7-8 times within the past 5 months just to log in. This app needs serious updates and bug fixes because this isn’t any ordinary social media/ for fun type app this is literally how people clock in FOR WORK! I’d also like to add that I’ve tried reaching out multiple times via email and have been straight up ignored. When your app is designed for people to clock into work the last thing you should be doing is ignoring people. This is how we who use the app get paid for the long hard hours we work so you guys ignoring us and failing to fix these simple bugs and glitches is down right wrong and honestly just lazy. Do better.

Used to work, now it doesn’t. Update: every time I log in, it says I have a temporary password that can’t be re-used, which forces me to re-set my password. I don’t have a temporary password. It’s just a regular password. Update: after the app has been updated, it worked once. Now, two weeks later, it does not remember my password/tells me it is incorrect, and asks me to reset it upon login. The app used to work fine. Now, every time when I should be able to use touch, it asks for my password. I enter my password, and it tells me my password is incorrect. I re-set my password, and it tells me the NEW password is incorrect. I have only been able to log in once in maybe 3 months? Please fix. I also note several people have written similar reviews. I’m concerned about the lack of customer service and support given the problem is ongoing. Doesn’t speak well of ADP. Update: after receiving a “developer” response, they say I need to contact my HR for a problem with THEIR app not working?! It’s your app that is requiring and not recognizing passwords! Even more concerned that problems aren’t being investigated, but passed off.

Lots of bugs, obviously not a priority to ADP. This app forgets that you enable login with a look every single time you login. It asks, “Hey, would like to enable logging in with your face?” And you go “Hey, that’s great! Works with the cool features on my phone!”. You do what you do, then later that day when you go to clock out, and you’re like “oh yeah, I can just look at it to login!” NOPE LOGIN AGAIN PEASANT. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ENABLE LOGGING IN WITH A LOOK? “Erm... I thought I did but maybe it didn’t take or something...” HAHA NOPE I WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOUR DUMB FACE TO LOGIN BUT KEEP PROMPTING YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME. For real, there’s a bug that literally never remembers your Face ID, but always prompts you, it’s very annoying. That and there’s another bug that will error out when you try to load the clock sometimes. But seriously, every update I get hopeful that the feature actually works, and every time I’m a little more deflated. At this point they should just remove the Face ID altogether, it’s obviously not working for more than just one or two people. It seems like the ADP devs might have a very limited amount of devices to test on.

Very buggy. This app crashes a lot on iPhone I am constantly having to re log in due to the app randomly crashing and every day when I try to enter my password the first attempt when clicking in the password box will kick me out of the text box and I have to click it again. I am a field service tech and this is not something I want to deal with every day while driving. Also this morning I wanted to request a sick day but I entered the day in wrong because for some reason the app defaults the date to the next day so if I requested it on Friday it will default the date to request it on Saturday and I went and erased the request after I realized that happened and then I get a security message that they are logging me out for my protection and I was not able to log back in and correct this idk if this is a timed lockout but super frustrating when you can’t correct a mistake before the manager possibly approves it incorrectly bottom line I absolutely hate this app it needs to much work.

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Pathetic. Constantly crashes, sometimes won’t let you log in, if you don’t use it in around 2 weeks you are locked out. My work now makes this the only way we can see out payslips, and it has become farcical. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

Disgruntled. Does not let you log in - should be reported.

Pay. Very hard to use and log in to

No point - uninstalled immediately. There are so few features this app is next to useless. The features which are the are all returning errors or no data at all.

All good until I needed it. Stopped working the day after I left, was supposed to be available for 90 days.

Doesn’t work.. Downloaded and won’t accept my password! The whole ADP system is useless. No less work outsourcing and when we signed up they told us they could do a lot more than they actually can!

Not so good. It’s slow and clunky. It logs me out far to often and I usually have to have an administrator reset it because it then locks me out. Considering there was next to zero privacy issues with paper pay advise this seems way to complicated and is now an unreliable way to receive pay advice.

Needs a lot of work. The only thing the app is good for is getting payslips, needs a lot of work to enable other features like the website

iOS 13 doesn’t work. App won’t even open, please fix!!!!

Terrible. Works about 30% of the time.

Only for USA and Canada :/. Cannot use for Australia, cannot login at all. Please make it work for Australia. Very time consuming to have to use client ID and user ID via the website version.

Not working in Australia. Installed the latest version of the application but it does not work for ADP Payroll in Australia.

Limited global use. Only for Canada and USA. Rest of the world doesn’t matter!

👎🏼. Doesnt let you log in fron australia. Needs major work

Classic stitch up 😂. Doesn’t work for aussies. What a fail

Absolute rubbish app. Complete waste of time and resources, constantly forcing users to change password, some users don't want to change their passwords all the time. Fingerprint login never works. Not by choice had to download this app. Our company uses this garbage.

No great. Have used this app for a few years now. It locks me out every few weeks when it’s time for a new password and I have o wait until I’m back at work to reset it. So frustrating this happens all the time so much so I had to write a review 🤯

Mr. Very slow and over complicated for a payroll app

Rob Otis. Probably the worst app I’ve ever used ( or mostly not been able to use )

Confused. Does this app only work in USA & Canada?

Doesn’t support AU. doesn’t support AU.

STILLDoes not work if you have a client ID. Version 3.0 still doesn’t allow those of us with client ID's to log in for some inexplicable reason

Doesn’t work in Australia. Fail.

Don’t bother if you live outside US or Canada. See above

Deleted straight away. Doesn’t even allow you to log in, waste of time

Garbage. Fingerprint login doesnt work, password login is cumbersome at the best of times. App doesnt offer same features as the website.

Doesn’t work for my company. I downloaded this app from the App Store as an Australian user. Doesn’t work.

Horrible. Worst payroll system ever. Asks for an email now on the app which was never set up initially. Therefore I can’t just sign in with my username and I can’t get into it now.

ADP. ADP what can I say forced to use it for work to access pay slips what a piece of junk way to convoluted makes everyday tasks difficult enjoy

Errors on new iOS 14.3. Not functioning with new iOS update. When it does work it is extremely slow and clunky. Horrible app to use day to day.

Cannot access the app.. Cannot access the app, and very slow responding to solve the problem.

Don't work. No matter how I try it won't accept my login on my phone but works fine on the iPad 🙁

Very limited function. No access to leave history, staff leave page, other information found on the ADP website

Australia???. When will this be available in Australia?

Waste of time. Useless bring back paper payslips

No Aussie love. Doesn’t allow you to login without client ID and why is this in the AUS Apple Store if it doesn’t work in Australia?

It's not a user friendly!. It's not recognise my details to login on the app. Keeps saying wrong user id or password. But details are correctly login on the website.

Can’t log in. App asks for email address and password. I don’t have that, just a client I’d, user I’d and password. So I can’t use the app. Useless.

Pretty useless. Every. Single. Time. Whenever I try and use it, it tells me access has expired and I have to go to my laptop and reset everything. Deleted.

Useless. The app barely ever worked properly and since May hasn’t been able to show me anything current. I have to keep going back to the website to get my weekly info.

App doesn't work. App won't let me login. Doesn't even ask for Client ID. Do not download

Useless. Doesn’t work in AU and doesn’t seem to have any features like approving leave requests anyway.

Proper bad. Seriously this service is so unreliable, I just want access to my pay information and constant password changes and bugs hinder my access! I want to check my leave hours and I can’t because of “maintenance” Last time I needed access my password had randomly expired before it should have, and on that topic it’s 2020, it’s time for 2 factor authentication without needless password changes!! Seriously, it’s not secure it rely on forced password changes anymore!

Brilliant. Worked first time out of the box, really simple and i could do everything i wanted, when I wanted. An improvement over the web based intranet site i. Currently use for ADP

No Australia support. This product can only be used in the USA and Canada.

Only works for Americans & Canadians. Most users trying to setup the ‘ADP Mobile’ application will find that no matter what they do, it simply will not allow one to login… After digging around in the application, I eventually worked out that this is because ‘ADP Mobile’ only supports clients in the United States of America and Canada. That poses two obvious questions - why is this application restricted to certain countries (despite the global presence of the platform), and why is ‘ADP Mobile’ even available in the Australian App Store if we are not permitted to use it? Obviously I cannot speak for how well the application actually works because I cannot login, though after reading the reviews in the App Store, it looks like it’s a pretty bad experience anyway; but I am still rating this a single star due to the fact that it is restricted to select countries.

No international support. Why can’t I use this app in countries other than America????? The world is a bigger place, surely you realise that..

Not supported in Australia. Can you please make it available in Australia!!?

Love it. After reading and following the information from the web portal site I installed this app and love it and just to add to this it uses the TouchID if you want!!!!

Password needs changing too often. Password needs changing too often

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Forever ask Reset a password. Asking to reset a password many times

Garbage. If it was more reliable that would help, such as quick clock actually working, ability to set start, or stop. Also the password actually working. And it all takes to long to do anything, and it just a way to have employees doing a bunch of company accounting and bookkeeping for them

Sucks. App sucks. Forced to use it. Very slow

Terrible. Buggy as heck and slow as heck!

Reconnaissance. Je tiens à remercier toute personne qui a réalisé cette application afin qu’on puisse avoir tout ce qu’on veut sur nos paies. Merci beaucoup

App sucks. App sucks always slow lode can’t view my pay half the time

Slow and Antiquated. This app sucks, it stalls and is super slow.

Complete Garbage. This app is complete garbage. Can’t open anything without it taking a long time if at all even if you have full service

The worst. Makes you change your password and jump through hoops just to see your own pay statement. Worst app and terrible company

Employee. Very glitchy and unpredictable

Passwords. Being forced to change our password this frequently on a payroll app makes no sense. It’s not like we have access to actual money on it. My banking doesn’t force these changes.

ADP Misery. I have found ADP very difficult to use. It’s quirky and is often hard to open. We also use the system to track our hours at work. This is particularly flakey. I can’t ever get my hours in on the first try. I preferred our previous system.

Not working right — fix it. The payroll section says: Error We apologize. There is a problem. Please try again later. It’s been like that for a few months now Thought the update would have fixed it NO it did not

Clock in is rigged. I can't even clock in without turning my location setting on and it always says I'm out of the range when I'm already on site. Can't afford to always use the compter to log in and out.

Calendar Integration. Think the app is great, and pretty handy to use. My only wish is that they would integrate “export to calendar” since I use my calendar for everything. It can be a pain to login every time I need see shifts.

Clock in/out. Since the update for the App, the quick clock in and clock out is not working anymore. Shows reloading all the time now. Pls fix this! The employer or HR did not change any settings. It has something to do with your updates because in Sept 2022 the quick clock in/out didn’t work until there was an update. And now that’s been another update the quick clock in/out doesn't work anymore and it was working fine right before the update. Pls look into this and hopefully you can fix this.

Great app. Everything is easy and user friendly

Always Glitching. Actually a terrible app. Always glitching. Face ID logs in then prompts the password half the time then a verification text code right after. Or opens then crashes altogether. Constantly being update and it just cycles the same glitches with each update.

Time clock. What’s the point in have a time clock when it won’t let u clock in and out because it’s sat on one location and you can’t change it

App works great but quick clock suddenly stopped working. Amazing app but when I updated it the other day I can’t use the quick clock feature anymore, just says “reload” and is now infinitely “refreshing” even though all of my settings are correct

Doesn’t work properly. I can login but there are no features available to me in the app like there is on the website. I don’t get the option of entering my hours. There is literally nothing there. I’ll just use the website

Slow to load. App is okay. Slow to load most of the time. Definitely needs some improvements.

Last update makes it doesn't work. Last update makes it doesn't work

Thank you. Excellence, effortless for the worker.

Ugh. This app works on and off for me. Lately it won’t even let me sign in anymore. On the computer it will but not on the app. I just wanna see my pay stub without going on my computer :(

Unreliable and full of bugs. They prioritize greeting you in the opening of the app than having a functional log in button. Only works 10-15% of the time user wants to click in or do something else

Slow and does not save Touch ID. App is very slow to open. Doesn’t open at all sometime. Just a hula hoop forever. Does not memorize Touch ID ( very annoying). Entering hours in the end of the week day by day requiring saving everyday is also annoying. Why can’t it be: hours -check mark 5 times and save once in the end?

App crashes. Trying to access my monthly statements but it keeps giving error message: Internal error.

App is broken. I have to change my password almost on a monthly basis. It can’t remember my password even though the password is lock to my biometric ID. If the user is unable to sign in to see their account the app isn’t user friendly.

ADP. You to change your passcode every week.

Paie ADP. Pas terrible comme application.

Not helpful.. Limited functions. Hard to navigate.

Test. Test

Doesn’t remember login on iPhone. The app will forget your user IF and password and FaceID every few days on iPhone

Annoyed. They kept harassing me for a review. Here you go.

Broken after latest update. Logged into the app today. Was notified in-app of a new version. Installed the new version. The credentials I was previously logged in with are no longer recognized. Platform details iPhone 12 iOS 16.1.2

Probleme. Il y a toujours un message d’alarme qui s’affiche quand on ouvre l’application qui nous dit de réessayer plus tard, mais finalement quand on click pour voir notre paye, ça fonctionne quand même C’est bizarre Pouvez vous réglé ce message d’alarme qui s’affiche pour rien ???? Merci

Awesome!!. Having this app is awesome. Paperless and I can download the stats whenever I needed so I like the app better.

Horrid. I can’t go home because you terrible service doesn’t work, scrap it.

Password change. Changing a password everytime you use this app because you can’t use the password you remember or the last 4 you remember. Completely stupid that you need to change your password so often and now need to carry a log of the last passwords you used. Stupidest thing ever

Staff can’t clock. Staff can’t clock out on the app this afternoon. Huge issue as our kiosk just cramped the bed as well Wow

Bad Update. This update took away the time card button. I can’t update my hours of work. Fix the bug, rerelease and hope you fixed it

Crapdp. It is extremely annoying, sometimes it doesn’t let you log in, when you finally do it, it shoots down by itself, not letting me see or do anything. I have removed and reinstalled the app many times and still it doesn’t work.

Review. I don’t fell the need to change passwords when I’m using thumb print or face recognition, Sometimes when I need to sign in or out it requires me to resign in from the start at the worse Time when I need to be out the door This is a good app when it works properly, lets make it a great app

Schedule not updated. Anyone knows how to update the schedule? Thanks..

Service pas très bon. Incapable de voir mes payes et personnes pour corriger efficacement

Cannot view pay details. Displays ‘internal server error’. When attempting to view pay details

Bad system. System sucks, keep forgetting my face ID and username. It takes hundred years to log in, sometimes even can’t be logged in.

Only does half of what it should. This app is so underwhelming. My company uses ADP for employees to request and track their time off. This APP has NONE of those capabilities. It’s just for seeing you bloody pay stub. Make something more useful! I am stuck trying to provide a computer to field staff constantly because this app doesn’t have any useful features. I am constantly asked why vacation requests can’t be made in the APP. I have come to hate ADP at this point

Review of App. Kind of hard to understand the statement that is given. There are numbers at the bottom and on both sides, so not sure what the numbers are at the bottom. Very confused how holiday pay works.

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Great App when it works. I love the ADP when it works perfectly. However, there are a few glitches that need to be fixed. Such as when you try to clock in and it will clock you out and you have to wait a minute to clock back in. So the missed punches are annoying. The quick punch does the same, so I started logging in to do it and it was no better. Please update that. I love that I can see my W2s from previous places of employment and make adjustments to my direct deposits and more. I still can’t see my employees times to fix it.

Super Annoying. At 1st, this app was the bomb, but as of about the last 3-6months, it is annoying. There is always an error message when trying to go into your full pay statements and or tax statements. Sometimes, you have to reset your fingerprint id (I have an iPhone 8 Plus 256gb). We used to be able to pull up actual pay statements with deductions and etc...and even email them to yourself if you want to file away paper copies or as proof of employment/pay rate/monthly and weekly net amounts when applying for loans or whatever, haven’t been able to pull those up in forever. Most of the time, I have to log in to my laptop just to utilize the full functions of ADP when the app is more accessible. ADP needs immediate attention and a new ASAP!!! I am becoming very disappointed with it and have contemplated deleting it several times....

Only as great as your company allows. My company recently did away with all physical direct deposit pay stubs, forcing us to integrate the ADP app and website into our operations. With this app, I am able to view my paid time off as it accrues, check my time card as the pay period progresses, and my company is even considering using it as a platform to post our schedules. All in all, it’s a great tool! That being said, it all depends on what your company allows on the app. Which I think is a good thing, as it means I am not shifting through needless features. I luckily work for a great company that knows the needs of their employees, so I do feel for those who have had a difficult time using this app.

Slow trash (updated). When you’re dealing with an app that involves time and money you should focus on making it faster and cleaner to use. Every update adds more hoops to jump through to clock in and out. If the app actually clocks you in and out and not just say it has. Loading screen very unnecessary. This isn’t a grand opening to a movie just go straight to the clock in page. Disappointed my employer decided to switch to this. (Updated) About a year of this app now and still here I am losing my time and money because I can’t log in. Screen just freezes. Tried on full WiFi and cellular service. Probably trying to load the dumb welcome screen. Just log in, go to the menu. Stop wasting literally MY TIME AND MONEY for your app aesthetics... 0 star if possible

Elicits a physical rage in me. Never have I felt so much contempt for an app in my entire life. Every single feature seems like it’s been implemented to make your life more difficult. Why it takes forever for your time off requests to load their little pop up menus to type in the amount of hours you’re requesting off instead of…using your phone keyboard???? is ASTOUNDING to me. Took me 20 minutes to submit a request for time off—the second time. I hate the fact that I am obligated to use this app, I hate that they changed the layout and design as soon as I finally started to navigate that hellscape. I would rather write my schedule down on my bare arm with a ballpoint pen than use this app. For the love of god, stop playing your logo animation every time I open the app, I just want to see my schedule.

Saving time and peace of mind. When I first started with Marshals I was paid by check in the store on Fridays. It could not be cashed in the store and often it was after banking hours. There were times when schedules would mean I couldn’t assess my money until Sunday after pay day, and it was also a hassle keeping up with my pay stub. When I heard about ADP I signed up immediately. Now I have access to my money on Thursday before payday as it is direct deposited into my bank account!! I have a digital record of my pay stubs . I love ADP! Everyone should sign up!

Update for the Watch Version ever?. Listen, I just have to use this app in order to clock in and out at work, it’s whatever. Sometimes it’s glitchy and slow and finicky, sometimes it works perfectly fine, I don’t care. All I want is to be able to clock in and out using my apple watch cause that would make life so much easier, so I just wonder if that would possible? It’s all I’ve been waiting for but all it gives me is “tasks” but we don’t use that function so it’s basically useless for me. Basically, it’s a fine app, my main concern when using it is being able to clock in and out, but the version for the watch is basically useless, would like to be able to do more with it if possible…

Poor performance overall. I use this app both as an employee that needs to clock in and out, and as a manager overseeing staff. The app is ok-ish when working correctly (fine layout, ok navigation). However, that never happens so overall it’s pretty bad. My phone is older (iPhone 6) and the usability is all around dreadful. It was a little better 2 years ago, but not by much. . I can usually get the app to open and can punch in/out, but the slow load times and general clunky operation of the app (and frequent force closing) results in punches logging minutes later than they should. My staff report similar issues on newer iPhones and Androids, so my experience is not just a complication caused by running on an older iOS/phone. . The app is completely useless for me as a manager. I do all of my ADP managerial duties on a laptop. Trying to check or approve employee time cards is typically when the app will force close, stall for long periods, or freeze entirely. . There’s also a banner in the app saying they’re dropping support for iOS 12 “soon” and the mobile browser version seems to have limited to no functionality. So in short order I won’t be able to use this app at all. . ADP - please do better and don’t drop support for iOS 12.

Pretty much useless.... This app ALWAYS crashes. The password sometimes works on the app, but my same password doesn’t work on the website... we’ll have one day where it’s down for everyone and the next it only works for some people... the one touch sign-in intermittently deactivates itself... when in the building, at my work area, it says I’m too far from my desired location.. no amount of updates, turning on the WiFi, turning off the WiFi, going outside, being at my workstation etc makes this app consistently work... but hey it’s what my company uses. (Management is forever having to waste time fixing everyone’s punches) And why are there so many steps to make a punch? Log in: clock out? (Press button) confirm punch action? (Press okay)punch confirmed (press ok again to exit) if you’re a company contemplating using this app... don’t. It’s the absolute worst.

Disastrous performance Doesn’t function. The concept is great but not one part of it works reliably. I just uploaded the newest version used their most suggested “fix” deleting and reinstalling the app,(I appreciate dumping an extra 20 minutes into my day so I can record my work hours and still have to also bother HR😒), only to find the same woes. I try to open the app and get a blank page more often than I get a functioning dashboard. I haven’t seen a working dashboard screen more than 1 in ten times where I log in and then out and then in again on repeat until I need to call HR to fix my time because I cannot use ADP for the most basic of functions it is used for, recording time. Can’t access quick clock reliably and it doesn’t work at all if I need to transfer departments during the day. Can’t track past pay whatsoever and ADP pushes the problem off onto HR who can’t fix what ADP is doing wrong and has to manually send me screen shots of what they have recorded. Their customer service at least shows consistency with the quality of the app in being a waste of time and effort and making your day worse with no positive results from the company🤨

Many bugs and crashes (updated-resolved). Constantly crashes and ask for finger recognition. Your luck to get any information from this app. Usually after many attempts I just go to my computer. Wish it was better because it could be convenient! Update: developer quickly responded and problem has been resolved, see below " Hi, could you try clearing your cache and reinstalling the app? If that doesn’t correct the issue, please contact your company HR/Payroll. They can contact their ADP Tech Team to look into this and further resolve. Thank you, NW"

Adp app. When is not wanting to open at all I don’t know why I can sit here for 30 minutes to an hour and it still loading it will not let me in and I need in so I can get my tax W-2 forms out so that I can do my tax return I cannot do that if it keeps loading and loading and loading it doesn’t open where I can go to login and put in my password it is circles the little thing of loading for hours and hours and doesn’t even let me in because it one day I want to do go and go and go for three hours and it still was loading it never loaded I just think that it needs to be updated or something and it doesn’t seem to want to update on my iPhone 8

Recent update. Most recent update isn’t the best. From the main menu, being able to tap the drop down for a list of flow ids was convenient. Now, there is no drop down menu so there is no convenience. Removing the quick clock feature without having to sign in is an inconvenience for users. Also the app takes way too long to launch for there not to be a quick clock option. Also, the constant load errors for features on the home screen after sign in is becoming inconvenient. Half the features don’t work on the mobile app, but do in the web browser. Maybe keep it simple? Time card management, pay information, tax info, flow id information, and messages.

Watch your taxes. The company I work at went to ADP. The 2 years we’ve had it I’ve had issues with my taxes. The customer service is good and they are looking into my “case” but that doesn’t do much for me, they failed to pull out my state taxes and I’m now $4600 behind. I was told that it could have been changed when the app updated. On the pie chart where it shows taxes, I assumed it was both state and federal. Yes I know what assuming does, thanks. So you actually need to look at the stub every time. Mine didn’t pull state all yr and then they did on one random check in October. It is easy to use and it does have good customer service but seeing how I work in the field I don’t see why it’s my responsibility to double check behind these people. My case is still active but so far they don’t know when taxes will be coming out.

Highly recommend. The company I work for started using ADP one year ago. Since that time I’ve had a good experience with it. I think it’s only been down one time in the year and it was a speedy recovery. it made me nervous when we rely on the Internet app to be able to keep track of your hours, but I have to admit ADP has been fantastic. My favorite feature of ADP is being able to keep track of my hours and knowing what is expected come payday. before ADP., We did everything time clock witch was a lot harder to keep track of hours. I would highly recommend any company use an ADP.

Way to much extra stress. It seems without a fail that this app almost waits for my busy Mondays -Friday’s to irritate me to the the extreme . On countless occasions when the time comes to Log in it forgets my ID and My password . Now I have to go threw notes to find what I had it as in order to login but on top of just arriving with literally mins to spare . But in the occasion that I log in and everything looks good .... the app closes out and forgets to ID and password again. So with mins to spare you become even more late. And trying to tell your supervisor to change the time because you had issues logging in and at this point he questions and tell me I need to log on to my work computer which is a 10 min walk and even then I still have issues with the desktop version. I just really hope that ADP cares enough to resolve these issues for the employees who HAVE to use there app.

You can’t just look at pay stubs unless.... So I think this is pretty stupid. You have to wait until your actual pay day to view the details of your paychecks both present and past. So basically if you wanna get a detailed look at your previous paycheck(s) you can’t unless it’s pay day. If you’re paid on a Friday you can’t look at a pay stub from the previous week unless it’s Friday (or whenever your pay day is). This isn’t the case if you access My ADP from your computer/browser but apparently the app restricts this. ADP is a huge company and has the resources to change this so I think they should.

Time off request very NOT user friendly. I wanted to enter a time off request for multiple weeks, with one company holiday in that period. I entered the date range, which was then translated by the app into separate “Time Periods” - one for each day within the specified range. Then it asked me how many hours of PTO for each time period, including weekend days and the company holiday. When I tried to set those to “0” hours PTO, it threw an error. The only way to make this work is to enter separate time periods for each set of week days. That’s extremely complex and time consuming for a simple request. I have never seen anything like this anywhere else. Most of my company benefits are listed twice; only medical and dental are listed once. To make matters worse, the password I set in the mobile app has never worked in the browser app.

Issues with app. I’d rather clock in writing on paper than use this app. Clunky, laggy, missed punches, the time on this app is inaccurate by 1 minute causing for false time tracking. The app itself crashes 5/10 times at start up there’s no telling what you’re gonna get when trying to open it. I’m better off sending my job a paper letter in the mail to punch in accurately than using this 2 bit application. Whoever develops this application needs to be fired and whoever hired the person needs to retire. Definitely out of touch with the current speed of technology. Quit hiring people who have no sense in doing these jobs but look good on paper.

Inexcusably Inaccessible with Voiceover!. As a blind manager, I am constantly struggling with the off-again on-again attitude surrounding the accessibility of this app for those of us using screen reading software. Finally, after years of struggling with this company in hopes that they might take access seriously, they finally had a working solution, only to reverse all their positive progress with this most recent update. I cannot edit my employees times as some fields do not even appear editable when I activate them with Voiceover running. If you are an HR manager, stay away from this garbage; their commitment to making essential changes for their customers is shallow at best. Your time and money are valuable, don't waste them by dealing with this company's products. This is the 21st century. Do better.

Not compatible with iOS 14.5. Working fine until the iOS 14.5 update. Now you can not make any manual entries or corrections. You tap in the time field and you are brought to the time selection, select the proper time and it doesn’t populate the field. Spoke with IT and HR departments and they did not change any permissions. Co-worker that postponed the iOS 14.5 update has no issues at all. Removed app, cleared cache and reinstalled, and it still had the same issue. The next update ADP pushed corrected it. It started immediately after the new IOS 14.5 that added privacy protections. Working fine now.

Support. Sorry, I couldn’t leave a message with support, because that option isn’t available. Ever since this most recent update, punch in and outs have been randomly missing. Today, according to my mobile app, I punched out for the day. This is the first time a punch has been randomly created. According to the desktop, the punch out doesn’t exist… There’s clearly something wrong. I’m sure you know that, but there isn’t an option to inform you that there may be something wrong with the app, or at least it isn’t very easy to find. So, I guess, this is how I’ll try to tell someone, maybe. Who knows!?

PLEASE PULL BACK FROM BIG CORPORATIONS. I can literally lose my job because of this app, please stop supporting big companies. You’re app is just making everyone’s lives harder. You obviously have no intent on fixing anything as I’m having issues that were a problem over two years ago so, please do everyone a favor and pull back. You’re app just ain’t good enough, and it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna ever change (I was gonna say “anytime soon” but that’s way too generous). Pull back and take the app down, it’s just down right bad and I’m not gonna lose my job cause you don’t know how to do yours. Lol

Not so useful anymore. Before the latest update I could see my scheduled shift (which is extremely helpful to know what your employer has you down because they change it and forget to notify you now you’re a no call no show) and my time off request which is important because if you can’t see the request you submitted you don’t know if you submitted it properly or if it even went through which leads to you submitting the same request multiple times (due to employers taking their sweet time on approvals). It’s still kind of helpful when it comes to printing out paycheck stubs and hours, but the main reason most people use it for (schedule & submitting time off) is no longer available so the app is basically no longer useful for all of us anymore

Recommended. Instead of putting recommended stuff on the first page as a header, just put it all there. Having all of the stuff on the fourth page and having recommended stuff on the first page makes it confusing. It’s the risk that the user feels “where is the thing I am looking for is it in recommended or is it in the last page.” The answer is of course it is redundant and only some of the full list is on recommended. So it is not to the user’s advantage because what determines what makes it recommended versus what doesn’t. And how do they know what will be on the recommended list versus the full list.

Horrid app. The only thing that works on this app is that I’m able to see my pay stub. Hence the star 1. As an employee with multiple companies that use this app, you can’t go back & forth between the companies. You have to delete the app and reinstall to show the company you are looking for. Then delete again for the next company. Why do you want to waste people’s time????? 2. When you are trying to look up your company on the search tab, nothing show up. What the point? Your employee has to send you a new email/link so you ca reinstall the app and continue the ridiculousness 3. I can’t even print my W-2s because of problem number 2. A headache 4. One of the companies, I work for requires I use the time clock. The problem when I use it it doesn’t record for the right company. So I’m stuck taking screenshots to prove that I did.

Glitches. I’m confused as to why the website and the app report different information when viewed. For example, we are biweekly, and we can’t even view (on the app) the breakdown of our weekly hours. It totals both weeks together. If you go to a desktop computer though, you can see the weekly total, along with the biweekly total. When viewing the home screen on the app, the information reporting for your timecard is for the week prior, not the current week. So it forces you to open multiple things in order to get the answer that should be readily available on the Home Screen - it was clearly developed to do this, but it’s not doing so. I can’t be the only person that’s noticed this. It’s very confusing and not user-friendly. It would be great if these could be fixed!

Trouble Changing Accounts. I first downloaded this app for a job I started in the summer of 2019, and it worked wonderfully. However that was only a summer job, and this fall when I started a different job I had to start a new account. The online system allowed me to create a new acc but it refuses to let me sign into it. I tried to fix this both on a computer and this app, but neither helped me clear up this issue. Furthermore there is no way to contact technical support. No email, no phone number, nothing. So I have resorted to making a compliment here and hoping someone will reply and make contact with me. It’s ridiculous that I have to seek help on a public form like this to receive standard technical support. It’s also extremely frustrating to be able to create a new account and yet not be able to verify my email, or login using said new account that was approved.

ADP. ADP has lots of issues they need to resolve with the app. Its almost 2019 and they need to make it more user friendly for the employees who depend on it for work. I have had many of times where the app won’t let you clock in or out, and it has issues with people who work night shift, such as when the clock runs it throws a flag and as if my hourly shift is over so when I clock out at 7am it thinks I’m clocking in and my management has to constantly fix my time issues. Just a poor design platform from the creators of the app. It’s 2018 almost 2019 and everything is advancing every day so ADP needs to get with the times and make the app more reliable and more user friendly. This is how some people depend on getting paid. If I could give the software “0” stars I would, a middle school student could design better software and a better user friendly app.

The new update and design is AWFUL. Edit: Thanks for the instructions but I should not have to go through three different pages just to clock in and out. That’s terrible UX when that’s supposed to be the primary purpose of your app. Like I said in my original don’t fix something that isn’t broken. Glad to see that a lot of other reviewers are just as frustrated as I am so hopefully they listen to the feedback. Original: Why is it so difficult to find the clock in and out button now? Isn’t clocking in and out the primary purpose of your app? It should be the first thing I see when I log in instead of having to go on a scavenger hunt. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Also seems a little shady that the feedback option within the app also tells my employer what I say, almost like you are trying to discourage any real feedback

Utterly useless - just use their web. Company required we download this awful app to register our vaccinations. EVERY time the app is opened and logged-in, it asks to register vaccinations (can’t seem to find any record of it each time). Icons spin as it tries to display payroll details (pay stub, etc.), NEVER populates. Just sits there for hours. Log onto the ADP web site, get right in, do everything needed (except web site does NOT have the covid vaccine registration option, go figure). Now that I’ve entered my covid vaccine 4x, and each time it looks solidly accepted, I’m done. Deleted it. Never looking back. 99% of functions of this app simply don’t work.

These reviews have to be fake.. This website— No. This company in general is mediocre at best. The app RARELY works. When it’s not crashing or freezing, there are often entire sections of the app that will basically tell you “This isn’t working right now, come back later”. But as a banking app that holds information on peoples finances, that’s kind of unacceptable right?? For example, the Aline Card section of this app actually works maybe 50% of the time?? Any other time I simply want to know my card balance I have to call their customer service (and from years of experience let me tell you trying to get Adp to help you with things THEY mess up is like pulling teeth). This company and this app should not exist at all. If it weren’t for the fact that my mediocre employer does payroll through them I would be as far as humanly possible from ADP Mobile, ADP Payroll, ADP iPay, ALL OF IT. It’s TRASH.

On a budget, Financial planning, & ADP is perfect!. The ADP app has been perfect for me keeping up with my budget. It’s easy to access. I’m only clicks away from anything I need to see. I’m able to see my balance, my tax forms, and my pay stubs. I check my balance frequently to make sure I’m not over spending and this app even offers you a chart that’s shows you what you spend your money on. It’s a great app and perfect for people who want easy access to their account. A second plus is it’s easy to transfer funds and they call you when they are unsure of what’s being spent to make sure it’s you, spending your own money$$!! I would recommend this App to everyone.

Total failure of fundamental features. An app can be limited compared to a full site...fine. But the big "Punch" button at the top of the main screen for employers who use this application for time keeping should work more than half the time. Thanks to the frequent technical error messages upon punch attempts (or altogether failure of this app to load), the ease with which people can accidentally double punch just waiting for their punch result to load, and problems with location parameters I fix probably a dozen exceptions a week as a manager. The timecard is a really fundamental part of people coming to work and getting paid accurately. I have a staff of less than 10 and this app's problems still manage to waste a whole bunch of my time every week so people can be paid.

Why won’t it let me log in??. I use this app to track my hours, but lately it’s not letting me log in. I have an iPhone 10 so it’s Face ID and it doesn’t work? It’ll say that I exceeded the amount of times trying to log in when it’d be the first time I’ve tried. I even tried typing my password in and it still says it’s wrong? I have my password saved in my phone so I know it’s not wrong. I even tried to change my password and it will work after that but once I try and go back in to do the Face ID it won’t let me. It’s starting to really annoy me because this is the only way I know what my hours are!!! Please fix this!!!!

Message to employers. Don’t use this app. This system is confusing, very difficult (if not impossible)to request time off. It is the most user UNfriendly system I can imagine. Unfortunately we are stuck with it. I try to just get my supervisor to schedule my time off instead is using the app myself because most of the time it doesn’t work. Your employees will waste many minutes at their workstations trying to get this app to work so they can request time off only to end up wasting more of their time and their supervisors time later just to get it to work. This app NEEDS a lot of upgrades to function reasonably well. Try starting with building in customization for companies so they don’t all have to “fit into” the ADP app mold. Using this app at my company has only made things more difficult which I think is the opposite of its purpose. Maybe I’m wrong?

minor annoyances could be fixed very easily.. My job requires we use ADP to clock in and out multiple times a day, so I use this quite a lot. at least twice a week it completely forgets my log in information and I have to input it again, which often means I have to pull over and type it out, so that gets old quick. also, without fail when I click the Log In button the screen shifts and instead I click "forgot password" and have to back out of that screen before continuing. a little thing, but it is literally every. single. time. I also think the app would benefit from being able to clock back in and have it logged without having to wait 3+ minutes. I just wanted to put these issues out there so the developers are aware and hopefully fix this issues.

TERRIBLE. I only gave it a high rating to get this comment attention. For an entire couple of months I’ve been trying to get this app to send my money to my bank account- direct deposit (mind you I’ve but my bank info in 4 times now and clicked save) it keeps deleting my bank account information off this app and continues to put my money on that stupid wisely card that I DO NOT want to use. Every new paycheck I’ve gotten on this app it’s deleted my bank info and put the wisely card information back in its spot and I’m sick and tired of it. Please for the love of god fix this load of crap.

Changing my review. I can’t see my current or past week hours which makes the app dull n boring for me. I can only see hours and pay after I’ve already gotten my check and pay stub which makes using the app a bit useless.. we should be able to see hours up to maybe a day of checking instead of waiting after we have already received the information.. I mean like who’s idea was that So it was my job’s idea so excuse my initial comment and being thou that was my only issue the app is pretty good And I like how all jobs that use ADP can be seen this is a go for me💯👍

ADP still filled with buGS. The first 2 weeks was understandably to be a little buggy (glitches) but it has been live for almost 2 months now and it still has annoying glitches. A good example of this is turning on “paperless” statement since company implemented this ADP and I’m still receiving my paper statements. Called our payroll Dept several times about this issue but they either don’t want to return calls or hiding from people complaining about issues (mostly voicemail even during business hours). So they too add to the frustrations of people seeking answers. Obviously something has to give. I believe change is good if it’s for the better but a shameful excuse for the worst!!!

Performs flawlessly (for what it is configured to do). The app works well, logs in well, and TouchID works great. The ability to see checks, approve time cards, and request time off on the go is a wonderful benefit. What is crazy is I’m reading other reviews that are 1 star where people are complaining about service or performance issues THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS APP! Have to change your password often? Blame your employer (and their security policies). Have a problem with how much you were paid? Blame your employer (and call the payroll manager at your employer, not ADP). Frustrated with location services preventing your punch in? Blame your employer (for an overly restrictive geofence) and your phone’s GPS positioning information (maybe because you’re indoors?). Don’t see your time information on the time sheet anymore? Blame your employer and how they decided to restrict that information in your app now. Seriously, leaving reviews that vent rather than checking with your employer to see how they have ADP configured for their use shows more about the reviewer than the app.

The app crashes 9/10 times when logging in. The app barely functions. And it BARELY functions on phones that aren’t entirely exactly at peak updates. Maybe a handful of the staff will be able to use this app. If you use this app as an employer, make sure you’re asking all new hirees “do you have a phone that’s brand new, completely up to date, and with only a mild amount of your storage taken up?” Cause that seems to be the only type of phone this app wants to work on. And let me tell you. Not everyone has a phone like that. I have contacted your people and have troubleshooted beyond what they could recommend and the app still barely works. No one at my job even bothers trying to clock in on time because it takes SO LONG for the app to open, if it opens. They just tell the manager to clock them in. So sure. The app has cool features. When AND IF it works. Fix this. For everyone. Because not everyone has access to equal phone opportunities. But everyone has to work. Or stop pushing an incomplete software into employers who don’t understand technology and can’t explain it to their employees. Because y’all definitely can’t help when it’s needed. Just a big “idk I guess servers are slow today”. Figure it out. That’s YALLS jobs.

Would be 5-Stars but... I enjoy this app and find it very useful. I really appreciate how you can see where your money is going. In my position I can also view leave balances of employees. What I don’t like is the error issues. For example, since November it’s said “ We apologies. There is a problem. Please try again later.” This isn’t the first time since using the app. What the most annoying is the fact that I cannot view my current pay period without clicking on the Time Card feature so all I see is a two month block. I’d be nice to have my current time card period up and available like it was in the past. Please fix, mahalo nui loa

Total failure. ADP may be the worlds largest payroll company but their technology is from 1958. The desktop application is a convoluted combination of a desktop and pop-out frames that often cause technical issues with corporate hardware. The mobile app is failure of the first order. Location services barely functions keeping you from making a punch sometimes at all. When it does work it’s slow as molasses. It takes me more time during the week to manage my punch set than to do my actual job. In addition, it gives you errors if you don’t get to take lunch or aren’t able to take lunch at whatever time it seems appropriate. It’s like the coders never worked at all before and certainly not in retail. Save your money and just hit your writing hand with a hammer as hard as you can. It will be more pleasant than managing employees using this product.

Can’t “sign documents”. This is by far the worst app! Open the app. Use Face ID. Then asks if I want to use the app. Try to sign documents and can’t even get into the documents. Support- ridiculous wait time….useless. I’m so upset I have to deal with this in order to get paid by my employer. Very surprised it’s has so many good ratings. It’s useless. Update - did what you asked in the email - same result. Tried different devices same result - on the verge of insanity. Second update - too funny - they tell me to contact you. Your app. It’s garbage. Half the time it doesn’t even load. When it does can’t open the documents in one section. So it’s my employers job to deal with the fact it asks me if I want to open the app when I’m in the app & when it doesn’t even load half the time?

App is super buggy and has problems at worst times. I regularly have issues logging in, punching in on the app, randomly making me log in with my password when I have it set for fingerprint security. Consistently tells me there’s a server error on the app when I try to punch in or out, but then shows me punching multiple times in one minute when I look at the browser interface. Also, problems mid-day? That’s when we all need it the most, and the app is down?? Come on already. Clocking in and out is supposed to be easy, not a ten minute headache every time I try it. Please, make this app less buggy. Also, it doesn’t even show my time card in any viable way whenever I try to check it. People who have to use this don’t need something fancy. All we need is to clock in and out, and it can’t even do that right. This happens several times a month - come on! Get it together already.

Glitchy and nothing more. I don’t normally write bad reviews but this app drove me to it. I tried to fill out my paperwork for a new job and this app is terrible. I selected the link to fill out my new paperwork and one of two things kept happening: 1) the app kept re-logging me in with face recognition which kept kicking me back to the main page 😡 2) The one random time it didn’t kick me back, there was an annoying toggle bar in the middle of the screen and no save button when I tried selecting and saving my fillable fields 😡 When I was forced to go back to the main screen, it face re-logged me back in again! Nothing but glitches and awful user experience. I had my WiFi active, there’s nothing wrong with it, and I have many other apps that work perfectly. This one is just badly designed.

Very very bad app...don’t download it.... You and your team really need to think about this app...this app won’t work at all for me...I don’t know how people gave you more then 4*, your app not even deserve 1*, every time i login it always give error stating there is problem we apologize please try login after sometime...if you login after sometimes it give same error again...I downloaded this app 6 months ago and I could not use this for single time due to errors...I deleted the app after few days, after 6 months today I downloaded again hoping it will work but still getting same errors, tried login for 10 times but getting same error and deleted app again...not gonna download again...i think you should remove this app from store rather apple should block you to upload or keep this app in store...

Constantly forgets my login info and tells me my password is wrong. Wish I could give it 0 stars. Every time I open the app, it tells me my password is wrong even though the last time I logged in, it worked fine and I set up Touch ID so I wouldn’t have to type out the password again. So I go through the mess of changing my password, just to get in the app; but the next time I open the app, guess what? It tells me my password is wrong again. I can literally write down my new password when I change it, but when I try to log in the next day, the app tells me the password is wrong and I have no choice but to go through the forgot password mess all over again. Accessing the site on my PC works fine every time, so clearly there is some issue with the security on the app that doesn’t sync up well with their back end to know that the password IS VALID.

Review. I really like the app and particularly appreciate it on pay days when it sends notices and when I engage in tax planning or reporting during the year. The only reasons that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5: (a) if you work for multiple employers during a year who use ADP, that activity all appears on a single site rather than on separate employer sites—- and I’m not 100% confident that they are each blocked from seeing my other ADP earnings data; and (b) I miss being able to use the salaried payroll calculator available on other ADP sites, which is particularly helpful for planning if you work for different employers in different jurisdictions.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 9.1.0
Play Store com.adp.adpmobile
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

ADP Mobile Solutions (Versiyon 9.1.0) Install & Download

The applications ADP Mobile Solutions was published in the category Business on 2011-07-13 and was developed by ADP, Inc [Developer ID: 363884520]. This program file size is 162.37 MB. This app has been rated by 2,805,098 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. ADP Mobile Solutions - Business app posted on 2023-03-21 current version is 9.1.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.adp.adpmobile. Languages supported by the app:

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ADP Mobile Solutions App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This release of ADP Mobile contains minor usability enhancements and bug fixes.

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