VesselFinder Pro App Reviews


VesselFinder Pro App Description & Overview

What is vesselfinder pro app? VesselFinder is the most popular vessel tracking app, providing real-time data on the positions and movements of vessels, utilising a large network of terrestrial AIS receivers.

VesselFinder Pro features include:
- No Ads
- Port Calls - arrival and departure information for recently visited ports
- Real time tracking of over 200,000 ships every day
- Ship search by Name, IMO number or MMSI number
- Ship movement history - follow the track of vessels for the past 7 days
- Ship details - name, flag, type, IMO, MMSI, destination, ETA, draught, course, speed, gross tonnage, year of built, size
- My Fleet - add your favorite vessels to "My Fleet" list. It is synced with, so any change of vessels in My Fleet list will reflect on either the mobile App or the website.
- Filter vessels on map according to their type
- Ship photos contributed by VesselFinder users
- Simple, Detailed, Dark and Satellite maps
- Weather layers (temperature, wind, waves)
- Distance Measure tool
- See Your Location feature

Coverage - near-shore coverage, same as the web-based application and the Free version of VesselFinder available at

If you experience any problem with the App, please fill out this form to contact us instead of writing a review here. We will do our best to solve it. Thanks!

Visibility of vessels in the App depends on AIS signal availability. If a particular vessel is out of our AIS coverage zone, VesselFinder displays her last reported position and updates it as soon as the vessel comes into range. Completeness and accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed.

Connect with VesselFinder
- on Facebook:
- on Twitter

For any help and support, please visit the VesselFinder forum:

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App Name VesselFinder Pro
Category Business
Updated 09 October 2023, Monday
File Size 40.71 MB

VesselFinder Pro Comments & Reviews 2023

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Doesnt work!. Dont buy. Useless.

This version, Not usable. Just downloaded this pro version thinking it would be better then Marine Traffic, but it's not. In fact it is not even close. Fails to update a fleet vessel when other AIS apps are tracking it just fine. I do not recommend until it is fixed.

Good not great. Good for general vicinity (within 100 miles, maybe) but VERY difficult to zoom in for more precise location, particularly for the west coast of North America, on up to Alaska. Map does not come up automatically very well. The "pan" to the west using a finger swipe on the map automatically resets to east coast of Russia if you go too far. Then you have to start over. Happens on both the iPad and the iPhone so I know its not just my device. Frustrating. The regular website is MUCH better. This app is not worth the $2.99, yet.

Works excellent! Depending on the vessell. Apparently, after ready some reviews, the vessel I monitor has much better communication with this app then some. Every time I open the app the vessel I monitor, which is in the Gulf of Mexico, is immediately updated and I confirm this with a crew member sometimes to confirm the accuracy of the application.

Was perfect. Just stoped working and shows outdated data

Needs attention too. Recently you have probably seen an increase in user interactions with your app/website, most likely due to the blockage at the Suez Canal. You took advantage of this and updated your Free version of the app, and it’s much better than before but you really need to transfer those fixes that were made, and the whole interface revamp and move it over to us as well! I did not want to spend 10 dollars for this app especially after reading the reviews, but I did it anyway and here I am after noticing that we haven’t received an update yet. Please!

Basically useless in the Caribbean. Pretty useless compared to similar apps. Not worth the premium.

Keeps closing. I use this app to track ships for work, this is been increasingly difficult to do when the app keeps force closing itself when I try to open it. Please fix this issue soon.

Quirky and lame. I expected so much more for 10 bucks. Locks up/crashes often. Loses my fleet and/or signs me out. Doesn't have many features/very basic for an app that I had to buy. Disappointed. I'm giving it 2 stars because I am able at least to track the one ship I'm interested in right now, but I feel it's very limited. The free app isn't even worth the time it takes to download. Does nothing, but again I say I expected more from the "pro" version.

Unable to view tracks.. Unable to view tracks previous version was perfect.

Great Coverage US Gulf Coast. This is the hands down BEST marine AIS app around. It has the most coverage of the US gulf coast where I work from New Orleans to Corpus Christi.

Poor update. Updated to the 4.07 and found the previously easy to use interface gone. Info now somewhat hidden and just not “simple” to find Most troubling, my Fleet, has disappeared. Tried the now required registration only to have the APP ignore the login, Delay caused by server synch issue? Not good, not good!!

Not trustworthy App!. I purchased this app for my iPhone 8+ for 9.99USD thinking that it will be better than ‘Lite’ which is free. I work on cruise ship. First three findings were almost close to accuracy of this cruise ship. However, after every 24 hours checking of the position of the same ship it showed the position at the point where it was still, 3 days ago... and still showing same position. No update even after 72 hours.. very disappointing app

An Incredible App And Exciting With Use. VesselFinder Pro is an incredible and exciting app to own, especially if you ordered a new vehicle and shipping it by vessel from overseas and want to track its to your delivery port of entry. At present time, I am experiencing tracking my new vehicle onboard a vehicles vessel from the U.K Port of Exit to my U.S. Port of Entry. It has been an amazing, interesting, and educational tracking journey as the vessel travel down the Atlantic Ocean coastline making port calls. I have access to very helpful and useful data about the ship’s movement details, especially ETA’s for ports along the travel route. I find this information very interesting, useful, and helpful in tracking my new vehicle for U.S. Port Entry delivery. The app’s graphics are pleasing. I can get information quickly. Information is easy to read, the app has a clear purpose, the app’s content interests me, and the app is exciting to use. The app provides a high quality impressive, interesting, and educational tracking experience. I am very pleased with use of VesselFinder Pro. For vessel shippers, I would highly recommend this app to a friend or colleague.

iOS 12 Update failure. First off, let me say, I have had the app for a little over a year now. Never had any problems, love it... Apple just released their iOS 12 update, that is were the 2 stars comes in place... would of given 5 stars. But app is no longer able to load, shows pop up screen, than crashes, with or without WiFi. Will Update if anything changes.

"Go on, take the money and run. Whoo,whoo,whoo!". Woulda given at least four stars but app is useless in my area now, used to work great even emailed em before about a minor issue and it was fixed , email them now about a big issue with the app and all you get is excuses, can't believe they still selling a app that don't work anymore. Sounds like they wanna pocket all monies and not update or maintain trackin equip or maintain proper contracts with those that allow them to track off of there equip. If its not updated recently, don't waste your money!

Don’t buy. This app is a joke, I work with numerous vessels and this app is telling that 1 of the boats I work with is still in China from 2017. Another vessel is in my location but hasn’t updated since 2016 when I use another app, it at least tells me that the last update was 3 days ago. BUYER BEWARE!!! Don’t waste your money!!!!

Data not reliable. This app is a major disappointment! It looks good in the iTunes store, and interface does seem like it should be good, but they don't maintain their database. I was able to cross check ship positions to verify inaccurate information presented by app, which is worse than no data. This is one app I wouldn't recommend. It's a rip off.

Vessels position update pls…. More than a week the vessel position still the same not updating pls cancelled my subscription! Thanks

Bad application. There is no difference between this paid app and the free website. You get nothing.

Less Functional. I used to love this app, but most of my fleet no longer shows up after the latest update. I work on the water and the newly missing data really makes the app not very useful. I have also been unable to find a way to ask for help.

Does it job.. This app shows all the boats I want to see. It does what it's suppose to do.

Useless, fails to find vessels. Other apps and web sites easily find vessels by name or number. This one cost a bunch and can’t locate anything. Would like my money back.

Not really useful. If you buy this app thinking that you’ll be able to track your vessel, forget it. You might be able to with the ridiculous cost to do satellite tracking. If you aren’t using it to track for a year the cost doesn’t justify it. It doesn’t update more often than free tracking.

Does not show the chart. This app was working great until one day it stopped showing the map. It only shows a blue screen with boat icons. iPhone. Uninstalled and reinstalled it. Bought the pro version and it does the same thing.

Disappointed. I Payed 9.99 for this app and the map portion just disappeared. Very disappointed

distance added very good. Thank you for adding distance between two points. Very usefull.

Worst than garbage, less than rubbish, perfect waste of money. I bought to track one specific vessel. It can’t even do that. Perfect waste of money. I only gave it one star because I can’t figure out how to give it zero or minus five.

Waste of money I agree. This app cost quite a bit, and its horrible. Ive started using a free one called Findship Lite and it is soooo much better. This app not recommend, wish I could get my money back.

Crashes every time you select a vessel!. I've got an iphone5, it doesn't work. Just crashes!! Frustrating cause I paid $7 for NOTHING! Grrr..neat idea, but next time test it before selling it on iTunes! Please fix, ASAP! Then I will write a decent review.

Go Free. Would be good only if ship reports AIS data. This pushes you into a position wether or not if you want to pay a monthly fee to get satellite positioning, which would be real time. Paid the $10 but it only showed boats in port. Cargo ship I was tracking left port and still in same position off coast of Australia when I know it is almost in china. "Way over priced". Cargo ship is 2 days away from china and has been at sea over 10 days. In addition, it keeps dropping my ships and I have to re-search. Not sure on dynamics but perhaps ship needs to relay positions. I don't need to pay $10 for that info. Their website shows the same. Other websites from other apps show different but still the same problem. Not sure y two different apps show different positions. Plenty of free sites that give me the same info. I tried to email the company but got server error from their website. $10 was a lot to pay for nothing. Garbage....

Used to be great. Initially i was happy to pay for the pro version. Alas, the app no longer works. :(

Don't waste your money.. This app doesn't work on my iPhone. Why are these apps not tested before release..,the zoom in for Victoria and Vancouver is a disaster, the screen always pop to the East Asian coast line..I cannot understand why these apps are released to make $$$ and they don't even work.. Update: still the same issue ...nobody cares and nobody is responsible... In the meantime the App Store makes the money on app's that don't work... Something is not right Apple !!!

Ripoff, garbage app. After buying you still need to subscribe to the *real* vessel tracker for the data. Uselsss.

Update?. Made the mistake of updating this app. Don’t do it!!! The icons are much too small. Now I can’t display my fleet. This was my preferred ais app, no more. Worthless

Awful!!. This app is awful. It doesn't work, AT ALL, and is a total waste of money. It gives you data that is 3 or 4 weeks old. Nothing in real time which is available easily on some other free websites.

Dated Information. I used to depend on this app for tracking vessel arrival times to meet up for service work. Now all of the information, locations are out of date, sometimes by 10 hours, most of the time by days. Useless to me now.

Needs up to support iOS 11.0.3. App stopped opening/ working since last iOS update. Other than that app works good in most areas.

Works only Occasionally!. Used to be good but now this APP is Crap!!!!

not working correctly since ios 12. my fleet shows up on the map. but the list is blank i no longer have a way to select a boat in my fleet or see the names of my fleet i have rebooted and it does not get fixed ios12 broke this app all of the screens that show lists of boats are blank

JoPxzxz. Please do some work on this app, the free version worked better than this. Very inconsistent, seldom runs real time

Useless. $ 10 dollars for nothing. I wish I could return this crap software. Looses the fleet, tells your partly about positions where the ships were 3 days ago or even longer. Absolutely useless Software. Why isn’t done better??

Poor quality. Needs fixing.. Cannot login. Keeps saying log in error on server. Tried to reset password. It said it was send an email. Never did. Don’t waste your $$$$. Lost $10 with this purchase

FIX IT. Why hasn’t this app been fixed? The map does not show up! Fix your product!!

Save your money. I thought this was what I wanted so I paid for it. After looking more, I found that there are much better apps for viewing vessels and their info. In reality, this one provides very little for $10. Upon purchasing a different one for half the cost, realized that the other one has far more pictures and info. This would be good if it was free, or a buck, but it's not. Do your research.

$1000 for satellite data!. Once you pay your $10 for the premium version of the app, only then do you find out that the only way to view satellite AIS data for a ship is to pay $1000 per year for their Satellite Plan. Caveat emptor!

Issues need to be addressed- avoid for now. I started using the web version, living on the Chesapeake Bay, this was a great resource to identify the ships pass by. I decided to invest in the company by going over to the Paid IOS version. I felt it’s proper to support the developer, however I feel that the most recent build 3.33 has major issues. Namely, the map doesn’t show up on the screen. The entire planet missing. You can see the ships... just that. No possible way to even center the map on your location as a reference. The free web site will still provide a map, just not the app that we paid for.... I will revise my review when you provide the service we paid for.

Chesapeake Bay Area not working either. Seeing lots of comments about dead zones. Add mine as well. Not sure what's going on but the app was working well the first few days, but now it's useless since it's not updating. I'll update the review if it gets fixed.

Map not working as of August 2020. This an awesome app to look at boats as they travel but as of August 2020 the map quit working. If the map works it will only show a small piece of the map. Deleted the app and reinstalled the app. After I reinstalled the app it got worst but not showing all the boats I watch.

Update. Glad to see y’alls update fixed the app, by making all the vessel names in my fleet bolder so I can see them better. Still don’t have a map to see though. Just blue dots on a blue screen.

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VesselFinder Pro. Don’t bother…rubbish.

Complete Waste of Money. The Pro version only removes ads and doesnt work any better than the free version - in other words it barely works at all. Don't waste your money.

Don't bother....... Basically you are paying $14.99 just to remove adverts froom the free version. In my view it is a complete ripoff. For an occasional user the satellite version is also way too expensive.

Very disappointed!. I have Pro Version and have been using for about 4 years. During that time the app has gone from excellent to terrible. I am following a yacht at the moment and Vessel Finder Pro has a report from 11 hours ago where Marine Tracker gives me current position. Vessel Finder is now only interested in selling satellite service at huge monthly rates. I won’t be recommending to anyone in future.

Waste of money. What an absolute joke. Paid $15 to track a ship only to find out the it’s no different than the free app. Such a waste of money, demand a refund considering I paid for nothing. 😡

My fleet. I can’t get the name of ship on my fleet without pressing on to it

What are they doing!. This app is an expensive piece of junk. Paid for the pro version owing to the fact that I can't stand the advertisements. However, the paid app will not display a global location map!. It just shows a position and ship details in "space" ..... not much Use without a proper map. So highly disappointed, next stop ....Apple to try to obtain a refund??!. By the way, the free one actually has a full global map....mmm!.

Flaky App. Position of ship (Caledonian Sky) keeps reverting to a location from several days ago even though updated locations have been displayed since. If the AIS signal is not available the app should show the last known position, not a previous location on the ship’s track. Shouldn’t be experiencing this type of problem after paying for the Pro upgrade.

Working ok.. you have to know how to use it. The app is working OK for me. As long as the vessel you want to track has a working AIS and able to contact satellites then all is well. Many pleasure vessels turn off batteries overnight, so their AIS won’t report.Time is in UTC, so always remember to convert. There IS a global map.

Worst vessel tracking app yet. Cost $14 for absolutely nothing compared to other apps this is a joke I want my money back, DO NOT BUY !!! MarineTraffic is the one to get !!!

Not updating. The basic proposition is updating the locations frequently. It wasn’t doing it. Points were days old. Found that updates were coming easily on a competitor app. Regret buying this one now.

Unhappy. I made the mistake of not reviewing this site. I paid good money for the Pro version it’s constantly out of date by up to 48 hours My advice KEEP OUT

Don't bother. Dos t update as it should Shuts down all the time Expensive

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Loss of functionality. Purchased your app a while ago. Liked it at first because I could locate most ships however in the past days, most ships have disappear. Analysis seem to indicate satellite option must be turned on for ships to show up however at significant costs via a yearly plans. Sad I will no longer use your app. I regret having paid for your app. You removed functionality we once had. I request a reimbursement. Mario

M. Complètement ridicule et inutile pour la région de Québec. Impossible de voir les navires dans ce secteur et celui des environs probablement sur demande du ministère des transport .

Zoom in/out glitching. After the most recent update I can only zoom in/out a couple times before it no longer lets me zoom in/out again which makes the app almost completely unusable now. It will do this within only a few seconds of opening the app. Used to enjoy this app but not anymore as I can’t use it due to this problem.

Working better. Latest release works better than previous versions. This is the only app I found of this type that show all the AIS ships in my area. But please ca the next release use location services to easily find the area I'm in?

Waste of money big time. Maps load slow if at all. You must also pay more for a "fleet account" to enable half the features in this "Pro App". Save your money and google your vessel. Capital T total rip off waste of money. Wish I could request a refund.

Crap. Trying to zoom into Vancouver and every time I get close it jumps over to Japan. I have to scroll to the right, and keep trying. Still haven't been able to zoom into that area. Don't recommend.

Crap!!. Do not buy...the screen refreshing takes eternity to operate...cannot see ships!!! (And this is the "pro" version)!!!

Useless. I wish I had read the earlier reviews before I wasted my money. Apple needs to fix this so you can get a refund on Apps like this that just do not work.

Completely useless. Won't let me zoom into Pacific Northwest area of N America at all. So this app is a total waste of money unless you want only to see ships in some other parts of the world.

Doesn’t Work At All. Don’t buy this app. You are better off just using the website. It doesn’t work at all

Works well except.... Whenever I open the app I get a message that my phone doesn’t have enough memory, but then it runs fine anyway. Great app to track ships, with the ability to create a “fleet” of favourite ships.

Non fonctionnel. J'ai payé 13.79$ et ca ne marche pas. J'exige un crédit.

Nop!!. Prometeur! Seulement...

Do not buy this app. I bough the app to track a shipment. Once I got onto the app it showed that I couldn’t track my shipment unless is paid $1300. The free version of the app told me to buy the premium app - which is what I did here to see shipments. It is misleading and now I have wasted $13 on an app that gives me no information.

Vessel finder. Do not buy piece of crap

Stay away. How can I get my money back?

I want my money back. This product has been completely a failure. Warning to all. Do not buy or install. It simply does not work

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Garbage. Don’t waste your money it is totally not worth it

Not working. Stopped working. Can’t track my fleet anymore. What’s going on?

Waste of money I agree. This app cost quite a bit, and its horrible. Ive started using a free one called Findship Lite and it is soooo much better. This app not recommend, wish I could get my money back.

Buggy. It works, it doesn't work, it works, it doesn't dumped my fleet, it found my says log in failed...arghh! Not happy. Not a reliable app. Taking on water....

Pathetic. Don’t waste your money. is more accurate. What a waste of money

Not working. It’s not working

Waste of money. App was unable to track a sailing vessel.

Save your money and time!. Lame, inconsistent service. Paid for their "upgraded" service and its garbage. Site goes down, saved vessels dissapear from account...i recommend to go elsewhere 👎

Terrible. Doesn’t work. Paid for pro and free information is more up to date

Total waste of $. Crashes every time!

DON'T DO IT!. Total garbage unless you only need to know where a vessel was 3 weeks ago.

No Updates. This app has not updated in 5 days. Don't waste your money.

WASTE OF MONEY. Apple should not allow apps that promise things that it can't do ....everyone who purchased this app should get a FULL REFUND...

POS. I want my money back.

Useless AIS. Used to be a good app but now has become almost useless in the gulf coast area from Alabama to Mississippi

Crashes every time you select a vessel!. I've got an iphone5, it doesn't work. Just crashes!! Frustrating cause I paid $7 for NOTHING! Grrr..neat idea, but next time test it before selling it on iTunes! Please fix, ASAP! Then I will write a decent review.

Good app. I typed in my vessel name and tracked it , I have no complaints (yet)

Not user friendly at all. Compared to marinetraffic, this app is really lousy. It does not worth my money at all.

Terrible. Won't update.. Terrible. Won't update.

Waste of money. Waste of money. No support, will not update since 22 Dec.

Crashes. Just purchased this app, attempted to sign-in with my VesselFinder account, and the app crashes. Don't waste your money on this app.

Don't buy. Doesn't show most ships in my area that other apps do. Waste of money. Should be able to get money back


App stopped updating. As the title says, the app stopped updating and used it for work to track vessel whereabouts. Paid for the pro and now using a free app instead. Waste of money. Buyer beware.

Not good. Have to echo previous comment. Can't zoom in on the west coast, making it useless for my needs. Anyway to get my money back??

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What do you think of the VesselFinder Pro app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with AstraPaging Ltd. and other users?

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VesselFinder Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.6.1
Play Store com.astrapaging.VesselFinder
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

VesselFinder Pro (Versiyon 5.6.1) Install & Download

The application VesselFinder Pro was published in the category Business on 05 March 2013, Tuesday and was developed by AstraPaging Ltd. [Developer ID: 438160792]. This program file size is 40.71 MB. This app has been rated by 46 users and has a rating of 1.6 out of 5. VesselFinder Pro - Business app posted on 09 October 2023, Monday current version is 5.6.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.astrapaging.VesselFinder. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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VesselFinder Pro App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

User account deletion option added

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