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FTPManager Pro App Description & Overview

What is ftpmanager pro app? FTPManager Pro is a fully featured FTP client that allows you to access files on FTP servers. Directly access and manage remote files, edit text files. Stream videos and music to your iPhone/iPad. Transfer files between iPhone/iPad and FTP server.

* Access FTP, FTPS (FTP over TLS) server.
* Access SFTP (SSH) server
* Access Dropbox

* Copy, move, rename and delete files.
* Edit text files
* Stream music and videos from FTP server to iPhone/iPad.
* Sort and search files
* In-App FTP Server
* Dark Mode
* Multiple windows on iPad

* File Transfer:
Copy files among servers, cloud storages, iPhone and iPad.
Copy photos between iOS photo library and servers.
Backup photos from iOS photo library to servers.
Sync files between iPhone/iPad and servers.
Transfer files by drag and drop.
Nearby file transfer: Directly transfer files between two nearby iOS devices without Wi-Fi or LTE connection.

* Code Editor:
Syntax highlight (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc)
Full text search
Keyboard extension
Themes (Default, Midnight, Dawn etc)

* Supported File Formats:
Text: TXT, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS ect.
Photo: JPG, PNG, GIF, CR2, NEF, ARW, DNG etc.
Music: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, APE etc.
Video: MOV, MP4

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App Name FTPManager Pro
Category Business
Updated 18 September 2023, Monday
File Size 64.61 MB

FTPManager Pro Comments & Reviews 2024

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Access Denied: 530. Ever since I updated my iPhone to OS v12.0 the FTP Manager Pro app has been intermittently not allowing access for accounts that have access. This is very frustrating and it has been hindering that aspect of my company. No one has changed any credentials. Will there be a fix? If so, when will the next version of this app be made available? Once this issue is resolved, I will change my rating, if iTunes allows me to do so.

Works for me. When we travel, I take only the IPad and and use FTP to update our travelogue website. Give it a try.

It works!. I’ve tried a bunch of FTP programs for my iPhone/iPad and FTPManager works! Easy to transfer pictures and files from your iPhone to server.

Fav app period. This is the app I use the most. Makes every other file sharing app obsolete. Quick, clean and easy. Better than dropbox imo

Great FTP for iPhone with a few issues. Not sure if this an issue on my end or the app, but when transferring photos on my home network, I will get PHPPhotosErrorDomain error -1 with an Ignore and Stop option. I have to physically tap ignore to continue. I can live with the fact that there are some errors, although I would like to eliminate them altogether. I really wish though, that there was an option to toggle an Ignore all future errors. Having to tap ignore over and over to get through a folder contents is really not fun. Any ideas why I am getting this error? Otherwise the app is the best I have found for IOS’s stifling photo transfer limitations and bugs.

FTPD 3DS works perfect with this. Jeez, this is amazing! People trying to install .cia files on their 3DS’s but they only have an iPad..this app solves everything related to 3DS homebrew! This is really good!

Love this app. Really works very well. I tried the free version only to quickly upgrade. Very happy

Used to be feature rich, now it’s been stripped.. You can’t access anything beyond FTP. This app used to connect to my SBC’s with no issues. Now I have to install FTP Servers to use this app. It’s ridiculous. Avoid this dev and find a different app.

Best FTP Client I have found. Since the reviews for the competitor, “FTP Client Pro,” indicated it was superior to all of its competitors, I purchased it. But after comparing it with this app (FTPManager Pro), this app proves to be, hands down, far more intuitive than “FTP Client Pro.” Plus it has greater functionality and it cost less. As a software developer, I find FTPManager Pro to be very intuitive and full-featured. While I continue to use FileZilla on my Windows devices, this app has the feel and ease of use on my iPad that I am accustomed to with FileZilla. Plus, it provides a WiFi connection to other devices as well as access to nearby devices on the same local network. It is clearly worth far more than the asking price (that’s not a suggestion, just an observation). I highly recommend it.

Don’t waste your time or money. This app is a bad joke. I needed an app to take files out of Auria, the digital audio workstation app, and load them up to an online folder. Should be stupid simple. Not with this app. It cannot find the files in the Auria folder. I contacted the developer and was told this is not a bug, that I had to move my files outside of the Auria folder. Why? Just because this app is a bad joke? Really? On the other hand, FTP Client Pro does a great job. As the title says, don’t waste your time or money.

One star why connected but nothing is seen in my ssh. How can I review what I do not see my website, files, data, but say I am connected ssh. Where is my data, files open folder empty, took about 1 hour before finally it worked connected. But never get anything but spinning wheel whereas I am assuming is downloading my data on brands new iPad Pro 12.9 inch of 512 gigs storage space. So what am I missing here?

More than an FTP manager. While the FTP manager functionalities are excellent in their own right, what I have found after using this app for a year ist that it fills a much needed gap in the iOS operating system. iOS has only recently added a pseudo-file manager that relies on their own iCloud service to properly work. In addition, a lot of file types/codecs are just not supported (for example: WebM, EPUB). This app provides the ability to actually move and use files between services. As an example: Imagine you receive a WebM video from someone on Discord, that you would like to watch before uploading it to a file sharing website. With default iOS, this is not possible, as WebM video is not supported. Transferring the video into the iOS file manager does work, as well as uploading it to a website, but these processes are (in my opinion) much less transparent than using FTP manager. The actual SFTP/FTP functionality works perfectly as expected, have never had an issue with it. All in all, this app has provided me with much more functionality than I ever initially expected. Solid recommendation.

FTPManager Pro works great. After buying FTPManager Pro and using it for about a week, I am happy that this application is available in the App Store. It takes iTunes aside and provides an SFTP connection that is uncensored and reliable. I would recommend this app to other DIY users, for sure.

Best SFTP client I’ve found!. Hands down the best client I’ve found supports previews of text, images and can play media files as well!

FTP pro is excellent. This is an excellent program. I use it for accessing a usb drive on the internet for photographs. It works great

SFTP not working past Root folder?. Purchased this app to connect to servers via SFTP. While it does connect I get past my root directory like on other clients. All of the other protocols and local functions seem to work well (including SMB not advertised).

Excellent!. Love it and been using it for many years with no problems!

Really an excellent app. I was shocked at how easy it was to connect to an sftp server and download files. Simple, elegant user interface

Used to be good/poor support. I used this app for a long time with no problems. It used to be great until recently it stopped seeing any of my folders in iCloud, where they’ve always been. Something has changed and support has been no help.

Overall A Decent FTP Client. Overall this is a decent FTP client, but needs some fine tuning of several UX bugs (small stuff but I can live with them). It has decent Dropbox and iCloud support, however it lacks support for Google Drive; hence the 3 stars.

This is by far the best FTP client for iPhone.. I’m a developer, paid apps like Panic Transmit or FE file manager didn’t worked out. Ftp management is a part of my daily routine, it’s more than a need. The only app that works great, open enough to achieve any task and never crashed or failed is this beast, right here. The King of FTP managers. Hat’s off.

Easy. Easy to use recognized my hard drive on my Arris Cable modem USB port right off the bat. So easy to transfer files.

Good app, missing key feature. If you're in a WiFi network, this app works beautifully. Connecting to an ftp site using cell data just doesn't work though. That is a key reason I bought the app. If they would fix the ability to connect via my phone provider network, this would be a 5 star review.

Great App, suggestion for improvement. Finally a way to stream my music from a portable usb drive to my iPad without an internet connection. I have a TP-Link AC750 Wireless Travel Router (TL-WR902AC v1) which has a usb port to attach a portable usb drive. This FTPManager Pro app connects to the usb drive through the router without an internet connection (great for in the car, camping, etc.). The app has a player that has continuous play option for all music files in the same folder (has shuffle option). It works great. I would give it 5 Stars if the app would search all folders in the drive and then allow shuffle play of all songs on the drive regardless of folder structure. To workaround I have to move all the mp3 files into the same folder. Other than that...good job!

Probably The Best Thing I've Paid For On The App Store!. This Is The Best Thing BC It Fits My Needs! If I Need To Upload, Edit, or Move A File On My Server I Can Go On The App While I'm At School & Do That! Thanks!

Best FTP APP. Do not waste your time trying out the others, simply put this app is great, and integrates well with many, many other apps.

Excellent. Great time saving tool. I’ve been using it for years and it’s my goto iphone “putty”

This app HYJACKS other file associations. I use this to upload files to a company drive and the app has taken over some file types that it cant open. Works for TRANFER but HYJACks the file extension. DWG files are a common file that is associated with AutoCad FTP Manager Pro has “claimed all DWG files” as FTP manager Pro files. The FTPmanage icon is now on all DWG files. Not appropriate and now the association is making it difficult to open or find files on my cloud drive WRONG logo and FTP manager will not open this file type.

Little workhorse app. I’m a web/app developer (not associated with this app) and I use this app all the time for maintaining webpages and scripts while on the go. The keyboard is particularly great, as it provides the ability to tab/indent easily (among other things, but I use tab a lot) without messing around with key combinations. Take a look at the top row of their keyboard to see what I mean, other ftp apps I’ve looked at don’t have that. There’s a couple of only minor things i’d change about the app, but overall it’s a workhorse utility. There are seriously very few apps that I use as much as I use this app, it’s a great purchase!

Great app for media sharing... Until your phone screen turns off. Super annoyed that the FTP servers don’t stay active if the app is open in the background.

Great FTP client for iOS. I use FileZilla for all my FTP needs when on my computers. FTPManager Pro is as easy to use on iOS and it has been a welcome addition to my iPhone and iPad. I highly recommend this app.

Works perfectly for quick html, etc edits. There are a couple really good “editors” for iPad, but it can be a pain for quick edits. This app connects very easily to sftp and AWS Lightsail instances and lets me very easily find my file and edit that file on the fly. Interface is stupid easy to use. Adding my pass key file was very easy using the Music app file transfer. Overall, just crazy easy to use for those very quick edits. Haven’t really used this for anything else. 2.99 is a steal, I’d pay a lot more.

FTP. Simple & to the point when it comes to files. Thank you.

Decent. It is a decent app. It does what I need it to do and it is cheap. Definitely room for improvement but I have no regrets with the purchase. iPad 4th generation on iOS 10.

great app; but might as well use their other one. they have another app “FE Explorer” that has essentially the same functionality plus lots of extra. Probably worth using that instead :)

One of the top s/ftp-clients with Photos library backup feature. Recently buy this app and use it as a backup app for my Photos library. It would be great to see further development of backup capabilities such as: - backup versioning ; - encrypt backup feature; - backup in background with ability to specify time and date (every day at 12pm for example); It may be in app purchase features.

Works well but UI is not very intuitive. Should be easier to choose files to send. Should remember destination folders.

File upload. Could we get a way to save files such as from photos to the FTP servers?

Very easy to use. Great product for uploading phones pictures to your personal cloud

Went from excellent to poor. I have used this app for several years. It was used to view home security camera footage that resided in my home FTP server. About 1 - 2 months ago after an upgrade, the app will fail to sequentially open up video clips periodically (1 in every 5 video clips) and hangs. Time to dump this app and look in the store for something else.

Fantastic, worth every penny. I was looking for something that allowed me to stream music directly from dropbox without stopping after each song. I got a lot more than I bargained for with this bad boy, especially being able to connect my own servers with SFTP. Pretty cool, thank you for making this.

The best!. I have to give you guys credit!! This is a great FTP. Client! I am I audio and video production and this app work great uploading/downloading and listening/viewing the files !!! Keep it up!!!

Excellent Utility. Great app, been mainly sending songs (mp3) recorded on PC to my iPhone for review. Like the retro vinyl image used for the mp3 files. Easy to use..thanks! Still loving this app...if you’re looking for an FTP manager with all the options and security features, you won’t go wrong with this one. Easy to move/transfer entire folders...nice!

Download options disappointing. Would be bette rig i could download more than one file at a time.

Exactly what I needed. 10 stars if I could.

Used to work. Worked awesome forever. Most recent update crashes the app every time you open a file and go to edit the file or use the search feature. I’ll change my review once it’s fixed.

Unresolved Bug Present and Reported. This is not a bad app, it actually works very good as an FTP Client and Editor. However there is a bug that has been reported to the developer and is yet to be resolved. The issue is present when opening a document and selecting Text or Browser view. Once "Text" mode is selected, the choice remains active after the document is closed. The result is that any subsequent opening of the document will Not prompt for Text or Browser view and will default to Text. This can be quite frustrating when switching between Text ( Editing ) and Browser to view results of edits. There is a workaround that entails closing the document in question, then going back one level to another folder or file and then returning to the desired document which then will again prompt for Text or Browser. The developer/s have been informed of this issue and promised to have it resolved. There was also mention of having the ability to switch from Text to Browser view, right from an open document. Resolving this issue and or adding the ability to switch from within an open document would certainly warrant a Five (5) Star review. Still Waiting.

Buggy. I like the app in general. It’s easy to us and fairly intuitive. But it’s buggy. Can’t transfer more one file at a time. Each time I transfer a file, I have to close the app and then restart to transfer another file.

Best Utility at Its Price when you need SFTP. I am reviewing v7.0.4 of FTPManager Pro. My need is to be able to view and move files quickly across a series of single-board computers, such as various versions of the Raspberry Pi. I read several reviews from years ago that were very critical of the product but it seemed to have the best balance of rating and review count so I reviewed the developer website. When I saw that it provided the iPad with its own FTP Server, I decided to check the price. I was surprised it was so affordable and gave it a try. I am more than impressed. To create consistent host profiles is a snail, and I was surfing across a half-dozen RPi computers in minutes. Connection time seems sub-second and anything longer and I know I made a mistake. The defaults are intelligently set, such as hide hidden files, but easy to switch. I do wish I could keep the FTP Server running when I switched apps but that probably isn’t a bad idea to terminate it. It just means I cannot test it as easily. All said, the best utility app investment in a long time. I am not affiliated with this developer nor did I receive compensation for this review.

Can’t upload files. Can’t upload files. I bought pro version. Connected to my ftp server. Wanted to basically copy and paste an image file to another directory. I duplicated the image file. But there is no option to move the file. So I downloaded the file, went to the directory that I wanted the file to be but there is no upload option.

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Flexible and easy to use. It really did worth to purchase the non-free version. This is a very handy app.

Easy to use. Works well.. Highly recommended

Fantastic. Spent all day finding something that could serve my needs efficiently promised myself if this works I’d leave a review did everything I needed was worth paying for, thanks for the hard work!!

Excellent value. Works extremely well. The instructions provided are concise and easy to follow. Very happy customer !!

Served me well. With the 4+ years I've been doing programming directly to servers, this app has made it possible. There are many Alternatives yet this has come to #1 in my eyes.

No Problem. Works a treat !

Good client. Integrates nicely with iOS. Frequent updates. Reliable. Worth the money.

It just works. Yep. It just works. Brilliant.

Ftp - Top Drawer. Use it all the time on the iPhone, comes in so handy, I use Joomla and this enables me to see and edit files quickly and easily. There isn't a search function for the files content (like find color:red;) so I just copy and past it all into my daedalus app and go from there. I did buy iEditor pro but that doesn't have a search feature either (you can search for files, but not the content) Now that's crazy! It is not ftp's job to be a text editor so I am cool with that. ftp manager - Nice!

Terrific simple FTP app. Of all the FTP apps I've tried, this one is so far the best. Simple to set up and use. Gives ability to emergency maintain your FTP/website while on the road. Great feature is that transfers can occur in the background, including while your iDevice is asleep. Adding a few features would make this even more powerful, like displaying ownership and permissions of server files and directories.

Money Well spent!!. Well worth the money! If your a web designer like me then this is for you and it's very handy!

Very Useful. Handy and very functional.

Great App for Web Devs. This is a great app for web developers that want to edit their websites while away from their computers, definitely worth the cost. The only downside is the lack of an auto save function.

Save your money. This app does not work, it does not connect to a simple FTP even with correct FTP information, save your money

Excellent program. Works really well and easy to use.

Please ignore. Please ignore

.. When I pay for an app I expect it to work, I can’t even upload

Tg. Works well, no problems .

Great app. Developer support awesome.. Updated to v2.0.1 and now my FTP downloads abort after 2mb. Any file less than 2mb works, but nothing above. Contacted developer and issue identified quickly, same day and fix is being written. The Support from the developer is brilliant.

Good. Does what it said it would do.

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Nice and quick. Great for ftp picture files, gives you a thumbnail of the image. Quick and easy user interface. Best one for my use. Highly recomend.

Cannot delete. Great App but can't delete files on server. I sent error logs and after few weeks still no fix. Problem should be addressed since we did pay for the App. Hopefully soon!

Great little app. I use several Linux servers and this app works great to move copy rename files as well as upload all from my phone.

Real good FTP client. Wow!!!! Not only this FTP client does everything it should do , I have setup 6 x servers connections on it and everything works great; Also , as a value added, it is a very good : - music player ; with cool features not even found in ITunes Also playing in background - picture viewer; with diaporama I am super happy with it Jeff

Changing ports doesn’t work. Custom port set to 5000 but app still tries 21. Useless.

The best uploader for my website!. This amazing app has been a real workhorse for me in setting up my new website. It does everything I could ask for. It even lets me modify and save HTML and javascript code in my web pages directly on my site rather than needing to download them.

File transfer error!. I am using iphone 5c..I cannot download my 1.4 mb avi files from mt ftp server....file transfer error always...

A good FTP/SFTP File Manager. It works great. I'm able to rename & move large files around the server without transferring them through the iDevice. Also shows hidden (.)files on the server. It includes a built in text editor that makes it easy to modify config files on the server. Does everything that I need it too. 10/10 Would buy again!

Rating. Great App easy to use and very complete for my needs

Great app. So simple to use.. I use this app to upload files on my website. It's so quick and easy. I previously used FileZilla on my Mac but this app is much quicker because it has less steps and I can do it on the go since I run it on my iPad.

Great app. Excellent for making quick updates to websites from anywhere.

Great FTP Application. Question to any when configure for FTP I’m using explicit FTP over TLS but it’s not prompting me for Certification Authentication I’m using SFTP which shows it’s that I’m Authenticated but FTP doesn’t show a lock like SFTP does Regards Marko

Fall in love with this app. This the best and most efficient FTP software I have ever used in my entire life. I am a software engineer and I can say with trust that people who worked in this app had passion to work.

Best windows explorer look-like app. This is the simpliest, look-like windows explorer, you can found for you iPhone. To explore your distant files, anywhere internet is available, anytime. This is the best organise view to navigate and i stringly recommend the pro version since it work better. I would like to thanks the developper who was a really smart person who understand and have the comprehension to deal with the limited mind of xcode to create something simple and do everything my files need fit into. Congratulation for your app ! You really understand my need. Best regards. RH

Useful. I found it useful for my purpose. Needs more instruction in the help file

Wasted my money. It was working fine at first but now I can’t access any of my servers. I’ve waited for an update that would hopefully fix this but it’s been months now and it still doesn’t work. Waste of money.

Excellent. Facile d utilisation, on ne s'en passe plus.

Blank Screen on Slideshow. When I start slideshow to play my pictures, the screen remains blank (black). Waste of money.

Good. Could be better.. When you go back to the main screen after being connected to a server it should ask if you want to end your FTP session rather just ending it. Other than that, transferring files is simple and fast. Support for SFTP is a bonus for the corporate environment.

quick remote access to you computer files. Try the free version to see if you like. I use this instead of itune to move files to my phone, download mp3 and read comics. You can batch download and manage folders very quickly. Read files online or offline. I'm impressed.

FTP Manager. I'm super happy with it! Full support! No bugs what so ever, i acces my ftp from my phone at anytime with no problem. If you have a bit of experience with compuers and ftp server accessing you are going to love it..

Good app.. If only it can read external hard drive I would have give it 5 stars.

Problème film listen not Work. FTP local clic this film big size no work , you have new version support the big video in ftp, i have ftp local , have more film

Good. Works well

YouTube artist. I have no problems whatsoever with this app. I use it on my iPhone as well as my iPad and have been able to keep on top of site edits on the go. Nothing feels more rewarding than being able to advance your work in brief down periods where otherwise you would have simply done nothing. You are in full control with this app.

Bugs and crashes!. Lot of bugs and crashes! Do not buy this.

Simple FTP support great!. Thanks for the simple ftp client, supporting my hacked 3DS and WiiU

5.1 update no longer plays avi files. Don’t upgrade if you need to play avi files.

Great program. I like it One feature I would like to ask for "Search" within and PDF file and multiple bookmarks if possible Ton

Use as my backup solution while travelling. I use it to connect to my server to save my pictures when I'm away for a long time. Easy to use, efficient & clear.

Great App. Best app for transferring files to and from iPad.

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Works as advertised. I've always wanted the ability to use an ssh key with this app's sftp capabilities; now I can! The premium version has many useful feature. I highly recommend this app for any SysAdmin that cares to be mobile!

Great FTP APP. This is the BEST FTP APP I have used on my I-Pad and I-Phone!!!!

Why Must You Change Things?. This app is great, and up to the latest update I've absolutely loved it! That being said, why did you remove the upload/download options? Why couldn't you have just kept the download/upload options AND added the new "copy to" option? Completely changing the way someone uploads something is thoroughly annoying, and this new system is clunky.

Great ftp app. Iphone 6 with iOS 8.1 - I've tried LOTS of ftp apps. Not only is this the only one that does exactly what I need it to do, but it's easy to use, it has good file management built into it, when playing music it doesn't stop when you leave the app, and it allows you to password protect the app. Very much well worth the money.

Not a true ftp client. This is a simple file manager that connects to iCloud and does not connect to your ftp sites of choice. A terrible piece of misinformation. Should not be allowed to advertise as an ftp client.

Workhorse. I'm a web dev and I use this app everyday. I use fetch on my mac in my office and this everywhere else. Because of this app i can develop nearly everything on the iPad. The recent update fixed the only issue I had which was the inconsistent ability to edit the names of uploaded files. Thus, I finally clicked on the popup and rated this app it's well-deserved five stars.

Best FTP app I've used. This is a great app that does everything you would imagine an app of this type should do, and does it well. If I had a suggestion it would be that as you begin to accumulate more than a few dozen sites the management of them in the list gets to be mote cumbersome. I would ask for a way to group like sites together in a folder perhaps - like work, home, cabin, etc.. Because I run a lot of iot devices I use a lot of remote connections, and they get cluttered after a while.

doesnt work with dropbox. Can't transfer files from dropbox to the connected server. Must download to icloud or my ipad then transfer. Too many steps. If you fix this or explain, I will update my review.

Works great. Tried several different FTP programs and this is the first one that worked. Maybe it was me but I entered the same FTP connect data as I did with all the others and they would not connect. This one connected first time. It does exactly what I wanted. It's not exactly intuitive in it's layout but on a small IPhone screen I am not sure it could be.

Good. Convenient to use

Useful and reliable - I use almost every single day!!!. I use this mostly for checking for new files on a work ftp. It is very helpful to not have to go to all the trouble of doing that on my laptop. Definitely recommend this app.

Excellent FTP app. It took some getting used to, but it does everything I need it to do and, the more I work with it, he happier I am. We do a lot of international travel and touring. This is the first time I can leave my heavy old laptop at home and depend on this app for my web site and program editing. Well done!

Great FTP app. I have many web apps that I have to take care of and having an app to have all the tools I need in one is perfect! It is well worth $4.99 and I am so glad I found this app. I had to use 3 apps to do everything this app does and all of the other apps cost ¢99 so buying this app was only $2 more but worth 1000x more. ~iOS 8.0 on iPhone 4s and iOS 8.1.2 on iPad 4

Fills a very specific need, and does it well. As a professional photographer, my work lives in Lightroom. Unfortunately, that means that sharing to social media can be more painful than I’d like, since Adobe doesn’t use any of the sharing features in OS X, and syncing photos up to Lightroom mobile just so I can share from my iPhone or iPad is cumbersome. So, I spent a few days investigating different network options, either accessing a backup drive I have attached to my Airport Extreme or my main copies on my iMac. I tried a ton of apps on the iPad to access my photos over the network, including GoodReader, Documents by Readdle, and Transmit for iOS (all of which I love for other uses), but none of them had the one feature I needed for my use: fast browsing of network volumes *with JPEG thumbnails* so I could easily pick the photos to transfer to the iPad for sharing without having to tap on each photo to view. FTPManager has that feature, and implements it well, including adjustable cache size (up to 1GB) for images, and a “sticky” setting to sort views by filetype (so I can sort JPGs to the top of the view, leaving my RAW and XMP files at the bottom). This is a great little app (especially for the price) and it should allow me to move to an iPad Pro for parts of my workflow much more easily than I was expecting.

Excellent FTP app. I rarely purchase apps, just stick to free ones but after using the free version for a few years, I've moved to the purchase the full version as it is a stable excellent app for my FTP needs which is mostly transferring and modifying files on my phone in my home network to Raspberry Pi and at work to our ftp server

ftpmanaget is awesome. Love this app. Just got streaming working in iOS 8. No longer have to download media to device to play it. Tap a song in a directory and it will play an album from that point. Audio files play outside the app as well. This is the one to get.

Can’t upload!!!!. What’s the point of this app if I cant upload anything? That’s all I wanted for and I spent money on it for nothing.

Doesn't support 2FA. Unable to connect to systems requiring 2FA.

Great App for 16gb iPads. I am using this app along with an iUSBport and it's just what you need if you have memory capacity problems. Seamless transfers large data files to and from you PC, MAC or other computers to your iPad. Makes the capacity of you iPad as large as whatever memory device you are using.

Better than many others. This is actually a really good app for accessing ftp. I use it to access files from my home computer through ftp. The paid version is worth it to support the developers, plus they helped me troubleshoot an issue once which says a lot.

Rename file function gone. Latest version doesn’t allow files to be renamed. Very irritating.

Needs a little refining. Save before exit would be nice. Love this app. Especially for the shortcut characters at the top. It needs 2 things. -Dark mode -Save on exit. Too many times Ive exited the page instead of saving first.

FTP review. Great app, does what I need.

Love the easy operation. Simple and fast

FTP Manager. Works well. No problems.

don’t waste your money. I should have read the reviews before buying this app, buggy and doesn’t work very well

Constantly reenables iCloud. Disable iCloud setting and app continues to reenable.

Works for my purposes. I needed a way to test my FTP access from a location NOT on my own LAN. This app solved that issue, as I can simply turn off my WiFi on the phone, and use the app to try to connect. I am a novice with FTP, though, so keep in mind that I do not use this App for much, outside of ensuring that I can access the server using the Usernames and Passwords I set up, and ensuring that each respective user can see the files I wish him to be able to access. But again, for my purposes, this App does what I need for it to do.

Scam!!!. I have upgraded to the pro version but when I wanted to download again it asked to pay again the pro fee. Avoid!

FTP Manager : don't waste your time with the free version. Purchase the full version. Free version does not work at all. When you download the free version and find out it does not work at all, then upgrade and pay. The software will put 2 icons on your desktop, be careful not to delete the wrong one. If you do, you will have to go to the iTunes App Store, select purchased, click on the cloud symbol to the right of FTP Manager and re download.

Does not support current TLS 1.2. Just bought the app for FTPS access. Turns out it won’t connect because it doesn’t Suppport current tls 1.2. Anything older than that SHOULDNT be used.

Excellent App. Great

Good but only works on WiFi. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but it doesn’t work on cellular. You get a Network error if you are cellular. Too bad.

It won’t load. i’m trying to load something up and it won’t load.

Horrible. Does not work at all. Will not show files on ftp server. Folders are visible but files are not. Absolute garbage.

Does what it says. I use this app for my medical billing business when I'm on the go. I can check up on my server in the office whenever I want. It does exactly what it says and it's very very easy to reset up, took me less than 30 seconds.

Great for on the run HTML and FTP work. Had a project that was not quite ready but do not spend extra for mobil hotspot so I needed to be able to access my files on the ride to where I was presenting the site. I was able to download to Dropbox, edit, then re-upload through FTP Manager. Takes a little time to figure out how to use the app fluently, so the menu layouts could be improved. Useful for any web developer.

Greta FTP. I like how easy it is to use with my iPad.

Works well for my webpage. After figuring out to choose: Photo Library, Camera Roll, Edit, (tag photos), Copy .. Then choose destination folder. Then back to the folder, rename ... Then this app became just as fast as using my Windows Computer.

FTP Pro - File Explorer ?. An excellent File Transfer Protocol app that blends with some other apps nicely. For the FTP Pro app (WAN) to directly access the File Explorer app (LAN) would be great.

Nice app!. It's very useful. You just have to know how to navigate the user interface/dig around the menus to find the correct buttons you want. But here's one criticism. I downloaded a .zip of pictures, unarchived it, and I want to reupload the folder with the pics, but I can't upload anything, even from the local folder. Now this would be a great addition to the app. Other than that, the app is great!

Was 5 stars. Never had any issues before the last update. Since I am uncertain if the problem is with the update or suddenly with where I am DL from (seems odd), I give it a 4. Would have had a 5, and if I was certain the problem was with the latest update it would be a 3.

Poor SFTP performance. Transfer file via SSH/SFTPis very slow, like < 1MBps. And even worse for large MOV files. Hanging for long time doing nothing then begins to transfer very slowly.

A great app - worth the price. This app works well, is simple to use and contains quite a bit of functionality. My favorite feature is one of the simplest. The file name is fully displayed in a list as opposed to being cut off and replaced by "..."

Amazing SFTP Client for my RPi. This SFTP client is perfect for file transfer directly from raspberry pi to iphone and offcause other ftp tasks👍😊😎

hai. your app doesnt make a dir in files app. cant use this as you kinda need that folder to spawn.... so how do you actually get a pem file into the ui then?

Saved the day!. When our main internet connection went out we were able to uploaded needed files to our website simple and easy. No issues. Well worth the price.

Yes all working again. This App is once again great. I lost all functionality after a recent update but it has been fixed in a very short period of time. This app is now working perfectly. I can gain access to my files that are on my home network drive that has an in built FTP server just my entering my ISP IP address and the correct settings. Well done to the developers on fixing bug issues quickly.

Great ap. This is a great FTP app.

Excellent - most useful. I use it between iPhone and iPad with iPad as Server. And use it to connect to my own for site. Two things needed 1. Better secure FTP options. It does not work when connecting to my FTP site. 2. Needs an option in Photo Library to show as list of file names with date and size

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What do you think of the FTPManager Pro app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Skyjos Co., Ltd. and other users?

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 8.4.1
Play Store com.skyjos.ftpmanager
Compatibility iOS 12.5 or later

FTPManager Pro (Versiyon 8.4.1) Install & Download

The application FTPManager Pro was published in the category Business on 03 May 2012, Thursday and was developed by Skyjos Co., Ltd. [Developer ID: 499470116]. This program file size is 64.61 MB. This app has been rated by 934 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. FTPManager Pro - Business app posted on 18 September 2023, Monday current version is 8.4.1 and works well on iOS 12.5 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.skyjos.ftpmanager. Languages supported by the app:

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FTPManager Pro App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Optimizes for iOS 17. * Fixes a crash issue on iOS 12.

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