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Bloons TD 5 Game Description & Overview

What is bloons td 5 app? Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability. Now with rewarded leaderboards for even more fun and challenge!

The Bloons are back and this time they mean business! Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool new Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon!

Featuring 2 brand new Towers, cool Special Agents, glorious retina graphics, original Tracks and Special Missions, a whole new tier of Specialty Building upgrades, and the powerful Monkey Lab to further upgrade your towers, Bloons TD 5 delivers hours and hours of fun, challenging play to fans and new players alike.

Hours and Hours of Awesome Gameplay:
* 90+ Tracks
* 21 powerful towers with Activated Abilities and 2 upgrade paths
* 10 Special Agents
* Online Co-op play
* Multi-track Odyssey Challenges
* Boss Bloon Special Events
* 10 Special Missions
* 250+ Random Missions
* Daily Challenges
* New Bloon enemies - tougher Camos, Regrow Bloons, and the fearsome ZOMG
* 50+ Game Center Achievements and Challenges
* iCloud Support
* 3 different game modes
* Freeplay mode after mastering a track
* 4 difficulty settings and family-friendly theme so anyone can play

And that's just the beginning - regular planned updates will keep Bloons TD 5 fresh, fun, and challenging for many months to come. Now it's time to pop some Bloons!

Remember to save to iCloud after each victory or purchase to save your progress.

iPad version also available - check out Bloons TD 5 HD for full screen UI awesomeness!

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App Name Bloons TD 5
Category Games
Updated 19 May 2023, Friday
File Size 132.54 MB

Bloons TD 5 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Best TD game for replayability, easy $3. The variety in towers, maps, difficulties, daily challenges and special challenges, and purchasable upgrades truly makes this the most replayable tower defense game I’ve ever played, and that’s saying quite a bit. I’ve played everything from gemcraft and desktop td to cursed treasure and kingdom rush, as well as literally several dozen others, but Bloons TD 5 may remain my favorite for a long time to come.

It’s a great game. Besides paying for it... it is a great game! Getting to use the helicopter is amazing! Along with the engineer, and the bloon chipper. I think the company has put in a lot of work in making this worth your money. Although... the thing that upset me the most is the fact that the super monkey’s laser eyes don’t pop lead. But I have gotten used to this and made adjustments to it. So if your asking yourself if it is worth it to pay for the game. Get it if you like keeping busy, and doing fun challenges. But if you are the type of person to jump games every day, there is no point in getting the game.

Bloons TD 6 Graphics. This is a review for BTD6 because it won’t let me write a review on it. Anyway, I would never like you to change the graphics on Bloons TD6. They are amazing now and I believe they should stay that way. In my opinion, if they make more graphics, it would make the game laggier and less appealing. But besides the graphics, I give 5 stars to both BTD5 and BTD6 as they are both great games and really fun to play! I love the fact that you have win rounds to unlock towers, it’s so satisfying to do that! I hope you will see my review, Ninja Kiwi. And Happy 4th of July!

Love it, but co-op rarely works. have always loved this game but lately got back into it and have been having problems doing co-op with my friend. no matter what type of invitation either of us sends we get disconnected or have trouble even getting connected. we have tried different wifi, on data, closing app and reopening, restarting phone. everything. we still can’t seem to find a way to get it to consistently work. we have only played one full game together

Amazing, but…. I love this game so much, but about 80% of the time, when I open up the app on my phone, the music will play for 5 seconds then go silent. It’s really annoying and it affects my games because there isn’t any sound effects either. I tried to fix it with the in game settings and that doesn’t work. Music stops with or without earbuds. Music stops even after restarting my phone. Music stops even thought everything is up to date. Really don’t know how to fix this myself. So please fix this, I beg of you. ( still a fun game 👍🏻)

The game is awesome, but what happened to the sound and music?. I’ve played the Bloons Tower defense games ever since the first one came out and it was awesome. It is definitely one of my favorite games to play. This particular game is one of my favorites out of the first five Bloons tower defense games. I started playing this one again recently, but the sound and music stopped working. I hope this gets resolved soon.

It’s a 5 star but. .. Absolutely love this game. I play it almost everyday on my free time, however, I’m having issues with sound on the game going away. There’s no sound game play after the title screen shows up. It’s like the game goes on silent immediately after the game loads. I’m having this issue on my iPad 11 pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and my iPhone 8 Plus.

Great game. Honestly, I love this game. I played it on the computer and I wished for a long time to be able to play it on my phone, and when I got a job and bought it, I had a great time. It rarely crashes, you can play offline, I cannot think of one thing that is wrong with this game tbh. It is so worth it and it’ll really just kill time when you need to. It doesn’t even kill your battery as much as you think. You will experience some lag in the later rounds but you really can’t tell because it’s so little lag if any at all.

iCloud didn’t back up my data. This game is so much fun!!!! My wife and I play together whenever we have down Time and were both around level 80. We got new phones recently and re-downloaded the game only to find that we had to start all over...nothing was backed up on the cloud, and to be honest don’t really wanna go through the grind of getting everything and all our perks back. Is there a way to fix this?

This game is amazing-multiplayer needs work. So this game is one of the most addicting and thought inducing games I have ever played on the phone. I am level 70something and the only thing that makes me quit is that I get to the point where I’m on round 260 and the rounds take too long. The multiplayer (co-op through Facebook) is complete garbage. If you get a notification, it disconnects. That is not the phone it is the game because I have an iPhone 6s and the person I try to play with has a galaxy 6 or 7 I can’t remember. Anyways, you can’t pause or exit for 1 second even just out of the app or phone lock and it’s the most frustrating thing ever when you get to round 78 and you are about to start kicking things up and it quites you for absolutely no reason. It’s the worst feeling in the world and extremely annoying/aggravating. If you guys can make this better, that would completely perfect the game and make it the very best game on mobile for a very very very long time. Thanks :)

Spikes. This is my favorite game, but please please please, can you make it easier to place spikes? Over half the time when you drag to place the spikes it does not respond. Often times causing me to lose the game. It’s extremely annoying. I am using an iPhone 6s. Literally everything else in this game is amazing. Really not sure why this one thing hasn’t been fixed.

5 year review. So I started playing this game a while ago when my older brothers were playing it on the family laptop and they got a pretty high rank I mostly watched but sometime would play it and eventually got super addicted I would play it every day eventually I got out of it but a few months ago I downloaded it on my phone and got addicted again the game is just overall amazing and a great way to kill time

BTD 6. I have played this game franchise since computers on 3 btd and played it since and this is been out for a while, so my point is I know the new superhero one came out (can’t afford it) and I played like 7 times the original beat it I hope there’s a 6 BTD and it has a few new Features and more variants of upgrades and ballons (Iron Moab,Water ballon-when breaks water splashes near by towers and makes them less likely to hit a ballon,Glue Ballon-when breaks splashes glue on near by towers and slows them down) with just still getting constant maps once a month

10/10 would recommend 👍. This game is awesome! I’ve played it for years and it’s super fun and addictive. There’s tons you can do, and for what like three bucks? It’s a mobile game with tons of different challenges and it’s a great way to waste time. And I know this sounds kinda like a fake review from all the positives, but truly this is my favorite game to play and it has been for years. Great for all ages, and all times. Great job to the guys who created this!

One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. This game is honestly one of the greatest mobile games I’ve ever played. The tower defense format I find to be excellent on the mobile platform, and the various towers and upgrades and maps make this game nearly endless fun. I’ve played it for several years, and I can still play it for hours. I would absolutely recommend this game for anyone who likes tower defense, or anyone who just needs an app to kill time.

Very Good. This was a game which is WAY better than it’s PC counterpart, something which is rare among all games. On iOS, the graphics look more smooth and bright, and it’s much easier to place things than on PC. It feels AMAZING when you have multiple max level Super Monkeys shred through waves of blimps and ceramic balloons. Only complaint is the sound/music. The music gets boring after a while, and when you get to later stages, the balloon popping sounds (especially ceramic balloons) are almost unbearable.

BTD5 offers years of entertainment. I began playing early versions of this game as a young lad in school. Now, as an adult, I’m able to find even more enjoyment out of this game as the difficulty is very customizable and, despite having beat every level, I am able to go back and challenge myself on the next hardest difficulty. Some maps will give you much more trouble than others- so the difficulty of the maps isn’t as straight forward as what they label them. The towers have great diversity and there are endless strategies to come up with. My friends know me for playing this game constantly in the car while they drive. All in all, for 5$, I would consider this a life long investment. Please play this cute game

A major problem for a game that you pay for.. This is a great game; I’ve been playing this game for awhile and I still can’t figure out why I paid 5 dollars for half of a game. Most of the game modes you have to unlock yourself using real money. Especially sandbox mode. That’s my only issue with this game. It’s kind of a rip off if you ask me. This game was free on the internet, but you guys got greedy. So...

Great like BTD6 except annoying tapping problems on mobile. My first Bloons was BTD6, nice and addictive, but no Gatling Gunner so I decided to check 5 out. I think it’s even better, except for one problem: whenever you have the Gatling gunner out and you tap on anything, like 90% of the time the gunner will point in that direction. This is sooooo annoying, especially when you have to pick up bananas every couple of seconds. Shame, too, since the gunner might be one of the most powerful towers in the game. Still a fantastic game, I love it.

My OCD needs you to help, please…. This is the best game I’ve ever played, no doubt, though on the bottom right is a full screen/ small screen button that makes me go insane, which is the only reason I hate this game, please let there be an option to take this stupid button out, my OCD wants me to delete the game because of it, I beg of you I will literally play this game for hours of it weren’t of that button existing.

Coop needs more maps. I love the game and i love playing with my friend but i hate how the single-player has more maps and cooler ones to be exact, i know it may be because some of the maps are too small for both of us but some are actually pretty big and some are the same size as some of the ones coop already has. I’ve played this game time and time for years on different platforms and i always look at the maps and imagine how fun it would be to play those with a pal

Super great game, and could there be a custom towers game mode. So this is addicting to the point I play on multiple devices, but I’ve always thought how cool it would be to be able to make my own tower on mobile(what I play on the most) and not require mods which would be on Pc as far as I know. So there could be a game mode like sandbox only where you can create your own towers, this could be replacing towers or adding them which ever one. But this would also give me more reasons to put money in the game. So think about it and if this even gets read/responded too I would go insane and if this comes in to the game I will defiantly by the monkey bucks or whatever to get it. Thank you for reading

2018 & Need fix Random Multiplayer.. WILL NOT buy TD6 untill you fix multiplayer bug in TD5. TD5 still needs random quick match multiplayer bugs fixed. We need option to select the exact maps we wish to play, and option to select exact dificulty we wish to play in random quick match multiplayer. Currently only Quick Multiplayer Match options available are random.

Co op?. This is an over all great game but like in co op i fond it SO difficult to request and send money to my partner because of my constant tapping of the towers behind the button like can u add it so that the towers behind the buttons dont interfere with the towers? Another thing maybe add like a chat in co op because im a decent player who gets well past the 200th round and rounds last SO long they end up getting boring while your waiting and i think it would be better if you could chat with your team mate thx

Love it. (capital words indicate a screen shaking effect) it’s so fun popping and CONVERTING THERE RUBBER INTO CUTEE ANIMALS also super monkeys look cool also compared to all the other bloons games I’ve played on. The Internet are trash compared to this the 5.99 spent was definitely worth it like I can’t stop playing even after failing round 85 on impoppable the anger is non existent also I don’t know what btd6 is like but I’m sure it’s a bit worse than this

Dissatisfied. I remember playing this game a few years back in high school you could easily make it to level 100 and keep going I emeber being at level 200 game lagging and everything but it was awsome to get that far and be able to just keep going it would be more fun today cause at those high of levels on these newer platforms it wouldn’t lag as bad but now a days you can’t even get to level 90 and earning the mcash Joey dollars to be able to buy things in game like more lives was easier to get now it’s almost impossible without spending actual money to do so wish they would take it back to how was he much more fun for at least one track to be able to make past 100 without having to spend every dime to do it

Ageless Classic. I can not lie, this game is amazing. The best tower defense game out there with out a doubt!! The entire concept of it all, monkeys... balloons... natural enemies since the Stone Age.. On a serious note I’ve have played Bloons TD ever since I was in middle school and it has never gotten old. I paid for this on 5 different phones since those days. 100% would recommend to a friend ... or anyone who loves helping monkeys pop bloons.

BTD5 review. I thought when I got this game it would be boring and basic but it’s so great and original will amazing map details and amazing monkeys will different upgrade paths, it’s super great! I have this game on my phone, iPad and my computer, this is definitely my favorite game. But I just have one complaint, for some reason my Odyssey’s aren’t working and won’t connect. Aside from that minor glitch everything is wonderful! Go BTD5!!!!!

Awesome Game, but when will the next major update be?. I love this game sooo much, and I just restarted and still think it’s fun. But just out of curiosity, when will there be a bigger update, like other than new maps. Maybe new monkeys, just as a suggestion, you guys should make the tracks bigger, like so you have to scroll through as you place monkeys and pop Bloons. Anyway, thanks for making this awesome game! A lot of people are happy for just new maps every few months like me, I just think it will improve it even more! 😄

Wow, Amazing. Okay, I have a hard time saying how good your game is, but Love it soooooooo much! Very good and It never gets old. I have one recommendation; Please add a tank monkey, Maybe it could be like the helicopter, And it has many modes like, Follow touch, and what not. Ok I lied, one more thing. Maybe add a "Gambler Monkey" that attacks with dice. Upgrades would go, Top: Extra range, Harder dice, Loaded dice, and than some weird "Good probability upgrade that makes it a 50% Chance he gambles a big win. On the bottom upgrades: More money (more money per win), Sniper dice, Super fire, And than a "Pool Master" Which causes it to throw a big pool stick and as an ability it throws a casino machine. Also I forgot to mention this earlier, He gambles on each throw of the dice, and if he wins, he gets 70 maybe 80 in game cash and if he loses, you lose $50. This is an idea my friend came up with and it would be really cool if you could make it work. I love all your hard work, and I really appreciate it. 👍🏽

I waste too much time!. I really waste too much time with this game. Tower defense games have been one of my favorite genres on the iPhone for a long time and IMO this is the best one out there. Lots of ways to play so it doesn’t get as repetitive as some of the others. My only request for the devs is when I have limited tower availability, please group the available towers at the top so I don’t have to scroll through ALL the towers trying to find what’s available. I want to have access to those 4 towers without scrolling. PLEASE!!

New towers. I think that if maybe you guy's added new towers then it would add a whole new adventure to this game. It doesn't just have to be new towers maybe you could add like animal balloons that have their own personality. This idea could make sandbox way more fun too! And maybe more people would play the game. I love this game y'all must've worked so hard please listen to my idea this would add something awesome to the game. Goodbye!

It’s ok, but does not stand out. Controls aren’t as good as other tower defense games. No pausing. No zooming. Way to many features that are completely unrelated to core game (or creative ways to make it more profitable, depending how you look at it). Sometimes it’s the simple games that can be so addicting - as you try to fine tune your play to beat a level or get a high score. This is not that game. Most TD games have gone too far with the pay to play, this is no exception. They don’t block play, but they introduce paid “shortcuts” which I find aggravating. I’m sure lots of people like it, but i got very little play out of it before becoming bored.

Good but LAG. I play this game a LOT. I love it, and have spent many hours on it. I’m a big player, regularly landing in the top 1% on the leaderboard for weekly challenges and often surviving to round 350 on freeplay. Wonderful game! But it can take soooo long. It would already take a long time to get to such a round, but after round 150 or so everything starts to slow down soooo soooo much. Please, do something to lessen this. Give us quality settings or SOMETHING. One round will take 15 minutes. My phone will heat up, and the app will crash every 5-10 rounds. It’s terrible, absolutely terrible. Please make this a little better. Ugh.

3 YEAR COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW. Been playing the series for far longer still. Great, unique, inventive. A fantastic game for TD veterans and noobs alike!! The theme is fun and a little silly, but doesn’t stop you from getting competitive, and into it. GET IT. Now, I have a serious complaint. My save file, and thousands of others was lost. The game even acknowledges my high score on levels, but all my time collecting money and leveling up towers is gone. Had to start at level 1.. The loss of full game center integration was not handled well. Overall B+ Anyone can pick this up and enjoy. Enough content to keep you busy for untold amounts of hours. Micro transactions are sloppy and not very helpful.

An issue. Hello NinjaKiwi, lately I’ve been playing your game and its awesome. But after a while I got to rank 45 and my game just stopped. Like every time I tried to play it. It will turn black and just kick me out of the game. I have brought a couple of skins for the characters. When the thing started kicking me out of my game I had to uninstall and install it again. When I did it. All my stuff was gone. I sign into the Facebook and it didn’t work. So the skins I bought. I have to buy them again. Please I really want money back because of the issue. If you can sent a email or text to me and refund my money back. And I tried to restore purchases and it didn’t work. I tried everything and it didn’t work. Please contact me.

Best TD I ever played. Simply amazing game and quite an incredible ammount of fun, diversity and challenge that make this game so awesome and you never lose the interest to play it. Just one detail : when you produce bananas, you need to avoid them falling near buttons, it's quite annoying to click a banana and activate some option by accident. Anyways, my favorite mobile game so far, definitely recommend it to everyone as a MUST HAVE!!!

Great game but no sound bug. The game is absolutely amazing, sometimes it’s hard for me to stop playing. The only issue that I have with the game is everytime you log in to play, the sounds cuts off. When your in an actual game. The bloon popping sound still works it’s the music that for some reason will not come back on. There needs to be an update to fix this problem casue it takes away from the game experience.

This is the best!. I now I’m just 11 but I know that through all the years in my life of my knowing and loving video games, this might be a favorite! I can’t believe that there’s actually a non WiFi game that can be so entertaining! It’s cute and fun! The idea of monkeys trying to defeat balloons is fascinating to me! I love it! When I first started playing, I thought of this game as a way you guys are trying to tell people that monkeys are suffering of pollution and an example of that was balloons. I like to think of it that way! Anyways I really hope there’ll be an update to make the game even more fun! I love it!

Amazing Game even over a decade later. I love this game so much. I’ve been playing since I was in middle school, and haven’t stopped even now that I’ve graduated college. 10/10 would recommend. And on top of how amazing it was to begin with, these mad lads are still updating the game to this day. It’s mostly small things like new tracks, but as stated in the title this game is over a decade old.

Amazing game and very addictive if your a strategist!!. This is a very amazing game and super addictive if you’re a strategist it’s fun to come up with all kinds of different ways to be different levels and the many different maps and I also love how you can choose different maps with different difficulties as well and there’s countless combinations of ways to work through this the only things that I hate about this game and many others that I play with are One you can’t speak to your opponents. Number two when you select a map difficulty with the difficulty of the game itself no matter what you pick it send you into some game where anyone has clicked one of the things that you have for instants I play on expert maps and impoppable, sometimes I also add in advanced maps but yet it will put me into a game playing on impoppable with an easy map this will decrease the reward from say $1200 to $360 monkey money.. and it’s just way too easy at that.. Now the only other thing that we have discussed between me and my friends that play this is it would be nice to be able to speed it up even more than the one time speed because these matches on impoppable go on for a long time so speeding it times 3 when ur fully set to win by round say 50 u won’t have to wait till round 85 as the rounds get longer each round..

Fantastic Game. This game is really well made with tutorial, bizarre challenges and missions, and always making new challenging maps for people to complete, but I wish there was a way to use the past special agents not in pro mode. There should be a button that allows you to use the original special agent or the pro. (Once you unlock the pro) Other than that, fantastic well made game for single and multiplayer gameplay.

Best mobile game out there. Bloons TD5 is absolutely the best mobile game hands down. To anyone who is considering getting this game, do it! Gameplay is amazing and there is a lot of depth to BTD5 that other tower defense games don't offer. But with that there needs to be a better communication system with your teammate in co-op. As an advanced player getting to 350+ rounds or finishing an inpopable game requires teamwork, and not having a way to chat doesn't help. There should be another mode to play in... it would be cool if like in BTD Monkey City there is a way to make a base / city. And there are certain buildings and stuff that give you perks. There should also be an award for getting to a certain rank in the game. Like when you reach level 70 your projectiles are silver. And rank 100 are gold. This is an amazing game and worth the money

Good game needs improvement…. I love this game but there are many glitches that need to be fixed. For example, I placed a ninja monkey and it throws the shuriken but misses to hit the yellow bloon every single time, placing down the bomb tower also frequently misses to hit the bloons. And the music for the game would just disappear when the game is launched and it wouldn’t play after I restarted the app many times. It became annoying that I had to write this review.

Great but multiplayer needs a tiny tweek.. Okay so i love everything about this game, everything is absolutely perfect but i often play alot of multiplayer in this game to play with my girlfriend because i dont get to see her often. She has “okay” but not great internet connection. So when we play together she always immediately disconnects. I was wondering if maybe, if the developers even see this, if they would update the multiplayer to the point where it will stop the game to atleast give people with bad internet a chance to reconnect again. This problem is annoying because we everytime we go to around 50 or so the internet craps out for one second and it disconnects. Thank you so much for reading this and i hope to see some sort of improvement soon.

Amazing game(s). I’ve been playing this game since I was probably 10 or so and now at the age of 15 I can confidently say this is one game I’ll never get tired of. Despite restarting my game most times when I got new devices I still love playing. This game is apart of my childhood and I doubt I’ll ever stop playing. I’ve loved these Bloons games in general since I was a little kid, and I haven’t played TD6, but I can say for the other ones I do remember playing I’ve never not had fun playing them. So I definitely recommend this to anyone who gets bored to easily since there’s to much to do on TD5 to get bored.

I still love this game. Bloons TD 5 still holds up even after Bloons TD 6 was released it still has updates and love by Ninja Kiwi because it has boss events, totem events, odyssey mode, and etc. overall this game is probably the best bloons game I’ve ever played other than Bloons TD 6 even though i kind of like 5 better. In conclusion, I think you should play Bloons td 5 because I still love this game 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

yes, amazing game. simply, just great. no lag, better graphics (than the computer version), and if your considering on getting this, DO IT. it gives hours of gameplay and things to unlock and pretty fun and great overall. tons, and tons of new maps, updates, and everything. BTD5, is no question. amazing. stunning. and if your bored after hours of playing, you could also do some challenges to make it more fun :) great game would DEFINITELY recommend getting this game.

Sluggish. It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong, but recently the game has been very sluggish. Especially during the final rounds. It gets so bad that it freezes the screen and doesn’t allow me to add more towers or anything. I feel like the people who make the game are doing this on purpose to get me to make a in app purchase. My reasoning for that is because this has never happened to me before. And I had this game for a few months now. I’m losing now just because of this. Hard to move forward in this game with the lagging. Please fix.

For Ninja Kiwi. I’ve played this game since I was first introduced to it as a kid, and yet it still satisfies me to this day. After playing it for so long my only wish is that i’d like there to be more co-op maps. Theres so many maps you can choose to play independently, yet not aren’t featured as a co-op map. I think a lot of them would work just fine as a co-op map and it could be something to look into for those who play other game modes often. Great game and totally worth the money!!

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More then just attacking balloons. This game is not like the other 4 it's different. There's upgrades,challenges,play with your friends, play online and many more this is why btd5 is my favourite game

Best game!!!!. This is an awesome game it’s so much fun ,so many cool monkey characters and upgrades A++

Issues With Co-op. Co-op hasn’t been working for the last week I have tried numerous times to fix the app by uninstalling in and resetting it to no avail please fix this issue asap

Love it. This is a great game. Simple, fun and addictive! I love how each tower has its own strengths. Thank you for all the different maps too; the more the better. //something has changed in June 2017. The submarine no longer shoots long distance..did you guys change something? I currently have a rank of 83.

I’ve played HD version for too long. This is a really great game but I’ve only ever played the HD version and the difference between the two really put me off. Needless to say, I’m a big fans of the BTD series. Good job!

Simply life changing. As

Btd5. Loved this game on the internet but then they took it off now we have to pay for it to play it. Kinda scammy but overall good game

Thank you. Thank you for the good bloons games ninja kiwi this is the best bloons game by my opinion and I think that you should keep up the good games and make tons more

Btd. Love the music and the game so much. Keep up the good work.

I’m addicted. It’s so classic yet so good 😊 I just play game after game! My favourite monkey is the dartling gun cause you can have one that’s powerful or you can have an entire army🔫🔫🔫 Over all it's the perfect game if you’re looking a good time.

Would be a 5 if co op worked without disconnecting. Love this game if playing solo but co op doesn’t work very well. Keeps disconnecting after starting up the game or just won’t connect at all.

Best iPhone game ever?. Probably one of the most consistently great games on the store to date. 5 years straight its had constant updates and maintained a well-flowing and enjoyable game for all ages and keeps the persistent players like myself entertained by it’s HUGE variety of maps and game modes. Doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, bravo 👏🏻👏🏻

Camo. Could you make an upgrade to let sun God’s or super monkeys see camo

Other games from ninja kiwi. So I only recently noticed that ninja kiwi made ZOMBIE TRAILOR PARK. It was one of my favourite games and when it was shut down by ninja kiwi it broke me. But I mean all the good games always end. I just wish I could see the game re release because the game was amazing and really fun

Really good. A really good game to spend time on and upgrade your lil troops to pop their way out of defeat

I love Bloons FIVE. A simple to pick up game. Lots of different game play modes. Bloons 5 is better than 6. The animation style and game play in 5 is far superior.

Ninja Kiwi has some issues. I believe me and the rest of the community that enjoys playing Bloons Tower Defence 5 can all agree that the game needs a real way to transfer save games and progress between devices and accounts. I have played through the game more than once and I have enjoyed it every time but it is a pain restarting every time I get a new phone. The cloud save has been an issue with the game for years. Ninja Kiwi, please find a way to transfer data reliably. I know this game is old now and it’s predecessor is already being played. But I love this game. I keep my screenshots of round 100+ games. I experiment with new towers. I want to be able to play it without worrying about losing my data every couple of months.

SO GOOD!. Lately ive been really depressed but ever since ive gotten this game, my life has improved drastically, i love all the different levels and challenges and it really inspires me to keep on achieving, i love it

BTD 5. it’s honestly the best game ever, because it’s so simple and easy to play. thanks

Can you refund upgrades. Hi,can you refund upgrades because my nephew spent 30$ and I want it back😢

Improvements. Can you use in game currency for things like bigger beacons and double cash instead of using real life money.

Can I refund. I liked the game but I got board so can I get a refund

11/10. When the monkey go ooh ooh ah ah and then the balloon goes graaauahev

Misleading in app-purchases. the unlocking feature for all towers through xp is so tedious, so i decided to buy the in-app purchase of unlocking all tower upgrades. much to my displeasure it appears it only upgraded a singular tower. very disappointing as it was very misleading and not what i thought i was buying.

Breaching the gap. As someone who enjoys tower defence games and has sunk at least 100 hours in total or more into the genre, this game ticks most of the box's to be a legendary game that is actually worth the money, the only reason there is not going to be a five-star rating is because two reasons... No, 1: no ability to make your own tracks or maps. No, 2: the game lacks an endgame quest, an overarching reason to continue playing once you've unlocks everything. Balloons TD 5 and possibly six have done good things, now improve on them.

A old classic. I love this game that I bought it on steam with all the dlcs along with the purchase this game brings back memory's of my childhood when I played it I was 8 when I played it and now I'm 13 and i still love this series I got btd6 also 😃

Best game for iOS that I can think of. I love how challenging and fun it is! It always wants you to play more and the round I’m stuck on at the moment is no. 86 which I cannot beat at the moment but if I keep trying, I might eventually win!

It's good but needs more maps. I've played all the maps multiple times Can you add more maps please And it crashes sometimes when I'm up to level 173 So can't just moving forward because it keeps crashing.

The iCloud save is a problem. PLZ FIX the iCloud save Problem I have a save on my iPad and I want to transfer the save to my phone but it won’t transfer it only say 1970 iCloud save not my other one plz help me

Make the up grades cheaper. 💕

Stressful and very awarding at the same time. I never felt more stressed out playing a game but once you start, you can never stop! It’s very rewarding once you complete each rounds after 80, I just think they’re so hard to get passed ! I’m a noob so don’t judge if you think passed 80th rounds is not even “that” hard. So yeah I highly recommend but only play it if you can spare a day playing it 😁 Also if someone could give me suggestions on how I could do better than 80th rounds, I would very much appreciate !

Love it. I love this game and I’ve played it for many years. but I got an iPad 5th gen for Christmas and it doesn’t fit the screen.

Good game but. Can you please put the video screen thing back to the old one because i had so much memories and it is easier please Like the monkey set out at the bottom please

Excellent game with One problem. I've gotten up to rank 68 on the iPhone version but then I tried using iCloud on the iPad version and nothing happened. It It possible to transfer progress from the iPhone version to the iPad version?

Please can u put. Hello ninja kiwi can you please put a chat in so we can speak to our co-op parent please and add some more units please I know it's a lot to ask for tho I am will to spend money on they game if u do so

Best. The best game for me to play I just have so much fun it's the game to play with no internet dome levels can get your adrenaline up

Thank you. Thanks for making this game

Great games great 👍 was my morning and morning day to work on my own time. 🐵😃🕹👏👍👍👍👍👾👾👾👾🥳🥳🥳🤪🤪😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😆😆😆😆🤪🤪🤪🤪⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🐶✅✅🐶🐶✅🌃🌃🌃

Excellent. Everything's great except it would be good if we have new towers otherwise it becomes slightly repetitive

Cannot play Co-Op with my friend.. Both mine and my friends connection is perfect yet we can never seem to play co-op together. It either drops out and says I’m disconnected or continuously loads until finally saying ‘failed to join game.’ Please fix this ASAP. I understand it’s not your latest Bloons game but it still needs support and bug fixes

Speed up balloons. The balloons suddenly speed up out of no were it is impossible to get past level 61 because of it

Very good. I sold my $3000 pc to buy money in BTD 5 I love this game better then minecraft and Fortnite

Very free game with no games. This is like the only game with no ads

Poor quality. Games fun and all until you want to join a friend. Constant connection issues and can’t even join at times. Don’t make a co-op game if you can’t handle the server maintenance.

Very Fun, But Very Hard!. Ninja Kiwi, if your reading this Review, then I have some issues about this game, First off After beating round 90, It’s impossible to beat it, even my Super Monkey Temple was Very Weak (also the good thing is the D.D.T. is not in this version) I had Wizards, Engineers, and Everything I bought. So I think you should Fix that plz and that’s why I most likely play Bloons TD 6, 5 is 10X Harder than 6! Cuz what? There is no Monkey Knowledge, The Towers surprisingly are Weak And it takes a Long time to Level up and earn Monkey money. Plz Make 5 easier (on Easy mode on round 79, I died)

Deserves 5 stars!. Really good quality, well set out, fun time passer. It ain’t addictive, which is awesome, it ain’t too hard, it ain’t too easy, it ain’t bad at all. I’ve played it for many years and I love it. I recommend a download if you want a quality classic.

Good game. I really like the game but it’s a shame that you cannot play 2 players on the same device.

Great game. This is like the only game I play on my phone. Love it so much. 👍👍👍

Sad :(. today I got home from school to Play to my surprise my Dad deleted it now i’m sad

Suggestions. Level Simulator in Sandbox Mode Extra Lives in Odyssey Easier Way to Earn Tokens

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Is there a way to transfer data from a different device?. I wanted to move my save data onto my new device but I don’t see a way to do so

iCloud saveing. When I want to bring my save down from another device I go into settings and nothing happens when I tap on the grayed out button. iPhone 5c to 4s

hi. It pretty good

BTD5. The game is insane and subs are crazy

Laboomlalakaka wheep. Hehe boi

Wow👌. Best game on the market, my favourite for over 4-5 years.💪💪

Love the game. I played this over 10 years ago and it’s still fun to play

10 stars. Best game ever can’t stop playing.

Sound. There are continuous sound glitches and it fades to no sound even after a relaunch…uninstall reinstall…

mmm monke. Monkeys popping balloons, What’s not to like. Classic

Awesom. Great game I’ve been playing this for years and never get bored of the game as I do with many others.

The nostalgia…. I know the game is newer, but buying and starting this just felt so nostalgic, I remember playing all the time on my pc when I was younger, and I haven’t seen bloons in years! The game is super fun!!

Fun. This game is fun and addicting and it doesn't force you to buy stuff with real money to get the full extent of the game.

Monke go boom. Monke go boom

Good game, passes the time. Fun game. Not pay to win. Helping me pass the time while I have the flu :)

The series rebirth. This Bloons game has no images new towers and the bloonchiper

It’s awesome! 🤩. This is just great! Worth everything!

Fun game. Best game ever you should play it when you go on planes or on long car rides

No sound ever. Volume on my phone is all the way up and the music and sound on the game is ON but it never plays music or has any balloon popping sounds whatsoever. Makes me not want to play the game

Monkey = W. Monkey popping balloons all W’s

Co-op is broken. I love the game, but the co-op is too laggy. Tried to play four games and we got kicked out of every single one.

iPad problems. The app is great and all but the only, and big issue, I have is that the screen ratio doesn’t fit or work on my new iPad mini. It’s basically the screen of an iPhone on my iPad

It a awesome game. It so awesome I think it is one of the best games I've ever played it worth the money so git boons TD 5 right now

Agh. Too many monkeys

Fix?. If you have the special tower active for the engineering monkey for some reason the second top upgrade does nothing the sentries still only spawn three at a time it doesn’t improve its literally a waste of money?

Poggers. Poggers champion 10/10 monke ballon 🐒🎈

Lost all my purchases and progression. Need help please

1 star for not supporting Chinese language. 1 star for not supporting Chinese language. Otherwise, I would like to give a 5

i hate it here. i was hood winked, bamboozled, led astray run a muck!!! i bought 200 lives with my cash and they took my money but didn’t give me my lives. now i’m broke and can’t beat the level. this is a scam and ain’t it. should’ve spent my $4 on some dominos

Worth it!. It still gets uptades endless rounds never boring.

Monkey. Monkey Oo aah

Monke. Monke

Love this game👍🏼. I don’t recommend getting 6 cuz the graphics are kinda weird and 5’s just better in all ways. Also 5’s better cuz it has engineer, shredder and dart.

I’ve lost it all pls help me. I logged on this morning and all my progress was gone I did not save to cloud but I was connected to Game Center but nothing works how do I get it back🥺

Best in the world. This is the best game I ever played it is so good

Best tower defence game. This game is incredible🤩

I very like the game. This is the best game

Good Game. Very Good Game

I like. I like

Money vacuum. i feel like because it’s a game that coast money there shouldn’t be in app purchases.. such as sa box mode. other than that it’s a fun game

Can I join ninja kiwi when I’m older. It is my dream to work for ninja kiwi so when I’m older so my I join if u think I can join Thank you nk and release btd7 Soon bye

.. It’s a chinchilla

What is the difference between BTD6 and BTD5. I think BTD5 is better and I will never get 6 because every thing looks funny.


Good game. Great game but very hard to build up monkey money as a f2p player. Some upgrades are too expensive to feasibly get in one game

Great game, garbage Co-op. I genuinely really like the game and so does my girlfriend but 50% of the time we try to play co-op it says testing connection indefinitely and rarely works, very annoying honestly

Too good to be true. I see why it's on the featured page

I love the game. It's so addicting I love to play it it is so much fun popping the balloons and having to set a goal I hope they come out with new levels and new challenges for me to face I love this game

Please Update The Game!. Hi. I have had BTD 5 since the beginning, and I enjoyed it for a while, but it seems like ever since BTD 6 came out, that has been getting all the attention. Just some friendly advice: you can't put all your marbles in one basket, you have to put effort into your other games too. What I am getting at here is that it would be nice if there was more of an update to BTD 5 than just new maps or skins that don't really impact the game at all. Also, if you were going to request that I just simple switch to BTD 6, I should point out that it isn't that easy, you must have IOS 11, which most phones don't have. Anyways, thanks for your consideration and for reading this review.

So good. Really good game

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Even my Doctor.. I’ve been playing Bloons for several years and still find it challenging. I can play at any level I’m comfortable with and I still win some and lose some. Even my doctor said he enjoys playing. He said Ships were his go to defense.

This game is worth its price. This game is very cheap but is really worth it. You can play it for hours on end and it rarely lags. This game is multiplayer which I love because I play it with my cousin. And for I phone x users it is finally optimized to the screen which is very useful to me because I have an I phone x. But it now!!!!

Little bug fix please. My and my friend bought the game and on co-op mode there needs to be a 30 second buff period, I got a call and the co-op match, on round 112 with a sick setup , disconnected and we are in the same room but other than that minor fix the game is awesome. Or maybe a way to reconnect after I decline the call . Because there is like 1 1/2 hours gone because I got a call . We’ve both played bloon tower defense since the beginning. Please recognize this . - Kyle Werle

App support? What app support.. I’ve had a terrible time just trying to find any way to contact the designers so I hope this will suffice. The game is good. However after fully upgrading the mechanic path I realized that the towers spawn at a slower rate and they won’t spawn any faster when the tower is upgraded. This made me really sad and I wanted to tell someone about it but there is literally no way to reach out through the app about bugs and support so here I am writing a review that I feel I have to to be heard. Honestly great game though, please respond! I honestly want to change my review!!

A very fun game. This game is extremely fun and addicting to play when you have downtime and it’s pay to win unfortunately but none the less it’s a fun mobile game other than the pay to win I have to other gripes with this game I highly recommend very engaging and strategy based but also easy and fun and no money you even need to spend in the first place to have fun!

Playing for years. I don’t really need to say anything, I’ve been playing this for a long time and I feel that I finally need to write a review. It’s a perfect game, nothing can be better about this game. The gameplay is 11/10 and I just got back into the game after a year... it’s one of the best mobile games ever...

Good game, but.... I probably have over 100 hours on this game, I’ve played it for years. It’s a fun game. But it’s starting to get to the point where the devs are never gonna come out with a new game in the btd series. They are just so fixated on keeping their game active and alive. You would draw more people in if they were to make a new game. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been getting pretty boring! I would rate this a five star easily, if this game weren’t ancient and at this point unoriginal.

New towers would be great!. The Submarine was good, helicopter was great, but what about new towers? Personally a passive tower would be good, one specificity designed for increasing money(without having to pay actual money to increase money outcome) or another long ranged tower. If Ninja Kiwi were to put a suggestion inbox where fellow players could throw ideas into. People would gain interest knowing that their opinions could alter the game.

Great Game!. I saw a ton of review on thi game before i got it and they were pretty good so i got this game. Soon after i because addicted to it and wanted to play more things like it so i downloaded baloons tower defence battles. Then i saw that there were a lot of skins and a character(the cobra) that i think could be added relatively easily to this game that are from baloons tower defence battles. So i hope they add this soon!🤞

Addictive. I’ve played this game before a long time ago when I had it on my Kindle fire and I loved it. I got it again and I still love it because it’s calm in the earlier levels but after a while it goes crazy and it forces you to get better towers and/or to upgrade the ones you already have. It also makes you plan your strategy and cover up your exits. It’s a great game and I would recommend it!

Just a little work. I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this game😍!!! But the one ☝🏼 annoying thing about is that there is a lot of stuff you have to buy, and I can’t get past round 72. I feel like I need something new and fun, rather than the same rounds over and over and over again. Not many complaints here, I ❤️ the game nonetheless. Thanks for reading!!! 😊

Must get extremely good. My dad played this game and got addicted in les than 3 rounds and every time I come home from school my dad is always playing he’s better than me almost my sister plays my brother even my mom she likes the strategic parts of the game she is a teacher so she shows her students and teaches the about strategy I love it you should get it

Very ok game. This game is very fun...until level 87 or so. Then it’s just super hp blimps and the game loses all of everything. Definitely not worth money because you only get that many levels out of it before it turns bland. Dont Know why the rating is so high. Yeah you can pass those levels but you have to ask “why” at that point. You can use 1 upgraded monkey until level 15 ish and then blandness follows. Don’t spend money please.

Annoying. I played all of td4 and then I started playing td5. I loved how (on td4) u could pick all these perks after awhile.....after that, I could actually finish the whole td4 with all medals! But THIS game....uhhhh! I can only win bronze on beginner and intermediate tracks....and even some of them I can’t win bronze. I won silver on a few....but that was IT! It’s so frustrating it makes me annoyed with this version. And I know how to play the game and I know how to strategically place my towers. This game is SO hard that it makes me not even want to play it.

10/10. Yshdzcdkhvg igc is the best player to the best game ever for a game and I then play with the best game of my life and I'm sure it will not have the game play for the game and the best of game thing you can get play with to for the me a long time long game game play within the you first play a your favorite and a game for game of the year and for the first you guys and a

Create your own map. This game is really super fun but the one thing it’s missing is a “Build your own map” feature. I think this would be awesome and super interesting to see other people’s maps if there was a share feature and people could make and share the maps they have made.

Great game, I found a bug however!. Whenever I turn off my phone and return to the game where I left off the sound effects suddenly turn off. This includes the popping sounds and money reward sounds when you finish a game. All you’re left with is music playing. Please fix, thank you.

Good but. I have been playing for a year or 2 and I transferred to my iPad to my iPhone 5s and I downloaded the app and connected to everything to see that all my progress is lost! I got to leader boards and it said 2.5M balloons popped but then that present thing says to pop 250k balloons! I need help to get my old account back I don’t want to lose all my progress!

Awesome!. I love this game however I have one suggestion I wish there was a chat mode in co op so you can work together and not just do whatever you want with another person taking up one side of the board. I also think you should add a tank monkey! I hope you can add all of the things that the players want! I can’t wait for another update!

Great game but one thing. This game is really good I recommend it more than btd6. I have one complaint though. It is really annoying that you have to unlock all the towers and upgrades. Frustrating when you start but after that it’s really fun and cool with exciting challenges to mix things up

Bloons #1 fan review. This exiting game gets your brain pumped. I’m addicted and play almost everyday. What I want for them to improve is more towers. Not many people want to spend $5 on more towers in a game. Now I’m very picky about games, and this is a 3 to 4 star game to me. To make your spirits lifted I made it 4 stars. You’re welcome.

Completely and hopelessly addicted. Since I began my Bloons tower defense journey I’ve spent every waking hour grinding on the many stages and levels this game has to offer. My job and children are being heavily neglected, but I am nearing 100% completion and quite frankly I have no regrets. Thank you Bloons tower defense, thank you for giving my life purpose.

BTD5 is a lot of fun. I downloaded this game for my son after seeing my girlfriend play it. It's really fun to get into and once you start to learn which towers do what it's a challenging yet easy kind of gameplay fun for all ages!!! A definitive must for all our devices. You never know when you need to kill some time, might as well have fun while slaying the clock.

Fun until recently - Update. As for the developers response, I said what I said. I don’t get what me getting in touch with you matters. The problem is fairly obvious regardless. Always been a fun game. However for awhile now, every single round of a game ends with a pause/freeze for a couple of seconds. Maybe for the casual player, might not be a problem... but for those who mow down round after round, it’s a complete nuisance.

One suggestion. Okay so I really enjoy this game a lot! You guys did great thx Ninja Kiwi! I think this game is by far my favorite game on any device. One thing I really think you should add here or in BTD 6 is the gameplay SPEED. So there is slow mo and super fast, it would be cool if you could add a medium speed. Like the speed in BTD battles Anyway, thanks! This game is the best I cannot wait for BTD 6 :)

Can I get a refund ??. When I bought this game I’ve seen a lot of youtubers playing it and I’ve always loved the other balloons td games where submarine + boomerangs were my go-to, but I bought this game a day before the 6th came out which makes me feel annoyed since a better version of the game I bought came up and I m unable to buy it. So if a refund is available I would very appreciate to have my money back.

My review on Bloons tower defense number five. I thing what is best about this mobile video game is all the monkeys such as sniper and super monkeys to name a few. I really like the monkeys pop the balloons with their sharp darts. The sound effects such as the popping sound effects are almost close to the real world

Dear ninja kiwi. I’m having music trouble but the other stuff is fine it’s a great game but plz fix the music when you transfer it to iCloud to save my stuff the music stops when I get on it and need to reset my phone to get it back or delete and get it back but it does work anymore plz help and thank its a five star rate

Worth it!. Absolutely love it! There’s so many things to work for and unlock in the game that it’s just endless hours of entertainment. As a firefighter, all fellow firefighters across the country can tell you that sitting at the station for hours can get very boring. This game always keeps me busy on my off time. Keep it up Ninja Kiwi!

Good but boring. Sandbox is like I want it badly but when you get it it becomes less fun then you think maybe if it had a funner why of sand box like maybe it has rounds not lossed or hearts that you start out with like 1,000,000 then you could see how long it takes to die or how long you can last. Co op, not a favorite I hate how my teammate begs for a ton of money it just gets annoying. Thanks for reading,hope you agree.

Fun, but some issues. I’ve played this game on mobile for a while now, and it’s been on and off my phone quite a bit due to storage shortages. I never really had any complaints until recently when I re-downloaded it again, and started noticing some serious performance issues. I don’t know exactly when these issues started, but it’s not fun. Past round 79, the game starts stuttering BAD. I hope it’s fixed soon, because it’s a 5 star otherwise

Good game, doesn’t work properly on iPad. Don’t download on tablet.. I have an ipad air4 and the game runs in a tiny screen in the middle of my screen. So I just payed for a game that’s unplayable on my device. I love the BTD games, and have BTD6 already but I like 5 and wanted to play it... Unfortunately I’m not paying twice for the same game.... oh well. I’m happy to support the company, so they can keep the money, but please inform people that this game isn’t optimized for a tablet before they download it.

Fun, but.... I bought this game a while ago and I deleted it because I wasn’t as interested in it anymore. Recently, I re-downloaded it because I thought it would be fun. I bought some things the first time I had it and when I came back I didn’t have them. Then I looked for a restore purchases button but there was none.

Awesome and best game ever!. I think this game is the best game I have ever played on a mobile. Ninja kiwi should get a lot of credit for making this game. Personally this is a very addictive game and I enjoy playing it a lot and all of my friends love playing this game. Like I said before I would recommended this game a ton. Sincerely, Cameron

Love the game, hate your attempt to spy. I like playing this when I’m trying to kill time, but the fact the you have to constantly spam a push notification to ask for access to my microphone, camera etc when you have no reason to access those parts of my phone tells me you’re are trying spy on me. Not only that but I have to pay more to enjoy an app I already paid for is so scummy. I would put 0/5 if I could, and call the police for borderline harassment

Doesn’t keep exp. I love this game and beat it a couple years back with a Facebook login and when I went to tried it again I signed back in to Facebook and it doesn’t save your game or your progress little disappointing

New phone and had to start over. Love this game, however I recently got a new phone and in no way was I able to restore my progress. A great addition to this game would be cloud storage; So players can save their progress / restore if need be. Please consider it!! Thank you.

Game is great, seems to have touch issues. This game is awesome! The amount of different modes, visuals, and seemingly endless upgrades keepers this game fresh and fun for a long time. Unfortunately I seem to experience issues with the touch on my new iPhone X not working when I’m in this app. I am unable to click and drag in new towers as well as unable to select current towers in the map. This bug is very frustrating and needs to be addressed.

Great!!!. This game is great and I’ve already spent hours in the game. It’s really fun to play and it doesn’t even need WiFi. You progress fairly quick, so that is nice that you don’t have to spend half your life just trying to unlock all the towers. The only thing is that you have to level up to get the tier 4 part of the tower, but that makes the game balanced.

Favorite game. This game is my all-time favorite game on an iPhone, the app is visually appealing and the game itself is well thought out and addicting. Multiplayer is trash, if your friend gets a notification well you are playing you get kicked from the game and lose all your progress. But aside from that it is a very good game

Addictive, but flawed. Blooms tds is a great game to play when you have time on your hands. The waves are very well designed and keep you entertained. The only problem is that when many blimp balloons come, the game runs at about 10 frames per second, causing it to be much less enjoyable. This issue may not be present on newer phones, but idk

Must buy - great game. BTD5 is so great you must buy it. There is so much stuff to do and it is very addictive. The game is placing towers to pop balloons, which become more difficult as you go on. There are different difficulty levels and so many maps to choose from. This game is definitely 5 stars it is amazing.

Worth every penny.. Great game, so much content for such a great price. I rarely pay for games but this one is a must even this long after it’s release. Hours of entertainment, huge amounts to unlock and all attainable easily without having to spend extra money. 5 stars all day long!

Great Game. This game is awesome! I’m addicted to leveling up each tower and seeing their 4th tier upgrades. There are in app purchases, but that’s completely fine with me because they’re only for cosmetic items. Sometimes it’s hard to place down towers, but that is rare so I’ll let it slide. TD 6 may be more complex, but I quite like this games simplistic design. It is definitely deserving of its 5 stars.

Levels get too hard. The game is great overall, but some levels are just too hard for the current amount monkeys most people have. For example on the level where you first encounter the green blimp, most people destroyed everything when it went about half way. But the level after that you go against 15-25 red blimps, 9-15 blue blimps, and 2-4 green blimps!!!!

THIS GAME IS EPIC. After the loss of Jahsey Onfroy (xxxtentacion) I fell in into a deep depression, this game takes away all the pain. It just brightens up my day to have monkeys pop “bloons” I turn to nothing when im down so i just hop on and play everyday my mom says i have problems but i yell at her. Sometimes i wish i can throw darts at her then cry and cry oh wait this is a review. This games epic totally worth it.

Just one thing.... I played on the desktop version before. I made an account through the Ninja Kiwi, but I’ve decided to play on mobile and see there isn’t an option to sign in through there but only through Facebook? Is there a reason for this?

Multiplayer Disconnection Problem. Me and my friend have played this game for close to a year probably longer. We’ve spent a lot of money playing private matches and we get pretty far. However we aren’t able to get very far because the game starts to glitch and lag out. The fact that we both always have great signal doesn’t explain constant disconnections from these games. I’ve wasted a lot of money playing this game and I probably won’t get that money back. Unfortunately this is goodbye. Your game has flaws and you fail to fix them. Don’t waste your money on this game.

Some1abxdegf. This is a great game. There is so many good things about it. First of all this was s my favorite of all the btd games and that is because the graphics aren’t to bad and they aren’t so good that they hurt my eyes. I used to play this for n my chrome book for free, but u needed an account to do anything on it like upgrade your towers and open daily chests. But now I can do that since I bought this. All I want to say is that it is a great game.

Uhhh idk what to put here. This game is probably my favorite game of all time. This game even beats thing like Minecraft imo. But there are a few things I would change. I would add a specialty building for farm and village. I would also add like a x10 mode for going late game and grinding maps for mastery mode

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 4.2
Play Store com.ninjakiwi.bloonstd5
Compatibility iOS 9.3 or later

Bloons TD 5 (Versiyon 4.2) Install & Download

The application Bloons TD 5 was published in the category Games on 15 November 2012, Thursday and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This program file size is 132.54 MB. This app has been rated by 89,607 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Bloons TD 5 - Games app posted on 19 May 2023, Friday current version is 4.2 and works well on iOS 9.3 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.bloonstd5. Languages supported by the app:

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Bloons TD 5 Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Get ready to throw down in the throne room! The Bloons are after the Monkey King's crown in an all new intermediate map, Over-Throne! Place your royal protectors on the thrones and power them up to lead your forces to victory! For the Monkey King!

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Find on this site the customer service details of Bloons TD 5. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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